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/an/ - Animals & Nature

Displaying 47 expired threads from the past 3 days

No. Excerpt
4820729Oh hello Don't mind me Just being the dumbest fish in the world https://youtube.com/shorts/isH2…[View]
4822177What is the most insane animal vs animal matchup that has actually happened?[View]
4824781Ah, Canis lupus Also known by its common name The “grey wolf”[View]
4824112The Curious Case of Foxtail Fern: Something unexpected happened with the Sprenger's asparagus I…[View]
4824431motherFUCK pigeons: How do I get rid of these winged rat cocksuckers? There's one dumbass offsp…[View]
4824445pink dolfin[View]
4816363>spend 20,000 years being man's best friend >here's some dried industrial waste kibb…[View]
4822587Why are cat owners like this[View]
4822822The majestic white-striped Dorcopsis: You now know this exists[View]
4820084I'm about to invest in a DIY 'anti-climbing' fence to help keep predators away from my chickens…[View]
4821665Who would win ?[View]
4824289I've been putting out peanuts for the birds ever since winter and got a big amount of these tit…[View]
4819921Is it good to kiss cats, and do they like it?[View]
4822578What type of squirrel is this?[View]
4823680Who would win in combat?: A saber-toothed cat or a dire wolf?[View]
4821558I'm gonna get one of those pennington aquagarden things to replace my shitty plastic birdbath s…[View]
4820078This chick just landed on my balcony somehow. He was noisy and jumping on the window. I put some wat…[View]
4822009I love me some Dragonflies[View]
4823838Had a mama bird take up residence in one of my shurbs. I know pretty much nothing Ornitholgy, other …[View]
4824038How do you properly punish a cat for not walking on the leash?[View]
4823915Senior Pets Care Thread: Hey guys. One of my brother's dogs (pit/lab mix) was checked at the Ve…[View]
4821879I feel like swamps are the most natural landscape: A lake can be created by humans, a forest can be …[View]
4823446Ever have to fight an animal?[View]
4822153Naked Mole Rat: Why don't their teeth dry up and break?[View]
4822078Can anyone help me identify this beetle/ladybug looking insect. It has a cool eye pattern on its bac…[View]
4821729Who’s this little guy? I won’t hurt him don’t worry[View]
4823444Aardvarks are the coolest animal. In fact there are many famous Aardvarks like Arthur and Cerebus[View]
4821031whats the best pet for a kid to become a perfect man?[View]
4801167/fox/ - Fox General: Scruncher Edition: As usual, post and discuss foxes. Notes: >filter all trip…[View]
4812894What is the most delicious looking animal?[View]
4818054Pet birb died a couple of days ago. I feel sad. I don't want to feel sad anymore. When do I get…[View]
4822798Is this crate the correct size?[View]
4823126Oinku: Oinku[View]
4821692I've had many different breeds of dogs, nothing steals your heart like one of these little derp…[View]
4816894Ah yes, it feels to have evolved this great defense system, nobody will mess with m- AAAAAH STOP, DO…[View]
4822997African elephants apparently give each other names and call each other by them https://www.nature.co…[View]
4821942wtf is happening here?: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XrYnqF4BxhY[View]
4820716What is the HUMANE thing to do...? #NotAI[View]
4822219>I CANT BREED Seriously why can't they just breed?[View]
4818050There's a buzzard who's been killing my dad's chickens. He used to fly over and swoop…[View]
4726012Lion hate thread: I hate lions. Overrated motherfuckers don’t deserve their reputation as King of th…[View]
4822514You fuck faces where is the best place to buy a bunny online m?[View]
4822433Insect identification.: Good morning sirs. Large wasp-like critter spotted meandering on the bottom …[View]
4821383found a small bird, it was by a busy road so i gently put it on my hand ans it ran on my arm and sat…[View]

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