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/an/ - Animals & Nature

Displaying 77 expired threads from the past 3 days

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2575010post blini cats from all over the world[View]
2574893Hello /an/. Does anyone here have pet kunekune pigs? I drunkenly agreed to let my wife get a piglet …[View]
2573236>Take puppy to pee and poop outside >come right back in >she still wants go outside Its rai…[View]
2573824This is literally the same species as a: >siberian husky >pitbull >poodle >german shephe…[View]
2574010How does shit like this happen? Even with selective breeding? Did a normal wolf looking dog just giv…[View]
2569348They came from nowhere so i served them milk ('~';)[View]
2567766Birds are not dinosaurs: Why are you all so retarded saying that birds are dinosaurs? No, biods are …[View]
2574114Anyone want to go out for a wa-[View]
2573196This is my doggo.[View]
2573761I was walking past a group of pigeons hanging out and I stopped for a minute because of pic related.…[View]
2570206is this true?[View]
2573823Panther-like cats > a lack of interest in the trait UHM what? http://messybeast.com/foldear-c…[View]
2573418Any rat lovers here?: I like rats. In fact I like em so much, I'll try to see if I can get my h…[View]
2574423President Johnson, I'm Patterson.[View]
2571940IN MY OH-PINION[View]
2574268It's my dog's 3rd birthday on Monday. What's a cool dog present I can get her?[View]
2574564guys i dont know how fast this board is but i need help fast >tl;dr i stepped on my dog it was da…[View]
2574303Elephant vs Trex Who would win?[View]
2574034Do you want to touch my pussy?[View]
2574511Are there ANY companion-tier pets I can get that can handle their owner being away for long periods …[View]
2574538Thoughts on biggies?[View]
2572871Holy shit I just found this thing called water deer and they're obviously deer but with fangs w…[View]
2572256Why do fishermen hate pelicans so much? They all get so pissy when they catch one with their hooks i…[View]
2567834COMFY THREAD v 2.0: kisses edition[View]
2565818Happy New Year /an/!: What resolutions do you have for 2018?[View]
2573093How many of you make treats/biscuits/food for your pets? I don't trust any fucking dog treats …[View]
2572285skiddity boa bee bop whose pussy am i gonna pop[View]
2573979Feeling the bird blues friends Lost my bird recently, was feeling fine until I interacted with anoth…[View]
2572446>my Labrador sneaks up on birds and crocodile spins them before swallowing them whole…[View]
2573454They're finally invented horseshoes for dogs. Now your dog can walk on hot concrete without bur…[View]
2570983BBC Earth: Can anon dislike this video? These people are killing wildlife only to publish their docu…[View]
2571515I need some positive advice /a/n ? Can you give me some tips on controlling my anger and frustration…[View]
2573667My cat licked me. She's never done it before. I instinctively pulled my hand back, feeling the …[View]
2568094Cryptids: Can we have a cryptid (mysterious/unidentified animals) thread? What is your favorite crea…[View]
2566718>huskies are gentle gian-[View]
2571558*cuts your balls off* heh... nothin personnel... doggo...[View]
2573551what is the name of this plant?[View]
2572804Does anyone know what is the animal on the picture[View]
2562131Invert General: This is the invertebrate general. If you have any questions about invertebrates, wan…[View]
2573184Why wont my stupid fucking cat hunt rodents? All she wants to do is come in the house and eat&sl…[View]
2572407Has your dog ever bit you /an/ ?[View]
2571095Stabilised doggo footage.[View]
2573046I live in Greece and my dog ripped of 3 fingers from a guys hand when he was trying to steal a packa…[View]
2573036girlfriend just broke up with me, post cute crabs and shit to cheer me up please[View]
2573640What dinosaur would make the best pet? Would it be possible to make a T. rex docile towards humans i…[View]
2573485Macaw or cockatoo?: Which birb is the bestest, most friendliest?[View]
2571535>They said raising a puppy would be easy I knew it wasnt easy but man a ton fuck of work…[View]
2572395Why don't squirrels infest human homes?[View]
2572614why do nudogs always make this face? is it all of the soy in their dog food? how do we deal with the…[View]
2571125Nails: alot of brainlet questions incoming. Why do humans have nails? What is the ¨evolutional¨ adva…[View]
2569894/aq/ - Aquarium General - Expensive Fish Edition: Discuss anything aquarium related here, including …[View]
2573279FACT: if your favorite animal is a quadrupedal mammal, you are the weakest race[View]
2572235What is the average power level of Cassowaries?: Are they actually that dangerous, or are their stat…[View]
2556408/herp/ Reptile & Amphibian General: Bushveld rain frog edition https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=q…[View]
2572423ITT: Weird shit your pets do. My poodle has a lot of gems: >sometimes she needs to watch me eat f…[View]
2573381Dog Is Love[View]
2572438need some advice guys im fucking pissed, so my sister went behind our family's back with her bo…[View]
2573067Unusual animal interactions: What are some cool interactions between animals that would never occur …[View]
2565356Personal experiences with Chinchillas: Have you owned a Chinchilla, and if so did you enjoy having o…[View]
2571299Yeen Thread: What does /an/ think about Hyenas? cute or spooky[View]
2570160Everyday life with african grey: Hey people. I would like to know what everyday life with an african…[View]
2571441My cat has this weird spot on its belly. What could it be? Is it dangerous?[View]
2572711People who talk to their pets in that high-pitched babytalk voice are fucking morons. It's comp…[View]
2573077Corgi: Broken Doggo[View]
2572324What’s wrong with my dog?: She’s a miniature poodle around 9 years old. She hasn’t been eating or dr…[View]
2571995Guys, I screwed up...: My kitten scratched me and in a fit of rage I threw it against a wall. I know…[View]
2570313Mice: How many of these fuckers have you guys caught? I’m at 9 since the new year. Tomcat glue traps…[View]
2572758What makes certain dog breeds 'friendlier' than others? For example, why are dogs such as golden ret…[View]
2572880Pomeramon よろしく おねがいします: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bn_nqL2bh5g[View]
2572485My retard grandpa was visiting and his ambien bottle fell out of his pocket, god knows why it was th…[View]
2569923Why does she make spookies like this ;-;[View]
2572793Mammal Supremacy Thread: Post Mammalchads BTFOing lesser life forms[View]
2566561working alongside gray wolves soon, wondering any dos and donts working with predators. i think ive …[View]
2570987>Cats can't be trai-: https://twitter.com/KatharineFoxx/status/949136755713691648…[View]
2570770please someone to help me find this book![View]
2568016What's the largest animal an average human male can kill using just a knife? Yes a knife, which…[View]
2572658Do dogs even fucking know when they did something wrong ?[View]

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