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File: dypyu03zz2871.jpg (59 KB, 736x978)
59 KB
Does anyone else feel serious depression, suicidality and disassociation without the social anxiety and insecurity? It seems like for everyone else online they come as a packaged deal.

I don't have any self hatred and I'm not socially anxious. I don't spend my time thinking I'm useless or whatever. Of course I have regrets though, things I wished I did differently. I just have mental anguish and pain, substance abuse problems and generalized low functioning. I can be around normalfaggots and make small talk and come across as fine. I generally don't care what they think of me.

I really don't know why I'm so miserable all the time. My life has been a cycle of brief moments of functionality where I get jobs, do well, get praised, get my finances under control. Which then contrast with horrific benders and misery where I get arrested, get institutionalized and have my finances fall apart.
>Does anyone else feel serious depression, suicidality and disassociation without the social anxiety and insecurity?
Plenty of people do
Sorry I have nothing else to add I just wanted to tell you it's nothing new
Yeah, I just feel out of place on online depression circles I guess. I hide my power level on incel forums but I'm just as fucked up as all of them.

It's like cough and fever. Often they go together or share a root cause, and people will talk about them together, but people can have one without the other for sure.

Have you seen a therapist (not inpatient/psychiatrist) ever? Like had this cycle observed by a professional that knows you?

File: 1653540643361.jpg (1.21 MB, 2414x3892)
1.21 MB
1.21 MB JPG
>be mtf trans
>mom makes money selling pics of herself on only fans
>says we should take pics together in our underwear, holding hands or posing "mildly, nothing weird"
>claims we'd make a bunch of money due to the novelty of it
>just want to keep working on my indie game

Which of us is more of a degenerate to you
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You troon.
Just do it, you are already too far gone to be caring about your virtue.
bait thread but there's no reason not to make money on some photos and then still work on your game
the bonus is that lefties, trannies, and gay simps will promote and buy your game to support you
would larp as a tranny if my mother was hot just because it actually sounds better than working a normal job
Just fucking do it. You already put your mother through a lot by trooning out. Helping her is the least you can do.

I wonder if a person raised with a mother like this would be prone to any strange type of mental illness... Hmmmm....

I really want a girlfriend, I am very sick of not having a girlfriend
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>Men risk their safety for sex all the time.
They do but we shouldn't
Oh yeah, that's bullshit. I mean everybody cares about their paycheck, but if the therapist is shit at their job and doesn't care about the patient, that's not gonna be great.
Honestly, I learned some great tools to help me survive with my emotions from therapy, and that's what matters most. Look up REBT (a form of CBT, I think) techniques, maybe you will find something useful (REBT is the therapy path I'm currently on).

The whole therapy thing basically just boils down to being able to identify, understand, and accept your emotions. It's what helps heal them. That's all there is to that.

Also, I'm still a bit shocked by how expensive therapy is in (presumably) western countries. Where I'm from it's much cheaper, but then again wages are much shittier too so I think it comes to around the same number.

If you're gonna opt for therapy in the future though, trust me, you'll need it once a week at least. Once you start uncovering all the shit you've been burying for who knows how long, it will seem endless, or maybe not if you're less fucked up haha
I hope therapy continues to help you
But I don't think I'll be trying it again due to how expensive it is, and yes I am in a western country
Maybe if I'm ever earning way more money where hundreds a month for therapy is a drop in the pond
>I hope therapy continues to help you
Thank you. I hope you find luck as well on your path, regardless of what path you take
>And no, loneliness won't kill you,
Except it will. Loneliness is a thing that shortens your life on the level comparable to heavy smoking.

File: Elliot Rodger cropped.jpg (69 KB, 608x551)
69 KB
whenever a girl starts off enthusiastic and complimenting me but then finds out i dont have IG they instantly ghost me. one social redflag like that and it goes from 100 to 0 because women are more judgmental about social standing than anything else. same thing with making a social gaff, any sign of autism instantly dries them up. the meme that it's in the bag as soon as you pass a certain physical threshold is a fucking cope. ugly NTs who pass the physical threshold for less girls still have a better chance than a good looking autist who pass it for more but fail socially. autism is the real black pill.
File: 1644780817684.jpg (187 KB, 634x835)
187 KB
187 KB JPG
Copium. A mugshot is enough for Chad.

File: 1653315417522.jpg (85 KB, 1000x999)
85 KB
Post your gems boys, only plausible scenarios

I love big milky big booba boobalicious goofyboober bababoobi slavic jewesses with autism
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Doing tiktok dances and making stupid faces means you have autism now?
>https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ST_RTAgldWc [Embed]
I'm so autistic I forgot this was a joke video and got really excited for the bombjump speed laps.
women cannot suffer from autism in any meaningful way
Tbh I think it might have been a normalfag posing for the vid
You're not alone, that song goes hard too. Much love from kazakhstan
yeah men have real autism while women think it makes them cute to pretend to have autism
those w*men are all soulless sluts and attention whores

File: 43634636.png (862 KB, 683x876)
862 KB
862 KB PNG
Please tell me your bedroom doesn't look like this anon
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File: images (48).jpg (25 KB, 640x480)
25 KB
If you feast your eyeballs for a moment.
File: 1626554913482.jpg (76 KB, 640x640)
76 KB
kek'd honestly

why is there carpeting on the wall
women would rather fuck a borderline homeless chad than a 6 figure betabuxxer
That's raw concrete, just looks fuzzy.

File: images (25).jpg (46 KB, 448x685)
46 KB
I'm a mod on an incel forum. AMA
Hermetic charlatan
im a mod in a lgbt discord server
Man made horrors
Are you an incel yourself? Why bother posting here? It's shit now.
What flavor of incel? Angry ER stuff? Despair? Looksmaxxing/surgery stuff?

File: _.jpg (59 KB, 1048x899)
59 KB
the jig is up, the news is out, they finally found me.
Come with your hands up lil nigga
the renegade who had it made has finally wageslaved
Cum with your hands lil nigga

File: Eknx6WSXUAAEw6H.jpg (67 KB, 996x682)
67 KB
>coworker drags me to bar, not feeling it but fuck it, he promises to buy my beers
>barfly with thirty years on me comes up to us, starts chatting
>she mentions something about prince and eric clapton
>reply "oh yeah, i love purple rain, prince really was an amazing guitarist"
>tells me that if she was twenty years younger she'd take me home then and there
>mention that i saw dinosaur jr a couple of weeks ago, asked if she had heard of them
>"i love j mascis, anon, his music hits my...soul, it's so deep"
>asks if i want to dance, surewhatever.png
>ends up making out with me then and there
I promise this isn't cope, I'm still processing this. I don't care if I contracted oral herpes, was still a nice experience. Any other brobots have experiences with barflies?
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File: aaaybreh.png (535 KB, 550x550)
535 KB
535 KB PNG
Idk how to explain this and have you believe me, but if middle aged women are flirting with you it's a sign you are significantly attractive. Like gay men, they are shameless and horny and have nothing to lose. Lots of dudes think they're uglier than they are because younger women are shy or scared or coy or whatever, but when moms are hitting on you it's a reliable sign you are conventionally hot to women.
Sounds like cope desu
I think they are looking for the stamina young men have, looks are secondary.
I hope this isn't true because older women loved me when I was 20
now nobody gives a shit
>it's not cope
The absolute state of 4Chan that you won't be believed for playing a little tonsil hockey
Youth has its own attractiveness for sure, but older women aren't indiscriminate like older men. If it were just about fucking a young guy they could have near unlimited options of retarded horny teens, but they don't because youth alone isn't enough. They're still choosing you, but they're far less inhibited about saying it. Same way with gay men. It's a sign you have appeal.

It's not the only sign and the pandemic has honestly made people sexless and autistic. I would try not to read too much negative into it. If you were attractive at 20 it's more of a sign of your ongoing potential.

File: 1653498646975.jpg (37 KB, 440x386)
37 KB
Post your
>tfw still no gf
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>being psychotic enough as to muster the numbness necessary to be comfortable dealing with all the red tape and soulessness involved with earning the approval of a species of psychotic larpers

Nah. Me resisting the urge to seek female companionship is the same as resisting the urge to overeat.
File: 1477690704979.jpg (39 KB, 600x557)
39 KB
I don't give a shit anymore
File: 1653546954934.jpg (73 KB, 604x604)
73 KB
i called the suicide hotline about it once
File: 1652184934365.png (1.12 MB, 984x879)
1.12 MB
1.12 MB PNG
No woman to scold my dark humor, life good
File: 1653327075573.png (411 KB, 640x512)
411 KB
411 KB PNG
I had gfs. I just want an American gf.

File: potaetoe.jpg (13 KB, 300x168)
13 KB
Advice from a normal person: the desensitization that is happening to you by viewing this board is a primary cause of the social isolation you feel from others. The worlds as bad as you think it is because you come onto this board every damn day to reinstitute that idea.
I'm aware some of you are fucked beyond redemption, this is for the few that may not be.
Also, Don't get better just for a girl, that's pathetic. Because we all end up becoming a product of our original intention.
Feel free me, the normal person any questions.
3 replies omitted. Click here to view.
Fellow normal person here: I've been posting on here since the beginning and didn't become cynical about women until after I dated some of them.
>Also, Don't get better just for a girl, that's pathetic
>braindead normie with zero self-awareness having the fucking nerve to tell ME what is pathetic, when he flexes on r9k and tells me how i should live my life
>the desensitization that is happening to you by viewing this board is a primary cause of the social isolation you feel from others
No, I was feeing it before I got here.
It could be a secondary cause though.
I was desensitized before I even came here
File: SPGHT0000175.png (146 KB, 1073x575)
146 KB
146 KB PNG
>this board every damn day to reinstitute that idea
It wasn't meant to be like that it just sort of shifted into defeatism. A lot of the cope from OG robots sounds like giving-up and why-try, and then that mindset sort of took over and eventually started leaving this board. The "pills" and that sort of thing. I apologize for being a part of it and popularizing that shit, I never in 1000 years thought the weird weeaboo sperg shit on 4chan would escape this board and infect normals.

File: 1623666638123.png (438 KB, 1200x960)
438 KB
438 KB PNG
what does this feel feel like?
7 replies omitted. Click here to view.
I've only done the sucking lol. It fees fucking awesome to have precum dripping into your mouth playing. Only problem is my guy is way too competitive and will literally ignore the bj to the point of going soft to secure the win. '

Literally refuses to be a causal long enough to nut. baka
It's fun for the first minute but then your arms feel weird holding them up like that. She or you become distracted by the game.

However, it's fucking amazing if you just like lounging around playing with each other. My ex and I would just get high on Saturday's, play vidya and just have free use of each other. She just lapped at my dick for an hour, not because of the pleasure but because it was just comfy and fun.
It starts out too distracted to enjoy then the sensation creeps up on you and you blow a fat load. In my experience. Idk how to explain it feels feminine like you're being made to orgasm rather than actively making it happen.
It's kinda fun (feel like a boss) but you play worse and the blowjob is worse too
i'd rather just play games and then get a bj after
One time my ex started sucking me off while i was playing league of legends, ended up telling her to stop because i was that addicted to the shitty game i didnt want to lose LP, in hindsight it was pretty good

File: 41975456_p0.png (63 KB, 260x478)
63 KB
I love my boyfriend so much. He's the sweetest guy I know and he does so much for me. Makes me breakfast in the morning and puts himself in front of the niggers when we're out in public. I wish I could do more for an actual ball of light in this cold world but I can't think of anything. Tricks by the unseeable, makes me colder and distant when really I want to light both of us on fire. Not literally of couse but like a spiritual sense of burning away our entire lives together. Like when you put two lighters together and makes the flame bigger. Something like that. God he's cute. Seeing him walk around shirtless all the time is a constant reminder of how lucky I got in my lot in life. I wish our roles were opposite, he's the one that deserves to live comfy not me but I think I would embalm anyone I would come across at my peak. Like how cell drained all those people. Something like that. I hope he's okay right now. He doesn't know it but when he's sleeping I draw sigils with kisses on his forehead so he has good dreams.
18 replies and 6 images omitted. Click here to view.
I never said I was a foid desu, our love is alot purer than anything a freaky fish crotch could ever provide. He's alot stronger than me and not just in physical strength. I rlly admire him and wish I could reciprocate his strength but leaning on his for now is all I can do. It's okay if you don't understand anons, you don't need to. Just understand that true love can exist in the material plane unabated by yahlboah or any of his Saturn niggers. I'm working on projection magic so I can see his dreams, he looks so happy next to me when he sleeps. I wanna see
Ok im still gonna rape you
>also a faggot
The number of retards on this board who actually think this is a woman
>I'm ANOTHER worthless roastie taking full advantage of a kind male but instead of reciprocating in full I come to r9k to complain that I can't because in reality he's not good enough in my eyes compared to my ideal Chad so I won't do anything for him as he spoils me.

File: WHY DO THESE EXIST.jpg (271 KB, 1280x720)
271 KB
271 KB JPG
>hey whats up spartan, take a look at the new top of the line armor we made for you guys
>pretty cool right?
>uhhhhh what do you mean you're not gonna wear this armor?
>do you even know how much these cost and what they're capable of? I'm not even gonna mention the power suppl-
Dude, nobodys gonna wear that rinky dinky looking ass armor man. I mean are you serious? You really think we're gonna wear something like that? Spartans? hell no man, just give me some Mark IV and I'll be on my way.
Glad I left halo in reach like Noble 6, god bless Mk V armors
Goddamn, a trains designed this, then again the whole Halo team is trains these days
I wish I was a train I would fuck your mother so hard
File: hayabusa.jpg (62 KB, 640x360)
62 KB
>he didn't unlock the hayabusa set
Anyway, imagine actually playing modern Halo. The best days are gone and they're never coming back.
at least you can still play halo ce, 2, and 3 pretty much the exact same as it was with only some armor additions in the MCC

to all cutters: blood is so sticky... why do you even bother? its so messy and slippery then sticky and is hard to clean and stains... why dont you just man the fuck up? why fuck up your natural processes just as a pathetic cry for help because you arent strong enough to make changes yourself? why must you leech on functioning members of society for your own pathetic personal gain? why do all cutters cut across when most of them say they do it because theyre suicidal? what the fuck is wrong with you? why dont you just kill yourself? why dont you just kill yourself? why dont you just kill yourself? why dont you just kill yourself? why dont you just kill yourself? if you ever needed the push, use this as one. if youre scared, know that death will take away all the fear and pain. so why dont you just do it? why dont you just kill yourself? why dont you just kill yourself? why dont you just kill yourself? why dont you just kill yourself? why dont you just kill yourself? why dont you just kill yourself? why dont you just kill yourself? why dont you just kill yourself?
8 replies omitted. Click here to view.
i go to the gym 3-4 times a week and also run. i still need to cut. you wont understand until you try it and realise that you need it. but lets hope it doesnt happen
do you tell people about it? are you ashamed of it? do you want to quit?
i stay quiet, im a bit ashamed because i know its bad and i need it, ergo im addicted, but since nobody knows about it i feel a bit better. i am trying to quit, but sometimes it just happens
the fact that you felt inclined enough to respond to this thread shows that you are probably a lot more ashamed about it than you let up, so let me give you some good advice
as someone thats never dealt with addiction before, just quit
its that easy
the reason i have never dealt with addiction before isnt because i havent done anything addicting, its because my secret technique is just not getting addicted
you need to be harder on yourself and not let yourself get addicted to things that your life doesnt depend on
just simply adapt, become stronger, and if you cant, then youre weak
easy as that
you said you already work out so im gonna assume you have a good mental and that you are doing it because of reasons that arent related to proving to yourself that you are strong enough to conquer physical pain to soothe the mental pain
and if you cant realize that you are strong enough to overcome the mental pain then you are stupid and weak, which means you need to get stronger
thats how i can slice open my fingers and bleed all over my knife without realizing it
>"you dont understand what i go through"
i have quite literally went through hell and back and have seen things, done things, and have had things done to me that you couldnt start to even imagine
just man up
I do it cause I want to nigga.

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