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/bant/ - International/Random

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Welcome to /bant/ - International/Random

/bant/ is a board for the discussion of any topic, a place where you can relax and have fun with people from all over the world.

No porn dump threads - Please use the appropriate adult boards for porn threads.

File: shelookslikehehe.jpg (40 KB, 908x641)
40 KB
*stares at you*
*punches your bitch ass face*

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Surprisingly deep lore for once, neat
He used to post /sci/ claiming that he proved the reinman zeta hypothesis before he found bant. He makes this thread every day and posts it multiple times. He is homeless (I think), and he thinks that people are persecuting him because he is an incarnation of god. He vows every day to torture the people who are rape dicking him for all of their children. I am pretty sure that he makes these threads because he wants to expose the rape dickers to the wider world or something.

File: LORE2.jpg (147 KB, 1000x950)
147 KB
147 KB JPG
Celebrate the witty cerebral intellect of our resident artistic genius here!
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do that mean he got brap bottles he save for later
He did not die!
I did not die!
using curve tool to draw is most likely difficult for 10-15 minutes
No, the cat mother is Sophia. Fuck you for not thinking so.
he still drew something, therefore he does draw and you did steal his art, yoinkass

What are you drinking?
didn’t drink at home

File: TF2 cirno.png (894 KB, 800x676)
894 KB
894 KB PNG
1. Open tf2
2. Open the console with ` and enter:
3. connect banttf2.ddns.net

Website: https://aik4m-riaaa-aaaad-qabcq-cai.raw.ic0.app/

server goes up at 2PM EST on sundays :3

>What's new this week?
Added 7 new maps and a new map called Kvth_eientei, a touhou map, because we are otaku gamers
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won what?
File: 1627460308871.jpg (272 KB, 800x800)
272 KB
272 KB JPG
What do you guys think about this?

File: shy_ruri.png (1.48 MB, 1220x1495)
1.48 MB
1.48 MB PNG
henlo bantu im back early again. i just wanted to say that i started to hard stoody for 4h everyday and im happi about it, will leave again after this thread and most likely wont return for months or never idk this time
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File: melting_face.jpg (224 KB, 1280x1037)
224 KB
224 KB JPG
my egf kinda sounds like (name that shouldnt be posted) instead of a japanese girl doing her studies in america bc of very high grades. ill drop her. looks like im alone again
You didn’t come to my birthday party
File: cirno_computer.png (20 KB, 400x450)
20 KB
i didnt receive an invitation

File: pups.jpg (245 KB, 1500x1182)
245 KB
245 KB JPG
Pups are up for adoption! Which one would you pick?
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I pick third: Shoot both sodomites in the fucking head.
File: images (18).jpg (30 KB, 515x595)
30 KB
They both look fit, I would put them to work my fields
I will provide them both with weapons and together we will kneecap strangers as a menace to society.

Faq: https://pastebin.com/6mQujxHr
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File: 1617532300810.jpg (279 KB, 1440x1800)
279 KB
279 KB JPG
File: 1615903373764.jpg (299 KB, 1280x1920)
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299 KB JPG
You?? Tutoring someone???

File: .png (291 KB, 612x645)
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291 KB PNG
The r/banter meetup
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me on the back
Me peeing my pants in the front
What country are you from

File: 1519853145580.jpg (165 KB, 1000x1412)
165 KB
165 KB JPG
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So true

File: 1621224613236.jpg (23 KB, 540x498)
23 KB
I control the rape dick
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here is the update it is small but still an update and at least he knows that an apology is owed
I'm the one that designed the wriggler and rape dick protocols. We need to do a firmware update, btw.

Is it a religion of losers? Their Churches literally fucking tolerate everything. The average Christian would rather get Crucified than do anything about the pride flag flown inside his church AND HE THINKS THIS IS WINNING! I tried to argue with a Pagan about how there were some Based Christians in medieval times and that they used to brun faggots etc and he hit me with this:

“I think you are mistaking Christianity with the Medieval Catholic church. Christianity itself is a religion of weakness. Meek, no earthly power, other cheek turning is the very core of its teachings. Christianity is a religion born of impotence in the face of mighty Roman persecution. Christianity itself is the religion of sissy boys.
Thinking of the Medieval Catholic Church as a christian institution is a mistake. Rather the RCC in the middle ages was a reorganization and recreation of the Roman Empire.”

Why are Christians so fucking weak today? They literally tolerate everything and stand up for nothing. Why? Show me the verses in the NT that say faggots should be punished for example.
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Thanks anon you are quite correct as will be revealed in time and we will know the truth and it shall set us free ;D

I have been enjoying this conversation anon God bless and may His wisdom be shown to those who Believe and seek his Truth for it is truly something to admire
>One of the roles of Messiah is that when he comes, in that time, everyone who is part of Israel will know it, and everyone who isn't will know it as well. This will be cleared up with coming of Messiah.
The verse?
What about Daniel though?
Know and understand this: From the time the word goes out to restore and rebuild Jerusalem until the Anointed One, the ruler, comes, there will be seven ‘sevens,’ and sixty-two ‘sevens.’ It will be rebuilt with streets and a trench, but in times of trouble.” (Daniel 9:25)https://jewsforjesus.org/publications/issues/issues-v05-n01/the-messianic-time-table-according-to-daniel-the-prophet

Also that's just me but I think the messiah who will come and just be accepted by everyone is actually the anti Christ.
It was prophesied that the anti Christ will lead alot of people away and alot will be tricked by him, of course I always wonderd how the majority would be tricked knowing the prophecy about the anti Christ but it only makes since that the anti Christ would be representing himself as the true awaited messiah.
Also add the fact that truth and God don't just get known and accepted by people that easily. We know from the Bible itself that Jews literally knew God and still disobeyed him and his prophets and went on to worship other gods...so how's the messiah gonna do better job than God in making all of Isreal accept him and just knows he's the one??

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File: 1579390145551.png (587 KB, 870x1215)
587 KB
587 KB PNG
we're done with slayers and i'm not sure what we're gonna watch!

cytu be/r/bantanime

come watch anime with us, /bant/

streams thursdays, fridays, and saturdays at 6:00PM CDT
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good thread
Bruh why didnt you tell me
oooooo, ill message you next time the stream's on!

I saw yonkers in my house. why did he spend so much time in my fridge and saying things like 'wey the bes at?"
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did he try to finger you and steal your poop
Could you imagine the smell of 3 lolis in a hot kitchen?
Yoinkass fisted him for poops.

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