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File: 1707687183945352.jpg (45 KB, 721x900)
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qott: whatever everything sucks
I am a NOSSAP (Non-Offending Same Sex Attracted Person)
captcha: KKKSN

File: 374-set-3x.jpg (282 KB, 1050x1575)
282 KB
282 KB JPG
How do you know that you are trans for sure?

I have gender dysphoria but it flip-flops constantly and I always feel like a faker/trender. I plan to get a therapist for that as well.
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There is no such thing as ""gender dysphoria""
only misplaced neurotic narcissism.
1) unless that therapist is trans they have no idea what they're on about and can't help you with your gender at all
2) no one is "really" trans as in there's no cis brains and trans brains. If you have an irreconcilable problem with being your assigned gender and are chronically yearning to be the other gender you're trans. Don't over think it.
Claire is so fucking cute and hot for real
Busted a humongo writhing load to her the other nut
Claire Gemini
no, he has your number

copium edition

qott: describe your ideal gf/bf
last bread: there wasn't one
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Not a chaser, just telling the truth
>seething chaser
no seething here, I'm just bumping your thread because shuake was nice in cg and I know she like this thread
it is, its beautiful truly the purest form of love
Back in the day I could find lots of cute elf x dwarf images but now it’s all AI shit and role reversal
so based
please post more

how come autistic males make such cute grils?
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Vast majority don't, it's just the type that you focus on is
Could just as easily point to the thousands of sperghons who make for great anti-trans obsessed cherrypicking, the ones who literally turn into cartoon memes

Most autistic males are facially hyper-masculine (this does not mean attractive, but like sunken eyes and large brows), plus much more incidence of obesity
you see?
hrt does nothing
if you don't pass crossdressing prehrt you'll never pass.
I feel like most of you aren't autistic and are just a bit weird. Like I never hear someone talk about safe foods or stimming
We used to have an autism general for awhile but then two spergs made it their hyperfixation to post inanely back and forth nonstop to each other until no one else wanted to post and it died
Could try getting it back up again
wish i didn't buzz my head a month before starting hrt i'd be in a better spot now but it is growing fast.

File: 1708461221245.png (27 KB, 500x697)
27 KB
>finally get mtf to send me a pic
>immediately ghost them
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i guess it’s not, chuddies don’t like spaces where faggotry is celebrated. and jews own most hookup apps but that’s irrelevant for meeting people, plus actual leftists support palestine
but how does this affect me personally?
greasy dirty nailed frogposter foldertard fingers typed this
File: GFv3iBzXQAAmuaG.png (8 KB, 678x585)
8 KB
rent fucking free

File: itsover.png (496 KB, 807x455)
496 KB
496 KB PNG
"I’m Not A Woman But I’ll Take The Benefits | Transmaxxer Life Uncovered | Channel 4 Documentaries"

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No, it’s white nerd genocide.
File: 1708474979077.jpg (26 KB, 483x481)
26 KB
what ever happen to simple cross dressing or drag?
They're still white and still nerds
>there is not a single male community left.

If mtfs are men, what's the problem?

File: butch woman.jpg (101 KB, 550x589)
101 KB
101 KB JPG
Why are FTM twinks and femboys such a common thing but you never see any MTFs adopt a masc butch aesthetic, like pic?
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Eli Erlick is pretty butch
the way I dressed as a femboy instantly become reinterpreted as butch lesbian once I started to pass so, me I guess?
Someone give me a cheap tomboy outfit and I will wear it
I want to punch him in his man guts. Fuck i LOATHE 0 effort retards who just call themselves trans
gross looking person but those bathroom tiles are pretty

File: GGxJvVvWkAA6IFI.jpeg-1.jpg (224 KB, 1125x1500)
224 KB
224 KB JPG
It appears Brianna Ghey's mother, desperation for closure, has turned to regretting allowing her daughter to be quite so openly herself and wishes she had not, in fact, fostered community with other UK trans kids on TikTok etc., because that is connected to 2 classmates she knew IRL and thought were friends stabbing her in her hometown in broad daylight somehow. Where personal safety is an issue even supportive cis people would rather we detrans and stay disconnected from the world than fight transphobia at the risk of physical harm. This does not bode well for linking trans kids suffering under the brutal UK regime with DIY HRT - I recommend everyone stepping up efforts to look for support groups, community events, and suchlike where trans kids and their families local to you may possibly show on the off-chance of informing as many individuals of their options re: DIY before restrictions of this nature come into force.
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Robyn I know you want to kill yourself but can you please not get the rest of us lynched as part of your plan
who cares the cissoids can suck it
File: GFu7hVlW4AEp23-.jpg (74 KB, 419x577)
74 KB
oi bruv yoo got a loicense for that cellyphoneimium?
They're gonna kill you either way retard
behave yourself robyn

File: 1708475672482.jpg (763 KB, 1080x1470)
763 KB
763 KB JPG
>when you rile up and radicalize people by demonizing all LGBT to the point where people start murdering them because of your hate campaign and instead of doing some introspection and condemning violence you just gotta post quips and jokes to own the libs even though a murder just happened because of the narrative you keep pushing
is this about the enby who died? b/c I'm pretty sure the "older teens" in that school didn't give a fuck about this person

File: 1678009452816.png (380 KB, 427x420)
380 KB
380 KB PNG
my mom has big 32DD knockers

File: 93.jpg (207 KB, 1024x1024)
207 KB
207 KB JPG
Bi-curious here. Is anal orgasm/"sissygasm" just a meme or real? I can make myself cum "without hands" by finishing with the prostate but I still need to stimulate the penis before. Is ejaculation through anal actually achievable or just a meme?
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Ive done it. you need to get used to anal first though and make it a regular experience. I dont think touching the pp a little counts as cheating though. you feel the pleasure in your rear either way. takes much longer to do it hands free.
butt stuff felt better prehrt and even then i couldn’t get it to happen
as a girl I always use my vagina for sex and consider my butt just for pooping if that helps
It’s very possible, but it’s not like a normal orgasm. For me it ‘feels’ like an orgasm in that my heart rate spikes, get that pleasure, warm all over, etc. but I don’t cum at all. I tried seeing how many I could take back to back yesterday and was literally too exhausted after like 3. Still horny af but literally too drained to go again. So yeah they’re real.
Yes? Im confused as to how everyone is so bad at this, I cum buckets with just my ass, using anything can get 3-4 inches deep. That being said I don’t do it often because it’s gay and sinful

File: pp7q1w3bsl361-1.jpg (339 KB, 1966x2000)
339 KB
339 KB JPG
am i weird if i cant really imagine using my penis to penetrate? to me sex has always been me getting penetrated. does anyone feel the same? what could have caused it?
like, i dont particulary like men or women but for practical reasons i like men and they do make me feel kinda shy and cute sometimes >.<
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uhh you have disc?
so, you're a bottom aka a woman
This one is funny, why does my tiny little trans gf like being pinned and crushed by my huge muscular body
idk op but we would be weird together then

ive no intention of ever sticking this thing into anything, but maybe its because of dysphoria
id like to see it shrink and wish for perm ED and exclusively bottom or give head or something
the entire thought of penetrating is just a huge no in my mind, idk how it came to be desu

File: 1685306982077277.jpg (40 KB, 358x390)
40 KB
Give me good girl names
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File: 1700406363290478.png (2.08 MB, 2304x1296)
2.08 MB
2.08 MB PNG
>Do this
>It's my sisters name
What if the #1 name from my year is really clocky ie Emily or Alice
You're not forced to get the top one. It's just to find one that you like that isn't trendy 2020s slop like Braxton. If it's too generic or common feel free to pass it over.
There are literally 1000s of normal good names from your birth year.

Cheating ftm here. See picrel for context. Posting situation update since anons in last thread demanded one
I'll try to condense this as much as possible
>Come clean to gf
>It takes hours it to really sink in. Eventually she starts questioning me
>Seems more mad at her brother than at me
>She calls him and they argue on the phone for several hours
>I'm preemptively gathering my things up to take home from her apartment
>She tells me to stop
>Paraphrasing but she says we can't break up because she doesn't know what she would do without me
>I already accepted that I was about to become single so I'm confused and just feel guilty about this prospect
>Tell her at the very least I should give her some space for now and she can decide what to do with me after she's processed this
>She starts sobbing and begs me not to go home and takes my stuff and starts putting it away in her apartment
>She makes me cuddle her on the couch until she falls asleep
>Still on couch with her now
Where do I go from here. there's no possible way she can be happy with me after this.
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I've already not been going to soccer practice for 2 weeks and wasting my membership fee just to avoid him. It's not feasible to just never be around him again though...
>cheating on my tranner with a cis girl
Avoid him as much as possible. If you’re around him it will remind her of this and avoiding him is one of the only things you can do to earn some amount of trust back
But I like him.
Is there any reason we should allow subhuman bisluts to exist in our society? They destroy families

File: IMG_9701.jpg (299 KB, 1242x1011)
299 KB
299 KB JPG
Why haven’t you bimbomaxxed from a 3 to a 5 yet?
15 replies and 2 images omitted. Click here to view.
if someone's ever trying to convince you that agp is a tranny-only thing, go to /r/bimbofication and you'll know they're lying
juliette is awesome :3
she has an interesting story

this. or listen to maddison fox's interviews. lots of cis bimbos are 'agp'
calling anyone with the bimbo aesthetic or just visible plastic surgery agp is deeply misogynistic and transphobic desu, doesn't matter if they're cis or trans.
i agree that's why i put agp in quotes
I love bimbomaxxing.

If you could get boyfriends, they'd cheat on you with me!

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