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File: DC-logo-blog.jpg (32 KB, 535x300)
32 KB
We're half way through 2016. What are your thoughts on DC's performance thus far?
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>It's all fake. There are no levels of canon. They're all imaginary stories. There's no need to make some autistic map to make it all fit together. Just write good stories about heroes
Maybe cape comics aren't for you
Lol okay

If you think good stories involve an autistic level of devotion to continuity and constantly alienating new readers, go ahead on

These sales are only good when compared to how abysmally comics already sell, and they won't last

I'll limit my post to my views on rebirth only.

King's Batman has had a solid start so far.

Loving Detecive Comics and Superman.

Aquaman and Action Comics have been so-so for the moment.

Not reading Flash, Wonder Woman or Green Arrow.

Waiting for Suicide Squad, Harley Quinn, Justice League, Nightwing and Hal Jordan and the GLC to start their rebirth runs.
File: image.jpg (902 KB, 2400x1880)
902 KB
902 KB JPG
>It's all fake.
I was unaware Superman, Batman and Wonder Woman were actual living people in our world.

>There are no levels of canon.
Sure there is: one. Everything is cannon somewhere.

>They're all imaginary stories.
Welcome to fiction.

>There's no need to make some autistic map to make it all fit together.
You mean pic?

>Just write good stories about heroes.
They are.

File: Tumblr_static_le_icon.png (98 KB, 298x215)
98 KB
You like Brown girls, don't you /co/?
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Move to New York, you'll see plenty.

And believe me, they aren't as pretty as they sound.

I want to fuck that...
New York has everything, doesn't it? Fuck New York and everyone who lives in it.
File: Spoiler Image (419 KB, 636x671)
419 KB
419 KB JPG
Do you like green?
What do I look like to you? A hulkchaser?

File: P00001.jpg (1.94 MB, 1965x3043)
1.94 MB
1.94 MB JPG

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A new episode of DC Superhero Girls is out now. Batgirl gets a new jet.
Last episode.
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She's cool . She has one of the best outfits. but she doesn't know how to control her powers
Any Rule 34 yet?
I really want to watch and enjoy this but my mom raised me as a Linda Carter Wonder Woman fan so anything longer than boyshorts on Wonder Woman kills my interest.

File: SU_075_Variant_6.jpg (422 KB, 771x1186)
422 KB
422 KB JPG

Previous Thread: >>84102281

Slightly Different Name, Same basic idea.
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>there are currently two long term Sonic ongoings
>one is about to hit 100 issues
>the other is the longest running licensed comic in history
>but lol there's no way another book could sustain itself, that's just ridiculous
Are you retarded? The fact that it is retro alone will probably bring on a bunch of readers that wouldn't have been interested otherwise.

Given Sonic is what basically is keeping Archie afloat these past few years, I think you're wrong.

The only reason Boom was dropped was because of Archie trying to push his OC rebooting and their failure of a kickstarter had to the cut stuff like crazy.

If that hadn't happened I am sure we would still have those books.

File: Untitled.png (502 KB, 681x591)
502 KB
502 KB PNG
The cast keeps growing and the hope keeps diminishing...
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>But this is being handled in the worst way possible, by shoving all of this minority shit in before everything else.
It's actually better to do it earlier than later. They do it now and they get diversity points with everyone who cares about that shit. They end up doing it later, after casting a fuckton of white people, then they'll be blamed for backtracking to appease minorities. The studios aren't making a big stink about being diverse, they're just casting actors and actresses. Some are pretty damn good, too. Sure, Watts said he wanted to make the movie feel diverse because Queens, but that doesn't even count as "Look at us! We have minority groups everywhere in our movie! Aren't we special??"
>as a new yorker
Those kids could literally be from anywhere in the city and if you were actually from new york you'd know that.
That's even worse considering who's been cast so far. I'm all for added diversity, but have it actually be additional characters, not race swaps.
>New cast members announced but no roles

Holy shit why do people get triggered so easily.

Y'all act like Peter didn't live in a poor location and that he went to school and loved around many groups of people. Fucking New York is one of the most diverse locations around.

> But this is being handled in the worst way possible, by shoving all of this minority shit in before everything else.

It's literally just casting news with no names attached. I'm not sure what's wrong here.

Any real news stories are going to be at Comic-Con, this is just "Black Girl Cast as Background Character #25."


>That's what they deem most important right now.

Because they're in the casting stage of the fucking movie. Should they release other information just so angry people on the Internet will be less butthurt?

And we saw the costume yesterday.

File: Green Waifu.png (618 KB, 785x627)
618 KB
618 KB PNG
A new episode just came out!

File: 1446945758672.gif (881 KB, 320x179)
881 KB
881 KB GIF
>no subs
How much coke does Any's voice actress snort before recording lines?
File: image.jpg (269 KB, 1024x683)
269 KB
269 KB JPG

File: hashtag handle it.png (85 KB, 410x750)
85 KB
Superman thread?

Because I wanna chat Supermythology but mods pruned the last one.

Not counting earth 23, who's your favourite parallel earth Superman?
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File: superman archetype.jpg (1.13 MB, 2996x1655)
1.13 MB
1.13 MB JPG
Who's your favorite superman inspired hero
File: image.jpg (83 KB, 400x583)
83 KB
Remember the time Sup's want to stop Lois from falling for Pat "fucking" Boone of all people .
File: identity.jpg (97 KB, 400x592)
97 KB
Remember when Jimmy Olsen found out about superman's identity
File: 1456793807803.jpg (98 KB, 640x640)
98 KB
Captain Marvel. All the goodness of supes and less bullshit since he's not continuity heavy like supes
File: Superant.jpg (174 KB, 1021x890)
174 KB
174 KB JPG

File: output_0045934.png (1.92 MB, 1920x800)
1.92 MB
1.92 MB PNG
Sequel now probably coming out in 2020 at the very earliest. When are we due our short?

Looking forward to the comics in September though
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same. I'm even trying to lucid dream so I can spend my nights there.
Did I not give it to you before? Last 13 seconds, although if you haven't seen it watch the entire thing:


You can barely even see the animation I'm doing in the final thing, but if I do what I'm doing now in the final lighting setup it's just going to hide the problems for later on.
File: FUCKING WORSHIP ME.jpg (47 KB, 640x643)
47 KB
>Not having faith in your Lord and Savior, Emperor Byron
Looking good, also could you or somebody post the mega with the file? I dont want to make a new blendswap to download furry stuff but i will if i have to, thanks
We live in an age where real life Zootopia characters will become a possibility in several decades, given that liberals (or conservatives maybe) don't shut it down.

Why was there a ghost of Pa Kent?
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Pls what? It doesn't matter.
WB will pull a Sony and orchestrate a narrative where anyone that dislikes the movie is sexist. Snyderfags will insist that anyone that doesn't see it is an idiot. The writing is already on the wall. It doesn't matter if Gadot is terrible or good, because the loudest voices will be screaming she's utterly brilliant, and they'll drown out any actual discussion.
Th-That's the joke, y-you fu-fucking autist.
>don't you fuck my daughter boy
>keep your sticky hands off her boy
>don't you squirt no webbing up in her boy
tfw no needy stuttering gf

>delicious brown
>implying there's any excuse to not watch this
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File: 1466303584219.png (510 KB, 940x1799)
510 KB
510 KB PNG
File: 1466261518001.png (356 KB, 500x1130)
356 KB
356 KB PNG
I don't speak it myself so they might ahve been lying, but someone said the TL of this is

group: "Dad!"
Keith: "Daddy!"
The cutest.

Tolkienfags pls
I can read enough to know most of them are saying "euppa" and Keith is calling him "oppa". Some other anon said "oppa" actually means something more like "mister" or "big bro" and is the kind of word only teenage girls usually use to hit on cool older guys.

File: cotkp.jpg (19 KB, 200x362)
19 KB
What VHS did you watch the most?
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File: hrt.jpg (19 KB, 200x362)
19 KB
File: 1408165389101.gif (1.99 MB, 350x300)
1.99 MB
1.99 MB GIF
Loved it!
File: image.jpg (468 KB, 826x1494)
468 KB
468 KB JPG
Cheesy as shit, but I liked seeing all the characters interact. Also,the scene where Michael sees his zombie self fucked me up.

You and me both.
File: 1368488726560.jpg (23 KB, 640x480)
23 KB
>that miss piggy
Probably the Nightmare Before Christmas

Oh shit, I had this one. I don't know what happened to the box though. Always kept it in a plain white one.


>Spider-Man TAS recordings
>Sleeping Beauty
>Batman 89
>Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 1 + 2
>Random Dinosaur documentary

File: DSC_2113.jpg (1.34 MB, 3104x1746)
1.34 MB
1.34 MB JPG
Gay parents not censored in latin dub.
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I am hetero and can confirm, a lot of CP material is made by hetero parents
> how you dare to make 25 secs long characters

wow, this place is truly reverse tumblr
I am hetero and can confirm, nobody talks about CP on normal bars.

File: 1467335668442.jpg (2.06 MB, 2234x1442)
2.06 MB
2.06 MB JPG
Thread Guidelines

>Provide References and keep them to one image/post.
>Keep requests /co/ related and keep them concise.
>General OC discussion belongs in "Work on your art" and the Donut Steel threads.
>However, OC requests are allowed as long as they aren't /trash/ material or fanfiction. If it's not /coc/ you must provide a link to the comic or cartoon.
>Be patient and take it easy! Don't forget to check the booru to see if your request was filled.
>Drawfriends, don't hold back.
>Keep art critique short, otherwise take it to the Batman thread.
>To make the new drawthread, wait for page 10.
>No one is entitled to a request delivery.
>Don't fight spam with spam
>No begging.
>Have fun!

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
30 replies and 14 images omitted. Click here to view.
But they are cosplaying as /co/ characters, that make it /co/ related
Deal, forgot about that detail.
Is one of those requests where you get a "fuck off" on both boards
If it was the other way around, you'd be aces.They /a/ is more than the /co/.


So when can I expect the ComicsAlliance article?
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File: scared.png (282 KB, 376x452)
282 KB
282 KB PNG
>talkin shit about max
he is an actual genuine nice guy, why would you hate him

Hey, don't look at me. I play it.

Just...not well.
>probable fallout.

They're would be no fallout. There's no Fallout from this swimsuit issue, is there? Just do what the old Marvel issues did and have a few pages of male characters posing. Maybe a fat chick for the sake of "body positivity" or whatever.

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