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/bant/ - International/Random

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Welcome to /bant/ - International/Random

/bant/ is a board for the discussion of any topic, a place where you can relax and have fun with people from all over the world.

No porn dump threads - Please use the appropriate adult boards for porn threads.

File: apu (9).jpg (6 KB, 250x200)
6 KB
i wana dye
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don't gys :DDD
gys :DDDD
I wanna did by a sweaty chubby girl who hasn’t bathed for several weeks sitting on my face while I’m tied down
File: wallhaven-26560.jpg (139 KB, 1920x1200)
139 KB
139 KB JPG
you are ded

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stop being wrongo mutto then.
I'm not though, lole
You're right! They didnt take into account the dead trannies who successfully committed suicide! That would help paint a better picture of the situation.

"i know ill try to help teh family"
litarily causes creates the darkest reality for his family

why am i real
why have i not been eaten
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File: 320949_1100.jpg (59 KB, 1100x825)
59 KB
ok ill try
File: Brush-#1.jpg (63 KB, 800x600)
63 KB
hmm this is nice i guess idk
are you ok do you need hmm help in some way
idk do you want me to type anythign
can i hmm over you my flesh
ok take care bye

File: b59.png (179 KB, 600x354)
179 KB
179 KB PNG
marisa on the top page

also a thread
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all of us over at b*nt already know that you're not white jewsriel, why don't you accept it? you know you're only degrading your brain further and further by choosing yo live out these lies, yes? what is your reasoning behind wanting to be white anyway, is there a perk or benefit you think you wouldn't get if you weren't white?
>he seethes more with his language
we all know already you aren't white yonkers, there's no reason to not admit it anymore, but you still deny it with these remarks, why do you do it? is there a benefit you would get for being white? are you ashamed of not being white? what is it?

File: 1557366255595.png (1.09 MB, 1080x1620)
1.09 MB
1.09 MB PNG
Ask someone who has lived for thousands of years anything.

I don't remember much of the finer details. Actually, I don't remember much, period.
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Ok. What was the primary religion of society before Jesus Christ,
and do you practice any kind of worship to him,
or any other god?
i dont remember.
Religious beliefs change and evolve quite a lot with very little written record of the changes. Everything significant that happens in the Church stays in the Church.

The state always fears the spiritual, and attempts to control them one way or another.

I am alone. There is no God where I am.

File: 1555194044431.png (64 KB, 894x699)
64 KB
jeez all ya massive faggots

why not just make a gay board and go there and fuck eachother silly with your dicks and your gay sex toys or whatever and leave us bant posters alone
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File: 1506924934590.jpg (15 KB, 512x512)
15 KB
>Romania thinking it's people
What's gotten you all riled up and trying to get people to dick normie?

Are you his "daddy" persay?
>leafland dweller propagating racism
that's gonna be at least 10000 yen

File: 50b1d5b475666.png (93 KB, 256x256)
93 KB
/bant/ is /chen/
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File: tfw no chen waifu.png (388 KB, 1132x704)
388 KB
388 KB PNG
File: 1555378878024.jpg (584 KB, 2576x1932)
584 KB
584 KB JPG
know your meme filenames from the discord nigger
who would've thought

File: lustful cartoon.png (91 KB, 314x359)
91 KB
oooh my little boypussy is so tight
its so warm and ready for cocks
ooooohhh i just want a penis in my butt and one in my mouth
and big cummies filling me up!
ooooohhh daddys peepee in my butt daddys peepee in my mouth
gay gay gay i am gay lol gay
penises cumming!
penises cumming!
i want a penis to touch
you're scaring me now, anon
File: 1449793210959.jpg (69 KB, 600x400)
69 KB
here's your cousin in iraq LOL
File: 1514968542771.jpg (185 KB, 1616x1212)
185 KB
185 KB JPG
*sniff sniff* mmm, do I smell a cutie boi in need of my smelly cock?

File: LeDankForcedPinkyApril.png (585 KB, 557x578)
585 KB
585 KB PNG
I've been unbanned!

>InB4 Who the fuck are you
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File: 1557104894845.png (61 KB, 820x721)
61 KB
who the heck are you?
fake trip alerte
reported for ban evasion

File: chart.png (17 KB, 480x400)
17 KB
That's right! Got the hammer today for posting my meat on /pol/, fucking leafs, fucking jannies raining on my parade. Well, I'll bring my shit here then... people say pol is dying... well its because getting nerfed from your favorite place to kick it sucks.

In this thread we make leafs cry. Post thy meat young squire!
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It appears as this board only allows up to 2mb images. I shall return! WITH. MY. MEAT.

Its funny that you say that because I used to smoke da meff but then I grew up and now I don't do drugs. I just smoke weed.
File: 20190526_221724.jpg (1.87 MB, 1598x2130)
1.87 MB
1.87 MB JPG
Leafs pay out the ass for meat because they are owned by the Chinese.
Authoritarian right doesn’t do drugs.

File: test results.jpg (23 KB, 700x413)
23 KB
What's /bant/'s ethnic background?
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swiss, german
my grandfathers brother fought for the wehrmacht
based great uncle
Mine is Danish and Italian.

RIP Murray Gell-Mann
one of the greatest physicists of our time
he opened humanity's eyes into the world of elementary particles
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you can't sleep in the nether, dumbass
unless that image is a suicide joke then it's kinda clever i guess
File: 20190526_223231.jpg (1010 KB, 1074x1344)
1010 KB
1010 KB JPG
is that really what snake clit looks like?
completely degenerate

File: 1543724202618.jpg (57 KB, 529x386)
57 KB
Those space alien thots have invaded again. The only thing that stands between them and total world domination is the Resistance, a small collection of humans who're fighting to stop the Arume.

It's 2019 in-game.

Last Thread: https://archive.nyafuu.org/bant/thread/8088668/
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"Larper? Must be some form of pirate tongue..."
>Lead them back to the starting room
>Return to the surroundings of the village i just fled
“Stay silent men, there’s no telling what lurks in this place”
>Sneak around the village silently, look for anyone alive
>Go and try to find some real people

File: bubblegum39.png (105 KB, 500x900)
105 KB
105 KB PNG
this is my wife bant say something nice about this pretty pink poindexter
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Let’s be honest they did pander to their retarded fanbase there. All the retarded Tumblrites wanted it.
because i want you to suffer
gay shoehorned cringe doesn't count bro
yes and they bent over backwards because they're commiefornians
this is why nobody likes r*mania

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