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Hey /co/ who's smarter Lex Luthor or Batman?

- Post their smartest feats.
Lex Luthor. Batman just pays smart guys to build him gadgets.

Also youre in /po/ not /co/

File: image.jpg (35 KB, 322x400)
35 KB
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origami tanteidan magazine 150 pdf ?
Hi there Origami Artists Folders and Fans from around the world.

Origami Request - Can someone please share a Download link if there is one as of right now to the ( origami tanteidan magazine 150 )

it would be much thankful and appreciated.

Does anybody have the pajarita convention 2014?
I need help finding a diagram that I folded a long time ago. It's basically a triangular box that I think has some kind of locking mechanism at the end which prevents it from being unfolded without tearing. I'm almost positive it was labeled in the book as an "ashtray" but the problem is I have no clue which book it was. It was definitely somewhere in that huge torrent that was posted a couple of years ago. Anyone know?
Maybe https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NXePl7VpFww
or http://www.giladorigami.com/origami-database/Unopenable%20envelope%20Jeremy%20Shafer

File: general400k.jpg (415 KB, 1150x1154)
415 KB
415 KB JPG
hi /po/
i want to make a paper model of the harpsichord for my music teacher. i searched everywhere for the blueprints but i couldn't find any on the internet and frankly i'm not that surprised. i did however find a 3D model, but i don't know how to make it into a pepakura file or a pdf with plans. could any of you 3D oriented people please help me ? i know nothing about modeling and i would love to work on that thing.
the file is avaliable for download here
could someone please take a look ? i would be ever so thankful.
alternatively, does anyone have a model for a paper harpsichord. thank you
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i think so. flemish builders knew that the instrument is usually only visible from one angle and they just didn't bother doing anything nice on both sides. you can see that the box isn't even painted.
to be fair i'm not sure if i'll be able to make the legs exactly as they are since they're very detailed and they look really complicated, so feel free to adjust them a little bit if you feel like it.

I'm the one building the model, but I wasn't the one who asked about the legs, so I guess there's more people lurking this thread, which is nice.

Since it was brought up, your pictures are a great help for me to see the instrument from different angles and I'm using them for a base, but I'm not going to copy it exactly. The legs, in particular are way too complicated and I'm going to do them more in line with your picture in the OP.

Also, I'm using this name now so you can know when it's me again.
bumping gently
Hey, i want so much to learn to play a harpsichord. Can you give me some hints?
Is there any kind of electric keyboard that simulates a harpsichord with fidelity?
I live in Brazil, so a harpsichord is an extremely expensive instrument to buy here, so i want to learn as i can while i buy the materials necessarily to build one.
For now this thread is making me want to build a real one even more :)
i'm afraid there's nothing that imitates the sound of the harpsichord well enough to be recommended. the mechanics is different then in the piano (strings are pulled, not hit by wooden hammers)
i think your best shot at learning to play is contact your local music school, philharmonie or music college, they might have one or they might know where to find a teacher...

File: logo.png (58 KB, 512x512)
58 KB
hey guys

i'm new to origami and basically got into it after modelling a business card in the origami frog, since my startup logo resembled donatello from ninja turtles

i had positive reviews from mostly everyone who saw it since this isn't done before where i live in, but i need to make it look more professional. any ideas?

pic related: the logo. the origami business card is coming up next
File: B5NiZgnCMAA7pT_.jpg (130 KB, 600x800)
130 KB
130 KB JPG
and these are the cards

i like the origami design very much but it needs a professional touch

thanks in advance
try getting another color paper in there. maybe cut out the mask and glue it on after. as always make sure folds are crisp

File: WIN_20150222_194951.jpg (81 KB, 1280x720)
81 KB
I know there are a million threads on wintercroft. Show your masks and any tips.

I started with the rabbit half mask. using double sided tesa tape really helps
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I too would like these.


Please & thank you!
File: Batman1.jpg (7 KB, 180x192)
7 KB
Hello, how are you doing? Greetings there!!!

Please could share with me your files of masks Wintercroft. It would make me very happy and would also be very grateful.

In advance thank you very much for your kindness and attention.

Please! Someone share, for the sake of holly week entertainment! I will share back if I get them in order to not be a precancerous leecher.


Thanks in advance
File: pesca.jpg (50 KB, 500x349)
50 KB
Hi folks 4chan / po / I hope they are right.

Could you please share with me their files masks to Wintercroft?

An apology for any inconvenience this may cause and all my thanks for his goodgesture and friendly action.

Greetings and good vibes for everyone, as always I wish you good health, peace and joy.

MAIL: bbynhGuyJ4LJ@meltmail.com
Could you share with me too ... please :)?


File: silhouetteport.jpg (58 KB, 800x533)
58 KB
OK /po/ I've got one of these machines http://www.amazon.ca/Silhouette-SILHOUETTE-PORTRAIT-Portrait/dp/B009GZUPFA and I'm looking for some cool paper project ideas to make with it.

I've done a couple origamic architecture things by cutting the cut lines and perforating the fold lines with it which made em pretty easy and quite sharp looking. I've also made some cool custom paper lanterns (for flameless tea lights) from stencil designs with custom cut parchment paper liners.

I did a whole whack of adhesive vinyl stuff, etching, and mtg proxy cards as well but that's mostly unrelated to this board.

Ideas don't need to be in a compatible format or anything I can adapt/convert things readily and origami elements are no obstacle since origami was/is my first major hobby, I can literally fold most basic stuff blindfolded/behind my back lol.
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File: 322_kl.jpg (40 KB, 300x225)
40 KB
I use cutwizard with Adobe Illustrator (trial version, reinstall every time I need), the silhouette software is a piece of shit
what's the smallest thing you can cut?
It depends on the material being cut and whether it will hold together while being cut then peeled up from the mat .. but I refurbished am old cutting mat with a looser hold (which you get from a mat with wear anyway) so it can be pretty damn small even with paper.

The machine itself doesn't really seem to have a noticeable limit, and I've cut some reeeeeally finely detailed stuff out of vinyl and things with it.
File: mini windoes.png (877 KB, 900x600)
877 KB
877 KB PNG
the minimum tolerance is probably 0.5mm on very very thin plasticard. its not a replacement for a lazer cutter.
ill be making ships and whilst it could cut the holes for the windows, it cant cut the window frames, that's just too fine, ill have to get that lazer cut. but considering I could get like 100 windows on one sheet for like 30quid its not that bad.

there are some other machines that can cut 2mm of soft balsa at most, (silhouette machines are limited by the roller height) but that's its limit, you would still need to get wood frames lazer cut too. so it has a small range but if u can get one cheap its not bad.
That sound when its cutting tho,
its like some synthesised 80s soundtrack

File: 1381757851979.jpg (88 KB, 576x576)
88 KB
Bump limit reached

So until I hear that Lotus has an official ruleset somewhere, my friend and I are going to make our own. He's got the list we're working on for what we want it to be, so I'll just be posting what I can remember. Would very much appreciate any ideas or criticism you guys could offer... Here goes(In no particular order).
(Again, we're still just in the brainstorming phase, none of this is concrete)
We were thinking the army would be similat to red's from an infantry-heavy standpoint. Rather than a lot of weak infantry, however, have few strong infantry.
Basic infantry are 15pts each
Squad sizes 3-6.
Equipped with cavalry sword and pistol.
(Which means in addition to infantry always moving double-time regardless if they attacked, they also deal more melee damage than other armies' basic inf)
We haven't really figured out what we want to do with the lotus bomber, we were thinking just give it another bomb, so it will run with 3 bombs instead of 2. We don't know what to do with it, but we figure it'll be somewhere near the front lines with the infantry, and because they're a bit faster, they could do bombing before the infantry arrive, to weaken the front lines a bit.
For the dragon tank, we were thinking of giving it the ability to turn into a long range artillery. (Basically a mortar team, but able to re-position as needed) It's base stats as a tank would be only slightly modified from Black X's tank. It wouldn't be very much better than Black's(even though it's so much larger) because it would have the ability to deploy as an artillery. As an artillery, we thought it was more fair(on account of it being able to move) to have a minimum firing range in addition to a shorter maximum range than a regular mortar. The minimum range would be 6-8" and max would be 24". In order to fire as the artillery, the tank would have to have not moved on the previous turn(for aiming or whatever).
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Actually, I folded it up into the interior around the piece that holds both barrels, this locks it in it's most extended position while still allowing the aiming.

So 7 might be perfect.
ahah! very good. I must admit I've yet to make it, so this is very useful
File: 20150327_210738.jpg (1.07 MB, 1836x1935)
1.07 MB
1.07 MB JPG
Here's what I've finished so far.

I think I need a transport vehicle, more soldiers, and a tank.

This >>524302
Those two extra rectangles fold into itself. Basically turns the panel for the cannons into the hypotenuse of a triangle made with the two sections highlighted here. It just secures the cannons in place.
The light gray reverse "L" shape, that's those two extra pieces. I didn't make it, but my friend did, and it seems to work pretty well.
Ayyyy, so I used it properly.

File: Dog.png (329 KB, 426x565)
329 KB
329 KB PNG
Sauce of this cuties?

Also. Easy, short and cool origami.
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thats not a cat...
Thanks anon!

And the first one is not a Dog and the last one is not a fish. Who cares.
He use a scissor! Puaj it s against origami law

i understand to do that in 1900 in the traditional dragonfly, but now with the advances of math in origami we don t need to use sicssors.
If only you advanced your understanding of the English language as much as you did origami.



File: F77K77HHRKQWX0P.LARGE.jpg (47 KB, 640x640)
47 KB
love this look dose anyone have more?
50 replies and 14 images omitted. Click here to view.
It's called low poly art, can find design but not origami look at Jona Dinges
where i can get bunnie ? pls :/
So, are the pdf embed in the photos or what? wasn't that forbidden in 4chan? Where to get the template?

Excuse my n00biness...
here, lad.

File: IMG_0214.jpg (2.69 MB, 3264x2448)
2.69 MB
2.69 MB JPG
In the process of making this stag head after hours in the studio. Studying graphic design has its perks in the form of cutting mats, steel rulers, hot glue guns, good paper, a +A3 inkjet, and a big well-lit room with loads of desk space.

File: img_34831.jpg (1.28 MB, 1536x2048)
1.28 MB
1.28 MB JPG
ie. le'picture to my left
I folded Kamiya's ancient dragon out of a 3 foot square. That's the biggest I've gone.
I have made some giant dragons before. Nothing too large. You inspire me to go bigger.
Is that just craft paper?
very cool
File: c_k8cIo6Vtw.jpg (120 KB, 1024x683)
120 KB
120 KB JPG
A friend of mine Yaroslav Terekhov folded a crocodile from 3x3 meter paper.

Hi "ANON-friends" of 4Chan/po/a huge favor, anyone know of a patch to be able to open files of PEPAPAKURA Designer but for the new version 3.1.4. It is that the "PepPatch313b.exe" (obviously) does not work for this version.

Before hand thank you very much for your kindness, interest, support and attention.
File: Flint-Sorprice.jpg (41 KB, 469x234)
41 KB
Is to be able to unlock files PDO and who can edit them in the Pepakura Designer in the v.3.1.4.? I didn't know you could do that with this editor 3D. If there is something, could share it with me, please? Thanks a lot!!!
Found it on the archive:


Also looks like he did one for the High Resolution version but you have to apply it manually:

File: Homer2.png (770 KB, 1366x768)
770 KB
770 KB PNG

Thank you very much for sharing and for your kindness.
Really I am totally grateful. Take care and regards!

File: dragon.pdf (243 KB, PDF)
243 KB
243 KB PDF
its head/eyes follow you everywhere. saw this on facebook just thought i would share
Neat thanks.

File: Sweet Home 3D.jpg (125 KB, 1133x924)
125 KB
125 KB JPG
halp /po/
I'm making a model with Sweet Home 3D, before countinuing i've exported it in obj format to test it.
Pic related continue in next post.
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I made the walls with the wall tool, i only entered the dimensions
Try using Menu-3D Menu-Join Adjacent Isolated Edges
don't work :|

That's because you modeled everything separately. Pepakura thinks you're doing 50 separate models in the same scene.
Combine everything into a single mesh with your prefered 3d modeling program and try again.
Worked, thank you sir.

i think its pretty cool how someone designs something like this, with a mechanism that ejects the shells, from scratch (i dont see many designed printable guns that do that, except for maybe the guy who posts here about his own guns). also its pretty cool that he made a holographic sight aswell:


>but that mousepad
>the videos with him inside some closet at a dollar store

File: download.jpg (8 KB, 264x191)
8 KB
hey guys i have made many paper craft in my time, but they keep falling apart because of the glue and paper i use... i was wondering what paper and glue do you guys use that works
Use PVA glue.
"White" glue (wood glue). Ulta cheap. Uber durable

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