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File: E4dVLFsX0AIYRSd-orig.jpg (67 KB, 725x500)
67 KB
>the whole pro-fiction/anti-censorship vs. pro-censorship/anti-lewd/shipping war on twitter

lmao, what the fuck is even happen
Where are you seeing this? Is this a new thing?
the tumblr ban was many months ago, like 1,5 maybe even 2 years already
OP is hallucinating correlation to two different events that much predate mass-media era and is called puritanism and moralfagging

Why any of you faggots think twitter is a source is beyond me. Every retard gets a megaphone and yells their shitty opinions across the internet and people take it as gospel.

File: 1562003195401.gif (265 KB, 320x270)
265 KB
265 KB GIF
Are minority girls easier to get in a relationship with than while girls if you're white? Where can I find a nog gf?
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>white pussy is superior
File: 1609702377429.jpg (296 KB, 1667x2500)
296 KB
296 KB JPG
I prefer asians desu, but I will settle for a nog since I'm a 20 yo virgin and at this rate I will stay one for life.
anon you just posted a child! adult white women are superior to underage gooks
Give me a white girl and I give you an asian girl.
yeah, go for a nice asian girl. they live in california or around good universities

File: Miku_01.jpg (1.2 MB, 1920x1080)
1.2 MB
1.2 MB JPG
>friend messages me
>Says people we used to work with are having a BBQ and that I should come
>anti social as fuck and haven't seen any of these people in like 2 years
>don't feel like sitting through the typical "hey how have you been, what are you up to" song and dance
>lie and tell him I can't go I have a prior engagement
>he tells me to come afterwards
>currently feeding him lies on top of lies cause I don't feel like going

That's my day so far, anons. How about you?
File: 1625191166031.jpg (56 KB, 680x510)
56 KB
God I know that feel all too well. Perhaps one day they'll take a hint, right?

> How about you?

>Be me
>Am in absolutely shit health
>Have some kind of chronic cough that is set off by inhaling dust
>Cant stop coughing for weeks
>Get gas mask so I can work in dusty environments
>Start taking meds, eventually get my coughing mostly cured
>Wow feels good
>Obnoxious relative and his friend come
>have to help them with work
>They constantly push me around and treat me like an anger sponge

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
fuck man sorry to hear that. fuck those people. I hope you're living maximum comfy when you're not with them
File: 1554238667096.png (148 KB, 600x800)
148 KB
148 KB PNG
>wake up
>think about firing up the grill
>maybe later
>currently having a cool drink of water and browsing 4chin

>be me, American living in rural area
>wake up at 5am to start my shift at Walmart
>have a nutritious breakfast of mountain dew, hot pockets and poptarts smeared with butter
>go outside, see my dogs collar on the porch with a note from my neighbor
>"your dog was on my property so I shot it"
>mfw I can't be mad because he was just expressing his rights to property and guns
>get into pickup truck I pay 500 a month for and about as much in gas
>godblessamerica.jpg, lib status=triggered
>get to my job at Walmart, there is another mass shooting there so I have to wait a few hours to start
>boss calls me into his office
>fires me for being late
>can't be mad because he's a business man, a job creator and a true patriot and its his right
>get McDonald's on the way home and have 3 double quarter pounders and a large coke because I ain't gonna eat an impossible burger like some kind of queer
>my heart hurts from the freedom
>have a heart attack

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
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That's a lot of words I didn't read, I'm forced to live in cities due to the career path I choose when I was young, so now I have to live with that. If you honestly can't see what makes rural areas better then there was no hope for you to begin with.
Both are shit, most cities even more so.
t. have actually lived in both
Americans in general are absolutely worthless, so I don't know what your post is even about. City bugmen are not real people.
Best area to live is on the outskirts or toward the outskirts of a tier-2 or tier-3 city.

Fuck living in any of the big cities like NYC, LA, SF, Chicago, etc. That being said, I'd never live in flyover country or Sisterfuck, Alabama where there's nothing but methheads or pillbillies.
>So why do so many people here hate cities again?
smog, crime, lack of privacy, lack of rights, no land, no nature, no gardens, no farms, no room, ugly, smelly, surrounded by assholes, more traffic, more lines, more drugs, mroe conflict, more police, more laws, more rules.
>Rural areas suck dick
the only real disadvantage to rural areas is slower internet. nobody is forcing you to be a redneck if you live in the country.
>Are you just triggered by "teh libz" or is it a cope because you don't have marketable skills?
yes and no. why would you need marketable skills to live in a city?

File: 7uwiisvr1bh41.jpg (10 KB, 326x286)
10 KB
I'm going to be 23 kv after a month and a half. I decided i've had enough and i decided to do the best i can do this summer and expand my social circle as much as i can in hopes of meeting new friends and eventually a gf. I've been trtying to socialize almost every fucking day, going to bars, anime conventions, cold approaching, you name it. I started a month or so ago and i meet a new person every other day. For now i've made 5 new friends , 2 guys and 3 girls , that of fucking course are taken. I've lost any anxiety of aprroaching new people and can do cold approaches easy, but damn, my social battery and energy to socialize is gone..It feels like every girl that is moderately attractive and has an ok personality is taken and the whole thing is just numbers game and a huge grind..I feel i'm figthing a losing battle
2 replies omitted. Click here to view.
>I started a month or so ago and i meet a new person every other day. For now i've made 5 new friends , 2 guys and 3 girls , that of fucking course are taken. I've lost any anxiety of aprroaching new people and can do cold approaches easy, but damn, my social battery and energy to socialize is gone
damn anon ngl that's very impressive. I want to be able to cold approach people without issue bc it's also my goal to aggressively pursue making friends, and one day have the ability to boast that I have many friends and I am in many social circles. good on you, unironically
It started in a quite funny way. I love drawing ( i work as a freelancer as a side job) and was sketching people at the subway. Some guy was waay to impressed with my drawing and started chatting with me . I decided to gift him the sketch and then i got the idea to give some of the sketches to the people i was drawing during my subway commutes and i spent like one whole weekend pretty much just traveling the whole line and drawing and talking to people there. So this pretty much cured my shyness and now i can aprroach people without problem( if they look like somebody i'd be friends with , i have no intention of cold aprroaching normies)
im saving this. That's a really good fucking idea. I just need to find an in, like you did. But idk I don't have bad social anxiety anyhow. It's just that cold approaching people is hard even for normies, even for chads. But I will cold approach people and I will find a way to be socially successful, mark my fucking words
For me the best treatment is when I'm abroad, outside of my country. I'm fucking embarrassed in my own country, but if I go to a different country I feel way more better and can open conversation with many people on the street randomly. It's actually quiet funny. You are also way more interesting to them if you are a foreigner :) Still not easy enough, but possible.
Damn good luck anon.
I can't bear the social battery drain. I become really unproductive and just want to disappear.

File: why.jpg (99 KB, 1261x729)
99 KB
>ask why her pussy is upside down
>kicks me out
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Okay that explains a LOT.
>why her pussy is upside down

Because she's trans.
Can she get pregnant

he has no womb and no ovaries, that is not a vagina, that is an infected wound where his penis used to be.
yup, spotted at first glance... very sad how people can fall for this.

how do i achieve this hair. mine goes upwards like an afro made of straight hair. it's as if i have many layers of hair or it defies gravity, while xqc only has one and it obeys gravity. does it need to be longer, do i need to straighten it, am i supposed to cut the top off (because it looks like there's not even any hair on top of his head, only the sides)?
1 reply and 1 image omitted. Click here to view.
Can you show me your hair so I can give insight? If you block your face out it should be fine.
How long is your hair? It needs enough weight to hang down on the sides, but there are different hair types that just don't hang down without product.

I had super long hair for almost 20 years until earlier this year, so it always hung down like that for me. Hard to really give a lot of info without seeing your head.
sounds like your hair not long enough yet. My hair length is roughly those of XQc's in the picture, and from my experience you achieve this style by wearing the hear in the opposite direction as when you wear it open, in my case I just tie it up in a top knot. When you then open your hair, there will be a resistance when letting the hair fall down and you will get the "invisible layer of hair" effect. As said, you will need a certain hair length for this because otherwise the weight of your hair must be stronger then the resistance, otherwise you hair will stick up too much and not hang down
My hair is like wire. I constantly rip out these little tangled balls from it and it's always frizzed 24/7. I don't get how people have silky smooth hair.
are you black or hispanic? this issue doesn't happen to white people very often

File: 1474324566676.jpg (145 KB, 672x1181)
145 KB
145 KB JPG
>whoops! sorry son i didn't think you were home, i was just sunbathing
10 replies and 2 images omitted. Click here to view.
After a quick reverse image search I found Mommy Afton southerncharms
Hm. I thought I heard Chadson.
Is pretending to be crazy and mentally ill the new way to get attention?
File: 1618201287501.jpg (534 KB, 1280x1280)
534 KB
534 KB JPG
You're the one who's fucked up, all animals including humans are born to SNIFF
Tf outta here you mentally ill faggot.

I come here for a good time and some OC while taking a shit... not to try be subverted by pigshit ugly weirdoes with too much time on their hands.

No one will ever like you; unless you stop being so fucking unlikable.. till then; fuck off with your decrepit excuse of an existence. The very fact that you downplay this shit vs me telling you to go fuck your faggot self saying it I the first: displays that you yourself know you shouldn't exist, because you are sad and vile. Change or die faggot.

File: FB_IMG_1621369297264.jpg (18 KB, 640x337)
18 KB
>be me
>27 years old
>on tinder
>match with the hottest girl ive ever seen
>shes 18
what do i do
2 replies omitted. Click here to view.
Most likely has daddy issues. If that doesn't bother you though then go for it
>getting married with how fucked everything is
got out of a 6 year relationship recently. my ex was a crazy mf.
i do look really young for my age so it might be fine. she definitely has that daddy issues alt look tho but im lowkey about it
Fuck that prime teen pussy
what do i even message an 18 year old lol

File: 1627040077735.gif (601 KB, 274x354)
601 KB
601 KB GIF
Whats it like being trans? Seriously considering it
like living a lie. constantly trying to become something you cannot.
>doesn't know what it's like
I pretty much define being transgender as the condition for it. If you don't have dysphoria, not sure why you even thought of it. Maybe you just have a generally bad self-image and are looking for some "escape" as a girl. That's what happened with me.
Why in the HELL would you consider it as a grown man? That is unless you are underage or dysphoric.
this pretty much. assuming you're a man, op, ask yourself to define what a woman is. once you've gotten a hold on a definition that makes sense and isn't circular (i.e. a woman is someone who's a woman), then you'll know it's all bullshit. know that there's nothing inherently wrong with not conforming to gender stereotypes, but you are that you are

File: Red.jpg (20 KB, 458x458)
20 KB
Sad I see schemes trying to defraud me trannies hell I'm not scheme encrypting I'm respecting the law in reality their is a network in scheme encryption to kill females in defrauding my fed ranking to destroy the United States Government to foreign intelligence
21 replies and 4 images omitted. Click here to view.
Sad I see schemes trying to defraud me trannies hell I'm not scheme encrypting I have recommended my CIA kill you it's US Law shooting minorities referencing scheme encryption cause terrorism kidnapping white females to kill them
Sad I see schemes trying to defraud me trannies hell I'm not scheme encrypting you revectorize my scientific volume in frame of my scale of judgement to defraud my hypersentience revectorized in terrorist child trafficking bugchaser scheme encryption to kidnap children I recommended my CIA officers shoot you cause terrorism defrauding me
Sad I see schemes trying to defraud me trannies hell I'm not scheme encrypting you don't have the power of my holy light it's US Law killing you terror cell scheme encrypting to defraud my identity of Christ to gain entry to kill white females
Sad I see schemes trying to defraud me trannies hell I'm not scheme encrypting the United States Government infiltrated of communists scheme encrypting destroying the country the scheme encryption doesn't reflect the United States Government
Sad I see schemes trying to defraud me trannies hell I'm not scheme encrypting in terrorism white females in hostage of the scheme encryption of terrorists destroying the United States Government cause of the situation it's US Law shooting civilian minorities soliciting white females cause of the hivemind terrorism in scheme encryption destroying the country

File: 847.png (750 KB, 1124x1331)
750 KB
750 KB PNG
Realistically speaking, what do you believe your death will be like? Where will you be? Who will you be with? What will you die from? How old do you think you'll be?
4 replies and 2 images omitted. Click here to view.
90 years old
heart attack or stroke or something
hopefully it wont be too drawn out
File: 57a2936ed4587.jpg (82 KB, 540x354)
82 KB
I'm going to try out for Air Force Special Ops cause I really wanna be badass. Once I make it I'll probably die on a mission being a dumbass
I don't know, I'm going with the flow.

If I somehow get my hands on a gun it'll be alone, in my room, while mom's not home.
If my mom gets tired of me being a NEET and kicks me out it'll either be starvation in a backalley or suicide by nigger.

If it's none of those two then it'll probably be cancer, like most people. I'm too static to ever get myself in near-death situations.
I just hope I can see it coming. I dont want to die randomly
File: Danse Macabre.jpg (415 KB, 1200x1024)
415 KB
415 KB JPG
I am obese and may die of a heart attack or other obesity-related health issue. I feel comfortable with my own death.

>may I stand unshaken
>amidst, amidst a crashing world
>may I stand unshaken
>amidst, amidst a crashing world
7 replies and 3 images omitted. Click here to view.
File: 1619059961039.jpg (39 KB, 663x579)
39 KB
>Mother, did it need to be so high?


>Hey you, out there beyond the wall....
>Can you help me?


>But it was only fantasy
>The wall was too high, as you can see
>No matter how he tried, he could not break free...
But the last song of the album is a glimmer of hope

>All alone, or in twos
>The ones who really love you
>Walk up and down outside the wall

>Some hand in hand
>Some gathered together in bands
>The bleeding hearts and the artists
>Make their stand

>And when they've given you their all
>Some stagger and fall
>After all, it's not easy

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
it is what it is
File: pepe.jpg (80 KB, 1280x795)
80 KB
>black hole sun
>wont you some
>and wash away the rain
>black hole sun
File: 1600302347597.jpg (30 KB, 350x217)
30 KB

File: 1627104561932.jpg (120 KB, 1080x1350)
120 KB
120 KB JPG
Reminder this place, specially r9k and pol, is making you toxic masculinity. Why not go to CrystalCafe and LolCOW? Even if you say their passive aggressive it's way better then being an angry incel. You have to re-socialize yourself into a more agreeable person.
10 replies omitted. Click here to view.
Cause u don't reveal urself to be male or act too masculine. Thats why its good because you will try to fit in and that will make you less toxic person.
Same as above if you spend more time there and less here you will respect women more because you will view them as your peers and not just sex objects.
we are not helping you on your raid faggot
File: 1542337958231.png (358 KB, 720x546)
358 KB
358 KB PNG
I don't think I am misogynist or anything though. But if I go to something like CrystalCafe then I get banned for being a boy, so why would I?
You just convinced me to stay here
op just wants to feminize you

File: 54678.jpg (55 KB, 589x587)
55 KB
Fembots how long can Chad fuck you in this position for?
4 replies omitted. Click here to view.
You know this pic has been heavily edited since this is riley reid. bitch doesn't look even close to that irl
File: 1610047222344.jpg (35 KB, 245x274)
35 KB
as long as he wants, big pp deserves it.
looks uncomfortable so no thanks
My ex was chubby and didnt even attempt to lift me but my current bf is what you'd call a "chad" and he can carry me like that for ages
Can I watch you and your boyfriend have sex

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