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Why are woman better at surviving horror movies than men?
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Yeah its always the girl next door that survives. I want to see a movie where the slut lives.
horror movies are chick flicks/normie flicks, they're very popular on dates and shit and it's probably one of the few things women consistently watch
protagonists in horror movies are always extremely vulnerable and the subject always deals with anxieties/fears that women face (whether or not they're real) like stalkers, rape or rape threats, puberty, abusive spouses and so on.
Notice how this cliche is seen mostly in slasher fics, it doesn't happen in zombie movies that much for example
men are always protecting women in the movies, of course the men will die first
Cabin in the Woods.
But also that movie was actively made to subvert expectations
>it doesn't happen as much in zombie movies
Holy shit this is a good point. I never noticed that

File: 1533088077449.jpg (451 KB, 1944x2592)
451 KB
451 KB JPG
If you could have a harem of 5 girls, what would they be?

>Typical early 20's blonde sorority Stacey
>Tatted, pierced, dyed hair alt-Stacey, early 20s
>Cute pale 18 year old redhead with a Southern accent
>2x PAWG milfs with huge lactating tits, one blonde one brunette

All would be thicc with big tits unless otherwise. I can't go back to thin or flat chested girls. I'd hatefuck and degrade the sorority Stacey. I'd have all sorts of kinky sex with the alt-Stacey. Pale redhead because that's my ideal gf. What's better than 1 mommy gf? 2 mommy gfs.

Curious to see what other robots would pick.

inb4 meme answers
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Why would I want that? Navigating relationships is hard enough with just an ex around or when their's two girls potentially interested but you aren't really dating either yet. The drama of trying to mantain a relationship with 5 women at once all aware of each others existence sounds like a punishment.
gotta be this pic here. I am not one bit shamed and I would feel like king of the world even if I got one big tiddy gf, let alone 5.
File: gibmilkies.jpg (23 KB, 360x360)
23 KB
A red headed Scottish/ Irish girl. A brunette Southern European Mediterranean type. A SE Asian slut with quite large brown nipples and big lips. A negress. A blonde 40s plus milf with milkers to be my mum and make me cups of tea.
2 Black THIC Trannies

that is all
The average robot can't handle one female let alone 5.

File: 82836353838.jpg (134 KB, 810x1080)
134 KB
134 KB JPG
Is her head just adnormally small or is she M A S S I V E?
Looks like both to me.
>is an obese person large?
hmm hard to say
oh god i want a woman like this
She doesn't look like a real person, kind of amazing, actually

File: dicklet_mental_gymnastics.jpg (1.89 MB, 2848x2380)
1.89 MB
1.89 MB JPG
the bottom 1% dumbest people on the planet are dumber the smartest ape why do they deserve human rights again
File: 1562435339733.jpg (137 KB, 1218x1213)
137 KB
137 KB JPG
>tfw 9 inch cock but insecure
>why do they deserve human rights again
They're retarded consumer drones.
what does the fornix have anything to do with it
The bottom 90% dumbest people on the planet exist. Why do they have human rights again?

File: girl incel.jpg (103 KB, 1280x720)
103 KB
103 KB JPG
If women can't be incels then how do you explain pic related?
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It's a cartoon u faggot niglet
I think Kurosawa mentioned something about having had sex at least once but the way he talked about it sounded like it was with a hooker.
shame about the sequel
It's not a masterpiece like the first one but definitely enjoyable. Speaking of it, what happened to the scans? The manga is on its 17th volume in Japan already and I've only found scans up to the 10th.
ok yeah those quads need chekd

File: original (3).gif (1.61 MB, 540x304)
1.61 MB
1.61 MB GIF
Fembot, what would you do if some random guy tickled you? I have done this to a couple girls and they really dont seem too upset.
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that's my fetish desu

obvsly not original my any means
File: 1564596241941.png (227 KB, 467x433)
227 KB
227 KB PNG
How cruel. If only I had tickle slave to tickle all day.
File: 1564438201699.png (1009 KB, 980x1271)
1009 KB
1009 KB PNG
You're a girl with a fetish for being tickled? Please tell me more.
File: 1564789512842.png (1.69 MB, 1600x1215)
1.69 MB
1.69 MB PNG
Just leaving this here. nothing to worry about
It'd freak me out especially if my back was touched. If anyone touches my back I can feel it like it left an impression for a solid 15 minutes.

Afternoon retards,
guess if I wrote desu or desu.
Hint: desu
you actually wrote desu

I want to watch a girl circumcise Anon with a knife and then fuck her with his bloody foreskin around my cock while he cries in pain.
>t. seething jewed mutt

File: apu.png (22 KB, 200x200)
22 KB
>be internet addict with no personality or enjoyment from socializing
>go downstairs to spend time with grandfather and aunt
>barely talk to them, then leave awkwardly after 20 minutes while a movie is running
>usually with an excuse, now I said "I got bored"

File: Astral.jpg (34 KB, 645x645)
34 KB
Send me all your energy anons. I need it. Just imagine an energy stream streaming energy from your head to mine. It's for a good purpose. I'll need it for the next 2 hours. Gonna report back !


File: sub4foidTinderActivity.png (403 KB, 3403x800)
403 KB
403 KB PNG
Why does Tinder even exist? Even uggos only want chad.
Why do you care? Only thirsty failed ""men"" and women looking for Chad and orbiters use Tinder anyway.
Because encountering total strangers in public in hopes of dating is alien to me and why I'm a virgin for 4 decades.
because uggos can get chad using it
More women to Chad's harem, of course!
Tinder doesn't matter. Just nature anon.

File: 20190702_183622.jpg (133 KB, 308x473)
133 KB
133 KB JPG
Give me an image you've made or edited.
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> tree recursion.png
that ain't recursion nigga
File: bad.jpg (165 KB, 768x1026)
165 KB
165 KB JPG
my pic is similar.
File: marston1.jpg (181 KB, 500x530)
181 KB
181 KB JPG
WeII there's this
I know. I was very high when I titled it. its symmetrical texture repetition.
File: PicsArt_07-04-08.23.18.jpg (410 KB, 2289x2289)
410 KB
410 KB JPG
that's my brother in the photo kek

File: ffmon9nx8nf01.jpg (193 KB, 1242x2208)
193 KB
193 KB JPG
I want to become a normie.

How the fuck do I take a profile picture when I am ugly and hate the way I look?
most normies are average or below anon you just gotta lose the self hatred

File: feelsgoodman (1).png (66 KB, 1480x832)
66 KB
>me walking home from job
>2 girls probably 16-19 yo old comes oposite direction. I didnt stared at them, but with corner of my eyes i saw one of them was staring at me for like 3 seconds until we passed each other.
>When they was like 5 meters away, i could hear her say "he's handsome"
9 replies and 2 images omitted. Click here to view.
looks might be of chad, but not mentality
I really wish it was that simple to me and if looks would actualy be all it needs to get girls instead of it being just meme.
Bump op original
>in high school a couple years ago walking down the hallway alone between classes
>random girl says she likes my shirt
>caught completely off guard, dont know what to say, just awkwardly grunt at her and walk away
It still haunts me
Well rip then.

File: corrupt wojak.png (381 KB, 473x473)
381 KB
381 KB PNG
>Be friends with someone on Discord for close to 5 years
>Sustain a close friendship with them the entire time
>Never seen her face or heard her voice before, only seen drawn pictures of her
>Have an incredibly romantic and loving dream about them
>Wake up feeling happiness and love I've never felt before
>Develop feelings for my friend
>Too scared to say anything because I don't want to ruin our friendship
>Feel like a retard because I'm in love with someone who I've never seen or heard before
no yeah that's precisely retardation
File: 1557584144893.png (373 KB, 748x1024)
373 KB
373 KB PNG
lmao you didn't even hear her voice? and you fell in love? kind of retarded
if she hasnt actively tried to show you her face or spoken to you, its been a man all of this time
honestly this. It's probably a guy
I mean cat fishing has been known about for a while now, where have you been OP?

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