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File: 77f.png (247 KB, 600x903)
247 KB
247 KB PNG
>NOOOOOOOOOOO what do you mean you spent your 20's dating like a normal human being instead of gaming and forming a porn addiction you USED GOODS WHORE ROAST
But he is right though?
Nice strawman, your used cunt would still not consider average dudes
Its not a straw man though is it. People who spend all day sat in their mums box room cooming and refreshing pol all day are probably rotten to the core and deranged
Or maybe you're just a terrible person for even thinking this stuff up.

Let's see them stats:

>m or f
>body count
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File: 4eviv4.png (322 KB, 1024x1024)
322 KB
322 KB PNG
do you want to be my light-dommy mommy?
Please be in the UK, specifically south east
Fetish is my wizard apprenticeship.
Way too many normalfags gtfo. This shit ain't even funny anymore.

>he left me for stacy
i knew no one could ever love a femcel
You just need to lose weight
>Chad left me for a stacy
You get what you deserve, whore (male).
Seriously though why do you trannies larp as women?
The old me would've shit on you for being a woman and made fun of your suffering, but I just don't give a fuck anymore. Sorry that happened to you, we don't deserve to suffer.
its oki u got this girl ur probably hot af

>one chance at life
>short (5'2)
>born in a white country

Why does God hate me so much?
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6ft is not enough anymore. Now these whores want you to be 6ft 2.
pretty much this. don't worry op, next life you might be born a pajeet.
do you as least have an attractive face?
cant you read? he said asian
I was told I look cute once by an older girl. But she had a chad bf so it didn't go anywhere.

File: 1632414592116.jpg (82 KB, 725x1024)
82 KB
I should not be working as a middle school teacher.
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I don't think there were any complicates background checks I'm from eastern Europe.
File: 1561420554833.jpg (162 KB, 657x1000)
162 KB
162 KB JPG
Here is some more Shimakaze for you anon
File: what.jpg (17 KB, 353x332)
17 KB
Then why did you apply to be one?
What about a Trap/Femboy Shimakaze?
gross. pls. die i hope they fire ur pedo ass

File: Capybara.jpg (136 KB, 815x746)
136 KB
136 KB JPG
>at work
>Always in ear shot of a guy on his break trying to talk to girls out of country or half a country away
>Hear his verbal frustration when he reads texts he doesn't like followed by total insincere response via voice clip or whatever
>Always asking girls for voice clips
>Hear him say he's never had a GF
Why can't he just understand it's over for people like us. What is his plan with someone in Germany or Texas? What does he really hope to achieve? It's never going to work. His personality is not one anyone likes. Neither is mine but I guess I don't pester people for voice clips. I just have to wonder how much pain he's in that he can't understand why it'll never be. It's obvious from the outside
My friend is going to south america to meet some whore from a third world shithole, and he seems so happy, he doesn't realize he's only being used for a free green card. It's so sad seeing these type of men, it's like they lack self awareness.
It's almost childish. Like I heard him say there's a girl in Texas that he cares a lot about and they both like animals. C'mon man. What the fuck is going on in there? Don't you see the difference between how you feel at their responses and how you actually respond? I don't understand how people lack self awareness.
Literally what zero pussy does to a MF. He is willing to believe hardcore that this is real because he probably hasn't had much experience, so doesn't know that this is actually a really shit idea.
What? Zero pussy made me unable to believe there is hope and I gave up on women. So why would zero pussy make him desperate?
It's scary, sometimes I truly believe the npc meme, these men are guided by biological impulses and not rational thought.

Anyone else together with someone you met through 4chan? Tell me your stories!
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imagine meeting someone from this hellish websiote
>inciting normalfags to blogpost
Why would you do this OP?
No, but a girl I met here broke my heart by ghosting me right before we were going to meet up.
It is definitely not normalfag to edate someone you met on 4chan who most likely has at least 10 mental illnesses
Fuck im sorry to hear that
>he doesn't realise /r9k/ is full of normalfags now
Only the normalfags on here date each other. You're deluded if you haven't realised this yet.

Does top-tier bussy break a man as much as top-tier pussy does?
wouldnt know
try it, the worst thing that could happen is aids and tapeworms crawling up your penis

>gf gets you a watch for your birthday
>a fucking watch
>a g shock watch
>never worn a watch in my life

Not even shallow or ungrateful but a fucking watch? It's like she didn't give a fuck and just bought the most fucking basic thing you could get someone, a watch, a fucking g shock watch, what the fuck? I've completely lost all interest for this woman, her lack of creativity and bland taste disgusts me. I mean, she's a pretty basic bitch (22 and still wears uggs) so I should be surprised, but a fucking watch? Seriously? A watch? When I never wear watches? It's like buying your girlfriend some flowers and a box of chocolate from walmart for valentines, that's how basic that is, no thought process behind her decision, a fucking watch, get the fuck out of here.

I want my arthoe NOW.
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Leave this board you Chadfaggot.
just wear it and appreciate it, dont be a dick over something small, i often ended relationships over small things like this and i regret it
appreciate she got you anything at all or even remembered
Low standards virgin nigger bitch

>wearing autism watches

I'd rather wear one of those ben10 watches before wearing autism watches

If I was a chad I wouldn't be dating some basic bitch who wears uggs in her 20s, I'd be dating some cute petite girl from art school.
guys cmon dont reply to this shit i know you guys are dumb but
they're autism watches because they're legitimately good watches. Wear the autism watch, anon. Free yourself from retarded normalfag fashion concerns.

File: I've fallen.jpg (37 KB, 690x388)
37 KB
I used to be the one who was the most productive. For only one year in a life that is filled with laziness, though, but still I was that person. I'm not anymore. In fact, I'm pretty much known as the failure at this point.

My friends laugh at me and tell me how vile I am. They aren't wrong, it's actually an achievement for me to shower consistently. I don't tell them that what they say hurts though, because they are the only friends I have, and we genuinely do have fun times mostly.

I sleep at 4AM and wake at noon. I eat too much, to the point of being obese. I'm a NEET, and not proud of it, I am terrible with personal hygiene, I don't know how to socialize beside people of internet and my friends, 0 self-control, 0 motivation, and I've tried so many times to turn this around.

I can't imagine myself as anything other than a depressed, alcoholic, stoner in 3-4 years.

I feel it may be too late for me. I'm not depressed, I have fun on a daily basis. But when I'm alone, that shit hits hard. I even sometimes think about me dying or suicide and what not. I'm never gonna do it, because I don't know what my future entails. However, it seems hella bleak.

Anyone else?
I feel your pain. I have felt what it is like to be a nobody - both to yourself and to others. I know what it's like.

Life can kick you in the balls pretty hard and you seem to have been kicked. When that happens it can feel like the only that ever was and ever will be is the pain. You don't see how it will get better. You are anxious it will get worse.

But that passes. Your mood can spontaneously improve drasticly. Life has ups and dows - you need to learn to ride the waves. Better yet, you need to learn how to fight for what you want regardless. Moods are truly a distraction, euphoria and depression are disturbingly alike in some sense.

Don't panic. You have identified plenty things wrong with your life. Start fixing them - one by one. It's an adventure, and you can only come as better out of it. It's difficult, takes a shitload of time - but it's worth it. You need to get up and fight back to life. What the fuck else are you going to do? Sit down, cry, be depressed, and waste your time feeling like shit? Or will you get up and fight, to the most of your capabilites, for what you want and what you believe in?

Ditch your cunt friends that are abusing you - you don't need assholes right now in your life.

Stop giving a fuck about what others think, sure you're a disgusting mess. But almost everyone is - people are just good at hiding and lying. Focus on yourself. You need to fix what YOU think about yourself - not what irrelevant cunts think about you.

You say that you tried many times, but so what? Is that an excuse not to keep trying even if that means trying until you drop dead?

You're a NEET of course you're going to be unmotivated. You have nothing going for you. Fixing personal hygiene is easy - if you're sweating a lot and smell bad - a 5 minutes shower every day with a shower gel is truly doable. It is LITERALLY 5 minutes. Look up "navy shower".
Find something to do. Stop being a NEET ASAP. Write down some goals - make a plan for what you want. If you don't know what you want - read up on great people a see if any of it sounds like an adventure to you. That's a sign. Look up RIASEC career tests - find out whether you can learn about yourself that way.

Go lookup "industry classifications" and / or "job classifications" and see if anything sounds interesting to you. That's a sign. Take a personality test, or read about various ways personality is modeled - think about where you fall on the various spectrums. Google what careers would be a good fit for a certain personality trait. See if anything rings a bell - that's a sign. Think about peak experiences in your life - experiences of flow. Those are a sign.

Regarding drugs - alcohol, weed let alone anything stronger.

> D O N O T F U C K A R O U N D W I T H T H A T S H I T

My rule of thumb is - once a month. Get drunk once a month, and get high once a month. Everything beyond that is very risky. But you have to find your own balance.

If you're having suicidal thoughts, look up online for self help depression CBT workbooks and start reading them.


That is so important. Because if your mental health is shot - you truly are hopeless unless it gets fixed. So do NOT fuck around with it or avoid educating yourself about steps you can take.

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.

File: pajeet.jpg (236 KB, 1242x1888)
236 KB
236 KB JPG
why are pajeets the most useless race of humans alive? we should have nuked them all before they fled their shit-covered countries
4 replies omitted. Click here to view.
i'd rather be called names by some anon than be part of a race that shits in their own streets lol
Not funny but still laughed. Cheer up anon.
i'm happy every day, pajeet, because i wasn't born an indian lol
>be indian
>created an ancient civilisation that is longer then the entire history of western europe
>create bhuddism and influence the entire world
>create philosophy so advanced that even the best philosophers' from the west admire it
Thank god im indian.
File: 1605229994691.jpg (8 KB, 280x180)
8 KB
>ancient civilization that got absolutely curbstomped by some islanders who enjoy tea a bit too much
>irrelevant pacifist religion that conquered nothing
>wrote some sex book that some people find funny

File: 1506675502850.png (365 KB, 450x440)
365 KB
365 KB PNG
Boys hurting edition.

Previous: >>65819252
316 replies and 33 images omitted. Click here to view.
File: 1607987905071.gif (208 KB, 312x322)
208 KB
208 KB GIF
>wake up erect but also wanting to take a shit
>go into the bathroom, take my pants off and wait for my dick to go flaccid so I can take a shit
>get half flaccid
>see my cute half-erect cock bouncing around in the mirror
>get hard again
god I wish there were two of me so I could fuck myself
Take it down a notch there, Narcissus.
>he erps
>overslept AGAIN
fuck this
>tfw no electronics bf to talk to sometimes

File: nice balls nigga.png (1.77 MB, 1536x1613)
1.77 MB
1.77 MB PNG
how do men get this way (pic related)?
9 replies and 1 image omitted. Click here to view.
>lol you have pics of trannies making fun of trannies
>has a tranny anime avatar pic
How many sisters do you have? Once read that being brought up in an environment with a prominent female presence tends to bring about such urges.
that sounds like my upbringing yes
I have 3 sisters so....
and my mother was definitely the more defining figure during childhood, dad always busy with work
Disillusionment and rejection from women, and desperation. I almost went gay when I was 20 when a girl broke my heart, but never quite went through with anything irl since it kind of disgusted me. Ngl it felt nice to have tons of guys desperate to fuck you though when you were so used to being completely ignored and rejected by women all your life. Now I'm balding and hairy though so I could never be a decent sissy again. Never considered taking the tranny pill though, even at my gayest because I'd rather be an incel than a tranny abomination. If I had been given a pill at the time though that could make me a biological woman I would've taken it.

File: 107.png (645 KB, 1280x720)
645 KB
645 KB PNG
you see women as objects, not people, that's why you're an incel
1 reply omitted. Click here to view.
im an incel because i dont understand how to have conversations, therefore i can not even begin the first step in having sex
Nope, it's the exact opposite. Our mistake was pretending that women are actual people. All of us would have been more successful with the knowledge we have now.
bastey trips brother
Women treat men like objects and Chad like a human.
It doesn't matter how many people you call incel, she isn't gonna fuck you, bro.

What do you all smoke here, it at all? My go-to is Parliament if I have the money.
38 replies and 14 images omitted. Click here to view.
I haven't smoked meth but I'd do it over cigarettes, just because they're milder doesn't mean I can't find them unbearable.
File: 1630701245238.gif (74 KB, 1000x327)
74 KB
I'm 50 days smoke free. Took me more than a year to quit.
It's very hard to quit when you are hooked. So if you're a casual smoker, just stop or you will suffer like me.
>not smoking based handrolled cigarettes with premium tobacco
it's like you want a shitty smoke
File: smok.gif (689 KB, 279x279)
689 KB
689 KB GIF
I smoke marb reds, easily the best and most classic, there's a reason why they are every 14 year old's first pack

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