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File: smal.jpg (8 KB, 259x194)
8 KB
What exactly happens when you burn over 1000 times with a flash cart? I think I might have passed it with my chink everdrive but not sure.
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Well if I am going to replace it, should I go with the SD2snes or FXpak?
They're the same thing really
some older chink Super Everdrives had FPGA that uses too much power and can cause problems. this was fixed in recent ones.
its just a guess of how long the flash storage will last. Chinese EDs are cheap and use cheap flash storage, so you could have exhausted your particular cart.
Older Flash carts actually had Flash memory but newer ones use PSRAM that doesn't have that 10,000 write cycle limit.

File: 1696135093305246.png (97 KB, 640x480)
97 KB
What are your favorites?
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game is free!
have fun anon!
>Now this was actually bullshit, I don't recall a single clue to make you think about using the book with the horse.
I recall you being able to use it on other characters and they'd all get tired.
This is why you have to make separate saves for Sierra adventure games. There are lots of bad endings in their games.
Idk if it's retro, but I've been playing Machinarium recently and it has one of the best atmospheres of any game I've ever played

File: why.jpg (128 KB, 700x700)
128 KB
128 KB JPG
DOOM THREAD / RETRO FPS THREAD - Last thread: >>10950857

Gameplay, WADs/Maps/Mods, Source Ports
All other 90s FPS welcome
~ Let's post like gentlemen ~


(or Quake, Duke, Marathon, Deus Ex)

Same thing, in video format:

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i'm >>10966580 and i'm replaying tnt evilution for the first time since beating it like a year ago.
what strikes me about this wad is how many times i've gone "ahhh fuck i remember this goddamn level"
Curse of D'Sparil second map was impressive. Did not expect to see buildings to scale. First map was open, but not that big. Can larp a gunslinger in early-industrial factory world. 383 kills on third difficulty.
I think at least some of the the Heretic textures lend themselves to doing scale houses / smallish buildings way more believably than Doom's textures.
Someone in this thread was posting about Malice Jam that is like 5 maps long so i decided to try it. Never played Malice mod before.
It's pretty alright with the exception of that map that forces you to do precise platforming. This mod makes your movement a lot more floaty for some reason.

Also, can't force myself to finally finish Dwell ep2.
>This mod makes your movement a lot more floaty for some reason.
You effectively have Doom-style diagonal running from sv_maxspeed being set to 600 instead of Quake's usual 320. Circle strafing especially can get crazy fast.

File: s-l1600.jpg (243 KB, 1200x1600)
243 KB
243 KB JPG
Why does no one argue that Gameboy games should only be played on the original dim screen as intended by the creators but tons of people say composite on a CRT is a requirement to play retro games.
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File: download.png (350 KB, 500x500)
350 KB
350 KB PNG
>composite on a CRT is a requirement to play retro games
It's not that it's a requirement per se, it's that most pixel art doesn't look right on modern displays because they're too sharp. Old-school sprite graphics were made with the blurring/blending effect of CRT monitors in mind. In some cases the shitty color quality on old monitors even corrected for the color palettes on a lot of old games that look like shit now that we have better color quality.

CRT screens also pose less of a problem in terms of input latency because they're entirely mechanical. Playing retro games on a modern TV screen requires the analog video signal to be converted into digital, and even if it didn't digital TVs take longer to process images. This isn't a HUGE problem for a lot of games, but it makes a big difference in any game that requires twitch reflexes, which in the 80s and 90s was pretty much every game that wasn't an RPG or something.
Because it's retarded
>lol. "this guy" is literally everyone on /vr/ who's not a zoomer.
Zoomers do it too. I'm a zoomer and I pretend to be older to lend credence to my opinions. I suspect half of us are secret zoomers

CRTs worked as some kind of a "reality filter" - it "perfected" the artwork.
Call me a crazy but I prefer CRT Shaders for GB/GBC/GBA games!

>crt-guest-advanced + color correction for GBC/GBA

Working on SM64 and OoT source code has convinced me beyond a doubt that Nintendo was 100% relying on uncredited British developers for their 'legendary' 90s games. I'd be very comfortable betting money that Giles Goddard wrote everything singlehandedly for SM64 and OoT. It's obvious he's being economical with the truth in print.
I wouldn't even be surprised if that same legacy code is still powering whatever engine they use today.
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>Those guys just happened to keep up with the times and stay on the cutting edge that way?
Uh, yeah? Most of them were in their 20s during the NES era. Do you think programmers only have careers for 5 years or so?
>Do you think programmers only have careers for 5 years or so?
In the Japanese game industry? Yeah, that happens. Many such cases, actually.
why do westerners wewuz and try to steal credit so much on /vr/
File: 1716297457555114.png (26 KB, 991x1080)
26 KB
>Working on SM64 and OoT source code has convinced me
Reminder that decomps aren't "the source code". They may compile to the same bytes but they're not identical.

picrel is pokemon emerald source vs decomp.
god everyone is corporate brained now

File: aerith.png (17 KB, 104x249)
17 KB
Would you like to buy a flower? They're only one gil.
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[Art of Zoo] Ancient with Zoophilia lets dog use...
Sure, they do look very pretty
I don't think I ever heard anyone describe a woman's flower as "pretty"
You sir have not heard of anal prolapse porn
Maybe Zack was the one to start pimping her out in the first place.

Best controller for retro games?

The PS5 Controller has the obvious advantage of the touchpad, but the latest Xinput carrier has way better all-around support.
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I really can't stand the 8bitdo ultimate, I can't fathom all the reviewers shilling it aren't paid. The sticks are slippery as shit and your thumbs slip off easily as a result, the shoulders are too stiff, the actual shape of the thing is all wrong (nearly vertical handles don't shape to your hand at all) and the dpad is way mushier than an SNES pad and it's recessed position makes your thumb constantly rub against the sharp plastic edges of the cases. it's crapola.
*its recessed position
Sorry bros
I got a 8bito pro 2 recently, my feelings are:
- the extra buttons at the handles are an useless gimmick that I will never use and only get in the way
- the triggers are waaay too sensitive, just holding the controller can activate them. I know you can change it in the app but I'm testing default for now.. But even then, I wish it were more clicky, it doesn't feel good in a game where you have to press it many times.
- select and start are too far on the center of the controller, nothing dealbreaker but I often have to change my grip to press them
- face and shoulder buttons are great, better than I expected
- dpad seems pretty solid overall. Takes a bit to get used to it but I didn't noticed any downsides. Same with the analog sticks.
Overall, I don't think it's better than a dualshock 4 or dualsense, but it works fine.
Who else has a plug and play universal bluetooth adapter for Ps1/Ps2 controller ports?
Logitech F310

File: file.png (716 KB, 552x670)
716 KB
716 KB PNG
Retro crash when?
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I've only bought 5 individual pieces for my collection online over the years, and most because either an insane deal or there's no way I'd ever find it locally
Main issue is buying gifts for others - the best ones are always specific and you have to pay retail for them
What's surprising to me is how the cancer spreads. I always thought that arcade games would be fairly safe due to the higher barrier to entry, but I guess YouTubers have handheld normalfags into that hobby too, so now some of the games that I bought for $50-$150 in the early 2010s are now selling for $700+. I fo wonder how many people buying arcade PCBs now understand just how volatile some PCBs can be, and that dropping close to $1k on a board isn't a guarantee that it will work properly for more than a few months, and that whatever part might crap out could wind up being a custom chip which will have to be salvaged from another similarly expensive board
All of the games are available in ROMs and everything can be emulated. The "retro market" has always just been a grift and a form of idiot tax. All of it is without exception completely worthless, only the games themselves have value that isn't monetary, because they're free. I don't see people who buy old consoles or physical cartridges as being genuinely into them. It's all just on the same level of bullshit like collecting funko pops and it's all going to the junkyard just like those cheap boomer porcelain trinkets.
The important thing is that you play the games and have fun.
Different people have fun with retro games in different ways.
There are people like you who only care about the game itself. But there are also people who really value the rituals of plugging in all their cords and turning on the TV, blowing in the cartridge, shopping in a store or waiting patiently for a package in the mail. The physical, tactile experience of playing a game.
This methodology is just as valid as any other, and the people who want to practice it don't deserve to be victimized by investors and collectors who seal games away to rot away unplayed.
Most any new-old ROM you see getting posted online these days is thanks to a collector. Almost every active preservationist today is a collector.

Any good romhacks for this game? Or even fan games based on its style?
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There is a "mod" that says it makes the game more open ended by removing many of the road blocks. The most interesting thing about it to me was that it made it so you had to equip the Book of Mudora to use Sword Beams. I like that idea a lot but I can't play the mod because they replace Link with this Minish Cap sprite that just looks out of place in A Link to the Past.
>t. never played a single Zelda Classic quest in the 2000s
That honestly looks boring.
and sadly that project got cancelled, Nintendo took down the mediafire download and everything just got scrapped.

However, someone else is nearly finished with their own version but it's absolutely dogshit.
Why would you want to make OoT 2D in the first place? Like, I understand wanting to remake it in general, and especially in a time where we didn't have source code for it, but everything about the game is better in 3D and so there's little reason to downgrade it to 2D in itself aside from that being less work to make.

File: banjo kazooie.jpg (22 KB, 269x187)
22 KB
How would you rate Banjo-Kazooie on a scale from 1-10?
Those who haven't played it need not apply.
63 replies and 9 images omitted. Click here to view.
Hot take but Tooie was better.
3/10. better than not having access to a video game, but almost anything is better
solid 8, judging as me from the 90s
I had a good time playing it; was very excited to get the animal forms
but it wasnt so good that I beat the whole thing or ever replayed it
I hate this type of scale because it just assigns value to money instead of time. For retro and modern games the limiting factor for playing games is almost never the price of them, it's the time needed to play them, unless you are a little kid or neet of course. I don't care if a game is 120+ I'm gonna pirate it regardless desu
The lesson that your time on this Earth is the most valuable resource you have to spend is one that will be painfully relearned as generation after generation falls for insipid "free-to-play" gacha games.

File: maxresdefault (7) (3).jpg (198 KB, 1280x720)
198 KB
198 KB JPG
Am I insane for prefering the first one over the second and third games? Donkey Kong Country 2 has too much animal gimmick levels imo.

The first DKC has the perfect pacing, best difficulty, and best atmosphere. The gimmick levels unlike in 2 and 3 are actually fun in 1 and don't feel out of place
22 replies and 1 image omitted. Click here to view.
completely agree
I was watching a jp review of DKC3 once and although the reviewer himself liked the game he acknowledged that the game is disliked by many jp gamers.

Nothing new since it's a divisive game in any country, but the main reason given here was the new art direction being too "western". It seems there's a common belief that Nintendo was holding back Rare during DKC1 and 2, making sure the games were appealing to both western and jp audiences but they stopped caring by the 3rd game and the new art direction was the result. Never felt like that part was any different from 1 and 2 myself, but I found it an amusing POV. Interestingly, nobody seemed to hate on Kiddy as much as people do in the west, it was the enemy designs which were considered ugly.
>bonus stage within another bonus stage.
wait what
dkc is boring in the "too simple" sense. it's like saying sonic 1 is better than its sequels
it's short, simple, and lacks many of the mechanics that make later games great, and it"s stupid tedious as others have pointed, and more

true. dkc2 literally happens in enemy's territory/island. the fucking edge, it's always dangerous
>the game has too many cave levels
You mean mine levels. Seriously half the game takes place is varying different mines

Why was the GameCube considered a flop when it had some of Nintendo's best games?

>Metroid Prime, Luigi's Mansion, Wario World, Super Mario Sunshine, Four Swords & Ocarina of Time Master Quest, Kirby Air Ride, Fire Emblem: Path of Radiance, Chibi-Robo, Pokémon Colosseum & XD, Paper Mario Thousand-Year Door, Smash Bros. Melee, Kirby Air ride, F-Zero GX, a Starfox game, Wind Waker, Twilight Princess
109 replies and 12 images omitted. Click here to view.
God she's so cute bros
Pokemon Red / blue/ yellow sold more than twice as many copies as GameCube itself. Silver / gold and ruby/sapphire were also huge. These games sold more copies than every big GC game combined.
Holy fuck most of those aren't even the best in their respective series you retarded cubekid.
>Even then, who’s choosing Metroid Prime over UT99
What the fuck? Those are two wildly different games.
It's funny how despite Gamecube being a flop it was the only console of that generation to really keep it's profits. Xbox was a money sink and the profits made from the PS2 was squandered completely thanks to the PS3.

Path of Radiance is literally the reason I stopped caring for Fire Emblem games. It was just a major downgrade from the GBA titles in almost every way. Also it was incredibly ugly to boot with worse presentation and I usually don't try to graphics whore.

File: gex.jpg (12 KB, 480x360)
12 KB
What is /vr/ playing today? For me it's pic rel on the Saturn. I want to play an N64 game but not sure what.
7 replies and 5 images omitted. Click here to view.
File: ValisIV Cheat2.png (3 KB, 770x577)
3 KB
I will NOT be doing hard mode tho, because Normal Mode in this game is already a fucking chore with how many enemies just remain invincible 90% of their on-screen life.
File: chart (2).png (1.06 MB, 1143x860)
1.06 MB
1.06 MB PNG
I really want to do a Game Box Plus/Famiclone roulette general thread at this point as they are common and unique enough to basically be their own system. Yeah there's /hhg/ but they spend most of their time talking about Anbernic/Miyoo/PowKiddy etc.
The version of Toxic Tower in Donkey Kong Land 2 filtered me as a kid. Still never beat it. It requires too much precise platforming that the tiny screen doesn't allow you to accurately do. It may be better if I hooked it up to a GB Player but that defeats the purpose of playing it on Gameboy.
You could tell by the back of the box that it was not a great game
Sonic 2. Forgot how much of a bitch those last 2 special stages were.

File: Rayman_2.jpg (58 KB, 280x357)
58 KB
It's a shame 3D platformers copied Banjo Kazooie over Rayman 2. Had they instead copied Rayman 2 I doubt the genre would be dead
41 replies and 3 images omitted. Click here to view.
Mario 64 and in turn Odyssey are only successful because the names attached to them. No one likes the open 3d collecthon genre anymore. It's boring and tedious.

No, I disagree. Crash Bandicoot was more popular because of marketing from Sony. Crash 1 has bullshit level design. Crash 2 is too easy and the levels are bland. Crash 3 has too many gimmick levels.

Rayman on the other hand has the perfect pacing and balance.

Almost as if crash has the larger marketing.
>No one likes the open 3d collecthon genre anymore.
I'm 50/50 on one hand, I agree that Mario gets away with a lot of shit that nobody else would let slide for anyone else. On the other, I regard open world games are collectathons in spirit, just that the map is far, far bigger and the gameplay way worse. There's definitely still appeal, it's just that you need some rebranding for it.
One of my favorites too
3D platformers died because they naturally evolved into open world slop.

2D platformers also have no mainstream appeal if they don't slap on the multiplayer/party aspect.

Non-horror games with an unsettling feel (intentional or not).
27 replies and 8 images omitted. Click here to view.
Some of the scenes are borderline Sci fi horror tho
>Lives in a perpetual state of terror because of 90s video game graphics
Only sad faggot here is (you)
File: download (30).jpg (17 KB, 189x267)
17 KB
>America out of nowhere
I totally forgot about this creepy fucker.
That "here it comes" line still haunts me to this day.

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