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This board is for the discussion of classic, or "retro" games. Retro gaming means consoles, computer games, arcade games (including pinball) and any other forms of video games on platforms launched in 1999 and earlier. With the release of the 8th generation of consoles, the Sega Dreamcast will now be considered "retro", though the remainder of the sixth generation (Xbox, PS2, GameCube) will not.

Helpful links:
Game Tech Wiki
Emulation General Wiki

File: myst-cdi-cover-e75856.jpg (78 KB, 400x400)
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The original? Masterpiece Edition? RealMyst Masterpiece (apparently that fixes bugs that RealMyst has with modern computers?)? I have a 3DS too, is the port for that any good? And for the original and Masterpiece, how? Via Dosbox? Via Scumm?

But I heard it's the 25th anniversary so I wanna check it out. I know I played it as a kid on school computers, but I only remember it vaguely as being a rather creepy game that filled me with a sense of isolation and loneliness.
Itโ€™s on Steam, fairly cheap I think
Thatโ€™s the Masterpiece edition I think. And yeah, really strong sense of loneliness.
I'm aware. But both Masterpiece and RealMyst: Masterpiece are on Steam. Also on Gog.
Point is I don't know which version.

Because Materpiece sounds like the more "authentic" version, but apparently there's game breaking bugs and compatibility problems?

And realMyst is a full 3D remake and I'm wondering if it's a perfectly fine way to experience Myst or not.
Play the masterpiece edition in scummvm.

DOOM THREAD / RETRO FPS THREAD - Last thread >>4645482

Gameplay, WADs/Maps/Mods, Source Ports
All other retro FPS welcome
~~ Let's post like gentlemen ~~


Doom: https://desu-usergeneratedcontent.xyz/vr/image/1503/77/1503778360511.png
Doom Downloads:
+ IWADs and more (>3 GB): https://drive.google.com/open?id=0B47V8l2eVZKxRU82S3JkZkdBRXM
+ PortaDOOM: https://spideroak.com/browse/share/Kroc/PortaDOOM/releases/

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I use Doom Launcher, it lets you organize wads by tags
You falsely believe that the only possible criticism of HD is "it's too hard"
Okay, MrIcarus video DID actually convince me to play Hideous Destructor - particularly because as someone who likes tactical shooters, its blatantly obvious from the video he must be playing it wrong (seriously, he's just standing in the open while getting shot, and then he has audacity to be SURPRISED when he gets flanked while bandaging in the middle of hostile territory, and I think I recall reading that crouching and spinning simulates stop-drop-and roll?)

Any extra tips for me aside from reading quickstart/manual? Any tactics, suggested keybinds, articles, videos, stuff like that?
you're saying everyone else is "a brutal doom-tier retard who has ADHD" and you expect to be taken seriously
What map sets should I use with GMOTA?

File: spooky.jpg (129 KB, 675x380)
129 KB
129 KB JPG
Why do people hate save scumming so much when it's the most hardcore way to play? Much more than the "hardcore" method of deleting your character after one death. Call it what is and it's obvious. It's just reloading. So what's harder, reloading right before the part that killed you and figuring out how to get past it with whatever you happened to have on you the first time you got there, or reloading all the way back at the beginning where you have precognizance and an entire game's worth of time to prepare for?
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So, you're a ghost?
you're really a little bitch if you let other people tell you shit like that
I'm the same way. I also stop watching movies when I think the protagonist would have likely died.
This is actually how normies play games desu.
Must be a 12 yr old girl

File: vr gauntlet.png (23 KB, 512x479)
23 KB
What the hell happened to these threads? Last time I saw them they were on /v/ (despite all the games being /vr/ material) and now they've vanished completely. Some of us were doing them and having fun.

If anyone knows whether some mod made them bannable or some trite crap like that, please let me know.

Traditional OP post follows anyway, in case others wanna be doing this now.

Welcome to the Retro Game Gauntlet, gentlemen.

The screen dreaded by most gauntleteers

Start at NES, and work through in the following order:


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Welp, will start later. Probably either tomorrow or monday.

Havenโ€™t played any of them since 3. Was this one any good?
Oh wow, what a ride.
I'm not a fan of Star Trek but it made me want to play it.
File: Demon's Blazon (J)000.png (31 KB, 256x224)
31 KB
Playing it in japanese because I'm a massive weeb.
File: Demon's Blazon (J)002.png (20 KB, 256x224)
20 KB
I recall having played it a long time ago, but I remember absolutely nothing from this game.
>Nakayoshi to Issho is an unusual RPG that is based on characters from a Japanese manga magazine called 'Nakayoshi'. It was designed to be a simple, short and easy game for young girls, and it's not surprising that it was never
released outside Japan.
>Six manga authors have had their favourite pens stolen and your task is to get them back and bring peace to each setting.
Question- if I can't beat it in the allotted time do I do another NES game or move on the next console?

File: images.png (9 KB, 256x197)
9 KB
Why have they skipped rereleasing ff8? Yes I know it's a much maligned game but it still has a massive fanbase, and they've released ff1-7 and ff9 ff10 and X-2 (possibly the worst game ecer made) on psn and iOS but skipped 8 on both platforms? What's going on? Was the first one I played so those nostalgia feels are immense, just want to play it again
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Final Fantasy sucks in general. It's the most overrated video game franchise in existence.
>child abuse
It's the middle child of the franchise. Normies that got on board with VII were turned away because it wasn't VII-2, for them VIII's nostalgia is overshadowed by VII & X. People that that didn't play the game thought Squall was just a grimdark Cloud. Most of the normie FF fanbase back then were guys and got turned off by the love story theme, mainly that the entire game focused on only 2 characters and the rest of your party were just along for the ride.
It doesn't help that in japan the game is kind of a sacred cow
It was a spanking and that kid was kind of a shit, good god.

File: wbimw.jpg (31 KB, 220x309)
31 KB
Is this the Dark Souls of retro vidya?
File: 405748.jpg (3.22 MB, 2705x2029)
3.22 MB
3.22 MB JPG
Eh. Doesn't have the non-linear world design or RPG elements like Darksouls has.
>2D action-platformer
>3D combat adventure
File: kings-field-gameplay5.png (470 KB, 1024x768)
470 KB
470 KB PNG
Stopping being an insufferable underage retard.
>comparing a first-person dungeon-crawler to a 3D metroidvania
And you're calling HIM the retard?

File: 7jFEsKx.jpg (1.43 MB, 3680x2070)
1.43 MB
1.43 MB JPG
Is PC-Engine a good platform to play today or just a weaboo trap?
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>They are 100% profit driven

Man how disgusting. Unlike Nintendo or Sony who obviously just create their products to make the world a better place, kumbayaah...
>Ninja Spirit
Mein negro
>wahh! Why do companies try to make money?!
>A business should only be about freeware but still make quality content that provides countless hours of entertainment!
>Gimme dat!

I kinda wish your were a businessman, too bad you wouldn't last long.
>4chan invented paragraph breaks
You are even more retarded than the other guy, and people like you should stop this retarded notion that just because retards in the past used to do it, is okay to do it now
I bet you post wojaks and frogs too like a faggot
in some threads its in the triple digits...

File: remake_allstar5.jpg (545 KB, 1900x1260)
545 KB
545 KB JPG
ITT: Remakes that completely ruin the original game
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oh god, yea, it's not the graphics that ruin this remake it's the fucking movement. Oh god it made me feel ill
this is a completely appropriate use of comic sans
>search the game
>top result is IGN review
>verdict has mention to some super unrelated arkanoid clone from 5 months ago and its price
that's that OG game review I expect from IGN
I don't think the remake in OP's pic completely ruined the game.

The original version had a more unique style that's true, but the remake is also charming with beautiful sprites and use of colors. It's in no way what I would call 'bad'.
Holy shit this board is autistic

File: $_1.jpg (18 KB, 400x282)
18 KB
ITT: rarest/most expensive game that you own
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Rarest things I have are a PAL copy of Chaos Break and a retailer promo copy of Tekken 3, which is more uncommon rather than rare.
File: 20180317_142002_resized.jpg (297 KB, 1429x1127)
297 KB
297 KB JPG
Hey, I've got one of those, too. This is the first time I've seen one posted. I really wonder how many of these are left. Mine came right from the Nintendo Power Catalog that originally sold it for $15 (was originally 30, but they were on clearance. Really weird that only 2000 of these lasted long enough to require a clearance). There wasn't even a box with it, it just came in a plastic back with a generic manual.

I saw one go up on ebay a little while back for $999, and that was the first time in years that I've seen one. The auction was ended by the seller without a sale.
Damn I miss Hexen. Should be at my grandpaโ€™s but I think one of my stupid cousins has it.
>strikers 1945
That's considered rare now? I know the sequel went for a lot but I remember getting my copy of the first one on Saturn really cheap like six or seven years ago.
Factory sealed Suikoden II, probably. My cousin trashed my copy back when it came out and bought me a new one. I had already beaten it so I never opened the new one.

File: flat,800x800,070,f.jpg (73 KB, 800x415)
73 KB
tell me once and for all which is the best breath of fire game and why
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File: BoF4 Yuna.jpg (20 KB, 400x400)
20 KB
did literally nothing wrong
File: 1411598300998.jpg (51 KB, 500x429)
51 KB
i don't find anything about this, as if it wasn't even released. that's weird. i don't even know how to buy it
eh, if it's hard to find info about they probably just phoned it in
5 obviously.

File: Asha.jpg (25 KB, 230x439)
25 KB
Post 'em.
Here's Asha from Monster World IV.
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>Paula polestar isn't top tier cute
Can't imagine being this much of a brainlet
File: 0028.png (20 KB, 896x1024)
20 KB
File: 1519954297815.png (616 KB, 950x850)
616 KB
616 KB PNG
File: Rena Hirose.jpg (185 KB, 850x1279)
185 KB
185 KB JPG
Best vampire fighter pilot coming through.
File: 1519944078378.png (186 KB, 469x700)
186 KB
186 KB PNG

File: 1512774406648.jpg (77 KB, 800x600)
77 KB



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File: gta2.jpg (194 KB, 884x470)
194 KB
194 KB JPG
has anyone ever figured out how to get this one token in residential without using the molotov fly glitch/handbrake car up ramp glitch/suicide flying?
doesn't make it an interesting world to explore.

vice city had lots of useless shit that didn't manage to immerse you into the game world. for the music, it felt like they just took a "best of the 80's" cd and bought the licenses for the music that was as famous and at the same time as cheap as possible. it's also weird that a game set in the 80's featured no or next to no italo disco or old school house music. instead they went all in with meme pop music. you know, the kinda stuff someone who didn't experience the 80's assumes that the 80's were all about. it's basically vaporwave before actual vaporwave. and ironically, the game attracted a younger audience than any GTA before it.
I should give GTA2 another spin. I don't think I ever finished the game, or even got very far without cheats, completely ignored the missions most of the time. I just spent majority of the time hauling vehicles to the crusher or whatever to get free items and get the army after me.

>the player is supposed to be vulnerable
Well I mean if we're talking about a remake (not a remaster), you would change how the enemy behaves to address that. The gunplay would have to be faster paced, but I could see twin sticks work on a GTA spiritual successor.

But I know what you mean though, I have to go back and replay, maybe the original style can still work fine.
File: mad island.png (1.13 MB, 1026x660)
1.13 MB
1.13 MB PNG
what was their problem?

were they just supposed to be an escape from new york reference?
>I should give GTA2 another spin. I don't think I ever finished the game, or even got very far without cheats, completely ignored the missions most of the time. I just spent majority of the time hauling vehicles to the crusher or whatever to get free items and get the army after me.
the other maps are worth unlocking. i remember the 2nd one being really fun

File: 1516401762076[1].png (524 KB, 1152x935)
524 KB
524 KB PNG
Oh wow, never noticed their genitals were drawn on.
371 replies and 114 images omitted. Click here to view.
File: MML2.png (202 KB, 600x450)
202 KB
202 KB PNG
Live-A-Live had a special nude scene where you give the cave girl the best gift, she'll jump up in the air while nude.
also, Sera's Awakening
I don't want to be that guy but, source?
lunar 3
He is pure, anon.

Monster Rancher 1 or 2? Is it even possible to play anymore without CDs?
19 replies and 7 images omitted. Click here to view.
Funny thing it's that MR has slighty more religious stuff than Pokemon
monster rancher allows you to get monsters by putting CDs in the PS1

you can still buy monsters in game but part of the charm was putting in different CDs to see what you can get.
and you can do that with an emulator, its the same deal as a ps2 as that can read things that the ps1 can't
Emulators can read disks and isos, so that works exactly the same as it does on console, except you don't even have to actually own any disks.
actually they cracked the code on it already so you don't even have to try discs, you can just make an iso for whatever monster you want

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