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File: 1358212114113.jpg (368 KB, 1604x996)
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Old thread:

Obligatory /trb/ related links:

Macca's official /trb/ database:
2015: http://pastebin.com/uj27eQhe
Current: http://pastebin.com/7e3Vv0ap

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Good prospect
Terrible name
>15 y/o
>weak cowardly manlet
natural fitness is a concern. might be an injury magnet.
File: 20160530191205_1.jpg (243 KB, 1920x1018)
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243 KB JPG
Oh how right you were

File: 1461425162004.gif (494 KB, 387x305)
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494 KB GIF
Pulido was not rescued, he escaped by killing one of his captors.

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>living in narcolipas
I'm so sorry
not that bad actually, i live in the south which is the better part of the state, also its pretty safe as long as you are not rich, hanging out with gang members or a degenerate drug addict.

im none of these things.
BTFO by a monkey
With all that quality cocaina in Mexico, how do you manage to not indulge?

File: 5-30-16 lineup.jpg (102 KB, 1024x576)
102 KB
102 KB JPG
Hanley's day off edition.
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Quiver I say.
File: 56875429_p0.png (625 KB, 900x1600)
625 KB
625 KB PNG
>hannigan is going to lose us this game singlehandedly

I hate this episode
I'm from fucking Plymouth bitch isn't it time to face mecca yet?
>visiting the mound
>in the 2nd

Fucking Sox don't care about speeding up the pace of the game.
This nigga can't even do his position's namesake

File: USA.jpg (468 KB, 1270x1893)
468 KB
468 KB JPG
6/4: EFN 49: Bratislava
6/4: UFC 199 (Bisping vs Rockhold 2)
6/10: Titan FC 39 (Cavalcante vs Healy)
6/12: Pancrase 278 (Sunabe vs Haita)
6/17: ONE FC (TBA)
6/17: Bellator 156 (Galvao vs Dantas)
6/17: EFN Global (Fedor vs Maldonaldo)
6/18: UFC FN 89 (MacDonald vs Thompson)
6/24: Bellator 157 (Jackson vs Ishii)
6/25: GLORY 31 (Vakhitov vs Bouzidi)

7/1: ONE FC (TBA)

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potato salad is mayonnaise with potatoes?
>tfw its starting to kick in that the Almeida fedoras have been eternally BTFO

Even better than the Tumenov fedoras getting embarrassed
>Last PPV main event to stay intact was 195

File: summer_time.jpg (1.16 MB, 5184x3456)
1.16 MB
1.16 MB JPG
Almost June Summer Holidays SPF Factor 50 : Edition

Old thread >>67885190

>Helpful links
http://pastebin.com/mDAydpyK (embed)

>/bet/ wiki

>FAQ and abbreviations list for those new to /bet/
http://pastebin.com/tPXwjDi6 (embed)

>Help for gambling addiction/suicide hotlines
http://pastebin.com/SVqUYKbf (embed)

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>See B 1908 U21s 5-0 up at 40mins
>Remember I've been bitten before several times by the U21 train that ends at HT so decide not to bet
>11-0 by 70th min
Fuck off.
tfw betfred paid last month with @42 odds
Real Madrid is playing against Murcia.

Lol, they are European Champions, shouldnt have a problem beating Murcia

Real -4 LARGE
ibrahimovic when? are they even gonna let him play?

White Sox @ Mets

Quintana vs Harvey

Early Memorial Day baseball

Please baseball gods have some mercy on us and let Q have a W to stop the hemorrhaging
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File: mestfeel.jpg (47 KB, 326x363)
47 KB
>mets with RISP
File: Capture.png (65 KB, 622x619)
65 KB
Your pitcher has also whiffed on fastballs right down the middle before. And all of your hitters have as well. Guess you should fire them all.
I'm pretty sure you've heard this before

>leadoff triple
>0 outs
>runner fails to score

It's pretty much a staple for the Sox as well. I'm kinda expecting to go to extras at 0-0 at this rate.
Ignore him. He's probably one of those "DUDE LEAGUE DEBATES LMAO" kinds of people.
this is the big inning for harvey, if he can get through this without giving anything up i can believe in him

also what the fuck is in brett lawrie's mouth?

File: euro 2016 managers.png (141 KB, 454x535)
141 KB
141 KB PNG
11 days until the euros edition


>inb4 for free jokes
Who was the Goat tripfag?
File: brenny.jpg (17 KB, 263x268)
17 KB
liverpool 3 - 2 city
>we beat city we've won the league
>that liverpool feel
>champions elect la
>look at gerrard what heart
>we go again! xD
norwich 2 - 3 liverpool
>grinding out wins is the sign of champions
>how many will be beat chelsea by la
liverpool 0 - 2 chelsea
>anti football, were still top of the league
>defending is easy
>palace is a fortress city wont win there
palace 0 - 2 city
>everton will do us a favour

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File: NBA EVERY SECOND COUNTS.webm (1.08 MB, 1920x1080)
1.08 MB
1.08 MB WEBM
Game 7: OKC@GSW 9pm ET via TNT


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Disusting, where are the white women?
File: 142844037491.jpg (95 KB, 960x720)
95 KB

KD has to stop chucking up shots as soon as he gets the ball and stop looking to draw fouls behind the arc. Westbrook has to calm down in the last 5 minutes of the 4th and make sure his passes are sharp and precise. Ibaka has to crash the boards and have a decent offensive game. Robertson has to stay out of foul trouble and hit as many open 3's as he can.
>Steven A Smith already making excuses for Lebron on espn right now
>Leastern confshit
>mfw Durrant ends up on the Warriors next year
I refuse to believe he's that much of a cuck.

File: 1354587785846.jpg (49 KB, 380x368)
49 KB
>ITT: Kornheiser and WHY.jpg derivatives

What went wrong?
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File: 1464469516806.jpg (138 KB, 1119x814)
138 KB
138 KB JPG
Guangzhou Evergrande when?
Ronaldo wants to be the most handsome player on the pitch so he forbid Zidane to field this qt3.14
fame got to his his and his work ethic is shit. he has talent and deserves a starting spot but not over the current meta at Halal....Man United???
I'm a chad looking guy but I would drop all of my exgfs to be with him
He's fucking cute
Cuter than any girl I've fucked

File: Larry-Fitzgerald-940.jpg (69 KB, 940x400)
69 KB
TB:Jameis Winston has shed 18 lbs since February
WAS:Cousins thinks Doctson will help in red zone
TEN:'Plan' is for DeMarco to handle bulk of work
SEA:Retired or not, Lynch likely done in Seattle
FA:Report: Jets offering Fitzpatrick 3-year deal
SEA:Seattle still eyeing Week 1 for Rawls, Graham
DAL:Cowboys not interested in trading DMC or Alf
CAR:Kelvin Benjamin (ACL) at practice Thursday
DET:Taylor Decker opens OTAs at left tackle
DET:Abdullah rehabbing January shoulder surgery
FA:Arian Foster: 'I probably need another month'
NO:Saints, Brees have not negotiated in 2 months
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NFC North
Aaron Rodgers 67% 34 TDs 9 INTs 4,400 yards
Matt Stafford 59% 29 TDs 16 INTs 4,600 yards
Jay Cutler 61% 21 TDs 16 INTs 3,200 yards
Teddy Bridgewater 55% 20 TDs 14 INTs

NFC east
Eli Manning 59% 30 TDs 18 INTs 4,600 yards

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
File: 1446690056371.jpg (43 KB, 800x483)
43 KB
>Tony Romo 71% 30 TDs 5 INTs 3,800 yards
Oh good you know how to read. Excellent. You had me worried, Canada
Watt is a clowney babby
>#Dolphins DE Dion Jordan tells @TomPelissero that he'll apply for reinstatement on Wednesday

File: height-map.jpg.cf.jpg (58 KB, 629x399)
58 KB
Why are boys on the coasts so much shorter and less athletic than real men in middle America?

File: image.png (65 KB, 860x460)
65 KB
Better than being fat
this desu

shorter dudes have bigger cocks anyways
Well, middle America has more farms.

File: >ragswasher.jpg (79 KB, 265x265)
79 KB
dishwashers edition part 2
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>pub sub built body
File: image.jpg (87 KB, 600x511)
87 KB
It's not bait you faggot it's a fact .
Subcucks on suicide watch
ohio sucks
what did he mean by this?

Are you ready swedecucks? No Zlatan no party
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Forsberg är bokstavligen den svenske Messi
In give up. It's tooo fucking booooring
våran generations Brolin
>you will never sex slovenian girls for a living
Leave Europe to me

File: Giants vs Braves.png (50 KB, 563x114)
50 KB
Bottom of first

Shark vs some guy
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>Joe panik
Literally had a friend in HS with this name

maybe its the same person
Just woke up. The fuck 5-1?
Ffs Samardzija

>4 straight balls to the pitcher

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