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Imagine not living in Colorado.
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It was nice 30 years ago.
Denver is notoriously dead on weekends because everyone leaves the city. A few years ago that was a good thing because I could go incelwalking in broad daylight, but the last few years the number of crackheads and homeless people has skyrocketed so it's not even a nice place to go for a stroll.
RENO!!!! That's an unexpected answer
American cities are full of groids, so nobody goes. Groids have nobody to rob, so they fuck off to.
Imagine that landscape but with an actual nice looking and walkable city instead of that

File: 1691622502997614.png (2.01 MB, 1322x922)
2.01 MB
2.01 MB PNG
>Howdy aynon! Welcome to Nebraska!
>"G'day?" well shucks, you're not from these here parts are ya?
>You're an Awhzzie? Well toot my horn and call me Sheryl, that's darn tooting!
>Do ya want to come with us to the bar and shuck corn? Ma daddy owns a distillery, and I think he'd take kindly to a white man such as yerself
Your response?
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I want to see #2 in a 5 on 1 BBC 100% anal 0% pussy piss gape waka waka gangbang on analvidsdotCUM
center center left
nobody else has worth
I live here and most of the women are fat and people here are not friendly, just nosey. They don't talk to you if you didn't go to the same high school as them.
Sure doesn't feel like it. Grand Island is like 40% Mexican, there are so many little towns in this state that are full of illegals because they work in the meat industry. Like you'll be in the complete middle of nowhere and you'll stop in some town and half the population are brown. Lincoln is per capita one of the highest refugee resettlement in the country, so lots of Muslims. Omaha is a typical midwestern city demographically and the only place where the blacks live aside from the campus of UNL.
everyone in this whole thread is lying in order to avoid sounding cliche or like a p-word. but the truth is, we all secretly agree that the only bangable one is the smol one in the middle. end of story.

File: arapdelusions.png (2.28 MB, 2100x805)
2.28 MB
2.28 MB PNG
why did Allah give his most faithful servants the lands on the right while giving despicable infidels the lands on the left?
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Palestine is not a desert though.
Trust the plan, abraham traveled a thousand miles to visit his bastard son on the weekends and built a cube for him and his baby mama to worship.
>name one place, event, or scenario in modern history where poors have overpowered the rich oligarchs?
french revolution
any communist revolution
iranian revolution
Irish War of independence
basically any war of independence
etc. etc.
why do Americans love their corporate overlords so much they don't even know you can fuck them for atleast a while till new ones come
Every revolution is just one elite replacing another.
Lmao this is a huge cope post. French Revolution and all independence wars were sponsored by wealthy elites

File: pepe smile.jpg (166 KB, 820x713)
166 KB
166 KB JPG
there will come a time when everybody who is lonely will be free to sing and dance and love
>Brazilian idea of paradise is a bunch of people dancing
Kek… dream a little bigger, Transgennerson.
File: 1706380800090924.png (23 KB, 600x1024)
23 KB
>sing and dance and love
All of these are haram

File: Capture.jpg (109 KB, 951x741)
109 KB
109 KB JPG
95% of WMAF are between a mediocre white men and a hideous SEA women. Why is WMAF so promoted on this board?
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>95% of WMAF are between a mediocre white men and a hideous SEA women. Why is WMAF so promoted on this board?

They look like a happy family. He's a little secret, his wife is at the same tier as all the other Asian women posted on 4Chan. She just doesn't layered on the makeup and AI filters.

I like his informative contents, and he also worked with people from diverse background.
I'll take a mid asian girl over no gf
>Why do pro-racemixing whites post anti-asian racist memes? You realize your children are literally half-asian and not right, yes?

>white girls love BBC !!! They love big black cock over small white cock !!!
>asian girls love white cock, and hate small Asian pensis !!!

>NOOOO ... you mean to say you love asian women but hate asian men !!! Y..yy..y our children will all be mentally ill !!!

LOL!!!! There's a superstition in some Asian culture that if people talk about you behind your back, you would sneeze. Can you imagine millions of Asian men minding their own business have sneeze storms.
I believe everything I see online social media. It's not a setup at all.
Yeah the man could have taken a 100 million dollar deal for selling his youtube channel.

But before youtube he was a loser dropout who lived in her parents house.

File: 1708991269251923.jpg (448 KB, 960x1542)
448 KB
448 KB JPG
The root of all Indian hate
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File: 1678043428845267.jpg (175 KB, 1302x2048)
175 KB
175 KB JPG
>Ceo of onlyfans
You gotta be shitting me dude
Also a woman
Why are they so powerful ?
I like indians but only if they're in the low caste. The high caste indians are all snobs

File: 1691403395740365.webm (1.8 MB, 680x1208)
1.8 MB
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Another paper today. Atleast I'm somewhat confident today
Science ?
He cute though

File: ääri.png (405 KB, 402x720)
405 KB
405 KB PNG
totuuden torvi -painos
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kait tuollakin sama kuin kaikissa muissa maissa noiden kuljetusruskeidentöiden suhteen, eli ei ole kannattavaa kuin pienelle osalle tekijöistä jotka tekee parhaalla alueella helvetisti töitä, eli sitten ei ole rentoa. ja loput juuri ja juuri pärjää ja tekee vaan pakon edessä. plus ei japaniin saa mennä tosta vaan töihin, tarvii viisumit ja eivät varmaankaan anna perustein "teen ehkä kuljetus hommia jos rentoa".
kuumottaa tullit ja sadan euron postit
ei ollu mulla ainakaan mitään tommosia ongelmia mutta noi tapahtu kahdessa tilauksessa niin en nyt miksään kiveen hakatuiks seteiks rupee noita väittään
sanompa vaan sen että ei ollu meitsillä mitään ongelmaa figuuri tilauksissa
eli helppo työ olisi että voisi tehdä samaa kun nykyisessä elämässä mutta siitä maksettaisiin vähintään mediaani palkka ja kela ei kiusais eikä kukaan muukaan soittelis perään?
mikä tämän aiheuttaa oi saunan taloustieteilijät?

File: Bhattacharya__Figures-03.png (507 KB, 4167x6265)
507 KB
507 KB PNG
It's so obvious. Why is this not a bigger topic?

>The central govt says that India is now free of open defecation, meaning that people both have access to a toilet and consistently use it. Anyone who takes a train out of Delhi at dawn and looks out of the window, however, might question the claim.

>Officials now avoid leaning too heavily on the government’s own figures. For instance, rather than use “bad data,” economists at the Reserve Bank of India are likely using a combination of intuition and inflation numbers to set interest rates, according to Sen.

>The biggest controversy to rock the statistical system, and one that remains unresolved, pertains to India’s GDP calculations. The country’s foremost economic barometer underwent a major revision in 2014–2015, only to turn into a subject of controversy. Analysts complained that the GDP figures did not tally with other economic indicators.
Indians lying? Impossible.
never trust 3rdie data
The difference between 1stie and 3rdie data is about the same as between tax avoidance and tax evasion.
I think it sometimes has a good benefit, many 1stie or 1stie aspirant countries have the problem of believing in news way too much, 3rdies know its mostly lies and propaganda.
During Armenian-Azeri conflict Armenians constantly believed in their news about war was going great, meanwhile Azeri media consistently published video and picture evidence, knowing their bullshit will be called out. I recall Armenians still believing things were doing okay until 8th of November, only in 9th situation was admitted to be sour and on 10th there was the ceasefire agreement.
Not surprised, didn't one of their billionaires lose like $100b in hours because he faked the companies data

File: norgeutflykt.png (2.32 MB, 1300x973)
2.32 MB
2.32 MB PNG

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Oversett ordet «avgift». Så oversetter du ordet «skatt». Er dette det samme? Jævla nek.
File: taxing.png (8 KB, 600x192)
8 KB
skatt = litterært en byrde
de prøver ikke skjule det engang
de gjør hån av oss
You just spent 30 minutes pilpuling about taxes lmao.
dette dette!
I don't really care about your ESL babble desu.
Nah, I spent 30 minutes making fun of you. Because you're a brown ESL muslim and an assablaste shitskin. Lol.

File: 1688955265075562.jpg (106 KB, 998x666)
106 KB
106 KB JPG
Ancien: >>194246224
Edition de l'AAH-vie
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Bonne nuit Suissette
File: 1653054771932.jpg (26 KB, 720x576)
26 KB
je vais bosser pour rien
File: IMG_9706.jpg (73 KB, 674x630)
73 KB
quel est son score ?

File: IMG_3005.png (474 KB, 758x596)
474 KB
474 KB PNG
Why haven’t you moved to a better city in a different part of your country yet
There is no other city, you dumb fuck
you can take the boy out of the town but you can't make him drink
File: backyard.png (1.27 MB, 620x823)
1.27 MB
1.27 MB PNG
I live in the country, it is nice if you like nature, peace, and quiet.
File: woods.png (1.76 MB, 1107x825)
1.76 MB
1.76 MB PNG
It is not expensive either, rent is pretty cheap.
Cities are a blight on humanity also I'm asocial

File: essexo 13.png (316 KB, 522x711)
316 KB
316 KB PNG
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Trolodemierdabros... Nos sacan el INADI... Nos sacan el lenguaje inclusive...
El lenguaje inclusivo se usa principalmente en la academia, o en redes sociales. No entiendo cómo prohibirlo en el estado va a lograr algo más que anunciar tu rechazo simbólico al uso del lenguaje inclusivo. Imagino que ese tipo de debates absurdos son los que sacan al argentino promedio de su rancho a votar
Reunir todos los autistas y aplastarlos con un elefante
yo no soy paisa; yo no manejo un chebi 4x4, y no trabajo en la NASA. Parecen muy mamones los que trabajan en los laboratorios/facilidades nacionales porque confunden el prestigio de donde trabajan con sus propias habilidades. Yo quiero trabajar como professor en una universidad/colegio comunitario, o en un una secundaria.
Creo que solo era tímida; no quiere verte porque todavía siente algo por ti, o porque quiere olvidar. A la misma vez, depende de como se separaron. Creo que le chica con que yo tenia una relación estaba llamando mi nombre, pero no estoy seguro, tengo pobre vista en la noche y estaba escuchando música.
¿No queres que tu gente latino ayude a crear misiles para hacer explotar musulmanes?

File: #385701.jpg (120 KB, 811x1079)
120 KB
120 KB JPG
edycja Lilly Satou
poprzednia >>194255753
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po prostu idź spać
just buy a house
Czy ktoś coś słyszał o zapowiedzi jakiejś nowej pandemii? Trochę mi brakuje pracki zdalnej i obserwowania spanikowanych normików, widzących że system w którym żyją można o kant dupy potłuc
W moim kraju istnieją regiony, w których śmieci segreguje się, oznaczając karton jako palny lub niepalny.
Jest też stary mem o szczeniętach i kociętach porzucanych w kartonowych pudełkach.
Inaczej mówiąc, jest to ilustracja, która je łączy.

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