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Did you accomplish something today?
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use google and youtube
File: 1466181546527.png (477 KB, 619x750)
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How unbecoming of a princess
I already watched it.
>This video is just the basics to computer electronics
This is bullshit if you are a retard with IQ lower than 100 which is my case. I can't understand how the transistor magic happens. How are they switches exactly?
just keep looking and even rewatch it if you need to. if you don't understand electricity and how protons neutrons and electrons work then watch videos about electricity then go back to transistors

just keep going backwards in the theory until you understand it and can go forward

File: 1492627492511.jpg (41 KB, 399x444)
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( °□°)
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One of your spinoff brethren is obsessed with the thought that crossboarders are really 8gag raiders. Funny on some levels but downright harmful when he instigates. He is the person I thought OP was. I know there is more than one /jp/ poster here and I'm fine with that. However there is one in particular riling up the normalfag natives and causing your spinoff boards to go into secure mode from the backlash.
lol. You're obsessed with this guy who talks about 8gag.
Report and ignore shitposting. You should know this if you've been on /qa/ for a while now.
If you were from here at all you should know that reporting it is the last thing you should do. Lurk moar, newkid.
I'll look forward to seeing you call everybody you disagree with based while everyone else but me and you wonder what the hell you're talking about. Thanks for being so entertaining!
File: ZPIQJjf.jpg (862 KB, 800x1131)
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862 KB JPG
You sound paranoid.
yukkuri shitteite ne.

ITT: Interesting or unusual things happening on the boards you browse
Previous thread: >>1320319
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The /pol/ rumors about that are retarded. It just shows when you follow a link to 4chan from an external website.
>The /pol/ rumors about that are retarded.
The only people who posted about that on /pol/ were retards posting screenshots of some shit article and a tweet by some literally who faggot.
Every single one of those threads had a french poster and everyone calling OP an idiot.
Ride confirmed for not ending
There is a movie coming soon, there were others in the past but they were spin offs so people thought the should would end after it (meaning the fandom dying and the board getting deleted), turns out everybody was wrong because there is a new season being made after it
>thought the should
thought the *show

File: 1428754616261.jpg (62 KB, 914x960)
62 KB
Are you guilty of baiting people? Confess.
Bait is controlled manipulation.
Bait threads have the power to control the direction of a board and false flags can trick fools into believing ideas.
So you're saying you are a master baitsman?
I am a masterbaiter.

Honestly though, bait is playing on people's fears and anxieties to create situations where people feel obliged to respond.
It's nothing to be proud of.
Is that like one man's terrorist is another's freedom fighter?

File: 1474513579938.jpg (44 KB, 499x624)
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Am I kawaii qanpai *giggle*
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/qa/ddit forever btfo
File: 1487457928618.jpg (6 KB, 250x203)
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thanks senpai alam. I hadn't even noticed them on my shitposting spree earlier
don't delete those sick trips dude!

File: 1494782510268.jpg (1.41 MB, 2221x2797)
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1.41 MB JPG
Post copypasta in this thread.
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We have all heard about the tunnel of light that our soul follows upon leaving the physical body, but what is the true meaning of the life review? Why does a life review almost always involve having us continuously looping back into this 3rd dimensional reality and what can we do to stop these cycles of reincarnation?
Commonalities Within The Near Death Experience

Just about every person who has a near death experience will say that they didn’t want to come back to Earth and that the other side of the veil felt like “home”. So, if everyone feels this content on the other side of the veil, then why do we keep coming back to this hellhole?

Just about every person who has a near death experience will say that they didn't want to come back to Earth and that the other side of the veil felt like "home". So, if everyone feels this content on the other side of the veil, then why do we keep coming back to this hellhole? As evidenced by thousands of near death experiences, there is a common theme that people experience upon leaving the physical body:

The initial “death”
The tunnel and the white light
The other side of the tunnel
Meeting “beings” including angels, guides, friends and family
Your life review
Getting sent back to earth
Lessons learned from the other side

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
lol just look at him
Imagine a girl actually saying this to you.
It ain't a game nigger I don't know who told you it was. I put holes in your mug if you're holding a grudge. Try to take em when you get the gun and load and the slug check ya low when I bust. Stop playin when ya get it understood cause I know if you know what's good for ya. Come around your hood for ya.

You don't know me - I kill everyone who show love. You have them motherfuckers lookin' all up in the woods for ya.
Listen dude: I'm almost 49 years old. I've been using computers since the original Apple 1 was in stores. In high school I used a multi-user BASIC system running on a Data General Nova minicomputer connected to 3 schools via 300bps modems over leased phone lines. The first computer I built was based on a 1976 Popular Electronics article and used an old Teletype ASR-33 as a terminal. The next three computers were S-100 bus systems running CP/M v2.2. Depending on your age, I may have been writing code in C under CP/M before you were even *born*. I've owned no-name Taiwaneese knock-off XT clone motherboard-based systems I built on the cheap, with monochrome (yes, the ugly-ass green-screen) graphics. I remember the original Mac looking like someone's idea of a joke to me. I thought Windows v2.x was the most useless thing on the planet. I actually ran IBM's OS/2 for a couple *years* and thought it was awesome. The only reason I changed from Win95 was because the USB support was virtually non-existent. The only reason I changed from Win98SE to Win2k was it wasn't stable on a CPU running over ~800MHz. I had an entire WinNT4 domain, complete with PDC, running in my apartment, while I was getting an MCSE.

You still want to call me "new", friend?

Check your Linux privilege. Not all of us are running it, and your overweening arrogance indicates to *me* that you're rather young, and perhaps aren't being totally honest about making your living the way you do.

File: cirno.jpg (96 KB, 600x631)
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What cock?
epic fairy

⊂( ´ ▽ ` )⊃
Did you have a question?
File: 1492977042305.png (172 KB, 522x502)
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172 KB PNG
Will /qa/ ever officially turn into a 2D/Random board?

File: .png (447 KB, 960x720)
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447 KB PNG
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File: 02_C152_penpen.jpg (83 KB, 628x480)
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It looks lost...
Where are his friends?

i got banned for this?
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>image of spongebob pretending to be retarded with a very ugly face
>with a wig to represent someone
>with a text that alternate between upper and lower case every letter
>"not a shitpost you fucking idiot"
Why don't you go back to /r/The_Donald or wherever the fuck you came from? How is this not a shitpost in a board dedicated to fucking political discussion? How stupid are you?
suck my cock dude
t. butthurt kraut
File: 1495655657642.jpg (58 KB, 640x625)
58 KB
I really want that image now.

File: 1494569036821.gif (1.83 MB, 389x413)
1.83 MB
1.83 MB GIF
Post the last image you saved from 4chan, rules permitting.
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File: 1495445931116.jpg (188 KB, 1440x454)
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188 KB JPG
File: 1495656522339.jpg (53 KB, 545x511)
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File: IMG_4135.jpg (102 KB, 622x288)
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102 KB JPG
File: 1494977012324.png (207 KB, 403x433)
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207 KB PNG

File: b.jpg (1.41 MB, 2261x2076)
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god i wish that were me
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all that food could have been yours
This, all those fruites, braeds, soupes and banans could have been yours along with the bent oblong fork.

Did you have a question?

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File: 1411450435778.png (1.24 MB, 1430x2000)
1.24 MB
1.24 MB PNG
paging janny
stop it
Hi janny.
File: 000-cover.jpg (120 KB, 640x840)
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120 KB JPG
What would a red /jp/ look like?

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