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File: blackeyeschildren.jpg (231 KB, 500x404)
231 KB
231 KB JPG
Dumping a massive list of /x/ related links + recommendations..

Including; websites, radio shows, podcasts, wikipedia articles, videos, audio, creepypasta, pictures, maps, games, torrents, direct downloads, books, movie recommendations, game recommendations, and comic recommendations.

This took forever to get everything organized and in an easily readable format. However things still might be a bit out of place.

Add stuff if you like, but first make sure its not already posted.

Use ctrl+f
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File: picsay-1427879033525.jpg (421 KB, 1200x1637)
421 KB
421 KB JPG
Helloo, /x/. Care to share?

Pic somewhat related, my original of Freckles the imaginary friend. That counts as a disturbing childhood memory right? Haha. (Someone should post Freckles caps)

I guess I'll start.

>5 years old

>father in prison

>wake up by myself one morning, already disturbed by the strange atmosphere, I never woke up alone and it didn't feel like morning

>I felt like I was having a night terror but I knew I wasn't

>hear my father say "anon, c'mere sweetie" just as he would if he needed me for something or needed to show me something

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>Be frying on acid with my girlfriend in my car at a deserted park
>Off of like 3 hits but my girlfriend is only off of 1 and not tripping very hard at all due to her taking prozac which is an ssri that fucks with your serotonin (obviously making lsd less effective)
>There are teenage kids at the park on the swings and shit fucking around, I feel really off about them they are making me extremely uncomfortable for some reason
>They are walking towards us, seem to be moving strangely
>Look closer and they are all shadowy wisps, bigger in the head area then kind of wisp out, Kind of like the shape of a big brain with a spinal cord attached
>They float around like that for maybe 20, 30 feet and then are just teenagers again
>Assume I am just frying too hard
>Look over to my girlfriend who is in awe
>Ask her if she saw that and she did and described the exact same thing
you were on acid
Yeah but my girlfriend barely was and we've done it more than a dozen times. it was a lucid visual
this sounds really dumb everytime i tell it, but it 100% true.
>Be about 6 or 7 years old
>have some sort of strange nightmare where me and my sister get swallowed up by this giant frog type thing (not really important)
>wake up screaming in bed
>my wall ext to my bed has a picture of a frog drawn on it, just a black outline, like sharpie maybe
>my parents litterally scrub the thing off the wall, i sure didnt draw it. my sister wasnt playing a prank on me
>never knew how it got there, parents never really bring it up

wtf /x/? any ideas?
Did it look like sharpie or something else?

File: candlecove.jpg (43 KB, 1280x720)
43 KB
Can someone link me to an actually scary Creepypasta? Scare the shit out of me.
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File: 1394579360833.png (191 KB, 684x969)
191 KB
191 KB PNG
I'll never sleep again.
No sleeping for me tonight

General succubus thread for discussion about succubi, nymphs, sexy spirits, etc.

Discuss methods, experiences, lore, implications, whatever else you want.

Contain it here.

previous threads:

http://archive.4plebs.org/x/thread/15824030/ -Shadow ppl
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nice dubs. My penis is confused. I find that very attractive but unsettling with the clock in her eye. WTF is wrong with the Japanese for making weird stuff sexy.
File: bleach-81[1].jpg (345 KB, 1024x768)
345 KB
345 KB JPG
I think you would enjoy Bleach (manga and anime). There is more then enough eye candy there for you no matter what you are into.
I am not really into the story nor that specific art style, but I like the character designs.

Sorry for the brief derail, couldn't help myself.
>prepare your anus
Futa succubus?
File: Morrigan.jpg (623 KB, 3495x1800)
623 KB
623 KB JPG
How do you know these things?

File: piskapultuwok.jpg (10 KB, 300x168)
10 KB
I'm beginning to feel like I made a really big mistake. For a bit of background, I moved recently to a really rural area where the population of cows to humans ratio is really tipped to the bovine side. I'd like to say the people here are really fucking weird, but it's only really a few people. I work from home, and I have odd hours, so by the time I'm ready to do anything fun, everyone else has gone to bed, and the freaks come out.

I mean, I can't say I wasn't warned. When I first moved here in November, a few of the guys (farmers I think) my uncle (who I'm living here by the grace of) introduced me to. I had asked what kind of bad stuff could go on around here, as I couldn't possibly think of anything as bad as finding dead bodies in gutters, and they immediately got serious. They started talking about a kind of, I don't know, cult that's in the area. They said they did some pretty fucked up shit, like stealing cattle and mutilating them, breaking into your house and just living there at night. Just some weird stuff.

They didn't mention any names, but once stuff started happening to me, I started asking around to other people, and I got some info.

Has anyone heard of the Piskapultuwok? It sounds native, and from what's been going on, they seem to have been around for a while. At least in my area.
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There's no need to depend totally upon the OP to continue this thread.
>>15975572 did the netsearch and found the myth info.
It looks to me like the same "fucked-shit-is-out-there" reality that other people have posted about in /x/ before.
There's got to be other anons online with first-hand stories like this to tell.
And there's bound to be someone somewhere who has local folktales and legends that they know of that are the same.
This even sounds remotely like some of the Indian spook stories I've read about happening where I live.
If this hellacreepy shit is real it can't be a phenomenon localized to only OP's area.
Completely agree with that, but you can deny OP story is cool as fuck and we kinda want to see how it ends
Three things:
(A) - It doesn't "end" because OP is asking us WTF it is and WTF to do and this clearly isn't an April1st "...then I died." hurdurithon like so many other threads on /x/. It is a continuing story as long as he isn't cursekilled and keeps posting.
(Good luck OP.)
(B) - There's going to be another installment forthcoming as is evidenced by the dangling plotthreads, foreshadowing, and the fact that no anon advice has been received yet.
Be patient.
(C) - I'm just worried that this ultra-rare cool-as-fuck story is going to suffer early threaddeath because there's only one contributor who had to go off to bed/work/real-life. I'd like for the OP to have a thread here to finish the story on when they finally can.
That is assuming the curse shadow people don't get him first, of course.
Hey guys, I got things finished at work. I'm tired as hell, but will continue. Honestly didnt think people would get so invested. Also going to look into the links posted, thanks.

Anyway, at this point my heart is racing and I feel like I'm going to throw up. My first instinct was to call my uncle again. I was at my breaking point. By now I couldn't lie to myself anymore and didn't want to stay at the house. I just wanted out. Thank god it was daylight, or I don't know what I would have done.

My phone wasn't in my room, so I was going to look around where we had been partying. As I made my way to my bedroom door something stopped me dead in my tracks. It was the same scratching noise, only this time it was coming from the attic. I was paralyzed in fear. Then I heard heavy movement. In a split second I had the door closed and heard something thundering down the stairs in the hallway, then toward my room. There's no lock on my bedroom door, so I was standing there trying to hold it shut. I braced for impact, but it was like a grenade went off. I fell back onto the floor and looked up as the door slammed open into the wall.

What I saw wasn't even human. It had a bulking frame, this thing was strong. There was enough light filtering through my window to see that it wore clothing that looked more tattered than my old house. Shades of brown I guess. There was also a foul stench coming from the thing. My stomach roiled. The first part of its actual body I saw was its hand, pressed into the wall as it loomed in the door frame, the two of us motionless. The skin was a foul shade of green. I willed myself to look further along its body. Its face was almost human, but it had two growths jutting at the crown of his head. Were they horns? The beast shifted slightly, the light catching its eyes. They were pure evil. Then it uttered, your time here is ogre

File: 1407974808857.png (3.57 MB, 3224x4536)
3.57 MB
3.57 MB PNG
I dream in third person. Does this mean anything? Is it bad? No one else I know does this.

Am I sick?

Pic unrelated
stop playing video games
Not sick, it's just part of dreaming, and how just about anything can happen.
It happens to me all the time, I will be seeing everything from my normal pov, then suddenly I will be watching myself interacting with other people...it is surreal.
it happens to me too, it's normal i guess.
I dream in third person 50% of the time. Feels good man.
Sometimes my dreams will feel like I'm watching a movie

File: @150401-7.jpg (1.22 MB, 3840x2160)
1.22 MB
1.22 MB JPG
Spiritual help
Repeat the following text in your mind with firm will and intention.
The spirits will find you through your thoughts.
Spirits of service to others, please disable, clean and remove
all parasites, implants and thought-forms in all my bodies,souls and spirits
across all worlds and all dimensions.
Spirits of service to others, please heal, purify, balance and restore
all my bodies,souls and spirits across all worlds and all dimensions.
Spirits of service to others, please modify,rebuild,re-shape and upgrade
all my bodies,souls and spirits to withstand - psychic/energy/astral
attacks and parasites across all worlds and all dimensions.
Spirits of service to others,please guide and protect
all my bodies,souls and spirits across all worlds and all dimensions.
Spirits of service to others, please reduce the physical desires
in all my bodies,souls and spirits across all worlds and all dimensions.

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
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File: 1423846997001.jpg (143 KB, 921x1115)
143 KB
143 KB JPG
Does this shining, bald head make you hard? He's majestic like an eagle, right?
Real talk, Bjork was and can still be fucking hot,

I have no idea why I keep typing like I''m black right now.

Whoa, nigga, this picture was right next to one of an oblivion character made to look like...yeah, you guess it, BILLY

Nah, guys aren't fuckable without long hair. It's that skinny feminine type that always get me.

Mostly the Bjork resemblance, goddamn. Is that latex?? Lovely.

Also, a van just showed up in my wifi, better break out the tinfoil. The iloominaty really cares about my fap preferences apparently.
>Nah, guys aren't fuckable without long hair. It's that skinny feminine type that always get me.
>Tfw I'm exactly as you described
Illerminaty actually fucking confirmed in this thread.
4chan tries to make me feel like shit for having long hair all the time.
T-They're just jelly of me.
Yea, all of my guy exes were long haired beauties, I didn't even realize their faces looked like trash goblins until they cut it off. There's dozens of us trichophilacs around, don't cut it for fuck sakes.

>not paranormal
>why am I discussing my bisexuality with spiritual nuts

File: BAAAAA.jpg (25 KB, 300x238)
25 KB
Does anyone here believe in any of the nazi conspiracies? Like the bell or their secret antarctic base? I find these very interesting and am interested in others opinions and stories
271 replies and 52 images omitted. Click here to view.
I know a spot in northern finland that has quite intact 3rd reich dugouts. Three in total. their wooden roofs are rotten and collapsing.
There is nothing special in finding old dugouts here. but usually when you find them, there are several and are a dozen or two dozen meters away from each other.

The ones I found have their doorways within 3 meters from eachother and the whole thing has a high barbed wire fence that has partly collapsed. There were three dugouts in total.

I suspect it was either a radiobase, but why make such a thing in a pit? Wouldnt a hilltop or another area on high ground be better?

Another thing I think it could have been is a prison for a high ranking enemy. separated from the rest.

my final theory is that its made by deserters. in a pit so they couldnt be spotter easily and they grouped the dugouts together to cause less of an impact to the surrounding area and so be less likely to be spotted from air.
But then why the barbwire fence... to keep wildlife out?

Its a fascinating place anyway. I have planned to go back there with some friends some day. I didnt enter the dugouts before because I was alone and afraid of them collapsing. The place could have 3rd reich artifacts there. abandoned and forgotten.
File: 1427943128823.jpg (8 KB, 200x200)
8 KB
they were right
argentina is where the nazis fled to, they're the ones on /pol/ saying argentina is white
File: 45575.jpg (55 KB, 940x624)
55 KB
is this kike serious?
The Jews were a race of Abraham's children, Jesus' chosen race. Also the Illuminati's chosen race. Maybe the Nazis just had shit figured out?

How did this happen? Some say it was a Glitch In The Matrix, but I don't think so. If we only had another camera angle.

Crash is at 0:55


File: Oakville Blobs.jpg (7 KB, 250x168)
7 KB
The Oakville 'Bobs' case:
>On August 7, 1994, in the town of Oakville, Washington, it seemingly began to rain
>However, residents of the area quickly found that what was raining down was not water, but a thick and gelatinous transparent substance
>By the afternoon, many residents had fallen gravely ill, reporting trouble breathing, extreme vertigo, nausea, and malaise
>A number of dogs and cats who came into contact with the substance died soon later, according to owners
>A sample was sent to the Washington Department of Health, where it was found that the substance contained both human white blood cells and bacteria found in the human digestive system
>Technicians were unable to deduce the origin or exact nature of the substance
>It was reported that the gelatinous substance rained down six more times over the course of 3 weeks
>Almost a year later, a resident - who had kept a sample in a refrigerator - sent a specimen to a private research lab (AmTest); however, they were also unable to determine the nature of the substance
>One technician claimed to have seen a eukaryotic cell, although the specimen was in a deteriorated condition such that it became impossible to verify the statement
>Residents claimed later to have seen slow-moving aircraft (some said military) in the area
>No explanation was ever given
>No known sample is known to still exist

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
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Always thought the Elisa Lam case was pretty spooky

>21 year old Asian girl's body found nude and dead in a water tank above an LA hotel
>apparently the hotel has a history of guests' suicides and housing serial killers
>an elevator tape surfaces later of the girl acting strangely like she's possessed or on drugs or talking to herself


>Quinn ends his shift at Walmart, goes to check out a car with his friend. They drive separately
>On the way over, Quinn gets a page and after returning the call is described by his friend as acting "frantic"
>Cancels their plans to see the car, drives off in such a hurry that he rear ends his friends car
>Never seen again

And it only gets infinitely more weird from there.
Shit that's inanse. Not to mention Owens just got arrested for killing that Food Network couple, I thought his name sounded familiar. I'm not really sure who did this but I think the Aunt, Misty, her boyfriend, and Owens all know what went down
im glad the puppy is ok
>If it existed, we would have found SOMETHING by now.

We have, footprints and the fucking Patterson Gimlin film.

File: Human brain.png (160 KB, 318x314)
160 KB
160 KB PNG
Lets throw some thoughts out there about the soul and mind.

Lets say the mind and soul are not connected. The mind is directly related to the physical brain, much like a computer. You issue commands to your computer and it does as you wish. All memory is saved and ready for the next time you log on.
Now, for your body, sleep is needed to rest and recharge you for the next day. What if during sleep your soul is no longer in command of your body and it goes into a "auto pilot" mode. When you awake your body may be controlled by a different soul. Your memory would be the same, so it's as if nothing has really changed. There would be no way of knowing who or what was really in control.

Here's a different one. The thought behind reincarnation is that after you die your soul moves on to a different newly born body. What if there is only one soul? One soul that is reborn over and over again in different places and different times.
That guy who cut you off in traffic could be a former you, or a you that you will become in the future. Everything from Bill Gates, a bum on the street, even your family dog are all you.
Souls are just a concept with no reality, but I thought if they were real they'd probably go travelling on their own at night while you slept, and if you woke up too abruptly your soul wouldn't have time to get back in your body right away and that's why you feel like shit right after the alarm goes off.
This is a stupid thread and really pushing the limits of what is /x/
The possibility of possession by different souls pushes the limits of /x/?

File: download (2).jpg (8 KB, 270x187)
8 KB
My whole life is a paranormal experience. i have seen so much shit you would never believe. i have alot of things i want to talk about. does anyone wanna have a conversation?

past life memories, telepathy, mind control, telekinesis, energy manipulation, lucid dreaming, extra senses.
118 replies and 4 images omitted. Click here to view.
Kid experience have-er here. Feel free to email me reikiricardo
dot com
will do.
idk if i was on earth or not, i think there are multiple planets with humans on them. but i'd like to talk to you more as well, cause what you're talking about is not something im totally familiar with. i've never spoken to any guides or anything. do you have an email i can message you at? this thread is dying.
I would also be reikiricardo11 sorry for the multiple posts
i sent you an email, did it go through?

File: image.jpg (3.71 MB, 3264x2448)
3.71 MB
3.71 MB JPG
I need help finding some good uncanny valley horror, that shit freaks me out
180 replies and 53 images omitted. Click here to view.
Autists as usual can't recognize all too well faces
The Fourth Kind

I thought I was the only one that got all rustled during the "real" segments. But honestly, just watch this fucking shit

File: 1404665581325.jpg (108 KB, 380x380)
108 KB
108 KB JPG
This piece is called "Human with Principality."
its japan dude. the majority are so pathetically socially inept that the population is dying out faster than they reproduce. Stop sperging out

File: 1395371803577.jpg (36 KB, 460x344)
36 KB
Dream thread/Weird tech in dreams thread
A little insight here, I'm an everyday lucid dreamer with an active imagination
I generally can fly in any dream and do so frequently
Can move things with my mind, create things out of nowhere by closing my eyes, can sometimes push through solid things or tear open solid things by doing the same

Anyways, I've had a lot of experiences in dreams with weird fucking technology. Sometimes it's me that creates it, sometimes it's alien tech.
Not that this is a specific alien thread, but it sorta fits if that's what you're into
Dreams will follow this post.
So to start, I've had numerous ordinary dreams, but every now and then I'll have a dream with a really cool part or invention.
I've been trying to get a time machine going but one time I got something similar and it was the tits until I woke up.

In my dream I'd invented a liquid that when it was applied to a surface it created a portal to another world. Strangely, when applied it was completely invisible, so later on in the dream I got lost and freaked the FUCK out thinking I'd never be able to find my way back to the original universe. While I was in the dream I had a lot of fun going from place to place.
I went from my house in a basement that doesn't exist in real life to the house of a friend, and his sister there in that world was really into me or something
Then I went into another place and it was effectively a pirate world. There were pirate ship battles going on and an island, that's where I got lost and was unsure I'd find where I was going back to. The weird thing was when you went into the world it wasn't like it was always 1:1. You wouldn't walk through a wall and step onto the other side on equal pavement and footing. When I went through the wall to get to the pirate world I fell up through the portal and landed on a beach. It was very strange feeling two sorts of gravity.
I also went to a world where it was still WWII and I was in London or something
I also went to another where it was the exact same house I was in, but my father followed along somehow and when we went to the new world I thought it was really strange that the mother and sister I had there weren't actually my flesh and blood mother and sister, but neither me or my father thought it was that bad. I remember wondering what we'd do when our other selves got back.

That's when I woke up. It's much longer than my description. Generally my dreams are ridiculously long in length.
I had a sleep test done and somehow my sleep patterns are so fucked up that I dream/have that specific sleep state about 2.5x more than the average person, but in response, I also have 2.5x less restful sleep than a regular person, so I need much more sleep and generally don't feel restful at all. I have to take medications for this, and funny enough they're supposed to reduce the amount of dreaming and REM sleep I get.
I had this thought for a long time that I'd wanted to have my brain copied and cloned, or put in a robot body because that always sounded like fun, living forever and whatnot. Having a robot body and stuff sounded neat, who knows I could even have had upgrades done.
>One night about a year and a half ago
>I lucid dream every night as it is, have had experiences with aliens in dreams very rarely
>Had a lot of weird abduction related spoopies as a kid, fear of needles, dread of hospitals, doctors, immense fear at the sight of a grey alien picture (just like with spiders, I couldn't even put my hand on a picture of one without freaking out)
>Anyways, one night have normal dream
>Pretty cool, it's about this big facility with what are essentially virtual reality chatrooms in a game-like setting
>Every one is different, kind of like threads on a board. You make your own and it creates matter out of nothing like a simulation of a reality you make
>Essentially spend the first third of this dream fucking around in this place
>Finally go to one that reminds me of Czech Republic (Went there as a kid)
>Man there I eat lunch with I say did a really great job of recreating this, I was there once and it made me really nostalgic to be there
>Get up and leave, a user keeps trying to physically attack me outside of the rooms but I keep pushing him away or destroying him
>this goes on for about twenty minutes
>Fast-forward to me in a room with my business partners at the time, watching an alien stripper on a pole (she looked like a regular human but her vagina stretched open like the jaw of the elites from Halo)
>Told I need to go in to see this doctor
>Pretty much stereotypical lizardman in a doctor coat, first time I've ever seen a reptilian alien in a dream before, it's always been greys otherwise and even then I've only had about 4-5 dreams with them out of literally thousands of dreams over the last 10 years I can remember
>Tells me he wants to harvest my brain to put in a new body, says "You can have your own UFO to use whenever you want" and hands me this small floating metal disk about the size of a pizza box
>Basically freak the fuck out and say nope, grab the disc and jump out a window (for some reason we were in a warehouse-like building)
>Disc lets me fly, float on it like I'm gliding around (usually I can fly without anything in dreams so this is really weird
>Very rarely have nightmares so unsure of what to do, where to go

File: bird.png (169 KB, 364x357)
169 KB
169 KB PNG
go ahead ask away. i don't know much and i am behind on my messages. i always thought i was delusional about my involvement with them but my superiors have made it clear that i can only talk to you schizo's about it.
43 replies and 2 images omitted. Click here to view.
no, and he obtains some sort of power either mundane or arcane
sorry that what i have been told conflicts with what you found online
humanity is far more resilient than you realize, this was suppoed to happen 3 years ago. now we're trying plan b
plan c is when we resort to nukes, don't really want to wipe the earth of everything but yes humanity is indeed a plague
>don't really want to wipe the earth of everything but yes humanity is indeed a plague

Yeh, who's worse, the reptilians you talk of, or the stupid fucking humans, I say the humans, bring on the lizard age.
well... sadly there will be no lizard age. it hurts me to say this because i am part of it, but i mean well kinda supposed to be clearing the way for the jews to leave there vessels behind and switch places with the angels.
Dude its all a fucking cosmic game, if you don't know that, you know NOTHING.

Who gives a fuck. Its all dust in the wind my friend, nothing lasts.

What happens when someone is dominating Monopoly when you're playing it? No fun anymore, you flip the board and start again!
even when your winning its no fun anymore, but we are trying to be rational and put the pieces back in the right places before we start over. don't know what they plan to do with me as they already told me that they don't think its possible for me to die and i'm not Jewish.

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