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31322093I want to stop smoking weed and drink to completely clear my head and study but after a couple of we…[View]
31321718Severe fatigue in the mornings: I sleep well, and for enough time. Go to bed the same time each day.…[View]
31323081If you're having problems with females: Read this https://pdfcoffee.com/the-way-of-the-superior…[View]
31322911I can't take a step back: I think i have guided my own life in the wrong direction, I have fail…[View]
31319811At my breaking point with my family: My family is driving me and my gf insane. My parents are in the…[View]
31322641It's getting really annoying with my friend. We've been close since we were 4 years old, b…[View]
31322783So I used to talk to women online as a way to cope with loneliness. None of them lived even remotely…[View]
31321854new pc, old SSD: can i transfer my old SSD into a new PC? i want to keep all old settings. but i wor…[View]
31322493Dad wants me to go with him to a millitary museum: There's some sorta local holiday going on. I…[View]
31321361The amount of pedophiles on this planet has severely depressed me. How do I fix this?[View]
31320736Security Guard Help: I'm an unarmed security guard at a warehouse on nightshift. It's pret…[View]
31317721no fun, my babe, no fun. part 1: im in my house, alone, listening to Closer by Joy Division, drank a…[View]
31317709Is it true males and females can't be friends?: I've been wondering this. All of my friend…[View]
31287851>be a neet for 3 years >get a job earlier this year being a neet was way better, existence as …[View]
31316469Do casual smokers exist? I want to enjoy one cigarette a week with my morning coffee. I've neve…[View]
31317738I'm reading this book and I'm at the part where it's talking about spinning plates. S…[View]
31317263How to help my friend: I have a friend and I think he might be addicted to jerking off like really b…[View]
31319651Is dating in your 30s really as hard as they say? I'm on my way to become a doctor and after gr…[View]
31320532windows lic will expire soon: >get pic 1 >lookup answer >pic 2 what do i do now?…[View]
31322467What would happen if I wore this in public?: Can I wear this to a concert?[View]
31315362Is no hymen, no diamond reasonable if the guy has already had numerous sexual partners?[View]
31318997Help: Porn lost its fun and appeal to me. I've watched every genre except for gay shit and now …[View]
31320923Going to a bar for the first time: in short: >16.5 years old >jacked because 2h of workout da…[View]
31314374I just want to stop cooming. At this point, if I could focus all of my free time on anime and vidya,…[View]
31322102Where do I meet women online? I have met 2 women from online before. The first is some polish chick …[View]
31316959Only productive when i wake up early WHYYYYY[View]
31320862>people hanging out without inviting me again how do I cope? the pain is immense…[View]
31318669Breakup: >> be me >> 17 >> last year of HS >> haven't had a gf since fi…[View]
31316091how come the only thing that turns me on is imaging being a girl, its been like two years like this[View]
31321984How do I stop getting into pointless, hour long arguments online?[View]
31315414>keep making same mistakes over and over literally how do I stop. I keep fucking up my assignment…[View]
31317898I became a white supremacist: What should I do now? Don't think I can ever go back to my old be…[View]
31313496desperation and neediness: It's pathetic to admit this, but I am desperate. Desperate for affe…[View]
31318916Am I wrong for feeling this way?: Am I wrong for feeling negative emotions towards my friends who ne…[View]
31315289I take venlafaxine and pregabalin and they make life way more bearable, but im scared that im doing …[View]
31313114Give me your single best shot at sealing the deal with this girl[View]
31313804Am I unemployable?: >didn't do a part-time job in high school; focused on my studies >did…[View]
31317236Jobs after just graduating high school: What are some high paying jobs easy to get, unskilled labor …[View]
31317411Advice for getting my dad's name cleared: Ok so first I need to go back, my dad has never been …[View]
31319578My husband used to give me a trip for my birthday. I don't think I'm getting anything this…[View]
31313915I've been having heart PVCs and fluttering for years at this point. They never go away. Over th…[View]
31321273Why is it very easy to ruin your life?[View]
31321177I've been in a slump for a while. See, I moved out to the country a couple years ago with my br…[View]
31319589How do you stop being scared of people and feeling comfortable talking to them Also how do you find …[View]
31320165How do i stop looking down on women for wanting to date a man who 'makes more money than me' and 'te…[View]
31320049How do I hide my powerlevel on dates?: How do I hide my powerlevel on dates? Ok, I think I have maxx…[View]
31317378I feel like a loser. I have a lot of complexes, a few hobbies/interests, but I feel I'm terribl…[View]
31319201Study methods: So anons, today I went back to studying for an entrance exam (I had been without stud…[View]
31321054My best friend is leaving for vacation over summer and i literally feel gutted. All the sudden i hat…[View]
31320094How can I make a guy stop preferring older women? I want to date a guy but he heavily prefers women …[View]
31319638Talking to a coworker after years: There was a girl at a previous job I had 4 years ago that I reall…[View]
31320477moving from acquaintance from friend: I genuinely have no idea how im supposed to make this happen. …[View]
31319301How do people that move out save any money?: I am looking at apartments and they range from $800 for…[View]
31313866relative or absolute?: Do females choose men on the basis of their value compared to other men or is…[View]
31320087Trying to end the nighmare that it became: In short >being me on a online art community >Every…[View]
31319925I'm 29. I have become very bitter. I often see things in black or white, I don't see stren…[View]
31319772>retail part-time job >living paycheck to paycheck >no car >life is a bit chaotic >po…[View]
31320125/ATOGA/ Ask the Opposite Gender Anything[View]
31313283Why do people take up space on the second seat of a bus when it is crowded? And when I sit down, why…[View]
31310072I haven’t changed since I’ve graduated high school: I’m 21 now and looking back I can’t think of muc…[View]
31319741Should I confront a hit and runner?: What do? >someone was double parked >a vehicle tried to s…[View]
31318260barely anyone came to my birthday party: i hosted a bday party a few hours ago. Invited approx 50, 2…[View]
31320244Do you think it's over for me?: I have been dealing with this porn adicction for years now, I…[View]
31313563How can I get into the natural resources extraction business? I'm fresh out of high school, I…[View]
31319351severe anger issues: have always had severe anger issues where i scream slurs and will hit things wh…[View]
31319901>10 hours of studying to accomplish something >check online >most people did it in 10 minut…[View]
31313289cat, keep or no?: posted this in /an/, I'll try here as well. fucking torn over this cat I resc…[View]
31316617Im from special education and i have no friends and good grades How do i become more smart? I heard …[View]
31314363I need $50,000 dollars ASAP. I have almost no skills other than being generally proficient with tool…[View]
31318288Would it be the right thing to do for me to break up with her?: Just found out her parents are devou…[View]
31319674Unironically, how can I find out if I'm autistic? I've noticed people avoid me at work and…[View]
31319465I'm a bit obsessed with my coworker: I'm a weirdo with 'unique' tastes in women and my cow…[View]
31319732>just finished my work week >Regular 5 days >Finished at 5:30pm but work doesn't close…[View]
31317424Relationship advice: Been seeing a girl for 1 month. We just had sex a week ago. I asked her to hang…[View]
31312207Serious waypoint in my life: Hello... So, I'm (26, MTF) at a pretty important point in my life …[View]
31319522Do you have to celebrate workplace birthdays or are you supposed to organise something? There is usu…[View]
31317317what do women really want?: there was a guy who was a Chad who fucks right and left, but earlier thi…[View]
31318799Interest in people: I don't find much of anything interesting really, and this makes it a strug…[View]
31314452>no money >doordash doesn't pay shit($8/hr) >jobs don't pay shit($15/hr) >noth…[View]
31314564Snorting or drinking MDMA: I got some molly and need to know the best way to ingest it. Should I sno…[View]
31300422Why the fuck do people keep begging me for money when I'm out in public? These aren't bums…[View]
31317110Facebook hacker: Someone has hacked my old Facebook account from 2011. They are now posting and I ca…[View]
31317998Something took the wind out of my sails: I was very motivated despite all challenges but I had a few…[View]
31316520I don't need to be around women, just causes too many problems, especially with other men. I fi…[View]
31318962any advice for a fellow who cares way too much about love? i have a lot of stuff going on in my life…[View]
31305692Pegging: I've been... bicurious? As long as I can really remember, since puberty at least, when…[View]
31313709When people tell men to lower their standards, isn't that just a nice way of telling men to dat…[View]
31316847Sexual harassment: Got drunk and friend requested some female and male former college classmates. Th…[View]
31318299Do i dump her?: I've been in a relationship with this chick for 6 years and lately it's be…[View]
31312811Being lost at 20: I am lost, I hate this stage at life, really, I'm lying to family about my un…[View]
31317143>can't make friends irl >try to make them online with girls >doesnt work >nobody li…[View]
31318030Should I tell my father?: Few months back I finally got a job after being a NEET for years in order …[View]
31312871How do other people enjoy being alive?: I'm not depressed, or at least I don't think I am.…[View]
31317668What are the best types of antidepressants? >Inb4 muh dick antipressants whack! I just care about…[View]
31317905Self Hate/Depression: How do you deal with self hate. I hate how I am physically, mentally, and emot…[View]
31318211How to fix Thought Patterns: In my life, my biggest fears are shame and ruining my relationship with…[View]
31317940>good, high paying, low stress job >finances in order >interesting hobbies I enjoy >lovi…[View]
31311861Bipolar: anybody got an idea of how to get this under control? Tried alot of stuff, recently tried r…[View]
31316253I keep worrying I'll get in trouble with God or my Mom if I keep texting several women at once …[View]
31317575What's the best retort when someone says 'Shut up, nobody cares' or 'Nobody asked for your opin…[View]
31317906How do I let go of porn and go back to jacking off to my imagination like when I was 14?[View]
31314941>penis too small to have sex with anything other than an anorexic Why would God do this? Is procr…[View]
31317506Should I have sex with my daughter?: She doesn't do anything. She just stays home watch k-drama…[View]
31317771How do I dance like this unironically?: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NaEwEaAC3N8[View]
31317333I'll lose ability to see colors in near future I didn't get the vax it's probably hap…[View]
31313172'Just be friends with more women': What kinda bull shit advice is that? Been there done that. Women…[View]
3131493421M Total loser who wants to evolve.: What is exposure therapy? How do I learn to take rejection? I …[View]
31315558Where do you meet higher quality women? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QyYcMlk8WVw[View]
31317384I have had this FWB for a while, all she does is make out with me, give me oral sex, sometimes lets …[View]
31310612is it moral to cheat in this case?: considering that I was an Incel until 26, with so many failed ta…[View]
31317403How normal is it for suicidal thoughts to just come randomly to you from time to time? Does it happe…[View]
31317421is this real or is this a scam, its 1 euro with the welcome discount and i dont want to get scammed …[View]
31316874breakup: We have been together for 3 years since we were 16 years old. It was the first serious rela…[View]
31312812How to make it more likely to cum during sex: So, I have trouble cumming during sex, I'm probab…[View]
31307358Dealing with bullies: What's the best way to deal with workplace bullies? I've got a cowor…[View]
31316952HOW TO SHIT FAST: i have ROCKS in my ass and i cant shit them out. its been trying pushing for almos…[View]
31316385slavic women: Slavic women are my type. How do I take them? I don't care for the white niggers …[View]
31316935Bumble Premium results, should I renew?: I tried bumble premium for a month. Here are my results: …[View]
31311736Something else to do with my hands: Sometimes when I'm doing online work, and my hands are free…[View]
31310825What is the best kind of therapy for pic related?: What is the best kind of therapy for pic related?…[View]
31315840>neet >going to sign up for volunteering and support groups how do I make a good impression?…[View]
31311532How can I become smarter? I don’t drink or smoke, but I also don’t read or write often. I want to be…[View]
31310644I'm really, really starting to hate women. I need help, idk how to stop. I hate women for being…[View]
31316721how do o leave the house if i have no clothes? i only have work clothes. also need a haircut..[View]
31315199this is a serious question: where 2 find women who look and dress like this[View]
31316882what the hell is my problem: I'm 20 at this point, and I'm beginning to feel like I'm…[View]
31310374How do I get drunk for very very cheap? I have been buying stuff on offer in wine shops but it is st…[View]
31313522How do I cope with not being good at anything or good enough for anyone: 27, and it seems I can not …[View]
31315479I can't stop feeling like shit after a long disease. I have the health cert in my pocket, Im en…[View]
31315902How do i stop getting angry at stupid people? for example i ride my bicycle 3 times a week, i always…[View]
31310865>need to lose weight to get girls >can't seem to lose weight What the fuck is going on? I…[View]
31315963Ask the opposite gender anything: /atoga/ Cozy evening edition Previous thread >>31312585…[View]
31315947girlfriend too ticklish for foreplay: guys wtf I want to use my hands and tongue on her, but shes so…[View]
31316273taking accountability for tuition: Looks like today might be the day my father figures out I've…[View]
31315960Is it worth throwing away a good girl to sleep around? I'm in my early 20s and I want to sow my…[View]
31315848GF doesn't regret her past: I feel very split on this so maybe u guys can tip me one way or the…[View]
31307004I spent my childhood as a 'stupid' and 'weird' kid. Now my life is dominated by anxiety and insecuri…[View]
31315484How to get back at flatmates: Hey Anons, i'm living now a while in a flat, which i have to shar…[View]
31315761I miss her.[View]
31315910Should I wait for my ex?: Early this year a girl I've been friends with for a long time (since …[View]
31315880I just splurged on something that set me back $100, 2 shifts worth of strain and boredom at my job. …[View]
31313087>> MFW I have spent the last month trying to get my paperwork signed so I can reenlist for 6 y…[View]
31315943My advice to the youth: choose your friends carefully: And it's a very very important advice. V…[View]
31315927The past year or so I can't get hard without porn. How do i stop and get hard with a real life …[View]
31315801I matched with a girl on tinder and I'm so fucking anxious. I feel like I'm constantly run…[View]
31315435Is this a decent life plan?: >22 y/o warehouse wagie in Toronto >60k leafbux saved up >make…[View]
31313326I lost both of my parents two years ago and I've been going through a pretty severe existential…[View]
31315795How do you actually meet women on the street? Like, what do you even say?[View]
31312340There would be too much to get into so I'll cut to the chase. I had plans this past winter. I …[View]
31315607just took 125mg promethazine beacuse i need to sleep really quickly. any advice on what is about to …[View]
31312865this is bullshit: >be me >24 years old >joined a youtuber discord server >looking for fr…[View]
31315442Where do i go from here?: Anons i need help, i've switched majors recently, from math to physic…[View]
31314764Why do these words seem to upset people so much?[View]
31314509Should I date a neurodivergent girl?: Like a girl who seems like a mild autist. I thought I was auti…[View]
31314776Passive Income: I am a student and often I'm short on money, is there a way I can earn some mon…[View]
31314911How to not fuck up this time?: I am a gamer and I've virtually had no friends to play games wit…[View]
31312271Hiring a black woman to be the boss?: Am considering hiring a negress to manage everyone, because it…[View]
31314079How do I stop cutting: it hurts but it feels good, especially the blood but the scars on the wrist c…[View]
31315207Should I bother getting into trades as an asocial robot? Or should I stay comfy in my warehouse job …[View]
31314787How do I learn to 'holla' with the black folks?[View]
31314588How do I not kill myself because I can't afford a car?[View]
31314425I am visiting my sister with my brother and father, one night (today) while I was still up, I used t…[View]
31307311/GIOYC/ - Get It Off Your Chest: Whatever you do Do not post here[View]
31315016I cheated on my girlfriend. I'm moving away in a few weeks and she doesn't seem too impres…[View]
31311287>be me >absolute autist but >tall, handsome >haven’t been laid in 5 years >meet girl …[View]
31311337Should I give up on women? I'm 37, in the past year I went on dates with 9 women, none of them …[View]
31314617life after blackpill: Seriously, how do you live after realizing that you're a genetically infe…[View]
31313330i know this is a really weird, wrong and dark thought, but i often catch myself thinking how good it…[View]
31310914>gf loves me a shitton >says she had never loved someone so much >cooks for me(sometimes) …[View]
31314759Girlfriend complains about sex life: She's not happy with our sex life because I don't wan…[View]
31314728How do I convince people not to be apathetic to my problems? How do I either cope or get people to …[View]
31314550Insane sleep schedule: Love doing this thing on weekends (three-day weekends like this one; I’m off …[View]
31314625Agry ashole: A moment hapend long time ago, I ogt angry and said unkind thngs to my finches, I flick…[View]
31309926I accepted job where they start at 6AM and I think I did terrible mistake. Sure its better than nigh…[View]
31312680>be 22 > made a stupid decision over a tatted women > got restraining order and charges on …[View]
31307421So I've seen a lot of people in gf threads on here say that women, and people in general I gues…[View]
31313111I am on the fence for paying for porn, pls talk me out of it: Disclouse, i am a degen footfag. I rea…[View]
31313265how do i get a boyfriend? I'm gay and want a boyfriend but everyone sucks. how do i find a bas…[View]
31312627Hey bros Would you stay with a girl that gagged every time you came in her mouth/spit it out and ref…[View]
31314372what does it mean if a woman touches you excessively after hugging you goodbye? Around the back and …[View]
31313157i have no money i have no family i have no resources my health is failing i can no longer work th…[View]
31314282how do i cope with the realization that im just ugly? girls never show interest in me, i'm alwa…[View]
31310846How do I keep myself from messaging someone I'm obsessed with?: I am struggling with something …[View]
31313333How long does it take to get medicaid. It's been a month already. I don't want to do my st…[View]
31314051How do I know when to stop going to therapy?[View]
31298220How do you get over resentment of women? I very deeply resent women for having this power over me th…[View]
31311320How do you guys deal with nostalgia?[View]
31309224I'm in long-term relationship with a funny, loving, caring, devoted girlfriend. We agree on imp…[View]
31313890Ditched my first therapy appoiment today even though I felt like I might need it AMA[View]
31313729my father is living with me again and my grandparents, he's a felon and incredibly unpredictabl…[View]
31308579Can I have a gf if I have medical issues right now?: I wanna talk to girls but I have trouble using …[View]
31313790I did it!: I went to the bar tonight and did karaoke and pool. Even though I'm a long time NEET…[View]
31312023sup anons, i kinda have a problem i dunno how to deal with. Basically, I feel like i can't real…[View]
31313444Help choosing jobs: So...I work in a powerplant that is being sold, in a big city, so I need to choo…[View]
31309788Caught: I’m a 23 year old man and was caught in a police sting trying to have sex with a 17 year old…[View]
31313601How do you get to the point you are content with how your life is and don't have that pervasive…[View]
31313600how do you fix your sleep schedule: >wake up 3 hours earlier than usual >tired as fuck all da…[View]
31313085Ok so I’ve had a permanent retainer on my teeth for 10 years since I got braces off. It just came of…[View]
31313477why are italians so fucking loud and niggers?[View]
31305610Am I on a good path to getting a gf?: >make 65K AUD (planning to move up to 80-90K in the next co…[View]
31312051So I’m middle aged and have been dating a widow. She was married at a very young age (18) and has a …[View]
31300463How can I tell if I'm stupider than I think?[View]
31313049Lately I've been thinking a lot about beheading some critter and gutting it to, I suppose, stud…[View]
31311471Help in finding a field/degree: Hello, I just turned 19 and I'm supposed to find some sort of u…[View]
31311755I've been heavily depressed for the past 3 years. I feel like no one likes or cares about me. M…[View]
31308903Just how I'm feeling, ignore if you want.: I'm hurt. My girlfriend broke up with me two da…[View]
31313307I'm 31 years old and I'm really tired of my mental issues and being alone. I just graduate…[View]
31311332Does it actually suck being a man?[View]
31313051How to tell if ADHD medication works: >I don’t feel any difference on it vs. off >I can'…[View]
31311723Fumbled it: A girl hit on me today and I fumbled it because I’m a fucking retard who can’t talk to w…[View]
31313196Could I get accused of sexual harassment?: Got drunk and friend requested some female and male forme…[View]
31302004So how do you actually talk to women? I'm in a discord server with some girls, but the more I t…[View]
31311628Update till I make it: I have to Pass this year ( college math student) I have 5 ECTS out of 60. I h…[View]
31312585Ask the Opposite Gender Anything: /atoga/ Previous thread >>31309698[View]
31312808Conscription: In a month I will be conscripted into the army. I request advice from current and form…[View]
31312376I lack energy and motivation. I do the absolute bare minimum to get by in life, and even that feels …[View]
31312839Comparing yourself to others too much?: How do you stop comparing yourself to others? I have a hard …[View]
31312191The Fashion of Kings: I wear only Underarmor sweatsuits. I wear them everywhere. On dates. To weddin…[View]
31312816What to do? Basically I met this girl in college, we really hit it off but dated for a month after s…[View]
31312817I want to know what this is: In the past, I thought it was bipolar or maybe some kind of schizophren…[View]
31310889How can I get perma banned from browsing on 4chan: I dont wanna waste more time in here[View]
31312792I always feel like there's someone out there judging me for everything I do and enjoy. I don…[View]
31312682What makes your parents, bad parents?[View]
31312593should i go to the dentist? my teeth and gums are looking dire[View]
31312228The more I realize what world has become and the more I understand the less I want to live.[View]
31309721Extreme nostalgia making me depressed: I am having a hard time moving on from the late 1990s to earl…[View]
31310053Where can I find something better than this that won't pop up on a drug test[View]
31310550So, I keep having these random thoughts of committing suicide. Like, no matter how happy I am at the…[View]
31311865What mental illness is this?: I think i have some mental illness. Like weird perceptions high anxiet…[View]
31309236I'm having me some issues with me best friend or perhaps former bst friend. I went out to stay …[View]
31310685Is being your own hairdresser a good idea?[View]
31309603Machiavelian-Pilled: How old were you when you realized that the only way to get what you want in li…[View]
31312582I want to start simping for my gf - I'm not a beta, it is just a fetish of mine. But I'm …[View]
31309690Am I spanish?: If my parents are foreigns but I was born and raised in Spain would that make me span…[View]
31312331I have no friends and I work alone. How do I meet women out of the blue?[View]
31312512>life is what you make it but what do you make it when everything besides drugs is an absolute sn…[View]
31312432Please help me fix my brain: I'm fucked up beyond your wildest imagination. I'm going to j…[View]
31312287How am i supposed to find a part time job >inb4 why It is in my right to choose my employment…[View]
31312112I am losing my mind: My friends tell me I’m fine and have nothing to worry about, and if anything fi…[View]
31310698in april i attempted to take care of myself, i decided to start focusing on my dental health soon af…[View]
31310763>25 years old >will go to college this year How do I not fuck this up? It's my last chanc…[View]
31304951Doomed to be unlikable: I feel stuck with an unlikable face and personality. My default expression i…[View]
31309210I cannot get a gf or get laid. I am ex military and pretty tired of life and living. No options for …[View]
31309631How do I stop being preocupied with thoughts of my own death and the death of everyone I know? Its a…[View]
31309237What do I do with my life?: 19. Left school last year, started my job last month and just got paid. …[View]
31308779For women: What qualities instantly makes a guy attractive to you, stand out to you, and are what ar…[View]
31310627suicide: what's the easiest most mainless way to kill oneself?( no prescription drugs)[View]
31312128>25m >khhv, no dating experience I'm going to die alone, aren't I?…[View]
31311149>tfw you will never be a leader of an army, your words and opinions on things will never be docum…[View]
31312158Is my husband's friend flirting w/ me?: We are two couples in our 30s. I used to regularly post…[View]
31306136Is there a non fucked up reason as for why my mom has a playboy bunny tattoo on her upper thigh? …[View]
31311438>be me, 25 y/o spic >Live in Cartagena, Colombia >Live with my parents and sister since las…[View]
31312093I feel so old. I remember a time that I used get excited about life. Three years ago I used to be so…[View]
31312050shitting blood now: Didn't think I'd last past 33yo. But I thought it would be heart issue…[View]
31307865I start feeling anxious whenever I remember how lonely and deprived of female touch I am What the fu…[View]
31307699Seeking Advice on Cuddle Therapy while in a Long-Distance Relationship: I'm in a long-distance …[View]
31293100How do I get better at drawing?: I'm autistic, with ADHD. I can't focus on trying to get b…[View]
31311492Tinder/Instagram Tips: I am horrible at taking pics for Tinder/Instagram and i DESPERATELY need some…[View]
31309380At whta age do I stop being owed love?[View]
31311870my biggest problems and the major cause of most of my self-inflicted grief are i have no filter and …[View]
31309341I went clubbing and it was packed. I tried to get lucky tonight by trying to grind against some chic…[View]
31308757How can I get a goth girlfriend as a catholic guy?: Could that work? Could it be compatible?[View]
31310132Do you sit down or stand up to wipe your ass? I have stood up my entire life and only learned recent…[View]
31310609I want to cheat on my gf but I fear the guilt will eat me alive. Guys who’ve cheated what was it lik…[View]
31311671I am going insane: Every day I get more and more urge to stab or kill someone. Its like if one day I…[View]
31311700I've been on 5 dates this year (maybe even more, sometimes my memory fails me) and I get ghoste…[View]
31311927I'm addicted to winning and it has started to effect my personal life. What do?[View]
31309049What do you do when the fairest solution is incomprehensible to normal people? Long story short: …[View]
31307409>gf’s twin sister’s bf randomly hits me up >she cold dumped him today >they were dating the…[View]
31304080Is it true that girls will take on your hobbies/personality in a relationship?: Like if you go to th…[View]
31311078How many men are blackpilled?: how many men between 18 to 30 are blackpilled on the mating question?…[View]
31307688Has anyone dealt with a scaphoid fracture before?: In late January, I injured my wrist by falling on…[View]
31309826How do I stop being a paranoid misanthope and build a respectable life in my 30s? >self isolate f…[View]
31311690I'm too goddamn ugly to keep a job.: My face is covered in acne scars, I have very oily skin sp…[View]
31303402How do you cope with the fact that once you are done with working on yourself and are in a position …[View]
31306876How do you actually make friends? What is it you're meant to do? Like from observing other peop…[View]
31311507How do you handle despair?[View]
31305574Younger Girlfriend: >be me >28 male virgin still live at home make practically nothing depress…[View]
31310479I pretty strongly suspect that I have/could be diagnosed with Narcissistic Personality Disorder. In …[View]
31311271Will girls not date you if you play gay baby video games like Zelda, KH, Chibi Robo instead of grown…[View]
31309074Back acnea caused by Prednison/Medrol treatment: Greetings, Can you give me solutions for this night…[View]
31310386what do you do if your wife disrespects you?: I was always told to never tolerate disrespect, but if…[View]
31308230It should've been me instead of him. What's he got that I don't have? Why did she cho…[View]
31308345It's painful: I've just confessed and got rejected. I love her anyway. Currently drugs mak…[View]
31311282What's this and what caused it, does it have any medicine that works against it?[View]
31308736What's the point?: Today marks the 1 year anniversary since my graduating of high school, and I…[View]
31308913Suicidal thoughts: Hi All, I have been suffering from depression and anxiety for about 2 years. Las…[View]
31309373>be me >very tall gymtard >gets grinded on in clubs by random girls and often approached …[View]
31306991Sexting advice: Please help anons, i met a girl online and texting became hotter and we started face…[View]
31308259I Suck At Deepening Relationships & Convos: I feel like my conversations go absolutely nowhere, …[View]
31309517Friends keep asking how im doing: Friend keep asking how im doing in my study. Im failing everything…[View]
31307733Insecurity over height: I've been struggling with insecurity over my height for years now. I go…[View]
31311265Im 23, did I permanently damage my body with a shit diet? Not in a im obese way but in a ive been sk…[View]
31311323I have autogynephilia. What should I do[View]
31305177Spiritual discernment: How can I improve my spiritual discernment? People on 4chan are extremely hos…[View]
31307993What's the fastest way to get a guy to break up with you that doesn't involve cheating?[View]
31310066Anybody have a Nice Guy dad who gets salty when you act 'alpha'?: >Dad: I will let you rot in you…[View]
31306860What's the best way to get a cosplay girlfriend?: Aside from anime cons, where do I find them?…[View]
31303235What do I do after chemical castration? I want to be castrated because I'm thinking about sex a…[View]
31311225I feel guilty when my parents take me to restaurants. It feels weirdly contractual, like their egos …[View]
31310773I fucked up and fell in love with a self cutter. How do I get over her?[View]
31311028How do I write a fun song instead of it coming out as sentimental sappy shit that I would never say …[View]
31310907Memory: >Be me >Aspire to be a memory freak and study a lot less than others but still get go…[View]
31309666'''''''' transphobia ''''''…[View]
31304491Friend watched CP: One of my close friend admitted that he used to watch CP when he was younger (10 …[View]
31311148Spend more time shopping for shoes Buy as many as you can afford, this will keep all of them in bett…[View]
31310913Unpopular but good advice: Is it ok to give advice on /adv/ rather than ask for? I don't really…[View]
31309744>Be me >26 yo virgin beta male >Realize I've been too picky my whole life and ask my f…[View]
31306827How is it that literal homeless people living in the streets, drug addicts, uneducated people, felon…[View]
31310425How to overcome fear of failure: I'm 22 years old and have just graduated University, and have …[View]
31310839Finished 1 day without porn. No lust provoking images either. Was very bored and sleepy. Had a very …[View]
31310349is she into me?: ive been talking to the girl i met on dsting app. we are only talking about footbal…[View]
31306491I found myself on a porn site... I frequent this place where I fuck asian milfs and they uploaded a …[View]
31310709Dating Asian girls: Why are Asian girls so damn beautiful? I'm dating this Japanese girl atm an…[View]
31310052How often should I pop a boner / how do I know if I have ED?: I'm 22 and I used to get hard whe…[View]
31306319. about a year ago, maybe more, i stopped being so damn horny and crazy over porn. ofc i jerked off …[View]
31309362I've changed from straight to promiscuous: I've always been a straight guy. I've neve…[View]
31309397You know that feel when you meet a new girl and the sex and kissing and cuddling is really great but…[View]
31310351how do I suck my own dick?[View]
31309698Ask the Opposite Gender Anything: /atoga/ National Flag of White Women edition >>31306699…[View]
31310090How do I stop fearing nuclear war? It's not that I'm afraid of dying but I see many people…[View]
31310268>tfw you realize it really is true that all women are simply insane and can/will act on sheer imp…[View]
31310263High School graduation day nervous: I have my high school graduation today my family is coming, and …[View]
31310046Want to practice a sport but too scared to: I have always wanted to play tennis but I am already 28 …[View]
31304535How do I make a homemade mouthwash ? I don't feel comfortable using the ones that are sold, who…[View]
31310071>got fired from first ever job >Earned basically a year's salary in severance >Now ha…[View]
31309745Parents: How do I revenge on my parents for bringing me into this shit life? I literally have nothin…[View]
31309177how do I stop getting intense boner from talking with women?: I get insta boner from simply talking …[View]
31305153Obsessed w Elliot: I'm a fem in her 30s. I have read Elliot Rodger's story many times and …[View]
31309503How do I stop watching porn and consuming TV shows and movies like a degenerate? Give me some practi…[View]
31306924Got fired in less than a week: It took me a year to find work, which was a fast food chain, only to …[View]
31307426All of a sudden, the vast majority of my friends have stopped talking to me. I ask them how they…[View]
31309079how can i psychologically manipulate women?: i want to machiavellanmaxx[View]
31309112How can I get my ex gf back?: My ex-gf stole money from me and probably cheated on me as well. I sti…[View]
31309516Degeneracy cure: >Work the front desk at a very small company >Dress up party (with spouses) a…[View]
31295754What's a good hobby that's inexpensive, fun, and allows you to socialize with others? Bee…[View]
31309294Am I depressed? For a few years now, I haven’t had the motivation to do anything beyond the absolute…[View]
31309293Trades: Should I get into a trade? You make alot of money but you fuck up your body permanently…[View]
31302928A handful of problems: Hello, /adv/, it's another 25 y.o. fucker who can't put his shit to…[View]
31308678>there are 'people' in this world currently able to live by 'reacting' to other people videos how…[View]
31309314best dashcam?: never got into an accident, drivers are getting worse. one that is reliable and low …[View]
31309211Will it even matter?: I'm looking at how people in similar situations to mine are treated. Depr…[View]
31309202Spyware on phone?: I have been dealing with a troll online for a while now, the person found my phon…[View]
31300607i got high and think im actually schzio and now im scared. do i tell my therapist? he asked me one t…[View]
31309002Frick: A friend of mine told my oneitis's friend that I was stalking him online, she called me …[View]
31308643career + education: What are ways to get around paying for education and going into debt at the age …[View]
31309054Help I can't fuckin stop thinking about politics[View]
31308660>white dude living in a brown country >white women are extremely rare here >today, this 10/…[View]
31307263I have a chance to come sit with my coworkers after closing to have some drinks, but i dont know wha…[View]
31308882Not a clash of faggots: >Be me, 18 >In class a student makes fun of my psychosis and insults m…[View]
31308412best gbbr?: budget is $500-$700 Most resemblance to the real prototype and strong recoil are priorit…[View]
31305545Help. My finger may be falling off??: I left the house a couple nights ago to pee in a bush (my toil…[View]
31305724give me sex tips: how do I get good at sex? I have a perfectly average dick but I've read here …[View]
31307061How do I get a job?: It's the most important thing in life and most people manage it even stupi…[View]
31308396I've taken some general education classes at community colleges nearby that I won't count …[View]
31308797I got married some time ago, before the wedding, my wife bought a flat with the help of her parents,…[View]
31307766Overstimulated.: I've always been really hypersensitive to everything around me, and it keeps s…[View]
31303843How do I fit more protein in a day?: I want to get lean again, back to 160~. I gained 30 pounds when…[View]
31305929I know I'm being a sad faggot but I just ended things with my girlfriend. She had been so apath…[View]
31306649How to deal with having a small peepee(I am a grower) but big muscles and body hair?[View]
31305701How do I stop procrastinating and kill my addiction?: For some reason I've been able to stay ch…[View]
31304092How to cure my Internet addiction?: I'm 20 and I spend my entire days on the Internet, mostly o…[View]
31299697I can't find a job and i am starting to feel like a loser its been a year since i had a job, i …[View]
31307242Stuck: >be me >live with shitty parents, they're toxic af and regularly abused me >ha…[View]
31308278New Argentina flag just drop[View]
31306577Fucked my ex’s friend, now ex and I are back together again. Things are going incredibly well, but i…[View]
31307796he said no to dinner: I came here for advice regarding a guy because I wasn't sure if he liked …[View]
31307600I just finished my junior year of college, physics student. I was on academic probation last semeste…[View]
31307844need help!: I'm 21 years old and I don't have a job, at the time of the pandemic crisis I …[View]
31304313I’m 11 days in on not watching porn or masturbating and I’m starting to have cravings. I decided to …[View]
31307937What’s the move here anons? >be architectfag >have beautiful ssbbw gf >break up >she go…[View]
31305566Best way to learn German? I want to learn it for input, not output.[View]
31308192My girlfriend likes Melanie Martinez and keeps acting like she has a speical connection to her. She …[View]
31305684>Be me >Be foreigner >Always introduce myself in my native pronunciation of my name >Lon…[View]
31305801white blood cell count: yo my doctors is closed till tomorrow so help me out here: I had a WBC of 21…[View]
31308120I have to finish up work extremely fast because I'm hungry, not because I'm approaching my…[View]
31307898Always sabotaging myself: At first I thought I was retarded, but now I know I'm ruining my life…[View]
31305415How can I kill myself mentally if I can't do it physically I just can't keep living in thi…[View]
31306617If she or he doesn't care enough: FUCKING LET GO, BLOCK AND LET GO. Just did it, feel immensely…[View]
31307274Sleep issues: >been having sleep issues for quite a while now >even when I do force myself to …[View]
31305106How bad is this kind of lying? For example >work for dads business >do a food delivery in a s…[View]
31304579Neet Sons: >be me >marry BPD cunt only got bad after married >have three sons >I have to…[View]
31307765desperate whinge post: i have job, have gf of 3 months, and i work out. yet im still am suicidal mos…[View]
31306823How to become less judgemental: Whenever I meet a new person, I instantly find something about them …[View]
31303911How to stop feeling insecure about being jobless?: Whenever someone asks me what I do, I always feel…[View]
31306190Girl being weird: Girl I barely know is being weird and overly friendly. Not like other female frien…[View]
31306672How do you deal with a woman-child? Chick is 29, but all she wants to do and talk about is cutesy sh…[View]
31307582'Your walk... it's absolutely killer. I just noticed that... it's kind of hard not to, tho…[View]
31307171how likely am i to get drafted in russia: military aged male with russian citizenship. currently i l…[View]
31307539I realized I dont love my family I feel bad for them and cringe at most, but otherwise I have no war…[View]
31306252i got shocked by a 230v live wire this morning while working with residential electricity i haven…[View]
31306625How do I quit my job without ruining my life?: I'm an upper manager in the technology sector. M…[View]
31307035How do normies deal with girls forcing them to pursue and chase them? I always avoided dating becaus…[View]
31307251need help w rogue SSD: >get SSD from old pc runnin lunix xp >get sergei strelec from majorgeek…[View]
31306673Obsessed with each other since we were teens, very happy traditional marriage. Weeks ago, I was look…[View]
31306747I just want to be happy: Hy guys Im 21 probably going to fail my year ( for third Time). 2 years ago…[View]
31306699Ask The Opposite Gender Anything: Previously on ATOGA >>31303410[View]
31307114How do I get a girlfriend anons?[View]
31307047What's the kind of therapy often shown in TV & movies? Where the patient trauma dumps, the …[View]
31306349Am I going to hell for having gay sex: Had gay anal sex in the bathroom with a fat autistic furry ga…[View]
31305531How are you supposed to raise your kids? Is having them share their computers, rooms, video games et…[View]
31307078My girlfriend just got fired from her job due to financial dishonesty (she was in charge of finances…[View]
31306911What can I learn to increase my capacity for violence?: I heard that every man should have a capacit…[View]
31306037I can't talk to my mom about my psychological problems and have 0 adult skills: Helicopter pare…[View]
31306221I vow to quit pornography forever: Cumming doesn't even feel good, it takes up tons of time, ma…[View]
31306364Why do girls not like guys who don't talk?[View]
31306592fat spammer help needed: There is an entity that has recently mistreated me and me being a narcistic…[View]
31306607Is it really true that there's someone out there for everybody?[View]
31305438does he think im a child?: female sperglord here. i recently joined a rowing club at the beginner le…[View]
31306226Someone I dated years ago but ended on bad terms with has reached out to me after fifteen years. The…[View]
31301950quitting porn: Hey anons, I used to be really addicted to porn when I was younger and now I'm f…[View]
31302399How do I go about asking this cute chick that works at a drive thru that I go to?[View]
31306299>graduate from a big state school >3.1 gpa >no internships or extracurriculars >don’t ev…[View]
31306630Why do I still think of her a decade later despite her being objectively terrible? I meant next to n…[View]
31303663how do i learn if im actually attractive?: whats the best site for providing feedback? I dont want t…[View]
31306575What would medical workers do: What would med workers do if you overdosed on a bunch of pills intent…[View]
31304779WISC-III: >Be me, 18 >Suffer from acute psychosis >Psychiatrist denies that I have any sort…[View]
31305971How do I cure my internet addiction? I need to look at my phone like it's a drug. Doing this fo…[View]
31305709Traveling to Serbia: Hello anons, my friends and I were planning on travelling to Serbia this summer…[View]
31305964Do you ever just 'grow out' of mental illness? I'm 18, I've hated myself as early as 10 ye…[View]
31306328How to find a gf as a 5'8 autistic chinlet?: Unironically asking for my future sons cause if ge…[View]
31302115Is it a bad idea to sit on a CCNA certification for 9-10 months: I'm thinking of taking my CCNA…[View]
31294777/GIOYC/ - Get It Off Your Chest: These threads are banned in Canada.[View]
31305839I don't understand how you're meant to make friends after high school? I'm nearing 30…[View]
31305750Best place to geomaxx to? I was gonna go to the Philippines but it seems oversaturated with other ge…[View]
31306278i want to retire asap. i'm about to turn 30 in june. realized i should've been on this tra…[View]
31303355How do I stop arguing with people online so much? I’m wasting my life[View]
31304730alcoholic cheating piece of shit: Im very fortunate to have an incredible woman who loves me, and we…[View]
31305403>be submissive man attracted to dominant women >entirely unsuccessful in finding a domme to da…[View]
31303298how high of an IQ do you need to get into and finish med school?[View]
31303538Parents causing me huge stress: My parents are in around $30,000 credit debt. They own a small house…[View]
31303351How would I go about transitioning from an in-house paralegal role to a pathway that gets me abroad …[View]
31306022I want to be an artist.: I want to be an artist and draw things that bring people happiness. I know …[View]
31305992What did I have and how do I prevent this next winter?: Over the winter and somewhat into the summer…[View]
31305894Is death and the afterlife even so bad? If I take Xanax and some Celexa, will I be okay to achieve …[View]
31306038I've quit porn for a week and I don't feel any better, I'm just incredibly horny and …[View]
31305945Suicidal thoughts are coming back again. My mood has generally been low lately and I thought I was d…[View]
31305766Ehh so I collected my beef fat in a cup and just knocked it over and it kinda smells bad (rotting me…[View]
31305751>Be me >Hear this song: https://youtu.be/60uJNoWsvQg?si=v1cfHCGCyfkxxacf&t=23 >Think ab…[View]
31305920How do I get out of the friendzone without making anything happen? I have a female friend, who I hav…[View]
31305576Should I try to hook up with my ex one last time? I am moving to a different city soon so I will nev…[View]
31303949Why do I hate my mother yet I keep having momcest fantasies?[View]
31304041Is jelqing a meme?: I'm average-sized but ofc i'd like more than that. Internet tells me i…[View]
31304167>born in a rural small town in Georgia >I grew up playing around farm animals >got older an…[View]
31305212>Be me >Born in third world country >Apply for USA for bachelors >See internet for gree…[View]
31304897Final Solution to the Incel Problem??: Is the Incel revolution the only way out? Afterall, how long …[View]
31302212How do you cope with flunking out of university after 3+ years? How can you ever look your family in…[View]
31303050How do i sever an attachment I have?[View]
31304760i want to do something: hi! i am registering for a course to become an EMT but its like 3k and I hav…[View]
31305571timeline help wanted: fiance and i started dating in june 2019. i discovered that the phone he had b…[View]
31305329i just realised i'm exactly like picrel. how do i stop? i'm gonna cut off contact with her…[View]
31305400I've been with my girlfriend for about a month and for the last two weeks I've been wantin…[View]
31292815>women want marriage but not sex >men want sex but not marriage >they make a deal, man will…[View]
31302676I like taking lead in dating. I like paying for dates, I like coddling my partner, buying flowers, c…[View]
31295479Hurt my old father today: Hurt my old father with unkind words. Told him I think he's cowardly.…[View]
31302577how do i cope with the fact that i will be alone for the rest of my life and focus on my mastery?[View]
31295967Where can I get a samurai sword with a japanese Samurai Spirit in it?: I wish to take up the ways of…[View]
31288086Get Advice From Real Monk: Ask questions get advice from a real Buddhist Monk. Can find my YouTube a…[View]
31305040Advice for (you): Remember ladies, it doesn’t matter if you’re not genetically blessed, overweight, …[View]
31304754Should I stop being cucked and leave my family?: I never really talked to anyone about this in this …[View]
31304015How do you get a girlfriend who enjoys classical music and will go to concerts with you?[View]
31299693I'm 18, fresh out of high school, and I don't want to be a wagie for the rest of my life. …[View]
31304974I lost my best guy friend because I was honest with him. All I said was that he's so boring to …[View]
31304972>Dating 6 months >Good relationship >Sex only 2-3 times a month I never pressure my partner…[View]
31299404Manchild scared of aging.: How to come to terms with aging? Ever since I was a teenager I was always…[View]
31304234Dermatillomania: Anybody else obsessively pick at their skin/scalp trichotillomania/dermatillomania …[View]
31304625Do you think it's morally acceptable to have my ex deported?: So, i may be able to have my ex d…[View]
31304667Why does mom feel the need to compete with my gf?: I have been dating this girls since college. I in…[View]
31301318How can I improve enough to get with milfs like picrel?: I'm your average 4chan loser, skinny, …[View]
31300553I have this friend who's the only guy who really talks to me. He has all these obsessive intere…[View]
31302637What’s the best way to meet people in college: I’m 20 and I guess I’m at that age where I can’t get …[View]
31299445Too pure for 4chan, anything similar to it?: I know nobody over the age of 12 is 'pure' but when it …[View]
31302972Does anyone know of a career in criminal justice or law enforcement I could strive for that doesn…[View]
31303832how can i psychologically manipulate women?: I want to darktriadmaxx. roasties can use sundresses, g…[View]
31302874Ate 400 calories over limit and week is almost over: What do I do now? I went out with family and th…[View]
31300802How can I stick it to the man?: I keep getting parking tickets from the city and it’s pissing me off…[View]
31304591How do I use archived moe?: I cannot access anything on the site because of the redirects and pop up…[View]
31304133I think my friend is depressed. How can I help him?[View]

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