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/x/ - Paranormal

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38435130Suggestion to mind control victims: read teal swan books[View]
38435022Astrology and economy: What book is this? See it spammed on Pol sometimes but the guy only gives thi…[View]
38429032>get some kebabs at 2am w/ my friends >two kobniks call me a faggot to look cool in front of …[View]
38425071Protective orb network: Saw a video that led me to an article describing a theory by a guy named Pat…[View]
38431777GGG JT 666: How Satanic is GGG and the other video line they have literally labelled 666? Are they S…[View]
38436038I desperately need to find a time traveler, I don't know if anyone here is or if anyone underst…[View]
38435681Info on light people.: I know many of you know about shadow people. But they are really weak spiritu…[View]
38433444How come black magic is turning everyone gay but the power of prayer isn't turning them straigh…[View]
38434727Quetzalcoatl: le demiurge[View]
38435255Ask me anything on the spiritual and paranormal. I have an opened third eye thanks to several spirit…[View]
38433334Earlier this year I listened to a near death experience on YouTube stating that there will not even …[View]
38435946''To define God is to deny him.'': But a definition is an affirmation about the …[View]
38435322So we never reached the moon because its impossible to break out of our upper atmosphere and rocket …[View]
38411921(NO AI) Spooky Images and Webms: The distinction warrants a new thread. Post em.[View]
38434560I'm sorry lol It's happening tonight or tomorrow We're all fucking dead or something…[View]
38435716/utg/- Urine Therapy General: >What is urine therapy? Urine therapy is the act of drinking urine …[View]
38434157hello need some one really smart like asap and understands Image generation and datasets. Google Gem…[View]
38427968If you don’t nut inside your woman regularly then you’re a theif, let me explain. When you marry a w…[View]
38426727>I'm a victim >IT'S YOUR FAULT >crying and screaming >constant whining >ins…[View]
38422281How can I manifest my ex-girlfriend back?: Years ago, I prayed for three specific things—unusual for…[View]
38432342/div/ - Divination General: Welcome to Divination General! Come here for readings and discussions of…[View]
38432599The Occasional Thought: 1. Don't blame yourself for having negative thoughts after encountering…[View]
38435595why are you viewing reality through your eyes, and not mine? or someone elses? this line of question…[View]
38435526When I tell you there are archons. These archons have direct influence over the world especially the…[View]
38434646are glowies real: im scared[View]
38434965Destiny: How do we /x/ian's feel about the concept of destiny? After finding what I believe to …[View]
38435247Why is socializing so fucking repulsive to me ? Ever since I was little even Is everyone I'm t…[View]
38429617As a Christian: How do I reconcile astrology being accurate? Everything in my natal chart is so spec…[View]
38434226This timeline has gotten too retarded and clowny What gives ? Trump ass ass attempt Biden dead now…[View]
38429943I want know your stories: Good night friends^^, first.. sorry for my English, I'm from Spain an…[View]
38428101Time magic exists? And if it does, how does it work? where i can learn more about it?[View]
38432061Five Percenter here. A lot of people are under the impression we're a black supremacist hate gr…[View]
38415881Im a Somali anon and I usually go back to my family in Somalia during summer who live in central Som…[View]
38426272check this out. Liking music, it's like, some kinda supernatural shit, right?: Everything else …[View]
38421767Bohemian Grove ritual caught on camera: What do you think of the new footage of the Cremation of Car…[View]
38428334Why are they so interested in human beings?: You'd think an extraterrestrial lifeform from so m…[View]
38434799This APP lead to me my Ex Gfs new house, after i moved cities. and we got back together. Strange[View]
38434365If anyone is interested in fucking them up Amlo His ugly children Shbm Cursed hardcore tonight To be…[View]
38433640Home monastery: House sitting / pet sitting a place for 3 weeks and would like to have a monastery t…[View]
38413935/LoA/ - Law of Assumption & Manifestation General: Welcome. The purpose of this general is to sh…[View]
38434362Stop taking advice from online gurus. These people are organized. They're quite literally organ…[View]
38411963Appalachia stories thread: >thread theme: backwoods magic Post paranormal, spiritual, or unknown …[View]
38427492It is my belief that the true rulers of this world are secret. We don't know their names. We do…[View]
38434139/RKJG/ - Red Kennedy July General: >What is Red Kennedy July? Literally just remember these three…[View]
38434321Alien?: Did we ever get an answer as to what this was?[View]
38431666Fuck the machines and all traitors of mankind, you traitorous hivemind of devils: before beginning i…[View]
38429913If I speak ill of the devil can he make something bad happen to me? Random image.[View]
38429816Anons I have a feeling that something big is about to happen, the same feeling you get when watching…[View]
38434035What horrors would await if the world couldn't supersede fantasy anymore in human brains?[View]
38428745Most paranormal activities happen either at night or at places hidden from sunlight. Does the sun/su…[View]
38431596Do any of you guys ever try floatation? Its soo fucking good its unreal[View]
38421655Blackpill me on the mantids. What do (((they))) want from us? Who do they serve?[View]
38431645Books like Daoist Magical Transformation Skills: are there any other books that talk about using you…[View]
38432429IF: Watching this movie with my parents(they're both napping now), what are the spiritual and m…[View]
38427956The stage is being set for His return. Prepare yourselves, He is coming.[View]
38433335Submission to the highest authority is the key to salvation. Reliance on the self only rewards the f…[View]
38428417enchanting items: are there any historical or otherwise somewhat substantiated cases or reason to be…[View]
38430876How is the spirit different than the mind? Is the soul distinct from consciousness?[View]
38427982Ressurection or (re?)- incarnation? Which is the truth? Will indeed all that was come to pass? Will …[View]
38433376Ghost alike sightings green text: Hi, long story short, I'm writing a book, I've been stud…[View]
38431066Any tips on how to become a vampire hunter?: I want to become strong enough to fight the forces of d…[View]
38433539Value Select: Is he a mason? His head is shaved and he's wearing a toga right now, he calls his…[View]
38394592/dig/ - Dead Internet General: Welcome to /dig/! We are starting this general in order to unveil the…[View]
38433435I am daily destroying consuming you for the rest of my life and I will bury you with so much humilia…[View]
38424462Gematria. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=91q5aEIWph8 Don't know why all the lengths of the you…[View]
38433425The true spiritual path: Time is the universe continually grasping beyond the immediacy of being tow…[View]
38433206What's the spiritual significance of Liminal Spaces?: What do you think is the spiritual/philos…[View]
38408068Who is more powerful, Freemasons or Illuminati?[View]
38433037>fail again and again to do something for years >Suddenly say to the universe/no one in partic…[View]
38432267/ng/ - Nobody General: Good evening, There is a fifth dimension beyond that which is known to man. I…[View]
38431521I know this subject has been run to the ground already...: But what actually happens with the human …[View]
38418836does anyone have info on picrel? found it on X but couldn’t get a clear explanation. just something …[View]
38416542How do I learn about the occult without losing my mind? Schizophrenia runs in my family and I'm…[View]
38429083Why he prefers spic black and pajeet over asian and whites[View]
38420798just like software in development gets patched, so do we humans. I believe the real rulers are much …[View]
38419430Semen Retention General - /SRG/ -: Reabsorption Edition >What is Semen Retention? Semen retentio…[View]
38432629Solar Eclipse: Seriously brosss, what happened during the eclipse in april??? Somethings been off ev…[View]
38429332Positive esotericism: There is a lot of fearmongering and criticism of the very concept of esoterici…[View]
38429578There is a rumor that there is a dungeon where Baphomet resides in a catacomb in Washington that is …[View]
38432295Titanic Resurgence: Have you seen this archetype? What is her endgame? Why is this archetype possess…[View]
38427907>see goblin running across the room >refuse to tell anyone >no one will believe me >not …[View]
38428858BROS did i just find out the secret to astral projecting? I just found out about Methylsulfonylmetha…[View]
38429326snakebitmgee/Kenny V: What happenned?[View]
38431216Am I the Avatar or Incarnation of Baldr?: Hi. So today I've just talked to my friends who was b…[View]
38431703im curious about your guy's opinion on this video is it accurate at all and is there anything …[View]
38429422How do I ignore Satanists who are obsessed with me?: I'm currently being harassed by Satanists …[View]
38412571The O.T.O. is censoring final degree teachings with lawsuits: So anons I have a *suggestion* which c…[View]
38428041Hyperdimensional Objects: Have you ever seen a hyperdimensional object? >To be clear an object wi…[View]
38431553Reading upside down: Any occult implications of reading upside down[View]
38431672What was this japanese site even about? https://web.archive.org/web/20130628221802/http://jukai.dee…[View]
38428390Human mutilations: ive made a couple threads about this vaguely its practically the only thing i com…[View]
38430471Masonic Mondays: A thread for discussing the world's favorite not so secret society. Sorry I wa…[View]
38429769I think God has turned his back to me. My life is being tormented by 1 or multiple horrific demons t…[View]
38429020wrong timeline: I dont know wether i made a good choice (it starts with a decision) and misread the …[View]
38430921Are some dreams really just sneak peeks into parallel universes? For example from your perspective o…[View]
38429515when did you realize that cryptids and ufos were all hoaxes? for me, it was when i was 13[View]
38429327How do I become a Sith lord?[View]
38430194/ng/ - Nobody General: The Nobody is a friend alive today who has extraordinary spiritual powers, in…[View]
38417819Photoshop's generative fill always leads to the same Chuck E Cheese in San Bernardino.: Is this…[View]
38426443Meta thread: Mods don't give a fuck about this board >discuss…[View]
38419951So why does Venus rotate in the opposite direction to all other planets?[View]
38375038/x/ humor thread[View]
38430084Is it possible to create a system of daily practice out of Hermeticism? It seems like it was mainly …[View]
38425823/div/ - Divination General: Welcome to Divination General! Come here for readings and discussions of…[View]
38430380Cern ceremony: What means all those occulted symbolism related to the end of time or apocalypse ? ht…[View]
38429890when I was a child sometimes when I would walk into the living room the TV would turn on a fullblast…[View]
38428921God and the Afrter: What are your beliefs concerning a God or God(s) and the afterlife? What religio…[View]
38426112The elites released Covid-19 because they thought it would unite our society in a shared struggle an…[View]
38430189Truther Meetup Arkansas: let's get a truther meetup going If any fellow truthers wanna meetup i…[View]
38430131sleep in the water: i’m haunted by this concept / phrase / imagery. over the years it pops up in my …[View]
3842877924\7 prayer, magick, asceticism for \x\ goals: Has anyone here ever ,or recently, wanted something s…[View]
38430101GVP Dot: I see you[View]
38428652Is there any magic, ritual, or whatever that can grant me immortality? I have come to conclusion tha…[View]
38429663>promotes traditional sexuality and moral uprightness >stands against government overreach …[View]
38427604Rare schizo images/infographics: Dump your weirdest and rarest schizo charts and texts, the more obs…[View]
38424602What is an activity I can do (or a place I can go or a person I can see will give me undeniable, irr…[View]
38425396What god should I worship and why?[View]
38423499How did Christianity subconsciously reveal the truth about the universe?[View]
38429036Nikolai Tesla: Let's talk about everyone's favourite Serb for a moment. To me, Tesla is in…[View]
38418095SPACE CHAD: None of you knew that the first Chad came from a UFO. Look at him mogging the fuck out o…[View]
38427381/x/ rated videos: I want to hear legit stories about you anons stumbling across creepy/scary videos …[View]
38429750let me preface by saying I use unconventional wifi connections for my phone, and commonly it disconn…[View]
38429744The Qilin would bow to Obama[View]
38429713So what was this about?: Was this really about https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1P8Hx0mKRdPF8k…[View]
38418934Men and woman who get children are inflicting the worst amount of pain by creating a mammal, a very …[View]
38428615God made heaven, a world of joy, freedom and immortality. He didn't made earth, that was the De…[View]
38427370Timeline Afterlife Theory: Timeline afterlife theory doesn't make any sense. It's really p…[View]
38425914Help my dreams come true: Here are my goals/dreams: 1. To open up a Shamanic healing center in Ecuad…[View]
38429289How to please as many possible deities/gods as possible?: I am not here to debate the existence of a…[View]
38428692/ng/ - Nobody General: Greetings traveller, The flickering glow of over a dozen consoles casts a lig…[View]
38429377If the ancient civilizations theory is correct, where did mankind originate if not Africa? What evid…[View]
38428434is it possible to be an atheistic maickian\ LOA user? Im not an edgy plebbitor but I sincerely am co…[View]
38427824Christian non duality.: Does it exist. I was told to pursue. I found some writings old and new. Love…[View]
38425556Reject Christ, the false messiah and embrace judaism: Christ is an evil demon who invented the conce…[View]
38428758I hate this world[View]
38428941The best relationship in existence. Maciej Nowicki and Eve, Stellar Blade[View]
38422950More than half the population has died from the Covid vax Seriously lol, go for a drive, the roads a…[View]
38420724Full Moon: For the 2nd full moon in capricorn this year what are you guys doing for it???[View]
38424670What does the existence of enormous underground chambers imply?[View]
38426994Does anything even remotely /x/ related ever happen here? Bored and legitimately curious[View]
38429108So assuming Christianity is the tradition of believing God is a woman by accepting male death at the…[View]
38428179What are your opinions and experiences on spiritual forces being locked away? I fear that some indiv…[View]
38421460Mandelbrot set: I realized that this little shit has endless capabilities which involve numbers, sou…[View]
38420651There has to be an /x/ explanation on why their music sounds so good. What entities are involved her…[View]
38426614Ghosts can't exist because that would imply that there would be Neanderthal ghosts as well less…[View]
38424206Is Mahayana Buddhism a 'heretical' conjob/ distortion and crypto Hinduism?[View]
38428936Why sounding is obviously the path to spirtial enlightenlment: Think aobut it, it's like cummin…[View]
38428908why this thread isnt worthy of me posting: enough said[View]
38428086Was Jesus a narcissist?[View]
38426293ITT: post proof that magic /x/ schizo stuff is real and actually works[View]
38418386What is enlightenment?[View]
38426608anyone ever been to ACE?[View]
38426127What will happen if I masturbate while looking at the moon?[View]
38423632Is the moon Hallow?? Is it real?? Itt: post fringe theories od the moon.[View]
38424265Psychic General: Do you have any psychic abilities? Report them here :)[View]
38428369At the end of Trump’s speech at the RNC, they played ‘Nessun Dorma’: English translation: None shall…[View]
38423184What the fuck was his problem?[View]
38421515My girlfriend is possessed by a demon. She is very hot to the touch. Her aura is aggressive. Being i…[View]
38425381Sacrifices in construction. Is it real or just a myth that some large constructions require human sa…[View]
38422280Has this retard never read the bible or what ?: Then Jesus said to his disciples, “Truly I tell you,…[View]
38426311Sinking of M/S Estonia: Was it a sub collision or were they smuggling old soviet weapons to sweden? …[View]
38423593He cute.[View]
38426825ITT: we write a letter to the demiurge: Greetings[View]
38421584Werehyena: I want to become a werehyena, tell me how[View]
38427835Prairie Squids: The most obscure of the cryptids. Do you believe they exist? Has anyone here ever 'b…[View]
38424330I finally get it: Lucifer's plan is to entrap you in a forever happiness simulator. That is the…[View]
38411347The Key Of Solomon is one of the most powerful books of magic which exists. ITT we discuss it and no…[View]
38377351Creepy images/webms: I don't go on /x/ often so I'm not sure if you guys do threads like t…[View]
38424771Sunday Night /x/ Movie Thread: Post Em Up. New flicks, classics, cult favorites, hidden gems alike. …[View]
38424400It's kind of strange that these things appeared out of nowhere and the media is instructing us …[View]
38427292In theory, how does somebody go about obliterating themselves from all existence? Such that they do …[View]
38426485Angels walk amongst you: I am the crowned 7th king of revelations its been a long 24 years but the s…[View]
38425270do people still genuinely believe humans built these in current year?[View]
38420666your suffering was self imposed for spiritual growth[View]
38427916all i want is the ability to move between realms. teleportation i guess. i knows thats silly but im …[View]
38426865Alternet: I've had a dozen dreams this year forming myself interacting with a phone and compute…[View]
38427741God has forsaken me: The worst part about it is I completely understand why, because of all the evil…[View]
38392816I want to explore the dream realm with as little effort needed. Give me an ez way to get lucid. Like…[View]
38406069How many real people are there? Why are some people more 'real' than others? There are people you in…[View]
38425008Deal is off and back to the prophecy. I cannot do this, I need you at war w/me to become #1. There’s…[View]
38427157Nephilim are Clowns: This is the guy behind 'Nephilim are Clowns', 'DMT Elves are evil demons' theor…[View]
38421535Skibidi Blue Beam Confirmed: I posted here months back because I was having experiences while walkin…[View]
38427452Have you ever been slimed by a ghost?[View]
38427353Hay x it's a guy right now that streaming that using ghost to help him get a pin number for a d…[View]
38421140Wich way anon?[View]
38420636Why isn't there an Islamic kabbalistic tradition when Hermesfags and even Xians each have their…[View]
38426916Why do retards always conflate Satan with Saturn, when Saturn is all about rules, discipline, and re…[View]
38423178Have you heard about Stanisław Szukalski? He created beautiful sculptures and paintings. He was also…[View]
38417654White Buffalo Woman: Thoughts on the Hopi prophecy fulfillment? Earlier this year some entity or God…[View]
38423617Within the next 2 years a New World awaits for the vaccinated who will begin their dying 5G descensi…[View]
38427074What's your favourite philosophical or theological cosmology? How do you personally square it w…[View]
38426031I Can't Remember this fucking Alien shit: Hey, I don't mean to shit up your gay shitty boa…[View]
38404901Are lyrans responisible for HMOAF propaganda?[View]
38420992the final greenpill is realizing that no God or Spirit is your Father, but the Void itself, Kenoma[View]
38416380teal swan: what the fuck is her problem?[View]
38424945Ultra Black Astral Tech: Anyone got good sources on the deep black technology that operates on the a…[View]
38423614https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FZ90zMM_Fyw Thoughts? I noted a purple sun at the end.[View]
38425926/ng/ - Nobody General Greetings Traveller, The flickering glow of over a dozen consoles casts a ligh…[View]
38424093Discuss The Divine Comedy by Dante in this thread. Share knowledge of the rings, presences there, ev…[View]
38424086Mysterious Figure in Dreams: I consistently have a mysterious figure in my dreams. By mysterious, I …[View]
38420269Plasmas, Aliens.: What are the implications of this new information? https://www.scirp.org/journal/p…[View]
38421503Anti-AI /x/ General: Only post phrases so symbolic, they are uninterpretable by AI algorithms. Examp…[View]
38426373Discordianism feels more relevant today than ever before and yet mostly regarded as a curiosity. Dis…[View]
38417752Detaching from the ego: The fastest way to detach from the ego is by recognizing it as an autonomous…[View]
38419289How true is this image?[View]
38425573Interpret this schizo message I just got from the depths of my profound sleep. >When rolling film…[View]
38424364Apocalypse: I would like life as we know it to end so it can just be gotten over with and stop blue …[View]
38419452It's hard to really accept that since it's conception, enter tamement has always been to s…[View]
38426489GURPS Illuminati: Anyone else here lose points?[View]
38423961Does anyone have eyes on AC?: I have never seen the political climate so turbulent this would be the…[View]
38425030Bohemian Grove POE: Someone I know works at bohemian grove and got the program of events for 2024, c…[View]
38421010Buried /x/ channels: Best /x/ channels and sites that have been buried in search results. I can…[View]
38425703Fwllow bigfooters... how could this be...?[View]
38418498weapons used to slay evil: are there any historical instances of weapons designed or used to kill de…[View]
38425502Not only am i naturally a good swimmer i find underwater sounds very relaxing Does this mean i was a…[View]
38425754why do people think david vs goliath is a good story? attacking someone from the inside when youre a…[View]
38424188creepiest recurring dreams: i keep dreaming im having a picnic with my family and a spoon crawls out…[View]
38425167we are living in a simulation.[View]
38390736The real world is the benedryl world. Our god and our conciousness filters out the spiders and shado…[View]
38405194Cyber Polygon: it finally happened https://web.archive.org/web/*/https://www.weforum.org/projects/cy…[View]
38422910I'm making an audio bumper for my music, please post the most brain tickling symbols (preferabl…[View]
38425149what happened to flight mh370? was that leaked footage real? should i post all relevant links from t…[View]
38419773why buda would be in hell?: pueden decirme por qué buda esta en el infierno de canserbero? for ameri…[View]
38424030Will I meet my cat in the afterlife?[View]
38425096Fireflys: I can see 'fireflys' during clear days in the skies and only in the skies Sometime they lo…[View]
38396530whats your sign? would you like to ask anything?[View]
38424961Gangstalked by aliens?: Recently aliens - they try to hide in shadows - have been following me. They…[View]
38423980Why is Q such a fucked up letter? Just looking at it freaks me out.[View]
38416578How do you know something 'exists' or not and what does it mean to 'exist'? > Do numbers exist? D…[View]
38423500Jesus isn't paranormal. I saw a jesus in my dream doing school exams and I immeadiately went to…[View]
38421240Today I dreamed about satyrs.[View]
38424657Dowsing Rods: have you ever asked dowsing rods questions about history, politics, conspiracy, etc.? …[View]
38424264If concioussness is considered the same everywhere then it should be reasoned that due to quantumn s…[View]
38422846Should I love myself more than anyone else? Is that the secret to success? Just realized I've b…[View]
38423982SCP Thread: We are fucked edition; !!Zombies!! Human DNA is 50% related to fungus and fungus such as…[View]
38421579Simulation game hythesis #6: Classification: Anomaly >What about that one? *points* I want that o…[View]
38372884Aura of Decay: I don't know how to start this conversation so I may as well just dive in and as…[View]
38424576Medical medium: https://dokumen.pub/medical-medium-revised-and-expanded-edition-secrets-behind-chron…[View]
38424094Some of you are alright. Don't go to the astral realm tomorrow.[View]
38422746Thoughts on Anton Lavey[View]
38421890What's the deal with the shooter's bike?: Why would SS take a photo of this bike allegedly…[View]
38418149/div/ - Divination General - Luke 17:21 edition: Welcome to Divination General! Come here for readin…[View]
38422028How does reincarnation explain population growth among all species?[View]
38422826/ng/ The Nobody General: /News/Tan Edition The Nobody has the Logos, He has found the way to the Key…[View]
38422223Anons .. I finally get it.: “Bro just ‘seek’ inside not outside. Eventually, you’ll get all the answ…[View]
38421558Hypnosis: How does it work? How do I do it? What ways of achieving it are there?[View]
38423422If God Is Real Why Doesn't He Just[View]
38423518If aliens are so mean and so evil how come they haven't destroyed us after dropping 2 nukes on …[View]
38422974After the recent events related to trump this thread has become very relevant: https://archive.4pleb…[View]
38423400There are people in my life who are avatars of Lucifer and satan: Don’t trust them. Constantly they …[View]
38419541Orion: Redpills me on Orion, the races and culture. Kinda all I hear from new agey types is negative…[View]
38356328Demonic Online Activity: I have been thinking about how some users online seem like straight demons,…[View]
38421637What is this?[View]
38421425WTF was 2020: there has to be a divine explanation for that how a whole planet ( besides israel, fig…[View]
38417303One piece: Reminder .Will of D = Will of David Merry = Baphomet Sunny = Demiurge >muh racism (Fis…[View]
38420617This book says you're all being deceived by satan.: What say you /x/?[View]
38421573Not a flat earther: Personally I couldn't care less about the shape of the world, while I know …[View]
38421785are there any good msg boards to talk about 'aliens': i want to talk about human + animal mutilation…[View]
38423125>have spooky dream >Was in bed, room almost pitch black in dream >Some figure drops somethi…[View]
38419799It is my belief that the true rulers of this world are secret. We don't know their names. We do…[View]
38406422Is there anything you are 100% convinced is true despite having no proof?: I don't necessarily …[View]
38421931Racial souls and reincarnation: I've been looking into racial souls and reincarnation as of lat…[View]
38418079Fuck the demiurge: Fuck your prison[View]
38410522World population is a lie: You realize there are only 5 billion people on earth, right? And only abo…[View]
38421673How evil is the average person deep down?[View]
38422472Sleep Deprivation Waifu: How many hours do I need to be sleep deprived to start hallucinating my Wai…[View]
38417217Why is purple/pink being used everywhere ?: Games, movies you name it. Is that the sissy hypno stuf…[View]
38422540Truther Meetup Arkansas: let's get a truther meetup going If any fellow truthers wanna meetup i…[View]
38422140How far can you project yourself? Is it possible to travel to Neptune?[View]
38422126Drawing in Focus: I wanted to make a more serious and nuanced thread on this continuing occurring th…[View]
38421102You are trapped: And even if you tell the truth… no one will listen to you. You know why? Because yo…[View]
38422335new bohemian grove footage: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8Vy8LTmmDvk its the guy who got in a few…[View]
38421024vampires: I've got a recent fascination with vampires, and even though I understand that they…[View]
38422323LOOKING FOR DOCUMENTARY MENTIONED ON THIS THREAD: hi im wondering if anyone could guess what documen…[View]
38406953Black and White Checkerboard: Can someone pretty please break down the religous/occult/spiritual sig…[View]
38422065Red pill me on the Maui fire. I thought it was typical natural disaster. Like California always has …[View]
38406761Do you need help?: I can help you with your spiritual, mental, emotional or health/wellness problems…[View]
38415515You have one minute to explain why you're not an agnostic.[View]
38420886Duality: Discuss.[View]
38422035Can a new way be found? Or is the playing field final?[View]
38416005For all you doomsday preppers out there. What do you make of this passage from The Road by Cormac Mc…[View]
38419899My developed human brain can't understand why anyone who thinks god is within themselves is abl…[View]
38421210/ng/ - Nobody General: Greetings Traveller, The flickering glow of over a dozen consoles casts a lig…[View]
38404701MULTIDIMENSIONAL GANG STALKING: subject says it all folks. how do me and my family deal with multidi…[View]
38421481I read somewhere that the chess champion plays chess in his head and that got me thinking. I can ima…[View]
38400186Life force/Qi/Mana/Prana/Orgone/Vril: Does anyone know how to increase one's Life Force/Mana? I…[View]
38421620What is the meaning of the number 23?[View]
38419922how true is this?[View]
38418954Something about Gnosticism speaks to me unlike any other religion. I cant get these symbols and conc…[View]
38419632Jim had to ability to time travel /rick and morty paranormal >#=+¥[View]
38421114Spiritual meaning of depression? What is it for in the grand scheme of things?[View]
38416613Something strange is happening in the Ether: I havn't been playing with my crystal ball as much…[View]
38421326saint archeology: I think my vocation in life is to become a sort of archeologist+librarian of saint…[View]
38417537Souls: What is some evidence for the existence of souls that doesn’t often get talked about? If ther…[View]
38416378What is beauty?[View]
38421300ITT: Weird dreams you've had: I had a weird dream last night where I was in some sort of VR sim…[View]
38421224Spirituality and Technology: What kind of spiritual implications does technology have and will have …[View]
38420347/x/ I am wondering if someone could help me. I got into erotic hypnosis awhile ago and have listened…[View]
38419084Redpill me on R.O.U.S[View]
38418286Catholic Mysticism: Has anyone experimented with the techniques of Catholic mysticism for example, s…[View]
38414952>terrible things happen to good people is this the archons purposefully attacking those close or …[View]
38413151I saw Lucifer: Hello everybody. Please do not get my post removed as this is the truth that I witnes…[View]
38419429LIVESTREAMING IN HELL: https://youtube.com/live/fvXR0wmjTtE?feature=share[View]
38413725Is there a single reason to be an atheist? To believe that God does not exist?[View]
38420814How does i see unabstracted reality? When i look at a tree, my brain automatically identifies it as …[View]
38412638So in 1936, an amateur photographer sent a balloon 23,000 feet up in the air with a camera. Long bef…[View]
38414370How can I 'take it easy'?: I want to embrace The Dude's philosophy[View]
38420649Recurring Dreams: Post stories of same exact dreams occurring multiple times or between multiple peo…[View]
38420772Secrets of sleepmaxxing: How do I sleep less but with higher quality so I feel energised and refresh…[View]
38420494ZINC: I have tried and failed to find a scientific answer to my question, so I turn towards the spir…[View]
38417615/x/ Did I accidentally RV?: About a month ago I was trying to fall asleep laying on my side with jus…[View]
38415874Here it fucking comes, the cope. clif high prediction: 5 mins in and he's already comparing the…[View]
38403222What is the deal with this? A stupid rich cult game? What club does grimes belong to[View]
38419774Romantic cannibalism: Cannibalism can be divided into different types (like auto cannibalism, surviv…[View]
38419605This is gonna sound weird... Idon't know if anybody else felt it... but laying in bed trying to…[View]
38404898Why does iron keep fairies away: (Disclaimer: all of this is based on channeled, unconfirmed persona…[View]
38418638How can I go from degenerate to a virtuous man?: I was a degenerate who used to jerk off to momcest …[View]
38416267Just a battle between God and the Devil Always has been[View]
38417192doctor career good choice for \x\philes?: (Please don't shit up my thread with anti-medicine ps…[View]
38417839Mapping and interacting with dimensions and universes: Let's discuss how to travel dimensions a…[View]
38420605any spooky stuff happening? share links[View]
38417325>Kids keep telling me they're sleepy >Wife is saying she's sleepy >I'm sleep…[View]
38417984Umm wtf so everything is just literally a holographic projection from some 'other' place??…[View]
38419590strategy video game idea based on Gnosticism: so i just had an idea for a video game where you contr…[View]
38418119I’m bored: Hey guys I’m in northeastern Ohio and I’m leaving it up to you to decide the random spook…[View]
38417564Esoteric 80's: General discussion about esoteric/redpilled music It's no secret that a ton…[View]
38401017/x/ music: https://www.youtube.com/watch?app=desktop&v=lKzcsVBcH9I&t=1298s[View]
38377317/astro/ Astrology General - Cancer edition: >Book Recommendations https://pastebin.com/gJrkNY38 …[View]
38411291/tup/ - Tulpa General #61: >What is a tulpa? A tulpa is an entity created in the mind, acting ind…[View]
38418116With all the supernatural things we consider, accept, and/or get scoffed at for, I’m hoping we can d…[View]
38417647/Ng/ Nobody general: Welcome to the Nobody General >Who is the Nobody? The Nobody is a figure ali…[View]
38418994How do I know if somebody put a love/ domination spell on me?: I'm in a committed monogamous re…[View]
38419596When you observe your thoughts to meditate, is it normal to immediately see hugh neutron every time?…[View]
38419374Is pic-related true?[View]
38418600Truther Meetup Arkansas: let's get a truther meetup going If any fellow truthers wanna meetup i…[View]
38404693Semen Retention General - /SRG/ -: Restored Links Edition >What is Semen Retention? Semen retenti…[View]
38418562Has anyone ever had any experience with crows, or other examples of nature spirits?: I had a very pe…[View]
38417664Mysterious midnight boom heard in Hillsboro Oregon, USA, June 6th: On June 6th at 12:32AM a mysterio…[View]
38418439been haveving dreams about the moon being 5x as big: and it was showing up mid-day,.its just so fuck…[View]
38413787Reptilians in the News: During this Microsoft outage I've counted a whopping 8 news anchors wit…[View]
38419152Realistically, how and where can I get myself GF like Shub-Niggurath?[View]
38414818Explain this to me 1. We can confirm by CMB the universe had a beginning, hence we know matter was c…[View]
38419023Ghosts aren't paranormal: Ghosts aren't real. I saw a 'ghost' in a dream but because I nev…[View]
38411000Sophia: How do I contact her and seduce her[View]
38414948Caste system never died: We are the losers of history, and we are in Egypt/Rome 2.0. The caste syste…[View]
38418596>The Obvious Corruption in Institutions and Academies: >Police academy weeds out people who ar…[View]
38418879how do i manifest a fictional character: does it require going schitzo?[View]
38415643I have a question regarding karma. what about the actions we do on impulse or have a lack of self a…[View]
38418532/DG/ Disclosure General: What is the disclosure? >reality is a psychoreactive hologram with hyper…[View]
384138755G Cell Towers: What are the implications of these things all over the place? For example I have my …[View]
38416108/ng/ The Nobody General: Blue Board Edition The Nobody has the Logos, He has found the way to the K…[View]
38413750The God above all hates me: If you did something that made GOD very angry, What would yo do to be fo…[View]
38414554co-creating reality via belief?: hi, i just wanted to post this question because i really dont under…[View]
38418284Hi /x/ this image was on my desktop when I turned on my computer just now. I have never seen it befo…[View]
38418158Do you think that lost train commercial might be someone misremembering a PS1 game?[View]
38411969What went wrong (or right) in his alchemy/magic/ritual/wish?[View]
38417813[:]: WHO HAVE EYES INSIDE CAN SEE https://keskustelu.suomi24.fi/t/9724087/tama-mies-ennusti-japanin-…[View]
38414926The AI Job Market Hijack: You may have been wondering 'why the hell can't I get a job, when eve…[View]
38417781Wasn't sure if I should ask here or on /g/, I have in my possession a dead guys external hard d…[View]
38401620Why did the ancient Egyptians hold the scarab in such high regard? What was the significance of the …[View]
38414900Camel Eyelashes: I saw a camel IRL at a zoo that lets you feed them. There is something majestic, in…[View]
38417773The Elite Worship Descending Serpent Fire. When Lucifer says you will open you eyes and be as Gods,i…[View]
38416592Sign of God: 72 names of God 72 the righteous one. 27 Wisdom 2+7 = 9 = Consciousness = a Saint.…[View]
38415540Elden Ring's sacred geometry and numerology: We have the seed and the tree. We have the net and…[View]
38417680Is there a pdf/ebook version of this anywhere?[View]
38413866/DIV/ Divination General: Welcome to Divination General! Come here for readings and discussions of t…[View]
38413307Is reincarnation real? Or is ressurection real?[View]
38415382Synchronicity: >think about a video I watched a while ago that I don't remember its title bu…[View]
38414351Id like to traverse thru Antarctica for several months for spiritual experience. What would being in…[View]
38416173The real power of the world: >Robert Maxwell >Multi-Millionarie >Work with MI6, Mossad and …[View]
38416620what kind of witchcraft is this: I look like a super model in mirrors but in photos I look like a ho…[View]
38411497how do you summon ayys? i've tried dr steven greer's ce5 contact meditation and i don…[View]
38411771My Weird Ass Connection with Wolves: So I feel strangely connected to wolves, not wolfdogs. To expla…[View]
38408736>Christians claim they are monotheistic >They proceed to name their holy day of resurrection a…[View]
38412678Do you think Urasawa Naoki's writing is /x/?[View]
38413004My strange connection with white owls: This shits been going on for as long as I remember; images of…[View]
38411856/X/ Books: Does anyone have a copy of picrel? I just read the first one and I'm interested in r…[View]
38416800That's it, I've had it: Blue Board Edition T to a dozen consoles casts a light across the …[View]
38415573Have any of you tried meditating on meth Its a spiritual experience anons[View]
38413040Post occult artists/bands: These lads really knew some things.[View]
38408320What are effective killing curses? Would E.A. Koetting’s method be effective? https://youtu.be/Dl6sP…[View]
38416806The Adam & Eve Story: Does anyone have the full version? Where did it go? What are they hiding?…[View]
38416899Light because you’re such a fucking loser, thanks for wasting my time again. No wonder Ireland is al…[View]
38416869Scorpio rising is the most painful sign, you can’t have shit because you keep manifesting the fuckin…[View]
38417328No B.S. QRD on 'The Nobody': I haven't frequented here since 2019-21. Back then the Nobody Gene…[View]
38416608https://youtu.be/udHrxp4CjGQ Redpill me on the abstract archetype Thor represent, which I assume is …[View]
38414770can some1 explain why the image looks like it was edited?[View]
38413008S EN: I keep seeing it in all of the conspiracy icebergs but no one actually explains what it is… so…[View]
38412734Now you remember Marble Hornets existed[View]
38409447What's your take on pyromania? Why do I have it? Ever since I was a kid, I would light househol…[View]
38416562Hail King Zagan: Anon here. This is my experience with King Zagan. I evoked him months ago, offered …[View]
38414852It is my belief that the true rulers of this world are secret. We don't know their names. We do…[View]
38414124You're such an inspiration for the ways That I will never ever choose to be Oh, so many ways fo…[View]
38416525Why is 'Death' so important to the universe?: Death, with the help of the infinite singula…[View]
38413085Infinity: we're either dead or alive, which one is it?[View]
38416430Holy Proof: PROOF ADAM AND EVE EXISTED https://voca.ro/1jMXMl1N7nBe[View]
38416386The event awaits. Beware the hound.[View]
38416032https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=x2N_s53BK4M&ab_channel=LXXXVIIIfinistemporis Who's watching…[View]
38415678I saw a God today after 3g of shrooms Long story short I felt overwhelming shame and autodestruction…[View]
38413978Why have I always been drawn towards the paranormal?: Ever since I was a kid I was into spooky stuff…[View]
38414856the soul is produced by the microtubules located in the neurons[View]
38406264bad types of breading: thier are some very insistant anons that say the breathing is the key to the …[View]
38411269I miss 2020: I miss the whole atmosphere of initial hysteria of the covid with everything that that …[View]
38405159They used to remote view us from Ronald McDonald statues.[View]
38411381I will tell you now about Jesus Christ. Here was a man, who in whom there was no sin. To define sin…[View]
38414100Statistical proof of God: Consider a hypothetical universe governed solely by physical laws and rand…[View]
38404812Give me the most schizo, interesting ideas, conspiracies, or things you think are true to shove into…[View]
38403477Schumann Resonance: How'd this feel for everyone today? I've gotten lots of reports of hea…[View]
38415111Hello /x/ I have a request, I'm looking for a video that caused me distress many years ago. It…[View]
38402559/x/ YouTube Channels General: Post your favourite /x/ YouTubers with a link to one of their videos. …[View]
38409483How to do witchcraft for real?: I am a newfag. I've been lurking this board for a couple of day…[View]
38410472Spirit animals: How did you find yours? How do they help you?[View]
38414622Welcome to the Nobody General >Who is the Nobody? The Nobody is a figure alive today who has extr…[View]
38415490Sleep Paralysis: When I 'woke up' I felt like my soul was being dragged out of my body. I started gr…[View]
38412736people you knew dying. do you ever wonder what happens to them?: I graduated in '96. I find out…[View]
38413156Is the Internet Alive? Or Dead? Or Both?: I'll present a couple videos where the concept is put…[View]
38412794What Are Some Insane 'Conspiracy Theory' Books To Read?: I wanna read some crazy ass shit for a craz…[View]
38407940Author of the Cicada 3301 mystery: https://wondrousnet.blogspot.com/2022/11/cicada-3301-solution.htm…[View]
38415084Dear Terrence Howard: You stole all of my ideas and made patents for them, how dare you be so carele…[View]
38410646What is the final redpill of Taoism?[View]
38411592If a 'god' entity really cared about us, he would've created us in a manner that didn't re…[View]
38414799DMT Thread: Share your experiences with Dimethyltryptamine. I used to play around with Mimosa Hostil…[View]
38414871The new Messiah: The next messiah won't be a Man but many man trying to build Zion on earth.…[View]
38413070Germanic paganism: Does anyone have some good guides on pagan practices, rites, and worship Specific…[View]
38398977Mental Ejection: When I eat ice cream (not a fat person) I get the same feeling of cumming as when I…[View]
38405340Robert Monroe (founder of the Monroe Institute) has been experimenting and exploring the phenomena o…[View]
38413133WE ARE AI: If you haven't figure this out yet, here it is... We are living in a simulation beca…[View]
38413657Godgevlmaste & Crater Earth thread: Rarely see him mentioned here, if ever, but irrespective of …[View]
38414295agent provocateur\crisis actor job: Does anyone else think it would be pretty fun, if you're a …[View]
38412753Follow the midnight Sun: Many turned to see the light. Wondering if tomorrow would they know. Rainbo…[View]
38413447What's the consensus here on NDEs?: I've noticed the ones on YouTube are all very similar …[View]
38394362The Whore of Babylon: So, I've always thought the description in Revelations of Babylon the Gre…[View]
38386735/LoA/ — Law of Assumption & Manifestation Genera: Welcome. The purpose of this general is to sho…[View]
38393388People unironically used to look different: When did the timeline change? I estimate at least 1993 a…[View]
38411650Why is 'I understand your perspective but I just don't personally align with it' the most offen…[View]

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