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File: Untitled.jpg (300 KB, 682x811)
300 KB
300 KB JPG
And what do they do to protect the woods from weekend warrior citidiots?
Locals are the ones leaving beer cans, dumping trash, and lighting sofas in fire.
My condolences that you live in appalachia
there's trash if you go to poor black neighborhoods, and if you go to poor white neighborhoods

Can anyone suggest protection for someone is unable to have a firearm for protection for the subjects listed?

I am considering a Byrna pepperball pistol. Would that be an improper choice? I already have bear spray and a horn. Would a Byrne be the icing on the cake more effective of both?



And if not, are there any better alternatives?
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>Due to an awful occurrence
it wasn't "an occurrence" chimchim, you've persistently chosen to live the life of a violent retard, and some of it actually stuck, which had to be bad because prosecutor offices let violent retards getaway with just about anything.
as someone who has shot many 12g powered paintball pistols..... counting on one in a life or death situation? lol no

cap and ball revolver out of the question? Not legally guns.

Bearspray before this byrna thing
>unironically uses the word chimchim
>calls other people a retard
>thinking you'd have time to reload and aim a fucking musket while a bear is charging at you
At that point you're better off putting the musket in your mouth and blowing your own head off. At least then your death will be painless.
kek, calm down chimchim.

File: IMG_5163.jpg (1.01 MB, 1125x1357)
1.01 MB
1.01 MB JPG
anyone know if Crazy Neighbor died by MAID?
the circumstances surrounding his death are strange, or opaque..Steve Wallis stopped uploading content a while ago and made an announcement on twitter about crazy neighbor suffering from terminal illness (presumably, as a result of the motorcycle accident he was in a couple months ago). And then a month after the announcement and the cryptic memorial video, crazy neighbor is gone.. right on schedule? What the hell? Wallis uploaded a video announcing his death, but skirted the cause of death.. no mention of “natural causes” or any specificity anywhere. Next to zero details about what terminal illness Glenn was suffering from… something about this stinks.. please tell me they didn’t MAID crazy neighbor.
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>grandma enters the garage to check why her husband hasn't come in for dinner
Again, MAID is the morally superior option. From a moral perspective there is no valid reason to oppose it.
>atheist talking about morals
fuck off back to plebbit
Never happened. And its morally wrong to drag others into your suicide. Its a private thing. Write a note and do it. No one else should be involved.

As I just discovered the news, I'm still sad to see him gone nonetheless. RIP
why is lady fate so harsh on him?

File: dear.webm (2.93 MB, 360x636)
2.93 MB
2.93 MB WEBM
How many wild animals have you pet?
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that deer was running from a brown bear and the man was actually killed by the bear right after the video ended.
LMAO, he should have pulled the trigger.
Arizona rifle season is bucks only. I think archers and kids can take does, not sure.
I "pet" your mom once and now I have herpies.

File: ted in snow.png (155 KB, 259x287)
155 KB
155 KB PNG
It literally means "you aren't allowed to directly interact with nature as a living, breathing human being as your ancestors did, you have to treat planet Earth like it's a museum and you're just an unwelcome guest". It's the most extreme and bizarre shit I've ever heard, and the people espousing this philosophy are always the most un-buschrafty neon red and blue polyester clad yuppie urbanites who are the most dependent upon industrial society and agriculture which together constitute 99.9% of the total human threat to the global ecosystem. These people literally think some guy in the woods cutting down a tree with a hatchet and taking a shit is some kind of existential threat. Presumably they also believe men can have babies.
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"All huminz are equal" faggots will point at this poster and say he is wrong.
However, barely sentient retards should stay IN and just watch their shitty goysloppa instead of annoying actual humans. They don't even enjoy nature anyways. This is why every piece of woodland should have a schizo axe murderer.
That's not what this means you retard. It's a sentiment for normies who need to be told to clean up after themselves. It's like how you have to remind kids to look both ways before crossing the street. It's nothing more than that.
Pretty much this.

You are right
all it means is to pick up your trash dumbfuck

File: 1000000071.jpg (8 KB, 183x275)
8 KB
do you bring your guitar when backpacking, /out/?
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File: images (6).jpg (4 KB, 259x194)
4 KB
I want to pick up a native american flute and jam out in my lonesomes
Got bored on a stormy day on a steep bush clad mountainside once and started making up Native American sounding chants with my dad. Real fun desu, we were pretty stoned though.
File: spoons.jpg (515 KB, 2448x2448)
515 KB
515 KB JPG
real backwoods /out/ motherfuckers play the spoons and chant negro folk songs. the type of music than can only be appreciated after 36 hours in the sun and also while drunk.
Wildly american post
unbelievably based and Page pilled

File: mom.png (791 KB, 931x531)
791 KB
791 KB PNG
There are literally hundreds of attractive young women trying and quitting the AT right now, they need your help and motivation anon. Will you be there to save them in their time of need and to spur them onwards down the trail? Or will you let them suffer and quit shortly after the trailhead?
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im on the upper end of normal and socially anxious around strangers
but im certain i can get over it when im actually out there and have no internet or way to avoid talking to other people
Same. Last year, I was being ignored left and right by women on a popular hike. One of them ended up injuring herself later on and I just laughed. Fuck women. The fewer I see in the outdoors, the better.
What are the best spots around here? School's almost out and I want to do some real /out/. Hines park isn't good enough, there's no where you can't hear cars
>It's OK to take a break from your work if you have savings, Anon.
No, you must generate taxable income at least five days a week every week as your contribution to society.

File: 1600514.jpg (308 KB, 1720x1756)
308 KB
308 KB JPG
Sorry if this isn't the right board, I'm not sure, but I don't use many others and I feel like you guys can answer this best. I'm looking to buy a brand new mower for the first time tomorrow, can you guys help me out? I was looking at the Toro recycler line, but I'm hearing mixed reviews about it. I'm looking to keep it around 500 bucks but can go a little over that. My yard isnt that big, couple hundred square feet. I'm just looking for something reliable preferably with self drive for when my wife wants to mow. What mower do you use? Also, any tips for getting rid of milkweed? My yard is a little overgrown and at some point it creeped in. I get a lot of biodiversity in my yard though so that's cool, sometimes I get morels too. Sorry for rambling, just killing time until I can click post.
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Buy a reel mower. They're cheap, easy to maintain, and it's basically the same effort to mow as a gas mower. Anyone who disagrees is a pussy who's afraid of real yard work. If you are a pussy who's afraid of yardwork then maybe a robot mower is more your speed.
File: 8212_6756_popup.jpg (124 KB, 800x800)
124 KB
124 KB JPG
pic related
>My yard isnt that big, couple hundred square feet.
Would seriously consider an electric mower. The batteries last long and they are quieter and easier to use
I agree unless you live near the woods and have a lot of sticks/pinecones or have let your yard get overgrown. Then it's an exercise in torture as you proceed to stop on every stick.
Sticks and pinecones definitely slow down the progress, but I still prefer it. Plus you can clear most of that away by dethatching your lawn.

File: 1688392663200608.png (322 KB, 1553x1202)
322 KB
322 KB PNG
>west virginia
Holy shit I share a board with plebs
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top kek
every out style video i see on shorts is some fucking faggot kid talking like your stereotypical zoomer with a ton of lingo and """"quirks""" like say bruh or someshit and with a ton of gear. and like the latest technology

top kek
>Still it's way better than Kansas and Iowa.
Kansan here, not gonna argue with you. There is next to nothing in this state as far as public land.
tell me about topeka
what happens there
Nah. California unequivocally has some of the best nature in the entire world and some of the worst people. Having one does not preclude the other.
>we're #6 yeah!!
>participation trophy

File: 1593772122645.png (490 KB, 600x543)
490 KB
490 KB PNG
The property I own, has the edge of a natural pond on it. The pond used to not be on my property at all except during flooding. But the pond has gotten bigger and there's now a shallow cove that's formed on the edge of my property. I've been fishing it, just the issue is my boomer neighbour is claiming ownership over the entire pond and says I can't fish it and said he's given me a trespassing warning. What are my options?
4 replies omitted. Click here to view.
Sue him for getting his water onto your property, blocking your access to the dry land underneath. If he won't remove his water and restore access to your land beneath it, he owes you sex.
>Until he removed the boundary markers to introduce ambiguity.
Yeah, you are definitely going to want a land lawyer and get evidence collected and a proper survey done because this illegal shit and you will get fucked if you try to play this passively.
In many states you can’t own water, just access to water. If you don’t need to trespass to reach the water, he has no recourse. Most states put their rules about this sort of thing in their fishing and hunting regulation guides.
File: 1683361410980784.png (398 KB, 550x350)
398 KB
398 KB PNG
Traditionally such border disputes are settled with war
I recommend besieging your neighbour's property, isolate him from his supply chain (stinger strips outside his mailbox, cut the cables into his house, etc), and starve him out
If that's unsuccessful then launch an attack, seize his home and goods, ransom his life to his family, and take his daughter as your bride to consolidate your conquest
Fuck your neighbor. Consult with a lawyer and continue to fish in the pond. Make him spend as much money as you can. Really drag out the court battle to bleed him for as much as possible and then when he loses the court battle countersue for the cost of your court fees. Fuck him. He doesn't own a whole body of water just because part of it is on his land.

File: 1698371976875.jpg (13 KB, 314x161)
13 KB
what is the point of these things? literally the worst of both worlds. I'd much rather be in the actual woods in my tent or be in actual suburbia in my comfy home. not an awful mishmash of the two.

t. begrudging camper owner due to wife
61 replies and 10 images omitted. Click here to view.
File: drop.jpg (206 KB, 1067x712)
206 KB
206 KB JPG
Get with the times, old man. You can't rock crawl with a pickup that has its suspension bottomed out by a camper.
Though, you can't easily turn around with a trailer of any kind, so i suppose it's a trade off.
You can fit a double bed, fridge, storage, tools and all that other shit in the back of a 4wd just fine. People here in Australia do it all the time. In fact, I have never seen one of these stupid boomer contraptions.
I actually go /out for a purpose. I hunt and feed my family unlike you larpers who just go look at trees and mountains lol

I used to be a tentfag and talked shit about RV as well. But the tent has way too many issues especially when hunting. I'm not talking about backpacking tents, but wall tents at base camp. I still use my backpacking tent which is more of a bivy if Im on some elk.

Hunting out a tent, I found that Its very difficult to keep anything dry once wet. It's difficult to heat, wood stoves require stoking all night, propane heaters are a moist heat and doesn't last long plus you have to lug 20lb tanks with you, diesel heaters seem cool but that's another piece of gear to carry, plus diesel. Safety is also a concern, last year at elk camp, we had a grizzly walk by our tent at night, sniffing around. We had our 10mm's on us, and kept our food 100y away, but still it's not cool knowing you have 1mm of canvas between you and a grizz.

Having to shit and/or piss outside in freezing temp is miserable as well.

Lastly, tent plus all the gear, coolers, etc take up all the room in my truck's bed. Makes it a pain to pack and unpack camp. I'm also hauling dirt bikes,.which increases the difficulty of Tetris required to fit everything. Moving camp took forever, not what you want when you're hunting.

So I bought a toy hauler RV. I can fit all my gear, dirt bikes, side by side, ATV whatever makes sense for my hunt. I have a heater, AC, bathroom,.shower with 100g tank. I don't need to keep my food prep 100y away, I can just cook inside. Piss inside at night, shit in a nice warm toilet. Be nice and warm in the morning, make some coffee and oats, get dressed,.go outside, hop in whatever toy I brought and hit the trail head for my hunt. It boosts morale, increases my performance in the field.

If the spot isn't good, I just put away anything loose, put my toy(s) inside, hook up my truck and haul it to another spot.

Bait was halfway decent at first but you came on too strong in the second half and blew it. Be more subtle next time.
I'm looking for a camper to live in. I can't afford rent but I can afford a budget camper. Not for camping. Any advice?

File: images (7).jpg (5 KB, 275x183)
5 KB
>dude I love SUNNY DAYS
>I love GLARE in my EYES
>I love SWEATING when it's not even that HOT OUT
>I love getting TIRED simply from BEING OUTSIDE
why are normoids like this?
16 replies and 2 images omitted. Click here to view.
lots of melanin-enrinched gentlemen itt
This is why I hate the beach.
Still no usecase found for anything other than winter and the months immediately adjacent to it.
>glare in my eyes
fucking drink water
your skin will adapt to the sun after like a week with very few exceptions. you can also just wear a t-shirt and sunscrean
>i love sweating
wear either really loose or form fitting clothes. ive never understood the issue with sweating.
>i love chapped lips
yall niggas really get chapped lips from the heat? drink more water. different story in the cold tho
>i love being tired simply from being outside
yes thats called enjoying nature by participating in some way.

hope this advice helps pussy from a central texas native.

File deleted.
I need a lightweight chair and the internet is telling me either the REI chair, the Helinox Zero or the Nemo Moonlight Elite
Does anyone have any experiences with these? Which should I get, I want to grab something soon
I'm not very big so I considered the REI chair, but I see people complaining about stability
Are they just fat? I'm a regular manlet, would the REI chair be alright?
4 replies and 1 image omitted. Click here to view.
The Nemo Moonlite Elite is great, but way too expensive. The groundpad is an excellent touch though.
The REI Flexlite Air is pretty good, but it squeezes your ass a little.
The Helinox Chair zero is more comfortable than the REI chair, but more expensive.

Personally, I'd go with the REI chair. You can always return it and go for one of the other ones if you want.
This probably weighs 3lbs and will break instantly
The point of a chair is to get you off of the ground. If I wanted a sit pad, I'd buy a sit pad. Save the crazy creeks for the canoes
>This probably weighs 3lbs and will break instantly
it's 2lbs and very sturdy, to my surprise. I can lean right back in it.
it's also a tenth of the price of the chairs OP listed.
File: SCR-20240419-nahn.png (409 KB, 748x944)
409 KB
409 KB PNG
I broke this one after two years (my fault), bough larger one for 30€ this time.
How do you carry them? On carabiner strapped to backpack? Inside backpack? Since it's quite large packed, takes up a lot of space in my backpack. Hammock, chair, underquilt, bugnet, tarp, blanket - and my backpack is pretty much full.
Bring a hammock instead. You can sit in it and much more, and it will be lighter.
I strap mine to the side with the compression straps. wouldn't fit inside, my pack is only 40L.

File: 1619880535493.jpg (549 KB, 1834x1032)
549 KB
549 KB JPG
To keep it brief, I'm in my late 20s and my circle of friends have typically been indoor types that prefer to do things indoors, like watch movies, go out to eat, or play video games. Perhaps it's just my friend group, but I have this impression that people around my age can't be bothered to go /out/ beyond a mile or two long hike--and even then it's a struggle or just an excuse to smoke weed in a different setting. I can't imagine getting any of my friends to seriously gear up and go out on a camping trip where they have to carry their back to the campsite. Girls seem more into the idea, but in reality they'll just slow down my pace (well, a lot of guys would too).

Why do you guys think this is? We're in the best shape of our lives, somewhat, and it feels wasteful to spend it all indoors.
8 replies and 1 image omitted. Click here to view.
>t. refuses to go /out/ because he would rather play vidya
I have perfectly legal and free places I can take people camping and they still make excuses, but "consequences" isn't one of them
>in reality they'll just slow down my pace (well, a lot of guys would too)
Maybe they just don't want to go hiking with you specifically, anon.
I'm glad it's not just me. I enjoy the occasional game once in a while but these days I just can't find the time for them and my friends don't seem interested in doing much /out/ activities.

Yeah I know. I pretty much stopped immediately after high school but my friends are regular users.

Lucky you, sounds nice. I'd like to do a weeklong backpacking trip one of these days.

What does that even mean? What are you pretending to be? It sounds like you don't even like going outside, why are you here?

Every woman I've gone hiking with has been fine if it's less than three miles, but I want to do long, several day excursions on the ridge. I think I'd get pretty annoyed after several hours stopping more often than I'd like to. I always let the slowest ones set the pace, too.

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
outings doesnt require friends or company, infact its best done alone.
i never had problems getting someone to come along, but they always do something i dont like. talk all.the time, waaay to drunk, never agree on my campsite, walk to fast/slow, complain about weather...
so i just go alone and tease them with snaps instead.
would rather find some female company than bringing any of my male friends hiking again. dont care if they do it for instabook and facegram, atleast they do it.
Strange. I'm regularly going /out/ with my mates.
Usually short trips (a day hike on a weekend, a couple of days camping when our time off lines up) but sometimes longer trips (a month on the AT, the O trek in Argentina, etc).

File: 1690136676167290.jpg (39 KB, 998x998)
39 KB
>every survival bushcraft channel
>set up shelter
>eat some more
>go home
>thanx gaiz fur wotchin'
bonus round
>walk 10 feet away from the trail
>set up your camera
>go back and nonchalantly walk as if you just arrived
>run back to fetch your camera
>repeat for another hundred "cinematic" shots
23 replies and 4 images omitted. Click here to view.
Is that legit a thing?
>radio amateurs
These are the weirdest nerds around, even weirder than train nerds. Should be interesting to watch, tho. Can you recommend a channel?
yeah it's gay as fuck, but retards love that kind of garbage, it probably makes them feel like they are watching 'proper' tv instead of some autist's youtube channel.
In reality the production quality of a video is often inversely proportional to how interesting its content is
The same is true with "vanlife" videos
>drone footage
>setup camera
>drive past camera
>pickup camera
>cook meal in van
>turn off light
Stubb the hobo was the same way.

Why are all my favorite train hoppers dead?

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