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/an/ - Animals & Nature

Displaying 87 expired threads from the past 3 days

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2527701cute Japanese Spitz puppy from www.wittybit.blogspot.com[View]
2527695Camouflaged animals: Are your eyes sharp enough to spot the hidden creatures: https://hubpages.com/a…[View]
2523534Need help IDing doggo breed: Hey there /an/, so my moron friend has a puppy that she realized she do…[View]
2525878Is this a frog or a toad, and what kind is it? Found in Southeast Nebraska. Also why is it doing thi…[View]
2526460Giant Spider Nightmare: I would love it if people could tell my why my dream would've been impo…[View]
2526740Hey /an/. Got two new birbs two weeks ago. Any tips? Pic related.[View]
2527419my 1.5 yo kitty broke his right rear femeral ball. don't know how or why. he underwent the fho …[View]
2525995Dinosaur Era Shark Found: >http://www.newsweek.com/dinosaur-era-frilled-shark-insane-teeth-found-…[View]
2526902ooohh momma[View]
2522834Do you spank your animals?[View]
2525673I'm going to be purchasing a lil longboi from a reputable breeder soon, and there's nothin…[View]
2523585BEETLE THREAD: A symbol of a hero.[View]
2526961What do you think about this manga ? if you never read it you should try[View]
2527382Hello, this post may sound like bs but it isnt. People who live with me started feeding my dog peopl…[View]
2527441Actually parrots are the drag queens of the animal kingdom[View]
2527343There were 36 deaths reported because of the supplement kratom. How likely is it that the DEA is mak…[View]
2527177Found this spider in my home in the UK: found this spider in my bedroom, anybody know what species i…[View]
2527117Cat not doing well: I was away for a day and when I came back I noticed that something was wrong wit…[View]
2527188L O N G B O I?: Should I get a Greyhound? There's a local agency (GPANW) that rescues Greyhoun…[View]
2525726Hello, could someone please help me identify this spider? Location: New Holland, PA (southeastern Pe…[View]
2522440This is Bullet, is he a good boy?: http://www.bayareagsr.org/available-dogs/884-bullet-courtesy…[View]
2522588What would /an/ like to see out of an animal shelter? Are there any pet peeves that may be remedied?…[View]
2523875kill... me...[View]
2524581What species is the most degenerate?[View]
2527089greenhouses: greenhouses the small and hideable types of greenhousr[View]
2520559What dog is this?[View]
2526966Chimpanzee LIVE: Wild Animal https://youtu.be/_GJEumktXNQ[View]
2526113Does anyone have an idea what these black spots on my dog are? He's been scratching a lot but n…[View]
2526387What's the name of that plant?[View]
2522375>leaving your pitbulls alone with your baby Is there a more violent creature on earth? They just …[View]
2525509Help identifying the breed an She is 4 months old, 18kg and 50cm tall Pic related[View]
2517141Feeding crows: I have been trying to feed crows for a while with no success. I've recently disc…[View]
2526789Biology friends: What animal would you say this comes from?[View]
2525777SLAMMED and SMASHED[View]
2524075Anon, we need a name for our new cat.: Anon, we need a name for our new cat. > male > 4 months…[View]
2526680Do dogs have a perception of how long time passes? I'm flying back home for 4 days for thanksgi…[View]
2526646What is the species of this spider? Is it venomous to humans? Is it venomous to animals? Is it safe …[View]
2525010What type of animal is this?[View]
2525779Aquatic snails: So recently I started collecting some small snails from the creek by my house and st…[View]
2526152Guys... guys Guys. Guys listen. I have the best ide guys listen I have the best ideia ever guys I…[View]
2524710Stray Kitten: Found her out by the dumpster shivering. Didn't even run when I approached her. S…[View]
2525485He is my cat, my dog and some random rabbits say something nice to they[View]
2526541I've got a lab puppy nearing a year old, and he loves going on long hikes /out/ with me. With t…[View]
2525506honk honk[View]
2519680>Still no Dinosaur Tier list[View]
2525535How do we stop Dog Attacks?: Is their a way to stop dog attacks?[View]
2526389/an/s Favourite Turtle?[View]
2525707Cowfarm reality: The cowfarm reality is different than you think. Do you think we should pay more fo…[View]
2525433ITT: We post the worst pet listings we can find >that 2 foot tall dog >Rhodesian Ridgeback/Ger…[View]
2523529Hey /an/ I’ve had my Budgie for 3 weeks today and so far I can feed him out of my hand and touch him…[View]
2526423What's wrong with him?[View]
2525336Can you make a cat unhate you?: Is there any way to make a cat that despises not do that anymore? Th…[View]
2523158I would like a birb for friendship purposes but Im not sure what is right for me I want something th…[View]
2524579Daily reminder[View]
2526172Every day when I walk my dog I see a cat and her baby in the same spot behind some bushes. I don’t t…[View]
2526093What is the most pure Northern European dog?[View]
2526345what kind of unholy ritual is this: >>>/wsg/1883513[View]
2526266can anyone ID the breed? My friend said corgi mix[View]
2525974A-anons... ...what's it like to be a lantern fish?[View]
2522771Diggity doggo smelling his environment post-nose surgery.[View]
2525976I'm sorry for posting such a random question but I thought this would be the best place to ask.…[View]
2526182Is there a method to get rid of these fuckers that actually works?[View]
2520967BIRD DUMP!: Dump your best birb pictures please! Memes are allowed![View]
2525842What is this little monster?: It has small worm like tentacle that it uses to move n shit D:[View]
2524853Why haven't we domesticated Lynxes yet?: They're basically just big hous ecats with fluffy…[View]
2525714I just lost one of my ducks this morning. Pic related[View]
2523677Coincidence? I do not think so.[View]
2523143If you could have a menagerie of pets, any type of pets - which ones would you keep?[View]
2524507Any advice? Pic totally related. My new cat.: I have recently adopted a new cat and when I brought h…[View]
2525157Rate muh doggo[View]
2517451Dog General #5 - Patrician Edition. >What to expect when you get a puppy http://www.drsfostersmi…[View]
2525736animal weird: https://youtu.be/b0SNDdW7OpY clik video[View]
2525493>Turning a zoo animal into a weeaboo Is this considered animal abuse?[View]
2524371I know that we've registered plenty of species going extinct since we have written records. But…[View]
2513452Why are deer not domesticated yet?: They try so hard to be pets, every day. So many would love to ha…[View]
2524380Whats all this extra foot for when they only stand on the tips?[View]
2525669>tfw lazy Sunday[View]
2524886Who was in the wrong here?[View]
2525335IDENTIFICATION: Any experts wanna weigh in, what type of wood is this? It's from coastal north …[View]
2525496My cat keeps urinating on the floor next to her litter box. It’s been happening more frequently late…[View]
2525198why is this thing called tiger shark if it has spots instead of stripes? they should've called …[View]
2520094What’s the worst pet to keep? (That doesn’t require a liscnse.) I heard it’s the chinchilla because …[View]
2525429sleep tight kitter[View]
2523041Wild Flamingo[View]
2524549How much time it need to pass to get another cat after the death of your last cat? I think I already…[View]
2523679Does anyone have a multispecies paludarium? I know an insane amount of research would need to what a…[View]

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