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File: 1511141234220.png (664 KB, 663x497)
664 KB
664 KB PNG
>tfw too smart to get my license

File: IMG_20181121_125511-min.jpg (976 KB, 3968x2976)
976 KB
976 KB JPG
/room/ thread

let's rate each others rooms
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File: IMG_20181121_191201.jpg (1.59 MB, 2000x3738)
1.59 MB
1.59 MB JPG

Original. Org
Are you Swedish by any chance? Your room needs more flag, you might forget where you're from.
File: IMG_20181121_191218.jpg (1.62 MB, 3823x2000)
1.62 MB
1.62 MB JPG
4 and last one

Original. JP
guitar on the left reminds me so much of pic related
lmao its just some classical-electrical guitar but that meme killed me

File: knbcpv1.jpg (20 KB, 337x355)
20 KB
>All the philosophers I respect reached the same conslusion: Life is shit and there's no point to any of it
>Literally no reason to do anything, to get a job, to care about what others think of me

The only thing that makes life bearable is stuffing myself full of junk food, drinking and scavenging around town for anime DVD's or games that'll sit on my shelf, unused, because all I'm after is that temporary hit of dopamine that distracts me from the overbearing, ever present knowledge that there isn't a single reason I shouldn't kill myself. Once you hit this point nothing is fun anymore, nothing is worth investing in. This isn't depression, this is a completely rational response in the face of dead silence from the universe.
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Well, when searching for meaning, it's obvious that only objective meaning really matters. Why create a subjective meaning? Happiness?
Spoken like a true NPC

Just leave the thread
I don't believe and I wish you could make me. Sorry.
>Why subjective?
Because there's no meaning to begin with. Do you think you could live your whole life just by eating, pissing and sleep? Of course not. Everyone's always looking for something to give their lives some meaning.
>Why create a subjective meaning? Happiness?
Why else do anything? What greater point is there to life? Objective meaning doesn't matter because it doesn't affect you. If, all other things held constant, the universe were a single light-year across and Earth was at the very center of it, it would change literally nothing about my life or yours. All these esoteric questions about purpose and meaning are completely pointless to your day-to-day life, so why worry about them? What do you have to gain from worrying about shit that doesn't affect you in the slightest?
Stop thinking so hard. It's bad for your mental state. Would you rather be right, or happy?

File: breathehelium.jpg (10 KB, 300x300)
10 KB
heres a little story, gonna leave it here just in case i an hero myself

>Be me
>Live a perfect life
>Nothing has ever gone wrong

Thats the life i would wish for

>Be 1989
>Be my father, finish 9th grade
>He was a rowdy cunt
>Was someone you could consider a wannabe badass, but actually can back it up
>He has a shitty childhood, he is a street child
>He meets my mom, at the time, she was in 4th grade
>They dated, they dated for around 9 years, in secret

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.

Cont my friend
>ffw 9 years
>am 9
>sister is born
>mother and father love eachother to bits
>everything is fine
>literally a day later, theyre at eachothers throats again
>i never knew, they were good at hiding it
>ffw 2-3 years
>edgy time
>become a member of a local gang
>im a wannabe now
>doing my father proud, walking in his footsteps
>the gang was really a bunch of wannabes me included
>transfer a year later
>now in finland

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
>one day talk to her friends, they say im an oblivious asshole
>she liked me, i didnt notice
>at that moment, i knew what that feeling was
>build up my nerve
>text her
>"i like you"
>30 minutes
>no response
>feel like an idiot
>but then
>"i like you too"
>those are the 4 words that i will never forget, ever
>my first true love and someone who would actually date a pathetic piece of shit like me
>everything is sooooo good
>but i have the worst fucking luck

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
>Back at home go to the same school i attended before, hoping ill get together with my old class
>Since finnish education isnt as harsh as ours, or maybe they just give more time for students to learn this shit and arent as hardcore
>i get left behind a year
>get assured its not my fault, its just i wouldnt be able to keep up with my old class
>get together with different class
>immediately hate evryone
>a blonde slut
>a fat slut
>a another fat slut
>a tall mother fucker thats probably a massive nerd
>a fat fuck ive hated since childhood, the fuck is he doing here?
>a russian gangster
>the rest were normal so im not gonna bring them up

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.

File: geo.gif (885 KB, 500x418)
885 KB
885 KB GIF
I have been watching porn since I was 16.I have been fapping since then twice a day
Now I am 21.Over the past years I have been exposed to weed alcohol and cigarettes been smoking it from the past 5 years
>tfw sadboy
>tfw addicted to depressive lyrical music
>tfw been exposed to the metal genre and hooked on to it since then
>tfw depersonalization
>tfw short term memory
>tfw fucked up brain or brain fog
I live with my parents.
I don't have a job.
I am completely hopeless fat and ugly acne ridden face.
I think it all started with porn
Or is it just I am addicted to self destruction??

File: jewish drink.jpg (72 KB, 980x551)
72 KB
why does this shit feel so good?
how do I stop before I get addicted lads?
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your resistance is futile, the more you resist, the more you get addicted
File: 1497480845284.jpg (11 KB, 225x225)
11 KB
It's so fucking addictive. Holy fucking shit OP. Also, take your blood glucose levels right after drinking that shit. Mine went from 98 to 140mg in a single big Red Bull. It's fucking insane the insulin spikes this shit gives you.
2 pounds for one of these is fucking insane, I will probably stop buying them - they do get boring after I buy acouple in a row.
Just switch to coffee dude. Same effect, not as unhealthy, harder to get addicted to because it tastes like shit.
literally tastes like piss

File: cuyte.png (702 KB, 1364x768)
702 KB
702 KB PNG
These threads are comfy and entertaining to watch

Here's something for the Polish Aliceganger, and a song to raise yer spirits in the morning

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>Deep and detailed fantasies.
Way ahead of you there. I fantasize about our life together all the time. It's all I can really think about. What she'd say, what she'd do. It feels so close and yet so far. I swear sometimes I can almost feel her warmth. It encourages me, yet breaks my heart. A part of me wants to slip into a coma with the hope of ending up in that fantasy world, where I'm with her. At peace.

I also understand what you mean by staying true to her character. I love her character and I try to build my fantasies around it. Nothing should be forced. If I know she won't do something I won't force her to do that thing. She loves freedom. I respect that.

>If someone made a documentary about waifuism would you be willing to be interviewed.
Anonymously, yes.

>What are some autistic (more than usual) things you do related to your waifu?
Your spoiler counts as one, for sure. I do that for vidya as well. Sometimes when I'm listening to music I like to picture her singing the song, especially my favourite song of all time, "AKUMA" by ALEX. https://youtu.be/WGNiBC9Z8rk

I like to think of it as "our song", really.
>has your waifu changed your life for the better or worse?
She's made it worth living and saved me a lot of time, effort, and stress from pursuing 3D roasts.
>have you learned anything from your waifu?
That love for a waifu is the only true love in the world. Anything 3D doesn't compare.
>Do you dream of starting a family with your waifu, if she were real and with you?
Not even remotely. I can empathize with disliking your family, but the impulse to have children is something I've never had even before being blackpilled. Two people is enough of a family for me.
>Would any of you ever consider meeting a waifu group IRL?
Last thing I need is to alienate the only group I feel I belong to with my autism in-person.
>If someone made a documentary about waifuism would you be willing to be interviewed
Maybe anonymously. Voice only and even then have a filter so it doesn't sound like me.
>What are some autistic (more than usual) things things you do related to your waifu?

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
I gain companionship. The purpose of life is about sharing experiences in my eyes, there is little point to doing things by yourself as stuff is designed to be more enjoyable in a group. That in turn results in everything becoming bothersome with time.

Relatively obscure I would say. My main primary hobby would be listening to music, music I have never seen in a /mu/ chart nor have I met anyone who listened to the stuff. I have a few who could tolerate it, but that was about it.

I also play games, primarily 1996 shovelware. Due to even retro gamers usually playing modern renditions of stuff or preferring earlier stuff like the NES, this means I am pretty alone in this avenue. If I hit a wall with installing something, I am always on my own, primarily because nobody else even cares.

I can play some Minecraft due to my collector mindset, but I feel the game was only good in the alpha/beta days and that 1.2.0+ alpha was frustrating due to the lack of leaf decay. I primarily enjoy beta 1.2 (last of the ores to hunt for). I find building things tedious and frustrating.

This is pretty much it. I just want respect. I don't blame you for not liking that, intentionally bullying like that is not nice.
File: totsuka.jpg (62 KB, 748x1024)
62 KB
just going to claim him yet again as this is a new thread.
I feel like voice chatting with somebody. Anybody wanna do it? Yes I do have a waifu

black bots do have BBCs?
6 replies and 1 image omitted. Click here to view.
i'm black and i've never made a bbc thread. it's probably some gay guy who want people to talk about dick. o algo.
>Keeps spamming the same photo of a black guy
I remember when they were discussing black incels once and they posted a face pic of a blackanon who was on "a are there any blackanons thread" and said it was evidence he was a racebaiter. I'm guessing this is what's happening now and that's not who it is.
5.5" girth is pretty nice
5.5" length is a dicklet
It's Nick the tranny spammer, he makes almost all the racebait threads himself but theirs another kid that makes the "wat do" treads with him as well
I'm East African. 6 inches

File: 20181121_132747.jpg (344 KB, 720x1326)
344 KB
344 KB JPG
Feast on this incel bros

File: 1542563506989.jpg (40 KB, 514x960)
40 KB
>"There's only 2 genders!"
>"Your chromosomes are still XY, so biologically you'll never be a real girl!"
>"Trannies are brainwashing you!"
If you unironically believe any of these things or things similar, come in here and talk to me, I won't be toxic I promise <3~~

What do you have to lose?
99 replies and 34 images omitted. Click here to view.
File: 1541706954750.jpg (36 KB, 570x500)
36 KB
With the digits to prove it
File: 1542654427650.gif (56 KB, 446x384)
56 KB
I don't think so, vile abomination!
I'm not proving anything, asshat. I'm simply saying that more than half of trans people have attempted suicide, as according to the study. Whatever else is irrelevant because my point was that you said I "didn't have actual sources." What you choose to do with that information is irrelevant, but those are the facts
How do you call a mantra repeated in the media and every other big private and government institution (until drumbpff) as often as possible?
It is cleary propaganda coming from a very wealthy elite
don't you have some fucking Fortnite to play

File: Kratom.jpg (161 KB, 750x500)
161 KB
161 KB JPG
Anything more comfy than irish rebel music?
this song is good. I approve
>Anything more comfy than irish rebel music?
Couldn't agree more
tfw not in a comfy irish pub drinking
love this song cheers
enjoy your crippling nausea.

File: feels shit (35).jpg (17 KB, 640x479)
17 KB
>why do you do it
>how long have you done it for
>do you only harm hidden areas or areas people can see
>how do you do it
>any tips
Used to cut my upper legs, cause noone can see it under pants.
Went to psychiatrist, now got medication and psychologist help.
Havent cutted myself for 4 months
Haven't done it in like half a year actually.
>do you only harm hidden areas or areas people can see
Didn't care about it back then. Just went wherever I felt like it.
>how do you do it
I would take some blunt knife and cut the same place many times.
>because idk I feel numb it doesn't really matter
>On and off for 3 years maybe
>Only harm upper thighs so it's not visible
>Just use razer blade
>It's pretty simple bud

File: 47263810-288-k584701.jpg (15 KB, 288x450)
15 KB
First time with me and my boyfriend will be this weekend. Do you like a girl to be shaved or not? I would like to hear a guy's perspective on this.
11 replies and 1 image omitted. Click here to view.
Totally with you on this, no hair looks stupid.
thought so. so should i go for a trimmed instead?
Is he a virgin too?
If he is then shave otherwise he might freak out
Yeah that sounds fine. Just curious though what's wrong with asking your bf how he feels about the topic?
normies like shaved pussy because they are boring faggots, so if your bf is a normie he'll want it shaved or very neatly trimmed. robots like big hairy jungle bushes.

File: 15162617173.jpg (343 KB, 1601x1080)
343 KB
343 KB JPG
>one chance in life
>born with an untrustable face

File: 1494308952913.jpg (1.23 MB, 919x1225)
1.23 MB
1.23 MB JPG
That's it, I'm going to do push ups and sit ups every day until an Asian girl likes me.
45 replies and 12 images omitted. Click here to view.
sit-ups/crunches are bad for your back, do a different excercise
Most girls are interested in musular, tall, broad shouldered men. That look has a wide, universal appeal. Although, I think because working out isnt as common in Japan, you can get away with just being skinny.
I am not as muscular but that can be changed, I am a manlet, and my shoulders are wide but so are my hips, so I think I am fucked forever.
I am really sorry to hear that anon. Don't sweat it
well don't do it for a crush next time, do it for your future wife

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