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File: sciguide.jpg (9 KB, 200x140)
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Reminder: /sci/ is for discussing topics pertaining to science and mathematics, not for helping you with your homework or helping you figure out your career path.

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File: Disecting Darwin (1).jpg (35 KB, 371x286)
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Is there any idea more ignorant than this? What are some good examples of "poor design?"
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Read the thread
I was going over the thumb, not how they react their reflection.
The hominid origin of humanity is sketch but no criticisms leveled against evolution itself in this thread hold any water.
What does this even mean? Is he trying to deny that things which are good at surviving will survive at a higher rate than things that aren't? Natural selection is just an application of basic logic.

God, you can tell just from the artwork that whoever drew this is dumb as a rock. Look at that guy's fucking face.
File: Gorilla.jpg (103 KB, 570x558)
103 KB
103 KB JPG
>Common traits=/=common ancestor.
Luckily, molecular evidence tells us that all apes (including humans) share a common ancestor.

>Thought it was the first hominid, turned out to be an extinct form of orangutan.
You seem to have a little trouble distinguishing
>one guy claimed
>multiple independent studies concluded

>making excuses, throwing out big numbers, and calling names
you don't have to get salty just because you don't know anything about evolutionary timescales, and think that hominids speciate faster than trilobites. are you really that upset about me throwing out big numbers? Homo sapiens HAS been around for ~280 kyr; sorry if that's too big a number for your mind to comprehend

>why not say what you meant?
I did. You responded with an unrelated comment out of left field, as if I would fall for that ruse.

>hurr the reason that humans can do a bunch of things other apes don't is because their thumbs are better
yes, that's it! it's the thumbs! not the intelligence, language, or advanced culture!

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Does the idea of "negative" exist in the real world, or is it just a theoretical concept?
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it means subtract.

Ever heard of photography?
what about natural numbers we use for counting?
Even then the number as a concept independent of the things being counted is theoretical.
used to emphasize something surprising or extreme
>number as a concept independent of the things being counted is theoretical
That I already know, it's not what I'm trying to discuss.
What I'm asking is, do ojects exist without a number assigned to them (e.g. the number of trees in a forest)?

Everything you knew was a lie.



By the way, how do I convince rednecks that macro Evolution exists? I showed them a video of bacteria evolving in real time but they said it doesn't count as it is mearly a microevolution.
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Lel but evolution makes falsifiable predictions about everything, particularly regarding the statistics of phylogenetics.
>how do I convince rednecks that macro Evolution exists
Fossil record? Remind them that this "microevolution" - that they accept - is then extrapolated to immense timescales.

Ignoring the masturbatory nature of this post I must say it is a dangerous way of thinking. It can lead one into believing that they must be correct because they are "superior" while someone else must be incorrect due to them being deemed "inferior".
>the basic idea that speciation is a construct of the human mind was explained through and through
>still linking this shit
>even said shit all but agrees that speciation is indeed a construct of the human mind but cops out with a tragicomical invocation of "the gaps" as its functionally god-given immovable locus

>is a construct of the human mind
much like air
Every scientific concept is a construct of the human mind. So now every species concept can't be used because you say so?
>cops out with a tragicomical invocation of "the gaps"
I'm not sure I understand what you mean by this. Please explain.
This is a religious/hyperemotional term. If you were interested at all in discussion, you would state problems and caveats with the source I linked, which you didn't address.

File: image.jpg (37 KB, 450x280)
37 KB
I don't understand how space and time are linked

Everyone always brings up the photon with light clock and traveling at the speed of light the photon will travel a longer distance which makes the clock tick slower but isn't that just an illusion? Time isn't mobing slower, your body doesn't depend on how long photons take to move.
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Develope please
if v = distance/time,

from a photon's perspective, v = c.
How is it possible that time = 0 if velocity and distance are both not zero?
Am I assuming something wrong?
my bad, replace "from a photon's perspective, v = c." with "for a photon"
>I don't understand how space and time are linked

Space and time in Special relativity are related, between different observers, by the Lorentz transformations.

If two co-moving observers in two different reference frames are observing the same event, then the Lorentz transformation tells you what space and time coordinates will be assigned to the event for one observer as a function of the coordinates of the other observer as well as the relative velocity of the two observers.

File: 101935.jpg (50 KB, 459x306)
50 KB
please no roleplay Christians or baiting

what exactly is wrong with the theory that a divine being created the universe and mankind in its own image? Is the development of human consciousness itself not proof of the existence of the divine? How else could you account for human beings having seemingly having deific powers of the mind in quality and scope if the divine itself does not exist? No other creatures have consciousness and as a Christians I believe human beings being given a divine personality or personhood atttached to a mortal coil this external shell is proof in and of itself of miracles. What's wrong with this proof?
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There's nothing exactly wrong with it, but there's nothing right with it either. If some omnipotent deity (who/what created that?) created the universe, he/she/it sure went to great lengths to disguise the fact they did. Belief in a God is blasphemy, you're basically saying "Aha! you tried to hide what you did, but I see right through you!"
Kind of the point of God is that it wasn't created
You can think it is important. Just don't expect to spout it being the source of moral objectivity and not expect any push back.
>what exactly is wrong with the theory that a divine being created the universe and mankind in it's own image?

Nothing, logically, as far as nearly anybody can see. I have yet to see falsifiable predictions made by any such model, though

>Is the development of human consciousness itself not proof of the existence of the divine?

No. Why would it be? Your own incredulity?

>No other creatures have consciousness

What would possibly be meant by this? Orcas and Bottlenose Dolphins, in addition to Orangutans, Elephants, Chimpanzees, Gorillas, and certain species of crow all exhibit abstract reasoning and problem solving skills. Also, humans vary in their own intelligence from Australian aborigines to Ashkenazi Jews; and from sufferers of Down's syndrome to Fields Medal winners.

>as a Christians I believe human beings being given a divine personality or personhood atttached to a mortal coil this external shell is proof in and of itself of miracles. What's wrong with this proof?

Where IS the proof? Or even evidence for this claim, other than an appeal to incredulity? It sounds like you're saying "human cognitive capacity is really high! There must be something out there that made it so high!"

>And yes, this doesn't necessarily support only a Christian God but it does account for the existence of divinity and explains consciousness which evolutionary scientists can't explain.

Right, no God of any kind is supported by your claims, including a Christian God. Evolutionary scientists can't explain consciousness because they don't try, and nobody can explain consciousness yet.
>It seems really childish in the absence of any other explanations to dismiss our view of the nature of man as "hurr durr all religion is retarded". Not baiting but if you have atheistic stubbornness you should really try lsd or psilocybin because being hostile to anything that contradicts your worldview isn't a good virtue.

Nobody uses such a response. They may infer it from lack of any evidence for your assertions. What on earth would the experiences of LSD or psilocybin prove about divinity? Also, a lot of atheists, like Sam Harris, believe that LSD/psilocybin open up experience to a realm that actually exists. And they still don't believe in God.

>to expand a bit on the arguement in OP, it's having this physical form that I think hides the true nature of man from most people.

You didn't make an argument in the OP. You stated your incredulousness that human consciousness could come without the existence of a personal God. Maybe this is worth pursuing rigorously, but you didn't make an argument.

> I'd like you to take a minute to just think of human consciousness and what it really is, and realise what we are in relation to cows or chickens. They're nothing compared to us. They're a collection of instincts, emotions and senses.

Sure, the cognitive differences are usually agreed to be extreme, but cows and chickens are relatively docile animals. Again, could you so easily say the same thing of bottlenose Dolphins or Koko the Gorilla? And an average Australian aborigine is nothing in terms of cognitive capacity compared to Terry Tao or Andrew Wiles.

File: 18i2ollrze2ssjpg[1].jpg (78 KB, 800x450)
78 KB
>The universe is in it's infancy with less than .1% of it's total life span having occurred
>There is no evidence that there is any other intelligent life in the universe and the Femi paradox seems to show that we are the only ones in our galactic cluster and possibly even observable universe
Why is it so hard to believe that we are the first intelligent life? At first I thought it was unlikely but after thinking about it's by far the most likely explanation. How does it feel to know that humans are going to become "The old ones" that you always see in sci fi? How come science fiction doesn't seem to want to deal with this?
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Not sure how >>8992584 got in there
The problem of developing an interstellar civilization is a logistics one, really.
For the sake of argument, let's say we somehow manage to solve light-speed travel.
Establish a colony @ proxima.
"Hello neighbor!"
8 years later
"How is it going? need anything? Send pics."
3 years later
"It's on its way guys, disregard previous message"

It's just fucking impractical, and serves no purpose except in case of existential threat, like our sun dying.
Civilizations are better off exploiting the energy output of their host star for as long as possible and then move to the next one.

When the sun starts to die that won't be a sudden thing that comes out of nowhere. In fact, in a few hundred million years rising temperatures caused by the sun's increasing luminosity will trigger a runaway greenhouse effect on Earth and turn this planet into Venus 2.0 unless humans intervene and that will be billions of years before it goes red giant on us.

As for logistics, interstellar governance can only be possible with FTL travel. Doesn't mean interstellar colonization would be impractical or not worth doing, though. It decreases the chances of humanity going extinct and there's always more to explore and learn and discover.
That's true, but I expect by then we'll have at least colonized Mars, and have a multitude of space colonies around the asteroid belt.
It seems very doable, although hard, with even current technology.

Interstallar colonies would basically have to be independent. Which means there is zero return on investment for us.
Establishing one will surely involve sending everything there with a backup ship for everything, and then some more. You'd have to build an armada just for it, while you could have used the resources to build more space colonies around the sun and provided for more people, that would then participate in the Solar System Economy, unlike Proxima fags.
So your argument is that since SETI has been searching for 30 years and hasn't found anything, intelligent life definitely doesn't exist?
How much absence of evidence is evidence of absence? 30 years searching? Why not 40, or 100?

inb4 I get accused of trying to say there definitely is intelligent life

So wait, if you can induce an electric current by spinning a magnet and inducing a current in wires, why don't you just hook up a generator to the crankshaft of an engine to power the car instead of using a battery?
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You do have a generator powering a battery up in most cars, but you need the initial kick from the battery to get the chemical reaction in the engine starting. It is like the bootstrap. Relying on battery to start the engine. Relying on engine and generator to refuel battery once engine has started.
Even better, you could build a device that spins faster than the engine, due to a pulley system with different sized pulleys. Since it's on pulleys you could mount it anywhere it will fit, but you'd probably want it close to the battery. Starters take from 100 amps to 300 amps to turn the engine over if it's not running, so you're not going to be able to get away from that unless you want to push start your manual transmission car every time you use it. If only there were a device that pulls electrons out of the positive terminal and jams them into the negative terminal though...
found the D-student in Engineering 101
You can, it,s called a magneto, the main drawback is, without stored electrical power to turn the starting motor, the engine must be hand cranked, as in power tools, light aircraft, rc toys, t model fords, etc,
he's being retarded on purpose.

File: zumdahl.jpg (53 KB, 405x500)
53 KB
The wiki says that Chemistry the Central Science is the best textbook for a beginner. However I've heard others say Zumdahl is better. Which should i use?
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>our conversation
We never spoke before. I've never cared about this shit, just wanted to post the first thing I found that was chemistry-related.
Stop hijacking my thread
there was very minimal Calculus in Physical Chemistry rate law and some nuclear chemistry but other than that its obsolete.

Most of Gen. Chem as Algebra based and conversion

Learn how to do the end of chapter problems and look up tests online to maximize your learning since you are self teaching.
You're right. There's more chapters in both books that include some calculus problems (Atkins labels them) but as long as you can do algebra 2 or precalculus, then you should be fine.

What do you mean by obsolete? Are there better books out there?
Recommended chemistry reads to master drug synthesis?


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Are you me?
I almost accidentally double-majored in Philosophy because I was padding my GPA with easy As from it. Once you've read Descarte or Kant or Rawls you know their work and you can take as many classes as you want on them and pass.

Philosophy classes fall into two categories: Reading quizzes over material some other dude wrote in the past and what he meant by it and how it stood or fell with time, and learning the rules to games of logic and critical thought. Both are trivial to prepare for, so you can take 2 per term while still taking a full math/science load and reap two guaranteed A's.
I bet this author failed intro science in high school.
That has to be a dude. No chick would wear anime t-shirts like that
File: 1497158721765.jpg (71 KB, 960x720)
71 KB

Mechanical Engineering is a meme studied by Mexicans who just want to work on their cars. Study what you're passionate about. I was interested in psychology throughout high school until I took my first psychology course my freshman year. I turned 360 degrees and walked away. I then went on to do a forestry major because I just wanted to fuck off from society, which I had to take biology. I found molecular biology is incredibly fascinating and now I'm a biochemistry major.
you mean balancing an equation like the economy or budget?

Instead of writing sentences like, "Hillary was too smart to win"?

File: sun reflecting dron swarm.jpg (296 KB, 2077x1371)
296 KB
296 KB JPG
Why are we not doing this?
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>you don't get a (You)
>whoops, forgot to give you a (You)

Just how pudding is your brain right now?
the faggot I didn't give the (You) to posted it, to give himself one
Forget about the sea level...but for terraforming that land, this could work.
more expensive and less effective than simply reducing and counter-acting climate change in more direct ways.
>They can't hold water because they don't have plant life which fucks up the local climate.
there is PLENTY of plant life in most hot deserts, but it's all limited by water supply. it's not about holding water; it's about total precipitation, you retard.

File: 99999+equals+11.jpg (9 KB, 600x250)
9 KB
How can 0.999999...9999 be equal to one when they're separate numbers.

Doesn't matter how many 9s you tack on to the end, you'll never actually reach 1.
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>How can 0.999999...9999 be equal to one when they're separate numbers.
They're not. They're separate symbols, but they both represent the same number.

>Doesn't matter how many 9s you tack on to the end, you'll never actually reach 1.
That's irrelevant. Look up what the limit of a sequence is.
>1/3 = 0.999...
wew lad

- always growing, capped by 1
- done
This is a complete nonsense. Limit of a numerical sequence IS a number. It is the one and only NUMBER such that for every [math]\epsilon>0[/math] there exists a [math]\delta>0 [/math] and so on... but it's still a number. Period. And what do you think the symbol 0.9999.... stands for? It's a shorthand for [math]\sum_{n=1}^{\infty}\frac{1}{9^n}[/math], which is nothing else but the LIMIT of the sequence of partial sums, namely [math]\{ 0.9, 0.99, 0.999 \dots \}[/math]. And what does this limit equal to? Oh yes, 1.
[math]\sum_{n=1}^{\infty}\frac{9}{10^n}[/math], my mistake

Obviously I'm talking about one of the most basic models. Something like the Ultimate armor (pic related). Stuff like Extremis & Bleeding Edge are... yeah...

Anyway, I'm aware of those exosuits and mini jet-packs they've built, but how far along are we on building at least a semi functional Iron Man armor?

For some extra info, the Ultimate suit needed a whole lab's worth of specialists and specific machines for Tony to wear it, had a limited flight time, very few offensive weapons, and Tony used a green protective gel to get around the colissions and whatnot. It was also more like a "robo-armor" instead of the slim and form fitting 616 suits.
the problems are power and interface.

We could build a Fallout tier power armor tomorrow, minus the fusion power cell. Just slap a JP8 burning engine to the back to provide about 5-10hp.
Not possible at all. G-forces from impacts would turner the wear into pulp
why don't you try spending money on research, instead of just asking 4chan to do your job for you?

File: van-allen-lshell.png (405 KB, 1024x1370)
405 KB
405 KB PNG
What happened here in early February?
isnt that winamp
polite bump

File: 1498086998722.png (146 KB, 460x360)
146 KB
146 KB PNG
I been getting this weird vibrating sensation in my head. I only feel it when laying down. Am I gonna die?
1 reply omitted. Click here to view.
blood pressure? I have a similar thing but its only after I stretch
I get a really bad headache when I cum.
File: 1427410369546.jpg (98 KB, 1280x720)
98 KB
I've been feeling a weird tingling sensation in a very specific part of my brain for about a year and a half know. It was pretty bad for a while, but once I started sleeping more, it started gradually getting better. I thought I had cancer for a while but why the fuck would sleeping cure cancer?

I hope it will be gone completely some day.
it's voice to skull.

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