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File: brian-sims.gif (72 KB, 300x424)
72 KB
Last thread: >>5692378
Keeping it real in this thread since the new thread isn't even a real thread. This is the true Gaygen.

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He seems pretty vanilla sooooo no.

Yeah but like he's going to expect at least something sexual so he'll probs get mad and I genuinely want him as a friend so idk what to do.
File: JOKE.jpg (12 KB, 478x361)
12 KB
>gay sex hookup app
>i just want to hang out and not have sex
>proceed in leading gay guy on thinking they'll have sex, since it is a gay sex app
Are you this retarded?
You call that a joke? You're just as retarded if not more.
I have 'chat' and 'friendship' on my profile and I told him I'm not looking for anything sexual soooo no?

File: Husky.jpg (226 KB, 1024x768)
226 KB
226 KB JPG
>This Michigan legislator is attempting to ban sodomy while the Flint water crisis rages on

The legislature insists that the law
>doesn’t target gay people
but claims that it
>applies to both same-sex and heterosexual couples.

It reads in part,
>“the abominable and detestable crime against nature with mankind or with any animal.”
Because the law uses the word “mankind” many suspect that it reaffirms the sodomy laws that are already on the books.

The bill was was well-meaning;
>it began as an attempt to create a registry of animal abusers.

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Oh right, silly me, I forgot that the gays are going to bring the downfall of society.

They were groomed to do it for human entertainment. It's disgusting what humans make animals do for youtube views or money. You think some human just magically stumbled onto them having sex while recording a video of something else? Nope, they were groomed..

You wont find any sort of interspecies sex happening in the wild. You won't even find gay behavior in the wild..it only happens on zoos or in unnatural habitats.

That's the truth.
>all this does is illustrate why putting sex between adults and sex between a human and animal together is completely fucking insane
Not really, then you're just using another human as a masturbatory device, which doesn't really matter if the other person "consents" or not. I'm not supportive of legislation to ban sodomy (because straight couples could effectively have rampant sex for nothing but pleasure), but I am supportive of it being frowned upon. Certain pleasures are meant to be experienced at certain times, misuse of these only contributes to social entropy, as we're seeing today.
National Geographic says otherwise

This video is 10/10, actually.
>Who would have thought that the great and powerful lion, is secretly a sissy faggot?

/lgbt/ people have only ever existed inside big civilizations...

Never outside civilization or in the wild..where real human pioneers live...

You won't find them amongst tribal people either. They also didn't exist in most Indian tribes despite internet myths...

LGBT is a social engineered disease.

File: pride-flag.jpg (336 KB, 2000x1000)
336 KB
336 KB JPG
It's time to be all-inclusive, guys. End stigma, stop discrimination.
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File: 0006B8.png (598 KB, 964x688)
598 KB
598 KB PNG
File: 0009CB.jpg (335 KB, 1228x900)
335 KB
335 KB JPG
File: 000D15.png (16 KB, 316x270)
16 KB
File: 000B23.jpg (107 KB, 690x432)
107 KB
107 KB JPG
File: 000A64.png (698 KB, 661x1000)
698 KB
698 KB PNG

File: 1339424250973.gif (1.6 MB, 200x151)
1.6 MB
1.6 MB GIF
Is it more AGP to get GRS or to keep your penis?
It's generally considered more AGP to keep it but I have AGP centered on cutting it off so...
>Anonymous 02/08/16(Mon)03:06:51 No.5688271▶
>Is it more AGP to get GRS or to keep your penis?

Its AGP to be newman
I don't know why everyone hates Newman

He seems like an okay guy. I'd rather be friends with him other Jerry or George.
The choices don't seem very good though, so I can see why someone would non-op unless they absolutely hate their dick.

You either keep a semi-functional dick and sterile balls or have someone mutilate it to make it kind of look like a vagina that you have to dilate every day so your gaping wound doesn't heal closed.
>dilate every day

top kek, try dilate every week after a year and eventually every month in which case just having sex is enough to stop the need to dilate.

>gaping wound doesn't heal closed

it's not a piercing senpai, it's not a fissure that you need to keep open so that the raw flesh inside forms scar tissue. Even someone with basic knowledge of srs knows that they line the inside of the vagina with skin from either the penis or scrotum, this binds to the walls of the new cavity within the first week. It's basically skin on skin in there and if you hold your arms together they won't heal together will they? The reason you need to dilate is because in order to make the vagina they have to cut through a pevlic floor muscle, a muscle that isn't used to being pushed apart. Dilating "trains" it in a sense to not just shut tight closed again but even if you didn't dilate it would never "heal" shut because there's nothing to heal as there's no open wound like you seem to think.

File: 1453994091765.jpg (15 KB, 360x270)
15 KB
>tfw e-boyfriend tells you he doesn't love you anymore
How do I move on and leave him?
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File: NoCountryForTLJ.jpg (5 KB, 287x176)
5 KB
Tfw when attractive and hung bf tells you he is straight after a few hot af fuck sessionz
what should I do if I'm 'e-boyfriend'?
I really dont want to cause any suffering and Im genuinely not interested
By getting an actual boyfriend.
Man the fuck up and tell him the truth now so he can begin moving on. If there's anything I want my boyfriend to be is honest with me, about everything, even that if it comes down to it. Stringing someone along is shit.

File: GayBros.jpg (48 KB, 588x350)
48 KB
Lets talk about manly things such as:
>professional life in the office work being a masculine male who is gay
>our family life (including partner/bf life)
>hobbies that are not of a feminine nature
>technological advances in the gay community (artificial genetic binding of male egg and male sperm, etc.)
>vacation spots where camping and being a masculine man is prevalent
>metallurgy, carpentry,smithing, and other manly works
>cars and car works
>any gay masculine male political debates (not feminine rainbows and dragqueen displays of rights, but actual masculine gay male responses to government and social acceptance on a rational and respectable platform.)
Anything more that can be added that defines what it is to be a masculine gay male in society today is appreciated.

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I can deadlift 575 for 8 reps fuckboy, my T levels are twice the average mans
Dominating pretty things is natural, wanting to put your dick in a hairy ass is borderline mental illness
Either that, or you're wrong.
Bum bum bi dum
File: awwrd.png (13 KB, 200x200)
13 KB
>be twink
>act masc to erase suspicion
>secretly find all that stuff hot
it only works because hes asian

File: 1455014247781.jpg (235 KB, 968x999)
235 KB
235 KB JPG
>be hetero
>be in upper secondary school
>be kinda feminine and passing for girl even i didn't try
>get bullied
>have no friends
>start high school
>everybody thinks i'm gay
>get a lot of friends because everybody love gay people
>make out with some gay people to upheld my cover
>start college
>still feminine and gay looking
>say i'm hetero
>everybody think i'm gay and that i should come out of the closet
>try to lift to become more masculine

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
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Transition and you'll get the bi girls. The gay men will leave you alone and the straight guys mostly will too because of the stigma.
File: 1450618918863.jpg (160 KB, 600x600)
160 KB
160 KB JPG
>accidentally let some gay people fuck me
File: 1450094752064.png (763 KB, 800x800)
763 KB
763 KB PNG
>Accidentally let some gay people fuck me
That shit is real tho, example: let's say you invite a stranger to do some fucking but you can't remember how she looked like(because I was too drunk the first time I fucked her) and then when she comes you get this feeling of "noo what have I gotten myself into" and don't want to be rude and tell her you don't want to have sex so you just fuck her just so you don't hurt her feelings or make things awkward.
You're not straight OP you just haven't met the right guy

File: image.png (752 KB, 1136x640)
752 KB
752 KB PNG
Anyone else have positive experience with breast and butt augmentation?

I'm a 5'10" transwoman and decided to go the non-hormones route and skip the therapy as all that. I've gotten many compliments from men who have told me that they didn't realize I was trans until I told them. Most people agree that I'm passable. I have never touched hormones, but instead opted for fat grafting in my butt, as well as butt and breast implants by Dr. Karabis. I have also maintained a low-protein high-fat diet and gotten laser hair removal. I would recommend gummy implants for a more realistic look, although I wish they made them in larger sizes.

Some of you may recognize me because of my tripcode, I have posted several pictures of myself before and linked my tumblr and I have received nothing but support from this community.

The main reason I decided to go the non-hormone route is because I enjoy having a high sex drive and wouldn't want to sacrifice that aspect of myself.
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Post pics.
Did someone say augmentation?
this is pretty rare though, you dont see guys like this everyday and then it still goes away with years
>not gonna take hormones
>its cool if you call me a crossdresser

OP, you look like a man still, and as you get older you will age more into a man, your faint look of femininity you possess now, will slip away. then you will just be some weird fucking older guy with tits and a fucked up looking bubble butt.

but any way good luck with your fetish there op.
>take only spiro and no other hormone because they were scared of infertility.
LOL spiro is literally what causes infertility. they aren't very bright are they?

Lesgen: Upcoming Valentines Edition

Tell me lesgen, who is your Valentine?
Are you doing anything special?
If you're single, what are your plans?

Old thread
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I have to wear makeup and mostly the name brand stuff . I won't go out the door without it. I'm also a lipstick though so I think that's common.
I don't wear makeup besides, job interviews and the like. Even then it's barely anything. I kinda want to start getting into makeup but I'm incompetent. I wouldn't mind either way if a girl I dated wore makeup or not.
Pls date me, we can be a lipstick power couple and exchange make-up and fashion tips with each other.
I don't wear makeup much. I might put on some eyeliner if I'm going to a punk show. Maybe on a regular day I'll wear some mascara and berry lipstain if I wanna feel extra cute.
Usually just a chapsticker though

I'd totally date a girl who wears makeup. It'd be hard to relate sometimes if she was the kinda girl who feels insecure without makeup. And it'd be annoying if she never believed me when I say she's beautiful without it.

It's cool seeing what some girls do with the art of makeup. And I do cosplay bullshit so she can help me with that.

I imagine you with burning coal embers for eyes.
Wouldn't date a short fem petite dom girl with a steady job, an adventurous personality, who wants to travel, loves food, wants to cook together and even snuggle up with hot chocolate and read books and play videogames together sometimes? G-good I wouldn't want you either..

File: ZtaZlWj_1.jpg (40 KB, 395x341)
40 KB
will this big daddy derek guy fuck off
4 replies omitted. Click here to view.
We all know who it is
Why? What did he do?
shit posts mean things
> being this obsessed with "Big Daddy Derek" enough to make a thread about it
Tripcode was exposed a long time ago, brah.

File: toomuchgayporn.png (7 KB, 576x439)
7 KB
sex with condoms fucking suck, like the pleasure has been muted with a fucking rubber blocking your nerves and skin.

I wanna go raw so bad

how do you guys feel about condoms and sex?
Meh. I buy those condoms with the sorta ballooned end that doesnt stick to your dick and slides around. They feel pretty good.
Personally, the only thing that makes a difference in the quality of sex is how much I care about the person I'm fucking.
Ive gone raw in hookups(when I was younger and stupid, thankfully I never got a STI) and it didn't honestly feel noticeably better.
And I've worn condoms with boyfriends and close fuck-buddies and it felt so fucking awesome that I had to slow down to keep from cumming after a minute.
better safe than sorry
Does it feel good enough to risk getting HIV though? That's the question.

If you have a partner you trust enough not to sleep around and you have seen the paper with their std/hiv results then go for it.
We need to make it socially acceptable to ask for STD screening results.
... it already is?

File: 1333828125683.jpg (62 KB, 320x240)
62 KB
I have some questions and want to get some opinions or experience anybody's had with referring to trans friends in the past, before they began transitioning or even knew themselves.

Basically I have two FtM friends, one (I'll call S) who started transitioning a few years ago, has been going on T for a couple months, and just got top surgery. Another (I'll call C) only in the past 6 months or so started coming out as trans and started using a male name and pronouns.

Since it's kind of the crux of my confusion I'm gonna just refer to both of them before they transitioned as "she". I have no issue at all using their male names and pronouns now, this is just about the past.

I have a pretty easy time seeing S as always having been a guy. I didn't really know "her" that much when I was younger, but she was always a massive tomboy and such. I remember talking with her at one point just before she graduated high school, not long before she came out and started transitioning, and she talked about coming out as a lesbian and that she thought she might be trans but that her mom talked her out of it (wooh boy his mom is a whole screwed up part of his story...). Looking back it just kinda makes sense that she was actually trans.

C on the other hand I have a much more difficult time trying to think of as being a guy in the past, mostly because I had my first relationship with "her". She was a very feminine person when I first met and dated her, in the years after started being a bit more androgynous, and then in the past couple months has started coming out and working on transitioning. It's not a "I'm not gay bro!" thing, since I'm bi and could probably see myself dating a trans guy just fine, but it just doesn't work in my head calling our relationship a "gay" one since I didn't know, and she didn't really know either at the time, that she was trans.

It also just feels weird to me when people like C's sister talk about the past back in her childhood, about her "brother".

File: 1449960448445.jpg (42 KB, 432x288)
42 KB
Valentine's Day Edition

Non-sexual and platonic intimacy; how do you express it?

Old: >>5381677

Friendly reminder that you can hide the thread by clicking the little minus sign to the left, or by filtering "/acegen/" through 4chan's settings (top right). For those of you who continue to insist that we do not belong here: /lgbt/ is the most relevant board on 4chan for the discussion of GSRMs (gender, sexual, romantic minorities) which includes asexuals and asexuality

>So, what exactly IS asexuality?

There are two commonly used definitions, the first (from dictionary.reference.com):

asexual (a-sek-shoo-el) in medicine
3. lacking interest or desire in sex

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
300 replies and 44 images omitted. Click here to view.
It's probably a good time to think about a theme for the next thread. I kind of had a feeling that this one wasn't going to last quite until valentine's day.
We actually chatted pretty significantly!
We should definitely include the map in the OP next time.
Considering how long the last thread went, I'm surprised this one lasted short a time.
I think the shitposters helped that
I've tried working it in but had failure in doing so. It's too tightly packed. The OP is good as-is, whomever posts just needs to make the first post the map

Also, topic idea: maybe a friendship edition? Nice contrast to the romantic stuff
Hm, what kind of question should we say about friends?
Like maybe-

Do you think you put extra effort into maintaining friendships to get your emotional intimacy through those means?

Shit idk how to phrase that.


Did any of you do anything special for your friends to show your platonic love on Valentine's day?

Or just
How do you show your platonic love for your friends?

File: Trans Help General-.png (209 KB, 694x907)
209 KB
209 KB PNG
This is the Trans Help General thread. We'll try to help you here with everything related to being transgender.
This includes questioning, appearance, daily trans problems, medical info, general info and other interesting stuff to name a few.

MTF, FTM and questioning people are all welcome here to help eachother and discuss possible solutions.

You can also share your transgender related stories here. Just came out? Or you just need to get something off your chest?
Maybe something wonderful happened today! We'll be glad to hear it, it's always good to know we're not going through this alone.

Articles, Studies and General information about Questioning, Transitioning and other stuff: http://pastebin.com/CyW1dXV8
Lots of useful links about/for transgender people: http://pastebin.com/h1vLPxyV
Transgender FAQ: http://pastebin.com/8QbKyShU
Am i trans/ trans help threads archive:

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
75 replies and 2 images omitted. Click here to view.
So I'm posting for my little bro again, already made post like 8 hours ago
He wanna become trans not just because he doesn't feel home in his body, its because he might fail school and think its atractive
What I mean by that is he could easily get a man that makes good money or go into porn bussiness etc. , so if he does fail school he can be sure to be able to live (in a not NEET way)
The only thing thats keeping him is coming out to family and if he'll be a hon or just not look attractive in general (looking at some youtube videos of MtF, they all look shemale)
Pic related is him, just turned 14 and voice hasn't dropped yet
there's not much advice I can give you, we don't even have injectable here, but sublingual estrogen is probably better for your liver than progynova in the long run.

if you're not like perma-drunk and have a healthy liver otherwise both should be fine though probably.
blockers now desu, dont let him honify
thanks for actually being helpful. i can see my cross-post in /mtfg/ did nothing positive, lol.
>i can see my cross-post in /mtfg/ did nothing positive, lol.
We are just so useless unless you're looking for an extremely creepy orgy in the Portland area.

File: 1454679090691.jpg (1.01 MB, 1437x1179)
1.01 MB
1.01 MB JPG
Why do you pilot the eva, gaygen?

first impact >>5692378
166 replies and 27 images omitted. Click here to view.
File: image.jpg (1.65 MB, 3264x2448)
1.65 MB
1.65 MB JPG
It's so grey outside

I love it ;-;

They look delicious, like the down ends of a Slavic witch's house.
File: image.jpg (65 KB, 590x590)
65 KB

Shinji takes it farther though.
More fem than all of femgen put together and then some

>KAWORU Hahaha. You really can't swim, can you?
>SHINJI You're so mean. I trusted you…… Shinji bursts out into tears and buries his face into Kaworu's shoulder, sobbing without hesitation.
>KAWORU Let's go home separately. I don't want to hurt you any more./ Kaworu leaves by himself. Shinji stands there in a sea of despair

>ASUKA (Poking Shinji's cheek) Hey, Shinji, say something. Shin-chan.
>SHINJI (Coldly pushing her hand away) Don't touch me with your filthy hands… SHINJI Funny hearing this from you. You're the one who started that disgusting rumor. I don't want to see your face, get out.
You paint a nice picture.


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