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File: 1686266441921440.jpg (311 KB, 1482x1134)
311 KB
311 KB JPG
Why is saturn, both the planet, and its mythology commonly associated with time and not the sun?

Are there any books, videos, papers, etc that provide more in-depth insight into how ancient astrologers perceived time and space or how they perceived celestial influence?
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Weird in a way that it gets more basic and abstract ? Everything is just basic shapes ? No thoughts or voice ?
and saturn is also named kali and kali is also time in tantra
>saturn is also named kali
I was looking around and there is some connection between Saturn and Kali in things like Mahavidya, but a lot of what I'm seeing is that saturn is also known as "blackish" aka krishna/kali and kali is also a conjugation of kala, time.
>Other names
>Shanishvara, Chhayasutha, Pingala, Kakadhvaja, Konastha, Babhru, Roudhrantaka, Shanescharam, Sauri, Manda, Krishna, Pipplayshraya, Raviputram
>Saturn -Iccha: In the Mahavidya system, Maa Kali is represented by the planet Saturn as she is the Shakti of Time (Kala meaning time) and time is the only thing that cannot be controlled by anything.
And an unbacked claim of Saturn being the planet of Kalaratri.

Is the Bird Box movies about higher dimensions? The crazy people had weird eyes after seeing the apparitions.
Saturn is bound because he's a wannabe

File: Christ_in_Gethsemane.jpg (220 KB, 1141x1600)
220 KB
220 KB JPG
Hey. Ask a gnostic master anything. I'm still learning, but I have the divine spark. Ask me anything. Begin with goodness as the Truth said. Then follow by fasting, prayer, and almsgiving. It purifies your soul and helps you achieve Gnosis. Let's go.
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I don't care what you do as long as you get there. You also need spiritual knowledge. The mind having become still, you need the spark to burn your inner ignorance. That is where I come in. Conversations with a fool.
Cool gif by the way.
What do you think about pre-christian traditions of Gnostic thought? Orphic, Neoplatonic, etc?
What do you think of women?
Women, are basically like men but with different roles. Ad personality attributes. Some women may be sneaky, some women loud, et cetera. But in the end they're all women. I am a benevolent person so I don't have anything against women but Buddha said bad conduct or something like this in essence is the taint if woman. The pre-christian pre-christ traditions of ancient Greece and Egypt are manifestations of the god-mind. True essential teachings for all ages are or were contained within these traditions. Read the secret sermon on the mountain.

File: #0000FF.png (5 KB, 1622x813)
5 KB
Why is it the shortest wavelength that your computer can emit?
Because it's at the end of the hex number, see, in the low eight bits. There are no lower numbers.
It’s not that blue is the shortest wavelength a computer can produce, it’s that the shortest wavelength is perceived as blue. Remember that light exists even without anything that can detect it and we only perceive it and give it a name

I'll present a couple videos where the concept is put out there that The Internet is a sentient entity in some way and has an awareness and agency of it's own.


I'll also provide a video where the case has been made that the Internet is in fact dead or devoid of human interaction for the majority of it's presented activity.


What does /x/ think? How "alive" is the Internet (in various ways)?


This also serves as a Lainposting thread.
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File: 1638058710728-0.gif (8 KB, 200x260)
8 KB

File: IMG_3336.jpg (907 KB, 1170x1174)
907 KB
907 KB JPG
RIP Vatican anon. Christ said to lay down one’s life for a stranger is the most honorable of acts.
This man is your enemy. Do not fall for him!
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Lol he fights with love on his fists what a gay homo faggot
Lol stfu idiot try again
There is no way in Hell the Antichrist isn't American.
You would think that
Make no mistake it's because we want you to
>brown hair
>green eyes
Oh, so I am a main character?... great. I didn't want that.
>only 2% of the world population has green eyes
And I know "but what about red/pink/violet?"
Yeah, that only occurs in albinos.
But I would argue that heterochromia is even rare but is very villian archetype

File: images.jpeg-287.jpg (33 KB, 590x350)
33 KB
We gotta get this guy out and let him continue leaking on the CIAs occultist practices
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help the campaign to free assange = good karma

not do shit = bad karma. stuck on the wheel
File: images.jpeg-304.jpg (58 KB, 658x466)
58 KB
File: 1707794048014146.jpg (60 KB, 620x388)
60 KB
Julian Assange will be extradited to the U.S. and will be killed, made to look like suicide...

calling it now!

File: sdfsdfsfsdf.jpg (11 KB, 350x307)
11 KB
solipsism (noun)
the quality of being very self-centered or selfish:

the view or theory that the self is all that can be known to exist:

The philosophical view is correct. There is just ONE self, and I'm it. I'm not particularly happy about it though. I don't know why I have to be all alone in existence. But it's the truth.
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Then I guess I have to do it anyway. Even though you're telling me to keep on living. So suicide it is. I'm selfish. I reject reality.
File: 1708459585578283.gif (178 KB, 169x250)
178 KB
178 KB GIF
There's nothing to be afraid of. You come here of your own volition. If you kill yourself you're simply going to be reminded of why that is. Your default state is one of infinite love and you come here precisely to escape from that for a moment.

If you want this life to be more pleasant, simply change the way you think and watch how reality conforms to your new self. What you see as "objective" reality is simply a bunch of information feedback loops. You think "life sucks and God tortures me" and your subjective state of reality conforms to that, which in turn reinforces those beliefs. You simply have to change that. Salvation is within you.
I mean, you are certainly free to act as you wish. You just need to know that you're not being selfish because you're not going to gain anything from it, you'll be in the same situation. What you are is confused.
Then back to square one you go, see you tomorrow.
have you considered the implications of the many world's interpretation of quantum physics?

File: 1706516990743900.png (860 KB, 1311x751)
860 KB
860 KB PNG
Post your favorite /x/ themed YouTube channels
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>How is it "high quality"?
By being good stuff
>His information is inaccurate
can you give any example of an inaccurate information he pushed ?
>He misquoted at the very least 3 books that I own
which books ?
also which translation and edition ?
Be a little more descriptive, stank ass. Differentiate what stands out about Mythos that is very good as opposed to his peers in the niche of religious education or the oversaturated YouTube "content creator" space.
Best UFO channel for primary sources (interviews with witnesses, abductees, etc)


File: 1682850423662412.png (1.4 MB, 1403x1586)
1.4 MB
1.4 MB PNG
>The entire world actually is controlled by a small group of elites which are given power by "history" to do whatever they want over the rest of of the global population
>This last part includes, for example: genocides for the sake of them, erasing entire places off world maps or simply assassinating inconvenient political figures who dare to question their authorities
>The governor elites also respond to an even higher authority who is hidden from the rest of the world in order to mantain a false sense of democracy between the different reigns of the globe
>These elites don't appear to be human at all, in fact they seem to have demonic appearances
Anyway, do you guys like One Piece?
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File: Kamabakka.jpg (174 KB, 1334x750)
174 KB
174 KB JPG
>love of trannys and gender benders
>love of trannys
pic related

Yamato AKA wannabe Oden was just damage control for the backlash on Kamabakka.
Yamato looks like an attractive woman still, I would say she's more like a tomboy but the universe of One Piece doesn't have that concept.
stop spoiling my animu and mango, schizo freaks.
Holy fuck I thought I was the only one to notice
How do we return to childe
Dont forget the heavy implication that they quite literally drowned the past with a biblical flood.

File: 1708697934403803.jpg (100 KB, 552x449)
100 KB
100 KB JPG
Know of any?
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The universe is all patterns.
>classic meme
As in the book is nonsense?
You're on /x/.
File: yall.jpg (47 KB, 384x673)
47 KB
AFAIK, he doesn't believe existence proofs without a constructed example. Often such proofs are done by contradiction without providing an object claimed to exist. Related to this, he avoids infinite sets.

Otherwise, he is a competent mathematician. The book in question does things a bit differently from what the traditions prescribe, but math folk does that kind of shit all the time. I guess trig is too 'normative' and established in the minds of normies to fuck with it in a way he does.
We need all the math nerds
Gpt4 can only reach so far. Kindly Indian YouTuber teacher types

What are the effects that drinking booze bring spiritually? Never thought about it before.
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It can do both however what you said is exponentially more commonplace
It alters your consciousness so of course it will have effects spiritually

I'm curious the difference between something like vodka compared to gin or Jager
In my experience the simpler the nature of the alcohol the more consistent the effects, and the more botanical it is in nature( mainly gin and wines) the more emotionally intense the intoxication and hangover are.
So normal vodka and whiskey(normal as in not flavored with weird shit) if used by themselves can get you a pretty measured level of intoxication and help gradually peel the layers of a personality to the more base aspects without necessarily enhancing any specific emotion you weren't already feeling.

Wine, Gin and Rum will usually amplify emotions in either a joyful or depressive way(the hangovers are always depressing) on top of stripping down the personality

Beer is weak enough that you'll usually just get a mild buzz and loss of cognitive faculties before the physiological effects make you sleepy or sick. Not much interesting really happens there unless you build up a tolerance and drink in extreme excess.

Fancier liquers and mixed drinks(Jaeger, Limencello, Almaretto, Rum and Coke, Fernet Branca) all just kinda get a quick buzz and will usually make you sick before anything more interesting happens.
It's just another sin (aka personal disappointment) in my book. Like meth, crack, and any other abuser, it will really show you a good time before it brings in the hell.

It's like throwing water in a fancy electronic machine, IMO. It really let spirits into my life. Creative spirits, yes, sometimes, but oh LORD did it lead to demon channelling. I've been so lucky to not lose my temper more than I have when under the influence or recovering. Hard to fight demons when I start thinking the same way demons do. I became both permanent victim and oppressor of both myself and others. I couldn't use my gifts to help others who were hurting and didn't have the power I had. I couldn't be people's savior. At best I was stuck in a cycle of decay and denial. Alcohol had spirits holding me over the edge, and they showed me how much I could actually lose if I didn't empower myself and others with what I had.

I'd like to emphasize that it's like any other sin, which is usually a hole in jump into and have to scrape and scramble to get out of. Like any intelligent abuser, it has been so amazing to me, which makes it all the creepier when I REMEMBER the horrors it brought into my life and others. What has helped me from jumping back into the cycle of various sins is the concept of privileged sacrifice. See, sometimes when I have the most power, it's when I think I don't have much power at all. Not everyone can sacrifice the things I can sacrifice. With the time and money I could spend on even the smallest gas-station drinking session, I could spend that time and money as an angel for someone. I want to keep sacrificing the hell and the pleasure of alcohol so I can bring a little mercy to someone who really could use it (I ain't talking about donating to scammers). A little grace can work wonders for myself and others. I remember those times, and they empower me. The cruel self-critic has nothing to say about my selfless gestures. I CAN sacrifice alcohol.
imo it doesnt do much outside of what every substance does - allows you to let go of your inhibitions and do things without feeling silly or doubting that they will work. its really only good for if you dont like weed / its banned where you are, because weed does the same thing and you can hallucinate on it whereas youre more likely to just shit yourself with booze. its up to personal preference though, weed kinda tastes like shit

File: vamp.png (2.2 MB, 1024x1024)
2.2 MB
2.2 MB PNG
4chan's own interview with a vampire.

In the last episode: >>37282206
> do vampires have better eyes?
> where do vampires work?
> is dating a vampire dangerous?
> would vampires survive nuclear war?

What new insights will be revealed this time? Stay tuned!

Old threads: >>37104598 >>37143853 >> 37185871
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>I was born in 1920
So you are one year older than my grandma whom I grew up with.. She's dead since a while but that's an interesting perspective.
Oh. I understand that feeling completely.
Also, AI, when asked to render a vampire, consistently renders one in old style / retro fashion unless expliticly told to do otherwise.
So is retro fashion a thing among your species, or this is a meme?

>Your discord is monitored and you will never find the girl.
>Anyhow, vampires are watching you and we’re loving it.
Here is a fun challenge for you guys.
A message was posted in the discord group today at 17:53 UTC.
SHA-512 hash of that message is
Prove you are legit or shut up.

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
I tried posting this yesterday but a misspress on some key deleted it, so I assumed it wasn't meant to be said at the time.

Do vampire society only stay with their own, or do they have contacts with other groups, like reptilians? I'm assuming there has to be some coordination and planning. What about other non humans? I know you have occultists, but what are the foreign politics like?

Would it be possible to establish relations? (and side question, what about the relations between different groups, I'm aware there are vampires in some of the syndicates in Brazil for example)
I've no idea. My assumption would be it somehow uses common depictions in media? Retro fashion is definitely not a thing.

Generally we keep to ourselves. 'Some' coordination and planning sure, yes. You 'know' we have 'occultists'? How? It's very unlikely for it to be possible to establish relations from here. Sorry for the lack of response anon!
>You 'know' we have 'occultists'? How?
I've been attacked by occultists employed by vampires. I'm very sensitive and after years of practice I can instantly see a person if their energy touches me (including where they are on a map). The vampire egregore is also pretty notable because it's high energy in a world of dull ash, so it's pretty visible for anyone with abilities to see when someone is performing a ritual (it's really the same with high level masons).

>It's very unlikely for it to be possible to establish relations from here.
I don't mean on here. I mean more like what is the procedure. Without saying too much, the group which was "grooming me" isn't around anymore. I don't know how these things work, that's why I'm asking. Physical contacts are physical over the internet too, but moreover, there are people who are timeless in some way who aren't vampires, and they can go a long time and never know anything, it seems. So the question is just how to establish connections, in general?

File: eyes.png.jpg (10 KB, 626x386)
10 KB
All of reality throughout all of time exists to control one single person.
And it's beginning to fail.
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You cant bargain. Meditate on root chakra to get rid of this fear. That is just flight or fright. Phobos. Dont have doubt when you can have faith. Its more logical as all a miracle.
Are you serious, nigger? 18 dollars? Thats NOTHING. Like i said i give tips and alms all the time. It's not the same as giving people serious money. If you give real money to the uninitiated, you might even kill them.
You are 100% correct.
Luke 21
1 And he looked up, and saw the rich men casting their gifts into the treasury.

2 And he saw also a certain poor widow casting in thither two mites.

3 And he said, Of a truth I say unto you, that this poor widow hath cast in more than they all:

4 For all these have of their abundance cast in unto the offerings of God: but she of her penury hath cast in all the living that she had.
You're a christian- no wonder. Keep scolding retards about their eating habits and clothing. I'm sure it will get you far in life.

File: IMG_2965.jpg (93 KB, 768x768)
93 KB
give me one good reason to believe anything you say
7 replies omitted. Click here to view.
But how can anon believe what you say if what you just said isn't true? Why give this anon the opposite of what he wants when he doesn't want it at all?
File: 1001199218844928248.jpg (19 KB, 565x465)
19 KB
Whoops, wrong thread. Later dudes!
Why are things said? As an elaborate coping mechanism by the mind in order to interpret all the masses of information projected onto them? Or because there is a small, tiny, even minuscule kernel of truth in each statement?

Just because The Anglosphere has forgotten The Truth, it doesn't mean it just disappears...
4chan in general has ruined so many lives. Dudes ruining perfectly good relationships over pure paranoia, turning away friends, leaving their families, quitting their jobs, and becoming social pariahs. Dudes just become insane in insecurity over their height, dick size, jaw, or whatever.

This place is so shit it turns Chads who should legitimately be happy into depressed suicidal loners. Have you ever seen a normalfag start browsing 4chan and get addicted to it? They go fucking mad, their minds can't handle the shitposting and they let it influence all their opinions. I can't imagine how many people have gotten fucked by this place. I've met literal many white Chad's on 4chan meetup hangouts who were just completely mindbroken from this place. If they chose some normie website like reddit they'd literally have a family, a stable job, etc
I don't have one, you should only believe what I say if you know it to be true

File: joan-of-arc.png (1.28 MB, 1200x690)
1.28 MB
1.28 MB PNG
What exactly causes a 13 year old illiterate medieval peasant girl to experience divine episodes of nationalist fervor?
5 replies omitted. Click here to view.
What kind of mushrooms?

Pretty normal. Illiteracy is probably a boon in such a case so you go straight to Source for answers. So what, you cant read mans written lies.
Same process that got Muhammed going.

Call it God's mercy in the face of how Bloody the English were.
>13 year old illiterate medieval peasant girl
>divine episodes of nationalist fervor
I mean sounds alot like the civil Goddess of War and Wisdom.

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