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/qa/ - Question & Answer

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Meta on /qa/ only.
All meta discussion of boards is to be redirected to /qa/.

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Welcome to /qa/ - Question & Answer.

This is a board for the discussion of meta topics and … other things.
Outside of meta, this board has no specific theme and you are free to be yourself! Please note all global rules are in-force here.
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Is there an easy way to speak with 4chan staff? What if I have something I want to contribute to 4chan that I don't think will get seen on /qa/?

The answers you seek lie within...

File: mpv-shot0001 (2).jpg (53 KB, 640x480)
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Why do they put those swirl pasta things in their soup?
I don't think it's pasta. Some kind of processed crab thing like in california rolls.

File: dagashi_emoji.jpg (145 KB, 1280x720)
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145 KB JPG
/biz/ was about business and /cry/ was about crypto
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>newfag plebbitor detected
/biz/ was created to get crypto threads off of /g/
That's just shitposting like the kys posts in /adv/

But then people wanted to talk about actual business. Startups and personal finance and tax advice.
Crypto is to /biz/ as wrestling is to /asp/. Make of that what you will.
>newfag plebbitor detected
I'm pretty sure that you just got here anon. please enjoy your stay.
>/biz/ was created to get crypto threads off of /g/
Yet the threads used to be "how do I make money", and answers where all "op learn to make soap, and sell it", and then you would see op in >>>/diy/ actually asking how to make soap.
Then we'd be reddit lol

File: 1505976425749.jpg (448 KB, 1500x2048)
448 KB
448 KB JPG
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Which board are you talking about specifically?
/int/ is mostly circle jerk free considering how small it is.
/b/ not so.
But all the other boards are circle jerks.

Also /qa/ should visit their /keller/. It's an unlisted boards for fellow hikkis.
Be sure not to post.
File: 1513139268770.png (73 KB, 368x300)
73 KB
lame ytmnd jokes general is lame jokes general
you must go back ``please
File: 1439185254997.png (736 KB, 1335x1300)
736 KB
736 KB PNG
your words say leave but those trips yell stay
Is this the thread teenbros try to show how EPIC /qa/ is to other teenbros?
Here, have this then
File: Remilia natto on meiling.jpg (185 KB, 1000x1000)
185 KB
185 KB JPG
Megaviele Viren (jp.: daisuki biru-biru)

File: partyhard.gif (154 KB, 423x316)
154 KB
154 KB GIF
What's going to happen to /f/?
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Maybe once it's gone someone will come up with something better to replace it. To fill the void.
I tried looking for a legacy player and couldn't find it
You're looking for the "Flash Player projector", an official Adobe program originally meant for live-testing Flash loops outside the browser.

It only runs well on Windows for me, though.
The Linux version of the projector often crashes or hangs on exit so there may be left-over "flashplayer" processes.
I don't understand what there is to be upset about. As far as I can tell it's just nostalgia and worrying that legacy shit won't work anymore.
But as for new content and the future obviously there's nothing to worry about >>1782863
Flash is basically just mini programs, animations, and interaction. That's literally what your fucking computer was built to do. That stuff is not going to go away any time soon.

And as far as playing flash, there's also the possibility of emulating flash in html5. There's a project called "shumway" that was doing that, but I don't know if they're still making any progress or not.
After that all that's left to fill the gap would be some application builders to make churning out new content brainlessly easy so people don't have to know javascript and that's it. Then you'll effectively have the same thing as flash but less shitty.
There's definitely going to be many archive sites where you csn just download all of the oldies and play on your pc. If there aren't already.

File: 1482219630686.jpg (345 KB, 600x500)
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345 KB JPG
What was the most perverted thing you have ever done in real life?
Had sex on a public bus
Got my dick sucked by a gay.
Didn't like it.
fapped to snuff

File: IMG_0860.jpg (56 KB, 528x424)
56 KB
Going to France for holidays. How can I piss off the French? Wanna troll some really bad for all the trolling they give us. Time for some payback lol
Speaking English triggers them enough already.
I suppose being blatantly racist would upset a good portion of them, too.
tell people you are tourist and ask them to take you where the shootings happened

File: 1497614339181.png (852 KB, 1118x641)
852 KB
852 KB PNG
Wow it must be christmas, all the Jap mob games have their events on!
desu the summer months all roll together to me because there aren't any holidays for mobage to use so i can't tell what month it is off the bat

File: 1513092336945.jpg (87 KB, 984x720)
87 KB
Mecha is the epitome of geek
who is this cute girl?

File: 1461533245086.png (564 KB, 623x720)
564 KB
564 KB PNG
Get jobs, you smelly NEETs.
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... You work you die
But I shitpost from my job anon
File: 1461262498212.jpg (62 KB, 1280x720)
62 KB
File: 1499653563155.png (692 KB, 1278x718)
692 KB
692 KB PNG
Aren't you that guy from the Christmas thread? Fuck you, I lost my wallet in 2011, and will continue to work as a sys admin for the forseeable future. At least I can take it easy.
File: 1511534849154.png (964 KB, 946x1053)
964 KB
964 KB PNG
>hired for a new job but haven't started work yet
>received a flurry of text messages from a new number
>delete them without thinking because they were all corrupted and therefore seemed suspicious
>might have actually been called in now that I think of it but now there's no way of knowing

File: 1511873949312.jpg (67 KB, 960x640)
67 KB
You wake up inside a hut in the dessert
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You look around the dusty housing, finding little of interest. Your rest was uncomfortable, but it's nothing you're not used to.
You decide to search the surroundings of the hut in order to procure useful tools.
You find:
a 10 ft long rope
a wooden plank
a snail
You atatch the snail to the wood and tie a knot around the plank.
You use your novelty contraption as a hat to protect yourself from the scorching sun, the snail works as a nice coolant.

>being in bed with another human
I would be shaking in anxiety

File: mmm.jpg (70 KB, 334x334)
70 KB
Am I the only one who gets dubs whenever they want?
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Did you actually try for that?
Are there any dubs left for me?
no begone
yeah but I get trips on will :D

Stop bumping without any input you niggers.
5 replies and 1 image omitted. Click here to view.
aka nu-/qa/
Have a bump for a worthy topic, weebfriend.
Fucking pathetic.

File: r6g74A9.png (19 KB, 180x158)
19 KB
What if the /jp/sies on /qa/ are just the undesirables of /jp/ that got driven off here?
what if every poster here is just the lowest tier poster of their respective board (including /qa/ itself)?
File: 1495181082696.jpg (495 KB, 1305x1265)
495 KB
495 KB JPG
Now you're finally starting to understand.
And I'm one of them, right?
Oh lord.

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