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This board is for the discussion of classic, or "retro" games, including consoles, computer games, arcade games (including pinball) and any other forms of video games. Retro gaming means platforms launched in 2001 and earlier, and official game titles for those platforms released no later than December 2007 (homebrew console games made after this date will be permitted). The Microsoft Xbox, Nintendo GameCube, Nintendo Game Boy Advance, and Sony PlayStation 2 will now be considered "retro".

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File: gentleman.webm (3.94 MB, 852x480)
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These games feel better to play than other fighters because of the elegant feedback and movement. The physics are by no means realistic, but the game follows its own laws of motion consistently without awkward bouts of slowness or magnetic snapping like in MK. You also have all these cool moves that are less about logically irrelevant d-pad codebreaking and more about creatively stringing several intentions together; you're still hurting your opponent whilst executing your button combo, instead of standing in place contacting aliens with the d-pad—it's just awful to watch competitive Street Fighter because all the players do is just stand around playing extremely defensively, waiting for their opponent to make a mistake and doing the occassional bluff charge to make sure the other player doesn't execute some input, whereas in competitive DoA they actually fight each other.

Dead or Alive's got a flow like nothing else, it feels so good bros, it's so much more than softcore porn even though the boobs are really nice.
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Sounds like you dodged a bullet. Women that can't handle dumb funny shit aren't worth the effort. You either learn that by doing something like this or finding out later after a breakup, divorce or being trapped in a loveless marriage.
File: KOF_All_Star_Mai_Summer.png (1010 KB, 934x1300)
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1010 KB PNG
What about the SNK games? They are in 3D now which doesn't look as great, but all the girls are still pretty sexy.
his first mistake was not cold approaching, a firm but gentle handshake can go a long way
I mean it never mattered but teenage me was embarrassed as shit
Kek. Based japan

File: gt0.png (1020 KB, 1280x960)
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1020 KB PNG
>Gran Turismo 0
Post racing games or something.
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I get it. It's not the game's fault. It's the irl league that sucks.
File: 1707934640884.jpg (116 KB, 1600x900)
116 KB
116 KB JPG
I love proper British race cars though
This. Brits have the coolest sports cars. Lotus, McLaren, TVR, Aston Martins and Jaguars, Caterhams etc. BTCC is just lame
>blame nostalgia for that
>for example, the only car racing games from the 5th gen that still hold up today are GT2, CMR2.0 and Sega Rally

you don't know shit, consolefaggot
>It's a perfect simcade game.

there is nothing simlike about high stakes

File: images (3).jpg (27 KB, 640x480)
27 KB
>nemesis infects Jill
>Carlos goes to the hospital just 1 block from the clock tower
>by some miracle he finds the cure there
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Well obviously the hospital is at it's most dangerous all the previous heroes died and became zombies. And obviously carlos managed to fight through all the zombies that's what he's trained for unlike the other people who probably tried to finish the vaccine and tragically perished.
The hospital was actually at its least dangerous for several days prior to Carlos arriving.
>We know that didn't happen because there's nothing in the game stating that
There's nothing in the game stating it didn't happen. You know what evidence there is that it DID happen, though? How about the fact it's a FUCKING HOSPITAL that keeps vials of the vaccine in question?
>Daylight Vaccine from outbreak
So Resident Evil 3 has bad writing because of a game made by a different studio 4 years later? You are arguing in such unimaginably bad faith that you would have been considered a troll 15 years ago.
they're can be two separate vaccines I mean theres like a billion different corona virus vaccines I don't see why two different t virus vaccines would be weird
Would have made more sense for him to find a cure on a dead umbrella scientist/soldier in a nearby umbrella lab instead of some random hospital.

File: saturn.png (274 KB, 958x688)
274 KB
274 KB PNG
>designed to be a 2D powerhouse
>can't handle Neo Geo/CPS2 ports without RAM expansion carts
I don't get it.
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Neo geo basically treats the cartridge the same way newer systems treat ram. Neo geo, nes and atari 2600 display the graphics in rom as if it is stored in ram. It is kind of true to say the entire cart can be equivalent to ram but neo geo would only display a small portion of the cart to screen at once with the bigger carts reaching over 50mb. 16mb of ram should be good enough to display any neo geo game with loading between levels and 8mb should be ok for a decent number of games.
>The System can do transparency/alpha blending on VDP2 just fine
Even when it can do it it's highly limited, only 50% opacity is supported.
CPS2 kept getting harder and harder to load into the RAM from SSF2
I’m curious where this idea if coming from? Can you provide a source? It sounds like you don’t understand how old consoles OR new ones work. Maybe read the rest of the thread, there is some good information about what RAM does and why it is important
Not disagreeing with the comments, used to change the rom chips in nes carts with old pc bios chips to have romhack graphics and noticed how if you jiggle the chip you can make the graphics change or even just swap chips midgame to change the graphics. So I think neo geo would have trouble running Rayman but some of the neo geo ports on Saturn look so cheap with their cut down animations so the Neo Geo can beat it visually. With ps1 and Saturn those 2D games hit a limit that you can notice after looking at a few games but Neo Geo pushed past it with its animations and background detail. My Neo Geo AES would also have glitched graphics until you tapped the cart lightly and it wouldn't crash the game.

What's something you DON'T miss about the retro era and are glad is basically dead and gone at this point?
For me, it was games needing you to buy separate, usually not very cheap components that didn't come with the system itself, for the full experience.
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File: 71TRiN+qmuL.jpg (186 KB, 1922x1922)
186 KB
186 KB JPG
Handheld screens without backlighting
I don't know passwords had some merit as they let you easily play from any point in the game for practice. The only issue is those long passwords with characters that are hard to tell apart like the YS games on the pc engine or metroid 1.
Depends on the complexity of the password really.
Games like castlevania bloodlines or the nes mega man games have simple ones that I don't mind really.
Then there is some questionable stuff like phantom 2040 that has a 24 character password (on the genesis, snes is 48 chars for some reason) but at still manageable since it sticks to just uppercase letters and some digits.
And then there is just pure bullshit like Battle of olympus, faxanadu or river city ransom
File: 20240519_123841_2.jpg (130 KB, 1024x768)
130 KB
130 KB JPG
There's an extra level of shit on top of battery saves: The battery being soldered and not user replaceable.
It was hit or miss. I have Cartriges like Adventure of Link or Link's awakening that are still fully functional, and both FFVI (Ok, III) and Chrono Trigger being closer to coasters.

I was happy when PlayStation arrived because savegames were finally not being held hostage inside the cartridge and even if memory cards were unreliable, I could back them up (unfortunately i stored them on an equally unreliable floppy because I was a fucking retard). Now with Switch and PS5 we are back to the saves inside the console, no option to copy them to a pendrive.
If you want to see some nasty shit, check the Password input system for Snes Drsgons Lair. Entering passwords was made difficult on purpose so that novice players would not be able to skip ahead even if they knew the passwords.

Magazines at the time described it as "It's faster and easier to play the game from scratch than to enter the password ". Sounds like it was designed to fuck with game rentals.

>Dinosaur Island
>looks just like the Mushroom Kingdom
>there are like 3 dinosaurs in the entire game
Bravo Miyamoto
>mario world
>a vast interesting varied world to explore
>mario 3
>a whole play going on
>mario 64
>paintings u jump into and the levels are just floating geometric shapes

mario 64 was trash and nintendo 64 is a trash console
but can you half A press in any of those other games?
Your mother.
>floating geometric shapes
That's why sunshine is better. Delphine Island looks like an actual lived in place.

File: oblivion-highend.png (77 KB, 531x765)
77 KB
was this kind of performance acceptable back then? were people even as obsessed with tech advances as they do today? like complaining about not getting stable framerates on starfield using dlss and stuff
i'd imagine your rooms gonna turn into sauna from all the excessive heat sli'ing two 7900 gtxes
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Eh, that's only partially true. Daggerfall runs better than Morrowind, all the DOS ones do.
It's the fully 3D ones that do what you're saying and yeah...

Speaking of V, here's a throwback!
What went wrong with modern CPUs and GPUs?
They are way more powerful so the additional heat isn't that controversial. Lower end cards are still in a comparable range, though.
>Lower end cards are still in a comparable range, though.
Not really.
The lower end of the market has been pushing power limits ever upwards to the point that single slot cards have become a thing of the past along with GPUs that are sub 75W TDP that get their power from the PCI-E slot only.
Even the mid range of the GPU market has been pushing steadily ever upwards from the true mid range.
To keep it somewhat retro focused, I'll use 2007/2008 as an example with NV's Tesla (88/9xxx range).
The 8800 GT was the it just werks king in 2007 and had a TDP of only 125W, a single slot card, the entry level cards 8300/8400 25/45 & 50W cards, the 8500 GT was a mere 30W and 8600 GT/GTS were 47 & 60W.
The mid range was the 8800GT if we're being honest because the upper end of tesla was the GTS/Ultra 135/143/150 and 171W cards.

If we look at NV from say Maxwell refresh onward (GTX 9xx) the 950 has a "low power" variant, a 75W TDP card, right out the gate it's swinging higher than older generations.
The regular 950 is 90W and the 960 (this is where the midrange starts) is 120W, the TDP of the low and mid range cards are competing with the mid and high end of previous generations for TDP costs.
970/980 & Ti were 148/165/250W.
We can skip pascal and go to Turing & Ampere/Ada, these have a lot of variants but the low & mid range are pretty fucked.
70/90/130W for the 3050, x60/170 Ti/200, x70/220 Ti/290, x80/320 Ti/350 x90/Ti 350/450
Ada x50/150 this card is a myth, x60/115 LOL LMAO Ti/160/165, x70/200 Ti/285, x80/320, x90/425/450 Ti/600

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
That's because the low end/low mid range does not exist in dgpu form any more. There's no point to a 4010-tier card when the CPU comes with a comparable GPU built in. My CPU alone can play crysis at 60fps.

File: images (8).png (6 KB, 320x224)
6 KB
Lakers Vs Celtics And The NBA Playoffs should've been called Pistons vs Blazers And The NBA Playoffs since the Genesis port was based on the 1990 NBA Finals and neither the Lakers nor the Celtics made it that far.
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No such thing as "celtic"
It's a port of the 1989 pc game of the same name
>neither team advanced to the Finals
It's just the playoffs, not the Championship.

I guess EA thought Pistons v Blazers wouldn't be too glamorous like Lakers v Celtics.
It was really confusing when they started being magical girls in the next game.

DOOM THREAD / RETRO FPS THREAD - Last thread: >>10927448

Gameplay, WADs/Maps/Mods, Source Ports
All other 90s FPS welcome
~ Let's post like gentlemen ~


(or Quake, Duke, Marathon, Deus Ex)

Same thing, in video format:

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
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File: 1695219655965704.png (72 KB, 346x334)
72 KB
very nice
Duke has the AMC crew. Voidpoint was working on Shadow Warrior Deadly Kiss before they went on to do Ion Fury. They’re supposedly still doing slow work on the mod so it might plop out some day.
saved for wallpaper reasons
how good is Shaky Grounds for Douq?
in gzdoom, ANIMDEFS seem to override any custom shaders in GLDEFS. is there any way i can set the priority so that the shaders get loaded first?

Thanks Shitman!
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The problem with emulators in the late 90s had absolutely nothing to do with the power of your pc and everything to do with emulation mostly being shit-tier. ZSNES ran well yes but it was so goddamn inaccurate.
tbf PM64 had issues out the ass until like 5 years ago, that isn't a 2000 thing.
And even then I now prefer PM: TTYD64 over the original version
i don't get what you're talking about, i just mentioned project64 back in 2002 running pretty good on our family pc which had no dedicated gpu, did you reply to the wrong comment?
call me a humorless cunt but I've always found these pretty unfunny, like the lol so randum reddit humor of their time
Eh...you're not wrong but I thought it was hilarious when I was 13, though a lot of that might have to do with the novelty of irreverent humor about video games.

File: 5405-bjvltfrklh.jpg (34 KB, 400x300)
34 KB
This game has a particularly underrated soundtrack. If you ask me, it firmly deserves a spot in a "top 10 best OSTs of all time"
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Post your favorites
Talking about this the other day how everything is from this still

I can't think of a game (other than higher resolutions) that has really changed anything since this was released in 1997

You're gonna say 1998 but a bunch of people had early releases of it before that
>This game has a particularly underrated soundtrack
Since fucking when?????
since op was born
Reworked UT99 OST.

>game ends
>it was all a dream
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it's called quantum immortality, anon

even if they shut down the game, by the laws of probability and infinity there would be a universe which exactly matches it down to the quantum state by pure chance somewhere in the multiverse
>a female whale will never give herself a cute young female body so she can kiss you
Why even live
>and he'll just go "I'm not sure either. Must have hit my head or something" and forget. I'm pretty sure
thanks for your head canon retard

Why the hell were these two optional? It serves no purpose because getting them feels so natural and being able to bypass their recruitment only screws up the game since now they can't do a whole lot in the story or appear in the FMVs. There's not even anything particularly "special" about them. It's not like Gogo in FFVI or Magus in Chrono Trigger.
47 replies and 5 images omitted. Click here to view.
File: 1389463659065.png (246 KB, 2013x1290)
246 KB
246 KB PNG
>You have to go back to Shinra Mansion for no reason and explore the basement during a specific timeframe.

wasn't opening his coffin tied to opening the safe upstairs and beating Lost Number? I remember him being one of the few "difficult" disc one bosses due to his gimmick not being too obvious for a noob. I also don't remember the puzzle you needed to get the correct safe combination, but I remember it being annoying.
I don't believe that, if they were "almost cut" you would have things like subcontracted FMV cutscenes that had to be storyboarded long in advance where they show up even if you hadn't recruited them rather than the opposite

I think it's more likely they would have wanted to do more hidden characters without much story integration like ff6 and they were left with just the 2
>Why the hell were these two optional?
Because they're characters who don't interact with the story at all. Having them in the main party serves no purpose.

>It serves no purpose because getting them feels so natural
No it doesn't, it feels like optional side characters who you can find.

>and being able to bypass their recruitment only screws up the game since now they can't do a whole lot in the story or appear in the FMVs.
They never did a whole lot in the story to begin with. Yuffie and the whole Wutai story is completely separate to the events of the game and has no bearing on anything. They're obviously changing that for the Remake because it's a huge missed opportunity. Vincent has no impact on the story, he's just some guy from the past who gets cucked and then when he joins does nothing because he has no story afterwards like what's he going to do? I'm pretty curious how they're going to work him into the Remake like is he going to be part of the Turks plot or give him something to do with Chadley like I'm really struggling to find something where he can be an active character in the plot.
>I think it's more likely they would have wanted to do more hidden characters without much story integration like ff6 and they were left with just the 2

I think they might have wanted a goblin since he appears as one of the memory card PS1 icons along with all the characters.
Super Sweeper might also have been an item character. Where the sweeper appears in battle.

File: panther specs.jpg (162 KB, 1280x720)
162 KB
162 KB JPG
>16MHz Motorola 68000
>32-bit 32MHz graphics processor
>hardware scrolling
>PCM sample based sound chip with up to 25 voices
>up to 2000 sprites on screen
>7860 colors on screen at any one time
>only 32KB RAM for some reason
>was supposed to come out in 1991

Could it have worked?
12 replies and 1 image omitted. Click here to view.
>any idea what they were planning to use for the sound chip(s)?
The same Ensoniq sound chip used in Gravis Ultrasound. Samples would be stored in the cartridge ROM which the sound chip would have direct access to, making the console really cheap.
But wouldn't putting almost everything in the cartridge make them really expensive? You need to strike a balance between the price of the razor and that of the blades.
Ban "what-if" threads.
modem support? in 1991?
File: VY86C06020FC-2_02.jpg (450 KB, 640x527)
450 KB
450 KB JPG
All Atari had to do was make a cheaper version of the 3DO before EA did - make a deal with EA.

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