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File: maxresdefault.jpg (64 KB, 1280x720)
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get the fucking surgery if you want to date guys
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>And the semantics and thus logic of this statement have been dissected and refuted through its official medical definitions. It's why being trans is officially no longer considered a mental illness by doctors.

GID is classified as a medical disorder by the ICD-10 CM[7] and DSM-5 (called gender dysphoria).

done and done.

Gender dysphoria is a mental disorder but who cares??? What's your point?
that was kinda my point miku
I already look,smell,feel and lubricate well
anon dismissed my experience based in "too early after surgery" which implies that I would suddenly lose sensation,lubrication,smell etc. due to healing which makes no sense
Just that the trans person is the one who's perception is skewed and out of sync with physical reality. Not the rest of the world.
>GID is classified as a medical disorder by the ICD-10 CM
>medical disorder =/= mental disorder

You see this? It's a link to a source. Actually read the sources instead of blindly copy/pasting them into arguments.

>DSM-5 (called gender dysphoria)
Being trans isn't gender dysphoria. Gender dysphoria is a psychological symptom of an endocrinological and neurological anomaly (pertaining to sexual dimorphism) for which transition is the best treatment.

The brain is a physical thing. The separation of "brain" and "mind" is cartesian bullshit. You're talking about mystical essences in an argument about medicine.

That's why you're wrong, and why you'll remain wrong no matter how smug you get about it.

The only thing that really worries me about starting transition is my voice. I have a really, really, REALLY deep voice, say JD Sumner. Everything besides that and the huge Adam's Apple that comes with it. I mean, my body and face are good material but I worry about my voice. Is there hope?
Not all women have high girly voices.

Ill never be a cute trans so I more or less live vicariously through those who have the body type and genetics for it

Hopefully my conscious will be reincarnated into a qt3.14 andro boy, there's no reason to live this life.
same here. i feel ready to come out except for horrible voice. i work as a server and i think i would just scare every customer. I'd be the one they wish they could fire but couldnt because HR department
>Is there hope?
There's surgeries for this sort of situation.

File: 3216133083897019763.png (516 KB, 544x544)
516 KB
516 KB PNG
Am a girl in guy's in a girl's in a male body.
One of my friends from high school was a drag queen in a girl's body.
Damn, I forgot the name of that card. Is it that Mist Valley card with 2100 ATK that you can't attack with unless you have some special condition?

I haven't played that game in ages. I stopped ever since Pendulum monsters came out. They made the game arbitrarily complicated. And anyway, it was a very materialistic game.

File: 1415153456761.jpg (161 KB, 600x350)
161 KB
161 KB JPG
How does one find a straight acting fag in a flamboyant city like Austin?
Stop being a pretentious dumbfuck with no good qualities to offer a partner, and you will see quality partners appear as if from the mist. I know for a fact that there's tons of "straight acting" faggots in Austin. I hang out with them all the time. But you're probably the same sneering asshole they actively avoid and spends too much of their time wasting their life on the internet.

Learning nothing. Doing nothing. Being nothing.

File: 82f.jpg (570 KB, 2448x3264)
570 KB
570 KB JPG
I'm trying to understand what motivates people to be trans.

As a teenager I was very androgynous - I had long wavy hair, was super thin, had pronounced lips, had earrings, the whole deal, and the people I looked up to were androgynous types like glam-era David Bowie, Lord Byron, Raw Power-era Iggy Pop, Brett Anderson of Suede, etc. and I was coming to terms with being bisexual (though I've always preferred women).

Now I'm in my mid 20s and I'm masculine in appearance - short hair, stubble, some muscle. I've never felt masculine deep down, but I also don't feel unmasculine, and by presenting as masculine I don't feel dishonest about myself, I just see it as a tool - if I'm masculine, more girls seem interested in me. Therefor presentation is a tool by which to affect how people perceive and treat me. I don't see a difference in how gay guys treat me, so that's a wash, but obviously if I was a trans woman I would lose their interest. And for me personally, I'm generally not attracted to trans folks - I like masculine men and feminine women,.

It seems like trans folks are shooting themselves in the foot because they lose the interest of gay men, who like guys, and straight women, who also like guys, plus most straight guys won't be interested anyway since they won't want a trans partner (for MTFs, obviously). It shrinks the pool pretty extremely.

I just don't understand screwing ones self over socially instead of just using their presentation as a tool. Am I just the odd one for having no real attachment to a gender identity?
You have an attachment to your gender identity whether you know it or not. If you woke up with massive tits and a vagina, you'd get why FtMs are FtMs. It's a body-mapping issue in the brain currently believed to be caused by a rush of hormones in the womb. They don't treat it the way they do other mental issues because they tried to do that for decades before they realized it doesn't work. Surgeries and hormone treatments are the best option currently. Most of the time, they relieve the majority of dysphoria and they lower the transgender suicide rate to near the average cisgender rate. Nobody chooses to be trans, because in addition to the stress it inherently carries, it's got the social inhibitations you listed.

I wonder if sexual position and relationship dominance are as connected as we think.
>Take this quiz (2 mins tops) http://www.alphawomanthebook.com/quiz/
>state your letter
>state your sex position (top/vers/bottom)
>post/ state your score
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You obviously don't work in retail.
Good clerks sell things.
No clue. I wouldn't exactly say I'm alpha of any sort. I'm definitely sexually submissive. However the circumstances of my life (not just the trans thing but also that) have necessitated I ensure I know what I'm doing, that I have a plan, and that I succeed in that plan. I don'd have a lot of patience for stupid bullshit because well my entire life has been nothing at all but stupid bullshit. I have to be confident and sure in my decisions once I ultimately make them, because everyone in society feels the need to chime in and say what they think about how I live my life.

Basically if you are trans, but try to live like a regular person instead of a perpetual victim you develop a very thick skin and a certain attitude about pushing forward through the shit.
iI hope you retards know this isn't science.
>a zillion questions
yeah, no.
You mean internet quizzes aren't real? Oh gosh what have I been doing with my life!? All these years wasted doing what the quiz told me.

File: 21553.jpg (262 KB, 1024x681)
262 KB
262 KB JPG
Gay general: Favorite Animal Edition (don't be creepy about this please)

Pic is mine
The sunbathing crocodile
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Are you gonna get your butt rekt? Any particularly degenerate plans?


>20 minutes from now
File: smells like a man.png (426 KB, 540x672)
426 KB
426 KB PNG

Musksluts unite


Nice music too

He's pretty big, I'm looking forward to it
But it's mostly vanilla with a little d/s

>virgin start out with a big weiner

Make sure he eats your bum

File: 1435385731081.jpg (434 KB, 1700x960)
434 KB
434 KB JPG
So what exactly is the argument against the idea that homosexuality is just a deterioration of a person's sexuality, in which the person gives up on actual sexuality, between the opposite sex, and creates a second rate version of it for themselves in which the boundary of reality is crossed, where the same sex can be used as a sort of makeshift opposite sex?

Ask yourself. Really. How could homosexuality be anything else?

I want to hear some real arguments.
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It makes more sense to say she was born without a womb that it does to say she is infertile. That's the difference. The absence of a womb is obviously more significant than the indirect fact of infertility.

She is still heterosexual though, so she can still be said in at least some way to reproduce (naturally) in theory. That's all that matters. Even if it's essentially vicariously. Homosexuals cannot ever reproduce (naturally) in theory. Not even vicariously. The single thing which they require in order to 'reproduce' is technology, and that takes the situation into a whole other rung of operation such that the argument becomes meaningless from both sides.

The difference is that a man is having sex with somebody who is chromosomally female. You examine the generality of the language, which matters because it's the most basic thing possible, the true least common denominator of the situation, you abstract it from the particular situation of the particular male and the particular female and say 'males and females /in general/ CAN reproduce', and that 'males and other males /in general/ CANNOT reproduce'. And that's all that matters. That's the absolute bottom line of the argument. In order to find truth for issues which are inherently general such as that of 'sexuality' (in general, i.e. its categories) we must therefore equally examine only the generality of the situation. And that generality is demonstrated linguistically.
>Homosexual relationships have existed since ancient times.
False. That's a post-hoc rationalisation of things which simply seem now from the distance of time to be the same thing but which are in fact not. In the ancient world they literally did not have words for 'homosexual' or even 'heterosexual' in the sense in which they are used today.

What you're referring to is actually better understood as sexual debauchery. The abuse of the sexual capacity. The difference between now and then is it's not a matter of abuse but of straight up misuse. Back then they at least admitted to the absurdity of exclusive same sex relationships. Same sex sexual behaviours occurred as a rule on an inclusive basis. And that sort of sexual behaviour is categorically different from what we have fabricated today, this concept of a man and another man loving each other as a man would love a woman.

And the thing that really seals the deal, the thing which personally convinced me, is that (exclusive) homosexuality is so obviously a sociocultural construct which can only ever come into existence full blown when the genders have been neutralised. It's not a coincident that the gay rights movement was preceded by feminism. It's such a simple pattern of clear decay I personally don't understand how anybody could deny it. But then I realise it's just out of ignorance that any of you do.

Also I said schizophrenia like literally twice and in the same post. What's wrong with you?

No my argument actually doesn't have any obvious fallings. Sure people here have had contentions with it, but I showed them clearly how they were misunderstanding it incorrectly.

It's not my fault you lack the patience to see any truth here.
ITT: we push doublethink to its limits with a pretentious autist
The fact that women are generally capable of reproducing is irrelevant. Would you drive a car that no wheels? If so, why would you have sex with a woman that can't reproduce? Clearly there must be reasons for sex other than reproduction.

And what exactly is your evidence that homosexuality is a new thing?
When you ask me about driving a car with no wheels, don't you see you're asking a necessarily loaded question?

Is a 'car' with no wheels really a car at all? What happened to the car to strip it of its wheels? Did it not have wheels before? If it never had wheels to begin with, in what meaningful case could we be calling this object a car? Not merely in some sort of descriptive, figurative language (in the same way I could describe dinnertime as a 'vehicle' which satiates my hunger), but in an actually prescriptive sense.

Do you see the difference there?

There are 'reasons' for sex other than reproduction, the point is however the fact of a primary reason versus a merely secondary one. If reproduction was not the primary reason for sex, how would we even be alive having this conversation right now?

The evidence that homosexuality is a new thing is as follows:
>the distinction between homosexual and heterosexual was created in the 19th century
>when it was created it was meant to be inherently descriptive
>it was created from the perspective of distinguishing homosexuality from heterosexuality, and not vice versa
and most importantly:
>when historians or anthropologists describe relations which occurred in times prior to the invention of the distinction, they are grasping at a proverbial straw, in the very same way they're reaching when they describe the monetary system of some primitive proto-culture as having, indeed, a 'monetary system' or, the way I put it earlier, an 'institution of finance'. Do you see that I only call it a monetary system in the same exact way, for the same exact reason? Because there is simply a lack of anything else with which to verbally compare it.

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.

File: ....jpg (127 KB, 500x333)
127 KB
127 KB JPG
I identify as demisexual, think of it as you want. Here is the whole story, hopefully this makes all sense. I only fall in love with my friends, my best friends. I only have sexual desires for those who i love and I do not give a fuck about having sex with others.

Here is the problem, I'm in love with my best friend (not the first one), who as far as I am aware is a heterosexual male. I know that nothing can ever happen because, although he loves me like a brother he will never love me like I love him. I should say that i feel slightly obsessed with him.. I've tried to explain to others what this is like, but really no one understands me because they have natural sexual desires, but i only have those desires to those who I love.

I honestly feel so alone. I'm not normally emotional at all, nor do i ever feel lonely. Here is why: the feeling i have for my best friends can never be reciprocated. A. By the time i fall in love with them they already have an idea of what I am to them (schema) B. Many of them are heterosexual males.

So if you ever been something like this or have any advice let me know. Are there any people that identify as demisexual around here? is that even the right term?

I honestly been really depressed about this and could use any help.
Demisexual is some made-up term by a 15yo furry role player online from years ago to describe howe much of a total slut her furry character was.

>I can only feel attracted to people when I love them!! It must be some brand new sexerality. That means I'm uppressd! Feel bad for meeeeee!!

Fuck off.
You're probably right. I don't want you to feel bad for, I don't care about what you think of me. I just want to know if anyone has experienced something similar.
If there is a better label please share.

File: 7X9ZMBU.jpg (150 KB, 1024x768)
150 KB
150 KB JPG
The old one is dead. Long live the new thread!
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oh wow, nice, I'm 20. thanks
File: IMG_20140614_161730485.jpg (220 KB, 720x1280)
220 KB
220 KB JPG
19, mtf pre-everything at the moment, haven't even come out. Will I ever make it?
File: IMG_20140629_213531382.jpg (222 KB, 720x1280)
222 KB
222 KB JPG
Oh, this photos are over a year old for the record, but not much has changed.
how did you do in your job interview?
I think so. Your face looks feminine to me.

File: 5qlE7Ol.jpg (187 KB, 800x712)
187 KB
187 KB JPG
Hey guys, wanted to ask for some input on how to ask this guy out. I think he's closeted.

> Really cute, funny, buff.
> Very natural fashion, wears loose simple cloth clothes.
> Shaves his head bald, which I find sexy and clean.
> Very understanding/empathetic, listens a lot.
> In touch with his spiritual side, goes to church and meditates a lot. Studies theology at college.
> Long periods of silence. Very contemplative.
> Mikes his own homebrew beer and wine, which is fucking fantastic.
> Volunteers for charity work often.
> Makes amazing homemade pretzels.
> Also takes Latin lessons.
> Keeps a large indoor herb garden.
> Reads a lot of old philosophy/religious texts.
> Works out a lot, has a deep interest and appreciation of the male form and ancient greek/roman statues.

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
Have you considered just asking him out?
Yeah. If you're friends, ask if he'd like to hang out with you privately, go out for a thing you'd enjoy. Don't over complicate it, especially if you have rapport.
If you don't jump on that, I will.

This OP, give us his contact info.

File: 1348470035504s.jpg (11 KB, 203x250)
11 KB
>be me, decently passing mtf transgirl
>somehow the galaxies align and I find a bf
>first 2 months, hes fantastic. Really supportive of my transition and understands my boundaries which I made clear
>After that, he recently starts to drop hints about my cock claiming he wants to touch it etc and when I tell him to stop it he says he was kidding.
>Starts bumping into my cock on purpose and during sex he will "Accidentally" touch it
>3 nights ago he tried it again but this time he literally grabbed my entire crotch area
>slap him hard and tell him he knows that I dont like that
>tfw he starts going crazy about how I never treat him nicely
>tfw he left and hasn't returned my calls since then

Please tell me what to do guys :(
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She wants a boyfriend, not a chaser you idiot.




I think defending herself is a reasonable justification to the slap.


She can at least keep trying to see where he is
absobloodylutly, op should stop being a faggot and let his boyfriend suck his cock
or get out the scissors.....make up your mind. or learn to deal with the way your body is, just like the rest of us learn to play with the cards we are dealt and not throw all our toys out the pram. lucky you that most turks are faggots already.

You're a douchebag.


His cock? girls have cocks too get over it
So if I'm a guy who is only physically attracted to women but not a huge fan of the vag and would rather play with cocknballs would I be considered a "chaser"?

Welcome to /lesgen/, this is a Christian thread and so no degeneracy will be allowed. This is a space for girls to discuss loving other girls and everything that comes with it, respectable girly hobbies, Christian lifestyle and more.

Degenerates and punks stay out from our garden of maidens.
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ur mom might
They are cunts. No.

>going out with some random bitch
>she sleeps around all the time but I'm an idiot
>eventually get sick of her shit, cut all ties with her
>a year goes by
>she changes pic
>she got fat and you can see her armpit hair is pink
>finally I'm free!
File: ゴン.gif (156 KB, 180x165)
156 KB
156 KB GIF
It feels so lonely being a lesbian when you remember most girls would never ever consider another girl as a possible romantic partner even for a bit. It feels even worse that they would rather have the companionship of some random dude than a girl.

Why must cute girls like the disgusting hairy and smelly creatures that men are. Feels like shit, man.
File: gross.jpg (41 KB, 322x365)
41 KB
>you can see her armpit hair is pink
I was in a nightmare like that before. You need to dig yourself out. This isn't going to go well for you. You need to get around people who don't want to use you until you learn to stand up for yourself.

Another transgirl bites the dust
havent seen a thread about it

159 replies and 30 images omitted. Click here to view.
I agree with this guy.

We should have another board just to post dead trans, because gee... you guys die alot. We should call it "T-metery".
File: lalalily new hair due.jpg (261 KB, 1545x1438)
261 KB
261 KB JPG
Here you go anon. They certainly do look like a sociopathic killer from the movies.

Cute. But I have to refrain from curiosity because I am not getting a clear gender signal and don't want to pose rude questions.
They're gender queer feminist lesbian identified. Basically your average tumblr crazy.

File: lain-is-a-bear.jpg (48 KB, 1008x720)
48 KB
>What you’re looking for
>What you’re not looking for
>Likes (Video Games, Movies, Books, Music)
>Text / Mic / Cam
>Are you a NEET?
>Skype name
5 replies and 1 image omitted. Click here to view.

you would fgt

Stop it goddammit. You are doing the devil's work! You shall be burned for your transgressions!

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