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Drinking, pubs and clubs should be criminalized
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what about binge drink every other week?
File: 1664299470351.gif (606 KB, 250x250)
606 KB
606 KB GIF
>you WILL be constantly engaged in politics
>you WILL vote on issues you don't care about
>you WILL obey the morality laws
>you WILL stress yourself over things you have no control over
>you WILL let authority dictate how you live your life
>you will NOT talk to women
>you will NOT have fun
Yes. No authority no order.

File: 38339515_p0.jpg (729 KB, 1200x900)
729 KB
729 KB JPG
Our patience will have an end and the world may experience the national wrath of the german man again
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really doesnt sound that threatening when posted with a pantyshot
You won't do shit nigga
Germany is the USA's bitch. And you are a faggot anime poster. You won't do shit

File: asdafg.jpg (25 KB, 926x503)
25 KB
I hate russians so much, the ones I see on the street out and about are always so obnoxious and loud and I feel like I want to curb stomp these retards. I've never met a nice/helpful russian in public. I swear if I hear one more word of russian i'm going haywire. Any ex-bloc chads agree?
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your country to this day has nazis in public chill bro
File: 1656995932948.png (105 KB, 768x719)
105 KB
105 KB PNG

why did they collapse
what was their society and culture like?
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If it did in fact exist it was most likely one of the dominant civilizations during the collapse of the 4th worth circa ~10-12kbc. It collapsed due to catastrophe beyond human control, most likely.
To be fair, that guy has some nice hips
Catholics and they also never exploited their navy to compete with Britain. Being catholic had many downsides econimcally as banking was illegal. They never made a huge army and were late to colonise. They relied on France, Austria and Spain too heavily. Protestants were just smarter and catholics are stupid

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File: really.jpg (19 KB, 229x251)
19 KB
Huh, that's somewhat refreshing when someone doesn't call me polly.
dubs checkem

File: images.jpg (58 KB, 437x640)
58 KB
The "Asuka-Rei" question is a demographic conflict and I can prove it.

As we all know, Asuka is German and Rei is Japanese. But Asuka's fans are mostly Latinos and Rei's fans are mostly European and North American.

This reflects the reality where whites are always simping for Asian girls and Latinos are always simping for white girls.
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I meant race by "same" obviously
But I like Asuka more :(
i liked NONE! Idk why there are so many people fighting over this both girls dont have much going for them

File: 1642741877693.png (41 KB, 463x606)
41 KB
>Loves germans even though they destroyed roman empire, brought on countless religious wars and started every world war to date
>Hates jooz because they control media or something
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>destroyed roman empire, brought on countless religious wars
all of this is good though
Keep your anti-german truth in the new century where it belongs, please
File: 1658515189875.jpg (18 KB, 500x613)
18 KB
>loves Germans for their high quality beers and Rammstein
>hates Jews because they're Jews

File: toss (16).png (813 KB, 1009x6647)
813 KB
813 KB PNG
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holy meds. that's even lee bait pictures.
How do you even manage to find this shit

File: 63689642597575384361.gif (774 KB, 794x1280)
774 KB
774 KB GIF
Do you like her little dance?
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OP is talking about the gif,not about what you see in the mirror
I still don't understand the meme at all but it's cute I guess. Especially without the music and without the whole meme aspect of it.
Too fat

File: 1664415933608184.png (331 KB, 938x830)
331 KB
331 KB PNG
mfw no cow milkies
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but where are the milkers sorry
I cant see

File: proxy-image (17)_1.jpg (78 KB, 447x720)
78 KB
New 'zellig get
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better luck next time
Orange id get

>I don't need religion to be a good person. Now let me explain why having sex with children and animals should be legalized.
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He's right
sounds like they are actually Islamic
Islam can ligma

Trannies don't deserve human rights
File: 1664129276279688.png (141 KB, 894x893)
141 KB
141 KB PNG
thats why they want tranny rights they acknowledge that theyre not human
what is this flag
are we in the 1930's

Why is premarital sex and masturbation a sin when it's victimless? There were times before marriage existed, were people supposed to just not copulate? Checkmate, conservatards.

Also, planes brought down the 9/11 towers. Sorry to break it up you.
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because marriage is too serious a matter to do fornication first
If you think of religious rules as ancient learned wisdom from millennia of trial and error it makes more sense. For most of human history unmarried sex = unsupported children, which in turn drain the tribe/ society. The easiest way to mitigate that is to ban the activity that creates unsupported children, premarital sex.
The problem is that civilization depends on controlling and rationing women...

9 out of 10 women need to be married off young to men who are doing something useful, 10% or so can be prostitutes but thats it.

No full time career girls.

File: 1664452023734748.jpg (161 KB, 798x843)
161 KB
161 KB JPG
no one cared who I was until I put on the mask....
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File: 1610496598425.png (352 KB, 798x843)
352 KB
352 KB PNG
here's the transparency for the mask if anyone needs it.
fake PNG don't download
lul wut?

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