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Displaying 142 expired threads from the past 3 days

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1455192Is it really boomers or do older generations just act like that?: For 20 years you will hear 'when t…[View]
1455271Does anyone know what font this is? Or know of a font that's similar?[View]
1455268Just got a new phone the other day and looking for a music player that mainly plays local tracks. I …[View]
1453959Interview with niko bellic voice actor: Looking for the gametrailers interview of Michael Hollick, o…[View]
1455306find this Linux meme?: I'm looking for a linux meme. The meme went kinda like this: the girl on…[View]
1454561Sexy anime and manga: Thread title. Feeling quite horny and would like some anime and/or manga that…[View]
1455137forgotten /lit/ and /pol/ chart: There was a chart that had these following books in it: in virtue o…[View]
1455289Any suggestions about what I can do given my current situation? > Be me in 2022 age 25 > Feel …[View]
1455075Need someone to transcribe Japanese: There's some credits from an anime that I need transcribed…[View]
1454330Crypto knowledge: Hello, I'm thinking of getting into crypto, /biz/ is just generals so I thoug…[View]
1455236When I was younger I used to take chewable vitamins that were flat, white discs, about the size of a…[View]
1455284How do I disable doze mode on android without root and have it automatically do so when the phone re…[View]
1454546Plox shares with me your autism pictures.[View]
1455274Decent router for SC fiber?: Can anyone recommend a fiber router that can accommodate 2*4 pair SC, w…[View]
1455114Books/Novels that feel like a Dream: Bonues if it manages to feel pretty close to Yume Nikki in term…[View]
1455179What's the source of this image?[View]
1455264I need 20 photos of a fake girl: I want to create a tinder account as an attractive woman as a socia…[View]
1454525Does anyone have a high res version of this meme?[View]
1454713Comfy Games: I want some comfy games. Or whatever is comfy to you. I don't care if it's a …[View]
1455200I can't get my laptop touchpad gestures to work after a clean windows install. I tried every po…[View]
1455209Resources for ancestors: I'm Brazilian looking for Italian citizenship. I'm sure I have It…[View]
1455146Is it possible to do a quote tweet without any text? If so, please post a link to a quote tweet that…[View]
1455221Looking for an first person indie game. The game is somewhat low poly and crude looking. Dark fantas…[View]
1450960Does anyone knows which streaming links that work in cs film? I wanted to watch it online but the st…[View]
1454458Looking for a HS SOL manga about some salaryman that goes back in time to when he was in HS and some…[View]
1455052looking for a particular piece of footage where an asian dude is being a rude piece of shit to other…[View]
1455144I am looking for a movie that I watched when I was a kid. The film is an American black comedy made …[View]
1455211What are some good niche 2020-2024 era anime for someone who's tired of shounen and doesn'…[View]
1450863Femboy RPGs: Please recommended me RPGs that feature femboys as major characters. A femboy can the p…[View]
1454985Can anyone shoop agni LIVE kino face onto this?[View]
1454894Please write book title/author in Korean runes: Can someone make this book title and author in prope…[View]
1455199Rpgs for poorfag SEA monks: ITT. NDS game recs welcome too. >pic unrelated…[View]
1454977Recommend me some good anime that >is funny >has little to no romance (no focus on cute stuff …[View]
1455053Anyone knows the name of the song used in this vid?: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_bIt2eblH88…[View]
1455084Can you make him golden blond? Including eyebrows?[View]
1454994Covert Art Redo: Requesting for an Anon to redo this cover for Pathfinder: Kingmaker in a style more…[View]
1455188Google Takeout - Youtube History: Does anyone remember the website where you can upload your youtube…[View]
1455177Help me remember an anime/manga: Does anyone know an anime/manga where the protagonist knows the tim…[View]
1455174Japanese anime subtitles: Hi, looking for sites that give Japanese anime subtitles. Before you tell …[View]
1455119What can I add, change or otherwise do differently in order to improve this guide here? The question…[View]
1455149Where does anon go for free books online? Gutenberg is neat but limited to non-copyrighted works. I…[View]
1452714hello, can someone fix the hands please. This is not original photo, its AI generated i guess but th…[View]
1455134What movie/show is this from?[View]
1455162Can anyone ID this specific dumbphone? >https://youtu.be/8qvddkIgo4AdeOphWwzxSylK5eQ&t=208…[View]
1455164can somebody plese provide these 3 templates separated?[View]
1454266Can you guys recommend me videos to watch when I feel suicidal? I want to make a playlist. Things th…[View]
1454844Looking for a torrent for 'The Anti-Social Network' Netflix documentary. I know it's shit, but…[View]
1454953I want high res picrel, i cant find it anywhere help….[View]
1454905Need Suggestions: Anyone know a similar bag to this? Apparently it was an april fools only product a…[View]
1455108CYOA: Looking for online choose your own adventure books, not the autistic garbage charts on /tg/ th…[View]
1454947New manga apps: So Mangabrowser died recently and it was the only good manga app with a great interf…[View]
1455094Looking for this movie: Last time you helped helped me find what i was looking for anons so i want t…[View]
1454626Did nerds actually hate Big Bang Theroy back in the 2000's: Did nerds hate the show or was is o…[View]
1454807looking for prank video were 1 guy sits down in his chair and then it traps him like those cartoony …[View]
1455038Who does Apple send their repairs to?: Saw it on a /g/ post awhile ago and can't put my finger …[View]
1455006This meme about a retard who switches to 'it was le troll!': It's a very effortless meme of a r…[View]
1455009although the request is fulfilled, here is a bonus round for anyone bored enough to scroll down and …[View]
1455050anyone wanna make a vector of the cc mobile logo? pretty sure the font is calibri. cheers.[View]
1455048I fucked up: Hi peeps, I kinda fucked up and due to work / school forgot about a small project I ha…[View]
1455047Hi hello, I'm peeking in to see if anyone has a crack to Vectorworks Spotlight. The newer, the …[View]
1455041Who are the most beloved figures in the skibidi toilet universe? Which characters are considered bes…[View]
1455035Name of this nu-metal song?: Bots can't detect it https://voca.ro/1eWoeqIXEHkr[View]
1454508does anyone has M*A*S*H without the laugh track?[View]
1454973How exactly long is Homestuck if I plan to get into it? For reference, I can read and finish 35/40 …[View]
1454513I am looking for a manga, it involves an otherworldly being possibly a demon/god/monster of some kin…[View]
1454434How can I clean up this image to better identify this guy?: He stole my truck today and this is the …[View]
1455003Nemissa and Aiho Model Rips: Could anyone rip the models for Nemissa and Aiho from Soul Hackers 2? T…[View]
1454704Hypothetical question. You got kidnapped by a fucked up cult and now you have to attend a cannibalis…[View]
1454984Can any Photoshop users please remove Ran's fox ears from this image?[View]
1454987Oneshot / short manga with great art reccomendations required: I'd prefer something with a real…[View]
1454755coloring: requesting to coloring the girl with spear please. Thank you. reference here: https://stat…[View]
1454411Are there any shounen manga as good as those?: >Ashita No Joe >Devilman >Fist Of The North …[View]
1454627image clean: Can someone clean the drawing border so that white line dissapears and it looks like on…[View]
1454677I've played through asuras wrath on rpcs3 but the ending is blocked off for me and apparently y…[View]
1454970razor handle identification: could someone help me identify this razor handle? closest i got to is g…[View]
1454950Identify this video game song?: It's probably from a Final Fantasy game: https://files.catbox.m…[View]
1454875Ethernet Port help: Hi 4chan, I was told that you all may be able to assist me in finding a good Eth…[View]
1454614Unless I'm a retard and fucked up myself, YouTube have fucked with their site and basically swa…[View]
1454865Can someone please find me the uncensored version of this screencap, where the phone number isn…[View]
1454320Looking for this webm of Asuka singing Curta'n Wall's Fear of God It was posted in /wsg/ a…[View]
14547454chan archives: Where can I find archives of this website?[View]
1454919Requesting romance anime or manga that is wholesome and chaste and leads to marriage not fornication[View]
1452030What are some pieces of media that has a character who is normally very upbeat/genki become depresse…[View]
1454922Does anyone have the original version of this image? It was a comic comparing a hypothetical game c…[View]
1454913Please draw a basedjak of this image[View]
1454674I need this book. SBN-10: 130563618X ISBN-13: 978-1305636187 ISBN-13: 9781305636187[View]
1454908Can anybody please post the greentext + collage of the anon who had a girl over watching Netflix, th…[View]
1454856Does anybody know the origins of this Flan classic? A iconic image. A lot of early 2000s art was on …[View]
1454789Farewell Letter: What should I say in my farewell letter to my girlfriend? She broke up with me afte…[View]
1454799I've been looking for the source of this image for a while now, but to no avail. I know that it…[View]
1454457I want to buy a used iPad for art, but I'm not sure what's a good price to look for. Could…[View]
1455317christopher poole age 34 sentenced to prison for cp: can i get a fact check on this? https://www.abc…[View]
1454528Is Frieren: Beyond Journey's End good? What am I expecting?[View]
1454843Does anyone know what is being said in this music? I assume the language is french but I'm not …[View]
1454837Any recommendations for something like Gantz? I want something a lot more character focused and unhi…[View]
1454826game? >neptunia no shit, which neptunia?[View]
1454793who this[View]
1454786Was wondering if anyone could edit her hair to be black instead of white, thanks.[View]
1454576How do people download music these days? The simplest way possible that can be done in phone please[View]
1454809Does anybody have a torrent or access to creative writing course documents? I want to get better at …[View]
1454079a old youtube video: there's a old yt video I remember watching back in like 2010 or 11 that ha…[View]
1454662Sup /g/? Could this server be turned into a good gaming rig? DELL POWEREDGE R820 40 CORE SERVER E5-…[View]
1454760A little help: I ask kindly from the bottom of my heart, if someone has CRAVE, can you give me a lin…[View]
1454790Suggest actually good anime with powerful and violent female characters. But it has to be good and s…[View]
1454057help me find cutie anime girls that feel like picrel. Big shapely eyes, innocuous/innocent, mindless…[View]
1454729https://twitter.com/maxescu/status/1776899373294584102 Can someone please tell me the name of the AI…[View]
1454767sauce on this nice butt: plz anons[View]
1454223Post more funny demotivational pictures like this one.[View]
1454071anyone know how to take off the ai from chrome on phone? I don't like the ai results because it…[View]
1454758hey looking for the full image + artist name[View]
1454511Shaft: Love Madoka Magica and Hidamari Sketch, am planning to watch Monogatari. Please rec more stuf…[View]
1454360Studio Pulp, Ch 9-15: I've been trying to find more of Koji Kumeta's Studio Pulp, because …[View]
1454628need help finding some royalty free song: It's in the background at the 2:32 mark of this video…[View]
1454740What are some kaiju movies with no or at least very little human story/drama?[View]
1454337I am looking for a Lainchan post from 2 weeks ago. I am too stupid to access and find any archive. C…[View]
1454730Random manga I read years ago: To be honest, I only remember it in vague details. If I must, I will …[View]
1454605Rockman & Forte version?: What version of Rockman & Forte is this? I played this game on Sup…[View]
1454715new 3DS XL won't turn on: - it charges (orange light on for 3-5 seconds, then fades away) - it…[View]
1454706Looking for a funny edit I saw of this sign that is encouraging divers to keep going and promising s…[View]
1454724help finding a song/youtube video title: https://youtu.be/HNkherjhrW4?list=PL3JVZgkb8p5uRtJ1gEP23zLe…[View]
1454503Can someone tell me if this is a bot, or a mentally ill person? https://twitter.com/HeavenlyBreezy A…[View]
1454703I'm looking for a meme, it's twitch TTS reading off a bunch of quotes from some tank game …[View]
1454693Any anon know where to get an APK of pic related?: Sure as hell don't trust most of the sites t…[View]
1454638anyone have the codex pajeet ii link? The rumble one got deleted. It was about more than an hour lon…[View]
1454061dungeon synth: can someone recommend me some ambient dungeon synth or dungeon synth that sounds like…[View]
1451300What painting of pandoras box is this traced from?: I don't want to interact with the people on…[View]
1454681musical term?: This song (0:47) https://youtu.be/AW0AVFGO2wg?si=F-2cUs0ywS4NUcUK&t=47 >remind…[View]
1454031How do i draw backgrounds? I asked /ic/ but they just gave me a perpesctive book. I know perspective…[View]
1454652Anyone know the source? Nothing comes up in all the reverse image searches.[View]
1454660What game is this?[View]
1454591Who was the youtuber that compared the number of sex partners to eating cheerios? I forgot his name…[View]
1454655Person who doesn't play soulless remakes here, does Persona 3 Reload talk about homophobia or a…[View]
1454611Could a kinda anon with better image editing skills than I convert picrel to a vaporwave aesthetic c…[View]
1454076Vices & Virtues: I am looking for images of the 7 Vices and the 7 Virtues depicted in a way like…[View]
1454625Can someone help me identify this pin? I got it in Portugal. Cheers[View]
1454615family guy copypasta: I'm trying to remember this copypasta that was going around twitter which…[View]
1454593I just want to clip a scene from an episode of an anime I have but, all the free software I've …[View]
1454598Source for webm music?: Music search engines either dont reconise it or say it is something called Y…[View]
1454534What are this kind of shoes called?: I have seen similar shoes, but the distance between the belt an…[View]
1454617Anyone got a stitched full body image of this scene?[View]

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