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File: 1614574038872.gif (313 KB, 112x112)
313 KB
313 KB GIF

Your fortune: Good news will come to you by mail

File: 1637005047123.png (326 KB, 1360x722)
326 KB
326 KB PNG
Feel free to screenshot it

Your fortune: Average Luck
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Do screenshot too munch-kun
File: capture.png (576 KB, 1401x828)
576 KB
576 KB PNG
>>10026769 (Sex Number)
>making itself the center of attention
he asked me two do so, pls learn how 2 reed + who quote?

as shrimple as that

Your fortune: Godly Luck
osaka is best girl because she would totally let me fuck her since shes a retard
- you

Your fortune: Very Bad Luck

joj! retard detected! banned!!!! kill yourself immediately!!!!!

Your fortune: Reply hazy, try again

File: 1630357090967.png (1.3 MB, 768x1024)
1.3 MB
1.3 MB PNG

Your fortune: Reply hazy, try again
File: 1620997192026.png (741 KB, 630x841)
741 KB
741 KB PNG
now she has cume xD

Your fortune: Outlook good

Look, it's highly respected Pokemon Gym Leader Lenora! Let's listen to what she has to say:
She looks like a working mom who just got home from a business meeting and threw an apron on over her pantsuit to make her kids some mac and cheese.
N I C E . . . .
its pretty hilarious how japanese idea of black ppl are they're black with huge egregious pink lips
File: wut.png (26 KB, 155x160)
26 KB
dude what

File: 55546.webm (1.89 MB, 852x480)
1.89 MB
1.89 MB WEBM
post your autistic videogaems characters *
File: 1630044791581.png (130 KB, 1239x319)
130 KB
130 KB PNG

Your fortune: Average Luck
File: 1637641395920.png (29 KB, 116x164)
29 KB

Your fortune: Good news will come to you by mail

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Ignore them, they are just rude
File: MOPigator.png (10 KB, 938x407)
10 KB
the MOPigator
how how how
Who who who
oh man i will be freed soon to MOP and fun

File: 1584888623328.jpg (258 KB, 2018x1067)
258 KB
258 KB JPG
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i see you dubsin im checkin

Your fortune: Good Luck
dispense le papier bury

I almost always get repeaters.
gotem again
what a beauty snow cade wowe
digital repeaters!

Your fortune: Reply hazy, try again
File: 1620562476326.png (592 KB, 1000x666)
592 KB
592 KB PNG
posting real norwegian forest cat

Your fortune: Godly Luck

File: 1553848965078.jpg (114 KB, 1280x720)
114 KB
114 KB JPG
i have deleted my ENTIRE porn folder
my pc is now as clean as the popes hat
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I haven’t masturbated in a month but have had sex. Feels good mang
whats porn
it's nothing dear, go back to playing your mario
nofap is literally only beneficial if you're one of those guys who spend literal hours watching porn each day
you will not have sex with the little girl.
you will not have sexy thoughts about the little loli girl.
you will not rape the little loli girl with the one-piece on at the beach in the water.

lel laff so hard you cry and are maed

Your fortune: Godly Luck
im kek
File: ;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;D.jpg (46 KB, 400x400)
46 KB

File: hair conditioner.jpg (349 KB, 1460x1037)
349 KB
349 KB JPG
what went wrong?
the anine on the right is jealous of the pink girl winning a free shiatsu massage in the shopping district, but at least the one on the left is happy for her
when you put it that way, this is actually really wholesome
dubs confirm. I'd watch a wholesome anime about massages, like the yuru camp of massage
so blissful... because wholesome (lol)

did it again LOLE! LOLE!
im becoming a raman master this is onmy the third time i ever made real ramen before
tonight i made a soy sauce broth with ginger and cayenne pepper power and lemon
sounds tasty! you're shaping up to be a real foodie
your pictures kinda blurry

Yuji sakai likes poopy hypno diaper pantsu anime girls!!
The [s4s] community strives for nothing more than perfection when posting. Quality posting and threads are the height and pillar of this board. When posting please consider that these are things that you should be looking to achieve. Please, as a pillar of the community [s4s] would recommend you visit a board more 'friendly' to your posting quality. After reviewing your post my professional diagnosis is to prescribe you >>>/b/ I suggest you visit that anytime and always in place of [s4s]. Thank you for your time.
dubs confirm. is there no level to which this Yuji fellow's degeneracy won't stoop??

File: sad_frog.jpg (24 KB, 474x474)
24 KB
Everything is expensive.
money is meaningless

I'm not rich enough to say that but I swear it does nothing for your soul. And fuck people who say money can buy happiness.
Livin ain't free
pat cooper who is one of my favourite comedians that nobody knows about once recalled how he refused a quarter for helping a neighbour with her groceries and his father said; "you no like money? wha? you no like eat?" and his father didn't give him dinner lol

old school italian

Your fortune: Bad Luck

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