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Reminder: /sci/ is for discussing topics pertaining to science and mathematics, not for helping you with your homework or helping you figure out your career path.

If you want advice regarding college/university or your career path, go to /adv/ - Advice.

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this can only end well
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they don't upload anything, they fucking replace your blood with embalming fluid while you are still alive to prevent your synapses to break down when you die, and then they scoop out your brain and put it into the freezer, hoping that someone else will develop a synapse mapping technology in the future for them to map those brains of people they already took money from, without guaranty that this technology would even exist one day, and the company will still be around to fulfill that promise. connectome will go out of business before that's gonna happen and all these brains end up in a landfill or get cremated if anybody is left willing to pay for an urn https://www.livescience.com/62040-deadly-brain-upload.html
Not that anon but holy shit are you retarded. You conflate being conscious with being alive, even though something can be alive without being conscious, and something can be conscious without being alive, at least according to your definition (like someone who is infertile). You argue that a computer can't be conscious because that would be absurd, while ignoring the elephant in the room that apparently a bunch of chemical processes in the human brain can give rise to consciousness, which is no less absurd than the idea of a conscious machine.
If you were some kind of ethereal being and stumbled upon a planet with a bunch of animals but no sentient life, I bet you would argue that "carbon based life could never become conscious, because that would be like a dog that can talk lmao".
Fuck, cryonics is a better bet than that bullshit - it's more plausible that nanotech could fix shit than the advent of total understanding of neurology necessary for uploading. Same caveat about longterm upkeep applies - good luck keeping that cryostat topped off for centuries without economic, societal issues causing a thaw and rot.
when the two computers have a computer baby that can't have a computer baby, let me know genius...
>and something can be conscious without being alive, at least according to your definition (like someone who is infertile).
LOL does it have parents ?
NOPE, you tarded out

File: 3453454545.jpg (24 KB, 300x338)
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>if i die im gone forever
>science still hasnt come up with immortality or something similar
science is useless as long as i dont get my immortality, get to work FAGGOTS
You'd have to live forever to be immortal. That means billions of years.

Convince me that we're not living in a computer simulation.
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Convince me that I'm not the second coming of Jesus Christ.
There is nothing about faster than light movement that can't be comfortably put into numbers.
Also the kind of computers we can theoretically make (whether this is simulation or not) are so absurdly powerful, you could simulate trillions of civilizations at the same time with just one
It doesn't matter, you would have to create a computer with an infinite amount of storage which is physically impossible
we would have find a bug

Fun fact: Economics in and of itself is BY FAR the most difficult scientific field, which is why it's full of hacks and people who gave up on using the scientific method
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As someone who's been in both I definitely had an easier time in econ but I think that's just because I had a more natural ease for this all along, I had plenty of colleagues in physics who are great in physics but would, in my opinion, be completely unsuited for business and economics.

At the undergraduate level that is probably true though, if nothing else simply because undergrad econ is incredibly simplistic.
I specifically said large scale though.
yes. if someone has some credible news on what might happen in the future, that changes things for everyone. this is the basis for expectation theory in economics.
People make expectations on, well... what to expect in the future, based on what other people are doing. So they plan for it.
In other words, its a system of many different actors interacting with each other. It's a complex two-way street.
The stock market is pretty large anon, exactly what scale are you speaking of?
Are you talking about the stock market like that other guy or do you actually mean predictions published will be a significant explanatory factor for the next fifty years of economic history?

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632 KB GIF
Why is it that when I look at people that are younger than me, they look like fucking children, like 10 year olds. I'm 32 shit posting in a bar and there are people that are celebrating turning 21 on saint Patrick's day and they look like children. Anyone else experience this? Why is this?
You mean like hypomasculine babyfaces? More exohormones earlier on.
I don't know. I just always noticed this on both directions
Example what I'm talking about
>Be sophomore in highschool
>See highschool senior looks like he's damn near 35
>See freshman, look damn near 5 years old

What is this? Anyone else ever experience this?
Of course. People who are younger than you usually look younger than you and people who are older usually look older. Why is this weird?
But why is it so extreme?

I don't recall people the same age as me looking like five year olds. At only a years difference, why is it so Stark?
I'm tempted to say it's psychological, like having a a hard time coming into terms with the fact that a girl who used to pull your sleeve with her head barely up to your belt is now 24 and hot as fuck, while your subconsciousness is screaming that she should still be that little brat.

How did this..
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Until December...
Once you get used to big money it's kind of hard to work for less...
File: grumpy-grandpa-250.png (105 KB, 250x250)
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>This commie/hippie bullshit again.
Take your meds and get some rest, Grandpa.
comneisim will whip you into shape real fast kiddo better be careful
trips are right

has anyone decided what it is yet?
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File: 1490183891233.jpg (53 KB, 699x601)
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>Great Attractor is just a space between gravitationally bound galaxies.
I politely disagree.

Too bad. One day you will make peace with the world. A world that is comprised of gravitationally bound galaxies falling into each other.
there isn't enough mass to pull them together the way they are doing right now

Of course there is.

When ever you think you know where you are, what it is, and what its all about, just remember the good folk who reside in Flatland.

File: grothendieck.jpg (31 KB, 334x334)
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baby's first- Von Neumann was the greatest mathematician of the 20th century

woke- Hilbert was the greatest mathematician of the 20th century

Me, an intellectual- Grothendieck was the God of 20th century math
>Von Neumann
all reddit-tier
If not them, then who?

File: 510px-Lake_Fryxell.jpg (37 KB, 510x354)
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Can anyone link me a height map of the antarctic continent with isohypses but without ice?
No. It hasn't been mapped.
just google ''height map of the antarctic continent with isohypses''

File: 1518889870480.jpg (367 KB, 1600x900)
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367 KB JPG
What's the coolest branch of Engineering?
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You're delusional.
This :(
Engineering psychology
Dilution refrigerators

File: 1519432080160.jpg (196 KB, 580x580)
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196 KB JPG
>Mentally average man
>Spend my days listening to stupid shit likes this and playing with myself


Do intelligent people gravitate toward mathematics and sciences, or does everything need to be right for that to happen?

I know people way smarter than me that played video-games and fucked around all day, and they might die doing that if they're not careful.

What does /sci/ think?
Why do people like science and mathematics?
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>Do intelligent people gravitate toward mathematics and sciences
Not always, but often. Even not so intelligent people sometimes gravitate toward mathematics and sciences (and are quite successful at it).
just do what you like, follow the things that interest you, things that you think could be useful and so on
>tfw don't have the motivation and will power to even pursue my genuine interests and instead inhabit the lowest possible energy state during all of my free time
I'll take my hat and head back to /r9k/.
File: Inside Neptune.jpg (69 KB, 528x616)
69 KB
I touch myself ...
watching anime

File: trump weebs.jpg (90 KB, 667x556)
90 KB
>>9598607 >>9598224

Breaking News: Trump Supporters are Nazis who "Masturbate to Anime"

Davidians united QM & GR but they (NIST) have not yet, so I am forced to use Planck's constant (h). Therefore: the Energy (E) of a photon is directly proportional to its frequency (f) which is the Square root of the Newtonian constant of gravitation (G) times the density of the photon (d). This gives rise to the Davidians equation E=h[(G*d)^1/2] from the Max Planck equation E=hf.


Whereas: E is the energy of the photon. h is the Planck constant. f is the frequency of the radiation. G is the Newtonian constant of gravitation. d is the density of the photon. ^1/2 is the Square root thereof.


David Koresh
In 1993, we Davidians united GR & QM for the world.
FBI did not want the world to know so they killed us.

Rev. 4

4 beasts are 4 charges.
father charge .333... e (spin)
son charge .666... e (spin)
ghost charge .999... e (spin)
spirit charge .000...1 e (spin)

24 elders are 24 fermions.
father charge .333... e quarks
(1st gen) down quark - down antiquark (spin 1/2)
(2nd gen) strange quark - strange antiquark (spin 1/2)
(3rd gen) bottom quark - bottom antiquark (spin 1/2)
son charge .666... e quarks
(1st gen) up quark - up antiquark (spin 1/2)
(2nd gen) charm quark - charm antiquark (spin 1/2)
(3rd gen) top quark - top antiquark (spin 1/2)

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
Please go back to /x/, this doesn't belong here.

File: willy2.jpg (827 KB, 2133x1600)
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827 KB JPG
how fares your research /gsg/?
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What's with all the autistic memes in this place? I asked for help finding a good grad school for math yesterday and I got swarmed by "HAHAHA 300k STARTING" posts. WHAT THE FUCK DO YOU EXPECT A NEW GRAD STUDENT TO POST YOU FUCKING AUTISTS??

And before that I asked a simple question on how I find research opportunities and I again got swarmed by fucking autists with all their unfunny inside jokes. Fuck you and fuck those grad students, they are literally one of the most boring pieces of shit I've ever talked to. Also fuck the guy in /mg/ who suggested I try out those autistic grad schools and "ask for guidance on the /gsg/ general and they will help you". Bunch of manchildren.
Agree x 1

please respond im tryna get help
*leaps into pond*

File: images(4).jpg (34 KB, 554x554)
34 KB
Why when i skull this shit 20 minutes later i feel like going into hibernation.
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Because you have consumed so much sugar and caffeine that your body is desensitized to it.
Adrenal fatigue desu senpai
but it tastes good.
File: 1515900908734.png (427 KB, 631x757)
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427 KB PNG

Get off my 4chan.
Thanks for the Facebook science

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