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File: 62002550_p2_master1200.jpg (161 KB, 600x519)
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What sort of delicious things can you cook, anon?
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Ots 3 an and im Oanign 390 bo5xhes wherwa the romans 300 romans

king of food right here when i et food i also drink beer so you better steer clear because youll die if your fuxkin near
File: qt 1.jpg (126 KB, 880x608)
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>>1414414 (good numbers)
whoa dang all posts deleted prob got banned WILL MISS YOU peace in the middle east

Anyway, because I still can see the post I'm gonna respond still so one last response before the sun sets on our chat. unless you aren't banned who knows

It is cool that the body can pick up the slack sometimes; it is a real team player if you let it be one. Still gotta worry about like iron and b12 though. My doctor just had me get a blood test for that among other things and WOW did it hurt. I thought something had gone wrong at first because it was like okay the needle hurts going in I'm used to that but then really bad pain in my arm outta nowhere like a real "uh-oh oh no that pain doesn't seem like a good thing to be happening" but I didn't want to scare the nurse or imply that she was doing a bad job so I tried to just ignore it. Consequently I missed a lot of what she said, whoops.

Dang, I wish I knew how to jedi-mind trick a bear or something. I need to take a spiritual voyage to india or something and take lsd like sam harris to awaken my true potential

My youngest memories of water were being really afraid to even put my head under; consequently I've never really learned how to swim properly. I remember going out in the water on beaches and stuff but not too far, and if my feet couldn't touch the ground I would have something like a boogie board to hold onto; I'm not very comfortable with that treading water thing. I am pretty skinny, and I used to be even skinnier, so I had pretty low body fat and that made it hard to float properly. I also didn't really like it because once I get out of the water I am all wet and that's an uncomfortable hassle, so I have sort of just stopped entering bodies of water.
Oh, oh, I did have a bit where I felt like I was going to drown at a waterpark once when I was a kid, that might have had an effect on me.

Haha, that's true. There are a lot of reasons why people do drugs and I simplified it a lot.
File: qt 2.jpg (113 KB, 1200x800)
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113 KB JPG
Still, I think for a lot of people it might just be as simple as falling in with people that do drugs that end up feeling really good, and then doing that enough that they become physically addicted, at which point it's basically hell to stop. For psychedelics it's a lot different, I think, but I have very little experience with them. I almost did acid last year, but ended up not doing it because I thought I was at a bad enough place mentally that it wouldn't be a good idea. Have you ever seen Trainspotting? I want to read the book; I feel kinda dumb having only seen the movie when the book is supposed to be good, too.

Maybe your brain can tell when things are trying to make it sleep and it rebels!

My fave arthropod is DEFINITELY the jumping spider. They are little miracles and I treasure every interaction I get to have with them, though they are sadly rare. I have been considering getting one as a pet, but I need to make sure I am in the right place to take care of a lifeform before I do that. Fruit flies are pretty bad... but they are better than ants I think. My house back home had a real ant problem, and I got the brunt of it in 2016. So many little guys. I had to duct tape all the little cracks between my wall and my windowsill. It took a lot of trial and error, and they would figure out new places to come from. It was a real battle of the minds. Me vs a lot of ants.

People complain sometimes to me about how loud I listen to music. I have to be careful not to turn it up too loud, because I always want just more more MORE when I'm listening to a really good song I want it to become like my entire world and everything that is.

Haha, I watched one episode of it and wow kinda what I expected but at the same time not. I am sort of in the for the ride, though. It seems really silly, but maybe in a good way, so I want to see how it goes. Great owl pics I have included some jumping spider pictures for reference.
I don't really know, to be honest. I have never really planned specifically for my future, but I recognize that I could be a professor of physics someday, and I think that would be good. I like to help people learn things, I think, though I don't exactly have a lot of experience with that. I think I could do it, probably. Meanwhile I'd probably def' continue with high energy research, since that's such a neat field and the one I have kind of ended up in. For now I figure that's a long way in the future and I am just going to continue going with the flow until then. I mean I could even end up working for real at CERN; if things go right I will be going over there during my grad studies for a year or two, which would be obviously great. I really have no idea what the future holds, though. I think it's pretty cool that you have a strong idea of what you want to do. I like flexibility, but at the same time there are obviously pretty major pluses to knowing what you want and just going for it.

Wow whoa you gotta do what you think is best, but I hope you are definitely sure because you quit what you're doing. I have had a lot of times where I felt really, really, really bad about everything I'm doing and school in general, but I think it's better than I hunkered down and just kept going through the BS. I definitely know the feeling of not knowing if I'll be able to keep up doing school stuff; I felt it every semester of my undergrad lol. It's a tough decision; I hope you figure out what is the best path for you right now.

Oh hey! I know I should listen to Sufjan, but to be honest I have only really heard John Wayne Gacy Jr., which is a beautiful song. I really need to listen to his stuff. The instrumental backing at one bit during the song you posted kinda reminds me of parts of In C by Terry Riley. It's pretty beautiful. For a really long time my favorite singer/songwriter was Elliott Smith
File: qt 3.jpg (158 KB, 1600x1067)
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158 KB JPG
makes me so mad

Is there a more masculine pic than this that won't get you banned?
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That's one way of looking at things, I guess.
File: Geist.jpg (24 KB, 400x275)
24 KB
Oww de

This gene has also been associated with a variety of other psychiatric disorders, including antisocial behavior.

When faced with social exclusion or ostracism, individuals with the low activity MAOA gene showed higher levels of aggression than individuals with the high activity MAOA gene. Low activity MAO-A could significantly predict aggressive behaviour in a high provocation situation, but was less associated with aggression in a low provocation situation. Individuals with the low activity variant of the MAOA gene were just as likely as participants with the high activity variant to retaliate when the loss was small. However, they were more likely to retaliate and with greater force when the loss was large.

"Monoamine oxidases (MAOs) are enzymes that are involved in the breakdown of neurotransmitters such as serotonin and dopamine and are, therefore, capable of influencing feelings, mood, and behaviour of individuals". According to this, if there was a mutation to the gene that is involved in the process of promoting or inhibiting MAO enzymes, it could affect a person's personality or behaviour and could therefore make them more prone to aggression. A deficiency in the MAOA gene has shown higher levels of aggression in males, which could further stimulate more research into this controversial topic.

Is society the one with the disease? Or us?
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"autism" is an umbrella term applied to a range of perhaps 30 or more types of mental disorders; honestly IMO it is rather short-sighted of us if not inappropriate to lump in all of these various diseases as just "autism", or under a "spectrum" as a lazy catch-all. An asperger's kid is still likely able to actually function in society while some other people also called autistic turn out mostly invalid like Chris-chan, while others literally rock in corners, can't ever talk and smear their shit on the windows.

Maybe in a few years, or whenever physicians agree that it's time to specify things more carefully once we further characterize the mechanistic differences in the brain that produce the various effects, then things will probably be split up and defined more in terms of specific types of disease. We may look back on ourselves as kind of stupid for saying it's all the same thing, like how decades ago we had no clue how specific cancers actually are and many people were given an about-the-same battery of treatments for a huge range of cancers.

Given that there is a diverse range of possible disease mechanisms and also a diverse range of what happens to these people as an outcome, I can't say that we know what causes just "autism" overall, as no one really has a canonical autism anymore it seems. However, we do know that there in fact are some genetic anomalies in at least some types of people diagnosed as autistic, such as chromosomal inversions and various SNPs. I find the inversions interesting, as that could be a fairly solid answer as to what the fuck is going on - these people may have all the correct genes in working order, but their being placed where they're not supposed to be within a chromosome could result in the proteins either being silenced or over-expressed compared to non-autist brains.
bump for autism
Autist master race.

What is life like as a poet?
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Post one but have it translated first.
you tell me
File: akari-cries.jpg (38 KB, 500x283)
38 KB

Women with modest breasts that leave no doubt in your mind that they are of legal age.
(bonus points if they're drinking coffee)
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Those breasts aren't modest you retarded weeb, I hope you fucking die
The reason i'm being mean to you is because I hate you
Me on the left.

File: radiopromo.jpg (133 KB, 1540x800)
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133 KB JPG
How come "internet radio" never moved beyond podcasts and such? Remember how it was envisioned in 2000 as a massive parallel structure to am/FM radio with all kinds of streaming and junk? Why come it is such a disappointment?
It exists, but it's niche. That's a good thing.
Talk radio has embraced it. Most stations are streamed now, it's just very few people care.

File: 1458299722399.png (304 KB, 591x577)
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304 KB PNG
>funny cat pictures XD
>omg 1000 internets XD
>Op is a faggot!!
>epic XDD

Why do so many people blindly insist that old 4chan was ever great?

Any website full of weeaboos is destined to be shit.
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fuck off weeb
No way, kys spinoff nigger.
t. degenerate weeb
this thread is a prime example of weeb butthurt
Remember: whenever your thread gets spammed, you've made a good thread. Must've struck a delicate nerve.

File: 1446681169463.png (325 KB, 763x1119)
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325 KB PNG
Isn't it time to get rid of the delete post function on this board? It gets abused all the time by people (and bump scripts) bumping threads. Other boards have had this problem in the past and now it looks like this one is too.
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File: yes.gif (1.93 MB, 235x240)
1.93 MB
1.93 MB GIF
But I wanted to know if I was at thread limit...
You should have used a different picture.
By using anime pictures you are signaling that you're a shitposter.
File: 00- kancowre.jpg (188 KB, 590x479)
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188 KB JPG
I'm not just a shitposter.
you're losing it dude

File: 1470811902025.png (247 KB, 488x562)
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247 KB PNG
Хopoшo For the horo2

File: image.png (415 KB, 757x716)
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What are the things you will never have enough of them?
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>I think you mean romantic, anon.
Check out what he posted beforehand! Very homo.
pictures of waifu

File: 1461259641306.jpg (102 KB, 800x600)
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102 KB JPG
Fuck anime.
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With whatever you want anon. That's the beauty of animes.
Life is grand

File: 1497897226660.jpg (75 KB, 640x640)
75 KB
> tfw you just mirror a pic to be able to post it again
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number 1
File: 1494680555282.jpg (56 KB, 300x360)
56 KB

File: image.png (246 KB, 390x480)
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What things you liked before did you get tired of?
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my life
Anime, videogames, people. Now I just browse 4chan and read a lot.

File: 1470706766178.jpg (68 KB, 640x640)
68 KB
Is Pepe cool?
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File: 15.jpg (48 KB, 464x412)
48 KB
number 2

File: 1456779173690.png (540 KB, 500x647)
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540 KB PNG
Turn the bumpbot off. I don't think we need it anymore. You're using it for retarded shit anyway: >>1415964
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i'm going to bump >>1413437 and >>1413398 now only for the reason that you think you need a bumpbot.
triggered lol
bumpbot btfo
You (or someone else) were doing that already, so it's not like you have leverage through doing it. And by bumping garbage you bring the bot closer to activation on the larger lists.
File: OnlyOn_QA_.jpg (59 KB, 541x314)
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