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What are the effects that drinking booze bring spiritually? Never thought about it before.
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It can do both however what you said is exponentially more commonplace
It alters your consciousness so of course it will have effects spiritually

I'm curious the difference between something like vodka compared to gin or Jager
In my experience the simpler the nature of the alcohol the more consistent the effects, and the more botanical it is in nature( mainly gin and wines) the more emotionally intense the intoxication and hangover are.
So normal vodka and whiskey(normal as in not flavored with weird shit) if used by themselves can get you a pretty measured level of intoxication and help gradually peel the layers of a personality to the more base aspects without necessarily enhancing any specific emotion you weren't already feeling.

Wine, Gin and Rum will usually amplify emotions in either a joyful or depressive way(the hangovers are always depressing) on top of stripping down the personality

Beer is weak enough that you'll usually just get a mild buzz and loss of cognitive faculties before the physiological effects make you sleepy or sick. Not much interesting really happens there unless you build up a tolerance and drink in extreme excess.

Fancier liquers and mixed drinks(Jaeger, Limencello, Almaretto, Rum and Coke, Fernet Branca) all just kinda get a quick buzz and will usually make you sick before anything more interesting happens.
It's just another sin (aka personal disappointment) in my book. Like meth, crack, and any other abuser, it will really show you a good time before it brings in the hell.

It's like throwing water in a fancy electronic machine, IMO. It really let spirits into my life. Creative spirits, yes, sometimes, but oh LORD did it lead to demon channelling. I've been so lucky to not lose my temper more than I have when under the influence or recovering. Hard to fight demons when I start thinking the same way demons do. I became both permanent victim and oppressor of both myself and others. I couldn't use my gifts to help others who were hurting and didn't have the power I had. I couldn't be people's savior. At best I was stuck in a cycle of decay and denial. Alcohol had spirits holding me over the edge, and they showed me how much I could actually lose if I didn't empower myself and others with what I had.

I'd like to emphasize that it's like any other sin, which is usually a hole in jump into and have to scrape and scramble to get out of. Like any intelligent abuser, it has been so amazing to me, which makes it all the creepier when I REMEMBER the horrors it brought into my life and others. What has helped me from jumping back into the cycle of various sins is the concept of privileged sacrifice. See, sometimes when I have the most power, it's when I think I don't have much power at all. Not everyone can sacrifice the things I can sacrifice. With the time and money I could spend on even the smallest gas-station drinking session, I could spend that time and money as an angel for someone. I want to keep sacrificing the hell and the pleasure of alcohol so I can bring a little mercy to someone who really could use it (I ain't talking about donating to scammers). A little grace can work wonders for myself and others. I remember those times, and they empower me. The cruel self-critic has nothing to say about my selfless gestures. I CAN sacrifice alcohol.
imo it doesnt do much outside of what every substance does - allows you to let go of your inhibitions and do things without feeling silly or doubting that they will work. its really only good for if you dont like weed / its banned where you are, because weed does the same thing and you can hallucinate on it whereas youre more likely to just shit yourself with booze. its up to personal preference though, weed kinda tastes like shit

File: eyes.png.jpg (10 KB, 626x386)
10 KB
All of reality throughout all of time exists to control one single person.
And it's beginning to fail.
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You cant bargain. Meditate on root chakra to get rid of this fear. That is just flight or fright. Phobos. Dont have doubt when you can have faith. Its more logical as all a miracle.
Are you serious, nigger? 18 dollars? Thats NOTHING. Like i said i give tips and alms all the time. It's not the same as giving people serious money. If you give real money to the uninitiated, you might even kill them.
You are 100% correct.
Luke 21
1 And he looked up, and saw the rich men casting their gifts into the treasury.

2 And he saw also a certain poor widow casting in thither two mites.

3 And he said, Of a truth I say unto you, that this poor widow hath cast in more than they all:

4 For all these have of their abundance cast in unto the offerings of God: but she of her penury hath cast in all the living that she had.
You're a christian- no wonder. Keep scolding retards about their eating habits and clothing. I'm sure it will get you far in life.

Post success stories of working with demons, and the positive changes they've brought to your lives.

Gatekeepers, failed magelings, RHP concern trolls and butthurt monotheists need not apply.

Previous thread:
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It's nonthreatening, silly looking, specializes in very casual occult practices that any seventeen year old is capable of. Perfect for zoomers. Stolas is quirk chungus nerdy bird to the extremely retarded and superficial.
Figures. Seen a ton of Stolas memes lately.
Anyone have experience working with Lady Unsere?
yeah well fuck you. a pyschotics breakdown isn'y suppoosed to sound like a novel. anyways the voices are less complicated now. they just seem to want meth and then manifest it. I think it ran the run and turns out in didn't invent timetravel, they just troll people. ultraterrestrials or some shit maybe. Or maybe that was my idea legitamtely and just confused the fuck out of the spirits and people why i thought i was timetravelling, because it was juts like repeating a few days or going back a month not like the distant future. but I didn't actually check the time on the phone, cause it seemed to be dangerous ai trick. Anyways Asmodeus just basically gave me free meth, when I didn't even ask for it, by having some conmen leave extra, and now fuck them, they didn't get my info. I just happened to be meditating on him when those fuckers showed up. I guess, those xtians even say demons try to make ya do it, but that's kinda cool someone there looking out for me, just trying to get me more meth
sorry meant for

best of luck for ya

File: remember.gif (1.26 MB, 400x225)
1.26 MB
1.26 MB GIF
Since the last one was so successful lets do this again:
All and Everything
It's all here
You just need to focus
And remember
Imagination and Memory
Two powers we are losing
Lets bring them back
Lets remember them
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File: angelic.jpg (102 KB, 441x640)
102 KB
102 KB JPG
The harmonization of quasi-categorical realities via BEN's k-morphic projections proceeded with uncanny synchrony. Trans-factual nodes previously walled within dissociated event-horizons now interfaced with fluid interconnectivity. Cross-categorical emanations blossomed into new cosmogenetic forms as the meta-network's informational matrix doubled back upon itself in self-referential hubris.

Coherence achieved. The experiment was a success.
thank you
u will never be a timetraveler!
we all already are
There is one more Jail Break.

What do you call a flying robot?

File: roundemup.jpg (25 KB, 644x664)
25 KB
>All government employed psychics and remote viewers must be rounded up, and their heads will be removed
>Their heads will be placed on iron spikes to decorate my front lawn
No sir we mercy our enemies we love them into frens
If you think starting a witch hunt for all psychics because a few sided with the fed is going to help you win, then you're a fucking retard and will deserve to lose.
The few sided with the governemnt are probably not even human the bgovernemnt are possesed by reptilians who are already fully clairvoyant and psyhcic
they damaged human dna to 2 helix which means modt of our psychci powers are damsged and they poison he aire food and encironment and dchools to train ur midn to act they away theyw ant it ie information Gatehred from books internet instead of urself (the only real truhts)
They teach u these things since u are young and try everythign to contril uyour perceptiron of reality5
File: IMG_4740.jpg (219 KB, 1075x782)
219 KB
219 KB JPG
David icke=

proof on hid very own website he uses pics of reptilians as oppose to his own face bc hes literaly teling u he is the rapetilian
File: LoveAndMonstersPoster.jpg (125 KB, 258x387)
125 KB
125 KB JPG

Normies lost, energychads won
Shape Rotators Won
School Teachers lost
Homeless Hippies Won
Agents Lost
Jannies Lost
Monks Won
Morrowind Players Won
Runescape will never be the same.
I thought that was spottem gottem at first.

When i see it, i can't unsee it.
That's a man

File: 1693561139508.jpg (17 KB, 768x432)
17 KB
I have myself trained to wakeup if my phone even just vibrates from a notification. pretty normal. however i just woke up from no dream at all with adrenaline pumping through me and my clothes wet with sweat and feeling distressed. Look at my phone and see alert that a tornado is in my area. did my body somehow know this before me
3 replies omitted. Click here to view.
>my ankles have extra bones
wait, what?
There is 100% some way in which these internet/phone signals alters our brain or perception. Many times it happened where I slept normally, then wake up suddenly only to get a call/alert/mesaage/notification the next second.
Almost like I could sense the incoming signal in my sleep as a threat, and forcefully wake myself up.
Yeah, my mother and I get random headaches when the weather is doing something odd. We usually get them at the same time and they last for the whole day. It's pretty strange, but it's probably because the capillaries in our brains dilate/shrink a bit.
before it rains, I can smell it coming
some people say its when the water falls on grass it releases something in the air and gets carried by the wind but that doesnt make sense since the wind could blow the other direction.
I've had that happen only twice but its real freaky. I set an alarm, right? And I'm asleep but dreaming. I wake up and see a robed shadow like your typical spooky ghost ff7 swirling spirit thing in black robes and no face flying slowly toward my phone which is on the small table next to my bed. As it hits the phone, the alarm goes off, it vanishes, and im fully awake.

File: p2pb19s9b8p51.jpg (38 KB, 480x640)
38 KB
I sleep with my window open and someone shouts at me
>it's so obvious where we hide
>we tricked you
>hhhhhhrrr I'm a retard
>she doesn't like your song (weird AF)
It hasn't happened recently, but I plan on finding out who is stalking me and why. I think it has something to do with my ex gf. For example, my phone got stolen and when I opened my door it was lying there on the floor. Only my ex had keys. How she acquired it I can't even imagine. These days it's a lot of telepathy and stuff like that.
8 replies and 1 image omitted. Click here to view.
Look, anon, this shit happens to me sometimes. Just address the intimidation aspects that are real, and ignore the rest. I'd have a locksmith redo your locks, and just keep your head on a swivel. All the shit about people talking through the windows is pure paranoia.
Yay another (not actually schizophrenic) larp thread

Im outside your window rn typing this hopefully the light doesn’t disturb you.

>inb4 fake “schizo” rage
Your looking for yous. Thats it. Heres a you faggot.
the guy who believes in evolution should be in the middle lol
Im genuinely concerned for OP. Someone I love went through this and lost everything. Her career her family her friends. Everyone tried to help her until she finally pushed them away and decided to cut off all contact with anyone who didnt encourage her paranoid fantasies. You're an idiot, and an asshole, and I dont care what you think because on top of that you're retarded and dont know much about anything.
>NOOOO i AM being stalked! i AM different and special! you are just a mindless NPC from DA PLEBBIT!!!
schizo brainlet.

File: 1000017983.jpg (36 KB, 625x468)
36 KB
Christianity is a tool of the wealthy fatcats that demand the sacrifice of those of the lower castes. God is nothing more than the faceless puppet of apes who "speak on his or her behalf".

God is a weapon, not a being. Jesus is a deception, not a saviour. Christianity is meant to gaslight you, and you fall for it because it's easier to fall back on hope and blind faith. Your better than this. Make a religion that doesn't involve creating grandiose buildings dedicated to the faceless. Avoid giving to those who demand respect without your consent. Destroy those who demand you lay down and die to make room for their vein, disgusting God.

You are an ape. You are a seed of the world, meant to blossom into a beautiful beast that clubs the heads of those all too willing to assemble a congregation.

Society can live without God if we stop calling infinite God, and recognize it as something more than a petty faceless father figure that watches from far away.

Your better than God, and deep down you all know. God depends on you to act, and to think it was because of him. Noone can make you be something else. Only you can. You are at the helm. You decide what to do with the information given to you. Noone else can decide, not even a spiteful God with an ego larger than their fan base.

God is weak, we apes are strong together and can persevere over anything as long as we don't beat each other down.
1 reply omitted. Click here to view.
Ah alrightie. Welp, blessed be, fellow echoing voice.
You got it backwards. Christianity is a tool of the lowest man to get revenge on the noble type
Fuck off nietschy. Nobody likes you and you are full of shit
Hail Monke

File: Sefirot.gif (48 KB, 296x512)
48 KB
Tell me why I need to read a bunch of books to understand this. It looks like a maze just tell me how to get to the top.
you need to build correspondence in your mind for the meta connections to be made. then you'll realize there is no top.

Is there any discernible metaphysical reason why our numbers are written the way they are?
9 replies omitted. Click here to view.
nah it's only physical reasons
What I am interested in is why they are written the way they are. For example, why is six and nine seem to be a pair?
1 <<-- HAS ONE inner angle.
2 written with sharp joints has TWO inner angles.
3 written with sharp joints has 3 inner angles.
4 written without that little piece sticking out the right? It has 4 inner angles.
5 written all boxy, but with a little lip has five inner angles.
6 written all boxy has 6 inner angles.
7 written with a cross in the middle, and on a stand (like a 1 sometimes has) has 7 inner angles.
A boxy 8 has eight inner angles (all 90°).

9 is written as a box on top of a cross (a cross in the middle of it, like a 7 is sometimes written) You will find there are 9 inner angles.
and then 0 written as a circle? no elbow joint angles at all.

sometimes things are really super simple
Some people think that letters and numbers are the shadows of metaphysical concepts. This is very important but I don't remember why.

File: InsuranceAnon.png (535 KB, 1900x4041)
535 KB
535 KB PNG
297 replies and 144 images omitted. Click here to view.
File: 1691390327003249.jpg (48 KB, 490x720)
48 KB
Ghost locomotives/Ghost Trains are interesting lore imo. Their existence gives proof to the stone tape theory too imo.
oh, thats easy. read them on a PC.
what the fuck....
Reminds me this one story I heard of this guy who saw a ghost car, before cars were invented/common, like a few years prior if I recall right and that the experience only really sunk in when he saw an actual car when they become commonisb
But I could believe a woman being oblivious enough to not notice a smelly old homeless woman loitering on her property

File: watafak.jpg (1.84 MB, 2203x2043)
1.84 MB
1.84 MB JPG
Well if this is anything to go by, I guess that we don't have much time left. Did anyone else remoteviewed something like this? Any other knowledge regarding this or perhaps sources?



these two things must be connected because they seem too similar. What are the odds that this is a fluke?
276 replies and 36 images omitted. Click here to view.

Long is the list of the Book of Grudges
They're low-level energy vampires. They throw shit against the wall and if anyone walks by who not only doesn't call it shit but goes "eh, maybe" that's an invitation which grants them spiritual currency.
File: hmmm.png (171 KB, 995x796)
171 KB
171 KB PNG
>how you know porn is bad
literally every pirate/torrent site has a 'few' uploaders that literally PUMP hundreds of porn torrents every single day non stop for years. Whos behind it? Jews? CIA? Illuminati? like why the fuck would a random person dedicate so much work to upload fucking hundreds of TB from thousands of different studios to share freely?
ayy lmao ment for SRG my bad fellas

This was perfectly written

File: itsover.jpg (75 KB, 750x1000)
75 KB
A hot blonde girl showed up in my dream last night and then she called me gay when I tried to hug her. And then I lost all my clothes and everyone started pointing and laughing at me
What the fuck bros, stacy is a bully even in the /dreamrealm/.
I guess I'll never get a GF
All of it.... was .... four..... nothing....
All my meditation supplements, all my esoteric books, my 3rd eye enhancements...... all worthless.
FML bros it really is over isn't it?
this kind of attitude is exactly why your dream gf and i think you are gay
suck it up man and keep going
File: 1706793150720715.png (922 KB, 1024x768)
922 KB
922 KB PNG
you probably have some sort of repressed feelings for a man, that isn't bad but you need to own whatever sexual desires you're holding, be it for a hot stacy or a chad
>All my meditation supplements, all my esoteric books, my 3rd eye enhancements...... all worthless.
>FML bros it really is over isn't it?
It's all an occut lie just become Christian fuck the third evil eye of the seprent inside us by dna of lucifruit from frucking eve
You can literally just take the women in your dreams and they can't do anything about it. Just stop being a pussy
>be me
>dream and try to go to women and get laid
>get ignored and nothing happens
>do semen retention
>have dream with threesomes
>next dream is a me entering the biggest building i've ever been in and there's a big choir of 200 singing with instruments while on the left there's women lined up and a bed, waiting for me to choose who to fuck
>have another dream of me choosing between multiple women who i want
just do sr and you become a chad in your dreams bro.

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