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File: 1511239910599.png (225 KB, 500x500)
225 KB
225 KB PNG
>be at bf's house
>has a day off, so we have plenty of time
>suck his dick at morning, cook for him, play some games together
>start watching anime
>it has your typical fanservice episode
>feel like teasing him
>initially he is just annoyed, but gives in quickly
>feel his boner through his pants
>tease him even more
>he obviously feels like having sex
>suddenly I got an idea
>he starts groping me, but I put his hands off with a smile and tell him I have something on my mind
>propose him to play 7 rounds of any game of his choosing, the winner gets a wish
>he agrees
>I'm miles better at any vidya, so I win 4-1

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I want to hold hands while someone thrusts heir dick in my mouth...
Where can I find a boy to thrust his big fat cock into my mouth while we hold hands in a platonic manner?
>suck his dick at morning, cook for him, play some games together
Your bf is living the dream. Mad jealous.
>L O N D O N
shouldn't he just know what it means? doesn't it come naturally to cis men???

File: TERFS BTFO.jpg (183 KB, 1037x792)
183 KB
183 KB JPG
Meanwhile in the West: "Transwomen are predatory rapists who shouldn't be allowed in women's spaces!"
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historically at least, eunuch can mean a lot of things
sometimes it included intersex people and sometimes it included transgender people
sorry i'm in newcastle
I don't take cypo, I just take estrogen.
and your E levels are fine?

File: 1523275524916.png (366 KB, 540x424)
366 KB
366 KB PNG
>be mtf
>have friend that I know likes me
>he keeps me at a distance for years
>I finally stop hoping and move on
>after a week of me seeing someone else, friend unloads on my texts and says he wants to be with me but never acted on it because I can't give him children
Anyone else know this feel/having vodka for breakfast?
well, that's just incompatibility for you. Though he should've been more tactful, but he's probably clueless.
Focus on the new guy, and remember that it's not an issue for most guys
>and remember that it's not an issue for most guys
What isn't? The not being able to have kids, part? What makes it even worse is that I actually want kids, but when I said that he added the emphasis of "biological" kids. Which is like telling a cripple you wish they could hop better.

I don't know whether I should be angry or depressed, t b h.
Yeah, dude really sucked in how he approached this. Still, focusing on you, how do you feel about using a surrogate in the future?
also, I'd go with angry. Probably healthier for you, and an easier mood to deal with - you need to prioritize your own mental health with these things

File: 91669.jpg (784 KB, 2048x1024)
784 KB
784 KB JPG
So Russia exists and they send gays to neogulags aswell as gaycamps, electro therapy and executions
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Because Trump gets actively memed everywhere by both pro and contra Trumpets.

Russia is shit was shit and will always be shit. People like to discuss news. It's not new when some gays get lynched there. It would be news if it didn't happen for once.
ok what's the issue here?
File: ivanterrible.jpg (18 KB, 227x289)
18 KB
Because none of that has ever been particularly unusual for nongays in Russia either. Their entire culture revolves around death
Tumblr and /lgbt/ are mostly moderated by Russians, why would they allow very much truth?
you do realize that Russia has people working in the tumblr team and moderate /lgbt/?

File: 1531970602581.png (440 KB, 602x604)
440 KB
440 KB PNG
Well great going!. Now you're not getting a movie at all!
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Alex Jones is fake news. Other then that I have no idea what your post means. Lay off of the memes, and learn English.
Did you forget that Lenin died a long while back?
Communism is no longer a global threat. The communist countries are mostly small and weak, save for China which is communist in name only
>Other then that
>learn English.
>false equivalency

Misspelling one word is not ust as bad as pretending "when we know it's full of energy draining vampires who larp as progressive" is English.
Anon, not him. But that is literally perfectly correct english. Maybe you just arent familiar with the term larp?

File: 1531072639045.png (168 KB, 500x500)
168 KB
168 KB PNG
Tell me with unhealthy amounts of details, your cutest /lgbt/ moment
OOHH I just recently got to be with my ldr bf for the first time after a year of e-dating.

>i'm waiting in the hotel room.
>his flight landed 45 mins ago
>knock at the door
>heart almost drops out of my chest
>open it
>he's carrying a bunch of stuff but drops it all after walking in.
>we stare at eachother trying to choke out some words of significance but all that comes out is
>We hug and hold eachother tightly and as closely as we can
>"nice to meet you" I whisper in his ear

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File: ILoveHer.png (909 KB, 1400x1000)
909 KB
909 KB PNG
What are you supposed to do with your life once you finish transitioning if you've made that your sole identity and life's goal?
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I have both and I still had aims, I know it's hard to do. I didn't reach them but they were there.
>I have both and I still had aims
good for you. You know your experience isn't universal, right?
Instead of offering empty criticism, maybe you can share how you managed to think of aims when you were at your lowest.
Start small and work your way up. What did you want to be when you were little? Anything that interests you still? Anything you might want to try?
When did Natalie finish her transition?
I thought she was depressed over her empty scrotum and flaccid penis, and wanted to detransition.
-technical school?
-trade school?
>Old Age

File: jl423432.png (632 KB, 871x646)
632 KB
632 KB PNG
This is heartbreaking. Why would they intentionally push homophobia in this?
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Because the author retroactively made him gay.
Dumbledore wasn't gay back then.
Also pretty sure one of the other sets has a dark girl.
It's obvious that he's gay to the point of ridiculousness in the books. He literally fell in love with the main bad guy that came before Voldemort and refused to fight him when he made his move to take over the world. A lot of innocent people died because Dumbledore was the only one strong enough to stop him and he wouldn't because he loved him. Also because Dumbledore was a Nazi in his childhood and talked the bad guy into being the bad guy in the first place, then Dumbledore grew up and realized he was being a little edge lord when he was a kid, but his friend took the memes seriously.

If you make Dumbledore explicitly gay and do all the Nazi storyline as well, it's basically just how gays were portrayed in every straight story since 200 AD. If you make him implicitly, subtly, secretly gay and include the Nazi stuff, it's just how straights have depicted gays since 1990 AD. If you don't include the fact that he's gay at all but do the other stuff, it's just how straights have erased gays since 2010.
>Le politics meme
>i thought dumbledore being gay wasn't in the books and rowling just said it?
Dumbledore most essentially life shaping relationship was with a man. Why do you assume he's straight?

>the author is dead
She isn't.

She didn't. You imagine him as straight.

File: the perfect woman.jpg (53 KB, 381x430)
53 KB
I want to lose my virginity to a trap/trans girl. I'll pay whatever it takes to get a pretty one, I just don't know where to look. Help?
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>emotional connection

Trouble is I'm incapable of this.
What state do you live in and how much are we talking ;)?
making others happy doesn't make you even a bit happier?
Sure, I'm not without empathy, I've just never had it in a romantic sense because of whatever undiagnosed social problems I have.
Oh yeah, that's plenty then - being with a girl that does it for the passion instead of only for the money would still fit that scenario, even if you have no deeper feelings for her

You can ask the same in any muslim group and the answer will be the same. Idk how fucked up should be a person to be progresist and at the same time defend muslims. The radical "progresism" is going against us as lgbt people desu by defending this kind of homophobic people
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I didn't say they don't deserve their own state, even that's better to me, because i'll have those nuts far from me in one place all of them together without bothering me.
That's why i support two states solution
Humans rights are universal, but it doesn't mean i will support the existence of a cult which talks shit against most of the human rights.
Just gas them all.
Solves the issue with anti lgbt attitudes.
Also drops global population by 1.6 billion, mostly in 3rd world countries.
>one random post is evidence that all muslims hate lgbt people
okay, now THIS is epic
You cand do the same in any muslim group and you will have no just one post, a lot of them and similar comments instead.
Don't you believe me? Try it, it's easy and you will have even hundreds of similar answers.

old thread >>10287615

Previously, on /gaygen/:
>nobody likes old guys
>nice thick polish sausages
>giving/receiving blowjobs
>sucking off bottoms?
>/gaygen/ is full of toxic assholes apparently
>latinos once again
>latinos vs asians (once again)
>kids with gay parents
>something something race and other irrelevant shit
199 replies and 43 images omitted. Click here to view.
File: 1527250221690.png (551 KB, 964x912)
551 KB
551 KB PNG
>Distant electric guitar playing "Born in the USA"
Here they come!
File: thai-Sauna-Boys.jpg (54 KB, 500x245)
54 KB
>south-east asian men
trash or patrician taste?
I have seen 40 year olds being called twink.
It was disgusting.

File: 1494172143766.jpg (37 KB, 526x400)
37 KB
>tfw only pretend to be gay to get physical intimacy
File: 1524830629843.jpg (33 KB, 336x399)
33 KB
I will spend this moment pitying you
keep telling yourself that
Well, good luck with that.
Not really devilish. Gay men tend to be pump-and-dump types anyway.
I cant wait till you fall in love.

File: tran.png (313 KB, 479x480)
313 KB
313 KB PNG

Ray Blanchard is a transphobic, cispatriarchal racist whose preferred institution hawked eugenics in the early 1900s.

Why do so many people on this board base their understanding of transness on his writing when there are so many trans thinkers out there who actually have credibility on this issue?
2 replies omitted. Click here to view.
OK fair. but statement stands
File: 1530640749845.jpg (53 KB, 595x398)
53 KB
By acknowledging agp you further reinforce and spread the idea of it. It will never die as long as its talked about, like racism. =)
Serano is far from the least credible of OP's sources.
she's a biologist who happens to disagree with blanchard
why do people assume she's some kind of crazy? she backs up her points decently well
Where are the people that "assume" she's some kind of crazy? The only things that lie and insult her cognitive capacity are straights.

File: butidontunderstan.jpg (7 KB, 216x233)
7 KB
Can /tttt/, please explain what dysphoria feels like and why is it worth committing social suicide to """"transition"""""
Help me understand

Google reverse image search is too hugboxy. All you need is long hair.

Let's try hard mode:

If you can reliably get female then you pass. Good luck hon.
68 replies and 24 images omitted. Click here to view.
I would say 20 girl (male)
kek! the computer knows all
I put my hair down and it read me as female and 3 years younger
File: 1517777398413.png (18 KB, 293x219)
18 KB
23 year old non-passing twinkhon, this thing keeps insisting I'm a 21 year old girl.
the latter ;3 ;3 ;3 ;3

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