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File: 1.jpg (308 KB, 2000x1000)
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308 KB JPG
so, why he is not green lanter?
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WonderBat is garbage
>people still doubting Based Steve
People who defend the avatar of "He's just like meeee, I could totally bang Wonder Woman, too!"

I don't think it really matched Talia. If I recall, they were looking for a "tall, physically imposing woman" or something like that. That doesn't exactly scream Talia. Though I could be remembering wrong.
MoS Lois is the best version of Lois going. New52 she's a total cow. I'd rather Kara or Lana.
So? It's not only due to Wonder Woman, IIRC TMZ and the tabloids had pretty much been ruining his normal civilian life because of his ties.

File: 4441248-earth2soc_cv1.jpg (151 KB, 495x752)
151 KB
151 KB JPG
>The 8-page preview was actually semi-decent

My god.

This changes everything.
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>Peej can only operate at for a limited time (or technically can only operate in certain locations) depending on the time of day

That's actually pretty cool
One or two funny scenes don't justify that entire arc. It was a 2-day battle stretched out to over a year. It was nothing but buying time for World's End.
It looks alright when Jiminiez draws it.
File: Earth-2-Society.jpg (114 KB, 600x315)
114 KB
114 KB JPG
>Kendra nowhere to be seen

She is on the cover and is about to be on Legends. I would not be worried about her getting enough exposure.
>adding pink/red

File: its simple.webm (2.34 MB, 852x480)
2.34 MB
2.34 MB WEBM
How could you ever fuck this up?
>faster than a speeding bullet
metallo tho

File: 1.jpg (64 KB, 608x609)
64 KB
batman angry
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>Static Shock
Cant wait for bat vs deadshot and deadstroke
it is Detective Comics, afterall
>wah wah WB is using Batman to sell the movie

Have we all forgotten about how the only reason 60% of moviegoers went to see Avengers was Iron Man? Am I missing something?
A man smacking a woman in the face is not black humor.

A woman walking on eggshells all day to avoid getting her face slapped by her husband because she had dental work done and getting slapped at the end of the day due to something someone else being misattributed to her or her husband accidentally hitting her cheek or her falling and smashing her face against the nightstand is black comedy.

Black comedy is so unerringly dark and ludicrous that it swings back around. This is not black comedy.

File: cavillthumb.gif (952 KB, 300x203)
952 KB
952 KB GIF
What do you think about Henry Cavill playing Superman?
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And the material is some weird leather. I like the classic Superman but somehow they fucked it
Agreed. Cavill's face and musculature are perfect for Superman. He's the first live action Superman who is buff enough to fill out the suit properly.
>Neither looks
No actor in history has ever come as close as Cavill.

Reeves acted like him, but didn't exactly looked like him.
He's aight
Has bit of a receding hairline though
File: co is so gay.jpg (108 KB, 720x960)
108 KB
108 KB JPG

File: 2051136-she_hulk.jpg (1.19 MB, 1401x2128)
1.19 MB
1.19 MB JPG
Alright so you can fuck anyone from western comic and cartoons but 9 months later there will be a baby no matet what. You will be forced to raise that baby by yourself for 18 years. Choose wisely
File: smug animu girl.jpg (11 KB, 179x282)
11 KB
Any other choice is a waste of flesh


So I've made a thread a couple weeks back bout what should I watch and ended up watching steven universe, and I cannot put into words how fucking amazing I found this show.

Now I'd like to ask you what shows that are similar to it are out there, I really love the pseudo-realism mixed with the magic-y stuff and the "adult" concepts and kinda relevant to everyone moralities that are in there but arent in your face.

Anyway, what should I watch now?
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This a hundred times. I'm in episode 4 and is the shit.
Well Twelve Forever has a chance to give a good story if they focus on the MC about not wanting to grow up.
Man, ya gotta be pretty shallow for a children's show to be too deep

That's fair, it felt like the only halfway tolerable one in the bunch. But the rest of the schlock I saw oozing from my monitor filled me with a poignant despair. I wouldn't go so far as to say I felt cheated, because I don't think I am that entitled, but I definitely felt how I imagine a dog must feel when you start swearing at it. Confused and upset and a little hurt.
It's a sort of meme that's been going around SU threads since it crossed over with Uncle Grandpa

File: 1432660628143.png (346 KB, 576x640)
346 KB
346 KB PNG
All artists welcome!
>Provide References and keep them to one image/post.
>Keep requests /co/ related.
>Don't go overboard on character requests
>OCs belong in "Work on your art" threads
>Be patient and take it easy!
>Drawfriends, don't hold back.
>Keep art critique short, otherwise take it to the Batman thread >>72411687 → (Cross-thread)
>To make the new drawthread, wait for page 10.
>Have fun!

Collection of Deliveries:

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
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Level with me: is this a clandestine scat request?

i'm the OR by the way, thank you kind anon. i like this style
Like very nice coloring of a cute pic.
kek, I love it, thanks man!
That's a very nice fire too

File: Spoiler Image (135 KB, 650x650)
135 KB
135 KB GIF
So we now have a God Tier Seer of Light Eldritch Princess Double Sprite Cat Rose. Where on the increasingly ridiculous ranking of "most powerful being in the comic" does she fit?

Also why does her outfit now look like a Derse dreamself when neither of her components were wearing that? Does this have something to do with the bad future Rose's dreamself from way back in like act 3?
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Then why do people keep saying Eri is frail? I mean, killing all the angels is still no small feat, but I've seen that particular "fact" about him like three times.
so now that they've been prototyped twice, s/he can hug people right?

right? ;_;
Well, that's just incorrect, isn't it? They probably think he's frail because he's a gunner and got a nerdy look. He should be pretty physically powerful, however.
If you don't mind getting clawed.

Phineas and Ferb: Last Day of Summer is up!


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Agree. One of the good point in S4
File: mmbw8.jpg (12 KB, 213x160)
12 KB
When did Disney ever give a crap

The Countdown was 440 so it was added after everything else. The gaps are all lower than that.

One of those missing episodes might have been a pilot for Mikey Murphy's Law or something along those lines.
Candace is 15.
Still DFC.
There IS a God!

Linda's genes will kick in a few years later.

File: 3x3.jpg (244 KB, 900x900)
244 KB
244 KB JPG
Let's post 3x3s. The rating is goes according to liked/seen. So if you've seen two but liked four post "2/4". If you don't have your own 3x3, find 9 pictures of your favorite cartoon series, films, comic books or a combination of those and use this to make a mosaic:

Posting mine for films.
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File: table1.jpg (694 KB, 920x920)
694 KB
694 KB JPG
i felt really lukewarm on John's GL run. it's not terrible, there's just some things in it that keep it from being as good as it good have been.
Boston left would be tatami galaxy and mind game, by the same director as kaiba. I don't have robot carnival, if you meant top middle that's Eve no Jan.
Yes, the manga expands the story and setting a lot more.
Thanks, mind recommending some graphic novels/comic books based on my chart?
Forgot to rate you:
+ kells, sound of the sea, nightmare before christmas, coraline
File: 3x3.jpg (234 KB, 900x900)
234 KB
234 KB JPG
Made one for series.

File: wwpromo.png (332 KB, 527x612)
332 KB
332 KB PNG
New Wonder Woman promo art. Who /hyped/ here?
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File: 131312124412.jpg (33 KB, 600x399)
33 KB
>Wonder Jew

I'm surprised there aren't more shitty jokes made about this.
This looks pretty great, but...
>those huge ass tits
Hahahaha yeah, no. Gadot's cute as fuck, but no amount of padding will give her a chest like that.

File: Uber 025-000.jpg (1.68 MB, 1988x3056)
1.68 MB
1.68 MB JPG
Uber time.

Also first time dumping so bear with me.
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File: uber-024.jpg (291 KB, 1000x1537)
291 KB
291 KB JPG
btw have noticed siegfried is a total husbando now?
File: large-DCD676269.jpg (139 KB, 527x800)
139 KB
139 KB JPG
...right before Churchill dismembers him like a rag doll next month
BTW, it is all but confirmed that the soviets crazy bitch battleship is what happens when you overdo on the ranged attack activations, right? That's how she has halo attacks that border on magic.
Not enough for the bullshit you're spouting. They've have to be wearing wingsuits or something increase the wind resistance that much. You still failed at science.

File: Wesley.png (530 KB, 983x679)
530 KB
530 KB PNG
What the fuck happened? It started strong but that final 3 episodes mang

>Wesley dies like a fucking bitch because of some unexplainable shit, putting that gun near the girl, no he wasnt putting that piece on the table, he specifically puts it near her

>Ben Urich is kill

>Owlsey being a faggot admitting to shit

>poorly executed madame gao punch
2 replies omitted. Click here to view.
File: f07e10f99372.jpg (29 KB, 1277x681)
29 KB
What the fuck happened? It started strong but that final 3 episodes mang

>Wells dies like a fucking bitch because of some unexplainable shit, telling Eddie they're related, no he doesn't just kidnap him, he specifically tells him he's his insurance

>Eddie is kill

>Joe being a faggot admitting to shit

>poorly executed supersonic punch
was meant for
what nose dive exactly?

do you think that if a character gets killed it's bad writing?
I think it's bad writing if that character is killed by a panicked woman, who shot him with a gun he practically put in her hands.

I think it's bad writing if a character is prematurely killed off for no good reason.

I think it's bad writing if a character who is shown to be cautious is killed because he's dumb enough to try and dictate orders to someone who has proven himself to be unstable, especially if all you have as leverage is ONE eyewitness.
I was actually happy when Ben died, but only because I knew it would bring anguish to Karen.

Karen sux.

File: 1424465653444.jpg (39 KB, 339x383)
39 KB
Why doesn't Batman's rogues gallery just leave Gotham?

Why does any villain in the Marvel universe live anywhere near New York when there are about a dozen superhero teams there?
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>wanting to fight the great lakes avengers over the avengers
maybe because most of them dont have a suicidal wish
>and the pizza isn't even that great
Its not great but at least its not an abomination like chicago deep shit pizza

>Also New York is the most important and popular city in the world, who wouldn't want to stay there.

But there are bigger, richer and less-guarded cities around the world.

>Imagine being a menace in New York, it's more popular than being a successfull criminal in some less important city

Doesn't count for everyone. And we are talking about heroes, too.

>Everything is in New York

Except Nova!
>But there are bigger, richer and less-guarded cities around the world.
Aren't most other cities in the country left completely undefended in the MU?

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