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File: out1.jpg (73 KB, 746x514)
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We encourage you to have a look around the catalog first to see what we’re all about before posting your first thread. Topics typically posted here include:
>Outdoor recreational activities (Hiking, trail running, bushwhacking, camping, spelunking, geocaching, orienteering, expeditions, urban exploration, backpacking, etc.)
>Gardening, farming and related activities
>Hunting and fishing, and other activities involving the stalking or taking of game (including bird-watching)
>Outdoor survival, bushcraft, foraging, self-sustenance in nature, train-hopping, hoboism, etc.
>Outdoor destinations and exploration (specific trails, parks, regions, etc.)
>Water-related activities (boats, diving, etc.)
>Outdoor philosophy (conservation, Leave No Trace, protectionism, etc.)
>Outdoor building and living (cabins, huts, treehouses, etc.)
>Outdoor social activities and organizations (meet-ups, Scouts, NOLS, etc.)
>Gear related to any of the above topics

Most topics related to the outdoors are fine. Write properly, behave politely, encourage a respectful community, and most importantly, GO OUTSIDE!!
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Just a friendly reminder that threads about weapons which do not pertain to their use in outdoor activities should be posted on /k/ instead. Thanks.

File: boots-runners.png (917 KB, 718x651)
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917 KB PNG
>Disadvantage of boots is mentioned
"That's a boot problem"

>Disadvantage of trail runners is mentioned
"That's a you problem"

Why are trail runner advocates so intellectually dishonest?
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File: boot.jpg (45 KB, 555x400)
45 KB
my go to /out/ shoe for 10 years now, never thought twice about it
Wore them for ten years and they worked fine, don't be a bitch
Kek. Doesn't mean nothing if you don't leave your couch lardass.
Post body
File: IMG_20201022_094552.jpg (261 KB, 2048x1484)
261 KB
261 KB JPG
Sup lardass.

File: 1652589599695.jpg (410 KB, 950x950)
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410 KB JPG
What type of camper are you?
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Naturist, I own nothing and I am happy.
The trans one.

Sent using Tapatalk
File: 1622850430131.jpg (1009 KB, 1333x2000)
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1009 KB JPG
>If all then what guns are they using?
old tech minimalist = flintlock
File: MSRStowaway.jpg (233 KB, 960x720)
233 KB
233 KB JPG
Maximum-comfort light.

File: _84365883_84365882.jpg (31 KB, 640x360)
31 KB
If Sharks are ambush predators. Why not just paint eyes on the back of wetsuits and the bottom of surfboards?
I would love to get into the water, but ain't going near that shit when you have essentially man eating swimming tigers everywhere.
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might actually work
it's a long proven method for preventing tiger attacks in the jungle
worth a try, cats eye reflectors are cheap
The odds of me breaking your neck if I find you went from 0 out of 1 to 1 out of 1
I guess I'm of the opinion as to why not do it?
Sharks are not cats. You paint stripes on your wetsuit and board for sharks. You can even buy them, if you are to lazy to diy. Besides, sharks dont usually see humans as prey and just circle around a bit to check you out. Most of the rare bites are just exploratory, with the shark letting you go after realizing you dont taste good.
>Most of the rare bites are just exploratory, with the shark letting you go after realizing you dont taste good
Well yes, but the "exploratory" bite will still take multiple pounds of flesh off of your bones.

No one in Europe talks about catching big fish with your hands, and you can't just spear them either like in Rambo. Amy game is a hard hunt without modern technology such as firearms and traps, and not so abundant.

Finding food in the wild seems very hard.

So how did hunter gatherers survive in Europe before advanced tools and husbandry / agriculture?
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Old Europe is also associated with insanely massive and complex astronomically aligned megaliths and pyramids. So you should take some common preconceptions about the period with a grain of salt. The peopling of Europe over just the last 14ky was varied and complex. Truly old European haplogroups (to 40kya at least, in Europe) have been identified (think Germanics, Nordics, Balkan and Black sea Slavic, and old pre-Italic Celtic and Italic in males lines and Finnish, Sardinian, Basque and Indo-European female lines), and there is controversy over this that will not see the light of day in the mainstream because of it. It is almost certain that there was some form of permaculture, animal husbandry, and agriculture prior to academically accepted dates limiting it to just the holocene. Most megalithic structures in Europe were already present prior to genetic input from neolithic farmers.
hunter-gatherer society is (usually) before pastoralist society, you silly goose!
as for the OP, primo-Euros survived the same way everyone else did at the time: follow the megafauna herds, and use pointy rocks to fuck them up
Europe before agriculture was a much different place. There were massive forests with loads of deer, elk, moose european bison, aurochs, boars, beavers and tons of birds. The waters were teeming with fish, including masses of salmon moving in to spawn and huge numbers of waterfowl.
Nuts, especially hazel were also an important staple that would be collected in fall and stored for the winter. Combine all of that with some mushrooms, fruit, edible greens and roots and you got plenty to eat.
As for how to catch the animals, the people back then were living in the wild and practicing tracking, throwing spears, rocks and hunting sticks or shooting bows and setting snares daily from a young age. They were much more skilled hunters than any modern european.
low population
>you can't just spear them
sure you can
Humans don't need spears or their bare hands to catch fish. The oldest fishing hook ever found is 20,000 years old, carved from snail shells and found on Okinawa And that's just the oldest we know of.
There's also nets. Humans have been making cordage even longer than hooks.

File: IMG_8239.jpg (2.28 MB, 2316x3088)
2.28 MB
2.28 MB JPG
I’m thinking about going /out/. What kind of biome would best suit me?
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Chechnya or the caucus mountains, probably. You'd get on with them well
Squatting in a tracksuit. Maybe Chernobyl?
More like Going Out to the nearest fag bar HA!
Why is your head upside down
The local pub

File: best_coyote_cartridge.jpg (145 KB, 1200x675)
145 KB
145 KB JPG
Hey, /Out/ I plan on hunting coyotes for the first time in the coming weeks. I have learned the basics: have a spotlighter with a light, ideally a red or green light, and get a rabbit caller and use it till they eventually show up. Anything I'm missing are first-time hunting predators and don't have any fancy shit, just a caller, a 12 gauge or a sks, no clue which one I'm going to run, and a decent spotlight that I and my buddy will use.
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>The idea of murder doesn't apply to beasts
Yeah, which is why it's not murder to kill them lol
>Most of the time farmers bitch about coyotes is because they build a farm where there never should have been one
A farm should be wherever humans want to put one. If that bothers other animals, too bad.
>killing animals for fun is bad b-because it just is okay?!
Schizo misanthrope
>beavers don't deforest
>but if they do, it's a good thing
>and if it's not a good thing, it's your fault for not stopping them
Pick a lane, retard.

File: Image (3).jpg (192 KB, 1024x768)
192 KB
192 KB JPG
Post your recent /out/ photos.
Tried looking for the sun this weekend, but it was still a bit too early.
It rises above the horizon now, but still not above the mountains.
-20 and quite windy, but it was still a nice trip.
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how does one prepare for or avoid avalanches?
I wanna go in a mountains where theres snow but once concern is how to read the terrain and understand where the dangers are and recognize them
File: 20240302_112213.jpg (3.65 MB, 3665x2056)
3.65 MB
3.65 MB JPG
File: 20240302_111905.jpg (4.4 MB, 3667x2062)
4.4 MB
4.4 MB JPG
What brings you to Dol Guldur? The old fortress is abandoned
I kinda want it to be fall again seeing these foggy landscapes

File: maxresdefault.jpg (178 KB, 1280x720)
178 KB
178 KB JPG
They mentioned this on the radio today and I had to admit that I have never heard of this.
How hard is it to make?
What sort of restaurant serves this?
Is this an outdated fad like Fondu ?
I have so many questions .
Have anyone here actually tried this?
>throat singing intensifies
File: url.jpg (63 KB, 450x630)
63 KB
Is this something different than Chinese hotpot? If not I do it at home pretty often. I would recommend it over a restaurant once you know ingredients you like.

But hotpot online then just go to Asian grocery get hotpot mix, meats, veg, noodles, etc then cook it up
It’s pretty good. There’s some restaurants in bigger cities. Otherwise make your own soup stock and put it on some sort of heater in the middle of a table. Assemble chopped veggies and thin cuts of meat or small meatballs. Throw them in the bubbling stock and cook it. If you can find one of those split pans you could have two different stocks. It’s pretty good on a cold day.

Also >>>/ck/
Aren't just basically then boiling meat in salty water? Does it taste good that way? Like get flavors in?

File: afwhdfche.jpg (64 KB, 543x1500)
64 KB
im looking for a new water bottle cause the one ive had for 8 years has finally shit out, i was going to get a hydroflask but have been seeing that they have the durability of a glass dish. after that i found these klean kanteen bottles & have been hearing good things but are actually good?
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File: 1000009362.jpg (2.49 MB, 3458x4316)
2.49 MB
2.49 MB JPG
buy a yeti half gallon rambler. they like the abuse
Can MSR filters thread on top of this?
I've been using a Hydroflask for years and it's a bit banged up but still going strong. I've tried other stuff but found that it either doesn't work as well at keeping things cold (anything plastic) or makes my water taste metallic, which was the case with the Klean Kanteen I had. I also really like the way Hydroflask does the opening, sounds autistic but I really like the bare polished/chromed metal where your lips touch it, feels more like drinking out of a glass.
Metal Nalgene is a thing bro
no clue. good question

File: yuropoorcity.jpg (323 KB, 2045x1464)
323 KB
323 KB JPG
Well I'm actually in a long relationship, two young kids, living in a shitholish city (65k inhabitants). Big for European standards, I guess not that much for American perspective.
I'm an agriculture technician, I kinda work on remote so it doesn't matter where I live.
My wife is hooked to the fucking city and I can't stand it. We have our parents close here so they are "helpful" for children stuff, this is her main argument. The second main argument of hers is muh job (kindergarten teacher).
I was living in a rural small town a long time ago and I need to flee again... This is a hole full of urban idiots invading everyrthing, retards with cycles, no one know where a tomate comes from, not to mention hunting and fishing... (hobbies I do myself).
Any of you anons got this issue? It's hard to think that everything could blow up for just this conflict... I just don't want to live in a fucking soviet apartment til I die. It feels anxious and I just survive thanks to outdoor stuff I do on weekends and holidays.
2 replies and 1 image omitted. Click here to view.
Well great to see I'm not fucking crazy at all and maybe I should leave my wife and kids and flee from this concrete hell. I guess.
Your only option is gambling your net worth on crypto currency so you can make enough money to retire your wife and move into the countryside.
>leave my wife and kids
Negro-tier nonsolution.
Sorry brother. May the collapse of civilization bring you sweet release
>bind away rest of your life to a woman
>she prefers comfort more than you and requires you to change your lifestyle accordingly
i would say you shouldve read the fine print, but this is just common sense OP

File: jqr1kwfn483c1.jpg (204 KB, 1576x1179)
204 KB
204 KB JPG
For my entire life, I thought that cave diving meant dicking around in LARGE underground caverns. Never once did I think these retards actually spent their entire time crawling through narrowing, spiky, twisting, potentially dead end passages with no room to turn around in. How the FUCK does that not trigger alarm bells in your mind? I understand extreme sports like climbing mountains or skiing down them or deep scuba dives or venturing through the Amazons but CAVE DIVING? FUCK THAT SHIT. I'm getting claustrophobia just thinking about the Jon Jones Nutty Putty Cave accident and this guy was smart enough to get into MEDICAL SCHOOL. How the shit does something like this happen?
234 replies and 26 images omitted. Click here to view.
Why are you so steamed over this particular guy, anon? The same thing has happened to 1,000 other families today due to car crashes and heart attacks.
People just get bent out of shape about covers, climbers, divers, etc. Go to the comments of any channel about tragedies in these activities and you'll see it. It's just a lack of perspective. People make it in and out of these situations and live full lives with these hobbies all the time, but they don't hear the success stories so they think it's basically suicide to do them.
that's all religions for you
He's upset that he will die without doing anything half as interesting, and no one will remember him for his successes or his mistakes. He's less noteworthy than a man who died from being upside-down for too long and it rankles him to no end.
One of the best posts on 4chan. I looked up everything that you mentioned. Lots of long writeups online.

File: IMG_2939.jpg (1.7 MB, 2268x4032)
1.7 MB
1.7 MB JPG
an Arabian gal explored an abandoned mansion then slept in it and is still sleeping as i’m posting this
45 replies and 9 images omitted. Click here to view.
File: file.png (51 KB, 883x300)
51 KB
>UK laws changed last year so now trespass is a more serious offence, you can be arrested for it and charged.
looked into this and it's not that serious. if you leave when asked and don't cause "significant" damage you'll be fine. this seems more targeted at squatters.
>Indeed anything in America is 10x times more life threatening
yeah it's not the fact that it's in america that is the cause of the danger ...
File: 20230324_230612.jpg (1.08 MB, 4000x3000)
1.08 MB
1.08 MB JPG
Do you ever just get the urge to go around shutting random gate valves?

File: EB-NP3946.jpg (158 KB, 1200x800)
158 KB
158 KB JPG
Let's say you now own 12K square yards of land. What would you do to efficiently extract profit from that land?
Assume whatever you want from the climate and land conditions
22 replies and 3 images omitted. Click here to view.
Theyre probably a high value crop because they're extremely hard to grow
>Lavender, sage, thyme and many others are common high value crops and medicinal usage
That is not the main reason any of those crops are grown.
It really depends. A lot of money is in the know-how and the ability to do jobs at certain exact times. The main challenges are keeping your field weed free via moldboard plow and selective herbicide use, ensuring good plant establishment and harvesting at the correct time (less important if you harvest the leaves).

Ryegrass is also not mainly grown for lawns, yet some people make good money growing sod and selling turf rolls. If you don't have a lot of land and want to get a profit your options are either leasing it out or finding a niche.
My only point is that alt medicine is for fags
Herbal medicines that have not been adopted by big pharma , simply do not work
>big pharma has deposited $.05 to your account

File: My Rifle.png (428 KB, 1317x337)
428 KB
428 KB PNG
I posted this in another thread last night, but it looks like it's dead.

>November 2023.
>Went hunting with my native co-worker on the Potawatomi Rez in N.E. Kansas.
>I'm Native myself, but I live off the Rez in city limits.
>Fucker hunts nearly 24/7.
>I was nervous hunting with him to begin with because he says people on the Rez don't give a shit about rules.
>But I went anyway.
>Went hunting for Coyote, he had his Rabbit caller ready.
>Dad always wanted to take me hunting but due to his felon status, he can't.
>Tried to go bow hunting with my dad but the police here are dicks.
>My co-worker hunts Deer, Rabbit, Squirrel, whatever.
>Whatever he sees he'll hunt, Crow included.
>My second hunt was his shortest, and my shortest hunt ever.
>I hunted with him prior (first time) and didn't get anything.

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
9 replies and 2 images omitted. Click here to view.
>be me
>be today
>go huntan
>see giant bunny
>he sees me first and runs away
>see 5 durr
>not durr season
>see bat
>not bat season
>see fox
>does not say yakka yakka yakka chow
>still pretty cool
8.5/10 would hunt again
File: 20231118_104032.jpg (2.2 MB, 2576x1932)
2.2 MB
2.2 MB JPG
>be me
>ground hunting pubic land
>bout fiddy degrees out, comfy jacket weather
>crepping around innawoods with my 308 bolty and other larp stuff
>find cozy little depression
>lay back on my backpack and wait
>fall asleep cuddling my raifu
>wake up and wait a little longer
>nothing shows up
>gets dark
>hike back to truck
>due to his felon status
I thought indians were the peaceful noble savage and dont break the laws?
>be me
>15 years old second deer hunt without my dad
>on the drive out to my uncles farm drink 30oz of coffee and 5 Kwiktrip egg sandwiches
>Hike out to my spot at 5 am
>fall asleep 30 minutes before opening hours
>wake up
>stomach is grumbling
>5 egg sandwiches are coming out
>run to a tree at mach 5
>pants barely make it to my ankles before the shits
>reach into my map pocket for the TP
>oh God
>oh fuck
>I forgot theTP

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
I bet the post shit clarity was great though

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