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File: 1572974902756.png (386 KB, 453x496)
386 KB
386 KB PNG
my literal mfw face when logging into [s4s]
Fune elepant
two same numbers !

File: nboy.png (51 KB, 1404x1428)
51 KB
what do you think about my character design?
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SCHIZO thread
>Greasy black hair
>Brown eyes
How is it not a spic? Other than the fact that you recolored it of course.
two same numbers!
I'm confused and frigtened
Dude.. I think you're overreacting/overlooking at the past TOO much.
how the fuck am I even attentioning? what does it have to do with bant's state? Nothing because I'm not part of your drama shit. Suck on someone else's dick will ya
It's a cartoon can you stop overreacting over a fucking cartoon. There's no grease or brown eyes, cunt.

File: 1576250090575.jpg (34 KB, 540x540)
34 KB
ok ok ok, its that time again
No telling the truth ITT

File: D.png (167 KB, 289x285)
167 KB
167 KB PNG
MFW MEMES ARE SO EBIN LOL!!!!!!!! MEMES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! EPIC WIN!!!!!!!!!!! LMAO MEMES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! POST YFW ITT WHEN MEMES ARE EPIC FOR THE WIN LOL!!!!!!
this is so true
File: 1633942289947.png (256 KB, 512x600)
256 KB
256 KB PNG
that boyfriend when no face

some one on here said the fuck word to me
oof, that must have hurt
*licks your wounds*
Some one here said they will fuck me
i feel ya pain desu, some meanposter called me the nigger word on /r9k/
I will fuck you both

helo frens, ann welcoem tto da art learny thred part 2!!!!! wlell b continuey lessuns, sso ask queshuns ann keep on tryign ur bestest!!!!!! ann dond b afraid tto try drawy!! ebery lil bit ob practis adds tto ur knowledj!
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File: da lessun on shady!!.png (566 KB, 1823x736)
566 KB
566 KB PNG
ann da new 1!!!!
finalely!!! here r 3 TERABYTS ob art resourses!!!!!!!!!!!!!! nod mine ann habnt sav'd o eben seen lole dese, but any 1 ob dese folders is a hole professhunlel art educashun!!!! sso if u wanna lern from da best dis is id!!
awesome guides friend
Can someone draw a sweet cat please? I asked on another thread but no one drew it :(

Your fortune: Excellent Luck
File: untitled.png (12 KB, 592x667)
12 KB

File: file.png (177 KB, 840x728)
177 KB
177 KB PNG
anyone else lelling incredibly hard right now?
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what if I told you I am lulling
I would lul
page 6 dubs
good lel, I learned a lot from it

File: rev114.jpg (1.95 MB, 5300x5300)
1.95 MB
1.95 MB JPG
it's AGAIN time.. for a memetable thread!!!
many incredible memes were added in the last thread, and now we will continue (and maybe complete?!) the work that was started long ago
>>9897575 thank you for udu he is now on the udu space :^)
spaces left: cxc dhd dpd dtd dxd dzd fcf frf fwf gfg gvg gxg hph hqh hth imi iqi jlj jmj jqj jsj jtj jvj jxj kdk kpk kxk lkl lpl lrl lxl lzl mpm mqm mzm nqn qdq qgq qhq qxq rhr rqr tdt tjt tqt tzt uju ulu uxu vcv vdv vkv vnv vqv vwv vxv vzv wnw wxw xhx xkx xlx xrx xsx yny ysy yvy ywy yxy zhz zjz zlz znz zsz ztz
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the meme team? where?
File: LKL.png (13 KB, 530x453)
13 KB
look at this dude
now that's what I call LKL

Big Miku discovered alongside millenom girl inscription!
This is your chance to be a bigshot!
Posters that should be pushed in front of a train, considered!
'Wat'erfall arrive!
Read all about it! Full story here!
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im gonna bury your dick so far in my ass whoever pulls it out will be crowned king arthur

Your fortune: Good news will come to you by mail
school shooters in the necrospam self promotion thread
It really speaks volumes that you always suspect your discord vendetta behind a negative comment when there are so many qualities that make munch unbearable to any poster here:
-posting with pass to prevent impostering (tripfigging)
-getting a 2014 pass gifted by a discord simp (big LOLE at that beta cuck)
-pretending to be an oldfig while being a complete newfaggot
-lame lesbian girl gimmick
-abysmal 'Darkcel'/schizo threads that go down pg11 with 3 replies
-no humor
-acting like a cunt when criticised
-reporting anons for Spamming/flooding even if they only post three negative comments in a row
-has probably reported half the board at this point now because it didn't fit in his vision of [s4s]
-spamming stale copypastas all over the board himself

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
didn't read, git gud
File: 1560636510135.webm (246 KB, 220x250)
246 KB

File: 1627936685556.png (65 KB, 1000x1000)
65 KB
Yuji Sakai 20% here
li li li la lolÉ™
pic unrelated
lol wat

File: 1417291410773.png (385 KB, 500x375)
385 KB
385 KB PNG
chicken meme

File: IMG_20210405_025122.jpg (38 KB, 735x685)
38 KB
le cowe

File: beary smol.gif (12 KB, 394x463)
12 KB
wat happen wen a beary smol grow up and doesnt be c*me beary pink or beary ebil?
1 reply omitted. Click here to view.
y cant smol be c*me morelel relative beary, dinamicke beary, anti-pink/rude beary, or neutral beary tho?
File: 1484294645734.jpg (332 KB, 750x750)
332 KB
332 KB JPG
all the, smol thinks
true car, truth brinks
i'll take, 1 lift
u're ride, best trip

always, i no
my head, bea-ry smol
watchin, waitin
footy, is wigglin

say my head smol, i will not go
turn the lites off, this is smol board

smol-smol, smol-smol, smol-smol, smol-smol, smol! smol!

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
what the fuck is your problem
File: 1483738470471.png (328 KB, 1161x1019)
328 KB
328 KB PNG
>>9952755 (dubs)
you must investigate this rare but scientifically significant occurrence...

Yuji from Java Island reporting in
1 reply and 1 image omitted. Click here to view.
thank u babby

Your fortune: Very Bad Luck
>>9951770 ur welcome m8
>>9952436 is pagi a kind of bump?
pls, tell MOAR about it
(U may write 750 pages about it, but not moar)
li li li li lole
You are not from java island you are from Hokkaido

Your fortune: Good news will come to you by mail
>>9952933 maybe unchecked 4ever
>>9952938 sorry, but I am from Java
li li li la lolÉ™
(pic unrelated)

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File: 1627890256129.jpg (208 KB, 1079x1352)
208 KB
208 KB JPG
if anyone's still here, TER's gonna have it's first canon episode with lore in a long while as a halloween special, expect big news to follow the episode, air date is TBA
File: 1610152424195.png (410 KB, 500x520)
410 KB
410 KB PNG
Sure, we break some balls here tonight, but I go way back. And in light of recent humiliations, it's an honor to be joined by men, and not faggot ass corn-holin cocksuckers like who won the popularity poll. He should fuckin die!
sayeth what you will of that poll but chainsawman shit making it that far is fucking retarded you niggers make fun of goku and nintendo picks but overhype other normie shit like chainsaw and yakuzi
File: 1634399756542.jpg (79 KB, 735x500)
79 KB
File: 1629444207520.png (332 KB, 401x401)
332 KB
332 KB PNG
47keks, if battler is gay, explain this.

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