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Displaying 96 expired threads from the past 3 days

No. Excerpt
2483970Adopting pet spider: This nigga found his way into my place last night. He's 5-7cm, probably a…[View]
2486124What is the evolutionary advantage of being a pink longnecked flaming faggot?[View]
2483841Creatures you are scared of, and are as a result obsessed with.: I'll Start: Vespa mandarinia (…[View]
2482225Pitbull Identification: I bet the majority of this board cannot even identify an actual pitbull. Pos…[View]
2483955Does anyone have experience with this breed?[View]
2485565Why does my kitty meow like a dipshit whenever I go upstairs? She also refuses to come up for some r…[View]
2483815Are there any reasons not to get rid of cows and getting more pigs and chickens aside from McDonald …[View]
2485513Alkaline water: Idk if this is the right place but I'll ask anyways. Is alkaline water legit or…[View]
2485002Should I feed my ferret Stella & Chewy's freeze-dried food dry, or wettened like it instruc…[View]
2486013Aracnids: Hi fellas, does anyone know what kind of spider is this?[View]
2475207/herp/ - Reptile & Amphibian General: NOM: edition previously on /herp/ >>2459333 Reptile …[View]
2484866Moving and pets: Hey guys, gals? /k/ here, my girlfriend lives in the national park area of New Jers…[View]
2486112tell me about the staffy Why do chavs love them? Why are they the number one dog in doghomes? Are th…[View]
2486061Good doggos: Frida, good doggo who has saved victims of the earthquake in Mexico City[View]
2485489Pigeon training: Anyone have any suggestions on how to train my 2 pigeon bros that come in the morni…[View]
2485846>One of the largest land carnivore groups on earth >begets fucking retarded pandas who literal…[View]
2486036hello. who can tell me what animal is this, if its real? also, why cant i tame a wolverine?[View]
2486033>walking my dog >some asshole has their dog on their lawn >it runs over to my dog and won…[View]
2485759i just discovered my neighbor mistreats his dog. i constantly hear that son of a bitch hitting the p…[View]
2481654St bernard dogs are bro-tier: >Rescues you and gives you beer[View]
2485315Stop feeding the birds.[View]
2483011/ID/ identification general: Get your brown recluses ID'd here. Instead of a new thread every …[View]
2484405Thanks to a mild winter this summer has been an absolute nightmare thanks to more wasps than I'…[View]
2485503What's wrong with him? I just found him sitting like this, what's the deal?[View]
2483814What's the most cucked animal?[View]
2483865I will be getting a cockatiel soon. what cage do you guys recommend me getting? also how do I bond w…[View]
2485500Guinea pig thread: hey, I'm a new guinea pig owner and I think they're fucking cute. I was…[View]
2485735Hi, /an/. I need your help. Could you help me identify this moth species? Thank you ;_;[View]
2484891Snake escaped from me an is now on the loose in the house: My Banana Ball Python, Houdini (rightfull…[View]
2485777What kind of bug is this?: I keep seeing these weirdo pink crickets that come out at night and I can…[View]
2484865spider in my room? Help: What is this spider called?[View]
2482619Were can I get a beetle pet friend in the US? All places that sell them that I can find are Japan on…[View]
2485681what are redpandas and why don't they look like pandas.[View]
2485443Do animals ever get drunk? I am currently drunk and must know the answer to this question[View]
2484204I'm just trying to find the goodness of everyday and it seems always something creeps in to fow…[View]
2484621*blocks your path*[View]
2485636How to get a crow to love me like pic?[View]
2484382adopting half-husky pup: i'm gonna be adopting a pupper, she belongs to a good friend of mine t…[View]
2484631Cat breed: Trying to figure out what breed of cat these two beauties are![View]
2485361Your thoughts on dog juice?[View]
2483588>No pet policy[View]
2484940Does anybody know a good way to prepare freshwater snails for preservation in a relaxed or extended …[View]
2484512Need a spider: Where do I get spiders that are good at catching flies? There are too many flies gett…[View]
2482925Unknown Purple Land Crab: Can anybody please help identify this species of crab?[View]
2472075Invert General: Swear on me mum edition This is the invertebrate general. If you have any questions …[View]
2485330Baby Flying Squirrel: Hi /an/, I found a cat messing with this baby flying squirrel and rescued it. …[View]
2480350What's a good way to eliminate a feral cat infestation?[View]
2482900What kind of dog is this?[View]
2485293>tfw too intelligent to have a straight back[View]
2483886What bredd is she?[View]
2485013Post your little doggos progress towards being bigger doggos. This is Raina at 2 months.[View]
2476820Snailtopia: Hey, /an/. What do you think about my new snail kingdom?[View]
2475838>live on planet 71% covered in water >so much water it literally falls from the sky >die fr…[View]
2482419Are bats the way they are because they live in caves? If another species of animal, whether mammalia…[View]
2483707Can I trust a cat not to jump from my balcony?: I'm interested in adopting a stray kitten that …[View]
2484246What animal is the equivalent of a bonsai tree?: I'm looking for an animal that can be cut and …[View]
2484908can spiders get addicted to nicotine?: hey guys, so the past couple of days i have been smoking on m…[View]
2484752Doigee: >be on a walk >see bear cub What do?…[View]
2484642never forget[View]
2484862Vultures (and other 'ugly' animals): I've recently taken a strong liking to vultures (Old World…[View]
2484362Giant ancestors of modern day animals: What are your favorites? I've always been fond of Titano…[View]
2484364Animal Farm: Hallo's. I am planning on starting a sanctuary. A shelter/rescue. What could be an…[View]
2483543Depressed cunt: I know none of you have died yet, but how painful would it be to die from snake veno…[View]
2484251What kind of caterpillars is this? Location : Tokyo I went away for less than a week and a dozen of …[View]
2483118what should i know about statistical methods for biology (BSc level)?[View]
2482625What should I name my new dog, /an/?[View]
2484941Worried my dog is really sick: I adopted a dog a couple of months ago. He's a really good boy, …[View]
2483746Any info on if any Key deer survived?[View]
2481173How do I stop the urge to eat my pet crayfish[View]
2483881>old doggos nails are too long >She slips and slides on my hardwood floors, has trouble standi…[View]
2484429Laugh!! And grow fat!![View]
2480614To all the anons that aren't too poor to afford a purebreed : what kind of dog do you have? And…[View]
2483642Why are those huge killing machines who activly prey on humans allowed to exist. We should do what o…[View]
2482997>dog is 5 years old >still won't give me the fetch toy I tried everything. Are some dogs …[View]
2483775>tfw just spotted that my dog has mite on his snout what do? I tried pulling it out but my dog ha…[View]
2479355Tiger: If a tiger had no teeth and no claws, could it still kill a person? I imagine if it had a …[View]
2481699What is this?[View]
2474229I'm very sad, pls take a picture of your doggo and post it here thank yoy[View]
2482064I just witnessed slug sex, you jelly?[View]
2484326>be me >9 years old or so >Became interested in scouting >Joined scouts >All was fine…[View]
2484069Is there an animal that's impossible to domesticate? Excluding sea life and insects[View]
2483061What species of raven is this?[View]
2483302Will it work /an/?[View]
2484213/r/ inside: Hey /an/, do any of you know what type of snake pic related is?[View]
2483297>trying to find information about Japanese wildlife on Wikipedia >every image is of taxidermy …[View]
2479607What is the cutest animal?[View]
2481197What the fuck is this[View]
2483434Would you put it out of its misery?[View]
2483342Who else here has parents that let their puppies get away with behavior like pic related because the…[View]
2483371What if all breeders just agreed to stop breeding for a year. Would that solve the homeless dog prob…[View]
2482834How do wild animals survive/avoid infections? A lot of wild animals are covered in scars, either fr…[View]
2483664Micro Aquariums: I want to build one for a yabby. I want it to be battery powered. My question is fi…[View]

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