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File: Joker.jpg (23 KB, 680x368)
23 KB
>Born with incurable mental illness.
>Parents are disgusting drug addicts who abuse you
>Everyone at school bullies you and hates you for no reason
>Become anti-social because no one likes you, keeping you alienated from society.
>Woman hate you, and reject you.
>Think your creepy just by existing NEAR them
>Now you have to work 60 hours a week to live in Burgerland Clown World le capitalist Utopia
>Decide fuck this and get your revenge on society.


This makes no sense. Yu treat me like shit, I have no reason to treat you well. I did not chose to be born. Kill yourself or fuck off back to trannyland reddit world if you disagree.
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File: 1646433660111.png (300 KB, 550x534)
300 KB
300 KB PNG
>Parents are disgusting drug addicts who abuse you
his mom is now on the news trying to deny that and pretend she's a saintess
Normalfags are literally real life version of npcs in games.
So i don't know what did you expect.
You know what they say anon, the best revenge is living well :)
Youre definitley on soemone's list lmao.
Youre thr type that gets everything in life you fucking phsychopath, kill yourself.x44gp

what would you do if one day you just woke up and you were turned into a futanari?
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this is why just being a dickgirl would be superior.
Post on r9k to make all the guys who want to be a futa jealous.
Make an onlyfans of me comparing my obscenely huge futa dick to household items.
Make a solo porn vid where I jerk off my cock with my own breasts.
Buy a small dildo, tell the viewers that this is how small theirs would look like next to mine before using it on my pussy.
Sell condoms filled to the brim with my seed online.
Maybe take the virginity of some small cute robots who would be willing to travel to me.
An IRL futa would have to try pretty hard to convince people they're not just trans.
File: 1633875241191.png (674 KB, 1000x707)
674 KB
674 KB PNG
>it's just me
Keep an extremely low profile.
>It's thousands / hundreds of thousands
oh no haha I got the trannypox, I'm not enjoying this at all! and I totally do not want to mother/father up some kids with my futa wife.

I think pass the initial arousal I would just be freaking out every time I look in the mirror, regardless of the scenario.
Thats so cute anon. I would totally fuck your futa self.

No homo..

File: 693.jpg (148 KB, 1284x961)
148 KB
148 KB JPG
i have no motivation for anything anymore
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Maybe you because of self esteem issues, let me tell you brother, self esteem is a mental weight in and of itself.
>i have higher self esteem >>68784390
cmon son
how can you have issues with your self esteem when there's nothing you feel like striving for?
Stop masturbating for a while and see what happens.
>Stop masturbating for a while
yeah, i tried that

File: c6b.png (225 KB, 1000x1000)
225 KB
225 KB PNG
Good evening, everyone. I need advice from you retards, so listen up (or don't, but that'd make me quite sad, and we're friends, aren't we?).

I am 90% sure this girl likes me, but also 90% sure that she's not going to, soon. For context, we're both 18 and seniors in high school. We'll call her L.

>invites me to hang out with her alone, a lot
>makes constant jokes about me being her boyfriend
>is really touchy
>cuddled with me
>put my hand on her tit
>holds my hand a lot
>said 'when we start dating'

Shit like that. She even called herself my girlfriend to one of our friends when I wasn't there. That same day, I'm sitting on the bleachers with my 2 friends, who are also friends with her. L asks to go to the bathroom and comes to see me in the bleachers, and sits down next to us. This happens:

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That's your brain, rationalizing your sex drive.
That's all "love" is.
Its rationalized mate seeking behavior to facilitate reproduction.
Your lizard brain is thinking "she's my reproductive partner so her benefit is my benefit."
You'll dead end your life if you keep romanticizing like this.
Take control of your brain with self awareness and stop letting your lizard brain drive you over a cliff.
Fucking duh, but she doesn't know that you didn't know that she thought you were dating.
Are you a nigger or something? You don't deserve her you dumb cunt
harsh, anon
Listen son, you're being used as an ATM, attention transmitting male. She doesn't give a real fuck about you unless she will let you fuck. Make your move, stop being a fucking pussy, life is short. If you have sex that night, then yes it's true love yadayada, if not then you are officially just an ATM.
based and rickpilled

File: zxcv.gif (1.7 MB, 498x367)
1.7 MB
1.7 MB GIF
hello konata


File: dance01.webm (1.95 MB, 406x720)
1.95 MB
1.95 MB WEBM
After a night of heavy drinking (>10 drinks) I become somewhat "numbed" to minutia for like two weeks and just do things more based on instinct than thinking without stressing over details. It's like my autistic tendencies are gone overnight. Does anybody else have the same experience?
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>Does anybody else have the same experience?
Yes, bro, every friend I've ever made has been drunk but they quickly run away once I'm not drunk. Considering just moving to a city with public transport and staying fucked up 24/7
Yea, thats what alcohol does you fucking genius, you just figured that out? Why else do you think people drink it? Ot numbs you down.
I'm only drunk for like half a day, but then it's like it leaves an imprint on my nerves for a few weeks. I need to drink heavily (>10 drinks) to get this effect, not just mildly drunk. I only drink once in a blue moon and am not an alcoholic. No one else ever relates when I try to describe it. One way to describe is that normally I can tell exactly what is in my pockets without using my hands, just via the weight and feeling of my legs. After the heavy drinking my hypersensitivity is reduced for weeks and I can't immediately tell what's in my pockets without using my hands. I still act completely soberly but feel more "numbed" to sensory impulses. Very difficult to describe.

t. high IQ high functioning (non-clinically diagnosed) autist
where is that webm taking place? it looks like some place other than a personal residence, there seems to be water outside the door (raining? swimming pool?) please I have to know this

File: 92742.jpg (71 KB, 750x851)
71 KB
i hate when people make fun of you in a very subtle way, so that if you try to call them out you look schizo. or when people act weird like they're trying to make me say something embarrassing and send it to their friends to laugh at you together. if only people weren't so evil and didn't do these things i wouldn't have to worry about it
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>yeah but how can i accept something that i know isn't true?
Wait until it's repeated all over again enough times, preferably by different people, once it was repeated enough times you'll believe it and will be upset if someone tells you that's not actually true and you don't have said flaws. It won't work with outlandish stuff like you being a demon or whatever, but it will work with any flaw they say you have
>i think this can be combated by speaking only one on one honestly, you don't really HAVE to be completely isolated. but i remember having a friend group once a long time ago, a decent one, and it was so exciting and fun, it actually made me want to live, i just want that again
Sounds comfy, but nice people are really rare, unfortunately
>in pvp
File: 63733.jpg (233 KB, 850x1200)
233 KB
233 KB JPG
y'know what, this makes some sense. i've actually done that with a lot of traits people accused me of having. only problem is, is that it makes me even more insecure, and even more insufferable to be around, and i think by the end of it i'd hate myself enough to voluntarily leave, so that i don't have to disgust them with my presence. at that point, the choice is either to be alone, or let yourself get consumed by self hate until you end up alone anyways, but also worse off mentally than if you had just left in the first place.
>no, it matters because if they hate you they will never like you
they have already got 3 feet of monster cock in your ass right now because you welcomed it in. its one thing to get bullied and not be able to stop it but its another thing to want to please your bullies. its the ultimate cuck move.

>being alone
are you a people pleasing normie or are you a based robot?
taking the first opportunity to trample your abusers into the dust only happens because you do not like them. but you are so domesticated like a dog who loves his owner no matter how hard he beats him. its gay.
Because they have stolen a peice of you. Most evil thing ever. Punoshable by vigilantism.

File: 1649055117968.jpg (67 KB, 640x628)
67 KB
Hello moids. I'm getting a breast reduction tomorrow. Thoughts?
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what a waste of flesh

its whatever. i hate women anyways and im dying alone, but still. what a waste

have fun getting zero male attention and growing into a mentally ill cat lady
You will come to regret it. This isn't like cutting your hair short, this is more permanent.
File: 1641315627321.jpg (247 KB, 1074x1500)
247 KB
247 KB JPG
I love giant booba.
That's a fucking stupid thing to do, femoid.
Flatter is better, but cosmetic surgery is an abomination.

>"And are you currently sexually active?"
>*enters 'NO' before you even answer*
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You deserve that UTI for your sins.
File: hRgywZu.jpg (432 KB, 905x900)
432 KB
432 KB JPG
It's never too late to learn to play an instrument, anon. You too can become an accomplished cock flutist in your local hospital's ER. Just follow you dreams. That's what I do.
File: 1643957414462.jpg (33 KB, 900x900)
33 KB
>cock flute
I bet every woman answers yes to this. But only 30% of men.
You should've shown her she mightve been impressed

File: male.png (1.51 MB, 857x1200)
1.51 MB
1.51 MB PNG
I am going to lose my virginity to a high-class escort
I can't think of a better way to lose it than an expensive GFE
I am going to lose my 18yo virginity to a prostitute and there isn't a thing anyone can do about it
12 replies and 1 image omitted. Click here to view.
not her lol but I'd pay a pretty penny to make sweet love with poolsprays
GFEs are pretty amazing.
I was snuggling with one, and she was looking at my phone with one hand, looking at emojis, while chewing on my finger like a pencil.
We were giggling, making jokes, she was chewing all over my face.
SHe is fake mad at me now cuz I haven't seen her in a while, and she sent me texts that I abandoned her.
I am too busy fucking other girls though, too bad.
My girl is hot, but not as hot as OP's pic though, that girl is truly top shelf if real
why do people keep thinking that's the girl I'm gonna see lol
I would be 100% open to fucking a tranny that looks like that, but I won't do that before I've had sex with a woman
That's a tranny? Wow, good photoshop, she looks great
she looks just as convincing in videos, so I don't think she's using that much photoshop in my pic
corpsethot on pornhub and poolsprays on reddit

Can't tell if you faggots rotted my brain or if you just know what I know

>Mom hates me because i took a year off
>Even tho i am already registered to start college i just begin in August and i got a scholarship even
>Shes mad saying that i didnt got perfect grades in Highschool and Secondary
>She calls me a NEET even tho it hasnt even been a year since i finished highschool but she just hates that im not doing anything right now even tho i help at home and i always go do the groceries
>Shes mad that instead of choosing a career that aligns with my hobbies i choose something that actually has some prospects of giving me a job
Am i seriously in the wrong here ?

Yes i did in fact took a year off but it hasnt even been the year yet and im already gonna star college.

What am i doing wrong guys?
2 replies omitted. Click here to view.
Your mother is worthless. When you move, cut her out of your life
I find it hard to believe your mother actively uses chan lingo, such as NEET
Pretty sure NEET is commonly used in the UK and Japan
Last year of high school and holy shit anon if I even got a B Id get my shit taken away (pc,phone, legit anything). They straight up expect me to go to uni immediately after high school and get a job or I get kicked out. Im not even in a chink family but they expect this shit.. a lot of the time Id have to use a shitty old iPhone 4 I always kept hidden just to use the internet.
I mean my folks would be a little salty too, but not after I've already gotten admission into a university. Your mother is either retarded or a little stressed, both of which are forgivable. Don't fuck up your relation with her over "less than a year" of tension. Bite your lip and take it as payment for 18 years of raising your ass.

File: o114634617.jpg (233 KB, 750x993)
233 KB
233 KB JPG
One day, if I live long enough, i'll be a little old man with a cane. I'll be harmless, pitiable, and maybe people will be nice to me because of that.
wouldnt count on that, zoomers have zero respect for the elderly nowadays, they probably will beat u up and steal ur money
This. Especially if you are white. You are going to be beat on in nursing facilities or robbed for moving too slow.
I think inner city gangs love beating you up and stealing all your shit.
"Inner city gangs" is my euphemism for them

File: 1651549911156.webm (1.37 MB, 720x1280)
1.37 MB
1.37 MB WEBM
all women is lesbian
25 replies and 6 images omitted. Click here to view.
Anyone grossed out by the look of vaginas is homosexual. You should desire to not only fuck it, but to smell it and eat it.
If you think the OP webm is attractive you literally could not be more of a faggot. You are getting off to an underdeveloped penis. That looks nasty as fuck dude
There is no part of female's pussy that is anything close to a penis you faggot.

I don't like her because she's fat.
File: 1653546397928.jpg (62 KB, 425x282)
62 KB
you have no idea how good that shit tastes. chappelle made a joke about pussy being an aquired taste but its fucking not. its lovely.
>jkr posts on /r9k/

>Joe Arridy, in 1936 was falsely convinced of the rape and murder of an innocent woman
>While on death-row, three separate therapists had described him as "having the mind of of a six year-old child"
>During the appeals process, Arridy often played with a toy train given to him by prison warden.
>The warden said that Arridy was "the happiest prisoner on death row".
>He was liked and treated well by both the prisoners and guards alike
>The warden became one of Arridy's supporters and joined the effort to save his life; he was said to have "cared for Arridy like a son", regularly bringing him gifts.
>Before Arridy's execution via gas-chamber in 1939, the warden said, "He probably didn't even know he was about to die, all he did was happily sit and play with a toy train I had given him."
Feels, bros. Feels.
Imagine all the women sending him cards telling him they'd love to fuck him and then permanently seething because he didn't repy thinking he thought he was too good for them when in reality it was because he didn't know how to read. I am this close to taking the retard pill and shitting my pants while I play the days away with lego blocks and toy trains.
It ended up alright in the end, Obama pardoned him. See?! Government good
hm yeah ok, but doesnt that mean some nog got away with rape and murder instead? thanks obongo
Did this story inspire The Green Mile with Tom Hanks?
>jewlywood switching race for diversity points
every fucking time

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