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140027808/copalib/ - El Terror de Copalib edition: Previous >>140013816[View]
140028255Boomerbros…: our time is coming to an end, all the GOATs of all the sports are retiring. Even John C…[View]
140028667They used to compare him to goatnaldo[View]
140029792Fury vs. Usyk KINO: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sEiBmH4hzdI Why can't the UFC promote their…[View]
140022576/mlb/: PREVIOUS: >>140012859 SHO: Ippei Mizuhara, Shohei Ohtani’s longtime interpreter, has be…[View]
140029550Weird, (social) media told me Tyson is the duck but here is Usyk's manager saying they pulled o…[View]
140027895This man has completely broken liverpool: Refuses to lose to Liverpool. Mentally breaks them before …[View]
140029299>only eplel teams still competing in Europe and one of them will win the league Spanish excellenc…[View]
140021612/180/ BetMGM Premier League Darts Night 11: Luke Littler will aim to extend his lead at the top of t…[View]
140024882If he loses to West Ham his whole legacy from this season is over[View]
140027166Aston Villa carrying the Premier League's co-effecient hard for that 5th CL spot.[View]
140022713>carries Atletico to win their first Champions League >wins the Euros with France He WILL recl…[View]
140027588>I CAN'T WIN[View]
140027231mickey mouse league[View]
140026276what part of Atalanta are you lads from?[View]
140020195Realistically who would win here with normal UFC rules?[View]
140019083/hoc/: 9 days until playoffs addition Previous thread >>140013163[View]
140017986>be me >young but talented portuguese youngster >piece of shit deadbeat dad is drunk again …[View]
140026022>Scamacca 36' 80' >Pasalic 83'…[View]
140013816/copalib/: perro fresco edition >previous >>140011105[View]
140019549>mfw neverkusen gets exposed by west ham's moyesball[View]
140026683What did TNT Sports mean by this?[View]
140022089Y'all ain't ready for Spain Next Gen: It's legit looking SCARY for BOTH male and fema…[View]
140026096Why is this League and their teams so shit?[View]
140017400Name any team more based than these two. Every single year they sell players for hundreds of million…[View]
140014951/nba/: News: >Celtics have only won 1 title in 40 years despite having multiple superteams >76…[View]
140003742/cyc/ - general: Jan the Pogi-boy edition Current and upcoming races: 09.04 - 12.04 Il Giro d'A…[View]
140026921This was supposed to be klopps farewell season We were supposed to be back in businesses[View]
140025295There needs to be a sports gambling hall of fame[View]
140016153Tired of this lying midget bros.[View]
140018079He lost all his soul when he left Tottenham[View]
140026669Is it time for UEFA to step in?[View]
1400076263/4 of the teams in the UCL semifinal. Never tell me they're farmers again[View]
140026370>Klopp's farewell season[View]
140021994post your face when AC milan wins this shit bring us fraud alonso and last mission suicidal klopp[View]
140023589Is he the new #1 at Liverpool?: Every match I see, Kelleher is making some insane saves. He doesn…[View]
140026679'premiere' league you call it?[View]
140026873*infuses your team with swamp autism*[View]
140026872it's over[View]
139974658/MASTERS2024/ Get in here because Tiger Woods will redeem and win with a record breaking 18 hole in …[View]
140025755it's time we started a dialogue[View]
140024428Es ist vorbei.[View]
140020418First thoughts when you see this?[View]
140017684Of the big 6, which is the most sovl? Which is the most souless?[View]
139987161/epl/: McBurnie Edition >Saturday 13th April Newcastle United vs Tottenham Hotspur Brentford vs …[View]
140026351>Leave it to me, England.[View]
140026186what do they do?[View]
140025945this nigga lookin ZESTY[View]
140003580How many for this conquistador?[View]
140025827One European trophy thanks[View]
140021149Olympiakos matchday thread.[View]
140016710Fake debate: One is clearly amongst the top 10 best midfielders of all time, the other 2 were just w…[View]
140025363You know remember[View]
140023212Who was in the wrong here?[View]
140024979UK basketball dead: Hoosiers Devils Bruins TarHeels Jayhawks Let’s fucking laugh. Those dumb red nec…[View]
140013645A GORILLER[View]
140022022New York Mets vs. Atlanta Braves: I'm starting this late because someone asked for it edition…[View]
140022187So, now that the dust has settled, did he do it, /sp/?[View]
140018511We're back lads. Also tipped the Lions.[View]
140008560/bet/: should've gone to specsavers edition[View]
140019493EFL CHAMPIONSHIP: >3 teams fighting for the 2 auto promotion spots to the Prem >8 teams in a r…[View]
140007508>the 2 supposed 'best' players in the world (Mbappe&Halaand) go missing in the UCL This semen…[View]
140008182How about another choke, /sp/ ?[View]
140018499Why is /sp/ handling his decline so poorly?[View]
140023541What was he thinking?[View]
140021615Saudí super cup: Early al itihad vs al hilal thread Benzema is finished[View]
140016670Why do these customers always use first person pronouns when referring to their foreign based team?:…[View]
140022311Here are your GOATs.[View]
140007113Barcelona Vs PSG: 2-3[View]
140022539OJ SIMPSON FUNERAL SERVICE https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ck8KNp8hOD0 >OJ SIMPSON FUNERAL SERVIC…[View]
140019374>Manchild, Communist, Knobhead, Canagubu, Harald and Thomas the perfect team…[View]
140022626>Watch pissi play last night >dribbles through multiple players without losing ball >watch …[View]
140006721/nrl/ - Rugby League general: Lifelong edition NRL >what's on? Newcastle Knights v Sydney Ro…[View]
140017914*dominates in the hardest era* the GOAT[View]
140019483>penaldo vs pessi threads in 2024[View]
140012479/f1/ - Relentless Formula One General - Stake F1 Team Kick Sauber Zhou 'Joe Ganyu' Guanyu Edition: …[View]
139998254/seriea/ - Tornerò a Primaveraa: CHAMPIONS QUARTER-FINALS >Wednesday, 10th April 2023 21:00 Pate…[View]
140007486/pug/ - PSG United General: So, it happened AGAIN. We literally can't blame anyone but the play…[View]
140007338They're finally moving. Good fucking riddance.[View]
140019790Would you wear this on the streets instead of (((Casual))) or (((Gucci))) shit?[View]
140015526Why does NBA hate this franchise so much?[View]
140012859/mlb/ - BASEDioles edition: Twins won Phillies won Mariners won Diamondbacks won Giants won Rays won…[View]
140017110*carries you*[View]
140004327Frionel Pessi exposed[View]
140016875OH NO NO NO PSGBROS!?!?![View]
139994411/tennis/: Italy Number One edition >scores www.flashscore.com/tennis >streams freestreams-live…[View]
140009568>Best NBA Player: Fat white guy who can't jump >2ne best NBA Player: slightly less fat wh…[View]
140016262/heem/ canada appreciation edition: >Heemviously >>140010784 >Never forget >>14000…[View]
140015143Congratulations for the winning-against-Messi's-team cup[View]
140015201Hey /sp/, could you clarify something for me? Last time I've followed European Football was bac…[View]
140016459we all agree, right?[View]
140015325All three have been exposed as frauds this season… hmm, I wonder what they all have in common…[View]
140015864Why do m*n never do this? >https://twitter.com/Gideoomatic/status/1777997637150527545…[View]
140021136How come sports leagues don't make an online archive of past games? I want to watch the athlete…[View]
140021679Predictions thread for today We predict and also bet Go[View]
140021768Do people actually listen to youtubers?[View]
140019957>Welcome OJ Simpson![View]
140018492ITT: masterclasses[View]
140021524Realistically, who can stop them?[View]
140019140Tiktok zoomer taste vs refined high test gentleman taste[View]
140020113Hello: I just want to announce that I will probably MAYBE do a statistical comparison of Messi and C…[View]
140017442The only way to save their crumbling interest and ratings is to implement promotion/relegation with …[View]
140009114So, who’s going through?[View]
140014099How do you say exposed midget in your language?[View]
140013676>tfw no rigged penalties from Nasser Al-Khelaifi[View]
140017492>I-I'm sorry, /sp/...[View]
140014908>why can't i play orlando city every week[View]
140007217How come Barcelona are playing so much better? Didn't they lose 1-4 last time? How come PSG ar…[View]
140020412THE JUICE: We used to be a real country https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=o6hx_rXZark[View]
140013823>Activate Riggi protocol 2.0[View]
140008294>Got vindicated twice today[View]
140019859Greatest Running Back to ever life[View]
140019975Daily reminder that this club finished dead last in a group consisting of Bayern Munich, Galatasaray…[View]
140019943Juice is dead, what we dancing to lads? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eZXKCiUMRlc[View]
140016501*ghosts vs Mexican Cartel members*[View]
140002205>Strong >Fast >Agile >Used both feet >Great ball control >Could play as a 10 somet…[View]
140009829Messi bros, I don't feel so good...[View]
140016208Why doesn’t the Premier League, Series A, Bundesaliga or LaLiga have anything as kino as this? Celti…[View]
140011681whats their secret[View]
140009282how do you cope when your team loses?[View]
140008816>buys nerman >no CL >gets messi >no CL >gets dembele to please mbappe so he can stay…[View]
140007918>: >[View]
140018522SHOHEI OTANI CLEARED BY THE FBI: /our boy/ got cleared. Where's the celebration bread?[View]
140017899Haaland is facing severe criticism for his play against big sides. Is it time for him to start doing…[View]
140019088You are witnessing history being written The best 9 of Argentina since Batistuta but the jewish medi…[View]
140015590Does your club have a CLASICO rivalry?[View]
140019093/hoc/-SLC soon(?): News: Arizona is fucked, Shane Doan's son feels the same pain his father did…[View]
140013163/hoc/: best coast[View]
140016637The white man's struggle: >0 Messi hype, therefore no pretext to rob Haaland of his awards w…[View]
140010380who was in the wrong here? >https://as.com/futbol/champions/quizas-barcelona-y-psg-nos-conozcamos…[View]
140016693Why is there zero hype for this[View]
140008049*gets saved by haaland and mbappe being shitters*[View]
140009112Is Sport a Sport?[View]
140018334Volumes: Assists in CL knock out games >Vini Jr 12 in 22 games >Messi 12 in 79 games…[View]
140007652So this is the power of the zoomer “GOATs”, huh?[View]
140017506>In a heated Champions League quarter-final match, FC Barcelona triumphed over PSG. However, neit…[View]
140013620Born and raised in America but both play internationally for Colombia. Makes me sick.[View]
140017070Akebono, a giant in the sumo world and a 'proud Hawaiian,' dies at 54.[View]
140007797Islamic State Fan TV, Disappointing Result tonight, Your thoughts Anon?[View]
140017513England has ruined our Bellingham, he got infected with the weakmind virus after playing with the br…[View]
140002676Top 5 worst football signings >Coutinho >Dembele >Hazard >João Félix >Grealish…[View]
139989209Concacaf Champions Cup[View]
140007903/afl/: Heave ho unna edition Previous: >>140000668 >Thursday April 11 7:30pm AEST Melbourne…[View]
140016512For the first time we mexicans expirience ce a Victor against argies and messi: This feels great man…[View]
140016220I think we all agree that having another mans name on your shirt is cucked but what about having a c…[View]
140007499/sp/ swore we were a europa club: how are we basically in the champions league semi finals then?…[View]
140010784/heem/: Pleasure edition[View]
140007818but /sp/ told me UCL fell off: what happened?[View]
140015783I miss Chadval[View]
140002145Who is she and what does she believe?[View]
140008084joke of club we are gonna have a Barça-City final this year[View]
140015199Daily reminder Mbappe is nothing without him All his 'legacy' in NT was thanks to Grizeman aka moder…[View]
140014491Jonathan Calleri >>>>>>>>>>> Haaland el Nordic Ogro[View]
140007562>here are your new GOATs, bro[View]
140014231Reminder he did nothing wrong[View]
140010666/nba/ ~ eternal eMVPiid edition: previous >>139996613 news BOS: Celtics, Jrue Holiday Agree T…[View]
140011762Kai 'Big Game Player' Havertz is going to do it again isn't he? carrying two clubs into UCL glo…[View]
140002874His biggest mistake was spending his prime years in the Premier League. If he spent his whole career…[View]
140009244>Crypto.com Center to change name to Ozempic Center after the crypto company fails latest payment…[View]
140013575ITT: Beloved and kino sports dynasties[View]
140011105/copalib/ - How do I Turn This On? edition: Atlético MG 2 x 1 Rosario Central Cerro Porteño 1 x 0 Al…[View]
140006773>monkeys and bandwagoners still think they will win the Hexa some time in 2026 while this inciden…[View]
140013047im supporting multiple teams because its convenient for me: if city wins then the whitest team win i…[View]
140000202They looked like such a tinpot club for making a whole fuss about shutting their roof just to conced…[View]
140009071/hoc/: Sad Awooooo edition https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vvO1a8bbG0o https://www.youtube.com/watch…[View]
140009069Why didn't American pro teams create multi-sport clubs?: Seems like a missed opportunity. MLB …[View]
140008645/mlb/ - My Feelies edition: TEX: Nathaniel Lowe (oblique) takes live BP Wednesday HOU: Slumping Jose…[View]
139999110Why are womens' sports more popular than mens' in the US?[View]
140011801What were they thinking?[View]
140001007Early Atletico Madrid vs Borussia Dortmund Thread: Simeone, Grizzy and the gang vs Malen, Reus, Bran…[View]
140009253Chicago Cubs @ San Diego Padres Gamethread: First Pitch @ 3:40pm PST / 5:40pm CST GET IN HERE[View]
140005265Are they really going to build a new stadium in the exact same area when nobody goes to games? They …[View]
139998396/f1/ - Relentless Formula One General - Marta Garcia Edition: >Lap: #7015 >Countdown to 冰淇淋GP:…[View]
140009804The new era of Jewish Terrorism: If this negro was called Vini Jr and the adversary was Real Zaragoz…[View]
140011288Frauds: Bellingham included[View]
140001660Porto threads are usually annoying and try-hard. But hear me out. This guy made a gesture to the ref…[View]
140002677OH NO NO NO NO: They thought they could stand a chance against FC barcelona. So what went wrong? Wha…[View]
140010799>SheBelieves Cup >is literally a cup You can't make this shit up…[View]
140007107*does nothing*[View]
140004630Mbappe playing like a washed 40 year old: How come no one makes fun of him for this stuff in almost …[View]
140005471/copalib/ ecuatorians are snobs who avoid us edition: 19:00 Atl. Mineiro Rosario Central 19:00 C…[View]
140010304Apologize /sp/[View]
140007753What does he do?[View]
140005342/heem/: Cody fight week[View]
140008342You may not appreciate it but this is what football peak performance looks like.[View]
140010122they're becoming crankier and more unhinged with age. someone needs to give these boomers their…[View]
139996613/nba/: previous >>139993591[View]
139992832How come everyone forgot the 0-3 immediately after 1-7?[View]
140008161He will come back and you will apologize: Everyone is going after him for some shit reason. Once he …[View]
140005984Why do so many players look soulless today? You can't be a great without soul[View]
140008007The actual zoomer goat. Get ready for the Foden vs Endrick zest-off era.[View]
140006169/bug/ - Barcelona United General: So, it happened AGAIN. We can blame Tebas, we can blame Negreira, …[View]
140009840>we need to beat fucking Germany to advance[View]
140008003>'You see, Jude, that's how you show up on important UCL matches'[View]
140008384TO IDZIE DO DOMU[View]
140008415DuPont: best rugby player in the world Mbappe: best soccer player in the world Wembanyama: future be…[View]
140007712trash and trasher[View]
140007776WELL WELL WELL[View]
140009103$WBRICK - WESTBRICK: Give it up for the zestiest guy in the league,one of the shittiest players of a…[View]
140000146>3-3 and 2-2 slurpers yesterday >mfw we get 1-1 and 0-0 slurpers today too…[View]
140008708>The last hope of football >The kid that will save football from death…[View]
140007765>Every CL match this week has been kino Away goal rule was indeed a mistake…[View]
139999948*bumrapes Barcelona*[View]
139992333Does anyone here like to collect sports cards? Do you open product or just buy the individual cards?[View]
139996375>arsenal will claim this was a penalty and they were rigged for the next decade Saka dived.…[View]
140002873Haaland but more clutch[View]
139750319/bet/: brisbane loins vs collingwood pies 2023 grand final rematch at the gabba at 18:30 AEST (2 bon…[View]
140005465>this guy used to be pushed as a GOAT contender[View]
140008463>that's mbappe?[View]
140008321Why does this board overrate limited tap in artists?[View]
140003557Pep confused by Haaland criticism from people who know football, says Haaland is the best: Pep knows…[View]
140007784This might be the year where we finally see these two in a UCL final for the first time in history.[View]
140008098What are your honest thoughts on pic related? They have more bad than good matches in fact they are …[View]
140001105/mlb/ - The Sopranos edition: PREVIOUS: >>139994656 BAL: Orioles selected the contract of INF …[View]
140008173>It's a French team loses in the Champions League episode[View]
140007898Fly Emirates is my favorite team.[View]
140005635Another Man of the Match performance from him[View]
140007713>football is bori-[View]
140002919MIDWEEK MATCH THREAD: Because there's more than just the Champions League on tonight. The other…[View]
140007891Barcelona vs PSG: Both Haaland and Mbappe stinking up the pitch and some mfs told me they were gonna…[View]
140007836*Saves Xavi carrer yet again*[View]
140004625based or cringe?[View]
140007663Damn, looks like he's a fraud after all.[View]
140007252>filters weak minded players >filters fraudulent domestic statpadders >filters tiktok xG o…[View]
140007674>we have messi and ronaldo at home >messi and ronaldo…[View]
140007647>Haaland >Bellingham >Lewandowski >Mbappé Will they actually show up next week?…[View]
140007576..who? No, really.. who?[View]
139983154/bundes/: >today: Arsenal - B00n and Real - Shitty tomorrow Atletico - BVB and PSG - Barcelona…[View]
140007336No matter how much money they spend No matter what coach they hire No matter how much they upgrade t…[View]
140004964Barcelona v. PSG GAMETHREAD 2: 0-1 Raphinha 37'[View]
140007225I thought baldie was a chad, huh?[View]
140007024L'Homme invisible (2024)[View]
140005454this is an actual real life football team in the Champions League quarter finals[View]
139998339I hope Paris '24 will make Munich '76 look like lovely day out at a picnic[View]
140001535>the transfer that would save football[View]
139998100This apparently is not a handball: According to the Swedish referee in yesterday's Arsenal v Ba…[View]
140002555CL Quarterfinals PSG v Barcelona: Line ups will be up in like 30 minutes or something. Post predict…[View]
140005330why is he so zesty?[View]
140004958PSG - Barcelona Matchthread #2: 0-1 Raphinha.[View]
139944215/cbb/ - Clark Century Edition: The biggest college basketball game this year, and of the decade, is …[View]
140004740Betcoin - How do I bet with BTC?: under the live matches tab, but can't wrap my head around the…[View]
139989527alright lads im just back from the year 2100 not much has changed but the dutch live underwater (und…[View]
140005578>we european: >we european[View]
140005058How do you say exposed fraud in your country?[View]
140000761/Heem/: The Heemining: Last Good Card of the Year edition.[View]
140004968>*does nothing*[View]
139995385Manchester City vs. Real Marid: What's everyone's prediction for the second leg? Will we e…[View]
140000076*Dabs on spanish shitters repeatedly*: Problem?[View]
140002822PSG BARCELONA early thread FUCK formats and FUCK autistic people[View]
140002916>Useless niggers, I have to fix your fuck ups every single time >Carvajal, get me the whip, fu…[View]
139984910>1-1 and 2-1 at only 27 minutes Burgerbros, I don't feel too good... they're not slurpi…[View]
140004201This team have a MacAllister, a Lo Celso and an Agüero[View]
140002993How will Bong fans cope with Frankfurt?[View]
140003369Can he avenge Klitschko and beat both?: One more to go for an amazing story What are your genuine pr…[View]
139993228/copalib/: murio el imortal >>139990528[View]
140003663Are you ready to be entertained?[View]
139972880/nfl/ general - HE'S COMING HOME Edition: ATL: Falcons sign veteran CB Kevin King IND: Richards…[View]
139999064El pequeño mago[View]
140003214These matches are so shit bros[View]
140003048You now remember Diego Maradona[View]
140003457How many today[View]
139997479My observation is that fans and society in general love to dislike or even straight hate a person wh…[View]
140003406Why are clubs with airline sponsor so good?: How can other clubs compete[View]
139999709For me it's the North West Counties League (tier 9)[View]
140002020The GOAT: >no skills >can't trivela >simple/humble playstyle focused on serving his t…[View]
139999005CityWinsLol: Congratulations Manchester City for Winning 2024 Champions League, 2024 Premier League,…[View]
140003072He's rooting for Barca tonight isn't he[View]
139981823what are some other examples of career-ending homicides?[View]
139999048Those are the 2 best strikers of the 21st century: Complete footballers[View]
139990245/nrl/: the rooster is calling[View]
139996953Loses to Heidenheim. Beats the best English team. Explain this to me Bongs.[View]
139997089Where would they finish in the Bundesliga?[View]
139990821/sp/ isn't going to like this kek[View]
140002836How many tonight? Will he stop being an honorary madridista to become the real thing today?[View]
140002854Milan 2 x 3 São Paulo 1993 sunday, 12/12/1993 | 23:00 (UK Time) 3:2(1:0) National Stadium | 55.000 s…[View]
139973382For me it's Chloe Kitts[View]
140002720Careca y Maradona[View]
140002458It's been almost a whole day. How long until they start crying about some racism bullshit that …[View]
140001465>tfw tonights ucl games are b tier teams[View]
139989356what does he do?[View]
140001561>He is literally gonna carry Brazil in 2030 isn't he The white Pele era is coming.…[View]
140000572>these are the zoomer's goats[View]
139979067this is nuts[View]
140001865In the 2000s this guy would be playing in Ajax or Fiorentina[View]
139998978Where do you rate him in the pool of current top?[View]
139989584Greaseman vs Saka, who did it better?[View]
140000025English excellence[View]
140000553What are the odds they rigged the draw so Mbappé has an easier path to the final and maybe changes h…[View]
139990338Gvardiol. Why is he so good?[View]
139998157Won't help. PSG faggots are getting dabbed on tonight. I sense it in the air.[View]
140000668/afl/: Proud to be an /afl/ poster![View]
140001462You see this man running towards you. What do you do?[View]
140000191A lot of people think of Ronaldo as symbol of 'hard work over talent' but Ronaldo was wanted by top …[View]
140001250>'yeah just keep the entire team inside your half of the field' >'when the entirety of the oth…[View]
139925709/wfg/ - Women's Football General: 'One Nation. One Team.' Edition[View]
140001296How will söydrid ever recover?: >leashed around like a dog by city >Our top players heemed you…[View]
140000419>3.8 million people >2nd and 3rd place in last two World Cups How do they do it? What's t…[View]
139999781The banned GOAT is about to speak: >As has always been the case, Cristiano Ronaldo seems again di…[View]
139999974i miss him so much bros he would have destroyed current low-T tiktok CL defenders, especially >di…[View]
139999135For me, it's Classic World Cup[View]
139989493/cyc/ - general: MON ROI edition 08.04 - 10.04 The Princess Maha Chakri Sirindhorn's Cup Women…[View]
139996675/heem/: Blessed is best edition[View]
139991430the popularity of women’s sports is directly proportional to how attract the female athletes are[View]
139993340let's be real neither of them are getting through two legs vs city OR madrid[View]
139994656/mlb/: previous>>139991692[View]
139991048You thought it was an easy win You thought German grand had no chance You underrated my team See you…[View]
139989184This is Haaland's worst nightmare[View]
139993895/hoc/: Me on the left edition[View]
139997914Just signed a youth with these lil niggas. What am I in for? I don't speak any Spanish.[View]
139981622Concakino Champions Cup Its Herediover Edition: Second leg of the quarter finals continues today …[View]
139993349based Neymar[View]
139988987UEFA had to rig a game to stop Arsenal from winning: Thats how powerful we are[View]
139983126he's going to do nothing again[View]
140000288Daily reminder that this club finished dead last in a group consisting of Bayern Munich, Galatasaray…[View]
140000136The best manager in the world[View]
139991281I'll be honest: Felt like City never got out of second gear.[View]
139999794She's already doing better than Pele, Maradona, and Messi.[View]
139989204NO PENALTY[View]
139978956>a ten-year old averaging nearly 105 every three-dart visit to the board That's absolutely r…[View]
139999719Any sports on right now? I’m interested in watching a sport, any sport, at this exact moment.[View]
139992102what the fuck happened to him? i don't understand[View]
139989645>poison city’s best player >walker out injured Still can’t win It’s gonna be another rapeing …[View]
139998116Wtf is this?: https://youtu.be/koQkztKyo3I?si=pHGM1gM4eSBeYPGx[View]
139993403are headaches an injury?[View]
139999584Haaland is really good at scoring. He only needs to work on his first touch, passing, ball control, …[View]
139992089I think have solved women’s sports Tie every women’s professional sports team to a men’s team Every …[View]
139999636How many tonight[View]
139990671why did he pick up the ball? why did the ref not give a pen? why did he not get a red card? why is …[View]
139998958Good morning. Daily reminder.[View]
139915441/cric/: the revenge of the county all matches on the ecb website and there is BBC live radio and te…[View]
139986772i wish this little faggot would die[View]
139990551/pbg/ - Paintball General: It’s that time of year again. A new spring, a new season begins. Post you…[View]
139996877nice posting general[View]
139998479city's results against english teams in the champions league: 4 LOSSES 1 WIN always eliminated …[View]
139991195fuck this fucking wank team fuck the board, you set of tinpot yank mr krabs moneyball cunts fuck th…[View]
139989467How embarrassing.[View]
139989391This place is flat as fuck, you barely hear any cheering or noise at all. Costumers through and thro…[View]
139996976What that means[View]
139997109MR. IRRELEVANT[View]
139988996what does he do, seriously? he's slow, unathletic, not tactical, or smart like rodri, not le s…[View]
139998037>'Saka is furious about the decision from the referee and chases after the referee to protest as …[View]
139990313The white Lukaku[View]
139991431chess: HIKARU IS FRAUD edition.: Who do you think is taking it this time? I think Nepo is trebling. …[View]
139971837/seriea/ - in Europe edition: CHAMPIONS LEAGUE QUARTER-FINALS >Wednesday, 10th April 2023 21:00 …[View]
139992074half season wonder?[View]
139980348/f1/ - Relentless Formula One General - BEEmer edition: >Lap: #7014 >Countdown to 冰淇淋GP: https…[View]
139997790Wait a minute, are all Haaland fanboys on /sp/ insecure chuds who support him only because of some r…[View]
139997758the biggest buckbreaking in sports history: >9 out of 10 cricket fans and players are indians …[View]
139997564Every sport except (kick boxing) would be better on ice with skates: Why haven't sports made th…[View]
139996898/afl/: POV anon doesn't put the subject in the subject field and it doesn't show up in sea…[View]
139989729Hey guys, i missed the game. Saw it was a 3-3 final. How many did my boi score???[View]
139981197Real Madrid vs Manchester City be like[View]
139997042Argentina F1 legend Enrique Neira passed away: R.I.P master we all will never forget your mytical ca…[View]
139997383>he levels of his general play is so poor. Not just today, I think his laying stuff off, headers,…[View]
139996165Don't care. Still going to win the treble twice[View]
139997357*canes you*[View]
139989409Career mode: Hi /sp/ What team makes the coolest career mode in FIFA 21? I'm thinking Liverpool…[View]
139995566KWAB webms: webms of guys getting kwabbed[View]
139988952Why didn't he play today? Injury?[View]
139985982/afl/: carlton illegitimately won the match against fremantle and the blame sits entirely on the ump…[View]
139994182Chicago Cubs @ San Diego Padres Gamethread: First Pitch @ 7:05pm PST / 9:05pm CST GET IN HERE[View]
139995961Everyone would recognize Kevin Garnett as a top 5 all time NBA player if he hadn't wasted his b…[View]
139986278/heem/: /fa/ edition Should more fighters get custom shorts?[View]
139996087Are these guys the biggest KWABs in recent years?: LeBitch LeBum LeKWAB LeFinished LeRef LeXposed An…[View]
139993591/nba/ ~ injured lego man edition: previous >>139973639 news hoopsrumors.com[View]
139695242/golf/ - gator edition: Valspar final round[View]
139994419Official San Francisco Giants Vs. Washington Nationals Gamethread: Game's already started but h…[View]
139995161>Giannis is done >Celtics have no heart >the entire eastern conference is poverty Knickerbo…[View]
139993422The WNBA season starts May 14. Indiana Fever's first game is vs Connecticut. This is gonna be C…[View]
139987552With you lose[View]
139988994i don't like games with many goals, they're sloppy low quality slurpfests i prefer tidy 1…[View]
139991689OFFICIAL DODGERS VS TWINS GAMETHREAD: First pitch at 6:40 pm CST / 4:40 pm PST GET IN HERE[View]
139991692/mlb/ Wheels Up Edition: Tonight we ride to 6 and 5.[View]
139992386How is his career basically over and he was only fucking charged with 5 misdemeanors!? Fucking misde…[View]
139927631/tennis/: Karen edition >scores www.flashscore.com/tennis >streams freestreams-live.my tennis…[View]
139990327/hoc/: hoc edition frens + wellwishes sub edition[View]
139973639/nba/ ~ eternal eMVPiid edition: previous >>139961845 news BOS: Celtics Promote Neemias Queta…[View]
139989020Sorry guys, I was pooping. See you in the 2nd leg back at Etihad.[View]
139990352Best league in the world[View]
139990528/copalib/ Sudaberg edition: Previous >>139972763[View]
139986253*pockets laaland*[View]
139992966Wallahi we are cooked Modricxirs[View]
139992396There will be a new CL winner this year.: Arsenal, PSG, Atletico.[View]
139991614Louisville City vs Charelston Battery: 1-1 so far On CBS Sports Network watch for USL sovl[View]
139990305>Arsenal best team in 20 years vs Bayern worst team in 20 years >Arsenal home game >2-2 dra…[View]
139989814one hit wonder?[View]
139991508Why even have an NBA regular season if 20 teams make the playoffs?[View]
139982308/mlb/: PREVIOUS: >>139975125 BOS: Trevor Story is expected to miss six months and be out for t…[View]
139990612What does he do???[View]
139990650indianbros, they're stealing our players..[View]
139906704/box/ big cry baby canderson edition: Previous: >>139849530 >April 6th Jack Culcay vs. Bakh…[View]
139990298Racism won[View]
139959938The WNBA Draft is in a week. Whos gonna have the best pro career?[View]
139987913UCL Real Madrid - Manchester City #5: 2 - 3 MANCHESTER CITY Gvardiol has scored. Haaland hasn't…[View]
139989366Seeing as the premier league is an absolute joke of a league with third-rate teams, is it finally ti…[View]
139988335Still the GOAT scorer of this era. It's not his fault they don't pass it to him: It's…[View]
139989021Why do players cover their mouth when they talk to the other team?: You can just rewind and see they…[View]
139972763/copalib/ - based perro edition: previous: >>139962016[View]
139988830What the fuck does he do?: Zero presence Zero contributions I think he only touched the ball twice…[View]
139977207/hoc/: Tout à commencé ici édition[View]
139990178what is blud doin[View]
139985983Eternal Arsenal Thread[View]
139989994how many chimpouts today?[View]
139989473Why is he such a KWAB: >Guardiola offered an update on the midfielder before kick-off to TNT Spor…[View]
139988928Why can't brits handle the farmers?[View]
139989797Step aside, Haaland and Bellingham, I'll show you how it's done.[View]
139988883>real madrid vs man city: tie >bayer munich vs arsenal: tie why do you watch this shit if nobo…[View]
139968115>brazil didnt develop a baseball culture even though its near Colombia and Venezuela Wanted poten…[View]
139978291Amorim to Liverpool: Is this nigga any good?[View]
139989379Only the brown English man can neutralise the Niggs[View]
139983556>1st CL quarter final at the Emirates since 2010 Reminder this is a team whose fans act like they…[View]
139988753Le Invisible Ogre: What exactly does this guy do?[View]
13998939010 goals today, tomorrows CL matches will be slurpers, huh[View]
139989531>away game >KDB back >kyle pacy mutt walker back it's over, madrid bros. Vini should h…[View]
139989315Enter the Realm of Greatness: Such an intelligent, motivated do everything to there fullest kind of …[View]
139984809This nigga always be disappearing when the opposition hard[View]
139988965I think its safe to say that this team would finish first in the englisch premier league.[View]
139977018we're back[View]
139982371MIDWEEK MATCH THREAD: Because there's more than just the Champions League on tonight. The final…[View]
139969771Predictions thread >$20 on this[View]
139985683OFFICIAL EARLY ARSENAL CELEBRATION THREAD: Yes, the score is currently 1-2, but, let's face it,…[View]
139988896how was that not a penalty though[View]
139982660>Kevin De Bruyne is BENCHED for Manchester City.[View]
139987822Another L for the whites[View]
139987964>dude, just score bangers from outside the box lmao he solved football. again.…[View]
139986677>gets subbed in and citywinslol[View]
139984560Any website where i can watch City vs Real for free?: Anything except daddylive since it's lagg…[View]
139985184sigh we're getting embarrassed in the CL again[View]
139986674How about another choke, Murray?[View]
139987233What does he do?[View]
139987939Bravo Abuelotti: >Zero defensive system >Players are walking on the pitch while City players r…[View]
139986938UCL Real Madrid - Manchester City #4: 2-1 Real Madrid[View]
139977557CityWinsLol: Congratulations Manchester City for Winning 2024 Champions League, 2024 Premier League,…[View]
139984494Why does he pick such awful goalkeepers?: Is he overrated?[View]
139986258Did he die?[View]
139986603Not so fast gay gooners[View]
139985708UCL Real Madrid - Manchester City #3: 2-1 Real Madrid Half time (soon)[View]
139986228Will this be worth watching?: the tv just told me its the best fight card ever assembled, is this tr…[View]
139986683baldê fraun[View]
139985253What do they do?[View]
139986492but you told me they are the best team of the best league in the world????[View]
139960150Why do you support a foreign team over your local team?[View]
139985243>best league in the wor-[View]
139983979just how badly are they going to get shit on?[View]
139981261The new Mr Champions League: He's a different breed[View]
139986065Burnleyman is a legend of a ghost, phantom, or spirit conjured to score tap-ins. He is said to appea…[View]
139985639Imagine calling yourself a big club while having the 4th most European trophies in your city[View]
139986294>losing to tuchLEL era bayern Explain yourselves, anglos!![View]
139982639Arsenal v Bayern Munich Match Thread 1: Champions League Quarter-Final First Leg at the Emirates. Ki…[View]
139985927how much did city pay the judge?[View]
139985482>Arsenal [ENG] >Man. City [ENG] >only 6 [ENG] players on the pitch from them explain…[View]
139980015/heem/: Heem detective spam edition[View]
139964771Eternal Arsenal Thread[View]
139983358Slapped 300 bongs on Bayen raping Assna[View]
139984378UCL real madrid manchester city #2: 2-1 REAL MADRID[View]
139984773What does he do?[View]
139982914Athletically speaking, who watches this show with these has-beens'? What is the appeal here? G…[View]
139984846I CÅNT SCØRR[View]
139984788>We will never have an El Clásico UCL final in our lifetime life is so fucking cruel…[View]
139984596>Cityfans will not defend this[View]
139984674it's shit[View]
139984801Completely invisible, can't even function as a target man despite his massive body[View]
139982417Real Madrid v. Manchester City, 1/4 UCL 1st leg MATCHTHREAD: starts in 1 hour. (21:00 CET) >strea…[View]
139956452So it happened AGAIN[View]
139982646Literally nobody would blame him if he stopped running to take a shit, what a fucking weirdo.[View]
139982608>back when sports commercials were good[View]
139982508How many tonight?[View]
139964356>Angel Reese 1 Ring >Caitlin Clark Ringless Clarksisters......our response?…[View]
139981425What was his name again?[View]
139982211How many today for el Bencho?[View]
139969599/cyc/ - general: General edition 08.04 - 10.04 The Princess Maha Chakri Sirindhorn's Cup Women…[View]
139981954The Greatest football player to ever live is from Africa[View]
139981885OFFICIAL: Lionel Messi has been nominated for the 2024 Laureus World Sportsman of the Year award: YU…[View]
139983292/mug/ general: When are we playing the QF bros? I looked at todays matches and it isnt today? Is it …[View]
139981399>2 champions league games on at the same time Why do they do this? Unlike the group stages, the r…[View]
139982618>el bencho[View]
139926178/bundes/: continue to laugh at >buyern edition >Sunday >13:30 Düsseldorf - Braunschweig Han…[View]
139966136'possessed dwarf' lmao[View]
139978372How are we feeling MadridGODS? The last time any team eliminated us twice in a row was Sacchi's…[View]
139982749> ITT: Barça has 15% probability of winning UCL. Can we make it lads? > Quarterfinals: Barcelo…[View]
139982320This speaks volumes: This KWAB can't even win third world leagues. How do Penaldo cucks cope?…[View]
139968818Atmospherebros, help us ! ! ![View]
139982400Which game are we watching: City vs Real Arsenal vs Bayern[View]
139981396Lampard for Canada: Should Frank Lampard take the Canada job?[View]
139977240>Over 300 teams >Thousands of players >Less than a 1% chance to win the tournament >Sam…[View]
139982396Champions League quarter-finals: Who you got?[View]
139981059We're coming to get you Arsanal Kane ain't done yet. Prepare the rape of londoneers.[View]
139981592How do you respond without sounding mad?[View]
139982621>el BENCHO cuckitini: it's over for him, time to learn Chinese pal[View]
139982465how many tonight?[View]
139957333>another /sp/ idol crashing and burning THIS PLACE IS MUFA[View]
139981453Are youtube shorts /sp/?[View]
139982338I feel a Kova monsterclass incoming can you feel it too[View]
139867810/chess/ - Chess General: Candidates Tournament 2024 edition, live from Toronto, Canada >Official …[View]
139977349AI prediction for UCL champions: AI‘s PREDICTION FOR CHAMPIONS LEAGUE WINNERS UNTIL 2103[View]
139982160rolandobros we keep losing[View]
139973966it’s over[View]
139951145Chelsea / Barca 2009: Can a soccerfag explain what happened here? Was the game really rigged?[View]
139970668How come all mouth breathing football nerds around the world still can't refute this with their…[View]
139975125/mlb/: previous>>139972849[View]
139967939Citysisters, I'm scared. Who will handle the macaco now that our pace merchant won't?[View]
139981835Remember Pissi's Farça's goodbye conference? He looked so awkward like he didn't know…[View]
139962236How many sports you follow? Hard mode: football(soccer) doesn't count[View]
139980759I'm so fucking scared. My stomach hurts. I missed work today.[View]
139977667What do u think of this technique?[View]
139981270You can only watch ONE game per day What are you picking?[View]
139981420Breaking: Lionel Messi has admitted that his TUE for lifelong HGH use was faked by his father[View]
139981941Champions League‽ For me it's the FENIX Trophy[View]
139952383/epl/ english pidgin league: Di race for di Premier League title don tight pass >Sunday 7th April…[View]
139978714Was this the best kit of all time?[View]
139981937>Penaldo embarrasses himself again >Twain discord server starts flooding the catalog It sure i…[View]
139981916The little argie goblin has been injured for a total of 265 days since he signed for United in July …[View]
139981942How is this not a rule violation?[View]
139970226Whats the point of this team?[View]
139981600Do you agree with the sentiment Madrid are stronger than last season?: While City are weakened.…[View]
139969764>the great debate[View]
139981653The good guys of today are Real Madrid and Arsenal. If you don't support them you are inherentl…[View]
139981502Today.: Deliverance.[View]
139978202Arsenal bros .. I have a bad feeling about tonight[View]
139980838The UCL of our dreams[View]
139974997>pissi & co reportedly threatened monterrey staff and players after the game >there was vi…[View]
139980078most overrated player ever >1 WC* (*cheated) >no CL >1 EL (lel) >terrible idol because o…[View]
139979610Unveiling the Hidden Identity: The Closeted Reality of Amateur Football Referees Who Do It For Free:…[View]
139979217RED CARD FOR CRISTIANO RONALDO!: Did he just stop himself from punching the ref VIDEO: https://twitt…[View]
139923634/tugão/: Here we go again! The match that will decide the league starts in 10 bings Gijón: Israel; S…[View]
139979274>mfw Arsenal manages to choke today[View]
139980604Basketball is purely based on height, literally the taller you are the better you are, short players…[View]
139979572What did they mean by this?[View]
139981379*out canes you*[View]
139981088OFFICIAL CL QF: Arsenal - Bayern pre-match thread: >OFFICIAL CL QF: Arsenal - Bayern pre-match th…[View]
139971097Messi would never[View]
139981222Hold still Bayern this will only hurt A LOT[View]
139981220Back to back sir[View]
139962016/copalib/ - river plate remontada edition: Previous thread: >>139958399 Deportivo Riestra play…[View]
139979303*destroys Bayern Munich*[View]
139980747Daily reminder that this club finished dead last in a group consisting of Bayern Munich, Galatasaray…[View]
139962726Rooney is younger than Ronaldo[View]
139973067You chuds told me people didn’t care about women sports, especially women’s basketball. What do you …[View]
139972980What are you supposed to say when a goal is scored in a soccer game? I know bongs scream YEAAAAAAAAH…[View]
139971546Why is Ronaldo like this? He has achieved everything (almost), why can't he forgive himself?[View]
139980309Why does he always do stupid shit like this before an important game?[View]
139969451Only 12 clubs in the whole Football League are less than a century old[View]
139966227>When Liverpool played like shit, nobody paid attention to them >When Arsenal played like shit…[View]
139978165Bin am ballen so wie Schalke 04, 04[View]
139979814pissinaldo could never[View]
139974585the little magician...[View]
139978279/afl/ - Tribunal Night: Kysaiah 'Kossie' Pickett trying to get off a one match ban[View]
139969165/f1/ - Relentless Formula One General - Stroll strolling edition: >Lap: #7013 >Countdown to 冰淇…[View]
139970151should sport stadiums be multi-use to help the community? they are empty 6 days a week pic related. …[View]
139969499Al Nassr vs Al Hilal Super Cup semifinal MATCH THREAD GET IN HERE: starts in 15 minutes[View]
139974798/heem/: >card of the decade fightweek >heem is dead deadsport general…[View]
139958160did united just cost us our last chance at glory before another dark age, scousebros?[View]
139976305>Next worldwide solar eclipse will be on August 12th, 2026 >Will be only seen on Russia, Spain…[View]
139958772THE SPICE MUST FLOW[View]
139979353Have they stopped kneeling yet?[View]
139976696How did this club manage to attract the most NPC fanbase? This fanbase is the one that primarily wi…[View]
139942559Feyenoord vs Ajax: 14:30 kickoff (local time)[View]
139979235>arsenal >in charge of not chocking >against bayern…[View]
139971117*is better than Fraudiola and KLOLpp in every single way in you're path*[View]
139979000Champion's League waiting room: Let's see them[View]
139958305How much did they pay her to throw the game?[View]
139967505Where would they finish in the EPL?[View]
139978710Yep I think I’m watching NAIA now[View]
139967207*fades into irrelevancy without racism to carry her anymore*[View]
139966904There should have only 4 continental tournaments with 16 teams each and these continental tournament…[View]
139967647I'm watching female ice hockey with female commentator.[View]
139970990/afl/: interesting argument against Barry Round https://www.theage.com.au/sport/afl/gather-round-mor…[View]
139977388>12 year old boys play with standard size 7 basketballs but wnba uses size 6 >Average ncaam pl…[View]
139973747/hoc/: It's only fitting Edition /hoc/vious >>139968214 TONIGHT: PIT (1) @ TOR (1) - 3rd …[View]
139927752/nrl/ - Rugby League general: Wet edition NRL >GAME 1 North Queensland Cowboys v Gold Coast Titan…[View]
139974199are germans really this cucked?[View]
139973072Who remembers?[View]
139969683>inter: What went wrong?[View]
139958940ITT: logos NBA should've kept: I'll start[View]
139971187*chokes yet another tournament*[View]
139976622*is a blueblood*[View]
139972788Why is women's volleyball less popular than women's basketball in US college level?[View]
139972286>I used to think that my life was a tragedy, but now I realize, it's a comedy. -C. Ronaldo…[View]
139977265Heartlet Bitch[View]
139974042Chicago Cubs @ San Diego Padres Gamethread: First Pitch @ 8:40pm CST / 6:40pm PST GET IN HERE[View]
139966502>reddit/soi/cringe worshipping of stats, rating players based on their 'consistency', rating play…[View]
139976709>another year >another tournament that will never match 2008 >feelsbadman.png congrats to U…[View]
139972818NCAA Men's Basketball Championship game gamethread. UConn vs Purdue[View]
139972452OFFICIAL DODGERS VS TWINS GAMETHREAD: First pitch at 6:40 pm CST / 4:40 pm PST GET IN HERE[View]
139970032Who is the Angel Hernandez of your favorite sport?[View]
139974236Early celebration thread. Get in here my negroes.[View]
139975128>scheduling the only 2 relevant CL quarter finals on the same day why does UEFA hate high culture…[View]
139967379(Almost) never succeed: Why does this exist?[View]
139973115UConn vs Purdue: >First NCAA championship between 7 footers since Ewing vs Olajuwon >Huskies l…[View]
139972849/mlb/: Rays getting BTFO Brewers getting BTFO mets/barfs happening M's/J's happening…[View]
139969027its OVER for the premier league next season we will be unstoppable[View]
139971327SOUTH CAROLINA-IOWA AVERAGED 18.7M VIEWERS: >nobody cares about women's sports…[View]
139970324/heem/ Return of the King edition: Previous >>139965594[View]
139972808the popularity of women’s sports is directly proportional to how attract the female athletes are[View]
139968214/hoc/: Crosby Edition /hoc/vious >>139962884 TONIGHT: PIT @ TOR - 7 PM EST VEG @ VAN - 10 PM…[View]
139971580I feel sorry for those who don't enjoy baseball...: Honestly, from the bottom of my heart.…[View]

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