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/r9k/ is an imageboard where there are no exact reposts.

1. If you attempt to post something unoriginal, it is not posted, and you are muted temporarily.
2. The time with which you are muted for doubles with each transgression.
3. Each mute time is 2^n in seconds where n is the number of times you have transgressed. So, your mute time doubles each time you fuck up.
4. Backlinks, eg >>1, are not viewed by the robot. So "lolwut" and ">>2 lolwut" are the same post, in the eyes of the robot.
5. Gibberish at the end of a post to force originality may result in mod intervention (no BLOX posts please).
6. Images are NOT included in the filter, only text.
7. Your mute count slowly decreases over time.
8. You cannot post a picture without text.
9. Unicode is blocked. Sorry, too many exploits (Cyrillic letters, etc).
10. Posts require a certain minimum amount of original content in order to be posted.
11. Post sane, real content, well thought out replies, and mutes are unlikely.
12. The original algorithm was designed by XKCD:
/r9k/ has no topic, but unlike /b/ Global Rule #3 is in effect. In addition, advice threads and camwhoring/hookup/"rate me" threads should go on /adv/ - Advice and /soc/ - Cams & Meetups respectively.

File: 1125px-No_selfies.svg[1].png (64 KB, 1125x1024)
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Do not post pictures of yourself on /r9k/.
Do not post threads asking for pictures of other users.

All "rate me" and camwhoring threads belong on /soc/.


File: taiga.jpg (164 KB, 1000x690)
164 KB
164 KB JPG
i'm short
i'm ugly
i'm dumb
i'm flat chested
no man who isn't a creep will ever like me

why was i born?
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lurk more
What year were you born in?
If your nipples pop out during sex most men won't care.
There there. It's okay femanon. *pats your head and massages your back*
You have to feel bad for girls like OP, she doesn't know what a beautiful angel she really is.
I'd like you if we got along, I don't care how you look as long as you're not obese. But I doubt you'd even give me a chance. Girls like to act like no one will give them attention, and when someone does its not who they want so they block you

Does /r9k/ think wife beating is okay? Genuine question is when should physical force be used if ever
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i know i'll probably get accused of larping, but i'm a married woman and i think my marriage would be stronger and maybe even healthier if my husband hit me. too bad he's a pussy and he won't even hit back when i've hit him.
No, the moment a woman becomes your wife there should be no toxicity in the relationship by beating her.

Hopefully she can keep her nature in check to not escalate things.
>when i've hit him.

quit being a shit wife
>too bad he's a pussy and he won't even hit back when i've hit him.
You deserve the bed you're making.
yeah. i know, i'm a piece of shit. it's not an excuse, but i was abused as a child and it's hard to control myself in adulthood.

File: 1469209317096.png (112 KB, 403x403)
112 KB
112 KB PNG
>had at least 2 gfs
>still a virgin
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Fucked 33, none a virgin.

Almost banged an asian qt virgin but I was too much man for her.
What do you mean "at least"?
ever heard of motels and hotels?
File: 1426196818194.jpg (76 KB, 349x356)
76 KB

>tfw too ugly to be ever considered a beta orbiter
>tfw too poor to ever provide for a girl

See you cucks on the flipside.
No cash, also lived in a semi urban area in bumfuck nowhere.

File: CuZF7zuVYAAMLNy.jpg (211 KB, 1200x1200)
211 KB
211 KB JPG
>tfw started growing my fingernails in honor of lil peep
Anyone else start doing this? It's pretty comfy. I actually had this idea before after noticing niggers do it and thinking it would be funny but I feel it's more acceptable now and also as a tribute to Lil Peep.
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File: 1510981197508.png (73 KB, 296x403)
73 KB
You're not wrong

I'm just waiting to die at this point fampai, lil peep boys
I had long nails because of him year ago, got tired of them though
Now I'm waiting till my hair grows back a bit so I can dye half of them pink
why lil peep even if he is dead
>honouring some literally who meme rapper by being an unhygienic moron

why did he did this

File: dad1.jpg (79 KB, 1280x960)
79 KB
does /r9k/ like me and my daddy together?
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My family has a pic of my dad and I kissing on the lips when I was very young, probably before elementary school age. It ain't that weird, or at least, I was not noticeably traumatized by it
>not virgin
>have had gfs
>have job
>have friends
File: de.png (8 KB, 275x183)
8 KB
How did this happpen in a basketball court
Isn't this illegal? Mods?
kissing your family on the lips is fine as long as there's no tongue.

File: novnight.jpg (140 KB, 962x698)
140 KB
140 KB JPG
Lonely lads alliance edition
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Some become tilfs and still pass, the rest an hero or just revert back to normal bumders.

No he used to but he is getting too old now but we travel the canals together during summer for a few weeks, he lives in with my uncle now and lets me live in the boat rent free.
No he has his own mooring and it depends on the council.

I'm going on my own in December, I would like to have friends I could go with too.
Just go camping lad.
Solo.camping is fucking jamming lad.
File: 1503633958004.jpg (232 KB, 887x900)
232 KB
232 KB JPG
>want to go on holiday
>friends are flakey as fuck and keep dropping out/taking forever to respond/change their minds at the last minute

It doesn't get any better lad

File: lips pepe.jpg (7 KB, 228x221)
7 KB
>dropped the n bomb in class last week and not in a passing comment
>no one has talked to me since or is responding to my texts
They should get over it
It'll pass
Hard R? If not, not your fault, literally everybody says it.
>N bomb
Just say nigger lol
>reading a book that says nigger in it alot
>making a PowerPoint presentation in relation to the book and one quote I'm using says nigger
>say the quote directly when presenting and see immediate looks of disgust, which makes the already hard presentation harder

Why are people like this? If I had a quote that said fuck in it and read it like that people would understand I said it because of the context of the quote, yet if it's the same thing but with the word nigger people get all assblasted about it?

I will never get to enjoy the end of the world with someone I care for. It was a great run with you, /r9k/. I wish you all peace
Anon, please. Be a hero, not an hero.
Wouldn't that couple have serious skin burns at that distance.
Fallout 4 made the same mistake, too.
>Looking at the detonation site of the bomb
What an excellent way to go blind, not that it would really matter.
Hope you have a good roll next time

File: Jesus.png (427 KB, 846x407)
427 KB
427 KB PNG
Would anyone rather sacrifice themselves instead of living a normal life?

File: 1435428133070.jpg (36 KB, 482x427)
36 KB
Who else /dehydrated/ here?

I have no sense of thirst and usually need to force myself to drink more water so I don't fucking die. My urine is pure yellow. The way I'm coping with this is I just found a beverage I enjoy (tea) and drink a few cups before going to bed. Anyone got any other advice they can help out with?
uhhh. just drink water? is it really that hard?

File: 1508700720685.png (551 KB, 964x912)
551 KB
551 KB PNG
Came back after a few months, and although this board has always had a dose of normieness, it seems somehow especially strong right now. What the fuck happened?
Once /b/ turned to shit and/or the /b/ posters grew out of it this was the only place they could go, that and /pol/ migration
No. /pol/ has thr same crowd as /r9k/. Both boards are full of kissless virgin NEETs.
Neogaff went down a few weeks ago, and a lot of those faggots went to /v/, so a lot of /v/ fags started spilling over.
That's at least one part.

File: 151001017104.jpg (82 KB, 851x656)
82 KB
is it worth it to become a girly boy
17 replies and 5 images omitted. Click here to view.
80s > 10s > 00s >90s
File: 1501421373562.png (67 KB, 1306x637)
67 KB
This desu
Why do any of you think I give a fuck? Why are you replying to me about your opinion on my filler image?
Because OP is a faggot and his thread is bad.
Tammy, is that you? To hell with you woman, goodbye.

File: 1509231917371.png (157 KB, 303x566)
157 KB
157 KB PNG
Let's scare some normies

> when you shit half in the public toilet and half on the floor
> when you eat your scabs, mucus, acne and dandruff in public
> when you go to the hospital just to show your baby dick to the doctors and nurses because 'it hurts'
6 replies and 1 image omitted. Click here to view.
I love getting all high & drunk or taking a bunch of Xanax bars and wobbling around shouting nonsense in public scaring normies, parents, old people & children
> masturbate naked with the door open
File: 1C3BysM.png (324 KB, 414x459)
324 KB
324 KB PNG
>when you do creepy smirks and don't blink while staring at roasties
>Finish my 10th guiness bottle
>just throw it in the air and let it smash on the ground
>wink at roasties
>smoke around joggers
>drop my beer can on the train

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