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File: sciguide.jpg (9 KB, 200x140)
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Reminder: /sci/ is for discussing topics pertaining to science and mathematics, not for helping you with your homework or helping you figure out your career path.

If you want advice regarding college/university or your career path, go to /adv/ - Advice.

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File: 5467466.jpg (227 KB, 640x640)
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Think about the size of your city.
Now your country.
The continent your country is on.
Planet Earth.
Our solar system.
The Milky Way galaxy.
And the universe as a whole.

I can't fathom how enormous it is. How it is there. Its nature is not comprehensible to me. So full of hostile conditions, things and events that can destroy planets or even entire solar systems, and we have our cute little planet. I will never see 99.9999% of our planet in person. People say we are too late to explore the planet and too soon to explore the galaxy, but I will never get to personally experience the vast majority of what our planet has to offer.

Those distances out there. That vast, endless emptiness. Things that can release so much energy in a second that humanity could live off of that for billions of years. Maybe there's a huge space rock on its way toward us right now. Maybe something the size of Mt. Everest will impact Earth tomorrow. Maybe Earth will get hit by on of those ultra high energy particle beams that black holes release. There is nothing we could do. It would just hit us and not only is there nothing we could do, we probably wouldn't even see it coming. Our entire existence would be gone without a trace.

The universe is fucking scary.
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It's a small world, but I wouldn't want to paint it.

It's also unarguably true that you're a bit of that stuff looking at itself and knowing what it is. Which is kind of amazing.
This board is for science, not edgy poetry written to make you appear deep.

Fuck off
File: image.jpg (43 KB, 613x529)
43 KB
>I can't fathom how enormous
How unfortunate

Is there a question?
>The universe is fucking scary.
your thesis statement?

> pic related
Sorry,but no, the autism is the fucking cringe attempt at abstract thought you posted in the OP.

The assertions you make are really baseless and give insight into your popsci view of the universe. It's not that scary, behaves quite nicely (sometimes even more so than conditions on earth do), and is reasonably predictable.

File: mayuri.png (71 KB, 299x334)
71 KB
How fast does time travel?
One second per second
one second per second

File: 1488244379686.jpg (30 KB, 637x500)
30 KB
i figured it out
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Wow nigger really?
the magnet pulls the truck as much as the truck pulls the magnet

if you're pulling your friend as hard as he's pulling you, there's a lot of force but no motion
Then how do magnets pull things?

Couldn't they just make a big enough magnet to pull the track?
>Couldn't they just make a big enough magnet to pull the track?

what the fuck are you even saying? what track?
Yes, but something needs to be moving the magnet.
See where this is going?

File: bracket-orientation.png (15 KB, 1000x1000)
15 KB
here is a side view of a wall. the weight is attached to an L-shaped bracket which has magnets firmly fixed to it. the bracket is then held in place on a metal wall.

considering the cantilever action, the top magnet has a certain amount of force trying to pull it away (sideways) from the wall. which orientation of the bracket will reduce that force?

this isn't homework - don't need to say any working just looking for a simple answer.

File: f1-large.jpg (123 KB, 822x650)
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123 KB JPG
Daily reminder that Asians are the new Jews
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File: asians-large.jpg (107 KB, 942x523)
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107 KB JPG
you are an idiot.
What about African-Americans? Ah, who am I kidding.
i was watching this documentary on academia in south korea, while i am jealous of their work ethic and academic ability i still feel sorry for them in the sense that they were sorta robbed of any decent amount of relaxation. apparently the average student sleeps some 6 hours a day due to how much they study. it seems like it's something that's better for the collective more than the individual.

Is there a correlation between musical preference and IQ?

This song is highly preferential, and my IQ is 130

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Psychedelic trance has become my preferred genre as of late since it's great to listen to when doing work. You just sorta go into a trance and start using more than 10% of your brain it's great. Pretty much like hitting that XTC with no side effects (although you could do both simultaneously, I've tried)

>I will combat your autism with my own autism and probably wrong opinions.

Pop music is a petri dish of formulaic sounds that are easily palatable by the masses. There is no creative license involved and I dislike it.

Classical can be enjoyed, but it requires a certain degree of musical understanding to fully appreciate their arrangements, a lot like jazz or prog. Different eras, different experiences, different preferences. Basically music but for musicians and connoisseurs of music.

Metal is pure escapism that represents an aspect of the psyche that we are frequently told to never express. It is heavy and thunderous in atmosphere, a welcome detour from the norm and something that I personally like. It just feels good to listen to. Metal heads routinely tend to be the most creative people I know, and the most invested in music - many of whom have at the very least tried to learn an instrument and were better off for it.
I do not understand rap or its origins, but I feel like the appeal resides in the culture behind it. I simply cannot relate to anything Snoop Dog has to say, I still like him though and I am sure that there are many more people who CAN relate to what Snoop Dog is say and like him even more.
This is how it feels to bee in the iq 209 potato space super race
>implying reggae rock isn't the most patrician music genre

rap breaks musical rules because it's an attempt by blacks to overthrow the established structure and order of society. rock and roll did the same thing in early blues music, before it was co-opted and mass marketed to a white audience (elvis). Blacks are simply more talented when it comes to music, rhythm, dance. It comes more naturally to them, and this is not necessarily a black thing, its a poor people thing.

Poor people have a richness in song, dance and dress, because they are forced to improvise with very little. See pan flute music, gypsy flamenco and spanish guitar.

The deep appeal of all rap music is it's contradictions. American blacks feel inferior, so they elevate themselves through hyperbole to British royalty/16th century slave master status- to revert history and as an ironic callback to their current situations. Remember a slave both loves and hates his bondage, that's why this word exists. If it was only hate, man would rather die than live a slave.



Here is an example of Hip Hop. You can also listen to early Wu Tang to understand what they were trying to do. (A cry for help to raise awareness at the crippling economic well blacks are in).

Old School hip hop and rap are basically Shakespeare. For poor people by creative poor people - consumed by the masses.

That said, you need to be a brainlet to actually like this shit.

File: climate change.png (447 KB, 734x441)
447 KB
447 KB PNG
What is the evidence that humans are directly responsible for climate change? I mean I agree that the Earth is getting warmer. We went through the Ice Age which has been proven to have happened and began almost 1.8 million years ago and just ended approximately 11,700 years ago naturally by itself. The ice had already melted long before Humans started even using Fossil Fuels. We have just started using coal like 200 years ago. That's a pretty short time to impact the earth in such a drastic matter don't you think?

Maybe the Earth just goes through a long cooling process and then a long warming process?
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>the /pol/ bogeyman
There is a way to distinguish naturally occurring carbon dioxide from fossil fuel carbon dioxide in the atmosphere. Thus, we can determine not only the growing amount of CO2 in the atmosphere, but also how much of it is generated by us.

> http://www.bitsofscience.org/natural-anthropogenic-co2-differentiation-monitoring-5732/
Right, the one telling you to study what he was given is the troll. I'm just tried of willful ignorance and am generally pissed at existence.

Telling you to fuck off is satisfying, but probably not healthy.
Climate science noob here, so if I make a mistake, please correct me.

I understand that there is significant scientific evidence to show that humans are a major contributor to the atmospheric carbon dioxide levels, and I understand that carbon dioxide is capable of trapping heat. Logically, it makes sense that more carbon dioxide present in the atmosphere means a warmer earth. But have there been any scientific studies that directly prove that the increased carbon dioxide is responsible for the warming of the earth? Logically, it makes sense, but logic is not evidence. The NASA website says "There is no question that increased levels of greenhouse gases must cause the Earth to warm in response," but it doesn't provide a source for that claim.

Don't get me wrong—I fully believe in climate change, and the logical relationship between atmospheric carbon dioxide and heat is obvious to me, but are there studies that go further than logic and have data to explain that?

File: 01_R17INT_1149980k.jpg (45 KB, 580x386)
45 KB
/sci, don't even kid yourself you don't want to die just as much as i do. ffs can we do something about this already? not to dismiss whatever else you're up to but you can get back to it when we're through fixing this.
I agree, there does need to be a collective goal shift.

File: dfsdfgdsfgdsfgsdg.jpg (127 KB, 1400x1667)
127 KB
127 KB JPG
I'm a neet that has lots of cognitive ability, just that everyone fails to recognize this and won't give me a chance. Does /sci/ have any ideas how to start a business. I'm tired of trying to convince people that I'm the guy they want. I don't have friends and literally, know zero people to collab with.
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not the same girl as what (op) posted
>I'm a neet
What the hell's a "neet?"
>What the hell's a "noob?"
Market yourself as a data analysis consultant to all sorts of small businesses.

File: 1450625590351.jpg (186 KB, 480x683)
186 KB
186 KB JPG
toxoplasmosis is fucking intense, it gets into a rats brain to brainwash to go near cats and get captured, then it goes into cats and puts its babies into its feces for rats to eat

Is there any other organism that can mind control another organism
Parasites are some god damn freaky things. Mind control comes up sometimes, mostly for insects. I suggest actual reading in the matter.
File: optimizer.png (22 KB, 426x364)
22 KB
There is a kind of ant in South America that is unable to feed itself or build and maintain its own colony.

So it goes out and invade a different kind of ant, kill its population and abduct its babies and raises them to be there slaves.
Just like niggers!

File: wirehaired.jpg (99 KB, 443x600)
99 KB
Would a bigger dog breed (if starving) cannibalize a smaller dog? Or do dogs somehow recognize other breeds, despite the vast morphological differences between various breeds, and therefore would not eat the smaller completely different looking dog?
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Would it even work?
In theory I don't see why not, but I wonder if the brood would be too large for the chihuahua and threaten its life. I guess we can only find out by experimenting.

>I still don't understand how the fuck a wolf is selectively bred into a chiahuahua over the course of thousands of years.

The key lies in short lifespan and maturity rates. It's the same reason why we were able to customize the genome of plants so much before modern genetic engineering came to be.

It's also the same reason why insects are so diverse. Shorter lives, quicker maturity, faster breeding, higher mortality, rapid mutation.

Think about how many generations of dog/plant/insect you could generate in a thousand years. Then think about the difference in results you could get between first generation and last generation within that thousand year span.

This is also why humans in comparison seem to change so slowly. We live much longer and while we can have kids at a young age we have actively applied pressure on ourselves to live longer every generation.
It's come up occasionally, but if the mother is the chihuahua a c-section is necessary.
you guys are disgusting and i hope you have a bad future with your small penis

If you are 18 years old, or younger, you now have a +50% increase in the chances of stepping foot on the moon.

>how does it feel, anon?

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Why would they revive you? They'd probably just keep you frozen.
50% increase in your chances of being told to wait five more years every five years that you'll get to go to space. And then exploding on the pad when you finally get the chance to go 30 years later when the people who had faith in the slow and steady approach of blue origin already have self sustaining colonies on the moon.
>trying to be a normal person on purpose

Right. That's always a good plan. Normal people are definitely the most interesting.
Essentially this
t. 18 y o
We all die alone someday man even super advanced AI's, why postpone it and delay the inevitable.

File: 448.png (1.01 MB, 680x1006)
1.01 MB
1.01 MB PNG
So i had an idea, ice is very slippery, there is lots of it. What if we made an liquid out of ice to make lubrication out of?
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what year is it? 2009?
>you have invented water.
No, while it would be H2O and it would have "some" properties of water, it would also have drastic differences. There are lots of molecules that are harmless in one config and toxic in the next. If society looked long enough, it would be found.
>ice is slippery
File: large.jpg (35 KB, 500x333)
35 KB
top bog
What a qt


This is the source code of the universe.
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Why are you roleplaying in the middle of the night on this shitty board
I'm unsure of what you think I would be roleplaying as. I'm just me.

I think people have difficulty understanding that I am just being 'me' as I would be 'me' in real life online because most feel there needs to be some distance between the two. Fear of being stalked/assaulted? I don't know really.

If the question is why do I do what I do in regards to posting as /sci/mon: It helps identify those who share a similar mindset (or encourages those with fear/insecurity to break out of their prisons).

Does that help?

Not really
Well then why are you here in the middle of the night trying to seek clarity on someone like myself?

Either I speak to you or I don't. I did not target 'you' specifically.

If it helps there is an 'end' to what you would call the /sci/mon roleplay; coincides with the birth of my firstborn.

I am not seeking for ''clarity'' I was just asking you why you were roleplaying

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