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89915693Barack and Michael Obama will start producing tv-shows and films. They signed a multiyear contract w…[View]
89915713what was his end game[View]
89914354VIRGIN ISLAMIC TERRORISTS: Are Islmaic extrimists just angry virgins? Think about it. They are very …[View]
89915308So schmeckt Amerika![View]
89912026In what European country could I pass?[View]
89913665CHI president when?[View]
89837452Culture Pals /cp/ general: BIRTHDAY BOY edition Welcome to Culture Pals! Message QTs from around the…[View]
89913277What the FUCK is their problem?[View]
89914638My entire family (except dad and mom) are Jehovah's witnesses.[View]
89915055What are some countries that still need to pay for their insolence against the greatest superpower o…[View]
89914970>Try to buy a gun Normies say you can't because you're crazy >Try to use the insanit…[View]
89914880Who wants to come with me to Ernest Thaelmann island to reestablish the German Democratic Republic?[View]
89914387Spain... where are you going?[View]
89911015>Perfect countries don't exi-[View]
89912796how do we solve the muslim problem?: is pic related the only way they understand[View]
89913248/brit/: Proof the saffer isn't a virgin anymore https://www.pornhub.com/view_video.php?viewkey…[View]
89913028I feel the US is ... complicated.[View]
89914454So this ...................... Is the power............Of white genetics......................Whoa[View]
89914441>be american >mistake the microwave for a kettle…[View]
89914417Why terrorists kill civilians?: Why are they doing this? The first version is the demoralization (in…[View]
89910018Sweden just sent out a pamphlet to every household with instructions on how to act in case war were …[View]
89914066>americans aren't allowed to refuel their own car[View]
89899936When will the USA realize the world is not theirs? Literally the whole fucking world agrees the Iran…[View]
89909373Tell me more about this place[View]
89914113>5'6'' tall[View]
89913805What are /int/'s thoughts on the Slantic nations?[View]
89896395/mena/: waiting for ftor[View]
89893606Roadtrippers: What do you think about this route? I want to drive through Eurasia until I reach the …[View]
89911257Steel Framing: Are you guys aware of this method of construction? I've been interested into lea…[View]
89875840/danmarktråden/: pinse udgave[View]
89914012>Non-American says dude[View]
89913826You wake up in Cluj Napoca, Romania[View]
89911774Is /int/ the most anti-american board of 4chan? I think it is. If so, why? Do they deserve it?[View]
89913691A collection of embarrassing clips, perhaps?[View]
89913688>you're comfly at home >door bell rings >this happens what do you do?…[View]
89909143American cities are the worst, how do you fix this?[View]
89913848Sp*niards: Oh how low they almighty have fallen, to think that his ancestor conquered and rape my an…[View]
89912069Who are the superior posters ?: And why are they Europeans ?[View]
89913787/台灣Taiwan/ 田單編[View]
89908633Map thread: thread for cool maps[View]
89912869how do you say 'me gusta' in your language?[View]
89912114Let's get one of these threads going. Template in the next post[View]
89880560/v4/ + friends[View]
89913631>post yfw you realise that there are more spanish speakers in america than there are arabs in the…[View]
89913025Your thoughts on the average Columbian man?[View]
89911506WTF...: >Be me in college class today >Teacher talking about sum slavery and all that gay raci…[View]
89910774Why do Americans hate them?[View]
89913265You don't know what it feels like being Canadian and living next to USA. You can have the same …[View]
89909421>ur cunt >have you trolled anyone today? 1. flag 2. no, I haven't left the flat…[View]
89911182America? More like GAYmerica LMOA[View]
89905058/ex-yu/: original kraljica edicija[View]
89901467Some fucking russian left this T I G E R on my front door Whenever I try to move it into my neighbo…[View]
89912536Am I the only one who cringes when they force some sort of rivalry with Europe because of WWII? Why …[View]
89911883>visited Europe >I had believed Europe was clean >tfw realized Europe is far dirtier than e…[View]
89908326Is this even possible?[View]
89911917why is japan a safe country?[View]
89911228/brit/: y'all yamagucci la edition[View]
89912432>fenno swedes[View]
89912820What other sites do you use other than 4chan? >jawsurgeryforums.com >hairlosstalk.com >real…[View]
89911854Are they european?[View]
89911878Eurovision memes: I need to stock up, post your best ones here.[View]
89913195International Incel General: Hello incel brothers, how is your day going[View]
89908010I like my neighbors (Peru is the cutest) but do they realize that we could defeat them easily in a w…[View]
89911105what are these named in your language? polish: Gumisie[View]
89912341I am eating two (2) burgers in honour of America tonight, second one is under the grill as we speak.…[View]
899131731. ur vagina 2. does your country has diglossia 1. flag 2. maybe we learn formal portuguese at schoo…[View]
89908975Somalians are not true Arabs, they mostly have mixed nigger genes. True Arabs have a whiter skin col…[View]
89912775*blocks your path*[View]
89913083Are not these two songs similar ?!: https://youtu.be/e1zr61ThDKw https://youtu.be/B0HGITKHtIY Are no…[View]
89912440when will argentina join the EU?[View]
89913000should we nuke them two more times?[View]
89911799Rate the following from which you like the most, to which you like the least: UK, France, Germany, a…[View]
89912669Explain yourself, Britain[View]
89912646Going to brazil: Hey Brazilian bros, how do I score with this girl?[View]
899126971. u r cunt 2. would you marry and breed with this kind of creatura?[View]
89912668>join a european server https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vTIIMJ9tUc8…[View]
89911956post 10/10s from your cunt[View]
89909439How do i get a Polish gf?[View]
89912200what's their problem[View]
89912350>european beddy-bye hours >post quality is noticeably worse really gets the noggin joggin…[View]
89912425How did we go from this...[View]
89812590/flag/ + /extraflags/ - Macedonian municipalities edition: Ever wanted to show everyone on /int/ tha…[View]
89912275Your reaction when your country is being invaded by the US and Finland comes to the rescue.[View]
89911320stop watching horns[View]
89910070What language sounds the most intellectual for you?[View]
89906151Why do Ethnic Russian still live in Siberia ? I understand Stalin sent them there, but I'd gues…[View]
89912302Russian territory[View]
89912286Post low level pop songs from your country https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xsKx-51_WfU https://www.y…[View]
89911534Why do Americans mock thin people?[View]
89911988why is benzin/gas/petrol whatever you call it, so expensive? i just wanna drive around for myself on…[View]
89911967going to sleep now[View]
89909050>tfw no american gf[View]
89904232/balk/: Joe Rogan edition old >>89890302[View]
89906833I just realized: We cannot be bullied. We're chads by nature. We do what we like and when you …[View]
89907958could he pass as a local in your country?[View]
89911844Anyone else wish /int/ had it's own cunnybot?[View]
89890868Africa of Europe[View]
89911232What is the general attitude toward Kazakhstan in Russia?[View]
89911251How is the everyday outfit of normal people in your country?[View]
89907464>There are ''''''countries'''''' that can't launch their own satellites If you can't pu…[View]
89910367when you sniff your sister's panties, do you lick the stains of pussy fluids that are always th…[View]
89908059>be me >fap every 2 days, 3 times a day >ramadan comes >can go a whole month without fa…[View]
89911315Is it true that the french people hate lesbians?[View]
89911426>land of the free >not allowed to detonate nuclear bombs on my property americucks will defend…[View]
89911131>ywn be am*rican[View]
89908572Post your face when Italy implodes the European Union from within[View]
89906887Do americans wash their asshole when they shower?: Im asking because Im an international student and…[View]
89910102/brit/: snowman edition[View]
89910562Is it true that Americans[View]
89911082Best Country[View]
89901732You wake up in Vyborg, Russia[View]
89909826i havent jerked off in 8 days pic unreleated[View]
89906908>post thread >no replies >post the same thread on a EU proxy >hundreds of replies /int…[View]
89905941/deutsch/: pay debts ausgabe[View]
89909159>americans let their jewish overlords mutilate them at birth[View]
89903743How did this country come to be, and how did it become the icon of degeneratism and moral decay. Wha…[View]
89911033Why are brits so mean to her? Its gotten so bad she is being forced to do interviews all over the US…[View]
89910757ancient persians were slavs[View]
89910988How are men with baby faces treated in your country?[View]
89910894I'm most productive when I'm procrastinating.[View]
89903467Sverigetråden - Nattupplagan[View]
89910664ancient nordics were greeks[View]
89907424NEO EVROPA[View]
89909406【東亞】: Asia was better off under Japan edition.[View]
89910663You wake up in Lagos[View]
89905780I can understand being against multiculturalism but I don't understand why one should be agains…[View]
89892456/incel/ culture: Is there anything more pathetic than the North American male?[View]
89909787SWEDEN DISTRIBUTES WAR LEAFLETS: What war are they preparing for??[View]
89909828>be outside cleaning woodpile >inadvertently disturb snake >sorry bub, gotta move these log…[View]
89908672Do you ever think about what life might be like in 2100 when the estimated global population is 11-1…[View]
89910349MIsty sunrise, in my hometown Rows of cotton, ‘bout knee high When I dream about the Southland, this…[View]
89904747Why do Europeans dress like this?[View]
89900478Public transport in Russia, 2018.[View]
89907822This is actually a nice flag[View]
89908878Are you ready for the Argentine diaspora?[View]
89910374>the way they dress >they way they act >even the way the talk , you can remove 90% of the b…[View]
89908386Is it the women who look llike men? .. Or the men who look like women?[View]
89895867Where do French speakers hang out on the internet? Do they have their own Reddit or 4chan? What are …[View]
89906756How is incest seen in your country?[View]
89909999American baboon mayhem: https://www.is.fi/ulkomaat/art-2000005689865.html THIS BABOON escaped from t…[View]
89906736Which one would you rather have, /int/?[View]
89909811fact: slavs compose the best soundtracks https://youtu.be/DN-Dcwq4i2g https://youtu.be/BLqktDBIew8 h…[View]
89908573Do you like Sweden and our posters?[View]
89910011Does anyone here translate this Japanese to English?: https://www3.nhk.or.jp/news/html/20180521/k100…[View]
89910010updates #1: For the cute worriers of the 'how tall are you?' thread and my swede autistic bf. Called…[View]
89907612/brit/: Edition: the early one[View]
89906568imagine going from le +90% face to le 0% face[View]
89907122Makes you think.[View]
89903735Why french people are so butthurt when it comes to war history?[View]
89908353What did Sweden mean by this?[View]
89901744/deutsch/:: Afrikanische Edition[View]
89893811/norgetråden/:: Nasjonalskatt-utgaven Forrige tråd: >>89866287[View]
89909557Is your country infested with Tomato Niggers? >USA yes >there is a reason The Godfather takes …[View]
89902416/rus/+/bel/+/ukr/: Hoчнoй, дoхлый[View]
89907772>this is the kind of people that pretend to hate brazil on the internet…[View]
89902980Your country in one picture Post them[View]
89907051>tfw girls can smell that you're an incel sympathizer but can't smell that their abusiv…[View]
89874130/éire/: Up and at them edition[View]
89909096How come racist boomers only give a shit about this stuff after they already ruined our countries?[View]
89907249Where is she /int/[View]
89909399why do koreans want to be white so badly?[View]
89908945Is he right /int/??[View]
89904319bruh look at this dood....[View]
89906437LOOK AT THIS DUDE[View]
89909084>Problem is, that this expirienced special serviceman clearly understand, that once he said what …[View]
89904367Do you think Brazil is weak?[View]
89905210if they're haitian, why are they speaking english?[View]
89908609I grew up reading and hearing about people in their early 20s who were lonely, and I never thought I…[View]
89908447>Cute Spanish girl at work >'Bet you don't get winters like this in spain' >She just l…[View]
89908428I never took my SATs.[View]
89907728FYROM PM urges citizens to accept Ilinden Macedonia as new country name: RIP http://www.intellinews…[View]
89908282>/int/ hates Germans for working too hard[View]
89906122>he still uses an american system, voluntarily giving all of his information to the US government…[View]
89903108Do /int/ think a multipolar world where the west is losing its dominance would be better or worse?[View]
89908097someone said 'i learnd english thoughout anime' but anime is in japanese bro[View]
89893496I have 2 months to decide whether to move to Paris, Berlin, or Stockholm. Please convince me where w…[View]
89908513>when she sucking but and u remember a funny joke[View]
89900819/fr/ - le fil de la France: édition bédé[View]
89908339This is my dream when USA will reach 80% non white population[View]
89903622it's that time again[View]
89903488which one and why?[View]
89900689What is the class system in your country like?[View]
89905514Portuguese girls are cute![View]
89908328tfw jews using what is probably a semi-joke to impose further authoritarianisms and thoughtpolicing:…[View]
89907631Do your country have these gummy worms? How much do they cost per kg/2lbs?[View]
89908292This is the most dangerous creature you could ever find in this world[View]
89907025Why is it so common in America for kids to murder their parents?[View]
89907909Why do Europeans always complain about China’s investments in Africa, when they’ve done nothing but …[View]
89907920What food is mostly cooked for family lunch where you live? Here it's in vast majority either i…[View]
89907426God English is such a shit mutt langauge I wish I were born in Germany or Japan, then I'd be sp…[View]
89906478/brit/: pengdon edition[View]
89907602What does it feel like to have a qt finnish gf[View]
89907501What's going on with the Italian government?[View]
89905515>Be Brazilian >Only think and care about Brazil >Go to Calvin Klein in America to buy cheap…[View]
89900775UK is sick, pls take your meds: >They have been hard at work planning the best way to cause chaos…[View]
89872890kurva anyátok[View]
89901122What would happen if Finland and Australia organized a combined shitpost attack to /int/?[View]
89905829>you wake up in Cuiabá, Brasil what do[View]
89906604Where'd our sticky go..? Explain yourself mods.[View]
89902719Finnish automated convenience store technology: 24h shops No cashiers So what do you think?[View]
89906298Your new neighbour is italian. How do you react?[View]
89903803Why are Norwegian so subhuman?: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vrr-EdrXX14[View]
89901801Question to yuropoors: Are you jealous of the high variety of brown qts we have in North America?…[View]
89906525which one would choose as a wife?[View]
89906991Why is shit like that Cicada 3301 puzzle and that one video of that plague doctor-looking motherfuck…[View]
89906932Do you love Europe? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Y4lOFfiVyRY[View]
89903481Sverigetråden - Mysiga nattupplagan[View]
89905567Why do Western European men look like fagots? There is no masculinity, perseverance, strength. At th…[View]
89902227>Dimitrios Pagourtzis >Nikolas Cruz >Alek Minassian /int/ I think it’s time we had a conver…[View]
89893529/cum/ - Canada, USA and Mexico: Brady edition[View]
89889461/ita/ - il filo[View]
89906755daily reminder south brazilians are white and catholic[View]
89893162How come it's impossible to speak German without sounding like some kind of sadistic concentrat…[View]
89902278how do you deal with (((communists))) in your country?[View]
89904452>you will never browse /int/ during World War II[View]
89905053/brit/: Alaska edition[View]
89903288What's the german internet like?[View]
89904896africa of europe ; )[View]
89904560/Royal/ Culture: Does your country have royalty?[View]
89903691>Visit Europe >people always trying to scam me since they know I have money Why are Europoors …[View]
89904443No victoria day bitch. Canada shall be a republic with no ties to the commonwealth.[View]
89903955Sjw white sluts OUT, traditional qt mixed girls IN!: What does your country think of the Duchess of …[View]
89906135Can we get a 1G in chat?[View]
89903259How do spaniards see latin american countries?[View]
89884294Why is Uber and Lyft banned in Europe?[View]
89905952>Australians are waking up soon See you cunts tomorrow. Good night.[View]
89897886I'm proud of my flag.[View]
89904157>wof wof what do?[View]
89905494>american historians[View]
89905186I still can't believe Krautchan is dead[View]
89896449Why are they soooooo butthurt?[View]
89905283Colorized pic of a polakk in 2018[View]
89905206Americans think spending tens of billions on highways is capitalism but spending a few million on a …[View]
89896460Which countrys women do you want more of in your country?: Australia needs MORE LATINAS NOW[View]
89905137The board quality decreases a lot during european posting hours[View]
89902654ياعيال نصاب وش هل حجاب إليّ غطا الرأس وترم المكوه[View]
89905105>be canadian >all your immigrants assimilates to American culture not your own…[View]
89905488Im going on a trip to britain, whats the fastest way to learn British?[View]
89899784You wake up in the ice age[View]
89905462I travel in economy plus (+) class when it's offered.[View]
89902893are you civilized?[View]
89885412/balt/: Freedom ain't free Angels must pay with blood[View]
89900650Meanwhile in Germany https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7iTPBre1mMI[View]
89905087Why are mulattoes considered black? Because they arent. That's like considering hapas full japa…[View]
89903834Why the fuck is the wedding still stickied?[View]
89905059>lick it! like the good boy you are what do?[View]
89901527/brit/: 1500ug edition[View]
89902239Thanks to a recent EU regulation, all cute finn boys are required to be my bfs :3 Come here bois :3[View]
89898632Poland’s victimisation complex: http://neweasterneurope.eu/2017/12/01/genocide-myth-polands-victimis…[View]
89905014>Pewtin >Raspewtin Why do Anglos do this?…[View]
89901571Post cover of Harry Potter and the philosopher stone from your cunt and r8[View]
89893429Can an American tell me what a peanut butter and jelly sandwich is? What do they taste like? Does 'j…[View]
89903073That leaf anon that lives in a village hasn't been around of a while...[View]
89904377/nederdraad/: verwarde man-editie welkom: verwarde mensen niet welkom: normaaltjes[View]
899028491. your country 2. your honest opinion on Canada and Canadians[View]
89901847do you love bulgaria?[View]
89900501ITT: Post your favorite song that's in a foreign language. I'll start: https://www.youtube…[View]
89904150>These days /int/ is boring it has no value or meaning anymore. What went wrong?…[View]
89902748GLOM Simpsons did it.[View]
89894527/polska/: edycja slaska[View]
89904164>Suiça >Suéçia[View]
89892260Is this really legal?[View]
89897794Who incel here?[View]
89903881Trending in Germany WOW[View]
89903048Can you buy pálinka in your country?[View]
89903111>I imagine myself in Germany, leading my Platoon. Our mission is to stop german christian dogs fr…[View]
89897941What kind of skull is this?[View]
89890302/balk/: >>89883422[View]
89902519Pray with me... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PZC07kwifAQ[View]
89898368uhhh swedenbros is this true https://www.theguardian.com/world/2018/may/21/sweden-distributes-be-pre…[View]
89903646Was this meant to be insulting towards india? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=devga2xeOW4[View]
89902346how do you cure hiccups in your cunt[View]
89903366>wake up >6 inches length and tiny girth (probably below average)…[View]
89901246I havent paid US federal taxes in over 20 years.[View]
89902506This is the pinnacle of French internet culture: https://youtu.be/HwM5WXpd6_o https://youtu.be/NBOKU…[View]
89898826>Be me >Oppress my disgusting populace under a false democracy >Over half of my people don…[View]
89902668Why is Poland sucking blood from the EU?[View]
89900848The motto Ordem e Progresso is inspired by Auguste Comte's motto of positivism: 'L'amour p…[View]
89901241What do Italians think of the American's deep dish pizza?[View]
89903090o português é mesmo maravilhoso[View]
89903011>you're dumb for studying accounting its going to be automated in the future…[View]
89781106Royal Wedding match thread: Why aren't you hyped? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XOacA3RYrXk h…[View]
89889407>Your country France >The last novel you read Harry Potter I, maybe 16 years ago.…[View]
899005211. you cunt 2. do you wish to die flag yes[View]
89900110Which one and why?[View]
89886498NEDERDRAAD: NEDERDRAAD Zomer-editie. Welkom: Het Koninkrijk der Nederlanden en Vlaanderen Niet welko…[View]
89902793I will fly my star stangled banner half mast to honor all who lost their lives by getting shot for f…[View]
89902405What do you call Chad and Stacy in your country? Brazil Carlos and Bruna[View]
89902915>Your cunt >How common is pic related Canada common outside of the rural areas…[View]
89895446Are you enjoying your poverty, non-swiss subhumans?[View]
89900322I like them. Glad they gained independence from this shithole.[View]
89896772>I'm stuck in a dead-end job due to my poor life choices, but capitalism is the one at fault…[View]
89899498How long until they get BLACKED too?[View]
89865030/lang/ - language learning: >What language are you learning? >Share language learning experien…[View]
89902609>'I am not one of those hyphenated Americans who claim allegiance to two countries.' >Canadian…[View]
89900556>that retard who doesn't post in this thread what's his problem…[View]
89902492My friends still think I'm employed they'll laugh at me when they find out I quit.[View]
899020321. your country 2. are your countrymen good at fighting? R U S yes[View]
89898514/deutsch/: Orthodoxe Zeichentrickausgabe[View]
89901914Do you eat the yellow part?[View]
89898820>de jooooooseeeeee is the reason my country is shit[View]
89872594/rus/ + /bel/ + /ukr/ кoлхoз edition: Ктo paнo вcтaёт - тoт в ceлe живeт.[View]
89900729ITT: Flags you like[View]
89900458>Be American >Everyone either loves you or is jealous Feels pretty good…[View]
89901697Are the irish literally subhumans? I've noticed that the irish are the only white people who fo…[View]
89900680Ever since going to highschool the only girls I'm attracted to are brown/swarthy. How is this p…[View]
89902053how can i get a wife[View]
89900807Why does /int/ keep stealing /pol/s history? https://archive.4plebs.org/pol/thread/52438556/#5243985…[View]
89901960>i hate women[View]
89900021/brit/ - Sponsored by China: 学习雷锋好榜样, 忠于革命忠于党 edition[View]
89900975Is Malmo really one of the most dangerous cities in Europe?[View]
89901236Show me some memes from your 'local' imageboard.[View]
89898532/spaggn/ ehemals /deutsch/: postiert eure brostadamassaschegeräde[View]
89886029When did you grew out of your yellow fever, /int/?[View]
89898653My ancestors :) haha[View]
89901507Are Mizrahi Jews literally just Arabs?[View]
89901248>be American >hear someone yell 'WAHOO' >get bing binged Is there no ending to our sufferin…[View]
89899681>tfw local grocery stores are closed today for a 'public holiday' This is why Canada is so poor c…[View]
89898838what are the most under/over rated country's in the world. under rated: Norway over rated: Ital…[View]
89897868>oh you look Finnish[View]
89895868Sverigetråden - Beredskapsupplagan: MSB har släppt sin nya broschyr 'Om kriget eller krisen kommer'.…[View]
89892488Finnish woman pussyes and titties will press against these lingieries....aaaah sex girl, give some s…[View]
89901166Does Switzerland need applied mathematics? I have a dream to get the citizenship of this country. Or…[View]
89900249>tfw your brother is a hot model and you are a short ugly manlet >inb4 he should lose weight h…[View]
89884489Why are whites so demonized? We have no place in this world anymore...[View]
89898129think I've fixed europe lads[View]
89898344/brit/: princess peng[View]
89900619I dont have a social security number.[View]
89899121Free Pictland from our Scottish oppressors[View]
89897278The greatest thing about incels is that nobody can stop them from killing more. Until they get their…[View]
89900435he was just trying to assimilate in to british culture[View]
89898863Why is the president of the Poles a descendant of a Bandera? Are you okay? Poles?[View]
89899410Who's your country's King Arthur?[View]
89896126>burgers let incels kill this pathetic[View]
89898515they say i'm gonna get my own pinay loli gf if i make pinay loli thread[View]
89899762Please nuke Moscow[View]
8989752224 days till fifa world cup[View]
89899889Does your country have an incel problem, /int? We have an incel problem in America. You can find the…[View]
89898451>tfw no portuguese gf to wake me up in the morning with a freshly cooked chouriço omelette like m…[View]
89897282>'white are superior!!' >get butthurt and destroy threads by spamming when he saw someone who …[View]
89894937>a fr*nch talks to me[View]
89897016Is he right /int/??[View]
89899623When will the Northerns rise up and kick out the SOUTHRON hordes and their MENA blood?[View]
89899533Will you watch it?[View]
89899285>tfw black incel[View]
89899556Who is the LaSalle of your country ? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pITNfPRFV34 https://www.youtube…[View]
89898352Rip humanity.....[View]
89892140/fr/ - le francofil: Édition du parti rhinocéros Ancien >>89884242[View]
89897422You can only comment in this thread if your country has public healthcare system.[View]
89897882ITT we post pathetic countries and state the reason why you chose it 1: Ireland getting so cucked by…[View]
89883009What do you consider to be the top 3 greatest threats facing the world today?: 1) Islam 2) Big corpo…[View]
89899340Pashtun mommy visited your board. This will bring you luck.[View]
89896001'''''white''''' Americans[View]
89894584Please respond[View]
89898946Internet has only brought suffering to my life. Why is it that I have become addicted to it[View]
89896142>make fun of americans by calling them fat >I myself am fat devilish…[View]
89896507>5'6 >ill turn 20 in 4 months >kissless virgin…[View]
89896341>perfect countries don't exi-[View]
89898889does your country have a strong musical culture, /int/?[View]
89891903What do non-native speakers think English really sounds like? I imagine it must be a bit like Dutch,…[View]
89893330>Australians are so gay they invented a food named 'fairy bread' yikes[View]
89899135Fuck america[View]
89889066Why doesn't /int/ like American cheese? Sometimes I eat it by the slice as a snack because it…[View]
89899030Abkhazia: Let's make it great again guiz. Regards[View]
89898147>wake up >Japanese is nowadays the second most important language after English >Japan has …[View]
89898671why do slavs hate eachother? pic unrelated[View]
89897453We summon Estonia: So we can laugh at him[View]
89893037. cunt . do you love swallowing cum? Italy YESSS[View]
89898788I love France[View]
89897043Why don't we ever here anything from here ever?[View]
89898841What is Bulgaria like?[View]
89897498Kek >The Sheep Wars,[1][2] or the Sheep and Cattle Wars,[3][4] refers to a series of armed confli…[View]
89898786How are italian canadians perceived by italian americans? pic is me with trump, MAGA[View]
89890841Does your city have a public bike renting program?[View]
89898263What's the general consensus in your country about splitting the bill on a date?[View]
89896936/brit/: north pengdon edition[View]
89898485Incels don’t deserve to live[View]
89896081>Knock on an american's door >get shot You can't make this up. https://en.m.wikipedi…[View]
89885593We should kick downshifters out of the EU. The UK is thankfully out but there are still lazy souther…[View]
89894458/deutsch/: Gehirnletten-Ausgabe[View]
89894011How did the Central Powers even do as well as they did?[View]
89871791/cum/: Asian pride worldwide[View]
89891642What do these shoes say about the girls that wear these in your country germany keep away from, they…[View]
89894853why is america such a terrible country?[View]
89893226>country >have you ever considered the possibility that you might die in a school shooting? Fl…[View]
89891594>a suave and handsome dane slaps you on the ass what do you do? sweden total surrender…[View]
89892950I have joke for you: What do Michael Jackson and Father Christmas have in common, ya? They both leav…[View]
89897740Why don't Americans celebrate Pentecost?[View]
89894562eating a poutine ama[View]
89897509How am I supposed to enjoy life when I'm a manlet ? I hate myself fuck my life[View]
89888075Russia, a one-million city, 2018[View]
89895177/polska/: edycja gondoli[View]
89893283So i was market today and i saw mena girl and asked her to date. Found out she was actually Christia…[View]
89890458>ywn be canadian end it[View]
89897403You're a Jewish-Korean tourist in Japan and this guy blocks your path.[View]
89897576I am ENRAGED, french will be the official language in EU, I swear to the Gods.[View]
89897030>And did those feet in ancient time,Walk upon Englands[b] mountains green: >And was the holy L…[View]
89897597Oh no. https://www.independent.co.uk/news/uk/crime/south-yorkshire-police-officer-sexually-assaulted…[View]
89896623>adult American men >eating cereal >watching cartoons >playing games >wearing caps, t…[View]
89893235http://www.bbc.com/news/world-europe-44187715 So greek anons, why was he attacked?[View]
89894049Better to reign in Hell than serve in Heaven >>>/x/20801145 Thirty (30) Day Notice https://…[View]
89897274tell me about Kansas, why did they fuck their sisters?[View]
89897001>read american news site >'I'M TELLING YOU THE NORDIC COUNTRIES WILL COLLAPSE ANY DAY NOW…[View]
89897242Have you played the 'BLACK card' recently? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qKpEl9jJ4dA…[View]
89894938white:people who started globalism white:people who angry about globalism are they stupid?[View]
89895036/brit/: Queen of the NEETs edition[View]
89895812>mussolini says the war declaration is already delivered to the british and french ambassadors …[View]
89896780i want to be a terrone[View]
89896505how do female feet taste like?[View]
89894345OH NO NO NO NO[View]
89896328the namekian 'guru' has arrived in king kai's home[View]
89892449Do you love protestants ? :3[View]
89876336/MENA/: edition بالعزم انتفضت يمناه[View]
89896121>Koalas are officially listed as at risk of disappearing in New South Wales. https://learningengl…[View]
89896079Serious question for Americans.: Does he really pass in the US as a white?[View]
89895891what are nice parts of france these days?[View]
89891118Pour moi, c'est la Tunisie.[View]
89894757Redpill me on this guy.[View]
89891791Sverigetråden - Mobbarupplagan[View]
89895146Why do americans do this ? Is it because an Hollywood thing ? They need to shoot the film very quick…[View]
89895545damn, germans look like that?[View]
89895766>banter someone from the UK >he can't reply because he doesn't have a banter reply l…[View]
89895742it's 23:12 here goodnight, lovely people :3[View]
89894124>moved into an apartment with a bunch of foreigners >they put a shit ton of garlic into every …[View]
89895592Jack Manley Location: WHERE DOES HE SHOOT THESE VIDEOS? https://youtu.be/cBh17rChVn8[View]
89893262Collapse when?[View]
89895432Freedom of religion is moronic.: I see absolutely nothing wrong with China's re-education camps…[View]
89894964Post mugshots of your country's criminals[View]
89886247LMAO is that here where you guys invented the 'soyboy' meme?? Ahahah I'm here because of pewdie…[View]
89890476Tunisia: Any Tunisian lads want to help me out Finishing with collage and my teacher is a top lass w…[View]
89888376How common is it for people to commute by bicycle in your cunt?[View]
89893494/int/ernational hair: post your hair[View]
89894372>soon: >soon[View]
89873349/Hilo Latino/: Hilo anti-anime peruano Hilo de la oscuridad[View]
89894729Why wh*Toids so ugly[View]
89879669Why are americans on the full offensive? There are many threads currently up yelling about europeans…[View]
89895239>ywn be French peasant and rape your way through saracen lands[View]
89872145texas school shooting victims: thoughts?[View]
898951111. your're a cunt 2. do you have a gf flag never[View]
89894358Say I am moving to your country. What do I need to get a girlfriend in your country?[View]
89887595>I love english more than my native language[View]
89886767Medical bill thread: 1. Yer cunt 2. How much will it cost for treating this shit in yer cuntry?…[View]
89893658Are you discriminated against in your country? Why? I'm a white, law-abiding gun owner, born ag…[View]
89894983do americans really look like that? and do they really hold ayylmaos as their house pet? wtf[View]
89894514> You're country > Do you want an Ameridumb gf?…[View]
89892867what are the steps one takes to become a realer person?: cant find a reference[View]
89891105Do 1st worlders believe that the upper class in Latin America is European?: Sure, European descended…[View]
89866287/norgetråden/: Ramadan utgaven fjesboka: /ernasolberg/videos/355677128170613/ Forrige: >>89853…[View]
89894883the antikytheran duck has returned to the pond[View]
89894143The Romanian ''doctor'' will soon arrive in Sierra Leone..[View]
89894642Why are Americans so fond of Satanism and other cults?[View]
89890480are germans really like this? webm REMOVESPACE share.com/9VXdv i was planning on visiting it for wor…[View]
89885423/ex-yu/: Mods, please pay attention izdanje[View]
89882080/luso/ - o fio morto-vivo: Edição da (((namorada)))[View]
89890929/deutsch/: Wider den Volkstod-Ausgabe[View]
89887127/polska/: edycja krola zelaznej piesci[View]
898917121. You are country 2. Is magic real?[View]
89894019>local chinese dim sum restaurant started hiring white waitresses Why is this allowed? Part of th…[View]
89888549How are transfeminine and transmasculine persons treated in your country?[View]
89888708Whats the difference between Norway and Denmark?[View]
89893531Meanwhile in Russia. Two guys do bdsm on the street. https://youtu.be/WsjosNtufeU[View]
89881103Are girls tall in your country? Do you see girls taller than you often?[View]
89880005How do you call this in your country?[View]
89881411Should i buy a VW up or a citroen c1 or a peugeot 108[View]
89894041Won't you have a Chinese girlfriend?[View]
89891395ITT: countries that should unite.[View]
89889511How is it like to know that there are non-English speaking countries which have their own internet w…[View]
89838118/dixie/ - Southern US and Friends: Polish /agrarianism/ edition[View]
89890352/brit/: Ho Chi Minh edition[View]
89868237/ausnz/: Peace edition No warmongers allowed[View]
89893983the american mutt has left the playpen[View]
89891282Where do you acquire international boyfriends?[View]
89893752https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=U2UmYBkszOA name a better song that has come out of sweden the past …[View]
89891702Should it be really considered racemixing to have kids with latinas?: I mean, technically they'…[View]
89890429>your country >do you have photographic memory? Cunt Yes…[View]
89892955pay your debts italy[View]
89889767God I hate women.[View]
89885016/thaiwan/: 沒有人記得我 我現在有點微難過 主題串[View]
89891267i just woke up from my semi daily siesta u jealous?[View]
89893165Why do Americans behave like big bullies and then act triumphant about it? https://www.youtube.com/…[View]
89891826How come whenever this pic is posted, people think the guy on the left is Muslim even though he is I…[View]
89892752https://www.youtube.com/user/kalegospodarvremena/videos this is famous youtuber/vlogger in serbia…[View]
89884700I saw this map recently and the number 1 songs in Europe are from the UK and USA. Why does this happ…[View]
898914761.-You're cunt 2.- Would you be labeled as a potential school shooter if you lived in USA? Me: …[View]
89893245>video related to sweden >comment sections are disabled…[View]
89887343Why are these fuckers so popular?[View]
898929991. your country 2. are you a proud member of the white race?[View]
89893015long goodbye[View]
89885492>Friend jokingly says 'I've fucked your bitch man' >I reply 'My bitch's your MOM'…[View]
89886657These apes do not belong. Who the FUCK are the ape kids?[View]
89887068Eternal Anglo never stops exploiting other countries.[View]
89877299/brit/: OH SAY CAN YOU SEE[View]
89889558What's it like to leave your house to go to work or the bakery and such and not have to worry a…[View]
89890309guys i fixed europe[View]
89892470Norway = Nord way Poland = Poles land[View]
89882147/ita/ il filo: edizione Califfato Umayyad[View]
89892135I drink port and eat pasta with black olives and dried tomatoes.[View]
89891822Sicilians are greek and norman.[View]
89889775what did swedoids mean by this? https://youtu.be/_dxQKnzAvWY[View]
89891153it's buddha's birthday, /int/!: 南無阿彌陀佛[View]
89891575Is it the most nationalistic country in the world?[View]
89889927Post some rich kids from your country[View]
89889944Even Wiktionary is making fun of Brazil.[View]
89891303With institutions such as the monarchy, a House of Lords, and elite preparatory schools, is this the…[View]
89887196K-9, self-propelled gun: K-9 accounted for 48 % of global market for self-propelled guns between 200…[View]
89891401>American tv series are shi-[View]
89877098Albania to enter EU: 1. your country 2. will you accept albania into the EU[View]
89890459i want to live somewhere else to spice my life up[View]
89886717>another weekend passed >still no mena gf…[View]
89880498How are gangweed gamers seen in your country?[View]
89863023Why do they hate each other???[View]
89888471Stop not watching italian kino[View]
89884242/fr/ - le fil de la France: édition de la deuxième expédition au Mexique de 1967[View]
89890311Don't smoke heroin.[View]
89887767/deutsch/ /bayern/: Merkelausgabe[View]
89888386Do you love based Russia?[View]
89885183for me it's Argentina[View]
89890767Why do Canadians hate France on here? I thought we were supper buddies, we were your daddy.[View]
89890713who will win This year?[View]
89889830at least she had her wish granted[View]
89877385Post your countries navy[View]
89890002>tfw no muslim skater gf[View]
89890543/mex/: Who would you be voting for and why?[View]
89888022Denmark btfo[View]
89890391/brit/: leftymong spammers SEETHING edition[View]
89887738You wake up and see this in the mirror instead of your usual self. What do?[View]
89890299it seems a little retarded you can have gigabytes of beheading videos, cartel executions, etc but if…[View]
89890272this is becoming a reality, lads[View]
89887023is is true that the average american doesn't know that alaska and hawaii are american states?[View]
89883422/balk/: Kanun and toy gun edition Old >>89860595[View]
89881625Draw the world without looking at a map. Draw from memory.[View]
89887397I can't stop listening to 6ix9ine, help me /int/.[View]
89883256I think Japanese comedy is the highest level in the world. How do you think?[View]
89888551>be american >have ass like two planets colliding…[View]
89831554Post your hair[View]
89889279>300,000 total Cubans dead[5][6] (most of them civilian fatalities in the concentration camps)[2]…[View]
89887768Niggengland: ?[View]
89878878Mongoloid genes ruined Finland. All Mongoloids should be exterminated so that future generations won…[View]
89889536>tfw not persian[View]
89885009what the FUCK.[View]
89888634Someday, in this planet, this region will be the best to live in. And you will have to shut your mou…[View]
898816041 your country 2 your honest opinion on traps[View]
89889376Are these two similar ?!: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=e1zr61ThDKw&t=63s https://youtu.be/B0H…[View]
89887984TE QUIERO PUTA![View]
89888210>your country >do you check 'em?[View]
89889072Any pseudochinks online wanna come to my place? I will fuck your shit up.[View]
89883074Do you have any regional feelings in Japan ?!: Our country, Korea has been divided into Gyeongsang a…[View]
89880861>america will soon have the second largest concentration of spanish speakers in the world thought…[View]
89883558Sverigetråden - Rasrena upplagan[View]
89889111Is it bad thing?[View]
89874178I hate my country and western culture. Our women love getting BLACKED.[View]
89888351>this is what the average mena girl in Europe looks like Wtf? I want to travel to Europe now!…[View]
89888689Do you think Brazil is weak?[View]
89888510>He doesn't live in the pine zone How can pinelets even compete[View]
89881637Why are the french so violent? Literally South America-tier[View]
89885611Ignoring Austria, is there anything worth seeing here? Do they have any cultural attractions?[View]
89888297whatever happened to this guy[View]
89881452Post normal things that happen in your country that might shock outsiders[View]
89886425How are you preparing for the Korean century?[View]
89886428/東亞/: I miss the good old days edition.[View]
89881087/Africa/: Wow[View]
89885582>be foreigner >want to experience American culture >get shot…[View]
89885898/brit/: hate niggers edition[View]
89885504China to end all birth limits: https://www.bloomberg.com/news/articles/2018-05-21/china-said-to-cons…[View]
89882769>while everyone was paying attention to the catalan shit, spanish ruling party replaced the judge…[View]
89879513ITT: your street/neighborhood: Post a picture of your street/neighborhood if you can't take a p…[View]
89887721im so thirsty but I dont want to get up[View]
89887268>cunt >do you study at your friend's home? Brazil I don't have friends to do so…[View]
89885357Experiencing 'American culture': >be american >get shot http://indianexpress.com/art…[View]
89883910I live in a third world country. But I have to admit, I'm glad I don't live in the USA. Me…[View]
89884536/deutsch/: Wohlgeformte Ballsportlerinnen[View]
89879449Itt this thread we thank Italy for sun dried tomatoes Thank you Italy[View]
89887489Do you like Yu-gi-oh?[View]
89886274my uncle attempted suicide and failed[View]
89885561/MENA/: Hanging gardens of Babylon edition[View]
89887379/polska/: edycja białej rasy[View]
89886125why does every nonamerican under the age of 25 obsess over america, and every nonamerican over the a…[View]
89884195what is best mp4 to webm[View]
89879042/world of polska/[View]
89886986Americans are most powerful race[View]
89886106>Uncle anon, what is an incel? are you one of them?[View]
89883209>You wake up in 1707 >see this what do you do?…[View]
89802176/sino/ - 中文: The thread for posting in Chinese and discussion about the Chinese-speaking world, cult…[View]
89884014To everyone who's calling USA a shithole becomes of the school shootings: Let me remind you wha…[View]
89886858Looks like my cunt is on the brink of a coup. R8[View]
89883401/brit/: lil xan edition[View]
89886000how accurate is this? is the finnish inflectional case system really that convoluted? what do all th…[View]
89886524Could I pass as local in you're cunt ? As a boy ? As a girl ?[View]
89875089REMINDER:: Discriminating against race is as stupid as discriminating against someone with a differe…[View]
89877153Post your favorite domestically produced military tech /int/ Picture is the Saab 35 Draken exported …[View]
89883703What kind of coins do you have in your cunt? I found euros from latvia, portugal and ireland among m…[View]
89884686Why do Americans?[View]
89886055>Yuros don't even get shot in school >they have to wait for their walk home from school t…[View]
89877238/ex-yu/: Vicevi izdanje[View]
89882705ok I saw this swedish movie and if you take out political propaganda it is very good quality movie d…[View]
89883885blue eyes = no soul[View]
89885324I am whiter than British royalty[View]
89882933My Lebanese and Japanese friend are investigating some eerie rumours at the Appalachian Mountains..[View]
89883902mexico will never be great we are destined to suffer forever[View]
89877100What is their problem?[View]
89884111I want a Filipino wife they are really kind and beautiful.[View]
89885566what is it with you faggots and feet? there's a beautiful woman attached to them you know[View]
89873585Japanese Thread / 日本語スレッド: This thread is for the discussion of the language, culture, travel, daily…[View]
89883109(Freeze frame) You’re probably wondering How i got in this situation.[View]
89884322How do I stop picking my nose?[View]
89882964>mfw went to gym but still no gf[View]
898733151. Country 2. Should guns be banned in your country? USA Yes[View]
89884987>fetishizing white women because they are robust, hairy and masculine[View]
89882640G*rmans aren't human.[View]
89877028>I am polentone[View]
89884629how do i get american gf?[View]
89884164This is the strangest spring of all time[View]
89883782This brazilian influencer died of cancer Press S to spit on her grave[View]
89884257>2000s every girl wants a black man >2010s every girl wants arab guys >soon 2020s and all g…[View]
89878838Will girls like me more if I learn Chadic Arabic and speak to them in that dialect?[View]
89884719Thoughts on this tushy?[View]
89880980/deutsch/: Selbstportrait Ausgabe.[View]
89878351do you love commie blocks[View]
89882360Thank you Italy for inventing pizza :)[View]
89879108>mfw I left this place for only three days and I'm 10 times happier It really works, just co…[View]
89881174>mum got my order wrong at mcdonalds FUCKING DUMB WHORE BITCH[View]
89880107Hola Hombre! Es me el gato again. Te gustaría compartir Tequila with me *gatos suenan*[View]
89884276Is there anything wrong with me if I like watching James May reassemble various stuff and find it re…[View]
89883303>slept for 12 hours >over drinking caffeine again how are you guys pulling through?…[View]
89882509The King of Swaziland holds an annual event during which thousands of unmarried and childless girls …[View]
89884079What's the point of learning japanese? The only reason anyone would learn it is just to underst…[View]
89883623>I hate new worlders!![View]
89883461What if we divide Korea into different regions of the United States ?!: Seoul = New York Incheon = S…[View]
89883832What gives you motivation to get out of bed or 'do your best' when you know that you're just me…[View]
89879085/fr/ - le fil francophone: Édition : Le NEET, le normet, et le salaire-esclave. Ancien fil : >…[View]
89882755British English or American English, /int/? Which one do you use the most?[View]
89883072>your country >how weeb are you[View]
89883585Venezuelan Revolution when? They'll have the support from the US. This joke isn't funny a…[View]
89868366What's your favorite post ever made on /int/? >pic related[View]
89881745/brit/: Malcolm Douglas edition[View]
89878361I’d Duolingo still the best language app?[View]
89876887>shithole under monarchy >shithole under communism >shithole under capitalism When will you…[View]
89860595/balk/: Tyrlylylylylylylylylylyly Tyrlylylylylylylylylylyly Tyrlylylylylylylylylylylylylylylylylylyl…[View]
89883206When a United Statian says that he, as a 'white person', is not going to pay for the universal healt…[View]
89857872/NEDERDRAAD/: /NEDERDRAAD/ Jacin Trill editie Welkom: blije mensen Niet welkom: haters, racisten, te…[View]
89883277>The other day's shooter was another Incel That makes what, 3 this year? How long until we g…[View]
89883257Germany and Austria: How do you guys see each other? Do you consider yourselves cousins like we and …[View]
89857876/ita/ il filo di umaru: edizione è l'ora di umaru[View]
89883118You wake up... somewhere, and you see this. Wat do?[View]
89875226Let's write international poems As the night falls over An american goes to sleep His dick is a…[View]
89879682superpower empire by 2100[View]
89879211>be american >get shot >go to hospital >bill is $100,000 >have a heart attack…[View]
89880546Name one thing you like about the flag above you[View]
89882387I just invented a new British word: TAFFLED For example: >oi m8, I reckon they'll be bloody…[View]
89880657Is killing a Dane really a crime?[View]
89875594Is it even possible to get a white gf in this world?[View]
89878315Post national songs you like from other cunts https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=x2YlbiyiuMc[View]
89881669Has anybody here forgotten your native language?: Has anybody here forgotten your native language? I…[View]
89875185Listen people[View]
89881947A B C D E F GEE H I J K L M N O PEE Q R S T U VEE W X Y and... So /int/? Should the upcoming letter …[View]
89881687>the Queen's birthday is a holiday in Canada and Australia[View]
89881701Wouldn't It be funny if an Albanian immigrant teenager started a school shooting in US and only…[View]
89882070>default is from fault so basically to reset the fault Am I being brainlet for not noticing it so…[View]
89882195The old Chisholm trail is covered in concrete now They truck it to market in fifty foot rigs They ro…[View]
89880171/brit/: Beta bux, Chad fucks edition[View]
89876117>gdansk >danzig[View]
89879334>be europeon >get massively taxed >be unable to own home >rentcuck entire life >be un…[View]
89882053Is marrying a mutt making america great again?[View]
89882047>soon: >soon[View]
89881391Japanese women are obese.[View]
89878970/int/ Risk: int wants to play? >Everybody start with 15 territories (be clear where they will be …[View]
89877223Post your female version from FaceApp[View]
89878273Was the discovery of the new world a mistake?[View]
89881225How does this happen?[View]
89875263I fucking hate Germany, I wish Americans just killed them all. Now they whine because Italians are f…[View]
89879587Stop buying medoid fruit and vegetables.[View]
89876011A living meme: the real best friend of the jew Putin![View]
89881602i'm a 23 years old boomer[View]
89881879Nie wieder Österreich.[View]
89879232>kindergarten gets shot up >“thoughts and prayers!” >high school gets shot up >“crisis a…[View]
89872338What is this spread called in your country?[View]
89880320i hate Denma--[View]
89879422What do spaniards feel about UK expats and international brokers buying up a bunch of propertiesm an…[View]
89881258Why yes,I'm shitskin speaking Indo-European language based on proto Indo European language whic…[View]
89879220subtitles setting what did Netflix mean by this?[View]
89881412Wife's spousal visa was denied.[View]
89880510>I'm a polyglot[View]
898807074chan ruined my life you get this obscure sense of humour no one outside of this board can understan…[View]
89875810The Chad language: Why don't you speak the sexiest language on Earth?[View]
89875855I failed my penis inspection again...[View]
89879047what race is this?[View]
89876013Japanese White Powder Prunk https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=b4EfZ9558ko he was arrested, and punishe…[View]
89880459>White people can't dan-[View]
89861326/mämmi/: Yöpainos[View]
89880892>seinfeld did the el goblino meme first https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ftUR6AFTNMA…[View]
89877969/deutsch/: fickts eich[View]
89867011Sverigetråden - Nattråden[View]
89880780/int/ subreddit: /int/ subreddit invited: redditors not invited: 4c*an scum[View]
89879608Ok so banter aside how bad is Brazil really? A company from here offers a paid 8 week internship in …[View]
89876963Why is it overwhelmingly females that care about the royal wedding?[View]
89869516>go to America: >step out of airport >see this >'Well howdy, shoog! Y'look starvin…[View]
89874926Damn it feels good to be a bulgarian.: Bulgaria is amongst the comfiest countries in Europe. Its a c…[View]
89878442Right side driving irks my autism[View]
89877356You can only post on this thread if your men traditionally wore skirt-like garments.[View]
89877180/brit/: The Jim Hogan Experiment Edition.[View]
89878609post your country's fast-food: >takoyaki it's a small ball shaped pan which has octopus…[View]
89876221>'aryan race'[View]
89841269/v4/ + friends: Thiccness is not sickness edition[View]
8987869320 Bombings in Southern Thailand During Ramadan: WARNING! THIS IS NOT A DRILL. OUR SIAMESE FRIENDS A…[View]
89880083i masturbate with my younger sister's socks[View]
89875397I think US needs to end the age of guns.[View]
89879773why do nonwhites come here? this is a white board[View]
89875807Muslims, do you know a Jew in person? Last year I had the honour to meet my first Jew, even talk to …[View]
89877329Anyone remember the spring/summer 3 or 4 years ago when /int/ had daily threads planning a big summe…[View]
89878889Based Turkey: Turkish normies are increasingly using /pol/ memes.[View]
89872847Identical shape; Shitty climate; Shitty third world countries; B L A C K people.[View]
898794451 ur cunt 2 how is it easy to get gf in your country? korea imposible[View]
89873985*dabs on the racists*[View]
89879501>it took hundreds of years for us European Christians to live alongside our Muslim brothers again…[View]
898768521. cunt 1nd. What do you like EVROPA White people, pogroms, paganism and fascism[View]
89869236What are your thoughts on America?[View]
89863419/polska/: edycja ZAPIERDALANIA[View]
89876510What are your contrys cencorship laws like /int/? +my sisters learning japanese should i get her to …[View]
89877158>Britain is expected to signal its determination to press ahead with its own programme in discuss…[View]
89876304Japan is the poop of the atlantic sea.[View]
89876401If white people are so tall how come all the good basketball players are black?[View]
89869883are there any attractive male posters on /int/?: at all? what's considered attractive in your …[View]
89878369MY DICK STINKS[View]
89873691Are you NEET? How easy is it to be NEET in your cunt?[View]
89868244How do we get the USA to stop being the bad guy in the world? I want to go back to the time when we …[View]
89877794Shut up Russians, I am your Domovoy and I tell you shut up.[View]
89874212How do i get a Finnish gf?[View]
89878257I think it would be better for my sanity if i left this place, but it's the only thing i have[View]
89877068Everytime you post in this thread, an australian will due.[View]
89838790/asean/: San Vicente, Palawan edition[View]
89831769worst countries: what are the worst countries(including people) according to you? mine 1) brazil 2…[View]
89876752How do we combat Jewish privilege?[View]
89877403Why did Jews in Poland start attacking the polish army and towns when it was invaded by Germany and …[View]
89877931Did it die?[View]
89877843I had sex with a Chinese girl at my university. This wasn't supposed to happen. Ricemixing is a…[View]
89871745Who's hungry?! I'm heading down to the nearest McDonald's restaurant for a Double Qua…[View]
89872915Food incidents from China that I remember: >Boba tea made from car tires >Gyoza dumplings made…[View]
89866242/nachtschicht, ehemals deutsch/[View]
89876640prove me wrong: >the behavior of every atom in your brain is controlled by physical laws of the u…[View]
89876869bought a Zen clothing Samue: now i can sail through fucking hot and humid summer. rate the clothing…[View]
89876663Today I and my dear country were insulted on this very website. Thus I demand a proper apology from …[View]
89860742/ex-yu/: Novi /ex-yu/ Children of war criminals welcome https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wg1l2qYWTwQ…[View]
89875832/brit/: vegprop edicksiaone[View]
89877354>walk into bar in EU shithole >start shouting loudly how great america and trump is >butthu…[View]
89875922Is this accurate?: I couldn't find any source on pic related. Is it real or fake? You never kno…[View]
89876960>EYYY IM KILLIN HERE![View]
89860692/fr/ - le francofil: Nouvelle Édition en deux dimensions. Ancien fil : >>89851709[View]
89877333Tyrlylylylylylylylylylyly Tyrlylylylylylylylylylyly Tyrlylylylylylylylylylylylylylylylylylylylyly Ty…[View]
89877207Makes you think[View]
89877143KARA BOGA XD[View]
89876907I hate Native Americans now. The Americas were full of nice big animals before them.[View]
89876154What happened to BRICS, out future overlords?[View]
89875911Why do American women do this?[View]
89875325Why are americans so fat?[View]
89876592I need to understand something about British mentality. Throughout the royal wedding process brits …[View]
89872921Well he's been Prime minister for almost 4 years now and the next Canadian election is just one…[View]
89872878>royal wedding sticky thread is the janny mod a fucken women[View]
89873612You're patrolling the skies in your F-35: >suddenly this appears >hear voice through the …[View]
89876627/pol/ cringe thread[View]
89876378How do you talk to girls: help me bros. how do i do it[View]
89876674/brit/: theo von Edition[View]
89867686Languages of European Union citizens[View]
89874682What are your requirements for a GF? For me: >She must have lost her virgnity 18+ >She must ha…[View]
89872605Wish i was Japanese[View]
89876089>how many countries are there on Earth?[View]
89873928100% true[View]
89875713Do you love Japan?[View]
89872875gf is confused and concerned about my obsession with the French Republic[View]
89876306How do Americans manage to be first at everything?[View]
89876388this is me[View]
89873925Was Vegas best when the mob ran it? Is it really niche and shit now?[View]
89875540>americans take bacon & fried eggs at breakfast >americans support warmongers stuff of eve…[View]
89872488Smarter than he looks or dumber than he thinks?[View]
89875063Paleo-Sardinian Phenotype: This is what native Europeans looks liked before the arrival of Indo-Eur*…[View]
89876290Four wheels scare the cockatoos From Kintore East to Yuendemu The western desert lives and breathes …[View]
89876291>tfw no abbo gf[View]
89871498Can you handle American cuisine?[View]
89875763will BLACK leonor and theres nothing you can do about it[View]
89874709I've got an idea inspired by the USA right now. How about, political parties require you to sig…[View]
89876187Are Hispanic Greeks the most powerful race?[View]
89875923hahahahaha :)[View]
89875974International Subreddit: International Subreddit Invited: Redditors Not invited: 4c*an scum[View]
89842829/luso/ - Fio lusófono: Onde estão todos?[View]
89876086I saw this on Pewdiepie channel: Explain yourself India https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GpvtxQmHudo…[View]
89869053Girls who are half white are always qt as fuck.[View]
89875298What exactly is their defence for the settlements? How do they justify it[View]
89866897What drugs do you do /int/? And what have you done? I smoke weed pretty often, do coke every now and…[View]
89875191Pic related: future King of England[View]
89851929ITT: posters you recognise: I'll start: >sudanon >the belizian san andreas spammer >th…[View]
89873873>Americans get triggered when they hear non-english language[View]
89870678Does /int/ still care about Katya? We do still love her right?[View]
89874844/brit/: day resting between sets off[View]
89873016I LOVE my continent. We will be the best someday, just wait![View]
89874426I fixed north america[View]
89874942A board meant to discuss various cultures from around the world: >do Americans really >why do …[View]
89856813/ausnz/: time to wake up edition[View]
89875473How did Russia go from this...[View]
89868272Why are they so obsessed with their heritage and ancestry /int/? I'm genuinely curious[View]
89875667>tfw no american gf[View]
89873671/brit/: Duck Hunting general[View]
89871906How much does American cultural influence affect your country, /int/? I've heard people talking…[View]
89875574Americans are being oppressed by le*f scum our very way of life is being threatened by these smug cu…[View]
89875382Western artists made a lot of songs and music about Japan during the 80s when people thought Japan w…[View]
89874853Why are new worlders so much more friendly and open minded than old worlders?[View]
89873680Entralia, when?[View]
89875452Kalium Kalzium Eisen Magnesium Carbo-Hydrat Protein A-B-C-D Vitamin[View]
89873142Parking spaces used as investments in Hong Kong: https://twitter.com/Reuters/status/9984007399396761…[View]
89873752>india >pakistan >indonesia >philippines >algeria…[View]
89874546*SNAP* Yep this one is going into the history greatest moments album[View]
89874678Are you ready for the GERMAN century, /int/?[View]
89872817What will you do with your immortality?[View]
89864805Don't drive drunk guys...[View]
89875211el negro blanco...[View]
89873632Why are alt-rightards such good goy cucks for Israel ?[View]
89871260Why would you do this.[View]
89875048kalegi say nothing wrong[View]
89873996>Take meme DNA test with my girlfriend for fun >Results come back >3/4 assorted European …[View]
89871334/mex/: hilo mejicano número dos edición sultán de méxico[View]
89872077i need someone to talk with me via skype so i can practice english* (*for free)[View]
89871811>be sweet studious Pakistani girl >go to America >get shot…[View]
89872577Imagine being a parent of a kid in India. Imagine making the decision to send off your kid to your c…[View]
89872710Does your country have a punk scene? >California yes and it's shit…[View]
89872264what do they think about each other?[View]
89874081>I go to therapy[View]
89867465This is what the average Argentinian couple looks like[View]
898747861. Country 2. Does your country love brown women? 3. Does your country hate white women? USA Yes Yes[View]
89871762Do people here really speak french or is that just a meme?[View]
89874466>saw again chinese videos on wikileak I don' want to live in the chinese century, pls end my…[View]
89874069I have a German bank account but live in another EU country. I changed my correspondence address wit…[View]
89873591>it's an /int/ yet again gets BTFO by /tv/ episode Why do they keep rerunning this one?…[View]
89874213>tfw i live in cuckanada >tfw iwn be an american >tfw iwn open carry my 92fs >tfw going …[View]
89870859>mfw /int/ is filled with europoors crying about America Keep crying you'll never change the…[View]
898711171. Country 2. If you could wipe out one region of your country, which region would it be? USA The So…[View]
89866314..... southrons get out[View]
89873007Tell me about the Asians. Why do they wear the masks?[View]
89869620What happened with venezuela? Why did few people vote? Did they die or something?[View]
89866951What does /int/ think of interracial relationships? Pic related, my Chinese gf.[View]
89864969Why doesn't Mexico send their best?[View]
89869675Dios mio... el greco transatlantico...[View]
89873106/hisparefugio/: hilo /hisparefugio/ Hilo para hisparefugiados aqui pueden postear sus hispamierdas m…[View]
89873429>97% white[View]
89873351As an American POC (person of color), I would like to thank the people who perpetuate this meme. …[View]
89870731>being this delusional[View]
89815149What kind of music do you listen to? https://youtu.be/SNE2oCZH_4k[View]
89873566Flu vaccine: There's so much news on the flu vaccine TV comercials from chemists offering to ja…[View]
89870236why is it like this?[View]
89834188Japanese Thread / 日本語スレッド: This thread is for the discussion of the language, culture, travel, daily…[View]
89871645/brit/: Big Kev ed.[View]
89872197Do you love Japan?[View]
89864252The lips of /int/[View]
89869727hilo de acuerdo a los designios de nuestro señor Jesucristo: hilo latino[View]
8986766599% white[View]
89867273There is a constant in the average American's imagination and taste, for which the past must be…[View]
89872477>tfw live in a small town in canada and all the shops near me are closed tomorrow for victoria da…[View]
89871443Nick Tessle: Have you all heard of the great AMERICAN inventor Nick Tessle? He invented- Hot Dog Sta…[View]
89870204What are your thoughts on the /brit/ general on here?[View]
89854092why do mexicans do this?[View]
89873186>tfw hongkongers unironically think that they r fluent in English[View]
89861900/MeNa/: Life goals edishaan[View]
89872996Now who knows how the US can resolve it's problems. Without resorting to violence... or childis…[View]
89868379>am better than you because of what my ancestors did[View]
89871225If American students die more than American soldiers, why do only soldiers get thanked for their ser…[View]
89870518Brize of Freedom[View]
89872155Would be this considered cultural apropriation in America? https://youtu.be/Vj0GqUeUstM[View]
89862580Are you one of these kinda guys? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VUxyG2XBq70[View]
89872406Some women just radiate mental illness. Like you just take one look at them and alarm bells start ri…[View]
89868742If the whole continent is called America、what should Americans be called? Uniteds? Statians? Yankees…[View]
89872165Cubans are for breeding. Why do they look so much better than most other hispanics?[View]
89871310I live next to a highschool and I get to stare at JKs everyday. I know you jealous[View]
89871473These lads tried to beat me up at the train station so I dabbed on them and they laughed at me inste…[View]
89871652Why do Japanese people draw themselves with physical features they don’t have?[View]
89862717>Imgine being so much of a deluded cuck that when you're sailing and you see an irrelevant s…[View]
89866866Do you love protestants ? :3[View]
89871687Are they jew?[View]
89872024>i'm poor in a first world country[View]
89869760Do you think Brazil is weak?[View]
89869759hilo latino /lat/[View]
89871717give me a Finnish gf right now[View]
89862877/cum/: Plants are intelligent beings https://www.newyorker.com/magazine/2013/12/23/the-intelligent-…[View]
89867833What's the most useful non-English language to learn?[View]
89871854Whenever you feel bad about anons saying they had sex, remember, the girls were ugly[View]
89871818>Venezuelans actually believe that Guyana is their territory. pic related is their official ID ca…[View]
89870751SOL INVICTVS: Are you a follower of the unconquered sun?[View]
89861403You can only post in this thread if your country is only composed of blue, white and red[View]
89869250the creation of cristians banks is the only way to destroy the jew: -we need to recover the fluxe of…[View]
89869996/brit/: 你想吃狗肉吗? Edition[View]
89871094Would you rather learn to read moon runes or dune runes?[View]
89871513Is anyone watching the Antares launch tonight?[View]
89870261Not a single person on this landmass is white[View]
89870957https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rT1r-smQkzQ Why the fuck I was born to a race/country without any si…[View]
89871389Mom just bought me some new flippity floops, And i get constantly reminded of Estonia.[View]
89871221do women have a lot of handbags in your country? japan, yes they usually have literally dozens and …[View]
89870705Israel Britain America evil countries, together they form what I call 'TRIANGLE OF EVIL'[View]
8987063956% is just the beginning my non-mutt friends[View]
89870454Americans know better Ontario or Quebec when they think off Canada ? Serious question.[View]
89869556Why is the average Russian girl so beautiful compared to the average girl in other countries? Is it …[View]
89840832what is your ideal type of girl ?: upload your desire[View]
89868751/MEX/: Edición segundo debate Ya están listos para el debate vatos?[View]
89870982What’s a cuckshed[View]
89870738>only 13 threads about us pathetic /int/, you can do better[View]
89866023>Refugees not welcome we have to defend our white women they are fucking with goodlooking niggers…[View]
89867950/brit/ lil tracy edition[View]
89870235Dog bless america[View]
89868021New Hampshire: Tell me more about this brave little state.[View]
89868538Welcome Frens. The question for all questions: How many Southtrons could pass as natives in Northern…[View]
89864635>ur cunt >favorite drug? pic related[View]
89864836Hi /pol/, I'm new to 4chan. What does this meme mean? Thanks. MAGA[View]
89870207what happens here?[View]
89870073>Tfw ywn be finnish >tfw you were born a filthy medshit Why even live?…[View]
89869327Is this map legit?[View]
89869609A) I continue my party of GTA with the last version mod Natural Vision or B) I continue to watch the…[View]
89869881do fathers want to have sex with their goodlooking daughters?[View]
89868374>women: they say they want good men but they always run to thugs/chads that beat and rape them…[View]
89869101I just took a pic of this middle aged man in my garden. It's the third day in a row. He's …[View]
89866664what does your desktop look like[View]
89867285What was the reaction on /int when Eurotrip came out? Were all the Europeans mad and offended?[View]
89866662black angels are the strongest race on the planet[View]
89869472your cunt do americans think your cunt's general is some kind of therapist's sofa uk yes[View]
89868193I have to check maps of my own country before making a comment about any state besides my own[View]
89869877>pisses off /r/international just be existing nothing personnel, M80[View]
89867540>in the streets of barcelona >see this catalonian girl what do you do…[View]
89869075Are you a 'distance shooter' ;^) I just came in my fucking nose on accident, im not fucking kidding[View]
89862570Do you like walking at night? Its actually comfy Walked from the gym back to home(8km) and encounte…[View]
89861297Hilo latino[View]
89861955>Hanging out after class with fellow autistic friend >Group of girls pass by >Hear giggli…[View]
89866838claiming astolfos boypussy for australia[View]
89869618Muhammad...I don't feel so white[View]
89868253should I move to Israel guys?[View]
89869587Besides China, do any other countries ban skeleton images?[View]
89868935How do you say 'whiter than you muhammad' in your language?'[View]
89868958>he has low self-esteem[View]
89869431An economic gap b/w Spain and Portugal.: How come there is such a huge economic gap between Spain an…[View]
89868099Cosa Nostra: Anyone else here interested in Cosa Nostra/organized crime stuff? It’s amazing to me t…[View]
89868879Why do like black american people prefer this kind of atrocious music over this white music ? Black …[View]
898692702018 4chan is so based Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk[View]
89869046>Two towers weren't enough[View]
89868316What's America still doing in Afghanistan?: How hard is it for the most nation in human history…[View]
89869177because roots are important[View]
89868395Russian Parenting: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JufjQMlda5Y[View]
89867923/brit/: Palpatine did nothing wrong edition[View]
89865336Explain yourselves India.[View]
89868138is this gay?[View]
89868282America. Europe. China. Middle East. My grandmother used to tell me stories about the old days, a ti…[View]
89866351What's she thinking about?[View]
89868846>he gave the unicef money he collected on halloween to niggers instead of buying more candy with …[View]
89868880Why does America host pedo defenders?[View]
89867719What do your sirens sound like ?: >france https://youtu.be/r67miTSHWBY…[View]
89866678What do you think of Danish women?[View]
89866513Thinking of her, lads. I feel kind of gloomy.[View]
89868400My God.... the all powerful weapon....[View]
89831043/danmarktråden/: >laver /danmarktråden/ >'det er ikke mig' begynder at spille…[View]
89846767Are you ready for the Incel uprising?[View]
89868287My ancestor :)[View]
89867447i luv brasil: brasil argentina love thread, get in bros. Uruguay is also invited.[View]
89865827International Subreddit: This is the international subreddit. Invited: Redditors Not invited: 4c*an…[View]
89864480>https://meguca.org/pol/ Site-wide: 1. No illegal content 2. No spamming megu/pol/: 1. No disrupt…[View]
89868227Do property rights really exist if you don’t have to right to defend your property? Or is it all jus…[View]
89865665I had a nightmare that I was axed to death by rurual farmers in Argentina...[View]
89866082Study shows a significant ongoing decline of in sperm counts of Western man: Do you need help, wypip…[View]
89866099/brit/: Corrigan edition[View]
89867678Why do Wypipo go to our region and expects us to finance their travel and soul searching?[View]
89866102/NAMIBIA/: I found love in Namibia. Her parents gave her a Finnish name at birth because Finns are w…[View]
89867998>south brazil is white and germanic >germanistan (lel i hahah it's -stan hehe) is overrun…[View]
89860406Spanish people are RACIST! They protest because of the pic related https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=S…[View]
89867021Sverigetråden - Allt kommer bli bra-upplagan[View]
89867927>we should not behead royal families and give their wealth to the poor[View]
89867911>this is a Black woman Hahahaha good one. Looks like an average White Argentine woman to me…[View]
89866709i havent fapped in one week, my dick is red and itches[View]
89861221Russia and Japan have comparable population - 144.3 and 127 million respectively. But pop density is…[View]
89864092I'm a fucking failure at everything I do I can barely follow simple instructions my mum asked m…[View]
89867412Yea WH*TE BOI we strong WOMEN of COLOUR are your ROYALTY now! Whitoides are our slaves now! now get…[View]
89866087Why does /int/ (and most of 4chan) hate Reddit so much?[View]
89867593Look at these monkeys celebrating that ''winter'' has come hahahaha let's laugh at them, they c…[View]
89866090How are you preparing for the Asian century?[View]
89867394>A fellow American calls me a mutt[View]
898672141. cunt 2. has anyone ever slept on your lap? br yes, me cat[View]
89866698why pelestin protest dey knoda rules killem haha yeah killem[View]
89864081You wake up in 1850's New York[View]
89866318What do you think of Finnish women?[View]
89864574/brit/: Dua Lipa edition[View]
89866841Why do you eat sweet things as your breakfast? It’s Childish.[View]
89864246>'whiter than you, Mohammed'[View]
89865215Do you smoke, /int/?[View]
89865104>whites Yikes what a violent race[View]
89866948Do they still being the smartest guys on europe?[View]
89866266Pashtun mommy to will reward you for being good boy :3[View]
89865721>Mum says If I don't stop talking about Zionist space aliens, we're going back to the p…[View]
89865643>brushes teeth >eats cake 2 hours later anyone else do dis :d…[View]
89864501The villains of history I cannot wait for karma to finally destroy all of you evil cumskins[View]
89863288>Just convert to Islam bro it worked for me[View]
89845925Seriously, what the fuck, Germany. https://youtu.be/xrYL07hPw4w[View]
89862931This is the average Québécois girl: 75% French, 25% Native. This is what cucknadians want out of Can…[View]
89864743This will be the next president of Mexico and that's a good thing. Say something nice to him.[View]
89865558Are neighbourhoods where only people from certain nationalities live common in America?[View]
89865945would u do dis[View]
89866421I suffer in America: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YHbQp4gu460[View]
89861100I'm new to /int/. Why do you guys bully Americans and call us 'mutts' and 'el atrocidad'?[View]
89866228>I post on 4chan[View]
89865451The more I learn about Western people, the more I dislike them. Bossy, entitled, extremely materiali…[View]
89866182Why do americans consider loneliness and sticking your dick in a meathole the epitome and ideal of a…[View]
89863073How do other anthems even compete?? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=U06jlgpMtQs[View]
89863128LA CREATURA[View]
89846207>ywn have blue eyes and blond hair How that make you feel?[View]
89860813/deutsch/-/Nachtschicht/-/bayern/: Nächtliche Ausgabe und Bier is alle[View]
89866055A huge filesharing site known for housing CP got shut down and the owner a moldovan man was arrested…[View]
89866064its where you belong[View]
89866077>'whiter than you Mohammed'[View]
89864569/brit/: Matthew Hopkins, the Witchfinder General edition[View]
89861874>hate poorfags and immigrants >disagree with macris policys,think hes a bad president >labe…[View]
89864793Italy is a good friend of Poland[View]
89864652Post your face when Latin America goes full libertarian[View]
89863729>'argentines' sounds like a fucking fruit lmao[View]
89865257Eбaнный в poт - лягyшки и чyвcтвa: Чтo y вac нoвoe? Кoгдa пyтинcкиe вoлoнтёpы зaхвaтят вcю Укpaинy?…[View]
89865246i fucked up in life bros[View]
89862281The world had been better off if they were still here.[View]
89864300das rite we don't need wypipo in Vilnius polacks need to go[View]
89865461Israel and Saudi Arabia: Why do they pretend that they are two different countries?[View]
89863124Post your county's border guard https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-IxYI_ZMfDw[View]
89854351About...: Why are there so many young Poles in Germany? Is it true that Germany has a problem with l…[View]
89851114Which of these countries would you rather live in for the rest of your life? >Mexico >Brazil …[View]
89863657>tfw no two-meter tall gf[View]
89865773https://twitter.com/STPeachy/status/998175210602975234 So this is the power of the asian male[View]
89865741why are britbongs so fat? http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-5750341/Bigger-11-year-olds-Englan…[View]
89865611So, I have been watching a video on which explains why Israel army is so powerful, and one of they k…[View]
89864221>Anglo Canadians give Québec billions of their tax money >they constantly whine about Québécoi…[View]
89862527Tatars pretending to be European.[View]
89853879/norgetråden/: Norsk-samisk vennskapsutgave Forrige tråd: >>89842232[View]
89865376if women want good men why do they always fall for thugs that beat and rape them?[View]
89865381'im a non-brown ((person))'[View]
89863791Why are Western Europeans obsessed with fashion industry? From the distance it looks very surreal an…[View]
89865165When did /b/ become irrelevant ? I don't even see that board mentioned anymore as way to insult…[View]
89864857is greece white? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oPX43SfFu0A[View]
89856678Get it out, /int/.[View]
89865084ITT: post yourself imitating the accent of the above poster's cunt https://vocaroo.com/[View]
89861287KALERGI PLAN BEING EXECUTED IN CHILE: These haitians and colombian invasion start in 2016, but, last…[View]
89857824rate this picture i took 30 minutes ago[View]
89864732>incels have killed innocent people in the last months >lonely ugly virgins are considered a p…[View]
89862001I'm laying in bed waiting for a text back. Its from a girl. I went on a date with her 2 weeks a…[View]
89864185Are barking dogs tolerated in your country? Australia. No. You get one warning, then it's poiso…[View]
89864789The motto Ordem e Progresso is inspired by Auguste Comte's motto of positivism: 'L'amour p…[View]
89858810Sverigetråden - Nattinatt2dn[View]
89864575>in varietate concordia AHAHAHAHAH[View]
89864692Why are Thai guys so pretty but still easy to hook up with? I remember when I used to use apps like …[View]
89857677does your country have GOLD?[View]
89864309Ger'man's (or Gersubhumans as I like to call them) are subhumans and should be killed[View]
89863908>order and progress >brazil[View]
89862520reminder that Greece should be incorporated into Albanian borders.[View]
89864324What the fuck was his problem?[View]
89864431It seems that they pronounce the r like our 'hillbilly' accent (american r) weird[View]
89863562Holy shit I fucking hate '''conservatives'''[View]
89861070Your country Do you think Ashkenazim are more intelligent than others or is it just a culture with a…[View]
89864213Hey russians, just out of curiosity, which federal subjects/regions are you living in? Im interested…[View]
89859663>mom thinks I'm an alt-righter because I don't care about trannies >dad thinks I…[View]
89861282Would it be unusual in your country for a 30-year-old man to live with his parents?[View]
89863582>muslimas wear veils as a display of modesty >muslimas spend every waking hour posting instagr…[View]
89863495>I'm an anti-racist[View]
89861351What do you think of Swedish women?[View]
89855069Which country has the easiest tinder women?[View]
89833486/éire/: Stop talking about fascists getting married edition[View]
89862300Muslims, sorry to say that but you have to calm down your sisters and mother, it's ramadan now …[View]
89864090Nuke Switzerland, they're too fucking cocky[View]
89845400>I fucking love cars[View]
89860524Why is karma only real when its against me?[View]
89863968/todaapenínsulaibéricaagáscastela/: Ey. Les quería recordar que mañana después de comer toca /todaap…[View]
89854994Why did the French make such faggoty/shit looking armor? Germans and Anglos had superior looking one…[View]
89863458E noi che siamo essere liberi carne! solo per caso raramente qualche cosa d'altro[View]
89857957this girl got killed in the santa fe school shooting thoughts?[View]
89861714>America is a bad countr-[View]
89863717Who was in the wrong here?[View]
89861966Why do Europeans hate vaccines, GMOs, and pasteurization?[View]
89863049>Why yes, I do think a chair is female[View]
89862150Tell me about Germany: Do Germans really have no sense of humour? Do they really have 'erotic zoos' …[View]
89862615Why do Americans feel they *need* to own a tactical strategic assault weapon?[View]
89859535They would’ve been 1st world if they were colonized by Japan.[View]
89863464I NEED MY SWITCH[View]
89856874race scientists on /int/: what is the ethnicity of this mutt? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ifw4nE…[View]
89858007/brit/: Bring back the Wicker Man as a death penalty edition[View]
89861517/brit/: WANK MYSELF INTO PIECES edition[View]
89861858>noun genders >noun cases >t-v distinction…[View]
89859430Where can i get something like this >small city >near Mountains and forest >lake and/or bea…[View]
89859019Does anyone here live in a high tourism area? If so have you ever fucked a tourist?[View]
89863173>wh*Tes are people too[View]
89862769Love Canada.[View]
89862903How does one acquire brown gf who isn't muslimah or psychopath?[View]
89862750>I LOVE DIRT-BIKING[View]
89858880Why are typical school shooters in america white, male, and loner/werido type?[View]
89862172choose your destiny[View]
89858690How do i get refugee status in germany?[View]
89840749/CUM/ Canada-US-Mexico (No germans): wake up already[View]
89855971/polska/: edycja lyzwiarstwa figurowego[View]
89860916Can you name all of the counties of the United States of America? If you cant then you are either a …[View]
89860166Germany belongs to German and Turkish German people. Everyone else can fuck off[View]
89858703Considering studying abroad in Germany. Heard from someone that they're offering scholarships f…[View]
89858401ITT the worst politicians of your country[View]
89858929I'm rooting for Switzerland in hockey World Cup final. Make sure to beat those Sw*Doids up for …[View]
89855614I fucking regret it so much, fucking up school was literally a worse fate than doing drugs or becomi…[View]
89861936Balkans as 'Car Guys': I've only known about a dozen guys from the Balkans (a few Greeks, a few…[View]
89856987>Watch american TV series >See imperial units everywhere (yards, two cups, feet...) I hope the…[View]
89861824The vietnam war is the most meme war >french started it >usa lost it >asian died in it…[View]
89862341HERITAGE: > My name's Skylar Smith, I'm of Estonian, Javenese, Malagacy and Celtic heri…[View]
89861550How long until she gets Diana'd?[View]
89860182>I talk with people from other countries on the internet[View]
89862183https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XHjGu2iIni8 Come on 4chan[View]
89858494>I'm socially liberal but fiscally conservative[View]
89860839>gendered nouns[View]
89857819Tyrlylylylylylylylylylyly Tyrlylylylylylylylylylyly Tyrlylylylylylylylylylylylylylylylylylylylyly Ty…[View]
89841064/balt/: Oh no no no no[View]
89860313ok non-natives, how did you learn english please help me im almost 20 years old[View]
89859287> 11 degrees[View]
89857147OH NO NO NO NO[View]
89837145what the fuck happens here? You never hear anything about these countries[View]
89828416/lat/ hilo latino[View]
89835727/rus/+/bel/+/ukr/: Bтopoгo дня издaниe.[View]
89860024>Every American ever: >'I want to go backpacking in Europe'[View]
89836412>I don't want kids[View]
89858723Sydney has been wiped off the face of the Earth, how do you react?[View]
89856338>posters you recognise[View]
89854593/ex-yu/: Anti-fašističko izdanje Smrt fašizmu, sloboda narodu podizdanje Stari: >>89840959…[View]
89859896>chinese gf found the imperial japanese army flag[View]
89853886/deutsch/ - Motivationsausgabe: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KJ9efHAe2oM[View]
89860656Stop coming here and dying. You're making us look bad.[View]
89847837>188cm >ok face >15cm and thin penis What's the point of living when the only bodypart…[View]
89860614/balk/: Russian autist BTFO by based Bulgar edition >>89849640[View]
89849640/balk/: old >>89841178[View]
89858249>your country >do you love eesti? finland yes, eesti is beesti…[View]
89843228/ita/ - il filo: edycja umaru[View]
89854000Is your country relevant enough to be located on a map by Americans?[View]
89856108>be korean >study 15 hours a day And what is the reason for this girl studying half her life a…[View]
89858408Any /hemorrhoids/ lads in? ARGHHHHHHHHHHHH[View]
89859546Sverigetråden - 2dupplagan[View]
89859197>Europeans bring their own spoons to the restaurant[View]
89856840why is it that anti-immigration Europeans feel entitled to move to north and latin america when thin…[View]
89859830> judeo-christian values Jews are going to hell as they rejected jesus christ as their lord and s…[View]
89853901How do you say 'hammer' in your language?[View]
89859054Sverigetråden - Klassiska upplagan: Varför lyssnar du inte på klassisk musik, anon? https://www.yout…[View]
89828888kurva anyátok[View]
89859029Snart måndag-upplagan[View]
89838908/mämmi/: Vastapainos[View]
89849441Te gustas su sistema de comunidades? Les parecen una problema para unidad en mi opinion. Es muy simi…[View]
89851709/fr/ - le francofil: édition anti-raciste[View]
89859284this but unironically[View]
89833926I HATE British: They destroyed so many cultures and stole so much wealth. Instead of making up for i…[View]
89858301wtf is wrong with Europe and Canada?: >UK arrests a guy because his dog made a joke >Canada ar…[View]
89854401>Oh wow, I've been accepted into the exchange program. I'm going to study in America! i…[View]
89858732Look at this snailbro I saw earlier Does your country have snails?[View]
89852392Tell me one good thing and then one bad thing about your country.[View]
89858600>i blame my failure in life due to other ethnicity[View]
89858754Do you love Azərbaycan?[View]
89856640Thoughts on my ancestors homeland?[View]
89854640/ex-yu/: ajmo ispocetka izdanje[View]
89857109Politics Simulator: welcome fags, we have a small Irish political simulator community. if ur interes…[View]
89858641>mfw my self created meme successfully triggers an autistic britshit into making ultra long posts…[View]
89856396p-plz don't shoot me[View]
89851066/brit/: the so called rorke hardman edition[View]
89858316Has anyone had success or gone through the process of applying for jobs overseas? Ive spent 6 years …[View]
89854328/brit/: feet edition[View]
89857417>I don't want to live in Spain[View]
89858364We're sorry Wilson was wrong Clinton was wrong[View]
89857878WTF is wrong with Brits?[View]
89858344Do people in your country go on killing sprees if they can't get laid? Australia. No.[View]
89857575>one chance at life >born with 130 IQ but brown subhuman, manlet (170cm), average dick (15cm),…[View]
89856856Hi /int/ Which does sound better to your ear? A.) Kesyttämätön B.) Kesytön[View]
89854518What's with the obsession of Korean women for Brazilian men? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Mx…[View]
89857857Germany is actually an amazing country 2bh. So lucky my parents came over here 30 years ago.[View]
89857953estonia hate thread: FUCK estonia and estonians who out of pure an over abundance of mercy we allow …[View]
89849939Which is harder?: Be a mexican crossing the border to USA. Be a syrian making your way to North Euro…[View]
89857964Wow, the weekend passed pretty quick eh wagie? Hope you got all your chores done today and are getti…[View]
89857887France is the real cancer of Europe. Prove me wrong. Protip: You can't.[View]
89845965Your hand, your favorite game[View]
89855198this comic makes me furious beyond beliefe: it litteraly makes me sick to my my stomach. this is wha…[View]
89857808*Uses the same 5 voice actors for everything* *Subsequently ruins your dub*[View]
8983814698% of new university, high school graduates secure jobs: Thanks Abe http://the-japan-news.com/news/…[View]
89857660rate this picture i took 30 minutes ago[View]
89849820Kemalism: did turks betryed Ataturk by not supporting modernist military against islamic erdogan?…[View]
89856941Why is American literature so horrible compared to European?[View]
89856985Permettez moi de vous arrêter, je préfère être servi en français. Merci.[View]
89842309/nederdraad/: kers-editie[View]
89857249>man throws wife out of the window, killing her >proceeds to throw step-daughter out of a brid…[View]
89854924Would you have a weeb gf like this /int/?[View]
89856928What happens here?[View]
89853417>guaranteed home >guaranteed food >guaranteed job >actually feels like your job has a pu…[View]
89853832/deutsch/: Sonntagabend-Ausgabe[View]
89852372How can white boys even compete[View]
89856562Im a college dropout addicted to oxycodone.[View]
89840907/ex-yu/: Gospodar Balkana edicija[View]
89854800hi /int/, i'm trying to learn italian i'm decent at understanding what others say but shit…[View]
89853621>See kafir eating before al Maghreb >Slap the food off his hands, repeat him the rules 'no foo…[View]
89851165Sverigetråden - Skånska upplagan[View]
89854029What does it all mean, lads?[View]
89855501Do you prefer american whiskey or scotch whisky?[View]
89850330>Why no, I am not having a Victoria Day barbecue with my friends/family…[View]
89853387Why does this shithole still exist?[View]
89854505what are southern girls really like, /int/? is it true they're all fat?[View]
89848962Hello. Would a femanon here like to verbally degrade me in exchange for steam games and gifts on an …[View]
89855956'How a Single Swedish Submarine Defeated the US Navy' https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=saCdvAp5cow…[View]
89856306Why is it that the UK has lost its power to the point that it's now not as influential as Japan…[View]
89854012I wish I was born in America, in PNW like Seattle or Spokane or New England like Boston or Providenc…[View]
89853690American obesity crisis: What are Americans going to do with their rapidly worsening problem with ob…[View]
89855218giv Anglo gf[View]
89847546European Federation: Why are Europeans against the idea of a united Europe capable of competing econ…[View]
89856118So this...is the power of the brazilians...[View]
89854510>No, I will not be having a Victoria Day barbecue with my friends/family because I am an incel…[View]
89856066abortion: Are old farts in your country against abortion? Everyone under 40 here is pro abortion yet…[View]
89848548>A lot of refugees get in europe >hehe >Some refugees get in germany >REEEEE RESPECT THE…[View]
89853656>actually about to pass out from the pain don't know if it's something about my heart o…[View]
89848006How popular are pickups in your country?[View]
89855786Tyrlylylylylylylylylylyly Tyrlylylylylylylylylylyly Tyrlylylylylylylylylylylylylylylylylylylylyly Ty…[View]
89848581/polska/: edycja cygańska[View]
89854183Your cunt, are you whiter than Muhammad. Me, absolutely not.[View]
898505771 your countru 2 best neighbour 3 worst neighbour mine Germany best: austria worst: fucking france[View]
89855526Are werewolves in your cunt gay? Australia. YES! I can't even walk down the street.[View]
89854182When a cockroach crawls on your plate do you compromise with him? Do you debate his rights? Unfortun…[View]
89852827>he's not gay in the year of our Lord 2018 Fucking losers LMAO. I can have amazing sex while…[View]
89844150>your country >do you carry a knife[View]
89848223India is making progress in reducing street shitting bros: Soon we can be smug about being a less of…[View]
89852595/brit/: Islamic State edition (بريت)[View]
89855142Americans are not white. According to Nigerian DNA analysis Institution they are 56% Mutt (Concentra…[View]
89850974Why did the retard Brits throw all of these distinct cultures into one big country? Yugoslavia turne…[View]
89848019Ready to be destroyed by the Russian team? (or the Jihadis - if you're unlucky)[View]
89855108I shouldn't have downloaded CP the site I used got shutdown and the owner got arrested in Thail…[View]
89853234Why are Finnish girls so exotic and beautiful?: Is it because of the superior mongol cheekbones…[View]
8984848725% of your country now consists of British immigrants What do?[View]
89853416Esperanto: What makes this language so perfect?[View]
89854146>I don't listen to music[View]
89854743what did they mean by this?[View]
89846386Meanwhile in Switzerland...: As of last March, it is illegal in Switzerland to cook crabs, shrimp, a…[View]
89854964h-help /int/!! MESSI IS BEING DETAINED!![View]
89849690>Coworker constantly spouts /r9k/ incel-tier shit Should I be concerned? I may request to work fr…[View]
89850092't spit mie, my name is Diederick I'm a 27 year old Brazilian Vlamingk (Flanders fan for y…[View]
89820475ITT: Poverty indicators: If you wear these in public, i assume you are poor[View]
89840959/ex-yu/: Gospodine baza izdanje[View]
89852525>most faggots here worship this moron lol, most of you go against everything he believes.…[View]
89854239What's the political situation here, italianons? How will your country look like in 1, 2, 5 yea…[View]
89849176>she's good-looking, hence, she's white[View]
89847757cunt are you having fun right now?[View]
89854022Bee day: Today, 20th of May, 2018 the world celebrates official bee day for the first time. This day…[View]
89852334/slav/ = /rusbelukr/ + /polska/ + /slo/+ /ex-yu/ + /БГMК/ + /czsk/: Slovenes are Slavs. According to…[View]
89853221SNAP on em haters![View]
89849962What happened to /lang/??? I want to discuss learning Russian without ever actually studying it.[View]
89849041/deutsch/: Charli Ausgabe[View]
89851546Favorite radio station? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9YqFX7vty60 Mine is link related[View]
89851381ITT: It's 2015[View]
89853858>After the casting of stones, animals are slaughtered to commemorate the story of Abraham and Ish…[View]
89853715>Neoliberalism is bad[View]
89853401How do Brits eat this shit?[View]
89846482LATIN THREAD /lat/: Latin Thread: Oath of the Horatii edition >Host countries Spain Portugal Fran…[View]
89852360>be lying, thieving jew >some male chauvinist director makes a movie praising your escapades a…[View]
89852993Going to russia.: going to russia for the world cup. Any advice? i wanna get drunk and go drunk on s…[View]
89850985Is it true that finns have tar ice cream, tar sweets, and other foods with tar? I've heard of …[View]
89853347He conquered Rome at age 21 What did you accomplish at 21?[View]
89839552How do you tell someone is a nouveuxrich in your cunt? Here when you can tell when someone is drivin…[View]
89852692it's 23:34 here goodnight, lovely people :3[View]
898488861. You are a country. 2. Do you close your curtains/blinds/shutters at night?[View]
89851029/brit/: cute plump gf edition[View]
89842232/Norgetråden/: pervo-anons utgave forrige: >>89817822 >>89817822 >>89817822[View]
89853288Euros falling for tourist traps: Why do they fall for them every time? Every EU friend I have known …[View]
89853141>tfw there's a shooting at your school so you can sleep in the next day…[View]
89852701How do people from tropical 3rd world countries avoid those huge insects?[View]
89840120Turku is the best Finnish city[View]
89850178How has Africa resisted becoming vassal states to the big three?[View]
89851765Do you know what pic related is? Do you own one? Have you ever used one? I hope one day I will give …[View]
89850137Imagine having a governmemt that actively discriminates against you and hates you? This is life in C…[View]
89852450Are rodeos a thing in your country?[View]
89849757>2000 + 18[View]
89852176If I was actually Jewish, would God love me and make my parents stop fighting over an alcholism prob…[View]
89850777> tfw when a Scandi or Dutch speaks really broken English[View]
89852155Post race maps of your region.[View]
89851676Bulgaria: apologize for giving us this whore[View]
89847755What do we call Brits now guys? Anglofats?[View]
89851022evresi topothesias plz: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sWUBW4geEqc&feature=share mporoume na vr…[View]
89848022>France to fine men up to €750 for wolf-whistling or making sexual comments to women France to fi…[View]
89847244what you do in weekend and past time[View]
89850916https://corporalfrisk.com/2017/01/19/the-best-artillery-in-europe/ How can swedes even compete?[View]
89851770Hippo shit is the worst: fish are dying: https://seura.fi/asiat/tiede-ja-luonto/virtahevot-kakkaavat…[View]
89850610>stop admired Rome[View]
89851722i love you no matter what anon[View]
89851099Koreans: How are my Korean bros doing?[View]
89851388Slovenes are not Slavs. According to Swiss DNA analysis Institution they are 60% Teutonic (Germanic)…[View]
89847565Your opinion on Finnish girls?[View]
89847961Mordor lol[View]
89847602>there's no such thing as summerfa- This shit meme directly coincides with school getting ou…[View]
89844456you're sex how long is your hair boy(male) 50cm[View]
89843542/fr/ - Le fil de la France: Edition de la bonne humeur[View]
89851246why can't we make our own union without the poor eastern euros and meds?[View]
89851217My phone just turned American.[View]
89843967How do i cure jungle fever?[View]
89844220Brown women are superior[View]
89845612Which city do you dream of visiting ?: >new orleans, usa Interesting Creole culture, Jazz music, …[View]
89850889Every country that have foreigners in his team is a cuck nation. prove me wrong.[View]
89849374/brit/: r/horriblydepressing edition[View]
89851060/brit/: Real Man Edition[View]
89849212>Hitler wanted to genocide this[View]
89849140What's it like being a minority in your country? UK Haven't had any real problems.[View]
89851019>Why no, I am not buying EOS[View]
89834569Was the conquering of Finland justified? https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Pillage_of_Sigtuna[View]
89846634/ourgirl/ 14 year old Holly from Bo'ness Scotland giving zero fucks for saying what everything …[View]
89849359Italianos: Does ' è ' mean the same thing as ' e' ' ?[View]
89849747>your cunt >your cunt’s greatest historical ally USA Morocco :3 https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wik…[View]
89830779If I go to India what are chances I marry some QT provided I look white?[View]
89850717Meanwhile, in Canada...: >Jason Carruthers, the president of Mad Wax on Walker Road, said he was …[View]
89850714Comienza a mezclar las razas[View]
89847131Your country's OVERWATCH characters: What’s your opinion?[View]
89850494Give me a quick rundown on the Aghori lads, indian anons. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Lv8WHQwo4…[View]
89850121Why is Bavaria so based compared to g*Rmany?[View]
89847750sexual revolution was a mistake[View]
89848382Would it be joyful to live as a teenage school girl in your cunt? Here, I don’t think it is.[View]
89848646>More and more people beginning to hate capitalism and the rich >Rightwing-types view it as re…[View]
89848890Stalker gets 6 year long prison sentence in America: https://www.mtv.fi/viihde/musiikki/artikkeli/ta…[View]
89850037r/international will say she isn't white[View]
89849683Do European betas force themselves to watch football just to keep up with the normies?[View]
89849125>tfw fat gf[View]
89850008school shooting victims: that redhead whore with the snapchat filter looks like a slut[View]
89841178/balk/: Invited: RUSSIANS old >>89840724[View]
89849928The cultists have set up a base of operations in Georgia..[View]
89843305post your true flag[View]
89844288>a thing you say[View]
89847566What games does /int/ play? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tv4Br2-RYsU&t=896s[View]
89847576When's the last time a friend called you on the telephone?[View]
89849611Which country has the best mixed girls?[View]
89847868Why do french girls look like argentines?[View]
898464671. Your country. 2. Do you watch television? 1. Sweden 2. No. I haven't watched a minute of tel…[View]
89841059Japan, world's 3rd-biggest economy, doesn't even show up on the list of top 10 countries b…[View]
89849198What is it with people always liking aspects of other peoples culture? I know for instance that the …[View]
89847344/brit/: Beto was right again edition[View]
89846050u can't get any grills.[View]
89842973>I never question my governments actions[View]
89845726/deutsch/: Ausgabe im Gedenken an Melanie[View]
89848792Why did I have to be born Lithuanian?[View]
89848981>43-years-old White people...[View]
89848954What do your open tabs look like /int/?[View]
89847134America is the greatest country on Earth... by far.[View]
89844347why do balts have russian accent?[View]
89848829you promised us glorious chimpouts and all we get are whitoid goblinos shooting up their schools[View]
89843276Tell me about Corsica.[View]
89842702Sverigetråden: >dkn[View]
89843258Anyone wants to move to czech republic? We are looking for anybody, even without skills and experien…[View]
89848613/polska/: edycja najlepszego ojca[View]
89846745What happens here?[View]
89847960How old were you when you realized that England is rightful Danish clay?[View]
89840135/polska/: edycja anime[View]
89848393AAAA KILLEM ![View]
89844952Faces of /int/[View]
89840090i want to see your ideal type: upload your ideal type of girls .[View]
89836022Germany owes us money.[View]
89846097What is your surname? Do you have more than one? How do surnames work in your vegana?[View]
89847051Is this legit in your country?[View]
89843902What was Lenin's ethnicity? Was he a Kalmyk?[View]
89843407I am not racist and I think that the end of the white race is a good thing but I also think that Kos…[View]
89845129Micronations: Post micronations you believe other anons may have never heard about. Better if you at…[View]
89847777Bigot: Only murderous shit heads and rapists are beasts but he comes to believe Mexicans too by insu…[View]
89802500Spanish people are mad because video games get Mexican dubs instead of Spanish ones. https://areajug…[View]
89847438one big happy family :)[View]
898470581. Your country 2. Which group of immigrants is refusing to integrate and should be deported to thei…[View]
89835950do people in your cunt mate a lot?[View]
89846657>Look at threads about mental illness >Usually 100+ replies of people talking about how severe…[View]
898475241023: cool[View]
89845889Do you think she bleaches her asshole?[View]
89847419Thanks UK for all of these music genres.[View]
89845376/brit/: pengdon edition[View]
89837559Handsome /int/ernational men: Czechia[View]
89843645>no jobs where i live in[View]
89847310Are microwavable heat pouchs popular in your country?[View]
89843114Can we create a language /int/? Basically you may give 3 points to be added. Points can either be g…[View]
89847236>Workers of the world, unite![View]
89844234Why are Khaganates so majestic in size?[View]
89846728Is this royal wedding thing a cody in the whitehouse spinoff or something??[View]
89847010>American tourist ask me for an address >Don't know how to get to that address. >'Oh, …[View]
89846784>Paradox Employee >While pointing at Baltics says >...and poland can gooble up these countr…[View]
89846922Do Poles really hate Brits? I think we get along well but I heard you say nasty stuff about us in Po…[View]
89843609Have you a good life?[View]
89825326>Asians don't have body or facial hair hahahaha Glad to be from Japan…[View]
89845231I WAITING FOR NEW VIDEO, BUT SHE NOT DO IT: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC9mffFxP2f0WcGEgbA7Mnug…[View]
89845843How are you preparing for the Asian century?[View]
89846747How has she sunken so low?[View]
89846746Any barbers here? Is it rude to leave gel in your hair when you go to get it cut?[View]
89846710post your favorite mutt http://ethnicelebs.com/[View]
89846702i called my mom a whore[View]
89843383Why do people getting fatter?: Obesity rate is rising in all countries.[View]
89838300India Thread: >If you live in a saffron coloured state, you are a true indian and deserve to live…[View]
89839882New country JapaKorea will go tokko at China as one of case study, did I get that right ?Dear Zion-c…[View]
89846230>the royal family is irrelevant to geopolitics[View]
89844790Atlantic Canada: Is Atlantic Canada a great place to live? What kind of ethnicity lives in these par…[View]
89846145havent jerked off in 7 days pic unreleated[View]
89845954What are your plans for this summer /int/ ? I plan on making a stick shack in the woods, hopefully w…[View]
89847587>removed foreskin (males) >removed thyroid >removed tonsils >removed gall bladder >re…[View]
89842891Why do Russians listen to shitty music nowadays while they have Viktor Tsoi?[View]
89846217>Makes a thread asking for life advice >People try to actually offer advice based on their ow…[View]
89844433I've literally never enjoyed anal sex. I've slept with 4 men and it was never good. Always…[View]
89841583Translate: Can someone translate this?[View]
89838636Will Germany ever be surpassed ?: Who will surpass the Germans' economy ?[View]
89842866>be Arab >talk shit about jews, blacks, asians, pakis, poos, wh*tes, slavs, majoos, women, and…[View]
89840809Would you racemix with a colombian girl?[View]
89840753>All the school shootings last 10 years have been in USA. Makes you think.…[View]
89845787Are all russian diaspora loyal to the russian state? Do they all wish for Kremlin to annex back thei…[View]
89845342The UK didn't vote for Brexit because of Polish migrants or the way Merkel handled the refugee …[View]
89844020Napoleon complex: The country[View]
89845667What's wrong with Moldovans?[View]
89845270Your opinion on Hollywood pushing the /int/ agenda?[View]
89842662This is my flag[View]
89839791/unser Junge/ ehemals /deutsch/: Ein linkslinker deutscher Soziologieprofessor hielt ein Seminar übe…[View]
89838742Bulgaria was better under communism: army Communist Bulgaria: Mighty, feared, mandatory conscription…[View]
89844299Is it common in Japan to hate the rest of the world like the Japanese spammer who posts many hate th…[View]
89842198Why don’t brits take bath everyday?[View]
8983412775% of spanish millenials prefer a dog child than a human child: Millenials are also the population …[View]
89841811Why don't Euro banknotes have people on them?[View]
89845509If a girl 3 years ago suck my dick an I lick her pussy but no penis in vagina I am still virgin?[View]
89845430>I'm gay[View]
89834111/ausnz/: Kitty edition[View]
89844422Why do americans keep labeling literally everything? Its like they are all 5 year olds and have neve…[View]
89842225I don't watch TV much but yesterday I saw a soap opera from here and everyone was wh*Te. WTF wa…[View]
89844484>mfw an ameridonald pronounces aluminium ALOOMINUM[View]
89845189post your favorite europe country: mine is france they have best cultures and they help shilling our…[View]
89841734How much on average do precooked meals cost in your country?[View]
89844743this is what Volga Germans look like[View]
89840938This is my hometown. Post your hometown.[View]
898447591. Youre're count 2. Do you bing bing wahoo >Poland >yes…[View]
89841779>tfw 1.65m in a 1.86m society[View]
89841901Stop blaming women for your lack of contact with them. Also stop blaming Chad.[View]
89835810are danes the Zalambdalestes of scandinavia?: discuss[View]
89844680Tyrlylylylylylylylylylyly Tyrlylylylylylylylylylyly Tyrlylylylylylylylylylylylylylylylylylylylyly Ty…[View]
89843069Do you wash clothes with Softener?[View]
89843783What happening here?[View]
89844267What happens here?[View]
89841357>your cunt >how is your survival skill? I have zero. I'm afriad of bugs and I definitely …[View]
89843514Why do Iranians and Arabs hate each other? Is it like the relationship between Germanics and Slavs?[View]
89843837GOD GUNS GOLD[View]
89842180No guys, Shia are bro tier, I'm telling you, they're not like those crazy Sunni[View]
89841943Rotterdam: Just arrived in Rotterdam. I was told it was a concrete hellhole but so far I found a mod…[View]
89842899How do we stop this?[View]
89843911Is V4 the West?[View]
89839498French are whit-[View]
89841402who here studying for /driver's license/[View]
89843790post theme song of your cunt: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4xjbTVQL0g8[View]
89841902/brit/: Kill All Men edition[View]
89843189I don't enjoy anything anymore What do?[View]
89843530Why do hungarians dress like mongols?[View]
89842751KILLEM YEAH[View]
89839353How do you feel about American identitarian movements?[View]
89843551*destroys the euro*[View]
89842893*blocks your path*[View]
89843456Just waxed my chest hair. Pic related, my face until I got used to it.[View]
89839875Ein Heller und ein Batzen[View]
89816977/ita/ - il filo: edizione greca[View]
89843382You know: White Americans are OK[View]
89841573Reminder that this is a republican subreddit[View]
89843091anyone else get sad looking at how wrinkly your mother has become knowing she only has some years le…[View]
89841658Czechia: What is it like to live in Czechia? I heard they're really Germanized, pretty archiect…[View]
89836603Is the sentance 'thank you' even exists in polish? Partly liberated by soviets? Massive butthurt aga…[View]
89839524>in Europe its illegal for a man to piss while standing What the fuck?[View]
89837068Slavic language: natural language or an invented one?: What Slavic language feels natural and is not…[View]
89840493>buy baseball bat to beat the shit out of dad >dad sees it >son why did you buy a baseball …[View]
89838270'Japanese' monarchy is Korean: https://www.theguardian.com/world/2001/dec/28/japan.worlddispatch OH …[View]
89841760>be Catalan >live in an area that had to be repopulated several times because each time new pe…[View]
89835981/fr/ - le fil de la France: édition : il fait beau[View]
89835461OH NO NO NO NO[View]
89837894What happens here?[View]
89841368do fathers want to have sex with their goodlooking daughters?[View]
89837687>The truth is, we Americans would terribly like a royal family Meghan Markle has succeeded in mar…[View]
89837871The feelings of the Osaka area in Japan are even worse than in Korea;: Korea is just laughing, but J…[View]
89824564This is what the English language will look like in 2050. And it's beautiful.[View]
89842302/v4/: good old edition[View]
89840902Why white women love this so much?[View]
89833942>your country >do you live in an interesting place? I live in the oldest city in Finland.…[View]
89840542This is Malwarebytes Anti-Malware (free) Say something nice about it[View]
89840173uma delícia...[View]
89842001what's your excuse to be fat?[View]
89825879Would Aesop Rock pass as a local in your country?[View]
89838485/brit/: Hungry and horny edition[View]
89831071>i love anime[View]
89841737somi: like to flank[View]
89838952>tfw no gf[View]
89839416So black women are like this?! WTF i love black women now! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ULqA-j-br…[View]
89841294>abortion should be legal[View]
89839404In about 10 days from now, I will see w*men driving. . .[View]
89841502Saddam Hussein: F https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fL2g7XKOxVs[View]
89837128Exodus of Bernds: A new KC is at the rise. https://kohlchan.net/[View]
89841331dad pissed on the toilet seat again[View]
89829044/balk/: 1 eye per 100 people edition Old >>89806910[View]
89833211/ex-yu/: linčd izdanje[View]
89841032I know it won't happen. But what would happen if the Pope got rid of Canon Law: 1364, which eff…[View]
89840853Is he the greatest geopolitical anylist?[View]
89836534What happens here?[View]
89841009/ex-yu/: AZGANG izdanje[View]
89839331Why are all of their posts made by bitter incel virgins lately?[View]
89839777how the fuck do i fix these[View]
89814475/asean/: another sahur edition[View]
89838002>decide to go to the biennal extended family meeting for once; last time I'd went was 17 yea…[View]
89837152How can britbongs be happy with royals? Are they happy paying for them? If the marriage of yesterday…[View]
89837476This might be better suited for /adv/ but given the internationalness of this question, I'm goi…[View]
89835505Sverigetråden - 2dupplagan[View]
89836469How do you cope with the fact that you'll never see your favorite bands and artists performing …[View]
89832537Do you think Polish people are racist and nazi? In Poland, Russians and Ukrainians get attacked beca…[View]
89839505>this is the next Prince of England OH NO NO NO NO HAHAHAHAHA[View]
89834917Why are 99% of people ugly (99.9 if non white, 100 if Indian)? If feel like life would be better if …[View]
89837740How do you call this in your country?[View]
89836129When will Americans grow up and start using the metric system and other sensible things?[View]
89838459/brit/: baps Edition[View]
89813683/nederdraad/: burger uitgave[View]
89835940Have Sushi Robots taken over in markets and shops in your country? Finland yes they became instant h…[View]
89838962Red pill me on Noxçiyçö.[View]
89837520Russia is gay: Hey, did you know that Russia has GAYS? G A Y S and prides https://tjournal.ru/70975…[View]
89817822/norgetråden/: Nasjonalromantikk-utgave Forrige: >>89797828[View]
89833820Noodle thread: Post noodle meal you love.[View]
89835501hell seger[View]
89837498Embark with me on a horrifying journey https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rYuNXNg7vJk[View]
89840008Balkans and the EU: What are Balkan views on the EU? Do you hope to join?[View]
89839517How true is that map Greek anons?[View]
89838951German white supremacist[View]
89837794would you fuck your dad for a billion canadian dollars?[View]
89825363I'm planting potatoes. It would be a tough day.[View]
89837079>I want my country to be crime-free[View]
89835366My son doesn't have my med genes. Fucking wh*toids.[View]
89839754Pic of your latest meal: I ate raw fish for dinner[View]
89838551Fat ass orcs[View]
89831573Third worlders have better christian values than those f*rst world degenerates.[View]
89839576Did you know that based Maori killed G*rmans in the Battle of Crete in 1941?[View]
89835036ITT We spit on america *spit*: Alabama = Aladamna Alaska = Atrashka Arizona = Ariboner Arkansas = La…[View]
89838690Finnish girl, 19, grades well in high school final exams: 19-year old Finnish girl who had just now …[View]
89833728/deutsch/: MUND AUF[View]
89836492>swede walks up to you >takes your picture: >another one for the cringe collection he says…[View]
89839062Ugly mutt goblin shit doesn't deserve this.[View]
89838616So why didn't the early Zionists opt to live under a British colony? They already had all the a…[View]
89834653/polska/: edycja shreka[View]
89786712/v4/ + friends: Edice Nářečí v České republice[View]
89838466/brit/: Guilt Free Vegetarian Burgers Edition[View]
89822592Do you want a Japanese GF?[View]
89827665/nordic/: Why did nordic/skandi die? Used to be popular.....[View]
89837909Lithuanian: ...[View]
89838673Bruh look at this dude[View]
89838602Why did UK Prince marry such an ugly, swarthy woman? Is he blind?[View]
89800762/luso/ - Fio Lusófono: Edição PCO https://youtu.be/FPfeAUxPXOA Fio anterior: >>89745062[View]
89837829Dear Europe: White men can literally die by exercising too much. 1. Your country. 2. How does that m…[View]
89838685For me this is Grechka https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=01o54ttSz2A[View]
89836995/brit/: /gf2018/ status: I wish I was dead edition[View]
89818341/mämmi/: Pohjoismaapainos[View]
89835967Which country you think is underrepresented in /int/? To me, it looks like there are too few Greek p…[View]
89838204Wolfie bf...[View]
89837646Return to Gawd[View]
89831905>shops closed on sundays I HATE JEWS[View]
89835462wake & bake[View]
89838016Me browsing /int/[View]
89834055>your country >do boys do this there? finland yes, a lot D:…[View]
89835430>we're not so different, you and I[View]
89837834>this is what the portuguese trap actually looks like[View]
89835333Sverigetråden - Kommunistupplagan: Var starka kamrater[View]
89837107Why can't Euros (specifically Germans) into sarcasm? You tell them a joke and they just give yo…[View]
89835232Your thoughts about the sexpat lifestyle? Is it a valid option for when your are older? Asking for a…[View]
89778591/rus/+/bel/+/ukr/: Лeгитимнoe издaниe.[View]
89837501I cleaned my room. Now what?[View]
89831625wtf i thought the usa was first world?[View]
89762640Culture Pals /cp/: Slow day edition Welcome to Culture Pals! Message QTs from around the world! Here…[View]
89837457>be Brazilian in Taiwan >die of blood loss…[View]
89837395The Korean killer is completely different from the Japanese killer.: Japan: Slice murder Korea: Reve…[View]
89837153mao is my dick sucker and this is result: ehehehehe ~~[View]
89834508>i like my steak medium[View]
89837324Por que brasileiros são tão burros?[View]
89837208Why does it makes so many people on here explode in rage that I respect the direction China is going…[View]
89836636what do you think about chinese plan to conquer this planet by mixed blood: and why 4 chan is conque…[View]
89836937>Muslim neighbour is blasting the national anthem of the green lybia out of his window again…[View]
89836999The war criminal country Japan is defeated, and it is destroyed !! ~: If Japan has at least a consci…[View]
89831316ISIS threatens on FIFA 2018: Foreigners, you're not welcoming here[View]
89835106/brit/: wish i were a chocolatier lads desu edition[View]
89837720In which countries of Europe do men still have this dated mentality?[View]
89832369>catch a rare small singing bird before it migrates to africa >pluck it's eyes out, so it…[View]
89837052https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PI9UoyUPrAc i don't have any friends to share it with. So i…[View]
89832055My neighborhood has 5 baptist churches and no mosques, cathedrals or evangelical churches. What abou…[View]
89836845/slav/ = /belrusukr/ + /polska/ + /ex-yu/ + БГMК + /czsk/: Izdanije adidasov i vodki[View]
89836204>island >the s gets ommited when pronouncing it why is english such a fucking retarded languag…[View]
89836785>mfw I browse /pol/[View]
89833637What have we done to deseve finnish boys?[View]
89836711I am an Landscape Photographer and and world traveler, check out my instagram.[View]
89831634>The last bastion of Western Cuvilization[View]
89835953please love korea[View]
89833442>country >is it ok to let your kids lay on the ground like that? Flag No…[View]
89833758Question for Brazilians. My dad wants to buy apartment in Rio-de-Janeiro (dunno why), can you please…[View]
89833291Deutch girl in korea: .[View]
89835651why there are too many chinks TROLLS ?: i am korean. i made a thread about chinese various chinese…[View]
89836332Why do so many australian posters suck russian dick on this board?[View]
89833253how mental illness looks in your part of the world?[View]
89836077>tfw 173cm at 19 9 men out of 10 are taller than me when I go outside, and for the girls it'…[View]
89831142Do you hate Finland?[View]
89835197Does your language look stupid when it is in media like movie or games? How do you feel about pickin…[View]
89836201>visit another city/country with my parents >some defense mechanism kicks in >they talk as …[View]
89836202im lovin’ it[View]
89835774The mark of the third world.[View]
89836155Wtf,I love Pooland now.[View]
89836128Oy vey! The goyim know!: I have never seen so many Jews panicking: https://www.reddit.com/r/worldnew…[View]
89831836/brit/: meme cup Edition[View]
89818440Has anybody here gone travelling alone? What was it like? Where did you go?[View]
89834046god i wish that were me[View]
89830643>english is beautiful[View]
89835980What would you say are the most important differences between Eastern and Western culture?[View]
89829523Do you hate when normies tell you 'it's all in your head'?[View]
89835670what can russians tell me about this man?[View]
89829182>the American police from one state can't enter the next state to chase a criminal >the G…[View]
89832767Why do frogs like italian movies so much?[View]
89834388What is it like to be American?: I always see you guys discussing various American topics among your…[View]
89835482This is what the next english royal will look like, and it’s _________[View]
89832533>he's swedish[View]
89834818>1. Your cunt? >2. Does your cunt celebraty Pentecost (Pfingsten)? >3. Do you have to work …[View]
89834444I will never be happy[View]
898270301. your country 2. what quotation marks do you use?[View]
89816101>men age like wine But wasn't men's prime at 35?[View]
89834590chinese+?: chinese+chikano→chinkano chinese+russian→chrussian chinese+black→chinegro[View]
89823506/nachtschicht, ehemals deutsch/: Schweizer Edition? Bitte nur hier pfostieren wenn ihr aus der Schwe…[View]
89835136I spend my evenings on younow, periscope, live.ly hoping girls will flash.[View]
89833487/brit/: Amir Khan't believe he's got a penis edition[View]
89834983Juncker-sama wants your input!: President Juncker is holding citizen dialogues all over Europe, so t…[View]
89834838This is Russia's 2018 mascot. Say something nice about him.[View]
89828999> post a pic > others try to guess which country the people on the pic are from…[View]
89834982I am not good at listening English So could you write down what they say in this movie? https://www.…[View]
89825874/cum/: Zendaya edition[View]
89832192Fuck this guy.[View]
89834402>saying anything positive about niggers[View]
89822985/fr/ - Le fil qui parle français: Édition coquine 'J'ai fait l'amour avec un inconnu en av…[View]
89834725I assume 'somebody else' can't be qt3.14 in my case.[View]
89833272What do average leftists and commies from your country say about this country? >inb4 nothing Ano…[View]
89827623/polska/: Edycja niedzielna[View]
89834014Don't mind me just the best DKC game passing through[View]
89834501>'Erdoğan is a dictator' >'Turks are wh*Te' >'Armenian genocide is real' *camera flashes* *…[View]
89830223Enough with the e''''u'''' says Italy: >The leaders of Italy’s anti-establishment 5Stars and far-…[View]
89832307sad truths about your country: >Get shot in a mass shooting >don't have insurance so I ge…[View]
89834135>be american >get shot[View]
89827318OMG brutalism sucks! It’s so cold-hearted and totalitarian![View]
89834121>For me, it's irony[View]
89833899/deutsch/: NRW Ausgabe[View]
89833964Holy fuck /int/ is bad today.[View]
89833949Why are hairy and muscle men not considered attractive in Asia? I was born in the wrong place. Only …[View]
89829896>Whites are declining world wide Truly is poetic justice lmao[View]
89824052Japanese Thread / 日本語スレッド: This thread is for the discussion of the language, culture, travel, daily…[View]
89825184Post Flags you like: Pic related : Gambier Islands, French Polynesia[View]
89829859Man Machine, pseudo human being Man Machine, super human being The man machine, machine...[View]
89824148>Mexicans laugh with J's[View]
89828567>Your cunt >gender >how many times a week you masturbate? Flag, male Once at least every da…[View]
89833512TAIWAN A I W A N[View]
89833523We avoid mentioning /hisname/ He makes fun of a certain group of people by wearing a bucket on his h…[View]
89833283>go outsidie >see tons of wh*toids Day ruined…[View]
89831212Flyover America seems pretty comfy to me. Why are costfags so condescending about the Midwest?[View]
89829853Are they even humans?[View]
89826913>girls with mental issues whores, promiscous, degenerates >boys with mental issues virgins, lo…[View]
89830481>lookong for PDB file of a protein >top view >involuntarily perform Nazi salute…[View]
89831610whar do you think about chinese plan to conquer this planet by mixed blood ?: are you fine with that…[View]
89832420French education[View]
89809755/ex-yu/ MODS ATTENTION: When are you going to ban the anime spamming Montenigger for: >No spammin…[View]
89829878>he daydreams about a slightly improved version of himself Haha[View]
89830406>See kaffir eating in public >throw his food on the ground >whisper in his ear ' during Ram…[View]
89817253/ausnz/: Sunday fun day edition.[View]
89828393/brit/: feet edition[View]
89832494>former female member of the british royalty dates a muslim man >gets murdered >current mal…[View]
89830892Taipei metro[View]
89832676Wtf I kinda look like this guy and I'm MGTOW too...[View]
89832499why do britoids love brownies so much?[View]
89822597Sverigetråden - Katteupplagan[View]
89828546>his cunt doesn't have epic natural disasters For shame[View]
89816131Latin Thread: The Roman Bulls have arrived Edition >Host countries Spain Portugal France Italy Ro…[View]
89831524Middle aged COUGAR ate a bicycling young man ALIVE: https://www.hs.fi/ulkomaat/art-2000005688147.htm…[View]
89831045Why don't ABGs exist in As*a? Is it a w*stern thing?[View]
89828183why do asshole stinks?[View]
89832040Do Poles really hate Brits? I think we get along well but I heard you say nasty stuff about us in Po…[View]
89830712/brit/: harry and tom bromance Edition[View]
89816678Languages of European Union citizens[View]
89825865Do they love black people?[View]
89823910If you could turn back time which period would you go to and why? Me - stop the Atlantic Slave Trade…[View]
89830966Any Byzaboos on /int/? What's your plans for 29th of May? Playing as Byzantines and destroy Ott…[View]
89830328lefties 80 years ago: cool[View]
89826077Why does Europe love McDonald's so much?[View]
89831567Whoa...American boys look like THAT!?[View]
89831780Tyrlylylylylylylylylylyly Tyrlylylylylylylylylylyly Tyrlylylylylylylylylylylylylylylylylylylylyly Ty…[View]
89825671Why are they so serious and boring? I mean, they totally lack any sense of irony and seem constantly…[View]
89830595Fucking chocolate why did they invent it.[View]
89831473B A S E D[View]
89827589Explain this Yurop.[View]
89833425Jews easily forgot what Germans were doing to them in German-Jewish-Ukrainian death camps and German…[View]
89829409>RUSSIA IS EBIL!![View]
89826347Argentinian propaganda cartoon about the Falklands war: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VKkcTpCur7g…[View]
89829398*sucks the whiteness from the UK with amerimutt dark magic*[View]
89828198I spent the weekend trying to start a car engine and it still dead[View]
89829340Some of the Japanese songs are similar to this one, are not they ?!: https://youtu.be/YAyu9_NInDA…[View]
89830898I am from a third world county and all non white women are 1/10th human and do not deserve rights.[View]
89829989The Japanese people are typically born like this;: It is also model student of a typical schoolboy;…[View]
89830906Can't stop the wop[View]
89824530>look up a video on learning Spanish >every word has it's own gender…[View]
89828689Quebecfags BTFO.[View]
89829551/brit/: hollywood Edition[View]
89828466>His country is landlocked and it has a navy Why?[View]
89830184Korean boy!!~: Korea Shota korea's Korean Broadcasting In crisis number one little It shows the…[View]
89830567>thirdworlders downplaying first world problems Mo money mo problems yo…[View]
89824774Ha-ha so cucked!![View]
89829678Is life all about looks? Y/N >flag 100%[View]
89826573what do you think about burger's love of guns?[View]
89830535im rangebanned on /pol/ so im gonna start shitposting and posting retarded threads here[View]
89830457this is my wife what do you think about her?[View]
89828316why do jap girls so overrated[View]
89791464/carib/: hi everyone[View]
89828751Grug no like Grugs from other tribe Grug want other tribe Grugs to no come in cave Grug cave only fo…[View]
89830383Majesty of Japanese Broadcasting: Because of safety common sense, that's what a girl does…[View]
89829494What country does this child look like ?!: 1.korea 2.japen 3.china 4.Russisa. 5.india 6.English 7.Us…[View]
89822192Why are german IP's banned from posting on most boards ?: Why[View]
89829475This man was an English preacher named 'Unless-Jesus-Christ-Had-Died-For-Thee-Thou-Hadst-Been-Damned…[View]
89824999what happens here? i'm told AIDS comes from here[View]
89827624Do you shave your legs?: Me: Yes :3[View]
89830011A record in Finland: 500 000 alli-birds in the same place: https://demokraatti.fi/suomen-ennatys-vir…[View]
89828483Happy Turkish... Hitler?: Maybe this means something else, but I'm pretty sure this playlist by…[View]
89830092this board is a /leftypol/ colony prove me wrong[View]
89829108What do Egyptian girls smell like?[View]
89829606/brit/: Fashwave edition[View]
89829419>just go out and start approaching girls bro, it's not a rocket science, no excuse to be inc…[View]
89828960Awkward situation in Finland: Russian patients will not be taken to hospital: http://www.iltalehti.f…[View]
89825650Mexicans of /int/, what part of Mexico City is this from? I want to see how it looks gsv.[View]
89827399The fuck kind of name is Dimitrios Pagourtzis?: Is that Slavic or Greek or Mexican or something?…[View]
89824573why are somalis so fucking ugly what are they doing in america? do they get laid? im sure somali fem…[View]
89824861una vela...[View]
89829380There was this man in Bavaria who drove trains for a living. He loved his job. He loved to make the …[View]
89826599Small town thread: Town name Population Pfa[View]
89826263Representative democracy is obsolete, technology exists for direct democracy to be possible now[View]
89829140>I don't want crime in my country[View]
89826677>you will never be a black tranny from New York that spends all day fucking random guys in the as…[View]
89797773/dixie/ - Southern US and Friends: wake up[View]
89824326browsing /int/[View]
89824293Are they slavs in denial or Germans in denial?[View]
89828658India is the best country: I love my India one day it shall be as developed as Tokyo.[View]
89817869damn. so american girls look like this?[View]
89824170>Be me, Pakistan teenager >life sucks in this shitty country >love america >want to live…[View]
89819786Which country in Latin America are you most likely to get hurt in a random act of violence?[View]
89828866... we really wuz queens after all[View]
89826370You may only post ITT if your country has rabbits. Not invited: Argentina[View]
89826040Look at the comments: Candicucks are as butthurt and bad at banter as on 4chan. https://m.youtube.co…[View]
89828635Why is a fucking ginger considered royal in England[View]
89826751Faces of /int/[View]
89827726Germany, what's the point of censoring Hitler's mustache or eyes in fiction? I can underst…[View]
89827805elemental lels thread: It's time[View]
89825934>my last name is indicative of my ancestry[View]
89826627/brit/ cover my eyes electric blue edition[View]
89828461i get very frustrated when i see good looking women[View]
89826678>Stormfront: H-hey not all White people are psychos! Our race is superior! >*White boy goes on…[View]
89824606/lat/ hilo latino[View]
89828404/neus/: Inaugural Northeast US thread Cosmo edition Welcome my friends, let's make this a thing…[View]
89827795So, /int/? What's your excuse for not having a white submissive slave?[View]
89824403Why is Mexican culture so patriarchal?[View]
89828203How dumb is it to move to a new city when you don't have a job lined up but have a 50k in savin…[View]
89818006Daily Reminder: The reason America has so many shootings is because the Media glorifies it, not Guns…[View]
89828262Why is this former European saying America is the best country in the world. EUROPOORS BTFO[View]
89812722/éire/ - NatCon Edition: NATCON RALLY SOON![View]
89821187Is this an ironic poster or canadians really fear raw milk ? I drink raw milk every week and I'…[View]
89825973absolute shithole[View]
89823603/brit/: >hurr some prince who's never going to inherit the throne married a wog, need a brit…[View]
89827937what does the future of white males in your country look like?[View]
89826753Daily reminder that the Qipao is cultural appropriation of Tungustic (Manchu) clothing.[View]
89827935>Como estas, gringo![View]
89828014We are not wh*Te or 56% mutts. We are in fact 100% BLACK BULLs. We even have pyramids to honor our B…[View]
89827463when will usa pay for this? https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Spanish%E2%80%93American_War[View]
89825031Where are we dropping, boys?[View]
89823422Why do Indians like Zelda so much at the point of naming their currency as 'rupe'?[View]
89825096WHERE IS THIS?: Where is? It's Los Angeles?[View]
89827813There is a phrase in some Chinese dialect (I assume Mandarin) which sounds like 'BONE SHUR'. What is…[View]
89826657/brit/: Anime edition[View]
89816141How do we solve the Québec problem?[View]
89827415me in the middle[View]
89824832salut les gars, en forme?[View]
89827178I love all non-anglo people. I hate all anglos unconditionally.[View]
89827451>I LOVE DÖNER[View]
89824315FACT: What is now the state of Mississippi was almost named Washington. http://www.todayinmississipp…[View]
89826904Kc tier board[View]
89826328Ammo box falls on school: USA is cutting out the middleman now http://www.kait8.com/story/38221532/a…[View]
89824482>wake up >you're the absolute ruler of your country What do you do/change?…[View]
89815391What went so right?[View]
89820132hhhhhh guy guy hear joke who american man love gun so very much? because it reminds the him of big b…[View]
89826898Wir fahn fahn fahn in der autobahn[View]
89824377fuck this place[View]
89826710Look he's white, cmon man. I'm blacker than that and im white.[View]
89814024/cum/: its america day today[View]
89823607/brit/: >Come. It is time to keep your appointment with The Wicker Man edition let this one get t…[View]
89825909i run and i hide[View]
89826828Please be nice to Meghan brit-friends :)[View]
89826302To all you asian women: >Shut your slimey disgusting gook mouth, you awful gook. You don't d…[View]
89825794Taiwan train[View]
89826619Why is it that the UK's status as European is constantly under question because of it's be…[View]
89810297>you will always be a spic Is there a worse feeling in the world?[View]
89825346Japan loves European armored battle now. We have international tram already. Nippon knight will fig…[View]
89825702What's the most redeeming element of American culture to you guys?[View]
89826277what's the point of this board? fuck u white bois[View]
89825302>mfw had a conversation with some muslims and they've basically convinced me that marrying a…[View]
89823860>tell girl i like that /int/ is my home board >she sees this thread >>89816141 >have…[View]
89825528>You wake up in Baghdad: What do?[View]
89823584Ex-Colonial Republican Leagues General In light of how thoroughly retarded Brits are in thinking we …[View]
89825058If you're unattractive for females, that means you have bad genes. So no matter how hard you tr…[View]
89812719/MENA/: mickey mouse is haram edition[View]
89817556Why don't you smoke?[View]
89821669/cum/: the bae edition[View]
89825065Handsome /int/ernational men: Canada[View]
89822973>I feel motivated enough to lose weight after watching an anime where the fat character got humil…[View]
89823083Can the average person afford to own a home where you live? >California >No…[View]
89825580What do gendered nouns do besides make languages needlessly complicated?[View]
89823716Are men from your country generally attractive? If so, are they more attractive in a masculine or in…[View]
89825637So are the memes about the south/rednecks real?[View]
89811804Why is Russia poor?: Russia is white, very big population, endless land and resources yet has an eco…[View]
89823275uyghur?: girl[View]
89825247>61 years old Holy shit I can't wait for boomers to fucking die and go to hell They're …[View]
89820768I told my mom about the shrek with a camera meme. But she didn't get it. I tried to explain to …[View]
89825240People don't like to admit that Asians have higher IQ in Brazil. They think it's just thei…[View]
89825273Thoughts on Tajik beauty standards?: That's right. Unibrow is considered a beautiful in Tajikis…[View]
89825274Costa Rica General: Anyone been to Costa Rica? I'm going on the 29th and my friend has been doi…[View]
89825039qt virgin: >Gaijin-san, I have never been approached by a Japanese man. Oh I feel so flattered an…[View]
89794831Post view from your window[View]
89824330My sources in the vatican just told me that Stalin was italian wtf[View]
89825183Ein Heller und ein Baaaaaaatzen[View]
89823132What is it like to live here?[View]
89825048What does it feel to be a white straight male?[View]
89822771Are Mediterranean people white? Is so, why do they look so dark and swarthy?[View]
89824786>Peoples have always migrated and interbred. >So what if the White race disappears. Anyone tha…[View]
89821552>he doesnt have this haircut wtf[View]
89824452>tfw: 6'3 >very muscular >deepest voice you'll ever hear except Russian Basso Pr…[View]
89796243/lat/: Hilo latino lluvioso[View]
89824213Why don't Israelis drink?[View]
89820306Europe should be for the white rac-[View]
89824268Does your culture glorify pimps /int/?[View]
89822705Why not just convert and marry a MENA qt? >BASED >hates jews >hates gays >hates degener…[View]
89823708>order pizza >delivery guy knows my name, asks me how I'm doing 'I-I-I'm good' Why c…[View]
89824516>no human is illegal[View]
89824217>not born german WEW lads we all dodged a bullet there[View]
89823308You always hear about Australia and Canada becoming overrun with Chinese, but what about them? Are t…[View]
89821941/polska/: edycja nocna[View]
89822769why QT asian in asia[View]
89823325>be american >get non-lethally shot >go to hospital >'that will be 200.000$ plus tip'…[View]
89824323suce ma graine james osti de fif ahah[View]
89824314Thank god I'm gay so I can really appreciate male beauty like this[View]
89822997how come Chile is safer than a 'developed country'?[View]
89810792Why the FUCK every british look like a druggie?[View]
89823996Country Favorite model from your country Mexico Liliana Domínguez[View]
89819796Do girls in your country do this?[View]
89823624我回來了 想我嗎:)[View]
89819060/rdf/ Rebeux de France: Ça va mes kheys?[View]
89823995Is ur cunt gay?[View]
89823933Was Petain really that bad?[View]
89823737nippon japlets fear the ITALIAN BVLL jap women love ITALIAN men[View]
89820103Girls like this are unashamedly my biggest turn on[View]
89823530are they really white?[View]
89789263Japanese Thread / 日本語スレッド: This thread is for the discussion of the language, culture, travel, daily…[View]
89820256>this confuses, infuriates and scares the white Am*rican[View]
89823306what happens in the netherlands?[View]
89821003is he actually gay or?[View]
89822328/brit/ chad edition[View]
89820630I hope this collapses before it erases the difference between Danes, Germans, Lithuanians, Bulgarian…[View]
89821537Who /Germanophile/ here?[View]
89821985what fo you think about old castilian? (medieval spanish) >El cantar del mio cid (El cid campeado…[View]
89819867Fuck you, fuck your family and fuck your dog. In an honest fight, I would kick your ass. Everyone of…[View]
89823214How do people in your country treat service workers? Here in Canada, we literally throw shit at them…[View]
898125361. your birthplace 2. your honest, non-biased opinion on Argentina and Argentines[View]
89823264Why couldn't Vespasian and Hadrian finish the job? It would have saved future generations and c…[View]
89820151I went mountain biking today. What did you do fat boy?[View]
89818773stop calling me a mutt[View]
89822926>assault rifle-style crossbows what did the brits mean by this?[View]
89819718KILL KILL HAHA YEAH![View]
89822849>elliot died 4 years ago[View]
89813754When will western countries rehabilitate electroshock therapy for guys who think they are girls inst…[View]
89822111do you like Autumn?[View]
89821984>tfw no McDonald's[View]
89819710What IS his problem?[View]
89818229Is it worth a trip?[View]
89822068Rank them in order of greatness[View]
89808418The rise of China: How do you feel about the rise of China? The USa is swirling the plughole and onc…[View]
89819132What's Canadian culture consist of?[View]
89821470What is wrong with Americans? >White women like me, we need to talk (about not calling the police…[View]
89781373/danmarktråden/: jeg hader amerikanere så fucking meget[View]
89821517I fucking hate wasting my life in army doing unprodctive shit while my parents dictare hoe to live m…[View]
89818558/deutsch/-/Nachtschicht/-/bayern/: Gute Nacht Ausgabe[View]
89813475Mongolian is the sexiest language. Prove me wrong.[View]
89822311>Cunt >Do your sweaty balls chafe the inside of your thighs, when its hot in the summer? Can…[View]
898223101. your cunt 2. have you ever cared about a Greek person's feelings? Australia Yes, once, but I…[View]
89820222The quick way to solve Africa's problems: give it to China. They will give them infrastructure,…[View]
89820751/brit/: IT'S COMING HOOOOOOOOMMEE ed.[View]
89819955>music is my life[View]
89820802Buy french beer please, I swear our craft beers are good. Anglo friends https://www.saveur-biere.com…[View]
89820372Did you say Serbia is not strong?[View]
89821338Muslim royal wedding when?[View]
89806910/balk/: VELIKO SRBIJU remuv kebab xD edition Old >>89786211[View]
89820759CUISINE: what should I get for dinner /int/? my options around here: >burger >pizza >Japane…[View]
89821126Is everybody friends in this region?[View]
89820293did you know that Chicago is the second city with biggest polish population after Warsaw?[View]
89821943Which is a better place, burgerland or yuropoor?[View]
89821847Fake boobs: Guilty or Not Guilty?[View]
89821853>lack of creativity[View]
89820647Going to Florence for a couple of weeks. I've never been to Italy before. What should i expect?[View]
89821756Absolutely livid I've been a staunch Royalist my entire life but this was beyond a joke. I…[View]
89820691What are Lebanese girls like in Australia?[View]
89821394I got a new SSD I hope I'm never without my PC again last night sucked bawls.[View]
89803836Why are the primary innovators in Europe mainly protestants?[View]
89820130The 'New Dawn' cult is growing within the Paris Catacombs... the containment was not enough..[View]
89820947i don't want to sleep int. it's almost 3 in the morning here. I physically wan't to s…[View]
89809163If your country isn't blue, you aren't white.[View]
89821250When will Belgium be partitioned between us and France?[View]
89815305/polska/: Edycja koników, temat przewodni - teoria ewolucji filmik edycji: https://www.youtube.com/w…[View]
89818392What are upper class people like in your country?[View]
89814237/fr/ - le fil de la France: édition des douces musiques pour s'endormir https://www.youtube.com…[View]
898170671. Your country. 2. Your opinion on NATO?[View]
89814226This is for you virgins how to get finally ebony goddesses for yourself. https://www.youtube.com/wat…[View]
89820826*walks beside you*[View]
89814823>a foreigner speaks his foreign language to me[View]
89816787Ask a tounssi anything: Do it[View]
89820169Would you racemix with an andaluciana?: They have northern africano blood[View]
89819208/eyjaþráður/: Íslenskur-Færeyskur þráður[View]
89819295/brit/ - Sponsored by China: Respect China's claims to the South China Sea edition[View]
89820601Hi /int/.......Im new here. >_>;; I was wondering if any of u knew how 2 register here........…[View]
89815915KILLEM HAHA[View]
89820545>over 50% pop growth in the last 50 years Holy shit we are fucking full. Get the fuck out of my c…[View]
89816804>The Pakistani Embassy in Washington, D.C., confirmed that exchange student Sabika Sheikh was kil…[View]
89801658What do Russians think of him?[View]
898204411. Your country 2. Which group of immigrants is refusing to integrate and should immediately be depo…[View]
89816215Sweden is BLACK?: Kristoff from the new Frozen musical looks a bit... different...[View]
89814284Sverigetråden - Nattupplagan[View]
89818327Why do americans give so much fuck about your skin color? It's like race is the same as being o…[View]
89813239This is my city from space. I like it.[View]
89820309What's it like not needing a car to get everywhere? I always loved muscle cars but damn, I don…[View]
89814981How many steam games do you own?[View]
89819234Russian sailor.[View]
89819836Why are there so many qt hardline islamists on twitter and instagram?[View]
89817246What is your favorite country? Mine is Israel![View]
89820034>He cares about Palestinians or Israelis[View]
89819963Is wearing a hoodie socially acceptable in your country? America, no. People think you are a future …[View]
89819634>u're a cunt >do boys do this there? finland yes D:…[View]
89809098/eu/: European Union general. In varietate concordia![View]
89815569/PIGS/: invited:Portugal,Italy,Greece,Spain welcome:Ireland[View]
89811478why palestin protest if dey know israel kill palest deserve kill, they knoda rules yeah das rite kil…[View]
89819364If you do not get dizzy from quickly standing up you are a manlet. >cunt >manlet status…[View]
89819713Why do Syrians look so white in comparison to other Arabs?[View]
89819191i want to learn english but my depression has made me dumb and tired[View]
89819162Which country girl makes the best wife?[View]
898184291. country 2. do you get drunk often? 3. would you consider yourself an alcoholic? 4. why do you get…[View]
89815572Duchess of Sussex, ladies and gentlemen.[View]
89819309/Brit/ lolicore edition: https://soundcloud.com/magical-girl-loli-elf/fz0tkjijllga[View]
89810121>tfw 15cm dick and very thin Feels bad living like a cripple, my parents are ashamed of me cause …[View]
89808962Just a reminder that Italy is mommy.[View]
89819042Does your cunts childrens songs get almost 1mil views on yt?: https://youtu.be/qhZBwNgmjao Didnt thi…[View]
89797263>brits make fun of 9/11 >a terrorist attack in the country's biggest city, where 3000 peo…[View]
89818789How would South Americans treat a Greek man like me? pic related[View]
89812460is this ok in your cunt?: sweden no[View]
89818287Mloukheya: >Making fun of a dish that was only served to kings in Egypt Its really good and made …[View]
89816986Do many people in your country wear their flag ostentatiously? Funny, I only see brown people wearin…[View]
89818073>be me >see this Wat do?[View]
89817908>Completely stops the entirety of the United States of America from making any progress of any ki…[View]
89819000fuck Y.P. Pull[View]
89817027Brazilian women are precious.[View]
89818322>that 22 year old 30 year old boomer poster[View]
89818343>2001 space odyssey >godfather >charlie chaplin…[View]
89817100/balt/: Why are tomboys so perfect?[View]
89818847Jan seme li toki e toki pona?[View]
89810533shit country very third world[View]
89818759General LEE asks you to suicide charge your men against the yankee scum What do?[View]
89810107Get in here Frens.[View]
89818241Why is the future female? I don't get it.[View]
89816648Where are there female koreaboos and weebs? I want to fugg non-Asian girls, but since I am an asian …[View]
89810447/deutsch/: Holländische Jungs[View]
89818406>Be Italian >Don't be a terrone[View]
89811888How come guys who look like this never get accused of sexual harassment?[View]
89779281kurva anyátok[View]
89818091>Grandpa is watching Portuguese TV shows again[View]
89817695Here in Poland we call Russia 'Mośkownia'. It is a mix of two words: Mosiek (Polish diminutive of 'M…[View]
89805939/ex-yu/: subota van edicija[View]
89816259Why are liberals such worthless, pathetic bootlickers?[View]
89814861>tfw no gf[View]
89805435/mämmi/: Kielot kukkii kohta -painos[View]
89812362setup thread[View]
89813481>Where are you from? >What's your race? I'm from Canada I'm black…[View]
89817369you can only post here if germany owes you a lot of money[View]
89815771Why are Mulatto women with a Caucasian father and a Negroid mother so astonishingly attractive, whil…[View]
89817627What happens here?[View]
89817598ITT: the greatest hits from your cunt https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WXf-YbsSh0Y[View]
89808382/ita/ - il filo: edizione fate schifo i nuovi non sono benvenuti[View]
89817470it's already almost 30 years passed after collapse of Berlin wall. Still these countries are po…[View]
89815174/brit/: Edition: Saturday night with the lads[View]
89781893/éire/: referendum edition[View]
89814080How can I convert a muslim qt to christianity? I want to find one in this country[View]
89816690how can anyone defend multiracial societies?: i can understand in a place like usa where it has alre…[View]
89814310Why do Australians have the best feet?[View]
89815846Dear Dutch people Why are there so many sh*tskins in this video? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-sJ…[View]
89816821this image is CURSED show this to any wh*Te ''''''male'''''' and they will become savages It's …[View]
89813737Post spiritual music from your country Bonus point for English subs. Here is a German song from the …[View]
89817043Redpill me on Austrian beer[View]
89792978/balt/: Try and stop us desu[View]
89816901>google northern african and turkish men >they all look like me >tfw berber and jewish appe…[View]
89811092>tfw living in an irrelevant shithole country[View]
89808421When is he going to review the amerimutt and the KARA BOGA meme?[View]
89812587>hundreds of generations of normies marrying, having children, raising them >it all ends with …[View]
89810978>Everything below Murrica' are spics >This is a spic…[View]
89816922>Britkeks literally have to pay for a deflowered Catholic mutt American to fuck their Prince Holy…[View]
89814843how can i inseminate boy-looking argentinian girl?[View]
89816132Why is WINTER the best season?[View]
89816744Russian accent Japanese is qt. Russia. Please send us your women more and more. https://www.youtube.…[View]
89816405French researchers are here to show the truth. Hiltler indeed died in 1945. https://www.thelocal.fr/…[View]
89816697です: 先輩。[View]
89812591Tacoanon here. Im going to try whalestake for the first time. I want to figure out if whale meat can…[View]
89814999>Tell people I live in Northern Ireland >'Oh I've never met an Irish guy before' >Tell…[View]
89816144How do you say twelve months in your language? Only eesti is allowed to reply[View]
89808109I wish I was a pretty woman. Even being a black woman is easier and better than being an aryan man i…[View]
89816492Why do Americans like to eat cold pizza? Its disgusting[View]
89797828/norgetråden/: Folkeeventyr-utgaven Forrige: >>89769957 >>89769957 >>89769957…[View]
89816005i have vagina fetish[View]
89814407superior race: world cup here we go[View]
89814969Just returned from a road trip to Florida, why are there so many fast food restaurants in America?[View]
89806125I want to move to Europe but I have student loans to pay. How much could I, as an entry-level engine…[View]
89806672Do you think America will ever get good transit and stop building this dumb shit?[View]
89815826From which cunts are your personal top 5 favorite posters? 1.Poland 2.UAE 3.India 4.Paraguay 5.Sudan[View]
898123101. You are a country 2. Do you like sandwich kaviar? >Flag >Yes, I'm having dillkaviar st…[View]
89812723Thanks mom and dad. You guys worked really hard and immigrated to the US, giving me a chance at a be…[View]
89814297are danes the Zalambdalestes of scandinavia?: discuss[View]
89816109>i'm not one of those degenerates who shoot up heroin! i only smoke weed, do psychs, and occ…[View]
89814665Who are the worst posters on 4chan, not just on /int/, but on the site? My Top 3 would be >USA …[View]
89812788So, in the USA. Usually by age 14-15, girls actually started wearing underwear for adults (Thongs, g…[View]
89812435Why are northern europeans the tallest in the world?[View]
89794728IIT: Overrated cities[View]
89810433/deutsch/: Lili Marleen Ausgabe https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8btnYYDbkqQ[View]
89811988Why does the world just unite as a fellow humans and exterminate the jewish aliens?[View]
89815079Bulgaria was better under communism: >army Communist Bulgaria: Mighty, feared, mandatory conscrip…[View]
89815424Tell me about Tunisia. Would a qt muzzie chick convert to christianity for me?[View]
89815480crashing this union[View]
89814507>tourist in Sweden >check why the wifi I'm on was banned >trying to find gay hookups …[View]
89815507When am I going to be able to filter flags?[View]
89814905UK is so desperate after Brexit that they are bringing a Mulatto American into the family to kiss Am…[View]
89815409This is what the English /lang/uage will look like in 2050. And it's beautiful.[View]
89809918/polska/: hehe ktura godzina[View]
89807874INcoming buthurt in 3 ... 2 ... 1 ....[View]
89808352SHOW ME YOUR WAR FACE, /INT/[View]
89810598What happens in Dhaka?[View]
89813944Stop importing food[View]
89814965Give This Guy A Medal[View]
89811902>tfw i realise there will never be a her in my life[View]
89814060How many dicks do you have to suck to be fluent in French?[View]
89814888mex: ¿estás listo para la próxima guerra civil, hermanos? hacer las apuestas sobre cómo es asesinado…[View]
89812754Israel and Saudi Arabia: Why do they pretend to be two different countries?[View]
89812231>blonde hair are the only true EVROPEANS >has brown hair >his kids will likely get brown ha…[View]
89814197>BBC reporter is ranting about how evil white people are again[View]
89766456/asean/: sahur edition[View]
89814384>mfw 20yo in 4 months >mfw virgin[View]
89809744anon goes to an parties: >enter the parties >hey aren't you that weird guy from school wh…[View]
89805347how would your parents react if you brought home a british gf?[View]
89813448>Not religious >forced to fast for a month because my parents would disown and throw me out if…[View]
89813325Are they the Canadians of west Europe?[View]
89804777Are Punjabs White?[View]
89813344American Girls and Anal Hygiene: For the last three months I have been in the US for work. As a mode…[View]
89814233South Korea and Japan: When will South Koreans stop being so immature and forgive the Japs?[View]
89812733On behalf of all Germans, I congratulate the Britons on this board to the royal wedding. Sincerely M…[View]
89807710/fr/ - le francofil: édition juste /fr/[View]
89812696How do you go from THIS[View]
89803360/cum/: this one's for grimes[View]
89807133skandi flags: >the swedish flag was derived from a sign in the sky sent by god, witnessed after b…[View]
89813743Did you know[View]
898125381. ur cunt 2. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3BgrWHYyW8Y[View]
89812309Why does the english adopt french words but doesnt ever adapt them to their english rules, keeping f…[View]
89812589>britbongs canttell the difference between a spanner and any otherkind of wrench Why are old worl…[View]
89811297>white men[View]
89812595what will happen if I wear this flag on my shoulders in a red state in usa?[View]
89805771/esp/ - hilo español/fil espanyol: don pepe y los globos[View]
89810613What happens here?[View]
89811046I want to learn Shanghainese, but the Commies keep crushing everything that isn't Putonghua New…[View]
89812863Why am I so white?: Holy moly why am I so white[View]
89811560>La créatur- WOAHHHHHHHHH[View]
89799321there is no greater joy in life for a man than to be together with an older woman many people that a…[View]
89809528*blocks your spice trade*[View]
89811328Have you ever met an Identitarian or a Refugee in your country? https://twitter.com/GZorri/status/99…[View]
89813024it's 1:35 here goodnight, lovely people :3[View]
89812967how do we terminate the white menace?[View]
89812755Имaм мaтypa пo БEЛ cлeд 2 дeнa, a нe cъм чeл нищo oт хpиcтoмaтиятa. dubs and I get 6.00[View]
898078571) you're cunt 2) your favorite posters >flag >canadians, hungarians, finns…[View]
89809423Why can't we be friends? We share a lot of good history and ~40% of our languages' lexico…[View]
89808132Faces of /int/[View]
89812219What ethnicity would you say this individual belongs to?[View]
89809158>tfw reconnected with my heritage and found a new traditional and healthy food to enjoy (pic rela…[View]
89811704Is he the ultimate cuck?[View]
89811481>those fucking flags Now it's clear why these cunts have such an insane fascination with Sat…[View]
89812318/celt/: all those with celtic ancestry can post in this general[View]
89811766Crimean Tatars deserve everything bad that has befallen them due to buying enslaved Finnic children …[View]
89807634> You're country > Can you be thrown in prison and raped if you're caught with a joi…[View]
89802843How will Poles try to deny this?[View]
89794682Is there a version like this but for French, English and Portuguese?[View]
89810311why did they laugh? Did they know anglo marriage is fake?[View]
89812146Condoms in handicapped bathroom: https://www.como.fi/uutiset/nainen-loysi-kauppakeskuksen-vessasta-a…[View]
89811474>2010 - China GDP surpasses Japan >2018 = China GDP is almost 3x Japan' Will Japan ever b…[View]
89807657>Peruvian flag posts in my thread[View]
89786974Why do they discriminate Russians?[View]
89811918>you will never be a black tranny from New York that bangs random guys in the ass with your BBC e…[View]
89805791>when an American dares to speak to me about my own country's history…[View]
89811871El Ogro de las Rusia: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Rus%27_Khaganate >It was suggested that the R…[View]
89811856why do dutch look like their face are absorbed[View]
89810754There's no way this is real. Is the UK actually like this?[View]
89809771How mad is she? What do you think?[View]
89803199why is the faeroese flag so aesthetic?[View]
89806266Sverigetråden - SD2D-upplagan[View]
89795048/lang/ - language learning: >What language are you learning? >Share language learning experien…[View]
89810537Are Hispanic Greeks the most powerful race?[View]
89811542what's the Detroit of your country? Here it's Łódź it's slowly improving though[View]
89807721Rate my gf bro[View]
89807534/fr/ - Le fil francophone: Édition de rire de negro[View]
89805469> Italian journalist interviews British citizens > Literally are all nigga What the fuck is go…[View]
89810843>black panther[View]
89797951Is there any Russian more remarkable than Zyzz in Russian history? I don't think so, he was bas…[View]
89797401Do you use your local public pool?[View]
89802529Someone to explain me what happens in Italy ?[View]
89808220>tiny asian penis[View]
89808896>my life sucks >show me affection for my struggle why has /int/ become r9k and what can we do…[View]
89808870Do you parents love you?[View]
89809188Look at what disgusting and degenerate w*stern culture and lack of morality has done to this innocen…[View]
89808357/brit/: based black man edition[View]
89805342>*snap*. Yes, this one's going in my cringe compilation.[View]
89799270This is the being that hides behind every 'whiter than you, mohammed'. Keep it in mind.[View]
89801573I hate those countries in yellow: Poland, Hungary, Romania, Bulgaria, Croatia, all those crappy coun…[View]
89810676>Have the captchas in my thread be 'Pronounce hard R and /y/ to post' >*Nglo-free thread…[View]
89808280Do you LOVE italy?[View]
89809078Dark Souls Remastered on Amazon Germany : 39,99 euros Spain : 39,90 Italy : 35,99 France : 27,90 Mac…[View]
89797171How much would you pay for a 3 some with these?[View]
89807130Why do Dutch people all have this ridiculous frizzy hairstyle?[View]
89806345What to do?: I just realized that all Spotify recommendations contain only stuff I already know. I a…[View]
89809827Got bullied by all the other black boys for being gay and no white boy wanna fuck either wanna kms W…[View]
89811881Reminder: If you are below 180 cm, you are not human.[View]
89805715Im going to the United States in Nashville, TN this summer as a J-1 student. What pitfalls of being …[View]
89801164What do Germans think of this guy?[View]
89810459Switzerland and Sweden in the final of the world championship of hockey. I guess that will confuse s…[View]
89804516How do I get a Polynesian gf?[View]
89806378>Muh Trianon: HUNGARY HAD IT COMING[View]
89806465/deutsch/: Abendliche Ausgabe[View]
89804979>21 days until E3[View]
89802471Why do wh*Tes treat dogs like their own children? Are they literally wh*Te dogs?[View]
89810263I'm moving to Costa Rica. Any tips?[View]
89806817are incels in danger?[View]
89805884AMERICANS LMAOOOOO: This really made me think[View]
89800651They have to be paid government shills or robot spammers at this point. There's no other explan…[View]
89801813Do you have ugly feet or cute feet, /int/?[View]
89807757I call Americans obese while I'm obese too.[View]
89809831Why are French people so thin? How do you do it?[View]
89802515Do Swedes have a word for Finns who look like this?[View]
89799730well what's your excuse[View]
89807117Foreigners envy Britain: On this day in Britain: Royal wedding - global audience 1.9 billion FA cup …[View]
89809892Is football gay?[View]
89804278>you will never be swedish Why live?[View]
89804155post eurovision cuties[View]
89809552California should be independent and Macron should be its king[View]
89807274/polska/: edycja cycków[View]
89808983>want to study french >use tandem app >every french speaker is black…[View]
89803892Why do americans ruin a good peanut butter sandwich with jelly?[View]
89809349>tfw a whiteoid says they aren't racist[View]
89804566>enroll for French language in the fall: FRNCH 230 >instructors greets us to ARBC 101…[View]
89799449>America or Canada >Russia or China >France or Italy >UK or Spain >Sweden or Finland …[View]
89803538What's going on here?[View]
89801975Which country has the best soles?[View]
89809025NIGGAS IFFY UH[View]
89804937What's it like to live in the Rich Gulf States?[View]
89808961My half Norwegian son will conquer Finland.[View]
89806107/brit/: No poofs edition[View]
8980736825 days till fifa world cup[View]
89807662>Have sex with black woman >Smell like nigger the rest of week.…[View]
89796363/ita/ il filo: edizione שבת שלום[View]
898027151. Your country. 2. Have you done cocaine?[View]
89797469If you could choose what you'd be born as in next life, would you choose White Protestant Male?[View]
89806847Welcome to the family lads :)[View]
89806433Do you want to invest in France ? Ranking countries in EU to invest France 1 Poland 2 Greece 3[View]
89783291/mena/: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=s4H6za7AWk4[View]
89805905i havent jerked off in 6 days i havent watched porn neither[View]
89806406Reminder that protestants are cucks[View]
89774074DJT - Daily Japanese Thread #2003: DJT is a language learning thread designed by and for those study…[View]
89807681>someone posts a picture of a half naked white teenage girl surrounded by white adult men >fuc…[View]
89804841I fixed South America! >I gave Bolivia access to the sea >I gave Ecuador to Peru >Guianas b…[View]
89806845Meghan was wrong choice.[View]
89803488Guess what this map represents. Hard mode: no reverse image search.[View]
89807248>tfw no viet cong gf[View]
89803706/polska/: edycja shreka[View]
898053431.Country 2.Has your country oppressed ge*Manoids? 1.Romania 2.Yes, we expelled most of them and con…[View]
89805428Brother nations.[View]
89805536Dubois helped the Polish agent establish the spy network in Vienna..[View]
89804794Can you do your own car repairs?[View]
89786211/balk/: monarchy edition last one >>89760080[View]
89806342>I use Duolingo[View]
89793974/fr/ - le fil de France et de Navarre: édition royale https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4h5M78YVN8M…[View]
89806630stop bullying us and stop calling me a spic[View]
89806287>*Why do I scare you, white boy?*[View]
89804273why palestin protest if dey know israel kill palest deserve kill, they knoda rules yeah das rite kil…[View]
89803614Why are womyn from this coutnry so stunningly beautiful?[View]
89800781Are Middle-Eastern women the highest achievable gf? What makes them so much better than anything els…[View]
89802415>Go to work this morning >Pass obnoxious coworkers in hall >Annoying chick pats me on the …[View]
89806339Sargical strike and we eliminates enemyes. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8RekXwqBP1w[View]
89802059/deutsch/: Ausgabe der Einheit, der Gerechtigkeit und der Liebe zum Vaterlande[View]
89804083The Royal British Wedding is neither royal, British nor a wedding.[View]
89802800>cunt >what are the oldest pics in your 4chan folder…[View]
89804625Is italian the most pretentious language?[View]
89804043Ireland: What do you think about Ireland and the Irish?[View]
89801688say pros and cons of this Union[View]
89801184/brit/: £300 jumpers edition[View]
89778261/ex-yu/: Jos uvjek rejv edicija[View]
89804059>Germs, Bongs and Frogs are different peop--[View]
89805802Say it with me now. SEVAKAN ABRATS KENATS[View]
89796825>his language doesn't have a word for 'the day after tomorrow' heh, see you pasadomañana wor…[View]
89801944Post your face when Italy leaves the European Union[View]
89802079Why aren't you moving to Romania?[View]
89794654France please help us again like when you killed Diana when she was dating the muslim. Please kill H…[View]
89805244>jopelines tío, sube al coche que vamos a flipar con una cogorza de órdago que te cagas…[View]
89803039What's her name, bros?[View]
89801066>2018 >being a monarchist[View]
89805200>It's called the public pool, even if it's a hall with many swimming pools in it.…[View]
898000331. Your country 2. How do people in your country feel about the nuking of Japan by the United States…[View]
89805034But is it? why this keeps happening?[View]
89789950/mämmi/: /mämmi/ Oikein ja luonnollista -painos[View]
89796712>smoking is bad[View]
89801608>mfw now our royal family is whiter than Britain's S E E T H I N G…[View]
89801276Is she considered white in America?[View]
89800085I hate the South so much. If the South was its own country, so many of our statistics would improve …[View]
89804958Is your country colonizing other countries? Greece, yes.[View]
89804332HS officially has a higher mortality rate than the military.[View]
89804942NOTRE PROJET[View]
89804513Who of you did hack that site? http://nickelodeon.cz/index.php?show_id=32&page=articles&arti…[View]
89804644oi, don't come to me kitchen tommorow[View]
89804025How good is your Oceanic Geography?[View]
89798676Germans prefer China & Russia over the US: Only 14% of Germans see the US as a reliable partner,…[View]
89804646I've been refreshing this board the entire day. How has your day been?[View]
89802308>your countree >do you walk to the supermarket or drive to the supermarket https://www.strawpo…[View]
89802011In this ITT we teach Italians about cuisine[View]
89779364/cum/: Fuck anime edition[View]
89804469What royal family will get MUTTED next?[View]
89803727Who is the rightful ruler of Europe?[View]
89798140Fuck America[View]
89793299did you finally grow out racism?[View]
89801177/brit/: are beto edition[View]
89799504why do they hate each other so much?[View]
89800553why the fuck are we celebrating the royal wedding here in burgerland? the local walmart has *royal d…[View]
89800860I wish i was german[View]
89797815/polska/: Ruszaj, Pierwszy Korpus nasz, Spoza gór i rzek - na Zachód marsz![View]
898035301. your country 2. do you prefer white women or med women[View]
89800814My housemate just moved to Berlin. Convince me not to follow suit in the pursuit to pursue him.[View]
89798934Sverigetråden - PLUS-upplagan[View]
89802524Do you love Israel? I love Israel, greatest ally and friend[View]
89803208Spanish royal is best royal familiy Fuck niggertain[View]
89796586Why is Japan so perfect and civilised?[View]
89802266oh no! majin buu wants to destroy /int/! how do you stop him?[View]
89801247Is white enough?[View]
89801348i prefer asian girls because theyre pure and innocent[View]
89802046What race is the Brazil royal family?[View]
89800959have you ever seen/met black negroid person in real life? i have never ever[View]
89796537Do you drink water from your tap? I used to drink it, but today officials said that this is not reco…[View]
89800782>white ''''''people''''''''''[View]
89798024What countries have 'dark whites'?: White people without blonde hair, blue eyes and fair skin. But w…[View]
89802837Belgium is cute, CUTE.[View]
89802549I want my country of become a monarchy and our king/prince to marry a Japanese princess.[View]
89798542>this is how ameicans view the UK[View]
89801803I'm white.[View]
89799537Pizzagate is real.[View]
89798111Defenders of Europe, report in! Invited: Denmark, Finland, Norway, Serbia, Croatia, Greece, Hungary,…[View]
89799568>By one american product >See partially produced with genetic engineering Don't forget th…[View]
89797201what went well?[View]
89797084Mom and sister watching Royal Wedding all day. What the fug. We cprypto colony of England now or wha…[View]
89801463Why are there so many weeboos in the USA? webm related[View]
89800845White people are literally the Reddit of human races[View]
89801921Should I visit this American state?[View]
89801808>wake up >there still hasn't been an international effort to wipe Germans off the face of…[View]
89802212>Astaghfirullah anon, what do you mean you don't want to slaughter all the filthy yehud occu…[View]
89802107are you civilized?[View]
89801092>Saudi Arabia >Ranked 4th Fucking how?[View]
89799508Why they dont use chemtrails to keep Antarctica cold?[View]
89798115Hypothetically: How much would you pay me to assassinate prince harry and his wife[View]
89801095What are the typical old person names in your country? In Lithuania: all names of Slavic origin (Bro…[View]
89798906What happened to the Turkish posters?[View]
89797170Why does based Texas get a so bad reputation in the world?[View]
89801749>You see this walking around in your cunt How do you react? How do your country men?…[View]
89798601>The nail that sticks out gets hammered d- https://twitter.com/omaru_uwabaki?s=09…[View]
89801646Greece is colonizing Zambia. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=f1FSYpaZHeI[View]
89800952>Could a philosopher-Emperor be able to rule a modern country?: Also Mattis coup when?[View]
89801258>Russians seriously use 'you were lynching negroes' argument[View]
89800749Can someone explain this strange canadian ritual?: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BTUhNzxpwL8…[View]
89799331I want to believe[View]
89798789Why does getting insulted in your native language hurts so much more? you can insults me any way yo…[View]
89801500Thinking of converting to eastern orthodox Christianity and getting my self and getting myself an o…[View]
89801560We belong, we belong, we belong together[View]
89801444>Towed artillery is useless![View]
89801204> You are cunt > Are you a wizard or planning to become one? Flag No/No…[View]
89798819You must accept 1 million portugese or 1 million syrians to your country. Which group would you choo…[View]
89795262/deutsch/: postet nicht beim kanaken[View]
89799656The RUS man is the epitome of male dominance and masculinity. Let's start by looking at his bod…[View]
89799001/brit/: leftist edition[View]
89795633would you date a catalonian girl?[View]
89799235What do Croats think about this?[View]
89799358how do you go from this...[View]
89798629My mom is harassing me because I have a Romanian gf, she's xenophobic and voted Brexit. How do…[View]
89800241Ayo, dis royal weddin finna bouta get dabbed on![View]
89795092do you like bears?[View]
89797312How do you vulgarly call vagina in your language? >Valencian >Figa…[View]
89800770Lidl croissants aren't that bad: birds enjoy them: http://www.iltalehti.fi/kotimaa/201805192200…[View]
89800079Does anyone here just take a step back from this board and analyze it as someone not used to 4chan? …[View]
89800164>American education https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wJdNrCeUdhc[View]
89796947>he doesn't live between 50° and 60° north of equator >he thinks he is white…[View]
89745062/luso/ - Fio Lusófono: Edição marciana[View]
89799700I need a gf please apply here[View]
89780267A beautiful Finnish city: When will the Russians give it back as they don't need it?[View]
89791023>learning any language besides japanese[View]
89800137>be american >get shot[View]
89796167Is this evropa’s future?[View]
89800040Does anyone have that pic/strip where Poland Enters the EU, get money and is told to accept refugees…[View]
89800146notebook thread: post yours[View]
89798361The day when someone figures out how to wipe out narcos and drugs from this region, we'll start…[View]
89789487I want to move to Europe but I have student loans to pay. Exactly how much lower are the typical wag…[View]
89796654This is going on outside my window right now Berlin is spooky[View]
89799005>be american >be racist >be sexually repressed >attempt time and time again to impose yo…[View]
89799136>Flat >Nappy >Chips >Torch >Chips >Petrol >Bonnet >Pyjamas >Sellotap…[View]
89799154Sverigetråden - Tåhåupplagan[View]
89794162Enlighten me, /int/. Which war is being fought in Europe right now? >Left vs Right >Christians…[View]
89797928I wish I could live Albania or Croatia[View]
89795015Nothing wrong with fapping to kpop.[View]
89799245burn an ameriKKKan flag today[View]
89796672Does your country have tip culture? We don't need to pay tip in Japan.[View]
89799443What do Russians think about this song? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NvS351QKFV4[View]
89799507Tell me about the Divine Maltese Empire.[View]
89798575That's right.[View]
89784848Show cute cats in your country[View]
89799195<America has a mass shooting pro-[View]
89798961Why are Anglo-Australians so dull compared to leb-Australians?[View]
89794245>trap a little wild bird >gouge it eyes out so it think it's night and won't stop ea…[View]
89796828The Russians saved the gypsies from extermination. Say something to the brave Russian soldiers who g…[View]
89798957French cuisine[View]
89795443Diversity Visa program: Does anyone else here ever signed up for the Green Card lottery? I haven…[View]
89796807/brit/: rorkes and 'centrists' (rorke enablers) need to fuck off edition[View]
89798994poor elliot[View]
89797927>be American >get drugged[View]
89798892Bavaria: What is Bavaria like?[View]
89798145https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Polish%E2%80%93Swedish_union Literally the best country on Earth.[View]
89798635is this true?[View]
89794641>brown people can't look good[View]
89797228am i the only one who avoids american products? i prefer buying local or european desu[View]
89798578is prince Tyrone gonna fuck the aunt when he grows up?[View]
89795654Why are they growing slower than us?: https://www.economist.com/news/americas/21725344-commodity-han…[View]
89792145I fixed the Balkans[View]
89797502ITT: Signs that you're dealing with a subhuman in your country: >lek >pich >manyak …[View]
89798318>statistcucks BTFO How will the grabbers ever recover?[View]
89797817why germany have no friends?[View]
89784378A beautiful Galician city: When will the Portuguese give it back as they don't need it?[View]
89795211Imagine fighting in WW2, putting your life on the line to defend Europe from the 'evil nazis' for th…[View]
89797807She is actually good looking woman. Fuck off bongs.[View]
89797970You wake up in the year 12.609 BCE[View]
89797783/Rorke/ - A thread made solely for the Rorkes of /brit/: Lei Feng edition[View]
89796789what do you call the norwegian delicacy ostesmorbrod in your language?[View]
89775485/lat/ hilo latANO: >>>/pol/172127556[View]
89793856Am I white /int/?[View]
89790493/polska/: fallout edycja[View]
89787335American schools are officially more deadly than foreign war zones: This is just deplorable.[View]
89786266Why do a bunch of Poles, Hungarians and French think Palestine belong to them? They should leave Pal…[View]
89798667Daily reminder.[View]
89795360Do you use this in your vagina? Me barely, once a week. Once I'd flossed my teeth before dentis…[View]
89797454Are the mods playing a prank?[View]
89797528>next turn[View]
89796920So I want to be a good son and buy my father a gift for his birthday, but I can't afford spendi…[View]
89795029Who is the hottest milf of your country in your opinion?[View]
89792881/int/ernational BMI thread: >your cunt >your BMI >his BMI is greater than 17.5 You're …[View]
89795999Come on guys... she doesn't even look black. If you never saw her before and were told that she…[View]
89795992I love Spain :3[View]
89792721/ausnz/: time for sleep edition[View]
89797236Civilization was a mistake Global nuclear war when?[View]
89797214/norgetråden/:: Trædal og Nguyen utgave Forrige: >>89769957 >>89769957 >>89769957…[View]
89794841>university is having a trip to Spain this year >trip will visit all the Game of Thrones filmi…[View]
89797168Ramadhan General: Post your: >Breaking Fast Guilt Trips by family members >Easy-to-make recipe…[View]
89796871What's the story behind the UK's flag?[View]
89796006How much money would you ask from me to eat pic related? Would you eat it at all?[View]
89795188Are you lonely /int/?[View]
89796881/brit/: based black man edition[View]
89795090/brit/: bonk edition[View]
89787610Sverigetråden - Lördagsupplagan[View]
89796273>go outside >5'6 weak >all the boys i see are taller than me >everybody could beat …[View]
89769957/norgetråden/: Pinse-utgaven Forrige >>89753855[View]
89792361This is what Queen of England will look like 50 years from now (AND ITS BEAUTIFUL)[View]
89795398>BLACK PEOPLE WEREN'T KAN- https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Jo1DRNVQFNI…[View]
89796692>I want to backpack in Southeast Asia![View]
89792901How is European 'food' supposed to compete with THIS?[View]
89796005Why Murrika love gun so much? even high school students shoot guns in high school because of so much…[View]
89788778Ilon Mask sucks from Slavic engineers.[View]
89796410This country is done Ramadan calendar equivalent to xmas calendar German soyboys and liberal roastie…[View]
89794157what do the French think about Thiers?[View]
89767037/ita/ il filo di umaru: edizione la nanna di umaru[View]
89795382White women are precious.[View]
89795242>public education[View]
89792615Is it normal in your country for people to learn asian martial arts? here more children go to judo s…[View]
89760656webm thread[View]
89795538Imagine the world today if neanderthals didn't go extinct and evolved among homo sapiens[View]
89796083Aussie women: Are they really worse than American girls? I met an Australian traveling here and he c…[View]
89796015No culture[View]
89796117Are all Australians like that?[View]
89791116Japanese men are more tolerant of women's body than Japanese women.: '痩せている' and '細い' means 'sl…[View]
89783459How come Korea is becoming so much more culturally dominant in the world than Japan? Every asiaboo I…[View]
89795614Who are the manliest Asians?[View]
89791779this is how a Roman looked like.[View]
89789688>ancestors fought off the British >turn on the t.v >every news channel is covering the Roya…[View]
89793418Can you finally admit you made a huge mistake?[View]
89792578>I idolize war >GROSSENGERMANIUM FTW[View]
89790517How can I move to Markovia? Do they accept immigrants?[View]
89793682what's the best country to get a tanned, muscular and manly boyfriend?[View]
89792218/brit/: alex turner is a proper sort edition[View]
89779483Why these two countries seem to hate each other? They virtually the same, same culture, literally sa…[View]
89789915/brit/: abolish niggers edition[View]
89791981/pol/ cringe thread[View]
89795036Does it scare you?[View]
89795168/deutsch/: Mund auf Schwanz rein, Almans[View]
89788433Why do White Americans think the Ancient Egyptians were White Europeans?[View]
89792837post your ancestors[View]
89795295>be American[View]
89793939Bong appreciation thread: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yHNfvJc99YY[View]
89795172/mentalhealth/: I'm fucked up in the head, what about you anon ?[View]
897939592004-2009 has been the best timeline within the last 30 years Prove me wrong >God tier music(dis…[View]
89795144*blocks your path* https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Soupeur >This specific meaning refers to individ…[View]
89794086Japanese women are overweight.: Japanese women are fatter than Japanese men.[View]
897937041. country 2. do you sit correctly? Brazil Yes[View]
89789083Are you descendant of Temujin?[View]
89790335/deutsch/: /deutsch/ 56% weiße Ausgabe[View]
89791607what went good?[View]
89797335MAH GUNS: >be American >wake up from my cum stained dorito crusted ikea chair >drag my 200…[View]
89694941/sino/ - 中文: Ricegum edition The thread for posting in Chinese and discussion about the Chinese-spea…[View]
89790756OH CANADAAAAA...[View]
89792260Didn't know nords were good at yoga[View]
89792014How many burgers have you eaten today /int/? Just woke up so I'm polishing off number two.[View]
89794462Fries with Mayo: >this triggers the Amerimutt[View]
89794562>went for a walk 45 minutes ago >already found ticks on me already had lyme disease like most …[View]
89794360>Go to work >Group of people talking to each other in Romanian >Group of people talking t…[View]
89792745do fathers want to have sex with their goodlooking daughters?[View]
89794490Just wanna da-da-dance you off So don't you da-da-dare wait up[View]
89794144Can s-sombody buy me a ticket to Japan A-am poor NEET....[View]
89787028The surprising logic behind gendered objects: Well... I have no idea how to start here. I'm not…[View]
89768465/nederdraad/: Feest-editie welkom: kekistani's niet welkom: normaaltjes[View]
89793620explain this meme to me[View]
89793717How ya'll felling Britons?[View]
89779224>I will ONLY marry a virgin[View]
89793990https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=A0D4fHieW8o&t=0s What is wrong with Germans?[View]
89792012L M F A O[View]
89794039>people seriously think that the 6th in line for throne getting married has destroyed Britain Hav…[View]
89792927GUNS IN MY AREA[View]
89794072AMERIMUTTS AND EURO CUCKS WHO DONT HAVE A MONARCHY ARE JELLY: We dont care what you cucks think,nor …[View]
89794063>SEX BAD >VIOLENCE GOOD explain yourself burgers…[View]
89794034Post royal wedding waifus[View]
89793947We are back, boys.[View]
89787840Identitarians or refugees?[View]
89793712/brit/: Laughing Cow edition[View]
89789542based fuck monarchy[View]
89777668/fr/ - Le francofil francofrançais pour les francophones: Édition robotique.[View]
89793683>Canadian makes a posts[View]
89793020Forecasted average temperature anomaly for June 2018 in the Northern Hemisphere[View]
89793561ITT : you guess how look like the poster above you with a single image[View]
89791018I buy baby milk, and milk for children because it's fortified - and normal milk isn't.[View]
89791816Are Romanians Latin or Slav?[View]
89789234This is basically says all you need to know about public interest nowadays.[View]
89793399Hello, I want to thank everyone for visiting us this summer. Enjoy your stay and behave.[View]
89792114daily reminder: Autism is a meme illness, only ugly males are diagnosed with AUTISM, you will never …[View]
89780531Friendly reminder that these KOREAN BULLS taking your women and you can do literally nothing about i…[View]
89793068i tried to convince a british friend today that plastic forks are legal in germany but he wouldn…[View]
897878581. Ur cunt 2. How do you feel about hebrews? EVROPA Bash, shoot, hang[View]
89793055Why is Russia so amazing?[View]
89785792Why do (west)europoors wear skinny clothes? Aren't they extremely uncomfortable[View]
89792730Do Finns like Croatia? I think we don’t know about each other countries that much, so let’s deepen o…[View]
89791535North Korea has the right to have nuclear weapons[View]
89792635Why is Europe soooo fucking poor? I guess I'm moving to the land of free then.[View]
89785474>your cunt >post a song you like from your country https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5cm-78-LqFY…[View]
89792838Why do americans dress like 12yea olds[View]
89791511who is gonna win the first match?[View]
89786456tell be about chile >is it safe to walk around at night? >how much is it to purchase a house? …[View]
89789850I think they get too much hate.[View]
89792626Did Harry let his wife drive their wedding car after getting married like William did?[View]
89791440/dixie/: TJ edition[View]
89783109italy will expulse 500000 shitskin: we are entering in the best timeline Renaissance, fascism and n…[View]
89792475harrison church: ỎœȾ ⱦaaaƋƒɉɉɉɉɉɉɉɉɉ℟Ɏ⧸\\⧸⟲⟳⟳∑Σ¾¼22222 israel[View]
89791227Are royal families Kardashians but for old people?[View]
89724294Map thread: post interesting maps[View]
89783156>this terrifies, confuses, enrages, and arouses the non-Anglo[View]
89790153Why do Americans constantly get pink eyes? In America, it is normal for humans and even adults to ge…[View]
89791109Germany should pay reparations to the Baltics for genociding Prussians. All Former Kingdom of Pruss…[View]
89789869/brit/: Let's all get together and laugh at Rorke for having a spastic fit over the Royal Weddi…[View]
89786175I made this today, does it look edible?[View]
89785423Is it true that Albanians were the real Egyptians?[View]
89792089>in 1812 brits burned down the white house with fire >in 2018 Americans burn down the royal we…[View]
89791785My muslim neighbour is blasting the Baath Party Anthem again[View]
89787622Daily reminder: Russia is GAY[View]
89780888White people debunked.[View]
89791834i want to ethnically cleanse the americas from europeans[View]
89790548english is an inferior language[View]
89791334I'm surprised how many are interested in royal wedding here.[View]
89791571Is there anything Americans won't ruin?[View]
89791674I make the CHOICE to be a big-dick nigga[View]
89784371Why do Westerners see themself as one 'White people'? Japanese almost never think themself as 'Asian…[View]
89789376>be wh*toid >get a tan >get skin cancer…[View]
89783474Why don't westerners shit like this?[View]
89791543>el balkaniANO[View]
89790211how does it feel knowing that you will never be irish like me?[View]
89789061I wanna prepare for the IELTS and want to be as fluent as possible. I mean, the english language is …[View]
89783989are danes really NORDS?: i mean, they don't even connect to the peninsula, but rather the e*rop…[View]
89786565My chilean neighbor is blasting despacito out of his car again.[View]
89791361Swedish People?: In English you usually add a '-y' to make things sound cute, like 'dog' becomes 'do…[View]
89784172ITT: >Go to the US Department of State website https://travel.state.gov/content/travel/en/interna…[View]
89782791>My mother is getting anggry that the Brittish monarchy is racemixing WTF???…[View]
89791244If I'm planning on learning a language should I immerse myself in it right away (i.e. no media …[View]
89790583Why do argentinians think they are white?[View]
89791225>wh*ts calling it a man[View]
89785404/desi/: /desi/ desu ;3 - Ramadan edition. Invited: India, Pakistan, Afg*nistan, Bangeldash, Nepal. N…[View]
89791203Why is it cheap to live in a Tokyo suburb but you have to pay a premium to rent an apart in 100% bla…[View]
89790798Why Kurds have most Aryan features out of all Iranian ethnicities?[View]
89776246The British royals will never intermarry with the Japanese royals and create a United Kingdom of Gre…[View]
89787644Why Koreans and Chinese still hate Japan? Are they retarded? WW2 has been over for more than 70 year…[View]
89779276I know you fucking Nords, Danes and Swedes have your playful rivalries, but can we get a Scandiavian…[View]
89790338important question: To what extent does the country flag feature on /int/ inculcate nationalism? (10…[View]
89780617Peace will come when the Palestinians love their children more than they hate Isrealites.[View]
89790366Why are Europeans so racist? >We don't see race just Americans! >Meanwhile half the catal…[View]
89783710/polska/: edycja grecka[View]
89787767/brit/: come in here to talk about the royal wedding edition[View]
89790259You should have listened[View]
89783374/deutsch/: Ausgabe des Hauses Habsburg[View]
89788189Manlet...... Kill me please...... I hate myself.......[View]
89787452Was he a legend Italians?[View]
89784421Albanians: Why are they such good goys?[View]
89789803La creatura inbreda...[View]
89784804Why do Euroshits hate freedom?[View]
89789679Culture less Amerimutts shat all over the posh British aristocrat wedding. I can't believe the …[View]
89787246why is he so perfect /int/?[View]
89771775/ausnz/: Lazy Saturday Edition.[View]
89787922Your country What languages did you learn at school? What language do you want to learn? If you coul…[View]
89789268Gay Royal Wedding 2043: >can't wait for more British diversity.…[View]
89786311You can ONLY post ITT if your country isn't cucked by a monarchy.[View]
89782679I think Poland and Russia should unite for once and exterminate that place[View]
89784920*blocks your path*[View]
89785017why is '''''royalty''''' still allowed? how can modern society say some people are better than other…[View]
89768775/mämmi/: Soutava Toivo Kuula -painos.[View]
89781166Japanese Thread / 日本語スレッド: This thread is for the discussion of the language, culture, travel, daily…[View]
89785011What do you think about the future of the Spanish royal family?[View]
89786086>2 billion people world wide are expected to be watching the Royal Wedding This is unironically t…[View]
89788515Why did they invite a crazy Black American Baptist style preacher to an Anglican wedding? I'm c…[View]
89785209why can't i upvote here[View]
89787531Is there any nation more cucked than the brits? >Can't buy butter knife without state issued…[View]
89788168Sverigetråden-hockeyupplagan: Hur kommer det att gå i eftermiddag, kommer ni att se matchen?[View]
89788002What the fuck is america's problem? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2suc3i75Teg https://www.you…[View]
89777927How Britain views immigrants by country of origin[View]
89778732You stop washing your face for a month - what happens?: https://www.menaiset.fi/artikkeli/tyyli/kaun…[View]
89779314>american says mate[View]
89787852>brit girls are ugl- whoa[View]
89787743English culture is really cool desu[View]
89786444Is there anything more disgusting than italian we wuzers? I hate them. i feel embarassed for them.[View]
89786666How good it must feel to be American, to not give a fuck about the world, to literally have every do…[View]
89786203Which American state has the best women?[View]
89786875sup /int/, long time no see[View]
89783550/brit/: 1.9 BILLION[View]
89787125This is the modern woman and that's a good thing.[View]
89775850Post the most typical clothing of girls in your country[View]
89787094This is America[View]
89785729Chink food: How do you like this?[View]
89784522/brit/: Royal Wedding LIVE[View]
89785482What are some countries whose relationship has this aesthetic?[View]
89786294Anon,this is Zoya. She'll be staying at our place for 5 weeks. How behave?[View]
89778774>gun control of any kind People will unironically defend this[View]
89782406>post hint >people guess what city/town you're from…[View]
89786737Do Western Europeans understand the concept of individualism?[View]
89786603THIS IS AMERICA[View]
89784732Muqtada Al-Sadr: Why is he such an Israeli puppet?[View]
89756686/v4/ + friends: Stop THICC shaming edition[View]
89775079this is america btw[View]
89785514Does this happen in your cunt?[View]
89785680It'll be your turn any day now Charles!!![View]
89786065What is the first language of the Belgian king? French?[View]
89782293Europe and South America confirmed for best continents[View]
89786119Does /int/ like their ISP? Do you have a wide selection of them or just monopolies? I absolutely hat…[View]
89784724Help me to complete the map with the most iconic video game character per country. The USA have Batm…[View]
89782942Does Russia have tigers?[View]
89778975>tourist asks for directions >can't trick them into going anywhere dangerous because Aust…[View]
89785810https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=J_af6MNJPiI Is this normal for Indian cinemas?[View]
89777035Anyone Christian here too?[View]
89782647What would you do in the picture situation? The gift could be anything, but you will not know what i…[View]
89785039genocide thread: post the race or cultural group that you want dead euros and japanese cant be sub…[View]
89781801>tfw love spen, but spen no love me[View]
89785862/lang/ - Language Learning General: Taylor Swift Edition >What language are you learning? >Sha…[View]
89784688finland should have monarchy, just imagine how great the world would be[View]
89781652Tfw you realise /int/ probably hates shitskins as much as /pol/ or your average alt-right forum does…[View]
89779103Bandicoots don't even look like this[View]
89784240Vocaroo Thread: Speak this sentence: >Grilled squirrel is delicious with some Worcestershire sauc…[View]
89774686/carib/: lit edition. time to gear up for hurricane season 2k18 crabs![View]
89782103Hungary is literally the 4th fattest country in the world: Watch out New Zealand, Mexico and America…[View]
89783240would u...?[View]
89780162What do 4chan swedes think of this guy?[View]
89773736>the most popular name in Brussels is Mohamed holy shit Belgium[View]
89771764Why are East Asian smarter than the other races???[View]
89783127I did a windows 10 update and my f drive doesn't work now.[View]
89785089How do Brits deal with the fact that now their tax money (the money that they're earning by wor…[View]
89763254What is your language’s equivalent of Scots?[View]
89784791What do modern russkies think of Alaska?[View]
89783373>ur cunt >what do you drink in the morning? Spen Coffee…[View]
89775158Sverigetråden - Mysiga morgonupplagan[View]
89784699Americans, what the fuck are you doing? Why don't you respect your classics? https://youtu.be/…[View]
89777070taiwan police woman[View]
89784635henry, no....![View]
89778991/brit/: THE EPIC GROSSGERMANREICHLAND edition[View]
89773473/deutsch/: Echter /nachtschichtfaden ohne degeneration und nur mit reinen 2D mädchen[View]
89781774Pssst ... hey you, yes you ... come in here, I have a surprise for you ...[View]
89783344why is Jap English so bad? every Japanese flag on this board that can speak it is a literal whiteboi…[View]
89777030>in Air Force special forces training they force recruits to kill a rabbit to prove that they…[View]
89760080/balk/: Nkriik mes sutar of sabxyumans entision Olnt >>89754873[View]
89779263Guys Im in a crackhouse surrounded by Québécois and all sorts of drugs what do I do[View]
89780037why do as*ns like wh*te cock so much[View]
89759864/dixie/ Southern US & Friends: >in remembrance of him edition 'skewers are for fags oh my god…[View]
89779369>no healthcare >everyone has guns >corrupt government >no public transport >poisonous…[View]
89784019Mamma mia...[View]
89783082Whats wrong with USA? Number of mass murders and shootings in schools since 2000 worldwide: UK - 0 G…[View]
89781885my future wife <3[View]
89783984A beautiful Dutch city: When will the Belgians give it back as they don't need it?[View]
89783575you know tutankhamon was european: well you know it now[View]
89772509Why do americans speak bad language?[View]
89783729Why is the British royal family so much more famous to the global public than the rest of the Europe…[View]
89783072i'm a virgin[View]
89781125>'we need guns to rise up against tyranny' the problem is just that USA already is a totalitarian…[View]
89782390/brit/: the big day edition.[View]
89781845I want a Finnish gf: Gib Finnish gf please. Only respond if you are a Finnish girl[View]
89780573How do you feel that the U.K. royal family is getting BLACKED harder than anything else ever?[View]
89771168/polska/: Edycja pszczół[View]
89782850Is this encouraged in the West?: In Asia, putting your feet level to someone else's head is tan…[View]
89781230We should promote Japanese style Hijabs to Muslim women in Japan. It can show them help appreciate J…[View]
89783507Moving to the Territories (non-Canadians fuck off): If you aren't Canadian, get the fuck out of…[View]
89783489you call russia weak, huh?[View]
89780593What country has the best cuisine? My vote is America because we have an all encompassing food cultu…[View]
89780709/brit/: the scene is set[View]
89782752>the best way to learn a new language is to converse with people who speak that language natively…[View]
89783279I like this board.[View]
89782570>2018 >wh*tes haven't been genocided yet worst timeline…[View]
89782382Thank God I'm French[View]
89783099>mfw just fucked ur mum again[View]
89783020Argentino: sacado de la combinacion y alteracion de las letras que forman la palabra 'ignorante'. So…[View]
89782317a few hours from now the UK can join us and canada as non white nations[View]
89782874Why are koreans prone to becoming into /neo-confederates/[View]
89782857Will your country accept Virginian refugees? https://www.wsls.com/news/virginia/roanoke/wet-weather-…[View]
89781219genocide all europeans[View]
89781539the comfiest thread ![View]
89782707>2018 >the wh*Te race still exists[View]
89782626Do vietnamese people go all /the South will rise again!/[View]
89769798>be North African looking black American with lots of facial hair >live in germany >everyon…[View]
89782599look this. it is what should happen to the West (which includes Israel because Israel is part of the…[View]
89778262Lets go faggots, show what you got >cunt >job >salary/allowance (in U$) per month BR BMS Op…[View]
89782304How do i get a pure british gf?[View]
89778843ITT: 'Villains' from other countries that did nothing wrong[View]
89782222Long may she reign[View]
89778279Do you love Japan?[View]
89774188racism towards brazilians: how are brazilians treated in your country? do you hate brazilians? why? …[View]
89779199Russia, awake. I know, I have a heavy hangover too...[View]
89775680hmmmm... what was the race of the shooter again?[View]
89779915/royalwedding/ - will there be a sticky here?: Or where will the sticky be to discuss this? Coverage…[View]
89777254>America has a mass shooting pro-[View]
89781399Orthodox Christians are literally worse than Muslims[View]
89780757anyone have any constructive criticism?: anyone have any constructive criticism on this map? i worke…[View]
89778274>standard of life worse than japan and korea >polluted and overcrowded hellhole >history fu…[View]
89781637>speak with bad english on the internet >everyone still thinks i'm american because ameri…[View]
89781557The Jews are trying to cuck us though ads. Oh nooooh[View]
89780840>America One nation, multiple races >Europe One race, multiple nations Why can't we merge…[View]
89779182/brit/: Fuck off leftymong foreign scum edition[View]
89780583>read a post dissing my country and its people >don't reply anyway and go back to eating …[View]
89781274Where do I find a Swiss wife? I will be willing to marry an ugly Swiss girl. I just want to be a Swi…[View]
89780723>tfw want to be a cute twink but hairy as fuck[View]
89780325The difference between whites and arabs is cultural, not biological. It's how Arabs can be good…[View]
89780093*pees himself in spanish*[View]
89781167sneezed while pissing and now entire bathroom is wet with my piss because i couldn't compensate…[View]
89753125Japanese Thread / 日本語スレッド: This thread is for the discussion of the language, culture, travel, daily…[View]
89779341> Be American > Go to school > Get shot > Wake up in hospital > 5 million dollar bill…[View]
89780394Why does this country have such an ingrained class system? Like the cultural difference between rich…[View]
89780953I fucking HATE being a spic. Fuck Mexico. Fuck Mexicans. Fuck Sudacas. Fuck the Spanish 'language'. …[View]
89778237How do we make New Zealand Māori again?[View]
89780366A spirit appears before you and tells you that you get to pick three languages that you'll be f…[View]
89775634This is the perfect American continent. Do you agree?[View]
89779097how is your country represented in anime[View]
89780461Anyone else an imigrant? >mfw i don't even speak german[View]
89779523Drunken Finnish woman harassed Spaniards sexually: http://www.iltalehti.fi/ulkomaat/2018051822009533…[View]
89778182Spanish people are mad because video games get Mexican dubs instead of Spanish ones. https://areajug…[View]
89778922Starting Over: In the past people could just jump on the ship, travel through ocean, and start a new…[View]
89779157what the fuck is wrong with americans? just go to school, stop killing each other... please...[View]
89780725Which country is going to be the next country to legalise recreational marijuana?[View]
89771210Why do Europeans blindly believe that Europe is cleaner and safer than japan?[View]
89779172I despise my Uncle: During the 80's he became super religious and calling my Grandparents and U…[View]
89779508Is Trump currently the dumbest world leader? Who’s someone dumber?[View]
89775492>Austro-Hungarian Empire is considered one of the great powers of the time >Despite being fair…[View]
89776653So where we landing boys?[View]
89779602BIBLES OUT /INT/: >country >your religion >why you choose to believe that religion over the…[View]
89779744>be American >get shot[View]
89778984/brit/: Hilo /brit/ino /lat/ welcome[View]
89780243/brit/: ALLEZ ALLEZ ALLEZ Edition[View]
89778077Why do people say Argentina Spanish sounds like italian?: memes aside. I've seen a lot of peopl…[View]
89779670is atlanta as comfy as it looks? is it full?[View]
89780140>I'M SO PATHETIC[View]
89776859How do you pronounce this city's name?[View]
89779091https://youtu.be/W69SSLfRJho F what do the magyar have against innocent desert rats?[View]
89779047>The US should spend less on their military[View]
89780050BLACKED: Finnish man edition: https://www.seiska.fi/Uutiset/72-vuotias-Tom-Sjoberg-esittelee-tyttare…[View]
89777282Do you know any epic memers irl?[View]
89758396What does /int/ think of the alleged feminization of Western men? Pic related, it’s me, an early 20s…[View]
89779824>wake up >8+ threads sperging about the US from an aussie flag posted within about an hour Was…[View]
89779598the white man fears this[View]
89778155>australians start talking to me[View]
89776994What do they think about each other?[View]
89779640i don't like argentinians they are always rude to me[View]
89770580Learning Romanian, where do I get started?[View]
89777620I figured this would be the right place to start this thread. I'm the Venezuelan that posted in…[View]
89778810Spic blood in the British 'royal family'. How fitting for such a cuck and lame country.[View]
89776461he doesn't get shot in his 'country' Explain yourselves, r/international[View]
89778651really makes you think[View]
89774236/cum/: making another thread edition[View]
89779192Goodmorning /int/[View]
89779151Your country Do you like chocolate mint? In Japan, new items of chocolate mint will be released when…[View]
89779258The Western world unironically needs to adopt Islam.[View]
89776373Cosmo, Wanda, I fucking wish that I was born as a Serb. I imagine how would I kill these albozergs, …[View]
89776396I wish I were Canadian.[View]
89777787/brit/: For me, it's the vegan sushi sandwich with tofu and avocado edition[View]
89767333Why are blacks and arabs always trying to hit on me? It was nice at the first but now its getting an…[View]
89776395>mfw if those cholos ever think of combining UNA VELA with sneedposting Such a daring synthesis w…[View]
89777772Why are French people so thin, how do they do it?[View]
89777950France is over. French women have 1.88 child, they had 2.02 children in 2006. http://www.france24.c…[View]
89778385>be American >get shot https://www.nytimes.com/aponline/2018/05/18/us/ap-us-school-shooting-ge…[View]
89777387How do I immigrate to Argentina?[View]
89778576There was a time, long ago! When men fought for steel! The sword was worth more than gold! And easy …[View]
89776878Could any of these Argentine gentlemen pass as a local in your country?[View]
89777202>His '''country''' doesn't have mass shootings[View]
89726903/éire/: Non-shitpost edition[View]
89778676>europeans gave criminals a little ticket to the american boat >now europe is ruled by usa …[View]
89776414Texas will never EVER give up its gun rights and there’s literally nothing whiny leftists can do to …[View]
89776500THIS IS AMERICAN[View]
89776729>You will never crusade against the finngolian heathens[View]
89778704i havent taken a shower in 13 days and i like the smell of my cock... it's red and itches[View]
89776762which would win in a fight USA or Japan?[View]
89776552>gun free zones cause gun violence[View]
89776426>be a prince >marry a non-virgin female what a low t soyboy cuuck i wonder why your country is…[View]
89775020What's it like to be poor?[View]
89778424Balkanization ruined that region.[View]
89776567>study history >convert to Reform Judaism Anyone else?…[View]
89778189>Land of the free >Not allowed to own nuculear weapons, chemical weapons or anthrax bombs >…[View]
89772157Who would win in a fight: Australia or Finland?[View]
89777977When Americans tell me how 'dangerous' Australia is[View]
89775920Bienvenidos a mi pais: Los Estados Unidos de America! Con una poblacion de aproximadamente 52 millon…[View]
89776755are all arizona girls this crazy pretty?[View]
89778040>I'm proud to be an American >where at least I know I'm GREEK…[View]
89774878land of the fr-: >The Pakistani Embassy in Washington, D.C., confirmed that exchange student Sabi…[View]
89776503/brit/: Irish history edition[View]
89777622>An am*rican replies to my thread[View]
89736601/danmarktråden/: det er bare banter[View]
89777558Greek heritage celebration: proud to be American and Greek![View]
89776361How do I get a white gf?[View]
89774585Non-whites shouldnt be allowed to post on /int/. They add nothing to the board and I constantly remi…[View]
89774744>he likes kpop as a man[View]
89777424Fun fact the first romans was ruled by kings who was black. Tarquinius superbus the last black king …[View]
89775318I think American children should stop going to schools for their own safety.[View]
89776566Why does Guatemala exist?[View]
89771048Can I open carry this in texas?[View]
89776934>imagine being a member of the royal family of your country and marrying an amerimutt…[View]
89774843Fuck you greece. Keep your filthy psychopaths in your own damn shithole. http://www.bbc.com/news/wor…[View]
89776823I'm finally here lads: My dream has come true. I made it. I'm in Japan!!! The girls are so…[View]
89761112/ex-yu/: Cara edition[View]
89775937Why do all the Brazilians on my grinder use whitening filters for their pics? Do people try and whit…[View]
89774560/brit/: xanny edition[View]
89773218/flag/ + /extraflags/: Welcome to /flag/, a general thread to talk about things like: Flags//Vexillo…[View]
89777078Do you like Paris ? Start à 4m25. Tell me your thougts about the streets. https://www.youtube.com/w…[View]
89776040Post your ancestors[View]
89776989This triggers the singaporean[View]
89776790I want to suck the dick of Dimitrios Pagourtzis: Hi guys, I want to ask my Merican friends here if o…[View]

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