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File: hmmmmpepe.png (30 KB, 786x590)
30 KB
>at a house party
>girl says she'll suck my dick for some xanax (I sell)
>put half a football xanax on the tip of my dick
>she sucks it for 15 minutes
>put the other half on my dick
>she sucks for 2 more minutes then I bust
>tells me to not cum on her face
>do it anyway
>she gets all mad
>tell her to fuck off and go show her boyfriend
>get a text from a number saying he's gonna find out where I live and kill me

Am I fucked?
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>thots now cucking people over a single xanax bar

Were not gonna make it lads
Don't know if that would work I'm still under my parents insurance as long as I'm a student
Oh well maybe next life
what's so great about xanax anyway
Niggers make songs about it
File: _20170625_045118.jpg (280 KB, 1440x2280)
280 KB
280 KB JPG
And now we wait

File: freeman-pico.webm (2.79 MB, 852x480)
2.79 MB
2.79 MB WEBM
Upcoming events:

Wednesdays at 10 PM EST, 7 PM PST, 3 AM BST - New TUF 25 episodes aired

6/25: UFC FN 112 - Chiesa vs Lee
6/30: One Championship 56 - Light of a Nation
6/30: LFA 15 - Odoms vs Vanderaa
6/30: Professional Fighters League aka WSOF - Daytona
7/1: ACB 63 - Strus vs DeVent
7/2: Pancrase 288 - Miura vs Abe
7/7: BAMMA 30 - Sinclair vs Redmond
7/7: TUF 25 Season Finale - Johnson vs Gaethje
7/8: UFC 213 - Nunes vs Shevchenko 2
7/11: Dana White's Tuesday Night Contender Series - EP 1
7/14: Bellator 181 - Freire vs Campos 2

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I bet on Kukuyu. A tough fighter.
he won't retire, and please I'd like you to stop saying that, Magyga will fight again in the UFC.
File: Khabib-Goldie.png (275 KB, 500x529)
275 KB
275 KB PNG
aging sucks. he really should retire and just train sambo
>kicks your injured leg

Does the concept of honour and a fair fight not exist in the land of the free? Shit like this sets us back in the public's eyes.

File: golden state warriors.jpg (75 KB, 1000x625)
75 KB
Why did everyone forget that the Warriors blew a 3-1 lead in the NBA finals?
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Why did everyone forget that Seattle blew a 10 point lead?

Why did everyone forget that Atlanta blew a 25 point lead?

What will be next, Cowboys blowing a 32 point lead?
Because they just went 16-1
because they redeemed themselves the following year. nothing will ever be as bad as 18-1
Because everyone is preoccupied with 3-5.
File: Lord_Humungus.jpg (21 KB, 478x253)
21 KB
You're shit tier sport is done

Just go away

File: lebron-james[1].jpg (45 KB, 435x580)
45 KB
Considering soccer is played by 5'10 manlets, how many 100s of goals would Lebron score if he dedicated his life to it starting as a boy?
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He's a natural at flopping so hed excel at the sport
He'd play exactly the same way as Ronaldo

Average 2-3 goals in a game and still have critics complain he didn't "impact the game enough outside of scoring" desu
So he'd be shit the entire season aside from the last ten matches?
Also you have to go back, Juan
Ronaldo's technical ability has been shit for years now, you can easily find dozens of embarrasing plays of his just from the last season alone and still he dominates. I don't see why so many of you are this quick to rule lebron out of the game. Current Ronaldo's strong points are his finishing, positioning and jumping power. No more, no less. Lebron obviously would easily be even more of an aerial threat than Ronaldo, finishing can be improved with training (even if he never reaches Ronaldo's level) and positioning can be learned. Lebron is a pretty smart player so I think it wouldn't take long for him to understand where he needs to be.

I guess the bigger issue would be his mentality. Great players are often reduced to nothing when it matters, look at Messi. If he underwent hypnosis to believe every single game he takes part in is irrelevant he'd probably be the greatest ever but he just can't take the pressure and always screws up in big games. Since I don't watch a lot of basketball I don't know whether lebron is a choker but I think he'd be a dangerous centre-forward at least.
What league is the 3rd in the world? The spanish league? The League whose teams have dominated european competition in the last 5 years at least? The league where the two best players of the decade play?

File: alleniverson.jpg (73 KB, 950x634)
73 KB
Tonight (June 25th) on FS1

Full schedule, teams, and rosters.

DAL:Seth Curry still wants to be a combo guard
DAL:Mavericks to pick up Yogi Ferrell's option
PHO:Earl Watson thinks Josh Jackson can play 1-5
LAC:Chris Paul declines his player option
LAC:Blake Griffin opts out to become free agent
BKN:Nets to have open competition for starting C
SAC:The Kings are releasing Arron Afflalo
DET:Kentavious Caldwell-Pope suspended 2 games
DAL:Cuban: This is the beginning of the DSJ era
PHI:Embiid will likely have minute restrictions?

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He is 3rd of 4th best in that draft just like he is on his team
Lillard is the 6th highest paid NBA star and 15th highest paid athlete in the world in fucking Portland
Playing in LA for the Lakers hasn't been relevant since the Pistons cucked Malone and Payton in 2004. This "X will sign for LA" meme needs to stop.
>Lillard is the 6th highest paid NBA star
where did that information come from?
espn suggests that is the case
but I don't think it's correct as the list doesn't have KD or Westbrook, and according to this
they both made ~$26.5M this past year
one of these sources must be wrong
Which one of you cheeky bastards picked the name Cavs in 9 on the make an album thread? I claimed it and made a song for it


File: 1498284314990.jpg (95 KB, 894x451)
95 KB
>St George v Newcastle

>Poonulla v ManGODS
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your meme is literally posting dead animals lad
Old mate Greggo, love his food reviews. The bacon burger KFC did was trash
always tastes shit no matter how much i crave it desu

when ive got a bunch of essays to do and im stressing i buuy a tonne of it just to smash while im working cause i feel like it gives me extra energy

usually just makes me fat and feel sick the next day
Speaking of Dead Sharks, the Chinese want to stop eating Shark Fins.

What's the next best way of getting rid of this summer time ruining pest?

File: perro-concacaf.png (382 KB, 1200x500)
382 KB
382 KB PNG
Nice qualifying """"tournament""" you got there
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The only teams that drop points against San Marino or Gibraltar don't qualify themselves. Those are free points and the matches don't matter. Could as well eliminate pot 6 but having these teams in the group changes fa. Even for the best runners-up those results are discarded..
No they don't retard
>ties dont mean anything
Ties mean that those teams are the same level. If the top 3 CONCACAF teams are as good as the 7th to 13th teams from Europe, nothing tells me that the 17th best Uefa team could beat Costa Rica.

Why do you ignore the Italy and Croatia defeats?
Because one fluke tournament is all you got.

Pls name top10 costa rica achievements at the WC
So we should consider things that happened 40 years ago to see who is the best?
As I said before, at least one CONCACAF team has qualified to the round of 16 in the last 8 WC. That is not a fluke. And you say that they dont deserve 1 direct spot to the round of 32.

Tell me one reason to think that the 17th best team in Europe is better than the best team of CONCACAF?

>Session times in your time:

>/f1/ Fantasy League:
League Passcode: 9637387

>Usually reliable F1 Acestream:

>Season standings:
1. Sebastian Vettel 141 points
2. Lewis Hamilton 129 points
3. Valtteri Bottas 93 points
4. Kimi Räikkönen 73 points

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
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should i make a risotto or pasta dish?

I've the luck to have friends who actually watch f1 so the times there was a bbq and race you couldn't make up the two things but today is my father's retirment lunch with all the relatives so it's pretty much a big thing, don't know the place where we are going but I guess that if there's gonna be something shown it's going to be MotoMeme for sure


>I declined many barbecues with friends

How the hell do you cook pasta on a barbecue?
File: 13.png (149 KB, 504x372)
149 KB
149 KB PNG
>that first lidl paprika crisp
File: 1316271792761.jpg (39 KB, 400x340)
39 KB
Friendly reminder that I don't wanna be bullied during the race

>eating chips

Pleb! Lidl is for plebs especially


File: 1449356763-spellegrino.jpg (192 KB, 560x1500)
192 KB
192 KB JPG
>Arsenal have held further talks with Lyon about 26-year-old striker Alexandre Lacazette, who would be a club-record £49m signing. (Telegraph)

The Gunners have made a £44m bid for France international Alexandre Lacazette and his arrival could mean compatriot Olivier Giroud, 30, leaving the club. (Guardian)

>Paris St-Germain are preparing a bid in excess of £60m for Manchester City striker Sergio Aguero, 29. (Times - subscription required)

Chelsea have agreed a deal in principle with Monaco for 22-year-old midfielder Tiemoue Bakayoko, and hope to complete the £35.1m signing next week. (Evening Standard)

>Manchester United are making progress in their pursuit of 24-year-old striker Alvaro Morata but have yet to agree a fee with Real Madrid. (ESPN)

Liverpool will bid for Monaco's 18-year-old striker Kylian Mbappe if they believe the Frenchman would be keen to move to England. (Times - subscription required)

>Arsenal manager Arsene Wenger has spoken to Mbappe to discuss a move to the Gunners and the teenager's career plans. (L'Equipe, via Independent)

Real Madrid manager Zinedine Zidane, meanwhile, has told Mbappe he will sell one of his strikers if the France international joins the Spanish club. (L'Equipe - in French, subscription required)

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
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>I can just get on with it without worrying about people watching me.
Hope you realise that 99% of people who already go to the gym have been an absolute beginner as well. No body there gives a fuck about how new you are
File: 1493116778999.jpg (7 KB, 250x241)
7 KB
>Manager Jose Mourinho has told Manchester United bosses he wants £100m-rated Tottenham striker Harry Kane, 23, and not former United favourite Cristiano Ronaldo, 32.
File: Barbara Palvin (6).jpg (81 KB, 820x1070)
81 KB
> 23 years old
> 32 years old
Matt Spiro@mattspiro 2m
Monaco have offered Kylian Mbappé a 900% pay rise in bid to keep him. New deal would take him from €18k to €162k/w, parity with Falcao (JDD)

if he doesn't take that he's a retard
Nah there's a high chance he'd be a retard to stay.

80% of hypebabbies who stay 'loyal' to a mid tier club end up losing out on millions the moment they dip in form

File: kcchef.jpg (62 KB, 800x476)
62 KB
MIA: HC Gase messaged Peyton Manning about return
DET: Lions S Wilson sued for alleged assault of ex
WAS: Jay Gruden gushes about third-year WR Crowder
NYJ: Matt Forte to be Jets' 'offensive workhorse'?
FA: Report: Dorsey was 'butting heads' with owner
NYJ: Jets to be run by brother in Woody's absence
NYJ: Woody Johnson nominated for ambassadorship
KC: Chiefs hope to have new GM by training camp
FA: Stunner: Chiefs GM Dorsey out in Kansas City
KC: Chiefs announce extension for HC Andy Reid
SEA: Eddie Lacy, Thomas Rawls to split carries?
TEN: Tajae Sharpe could lose spot on Titans roster
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File: iah.jpg (11 KB, 236x354)
11 KB
>final 2017 division ranking

Texans going back to the playoffs, folks.
I wonder if the AFC South will finally stop being a retard fight.

1. OAK
2. KC (WC)
3. LAC
4. DEN
Because the team pounds his cake and then glazes it, obviously.
It won't

File: DDGLuZcXcAQwhJ9.jpg (89 KB, 680x680)
89 KB
When will he reach a 100?
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File: 21160094.jpg (47 KB, 960x540)
47 KB
Hes so fucking hot. I want to lick the sweat off of him
Post your favorite SIIIIIIUUUUUUUUUUUU compilations lads


File: riga.jpg (27 KB, 301x436)
27 KB

The Kaspersky Riga Masters in Latvia is set to take place for the fourth time in 2017, and the world ranking event will run from June 23 to 25, with increased total prize money of £227,000.

The quarterfinals are currently underway with:
>Anthony McGill vs. Ken Doherty
>Andrew Higginson vs. Stephen Maguire
File: 1390812102111.png (234 KB, 500x375)
234 KB
234 KB PNG
Oh, you actually made a thread, nice.
File: 1493307859829.jpg (65 KB, 960x540)
65 KB
Lovely tense first frame this.

Glad you're here. It's been a pretty interesting tournament so far. Will be interesting to see who can win it.

What do you guys think of Pellegrini's Real Madrid?(2009-10)
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File: abstract art.jpg (36 KB, 250x241)
36 KB
include me in the screencap ;^)
Who is the hillsborough lad?
File: IMG_1943.png (211 KB, 327x316)
211 KB
211 KB PNG
File: 1498339585834.jpg (8 KB, 256x191)
8 KB
>mocking dead people.

File: 3500.jpg (77 KB, 965x579)
77 KB

Lions 13-7 NZ Provincial Barbarians
Lions 16-22 Blues
Lions 12-3 Crusaders
Lions 22-23 Highlanders
Lions 32-10 Maori All Blacks
Lions 34-6 Chiefs
Lions 15-30 New Zealand

>Tue 27 June
19:35 Lions v Hurricanes, Wellington

>Sat 1 July
19:35 Lions v All Blacks, Wellington

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
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that forward pack is actually pretty strong. i think a couple of them will be playing for position in the second or third test. 6, 7, 8 in particular
Aaron Crouton chips over the top to Owen Frankfurter
classic kiwi humour
that advert is some cowardly shit

too cheap to put up the money but still want to cash in on the hype
Sam Cane

File: pawapuro.jpg (23 KB, 500x273)
23 KB
>people shitposting about asian basebal, womans, mascots and other random stuff (Currently talking about NPB and High School Regionals)

Thread theme: https://youtu.be/KCKFRASHM8Q

Koshien returns in August

NPB Streams
Hibox - goo(doot)gl/fHKMKb (multiple links for each game)

Keylabo -http://www.keylabo.com/watch-tv-online-for-free/(try one of the regular broadcast channels)

Live QQ -http://live.qq.com/directory/all(look for a baseball pic for a stream)

Yakyu Live -http://yakyulive.web.fc2.com/

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
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Those are recent ones btw


giants walked it off
KBO games already started

Samsung is playing home vs hamwhua Eagles
How game is going now?
File: 1497986910645.jpg (111 KB, 575x864)
111 KB
111 KB JPG
Sup brazilbros.

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