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The /mu/ Wiki:

Discover music:

Check the catalog before making a new thread >>>/mu/catalog

Personal music/band projects should go in Bandcamp/Soundcloud general threads.

>If the Feels brought you here, search in the catalog before starting a new thread. If they aren't vaguely music related, go to >>>/r9k/

File: battle8.png (419 KB, 750x375)
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ITT: post two completely different albums and other anons say which is better
right > left
Pulse Dragon
Division Bell
Songs of Love and Hate

File: hotasfuck.jpg (681 KB, 3276x2184)
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681 KB JPG
Specifically girls.
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oh boy what a disaster
Is it okay for girls to fart at the crowd below?
I know this is a joke but the number of times people seriously said it's okay to intentionally grab the ass of a crowd surfer on here really shows you how autistic most of /mu/ is.
why are men so primitive
it's literally women tier sometimes
it's like some people cant control themselves over an ass or some tits jeez
you can fuck right off man. please end your life or something

File: 123456789.png (818 KB, 977x1073)
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818 KB PNG
One of these threads, don't be shy anons
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are u kidding me anon
youre 18 lol your life hasnt even BEGUN
File: me.png (42 KB, 977x800)
42 KB
File: music.jpg (149 KB, 977x1000)
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149 KB JPG

File: KevinWithRecordslg.jpg (56 KB, 493x323)
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I own 10 albums by David Bowie, 13 albums by Neil Young and 10 albums by Depeche Mode.
Does this seems like too many albums? Can you own too many albums by one artist?
you can't own too many albums by one artist. the more the better
Yes you can own too many album by one artists, even if you love said artist.

You must never have more than 2 album from the same artist in order not the go over the limits of having too many albums from the same artist.


M.I.A. just dropped what is undoubtedly the GOAT music video of the year. Move of over, Memeline Bling.
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File: 12878246.png (1.82 MB, 1268x1695)
1.82 MB
1.82 MB PNG
>this thread
>that comment section
>let's side

I'm siding with no one, you fucking moron. I'm saying you're a retard who brings up /pol/ because those big stormfront meanies made you butthurt and now you can't get over it because you're a pathetic piece of shit who listens to MIA.

Not really, though. I just don't like the shitty song.
SO, what do you think is the message of the video?
M.I.A.'s music in general has a vision of a utopian, multicultural future where no singular identity exists, but everyone is a cultural mongrel. You can read that as "destroy the whites", but that would be more indicative of your paranoia than any sinister motives on M.I.A.'s part. Of course you're free to think that vision is off putting, but we're on /mu/, so the question is: does she make a convincing point, artistically? Kala is her most coherent statement on the matter, and it is universally acclaimed.
File: 3883.png (869 KB, 1363x703)
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869 KB PNG
Cinematography on fucking point.

File: 130609_rickej9.jpg (77 KB, 500x750)
77 KB
Sunny edition
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Flicking Yeri's bean...
*eats a spoonful of peanut butter*
i mean shit
*chugs down bottle of coke*
i gotta
*eats an entire ice cream cake*
i really gotta
*scoffs down a dozen donuts*
i really gotta work out so i can get a hunny like this
File: image.jpg (208 KB, 1024x682)
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208 KB JPG
[ENG SUB] Gfriend One Fine Day Episode 1


File: wertyuiop.png (569 KB, 570x572)
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569 KB PNG
The last three artists you listened to collaborates on a album together. How fucked is your outcome?
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forgot to talk about it
It would be interesting if Sufjian wrote the songs and sung Mastodon performed and Boris with Merbow produced it
>Lil Wayne
>Father John Misty
Probably be Swans playing some grimyass instrumentals while Wayne raps about eating ass like cold pizza and FJM sings the hook in a humorous and almost ironic matter
NOICE, would listen!
Sufjan Stevens, Neutral Milk Hotel and Burial. That would be interesting...
Chris Cornell, Bob Dylan and Buffalo Springfield.

File: 1.png (55 KB, 1663x307)
55 KB
why is this allowed
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probably, but perhaps this is how they were instructed to do it. at they end of the day they have to do the job their boss tells them to do, even if it's shit

that's just speculation tho
Its sad actually, I'm not too bother with it but sometimes I wish more modern albums are mastered properly. Bob Ludwig, Steve Hoffman, those are the names that come up when I think of GOAT engineers.

Also fuck Rick Rubin, he's the worst of them all.
what the fuck does it mean?

does it mean it detects that the signal is distorted due clipping? does it says "it will clip"?

clipping occurs when the input is too much for the amplifier, i.e. it distorces

but if I've a digital signal, what's distorcing? how can I be sure an amplifier wont be good enought to play the full scale?(that's why Im thinking that the signal is already distorted)

and if the signal is already distorted, how so? for example if I max out all the levels in ableton, and record a vsti+midi, will it see it as distorted? how could a digital file only digital be affected by hardware physical limitations?

I guess the limit would be the max volume a 16bit file could do

Kanyedrones will (attempt to) defend this
Having all the technical, by the book standards is boring

chart thread boys

no waifu zone


if i don't recognize your chart i'll probably rec you some things if i feel i can make good recs
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Cool chart :)
++ Uncle acid
Apparat - Walls
Bonobo - Black Sands
Mux Mool - Skulltaste
Four Tet - There is Love in You
Aphex Twin - Richard D. James Album

eat shit

Bitch Magnet - Ben Hur
Melvins - Bullhead
Boris - Akuma No Uta
Astrobrite - Crush
Please don't waste any of my time. I expect recs.
Get the fuck out

I need some music that will make me feel depressed and will make me think about my life choices
Literally anything by Elliot Smith

File: replacement.png (1.15 MB, 986x1092)
1.15 MB
1.15 MB PNG
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fuck alice, easy to replace
>that jew nose
It's Ethan's nose
It just seems try hardish to me. Ethan's all "look how dark, depressed and brooding I am. While ediths all "I'm a special snowflake, look at my wig and large glasses". Pretty much the things in modern culture I hate.

File: (cant wake up).jpg (30 KB, 500x357)
30 KB
Which general thread is the worst?
I know they're all shit just limit yourself to a few
3 replies omitted. Click here to view.
It's objectively kpop. Most of the others at least occasionally talk about music.

File: 1447511594354.jpg (60 KB, 532x604)
60 KB
>"I don't think any song should be over seven minutes long unless there's a REALLY crazy guitar solo. Otherwise I just can't pay attention."

-my brother, non-ironically
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blaise is in rehab
im not even going to respond any more cause anything i say will be used as fodder to call me angry or 13
File: 1448521658242.png (608 KB, 1034x1080)
608 KB
608 KB PNG
kill yourselves out of /mu/
i think at this point it's the same guy
it has to be
nobody's that autistic

Hey /mu/. I couldn't find production general so I'm just gonna post.
To cop or not to cop? I own no hardware for production but I'm a musically inclined person and have had a lot of fun fooling around with FL Studio, is this a good opportunity to move to ableton and pick up my first midi controller?
>$75, free one day shipping
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tfw trueverb came out in 1997
I remember using an Atari ste for making music (midi control) and then upgrading to buying my first laptop and getting a crack for the big Waves plugin suite that shit blew my mind back then. Must of been around 99'
out of those 3 companies native instruments is the most annoying because of all the drivers service center installs even if you don't have the hardware

I personally use all 3 of those on my computer and no problems ive noticed other than it is annoyng
File: Untitled.png (20 KB, 412x290)
20 KB
>you can deactivate
It would seem not. I reformatted without deactivating. It's fucking ridiculous I can't deactivate shit "remotely". iLok support is absolute garbage, and it seems like I have to go to the plugin devs with this.
>native instruments is the most annoying
The way Service Center installs shit is:
>install a virtual CD driver on your pc
>download an ISO from NI servers
>mount it on the virtual drive
>run an exe off of it
They can have all of my what, because they won't get my money.

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