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84577137ITT opinions you have others would think were bait: Poland is the best country in Europe, and the Po…[View]
84573279> 'Wow that boys so cute, i wonder if he'll come up and talk to me' Said no-one ever about y…[View]
84566899Could i pass as local in your country?[View]
84569014/ausnz/: collar and leash edition[View]
84575906What is the child name for penis in your language? Is there a better GOAT than 'Willy'? I think now.[View]
84567180what does /int/ think of Abroad in Japan channel? any better alternatives?[View]
84576162A man can produce something around 8 trillion spermatozoa during his life. There's more than 7 …[View]
84569433>5'7 btfo[View]
84571124Why are Asians considered smarter than white people if they needed help to modernize and develop the…[View]
84575057How do you explain this?[View]
84576324What would it take to revive the Irish language in the Republic of Ireland?[View]
84576345>Canada didn't even exist in 1812![View]
84575859*smacks lips*[View]
84570152Thoughts on Gold Coast?[View]
84576073>he spends less than 12 hrs a day here[View]
84576165Fuck Northern Ireland: >Start a war by declaring Proddy Jihad and gunning down Catholics in the s…[View]
84575091>It is not possible to describe! Mutt after Mutt poured through the portal that opened above Mexi…[View]
84573226>sex dolls are banned in my cunt Feels bad man[View]
84568658Argentina, please teach Brazil how to be a civilized country.[View]
84570637/überfremdet/, ehemals /deutsch/: Schokoelfenausgabe[View]
84568652Why are Shia Muslims so much better than Sunnis?[View]
84556402Accent Ratings: Should Canadians be shit tier as well?[View]
84565159/fr/ - Fil Francophone: édition de chien juif[View]
84575118albanians are not nordic whit-[View]
84574558The driving force behind the EU. This is the flag of Adidas, Aldi, Allianz, Audi, Axel Springer, BAS…[View]
84575014>be human >die HAAHAHAHAHAHA YOU CAN'T MAKE THIS SHIT UP…[View]
84575665>be UK >'''win''' almost every war >still lose everything, including your daughters…[View]
84571623>the word for Turkish delight is the same as 'shit' in Romanian[View]
84575301>reading a passage in a Romance language >the entire passage is one sentence how the fuck can …[View]
84573360Post a fairytale from your country[View]
84575555Cuckpill me on American Evangelicalism[View]
84568375What happens here?[View]
84575205Sweden or Iraq?[View]
84570937Portugal belongs to Britain, mighty Britain. Which cunt is next?[View]
84571078Sverigetråden - Krypupplagan[View]
84572321What is a childless over the hill women called in your country? 1. GER 2. Karrierefrau[View]
845722431. Country 2. How much time do you spend on 4chan per day? Straya 6 - 8 hours[View]
84565067ITT this thread we say something nice about Austria.[View]
84572986/brit/ + /cum/: thcc edition[View]
84570855詩漫 Simon Troy Cosgrove: who are you? 尼、誰。 枏不知庾..[View]
84561083/mämmi/: PAX-mainos-painos[View]
84567089/cum/: kurva anyátok[View]
84567955/USA/ - SHUT IT DOWN edition: This thread is for Americans to discuss the government shutdown, or fo…[View]
84573854Why do White men get angry about dating non-White men with White women? Black and Asian men do not a…[View]
84571938*blocks your path* *greets you*[View]
84573086Why do Japs like France so much?: >idolize France to the point of developing a mental disorder wh…[View]
84572142Why do Germanics look like bleached negroes?[View]
84574095How long do K-pop groups usually last?[View]
84569570Korean textbook teach that Japan was a Korean colony!! What the fucks!! Goreyo was an allie unlike m…[View]
84568705/comfy/: How do you like to get comfy /int/?[View]
84570839>le 56% girl[View]
84568998Is the only thing that unites /int/ is that we all hate Brazilians?[View]
84571952>the Korean word for friend is 'chinku'[View]
84572852Moral of Mulan: To be a successful woman just become a man LMAO[View]
84572623Turks: >mfw i see turks here again[View]
84571779food & alcohol thread: post food & alcohol that you're eating/drinking >domino peppe…[View]
84572336Here it is: the insect protein bar: Leader company makes protein bars made from crickets. It is bein…[View]
84572957For Europeans: how do I search for summer internship in other countries? I would really like to spen…[View]
84571306https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ABGiqizwCso are germans really human being ? if yes why are they so …[View]
84571495How come they never post here?[View]
84553860i mean americans can't be that ba- oh[View]
84547391/ex-yu/: edicija[View]
84567834/nusantara/: Edisi Durian[View]
84572138why every german is a fucking nazi scum?[View]
84571050/brit/: Comfy Hodl edition[View]
84546626/norgetråden/: Faen i helvette-utgaven Forrige: >>84518642[View]
84567505donald trump is literally not the president of the united states anymore[View]
84571986/enzsi/: egykori kurva anyátok[View]
84571799Women won't date me[View]
84571914>tfw you fuck the uptight blonde foreign exchange bitch[View]
84572037Can you write the 'Uncleftish beholding' in your language?: Vëria bërthamore Për teprinë e te qënuri…[View]
84568822>Another night spent doing cocaine and dextrometorphan Is this normal in your country?…[View]
84568676>Be German >Get firebombed[View]
84568340kurva anyátok stop stealing the apple you fucking niggers[View]
84569601What's the general attitude towards the American wars in Iraq/Afghanistan in your cunt[View]
84570671In this thread we congratulate USA for achieving anarcho-capitalism dream[View]
84531215Try writing your language with no forieghn loanwords: やまと の くに は とても いいくに です。おいしい うし にく を まいにち たべて …[View]
84571695/ka/: kúrva anyátok[View]
84571475The Destruction of the Economy Has Begun With the Greatest Push For WW3: UK Sales decline sharply. C…[View]
84559723what happens here?[View]
84571295>Win the election in his country >Play EU anthem instead of the anthem of his country https://…[View]
84568227How can I destroy America?[View]
84557715/polska/: edycja odrzucenia przez innego anona boli najbardziej[View]
84571274ITT we summon Serbs and say something nice about them.[View]
84566340Why are italians so brown?[View]
84568374the aussie giving the leafe the milke[View]
84568871Does your country recognise an independent Kosovo? Why/why not?[View]
84558513Hottest East-Asian girls?: From where do you think the hottest east-asian girls come from? I say Jap…[View]
84571171Fucking third world shithole, this shit is unacceptable[View]
84568545>tfw no welsh anime gf[View]
84568239united shitholes of america: >hell yeah let's spread democracy! liberty! and freedom! >do…[View]
84568826>shoot red barrel >it explodes[View]
84569878/brit/: /cum/[View]
84568415Soon, my BLACK brothers... Soon...[View]
84570918No idea what you're supposed to text your crush so I've been sending her the size of my di…[View]
845604741. You are vagina 2. Do your countrymen eat tide pods? 1. USA 2. Yes[View]
84564520Why are Native Americans so ugly?[View]
84569104france is cool we frens?[View]
84570371Can soy actually make you more feminine? Asking for a friend.[View]
84568745why cant south africans countries with no white minority feed themselves?[View]
84564035Is Chicago the greatest US city?[View]
84570198What's your country's equivalent of a slag?[View]
84567890No Europeans allowed: Anyone BUT yur*Poids may post in this thread. yur*Poor subhumans STAY OUT! If …[View]
84565302What is the story with Brazil ? A deep thing or just a bad but quick time ?[View]
84570343Imagine being a clueless foreigner in Australia. You and your son are on their way back from the Aus…[View]
84568085i just ate some chicken alfredo and now I feel really sick[View]
84564602>one chance at life >born into the easiest possible language Looks like I'm destined to b…[View]
84570308Apple has built the intelligent speakers: https://muropaketti.com/mobiili/applen-alykaiuttimet-pian-…[View]
84568511I convinced half my family to get one, both my cousins got one and my aunty I could be a portable ai…[View]
84568710I am half korean and half japanese. My father is korean from busan My mother is japanese from toch…[View]
84560332/nationalsozialistische nachtschicht/ ehemals /deutsch/: 卐 o/ 卐[View]
84570170>>>/pol/157336156 >/Pol/ was only pretending to have moral integrity Truly a shocking t…[View]
84567042Do they really do this in America?[View]
84570114Was it kino? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JJn03xJ29Vs[View]
84570189Asian culture is so AESTHETIC <3[View]
84569789This just in: new influenza research: https://www.aamulehti.fi/uutiset/uusi-tutkimus-influenssa-levi…[View]
84569929peter griffin[View]
84557022>his '''flag''' consists of three lines[View]
84564472шнaт нappeпз нeяe[View]
84567593>speaking a language where the first person declarative is SOY[View]
84570085>culture shapes his personality[View]
84548110US and China: US is the police of the earth China is the gangster of the earth US forms an alliance …[View]
84569939I got scammed out of $20.[View]
84567750You can only post in this thread if your country does not have a government[View]
84569897>Translate from Finnish HAHAHA EBIN X-DDDD[View]
84562004/ausnz/: stop making shit editions edition[View]
84569753SUPERPOWER BY 2020[View]
84569364What makes Bavaria/South Germany so aesthetically pleasing?[View]
845680461. Vagjna 2. Does your gov't work? 1. USA 2. No[View]
84569620Goodnight /int/[View]
84552184/éire/: Saoirse edition[View]
84565934>send a bunch of criminals to a place >criminals turn it into a functional country Why didn…[View]
84566413Fuck finland[View]
84567241Do NOT come here[View]
84569245Why doesn't France and Germany combine into a greater reich?: It would be no different than hav…[View]
84564828>you are cunt tree >who do you wish you looked like? Leaf This…[View]
84567503What are some slang expressions from your country that you hate? In Australia alcohol is called piss…[View]
84558876What do you think about Nigeria[View]
84563332>tfw no gf[View]
84568098Why are Korean Brazilians better than pure Koreans? They are more masculine and prettier, different …[View]
84568524Kissing as greeting: Do people in your country kiss others are a form of greeting them? Like, a kiss…[View]
84565704Can you do this?[View]
84568507Why dont fillipinos try to improve their country or spead awareness of the poverty there? African im…[View]
84568900just discovered this song is about Australia https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XfR9iY5y94s holy shit…[View]
84559842WTF America?![View]
84562608Can I pass as a local in your country?[View]
84565676Koreans drink dog piss?[View]
84551554Sverigetråden - SD2D-upplagan[View]
84563441UK wtf?[View]
84556676/cum/ canada usa mexico: れいん[View]
84568114Why do these people ONLY exist in Walmart? I never see them anywhere else. https://youtu.be/bfv7QufN…[View]
84568501>cunt >how do you pronounce 'we need you' leaf 'weenie jew'…[View]
84567053>watch video about a guy travelling to different countries and interacting with the locals >cl…[View]
84568274I need a girlfriend? How can I find one?: I need a girlfriend? How can I find one? How to get girlfr…[View]
84567549>tfw your country has no nobel prize[View]
84565914Stop making threads about Germany.[View]
84566517a girl smiled at me today...[View]
84568356>open /int/ >aussie time[View]
84568330>tfw reading about IQ stats and race realism makes me feel subhuman even though I know I have abo…[View]
84567531Does this happen in your country?[View]
84568258Yesterday all my troubles seemed so far away...[View]
84562864The Danish Devil Girl: She will visit you in your nightmares if you insult Denmark.[View]
84568119>meet love of your life waifu >she lives in Europe I'm thinking of ending it all lads…[View]
84567983>Anno Domini MMXVIII >It's been a thousand years and the Orthodox still haven't gott…[View]
84567621Post brainlet wojaks[View]
84564966Post obscure regions of your homeland that dont get much attention at home or abroad[View]
84557595How can we make the 36+ million strong Mexican-American community an asset for Mexico? Any ideas?[View]
84564609Which foreign girls are most into Americans? I dont particularly like US culture and would love to m…[View]
84568058how do we stop the aussie menace?[View]
84566345>walk into shop >shop keeper shoots you a smile and says 'hey, how are you?' How do you respo…[View]
845655651 your cunt 2 how do we stop cartels besides nuking?[View]
84550139What's your country's equivalent to Excalibur?[View]
84567134Do Europeans have any urge to immigrate to the US?: Pic not related.[View]
84567774Human equals SHIT[View]
84567167Jews, why does your bread come shrink-wrapped?[View]
84567789Pic related.[View]
84567382>i hate an entire country based on their expats[View]
84505061/v4/ + 'just friends': v4 street edition[View]
84567411>can now legally drink because the government shut down[View]
845626171. Your country 2. Are you afraid of the ocean?[View]
84563071I am White! Would I pass as local in your cunt?[View]
84567489Do other countries like American movies? To what extent do American TV shows/Movies affect your life…[View]
84554707>be american >government randomly shuts down…[View]
84567482To live is to suffer To know women is to know pain itself[View]
84567403What the hell is wrong with you people? Who thinks this much about what race they are? I'm so …[View]
84564021How do we stop the Canadians?[View]
84566248ITT this thread we say something nice about Japan.[View]
84564437>tfw stuck posting with south americans and Australians HEEELLLP[View]
84567015Where do wh*Toids get off calling other races violent when as far as the rest of us know they'r…[View]
84563142What do you guys in landlocked countries think of sea, the mother nature? I can't imagine the …[View]
84566554fuck duolingo: there is an old saying that goes: 'the first time that you lie to me, it's your …[View]
84564564When will Germany finally restore its monarchy and put Georg Friedrich on the throne like he deserve…[View]
84567107How do we popularize bathhouses in the west?[View]
84557910Why do arab and south Americans larp as Southern european?[View]
84558789>take German class >do project where we have to chat with German student online to improve ski…[View]
84563764why do ugly and short people go outside? i go outside once a month (i havent left my house in 2 mont…[View]
84566972Hilo latíno /lat/: *Fucks you*[View]
84545895Going to court in 2 hours, goodbye /int/: Well lads this is it. I'm heading to court for final …[View]
84565944ITT this thread we say something nice about Italy.[View]
84563798/lat/ hilo latino[View]
84563016Can you even be considered a real country if you don't have a coastline?[View]
84563573I don't think I'll ever have a girlfriend[View]
84566500ITT this thread we say something nice about Hungary.[View]
84566274>you wake up on the moon[View]
84565659ITT this thread we say something nice about Germany.[View]
84560389You wake up in the City of God[View]
84564527>Americans think they don't have an accent why are they like this?…[View]
84563426Poo in loo they said...[View]
84566290These are what modern day romans/italians look like on average[View]
84565956>italians didn't look at this and go 'huh, maybe this is evil'[View]
84564775Which vagina tree has the most aesthetic shape and why is it Croatia?[View]
84565993https://youtu.be/cELx3pfWWX4 Holy shit they are so fucking tall how can a 5'9 manlet even compe…[View]
84562602>this should have been our flag Why cant we do anything right?[View]
84564906what is going to happen when the american government shutdown in less than two (2) hours?[View]
84564244>waisting your youth on 4chan instead of going out parting, getting drunk, fucking ,etc…[View]
84538384Japanese Thread / 日本語スレッド: This thread is for the discussion of the language, culture, travel, daily…[View]
84565873>serbia has two autonomous regions that amount to half the country's territory >serbia is…[View]
845633801. cunt do you have 2. facebook 3. twitter 4. instagram 5. snapchat? flag no no no no[View]
84561177Germanies proper borders[View]
84522023Culture Pals - /cp/: THOTS Edition 2 LAZY turds can't make a thread Welcome to Culture Pals! M…[View]
84563425>tfw no bf[View]
84565140CUBA LIBRE!: I was in Cuba a few months ago. https://youtu.be/wGAGbfEqfk4 Fascinating country! Amaz…[View]
84562498>Europeans have government liquor stores[View]
84561154Who touched my spaghetti?[View]
84564532>Be Australian >Yank sends you a package with the word 'fucker' on the outside so you're …[View]
84563866AMA: I'm a Scandinavian studying Film in the weirdest state in this country, been here for almo…[View]
84559298*drops a living fish on a bag of rice* GIB SIX MIRRION DORRA NOW YOU GAIJIN PECE OF SHIT[View]
84563256What do you think of mandatory euthanasia after the age of 35? I think it's very environment fr…[View]
84564669What race is he?[View]
84558894food thread: good morning /int/ what are you eating? >rice & seasoned pork…[View]
845575063rd world stories: 3rd world stories thread? - My grandma told me that during the 60s it was conside…[View]
84564594Last 2 digits is how white your country REALLY IS: Check em[View]
84564363China on the left USA on the right[View]
84560919How could is your country at milking money from tourists /int/?[View]
84564380Why are Ukrainian byldo subhumans treated like wh*Te people here when they are literally from an Afr…[View]
84562628What is the most common video game platform in your country aside from mobile phone?[View]
84564226Why is Russia so far behind the West developmentally?[View]
84564128https://twitter.com/CSPDPIO/status/954538730202607616 >be american >get shot…[View]
84555864Why are East Asians soooooo fit?[View]
84564177Why do so many young filipinos drive lowered honda civics and hang filipino flags from their rear vi…[View]
84562603Memes aside, what is life in Canada like? Is it just USA with homos and healthcare or is there more …[View]
84560430Rate my american order 1,2 kilos reese's big cup, 32 pieces Route 66 soda, root beer and cream …[View]
84561567/lat/ hilo latino: es hora de cenar no vean el video[View]
84563713/int/ is bullying us again...[View]
84560985>averege of country is x therefore everyone on that country is x[View]
84556264What is this expression trying to convey?[View]
84561790You wake up in Las Vegas[View]
84559930can you draw your flag without looking? must be super easy for tricolors. the only thing I can draw …[View]
84563103Gusano hate thread[View]
84560402there is the same timezone in Poland and Spain but there is 2 timezones difference between Poland an…[View]
84563768>do anything at all >get shocked i hate winter…[View]
84562707>conservative millenials[View]
84559799Why are their posters so 'special'?[View]
84559238Why is this country allowed?[View]
84561366How do we solve the immigration problem /int/? Automation for low wage jobs to keep it competitive? …[View]
84562741>mexican cuisine is goo- https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vL5sZIfs8YM Shit hits the fan around 3:0…[View]
84563438>all women are sluts >still, I don't fuck a single one of them…[View]
84552007Why did the Mayans never make it past the Stone Ages? They had advanced math and astronomy, but they…[View]
84562726Stop being racists please[View]
84550297NEDERDRAAD: NEDERDRAAD Alleen thuis op vrijdagavond-editie Welkom: het Koninkrijk der Nederlanden, V…[View]
84558830Hey amerimutt, you're maybe greek but don't know yet[View]
84533062/ausnz/: slutty italian femboys edition[View]
84563209God said to Noah, 'There's gonna be a floody, floody'[View]
84560355Which one has more crime, a no go zone in Sweden, or a rich neighborhood in Brazil?[View]
845615931.Cunt 2.Would you like Italian lady to turn your spaghetti into grissini?[View]
84562119Ukraine: I'm Ukrainan. Why does Russians fear this man so much?[View]
845544771) your country 2) the biggest tourist trap in your country Italy Pisa Tower[View]
84562943Other than Japanese, no languages fit anime. Why? Is it because anime characters look Japanese?[View]
84559587Why are Russians so butthurt about Poland?[View]
84562345ITT: We congratulate Bolivia on their recent economic success.[View]
84561607This is the geography question about North Europe You have to solve this to enter the university in …[View]
84512547Daily Japanese Thread #1958: DJT is a language learning thread designed by and for those studying th…[View]
84560994why does everybody relate just us to weed? it's also legal in the Netherlands[View]
845571901. You've never seen a cunt 2. Go to google images. Type '[your cuntry] + film'. 3. Post the 1s…[View]
84557389DAMN! British women look like THAT?[View]
84562492皆さん 今日本当にお疲れ様でした[View]
84562419i envy americans having the guns i would literally shot myself with a shotgun to the head right fuck…[View]
84562486Ethiopian: Any Ethiopian here[View]
84556851/fr/ - francofil paisible de fin de soirée: Cette nuit on se détend[View]
84560020it's 1:30 am and some woman is knocking my door what do[View]
84530767/luso/ fio lusofono: bora um lolzin[View]
84561628/balk/: Strong Masculine Albanian Stare Edition Old >>84546709[View]
84562235Don't go to Afrin tomorrow.[View]
84562344Good night, /int/: Sweet dreams[View]
84562297/brit/ dubtechno edishin laaaaaaaaaaads https://youtu.be/dYZE7vstl8E https://youtu.be/0Ma3-MNNdpQ ht…[View]
84561987Italians are white[View]
84560976>his country has never decimated the Japanese navy[View]
84559627Describe your countrys' online presence by 1 pic[View]
84559720/brit/: 学习雷锋好榜样, 忠于革命忠于党 edition[View]
84553346Hungary: How does /int/ feel about Hungary?[View]
84559353>200 meters worth of water disappears throughout the world overnight What happens and how fucked …[View]
84551589In which decade did your country peak?[View]
84552663>this girls is mexican >this girls is, MEXICAN hmmm, have the usa been lying to me about the e…[View]
84561759America delivering automated FREEDOM to Japan: https://youtu.be/Z-ouLX8Q9UM Wtf Japan, I thought you…[View]
84561401Goodmorning /int/[View]
84554718>Aging population >1.78 birth rate >60,000/100,000 homicide rate Is God trying to get rid o…[View]
84561301Say something nice about the cunt above you.[View]
84555048hilo latino[View]
84561530wh*Tes are better roasted or cooked?[View]
84549335Post disputed territories Here we have Machias Seal Island. The USA and Canada both claim to own the…[View]
84536833/med/: olive oil edition[View]
84559482Brazil is a proud member of the BLACK race. Why the hell you think Türks are using Brazilian proxys?…[View]
84559912Han Unification: Can we ignore this problem any longer? It troubles me that we have a painfully diff…[View]
84553953Post Video game characters that are from you country, ethnically.[View]
84557773>'North and South America are one continent because they're connected' >'Also, Africa and…[View]
84552653Why do Asians pronounce massage as “massagie”?[View]
84560380>Latin New World countries sucking up to Old World countries. This is why you're so easy to…[View]
84555814Beer is godsend. I'm drinking a beer now, cheers![View]
84561002>a lot to talk about >no one to talk to[View]
84561004Welcome to the new age, /int/.[View]
84550684/mämmi/: Ransu-painos[View]
84533341any questions about georgia?!: i'am 25 yo guy.you can ask me anything about this tiny country.i…[View]
845598071.your cunt2.are you proud of your ancestors >flag >kinda…[View]
84560407Trashy Lebanese immigrants get their ass kicked in Australia by some other darkies wtf LMAO https:/…[View]
84548969Jesus Sweden at least try to arrest them. How many cock can your women endure on a daily basis.[View]
84560887https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UqOL7LOR6ko >Born in Sarajevo, PR Bosnia-Herzegovina, FPR Yugosla…[View]
84557227West Slavs are the best Slavs[View]
84560784what are your opinions on australia and new zealand?[View]
84560449Canada 2050AD le 60% Asian[View]
84560337>Brits will soon have a calorie cap I wish I was making this up. http://www.ibtimes.co.uk/britai…[View]
84553366>tfw dark hair[View]
84554169>Trump: 7'8' >Putin: 1'6' >Putin is smug af and Trump is an insecure and blocking…[View]
84560612Would my great great grandma pass as a local in your country?[View]
84560574>this shocks and angers the negroid/azoid[View]
84556332/deutsch/-/Nachtschicht/-/bayern/: SPD-Gedenkausgabe[View]
84557706/brit/: meanies edition[View]
84551275Lactose tolerance is a definition of being white[View]
84538994When will e*ropeans pay for their crimes?[View]
84559383>pale >go outside >tfw i feel like a foreigner…[View]
84523292What's the most SJW view you have?: I get triggered by colonial era things. >Columbus day …[View]
84545028/cum/ - Canada, USA and Mexico: Brady edition[View]
84554185/ita/ - il filo: Edizione cani acquatici[View]
84557544are they slav?[View]
84558585Are they Evropean?[View]
84552742>xmas and nye holidays over >sudden and noticeable drop of finnish (shit)posts, especially the…[View]
84530954How did Italy fuck up so bad?[View]
84553090Based Cyprus: Cyprus gifts land to Georgia to build the most large-scale monastery complex in Europe…[View]
84559089who does it better?[View]
84557599A Finnish radio presenter of Turkish descent was told by a racist bank worker who was jealous of her…[View]
84531435Daily reminder that northern Iberia is GERMANIC Recordatorio diario de que el norte de Iberia es GER…[View]
84559670which do you pick and why? only colonial powers get to post[View]
84558251What the fuck? I'm never going to Mexico.[View]
84559523Cities that should be nuked in case of a WW4.[View]
84558128The 'so youre saying'-game!: itt: we write a statement, and grossly misrepresent the statement of po…[View]
84549238r8 OC.[View]
84559507>'He came and he said: ‘You know, I see this mural, and I see that you’re trying to make a statem…[View]
84559336>it doesn't need to pass any regulations, it's Italian >it's road legal...Ital…[View]
845593021.) Your cuntry 2.) What kind of maple syrup do you use 3.) How often do you use maple syrup? >1.…[View]
84558556https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Loving_Day >his country doesn't have a holiday supporting blac…[View]
84554672>this qt died of cancer >she would reject me because i am short and ugly…[View]
84554767What are the most attention whore countries in /int/? Finland, Brazil and Poland are irrelevant as …[View]
84547778Your cunt Are you whiter than mohammed? >flag >no…[View]
84551370Which one are you?[View]
84556635I actually really like Poland, it was very nice when i visited.[View]
84558227Imagine being born in 1880 in USA. The guy sees his country become a superpower from nothing. 20yo …[View]
84557759Do you want to find love in Colombia?[View]
84558655it's 3:53 here goodnight, lovely people :3[View]
84552021>'I'm from germany' >it's a brown person Every single time…[View]
84554529What does /int/ think of finnswedes? Finns that speak Swedish as their mothertongue.[View]
84556095Bongs, please inform an ignorant Amerimutt: Is Carillion shutting down in any way related to the Lon…[View]
845546891 cunt 2 Would you like to be femdominated by a woman? And if yes, softly or roughly ?[View]
84557625>Ask my GF if she's right leaning or left leaning >She says 'what's that'…[View]
84558195Why don't anglos like one piece?[View]
84547255/ita/ - il filo: gatti[View]
84558049la abominacion gordo[View]
84558169What do Ukrainians think of Nestor Makhno?[View]
84551599Try to guess where the border goes.[View]
84555146>The Pooviet Union Why are Slavs such hopelessly incompetent shitskins?…[View]
84555256/brit/: A REAL HUMAN BEING edition[View]
84557453>mommy did a poo in my pussy[View]
84554468i am so lonely[View]
84555144ITT: Post only the wisest men from your country[View]
84557437>we fired our guns and the british kept a-comin' >there wasn't nigh as many as there…[View]
84552477Question for Spaniards: How do you feel about being made fun of by your former colonies? https://m.y…[View]
84538971What do Spaniards think about Mexicans? What are the Spanish-Mexican relations like?[View]
8455725220th century Europe. Rate them when they were in the 20th century[View]
84557608We really need to birng back the term 'honky'. Why hasn't it ever been brought up here?[View]
84552607/polska/: edycja linka[View]
84546709/balk/: rip old edition[View]
84551277>A paki born in england is stilled called Pakistani on here >a European born in America is cal…[View]
84541850Korean here, is Milan a good city to live in? I liked it when I visited the city[View]
84530939Opinions on Somalia?[View]
84557221>First world countries are consuming too much resources >we need to import as many people to t…[View]
84555286Actress in the Vampire's Diaries series was seen at the beach: http://www.findance.com/uutiset/…[View]
84557186>this is the most popular family in amerimutt[View]
84548898/do you LOVE Japan?/[View]
84524597/ex-ussr/ general: caми пpидyмaйтe edition[View]
84552251>tfw a brit calls me a twat[View]
84541702One genocide wasn't enough.[View]
84543990The cutest creature: He is called 'apu'. Any thoughts?[View]
84535241>born as 100% non fake blonde with beautiful hair >poop eyes color Whose fault is it?…[View]
84551365Burkini was given to Swedish school girls: There is Ängelholm county in Sweden where Muslim girls ha…[View]
84547446>your country >social media you use >how many followers/friends do you have on them? ^-^…[View]
845558791. Your country 2. Are you sexually satisfied? America No[View]
845567170n: wtf colombia, how did that happen?? https://www.nytimes.com/2018/01/16/world/americas/colombia-b…[View]
84556359Sex bots are the future.[View]
84549764love portugal :3[View]
84555524>tfw 1.74cm[View]
84556490It's prohibited to shout gay culture in the streets in Russian. No faggotry allowed. That'…[View]
84556035UK has the fattest population of Europe. It is truly the father of America.[View]
84555577'm sorry for the terrible English coming from my fingers, but I have a question to ask. Why doe…[View]
84544098Thoughts on Shakespeare?[View]
84556455>mfw a fellow anon of color calls themselves a racial slur on 4chan.[View]
845513471. ur cunt 2. is depression real?[View]
84556067AN EMPIRE![View]
84551578Gweilo! U suppor Riving Buddha Rand or u bought out by Chink dorrar?[View]
84555325Why do they go together so well?[View]
84550697Do Europeans unironically think they are whiter than new worlders os its just banter to trigger Amer…[View]
84551286>israeli drone just slept with my wife[View]
84551543>joke about 9/11 in front of an american >it's been nearly 17 years since the even, and h…[View]
84555782How come I never see any Venezuelan flags on here?[View]
84546824What's even the point of Slavs?: They're poor, racist, overly religious and quite often wh…[View]
84551850/deutsch/: Warum hebt ihr so?[View]
84552795how do we save england?[View]
84547815/fr/ - le francofil du soir: Édition du chad thomiste qui met la misère aux pussos philosophes et à …[View]
84547059Ελληνιkό Νήμα: Τα σkόπια μας ζητάνε να τα ονομάσουμε Μαkεδονία. Όλα τα kόμματα της βουλής συμφωνούν …[View]
84553357/brit/: Why the fuck are you spending Friday night alone in your room, edition[View]
84551663OH NOOOOO[View]
84554532If you aren't mixed race, you are the product of inbreeding.[View]
84553394Why are they so fucking weak?[View]
84542422pays de merde[View]
84551730Infantry soldier of the Slavic Empire, 2030[View]
84553565Kebab is called 'greek barbecue' in brazil.[View]
84548284/mena/: the western 'man' edition[View]
84555119How Russian feel about H&M incident. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kzKdLYT4b3I[View]
84554288WTFF JAPAN??[View]
84524053Mare Nostrum /Balt/icum: In The Name of Her Glorious Might, Royal Beauty, Empress and Autocrat of Al…[View]
84549861/brit/: Steals teams, great walkways its nitty gritty you're listening to the boy from milton k…[View]
84551748You wake up in Tbilisi[View]
84551402Sverigetråden - låliupplagan[View]
84551315Why is Amazon always recomending me stuff about nuclear weapons, radiation, or WW3? I don't eve…[View]
84548357US on the left Mexico on the right![View]
84501987/dixie/ - Southern US & friends: Caning of Charles Sumner edition[View]
84547741>tfw no gf[View]
84552127Does your country have its own globe?[View]
84544442Does your leader love his or her's country?[View]
84523052>he has 'BR' in his nickname >into the blacklist it goes…[View]
84547902how can you even tell Americans and Canadians apart? if leafs don't say they're canadian I…[View]
84550394what kind of stupid name is 'united states' ? like wtf,dont you guys have a better name ?[View]
845346531. Country 2. What's your favourite drug?[View]
84548087>be under foreign rule of the majority of you history >language is a bastardized mutt of all y…[View]
845490561.Your country 2.Share an image that represents it[View]
84542231ITT: act as stereotypical as possible[View]
84546372I miss my turkish bros ;_;[View]
84549651French: Et je meurs tout l'été Je me noie dans une eau sauvage Que l'amour caresse ton vis…[View]
84552517Hey Faggots, My name is Silvio, and I hate every single one of you. All of you are fat, retarded, no…[View]
84546898Biggest nightmare: >my biggest nightmare My biggest nightmare is to go to the toilet an get up an…[View]
84553568How do we solve the white problem?[View]
84524433kurva anyátok[View]
84549150>Soy 'They' want to turn us into sissy soyboys, pls help[View]
84553379/brit/: brit is full of meanies edition[View]
84550668>It's friday night, almost 22h and some europeans are still here instead to be in bars/clubs…[View]
84547824>2018 >he is not learning catalonian what are you waiting for? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v…[View]
84512218Faces of /int/ thread[View]
84553239Tunisia is in the Mediterranean, I am Mediterranean.[View]
84532807EU: How do we fix this?[View]
84550738Do you love Florida[View]
84551757>tfw found another Estonian euro coin in my wallet...[View]
84535929Is your country ready for WWIII?[View]
84552966I TRIED SO HARD[View]
84495741/éire/: Deus Ex edition[View]
84551731Is ''''Macedonia'''' the only example of a nationwide LARP?[View]
84552355Irrelevant countries of the word UNITE![View]
84550444average British conservative paper[View]
84548928I miss when my country was known on /int/ as an irrelevant but ultimately harmless place.[View]
84545865/world of polska/: edycja playlist dla kawalera https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL6HWv8KDh7koi…[View]
845468051. ur cunt: 2. Imagine a crowd of frenchmen watching your life and commenting/gossiping about your c…[View]
84531473if your country doesn't have a meme character to represent it, its irrelevant.[View]
84549221>tfw no Gook bf[View]
84538445>Your cunt >is the countryside cozy? Spain No really…[View]
84551967Is English still going to be the language of the EU after the UK leaves?[View]
84550197bbc and kara boga posting has unironically made me so fucking insecure, it's like there isn…[View]
84551328How to fix Afghanistan?[View]
84543477>you wake up in Poland as a Pole How long does it take for you to end yourself?…[View]
84552200/éire/: Steamed edition.[View]
84542265England: What did England mean by this?[View]
84549272FUCK WHITEY[View]
84552048buy a real estate in Manchester, NH it's a very good investment[View]
84551810How do you know so many things about Finland anon ?[View]
84551080Hey Faggots, My name is Tyrone, and I hate every single one of you. All of you are fat, retarded, no…[View]
84550311How would parents in your country react if their daughter brought home a - White man - black man - a…[View]
84549830>tfw no welsh anime gf[View]
84549839/brit/: Out on the lash with the lads ed.[View]
84541610/kc/ ehem. /deutsch/: Freitagabend und arrein zuhause? Dieser Faden soll Dich daran erinnern, dass D…[View]
84548659>I’m opposed to race-mixing[View]
84545162/mämmi/: /mämmi/ Saako tytöt kosketella toistensa pinmnppejä ilman että se on homoa?[View]
84547856/brit/: roasty genocide SOON inshallah edition[View]
84524051/NEDERDRAAD/: Koffie is nog aan het kloten met zijn kjompoeter editie Welkom: draadstoters Niet welk…[View]
84518734/cum/ canada usa mexico: 玲音[View]
84541361/ita/ - il filo: edizione salvatore dell'italia[View]
84549389I love Russian music like this: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=beCTZGlZTIU[View]
84524117How do we save Japan?[View]
84541856Western sissies fear the MONGOL BULL[View]
84548497House burns in Finland, FBI gets called in: source: https://www.ilkka.fi/uutiset/maakunta/mtv-seinäj…[View]
84546467Dear Germans: months back there was a post on here that talked about german music, and it linked to …[View]
84548734wh*Tes still exist...[View]
84548799Although I am now a grown man, I can still remember the stories my grandmother used to tell me about…[View]
84546601Why are Americans such heritage-obsessed LARPers?[View]
84548784Do Japanese want to find love in Europe?[View]
84542866Say hello to Mexico’s next Presidente: https://www.bloomberg.com/news/articles/2018-01-17/instead-of…[View]
84548777post ITT if you're not afraid of America[View]
84522728post meme car in your country[View]
84547418Why are there so many nigger and faggot threads? What's wrong with this board?[View]
84537443I just realized I'm from a shit country. I was thinking about what Finland produces and I reali…[View]
84538139Are they Slavs?[View]
84547151Algérie is a French creation and is France's rightful clay.[View]
84546035/brit/: Hong Kong edition[View]
84545329>post my pic asking for people to guess my nationality using meme flag >everyone says european…[View]
84548309Why do MENA girls make this face? Every one I've met walks around like their face is frozen thi…[View]
84528990/mena/: مَغْرِبِيّ edition[View]
84544923Sverigetråden - Tuffa upplagan: Bara tuffa tjejer får breva i den här tråden.[View]
84531682/ex-yu/: bojanica izdanje[View]
84546973Erasmus - Athens, Copenhagen, Stuttgart, Amsterdam, Leuven: Could I get a quick rundown of what I ca…[View]
84548038Evolution of the English language https://youtu.be/YrmvBHMpYLI[View]
84545779>South Korea >is actually in the east[View]
84547846Why do Turks use VPNs to post black men in Brazilian accounts?[View]
84546486Brazil's 'mythos' is that of the Greek God of mockery, satire, and accuser. Thus, Brazilians ne…[View]
84544726Are you okay, italo-bros?[View]
84547609Native South American cat: Guigna, a ferocious beast with small size, roughly the same size, as a sm…[View]
84539760Why are Americans so weird?[View]
84542153What do Russians think of Croatia?[View]
84544079In Japan, maps look like this.[View]
84540205/fr/ - le fil de la francophonie: L'édition de l'apéro.[View]
84547359How much are janitors paid in your country?[View]
84547343I weigh like 68-70 kg and am 190 cm tall, if i go to the USA will i gain weight so i can not be skel…[View]
84541538How much cost a good kebab in your city?[View]
84541763/deutsch/ bleibt /deutsch/: fick di bernd ausgabe[View]
84547197Dentro dos meus braços, os abraços Hão de ser milhões de abraços Apertado assim, colado assim, calad…[View]
84547177You wake up in Naypyidaw, Myanmar[View]
84544361Your country? Will politicians do anything for SJW and LGBT support?[View]
84545054>the biggest Japanese internet forum '5ch' and 'Futaba channel' do not allow posting from foreign…[View]
84512150/asean/: rainy[View]
84479241>tfw no Russian twink cadet bf https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lzRM2j50yog…[View]
84543736>tfw meglio froci che bianchi[View]
84544845>Australia https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Eromanga_Basin[View]
84538428Why are they so racist?[View]
84539257My 11 y/o sister can draw anime better than me[View]
84534946Why is your country uncapable of integrating immigrants? We did just fine with all of them[View]
84539676How many games have Brazilians ruined for you, /int/?[View]
84546019>image search 'Saudi women' >also get shown pics of Syrian,Turkish,Iranian,Italian,Egyptian an…[View]
84544010/brit/: kara boga edition[View]
84539959/Polska/: edycja krzyku[View]
84538541Estonia is 100 years old country: source: hs.fi https://www.hs.fi/kulttuuri/art-2000005529834.html E…[View]
84541994/brit/: The Libertines edition[View]
84536894This girl is primarily Greek and Italian, thoughts?[View]
84542211italians love black?: https://youtu.be/0uZAbCOURHE https://youtu.be/EoNrSbbnZEE how do italians feel…[View]
84544426What are girls from the middle east like?[View]
84536330how's the 'winter' in your country lads? /lame/ here I would love myself a british winter[View]
84544818Why are you constatly embarassing yourself and /int/ by expressing your desire to have a woman? Imag…[View]
84537036/mämmi/: Mestarirotupainos.[View]
84518642/norgetråden/: Sjakk- og megmegmester-utgaven Forrige tråd: >>84500320[View]
84542039when will wh*Tes be gone?[View]
84544208PT: Tio ESP : Tío IT: Zio FR: Oncle[View]
84543307WTF Germany?!: Literally every part of Berlin is filled with Holocaust remembrance. Even small irrel…[View]
84543818this hoe is my property[View]
84542632Poland = Lechia: Should Polan return to it's old name 'Lechia'? Which one you like more /int/?…[View]
84540742>brown hair Blonde hair dye >brown skin Bleach and melenen removel sugery >dark eyes Laser …[View]
84540853I can’t imagine myself feeling patriotic towards a crappy triband flag. They are so unimpressive and…[View]
84540929>eurocucks get so fucking assblasted about the imperial system >they write date backwards like…[View]
84542318Do you like our new license plates /int/?[View]
84542705You may only post ITT if you have no mental/physical illnesses at all. So that means no autism, no a…[View]
84539171Sverigetråden - Fredagsfest: ÄTA? DRICKA? SPELA? KOLLA PÅ? LYSSNA PÅ? LÄSA (lmao nördar...)?[View]
84542870*ruins your species*[View]
84536810>American cuisine[View]
84542671Why are American men like this?[View]
84539946Is it true that in Europe, women are loyal to their man?[View]
84540318Hey guys. I am Hungary for some Turkey. Are you?[View]
84542220Asians>white roasties[View]
84542292Albanian-anon.....do something about the anime posters[View]
84540172/brit/: reparations edition[View]
84540599/Christian/ Culture: Post interesting Christians from your country https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=c…[View]
84535328Now, this is some good shit. best pizza ever[View]
84536584Why isn't New York the capital of America? Why isn't Toronto the capital of Canada? Why is…[View]
84539001Why are Germans from the East and Prussians so evil ? Two World Wars because of them. I found the fi…[View]
84541607What is the cheapest travel website? I want to fly to Prague[View]
84541202I want to visit this country: What country do you want to visit?[View]
84541930Was a pleasure to be here with you guys.: i'm leaving this site, was pretty fun the time i was …[View]
84541153Does this guy look Turkish ?[View]
845415421. you're a cunt 2. where will you go when the world collapses in wars, famines and violence? f…[View]
84530610/deutsch/ Depressive Ausgabe: Ich sehe soviel Potential, wie es vergeudet wird! Herrgott noch mal, e…[View]
84541546Alpha 6foot8 chink must lead the manlet beta chink race[View]
84539787Oh look, a bunch of virgin losers who don't live in japan. >fufufu Unlucky faggots…[View]
84540589Seoul, South Korea: You wake up in Incheon airport without your belongings and without any money. W…[View]
84541290Danish in Hungary. Is there anyone in Budapest on wickr to order some good hash/weed for home deliv…[View]
84538568I never saw an Italian Mexican b4.[View]
84541197You wake up in Morroco, 1999[View]
84537223>got a letter today saying that Im under suscpicioun for evading ban and posting in sites i shoul…[View]
84533441/ita/ - il filo: Edizione perversa[View]
84537546Russian music Top.: This is most popular music in the Russia. https://youtu.be/wOBnq0Ewz5k rate…[View]
84540930Alt-Right Racist revealed racists btfo: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GpiNQnwLXn4[View]
84541062How can other army songs even compete? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rTdOnDSPZ_Q[View]
84541146this is lebanese shia imam Musa Al Sadr clearly we are nordic aryans.[View]
84540324i don't wanna go to work today[View]
84540647Did the Celts came from the middle of the Atlantic ocean or what. What in gods name is this settleme…[View]
84540992I think I belong in the Jungle I need solitude.[View]
84536369Why are southern euros literal arabs in denial? When I went to italy to connect with my roman roots …[View]
84535001How will your country survive the upcoming nuclear war?[View]
84540051ITT: Nostalgic childhood memories from your country: >Israel >Ywn again cycle with every kid i…[View]
84540808What do you Australians do on Christmas?[View]
84536701How is English wordplay handled when your country imports American media? Is it translated in any w…[View]
84524886True Hero: Tojo Hideki was a great man. He cared for his country and he did not die in vain. In a ti…[View]
84540712>follow him home... kill his whole family[View]
84537313Hues, why is this country so violent? It wasn't always this way so what the fuck happened? Both…[View]
84538502'sir, vietcongs are beating our ass all over the field, what to do?' lmao those are the faces of peo…[View]
84518056What is your problem with Africans?[View]
84540630Do Crimean Tatars want their Khanate back?: ?[View]
84540545Is this educational?[View]
84528337>be Albanian >be retarded[View]
84532342Recommend me some good anime /int/[View]
84539072>hey uhmmm... I heard that you think Finns are mongolians? What the hell? DO I look mongolic to y…[View]
84540234what is the meaning of love /int/?[View]
84533963My new unlimited 4G+ sim card has arrived...[View]
84540255I'm going outside now /int/. Wish me luck.[View]
84537915How close are family bonds in your cunt, /int/? Do you get to spend some quality time with your fam…[View]
845402311. country 2. is it culturelet flag yes[View]
84537760/brit/: trump was right edition[View]
84540251>old people aren't base-[View]
84535997Is it true Americans do not take off their shoes when entering the living room?[View]
84540195/brit/: What did Stephen say? edition[View]
84533208This Finnish soldier is prepared to protect Finland against the fascist right-wing Russian invaders.…[View]
845398181 - Cunt 2 - What's the name of your town rapist 1 - Flag 2 - Cleytinho[View]
84539376>my culchure is bettr than you'res[View]
84538941What's the job market for young people like in your country?[View]
84521510Korean Unification: >tfw several millions of North Koreans are methheads like junkies in the US M…[View]
84535293Do Japanese like Indians?[View]
84532673/fr/ - le francofil: L'édition de la censure.[View]
84531662/polska/: edycja pornograficzna[View]
84538893Would I pass as a local in your country?[View]
84539472>Czech Republic, Slovenia, Slovakia, Lithuania and Estonia are all richer than Portugal in terms …[View]
84538305Do you still remember how politely and sincerely you replied to other posters when you first came he…[View]
84530745Daily reminder at least you are white, it doesn't matter how fucked you are. White men and wome…[View]
84532366Why are Japanese car brands superior to others[View]
84539178Sverigetråden - Gadotpplagan[View]
84532523Why do westerners eat laundry detergent?[View]
845155501. Your country 2. How do you say JUST in your language?[View]
84538993>tfw it's 16º C outside and it's sunny without a cloud in the sky Holy shit feels GOOD …[View]
84538913Uh oh[View]
84536662What happens there?[View]
84534090Could I pass as a local in your country?: Be honest. I know how racist this board is so just lay it …[View]
84535796Male height in Europe[View]
84537962Et si tu n'existais pas Dis-moi pourquoi j'existerais Pour traîner dans un monde sans toi …[View]
84534480Kaya hypothesis: The ancient Korean kingdom of Kaya was a Japanese one? Compelling theory desu…[View]
84533937Why do non-Anglos even come here and use our language? You stink and I don't like you[View]
84538468I really dislike Jews no not just left wing ones Israelis as well.[View]
84537830Could i pass as local in you're country?[View]
84530864Turks: What the fuck happened to all the turks posting on /int/? Did Turkey get to net neutrality be…[View]
84537355I nEEEEd a gf[View]
84538217What do girls smell like?[View]
84534022>may I have X gf >no you are paki >/thread Every time…[View]
84534254An American merchant offers you the right to bear arms. Do you ask the bill of rights?[View]
84534147I regret getting brazil rangebanned on /pol/ desu. I could create funny bait threads on /pol/ instea…[View]
84537878I genuinelly cant find a reason to be against universal healthcare. Isnt there anything more valuabl…[View]
84536772>i believe in psychology, i will take advice from a 26 years old female, i think she knows how i …[View]
84519513>playing video'''games''' as adult >watching an*Me as adult…[View]
84520056Japanese Thread / 日本語スレッド: This thread is for the discussion of the language, culture, travel, daily…[View]
84527519BREAKING: The third this week attack in the Russian school. Today morning 19.01.18 three teens broke…[View]
84533239Is it easy to change your surname after divorce?[View]
84534489Why do they never post here?[View]
84536399Is he right? Are all languages descended from Arabic?[View]
84536610/comfy/: Comfy :-)[View]
84536417Why places like wizchan, r/incels, r9k is full of wh*Te soyboys (and some self-hating hapa mutts) ? …[View]
84535133ITT : we write in English but with the grammar of our native language[View]
84534654Amerifat '''education''' system: Depressing.[View]
84530156>i like putin[View]
84526848Why is Islamic architecture so good? I mean beyond the obvious reason that those who take influence …[View]
84529929Cheers, anons. >Jameson, Sprite and Lemon[View]
84533936Sverigetråden - HELL SEGER upplagan[View]
84525622/mämmi/: kuolojäbä painos[View]
84527028ITT we all talk like australians: ay cunts? you get the bint outta the didgeridoo? watch your step …[View]
84535205Why americans?[View]
84531106Is this true?[View]
84536571/tg/ in your cunt: 1 cunt 2 how much traction does /tg/ have in your cunt? 3 how many LGS per medium…[View]
84534995Reminder that a REAL man isn't strong from lifting but from WORKING Reminder that a REAL man on…[View]
84530583/Kurz/ oder auch der neue Lakai Merkels und /deutsch/s[View]
84527362Young Swedish girl stole a car in Finland: Swedihs woman Ramone Lindeman says a girl stole her car. …[View]
84535919>'Everyone south of the Douro river is to be suspected, and not allowed in our troops.. (..) the …[View]
84536367>Pay into EU budget for market access, Macron tells May[View]
84533913American holidays: I feel like a certain springtime holiday is conspicuously absent.[View]
84531158OH NO NO NO NO NO NO NO[View]
84532966>crush was staring at chad friend again[View]
84536164Weekend for /int/: Hello What is everyone doing this weekend?[View]
84530736What do Mongolians behave like in your cunt?[View]
84534854what to do if you see this guy (pic related) walking at the streets of your city?[View]
84532999How to get autistic Finnish gf?[View]
84535951My friend said that Italy lost against Ethiopia. I can’t believe it.[View]
84532537There's no such thing as white Ameri--[View]
84535369*ruins your game*[View]
84532132If you could fight one country, which would it be?[View]
84533533Apu poster-kun please give jap gf[View]
84532393greeked.com: When did you realize that all the 'white looking' people t*rkr*aches spam all the time …[View]
84533213I'm an African cardinal on my smoke break. AMA[View]
84530049what will be the first country to acknowledge the problem of NEET kissless handholdless friendless v…[View]
845276821. you're a stupid cunt 2. coffee or tea?[View]
84517310Who is your country’s favorite leader from history?[View]
84534153Why don’t we consider fat people as cool or beautiful?[View]
84534607I think Brazil is the best country in the world. And no murder rates and gdp per capita can convince…[View]
84531511How come African-Americans never admit they have privilege too? How come they never admit that by be…[View]
84531916/Aussie/: Just bants m8 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZUxfrn0oMvw[View]
84531509>Israel has every right to exist[View]
84534568>brit makes a post[View]
84534332Where can I move to?: I don't want to live my entire life doing the same thing everyday. Where …[View]
84533698Is this nationalism?[View]
84504721/ita/ - il filo: Ediția română https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AKEVXm1OCWM[View]
84534386>Your cunt >is the countryside cozy? America, Midwest Snowy, cozy, no one around.…[View]
84534342/brit/: kino edition[View]
84533423>macron will be the jupiterian god emperor of eu... >5'8 no…[View]
84526943best architecture throughout the history: Islam takes the cake when it comes to architecture[View]
84530417>£180 haircut explain this, UK[View]
84529013>I’m religious[View]
84528813>why yes monsieur, i as a continental european regularly partake in the consumption of cat, dog a…[View]
84533671Do you acknowledge your white privilege and what do you do about it?[View]
84533172You can only post in this thread if cool dinosaurs lived in your country[View]
84529247Why do Americans do this?[View]
84533131>Dragonball Zed[View]
84533746why do muslims always lie?[View]
84527691Why are Slavs so barbaric? Their culture seems to revolve solely around genocide, raping, and steali…[View]
84524696commieblock: commieblock thread[View]
84530845In Russia, cadets, made a parody of the video Benny Benassi: January 16, in the morning in Ulyanovsk…[View]
84527271You can only post ITT if your flag is exclusively made of the colors blue, white, and red.[View]
84530738What do Han chinese girls smell like?[View]
84533114>mfw an Amerifat near me[View]
84529819What do Korean girls smell like?[View]
84522184/balk/: Old >>84505649[View]
845309361. Your Semenhole 2. Do you find the m*Ds to be unreluctantly homophobic binlan Yes![View]
84524236Why Italian soldiers are so short, compared to American one?[View]
84523138Does /int/ smoke?[View]
84531515Russian rebelion!!!!: https://youtu.be/ovKgBNK7P1I https://youtu.be/RESd5fJyv-Q https://youtu.be/Lpl…[View]
845293631. cunt 2. have you made major irreversible mistakes in your life 1. flag 2. yes[View]
84531139why are Turkish people so alpha?: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ToKDX4EGooc the power in their voi…[View]
84526628/ausnz/: Too big! edition[View]
84529509Hey Koreans,: Sincere question. How much etymological meaning can you discern from words without the…[View]
84532157Moroccan women look like THAT?[View]
84529770You like the sexy ginger man, yes?[View]
84521368What is the easiest country to trigger on /int/? I think Brazilians. Brazilians here are so autists …[View]
84525497>be New Zealand >have a pregnant woman (literally one of the most emotionally unstable type of…[View]
84530605China, Korea and Japan: Will the big three ever unite into one mega-block and surpass the west in tr…[View]
84532285Funniest people of the world: 1 - The British 2 - Black people 3 - Australins 4 - Latin americans 5 …[View]
84528290/fr/ - le fil français: Que mangez vous? Édition[View]
84525970Arr rook same: I will beat the shit out of anyone who say's we are even 1% different[View]
84526489>70% of the land in the U.K is owned by 1% of the population, the rich still have norman surnames…[View]
84525657Was Greece better off under Ottoman rule?[View]
84531946>we dun need to do anything about our birthrates, robots gun run everything in 3 years anyway…[View]
84527273Sverigetråden - BliSötupplagan[View]
84529699I'm a national socialist[View]
84530811Makes you think, huh?[View]
84529731Post your DNA results[View]
84532250Is this poetic justice?: Finnish woman named Emilia Odessa had been dating a black man named Armando…[View]
84530344EI VITTU: PERKELE[View]
84530097why are our kids so ugly[View]
84519543>During Muammar Gaddafis 42 year rule, Libya went from one of the poorest countries in Africa to …[View]
84508507/ex-yu/: Nisam ja nju ostavio, prijatelji, nije ni ona mene, mi smo se samo rastali. Onako kako se r…[View]
84520256/polska/: edycja nocna[View]
84527429>be Polish >work in German corporation >drive a German car >read news papers owned by Ge…[View]
84531041>Be on a family visit >Finally have a non-Americuck flag feelsgoodman…[View]
84520859Who will you be cheering for /int/? Costa Rica for me[View]
84513732>cunt >which languages do you speak? flag portuguese only…[View]
84528594Japanese Thread / 日本語スレッド: This thread is for the discussion of the language, culture, travel, daily…[View]
84525688I am European[View]
84518963Has a PM ever been pregnant during before?[View]
84527001MOst of the Russian have his heritage? Because of it Russian have strong power now?[View]
84530720Um my sweetie... i like to eat it like a pig[View]
84529380Why are east europeans so homophobic[View]
84530348Could I go to Ukraine and get by speaking Russian?[View]
84529850If your language uses zero copula you're not white[View]
84530174What do Japanese girls smell like?[View]
84525933/deutsch/: Super-GAUsgabe[View]
84529340Estonian woman writes a book: Estonian woman Triinu Laan publishes a book she has written in 3 diffe…[View]
84521964Are there any two nations on this earth that are more alike overall than pic related?[View]
84525820Are they to blame for the Israeli-Palestinian conflict?[View]
84528067>there is a white genocide going on look up the definition of genocide on wikipedia…[View]
84527884>nordipervs Why do they do this?[View]
84530193When you think about how agressive Americans are: And how carefree they are about gun violence and v…[View]
84526565There are people on /int/ who have never seen snow in their lives[View]
84513786American suburbs: How would you fix them? >inb4 bomb them, etc.[View]
84529901Which one should I learn?[View]
84529690>spam /int/ with BLACKED.com images >get diagnosed with major-depressive disorder fucked up la…[View]
84519707Anti Australia thread: Australia is not real. It's a hoax, made for us to believe that Britain …[View]
845298026:32am, I couldn't sleep all night. I have a rendez vous in 2h. Why do I do this to myself, how…[View]
84529783I have to sign my new job con tract today at 8 am. It’s 6:30 and I’m still lying in bed. Don’t wanna…[View]
84529735Im really sad of my fucking retard life. I have no job No girlfriend No money I wanna suicide …[View]
84526479>It is not possible to describe! Mutt after Mutt poured through the portal that opened above Mexi…[View]
84526902tfw no blue and white flag: >Se Deus quiser, há-de brilhar >De novo a Coroa sobre as Lusas arm…[View]
84518843What do you call people who are obsessed with Germany and think the grass is greener, own german shi…[View]
84528459Should society just let pedos watch CP better than them acting on it right?[View]
84528030>the most famous living person from his country is a youtuber[View]
84528842> لَا إِلٰهَ إِلَّا ٱلله مُحَمَّدٌ رَسُولُ ٱلله Thoughts?[View]
84529256Seems like yesterday we used to rock the show I laced the track, you locked the flow So far from han…[View]
84520045what kind of dangerous insect in your country? Japan is this hornet.[View]
84522893> post mocking white genocide > spic language Really makes you think…[View]
84528895>jews are responsible for socialism and welfare >jews want you to work and the only solution t…[View]
84525250What do Canadians actually think of this guy?[View]
84523636>mfw I can't find the dickpics of the portuguese anon with the cute hands[View]
84523444/Sino/ 中文: World’s Most Powerful Man edition The thread for posting in Chinese and discussion about …[View]
84528286>spend my time on int defending iran and iranians >meet one in IRL >say 'hi' >…[View]
84522898country roooads take me hooome tooo the plaaace i beloooong[View]
84523166Your country. Are school attacks when students murder or injur other students and teachers common in…[View]
84527623Why are scandi girls so hot?[View]
84527822There's a man goin 'round edition[View]
84510268/fr/ - le fil de la francophonie.: Le fil du soir. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pIxhlBngIr4…[View]
84522567Name our band, /int/.[View]
84526047/brit/: Edition: Brexit? More like Wefuckingfuckedit[View]
84526145Good morning /int/[View]
84527938Fuck racist southerners and southeasterners. I'm a proud northeastern. I'm probably richer…[View]
84527063>be studying polski >realize that grammatically, women aren't people >the word that no…[View]
84527530Which nation has best music in your opinion? For me, Finland https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=F5zg_…[View]
84523949【東亞】: Sinosphere thread! ようこそ。 오신 것을 환영합니다。 歡迎。 嘲忄-明。[View]
84523721>be american >get TANKED https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qlZh9-NQEyI…[View]
84524224>be australian >fall off the world[View]
84526813>white genocide is real[View]
84525346>immigrants betrayed their fatherland[View]
84517969what country is the most gay?[View]
84523926ITT: foreign films: Recommend a movie from your country. Monsieur Lazhar is a 2012 French-Canadian f…[View]
84524580Why is swearing always bleeped on American TV but not European?[View]
84525098/enzsi/: egykori kurva anyátok[View]
84523500Why do British singers sing in American accents?[View]
84522279Losers like yourselves need to go to Iran and unfuck yourselves. t. been to Iran and unfucked myself…[View]
84517468What do you like and dislike the most about Britain?[View]
84520073>he hasn't sucked a cock yet in his life[View]
84525845This is why I'll never have a gf ;_;[View]
84522734Human race: Only one race, it's Human race. If you deny this, you are disgusting racist shit.…[View]
84524644How do i talk to people? I can barely go to the store because i get so anxious about talking to the …[View]
84525744Stop larping as us[View]
84525343Does your country have tigers? Ukraine. No.[View]
84517739Why, America?: WHY?[View]
84524273Is this the perfect society?[View]
84526627Mr Best - Ofor Ndu: Mr Best - Ofor Ndu is out,Click to listen and don't forget to like, comment…[View]
84526527Polandball thread? Polandball thread.[View]
84521757Reminder: North RUSSIANS are honorary BLACKS and SOUTH RUSSIANS are actual BLACKS wh*Te subhumans, h…[View]
84523039Why are Westerners obsessed with Thai ladyboys?[View]
84518697Thoughts?: Meanwhile in a just world...[View]
84519716>Nationalism is bad because it inevitably leads to war![View]
84517409/pars/ - Persian general - موضوع ایران - Maвзӯи эpoнӣ: Chap-e koobideh Hal-e shoma chetor ast, dosta…[View]
84524554/brit/: sheriff of justville edition[View]
84525573Do you want to find love in Japan?[View]
84514625/deutsch/ und /nachtschicht/: Spukt auf Holland - Ausgabe[View]
84522235Are they Persian or Hindustani?[View]
84509770/ausnz/: On top of the world edition[View]
84519440>stinky grandma drool down my urethra[View]
84523254Why do Brits hate it when you imitate their accents?[View]
84522465How would a nuke-less WWIII go down?[View]
84522096WAKEY-WAKEY, WAGIE! Last day of work! Come on. You shouldn't make mr. Noseberg upset by being l…[View]
84525639If I use my credit card but with a fake name and address through paypal will it get declined?[View]
84523206Is it possible to find a grill that don't want kids in you are a cunt[View]
84517637Is Mexico ruled by pedophiles?[View]
84525627/mämmi/: neekeri -painos[View]
84525069Will it balance itself?[View]
84522246Why are they so racist?[View]
84516338Why are we so rude to each other here?[View]
84523578Americans: >blah blah blah blah blah >blah blah blah blah >blah blah blegh blehhhhh >dur…[View]
84525523Jesus Christ, why is /int/ so fucking gay?[View]
84525157What are these? Does anyone have more?[View]
84520150>trapped on a website full of Nazi LARPers, compulsive shitposters, whiny NEETs deluded beyond th…[View]
84522429hilo latino /lat/: la raza maestra[View]
84508244/mämmi/: huumoripainos[View]
84524310what happens here?[View]
84525388Post your handwriting[View]
84523595Will you play Minecraft 2?[View]
84525435They're bringing drugs. They're bringing crime. They're rapists. And some, I assume, …[View]
84521991Why do Poos and jews suddenly love each other so much?[View]
84510032Sverigetråden - För svenskar och brödrafolk[View]
84523606Why is it fucking impossible to master English for me: >ywn speak, write, speech like the honorab…[View]
84523738Name a country you like other than your own and explain why[View]
84518201/luso/: Edição Mouro[View]
84520695I'm coming to UK lads: My company is sending me to UK for 6 months, what do I expect my bong br…[View]
84519598What's your favorite /int/ bant?[View]
84525077Why do they do this?[View]
84521584You wake up in Pyongyang, 1965[View]
84522450the only girl i've ever loved...[View]
84521962Why is Polish rap superior to all other rap? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=d01DesX0zL4[View]
84522848rate my great-grandfather[View]
84522748What the actual fuck is wrong with Americans? Most of the extremely grotesque crimes witnessed aroun…[View]
84522631Feel like shit lads, just want her back.[View]
84522221Are you bilingual? What language do you think in?[View]
845230241. Your country 2. Is there any reason to be alive if you're lonely 100% of the time?[View]
84525019I'm 1/4 French-Canadian, 1/4 Scottish, 1/4 English, 1/8 Ukrainian, and 1/8 Czech[View]
8452258043 degrees[View]
84522933/mämmi/: Negro-painos[View]
84510946/cum/ Canada United States Mexico: Who do yo identify with? Edition[View]
84524183Have you ever been abroad to study? How was it and do you wanna have that experience again? I'm…[View]
84523946lmfao get ready for another surge of soyboy memes https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=P3Bd3HUMkyU[View]
84519611>He can't watch anime movie at local cinema Plebs[View]
84524378>mfw a German says 'ß' near me[View]
84520330Why don't you all go on crusade anymore? Why so cucked? You used to be cool.[View]
84518437Ill just leave this here[View]
84522974Do Greeks identify more with Byzantine Romans or with Classical Greek city states?[View]
84521873Canada must conquer the world under emperor Justinian Trudeau II. All countries that rebel will be v…[View]
84516704>chile is less white than congolombia and monkeyland KEK[View]
84519455Why do they have such irrelevant intelligence agencies as compared to other UNSC members? AKA: CIA, …[View]
84519280Does Walmart sell good products ? I mean does they have their own products or they just sell product…[View]
84520557>he is white[View]
84522017why weeaboos want to live in japan? as a resident say there's work culture garbage and going to…[View]
84521925Important poll http://www.strawpoll.me/14877675[View]
84523377>ywn rise up from the working class with your 4 best friends >ywn have mates who will always b…[View]
84521758You wake up in Tehran during 1970's[View]
84522268>havent shit for 3 days last time my turd that was bigger than a baseball tore my asshole apart, …[View]
84520965MENA: صباح الخير[View]
84517611The US hate is getting out of hand: /int/ was a good board because it seemed like the only place whe…[View]
84516722You're cunt What do you think about Egypt?[View]
84520647why do you guys still value whiteness? it is your race that is inferior to Asian in terms of history…[View]
84522946Post mixed people from your country This man is of Finnish and African descent https://www.youtube.c…[View]
84519744it was written: eurotards BTFO[View]
84523780Nossa, nossa Assim você me mata Ai se eu te pego, ai ai se eu te pego Delícia, delícia Assim você me…[View]
84523343Global Race WAR 2029AD: Which faction will you choose?[View]
84522641when will non-whites finally genocide the wh*Te people.[View]
84523201Dear /pol/tards, you have 10 seconds to prove to me that scientifically speaking Arabs aren't w…[View]
84514158>study french for two weeks >walk up to french classmate >'bonjour! je peux parler un …[View]
84522885>It's ANOTHER EU vs USA thread >mfw[View]
84519656>speak a foreign language >'y-you're pronouncing it wrong' >'t-that's not correct…[View]
84521928>Choked during the negotiations, only asked for a $2 raise (5%). Why am I such a fucking loser?…[View]
84518249>another day wasted on 4chan instead of doing something productive[View]
84522472What does your day consist of?: Wake up Take a stroll around Eat breakfast Uni Home Do the homeworks…[View]
84475060/sino/ - 中文: Modest goals edition The thread for posting in Chinese and discussion about the Chinese…[View]
84519602Whiter than you Muhammad[View]
84515693brazil music: in this thread post brazilian music :DD :D[View]
84520083Another ~50 days of this awful season. How are you SEA anons enjoying tropics this time of year?[View]
84521091Please Kek: If this post ends in 1-9 America is a white country. Diggies and whiter than Europe.…[View]
84502429I am FUCKING white[View]
84519109I was sitting on my chaise lounge puffing on a Gauloises when- Eureka! Inspiration struck me! Why ca…[View]
84514268WIDER than YOU muhamed[View]
84509378/ita/ - il filo: edizione ragazzi portoghesi-polacchi carini[View]
84520598>mfw foreigners will never know what blessing it is carnaval here in Brazil to pick up girls…[View]
84520238I want 1. Fast internet 2. Cold weather As a pathetic, disability sponge autist, what are my options…[View]
845100895 most important countries in human history?[View]
84518994>get a (you) >it's Canadian[View]
84521414Why haven't you moved to Brazil yet?[View]
84522108What clothing would make me look like a local in your country?[View]
84521936I will never understand why would anyone from first world migrate to scandinavia and finland Their c…[View]
84520796China calls itself 'Central Nation'. Can't get more self centric than that[View]
84518569HILO LATINO: Spit on you[View]
84521944>go outside >normies, low class people, females and degenerates MONTH RUINED…[View]
84494728Aren't they like, the same people?[View]
84517955Do you wanna find love in Chile?[View]
84520512MAGA: Trump says: 'Mexico, now rated the number one most dangerous country in the world...' We are 2…[View]
84514685Britain yes!: >Andrew Murphy, 61, is an ordinary London resident. Every night he runs for about o…[View]
84521312North Korea and South Korea will unite?[View]
84521441Who the fuck cares what faggots outside your country think.[View]
84518587Chinese diapers: Very innovative desu 笑笑笑[View]
84510980/NEDERDRAAD/: Where my brel niggas at editie Welkom: iedereen[View]
84457482/LANG/ language learning thread: >Learning resources First and foremost check the /int/ Wiki. Ple…[View]
84519469>yes, i believe in psychology, psychology can fix your life, i pay 60 euros for 45 minutes of goo…[View]
84509123This is the actual state of American ''''education''''[View]
84518118>Me jenitor me get mad that Canadians make threads so me rangeban a major Canadian mobile carrier…[View]
84514729You wake up in the Roman Empire in the year 117. What do? Also, if you're somewhere in the empi…[View]
84519729would you protect this smile from Russian bullies?[View]
84517314Barber fucked up my hair again Post shitty haircuts from your cunt[View]
84519535ITT: Fads from your cunt[View]
84520985>turn on brazilian tv >actual monkey news is on…[View]
84520974>/int/ is still posting mutts i thought /int/ was a non racist board[View]
84520876Submit to Islam[View]
84518256What is the best government type?[View]
84520182Hello /int/ Can you please stop shitting up /his/ with your epic memes XD Same goes for any /pol/fag…[View]
84517485REALLY made me think[View]
84518667/brit/: alt-right edition[View]
84491597Culture Pals - /cp/: THOTS Edition LAZY turds can't make a thread Welcome to Culture Pals! Me…[View]
84518513Does your country care about protecting our natural environment? What's the most ecologic count…[View]
84520822>ooga booga me to adult to plei bidio geimz hurr you's soiboyz[View]
84520820Why are people in warm areas so barbaric?[View]
84519200Why do we recognise real Korea but not real China?[View]
84518360>Every country that has blue and red stripes connected in it's flag is a shithole (except on…[View]
84520116What are police like in your cunt?[View]
84520558Why are M*xicans haywired to act like violent simians? First they flay a guy's face while alive…[View]
84519796hi, where are the danes?[View]
84518059Oh shit gtg to sleep before i start hating myself again[View]
84520577Are Dominicans latinos or niggers?: They look, dress, and act more like niggers. https://www.youtube…[View]
84518848Why do girls are dumb ? A man is much more passionate in what he does.[View]
84516972Would a united korea be anti-amerimutt? like iran but with nuclear weapons.[View]
84519776Why Americans act like this?[View]
84520105why are all their leaders so old?[View]
84485069/mena/: بوسني حبيبتي edition[View]
84511430Why is Scandinavian folk music better than folk music from the rest of the world? https://www.youtub…[View]
84518389>another day wasted on 4chan instead of doing something productive >another day wasted on 4cha…[View]
84518292ITT: We play a game where you must say a country which its first word begins with the last word of t…[View]
84519389>men over 5'8' complaining about their height How stupid can this website get?…[View]
84511624*runs over ur fingers*: 'heh, nothing personnel'[View]
84516214shithole country[View]
84519400am i fick?[View]
845091781. ur cunt 2. r u hungry 1. mex 2. yes i am very hungary[View]
84518657>Julius Caesar genocided the French[View]
84515769>you imagine your family at your funeral and they're all smiling and having a good time…[View]
84519092Wats up gamers[View]
84519086What's your favorite state in USA? Mine is Illinois, looks really cozy.[View]
84517545Can we just give this to Mexico or something? Would both help prevent immigrants from shitting up th…[View]
84507918are Algerians secretly Germanic? look at that jaw, germanic as fuck[View]
84514476the world would be a much better place if america never existed!![View]
84516903/brit/: Learn Anglish edition[View]
84513863What will be the eventual downfall of your country? >Australia >bought out by China…[View]
84517125What is the difference between Americans and British people?[View]
84517348Western Bulgaria[View]
84515724/lat/ hilo latino[View]
84516472If Mexico is full of mestizo rape babies why isnt it called Mestico?[View]
84518571Faces of /int/: I start.[View]
84516362Is this accurate?[View]
84515245Why is Islamic architecture so good? I mean beyond the obvious reason that those who take influence …[View]
84518290>im hungry >i wanna get some chips >sister chad bf is here >i have to see him why is my…[View]
84518078how do i get asian gf?[View]
84518150Idea, only IP's from within the United States are allowed to post on 4chan. It works fine for t…[View]
84517725Help me with this /int: So recently i was on a very long vacation, there was drinking almost every d…[View]
84499339You wake up and the world looks like this: What do you do? Well?[View]
84478981Japanese Thread / 日本語スレッド: This thread is for the discussion of the language, culture, travel, daily…[View]
84516820>female psychologists[View]
84518042Was Louis Phillipe the best French king?[View]
84513730/polska/: edycja mienia gf[View]
84516866>uninteresting people >bad music >ugly architecture >terrible climate >bad food >f…[View]
84500320/norgetråden/: Ultimat Voe-utgave Forrige: >>84481349[View]
84498718/luso/ - fio lusófono: edição le singe brésilien previamente: >>84465960[View]
84510043An actual real life hero died in Venezuela in the hands of communists, Oscar Perez is now a martyr o…[View]
84517483United States Canada Mexico Panama Haiti Jamaica Peru[View]
84513852Why the fuck is this allowed?[View]
84517571You may only post in this thread if your country has a chess player rated above 2700.[View]
84516669Which are the best European countries analyzing these points? 1.Safety 2.People 3.Religiosity 4.Prob…[View]
84505731Task: Name 5 cuntries outside of Europe that are not shitholes![View]
84513714Has anyone noticed that the 'ideal beauty' is looking increasingly more Asiatic? Is it because the …[View]
84511381Post good Classical Music from your country. Mine first: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VZjv4l9IUu…[View]
84509588According to the weather forecast it'll be around -30c or less in my city tomorrow. So I am goi…[View]
84511003Does porky force you to work long hours so that he can steal more shekels from you?: >Netherlands…[View]
84517154Is being romantically involved with women over 40 look down upon in your country?[View]
84517216>how can you be a virgin when you're from spain haha just go outside dance with a girl and s…[View]
84514464>I'm a collectivist[View]
84514248I fucked two sluts yesterday night. In the morning, they were just sheets that I felt The sluts were…[View]
84515060People who find Ukrainians attractive are pedophiles.[View]
84516511What is Sweden's fucking problem? >Sweden to publish leaflets warning citizens over potentia…[View]
84516163Czech Republic: How does /int/ feel about the Czech Republic?[View]
84515070/brit/: CYKA BLYAT edition[View]
84516806I don't know if this is the right place to ask, but if one each country of this world would sud…[View]
84514859Has anyone here ever take part in a revolution? What was it like?[View]
84515221>just go to a germanic country bro, been there and girls love the exotic dark and handsome type, …[View]
84516784International pay stub thread[View]
84516448Is NYC a good country compared to Texas ?[View]
84513685Germany BTFO[View]
84516499Hi there. I'm having a braindead moment and this seemed like the best place to ask for help wit…[View]
84501642kurva anyátok[View]
84514650How are foreigners treated in your country?[View]
84516167Imagine if the postal service of your country is stopped because of a war or I don't know. Coul…[View]
84516642I use a Canadian VPN at home. Why do American talk shows trend on YouTube Canada? I mean they'r…[View]
845139511. Your cunt 2. When did it abolish serfdom? Flag Actually it was never implemented here because the…[View]
84516515tfw no potato[View]
84489685What do you think of Ukraine and Ukrainians?[View]
84515372I am scared of grinking with Brazilian or Irish people because they are very violent when they get d…[View]
84505649/balk/ Balkan thread: Jimis edition press F subhumans old >>84489642[View]
84516219>tfw no 0% gf[View]
84514793Why are they so racist?[View]
84516296whoa is this the free america i've heard off? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hPXS7rC1PWo[View]
84514225What psychiatric drugs are you taking? Me Lithium, Olanzapine and Citalopram[View]
84510130Think the kawaii as gender culture I have been loving American teen actresses since I was 4 years o…[View]
84506502Why do Brazilians do this?[View]
84511095>mfw Americans have to tip everyone >mfw Americans occupy eighty percent of the mobility scoot…[View]
84515437Post one nice thing about the country above you[View]
84514823Why are these countries so good and perfect?[View]
84512819Explain yourself third worlders!: How the fuck do you not just shit in your own pants when you use t…[View]
84513879If finns were so backwards then why to they have the whole world's largest poem archive? https:…[View]
84515494HELP ME AMERICANS: I need a 5000 calorie meal to make up for the last 40 hours of not eating anythin…[View]
84515639>tfw no Gook bf[View]
84503655Any of you dudes have any money in crypto? I managed to get around 25.000 dollars out of 4000 invest…[View]
84509612Hilo latino[View]
84508980How do we native English speakers save our Frisian brothers from d*Tch tyranny? Also >Germany o…[View]
84514640Is it true that American women love the Aryan persuasion?[View]
84501497Daily reminder that spaniards are suebians too ;)))[View]
84498641Alicante: Lads I'm going to Alicante for a week and half. Give tips pls, especially if you…[View]
84512941The absolute state of American 'men'.[View]
84512770bridal invitation card[View]
84514879How do we solve the soy problem fellow /int/elligent beings?[View]
84515055THE HABBENINGS ARE ABOUT TO BEGIN: THIS IS NOT A DRILL https://www.nytimes.com/2018/01/16/us/politic…[View]
84513547/brit/: the redpill edition[View]
84514191>tfw you wasted another day on this website instead of being productive…[View]
84509975Aunt Jemima rule 34 thread[View]
84512276He's here...[View]
84514741Do most Spaniards have Andalusian ancestry?[View]
84509754When will they give back OUR gold?[View]
84514258>Brazil isn't whi-[View]
84504727Women in all countries are fat.: Despite the fact that the average BMI of the world 's thinnest…[View]
84509496no homo[View]
84510179/deutsch/: Oswald Ausgabe.[View]
84509817my ancestors :)[View]
84514049i just ate a whole bunch of pizza and candy, and my heart started beating really fast for a few seco…[View]
84510718>tfw no welsh anime gf[View]
845142631. Your contree 2. Your eye/hair color combination preference 1. Burgerland 2. Black/brunette hair…[View]
84508001>tfw /pol/ made me hate blacks >tfw /int/ made me whites >tfw I now hate everyone including…[View]
84510292Post parts of your country that drag you down: >pic related[View]
84504781I don't know if you brits find this interesting but here is an old norwegian song with english …[View]
84508037>just be yourself and your genetics bro, steroids and your response/tolerance of them totally isn…[View]
84511376Is this the definitive track of Japanese music? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3bNITQR4Uso[View]
84506917Why doesn't anyone want to live in Funland?[View]
844968751.You're a cunt 2.Post the greatest achievement of the automotive industry of your country 1.Po…[View]
84506460>yfw you finally have a CHAD president why is he so smug bros?[View]
84512268SWEDEN PREPARING FOR WAR: But with whom??[View]
845136101. Your cunt 2. Sneeded hams?[View]
84513865>That australian left? >Mod him, now![View]
84508892>Gdańsk is Polish[View]
84508466>/ˌɡuːtn̩ ˈtaːk/[View]
84510938Why don't bridges have shops/apartments/etc. on them anymore, /int/? Modern bridges are usually…[View]
84512023/brit/: god aint real kid edition[View]
84508042/polska/: edycja ten uczuć gdy nie chłopak[View]
84513491>something related to Turkey >all comments are in German…[View]
84512441>wake up >im a 19yo neet >5'6 >Alyssa is not my gf Kill Me…[View]
84512704breakfast thread: what are you having for breakfast anons? I'm enjoyin' mine over here at …[View]
84510011German music?: looking for good German pop music from 2006-2018, or German rap from 2016 to 2018 …[View]
84512781Patria: How do Americans and english speakers understand the meaning of the words patriotic/patrioti…[View]
84512924>America isn't white[View]
84513398>watch a simple cell phone video about driving through Transnistria >just shows a poor ex comm…[View]
84513111do nordic girls like south american guys ?[View]
84510585Why do every american eat this all the time?[View]
84511539ITT: Italians tell an American what everyday italy is like does everyone live in tight crowded citie…[View]
84509654Left, alt right, or centrist?[View]
84493131/ausnz/: Feels Edition[View]
84513069How can the world be thankful enough to the NORDIC race?[View]
84509568Anyone else feeling like offing themselves?[View]
84499753Opinions on Iceland?[View]
84508820how do i get a cute asian gf? chink, gook or vietcong[View]
84509293You wake up in Beijing, 1983[View]
84510439>doesnt have yellow fever[View]
84500610in my country there is problem...[View]
84502093Finnish Presidential candidate Laura Huhtasaari will lose her Masters degree due to plagiarising her…[View]
845070851. Your country 2. Tangerines or oranges?[View]
845063381. Your country. 2. Are you white?[View]
84512011how those Brazilian faggots will look when they all get range banned for being stupid as fuck goddam…[View]
84507565Tall Dinaric mountainniggers: What's wrong with Dinaric people? why are they so tall?[View]
84508153>tfw 100 word essay due to tomorrow and i haven't even started yet…[View]
84510981What are some popular tourist attractions in your country?[View]
84511379Gonna get some fruits and vegs to fill up micros[View]
84511507Does the Spain people see Latin American Entertainment? For example, did this music hit in Spain? ht…[View]
84512279What do you guys think of this flag I designed for a hypothetical independent Northern Mexico?[View]
84470659Post your city’s subway map[View]
84510449/brit/: Protest edition[View]
84509569this country may be a shithole but at least it produces some amazing food[View]
84512000ITT: Post your favourite flags: I'll start: here's the rising sun flag I like how grand an…[View]
84488472Post your perfect Europe map: Perfect Europe thread[View]
84509763>Steroids are for cucks bro who wants to look good in old age anyway? BTW you also get a heart at…[View]
84507040What do you call pic related in your country? Also, this is a food thread Post food from your cunt[View]
84511646Gen-Xer here, curious question: How does Youtube makes money? People don't have adblock and are…[View]
84495706\/balt/\: Es īsti nezinu kā bērni rodas bet ja stārķis izmeta mani no savas somas tad es laikam nokr…[View]
84511446>9 da matina o dia tá pra começar[View]
84498454>tfw even Mother Nature reviles us Being Pajeet is suffering, /int/. Suffering.…[View]
84507306Explain yourselves Argies: I worked at a ski resort several years ago and had Argentinian coworkers …[View]
84508329>Spain is going to be the second most visited country after France. So I ask to non USA natives w…[View]
84509487/norgetråden/: Nye Norge Editon: Anonsen hvorfor har ikke du melt deg inn i Rodt?[View]
84507452Why do they suck at sports?[View]
84510197Do you think your countrymen should enjoy themselves more?[View]
84508671/brit/: sheev edition[View]
84502717Would you say you're 'Fluent' in English?[View]
84505712What is like to not be American?[View]
84509895French universities: https://www.studentuniverse.com/blog/study-abroad-guides/french-universities wo…[View]
84508142Do any Russians unironically support him?[View]
84500286Why is Europ being reversed colonized?[View]
84506046my ritualistic castration is due tomorrow, say something nice about me[View]
84486513/cum/: My edition[View]
84506155Prove that your country has a better music genre than synthwave Protip: you can't. https://yout…[View]
84508518Between Ukraine and Colombia which is better for getting a mail order?[View]
84509774>wh*Tes will be dead in my lifetime[View]
84509810Fuck off they're full: Northern europes most popular cruise ship destination Bergen, say they c…[View]
84506823Serious question: what do you cut food with in Britbong? >Oi you wanka, is at a chef knife in yer…[View]
84505843Which one is coolest[View]
84509855>live in the western US >be radioactive[View]
84478198/ex-ussr/ general: Criminal dictator edition[View]
84508506I have no respect for a man who turns his back on his family[View]
84497579/nederdraad/: /Nederdraad/ Donderdag-struikeldag editie. Welkom: Struikelende mensen Niet welkom: An…[View]
84502430Russia: Why do European nationalists and leftists love them?[View]
84507711>Wh*Teturds spend all day on 4chan blaming le jooish conspiracy and 'muh niggroids' while JEWS ge…[View]
84502223When did anime become a widespread phenomenon in your country?[View]
84510280Imagine that you died in an accident. Someone can pick up your phone and check your gallery and all …[View]
84507093/grün/ ehemals /deutsch/: nicht willkommen: ösis, afd wähler, pegidioten und ronnies[View]
84509611This is the part where you fall down and BLEED TO DEATH![View]
84478460/lat/: edicion lebensraum[View]
84500511How do Italians feel when /v/ objectifies their women? >inb4 some retard says they're not be…[View]
84506792/BRiT/: Depression edition[View]
84495474/ita/ - il filo: Edizione bestiale[View]
84501297>Spaniards, Germans and Nordics are all super-chill people >Brits, Frenchies and Italians are …[View]
84509257Wind bike (Wind fiets): Do it for science. Doe het voor de wetenschap.[View]
84509163why are English girls always such massive slags?[View]
84489382Post ur cunt's parliament.[View]
84499712/ex-yu/: Ono što nije, što ne može i ne treba da bude bilo je jače od onog što jeste i što postoji, …[View]
84507292Hello Chinknadian here how do i get a 56% gf?[View]
84508881>tried learning a language >gave up[View]
84506158Canadian girl murdered her best friend: http://www.iltalehti.fi/ulkomaat/201801182200676907_ul.shtml…[View]
84506562get and argie gf: how? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Br8gu2gJRak[View]
84506685comfy U R Gay thread[View]
84508688Guns: You know the drill[View]
84505272There it is. Circumference 50cm. Fifty-fucking-centimeters. Does someone here really think that they…[View]
84508537HELLO people of the 1st world can anyone help a BRAZILIAN out? i need help with my homework a) when …[View]
84507407Post videos that describe your country https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=40OcA0OmhG8[View]
84500544/fr/ - le fil de la chamaillerie et de la copinerie: C'est elle qu'a commencé ! l'édi…[View]
84507221Now that the Brexit is engaged, that the American trojan horse is going to leave, French language ca…[View]
84494711Why are American morning shows conservative compared to European ones?[View]
84507784>muh breadlines[View]
84506921Why do Brits call everyone wogs, when they themselves look somewhat Southern European?[View]
84505913If my grand-grandfather is an English immigrant to The Russian Empire, does it make me 1.92307692308…[View]
84495932How come New Zealand is becoming so much more culturally dominant in the world than Australia? Every…[View]
84500580/mämmi/: Nälkäkuolema-painos[View]
84494695Can a German please tell me a joke? You're always so serious.[View]
84505786>/int/ right now >Most threads are non english >Every scandinavian country has it's ow…[View]
84504555>19 yo >3 years of social isolation i havent seen the sun in 3 years, like, 1 hour of sun once…[View]
84500005Sverigetråden - Skånska upplagan[View]
84502472/polska/: edycja wnętrzności (flaków)[View]
84503808Do you believe humanity originates from here? Muslims, Jews and white supremacists disagree.[View]
84507234Why are non-Italians so naive? Serious question[View]
84507519Hey guys. Can anyone help me out? Before starting this game I could've sworn I chose to play in…[View]
84502530So, I found this post it note on my work laptop's keyboard when I got in to work today. Anyone …[View]
84505188If tea spread to your country by sea, you call it ‘tea’. If by land, you call it chai. (*This is bec…[View]
84506022Do you support the ethnic cleansing of all non-Amerindians in the Americas? Katya does.[View]
84506309Why are Abrahamic religions so boring compared to pretty much everything else?[View]
84506312/midwest/: Cybernetic enhancements are necessary to prevent the automation crisis edition[View]
84504533Anime helps to overcome depression.[View]
84507177What are some mad things to do on a lash in London?[View]
84506011Countries with the hottest men: Italy, Spain, Brazil, Portugal, France (South), Colombia, Iran, Leba…[View]
84506507>Brazil has no cultur- https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jIavVXO_3lk…[View]
84507067>left 1 year in an american prison why is he so fat?[View]
84507045Varg has a message for arabs: I want to hear the arab view on was what he has to say... (even though…[View]
84506745Do Americans really do this?[View]
84497326Mah nigga brits, where did you find all this money ? I starting to believe that the queen of England…[View]
84506778I AM ITALIAN[View]
84506571How can we transport all Christian Middle Easterners to America?[View]
84504687/brit/: Give it Giggsy till the end of the season edition[View]
84484737the multilingual 'elite' thread: >in japan the multilingual command is regarded as a special, spl…[View]
84502871Do you LOVE Japan?[View]
84505206Why is brazilian music so patrician? We're fucking nobles when it comes to music. https://www.y…[View]
84503314WTF UK?[View]
84499598How come gypsies are so good at music? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EZf00ad3G6o[View]
84505624Do you donate you blood ? I started doing it every other month to further spread my black DNA. I en…[View]
84506087friederike: FWOOOOOOSH WOOOOOOOOSH[View]
84506081That cockroach poison Emperor Hiro left lying around has done wonders keeping the Turks away.[View]
84503183gib Spanish gf[View]
84505947https://youtu.be/DraPy8jVkqw ''POLAND''[View]
84490908How can we cause a Cold War era-esque surge in Americans learning Russian? It is the only way we can…[View]
84504828Let's talk about Brits.: They're a menace, perpetually drunk, violent, they beat up innoce…[View]
84505845Do you know why I love being Italian?: Because the only way to outsmart us is by having a tiny weeni…[View]
84505430Slav topic closing: Why the rest of the so called 'whites' shit-blood snowniggers do not accept slav…[View]
84503574/brit/: edition[View]
84484444How hard did you laugh?[View]
84505352What's the difference between Romanians and Mexicans? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SbKYXcQ_u…[View]
84501488>tfw your former colonies don't give a fuck about you >tfw your former colonies are colon…[View]
84480002>tfw only we are true fans of hentai in Europe.[View]
84505379>vais a flipar[View]
84503242Do Germans read literature or have interest in art? Never met any who do and the ones I have met are…[View]
84504764I want to destroy Korea[View]
845052091.your cunt 2.yes[View]
84504695>North x >South x[View]
84505362I think nintendo ia the best thing to happen to games /int see pic related...[View]
84489642/balk/: FUCK WEEBS edition Old >>84477196[View]
84503911>Australias ''''contribution'''' to science[View]
84504247>ywn be a middle aged chinese guy on a smoke break[View]
845050591. Your Vagina 2. Does your leader believe in climate change? 1. USA 2. No[View]
84504726this is a good buy /biz/ dont miss out[View]
84502461>brazilians aren't sma-[View]
84351641Daily Japanese Thread #1957.5: DJT is a language learning thread designed by and for those studying …[View]
84431535/dixie/ - Southern US & friends: Please permaban this fucking Californian edition[View]
84501350America ranked less free than France https://freedomhouse.org/report/freedom-world/2018/france https…[View]
84499082I dream of a world where the Estados Unidos and Russia were friends.[View]
84465793/v4/ + non-binary friends: tolerant pepiks[View]
84503099Eine Abscheulichkeit albtraumhaften Antlitzes...[View]
84504094You wake up in Iran, 1986[View]
84499344These flags will be R A R E soon[View]
84504009Isabel Castaño: Say something nice about the oldest Hispanic living in the US of A. Colombian born I…[View]
84503023yropean irrelevancy and incompetence: >https://www.euractiv.com/section/economy-jobs/opinion/euro…[View]
84503947Oh baby, give me one more chance (To show you that I love you) Won't you please let me back in …[View]
84496285>Just lift bro come on it's not all in the steroids, just train hard and eat well I don…[View]
844932241. ur cunt 2. do you have royal blood? austria yes, my grandfather was a Kara Boga Chieftain[View]
84502479/brit/: >shopping at waitrose[View]
84498877/brit/: it's just not cricket[View]
84503625Why do the Japs hate Australia so much?[View]
84503631After spending many months on Russian imageboards and websites I've come to realize the reason …[View]
84498483>soviets go home! We want indenpendence REEEEEEE >ussr collapses >joins eu >joins NATO …[View]
84464974/asean/: rip malay-chan[View]
84499260/deutsch/: fickts eich[View]
84498416China is third wo-[View]
84503204>hey dude, what if we do everything in our power to stop the workers revolution, Embrago all Comm…[View]
84503184>*country* >*witty remark regarding a stereotype assigned to previously mentioned country*…[View]
84503171Dubs in africa.: >>>/gif/11997777 >11 99 7777[View]
84491378What would you choose, /int/?[View]
84498581>Your cunt >¿What nicknames did teachers have in your school?…[View]
84502989>KARA BOGA stresses the importance of self mastery as what comes first before we can establish ou…[View]
84502807This triggers the wh*Tes subhumans[View]
84501932Why aren't you neckmaxing yet?: Well? Don't you want to look good? Don't you realize …[View]
84488705Thoughts?: This is true 100%[View]
84498725/brit/: south korean poster's mum edition[View]
84502399>let's copy the american flag[View]
84497929>Galileo is the global navigation satellite system (GNSS) that is currently being created by the …[View]
84502196So /int/ what's a last name that can make you seem like a local in most countries of the world …[View]
84490510Our new currency Thoughts?[View]
84500793>cunt >your opinion on Nubian queens Flag Yes!!…[View]
84502541Think the kawaii as gender culture I have been loving American teen actresses since I was 4 years o…[View]
84497623/polska/: edycja anime[View]
84489366Don't you have like homes or something? What the fuck is wrong with you people?[View]
84500516/brit/: I pretended to be somebody I wanted to be until finally I became that person. Or he became m…[View]
84497334Africans are sub human anyone who denies this is just trying to be a contrarian the opposite to /pol…[View]
84501194is Greece Christian Turkey?[View]
84499989OH SHIT: Are Deutschland and Dutchland gonna be okay?[View]
84474170Is this true?[View]
84491954Is your country ready for WWIII?[View]
84502106>poor poland and rest of eastern yuropwuz oppressed by ebil gommies!! I wiszch USSR never won!! W…[View]
84494642Is there an equivalent to the full Irish breakfast in your country?[View]
84494619>Beginning of 20th century >Europeans proud, confident in their superiority, and have control …[View]
84499532>Hey Ivan, let's murder the royal family, including the small children. Then in true communi…[View]
84501576God I wish that were me.[View]
84499907germany btfo[View]
84501171Æthelwulf is asian version lol[View]
84495326Why are French so violent compared to other Western Europeans?[View]
84496117Vocaroo Thread: Post your voice and inspect each other's accent. This is mine. It's a bit …[View]
84493497Destroying the remainders of the e''''u'''': the free world should impose sanctions and enforce an e…[View]
84497761>Brazil isn't Western, he's African.[View]
84478246kurva anyátok[View]
84490022What happened to the Polish majority is Belarus and Ukraina?[View]
84493854communism will win.[View]
84500559>The contest 'Queen of the Carnival' will be renamed 'Leading Figures of the Carnival' to be gend…[View]
84501210Russia: Russia thrad slav smile edition Welcome: 'our guys' Not welcome: 2ch retards[View]
84496057I want to meanpost I want to bully some foreigners[View]
84500923Eye Thread: Last eye thread died too early, new eye thread. Starting with mine[View]
84499850Future prime minister of Italy. R8.[View]
84494049Hey Euro anons. Plz gib me advice on my map so I can make edits.[View]
84484464post your ideal man[View]
84497222>ur blak so ur wosre thab me[View]
84484303Kyrpä... Homoseksi... Anime...[View]
84488032What happens here?[View]
84499667Why do African women have such amazing asses?: I was reading an article (ironically on the subject o…[View]
84497875Why is this allowed?[View]
84494220/mämmi/: okkultismi -painos[View]
84497103/fr/ - le fil du MUR /maginot/ et de la forte poitrine: Édition n-ne regarde pas ! Idiot !!! https:/…[View]
84500018Who here /nopassport/? It's comfy living in a country that has everything you could ever desire…[View]
84497822STOP BULLYING FRANCE: Italy exists and yet you choose to insult france. fags.[View]
84495317>tfw 15 cm penis and thin like a pencil only 2 fingers wide How do I do painless suicide?…[View]
84496873Since Norway is not a shithole, can me and my friend score chicks in your country?[View]
84496958>Me >26 yo male living in the capital city >No upper education other than high school and s…[View]
84498967https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=43gm3CJePn0&feature=youtu.be >I'M NOT RACIST MY SISTER…[View]
84481349/Norgetråden/: koseutgave forrige >>84451531 >>84451531 >>84451531[View]
84499539Is every American this rude?: I was watching this video and all the Americans were rude as fuck and …[View]
84498621Say no ! To wh*tophobia report all anti-wh*toids posts.[View]
84499494>be anglo man >get stung by a bee >die…[View]
84498526Need help from some Swedebros!!!: Hi /int/ Can anybody in Sweden help a Dane out that has been on a …[View]
84499000Dhanks for yuor service, obbicer :DDDD https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=m_snpmKkJpw[View]
84499315/deutsch/: Ausgabe des Japanischen Kaiserreichs und der deutsch-japanischen Freundschaft.[View]
84495833'Just lift bro, im sure it's not my genetics and steroids made this body. It's all of my l…[View]
84496625/brit/: dimension blurring spaget[View]
84493737>tfw no swarthy latina gf shrieking 'AY PAPI' while I thrust into her[View]
84498284Redpill me on China vs Japan. Will the first annex second after america collapses?[View]
84499165The brazilian chad vs the french beta[View]
84493718why arent you dating / marry a vietcong? looking forward to do it in near futurel[View]
84497932>i make brainlet wojak threads[View]
84496573Why do women of all races crave the BWC so badly?[View]
84482589/deutsch/: Jetzt-Ausgabe[View]
84474968Post pics of weird treats you’ve had[View]
84496252Ever since I was a small child, I didn't feel right in my body. Something about me made me feel…[View]
84497030H-how can I stop lurking this honeypot shithole?[View]
84497077>America is responsible for the gradual ethnic displacement of native europeans in Europe. How ca…[View]
84490696OH NO NO NO NO NO NO[View]
84498361/luso/ - Fio Lusófono - Edição o /luso/ está deserto[View]
84489847/pars/ - Persian general - موضوع ایران - Maвзӯи эpoнӣ: Khosh amadid, doostan. All are welcome, not j…[View]
84497291What are some statistics that make Canada look bad? >crime rate >unemployment >working hour…[View]
84471307My wife is 1% black, wat do: So this is dead serious - my wife did a DNA test and found out she was …[View]
84498140>my thread is dying >tell someone that they're not white to get free bumps from muttposte…[View]
84497219Greek bros help me out: How do I know which verbs get an ε- added to them to form the past tense? Is…[View]
84497664>somebody learning english asks me a question about grammar >i know what he's talking abo…[View]
84497927I honestly despise Australia patriots there is nothing to be proud of if you're from the new wo…[View]
84496547I'm way too scared to look at my bank account.[View]
84496633Is it possible to download movies/games/music in your country?: Or it's regulated/ illegal? If …[View]
84465960/luso/ - Fio Lusófono: Edição de armas e de músicas. https://youtu.be/Zlot0i3Zykw[View]
84497581>socialism is the reason latin america is poor!![View]
84496044My dream is to travel to South Korea and fuck the local women. I'm just concerned that my white…[View]
84493229Sverigetråden - 2dupplagan: jag till vänster[View]
84489714/polska/: edycja pobitych 2d chłopców[View]
84488077Why do bl*ck subhumans have small brains and small muscles? Are they basically monkeys?[View]
84489962Name one thing your countrymen are especially arrogant about and will never accept anyone else'…[View]
84490943The fact that Romanian inflects nouns for number, gender, case, and definiteness ('the' in English) …[View]
84494177>WYPIPO are inferior to x race >that is why WYPIPO must take care of X race >just let us al…[View]
84495796>be me, love Hersheys >see many post on /int/ about how American chocolate taste like vomit …[View]
84492199/fr/ - le fil francophone: Alpes édition.[View]
84496254Post favorite tracksuit you own.[View]
84494916at least you live in Europe[View]
84493527Nuke us[View]
84493813Is this the most iconic image of the 21st century?[View]
84494824/brit/: aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa edition[View]
84487929If we assumed Iran became USSR republic in 1979 how big of an impact would've Russians been abl…[View]
84494901Oh no! What would you do in this situation?[View]
84491787Is there a more chad country?[View]
84495820South American mutts refer to 56%ers as mutts[View]
84490995>i live in a richer country so that makes me better than you[View]
84496369If we assumed that Plantagenet won the Hundred Years War in 15th century, how big of an impact would…[View]
84485813Why do westerners eat laundry detergent?[View]
84496284>wake up >still not French[View]
84492113I don't really hate living in my country[View]
84494913Point Decimal master race: >Blue Point '.' >Green Comma ',' >Red '٫'…[View]
84468654/nederdraad/: ik met mijn kuiken-editie welkom: Nederlandse tolerantie niet welkom: islam[View]
84494365Why do anglo canadians refuse to speak french ? It is because of their asian heritage ? Notice that …[View]
844561954chan soon to be banned in the UK: >In April this year, the way Britain watches porn is about to …[View]
84494336this is korea, are you shocked??[View]
84495187doctor said that if i keep browsing /int/ for 12 hours a day im gonna get trombosis and die[View]
84468159>europeans measure their WEIGHT in kg[View]
84495646>France >Italy[View]
84480390/enzsi/: egykori kurva anyátok[View]
84495323>Fat NEET wh*Teoids actually think they are superior to this because they're wh*Te…[View]
84495053If Ukraine is a third world country why hasn't it been nuked then?[View]
84491207Why do racist Japanese have so few black people in their anime? Is it because they are not pretty en…[View]
84489296/ita/ il filo: Edizione bella[View]
84495604Do you want to find fat love in Japan?[View]
84471891Why did they choose to abandon their own culture and language and subjugate themselves to the Anglo-…[View]
844949743000 mooseheads are needed for brain disease research: https://yle.fi/uutiset/3-10029606?origin=rss …[View]
84494396My phone just turned American. lol[View]
844867581. cunt 2. your favourite game of all time ?[View]
84490168Explain this Equator vs Latitude Civilization & Intelligence theory. How is that the Aboriginal …[View]
844922041. Your country 2. Game of Thrones or Breaking Bad[View]
8448554050,000 years of evolution and selection, wasted in just moments of sexual pleasure... Why do humans …[View]
84494063What would a union of these two countries be called?[View]
84493163Do Scandinavians like Croatia?[View]
84494996Wow, so this is the superior european housing construction I always hear about https://twitter.com/L…[View]
84488496/ita/ - il filo: Edizione imperatore Silvio[View]
84494977Sometimes I lay back on my chair, thinking 'why all this hate ? why can't we all be friends ? w…[View]
84494960>meme page is dying[View]
84494948>his country didn't have state sanctioned burgers during the heydays of socialism Feels good…[View]
84486704The FUCK is wrong with Pakistanis?: What kind of people lash out against health workers trying to ad…[View]
84494426study abroad: how much money will i need to study abroad in japan?[View]
84492592>wake up >you are not a qt girl day ruined i'm not a tranny or a faggot but i wish i coul…[View]
84492628/brit/: you may say im a dreamer[View]
84474619/nusantara/: edisi malay pol[View]
84491154I wish I had some french frens france is so cool.[View]
84494071>Losing weight is imposs-[View]
84494387Serious question for Pakistanis: do you consider yourself Punjabi first and Pakistani second or Paki…[View]
84494193Does your country have equivalent of CIA? Is it useful to protect your country?[View]
84489172>tfw no welsh anime gf[View]
84489668/deutsch/: /deutsch/ Ausgabe xD[View]
84494164JEst ktoś z krakowa tutaj? :D[View]
84494312>6 foot is considered barely above manlet in Australia Wtf[View]
84492149The pinnacle of japanese culture[View]
84489308/mämmi/: Koululiikunta ja hikiset räpylät-painos[View]
84488940Traveling to Italy: Next month I'll be traveling through the most important cities in Italy for…[View]
84491544What do you know about Slovakia?[View]
84493626is hating wh*Te people good for your health? i really hate them[View]
84493910why are americans so swarthy?[View]
84492473is he crazy? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hiWplSRkxrQ[View]
84493642Is it possible to buy Viagara OTC in Germany?[View]
84492417>mfw Europe becomes a third world shithole that falls to brown hordes of Arabs and black people t…[View]
84486438Say something nice about Tajikistan[View]
84490359Is it true that in Europe, especially Eastern and Northern Europe, if you show you're happy, ev…[View]
84487732>this is canadian minister of national defence(HarjitSajjan) CAN'T MAKE THIS SHIT UP…[View]
84467502/polska/: Edycja kurwa anjatok[View]
84492345Spelling Bee: Why do Amerimutts have spelling bees? Is it just for autists?[View]
84493216how does a chinese doorbell sounds like? ding dong?[View]
84492842Why do Swedes hate Finns so much?[View]
84481919/ausnz/: basement edition[View]
84488414>tfw you're twink top and love bottom muscle dads What do[View]
84492937Why cant all muslims be like Tatars?: Well integrated and assimilated.[View]
84487598At least we'll still have banter[View]
84492250it's 2018, why do we still pretend that germany is a real country?[View]
84492941Is it really that bad in Europe? It does look weird to me. The islamisation seem to actually be hap…[View]
84492622>TFW bf.[View]
84489555bad boys bad boys whatcha gonna do whatcha gonna do when dey come for you[View]
84490827ITT: Countries that are getting BTFO[View]
84489562>Wh*teoids on this board actually think they're superior to anyone even though they spend al…[View]
84477313Luso-Britânica thread: Get in here my Portuguese friends Also invited: Norway[View]
84492368Prove me that there is better country in europe to live in than Switzzerland. Protip: You can't…[View]
84492329>bigot mother thinks only women can give birth anyone else want to trade?…[View]
84487437Eye Thread: >get drunk >Ctrl+F >no eye thread post eyes…[View]
84487875I've been away for awhile is fwg stl'll still around? Did she get married and have childre…[View]
84492838>just b urself bro it's easy, just workout a little and you'll get girls! Steroids and …[View]
84479138How does your country deal with refugees?[View]
84485532/fr/ - le fil de la francophonie: Édition du 13h.[View]
84491131Why do white people hate Jews? As a Muslim I only hate Israel but have nothing against Jews.[View]
84491118Redpill me on inferiority of women's brains in case of STEM fields. I only want high Iq argumen…[View]
84485186>American people buy drugs from Mexican >Mexican make and sell drugs more. >Mexican mafia …[View]
84485610Why are they so arrogant? Don't they know the meaning of modesty?[View]
84488903Norways electric plains: https://www.hs.fi/talous/art-2000005529568.html Norway tries to stop the us…[View]
84489631is this true[View]
84491573druggo edition[View]
84490149>>157134084 >>157134084 >>157134084 u know wat to do[View]
84488857>mommy did a poo in my pussy[View]
84457685Welcome to Culture Pals! Message QTs frin around the world! Here autistic sperg losers can meet equa…[View]
84490003Does she love her country? Why did German people choose her?[View]
84485927>Be half-White >I mostly have Asian genes >Manlet >Small dick Meanwhile my brother has …[View]
84489156Korkma, sönmez bu şafaklarda yüzen al sancak; Sönmeden yurdumun üstünde tüten en son ocak. O benim m…[View]
84489161Why are Germans still so racist and why are they afraid of being against the real danger?[View]
84444899/éire/: Volleyball edition.[View]
84477875Mare Nostrum /Balt/icum: In The Name of Her Glorious Might, Royal Beauty, Empress and Autocrat of Al…[View]
84488614Did you ever meet some Polish person?[View]
84491115>dreamt about having a happy and fulfilling life again[View]
84489575Aesthetic flags: I really dislike the tri-color flag meme Post some aesthetic flags[View]
84479274Is it true that Americans never drink plain water, just shit like soda and milkshakes?[View]
84484190>a-a-at least we're smart!![View]
84484988Don’t Cry Because It’s Over, Smile Because It Happened[View]
84458138>1. your cunt. >2. are lolis legal in it? Flag. Yes, internet police does not exist here.…[View]
84490529ar ehehehehehe uhuhuhuh[View]
84486399Sverigetråden - Sötpajpoliser[View]
84490259>blasian angels will never be my gf AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA…[View]
84490123>tfw no gf[View]
84489640/balk/: new Ottoman Empire edition old >>84477196[View]
84487291What is wrong with Italians?[View]
84484509Hi guys I have long wanted to learn English, but I'm a beggar (like most people in Russia) Mayb…[View]
84487492/brit/: The Mild Mild West[View]
84487129>BOOBS vs BUTTS but i like BENIS the most, do you?[View]
84489306Castilian silence conspiracy: Out of the 1066 injured people during the referendum of the Catalan na…[View]
84484708Portugal & United Kingdom kiss while Spain looks on with jealousy very accurate description of …[View]
84478369ITT: things americans will never know[View]
84484642>wake up in Thailand >need to take a poo in the loo >see this What do?…[View]
84484340/esp/ - Juana La Macarrona: escucha pasodobles mientras posteas https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_bOU…[View]
84473020Are there any anons from these countries on this board currently? What is life like in these countri…[View]
84489692no homo[View]
84484540/world of polska/: edycja super tapety dla kawalera[View]
84477196/balk/: Old>>84466550[View]
84482591/Sturm/ auch /deutsch/: Haha die Bahn[View]
84482488>tfw i will never live in a country where it is always 20-30 celcius all year around i don't…[View]
84487232Taca a bebida Depois taca a pica E abandona na rua Taca a bebida Depois taca a pica E abandona …[View]
84484775ITT: aesthetic national ministry emblems hard mode: no flags pic related, it's FYR Macedonia…[View]
84483178Ita il filo: edizionw[View]
84483968Conscripts general: >Ministry of National Defense of Korea has doubled the salary for conscripts …[View]
84489050This is the ideal male body. You may not like it, but this is what peak performance looks like[View]
84472359/mämmi/: rikoskanisteri -painos[View]
84478685Do you agree with the statement that America is an empire of evil?[View]
84486116https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Great_fire_of_Smyrna >The subsequent fire completely destroyed the …[View]
84484996Average Argentinian schools = South Texas now[View]
84486341>tfw no Turkish gf[View]
84473159Polish are colonising Britain They wish to destroy the Anglo race They don't integrate and go …[View]
84485688/brit/: dbz edition[View]
84486043Who are the ugliest people and why is it Anglos?[View]
84477369Car for poor ppl in ur cunt: Post a typical car that the poorest in your country can buy. This is a …[View]
84487591Daily reminder that Finnish girls have the best of East and West: Germanic White + Mongoloid Korean …[View]
84483637How much do you think trading my Switch in would get me towards a PS4?[View]
84487604>he does not wash his bottom with water before wiping it[View]
84483742Have you had your high school reunion party ever? If so, how was it?[View]
84476712What did God mean by this[View]
84485912Are you guys ready?[View]
84487751Just how sacred is the Gorinto? Would it be offensive if I used the symbols of the elements as icons…[View]
84487313What do Americans REALLY think of him?[View]
84481323/ex-yu/: samo rusija moze nas spasiti[View]
84487799>americans are waking up[View]
84479064>kicked Europeans out of anatolia >told communists to GTFO >told the West to GTFO >loved…[View]
84486564English: Do you feel jelly when you see your countryman speaking English better than you? Me OF COUR…[View]
84486719What would you do in such a scenario?[View]
84487305Is this allowed in your country ?: https://twitter.com/jule7518/status/953913142383398912/video/1…[View]
84487340>Armenians were genocided because Turks were angry that they lost the war and they lashed out on …[View]
84482186Dear Humanity, Considering your obsession to degenerate, and all the evil you do there, I am officia…[View]
84487256Do you love Wales?[View]
84485998I actually woke up today while the exam was halfway through, holy fuck[View]
84462700Why is Finnish such a silly, silly language? It sounds like baby talking gibberish https://www.youtu…[View]
84486280What do police have to put up with in your country? Australia: this https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=…[View]
84481254I am Greek[View]
84485429You picked a bad time to watch porn friend[View]
84479990>America has no cultur- Uhm, try again, sweetie?!?[View]
84476027Americans: >blah blah blah blah blah >blah blah blah blah >blah blah blegh blehhhhh >dur…[View]
84486187Post best singers from your country I will start with MC Diguinho https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=RFkY…[View]
84482592/deutsch/: Großdeutsches Reich - Ausgabe https://vocaroo.com/i/s0QZhdHn4fgJ[View]
84478338how does a chinese doorbell sounds like? ding dong?[View]
84483923/brit/: Milton Keynes Edition[View]
84484426Your life is zig zag. Where are you at it?[View]
84484176*wears tight white jeans and the deepest v-neck he can find* *spikes up hair* IMPICCHERANNO GEORDIE …[View]
84483503>went to a bloodtest today >ask the nurse why my blood looks so dark >says my blind is th…[View]
84464283Can Americans confirm?[View]
84477769Is there a Head of State that is as popular, respected, admired, liked and venerated as much as Quee…[View]
84482999I tried Ziggs because someone locked in Morgana and I died a lot so my entire team flamed me.[View]
84485257Rock: She's got a smile it seems to me Reminds me of childhood memories Where everything Was as…[View]
84484079>Cunt >Are trannies and gays the new protected class? Australia YES…[View]
84483994Why do Americans start to bully a person who made a mistake?[View]
84484098You wake up on Easter Island[View]
84470280The only countries that matter.[View]
84484692I really want to kill myself[View]
84484332Is it true that americans don't wash their hands after shitting themself in public?[View]
84482105>[insert third world shithole country here] has such a 'rich culture'[View]
84479723I like America. You like America? And please post the reason.[View]
84481689>make any post with this flag >Hundreds of american storm into my thread >MUH ANCESTORS WE …[View]
84473968Is it snowing in your cunt?[View]
84484920Duolingo had a haiku competition[View]
84483746How are Afro Saxons treated in your country?[View]
84483933let's go comfy urbex stream https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KJxWm-5DYMI /balt/ and /ex-ussr/ la…[View]
84471714/fr/ - Le Francofil créatif: édition regardez ce que j'ai fait les copains ! (si ça ne vous pla…[View]
84484045Here is a simplified infograph of my 23 and me results[View]
84484544Do you love Japan?[View]
84480654Post people from your country who deserve to die[View]
84484924Japanese Thread / 日本語スレッド: This thread is for the discussion of the language, culture, travel, daily…[View]
84480988How do we defeat the Republic of China?[View]
84479702Haiti isn't a shithole :)[View]
84479835Hey New Zealand, wanna play some cricket?[View]
84481082KARA BOĞA[View]
84481927scrumpy edition[View]
84483743Do people like Mr. Trump in your country? Flag Yes[View]
84483723>12 hour time[View]
84481998I cannot live in this paki and black infested shithole anymore. Is it even possible to immigrate to …[View]
84482285I wish there weren't so many spics[View]
84475107Are we all in agreement that Palestine is the good guy?[View]
84482114how can i get a girlfriend?[View]
84481716>can't spend a night without being fucked up on Dex Is this normal in your country,/int/?…[View]
84483413bully: Do Americans here like /int/ despite bully?[View]
84480883>German population: 82.7 million >French population: 66.9 million Why are Germans so much bett…[View]
84480254czech em[View]
84482383Why is donald so insecure ? He claims to be 2 inches / 5 cm taller than Obama[View]
84479070What your cunt has done today to appease the wrath of the mighty Jupiter?[View]
84482630>Islam is the true path[View]
84468957Sverigetråden - Nattupplagan[View]
84478559I'll fucking do it, I swear to christ[View]
84482095I got the flu what should I do?[View]
84467825/ita/ - il filo[View]
84483124STOP WATCHING an*Me[View]
84478899Is incest frowned upon in your country?[View]
84480741A breakfast fit for a king. Literally the perfect way to start your day.[View]
84477967>*blocks your path* >look at the nearest black person (you) >'stop having 7-8 children and …[View]
84479764Do you like italian girls?[View]
84482567Why does the two most populous nations have the ugliest women??? Whyyyyyy[View]
84482697Le Pepe.[View]
84475733Question to English-speaking fellows: How do you find sound of Russian language? How harsh is it? Ho…[View]
84477173We are not Europeans[View]
84480044>le kek frog isn't normie mem-[View]
84479989>tfw: you will never be a middle age chinese man smoking a cigarette while being highly suspiciou…[View]
84470952/nachtschicht/ - tagsüber /deutsch/: Trier-West und so weiter[View]
84478514/ausnz/: Penetration edition[View]
84478729Are you happy?[View]
84471407THE ABSOLUTE STATE OF THE U.K.: >U.K. Appoints a Minister for Loneliness https://www.nytimes.com/…[View]
84473520/cum/: kurva anyátok[View]
84480357/brit/: quintessential british family edition[View]
84479845>wages have been falling for the last 8 odd years >economy has some how been growing >rents…[View]
84481559I want one.[View]
84473809>dude communism is evil >*consumes huge amounts of food while the rest of the world is literal…[View]
84480189>Swedish guy says that i can fuck this ass[View]
84481500DO YOU LOVE JAPAN[View]
84466804/ex-yu/: Cemu sve edicija[View]
84479948SELL SELL SELL[View]
84480658twitch tv rd0t This guy is my worst enemy of all for real. I was wandering around Twitch and found t…[View]
84480442Does your country have multiple coasts, /int/? Which is the best? The US has the east and west coast…[View]
84479194o say you can see[View]
84481382/Norgetråden/: Dagen er ikke helt den samme uten-utgaven Forrige: >>84451531 >>84451531 …[View]
84475909Thoughts on new world mongrels?[View]
84481187King of the Mutts: Why Murcians elect this arse?[View]
84466504Why does Spain still have a king?[View]
84478783>'The perfect europe doesn't exi-'[View]
84480479Post cunts that won't exist in 100 years[View]
84479254This is how japan see the english men[View]
84479045I heard that foreighners like Yayoi type girls. I've seen it with my own eyes. Handsome White m…[View]
84472728'Whiter than you, Mudasir'[View]
84480322>be mutt >get shot https://www.nbcnews.com/news/us-news/sheriff-s-deputy-fatally-shoots-16-yea…[View]
84480699>tfw no argie gf[View]
84477467The man that actually started it all say something nice about him /int/[View]
84480042USA regions thread: What are your thoughts on each region of the USA? I've never been to the US…[View]
84451531/Norgetråden/: Snǿfast utgave. forrige: >>84421284 >>84421284 >>84421284[View]
84478366/brit/: YORKIST edition[View]
84479269Why did the honeybees disappeared?: We still don't know, for sure https://www.sciencenews.org/a…[View]
84478821Why do a lot of Asians despise me just for being Australian?[View]
84480182I wish Britney Spears was my mummy...[View]
84479233Does every country bully red heads in school or is it just an australian thing?[View]
84479063Why are there so many christian subgroups in America?[View]
84470456Why doesn't India just annex Pakistan? >inb4 nukes[View]
84479868finn why?[View]
84463680which one is prettier ?[View]
84478907>be skinny/effeminate guy >decide to start going to the gym >get my butt slapped in the cha…[View]
84477676>be American >eat your coffee[View]
84479694Why so stubborn?[View]
84474941La creatura....[View]
84479696Person in the background: Me White guy in foreground: Your cunt Hand over all the culture and no one…[View]
84479682MUH BUS[View]
84477117STORM Net de hond uitgelaten en het waait al aardig hard. :dD[View]
84478974>Zhang beat me rent out of me again >Haven't even lived there for 3 years…[View]
84435118Who is your cunt’s best friend[View]
84477597How do we popularize bathhouses in the west?[View]
84472117I wanna marry a japanese help: Where can i find a sexy japanese, im from mexico and have many money …[View]
84476874>tfw want republicans to lose next election so /int/ goes back to being comfy reasonable center-r…[View]
84478710>Check out any non-English speaking general on /int/ >More than half the posts are anime shit…[View]
84477640I guess the United States of America could potentially have a 51st State that isn't the Moon. W…[View]
84476079At least you graduated university... /pol/ trolled me into thinking university was a jewish scam but…[View]
84471887Aren't you glad you don't have tornadoes?[View]
84470670How are girls in you country?[View]
84475129Why is Islamic architecture so good? I mean beyond the obvious reason that those who take influence …[View]
84478240>be Farage >born in Downe >EU MP for 20 years >work towards shooting the kneeling Empire…[View]
84470623Japanese master race has high nose unlike subh*man Chinese. Chinese flat nose monkey[View]
84476390>you wake up in texas[View]
84478418Literally lmaoing at all you faggots living in shithole countries lmao[View]
84479003Why are every kind of people evil except Anglos?[View]
84478508/int/: Why did it take 4chan so long to add an /int/ subsection to the website compare to /x/ or /v/…[View]
84478183Mexican ((((entertainment))))[View]
84478286What did Russian cities look like before they got plastered with cheap commieblocks?[View]
84473263What is wrong with Japanese humor?[View]
84478526how often do you shit on your fellow amerimutts? >daily[View]
84478410WANTED:SLAVE/SUBMISSIVE MALE: im looking for a obedient slave/submissive male that he can serve me l…[View]
84476462/brit/: The Falklands Edition[View]
84476724why do americans live in cardboard homes?[View]
84460642/ausnz/: hot archdemons with pistols edition[View]
84477280do you want to find love in britain?[View]
84476980don't bully!![View]
84477222What the fuck are they putting in the water supply that makes American children look like this?[View]
84477572Is it acceptable for men to cry in your cunt?[View]
84478178French Language: Why French is difficult to pronounce than Latin and Spanish? Celitic influences?…[View]
84470533>if ur a nigur then it means ur dumb and evil[View]
84477844NOOOOOOOOO NO, GOD PLEASE NO NO NO NO NO!!’.... not again.... I can't take another loss AT THE …[View]
84478185Can you enjoy a german movie with your family? pic: movie LORE[View]
84472917Has anybody here taught themselves a 'useless' language (a language that is only spoken in one not v…[View]
84477183ITT: we share pics of our unis Pic related.[View]
84478122>You wake up in a suburb... in Chile. Now what, /int/?[View]
84477544What was life like in your country back in 1999?[View]
84477700>tfw i hate my country[View]
84475798>ya man, you jamaican me crazy man >smoke da weed man >rasta worship jah >kill all faggo…[View]
84475861'Going to the gym is a waste of ti-'[View]
84477890>race threads[View]
84477356>land of the free haha[View]
84473896hilo latino[View]
84477577>be Brazilian >get DOOR'D[View]
84477966Non coles ea gay, si mirabilem et doctrinam.[View]
84477934Radioactive Easter toad: Fucking hell lads , just like those kekistani faggots we memed our mascot i…[View]
84475856What goes on here? What is life like here? This is one of the few countries about which I know almo…[View]
84473217>japan has low crime statistics because police does not report crime[View]
84476358What's it like to have a girlfriend?[View]
84477458>Could have made something of my life and become something i could be proud but instead I wasted …[View]
84477639Fleece, lease, wade, weighed.[View]
84477587French: I want to learn how to speak French. Any ideas how to start and progress?[View]
84472604Handsome /int/ernational men: Revenge of the soyboy edition[View]
84476735Why is Japan so racist?[View]
844675101. You're are cunt 2. Is this you're cunt[View]
84477136>35% of the US adult population cannot be trusted to not eat themselves to death but yet can be t…[View]
84477398What the fuck is this? I have adblock installed yet I still get these ads?[View]
84477209>Dude, like, shouldnt you have posted that on /pol/ and not /int/?[View]
84468613What is life like in rural/small-town Argentina? What do people do there?[View]
84477118this is a rendering of 100,000 americans turned into a cartoon character[View]
84472642>people think this is okay[View]
84476068Do you ever wish you were a 353cm TURK MUSLIM male with an IQ of 150, huge ass BLACK COCK, chiseled …[View]
84476997/brit/: Early thread Edition[View]
84449348Japanese Thread / 日本語スレッド: This thread is for the discussion of the language, culture, travel, daily…[View]
84473820With what other ethnicities would you racemix with?[View]
84473595>he’s never masturbated in his workplace bathroom[View]
84476291rare flag thread?: can we get some rare flags here?[View]
84471169Are we the bad guys? I mean, is the USA evil?[View]
84475131>Class is more important than anything else >Yet the working class repeatedly votes 'against'…[View]
84473243How the fuck is the West so rich.[View]
84471425You wake up in Toronto, 1980[View]
84476587>mostly everyone on /int/ is a NEET, poor, a virgin or a loser in some way so I felt pretty good …[View]
84476582Can your country's leader get a perfect score on the Montreal Cognitive Assessment test? Can YO…[View]
84476367Do american country girls look like THAT?[View]
84443581Why is nobody scared of China?: By 2050 their GDP will make up more than half of the world economy. …[View]
84467361>forms a testudo >starts marching towards you How do you react?…[View]
84474965/brit/: FUCK OFF YANKS GET OUT GET OUT GET OUT LEAVE edition[View]
84476486OH NO NO NO NO NO NO[View]
84476473Are whites the least communial ethnicity? >treat animals better than their own family members mos…[View]
84476313>when your peers settle down and having children while you're still a khv who only cares abo…[View]
84456475Show me your desktop /int/[View]
84474035Rare flags / You can only post in this thread if you have a rare flag: Invited: rare flags Not invit…[View]
844746351) Your country 2) Whats your opinion of Cidade de Deus?[View]
84476352Whats is Bulgaria's national anthem?[View]
84472906Always wanted to try this[View]
84476329>tfw rangebanned from creating threads on /tv/[View]
84470122Koreans in e-sports: Why are Koreans so good at video games? They completely dominate almost every e…[View]
84475125Why doesn’t the USA just annex Canada? desu who would stop them? the UK?[View]
84475632China is using top tech ships to create islands in south china sea to expand its economic zone. Turk…[View]
84476175Why do americans make such shitty music Please keep your degeneracy from europe[View]
84472558>Blacks can’t run it. Nowhere, and they won’t be able to for a hundred years, and maybe not for a…[View]
84474506Most more KEK![View]
84475277Why do poos think they're asian?[View]
84474750>serbia has two autonomous regions that amount to half the country's territory >serbia is…[View]
844747541. your country 2. do people smoke a lot in your country >gibraltar >we smoke 9~ packs a day o…[View]
84472280why do americans twist their pipes?[View]
84475287/pol BTFO by TÜRK. it's now scientifically proven that wh*Tes are inferior to BLACKs[View]
84465276When will the Austrian-Hungarian empire rise again?[View]
84475161Unified Korea: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JNVCdL908ko mfw New Zealand was talking about a unifi…[View]
84475197>His country has a population of less than 10 million >It has it's own /local/ thread pos…[View]
84468700http://youtu.be/WrjVA5Dkao Wh*tes BTFO by the black warrior once again[View]
84475042>go to american friends house for dinner >go to take off my shoes at the door >'hey what th…[View]
84473308Nippo-brazilian mixed girls are the world hottest asians and only us proud mestizos can appreciate t…[View]
84472541/brit/: Trabant edition[View]
84474902>Live in Midwest >See some faggot probably from NYC trying to ((((hail)))) a cab Why do they d…[View]
84474878la arte GERManica senoras e senores[View]
84473793Why is racism against Americans tolerated?[View]
84473516>Southern Europeans and North Africans look completely different[View]
84471693>'The truth does not fear investigation' >'Why is the holocaust the only historical event that…[View]
84472871Does Mexico have any friends?[View]
84474249Why does Chileans hate him so much?[View]
84474003>have to drive 15 mins to go to work Seriously guys, how can anyone stand this shit? I'm con…[View]
84473569឴ ឴[View]
84473000I lost my job.[View]
84395490/sino/: Professional sexpats edition The thread for posting in Chinese and discussion about the Chin…[View]
84467359Lol what the fuck[View]
84474238Why are centrists the best?[View]
84457146>cunt >is your cunt homophobic? flag yes[View]
84472823your cunt is it grim uk yes (grim up north)[View]
84473941/lat/: Hilo del mestizaje maligno Hilo latino[View]
84473166Why is /pol so easily triggered: https://archive.4plebs.org/pol/thread/156698216/ >A Turk opens a…[View]
84465000/lat/ hilo latino[View]
84473161Fire destroys Finlands only church: http:// startribune.com/fire-destroys-finland-s-only-church/2145…[View]
84469336>flag i like starts roasting my country[View]
84473817>you will never live at London in 1896[View]
84473688robert from poland its me brandon from canada please come back im so lonely im gonna cry[View]
84469881Why are only Europeans good at driving?[View]
84472989are there any other flags in the world with berries on them???[View]
84473612>wow anon you are so pale >are your parents from spain? >casper…[View]
84470898Are you a prude?[View]
84472281>my brother calls my mother by her birthname[View]
84469826why haven't you gotten yourself a EU passport yet?[View]
84449099/cum/ - Canada, USA and Mexico: Brady edition[View]
84469827Europeans are disgusting: Why are Europeans so ugly compared to anyone else from literally anywhere …[View]
84473481>His 'country' doesn't have socialized murder squads you can call whenever you please…[View]
84473407>tfw autistic[View]
84466248What was the message that this tried to convey?[View]
84470030tfw I wanted to be american to eat junk food everyday with extra cheddar cheese, burgers, tacos bell…[View]
84473052WHY ARE THERE SO MANY FRIGGING PAKIS AT MY SCHOOL? my town is over 90% white but my college seems l…[View]
84469356Argentina loves you all guys <3[View]
84473032>wanted to learn advanced physics and chemistry >'bro you wouldn't get good grade in KSA…[View]
84455061/balt/: If you are a normie go to school tomorrow[View]
84472208european men greet each other with blowjob[View]
84473055I wish I had someone to sleep with[View]
84473053Italian kids always steal trees? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=av1IhNzJKsY[View]
84471063What are grandparents like in your country? Mine were nice, hard-working country folk who made a lot…[View]
84472002Would you race mix with an Anglo?[View]
84471083Should USA build a Death Star and have it pointed at Russia?[View]
84468130be americunt >wake up at 4 in the morning >drink coffee-infused high fructose cornsyrup >g…[View]
84472101Me and poland, (me on the right)[View]
84472171>You could’ve gotten a gf. You could’ve gotten a gym membership and get a six pack. You could’ve …[View]
84472492Where do you want Latina to drive you?[View]
84472640>The absolute state of Unitedstations[View]
84470929/brit/: dr. strangelove edition[View]
84470800Has South Africa been getting worse since the end of apartheid or is that just a white supremacist m…[View]
84471247Who is your country's most based immigrants? Here it is Indians.[View]
84466550/balk/: subhuman edition old>>>84465692[View]
84436262/danmarktråden/: kongeriget danmark[View]
84472455Tomorrow I am resigning from my job. I can not take the pain of my loneliness any more. I do not eve…[View]
84472419Result of the sopa de macaco[View]
84458713/mämmi/: Käyttämättömät käyttötavarat-painos[View]
84459874Is UK the Poland of Europe?[View]
84468683would your parents disown you if they found out that you're gay ?[View]
84471450https://youtu.be/rtDxLL5wsRg Costa Rica es el único país que nos apoya en esto. Los 'hermanos' latin…[View]
84471759https://airma.sh/ fight me[View]
84469520Do people from 'non player' countries like war gaming? Or does it upset them that they can rarely pl…[View]
84471750Why are there so many gays?[View]
84470684>tfw just impaled a French girl with my big British cock just like my ancestors…[View]
84471770Good night /int/[View]
84470758These people are Indians.[View]
84471737>Arguing with a mexican >american show in >'uhhh sorry guys, but honestly... your spanish s…[View]
84468026WOAH :D[View]
84471057>It is not possible to describe! Mutt after Mutt poured through the portal that opened above Mexi…[View]
84471793>tfw thousands of hours wasted on 4chan instead of doing something productive…[View]
84469778Reminder that Chinese characters were created to keep brainlets and plebians illiterate. Gook luck …[View]
84469292is this brazil's favorite snack?[View]
84471713/fr/ - Le fil français: édition Egophobe https://www.egopho.be/ C'est tout nouveau, c'est …[View]
84467576/ex-ussr/ general: /extraflags/ edition Дoпoлнитeльныe флaги: https://github.com/flaghunters/Extra-F…[View]
84463642itt: English words that you find funny (american accent) Dinosaur[View]
84469978What do Romanians think of him?[View]
84470983>I use normie as an insult >Working a job is for slaves, I leech off of my parents and spend …[View]
84468859>tfw you will never be greek[View]
84447029Anglo-Portuguese friendship thread: Get in here my tanned and pasty friends and celebrate the Alianç…[View]
84471353how can I stop listening to Pink Floyd? I listen to their music ~5 hours every day[View]
84470895Do you play with cardbox in your country?[View]
84471402it's 4:53 here goodnight, lovely people :3[View]
84470993Dear Mexicoposters My mom says you guys hate Chicanos. Is that true? Why?[View]
84469880Why are Duch people so tall?[View]
84468876>Saw a factory hiring for $23/hr >Didn't even bother applying because deep down I know I …[View]
84469812international feels: feels thread post sad pics or greentexts[View]
84471286https://www.worldatlas.com/articles/who-drinks-the-most-alcohol-consumption-by-country.html Does you…[View]
84461939What went wrong?[View]
84470661Best country to study and work in at the same time?: recently got my italian passport. Which europea…[View]
84471268I want to move to Japan[View]
84468917The fridges of /int: Take a pic of your fridge and post it, then we rare it.[View]
84469957>conservative country >the original aryans >stronk military soon will have nuclear weapons …[View]
84470749why do wh*Tes love using the word n*gger?[View]
84469138/brit/: ah yes /pol/ edition[View]
84468383>the answer was in Iraq's future all along[View]
84449272What would actually prevent this from happening?: Absolutely nothing, that's what.[View]
84447743/MENA/: Free Palestine edition https://youtu.be/Xr5gWOD9L4E[View]
84465283>There are people who are unironically religious on this board[View]
84470404How is it possible that in 2006 only 22% of white Americans had blue eyes? Meanwhile in 1899 57% of …[View]
84469302>land of the free >literally the least free country in the world by the most objective definit…[View]
84459846MEXICO thread: 'Who are you voting for' edition[View]
84459944Does your country have people like this?[View]
84465384UK is deeply cucked Farage in 2013 : >'Britain would prosper outside the EU' >'By leaving the …[View]
84470556big benis :D:DDD[View]
84470630>mostly everyone on /int/ is a NEET, poor, a virgin or a loser in some way so I felt pretty good …[View]
84470848USA vs Europe thread[View]
84464105No memes, no bully. Do you like Americans?[View]
84466884/brit/: a better world edition[View]
84470160To the two black dudes in chemistry class who insist on calling yourselves “turkish” and shouting “K…[View]
84468493>Started losing weight >Over one month in >Slight definition of what i can only assume are …[View]
84470485You can only post in this thread if your country isn't on the Paris Climate Accord[View]
84470658Why do Latinos and Arabs hate each other on /int/?[View]
84454493>mfw the wh*Te race is dying[View]
84468944>you will never use comfy skyway system in Minneapolis How does it make you feel?…[View]
84470451i'm a frogposter[View]
84468110>snows in the South >10 people die Does this happen in your country?…[View]
84464615What places you want to visit in the world anons? I want to go to Paris, it's probably the most…[View]
84470027How do people celebrate birthdays in your cunt? It's my birthday today and I want an alibi for …[View]
84468022Palestinian 'men'[View]
84469994I miss when I was new to this board and just learning about european stuff for the first time. Euro …[View]
84467044>mexican rodeo[View]
84469567I hope you faggots get nuked to shit by norko you mongrel inbred retarded pieces of shit.[View]
84459805Should Sami people have their own country?[View]
84450186광주는 뭐다???: 어... 광주는 그 총기를 들고 일어난 하나의 폭동이야.. 아니 그러니까 계엄군이 진압하지 않을 수 없잖아?? https://youtu.be/GZYS0w1n7h…[View]
84469562Ah yes, (((Ethiopia)))[View]
84464354Which is the best?[View]
84434532kurva anyátok[View]
84465382what's your opinion on Circassia and Circassian genocide /int/?[View]
84464517Why are Germans so revolting?[View]
84469229Goodmorning /int/[View]
84452970Breaking news!!!!!!!!!: Norway is a majority white country https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=r1LzYYno2…[View]
84469123Why do christians believe in ghosts if their holy bible say they don't exist and the dead can…[View]
84466874/brit/: gnon edition[View]
84469126OH NO NO NO NO NO[View]
84464775I want to nuke Japan[View]
84455629>The Paraguayan War, also known as the War of the Triple Alliance and the Great War in Paraguay, …[View]
84466496>Contributing my Cypriot wife. Family says they're Turkish. 23 and me says Greek. >mfw we…[View]
84463933/fr/ - Le francofil finnophile: édition pois pakkoruotsi invités : finlandais pas invités : suéd*is …[View]
84466605American thoughts on Argentina, 1940: https://youtu.be/FMQkHECmCuQ Thoughts?[View]
844680565 BEST PLACES TO VISIT ON EARTH: 1 Rome 2 Auckland 3 Porto 4 London 5 Paris[View]
84468839Why haven't you taken the yellow pill of prosperity?[View]
84468781>I was sitting in the thirsty devil, one sheet hung to the wind when the bat wings doors creaked …[View]
84465698Post house music from your country. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=txioPc2t83c[View]
84467191Remember the day US state of California was under the Argentine flag?: Hardly anyone in the United S…[View]
84456148Are latinas good girlfriends?[View]
84468505/trv/ is too slow I'm staying at a hostel in South Beach, Miami for a night. What should I do o…[View]
84467019Have you ever visited a mosque?[View]
84448570Post your local town hall[View]
84468318>tfw underweight[View]
84467316>2016: Year of the annoying /pol/tards shitting this place up >2017: Year of the radical centr…[View]
84466778your cunt your favorite anime gif flag pic related[View]
84467973/polska/: edycja andrzeja goloty[View]
84468251>Presidential democracy[View]
84460673Moving from austria to preston this year. What can I expect from shitty north west england?[View]
844676238kg to lose to be perfect. It's too hard[View]
84466585Anglo grills were really friendly: unlike germans grills, at least in my class they didnt talk with …[View]
84460186>your country >How do people treat fat people there? >is it easy to lose weight in your cou…[View]
84467376Do you want a humble Japanese wife?[View]
84457023>If Poland gave Germans Danzig WW2 would've never happened makes you think doesn't it? …[View]
84465724Would you like to find love in Norway?[View]
84460376/polska/: Edycja Białorycerzowania[View]
84458839/ita/ - il filo di cittadinanza: Edizione aspettando il reddito[View]
84467609>Sweden acts progressive >Occupies native Asian land…[View]
844678791. you're a cunt[View]
84467700London would look like this if the French didn't oppress us in 1066[View]
84459387NEDERDRAAD: NEDERDRAAD Het is voorbij-editie Welkom: Nederland en Vlaanderen Niet welkom: De rest…[View]
84467652North and South korea relations are getting better?: https://www.nytimes.com/2018/01/17/world/asia/n…[View]
84467440Persia would have looked like this today had Islam never existed and Persia was able to continue its…[View]
84465209/nachtschicht/ tagsüber auch /deutsch/: Normies raus[View]
84462739Are you ready for the leaf century?[View]
84462604Why is Belgium not considered a country by int?[View]
84467421Should this board be turned into /national/ instead of /international/?[View]
84467110Why did Iran copy Sikh symbol?[View]
84461228>wake up >im not a qt twink >no qt edgy gf it's over lads…[View]
84460679ITT: Countries you wish were your neighbours[View]
84453482Do you like France?[View]
84467368Post music from your country Juice Leskinen - Musta aurinko nousee https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=D…[View]
84467326What the FUCK: As a Finnish-American, I DEMAND reparations for the way my people have been treated -…[View]
84463854Would Finnish forces be considered as liberators in Northern Sweden?[View]
84465202Reminder that /int/ is a radical centrist board.[View]
84465852Why wh*te people feel so offended when they get called racist because they did/said something racist…[View]
84461562>2. your country >1. is your country islamophobic? Germany yes, the most anti-muslim country e…[View]
84464572/brit/: THERES A MAN GOING ROUND TAKING NAMES and he decides who to JUST and who to blame edition…[View]
84465103FACT:Sardinians are the most pèowerful race[View]
84466159How do I get revenge on the bull that trampled my father?[View]
84464202What happens here?[View]
84458164Why is this allowed again ?[View]
84457926Sverigetråden - 2dupplagan[View]
84455093Why is Portuguese such an unpleasant language and accent?[View]
84465206/schwul/ ehemals als /deutsch/: Ausgabe gegen rechte hetze[View]
84461308How many african nations can you name in this map?[View]
84466160>our entire generation will probably die because of an international war, fought for the interest…[View]
84465930>This is in a kids cartoon WTF is wrong with Fr*nch people? https://youtu.be/VbSkumH9uhs…[View]
84461292I want to become Finnish, what am I in for?[View]
84461629>tfw no gf[View]
84465475is it true that nordic girls like south american guys ?[View]
84453763Post your mom thread: I’ll start[View]
84448458/balk/: mashallah old >>84441574[View]
84461002>1996 + 22 >unironically still a virgin Just end me already…[View]
844653491. Your cunt 2. How are autistic people treated? flag like absolute shit unless they're extreme…[View]
84462272Why are wh*Toids such manlets?[View]
84452276Did you have pools/swimming lessons in elementary/middle/high school?[View]
84461988Are we sure this isnt just Lain in country form?[View]
84463347French people eat frogs and snails[View]
844640801. Your cunt 2. Did you ever have foreign kids at school? for europe Muslims don't count, no Me…[View]
844647161. Your country 2. Is your leader making it great again? 1. USA 2. Yes[View]
84463634Explain why I wouldn't if not: Could I fit in, in your country? Even if I couldn't pass as…[View]
84464431>cunt >do you smell your own farts? flag yes…[View]
84458362/southern europe/ thread: Invited:Romans and Celts Not Invited:Barbarians[View]
84462074/deutsch/: Nazbol Gang Ausgabe.[View]
84460447Weathers thread: this is summer here ;_;[View]
844629411. Your country 2. I just made dinner:)[View]
84453376/lat/ hilo latino[View]
84461726>tfw no qt finnish gf[View]
84464644>tfw no qt japanese gf Why even live?[View]
844624981. ur cunt 2. how2talk to women[View]
84450161/v4/ + heterofriends: Everybody wants to be Czech edition[View]
84443960This is now a Roki Vulovic thread[View]
84458036When is daddy coming home?[View]
844609991. Ur city 2. Are you currently experiencing snow? Charlotte Yes[View]
84462323>'ebin funny fails xD compilation #326' >80% of the videos are niggers bixnood on 'hoverboards…[View]
84453174/fr/ - le fil français: édition de la frangipane en promo[View]
84458856The Chicano Problem: Why are chicanos so ungrateful? If they hate their new country so much then why…[View]
84459818/brit/: just good business edition[View]
84457410>a swedish flag reply to me[View]
84462547Need help from some Swedebros!!!: Hi /int/ Can anybody in Sweden help a Dane out that has been on a …[View]
84463270whats it like to have a government that isn't run by retards, the corrupt, and corrupt retards?[View]
84457246Why is this allowed again ?[View]
84460621>one chance at life >not born white[View]
84461741More like Paragay[View]
84460804Is there anything this man can't do?[View]
84456046you wake up in riyadh[View]
84461146This is how my ideal husband looks like. Your thoughts?[View]
84460005>The fucking ball[View]
84436645/ex-ussr/ general: Eлбacы edition[View]
84458360>tfw no southern European gf[View]
84462229Say something nice about non shithole's capital. Shitholes are not allowed to comment[View]
84458981【NEW NARUTO UNION THREAD】 Thank you for the confirmation. I'm happy to hear you can join us. .…[View]
84462081>tfw your cunt is in the 'Very high human development' bracket https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List…[View]
84457848/deutsch/: Zuckerausgabe[View]
84445238>Working a job is for slaves, NEET master race here >'Basic income and genera AI will come any…[View]
84446936>skipped class again I CAN'T FUNCTION AROUND PEOPLE WHAT THE FUCK DO I DO!…[View]
84461449'Working out is a waste of time if you have bad gen-' When did you realise this was false?[View]
84462794>get excited when I hear American college campuses are full of Marxists >go to college >g…[View]
84462049Do you like English songs???: I don't listen to English songs. But I like this 'Exodus Honey' L…[View]
84456143Oh wow could you imagine![View]
84455269Why is this allowed again?[View]
84460241>Now that brexit is on the way, we will use the IMPERIAL system again bcus is IMPERIAL haha…[View]
84460451Stop the spectre in you're computer: There is now a ghostbuster tool to make it sure spectres w…[View]
84448216Do you ever wish you were a 12’5 WHITE protestant male with an IQ of 150, huge ass WHITE COCK, chise…[View]
84458849What happened to mexicans? Back in the day mexicans used to bad ass motherfuckers and now they'…[View]
84461551>tfw no black gf[View]
84458644>You are a cunt >Do you love your parents Flag Yes, more than anything in this world…[View]
84435196Why do Muslims lie?[View]
84461242Putonghua learning thread: Resources: https://www.sexymandarin.com/ Heisig method: remembering tradi…[View]
844495451.country 2.Do people in your country eat these? Flag Yes, they are master seafood[View]
84458901/ita/-il filo: Edizione baby gang[View]
84460738Hello my American fellows. After one month y more of all the net-neutrality events: What's the …[View]
84459361Stop being french.[View]
84456481*drops a living fish on a bag of rice* GIB SIX MIRRION DORRA NOW YOU GAIJIN PECE OF SHIT[View]
84459552Is it safe to go to America? What about for women?[View]
84453928By posting in this thread you get a government mandated gf, the only catch is that she's from t…[View]
84460790>cunt >do you have snow Flag Yes[View]
84460430>i have to eat a disgusting bbq pizza because my stupid mom doesnt buy the food i like >i wann…[View]
84459719>it's snowing again REEEEE FUCKING SNOW GO AWAY![View]
84459464USA and friends: Only post here if your cunt is 50 or higher.[View]
84460481>be female of most beautiful race >do this to yourself…[View]
84459295Is it worth it to try getting a normal life? I will be 20 soon and i'm wondering if i should go…[View]
84453132/polska/: Edycja protestu kobiet[View]
84445530/ausnz/: driftin edition[View]
84458894What’s the best way to learn a second language?[View]
84450798/ex-yu/: bugarčice izdanje[View]
84456551FUCK NOOOOO France will lend Bayeux Tapestry to perfidious English. I'm sure they will burn or …[View]
84459875>tfw your kitchen licence gets revoked[View]
84457036/brit/: love cats me edition[View]
84452079If Romans are so superior how did this happen?[View]
84450144(You) wake up in Buenos Aires, what do?[View]
84459639Mods better un-ban TURKbros now or else i will be very mad .[View]
84457693Why is this allowed again ?[View]
84456977/NEDERDRAAD/: Feest-editie welkom: IEDEREEN! ik zat net in de archieven te neuzen en wat blijkt? DIT…[View]
84455208I need a girlfriend? How can I find one?: I need a girlfriend? How can I find one? How to get girlfr…[View]
84453922House for a million USD: Which house can you buy with a million US dollar in your town/city? Pic rel…[View]
84455035What are some top tier horror kinos from ur cunt to watch[View]
84459163This is Tlaloc, the Aztec god of rain. In order to make it rain, he required that children have thei…[View]
84458048are brits european?[View]
84458279How 'dark' is England in comparison to countries like Sweden, Germany or France? Is there a large di…[View]
84456119>watch porn >imagine you are the girl are you doing it too /int/?…[View]
84458655Russians like niggas in ghetto.Let's think. <Poor <Haven't rights AND THE MOST PAINF…[View]
84456932I'm alone and bored. Amuse me, normies.[View]
84457830Italian makes hand gesture, everybody laughs at him, then becomes an emoji, suddenly the rest of the…[View]
84454318/ita/ il filo: >sono le 18:48 e non svapano[View]
84457330why american always bring us up? leave us alone, you're so annoying.[View]
84458479When I born, I black. When I grow up, I black. When I go in sun, I black. When I scared, I black.…[View]
84457619I am going to the supermarket for the 2nd time in my life. Here is my shopping list. Please suggest …[View]
84458433Fetishes for other cunts: I just want a slightly white power pale French GF to drink red wine with m…[View]
84456332I eat pasta with bread. Now insult me :([View]
84450052/mämmi/: Metsät, hiihtomajat ja öljykriisit-painos[View]
84454573Lore Lore Lore tria la la la la: Does your cunt have rape songs like Germany has? https://www.youtub…[View]
84458236What makes Finnish people so successful?[View]
84456339Which is a great place to live in?[View]
84449014rate my supper lads[View]
84458101Want some despresso?[View]
84456242Who is truly racist?: I've travelled, I've seen the glorious dark true subsaharan african,…[View]
84455332/ice/: Icelandic thread.[View]
84457809Culture Pals - /cp/: Ugly Korean manlet edition Welcome to Culture Pals! Message QTs frin around the…[View]
84449010Do you like Abe?[View]
84442572What is your favourite foreign language film?[View]
84449053Opinions on Turkey?[View]
84457626/nederdraad/ /vlaanderendraad/: noodluik-editie welkom: Autochtone Nederlanders en Belgen niet welko…[View]
84446402Do you want a korean Bf?[View]
84453010/deutsch/: Wenn uns schon die Reichen und Politiker in alle Löcher ficken warum nicht einfach den Ar…[View]
84457515Who was the first to immigrate from your family /CHI/? My grandpa immigrated from Ecuador in 1987.[View]
84457164tfw no sword wielding Russian gf https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wTtJOWQTmKA[View]
84456215I am WHITE and ITALIAN![View]
84447978How FREE are you?: Are you free? Urgay: Yes[View]
84453328what went so utterly, disgustingly, horribly bad?[View]
84452986#metoo: Has this cancer spread to your cunts, yet? >NL >yes http://www.dutchnews.nl/news/archi…[View]
84420185Culture Pals - /cp/: Randy Edition LAZY turds can't make a thread Welcome to Culture Pals! Me…[View]
84453776>But how can you live without working for schlomoburg or starting a business? Why do normies say …[View]
84451495can anyone translate this[View]
84454183>one week after the TÜRKey ban >wh*Te subhumans already insulting my BLACK race, KARA BOĞA. tr…[View]
84453837/brit/: comfy night in edition[View]
84456818>your cunt >do you trust society or do you fear them? NL Definitely, don't trust society.…[View]
84455715Name a shittier region in the entire planet. Protip: you can't.[View]
84445079/nederdraad/ /vlaanderendraad: Famkelouis-editie Welkom: schattige meisjes en autistische jongens N…[View]
84456520Is there any former English colony with woman who look worse than English women?[View]
84445284A daily reminder that you will never be Finnish. A daily reminder that your parents made bad choices…[View]
84436248Post your weight and body size. I'll start: 1.78 79kg I have 5 close friends and I'm the s…[View]
84456772The salsa pill: So what's stopping you from going to your local latin dance club/latin night at…[View]
84455562Why in every second American teenage comedy heroes need to smoke the weed to be happy?[View]
84454644uh?? germany?? might have some explaining to do honeybuns...[View]
84455692Why do they kill themselves so much?[View]
84420274Why are people so obsessed with Mediterraneans on this board There is no day without some crazy stup…[View]
84452617Japanese Thread / 日本語スレッド: This thread is for the discussion of the language, culture, travel, daily…[View]
84453210Global superpower by 2030.[View]
84455785how will history remember this shithole?[View]
84452197Greetings, gentlemen. I would like to inform you that I am, at this moment, enjoying a regional culi…[View]
84443169/asean/: Federalism edition[View]
84443511Israel: Do you Love Israel and the Jewry?[View]
84446750Calling blacks Nigger: This is really dangerous in your country? In Korean, the word 'nigga…[View]
84456115What happens here?[View]
84456022https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bfAnUbgDSbE: Гypкoчe гpiм в кoвaльнi Бoгa. Cтoять вoї з кicьми дo пл…[View]
84455814Why are Hungarians so good at banter?[View]
84447904Italians are WHITE![View]
84455490Why don't Mexico and Colombia annex central America and split it between them?[View]
84454388Why do I waste my time on a board where literally only stupid children dwell? It looks like everybo…[View]
84451301>and this is our son's room. he's quite the disappointment![View]
84450189/brit/: Important opinion edition[View]
84455446KING OF SWEDEN[View]
84450213So is it worth it? Without all the reddit memes is it a good or bad idea to quit masturbation?[View]
84451935Post your Tegors.[View]
84454937God has decided to evolve ticks, but he respects free will so he sends Jesus to organize a referend…[View]
84450697it's 2018, can we stop pretending spain is a real country?[View]
84452890Peace, nigger.[View]
84453737I welcome the Chinese century.[View]
84431646the /balt/: chillin in kyoto grand with my man skrill[View]
84451601What's the worst European country?[View]
84449684Sverigetråden - Eftermiddagsupplagan[View]
84450983these are the top tier best countries of the world, rest of the world is fucking trash. prove me wro…[View]
84451748'A journalist for the british Business Insider tells tourists to not look to Iceland when it comes t…[View]
84454532Did you have ski lessons in elementary/middle/high school?[View]
84432950Hilo Latino /lat/[View]
84454565FUCK OFF FINLAND[View]
84454291Whose idea was it to make non-whites considered our equals and give women equal rights biggest mista…[View]
84451234Redpill me on the US[View]
84449044Do Brits feel like they are the premier European country? Do other Western Europeans see the Britis…[View]
84433320Have you ever been in love /int/?[View]
84446023/ita/ il Filo: anime edition[View]
84453857You may only enter this thread if your country has never committed a war crime.[View]
84453202>your cunt >is race mixing common flag i think it's mostly limited to one stands with bla…[View]
84451928Left: brown people in the year 10.000 BC Right: wh*Te 'people' in the year 0[View]
84453983Reminder: That Tengrism is THE /int/ religion.[View]
84450042Glory to the Suebi![View]
84453838>'That's right Charles I said black!'[View]
84451516Your thoughts about this country?[View]
84449140why do germans hate when you drink alone?: it's not a big deal here. i've talked to tons o…[View]
84453559I give you 1BTC if you show me your dick[View]
84450231Las Malvinas son argenti-[View]
84453531The KARA BOĞA century: >Europe >Will be KARA BOĞA'd by Turks and Muslim brothers >the …[View]
84453331>americans aren't legally allowed to have cash http://www.washingtonpost.com/sf/investigativ…[View]
84451771>tfw get fed up with my neet life[View]
84453410>this a thing in amer*ca https://youtu.be/vd1_gG1C290 Amerisharts are fucking disgusting…[View]
84452326>mfw half-price ferries to holland[View]
84452314you are japanese ? look down on your keyboard. that is blood, from your hands. of millions of innoce…[View]
84453142The dumb valley hoe accent makes my dick diamonds[View]
84447069>tfw a non-chad approachs you[View]
84448590/deutsch/: Kriegsverliererausgabe[View]
84452116what does /int/ think about Canal-Land[View]
84447399/polska/: edycia[View]
84452829>you wake up in Albania[View]
84420776/luso/ - fio lusófono: edição cu-pop previamente: >>84397647[View]
84452740>be scandinavian >go outside >slip on ice >die lmao they dont need freedom anyways hahah…[View]
84449083yellow fever: yellow fever is racist/sexist for asian female. what do you think??[View]
84448408>my mom will die one die[View]
84446069How can anybody say with a straight face that say race does not matter? Brazil, the largest black na…[View]
84451982>ur cunt >do hijab and scissor attacks happen >>usa >>no…[View]
84452404China will be a Superpanda by 2020.[View]
84452083/fr/ - le francofil: édition de l'amitié franco-américain sous-édition de l'empereur jupit…[View]
84446621Which European countries have you /int/erweb nerds visited? Pic related, the black lines point the …[View]
84445926/fr/ - le fil francophone: Édition des filles zombies Ancien >>84440208 >>84440208 >…[View]
84452444Why was everyone a chad in the 70s was it because there was no social media so people had to be soci…[View]
84448138Your flag You do sex casually before you knew each other, or the other way round?[View]
84446733do germans really drink out of glass boots?[View]
84452236I got banned from r/canada within 10 minutes of posting something critical of the injuns[View]
84450554Woah... /int/ got REALLY btfo this time. When will you guys learn?[View]
84450827>1. your country >2. are you satisfied with your logistics company 1. Germany 2. No, they are …[View]
84451568will i get shot if i smoke weed in the phillippines?[View]
84433714Tell me ONE thing wrong with fucking your sister if she's hot[View]
84448974Why did they choose to abandon their own culture and language and subjugate themselves to the Anglo-…[View]
84451641Hi cunts, my name is Bruce Barbosa I'm a 25 year old Aussieboo (Australian culture enthusiast f…[View]
84448120pry them cotton boy!!![View]
84451488Do Canadians travel more than Americans outside the country?[View]
84449942Hey,anons.Why does /int love Finland so much?is it paradise on Earth?[View]
84451493>communists destroyed all of china's cultu-[View]
84436590Why are black people triggered by this? Arent they proud of their skin color?[View]
84451389breseew foought in both world wars china pls dont keep us out of ww3[View]
84451354Yeah, likewise I'm tired of rap guys that's faggots Your P'll shut eyes and swole up …[View]
84450585아 기분좋다~~~~~: 대한민국 군대들 지금까지 뭐했노이기들 나도군대갔다왔고 예비군 훈련까지 다받았는데 심심하면 사람들한테 세금내라하고 불러다가 뺑뺑이 돌리고 훈련시키고 했는데 거…[View]
84421284/norgetråden/: Rullestoljv-utgaven Forrige tråd: >>84385327[View]
84437141Know your country's name direct translation meaning.[View]
84449526IS THIS ALLOWED IN YOUR COUNTRY?: https://twitter.com/FrDesouche/status/953638951662874624/video/1…[View]
84450443How come New Zealand is becoming so much more culturally dominant in the world than Australia? Ever…[View]
84447566Gucci Gang, ooh, yeah, yeah, Gucci Gang, ooh Gucci gang, Gucci gang, Gucci gang, Gucci gang Gucci ga…[View]
84440071Wh*te genocide when?[View]
84432196Y'all motherfuckers better start saving content fast if you ever want a wank again.[View]
84449783spot the intruder[View]
84446471>Just go to the gym bro, im sure women will love ur new body[View]
84426940/cum/: Old enough edition[View]
844493521. your cunt 2. would you eat human person[View]
84433646I don't get it, why do people complain about 'Muslims taking over Europe'? It doesn…[View]
84437001what is your favourite slavic name?[View]
84442746>Turkey is a dictatorship >Hungary is a dictatorship >Moldova is a dictatorship >Poland …[View]
84429959Post old money from your country[View]
84450091I want to Kill all chinese why chinese are so disgusting?[View]
84428997/ex-yu/: lozimo drva edicija[View]
84448401/brit/: winston[View]
84446159i'm 168 and 54 kilos no hollow cheeks or jawline yet[View]
84445568/me-na/: بريطانيستان edition[View]
84449456Are you soulless shithole?[View]
84446991>Finish 'objects' level on duolingo >Zero mention of women…[View]
84447674LMAO Is there anyone here who bought this more than 10,000/1[View]
84442792Name two countries which share many similarities: I'll start: Ireland & South Korea >ete…[View]
84445993Poland srlsy wants reparations from Germany: You want another war? Are you that dumb? I R R E L E V …[View]
84444170>Me don't like foreign people[View]
84449251To the Italian guy who posted this image: I didn't mean to hurt you, just mistook you for someo…[View]
84437859/mämmi/: puputus[View]
84445307WTF America[View]
84443586Daily reminder that Finnish girls have the best of East and West: Germanic White + Mongoloid Korean …[View]
84444525How do we fix the Ukrainian demographic collapse? >44 million before the War, economic downturn …[View]
84446154>arrive early to work >all the poles on the night shift immediately start jibbering in polish …[View]
84448326how should I attract qt white exchange students in my college? it seems they make only white friends…[View]
84448828/pol/ made fun of me ;([View]
84446067/Brexit/: How does it feel to be sinking into shit? £ to Euro: Jun 2015: €1.435 Jan 2018: €1.125…[View]
84449023Who /Torontonian/ here? Are you sad that Honest Ed’s is gone?[View]
84448484>You’re committed to american prison What do?[View]
84431395Is cuckolding acceptable in your cunt?[View]
84448794Any faggits want to come get bummed?[View]
84447770Why do soyboys look kind of cute? They are probably natural and ideal bf materials unlike insta men …[View]
84445087how it feels to have a culture?[View]
84448517i love bratwurst[View]
84447894Confess your sins, my child[View]
84447796What do French think about Croatia?[View]
84445080/deutsch/ Lohnschafe können nicht inzu gesundes NEET-Leben-Ausgabe: da habt ihrs[View]
84441623How are police in your country? Alright? Corrupt? Power tripping? Are you cops less or more psychopa…[View]
84448269Is it ok to work for £1,250 a month in a low skill dead end job for 12 hour shifts in 2018 in the UK…[View]
84421730/v4/ + homofriends: milosc[View]
84448460/balk/: white pride edition old: >>84441574[View]
84445623/brit/: кoт edition[View]
84448409/brit/: why aren't you at work edition[View]
84447981Why are they uncivil?[View]
84440490NICE HDI, FAGGET[View]
84441574/balk/: old >>84424984[View]
84433230Japanese Thread / 日本語スレッド: This thread is for the discussion of the language, culture, travel, daily…[View]
84445421*blocks your path*[View]
84440658I heard Japanese girls are too shy when it comes to initiating sex, is that true?[View]
84445090do all roads really lead to Rome?[View]
84445252Will Jap girls give you sex?: As foreigners, we think Jap women are very tight and are ready to have…[View]
84437857Why do Whites look down to Asian?: I always get this patronized feeling around Whites. Like they are…[View]
84444353Do you have clear 'hierarchy' of cities in your country? In Russia, Moscow is definitely the first c…[View]
84447731>youre cunt >are youma soyboy ? NZ Unfortunately yes…[View]
84435689>japanese consider this fat[View]
84447500my ancestor :)[View]
84446132A liberal muslim rapist ISIS recruiter professor and bomb maker was teaching a class on Muhammed, pr…[View]
84436925why is russia absolute shithole?[View]
84445015What are the stereotypes in your country? French = Effeminate faggots that don't shower German …[View]
84447079Fuck Atatürk for running the treaty of Sevres[View]
84439427Why does this board hate Portugal so much? They are good people.[View]
84441072Sverigetråden - Böganalsexupplagan[View]
84429270/polska/: Edycja nocna[View]
84441891>tfw no showa japanese gf[View]
84440219>Your a cunt >What is the logo of your cunts police? This is the Norwegian logo…[View]
84446729祇園精舎の鐘の聲 諸行無常の響き有り[View]
84446515What's some cool shit from Africa?[View]
84436946Why is it that the France has lost its power to the point that it's now not as influential as G…[View]
84446198>'Bonjour, je suis franç-'[View]
84437004>This man was elected to Australian parliament[View]
84445115>Dozens of /r9k/ threads on /int/ a day >In every single one the op just keeps making dumb exc…[View]
84441272Why are expats in Korea such disgusting commies: >Confucianism is bad, man >old Korean people …[View]
84444664Anybody else here extremely happy?[View]
84446013How did france went from this...[View]
84439029Will a Dutch person pronounce Saksenland as 'Shakshenland' or 'Saksenland'? From all video lessons o…[View]
84442508/brit/: Apu edition[View]
84445965/fr/ - Le fil du Royaume de France - Edition du Roi: Le fil d'avant : >>84440208 >>…[View]
84444942Israelis only know war and viole--[View]
84429246/ita/ - il filo[View]
84445522The US isn't a shitho- https://youtu.be/zvCGtxeknSg[View]
84431172How many race does Russsia have in their country? Can the Russians say all of their names? How is th…[View]
84445120>tfw when I am Arab on /int/[View]
84442947>buying clothes from a malaysian seller >'i ship worldwide except israel'…[View]
84442925>this child was born in 1999 How?[View]
84444609How long till all of us can have our own AI gfs?[View]
84445684England has the best SLAGS in the fucking world /int/, stop kidding yourselves. This isn't even…[View]
84444012Will the world be better off under Chinese hegemony than it was under American hegemony?[View]
84433076is this acceptable behaviour in your country?[View]
844453671.you're a cunt 2.do you dream this man?[View]
84434930>tfw no welsh anime gf[View]
84441908I just saw my dad browse 4chan on his tablet. He closed the page as soon as I got too close.[View]
84445305HOW BECOME FRENCH MAN????????????????? WEAR RED PANTS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!![View]
84435682Do you support Hong Kong's return to British rule?: Most Hong Kongers want it. They're be…[View]
84441768>americans pronounce it marry-o[View]
84440208/fr/ - Le fil Français: Edition du génocide de Youkaignoules, des aisselles et des clavicules[View]
84442081>Okay. We need a banner to give our organization website some legitimacy.. something that will ma…[View]
84440800Wow, that really has opened my eyes.[View]
84444236>say something about america >UHM... YOU MEAN THE USA RIGHT? AMERICA IS A CONTINENT…[View]
84444909Run for your fucking life commie[View]
84444957serbia... croatia.... pls not fight...............[View]
84444789Is he a soyboy ?[View]
84441601>checks catalog >no thread about India >mfw what has happened to /int/ ?…[View]
84444690Why are Alaskans such weebs? http://mashable.com/2018/01/16/pornhub-data-2017-us-state-searches/?utm…[View]
84442645Is this legal in your cunt? >UK >YES[View]
84440796How do you think Jomon-Japanese' roots? South asian? Caucasian group?[View]
84437768Southern Italy is better than Northern Italy[View]
84442886>Australians don't have culture Umm explain these sweeties xx[View]
84436562Do you feel disgusted by East Asian people? only want 100% honest opinion.[View]

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