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/gd/ - Graphic Design

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File: gd.png (7 KB, 700x375)
7 KB
This is a place to discuss topics about visual or graphic design. Requests for photoshopping or free work go on /wsr/ - Worksafe Requests or /r/ - Adult Requests as appropriate.

#/gd/ @ irc.rizon.net
#4chan-gd @ irc.freenode.net

>What literature should I read to get into graphic design?
The sidebar on the /gd/ wiki has plenty of book reccomendations.

>What programs do I need to get started?
Adobe Illustrator
Corel Draw

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>Can somebody photoshop X? Can somebody make me a logo?
All requests for photoshopping belong on /wsr/ - Worksafe Requests or /r/ - Adult Requests. /gd/ doesn't take requests or do free or even paid work sometimes. However, if you're new at something, asking "HOW can I X?" rather than "CAN YOU make X?" will give you better results.

>Can I post some of my work for critique?
There is usally a critique/What-Are-You-Working-On thread, and that is where work for critique go.

>Can somebody find [font]?
also check out your local torrent site or the font-share thread.
Remember to share and not just take. Also remember that using liscensed fonts in commercial works is a bad idea.

>Where can I find inspiration?

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File: fst50.jpg (308 KB, 748x376)
308 KB
308 KB JPG
>Old threads
Also try looking in the two archives that index /gd/
(Please note: links from past threads are most likely dead)

>Specimen generator: https://github.com/nilesr/font-specimen-generator

>Please do your due diligence before requesting the font used in an image

Previous Thread
>>310283 (Dead)
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im still looking this font halp pls
RP 'girott' anyone?
gitott is a newish font from radim pesko. the guy makes great stuffs

it is just a BitStream cut of Helvetica though, so here's Helv

File: 0kb.png (127 KB, 1639x1550)
127 KB
127 KB PNG

thanks dude for the font, but its osx only?

File: image.jpg (1.98 MB, 3264x2448)
1.98 MB
1.98 MB JPG
I use to have a small program that made fractal images after numbers were input into it on my computer I forgot the name of it, I rememeber finding it on a lightweight art tools website does anyone have the program?

Here goes nothing... Thx Anon
It was essential in my graphics artillery, only generated spectacular fractal. Wild guess between 25-50mb. Thx Anon

Yes, I'd really like to find out what you were using as well. Unfortunately, it seems that the site lightweightarttools.org no longer exists.
Only one I know is Mandelbulb 3d. It's really nice tho
www dot chillheimer.de/kallesfraktaler/

hit me up if you wanna work for a clothing brand @dosofl
@dosofl on what
on Grindr

P.S: Off to a great start OP, you are supposed to leave an email.
Show us some work maybe...
Aw yeah for sure dude id love to work on your gay brand with only white tshirts with DOS printed on them

File: touchup.jpg (7.27 MB, 8320x3120)
7.27 MB
7.27 MB JPG
Hey guys,

Recently, I was asked to touch up some photos for a local windows and siding company to make them look more professional. Here's an example of a photo I edited. I think it looks pretty good but i've also been staring at it for hours and am not sure if it looks realistic.

Most of the people in here are wayyyy more experienced than me so any critique is greatly appreciated.
Looks good enough to me. Although I will say your RGBF is tuned a little too high, the look of the sky isn't reproducing very well. Saturated, even. Which program did you use, perhaps I could offer some advice to resolve this.
I like it
I'd fill in the grass and straighten the edges it looks a bit tardy from a display picture point of view

What size will these be displayed at
I don't believe my eyes http://moviesonline.ac/watch/kvX7YXde-suburra-la-serie-season-1.html

File: Screenshot (77).png (173 KB, 1920x1080)
173 KB
173 KB PNG
Help I'm very intermediately skilled in Illustrator, I made a logo and added a gradient then color halftone effect how can I select only the black area so that I can make a path and send it to a cameo cutter?

>Band name

>Album name

>Album artwork

Old thread >>312033
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File: Choeroniscus.png (223 KB, 1012x500)
223 KB
223 KB PNG
idk I tried
Did you make that on Meme Generator?
File: onlifeondeath.jpg (366 KB, 604x604)
366 KB
366 KB JPG
File: BAND.png (451 KB, 500x500)
451 KB
451 KB PNG
I liked the original color of the photo so much I really didn't touch it. The name stuck to be as a Jazz band so I had to run it!
https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lepturges_dorsalis https://en.wikiquote.org/wiki/Lucien_L%C3%A9vy-Bruhl

File: 80s2.0.png (2.98 MB, 3414x1440)
2.98 MB
2.98 MB PNG

i made a little picture and want to ask, how it looks and what i could make better!

Thanks :)
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Thank you!
>If I was you, I would focus on finding better, unique and interesting looking ideas
There are so many templates that look like OP's image that it doesn't matter that he actually made it from scratch, looks like an overused template
Yeah, you're right.
This really looks like an overused template, even if i created this from scratch.
It looks like a good 3D render, but not as art.
IMO your biggest shortfall is the font. This is too generic to fit this style. If you're looking to emulate the '80s style, go with something thick and heavy. If you need inspiration, check blogs like desert chrome and Chrome & Lightning.
You should definitely have the laser cut through the entire image, would look cooler IMO.

File: oooo.png (159 KB, 618x516)
159 KB
159 KB PNG
I am not a graphic designer, but a programmer. This is what I have for a DnD party management app. What do you think.

The Alignment text will be the same as below and the other two shield are placeholders for movement speed (a boot) and passive perception (an eye).

Generally, what do you think about the layout? Not the art itself.
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Cool. Will be back in a week or so with results.
File: thjia.png (86 KB, 455x691)
86 KB
This is what I was going for originally btw.
I don't know what are your writing this stuff in, but it would be a good idea to maybe start with a library that gives you a default formatting and work your way up there... it would help you with the basic hierarchy and proportions
I see. Well, your direction is more apparent now. But I think you missed some things.
First, you made the colors a bit too bright—note how in this pic, the text color is dark red, and overall there are no bright colors.
Also, this mimics a scroll, apparently—something I didn't quite grasp from your UI. What looks wrong in it is the text shadows, the background pattern, and the gold rectangles (because it's unclear what they resemble).
Last but not least, the fonts. You picked Arial, and it's a very modern-looking font, more fit for infographics and nutrition tables. The thick minimalist icons and contrast tables also didn't fit very well. In this pic you can see they used some serif font (like Times New Roman/Georgia), and a more old-fashioned sans serif font like Verdana, to give the chart a medieval/fantasy feel; italics also help this. There's no icons or symbols, just plain text and horizontal lines.
To answer your question, I do like the layout but god damn that is ugly as shit.

File: 5.png (7 KB, 596x561)
7 KB
which one do you prefer /gd/ and why does every single website template in this day and age suck ass?


pic unrelated
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I don't want to make a new thread so I'll ask here, does anyone know the name of the astute graphics plugin that deletes only the very small vector shapes?
He's right. Web sites today are trully vomit inducing. The best example is altcoin sites.
is reasonable usage of Bootstrap 4 a sin? it's defaults and simple scss customization are very nice.
No. But raping it is a sin as it always has and will be.

File: nazi-flag-970x546.jpg (27 KB, 970x546)
27 KB
go for it
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My mom lets me have two tilts
File: 15e.png (271 KB, 1920x1080)
271 KB
271 KB PNG
This should be a better image to use in place of
File: hamburger_1f354.png (8 KB, 120x120)
8 KB
File: fuckthatdot.png (8 KB, 200x171)
8 KB
File: SerpiMolot3.png (15 KB, 300x300)
15 KB
Sorry, but nothing can beat a well designed hammer and sickle

File: file.png (69 KB, 1476x886)
69 KB
>/bant/ thinks this is an acceptable flag
81 replies and 30 images omitted. Click here to view.
File: 1498887953395.jpg (96 KB, 745x769)
96 KB
at least post with your name Chic.
Die in a bus fire, /utg/ jewish samefag kike.
/bant/ is so fucking stupid and unoriginal they have to steal a /jp/ mascot
t. an*Mefag
fuck off back to /a/
File: 1507419273906.png (10 KB, 600x200)
10 KB
Here's one of the /bant/ flags I made,
Any tips?

File: spacemarine.jpg (50 KB, 400x500)
50 KB
Waht do you think of that color scheme?
Nice iron man clone
But seriously, I fucking hate when people pair metal/silver and gold. Either go silver only or gold only.
nice word bearers bro

File: CLICKBAIT - BLOW.jpg (405 KB, 1417x1386)
405 KB
405 KB JPG

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