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/x/ - Paranormal

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37329258/imort/ - #1 - Immortality Keywords Thread / Keys to Immortality Thread: Post KEYWORDS relating to a…[View]
37331921Beyond the demiurge: Despite what bible thumpers would have us believe, our concept of the divine is…[View]
37331377Satanic Red Moon appeared in front of me: Coming out the Mountain of Sorrows. I want to share this w…[View]
37330968Why does the universe keep pushing modelo in my fucking face? What are the sprirtual implications of…[View]
37329517How to find hidden or forbidden knowledge.[View]
37329174what's the most painful, damaging thing you can do to a malefic demon that has attached itself …[View]
37288490is it just me?: For context; I'm an atheist. I don't believe in anything remotely spiritua…[View]
37322898I have a problem, I am having a 'psychic' connection with the anchors on fox news, which I assume is…[View]
37329439God is a Psyop, not your maker.: Christianity is a tool of the wealthy fatcats that demand the sacri…[View]
37330043I’m here to deliver a message regarding the AI generated creatures in this music video: https://yout…[View]
37329355Hemi sync General[View]
37329688How would you survive a ghost/spirit: Anons imagine this an Spirit/ghost appeared How would you surv…[View]
37331739Maybe they don't exist. Maybe they do. I doubt humans were ever in space. All of the crap they …[View]
37331539did my lamp absord my negative energy or just a coincidence: yesterday i was probably one of the ang…[View]
37330079/ng/- Nobody General: Welcome to the Nobody General >Who is the Nobody? The Nobody is a friend al…[View]
37331597Looking for interesting people who want to speak without any real censorship about different topics.…[View]
37320385Amalek: Who is Amalek and why does yahweh command his followers to destroy them?[View]
37317089I just want to understand reality but have no idea how. The only answer i ever get here is :just med…[View]
37318796Ego/Identity: when have you realized life is just a stage? tell me your story and experiences anons…[View]
37325259Hi /x/, I've been a quiet lurker here for years. The subjects and discussions helped spark an i…[View]
37329457Manson Family & Related: Manson’s parole officer was a man named Roger Smith, who was also one o…[View]
37297965When did low iq mutts co-opt extra-terrestrials/ufo's as being the work of 'da demons' n shiet?[View]
37329093Texas-Chan: Frenzone/No-Glowies Allowed: So as I work on the next stage of the 'Book of Texas-chan' …[View]
37234445/succgen/ Succubus General 522: Spirit Love General DISCLAIMER: Some have reported attracting the at…[View]
37322566Has anyone here read this book? If so, what are your thoughts on it?[View]
37326457Father Satan and his legions are wonderful, insightful, instructive, loving beings - the very best b…[View]
37315180The first gulf war: What was it really about?[View]
37323603Is it true that if you behave extremely evil in your lucid dreams and kill\rape\torture etc the drea…[View]
37330248I love you god: Super-Cudder-Realistic-Leaner-Alidocius[View]
37330739But as for the cowardly, the faithless, the detestable, as for murderers, the sexually immoral, sorc…[View]
37268729The Progenitors: There was a time when all humanity was working together. We had technology that int…[View]
37330456/apg/ Astral Projection and OOBE General #??: FAQ: >Can anyone have an out of body experience? Ye…[View]
37330148Everything we see is but a SHADOW of a LARGER REALITY[View]
37324803What's preventing you from being this happy?[View]
37329004So as I work on the next stage of the 'Book of Texas-chan' I'd like to invite you fine folk to …[View]
37329157You may have noticed everybody getting ill recently, and it's not a coincidence or a new outbre…[View]
37326819What are the real life equivalent of the Infinity Stones, basically powerful objects and/or if put t…[View]
37328098/div/ - Divination General: Welcome to Divination General! Come here for readings and a discussion o…[View]
37328308Magic doesn't work and I'm tired of pretending it does.[View]
37329561send weird images: off putting/unexplainable images (i need it for something im working on)[View]
37327967How big of a concern is fluoride in drinking water? I have a suspicion that it is connected with mos…[View]
37325939Attacked by demon voices: How do you deal with demon voices? I have them. I sometimes can’t make the…[View]
37329835my dreams: Ive been seeing in my dreams the g man coming out of a toilet and its been freaking me ou…[View]
37329557I find it hilarious how pol is more spiritually intoned and advanced compared to x/. I never realize…[View]
37326197Why does /x/ think souls are worthless?: >thread #319203 about OP trying to sell soul >same re…[View]
37324629What is death? How can you not exist? It's literally impossible by definition.[View]
37327570You will never understand what/who God is.: I'm making this post because I see stupid Christian…[View]
37326341On Sunday night I saw a UFO going over some trees. It was bright white with some greenish. It sort o…[View]
37327308/ng/ Nobody General: Welcome to the Nobody General >Who is the Nobody? The Nobody is a friend ali…[View]
37328920Having doubt on a spirit journey.: I've recently tried to go on a new path spiritually. I'…[View]
37328458We can never be touched: Hola /x qué tal? Gratuituosly posting here, How to explain? Sorry but synth…[View]
37328318Russian glass: Has anyone debunked this guy? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fPd9G49INSk Apparently …[View]
37328918I don’t know which God to turn to: All I know is that there is a God, something above this all. But …[View]
37327972My cursed dolls: Bought them from a pawn shop yesterday. The woman told me they both are from 1998 a…[View]
37327113How do I implement a daily prayer ritual to the Greek Pantheon for strength and blessings like pic r…[View]
37328950No one has explained to me why.: I believe Vatican guy. I believe Texas Chan threads are a subversio…[View]
37328721Was reality a mistake or something?: I feel like I'm in hell.[View]
37328914What's his deal, /x/?: Is he just a poser, or is he /x/ tier?[View]
37326871Are there any esoteric books that can be easily obtained? Mainly on Thelema, potentially other thing…[View]
37319538It feels like no one has a soul anymore. Everywhere I look I see whores, tattoos, porn, degeneracy,…[View]
37316511>He had the 'public toilets with no privacy' dream again[View]
37326455Child Sacrifice: >Moloch >The Black Sun >The military industrial complex >Kabbalah We…[View]
37327649Have you ever wondered why current Hollywood movies suck so much? Hollywood hires talent (actors, sc…[View]
37320395Glass that allow you to see invisible objects: Saw this channel on Youtube of a guy that supposed fo…[View]
37288045What are the most obscure things about Kabbalah?[View]
37270865Wolf shapeshifting: Does anyone know how to shapeshift into a wolf? This isnt otherkin bullshit, I…[View]
37328167Can I become a dragon[View]
37328110I am convinced most threads made here are bot threads. Especially the redditfrog ones.[View]
37326860Is it not your own will thatis truly 'evil'?: Behold how your command of hollow flesh rend…[View]
37326309Time travel: How can I go back and change my past? I want to retain all my memories and stay in the …[View]
37325922Share you current level of consciousness.: I met with a shaman today for some spiritual guidance and…[View]
37321080Redpill me on the ritualistic breaking of taboos Does it actually give one power? I've read ab…[View]
37312641God is real isn't he?[View]
37326841Is it true that entities you meet on a psychedelic trip are demons in disguise?[View]
37321012Flat Earth INSIDE God's Mc Donald's.: >https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NSUyp0BHwOw I…[View]
37323328HAARP frequency warfare: Currently awake right now because of tinnitus and a loud frequency over my …[View]
37307282ITT we strongly interpret the dot: https://gcpdot.com/ a few days ago the dot stayed blue for over a…[View]
37327019>Christianity is... le jewish What exactly gives people this impression, other than heretics and …[View]
37327946F.A.G. World: Fake And Ghey)I NEED ANSWERS!!!: Bored a bit atm and am into false reality theory(fact…[View]
37326059/gg/ - Gnosticism General: >What is Gnosticism? Gnosticism is the secret, self-knowledge focused …[View]
37327968this board is like victioria 1800s, so much bullshit dragons would be cool though if they were real,…[View]
37328026Life is a test. Not for your afterlife. For the type of life you experience. Believe me, we're …[View]
37319217a demon keeps talking to me when I'm in bed but I don't understand what he's saying[View]
37315256The Fire Man infront of Israel Embassy, DC: Guys, we need to talk about this demon/omen that was rel…[View]
37324523Facts: Why European religions are obsessed with muh races, muh racial purities, muh ethnic groups, m…[View]
37328009Which Way?[View]
37326180Gnostic Creation Story: Can anyone give a brief synopsis of the gnostic creation story? With like Ch…[View]
37313841Reincarnation is a cool concept, but it sounds frightening at the same time What do you think /x/?[View]
37327714after praying for a long time, I notice that I feel vibrating, or shaking in my chest. does that mea…[View]
37299180Solutions for Society: I'm posting this again since last thread died and only one autist answer…[View]
37322378Share legit stories of spooky things that happened online: Kinda bored and looking for an /x/ convo …[View]
37306477We are looping this is hell: This world is some sort of hell where you are stuck to live a life trap…[View]
37316115livecam rover on moon: >Not saying moon landings never happened >Not saying we don't have…[View]
37319627We Are Gods: “Today a young man on acid realized that all matter is merely energy condensed to a slo…[View]
37327481MKULTRA DISCORD IS BACK!!!!: Its getting active here edition EED9EkxYDp[View]
37325714Hey guys, here you go. Reality and inner workings of it all, n stuff. Cheers https://youtu.be/Xlfq3y…[View]
37326391Best Magical Resources: What are the best resources for correspondences in relation to magic? Is pic…[View]
37327327You enter into a place of endlessly intricate, fractalizing architecture. This place is very convinc…[View]
37327309I'm going crazy because I sing too much: I just can't stop singing every day. How do I sto…[View]
37324411The dreams in which I'm dying are the best I've ever had[View]
37289107Ask A Real Monk Anything: Hello /X/ I am Bhante Varrapanyo an American Buddhist Monk and I am here t…[View]
37327249Only other post is on 3/7. Hm.[View]
37318469What does 333 mean?: I keep seeing it around, not only in random places, but also in things of speci…[View]
37326925Out of all the 12 Jungian Archetypes why does The Jester have that X-Factor more than any other arch…[View]
37324708What are spiritual effects of the modern food system? That is, three times a day, with ingredients o…[View]
37325461I Wrote Love Letters to the Universe. Did I fuck Up?: So full disclosure I've had feelings for …[View]
37325625I need one of you dream interpreters to help me make sense of this. I asked a few people irl but nob…[View]
37319492What is your wackiest strong interpretation of occult/spiritual matters or the world? All views are …[View]
37325772So I made a thread asking if anyone had solved the mystery of 'Username 666' and its creator on YouT…[View]
37324155/div/ - Divination General: Welcome to Divination General! Come here for readings and a discussion o…[View]
37326783Predicting the mundane: Okay, let's talk about predicting the future. Not the kind where 'celeb…[View]
37324254nobody general - /ng/: There's no 'the nobody'. There are many a 'the nobody' -ies. I am kinda …[View]
37325272What this symbol on this ring?: My mom bought this ring from a farmers market in ecuador and it has …[View]
37324188do doors have any spiritual meaning? >be me >july 2021 >someone tries to break into my pla…[View]
37316555It's all a dream. Twin Peaks was a documentary. Wake up.[View]
37326475Who is Shiva, to you?[View]
37324278You hate the experience of the senses so much that you prioritize the imagination. You get bored of …[View]
37304689Some real experiences with fairies: I'll try to summarize as much as possible. I live in a fore…[View]
37320444Will a kundalini awakening cure my fear of death?: I'm smart enough to admit I don't know …[View]
37321796Is music magic?: Also post occult/paranormal stuff related to music[View]
37326072The Language of Universal Love: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CUosSQZSw5c[View]
37321810Upcoming: 'Book of Texas-Chan': So due to the amount of new material, alot of LARPing, some claims o…[View]
37324974eliphas levi: is this a good place to start?[View]
37324540/ng/ - Nobody General: Welcome to the Nobody General >Who is the Nobody? The Nobody is a friend a…[View]
37315248Singularity-Chan aka the most Enlightened Retard aka Retard Kami here in my Many years since Gnosis …[View]
37326135>some dance to remember >some dance to forget Why do people deny that this is Gnosticism: The …[View]
37316009HUNTER X HUNTER FREEMASONIC INITIATION: Let's start off with the first arc hunter exams. The ar…[View]
37326045>be me >dream about snow (i lived in a kinda snowy place before i moved with my parents cuz da…[View]
37294551I feel extremely weird Some major shit is going down tomorrow or Monday screen cap this[View]
37311775What kind of demonic influence caused this?[View]
37319858Deicide: How do we kill Tiamat for good?[View]
37325872/x/ advice on increasing productivity?: Bren depressed for several years now and i don't even m…[View]
37283365Spooky pictures: Spooky images thread. Post the best you saved.[View]
37317640The reptilian Anglo-Jewish global control apparatus is so collapsed that it is beginning to be perce…[View]
37320425This language virus exists among many minds as a subconscious will to power that creates social cond…[View]
37323108I was listening to flandres scarlet theme music on my phone and on the catalog page (after making …[View]
37307685>enhances your kino[View]
37325365A whole lotta everything: Existence can be so full of beauty. Beauty is a trap, but a pleasant one. …[View]
37317231She can save God: Here's your spiritual guide bro. >But she takes hot pictures of herself an…[View]
37325325Can someone tell me from which book pic rel is? Saw it in a thread a few days ago but the op didn…[View]
37325269'Glowing flying orbs' what are they?: I literally saw one last year while hiking. Tried filming it b…[View]
37323447Is the story of the giant of Kandahar actually true?[View]
37320136When did you realize there are cities on the moon[View]
37324289It’s been almost a month since i started my urbex threads. This time it’s a house that’s being demo…[View]
37310092I have already made several threats about this topic, so I will just get to the point.: I want to kn…[View]
37312104How tf was this allowed to be published? Wouldn't the Masons stop something that accuses them o…[View]
37323286Solar Flare: What are the paranormal implications of crypto chuds being obsessed with the solar flar…[View]
37308911/b/ killer ? new info: Back in 2015 (i think) there was an anon posting on /b/ who said he enjoyed k…[View]
37321417I am in contact with extraterrestrials: You guys are in big trouble. Not me though. I'm a silly…[View]
37324039God Became Man that Man Might Become God[View]
37322717What is next for him?: Jakob Rothschild died on 02/24/2024 It was also full moon when he died Is the…[View]
37288344KGB documents about Ancient History: Fascinating read. Talks about Lemurians, Atlantians, Annunaki, …[View]
37324177What are some /x/-approved movies?[View]
37324570Demons of Laziness and Procrastination.: I am convinced that demons or spirits of laziness and procr…[View]
37315902this is you[View]
37292980Redpill me on colors: Why do nobody talk about them even though they're are very spiritual thin…[View]
37324412how do i 'get out of body': next time i am in sleep paralysis what should i do to roll out of body?…[View]
37322538Another big catastrophe, even worse than COVID, is coming this March. You heard it here first.[View]
37323900Is God good?: That seems to be the main attribute of God, but what makes it so? Almost all the peopl…[View]
37321930Vibrate higher: The more meaningless sex you have the lower your spirit vibrates. Hedonists are the…[View]
37323846Sage anon here. Ask me anything on spirituality. From Buddhism to shaivism, from the Mahayana to the…[View]
37306670/SRG/ - Semen Retention General - La Petite Mort Edition: Evidence: https://imgur.io/gallery/g4eGH …[View]
37320955Rastafarianism Is a Religion Cooped by the CIA is Passify possible black Rebels in the Caribbean the…[View]
37323586The Paranormal, Namira and AI: Ever engage any 'AI' bots in any discussion of esoteric par…[View]
37324157\x\ stories of homeless\ forest men: Does anyone have any good stories, green-texts, or archive post…[View]
37323012/ng/ Nobody General: Welcome; let's be frenly, no need for negativity in this thread. It takes …[View]
37324125I picked up enentity from friend: I was staying in my friend's flat and he started to tell a st…[View]
37319943Solving the Mind-Body Problem: I wrote a short 6-page solution to the mind-body problem. I worked on…[View]
37300210/LoA/ — Law of Assumption & Manifestation General: Welcome. The purpose of this general is to sh…[View]
37319912/x/ Anime: Post your best /x/ tier anime[View]
37314893Why are so many people driven mad by sex? It has a subconscious grasp on the world, even if people d…[View]
37323015Ištar Server: Ištar Ama Zami I had this idea for some time and yesterday actually did it. I made an …[View]
37317314Magic sky wizard create universe: Who create magic sky wizard?[View]
37319317whats the most /x/ tier thing to hit the ancient world ?[View]
37320842Are crisis actors NPC’s?: This has been on my mind for some time now. Think how many false flag psyo…[View]
37320485/x/-related videos from pre-Youtube era are fascinating. So much of this stuff has been scrubbed/bur…[View]
37323541Did I fuck up badly?: I was flying to the Easter Islands for a little vacation (already landed, real…[View]
37321403I'm forcing everyone to reincarnate with me forever: Nobody is 'exiting' this 'game of life.' I…[View]
37321281The mischievous soul: I am a natural prankster with a most playful nature. I think it's funny t…[View]
37321938thoughts on mindpersuasion?: Those subliminals are really effective and apparently they are made bas…[View]
37320675Cursed dug up eBay shit: >haunted human remains >haunted arrowheads >locks of native americ…[View]
37321536Soul Trap: If the Moon is a soul trap. What if we (as a human race) physically blew it up?[View]
37314867Whats your favourite episodes? I remember trying to find a show like it years later, and I watched a…[View]
37306685Alright it's time for all of you to come clean ?: You know who I am why is it that you tried to…[View]
37323017The Nephilim, and the Angels: For any that have figured it out by reading the Book of Enoch and the …[View]
37319227Where did the 'f--k Texas-chan thread' go?: Can anyone repost the screenshot from that thread? Pers…[View]
37319331What did this poster mean about the apocalypse?: Jesus is the antichrist poster posted this not too …[View]
37309091Para-STORM-al: Storms(and dreary weather in general) are my favorite type of weather, so I thought I…[View]
37322104When I first played cod modern warfare, there was a nuke in the freight container on the cargo ship …[View]
37317898/april/: April 2024 Astrological transits combined with historical event comparison, April 2024 is c…[View]
37319711The Queen of Heaven: Who is she? Why did she appear in my DMT trip and take me on a ride on her bell…[View]
37303489Blue Eisenhower November: All and Everything It's all here You just need to focus And remember …[View]
37321924What if we're all just extras in someone elses story and there's 1 person alive who is the…[View]
37322266Tiamat thread: So i read some threads recently on pol and in the past on X referring to the 'wormpil…[View]
37314795Does anyone have the picture of the scary zombie with long hair looking down at the camera[View]
37319553any future man in to tell me the future?[View]
37321671Hey, please stay away from me from now on and all my next lives We never met, we have nothing in co…[View]
37321171Sleep paralysis experience: >Last night >Having normal dream >At some point during the drea…[View]
37300106You finally did it /x/: You drove this faggot to the brink of suicide. Now hes crying and begging fo…[View]
37320438Are glowies evil/demons/misunderstood: Are their actually any good glowies? Cause it seems like they…[View]
37317839I have demons: I can’t make them go away. The psych meds keep me from functioning properly. Is there…[View]
37317253All the major questions of life are unanswerable. There is so much that is unknown, what God is, how…[View]
37320259Are Apollo and Lucifer the same God?[View]
37321500Books equvilants: any books like poormans james bond but for like somoning ghost and shit like real …[View]
37315177Do the rituals in this book work?: i want to protect myself from magic, but i am new to this (i was …[View]
37317908His name is Caligastia. Although we will know him by a different name.: He finally figured out how t…[View]
37315170Samael Aun Weor: What do you think about Samael Aun Weor and his teachings?[View]
37316777I get random breath's of childhood smells. Like I can walk next to a river and breath in a farm…[View]
37316857how do i join an intelligence agency?: i'm a legit schizo btw[View]
37319461/div/ - Divination General: Welcome to Divination General! Come here for readings and a discussion o…[View]
37317989/NG/ Nobody General: >so yall looted the entire western Canon and merged it into one mashup chara…[View]
37313771The viral scam: An anon was asking for a specific study about viral bullshit. Thread is stale and no…[View]
37317742M A T R I X: The Matrix is everywhere. It is all around us. Even now, in this very room. You can see…[View]
37317708I AM: What if we're possessed by a parasitic entity called 'I AM'? It takes up space in our cog…[View]
37320790Vampires are real. Jeffery Epstein isn't dead, Evelyn de Rothschild isn't dead, Jacob Roth…[View]
37319542Minecraft Ending Poem: This is the end game poem after you beat the dragon What did they mean by thi…[View]
37319708Judaism and Saturn: We see a lot about Jews being somehow connected to Saturn, i think it's tim…[View]
37307868POST SCARY STUFF, stuff that triggers a maximum amount of anxienty and wants to make you quit /x Vid…[View]
37314217What happens if I don't go into the light? What happens if I just fuck off on my own far away?[View]
37312998Hypothetical: Odin sacrificed his eye for knowledge. He threw it into the water. Our consciousness i…[View]
37318674Are things getting better[View]
37320488Asking the Department of Dumbfuk: Do you like needles? https://youtu.be/8Sg-BR1U04g?feature=shared …[View]
37318100Dear God.: How did you overcome the infinite sadness from condemning your fragments to hell? Are the…[View]
37317924Swami Vivekananda is the realest mf ever, it doesn't even make sense to hear what any other rel…[View]
37318779The Alchemist YouTube Channel: How legit is this woman? I don't trust woman in general when it …[View]
3731848930 years have passed and cell phones and Internet are part of everyday human life. What are the spir…[View]
37311257Can I get a quick rundown on leap days?[View]
37319100Will AI render the occult meaningless? I mean, sure, it will evolve to do cooler things than magic.[View]
37316852I can't find anything about the guy who studied gnomes until death, did he get scrubbed off the…[View]
37320198Welcome to /x/ -pastebin: The pastebin lists that still even exist have a lot of dead links. Was won…[View]
37320131What's your favorite piece of Irish folklore?[View]
37319364/nzw/ - New Zealand thread: A thread for discussion on NZW cosmology. >Inside-Out Universe A rema…[View]
37316186I am staying in the south of Mexico with some relatives of my girlfriend, and I must day i was told …[View]
37291897/omg/ - Occult, Mysticism & Magick General: Remember to ignore off-topic posts and only reply to…[View]
37318768In the future, humanity will be unified, individuality will disappear, miscegenation will be normal …[View]
37319649I seem to be in tuned with something I don't give a shit about I don't want to be privy t…[View]
37317819/ng/ - Nobody General: Welcome; let's be frenly, no need for negativity in this thread. It take…[View]
37313568Backrooms FAQ: So how does one noclip from reality exactly? I've gotten into Backrooms recently…[View]
37316771GCP dot ponderers: Guys, I think we broke the collective unconscious.[View]
37313803Ha ha HA HA HAHAHAHHHAAHAHHAHAHAHAVAVA: 'Lorkhan, also known as Doom Drum, is the elven name for the…[View]
37315920So this past weekend my girlfriend planned this elaborate anniversary trip driving around Virginia. …[View]
37302401Small Time Magician Here, Performing 'Mind-Readings'.: Please adhere to the following rule…[View]
37301184Humans, Bots, Demons, or Giggers?: No, this is not strictly about the 666 thing, I am just wondering…[View]
37306122Weird: Why is the world so fucking weird lately? I know Im not the only one who noticed it. We must …[View]
37318747poobaby shock video: does anyone remember poobaby? it was an old shock video of man shitting on a ba…[View]
37315777I picked up enentity from friend: I was staying in my friend's flat and he started to tell a st…[View]
37313749There is so much potential out there, beyond this world. What you really are will never die. There…[View]
37295842If you're not using 'Attack on Titan' as an analog for disclosure, you're kind of retarded…[View]
37315619Redpill me on The Watchers: Did they transfer technology to the early humans?[View]
37318514My karma is so heavy I will never escape it. I feel the weight of God's hatred every moment of …[View]
37312606Texas-Chan: The Divine Comdey: What is Texas-Chan? >>37302897 Okay so let's start the nex…[View]
37318490Im super confused. If The painter was practicing occultism, why would he mark the jews with pentacle…[View]
37318117Chiropractice: Can anyone give me the greentexts on how chiropractors are a huge scam (Or occult sci…[View]
37311003Summoning UFO's: I want to use the CE5 protocol from Dr. Steven Greer to summon light vehicles.…[View]
37314663I’m a sabbatean frankist[View]
37310761How can a man rule over demons?: From the years of my experience with the occult, I've came to …[View]
37315910How to do I into the process of drawing energy up the spinal cord while in transcendental meditation…[View]
37317892YouTube compilations of grooming content on Disney Channel: does anyone know what i'm talking a…[View]
37314790/div/ • Divination General - hermit edition: Welcome to Divination General! Come here for readings a…[View]
37317468Esoteric Library: Does anyone has a arcanic library on a drive, like Mega, and wants to share ?…[View]
37309796CERN General: Why did everyone stop caring about CERN? Let's discuss what's going on with…[View]
37308170Neon Genesis Evangelion: the truth behind Evangelion?[View]
37298164Depopulation Plan: New World Order: Depopulation plan: >the elite create a virus that kills >t…[View]
37317283I beg for mercy, but every night it feasts on my misery. The nightmares never end...[View]
37317755Meaning?: I don't have any context to this, but does anyone recognize it or know the significan…[View]
37315501/EsoAut/ - Esoteric Autism: Unclamped Edition: Discuss how individuals on the autism spectrum are th…[View]
37317767No righteous among the wicked: Let the icy fires of hell purify me, cleanse me, if not consume me.…[View]
37317563The Evil Secret Society Cults: PART1 The Evil Secret Society Cults control the World and you guys ma…[View]
37316333How do I get into Dattetreya Bhakti (worship, devotion) ,and proper practice, since Im not from Indi…[View]
37312296Why do I keep hearing my named/seeing my name online?: I keep seeing it get brought up, since like l…[View]
37314345Beelzebub Inside Your Flesh: Do you want the final black pill? Beelzebub is Satan, the lord of the f…[View]
37313882have you ever noticed how boring normal life is[View]
37312652mushroom thread I took mushrooms and it motivated me, nothing bad happened and the worst experience …[View]
37313751Is there something about antipsychotic medications that could cripple occult abilities? I'm for…[View]
37312873I've accepted that we've never landed any craft on Mars. What is even supposedly taking th…[View]
37310469did the CIA actually discover the spirit world?[View]
37316956A while ago a requested a link to a thread or image about the global centre of civilization coincidi…[View]
37315317SHHHHH. SECRET KNOWLEDGE: I'm here to deliver a conclusion to the the whole Lucifer question. I…[View]
37315331/czt/ cryptozoolgy thread: All the threads are lame and gay so let's talk about cryptids, legen…[View]
37303511Humanoid aliens on another planet: Do you think there are humanoid/human-like aliens on another plan…[View]
37298169Tom Delonge: What's he been up to these days? He was suposed to be the harbinger of the disclos…[View]
37307216God's favorite color: Since God value spirituality above materialism and everything else, would…[View]
37314869/ng/ Nobody General: >Who is the Nobody? The Nobody is a friend alive today who has extraordinary…[View]
37314105Self Immolation: What are the spiritual ramifications of self immolation?[View]
37308207chaos magic thread[View]
37316320YouTube xXTurnAmericaIntoAGardenXx: The Internet, Many Fish in the Sea, The Schools of Fish in the A…[View]
37313468I think im going to die from fear, i have been paralyzed by the fear of Allah, i cant even cope with…[View]
37312041Just purchased this book on a whim /x/, what am I in for.[View]
37316233dear /x/ bros: outsider with emotions here Something has been loosened in the past two weeks. My bes…[View]
37310253How do you non Christians feel about this?: When I was 22 I became Christian. I didn't know if …[View]
37312620Sewers seem evil, feels like you could meet a demon near one.[View]
37315581Last night I dreamt that John Cena told me I was Mephistopheles and I looked like this image but kin…[View]
37315979This is a real picture of a mass suicide from a flock of birds 3 days ago. There have been massive b…[View]
37299198Satanic Ritual Abuse: Is it real?[View]
37314393>So God created man in his own image - Genesis 1:27 >“Everywhere you turn there is the face of…[View]
37313429Motherfuckers, you better not. I swear to God.: Dear Glowni**ers, the minute you roll out your fake …[View]
37311950Proof Bob Lazar is Jewish: Sick of these jews trying to use aliens BS to control the population? Tha…[View]
37308434Do you think aliens fear demons and angels? Or maybe they overcame both entities with their technolo…[View]
37309088Esoteric Autism: Anybody else feel that, in some ways, autistic people are the next step in human ev…[View]
37314056Interesting, useful or desirable things found in inexplicable locations: I recently saw this post in…[View]
37315150I have dark hair but my “roots” are “light”, what does that mean for me as a spiritual being? That t…[View]
37314556If i killed you, where did you go?[View]
37310186why are there so many 'your mom will die posts'?: both on /pol/ and here there is a ton of them. I h…[View]
37308800i cannot control my lust, and almost feel possessed when i go under it, i'm afraid i will event…[View]
37313217Um well there's a more than a good chance I happen to be the actual antichrist... I took a lot …[View]
37312972Who is the rebbe[View]
37314654I had consensual sex with an extraterrestrial alien.[View]
37310468Enlightenment: https://youtu.be/Z9LlEIDJL08?si=29m00aIUovTdDlCx All is one. If you aren't a bus…[View]
37308854In 1959 the CIA had Marilyn Monroe incarcerated in a mental asylum. They used electroshock therapy t…[View]
37314590Kenneka Jenkins: So her parents “sacrificed” her for the money. The Selena Gomez connection. The fac…[View]
37314846Redpill me on scrying: It’s made up, change my mind.[View]
37314757some simple themes we all experience throughout the work week: I say my hell is the closet, I'm…[View]
37314965You have freedom alright. The only 1 and complete freedom is to have sentiment. No matter what you d…[View]
37314951Why the tan hat man created project man hat tan?[View]
37313536Let's talk about Gnomes. What do you guys think about Gnomes? Have you ever seen a Gnome? What …[View]
37314479is there any magic to be with the fictional character i love: its tearing me apart[View]
37312534>REAL Vampire reacts to 'Interview With a Vampire'[View]
37310258Christ, or Shiva, which one would you prefer to meet?[View]
37307847This happened to me around 2AM this morning(2/25) in California, SF bay area >Doing overnight at …[View]
37314564The harsher I am, the more you find yourself drawn to me: The playful pain I inflict, both mental an…[View]
37313564Any programmers?: I need some help. I wrote a lottery number generator, but it's missing one fi…[View]
37314413What are the paranormal implications of the Anthropic Principle?: https://youtu.be/309kmU8aN_M?featu…[View]
37313083God as Tulpa?: I am agnostic yet curious about the existence of God. After reading about the concept…[View]
37313023/NG/ Nobody General: https://ia601309.us.archive.org/4/items/adventuresinCCC/adventuresinCCC.pdf It…[View]
37310554How to stop being a misanthrope?: My nihilism stemming from all the blackpills i've taken has s…[View]
37314269John Kramer was a good guy.. he helpe people appreciate their life. Man I hated the cops and was on …[View]
37308006If our reality is a matrix, then what do the actual reality look like?[View]
37309438If ghosts indeed exist as energetic entities, their survival in the ionosphere would be an intriguin…[View]
37313167apotheum of dark journalist who else /dj/?[View]
37313553Is he real or is it a hoax?[View]
37313098Wtf is this creature and how do I free it from my lawn or should I keep it[View]
37313485I don't believe that we are all one: What a sad and sorrowful outcome. If we were truly all one…[View]
37313705SYNCHRONICITIES WTF?: Synchronicities, let's get a discussion on them going. Any anons out ther…[View]
37313013spontasouse euphoric feelings when napping (especially when waking up from one): When napping I some…[View]
37306906Humans dont have physical predators, we killed them all with technology; our final predator has been…[View]
37312785So has anyone ever solved the very old YouTube 'Username 666' and the creator of it? I just thought …[View]
37303001So God's solution to the problem of evil is to voluntarily empty himself and suffer from the ev…[View]
37310202learnt helplessness: is it useless to try to get out of it ?[View]
37313574Celestial Bodies Visiting In Chariots: Imagine if the real reason why .gov wanted to take away the g…[View]
37312301Hey anons should I be worried if I see Kali in my dreams. Btw she and Zeus or possibly Yahweh were z…[View]
37303109Trinity: Three persons (Father, Son, Holy Spirit) one God. Church: Three people (the self, the other…[View]
37310600This Night.: I will be leaving my body from sleep paralysis and i will fly/teleport to one of the li…[View]
37311243reminder: Plants feel pain and fruits and vegetables have souls.[View]
37310646The Demiurge isn't gonna help us: He knows that we are all spoiled little bitches. He loves sen…[View]
37311520DIGITAL CIRCUS SEXY JESTER CLOWN GIRLS ASTRAL PRISON: I'm not some sperg that watches this kind…[View]
37313133The New York City Subways are haunted AF There are spirits looming at nearly every station and trai…[View]
37305733Money spells and books on subject: Anyone have any luck with them or know good ones? I find I have l…[View]
37312858Curses: Do people not realize that by constantly insulting each other we are de facto using witchcra…[View]
37310623Anyone feel that ? The energy is different It's habbening so bad soon omg[View]
37307326Does anybody know what is this necklace and what does it represent?[View]
37309978Did the Tower of Babel Actually Exist?[View]
37312874>be God >make a rule that says if you don’t worship God you are sentenced to eternal torture …[View]
37309112Nobody gets paid.: For lucy Remove all protection, payment to everyone involved in me and in the fut…[View]
37312087Time inflation: Is it me, or are things speeding up?[View]
37297408YAHWEH = ENLIL: Anunnaki make humans after the igigi rebel, humans get too numerous so Enlil starts …[View]
37312922are injuries and accidents occult?[View]
37298758what's going on with Saturn??: so i'm supposed to believe this is just a coincidence?…[View]
37312871/wnz/ Inside-Out Universe: Should we adopt the Inside-Out Universe model of the universe? >What …[View]
37312788my dad say when jesus says love thy god means love the god of your or the self[View]
37307386Singularity-Chan aka the most Enlightened Retard aka Retard Kami here in my Many years since Gnosis …[View]
37303727The Anomaly: What is the anomaly? It is very hard to find any information about the anomaly online. …[View]
37294106i'm an american bipolar neet with no hindu background one day around the year 2020 i was in my …[View]
37307406I feel the time is coming for a Stone to be sealed away from the rest of the world.: It's the m…[View]
37305875Khazarian Mafia: I found a documentary on YouTube but it was just a video of some guy talking. Skipp…[View]
37312480Cats in psychedelic trip: The 2 times ive had shrooms every single time i start seeing cats in every…[View]
37307900>a month ago >walking pretty late in the forest because forgot to account for it getting dark …[View]
37312234It always has been. Reoccurance.: This is for all those time traveling. Parallel universe troupes. T…[View]
37309021iching help: Hey guys. Need help from those who understand the iching. Long story short: I’ve start…[View]
37311745Remember, this life is a test of the universe.[View]
37307170Hey. I'm a sage. A wiseman. Ask me anything. I know of the secret doings of god and watchfully …[View]
37310255/div/ - Divination General: Welcome to Divination General! Come here for readings and a discussion o…[View]
37311299Can you empirically prove the existence of others?: Because I'm starting to think the existence…[View]
37311771Voodoo Redpills: >ANON ON HAITI & VOODOO >There is a reason most Haitians are absolutely f…[View]
37304171Being John Malkovich: OMG, I watched this movie yesterday, and it was literally so lit! I guess it c…[View]
37301356cursed game: I heard that some guy vanished a few years ago after downloading this bionicle game, wh…[View]
37308571Can someone help me?: I have an insatiable urge to look at gore and I don't know why[View]
37292346SCREENCAP SCREENCAP: All psychic or magical phenomena stem from directed observation. To increase yo…[View]
37289287What would a person embodying all the Hermetic qualities and archetypes at the same type look like? …[View]
37305431What is the Logos?: https://youtu.be/XtnBBag-opk?feature=shared[View]
37311685infohazard thread: Magic made in Europe does not exist, both Druidism and Kabbalah originated in Bab…[View]
37310137/ng/ Nobody General: >Who is the Nobody? The Nobody is a friend alive today who has extraordinary…[View]
37310601You are not the queen of Mexico. The mountains are the kings of this country and Mexico is a land of…[View]
37308839Randomness: I've heard that doing random things not only affects your probability but also keep…[View]
37308617Breaking curses: How should I remove a curse from jewelry? It isn't powerful stuff. A friend wa…[View]
37311262Behavior modification + loosh harvest[View]
37310311Is mankind a bipartite being of body and soul (Augustinian view) or a tripartite being of body, soul…[View]
37283686Reality shifting?: How much of a laarp is this? There are some pretty large communities out there fo…[View]
37310490hello /x/ I belive the end of the world is in the next 100 to 300 years: >why do I believe it? f…[View]
37307962Question for fellow Catholics (or my Orthobros): I converted to Catholicism a few years ago as an ad…[View]
37310433Simulation theory rambling: I probably should post this on /b/, but that's still filled with po…[View]
37308741Gangstalking General: For the past almost 2 years now I've been dealing with non stop taunting …[View]
37306814Can /x/ help me understand a dream or experience I had the other night? I haven't had sleep par…[View]
37298233Viiruses Don't Exist Theory: I recently got interested in the 'Viruses don't exist' conspi…[View]
37308326There will be no place to hide When the moon's another’s eye[View]
37303127Everything you do online is profiled and curated to make you complacent, the government wants you to…[View]
37309851Any cool shows featuring UFO/skywatch kind of theme? Can be YT too. Looking to kill some time. Other…[View]
37310108Help?: Im trying to read a little something about the cult of osiris. Does anyone have any study mat…[View]
37309251Vefasız hiç düşündün mü? Kaldım mı? yoksa öldüm mü? Her gece her yanım titrerken Benim gibi kaderine…[View]
37310124MKULTRA DISCORD IS BACK!!!!: Rejoin discord premier conspiracy theory debate community invite code …[View]
37310408Fulfillment and nihilism have always walked hand in hand Sometimes they like to 69 each other An enl…[View]
37308895visualizations: Most of the magical techniques out there depend on the skill of clear and vivid life…[View]
37305459Solar Warden: What is the timeline and evidence to the whole Solar Warden story? Is any piece of it …[View]
37310327Message to all earth citizens, you are all under arrest. All computer hackers will be sent to hell p…[View]
37309105Esoteric martial arts: How many years minimum should you spend on 1 style and how many styles can yo…[View]
37308608I have became taoist[View]
37308515/chi energy/: can anybody redpill me on chi energy? yesterday i started doing yoga intuitively and i…[View]
37297109Kundalini reference: Anyone have good reference material about body parts and corresponding chakras?…[View]
37299384Denial of Paul: Some people believe Paul was a false apostle, claiming that his vision on the road t…[View]
37306575Dead Celebrities: Does anyone else kinda 'get off' to the idea of outliving other people? Like whene…[View]
37306272Patterns and 'confirmation bias' shills: When you do research online about patterns you see, people …[View]
37299666Dream journal thread: Post your recent dreams here. I was playing on the edge of Niagara Falls. The …[View]
37307010First time poster, long time lurker Here’s a story that has bothered me for a while now, but I would…[View]
37308547Best books about magic?: I want to trascend this reality. I want a glimpse of whats beyond the veil …[View]
37306818Roaring Resilience: The Majesty of the Lion of Judah: In the heart of Africa, amidst the golden sava…[View]
37309636I remote viewed aliens with red skin. There were three of them. They communicated telepathically. Th…[View]
37309305/TG/ - Troll General #69: >Occultism Implications of magic appearing to control reality around u…[View]
37303246Why did they switch from the black eye club to this?[View]
37302897Beta-Run of -- 'The Cult of Texas-Chan': Beta-Run of Texas-Chan Summaries: - So I’m going …[View]
37301240You have these for a year only and must follow rules what would /x/ wish for?[View]
37298945The magic of childhood: Do any of you wonder how magical it was in our childhood? I think it was som…[View]
37307355Does anyone else get a sinister vibe from time-lapse (music) videos? Time-lapse videos are promoted …[View]
37307463uhh guys i'm strongly interpreting the dot[View]
37244352/x/ fashion thread: how do my fellow occult and paranormal people dress? Anything you wear publicly …[View]
37308978Are there any good books about other worlds and realms of existence?[View]
37302061He puts the /x/ in teXas: X marks the spot[View]
37307090nobody general - /ng/: There's no 'the nobody'. There are a couple of a 'the nobody' -ies. I am…[View]
37306594/x/ media: Post /x/ approved films, vidya, and books[View]
37303748How do you feel about having a magickal partner such as a significant other to do magick with?[View]
37308485What is the relationship between doppleganger and copycat: This seems too comical. What is this matr…[View]
37306113/div/ - Divination General: Welcome to Divination General! Come here for readings and a discussion o…[View]
37304098Could God make 1+1=3?: Or is the Divine bound by math?[View]
37308380Enjoy enjoy your time shift Pretty sure this was memory holed forever Well here it is back it all …[View]
37307241You are forgiven, anon.[View]
37306736The final and ultimate redpill is that Jesus is real. It's literally Jesus. Try it, yell out hi…[View]
37307666How do I cut a witch from their power, not to do any harm but to prevent them from harming others.[View]
37307173Not sure if this is the right board for this but please recommend me some good creepypastas to read/…[View]
37304367Faggots say to me that 'Ego is le bad!' but it's actually a product of billions of years of evo…[View]
37303970Anyone remember a video of the military shooting some demonic creature?: Not the werewolf pig thing …[View]
37307467meltology: these retards think that red brick holds some secret to a high temperature recurring even…[View]
37307812This post will be deleted: In the modern age there is still alot of research being done about mind c…[View]
37307172'Awakened' retards: >Average awekened retard Lmao, how many posters are going to burn because of …[View]
37304781How do I summon Jeff the Killer? People do Lovecraftian magick so its probably possible to some exte…[View]
37302830Hypothetical: Our government has spent nearly a century telling us that aliens are nonsense. This be…[View]
37306742Sacred Bonds: Embracing Family and Mother Nature's Love: In the embrace of Mother Nature's…[View]
37304439Is the end of the world coming soon?: I've had this feeling for awhile since the 2012 thing cam…[View]
37307717Orontius Finaeus Map: Can someone explain this shit to me? How did he know about Antarctica?[View]
37307940A lot of things can be explained by life by simply saying the phrase: They're monkeys[View]
37307863Sunday of: Obligatory use of new Magic wand -day. 5 Orange[View]
37307832F.A.G. World: Fake And Ghey)I NEED ANSWERS!!!: Bored a bit am into false reality theory(fact). Made …[View]
37307843Driving is paranormal I feel as if every time I go on long trips say for more than an hour It stre…[View]
37307816And the water: turned to blood. Martyrdom will increase in the End Days. Baptism of Blood. For lack …[View]
37302767umm...guys? what the fuck is this?!?![View]
37301083If you see 667 you cool, if you see 666...YOU SO CLUCKED!!!: I found this in a post form the archive…[View]
37306134Voynich Plant /G\ Inner Anatomy Alcomy: The Freemasons gave me a pink plant to smoke that is said to…[View]
37307509Egyptian gods: What books could you recommend on them? Also are there any good sources how Egyptian …[View]
37307169Individual withered fig tree leves keep showing up in my backyard... Wherever I look, these leaves o…[View]
37307460atheism fraud maxxing: Is it true that many atheists get into a religion\ cult \ sect for material, …[View]
37290752Boruto is open Satanism: New Boruto just dropped, and it's very open about its Luciferian messa…[View]
37301710Misconceptions about zionism: it is not Christian.: God doesn't love the Jews, he scattered the…[View]
37275685This common meme is posted as a response to Gnostcisim. It is a gross oversimplification that only a…[View]
37295348Miguel Serrano Thread: Any other Miguel Serrano fans out there?[View]
37306621Twin Peaks thread: Is the black lodge the astral plane? Does anyone have more info on what ancient …[View]
37307292Look at this picture --- This needs to be seen.: This photo of an alien ship seems to be very simila…[View]
37305588I gave myself a tulpa, but I found it easier to imagine the tulpa if it is an external object kind o…[View]
37302618DID THE AZTECS COME FROM ATLAN(TIS?): “Aztlán” (from Nahuatl languages: Astlan, Nahuatl pronunciatio…[View]
37304394WELL /X/ WHICH IS IT?[View]
37304652Buddhism or the Left Hand Path: This might come across as really cringe to a lot of people because w…[View]
37306440Did this ever work?[View]
37296994All acts of greater reasoning are impossible without Mnemosyne. Her artefacts contain all knowledge …[View]
37306610Anybody else looking forward to their eternal sleep?: I'm just so tired of this world and life.…[View]

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