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142461097Cryptoland animation and other terrible propaganda pieces: https://youtu.be/ZFoAF6lY6iI?feature=shar…[View]
142460585what comci has buff white young guy getting hot chix?: any?[View]
142460663What are the most mismatched /co/uples?[View]
142457614>According to scooper CWGST, neither President Thaddeus 'Thunderbolt' Ross nor the dead Celestial…[View]
142458611>fat female character >doesn't has double chin…[View]
142459166Does the MCU have the balls?[View]
142460786What is the most creative design you have ever seen on a cartoon character?[View]
142455387x-men Jubilee and Shogo[View]
142458688THE BAFF[View]
142441211In hindsight...were we too harsh?[View]
142455815No wonder they attempted send Maximus the Mad to space prison .: He was supposed to build a machine …[View]
142458767Why didn't they have sex[View]
142457691>Live action Roberto the Builder movie currently undergoing a bidding war between streaming servi…[View]
142455069Why isn't the Dwarves comic getting translated anymore?[View]
142458717Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles color confusion: Because original comic is black and white and then its…[View]
142456284Cartoons that are actually realistic[View]
142395795Random DC HeroesThread: Talk about any and every DC good guy there is, why you like them, and why th…[View]
142459458You guys like Brainiac? How much of him should be organic, if at all? Do you like the idea of him be…[View]
142455871Uhhhh /co/? Sarah's here.[View]
142459634Prepare to be vanquished[View]
142455226Heroes in Crisis 2 coming soon[View]
142459390Prescription: One human dicking.[View]
142459330ren and stimpy analog horror https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lWRlYu1DJpM[View]
142459325Get yourself a perrito[View]
142454702Are you going to read Absolute Power?[View]
142453135/hhcog/ Hazbin-Helluva /co/ General #01: Simping For Heaven Edition Welcome to the Hazbin-Helluva /c…[View]
142458871Season 2[View]
142458778Who won?[View]
142458578So... have you two known each other long?[View]
142455885Checkered Past - Day 132: Why was there no thread yesterday? Edition[View]
142456910What happened to Slade?[View]
142459030How did 2 light skinned parents make a dark skinned child? Priyanka has some explaining to do[View]
142459018>That episode where Pepper Ann gets an abortion while in a school field trip in another state whe…[View]
142459037did he smile for the right reasons?[View]
142451253Kiss the elf.[View]
142457092Randy Marsh[View]
142444996Ñ Thread: https://youtu.be/X0MTKFWsqiU?si=ONeTpr5KywUC61Tv[View]
142458161YEAH! FUCKING RAINBOWS!!!![View]
142455556>Hey, remember that show for kids from the mid-2000s that's about two stepbrothers in a blen…[View]
142458723>Shh! Be very very quiet, I'm hunting tunes![View]
142429922The Amazing Digital Circus: The Amazing Digital Circus thread >new update from glitch https://www…[View]
142458526Literally Hitler is a short about Joe’s experience with Israeli nazi fearmongering and overcoming th…[View]
142450500Detective Comics #1082 Storytime[View]
142458528Is Karen a redeemable villain?[View]
142457507I am putting my foot down. This show is going to send me to hell.: I have engaged in this fandom lon…[View]
142393866Friday Katana: This is Tatsu Yamashiro. She's an aloof yet caring Yakuza killing samurai. Discu…[View]
142458303But what is Fash ism?: a glass of milk?[View]
142438360Post a character you can picture mooning cars on the side of the highway.[View]
142458270Kung Fu Panda: What went so right?[View]
142458152Her feet weren't THAT big[View]
142449260I love her She's a physical embodiment of the 80's[View]
142432848What was the sex like?[View]
142456999I liked the bumpers on Disney XD with Olivia holt dressed as star[View]
142450361Amazons Attack #5 Storytime[View]
142457298You know how Fox has a weird way of counting Simpsons episodes? They refuse to count a couple of the…[View]
142422167Religion: Because it's Sunday, let's have a thread on all religious /co/-tent No Helluva …[View]
142447872There's a total of 4 Spider-Verse animated films in production right now: >Beyond the Spider…[View]
142452905With prices like these I can see why corpos are going to be using AI for storyboard artists in the c…[View]
142457805'For doing absolutely nothing longer than anyone else...'[View]
142455502Why does this movie feel like it was created by an AI?[View]
142450687Batman: The Brave and the Bold #10 Storytime[View]
142457624any white male getting the girls main character toons?: hot giirls?[View]
142446856Why hasn’t Kingpin ever used the crusty crackhead rapist tactic against Spider-Man’s loved ones?[View]
142455985Could an earth bender tortures you by making you have kidney stones?[View]
142456953[SMG4]: I enjoyed last week's episode for three reasons. 1) It was Tari-centric. 2) Tari is ado…[View]
142457311nemona: >dude, religion sucks, but being accepting of queers is cool B) https://www.youtube.com/w…[View]
142457215How old is this milk?[View]
142457097>Viv approved of this[View]
142456893Imagine her grey soles on top of your face[View]
142424489Now that the dust has settled, what went wrong?[View]
142455117Kojima loved the Moon Knight show.[View]
142456385Moon girl: this scene was so insane. Molecule Man was so ready to kill a child. A RANDOM KID HE WASN…[View]
142430013Eat my shorts[View]
142453868I've been wanting to get into EC comics stuff for awhile but have no idea what stories or colle…[View]
142398351Spider-Man solicitations thread: >bro green goblin is totes back, you can come back now Come to t…[View]
142456854I wish there was an inspector gadget cartoon where gadget was somewhat more competent, I think that …[View]
142448112Murder Drones: What makes N and Uzis relationship work unlike most other indie relationships? N and …[View]
142456100>Believe it or not, SharkTale is actually my most spiritual film. >Elaborate on that. >No…[View]
142456337dogisaga 3red: hey \co\ can u help me out i want a dogisaga thread to last more than just one night …[View]
142455140This night, you will be visited by three plagues. Each worse than the last. Return the slab![View]
142456020ITT /co/ makes a gay: Since current writers clearly don’t understand how to make a good one, let’s t…[View]
142451469Which Avenger is BASED enough to hunt the muties?[View]
142451509Inside Job: I miss Reagan...[View]
142452426God he’s so sexy[View]
142454144Why did Nick have so much faith in it? So many other cartoons have to start off as a silly episodic …[View]
142456117Arthur did nothing wrong: That dumb bitch should have touched his plane.[View]
142455437hi /co/ do you know episodes (could be any show) where main character or other werent invited to the…[View]
142443434Is Libby autistic?[View]
142450372What's your favorite depiction of death in cartoons?[View]
142453832What really went wrong with SECRET INVASION: >Marvel’s filmmaking process is shooting the film, K…[View]
142453138>Ay Tone, why is Frankie Bertinelli's kid all dressed up like a masked slut and bustin'…[View]
142455445Why do the Spider-Man Freshman Year villains designs look so fucking boring?[View]
142449947Who are the most villainous villainesses in comics?[View]
142445010post the most iconic version of your favorite character[View]
142436934TT: cartoons that are were widely beloved, but are now hated: In the 2000s, and early 2010s. Animani…[View]
142450530This is why we never got a Warren Ellis Batman book and why Fell is never getting finished. For the …[View]
142419183Why can't modern animators create cool scenes?[View]
142446348Fuck this guy[View]
142455031This is incomprehensible, yet quite entertaining.[View]
142454436For some reason I had a dream last night that I was dating Diane from BoJack Horseman and I felt bad…[View]
142454807It wasn't that bad.[View]
142454261/co/ Death Battle Thread: Someone forgot to make the next death battle thread.[View]
142453733Everyone is constantly arguing over if human Darwin would be black but let's settle the REAL de…[View]
142455220Watching Zombie Simpsons in 2024 has me like[View]
142453532If you know anything about history, you'll realize that Korra's tech is LESS advanced than…[View]
142447120HERBIE the robot: In the Fantastic Four cartoon from the 1970s, the Human Torch was replaced by HERB…[View]
142453228ITT: We post what /co/ creators are doing in 2024: The creator of Earthworm Jim and Catscratch, Doug…[View]
142452006How did he succeed where other shotas failed?[View]
142453913The owl house be like: >scene has stiff animations >Next scene has fluid animations because it…[View]
142453413I was actually upset when I was a kid and I learned that this was Arthur's son Not my SITS prot…[View]
142454637If you hate current Spider-Man so much why don't you make your own comics?[View]
142434035Punisher by Garth Ennis Storytime: War Is Hell: The First Flight of the Phantom Eagle >>142164…[View]
142449383This is a terrible comic[View]
142453830TCJ 'Read This and I Own Your Brain' by Noah Berlatsky[View]
142451245Indie animation dramas: There's been some indie animation dramas beyond my investigative abilit…[View]
142453900What changes can we expect from this?: >The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences board of …[View]
142454205Would you join the teen titans?[View]
142446558Shows only (you) have seen.[View]
142454318>music is forbidden Is there a worse plot device?[View]
142454119nuBumi was kino and you know it![View]
142453210>Rapier Ape is called that since he wields a Rapier >So...he wields another rapist >THAT …[View]
142447125CUZ I'M A POWER TOOL!: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tSTkKsXoOcM[View]
142451827TUBBY GUY TUESDAY: “Watch Kung Fu Panda 4, only in theaters” edition >be civil >live action di…[View]
142453087>Funny frog show[View]
142450609Imagine waiting 10 years for this. What a boring shitshow.[View]
142451684is SFM technically /co/?: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9photKAp_ls[View]
142452670Sucks: Question, don't you feel a bit sad or pathetic when you read comics, books or watch show…[View]
142447145Did no one tell Stan?[View]
142452181Did Disney actually ruin season 3?[View]
142431217Jean and Emma would have been a much more interesting and believable pairing than Scott and Logan, a…[View]
142453024Velvette will be the final boss: I know people think it'll be Alastor or Emily because Alastor …[View]
142437946Bittersweet Candy Bowl — BCB: I forgot why Paulo is even crying edition Comic: https://www.bitterswe…[View]
142452349It's just pure incompetence at this point: >Artist actually draws women with decent size bre…[View]
142452773Eric Cartman[View]
142450837>Aang, you couldn't have done anything, if you had stayed This is bullshit. The Southern Air…[View]
142452502Why did they make Miles mom hotter than Mary Jane?[View]
142452740What is the key to turning an indie comics character into a successful franchise like TMNT, Scott Pi…[View]
142448075Why does Chowder reject Panini so much? It’s super unrealistic, even for a cartoon. Most boys would …[View]
142435749Is this ship based or edgy?[View]
142452798Best boy.[View]
142451015I bounce to the beat of my own drum! I'm a wow in a world full of ho-hum! I'm a wild young…[View]
142451354What’s the difference between and episodic cartoon and a sitcom?[View]
142451359Obscure shit only you have read: I'll start the thread. >Aaron:The Duel >also released as…[View]
142452779>But I paid $5,000 to be a woman. This would mean I'm not really a woman, I'm just a gu…[View]
142452695The woman who made western comics and cartoons gay[View]
142452766Here /co/ lets talk about non tumblr indie animations https://youtu.be/xqH7NpkMFrg?si=zc18VOkQn3wO5…[View]
142452747>Homer, I thought you said you were gonna space out the tubs this year. >What are you getting …[View]
142452130Is Bullseye the Marvel equivalent of Joker? He’s even the best villain for their Red Batman >is s…[View]
142452472Fuck you this is great: https://youtu.be/X3QuMm2Qhh8?si=Mp9iyEkvYlbu9CfE[View]
142450626What did you think of it?[View]
142452671Grossology: That is fucking hilarious.[View]
142452637Dusty old bones: Full of green dust[View]
142451375Could Batman beat Yor? Could Yor beat Batman? OR would it just be an endless stalemate?[View]
142445914It's been 8 years: Does it hold up? Where does it rank among other /co/ films of its era?…[View]
142452420Slut with Sexmi.[View]
142450207Fun-Size Beano Storytime - № 197-200: 1-2 https://desuarchive.org/co/thread/140416498 3-6 https://de…[View]
142451108I have Hazbinitus. Please help me.[View]
142450005The mechs in korra should've been made of mostly rubber and plastic. It wouldn't excuse t…[View]
142446875Neal Adams: Why do people blame Neal Adams for popularizing the supposed boring, realistic art style…[View]
142442282Potpourri Storytime: >Alien: Black, White & Blood #1 >Godzilla Rivals: Mothra vs. M.O.G.U.…[View]
142452158Ok, i don’t trust 100% true because if guys see the movie leak to me. Coyote vs Acme is a very aver…[View]
142452144Comic Book Release Date Changes Thread - 4th Week of February, 2024: Previous threads: https://desu…[View]
142451190Why didn't Pinocchio tap that wooden ass? Was he gay?[View]
142445414The Loud House: New preview for 'The Loud House Spooky Special' graphic novel! https://www…[View]
142451751Can /co/ tell me who is the best Winx girl is?[View]
142372585Spoiler thread: A thread about Stephanie Brown [View]
142450646The Unofficial 6th Robin returns: Batman: The Brave and The Bold # 10[View]
142448323animation youtubers: what's the milk on this guy[View]
142436289Do you think Alan Moore would have even been capable of writing a good punisher story?[View]
142414054Acme vs Coyote thread #2: Continued from >>142373112 Quick run down: >screeners are confir…[View]
142442756Previous Thread: >>142427229 Paste: https://pastes.io/ym8ziu3v87 Sonic and the Freedom Fighter…[View]
142450014Is it possible to do a adult reboot of Spider-man: im not talking about doing a full on Punisher MAX…[View]
142446812>Subverts your Zutaran expectations[View]
142447623>Superman has Krypto >Batman has Ace Who does Wonder Woman have?…[View]
142448964The Mr. Men Show: Thoughts?[View]
142417262Cartoon fox thread: Post some cartoon foxes[View]
142447299HI MY NAME IS BRAK[View]
142449744this was the gayest fucking show ever. imagine watching a cartoon about fucking school and being 'ni…[View]
142449915>You almost got away with it you sneaky butthole[View]
142446385Can we have a Strawberry Shortcake thread?[View]
142449571What are your hopes and fears for season 2 of Hazbin Hotel? Discuss.[View]
142450671The duo that saved /co/[View]
142450983What are pros and cons to being a Fist of Khonshu?[View]
142450557Why did CN and Nick always feel like they were a step above Disney in the 90s/early 2000s?[View]
142446535>religion if you grew up in the 80s/90s But its a shitshow. I still love the movie but the show i…[View]
142450212>loses to a pathetic human[View]
142450160hazbin adam: why is he so beautiful?[View]
142450542>All Grown Up >they're not even teenagers…[View]
142450712What was your top /co/-related moment of last year? Mine was the main villains of Polly Pocket final…[View]
142450610Nintendo Power Comics: Did anyone ever read these in the early 90s? They had serialized Mario, Zelda…[View]
142439096they ruined her[View]
142448236Is UrbanSpook actually bad?: Or are people just saying that because of the child shit?[View]
142376594Pup time: You wouldn't scroll by without acknowledging the inherent superiority of the PAW Patr…[View]
142449965Tales From The Crypt: Can we talk about how this episode has ALMOST NOTHING TO DO with the story it’…[View]
142429346Is She Retarded?: >Be Avatar Kiyoshi >Falsely Confess that she killed Chin the Conquerer when …[View]
142446443What are ACTUAL well-crafted instances of foreshadowing in /co/ media? no tvtropes bullshit pls[View]
142446364Jew mom[View]
142448168What a fucking waste.[View]
142431931What would you consider the 'right' amount of fanservice?[View]
142447529No Kill Rule: >make reprehensible villain >colombian drug boss >serial rapist >serial ki…[View]
142448100ITT: weird shit exclusive to tie-in comics: in a good number of the tom & jerry comics from the …[View]
142428180Characters with annoying fanbases: I'll start.[View]
142427921I don't give a shit, I liked the entire show and thought the ending was appropriate.[View]
142446228mama macaroni![View]
142447230How did it succeed where all other following loreshit failed?[View]
142441455Overhated: ITT we post shows, characters, and comics that are overhated for no reason other than to …[View]
142443142Hazbin Hotel: What's the first thing (you) would do upon arriving in hell?[View]
142449520He was in the wrong here: >Excuse me sir, I made a stop here to ask you directions for my destina…[View]
142448819What's the /co/ equivalent of The Rose of Versailles?[View]
142445081'son, why don't you turn yourself into a bull and rape her it's easier' 'you could also tu…[View]
142443550Say something nice about Karen[View]
142449453Raven: Is Raven the coolest?[View]
142444186What's next for Black Widow?[View]
142448012Disney should give TOH an official physical release. I'd buy a copy.[View]
142446470What cartoon is this describing?[View]
142449020Drawn Together: Do you lament that this was not prevented from actually happening?[View]
142448704I want to give him a kiss between his bootchiks[View]
142447201Superman and Lois cancelled: Well. Here it is if anyone cares. https://www.xfire.xxx/warner-bros-can…[View]
142446454Questionable Content: Terrible[View]
142446557BRENDON: BRENDON[View]
142446173Cartoon hottie tier list[View]
142448235This is supposed to be Kuruk?[View]
142447805Why does Bullseyes costume in Daredevil Born Again look so fucking bad? They really couldn’t give hi…[View]
142419702Sunday Funnies 2/25/2024: Good morning, grandpa. Your paper is ready. It seems a little larger today…[View]
142447212This is, by far, the most adult animated movie ever made in America.[View]
142444911Epic Mickey 3 is on the horizon if the remaster manages to do well. Mickey and Oswald chads, we…[View]
142423217I think Ian Flynn is not making as good work as he used to. I think if more people read his Archie S…[View]
142306569Craig of the Creek: >A new CotC thread finally shows up. >It doesn't even last a day. Yea…[View]
142448359Heathcliff is walking outside.[View]
142448629Does Conan the Barbarian work better as a comic book character than a pulp character? The books were…[View]
142448596Primal: Finally got around to watching this, and overall I really enjoyed it, even with the rough en…[View]
142448522https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oa3jRkYgWrI What pill was he?[View]
142446263Has there ever been a Superman story where he travels to another universe or accidentally changes th…[View]
142440771What's the greatest Hanna Barbera character ever made? Or at least who's your favorite?[View]
142447991Brad Pitt's character serves no purpose to the plot at all.[View]
142370758Port By The Sea: I just marathoned the pilot that came out today, what did I think of it? https://y…[View]
142439349My daughter[View]
142444517DC Through the 10s: The Experiments: What comics did DC try in the 10s that defied conventions or tr…[View]
142437943Help :([View]
142447756Was Justice League Action a good, even underrated show? Can you even call it a show given that each …[View]
142447830>watching Batman Beyond >suddenly notice based Alfred hasn't appeared yet Oh no... is he?…[View]
142437457Maxine Monday: I love her so much guys![View]
142445915SKIBIDI I'm Inside Your Toilet ~ Rucka Rucka Ali: >'Chaos in the streets of Detroit! >We …[View]
142429547Does anyone remember these fucks?[View]
142447547I hope they keep Lt Jee in the live action show. I thought it was a shame they wrote out Zuko's…[View]
142446059Why is Roy such a faggot?[View]
142425523Before Ahsoka there was Lana from Skyland.[View]
142444561The Sensational Jackpot!: Post about Mary Jane Watson[View]
142447438pssst is kisscartoon safe? I wanna watch free cartoons but I don't want any scary viruses[View]
142446202*refuses to appreciate husband* What was her problem?[View]
142446841That 1973 -1985 Wonder Woman though[View]
142445738SUPERMAN: LEGACY Cast Picture: >David Corenswet as Clark Kent / Kal-El / Superman. >Rachel Bro…[View]
142446040THERE'S A COW IN OUR CAR[View]
142446226Pantheon: I just made it to season 2 and I still haven't decided whether or not I like this sho…[View]
142437719TikTok: Any good /co/ stuff in the Chinese spyware?[View]
142445314what are the most well-written examples of foreshadowing in /co/ media?[View]
142447017What is the worst case of plagiarism you have ever seen in a cartoon character?[View]
142446620Who would win in a riddle off? Loki or Riddler?[View]
142444386>Do I look like I know what a 'JPEG' is?[View]
142445778Comics like this?: Stories where the main characters are the bad guys? Hard mode: and they win…[View]
142444600Here is the launch lineup for the new Xmen line. Teaser Images will start coming out next Monday. Ma…[View]
142431149Murder Drones: How do you think N could possibly take down the Solver and Uzi in the season finale d…[View]
142403251Let's make Swimsuit Saturday a thing. Post /co/ girls in swimsuits.[View]
142444765Wheels & Roses: A new indie cartoon just announced. Trailer here: https://youtu.be/AETU1450uWQ?f…[View]
142446455OC Thread: Post your stuff here, commune, you know what to do! previous thread: idk[View]
142446401Character redesign thread: Post redesigns[View]
142442123So true![View]
142413616Radio Demon: So we all agree that something prevented Alastor from going all out on Adam right? Thin…[View]
142443163Why aren't there more cartoon adaptations of anime and vice versa? The only one I can think of …[View]
142441890Would this make a good Titans episode?[View]
142445684I don't get it[View]
142439766Did you rike this joke[View]
142445815>'plot focused show' >creator claims theres no filler episodes >cue a completely pointless …[View]
142437553Remember that episode of SpongeBob where Sandy was portrayed as a typical black person?[View]
142383612/hyw/ How's Your Webcomic: Real edition! Threads are made when it's time to make them. Pos…[View]
142444559Let's pretend it's 2011 and CN just announced that Adventure Time will not get new episode…[View]
142445212THE GREAT DEBATE: Theatrical version asshole Zeus https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Dwkg001uiYY OR Del…[View]
142446002Is it good? Didn't grow up with it[View]
142442136>overrated as fuck >kinda boring as a whole, plus not fun to revisit >very inferior to the …[View]
142442624Disney is absolutely panicing and this is the first time ever a perk like this has been added. Turns…[View]
142439237>ended 14 years ago >still a hot topic in western animation Honestly, I'm sick of hearin…[View]
142443039Wait, you werent suppose to actually like Soul 22 right?[View]
142443177I tawt I taw a puddy tat![View]
142435002Hey! Stop watching cartoons! I've had enough of your stupid cartoons! Aren't you a litt…[View]
142445612Mommy Lute[View]
142394805>ftm superpower >furry >millennial speak why did we need this?…[View]
142445422>Whitewashed Action Hank for what purpose? under the impression these hacks never watched the og.…[View]
142441796Courage Thread: What are your favorite episodes from each season? Mine are: >S1 Everyone Wants to…[View]
142443122Is he gay for Timmy?[View]
142324451Huntress Wizard: >Tfw no royal druid gf to protect you[View]
142445271>If the city is as magnificent as its wall, Ba Sing Se must be something to behold. I hope you al…[View]
142445128tamers thread: was he taking things to far, or did he deserve this?[View]
142443785How have you 'enhappified' someone or something today, /co/?[View]
142444031Previously on /co/: >P-POWER AAaaaaah inCREDIBLE POWER![View]
142440680The show would have been better if Gadget had been competent instead of a moron.[View]
142444728What did Matt mean by this?[View]
142444527>she's nice >she's sweet >she loves her people…[View]
142438029>Open the door, see this: What you do?[View]
142443198What are some characters that the creators are obsessed with to the point of basically killing the e…[View]
142416803Proud Family Louder and Prouder: So what the hell happened after the first season?[View]
142443561I don't get what her show is supposed to be about to the point where I don't know if I sho…[View]
142435891NASB2 fan poll: Results are out. Congrats to LeniAnons.[View]
142442670Could Debby have done better than her CPA husband?[View]
142443154Tim Drake being gay came out of nowh-[View]
142444234Now that the dust has settled and the hype has died down, can we admit that the amazing digital circ…[View]
142441415The Thunderbolts has finally begun filming: For better or worse, the movie will come out. What are y…[View]
142444469Archer: Jesus, what happened? 14 seasons when most people checked out mentally after Season 5. I sti…[View]
142442412Twenty five years later and he was right about EVERYTHING[View]
142441057What is the appeal of indie cartoons? They’re not as good as what you get on CN, Disney or Nickelode…[View]
142439326ITT: Canonical coomer characters. No fan designs.[View]
142442155ONE: New episode dropped https://youtube.com/watch?v=sKfB6_eF4cc&pp=ygUKY2hlZXN5IGhmag…[View]
142442398good ending[View]
142444214Does Xavier's School for Gifted Youngsters have a special education program? Or does Chuck not …[View]
142441175Let’s settle this once and for all: should Cobra Commander be a regular human or a snake man ?[View]
142433724Eris, Goddess of Discord and Chaos[View]
142443589Heh, why does one Mog the other in all their “assets”?[View]
142443723So what he thinks I'm having an episode too think it will be in a good minimum wage employee th…[View]
142443222It’s almost 12 years without the creator of Eddsworld <stupidleukemia[View]
142443384>Regular Show, Adventure Time, Robotomy, MAD >edgy >Classic CN >has a show about a nacho…[View]
142443024>that time Stan and Franny tried free-running[View]
142406182Does Azula work better as a sympathetic villain with a tragic past who can be redeemed or as a pure …[View]
142439268There goes our last female.[View]
142443420Remember when Vivziepop was guilt tripped for refunding a Patreon? https://twitter.com/SoftFurSunlig…[View]
142434578Despite the greater popularity of Marvel, why is it universally agreed that DC has the superior girl…[View]
142442496>went into this wanting to hate it >fag furshit >actually pretty great >fantastic music…[View]
142441439What are your toughts about Kung Fu Panda 2?[View]
142422994Now that the dust has settled, what did we think of it?[View]
142436619I like how Willem Dafoe popped up for like 10 seconds just to make a Spider-Man 1 reference.[View]
142425218Does /co/ remember Migration?[View]
142442450Disney live action adaptions are DEAD: Effective immediately, Walt Disney‘s President of Motion Pict…[View]
142437905Why did they make the ducks so ugly, the other animals look fine[View]
142438326Post a character you can picture committing suicide someday.[View]
142442883So this dude is probably going to release his Zutara video soon. Are there any ships from other show…[View]
142440780So Adam isn’t the father of humanity, Lucifer is right?[View]
142432040Was Avengers: Earth's Mightiest Heroes a good show?[View]
142440949a toothpick![View]
142441340Enough about one on one death matches. Who would win?[View]
142436949Does Boxman mass-produce Shannons? If not, he’s wasting a potential goldmine.[View]
142399417Weekend Shipping/OTP thread: You already know the drill Post Ships/OTPs Try to stay on topic.[View]
142434595Is there anything more wholesome than the love between a father and son?[View]
142435483I started rewatching BTAS from the beginning. What are your favorite episodes? You can also post epi…[View]
142441476Seriously, what cause hazbin to mog the shit out of invincible? How was invincible forgotten so quic…[View]
142442038>Send this MONKEY BACK TO THE ZOO! I cant believe Mattel got away with this…[View]
142441935masturbators won. RIP in shit forever to this Andrew Tate-flavored garbage harvest[View]
142441947Indie animation thread: Post some, recommend some >https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=v_4CVZSGIBo…[View]
142441767is there 2024 dogisaga or maybe like discount great choice 'we have dogisaga at home' pls i crave mo…[View]
142437883How does Wallace even control himself when he has to share the bed with a cute twink?[View]
142432985Why did they have to show the full Zuko/Ozai Agni Kai? Iroh's 'I looked away' was one of the mo…[View]
142440074Smash or Pass?[View]
142419830ITT: same VA[View]
142412057DALL-E /AI Thread[View]
142441392>back in my day, disney movies had more than TWO words in their titles[View]
142441731>son why were my panties in your room and what are these stains from?[View]
142441129A Spiderman animated movie centered around villains is currently in the works[View]
142388720Amelia Rules! Storytime: Wrapping up What Makes You Happy and gonna do the following volume, Superhe…[View]
142436098Would you a giant Kamala?[View]
142426995ITT: Canonical offsprings of WMAF couples[View]
142438791MARVEL ZOMBIES Animated Series Will Feature Mahershala Ali's Blade: https://comicbookmovie.com/…[View]
142431710Unsounded: Jivi really does bring out the best in Quigley.[View]
142440882>Genis gets Cosmic Awareness >starts running all the options on a universal scale; basically t…[View]
142382685Post your Egyptfu.[View]
142435343https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aFvw_yu0N3A SkibidiCHADS, Episode 71 is out![View]
142441006YYYYYYAAAAAWWWW hey, 'never gonna replace me' bros, remember last year when we used to have all thes…[View]
142436108Hazbin Hotel/Helluva Boss: Will she get her revenge?[View]
142439423Cartoon creators know that there are more lesbian couple archetype other than this, right?[View]
142439137What If season 3 features Captain Falcon, Bucky, Photon, Moon Knight and Shang-Chi piloting giant me…[View]
142439333How would the universe of The Boys be impacted by the existence of the Guild of Calamitous Intent an…[View]
142440706Smash or Pass?[View]
142440344According to a scooper, two animated Spider-Man films are currently in development at Sony: A female…[View]
142439000Was he so bad?[View]
142439997>I'm firing my laser, Anon[View]
142428948What's her name, /co/?[View]
142440046would a Zoophobia film be allowed to have a PG-13 rating or is the MPAA to fucking bitch made to let…[View]
142440133>Jeff Sneider says Shang-Chi was the lead character of Avengers: The Kang Dynasty prior to its cr…[View]
142439095Does Shaggy or Fred have more fangirls than the other?[View]
142439936Ok i don’t trust 100% true because If guys any see the movie leak to me. Coyote vs acme is a very a…[View]
142421302How should the X-Men interact with non-mutant superheroes?[View]
142440224Cartoons Suck Nowadays: Cartoons nowadays are downright embarassing compared to the greatness of the…[View]
142440222When you've bungled all your bangles And your loved ones have been mangled Listen to the jingle…[View]
142437135its time to settle this. What is the best form of bending?[View]
142438875>X-men is a ripoff of Doom Patrol >Doom Patrol is a ripoff of Fantastic Four >Fantastic Fou…[View]
142438512I liked this dude.[View]
142422377New look at IYANU: An action cartoon coming to Cartoon Network later this year https://twitter.com/T…[View]
142440168Old cartoons you only half remember: Help me locate this old cartoon please. It was a 90's or e…[View]
142440082Should Manny have fought and thwarted heroes as much as he fought and thwarted villains?[View]
142439502Why did even flash animated shows look better in the 00s compared to now?[View]
142436868In a SANE world, hand drawn animation would be the default expectation for comic book adaptations, w…[View]
142439394She should keep this aesthetic[View]
142438458Remember when Val Richards banged Ka-Zar’s son: Ka-Zar and Shanna the She-Devil’s son Matthew bumpin…[View]
142431848Star Trek Prodigy: This shit's so mid[View]
142437569Rank them https://tiermaker.com/create/adult-animat-71086[View]
142435042Fun-Size Beano Storytime - № 193-6: 1-2 https://desuarchive.org/co/thread/140416498 3-6 https://desu…[View]
142427099>makes the most popular cartoon of the 2010s >dies anyway What went wrong?…[View]
142438461The lion king is overrated[View]
142438741/co/ncept art thread[View]
142439074Why did it fail to be as popular, as oddparents?[View]
142436573What are some short films that have the potential for a full show or movie? I'll start: https:/…[View]
142434522How would you redeem him?[View]
142430201What ongoing books from DC are good right now?[View]
142428727Do you like Hazbin Hotel?[View]
142435262DuckTales: As a youngster I found no better animated show than DuckTales, I watched it every day I c…[View]
142438501what was his problem i just read through all the comic and really liked it[View]
142437498Why was Wonder woman never as popular as Batman or Superman?[View]
142437142>Marvel animation is ba-[View]
142435741If your favorite show gets cancelled is only your fault[View]
142406472Death Battle Thread: Rejoice, for the once lost battle has returned. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v…[View]
142438395Spacewrecked Episode 2: Came out yesterday https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8uaIcaKlr6E[View]
142435487Who’s the most evil Batman analog?[View]
142435909Spongebob yuri?: Spongebob yuri[View]
142437343Driftwood: What the heck happened to Driftwood? Did that CE-idiOt delete them all? I hope there will…[View]
142431689I can fix her[View]
142437961Lol: Also vintage comic thread[View]
142432825SMBC: Why do I still check this comic every day when I know I hate it? It’s deteriorated into the sa…[View]
142432060Oh no! William Stryker and Max has a character from the last piece of /co/ media you consumed and th…[View]
142437416TCJ Chris Mautner on The Losers[View]
142437797This is Katana. She's got my back. She can cut all of you in half with one sword stroke, just l…[View]
142437661Can anyone defeat him?[View]
142437667Antz walked so that Shrek could fly.[View]
142432953Is this accurate? even if this is more of a /mu/ question[View]
142437451ITT: /co/ characters that glow in the dark, either literally or figuratively.[View]
142437350Has /co/ watched the latest puppetkino? https://youtu.be/sI3RhwSF8mo?si=Aoyhuv2g_tIm9dfc[View]
142437443Why didn't you like Amphibia?[View]
142435422I'm quite excited for Absolute Power[View]
142437364Ben 10 is kino[View]
142434457Was the Incredibles 2 a visual improvement?[View]
142428583Which version of Sally is your favorite?[View]
142435953Why didn't he kill puss? Is he stupid?[View]
142368470Enid: She is very pretty, what's your favorite form of her?[View]
142436615Why are nu-SpongeBob designs so terribly designed? They clash badly with the old prestabslished fish…[View]
142430008If I ever woke up in DC I would want healer powers so I could help people If I ever woke up in Marve…[View]
142432277Has there been a single good comic to come out of this imprint or is it doomed to just live in Verti…[View]
142437071New Chaquetrix Thread: So where were we last time the other other day in the old thread? Did Paradox…[View]
142435479>nsfw of the show is better than the real show itself[View]
142436313Best boy[View]
142427984Are you hanging in there, /co/?[View]
142433619Human Torch thread: Discuss the famous superhero, Human Torch![View]
142436686Consider Stacy.[View]
142435043Why are there rarely any “serious” adult cartoons with a story? Why is it mostly just raunchy comedy…[View]
142436460Lute, my beloved.[View]
142436381Name a better /co/ movie soundtrack.[View]
142436356Remember us? :)[View]
142430154Why did the campaign fail?[View]
142435826Someone posted a picture a while ago on here from a recent looking comic (last five to ten years) wh…[View]
142435303Is it time for a transwoman as the new She-Hulk? After all, who could be more SHE-Hulk in 2024 than …[View]
142436208Remember his wigger phase[View]
142436165What do you think of the first The Lego Movie?[View]
142435182Enough time has passed we need a kappa Mikey reboot[View]
142433290Don't hug me I'm scared is the amazing digital circus but better. Characters who used to b…[View]
142436076This is my favorite Young Justice adaptation.[View]
142435181what is the job here[View]
142433053Space King premieres March 2nd: Flashgitz original series, which is not based on Warhammer, as their…[View]
142434763Give me all of your beatnik girls. Mime girls also accepted.[View]
142435689Fuck wb[View]
142435815Well, you came to the right place then, bruh. I ain't seen you since we was slaying dragons in …[View]
142418630Did Katara groom Aang? She was older than him.[View]
142429086Why do the most formulaic things become so popular?: Scooby-Doo, Phineas and Ferb, Pinky and the Bra…[View]
142435610Why was Dipper such a horny wolf on the show?[View]
142435657How did she lose?: >Be Azula >Fire/lightning bending prodigy >Blue fire is 10,000 degrees C…[View]
142435517This shows intro is how modern SpongeBob feels[View]
142434283Rage thread: Hello, aspiring red lantern here. I need comic pages that make you rage and maybe me ra…[View]
142434795Can some atleast found the script.[View]
142435127Chris Simpson: How does he keep his sanity drawing this shit for a living? My brain is melting just …[View]
142425214>non-binary zombie muslim lesbian with rainbow powers This is a fucking parody…[View]
142417548Not trying to start a shitty bait thread or anything but god western animation is really mismanaged.[View]
142434956Thoughts on the first four CGI movies by DreamWorks?[View]
142387578They fucked up already.[View]
142435394Skibidi toilet 71: Skibidi toilet 71 just dropped!!! https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=aFvw_yu0N3A&p…[View]
142433879Literally the hottest, thickest, juiciest, most daddy Batman ever and they got rid of him. Why…. I d…[View]
142433499'Lets tickle them til they wet their pants!'[View]
142412276Look at this cat: that I just found![View]
142424200People always talk about the best episodes of the first three seasons, but I want to know what you t…[View]
142434980Look at that little ghost go! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hQKOjKM2VtE&list=PLn-q1vaPZSYdtqH…[View]
142434653Heathcliff is looking up.[View]
142434549They should made the Thing stronger[View]
142434882They really gonna try and make She Hulk a major movie character still?[View]
142430456Time for a Adam and Lute thread.[View]
142434884I don't really like how they tried to mix episodes: I guess I can see potential but these chang…[View]
142427615'Why did this NEED to be animated?' is a question we NEED to stop asking. It doesn't fucking ma…[View]
142434179Have you ever made any food from cartoons?[View]
142428594If sticking out your tongue counts as crossing the finish line, then why weren't Chick and King…[View]
142431962Who was right?[View]
142432947Can we have a thread about this show? What’s your favorite episode adapted from the comics?[View]
142431567>Batman Beyond is good because Bruce uses a gun! Okay, so what I'm hearing is if Peter Parke…[View]
142434399This bitch gave me a fetish for women carrying men.[View]
142433335There are some shows that appeal equally to kids and adults. This is not one of them. There is no re…[View]
142423934What would happen if you gave Vee cocaine?[View]
142433664Lou Scheimer and Filmation are a blight on TV animation.[View]
142434497> Whoa! What a cool board![View]
142434149Ugliest Western loli?[View]
142429967Questionable Content: Terrible[View]
142433602Gunnerkrigg Court: Chapter 93: Page 8 Where https://www.gunnerkrigg.com/[View]
142432882Looking for an old cartoon network character: What I remember of the character is that he is a villa…[View]
142428592>”The Dark Knight” >Wears a suit with bright ass blue and yellow that can be spotted a mile aw…[View]
142418252Punisher by Garth Ennis Storytime: War Is Hell: The First Flight of the Phantom Eagle >>142164…[View]
142429512>Fred portrayed as an idiot >Velma is the smart one Fred was the most intelligent and level he…[View]
142434003>SHOW ME THE CLUSSY[View]
142432439The Holy Grail of animation: So I came across this interesting article with some opinions from some …[View]
142433857Why can't she be in a good show?[View]
142433596I liked both the Bullseye and Kingpin in the Daredevil movie despite the comic inaccuracy Wonder wh…[View]
142419478Soleil Comics: I'm sad that the Elves / Dwarves / Mages series form Soleil stopped getting Engl…[View]
142423593Phineas and Ferb[View]
142432567why did so many rappers love cartoons in the 2010s and why does it seem to have fallen off since? sh…[View]
142433708Dethklok: *singlehandledly saved the heavy metal scene for the zoomers*[View]
142433361Why Did He Care?: I'm rereading fables, and I quite like it, but there are so many moments like…[View]
142430162Has there ever been a cartoon as bastardized as Avatar was? Two absolutely dogshit live-action adapt…[View]
142429804nimona: how do you fuck up so bad that singular creature you've designed your entire society ar…[View]
142431916The Killing Joke and its consequences have been a disaster for the Joker's characterization.[View]
142432702Does anyone remember the Moltar era of Toonami? What was it like? Do any of the Moltar segments exis…[View]
142430198Spongebob Today: Okay, so the thrill of this episode dropping more or less passed, though the outcom…[View]
142433325Plots that a writer loves: >Obsidian and the Shadowlands >Brainwave Jr and Mr Mind >Hal Jor…[View]
142429646Strawberry Shortcake: Strawberry Shortcake is probably gonna be rebooted for ever. If you could desi…[View]
142431590They didn't deserve their fate. Zandale's parents were heroes. Change my mind[View]
142431370Was her movie really that bad?[View]
142420810What became of Billi Productions?[View]
142413322Superman Thread: Talk all things Superman. The current book by Williamson is alright in my opinion. …[View]
142427084I’ve noticed over the years a lot of people’s biggest qualms with the Avatar’s finale comes towards …[View]
142431954What would Gimpy think of the state of Star Wars in 2024?[View]
142432621why did it fail?: it was supposed to be the cartoon twilight zone[View]
142397329Why does /co/ hate Miles Morales for taking over the mantle of Spiderman but loves Batman Beyond for…[View]
142431897Captain America and Black Widow: Doesn't this pairing make sense to anyone else?[View]
142432199Wow, what a letdown. Alvaro and Bellaire did their job really well but Tynion really fucked it after…[View]
142402080Does anyone know what Jewish denomination Libby and her family belong to? Is she Orthodox, Reform or…[View]
142426616Chowder: Why did sharttoon nigwork cancel the pinnacle of entertainment?[View]
142427384Animation Domination #1 Animated Schlock on a Sunday night: THIS SUNDAY. SUNDAY. SUNDAY. Disney…[View]
142425993'He's just standing there... menacingly' edition Episodes: https://mega.nz/folder/1v13TBBR#A_gO…[View]
142431871complainin: ok i been here like 2 seconds, and yall right off the bat are like: western animation is…[View]
142431911Ok who was in charge of naming songs in Teen Titans? Aloso they REALLY didnt hold back with the Slad…[View]
142425595>no wife >no kids >body decaying Boomhauer was more depressing than Bill when you think abo…[View]
142429665Is he fucking retarded?: >Be Avatar 6 >Fight a Volcano >Die Why the fuck didn't he jus…[View]
142426749I love cartoons[View]
142430391Is there a real reason as to why he's so retarded other than his dad's genes[View]
142431552this caterpillar is making me feel things[View]
142426291Transformers: Redpill me on all the Transformers continuities. I ran out of G1 episodes and want to …[View]
142418296Do you like fish girls?[View]
142428625There are people who think like him,: and that's scary.[View]
142420612I see people talk about how Tom Taylor sucks, but I bought the last issues of Nightwing and Titans a…[View]
142429602/co/pycats thread[View]
142429135>has no problem stealing appa, using bloodbending and torturing people to find her way to her mot…[View]
142430644Gays in comics: How bad has it gotten in the comics? I don't read them anymore.[View]
142424499According to Brian A Miller, Invader Zim was greenlit during a time when Nick was trying be more lik…[View]
142426237I'm glad the media has shifted to having cute girls be with cute girls, tired of seeing men in …[View]
142429863How can anyone say cartroon network is superior[View]
142430426>Be me. >Go to an obnoxiously fundamentalist school. >Watch Hotel Transylvania. >Enjoy H…[View]
142426149Is this the real reason why she uses her bracelet to deflect bullets?[View]
142427793ITT: Characters that you want to cuck[View]
142429474Little AUdrey: She's cute.[View]
142427533Street Football: Did this air in your country? They released a new season after 12 years or somethin…[View]
142429031Riggy the rabbit monkey[View]
142428494A proposal: Watchalong threads are a lot of fun. But they're usually only for new shit. Would t…[View]
142408152Twelve Forever: Hope everyone is in the mood to post screenshots or art of Regina, I know I am…[View]
142424998Hazbin Hotel: Did Lute love Adam?[View]
142291747Edit Thread: Let's get em[View]
142429122Batman slash Robin: Buy War Bonds Goi Help The Ambiguously Dynamic Duo Cancel White Europe[View]
142427229Archie Sonic Storytime #147: Previous Thread: >>142408424 Paste: https://pastes.io/ym8ziu3v87 …[View]
142418515Star Trek: Is it just me, or does Lower Decks avoid references to Discovery? They make lots of light…[View]
142429649I can fix her.[View]
142429495god dammit... dat ass, those hips...[View]
142429032they ruined her[View]
142428524What type of bender is he?[View]
142426548/co/ would you watch Peppa if it was drawn and animatedlike that?[View]
142429426It's been well over a decade since Sozin's Comet, and Avatar: The Last Airbender, aired on…[View]
142424807Are these actually Dick's grandkids? Is the Harley Quinn movie canon to the DCAU?[View]
142427823Nova thread: why did al ewing try to make him gay[View]
142428849Unironically has more sakuga than most anime[View]
142428898I'm not even joking when I say Invincible would've been more popular if atom eve was teh p…[View]
142428941The most powerful being in all of fiction.[View]
142418319Spider-Man Villains: Who is the best Spider-Man villain?[View]
142424515I have a working theory going on about responses, so in order to test it, let’s re-imagine some of t…[View]
142428345SO TRUE[View]
142428354>Bring back a legacy IP >hire competent writers and artists >Treat the source material resp…[View]
142279779Harriet thread anyone?[View]
142428297>Spider-Man is easily beaten to death by a normie crowd Batman is clearly superior…[View]
142422260Bunnix from Miraculous.: I really like her, can we have a Bunnix thread?[View]
142426392Why did the Ed’s reject the Kankers so much? Most men would give an arm and leg for a woman to notic…[View]
142420025Iwájú: It's going to be shit[View]
142427166which one anon?: >Julian (the middle) >Janet (the left) >Julie (the right) choose anon…[View]
142421009whats ur favorite dogisaga[View]
142428022I don't Call it 'Captain Planet and the Planeteers': I call it 'Captain Planet and the PlanetQu…[View]
142419658Strange how this one miniseries has spawned four films with two more in production, a TV series in p…[View]
142426350Blue Eye Samurai Thread: I have enough suspension of disbelief that this character can perform super…[View]
142427597I miss these kinds of commercials https://youtu.be/i_fyp39EWj8?si=-2V-NRDZEZlAQ4kg[View]
142425498Robot Dreams: Why is it called that?[View]
142421914The bunny gets the pancake[View]
142424109It was me Eddie! I was the reason for everything ever![View]
142426773Debra Whitman: Was she the only one of Peter’s girlfriends who wasn’t a hoe[View]
142423550Was this show mocked or hated when it first aired?[View]
142426801HAZBIN HOTEL AVAILABLE ON BLU-RAY: Who wants one? https://www.ebay.com/sch/i.html?_from=R40&_trk…[View]
142426624>does the animation in-house >can create an episode in less than 1 week Why don't any oth…[View]
142426028Why does no one in this cartoon acts like real kids? I swear kids in this cartoon all behave like so…[View]
142425656What went wrong?[View]
142425877Triplets born[View]
142426055Who writes shit like this & how do they keep getting work?[View]
142425775This is my wife: Say something nice about her[View]
142427235How did they get away with rape on a kid's show?[View]
142425406Skibidi I'm Inside Your Toilet ~ PARODY of Lil Nas X 'J Christ' ~ Rucka Rucka Ali: >skibidi …[View]
142426257I am the only one who understood Omni-Man here.[View]
142426280Clone High S3: >'Looks like it's time to cancel Clone High... AGAIN.' Please fucking do, hol…[View]
142421985what are the chances that he ended up with mandy[View]
142418817Who are your two favourite characters of the Drawn Together main cast?[View]
142411400Murder Drones: In what order do you think Tessa found each of her drones? We already know that Cyn w…[View]
142424967Heroic girl x nerdy boy truly is the best dynamic[View]
142421622Top 10 Comic Book Weekly Bestseller List - 24th February 2024: >1. Ultimate Spider-Man #2 >2. …[View]
142424768What if Ed, Edd n' Eddy also had 3 girls they conducted scams?[View]
142425900you know... I do feel different[View]
142426795Spoiler, you won’t like Kung Fu Pand 4. What a massive letdown snooze.[View]
142423924Why did eds scams never work?[View]
142421597So Marvel caters to guro fetishists now? I can't even believe what a human mind would do with t…[View]
142423304Jimmy Two-Shoes was secretly based the entire time.[View]
142424074IDW Sonic: Why are they bringing back the warp topaz?[View]
142424324Saving Face: What ever happened to this?[View]
142426521>dishonor famiru >commit Goku[View]
142426390This movie stopped being great as soon as the fat people showed up.[View]
142426393>'ohhh yeah son watching these girly cartoons that has hot and attractive women will definitely m…[View]
142410139>Zuko would have defeated Ozai in the Agni Kai if the hadn't shown mercy >Somehow I'…[View]
142411636How would you make Hreen Arrow more distinct from Batman?[View]
142413981Thoughts on these designs?[View]
142424334Is smoking cool?[View]
142422464>The garage, Morty! Come to the garage! >Rick? Where are you? >On my workbench, Morty >A…[View]
142425872I'm only up to the second episode but watching Kyoshi pilot Ang's Body a fucking flesh Gun…[View]
142425902Autism Thread: I've got a good one to start off with, 'Christopher Bland The Whale,' He's …[View]
142425773Do you think DC or Marvel should give DevilHS a shot as drawing a comic?[View]
142425415So with coyote VS acme going to get leaked, will this finally send a message to execs to not fuck ov…[View]
142422181Why does no one like Vaggie?: Even fucking LUTE is getting more love than her. What went so wrong wi…[View]
142419662Same Name Storytime: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rb-qyjb41ow #1-4 https://desuarchive.org/co/thr…[View]
142421630Sex with Dijonay.[View]
142421875Why are they so perfect together?[View]
142424992How did they get away with this?[View]
142425083Hazbin Hotel: If the Vees are going to get focused on in Season 2, what do you think the episodes wi…[View]
142424727If you like to talk to tomatoes...[View]
142422706Eric Cartman[View]
142413134The 'I'm not racist, I have black friends' of superhero characters[View]
142423733What's the appeal of this show? Every episode is the same, with some slight differences.[View]
142424879Do you like Hillenburg's art?[View]
142418325Same Name Storytime: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AZx370aHVR8[View]
142422660Post LGBT characters this board likes[View]
142416081Best human version of Darwin in a while most artist make Darwin have a skintone that I don't li…[View]
142423838Uncanny valley aside, were they good movies?[View]
142421548Reminder that it wasn't Shyamalan or Netflix who ruined Avatar: It was Korra.[View]
142421922Post porcupines[View]
142423816>8 decades of Superman, Batman and Wonder Woman as stars of DC and now it's Batman, Harley Q…[View]
142423417How come Ga'hoole was so memory holed? It wasn't even considered for the Oscars when it lo…[View]
142423183Female Daredevil: What if Daredevil came out this year is female but everything is exactly the same …[View]
142424706Writing credit updates for the new King of the Hill season: How will they fuck it up?[View]
142422348I don't think you guys know what 'quirky' actually means, and after thinking about the same thi…[View]
142411095How do you respond without sounding mad?[View]
142424594What would you do if you had to spend an eternity in space like Bender?[View]
142423213Cute: Post cute characters[View]
142424371Why this? I know Gennedy's done comedy but wouldn't Black Knight be more up his alley?[View]
142424005The Maxx: I think this show as pretty good.[View]
142411254>There was an episode of Dungeons and Dragons where Diana fell in love with a Luftwaffe pilot hol…[View]
142424516Aavegotchi Margin's Blade: Anyone else waiting for this? what's the fucking deal of releas…[View]
142424260Anybody else lost their love for comics? I read ongoings and trades from 2009-2022, and I got burnt …[View]
142424336Does enyone know where to find full scans of it? It don't have to be translated.[View]
142424271If live-action June isn't throwing men over her shoulder with one arm, the show is absolutely d…[View]
142424204His head looks like a rook[View]
142420236Sisunday: She is risen, praise her.[View]
142421514Spiderman game thread: Face it Tiger....[View]
142423963does anyone have the bub snikt video where deadpool is trying to talk to wolverine but all he can sa…[View]
142417411Would Wonder Woman make a good wife?[View]
142414850zombie Spongebob: >Look at all the memberberries and forced wacky faces!! >Member that 5 secon…[View]
142412330Why do female charachters like this keep showing up in cartoons when they don't exist irl[View]
142374876Wakfu Season 4: We are half way there. Episode 5 and 6 are out. https://mega.nz/folder/1v13TBBR#A_g…[View]
142420509Did the show do black noir better than the comics?[View]
142423147post comics that are a vibe[View]
142419339>his smile and optimism: restored[View]
142421142I'm hungry, Ren[View]
142401990IDW Celebrates TMNT’s 40th Anniversary with Five New Comics: >2024 marks the 40th anniversary of …[View]
142422475Do you guys think the writers expected the amount of backlash they got from the audience for destroy…[View]
142422762Hey guys did you know that they changed the Cave of Two Lovers from being about Katara and Aang to K…[View]
142421260The scene that broke /co/[View]
142409372OLD vs NEW: >OLD https://youtube.com/watch?v=ptvkAggAAp4 >NEW https://youtube.com/watch?v=uSG-…[View]
142421591Zoomers will never know what it's like to rent an obscure failed pilot on VHS because of the bo…[View]
142421479TCJ David Groenewegen on Pearls Before Swine[View]
142421079charlie is into grey girls[View]
142417595Heathcliff has a wand.[View]
142422286Reminder that your childhood was woke but now you're too brainwashed and in denial to see it[View]
142422596I just want to give her a hug and comfort her.[View]
142422554Who would win?[View]
142418975Happy-go-lucky former slave in the reconstruction era[View]
142421271Favorite gay couple?[View]
142422037What the fuck was his problem. Also why he had a horn on his nose[View]
142421719Ms. Buy Me thread: A thread to discuss the obscure Marvel villain Ms Buy Me. Discuss adult character…[View]
142420525ITT: Fuck you, I liked it[View]
142422275Across The Spider-Verse: Who did it better?[View]
142421940All it took was six words to destroy an entire show. How will Bojacksisters ever recover?[View]
142422217Sokka's sexism character arc: Why does everyone keep talking about some series long 'he needs t…[View]
142421164What If: Marvel Wonder Woman: Let's suppose for a moment that Marvel, for one reason or another…[View]
142419178My Adventures with Superman: Why is this Brainiac now?[View]
142419334what are some examples of /co/ media based on things that actually happened irl?[View]
142420529>watch TV show >try to decide which character I identify with most >can never decide >co…[View]
142409518Spidersonas: Do you like them?[View]
142419143I'm beary nice[View]
142420266Do you prefer the original script or the final movie?[View]
142420977Do any of you guys actually work in the cartoon or comics industry?[View]
142405142>James Gunn thinks nerds will cream themselves over using the Kingdom Come shield in his movie …[View]
142421933Cartoons are a solved medium. We've already seen the best cartoons ever. Mainstream cartoons wi…[View]
142392558Why are kids watching Hazbin?? Are we doomed?[View]
142419508ROBIN was on Straight 'DEMON TIMING' in TOKYO!!!!!: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aryFmEPBTnU…[View]
142420647why the FUCK does toodles leave?[View]
142418197>Suki is now a horny teenage girl, who immediately wants to suck Sokka's dick but is too shy…[View]
142413193And what do YOU have going on /co/? Gonna need that update[View]
142412226Can someone name a single, actual, situation where an artist lost the opportunity to make an actual …[View]
142417825Steven Universe: Yeh kudiyan nashe di pudiyan Yeh munde gali de gunde Yeh kudiyan nashe di pudiyan Y…[View]
142420504Unironically my favourite Shrek movie[View]
142353367could it work?[View]
142411423What if Smiling Friends was actually funny?[View]
142402771ITT weird shit: Post some of the weirdest fanart and generally strange /co/ content you have[View]
142413017How do you make the Hawks interesting? Also, why do they have no villains?[View]
142420707Is Samurai Jack overrated? >Jack has to fight an army >It's just a long sequence of Jack …[View]
142419688What the fuck is she suppose to be? A demon dog goat clown? Why does she look different from her par…[View]
142419845holy hell I fucking hate muties they are violent nonhumans that exist to destroy the human race thei…[View]
142419349Why doesn't Disney release any of their newer shows on DVD or Blu-ray?[View]
142421095Sonic Prime[View]
142416193Sonic the Hedgehog: >Kids, there's nothing more cool than being hugged by someone you like, …[View]
142421062>wants to die[View]
142414115Why does Rick have so many fangirls? What about him is attractive?[View]
142418527The shorts where Bugs loses are by far his best. I like Bugs openly admitting he's asshole and …[View]
142420878Hokey Wolf thread[View]
142420245Slylock Fox: Slylock has three balls.[View]
142415104Find a flaw[View]
142418478Hi How Are Ya[View]
142417814South Park in a nutshell.[View]
142419721Attack on Avatar: When East Meets West: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3B1n2ymISrk[View]
142418454What comics/cartoons would you recommend to a newfag? What should you know as a co fan? What do you …[View]
142419639Best cartoon rooms: Is Adrien's room from miraculous the bet one? seems so comfy[View]
142412913I'd like to play a game, /co/ before you are two silhouettes, one is Chili Heeler, the other is…[View]
142417149Questionable Content: Terrible[View]
142405832Who are some /co/ girls who 100%, certifiably got spit roasted and double penetrated?[View]
142413092>character has a catchphrase[View]
142417624destroy FAT fags, you're a bad person because of your WEIGHT, be a good person and turn it into…[View]
142418967ITT:: Shows that aged rather poorly[View]
142407843The weak should fear the strong.[View]
142414184This is a plant.[View]
142417648The Red Lanterns are a better villain group than the Yellow Lanterns[View]
142412586>Katara and Aang are 100% platonic in the Netflix remake The leaks were true.…[View]
142418250Why does nobody bring up PAD's Genis run anymore? It took some real risks and went to some inte…[View]
142385210Casagrande movie trailer: https://youtu.be/jOCIRd7kQZ8?feature=shared[View]
142420109Did he really deserve his fate in TLOK?[View]
142413077Tell me anon, what futurama episode is the best to you? doesn't matter if it's considered …[View]
142417222Who wins and how?[View]
142415768Best Wonder Woman design[View]
142419977Do you really wanna Do you really wanna taste it?[View]
142418864I remembered that Puss in Boots has two wolves to fight.[View]
142412407hows the reboot[View]
142410710Model sheet thread: Look at how cute aang is[View]
142416930I'm the best[View]
142409845Why does race matter in VOICE acting?[View]
142419109What if Batman was cool?[View]
142398387Punisher by Garth Ennis Storytime: War Is Hell: The First Flight of the Phantom Eagle >>142164…[View]
142419026Is there a reason this lad doesn't make fun of Judaism in his comics?[View]
142418724No swimming in the Royalwoods lake anymore Lana[View]
142392280wow this circus sure is amazing and also digital[View]
142404375Catwoman Caturday: How can we make this character popular again?[View]
142418364I wanna give him a big wet kiss *smoooch*[View]
142386378What's your opinion of the Hercules-Iceman relationship?[View]
142407034People who no longer read cape comics from DC and Marvel, what is the last plot development you reme…[View]
142408688All Knights Are Bastards[View]
142407055Most of Vivzie's male characters are just base modifications of Danny from Cats Don't Danc…[View]
142417713But How? Why? I thought harley quinn was suuuper popular.[View]
142399119Why can't a good female-led superhero movie or a show be made? It seems like everything that…[View]
142415364just got finished watching all of Venture Brothers it's a good ass show[View]
142412927Childhood ruined: What’s wrong with this scene?[View]
142416498Pick one character out of the five to go - either they get permanently erased from everyone's m…[View]
142417552THE TOXIC AVENGER Returns In an All-New Comic Book Series: >By Pulitzer Prize Finalist and THE NI…[View]
142417927Like my loafers? Former gophers - It was that or skin my chauffeurs, But a Greyhound fur tuxedo Woul…[View]
142377389/hyw/ How's Your Webcomic: Fuck Your Scheduled Threads Edition Threads are made... whenever we …[View]
142408257Is Anne the best cartoon protagonist ever?: The answer is yes, obviously. But how? how did they do i…[View]
142417795INTO THE UNBEING: >Zac Thompson and Hayden Sherman bring science fiction horror to the anomalous …[View]
142321269Stargaze and the Sentinels of Starlight: Stargaze Monday Thread #33 – 'Bad guys' edition. In a galax…[View]
142417540How do these type of masks hold on to the face? Are they sticky, similar to band-aid? What's ev…[View]
142410700They dont make kinos like this anymore[View]
142417738Mad Love thread: >Ashamed that Harley came closer to killing Batman than he ever did >Instead …[View]
142417583Where's season 3?[View]
142417523Why is he blushing? He didn't blush even once when he dated Jin Is Toph his type?[View]
142416916Anya if she France.[View]
142417685The Writer, Ariel Olivetti,JOSH GAD: >In June, Dark Horse Comics will release the first in an all…[View]
142417461“RESIDENT ALIEN: THE BOOK OF LIFE”: >The newest chapter in the Resident Alien saga from Dark Hors…[View]
142417215Wait, aren't the Hyenas part of the Circle of Life? Does their God not want them or something?[View]
142416058Sentry: I genuinely, unironically, and without b8ing, find Sentry a 'better' character than Superman…[View]
142415975Robot Dreams Thread[View]
142416834Come up with a better caption for it.[View]
142412365Sedusa Saturday: Happy Sedusa Saturday, everyone. Let's get the celebration started by saying s…[View]
142411940Games that need animated series[View]
142412987heh, so true.[View]
142417493The animation seemed better and shittier at the same time, this is the only Ice Age movie that I can…[View]
142412539The Diary of Anne Frank (1995): Just watched this.[View]
142417450Sick of Comics now.: Why do people get sick of comics over reading them for over 20 years since they…[View]
142417284>zuko is a slit eyed chink >azula is fat >they already showed ozai >bumi looks like shit…[View]
142415763Who is the best girl?[View]
142415623Toonami General #4: Toonami Drinking Game https://rentry.org/ToonamiDrinkingGame Naruto Story http:/…[View]
142416600Based Toffee[View]
142413209Kinda underrated[View]
142412037Which show did it better?: >'My old church led me down so I’m joining a new one'…[View]
142415796So what's going on with adult swim in 2024?[View]
142412035>Peter, did I ever tell you about Madame Web and her three adopted daughters? >She used to tel…[View]
142402458GOTHAM ACADEMY STORYTIME! SECOND DAY!: Here's a link to the first thread >>142389107 It g…[View]
142285493Jellystone: New episodes are coming out in a few days and some teaser images have been released via …[View]
142414684Toonami General #3: Toonami Drinking Game https://rentry.org/ToonamiDrinkingGame Naruto Story http:/…[View]
142414259OC Thread: Welcome to the OC thread, this is where one shares their Original Characters, character m…[View]
142408822Winter is almost over, anyone up for a snowpeople thread?[View]
142414500Spongebob: Tango Tangle: I kinda hope Suzie Groove comes back[View]
142384855DALL-E / AI Thread: Brain Blast Edition Previous >>142356037[View]
142415146Elsa Nicole Corgi[View]
142411754should i read these or are they just glorified fanfiction[View]
142411358I am a ruined man.[View]
142407337I just found out about the chibi shorts. wtf[View]
142402769“Fallen Grayson” Begins in Nightwing #114: 'We wanted to show how high this flying Grayson could soa…[View]
142410797Duck Thread: >spin-off Epic Mickey in which Donald would have a bigger role than before and that …[View]
142385808Kung Fu Panda 4: Almost time, bros. It prescreened a few days ago, no furious 5 until the credits.…[View]
142398953Pak completely destroyed Hercules to prop up his shitty Korean self-insert, and Herc has not recover…[View]
142414322StopMotion: Heads up for this partly animated British horror movie, now out in some US theaters. htt…[View]
142413737Toonami General #2: Toonami Drinking Game https://rentry.org/ToonamiDrinkingGame Naruto Story http:/…[View]
142368401Lenore thread <3[View]
142414336>Gantu >Villain[View]
142414171MTV Spider-Man: it was underrated[View]
142405641NO MUTIES HERE[View]
142411536Why did he do it?[View]
142413287Is Wizards any good?[View]
142413819Was there any Harvey Beaks material in that Nickelodeon leak that happened recently?[View]
142411789I do not care for Hazbin Hotel or Helluva Boss.[View]
142413567Pardon my buzzword, but >SOUL[View]
142409212Toonami General #1: Toonami Drinking Game https://rentry.org/ToonamiDrinkingGame Naruto Story http:/…[View]
142407865ITT: You can kill ANY cartoon character of your choosing (if they didn't already die in canon).…[View]
142399295watchin a movie: hey guys i am watching the fantastic mr fox for the first time. I have heard it is …[View]
142413313There's this DC cartoon about a young Superman (maybe this is Superboy or Superman Prime idk) a…[View]
142373112What time is the Zaslav meeting tomorrow?: I wanna be there when the movie gets leaked so I can grab…[View]
142404661Hazbin Hotel/Helluva Boss: Why Viv had to turn them into a bunch of jobbers bros...[View]
142411748Care to try some Wilkins Coffee?[View]
142399044Monster High thread[View]
142410671Choose Your Own Adventure: What are some of your favorite comics of this genre?[View]
142412575Just watched the Justice League Action episode where Riddler and Joker face off, it's pretty fu…[View]
142407990So at the end of the day, was she really wrong?[View]
142407522Watching Mario movie on dvd I hope I like it[View]
142411094That's what I said.[View]
142406032Why can kids books easily get away with shit you couldn't even see on Adult Swim?[View]
142412694>Kelsey grammer has sex with dogs? >yeah, everybody in hollywood knows this stuff Seth has a l…[View]
142412693>I am forgotten[View]
142409213THOR 5: >Thor is chilling with his adopted daughter Love. >Hercules comes in, kicks his ass an…[View]
142408955What was it like to watch this when it first came out?[View]
142411182Facial expressions: Visceral, well-designed facial expressions that actually look like the character…[View]
142409417mcu ranked in my subjective opinion[View]
142412453The Bad Batch: How do you think this season is going to go?[View]
142409848DOCTOR STRANGE 3: Expectations?[View]
142411408He's husbando material.[View]
142411817obscure shows: what are some obscure cartoons that you know of (either web or tv) that hardly anyone…[View]
142411255Why is Peppa so hated? I think is clever.[View]
142404425Molly McGee.[View]
142408349Normal words, but a horse guy![View]
142412202Best live action casting ever Yes, even better than Reeve Superman and Nicholson Joker[View]
142412056Strange/Out of Left Field Character Choices: What do you all think are the strangest choices you’ve …[View]
142407233Suicide Squad Kills The Justice League Confirmed Flop: WB reports they are 'disappointed by the game…[View]
142411649>antz doesn't exist >antz doesn't exist >antz doesn't exist…[View]
142411216The eternal battle[View]
142396853What the fuck was Dreamworks thinking with this design? Years before they made a damn Biblical movie…[View]
142410230Redheads: Have they ALWAYS been this prominent in cartoons? I didn't watch much TV growing up.…[View]
142408879How will her cats be?[View]
142409167How a non porn cartoon of her, could work?[View]
142409009Admit it, they absolutely nailed Zuko[View]
142411300It was Cat Day in Japan last week. Can we have a /co/ cat thread?[View]
142411020watching the cartoon instead of the live action show. its a lot better than i remember it being.[View]
142407474Da Juggernaut's Thread: Don't you know who I am? I'M DA JUGGERNAUT, BITCH![View]
142406307Why is there seed coming out of your oven, Sneedmore?[View]
142408424Archie Sonic Storytime #146: Previous Thread: >>142391534 Paste: https://pastes.io/ym8ziu3v87 …[View]
142410542Surprised he didn't appear in Teen Titans Go! honestly.[View]
142407313>'Family Guy is actually good, shut the fuck up!' >Family Guy:…[View]
142402392What if Emma and Tony Stark have a child before the marriage ends?[View]
142407155>superman is boring >no superman is good and fun Why is all the discussion about this charact…[View]
142409689>I'm not so sure about this idea of yours >Well, i'm sure…[View]
142409199Why are they friends?[View]
142410485I'm sick and tired of Batman.[View]

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