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File: IMG_4179.jpg (24 KB, 400x400)
24 KB
Can someone extend (outpainting) the missing part where it’s white?
File: 1706697240165082.png (297 KB, 400x400)
297 KB
297 KB PNG
got u my g
Good one. But I meant the corners.
File: corners.png (174 KB, 400x400)
174 KB
174 KB PNG
sure, that's also possible
File: 1709943819101713.jpg (82 KB, 400x400)
82 KB
here ya go OP

File: unnamed.png (77 KB, 2273x775)
77 KB
Adjust the brightness of this image until the logo on the left is barely visible.
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File: clovers.jpg (61 KB, 2273x775)
61 KB
OK, now what?
File: gd.png (41 KB, 2273x775)
41 KB
Ok, now what?
File: brightness.jpg (76 KB, 2273x775)
76 KB
Ok, now what?
File: barely.png (65 KB, 2273x775)
65 KB
OK, now what?
I got astigmatism

also perhaps I blasted my eyeballs with too much bright screen...

answer give
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File: Image-1.png (64 KB, 426x234)
64 KB
maybe not exactly the same, but stam pete
Try using WhatTheFont or other websites like that, I'm pretty sure you can find it easily but sometimes it can be inaccurate so take it with a grain of salt
File: cai.png (1 KB, 103x84)
1 KB

What the actual fuck are those prices?
Are you telling me it is really possible to make hundreds of $s by just scribbling something on Inkscape for 30 minutes?
Am I missing something?
Why do you assume that they have more than 1 sale a year?

File: moon girl.jpg (25 KB, 640x640)
25 KB
so, I made this image of moon girl do you like it.
File: moon.png (188 KB, 640x640)
188 KB
188 KB PNG
looks great!
only thing I dislike is the dark artifact at the bottom right!
>captcha: MJJJJ
Yikes anon. Cool but also a little creepy

File: ozadddddd.jpg (359 KB, 1000x1000)
359 KB
359 KB JPG
weird shit i made in pscs6
Looks cool

File: IMG_0683.jpg (281 KB, 2381x630)
281 KB
281 KB JPG
I’d appreciate if someone could change the colors of the word ‘vape’ from blue to McDonald’s Yellow (or whichever yellow you’d think would look best for cars/pedestrians passing by

It’s a store frontage sign for a vape store.

P.S. I’d appreciate feedback if you have a different idea for a suitable color.

Bumping your post lol
I would but I can only use a fill tool and I don't think that would look so great

Any tips/resources for achieving the look of this photo on this album cover? Looks like some blur effect and saturation but there might be something else that I'm not picking up on. Thanks :)
youd have to adjust the color hue of the image excluding the leaves or whatever it is for urs

File: 20231203_040743.jpg (3.19 MB, 3264x3264)
3.19 MB
3.19 MB JPG
Can someone provide me a works related gfx like logo, banner, custom pfp or anything? Actually today is the last date to pay for my semester exam fees and I am short of $.

If someone can provide me a works, that would be appreciated

>I have attached a previous works of mine
File: potion seller.jpg (83 KB, 718x720)
83 KB
Thats just a design made by me
who would have thought
Someone from telegram.
I think you misread me.
did NOT ask
>who would have bought

Anywhere did a Beer brand called "SPA Beer". This logo has emblem characteristic.
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A dude don't used a I.A, himself drew with a thier hands.
Gamer Girl Bath Water
Honestly pretty bad. Beer is spaced in a horrible way that feels off balance. The titty girl has amateurish anatomy.

I don't hate the pointillist thing tho
The colors dont look too bad, it gives it a nice charm to it
The art is really bad tho sorry OP, The art could be better but I think the main problem is the is the text as >>452351

Try fixing that

File: App_Logo.jpg (421 KB, 1707x2560)
421 KB
421 KB JPG
Can someone please tell me where to get this mockup from? I've tried to reverse image search it, but it's not giving me the source, only more variations of it. Thank you in advance.

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Yeah christcucks were anti-white globohomos, what else is new?
If you know where this one's from you're a real one.
>What is fascism though?
Whatever Mussolini needed it to be to stay in power. He himself said multiple times fascism doesn't have allies or ideologies beyond ensuring his agenda came to pass.

Of course that means it's now the perfect jewish trick because it doesn't mean anything and therefore you cannot prove that you are not fascist. It's a meaningless brand of othering.
Did you guys know that Dune proves the superiority and necessity of race mixing to end war? Your silly and ironic sub-human incapacity for compassion and depraved emotional intelligence doesn't stand a chance against the Truth!
American futurism

File: 1312.png (28 KB, 295x138)
28 KB
Last april, i went to magadan in the far east. people were still driving old cars, and the cans around them had a gradient design with cyrillic letters. I wanted to live here. but soon i had to return to my home in south korea. in there, tradition has been killed. my feeling at the time is that i want to send some mail with the charger to airport, university.
Flat design ruined my life, and annoying me until death. flat design based on pragmatism and materialism.everyone loves the old skeuomorphism, but it's crazy that flat design still exists today.
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Prove that it doesn't exist.
Nobody said that it "doesn't exist", the truth is quite the opposite-

All graphic design or artwork that exists on a surface in which if any two points are chosen, a straight line joining them lies wholly in that surface is by definition "flat design".
Check out Honda's latest rebranding.
Yeah but now logo is backlit on the cars so it looks pretty dope.
File: IMG_6897.jpg (364 KB, 1290x385)
364 KB
364 KB JPG
Marketing switches their logos and packaging every few years so that creative directors can pretend to comply things. Take cola cans for example, they flip between gradients and then go to a clean design, then back to gradients. I guess people’s eyes get used to something and the culture as a whole shifts and the overall design language changes, like fashion.m, goes in circles.

File: 4.jpg (7 KB, 300x100)
7 KB
What design style would you call 4chan? i want to see videos breaking it down or art in a similar style to this website
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>What design style would you call 4chan?

umm. dogshit.
nu post modernist brutalist reddit core
Otaku image board

Seeking meaningful pixel art image that I can no longer find... Cozy 90s bedroom with skyline view and midi keyboard, pink and orange vibes. Please help! (Pic unrelated)

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