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File: blackeyeschildren.jpg (231 KB, 500x404)
231 KB
231 KB JPG
Dumping a massive list of /x/ related links + recommendations..

Including; websites, radio shows, podcasts, wikipedia articles, videos, audio, creepypasta, pictures, maps, games, torrents, direct downloads, books, movie recommendations, game recommendations, and comic recommendations.

This took forever to get everything organized and in an easily readable format. However things still might be a bit out of place.

Add stuff if you like, but first make sure its not already posted.

Use ctrl+f
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Zombies According to Savage Chickens
Zombies Calling
Zombies - Eclipse of the Undead
Zombies Need Love Too - And Still Another Lio Collection
Zombies That Ate the World
Zombies vs Cheerleaders
Zombies vs Cheerleaders 2
Zombies vs Cheerleaders - Geektacular
Zombies vs Cheerleaders - Misadventures of Becky and Bob
Zombies vs Robots
Zombies vs Robots - Annual
Zombies vs Robots - Aventure
Zombies vs Robots - Diplomacy
Zombies vs Robots - Premier Convention Edition
Zombies vs Robots - UnderCity

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File: Baphomet.png (45 KB, 299x439)
45 KB
Am I the only Satanist left who lives a normal life and isn't some emo-metalhead teenager?
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Hell yeah bro!*starts hardcore dancing to BYOB by System of a Down* WHYDOTHEYALWAYSSENDTHEPOOR
I am the midnight lurker
Hiding from the false lamb
Deep in the darkness he slumbers
All hope has left the twisted dreamers
have you talked to demons im a satanist and i know its the right path to enlightenment but i know there is good forces too withing demons and satan

Do you come here to purposefully troll or just for fun?
Carnage is a troll by parodying LaVeyan Satanism. He's most likely a christfag false flagging.

File: prison_2852272b.jpg (59 KB, 620x387)
59 KB
1,000 year jail sentence in 8 hours


Is this the start of the matrix?
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So you punish them for 8 hours and then let them out?

How come I never get invited to these kind of events.
It would be comparable to a torture, and tortures are against human rights, but it would be a valid palliative treatment for the terminal patients, in this way they could have the realistic illusion to prolonge their healthy periods.
How would they imagine stuff like eating and sleeping then?
It'd be great if you could learn during that time period. Like if you could study for 1,000 years in 8 minutes. I'd study for 50 years while working the whole time, then use all my accumulated wealth to become a god.

File: 1336877740621.jpg (278 KB, 1459x1094)
278 KB
278 KB JPG
Alright /x/, you probably won't believe me, as I'm not even sure myself if I believe it, but I'm going to tell you this.

You guys are the only people who won't immediately dismiss my story as insane, but you don't have to stay here, so keep that in mind.

I've written this all out in advance for both your and my own convenience and there are too many aspects to try and take the time to post this as I write it.

My family has a history of mental illness. This is what I'm going to start off with, as a bit of a disclaimer to you all. My uncle killed himself, my grandfather blew his own brains out, my mother is bipolar, my father's father was a rapist, the list goes on. So anyways, this all starts off about 2 months ago on the last day of the semester for college. Now I normally get a ride home as the walk is a bit long, but today my mother (Yeah, she picks me up and I live with her, I know) couldn't use her car at the time due to repair issues. So I was stuck walking this time. The path I went on is a bit of a backway on a gravel road surrounded by trees. I decided to go this way because it was about the same distance and it was hot, so I figured the trees would provide me with some shade.
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I should change therapists
maybe you could understand something more about the mind reading books of carl jung, it might be helpfull, i talk spanish, yet i understood all youve whrote, pardon my way to tipe, i do my best, i think you should not think about that thing youre living trought, youre maybe a special person, or maybe youre developing some esquizofrenia, however, the squizofrenia is a problem that concerns both, mind and the soul, maybe youre loosing youre path, come back, you dont belong in other places youre here to complete your mission, please, dont fuck you up thinking about that
Hi OP, this does sound like fugue states that are seen in cases with multiple personality. That times goes by much slower than you feel is realistic during sleep or trance-like states is normal. But if you lose time and suddenly appear/awake on places it's similar to dissociative personality. It's called a disorder (DID-dissociative Identity Disorder) but many disagree with the term. There's more to be said. Maybe you can browse Astrea's web and connect with people who has been in similar situations and understand/know more. http://www.astraeasweb.net/plural/
sorry for my english, this kind of "time loops" are specific for an epilepsy.

File: 1431312735127.jpg (17 KB, 291x348)
17 KB
Welcome to Divination General

Last thread:

Please read the Pastebin
>General, FAQ, etc.
>ScryGuys guide for divination

Divination General - for readings and discussion of theory/practice

Good guidance to us all
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File: index.jpg (8 KB, 128x214)
8 KB
Ok then, I am drunk and disillusioned.
5 readings. Time to give back to the community that skipped me for three days straight.
I will go to sleep unless someone needs me until 12:30...or I will turn back into a pumpkin.
Is there any way to stop seeing the future from your dreams?
Hello, friend. I will be doing readings in about 5 or 6 hours. If you are awake then, feel free to query me, and I'd be happy to read for you as long as it's not a medical concern or something outside of your current life.

Either way, I hope you feel better today.
i want a love reading, will i ever find gf? or i should put my mind in ease and embrace wizardry, 95% of me gave u already since i have no social life, no friends, ugly as sin and i'm getting close to my mid twenties and things seem to only get worse, yet that 5% of me is asking you this question

File: thespiracy1.png (200 KB, 1024x768)
200 KB
200 KB PNG
4chan's about to get annihilated
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File: 4L_CaSJQAtZ.png (1.04 MB, 750x1334)
1.04 MB
1.04 MB PNG
what the fuck is this
i'm so confused right now
Isn't it just a bug when 2 images with different filetypes get uploaded at the same time and end up sharing the random number code (but with different file extensions) and whichever thumbnail was generated first?

Open the image in a new window and change the .jpg to other filetypes like .png and you'll probably find the image the thumbnail originated from.
Its when you and another anon from a different dimension posts an image on 4chan at the same time
I like your thinking.

File: brazilthing.jpg (30 KB, 600x473)
30 KB
Blue Moon, Supermoon, and the exact end of the Calendar month. And today is a big day to begin with.

On this day ~83~ years ago the Nazi Party wins ~38~ percent of votes. On this day in 1941 Hitler starts the wheels rolling on the Final Solution.

What does it mean?!!?1
The great fuhrer shall return to bring us salvation.
its happening

File: Ape.jpg (108 KB, 600x250)
108 KB
108 KB JPG
So me and a friend began talking about evolution, Illuminati etc. And suddenly these questions came up.... If we really originates from monkeys/apes:
1. Why is our best friends the dog and dolphins
2. Why is there such a big step/difference in our IQ
3.ยด(pic related) If evolution is real, why do we still have the first in the picture and the last, but not the ones in the middle?

ps: I'm sorry if this is the wrong place to post this, please direct me to the right / if needed be
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Feel free to question all you want, OP. Just do so knowing that a lot of those self-same things you'll be questioning are the very principles behind the technology allowing this conversation to take place.

If it is.
no eugenics is bad for the same reasons as dog breeding




...and more
Eugenics isn't bad. If you choose to have kids with your SO, and not some random in the street, you 're practicing eugenics
Only if you're a goddamned idiot. Seriously, if you find Hovind's arguments convincing then you rank among the dumbest human beings on the planet. That's not an insult, not a flippant remark, that is objective fact.

Hovind "arguments: :

Time has three dimensions, past present and future (Yes he actually said this.)
Evolution is stupid because we don't come from soup (response to the metaphor primordial soup.)
DNA has nothing to do with evolution.

and that's when he's not just bawling about God. He's a classic case of a retard Christian scared of science because it threatens his half ass faith.

File: RGbDjQw.png (136 KB, 477x720)
136 KB
136 KB PNG
Can anyone help me out? Im looking for the creepy pic of a kid looking through a telescope and sees a creepy monster woman with big eyes, it looks back, and hauls ass to his room then he goes crazy.
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Ayy lmao
before the mods spoil the fun

File: edb.jpg (115 KB, 1152x864)
115 KB
115 KB JPG
Ayyyy lmao
Bumb for interest
File: 1262055260350.jpg (48 KB, 586x446)
48 KB
Stop enabling.

File: d.jpg (129 KB, 768x1024)
129 KB
129 KB JPG
the guy with the glasses is my old friend tom i haven't seen tom for 2 years since he moved to greece! since he didn't had no account inany social media such as facebookor twitter we couldn't contact him

i remember the last day here in the US we went for golf (our favorite hobby) and took a last selfie with him. he was upset for moving to greece since he didn't had any friends there and his only friends were me an sam ( the guy in the back)

this july me and sam decited to go to greece for our summer vacation! sounds great? the best thing that happened is that few days before our flight to greece,me and sam recieved a friend request from tom!
he told us that he miss us and wants to meet with us! "thats great i thought" so the day after we came to greece sam asked tome via facebook where is his house and he gave us his adress also he said "if im not home come to my work place" so we left our hotel and whent to his home adress!

we found the adress but the building was an abandoned mental institusion named "DROMOKAIKIO" but we laughed because we thought that tom is just messing with us and went tothe other adress that supposedto be his work place! but it was a cemetery for the mental ill pacients of dromokaikio

i opened my facebook and tried to find toms profile to ask him to stop messing with us and give us his real adress but the accound just blocked me! soi asked sam to check his profile
and he recieved a last messege before he was blocked too
now we were scared to death!
sam wanted to stay but i wanted to go! so the next day i fley back to the us ALONE!

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
of 4 chan! i know that there are many faggots here but this shit is real! i will keepyou updated!
Sounds good. Keep me updated. I want some pics though. Something about a rabid tom sounds dope.
dude i will keep everyone updated! dont have a phone left it on my house and soon the play will leave but i will buy one in greece and dude dome a favor! print screen this shit so if something happens to me the world will know what realy happened

File: reality.jpg (71 KB, 1280x720)
71 KB
This is something that I've thought about for a while. I wanted to see how people resonate with a personal theory. Do you feel you were born in a different reality? If so, what do you feel has changed?
131 replies and 4 images omitted. Click here to view.
a half step behind or in front...haaaa
that's the very real question to ask yourself.
Sounds like synesthesia. Instead of asking them what they see, tell them what you see. They can only ever tell you what seems notable to them, and they might simply not care to take note of all that things you see. If you explain it clearly, they may be able to look at it using your perspective and say, "Ohhh, I see it now."

Amazed, free. It would be the biggest relief I'd ever experienced. I could die happy in that moment and I wouldn't even care.

But I realize that not everyone collects malicious beliefs. Some people would be devastated to see their picture of reality die. Nothing could make me happier on my end of things than to see that.

I'd probably still be locked in the midst of a cosmic depression if your amnesia-based scenario played out. I don't trust simulations to cure depression.
I don't want to get too involved in this thread, but I noticed this post while scrolling by and just thought I'd mention that I have similar experiences, but I know what causes mine. Seizures.

My vision seems to take on a fishbowl/fisheye effect and everything within the distorted portion becomes acutely detailed like someone changing the sharpness feature on a photo. People and some items will have "auras" of various colors (though usually purple or black or gold), and I will see shapes that are literally just swaths of color. These symptoms all let me know that I'm about to have what's called an absence seizure. I just lose myself for ten to twenty seconds and I only realize time has passed because friends say I was just staring into space for X amount of time.

I guess all I wanted to say is that there might be neurological issues at play.
When I was younger. Life only gets older, one doesn't. Haaaa. I had an anal retentive buddy. I remember Saturday mornings and some Sundays we had our meetups. He was a bit older, he just got his first wheels. In order for him to enter the place happily he had to look at every last detail on his car. He'd sometimes bring in the display boards for the meetings. That's just who he was. Later on in life we met again. I remember him as my anal retentive buddy who has to feel secure in his car in order to walk in comfort. Now that's the linear reality of him after so long. Now theoretically if I were to travel to an alternate reality, will I still hold onto this memory of him or would it drift a bit?
i grew up with berenstein bears, no fuckin berenstain bears

File: 345346345346.jpg (754 KB, 1000x1000)
754 KB
754 KB JPG
Hello /x/, /fit/izen dropping in to ask you all about a particular Youtuber.

Anyone here familiar with Crrow777? He's a Youtuber who has captured a lot of really interesting things while recording space, most famously the "Lunar Wave"

He claims that the moon is a hologram and that this wave has been captured by amateur astronomers around the world. He also has caught a lot of really intriguing UFO's.

Now I am not nearly /x/ or /sci/ enough to make educated guesses about whether this stuff is real or what it may or may not be, so I come to you guys. I'll leave the link to one of his more popular videos.

42 replies omitted. Click here to view.
Dude he thinks New Horizons is fake and Pluto is involved in Satanic rituals. All he's advocating is a more coherent version of this: https://youtube.com/watch?v=f4mb6gzu60U&t=3m17s
If the moon is a projection, how do eclipses work?

If was a camera artifact it would follow the pan up and/or pan down.

It doesn't.

It moves at a steady rate even when off camera.

That is the whole point of the video.

Atmospheric bending would be a blurry more disorganized effect.


Jet stream, seriously, jet streams don't rhythmically repeat a up and down pattern.

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
Right? And people asking about where it's projecting from, go outside at night, turn on a flashlight, and point it down. Projections on the moon itself projecting an image of the moon.

Anyway, the skeptics are right to want evidence, and the habeebers are right to want to explore.

Tonight is a full moon. If we can get even three people to commit to going out with a camera with at least a 300mm zoom and/or a pair of binoculars, we can see if anything is happening, mark the time, convert to GMT and then meet back here at midnight if you see anything. If three people see something without digital aides, and they have the digital recorders, and at the same time, which we will all reveal at once in a chatroom, then there is something here, we have evidence.

I volunteer to do this from 9:30 pm-10:30 pm Central (US) which is 2:30 am - 3:30 am GMT. I will then hop back here at midnight and reveal if I saw anything, only if.

We don't have to argue about this. We can find the evidence, or not, and proceed from there. Can I have at least two other people to agree?

And if this thread dies, we'll restart it under the same title.

He claims it was filmed by 11 other people in the comments, why doesn't he link them? I'm not going to dig through all his videos.

How deep can we get before this tread is shut down demons are real The dmt realms have us lets finish this.
I've been there.
Demons are the demented egos of man. So yes, they're real in that sense.

>the dmt Realm has us.

If by that you mean, that our reality is made up of another one, then yes.

File: 3037466.jpg (31 KB, 250x342)
31 KB
32 replies and 8 images omitted. Click here to view.
The most popular image of Orangutans are the classic ginger/rust/light brown color. But there are absolutely Dark haired Orangutans.
File: etidorhpa.jpg (73 KB, 409x612)
73 KB
Dont go into caves in Kentucky
>tfw am in louisville ky
And this is why shit gets carried away because of clueless dumb shits that just have to have their say
The only other two strange features we haven't debunked are the glowing eyes and the grey markings. I don't know if orangutans have reflective eyes like cats or dogs, but it could almost certainly be chalked up to any number of camera artifacts. Unfortunately, specifically finding a picture of an old orangutan is more difficult than one would think.

Unless anyone wants to dispute that some grey markings are completely outside the realm of possibility for an ordinary orangutan, that pretty much closes the book on the skunk ape.

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