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/an/ - Animals & Nature

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2630252Switzerland bans boiling lobsters alive because they feel pain: https://ponderwall.com/index.php/201…[View]
2632751how do you prevent cat bloating[View]
2631735What does /an/ think about Sugar Gliders/bears as pets?[View]
2632441Cats: I love my cats, send me pictures of yours![View]
2633886Why is the northern white rhino practically extinct while another subspecies is abundant?[View]
2630848Dog sick after eating shit: Of late my Rough Collie started to eat shit, we pick up the poo and keep…[View]
2633790What is this animal?: I saw this little guy over by my dorm hiding under a big outdoor plant pot. I …[View]
2632768What is it?: What rodent is this? It looks like a rat but it’s like a foot and a half long. I live i…[View]
2633631Dawgs: Is 120lbs a good weight for a one year old saint bernard?[View]
2632675Great wh*te shark: Redpill me on this fish.[View]
2633699cat thread[View]
2630410Cacti & succulent: What dose /an/ think of my little set up? Has a little overhead striplight to…[View]
2632921Does anyone recognize this breed? My friend is trying to help figure it out. We think it's a bo…[View]
2633466*BOOM* *BOOM* *CRASH* 'WOOF WOOF' This is all it takes for a pitbull to break into your house and ki…[View]
2632297Working at Pet Valu: I work at Pet Valu, I know a lot of you don’t like reddit tier AMA threads but …[View]
2633562So yesterday our dog was put to sleep. Share your stories about this topic and maybe how you dealt w…[View]
2632673Anyone here knowledgeable with fish? I'm looking to do a live coral saltwater aquarium when I m…[View]
2632350This thing just showed up im my bedroom wall. It's no bigger than a fingernail and moves very s…[View]
2633341>boids are finosaurs!!![View]
2630583Gerbils: Sup /an/, I just got a gerbil a few days ago. Let's have a gerbil care thread >best…[View]
2633361Trying to identify this bird.: It’s loud pretty annoying and also pretty big. It’s blue or black on …[View]
2631443ITT: animals like (((this)))[View]
2633321Some local flora/fauna (Elk Grove, CA) | Burrowing Owl guarding his den after a month or two of rain…[View]
2632503i NEED a pet deer[View]
2633309The Daily Winston[View]
2633167This was Dewey Readmore Books. Say something nice about him.[View]
2627446nah bruh he don't bite[View]
2631419ITT: stuff that you could straight up put into a horror movie[View]
2633147ITT lesser known interesting animals: These snails are covered in armour made of greigite and pyrite…[View]
2616459animals being autistic thread[View]
2629743Any questions?[View]
2631858Anyone ever use one of these ?[View]
2633060Is the White tree of Gondor an European olive?[View]
2632197Hey, I'm really thinking about getting a Buns. Anyone got any advice or fair warning they want …[View]
2617132ITT: Post animals you like and which boards you usually frequent: Mine: /o/, /an/, /g/, /diy/, /p/, …[View]
2630325Wasps: Why are they so fucking angry all the time? Is it low self-esteem?[View]
2631834Hornbill hate thread[View]
2628217'Sonia Sae has been raising her pet fox Jumanji on a vegan diet, and it has developed all sorts of h…[View]
2632850>hesperornis are extinct forever and will never come back >you will never marry a hesperornis …[View]
2631925Which does /an/ prefer, fishing or hunting? Why?[View]
2629172An Idaho science teacher reportedly fed a sick puppy to a snapping turtle: https://www.sltrib.com/ne…[View]
2631486I just found a dead chickadee inside a footprint I left in the snow a week ago when I had to go shov…[View]
2632335My cat just did some weird shit. I had some pomegranates in a plastic bag on the table and my cat st…[View]
2631118Hippos: Why are these guys such an assholes?[View]
2627537MY CAT RAN AWAY!!! it was like 12am and she jumped through the window i dont understand why since sh…[View]
2632480I don't own a dog but I love my friend's dog. I also watch it often every other month. Is …[View]
2631659Best phylum poll.: What do you think is the best animal phylum? https://strawpoll.com/2px55y52 I add…[View]
2632389Help my out guys i am desperate here, two street cats i have been feeding regularly disappeared and …[View]
2632338>at zoo with dad >go see look at the apes >'anon, what're ya doing in the enclosure? g…[View]
2630671I've been thinking about getting one of these, any ideas how i should modify my house to accomm…[View]
2631852I was thinking of adopting a dog, it would be my first one, I live in a small apartment. Any tips /a…[View]
2630167Synapsids: Other non-dinosaur prehistoric creatures welcome[View]
2631588thats enough /b/ for today[View]
2631881What do you think is the most amazing natural phenomenon? Preferably in terms of beauty rather than …[View]
2631998Hey /an/, want to see my dik-dik?[View]
2632283/huskygen/ - Husky Gen: /huskygen/ - Husky Gen Post your Huskies[View]
2630526*approaches your pubic hair*[View]
2630414I'm a schizoholic alcophrenic. Location: New Zealand. Season: end of summer, moving into autumn…[View]
2631267ITT: asshole birds from your local area. Pic related. >will nest wherever the fuck they want >…[View]
2631686Trivia: The Opah - the first fish discovered to actually be warm blooded in 2015 - despite it having…[View]
2630564Do you guys have any favorite /an/ related social media pages?[View]
2631690Mongoose hate thread[View]
2631902wholesome doggo memes only pls[View]
2631223Is there an animal on the face of this Earth that could possibly go 1 on 1 with Donutsteelasaurus (a…[View]
2631344Name a more aesthetic organism.[View]
2631894So i was watching a video of a dog being put down, and i was thinking: Will my tortoise miss me when…[View]
2629796Bruh, look at this dude... Wait till you see...[View]
2631547Sorry for the bad pic: But what bug is this? I found it on my bed.[View]
2631221Have you ever had to deal with parasites? My little terrier had a lump in her back and I the vet kep…[View]
2629565Ok /an/, so my 6 month old cat began her first heat 3 days ago. I locked her up and took her for spa…[View]
2630871My sweety cat <3[View]
2631751Animales: Saben que animal es este?[View]
2630787What animal would /an/ want as a pet?[View]
2630862If the cephalopods don't have a skull then what prevents their brains from being hurt?[View]
2607370/herp/ - Reptile & Amphibian General: previous >>2594505 /herp/ Discord: https://discord.g…[View]
2631334So, these assholes I don't know which one of them (I suspect 13yo european one), finds every ni…[View]
2624587Canada officially declared bestiality is ok if there is no penetration. What's your opinion on …[View]
2622852/kot/ - Cat General: Coon edition Last thread pushing on its 9 lives. Here's some shit that I h…[View]
2631188The giant pouched rats as pets?!: This is the first time when giant pouched rats being bred in Russi…[View]
2631008Is it OK to put a dog down if, after years of neglect, its gone wild and can't be around people…[View]
2629123So, are humans actually herbivores? Is it all just a shitty vegan argument to try and make themselve…[View]
2628354First pet stories: I'll start >be me, 16 >back when doge became a thing >find the dog …[View]
2630834Animal: My brother in Law found this skeleton sitting on the snow while out trekking. We live in Nor…[View]
2631146These things are just like rats.[View]
2618878/comfy/ thread[View]
2631413The Daily Winston[View]
2630361idk what to do anymore /an/: August of last year I moved to a new apartment with my soon to be 13 ye…[View]
2630542>killed the spiders in my bathroom because they were getting overwhelming >thought i was just …[View]
2606648ITT: Disapproving / not impressed animals[View]
2629406Endangered: Planet Earth and documentaries are legit making me depressed. I love animals, big and sm…[View]
2630877Can some one identify this plant.[View]
2626622ODDER THREAD[View]
2600893tiger thread: post any and all teegees[View]
2631129Is your pet sometimes more than a handful?[View]
2630711Finally watched this. Probably the most incredible thing I've ever seen.[View]
2631234Does anyone have experience with any Pembroke Corgi breeders?: I've finally decided this is the…[View]
2631212Do you agree with this, /an/on? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OZ5kXgYW5cE[View]
2629954>have to deal with mosquitoes every summer >bites get really fucking itchy so i start to kill …[View]
2631077This absolute madman can live forever: Are you jealous, filthy mortal creatures? >being so plebi…[View]
2630077dog diet: My roommate's dog LOVES when I feed him garlic bread, onion rings, coffee bean ice cr…[View]
2631121Can people who wear glasses see kangaroos?[View]
2631143Dogs R sensitive to small variations of the Earth’s magnetic field: Dogs R sensitive to small variat…[View]

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