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File: 1663648310939477.gif (341 KB, 500x356)
341 KB
341 KB GIF
Why don't you just embrace your insanity? Why are you always bitching about your problems on here? Find a way to channel your emotions into positive actions. Embrace the madness. I have, and now I'm happy.
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You must be new here.This is a hug box echo chamber where impotent men validate each other's shortcomings.These people don't take positive actions, they cope and seethe. They don't want to be happy because happy is scary and unfamiliar. They'd rather embrace the pain they feed one another and hunker down in the comfort it brings than to venture out into the unknown. Clown worlds and demonic possession straight from a schizos wet dream, thats home.
File: 1664381223703572.jpg (21 KB, 640x630)
21 KB
That's very sad sir. I hope some of them are able to break out of their trance.
Because murdering people is illegal and jails are boring, plus no gf for life and a disappointed family member.
I make cool drawings whenever I channel my self hate and neuroticism instead of self multilating.
>just go around embracing your insanity
Nice try, glowniggers. You're not going to "catch" me off guard.

File: 20220928_163604.jpg (1.17 MB, 3000x2500)
1.17 MB
1.17 MB JPG
>tfw no busty bf

Shit sucks man
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theres breast plates you can buy that go over a torso
Sure if he's willing to wear them day to day and in public
Ah, yes, dyke futa fetish
You had your chance.
Now he's blipped off the internet.
I'm straight I just happen to like boobs
Ehh, too flat

Pompadour 2022 Edition.

Dear diary:
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>he would date
>tfw no racist yet kind bf
tfw STILL no saudi bf
>tfw life as a volcel furfaggot in the balkans
>tfw volcel god in california(only true volcel)

File: 1664392441809634.png (7 KB, 1200x1200)
7 KB
Daily reminder that if you choose to marry and have kids with a non-virgin woman you are the definition of a cuck.

File: 1653524846971.jpg (1.25 MB, 1600x4870)
1.25 MB
1.25 MB JPG
>am supposed to be grinding hard on missed assignments in my uni coursework
>can't focus on a question for even 5 minutes
>start daydreaming
>make a stick figure comic along with my daydream
>unbroken concentration without even the aid of music for over an hour
I guess I don't have adhd after all? Someone fill me in on how this works
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I dropped out at 19 and regret it. I lived at home in a house with no freedom. I had no income at all and growing up I had no allowance, plus an insanely controlling mother and aloof, detatched dad. The little part time job I got gave me my first taste of adult self agency and I dropped out to work full time.

I am now 27 and working in a shady call center. I make OK money but I missed out on a lot. Part of me feels like I stopped maturing at 19. I don't really have expertise in any field or really any special skills or knowledge at all. I feel stupid and inadequate. I used to laugh at my friends saying they'd end up with student loan debt and jobs at Starbucks but they're all doing better than me now and most don't even talk to me any more.
I am 100% sure that going to college and having even an average level of social skills gets you to meet more single women than being a fucking truck driver, are you kidding me? It is literally easier to get laid in college than anywhere else. OP is projecting with his retarded cope comic.
Tradies seethe so hard that they literally need to make elaborate comic books where college graduates end up as 25 year old virgins working at McDonalds just to cope.
>it's about pointless fornicating
Are you saying a 20something needs to be enrolled in a degree program in order to socialize or party with people his age?

I'm in my third year of uni, just making my observation that the grass is greener on the other side. If I had worked a legitimate trade straight out of highschool, even in the most conservative estimates, I would have over 100k in savings, and the same amount of social and romantic experience (none)

I WISH I had the balls to drop out
>>70394063 >>70394325 >>70394379 >>70394440 >>70394463 >>70394549

I have seen these antics before, in YouTube comments sections. All you zoomer niggers think this little charade is hilarious, don't you?
Don't let me catching you doing this nigger-tier behavior again.

File: valentin.png (28 KB, 396x461)
28 KB
I was going to make one thread, then I made another edition.

Write a letter to someone who may or may not read it. Initials encouraged.
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Hello are you there?
Please wake up

These past two days have been a nightmare.

I'll always love you. I'm going to keep that wrapper in my pocket for a while. I can't let it go. All I can do is sit here and think about it. And wonder why. Who was it? How long had it been going on? How dumb you must think I am...

I'm sorry I caused you so much pain and trouble. I hate myself. And I hate what you did. But I still love you. The warning signs were always there, I guess. Tell someone they can't do something and they'll just want to do it more.

I think I'm gonna go to Santa Fe when it starts snowing. I always wanted to see what it's like.

I'm sorry. I tried so many times to warn you. I tried so many times to push you away from me, because I just am a raging storm of destruction and chaos. But you insisted... And now I will never see you again. My face hurts so bad from the crying and confusion. You insist you didn't but all signs point to the truth. My skull is splitting from it.

Maybe we will cross paths again someday in our travels. I'm going to miss you.

Love, A
i can't. i just can't. you were supposed to be a fling

i'll pretend, but once i'm out of here i am out
I miss your cute messages everyday
I miss your schizo flesh eating love
I can't even message anyone without thinking about how much I miss you
Just stop being dumb and talk to me so we can both feel better already

Please come back to me.

File: pepestare.png (191 KB, 696x396)
191 KB
191 KB PNG
>walk around campus
>see hot girl
>god i wish that were me

File: 1664010138071880.png (96 KB, 639x607)
96 KB
Ever see someone so attractive that it makes you angry?
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File: 1650829518211.png (183 KB, 471x400)
183 KB
183 KB PNG

No. The complete opposite actually.
no, halo effect prevents that reaction
File: Pepe.jpg (40 KB, 800x450)
40 KB
No, it actually makes me feel at peace being in their presence. No idea why.
I usually don't get angry unless I see them whining about their life like they aren't playing god mode
File: 1664356598002013.jpg (502 KB, 706x1082)
502 KB
502 KB JPG
no I don't have that insecurity you ugly biitchhhh

File: pepe 3.jpg (183 KB, 976x850)
183 KB
183 KB JPG
I just jerked off to bdsm porn for the first time. My eyes didn't enjoy it but my dick wouldn't stop cumming. What does it mean? Was I always retarded?
Some BDSM porn is hot.

It enacts power dynamics most of us are biologically ingrained to desire (from both the dom and sub perspective).

In short, humans are weird and gross creatures.

BN edition
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local news man did NOT Iike that post
File: 1655567572867.jpg (34 KB, 203x192)
34 KB
>Is into feet
>Is into trannies
>Wants to shag his own mumberg

WHY are you so fucked up footmong

WHAT is wrong w/u
I want see the footmong and the soundchad-lite fight it out
Mong decided to binge drink and went on a mong rant earlier about how his mum diddled him haha
mong did NOT Iike that post

File: sadleth.jpg (84 KB, 564x820)
84 KB
Do women hate virgins no matter if they've had 0 or 100 sexual partners?
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They're not a virgin if they had 100 sexual partners you fucking retard
I prefer virgins if they don't just live by that shit. All of my ex virgins bf dump me when they could get better so I'm more hating of them from dat way
You have zero reading comprehension. He's asking if women, regardless of their number of sexual partners, would hold it against you for being a virgin.
The only thing the female brain cares about is finding the fittest man that will give her offspring the best chance to survive. The whole "women are only attracted to the top 20% of guys" thing is a bit reductive, but it's not too far from the truth. There's a universally observed phenomenon where men find themselves receiving significantly more female attention when they're in a relationship as opposed to when they're single, because they've been "vetted" and found fit. Women respond to that on a subconscious level. Conversely, a man being a virgin, particularly at an unusually advanced age, is one of the most repulsive things imaginable to the female brain, regardless of how many miles of dick she's taken. The female mating strategy of one of selectivity and risk-aversion; they aren't going to take a chance on a man who hasn't already demonstrated fitness, especially when the modern dating scene makes it so easy for almost any woman to get Brad/Chad dick.

Women literally don't care if you're a virgin, or not. You're not in high-school anymore kid.

File: 965241.jpg (971 KB, 849x1200)
971 KB
971 KB JPG
First day of retirement. Found a gnarly lizard tail.
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Gonna get mom something for her birthday, I guess. Eh.
Good luck with that.
File: 202.png (466 KB, 768x768)
466 KB
466 KB PNG
>ask if she wants anything from here
>actually not even 100% it's her birthday anytime soon
File: 100978825_p0.jpg (1.51 MB, 1298x1731)
1.51 MB
1.51 MB JPG
Maybe you're on to something, Weirdo of Wroclaw. I sometimes wonder how my brain would react to different experiences because I have very few. Even avatarposting is something I couldn't have predicted the outcome of in a million years.
File: 1200.jpg (706 KB, 800x1067)
706 KB
706 KB JPG
Kill me. End this pain, jannee. I have already spent 1000000 years sick.
i don't wanna be weirdo of wroclaw i already kind of think i should end it and just start making real connections wihh the people outside instead of bugging them like i went up to these lgbt eccentric couple an hour ago and i probably could've become friends with them even though i was making fun of them and asking if they're trans the question is would i like being friends with them
i thought i'd never become an avatarfag as well because i feared getting recognized but idc anymore
do you wanna be a weirdo is that what you're saying?

File: cm.jpg (795 KB, 1590x1594)
795 KB
795 KB JPG
What kinda people listen to this stuff??
90 replies and 19 images omitted. Click here to view.
i dont like cannibal corpse at all, cringy shit, but i enjoy other classic and brutal death metal. im short, chinese, wear mostly pink and light colours and like cute stuff
here's some REEEEEEE bl*ck metal
Black metal has a kind of ambiance to it that some people like. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ENOSrEvdZSI
comfy listening.
in the hearts of the blind, there is a vision of Light.



File: 16592009_006_66a8.jpg (140 KB, 854x1280)
140 KB
140 KB JPG
Can I ruin other people's relationships if I tell them

-that they are only with each other as a compromise, because they did not get accepted by somebody better

-therefore, if each of them finds somebody else, who is better than the current partner, and is accepting them, they will be dumped at once

-therefore their relationship only lasts as long until this happens,
could happen any day, they're basically having a relationship that just waits to end

-that they do not love each other, because of the above,
and because they would kill each other if they were to find themselves in a situation where one has to kill the other to survive (drowning, food shortage etc.)

-that they therefore distrust each other and are secretly trying to spy on each other, living in constant distrust and anxiety, expecting betrayal to happen any day

-that they, knowing all this, resent each other, but pretend to love each other in order to produce a false sense of harmony
they already know that you tard
no because a relationship is built up over time, not found. even if you find a "better person" you could be with, you don't have trust with that person. you don't know if that person is just there to have sex, or what acute stress will do to them, or if they're gonna bail on you when things get tough, or even if they're actually a decent person in the first place. Several years of shared experiences can't be replaced by someone who looks better on paper.

File: 81.webm (2.86 MB, 640x360)
2.86 MB
2.86 MB WEBM
i love women so much its unreal
they make life worth living
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File: 1642375987626.jpg (199 KB, 1242x1245)
199 KB
199 KB JPG
babs is the cutest
File: 76.webm (2.91 MB, 1920x1080)
2.91 MB
2.91 MB WEBM
i dont believe you desu
i think you're lying
Women are unfortunately a luxury I can't afford because I am ugly and retarded, but I did make a girl laugh out loud with her head back once while I held her, I still think about how good it felt, chad feels like that 24/7 for the rest of his life LMAO
You don't love women you love makeup. Go shove a crayon up your arse if you are that desperate
yo, what's her name. I swear I've seen her somewhere before?

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