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File: 1DCUBF.png (77 KB, 900x200)
77 KB
First game of a 5 game series between what is currently the top two teams in MLB. So of course they're going to be on the least watched channels possible. MAS2 and CSN+. Hope you can find a stream.

It also marks Dusty Baker's return to the Friendly Confines to fight against the team he once managed before being run out of town.

What will happen? Nobody knows more than more people will be at attendance at Wrigely then US Cellular.
Suck it Who.
Bullpen day for the cubs

File: CMrMIc9.jpg (102 KB, 940x867)
102 KB
102 KB JPG
Based Romo Edition

DAL:Jerry: Jaylon Smith (knee) not headed to IR
WAS:Jordan Reed signs five-year, $46.5M extension
WAS:Skins OC: Matt Jones can be every-down back
CLE:Hue: Crowell and Duke 'as good as I've seen'
DEN:Von will stay with Denver 'no matter what'
TEN:Bishop Sankey on the Titans' chopping block
SF:Gabbert 'taking control' at 49ers' workouts
OAK:Raiders GM: DeAndre Washington a complete RB
FA:Falcons look at free agent slot CB Leon Hall
BUF:Bills give Glenn 5-year deal, $36M guaranteed
NO:Saints lock up LT Terron Armstead through '21
GB:Davante Adams' roster spot not 'sure thing
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lol dez is better than romo. at least he doesnt choke
Jeremy Langford is going to explode onto the scene this year. Top 3 RB in the league.
How? He's pretty good but he just takes whats there. I don't recall him shaking defenders or breaking tackles.
You think abbrederis will take the 6th spot over the drafted guy?
>0 TDs allowed in 2014
>QBs threw 36.8 passer rating to WRs he covered

What a complete non argument. Good contribution generic trip # 2477

Reminder that shifting is killing baseball
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statistical analysis reveals that a vast majority of the time a player hits the ball in that direction, especially when a particular pitch is used. so the team shifts the players to that direction so that there are no gaps and has the pitcher throw pitches in such a way that the ball goes there.
The batter can't poke the ball through the left because he isn't very good

So they line up where he is gonna hit the ball
They track the tendencies of where certain batters are more likely to hit the ball, and in this situation, a ball hit to the outfield likely would have won the game, so they shifted someone into a shift that was already in place.
its calleda shift. the batter is a power hitter and pulls everything to that side of the field. they shift all the infielders to that side of the field. not really anything in the rules about it.
>having a position that only hits makes sense
>having a roided beast who doesn't have to play defense makes sense
Okee famalam. Enjoy your fan pandering.

File: 1462439150262.webm (2.86 MB, 900x506)
2.86 MB
2.86 MB WEBM
5/6: ONE FC 41 (Lee vs Yamaguchi)
5/7: Invicta 17 (Evinger vs Schneider)
5/8: UFC FN 87 (Overeem vs Arlovski)
5/11: TUF Season 23 EP 5
5/13: GLORY 30 (Marcus vs Jacoby)
5/14: UFC 198 (Werdum vs Miocic)
5/14: Lellator 154 (Davis vs King Mo)
5/15: EFN: Saint Petersburg
5/20: Lellator 155 (Carvalho vs Manhoef)
5/21: Venator FC 3 (Palhares vs Meek)
5/26: EFN 48: Moscow
5/27: ONE FC: Kingdom of Champions (Amnuaysirichoke vs Naito)
5/29: UFC FN 88 (Almeida vs Garbrandt)
6/4: UFC 199 (Weidman vs Rockhold)

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Damn this namefag is desperate as fuck in his baiting.
that promo sucked fucking ass
Um excuse me, I read Jack Slack articles. I think I know a little bit more about MMA than you do.
File: 1462488019059[1].jpg (16 KB, 480x360)
16 KB
Hi there!

You seem to have made a bit of a mistake in your post. Luckily, the users of 4chan are always willing to help you clear this problem right up! You appear to have used a tripcode when posting, but your identity has nothing at all to do with the conversation! Whoops! You should always remember to stop using your tripcode when the thread it was used for is gone, unless another one is started! Posting with a tripcode when it isn't necessary is poor form. You should always try to post anonymously, unless your identity is absolutely vital to the post that you're making! Also please refrain from saying mean things about the community, when you clearly don't fit in very well here anyway!

Now, there's no need to thank me - I'm just doing my bit to help you get used to the anonymous image-board culture!
File: repulsive.png (158 KB, 298x375)
158 KB
158 KB PNG

File: i (1).png (102 KB, 350x254)
102 KB
102 KB PNG
Is there a better shooter in the league?

>Inb4 the mulattos Curry and Thompson
Nope. You can't touch up JR Swish like you can Curry the glass man
That dude is the most inconsistent shooter in the league. No one seems to remember him bricking shots with the Knicks
Or the bricks in the finals last year.
File: 1452049474653.jpg (29 KB, 480x360)
29 KB

Everyone remembers.That's the joke.
Last 2 digits are the amount of money JR Smiff has a year after retirement

This here is the GOAT logo.

Post your candidate for GOAT logo from your favorite sport.
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>Curving majestically, it leads the eyes in pleasurable patterns
You should write poetry.

But your opinion is still shit.
File: pittsburghpirates8.jpg (315 KB, 1365x1024)
315 KB
315 KB JPG

> carl the alcohol-dependent birthday party clown
always thought the wongs logo would look better if they flipped it

File: rangers-blue-jays.jpg (97 KB, 1000x600)
97 KB
What's the over/under on bautista tantrums?
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I'm going to the game on Saturday and get to see Kershaw. I kind of wish I was going tomorrow because that pitching match up should be pretty sweet.
Kershaw is a great athlete
Those hot girls are NOT playing mobile strike.
>elite at calling a game
>walk off hit last game
>hit 23 homers last year
>average batting stats, just rough start

why do y'all hate russlel

File: AHk24m7.png (617 KB, 472x475)
617 KB
617 KB PNG
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Goldschmidt is the best 1b in the league and arenado is definitely top 3 in mlb at 3b
not even breaking 80


Let the fun posting commence
Not only is Arenado the best 3rd baseman in the NL, he's probably the best player in the NL period

Name a better 1st baseman than Goldschmidt

>inb4 Belt conversation again

Belt and Rizzo desu

File: 1462480065126.png (1003 KB, 1260x1279)
1003 KB
1003 KB PNG

Obligatory /trb/ related links:

Macca's official /trb/ database:
2015: http://pastebin.com/uj27eQhe
2016: http://pastebin.com/7e3Vv0ap
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yeah, especially for this price
>9 tackling

midfielder that can't defend, would not bang
tbf, Brazil tends to utilize the 4-2DM-2CM-2 formation. AMCs are nothing to them.
>mfw Real asks for 25M for him
File: file.png (104 KB, 1024x768)
104 KB
104 KB PNG
forgot about this
you can bet now

File: 1455199125711.jpg (65 KB, 471x550)
65 KB
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Did they find some teenager off deviantart to make that?
>not leveraging nepotism in your favor
It's how you get ahead pegga
When's the Blues game ?
15 minutes or 75?
File: 3453453534363.jpg (289 KB, 1024x576)
289 KB
289 KB JPG
Allright lets get to the bottom of this, did Selänne get cucked by Kariya?
these are from cherry still owned, coached, and managed the team and their logo was designed after his dog

Miami Heat vs.Toronto Raptors Playoffs Game 2 Discussion
Miami leads series 1-0
8:00 PM ET
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>Derozan seals the win late
Thanks captain obvious
File: 20160505_160811.jpg (2.29 MB, 5312x2988)
2.29 MB
2.29 MB JPG
What did he mean by this?
>An American liking the Rapturds.
>Derozan not turning it over at last second again.
Would Casey have been fired if he didn't make it to the 2nd round?

File: file.png (681 KB, 759x512)
681 KB
681 KB PNG
>92 days until /Olympicbet/ edition
Brazilian lakes currently representing the current state of /bet/ sub-edition

Old thread: >>67359662

>Helpful links

>/bet/ wiki

>FAQ and abbreviations list for those new to /bet/

>Help for gambling addiction/suicide hotlines

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
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NEED a sampaio goal, odds spasticated already now just to have something to show for

Have you even been watching the game?
Okay Olimpia, I'm ready for goals now.
>red card
>1 minute of stoppage time
first 10 minutes, @3.2 looked good based on sheets and mutuals, dropped to 2.25 at one point but i see it's back up now, utter utter

File: S2UUvlX.png (246 KB, 2000x1333)
246 KB
246 KB PNG
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Group stages don't count apparently in spain
File: 1426645947001.jpg (76 KB, 600x583)
76 KB
Stop bullying Villarreal you motherfuckers, they are a great and likeable team.

Huh thats convenient, yet playoffs against the shittest teams in europe do
No one is bullying Villarreal in this thread. They were a competent team, just outclassed in every department tonight, sadly.
>>Forgets about a Spic team beating a Brit in CL
>>Forgets the OTHER finalist of Europa
Cause those are the only two spanish teams worth giving a shit.

File: Soccer.jpg (216 KB, 800x450)
216 KB
216 KB JPG
How do we fix this sport?
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File: image.jpg (127 KB, 602x655)
127 KB
127 KB JPG
A city with a MLS team and none of the Big 4 Sports in the US or College Teams nearby
Which is nowhere
thank you captain obvious, 5 points to hufflepuff.

File: Yankees at Orioles.jpg (76 KB, 992x590)
76 KB
Gausman vs. Tanaka
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This manlet should start ahead of Headley tbqh
The other thing Arrieta didn't have at this age is plants and Pilates, Jim
Girardi could even activate himself and be an upgrade over Headley
Post Your Favorite YES lineup
>michael kay
>paul o'neill
>al leiter
You already posted it

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