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File: blackeyeschildren.jpg (231 KB, 500x404)
231 KB
231 KB JPG
Dumping a massive list of /x/ related links + recommendations..

Including; websites, radio shows, podcasts, wikipedia articles, videos, audio, creepypasta, pictures, maps, games, torrents, direct downloads, books, movie recommendations, game recommendations, and comic recommendations.

This took forever to get everything organized and in an easily readable format. However things still might be a bit out of place.

Add stuff if you like, but first make sure its not already posted.

Use ctrl+f
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Skullkickers - Five Funerals and a Bucket of Blood
Spawn - Origins
Speciale Dylan Dog
Spider-Man Unlimited #20
Star Wars - Clone Wars Adventures
Star Wars - Tales
Strange Tales v4 #1
Sub-Mariner #13
Sub-Mariner Comics #1 #7
Super Mad
Super-Team Family
Super Zombies
Swamp Thing
Sword of the Atom

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So you've made a demonic pact, the agreement is your soul in trade of a random super power. Use the link to find your super power.
>You wake up tomorrow with your random generated power.
>Was it worth your soul?
>What will you do now?

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Great, I got turned into a jew.

>Was it worth your soul?
>What will you do now?
Rub hands, I guess.
Id probably ask to be an immortal or force of nature like Zod or Skeleton Knight from Berserk or Elminster and walk Earth through the ages manipulating civilizations and participating in great wars, study and scientific expeditions to further humanity into the stars.

Pretty neat.
Hi guys

File: image.jpg (237 KB, 1280x722)
237 KB
237 KB JPG
Astrology General: New Moon in Libra edition

This is the thread where we all yell at eachother because of the day we were born.

How do I find out my ascendant/moon/etc?: https://alabe.com/freechart/

Top kek wow much shitpost do you guys really believe this? XD: >>>/trash/

What's the worst sign?: Any water sign, take your pick.
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Wooah i expexted generic bullshit but this generic bullshit is pretty accurate, exept the angry part im not very angry
File: Untitled.png (58 KB, 599x600)
58 KB
Im not sure if i belive this but i would like to
Would anyone be kind enough to read my chart?
You're much more insecure that you appear to be. Sweet and tender in romantic relationships yet fierce and somewhat blunt in emotions. Difficulties in committing to someone, a lot of chance to finding significant other through work colleagues. Desire for creative work, yet there's a difficulty in deciding what should you start working. Emotional yet detached, friendly yet feels alone among them.
File: 2457659755197.gif (14 KB, 500x600)
14 KB
What does this mean?
Oh fuck i dont know what to say

File: 1444076400109.jpg (22 KB, 340x506)
22 KB
ITT: Things in creepypasta and greentexts that irk you

Here's some things that merit an eye roll from me
>story starts or ends with "I swear this is 100% true"
>storyteller tries to remember someone's name and goes into parenthesis "this girl I was trying to get with at the time, I can't remember her name (Brittney? Becky?)
>"I'm getting chills/goosebumps just writing this
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is that my main fuckin man Tony abbot, what a solid cunt
File: endless nightmares.gif (969 KB, 300x169)
969 KB
969 KB GIF
I fucking hate creepypasta that ends with the protagonist's suicide. "I'm so spooked that I'm going to kill myself to escape the spookitude, but before I blow my fuckin' brains out, lemme write a goddamn thesis on this supernatural entity that drove me to self-destruction as my only reprieve."

It's just a variant of the cop-out, cliff-hanger non-ending like others mentioned. The Gristers creepypasta (not to be confused with the Grifter) is a prime example of decent storytelling ruined by a wet fart of "lol cutting my wrists bbl" finale:

Look, horror stories can be tricky, especially ending them; it's tempting to shoot for that "and you could be next! OooOOooo" vibe, but it's seriously not necessary. It's difficult to write convincingly, and when you fall short, it ruins the whole story. I've seen countless horror movies marred by the need to leave the tale open-ended (shout out to Lights Out for not doing this), so it almost feels like tradition, but seriously, don't do this.
>I fucking hate creepypasta that ends with the protagonist's suicide
that covers like 90% of Lovecraft's stories
It does, but Skinwalker Story #4,229 sure ain't Lovecraft. It's not impossible to do, but pulling it off badly just wrecks everything.
File: 64y545y.jpg (103 KB, 750x1000)
103 KB
103 KB JPG
>"i don't give a fuck if you believe me or not i just need to get things off my chest"
Used to be prevalent in the older creepypastas, don't see it anymore. Still really irritating and makes me lose any compassion for the storyteller.

File: pic related.jpg (19 KB, 468x311)
19 KB
Post instances, questions, and theories—of what is happening, why, when, and because of whom. Beware of shills attempting to gaslight.

>What is the Mandela Effect?
Its name comes from remembering Nelson Mandela dying in prison in the '80s before he died in 2013. Although supposedly a mistake, people have begun noticing other anomalies. Facts that many people report remembering but have changed slightly and leave little or no evidence of their having ever been otherwise are instances of the Mandela Effect.

>[x]pill me on ME
It's not clear who remembers what and why. ME sufferers appear to be largely Americans above the age of 19. What you might remember depends on a lot of factors that aren't clear yet.

>Instances of ME?
-The Three Little Pigs "used to" have the line "I'll huff and I'll puff and I'll blow your house down". The wolf "now" says "...I'll blow your house /in/..."
-Kit-Kat used be to be spelled thus, but is now KitKat or Kit Kat.
-Harry Houdini had died from a single punch to the chest, but now he died from multiple punches to the stomach.
-Australia used to be much further south from Indonesia than it is now, placing New Zealand northeast of the continent; it has now shifted to be within miles of Southeast Asia, and NZ is southeast of Australia.
-The sun used to be yellow/orange as seen during the day, and you could stare at it for a few seconds before having to look away; now it is a harsh white that blinds within a second.
-The human ribcage was wide at the top and the kidneys were just above the hip; it has now narrowed and the kidneys are located at the bottom of the ribcage

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
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Welp, not sure what to think about this video. kinda interested, that being said half these "MEs" are about things I probably didn't take too much notice of anyway.

>"I'll huff and I'll puff and I'll blow your house down"
Always remembered down not "in" sounds odd.

"Mirror, mirror on the wall"
Magic mirror on the wall, tho it does sound close enough to be a common mistake.

Always was gold never had a silver leg, not really a fan of star-wars so I could possibly be wrong.

>Life is like a box of chocolates
always said is not was

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.

Tons of shit about 2012, tons of channelers, the Pleiadians,

people were saying these ME (as I guess it's getting called now) were signs of a rift or disturbance due to the upcoming SHIFT of 2012. People are still even saying a shift did take place but that it's more gradual and will take anywhere from 5 to 10 to 25 years to fully manifest.

Again this is /x/, that's par per course but the longer you're on here the less these sorts of things give you goosebumps or make you wonder AT IT ALL, and instead you start to realize there's just a human need we have growing up to adjust to our own views of reality and life and death and all that which might belong to the paranormal. Not to discredit this place, it really has treasure (and even that treasure is actually something to be wary of but that's a lesson in itself)

/x/ hasn't changed, although it seems to have lost some of the eagerness is had in 2011-2012 for the Mayan shift, and the 2013-2014 obsession with magick which still persists but isn't nearly as intense. Probably because most people either dropped it or moved beyond /x/ as their means of communication.

Again, take my words with a grain of salt. I'm just an anon in a sea of anons and shills.
>I'm just an anon in a sea of anons and shills.
now I want a drawfag to draw that.
Fucking Looney Toons
This is what got me. I would've sworn up and down that it was Toons, not Tunes. It actually sent a chill down my spine when I realized that it wasn't Toons.
File: 1756.png (1.85 MB, 1920x816)
1.85 MB
1.85 MB PNG
Mandela effect is possibly part of a vast beyond psy-op. using cranial electromagnetic brain wave stimulation, to implant false memories.
t.v. is one medium used.
All I know is dis Dolly bitch had braces. Fuck calling it mandela effect. It is REAL!

File: ouija board.jpg (50 KB, 600x400)
50 KB
does the ouija board actually work?

>share me your stories and experiences you've had with it
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It's because you don't generate enough spiritual energy worth a damn, or have anything nearby paranormal, or both. Your post makes that evident.
File: capt-howdys-board.gif (318 KB, 1130x637)
318 KB
318 KB GIF
>only works with 2 people

Capt. Howdy would like a word with you.
File: dlm1.jpg (33 KB, 842x466)
33 KB
>only works with 2 people

George's little sister Reggie would like a word with you
Go away Matthew.
When I was 12 I made one out of cardboard.

I looked up how to do it. Did it with a sharpie marker. I'm sure I did a lot of things wrong, being a stupid kid. I sat down on the floor and messed around with it for a couple minutes, nothing happened of course. Got bored, tossed it in the closet, went to bed.

When I woke up the cardboard was cut and shredded, had (questionably) the name Anna scratched into it (although was probably just some lines). No one else was home, no one knew I did it so it couldn't have been an epic prank. Spooked me hard and never did it again. I'm saying this as a person who's only had two e/x/periences so I'm a skeptic fuck.

File: psycho.jpg (74 KB, 625x406)
74 KB
Do you think you have run into a genuine psychopath before? Psychopaths make up a very small portion of the population, not all are seriously violent, and they are able to camouflage themselves as typical people. I think my old roommate was a real psychopath when I compared his mannerisms and habits to the definition of a psychopath. He frequently lied, sometimes about some about stuff not even worth calling him out for. He was very good at manipulating people in these very subtle ways. I caught him slipping up on some emotions he was faking. And I honestly felt scared at night or being alone because I just felt like he was plotting. I got my valuables knowing he would steal or break them and act like it wasn't him. He also had this arrogance, even though he liked to act like he was humble and and a man of God. There was a lot of weird shit I noticed about him. So anyone else have stories to share?
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Disregard that. I suck cock.
Rough brah. Sounds like borderline. I think a lot of people are confusing the two, though they are by no means mutually exclusive.

I had a light-borderline GF for years. She didn't seem to be taking emotions but would do dumb or just really mean stuff and then scream at me for "making her feel bad" when she did blatantly violent or antagonistic shit. I too am a bleeding heart doormat, she sucked me right in with the whole "victim needs saving from all the abusive people around her" and I'm sure I'll be the abuser in the story she tells the next guy
Sounds more schizoid/schizotypical to me.

People with ASPD aren't as rare as people think they are. You won't even notice most of them behaving differently than the average person. You can, more-or-less, "learn" emotions and with the right social education from caring parents, people will never be able to tell the difference between a "psycho" and any other slightly-non-social person (like half the nerds and geeks at any school).

No clue what all that has to do with paranormal stuff, but I guess this thread was posted from someone who jumped on the "psycho scare" thriller/crime series bandwagon.
*Faking emotions
People with ASPD have a stunted sense of empathy, the only way to completely lose your empathy is by head injury or by missing parts of your brain.

Just look at war stories from people who didn't suffer from ptsd afterwards. You don't have to be a psycho to suppress your empathy and emotions.

What is a cartoon show like gravity falls or ricky and morty? I'm already watching adventure time.

Basically looking for cartoons that have their main characters go on some awesome ass adventures.
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Thank you,sir. I will watch it shortly.
Regular Show is pretty /x/ in a way
just look at the characters
All of them deal with portals to other worlds.
Are the authors alienating the children?
Pumpkin covered skeletons.

good taste anon

File: 1429719617462.jpg (106 KB, 1024x1024)
106 KB
106 KB JPG
Back by overwhelming necessity. Do you have a symbol or object you want identified or interpreted? Please post it here instead of making an individual thread about it. Also, tell us as much about the item in question as you can to give us some background on it.
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>Got this from an oncle when i was 3-4 years old. It kind of look like hores eye.
>I'm not seeing it. Looks like a rock.

Welcome to >>>/x/
Does anyone here interprete numbers or anything? I keep seeing the time and number 10:37 everywhere.
You have a case of apophenia.
You have a case of homosexuality. Maybe I do have that but I've been seeing the number everywhere for years now, it doesn't feel creepy but it feels like there could be a hidden message.

File: all-seeing-eye.png (7 KB, 400x300)
7 KB
Greetings, and welcome to The /x/ Files, the weekly news digest for 4chan's Paranormal board. Every Sunday, we take a quick snapshot of the mysterious world around us and bring it, in an easily readable magazine format, to the board. I am The Editor, the anonymous creator of this idea and collector of the news that will be following below. In the interests of legitimacy, I will be using a secure tripcode to post the thread; once the posts are completed, I will take the tripcode off and return to my anonymity.

Well, it took very nearly a year and a severe case of the flu, but I finally missed a Sunday. And while that day has come and gone, the flu remains, so this'll be a severely truncated issue. But if I'm well next Sunday, you'll get the full thing then. Anyway, on with the show!

Table of Contents:

1: Paranormal Podcasts
2: Editor's Note
2 replies and 1 image omitted. Click here to view.
Blurry Photos Podcast:

Get your lab coats on and grab your chalk, Blurry Photos is putting the theory of black holes on the podcast chalkboard! One of the cosmos’ most mysterious and disturbing phenomenons, black holes are powerful points of extreme gravity in spacetime where physics stops playing nice. The boys explore what has been postulated and what has been discovered about these fascinating objects in space. How do they work? What would happen if you fell in one? What is their purpose? The research is hot and heavy in this one. Polish your accretion discs, make some tasty spaghettification, and kiss time goodbye, this episode is going to get heavy!

Link: http://www.blurryphotos.org/ep-161-black-holes/

Stuff They Don't Want You to Know Podcast: The Hidden World of Psychopaths

How common are psychopaths? Is it possible that you've met one? Join the guys as they explore the fact, fiction and controversy surrounding one of the world's most widely misunderstood mental illnesses.

Link: http://www.stufftheydontwantyoutoknow.com/podcasts/hidden-world-of-psychopaths.htm

Bizarre States: Jonny Loquasto Returns

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
The Higherside Chats Podcast: Scott Santens | Universal Basic Income

Join Greg Carlwood of The Higherside Chats podcast as he talks Universal Basic Income with his guest, Scott Santens. An important piece to the conspiracy puzzle is finding solutions to problems long identified. Instead of grandiose ideas of a technocratic utopia and pipe dream paradigms of exotic technologies firmly locked behind the gates of possibility for decades, moderator of the Basic Income subreddit Scott Santens walks us through real, practical solutions we can fight for now, circumventing the debt based system of rule and breaking the chains of economic slavery using something within our grasp.

Link: http://thehighersidechats.com/scott-santens-universal-basic-income/

The Dark Myths Collective:

We are a group of podcasters dedicated to producing high quality and emotionally power-packed listening experiences. While our shows span the full spectrum of genres from history to fiction to crime stories, what binds them together is that they explore the darker side. This allows you to cross genres and discover podcasts you might not have found.

Link: http://darkmyths.org
File: editors-note.png (10 KB, 380x141)
10 KB
I'm out of cough drops.

But not out of menthol cigarettes.

Drive to the store with the flu, or stay at home and smoke?

Decisions, decisions.

Archive: https://4chanxfiles.wordpress.com/

Email: 4chanxfiles@gmail.com

Until Next Time
just make some soup! get better soon Editor. always a pleasure to peruse your work. you have some really interesting stuff this week.

Who the hell is responsible for Hentai?

There are millions of the most wicked pictures. Many are high quality too. It can't possibly be all drawn by normal people. And I feel to see how it can be done for monetary reasons when all pictures are freely available on the Internet.

Is it just a black op, done by the freemasons in order to corrupt mankind and make us more depraved and spiritually dirty and therefore easier to control?

and I failt to see*
All porn is sexual deprived and takes your spirit further from the divine and closer to the beast.

Indeed and that is exactly what the occult elite wants.

But how do they get people hooked on porn? By starting early in childhood. Look at Disney. All of their princesses are fucking whores.

File: fa.png (318 KB, 587x562)
318 KB
318 KB PNG
art thread, paintings/pictures with this sort of "feel" to them. i remember seeing a very similar one a long time ago with a door slightly ajar with a dog standing there clearly looking at something beyond. what would these kinds of paintings be called do you think?
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this is max comfy not snoopy
File: 1474403429371.jpg (34 KB, 300x372)
34 KB
somebody shopped Hillary Clinton's face on this
I was lookin for my lost cat...... uh nevermind
I don't love it but I don't hate it either

Keep doing what your doing
Fuken masterpiece dude

File: ickevsrepto.png (1.15 MB, 911x517)
1.15 MB
1.15 MB PNG
Ok, so watching David Icke talk about reptilians in the History of the Archons. He's a pretty charming speaker and I'm finding it a fun lecture.

But a lot of his stuff is very, like he talks about "research" but never really explains what it is. Also, he fails to locate his "research" in a historical context. All this stuff about the archons and the bloodlines and the reptiles, Did he start the theory? If not, who did?
9 replies and 2 images omitted. Click here to view.
File: 1449067077991.jpg (66 KB, 1280x1024)
66 KB
Lastly David is involved in automatic writing. So he believes the world is controlled by higher dimensional beings and then takes ques from them.

One must assume whatever David Icke tell you is what the 'Illuminatus' wants you know. Because they are so powerful they would have stopped him before he started.

He also dabbles in double speak, "The world is run by Satanist and Satan is Saturn and Saturn is Satan." And then goes on to explain that Jesus doesn't exist and that Saturn(Satan) the Demiurge is the true creator the world. He sounds like a good Saturnist himself.

However, to answer your question the reptilians come from the fact that most ancient religions and myths have a serpentine motif mixed with UFO theorist work plus reptitles are seen as evil and cold blooded (antagonist). Archons are just from the gnostics (don't read them as gospel). The bloodlines go back to the super rich (Royalty and Rothschild) interbreeding, to stay wealthy. I don't know how true the book bloodlines of the illuminati is; as it is hard to find anyone critical discussing it.

In conclusion, there is good evidence to support the Super Richs' abuse of power and Satanic Ritual Abuse of children (To what end? Only god knows)
P.S. MKULTRA has good credibility as well, although since MKULTRA records were deliberately destroyed in 1973 it is hard to tap down


They ran things until the Elder Gods came back and banished them to the underground. They are coming back, but so are the Gods.
He's simply an imposter
File: 1473428447416.gif (3.28 MB, 480x270)
3.28 MB
3.28 MB GIF
My old lady has been watching his 10 hour speeches for months now.

I lost it finally when he said that lightbulbs were spying on us or sending us messages, I dunno she has been getting weird lately.

We did watch the Debunked video but she is obsessed.

File: image.jpg (38 KB, 480x360)
38 KB
Who else thinks the presidency is fake,fixed, predetermined and just a big puppet show just like the WWE?

I think in the beginning it was real, your vote actually mattered but that changed I would guess sometime in the 50s

The voting system is fixed and fake but it keeps us distracted and let's people feel like they are part of the decision but it's not true it's part of a greater control scheme
38 replies and 1 image omitted. Click here to view.
>Hillary fucking Clinton and Donald fucking Trump are your options.

Nope. Donald Trump got murdered yesterday.
You mean in the debate?
Have you not been paying attention?
Trump could literally drop his trousers and spray his audience with liquid rancid shit and still be popular for being "anti establishment".
No you actually cant here in Germany, look it up.
No, wait, this is /x/.

You probably mean he was literally killed and a lizardman/alien/skeleton/skin walker/ghost/goblin/ghoul/FBI Robot/Jew is wearing his skin as a disguise.

File: butterfly-blue.jpg (465 KB, 1341x1443)
465 KB
465 KB JPG
I feel that there are enough of you interested in MK Ultra and project Monarch to keep this going, despite its tendency to die. Here are some resources.

^^^ an illuminati handler talks about his trade

more stuff:

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
28 replies and 1 image omitted. Click here to view.
I will keep that in mind before I venture into it

Dude sentimentalcorp is just a fucking art project by randy prozac or whatever.
yea but when i first started listening to it litirally physicly injured my brain and destroyed my personality and i couldnt feel anything but that one emotion for weeks months and now when i listen to it i feel nothing at all so eh :l
They don't need to become a constant presence in your life. They only need time enough to reach certain goals in the conditioning.
I can say I did have the memories from the time of the events on to the present. What I did not have was a rational understanding of the memories and until someone point blank asked me if I had been involved in these programs. At the time it was less than 2 months before the 9/11 event in New York and I had just recently turned 33. So as the rest of the country was in shock at the event I was calmly coming to understand why I had always had such a grasp on the orchestrations of the hidden intelligence communities. Within a few months I had sorted it out and went to speak with my dad about it.
The conversation went like this;
”who was that family member that stayed with us in Germany? " (I had thought for years it was my dad's youngest sister and her husband)
He said ” that was no family member.. He was a friend of mine "
(During the 7 years I was there we had only this one couple stay with us for a week)
I said " well he was probably CIA "
Was kind of funny watching him figure it out as he said " he wasn't CIA.. He was a journalist.. .. Well the Russians said he was CIA when they captured him in Afghanistan.. But naw.. He was a journalist. ..that was why he would find me jobs while I was in Vietnam. " (plausible deniability type jobs ..and by the time he said it the truth was taking root)
He was an advisor in Vietnam months before the gulf of Tonkin event and tet of 65 and was there as I was born three years later

I'm trying to put this in perspective as to how these memories figure in. There was no format for coming to understand them but it is completely in error to claim them as false. The False Memory Society is taksed with the discrediting of anyone who remembers.

But I remember.. I always did.
It's a tool for embedding concepts deep in the mind. Knowing how it works from personal experience makes me a bit long on words when I explain it.
I'm about to have to go back to work though. Worked late yesterday then hit the gym on the way home and fell asleep worn out.
If the thread is still alive I will give details.
This was me also btw >>18168751

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