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File: sciguide.jpg (9 KB, 200x140)
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Reminder: /sci/ is for discussing topics pertaining to science and mathematics, not for helping you with your homework or helping you figure out your career path.

If you want advice regarding college/university or your career path, go to /adv/ - Advice.

If you want help with your homework, go to /wsr/ - Worksafe Requests.

What is it like being really fucking smart?
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Ask The Lord aka El Arcón
File: based.png (124 KB, 441x569)
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124 KB PNG
Youre not supposed to kill, but the authorities are allowed, as they wield the sword to slay the sinners. They are only given authority, because of the lord, hindering arbitrary slaughter. Ofcourse they too are only men, and not innfalible to corruption, which will be payed for if not repented when judgement is due. One can also observe that most of the sins written in the bible, are considered to be sins by even disconected tribal peoples, whom often arbitrarily punish the offenders without just due. Even simple logic tells us that for morals to exist, there has to be a judge, and this judge is the one of the bible. For something to have meaning, it would also imply that it must exist, and that is the same with god and morality. Without god there is only social-darwinism, and weve seen what happens once people dont recognize eachother as spiritual, unique representations of god. As far as i know, the other religions dont recognize that we are of god, and not mere creations.
>tl.dr it just werks
GTFO moron
Forgive him Brother. He is a simple man, but still a child of god
schizophrenia =/= connection to spiritual realm

File: 1540406530326.gif (1.86 MB, 250x417)
1.86 MB
1.86 MB GIF
But make an effort to ask intelligent, novice questions in your field of interest. And avoid making blatant pleas for homework helP.

Question of the day: scientifically speaking, why do I want the pusspuss?
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substitute u=tanx, dx = 1/(1+u^2).
now it is just a rational integral.
What does /sci/ think of matsci?
I am in mech engineering but it is quickly degrading into CAD monkey shit and want to move over to a more interesting course. We did receive a brief materials class and I liked it.
How hard would it be on chemistry skills?
Probably the stupidest question ever posted on /sqt/ but, given that a real function [math]f[/math] satisfies [math]f'(x) = 0[/math] for every [math]x[/math] in its domain, how do I prove that there's a [math] k \in \mathbb{R}[/math] such that [math]f(x) = k[/math] for every x?

I'm not allowed to use any integration theorem.
File: 1540568122858.png (217 KB, 440x531)
217 KB
217 KB PNG
Mean value is allowed?

Is it even possible for a civilisation/colonisation to happen? I'm aware it's now politically impossible but is it even biologically possible for a people to flourish or grow here and expand is it that much more brutal than anywhere else? Let's say rather than a switching groups of scientists how could a permanent settlement work there or would they all be doomed?
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>You still need energy, tough, and lots of it in order to gro food
Antarctica has shitton of coal deposits.You don’t even need to dig, they are on the surface.>>10154758
Build a base near the hotspot, use geothermal power.
Antarctica will be a large continental mass, even if ice melts, dumbass.
File: file.png (807 KB, 800x800)
807 KB
807 KB PNG
Nah, this image is BEFORE sea rise.
I heard somewhere it would bounce back up. Either way it would still be a pretty large land mass to live on.

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To further this point, a mathematician usually does not do all pure work or all applied work. Your interests steer you into solving pure and applied problems.
You'll need a graduate degree to work in academia as well.
Did I say otherwise...?
Does anyone have that image of the pure math graduate students at some ivy, and they're all pale, scrawny virgins with terrible posture?
im gonna let you in on a secret
All those guys get more pussy than you ever will

File: 20181117_STP004.jpg (65 KB, 640x360)
65 KB

SOON TWO biotechnology firms will begin to offer couples undergoing in vitro fertilisation (IVF) the chance to screen embryos before they are implanted in the mother’s womb. This kind of preimplantation genetic diagnosis has, for nearly 30 years, been widely used to test for chromosomal abnormalities or specific genetic disorders that affect only a single gene, such as cystic fibrosis. MyOme, based in Menlo Park, California, and launching in 2019, and Genomic Prediction, based in North Brunswick, New Jersey, have something more revolutionary in mind.

The two companies hope to reconstruct the important parts of an embryo’s genome using just a few cells from a biopsy and genetic sequences of both parents. With the resulting genomic data in hand, the firms can then, in theory, calculate the risk of the embryo developing a wide range of different diseases in later life. Crucially, the ailments in question may be extraordinarily complicated, involving thousands of genetic variants (common mutations) in different parts of the genome.
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Other outlets posting the same story:
>The idea of using such tests to select embryos predicted to have high intelligence is “repugnant, but technologically feasible”, says geneticist Peter Visscher at the University of Queensland, Australia.

>So the science behind embryo IQ testing is still shaky. But before we get too indignant about the horrors of designer babies, bear in mind that already we permit, even in the UK, prenatal screening for Down’s syndrome, a disability that produces low to moderate intellectual disability. It’s not easy to make a moral or philosophical case that the screening offered by Genomic Prediction for low IQ is any different. There may be more uncertainty but, given not all IVF embryos will be implanted anyway, can we object to tipping the scales? And how can we condone efforts to improve your child’s intelligence after birth but not before?

To me it seems the lefties familiar with the science are coming around to the idea and are wondering how to implement it within their own ideology. It's not science fiction. They'll throw some chaff in the air but they can't deny the technology exists and works, only that it might have complications or is unethical.
> repugnant
Will these people fuck off. What's repugnant is adoration of sickness such that you would condemn all humans to suffer with it.

I have vicious crohns and i would have been glad if another embryo had been selected free of it. Sure 'I' wouldn't have been born but that thinking is redundant, there's potential you's lost every decision you make.
File: 1542612929473.jpg (269 KB, 1080x1080)
269 KB
269 KB JPG
Chinese woman used a surrogate mother and a white sperm donor to have a hapa baby boy https://m.weibo.cn/detail/4271149842526132
Can you roll for a dubs designer baby?
File: 1505072559895.jpg (65 KB, 800x555)
65 KB
I'm all for it. Education can't make you smart, it can only make you smarter.

>converts to Christianity on his death bed
All that smarts and science didn't help much, eh.
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He was a brainlet cuck. Just look at that face.
>All that smarts and science didn't help much, eh.

Most modern scientist don't just don't delve deeply in metaphysical stuff, just socially follow what's high status in their time (in the current year, being a liberal atheist).

Those who do either end reasoning in some kind of abstract prime mover (not necessarily the Christian or other established religion god, pic related) or follow Russell postulating Brute Facts about reality, full stop.

Guys he always agnostic, he just made the leap of faith.
>Still quivering in his death bed even after conversion.

As anyone who worked on the Manhattan Project ought to be.

File: richard dawkins.png (669 KB, 600x600)
669 KB
669 KB PNG
Daily reminder that WE ARE ALL AFRICANS and that letting billions of blacks in our countries to replace us is just the scientific thing to do!
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I think that anon isn't a jew, mate.
Black people have no obligation with western society. They are not western.
How am I “hating”? Anon suggested that there is “literally nothing wrong with black people”. This isn’t the case.
we all make mistakes kys
They comprise western society. They do have value in western society.

File: general-chemistry.jpg (13 KB, 300x300)
13 KB
Why is general chemistry so fucking boring?
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This is why Physics is so based
It's actually rigorous enough to be qualify as science unlike Biology, and unlike Chemistry it's actually interesting.

The existence of protons is a concept that is only ~100 years old.
general chemistry is fun, you're boring
oh yea solving equations is super fun!
I feel like at some point Chemistry must start getting fun. Never got there though.

File: DcrbpfZV0AAMEwA.jpg (76 KB, 1024x973)
76 KB
Can any /sci/ chads go into the neuroscience behind listening to multiple forms of auditory stimuli? How many conversations can /sci/ pay attention to at once? I can listen to about 4 before things start to get really jumbled up.

File: 4.png (759 KB, 1920x915)
759 KB
759 KB PNG
Okaytoday... we wirr sorve... de INTEGWALL... of sinuss... eeee...

They are amazing, isn't it?
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ever since mathologer started bringing his friends to filming the quality of the videos has dropped significantly (not the math quality). It's just so annoying to watch with the constant fucking giggling and "jokes"
File: 1535197110919.jpg (78 KB, 700x734)
78 KB
But i love bprp :(
I binged those videos when they were first coming out
so we have five x

five x

five x

let's pick another color

so we have five x

five x



twelve y

twelve y

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
this doesn't even make sense bro
the Japs are the ones who can't say "L", the Chinks can't say "r". Nobody is going to be unable to say either.

File: The_Almighty.jpg (34 KB, 540x304)
34 KB
You are transported into the realm where an all knowing and omnipotent being resides. You can ask this being any question but it will only respond with either
>"Some of you humans already knows the answer"
>"None of you humans knows the answer"
What question would you ask this being so that any information you can infer would greatly benefit science or humanity?
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because you're ugly
Why are you alone?
desu if I were the being, I'd snip your head off for this question
I would ask "is the answer to this question that no humans know the answer?"

If the being answers that some human does know then this contradicts the known answer that no humans know the answer. Thus the being must answer that no humans know. But since it is known that the being must answer that way then humans know the answer to the question, contradicting the answer that no humans know the answer.

I just made the question simpler.

File: wj.png (28 KB, 225x225)
28 KB
>major in math and CS
>CS gpa 3.7, math gpa 2.2
>overall gpa 2.8
>grad school off limits with such shit gpa
fuck you all for telling me to also major in math
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Not our fault you can't seem to put the required time in
read the textbooks
get a job freak, get off the teat
I'm 27. I'm going to school on my own dime. Got bored of my tradecuck job even if it paid well for only having HS education.
As someone with a 77 IQ (I took the official test) do you think I should take CS? I was planning to study some type of social science because of my low IQ but I've heard so many stories online about brainlets doing well in CS... Wat do /sci/?

Med is prettty much memorization, right? Read something and understand how it works. Done.
Engineering, however, is read it, understand it, and then practice which require more thought.
40 replies and 4 images omitted. Click here to view.
>understanding how multiple organ systems is not something you can "memorize"
so how do you understand it...? engineering has numerical substance and solving problems with the things like calculus and linear algebra, how do you solve a problem
I know osteology book has no mathematical formula
...you don't use phylogenetics or molecular biological method to pass the pharmacology exam, if it is not a memorize fight then what is it?
What is it that makes engineering such a joke on here? I study at KTH and pretty much all my professors are people who have studied engineering physics, if you go physics bsc + master you are pretty much considered retarded as engineering physics is superior in every way.

What is so different in the US?

In Sweden I should add.
Medicine requires more time than engineering. You won't be able to cover the material more than like 2-3 times unless your reading speed is superhuman.
Engineering on the other hand. It's more practical. You can rely on your natural affinity for equations, math and creativity
File: GP, MD.jpg (125 KB, 1280x720)
125 KB
125 KB JPG
blah, blah, complex organ systems, blah, blah biochemical pathways. Seriously i understand that medicine is difficult because it requires lot's of memorization, but seriously memorization is different than intelligence, you can memorize tons of facts, and it doesn't make you a smart.Being smart is about understanding things a deeper level and being able to solve complex problems like the quantum physics equations required by the engineers who design particle accelerators i bet 90% of doctors would never be able to understand the material required to design a particle accelerator, in comparison doctors are actually just NPC's, to these engineer's, engineering is a completely different kind of intelligence it requires less rote memorization but much more understanding and intelligence

File: crispr.png (8 KB, 299x168)
8 KB
Any biotech anons here to discuss the current state of this tech? I see progress has been made at drastically cutting down the number of off-targets and magnets can be used to direct it to specific tissues - so why is it not everywhere yet?

For disclosure of interest i have Crohn's disease and it barely responds to meds,i've read lots about the genes responsible and plan to have my genome sequenced soon. With that i eventually hope to go abroad and pay for some edits but it isn't available now.
6 replies omitted. Click here to view.
depends on your editing efficiency as to how well that could work in practice, off-target effects notwithstanding
if you only hit 1 in 10,000 cells and you need 50% of the bad variants changed to fix the disease, it's gonna take a while
I don't know much about that, what are current rates like?
This guy used a virus vector to cure his lactose intolerance. Not Crispr, but is there a reason why that couldn't work in a similar manner? Risk?
roughly similar to crispr
same limitations more or less (how many cells do you actually affect? how many do you need to get to fix the problem?)
>putting a foreign protein in your genome
>a good idea
File: velo.jpg (18 KB, 508x431)
18 KB

You can't pull a statistic out your ass without a link or else you'll seem outlandish.

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