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01/26/15News Post: In Memoriam
01/23/15moot's final 4chan Q&A has been posted here.
01/21/15News Post: The Next Chapter, aka moot's retirement
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Want to learn something new?

The /int/ Wiki is a language learning guide created by /int/ users like you.

Cultural resources:
List of world cultures
Flags of the world

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1.69 MB JPG
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>I post with these people
This is like the day I realized like 90% of /fit/ are shitskins
File: phimosis.png (37 KB, 767x252)
37 KB

File: mix.jpg (307 KB, 1600x1200)
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307 KB JPG
/int/ knows this right?

I've noticed that most of you would rather bang a cousin than a person of a different ethnicity...like wtf (ermmm england)

You guys do realize that if you were to have a child with a woman of a different race, it would have a much higher chance of being attractive than if you were to have one with someone that is your xth cousin.

>Enrique is Spanish and Filipino

Like take that shit in...Filipinos are some of the ugliest people on earth, and yet 'rique is a fucking sex god beauty of a man

Explain your incestual fantasies int.
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Pale skin is a feminine trait. I don't think there is a single population on earth where the women aren't paler than the men on average.
File: 1405850609414.jpg (101 KB, 399x388)
101 KB
101 KB JPG
I thought Brazilian-Japanese girls would be attractive but the ones I met in real life looked like the average Peruvian girl
I've actually never met an ugly mixed person

I think it's because, in the US at least, black people need to be very charismatic to marry a white person.
He looks 100% Spanish
Fuck that, non-whites have no genes that I want. And I'm not going to breed with an Anglo or German because I'm inferior to them. Basically I'm only willing to breed with an Irish person like myself. The world would be a much better place if races kept to themselves.

lol British engineering
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>why is your water so hot?
>what do you use it for?
Since the hot water is mixed with cold mains water, it pretty much increases the capacity of the hot water tanks, as you need less(but hotter) hot water to produce more medium-hot water.
Thats not a benefit.
because it's people without any knowledge of the subject throwing poop at each other
And Finns are truly above such behaviour.

File: Kalla.jpg (41 KB, 430x275)
41 KB
För gamla tiders skull
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File: pepe14.png (9 KB, 446x399)
9 KB
>dkn man ska till tjejen om 1-2 timmar för att förhoppningsvis ligga för första gången

Jag håller på att gå sönder, det här fungerar inte. Bör jag dricka? Hjälp... Jag hade ju sett fram emot det här men nu känns det inte bra.
luleå, bror


du vad?

dessutom, Bunkeranon?
vem annan kan lyfta cement?
Breva bild på klänningen fort!!
>Midnight boy
Men herregud människa FÅ DET BARA GJORT.

Vem fan bryr sig om hur det går. Få det bara gjort.

File: 1403708304916.png (562 KB, 916x675)
562 KB
562 KB PNG
jestesmy za biedni na edycje edyszyn
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nic ciekawego nie powiedział. prosił o polaków, bo ma małego fiutka i chce żeby ktoś mu wyruchał matkę. zboczeniec pierdolony
I ze wzajemnością :^) Nie mieszkam w Szkocji i mam to referendum w dupie.

We obviously understand that you insult us but we got used to it.
zajebiście. dzisiaj kupiłem sobie chałupę. jak tam kanadyjski dobrobyt?

File: loner.jpg (7 KB, 275x183)
7 KB
Going to places on your own isn't sad edition.
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fuck off xiang
File: 135614262753.jpg (45 KB, 574x505)
45 KB
>tfw just watched Gone Girl

Creepy tbh
arab slags are fucking top notch lad can't wait for liberalism to sweep through the arab world tbh
why? did you not know you was going to eat it until it suddenly entered your mouth?
Jesus Christ lads ant and decs Saturday night takeaway is fucking shite

File: heritage.png (163 KB, 1100x562)
163 KB
163 KB PNG
What's your heritage like, /int/?

Pic related for me.
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>0.1% sub-saharan African
One drop, buddy.
Type2 predisposition is common in Northern Europe peaking at Denmark but still quite common everywhere else too. It's linked to famine resistance.
What do you identify as? Are your parents both mixed origins or are you half african american and half white american?
>I don't know how genetic testing works

Anything under 3% is noise and a guess at best
Identify as mixed, not black
Mom is Anglo, Dad is African American with like ~20% Dutch heritage

I would say I actually look mixed if not slightly more white because I have straight hair, unlike a lot of black mixes

File: weeaboo_shits.jpg (145 KB, 1716x755)
145 KB
145 KB JPG
This thread is for the discussion of the language, culture, travel, daily life, etc. of Japan.
Let's tark at randam! Take it easy!

#Previous Thread >>38197741

--- Useful Links ---
Real Kana
How to Learn Japanese
100 most common Japanese words
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>complaining about x while doing x
>Maridah from California
When I see a good face while watching it I just take the screenshot, sometimes I put it into gimp and crop it or do whatever to it. A little autistic but whatever.

I don't really follow football anymore but when I did I supported Manchester United. I started to support them because they were the first team that I managed in an old FIFA game I used to own. I'm actually Scottish though and my Dad used to call me a traitor for not supporting celtic.

File: Capture1.jpg (188 KB, 1439x774)
188 KB
188 KB JPG
go to:
post your results , no using google/internet for help. show your skillz
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This keeps happening to me aswel.

When I think it's South America it's Africa
When I think it's Africa it's South America
>Dat roadsign montage
Oh Russia, never change...
Imagine traveling here, when you can't read cyrillic and people around don't understand English.
Also, geoguessr is the good reason to learn cyrillic. You can learn it in a week, but then orientation in Russia will be much easier.
Cheap and effective :^)
Besides those two really far off ones, I was quite spot on

File: 1404559206525.png (228 KB, 2000x1200)
228 KB
228 KB PNG
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File: asdsd.jpg (245 KB, 1280x960)
245 KB
245 KB JPG
nem értem
>odhalil som viacero tunelov z Ukrajiny, a zhabal som cez 300 kartónov cigariet
>Za štyri hodiny som v Nitre, a z tadiaľ ma SADka zavezie kam chcem.
>budeš prosíkať o ďalší Trianon
I didn't understand everything because I'm not Slovak, but these parts made me kek.
Épp keveri a szart és fűti a gyűlöletet.
Most épp azt adja elő, hogy ő minden hivatali papírba belelát és mindenről tud mindent, mivel neki mindenhol vannak kapcsolatai. Említés tett arról az elhíresült magyar verésre, gúnyhatárra és hogy ő készen áll újra bármikor.
Mit mond rólam, akkor fasz? Megvan a piros diplomáját a fegyveres erők Academy of General Milan Rastislav Stefanik, és én felfedett számos alagutak Ukrajnában, és én lefoglalt több mint 300 karton cigarettát. Felkészült vagyok harcolni túlerőben, és én inkább Sabinovská folyóiratok választott a mai legnagyobb Cava szerte a belügyminisztérium. Presaca akkor soha nem látott pontossággal még, írd ZAuS. Szóval fogsz nekem, hogy lapátot keresztül medzisieť? Ismerd fel a magatartásuk következményeit, seggfej. Van hívom az unokatestvérem a NBU, így inkább azt mondanám nagymama Dunasérde hagyja elkényeztetett halásle. Már nem is kell, hogy megpróbálja az újra szavazni Bugár marha. Te kibaszott halott ember. Négy órán keresztül voltam Nitra, és ezen keresztül ott Sadko nekem elvinni, ahol akar. Van ismerősök mindenhol, kivéve a Gazdasági Minisztérium. Nem csak van egy nagybátyja a postán, de van hozzáférése minden szar amit ukránok elkobozták, és nem félek, hogy elmondjam növény, és tapossák meg, mint egy féreg, ez az, hé haver. Ha tudná, hogy mit lehet tudomásul oka, talán azt zárkózzon el, hogy élesíteni a varasodás. De nem tudsz, tehát úgy néz ki, mint te picus. Te sujts a mint Hedwig, és máris könyörög egy másik Trianon. Te kibaszott halott, gyermekeim.

Help us out Felvidékbro who don't understand the guttural sounds of the mystical forest creatures called tóts

File: benis censured.png (288 KB, 579x390)
288 KB
288 KB PNG
Would you date a gypsy girl if she abandon her roma culture?
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Go to pornhub website and look for this; 1686036838

Its not allowed post the link.
Gypsy girls age quick and ugly.
File: 1398582976554.gif (1.9 MB, 320x200)
1.9 MB
1.9 MB GIF
File: 1398508367733.png (13 KB, 400x400)
13 KB
thank you fellow monkey

File: Capture.png (632 KB, 520x831)
632 KB
632 KB PNG
Have you met a Polish person?

what was s/he like?
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yeah, I make the exception for athletes
My grandmother is Polish. She is so Catholic that the Pope goes to her for advice.
We kill people who are atheists. Eat tehir souls first
There are a lot of Polish jews in Israel. Most of my best friends have Polish blood and last names like Tocatly. Much of the intellectual elite used to be Polish back in the day.

If you only count full-blooded pols then I've met one girl on the internet over a game of DotA. She was really nice and felt sorry for me when I kept apologizing for playing like shit.
Week ago one Polish milf sat beside me in the train

>what was s/he like?
Attractive. She talked on the phone about 20 mins

What's with germans and digging trenches in beaches?
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Don't forget eu4 vic2 and all that
File: 1385905496755.png (100 KB, 500x434)
100 KB
100 KB PNG
Germany is so cute and adorable when they put their obsessions into work instead of slaughtering people.
that seems pretty disgusting
Germany has been really fucking likeable here lately.
Cracking jokes and displaying that glorious dry humour they have but shamefully hide way too often.
Germany are bros. They dig as they please.
its fun. try it!

I don't understand why our country become the most hipster (/mu/) country in south europe.
Maybe it has something to do with our self hating?






I don't complain tough since it's all good music
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>It's so easy being an elitist about genres as long as you know a couple bands.

I have to agree with that
what's "hipster" about that?
And for the record on vaporwave and withouse, there were releases I liked and releases I didn't but they were totally unrelated to anything other than kids fucking around with a couple rules and sharing each other's music. That's how all scenes/genres/movements/whatever (used to) begin.

Now they are scheduled and cycled and if something comes up organically it gets claimed by huge brands. The kids are fucking starved
Alright i just took it as if you were pulling half the shit you wrote out your ass. The problem with discussing music on the internet is typically that none of the discussing parts have had first hand experience, and at the same time we all know that the internet has strong opinions.

So yeah, it all ends up being shit and nobody can give proper arguments. You striked me as that type but i can see that you build your opinions on some arguments that makes sense in the bigger picture. I kinda misunderstood your post before.
>Don Caballero

My nigga

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