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142960448how can you not be gay about baseball, or whatever jonah hill said https://x.com/DanCleary79/status…[View]
142963109Hmm i wonder why we lost[View]
142962521Nbappé is better than Messy, ne?[View]
142962875I APOLOGIZE: Rugby is actually a based sport. What countries should I make sure to watch?[View]
142963255Just a normal photo of Messi and Suárez's friendship[View]
142962905Happy birthday Goodwill Yoosuk Sabio: he turns 19yo today send him your best wishes to Sudan's …[View]
142945393/nfl/ general: LV: Raiders place WR Michael Gallup on reserve/retired list MIA: Dolphins placing for…[View]
142959878>soccer >rugby when do the REAL sports start…[View]
142962952Vitória has scored a goal.[View]
142955550>Cyprus' flag bearer at the Olympics opening is a Russian OnlyFans content creator…[View]
142955904which soccer fans are the worst?: colombians, morrocans, chicanos or mexicans? my money is on mexica…[View]
142962565Is there a more soy, plebbit family in all of sport?: I don't think so.[View]
142955388the goat has spoken[View]
142959923What if he missed, /sp/?[View]
142954993Humiliation ritual.[View]
142961758>casually beats spain portugal belgium brazil argentina in the matter of 1,5 years…[View]
142960366Why did it never take off for live sports? I actually think there were more 4k broadcasts in the pas…[View]
142962278>uses football to con leftists into thinking they're aryans They're always a step ahea…[View]
142960651>lose game >riot and invade the pitch >now you win wtf, did nafris just solve football ?…[View]
142959932WTF Argentinians look like this?: Mbappe is whiter desu[View]
142948757/f1/ - Relentless Formula One General - Hülk on Tires Edition: >Lap: #7266 >Countdown to Waffl…[View]
142961805This has to stop! Argentinians racially abused Achraf Hakimi by sending monkey emojjs[View]
142959784It's called Soc-ACK![View]
142961701You telling me. refs and var sole job is to refer a match precisely. They don't even have to do…[View]
142960226The important thing is to have fun :D[View]
142956084maradona was right,argentina vs world,im sorry for ever doubting you NOW MORE THAN EVER leave paris,…[View]
142960805Good for you Morocco, you beat us, I congratulate you[View]
142960632How the fuck is he still only 31?[View]
142959723Truly our greatest ally: Thank you for breaking those faggot Argensimians. I'd grant French cit…[View]
142894287Motor/sp/ort General: >Saturday, July 20 9:15 PM: NASCAR Canada, Rd 7/13, 'Sutherland Automo…[View]
142958596*chokes Euros and Olympics in the same year*[View]
142961072Will Argentina ever win a football tournament held in a white european nation? There's no riggi…[View]
142960154Why can this cunt participate in Olympics[View]
142955220We lost.[View]
142959799Good coaching[View]
142947198/copalib/ - perro vela edition: Schedule >Sudakino U. Catolica - Libertad Bragantino - Barcelona …[View]
142961165This is my first post on spee since we got (undeservedly by bad referee decisions) knocked out. no i…[View]
142960155one thing brings us all together[View]
142960958I CAN'T FLIP[View]
142958290Why does nobody care?[View]
142959382In my country no one knows who this is.[View]
142957141Now I get why bongs hate them[View]
142960264Hey /sp/ look who i just met[View]
142960487Soccer is not our strongest sport[View]
142956882Messi needs insulin,we need donations now[View]
142960162polish climber falls in a climbing gym: this means climbing gyms should be shut down.[View]
142960449post yfw they lose to uzbekistan[View]
142957446why this board hates so much? oh wait the world cup historic win against a europoor team,nevermind[View]
142960289South America bros, we are done.[View]
142960149F: >NBA announces that Warner Bros. Discovery did not match the terms of Amazon Prime and are agr…[View]
142960354Give the media rights to Amazon fuck Shaq, fuck Ernie and FUCK Chuck[View]
142946609/mlb/: PREVIOUS: >>142941801 PHI: Matt Strahm pitched a scoreless ninth inning while striking …[View]
142960196>association football >rugby football >tackle football >hand football I think the Ita…[View]
142957290Iraq wins the Warsico[View]
142957998Why is nobody talking about this? Does the rest of the world really hate us so much that they just k…[View]
142959476Why does the U.S. keep pushing le black man onto everything? Remember how they put Will Smith into R…[View]
142956858Where is he anyway? What is he doing?[View]
142959945When will Muhammeds start to firecrack the chosen ones?[View]
142959874>HANDBALL starts tomorrow at 9am France time what the fuck is handball?…[View]
142959939Skate athletes were abandoned by the busses that should take them back from practice and had to hail…[View]
142959925Single elimination > group stage[View]
142959436CR7 sissies?..[View]
142958750Do not let 3rd worlds like France host Olimpics ever again[View]
142958989Preferring Thuram over Lacazette is crazy[View]
142959001>The European representatives for the Olympic football event are Israel and Ukraine…[View]
142957044France… I’m sorry… but Total Gold Domination begins now.[View]
142959665>Our olympic side scored more goals in 1 game than our regular NT an entire tournament…[View]
142938283Best Goals Thread: is this the GOAT's best goal?[View]
142947361why isn't chess an olympic sport?[View]
142957948Can he fix Argentina?[View]
142957086Remember: This is how the world cup started[View]
142956132>gold medals: 0[View]
142956918So popular sports like Cricket, Futsal, Beach Soccer, Ice Hockey, Street Hockey, Footvolley, Rugby U…[View]
142959165Do you think France will win the olympic gold medal with this team?[View]
142958866burger bros... its happening again...[View]
142956144France vs USA Paris 2024 Olympics: Mens Football - Japan v Paraguay[View]
142955424history repeats itself[View]
142958998Enzo was right, France is a fucking shithole can't wait for based Putin or an arab terrorist to…[View]
142954925>Haha, get rigged you dirty moors, +15 added ti- ACK! Can't do it without your Qatar daddies…[View]
142954856>Medina 90+16 [VAR - OFFSIDE][View]
142958893Sometimes a single image can speak a thousand words[View]
142957353>won over ukraine Uhh based ?[View]
142958117This guy litterally died on the field and they didnt add a whole +15 min,you are delusional if you t…[View]
142956487Next Argentina football sub-23 matches: >Irak >Ukraine Bros we won't be making it alive o…[View]
142955540Argentina should retire every single athlete from France right now. We committed the worst of sins..…[View]
142958520Why these two keep ramming each other's car like it's F-ZERO?: Can't they behave like…[View]
142957749what color are Americans?[View]
142955100Riggi Moroccotini[View]
142957642will he make his return?[View]
142954577Why are they so shit at football and every other sport? Now that I think of it, 100 million people a…[View]
142957524Will you apologize when he wins 100m?[View]
142958431Are they gonna allow soul back into the Olympics this year?[View]
142955165Olympics just started and it's already a shitshow. bravo[View]
142956440I only want to watch rich people sports from now on.: I want to mingle with the elite. I'm tire…[View]
142956792>*loses the first match to give everyone else a chance*[View]
142958178>conceding 3 goals to a team from fucking Andorra biggest Turkish embarassment since Lepanto?…[View]
142957974wish nothing but the best for this mediocre slav wigger[View]
142890983The next major tournament is only 2 years away....: It takes place in the US, Mexico and Canada. Whi…[View]
142945144/j-league/ - Japanese Football General: International Challenge Edition >Matches Brighton & H…[View]
142955850come on morocco this is what you're fighting for[View]
142955747argentine rugby arc incoming[View]
142947390The Big 3 of football: For me The Big 3 is clear: 1. Messi 2. Pelé 3. Maradona But who is number 4? …[View]
142956107how many today ?[View]
142955200we don't care about olympic 'football' it's more useless than the U20 'world cup'[View]
142957329>Olympics start >Board instantly goes to shit Hey fellas, don't take things so seriously.…[View]
142956896the french (moroccans) won[View]
142957320We'll win either way: If we win, we win, but if we lose, pelado mufa de mierda is fired and our…[View]
142957249WE(iraq) are beating jewkraine and scored a neat goal. https://x.com/tekkersfoot/status/181618067434…[View]
142954139wtf is this shit are we gonna witness it Olympics too ban this garbage already why does the oppone…[View]
142957019Poor pessi crying in his car[View]
142956538your 2026 world cup participants >chile and venezuela got in through the international play-offs …[View]
142954682Is it really too much to ask for the give the athletes proper beds? Budget hostels treat their custo…[View]
142952360Francis was drugged - do you believe him?: AJ is such an obvious fraud that I can't help but be…[View]
142956984ESCUCHEN: I'm Moroccan and I still support Argentina over Fr*nce.[View]
142956907My lil bro shaming América del Sur...[View]
142956880For the first time in my life, I will root for black people.[View]
142955902sorry, but argie riggery doesn't work with us we gift this victory to every team that got rigge…[View]
142956655*disallows goal ONE HOUR after the game has ended* I hate Argentina as much as the next guy, but thi…[View]
142956163The top 10 of best players peaks in football history: 1. 2019 Messi 2. 1986 Maradona 3. 1962 Pelé 4.…[View]
142952876SIRS REPORT IN[View]
142956770How would Mayweather Jr fare against any of them: I think he loses every fight[View]
142954865when will this piece of shit leave[View]
142955439I'm actually hyped for the olympics, it will provide us coomers plenty of fap material. I'…[View]
142956617>gives all his money to his father who loses it all Flipping heck[View]
142954958Roma's New Stadium project: 55k can be expanded to 62k[View]
142948034Olympic football thread: Today's matches >Uzbekistan VS Spain >Argentina VS Morocco >G…[View]
142956109Argentina is cheating again: They gave them 15 minutes extra time and Argentina scored at the 90' + …[View]
142956153>they still think 2024 will be comfy like 2020 the board has become a billion times more annoying…[View]
142955975We'll comeback,we always do[View]
142955753>africans losing on u23 football to new zealand Wtf[View]
142955720I’m foreseeing a gold medal shutout for us this year, bros[View]
142860178/bundes/ Summer Break edition: >Guyraffi to Doofmund subedition[View]
142955509>nooooo you cant call us african thats raycis >*oppresses muslims in the olympics* Why is fran…[View]
142954370Why are first worlders so cocky when they can’t a decent sporting event?: >Hoards of germans inva…[View]
142952839you are so fucking mad right now[View]
142955690I hope they win gold and destroy Paris, Brussels and Amsterdam in the celebrations.[View]
142955682>tries to rig >accidentally counter counterrigs and ensures the loss of the rigger…[View]
142955666USA RUGBY![View]
142955138>Wait for the match to END before making a smug thread >1 hour later var sinso goes all AKCHUA…[View]
142955588>FIFA can now rule out illegal goals after the match has ended Argiebros I don't feel so goo…[View]
142952980What olympic stuff is actually worth watching/not boring as shit?[View]
142955456How does he not lose balance with such teensie tiny feetsie weetsies[View]
142955459When you rig a rigger the number of riggers in this world stays the same.[View]
142955418wtf they can just edit the results after the match?...[View]
142946311Olympics: HAAHAHAHAHA[View]
142955426Are they forced to kiss the badge?[View]
142939573/nba/ general- pistol pete editon: News-nba.com[View]
142953061Who shall win more golds in Paris and why Brazil?[View]
142955221Guilty for being the greatest of all time.[View]
142955076My dad was a kwabologist before he retired and he says he's never seen anything like this in th…[View]
142955078We don't care about olympic football[View]
142948723Winter Olympics 2030 in France: The IOC just announced that the Winter Olympics 2030 will likely be …[View]
142955005the absolute state of france: fireworks and subhuman people[View]
142954905all they do is rig[View]
142955049brehs.. is it finally time to stop whining about the sanctity of our individual FAs, and finally com…[View]
142801215Eternal Arsenal Thread[View]
142953164New sport terrorism thread webm just dropped: You know the drill post, absolute sport terrorism, all…[View]
142954827>after Moroccan terrorists invaded the pitch trying to beat the Argentine footballers they decide…[View]
142954794riggi cuckitini isn't on the squad and look what happens...they couldn't even pull of a ba…[View]
142954483so this is the first Olympics not on at a stupid time for us (like Japan 2020), where we don't …[View]
142953861whoever wins tonight wins the tournament[View]
142954645Love us or hate us, at least we make this shit interesting[View]
142950810Olympics should just be Track and Field, Wrestling, Boxing, Basketball and Weightlifting[View]
142954439THEY WANT TO PLAY 3 MORE MINUTES TODAY: https://x.com/CAPArgento__/status/1816151286498394436 https:…[View]
142952341This is insane: There are no limits to rigging[View]
142953563White French: Checked Black French: Checked Nafri French: Checked What's the next minority we c…[View]
142953818how in the FUCK do they keep getting away with it[View]
142954293>Christian Medina 90+16[View]
142952260This mufa will never win anything for glorious argentina[View]
142950932>Cricket is literally the most popular sport in the world after football >And India is the win…[View]
142949001>meet Aziz Abbes Mouhiidine, a boxer who wants to win heavyweight gold at the Olympics, has a mor…[View]
142948739why are brits like this?[View]
142952429Are you watching the Capoeira event???[View]
142953066burger sisters this cant be happening!!![View]
142953648Brazil Volleyball: Is Brazil still dominate in Volleyball ? They only have the 5th best odds of winn…[View]
142953078APOLOGIZE!!!: SIng now[View]
142953965It's like someone came up with the most pajeet-sounding name imaginable[View]
142939719/cyc/ - general: Volta fever edition Current and upcoming races: 22.07 - 26.07 Ethias-Tour de Wallon…[View]
142954174>Medina (90' +16)[View]
142954031No men dancing this year[View]
142953998/sp/ stands for /sp/ic. now get out of my board[View]
142937603/dive/: Are we ready for olympic diving?[View]
142950950punished mykhailo mudryk - a fallen prospect in a broken world prem 24/25 be very, very afraid[View]
142953890How is the dutch team performing in this Memelympics??[View]
142953801How many medals are German win[View]
142839268That looks pretty fun[View]
142952880Biggest flops this Olympic Games? I say...[View]
142951155Pep ruined football: Average performance of top team 15 years ago: https://x.com/TenHagBall_/status/…[View]
142949896Choosing this one song for announcing your presence at the Paris 2024 Olympics is crazy.[View]
142950551OzGODS literally RUN the Olympics*: *as long as the event takes place in a body of water[View]
142953274What won't he rig?[View]
142944083/heem/ - The Sphere[View]
142937157Are you ready for another olympics of TOTAL EVROPEAN DOMINANCE?[View]
142947382why isn't futsal in the olympics?[View]
142921338How fucked are they?[View]
142948705How Many Golds This Year?[View]
142948215Does anyone unironically look forward to the olympics anymore? Besides the opening ceremony, closing…[View]
142953488For me it's Dominican national player Heinz Mörschel![View]
142939946best olympic sport: this sport is absolute cinema. the build up makes you feel like you're watc…[View]
142953403so... what's the official pirated streaming website of the olympics?[View]
142951775Are you guys ready for next season?[View]
142946398Football is a simple sport: The side with fewer English players loses. This holds true even in the …[View]
142952118Just woke up from a 2 week coma. Did it come home?[View]
142949687What is the comfiest sport to watch? For me, it's golf. Specifically the Master's tourname…[View]
142953373UTV, are you there?[View]
142883747Olympics are almost here[View]
142953316>90+16' Medina C.[View]
14295282421 days until the WNBA seasons. 22 days until Caitlin and The Fever play vs Sophie and The Phoenix M…[View]
142952903Should be olympic[View]
142951831Do people really watch the Memelympics? What kind of person watch it?[View]
142929584powerful stuff france[View]
142928880/seriea/ - Atalanta's bibotoni edition: EURO U19 >15th July 2024 16:30 Italy 2 - 1 Norway …[View]
142900775Who's gonna win the women's beachvolleyball tournament in this year's olympics?: Who …[View]
142953083For people who watch Rugby Why does Olympic rugby seem stupid? Why are there only 7 players?[View]
142952629>90' +16[View]
142924028tfw no beach handball at the olympics[View]
142951535Écouter courir le ballon Ils jouent en France mais ils sont tous angolais Comme ils vont bien courir…[View]
142933652It is long overdue for the league to step in and do something about this team. Why aren't they …[View]
142951037Anyone here ever did fixed betting? What was your experience? Did you get caught? Are you wealthy? I…[View]
142952454>Steven van de Velde (born 8 August 1994) is a Dutch beach volleyball player. He was convicted of…[View]
142939400who wins[View]
142938535ronaldobros...: Is the world laughing at us?[View]
142948717Why doesn't America have a hooligan culture despite its massive sports industry?[View]
142949216How are aussies so good at olympics?[View]
142951163Jose No!: Altruism? The spirit of fair play? A sneaky troll to show how backwards and useless thes…[View]
142933198Will she be there?[View]
142931367/hoc/: non-flames edition[View]
142952324He will bring us the gold. I haven't lost my faith in EL SÍMBOLO.[View]
142952147Olympics 2024: Ok guys, where the fuck do I watch this shit? Give me some free streaming links. I re…[View]
142948808Which is the best career option for a footballer: passing thru many clubs or staying at one club onl…[View]
142786827/147/ - Snooker Shanghai Masters 2024: The 2024 Shanghai Masters are underway! >Tournament schedu…[View]
142952062Post the best of the only thing that really matters in the Memelympics[View]
142951293>first ever olympics in africa >only rape and robbery news are coming through…[View]
142950238MOROCCO X ARGENTINA - OLYMPICS MATCH THREAD: Starts in half an hour.[View]
142946162We WILL win the Olympics and there's NOTHING /sp/ can do about it[View]
142926454Feyenoord have changed their club crest[View]
142910783/fpl/: Morris edition.[View]
142949611i except as much booing as possible maybe a few open bloody heads too, its about time those nazi mon…[View]
142949920why isn't snooker an olympic sport?[View]
142951387UNIRONICALLY WHAT WENT WRONG?!: From 2013 to 2019, many Egyptians competed in ONE Championship, thes…[View]
142947948STAY BACK.[View]
142951311Is carrom a sport? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=c6QqpO79YRg[View]
142951199Pasta and Doner, what could go wrong?: Ah yes, the long-time fraternal nations will finally co-host …[View]
142943139*be better than Mazzola, Del Piero, Totti, Cassano, Di Natale, Balotelli on your path*[View]
142946456Suppose India are hosting the next Olympics and you are the head of Indian Sports. What events do yo…[View]
142950671When did you realize Jude Bellingham is just a Center Back with some ball progression skils?[View]
142949093Danny drinkwater: >be a PL footballer >blow all your money >end up working as a builder H…[View]
142927257/cric/: no cricket on today no patrick, t20 and the hundred are just not cricket edition[View]
142950765>Sasha Zhoya, 22, a French 110m steeplechase sprinter, is the first male athlete authorized by th…[View]
142942708Seriously though, wtf were they thinking?[View]
142949432BREAKING: ANSU FATI INJURED (AGAIN): KWAB https://x.com/FCBarcelona/status/1816055210961207619…[View]
142942519/afl/: micksperg's lucky shirt edition[View]
142949293The top 10 of best players primes in football history: In terms of their peaks. 1. 2019 Messi 2. 198…[View]
142943384/nrl/: HEEEEM edition Girls tomorrow Boys on Friday[View]
142949963Why is Power Slapping not an Olympic sport?[View]
142949737GOAT, literally[View]
142949727Honestly whats the point of this? We win everytime[View]
142949747If you're being realistic, what even is the Weakness in this XI? I think it is legitimately unb…[View]
142949620>>142947914 I believe they gave a fair bit of coverage to the Josh Williams habbening. It did …[View]
142941455Inter Miami: How many European leagues could they actually compete in?[View]
142940848This silence speaks volumes: >It’s also worth noting, without wishing to detract from the blatant…[View]
142949384July 19th 2026, Metlife stadium, New York[View]
142949348What's going to be the best way to watch this? I used to use a VPN to watch through the BBC or …[View]
142939569Eat shit, foreigners: The next 2 weeks will be us kicking your ass[View]
142939343How many in Paris?[View]
142934917OH NO NO NO NO[View]
142929288/trans/ - look it's the new premier league ball isnt it nice edition: supposedly liverpool are …[View]
142948301why are canadians like this[View]
142949017CANADA KEK: Olympic spying claim: New Zealand report Canada for flying drone over football training …[View]
142948886Uh.........: Olympic Stream where ??? How many hours left ??? Did i miss the Opening Ceremony ??????…[View]
142940797The battle of nations and flags and peoples looms. Is your nation prepared to succeed at the True Sp…[View]
142938299/f1/ - Relentless Formula One General - Most prestigious team in F1 edition: >Lap: #7265 >Coun…[View]
142943929US i kneel[View]
142933849What Olympic Sports should I watch? Im thinking about watching fencing and volleyball, but what else…[View]
142886876This is the goat[View]
142902572>less total Olympic medals than North Korea KWAB[View]
142935408Which Olympic event are you most hyped for?[View]
142942792Olympics General: Days -2, -1, 0 - ALL TIMES LOCAL (CEST): >Wednesday 24th Football: 3pm, 5pm, 7p…[View]
142943616CANUCK SPIES IN PARIS?: Why the fuck are the canucks trying to learn football from us? All we know i…[View]
142948219TIK TOK THIRDIES: Ready to get mogged by the goat?[View]
142930296New Football Kits Discussion: A lot of kits are being released/leaked rn Post the ones you like the …[View]
142946834The Rules: You can make an alternative ruleset for your favorite sport, you’ll get 2 teams to play a…[View]
142934564I hope my Olympicfu will be back this year. She's the greatest women's weightlifter of ALL…[View]
142905335Post your country's a 2024 Olympics costumes[View]
142943670Which Olympic sport would be the easiest for the average /sp/ user to win a gold medal in?[View]
142947857please take me back to childhood to warn me not to choose to become a supporter of the Girondins de …[View]
142947033>July, 2024 I am forgotten[View]
142946453So how do you feel about esports being part of the Olympics now?[View]
1429422333 days[View]
142947232Are they actually a good team?[View]
142947157how we lookin this year, broncuck bros?[View]
142945541Milwaukee Brewers @ Chicago Cubs[View]
142941562are they only good because of forced scarcity?[View]
142930522who do i root for?[View]
142938765/copalib/ - 9th time champions Cerro edition: >schedule Promiedos.com.ar >previous >>14…[View]
142946362Will Enzo be able to get along with his teammates or do they hate him now and he will be sold?[View]
142945680>Olympics and UFC 304 this weekend What you watching?[View]
142939581Fati brothers: Are the siblings Ansu Fati and Fati Diame the most talented ones in different sports?…[View]
142946610Shouldn't he be flag bearer for China?[View]
142941386We need to talk about penalties: So what is the deal with penalties in football? >Why do the in-g…[View]
142941801/mlb/ general: Subway Series Today NYbros Yesterday's Scores: >Rays 1 - Yankees 9 >Cardin…[View]
142945816Wow this is some kino[View]
142945633Is the olympics worth getting for?: I'm thinking of buying some streaming service for it. Only …[View]
142945186This image speaks volumes[View]
142945758Let us discuss all the reasons why we hate Pissi in this thread.[View]
142946173Is America ready for the World Cup?: >Miami-Dade County, FL: This past Sunday, there was chaos at…[View]
142945202More like the MLBTQ+[View]
142946025Pissi pissitini[View]
142939026What is the first thing popping in your head watching this pic?[View]
142930835these fits go hard. what are yall talking about?[View]
142945942Why do people watch this slop?[View]
142942834Was this the most underserved award in recent history?[View]
142945860kwabi kwabitini[View]
142943407What Olympic disciplines are you looking forward to and want to watch 100%? Feels like most people j…[View]
142941033Leagues to sue Fifa over 'abuse of dominance': https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/articl…[View]
142939510i cant refute this[View]
142944798Manchester City vs Celtic Matchthread: 1-2 Celtic Haaland is playing[View]
142881518/t&f/ - Diamond League London: Last one before Paris 15:04 400m Hurdles Women 15:16 4x100m Rela…[View]
142938730BREAKING NEWS: Charlotte Dujardin, Britain's joint-most decorated female Olympian, has pulled o…[View]
142937748/nfl/ general: NEWS: CLE: Browns trying to get an extension for Amari Cooper done NYG: Saquon Barkle…[View]
142844087Is there anyone likeable on Team USA?[View]
142939951ITT: Specific GOATSs: The goat of the little box[View]
142943562ALL-TIME GOLD MEDAL TABLE PER CAPITA: These are the 20 most athletic countries in the history of the…[View]
142930370Angolan Olympic swimming team[View]
142901014Sport terrorism thread: Post absolute sport terrorism pics or webms. Any sports allowed.[View]
142944224/rlg/ - Rocket League General: In light of the recent International Olympic Committee decision (>…[View]
142941017Which is a more important stat?: olympic medals per capita or just number of olympic medals a countr…[View]
142942999New Russian goalkeeper for PSG, Matthew Safoni, was supposedly beaten by a teammate after 1st traini…[View]
142944309>Mogadishu (HOL) — Somalia's National Olympic Committee has excluded athlete Abdullahi Jama …[View]
142940247>black athletic freak genes >Indian brainpower Can IMBF be the solution to improving India…[View]
142941117consider this[View]
142928716/heem/ Leaked UFC 306 Card edition: Previous: >>142921978 Alex Pereira vs Anthony Smith Colby…[View]
142938845In my country, no one knows that the Olympic Games will begin[View]
142943159They're still mad. It's been a month and I'm still seeing Germans seething here and t…[View]
142930210>olympic games[View]
142939853Haalanders, we about to conquer America[View]
142937571Why are they so bad at team sports?[View]
142930713Why are they so terrible at The Ultimate Sports Test Of Nations - The Olympics?[View]
142937270was this the most sovlful team in the history of football?[View]
142925947these are american cricket girls who's your favorite cricketer? mine is pooja sha and pooja gan…[View]
142942803American excellence[View]
142942385>If you don't drop out we're going to release the vidieo of you sucking off your horse,…[View]
142941551EARLY EVROPA CELEBRATION THREAD: GET IN HERE EVROBROS! We evropeans won the olympics AGAIN![View]
142943103USA Swimming Chads, I'm not feeling so good: >Ledecky aging >Dressel washed >Australia…[View]
142942122We still believe...[View]
142919527What kind of person enjoys watching this?[View]
142939891Another horse abuser out of OG[View]
142938670Why didn't he win the Champions League? He couldn't even win it with Real Madrid.[View]
142941209How come trans athletes still aren't allowed to compete against the sex they identify as? You h…[View]
142931524I had no idea the Olympics were starting this week. Is there world ready to get MURRICA'D again…[View]
142942236>team makes to europe >gets btfo at europe >can't keep up with 3-4 competition includi…[View]
142941619Uruguaybros...: It's over.[View]
142942304Eurocucks cant produce good player so they buy from South America they cant produce electricity so t…[View]
142941127This clown cost England two euros[View]
142927693How would USA cope if China surpassed them in both total number of medals AND gold medals?[View]
142941617I think this will be a mistake leaving Girona. I predict he'll score 11 goals in La Liga and 2 …[View]
142940616/Champion's League qualifications/: FCSB vs M:Tel Aviv When: now Where watch? Here: http://www.…[View]
142941081Now that the dust has settled: How did england manage to make themselves even more hated than ever b…[View]
142927229>Australia won a winter olympic medal before the whole south america[View]
142933271/mlb/: top trade prospects: >C: Elias Díaz, Rockies >1B: Andrew Vaughn, White Sox >2B: Jazz…[View]
142941073(posted it again award)[View]
142938998So the Olympics are almost upon us. I'll be going to a hoop game. I know nothing about the spor…[View]
142936743Top 10 Bundesliga earners: Money well spent[View]
142940214Champions League: 2nd qualification round. Didn't see another thread so I made it. 1st game al…[View]
142937099Why did they stop being relevant in olympics?[View]
142937834i wish my country was a olympics powerhouse[View]
142920299>that athlete that refuses to retire[View]
142937377A Filipino playing basketball is like making a Samoan compete in figure skating Why don't they …[View]
142938397What happened to my Madrid?[View]
142928863USA vs Germany Basketball Showcase: starts in a few bings[View]
142937733Connor is SCARED. Jakey is gonna sleep him if the time comes.[View]
142933529>No Caitlin Clark games until the middle of August >No Cameron Brink on the 3x3 Olympic baske…[View]
142940119we are about to dominate the olympics eurobros[View]
142935195You anons are fucking lame. Are none of you playinG EA College Football 25?[View]
142932142Swimming has 35 (THIRTY-FIVE) medals at the Olympics this year: See https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/…[View]
142938790Will they be able to out-reddit pic related this year?[View]
142939360UFC 304: A white sweep?: There is a good chance all the white fighters will win against the black fi…[View]
142939605*autoplays after your Youtube video*[View]
142939747MODERATE IT, JANNIE[View]
142939064was it offside?[View]
142938248I had the great displeasure of watching two euros games in an actual English pub. Holy fuck, I hope …[View]
142931071Fuck you /sp/[View]
142935917Already forgotten.WTF. No one even cares.[View]
142936721Will /sp/ watch this tomorrow?[View]
142929164How many?[View]
142935491>giving a trophy and rings for the summer league lol, lmao even.[View]
142927956/copalib/: >>142912794[View]
142928608/nba/ general- they don’t know editon: News- nba.com Thread Theme: https://youtu.be/xZoInvS_YN8?si=V…[View]
142936123If you watched tennis with your eyes instead of watching through spreadsheets, you'd understand…[View]
142938803He really does hate him huh[View]
142938716Day 2 of Deathmarch 135 Today's high temperature will reach 123F (50C), but temp at the finish …[View]
142938657/copalib/ copaliberg de futebol de botao: >SUDAMERICANA 19:00 Racing de Montevideo x Huachipato 2…[View]
142928176Is this true?[View]
142930598When I roll with this chick at my gym the coach gets super protective as if I should let her submit …[View]
142932076/f1/ - Relentless Formula One General - Gives You Wings edition: >Lap: #7264 >Countdown to Waf…[View]
142936071The GOAT is recharging.[View]
142934672Eurocup 2024: My God. This is the ugliest thing that I have ever seen.[View]
142926769Does he deserve a statue?[View]
142938008I don't care about the olympiques[View]
142926999MENTAL ILLNESS: >played 0 (ZERO) minutes in 2 (TWO) YEARS in France >Sold to Manchester City f…[View]
142935240>the ol' reliable[View]
142899469Ok, literally HOW is Messi supposed to recover from this?[View]
142937580sike: tao edishion[View]
142925085/cyc/ - general: Remking appreciation edition Current and upcoming races: 22.07 - 26.07 Ethias-Tour …[View]
142919071/nrl/ general: >Ladders Edition - Warriors goalkicking worries - Bunnies and Tigers combine for …[View]
142903199/nfl/ general: DAL: Cowboys reportedly prioritizing CeeDee Lamb’s contract JAX: Jaguars place DL Ari…[View]
142931807Hypothetically speaking, how could a draft system work in Europe? >b-but academies Except for a …[View]
142937264Should've Been a Lando Win: LN should not have had to slow down and JUST give OP the win. Agree…[View]
142937239>abandons Steph Curry and a higher salary to play with fat Luka on the mavs What is his problem?…[View]
142936489Rank these three. I guess at least we agree that Scholes comes last, right?[View]
142921976/heem/ - Aspin--ACK Edition: Previous: >>142918287[View]
142931408How do Germans always get away with shit like this? This is goretzka btw[View]
142930606The demise of Serie A has been a disaster for the soul of football[View]
142936510Could this work?[View]
142935735lmao@England: Sad. Just sad. You can not tell me bongs managed to sweep their shame under the rug in…[View]
142930126>went from undisputed world champion to deranged crybaby in the span of 3 races Has someone ever…[View]
142934556Messy: Why don't FIFA give Messy another Ballon D'Or? It might make his foot recupere easi…[View]
142933249Post rigging /refballs/cheating/questionable refs decisions https://youtu.be/OiW0IPrv1Ro?si=tSRsAiPg…[View]
142935871VAR VAR VAR VAR VAR[View]
142931995What are the most iconic comeback moments in /sp/orts?[View]
142875713/tennis/: Most Wanted edition >scores flashscore.com/tennis >streams tennis2.sportshub.stream…[View]
142914996you now remember fati: the next messi lol[View]
142927266Left - Frank Lampard >Overrated by English fans and media >Only scored penalties and deflected…[View]
142930348would you?[View]
142929967You now remember France rigged their way into the final in 2006. If it wasn't for that, Ronaldo…[View]
142933746Rules reform: You can make an alternative ruleset for your favorite sport, you’ll get 2 teams to pla…[View]
142922840>carries his team to a trophy >still get no respect Why do argies dislike him?…[View]
142927095Which was more impressive?[View]
142930422what will be the heem cope when he flatlines le scary stone face Pereira in one round?[View]
142932263working hard heh..[View]
142930930dead olympics: zero soul, zero stars, zero interest[View]
142926037How do you feel about this?[View]
142926722Since Copa America now includes CONCACAF nations, Copa Libertadores and Copa Sudamericana should let…[View]
142929853Russia makes fun of Paris 2024 Olympics: This shit is getting out of hand. https://x.com/debunker_ne…[View]
142930552>my first olympics where all the athletes are now younger than me >i will never be an olympic …[View]
142934118>tfw no 50km death march[View]
142877945What happened with Brazil? They used to rule the world you know[View]
142897359/box/ - Bummernaut edition: Previous: >>142866273 >July 27th TNT Sports UK ESPN+ USA Joe Jo…[View]
142930364>messoi is the GO-[View]
142932111Milwaukee Brewers @ Chicago Cubs Gamethread: First Pitch @ 7:05pm CST GET IN HERE[View]
142925338Relatively speaking, which of these clubs has the most SOVL? (You have to pick one.)[View]
142933632Aaron Rodgers: He played 3 snaps and he got number 92 what a joke[View]
142932737Best players in the history of football.[View]
142915884damn straight[View]
142922642/mlb/: BOS - Kenley Jansen told reporters after Sunday’s game that he will not be traveling with the…[View]
142929542So basically a disney kid/youtuber with only 3 - 4 years of boxing training can beat the living shit…[View]
142931687Assemble the A-team[View]
142932301I have post-WC depression and there wasn't even a WC[View]
142932890>Strikes fear into the heart of MMA artists.[View]
142928204Is Jesse Owens the greatest olympian?[View]
142931546Sport games!!! post them and say anything: Why did Euros got more sport games on the Dreamcast.…[View]
142928414Do Barsa fans hate Messi at this point?[View]
142928673Remember when some people started hyping Under[age bracket] tournaments. I'm glad this era is o…[View]
142925732/f1/ - Relentless Formula One General - Good Luck redeemed edition: >Lap: #7263 >Countdown to …[View]
142930929How many golazos for le Turtle this season?[View]
142927837Copa America is basically a World Cup without France and Croatia. There, I said it[View]
142922142Which one is more relevant?[View]
142930717Holy shit how did this happen?[View]
142931173Who will be the first country to win both the World Baseball Classic and the FIFA World Cup? Let…[View]
142898112/hoc/: /key/[View]
142929935Chuckster enjoyers we are so back[View]
142931079Would you support your club even if it changes its name?[View]
142919331wrestling in Olympics right then how come we dont see john cena randy orton and triple h ......etc[View]
142930524>leave O Hexa to me[View]
142919059Gareth Southgate has some serious explaining to do[View]
142930577Which is the Olympiad who peaked KINO aesthetics and why Moscow 1980?[View]
142928630This team wouldn't survive a single season in our second division[View]
142929784this trophy looks like it was bought in an 1$ bazaar: worthless paperweight[View]
142930285LeFlag LeCaptainAmerica LePatriot LeYankee LeMinuteman LeG.I. LeManifestDestiny[View]
142927689You now remember Alejandro de Los Santos[View]
142897048Is this their biggest signing since Ronaldo?[View]
142929199If you watched tennis with your eyes instead of watching through spreadsheets, you'd understand…[View]
142928472I know very little about basketball, but based on the little I do know, is it safe to say RIP to all…[View]
142929617How come the almighty invincible galactic goat #1 in global customers real madrid have never won a t…[View]
142929895Take on me. Take me on.[View]
142929893>no death march into the trash it goes[View]
142926685How many in Paris?[View]
142929002Why is this retard playing for the US?[View]
142929755Jordan got his gold medal and fucked off, what is he still doing there? What's the point?[View]
142925231I miss Neymar so much bros.[View]
142928664This man is singlehandedly responsible for the failure of Belgium's golden generation.[View]
142928257Gigacope moments: Post your biggest cope and KWAB moments[View]
142927913>Newcastle United announce a new badge for the upcoming season. Fucking disgusting…[View]
142802106/cfb/ - Media Days Edition: Now that tourist season is over, back to the real news >Nick Saban wa…[View]
142927827How would people react if such an obvious case of refball happened nowadays?[View]
142904661/trans/ - Goldenboy edition: Where were you when United signed the greatest prospect in world footba…[View]
142913103/seriea/ - Mystery edition: EURO U19 >15th July 2024 16:30 Italy 2 - 1 Norway >18th July 2024 …[View]
142928545*Is the greatest athlete of all time*[View]
142926067he pisses me off[View]
142925841>UFC if it wasn't gay why is this illegal? just throw a mat under them and that's it…[View]
142927151>It’s another “Nico Williams mom crossed the Sahara desert to raise him in Spain” episode…[View]
142926215>YASS RAPE OUR JERSEY'S AESTHETIC WITH MORE BRAND ADS PLEASE!!!! why are sportsballers like …[View]
142927312LeNut: If he wasn't LeQueer's nut he wouldn't even be in the NBA[View]
142892728/nba/ general- digits editon: Team USA beat Team South Sudan 101-100. Foreigners BTFO. Thread Theme:…[View]
142923825what's next for them[View]
142922454Winter Olympic Games: .......Argentina and Chile have plenty of snow and space. Why there were never…[View]
142924138Post kwabs[View]
142928447Give him his wins back.[View]
142916256itt: literally did nothing wrong[View]
142927908Southgate bros... how has he been reduced to this already? I thought he was the next united manager[View]
142927805/afl/: i miss him bros edition[View]
142928182Score if you can.[View]
142927607Javelin: Discuss.[View]
142925621Who is the most well-spoken athlete?: >'Last year, I won in Portland, and that, like, cannot imag…[View]
142927466>POV: you're an MMA bum who's about to recieve the biggest paycheck of your life…[View]
142912794/copalib/: Schedule: >BRA1 16:00 Bahia x Corinthians 16:00 Atlético Mineiro x Vasco 18:30 Juventu…[View]
142926130> Cum stain on the new PSG kit What did they mean by this?[View]
142927132Rate my local league's crests: Pick your top 3 For me its: 1. Southern States SC 2. AFC Mobile …[View]
142927141Wtf, my TV emitter didn't show this: >EURO 2024 closing ceremony https://youtu.be/RpxSYPj9oQ…[View]
142925999July 19, 2026, MetLife Stadium, East Rutherford, New Jersey, United States.[View]
142925493Ronaldinho 2005 is objectively footballs peak[View]
142926371Why can't they do it?[View]
142911165This image screams volumes[View]
142926610Olympic football being for 24 years and younger is a joke. There's nothing wrong with this also…[View]
142926925ITS HAPPENING: HOLY SHIT you chuds have done it this time[View]
142922994do athletes take baking soda before competition? https://x.com/HeightOptimized/status/18150234047325…[View]
142902465Concerns over the seine river at the Olympics.: Will anyone actually swim through shitwater for a me…[View]
142894729/golf/ - The Open: THE Open - Billy Horschel Edition[View]
142924109This nigga is completely unbothered about missing the benuldy that cost his country the semi-finals,…[View]
142922337>pessi is the g-[View]
142924761Why do all the saucy players go here?[View]
142923047They would be a sports superpower.[View]
142926452is he the one who select the team players i mean what happened to sports coach must be the one who c…[View]
1429243862024 Medal Table: Will we see the return of Ameri-silvers?[View]
142926389/AURA/ - Aura general: Post athletes with natural /AURA/.[View]
142925544Can someone explain to me why Messi is praised as a 'magician' and a 'genius'? I've seen him pl…[View]
142925649Who is the greatest athlete in the world? Someone whose performances just look so out of this world …[View]
142897026Olympics - what is it good for?: >sports that nobody gives a shit about >sports that pepole do…[View]
142923327Which team do CHADS support in your country?: >Spain >Atletico de Madrid…[View]
142918734Cuba population 11 million. India population 1.4 billion How is this possible?[View]
142925898*Chaotic Good*[View]
142924239so where's the hype?[View]
142922324/f1/ - Relentless Formula One General - Spa Next edition: >Lap: #7262 >Countdown to Waffle Dea…[View]
142925194Los Blancos[View]
142914182What part of Slovenia is everyone from?[View]
142919957FOREIGNERS OF REDDIT: What do you think of the England national team?[View]
142925310no sports today[View]
142923766so this is the power of UCL runners-up[View]
142920345When will Canelo stop ducking?[View]
142920174Today, in another chapter of the Enzo Fernandez racism saga fans of River Plate were singing '…[View]
142925228Germany first time in the <10s 100m athlete countries B)[View]
142924979>Watching the Olympics unironically in 2024[View]
142916879whats their excuse this time?[View]
142895668Basketball disappointed me: I tried to like basketball. I tried for more than two years, but to no a…[View]
142920090ITT: Footballers that have sovl[View]
142923988Will Bone Collector and The Professor ever 1v1? They're getting older and past their primes. Th…[View]
142922814He's going to surpass riggi and penaldo[View]
142921385Mmasissies, our response?[View]
142923225Doping should be morally acceptable in professional sports: Some people have better genes than other…[View]
142919731Why are Germany and the clubs inferior to Asia[View]
142924347welcome to botafogo do futbol! cruzamentooo do brazillll SAMBAAAA OBRIGADOOO[View]
142920111Why is kendo irrelevant?[View]
142869003/sumo/ 2024 Nagoya basho thread #3: checkem edition >Banzuke: http://sumodb.sumogames.de/Banzuke…[View]
142846447/wrc/ Tet Rally Latvia 2024 - Saldējums Edition #1: >WRC Rally Latvia 2024 (18-21 July) Rally bas…[View]
142919769/afl/: no you can't have fun picrels in the OP edition[View]
142904866/cric/ test: Day 4 of Trent Bridge Test ENGLAND 416. & 378/7. v WEST INDIES 457. Caption compe…[View]
142920608This is disgusting.[View]
142923611Sports Cards Collecting (NFL, MLB, etc): I've been getting into sports cards collecting a fair …[View]
142902416/gaa/: all ireland hurling final cork v clare beings at 3:30 GMT[View]
142914660G O A T O A T[View]
142899656Are MMgay artists the weakest athletes in all sports?[View]
142920325>when I was born, God pointed at me and said 'this is the man' Why are players like Romario, who …[View]
142902967>American Sports Stadiums[View]
142918117Seeing Messi in a boot :([View]
142921403I have basketball american fatigue. What are the whitest sports that are fun to >watch >play …[View]
142922884Is he the greatest homosexual athlete of all time?[View]
142922539Why don't FIFA give Messi another Ballon D'Or? It might make his foot recupere easier.[View]
142918850The Chicago Bears run this league[View]
142915392/cyc/ - general: party's over edition Current and upcoming races: 17.07 - 21.07 Baloise Ladies …[View]
142919459/mlb/: DET - The Tigers promoted top prospect Max Clark to High-A West Michigan. CHC - Nico Hoerner …[View]
142894292Why are corporations, the mainstream media, football youtubers, all shoving this goblin down everyon…[View]
142922481Will Sri Lanka win any medals at the Olympics this year?[View]
142922078Why don't they put 'image related' as the cover for FIFA 25/PES 2025??? They want a s…[View]
142917721Only 5 more days until the Olympics start: Which I just remembered about today. Thank you Brazil, So…[View]
142922170>diagnosed with a torn achillies it's over for me, isn't it?…[View]
142917379/f1/ - Relentless Formula One General - KWAB&NARB eternal edition: >Lap: #7261 >Countdown …[View]
142916626Now that the dust has settled: Did he the best he could or did he made tottenham bad on purpose?…[View]
142902327A German TV station held a poll asking which NT had the most likeable fans during the euro cup The c…[View]
142911268Is Neymar okay?[View]
142917084Does Haaland actually play well in big games?[View]
142918287heem: old >>142898903[View]
142919943KWAB: >1 week since the copa final >people only remember Pessi singing racist chants >and h…[View]
142921899>Problem Bot, find me my new target Target Aquired. Relaying coordinates. >Aight imma pull up …[View]
142921487is if still a humiliation ritual if they won?[View]
142913497I'm excited for the Olympics.[View]
142916978are we gonna have paris Olympics threads[View]
142912919here's your 2023 Libertadores winner, bro[View]
142895933Sage Northcutt - MMA: Redpill me on Sage Northcutt.[View]
142920952Neymar Jr at Santos FC while in Brazil[View]
142917225>24 means I'm no longer a talent anymore Haalanders it's over…[View]
142916476Are you excited for the next Messi vs CR7?[View]
142920477CR7 is the best football player of all time.[View]
142920424>mfw China wins the most medals because communism is the best[View]

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