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A 3 questions survey, feel free to participate or to check what others' responses.
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Hence B
A-B (already A)
You should from me, I have the power of Christ.
1, 1 and 3, 1
U can imagine them anywhere so anywhere

Eveyrhting exists

Nothing bc 3d is fake

I was wrong about you faggots. You can actually be generous and kind hearted people but feel intense emotions which is why you fags behave the way you do
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File: 1000025584.jpg (16 KB, 332x211)
16 KB
The new Messiah is a Scorpio, born right on the cusp of Scorpio-Sagittarius, born in a November of Pluto in Scorpio (possibly the last November baby of the final Pluto in Scorpio, but that's unknown). He is the most Scorpio of Scorpios to ever Scorpio, but he's also quite jolly and outgoing when he wants to be.

He is a perfect split between the two signs - he is a purple dragon of fire and ice. He is blind to his wings but he will see them soon. Ness is not Earthbound, he just can't see his wings yet. His true sight will be restored by his consort on April 8th, in front of the Alamo during the eclipse. X marks the spot, the spot where the two eclipses both cross over. He is a silly and nervous man who is both loud and quiet. He is a ball of tension, a rubber ball, a rubber man. He is the Sun God, he is the warrior of liberation.

>Punk bitch
All signs suck ass, if you let your life be defined by your sign you're a fucking loser.
File: 65yx1b3h7aiy.jpg (98 KB, 640x480)
98 KB
It isn't Scorpio exclusive. Although Scorpio women I dated all preferred darker clothes. Same with Libras.

I'm a Sag and like black color as well. Black clothes look the best and are easier to clean and obviously match together. What's even better that if you piss or shit yourself when you're drinking hard, it's harder for others to notice. So you have more time to act before it gets really bad lmao.
I have my Pluto in Scorpio, what does it mean?

File: fed.jpg (76 KB, 550x1280)
76 KB
Aren't they boy feds anyway? Did they really burn the Boleskin house?
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File: ayyy imao drill.jpg (40 KB, 640x853)
40 KB
eh, mhpph? WHATS that? you Take Issue? whom are you, to take issue with Me?
probably fed spamming

t. OP
File: neoaum.jpg (44 KB, 625x1000)
44 KB
they also simp for Aum Shinrikyo
I dont allow you to take issue with me.
I HELPED the thread by posting extremely value images. I had No Duty to add text to it.
>I HELPED the thread by posting extremely value images
Allegedly. Most of this stuff you can find on the first page of google images.
no, I don't allow you to trivialise my contribution
also my images, some of the images are extremely rare

Deliver this message across 4chan and across the internet. To detox from the vaccine you must use the following protocol. If you wish to have sex or exchange fluids with another vaccinated person they will have had to detox first. Be on guard against this stuff and take this medicine until the rest of the sub-humans of the earth have died out, only we will remain and it'll be great.

Smoking gun evidence that the vaxxed emit Bluetooth signals with mac addresses with actual scientific studies and tests:

Proof of the media-censored escalations in death due to the vaccine:

Spread this, and help everyone!
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It can't undo the effects I believe the mRNA did to you, like modulate your genes. But it will help you detox and protect you from the eventual side effects of the vaccines.
You must be on the protocol constantly if you are consistently exposed to other vaxxed people and their bodily fluids, and they also shed mRNA through the air. If you wish to be around them you must be on constant detox unfortunately. Also if you wish to have sex with someone who had the vaxx, which involves exchanging bodily fluids, they must be detoxed too i believe, or else you might as well be vaxxing yourself again.
>not posting this:

I did the flccc i-vaccine protocol and to this day take nac and natto and ivermectin daily..going on three years now. Im twice vaxed and aint much changed. I think the whole Doctor McCullough shit is a circus character act. I think most are currently on the subject of detoxing the vax or stopping it. If theres anything I’ve learned since i began trying to figure this out is this - FASTING stops it 100% when combined with EDTA, Methelyne blue and 21mg ivermectin daily on a zero sugar diet. If you can get that down you can suppress it enough to live. I have been tested for cancers and diseases and im clean.
Sorry vaxxie. No refunds for you. Sick rate off the charts. Excess Death "still" high. Tick tock
you are an actual piece of shit for blurting out your stupid unethical opinion on vax injury and thus licking the corpo boot of Pfizer, Moderna and the bioweapon glowies in the US deep state.
I hope to god you took a lot of boosters, I hope your p53 got dysregulated in a very major fashion, I hope the DNA contamination in your shots was at the higher end of the spectrum. I hope you get lets of genomic integration. I hope you die a painful death. And I only resort to wishing death on people actually defending the vaccine, I am helping all my family members who smartened up after 3 doses and have cancer and strokes now. I don't wish them death, I hope to keep them alive. But you? I hope your gaping mouth cries out in pain only for you to SWALLOW FIRE!

File: anaciwqc2pq71.jpg (176 KB, 1280x1024)
176 KB
176 KB JPG
I want to be able to cast fireballs and shit, where do i begin? if i can summon beasts and demons to do my bidding that would also be nice, is any of this actually possible or are all of you schizophrenic?
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With good SPELLing
Cast some better credit and rent a flamethrower.
>>37332811 I'll teach you le basic basics to get you started with energy work right away if you want (th tl;dr of it is, you're teaching yourself to imagine and then experience tactile sensory input like you can auditory and visual, in ur head, then combining that with intention to do things) :
First, force the tip of ur index finger into the base of your thumb until it hurts. Focus on this sensation until it starts to lose context, just meditate on it. Then, try and force it to remain for an abnormal amount of time. Once you can do that, then try and get it to dissapear in an abnormally short amount of time. Then, denote all of the tension of thinking and being aware and conscious unto focusing on a specific part of your body. Think of nothing but it. Do this while knowing energy follows attention, and expecting it to do so. Combine with le first technique and force warmth into the area rather than le painful sensation u were training with.
Another method I use is trying to feel my pulse in parts of my body in which, it normally isn't felt. Another method is visualization, like: Visualizing a ring that encircles your body, making it move over specific parts of it, and feeling the warmth it emanates.
After that you essperiment with these methods to find whatever's most efficient for you, and then combine with intention greater than just -feeling- a sensation (like increasing intelligence, you can focus unto something externally to empower it or charge it with intention, imagining internal spiritual anatomy then effecting it like you would material.)
If no results then meditate more
I essplained it a lil better in here: https://archive.4plebs.org/x/thread/36999481/#37012169
there are also alot of lil tricks you can engage in to get around alot of le effort of making and charging spiritual tools

File: ProxyCindy.jpg (198 KB, 1024x1024)
198 KB
198 KB JPG
(Sorry, I'm busy so my bad for the shit description)

Last thread:

New one here.
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I like to imagine its sort of like a docu-drama television show for the longer lived, you can chat with them on discord but also watch them from the shadows in real life when doing whatever it is you otherwise do all day gets boring.
No matter how hardy you apparently are, the kinetic aspects from the nuclear explosions would decimate what is claimed to be a primarily urban population along with the usual humans.
It would be a global disaster and I do not understand why you have a rather callous opinion.

The worlds largest and best cities would be destroyed in a full scale war, along with countless centuries of art and culture.
There would be a lot less entertainment, and the remainder of the population wouldn't be well nourished or have good access to soap and stylish clothing.
Armed checkpoints would be everywhere and apparently you don't like this for the same reason that all the supernatural types left Ukraine once the Russians started mobilizing and lighting off cruise missiles.
The remainder of the human population would be harder to control due to the lack of top-down governance, most would no longer recognize what remains of the central or even more local governments and looted armories would result in the wide scale availability of heavy weapons to an irresponsible civilian populace.
The global disruption of commerce and the subsiquent ash cloud would result in shortages of food and medicine and mass death of the "surviving" population.


Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
grow up
File: 22779621.jpg (269 KB, 850x1203)
269 KB
269 KB JPG
/Vampire Roleplay General/

Anyone wanna swallow my feet?
That mostly sounds pretty tiresome, but i'm not sure how much I trust literal cold war propaganda. I also thought nuclear winter was pretty much debunked but I'll admit i'm not an expert. It's possible i've been misinformed about how bad it could be. Thanks for the info anon.
Hi Cindy!

NEW THREAD: >>37332794

File: Billiken_side_view.jpg (147 KB, 600x900)
147 KB
147 KB JPG
Robert Lanza of this Biocentrism trilogy said:
>But you might not have suspected that this same process of fashioning a seemingly external 3-D reality is the one underlying dreams. Since the realms of dreams and wakeful perception are usually classified separately—with only one of them regarded as “real”—they’re rarely part of the same discussion. But there are interesting commonalities that give us clues as to how our consciousness operates. Whether awake or dreaming, we are experiencing the same process even if it produces qualitatively different realities. During both dreams and waking hours, our minds collapse probability waves to generate a physical reality that comes complete with a functioning body. The result of this magnificent orchestration is our never-ending ability to experience sensations in a four-dimensional world.
Since lucid dreams are actually REAL (if lucid enough), and in "real" life Im severely limited, I have decided I'll use lucid dreaming to fulfil my bucket list; it can be anything across time-space, since its a dream!
However with great power, comes great responsibility so I also decided
>the list will have only and only 108 items
>there's an anti-bucket list of things I vow to NEVER do (even if I can-since its a lucid dream)
I encourage everyone to at least try to do the same. you'll look at life differently, be freer, more fearless..understand humanity better and be able to better love all your family, friends and neighbours.

File: 1703323253014148.jpg (36 KB, 345x345)
36 KB
any /x/ ways to get over a guy?
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Suicide is always the answer
Because it's her first and was a chad, she's chad widowed and will never love anyone else.

There's a reason you are supposed to only marry virgins
I'll date you. We can study the occult together. Even if it's all a dumb larp, I'd like to larp with you.
it unironically feels like this

Whats your personal craziest "I should have died" moment? How did you escape the Reaper?
have you noticed any timeline changes since that event?
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When I was a teen, I was crossing the street and from my point of view, I felt as though I was carried a few feet to the left, but witnesses stated I was hit by the car in their eyes.

No bruises, no internal bleeding, nothing. At the time that it happened, I heard a female voice say "Oh no we don't, not today."

Strangely enough, one of the passengers in the vehicle was someone I knew. The crazier part? Her name was Destiny.
everything became worse in life when I got out of that coma in 2011
I have a solid memory of opening a car door as a five year old and then falling out at high speed before a fade to black.
I remember getting concerned with the safety belt before my dad told me to knock it off and that there's no need
Was inches away from having painful death due to minor accident because of my stupidity once but was saved.
Had a car crash. Only through a freak chance did I survive. I feel like I should have died because the world changed immediately after, and nothing is the same. I guess it's pretty normal, but it's odd how calm I was at the moment of "death". Anger and frustration only came after, when I realized I'm OK, and I'm still perplexed by my reaction even now, like 5 years later. The sense of turbid anger and frustration and sheer madness when, after the crash, I got out of the car and realized I was fine, I was OK.

File: Untitled.png (1.18 MB, 1536x1152)
1.18 MB
1.18 MB PNG
>gave us a battlemap with logistics routes

they truly screwed the pooch on this one. times up, fuckos!

I do rituals on mondays but I would like to learn more
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cute cat
el monte by a journalist. Good tips
yeah into yoruba

File: image.png (1.38 MB, 1020x1620)
1.38 MB
1.38 MB PNG
how do I manifest God's energy?
Nice try, that's a trade secret
why do you keep posting this ugly fucking human frog hybrid every day
are you autistic
he's not ugly
Be white

>47% of Black adults report being single, higher than the share among other racial and ethnic groups.

>Asian, Latina, and white straight women all refuse messages from Black men -2021

>Black men and women daters were particularly discriminated compared to other minority daters. White straight women are twice as likely to respond to White men compared to Black men. -2022

>“Black and Latin men faced ‘similar discrimination,’ while white men had ratings “most high among women of all races.”

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
File: 1709067791944542.png (777 KB, 1021x768)
777 KB
777 KB PNG
Because he is a jew pretending to white people post in which he admires a black person. They do this for a variety of reasons.

Head Lizard dies, what are the implications of this?
>Lord Jacob Rothschild, financier and member of the Rothschild banking family, dies aged 87
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Part of me wants to say they're related to Armillaria, another fungus known for spreading rapidly and taking over respective ecosystems
fuck you
Generations of inbreeding
there's that
>Given the rule, established by Mayer Amschel, that only the founder's sons and, later, their sons and sons sons could become partners, the most common pattern was for a man to marry his father's brother's daughter.

File: IMG_6671.gif (1.45 MB, 500x500)
1.45 MB
1.45 MB GIF

Step #1 Drink some milk

Step #2 Lay down like your going to sleep (some people use bineral beats) if you need audio stimulation I recommend 432 hrtz

Step #3 act like your falling asleep and think about what heaven would be like to you

Step #4 Don’t fall asleep just stay conscious and let your body fall asleep

Step #5 Auditory and visual hallucinations: Ignore these and just let them pass until it begins to manifest into Heaven

Step #6 Enjoy Heaven until your ready to leave

Step #7 Decide to go home and you will be instantly back in your bed
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I will go back then and ask the gate to open.

yeah but you have to say it in Greek
the word is BIRD
>Drink some milk
This filters 90% of 4chan
Milk fucks me up
All other dairy is fine
GREASE is the word.
It's got a groove, it's got a meaning.

File: FLggupQVEAQv3Gm.jpg (128 KB, 444x960)
128 KB
128 KB JPG
Can't be bothered to look for the copypasta.

Anyway, I'm 28 days at it and my strength gains at the gym have exploded. Longest I've been was like 40 days or so.
Granted, I've been eating and sleeping well, but two months ago I did not see these types of insane strength gains like I do now. I'm close to lmao1plate ohp, which I thought I'd never achieve. Also I used to feel this sharp pain in my elbow when doing dips. This too has vanished and I'm pumping them out like pancakes. Close to 10 reps now with my body weight, which is impressive to me. I'm 6'3" and about 87kg now. Looking to hit the 90kg/200lbs this spring.

This shit works for real.
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Wet dreams are a minor leak, you will be fine
>Hindu ritual picrel

Shill thread. What happened to the other OP?
But it was so much coom you can even swim in it
thanks anon
this guy isn't who you replied to, lol
Original Thread


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