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>purchased on credit and hauled in by the truckload by y*nkee and flor*dian tourists
>utterly annihilates your once pristine untouched local outdoor spots
>causes untold amounts of erosion and soil devastation, your mountaintop is now bedrock and the spring is now buried under dust and rocks
>"oops, the terrain is still too steep? let me just winch myself to dozens of trees and pull my 2000-pound buggy and my and my wife's combined 600lbs fat asses up, leaving permanent nasty scars in the trees
>hear the unmuffled engine echoing off the mountainside every Friday at midnight
>"woah guys... destroying nature is so fun... so glad the bank gave me a loan so I could do it...
You simply cannot understand true hatred until you come from a small town in appalachia and had to witness the advent of these things. In 10,000 years people are going to wonder what caused so much of Appalachia to look like the fucking Rockies and where all the soil went.
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You're an election tourist.
Presumably there's a staging area where they have to park the trucks and trailers that they used to haul their ATVs in? Slash their tires. You don't even have to worry about being caught doing it, it's not like they're going to sneak up on you with an ATV that can be heard from ten miles away
Texas Wheelchairs
I wouldn’t want to do any kind of vandalism (like mud hole booby traps) because it’s a legal ATV trail 8 months a year.
>I'm 40
ok boomer

File: sk81ckwwkso71dsa.png (375 KB, 340x594)
375 KB
375 KB PNG
Can /out/ survive?
you wake up at a river in the middle of the woods, you have 5 items packed up in a small backpack.
temps are 45 at night and 80 during the day.
you will be rescued in 5 days
what are your items??
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>stripped MRE

Infantrytard/larper detected. Bivvy tent is good (I got issued the kelty bivvy, I like it a lot, although it's not as versatile as a poncho or tarp, can't work under it/store gear). But stripping your MREs is retarded if you have limited gear/resources. Even the spoon bag can be used for plenty of stuff. Why are you cutting extra weight? Where are you walking to? Will the extra 3 oz of plastic, cardboard, and tobasco weigh you down while you're sitting there playing "how many rocks can I fit in my foreskin"?
>esee 4
>aquaquest 10x12 tarp
Use for waterproof shelter in case of rain, spend days making a nest out of duff, cover nest with tarp
>bic lighter
Ferro rods are cool, but bics let you skip a step making fires
Eat for food, use bags to store water/forage/as hat (picrel)
>1000' spool of paracord
Making fish net, tying stuff, cat's cradle, rope swing, autoerotic asphyxiation gooning station, whatever

Based fat fuck bulker
Seriously though why move if you know you're getting rescued? Just an opportunity to make noise and alert predators and break your ankle or some shit.

I would make a comfy makeshift shelter and just camp out for a few days eating MREs and taking my chances with the river water.

Now if I DIDNT know if rescue was coming, that would be a completely different story.
That's the thing with Mexicans, they're like tequila. A few of them are a lot of fun, but too many and you end up with some broken bones, a stolen car and an empty bank account.
Agreed. General idea is that if you know rescue is coming and you're not in danger, chill and prep a signal (like a ground-to-air, or a smoke generator) if need be. But yeah if rescue isn't confirmed on the way then get going and be seen.

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depends on the bear type
Black - easily scared off by making a lot of noise/throwing shit, fight back if attacked.

Brown - try slowly leave the area while keeping an eye on it. Stop if it follows. Cover your head and play dead if attacked, but fight for your life if it doesn’t stop.

Polar - you’re fucked
>t. Someone who's never done their own oil change
I never put my used oil into a fuckin box, smart asses. I put it into jugs when I pour it out of the drip pan. never seen someone involve a box in an oil change, it's always a round container

File: 20240218_154527.jpg (3.12 MB, 4000x3000)
3.12 MB
3.12 MB JPG
Anyone have any idea what kinda bonsai this is? I know it's coniferous but I don't have much to go on besides that.
I picked it up off a Vietnamese lady on the side of the highway for $35, I want to make sure that I treat it properly and that I can prune it to look like the actual large tree, any tips or comments are appreciated
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The babies look the same to me, which is why I asked.
>How do you know it isn't a sequoia
Thanks for clarifying they look nothing alike but you're not going to tell me how. I have neither growing near me.
It’s juniper procumbens nana
It’s an outdoor tree, it will get crusty and dry indoors, take it out side and water it every day during groaning season
Also side note: you can prune them pretty heavy and they’ll be okay, but a lot of people stake them to increase their height as they tend to spread out not up
Yes, he's correct. Junipers are a generic bonsai species as they stay small and obviously the tiny leaves create a sense of minature scale.

It goes outdoors OP, you probably know that but some people really are that dumb. Pick the growth tip off the top -- these do really well with simply plucking the new growth which makes the new growth more dense.

Perhaps, but much like a stud horse lives a life of servitude, technically, in other ways it is clearly blessed. These trees are the same -- they never want for anything.
Why do you mouth breathing retards make the most idiotic of analogies and pretend it's related at all to what you're responding to.

I'm talking about root-binding a tree and constantly trimming its roots, leaves and branches to artificially keep it dwarfed.

This has nothing to do with fucking horses you moron.

Today I learned the sunchoke is an invasive species in central Europe.

Does this mean you have a civic duty to uproot them and take them home to eat so you can maintain the integrity of your local ecosystem?
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Why wouldn't you?
Dandelions aren't invasive--they're a net benifit to the biome. The definition of invasive is that it is a detractor and works counter to the host biome, Dandelions are a net benefit.

Fuck Thistle though.

calm down doomer
Invasive species is quite a broad term. As long as the species does not threaten the existence of native species, nobody cares.
You are obliged by law to help eliminate only a small number of invasive species:
(plus your country might add some; mine for instance also forbids propagating knotweed and wild cucumber).

But hey, invasive or not, what stops you from digging them anyway?

> There are more invasive species in central Europe than native species. All of Europe will be desert in another 100 years at this rate.

>47 animal species of EU concern
>41 plant species of EU concern

So you say there are less than 88 native species in the EU... Are you by any chance from that misguided country which bans black current and considers blackberries a calamity?

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
>Invasive species is a broad term
No, it isn't at all. You sound like you work for the government. It's only vague or confusing to people who don't know shit about botany--like you. Ironically humans are the #1 invasive species and most of the EU is pavement or thousands of years of highly trafficked areas full of stuff that you think is native but isn't--you're just ignorant of history.

Himalayan blackberries are indeed aggressive and need to be obliterated.
>most of the EU is pavement or thousands of years of highly trafficked areas full of stuff that you think is native but isn't
Oh, what a terrific discovery you've made!
Now go be proud of yourself elsewhere please.

File: 1702933123326-2.jpg (200 KB, 1494x1000)
200 KB
200 KB JPG
In my region I have quite a few interesting places that I could visit, but I don't have friends for that, how did you solve it?
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>how to get /out/ friends in your area
You mean how to get someone to take you /out/? Just go yourself. My guess is you’re too young or poor.
Well, you start by giving me your bank account details and social security number.
Pre-2020, my posts about umbrellas brought up curiosity or intrigue. I made one about a week ago specifically about how comfy they are in the rain and it was immediately met with scorn and negativity. That attitude turns me off to meeting up anyone from here.
Try following the discussion before posting next time. We were talking about meeting people on /out/ and I mentioned how it's no longer a good idea because the userbase is worse than it was before the pandemic
He won't learn to follow the discussion if you spoon-feed him, anon.

File: k.jpg (144 KB, 1033x1447)
144 KB
144 KB JPG
*blocks ur path*
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oil pipeline blocking the lads path
That's why he's in favour of green energy
is that king Charles?
Some dudes were biking down a dirt path and ran into King Charles, who was just taking a stroll, enjoying the outdoors. They shot the shit for a little while, then went on their way.

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File: 20210605_111857.jpg (4.15 MB, 4032x3024)
4.15 MB
4.15 MB JPG
NoVA 2021
Anons do not get a puppy this year. I had a black lab puppy when ci dad came out really heavy. She ate dozens of them Everytime we went outside. The vet said it’s ok as long as they keep pooping and they don’t block them up but we couldn’t do any training just eating cicadas non stop. She liked them better than her treats.
I live in KY and I'm pretty sure we have cicadas every single year, some years are worse than other though.
You're just trying to get more of those delicious cicadas for yourself aren't you?
Rice is a grain.

File: sasquatch.jpg (195 KB, 667x800)
195 KB
195 KB JPG
Can you fend off a sasquqtch with a stick or hiking pole alone?
7 replies and 3 images omitted. Click here to view.
Alls you gotta do is beat off his furry lil pecker and he'll leave you alone.
This is all incorrect. Even if they were "gentle" if you haven't been stretching your asshole A LOT they will split your anus. A Sasquatches "purr" has so much bass it will shake your insides to the point of nausea. More than likely they will scream or "chatter". Also their hair is matted/filthy and they stink like shit, it's not the same sensation as being fucked by an 8ft human dicked version of your cat. It would be like an 8ft tall disgustingly hairy schizo homeless person with a 10 inch dick as thick as your wrist screaming incoherently into a mic hooked up to a huge subwoofer.
And to answer OP question:No you cannot fend off a sasquatch with a stick or trekking pole alone
no. but if you are wearing cotton he will leave you alone
>leave you alone
Wrong. They are following/stalking close behind, waiting for you to die of hypothermia.

I've seen the light, It's time I get a down jacket, Is there anything better for the price, Looking for a grey one.
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File: dave.png (405 KB, 446x682)
405 KB
405 KB PNG
i get best price/value from Decathlon.
Have a Rab Microlight. Its not the heaviest, but that makes it nice for fast.paced walking and hiking. Get something heavier if you need it for more stationary activities like camp. But for central European climate a Rab Microlight or something with an equivalent fill power is sufficient for winter, and more versatile cause you wont sweat when walking uphill.
The less-than-walmart store?
I haven't checked /out/ stores for a few years and now I'm looking again and absolutely every single fucking store is advertising with niggers what the fuck they don't even fucking buy this shit let alone use it

I actively don't want to buy stuff from these stores now

which ones don't advertise using niggers now? It's always been a top indicator of a brand going to shit

File: katahdin knifes edge.jpg (107 KB, 1080x1350)
107 KB
107 KB JPG
Gearfags, explain yourself
2 replies omitted. Click here to view.
that's a completely acceptable loadout for a typical Eastcoast mountain climb, particularly if you plan on taking the bus back down.
>this guy thinks there's a bus that you can ride back down
File: 1281512021173.png (362 KB, 476x359)
362 KB
362 KB PNG
you have to be 18 or older to use the 4chins kiddo
Or if you're in the UK you just take the tram back down.

File: forest-800x450.jpg (105 KB, 800x450)
105 KB
105 KB JPG
>go /out/ in europe
>don't see a single animal other than maybe a few small birds
euro has some pretty /out/ but damn it feels so fucking dead
89 replies and 23 images omitted. Click here to view.
I live in the only region in Europe where there are both wild bears and wolves. I saw a wolf once at night while walking my dogs and in another time I saw the remains of a sheep that had been killed and eaten by a pack.
It's quite common to see deer on the side of the road and there are wild boar near my house. Heard one of the niggers rooting around the woods downhill from me the other night when I was getting firewood and went back inside right away.
>specifically stand further back to make it look bigger than it really is for the photo
>make it look like it's some sort of giant bear-pig abomination
>picture is ruined by surreality

These guys could teach instagram sloots a few tricks.
>went back inside right away.
Why? I'd love the opportunity to beat an attacking boar to death with a chunky piece of firewood. That thing would rue the day that it ever oinked at me, when I'm sat on its back smashing its head in as hard as I can.

I've always had this mentality and guess what? I haven't been fucked with by any creature -- even "big" dogs lower their gaze when I walk past because they know what would happen. It has never failed me.
File: 1692615267933924.jpg (448 KB, 914x1333)
448 KB
448 KB JPG
is that the monster from The Ritual?

File: images.jpg (69 KB, 375x805)
69 KB
Hey I'll be homeless soon bag recently anyone?
12 replies omitted. Click here to view.
1. get a job
2. get a car, get car cover / blackout curtains / window insulation to block people from seeing in
3. get basic hobo gear, sleeping pad, tent, sleeping bag, latern, stove, at least one better yet 2 cell phone batterie chargers
4. keep at least a couple days food and water on hand.
5. piss bottles and an emergency shit bucket with liners.

that's most of it. the big thing is don't act homeless. people don't notice much or care unless they have a reason to, like your bothering them or you smell like shit and are driving people away from their store. get a 24 hour fitness membership to shit and shower. it's a mixed bag, keep in mind your only entertainment is going to be what you have around you, that probably means lots of screen time which translates to lots of cell phone charging.
Why does /out/ refuse to shit/piss on the floor or behind a bush, and instead carry their waste around with them?
File: 1705963504166433.webm (220 KB, 1280x960)
220 KB
I keep a piss bottle handy so i dont have to leave my warm tent, especially now with a foot of snow and dealing with tracking that mess in w me
That's how you get put on the sex offender registry, numpty.
>Hey I'll be homeless soon bag recently anyone?
Anyone able to explain this sentence to me?

I have learned that many anons, especially in the states, lack friends and/or a car to do outdoor activities. Perhaps anons can get together in this thread to get /out/?

Map: https://www.zeemaps.com/map?group=4905379
Marker Colors:
>Red - Can not drive / needs carpool
>Green - Can/wants to drive
>Yellow - Everyone else + special circumstances + whatever
Remember to add details! What activities do you want to do? How can you be contacted?

>use email groups
>touch grass
>have fun
>use d*sc*rd

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
22 replies and 7 images omitted. Click here to view.
Depends on the city fag
Usually the problem is they aren't in good enough shape to do my favorite hikes so I don't bother.
Calm down Karen, gatekeeping just invites more of this.
That is a problem for me.
Hike option A: hike the coast for miles and miles (this is where everyone hikes and camps)
Hike option B: all the mountains come right up to the ocean so enjoy your 4k foot elevation gain on 3 miles on literally any hike other than the coastal hike.

The last time I took cityiots I had to hike in flip flops and they still couldn't keep up. Before that I had to carry my pack to the camp site, then go back and get the city dides pack and carry it as well.
File: 1000000826.jpg (23 KB, 696x394)
23 KB
did the cityfags applaud when they reached the campsite?
>tells anon who is gatekeeping to leave
>"bro stop gatekeeping"

File: hardcore.png (471 KB, 727x483)
471 KB
471 KB PNG
"You absolutely need the priciest gear for serious outings" - Outdoor retail stores and social media influencers, probably
266 replies and 21 images omitted. Click here to view.
Holy shit, the bubbaposter is at it again
>No! No! U!!
HAHAHAHAHA did you lose your pacifier?
You get nothing from me but a paternal virtual spanking and a stern talk HAHAHAHAHA fuck you gonna do about it? Stay mad, stay in.
I really think at this point it should be considered avatar/signature posting
>I want men disciplining me banned so I can shit the forum unchallenged.
Not me.

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