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File: App_Logo.jpg (421 KB, 1707x2560)
421 KB
421 KB JPG
Can someone please tell me where to get this mockup from? I've tried to reverse image search it, but it's not giving me the source, only more variations of it. Thank you in advance.

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Yeah christcucks were anti-white globohomos, what else is new?
If you know where this one's from you're a real one.
>What is fascism though?
Whatever Mussolini needed it to be to stay in power. He himself said multiple times fascism doesn't have allies or ideologies beyond ensuring his agenda came to pass.

Of course that means it's now the perfect jewish trick because it doesn't mean anything and therefore you cannot prove that you are not fascist. It's a meaningless brand of othering.
Did you guys know that Dune proves the superiority and necessity of race mixing to end war? Your silly and ironic sub-human incapacity for compassion and depraved emotional intelligence doesn't stand a chance against the Truth!
American futurism

File: 1312.png (28 KB, 295x138)
28 KB
Last april, i went to magadan in the far east. people were still driving old cars, and the cans around them had a gradient design with cyrillic letters. I wanted to live here. but soon i had to return to my home in south korea. in there, tradition has been killed. my feeling at the time is that i want to send some mail with the charger to airport, university.
Flat design ruined my life, and annoying me until death. flat design based on pragmatism and materialism.everyone loves the old skeuomorphism, but it's crazy that flat design still exists today.
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Prove that it doesn't exist.
Nobody said that it "doesn't exist", the truth is quite the opposite-

All graphic design or artwork that exists on a surface in which if any two points are chosen, a straight line joining them lies wholly in that surface is by definition "flat design".
Check out Honda's latest rebranding.
Yeah but now logo is backlit on the cars so it looks pretty dope.
File: IMG_6897.jpg (364 KB, 1290x385)
364 KB
364 KB JPG
Marketing switches their logos and packaging every few years so that creative directors can pretend to comply things. Take cola cans for example, they flip between gradients and then go to a clean design, then back to gradients. I guess people’s eyes get used to something and the culture as a whole shifts and the overall design language changes, like fashion.m, goes in circles.

File: 4.jpg (7 KB, 300x100)
7 KB
What design style would you call 4chan? i want to see videos breaking it down or art in a similar style to this website
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>What design style would you call 4chan?

umm. dogshit.
nu post modernist brutalist reddit core
Otaku image board

Seeking meaningful pixel art image that I can no longer find... Cozy 90s bedroom with skyline view and midi keyboard, pink and orange vibes. Please help! (Pic unrelated)

File: Synestheticwiki.png (22 KB, 250x131)
22 KB
What color do you consider certain letters & numbers to be?
In my own opinion A/B/C are red/blue/green and 0/1/2/3 are white/red/blue/yellow, but I want to know if there's common consensus for certain symbols.
>is green

The title. What editing software would i use to make an album covr like this with lots of exposure, what effects would i use, i know nothing about gd btw
photoshop fo sho
Be an insufferable ironic hipster
File: Untitled.png (311 KB, 450x450)
311 KB
311 KB PNG
picrel is what i made in like 4 minutes which i know isn't good even for shitposting standards but it shows how it easy it is and how you mostly just have to slap stuff together.
>What editing software would i use
paint.net would be my use of choice
>what effects would i use
exposure, glow, contrast, hue saturation. Just random shit

File: ick.png (90 KB, 500x500)
90 KB
Can you help me become a better meme creator?

How do I make this spread?
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File: 8c7ej2.jpg (78 KB, 500x716)
78 KB
what about this one op what if you spread this one instead?
Ick is a garbage meme, just say it ick at the thing instead of using normalfag slang
Idk watch memes and shit on Tiktok I constantly get shit there imand I deserve I feel like that about everything now except my relationship with god and my family and loved ones to a lessor extent.

When you make memes try doing inquiry unquie art, drawn by yourself. We don’t deserve AI shit, being inspired by AI is fine but don’t just generate shit on IpenAi OpenAi
>Open Photoshop or whatever
>Find a stock image of a woman making a disgusted face
>put some retarded caption on top like: He Breathes
>then put that's in ick in bold
>Profit from mostly crystal cafe foids, 30-40 year old hags living alone with cats, and foids in general so kys.
This is based
Ick is just a term only foids use when guys playing video games or showing their emotions is way worse than getting raped by gangbangers and drug abusers.

File: 122354984656.jpg (401 KB, 613x1080)
401 KB
401 KB JPG
Could someone explain to me how I can improve the sharpness of the entire photograph? The face and skin
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Thank you very much, the face improved a lot. Excuse me, is there a way to improve the body and background even more?
Who is this
depends on the program
do you have any editing program? online there is some garbage websites that could help

in something like photoshop you'd be able to easily, just select the body, put it in a different layer, and do this and that
Judging by the tattoos, it can only be a roastie slut.
a method I sometimes use for grainy images is to use the noise reduction filter in Photoshop. duplicate the layer, apply a noise reduction filter and play around with the opacity and layer style like multiply or something for subtle results, then apply a sharpen filter. with the ai enhancement together this might output an even better image if you do the Photoshop first and then use ai.

How much does it cost to have a logo made for your company? My buddy says his friend hired some people and it cost him 8000 for 2 logos this cant be right, right? How much would you people charge for a nice logo made from scratch? Do you also do website design and if so how much would you charge?

Pic unrelated
not enough information to judge, honestly.
is the design-person well known and their service in high demand? how big is the business of your friend? multinational? is the studio legally checking for copyrights? did the deal include two sketches or full, complete, ready-to-use logos plus ownership? how many meetings/presentations/changes and so on?

logo creation is not just making nice pictograms, but can include a whole lot of research, prep work and responsibility.
you are not only paying for how it looks, but for how big and likely its success will be.

what do you think a fair price would be for a new amazon logo? imagine the potential consequences if shit goes wrong.
bezos wouldn't even want to pay student/cousin/amateur rates but happily sink enough money for whole teams of people to collect like 100 different approaches in order to then settle for the single best one.

believe me. there can be a lot of (invisible) work involved.
but that doesn't mean there not to be scammers...
as I said; not really enough information to be sure.
Well I come up with the rough idea and sketch and I ask an artist to come up with something in their own style
LOL, bro just use Microsoft Designer, it's free!
when a designer creates a logo, is it a one off payment for the services and product, or can there be situations where they get royalties for it's continued use, in a similar way a song or jingle might?

File: website.gif (3.14 MB, 1436x836)
3.14 MB
3.14 MB GIF
I want to create my portfolio, but I'm shit at design so I would like some recommendations on where to go from this. I have been using the 70-20-10 color rule and the color palette but I'm bad at this. Any ideas on what to do ?

>inb4 if you are shit why do you want to be a designer
I will be focusing on backend dev, but I need to show my job.

thanks in advanced
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>70-20-10 color rule
>Pure black, white, and default HTML yellow
Use a template. Don't even bother with this. It's pointless working on it, I'm not even trying to discourage you. Design isn't your thing and if anyone saw this, you will get passed up instantly due to not recognizing the quality of this.
oh yeah hot shot?
lol to you too
Try adobe portfolio? Its what I use for work
You can Monetize your website via Hydro online and earn passive income

i haven't done any graphic design stuff in a while and i just finally got a laptop. i decided to throw together a desktop wallpaper for myself. very different from my usual style. any critiques on how to approach it differently?
i'm also wanting to find a cheap alternative to illustrator that would run well on my system if anyone is wanting to help me out with that. i'm getting sick of canva and i really don't wanna waste money on premium on there.
Inkscape is free. Affinity Designer if you want to pay a little money.
Either use Inkscape, though I always found it kind of sluggish, or download an old version of Illustrator. I'd favor the latter.
Adobe CS2 applications are fantastic for older systems, and you can really just google for keys. Yes, the software will be 20 years old and is much less convenient than modern versions, but it was once the industry standard, and time doesn't make it worse. The interface will also be less loaded, which is great if you're on a lower resolution display.
so i was taught with 2021-2023 versions of illustrator. will older versions be noticeably different with the aesthetics? my general vibe is kinda best summed up by my pic i attatched. (its an old school project lol)
I honestly have very little frame of reference when it comes to more modern software. I think if you've been trained on these modern versions, you might want to get at least CS4 or CS5. They're also easy to get your hands on, but do require a crack to get working. With CS2, a valid key is enough.
But I guess the style is achievable with any post-2000 version of Illustrator.

File: photo-edit.png (437 KB, 563x852)
437 KB
437 KB PNG
Hello, I'm looking for a smart AI software that surpasses the generative fill feature in Photoshop. I've purchased a subscription mainly to generate edits for product shoots. Currently, I have a mirror for which I need to create a realistic 3cm bevel, but no matter how I phrase the prompt, it always results in some random frame

File: gaystation.png (79 KB, 640x617)
79 KB
good morning sirs i don't frequent this board but i got a request
anyone know how to copy this style? i paid a jeet on fiverr 12$ but he drew it by hand and the result looked nothing like this
i need an easy way to recreate it with filters or some shit
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add white as well in the colors used, and click on ignore white
File: vidya_screen.png (125 KB, 855x625)
125 KB
125 KB PNG
sorry! didn't want to leave you hangin - been offline since.

I used the [ 3 colors ] 'image trace' setting.
make sure to expand!
after applying all the shapes are grouped together. either double click to enter the group or press ctrl+shift+g to ungroup.
select background shape(s).
I recolored the white shapes from inside of the fairchild (text, buttons and so on) so that I am left with only 2 colors total.
afterwards I manually changed these exact two (standard) colors to some other two colors. (select by fill color is your friend!)

cool! didn't realize this feature exists. I might try that as well
File: file.png (95 KB, 961x777)
95 KB
a few anons in 2 minutes can help you better than google or youtube in 3 hours
have a great day lads
highly kino effect. what would you even call this? newspaper print? comic book print? I dont fuckin know
cell shading.

File: coke.png (79 KB, 184x191)
79 KB
Umm... are you not supposed to work freelance/having clients instead of wageslaving for breadcrumbs in a studio? lol. All the people I know who do Motion Graphics work that way.
I do flyers for comedians, podcast logos, and sometimes product packaging if somebody reaches out to me, but I make the majority of my money selling my own original artwork.
How do you find them? Fiver? Gave up on that place once I saw it was swamped with jeets

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