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File: int.png (73 KB, 580x359)
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Want to learn something new?

The /int/ Wiki is a language learning guide created by /int/ users like you.

Cultural resources:
List of world cultures
Flags of the world

File: svensken_må.png (609 KB, 1072x690)
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609 KB PNG

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Er dette ditt bilde? Han "Eskild" fyren hores ut som en homse
Jeg bodde i kollektiv med seks da jeg studerte.
>Har på en måte nounca det

ka faen
t. bestefar
nei, det er faen meg INGEN som sier "nounca". heng deg


File: latin or not latin.png (23 KB, 477x314)
23 KB
Please, answer honestly and leaving economical reasoning aside; let's imagine that it's the 16th century again and this 3 -4- countries are top dogs for a second.
>To the people born/raised in the orange zones or that have complete ancestry from there
How close you feel to each other in terms of race and culture? How close do you feel to the people in red in terms of culture and race -be specific in each case if you want-? How close do you feel to yellow zones in terms of culture and race?
>To the people born/raised in the red zones or that have complete ancestry from there
Same questions, but in relation to the other red parts in addition.
>To the people born/raised in the yellow zones or that have complete ancestry from there
Same questions and previously.

I know there might be a lot of memeing around with WE WUZ ROME'N'SHIIEEEEEEEEEET, but that's not the point of this thread, I'm not trying to WE WUZ here as much as I'm trying to see if the Latin peoples do actually feel any connection to each other or if we are just geopolitical neighbourghs.

My answers as someone from the orange zones:
>I feel INCREDIBLY close, both culturally and racially, to the orange parts. More so culturally than racially.
>I feel INCREDIBLY close, both culturally and racially, to the red and orange Iberians.
>I feel VERY culturally close to red Italians and close racially.
>I feel SLIGHTLY culturally close to the French and Swiss red zones and VERY LITTLE racially.

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>How do you feel about Castillas?
I'm going out on a limb and say no one even recognizes Castile as a proper region, it's just all the parts of Spain that don't have that regional je ne sais quoi
that might be only for la mancha
castilla y leon has a very especific identity, only that Madrid has taken its place as a succesor while CyL is now empty and not very relevant
I'm not saying ti doesn't. I'm just saying what people from the outside see. The fact that Castile and Leon are lumped in the same region doesn't help at all.
It's ethno-nationalism, and I do believe race is important to a culture. We used to call "hispanindad" the "día de la raza", but it became too "politically incorrect" since it implied a peninsula-criollo Spain, a not really a mestizo one.
THe example you put is dubious, since that white man will unequivocally feel alien in Nigeria and towards Nigerian culture, just like it's happening with the black population of the US towards the film and videogame industry, within which they feel left out.
This is not racism, though, the same way I'd like a mostly racially consistent Latin region within Europe, I'd like a Mexica Mexico.
Not really, Castilla is alive and well, if only to receive hate from some people; it's just called Madrid nowadays.
La Mancha is definitely a weird region which, in my opinion, should be divided between Andalucía and Castilla.

File: 130023220052.jpg (133 KB, 842x714)
133 KB
133 KB JPG
Edição portuguesa
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File: o que a foda, homem.png (126 KB, 276x224)
126 KB
126 KB PNG
Normie é merda. Saia desse site.
Porra, o verão já acabou e o seu tipinho não foi embora ainda?
File: 1486881719289.png (388 KB, 841x720)
388 KB
388 KB PNG
Minha ex gostava de passar a mão nos meus braços. Só me irritava quando ela puxava eles. Mas agora que você disse isso, não sei se era pra me zoar ou porque ela gostava mesmo.

Volte sempre.

Se te servir de consolo, eu não sou normie e sou NEET há 2 anos e sou relativamente bem weeb.

Não tenho fotos agora.

Lugar de gente assim é no Reddit. Ele está certo.
e pelo visto nunca saiu da Sarneylândia também, né?
File: Lolcat_FYU.jpg (32 KB, 500x375)
32 KB
Tetões, bundões, você entendeu.

File: aljubarrota.jpg (186 KB, 870x433)
186 KB
186 KB JPG
Edición / Edição medieval

invitados / convidados: Italia, Rumania / Roménia & Francia / França

no invitados / não convidados: ex-colonias
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Põe-te na alheta, preto de merda.
>degenerados nipones se invenan un baile grotesco con puerros
>aparece algún autista para dedicar su vida a imitar ese baile con precisión matemática

¿Cuándo se acabará el kali yuga?
File: jpop pepe.png (610 KB, 648x2212)
610 KB
610 KB PNG
encontré el pepe más raro del mundo
Os portistas devem estar a chorar baba e ranho.

File: 1484279592878.jpg (78 KB, 600x800)
78 KB
Evening Tea edition
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Haven't listened to Eminem since I was about 12

Actually a superb artist
shant be minding
Going to love the righty tears on 7th of May
My requests are two-fold, and I beg of you thus:
1. your post be deleted upon your reading this request of mine
2. that you never post any thing of the like again

I heartily thank you in advance, and look forward to receiving your cooperation.
Canibus shits on Eminem

File: DWaEclE.png (3.2 MB, 1920x1040)
3.2 MB
3.2 MB PNG
Édition de la représentation des phares et fanaux dans les films d'animation irlandais

Ici, dans Song of the sea

fil précédent : >>71490253
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L'astuce c'est que se sont les même qui paient et reçoivent. (moins l'argent pour payer les fonctionnaires qui gèrent la chose évidemment).
Putain en plus elle prononce bien "de Castries"
putain tous les jours ils ont des trolls cocus sur /deutsch/...
gobelet de café en caméra espionne https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bWyFnC-EWnk
Bricolo - raspberry pi projects

File: vihamuumi pistoolilla.jpg (118 KB, 850x617)
118 KB
118 KB JPG
STOP making threads about Finland!
It's all just bullying!
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File: finnish_girl.jpg (231 KB, 929x960)
231 KB
231 KB JPG
How common is seeing people like this?
Very common on 4chan, never seen one in real life.
File: finnish_memer.jpg (20 KB, 310x472)
20 KB
Or like this memer?
I want to fuck an austitic finn
I guess we got KHAN'D hard because I've seen several

File: 1487542498365.jpg (9 KB, 200x192)
9 KB
Ronnies raus bitte, joscher rein
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t. gigaronny
krass, bist ja 'ne richtige Altschwuchtel. Chapeau!
-Der Jüdische Ritualmord
Eine historische Untersuchung

Die jüdischen Ritualmorde sind mit dazugehörigen Quellen die sich meist auf die entsprechenden Gerichtsakten selbst stützen mehr oder weniger "lückenlos" nachprüfbar.

Was meinte er damit?

>mei Juden

File: estonia.jpg (31 KB, 248x434)
31 KB
Would you settle for an Estonian wife?

File: invasion.png (265 KB, 1190x714)
265 KB
265 KB PNG
Hilo Chicano, Aztlan edition

invitados: any diaspora
not invited: perú, perú azul (gross)
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I'm surprised you called it mexican clay, since it was originally spanish clay that mexico neglected after they gained independence.
>california, texas, new MEXICO, arizona, colorado
>literally espanol names and rightful mexican clay
>get mad when they slowly take their lands back

why are fatburgers so assblasted about everything?

also blue state texas when?
Israel mi mejor aliado
File: mexicanjew.png (73 KB, 800x895)
73 KB
gee, i wonder who could be behind this post
Only two more days and then I can quit my shitty job


Height desu

I have never seen a Flip that is taller than 5'5.

I'm a CHI but I'm 5'11

File: South_America.png (154 KB, 510x620)
154 KB
154 KB PNG
Hey, South Americans, I have a deal for you, we (europeans) take you back as colonies.
You lose your sovereignty, but in return, we are gonna make you wealthy with entry to single market and efficient EU administration
What do you say?
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File: Goy.jpg (11 KB, 230x219)
11 KB
All colonial empires were bad of course, you should feel guilty because of that, good goy.

Have you already paid reparations for the mess that the German colonial empire in Africa was?

Don't forget to pay the daily reparations for the Holocaust later!
It's true though. Spain didnt do much that local leaders werent already doing before. There is no "ruining" from our part.
I doubt any european could fix Brazil...

they wuz kangs though
give back moroccan clay
fodase macaco

File: der_ewige_ösi.jpg (311 KB, 768x1152)
311 KB
311 KB JPG
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Nie wieder Urlaub bei den Schluchtenscheißern!
Can't put my finger on oh it's that pornstar
pure cancer desu m8
Inzest Childporn? If yes, than this is the guy you are looking for.
Ah yes, Basement Debasement 3

File: v4 confession.png (63 KB, 1048x1166)
63 KB
Středa edition. Hezký den!
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czesko-english triggers mnie
Well it's good vec, I nepíšem in česky.
File: 1452552413021.jpg (89 KB, 467x453)
89 KB
Čo triggers you tak much?
close the okno, because fučí

File: dzierżu 3.jpg (41 KB, 560x800)
41 KB
edycja dzierżaka
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>zmienia język w połowie zdania
w jednej trzeciej

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