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/an/ - Animals & Nature

Displaying 55 expired threads from the past 3 days

No. Excerpt
4768732What do you think was going through his mind?[View]
4772377Is raw food actually better for your cat[View]
4772849Are humans special, /an/?[View]
4770582/dog/ - dog general: Chinook Edition cont. from >>4766026 Gear Ray Allen Manufacturing: Tactic…[View]
4770050Are there any non-human animals that can (anatomically) talk? Like, say, if they had Einstein's…[View]
4769250post em[View]
4772332Found that fucker thats been destroying my electrical cabinet[View]
4765667Larvae love: Does anyone else here find larvae strangely adorable? They're so soft and vulnerab…[View]
4772711Rock identification: What is this rock? It has perfect sphere holes throughout. Found on a beach on …[View]
4772576My cat died last night: How do I cope with this grief?[View]
4769397Photos, Museums, Zoos, Aquariums, etc.: Post /an/ and /an/-related photos you've taken. Dumping…[View]
4772484Suicidal cockroaches: Hello and please help me with seriousness. Idk whether to post this on /an/ o…[View]
4769051Wether is under the weather, because of the weather.: we sheared our flock yesterday. as the day wen…[View]
4761029What is the most inaccurately depicted extinct animal?[View]
4771822Recently I've been distressed about how much pet ownership seems to involve projecting Judeo-Ch…[View]
4766470Why couldn't this trait pass on to human beings?[View]
4768210eclipse over, the boys are back[View]
4760402Interesting bones.[View]
4772482how do i get dog hair out of my car? had to chuck my rear seat bottom lol![View]
4769267>evolves to produce a venom that only kills humans for no reason why?[View]
4772083What do bears actually do in hibernation?: Is the meme that bears sleep for an entire winter real? W…[View]
4769579What does squid mating look like?[View]
4768101Tardigrade: How do I defeat him?[View]
4772066Homesteading & Landscaping General: All things homesteading, gardening, and landscaping You did …[View]
4771121look at him go[View]
4766910Cats: Any tips of how I can befriend this stray ginger cat that has been wandering in my house for d…[View]
4771804Can we have a nice thread about nice turtles who are quiet and nice and don't ever bother anyon…[View]
4766560How should I get rid of my guinea pig? I had 4 of them but 3 died out of nowhere to some sort of ill…[View]
4771558I think i got my sister's turtle sick, she is always sleeping, she sneeze whenever she's u…[View]
4770187dogs will eat your face: A dog will eat your face if you faint They start licking you and then start…[View]
4771520Specimen Identification: Hey /an/, I caught this specimen a couple weeks ago and have tried to ident…[View]
4768994>good morning sir! >could I spare a moment of your time to inform you about the Hominid conspi…[View]
4763825Fake animal stories: Has anyone else seen these videos? >short or tiktok >text to speech voice…[View]
4758009/plant/ - Magnolia Edition: Welcome to /plant/, the happy green place on this blue board, where grow…[View]
4771493Any fellow 4chin dairy farmers here?: My cow is beating her newborn calf but when I take it away fro…[View]
4768862do canine mounts make sense?: what would be the advantages (and disadvantages) of using a hypothetic…[View]
4767031I'm Going to Puke: Woke up to all the cats meowing at me, I feed them all and I run to the bath…[View]
4771167Do cats realise that they're cute?[View]
4770555We have kestrels nesting in a recess of our roof. For a couple of days now I've been discoverin…[View]
4770866Why are parrots unable to open their own cages?[View]
4770643Dichindra: Does anyone have one of these? Which family are they a part of? I'm trying to have i…[View]
4767963Anyone else absolutely sickened by this?: Wyoming hunter, 42, poses with exhausted wolf he tortured …[View]
4766425Are red pandas cuter than raccoons?[View]
4770398/B/EE keeping thread: Thought this might be the right place to discuss beekeeping as a hobby, profes…[View]
4770516Pigeons on my Balcony: a pigeon couple is making a nest on one of my pots. I dont want them to leave…[View]
4766717Asperger's syndrome: the animal[View]
4770788So what was it?[View]
4768516just saw this cat but he was all messed up with a broken foot tried to help him but he seemed scared…[View]
4768698Mushroom growing: Hello there. First time growing mushrooms and i'm wondering if this substrate…[View]
4766026/dog/ - dog general: Kishu Ken Edition cont. from >>4760110 Gear: Ray Allen Manufacturing: T…[View]
4765593>Come across smol newt >Take pic rel >Touch it. It runs away. Hehehe funny. >Later look…[View]
4755519I'll see you on page 10, Doc![View]
4770399Quack: New duck general >Wild rides edition[View]
4764985is my dog retarded: >8 1/2 week old choco lab puppy >adorable >vicious >bites so much a…[View]

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