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31045297Why do i feel so alone bros? Recently Im just an observer not really living life, i talk to people i…[View]
31040588Got practice gf pregnant, she won't abort it or raise it with me: I'm a complete idiot. I …[View]
31041833I want to fuck my sister: My sister and I live together. She's a prostitute and I sometimes hav…[View]
31041943how do i cope with the fact ill die it has been bugging me for a while now im religious and young[View]
31045341My conclusion - Women don't want to be in relationships anymore!: I saw some threads recently t…[View]
31048267Is Architecture a good career path to get into? Is it overrun, or set to be overrun by AI or DEI or …[View]
31048212For some context, back when I was 18 I used to work at Subway and there was this Indian guy who was …[View]
31048117anime music artist wojak chart: someone has that one specific image of a chart composed by wojaks ab…[View]
31047935How do intelligent women get married?: How do I meet intelligent women, by that I mean, women doctor…[View]
31048193Any suggestions about what I can do given my current situation? > Be me in 2022 age 25 > Feel …[View]
31048011How to last on my fast food job?: I started working on a fast food chain because i needed the money …[View]
31044435Career where you can make a difference: I'm a recent graduate that completed an IT degree. I fi…[View]
31048017Frat fuckery help: Need money advice. >Be me, former frat man >Learned to not like it >Did…[View]
31047196Anybody have experience lying on resumes?: Ever get caught doing this? I have skills and am confiden…[View]
31048085I found a pedo server what do I do: I just found it by a friend who wanted me to report it on discor…[View]
31046359I farther ruined my life by falling for the 'cs degree' meme. I wasted 18-22 being mentally ill and …[View]
31048073Free IT BA worth it with no real knowledge?: >in meme college >nobody learns anything >see …[View]
31047205Skincare and shaving advice please: AM: Cleanser - Dermol 500 Moisturiser - Dermol 500 PM: Cleanser …[View]
31043109How do you open up emotionally to a woman you meet without coming off as weak? As soon as I open up …[View]
31047212/atoga/-Ask the Opposite Gender Anything thread: Remote edition Previous: >>31044035[View]
31045948>feeling lonely Should i pay for hooker?[View]
31047507the fucks going on?: We fuck all the time, she says im her bestfriend, she's not fucking anyone…[View]
31047812I spend around £500 a month on alcohol how much is normal how doi cut back[View]
31044149Is becoming a tattoo artist a feasible career for a 18 yr old girl? If so, what should i do to get s…[View]
31047334'Not ready for a relationship right now': >19M seeing 20F >2 or 3 weeks of quality >talking…[View]
31045359About 2 weeks ago I reached a point with porn where I was happy with what I had watched and knew I w…[View]
31044203Is chasing money and always thinking about getting the money really important in life or do you thin…[View]
31047625EXTREME Fear of Cancer: I've already made an appointment to get this stuff checked up but pleas…[View]
31044919Holiday apartment booking problem: Me and some friends, 1 couple and 2 singles, are travelling abroa…[View]
31046289What moves do I need to make to get friends like these in my mid 20s?[View]
31044407what job is this: What kind of job are these people talking about? I don't have a reddit and ev…[View]
31039032GIVING ADVICE: 4chan isn't going to want to hear this. Unless the woman really wants to, in mod…[View]
31047215am i ridicuously picky or are women shit? should i lower my standards?: maybe 1 in 30 girls i meet i…[View]
31041733Assisted Suicide: Decided that I hate my life choices and general lifestyle, wanting to know if anyb…[View]
31045007Advice is worthless: In retrowpect, none of the advice and wisdom I rea over 15 years has had any ef…[View]
31045738How do you talk to women without coming across as rapey?[View]
31037494GIOYC - Get It Off Your Chest[View]
31045922W girl on dating app looking for friendship and has a boyfriend?: I matched with a somewhat cute gir…[View]
31047368this has been on my mind for the last few days now. my sister, who moved out for a job opportunity, …[View]
31047209Can I become a farmer and make a decent living in Europe? I currently live in France but am plannin…[View]
31045835I don't want to have sex with a prostitute but is there like... A service I can use to visit pr…[View]
31040597Gf cheated on me: Ok so it was true, it really happens to all of us. We are both 21, we've been…[View]
31044957where can i find a sadistic girlfriend?: do nurses typically have more psychos than on average? I wa…[View]
31041596would this be worth it in the long term: I keep being able to hook up with chubby girls but now I wa…[View]
31045914ok I am here to help you guys. ask me something and I will help you with an answer. just trying to m…[View]
31042345DoorDash barring you from merchants: Can you request/find out, if a merchant banned you from going t…[View]
31044540Hi 4chan, this is probably the worst place to get advice on earth, but I don’t feel comfortable shar…[View]
31045996I'm going to an EmoNite concert event in Texas soon, as a black anon. Im usually a pretty outgo…[View]
31046983Is it worth it to pay professional photographers for your dating profile pictures?[View]
31045309If you are uncomfortable with dating women with past 'body counts', then you shouldn't bother w…[View]
31046647When are women disgusted by their fake male friends?: At what point does a woman have a guy friend t…[View]
31046885Am i going insane: I feel like i am fighting a never ending battle which will end in me getting canc…[View]
31046778How can I know if I'm the problem or I'm legitimately surrounded by shitty people in my da…[View]
31043089I have massive humiliation fetish, I was wondering where it comes from, it's always confused me…[View]
31046710Went to a therapist for the second time today: She's kind of a normalfag 45yo woman, she oversh…[View]
31046701What the actual fuck is wrong with me?: I've always had a serious sexual problem. I'm real…[View]
31044294How to make more friends in my major?: I was severely depressed and had undiagnosed Autistic Burnout…[View]
31046615>people always say exercise improves mood >exercise for months on end >dont feel any differ…[View]
31046601>Be me >retarded >was in special ed and everything >attractive and girls like me and hav…[View]
31044011Can't seem to figure out how to get girls: 19M, Never had a gf and rarely approach girls, when …[View]
31046431Need $300,000 super urgent: 4chan, I am in a dire need of atleast $300,000 and I need it this month.…[View]
31044358Almost 21, Cripplingly Alone: Been in and out of community college since I was 18. Didn't make …[View]
31046209hi /adv/! does anybody know a great, free, 5000+ words essay writer IA? the only ones i could find w…[View]
31044416>Smoke a little herb as celebration for quitting my shitty job and finding a new one >Girlfrie…[View]
31043910How do I go about asking this cute chick who works at the drive thru of a fast food place that I go …[View]
31046456Deep Trauma Programming: After years of meditation, exploration of mainstream and 'esoteric' philoso…[View]
31037209how do i stop being afraid of women? its pretty severe, i avoid in any possible situation to talk or…[View]
31046415boyfriend's attention-seeking: am I a bad person if I feel annoyed when I see my boyfriend post…[View]
31044952Is it normal that everyone is asking me for money or did I get unlucky with the people I met ? I…[View]
31044424How to make myself want a gf?: I really don't want one. I deny women often. They either intimat…[View]
31046049Why should I NoFap?: When masturbation and sex are the same thing?[View]
31043352Ive never received any female attraction. Now that I have it sometimes I can no longer get horny. Ch…[View]
31044194Is this normal for most men?: When I have a girlfriend, and after I've gotten to know her well …[View]
31039670Sex obsession: I am 32 years old and I think I am a full blown coombrain. I don't even really w…[View]
31045163What can i do to stop forgetting people names?[View]
31046249Don't help anybody, don't offer any advice to anyone ever. If you see someone struggling, …[View]
31043366I wish I was gay: I got so fed up with women flaking on me, putting in no effort, and bringing absol…[View]
31045036Are your friends as rubbish as mine?: Be me. Asks friends to go watch a movie. They say no. Asks fri…[View]
31040279How am I meant to do it? I've only grown to hate myself and set unrealistic expectations for my…[View]
31045721Does anyone here have testimonials for vegus nerve stimulation therapy? I'm considering asking …[View]
31044989Hemorrhoids: I’ve had hemorrhoids for years. But I just discovered that they cause erectile dysfunct…[View]
31045371If a friend who is super into LCD, acid, shrooms, etc. wants me to do these drugs with him because h…[View]
31044070How do I meet women online (on discord?)[View]
31035171Non virgin women are sluts: I have a chad friend since school. After his first GF left him mindlessl…[View]
31035028To all the anons looking to get women: A lot of you anons really need to stop what you're doing…[View]
31043210I am 20+ virgin and women my age have all had sex before. Some are even single mothers who expect me…[View]
31045962How can I help my depressive mom?: >Be me >18 YO at the time >Nice family, hard working fat…[View]
31042763Made 2.7 million off shitcoin: ok I made a thread earlier this week about this, but now its doubled …[View]
31038142Girl from work flirting with me?: There is a girl from work that I have had a small crush on since I…[View]
31045405We have to do a project for our programming class and I can't come up with any decent ideas. It…[View]
31043170How to avoid getting stressed out or overworked?: I've been ether working or studing these last…[View]
31045531How does instagram work nowadays? I see some accounts with millions of followers getting perhaps a f…[View]
31045561Why would anyone settle?: Why should anyone be damned to a reality to where they are with someone th…[View]
31043194How do I get the smell of cum out of my room? My parents are always asking what that smell in my roo…[View]
31045222Can you describe the death from blood loss to me? How does it feel, what's it comparable to, an…[View]
31041389finding my path: be me, 20. I used to be a total NEET and i wasted my teen years in solitude playing…[View]
31044739I just can't do this anymore. Don't know what to ask, to say or do. Seriously I can't…[View]
31045413i work 12 hour weekend shifts, tying up whatever the weekday shifts did not complete. sometimes ther…[View]
31042998Conveying intent on dating app: >Cute cat >Whatcha looking for on here? >Thanks >I'…[View]
31043390Almost hit pedestrian: >entering parking lot >woman is crossing the street >slow down >s…[View]
31045337How to stop thinking about sex?: Mind you that this is a different question to 'How do I become asex…[View]
31045231My mom made friends with this south korean woman at work who visited us a few times and she invited …[View]
31042539How do I stop cheating in relationships Cheated on my current bf with six guys and my previous one …[View]
31041125Is leaving a good paying job for one with less pay a good idea if the better paying one is really af…[View]
31044268What do you do if you start seeing your wife as more of a family member than a partner? In other wor…[View]
31040297housemate keeping bond and trying to scam me: I rented a property with a mate. We cosigned a lease t…[View]
31045035>be me > 20 > never went to uni > turning 21 in June. > feel old > last 3 years tr…[View]
31045082Its so hard to get out of your comfort zone. Why did the brain even invent a thing like this?[View]
31043216How do I cope with being 26 almost 27 and just suddenly 'waking up' and realizing I spent the last 6…[View]
31044759are women that serious about online dating?: i read somewhere that something like 50% are literally …[View]
31044794am i cooked: >be me >in private high school for autistic kids >get into a fight with someon…[View]
31044711Am I becoming schizophrenic?: Whenever I’m alone in my house I “feel” presences around me. If there’…[View]
31044736I'm currently experiencing some kind of psychological disturbance but lack the introspection to…[View]
31044795>No friends >Chronic illness >Lost adolescence >Lost young adulthood >Parents are idi…[View]
31044841I think traveling the world ruined simple distractions for me. When I say that, I mean stuff like vi…[View]
31044865Life is nothing but a dream: and the dream is wasted on us[View]
31044833I want a milf GF: 26.y o. Horny as hell. I've done fine with women as always. Good looking but …[View]
31044430So fucking horny and dont know what to do: Ever since I was a young teen I have always been horny, I…[View]
31044745I've lost all my will to live, I don't do anything all day, at most I go to the gym someti…[View]
31044035/ATOGA/ - Ask the Opposite Gender Anything: manga boyfriend edition last: >>31041597[View]
31044085Stuck at parent's house: Me, age 12: Getting yelled at, running errands and chores Me, age 15: …[View]
31043940(almost) had my first time the other day but couldn't get it up. adv needed: i'm fairly ce…[View]
31044541Three years ago I had a brief relationship with an actual high-profile model. She turned out to be c…[View]
31044460romantic stavration. only remedy == mammon: I turned 21 over a week ago. This, because of my virgini…[View]
31027256/htgwg/ How to Get Women General #211: >What is /htgwg/? How to Get Women General is by men, for …[View]
31044353I need to break something or get a injury to get out of something for about half a month. I don…[View]
31042980How do I become more courageous with women?: I'm at a point in my life where I can confidently …[View]
31043151Law School: I’m planning to go to law school after I complete my degree (Classics). To my fellow law…[View]
31043261>deviated septum+some other shit messing with my nose airways, dunno what I can't take this …[View]
31043778Are dating apps worth it?: Currently 21 and in university. Broke up with my girlfriend a few months …[View]
31035861What makes a man relationship material in your experiences, anons?[View]
31043625I have been very paranoid as of late. For some reason I feel really anxious about reading my friend…[View]
31043953Neverending depression: I have been lethargic and tired since about the age of 13. Whenever I have a…[View]
31043277Desperate_ Help us develop new stress measures: Hello folks! I'm doing a thesis study testing s…[View]
31043969Any tips for doing food delivery with Uber? I just started doing this shit yesterday. I have no car,…[View]
31043420i'm a dumbfuck doing some simple backend work that i can't complete. been at the company f…[View]
31043202Is it a red flag if you're selling something on craigslist and they say they're going to b…[View]
31041894What to do no money no food: I literally have no money or food, I can't borrow or lend, I can…[View]
31039711I'm a 28yo virgin but atypical case in that it's due to child abuse and avoidance of sex r…[View]
31036285How do I talk back to moralfags telling me to do stupid shit?: I hate being told what to do. I hate …[View]
31041177Too much porn: I have nearly 10 thousand lewd images saved from the internet now and I keep getting …[View]
31032914How do you find a girl that's absolutely infatuated with me and is 100% loyal? i dont mind not …[View]
31042959What should I do while I get high aside from listen to music and jerk off?[View]
31038513Unironcally how the fuck do I reply to this shit without getting immediately ghosted?[View]
31042126Am I too Autistic For Reddit?: Yeah I know I'm going to get shit on for being a (potential?) re…[View]
31042824Oil & Sex: One of my favorite 'genres' in pornography, if you can even call it that, it oil. I…[View]
31042211I need someone to talk me down from doing dating apps: As the hot weather approaches, my want for a …[View]
31042904Is there any way an autistic male like me can get a girlfriend? Should I even try? Is love worth it?…[View]
31043304Job: How can get my parents off my back about being unemployed? >inb4 get a job lol Money is no …[View]
31043298How to make new friends after college? (25M): I graduated from college in 2023. In 2022 three of my …[View]
31043327So do I really have to give up whacking off entirely or is it just porn?[View]
31041407Realized it's over.: Even if I managed to find a relationship at this point I'm too mental…[View]
31043347My GF is still in contact with the man that took her virginity, am I bugging for being bothered?: My…[View]
31043371Should I buy this?[View]
31041511No Sex Drive: How do I get my sex drive back the doctor said I have normal testosterone levels and I…[View]
31043263Fucking over my dad: During a confrontation he called my mom the equivalent of a 'retarded indian' a…[View]
31043203What do I do if I get a false DUI?[View]
31038713If I'm shopping at a store, just minding my own business, and some dude yells at me claiming I…[View]
31042941Jaw Surgery for Sleep Apnea: Has anyone had this done? They remove tonsils and move your jaw forward…[View]
31043211How to make money online??: Anons i recently quit my job because i'll be moving countries soon …[View]
31043162Going to Atlanta, Georgia: Ausbro here, Looks like I'm gonna be paying you guys a visit soon. …[View]
31042645What type of woman is best for an autistic man?: I know every autistic person is different and that …[View]
31043131Scorts dont want offer gfe: >contact prostitute on megapersonals >ask her adress and rates …[View]
31042698Legal Advice: what do?[View]
31042347I have a deep hatred towards poor and non white people: I am a millionaire despite only being 26 and…[View]
31040590Strongly suspect my husband of inappropriate behaviour with our daughter. I don't know what to …[View]
31042564Ate two of these raw bc its normal where im from. Have been feeling pretty bad for the past couple d…[View]
31042008How to get gf?[View]
31033011Honesty issue: How to want to be vulnerable and share feelings when you genuinely hate doing so and …[View]
31042994How does one decrease laziness, and increase discipline , confidence, and self esteem?[View]
31041672How do I translate raging horniness into motivation to improve myself?[View]
31042834How do I stop talking shit about my mother ?[View]
31041169Two decades of coomerism; need help [LONG POST]: >Be six years old little brat in 2004 >Alread…[View]
31042971passed a kidney stone and was feeling pretty happy so i bought everything needed for chicken parmesa…[View]
31040860Lying to get a Better Job: Will I get away with it if I put 'Bachelor's Degree' on my resume wi…[View]
31037469How to cope when there is no hope?: I literally can't go out anymore and I keep my blinders on …[View]
31042780giving away skateboard: >owns a skateboard plus skateboard wheel bearings >I don't use it…[View]
31042615I can't stop asking for advice and my life is getting worse: I keep on making threads here, it…[View]
31041578Fidgets that won't look super Autistic: I have Autism. I got checked out and everything. I don…[View]
31041793When Should I confess to her?: I first met this girl halfway through last year at work We became goo…[View]
31042175Why are women the way they are?: I don't mean this as a blanket statement but why do women act.…[View]
31042202How does one get rid of excess hair? I have too much hair and it makes me look dumb. I'm like a…[View]
31042573How do I regain my will to live?[View]
31042314Buying a suicide/exit bag?: I wanna buy a suicide/ exit bag but i can't buy one in the U.S.? Is…[View]
31040348How do you deal with the fact that you are going to die most likely with prolonged pain and sufferin…[View]
31041734How to handle this: So a person from highschool reached out last week They were expelled for making …[View]
31039599How do i get over my rabies OCD? It prevents me going to rural places because fear of bats it's…[View]
31042457Where is the best place to pick up slutty milfs?[View]
31041739Can You Ever Have Good Skin with Bad Genes?: >Eat fish and onions all the time, near no sugar or …[View]
31042485I have a fairly lean body but my face is round and fat. How do I get my face to be leaner and more d…[View]
31042469Is reaching out to your ex stupid?: Got dumped back in January by my exgf of 2 months because she wa…[View]
31036534Do women like obsessive men?: I was told once by a woman that I wasn't obssesive enough and the…[View]
31038941Am I selfish for wanting sex with my boyfriend: I’ve been dating my boyfriend for about 8 months in …[View]
31040459My autistic son was doxxed today: I wrote a post that a local Texas pastor took issue with. It was s…[View]
31042004I’ve fumbled wife material babes you people wouldn’t believe[View]
31040618just want to vent: I could use some advice but I don't i'd get any so I'll just freel…[View]
31042263How to stop trying so hard?: Realizing that I've been caring a shit ton about stuff that doesn…[View]
31042379My best friend is somewhat wealthy and successful and he’s a cool guy but I’m noticing that he keeps…[View]
31040049Pillow princess: I'm 33 yo simp, I got married 2 years ago. And the subject says it all, I marr…[View]
31041334I don't have a voice: I think I have a big problem with my personality that I need to fix. Whe…[View]
31041349I'm 20 and I will be 21 in 7 months, which means that I don't have that much time before I…[View]
31042349>have a fapping addiction since i was 12 >feel erectile dysfunction happening already even tho…[View]
31039913My mom has something like OCD, she refuses any help with chores and keeps doing the same repetitive …[View]
31041702How do I become more assertive and more OK with confrontation? Growing up, my dad was a psycho so my…[View]
31041139I checked some data about Online Dating and it made me think...: Guys, were repillers right all this…[View]
31042340How do I deal with feelings of hate?[View]
31041689Need an answer quick bros! >be me > me dance > Girl I like also dance > Girl doesn'…[View]
31042247>Penis got Hard Flaccid Syndrome It's over. Help me I'm desperate. My cock head doesn…[View]
31041597/ATOGA/ - Ask the Opposite Gender Anything: Chopin's hands edition previous >>31039146…[View]
31041286how do i reject someone: Started uni this year, went in with the hope that no one would develop a cr…[View]
31038636How do I live with myself. My cat has crystals in his urine and he is backed up and cant pee now. To…[View]
31041439Help a cop is entering my home without probable cause or a warrant: They really angry and they’re sh…[View]
31040127im 23 and I think I might be balding, my left temple I think might be thinner but I cant tell as whe…[View]
31040079Is criminology a good degree to do?[View]
31040302help... :<: >be me >NEET otaku >gay transboy >feeling desperate >signs up for dati…[View]
31041000NEVER HAD A GF...: Hello, I'm turning 19 soon and it's got me thinking... why haven't…[View]
31038805>At Dentist >Staring up at the ceiling, spacing out >Mind starts to wander >Start thinki…[View]
31037825Why is 80% of this board like this?[View]
31039051Non-normie men: Where do I find non-normie men who aren’t butt ugly? I just want a cute guy to take …[View]
31041650How to get motivation to do something that i dont want to do or what i hate?[View]
31041046What advice would you give him, /adv/?[View]
31041691Prostitutes are our only option?: Autistic women have an easier time with relationships simply becau…[View]
31041562When should I confess to her?: I first met this girl halfway through last year at work We became goo…[View]
31041459How do I deal with basedboys and bugmen?[View]
31041383>go to a hike with a group of young people >after ~ 30 mins into the hike, a super cute, prett…[View]
31041367Advice regarding a guy from my uni: Basically I (male) matched with a guy from my uni and we agreed …[View]
31041283I fucking hate insurance companies: So to preface my situation some old lady hit my truck last month…[View]
31041084>be me, 25 >2 years ago I'm at my lowest mentally and all I want is a girl to love. >L…[View]
31041422Is it possible for your brain to lower its standards? On dating apps I only get likes from hideously…[View]
31037329Turning 30 Soon -- Feel Like It's Over: /fit/ -- I keep hearing about how 'oh, 30s are fine to …[View]
31041073If I buy an electric guitar how long would it take for me to be able to jam along the songs from my …[View]
31041293asking out: so i've seen this girl in my office that i really like, how should i get to know he…[View]
31041259Gf vs Video games: Should I try to get a gf or just play video games? I just got Baldur's Gate …[View]
31041174Career/money advice: Hello frens I am graduating with a B.S. in math soon. I am pre-med. I'm pl…[View]
31039068>fapping >tore my frenulum UH BROS HELP[View]
31041077I'm in the 'talking stage' with a girl, and I'm not really sure how to proceed... >be m…[View]
31041226Masturbating on ex GF: I'm single now. When I need to masturbate in order to get rid of excess …[View]
31040007conventions: seriously, how do i pull at conventions as an autistic socially awkward retard?[View]
31037074Can women tell when it's your first time? If not should you tell her?[View]
31039329Missed out on the good old days: Of the internet. Old /b/, old /a/, MySpace, Geocites, virtual world…[View]
31040605>be me, 26 >today is eid, Islamic holy holiday >parents are Muslim but generally don't…[View]
31040058How do I keep my bedroom cool during the hot summer months if my window isn't accommodated for …[View]
31041118How can I be more 'warm blooded'? I'm just too laid back and see the stuff I do as regular most…[View]
31040868So I got a mail that someone was selling and buying items on Steam community market under my account…[View]
31039962What did I miss out on?: >19 >No real friend group in Highschool, had schoolfriends I talked t…[View]
31038814I like NY drill rap music The problem is, nobody else does the youtube videos get hundreds of thousa…[View]
31040886>Found out all of my white coworkers are into swinging and cuck shit >some of them swap wives …[View]
31040928Underachiever?: I think I'm not doing enough with my life. The problem is I have always been ab…[View]
31040656I've got mental issues because of my dad. It took him years to acknowledge he did wrong and he …[View]
31040905Interstate move: So I'm planning to move states at some point in the future. The trip will be 1…[View]
31040900I dont know what to do, I want my true love.: I am 21m I met a girl in middle school we never really…[View]
31039044Therapist laughed at me: I went to my first therapy session and the therapist was asking me basic qu…[View]
31037490Schizophrenic in Brazil: I think about getting murdered too much, and the crime statistics (northeas…[View]
31030375If I named my son Alice would you make fun of him?[View]
31040745How do I get gf with $750 monthly wage?[View]
31038357what does it mean?: what does it mean when a girl gets along very well with your mom? like she expli…[View]
31040099Does anyone grow taller after 20?: Basically I'm a 150cm short female. I haven't grown wha…[View]
31040787is rainwater actually bad for your hair?: i was outside without a hoodie or hat and it rained pretty…[View]
31040733How do I get the Lord to stop bullying me?[View]
31040784I upgraded my phone through Verizon and I had to send my old phone back through UPS, which I did. Ac…[View]
31040306Autist here. I Watched my friend kiss a girl at the club. She held the kiss then pulled away slowly…[View]
31040726Did she want me to approach her? Or am I looking too deep?: I made this thread yesterday buy I got n…[View]
31040155how much do i need to beat up my bf for him to see that i love him ?[View]
31038113How does one approach a hot woman? Im sure they know theyre hot, and their market bar is super high.…[View]
31040609how do you text women you match with on dating apps? i get tons and tons of matches, but can never s…[View]
31040126road to wizardhood: what are the consequences of my lifestyle?: >be me >22 years old warehouse…[View]
31040351I eat too much today: I eat too much today, and now feel sick. Is there anything I can do to feel be…[View]
31039173I Have No Tears and I Must Cry: How can I make myself cry? I have not cried in several years. But re…[View]
31037541Autistic virgin: Is it possible to still rebound and get into a relationship if your an autistic vir…[View]
31037701When I was a child, my father's friend was always nice to me. I was always very fond of him. Bu…[View]
31040499Landlord prohibits sex in house: Often times when he sees a car enter the driveway he comes over to …[View]
31040481Where can I find a MILF?: 26.y o. Horny as hell. I've done fine with women as always. Good look…[View]
31036890There's nothing left I want to buy, Do I still need to keep on working?[View]
31039961I think I’ve lost my mind: I am incapable of moving on lol like someone please please help ahhah Lif…[View]
31037608My dad lets me live with him and i fucking hate him. he always makes fucking moaning noises when hes…[View]
31038044I'm infertile resulting from complications of being born preterm. This has been confirmed by a …[View]
31038984Is it normal to not want kids like ever?: I am a 21 male. I have a long time before I need to think …[View]
31040350Randomly forgot three days: I was having my coffee a few minutes ago and realized I can't remem…[View]
31037780Childhood Home: I live about an hour away from my mother. She has retired this year and told me she…[View]
31039403DIY MKUltra Experiment - Thoughts?: Alright, listen up, anons. I've been thinking about some se…[View]
31039001There’s no pursuing women/relationships anymore: As I’ve gotten older I’ve started to realize just h…[View]
31039779How to get over fear of rejection?: bottom text[View]
31037770How to increase verbal IQ: >regularly get into arguments because it is fun >Usually lose, even…[View]
31036071About me gf: Hi /b/ros Im third year uni and gf second year, we are in different uni. We been dating…[View]
31039855How do women cope?: They literally have no value anymore other than being flesh holes to be used or …[View]
31034884Is This Married Woman Having An Affair With Me?: First off, I am not asking for a morality lesson. P…[View]
31038078How do I not end up like this guy?[View]
31034465Why do I often see the hottest girl, the kind I could never get (believe me, I do try) in a lesbian …[View]
31036518Arrested: Guys, I fucked up. I read how shoplifting is legal in cities so I naturally went to a city…[View]
31039754Tailbone: When I was in the 7th or 8th grade I went to a playground with my mom and I loved to swing…[View]
31040020Does autism doom you athletically? I've been lifting for three months and haven't seen muc…[View]
31036563How do females ask for sex ?[View]
31037390LEARN TO SKATE: You are terrorized by the prospect of the judgement of others so you never expose yo…[View]
31037237Talk me out of contacting her guys.[View]
31039922Hypnosis and relationship advice: Got quite good at hypnosis. Can mold my girl's mind into anyt…[View]
31039675Do u think she’s a 10/10? I took ur advice recently and rejected her bc im just not into her..now sh…[View]
31038144Useless Optometrist: How do I get contacts without having the doctor's prescription? I was at t…[View]
31036997A lot of posts where people mention not wanting their nuts. I have wondered how nice it would be to…[View]
31039030Anger: How do I learn to control my anger? I hate myself, I have no sense of humor, autistic, I take…[View]
31037111Is there more to life than working 5 days a week?: Obviously there is but it's also obvious tha…[View]
31039277Got this chicks number, our schedules don't really match, days i'm off she's working.…[View]
31039177How much stronger are men compared to women?: How much stronger are men actually than women? Asking …[View]
31027550Where even are young people anymore?: I'm 26 and I finally managed to find a good job and a pre…[View]
31038033How do I keep a girl? I'm four months deep into a relationship with this girl who is essentiall…[View]
31034181Bumble class action lawsuit: If you've used bumble before and are male there's a class act…[View]
31034647How can I raise money for my daughter’s treatment?: My daughter was diagnosed with stomach cancer, t…[View]
31037482Job for my mother: Hello /adv/ I require some help. My mother is an endless money pit. She produces …[View]
31039146/ATOGA/ - Ask the Opposite Gender Anything: Last: >>31036596[View]
31036800I have a business and I'm making on average $8k a day. The problem is I am literally working 16…[View]
31039296Been dating a girl for one month. First gf. She's built up this idealised, near perfect image o…[View]
31039289Just inherited a multimillion dollar sum of money and assets through generational wealth. Looking fo…[View]
31035229Why do I feel MORE productive while sick?? And how can I harness this energy when I'm not sick?…[View]
31038808Hey anons. I'm a early 20's guy in the middle of split roads/decisions for starting a care…[View]
31037714My girlfriend did something really bad and I have to break up with her out of self respect. There is…[View]
31039162Cluster B Abuse: Is anyone here a survivor of Narcissistic abuse? I've just recently left a hal…[View]
31039123Should i wait until im not a loser to start dating? i feel like i would question the judgment of any…[View]
31031092As a Pajeet should I Hindoomax, Buddhamax, or Christmax?[View]
31036483Would it be student to go back to uni at 25 for a science degree?: I already have a Bachelor of Arts…[View]
31033938My gf has been emotionally cheating on me with a guy at her work for a year. How can I tell her to c…[View]
31036218Mom asked me if I can have children still. Should I tell her that I want to get an orchiectomy? Unir…[View]
31036902Women don't want to be approached.: If you haven't had a woman approach you first, then yo…[View]
31038760should i make a pass at her?: Good friend and and I are pretty close. She has a family an chilrens a…[View]
31038564How can i have the same swagger as Liam Gallagher?: he had big madlad confidence even before he was …[View]
31038166I'm a adhd freak(lousy kind) and everyone seems to either straight up hate me or find me a big …[View]
31038619Unable to handle my husband (that I love very much): We live in a small village in europoor and that…[View]
31035295how the fuck am I supposed to stop being so depressed and socially anxious? is this just my life fro…[View]
31037033>Neighbour coughed at me >Literally remember this in a dream I had when I was younger >Inst…[View]
31038694What strategies can you use to cope with completely wasting 15+ years of your youth? In my case the …[View]
31035585Are there any minimum wage jobs where I don't have to interact with customers?[View]
31038533How do I deal with having enemies? I just want people to love me and the thought that even one perso…[View]
31037424How do I stop being a loser? >30 >no savings >dropped out of university >warehouse job …[View]
31037429I dont get get it: Am i retarded? Im 29 people around my age having marriage, kids and i still feel …[View]
31033451Is it possible to meet a decent man online that you can marry and have a future with?[View]
31038204how to approach a finished relationship?: I left my gf a few days ago after living together for almo…[View]
31038459How do I deal with extreme shyness?: I have had many girls have a crush on me, and I knew about it b…[View]
31033648Sister takes 1 hour + in bathroom: And she's only in their at night time. Is she doing drugs? W…[View]
31037745need help with gfs ex: My girlfriend recently saw that her ex posted a story time video on youtube a…[View]
31038268Do online relationships count?: Like never met IRL, purely online, and if someone asks if you ever b…[View]
31038188How to be noticed by people.: I've never really been popular or had a swarm of friends, but in …[View]
31038325How do I make sure content creatures don't get money from affiliate links? Most of them shill s…[View]
31038314My sister's BF is a crack addict: ok so long story short my sister has been in a relationship w…[View]
31037946I want to get a buzzcut but I have a high widow's peak and a big forehead. I don't know if…[View]
31037966Why are 30+ year old men often still attractive, and sometimes even more attractive, but all women t…[View]
31036519Regret and where to go from here: Without going into detail, I had a really bad teenage hood. I drop…[View]
31037483As a sheltered individual who has had zero agency up until the age of 24, how do I cope with the fac…[View]
31035907MY EAR IS CLOGGED: My left ear is gigaclogged and it's annoying as hell. I already scheduled an…[View]
31037749How can I become more assertive?: I feel like this is a key personality flaw endemic to my generatio…[View]
31036832I don't know what to do with my life. I love it when I spend a fun evening with friends, but fu…[View]
31037868>get call from grandma >'anon I got an email from the bank they said they need my password oth…[View]
31035432How to become asexual?: After a lot of introspection I've come to realize that puberty (more sp…[View]
31035778Pulling a tooth: How hard/painful is it to simply pull out your own tooth? I have a really painful w…[View]
31038090Hardball Optometrist: How do I get contacts without having the doctor's prescription? I was at …[View]
31036397Any law students or graduates here?: Im considering post graduate options and think I want to go to …[View]
31036111what comes after losing hope?: after taking the blackpill and knowing that sex rules the world,that …[View]
31037840Looking for female responses How would you feel if a lad you liked took you aside, kissed you and th…[View]
31037564How to stop feeling shitty about myself?: Despite being more liked now overall than I was in my prev…[View]
31028338I have $300k. Thoughts on moving to Argentina for 6 months and renting an apartment and learning Spa…[View]
31037310Is it really this easy bros?[View]
31035464I feel indescribably empty and lonely. I always feel like the odd one in friend groups, I don't…[View]
31037890How do I feel comfortable with myself?: I have lately been having slight body dysmorphia. I feel lik…[View]
31035285Can you be a “good” sociopath?: I watched a show recently called Ripley and I realized I’ve done the…[View]
31037106How do I change my ways as a 24 year old shut-in so I dont end up like webm related[View]
31032023i think my dad might be a pedo: this is the 2nd time ive caught my dad looking at some weird shit --…[View]
31037634ADHD and giftedness - death: I can't function. How do I be normal? I did neuropsych testing. I …[View]
31037598If shame and/or self interest doesn't motivate me to take action, what will? I have no one to s…[View]
31037748I hate myself, can I really change?: Hey /adv/, Writing this to vent a little and to get a differen…[View]
31036567Met my former therapist (I'm autistic) on a dating app. She's around my age. Do you think …[View]
31035349I feel like 2017 was the last year I really enjoyed life. I was constantly learning new things and d…[View]
31033336When does the grind stop?: I am a 26 yo man who has NEVER been in a relationship. Which is something…[View]
31033713Don't date black women: They get angry and violent for little to no reason. Help[View]
31036672How fucked am i?: 24 year old NEET. Don't have a degree or any skills. Never had a job. I'…[View]
31036033After several sincere attempts to connect with my mother, I've concluded that it's best to…[View]
31035948Dating apps. How many likes do you get per: day, week, month? I feel like I'm swiping for absol…[View]
31036835Thinking about quitting my job: I'm in accounting. I took employment at this company about six …[View]
31033937How do I stop banging this fat Retard I started banging... I'm not attracted to her at all, she…[View]
31036596/ATOGA/ - Ask the Opposite Gender Anything: Last: >>31033562 Chivalry edition[View]
31036178Did she want me to approach her? Or am I looking too deep?: I had this situation almost a year ago b…[View]
31037152Life advice?: No college education. Been severely depressed my whole life, never really knew what to…[View]
31036985help me be a human being pls: for the purpose of self preservation i haven’t touched this platform i…[View]
31035920How to stop being a mopey cunt (most) of the time? I don't consider myself a miserable person o…[View]
31036986How to get gf?[View]
31036866legit question, how do I find internet friends without consistently playing games?: I want to stop b…[View]
31037069Insecurity: How do I stop being jealous of other guys? I'm not a virgin, but I have a weird sli…[View]
31036159retain childlike innocence/curiosity: how do i retain my curiosity from a cold cruel evil world that…[View]
31036951I cannot believe this is my life: >Be me >Weird family history >Bio mom's English, mov…[View]
31035901Crush situation I guess?: I am new here so pls dont shit on me, Im sorry for my mistakes. So there h…[View]
31036480Why I can't deal with adult life?: Hi, I'm 25F and I can't deal with adult life. I do…[View]
31033955I like to keep a clean shaven face but when I shave often I get acne and ingrown hairs My hair grow…[View]
31036459I have a sleeping disorder that requires me to sleep 12 hours a night to feel fully rested. I was th…[View]
31033771is it bad if my friends are only girls?: I dropped all my guy friends because they were toxic and mi…[View]
31035265How do you deal with the fact that you are going to die most likely with prolonged pain and sufferin…[View]
31036622Masterbating: I’ve been masterbating unknowingly to this jewess. I’m devastated and disgusted with m…[View]
31036028How do i let my boss down gently. I've worked for this B&B for 5 years, but over the last …[View]
31035419How do i find friends to play games with?[View]
31036571Failure To Launch: My mother yelled at me and said I failed to launch and made me watch some YouTube…[View]
31036718i need a site with a large amount of transparent images[View]
31036653Do physical therapist actually do anything? I've had constant foot pain and I'm thinking I…[View]
31036259I've been struggling with some online friends for awhile and would like an anon that is older t…[View]
31034128I'm turning 21 in a week: Do you have any hobbies? How did you get into them? I'm starting…[View]
31036234I just found out that the girl I've been seeing is in a relationship. She has a 1 year old baby…[View]
31035010Ripped my asshole last time I took a shit. Now I need to take a shit again and I just know it's…[View]
31028434How to stop BS myself with incel-talk and blackpill?: I keep going back to the misery of self loathi…[View]
31036435I frequent Asian massage parlors... my town has quite a few, all of them are fronts for tug jobs and…[View]
31036250How do I break up with someone I care about? My previous relationship ended because my GF came out a…[View]
31034763muay thai ho: theres this fugly chick at my gym who keeps eyeing me out….manly face flat chest, ugly…[View]
31034428Am I the asshole?: I rented out a room of my place to this guy. We agreed to keep it quiet from 10pm…[View]
31035667Would you quit a high paying job, in the current economy, just to be content? I do not need the extr…[View]
31034550>didnt believe people saying how retaded OLD is for women >made a fake profile as a female wit…[View]
31035152How do I stop being so argumentative/nitpicky?[View]
31033634How should I quit my job? I'm 5 months into my job probation, with probation ending in May. Dur…[View]
31034844I NEED ADVICE/GUIDANCE: through my 20s, what do i focus on? how do i find the thing/skill that i KNO…[View]
31034725money issues: >lazy as shit >schizo >neet >live with parents >life is comfortable rn …[View]
31036057Jobs with AI. I am facing a moral dilemma. Do I take the easy job (write for feeding an AI), stack t…[View]
31031196I'm having a really bad allergic reaction to Flonase I don't want to go to urgent care or…[View]
31036049How do I stop thinking about a college girl?: I’m in my late ‘20s & recently took a gig proctori…[View]
31035777>meet cute 19yr old on snap >find out we both have the same kinks >sexchat for a while >…[View]
31035021Wtf is up with no replying: I’m confused on why ppl match on dating apps and don’t reply? I’ve gotte…[View]
31032560My grandmother is turning 75 in May and asked for a few novels for her birthday. She doesn't ha…[View]
31035455ORIF: I broke my arm about a year ago while riding an e-bike. Was an open fracture. Needed an ORIF o…[View]
31034525To Switch Jobs or Not: I posted before but there has been a development with my job situation >of…[View]
31035764Stress eating: I have a stressful situation with small kids and that means I can't just go plac…[View]
31034143I think Ron Jeremy might be my father: How do I prove this?[View]
310336722 months ago I asked my gf if she wanted to try anal. she nervously agreed having done small things …[View]
31035873When should I confess to her?: I first met this girl halfway through last year at work We became goo…[View]
31027475I'm failing in college and a part of me thinks maybe I'm just too retarded to learn mathem…[View]
31031829How important is virginity in women?: cis girl, still a virgin and i keep hearing guys be absolutely…[View]
31034653why has dating gotten harder since the covid?: am i the only one that feels this way? In 2019 i woul…[View]
31035459I look like I'm about to cry all the time. What can I do about it? Bloody eyeballs and eyebags …[View]
31034855Infrared Sauna: I fell asleep in an infrared sauna and when I woke up I was pitch red and I urinated…[View]
31035070linkmaxx: unironically, how do i linkmaxx? from body, mind, soul, ethic, etc. i want to be like link…[View]
31034708I came back from a two week trip to Japan. I want to go back and work as an English teacher. I curre…[View]
31034461where can i find a sadistic girl?: is it possible to find a girl who enjoys squashing insects withou…[View]
31033169How can i recover from this: >be me >kv > work at wage slave job with a 6 at best female co…[View]
31033828Where can I go to practice talking to women and learning how to rizz them? I'm 33 btw.[View]
31034779how to make boys like me: boys say i'm pretty, but then they go on with something like 'your ha…[View]
31034863how do i stop giving off weirdo vibes?: idk even know what i do but i seem to make girls uncomfortab…[View]
31034138Should I ruin his life?: I guess this isn’t as much of me asking for advice, but rather just venting…[View]
31034827Life Sucks: I grew up watching anime and I expected a beautiful woman to fall in love with me, frien…[View]
31034734how to get a bf?: does anybody have tips 4 socializing w boys ?? i'm like the only one of my ki…[View]
31034842Advice for making money: My family recently got into a debt and I don't know how to help my fam…[View]
31030948I've heard a couple of chicks reject me because they say I'm boring and I have no personal…[View]
31033494WHY DOES THE LEFT SIDE OF MY ANUS RANDOMLY HEART?: I can't even replicate it, it just seems to …[View]
31033844Are most Chinese girls actually this cute looking?: At my school, there's this cute Chinese gir…[View]
31034512The world outside is hell.: Rent in my area starts at $1600 a month for a 1 bedroom apartment. My au…[View]
31035372just say something about my face[View]
31032829Recovered from being paralyzed, but got fat: As the title said, I need /fit/ advice. >why don’t y…[View]
31025815how do i get a ginger gf?[View]
31034750How do I adult?: As the title says I am trying to be an adult but holy hell it feels like I am just …[View]
31029035How are you supposed to deal with the fact that your girlfriend has had an ex before you? That she h…[View]
31030309best place to buy high quality surgical material for self castration?(price not a problem)[View]
31034999I'm a drop out neet and live only for religion, and don't believe in anything else, I cann…[View]
31034416Ever since I turned 18 (drinking age here) every time I have a beer/glass of wine at family gatherin…[View]
31029956Do girls really have that much sex?: Girls can get sex pretty much anywhere, anytime and with any gu…[View]
31030687Should I go to a therapist?: I was told many times to seek therapy by different people, both strange…[View]
31033868Damn it, I completely fucked up my chances with three reasonably kind and gorgeous girls who liked m…[View]
31034681Am frustrated with my mom cuz she didnt let me go to mexico in my teen years: I was new at ghetto 30…[View]
31034515I'm so fucked. I've always had a weak chin and to disguise it a little bit I started to gr…[View]
31031685/GIOYC/ - Get It Off Your Chest: It is the time for Getting it Offin Yourin Chestin[View]
31032790Fibromyalgia: Just got diagnosed, does anybody else suffer from this? Please help[View]
31034680I need some advice on a delicate situation. Lately, I've been noticing some behavior changes in…[View]
31034792>>31034704 Not saying it couldn't be, but she seems loyal. Right now she's probably …[View]
31034781>feel tired cant study, memory is kinda bad >drink coffee >feel this anxiety, jolt, like s…[View]
31034485Is there even hope anymore?: I’m 26, tall, handsome and smart. I got laid a lot in college, but the …[View]
31034668Should I stop talking to all of my friends and retreat to a quiet loner life? >cons I will miss h…[View]
31033687What do I do if my parents are retards? >don’t know anything about finance at all >don’t own a…[View]
31034470How to appear 'professional' or 'serious' at a young age?: It's a super lon…[View]
31033960How do I cope with the fact that women will only see me as a beta/provider and not an alpha? I'…[View]
31033453i took one class at my local community college over the winter/spring session (7 week), got 100% on …[View]
31034089How do I optimize boner health?: So here's the deal, I got a passable cock.However, I haven…[View]
31032886Did I abandon my family?: I moved out of home the moment I graduated and got a job at 18 because I w…[View]
31034394I talk to my friends on the phone too long: I get on to play a game. It ends after a few hours. We s…[View]
31031314Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD): I would like to talk with other people that suffer from this. W…[View]
31034064Want to take up a sport but too scared to do it: I have always wanted to play tennis but I am alread…[View]
31034360a girl im seeing asked me if she can go with me to my hometown this weekend, i have to register my c…[View]
31033819How do I become more outgoing?[View]
31030627Ask my psychiatrist how to find friends as an autist?: I have my monthly psychiatrist visit in a few…[View]
31033949Tax Question: I was unemployed for a few months this year and had to work at Dollar General for a co…[View]
31034166Link Epic Games account: I feel so fucking dumb, but I can’t find anything online so maybe yall can …[View]
31033762For all of you guys in relationships, how does it feel when you start dating someone with a mental i…[View]
31034149i am a loser: i’m freshly out of high school. but i can’t see any future for myself besides being ju…[View]
31033562/ATOGA/ - Ask the Opposite Gender Anything: Last: >>31029590 Host Club Edition[View]
31034074Was I a dick?: When I was a kid living with my broke mom I told her about the Nintendo 3ds and how c…[View]
31034129what to do on dates?: went on a art museum date but it ended up turning into a bowling date and we h…[View]
31033066Troubles with Eastern Euro gf: >i've been dating this east euro gf for the past few months …[View]
31033067Where do you find low maintenance girls? Somehow by being an extrovert I found only high maintenance…[View]
31033905Is it normal to lie about everything? I lie a lot and I dont know how to stop, even in casual convo …[View]
31029778Death of my gf: Be me 25m GF 23 died from an unknown illness Tried to cope with it by going to the g…[View]
31033791My girlfriend bought a horse and I want to break up with her now. We were talking about getting marr…[View]
31030284Femanons help: i want to know whats the most approachable way to approach a woman. i dont want to be…[View]
31034115Dating apps: >m, 18, decently attractive but on the shorter side >have had a handful of 'relat…[View]
31026187Making friends as a girl: femanon here. how do you make friends as a girl?? most girls r rlly unap…[View]
31033144Empty Inside: How the fuck do I like myself, get over the fact I don't have any emotionally sat…[View]
31033910I have had pretty bad anxiety ever since I was a little kid about random dumb shit like dying or soc…[View]
31031615my mother volunteered me to babysit my grandparents and be their tourist guide for a week just when …[View]
31033837I've been going to therapy, but what we speak about isn't sticking. Even after our session…[View]
31031086Remember how we laughed away the hours?: How we dreamed of all the great things we would do? Where d…[View]
31033814So I (M) am tall and white with blue eyes and nice features, but a bit of mental illness. My girlfri…[View]
31031318I don't know what to do: I decided to go surprise my wife today with some ice cream and I saw h…[View]
31025693How Do I Recover From Porn (SERIOUS PLEASE HELP ME): I feel you guys are the only people who I can a…[View]
31033717Where do I find a girl who is into this?: I want to poop on her.[View]
31033601Please help /adv/. I'm not very good at being compassionate and such. It's my Dad's b…[View]
31031957Have you experienced girls you like showing interest back in you only for them to lose interest and …[View]
31032824full wizard? or give it one more shot?: So long story short , I've 'failed' at life by societie…[View]
31032040Why are 80% of all threads here related to relationships and the opposite sex? Is there really not m…[View]
31033585I look fine. My approach to women is fine. I just need more exposure to meeting them more frequent. …[View]
31032564>shave my mustache >dad says I look like a child molester How do I look better clean shaved?…[View]
31033629Advice for (you): It’s not about who you choose to talk to, it’s about who chooses to talk to you. P…[View]
31032686how do I get a shy autistic girlfriend like Erin?[View]
31033509Is there any way for me to find love as an autistic man or is it over for me? I’m 24 and I’ve never …[View]
31033536Love starts where society ends: People struggle with finding love and a lasting relationship when th…[View]
31030305Why am I so bored and depressed with my life? I don't know what to do. Some days I don't t…[View]
31033480What do i do if I’m too high IQ to live around non Asians? I don’t have any majority asian areas in …[View]
31033386I'm over 30 years old now and have never had a gf or sex because of mental illness. I always st…[View]
31033459Found out my friends wife is a turbo slut, Update: from yesterday's thread >Friend married a…[View]
31033433How do I stop being so impulsive?[View]
31032740Should I break up with my gf?: I feel god awful for even saying this. It makes me want to kill mysel…[View]
31032846This guy at work who has nothing to do with what I do but I work around is constantly talking shit a…[View]
31029044Should I leave my girlfriend?: We met in high school, had all our firsts together, that sort of thin…[View]
31032488Okay guys I need to go to the dentist but I don't have insurance. I can get dental insurance fr…[View]
31032594Had a date with a D1 tennis girl but I fucked it up and she wasn't interested. This girl had th…[View]
31029352Didn't show up to work - what do I do?: I work as a lifeguard at a pool place. It's actual…[View]
31029558How do I cure gynophobia / general / social anxiety: I got bullied a lot by girls when I was younger…[View]
31027890Gametes Donation: My current boyfriend donated sperm before we met and I actively feel uncomfortable…[View]
31031499How do I learn about teh world: I'm ignorant about basic things about the world. I may know mor…[View]
31032212dating apps worth?: i always drew myself away from dating apps like tinder and hinge, etc. because i…[View]
31033127>Today >Post something on M. Teams group >No one answers >Post something on Facebook gro…[View]
31028268so you can just get your life ruined and people get away with it: Just all kinds of fucked up shit c…[View]
31031082What are some good things I can do for my girlfriend? To keep it short she's incredibly sweet f…[View]
31028244why do all my online dating conversations go like this?: girl seems interested, likes me, messages m…[View]

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