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File: 1585013634599.png (1.66 MB, 1000x1414)
1.66 MB
1.66 MB PNG
*sentences you to death*
Thank you.
How may I repay you?
bitch we are married

File: violet_eye.png (1.14 MB, 1245x1595)
1.14 MB
1.14 MB PNG
you want me to die
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i want to wear your skin
File: divine punishment.png (615 KB, 800x988)
615 KB
615 KB PNG
no i just want you to prepare the penis shrine
File: violet_vanish.webm (1.3 MB, 1280x720)
1.3 MB
umm weirdos
Oh no I tossed my sneeds
>you want me to die
schizophrenic post

File: Qail.jpg (184 KB, 812x593)
184 KB
184 KB JPG
>413 IQ
>24 years old
>Feel like never updating my best thoughts ever again, quitting all exercise, and forsaking the last 2 IQ points from turning 28 years old
>Locking it in at 411 IQ

I'm just enjoying life at 383 IQ.
I just don't feel like 2 IQ points means anything. It's over when I figured out the spin of the earth spins people into circles.

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Just like pseudo phrenology is not a valid IQ test, or else the Elephant Man would be the highest IQ in history
the Elephant Man had a genetic disorder. His real IQ was hidden under layers of it. There's a picture of him as a baby. He has a 309 IQ.
Pure cope, you're asshurt that he has higher skull IQ than you
A genetic disorder for superior IQ, yes.
Joseph is only a 285 IQ name. He probably ran up 25 IQ points from it.

/R9k test general/

Post your results

I got 94......do I still belong here?
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File: robot-test.jpg (424 KB, 1584x957)
424 KB
424 KB JPG
posting higher res image because op is a faggot
>scored 16
Got 78
File: 3m2fjwckGZY.jpg (10 KB, 200x200)
10 KB
Quite an original 58

Almost all from education and not being druggie
100 Normalfag since I don't have social anxiety and I had sex once.

I'm an autistic NEET that resents humanity and thinks of social interaction as a scam and an excuse by humans to push delusions.
But I do have an education and I do live alone and I did try 3dpd sex at one point so apparently I'm a normalfag.

File: 1584841126044.jpg (107 KB, 576x768)
107 KB
107 KB JPG
This morning I remembered my ex and what a cock fiend she was. My god, we had wild fun.

Sex is transcendental, it's a spiritual experience. It's beyond great. Exploring the landscape of pleasures of infinite variety - with a real human being - in which you can thrust your cock balls deep, look them in the eyes, and they look back at you - like in some sort of pleasure induced awe - and you cum deep inside embracing completely the other person and feeling the warmth and intimacy of a womans body.

Incredible. Truly incredible.

Sex like this can redeem a life worth of suffering. And it is within reach. You can have this too. But most of you are stuck enjoying your weakness too much - like I did for too long. I don't come here anymore. I just wanted to share some positive hope for you frens.


File: 1609803192713.jpg (22 KB, 750x749)
22 KB
my mom made my brothers girlfriend go home because its my birthday today and she knows im scared of her. im 23 today
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That's actually very nice of her, happy birthday anon. Have a shot for me.
>she knows im scared of her. im 23 today
That's adorable.
Why are you scared of her?
>Why are you afraid of evil demons?
She's probably a ghetto nigger or a druggie or some sullen reprobate of some sort or other.

File: 170.jpg (31 KB, 680x434)
31 KB
Did anyone here have any pleasant experiences with Chad? I didn't talk to anyone during highschool but i remember the Chads in my class would always say "good morning" and would ask me how i'm doing from time to time. Nobody else did that.
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Yeah they were generally nice to me. When they weren't, it was because I'd provoked them first in a sperggy fit of rage. But as long as I didn't lash out them they were friendly.
Depends which blackpill.
All of them but specifically the looks and autism pill since I am an unattractive (Never been approached by women) sperg.
Real Chads lift others from despair.
You are unattractive because of autism and women will not like you: True
You are obligated to be unhappy: False
Get other interests besides human interaction.

File: image_67165185.jpg (755 KB, 1210x1613)
755 KB
755 KB JPG
normie here. came back home early after a night out and feel like talking more. ama about shit like dating or clubbing or other stupid shit about regular life you may be curious about
Why do you think we should humour you?
theres no reason desu. i know most robots hate people im just here for those so far gone from regular life that they may be curious about parts of normal life they can never be part of
>normie here
Stopped reading there. You should fuck off

>get first gf
>perfect girl in my eyes
>few months go by
>start lusting after her 18 year old sister

Fuck, guys. She's so cute and fuckable, unlike my gf who is in her mid 20s with her prime years long gone and desperately fighting to keep her youthful look and failing hard. Plus I can't stand being near her used up hole, in the 2 years I knew her she was passed around by 3 guys, what a fucking nasty whore. I can't stop thinking about her younger sister, she's more attractive, and has that natural beauty, and her pussy is probably 100x tighter holy fuck.
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dear god leia please
"You're a borderline rapist"

Is having sexual thoughts about someone now "borderline rape" do you now understand why women are treated like a fucking joke? Cause ur comment is prime demonstration of the avg femoid brain

...why does short hair rapunzel have a benis
Fellow roastie, you must be new here. Men coom talking over their gfs sister has been a thing since this board was created. There's daily fantasy threads on /b/ of men talking about their gfs sisters, their gfs female friends, their gfs female relatives. Thats just the nature of men. They're not monogamous. Get it through your head.

Just go through the 4chan archive with the keyword "my girlfriends/gf sister" and there's hundreds of these kind of pages of males being males.
You're falling for a reverse blackpill psyop lmao, you are easier than low IQ incels. Look at the wording of these posts, they're definitely fictional and designed to cut deep with the most hurtful words.

File: tomoki.jpg (222 KB, 512x600)
222 KB
222 KB JPG
>tfw no Iive laugh love bf
File: cat95.jpg (30 KB, 554x554)
30 KB
>tfw no love till death do us part gf
Jack plox don't get banned today.
shut the fuck up you fucking deranged freak

File: 1615664335544.jpg (85 KB, 1080x1266)
85 KB
The song will play in their heads until it is over, and you can only do it once. What song do you choose?

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File: 1584292141566.png (22 KB, 285x361)
22 KB
Billie eilish-happier than ever

You call me again, drunk in your Benz
Drivin' home under the influence
You scared me to death, but I'm wastin' my breath
'Cause you only listen to your fuckin' friends
I don't relate to you
I don't relate to you, no
'Cause I'd never treat me this shitty
You made me hate this city

File: 1634778075863m.jpg (107 KB, 652x1024)
107 KB
107 KB JPG
NEET bros...
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why don't you just fucking work out and meditate instead of just slowly decaying just like the fucking wagies who don't have the time or energy to do those things
I guarantee you would feel better, you're just too much of a bitch to take the first step towards discipline.
I'm a permaNEET and fitness wellness mindfulness saved my life, you're just a fucking nigger.
meant to tag this fag too
I think most of you faggots have forgotten your place, specifically which place you are.
This is must be what /pol/ looks like, I wouldn't know I keep around the sad crowd.

Let's say there is UBI, it's enough to eat, and it's enough to live in a one bedroom apartment with something to spare for leisure. There's only a set amount of people who actually want this, and this is the exact place that you will find them.
Norms want to be like the stars, and they want kids (which you can't have on UBI). They want to take vacations, go to bars and buy expensive drinks and eat fancy dinners.
Most people were (at least in my socialist nation) aching to get back to work, because they were just straight up bored, unlike other nations where they needed the money; and because there was a decrease in profits for them, which gives them all the things that they want.
Yeah UBI is going to be a shithole when it first stars running, because people will just start sitting in the couch all day, something like that. They'll soon come to recognize how fucking soul sucking that is, and no they're not going to be making art or writing books, because they're fucking stupid animals, they'll slam their heads into whatever creative project they're going at because they can clearly see how utterly garbage they are at producing it and of how low general value it is.
And if you truly wanted to commit to the arts, you'd have the luxury to do so because of UBI, but you'd have to throw aside the dream of children and big cars and cigars and whatnot.
And the whole caste of people that just want to do 'basically nothing' some nigger keeps yapping about will face their demise quite quickly, the shit you do slowly becomes more boring, your body becomes worn out from all the sedentarianism.
So what if you're a /fit/ NEET, norms don't actually have the fucking willpower to do anything, not work hard at the arts, not work hard at becoming physically stable, but you can't see this because you're a normgroid.
Guess it'll just have to be put to the test, you'll see how insufferable you are, and that the system you so hate is just something you're lashing out at because you can't lash out at yourself and your own failures. It's fucking helping you, you don't ever have to have actual discipline ever in the norm world, everything's already fucking babied for you, and you're just being pushed along by society, because if you weren't you'd sit somewhere and rot in a hole and have no idea how to get back up, because again, you lack fucking willpower.
everything is literally handed to you, the only thing you can do to prevent it from being handed to you is to say no to it, either by outright protesting against it or by just being a lazy dumbfuck taking for granted what it is you're getting.
>free schooling
>can take loans for a higher education, and the risk is you have to actually not be a lazy cunt with it
>or you could learn a fucking trade if you're not too filled with hubris to understand that you could never achieve a higher education successfully, no matter how much you dream of suckling on the tits of a gold digging blonde stacey.
And then there are the people who fall through the cracks because nothing is perfect, and that's where welfare and minimum wage low iq jobs come into play, while you dilligently hand out your resume, because you actually tried at the chances you were given, right? instead of just throwing them away, now resentful of the system, instead of yourself (very human behaviour by the way), for letting you down.
You just let yourself down, and you're mad about that, but you'd never blame anything but yourself, only as a last stand.

fuck you normie, stop biting the hand that feeds you

>Had sex all night with a girl I like
>woke up before her
>Want to take a walk home, but think it could be rude to leave without telling her goodbye.
>Go to her TV and turn on Netflix
>See that she was watching Evangelion
>Put it on and blast the opening at full volume
>Oh shit I woke her up
>She comes sit next to me
>Ask her if she wants to have sex again?
>She says she is not in the mood because she is hanged over and her vagina is soar
>She start talking about me going home because she got stuff to do
>Somehow I do not get the cue and ask her if she would like to jerk me off, since her vagina is soar
>She get super angry at me
>WTF is wrong with me?
>WTF did I not leave in the morning, to text her afterwards?
I'm proud of you for making a vagina sore*, Anon, but offer her sex for the 75th time maybe it'll work out
I dont think it would have helped!

File: file.png (579 KB, 480x480)
579 KB
579 KB PNG
>literally all of life's problems are halved if you are attractive
god damnit to fuck
being attractive is a problem
God I fucking hate women. Women legitimately have zero purpose.
you can look like that if you want to fatass

File: 1628162471505.jpg (40 KB, 938x960)
40 KB
The older I get, the more I understand guy who settled for hot, single moms. The years of isolation and loneliness grinds away your soul and standards. Every year my standards get more and more relaxed.
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It's so you could fuck her and have kids with her. If you don't have kids with her, there's no point.
>22 year old
>gay crybaby faggot thread
>no defense whatsowever

okay bud. i have millions in the bank. you're just gay. you're only gay. the only person who would make this thread is a faggot. there is no way around this nigger. you are a gay faggot. You think you're "throwing around shade" or whatever nigger term you have for it, but you are the faggot who made a SAD ABOUT WOMEN mgtow faggot thread. you're that guy. you did this. you have that gay ass image saved on your computer. you're a nigger. you're a gay nigger. closing the thread. you don't need any more bumps.
>getting this assmad
Looks like I struck a nerve, cya fag.
Single moms won't have kids with their provider most of the time, it may happen but it's rare.
In that case it definitely wouldn't be worth it. I'd only do it if she wanted to have kids. I knew a kid with a single mom and step dad growing up and his younger brother was his step dad's biologically.

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