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File: drug feels.png (191 KB, 282x526)
191 KB
191 KB PNG
crappy oc edition

last thread: >>50431769
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Yeah I snorted meth off a hand dryer in the bathroom at work once
Smoke more weed
File: 1546660959839.jpg (84 KB, 1077x1053)
84 KB
why do i need alcohol, heroin, or lsd to have a good time?
What do you mean strain

make sure its got at least some THC in it and stay away from gummies or candies, better to get a single dose edible like a pot brownie or firecracker
you've been on reddit haven't you. it'll literally only make you puke if you're the hugest pussy on this planet.
Robotripping out my gobbler rn with my autistic brother on enough addy to kill a horse. Who else is /comfy/.

File: new-client-slide.jpg (470 KB, 1200x469)
470 KB
470 KB JPG
If you're interested in an /r9k/ podcast, read on.

>Purchased various pieces of audio equipment throughout the years
>Decide to start archiving the places I frequent in an audio series, to preserve my memories of them for when I no longer come here
>Wrangle together roughly 40+ /r9k/ users in order to interview them in a series
>Publish "Episode 0", an introduction episode getting a lot of my opinions/views out of the way so I don't waste time during interviews talking about myself
>Tons of positive feedback despite fucking up the audio
>Recorded the first guest for the first episode this morning, second guest tomorrow

>Perpetually need backup guests, please contact me using info in the next post if interested
>Always looking to support /r9k/ artists, any visuals/music will be used and given credit
>Bumping the thread

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I've been told it was an issue uploading but it works fine for me and most of the people I've been corresponding with. A /g/ person gave me a decent explaination for the selective reasoning behind it and going forward all episodes should be functional
gotcha. Well I'll look out for your future threads and give a listen when you get it worked out
Thank you! It means a lot. Next should be out next week.
you probably have surround sound headphones so you have a mono feed from your mic being played surround which gives you the illusion of it being stereo.

If thats the case you need to double up the feed to be stereo either in your video software by putting two tracks with one gated to the left and one gated to the right or you use your audio mixer program like voicemeeter to double up the feed into both the left and right channels to make it stereo.

You can tell its a mono feed if you have surround sound headphones by looking at banana when you run your mic through it and see one one of the sides of the bar light up instead of both like in the picture
you might also have to enable the stereo part in the master section.

im not sure if that also effects the mic input itself or makes it so it matches what you hear in your headphones instead of just feeding you back the mono mic feed even though youre actually transmitting a stereo mic feed.

what kind of hairstyles do femanons have
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Here's an actually pretty lady.
No u dont, finding stray hairs on everything would get really annoying
i have big wavy black hair
is this good enough 4 u
File: 1368545809970.gif (786 KB, 240x228)
786 KB
786 KB GIF
Ew, gross. Terrible nose.
Easy enough to deal with. Leave my own hairs errywhere, too.

Wavy is good. But it's got to be long, and it's got to actually be on a biological female, anon.

File: 1543585992432m.jpg (79 KB, 1024x853)
79 KB
Got issues? Need someone to talk to? Want to try and help someone else? Come post in the thread. All are welcome.
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If you're going to do this, reap the benefits as hard as you can, do a bunch of research on a serious mental illness if you don't already have one, I recommend schizophrenia what I can give you some tips on as I legitimately have it, go in more than once, keep faking it even outside of the ward in therapy, make sure your psychiatrist and therapist have a good record of your new mental illness, and then, the best part, apply for disability, they won't accept you the first time so you may need to apply multiple times, if you go apply fir disability an get denied more than 5 times, then your fucked so make sure you are very convincing, they won't give you disability just for suicide ideatuon and depression, you have to actually seem unemployable, maybe unsafe to workers, unstable, or, nit th preferred method, but physically disabled, ie. Missing a limb.
Any questions, for example, seeming authentic in your mental illnesses, ask me
I remember wanting to kill myself at 5/6 or at least considering it. Wasn't like I was depressed, just bored of existing. Coll to know someone else out there with similar shit.

Didn't actually try until I was 14, then I wasn't tooo depressed for a while. Nearly pulled it off early last year though but a friend caught me and now everyone knows.
Well this is interesting. How much could I get per month? I already suspect I'm "mildly" schizophrenic (occasional auditory hallucinations, a few memorable times in my life where I had visual). I was going to check myself in because I want to kill myself, but should I play this up instead? How much "acting" is necessary? How bad do my symptoms have to be before I get neetbux? Would having legitimate depression and anxiety disorders help my case?
I'm going to go see a psychiatrist for the first time soon. Should be interesting.
How do I know if I'm really depressed or just lazy?

Instead of walking 200m to the supermarket I just don't eat

File: 1541663326121.png (333 KB, 506x712)
333 KB
333 KB PNG
Why are nonwhites refered to as "people"? There not even human....
To be fair, neither are you. Only 18th-century polymaths are truly human.
We know, but we have to be kind.

File: 1546666328962.jpg (159 KB, 1200x1148)
159 KB
159 KB JPG
Lets discuss mommy gfs! Who here has one? Who here wants one? Share your stories as well as tips and tricks.
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okay, i think i qualify. i just imagined my boyfriend calling me mommy and it made me feel giddy. now how do i get him to actually call me mommy? do you think asking straightforward will come off as too weird?
Post contact info if you want something to happen
Initiate sex one night, but take the dominant role. Have him nurse on you while you jack him off. Sweet talk in his ear and say things like -mommy loves you- and -does this feel good, baby?-Introduce it slowly and soon youll be a mommy gf!
if a guy has a gf already, chances are he will be repulsed by mommy gf shit. women just aren't programmed to be attracted to men like us.

do you jerk off to these?
Absolutely, I don't see how average Stacy can be seen as mom, she has to be atleast 10 years older, bonus points for being taller and having a big ass(these things can let me forget about no age difference), man I seriously gotta get my mommy mistress on high calorie diet, she is too slim.

What conspiracy theories do you enjoy discussing, anon? My favourite as of recent has been the theories surrounding John D. Rockefeller.
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File: 1538052651296.jpg (28 KB, 225x350)
28 KB
What you call pedophilia has been normal and legal for millennia

The only brainwashed dumbass here is you.

There is absolutely nothing more logical about an 18 year old age of consent than a 13 or 14 year old one
>elvis and 2pac
>michelle penis
those are not conspiracy theories those are memes.
>climate change
there are theories like simple change of climate according to natural sun cycles and changes in the earth's temperature, i find it hard to believe such a thing is done on purpose.

Here's a nice theory though, Antarctic nazi subterranean base sending flying saucers around the world and in general having superior technology, the fun fact is that it's not so improbable.

I'm pretty old fashioned and I still reckon they're hiding either alien tech or some other advanced shit in Area 51.
File: 343737543.png (614 KB, 1241x981)
614 KB
614 KB PNG
You do NOT understand anon.
Climate change happens on a scale far greater than the human lifespan, thats why I said "accelerating" climate change, which is the conspiracy here, as they are accelerating emissions from the businesses they own
But hey, at least all the NPCs are busy recycling, that'll sure put global warming to a stop even though over 70% of greenhouse gas emissions are from industry.

File: images (18).jpg (14 KB, 236x355)
14 KB
How willing are you to put in as much effort as possible into a relationship. Are you willing to support them emotionally regardless of circumstances? Do you expect them to do the same?
18 replies and 3 images omitted. Click here to view.
i will gladly put in 9/10 effort but expecting unconditional support in either direction is frankly unreasonable regardless of the fact that i as someone who is a typical autistic imageboarder wouldn't be capable of dealing with it in the first place
i wouldn't expect anyone to put up with my inflicting myself upon them if i somehow got really bad, similarly. my mom's friend's daughter is hopelessly addicted to cocaine, for instance. if they let her back in her home she steals things to sell and if they ever give her money she uses it to buy drugs. she's been through half a dozen different rehab programs. she's had periods of sobriety longer than a year, but always comes back to it. what can i do for a person like that? i believe her mother loves her and wishes there were something she could do, but there's just nothing
I dated one girl who lived 250-300 miles away who I would drive to see every weekend just to spend as much time with her as possible.

I dated another girl who lived 20 minutes away and we'd hang out about once a month if she called me and asked to come over.

I've had a full NEET girl live with me over a summer and would secretly buy her things I thought she'd like when we went shopping together on my days off.

I shared a house with a different girl and eventually resented that she wanted me to go with her to the store when she could've done that shit on her own while I was at work, but was fucking up my free time.

When you're with the right person, the amount of work required will usually feel like no effort at all... and when you do notice, you'll be confident that it's worth it.
>eventually resented that she wanted me to go with her to the store when she could've done that shit on her own while I was at work
Is this something that would bother most people? I'm afraid to leave the house by myself and always need someone to go with me. I hate that it would ruin things with a partner. Were you in love with this girl and would you have been okay with it if she needed your help and had no choice?
See the immediately preceding paragraph of the one you quoted.

Different person, different relationship, different reaction.

And in the NEET case, yeah, she had a few issues that made her unable to work or drive, and she was unlikely to go anywhere by herself even if she could have due to anxiety.

But when I did force her to put on clothes and go with me, eventually the anxiety simmered down and whatever outing was exciting and appreciated.

Meanwhile, the girl from the part you quoted was fully capable of doing that shit herself. And it would have been more efficient if she'd just asked me to stop at the store and pick stuff up on my way home from work. And then we could have still gone out together on the weekends and done something not mundane... oh, except she never wanted to go with me to see a film or whatever AND then bring up later that I went without her to the thing she didn't want to do. In retrospect, maybe I should have dragged her out to do things, too, but she did not add to my enjoyment and was just a bottomless pit.
i have no idea what the fuck "emotional support" means, how to do it, or why you would need it

File: 1546994711252.png (6 KB, 350x350)
6 KB
>face when
>no cute puppy boy boyfriend who's extremely clingy
13 replies omitted. Click here to view.
What makes you think you're going to find that on 4chan?
File: 1547245692869.jpg (129 KB, 670x960)
129 KB
129 KB JPG
I'l lbe your clingy bf if you want :)
Yeah unfortunately I'm aware of those. Thanks for the encouraging words femanon, you seem alright.
File: 1547216115959.png (40 KB, 895x684)
40 KB
>tfw no bbc addicted gf
This. It's a fantasy and if it happened irl she'd immediately find it weird and off-putting and not be into it.

File: 1507243553654.webm (296 KB, 640x360)
296 KB
You get to fuck your favorite porn star, but the catch is that it's immediately after a scene, with no cleanup. Would you?
Yes. That bitch has no STD's so cares.

File: a28.png (439 KB, 1484x2152)
439 KB
439 KB PNG
Are there any correlation between political affiliation and type, ISTP Libertarian Right here, list yours and lets shitpost about it like usual, I guess.
332 replies and 79 images omitted. Click here to view.
And Im afraid you are the only philistine here if you think our current situation is not a disaster
File: quake ranger bed.png (313 KB, 500x500)
313 KB
313 KB PNG
ENTJ, and I'm a mainstream liberal who mostly subscribes to the ideology because the feminization of society is inevitable and I see no point in pointlessly fighting a losing battle for conservatism in the big culture war boomers and SJWs are waging, especially when my time is so valuable.

Besides, with technology going down the path that it is, who knows what'll happen in the next 100+ years? Anybody who thinks today's politics are really going to matter that much is delusional.
>Special snowflake.
I know what I think is right and value personal liberties but since I live in a heavily polarized bipartisan political environment I can't really fit them into a singular framework becuase something that's important to me is always left out. Overall I guess I'm somewhat right leaning libertarian when it comes to people's personal every day lives and immediate personal properties but when it comes to certain elements of government policy like healthcare and when property goes beyond the individual and becomes a corprate entity unto itself I'm more authoritarian. I know that seems contradictory and infringes on some liberties but I hold these views becuase ultimately I still want to maximize opportunity by providing the greatest means for the greatest number of people to persue their interests without unnecessary burdens. That said gun rights are a hard line in the sand for me and I view more libertine forms of sexuality with a measure of distaste simply becuase I've seen it hurt a lot of people including those who practice it so people would probably view me as generally conservative despite my economic views.
Same. Todays politics are mostly just a little shitshow for people who have nothing to do in life to keep themselves busy with. Its all about emotions, there is no actual physical consequence of any of it. I have not felt any change in my life because of it, if you did its because you seek it out intentionally so you can have fights over it. Thats what its all about, emotions. I dont do that shit.
Absolutely based and redpiIIed

File: based and redpilled.jpg (214 KB, 1280x900)
214 KB
214 KB JPG
>it's a listen to the same few songs over and over all day and do nothing else episode

File: 1547563782918.jpg (70 KB, 758x960)
70 KB
What's the most unscientific thing you believe in?
205 replies and 15 images omitted. Click here to view.
Good and evil are real. But only comprehensible in hind-sight. The world consists of various principles embodied in distinct types of people struggling against each other and their selves for self-actualization.
Stochastic processes? Well I don't know anything about that, maybe I will do eventually since I'm studying astrophysics at the moment. But what I do certainly know about is sociology and marxist dialectic materialism, which this subject happens to fall under.
polytheism, gods are technically just aliens though
also "spirits" I guess though that's a shit way to describe them, but I have seen and felt them before so even if it's not scientific it isn't for no reason
I think a cardboard print out of an iron kiteshield and a fake scimitar would be the best halloween costume ever. ty. (im 31) lol.
eternal recurrence. the end of the universe is the eginning of the universe and all phenomen is like interwoven in a helix and junk so if the cause and effect bundle of me typing this post is absolutely vital to the progression of space and time in a deterministic mumbo jumbo.

Hello anons welcome to another creative thread

Post your creations (of any kind) here and I'll review them.

Here's my first album; https://soundcloud.com/user-262160346/sets/endless-always
4 replies omitted. Click here to view.
shilling my shit
im sorry

music is emotions, same as painting. that's all I gotta say.

Stop trolling and fuck off my thread you faggot. Get a life.
I like what you have so far, do you have any full songs or just demos?
no full songs

Wednesday censored thread.
12 replies and 8 images omitted. Click here to view.

becquerel made something similar to this for 2017 and I noticed there wasn't one for 2019 yet. decided to make my own, you guys are welcome to follow along too. no images to go with but if anyone here wants to put together something then please do
I would use censors with black bars for the OP image. The thumbnail doesn't make it obvious and people might be overlooking the thread because of it.
File: 1534394452703.jpg (310 KB, 850x1202)
310 KB
310 KB JPG
>"sub" in a previous thread begs me to own them, even wants me to findom them
>add them on Kik
>they spend the entire day messaging me about how excited they are and how much they hope it becomes a long-term arrangement
>fucks off *the next day* because an old dom contacted them

I fucking hate useless timewasters.
File: 44.png (852 KB, 1131x1600)
852 KB
852 KB PNG
This thread is a useless timewaster

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