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File: 1440383827765.gif (43 KB, 320x331)
43 KB
Legbutts seems to be the board that talks about sex and relationships the most (other than sock, but sock is fucking awful).

I've never understood the concept of sexual/romantic exclusivity in the modern age, and I've been frank about this with my partners, which usually appalls them. I wouldn't cheat on a partner, but I feel locked in in an exclusive relationship.

Why am I not allowed to reconcile love for another human being with interest in a third, fourth, fifth, etc.? My affection is usually passing, regardless of its object, so if I have a several-year relationship with someone, it's probably gonna last regardless of whether I play with others. Why's that so bad?
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File: 1440447139980.png (119 KB, 402x564)
119 KB
119 KB PNG
You're a whore.
OP here!


>want the romantic benefits of one partner but also sleep around
No, I don't have casual sex when I'm in a relationship. If I develop feelings for someone though, I'm going to want to have sex with them.

See above. That seems narrow-minded to me, especially when I'm willing to explain.

My feelings on exclusivity usually come up with potential partners. With only one exception (which didn't work out anyway), they've all essentially been like "oh anon, you just haven't met the right one yet." I don't think there is a right one. I think many partners are potentially good options, and why select just one?
They try to change me, and then get huffy when it doesn't work. I stay exclusive if they want me to, but when they inevitably break up, they cite this as a problem. Except it was never a problem except in their head.

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
Maybe exclusive relationships arent always for you. Thats not really a bad thing to have feelings and act on them with multiple people as long as everyone is aware and okay with it.
Because most people want to be loved by that one someone as if they are the most important person. In that one aspect of their short lives they want to feel loved beyond others, and that at least to that one person they are enough. Loved to the point that we can give up our desire for others without caring.

Some people are not meant to feel this way. You're one of them. I don't feel comfortable with multiple partners, because I don't want to be someone's cuck tbh.
File: 1369500239059.jpg (18 KB, 510x430)
18 KB

>You and I have different opinions on the definition of love, anon.
that's what would a sociopath would say. setting your partner aside so you could be with someone else is not love.

File: 1440956338456.jpg (46 KB, 566x339)
46 KB
I couldn't think of any good OC

Comics we know of:

I don't care about the story as long as she draws porn:

Feel free to recommend new webcomics not in the pastebin, remember to include:
>Name of comic
>Link to it
>Short description
>Whether or not it's NSFW
>Days it updates.

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dat ass though
Tbh that would be my reaction if my bf suddenly turned out to be loaded. Followed by swift exit.
I'm the opposite of gold digger.
File: afraid.png (28 KB, 302x250)
28 KB
>one step closer to cuckening
Oh god, someone help me, I can't, I can't take it.
Finally some art in which they don't look ugly as sin.
Seriously, the inital pages show them to be actually as handsome as your pic, but then the author goes full korean-lazyness and makes them look like huggos.
I know, it's bordering on abuse at this point.
>I'll drop this shit, I swear.


>Metroid’s Samus Aran is a Transgender Woman. Deal With It.

>by Brianna Wu

When will it all end?
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This shit annoys me. I'm ftm and it's like how people try to fucking say Naoto is trans when she's very much not. Goddamn, fuck off.
>im ftm

So basically penis envy
Ya m8 :^)
坂本 「サムスは実はニューハーフだった!」・・・というくらい有り得ません!ぜひゲームキューブで楽しんでくださいっ!

"Question : Any chance Metroid Prime will ever come to PS2?" "Answer: It's about as likely as 'Samus is really newhalf (transgender / hermaphrodite / etc).' Please enjoy it on the Gamecube!"

for anyone who's wondering.
>for anyone who's wondering
Thanks that's not on the image

Hi lgbt. I'm a guy in a long term committed relationship with my girlfriend. I'm trying out grindr because a friend of mine told me to try it to get weed when i was out.

So some random messages me, telling me to ride his dick for weed.
For some reason i'm finding myself extremely aroused by the thought of letting him fuck me.

What do lgbt?
1 reply omitted. Click here to view.
Say yes then just beat the shit out of him and steal his weed
is whoring yourself gay?

Go for it. What do you look like?
Have you been succesful in finding weed otherwise? Do you just message random people? I need some, but have no connections
Explain to your gf that you might want to experiment with males, don't be a shitbag, OP

Chat: tinychat com/gaygen
Kik: #gaygen

>hopefully better than the last one but keeping expectations low
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File: 1441197121404.jpg (25 KB, 427x345)
25 KB
>not saying "yep that's me" to some of the jokes
File: 1440528998-18.jpg (76 KB, 500x564)
76 KB
i just want them to like me...
File: annoying.png (446 KB, 959x638)
446 KB
446 KB PNG
>flamers are actually trans
what a surprise

good luck, i hope things go well and all that


just do it
people always assume i'm straight (literally what?)
you can do it subtly
though when i started this job my coworker kept harping about how i needed to fuck a fat chick
and i kinda snapped at him because he was being so annoying about it and i was like "i'll be sure to do that as soon as i stop loving dicks"
File: mfw dan.png (334 KB, 406x422)
334 KB
334 KB PNG
Someone asked me if I had a gf and I said "HAHA, no I'm not into girls" and they thought I was joking.

File: Trans Help General-.png (209 KB, 694x907)
209 KB
209 KB PNG
This is the Trans Help General thread. We'll try to help you here with everything related to being transgender.
This includes questioning, appearance, daily trans problems, medical info, general info and other interesting stuff to name a few.

MTF, FTM and questioning people are all welcome here to help eachother and discuss possible solutions.

You can also share your transgender related stories here. Just came out? Or you just need to get something off your chest?
Maybe something wonderful happened today! We'll be glad to hear it, it's always good to know we're not going through this alone.

Articles, Studies and General information about Questioning, Transitioning and other stuff: http://pastebin.com/CyW1dXV8 (embed) (embed) (embed)
Lots of useful links about/for transgender people: http://pastebin.com/h1vLPxyV (embed) (embed) (embed)
Transgender FAQ: http://pastebin.com/8QbKyShU (embed) (embed) (embed)
Am i trans/ trans help threads archive:

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
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Healthcare is a provincial matter in Canada, so what is covered differs slightly. There are only a couple IC-style clinics in the country, but some provinces are moving towards being officially IC instead of the old gatekeeper -> endo model.
Generally you should be able to easily get hormones through a GP if you're already on them. If possible get your clinic to write up and sign a letter about how long you've been on hormones and your dosages before you move.
Thanks for the info! Know anything about Quebec in particular?
>used to have similar fears about the legitimacy of my transsexualism because of it too
What... was the deciding factor that helped you to stop having these fears? I would find a few good points proving these fears are irrational, feel perfectly fine for a while, and then a week later feel like shit again for the same insecurity.

Thank you, though, for helping me out this much, this was more than I was expecting to hear. When I mention anywhere that I'm a trans girl dating a trans girl, I just... imagine that everyone's judging me, everyone, and that they all think I'm a disgusting person and all these awful things. And then that's so easy to internalize further and think that the problem is because I fell for her, and I should've found a cis girl instead or something stupid like that. If my parents approved of her maybe I wouldn't have this problem, ugh.

>don't give yourself such a hard for your past.
This is so hard to dooooooooo
But thanks anon, I'll try to put it in perspective ; u ;
Hairstyle definitely, also maybe subtle makeup?

Should just be testes need to be pushed back, I think. Are you on HRT? I couldn't do that before I was on HRT, but now I'm full-time and do it daily; they shrink after a while on HRT just enough to allow that.
Has anyone here used Orbitremit on Inhouse before? I selected it because it seemed easy at the time, but they need me to send scans of my passport and a bank statement. Are they legit? Is it safe to send them these scans?

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>I'm not arguing for that, I'm willing to conceide the point for infertile couples who refuse to adopt.
Forgot to add in retards, mentally ill, incest and genetically heavily disadvantaged.
>To be consistent, heterosexuals who are incapable or unwilling to reproduce should also be disallowed from marriage rights.
>>Just because they dont want babies at the point of marriage doesnt disqualify them. They are free to change their mind.

>>It's not inconsistent, since in principle man and woman can have children and come together in the form of a marriage to do that
it is fucking inconsistant you retard. never mind the fact that your logic is bullshit because like any skill inherent to society it can be bought and its trivial for a gay person, male or female, to acquire a baby either through adoption or a friend willing to carry to term a baby for you.
Any idea at what minute-mark she starts talking about it?
>or a friend willing to carry to term a baby for you.
I think it's better for these children to not be born in the first place. Also that poor guy who's hippy girlfriend convinced him how it's totally okay for her to carry antoher man's child in her womb, that might not even be her own.
Imagine that, it would not even be her own.

Adoption is one thing, but this is a different level of degeneracy.

Btw unrelated topic, do you support that fathers can issue paternity tests without explicit consent of the mother?
Honestly can't really say. Maybe around the middle? A bit earlier maybe?

File: pepeyoucantbeserious.jpg (20 KB, 306x306)
20 KB
>when trans people do absolutely nothing about transitioning and not take any hormones but still insist that they are trans

I met this one ftm in a /lgbt/ club and he pretty much just looked like a stereotypical dyke. And this kid is rich with parents who don't give a shit about whatever he did. I asked him when he was going on T and he said he wasn't going to. Is this legit /lgbt/?
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But when you pass flawlessly in your 20s without hormones doesn't mean you also do when you're 50, because testosterone doesn't stop making your body more masculine
With hormones it only get's better
You don't actually need to go on HRT to transition. But you really do need to put effort into passing if you want to be accepted as the opposite sex.

Gender identity IS strongly influenced by biology though. But it doesn't always match your assigned sex.

Technically, you can be trans (i.e. live as the opposite sex) without having any kind of dysphoria. Dysphoria is just a consequence of conflict between your gender identity and assigned sex (though it's possible for that conflict to exist in some people without causing dysphoria).

Finally a post that makes sense! You don't need surgery to make yourself who you want. Lots of ugly and deformed people never change and are content. The mind is more powerful than the body and outside.
This. I stopped a long time ago when i realized it wasn't sustainable. Even I didn't see myself taking them forever.

Am a natural feminine male now. =)
Is this tumblr pasta?

File: eva.jpg (11 KB, 276x183)
11 KB
Internalised homophobia thread.
As much as I'm a champion of queer rights and I believe in the importance of sexual freedom, deep down I hate myself for being gay.
Does every queer person have this? How do you get past it / live with it?
19 replies and 4 images omitted. Click here to view.
>I think being male kind of hinders my ability to do emotions properly sometimes.
Not directly.
Societally, being male implies having to "man up" "suck it up" and keep going regardless of how you feel. Either you successfully suppress your emotion to a point where you are accepted by society and question why you're depressed, or let it out and be considered a "sissy".
I don't hate myself for being gay, I hate other gays for perpetuating a stereotype that I don't want to associate with. I suppose that's internalised homophobia in itself.
I kind of feels similarly. I definately dont hate myself. but I feel bad about it. like I'm doing something wrong by being with a girl, though it feels more peer pressure than natural, I dont want people to hate me, I don't like that if I'm with a girl people will think I will burn forever in retribution for it. it probably doesn't help that I'm so pessimistic about my chances with a girl that I'd be willing to date men even though I am not attracted in any way.
I don't hate myself for being gay at all. I actually don't understand why homosexuality is a big deal to straight people and why do they care to bring it up constantly when it shouldn't even concern them in my opinion.
Fuck finally it's my thread

MtF, bi, dating another MtF.

And I hate myself for it so much. And I worry everyone is judging the hell out of me for who I love. And it makes me hate myself and wish I was just a straight guy.

File: boobless.png (114 KB, 292x260)
114 KB
114 KB PNG
94 replies and 20 images omitted. Click here to view.
yeah, it's definitely getting easier now. The first week was really really rough though. I haven't gotten gendered male yet this week which is nice. I think I'm starting to care less about what people think and just do what makes me feel happy.
You look like you're hiding a man chin tbh
You look nice whatever gender you consider yourself
fayeeeeeeeee gib tits
This is my typical guy mode stuff.
I'm trying not to pass right now and still stay in guy mode.
I've had a few random people ask me if I was transgender and one person mam me, so I'm beginning to think I'm too andro looking now.
Or maybe I just walk and act and sound like some giant faggot?
I'm wondering if this typical t-shirt guy thing is enough anymore or if I'm going to have to start dressing more masculine.
I'm hoping to stay stealth a bit longer while I save up money for electrolysis and clothes and stuff instead of being kicked out and having to use that money for rent.

File: 1436468780685.png (343 KB, 671x1047)
343 KB
343 KB PNG
Regarding dysphoria (in social or body levels), is there a way, a feeling to identify it? Like a pressure, a sensation of repression, or something like that? Or simply the though of being trans can indicate it?

Like, i don't think a "normal" person would even think of it, so this subject coming to my mind every day can indicate a "problem", right?
40 replies and 9 images omitted. Click here to view.
I am dissatisfied and that's a thing for 2 years now. Sometimes i grow out of it, and sometimes it hit's me hard.

I have some hobbies so it doesn't could be regarding them. Sometimes i give up on them for a bit because hell, i feel like if i'm hollow even doing all this shit.

However i struggle to find if there's a connection with Dysphoria. Seems like two completely unrelated things to me. But yet i can't find what's causing this.

>When i think about following a ""normal"" life, about my friends, specially about other girls, this thoughts seem to go away. Deep, really deep inside me, i ask myself if that's repression.


Where i live there's really no gender-experienced therapist, my biggest fear is if they don't consider it a thing, and lead me to think i'm not trans even if i would be; The inverse worries me less but too, leading me to be trans. What if i'm not?

Sorry, i'm really slow to understand things! What was your decision?

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
>been dissatisfied with my life for as long as I can remember
>some of it due to abusive stepfather and shitty home life
>conversations with my therapist keep coming back to him telling me I need to learn to love/be okay with myself
>always reply that I don't like me
>"but why?"
>don't really have an answer that I can put into words
so I guess that would qualify, then, huh?
That could suggest you have some gender identity issues that youd want to think about. it sounds like dysphoria has to be this horrendous thing and if its not some people think they might not be trans. But thats really not true, it can be just kind of a confusing discomfort with your body and/or how youre recognized socially
Theres no reason to dive headfirst into transition if youre a little tentative about it. What would probably be best for you at this point would be to seek out a counselor with at least lgb experience and see if they can help, even if they havent had trans clients before theyll likely be more aware of the issues that will be relevant
My dysphoria makes me hate seeing pictures of myself, looking at my reflection, etc. It just makes me overall depressed being so uncomfortable with my body. Waking up every day with suicidal thoughts isn't helpful, either. But just in regards to my dysphoria. The shittiest part? Everyone says I'm pretty good looking, too. Adds to the shitty feeling knowing that I look rather decent and still hate my looks, when there's people who hate their looks, comfortable with their gender, and can't so anything about it. Starting HRT this month.

File: ChipOff161.png (240 KB, 640x477)
240 KB
240 KB PNG
What do you sound like?

This is not a thread to give mtf/ftm voice changing advice.
File: 1429041842744.jpg (60 KB, 500x375)
60 KB

My throats sore so little raspier than normal.

Welcome to the pilot episode of /twinkgen/!

This is a place where us girly and qt boys can come and chat about the issues that really matter, such as looking cute, building your self esteem and confidence, finding a qt bf, listening to music, calling each other shit for having different taste, and other shit.

If you think you could make it as a qt3.14 boy, or already are one, come and join in!

Here are some useful links to help you get started:

Here is a map of where your fellow posters are in the world, please add to it!

Lastly, if you feel like chatting with a femboy, try putting in the tag "/femgen/" on omegle or going to irc.rizon.net at #femgen.

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
104 replies and 15 images omitted. Click here to view.
and youre not?
Yeah, and you definitely are.
Nervous Nick?
Like who gives a fuck about what you find creepy.

If it's legal it's completely fine. I really dislike people like you who moralize or judge fully consensual legal relationships as "wrong" or "creepy". I personally don't just give a shit about other people's relationships and I definitely do not judge them. Get the fuck out of here, you fucking piece of shit.
w-why does facetime give me a kpop aesthetic??

So /lgbt/ my exfuckbuddy of feb-mar just gave me a call telling me that he's hiv+ but he's taking another test today to discard a fake poz. Of all the times we fucked, we did bb once for about 10 secs and he didn't even came, and once I swallowed his cum just to brush my teeth a few minutes later.

How fucked up am I /lgbt/ knowing that he fucked with the infected guy about the same time we used to fuck? I feel super anxious, sad and depressed right now, In a few hours I'm going to take my test...
13 replies omitted. Click here to view.
As someone with type 2 Diabetes, I hope you aren't too disappointed If I'd rather stick with the disease I have. Here's to cures or at least cheaper meds for both conditions.

There's no cure for DM type 2 and a lot of people get many problems even with proper medication.

I'd rather have HIV and be able to eat whatever I like.
OP here.
Results came neg, I've never felt so relieved in my life. I'm going to get a tatto to remind me to never get a bb cock in my ass again.

I didn't let him bb me, it was a mere 5 secs and he pulled it off.

That's what I'm really afraid of.

And for all of those who don't know, I grew up with an uncle who had AIDS, I saw him die, I heard him yell to everyone, and say that the guy with the black hood was coming for him, I know that you can prevent AIDS with proper treatment, but all those moments can't be erased from my memories. I'm just glad the results came out neg, but if I ever get the bug I'll kill myself, call me fag, retarded, idiot, I don't care.
cheers for OP

Cheers to OP

File: youtube-rainbow.jpg (25 KB, 300x225)
25 KB
Hoy anon could you please help a bit in a fight agains homophobia on Russian internet segment.

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3gvooWA75G8 - sorry for lack of subs but in this video homophobic author expreses freely that gays are scum ext...

Could you please flag this video also.
Flag setup:
Time: 0:14
Comment: aвтop пpизывaeт к нeтepпимocти к гeям ("author calls for intolerance twards gays" just in case you want to pretend to be russian)

Thank you anon, there are soo little people fighingt gomophobia in russian segment of internetso any help is always apreciated.
15 replies omitted. Click here to view.
80 dislikes now
thx to everyone
I can't disagree with him pesronally, since I don't speak russian and if I disagreed with him, I wouldn't to try to take away his free speech. I know that not being able to talk on youtube isn't actually anti free speech, but there's no reason to prevent him from doing that.
Who gives a shit about what russia wants to throw a tantrum about?
They're self-destructing quickly enough on their own without help.

Next you'll want me to get mad about that african student/"scientist" who tried to "scientifically" prove homosexuality is wrong using magnets and only accomplished making himself, his university, and his county look like an uneducated joke lovingly crafted for any racist looking to justify their views.
he's not wrong tbh
indeed, which is why its our freedom to shit talk back to a shit talker? what is so hard to understand about this?

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