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there's this cute girl who's retarded that goes to my college, but I was wondering if any of you would consider getting into a relationship with a mentally challenged person and what would I expect going into it?
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absolutely of age.
Nah its not about the age, its about if she's mentally able to give you her consent.
I said go for it OP, if she can give consent, is not ugly and not mentally impaired what is not to like?
You say she is socially retarded but if she is able to enter college, she cannot be just a dumb shitter
Retard girls need love too
My first question is... is this legal??? If so then im so following your path to find a hot retarded chick

File: y.gif (1.88 MB, 500x352)
1.88 MB
1.88 MB GIF
therapist is probably going to diagnose me with psychosis and prescribe me some meds

i want to leave this world
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I have meds for psychosis too OP. They make you gain weight but do help with problematic thoughts. I'm still a nervous wreck but at least I don't think people are out to get me anymore.
theres so much in my mind that i dont even know if the pills will stop it all
Are you sure it's not semi-transient quasi-psychosis? It's like psychosis but you're still aware enough to fight off losing it unless it's bad.
i dont think so, i've never heard of it before
It's like falling down stairs but you managed to hold the hand rail. Your shoulder and elbow might be six types of fucked up but your spine and skull are still okay.

File: 1536494949139.jpg (89 KB, 850x400)
89 KB
>Be me in my 3rd world country
>Used to have 10-15 close friends I hung with daily, a few hundred people from my town I could hang out whenever I wanted

>Moved to USA
>Everyone is extremely anti-social, narcissistic, sensitive, eternally offended at everything, never admit they're wrong, and generally just a bunch of self-righteous pricks whose lack of self-esteem and facade of crumbling self confidence can be seen from a mile away
>People have no seriousness, everything is a joke. Nobody has ever had their livelihoods threatened here, pretty much everyone lives in a shitty little bubble and never try to see the world out of it. Everything starts and end with movie references, retarded jokes that are not funny or creative at all in reality and are just butthurt retorts that you only laugh at because you want it to prove your political point or whatever. And the best part is, despite all this "humor" and whatever, nobody is friendly at all.
>I'm not asking anyone to be nice or great to me, people can't differentiate between what's real and what's a joke anymore since the line is so blurred now in every aspect of life here. They just don't have any authenticity left as people, it's the most glaring example of the word "sheeple".
>they seem so childish about everything, from politics to food.
>0 friends

Can't wait to fucking move back out of this shithole of a country.
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There's also a huge filter between what they want to say and what they actually say, and it's extremely deeply internalized in most people that they don't even realize it.
Welcome to the western society.
i, hereby, bump this thread
You're right, I'm like that. I never take anything seriously and honestly I'm not sure when I'm supposed to laugh at someone's remark or not, so I always laugh. Most westerners have never had any consequences, always had food to eat, always had video games and movies. The only concurrence in my life so far was getting rejected from prestigious colleges but that worked out in the end. There's just no danger here so why not treat everything like a game or joke
There's a reason suicide is the leading cause of death in the West from for men aged 15-55

File: dara-reboot.jpg (96 KB, 620x420)
96 KB
Dear robots,
I guarantee you that if you are in your 20s, or 30s there were at least a dozen women in your life, already, who gave you signals that they wanted you to fuck them, only you were too inept to understand it or act upon it.
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>first link
Two political "scientists" trying to use genetics to explain political leanings
>Abstract only which means you're an idiot who didn't read it

>second link
>big five model
>abstract only which means you're an idiot who didn't read it

At best the second link is the only relevant link and from the abstract it suggests the whilst personality is to some extent heritable it is not conclusive and variation exists. In reality you're hung up on this because you think you can blame genetics for being a vapid, shitty person but that's all on you. By using the logic of your argument fatties are able to claim that being fat is genetic, not a predisposition, and thus excuses their behaviour. You are wrong.
I have never talked to a female. No idea what are you talking about
That's a nice fantasy you got there
>were all sexually attractive
everyone's sexually attractive
to somebody.
for example,
some people dig deep for fat hairy granny porn
If there are dudes who are into fat hairy granny's with long gray haired pubes,
then there are chicks into YOU, anon
(btw this is OP. the first OP post since the OP. so you are blessed.)

File: pedocompilation.png (1.07 MB, 807x1189)
1.07 MB
1.07 MB PNG
Do pedophiles deserve to have humane rights?
Did that disgusting degenerate face any consequences yet?

File: 1537239124994.jpg (257 KB, 1677x974)
257 KB
257 KB JPG
I like playing games on my pc
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I haven't played it to be honest with you family member of mine but it looks like there's a lot of starting and stopping in the movement. Takedowns, that grappling hook and other stuff, it puts me off. I prefer to glide around like a hovecraft like you do in doom 1 and 2.
think youre talking about the new doom that hasnt come out yet. i dont really like the grappling hook stuff but i do like how they made the plasma rifle more true to the original and beautiful when it shoots. also the musics better it seems like
I imagine it feels like a totally different game compared to the originals though.
t. consolezoomer
Is this from update? Quite sure i haven't seen this.Werewolf a best

File: 1454449151354.jpg (41 KB, 499x499)
41 KB
so since i'm moving away from my parents house I thaught I would try smoking and drinking for like a week just to see if i'm going to like it..
what do you think about that?

File: 1.gif (47 KB, 600x716)
47 KB
Does anyone else think about what it must feel like to sit by her side?
Even talking to her is the best thing in the world,I don't deserve as much as staying by her side.
It feels warm, when you hug. And when she rests her head on your shoulder, you feel like a man. You feel motivation you want to protect her. Don't give up, because you will feel this too OP.

File: 1-9ZMBEbjtBGQ9xsZA2R22ww.jpg (129 KB, 1600x1199)
129 KB
129 KB JPG
I doubt it, but do any femanons exist in or around the San Joaquin valley? I cannot relate to normal people and I just want someone to be with late at night after my shifts. I doubt anyone is reading this at 3am, but I thought I'd try.

Lmfao. No fap is so dumb. You're supposed to be focusing all of your energy on being persistent on getting women. Not refraining from touching yourself, which probably kills your sex drive. Don't ever tell a woman you're doing no fap.

It's a known fact that ~75% of women have a rape fantasy. That is they love the idea of a man finding them so attractive that he can't help but satisfy his urges. This is true and not debate-able.

So when you are doing your nofap you are not only dwindling your sex drive but you come out as a sex-less husk to women that is even worse than they viewed you before. Since sex is a primal thing I don't doubt that women can sense your lack of excitement.

If you are even capable of doing nofap you are probably not much of a man anyway, and once you do start working out or whatever you'll start fapping again. Women are turned on by the thought of men pleasuring themselves to them.

The issue isn't you fapping, you just want an excuse to continue being lazy as when you know you need to be putting yourself out there and looking for potential mates at any chance
how out of touch am i that i thought this would get me (you)'s? damn
>stop fapping
>don't feel the urge to fap for months
Pretty much have to force myself to keep doing it but it degrades into degeneracy eventually no matter what
killyourself normie.
who gives a shit what roasts want or think...
it doesn't fucking matter what those cunts want it's about what gets you laid and lets you keep fapping. the whole reason you faggots do nofap is to eventually get the girl in the end.

Autumn is almost here edition.

Last thread:
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File: 1508929456491.png (250 KB, 695x1000)
250 KB
250 KB PNG

I would chase you into the gym so you'd work out and become musculefat instead.
Would that work?
I already am musclefat, don't worry.
well I'm not THAT muscular but I worked out quite a bit
still on diet though, lost 25 kilos and I'm not going to stop now
i just want a bf who will rest his head on my chest while we watch movies, and will like the fact that i cant keep my hands of his butt.
I want a nerdy bottom bf now, reeeeee

Have you ever had a thing for your girlfriend's mom or vise versa? Or mothers in general?
A decade ago, when i did have a girlfriend, I found her mom kind of hard to ignore, really.
It was really awkward.

File: 1532085775497.jpg (292 KB, 916x1024)
292 KB
292 KB JPG
Which level have you reached, anon? Are you close to leveling up?
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File: fasf.png (96 KB, 784x608)
96 KB
>/pol/ 2018
>still hates on socialists and the left
>still hates the working poor
>still hates everyone with slightly different believes
>wonders why business owner replaces white
>Wow, geez whiz, I wonder why we don't have already a 100% white country
The west is becoming white-minority. And it's your fault for permanently alienating the left. If you were not so fixated on generating trillionaires, you would have stood a chance polfag.
File: 1492418017954.jpg (437 KB, 1508x1493)
437 KB
437 KB JPG

It's so easy to spot electionfags. Go back. Now.
That's never going to happen

>Niggur stole my stacy waifu so i fucking hate black people now,look at me i'm so better than them
Articulated soldier

File: doomerr.jpg (501 KB, 1200x1200)
501 KB
501 KB JPG
Lets go. Girls banned from this thread
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File: feelpepo.jpg (8 KB, 236x214)
8 KB
>mfw listen to happy and energetic 80s-2000s songs from my childhood to keep depression away
Never realized the precise difference between Yu Gi Oh and Pokemon cards was age. I thought it was a clique thing. The fine line there is 96' and 97'.

You need to put AZ iced tea in place of sprite.
File: DnbkEBVX4AAxNaW.jpg (237 KB, 877x897)
237 KB
237 KB JPG
Anyone have 24 year old doomer memes?
Tramadol is a moderate-to-strong opiate you pretentious nonce. 200mg will turn anyone without a strong tolerance into a piece of gloop
God damn normalfags stop this shit

I'm not legitimately suicidal, but I kind of look forward to my death.
I look forward to the sense of completeness, a final chapter.
When I read about an artist, I find whatever they created just before their death the most fascinating. Like one final catharsis before the circle was closed.
I feel like my life will gain meaning only as I near death.
I feel you anon. I've already settled all my death possibilities and notes in my head. Death is life's apotheosis.
Great way to put it.
The only thing that bothers me is that I can never see my life as a whole, from start to finish, as a package and a tale
I think you're over-glorifying it. Of course the last moments of artists, philosophers, and musicians are glorified because they are fucking famous, and it makes people leave their biography going
>that was a really interesting book
No, you'll die begging for more time like a dog, just like the rest of us will.
Not being depressing, just realistic.

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