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File: 1642727581994.jpg (82 KB, 931x1122)
82 KB
Crushing Saturday posting on 4chan edition
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File: 1668116083922127.png (82 KB, 350x230)
82 KB
Would...nope...would, would, no,tattoo would kill my vibe but I'd try
Carabao Cup might be the most pointless sponsorship ever. It's been there for years and I've never seen anyone drink it. Don't even remember seeing it in shops.
Got a cold...Might be the end for me...
Gotten up me have i not

Phwoar me finger hurts like shidd
ruth sucking off her boyfriend

"Trauma dumping" is a retarded phrase and I will never take it seriously. If your friend opens up to you about something serious, and the first thing you think about is "UGH stop trauma dumping on meee," then you're just a shit friend.
Hell this isn't even because of some personal event, I just cannot fathom not hearing out someone you consider a close friend. People do shit like this and wonder why they have no meaningful relationships in their lives.
true, i think it becomes a problem when the only type of conversation you have to with your friend is them or you venting. in that case its just trauma dumping and sure friends should help eachother mentally but they shouldnt your therapist and you shouldnt be theirs.
It's just a feminist term to combat the trend of men getting soft and wanting to walk away from male gender roles of having to bottle up emotions and not be able to express them. Women realized that if taken at face value, feminist ideals imply that women should listen to men whine and should accept men who complain and express emotions and weakness. Since even feminist women are chadsexual bitches, they invented the idea of trauma dumping to get mad at any men who open up and stop being stoic traditionally masculine men
this is why I hate 4chan you guys are literally misogynistic like it's not a gender issue but then you talk like it is
It's not misogynist to point out reality. It just IS a gender issue. Women traditionally get to express emotions and men don't. Women, no matter how much they want to enjoy freedom from tradition themselves, fucking HATE the idea of men escaping from tradition. So they do things like this

It's very misandrist of you to not accept criticism of female double standards. Men won't keep putting up with this shit forever and men are justified in being enraged at women because of this. Fuck your disgusting female double standards and fuck your delegitimization of male loved experiences and suffering

neet and video game player
I was diagnosed with autism
for 3 years I have been out of employment
I have never had a girlfriend or a friend group or anything like that at all

File: gogog.jpg (97 KB, 980x653)
97 KB
Anyone else pretend you're performing in front of your old high school whenever you listen to music?

File: file.png (1.39 MB, 1179x1215)
1.39 MB
1.39 MB PNG
Is Twitter still a leftist stronghold? This surprised me.
>right wing
this is so dumb
>Twitter isn't one person
Fuck you and your time waisting thread nigger
File: 1708620526656.jpg (62 KB, 640x867)
62 KB
>Is Twitter still a leftist stronghold?
Twitter is more racist and right wing than 4chan these days.

File: 1708662231486226.jpg (323 KB, 1440x1080)
323 KB
323 KB JPG
r9gay anime edition
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I can appreciate good design but when it comes to drinks or especially food i couldn't care less how it looks or how it's served. All i care about is how it tastes.

I'm annoyed by someone mentioning how they didn't like how fucking plates and glasses looked. What a pointless observation.
wow you're a lonely loser with no friends and no one wants to talk to you no matter what the fuck you do please let me come here and tell you about how many friends I have and how many dicks I suck please please please!!!!! you have to know!!!!!!!!!!!! Fix that attitude you have an attitude problem you have to listen in detail about how I had my asshole stretched by a 12" cock
What is nasty about not wanting to hear others gloat about something that is painful to you to hear about? Especially in a space that's meant for people who struggle with that sorxificy rhing. Try harder.
File: IMG_20240225_155013_931.jpg (141 KB, 1280x1280)
141 KB
141 KB JPG
Lmao cry more faggot cry till you drown
It reads like some doujinshi written by a teenager

So, can urkels only attract single moms in their 30s and 40s?
That's largely been my experience
speaking as an urkel, the single moms want thugged out blacks. we strike out with most women. sometimes I get a colored hair white chick interested because I look "safe". and she probably got abused by thugs for years. I don't want leftovers or projects, so I don't care about single moms or mentally ill BPDs.
Define an "Urkel":
Urkels hate single moms the most

File: 028w.png (451 KB, 750x720)
451 KB
451 KB PNG
look, i do like being able to rest as much as i want and the freetime, but i'm always and i do mean always, scared to death, because i really wanted to a job, i do believe being a wageslave IS terrible, but never having that buying power is terryifing, it's not only scaring me but i'm already having nightmares with it
to make everything worse, i never had a job nor i can't get a job even if my life depends on it, i can't drive because i have no driver's license/vehicle, i seen the neets of this board making the neet life the best life, but i'm always scared, and i can't get a job even if i tried, and i did tried, but i got ghosted in every interview i ever been
i have no future nor nothing to live for, and i see nothing but death and homeless for me
the moment you start wageslaving you'll want to go back to being a neet and just being able to get by with minimal food and buying power will seem perfectly enough
>i have no future nor nothing to live for, and i see nothing but death and homeless for me
homelessness awaits me if i don't get accepted for NEET-bux. i've had about 14 jobs in my life and i'm 23 and been fired from a good majority of them. i applied for about 25 jobs last year and heard back from 2. thankfully i've been diagnosed with bipolar, GAD and MDD, but idk man- they may deny SSI. fuck this bullshit
how certain are you?
like, sure, having freetime is good for all the neets, but i still think having buying power is very important in life, but it happens that i'm fucked either, i can't get a job nor make any money, and i already been ghosted in every interview i ever been, i'm always scared of that because i was already supposed to be independent and be able to sustain myself, but how i'm supposed to do the shit i can't get NO JOBS? i always survive in fear, i can't even do youtube anymore

Captcha: PNXM

my male friend says he masturbates to my dick pics
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might go on a walk today and maybe I'll buy some salty chips
Almost to 200 !!!
how should we celebrate when we hit 200?
Idk more sleep I guess?
I have to give now

File: 1517363946422.gif (2.51 MB, 360x360)
2.51 MB
2.51 MB GIF
>Start balding at the age of 17
>took my dumbass two fucking years to notice and I go nuclear demanding something to be done by my parents after the usual "OH ITS JUST DIET :)" and "You get it from ur moms side of da family!" drivel
>Mom wanted to take me to an endocrinologist first to "make sure nothings medically wrong with you teeheehee!" even despite the fact this same shit has happened for every first born male in my dads lineage
>takes weeks to seem him in my hick ridden shithole, and 6 FUCKING MONTHS to run the "tests"
>hormones are normal(wow who could've guessed?)
>start finasteride and minoxidil mixture after finally being cleared to see the dermatologist
>almost immediate improvements which continue throughout the year
>no side effects
>after getting my life entirely fucked from moving and other things my hair rapidly starts shedding again
>the finasteride's probably lost its efficacy
>have to wait to see yet another dermatologist
>he just prescribes more finasteride ignoring the fact I was already on it and losing ground again
>see him 6 months later(SURPRISE NO FUCKING IMPROVEMENT)
>he finally prescribes a topical dutasteride mix

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
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File: 1691762921058590.jpg (860 KB, 1080x6127)
860 KB
860 KB JPG
There is one other solution left.
Stop complaining to women about it. Stop listening to women about it. They don't know shit, they haven't a clue. All you are going to do is frustrate yourself with their stupid advice

Truth is, you can't stop it. You can take drugs to slow it for a while, but it will not last. There isn't anything you can do

I'm not going to tell you to just man up and blah blah blah, because you guys are in your teens and early to mid 20's when this shit matters the most. Don't listen to retards that call you a pussy for caring. You are not. It sucks, it really does. There is no downplaying it

The ONLY thing you can do is cut your hair in a style that suits it, and wait until you are around 30 to where your baby face is gone and you have matured, and you will look more masculine and manly. Lift weights. Get fit. You don't want to be fat and bald. You don't want to be bald and a weak looking pansy. You are going to be bald, you can't change that, but you can change this. If you are going to be bald, then if you don't look masculine you are gonna look pitiful. You can pull it off. Stop caring about women right now, forget about friends taking the piss out of you, just focus on yourself and you will grow into it. Even if you are not the best looking, you will still pull that masculine look of you work on it

Listen to me. For your own sake. There is no point dwelling on things you cannot change. You can grieve over it, sure, but you have to move on and accept it
cope advice and only works out well for a select percentage of people who bald young
almost no young women would PREFER a bald guy especially if they look young and skull shape is important
I went bald at 17 in high school and I already had a big forehead before then so now I have this mega gay alien skull that's probably pointy enough to poke a hole in reality
also have baby face and I'm not able to grow a beard
0 interest from girls from then on but within the last year I started wearing a hat and girls have actually came up to talk to me in public
very blacmpilling but I don't want to be a hat fisher so I turn them down
>hair recedes badly james cage style at 22
>go on a diet
>go back to my kpop hair
I have bested twink death. in fact I've experienced twink rebirth. Except I'm covered in hair like a neandarthal. but at least I'm not blad
Just shave your head and go for the bald look. I am on vacation in Cuba and plenty of handsome good looking bald men who wear it well.

A couple of weeks ago I did my first patroll by myself as a police officer.
I was sitting outside a mall parkinglot in my squad car checking out peoples daughters as I noticed a so called interacial couple walk outside the mall. I noticed to things about this abomination of a couple, the first was how sexy the girl was, she looked very young couldn't be any older than late teens she was wearing tights that showed off her overdeveloped ass hips and thighs, I mean she had a HUGE ASS and when I say a HUGE ASS I mean HUUUGE, like one of those tik tok asses, although she was small and quite short maybe 5'3" 125 lbs. I did however find it quite disturbing how old the baboon she was walking with looked, it appeared he might have been in his mid 20s. Now me personally I don't have a problem with age differences or dating younger women in general, but when it comes to black men monkeying it up and preying on white women that age difference just adds fuel to the fire.
I watch them walk all the way to their car, I watch the girl get in the drivers seat and the nigger get in the passanger seat. I am angry but I'm not sure what they're doing with eachother they could just be friends. They pull off so I follow them, keeping my distance as not to raise suspison right off the bat. I move in closer to them but I am driving in the other lane, finally I notice we are next to a vacant building so I make my move and abruptly move into their lane with the nose of my car maybe a foot away from them, I turn my lights on and the stupid mudshark pulls into the turning land where everyone can see. I run her tags and it must be her moms car because it's registered to a woman in her 50's and there is no way this girl is anywhere near that age. I get out of my car and walk up to the drivers side window where she is. She rolls down her window and asks me "is everything okay"

Acceptance of laziness.
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It doesn't matter as long as it has made me happy.

A rather retarded one.
File: 137.jpg (45 KB, 600x686)
45 KB
its all a matter of perspectives, yes
File: 203.jpg (48 KB, 386x600)
48 KB
au revoir, rest in peace
I'm going to ask you one more time, can I please have your gf's discord tag

File: 1706119130217604.png (187 KB, 1228x1150)
187 KB
187 KB PNG
>start wageslaving
>Hey anon, so are ya workin' hard or hardly workin'?
Where do you work? Tell us about your job and your thoughts on it.
This genuinely interesting I need to start wageslaving too
Gay prostitutes. Being the bottom and earning money for it is the best.

File: 1695157034888.jpg (24 KB, 225x350)
24 KB
>"my life is so fucking over I'm such a failure"
>t.16-18 years old
Why are teenagers like this?
Youth is the fuel of ambition. If you aren't honing your expertise in one or more subjects, you are failing in real time.
I am honing my expertise in stacking stones and everything else bores me.
My life fucking sucked back then. I was miserable and I saw no way out of my predicament, once I failed school I would just repeat it, fail again, and probably live the rest of my life alone and under my shitty parents.
I was probably right (18 now and it's all coming true apart from switching to university), but I guess I'm happier now that I care less. I can just get drunk whenever I have an emotional breakdown now that I can reliably buy liquor.
High school is unironically the worst thing humans create, if there's an alien race out there they're probably watching it as a reality tv show.
It's basically the worse of both worlds when you're an adult yeah you're doomed to fail miserably at everything but at least no one around you gives a shit but there your failures and misery are everyone's happy time.

File: GGxVblnbcAAypZr.jpg (502 KB, 1664x2432)
502 KB
502 KB JPG
Pharmacological wakefulness kind of day.
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File: 206.jpg (100 KB, 466x600)
100 KB
100 KB JPG
yes she can, then how come i cna understand her?
File: 1651016878907.jpg (147 KB, 1440x810)
147 KB
147 KB JPG
baka needs more pills...
File: 172.jpg (35 KB, 397x600)
35 KB
I will take my pills and then beat you with my belt so you learn respecet, insolent boi
File: 1672609357174873.jpg (437 KB, 2306x4096)
437 KB
437 KB JPG
beat my butt with your belt indeed, boomer
File: 175.jpg (93 KB, 600x849)
93 KB
turns out the zoomer is a masochist and will enjoy the punishment, the boi is a pervert

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