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File: tehehe.png (327 KB, 640x480)
327 KB
327 KB PNG
Post little things snuck into cartoons
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I feel the internet ages us, im 21 but i feel the same.

Too much information absorbed too fast.
Because he ain't literally the Golden shower.
did he died
>Lesbians like them too, I think, so if that's how you swing.
No we don't

File: 776666h.png (997 KB, 796x1170)
997 KB
997 KB PNG
DC's changing Dick Grayson's name to Ric Grayson.
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Based, fuck that anon
File: robo womb.jpg (70 KB, 564x846)
70 KB
I have an alternative suggestion.
File: Spoiler Image (482 KB, 1041x1600)
482 KB
482 KB JPG
I didn’t see the new issue of Nightwing posted, has anyone read it yet? I like how this guy looks more like Dick than Ric does. Also I wonder if that’s why hey had Jason lose the guns.
You all know that he is honoring his long time hero

Ric Flair

File: BambisMother.jpg (187 KB, 1456x1080)
187 KB
187 KB JPG
>cocks gun
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File: you disgust me.jpg (123 KB, 1280x764)
123 KB
123 KB JPG
>consecutive posts at the same second
The hivemind is strong
File: C-658VsXoAo3ovC.jpg (45 KB, 800x450)
45 KB
I don´t remember that happening in the movie, Bambi just ran away with his mom until the gunshot and the Bambi kept running with the mom nowhere to be seen.
This is badass. the only right way to kill an animal is to do it without a gun.

File: 1489170702673.jpg (79 KB, 696x800)
79 KB
hey, /co/ what do you think about Rimba Racer?
I started watching the 2nd season and I'm really liking the new racers, especially the punk girl. I need more episodes.
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The artist said there won't be any porn in the comic.
>R-Rated fan-comic by a furry who is probably the biggest source of porn for this series
>artist said there won't be any porn in the comic.
Truly peculiar.
File: 1234213 asd sad.png (86 KB, 399x419)
86 KB
I fucked up the resolution and it looks tiny, i'll do a proper one with transparency again later

It's her cutie mark
File: untitled.png (67 KB, 300x168)
67 KB
> rated r
> not porn

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Robot Boy defeated him and took his power.
But who is raping who?
Robots are evil.
File: Ralph-Elsa Skating.png (554 KB, 1500x1778)
554 KB
554 KB PNG
Even the directors liked it.

File: 1539726171152.jpg (77 KB, 320x601)
77 KB
Is Squidward surrounded by NPCs?
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>/pol/ damage control comes In 15 hours later
If people are just NPCs why not rape and kill them?
File: NPC-7-msnbc-msnpc.jpg (39 KB, 960x960)
39 KB
So's the TikTok shit but you guys don't freak out about that.

Now that marijuana is legal, what are some good cartoons to watch while stoned? Pic related.
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>makes thread promoting devil's lettuce
checks out.
This. Weed doesnt make shitty things better. Shits still shitty, you're just high too. Do what you enjoy while you're stoned so you don't waste it.
Moral Orel, you'll have a blast!
Fuck you, Satan, you can't tempt me with drugs, sex and rock and roll!
>Satan lives in Canada
Makes sense.

File: KOS16.jpg (1.3 MB, 980x1515)
1.3 MB
1.3 MB JPG
New comic posted
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hot tea water on head, shoulders and outstretched arms while doing a deep horse stance; made to do pushups over burning candles; pulling water from one of four barrels into another barrel repeatedly to enhance flexibility; crushing walnuts barehanded

etc, etc
if you are doing action panels, you want action to be the focus, so you cut everything but the essential information out of the panel. this is common, and actually intelligent, as the background would distract from the essential information being delivered.

whether this is the best way to show a fight is debatable, but largely it's an aesthetic choice that focuses on the physicality of the scene in question, rather than the grand scope.

i always think of it like the impact shots that jackie chan edits into his films, where he'll show the fight, but zoom in on the essential impacts to show you just how hard someone got decked. it really sells the fight's physical impact.

so long as this comic doesn't devolve into pages of such things, it's fine - though this is supposed to be a tournament arc in which fans were told to ready their gokus, so we might be in for some naruto-type nonsense.

desu i think abaddon has more class so i'm not worried
He's only done it for one other page (Cio kissing Allison one), and that was because he forgot to save a page and his photoshop crashed, so he had to make do with brightt pink background. I don't imagine he's going to make a habit of it.
that's what i mean, it's a very intentional choice artistically rather than 'ACTION LINES ARE THE CRUISE CONTROL OF COMIC COMBAT'

like, if we're reading this continuously rather than in chunks with all the ancillary material and hinting and spoilering that we get alongside it, we go from an unsure protagonist who bumbles and mis-steps through two whole books to this badass who falcon punches people into the sun. doing a page of all punch no background really highlights how much has changed.
This is fucking stupid. There are better webcomics in /hyw/.

File: file.png (908 KB, 1280x720)
908 KB
908 KB PNG
Thoughts on the PS4 Spider-Man game's version of Doctor Octopus?
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He’s right, the arms didn’t change him, only brought out what he tried to hide
Same. Doc Ock vs Green Goblin when?
To be fair, Mr. Negative had a different plan from Ock. The former just wanted to engineer a situation that let him get close to Norman and kill him. The latter wanted to collapse the whole city just to fuck Norman's reputation.
The Osborn set-up was masterful, from the tech, to the slimy, shady man himself, the family backstory- Goblin's gonna be siiick.
>Otto smug as shit thinking he's about to win
>"The truth is you fucking suck."
>the complete look of devastation on Otto's face

File: 215.jpg (29 KB, 429x435)
29 KB
>every episode title has a pun
>every episode title contains a specific word
>every episode title it's the first thing said in the episode
When is the third one, bitch.
>every episode title has a pun
Excuse you, puns are the highest form of humour, your puny brain can barely process the mastery of the language, quick thinking and adaptation to a situation to make your words work on multiple levels needed, to effectly use them.
>season 2 of ATHF
>most of Bonus Stage's seasons
What else does the second one apply to?

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Yeah. Depending on how into monsterfucking you are, it either added or shaved off a few points for people.

>Kilmonger is a better villain than Joker

The delusion of marvelfags
File: 1410365987294.gif (340 KB, 240x180)
340 KB
340 KB GIF
So I guess that this means
A Star is Born

lmao what

Does the X-Men have a healthy relationship between a mutants parents and not mutant child or children.
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I can't think of any mutants that have non-mutant kids. It doesn't really make for an interesting story having a normal kid.
They´re a militant racial community, so being the normie kid in there is a great start into a future career as a Sentinel pilot.
File: clean1.jpg (772 KB, 750x1139)
772 KB
772 KB JPG
Sounds like more reason the x-man should had keep the good non-mutant influence at the school.
who are the cute baby nightcrawlers?
It also doesn't really work with the whole dumb "next step of evolution" bit either.

File: 1519464379250.jpg (157 KB, 920x615)
157 KB
157 KB JPG
Share yours!
Mosaic maker here (make sure your image url ends with jpg) - https://bighugelabs.com/mosaic.php

> Dc - Justice League Cosmic...
28 replies and 23 images omitted. Click here to view.
Work in progress...
> Live Action - Villains of the 1990s...
Antje is so pretty. Why was she wasted on a tiny role in a mediocre flick?
File: dead-end-antje-traue.jpg (75 KB, 1024x682)
75 KB
In case you don't know, she has the lead role in a upcoming crime series called Dead End.
Mmm, tomato juice.
Be glad she did. She was dead set on retiring right before she got the call for Mos & since then she has got a lot more work in German film & TV.

File: sjw joe.jpg (257 KB, 720x960)
257 KB
257 KB JPG
This happened
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So id like to point out that Snake Eyes HAS girlfriend and probably still will while this asshole fucks Rosie Palms.
This is the new canon where he has his new fuckboy Quickkick knock the shit out of Snake Eyes with bad art.

I'm not even opposed to Snake Eyes getting his ass kicked but I hate that "you relief on your GUNS" bullshit.
File: Scarlett Hmph.jpg (100 KB, 503x418)
100 KB
100 KB JPG
It's honestly a shame because the fight itself is motherfucking spectacular, but the reasons are the pettiest shit ever. As cheesy as it may sound, a big part of why I love GI Joe is that every single Joe is first and foremost a good person who cares deeply about their comrades. There's very little room in Joe for the kind of dumb squabbles you see in most teams because that's just not who they are. And it's a double shame because Sitterson actually pulled it off with Flash and Rock and Roll on this same run, creating a conflict that actually felt like it could happen and develop further.
But here it's literally just Quick Kick being mad because everyone's always jerking off Snake-Eyes. It's some silly shit.

Different universe. OG Snake-Eyes is dead in Larry Hama's A Real American Hero. This is the IDW continuity.
>put over quickkick by having him act like a fucking prick to not only his fellow Joe but a senior officer
What was the writer thinking?
File: m066_16.jpg (245 KB, 986x1493)
245 KB
245 KB JPG
> why I love GI Joe is that every single Joe is first and foremost a good person who cares deeply about their comrades.

File: IMG_20181017_105735.jpg (111 KB, 495x752)
111 KB
111 KB JPG
This Is hot
I just hope they don't bring him back to make him a punching bag again. It seems too likely. He mopes around as everyone shits on him for being so problematic.

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