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The stories and information posted here are artistic works of fiction and falsehood.
Only a fool would take anything posted here as fact.

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File: trash sticky.png (210 KB, 680x740)
210 KB
210 KB PNG
Welcome to /trash/Your thread ended up here because it didn't belong on the board where you posted it. Don't complain if your thread got moved, instead read the rules to prevent this from happening in the future!

Not all off-topic threads end up here. Most are just going to get deleted as normal, and you may get banned as a consequence.

You can still post normally on /trash/ just like any other board. Global rules 1, 2, 4, 7, 9, 10, 11, 12 and 14 are enforced. The posting of loli or shota pornography is not permitted.

/trash/ Drawthread

Previous thread: >>21317676

For other similar threads, click here: >>>/trash/drawthread
Edit and Color thread: >>21336126
Our booru: http://trashdump.booru.org

>How do I request?
- Start your post with "requesting" or "/r/".
- Provide names and image references in a single post.
- Don't spam or bump your requests.
- Check the booru to see if your request was done.
- Request edits in the thread for edits.

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>are multiple fulfilments of the same request generally frowned upon?
A couple anons might complain but nobody really cares of two artists draw the same req, and I'm sure the requester wouldnt complain about receiving more art
Not a problem, and If it is Vuko-Jebina, that is me.
Gotcha friend
I wouldn't mind. It's a pretty common ideology amongst other drawthreads that having multiple deliveries isn't really a bad thing; it's bringing 2 cakes to a party. At the end of the day, it a whole other cake; so go for it!
I actually like the request, but I did promise to do >>21376724 's next; so alas my attention belongs to another for this passing moment. But I might give it a shot once that's done; but no promises.
File: 1550668926.jpg (130 KB, 1263x998)
130 KB
130 KB JPG
Requesting Brandy Harrington like this
gotcha, thanks for looking at my request
File: gallustream.gif (1.16 MB, 480x270)
1.16 MB
1.16 MB GIF
Silverstream and Gallus (prefferably all grown up) actually having sex in this female-on-top position.

File: Tron-city-grid.jpg (154 KB, 1255x800)
154 KB
154 KB JPG
Hg hunger games thread

Thread location: The Grid

Thread theme:https://youtu.be/DSx_N18TWjs
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File: download (4).jpg (16 KB, 294x172)
16 KB
File: 1536350210360.jpg (30 KB, 500x682)
30 KB
File: Zero33.jpg (248 KB, 860x1200)
248 KB
248 KB JPG
No... to all of those. It's a parasite, to be specific.
File: wanshi (41).png (147 KB, 1280x720)
147 KB
147 KB PNG
>delete this
Ah, so it must be leeching off your brain cells, now you make so much more sense

File: gsg meetup.jpg (222 KB, 750x750)
222 KB
222 KB JPG
tragsg: emergency
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circadian rhythms uhhhhh its just something i heard a few times i dont even really know if im using it right but im like 90% certain i am regardless
good mornin
ugh fucking hate when my professors tell me i'm smart
yeah i hate liars

/roommates/ - Everybody was kung-fu fightin'

Previous Thread: https://desuarchive.org/trash/thread/21024331/#21024331
For discussion of TGWeaver's and Pokemaniacal's Five Nights at Freddy's AU fic
AO3: archiveofourown org/series/769941
Writing Archive:https://pastebin.com/XPfrRD6q
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File: Nisha Pin up Solo .png (682 KB, 2000x2000)
682 KB
682 KB PNG
I am saving this golden image for later.
followup pic of her trying to seductively finger and fondle his ears asking "This turning you on too?"
>i don't mean to be an asshole
But you did
>b-b-b-b-b-b-but y-you d-did....
look, we don't want pony shit in here, ponies ruin everything
and did i do this? >>21417116
he's just baiting for dead hours. thanks for the bump

File: 1547975174.png (677 KB, 1280x1120)
677 KB
677 KB PNG
/lewdg/ /lolg/ League of Lewds General

Queen of the Freljord Edition
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File: 1546224561581.jpg (545 KB, 707x1000)
545 KB
545 KB JPG
One for the money.
nuMorgana best mistress
You can fuck her whenever you please, so long as you be a good boy.

File: 021919.png (1.9 MB, 2000x2000)
1.9 MB
1.9 MB PNG
MS Paint Draw Thread

Let's draw silly doodles without any pressure of being good. You don't have to use ms paint if you don't want to as long as you're having fun. All skill levels are welcome!

Previous thread: >>21204973

Artist resources courtesy of Anon:
http://pastebin.com/Mu66aztE (embed)

And a bonus one stolen from /vp/ with some download links:
http://pastebin.com/ysBEpzLV (embed)

Some paint related tips: http://www.albinoblacksheep.com/tutorial/mspaint

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File: spookyloli wip.png (74 KB, 437x813)
74 KB
didn't work on my drawing, but have another wip bump
File: smock rabbit.png (233 KB, 1004x719)
233 KB
233 KB PNG
shortstacks sustain me, but they're weird to draw
I started by just picking up random custom brushes and drawing over the lineart+solid color layer.
Just start painting and you'll figure out what you need to improve.
File: 0db.jpg (108 KB, 1200x960)
108 KB
108 KB JPG
nice bun, also this might help, found it some time ago and as funny as it looks, it's actually a good piece of advice for drawing shortstacks

File: IMG_20190219_151701.jpg (331 KB, 1600x2800)
331 KB
331 KB JPG
RWBY/RT General #929: Dragon Edition

>1. Love RWBY, hate RWBY, take advantage of the healslut
>2. Read the Pastebin: http://pastebin.com/UmEaBVGW\
>3. Arguing about Vic isn't discussion.
>4. Don't believe their lies.

1080p Episode Archive: https://mega.nz/#F!ygF2xIRS!DlbbI_9Jmb0YHDKHItGSMQ

Volume 6 Chapter 13 Link: https://rtv3-video.roosterteeth.com/store/315df798742f3747e4e15f6696235427-eef2249a/ts/1548484505_index.m3u8

Previous threads: https://desuarchive.org/_/search/boards/trash.desu.meta/text/RWBY%2FRT/type/op
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File: dusty old qrow.jpg (473 KB, 1280x1810)
473 KB
473 KB JPG

Looks like Vic Mignogna is doing the lawsuit. If it was me I would sue in all directions too. The only way is up when at rock bottom and Vic has nothing to lose by trying to get some compensation and clear his name of any conspiracy smears by intentional career wreckers. Maybe if they are all sued it will put others off from doing the same.

Good luck to Vic anyway. Qrow would approve.

File: yang and dusty old qrow.jpg (572 KB, 1280x1790)
572 KB
572 KB JPG

Also more info on Vic's lawsuit and situation:

Fucking Ruby with her corset on>naked rubes
File: poland anime2.png (549 KB, 495x699)
549 KB
549 KB PNG

File: ebinsebin.jpg (625 KB, 2662x2916)
625 KB
625 KB JPG
/bara/ - Gacha Guys Edition
>Last Thread: https://desuarchive.org/trash/thread/21346373
>Hit the Gym while doing good rolls! :https://pastebin.com/BrFzx1EM
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File: tartare11.jpg (144 KB, 840x1200)
144 KB
144 KB JPG
Sorry, but I'm a baaaad boy.
God, if only this fucking retard was made in an actually good game, so disappointing.
File: garmr41.jpg (95 KB, 800x600)
95 KB
What kind of game would fit Garmr ? Beat em up ?
File: Macan_4star_full.png (929 KB, 904x640)
929 KB
929 KB PNG
>But Garmr is absolute shit dumbo
>the only thing he is best at is getting abused.
No, Garmr is for protect, there are far better dudes to DOMINATE AND BREAK, Garmr is like pre-broken and already dedicated to (you) and not even in the top 5 when there are guys like Macan (look at this shit) and Krampus running around and some others i can't be assed to remember the name of, like the bull buisness CEO man dude, man i just love the idea of taking that kind of man, make him give up control and utterly wreck him. Sexually, which may involve wrestling, humiliation, getting choked out (via wrestling holds),wedgies, light CBT and bondage, could even throw in some gutpunches of asked nicely. That's fun, bullying a retard who only cares about making you happy? Nah.

I think there was a consensus that Garmr was a Fortnite player who is only allowed to play Fortnite due being bad at computers last year, but apparently it is on the way out now, and no one really cares about /bara/ lore, i just remember this shit cause i have good memory, except when i don't.
Garmr has moved on to Apex like all his favorite streamers

/TLVG/ - The Loud Verse General
La Familia Edition

https://pastebin.com/zsy95BnF (NSFWBackup)


>Love Child Exclusive Fanfics

>Thread Archive

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
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Well he’s not sure who his dad is but since Lincoln has a natural charisma about him, Skylar would give him puppy dog eyes and say something like.
>”I can’t seem to find my daddy.”
>Skylar hugs Lincoln’s leg hand stroking his member through his pants.
>”Could you help me find my Daddy?”

>"I can't seem to find my daddy," the little six year old boy worried, clinging closely to the stranger's leg.
>Lincoln was standing there a bit awkwardly, his hand patting the young man's head.
>He'd just gotten a call from Lindsey Sweetwater to finally reveal that he had another son... with her.
>He had come to this pageant to meet him.
>He didn't expect for Lindsey to suddenly dump the boy on him and leave.
>Alone, without either parent, young Skylar Sweetwater had tears running down his eyes as he hugged his 'uncle' Lincoln tighter and tighter.
>It broke Lincoln's heart, but also made it race and gallop.
>Skylar's hands kept moving up and pressing against his groin.
>At first he ignored it, then he pushed them away.
>What was up with this kid?
>Skylar leaned his cheek against Linc's thigh, and his sorrowful breaths were heating up the man's pants.
>Fuck, Lincoln was starting to feel like a creepy ass pedophile...
>"Please, sir," the little shotabait whined, "help me find my daddy and I'll do anything for you."

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
>Tried to post a pic to abomination booru
>Not logged in
>Browser has my account info saved
>Hit 'enter'
>Refuses to log in
>Account no longer exists
>Remake account with the exact same name and password
>Welcome to the booru, new user

Really? Fucking really? Is that how you guys are working now?
Because trills a fucking hack
>Later Skylar gets in his mom's car.
>"So Did you met your dad what did you think of him?"
>Skylar licks his lips and cleans off his face.
>"Don't know I met a dad he was fun."
>Lindsey sprays a mix of water and pepper from a squirt bottle on Skylar's face.
>"Again Skylar you're going to get yourself in trouble if you keep doing this! I pray it wasn't your real dad."
>Skylar starts to dry his face off with his scarf, before parting it effeminately he left his hair wet to sparkle.
>"Why do you always treat me like a cat?"
>"Because you act like one in heat! Augh I leave you alone with the internet one time and look at you!"
>"Well maybe if you didn't read such trashy comics I wouldn't have been hmm let's say curious?"
>Lindsy rolled her eyes as she started the car and pulled out.
>"Please you've killed that cat 9 times by now, no way you can still play innocent."
>"Oh but mommy I'm scared I wanna find my daddy."
>Lindsey looks in her rearview to see Skylar giving puppy dog eyes.

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.

Do you like sweet toon pussy?
58 replies and 39 images omitted. Click here to view.
File: 1538705733241.png (614 KB, 1500x1500)
614 KB
614 KB PNG
>I know what you can do tonight, Brain
THANK YOU. I've been looking for that one forever.

File: 1547044286244.gif (503 KB, 300x180)
503 KB
503 KB GIF
/TLHG/ - The Loud House General
I'm Not Always Gonna Be Around Edition


>Thread Archive:




Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
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Normally lincoln kicks lisa around like a football. She’s not there so looks like lincoln will kick lynn in the stomach instead.
Nah they're doing that thing where somebody lays down lifts their legs up and somebody else gets on top and stand still on their feet. It's kind of cute.
I’m sure lynn is thrilled to have lincoln ripping out her ponytail and lily biting her head.
Well obviously they're fighting.
File: Luan in action.webm (1.15 MB, 480x360)
1.15 MB
1.15 MB WEBM
Isn't she precious?

File: 1550625625256.gif (631 KB, 540x300)
631 KB
631 KB GIF
/sug/ - Steven Universe General

Let Your Freak Flaps Fly Edition

Last Thread: >>21407260

>SU movie coming Fall 2019
>Bismuth and Pearl Dove Short
>Peridot Dove Short
>We Deserve To Shine

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
6 replies and 6 images omitted. Click here to view.
A little for Yellow D when she first came around and some for both Blue and Yellow when they fought the Crystal Gems. White Diamond was by far the scariest diamond.
I thought that the finale was though rushed was still very entertaining. I think the next season will do much about exploring characters like Jasper and Lapis and helping the cured gems who decided to stay on Earth adjusting to life there.
File: 1548879901294.png (226 KB, 753x565)
226 KB
226 KB PNG
Cute! I don't have any cute Whearls but I have this lewd Whearl from an anon that draws really cute Whearls, that counts right?
>like Jasper and Lapis
Very hope so. Lapidot are my favorite couple.
File: lars of the stars.png (1.94 MB, 765x948)
1.94 MB
1.94 MB PNG
Remember this artwork came out and everyone was saying that Emerald is gonna be a badass intimidating and reoccurring villain with no stupid joke moments? That backfired hard, she was a meme chimpanzee acting worse than Peridot in her one single episode

File: caneq.png (2.06 MB, 3000x3000)
2.06 MB
2.06 MB PNG
/flg/ - F-List General #293
Feral pussy edition
Previous thread:
F-list is a website for people interested in roleplaying, to create character profiles and to find like-minded partners with similar interests to roleplay with. It features a web chat (which can be used for textual roleplaying), custom kinks, image hosting, BBcode-enabled profiles and more built-in kinks than you can memorize.
The purpose of this thread is to serve as a place where anons can freely share their characters, solicit roleplay, critique profiles and descs, (consensually) share logs of roleplays, discuss kinks, and everything else related to F-List.
Note that actual roleplay should be directed to F-List or >>>/trash/erp as this thread is for whining and profile whoring, nobody here intends on roleplaying or they would be.

59 replies and 16 images omitted. Click here to view.
File: mvHgjuI_d.jpg (23 KB, 640x649)
23 KB
Burly cat with a fat dick and a desire to finger chicks until they squirt or fat-assed femboys until they end up staining their own stomach and their dick goes limp from the constant bashing of rugged fingers against their prostate. Hit me up. Mostly sex-driven, more story-driven / 50-50 split on the other profiles you can find on my hub.
What are the best spots for lewd dice rolls?
Depends. If you mean places to roll die google has plenty off good sites to offer you.

If you mean situations:

>deciding how many edges
>deciding how many stroke/pumps
>deciding chastity sentence lenght
>deciding number of licks
>deciding number of slaps
>deciding ammount of time to endure something
Please no more Tigger memes, my sides are losing it anon. I just want to tear holes into rodents big ass floppy ears while knocking them up with a litter of kittens and to make dogs hilt my dick down their throats and drink my piss like they chub alcohool at a dog-only party.

/ftt/ - Fapping Together Thread

Post lewds and talk about fappin n' schlickin

Paizuri Invitation edition

Previous: >>21398731
32 replies and 17 images omitted. Click here to view.
I want to cum between those thighs
File: 1530843952210.jpg (130 KB, 778x1100)
130 KB
130 KB JPG
That's just nasty, dude. And not in an erotic way.
all I want in life is to get choked out by those thighs
Kill yourself.

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