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/out/ - Outdoors

Displaying 28 expired threads from the past 3 days

No. Excerpt
2718240>ruins your /out/door kino[View]
2720026I promised to my friend to go one month long backpack trip in the summer. What do I need to take wi…[View]
2705317Have you done your part to curb the mosquito population? Find mosquitofish, distribute them into sta…[View]
2719371Mint: Is it irresponsible to plant mint at campsites that I frequent? I know that mint typically nee…[View]
2719939Pol/ack here, I am gearing up to backpack Scandinavia appreciate all the tips from other euro bros h…[View]
2705543fanny pack: i've got this jansport 'fifth avenue' fanny pack. it cost like 20$, holds 2.5 liter…[View]
2720038What is the best way to sleep outside at summer? I don't want to get too hot.[View]
2715587/HGM/ - homegrowmen 387: pastebin: https://pastebin.com/Mvfh8b87 New USDA zone map has been released…[View]
2719443Alcohol stove fuel recommendations Australia: I'm a noob looking to purchase a titanium alcohol…[View]
2717294What kind of /out/door activities do you enjoy doing near the end of April? I’m in Southern Ontario …[View]
2715324Don't mind me, just posting the superior hiking boot and hiking sneaker brand.[View]
2696487How to become /out/ guy?: I'm currently a neet that wants to become /out/ fag. My life has pret…[View]
2719736The Batona Trail in Three Days: Do you think a relative beginner could accomplish this? The longest …[View]
2709497I'm moving to the south (probably closer to mason dixon line) but I heard kudzu vines are insan…[View]
2719702>8 miles into 10 mile hike, starting descent >ass cheeks and gooch are chafing, no more sweat …[View]
2678152First aid kits: Spill the beans on what first aid kit pouches do you use and what's inside?…[View]
2717819Minimal Gear: Do I really need to carry a hatchet? Or a spade? Or a saw? I'm starting to think …[View]
2717808Would you make it /out/ with the Rookie Stalker loadout?: > Leather Combat Boots > Army Socks …[View]
2719737Anon's Mountain Climb: I climbed a really tall mountain. There was a castle on top. It represen…[View]
2702680camino fattie checking in: I'm a week into this, fuck boys I'm out of shape. I'm stop…[View]
2718106Are silnylon tarps a marketing scam, when plastic exists?: >silnylon tarp >only 330 grams (11.…[View]
2716619What is the best videogame to practice orienteering at home and why is it day z?[View]
2716402What to do outside in a heavily urbanised European hellhole?: I'm alone, I don't have a ca…[View]
2718986Gear junkies - how to quick tie trekking poles to small day pack?: If you see my pix, I have a walma…[View]
2718425Hide trail cam in plain sight: How do i hide my trail cam on a pole on a remote beach to watch if th…[View]
2718695/out/ hat thread: Do you guys have any boonie hat recommendations that have an adjustable size strap…[View]
2713795Where is everyone?: >Go outside every day, walk around my city for hours at a time >Perfect we…[View]
2703082What part of North America has the least amount of ticks, black flies and mosquitoes? I am intereste…[View]

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