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File: speaktowhore.png (363 KB, 600x539)
363 KB
363 KB PNG
give most based content
lol what the fuck
what info did she give him for him to even pull that off?
also who takes videos/pics of their friends in their worst moments and immortalizes them online to be gawked at and nitpicked by strangers forever?

Based sugar daddy.
You only need the card number (12 digit number on the front of the card), sort code (3 character code on the back of the card) & the expiration date/full name to use a credit/debit card online.
>who takes videos/pics of their friends in their worst moments and immortalizes them online to be gawked at and nitpicked by strangers forever?
Zoomer females.

File: a.jpg (216 KB, 1200x1457)
216 KB
216 KB JPG
Have you ever been bullied by a girl that likes you in school?
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Yes, more or less, she was very tame, she just teased me with retarded questions
r9k is for virgins, what are you doing here?
There was this half Mexican half chink girl who used to talk shit to me all the time then she fell madly in love with me. I was too beta to like her back
No but I bullied the girl I liked.
There were these twins that bullied me in middle school
Im pretty sure that they were just bullies but I like to think that they had a crush on me

This is the unequivocal future of white men and beta incels are hereby commanded to take hormones instead of shooting up schools and doing all that crazy white boi shit.
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Black women and white men are the ultimate partnership should they choose mating
Lol youll just be creating more niggas. White men have shit taste if they like black women. Black women look like men
File: 11 (2).jpg (179 KB, 1500x1000)
179 KB
179 KB JPG
This is the future of all wh*te bois
File: mengbsjpwal41.jpg (34 KB, 639x960)
34 KB
I like watching gay black orgies
usually I pretend they're all in love, too

Other than that I'm fully straight

not even trolling or being ironic :^)
I'm just saying it's the only option white boys have if they need to reproduce

File: its that gif again.gif (901 KB, 240x160)
901 KB
901 KB GIF
what do i do with a casting rod? cast out, reel in, but what if i catch something? what do i do with the fish?
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Shove it up youre ass
I'd be more disappointed if it wasn't that gif
you need a landing net to get it onto land so you can get the hook out. place it down and use some clamps to help the hook out, being careful not to clamp their face
There's a tool for it, or just pull it out by sliding it backwards
don't worry about hurting it, fish have different nervous systems from mammals, most of the cartilage has no pain receptors nor blood flow

File: 6849683406.png (185 KB, 1044x869)
185 KB
185 KB PNG
Who else desperate as fuck to get a girlfriend?
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Not this guy. A girlfriend would just complicate my life. I don't even really hang out with my friends anymore, it's too much of a hassle.
>When are you off?
>I got shit to do in Saturday.
>No I'll hang out another time, I'm just not feeling up to it.
>I'm getting tired man, I'm calling it *yawn*.
are you even happy? i would never be able to live without friends
was desperate for a gf from as early as i could remember until about six months ago. i still want one, but am realizing that it might just not happen.
I'm doing alright. I'm more of loner than any of them. So its not too bad.
We're gonna hang out again at some point.
We never really do anything different from what we've always done.
Which is fine a few times a month I'm just taking a break I guess.
They do go to bars and stuff but I'm not really into that.
The bars I like to go to have a few old drunks and pool tables in there they're not too busy.
But these guys wanna go out and try to get some pussy which gives me anxiety and shit.
File: soyboy(200).png (100 KB, 644x800)
100 KB
100 KB PNG
test the best test

File: 1580895490768.png (611 KB, 976x785)
611 KB
611 KB PNG
watching movies together with her edition

1. Talk about your waifu
2. Be devoted to your one and only waifu
3. Let waifuism improve your life
4. Be nice!
5. Hide Drama/Shitposting
6. Have a great time!

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i believe the problem is all the text posts they've been having ever since they tried to curb lewdposting after the bump limit
File: 1580060421078.png (650 KB, 694x1000)
650 KB
650 KB PNG
I believe I had one recently where she sort of appeared but I can't really remember anything about it anymore, the most recent I can remember was a wild ride, everything in that dream was building up to this one moment of her
story goes like this, me and others go to a go cart race track, enter building, has a square garden inside with doors to multiple things and one of them happened to be a kindergarten or a school, kids were around 8-12 if I had to guess and among them my wife was there and me and the others just kinda chill with the kids and have fun when they ask me to draw one of them cause they know I am an artist and this one girl really wants to be drawn, note this is not the one resembling my wife, but then, she puts a lot of effort into making herself pretty for the drawing even says she wants to be pretty for this one, we are in a garden, she is surrounded by flowers, fucking light is shone on her and the hair, face and everything basically looks like my wife without glasses and it was the most beautiful moment I had so far in a dream before I woke up, happiest I've been in a morning and it's all thanks to her my little sweetheart
File: friend.png (252 KB, 677x285)
252 KB
252 KB PNG
How're you doing today /waifu/?

>Is waifu charming?
to me she is
>Is waifu intelligent?
Probably average intelligence, though she excelled in high school so maybe not
>is waifu thrill-seeking?
Not even remotely
>Does waifu have any sadistic tendencies?
>Has waifu ever been in trouble with the law (whatever "the law" may mean to her)?
>What kind of crime is waifu best suited to?
Probably none. She's too meek.

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
File: braid.png (103 KB, 481x273)
103 KB
103 KB PNG
Quick Izumi, keep the thread alive.
File: 1583678166320.png (31 KB, 300x300)
31 KB
good job imzumu fren me and wife much aenoy

dude im really horny and i heard you want to try sucking dick. should we put on some porn?
Sure I'd be down. Where ya at?
>tfw no nice anon to let me suck his dick while we watch straight porn

We can not identify all physiological needs as homeostatic. That sexual desire, sleepiness, sheer activity and maternal behavior in animals, are homeostatic, has not yet been demonstrated. Furthermore, this list would not include the various sensory pleasures (tastes, smells, tickling, stroking) which are probably physiological and which may become the goals of motivated behavior.

Undoubtedly these physiological needs are the most pre-potent of all needs. What this means specifically is, that in the human being who is missing everything in life in an extreme fashion, it is most likely that the major motivation would be the physiological needs rather than any others. A person who is lacking food, safety, love, and esteem would most probably hunger for food more strongly than for anything else.

If all the needs are unsatisfied, and the organism is then dominated by the physiological needs, all other needs may become simply non-existent or be pushed into the background. It is then fair to characterize the whole organism by saying simply that it is hungry, for consciousness is almost completely preempted by hunger. All capacities are put into the service of hunger-satisfaction, and the organization of these capacities is almost entirely determined by the one purpose of satisfying hunger.
So why do incels avoid girls?
Good question. I'm just the messenger though. Ask a real psychologist
According to the image, security of [mostly things you stand to potentially lose from bad interactions with women] is a greater priority than sexual intimacy.
No model is perfect, but it's often a good first idea.
It should be pointed out again that any of the physiological needs and the consummatory behavior involved with them serve as channels for all sorts of other needs as well. That is to say, the person who thinks he is hungry may actually be seeking more for comfort, or dependence, than for vitamins or proteins. Conversely, it is possible to satisfy the hunger need in part by other activities such as drinking water or smoking cigarettes. In other words, relatively isolable as these physiological needs are, they are not completely so.

File: FDS.png (390 KB, 1343x569)
390 KB
390 KB PNG
What do you think of Female Dating Strategy?
134 replies and 26 images omitted. Click here to view.
okay i get that sjw feminist types hate the military and cops... but wtf EMT's and firefighters. the fuck is wrong with them?
The best part is when something happens and her husband gets his ass kicked she'll resent him even though she literally chose him because he's a pussy.
I hope that one day I can beat some dumb whores retarded ken-doll boyfriend
Why the hate for government contractors? That's most of the big US based industrial and tech companies.
>it's like two kids mock swordfighting with wooden swords, and one kid pretending that he's going to help the other get up and stabbing him right in the eye and thrusting the wooden sword into his brain, and then looking at the parents on the park bench with a proud look in his eye
This is pretty fucking good man
I am the kind of man that would make a genuinely good husband and father and I have made it 100% a goal to never be with a woman again or give them anything nice
Fuck it

File: 1 (4).jpg (106 KB, 784x748)
106 KB
106 KB JPG
>pic related, a prostitute near me

Should I do it, /r9k/?
35 replies and 8 images omitted. Click here to view.
splooge in her womyncavern, but DO NOT eat her out. I can't believe how many losers eat out prostitutes. You don't know what disease you'll catch in a month and you can't imagine how much you'll cringe the rest of your life
Yeah, surely this is a man?? Looks like one. Not that I'd know, haha
I'd pay just to be able to bury my face in her ass and tongue her shitter desu.
Go for it
I just turned 30, and I still look like I did at like 25 imo or an older college student.
I have soft eyes though, and can't grow facial hair so that probably helps.
File: 7.jpg (165 KB, 754x945)
165 KB
165 KB JPG
If she were a tranny, she'd be at least 100 euros more expensive than she is now

Any romantics here?
I believe in love and human cooperation.
9 replies omitted. Click here to view.
hell yeah but only on drugs the rest of the time you morons can die for all i care
it's not men who idealize, women do. Some crave this "happily ever after" love story, while doing the complete opposite to achieve it.
i think, its in all interessst for incels/robots/NEETS/Schizoids to keep this thread up, what means Love for U! describe you and your way of love!
it makes me sick, i cant any longer wait for it "uhh the first blink blabla love from normies" we lost or not thanks to Technology! we are the uprising Cybercoomers who buy Virutuell GFs.. thats Evolution. man we incels are on Top of that, i mean buy better Hardware and dive in!
im capable of love
its just hard to trust people
you can never be truly sure of the limitations of their commitment

like even i while completely confident in my own strength of will do probably have some set of circumstances where i would end up vulnerable to temptation and the fear of missed opportunity
difference being id probably accept the permanence of my own mistake and deal with the consequences rather than trying to live through the lie
at least i hope, i try to be less of a shitty person

File: 1154448481146.png (376 KB, 600x600)
376 KB
376 KB PNG

280 replies and 52 images omitted. Click here to view.
My burner Laptop's harddrive just died. It started making an audible clicking sound 4 days ago, I thought it would've had longer
Please Press F
at least that saves me having to wipe the thing, and gives me motivation to finally make a Tails OS boot drive.
File: 1590757758198.jpg (29 KB, 431x400)
29 KB
>Eating another family bag of doritos and slugging water to ease the speed comedown

Never fails
>wanna order
>it's friday
Every single time goddammit
File: comfyfrog.png (950 KB, 1198x677)
950 KB
950 KB PNG
2fdck came in the mail, snorted 45mg, about to feel real cozy
Shot up heroine for the first time today, before I only just snorted; I'm heavily addicted to IV ketamine but this doesn't seem all that addictive for me I liked it though.

not a fan of 2fdck, do you remember original dck? that shit was fucking insane hole for like 4 hours but it was hard to get the good stuff, 2fdck just feels like a watered down shitty ketamine without a good hole

File: chad workout.png (314 KB, 700x902)
314 KB
314 KB PNG
I woke up today and ate waffles with whoop cream on top, with a nice cup of coffee. Then, I took a nice cold shower(started with warm, then moved it to super cold). After that, I lifted my 15 lbs dumbells for about 7 minutes. I'm feeling good right now bros. Just do what I do every day and we'll all make it bros.
2 replies omitted. Click here to view.
I'd like to unsubscribe from this blog, thanks.
You're never going to make it with that attitude, bro.

What day are you in?
day 50 here
we're all going to make it bros
You're a veteran, I see. Be honest, how do you feel? And what's your secret to going so long?
i feel good. jacking off feels like a bad habit that i've overcome. it feels really nice not to be a porn consumer. i doubt it's done anything to my physiology. i rarely feel the urge to jack off.

File: IMG_7754.jpg (1.73 MB, 2448x3264)
1.73 MB
1.73 MB JPG
Sorry, but I'm in a time crunch today, so here's a quick sketch of Emiru.

Will do better next time. :-)

power and posture edition

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