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File: maxresdefault.jpg (83 KB, 1280x720)
83 KB
Throw the jannie down the well

>live in japan
>the entire country is a shitty collectivist society
>work culture is atrocious, stressful, and nothing gets done despite working your balls off 24/7
>people live with their parents until their married, which never happens because of technology
>if you do choose to move out you get to live in a small shitty apartment the rest of your life
>many people I know have become complete hermits, living in their rooms, eating shitty food and gaming all day
>go online
>weeaboos blabbering on about how life in japan is so much better than in america
>get all their information from anime

Why is Japan so romanticized, for the shithole it is.
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those pics are Chinese and Korean
File: Akko_sad.jpg (23 KB, 889x500)
23 KB
Christ that is depressing.
>nothing gets done despite working your balls off 24/7
>STDs are fairly common in Japanese women in general
I hate those stupid lies.
Dont you dare hurt that fumo

File: Me2.jpg (184 KB, 812x593)
184 KB
184 KB JPG
>163 IQ
>Mixed-raced, level 2 Autism
>White dad's plan was for me and my sister to commit incest so that he could build a new race of people
>Didn't expect for me to come out morally superior to him and say No to Life forever

I'm glad I'm putting a stop to the suffering that is life on earth, at least for my kind.

Let the insane and evil have this place.
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Kurt, must we go through this tirade once again? Taking the same test with the same questions is useless, and I dare say idiotic. An online test will never beat a test administered by a professional in a clinical setting. Of course, I do find IQ tests to be useless pseudoscience that have no purpose outside of weeding out those who are borderline retarded.
I don't want to bother you with this, so let's agree to disagree.

I know it's a matter of perspective here.
Alright, dig it. It was a fun easter egg. Later
File: 1586138714975.png (330 KB, 768x1024)
330 KB
330 KB PNG
Go easy on me please i was just trying to prove everyone else what i think in my mind because i cannot perform basic human actions like being aware that IQ> is just <QI that aware of beings like humans perform actions because they try to stand up from everyone else to prove themselves to their inner world that the outside world is the same they cannot even conceive that Happiness=Sadness as in 1=-1 what really matters is that I1I=I-1I the distance towards the other side is the same but with different polarity they cannot understand why 3 666 9 69 999 3 that why they are only autistic and squizos they lack Soul. Shallow 4 dimensional beings they lack it. once seen cannot be unseen that's why the Devil rules the World; Only Fools believe in God. just do psychs altering drugs lmao meet the DMT jesters no i am no a schizo y am -1(schizo) i see all symbols but still beat my meat that's why God created the body and the Devil tarnished it it's just a blurry painting they cannot see that what is seen is not by the eyes but somethig far greater that being irrational to normies. schizo rambling ended. yes black=white. no i am not illuminati.

File: 94175bf.jpg (992 KB, 2316x3088)
992 KB
992 KB JPG
>Match with tranny
>Start talking to her since no other woman would
>She lives close by with a roommate
>Straight up says that she is horny and wants me come by to fuck her ass and suck my cock

I mean I jerked off to traps before, but actually having sex with one is gay, should I do it?
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They completely change a person's face. Snapchat can make men look feminine and butter faced girls not look fat, and will hide all acne. This buttboy just looks like a somewhat feminine twink but if that's op's taste...
You can do a lot worse for your first trans encounter bro, get your dick wet just ask if they're clean because you are (I'm assuming)
yeah it's gay, but there's nothing wrong with that
slash u slash mermaidhime
if u actually no this reddit trap prove it

Fuck him in the ass you closeted faggot

File: america.jpg (142 KB, 720x787)
142 KB
142 KB JPG
salute your flag you fat useless fucks
Are you french by any chance? You have been muted for 4 seconds, because your comment was not original.
File: American Burger Dance.gif (393 KB, 342x342)
393 KB
393 KB GIF
>not a single one of them are a burger joint
How can I salute such a disgrace to this great nation? That flag actually warrants taking a knee.
File: 1587880371173.jpg (354 KB, 1100x1272)
354 KB
354 KB JPG
>live near two long john silvers+taco bells
>always get the 3 piece chicken with fries instead of slaw and two sides of nacho cheese
this shit changed my life
and if you sweet talk the qt cashier girl you can get a freeze in a fountain drink sized large
post more belle in breeding mode i need to coom brother

File: 1591311698955.jpg (127 KB, 540x960)
127 KB
127 KB JPG
I want to rape a beautiful woman.
I want to beat the fuck out of her and wipe that smug fucking look off her face and then hold her down and pound her with all my suppressed sexual frustration until I cum on her fucking soft ass fragile skin while she lays there and accepts it.
4 replies and 1 image omitted. Click here to view.
You realise there are prostitutes who will let you do that for little to no money? Maybe not the beating part, but the rest of it sure.
The irony is, kind empathetic men like you who would never harm a woman get overlooked while women flock to criminals and literal rapists. Sad state of affairs.

It's truly fucked, isn't it? This piece of shit gets to have a better life than me simply because the bones in his face stick out more than mine. Are you fucking kidding me? How can you not get angry at that? I'm rotting on the inside while this guy gets romantic reciprocation at every turn and corner. I literally just want one girl...

The Meekpill is so brutal. Who designed this world and why? Do we really go to hell when we die or are some of us already living it here?
>do we really go to hell when we die or are some of us already living it here
I hope there is no hell when I die because I'm sure already living hell everyday while some people have the time of their lives.
yikes she is damaging her skin with the sun

>phone you have
>phone you want
>phone accessories you have
>phone apps you use the most
>phone you once had that you enjoyed
>phone you once had that you hated
7 replies and 2 images omitted. Click here to view.
>>phone you have
Xiaomi note 8
>>phone you want
Xiaomi note 8
>>phone accessories you have
>>phone apps you use the most
Dragon raja,vlc, brave, YouTube and manga reader
>>phone you once had that you enjoyed
Galaxy s5
>>phone you once had that you hated
I don't even have a sim card I just a smartphone because you can do and watch anything in the palm of your hand
Note 10+

I have the phone I wang

45W fast charger, galaxy buds, 10,000MhA battery bank

Discord and google chrome

Galaxy Note 9, S6 Edge

This white and blue slide phone from 7th grade i needed to use cause my sidekick broke. Hated that thing
has lasted a long time with no problems
>phone you have
free iphone from a relative
>phone you want
smartphone that isnt stealing all my data
>phone you hated
nexus 5, screen broke after 1week
>phone you want
to not have a cellphone at all
>phone accessories you have
bluetooth headset
>phone apps you use the most
>phone you once had that you enjoyed
Nokia brick phone
>phone you once had that you hated
all the rest of them

File: 1558702687608.jpg (772 KB, 1280x913)
772 KB
772 KB JPG
Why am I expected to date a girl who has been fucked by another guy?

People always tell me I should be open to dating girls who are not virgins enough though I'm one, by choice I guess.

What did I do to deserve this? I want to share those intimate experiences as something meaningful between us but she already did that with someone else.

I'd have to live knowing she was either very intimate with another guy or was used like a fucktoy by him.

Obviously I can't live with that and will probably just die alone save for a miracle. But why am I expected to be okay with this, it just doesn't click. It's the equivalent if telling me I should just drown myself and be okay with that.
32 replies and 2 images omitted. Click here to view.
Because women are whores who can't take responsibility for their actions and everyone gets offended if you imply they should.
It's always funny when you have these faggots. When a woman expresses a standard or preference, regardless of how unusual it is, nobody ever attacks them for being insecure or some shit. Why can't you guys just let sleeping dogs lie? Fuck all the roastie puss you want but some of us aren't into used up women.
It makes them insecure in their choices, either to sleep around and settle for someone who did the same.
I'm willing to wait for marriage, but it's not a requirement for me.

I will be miserable if she's not a virgin so I'd rather just be less miserable alone if those are my options. I'm kind of attractive but not chad levels.
LOFL I'm an atheist. I don't believe in fairies.

And if this guy is Christian he's not good at it, lik talking to women.
Nobody cares what you think normalnigger, go get your throat stepped on by a cop like the nigger you are.

File: 1591034280987.jpg (531 KB, 1435x1740)
531 KB
531 KB JPG
I'm a male, 5'4" and 140 lbs. There is a girl who is 5'10" and she is very big boned, probably weighs around 170 lbs. She wants my dick. Should I impregnate her and have taller, bigger children? She could be my mommy
Yes now post both of your photos and contact information, I want to fuck you both
Yeah, use your brain, retard.
Do it, you will never be this lucky again

File: 1591190242136.jpg (161 KB, 558x558)
161 KB
161 KB JPG

What are you peeps currently up to?

Sometimes I wonder if I have unhealthy Fi, because I don't know how to really deal with that function in general in a healthy manner.
129 replies and 39 images omitted. Click here to view.
So, like an anon said, INTPs and INFPs are similar but INTPs are more likely to go against their values and make compromises than INFPs, right? Maybe I could... Thinking something ''feels wrong'' is one thing...realizing it's not the case is another. If something disturbs me at first but I realize it's the best thing to do, this is what most people would do...I guess I could accept it's not that bad and do it, even if it doesn't feel very natural...unless it's just me trying to say fuck off to Fi.
INTPs are also similar to ISTPs and, therefore, bro's.
the past few "house is an ISTP" have been by me, an INTP

he is clearly an ISTP and i never bought that he was INTP or INTJ

ISTP makes the most sense for house
nah he's just an old and bitter INTP, which is essentially what ISTPs are
That... makes sense for my type. I have been getting more bitter as I get older; I used to be all cheery and optimistic in high school, 15 years ago. I entered a pseudo-goth phase during my junior and senior years and that turned into cynicism well into my 20s. Now 30, I'm just a cynical misanthrope who somehow acts a little immature around people he's comfortable being around.

Post height, dick size, fetishes and race
>over 7
>Japanese, white, black, sri lankan
16 replies and 6 images omitted. Click here to view.
Post height, dick size, fetishes and race
>5incher cock
>female feet, female masturbating, female dominating me with her feet
Here you go NSA-san
>Femdom, Exhibitionism
>Arab, Black
File: 1589375206719.jpg (42 KB, 500x500)
42 KB
>loving femdom, basically anything where I'm the bottom/sub
>white (English and German I think) plus Cherokee.
File: 5.jpg (287 KB, 1280x1878)
287 KB
287 KB JPG
>highly detailed mouth, blowjob, deepthroat, ero guro, human cattle, beastiality, snuff, amputation, dolls, cyborgs, lolicon
>French, white

File: 1588971981553.jpg (53 KB, 600x507)
53 KB
Who wants to be in my epic 3hr long dinosur movie? There's tons of rape, death, and the N-word is said 200+ times

this is a serious offer BTW
35 replies and 15 images omitted. Click here to view.
For op. Have a lovely day and a cup of hot British tea everyone
Fuck it, I'm down, where do I apply? Just send you a Discord message?
File: download (1).jpg (163 KB, 1480x833)
163 KB
163 KB JPG
Do you need sandnigger-level voice acting?
any and all is welcome, contact info is above, or you can talk to me at:

Saddam Hussein#8816
yeah just add either one of us

File: 26f.jpg (26 KB, 673x604)
26 KB
I dream of the golden anus

How are all my NEETs and wagies doing? Are you comfortable, or unhappy with your situation?
6 replies omitted. Click here to view.
>Does she come home and beat you?
No. But she does take me out (we live out in a rural area) a bit most days she works and buys me things. I'm basically a tall house wife. She considers herself lucky that she has me cook clean and balance the bills.
Fucking corona turned me into a NEET again, goddamn Chinese. I miss work. I feel like my life has no meaning now.
Shut in for 8 years I am indifferent to the situation. I know I will probably not change. I know I really need to change. I am depressed more days then anything else about it tho.
Your wife sounds deluded, but at least it's in your favor. Proud of you anon.
wagie here, doin good.

started writing a novel for fun and might publish it online!

File: momokn.jpg (137 KB, 1024x1024)
137 KB
137 KB JPG
I'm sick and tired of waiting for the next Hitler to appear. When the FUCK is he coming to save us?
8 replies and 3 images omitted. Click here to view.
>While there are many similarities to pre-nazi Germany in the world right now,
there aren't lol this is just what armchair revolutionaries tell each other to justify believing in crackpot ideologies from 100 years ago. we live in some of the most stable prosperous times in human history.
File: THE LOGIC CONTINUES.png (373 KB, 459x615)
373 KB
373 KB PNG
Firstly, the largest part of the commonality between the two settings are the extreme political divisiveness, and the low morale, and the presence of the violent anti-fascist action group.

Second, the stability is a farce and some people know it. The employment-population ratio is the lowest it's ever been. But unlike the 1920s, the government is paying people to not work. Many of the workforce can be laid off at any time. And much of that workforce are doing "non-jobs", or "blatantly non-contributory work". This "stability" is precarious at best.

Lastly, security and stability do not account for the entire hierarchy of needs. Although, common people aren't willing to give up security for conflict.
Yet people are more unhappy than ever
The suicide rate has never been higher
So maybe this "prosperous time" is actually not that good
> we live in some of the most stable prosperous times in human history

Yeah, only because of nuclear weapons you retard, we would have had WW3 decades ago if not.
Excellent observation. "Mutually Assured Destruction" is a staggeringly large factor in military strategy now. Any conflict between NATO and non-NATO countries is highly likely to end in total nuclear destruction.

In WWII, radar won the war. In WWIII, nuclear bombardment will win the war. Except winning is the same as losing. It's a stalemate until the next breakthrough

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