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File: 1438383990866.jpg (543 KB, 2553x1534)
543 KB
543 KB JPG
Orite lads?
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My manager is asking for help with her application for a promotion. Problem is if she gets promoted, I'll be required to take on her job and I really don't want it.

Do I give her bad advice on purpose to keep her in post?
only 1 magners left and i could go for more tbh.
won't you become manager?
being a manager is almost always vastly superior to being a regular pleb
File: 1433681634277.png (133 KB, 914x1090)
133 KB
133 KB PNG
>4 months unemployed
>not signed on yet
>literally just doing nothing all day while burning through savings

File: 1438449582248.jpg (126 KB, 969x308)
126 KB
126 KB JPG
Why is this literally the only advice normies can offer to robots?

File: chubby_kid.jpg (243 KB, 533x800)
243 KB
243 KB JPG
Birthday thread? post your birthday, find your match
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Me too. We are the master race now.


Seems legit.


Nice birthday quads!


gr8 8s m8 i r8 8/8

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File: 1422751568650.gif (677 KB, 420x236)
677 KB
677 KB GIF
Shit I thought that I was special until now. Fak you u can't have the same birth date!
holy shit same here, Aries stronk
November 5th
same tbh

File: 1438462153888.jpg (73 KB, 640x480)
73 KB
>I'm still a virgin
>Would you do it with me anon?
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so you don't get shit on your peepee
post ass
underage b&
what does the word milk imply in this situation
>under 50

Nice meme

File: 1427567741687.png (644 KB, 802x622)
644 KB
644 KB PNG
Has a girl ever confessed to you?
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Yeah, a fembot. After I plowed her she said she was in love. After I knocked her up she wanted to get married.

Have done neither.

Never ever
was with her for 2 years, she cheated on me, and left me for him.
she then got pregnant and her current boyfriend is domestically abusing her both verbally and physically.

Does it bother me? Meh, she deserves it
File: adachoo.jpg (33 KB, 250x290)
33 KB
Bizarrely, every girl I've ever gone out with has confessed to me, but one was a whore who asked EVERYONE out and I was too young to handle it well, the other only liked me because she fetishizes losers, and the third was sexually on the ropes and used me to determine if she was lesbian or not. She was.

Man those are all pretty lame.
File: 1438398090249.jpg (121 KB, 612x612)
121 KB
121 KB JPG
3 times and it didn't hit me until some time after.

File: 1438127065661.jpg (75 KB, 550x375)
75 KB
Why do you suffer?
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Like my father says, most of my family made me feel like I lived in a fantasy world where everything would be perfect for me. I had my first existential crisis when I was 10 and realized nothing is permanent and there is no meaning to existence and from there on it all snowballed when I realized that I, too, was not only imperfect, but a very flawed person.
If you realized that at age 10, why couldn't you fix yourself in the 10 or more years that you've aged since then?

Because A) that realization came later, slowly, bit by bit (Started when I moved to England) and also because there are some things I can't fix, like my physical and mental flaws. I try to improve myself as a person mentally, though.
I Am 14 And This Is Deep
But anon, that is the step towards the cessation of suffering and enlightenment

File: 1405441524813.jpg (15 KB, 313x313)
15 KB
What's the gayest thing you ever done, besides post on 4chan.
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File: 0e7.gif (210 KB, 280x199)
210 KB
210 KB GIF
When I was in my third year of university I got really drunk with my housemate and put on a cute back dress and high heels and fooled about with him on the sofa.
in my country almost every normie kisses the check eachother, to say hello and bye.
most men don't do it eachother... but when we do it, it feels bro as fuck
Thanks. I really need to escape this hell hole. To a place with better food and better women.


File: 1428124362520.jpg (34 KB, 600x600)
34 KB
Do you really think the waifu age will be ready in our lifetime?
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File: 1436957871974.jpg (83 KB, 450x803)
83 KB
>wanting a human looking sexbot

disgusting. go fuck melissa you vile normie
she's of legal age officer
I'm going deep into the VR realm to get the waifu I just saw in my dreams, if Feminazis try to stand in my way I'll kill them like pigs.
File: 76478379_0966753119_m.jpg (19 KB, 240x180)
19 KB
>not fucking animals

You dont have to wait bro

File: hereinmygarage.jpg (32 KB, 500x281)
32 KB
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File: important.gif (1.58 MB, 839x649)
1.58 MB
1.58 MB GIF
fuel units are the new good boy points
File: 1398214732600.jpg (19 KB, 256x256)
19 KB
File: 1436683077668.png (193 KB, 600x800)
193 KB
193 KB PNG

I always skip these ads before a video. What a stupid faggot that guy is.

File: sadfrogs.png (31 KB, 640x560)
31 KB
Who is the biggest loser here?


>28 years old
>shitty dead end job
>kissless virgin
>cant talk to women
>bullied as kid/teenager
>small cock
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This isn't a race to the bottom.

if you're unemployed it your own damn fault for not being bloody minded enough to find a vocation where you can add value
why do you want to see my legs?
>This isn't a race to the bottom.
Yes it is. Biggest Loser thread.
It feels good to know that I'm not like you, thank you for reminding me
File: 1438143051324.jpg (74 KB, 400x387)
74 KB
>29 male
>cant talk to women
>abusive childhood
>no friends
>6 year NEET
>have wanted to die without being suicidal for about 10 years

File: voyagerfail.jpg (58 KB, 640x480)
58 KB
anyone else here a fan of Star Trek?
I'm torturing myself with Voyager atm, though despite all the cringe there are a few somewhat enjoyable episodes
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The one where Kirk gets captured and is locked on some kind of lab.
What's the best way to watch the Star Trek franchise for the first time?
Janeway is best captain
Someone please tell me that Enterprise isn't considered canon. I've watched the first three seasons and this shit is making me puke.
Plot twist It was earth all along and those lizards evolved into humans

File: 1436232306312.jpg (77 KB, 854x576)
77 KB
>tell mom to stop treating me like a guy and start calling me emily or i will ignore her
>she is now threatening to tell dad and kick me out
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pre op? post dick
yes no no yes no no no no i don't know no no yes no no
fuck you reddit
On the one hand, why would somebody support in their home someone who doesn't even acknowledge them. On the other, it's partly her responsibility/fault for raising a transfaggot. I hope you have some redeeming qualities.
File: 1438007361594.png (239 KB, 449x721)
239 KB
239 KB PNG
>Transfag being selfish and entitled
>Get called selfish and entitled
>Asks why being selfish and entitled is wrong
>Explains why being selfish and entitled wrong
>People who are OP come into the thread to defend a fellow transfag
>Says "Why don't we call a Banana we spray painted Orange and Orange"
>Tell them thats retarded
>Thread erupts into people calling Op a fag. Transfags posting muh feelings and trying to battle logic with inferiorlogic, transfag supporters making up bullshit and grasping for stawys, transfag haters trying to point out the flaws and retard logic of both the trans and trans supporters and just getting called Normies and losers
>>Explains why being selfish and entitled wrong
Explain to me why it's wrong. I haven't heard an answer yet. I'm not OP nor a transfag. Go ahead and tell me.

File: vTGt2Fy.jpg (832 KB, 2448x3264)
832 KB
832 KB JPG
>tfw 6'3"
>don't even have to fucking try because both short and tall bitches will fight over me like the last droplet of water in the desert
>feels fucking good
135 replies and 25 images omitted. Click here to view.
You just love the trips, digitdigger.
>dude almost my height
>dude almost as fat as my father
>my father can be represented by a picture of that walrus guy from American Chopper
Shit maybe I'm gonna make it.
File: image.jpg (248 KB, 640x960)
248 KB
248 KB JPG
>tfw 5'9
>train hard as fuck an have 8/10 body
>good job
>can play piano
>traveled to over 30 countries
>love mountain hiking and wilderness

Still kv at 26. I guess I should start going to shooting ranges and prepare for my destiny

File: nichijou-ep-12-6.jpg (84 KB, 1366x768)
84 KB
Why do girls enter 4chan? Just... Why? Also, pic related, my face to know there are some pussys here
8 replies omitted. Click here to view.
all "femanons" please kill yourselves
>be me
>be 18
>went to a music festival wearing a meme face tshirt on (I made it myself before memes became popular on reddshit)
>hot girl saw it and asked if I browse /b/ too
>I was kind of drunk and sleep deprived at the time so I said, "tits or GTFO BITCH"
>she flashed me
>after that she was just grinding her ass up against me and needless to say we met up after the concert and she gave me a bj in my car
Shit was SO cash.

I would have fucked her after but my dick was limp from drinking too much jack daniels so I just drove home
Sounds like someone not having sex
File: 1l.jpg (27 KB, 640x480)
27 KB
Epic shitpost.
Go die in a fire, whore.
This is why people don't like you

File: frustration.png (38 KB, 366x328)
38 KB
How you feelin tonight /r9k/?
2 replies omitted. Click here to view.
do you have a knife in your room? or maybe some rope?

razor blade in bathroom but i still don't feel to confident about slitting wrists as it has a low success rate

hanging is a huge no-no for me, too much shit that can go horribly wrong
why do you want to an hero

I'm feeling physically like absolute shit, my sister and her faggot boyfriend are gonna be here in an hour and a half and I fucking hate my life

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