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Want to learn something new?

The /int/ Wiki is a language learning guide created by /int/ users like you.

Cultural resources:
List of world cultures
Flags of the world

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I just want to say that Brazil is an amazing country. Despite the hardships it faces it has made tremendous progress in the last 20 years. It is a beautiful country with an amazing culture and amazing people. It is the United States of South America. The future is bright for this nation, and it's potential is nearly boundless. God bless Brazil!
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Why is it that ~80% of the Brazilian posters on /int/ despise their own country? Is it because theyre jealous of all the other people in Brazil loving life while they sit in front of their computers all day and never leave their basement? Smdh...
This is the typical Br until you tell them that becoming American means they will have to call their sport Soccer; then they flip the fuck out.
File: image.jpg (35 KB, 475x452)
35 KB
Love these things. Brazilian food and drink is amazing.
Or maybe he was trying to bait self hating Brazilians. The kinds of Brazilians to take that bait are all over /int/. Israel is also a right wing country and right wing political parties in the US & Europe are the most pro Israel, promoting communism is AGAINST their interests. But sure, believe your paranoid delusions all you want.
We have lemonade in America too anon.

We have bunda and Christ monuments also.

File: 1455638432482.jpg (78 KB, 832x624)
78 KB
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Säg inte så anon, jag vet att du kan klara av matematiken och lära dig den också.

Att du skulle vara inkapabel och för dum tror jag inte en sekund på, även om det kanske är kämpigt. Kanske behöver du bara be om lite hjälp eller helt enkelt lägga ner mer tid. Båda alternativen finns säkert att tillgå.

Tids nog ska du allt se att matematiken inte är din överman så länge du inte ger upp och kämpar på. Jag vet att du kan göra det, så släpp det inte bara för att du i en dålig stund var villig att acceptera lögnen att du av alla skulle vara för dum.
Vad är det som är nog, anon?
Absolutely disgusting.
File: 1457956234214.gif (986 KB, 500x281)
986 KB
986 KB GIF
Okej, men bara en.
Det är så, vad spelar det för roll om jag behöver mer "tid", betyder jag är sämre än andra runt om mig, finns ingen att fråga hjälp ifrån och det är bara skam, folk ser ner på den som går på universiteten och behöver hjälp med matten. Jag är trött på allt, behöver inte någon tröst, så svara inte.

File: 20160430_014911.png (45 KB, 420x420)
45 KB

Szar bejegyzések edition

File: int ratings.png (54 KB, 1594x628)
54 KB
How has /int/ changed your perception of the world's countries?
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File: 1461982150915.png (56 KB, 1594x628)
56 KB
>Hating on Japan and Best Korea
>Russia is green but Belarus red

Also, do people from Vietnam, Oman even post here?
Why do you think Koreans are so evil at heart?
Vietnam occasionally but not enough for anyone to really have an opinion change so idk what he's on about

Never seen Oman
Vietnam appear in asean thread like >>58653011

File: 20160430_020711.png (16 KB, 420x420)
16 KB

File: 4934141.jpg (96 KB, 420x420)
96 KB
File: auspepe.png (15 KB, 414x506)
15 KB

File: a2260.jpg (21 KB, 500x375)
21 KB
anime edition
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We have gays in our general
File: 1461871950778.png (485 KB, 1672x1440)
485 KB
485 KB PNG
I don't like rude people therefore I don't act in a rude way
Most of the posters here are gay
Hello /ita/

I just dropped by to say thank you for Le glorious pizza that you bestow to mankind

I <3
File: Smuggest.jpg (44 KB, 409x409)
44 KB
That's sweet 2bh

I have to get out of bed now. Have a nice day spaghettis

File: image.png (10 KB, 420x420)
10 KB
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File: global economies.png (408 KB, 5235x2483)
408 KB
408 KB PNG
these are the top players in 2050

they are the countries of the future

if you're cunt is not on this map, i'm sorry but you'll become irrelevant puppet ravaged by crisis and no space colonies.
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File: 1461689203800.jpg (61 KB, 1024x567)
61 KB
>implying Mexikek will survive the decade
>The party loosing control
I mean yeah that could happen. But it's not going to collapse like the Soviet Union did. At worst the party would just be gone and some other government will take hold. Honestly I think that would either be great or completely disastrous for China.
>Dead Gadafi
>Saudi Arabia
>fucking Ethiopia
Ethiopia stands no chance, It's landlocked for crying out loud, its high population doesn't matter
Actually this entire map is shit, I should abandon thread
Based Canada. I love you. I wish Mexico would stop hating us.

File: image.png (8 KB, 420x472)
8 KB

File: can't wake up.png (435 KB, 820x332)
435 KB
435 KB PNG
>visit /int/ early in the morning for the first time
What the fuck is going on? Is this how the Australian hours always are?
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Yeah the /qa/nadians had a big cry because they're whiny snitches but I don't think anyone was actually rangebanned. I just saw everyone say they were.
You can't stop an autistic spammers that easily. Jannys a retarded thinking he made a difference
I can't make any threads desu
Do you post threads on /sp/ too?
/int/ janitors took the lazy way out, still can't make threads.

File: AustralianFlag.jpg (180 KB, 2254x1861)
180 KB
180 KB JPG
love you bae x

File: 1461992091322.jpg (46 KB, 600x450)
46 KB
Most of those posting under the US flag on /int/, are self-hating whites, and progressive millennials of the following type:


Currently, many of them are cheering on the boy in this picture, which has received much praise from American progressive mainstream media, such as the New York Times and Washington Post.
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File: autist.jpg (873 KB, 1366x3542)
873 KB
873 KB JPG
>it's an autistic island chink episode
>tfw you realize that this is good for trump because hispanics will start to believe trumps comments was only talking about mexicans, not hispanics and now like him more


funny how if you call out your enemy they come out from the shadows
>his mother being a local princess

I am Hispanic and I don't don't like what I am seeing in that picture. I don't fully understand why so many adults that have migrated from Mexico have remained patriotic toward Mexico ( I understand it a little bit).
Yup, my mom is a non mexican hispanic and she's voting for him now. She hates it because every white person in america thinks we're mexicans when we're not. Mexicans are the worst immigrants you can get because they're still attached to their old country even if they were born here

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