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Want to learn something new?

The /int/ Wiki is a language learning guide created by /int/ users like you.

Cultural resources:
List of world cultures
Flags of the world

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Privat sjö så 100% lagligt.
Om du menar är vi lantisar? Ja för fan.
>Men vad tråkigt livet skulle va..
Rannsaka dig själv, fyllo
File: skrattgroda1.jpg (12 KB, 258x245)
12 KB
Påminnelse om att detta är SDs primära målgrupp
Super en gång i veckan
Jo du pojk, då är 9/10 svenskar fyllon.
Skämt på dig, ingen av oss röstar
Politik är ett jävla mög

File: AKA_lindybeige.jpg (57 KB, 960x704)
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The British mind edition
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Leave Millijew alone, he was like a proto-Jeb!
File: frog.jpg (102 KB, 422x408)
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102 KB JPG
it didn't really help with world peace and security though? seeing as world war 1 and to some degree world war 2 were fueled by competing aspirations of colonial powers.
why? in what way?
The Grenfell residents were put in social housing, not the luxury apartments

They also have separate entrances to hide them away from the billionaires and aren't allowed access to any of the services
edit: did not mean to reply to you sweaty sorry x

File: 1498199493203.jpg (72 KB, 1280x720)
72 KB
Only 22% of Britains population have natural brown eyes


Blue eyes are now more common in Britain than any other colour, scientists have revealed. And it's likely it's because Brits find the colour more sexually alluring than brown or green eyes.

The Blue Eyes Project has found that although all eyes in Britain were once brown, they are now 48% blue, 30% green and just 22% brown.

Although there are no direct physical advantages to having blue eyes, such as better eyesight, the overwhelming change of eye colour from brown to blue has been a cross-Europe phenomenon.
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>Says the german
Is it really that hard to read up on how alleles function? I swear, some of the most stupid shit in respect to genetics seems to come from Americans and Scandinavians.
I am a Greek
>Most of us are attractive
yeah if you consider gingers and anglo manlets attractive
I wish I had violet eyes

File: 1498348870050.png (195 KB, 668x441)
195 KB
195 KB PNG
>spiele eurotruck simulator 2 online
>schlendere gemütlich von zürich nach dijon
>höre irgendeinen österreichischen radiosender
>plötzlich meldet sich der radiomoderator zu wort
>"ja guten abend, hier ist die conchita"
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Besser als gar nichts zu fühlen uezs
Ich glaube nicht, dass man Merkel hier Vorwürfe machen kann. Immerhin bleibt die Zahl von Einwanderern pro Altersklasse seit 40 Jahren ungefähr konstant. Das Problem ist eher, dass der Michel einfach keine Kinder mehr kriegt.
Mit dem Brausebengel wird die Intimhygiene jetzt besonders einfach und angenehm. Der 15 cm lange Duschaufsatz passt auf alle Standardgewinde von Duschschläuchen (1/2"). Es muss also nur der normale Brauseschlauch gegen den Aufsatz getauscht werden und schon kann es losgehen.
Why is everything closed on Sundays? Grocery stores, Pharmacies.

This is fucking ridiculous. I'm throwing up everywhere because of some undercooked schnitzel and I can't even buy a pack of kleenex.
Wie er ab 6:16 wie ein verendendes Mastschwein rumflackt


File: IMG_0390.png (415 KB, 1200x1200)
415 KB
415 KB PNG
Q: Why has Africa always been so shit and undeveloped?

A: Isolated location, diseases, bad/few animals to domesticate
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>Why has Africa always been so shit and undeveloped?
it's because of the unfortunate color of their skin.

human beings have a fucked up sense of beauty, most haven't evolved looking at anything beyond skin deep
It's cos 1) the African continent is not a very suitable place where people can live 2) the African are subhumans so they can't even run their own states properly.
Their country is independent and their religion/ideology (Islam) is in charge of everything. Christian minorities in Jordan are oppressed, if anyone.
I thought having countries be one ethnic group was bad? Which one is it? Is ethnic diversity bad or is ethnic homogeneity bad?

File: dkjfndfj.jpg (33 KB, 450x321)
33 KB
Start clapping as soon as the plane lands
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Self-deprecate to get approval from foreigners.
shamelessly try to sell anything and everything.

File: 1493773144308.png (910 KB, 500x1016)
910 KB
910 KB PNG
Unironically defend embarassingly low speed limits
>clapping at the end of movies
Makes me cringe hard...

File: 1483351132789.jpg (361 KB, 1536x1009)
361 KB
361 KB JPG
God bless Are Tone edition
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i was just memeing, i like your kazoo marches

>I'm not gay [some gay shit]
Sure thing, bud.
ok. I might just order one tonight. probably should wait tomorrow though. would you recommend an amazon ine or a thomann.de one? amazon has a lot of LPs and Meinl.
Texas really seems to think that i am gay.
Coincidence? I think not
>want to think
Im dum

Post your country porn stars.

Are there any good?
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File: 02-gina-valentina.jpg (87 KB, 1620x1080)
87 KB
Posting this one for Brazil
>tfw no 1997 BR gf
File: 1493833624458.jpg (64 KB, 499x499)
64 KB
>Pepe DigitalPhoto
File: ci83iuzvaaaqzop.jpg (53 KB, 600x421)
53 KB
reminder that whoever you post in this thread it has already been fucked by jordi the dick child and all your pornfus are a potential target
>no black girls
this isn't /int/ I used to know

not everyone is obsessed with niggers like you.

File: 1497855639684-int.jpg (2.18 MB, 3353x2361)
2.18 MB
2.18 MB JPG
what countries can give asylum protection remotely? I am really in danger, my story is not a fake, my story is fully true, and I am out of my country, but still not in save place. For example,
Canada can to review my application remotely, if I am out of my country. What about other countries? Does your country offer protection remotely?

File: 1498332299804[1].jpg (160 KB, 500x500)
160 KB
160 KB JPG
How do we fix East Europe?
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File: 1474046909970.gif (3.97 MB, 777x424)
3.97 MB
3.97 MB GIF
It's very nice, I like
Kill the Russians
slavs are subhumans
nobody can
tell them: the Great Alexander was a Hellēn
they are occupying rightfully Hellēnic land.

File: ARTILLERY_BOMBING!.png (234 KB, 502x275)
234 KB
234 KB PNG
Neser votimi!
old: >>76398552
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File: 20161030084049339.jpg (110 KB, 577x313)
110 KB
110 KB JPG
Kam pershtypjen i njejti person.
Femija nga ana tjeter eshte shqiptar
File: 1.jpg (42 KB, 912x684)
42 KB
File: 2.jpg (50 KB, 912x684)
50 KB
File: 3.jpg (67 KB, 684x912)
67 KB
File: 4.jpg (64 KB, 697x912)
64 KB

File: 1477860348823.jpg (136 KB, 920x700)
136 KB
136 KB JPG
You will never ride yellow cab in Manhattan

You will never suck dicks in russian army barracks

You will never wrestle kangaroos in Sydney
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Fuck, why won't he shoot it again? Poor roo is dying miserably, just end it.
File: 1442814040356.png (87 KB, 684x576)
87 KB
>you will never ride an alligator naked through a Floridian Walmart while high on bath salts
It looks terrible, but euthanizing wild animals is common procedure when they get in populated areas. I don't think anyone enjoyed watching the poor animal die.
>ywn be a nigger in the south of America sitting outside your house talking shit with your friends late into the evening
>ywn be a Jap businessman going out on a karaoke night with the fish canning company you made a deal with
>ywn be a Greek with an extended family of like 30 people eating skewered lamb besides beautiful coast and icy blue waters
Just kill it right then, not shoot it in the neck and let it bleed slowly while agonizing.

File: soc-plakat-msi-22.jpg (362 KB, 1114x685)
362 KB
362 KB JPG
Tatarofascist delusions thread

old bread >>76426792
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>and lost them all
serbs won the 1st and 2nd world wars, don't you know
And both balkan wars :^))))
slushate li matt ox we

File: august_ames.jpg (124 KB, 600x900)
124 KB
124 KB JPG
Macedonians should visit this



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