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This board is for the discussion of classic, or "retro" games. Retro gaming means consoles, computer games, arcade games (including pinball) and any other forms of video games on platforms launched in 1999 and earlier. With the release of the 8th generation of consoles, the Sega Dreamcast will now be considered "retro", though the remainder of the sixth generation (Xbox, PS2, GameCube) will not.

Helpful links:
Game Tech Wiki
Emulation General Wiki

File: qfg pick nose.png (44 KB, 634x475)
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ITT: Best adventure game deaths.
File: mi1.jpg (21 KB, 284x177)
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File: dude-restore-lmao.gif (970 KB, 384x240)
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This game is like a really elaborate, lavishly crafted FUCK YOU note
when you get clocked by the fucking bear
is this a kings quest kinda game? Fuck these games. Fuck them all. Not even restupurae could make them tolerable. I think the creators spent too much time patting themselves on that back for creating such a "rich" game lol. It really stinks and has no redeaming features.
Come on man, it says Quest For Glory right there in the topbar.

File: pssssss.jpg (471 KB, 600x800)
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>She's in the pose
>Soles aren't visible

Ugly interface, inconsistent sprite resolution and non-looping background.
>Played through RF
Ah autism, gotcha
File: background.png (332 KB, 295x529)
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332 KB PNG
Is this bait?

File: IMGP0984.jpg (650 KB, 1824x1216)
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650 KB JPG
What's the best place to find full bin/cue images of old DOS or Win95 games? I'm sick of dealing with GOG's butchered rips.
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Preset Dosbox shell, missing patches, down sampled audio, over compressed video...
If you're going to play Dungeon Keeper, get the GOG version, the use KeeperFx rather than playing it in DOSBox, which is what you'd have to use if you had the disc anyway.

Also this guy is correct, I've found some really good old PC games for dirt cheap in retro game shops too, don't know if its the case where you're from, but assuming its not big box they've cost me no more than £1
Primarily missing content that you'd have if you owned the original discs, like the actual installers, bundled programs (like QuakeC), or lossless redbook audio tracks.

One of the main reasons why I want to find bin/cue images is so that I can play these games in their original form under DOSBox or potentially on a real DOS PC. If I wanted to use KeeperFX, that's what I'd already be doing.

Also, I live in Canada, so getting anything shipped here is too expensive and/or time consuming.
> "Theif II"

File: 1493060475357[1].jpg (79 KB, 480x272)
79 KB
Quick question about FFT's PSP port. Does it give true wide screen, does it stretch or does it crop? It looks kinda cramped. I think it's 4:3, but the top and bottom are cropped to make it widescreen.

This romhack promises to unstretch the graphics, which confuses me.

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Tactics Advance was better.
File: photoj3sfu[1].png (295 KB, 960x640)
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295 KB PNG
Anyone know what's going on with the graphics in the Mobile versions?

They have way more detail. Like look, it shows Gafgarian's belt buckle.

Are they redrawn or old original assets?
jesus christ how horrifying

They look kinda wonky. What I think happened is that they scaled the sprites with a smoothing shader like xbr. Then they redrew over them to fix issues.

They still have a bit of that wonky "smoothing shader" look to them.
The resolution is bigger, but only a little. What they did was make it as big as they could with the backgrounds, then stretch it the rest of the way.

File: IMG_4591.png (104 KB, 632x474)
104 KB
104 KB PNG
What does vr think of Zelda Classic/Zquest the definitive Zelda 1 game maker.
The original version came out in the late 90s, so the program itself counts as retro.
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Can anyone recommend me a quest? I want to get back into ZC, but I'd like to play a good one instead of jumping into a random one.
nes game is better

Not to be a contrarian, but most of the time the questions get shat on is because it's been asked before and can be searched. Other than that, it's true the place is an elitist wannabe circlejerk.

As for Zelda Classic, isn't this just an over-glorified romhack?
>As for Zelda Classic, isn't this just an over-glorified romhack?

Zelda Classic is more like a fanmade port of the original Legend of Zelda for PC, with the ability to load maps, tilesets, and other content. I believe it allows for some extra capabilities over the original engine as well.

I'd prefer a community that wasn't made up of 14-year-olds with ADHD and delicate fee-fees.

After ten years of nothing but that shit (and a program that manages to barely function each release), I left.


There are no good ones, and the ones that were good only work on that *single* super-special build out of the literal 1,000+ they released leading up to 3.0 (which took nearly a decade to release).


Actually, at this point a ROMhack is probably more stable and competently programmed.

Just stumbled upon this. Never heard of it before. Any one heard of it? I don't really know what it does but this is what the official site says:

>This is a simple program that moves around items in the Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past (ALttP). It is used for racing the game.


wat? Does that mean when i open a big chest and usually the bow should be inside, there might be any kind of item inside like the pegasus boots?
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>wat? Does that mean when i open a big chest and usually the bow should be inside, there might be any kind of item inside like the pegasus boots?

Correct. You can find some lets plays of it on youtube. I would link a few, but I'm not sure if that counts as shilling ecelebs, so you can just go look for yourself if you're interested.
File: getting flippers in town.png (1.57 MB, 1440x900)
1.57 MB
1.57 MB PNG
This is sum entertaining spectacle, mane! I watched my main man Yagamoth run through this. (he has 7 billion subscribers on youtube so everybody knows him anyways. oh wait i misread: just 600)

seems like every chest that isn't compass, map, key or big key has a chance of containing everything (items, ammunition or rupee(s)) and items that just lay around in hard to reach places also get switched around.

For anyone interested i think this scene describes it best what this romhack is all about:


There are 4 chests and (i think) there are usually rupees inside.
>all chests in the overworld is randomized including big chests in dungeons
>every item is randomized for each respective dungeon only i.e. every dungeon will have the same boss key, map, compass but is mixed up

It's impossible to get stuck or maybe a 10% chance of encountering an error.
did you play it yet?
Yup! Great fun actually. I never thought so clearly about how almost every item has it's distinct purpose in the game. There are lot's of areas where exactly one special item is needed to advance further. Like you NEED the bow to reach the boss of the first dungeon. No bow? Can't finish the first dungeon! The kind of items you get in the beginning determine the route you are able to take and the more items you get the more the game 'opens up'. I highly recommend giving it a try.

For me it was a bit hard in the beginning because i didn't remember where to go to use which item but after watching the beginning of 2 runs i managed to get further with each try. I remembered where there are lots of chests that are easily reachable in the beginning and then it got easier.

Played about 5 different seeds so far. Also i play with a Speed Up button [pause for cringe] and a Rewind Button [pause for cringe] on my favorite emulator: ZSNES [pause for all the cringes]

File: wizardry4.jpg (96 KB, 584x892)
96 KB
Hardest rpgs?

What are the hardest rpgs you guys have played? Preferably games that are difficult due to their puzzles or decisions in combat, not just boring grindfests.

Action or turnbased, Western or Japanese, doesn't matter, just looking for some good hard rpgs.
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There are Japanese guides. I used one when I couldn't figure out how to get the bomb in Gaiden 1. You have to combine a watch with a treasure chest.

Hard as balls
I'd rather a Hardest non-RPG thread
Romancing SaGa 1 and 2
FF Brave New World
Soujinengi pre weekend
Hardest I've personally played? I dunno ADOM probably

never got close to beating that shit

File: clint.png (356 KB, 691x576)
356 KB
356 KB PNG
Who is the best retro gaming Youtuber, and why is it LGR?
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This. Skin him and copy his accent.
He disagreed with me. Unforgiveable.
LGR is good. But Green Ham Gaming is far superior.

LGR is cool, but I like ADG better. Gemini provides a lot of insight into how older games were designed and programmed, and these things really fascinate me.
God, the lovely smell

File: Ocarina Of Time Logo.png (300 KB, 480x495)
300 KB
300 KB PNG
Aside from being the first 3D Zelda, did this game introduce a single element to the franchise?
It seems entirely derivative, and unoriginal.
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File: 1377455699481.jpg (661 KB, 2500x1695)
661 KB
661 KB JPG
I gave many examples actually, if you're too stupid to know why OOT influenced every 3D Zelda to follow, I take it back, you don't have an opportunity to learn, you're too stupid kek.
File: 1493284135426.png (62 KB, 192x145)
62 KB
>I gave many examples actually
>he forgot the examples already
Just stop, it's embarrassing now lol.
Qoute them i dare you

File: hqdefault.jpg (36 KB, 480x360)
36 KB
The best ghostbusters?
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On the retro board.
Anyway non-retro Ghostbusters is the best 3D Ghostbusters, best top-down GB is this: >>3950587, and best side-scroller GB is the OP game.
>30% metacritic
Mmm dats good butthurt feminism.
File: spectre-ensnarers.png (16 KB, 960x672)
16 KB
> No Winston
What did they mean by this? Were we simply not ready?

Also no slimer iirc

Japanese do not like the negro like the americans do.
File: gb2GBscreen.jpg (17 KB, 325x291)
17 KB
Seems like we have this thread every month, and every time I say the same thing within.

Anyway, I'm not claiming it's the best, but the Game Boy version of Ghostbusters II is quite underrated. It's nice simple shoot & capture arcade gameplay.

File: av.jpg (289 KB, 1320x1320)
289 KB
289 KB JPG
/vr/ I'm looking for a good AV selector. Any recommendations?
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Do those convert S-Video into Component?
Pelican System Selector
I use this: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B003ANXHWM

Seems they stopped selling it unfortunately but anything like this should work great. You don't need anything powered to be certain, a simple switch mechanism is all that's needed.
I prefer the gcompsw and gscartsw by superg.

They are automatic switchers but they are the best in the market IMO.

Just wait for one to be in stock and they do the job really well.

File: 40 Year Olds.png (1.74 MB, 1920x1080)
1.74 MB
1.74 MB PNG
>Game Center CX 191 - Crazy Climber [SA-GCCX]
It's oooooooout!
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>Not many other choices.
I'm pretty sure there's a large number of -kun games, but a lot of them are licensed trash.
Went through them all earlier this week (Famicom only though).
I can't believe that retard is still using VRiSFAGS. How butthurt can one person be?
please tell me a new deluge is incoming
>How butthurt can one person be?

Forever, apparently.

File: 250px-Rascal_Coverart.png (147 KB, 250x244)
147 KB
147 KB PNG
Who here was suckered into playing this piece of shit as a dumb kid?
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What is so bad about it?
primarily the controls.
I bought it used in a shop under the boss's advice because it was like crash.
I played very little 1 hour at best terrible, fortunately shortly after I managed to swap it for GT2 with a schoolmate.
Am I the only person here who actually likes reading blogposts? I mean come on, this is a retrogaming board, people are going to talk about their past experiences, and I think they're interesting to read.
certainly not me dumbass

File: 50641_front.jpg (51 KB, 640x446)
51 KB
What, specifically, is wrong with Donkey Kong Country 3?
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It's not Donkey Kong Country 2.
that fucking water level where you have to feed the fish to not die

who the FUCK thought of that stupid idea
That's not as bad as the one where they reverse your controls UNDERWATER.
People with speech impediments shouldn't make videos.

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