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File: jokerz.png (1.88 MB, 1665x636)
1.88 MB
1.88 MB PNG
I don't even hate Let's look. I just... don't even care about it.

Here's hoping the characterization makes it worth while.
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I like the look but cmon, how can you rate them when you didn't see leto perform? he could be the best, or the worst, but first seem him do his thing

it's a straight jacket?

i mean under the straight jacket -_-
Where would you guys have taken a new cinematic Joker?

I was thinking about this a while back (before it was even announced Joker would be in this film), wondering where else the character could go after already having Nicholson, Ledger, and Hamill define the role.

One idea of mine was sort of do that sleazy Miami mobster look. Purple Hawaiian shirt unbuttoned to, like, the fourth button and a gold medallion. Greasy, slicked back hair. Aviator shades. Like a parody of Scarface or something.

Another route was sort of Thin White Duke-era Bowie. The really suave, chic, put-together look. I guess it'd be a bit similar to TDKR Joker.

A third was sort of this slightly Neo-Victorian look, with the ruffled shirt sleeves, and really graceful, purposeful movements, like some dark conductor. Maybe with the mouth slightly scarred around the corners, not like the full-out Ledger Glasgow grin, but more like how Bermejo or Jock draw him. And a bit of grime on his dark suit, to juxtapose the elaborateness of it his the grit.

I dunno, I spend too much time thinking about that sort of shit even though I will never be a costume designer or art director or whatever.

I don't like the whole monkey thing, great voice, some great ideas regarding his plans and his relationship with batman

ITT: God-tier comic strips
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File: sluggo indifferent.jpg (39 KB, 298x400)
39 KB
File: dfsd0.png (189 KB, 732x253)
189 KB
189 KB PNG
Any strip, like PBS, who can tempt Bill Watterson out of retirement to do a few frames for their comic is alright in my book.
File: Oh-oh.png (86 KB, 355x196)
86 KB
File: sluggo.jpg (27 KB, 400x484)
27 KB
marmaduke's fucked

File: 6225.jpg (40 KB, 350x500)
40 KB
Without mention Mandarin, what went wrong with this movie?
so much, I'd like to forget that I paid $19 to see this travesty opening night
They had some nice ideas. It's just that Shane Black didn't have the skill to properly execute them and it just comes off as sloppy as a result.

File: michigan-j-frog-o.gif (1.15 MB, 320x240)
1.15 MB
1.15 MB GIF
ITT: irredeemable assholes
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File: chip'n'dale.png (186 KB, 531x540)
186 KB
186 KB PNG
These fuckers
File: max-landis.jpg (68 KB, 532x321)
68 KB
This fucker right here.
Why are you calling that boring frog an asshole?
what's wrong with him?
go to bed, tom

File: image.jpg (1.59 MB, 1688x2500)
1.59 MB
1.59 MB JPG
So what did everybody think so far?

The good:

Everybody got more screen time instead of just Stark

Ultron was more interesting than Loki as a villain

We had a much more confident Captain America this time around

The bad:

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sidetrack, but scarlet witch's red powers were sick

telekinesis, forcefields, AND mind control? and she's all twitchy and stealthy when she mindfucks you too. her powers were portrayed really well
>2 blacks
>2 women
>1 robot
>only 1 white man in final Avengers team

fucking SJWs
It was filled with slavs.

Theres a big difference, that was all built up. the hellicarrier was out of fucking nowhere. It's the biggest Deus Ex Machina I have seen in a cape movie and it was all so the Avengers didn't have to deal with any real consequences. It was insulting

To be fair Stark is a Jew, Thor is an Alien and Hulk is Italian.

File: Fox_Kids.svg.png (43 KB, 393x346)
43 KB
Remember Fox Kids? What shows did you enjoy watching during its run?
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Pretty sure Jetix was on Fox/ABC Family and not on the actual Fox network
Mighty Max was syndicated and DKC was Fox Family
Ah, I was referring to the UK.
I seem to remember the Jetix block being an hour or so of male oriented toons in the afternoon on Fox Kids.
Then it became a channel in its own right here.
it was one season but man was it amazing
I remember watching Gargoyles for the first time, and I had the 4 episode "opening" on VHS and it came with a sweet VHS boardgame.

I wish I still had it.

Does anyone else remember the boardgame?

Why did this flop? I thought it was quite goo.
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Holy shit, that scene where he's fighting the horde and we're getting flashbacks of him burying his family
you know the movie flopped, right, anon?
>an old timey hero like Flash Gordon

oh my god
flopped hard. whoever thought this was worth the $250 million budget is an idiot.
Hugh Jackman should have been John Carter.

Oni Press is taking submissions and their guidelines are as Tumblr as you can imagine:

>must have minorities and women
>can't be a series, must be like a one shot
>no overused genres
>if you're not white or a man you'll be given more consideration

I want to write the most SJW comic possible, just to see if it gets in despite how ridiculous it might be. What should I write?
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Try being influenced by anime since a teen.
I can't put my loli or teen fantasies on a book.
They're probably referring to mixed race people who look white, but think of themselves as Asian-American (or whatever) anyway.
Try being ____me.
Anyone got it archived?
Oni doesn't put out slice of life stuff. They put out books like Shaolin Cowboy and Sixth Gun. Most of the editors have said that they enjoy fantasy material more than anything else.

File: man-of-steel-color.jpg (13 KB, 500x281)
13 KB
>MoS in color

I would buy the fuck out of a special edition MoS in Color Blueray
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So if reviews don't matter and audience input doesn't matter than what does? YOUR opinion?
File: avengers3.jpg (48 KB, 916x517)
48 KB
That's a reoccuring problem.
File: 1429950095095.gif (2.12 MB, 770x355)
2.12 MB
2.12 MB GIF
Maximum cinematography
Those movies are mostly panned.
MoS's middling score was due to critics being completely split down the middle on it, half of them hated it and a half of them liked it among All Critics and Top critics.

It has been over a year since season 1 ended.

The wait is unbearable.
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Then approach them with the ideas. Didn't you just say they're open to the offer of merch ideas?
fuck that, I don't want someone else's filthy ideas all over my venture bros shit!
>even my own

I want doc and jackson to realize their own ideas!


Step 1: offer the ideas
Step 2: Get piss drunk until you forget you offered
Step 3: ???
Step 4: Profit
File: fathers-featured.jpg (78 KB, 708x185)
78 KB
thanks for the advice
He should play as either Rick and Morty. That'd be fucking great.

File: RWBY_Suits.jpg (91 KB, 800x871)
91 KB

>What is RWBY?
It's a show produced by Roosterteeth, created and animated by the late Monty Oum of Haloid and Dead Fantasy.

Rules of RWBY threads
>1. Please read the pastebin.
>2. Arguing about the thread isn't discussion.
>3. Don't believe their lies.

The Pastebin: http://pastebin.com/wXvHzR0p

Google Drive : https://drive.google.com/folder/d/0B7Iarp9xOjxZa252VkdXV29EM0E/edit

Steam Group and Chat: http://steamcommunity.com/groups/rwbyrtg/
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I love this shit
File: 1412021977238.jpg (70 KB, 497x706)
70 KB
File: Incognito.jpg (33 KB, 878x482)
33 KB
File: 1414391535390.png (68 KB, 589x521)
68 KB
>tfw made that picture last hiatus
>tfw I recognize that exact filename

File: iV4H3wN.jpg (84 KB, 1917x1008)
84 KB
Mobile home edition:

>Rebels Season 2 trailer:

>The Force Awakens

>Battlefront Trailer

>Many Bothans died to bring us this Rogue one footage:

>Rebels Season Finale - Fire Across The Galaxy - 1080p:

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
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i love how Ezra is on Kanan's shoulders for some reason.
Orson Welles could have been Vader.

Hmm. Not sure how I feel about that one, and I'm a huge Orson Welles fan. It would have been interesting, but I think I'd rather have James Earl Jones. Not least of all because Orson Welles died in 85.

Gonna feel so shitty when James Earl Jones finally becomes one with the Force.
Who is this semen demon?
Welles has that deep voice, but I can't imagine him having the commanding, angry tone needed for Vader.
File: Can't Wake Up.gif (314 KB, 512x512)
314 KB
314 KB GIF

File: 51vJiB1.png (237 KB, 1000x563)
237 KB
237 KB PNG
Was he right?
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of course he's right and /pol/ is always wrong
The economics are far more complicated than that. The job market in poor neighborhoods is usually shit and that's assuming, due to mono-zoning, there is even a job market at all in the immediate area. Lets say that within a half hour, one way, bus ride I can get a minimum wage job. Eight hours work, an hour on the bus for $58 dollars a day pre-taxes. Or I can sell, depending on quality, 3-12 hits of crack a day and make the same money and not have to leave my block. That is extremely low-level dealing. The cost/benefit ratio is heavily skewed towards dealing.
you realize he dislikes white people more, right? That's why his ultimate enemy is Uncle Ruckus. Whats worse than a nigga? A black person who actually likes white people
You know what the one immigrant demographic, other than asians, that does better on average than whites? Caribbean immigrants. Haitians, etc. all perform extremely well in the US, in comparison to other immigrant groups, probably due to a culture that exonerates hard work, work ethic, and loyalty to the family.

It really is an American problem and not a black problem
It's not a matter of disliking white people more so much as he has the option to not have anything to do with them, whereas he CAN'T not have anything to do with black people since they're family.

File: mickey finger.jpg (10 KB, 230x219)
10 KB
I'm worried /co/, Is Disney starting to damage the animation industry.

>highest grossing films
>people only see them because of the Disney brand
>other animation studios don't get any views or buzz
>people don't seem to be talking about How To Train Your Dragon 2 but they're still talking about Big Hero 6
> Oscars are corrupt and bias and everybody seems to accept that
> there are people that actually think Frozen is the best animated movie of 2010s

(all of this includes pixar, people always mix up the two)

not a troll, this is honestly how I feel, am I overreacting?
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Don't worry, by 2017 that will be fixed.

That was done by a major anime studio, not John K.
Genndy Titan getting canceled was a good thing, Dezaki needed to be happy on his death bed.
File: hope.jpg (2.5 MB, 4327x3869)
2.5 MB
2.5 MB JPG
Also if theres one thing TMSGuy ever did right, it is this, read it.
nigga the general audience do want cartoons that challenge the norm they just want the generic cartoons and thats why it will never change
>the general audience do want cartoons that challenge the norm.

>They just want the generic cartoons and thats why it will never change.
Explain how Space Dandy & Blue Jacket Lupin got made as they were made as a "fuck you" to the monsters who are running the industry.
>Space Dandy & Blue Jacket Lupin
>Genral Audience: who?

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