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File: 1705771623853075.jpg (196 KB, 768x1024)
196 KB
196 KB JPG
This thread is for the discussion of Nogizaka46, Hinatazaka46, BokuAo (Nogizaka46's official rivals) and Yoshimotozaka46 (on hiatus) and topics relating to them and their members.

(4/11-5/31, Nov. dates TBA) Nakamura Reno stars in the musical "Endless SHOCK/ Eternal"
(05/16-07/15) Okuda Iroha stars in the musical "Romeo & Juliet"
(05/28) Matsuda Konoka 1st Photobook
(06/18) Takamoto Ayaka 1st Photobook
(06/25) Sakaguchi Tamami 1st Photobook
(06/28)) Nogizaka46 LIVE IN HONG KONG 2024 Hong Kong (Nogizaka46)
(07/03.04) Hiragana Hinatazaka46 live at Pacifico Yokohama
(07/04) Takamoto Ayaka's graduation ceremony
(07/11) BokuAo's first stage play "Summer Haze"
(07/20) Osaka Gigantic Music Festival 2024 (Hinatazaka46)
(07/20-21) Nogizaka46 Summer Tour Kyocera Dome Osaka (Nogizaka46)

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The wall takes no prisoners
File: 1718575703254430.webm (1.95 MB, 1080x1920)
1.95 MB
1.95 MB WEBM
Mogged by an animated emoji

File: 1717616909269866.png (1.1 MB, 2428x1720)
1.1 MB
1.1 MB PNG
Monster Girl Wiki: https://monstergirlencyclopedia.miraheze.org/wiki/Monster_Girl_Encyclopedia
Monster Girl Archive: https://mgearchive.neocities.org/
Content Aggregator: https://anubis.moe/
Writers list: https://mgearchive.neocities.org/writerlist.html
Fanart Galleries: https://mgearchive.neocities.org/fanartgalleries.html
Nextcloud Archive: https://st44244.ispot.cc/nextcloud/index.php/s/HYyFwJMp588a4tE
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So write more.
This year I set a goal of one AO3/month.
Hey boy
>what do
Ask them where their Portal is.
Ask them if they know the phone number for the Kiki Maido Agency.
Cows are working 24/7.
Anon has to milk them twice a day.
Every day.
Every day, twice a day, no breaks, no holidays.
File: media_F5IIAHgXsAEBIbz.jpg (253 KB, 2048x1979)
253 KB
253 KB JPG
Bovine hands typed this post.

File: POCHARI_CHAMP.png (1.58 MB, 1500x1500)
1.58 MB
1.58 MB PNG
Pocchari Defending Champion Edition


Previous thread:
File: screaming-sir.jpg (163 KB, 673x817)
163 KB
163 KB JPG

File: 64945.jpg (646 KB, 1533x2300)
646 KB
646 KB JPG
DJT is a language learning thread for those studying the Japanese language.

Cornucopia of Resources / Guide
https://live.fc2.com/adult/ (intense immersion)

Translation requests, 100-reply threads, native Japanese speakers, fear, exhaustion, grammatically incorrect Japanese:>>>/int/djt

Previous thread:>>47108014
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Any good resources for Japanese subtitles for western movies? opensubtitles is hit and miss
1800 words isn't 1800 kanji because there's lots of overlap. Try the add-on and see how many out of the 2k you've actually learned
you just know the japanese christian christmas cake manko goes crazy
>I've read multiple times that you need approx 2000 kanji to read newspaper. I struggle with NHK news web easy

kanji count =/= word count
not every kanji is an independent word. others might be multiple independent words by themself. how? readings. some 4000 readings are assigend to the ~2100 joyo kanji - around half of those readings are independent words. the majority of the japanese language's vocabulary (i believe it was around 60 to 70%) consists of kanji compound words and out of those, most are a combination of 2 kanji characters. newspapers and magazines may use 3000 or even 4000 different kanji and upt 30.000 words (including words that use no kanji at all).

Gigahag Edition


Delisted thread:
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I am upset beyond consolation!
Asshole you skipped 2 weeks of this shit. Don't think I didn't notice. Normie weekender and vacation-having motherfuck. JAV addiction my fucking ass.
who is this bitch is she supposed to be poplar?
File: niqqa is u serious.jpg (394 KB, 912x1034)
394 KB
394 KB JPG

File: 1718677244743404.webm (2.72 MB, 1920x1080)
2.72 MB
2.72 MB WEBM
This thread is for the discussion of Nogizaka46, Sakurazaka46, Hinatazaka46, and Yoshimotozaka46 (on hiatus) and topics relating to them and their members.

(05/16-07/15) Okuda Iroha stars in the musical "Romeo & Juliet"
(06/18) Takamoto Aya 1st Photobook
(06/25) Sakaguchi Tamami 1st Photobook
(06/26) Sakurazaka46 9th single "Jigoujitoku"
(06/28) Nogizaka46 LIVE IN HONG KONG 2024 Hong Kong (Nogizaka46)
(07/03-04) Hiragana Hinatazaka46 live at Pacifico Yokohama
(07/04) Takamoto Ayaka's graduation ceremony
(07/15) Sakaguchi Tamami & Seimiya Rei
Graduation Ceremony at 35th single Mini Live
(07/20) Osaka Gigantic Music Festival 2024 (Hinatazaka46)
(07/20) Buzz Rhythm LIVE -10th Anniversary- (Sakurazaka46)
(07/20) Kyocera Dome Osaka (Nogizaka46)

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I want to smooch this bonita so much...
Endo Sakura anal rape
File: GQMhnc1aIAEbvRN.jpg (325 KB, 2048x1152)
325 KB
325 KB JPG
My eyes on staffusan

File: summer hags.jpg (246 KB, 480x360)
246 KB
246 KB JPG
Discussion concerning Higurashi, Umineko, Ciconia, Rose Guns Days, Higanbana, TRianThology, and all other 07th Expansion works.

07th Expansion archive:
Password: 07

Old archive backup at:

07th Links:
Umineko colored truths script:

Previous thread: >>47096109
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If she got any form of comeuppence in Matsuribayashi whatsoever I wouldn't have this hate boner for her. Even the tree getting dropped on her was enough for me.
Yeah I know forgiveness of sins is a major theme but pegging her actions on hinamizawa syndrome and letting her waltz off with Tomitake is a dumb resolution, kind of defeated the whole point
File: 1718478510428959.jpg (360 KB, 700x600)
360 KB
360 KB JPG
I hope Rion will wear the witch dress instead of the lame business suit
File: 1718695623828365.jpg (1.74 MB, 1442x1977)
1.74 MB
1.74 MB JPG
Cute yurisluts.
File: sad thumbnail.jpg (97 KB, 600x274)
97 KB
for me? it's Satan-nee

File: 1586208562790.png (565 KB, 640x960)
565 KB
565 KB PNG
A place for discussion of Kinoko Nasu / TYPE-MOON works.

>Type-Moon Visual Novel Collection (Japanese)

>Mahoutsukai no Yoru - WITCH ON THE HOLY NIGHT
Mahoutsukai no Yoru:
An Adventure of First Love (Mahoutsukai no Yoru Short Story):
Witch on the Holy Night Material

>Kara no Kyoukai
Kara no Kyoukai Novels (Japanese):

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Sales? Do you see any ads for it? It's the same shit as Mahoyo, Aniplex USA is completely retarded in terms of marketing.
>Saber: Futanari
>Rin: Strap on
>Sakura: Shared Crest Worm up the Ass
Shirou's bussy shall be destroyed.
>Arc's True
I'm still convinced that "Arc True" will just be a 30 minute extra of Shiki freeing Arc from the castle.
30 minutes? More like a 5 min epilogue to give the brain dead Arc fans their ending like he did for Fsn with Saber.
File: 1718702980467.jpg (477 KB, 827x1169)
477 KB
477 KB JPG

Toyosatomimi no Miko
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Why's she sneering at Mononobe no Futo?
File: Miko #6807.jpg (22 KB, 411x410)
22 KB
File: Miko #6808.jpg (1.43 MB, 2508x3541)
1.43 MB
1.43 MB JPG
Why is Toyosatomimi no Miko sneering as Mononobe no Futo
Toyosatomofu no Mofu

File: GPGk68oagAAI2x1.jpg (88 KB, 518x1024)
88 KB
A thread dedicated to mainstream idols, but local and amateur idols are welcome here too.

Previous thread: >>46820088
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File: 1715918921112746.webm (2.65 MB, 720x1280)
2.65 MB
2.65 MB WEBM
File: 1701268098319074.webm (2.26 MB, 588x1280)
2.26 MB
2.26 MB WEBM
File: 1707515670845015.webm (2.4 MB, 720x1280)
2.4 MB
File: 1690824277176147.webm (2.4 MB, 720x1280)
2.4 MB

File: x6Ev45j.jpg (1.47 MB, 3282x4096)
1.47 MB
1.47 MB JPG
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That was already debunked months ago.
No one posted it so it wasn't
Oh it's the SEAshitter. No wonder why the question was so retarded.
god, I was trying to figure out what the dog was doing only to realize what was in front.

File: DTGuxd2U8AEqJx0.jpg (90 KB, 1200x675)
90 KB
BanG Dream!

Revue Starlight

Dig Delight Direct Drive!

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
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File: GQRJmhmboAAhR5s.jpg (207 KB, 1108x1477)
207 KB
207 KB JPG
SEX with Teru!!
File: GQRJmhnaQAAZB6J.jpg (352 KB, 1108x1477)
352 KB
352 KB JPG
File: GQVWnNKaUAAlA_u.jpg (174 KB, 1477x1108)
174 KB
174 KB JPG
Momoka is taking DJ lessons today
File: GO9MMd6awAACAAY.jpg (237 KB, 931x1200)
237 KB
237 KB JPG
Why are you posting only sexy pictures then?
Casual Tsunko is cute.
At least shorten the T-shirts like Aimi please

File: 1686603994895720.jpg (592 KB, 740x1200)
592 KB
592 KB JPG
I like the Dragon girl
171 replies and 82 images omitted. Click here to view.
Yes. She lacks many of the traits that make modern Chinese people so annoying.
Hong Hong
Don't do it Hong!
U know that smoking is bad 4 u!
If it's a good enough vice for Ip Man it's a good enough vice for Hong.
Need to fuck the Hong

File: Rulue is a cute.jpg (166 KB, 386x701)
166 KB
166 KB JPG
Compile/Puyo Puyo/Madou Monogatari thread?

Sega era stuff and fans also welcome.

File: 119656486_p49.jpg (313 KB, 1537x1406)
313 KB
313 KB JPG
hatless marisa
43 replies and 30 images omitted. Click here to view.
Aliceless Marisa
File: Spoiler Image (65 KB, 800x800)
65 KB
HANG marisa
hopeless marisa
File: 1580156777644.jpg (132 KB, 723x1024)
132 KB
132 KB JPG
happy marisa
>Other hand is going into the anus to remove the shirikodama.
Poor Marisa...

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