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File: 1530927660346.jpg (133 KB, 780x818)
133 KB
133 KB JPG
>tfw ceaseless existential dread

The implications of memory really fucks me up the most.
I know this feel anon. I'll look at someone and start thinking about how they are a physical body with organs and blood and their brain is just like meat. How the fuck can that animal think! Are we simply fucking animals? Does that mean that our "soul" is just an illusion created by humans to make them feel better? I don't know...
i think many people who say they don't believe in the soul really understand what it truly means.

>"yeah there is no after life or soul, but i'm still uniquely me!"

I was like that too.

File: 1542625269972.jpg (158 KB, 900x1200)
158 KB
158 KB JPG
what would you do to that ass robots?
File: phew.png (116 KB, 552x524)
116 KB
116 KB PNG
DESTROY IT with my cock SHOVEL ;)
Nothing, I wouldnt want to be convicted of sexual assault or rape.
fucking anything. i can't remember the last time i ejaculated.. this nofap streak is killing me..

File: sprs34puwtm01.jpg (53 KB, 800x602)
53 KB
there's no reason to be a virgin when desperate fat girls exist.
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You're telling me Germany doesn't have dating sites/apps? There's no way that's true.
I'm also German and met my gf on okc. Nice ausrede
As this guy said yes there are dating apps >>49405858
But those are just for hookups. You may get lucky and find someone genuine but it's really rare.

Also I didn't say there are no dating apps. I'm saying this social activity like dating isn't really a thing here. You might have a minority that uses dating apps for hookups but that's not dating. You only really get to know some real chicks by just having luck and being at the right place at the right time.
Polack here. I confirm what >>49405589
And >>49406033 said. American style dating isnt a thing in this part of the world. Most couples i know met during childhood/adolescence, at some party which was hosted by common friend, at university or work. Of course they are some couples that met on okc or tinder but its small minority. On those sites are mostly hookup girls with no redeeming qualities other than look. Ive been on some dates but couldnt fall in love with them.

Id rather be alone than be with some cunt or landwhale.

Fat girls are never desperate. They fuck chad and anyone on the regular. Because of this thought you have, that fatties are desperate , they get tremendous amounts of cock because everyone is thinking the same, and they may even fuck more than lean stacy.

The only easy sex today is wih literal deformed monsters.

File: 1538343994708.jpg (5 KB, 184x184)
5 KB
I wake up in the mornings sinking halfway to the bottom, there's a loud distorted screaming in my soul
Everything is dark and empty and I don't know how to fix it so I curl up in a ball and cry in the comfort of my home
I don't know why I feel like shit
I say I'm fine but I'm not fine
I'm dying inside and all I see are demons
I try to hide all my deepest feelings
I think there's something wrong with me cause all I see is death
Everytime I go outside I look like I've been doing meth
And I sleep for nineteen hours on a Thursday afternoon and every now and then I cough up blood and I don't know what to do
File: 1405845901766.jpg (431 KB, 1920x1080)
431 KB
431 KB JPG

Ask your body what's wrong with it and the answers will come to your mind. The brain body connection is strong, if you focus on whats wrong the answers will arrive. Doing some symptom research will also help narrow down possibilities.

From there, get the recommended treatments. Drugs for less severe illnesses can be bought off of amazon or other pharmaceutical sites.

Oversleeping can actually be a vicious cycle, as the more you sleep over 8 to 9 hours the more your body will come to crave it, as if it was going into a hibernation mode. Habitual oversleeping can trick the body into thinking you need to conserve calories and energy due to food scarcity and you will feel fatigued often. Set an alarm so you don't sleep more than 10 hours a day then gradually taper off till you get to 8 hours a day.

As for the hallucinations of demons and death, meditate or practice lucid dreaming to regain control over your subconscious mind and purge yourself of these debilitating thoughts.

Best of luck anon.
Thanks anon, there are still nice people on r9k, it's not completely doomed yet
That is a filthy frank song

There's hope for us yet. I believe the robot can go back to its former glory of isolated but supportive outcasts, there's enough cruelty in the world.


Heh, good catch. I was completely baited. But hopefully my advice helped out some lurkers and perhaps OP.

And, now I've got another track to add to my playlist

File: brothers.jpg (66 KB, 600x338)
66 KB
How do i get a brother?
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File: 1497446655568.jpg (22 KB, 332x500)
22 KB
if you're a girl (girl) then have sex with your dad and get pregnant. repeat until you give birth to a male.
how do i get a brotherhood like ed and al
nyaatorrents should have fma brotherhood
epic meme my guy original
Steal a kid on the street and take care of him like your small brother

Lmao, woman should be killed immediately.
islam is growing on me, anon. islam is growing on me.
Doesnt matter what you are anon as long as we can agree that women should killed.

File: so smug (18).jpg (79 KB, 366x290)
79 KB
Give me literally ONE good reason why you are still chasing 3D whores.
In today's society feminism has created 90% of women offer nothing of value and the 10 who do don't offer anything that's irreplaceable. Women are way more likely to completely and permanently fuck you over just because they felt like it. Soon their wombs might even become obsolete.

With 2D you don't run the high risk of having your life ruined.
With 2D you don't run the risk of having your heart broken.
Being in love with 2D is the same as being in love with 3D
You feel just as loved with 2D as you do with 3D
2D isn't restricted to the simplicity of the material world. (tulpas, lucid dreams, etc.)
2D is more attractive.
2D isn't temporary
2D won't cost you an arm and a leg in the long run

And that even without mentioning how "real" women age.
If you still somehow find 3DPD valuable then you are a normalfag and deserve the things that are about to come your way.

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
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>a loser
>on r9k
woah. what a revolutionary concept.
Women only love what you can do for them
bumping cos im coooool dude
With 2D you don't run the high risk of having your life ruined.
With 2D you don't run the risk of having your heart broken.
Being in love with 2D is the same as being in love with 3D

OP, all objectively true.
>Having my heart broken makes me feel alive, it's far better than numbness
I only love Waifu

Everywhere I go people hate me. Why are they so retarded?
hating you makes them retarded?
describe yourself so we can hate you as well, retard.
File: topkek.jpg (144 KB, 389x450)
144 KB
144 KB JPG
Same. It gets annoying after a while to be honest

how do I leave my small town if im on probation for being black?

>live in shitty town
>in the middle of nowhere 7 hours deep in the woods
>no city or real town near me or anything
>nothing but other small shitty towns that i dont even have a way to get to
>nothing around here but pizza shops and dollar stores and they're all like 20-40 miles away
>parents are poor as fuck
>house has nothing in it broken down leaking ceiling freezing cold in the winter sad as fuck
>finally get enough money to leave
>get fucked in the ass
>life is over
>forced to sit on 4chan all day
>just stuck in the middle of nowhere with the worst life ever
33 replies and 3 images omitted. Click here to view.
Stop spamming this everyday
>for being black
Make up new characters if you want to play it that way. The black probation rural r9k guy has already explained plainly his crimes.
>implying this retard could pass the ASVAB
>implying he doesn't have any blatant mental health issues that would bar him from joining either way
also hes on probation which is an instant disqualifer.
Just make a mad dash for the border. Run like you stole some shit. They're too busy stopping hordes of brown people from getting in to worry about one brown person trying to get out.

Worst case scenario you get caught, go to prison,.which means you still got out of your shitty town. It's win-win baby!
Get a job/money again and just up and leave.

I think I'm staying a virgin for myself, im dead serious. This is deeply gross

>disclaimer; lol actually hooking up with people online is smarter because you can check if they have stds compared to irl which is just instant sex
3 replies omitted. Click here to view.
Who cares?
Talk about it with your discord friends, no need to make a thread every time your ex boyfriend farts.
No, people on this site are obsessed with revenge porn and I'm smart enough to avoid it

I actually don't have friends online or in the real world

I'm just shook because I didn't expected to find evidence of anyone's sex life
Thread over, I just made this to process the surprise I felt
Go back to your lurking obscurity, your thread was ass and you're ass
>incels go away you ruined /r9k/
>/r9k/ immediately flooded with only orbiting threads again
You wanted this

>do you self harm and why
>how do you do it
>do you keep it hidden or do it openly such as on arms opposed to thighs
>any tips
>do you self harm and why
I used to. I was extremely unstable emotionally. I can find words to describe the mental state I was when I would do this stuff.

>do you keep it hidden or do it openly such as on arms opposed to thighs
Openly because I didn't gave a fuck. My scars carry aposematism significance to everyone. Everyone is careful with me and treat me accordingly. Not fun.

>any tips
You are not going to find what you are looking for by doing this.
Don't do it, this is actually an addictive behavior. Might as well do heroin or something else that actually will make you feel better for a few moments.
They are many other ways to mask the feelings you find unbearable.
If self harm looks attractive compared to anything else you might aswell check yourself for a psychotic break or some shit. You are retarded
>If self harm looks attractive compared to anything else you might aswell check yourself for a psychotic break or some shit. You are retarded

I had a pyschotic break.
I find it nice to cut but in quickly running out of uncut spots.
>do you self harm and why
stress relief, i tend to do it more often on my job
>how do you do it
pretty much with anything sharp enough
>do you keep it hidden or do it openly such as on arms opposed to thighs
i'm not an attention whore like the majority of the people who self harm, i do it on my belly, chest, legs, anywhere i could easily hide.
>any tips
don't do it.
>i tend to do it more often on my job
how do you self harm at work?
>i'm not an attention whore like the majority of the people who self harm,
these fags really ruin it.
I do mine in places unseen as well.
bumping for more self harm discussion.
come on R9K

File: images.jpg (10 KB, 193x261)
10 KB
>Be me
>Live in balkan shithole
>Be paid peanuts in actual field-related job despite having a CS degree and finishing my masters cos the job market here is a joke(and has every indication of continuing to be for at least the next few decades).
>All the young people with a half-competent skillset have jumped ship already.
>Frankly the only thing i would be giving up would be family(which i'll probably still skype with),and the expense-saving aspect of living with them which will hopefully be counterbalanced by superior pay.
>Quality of life might be worse also i guess,and cultural differences are a given but i can live with that.
>So basically looking for a place to live(obviously more geared towards western europe/US but have entertained thoughts of going to japan).
>t. fluent at English,good at German slowly picking up Japanese and Russian in my little free time

All in all the plan is to either find a more reasonable work schedule(i work 55hrs/week currently) or continue to work hard for a limited amount of time(like a decade of so),accumulate some wealth and live off that.Right now the only way I could do that is with investing(which i've only now gotten an interesting in) and with my starting capital being in the 1000 euros range I doubt i could get anything going quickly

Also if any American robots are knowledgeable on the subject could i get a working visa if my brother is a permanent resident(family-based immigration)?I'll probably do some research on the subject on my own but if anyone can help out that'd be nice.
Tesla didn't have any currency. Bird-fucker died broke.
>>>49406511 (OP)
I know but i appreciate the irony of the image.

And well he would have if Eddison wasn't a thief and a con.
That's what i get for replying when i was in the midst of correcting the OP,i meant to say interest* in not interesting.

But i digress.

need input original boyos

File: lol....png (29 KB, 1165x147)
29 KB
Why are asian men so insecure haha

File: 24.png (1.68 MB, 1277x1080)
1.68 MB
1.68 MB PNG
I like watching the teen drama this one girl has

its just interesting seeing what normal people are like.
14 replies and 2 images omitted. Click here to view.
File: 1542459014697.jpg (465 KB, 1098x1080)
465 KB
465 KB JPG

Ok but I think the FBI is going to wonder why a 30 year old man is subscribed to a teenager talking about her social life and doing dares.

What a creative and random interview.
File: 1508802889259.jpg (174 KB, 850x1201)
174 KB
174 KB JPG
well I found it interesting that streamer OP listed
why would the FBI care at all ???
FBI are fags is why.
and teh ydo it originally

File: Futa_CD_4820.png (1.73 MB, 1440x1080)
1.73 MB
1.73 MB PNG
my mouthpussy is hungry

wat do?
go to grindr.
install gentoo
And go back to
File: download (2).jpg (17 KB, 282x179)
17 KB
Try some of these, they should thoroughly satisfy your hunger. They even look like cocks too, I guess.

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