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File: IMG_4487.jpg (100 KB, 850x631)
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100 KB JPG
My dad said to me that I will never pass as a woman and that changing my name and registered sex won’t change anything today.
Little does he know that I have hundreds of likes from other men on dating apps who tell me the opposite
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I don’t swipe right on horny guys though. I'm looking for a relationship and a boy I can bring home to show my dad what I am worth
could have also said dozens of matches and chats I suppose
>Little does he know that I have hundreds of likes from other men on dating apps who tell me the opposite
Male validation is worth less than shit, anon. All they want is fuck.
Even if they just wanna fuck me, that's something against what my dad said

File: ata8otxllfn81.jpg (63 KB, 800x1104)
63 KB
Brit tranner here, since the government is probably gonna outlaw DIY soon and I have no reasonable way to leave the country, I'm planning to buy a stockpile of raws so at least I can manmode as a backup plan. How many grams of EV will I need to have enough to last a lifetime of injections?

Anyone remember Frank Wolf?

He randomly appear in my brain today, like wow.
I didn't really know about the guy back then and I was like maybe 12 during that time. I remember come across his vids and thought "wow this girl is cute... wait a minute... it is actually a guy?!" but when I found out that he committed suicide, I was sad. I remember asking myself "Why does the world have to be so cruel sometimes" shit was crazy.

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>those small shoulders
hsts psyche
File: file.png (1.81 MB, 1200x900)
1.81 MB
1.81 MB PNG
holy dam
average american male in 2010, wtf happened
>2010, wtf happened
They killed them selfs. You cant have the bully yaoi without the sex anon
I used to see his ex like a decade ago, it was weird because I'd always ask questions about Frank because I wanted so much to be like him
yeah, sadly he lived in a time where he just wasn't accepted at all

File: GFm1wC8XgAESVgk.jpg (451 KB, 1255x1757)
451 KB
451 KB JPG
>give up on being a transbian since they're all traumatized and unable to act like an adult
>men who say they like trans women are all repressors or leave me for a cis woman
>meet slightly chubby latina cis woman on tinder
>we share a lot of the same hobbies and collect tomogatchi's together
>she teaches me how to drive and we start to hang out more and more
>end up laying next to each other on the couch while we watch a movie
>she randomly asks if she can tell me something
>tells me she has a thing for trans women and wants them to get off hormones for a little while so they can cum inside of her
>one month later we're fucking constantly
>shes milking my cock daily and then fucking me with a strap on
>make sure I see her take her birth control
>happier than I've ever been before
girls what do I do I'm addicted to creampies but missing my injections is giving me bad mood swings
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nta, but that sounds like a personal problem. plenty of true bisexuals exist. why choose when you can have both? do you only eat one flavor of ice cream?
dammit that’s hot
File: detransition-sterile.png (485 KB, 463x3820)
485 KB
485 KB PNG
>wait, I'm not an incel anymore!
>FUCK this dumb tranny shit!
File: paciv.png (343 KB, 479x635)
343 KB
343 KB PNG
i must be asexual or something because i would never ever consider this ever like why would u not wanna be on hrt just to have sex its gross anyways

Boyboobs edition

Last time

QOTT: do you own the meme shark or any other plushies? If so how many?
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>feel like people are staring at me more
You probably look androgynous and uncanny, it confuses and intrigues people bc they can't tell what you are
I got way more stares as a boymoder than i ever have honmoding, both before and after ffs
i definitely get more people staring; also at 6months. i’ve had people either switch from miss to sir or just out right ask what gender i am.

yessss he’s so squishy too perfect for sofa cuddles with anime.

speaking of FFS, i remembered my state forces insurance to cover it as medically necessary for GD so i may pay nothing for it. Gonna wait til appx 20 months HRT though, but that makes me so excited, even if going under the knife is scary.
what is up fuckers i have been unbanned so sorry ab missing the last 3 threads hope they were funn
QOTT1: I have so many plushies you dont even know. Pokemon ones mainly but i do have the shark.
yeah i was bullied as a kid for crying too much and hanging with the girls, rhus why i stopped
high school not rlly tho.
we love nao. based nao stan.
eh. im probably less paranoid now but yeah im hyperaware of ppl stating and not managing to gender me

i dont think the death of bmg is bc those fuckerz are sad. idk. like maybe its cause its a cozy space

File: sorry.png (568 KB, 2000x2000)
568 KB
568 KB PNG
Men over 6' tall should not be feminine. It is gross and creeps out everyone.
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short men can be feminine, but tall feminine men are offputting
As a masculine man over 6' I will agree with this statement because it benefits me
File: 1702269494656337.jpg (153 KB, 617x596)
153 KB
153 KB JPG
We should kill all ugly people
We should kill all neets
We should kill all people who put no value into society
We should kill all mentally disabled people
>5'6 on the dot
what now?
What if I’m exactly 6’ tall

File: 20240420_112219.jpg (59 KB, 720x1141)
59 KB
This is a trans person. If you call them a she you are committing transphobic violence.
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File: trial of the glasses.jpg (9 KB, 180x279)
9 KB
do you normally respond to acts of violence by making a funny face, anon? if so, just checking; are you two years old?
Genuine question, are you autistic?
The "joke" here is that she is making a crazy face to try and look threatening in order to scare men away.
Is it really so hard to ask people what their pronouns are and respect them
If I think you're a man, I'll refer to you with male pronouns. If I think you're a woman, I'll refer to you with female pronouns.

>the urges of being owned by a trans girl and being her pet moid are coming back
i suffer being puppybrained
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its 4am and im excited to start a new day! I have job which starts at 6 but i am happe to work n see my frens again!
then have fun at work, thought you rather stayed up late
cishet male bottoms are the most oppressed minority on earth
I just want to be a cute girls docile boyfriend man
normal assumption for 4ch desu but no I'm a warehouseman

File: IMG_1293.jpg (163 KB, 1047x798)
163 KB
163 KB JPG
Just came back from a (tranny) 4/20 party. Tons of people there! I still can’t fathom why they let me go with them to begin with. We ended up out dinner. Along the way, we run in to a homeless guy, who compliments everyone’s appearance; until he gets to me- and tells me that he can sense I have a kind soul.

I don’t really know how to take that. All the girls were constantly getting hit on too- bar myself. I really feel bad that I was the ugly one in the group.

How do I cope with that? People say I’m pretty; maybe I just need new clothes? Maybe a hairdo? I just want to be like my freinds…
how did u find a tranny 4/20 party?
also idk im mid too, need to learn to accept it, you can try to better yourself by learning fashion or makeup more though
mutual told me to come. I got anxious too, because we’d never met.

File: 1702938492012842.jpg (76 KB, 425x600)
76 KB
does you boy hold your hands in public? mine does
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I wanted to hold hands in public but every time I do it for more than a few minutes my trans GF makes me stop
Good, youre a pervert.
Hand is for public
throat is for bedroom
Damm i wanna cut to this thread :3
How about no

File: 8340923840.jpg (233 KB, 1080x1350)
233 KB
233 KB JPG
>you're at coachella
>this couple notices your pride flag shirt
>they approach you
>confide in you that they are looking to pleasure a man together

how would you help them?
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is he really an FTM
File: 809840239842.jpg (190 KB, 1080x1350)
190 KB
190 KB JPG
can't you tell from his body
tits are giving FTM
File: 328042380423.webm (995 KB, 576x1024)
995 KB
he has a penis
Not when I’m done

File: IMG_7151.jpg (8 KB, 225x225)
8 KB
>troon halfway thru my freshmen year of college
>have 0 friends
>dont pass
>0 attention from guys
>0 female friends
>extremely lonely
>still dont pass in my junior year (and i took a gap year between freshmen year and junior year)
these are supposed to be the best years of my life? LMFAO might as well rope right now
the college experience is getting graded on a curve against foreign exchange students abusing adderral while the campus is closed for 2 years for covid yet still charges full tuition while your parents gaslight you into thinking you're weird for not enjoying it
find other troons in your college troon club
hey that's literally me. on gap year number 3 atm
mine is all theyfabs and ftms except for one mtf, alice
Maybe just literally try? At all?
I tried this pre-covid when I was at uni. It was awful, exactly as >>35484891 said with the composition of the group.
It was entirely unrelatable to me as the only mtf other than a hon

File: haruhi-character.jpg (164 KB, 1680x1050)
164 KB
164 KB JPG
I hate myself and want to careermaxx but I'm also at the point where I cracked and want to take HRT, but I'm worried about it affecting my job even if I manmode.

Is anyone doing this?
1 reply omitted. Click here to view.
Probably just being on HRT and doing nothing with my life

> hey trust me with more responsibility when im so unhinged ill kill myself if you dont pretend im a woman
What career are you in that being a tranny wouldn't help?
Affirmative action max
I'm just gonna manmode on HRT

>What career are you in that being a tranny wouldn't help?
I'm in office work but obviously HRT would significantly hinder your ability to do physical labor

>Affirmative action max
Being a troon probably hurts your career in the long run unless your goal is specifically to be a DEI grifter.
Diversity hiring is a meme. If they're specifically hiring someone solely based on their race and gender and can't pick white man they'll just pick cis woman over trannies or brown men.
Women do physical labor

He creeps me out so much. I feel like I wouldn't be safe in a room alone with him. Makes me wanna showet

Why do they do this
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Because genocide is bad actually
like 1/3 - 1/2 of the protestors there are probably jewish
3rd down looks like something that gave me a quest in Oblivion in 2008.
I don't want everyone who dislikes me to die lol
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