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File: pz_1713162499218.png (490 KB, 720x360)
490 KB
490 KB PNG
What is with the idea of invasive species? And why aren't human populations considered to be invasive? How come a snail that looks the same as other snails, comes from a similar climate on a different continent, and poses very little risk in the grand scheme of things is somehow dangerous to the local wildlife? But gangs of Nigerians raping and killing British people somehow aren't? Where's the logic?
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How naive are you that you trust those publication chasing retards who think the more species they discover the more prestige they have.
Numbersfaggots have inflated the definition of species
File: GGcurpoWUAAIt8B.png (579 KB, 610x680)
579 KB
579 KB PNG
That implies the intent was extermination instead of exploitation. We know it was exploitation, it's always exploitation. The job was properly done.

That's how we can do the same thing for thousands upon thousands of years and not realize the mistake. You, they, and everyone before them and I are the "future" generations.

It's never a mistake, it's always the same job and future generations will do it over again.
File: jew'd.jpg (33 KB, 610x680)
33 KB
its funny because its true
Yeah they were certainly enriched culturally, even if not economically.

File: 2024_DAILY-AVERAGE.jpg (178 KB, 1600x1200)
178 KB
178 KB JPG
Good news everyone, Arctic ice accumulation is above average for this time of year compared to the average for this century so far. Seems like the global warming doomsday scenarios that so many scientists have been predicting aren't coming true, isn't that great news? I know you're ecstatic to hear it, especially the people who are so concerned about the environment, they should be extra happy to see this good news.
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No it isn't. Go be a retard somewhere else.
you have no idea how photosynthesis works.
Here you go, retard. Notice how the energy is not stored for billions of years, but is used by the plant to live and grow.

>To use the chemical energy stored in these organic compounds, the organisms' cells metabolize the organic compounds through another process called cellular respiration.
You know what? Fuck it. Let's pretend that plants violate thermodynamics and store all of the chemical energy they photosynthesize for billions of years.

>5.4% net leaf efficiency.
So if you covered every square in h of the Earth you would still have 94.6% of the energy of the sun.

>Photosynthesis increases linearly with light intensity at low intensity, but at higher intensity this is no longer the case (see Photosynthesis-irradiance curve). Above about 10,000 lux or ~100 watts/square meter the rate no longer increases. Thus, most plants can only use ~10% of full mid-day sunlight intensity.[6] This dramatically reduces average achieved photosynthetic efficiency in fields compared to peak laboratory results.
Oh wait, that's more like 99.46% of the energy from the sun. And that's if all the land and sea were completely covered with photosynthetic mass. Even if photosynthesis worked the way you think it does, which it doesn't, photosynthetic efficiency is so low that it doesn't matter anyways.
>local weather anomaly

File: iM2JIGSU6G6w.jpg (254 KB, 1284x1885)
254 KB
254 KB JPG
Is the moon really a planet thats made of gas? Have the scientists been lying to us all along?
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What point does this graph with no labels prove? What is it measuring? What does each axis represent? 1 through 9 of what?
Judging by the image's name, probably this.
What does the high occurrence of small leading digits in a series of numbers have to do with elections? I still don't understand what the data points are measuring.
>too low IQ to understand Bedford's law
What, too many of Biden's votes had leading 4s? Because votes are number strings? No, I genuinely don't understand what data that barely labeled graph measures.

File: 39rXD.jpg (103 KB, 1024x706)
103 KB
103 KB JPG
previous thread >>16072199

if you love stats, weird numbers and counterintutive science, this is your general. Because one of the things with statistics is that nothing ever seems to be what it tries to show you on a first glance or glimpse. Doesn't matter if you are a seasoned professional, NEET or some disgruntled grad student. All are welcome.

Some people may not like it if you try to make them do your homework, others won't care and will just help you. Let's discuss theories together, ask questions and try to meme a little about this field.

in the previous thread we discussed why Julia has promise but is not delivering. How some people still use Matlab but hate it.

So, grab your favorite statistical software, dust off your textbooks, and join me in this exciting journey through the world of /psg/ - Probability and Statistics General! Let's embark on this adventure together and unravel the mysteries of data one statistical concept at a time.
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It's arbitrary. That's what we did in the early literature so people have been copying it ever since.

You can choose a better level if you want.
It's fine to have alphas at 0.01 and 0.05, I don't get what the other anon is bitching about.
>I demand fresh new content
why do you feel entitled to that? you don't contribute any fresh new content yourself and you never have.
and why don't you? is it because you're too low IQ to be able to to do so?
He is lowkey brown and mad that people with high IQ have the same kind of humour about brownoids as people with low IQ.
>people with high IQ have the same kind of humour about brownoids as people with low IQ.
Thats because brownoids are people with low IQ.

File: problem.png (657 KB, 834x460)
657 KB
657 KB PNG
what will YOU do to fix this /sci/
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File: 1681610269936759-4chon.gif (316 KB, 500x290)
316 KB
316 KB GIF
thats not what he observed, the difference between geocentrism and heliocentrism is just a coordinate shift. you'd know about coordinate shifts if you'd ever studied astronomy or physics or math
>four moon is of Jupiter
arab pussy is tight though, I think arab man have tiny dicks so that's why so many have bad attitudes, it's just frustration for their tiny dicks
>b-b-but I learning all about Galileo in 3rd grade when teacher said church bad & science good
>why isn't that enough?

File: 171202595179.jpg (363 KB, 2857x1734)
363 KB
363 KB JPG
Academics are literal hivemind charlatan scammers. This has been known by many already, but now there's hard evidence to prove it. So-called "experts" are cheaters and liars just like the average student who cheats on his or her exams. And the evidence focuses on STEM papers specifically, including medicine, and not what are considered bullshit majors where of course everyone is expected to be a bullshitter and plagiarizer.

>Are medical studies being written with ChatGPT?
>Well, we all know ChatGPT overuses the word "delve".
>Look below at how often the word 'delve' is used in papers on PubMed (2023 was the first full year of ChatGPT).
>Here is the one for Math.
>Same trend in economics! Used ChatGPT (GPT-4) to write a script to scrape this data and make this plot

>A normalized chart, showing % of papers with "delve" in title or abstract). Source: OpenAlex, articles (includes papers & preprints). Use of "delve" was gradually increasing through to 2022 but then jumped in '23! Some 46% of all 90-24 papers using delve came out in 23 & 24!

>I asked Gemini why this happens: “Sounding Authoritative: Both "delve" and "notable" have a slightly formal, academic tone. ChatGPT might use them in an attempt to sound more intelligent or credible, even if simpler synonyms would be more natural.”

>It's hilarious. Same for "multifaceted"
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Probably, the period before the "AI" software came out was the period during which minorities were told that they would never be held responsible for any type of academic fraud they committed
File: 001.jpg (78 KB, 1010x615)
78 KB
>sorry chud, you don't belong to the right social caste so you're not allowed to talk about that
Not my problem. This is the natural result of dysgenics and leftist polices.
weird how intricate, symbiotic and multifaceted all dip in 2021 before undergoing explosive growth

File: 1711285539256.png (530 KB, 1280x1280)
530 KB
530 KB PNG
What happened to them? Did they publish their proof?
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>retarded math wankery
k brainlet
>lip plate africans
File: 78de96dd1.jpg (162 KB, 640x855)
162 KB
162 KB JPG
Dammn that's brutal
File: 1709965506475.png (134 KB, 600x600)
134 KB
134 KB PNG

File: NMD4dCuKaUdW.jpg (81 KB, 1170x1003)
81 KB
is eating bugs good for you?
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Humiliation ritual. Push for bugs while pricing meat and other quality produce out of the reach of the middle class.
>grasp cow nipple on milkbag of cow
>pull and squeeze cow nipple
>acquire milk
cows love it when you do that, milking time is their favorite time of day.
What other "right win conspiracy theories" are also correct?
You VILL eat ze bug scheiße.
Yeah because they will be in pain if skipped for a few days

File: wvfy6.jpg (64 KB, 1280x769)
64 KB
Science has proved that women in the workforce means that low IQ women have more children than high IQ women. What will be the long term effect of this for society?
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Steer clear of atheists too
How long did it take us to evolve those IQ points that we are now losing? 1000 years? 2000? That might well be the kind of a speed bump this cultural development will impose on human evolution.
That's obviously not linear regression.
4 million years
I am one, I suppose, but that doesn't mean I'm going to stop acting human.

File: 8yb9g3.png (586 KB, 1747x921)
586 KB
586 KB PNG
Has anyone here read "The Falsification of Science: Our Distorted Reality" by John Hamer?
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You are born paradox. Not really there for me, but you are happier and have age capacity and more. Yes I am one of those
good video
>Being able to know whats fake and what to ignore turns out to be at least as valuable if not more so than knowing whats real and needs to paid attention to. Its like learning via process of elimination.
Learning who the liars are also saves you the trouble of ever paying attention to them again in the future
its definitely worth a read if you're an uneducated ideology cuck
those people all presume they already know everything, they are unwilling to learn new things

File: xbdiUY.jpg (77 KB, 570x680)
77 KB
is this good for the environment?
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Reinhardswald is not an old growth forest. It's been constantly disturbed throughout European history and those disturbances have never stopped.
File: 1706589061686311.png (55 KB, 681x333)
55 KB
>120,000 trees
>the Amazon and old growth forests can't just be replanted
care to expand on this? i'm not sure about replanting but can't you harvest some wood without leaving behind a barren wasteland? and also don't replant so as to not start a monoculture, just let the jungle grow back
You're thinking of a tree farm, not a forest. Constant disturbance prevents the forest from maturing and severely limits the biodiversity.

File: AfDfX.jpg (277 KB, 1284x1312)
277 KB
277 KB JPG

File: aceofspades.jpg (361 KB, 763x758)
361 KB
361 KB JPG
take that climate freaks


he said EV (el Vehicle) pollutes 1850 times more while driving 1000 miles than what happens if you drive 1000 miles with gasoline

tire wear was calculated into the equation

he noted that the tires of EVs, due to their added weight, will also emit more microplastics into the air

particle pollution from EVs can also increase the risk of health problems,

>including heart disease,

cough, lung disease and, in extreme cases, can even lead to hospitalization,

>cancer and suddendeath.
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What do lead acid batteries have to do with EVs?
File: diesel powered EVs.jpg (173 KB, 1010x987)
173 KB
173 KB JPG
Also DIY the diesel needed to run the generator to charge the batteries
you're going to find a lot of panels, or even build a simple water mill. plenty of alternators out there in cars.
>while rich elites are allowed to not care
You permit them to pollute by continuing to buy their products. Grow a brain and buy from their non-polluting competitors, where non exist, become them.

Hint: If you're having trouble finding competitors, it's because idiots like you have begged the government to ban them.
you're only jealous of people who own vehicles because you're too lazy to earn the money to buy one for yourself

File: 1710475452474327.png (1.08 MB, 1439x2133)
1.08 MB
1.08 MB PNG
whats this all about?
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He got his PhD from Columbia, an Ivy League school.
boomers are in their 30s on 4chan complaining about zoomers tho
jews, it's always the jews
File: 1704099409879.png (166 KB, 600x598)
166 KB
166 KB PNG
is this going to be related to CGRP?

47 replies and 8 images omitted. Click here to view.
Sauces on meat = shit meat
What revolved around what is a matter of perspective, not truth.
>going to gym an hour a day is bad
lazy wimpy sissies will always make up excuses for why they shouldn't be exercising, thats the nature of laziness
You are a ridiculous baby if someone not eating what you eat makes you so angry.

There was a thread about this earlier, but for some reason the jannies deleted it.

Apparently, it has be discovered that one of the top stem education scholars in the world, Stanford professor Jo Boaler, has actually been manipulating and fabricating her research for years. This is a major problem because she is literally one of the top scholar in her field and she is literally at the forefront of neoliberal DEI initiatives and her work is currently being used to completely redesigned the entire grade school stem education system in the state of California. She advocates for standardizing education, eliminating advanced STEM courses and electives, eliminating magnet programs and forms of self-directed and personalized education, and standardizing all curriculum and course requirements. She wants ALL public school students (but NOT private schools) to be taught the same material, in the same classes, using the same textbooks, and she wants to discourage independent study or exploration of other topics until students reach the university level.

The rationale for this is that people like Jo Boaler want all children to be on the same page, and they don't want some children having an unfair advantage, and that also want to discourage the misconception that education is about intellectual exploration or "doing your own research". Instead, the goal of education should be to cultivate "informed citizens" who know to seek out and rely on authoritative sources.

Its funny, because 20 years ago standardizing education and eliminating electives and magnet schools and advanced STEM class was considered a conservative policy. At the time it was called No Child Left Behind and it was a policy of the Bush administration. Today it's the neoliberal left pushing for the standardization of education instead.

64 replies and 10 images omitted. Click here to view.
Would be an interesting topic to research
>13% of scientists account for over 50% of all fraudulent publications
They used to super hate me but because I move so much banning me is meaningless, I regrow like a weed every couple weeks.

They, hah, just learned to accept it.
They'd account for more of them if they were literate enough to do anything worse than plagiarism. Faking data takes more brains than publishing copypasta
The jannies on sci have been getting more and more zealous over the years. This board is dead at this point, though, so it doesn't really matter. Power tripping jannies unironically think they're making a difference, and helping "the West" to fight conspiracy theorists/Russia/antisemitism/radical Islam/etc., but nobody even uses this board (largely as a result of their own faggotry), so all of their effort to combat Trump, Putin, the antivaxxers, and Hamas is for nought.

This board used to be filled with dozens of autistic chuds who spent their free time shitposting about graduate level mathematics and the arguements for and against race realism. Now sci is a bunch of transgender Ashkenazi undergrads constantly complaining about troglodyte polchuds supposedly ruining sci, and putting an end too all of the deep, profound, and impassioned discussions at the forefront of modern science, mathematics, and philosophy which they claim were taking place on this board before all the chuds showed up (of course, in reality the "chuds" have been on 4chan since day 1, and all the politically correct normies are the ones who are new to the party).
Why do they presume it's their job to fight antisemitism? Mods and jannies are supposedly just here to delete illegal content and rule violating content.

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