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File: 1475279333649.png (137 KB, 1376x1124)
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137 KB PNG

within the next 5 to 7 years, ai+robots will take over half of all jobs
from truck drivers, to blue collar work, to medical stuff, to programmers, to sex workers

all you smug successful rich people will be made obsolete, and more economically relevant than a neet in poverty
we will also have ai sexbots for all the lonely souls

File: IMG_20231024_211232.jpg (297 KB, 1080x803)
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297 KB JPG
Millennials who went into schools that thought them one thing which was how to write essays with shit tone of words on pointless topics are adults now, and they need to pay the bills so they just use what they learned from school into making video essays about children cartoons to or profit from kids who think pseudo intellectual content will make them look smarter.
I think they just want to talk about things they're passionate about. It's not that complicated, they're just autistic.
Those will be the videos where the person doesn't just read the wiki page on the topic while adding his opinion at the end.

I fail at literally everything I do in life. I'm not good at anything. Not a single thing. Not even exaggerating.
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>the money
I ride a motorbike. It costs me $70/month Insurance + Gas
>Hate public transport
It's a mix of the schedule, the people, and the locations.
I don't like not being able to swing to the grocery store at 11 PM, or even just on a whim. I HAVE to wait until XX:35 (add up to 12 minutes because it WILL be late). That sucks.
The people are also terrible. Public transport is always crowded. There's usually someone who reeks of drugs or BO, playing loud music, or just taking up a lot of space.
The bus also doesn't go everywhere. I can't go to some random shop on the outside of town. I have to go to JewCorporation in the center of the city. Forget going to the craft store three miles out, or that one mom 'n pop diner that's really good.
Public transport sucks.
just end it man
>Failing and trying again is part of life.
People always say this to me, but in doing so they overlook the fact that I fail at literally everything. At a certain point, trying again is a fools errand.
That's alright bro. I failed my final driving test twice before I finally passed on the third try!

The best advice I can give you, is to practice driving alone. No parent, driving instructor beside you. Just you yourself. Go somewhere empty and just drive around
Retard. I failed 3 times until I finally got mine. Keep trying. The road test is designed for you to fail because the instructors are stuck up douches

File: 1708107125638964.png (57 KB, 480x300)
57 KB
Remove the porn from your /r9k/ experience.


Be pure.
You'll feel better.
>wowie, thanks op! Now I can only few three posts!
dishonest as fuck, demon
>filters fem and trans
uhhh no thanks??
>a degen is a degen
what's new?

I really struggle to talk to women. It just really seems like they like high energy low IQ conversations. If I just worked on being less inhibited and tried schmoozing them during conversation would I have better luck having female friends? I need female friends to do the heavy lifting in conversing with the women that I want.
i believe the only documented evidence there is at reducing anxiety around girls is having lots of sex with them
so if you sleep with a lots of prostitutes, you'd be less fearful around pretty girls
when I get really stoned I talk like a woman
never seen someone describe the "low IQ, high energy" aspect but it's 100% on the nail

File: 1693697660047.jpg (77 KB, 735x723)
77 KB
I've been getting hard multiple times a day recently and it's pissing me off. even when i give in and touch myself my body still does this shit the next day or sometimes within the same day. i hate being horny and i hate hormones
this shit calms down once you reach your 20s, right?
yes, it will slow down as your 20s progress. that would be the t leaving your body like a ghostly spirit.

File: zoloft.jpg (126 KB, 1500x947)
126 KB
126 KB JPG
wow i feel like shit
why would you take that shit lol. that's for brain dead obese postal workers who keep their mouth open for flies.
So did I on that. I'd heard it doesn't agree with males well. I used to wake up at night...just feeling weird and uncomfortable. It's hard to explain what it was but I couldn't get comfortable for a while and ended up lying in reverse on my bed. It happened every night while I was on it too.
Welcome to SSRIs. Enjoy the void.
As long as you take SSRIs, your life will never improve. Those were designed to make you tolerate conditions you would otherwise find intolerable.
just 2 more weeks until the pills make you feel better bro

File: IMG_0001.jpg (80 KB, 900x900)
80 KB
Do any robots have experience with therapy? /adv/ says I need therapy, but I do not have much confidence in it helping and do not know what to expect from it. Do robots have any insights into this?
i went for my first session last week and it did not instill confidence in the process
also it's fucking expensive
therapy really just seems to be for normalfags where the worst thing that happened to them was a parent dying from natural causes when said normal fag was already an adult
Get support from family/friends, therapy is a scam if they're available to you
I was afraid of that.

I got a problem I am to ashamed to discuss with family and friends. I might be able to tell a therapist though it would still be embarrassing.
This. Psychologists, psychotherapists and the whole medical system in general if you're american are a scam, just reach out to people.
If you so desperztely need people to talk to i'll drop my discord when I get home if the thread is still up
Thats a very kind offer anon. Thank you.

File: brian whatever.jpg (75 KB, 979x511)
75 KB
yo! its your homie, brain whatever!!!



t rad

they give all their attention to tinder whores and egirls and then they complain that "women are all sluts" like yeah maybe they wouldn't be if you looked outside of your little bubble and gave an average girl a chance
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>average girl
>on /r9k/
How the fuck would anyone from this board know anything about an average human being?
you do realize you're posting on 4chan to anon
>gave an average girl a chance

>try to talk to average girl
>she instantly calls me a creep and gets pepper spreyed

fuck off normiescum
>go out to your local starbucks and maybe the barista is cute, maybe that girl in class that doesn't talk very much, get hobbies that don't involve sitting on your ass all day.

I've done all those things, and YEAH, they either already have boyfriends, or are gay, or put you in the friendzone.

As usual, what we have here is someone showing up at /r9k/ thinking that everyone here is a hikkimori NEET who doesn't talk to people because they are socially mute...and that is just NOT HOW IT IS.
>youre probably an insufferable person and people can tell
>considering the fact youre on 4chan i think that settles it

If this is true, then OP is conclusively proven wrong and is a piece of shit for posting their nonsense. You're aware of that, right?

If there was a button to turn all females into lesbians would you press it?
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>What would the downsides be?
A LOT of angry men. The world would become what some people around here think it's becoming already.
Theres plenty of women in the military so you have a fighting chance
Regardless, I'd also hate to see my mother leave my father and my sister-in-law leave my big brother.
It would make for a great many silly shenanigans
>It would make for a great many silly shenanigans
I still don't think it would be worth it.
Thankfully, I don't need a magic button to make more women interested in other women. Modern men seem to be doing a perfectly adequate job of that themselves.

File: IMG_2361.jpg (62 KB, 659x538)
62 KB
Why do women hate living life on easy mode?
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If women know they can get a rich beta provider, why don't they do it then?
They would rather waste their fertile youth trying to get a shit career? Why? Just have a couple kids with a rich guy.
If she wants a challenge she should marry a 35 year old neet
Not with that jew nose and jewish lips
>That's who is telling you you're a chud that needs to improve themselves and get at least six-figures and a six-pack if you want to get a 4/10 GF
it's all so tiresome
>"Earn" is a meme. Tech bro didn't earn natural talent. Even behavior (hard work) is largely genetic. You aren't dealt a hand, you are the hand.

You have the wrong definition of "earn". Let me guess, you're a shitbag NEET, or communist scumbag?

File: o.jpg (154 KB, 1280x1280)
154 KB
154 KB JPG
did you sort your gummy bears by color too and had them fight epic wars in your head as a kid?
One gummy bear would always be the "chosen one" in my story and with backs turned against the wall would always start a massacre and annihilate the other gummy bears
My mother told me not to play with my food.

File: suigintou-happy.gif (3.04 MB, 498x280)
3.04 MB
3.04 MB GIF
I finally got it, it's impossible to win against the bait without giving it attention because there will always have an idiot falling for those shits, always a simper falling for anyone that call itself a f*mc*l. Indeed, there's a way to win against bait and the simpers on this board that have no value: fighting fire with fire, putting so many bait in order to no one bite them, simpers would think two times before simping. thread related is an example: https://desuarchive.org/r9k/thread/69834192/#69834192.
i know that there's already a 6' grown ass man here that larp as a femanon, and from today onwards I'll do the same, fuck you simpers, I'm going to have fun with your stupidity
simps are badsss.
>simps are badsss.
They aren't by any definition. Why everyone makes fun of them and chicks just take their money and move on
>holding a grudge for two years
You might be confusing simps with paypigs
simps are just people who treat others well without expectations
Why do you care if I simp for a man by accident? I sure don't.

Imagine being the personal guard for a little 8 yo prince and he says he has bad dreams so he ask you to sleep with him so you do but you start cuddling with him and he likes it and you start touching his peen and he enjoys it so you both get naked and you fug the shit out of his royal ass.
What an oddly specific fantasy. Can't really imagine it
Its my fantasy I just had.

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