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>tfw no qt tripgf
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File: Spoiler Image (33 KB, 540x960)
33 KB
>tfw no tripcode
You don't have the qt part down either
File: 1440468247019.png (79 KB, 307x400)
79 KB
aww thats harsh.. nothing a bit of makeup and styling couldn't work wonders...
File: Doggy.jpg (38 KB, 540x960)
38 KB
What about this dog?
File: calmthewandown.jpg (79 KB, 600x900)
79 KB
The wan-wan is out of that trips league. Back off.

File: vegan.jpg (91 KB, 522x392)
91 KB
Friendly reminder that if you eat animal products, you are a normie.

>inb4 muh protein
>inb4 muh masculinity
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File: just do.jpg (10 KB, 295x378)
10 KB
The crew that went to the moon wasn't vegan, which proves that eating meat is superior.

Now fuck off.
>What other species has been to the moon?
So what?


i think you mean the people who did stuff that mattered, we just masturbate and complain
>normalfag thinks I care

shush just don't change the subject and keep talking about how much you are getting rekt.
You still don't make much sense. I'm guessing English isn't your first language.

Serious question, why can't I get a girlfriend or get a girl to have sex with me? Can someone please give me an honest, non-jerky, answer?
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Told you so. The angry robots are already here, making sure nothing positive can be said in their presence, and everyone must die miserable and alone. See:
>gives bad advice
>"Hey man that doesn't work, stop telling people that"

North Jersey, 201
>your soul
That sounds really expensive. I can get a good quality prostitute for $200.
What if I'm a robot virgin NEET with a few passions/hobbies, who enjoys being negative? I'm happy with myself, but other people aren't happy with me. Kind of ruins your argument tbh.

File: 1.png (36 KB, 1000x566)
36 KB


Legislative docket:

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Once again, I DID NOT GET FIRED. I wasn't removed from office, my office was removed. And leaving the party was my own idea.
I even used caps, how deeply have i sunken?
File: 1439864943942.jpg (202 KB, 503x661)
202 KB
202 KB JPG
It's a battle royale
Winner takes all memes
It's gonna be me
You're open to join the Normies.

Improve your life, and everyone else's fam.

Forgot trip tbh
Sorry fam, I'm too much of an Abnormie to become a Normie.

File: 1428578997900669.jpg (37 KB, 700x393)
37 KB
/r9k/, feel with me
>always had a thing for older girls, /gentlefemdom/
>one year ago
>age 17, summer before senior year
>meet girl one week before everyone in grade above mine moves into college
>shes a year older, going to Columbia (tfw no prestigious gf)
>we hit it off and text almost daily while shes away at college and I'm in high school at our hometown
>fast forward to now
>I have a gf who is innocent, virgin, my age
>I think i love her but we have no sexual compatibility whatsoever
>I very much love the older girl who is conveniently back in town over the summer

>Last night

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
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A little more info.
My girlfriend and I havent had sex.
I was a virgin before last night.
That has to be something that lots of robots dream about, their fantasy older girl manic pixie dream girl taking their virginity lovingly and tenderly
I fucked it up, she's never talking to me again, my relationship is ruined, I had an awful experience losing my virginity when it could have been perfect
Yeah. You fucked up. You are the reason why good girls become Stacys and go after Chad. Because when they go after Chad they know what to expect. When a good virgin girl takes a chance on you this happens. Seriously fucking kill yourself you shit stain. You don't deserve a gf. Fucking die.

>Inb4 reeeee
she won't even talk to me now guys
ive loved her for so long and she wont acknowledge me
is it becasue I was bad at sex? because she feels bad that it was cheating? that she took my v card? whats wrong with me?
She might just be busy :^)
She's with another man right now. You're cheating with her so she's probably cheating on you. Cuck

File: 0075 - AoQ7Dnh.png (84 KB, 706x680)
84 KB
Need I say more?
File: Staz.png (1.12 MB, 1280x720)
1.12 MB
1.12 MB PNG

File: dfasegfwsgwrf.jpg (46 KB, 625x416)
46 KB
Femnormies post ITT why you think you qualify to be a "fembot" even though no such thing exists.
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File: 1368461538514.jpg (77 KB, 320x480)
77 KB

> We're still a privileged lot

First time ive ever seen a femanon finally admit to this during my five years browsing r9k
>socially awkward/anxious/unexperienced
>doesn't know how to do her makeup and dresses weird
>isn't particularly attractive or hasn't learned how to make her looks stand out (ugly duckling syndrome is also a thing with these types)
>low self esttem/depression/mental illness
>either has "nerdy" interests (because 4chan has told her that will make her seem more interesting) or she has no actual interests and just hangs out here
>either somebody fucked her as a kid, emotionally abused her, or she's just a lazy sack of shit

This is an average woman nowadays and why women can't be robots. Even a mentally ill, ugly landwhale can get laid or get into a relationship if she wants. That's just how our society is.

>we're female and the only people who want us just want to fuck us

This isn't true. I've seen insane landwhales get into relationships. Any fucking girl can get into a relationship if they want.
File: Mio_yeah_ok_ep3.png (290 KB, 708x711)
290 KB
290 KB PNG
>23 yo khv
>sa, depression and whatnot
>do nothing but play vidya, browse tumblr and draw

i actually hate all of you but i cant leave this place
>I get boyfriends and I abuse them until they're nervous wrecks, then ditch them.
Please give an example of something abusive you've done. Do you yell at them? Are you very mean?
because i've been coming to 4chan since 2007

also schizophrenic/only leave the house to go to work/zero contact with other humans besides work

Is it possible to increase your scores at IQ tests if you practice or study about it?
1 reply omitted. Click here to view.
intelligence is not something that can actually be measured though so iq tests should not be taken seriously
IQ is a strong predictor of professional and academic success, lifespan, health, and happiness.
You can easily do that, which is why for me IQ tests are bullocks.
kek no i met some stupid beta faggot who bragged about his 150 iq, and he was a ugly autistic 26 year old neet.
I don't why so many people brag or care about IQ.
High IQ doesn't automatically make you intelligent.

>oh hey anon
>no I can't hang out tonight
>Im dog sitting silly! Chad and his family are on vacation right now
>no haha you can't come over
>Ill ttyl friendo :^)
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>Supreme Gentleman
>I dumped a girl for not understanding the Constitution (yet shilling for Obummer), a girl who fucked either is automatically trash.

re up
File: ncfom7.jpg (61 KB, 620x350)
61 KB
if this is true, its autists like you who make this board 10 times more entertainin, never stop posting
Not an autist, I just hate people who talk incessantly about things they know nothing about.
How is that even slightly autistic?

File: 1440701297343.jpg (223 KB, 800x450)
223 KB
223 KB JPG
Can we all just agree that america is a failed experiment and that all these races were never meant to live together?

Where do mixed people go when the race war starts?
13 replies and 1 image omitted. Click here to view.

Colonization of free land and sneaking into a country aren't the same thing.
Hah I'm just kidding. Its a Pixies song.
[citation needed]
Cuba and Malawi

LOL @ the bullshit. Homicides = Reported to the police and investigated by the police.
I love when anon brings up the low murder rates in 3rd world nations with no functional government, governmental services or police force as it is accurate.

File: nuggies.png (131 KB, 422x229)
131 KB
131 KB PNG
My belly is full of Chick-fil-A nuggies. Ask me anything.
10 replies omitted. Click here to view.
I want it in my stomach. they're opening one here soon I think but the lines will be infinite.
deep fried chicken are usually pieces of chicken like breast, legs, wings, and thighs coated in some sort of coating like flour and then deep fried. Chicken tendies are chicken tenders, basically strips of meat without any bones, usually from the breast of the chicken that has a coating similar to fried chicken that is deep fried.
damn that sucks every time I go to chick-fil-a there's always cute girls working there and shit
If you go in-between meal times the lines are probably non-existent.
doubt it, shake shack still has absurd lines and the food there isn't even any good.

File: image.jpg (105 KB, 640x427)
105 KB
105 KB JPG
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>wanting to get married at all
Idiot. The real problem is that she lied by omission about the existence of such video. Had he known about the video he wouldn't get in this relationship in the first place.
>I've always been a lot more open about sex so even if I saw an old video of him I don't think I would have the same reaction he has had.

Ugh why aren't men as understanding as me!!
I don't know what it is about reddit attracting the lowest of low grime out of the cesspool that is tumblr.
kek rebbit down

File: 1426786271650.jpg (8 KB, 250x240)
8 KB
> homeless man begging for food
> shows me his tiny crumpled teen of tuna
> maybe it was cat food
> asks for one dollar so he can buy a bun to go with his cat food
> tell him okay, i wont give him money but i'll buy him food
> go to the nearby corner store
> he doesn't want to go in
> he's old, homeless, and obviously ashamed
> insist he comes in
> "how else can i get you the right bun"
> go in
> do my shopping
> he asks about the bun
> do i know you?
> feel good about the pathetic look of defeat on his face

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
58 replies and 20 images omitted. Click here to view.
File: 1434840148943.jpg (74 KB, 400x387)
74 KB
>all these normie and newshits replies
File: 1440397304241.jpg (19 KB, 225x225)
19 KB
>throw eggs wrapped in bacon at cars in free way from bridge
>nearest exit is 3 miles away
>traffic jam
>people get out of car to yell at me
>laugh and call them faggots
>qt female says she's gonna call the cops and takes her iPhone out to take video/pics of me
>throw eggs at her 'YOU HAVE TO EAT ALL OF THESE EGGS'
>her phone falls and breaks
>she bursts into tears
>feel satisfied and ride bike back home
File: shulk pepe.png (1.06 MB, 1195x1151)
1.06 MB
1.06 MB PNG
>old woman customer at work having a hard time getting to her car
>tell her I'll assist her in putting away groceries
>put everything away
>"Thank you young man, you have a wonderful day"
>ignore her and have a terrible day instead
Bitch got what she deserved. Fucking normies.
>unbearable urge to piss on and break everything in most public bathrooms i go to
>if the door locks, it's really on
>leave water on with drain clogged when i walk out

take that wage slaves

File: RTR3BIZ2.jpg (62 KB, 600x400)
62 KB
What are some of the most autistic things you like doing?

I like to watch long videos on YouTube of train journeys shot from the front and pretend I'm the driver.
11 replies and 1 image omitted. Click here to view.
I like to play Minecraft
You definitely belong here
Since I was a kid I would kill my boredom while in car with remembering number plates of other cars, remembering their color, the type of car...
Now I know about 50 thousand car numbers and every now and then go "hehe I know that car"
I did this few times with people while in bus during highschool(remember their facial features, body type...) and I would smile to them whenever I met them in city and then remember that they dont know me...so I stopped remembering people, now I do just numbers
I like to record NPCs in a game. I don't know why.
Thanks for your approval anon

File: 1433099140658.gif (51 KB, 500x376)
51 KB
How's it going anons?
37 replies and 6 images omitted. Click here to view.
I dunno man. I would love for her to be my gf but her being in non-eu makes it difficult for her to visit and me going there is also difficult

Shes so qt it hurts, she is conservative and wears sun dresses
My dad offered to send me back because hes so desperate for me to get a gf
That 1 vote for having had gf is me and for the record I'm a virgin
was she really your gf then?
Do it you faggot.
It was only for a week and she was on her period that week, she did offer sex, but I was like "eww, let's wait a week", then she moved away. I have the worst luck
I'm going to miss the motorcycles that pass by my street. I'm going to miss the revving of their godforsaken engines. I hope I ride one before I'm twenty and I hope that I'll be a kind girl.

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