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So what's the difference?
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its reaching beyond those limits though
i take it as meaning subverting standards as a means for growth
The circle represents a foolish belief that the power of the symbol can be contained. Very foolish.
What's the difference between the two?
The difference is its bullshit bit this is more correct knowledge obviously and these are stupid motherfuckerz that need to die i i think u are all stupid mother fucking pieces of shit and i will fucking kill u wanna find out?
>So what's the difference?

One's Pythagorean the other isn't.

File: cnn_911_breaking-news.jpg (43 KB, 962x530)
43 KB
Why did they fake this? It couldn't have been for the money because it would have cost more in special effects to produce this Hollywood-level forgery than they could have recouped in the wars they started. It couldn't have been for the power because within 6 years they were more despised than ever.

Could they have simply done it for the lulz? Was the September 11 attacks and the fake news footage created for it simply the world's greatest rage bait video? Did Dick Cheney have no other motive besides trolling the world by making us believe these towers really existed?
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They had gotten away with anything for at least 30 years before that since having complete control over every government agency. Thats the kind of shit the cabal does when they think no one is watching
File: 2265216-525986527.jpg (85 KB, 670x447)
85 KB
It is very obvious to a mystic.
Evil ones wanted every arab nation decimated, so that israel could appear to be powerful, when all their neighbors are destroyed.
Everything is either done for money or for blood sacrifices, even if you guys don't believe in weird satanic shit these people still do
The main satanic stuff from that was promoting fear, trauma, anguish and then hopelesness. They wanted to destroy the soul of western nations before completely conquering them
you really need to lurk moar before making a thread. preferably indefinitely since you seem to be a complete retard

First off, I want to say that my daughter put me up to this by saying that you guys apparently love this stuff. I hope you all don't mind the stock 80s skyline.

Anyhow, I'm a retired officer, served in Manhattan from 1970 to 1999. Most of my calls were usually just break-ins and the occasional domestic violence dispute. However, there was one which still lingers with me today, and it gained a little notoriety with some people who I was with on dispatch. Most are still living, and it wouldn't surprise me if they've spoken about this very same tale more than once to their kids and grandkids.

Mid March, way too early in the morning.

I'm on out patrol when I get notified that there's a man who's called in screaming about "demons haunting his home". "Typical case of schizophrenia," I replied to the lady on the other line, as I told her I'd handle it.
The line went dead just as a massive rain storm started to kick up, as if to act as some sort of stark arbiter of what was to come. At that time, I just swore to myself and kicked on the cruiser's creaky wipers, entirely oblivious to what I was about to encounter.
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>stark arbiter
No fucking NYPD pig has this vocabulary
>I arrive to a typical home on a typical street that had nothing out of the ordinary other than a couple of overgrown shrubs in the front yard, which no one but the HOA

Many front yards and HOAs in Manhattan?

I'm from NY and am offended by how little thought was put into this.
>ahm wah-kin heah!
I highly doubt the legitimacy of this but if you’re really a cop fuck you pig
What was your favourite domestic violence call out?

I want rituals, incantation, enchantment, spells, whatever that actualy works for one to experience the paranormal

Is it possible that some people simply cannot touch the supernatural?

File: kriss-demon-1-4.jpg (158 KB, 629x468)
158 KB
158 KB JPG
The new testament says people get possessed. From personal experience I know this is true but its not mentioned in the O.T.

In the o.t. a witch did a seance and summoned samuel a prophet who passed away.

A donkey talks the balaam

Egyptians do magic qnd moses does magic that beats theirs and later more amazing 'miracles'

Elijah makes a fire consume and alter after hours and hours of the priest of a false god trying to do the same unsuccessfully
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Prahisees dont know they are evil and stupid god is good
They do they lie to themselves in iniquity. I
there's that thing about faith the size of a mustard seed
I wonder if an attitude of "it's probably bullshit... but maybe?" would count or not.
>In the Old Testament, Jewish demonology and angelology was not well established.
Read Enoch. The angels (fallen or not) are just sons of El. Also, stop using the word “Jewish” in this context. It’s irrelevant. The idea that spirits could possess you appears to be new in the NT, but I’m not so sure these evil spirits are the same as fallen angels.

File: 1708652197518918.jpg (155 KB, 624x627)
155 KB
155 KB JPG
Real, fake, inbetween I don't care but this board needs more stories.
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File: Pale Luna.png (1.48 MB, 727x2279)
1.48 MB
1.48 MB PNG
File: Stomping in the attic.png (46 KB, 784x376)
46 KB
File: Necrophiliac.jpg (1.41 MB, 2825x4251)
1.41 MB
1.41 MB JPG
File: Solomon saves I.png (146 KB, 1007x1726)
146 KB
146 KB PNG
File: Solomon saves II.png (154 KB, 1008x2188)
154 KB
154 KB PNG

What the hell is Abraxas?
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The brain in relation to the mind and the first god over you. The procession of consciousness goes universe > brain > you. The mind is a denizen of the inferior creation bathed in false light.
A fictional character
A Fag
File: CIN (25).jpg (490 KB, 2000x1730)
490 KB
490 KB JPG
The last planet we as a species were on before we got to the Sol system.
Humanity can take the chains of Abraxas

File: image.jpg (89 KB, 1200x922)
89 KB
Is r=u real?
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ITS ALL A LARP!!! well my larp shutdown the world and killed a few million people and I wasnt even trying just playing around how funny is that my larp killed millions hahaha and the larp has only just begun see what you retards see think is this will end no no it wont be stopped as youre 10 years too late and me being here right now writing this while im on the shitter taking a fat shit (just for you google) is proof youve failed and cant stop whats happening. So sorry youre fucking pathetic and gay unlike me .
IDK man a busty blonde glowy gf might change my mind
Yes, but the nobody got with Selphie instead of Quistis or the Sorceress, for some reason.
Everywhere The Nobody has been as an adult has been 80% men, so he never met R on this timeline. Selphie was the only one he met.
File: Da Capable Man.jpg (99 KB, 736x1104)
99 KB
u=r Is just as real as you or me.

File: 1710857256742154.png (179 KB, 800x700)
179 KB
179 KB PNG
Nothing will ever change, even if something happens your life will not change especially not for the better. Meanwhile life is slowly passes us by while we wait for a miracle that is never coming.

It's over
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go blow up in that govmaw building stupid bnitch
Fed mods!
File: Instant Clarification.jpg (106 KB, 736x737)
106 KB
106 KB JPG
Thanks bro.
I hate to be "that guy," but you're wrong. this post is proof enough that you have access to a device that is a marvel in and of itself. the wealth of the world's known information is LITERALLY at your fingertips. if you own a smart phone or computer, which you must (unless you're homeless and posting from a library, which I guess is possible), then you must have enough income to comfortably afford food and shelter, which is incredible! You are fed and sheltered and have access to a WEALTH of knowledge! On top of that, it's spring, the days are longer, the flowers are blooming, the air is temperate. The next time you step outside, please look around you. Maybe a neighbor is walking their dog. Maybe children are playing. Maybe a local bird is flitting about, or a rabbit, or a tiny lizard. There is so much vibrant life all around you, you just have to choose to see it.
>t. oldfag who grew up on this hellsite and learned to see the good in things in spite of it
>unless you're homeless and posting from a library
Most libraries I've been in block this site. Also...

you're not the good guys in ready or not
>play as feds
>not good guys??
i wish i could joins these /x/ users
what the fuck is this, some theatrefag post gastrip ramble? stfu and go play with your dollies corn gobbler

Did you know when you use gematria as a cipher key the Torah, Quran, and New Testment comprise a geometrical form that is mathematically commutative across all three books?
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>Did you know when you use gematria as a cipher key the Torah, Quran, and New Testment comprise a geometrical form that is mathematically commutative across all three books?
Make sense all 3 religions are basically the same
How? in romanized letters?
Who the fuck knows?
Judaism isn’t a major religion
The only book I have in depth knowledge on at this moment is the Torah where for example the first verse has a numerical value of 2701 and a value of 82 when the tens and hundreds are reduced to a single digit. This is significant because Torah has a value of 611 and reduced value of 17, when you take the first 17 digits of pi after the decimal and add them together you get 82 the same as the simple value of the first verse and then the preceding 611 digits after equaling 2701 the same as the regular value of the first verse. This numerical occurence also works inversely where the first 611 digits of pi equal 2701 and the preceding 17 digits equaling 82. The important takeaway from this is that these scriptures were written with mathematical and geometric forms in mind. I don't know the specifics but to my understanding the Torah primarily describes cubic metaforms specifically in regards to how this geometry interacts with timespace, the Quran describes mathematical forms in regards to how matter interacts with the progression of time, the New Testament elaborates on esoteric knowledge of the circle and how it applies to sacred geometry. To my understanding these mathematical structures are commutative in that each text describes a mathematical metaform that aligns symmetrically across all of the texts.

My theory is that the prime numbers all lie on the same point
that point is where the line runs through over and over again
in reality that point is space itself
the 64 tetrahedron grid which is the flower of life made into a 3d shape
61 circles in 2d 64 circles in 3d

File: bats upside down.png (205 KB, 507x448)
205 KB
205 KB PNG
Which one of you did this?


File: squidward-tired.jpg (153 KB, 1710x900)
153 KB
153 KB JPG
Can anyone confirm for me that I'm cursed?

I can NEVER arrive consistently on time for ANYTHING

I know its a curse because Randolph bullshit gets in my way and I'm always blamed for it and have to take responsibility for it and I just do, because unfortunately im a modern adult.

Whether I'm cursed or not, I still wanna blow my brains out if shit doesn't improve or time isn't changed.

I already know this world is fake (the shrooms revealed it to me) And the nature of time is made to torture us (it's the real prison, not earth)

Are there any realsm not governed by time? I wanna kill myself and shunt my consciousness there, I'm not a doomer becuade I KNOW there are better worlds out there than this time based,human ran, shit show
4 replies omitted. Click here to view.
>Forced against your will to be somewhere
>Arrive late
This is why they say humanity is choosing to dwell in this ignorance. You see people tied up on the train tracks and blame yourself for not saving them, never asking who tied them up to begin with.

>fall out boy proposed a handy solution

Yeah, Randolph be that way sometimes.
File: 3nq1fuhjuzt41.jpg (62 KB, 680x609)
62 KB
This has happened my whole life though either im retarded or I'm cursed

No matter the answer im willing to trade my entire world and life for another
You totally missed my point

File: R.jpg (313 KB, 1024x759)
313 KB
313 KB JPG
>Kato Kaelin invites himself to go to McDonald's with O.J.
>They each get a sandwich, fries, and a drink. O.J. drinks his Coca-Cola on the way home, but not before Kaelin takes the opportunity to slip a tablet of Rohypnol
>Upon arriving home, O.J. goes inside and calls his friend Dr. Christian Reichardt
>Dr. Reichardt would hear O.J. ask somebody in the room, "what was the score?" - referring to the NBA Finals game that had ended hours earlier. The only person on the property was Kaelin, and O.J. was in the euphoric stage of the "date-rape drug", and doesn't ask what the hell he's doing there
>90 minutes later, O.J. would be awakened by Romazicon and hurriedly prepare for his flight. Kaelin distracts him and the limo driver with claims of "noises". He doesn't remember anything that happened since arriving home, not even the call to Dr. Reichardt (he fails to tell the police about this call when being questioned the next day)
>After leaving Rockingham in the limo, and forgetting to set the alarm, one of the murderers (Ron Shipp) pulls up in the Bronco, proceeds to plant blood inside, and then enters the grounds to plant the glove and other evidence
>O.J. calls Kaelin from the limo and asks him to set the alarm, but Kaelin never does
>O.J. catches his flight, arrives in Chicago, and is awoken at 6 A.M. by a phone call from the LAPD
39 replies and 4 images omitted. Click here to view.
>Ron was a practiced martial artist and his autopsy showed dozens of defensive wounds.
These were mock defensive wounds that the killers made before fatally killing him. Ron Goldman did not fight back, he couldn't: He was unconscious from the blow.

The drug angle is a red herring. Sure there was coke flowing, but that was some of the least of the seediness.

Interesting video but unless you can debunk my theory you're just a small fry.
In other words this asshole Chris Todd is a grifter, and you're researching the wrong stuff. Sorry guy but the truth hurts.
Best books or docs about the case that aren't all gay like the FX show?
Sealed Envelope is the crown jewel, killing time, American tragedy, if I did it, Kato's book, Faye resnick books, madam foreman, just a few off top
If you read these and still think OJ did it, you have to be low IQ. It is what it is
Oh and there's zero good documentaries. Just books.
Brian Heiss stuff is ok on YouTube.

File: 1714546876962325.jpg (77 KB, 736x736)
77 KB
So unnerving...yet nostalgic
31 replies and 8 images omitted. Click here to view.
File: 1716054044020.jpg (40 KB, 1080x607)
40 KB
so pulchritudinous yet pusillanimous
File: backrooms fitness.jpg (100 KB, 820x1024)
100 KB
100 KB JPG
backrooms fitness
I seriously wish there was a place like this that I could call my own.
entire board constantly talks about reading vibes but is completely baffled when people find backoom liminal images off putting
File: poolroomaesthetic.jpg (37 KB, 720x535)
37 KB
maybe because I spent a lot of time in indoor pools as a child but I don't find these unnerving at all either. Just pure vibes.

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