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File: Conair.jpg (32 KB, 435x339)
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no news boys
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Cause the dude who's ahead goes fuck it I'ma coast.

Honestly I've almost stopped caring. Should be a fun fight? But it's not very compelling. Two dudes are gonna swing on each other.

I'm more excited for BLM vs Wondermeme, watching KK get her faced caved in so these fucking kook posters go back in their hole, and Cody/Cruz because Cruz doesn't try to catch punches with his face unlike McGoblin.
Open scoring was already tried in boxing a few years back and it was a complete disaster. Plus it creates controversy when the unofficial score doesn't line up with the actual judging.
File: IMG_2689.jpg (1.18 MB, 2048x1357)
1.18 MB
1.18 MB JPG
The fact that he's praising her striking again is beyond retarded.
who gonna make some platinum bux?
I'm considering a sage-perry parlay and will actually buy new shoes with it
File: 1474778402844.jpg (95 KB, 600x800)
95 KB

File: Deflated-football.png (168 KB, 509x258)
168 KB
168 KB PNG
ITT NFL becomes inexistent because nobody wants to play it

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no fun league

>teams are banned from posting highlights on twitter
fuck goodell, he is why they are dying
>MLS didn't even existed 25 years ago. I'd say it's a fantastic rise from nothing.

It's doing well, agreed

>Yet bigger than NHL. Almost as big as NBA and MLB

It's nowhere near as big as the NHL, and not even CLOSE to the NBA or MLB. Where did you ever get that idea Pierre?
>MLS not a minor sports league with zero (0) TV viewership
>bigger than the NHL, let alone MLB/Apehoop Association of Floorsqueaking Felons

File: b4a.jpg (5 KB, 200x200)
5 KB
How is MLB making 9,5 billions? Ah, I forgot. The wealthy boomers


Why are people so shocked about this?
Professional sports have no purpose other than making money
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How dare they try and accomodate international fans from a country with a rapidly growing interest in the sport every once in a while.
File: it'th pothible.jpg (32 KB, 286x330)
32 KB
as a california football fan there's NO WAY i'll ever get up at 6:30 for a game.

but if i were an east coast fan i'd be ecstatic to not have to wait 'til 1 pm for the first game. and then i could get 3 games in without having to stay up 'til midnight or later.

also this >>72043173
>only on nfl network

What. The. Fuck.
beats having one of the afternoon spots taken by the fucking Rams every week

Who in the living, flying fuck outside the United States likes this semen slurping sport?

File: 2016-01-24 19.29.12.jpg (319 KB, 620x928)
319 KB
319 KB JPG
Sexy, charming and popular AusGODS edition.
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>naming a sports franchise with a generic term for ex-convicts

Man, everytime I learn something new about Victoria, I begin to doubt my choice for Melbourne.
Do you constantly fear for your life? Is it true you never stop at red lights at night?
Very very hungry lads i actually feel quite sick
Get some KFC lad
>generic term for ex-convicts
What, bushrangers? Those guys were outlaws that robbed all the rich English guys in the eastern states. A lot of them weren't even convicts Ned Kelly for instance was born in Australia

File: michaelballack.jpg (30 KB, 285x299)
30 KB
Why is he already forgotten? Shouldn't he be remembered as one of the GOATs?
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I still love Ballack, what a player
Still the best player we had in the last 15 years
>win the WC


You could tell his autistic tyrannical style was a destabilizing influence on the younger German team

There was no way he was catching up to meme-taka either, when it wasn't a meme yet
Ballsack was on the team that had to cheat to beat the US at the 2002 World Cup. That's a blight on the career of all those Germans.

Not only germany would have won the 2010 WC but also 2002 against brazil if he was wasn't banned for the match.

Get your facts straight. Ballack was one of the best german players of all time. No one in the current sqad can compare to him.

>Verne Lundquist will be ‘College GameDay’ guest-picker

noon games
>ABC - NC State v Louisville
>ESPN - Wisconsin v Iowa
>ESPN2 - Texas v Kansas State

full schedule
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File: uu.jpg (17 KB, 400x400)
17 KB
>when based Utah absolutely smashed Saban


Is there a more cucked state than Oregon in football this year?

Oregon Ducks
>have lost 5 straight (Neb, Colo, WSU, UW, Cal)
>0-4 in Pac 12
>2-5 overall
>have to go 4-1 over their last 5 to become bowl eligible (ASU, USC, Stan, Utah, OSU)

Oregon State Beavers
>2-4 overall, about to be 2-5 (@Wash today)
>so cucked that they are high-fiving Washington and giving them bro-fists and respect knuckles and looking forward to their brutal prison butt-raping today from Daddy Washington

NFL team

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.

Oregon has been effectively blown the fuck out, you're correct.
Well Yep pretty much. Unless you count Michigan

On what grounds, exactly?

Prove to me that 2016 is not the Year of Ohio

>Cavs come back from a 3-1 deficit for the first time in NBA Finals history to end the Cleveland Curse
>Despite injuries, Indians advance to host World Series for the first time in franchise history
>(2) Ohio State 6-0 moves up to (1) when bama loses tomorrow
>Stipe Miocic wins UFC title for Cleveland in Cleveland
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It's not though, what about the Blue Jackets, Bengals, Browns, & Columbus Crew. I don't really see any of the teams mentioned winning any championship soon.
File: ElfleinLeadsTeam.jpg (155 KB, 700x525)
155 KB
155 KB JPG
>implying ohio isnt the most based sports state in the glorious union of american states
>Win one title

Jesus, I knew it was going to be a problem the second Cleveland had any sort of success.
>implying the Indians stand a chance against the Cubs or the Dodgers

>Sat 22 October
19.35 All Blacks v Australia, Eden Park
Ref: Nigel Owens
News: http://www.superxv.com/rugbychampionship/

>Sat 22 Oct
2:35 PM Wellington v North Harbour, Wellington
>Sun 23 Oct
2:05 PM Canterbury v Counties Manukau, Christchurch
4:35 PM Taranaki v Tasman, New Plymouth
News: http://www.mitre10cup.co.nz/News
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Not going to deny that the Wallabies would've still lost anyway, I just think they deserve to lose with a score of 17 as instead of 10
nice craiglist hook up dude
Sack the entire fucken Wallabies team and coach.
Boks have quotas
What's Australia's excuse?

File: spooky.gif (376 KB, 320x240)
376 KB
376 KB GIF
Spooky edition

Angry abusive Canadian sub edition
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reminder that pro clubs is fun as fuck this year desu.
How are you guys doing so far?

I'm 8-5 right now

>tfw taking a break from it this weekend

Feels good. I'm not stressed or angry.
I'm playing with Vardy up front and Ozil in the CAM position just behind him.

I have 300k and I need a decent strike partner for Vardy.

File: bundes.gif (229 KB, 540x710)
229 KB
229 KB GIF

>ddr oberliga
paderborn - halle
zwickau - fsv
fortuna köln - aalen
lotte - münster
wiesbaden - kiel
magdeburg - karl-marx-stadt
duisburg - rostock
osnabrück - großaspach
(all 14:00 cest)

>2nd bundes
heidenheim - dresden

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
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>bein have the rights to almost every competition except a-league and epl
>only have 3 channels
>they always choose serie a, la liga and the championship games over bundes when there's a clash (which is always)
>used to be able to stream the non-televised games on their website
>they've now removed that option for no reason
>no legal way of watching bundes live now
Hello, is this au/sp/
no one cares
t. Ivan Ivanovic Volokin
who's he?

File: normal.jpg (10 KB, 300x226)
10 KB
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File: 1468691170161.jpg (59 KB, 438x646)
59 KB
File: 1457054526180.jpg (130 KB, 800x800)
130 KB
130 KB JPG
>tfw the ol two-niner answers your twitter question on the penguins radio network
real /bundes/ hours who tf up?
.............. smoking???
who here drunk?

File: Unknown-1.jpg (5 KB, 265x190)
5 KB
It's a he started any Chicago Bear offensive player episode
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I might have to start Michael Thomas so I'm hoping Brees doesn't play like shit, but I would pick Mariota. Ind's defense has let Qb's score 20+ points the last three weeks.
dubs = I win my week
Standard 10 league here.
Should I play Carr @Jags or Luck vs Titans? I've read the Titans D is pretty great but haven't seen them play yet.
Reed is still out so I need a good bach up TE. Pick one. Standard League

File: IMG_1659.jpg (64 KB, 640x360)
64 KB
Middlesbrough tomorrow at 3PM
Reading Wednesday at 7:45PM

Notable prematch news
>Welbeck will be be back in full training in January
>Ramsey and Giroud are building up fitness as they recover from injury
>Cazorla may have a knock but trained with the first team today
>Ainsley Maitland-Niles along with Jeff Reine-Adelaide have been training with the first team
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>more attractive
You're overthinking things.
File: 1476851944548.jpg (26 KB, 283x314)
26 KB
but I'm only 25, things haven't appeared this slow since I was 16
File: 1462821402666.jpg (413 KB, 1280x650)
413 KB
413 KB JPG
More anime

File: 1450178692436.jpg (54 KB, 634x420)
54 KB
Has he been any good for Bournemouth?
14 replies and 1 image omitted. Click here to view.

Has he even played? The guy fell off the charts here and no one remembers him.
File: 1476754371138.jpg (69 KB, 725x408)
69 KB
>contributed to zero goals in the 6-1 win over Hull
File: image (8).jpg (110 KB, 1040x756)
110 KB
110 KB JPG

>plays in a rare 6 - 1 thrashing
>can't score/assist once

He needs to end himself by this point famalam.
File: 1476017551647.png (17 KB, 364x322)
17 KB

This is what became of little Jack Memeshire
>He hasn't bought a Mansions shirt to support the Communist Party of China

Okay guys, Mccoy is a game time decision, do you have the balls to run Gillislee? Find out this Sunday /ffg/
50 replies and 5 images omitted. Click here to view.

Titans d is pretty meh, but they can pressure the qb, and indys oline is shit. Lucky will put up some yards and probably 2 tds but the titans will get afew sacks and a pretty good shot at a pick and a decent shot at one of the sacks causing a fumble.

Id go with carr

Holy fuck canada i thought you guys almost had football. How can you be this retarded?

Assuming shady is actually out, you listed them in the exact order of best option to worst
>I fantasize about football players
>who should I play on my fanrasized football team?

Has a bigger waste of time ever been conceived? It's a weekly game of roulette. Stop pretending anyone has any insight into the unknown.

I grabbed gillislee just to fuck over the guy in my league who has shady and probably wont run him even if shadys inactive

Ive got ingram, m gordon, and cmike. Also hyde but hes hurt

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