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>dream about being lost somewhere in the mountains
>mom is awake since very early today and closed my door
>kittens couldnt come to my rescue
>mom told me later that my favorite kitten was sleeping infront of my door for a while
>finally get out of it on my own
>take my meds
>pet kittens
>time for a coffee and cig
>finish my cig
>older mail-lady arrives
>I approach her to collect the mail
>she hands them over to me
>she apologised for smoking a cig
>I told her its no problem and I just smoked one myself
>both laugh about it

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you need to work on your syntax your style is all over the place
give your cats some pets from me pls
File: cddc4211a95.jpg (255 KB, 850x1202)
255 KB
255 KB JPG
phew gym done
>my bicycle breaks down in a way that I cant fix
Perhaps I could but it ssoo fucking warm and I dont have the nerve to give it more time
I wanna burn it grrr
Idk what you mean
And will do later when im back home
Well done!
You should give me ur gym clothes, I will wash them for youu
File: kill.jpg (280 KB, 1200x1200)
280 KB
280 KB JPG
>had to carry the shopping bag and push my bicycle back home in this heat
>my clothes were also not optimal for this situation
at least im back home now but soo rekt
Also maybe I should stop spending my money on cooming and start saving up for a trip to japan
Gotta get that off my bucketlist before I become ded
Welp for now lets grab a monster energy lemonade and a bowl to smoke
Oh I also still need to breakfast (cornflake)

File: 1677094289504266.jpg (387 KB, 1400x2101)
387 KB
387 KB JPG
Male/male age of c0nsent should be puberty/11
Female/female age of c0nsent should be puberty/11
Male/female age of c0nsent should be 21
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Of course. Im not a pedo
ur fucking retarded. this isn't a real scenario
It isn't a real scenario until it happens to your kid and you have to go through years of therapy. Lulz. Rope yourself pedo
stfu retard
Also therapy is just plain and simple gas lighting
>state/everyone else bullies you for ur harmless actions that happen behind closed doors
>boy's lover gets taken away
its you people that end up fucking it up and making it worse, retard.

File: 1684009621251009.jpg (244 KB, 1405x1500)
244 KB
244 KB JPG
What makes this couple so special?
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yawwwnnnn. what else you got, brainrotted coomer?
Large yiddish breasts
File: 1684826123862905.png (93 KB, 314x278)
93 KB
>yawwwnnnn. what else you got, brainrotted coomer?

Yes we know youre a giant faggot who doesnt find huge boobs attractive.
She was only like 10 in that movie.
Shit I would have too

File: download.jpg (10 KB, 300x168)
10 KB
I can't tell if my depression meds work or not, sure I don't feel as shitty all the time but I still feel a sense of uselessness and just melancholy at all times
did you download the thumbnail of the jazzy doomer playlist
Thats what their supposed to do. Make your feelings bland enough that you dont feel like killing yourself and can continue trudging through life. Real anti depressants would work like opiates but somehow more subtle and less addictive.

I cant bring myself to take antidepressants im prescribed anymore after experiencing a massive panic attack when I tried lexapro in 2020, weirdly it was fine when I first tried it in 2012.
DO NOT take SSRIs, they have bad side effects, make your dick small, and create a very fake sense of "happiness"
If you want chemically induced motivation to actually go and start doing the things you've been putting off, you want stuff like NDRIs
Some NDRIs are addictive or habit forming though so do not increase your dose without consultance
Most NDRIs are used as ADHD drugs afaik but Edronax is one that's used as an antidepressant
That's exactly what I did. It's based
File: 1686119829861005.jpg (108 KB, 705x700)
108 KB
108 KB JPG
Edit: Turns out Edronax was only a NRI without the D so it still also makes your dick small and doesn't work as well
Ask your doc to give you Bupropion instead, which is an NDRI that is also used to treat depression

File: 1685331761110820.jpg (33 KB, 400x400)
33 KB
How the hell do you make a dating profile without feeling like a complete jackass? Every time I get started making one I quit a few sentences in because it just sounds retarded.
Does online dating even work?
Well it's a good sign that you aren't a complete fucking moron despite even considering this shit in the first place.

OLD is cringe.
I get filtered by the hobbies section because my only hobbies are gaming and collecting/watching porn which i dont think girls are really into.
Embrace the cringe and just write what you want in most direct way possible. It won't work anyway because online dating is shit.
maybe tackle your insecurities & sense of self worth first
You just look good and have a decent description
Women don't care about standing when it's just for sex or short term

File: gothmom.webm (1.38 MB, 576x1024)
1.38 MB
1.38 MB WEBM
Is she based, or a woman-child?
16 replies omitted. Click here to view.
im not thinking of her being a mother
im thinking of what its like for her to be my wife
women have such high social intelligence

a man-child woman is autistic and probably have low social intelligence which makes her perfect for a socially retarded autist like me
this is not about being a goth its about being a 30+ year old goth

i have simialr questions about myself like i always wanted to cosplay but now im 30+, dont think the woman is necessailry attentionwhoring
Other than the fashion this tells me nothing about what she is teaching the kid. That matters more than anything. My mom was a Tomboy grease monkey that worked with my dad and she had about as much grace as a broken neck duck but she raise me to control my impulses, treat others with respect, etc, meanwhile my best friend had one of those trad moms but she was more interested in wine parties than her kids, giving him no direction and leaving him to the schools to shape him up. If that Goth mom is teaching the kid the right lessons and making sure he gets brought up right I don't care if her place looks like Halloween 24/7

>rebel against societies standards

dates nothing but conventionally handsome 6ft+ men.
So she supports eugenics?


Should a robot use Discord? Why or why not?
Do you use Discord?
12 replies and 1 image omitted. Click here to view.
I only use discord for stuff like romhacks/mods
Yeah and it's an unhealthy addiction. I'm in a few servers, only active in a couple, and really wish I just had irl friends so I wouldn't have to get my socialization from the internet, discord especially.
Discord is not bad as long as you using it for direct messaging only
whats your discord OP?
Good place to find people with similar interests and porn.
i only use it to talk to friends since im too scared to talk to anyone else
I just use it to communicate with my close friends that I also know irl. I see zero value in joining a public discord with a bunch of random degenerates who are very likely to have multiple mental disorders. If that's how you are socializing it probably is over for you.

File: file.png (1.45 MB, 1920x1080)
1.45 MB
1.45 MB PNG
cant find a better version though since they must be copyright striking any but theirs

File: PyramidSun.jpg (117 KB, 660x433)
117 KB
117 KB JPG
I just met my longtime oneitis after so much time but finally I can forget about her.

>Be 15 year old, in Jr High
>I was in love with my Oneitis since Kindergarden, she was nice to me, she was cute and around 4th grade we became friends.
>On the school trip to Mexico City, I decided to confess to her in the top of the Pyramid of the sun
>My friends helped me with some flowers and a teddy bear
>We climb on top and confess to my oneitis.
>She was on shock, and then she started to laugh at me and climbed down.
>Fuck, this is humiliating
>The entire trip back to the hotel was just painful for me, I didn't want to talk with anybody
>Some people made fun of me and others just tried to be nice but I wanted to be alone.
17 replies and 3 images omitted. Click here to view.
Yep then 100% don't do it. She also has a 1 year jump on you simply by being there first, and inherently higher credibility from being a woman and senior to you. I shouldn't have to mention how it will feel to watch your beloved oneitis attack you continuously for years on end.
For some reason, even though I've known this and all the bad traits associated with her, reading it actually helped? Idk why. Thinking about how she had an ex didn't help. Her telling me and another friend she had daddy issues didn't help. And I already knew what you said. But reading it gives me some sort of ease. Weird.
Things will probably change if I see her next year though but until then hopefully I can just enjoy the Summer for a bit.
You watched too many movies and learnt the consequences of PDAs for people youre not already involved with.

At least you were young enough that no one would care now (if they do theyre a loser)
i ran into my oneitis
she had 3 children from 3 different fathers
frankly i think i dodged a bullet
We had a thing for a few months in HS where she would hangout with my other robot friend. We'd all sleep together with her in the middle on weekends. I got her to start smoking weed with us.
She eventually left and fast forward 3 years we have kept in touch and send long wordy messages back and forth. I make a few attempts to hangout but they are always contingent on getting her xanax or coke or something so I usually cancel.
Finally I get some xans and we meet at a lowkey bar where she wouldn't be seen because she has a boyfriend. Never did xans before. We have a bit of fun talking for a few hours. Than she takes the rest of the xans and fucks off. Keep talking a couple years until she dumps her 2nd long term boyfriend.
>its finally my turn.jpg
I try to get her to put up or shut up and hangout for sex (fucked her once before) but she cuts me off. I don't try to speak to her anymore after this. Besides to tell her I don't miss her.
In retrospect besides the drugs I think she just liked knowing someone was possessed with her.
Still don't regret making her fuck off.

File: 5KdoQ3RA96bk.jpg (184 KB, 1080x870)
184 KB
184 KB JPG
so i went to dinner with my grandma
was nice to see her but i feel awkward and cringy talking, also sad because it was my one time i get to go out for months as a neet so its like damn 30 minutes and then its over :/ plus the place had music playing way too loud so it wasnt that enjoyable.

Fucking normie gods never understood incel suffering. They only blessed and helped normies to ascend.

I am familiar with all the sorrow and pain of every human being. Problems are the foundation of my entire being and existence. I used to go to church, pray, and study various other religions. Every religion centers on a normie who experiences hardship and gains magical power. I am more strong than any god you are aware of. I am the ultimate God. I have no choice but to wait for my powers to activate. Other gods gained power and spent it on alcohol and prostitution. All the gods are scared and can't make eye contact with me. They tried everything to stop me since I am the ultimate incel god and they are all hiveminded normies having sex parties in heaven. They are playing politics and destroying humanity. When I get my power they will all surrender and beg on their knees, but it's too late. Normie Gods, must be punished. I will enslave them. I will bring peace to humanity.

File: st louis bail project.jpg (361 KB, 1200x1124)
361 KB
361 KB JPG
do you pity criminals?
18 replies and 2 images omitted. Click here to view.
It's funny how this was thought of even back in the 1800s where prominent figures such as Marx didn't support feminism because it would split the class movements and take focus away from the deeper problems
cuz so many working class and dirt poor right wingers have this delusion that someday theyll be rich. they buy completely into the propaganda that being rich is BASED and earning money no matter how unethically is always justifiable.
sad but true. the left will never make any kind of revolutionary progress until they can stop being total pussies about nonsense. the phrase pick your battles is not easily followed by them.
Can't believe americans have a bail system and see nothing wrong with it
plenty of us have a huge problem with it its just so retardedly hard to reverse any of these systems.

File: 5de992bc3c33d.jpg (148 KB, 725x798)
148 KB
148 KB JPG
How much longer before you kill yourself?

For me it's probably 2-3 years
36 replies and 5 images omitted. Click here to view.
I'm not calling 988.
>Enjoy losing your rights to firearms for the rest of your life
For what?
Then where else are you gonna get help from?
For being committed involuntarily
I'm going to uni this year. They have mental health services
>They have mental health services
You say this then get too shy / scared to actually seek help from said mental health services. Besides all the jokes I think it's better for you to contact help sooner because the longer it takes the more the thoughts come back

File: img (8).png (52 KB, 600x479)
52 KB
What should I buy my mom for her birthday?

I got her a perfume last year so it's out of the qestion
Literally make anything by hand
Maybe a bouquet of flowers made up of her favourite colours and some of her favourite snacks? Keep it simple but worthwhile

File: normik vs ekspert.jpg (281 KB, 854x1002)
281 KB
281 KB JPG
Are you struggling in life? Are you a NEET? One anon recommended me the book "Mind Over Mood" which is about cognitive-behavioral therapy. Downloading it is just a click away on libgen: https://libgen.rs/book/index.php?md5=66B1755940830CA8A0B19479B1B3FE83
Do some exercises and post results!
If you make a joke about cock and ball torture, you mother will die in her sleep tonight
All cbt stuff i looked into uses examples about normalfags.
>Greg is married with 2 kids, makes 6 figures a year, is 7 feet tall with an 8 inch cock but lately has been feeling a tiny bit anxious about conference calls...
File: 20210417_210439.jpg (49 KB, 720x375)
49 KB
yeah that's what i'm feeling too. their problems seem minmal compared to mine.
Here's my exercise:
Environment/life changes/situations: Existential angst, inability to make connections or friends, lack of talents and abilities useful in the workplace or the dating market (all present for the last decade)
Physical reactions: tiredness, jittering, muscle weakness, sleeping 9 hours, problems with digestion, intrusive thought (from random songs to random words)
Moods: apathy, anxiety, resignation, stress
Behaviors: fleeing from challenges and negative stimuli- isolating myself from others, procrastination, indecision, NEETing, low-energy activities
Thoughts: low self-esteem, feeling abandoned by society, lost, too weak to face the world's challenges and hardships as i am, incapable of finding my own way and thus incapable of living a sustainable life
I don't know how to read epub files
Isn't there a pdf
click the cover of the book in my link
then use one of the many download options
Oh man im just like you. Instead of cbt i just goon for 3 hours everynight then sleep 12 hours.

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