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File: 0046_02.gif (41 KB, 468x240)
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To save any of you who have dared to play D&D. Dark Dungeons.
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You forgot to work the word snowflake in there somewhere.
Why? the other statistics about AIDS got completely dismissed because "extrapolation". That's the whole shitlib modus operandi, demand evidence, and when it's provided, dismiss it.
Read the article I posted. They were just boarding schools. Most of the time, thetribe wanted them there.
File: TANWC.jpg (433 KB, 663x943)
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433 KB JPG




With great-looking titties. All the women in this comic have great tits.
File: TANWC.jpg (301 KB, 663x943)
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301 KB JPG
And if you like this comic, don't forget to buy the novel version

Only 25 cents in your local thrift store

File: Billy Brains.jpg (79 KB, 1280x720)
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There are updates on his tumblr but I wouldn't expect it for another few years. There was an update about how some things went to shit but is still going forward.
But we're in West Virginia.
>maybe I should get help from that other main character with literally no brain
RIP Voltaire 2018
Gonna miss he guy
But we're at the [insert your opposite political party here] conference!

File: 1526175519011.jpg (1.7 MB, 4080x4848)
1.7 MB
1.7 MB JPG
>Superhero cartoon/comic has a story where a character tries to commit suicide by jumping off a building
>The main hero stands on the ledge with them and talks them out of it

Series will end next month (possible since the 3D game takes place during the final season) or August. Amazon listed a new DVD with the final seasons on their website. Release date is September 4th.

Ghostshrimp confirmed that the final episodes are indeed called Come Along With Me parts 1 to 4.
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>Your point being?
That was your response to me saying "the show does flashback episodes all the time" which it does, the fact that pre season 4 didn't is irrelevant since it's a minority of the show at this point. This is pretty simple stuff.
>Why would you ever need to see that?
Because it's interesting and I care about Finn and Jake and their parents? Why wouldn't I want to see something like that?
I'm not talking about those characters, I'm talking about Finn and Jake's backstory which you apparently deem unimportant despite the fact that they're the main characters and their parents are brought up pretty frequently.
>because that's what's actually entertaining.
Why do you think having an episode or two about them being raised by their folks wouldn't also be entertaining?

AT is about "a boy and his dog fighting monsters" but also about that boy dealing with his feelings towards his crush, trying to get over his irrational fear of the ocean, or helping a bully not be such a jackass, all since the first season. They mix the grand fantastical parts with the humble down to earth parts to create something that's more fun than if they exclusively focused on just one of those things.
Hell, the very way you describe the show as being about "A boy and his dog who get along and fight monsters" is what I'm talking about; it's about two dudes who are brothers and best friends who love each other's company and spend much of their time just fucking around and trying to make each other laugh, which is a pretty down to earth thing, while also fighting monsters and going on quests for princesses at the same time. Two halves coming together to make something stronger than the sum of its parts.
>the fact that pre season 4 didn't is irrelevant since it's a minority of the show at this point.
>The beginning of the show that sets the standard is irrelevant just because it got shit later on
How fucking stupid are you?
>Finn and Jake's backstory which you apparently deem unimportant despite the fact that they're the main characters
Because the show isn't about their backstory, it's about who they are in the present.
>Why do you think having an episode or two about them being raised by their folks wouldn't also be entertaining?
>why would have an episode where the characters are less good versions of themselves not be entertaining
well gee, I don't know, I have no idea why I wouldn't care who Finn was before he started being a hero, I mean, it sounds like such an amazing idea that they should have just started the show back then, that would have just been a great time.

>but also about that boy dealing with his feelings towards his crush
Making jokes about a silly crush in early episodes like Enchiridion is massively different than fucking incendium you moron. Describing something so vaguely doesn't help your argument in the slightest.
>trying to get over his irrational fear of the ocean
Ah yes, the story of 2 episodes that are handled far differently than this vague description implies they are. This is totally a sufficient description of an episode where Finn beats up Jake a bunch to get out of the water and knocks himself unconscious to save Jake. These episodes were totally serious down to earth takes on this issue.
>helping a bully not be such a jackass

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
I'm saying what the MAJORITY of the show says, not what the BEGINNING said. I don't know why you can't comprehend this.
And why do you think Finn and Jake would be so boring back then? You would have Joshua teaching Finn how to use swords, Jake learning how to stretch and shit, their parents having a charming 50's style marriage but they're talking dogs who live in a forest surrounded by demons while raising their wacky selection of kids. You're acting like I'm being disingenuous when you're going out of your way to describe this as being much more boring than it actually is.

Also note I didn't say "THESE EPISODES HAVE NOTHING WACKY/FANTASTICAL IN THEM, THEY ARE 100% NORMAL LIKE STUFF YOU WOULD FINE IN SHOWS LIKE ALL GROWN UP OR AS TOLD BY GINGER" I was showing how the show had aspects that were "down to earth" from the start. BUT I never said AT was 100% down to earth, it always had fun, wacky stuff that made things interesting; this doesn't change the fact that these episode still had ideas that were 'normal' by our standards. You chimping out at me because "NU UH THESE PARTS OF THE EPISODES WERE CRAZY BRO" doesn't negate anything I've said.

You're just an asshole and it's not fun to discuss things with you so I'm gonna stop and save myself the trouble.
I think it's considerably unlikely considering the angle that the show has been taking on those kinds of things

File: 1526010779359.jpg (79 KB, 623x640)
79 KB
Can I get images of heroes being heroes please
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Either there is some context I don't know about or you need to go fuck yourself.
See, this is the point where a Marvel superhero would blast him, then make a quip.

I like Jaime's take on the situation, but either one would be satisfying.
and then came the rebooooooot
File: BB25p12.jpg (376 KB, 1280x1920)
376 KB
376 KB JPG
The fact that he talks himself down by thinking about what Ted Kord would do is the icing on the cake.

Here, have some more Jaime. This thread deserves him.
File: BB25p17.jpg (465 KB, 1280x1920)
465 KB
465 KB JPG

Over the years, writers introduce tons of siblings/parents/cousins/uncles to famous characters, and then later writers forget all about them. Remember Mikhail Rasputin? Brother of Colossus and Magyk?
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Age of Apocalypse is really god tier
Didn't Power Girl have a baby in the 90's(I'm thinking around Zero Hour) and everyone forgot about it?
What was his power anyway? Turning people into trees and then shooting shit?
File: thor seen some shit.png (336 KB, 523x358)
336 KB
336 KB PNG
Thor is Zeus's uncle.
Thor is Hercules and Ares's great uncle.
Thor is Wiccan's grandson.
Thor is Scarlet Witch's great grandson.
Thor is Quicksilver's great grand uncle.
Zeus is Wiccan's great grandson.
Hercules and Ares are Wiccan's great great grandson.
Zeus is Scarlet Witch's great great great grandson.
Hercules and Ares are Quicksilver's great great great grand nephew.
You're thinking of Black Tom Cassidy. He has "spatial warping" which allows him to teleport and shoot energy blasts, among other things.

File: 4681353-hand.jpg (279 KB, 593x759)
279 KB
279 KB JPG
GUYS! This motherfucker empty hand made a move against the universe and we barely noticed!
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It might have more meanings but the short answers are

He's the empty hand of a reader when the story ends. Basically all stories "die" when the empty hand comes. A story dies when it stops being read or remembered

It also represents the never ending story. Villains keep getting bigger and badder, but no matter the story there's always going to be an empty hand at the end
These posts real of the same pretentious arrogance poisoning comics. I wonder who could be behind them?
Someone tired of dumb shits who add nothing to the idea of Hypercrisis and get off on their ability to pull connections from nothing.
What contributions can or have you made to the idea of hypercrisis? Or what do you consider a meaningful addition to it?
File: Sideways_Vol_1_1_Textless.jpg (788 KB, 1175x1800)
788 KB
788 KB JPG
Nobody cares about what you or your cumsucklers think Ladderbro. Your opinions are about as useful as the fucking feces from a dog's rotting asscrack.

File: inb4.jpg (397 KB, 650x644)
397 KB
397 KB JPG
Is this what they call "" peak """ female comedy?
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Have you seen the author?

She's an honorary Manly Man, and I don't mean that in the sense that she's ugly.
I don't know why, but I love seeing Ganondorf in a suit.
Gerudo scum.
File: mgdmt413_001.jpg (351 KB, 650x791)
351 KB
351 KB JPG
The Ganondorf comics are the best.
>this man who killed a bunch of people was justified because he lived in a desert
what did ((they)) mean by this

Can we have a caroljess thread?
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File: 1509478224853.jpg (139 KB, 1080x993)
139 KB
139 KB JPG
I'm gonna need the uncensored version
File: 1487041407557.jpg (739 KB, 1080x1350)
739 KB
739 KB JPG
File: 1526824741780.jpg (156 KB, 1080x1080)
156 KB
156 KB JPG

Haha what the fuck
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They don’t just gloss over it, they hypocritically classify it as “problematic.”

Because literally every other fucking kink in the world is a-okay to them, but for some reason race play is off limits and ”gross” and wrong because they’re too scared of getting called racist for endorsing it.

Race play never appealed to me, myself, but the principle there really rustled me after every other sex positive thing they’ve said.
Every person seeks validation and acceptance. Alternative lifestyle weirdos DESPERATELY seek validation and acceptance, to the point where they make comic books and movies and video games as a way to normalize their lifestyle and tell the world they don’t need validation.
The way their partner uses the pronoun “they” to refer to them, I’m guessing they go by “nonbinary.” And since it’s a comic there’s no way to tell what they’ve actually got in their pants for means of identification.
i'm comfortable with everything i do, i wish it was more widely accepted so that i could discuss it and examine it from other perspectives without being laughed at.

i'm not even thinking of some weird sex thing, i'm thinking of an almost pathological desire to be an Australian, that is fully Australian, to renounce my original nationality, pick up a different accent, and so on.
Not trying to stir anything, but is this a white thing? I don't really hear or see anything else regarding this. Perhaps this a is a new "reddit" trend or something,

File: zack snyder.jpg (58 KB, 600x400)
58 KB
What was his fucking problem?
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File: 90s-superman.jpg (71 KB, 394x400)
71 KB
I got the impression he is a huge fan of grim, edgy 80's and 90's comics where everyone is in a crouching pose at all times and are all dark and brooding. And he wanted his movies to basically be film equivalent to edge 90's extreme stuff.
>He doesnt even get the characters he is making movies about

No, I think he perfectly gets them. Only the problem is that he gets the 1992 versions of the characters. He perfectly recreates early 90's bleeding edge comics almost too well.

He just never really understood that the industry and fans have moved on since then.
He does seem like that little kid in middle school in the 90's who would draw pictures of War Machine in class, only he would add more guns and make parts of the armor skull shaped.
It's probably because the writer was the same as for Nolanbats.
His stuff isn't high art, it's self-indulgent pop art. He isn't emulating Caravaggio, he's emulating Frank Frazzetta.

File: Star_Wars_Detours.png (37 KB, 260x155)
37 KB
Apparently this might finally be getting a release. Lucasfilm recently renewed the trademark.

File: De8sIg0W4AAvj4H.jpg (225 KB, 670x952)
225 KB
225 KB JPG
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slashing the poor man's profits isn't just limited to the animation industry, it is related to all industries. good luck living alone
He deserved it. All unions should be abolished except for police unions. Nothing more than mini DNC-funded communist organizations.
How's that corporate cock taste? Is hot wealth trickling down your throat yet?
well the people at the top have to start somewhere you know, but don't they usually start pretty high up to begin with due to "connections", education, and not having autism?
You write "connections" like it's a disease, anon. There's a reason why so many artists in the entertainment industry just "happen" to share the (((same common roots))). Nepotism turns the world round and round.

File: image.jpg (438 KB, 662x1022)
438 KB
438 KB JPG
Beggars can't be choosers.

What non Disney worlds you want see in kingdom hearts?

I want to see a fat Albert world desu.
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Horse show
Also this
Star Fox!
"That dog ain't right. He's just plain goofy"
Just imagine
So much this

Also from dreamworks sindbad and el dorado would be pretty cool

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