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Displaying 21 expired threads from the past 3 days

No. Excerpt
2714387As good as your Silky but 3X cheaper: And you can buy the blades locally >Nothin personal…[View]
2710709These things suck. Here's how to make a better one. Mostly what they give you is a bunch of ban…[View]
2705111How can you go on a 3 mile hike on an inhabited island where you are about 10 miles from the shore a…[View]
2714260/out/ cryptids: If i go tripping in american wilderness how likely is i will find bigfoot? Are they …[View]
2711017what things can i do in miami that cost 0 money[View]
2699500/out/ jobs: I can't stand my wagie office job anymore and am looking for an alternative. Is the…[View]
2639545Eclipsed campings: Is there any good camping spots in the path of the totality in Texas? I am about …[View]
2713532I'm fucking loosing it and have been getting extremely strong desires to take everything that I…[View]
2709097Is Oklahoma /out/? Sorry for city pic[View]
2711479I want to rough it, in either a SMALL fucking trailer or a tent. Suggestions? I met a guy this week …[View]
2713005primitive camping advice/general: Hey /out/ Me and a buddy are going primitive camping for the first…[View]
2715539How do you find good spots for dispersed camping? In my state it's legal to set up camp on both…[View]
2693143Cold weather face coverings/ How would you go about making one of these?: This is a vapro airtrim he…[View]
2715667Medievel Style Camping/LARP thread: Anyone been to a historical re-enactment or LARP that involved i…[View]
2704097I'm gonna be honest. I don't understand camping.: I have an outside. Why would I spend ti…[View]
2711897It was a little while ago now, but I still remember when some of my family and other people went for…[View]
2710582Kayak: How do I get over my fear of my kayak sinking when I'm deep in a swamp or far away from …[View]
2713348Scouting groups that don’t suck: Are there any Scouting orgs in the US that haven’t been totally rui…[View]
2715026How much worse is the summer in (south) AZ compared to (south) Florida? Our heat index in FL gets to…[View]
2715366Bear Canister Organization Inspo: So I'm pretty sure I'm gonna organize my stuff in these …[View]

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