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144138746>Unicron: 'Optimus, join me and I will give you anything you want.' >Optimus: 'I WANT YOU TO D…[View]
144140216yo pierre you wanna come out here?[View]
144138130In hindsight, this show just kind of came and went and left no ripples in it's wake huh? Zero …[View]
144139115Rate this rating[View]
144139657X-FORCE NEW COVERS: >Throughout X-Men history, there’s always a need for a team of formidable mut…[View]
144139818The perfect wife.[View]
144134617He's very talented but honestly he held himself to too high of a standard and self-inflicted hi…[View]
144138236How would Kara fare in Invincible?[View]
144077782SMG4/Glitch: So what do you think of their shows? Do you have a favorite? Are you excited for their …[View]
144125379>M.O.D.O.K. has been played for a joke in the comics for years, and even turned into a Trump look…[View]
144136824Will this be good?: THE POWER FANTASY #1 WRITER: Kieron Gillen ARTIST / COVER A: Caspar Wijngaard CO…[View]
144139835>reignites my love of comic books by freeing me from the shackles of a subpar comic shop Guys, I …[View]
144139665Darkseid: What is Anti-Life?[View]
144139358My Life as a Teenage Robot: Rocket belly![View]
144135796Decline of VA quality: The is not about hiring famous actors to voice character in big budget movies…[View]
144139495Why Shrek 2 is so unbelievable bad?[View]
144125049There are no stupid dreams, anon. Only stupid people who never live them.[View]
144139331im sorry bros...its time to sell my collection[View]
144136922Do you headcanon out certain comic arcs if you hate the writer? Example, Chip and current Batman.[View]
144139407Am I the only one who hated this show? I was especially angry at how for a while, this was the only …[View]
144131468>June 2024 >I am forgotten[View]
144136994Nightwing #115 Storytime[View]
144136267Keeping r34 hidden: I know r34 of a cartoon or videogame is inevitable, but how do I prevent it from…[View]
144138870Lola Bunny bros...: The new woke Looney Tunes game took our breasts away[View]
144135955Wonder Woman #10 Storytime[View]
144139293Meg will win at the end.[View]
144139189Rebellion announces the return of the 2000 AD Annual: >After an absence of three decades, the fir…[View]
144137757MAHVEL BAYBEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!![View]
144137481Why?: I love super heroes, I love the tales of men and women with superhuman abilities, I love the e…[View]
144137657Hello, how are you doing?!: What is the source for the claim that Bob Kane's original Batman wa…[View]
144138991Do you like chicken?[View]
144131054Why are they portraying the Kryptonians as a warrior culture?[View]
144137188The Cool Autistic Gamer 774: Could the Cool Autistic Gamer 774 genuinely have a feasible chance of a…[View]
144136931>90stards were literally this psychologically disturbed back then https://www.youtube.com/watch?v…[View]
144133922ITT- Post /co/ characters you associate w/ & other anons guess what your like based on your choi…[View]
144137728>dude what if Superman......... but EVIL! >dude what if Superman......... but A MANCHILD! >…[View]
144055030Wakeman Wednesday[View]
144135877>these four start a verbal (and soon physical) fight Who's actions would be the most extreme…[View]
144128575>go to 'school' for animation >It's all outsourced to Koreans >6 niggillion in debt …[View]
144135609War Picture Library Storytime - № 784-5, 792-3: 1-4 https://desuarchive.org/co/thread/137948883 5-7 …[View]
144138892Fucking Jets J-E-T-S, Jets Jets Jets! idiot[View]
144138884Only good ship for Supergirl is Kara x Garth[View]
144135612>Displace the Mutants in another Dimension for 15 years. >and they actually created a Utopia. …[View]
144137911Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Why is April like this?[View]
144137914Why is Family Guy so funny?[View]
144126174Gumball Season 7 - The Burger: We got a detailed description of the first new Gumball episode since …[View]
144129027Spider-Man Storytime #195 SSM 176-177, SM 13-14, MK 32-33: Last time Spider-Man found himself in Wol…[View]
144133630How come this show went from a surreal comedy with a couple of guest e-celebs to being 'every episod…[View]
144130493Marge Simpson voice actress dead at age 81: That's right, Nancy Mackenzie, Marge's voice a…[View]
144138434Adult Swim: Why is Adult Swim squeezing Cartoon Network out?[View]
144112679The eternal debate.[View]
144133126Which one is the best one?[View]
144138274Best DC film?[View]
144097734The Luma Dream Machine Thread 2: Any image comes to life with the Luma Dream Machine. https://lumala…[View]
144134330Why didn't Disney Channel (and Disney XD) embrace TV PG cartoons like Cartoon Network did?[View]
144136887comics that make you think[View]
144077511Flyday/Bug thread: Another week, another friday to mess with. Post your cutest buggos[View]
144082500It’s pride month, so let’s discuss the only lesbian that /co/ actually likes[View]
144112549Bedroom. Now.[View]
144135938Still one of the few adult stop-motion shows that doesn't try to ape Robot Chicken.[View]
144128488YOU invent a brand new superhero, right now[View]
144138243General chaquetrix thread: General talk about the Chaquetrix thread. What you like, dislike, or miss…[View]
144131617/co/ & /mu/ thread: Post the best /mu/ related /co/ content. It can be openings you like, musica…[View]
144128843Smiling Friends: Rank em https://tiermaker.com/create/smiling-friends-all-episodes-16947973…[View]
144137130>download unofficial homestuck collection to finally see what the homestuck hype from 10 years ag…[View]
144136427Big City Greens: Happy sixth anniversary to the show! It has achieved so much over the years. I’m gl…[View]
144138198It was vegan propaganda, but it was still fun[View]
144116476did she deserve better, /co/?[View]
144137947We are so back[View]
144127936>has two dates at one point >implied to get with Mandy in the future How does he do it?…[View]
144138048Sex with Mrs. Velasquez[View]
144136341Does she look like this now because she might be a villain soon? Why would they make her look like a…[View]
144137162>Superman shooting a mouth beam Holy shit , this gay shitty show is unwatchable.…[View]
144137906Yara is best.[View]
144137566We're back. Disney is letting them do Marvel Vs games again.[View]
144125774The US Government is suing Adobe: What does this mean for animation? Nearly everyone in California u…[View]
144136621>uhhuhhuhuhu uhhh this street sucks >mmhhmmhm heh yeah it really does suck everything is like …[View]
144137801Comic Book Release Date Changes Thread - 3rd Week of June, 2024: Previous threads: https://desuarchi…[View]
144133689Cat Vore: The Movie[View]
144137497What's /co/ thought on this book?[View]
144136145Which One?[View]
144134630Warner to produce a Scooby-Doo *anime-like* series called 'Go-Go Mystery Machine'. Created by Franci…[View]
144108205Kelly Thread: Kelly does it again![View]
144136010If there is one thing I learned from the Krakoa era of X-Men is that /co/ is not interested in readi…[View]
144102476ITT: Adaptations that ruined characters you like: Bonus points for obscure characters, because: >…[View]
144132458>watching Owl House >Raine shows up >Why does this old dude like a teenager >Look up voi…[View]
144134110Why is she so cute bros?[View]
144136823How does /co/ feel about the whole 'Cosmo and Wanda are angels' reveal?[View]
144136161So, is Riley gay now or was the trailer a bait and switch?[View]
144108802It's a thread about nothing! How do we know when it's over[View]
144136613Why did he fuck up his whole career? Kirbopher spent his entire teenage years sucking up to moderato…[View]
144133972How did it went downhill? It only had 53 episodes[View]
144122325Atomic Busty[View]
144136257why did he do it[View]
144133335>Threatens to slit your throat for calling Snagglepuss gay How would Joe Barbera have responded t…[View]
144129744The Loud House: We can’t have these threads dying before bump limit again, man. The new episodes are…[View]
144135837HANAZUKI: Can /co/ reboot Hanazuki with or without the help of AI? https://co.vidya.pics/ Let's…[View]
144129112I think joy is pretty cute! do you like joy?[View]
144136435Family Guy: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qLG3l7NG1nU&ab_channel=Mr.Rupert[View]
144136451Fall of X talkback: Krakoa era of X-Men may have ended, but I’m still bothered by the amount of plot…[View]
144134183So why were the guys from The Big Bang Theory in Power Girl that one time?[View]
144135991Davey and Goliath Mountain Dew commercial: Yes, before it was a drink for gamers, it was a drink for…[View]
144130156Never try to write a super intelligent character if you yourself are an idiot[View]
144136323Everybody talks about Rouge, Emma Frost, Mystique, hell even Kitty. But me personally, it's Dom…[View]
144133944Do you know what 'Sonya from Toastville' is?[View]
144125937Elinor Wonders Why: We're not done just yet, more Season 2 episodes on the way! >The Violin …[View]
144127905Bertstrips: Bertstrip thread?[View]
144134080>you will never come to the jam >you will look like a landlubber >you will never do the aqu…[View]
144132873Why are they holding hostage the movie production? It's been well over a year ago S4 ended...[View]
144130905/co/mrades, would you have preferred if Kim Possible were presented and animated in a more 'traditio…[View]
144133884Putting aside that this is the most back to basics X-Men has been in decades, literally just mutants…[View]
144132067I never thought of Skeeter as black when I was a kid.[View]
144135706what if john egbert arabic?[View]
144135185Did Oz or Wonderland set out a better job of world-building?[View]
144135385Why is buying comics such a miserable experience? >TPB releases literally years and years behind …[View]
144134510Who on earth buys symbiote stuff in current year? That shit was played out and then buried by Cates …[View]
144131632Why do you people want to have sex with drawings[View]
144091706Confinement: Despite everything, i still missed these niggas[View]
144131467Are you rooting for them, anon?: How soon do you think Jimmy and the gang will be able to woo Kara a…[View]
144124793Is clone wars actually worth watching?[View]
144133534cartoon: what do you guys think of my drawing? :P[View]
144128391Was it any good?[View]
144062256Edit General: >>144051660 Comic edits editiod. Upload images of edits or requests for edits. I…[View]
144135106Rough sex in a dirty alleyway with Wraith as you choke her out with her own ribbons.[View]
144132224Thoughts on this movie, /co/?: For me it was alright, but Bayformers was unironically better.[View]
144125443>Throwaway book made to fulfill a partnership with a store >Written by a hack writer >It tu…[View]
144121292>Anime Parody Episode >Still thinks anime is Speed Racer/Astro Boy By the time this aired Evan…[View]
144134816Isn't that pretty much the same thing?[View]
144132006Was the Golden Age / pulp era of comics really as kino as the game Fallen Aces depicts?[View]
144132375How come people dismissed We Bare Bears as a mediocre show? I found it pretty comfy to watch.[View]
144124945DEADPOOL & WOLVERINE new stills: Toad in the back and Juggernaut behind Wolverine. 1/3[View]
144132645The Endless: What are your thoughts on The Endless, and their place within the DC universe? They, li…[View]
144132118I have NO standards. the shittier the cartoon the more I watch it![View]
144125606>its a “the fat friend gets a hot gf” episode Why do writers keep doing this shit?…[View]
144132719Throughout the violence in movies and sex on TV, I alone am the Family Guy.[View]
144117347Unsounded: Oh hey, she's talking about that one guy.[View]
144130451>This thread is completely useless. >HYEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!…[View]
144134750Why didn’t this character cause outrage like Apu?[View]
144124930How did such a good writer fuck up this badly?[View]
144133897Big City Greens: Happy 6th anniversary to the show![View]
144113435>Spider-Man x Spider-Gwen YouTube videos using Fortnite models >get millions of views each …[View]
144134155Any fans of Ken Reid?[View]
144133960fuck this idiot, she's always like >'Duh, I'll make our Stitch clone do the thing that …[View]
144132310Best joke in tv HISTORY[View]
144133372Encyclopedia Of Manliness: https://x.com/maddoxrules/status/1801345988734632335 >I can finally an…[View]
1441243212000s emo thread: Post ‘em[View]
144124570I've been watching clips from the Lalaloopsy show that used to air on Nick Jr. Actually pretty …[View]
144132341Questionable Content: Terrible, but honestly a little bit funny this time[View]
144134105>Just doing some random shit >remembers Doug and Psycho's mom Oh shit! She's Spamish…[View]
144130958>He's totally straight[View]
144129131Why did he get screwed over so hard? No woman and no throne They did him dirty[View]
144131350The Cool Autistic Gamer 774: https://m.youtube.com/@thecoolautisticgamer774 What is The Cool Autisti…[View]
144133720>It's gonna be eight days, Morty! Eight days to Bendigo to get me cube!…[View]
144115219Ha I just found out about this! So fucking stupid. Joker would probably linch him.[View]
144083555Funbag Friday[View]
144131633what happened to fun villians[View]
144127066Zootopia 2 Leak. >The story is about how dinosaurs come to Zootopia. >It is not an invasion, t…[View]
144131773Holy cute[View]
144133543Ernest Goes to Splash Mountain: Randomly remembered this was thing today. https://www.youtube.com/wa…[View]
144131409AI of X: >Xavier sympathizes with robots now, too Geez. I like how big-hearted the guy is, but gi…[View]
144120385Pixar: Why is this the worst pixar movie?[View]
144132982What would /co/ think of a cartoon adaption of The Office?[View]
144132907Is this real[View]
144130291Why hasn't anyone ever done anything animated with this? Are they stupid?[View]
144132136Why doesn't Joe just cut his losses and divorce her or at least beat the shit out of her?[View]
144132672>Okay...so It's like Scooby-Doo, but the dog turns invisible some times, and the Partridge f…[View]
144132972>I love feelings![View]
144127707Transgender Characters: It's Pride Month. Post any and all canon Trans characters from /co/ mat…[View]
144131688Why did they design her to be so voluptuous?[View]
144091815I want to crush this shithead's little skull[View]
144130226Did the Itchy and Scratchy creative team only pretend to be moved by Homer's speech and plan to…[View]
144129513I love goth girls: Especially this one[View]
144131424I never thought that Disney princesses actually made more revenue than the entire MCU[View]
144132366What the fuck was his problem?[View]
144132339Hello My Beautiful Creatures: So, what do you think? It's a stop-motion animated movie made by …[View]
144123418Totally Spies Live Action: A live action adaptation is in the works with Amazon. Will Ferrell set to…[View]
144130318Dan VS.: This show was ahead of its time. Also there were ALOT of cuck moments in this series.…[View]
144132047What's this one? Crabs is a...[View]
144129263Dickie Duck friends created in brazil: Netunia is a cutie![View]
144131862Jolly good show: I'll tell my schoolmate that this Ching Chong made Gumball is better than a Fr…[View]
144120360what did he mean by this[View]
144128659What an adorably romantic meet-cute[View]
144131933With Marvel introducing not-MAX, will we get works like this again and Deadpool MAX again?[View]
144131815cute funny comic[View]
144127575/co/'s Hanazuki Full Of Treasures: Can /co/ reboot Hanazuki with the help of AI? https://co.vid…[View]
144130866What makes him so lovable?[View]
144131626Damn, Zuko looks like that?[View]
144129657Why did this show and Fish Hooks feel like Disney Channel sitcoms that were animated? Even Kim Possi…[View]
144126385Why Sausage Party Is A Godawful Adult Humor P*nis Hell: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=h0e6MVoiSmQ…[View]
144131445Astro yuh Sun is down freezing cold[View]
144126000ITT we make up random headcanons about Webweaver before he’s properly introduced in the Boys show[View]
144130883Chadpool: >Be me >Deadpool cosplayer since the game came out >D piddy’s vids got me into co…[View]
144108137Was she right?[View]
144130955I've been reading X-Men comics for 25 years and I still have no idea what Mister X's power…[View]
144126678Nothing after the original season of Total Drama Island was anywhere as great. Action was nothing bu…[View]
144126287Do they prefer female company?[View]
144129792Gilf sexo[View]
144129351>My name is Katherine Wells. I am from the British Colony Gibraltar. You saved my life. I have no…[View]
144124850>Yes animators. It is essential to our childrens cartoon that you draw this scene with slurping s…[View]
144122011What are your thoughts on Xiaolin Showdown?[View]
144127500Why is it that the Powerpuff Girls never delve into gender issues that specifically affect women? Th…[View]
144120721I've been reading X-Men comics for 25 years and I still have no idea what Stilt-Man's powe…[View]
144130132Clock King: So, did anything come of him going back in time to tell his past self to become a hero, …[View]
144127302Is Anxiety from Inside Out 2 a good compromise for the modern Disney villain problem? Modern Disney …[View]
144129821so, does Audrey have a missing tooth due to her parkour\ extreme stunts , or is it a baby tooth that…[View]
144128051Funny: Post funny things[View]
144130217ITT: Canon rapists[View]
144130565/co/'s thoughts on Fangface?[View]
144122398What are they looking at?[View]
144129361Literally half the problems in this movie were from Ultraman forgetting he could fly.[View]
144130137Doom takes over 616 tomorrow what does he immediately start changing[View]
144129337>IM STEALING ALL THE HONEY! FOR THE HONEY NUT CHEERIOS https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dYQKl9uRJK…[View]
144113083>WHO DO YOU SERVE?[View]
144127710Kino https://youtu.be/AkEhdt5ZDF8?si=mwkX_gH0ozi9-jwX https://youtu.be/2qLhAdA5ZXI?feature=shared…[View]
144128527Prank voicemails are real? What?[View]
144125649It's now canon[View]
144107899Relatable. Let's post more relatable comics in this thread.[View]
144126973Why did they make Optimus such a bitch in this?: >Jobs in every single fight >Constantly mopin…[View]
144114645TOMORROW I'LL[View]
144127867Should Weiss have accepted his advances? I think he was hard done by by the show[View]
144101636How would you improve Iron-man? He hasn't had a good run in decades. And despite his dramatical…[View]
144115759Lackadaisy: So is the comic on permanent hiatus for the rest of eternity while we wait on the TV sho…[View]
144089864>Only 600k views in a day It's over[View]
144127901>The most recent hiccup for the MCU’s “Blade” arrived June 12, when it was announced that directo…[View]
144126107Biggest twist of this week's episode is that this nigga likes WOMEN[View]
144129102Why does fanart of Dipper never include his birthmark?[View]
144127162Why doesn't he voice the joker?[View]
144124872Riley is developing mental illness. It's over.[View]
144120663Amphibia premiered five years ago today. What are you best memories from the show?[View]
144114166What does /co/ thinks of Yugoslavia animation?[View]
144099816Trolls Thread: >Bossy and evil but cute girl >Dumb and kinda sweet cute boy >Rubber hose ca…[View]
144122771Silly jew? Or stupid jew?[View]
144116380Adventure Time: What are your thoughts on AT getting a new F+C season, a prequel spinoff, a BMO spin…[View]
144126844pot hats, the cutest ones[View]
144128247I hope we see more of Tyler in the future, it was cool how much Charlie seemed to care about him. I …[View]
144126624If Ollie & Scoops Were Charged for Their Crimes: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=h2NBeUNMH1g…[View]
144118079Smiling Friends: The show has become unwatchable with all of these jump scares.[View]
144097648explain this character to me: Genuinely not trolling, please explain in a coherent manner why he…[View]
144125639/co/ and /v/ will collide tomorrow.[View]
144128117These lions are too good looking! Were they made by early furries?[View]
144127661knock knock![View]
144128077So down with school, I'm gonna rule! When I'm king I'll do my thing, and my life will…[View]
144127736What do you think of Fanny and the Pack? So some guy made a Rocky & Bullwinkle-esque cartoon of …[View]
144127877When will Thundarr make his comeback ?[View]
144127588Now that the dust has settled,Was xe in the right? Should Clarabelle have udders in or out?[View]
144124222CREATURE COMMANDOS Updates: >Picks up after Peacemaker, with Amanda Waller no longer able to get …[View]
144124736Should this episode have been the series finale?[View]
144110103>go woke, go bro-[View]
144124170Reverse-Flanderization: >Early Rugrats: Mean, spoiled little girl who bullies her baby cousin and…[View]
144125302penny crayon thread?: so where do you think magic “draw-to-life” art utensils came from anyhoo…[View]
144127442i want to fuck fear: and all the other emotions too (from the first movie)[View]
144123943Ren & Stimpy Underground: Stimpy's Totally Unironic Feet.[View]
144123734Pick one of the Simpsons main characters to permanently kill off[View]
144127109Post any /co/ characters cosplaying as any character that is or isn't /co/ related NOW![View]
144127081It's all one big club and you ain't in it.[View]
144123738They ain't gonna get honey mustard twice![View]
144124159Dog of Man: https://youtu.be/0--DtAr6dvo?si=0QKbaKCX0gnleQL7[View]
144126396>If I succeed I get immortality >If I fail at that I get to fuck a 8ft tall purple muscle dadd…[View]
144107692Same Name Storytime: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rb-qyjb41ow #1-4 https://desuarchive.org/co/thr…[View]
144122031Who wins this fight? No gauntlet[View]
144124762It's happening.[View]
144126438No more rules.[View]
144122706>cannot be cut by anything but kryptonite blades >powers manifested from birth as he was expos…[View]
144124077>goes on his muh world of cardboard tirade >still loses the fight What a fucking embarrassment…[View]
144119469What's her power?[View]
144125177I had to pause this one a couple of times cause I was laughing so hard. GOATED episode[View]
144079357/co/ and /a/ should be friends![View]
144124426Is this actually funny? Warhammer fans are kind of getting annoying.[View]
144105930>2005 >John K is in massive debt, being sued by Carbuncle for failing to pay them for their an…[View]
144123970The more I think about it the more I realize that Calvin and Hobbes is just another boomer comic wit…[View]
144063848Girls from older cartoons were so adorable,the outfits were cuter too[View]
144125096What happened to pixar?[View]
144120667I loved Amphibia and The Owl House: I'm gonna be honest with you guys. For years now, i have sh…[View]
144125664Voltron: How would you save it? Can it even be saved? Would another reboot even have a chance?…[View]
144123263So... what will be the be today's equivalent of this?[View]
144121655Why are they eating like that?[View]
144123172Imagine the sex between these two[View]
144125637Hanazuki Full of Treasures download: No longer available for download since 12 January 2017. Downloa…[View]
143986681Craig of the Creek: With the next new episode just on the horizon, it felt like a good time for a th…[View]
144122606Still unmatched after all those years.[View]
144124208Tumblr Sexymen: Do you like Tumblr Sexymen characters?[View]
144121072MILF Thread: Which of the High Guardian Spice girls have the spiciest mom?[View]
144092654DALL-E / AI Thread: Trainee baker edition Previous >>144064458[View]
144121997I cant believe Smiling Friends got away with this episode on pride month.[View]
144122128How hyped are you?[View]
144124941Please Forgive Me!!! 485: This Happens During Chapter 13[View]
144125803why did he do it?[View]
144123074Well well well... look who we have here. Almost whizzed right past ya. I think it's time for an…[View]
144124906I think Punisher is the best gay character. He doesn't make it his whole personality and knows …[View]
144120755Helluva Hazbin: Stolitz is well written, but only if we ignore the forced romantic aspects that are …[View]
144121457Verbalese fucking won.[View]
144112518I've been reading X-men comics for over twenty-five years and I have no idea what Vulcan's…[View]
144122533what happened to him: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1TPtI6bStC4[View]
144120241Why dont these two fuck each other?[View]
144122768Jurasic World: Chaos Theory used the Halo BR: I was editing all the screentime for becklespinax, and…[View]
144090633The Loud House: It seems people are souring on Eva Carlton’s edgier take on Leni Loud in ‘The Really…[View]
144014687>We heard you've been talking shit about the Water Tribes, anons[View]
144123102Magneto: Wahhhh I hate humans wahhhh holocoaust Professor X:[View]
144110142Weird Character Designs: Just a thread where you can post the weirdest designs that either did or ha…[View]
144090999Dead Battle: Get it? Because the show is dead? Anyways let's talk about our favorite moments…[View]
144093508BARBIE MONTH IS HALF OVER: Special Barbie month is halfway over. Better hurry.[View]
144121786What's the deal with Penny?[View]
144122220Girls that will inevitably win.[View]
144122259Galactic Kids Next Door: I'm just waiting for this to come out already bro[View]
144119257Why did they retcon an iconic moment? Though if you watch the scene Charlie does flinch after the fi…[View]
144124769One nom lead to another...[View]
144122249>Always knew Family Guy parodies to be very shallow >This one gets really popular >Look at …[View]
144063669Is Dipper a chad?[View]
144122444So who's the best at sucking dick?[View]
144122233Squidward's father never hugged him, isn't that sad?[View]
144107659That fart fetish guy made a cute Inside Out fan cartoon https://youtube.com/watch?v=fiUpjCR5MdM[View]
144122133This show is making me ill: Hey /co/. Over halfway through Scavengers Reign. Pretty good so far, sur…[View]
144108239Was it that bad[View]
144117420This bitch gives me the creeps: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7wRNX94fU94[View]
144120283The reason why i and why i assume alot of other anons dont like lesbian ships is because i hate how …[View]
144113292>5 Episodes later, Lex tried to genocide the planet, after confessing to doing everything to fuck…[View]
144120870Anxiety is the biggest draft in the history of animated movies[View]
144087924What cartoon or comic character are you currently obsessed with[View]
144122955Harley Quinn (2019): I just finished marathonning the first season of this, what did I think of it?…[View]
144122464Is it any wonder I don't know what's right?[View]
144122122What D-list supervillain would you most like to date?[View]
144124249Why is Despicable Me 4 reducing Gru?: >Get around to watching Despicable Me 4 trailer >Mostly …[View]
144123023What will you do?[View]
144123391best girl[View]
144121152You can not refute this.[View]
144120352Is this show filled with jokes like this or are non-americans able to enjoy it too?[View]
144121687I like Lyle McDouchebag but all of 'his' cartoons are really unfunny.[View]
144124027ITT : Cringe writing[View]
144121701Daffy Duck Looney Tunes Thread: Where can I watch the full movie?![View]
144122847Allan is BASED: And I'm glad they fought here, Charlie needs to be taken down a peg![View]
144121708sad whining[View]
144123088'The Cuphead Show is too kid friendly' Cuphead's actual ESRB rating:[View]
144116093Is this show any good?[View]
144110323She is a Cow, she is a girl, she is in swimsuit.[View]
144123376TCJ Kent Worcester on THe 9/11 Report[View]
144120094Best episode of season 2: I feel like Season 2 has been a mixed bag, Gwimbly was alright, then we go…[View]
144121940I'm thinking of hiring a Tamaranean babysitter, are there any drawbacks I should know about?[View]
144112536Ultraman Rising: I heard this wasn't originally an Ultraman show and you can very much tell. It…[View]
144121838If it okay for someone over the age of 5 to still enjoy Bloofy’s house if they aren’t a parent yet? …[View]
144122173Is indie animation the future or is it just a bubble waiting to burst? Do any of you have any indie …[View]
144122034>Mondays suck! Uh-huh.[View]
144123359>do you- what's your- um... what kind of lagers do you have?[View]
144122911Who was in the wrong here?[View]
144111092Same Name Storytime: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=60pg6VsoGbk[View]
144100639Fuck Zdarsky Let's shit on Jason the entire run, chemically lobotomize him and left him to dry …[View]
144120899What was the point of these characters?: >they are evil just because they have so much money they…[View]
144122201Why is there so much japanese shit?[View]
144121097TWD: The comic is 100x better than the show[View]
144112759Mutants are beautiful[View]
144121283What are /co/'s thoughts on Silverwing?: I enjoy Silverwing a fair amount but I don't thin…[View]
144104732This was one of the worst episodes of the golden age. It shows how out of touch the writers were. St…[View]
144105827Sunday Funnies 6/16/2024: Happy Father's Day, grandpa! Your paper is on the table, and I'v…[View]
144120752War Picture Library Storytime - № 764-5, 768-9: 1-4 https://desuarchive.org/co/thread/137948883 5-7 …[View]
144117014Well is the Danny Phantom IP ruined forever or is there a chance it can get a gritty reboot in the f…[View]
144121924Imagine if Elsa further embraced being with nature and living in the Enchanted Forest as the fifth s…[View]
14412146060s Cyborg, Starfire, and Raven.[View]
144089310Remember og Nocturna? She adopted Jason Todd and made very clear she also wanted to fuck him.[View]
144116886Recommend: Other shows like these.[View]
144116904I never got this. Yeah shippers are going to ship but like did Kevin even consider him a friend befo…[View]
144121957President Slippery: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9mJp3eiUePg&ab_channel=WrathClub[View]
144110305Oh wow, this show has an actually attractive character design for once[View]
144116705Hey! which on of you fags ordered the ice cream cake?[View]
144121757Spider-Man: Right new week new thread. so do you think Ben will finally start acting like a hero and…[View]
144118335Coffee Cat Returns (now with more Coffee)[View]
144115798Sariways Sundays: Sariways Sundays[View]
144120196>hired so they could pretend he was the real creator of all the Doom Patrol characters made by a …[View]
144117079Why do people dislike her?[View]
144120989Upgrades, people! UPGRADES[View]
144121459>No man can walk out of his own story[View]
144121441Favorite newspaper comics: Favorite newspaper comics that aren’t Peanuts, Far Side, Garfield, Dilber…[View]
144111872Storytime Thread: Flying Suit Reiko: A storytime thread for the (1998?)2000-2002 Webcomic Flying Sui…[View]
144120547DO THE BARTMAN[View]
144118536Big 4 bros.....[View]
144119728Thoughts on this Blue Heeler pup?[View]
144116369>10 moons. That gives us plenty of time to put our desire to the test and respect the protocol …[View]
144120754Neat little series! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HeoZFhKKsfw[View]
144108203New Wonder Woman Game Details: New concept art and story details emerge through a survey. The game, …[View]
144120362um margaret is hot? :*[View]
144116876Questionable Content: Terrible[View]
144118514>Bojack: I'm a depressed self-destructive drug addict with mommy issues >Diane: I'm …[View]
144117925>can just casually buy an entire city What the fuck did this guy do for a living?…[View]
144117624Behold the most successful cartoons of the 2010s[View]
144116500Slightly over a week until MeTV Toons debuts. The channel space itself for providers is up and airin…[View]
144117425Storytime: Flying Suit Reiko (SECOND HALF): A storytime thread for the 1998-2002 Webcomic Flying Sui…[View]
144120725Would would the episode been like if Pim had to help James and Charlie had to help Gwimbly?[View]
144118045Why didn't Robin smash is he gay[View]
144120484Annecy awards: almost total cat domination >FEATURE FILMS Cristal for a Feature Film “Memoir of a…[View]
144120528Why is this series so underated... someone should make a youtube videos about these comics lmaooo[View]
144113363I made a cartoon for you /co/! Pls tell me what you think! https://youtu.be/Y21M2DK-X2A Tell me, do …[View]
144120392>Finn: I miss him. >jake stares concerningly and bmo glances at jake >Jake: I miss him too.…[View]
144120402Pp>copies late chuck jones early 50s-60 era looney tunes >highly regarded >makes a cameo i…[View]
144115628What a sunny sunday[View]
144119041Inside Out 2: Anxious Boogaloo: What did you think of her movie, /co/?[View]
144120249Heathcliff is looking at the fish.[View]
144120215All These talks of doing a marvel character has me wanting to know on what kind of event could we co…[View]
144120120What do you guys think about all the changes Mark Millar made to his Kick-Ass 2 comic when it was re…[View]
144120113ITT-cursed /co/[View]
144119835Comic Book Weekly Bestseller List - 15th June 2024: >1. Blood Hunt #3* >2. Transformers #9 …[View]
144119125Looking at the old Garfield Specials, I think the soundtrack's style is part of the Garfield DN…[View]
144117726Left or Right?[View]
144114952was he autistic?[View]
144116556What's /co/'s opinion on the ripperverse, the BLACK ORIGINAL SUPERHERO that is saving the …[View]
144116619Coyote Vs. Acme: I'm still mad Warner Bros shelved it after completing it. I'm mad that I …[View]
144115719Like I told you at that sorority mixer, there are already two of us inside this fat chick and there…[View]
144116274After all, who needs courage when you have... A GUN?[View]
144095598What if Pomni was an anthro girl instead? How would TADC change?[View]
144115562disney is the most retarded company ever: >gay representation done so well that even people who u…[View]
144107957Disney princesses for sale.[View]
144115965I never thought that Disney princesses actually made more revenue than the entire MCU[View]
144118482>episode ends with Pim praying his way out of trouble What did they mean by this?…[View]
144119467Why do you fuckers use Hunter to self-insert?: We both know Hunter would never fuck some old, ugly, …[View]
144028654Dc dial crisis thread: Let’s set if dial/earth 63 shenanigans can sustain a full thread[View]
144056056read any good smut comics lately?[View]
144115934You now remember Ghost Rider was in Agents of SHIELD[View]
144115477What is the most misandrist comic ever published?[View]
144116711Eww! You like Allan Sherman? You know he never went to Camp Granada.[View]
144113702Surrogate father thread. Who are the best father figures for those that aren't their biological…[View]
144117170Since when can dragons possess people?[View]
144116573How autistic do VAs tend to be? From a scale of total giganormie to the fanbase of the cartoons they…[View]
144111497Why is she so cute bros[View]
144116321What is it about Heloise that resonates with you? For me, it's how she has an evil, yet sweet s…[View]
144023098Preview for the upcoming Looney Tunes movie is out now. https://youtu.be/hafVN4-1cxU?si=EYVs_K9lZ0rQ…[View]
144107532TMNT Pitch Session: Let's say all TMNT projects have been cancelled permanently and enough time…[View]
144115861Disney Shit canned this disaster before it aired and out of desperation the creators leaked the firs…[View]
144113850Out of all of Mickey Mouse's friends, Goofy is the only one canonically confirmed to have had s…[View]
144117794What went wrong?[View]
144118512Tamers12345 leak: The next episode is about Billy Bob Thornton. It's a pastiche of Mr. Woodcock…[View]
144097289Be honest X-fags, do you find any of the X-Men's human bigot villains the least bit fun or inte…[View]
144117346Why does he operate outside his jurisdiction?[View]
144108536We talk about cartoon dads on Father’s Day but we never really criticize them. This holiday is perfe…[View]
144114534Smiling Friends: Are we ready for three critters and a homunculus?[View]
144078656Blue Mommy: I want to be raped by Blue Diamond.[View]
144117167Favorite episode of Sonic Underground: Mine is Friend or Foe but what is yours?[View]
144114959Twelve Forever: can anyone make up biblical implications with Twelve? also, I'm in the mood for…[View]
144113326Starco chads, we won[View]
144117827Why would someone above the age of the target audience still love Bloofy's House so much?[View]
144117555If Patton Oswalt reflected on this character and the episode he was in in 2024, what would he say?[View]
144109671Weird /co/ntent thread: Post some of the oddest /co/ stuff out there Not a bully thread pls no bull…[View]
144117255Ermm, Earthbros? Watersisters?[View]
144112541>first animation movie by DreamWorks >first movie by the computer animation studio PDI (Pacifi…[View]
144075127/co/ General Drawthread: >Provide References for all requested characters and keep them to one im…[View]
144113718The furture of Disney and animation is Latino: >At a current draw of 36% Hispanic and Latino, Ins…[View]
144115563Is meatwad the second strongest character in athf after frylock?[View]
144081372>The last successful American cartoon to not try to rip off anime Apologize…[View]
144115455If comics want to survive, they need to push buying them by mail. There's no future in comic sh…[View]
144107100Decepticon comics: Today I was reminded once more that the transformer comics are written by decepti…[View]
144096444Why didn't this work?[View]
144116084Whats the sex like?[View]
144111770Best /co/ fangames?[View]
144110900What would the episode be like?[View]
144115104so is it bad if i want to fuck my aunt and my grandma?[View]
144106653This is earth's would be conqueror?![View]
144113333I liked it more than the original.[View]
144112944Do you think Batman as a character is long past his prime?: He was a good character up until the 200…[View]
144115783Hey /co/! Pull my finger! :D[View]
144113181What the fuck was this[View]
144095657Totally Spies: New episode tomorrow[View]
144081790>amazing animation >/co/ never talks about it Why?…[View]
144115297Having a happy Pride Month, my nonbinarinos?[View]
144113983New Show! StuGo ?: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZzYkIolBI6c I actually remember this shit getting…[View]
144114052>casually mogs their competitors animated output how does stan lee do it?…[View]
144109293Why did most Disney cartoons that had characters going to school have characters go to middle/high s…[View]
144114395Did anyone else read the Matrix comics? Gaiman. Laphman. Sienkiewicz. They were good.[View]
144115504Jimmy Olsen Respect Thread: Superman's Pal gets laid a lot![View]
144105214Now that this is on Apple TV I watched it. He honestly brings up a lot of good points, Apu is very v…[View]
144114450How come Playhouse Disney struggled to be as popular as regular Disney Channel prior to Little Einst…[View]
144113792Why did no one tell me this show was so based?[View]
144114781I've been reading X-men/Avengers comics for over twenty-five years and I have no idea what Scar…[View]
144115185I want to keep stuffing her with food. By the way, is a relationship based off how much new and tast…[View]
144115035Now that the dust has settled, which one was better?[View]
144114831Is there anything you can even do with the superhero deconstruction genre anymore? I feel like the o…[View]
144114706Luma Dream Machine / AI Thread: With Luma Dream Machine, it's time for a new AI thread, just li…[View]
144110028an attempt for a Grojband thread: >it has music and cute girls in it…[View]
144114419Lex & Plu: Russian show that came out awhile ago about taxi drivers in space. Weird concept, I k…[View]
144113070Steven Universe as Harem Anime: What if SU was styled like a harem anime? It has a lot of the compon…[View]
144109334>make several sequential movies with ethnic leads >they all flop >make first movie in a whi…[View]
144114032Jurassic World: Chaos Theory: Camp Cretaceous sequel is out. Big improvement over seasons 4 & 5,…[View]
144113348This movie is this year’s Marcel the Shell/Robot Dreams. Critics are going to praise it to high heav…[View]
144109555What went wrong with the Cuphead show?[View]
144111239How did he cum inside this giant demon? Was Satina a live birth or do demons lay eggs?[View]
144106541For me, it's Velma.[View]
144109270>ted kord wanted to fuck barbara gordan >it is retconned that ted has an older sister >she…[View]
144099323My Adventures with Superman Pregame/Watch/Postgame Thread: Get your asses in here[View]
144098828Cut out the faggot shit and it would have been okay.[View]
144111696you know who this is?[View]
144113154Wait how old is Mrs. Puff again?[View]
144112817Dexter's Laboratory: Favorite episode/co/[View]
144104614Blow me[View]
144105964Is anybody else tired of protagonists like him? Invincible nihilists who go around absolutely certai…[View]
144112572They tried to make original movies and audiences rejected them. Now they make a sequel and its their…[View]
144099666>Movie expects audience to believe CM Punk is a credible threat and not an easily injured KWAB…[View]
144091897Sandman Mystery Theatre - Book 6: The Hourman and the Python Storytime: >Writer Matt Wagner conti…[View]
144110460who is the most attractive mom character /co/?[View]
144109508What are you looking forward to in Fionna and Cake S2?[View]
144109657>LET THE CARTOOOOON ... BEGIN![View]
144112442Andy Land's torrent animation: I love the torrent girl https://x.com/AndyL4nd/status/180169029…[View]
144112797Don't go beyond the rickety bridge...[View]
144110277Why won't capeshit fucking die?[View]
144112711Why are so many cartoon moms abusive pieces of trash? Do they honestly think they can get away with …[View]
144111606I hate comic shops and I'm switching to getting all my comics through the mail? Why don't …[View]
144108590>Stop calling me cute, anon[View]
144110592Did they really expect anyone to believe that a basic secretary was able to fend off a villainess wi…[View]
144112363This is a top 5 Disney film[View]
144112393We need more cute 'girl' in western animation.[View]
144110074Who did it better?[View]
144110829What kind of girl has a pet pig?[View]
144109314Just read through this and enjoyed it a lot. The villain was pretty good and most of the keys were f…[View]
144106406What the hell are their powers?: After seeing a certain thread reposted a few times I realize there …[View]
144112084What exactly was his problem? Besides being in a shitty sequel.[View]
144106690Would rapists as superheroes be effective for crime fighting?[View]
144108421Who’s the best father in cartoons?[View]
144111775pants or no pants?[View]
144112088I don't care. I'm looking forward to Absolute Power. I'm even buying all the tie-ins …[View]
144110216>'All alone on a Sunday night, Anon? AGAIN!? PFFTHAHAHA!!!!'[View]
144107446Why are cats so hated in media?: You ever notice that cats are often depicted badly in media? From b…[View]
144111978MAN!: You really hate cartoons don't you?[View]
144111882Wonder Woman Game: We got a description and some more concept arts. Hopefully after this DC will may…[View]
144109020BatCat: >Look! Batman and Catwoman are back together! (Again). Isn’t it so romantic?!!! Look how …[View]
144110823What would a date and sex with Power Girl be like?[View]
144111398Was Recess redpilled?[View]
144106592How would Murder Drones go if Uzi, Lizzy and Thad swapped places with V, J and N?[View]
144111590I never thought that Disney princesses actually made more revenue than the entire MCU[View]
144110030Pour one out for all the small animation studios that used to regularly put out Saturday morning car…[View]
144110015By the way, uh, happy father's day.[View]
144110775Why did they do it?[View]
144111097That Cartoon and/or Comic you used to like? What was the straw that broke the camel's back for …[View]
144108717That's bullshit but I believe it[View]
144108040I hate TLOK so much[View]
144110378Childhood is idolizing rorschach, adulthood is realizing the comedian just makes more sense[View]
143999796I think Supergirl is neat![View]
144108539Thoughts on Chris Reccardi and his works in the industry? It's a shame he never got his own sho…[View]
144110436was this show any good?[View]
144109099Was Sasha the main source of the group’s issues?[View]
144110506OK K.O.: And just Based Ian in general[View]
144109257The biggest problem I have with modern comics is that theyre too detailed and colorful. Comics are a…[View]
144109627Make it dark. Make it gritty. But for the love of GOD, tell a joke![View]
144040564Harley thread: Time for silly clown goil shenanigans. Give me ideas and If i like it I'll make …[View]
144093637Where's the point when a female superhero costumes becomes too sexualized?[View]
144108756Hopes for pic related?[View]
144107704This goes so fucking hard[View]
144096183So I pretty much get Watchmen but I'm confused about this. How is Dan a bad guy? Yeah he's…[View]
144109863Steven universe will be 11 this year Adventure time is already 14 Gravity falls is 12[View]
144109954Goodbye Tom Taylor, thanks for nothing[View]
144098197Could Jon understand Garfield originally? Nowadays it seems like he turned into some kind of telepat…[View]
144107984Horrible character with episode ruining potential every single time.[View]
144109589Do you think later seasons Hank would've asked this question? S1 Hank and every-other-season Ha…[View]
144054278Usagi Yojimbo The Crow Storytime 3: It's Usagi time, Aibros![View]
144077395/co/ cringe thread: Give me your worst![View]
144109625why was this recommend https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=j0V-X75CzQY[View]
144108914Yes! only bakers have 'The CAKE!'[View]
144106883High Guardian Spice: Hypothetically, if you were forced to fix this show for a second season and you…[View]
144108955I think he could've worked greatly as a character had he been the only GL for the start of the …[View]
144105781Is there a logical reason why they do this?: I don't get it at all, why do they change into the…[View]
144109309Any major omission in your opinion?[View]
144105488How did this guy keep getting work when his art is dreadful?[View]
144105387Why do millennials hate him so much?[View]
144107316in zootopia are all sheep evil ?[View]
144106109Ongezellig: Hello again /co/ bros[View]
144044378Whos the best South park girl?[View]
144107077This is Summer, say something nice about her.[View]
144107414what if the show was called smelling friends and they all had comically oversized noses and went aro…[View]
144107922Would you?[View]
144108645Ewing and Rodríguez's DEFENDERS: This was such a GOOD mini. Looking forward to dive into Defend…[View]
144108916Garfield Kicking Odie in the Balls[View]
144067341USM vs ASM Head to Head: Both Ultimate Spider-Man issue 6 and Amazing Spider-Man Issue 52 are going …[View]
144108727Heathcliff is sitting.[View]
144106460How did a single hedgehog manage to make the entirety of Newgrounds seethe?[View]
144003742Why are female characters allowed to pants GUYS, but it's never allowed the other way around in…[View]
144107262Super Booby Greasy Warriors: What went wrong?[View]
144104537ITT: We’re evil but not THAT evil[View]
144107514Good comics based on games.: I remember picking up one of these Dark Souls comics and it sucking.…[View]
144105076Transformers One: Genuinely hoping this thing does well. If leaks and reactions from Annecy are to b…[View]
144106029Oh my god ...Yes. New Adult swim slop: >The quarter-hour, 30th-century-set comedy follows three b…[View]
144106984Marvel Comics new logo: Bring back the bullet, DC.[View]
144097444I'm not sure how turning invisible helps her here...[View]
144099448Good Mature 'Realistic' Comics (Not Porn): Been reading some batman stuff that goes that route latel…[View]
144098526Can someone who's never engaged with the source material of something still make a good parody …[View]
144108102OH REEEN... I got a surprise for (You)...[View]
144106265>Sealab 2021 was three years ago Where does the time fly?[View]
144107897>'You see lois, the key to life is to lie to yourself about reality. Smile through everything. Al…[View]
144107954Background characters that stole the spotlight[View]
144107005Dic never got the Nintendo license and instead went with Sega instead at a earlier date, resulting i…[View]
144104236Pixar did it again[View]
144107317TCJ Tom Crippen on Sloth[View]
144107713She's hotter than disgust.[View]
144098445Why don't more comics have these summaries? I can never understand not including them. They are…[View]
144107750>It was good Mouse sisters, we are SO back[View]
144095189Kinda unpopular but..: Does anyone not trust Disney with Deadpool or am I alone here? I feel like th…[View]
144095937If you guys love comics and cartoons so much, why don't you guys make your own?[View]
144105726Why does this movie make autists seethe so much, I'm sure it's bad or whatever but people …[View]
144103132AI has reached early 2000's tier animation: Are you regretting that animation/film degree yet?…[View]
144106347Sandman Mystery Theatre - Book 7: The Mist and The Phantom of the Fair Storytime: >In this volume…[View]
144107229Why don't we get line variation in cartoons anymore? It's always a uniform thin line. I mi…[View]
14410581790s cartoon bullies what your favor[View]
144107546I know The Boys discourse on this board was pretty divided when the show first premiered and has onl…[View]
144107172>Detective Comics Comics Their brand name makes no sense[View]
144104668>And the Oscar goes to... >INSIDE OUT! TWO!…[View]
144099605Funny comic panels: post em[View]
144065599>is kino >made /co/ seethe hard >sequel is kino >is making /co/ seethe harder…[View]
144104950They ain't gonna get honey mustard twice![View]
144104533I finally figured out what bothers me about shit like this: it's all a fucking vanity project. …[View]
144090453Enceladus V: Any word on how the TikTok Tomboy Space Show is going? Any new details about the charac…[View]
144106107When was the last time a book was moved from B or C tier and became an A-List book for longer than j…[View]
144106293This is canon.: Reminder that Lizard Hitler was right, and the only competent/sane wielder of the bu…[View]
144103587Genderbend thread?[View]
144105366ITT:Early Season Characters: >There comin' right for us! Member Officer Barbrady or The Mayo…[View]
144106714Expected Knuckles to be in SatAm: instead got this. This left me perplexed and befuddled. I know oth…[View]
144106643whats the easiest/fastest way to sell my comic book collection ?[View]
144105630Happy Father's Day!: Post your favorite Cartoon Dad.[View]
144098264Here's your James Gunn Justice League.[View]
144105106Am I losing my mind or does Starlight look like a ghoul this season?[View]
144104600>You want to take off my socks? >Whatever, you can undress me if you want to, as long as you d…[View]
144057959peni(s) parker[View]
144097007Krypto is a stupid fucking character, Superman looking human is one thing but dogs editing on Krypto…[View]
144099674What did she mean by this?[View]
144105367Yakko Warner is canon American and gay[View]
144105924Okay so I was trying to find out if Disney had a supposed Voodoo ban on Doctor Facilier only to stum…[View]
144106271Remember Earth-1? Remember how they thought releasing new books every 6 months would be a good idea?…[View]
144104739*Squeeze the juice*[View]
144098959Help me find a whole video of it[View]
144104868This episode was so fucking boring I'm happy that the show got cancelled[View]
144105225I’m so tired[View]
144105038Potpourri Storytime: >Lilo & Stitch #4 >Predator: The Last Hunt #4 >Sensational She-Hul…[View]
144095085Spider-Man Storytime #194 Adjectiveless 8-12: Yesterday Spider-Man teamed up with Black Panther and …[View]
144106026What show/movie has the best chub boy?[View]
144099518What makes him so fuckable?[View]
144104972>can't hold a single episode of Young Justice >is expected to carry an entire cartoon by …[View]
144105751Fanny and the Pack: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JtAqlzX5ZDE It aint sheriff hayseed, but still, …[View]
144104305Isn't Jessica basically Summer[View]
144104051Well, that was fun. Not as good as Avatar, but nowhere near as terrible as this board always says. I…[View]
144095443Potpourri Storytime: Some of these may have already been storytimed but I missed them. >Aliens: W…[View]
144027056>ITT: comic books only YOU have read[View]
144105472At the moment I'm getting a big kick out of the artwork for the 2015 Secret Wars run and Kingdo…[View]
144102012I found these two fusing as I watched this special when I was younger to be really weird to look at.…[View]
144100642What is the /co/ cartoon equivalent of Marvel’s Big Three?[View]
144099388Who's your favorite /co/ latinx and what would they say about America?[View]
144104556His ride is getting replaced with Inside Out[View]
144103844Greatest comic book series that /co/ doesn't care about[View]
144105157Favorite /co/ skelebro?[View]
144102449>character is meant to be ugly >theyre sexy as fuck…[View]
144094875Why wasn't it as popular as Kids Next Door, Foster's, Billy and Mandy, Camp Lazlo, Gym Par…[View]
144102731Ninja High School Storytime #12: Previous thread >>144005419 This week is part 2 of the giant …[View]
144105152Before DCSHG we had this.[View]
144098394Fantastic Four 21 Storytime: I'm bored and it's raining. Let's read a stupid event ti…[View]
144052342Blimbo and His Friend: Last thread has officially bumped... Share art, comics, and concepts for the …[View]
144084539/co/ reaction images.[View]
144104728He-Man and MOTU: If I had to give a ranking, I'd place; 1. FILMATION(due to it being an all tim…[View]
144103196You live in the 70s. You can choose one random ass contemporary Steve Ditko comic or Jack Kirby comi…[View]
144097932Count Crowley Storytime: The Reluctant Midnight Monster Hunter >That bump you heard is nothing to…[View]
144091874Jesus fucking Christ lmao[View]
144098109What did you think of Ultraman Rising?[View]
144104294Happy Father's Day![View]
144103849/co/ does the Marvel Universe: Out of curiosity, would /co/ willingly do their own interesting take …[View]
144103932What if Minh and Kahn had continued being rednecks?: Would Connie eventually become one too?[View]
144095808Storytime Thread: Flying Suit Reiko: A Storytime Thread for the 2000-2002 webcomic, Flying Suit Reik…[View]
144104580I literally didn't know what emotion she was during the whole movie, I had to look it up after …[View]
144094143Pixar BTFO[View]
144104155QUESTION: /co/ from the orginal Big 3 who is your favorite?[View]
144103365Why do boys always make the best girls?[View]
144102763Questionable Content: Terrible[View]
144104004Harley Quinn: Just marathonned the first 3 episodes, what did I think of this? Also, how did I feel …[View]
14409339280s cartoons: Can cartoons ever look like this again[View]
144103408Actually a good superhero movie that gets shit on for no reason. Doctor Fate should have gotten his …[View]
144103564/co/ images you can hear[View]
144096394What are the most embarrassing tracejobs in comics?[View]
144102366Plastic Man No More!: >Eel O’Brian might be a superhero now—but before he was anything else, he w…[View]
144101913What are some shows that are comfy to watch at night?[View]
144101155>mfw I unironically liked the final season of Samurai Jack Why do people hate it?…[View]
144102540Are all DC Black Label books out of continuity?[View]
144103726I'm honestly surprised they dared to do this much.[View]
144095164Why does Lois wear her pants over her belly button?: I thought women stop doing that.[View]
144101666I just learned about DCBS the other day, and now I'm seriously wondering what's ever the p…[View]
1441036205 Lands: saw an ad on youtube for a furry comic ..is it any good?[View]
144098903>creator's son is autistic The whole thing just fucking clicked with me. It explains everyth…[View]
144099059What do you think of show in different art styles?[View]
144103294Why did Anissa rape Mark if she was just going to reform her ways? Shitty timing to plan a rape when…[View]
144099276I'm not sure what the fascination is with the 'Superman but bad' trope. Arguably exploring the …[View]
144103435new bluey: new bluey minisodes came out today! i like the burger dog song[View]
144101873>still makes LanternFAGS seethe to this day Ben really was a hero...[View]
144098085Give me a reason NOT to watch this self insert piece of shit[View]
144099331ITT: beach girls: It’s that time of the month Time to post girls at the beach.[View]
144101082The general did nothing wrong.[View]
144102284What are some internet animated kinos from between the 2000s-early 2010s that you recommend?[View]
144103208What’s his problem?[View]
144097622Smiling Friends: Smiling Friends thread[View]
144096806Who are your favorite characters who were once extremely popular who faded into obscurity?[View]
144095923>Riley still likes a cartoon for little kids That's so weird.[View]
144094848It's kinda sad what's happened to newspaper comic strips. Most of them were never good, bu…[View]
144102531Isn't it about time Tim Drake and Miles Morales get a new identity instead of latching onto 1 a…[View]
144098636I'm gonna say the T word[View]
144098510Super Straights: I can't tell if the artists know they're being homophobic or not or which…[View]
144101212Toonami General #3: Toonami Drinking Game https://rentry.org/ToonamiDrinkingGame Naruto Story http:/…[View]
144096330What spongebob moment do you consider the best in the whole show?[View]
144051766>No news at Annecy It's over, isn't it? The highest selling CN franchise is left with n…[View]
144098355Daredevil... Fearless... Fear of God... God... Devil... Daredevil... Woah...[View]
144098812>Starts the single biggest animation studio and empire to grace the Earth >Gets zero recogniti…[View]
144101674Riley now canonically stinks really badly.[View]
144099022Does Riley Andersen belong in the '13 & horny' club?[View]
144098147Best cartoon opening themesongs: Led through the mist By the milk-light of moon All that was lost is…[View]
144091643ITT: Characters only you like[View]
144096551Ah, summer break. A time for leisure, recreation, and taking 'er easy...[View]
144088363who's the best girl?[View]
144099667so what happened to this bitch?[View]
144100238Toonami General #2: Toonami Drinking Game https://rentry.org/ToonamiDrinkingGame Naruto Story http:/…[View]
144099664Youtube CGI animations: Got a favorite one?[View]
144097765Family Guy: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OMuHtTGqu6o&ab_channel=CutawayGuyX[View]
144095919Bluey Faggots: Felt good hearing them get gunned down, get your religious-cuck, family advertisement…[View]
144096782Toonami General #1: Toonami Drinking Game https://rentry.org/ToonamiDrinkingGame Naruto Story http:/…[View]
144098312Camp Cretaceous - What happened?: I'm just starting Chaos Theory, but can't focus because …[View]
144098922Nope, not gettin' out of this chair.[View]
144096908I have been reading Fantastic Four for 60 years and I've come to realize that I have no idea wh…[View]
143970470What were the council thinking?: Male masters and female padawans seems like a recipe for disaster.…[View]
144095389Rule 63 thread?[View]
144099129finding dory: >having a crush on a freakin' shark whale[View]
144080528The Rock's scrapped plans for the Black Adam-led DCEU: >Black Adam 2 where Black Adam and Su…[View]
144098022Holly Jolly Secrets: sup /co/ I'm trying to find /co/'s initial reaction to pic rel but ar…[View]
144093668I've been reading X-men comics for over twenty-five years and I have no idea what Gambit's…[View]
144097353I like Doug. I think they should permanently retire Xavier and make him the heart and mind behind th…[View]
144097794I've been reading X-Men comics for over twenty-five years and I have no idea who or what Wundar…[View]
144098467Worst Pixar movie[View]
144099115Newspaper Comics: What are the most overrated and underrated newspaper comic strips?[View]
144097135Apparently, Bryke thinks boys stop growing at age eighteen[View]
144099161They're gonna have to make major changes to stay afloat, right? Not just constant sequels, but …[View]
144094586This is real, yes really.[View]
144098979HEY FAGGOT! WOOF![View]
144098250Eobard Thawne: Do you mainly call him Reverse-Flash or Professor Zoom?[View]
144089799What are some good right-wing conservative comics?[View]
144096549What are some of the best /co/ related videos?[View]
144095953You would think Steven would have something in common with Superman and by some point of view with B…[View]
144097448Grimsburg: Why is he like the way he is?[View]
144098740i want her to slap me[View]
144093309Wonder Girls Thread: Fuck, Marry, Kill[View]
144064346I wish ancient Egypt was real.[View]
144095878How did he do it?[View]
144096851Late 2010s Cartoons: The late 2010s has got to be the worst era for animation since the early 80s …[View]
144098273roman and viking cartoons[View]
144096876Spider-Man: MJ or Gwen?[View]
144098003I'm going to watch Scavengers Reign. This better be a good show. I hate being decieved by /co/ …[View]
144095779>That man out there, he is getting RAPED.[View]
144097076Powerful messaging for little kids.[View]
144097920I slept through exactly twenty five years of X-Men comics. I'm Rip Van Pimp![View]
144097789Robinzzz: What do you think of these gender bend designs? What if I told you they werent gender ben…[View]
144093549Are you a Hometeamer or a Starlighter? I used to like Starlight when she was in Capes for Christ, bu…[View]
144096598Ambush Bug[View]
144096380I've been reading X-men comics for over twenty-five years and I have no idea what Scalphunter…[View]
144078272My Adventures With Superman S3: Just got renewed.[View]
144095222Why do adults completely miss the point behind kids next door?[View]
144094751uh oh[View]
144026568Godammit why did Dyani have to be made by an unmotivated Brazilian retard lolcow who completely aban…[View]
144097627>June 2024 >No Snagglepuss thread yet That's about to change. Why is he the only theater …[View]
144094823Artstyle discussion thread: I love when comics not only stylize the characters and world within thei…[View]
144096641Favorite side characters from a show? For me, it's numbuh 202 from KND.[View]
144097091Searching for old 90s - 2000s cartoon: I’ve been looking for an old cartoon from the 90s-2000s it wa…[View]
144093136ITT: ideas for Inside Out 3[View]
144093869What do you guys think of the new video: https://youtu.be/vRIA3a4Jc8U?si=SysMB4ST2-sJjGMl…[View]
144046214Ultimate X-Men #4 Storytime: >'You know something. I know you do.'…[View]
144095422Currently re-watching this episode and I've always wondered what did Dale's Hallucination/…[View]
144093610Do you have any /co/ posters in your room?[View]
144093782HOW ARE THESE SERIES?: VOTE FOR 2 BEST SERIES - https://strawpoll.com/eNg6v6VoegA/ > FAV TEAM? …[View]
144094834Why are cartoons so bad now? Is there really nothing to watch?[View]
144097117Adventure time presents: i remember you: VICTORY[View]
144093515>Downtown >Mission Hill >Undergrads >Daria Any other animated slice of life kino?…[View]
144075656Gunnerkrigg: rumors of Tom's death were greatly exaggerated[View]
144095778Should more capeshit(specifically those with lower budgets or for television/streaming) incorporate …[View]
144010002Weekly /co/ creation thread: Or /coc/ thread if that's what you look for in the catalog. Wiki: …[View]
144090255Are there still comics and cartoon episodes about beating the heat and generally dealing with/enjoyi…[View]
144075205What comes next: With the capeshit movie genre in its twilight thanks to superhero fatigue and cape …[View]
144094469Here is a portion of my Nickelodeon collection that I would like to share with you.: Throughout the …[View]
144093965[as] picks up SuperMutant Magic Academy: >The show focuses on Marsha, a sarcastic transfer studen…[View]
144091231Punch punch forever episode 2: I liked it[View]
144095254Ongezellig: Hello /co/ again[View]
144095914Why do modern comics insist on using this muted color pseudo-realistic art style, when the colorful …[View]
144092375The transition between N52 and Rebirth was pretty weird ngl[View]
144095969Iron man thread: Be the change you want to see. We'll have a mini story time with it.[View]
144095272Can archie Sonic beat Goku?[View]
144077311Why? Just why?[View]
144093121>I'm sorry, I let you down mom. >Oh, there's nothing to be sorry about Garfield. Not…[View]
144095954The next Robot Dreams: Expect critics to shill this movie all throughout the year until the Oscars.…[View]
144092247Theory: At least a full third of /co/ posts are just the same several autists who unfortunately deci…[View]
144096089She's... beautiful...[View]
144095280Post your favorite /co/ frame[View]
144089174I just finished House of X/Powers of X and I loved it bros. For the follow up series, should I read …[View]
144094398Was she a bad mum?[View]
144074273LMAO Let's post more funny comics in this thread.[View]
144093882word balloons: What is the best way to make word balloons in a digital medium. I want them cheep an…[View]
144095130>My gf it's a nsfw artist >She takes commissions and so on >One of his clients it…[View]
144094842How do we convince Disney to greenlit her show?[View]
144093936Fan made comics.[View]
144090012>a show starring a big name celeb >is portrayed as an idiot >usually the butt of the joke …[View]
144094613Put that in your pipe and smoke it[View]
144091411In a recent thread, Frank Miller's Daredevil: Born Again was found to have a fatal flaw that br…[View]
144087687She canonically likes video game boys.[View]
144094604Sonic SatAM: It's okay. Antoine had way too much screen time while Bunnie and Rotor had too lit…[View]
144094938Clowns, send in.. the clowns..[View]
144083247Ultimate Black Cat[View]
144091703TCJ Bill Randall on Kramers Ergot[View]
144095078How would you rate his harem? Any additions or substitutions?[View]
144092330So would Jorgen be like the Michael of the faires?[View]
144072370Who is the hottest emotion?[View]
144094988>reboots that nobody asked for So where are all of the original IPs? CN would never praise this c…[View]
144093924What’s the most interesting and creative way you’ve seen mind control used in comics or cartoons?[View]
144090077Big City Greens: New ‘Theme Song Takeover’! https://youtu.be/vgSlSK5jt50[View]
144094836Remember the olden days when the biggest meme about Ironman was that he was drunk?[View]
144063290Smiling friends renewed for a 3 season: Good.[View]
144088986OK, admit it, you miserable fucks. It was pretty great.[View]
144092564Dimaggio > Hamill[View]
144094775Yeahs brother[View]
144091602Same Name Storytime: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_acsItdBhGw #1-10 https://desuarchive.org/co/th…[View]
144092710Describe this character using a single word.[View]
144094548>Someone from Kiwi Farms films a sex tape without her consent in a state where that's illega…[View]
144089679Why cant we have more transformers media as dark and cool as pic related?[View]
144089570Same Name Storytime: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_acsItdBhGw #1-10 https://desuarchive.org/co/th…[View]
144094321lmao, just saw an add for a furry comic on youtube ...is it any good?[View]
144093255I miss this little nigger. He was delt such a bad hand.[View]
144092985>Inside Out 2 : third biggest animated opening ever, projected 1.1-1.5 billion >Deadpool: Bigg…[View]
144091542Marvel Wanted Sony's Miguel O Hara to Team Up With Kang: >Miguel's knowledge and experi…[View]
144094503Who is the most handsome male /co/ character?: I nominate Sterling Archer as the most handsome male …[View]
144092999The first ever screening of the new Rick and Morty Anime is gonna happen at a random Anime Conventio…[View]
144094475>It's Doc Gerbils World![View]
144094467Tiny Taco Tales S1E01 - 'Loaded Box Party': https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6FEvX-FVTHA[View]
144094403>I'm gonna pass you. How do you respond without sounding mad?[View]
144090382Is true that flashgitz will never appear in Smiling Friends because the creators hate him?[View]
144090789Is there any previous iteration that hold high standards, you can't enjoy the latest without co…[View]
144087586Did you like Sing 2? Do you have hope for Sing 3?[View]

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