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File: 13123555123.png (150 KB, 332x419)
150 KB
150 KB PNG
Quick! we must make the best football XI possible
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He played in the left wing for Zeman in a 4-3-3
>he rates Rph'mah
where's kompany

You guys agree?

Based bisonte hubner

This guy knows his shit

File: Ouiii.png (1.01 MB, 1201x788)
1.01 MB
1.01 MB PNG
Is he really better than Neymay/Suarez/bale ?
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he's EURO and CL loser

Damn, those hips don't lie
>languages of Europe
>Turkey and Russia included
it is kinda sad all these untermensch will never appreciate the glory of a real language

>jugs inside
that part of turkey used to be european, they're just occupied by non-europeans at the moment.

File: Fuck it I'm going deep.jpg (119 KB, 737x544)
119 KB
119 KB JPG
MIA:DeVante Parker misses practice again Friday
WAS:Jordan Reed misses another practice Friday
BUF:Rex Ryan confirms Watkins (foot) will play
JAC:T.J. Yeldon's (ankle) workload up in the air
JAC:Jaguars rule out Ivory and Hurns for Week 13
PHI:Ryan Mathews (knee) ruled out for Week 13
PHI:Jordan Matthews (ankle) questionable Week 13
DAL:Witten catch-less for first time since 2008
MIN:Checkdowns, no balance: Bradford dinks, dunks
DAL:Prescott struggles as Cowboys eke out victory
NE:Pats: Gronk unlikely to play again in 2016
OAK:Derek Carr practices without glove Thursday
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What happened to Cam Newton?
How do you go from being the NFL MVP to the shit he is now?
He even got his best WR back.
Read the 2nd panel, he tells the guy to hit him which knocks the hat off and gives him the eye bruises.
>What happened to Cam Newton?
He's a black quarterback. That's what happened.
I haven't been on /sp/ much this week. Anyone post that retard on NFL Network calling Dak the next Tom Brady?

Are sports """"""analysts""""""" the biggest cucks on television?
>because Dez's timing was off it was a shitty pass and it's not like Dak threw it in an area he knew Dez would be able to get to but no one else

File: Kobe and Door Stopper.jpg (101 KB, 1280x860)
101 KB
101 KB JPG
Fuck snakes, we bros 4 lyfe fampai.

MEM:Marc Gasol scores 25 points in win vs. Magic
MEM:Troy Daniels scores 19 points vs. Magic
MLW:Giannis Antetokounmpo scores 23 in full line
CHA:Kemba Walker scores 18 points in win vs. Mavs
CHA:In the Tank: Frank Kaminsky scores one point
MLW:John Henson blocks five shots, scores 12
CLE:Report: Toney Douglas frontrunner for Memphis
NY:Courtney Lee (ankle) likely out for Friday
UTA:Dante Exum in the starting lineup vs. Heat
UTA:Update: Joe Johnson will start against Heat
MEM:Grizzlies sticking with the same starters
UTA:Joe Ingles likely to start for Rodney Hood
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File: 1463585871019.jpg (519 KB, 1164x606)
519 KB
519 KB JPG
I find it funny you of all people would say this when you're periodically wrong and post the most retarded opinions possible.

>Kemba MVP better than Westbrook
>Harden MVP Rockets going to the WCF, they don't need to play defense

I laugh at your retardation and it's even more funny since you were even more wrong last year. You're literally the most delusional casual I've ever seen.
there's more than one brit here you mug

Space Jam 2 should be Kobe and his sons vs the Warriors Monstars, when KD leaves for Golden State, the Sons recruit Grandpappy MJ out of retirement to even the playing field

File: lcc.jpg (69 KB, 621x621)
69 KB
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He was supporting them all the shit years too. Remember the only NFL games he would get to see on TV as kid were cowboy games
File: rare lelbron.jpg (35 KB, 374x512)
35 KB
how fast do you think lebron could throw a baseball?
Josh pls
This would be more powerful if he actually cared about the Indians (he doesn't) or if he actually liked baseball (he doesn't). Just attention whoring otherwise.

File: slippy g.webm (504 KB, 294x180)
504 KB
So good at slipping he even shows it off during interviews. How can one man be so based /sp/?
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and Dudek

and Stevie
You now remember Harry Kewell
and mark gonzalez
sorry you are clearly wrong

File: RpTh9Ao.jpg (286 KB, 2048x1152)
286 KB
286 KB JPG
>Nico gone (respect)
>Massa gone (respect)
>Button gone

No cumshots!
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File: 1444581218395.jpg (179 KB, 1536x864)
179 KB
179 KB JPG
File: 1467067273650.jpg (75 KB, 945x574)
75 KB
more like Checo's face when
It's going to be Bottas, who will be dull and autistic af and probably get BTFO
File: meme2.gif (25 KB, 511x510)
25 KB
Frankly, it'd be such a hype-killer had they just signed Wehrlein.

It's basically like saying "yeah, 2016 sucked shit, we're better off with one guy clearly as #1 and the other as a support for him".


File: al.jpg (118 KB, 700x700)
118 KB
118 KB JPG
/mlb/ - AL is too fat to field edition

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wtf are the Dbacks doing
Trying to out abstract the whos
>you know realize the next major league games will be played under President Donald J. Trump
I highly doubt that

File: roll29.webm (2.94 MB, 960x540)
2.94 MB
2.94 MB WEBM
Upcoming events:

12/02: Bellator 166 - Dantas vs Warren 2 [Prelims start at 7:15 PM ET, 4:15 PM PT, 12:15 AM BT, Main card starts at 9 PM ET, 6 PM PT, 2 AM BST]

12/03: UFC TUF 24 Finale - Johnson vs Elliott
12/03: Bellator 167 - Curran vs Teixeira
12/09: UFC FN 102 - Lewis vs Abdurakhimov
12/10: UFC 206 - DC vs Rumble
12/10: Bellator 168 - Carvalho vs Manhoef 2
12/10: Glory: Collision - Verhoeven vs Hari
12/11: Submission Underground 2 - Jones vs Henderson
12/16: Bellator 169 - King Mo vs Ishii
12/17: UFC on Fox 22 - VanZant vs Waterson
12/30: UFC 207 - Nunes vs Rousey

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
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desu Anderson does it all the time so it wasn't out of character for him.

He is cornering some guy
Oh shit it's on right now?
prelims are


need US VPN

Can someone who watches boxing explain the obsession in that sport with being undefeated?

Obviously having a good record at a glance is a useful shorthand for telling whether or not a fighter is good, but it seems in boxing they care too much about having a zero in the right column as a judge of fighter quality, without giving enough weight to the record's context.

File: JUST.jpg (46 KB, 634x445)
46 KB
>Sitting in the cockpit of the plane, the 29-year-old, who is well known as a model in Colombia, told of her pride at transporting the Brazilian football team Chapecoense to their Copa Sudamericana final in Medellin.

>But just hours later, the flight ended in tragedy when the plane smashed into a mountainside killing 71 on board and leaving just six survivors.

>The pilots decided to make the whole trip without refueling. They underestimated the effects that tail winds and other factors had on the effective mileage and caused the plane to crash.


>the shantytown of south america
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File: maxresdefault[1].jpg (140 KB, 1920x1080)
140 KB
140 KB JPG
I don't think Avianca operates inside ARG, though. Domestic flight is mostly Aerolineas Argentinas/Austral and LAN (now LATAM).
No intelligent person would leave their live in the hands of some hue

You have shitty education and standards and are basically subhuman
TACA and LATAM are very good too
>It's another episode of a koala fucker enraged with an Argentinian on /sp/
Color me surprised.
Even the brits are more cool these days and they warred against us 30 years ago. But you, Asstralian, you're TOTALLY NOT A BRIT, right? So why are so mad and always so stupidly wrong.

MAC title game is BEST title game.
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File: implying.jpg (303 KB, 1465x1581)
303 KB
303 KB JPG
>there are people in this thread who think penn state will not make the playoff
will western michigan be in?
Michigan has unironically a better chance
File: 1385697879299.jpg (81 KB, 640x360)
81 KB
in the shitter

File: GOATSilverCF.jpg (490 KB, 1918x1012)
490 KB
490 KB JPG
silver goats edition
dead hue team isn't on FUT so they're not getting price locked sub edition
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>Want to try Sneijder as a cf in a 4-3-3(5)
>Try him in that position on Netherlands in online seasons
>Finish the match with a total of 15 shots against Portugal
Pretty good lads if he's that good in UT i recommend him
is Hamsik worth it?
Yeah, he's really good.
File: 1477172854420.webm (2.77 MB, 720x405)
2.77 MB
2.77 MB WEBM
go ahead friend, it's all yours
this is the most autistic thing I've ever seen, and I've seen some pretty autistic shit

File: john wooden.jpg (76 KB, 600x392)
76 KB
Today's scores:

>UCLA 74 - 67 Texas A&M
>Mississippi Valley State 52 - 85 Indiana
>Iowa State 71 - 73 Gonzaga* FUCKING REFBALL
>UAB 63 - 76 Saint Mary's
>Prairie View A&M 50 - 95 Wisconsin

Upcoming Games:
>Kentucky(1) - Arizona State
>Minnesota - Florida State(25)
>Manhattan - West Virginia(19)
>Boise State - Oregon(13)

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
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Yeah, they are. The power 7 conferences are ACC, Big Ten, Big East, Big 12, Pac-12, SEC, and Atlantic-10. The best of the rest are the mid-majors like American, MWC or WCC, but only if they often send multiple teams to the tourney not just their automatic qualifier.
is mvc one of them?
They used to be, it's a bit shaky now. Wichita State should be good enough to get an at-large bid if they somehow lost their conference tournament, but nobody else would. If you've only got one team that can compete, some people would consider them a low mid-major and some not even that. They seem on the decline either way, though.
They won't decline. (according to Wikipedia) the teams have high fan attendance, especially Wichita.
Fan attendance isn't what determines mid-major status though.

File: disgusted pepe.jpg (19 KB, 306x306)
19 KB
>"What's your favorite team?"
>mentions one of the Top Euro clubs
>"No, I meant here in our national league."
>"Oh, I don't follow this country's teams."
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i dont support any team but i like watching madrid/barca cause they're the best and its fun to watch them
I understood that but I was talking about even younger people, born in this millenium and you redirected it to 20-30 yos.
Anyway, I don't think what you said about that specific range of age is true because I have that age and I don't know anyone from my group of friends or uni classmates that supports Real or Barca
>words "respect" and "Lelgia" in the same sentence
please never talk about football and especially polish football ever again

File: juveguy.png (930 KB, 2100x1724)
930 KB
930 KB PNG

Fake death: >>72796702

>FAQ and abbreviations and helpful links

>How to set up fresh 365s

>/bet/ Advice

>/bet/ approved spreadsheet for tracking your bets

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
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Keep clinging to that.

hows her foot game?
File: 450.jpg (29 KB, 450x675)
29 KB
/bet/ looking very dangerous at this point in time
Who is this semen demon?
John Obi Mikel

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