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File: blackeyeschildren.jpg (231 KB, 500x404)
231 KB
231 KB JPG
Dumping a massive list of /x/ related links + recommendations..

Including; websites, radio shows, podcasts, wikipedia articles, videos, audio, creepypasta, pictures, maps, games, torrents, direct downloads, books, movie recommendations, game recommendations, and comic recommendations.

This took forever to get everything organized and in an easily readable format. However things still might be a bit out of place.

Add stuff if you like, but first make sure its not already posted.

Use ctrl+f
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Skullkickers - Five Funerals and a Bucket of Blood
Spawn - Origins
Speciale Dylan Dog
Spider-Man Unlimited #20
Star Wars - Clone Wars Adventures
Star Wars - Tales
Strange Tales v4 #1
Sub-Mariner #13
Sub-Mariner Comics #1 #7
Super Mad
Super-Team Family
Super Zombies
Swamp Thing
Sword of the Atom

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File: 1483832680841.png (24 KB, 300x255)
24 KB
>parents trying to kick me out
>need a death curse or serious hex

please help /x/ i refuse to get a minimum wagecuck job
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How many gbp do you have? Have you tried pissing on their bed? The dark arts are best left for a last resort.
parents seem to want to do the same but i don't get why they keep trying to force me to do things that i don't agree with

its not like im rude i try my best but they still get angry at me
File: 1481343299017.png (293 KB, 633x758)
293 KB
293 KB PNG
no thanks cuck i am looking for a real curse

i did study but it was a meme degree in histore and now its impossible to get a job
File: troll detected.jpg (8 KB, 252x242)
8 KB
>4 years studying history
>still no idea how good you have it
no way. gotta be a troll.
Dude, I'm an art school drop out and I still can find work. It's not easy but that's life.

File: Zodiac.jpg (445 KB, 2000x1500)
445 KB
445 KB JPG
This thread again
>your zodiac sun, rising and moon sign
>your thoughts on other zodiacs
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>Rising/Sun is Cancer
>moon is Sagittarius
What did I mean by this?
You're literal cancer.
Literal cancer would be cancer across the board. I have like 5 fire signs, 5 water signs, and 1 earth sign in that chart thingy.
Finally someone explains it where I can understand thank you.
>gemini moon
>sagittarius ascending

any thoughts?

File: url.jpg (8 KB, 275x183)
8 KB
What does /x/ think about witchcraft

Does it work
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I think a witch cursed this whole board with a faggot spell.
What would happen if someone cursed or cast a spell on you, but you made offerings to an entity that you've felt has guided and watched over you.

They would have a magic battle and the winner would decide what to do with you.
People get hit with bad luck curses all the time. The heavy curses can last a whole year, just a year of bad luck and really random bad stuff, all improbability happening consecutively one after the other. People don't even know it was a curse unless they are superstitious, they rid of the hex using cleansing spells.

What is the sense of putting a curse on someone if they don't know they've been cursed?

File: 43Ip0Ww.jpg (533 KB, 1920x1200)
533 KB
533 KB JPG
Ask a guy who witnessed an ancient alien war on mars anything.
Yeah, where do you get your drugs?
From you Dante
Oh. Right. My bad.
File: carl.jpg (34 KB, 400x300)
34 KB
Yeah and I witnessed a war in my toilet after last week's Taco Tuesday.
oh hey what's up Mr. Cheesel?

Post pictures that creep you out for no reason.
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Boner Activated
Extra points if he got the turd in the hammock using no hands
Do you think demons possesed certain individuals during war? It would allow them to kill and do sadistic shit, probably the most fun an evil entity could have during posession.

Fucking Catholics

File: art-bell.jpg (9 KB, 387x469)
9 KB
Recently discovered Art Bell and I'm intrigued. Are there any other /x/ approved radio shows or podcasts?
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who were you and wtf did you do
>overweight girl

Is Art dead yet? How about his latest child bride? Has he proposed to his daughters friends yet?

What a creep.

For what it's worth, I think the weekend hosts on C2C are head/shoulders better than Noory. Knapp's great if you can keep him off of Skinwalker Ranch, UFOs, and Area 51--way too much personal investment in those topics and the shows tend to go off the rails pretty quickly. With Schrader, keep him away from ghosts, and he's a superior host.

Since Knapp has a "day" job, Noory isn't frightened/threatened by him the way John Welles apparently did. And Schrader is a non-threatening replacement host for Noory--humping "Beyond Belief" and Noory's dating sites with enthusiasm and gusto like the weekend hosts are supposed to do.

I think that when Noory finally has his tabboleh-related heart attack, it wouldn't surprise me if Schrader gets the Big ClearChannel Chair.
Dave and his co-host just lost their broadcast program Darkness Radio in MN and moved to podcast format, so he definitely needs the employment lol. I loved Darkness Radio. I have been hoping Schrader would take over C2C for a long time. On his own show I've heard him hang up on several guests like that shitty holistic doc that is C2C's #1 sponsor currently. He hates those guys for the same reasons as the people in this thread- they tell people to ignore their doctors and stop taking meds. So if Dave does take over I hope those quacks get dropped!

File: magic.jpg (79 KB, 720x479)
79 KB
Welcome to Divination General!
Come here for readings and discussion of theory/practice.

Every method is welcome: Tarot, Runes, Cartomancy, Scrying, Pendulum, Cleromancy, I-Ching, Tasseomancy, Necromancy, etc.

>If you're NEW, please READ the STICKY:

>Guides made by some of our readers:
Rustig wrote this to help beginners on how to choose a deck and start with the tarot:

Thoth, made his own tarot and rune guide:

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
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Why are you afraid of the bigger? In this case, the projects doesn't "necessarily" have to be big, but you are entitled to greatness and you should honor that. Anyway, there is a lot of options in your life right now and it's no advantage in losing time with the smaller ones.

Keep in motion and relax, your rest is soon to come.

Thanks for your reading! I don't think I'm gonna have any approach with him, so the "change" I will do is "to silence" for a while. It's the first time I'll do this, so we'll see.

Good luck!
Oh, when I said another approach I mean like a more agressive way (like dating to movies or calling her on the pone).
Trading; I do tarot.
Is there a chance he and I can have a serious, committed relationship again?

are you going to read tonight, ladytarot?
Hi everyone. I'm new here and I'd like a reading. Who would like to read me and what information do I need to provide you?

File: A8_1.png (281 KB, 331x450)
281 KB
281 KB PNG
Oh little one, knowest thou not the beauty which shines through thine eyes? Yea, you may think you're inadequate, but thou knowest not thyself, thy true qualities, thy purpose, but verily I say unto you; act through the heart and all will be revealed and you shall know the love of The Creator of all.

When told to love thyself like thy neighbor, it truly means to love yourself like a friend or lover. Always offer your hand out to those in need whenever possible. Following your heart, which is also linked to intuition, is a path humans have long forgotten and are now being reminded of. Some take longer than others, some are raised in this manner. The biggest issue people have with loving their self and others is because the past controls them. When told the truth will set you free, it means what I just said at the start of this. Not all will grasp this concept until it is too late, but they shall be judge and spared for their ignorance. They shall be judged and reborn into a new incarnation. This is where the karmatic debt begins and ends. Follow me, my child, and I shall open thy eyes to the truest worlds, for this is the Will of The Creator. I will guide ye as long as thoust obeys and heeds my warnings. You've lost yourself on the path you were meant to start out with. I've shown to you the path of power is heartbreaking, lonely, and useless. Wisdom and love defines God from man and man from God. Each individual in this dimension has a piece of The Creator with them. This is known as Will. Will was given to ye as a means of survival and a gift to help show the way to enlightenment, happiness, riches, and experience; for without free Will ye are nothing. One may argue against us having free will, but I digress you all have free will to do so as you please, but thou doesn't think of the effect brought back to you from your Will.
289 replies and 14 images omitted. Click here to view.
Hast a thou not said Ye see the truth? Surely if this is so you won't doubt yourself, for in doing such an act leads to harming yourself and others without the intention to do so. Trust in thyself, thy heart, and be without selflessness.
Selfishness* sorry for the typo, I'm on mobile.
Why do threads like these attract so many autists ?
Is it the phrasing ? The words op uses ?
These threads where op claims to be of a higher plain always amazed me.
I mean its some bored fucker on 4chan. None of what he/she says holds any value.
I don't get it
It doesn't matter if they're roleplaying if they still have actual applicable and useful knowledge to share. Regardless the format it's offered in, it's helpful and also rather fun to play along with the narrative.

Okie dokey. Next question.
Azrael, how long have you been projecting partially through this human medium and for how long do you intend to continue this offered cohabitation? What by their free will has this Anon offered? Themselves? As a lynchpin truth of Creation who is Death itself, do you ever have conversations with those passing over or is the process less personal than that?
Doth thou suckle the branch of an acacia?

File: kM_lPhzP.jpg (24 KB, 400x400)
24 KB
what is objectively holding back the human race?
75 replies and 10 images omitted. Click here to view.
Well, anon, an old man has old balls.
It happens when the majority of the gene pool of a specie's has it so easy that none of the traits needed for survival are needed, brain capacity, physic, bone structure, endurance, immune system are just some of the more notable things evidently becoming less effician over generations.
Don't confuse lack of having with lack of desire.

File: Many-Galaxies-3.jpg (382 KB, 700x467)
382 KB
382 KB JPG
I'm at the point in meditation where while meditating I become pretty much just a bare bones breathing existing body and nothing more. What's the next stage?
5 replies and 1 image omitted. Click here to view.
Ah, then in that case might I recommend the tummo.
Maybe you've already experienced it's initial stage, where you have the sensation of being a tiny point inside your body and your body blows up like a balloon. If you're only interested in not freezing to death that's the point where you make your little point glow with heat, but the heat thing is really more of a side effect or means of testing the practitioner's skill.
If instead of strictly physical heat you generate a glow of compassion for all living beings, eventually you can come to a point where your ego basically dissolves and you realize that 'I am you and you are me and we are all together'.
Both the question and the answer must come from within you.

If you become that when you're meditating, what are you when you're not meditating?
Can you suggest some meditation reads? Or is any book just as good as the rest?
I used to meditate a lot back in high school when I was practicing martial arts daily. Whenever I got to the completely empty mind breathing machine body phase I was stuck there for a few weeks when one day I reached a new plateau that I call the "void". The only way I can describe it is being one with the universe. there is nothing, you are nothing, but the energy that exists withing everything. Maybe I should start meditating again. I was strongest mentally, physically, and spiritually then although I feel like I may be getting physically stronger now that I'm working out and I can see that I've gotten larger.

File: Bahá'í.png (42 KB, 1280x657)
42 KB
What does /x/ think about the Bahá'í Faith? I was on ~440ug of LSD when I stumbled across it, and it seems pretty neat. Highlights include the claim that all of the world's religions have arisen from the same God who sent prophets into the world. All of these prophets were simultaneously both man and God, and while on earth, they act/have acted as "perfect mirrors" meaning that if God were the Sun, these prophets would be perfect mirrors on the surface of the earth which reflect the goodness and radiance of God. Apparently this one God will never Himself enter into our world, but instead will only send these prophets into the world to act as perfect mirrors of him. A claim made to support this is that within all major world religions, each holy person has never been the first prophet sent, and each of them makes the claim that more prophets will be sent in the future. The claim is also made that each religion is made to suit the culture of the people of the time, and as humanity evolves, so too will its religion and therefore relationship with God.

Personally, I can't agree with it entirely, as it bans the consumption of drugs (including alcohol), makes some form of prayer and fasting mandatory, disallows all sex aside of heterosexual intercourse within a marriage, and other such arbitrary rules. However, it does emphasize the equality of all people and the importance of the unity of the human race. I think that if it were to change some of its more archaic rules (which, in all likelihood are simply carry-overs from the previous Abrahamic religions), then I would be much more inclined to get onboard, you know?

Anyway, I'd love to hear your thoughts and have a discussion on this subject!
4 replies and 2 images omitted. Click here to view.
File: image.jpg (10 KB, 250x230)
10 KB
Why would God send prophets like Moses and Muhammad? They both gave explicit orders to butcher innocents. A just, good god would not condone that. Why would he appear as Hindu gods and make people view others as untouchable?
Baha'i faith sounds like a horseshit combination of horseshit, backward religions.
Everyone wants an explanation for what they see around them. If our relationship with god is changing, perhaps it is shifting to a more enlightened, independent state where humans don't need religion.
Ecumenical, theosophical load of bullshit. Into the trash it goes.
And by the way, belief is not something you try on for size based on "is it pro-drugs" or other stupid considerations.
You should shut up and stick to clubs, party politics and being a clueless blue-pilled cunt.
File: image.jpg (70 KB, 742x464)
70 KB
Why are you so angry? Sounds like he just wanted a discussion
I'm interested in it, and it's doctrines are fascinating. I can't personally endorse it because I don't see any way to satisfyingly incorporate the messages of polytheistic religions and the Abrahamic ones. Abrahamic religions are a cancer, and treating them as though they were the totality of the religious landscape is damaging. That's honestly my only problem with the Bahai.

File: star gate.png (95 KB, 1013x864)
95 KB
I am sooo sooo fucking sorry for not believing you all this time.

I am soooo fucking sorry for discrediting your search for truth, for publicly shaming you.

I am sooo fucking sorry /x/

Sincerely, /pol/


234 replies and 39 images omitted. Click here to view.
>the intelligence community's last stand against Trump
you're a fucking idiot if you think disclosing aliens and other top secret stuff is somehow an ace in the hole AGAINST trump. that shit is so many levels above the presidency that it has nothing to do with who is in the oval office.
dafaq is this made on? powerpoint?
WHOs they
your tax dollars at work
so this RV stuff is real? or is everyone roleplaying

can you guys draw me? I'll give you a hint


Requesting the assistance of anyone on here that claims to be competent in the dark arts.

I'm willing to forfeit a piece of my soul in exchange for being transformed into the female body of my desires.

I'm not inclined to believe this will work, but I'm bored and drunk so figured there's no harm in asking.
56 replies and 13 images omitted. Click here to view.
File: patrick.gif (478 KB, 500x348)
478 KB
478 KB GIF

Also not accepting any of that if you will it it will come BS. If I wanted to work for it I wouldn't be on /x/.
File: g.jpg (18 KB, 251x251)
18 KB

MFW doesn't deliver...
The true answer is to appreciate the flesh you have, fool.

File: jeff_D.jpg (9 KB, 480x360)
9 KB
If Jeffy D showed up at your door at 2 in the morning, drunk as fuck and crying, asking for a place to sleep and sober up, would you let him crash?
82 replies and 36 images omitted. Click here to view.
No cuz he'd be a rotting corpse. No thank you I do not permit corpses in the house.
Nah I'm good

shooting for a ceo position kek low iq
Uh. Chef here. What's say you make me your husband, I'll make you sammiches, clean, care for the children if they get tossed in the mix. Alls i ask is some of that ceo money. I know my place and when to keep my mouth shut.
Show me your femur or gtfo

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