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File: 1512881804432.webm (2.91 MB, 1280x720)
2.91 MB
2.91 MB WEBM
TJ is a can. Moraes WILL land his shin on TJ's skull and take his belt. Brazil WILL take MMA back.
Brown is an Ivy League
Where did you read this?
This. Ever since he lost to Jones the first time and was given the "belt" he's been slipping off of my boy list. After the second loss and trying to act like PEDs kicked him in the head, he officially became entitled fake champ tier and was no longer my boy. Even Popeyes knows this.

File: LOOK_AT_THIS_DOOD.jpg (20 KB, 729x425)
20 KB
ITT: nations that WON'T win the first ever Uefa Elite Cup
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>germany thinking he can talk shit
File: 1536517969624.png (32 KB, 713x490)
32 KB
out of my land, özcan tayyip
Weil natürlich nur Türken sehen können, wie scheiße die Nationalmannschaft ist
na dann raus sören-malte :DD

File: McLelAloUp.jpg (110 KB, 1600x900)
110 KB
110 KB JPG
>Countdown to Abu Dhabi GP:
(click menu on left for session times)

>Countdown to FKino at Abu Dhabi:


>Previous Thread:

>FantasyGP.com /f1/ League Formula Autism v2.0:
Passcode: 12481614

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File: jordan_livery.jpg (119 KB, 1024x690)
119 KB
119 KB JPG
Imagine seeing a бык and calling it an ox. Anglos are retarded
File: Toto-Wolff-1034329.jpg (20 KB, 590x350)
20 KB
Nothin' personal you lanky, baguette legged cunt.
Might as well take him out again, it's not like he's gonna get fired or anything
Same for son of eric and sir otkin, st-waffle
Aboo daboo demolition derby would be kino.


Booping Hiss?

File: ajaz.jpg (24 KB, 640x480)
24 KB

Sri Lanka vs England
Bangladesh vs Windies
Pakistan vs New Zealand


Australia vs India
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File: feet.png (444 KB, 1520x1025)
444 KB
444 KB PNG
Am ruru poster, not josh
File: feedies.webm (757 KB, 480x480)
757 KB
>horde flag
Cringe cringe CRINGE.
I like it

File: 1540167774993.png (304 KB, 488x702)
304 KB
304 KB PNG
CIN: 'Good chance' A.J. Green returns vs. Browns
NO: Update: Tre'Quan Smith (foot) DNP on Tuesday
DET: Marvin Jones remains sidelined on Tuesday
LAR: Gurley was limited by ankle issue vs. Chiefs
CHI: 'Plenty of signs' point to Trubisky sitting
FA: Broncos move on from veteran Pacman Jones
CIN: Bengals send MLB Brown to injured reserve
PHI: Eagles activate Timmy Jernigan from PUP list
MIA: Tannehill officially returning for Week 12
KC: Berry (heel) feeling 'quite a bit better'
CHI: Nagy calls Trubisky (shoulder) 'day to day'
PHI: OC: Incorporating Tate has been difficult
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I'm fucking hyped for Colt McCoy and I'm not even sure why
Not for long
Yeah, a TD against the worst pass rush and secondary in the league to one of the best wide receivers in the league, after he had thrown 2 interceptions
So impressive
It mattered twice, & twice the chiefs lost. You’ll see. In a month and a half people in KC will cry saying “we never saw this coming.”
>mom making spider on a stick for thanksgiving again

For me, it's Masturbinho.
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pretty sure York is in England
my bad, I read New York
The great Masturbator or the student?
>can't even geograph
No wonder that thousand year reich never took off.
This story had a funny turn

Want a schedule?
Google it lol
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of course. fuck all changed
To BLUES: Nylander, Zaitsev, and a second
To LEAFS: Tarasenko and Parayko
well yeah for now the domain redirects
soon it wont
>cant afford to pay kneelander more than 6mil
>trade for a player making 7.5mil
Be right back lads, got a phone interview.

File: EngFrog.jpg (53 KB, 502x450)
53 KB
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Nice one
At what point in history did our American friends lose the Anglo banter gene?
Americans lost their anglo card a good 50 years ago lad
Americans have big egos and cant take a joke. If you mess with someone in America it will probably lead to a fight. We're really insecure. It sucks
I will always shitpost for the eternal Anglo but I won’t actually watch the games. I feel a kinship duty to do so.

File: nationsleaguesmugness.png (494 KB, 1280x720)
494 KB
494 KB PNG
What part of Portugal, England, Switzerland, or The Netherlands are you lads from?

Seething farmers don’t @ me
Kanaleneiland jwz

File: _88790625_gossip_645.jpg (19 KB, 624x351)
19 KB
France midfielder Paul Pogba, 25, says he wants to leave Manchester United for a return to Juventus. (Corriere dello Sport - in Italian)

>The Serie A side have asked Manchester United to keep them updated about Pogba's future at the club during informal talks in Turin. (Metro)

Juventus are compiling a dossier on England international Marcus Rashford, 21, as they firm up their interest in the Manchester United striker. (Times - subscription needed)

>Besiktas are interested in a January move for West Ham's 30-year-old Mexico striker Javier Hernandez. (ESPN)

Arsenal have targeted a January move for Spain international Pablo Fornals, 22. The Villarreal midfielder has a £17.8m release clause in his contract. (Sun)

>US midfielder Christian Pulisic, 20, will leave Borussia Dortmund for the Premier League, but the Chelsea and Liverpool target will come in the summer rather than January. (Mirror)

AC Milan could make a move for 32-year-old Chelsea and England defender Gary Cahill in January. (Corriere dello Sport - in Italian)

>France striker Olivier Giroud, 32, has ruled out a move away from Chelsea, warning that he is prepared to fight for a starting role at Stamford Bridge. (Mail)
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All i know is that he got thrown out of la masia. Might have been for some mean spirited pranks
Klopp will probably go in big for Pulisic next summer.

He's spoken about him several times and how much of a great guy he is, and Mane still hasn't signed a new contract. Plus FSG would love the marketing potential of a potential US superstar. They'd see the dollar signs in their home country if he actually got close to his potential
File: kiss me.jpg (15 KB, 394x396)
15 KB
you lads are aaaaaawight
>marketing potential of a potential US superstar. They'd see the dollar signs in their home country if he actually got close to his potential
So you're saying he has potential?
Has the /sp/ cup happened yet? Who's >our manager?

File: sadnessedition.jpg (56 KB, 650x642)
56 KB
Sadness Edition
>NT going full pecho frio and lossing to Messiless Argentina
>Just kidding, revenge next Tuesday again in Argentina
>Puebla breaks contract with Li-ning(the CHInesse company)
>Fidel Kuri's pelagatos literally getting the u-20 Jarochito's boiipucci , family and victim speaks
>Ricky Alvarez(who) from Atlas injuried, to lose the hole Clausura 2019
>Memo 'El Mandilón' Vazquez asked Necaxa to BTFO Gullit from Necaxa
>Futbol de Estufa: Hiram Mier confirmed to Chivas
• LigaMX images, girls: spligamx.imgur.com
• Official Sites: ligamx.net - lacopamx.net
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Will CHIvass win vs Tigays? And will Ranchuca defeat Meon by at least 4 goals? Inevitably kicking tigays out of La Fiesta Grande™?
File: paosdlt.jpg (83 KB, 1080x1350)
83 KB
it's liga mx bbva bancomer, everything is possible
god no
>maradona de sinaloa
>punished chicharito
File: fut_pam.jpg (72 KB, 854x1068)
72 KB
>ywn make her feel your ligma

File: warcraft-iii-remastered.jpg (1.2 MB, 1920x1080)
1.2 MB
1.2 MB JPG
If chess is considered a /sp/ort then why isn't warcraft 3? They are both strategy games that requires zero (0) athleticism whatsoever. Its 2018 for gods sake, esports are broadcast on ESPN. Welcome to the new age.

Who /here/ training for the release of wc3:Reforged? I'm putting in 5 games per day until the new year.
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at least it isn't a another fucking MOBA
Hm, should I play WC3 again?

Still have the RoC key, retail legit, but I threw away my TfT key.

Back then I still had a bunch of shared pirated keys, but they don't work anymore.
File: mich_fantasma.jpg (114 KB, 720x1280)
114 KB
114 KB JPG
Based, I have 4300 thropies
hearthstone isn't half bad
(Physical) Sport
E-sport or Computer sport
Board game (sport)

File: gen.jpg (473 KB, 1084x1364)
473 KB
473 KB JPG
Racing this weekend:
-NASCAR conducts their final race for the championship in all 3 series this weekend at Homestead
-MotoGP wraps up the season with their final race in Valencia, Spain
-The Macau Death Race kicks off pitting GT, F3, TCR, and motorcyles against the streets of Macau.
-WEC endurance racing is going down in Shanghai, and there's a 24 race at COTA

Schedule: (L) denotes local time, all other = U.S. EST
(U.S. EST = UTC - 5, Valencia = UTC + 1, Macau = UTC + 8)

>FRIDAY, November 16
1545: Truck Series qualifying, FS1
1810: Cup Series Busch Pole Qualifying, NBCSN
2000: Truck Series Ford EcoBoost 200, FS1 (134 laps, 201 miles)

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
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>leave markek to me
is there someone who can unironically be a threat for marquez? lorenzo will struggle, dovi isn't consistent enough, maverick isn't mentally strong enough, rossi is just there, the suzuki boys aren't a threat yet
File: 1529469914573.jpg (276 KB, 1000x600)
276 KB
276 KB JPG
>Magnus Racing will make the switch from Audi to Lamborghini, having announced Wednesday it will field a Huracan GT3 Evo in the IMSA WeatherTech SportsCar Championship next year.
>Andy Lally and John Potter, meanwhile, will return to the team for its 10th year of professional competition.
maverick can do it he is more mature now and yamaha are not going to listen to rossi any more
File: Incomming.jpg (69 KB, 866x546)
69 KB
Lambo did good this season....finally.

Does this mean they've finally got their shit together, or are they just finally being realistic about pricing?

Still need to work on those brakes, though.....

File: basedbrekalo.jpg (190 KB, 595x858)
190 KB
190 KB JPG
Yep, I'm thinking he's based.
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The founders of western civilisation were all neoclassics and all those greeks were degenerates pederasts
Point dismissed
>players can be punished for making political statements/gestures
>but is told to wear an armband with a political statement
having a hard time following this logic. almost as if there is a word for it
You can't OD on cum.
He doesn't want the state to punish them, but at the same time he doesn't want his employer to force him to spread their message.

You'd probably be pissed if your boss made your wear a cross. Does that mean you want Christians to be jailed for their belief?
Why do teams in any sport go out of their way to talk about/promote social, political shit in the first place? I wish it stuck to just sports. It's bad enough in this country with military dick sucking and other causes I barely even care about being thrown in my face. I just want my stupid game and have only that as my focus for a small period of time. Is that incredibly blue pilled? Certainly, but I have enough issues in my life so leave my escapist hobbies alone.

File: pax-games.jpg (128 KB, 1020x868)
128 KB
128 KB JPG
CLE: Indians getting trade interest in Yan Gomes
ARZ: HOU, STL talking Goldschmidt trade with ARI
SEA: Yankees acquire James Paxton from Mariners
NYY: Rivera, Halladay, Pettitte on 2019 HOF ballot
ATL: Report: Kurt Suzuki inks 2-yr deal with Nats
HOU: Report: Astros make 'initial offer' to Morton
HOU: Astros acquire Aledmys Diaz from Blue Jays
LAD: Kenley Jansen to have heart surgery Nov. 26
BOS: Red Sox re-sign Steve Pearce to one-year deal
NYY: Report: Sonny Gray trade expected soon
SEA: Reds 'main focus' is James Paxton, Sonny Gray
NYM: Padres 'remain interested' in Syndergaard
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What don't Yankee fans just call themselves Doodle Dandies?
Why don't Marlins fans just call themselves gay fishes?
Why don't Rangers fans just call themselves Cowboys fans?
File: hmm.jpg (90 KB, 1600x1600)
90 KB
Why don't Indian fans call themselves Native American fans?
why do you ask stupid questions?

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