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File: int.png (73 KB, 580x359)
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Want to learn something new?

The /int/ Wiki is a language learning guide created by /int/ users like you.

Cultural resources:
List of world cultures
Flags of the world

File: ManitobaHwy1Cberry.jpg (174 KB, 1280x660)
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174 KB JPG
Post your country's highways/freeways. Bonus if a national or rural highway.
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Takk, takk, min kompis uten noe tull med rompis.
What about taxes included in your gas price?

>dat quality
>dat spacing
>dat space
>dat signing quality

why can only the Dutch built such AAA++++ highways?

It works the same in UK, USA and Slovenia, but I'm not 100% sure for Germany, because of the Bundesrat system.

Anyway, for a large majority of shit, taxes get collected, well, collectively.
You don't get a list on your paycheck, saying "this much for roadtax, this much for president's plane tax, this much for a new laptop for that guy in parliament"

These taxes get collected in a lump sum, then distributed as according to the government's budget.

Now, for the one that you probably assume is road tax, that is, the taxes that get collected when you insure you car and so on... These get lumped into the general budget as well, except in very specific circumstances.

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File: alma.gif (49 KB, 368x349)
49 KB
kurva anyátok
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miért élnek az ilyen emberek? És posztolnak ide? Miért kell minden fonalat elszarni a buzulással?

Boszniában vannak pálmafák? D:
Kösz a (te)-t
Mind a hármat
simán lehetnek amúgy

File: 1469714001833.jpg (44 KB, 800x600)
44 KB
bent little snitch edition
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File: 4.jpg (3.2 MB, 2672x1752)
3.2 MB
3.2 MB JPG
>easily stockpile (You)s on 4chan
>can barely get 2 (You)s on tinder
feeling down
three wanks today lads

can't go on like this, at one point the spunk just runs out
Any good frozen 'zzas? Dr Oetker seem okay, but they are just that.
File: 1414448614209.png (60 KB, 844x1157)
60 KB
>meet a nice girl
>really hit it off
>think she could be the one
>go to meet her parents
>walk in the door
>theres an orange order drum in the corner of the livingroom

File: npa btfo.png (644 KB, 726x403)
644 KB
644 KB PNG
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What the fuck

How the hell can we reach as far as Madagascar while we don't get to explore and even establish an empire in Australia?
Yeah, I know. It's a thing of the past.
Top kek
After all the praise for the sona

Only our side will honor that cease fire and we will have another saff44

Tho NPA has many factions
austronesian (polynesians) did reach as far as hawaii and easter island, probably even south america. austronesians/polynesians have very good marine navigation unlike the niggers of africa
i think they want to occupy unhabited islands

File: whattheblyat.png (27 KB, 1502x632)
27 KB
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Check the cyberKGP blacklist.
>Encyclopedia Dramatica

What are you, 12? That shit is edgy teen /b/tard """humor"""
use frigate (for firefox, for exampe)
File: 1431309407152.jpg (130 KB, 896x857)
130 KB
130 KB JPG
Why are you creating this thread here? If you want to get a proper answer about something related to Russia, you ask it on a Russian forum. Jesus Christ, how can one be so stupid?
It's because you live in a police state.

File: 1468914154155.jpg (167 KB, 1080x1350)
167 KB
167 KB JPG
Last night I got to fuck this beautiful Brazilian chick. This adds up to my small list of international fucks.

So far I've had sex with
- 2 american girls
- 2 french girls
- 1 asian girl (not sure which country)
- 1 peruvian girl
- 1 brazilian girl

Share your stories of when you fucked girls from other countries lads
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huh? not sure what you're referring to.

the indian girls are real indian ehtnicity, not native americans.
File: 1469058521878.jpg (56 KB, 633x360)
56 KB

Only girl from another cunt I've fucked was Canadian.... but it's hard to really consider it different because she was literally the same as an American girl, she just had a different passport.
1 HK girl
Been with her for two years now and she still does barely anything. Why does life taunt me
First and only girl I ever slept with was a Brazilian girl in the USA doing an exchange.
And to be honest, I peaked with her. No matter who I fuck after will never be as attractive or sexy as her.

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File: 1413251310084.jpg (24 KB, 177x188)
24 KB

>prenumerera till kanalen för 2D-syften
>detta kommer upp
Är detta normalt i Japan?
Vad är det som driver en hanrejbrevare?
File: !!!girls_03963_045.jpg (264 KB, 919x1346)
264 KB
264 KB JPG
Svarta tjejer är gjorda för ariska män.
File: 1461102998714.jpg (115 KB, 554x800)
115 KB
115 KB JPG
Fråga mästaren.

File: 1469657471001.jpg (217 KB, 550x750)
217 KB
217 KB JPG
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Wo nimmst du die Daten her?
Quelle bitte
Bin kein Bernd und du hast mir nicht zu sagen welche Verben ich staubsauge, okay?
Warte warte
/pol/ ist unironisch schneller als /v/? Was zum Fick?
> so langsam ist /int/ jetzt auch nicht
Hab ich auch nicht behauptet. /deutsch/ hat so ziemlich das perfekte Tempo zum den ganzen Tag labern; manchmal ist es mir sogar schon zu schnell (wenn ich ausnahmsweise auf Arbeit mal arbeite, anders als heute).
Ich habs einfach online bei der offiziellen europäischen Seite bestellt.
File: serveimage.jpg (112 KB, 850x637)
112 KB
112 KB JPG
Ich meine ich habe es ja immer schon vermutet.

Früher in der Jugend waren so Witze und Unterhaltungen betrunken ja noch ganz spaßig.

Man hat abgehitlert und dumme Sprüche gerufen, heimlich Hakenkreuze gemalt ohne jemals ernsthaft was zu tun. Jugendliche Provokationen halt. Mit dem Verbotenen und Tabuthema spielen.

Jetzt wird irgendwann geheiratet, Haus gekauft und Kinder werden folgen.

Es war aber nie ein großes Thema, höchstens mal in einem Nebensatz. Ansonsten ging es ums Zocken, Pumpen, Frauen und das normale Leben.

Die Leute würden mal meine Trauzeugen vllt. sogar Patenonkel werden? Warum auch nicht? Man versteht sich schließlich und hat viel miteinander erlebt.

Ich wusste innerlich aber immer irgendwie, dass meine beiden besten Freunde andere Ansichten gegenüber Ausländern haben als ich.

Der Eine hat ab und zu mal ein Spruch gebracht, dass er "wegen den Asis(Ausländern) weggezogen sei".

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.

File: 16813978285_416a31a58c_h.jpg (673 KB, 1600x1067)
673 KB
673 KB JPG
traditional edition
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File: grtr.png (1.64 MB, 1287x639)
1.64 MB
1.64 MB PNG
Looks a bit goofy with the railing on the tower. And actually now that I think of it, it kinda reminds me of a minaret or something

You used to get a cool view of it when arriving by train. Then they cucked the view with these bland office buildings. Funny thing is, the location is so central that there have been debates and different kinds of plans for the area for about a century now. And in the end they settled with something that belongs on the side of a highway somewhere
Where is that? Vienna?
Cool that was interesting to watch.

Tokyo right now has 21ish buildings above 200 and 8 above 230m and by 2025 its gonna have 32 above 200 and 16 above 230 (one is due 2027 but w.e). If everything goes according to plan it will have tallest building go from 256 to 390!

Who knows what else they will add though considering the Olympics and a continued focus on infrastructure. If anything the next 10 years could bring some of the best skyline developments to the city in its history.

Roppongi is actually really cool, I'd been to Tokyo a few times but never visited (because of its rep) and went for the first time last year. The whole development 'hills' area is actually one of the cleanest and sleekest places in the city. And the Mori tower is imo the best view point in the city because its open air and you can do a full 360. Really worth it imo. (pic of ground area in the hills)
File: 523525235235235.jpg (513 KB, 1500x1000)
513 KB
513 KB JPG
File: 6367346346346.png (2.32 MB, 1653x1079)
2.32 MB
2.32 MB PNG
Also from what i say about the down and street level from Tokyo is best seen from the Yurikamome, I don't really take pics of it but its a really cool elevated line that goes through the city to the waterfront.

File: c-culturepals.jpg (78 KB, 800x500)
78 KB
Culture Pals: Anxiety and Crippling Depression Edition

Come meet qts from around the world, practice your qt talk skills, get rejected, hang out with the lads, get bullied, share qts, get cucked, share qt's nudes, get whiteknight'd, recommend new qts to others, get ignored since she is talking to a more handsome anon, complain about the crippling depression you get simply by the weight of existence, make sic bants, get ignored, share replies from pastas, get called beta etc.


OP pastebin:

OLD THREAD: >>62652668
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working on self improvement but a bad face will always be a bad face
File: 1424811695890.jpg (209 KB, 682x600)
209 KB
209 KB JPG
Gee, them photos ... Now I'm scared you'll steal my qt
The Napoleon one is quite good for breaking convo with French women and Europol is great for Turks or Russians

Horrible with anyone and everyone else though.
Sent you a message famalam
Think I found a ruskie qt but she 100% just wants the green card. She told me about a friend in Chesterfield that won't marry her, but that she'd prefer me because I live in Bristol and she loves Skins. Wtf

File: 1.jpg (169 KB, 1067x469)
169 KB
169 KB JPG
Guys, I have a problem. I am from a hellhole town in russia and my girlfriend is now in Rio. She is a volonteur in olimpic games. It's a long story but I want to write a few words in front of her house entrance with crayons/paint and want somebody to help me. Here is the house https://www.google.com/maps/@-23.0072452,-43.2956104,188a,20y,226.68h,45.02t/data=!3m1!1e3
The thing I want you to help me to write is "Nastya K., he loves you"
I understand that it sounds impossible, but you might help me incredibly
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tell me if you need money for a taxi I will send it to you somehow if instead if writing the message you fuck the girl and post pics
File: 1463012728314s.jpg (5 KB, 250x250)
5 KB
Little price for dem reddit points
Barra - Zona Sul has a lot of traffic this time of the morning
File: rollin.gif (1012 KB, 400x225)
1012 KB
1012 KB GIF

File: ihvu.jpg (198 KB, 803x1254)
198 KB
198 KB JPG
Really makes you think
His God saved him
Nothing wrong with having a priest from another country.
The priest I took my first confession and communion with was an old Pole who came during the WWII, pretty good guy
Not all Poles are terrible.

File: 141829674325.jpg (492 KB, 1600x1200)
492 KB
492 KB JPG
Wow! Turkey is such a beautiful country!
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File: 1461120266770.jpg (84 KB, 500x370)
84 KB
it's an american story book which cites no sources at all

>i bet your mother is fat and beats you with her shoes at home
Too specific to not to be a personal experience
You're just a self-hating turk, you said your mom used to beat you as a child here
It's called mirroring in psychology
>Like disproportionate crime
strike one :D

>second tier food
When the Australian officials in Canberra are having official dinners and such or are hosting foreign important people they take them to the Turkish restaurant Ottoman :D
strike two :DD

>backwards death cult of a religion?
It's religion of peace dum dum
strike three :DDDDDDDDD

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
File: FB_IMG_1462201988056.jpg (34 KB, 480x267)
34 KB
okay lets start,

1. an article by duke university is an article by duke university. its pretty credible.

2. maybe there are no muslim claims because they massacred whole city? they killed everyone so there was no one to perform rites to begin with?

also this woman Professor Carole Hillenbrand has a book called "The crusades islamic perspective" in which she also claims many crusaders and Lionheart Richard massacred and cannibalized people.

3. you wanted proofs, i provided proofs. please stop crying, no one on earth are as barbaric as christians (except isis of course) massacring and cannibalizing people, ugh, thats a new level of low.

File: 96T3jvf.jpg (347 KB, 1529x1080)
347 KB
347 KB JPG
This thread is for the discussion of the language, culture, travel, daily life, etc. of Japan.
Let's tark at randam in Japanese and English. Take it easy!

#Previous Thread >>62703781

---Useful Links---

Real Kana
How to Learn Japanese
100 most common Japanese words

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
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じゃ、次から we japanese でお願い

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