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File: haruhi-character.jpg (164 KB, 1680x1050)
164 KB
164 KB JPG
I hate myself and want to careermaxx but I'm also at the point where I cracked and want to take HRT, but I'm worried about it affecting my job even if I manmode.

Is anyone doing this?
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Probably just being on HRT and doing nothing with my life

> hey trust me with more responsibility when im so unhinged ill kill myself if you dont pretend im a woman
What career are you in that being a tranny wouldn't help?
Affirmative action max
I'm just gonna manmode on HRT

>What career are you in that being a tranny wouldn't help?
I'm in office work but obviously HRT would significantly hinder your ability to do physical labor

>Affirmative action max
Being a troon probably hurts your career in the long run unless your goal is specifically to be a DEI grifter.
Diversity hiring is a meme. If they're specifically hiring someone solely based on their race and gender and can't pick white man they'll just pick cis woman over trannies or brown men.
Women do physical labor

He creeps me out so much. I feel like I wouldn't be safe in a room alone with him. Makes me wanna showet

Why do they do this
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Because genocide is bad actually
like 1/3 - 1/2 of the protestors there are probably jewish
3rd down looks like something that gave me a quest in Oblivion in 2008.
I don't want everyone who dislikes me to die lol
bot post

File: Fqvmx4MaYAAp_iM.jpg (208 KB, 1857x2119)
208 KB
208 KB JPG
>Be me
>Autistic tranny
>Realize that the way I verbally stim is by making puppy girl noises
>That I even do it alone
kms why did you guys do this to me?
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I'm pretty cute. The fluffy hair probably helps with the image and making it seem a bit more normal.
File: 1493772951181.jpg (63 KB, 519x500)
63 KB
Shut the fuck up or im going to rape you and shove both my fucking fists inside your filthy asshole.
File: 1517797543001.jpg (138 KB, 1247x810)
138 KB
138 KB JPG
Sorry, i only fist real grillz, get dunked on dummy

File: 15098060.png (144 KB, 384x383)
144 KB
144 KB PNG
It's crazy seeing that this board exists, given the 4chan fame. It's funny that it doesn't even get mentioned in other boards
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Yeah I think you're right, that guy pretending it used to be full of gays and trannys is deluding himself
File: nigga.jpg (188 KB, 1283x895)
188 KB
188 KB JPG
ayo senpai i just came to this baord today and gotDAYUM deres soem fuckin GAE shit goin on in diz mothafucka here skibida ba bixnood
yeah 2016 was when it got bad
Tons pf people were supporting him for the meme because nobody thought he'd actually win. Somehow it became unironic over time
I wouldn't say his support was completely ironic, it's more that the board was full of fringe racist stuff that was done for a laugh and nobody ever expected to take seriously, that or it was just full on schizo stormniggers which people were always complaining about.
Trump changed the dynamic of American politics to bring that schizo fringe into the mainstream, perhaps the people who though that stuff were bullshit suddenly saw some credibility in it since there was a popular presidential candidate that a large portion of the country were getting behind.
based thread bump

File: IMG_5244.jpg (85 KB, 820x519)
85 KB
> hrt <= 12
> hrt 13-16
> hrt 17-19
> hrt 20-22
> hrt 23-25
> hrt >25
dont even bother tier
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Can confirm. I had Kallmann syndrome, transitioned at 21, ended up being 6’5” with no facial hair, 5” taller than my dad.
how tf is the average teenager supposed to pay for diy? I had a bank account but my family could see all transactions on it, as well as any package I got was a weird novelty to happen and thus I had to open it in front of them
Yeah this, I had helicopter parents but I don't think any of my friends as a teen could pay and get that stuff discreetly, I think you have to be an adult to own a PO box too.
is this only applicable to E or T as well

Why is so much femboy/trap/CD fashion centered around Y2K styles?

Layered cami-tops, arm and leg warmers, raglan shirts, pastel colors etc
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File: Untitled.png (323 KB, 1153x835)
323 KB
323 KB PNG
first result lol
I love it since the first time it was around. I missed it so much when hipster fashion became popular. Thank god girls dress like that again.
>Straight outa Portland
Asian men are honorary women.

File: 1677149471916250.jpg (760 KB, 1969x2953)
760 KB
760 KB JPG
>cut balls off
>have absolutely zero drive sex or incentive to find sex or to even masturbate
>brain is constantly obsessing about sex
>levels are fine
>feel nothing when i orgasm
>constantly having erotic thoughts but at the same time dont care enough to do anything about it
will srs fix this
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how much sexual content are you exposing yourself to in media and online. Like obviously a decent amount just for using this board. But content we expose ourselves to regularly imprints into the subconscious leading to having related thoughts even when removed from the stimulus. if you want to avoid sexual thoughts deal with horniness when it arises and avoid sexual content. my secret stratagem for turning myself ace
no... i must have been ambiguous because i meant i want srs to stop my erotic thoughts entirely

i hate sex
>i hate sex
are you sure you are trans and there isn't something else wrong with you?
>i hate sex
fucking based
>i hate sex
you just need a good deep dicking to sort you right out, get on progesterone for a month to try it out, if you don't like it it's ok, but you gotta try it once.

File: IMG_4637.jpg (253 KB, 1000x1471)
253 KB
253 KB JPG
This series was crafted in a lab by a team of Jewish scientists to make young women want to be boys.
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so are these jews genuinely into it, or do they just want to use male girls as weapons against their enemies desuka?
Ya'll remember *the* episode with Kyouya?
The universal tranny experience at some point.
Only part of that episode trannies experience was when Haruhi hid in the closet.
Mori was the one I liked most as a teen, I don't think I was attracted to any of the others.
so i just remembered the intro and thinking back to when i watched this as a child. when i was, while a little happier, also naive, almost thinking that maybe someday, maybe i would just become a woman just by hoping for it
but just remembering that its almost been 20 years since then...

File: Hotaru.jpg (697 KB, 1440x1465)
697 KB
697 KB JPG
>turn down a male friend of mine
>he handles it well
>I mention this to my mom while we're talking
>"If a guy takes it well after being turned down, he's just trying to make you feel guilty and like you're the bad guy. Don't fall for his tricks, all men are pieces of shit. No exceptions."
I see, so that's how it is...
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no wonder you turned into a tranny
Kek, sounds like she's seething about a similar experience of hers in the past
>I like you.
>>I don't like you.
>Oh it's okay. sorry
>>You manipulative jerk!!! How dare you!!
>>You better fix what you said right now!!!
>Um... it's... .... not... okay? sorry
>>So now you'rs telling me what I can't do?!
>uh uh m.. umm it's... sometimes okay??
>>You aren't the boss of me do you understand me??!
>yes maam
>>what am I? an old lady?!
>N-no. I just. I got it! It's both okay and not okay!
>>That doesn't make any sense!

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
Bro your mom is fucking insane I'm sorry
>take shitty experience that you likely had from associating with shitty people
>extrapolate your neurotic bias to huge parts of the population
>now that you're old people your bias now becomes "wisdom" and you can just state it as fact
parents can't keep getting away with it

File: 1713732612948025m.jpg (53 KB, 1024x533)
53 KB
Dear trans women
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if you see life solely from the perspective of straight men who fear being anally raped by gay men I guess
You can't get rid of me so easily.
this is how you know trans women are truly women
No fuck you I'm going to keep getting nutted in by sweaty chuds
My boyfriend is conservative but he's pro-trans and wants me to be his trad wife.

Is that what you guys are claiming?
That an actual pediatrician wants to conversion therapy a cute babe into a towering male... you guys actually believe that???? Just one question - Where's your evidence.?
shave his head and pump him full of testosterone before it is too late
no one is doing that lol
they need to

File: IMG_6575.png (205 KB, 1200x675)
205 KB
205 KB PNG
>be me
>started dating and being sexual with my bf

He calls my asshole my pussy. Is he saying I’m a girl or I should transition? It’s so weird. I’m not trans and even though he’s older I’m way more masculine
It's not that deep, it's just a word to refer to your asshole in a way that sounds hotter to him than "asshole." If you don't like it just say so
Words have meaning and implications unless everything we say would be meaningless.

He wants you to transition. Trans women call it their pussy
It's dirty talk. The implication is that it's a hole that gets fucked. It's just a less silly version of bussy or boipussy. It doesn't inherently have anything to do with troonery
t. top
I hate this shit and it's a big reason why I stopped doing gay stuff and started being more straight rather than bi as i got older.
Women are so easy to just have vanilla sex with. Other gay or bi men want to spit in your eyes, spin you around aideways 3, call your holes BOIPUSSYMONCULUS and your penis a WHITEBOY CLITTY, and just overall fill the bedroom with intellectual brainrot that genuinely makes me feel more retarded for even having space for it in my brain.

Like, goddamn gay men, just take me out to coffee and frot or some shit, we don't need all the cringe dirty talk and to make raunchy sex the precipice of everything, nor do we need to degrade each other in the bedroom.

It's so much better having sex where both people are full of love and respect and just pure good feels. I hate dirty talk and raunchy dom/sub play that has fucking infested the lgbt community. It's the one thing cis hets get right.

File: 3663871382467729.jpg (65 KB, 612x408)
65 KB
previous >>35479430
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How bad is it if I put so much meat, mushrooms, peppers, onions in my spaghetti sauce that theres really no room for noodles. My sauce to noodle ratio is always like 3:1. You can get stuffed on the sauce alone.
Perfect, the sauce is very important. Noone ever uses enough! It's got to be saucy! It's all about the sauce.
yeah, is there a reason why I should avoid them?
Thank you. I think the noodles are just there to justify the sauce and parmesan. I feel like I am doing it wrong but thats the way I like it. Lots of meat, mushrooms and parmasan. Its practically a stew.

Why are trans women targeted more often than trans men? Is it a misogyny thing or just that trans women are brought up more?
17 replies and 2 images omitted. Click here to view.
In sum, yeah
Pooners? It's a disgusting process but what are they going to do? Seed you and overpower you with their male skeleton? lmfao
FTMs don't become top class men. Rhys join the masses of invisible underclass men with negative social value doing the boring maintenance work of society. MTFs are attempting to jump up the social hierarchy consciously or not. No one cares if a noble larps as a peasant, it's funny and harmless. Everyone cares when a peasant passes themselves off as a social better.
>>35482087 and >>35482089 said it the best.

A lot of trans men are hated by terfs due to 'betraying' women by transitioning, but trans women are seen as actively dangerous. However there is a growing subset of terfs, especially gay male ones, that hate trans men or just find them creepy/weird.
The fact of the matter is that the world runs according to straight cis men, and a mtf is a threat to a cis man because "oh no (s)he has a dick and i found her hot and now that means i'm GAY!!!!!!!". It's why the word trap exists in the first place - you were 'trapped' into finding a girl without a pussy hot. Trans men also experience this in a way, what with men crying that they transitioned and lost their breasts/fertility/'beauty'. It comes down to what makes their little soldier go up or down.
Transphobia is wrapped up in sexism and homophobia, predominantly. If gay men ran the world they'd probably be the same towards trans men as terfs are towards trans women.
Because a vast majority of you look like freaks and it's funny.

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