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File: ZackCGModel-CrisisCore.png (928 KB, 1053x1580)
928 KB
928 KB PNG
>talk with robot met on r9k
>he falls in love with me
>turns out he's ugly
it happened again
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It's possible. I'm too chad for robots and too robot for chads.
File: 1591240690620.jpg (20 KB, 474x565)
20 KB
sounds pretty cyborg to me
I am the same anon. 6'4 and good looking according to girls but my only problem is i don't know how to fucking speak like a normal and am not interested in changing the that degenerate i am for an average 5-7/10 girl
Are you really going to simp and spam your discord in every thread where someone claims to be female? Kys you desperate fuck

File: aladdin.jpg (91 KB, 800x443)
91 KB
You find a magic lamp.

It will grant you three wishes, however there are rules that must be followed.

>Each wish has to be something meaningful to you specifically
>Wishes cannot be used to 'game the system' (wishing for more wishes, wishing for infinite money, wishing to be all powerful)
>You cannot wish for a particular person to give you romantic love

The point of these wishes is to not make you find more creative ways to wish for those things, as the point of this game is not to 'win', but rather to examine what is REALLY important or fantastical to you in particular, with the rule about love being added on to avoid the cop out answer almost every person has of making someone they loved love them back.

Assume also that the rules of convenience apply as, again, this isn't a win or lose game. If you wish that you can fly then you will be able to do so conveniently and comfortably without dying from the cold or whatever, if you wish for invisibility than your clothes would too, if you wish for time travel than its going to work the way you want it to, with in reason.

What are your three wishes?
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1. Live as long as I want
2. Be very attractive/desirable to opposite sex
3. Be very smart
>1. Live as long as I want
That would be immortality.

>2. Be very attractive/desirable to opposite sex
That would fall under the making people love you.

Again, i made it pretty clear that you weren't supposed to find ways around this.
Then you can't wish for anything
As any wish could potentially "make someone love you"
Did you disallow immortality? Also I'm not trying to make a specific person fall in love with me I'm just insecure about my appearance. If I can't change my appearance or lifespan there's really nothing else I want.

File: 1558431376225.jpg (42 KB, 540x555)
42 KB
I hate myself so much. My brain will not stop assuming the worst about everything. I do not know how to control it. I am always depressed and on edge and everyone's starting to see through me. I've never been more anxious in my life and I have no one to talk to. I do not think I can handle this anymore.
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kill yourself retard omega.
File: AyatsujiHaram.jpg (132 KB, 479x528)
132 KB
132 KB JPG
Hope you get that 1000 karma by the end of the month! I know you've been working hard for it.
that picture is funny enough that i will actually try to help you, anon.

i used to be anxious like you until i started taking 5000iu of d3. that got rid of the intrusive thoughts. the depression didn't lift until i took some cephalexin for the severe persistent diarrhea i was having, and i truly became myself again after reintroducing health restorative fermented / room temp foods from my mother's traditional culture back into my diet.

some other things that helped: NOT eating a low fat diet. introducing animal fats back into my diet caused a massive boost to my mood and energy levels. vitamin k2, taken separately from the d3, makes me feel like i'm young again, and bone broth / oleic acid / omega 3 fatty acids / keto makes my joints feel good enough for pulse pounding exercise. learn to love the sweat, anon, and you will be rewarded. other things that may have helped include taking magnesium and vitamin c to take advantage of all the animal collagen i was consuming.
>>58496274 cont.

mentally, what worked even before i fixed my gut issues was three things: first, assume that every terrible belief you have about the world is true. what changes? the answer is probably, not much.

next, take the most irritating of those beliefs and fears and take it to the brutal, bitter end. don't just skim on the surface and jump to another annoying thought, take that ONE to its logical conclusion. what you ought to discover before you get there is that there are numerous unfounded assumptions and untrue beliefs that have somehow become habit that have no basis in truth. once you realize this, those habits should become easier to undo.

the final thing is to acknowledge that failure is an acceptable step that everyone takes on the way to success. even the famous narcissist donald trump can't pretend that he didn't fail bigly a number of times. everyone successful has failed more times than they can remember. failure is acceptable. wallowing is not, unless you let it be.

one more thing is to be your own parent and best friend. don't let your environment shape how you feel or what you do; learn to recognize what is good for you and do that. do what makes you feel good both now and later.

if you love yourself, you will never be truly alone or truly miserable because you love you. if you hate yoruself, it doesn't matter if you're in heaven and all the nignogs are dead or whatever, but you'll still feel miserable and alone and needy like a motherfucker.

there you go, that's what worked for me. don't be such a cunt all your life anon, and help someone else who needs it.
>>58496466 correction:
take the most irritating and personally relevant of those beliefs and take it to the bitter end

File: vibing.jpg (252 KB, 1080x1060)
252 KB
252 KB JPG
how do you chill someone out when they're having a bad trip while everybody else is trippin
20 replies and 2 images omitted. Click here to view.
>lie to him then remove him like a deficient object
holy shit you suck
Put them in a bed and put on some relaxing music, don't leave them to their thoughts or they'll freak out more
I wasn't being serious about the backyard kek. Lying to someone and sparing them a bad trip is much better than the alternative.
Who's got valium? I gave my tripping friends mead and told them it would give them viking power if they drank it. Between the alcohol and the subconscious suggestion that they would be filled with power, it turned their trips around.
>put on helment
>grab buddies arm like
>pour water on his head

usually does the trick

File: 1589289900471.jpg (88 KB, 913x1085)
88 KB
>cut off from (girl) friend because I wasnt "black" enough for her
>all because I said I disagreed with the BLM movement

fuck this shit
13 replies and 2 images omitted. Click here to view.
No. Black people look good when they're just that. You make it into something stupid.
No booty for coonanon
Saying you're against "Black lives matter" is not the same as saying you're against an act that *most Americans* even hate. A better analogy is like saying being against "Army lives matter" makes you anti-military. That would be a perfectly reasonable assumption. The Patriot act is not synonymous with America, but BLM is synonymous with anti-racism. Even if you don't see it like that, or you disagree with something a BLM member did one time, or even a handful of times, or even as a pattern, that's the way it is in popular media, and you have to take that into consideration when saying you're against it. It's like calling yourself an anti-feminist, it's just retarded and makes you sound like an asshole boomer, even if your reasoning is just that you hate the extreme left and identity politics.
>Your existence is a joke my dude
At least I don't have any problems keeping black friends and not coming off as a racist.
Your based op
Your female friend is a fucking tard
No, it is a strictly ordered political pawn that does little to advance the cause of Black men. It's not even ran by a real nigga, the leader is a Jew.

File: iu[1].jpg (19 KB, 350x350)
19 KB
think in terms of
>government forms/constitutions
>racial issues
>gun rights
>interactions/attitude towards neighbors and other countries

the setting for this is you are a new island that is about the size of half of Ireland off the coast of West Africa and it is populated with sub-Saharan Africans
6 replies omitted. Click here to view.
alright not half bad
but this is all coming from the perspective of you are literally the only white male on the island
are you sure you should go so aggressive right out of the gate?
isolation is a pretty good international outlook not worrying about the outside world is nice
keep in mind the island isn't all that wealthy
>but this is all coming from the perspective of you are literally the only white male on the island
In that case I somehow get them to make me king and direct their labor in order to make me a palace and clear some spaces for roads and an airstrip. Whites can begin to trickle in over time then, and I will allow them to progressively man government and security posts. Only when the balance of whites grows greater and greater would removal start then. A good gender balance of whites would be important too as we would he risking mixing if there are too many white men and not enough women.
Part 1
>>government forms/constitutions
"Democratic Republic", with philosopher leaders. The philosopher leaders keep both the population and the elected in check, and can only be allowed access to be a philosopher leader based on how objective/unbiased they are and whether their critical thinking techniques are sound. It can only be determined by a test that is designed and held secretly by an unknown group of preservers of this test, who are furthermore checked by an untraceable group of people if the preservers try to change the test. The penalty for attempting to change the test is, ideally, being revoked of all wealth, identification, and shelter, and being deported, thrown into a foreign country not of their native language.
>>racial issues
Equality. Everyone deserves a chance to have communities that are expressive of their root culture.
>>gun rights
Police do not get guns, citizens do not get guns. Police are not militarized. Citizens are not either. Both citizens and police are aloud their own batons and tasers. If chaos ensues between the police and the citizens, the vicinity in which it is occurring will be guarded by the military and considered "zone of anarchy".
There will be four tax seasons throughout the year. It is considered more honorable for the wealthiest to give more taxes than their minimum requirement, however, it will not be enforced legally. Each tax season will have "silent polls" held that consist of a vote of the people to what is most needed. It alternates between votes of the elected, and the votes of the people, every season. The philosopher leaders will have no vote, but will only step in when taxes become imbalanced toward a certain necessity.
Part 2
Pure defense. Cyber warfare, space forces, air forces, mortar, rockets, lasers, nukes. Navy ships will guard the coast and waters. Military aloud guns, philosopher leaders have main rule on military. Navy will need guns to protect and defend against any criminals smuggling weapons into country. Air Force will be in charge of tracking foreign aircraft, and doing searches when aircraft is landed.
>>interactions/attitude towards neighbors and other countries
Diplomatic. They are neutral for the most part. They will and can share technological advancements. Spies will only be sent out if a country dynamic is suspicious.
If the population is deemed to heavy for immigration, borders will be closed. If population is lighter, borders will be slightly more open. When open, every immigrant must undergo a strict background check, an assessment of skills, education and job history, tests of illnesses they've had in the past, they will be vaccinated, all foreign foods and plants will be restricted, all foreign drugs will be restricted - all drugs are decriminalized, most drugs legalized anyways - and if there is a history of heinous criminal activity on your background check, you will not be allowed a visa until you undergo a rehabilitation.
>Each tax season will have "silent polls" held
I should also elaborate that the "silent polls" will not and cannot be covered by the media. It will be deemed a felony if the poll results are leaked or made a headline.

File: 1333261859548.jpg (163 KB, 1920x1280)
163 KB
163 KB JPG
Do black girls smell funny or something? I keep seeing "imagine the smell" when black women are posted.
13 replies and 2 images omitted. Click here to view.
I'm black so I have more experience with black women than the average robot. Black women mostly smell like hair products and lotion. Usually they'll be coconut or cocoa butter scented.
They do smell different but I really like it, it's like an aphrodisiac to me
I want to squeeze that butt and give its owner soft kisses.
File: 1565558858134.jpg (115 KB, 960x720)
115 KB
115 KB JPG
Don't be a retard and fall for racist /pol/ memes.
It's usually a combination of different cosmetic products and hair products. I describe it as a 'grape wax' smell. I've been with 5 black girls and they all smelled like 'grape wax'

I kind of like it honestly. There's a gun shop down the road that also has the grape wax smell. There are no black women there. I'm not sure how they recreated it.

File: flat,750x1000,075,f.u2.jpg (128 KB, 750x920)
128 KB
128 KB JPG
Why is it so much fun to shit on fembots?
3 replies omitted. Click here to view.
what a fucking bottom feeder
Because for a moment you can forget about your own crippling flaws by pointing out there's instead.
Because they don't really exist and it's something imaginary and fun to vent your anger at.
Women are not on 4chan
Honestly a lot of the time I find posts from fembots interesting. I feel like most of the 'fembot here' threads are usually not even posted by women.
File: 45 - KRn8VEc.jpg (202 KB, 750x1334)
202 KB
202 KB JPG
Fembots are queens and deserve to be treated as such

File: 7585.jpg (50 KB, 852x480)
50 KB
Femanons did any jock flirt with you like pic related?
8 replies omitted. Click here to view.
Yes I had a very hot guy interested in me but getting to know him more I realized he was a sociopathic user. He would only have pumped and dumped me so I am glad we never had sex.
can i follow you around and stare you all the time? i promise im not creepy
they both look fucking 28
File: images.jpg (6 KB, 241x209)
6 KB
Damn... so unfair. I just want to thrill a girl with kabedon
But he could've been your scapegoat excuse as to why all men are jerks!

I hate trannies fags and blm but want communism, is this wrong? Fuck the rich.
1 reply omitted. Click here to view.
Communism doesn't work. You're just lazy. You don't care about politics, you're just sad because you're a loser. Stop being a loser and you won't be sad.
>I want the state to decide everything but I also hate degenerates
non-racialist nazbol gang rise up
File: 1538725939102.gif (487 KB, 256x190)
487 KB
487 KB GIF
It's better than corporations not being held responsible for price gouging the fuck out of the economy, and creating monopolies where they hold most of the wealth. Individuals are fucking idiots, look at all the normies rioting right now. FUCKING IDIOTS
literally all your quips can be solved under a free market, which mandates monopolies be broken up to preserve competition. look into pinochetism, best of both worlds.

File: hmm.png (44 KB, 512x512)
44 KB
How do you test the boundaries to know if it's okay to press further in getting intimate with a family member?
5 replies omitted. Click here to view.
Are they at least hot?
Uh, I guess we spend enough time together. We definitely see each other during holidays and talk quite a bit then.
Not Stacy standards but she's cute, I think.
just during holidays?
not really a lot desu. do you text her often when you're not together? do you live near by?
No, we don't communicate at all via phone or anything. Occassionally we'll hang out once in a while outside of holidays but it's rarely alone and during family stuff. I see her every... I dunno, maybe six to eight weeks? We have a ten year age gap, and I have a steady job and she's now starting to work.
Come on robots, help me fuck my cousin.

I've seen multiple instances of people getting injured, in some cases horrifically, by police rubber bullets/tear gas cans, by cars or trucks of frightened or angry motorists, and by rioters/looters when stupidly trying to stop them (esp for a business they don't own, let alone some megacorp).
I feel bad for these people, like they've been exploited, and will suffer permanent disability for something that won't matter much a few years from now.
Maybe it's because I could easily see my younger self (I'm an oldfag now) falling for it, and "taking a stand" for/against some normalfag thing, and possibly getting fucked up as a result.
Something I've learned from my health scares is that if you're a robot, your health/safety should be your #1 concern, since the world doesn't give a fuck about you.
13 replies and 1 image omitted. Click here to view.
File: 20200601_004246.jpg (45 KB, 360x360)
45 KB
Not one bit. Normies these days don't give a shit about doing the right thing they don't understand process. They want instant gratification and give up them self for a pointless cause.
File: index.jpg (13 KB, 224x224)
13 KB
Yes, but there's media (whichever media you consoom) pressure to "get out and do something".
I'm just glad I never bought into the social media jew, otherwise I'd have to actively spend time virtue signaling by retweeting, changing my profile pic, pretending to like black culture, or end up getting doxxed, harassed, and rendered unemployable.
It would be nice if there were some "opt-in' setting where the service could automatically virtue signal for you.
Funny part its not only media either. Other people shame white people and influences to post otherwise thier bigoted racist. Black people are really fucking with normfags to throw thier lifes away
Yes, there are increased societal pressures toward activism. But to a long-range thinker, that is just another factor to consider. An expert strategist doesn't make decisions that are heavily based on "feelings" alone. Especially if the outcome can go so poorly!
File: tenor (1).gif (170 KB, 220x216)
170 KB
170 KB GIF
>feeling bad for people who put themselves in harms way

No anyone who gets hurt in those riots know what they're singing themselves up. Stay the fuck away if you don't want to be hurt.

File: homercar.jpg (299 KB, 1920x1080)
299 KB
299 KB JPG
Should I just kill myself? Every day of my life has been basically exactly the same since I was 17 and I'm 24 years old. It just feels tired at this point. I can't imagine doing this for another 40 years. I'll also be getting uglier and in more pain with each passing year as a bonus. I just can't really think of a good reason not to check out.

File: 4509795-3444595_640px.jpg (56 KB, 640x853)
56 KB
Hey boss! Am i a good nincompoop or what?

I just want to kill my urges for a social life and sex.
5 replies omitted. Click here to view.
I'm not sure you really want that.
I started losing those after my sixth year of isolation living as an hiki and now I don't really know if I'm even human anymore.
If it were that simple the world would be a much better place wouldn't it? No, the men like us who will never score have two basic options in an heroing or suffering for several decades of pointless existence. The few who can genuinely reach a state beyond just coping are few and far between.
So, death? Everybody here wants that, I guess.
Castration will probably solve the sex part, and you could create an inner fantasy world to satisfy your social need without actually having to socialize. A lobotomy may also be effective.
>I don't really know if I'm even human anymore
I know for a fact that I am not human, so "humanity" is irrelevant. Just take away these pointless emotions and urges, please.

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