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File: maxresdefault-930x445.jpg (61 KB, 930x445)
61 KB
Why are trans rights more accepted in Asian countries but gay rights are not and vice versa in Western countries???
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The law doesn't matter. The people will still hate trans people. And any source on that law? Can be in Arabic too
I'm not sure about the law itself, but there was a Fatwa, and this thing is well documented. I've seen a BBC documentary about this as well, mostly people who were forced to transition, then fled to Turkey, or those who have fled to Turkey after agreeing to transition, but not starting.
>he uses iran as an exaple where gay men are more or less forced to let someone cut off their dicks or get stoned to death
>being trans isn't just legal, indeed it's encouraged
iran is probably one of the absolute worst places to be trans in.
Because rights don't magically change human biology.

File: carygrant.jpg (53 KB, 600x750)
53 KB
Cary Grant Edition

Old >>9667779
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I could see that if I was all flab, but that's not the case.
kind of thought he might have been
was friendly with him in primary school
Post pics.
I will when I hit 200 pounds
I recently dropped down to below 195. The difference is amazing compared to 200.
I look bigger, the v-taper does a lot visually.

Cis Lesbian General (/clg/): Wedding Edition

What kind of weddings do you like? Do you want to get married? Got any good wedding stories?

We've had an influx of trolls lately. Do not reply to bait. If they say something infuriating about lesbians or they say they're a bishit or a male (inc. tranners) do not reply. They're here for (you)s.


Recent news:
>anons talk about writing projects
>anon's gf is a bitch
>anon wants the impossible (don't we all)
>anon and her gf deal with a terrifying break in

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I want to hold you and kiss your head and fall asleep with you and gently tease your clit while you're playing sims
in high school my "friends" invited me to a cabin for a night and jumped me. they ended up choking me with a scarf until I passed out and they must have thought they killed me because they loaded me in the back of their suv. I woke up covered by a bunch of blankets and everyone's overnight bags so I just crawled over the back seat and got out on the passenger side then laid down at the side of the cabin and waited until they drove off without me. then I called my dad and told him they ditched me and he had to come get me.
What'd you do after that? Did they end up serving time?
>tfw no girl to give licc and succ
I just need some v on my lips please benevolent universe please
no. my dad was really mad he had to come get me and he smacked me around during the car ride home. when we got home and inside in the light he thought he did all of the damage to face I got during the fight and I decided to let him and my mom believe that.

i really want to know wher ecan i meet a cute TS girl
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Live in a major left wing city and go on grindr, okcupid, or tinder.

PS - If you want one that's attractive, you have to have something serious to offer. You have to be extremely conventionally attractive a cute twink/femboy, wealthy, or a genuinely good, decent, kind human being.

Also if you're not a leftist, you don't have a shot in hell.

>Also if you're not a leftist, you don't have a shot in hell.

It depends on the girl. For some, being a conservative is a panty-dropper and being a leftist will get you called soyboy or numale.
>le 40% face telling anyone to kill themselves
>tfw live in the same country as Chloe
>Will never have a shot with her

Hey I am looking to buy a fantasy dragon dildo like this. Do any of you know any that are cheaper? This one is the Bad Dragon Nox. I just don't have a lot of money to spend right now. Thanks
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Yeah I would only be buying a medium sized one lol
>what the fuck is wrong with some people
uh what
File: Little-girl-with-cucumber.jpg (833 KB, 2946x4419)
833 KB
833 KB JPG
>know any that are cheaper?
Exotic Erotics
File: blog-girl-cucumber.jpg (34 KB, 430x294)
34 KB

File: bp017arooy801.jpg (34 KB, 500x508)
34 KB
Is gender dysphoria contagious?
It's about as contagious as your autism
Nope. But the terminology being normalized helps a society previously told "this is the way" realize there's a lot more to the world than how they were raised.

Basically, the more well known terms and subjects are, the more likely people are to self-reflect and discover things about themselves they might have repressed for all their life.
Nope, it's a mental disorder that is developed either from birth or a very young age and is about how you perceive your identity and body. It's not (as far as we can see) influenced by direct contact or talking with other trans people.
If you break an egg with an egg both eggs break

File: bark.jpg (87 KB, 490x720)
87 KB
>Have forced fem fantasies as a 4 year old
>Be a degenerate who masturbates to forced fem porn/erotica/etc
>Do this from the age of 12-13
>Up to once a day
>Tranny feels eventually creep up on me
>Struggle for years
>Crack and decide to order skittles once I'm able to do so
>Start looking toward the future
>With the decision made the urge to masturbate subsided
>Consider that a good thing
I need a feelmaster to explain me to me.
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>Not about these issues
Please consider doing so.

Is that it or are there any other signs?
I transitioned but pretty late. I don't even attempt to try and pass, I just stay boymode
Lost all my friends when i told them i was trans though, hardly unexpected.
My entire family knew i wanted to be a girl since I was young they just thought I was joking ;_;
>Lost all my friends when i told them i was trans though, hardly unexpected.
I'm sorry. Are you sure you'll never pass? Good luck either way.

as a kid i dressed, and i love when my gf put her cloths on me, and when she treat
me like a girl
I don't know. I used to pass easily when younger. Some people still get confused but I just don't have the motivation to put in the effort.
I feel like there's so many obstacles. I'd need to voice train which I hate, all the legal stuff, buying more clothes, etc.
I'm still not done hair removal either plus electrolysis is fucking up my skin...
I feel like I need a few hundred thousand dollars to even do anything.
My mom feels bad for not helping me when i told her when i was young and offered to pay for a private psychologist though. I don't know if I'll go though, i hate talking to therapists

File: 1519988695487.jpg (143 KB, 990x1200)
143 KB
143 KB JPG
>Be really cute tiny transgirl
>But I have a little bit of (white but coarse) facial hair that I wanna get zapped
>Go to electrolysis
>Sit in the waiting room and hear the nurse talking to a male voice about hormones and stuff
>A giant, 6ft2 or taller boymode tranner comes out, seeming really happy about her appointment
>Is wearing boy clothes but has a girly backpack
>Sees me and suddenly looks really depressed
>Was really talkative in the electrolysis room but now is really quiet and only talks in one word answers to the nurse
>Won't even look at me

Did I do something wrong? I didn't say anything to her or even look at her, I was just in the waiting room at the same time.
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>NHS over private electro
seeming knowledgeable is cool, but laser causes hair GROWTH in double digit percentages. ice literally damages your skin and any electro who went to a real school can list you 5+ over the counter topical numbing agents

it's your face and your responsibility, the fact you're actually doing this just because it's covered by insurance is horrifying, electro costs fucking 60-100 an hour dude
It is a private electro, but the NHS refers trans patients there and pays for some laser/electro sessions.

I was concerned about hair regrowth too but she said it wouldn't happen. I was a little bit skeptical of that but we'll see.

>but laser causes hair GROWTH in double digit percentages

How am I supposed to square this "fact" only you have said with what I've seen with my own eyes of people who had laser YEARS ago and the FDA's certification of laser hair removal being good for "permanent hair reduction"?
thanks anon! i now know that general reduction and individual growth aren't different things, but actually they're apparently exclusive! thanks for this genius slop of horseshit
please stop posting like you actually know what you're talking about, this is wrong as fuck

File: apologize_kaguya.jpg (151 KB, 780x960)
151 KB
151 KB JPG
Are transwomen today's manifestation of ancient gods?
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>tfw I'm unironically changing my name to an ancient Greek god
>this post shows up
delet this
We can't let the straights know!
I'm a fan of the trans-girl vampire theology. We exist to infect the population, and to feed off of fetishizing people.
Hot lol
I also like to succ which lends a lot of credence to this theory

shit dude
Only if you think gods are sobbing hormonal alcoholics

File: 20180310_200330.jpg (1.33 MB, 2560x1280)
1.33 MB
1.33 MB JPG
Welcome to the spike box guys gals and everything in between! Post your pic, let's see if you pass.

Mention in the post what you're going for.

I'll start, 20 MtF
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You need to get more ocd about your lip health, 'cause that's ruining it for me tbqhfamalam (it's okay I also need to be better at that)
File: IMG_20180102106503.png (661 KB, 526x702)
661 KB
661 KB PNG
i meant actual prescription
File: muy bueno.gif (431 KB, 640x360)
431 KB
431 KB GIF
Were you pre-HRT all this time or just self-medding?

Either way, I like what I see.
She's been on hrt for like 4 years and had ffs.
I’d ask for a refund.

File: download (1).jpg (23 KB, 296x170)
23 KB
>tfw you realize you aren't trans and that was just escapism
>tfw you caught it in the nick of time right before you thought you were gonna start HRT
On one hand, I'm relieved. On the other, I can see that I let my life fall into ruin to the point where it might not even be fixable now. Fantastic.
Escapism... literally everything can be viewed as Escapism.
What are you escaping from and what are you escaping to?

I escaped from school into weed and work, from weed Into self dicipline, from self dicipline Into chasing and sexual perversion. From that Into school, from school into anime, from animal into kawaii Japanese girlfriend. (Enter the happiest time in my life, she had to leave back japan) from lonlyness while I was in school escape to league of legends and 4chan. (Gf breaks up with me long distance) From lol and depressiob escape to self dicipline again, try to improve school. Escape from no gf (obsessing and crying over her everynight ) to nofap, escape from nofap to anal play, escape from responsibility and /Pol to shaving my legs and femanizing myself and /lgbt. Think I'm trans, know I could pass, realize hrt kills my sperm. Still have hope for this girl. I know I could never find another like her, but if I can be reliable for her and support our children I know she could come back to me(assuming she's not already married, reason we broke up is I'm still in college and she was turning 30 so wanted a guarantee that we would have kids soon, couldn't provide) decide against hrt, continue to famminize myself, escape to validation of posting my butt in trap threads on b. Escape from thoughts of being trans to realization that I love my muscles and don't want to go weaker, escape to gym. Start noticing hot, women, guys, and a certain femmboi. Escape to being honest about bisexuality >go to gay district to buy first sex toy
>chicken out because the cashier is creepy.
>out on the street see fat hairy Men complementing each other on beards, looking in each other's eyes and making out
>someone Holla at me
>scared for my life
>am now terrified of gays and gay people
>decide that even if I am bisexual I must only be attracted to straight guys since the gays seemed so hidious
>tfw still wanna get dominated and turned into somebodies cocksleeve
Should I just transition at this point? The only way I could get a straight guy is by doing so...
I'm also really in attracted to female personalities since my last gf was such a sweetheart. Literally the sweetest and most innocent girl ever. All other girls seem rude and crude. I'm most attracted to straight guys personality rn. And I still haven't gotten over my homophobia (more like homotrauma)for. That night 2 weeks ago.

Also through all this, I dropped out of school twice and am still not finished highschool so the whole thing could be considered Escapism from my responsibilities of finishing fucking highschool.
Really UNattracted to female personalities *

File: download (11).jpg (48 KB, 637x358)
48 KB
I recently witnessed a horrific suicide that disturbed me a lot... and it made me extremely sad that someone desperately felt the need to end their life. It was so grisly it made the hairs stand up on the back of my neck... However observing that gruesome event made me realize the horrible things I said to others that should never have been said. I took nearly every chance I could to tell transgender posters to kill themselves because I thought it was "edgy" and "funny" to be mean to them. Now I realize that I am a horrible person that was being cruel to vulnerable people who just wish to be accepted and treated normally. Knowing that my actions may have caused someone to hurt themselves makes me feel deep regret. I am a horrible, nasty, mean person who deserves to feel guilty.

To anyone thinking about suicide please don't do it, death is permanent and your sorrows can be overcome if you seek help.
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i mean they're unironically not wrong
Can you say you've never said terrible things to others?
How do you know? How do you know that OP isn't genuinely full of remorse? When people change it's usually because of things like this. The idea that someone is condemned forever is just incredibly toxic. When someone genuinely seeks to become a better person you should welcome them with open arms. Rejecting them is like pushing them back to the path of evil.

Mending is better than ending, Anon.
File: image.jpg (23 KB, 400x286)
23 KB

Of course I have. I'm not a good person. I'm an unpleasant, bitter, cruel person who enjoys kicking people while they're down.

As it turns out, you don't have to be a good person to treat other people the way a good person would. You can be as horrible as I am and still manage to treat others with fairness, kindness, and respect. It doesn't matter if you aren't genuine, or what your motives are; you can still live a "good" life as an "ally of justice" or "enemy of evil". It may be fake, and you may be a fraud, but if you don't like feeling bad after behaving like a "bad person", you can avoid that in the future. Accept that you're a bad person, and act against your nature because you've decided that that is the "correct" way to live.

If the OP wants some hope, they can hope for that.
What matters is what you end up doing. If what you say is true then you're a good person. What was doesn't have to be what shall be.

File: 1520269509804.jpg (5 KB, 223x226)
5 KB
How the fuck am I supposed to go out in public dressed as a girl when I don't pass
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Be attractive, androgynously. Passing does not equal attractiveness.

If failing that, your choices a boymode till passing, perma boymode or anhero
You're always allowed ffs and hair removal no matter what.
Only srs is gatekept. Orchi's can be done outside wpath as well
Just lie? They aren't gonna watch you 24/7
In the UK, orchis are gatekept, and I think that's the case in most of Europe (though I could be wrong). I mean, the issue that comes up is why you are wanting a certain proceedure, and what you do afterwards. I know that some surgeons in the US (like Marci Bowers) do orchis on an informed consent basis, but Europe tends to be stricter.

Also, I think Facial Team want to have at least something to prove you're trans? Not sure, but I suppose consultations are enough for them to be sure.

I suppose lying could work, but that then brings about certain questions like RLE requiring legal transition in some cases (like using your new name or getting your passport, driver's licence or whatever changed to your new name/gender).

I mean, I suppose you could do RLE at home, but that probably wouldn't count for their purposes. I somehow get the idea that those places which require at least one year of RLE before HRT give no shits about trans health, or trans mental health. That sort of thing probably is key to a high suicide rate. If anything, I've learned that the kind of cis gatekeeping surrounding transitioning does more to increase suicide rates than it does to "protect" trans people.
Get a bf and cling to him when out in girlmode it's what i do

File: 1489229101546.jpg (104 KB, 500x667)
104 KB
104 KB JPG
"Before I transitioned, I was the biggest chaser"
8 replies omitted. Click here to view.
Chasers are some of the most beta soyboys i've ever seen, just look at the posts being made in any of the thousands of r8 me threads trannies make around here

fucking gross
Didn't know soyboys beat their wives

I don't recognize transgender former (or current) chasers as equals, tbqh.

How's it feel knowing you'll never fuck an attractive transwoman without having to pay because you're such an ignorant piece of shit?
I'm married to a tranny, you nigger ape.

File: hon79.jpg (165 KB, 1080x720)
165 KB
165 KB JPG
So, I thought I would take a second so post my story here in the hopes that it might help someone in a similar position.

Although I have been making excuses for not being trans for many years, I have finally accepted that I AM trans, and that it great. I am still “pre-everything”, as this all started VERY recently. That being said, I am married to a woman and just came out to her as trans this week. Now before anyone asks “why wouldn’t you tell her sooner?” or “why didn’t you say something at the beginning of your relationship?” and the answer is simple, I didn’t really know...or at least I couldn’t admit it to myself. I did tell her as soon as I knew for sure myself. Now to be fair, the conversation came up rather suddenly, but also subtly, which made it much easier. Basically it started because I was telling her about a dream I had where I was a female character from a TV show I’ve been watching. I forget exactly what she said, but essentially it was something along the lines of “is there something you need to tell me about that?” She had said it in a joking manner, not realizing the answer was “yes”.
12 replies and 2 images omitted. Click here to view.
>implying you can just upend someones life like that
>implying she could afford to leave right away
>implying she isn't acting calm on the surface like all women do when they know their man would manger out on them if they said how they really felt
I'm scared by how convincing this is

unless you were being more genuine than you're letting on, Anon
>implying you can just upend someones life like that
Should someone who is unhappily married not divorce their spouse because they don't want to upend their life?

>implying she could afford to leave right away
Why do you assume she can't? This isn't 1960.

>implying she isn't acting calm on the surface like all women do when they know their man would manger out on them if they said how they really felt
What planet do you live on? Are all women weak submissive housewives?

I don't expect such couples to stay together but, from what is written in the OP, this story doesn't sound like an unhappy one.
>Should someone who is unhappily married not divorce their spouse because they don't want to upend their life?
>Why do you assume she can't? This isn't 1960.
Most people need two incomes for housing, bills, and all that. Most Americans don't have enough in savings to cover their car breaking down. Based on that pic, the poster is probably one of them. That's why.

>What planet do you live on? Are all women weak submissive housewives?
>playing dumb about manbabies throwing tantrums because their wife won't let them prance around in panties and play lesbian.

>I don't expect such couples to stay together but, from what is written in the OP, this story doesn't sound like an unhappy one.
So much more goes in in women's heads, but men will never know the half of it.

Reading Susan's too much broke my brain.
You didn't answer my question. Should a woman who is unhappily wed stay married for the sake of her husband?

>Most people need two incomes for housing, bills, and all that. Most Americans don't have enough in savings to cover their car breaking down.
Do you also apply this reasoning to divorces? This doesn't seem to stop the divorce rate from being sky-high. Apparently this is not such a big problem.

>playing dumb about manbabies throwing tantrums because their wife won't let them prance around in panties and play lesbian.
Non sequitur.

>So much more goes in in women's heads, but men will never know the half of it.
So you're a mind-reader now? Nice.

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