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File: pfp.png (211 KB, 316x307)
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211 KB PNG
What happens if you study physics at 30?
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At some point you just keep getting more and more depressed until you either fully commit to the physics schizoposting or you end up doing something else.

Physics is not platonic enough to be mathematically sound and consistent, but too platonic and impractical to actually be properly empirical like an engineering discipline. As a result they kind of get dicked down in both directions.
File: 1543510378609.png (17 KB, 497x501)
17 KB
>As a result they kind of get dicked down in both directions.
D-double major.
[dabs forehead, hard gulp]
Didn't Ed Witten start very late with physics after he already pursued a career in history and journalism? That means it's never too late. You can still become the next physics genius.
I had a good time studying calculus at 30, so I imagine it is a lot like that. A lot of shit that made no sense when I was younger snapped into focus, and I could finally catch the mental algebra errors that popped up in long computations.
An equal and opposite reaction.

but we are shrinking??
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File: 1662234799691902.jpg (13 KB, 379x374)
13 KB
>the universe is expanding uniformly in all directions
>but the em radiation is magically expanding only towards Earth
well, time is a dimension, so there's at least 4
>muh conspansion
>le actually expansion and contraction are le same thing
Fuck off, Langan. You're a pseud.
What if we're actually evaporating and that's where dark energy comes from?

How do alumichuds cope with the fact their metal hates being under stress?
Aluminum is one of my favorite metals
>3rd best conductivity, but far lighter than Ku and Ag
>used for doors because it is so light
>makes excellent containers for beverages
>can be used to dope semiconductors
alumichud? ok titaniumtranny

Elon Musk now says that wikipedia is 100% fake and gay and that it's just a propaganda tool.
Why do so many people on /sci/ still source their information from there? Why read lies? Will Musk's announcement get them to change their bad habits?
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>projecting schizo seething again
he only plays one track
Sure, X totally isn't a fake and gay propaganda tool, you are an unabashed arbiter of truth for sourcing your info from there.
Wikipedia isn't ever the source, its just a repository of information and links.
>you who made the thread about me, not me.
No, this was the first post ITT that tried to make it about you >>16136762 and guess who posted it?
You will just complain about whatever other source is given if it doesn't validate your predetermined bias.

File: 1705457306495467.jpg (24 KB, 500x282)
24 KB
This is a comparison of different animals brain size. Bumpiness correlates to intelligence, so what the fuck are dolphins and camels doing with so much intelligence? Can we train them to do complicated maths and shit like Alex the Parrot? Based on this image, it seems like they should be able to intellectually mog apes, who we do most of our experiments with.

Pepperberg said he could identify 50 different objects and recognize quantities up to six; that he could distinguish seven colors and five shapes, and understand the concepts of "bigger", "smaller", "same", and "different", and that he was learning "over" and "under".[2] Alex passed increasingly difficult tests measuring whether humans have achieved Piaget's Substage 6 object permanence. Alex showed surprise and anger when confronted with a nonexistent object or one different from what he had been led to believe was hidden during the tests.[16]

Alex had a vocabulary of over 100 words,[17] but was exceptional in that he appeared to have understanding of what he said. For example, when Alex was shown an object and asked about its shape, color, or material, he could label it correctly.[15] He could describe a key as a key no matter what its size or color, and could determine how the key was different from others.[7] Looking at a mirror, he said "what color", and learned the word "grey" after being told "grey" six times.[18] This made him the first non-human animal to have ever asked a question, let alone an existential one (apes who have been trained to use sign-language have so far failed to ever ask a single question).[19]
>umpiness correlates to intelligence,
*Notices bump*
Animal intelligence it still a pretty under studied field. Makes sense since even human intelligence isn't really studied due to fear of the results. Certain dog breeds are likely super smart. They do things like recognize what pointing means while monke does not. I know my own dog knows what time it is every day to the point that it knows when it is usually Walk time, Bone time, Meds time (meds come with peanut butter!), and Breakfast/dinner time. It's just incredibly selfish and food motivated with it's intelligence.
Horses and camels are intelligent. Horses were understood to know the way, or bring the drunk owner back home. Also one of the few animals whose vision equals or exceeds human.
Wheres the brain size comparison with niggers (animals)?
seconding this.

File: 1656438826003.png (1.39 MB, 865x1645)
1.39 MB
1.39 MB PNG
>1000 pages long, bloated
>text text text text, no math or science
>"history" sections to bloat it even further
>structured terribly
>quirky joke every third sentence
>(sometimes) emojis, memes, cartoons, "funny" images as figures
>garbage exercises (e.g. copy-pasted exercises like in Stewart)
>lacks many important theorems
>theorems the author is too lazy to prove are turned into "exercises"
>shit formatting

and once you're done, you've basically learned nothing. Now compare that with soviet/russian authors like Landau/Lifshitz, Shilov, Fichtenholz, Arnold, Zorich, Gorodentsev, Piskunov, etc. All of their books are extremely concise, waste no space, make sure to include EVERYTHING, have hard as fuck but pedagogically valuable exercises, and you will be a fucking god in whatever field you choose after going through one of these books carefully.
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brown is geometric invariant theory - mumford
orange is topics in transcendental algebraic geometry - edited by griffiths
Thank You Anon.
There will be a special place in heaven for you
You made it almost all the way through. Good job. Keep practicing, and one day you can read even longer texts with ease.
>Now compare that with soviet/russian authors like Landau/Lifshitz, Shilov, Fichtenholz, Arnold, Zorich, Gorodentsev, Piskunov, etc.

Can compare. Your point is shit.
And the point of, IIRC, Kolmogorov needlessly overcomplicating Algebra books in order to jerk off his ego, has created the holywar which is still burning among the professors and teachers in the post-soviet space.

Also, lmao at the "extremely concise and waste no space" and the lack of "theorems that author is too lazy to prove"
/g/ is a pseud board that's why

File: rru.jpg (157 KB, 790x767)
157 KB
157 KB JPG
Is it true that far, far more animals die in order to produce vegan food than do to provide food for normal sane people? Has science ever bothered to count up the animals dead from all of the pest control operations that farms do?
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I mean for one thing think of all the milions of pig farmers who would be planting and feeding hemp seed if that were actually true.
How am I wrong? Hemp seeds provide protein with all amino acids. It's a complete protein. Excellent Omega 3-6 ratio as well.
Find some pig feed studies and get back to me.
Yep figured as much, as usual they're low in certain key amino acids same as most plant proteins.

However, hemp by-products are deficient in growth-limiting amino acids including methionine (1.8 and 2.0% CP) and lysine (6.4 and 6.8% CP)

Considering this is a ruminant study which tend to be a lot less sensitive to this problem compared to monogastrics I think the results are probably much worse than you are aware of.
Just because they can doesnt mean that's what's always happening in industrialized society, or even the majority of time.

File: Pepe.jpg (8 KB, 241x209)
8 KB
Easy to grasp algebraic topology book, that goes upto Seifert Van Kampen and many solved examples of calculating fundamental groups, and also, providing geometric intuition
You've tried Hatcher, I assume?
Yeah and I got my ass handed to me i found munkres topology better
That is even harder than hatcher
What don't you understand about Seifert van Kampen? You don't even need a textbook for that. It's as intuitive as it can get. Literally the Wikipedia or any duckduckgo result already covers everything you need to know.

File: 1712759512820090.jpg (17 KB, 335x335)
17 KB
Is any idea new or does *someone* know everything? Can a apt mind, perhaps the best mind in the multiverse, discover something that no-one knows? Who might that be? What must his/her IQ be?
Plato already proved that we never learn anything new. We merely remember.

File: 1711527392937857.png (1.9 MB, 1024x1024)
1.9 MB
1.9 MB PNG
>Basic Set Theory and Algebra: Hints on Representation, Topology, Geometry, Analysis

Seems to cover a lot

The image is perfect.
I've saved it for desktops, renaming it 'serious men.png' but I imagine that's what the AI prompt involved.
what happened to mandlbaur

Some angels not even God can guide, like shooting stars.

File: IMG_6080.jpg (46 KB, 564x564)
46 KB
What is our best explanation for consciousness? And is there such a thing as reality or is reality is just something hallucinated by our minds? What the fuck is even going on?
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I get your point but everything you said past the first sentence is more of a perchance thing. most likely he's wrong, but there are situations where he would be right.
you're implying humans don't collectively agree on shit, to act as if, with no scientific proof, you are implying humans on average are mentally sane, which again...isn't the case. humans are mentally deranged to a frighteningly high percent. they just hide it by default. so you'd have to work seriously hard to convince everybody on some new strange non-intuitive "thing". all of them will tell you it's not real (because of the non-intuitive part), and they secretly wish it wasn't true, because it invalidates some of their bullshit. they really wouldn't have a reason to fight you on it, unless it threatens they lose money, power, control, or internal narrative cope.
now, I may be schizo, or I may be right. or both.
Fulfillment eventual travesty kinning
No, anon just had a shitty poorly thought out definition with implications they didn't even realize or think through.
Consciousness is a feeling; it is itself a type of qualia, which is subjective experience, constructed by multiple parts of the brain and body working in tandem. It is not something that goes from 0 to 1; it evolved gradually, primarily as a byproduct of memory. We can experience partial forms of it (e.g., during REM sleep) and other animals have different iterations of the feeling since they have different brains and bodies.
File: 1689246220601651.gif (470 KB, 500x282)
470 KB
470 KB GIF
>not subhuman

File: aceofspades.jpg (361 KB, 763x758)
361 KB
361 KB JPG
take that climate freaks


he said EV (el Vehicle) pollutes 1850 times more while driving 1000 miles than what happens if you drive 1000 miles with gasoline

tire wear was calculated into the equation

he noted that the tires of EVs, due to their added weight, will also emit more microplastics into the air

particle pollution from EVs can also increase the risk of health problems,

>including heart disease,

cough, lung disease and, in extreme cases, can even lead to hospitalization,

>cancer and suddendeath.
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Why did you add the word "real" to that quote of my post? Just to intentionally misrepresent me? I'm anti-communism. I support free market capitalism, which is something modern America does not have. We have heavily regulated crony capitalism.
>heaven is where you go after you die.
Atheists don't believe that, they believe that they're entitled to have a perfect world here on Earth, they also believe they're entitled to getting that without outputting any effort of their own to make it happen. Its almost as if they believe theres some sort of all powerful god thats supposed to make it happen for them
>they also believe they're entitled to getting that without outputting any effort of their own to make it happen.
keeping the cattle in check whenever they ask for more than food, for thousands of years already
the queen has spoken
People are beginning to realize what a terrible idea electric cars are. All the major auto manufacturers are canceling their EV projects, Tesla stock is massively tanking.

File: h0A.png (68 KB, 980x854)
68 KB
Why are "never events" so common in the medical practice? Are doctors a bunch of lackadaisical incompetent bunglers?
22 replies and 1 image omitted. Click here to view.
Wrong see the first posts.
>Leading cause of death are called 'never events'.
Doctors are exceedingly full of themselves.

File: kys.jpg (118 KB, 1170x1523)
118 KB
118 KB JPG
Post op trannys are over 10x more like to commit suicide than pre-op trannys


>Although the overall proportion of those experiencing a psychiatric encounter was similar between the vaginoplasty and phalloplasty groups, suicide attempts were more common in the vaginoplasty group (4.4% vs. 1.7%, p=0.033). The rate of a psychiatric encounter occurring after surgery if an episode prior surgery occurred was 33.9% and 26.5% for the vaginoplasty and phalloplasty groups.
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>science is when people repeat lies i saw on cnn
>When people challenge me intellectually in a way that might allow me to learn and grow as a person, thats not science, thats trolling.
File: a.gif (7 KB, 220x220)
7 KB
Why are chuds so upset by this self solving non-problem?
I in fact support trannies performing surgeries on themselves for this exact reason.
Why do y'all celebrate suicide, especially when it's minorities susceptible for suicide? Don't you realize these are real people, with real problems, struggling for their life? How heartless can one be!
I got a post operative infection from a dental surgery, it was only after going through that that I looked up the numbers of the risk of death during ordinary surgeries and found to be way higher than I had expected. Doctors are killing thousand of people every year by infecting them during surgeries.

File: kw.png (127 KB, 448x499)
127 KB
127 KB PNG
Why is this taboo to discuss in the sciences?
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>evolution is true and god doesn't exist
but also
>evolution in humans doesn't happen above the neck

so if evolution in humans doesn't happen above the neck then everything above the neck in humans must've been created by god
these are same people that will beg you to be sad about satanic tranny books that were burned by nazis
I'd like to get to go to a book burning one day. Seems like a fun and a productive activity
>Sample size of 500
Why even bother?
It isn't. That's why it isn't taboo.

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