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79913481Why are Scandinavian guys so violent when they are drunk? My Swedish bf beat me last night after bin…[View]
79909731/brit/: Master of the swarm (me) edition.[View]
79913383>tfw you realize you are in love with a girl you will never ever see again 1. Youe country 2. Doe…[View]
79889089Why does Russia do this? Do they really need the government to protect them from themselves that bad…[View]
79913134good morning /pol/[View]
79912645What means to be a man in your country? In mine, it means to have a very active sexual life when you…[View]
79911871This is a Brazilian woman.[View]
79913052Are Orthodox Jews bro-tier? >anti-zionist >oppose israel's right to exist >are against…[View]
79913030>Virgin on Thursday revealed plans to offer passengers Wi-Fi by connecting to Optus satellites on…[View]
79912988*blocks your king*[View]
79909638Do Europeans make their coleslaw with mayo or vinegar dressing?[View]
79912714Is this a white nationalist show?[View]
79912240realisticaly speaking if i go to south korea can i easily found a cute girly bf?[View]
79895977/dixie/ - Southern US & Friends: Polish edition[View]
79912286Why are tanned maghrebi Mizrahi Jewess godesses so beautiful and delicious, whereas ashkeNAZI jewess…[View]
79909821How are you preparing for the Latin American Micro-Second?[View]
79911120'Brazilians are ugl-'[View]
79912299Good morning /int/![View]
79909836daily remind that greek's dick is even smaller than nips[View]
79908627Canadians, tell me about the dark-blue parts outside Québec province in this image.[View]
79911441Australia or Canada, which is better to travel?[View]
79912425>It's already 1:17 am >I woke up at 8am and spent all day on 4chan again…[View]
79912194>The truth does not fear investigation >i do not believe 6 million Jews perished in the Holoca…[View]
79911755>be english >get acid thrown at your face…[View]
79912173>Über alles in der Welt[View]
79912208ITT: /int/ in 1929 >Stock market crash happens[View]
79911883ROAD TRIP: Ameribros, how about we all meet up and have a road trip across our glorious nation?…[View]
79910943Good morning Finlaaand~ <3[View]
79909191Are whites even welcome on this board anymore? It feels like everyone hates us and thinks we're…[View]
79910439Why does Reddit always ban me for unreasonable reasons?[View]
79911428>Our lefty president ignored our partition for Drafting of women It's over. I'm gonna …[View]
79906773>his world doesn't orbit a large gas giant Explain yourself earthlets…[View]
79911637What happens here?[View]
79911932You're welcome[View]
79911899>the NBN[View]
79909917/cum/: Fuck off Europeans edition[View]
79910713>tfw grown out of 4chan but have nowhere else I hate how the pseuds are so in my head I'm go…[View]
79911274What country is the cutest?[View]
79901502Homosexuality in your Country: All personal opinions aside, how do homosexuals fare in your country?…[View]
79908056Is this true: And why does it cut through the middle of countries? Does one half of the country have…[View]
79911627/pol/: If you get told to go back to /pol/, come here[View]
79910924Wake the fuck up /int/[View]
79909589>tfw fell for the Jungle Fever meme How do I cure it? I have no sexual attraction to wh*te womyn…[View]
79910853>granddad, what was the world like before when glorious Chinese and honorable Muslims united with…[View]
79909557Are wh*Tes treated fairly your cunt? >australia >yes, we regularly bully them for being evil o…[View]
79909028ITT: '''villains''' who literally and unironically did nothing wrong[View]
79909869>whites What's the deal with em?[View]
79909056>mfw some white dog is being christian near me[View]
79910999Is this the future?: We need to do something.[View]
79911470What's the best general on /int/?[View]
79910768>Argieslaves Holy shit, Argentina. https://www.globalslaveryindex.org/index/…[View]
79911005ITT: Foreign leaders you admire[View]
79906395this is the ideal female body. you may not like it, but this is what peak hotness look like.[View]
79909738/brit/: Holiday in Thailand edition[View]
79910565>tfw /int/ won't stop humiliating whites Leave us alone we've done nothing to you!…[View]
79910333So choose wisely!: Next month China gonna open big factory for mass human cloning. And gonna sell cl…[View]
79910230>your country >how popular are milkshakes in your country…[View]
79911110This French man is called Areola[View]
79906968Why do these countries have the best fighters?[View]
79910834>Europeans grow up idolizing these 'men'[View]
79910364>TFW you haven't learned anything new from /int/ in... ever What is even the purpose of this…[View]
79910784I've called the police three-times on my dad and they've done nothing about him abusing us[View]
79902836Latino's can't be whi-[View]
79909786>tfw no german gf[View]
79910637What happens here? From what I heard from Amerigan and Gorean dourists, it sounds like a good place[View]
79910786This is what a roman looked like[View]
79910617>want to jovialpost with the lads on /int/ >banter is illegal in this country…[View]
79905170>0.1% Ashkenazi Jew >0.7% Broadly European >0.2% East Asian…[View]
79910357Two white girls with their asian Boyfriend[View]
79909906wh*Te posting is a form of white genocide and you know it[View]
79906964Could i pass as a local in your country?[View]
79907960Is Romania the healthiest country in Europe?[View]
79909977>His country can't see the North Star Shouldn't be a country T B H…[View]
79908812>There is no hero like Ali; There is no sword like Zulfiqar[View]
79894461I actually had sex for the first time a few days ago. When did you lose your virginity /int/?[View]
79908354/luso/- o fio da língua portuguesa: Edição do grande super-herói lusitano[View]
79907080/cum/: making a thread before the mex edition[View]
79904504This is a map of the world, if you were to divide it up by the native ethnic groups that share a lot…[View]
79909506CATALONIA REFERENDUM POLL: http://www.strawpoll.me/14013060/r Consider this the mock referendum.…[View]
79908503>americans come up to me out of nowhere in public and start making conversation What's wrong…[View]
79908304The Japanese race: The monkey race of Asia[View]
79908479/brit/: The future of the British people is multiracial and it's beautiful[View]
79909639What are you doing to prepare for the hapa century?[View]
79905153>tfw ocd and autism (probably)[View]
79907815>56% blanco[View]
79908795И кaк вaм ocoзнaвaть, чтo вo мнoгoм этo из-зa вac?[View]
79901200>your cuntree >did /int/ made you hate your own nationality flag yes…[View]
79898843Ya tse vilikii Ukr: Ya tse vshenyvmerl Ya tse heroi Ya tse pitriot Ya tse po-nadu-se SLAVA UKRAINI! …[View]
79908421What happens here? They got comfy cities like Asheville and Nashville[View]
79877840Out of the way euro fucking shits[View]
79888657ITT: Post cool mountains from your country[View]
79900745What is the whitest landscape type and why is it forest?[View]
79901582/fr/: made a thread for you guys edition[View]
79898157International Food: What food is your country known for? I'll start with the obvious, I just ma…[View]
79909051Daily reminder that this board and website in general are complete shit and filled with obese autist…[View]
79894126How do you moan erotically in your language? In Finnish: Aaaaah, oooh tuntuu hyvältä, just noin, koh…[View]
79906076>His language is only an official language in one country[View]
79908941Bonjour, mon name is Monsiour Ken. I’m a 27 year old American Francophile (ouiaboo for you barbarian…[View]
79907733ITT: made-up countries[View]
79908736Attractive newsreaders: anchors, political commentators, sports analysts, weather girls, etc. from y…[View]
79857578Culture Pals /cp/ general thread: Polish nationalist edition Welcome to Culture Pals! Message QTs ar…[View]
79908735In America, this box contains a lovely hat. In Germany, this box contains deadly poison.[View]
79906163>see an Australian in real life >he's friendly and fun to be around WTF I love Australia …[View]
79908151Is it wrong to want a girlfriend who's a virgin? I notice the follow up question is always 'wel…[View]
79896952Unnoficial anthem: Post the unnoficial anthem of your country and see if others agree with you https…[View]
79908140NOI ERA ROMANO E CAZZO rate my italian[View]
79908594>Be America >half your country could get ruined by a single earthquake…[View]
79908528/brit/: The future of Britain edition.[View]
79908516>niggers, whiteys, pakis, and arabs taking over my mosque and they don’t pay membership fees Is t…[View]
79902939Why does everyone (including Portuguese people) talk to us like we were natives in the land that got…[View]
79905500Spain and Portugal used to be rich and powerful world powers. Now they are shithole and poor. Why is…[View]
79906955/brit/: The future of Britain edition[View]
79908431Describe what your country feels like Quebec feels like we're being held hostage by another cou…[View]
79907392This is objectively the best part of the United States.[View]
79904807Map of countries with best Infastructure[View]
79893410Turkey love thread <3[View]
79906925México, wtf.[View]
79905957>southerners will always think you're a stupid northern monkey how can anyone know my feels…[View]
79904983Really makes me think[View]
79906354>Required: any relevant bachelor's degree Literally every single decent job. Why did I liste…[View]
79907742Why are south americans still playing this game?[View]
79904643At least you live in the USA[View]
79899624Qué piensa usted acerca de mi pais, Los Estados Unidos?[View]
79906474Why is almost every celebrity in the US liberal and hate Trump and Republicans?[View]
79907841Which you think is most beautiful?[View]
79883292hilo latino: hilo latino[View]
79907295Did you know the Crown princess of sweden is part Brazilian? They got H U E D[View]
79902882I love Britain and the British[View]
79895781Catalan Republic? Yes or No?[View]
79907288How offensive is the N-word in America?: Will i get beaten to death if i use it?[View]
79906080>tfw no qt gf to do shows on chaturbate[View]
79906274Soon, Aryan brothers.[View]
79904222Girls approaching their 30s (because when they are 20yo they are boring because they think they have…[View]
79907610How Many Chinese Live in Australia?[View]
79897869Do people on african image boards discuss which african countries are black and which are not? I mea…[View]
79905948This is what a half Finnish, half Beninese girl looks like.[View]
79907262my ancestors :)[View]
79900873/deutsch/: /Die Sudetendeutsche Frage muss gelöst werden/ Ausgabe[View]
79907484/deutsch/ faden: 'der Jude unter den Ariern' ausgabe[View]
79907217No gf: Maybe a qt brazilian gf would be a nice thing to have[View]
79903484Where did it go wrong?[View]
79875812/cum/: The future is mixed race and it's beautiful[View]
79904383Are the toughest group of Whites American Whites? We don't take shit from anyone and have a hap…[View]
79903224>country >what are you playing? Niggatina. World of Final Fantasy. It's better than XV.…[View]
79904630Who's side are you on when shit starts kicking off soon?[View]
79905339Oh say can you SHART :D By the dawns early MART :DDD[View]
79904348/cum/: This is the new America. We are the new America. Edition.[View]
79882896This is Diarha, he lives in Bamako, Mali and right in this moment im stalking his facebook. Checkin…[View]
79907070I want to hug a cute boy and make his day better[View]
79905389How would he deal with the referendum problem if he was still around today?[View]
79901532why do Brazilians hate us so much? we never did anything to you, please stop the hate[View]
79906977/brit/: cerno edition[View]
79905537Proximity to the middle east/North Africa, poorly assimilated young immigrant populace due to unempl…[View]
79900432/balk/ - Balkan Thread: Sociopathic females & pathetic thirsty beta orbiters edition. Previous: …[View]
79905618Is it even worth replying to a thread that all ready has over 200 yous? It seems being among the fir…[View]
79901552Why are americans so backwards?[View]
79870370/luso/ - fio lusofono: luso[View]
79906596What does this represent?[View]
79905269/brit/: STG-44 edition[View]
79894794/polska/: edycja norweska[View]
79903813How are you preparing for the Asian Century?[View]
79896362>tfw live in a country where the men are masculine i wish i was born in korea or in russia…[View]
79903921Why Amsterdam's flag looks like a generic Metal Slug flag?[View]
79904400What do these two countries think about each other?[View]
79906363>at the library >literal fedora sitting close to me talking about darksouls…[View]
79905531>visited Europe >I had believed Europe was clean >tfw realized Europe is far dirtier than e…[View]
799063161. Your country 2. Do you prefer forests or mountains?[View]
79897870Why do Arabs in Western Europe like this movie so much?[View]
79898548Stupid norvegians stupid flag stupid general[View]
79896958Italy <3[View]
79900763Tríplice Aliança thread: You can only comment in this thread if your country fought in the right sid…[View]
79905995Iberia is Arabic clay[View]
79905032What happens here?[View]
79884249>tfw too intelligent for xenophobia and racism[View]
79905947I know San Francisco is an Asian and gay city. How many Asian males kill themselves by jumping off …[View]
79897367>almost 5 million wh*Tes in my country I want to genocide them[View]
79905887How would your country locals perceive an 'inter generational sandwich'?[View]
79904325Does anybody speak Esperanto?[View]
79905585Why we can't stop all that bullshit and go back how it was before the Industrial Revolution? po…[View]
79901831Can the word bicharra mean bitch in (Brazilian) Portuguese? I know bicha supposedly means bitch, but…[View]
79903007In Germany it is completely normal to keep a vial of cyanide under the tongue 'just in case'[View]
79880429know the difference[View]
79903826/brit/: King Kev edition[View]
79893083Guys, GUYS! I invented a new name of spanish people! Ready? They are.... PAELLA NIGGERS :DDDDD[View]
79893515Hmm really activates my marbles[View]
79905003Stupid wagies... they don't the pleasure of spending all day on 4chan reading the same threads …[View]
79905035/Somali/: Somali Internet Defense Force.[View]
79896321How much does the following cost in your country? 1. One pint of milk 2. A loaf of sliced white brea…[View]
79902782>ey white boi, can you take a pic of me and my white wife? be a good boi and i give u one dolar w…[View]
79888243Why are most US states literal rectangles? Serious question.[View]
79893864Does your country has dangerous wildlife?: Hungary Yes Just today, a poor man was chased by a wild …[View]
79876651/MENA/ /MOAN/: Roman empire edition[View]
79901463What your media told you about Chechen wars and how it is viewed in your country in general? Was it …[View]
79897018/cum/ - Canada, United States, Mexico: BRAPMARP GLUBT Edition[View]
79875066/éire/: bastard bastard bastard bastard bastard bastard bastard fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuckkkk…[View]
79896087/Norgetråden/: Stǿre-utgave forrige: >>79885372 >>79885372 >>79885372[View]
79899824>the day of the rope[View]
79900054Do you believe in Africa? Do you hope for its success?[View]
79903364I'm sure we can all agree on this[View]
79904003Whites are the universal standard for beaut-...[View]
79893164/Nederdraad/: We zijn te lui voor de afwas editie Welkom: Kant en klaar Niet welkom: Kagari[View]
79894088What would Captain (Your Country) be like?[View]
79901607/brit/: selling rune kite edition[View]
79903699What do India, Brazil, & Canada all have in common? Their GDP is all higher than Russia's.[View]
79895308post pictures that trigger white people.[View]
798997501. Your country 2. Would you prefer to do something you don't like and earn good money or do so…[View]
79888987kurva anyátok[View]
79902322/v4/ + friends + chile: Chile Edition Previous Edition >>79857083[View]
79903408theres nothing wrong with being a hikikomori[View]
79900713/deutsch/: kev ausgabe[View]
79894883https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eHW2eWGqfTw Polish guys in Germany[View]
79853417/isr/ - /ישר/ thread: I want to spoon out my balls edition Everyone is welcome except for tripfags H…[View]
79902617Why don't you have an Indian/Middle Eastern/Latina gf yet?[View]
79895764Uzbeks are real boss niggas Turks are weak betas lol[View]
79900023what are the differences between canada and the us? both seem pretty much the same tbqh[View]
79903078test: test[View]
79889607Make West Asia Christian Again![View]
79901696What did Microsoft mean by this?[View]
79899371What is your favorite language book series? For European languages, mine is, hands down, the Teach …[View]
79890502What happens here?[View]
79902694>be me >walking in town with the lads >hear some very loud and smelly 'people' >notice t…[View]
79901965Do non-Mexican Latinos in the US hate Mexican Latinos since they are the biggest group?[View]
79902538Reminder if you're not the left most then you're are not white[View]
79900688>be wh*te >get extincted[View]
79900844>Make genetic test >Results come in >only 98% Sub Saharan African >other 2% comes from m…[View]
79902000>Family of Germans moved in next door a week ago >They've already started digging holes i…[View]
79898194You know what? I hate all of your faggots. I just think all of guys should just die. If you guys are…[View]
79899443/International manlets /: 167 cm here I wanna fucking grow grow please[View]
79897115Sverigetråden - Fällupplagan[View]
79901891fkuc sepn[View]
79898433/brit/: 学习雷锋好榜样, 忠于革命忠于党 edition[View]
79890955/ex-yu/: Edicija za vas[View]
79892100/fr/ - Le fil de la Francophonie: Antisémitisme édition https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0QFKx0puDaA …[View]
79893156Do white or Latina American women love Celtic men? I look like this, but I have grey eyes and auburn…[View]
79877783/balt/ + /ausnz/: lewd confessions edition[View]
79901187What makes this culture so cucked? >Spanish surnames have the mother's after the father…[View]
79894614Attention Eurocucks, Chinamens, and assorted third world dumps. Football is for fags, now NASCAR is …[View]
79898859post word of other languages that you like to listen >croisant >monsieur >strüdel…[View]
79901018Is this kind of music popular in Australia?: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AjyyoAeHPzU It sounds s…[View]
79888110/ita/ il filo: Edizione buon compleanno Umaru[View]
79901001Why iraqis so hot also how to get this hairstyle[View]
79900976EFL General - English as a Foreign Langague: Hello anons! Welcome to the Monday edition of learning …[View]
79896969What does the American football/flag controversy look like to non-Americans?[View]
79893897>tfw kurdistan will be a country in your lifetime really makes me think…[View]
79897608Was he a good or a shit president[View]
79900287you guys are my only friends[View]
79896348Please understand. We are not 'European'people. We are our own separate civilisation , thank you.[View]
79899459>then/than >your/you're >it's/its checks flag >a burger every time…[View]
79875336>your country >do you have a bf to cuddle with when it gets cold…[View]
79893388>ur mum brings home a sack of pic related from the store >'anon, could you make a side with th…[View]
79900283North Korea https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DtVBCG6ThDk[View]
79857083/v4/ + comrades: /v4/ in spess edition[View]
79900293Music of /int/: Romance language edition. https://youtu.be/1ekpM1S_siY[View]
79900059>be swedish >be gay[View]
79898658>Trump is scared of a 170cm fat asian[View]
79900231Ugly fat bitch[View]
79893658>americans eat this every day[View]
79893796/int/ prove me this is not the best Europe[View]
79897403My spanish friend calls me Chico. Tell me what this means you wh*te spics[View]
79900124/hell/ Hellas General Ελλάς: hell and back ekdosis[View]
79898286There's literally nothing wrong with this map.[View]
79899316show u bobe[View]
79899544Mexicans are proud members of the white race: We, as chicano/Mexican whites stand with /int/. For th…[View]
79889923Top tier snacks in your country.... GO![View]
79897726Since the prices of the Polish butter have skyrocketed I started buying some fancy foreign brands. T…[View]
79898749I hate g*rmans with all my force.[View]
79898541>woke up with testicular torsion[View]
79890412Trump is more or less going to go in. How will the war pan out?[View]
79896964>swedish '''''''''''army'''''''''''[View]
79896976fuck EU central/north* european union NOW together we are LITERALLY unstoppable *scandinavia is no…[View]
79896908>'Anon so you're telling me you don't work, nor do you attend postsecondary education? …[View]
79887106ITT: Prove that you live in the first world.[View]
79895840How can multi culti Canada and Brazil even compete with the city named Oslo!?! https://www.youtube.c…[View]
79896766>sudaca responds to my post without my permission Getting sick of this s*daca behavior tbqh…[View]
79875918/balk/: Roll your nkriik edition(Old one died) Old>>79831874[View]
79894247>your cunt >Thoughts on methamphetamine abuse in the United States…[View]
79898013would you rather live in Brazil or Mexico ?[View]
79895153You wake up inside the Sydney Opera House[View]
79895949fill in the map[View]
79894502Shots fired[View]
79896368/deutsch/: Fahrrad-Ausgabe 1988 führte Plasberg während der Geiselnahme von Gladbeck Interviews mit …[View]
79895910/brit/: Average British willy size edition[View]
79893407How did you learn English?: How did you guys learn English? Almost all the EU posters have near perf…[View]
79896065Why do foreigners like this piece of shit part of our country more than most Americans do?[View]
79898344Press F to pay respects.[View]
79887868>no Abe Jap monkeys btfo'd again[View]
79893182Can some of you Arabs give me a quick rundown on Kurdistan?[View]
79895505french people are cute tsundere[View]
79870637/pinoy/ + /nusantara/ = /asean/: >'Killing /asean/ was a mistake' - /int/ >'/nusantara/ was a …[View]
79895144/luso/ - fio lusofono: Edição Carolina Luchtenberg.[View]
79895222Is 'new 4chan' just the result of rednecks getting internet? Just 3 years ago >/pol/ still neede…[View]
79897700Why dont people realize everybody is different despite being in the same race.[View]
79897750HAHAHAHAHAAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAHHAAHHAAHAHAHHA https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_Australian_plac…[View]
79897736>indians drink cow piss soda why are indians so disgusting?[View]
79894759Daily reminder that the romans were not wh*Te.[View]
79897124sverigetråden - :^): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=T9TzvxXjXPQ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WoQ…[View]
79882043>1. your cunt >2. what does your cunt's news say about the German elections and the AfD?…[View]
79889062The baltic sea vs the Mediterranean sea: Which one is superior?[View]
79885111>americans have to stand up when someone posts this[View]
79896723what is the cost of cigarettes in your country? Winston in Belarus 1.29 $[View]
79896875>american literature[View]
79894493/brit/: Swedish culture edition[View]
79896799>billund :DDDDDD[View]
79884755Finland has the best coat of arms in the world. It is simple and still very artistic. You can't…[View]
79896054Good old days...: This video always hit me hard. We had everything to be great, but because one disg…[View]
79869953/flags/ - /extraflags/: Flagsenal edition. Previous thread: >>79711667 Welcome to /extraflags/…[View]
79895337>serve in German military in ww2 >survive to this day >hated by your country disgusting and…[View]
79894344/deutsch/: Miloš Zeman Ausgabe[View]
79894360Why do Slavs and Turks look similair when they get old.[View]
79892490The Swedes should've finished the job and slaughtered this entire nation when they had the chan…[View]
79887628Are their any monasteries in your country? Post monasteries itt and tell me something about them. Pi…[View]
79895178>Catalonian referendum in 6 days im scared lads[View]
79891955Bravo Eesti!: Estonia is marvelous. Estonia is revolutionary. Estonia is wondrous. Eesti <3…[View]
79895442are f*ngolians white?[View]
79894882>Population of NY State 1970 19 millions >Population of NY State 2010 20 millions Overtaken by…[View]
79895219Tunisian polish[View]
79883148How did we go from this...[View]
79894871This land is mine, God gave this land to me This brave and ancient land to me And when the morning s…[View]
79892460>his language doesn't have aggressive mood https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Aggressive_mood hah…[View]
79891847I hate rock music I hate rock fans cause they are the reason disco died.[View]
79888327>one chance at life >born in poland[View]
79895342/dixie/ - The South and Friends: reparations edition[View]
79885372/norgetråden/: Felle-utgaven Forrige: >>79866975 >>79866975 >>79866975 >>798…[View]
79894901>Wake up >Still wasn't born in Poland…[View]
79894608Are they really that based?[View]
79894880Why are Danish tarts so much better than Danish people?[View]
79872532/dixie/ - Southern US & Friends: cavalier edition[View]
79894335working for IT companies.....: is the worst job? especially if you are programmer[View]
79894320So Long Island or (Northern) NJ?[View]
79885332>Mozambique just denounced Morocco at the UN TIME TO NUKE THEM[View]
79892712/brit/: Fucking fabulous edition[View]
79890221Why do you have /int/ when you have sp.[View]
79892111Post countries that are better at killing and acting than talking >pic related We aren't pas…[View]
79894134>the entire western world follows a semitic religion >the entire western world gave their daug…[View]
79888723/polska/: Edycja dziadzia Korwina[View]
79885286>come to Finland for some fun and fugg >nothing here beside mudslims >no cool bars to drink…[View]
79891254Why are jews so quite in this board? There's literally zero yahudans posting bit sasd[View]
79892174/deutsch/: Ausgabe für Deutschland[View]
79890645WARNING! WARNING! LTC LTC LTC!!!: WARNING! WARNING! BEFORE 2ND BITCOIN FORK ( https://www.xbt.eu/ ) …[View]
79893751>Tfw no Russian gf[View]
79886126>Your country France >Do you love eating ? I do. I'm 1m75, 95kg, I'm fat, but I don…[View]
79892901Lets meme boys. Edition: No qt Russian jihad gf. https://www.interpol.int/notice/search/wanted Serio…[View]
79888075Sverigetråden - Karolinska upplagan[View]
79883829>North Korea will announce a 'big event' at UNGC in an hour http://www.yonhapnews.co.kr…[View]
79890659/brit/: political theory edition[View]
79893682/mämmi/: maanantai on uusi perjantai - painos[View]
79893817>his country uses literal gas ovens and heating in 2017 anno domini[View]
79888635I am no conspiracy theorist but what happened to all the germans in the prussia (now western Poland)…[View]
79891154>be American >go to church >get shot >go to to school >get shot >go to work >ge…[View]
79883041How do people enjoy coffee in your cunt? Here it is mostly filtered coffee shit but some people go f…[View]
79892876>literally voting to be ruled by another country is there a more cucked nation in global history?…[View]
79888443Your country What is your name ? Aziz France[View]
79892840suured munad :DDDDDDDD[View]
79884616American racial classification memes aside, are Arabs white? Take off their hijabs and they could fi…[View]
79888018Is this what the average Italian looks like?[View]
79876977>country >how are you prepare for the imminent global collapse?…[View]
79893282>accidently bought a british watch >it shows the time in bings and bongs how the fuck do I con…[View]
79893158>Look at clock >It's 3:45am >Done nothing but drink for the last 10 hours JUST KILL ME…[View]
79876209As we're all aware the Crowns of England Canada and Australia are separate crowns. Does anyone …[View]
79888338>be american >out of red plastic cups >die of thirst…[View]
79883851/mämmi/: jätskipainos[View]
79892744>first year of university >same institute as cousin >he is nursing, I am physical therapy …[View]
79890925We should nuke all of germany before they turn nazi again.[View]
79872604Sicilians are Arab >tfw there are people who seriously believe this guy wouldn't easier pass…[View]
79888889/nederdraad/ - Kagari editie[View]
79884978How do you pronounce Donald Trump in your language?: Japanese: Donarudo Torunpu[View]
79888825>A conspiracy exist on /int/ so that my threads don't get many (yous) >The government ta…[View]
79890689Why do all youtube poltards have this asthmatic voice? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Xk_UBglPJKU…[View]
79892223how can make great again?[View]
79887564Why do americans love product commercials so much?[View]
79880698/nederdraad/: hallo vrienden editie[View]
79892252....hello /int/[View]
79884090Tell me about the deep russian soul.[View]
79889674Has anyone found any good resources for learning Faroese? Actually quite interested but can find fuc…[View]
79889804>your Country >Your age >Have you ever kissed a girl USA 19 No…[View]
79890048/deutsch/: D.A.K.[View]
79888564fuck spain[View]
79890658You wake up as an Hatian after the earthquake. What do you do?[View]
79881676Scandinavia: How's your relationship? are you guys friendly to each other?[View]
79891067Are whites born in Europe European? Are blacks born in Africa African? Are whites born in Africa Eur…[View]
79888769Im a Korean with an Irish accent.[View]
79888304Rightful swedish clay[View]
79891248>european bois[View]
79887210Is this what life in Germany is like?[View]
79891110at least you live in Europe[View]
79881247/fr/ - Le fil de la Francophonie: La Picardie est très jolie édition[View]
79888632Whom did you call a muzzie,huwhitey? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dtChUvQ-Yt4[View]
79882925Why did Norway and Denmark turn to christianity so early?[View]
79890957/ex-yu/: /brit/ edition[View]
79878007/ex-yu/: Samo ljubav momki https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EwZnSXwGsS4[View]
79888337How are you preparing for the Asian Century?[View]
79880520ONE THING[View]
79888583haha what a cute creature[View]
79888286/brit/: anime edition[View]
79884714Sicily's new flag: Thoughts?[View]
79881268What the fuck is her problem?[View]
79880742Hey, westerners[View]
79888829Whales: 1. ur Country 2. Are you combatting whales? If no, why not? 3. How can we kill them all, as …[View]
79888119/ita/ il filo: È lui o non è lui? STASERA RITORNA STRISCIA LA NOTIZIA CON IL GREGGIONE NAZIONALE!!!…[View]
79887260>Russia has a lower HDI than Saudi Arabia[View]
79890205You wake up in Megacity One[View]
79887490>venezuala is saying that America is threatening their democracy, and claiming the sanctions were…[View]
79890131do you know where can i find the audio of guns shooting, people screaming and emotional piano music …[View]
79886115Do you support secessionism?: 1. Country 2. What would you do if a region of your country tried to u…[View]
79884626no entiendo..son argentinas. sos argentino y escriben en ingles?[View]
79886433Who will take Australias place as the new shitposters? Will it be Japan, Korea, Finland or Pakistan?[View]
79889046Friendly reminder: If you were not born in the Americas, Aus/NZ or somewhere to the left of the blac…[View]
79885789/brown/ general: invited:shitskins honored guests:rice eyed people[View]
79889805there are cute korean guys here that search an italian bf?[View]
79886451/AfD/ ehemals /deutsch/: FDP-Wähler sind hier unerwünscht. Das /deutsch/-Team bittet um Verständnis…[View]
79878835Is there a country in Europe with a richer wildlife than Sweden? Serious question[View]
79889817So I was just standing at the bus stop and some bald drunk pole in jogging clothes screamed somethin…[View]
79889685>Europoors unironically eat freshwater fish >Europoors unironically celebrate Christmas by eat…[View]
79887872Great culture[View]
79889435I told my mum I was gay as a joke now I have to pretend to like traps.[View]
79889412hyperpolyglot: >Mezzofanti was well known for being a hyperpolyglot who according to Russell 1858…[View]
79888449>when he puts extra aioli on your kebab[View]
79889319post amerindian webms (Peru, bolivia, mexico).[View]
79885601Is it true that in Estonia they say this about Americans? 'Hey you, big fat pig. You fat pig. You fa…[View]
79885677This meme. Force it.[View]
79885014ITT: Your favourite quotes by Americans >If Americans are fat then Europeans must be even more fa…[View]
79886155Post proud white countries: >pic related[View]
79889048Have non-Americans ever heard of the Donner Party?[View]
79875682kurva anyátok[View]
79888194>you will never be an abo[View]
79886927>Seven per cent of American adults think chocolate milk comes from brown cows, according to a sur…[View]
79885721Do you love Pakistan?[View]
79883629Have social anxiety? Share your experiences /int/.[View]
79886093>18°C >in late september GET ME OUT OF THIS HELL…[View]
79879803/polska/: Edycja ładnych ludzi[View]
79887529https://youtu.be/N7qkQewyubs It ain't me~[View]
79887813Master race[View]
79885171Russia violates human rights and tortures ethnic minorities on the temporary occupied Crimean penins…[View]
79886424Catalonian separatist scum: Same procedures, different flags.[View]
79887658Do cute Chinese girls exist? I want a cute submissive and obedient East Asian gf that will wife me f…[View]
79887604i'm done with the shitty women in this shithole. Tell where i can find qts[View]
79884370Really activated my mental almonds.[View]
79885581Do you love Albania?[View]
79881345/ita/ - il filo[View]
79886034brit: brit how can i get 50p edition[View]
79883459Korean Language: Is Korean a difficult language to learn? It seems opportunities for Korean/English …[View]
79888074How are you preparing for the Asian century?[View]
79885566where to find spanish man? in mosque with the moors![View]
79870398Chinese, Korean, Japanese?: can you fags tell what is who or which is what?[View]
79885012How did a nation of shitposters managed to do it?[View]
79875590>apes are different than humans[View]
79881568Based: Based Paki here, ask me anything. No wh*Toids allowed[View]
79885609>Be welsh >fuck a sheep >get sent to New Zealand…[View]
79877193lmao I hate this fucking country although I also hate this retarded website[View]
79868255Why do they hate each other so much?[View]
79882241How often do you anons actually interact with people from other countries? Post the most recent posi…[View]
79884028stop thinking i live in england[View]
79879936North Italy wants independance because they don't want to pay for the poorer southerners anymor…[View]
79883157Race autism: Why are anglos and germanics so autistic when it is about race? Is it due to protestant…[View]
79887499some old granny lost her wallet in front of me today, so I took the money for myself and spent them …[View]
79881151What do non English speaking people think about English?: I'm one of the few lucky/unlucky peop…[View]
79883744Are you all actual pedophiles?[View]
79887202Your cunt and do you have autism?[View]
79846240/sino/ - 中文: Uyghurs are white edition The thread for posting in Chinese and discussion about the Ch…[View]
79886572Why do non-countries exist?[View]
79883900/deutsch/: lustige Wasserschlacht - Ausgabe[View]
79882489China Appreciation Thread: Let's take some time to appreciate China's contribution includi…[View]
79884917Papa, can I come out of the dungeon today?[View]
79884661Amerindian paradise.[View]
79882788How do they think of each other?[View]
79877983Japan: So I was thinking about visiting east asian countries and Japan seems fairly entry level but …[View]
79886008familia latina: this book is great thanks denmark[View]
79883956/brit/: 5'6 and built like a Chinese fashion blogger edition[View]
79883100Bali (Indonesia) about to BLOW THE FUCK UP: Massive volcano in the island of Bali is about to have a…[View]
79884530>american posts his family tree >it's a huge clusterfuck of nationalities…[View]
79885302>be australian >your greatest national hero is a criminal…[View]
79884448>tfw i'll never reforge the UN into an actually powerful institution that mediates between n…[View]
79885686/rus/ - navalny 20!8 eв!eшщт: или 'зa кoгo гoлocoвaть ecли вce пидopacы?'[View]
79881998If I'm wealthy enough, can I get a favela concubine? I want a Latina wife to have a large famil…[View]
79884712Why can't white nationalists that wan't secure a future for white children resist Asian wo…[View]
79883549i want to punch a Lithuanian in the face[View]
79882108>tfw full tunisian still get confused for a chinese and get called ching chong…[View]
79882659/hell/ Hellas General Ελλάς: Afternoon Espresso edition[View]
79883427>Nazi Germany vs California Who would win?[View]
79884779Solving the Israeli/Palestinian conflict: https://youtu.be/502SfQ6Mues Create an economic balance to…[View]
79885102>I'm French[View]
79879777THE REAL IQ MAP OF EUROPE: This is how the REAL IQ map of Europe looks like. If you disagree with it…[View]
79883872Why should I be grateful to people in the military?[View]
79884666Why are castillians so endowed compared to catalan dicklets? http://es.blastingnews.com/sociedad/201…[View]
79870172>mfw German nationalism is on the rise: What is her endgame?[View]
79883162Turkey Trip: I am leaving for a 6 days trip tomorrow. Pic related. What can i expect? What are some …[View]
79866975/norgetråden/: Ǿyeutgaven Forrige: >>79852765[View]
79884320How do I become a Japanese Yakuza? I want to rule Japan from shadow and kill anime.[View]
79875530>southern europe[View]
79877952I want this to happen. Would be pretty darn great if you ask me desu.[View]
79884243Is this place as good as the name suggests?[View]
79883864/mämmi/: Yona -painos[View]
79883454Hindi song thread https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YB6Dsv0J81k[View]
79877400If your country isn't majority forest, then you're not white[View]
79879439Me punching birb very fast[View]
79880979The European Union circa 2030 AD: Thoughts?[View]
79879956Which country is most loved by normies in your country? In korea our normies love sweden (including …[View]
79883983Do you think there is many qt woman in your cunt?[View]
79882365Wtf am I? I thought I was Hispanic...[View]
79883774Tamil script is shit: It's the only Southeast/South Asian script that can't transcribe San…[View]
79881762/brit/: louis edition[View]
79869631/mämmi/: Mestari painos[View]
79878674Weather girl from your cunt[View]
79882495Beautiful girls[View]
79882905Now you wake up in the Ganges river[View]
79883640Germans are now darker than us :^)[View]
79883515>qt girls with social anxiety[View]
79883457I found out my argentinian gf show ass on omegle for black man....[View]
79874228How religious are the women in your cunt? They show up to church here but don't actually give a…[View]
79879267Does your country have a problem with burglars?[View]
79882796>you are a cunt >how much alcohol do you drink when you go drinking? Approximately >flag …[View]
79846709Japanese Thread / 日本語スレッド: This thread is for the discussion of the language, culture, travel, daily…[View]
79879345Super Language[View]
79882989I unironically think diversity is good. I walk outside and see chinese, indian, mexican, arab, etc r…[View]
79882067Why are wh*Tes even allowed to reproduce? They have no purpose in this world. They are just of middl…[View]
79882793Early education popular in your cunt?: 1. One winter night a couple of demons rush in to the house. …[View]
79880661/deutsch/ faden: süße Schwester ausgabe[View]
79879761I'm 5'4 (1.63) can i date a european/nordic white girl?[View]
79881694There's a village called Hijum in the Netherlands. Its flag is a frog with a cartoonish, happy …[View]
79867618Burial culture in your country[View]
79879870Fuck Poland.[View]
79866076My ancestor :) Post your ancestors[View]
79879852Get in Anon,we going to Muzrat's place to have a little chat with his churka bros https://www.y…[View]
79877974mass human cloning: Next month China gonna open big factory for mass human cloning. And gonna sell c…[View]
79882611>1. ur cunt >2. do you laugh uncontrollably when there's a heavy mood in the air, i.e. wh…[View]
79870329why is Japan a safe country?[View]
79882282>rromani-an word for 'thought' comes from HungARYAN hmm....[View]
79881137Why greek penis is so small??: Why greek penis is so small?? They even shit smaller than nips[View]
79878647Bread Thread: >his country's bread doesn't look like this This is the only true bread, …[View]
79882396>tfw no italian gf why is life so fucking cruel our west germanic girls are so ugly and north ger…[View]
79881051>I have just now, in this moment, in the month of September, in the year of 2017, shit my trouser…[View]
79877718>Secular Jew >Secular Muslim what does that even mean? If you're secular you aren't …[View]
79880046Tell me about Sweden, why does he wear the cage?[View]
79881809I can read this. Can you?[View]
79875538why do chinese eat dogs when it is not energetically profitable because dogs eat meat and therefore …[View]
79879072>be french >wake up and sniff armpits >'honhonhon pas assez smelly je pense, c'est una…[View]
79881007There's no denying that half East Asians are the most beautiful people in the world.[View]
79880378>lmao you shitskins Im 6'4 and I can beat your turdskin manlet ass up feels good to be white…[View]
79881468Good morning, /int/.[View]
79876544In French, a peephole is called a 'Judas'. Post some other interesting facts about your language.[View]
79880308>someone insults or bullies Italia It's beat off time[View]
79869759What nationalities has /int/ or /pol/ made you hate?[View]
79879845/brit/: Bubble-gum flavoured ice cream edition[View]
79856069/ita/ - il filo[View]
79881503Are Romanz Wh*te?[View]
79879695You can only post ITT if your country is poorer than the country above you[View]
79880782What is her nation? I think it's not japs[View]
79880662>swedish ''''''''''''''''''''''''men''''''''''''''''''''''''[View]
79878314Girls approaching their 30s (because when they are 20yo they are boring because they think they have…[View]
79859313/fr/ - le fil français et fier: *crée une édition impériale* *fait automatiquement un meilleur fil* …[View]
79880820why is swedish language so fucking gay? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Y7EQaNlsEFs[View]
79875893give me a swedish bf NOW![View]
79875860Why American women have low standards?[View]
79880834Thoughts on Germany?[View]
79877072What are the grounds of Westerners regarding Japanese people as racists? Are they unable to distingu…[View]
79880978why do i hate normies so much?[View]
79877102Are they European?[View]
79876560>Islam is inherently violent. >Jews and Christians have never done anything wrong.…[View]
79878620Is snus popular in ur cunt? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=c0f-IEHdN7U[View]
79877304Is it possible to find religious Catholic women in South America? The kind that seriously pray, go t…[View]
79880713/nederdraad/: Kindloos editie. Welcome: Mensen die geen kinderen willen. Niet welcome: Mensen met ki…[View]
79879441>6 am >slept 0 hours, 0 minutes and 0 seconds last night >has an exam today >needs to s…[View]
7988035963 pakis stole a yacht from Rhodes[View]
79880538Will we see a balkanized USA in our lifetime?[View]
79877770>claims to be a real spanish >cant play classical guitar…[View]
79863771/nederdraad/: /NEDERDRAAD/ Welkom: Nederland, Vlaanderen, /carib/, Zuid-Afrika[View]
79878125United Earth Protectorate when?[View]
79873468>me in the kindergarden at age 5 Wow this flag looks so cool and nice. which country is this teac…[View]
79878466/EVROPA/ ehemals /deutsch/[View]
79844851Do you say 'arse', or 'ass' in your country?[View]
79877091Do Americans really wear shoes inside the house? Why?[View]
79878409Do you welcome amazon.com/ co.____(your cunt) and feel grateful for and proud of living in a first w…[View]
79874833Was your the most happy time in high school??[View]
79876482Awww, what a cute lovely German couple <3[View]
79864873Tell me your TOP 5 French cities[View]
79879249So wait, seriously, did no-one tell Trump that you don't mess with football?[View]
79878274/brit/: Anime edition[View]
79875044ywn volunteer to kill communists in the Russian Civil War[View]
79879466>be island monkey >neveer, ever have to learn another language…[View]
79879097>His country hasn't had a king that went to the forest and fought bears with sticks…[View]
79876310HOW TO FIND AMERICAN MAN????????????????????????????????????? GO TO BURGER SHOP!!!!!!!!!!!!!![View]
79876997How can one nation be so buttblasted: Call Turks roaches and they won't react. Call them nigger…[View]
79874754Why don't they just settle down?[View]
79858778/polska/: edycja wielkich polakow[View]
79878514My ancestor :)[View]
79877298Serious question to Asian: What do you think of when you see this gesture?[View]
79875886>calls me shitskin >whole race is trying to get shitskinned…[View]
79873751How are you preparing for the ARAB century?[View]
79873982How come Japanese newspaper articles usually don't have bylines, rarely use direct quotes, and …[View]
79879004Long Live Greece![View]
79876769>exchange students listening to Abba and making meatballs in the kitchen Why are there Swedeboos?…[View]
79876132/brit/: :3 edition[View]
79872574What do you think of Ukrainians?[View]
79875821The bullying against southern Europe has gotten out of hand[View]
79863918>http://www.cnn.com/2017/09/24/middleeast/kurdish-referendum/ Are we about to see an independent …[View]
79873307Why do Canadians have an inferiority complex toward them?[View]
79873242>italy >white >first world…[View]
79873229Why is it that the UK has lost its power to the point that it's now not as influential as Germa…[View]
79869554I know that Switzerland is hella paranoid about invasion and has the ability to go into defense mode…[View]
79856785/ex-yu/: bindzujem selo gori edicija[View]
79875687/deutsch/: Jeden Montag habe ich dieses Robinso-Crusoe-Syndrom: Ich warte auf Freitag![View]
79878040>plays video >suddenly ''''''British'''''' accent feels like metals grazing in my ears. When i…[View]
79876650>his '''''''''''''''co…[View]
79876158>Tirk oder Griech Litteraly the same ethnicity[View]
79873219>advertise my food as halal >it's not halal…[View]
79852086/balt/: Pizza edition[View]
79875606Is this true?[View]
79854447Post the nationalities you've been mistaken for by your looks/accent: > In Argentina They th…[View]
79876503>hear knocking and giggling on your door >look at peeping hole >see this What do?…[View]
79874823How can I find an /int/ernational wife who will actually love me instead of my wallet?[View]
79876315Mamá, por favor! mi pilila es dura. Podrías chupar un poco? Puedo chupar a una madre de tetas grande…[View]
79877489–What does a polish girl do after she sucks a cock? –Spits out the feathers!![View]
79877270What compels Anglo-Saxon men to go birdwatching? The use of British slang is NOT encouraged ITT.[View]
79877246Does Canada have any culture thats not originally american? Canadians on this board are approppriati…[View]
79873937>Be American >Be obsessed with China >But get refused lmao…[View]
79876258How do you feel about voluntary slave nations? Is it impressive or the complete opposite? Also you …[View]
79874046Tfw you've reached the age where if you want to marry a virgin wife, you have to marry someone …[View]
79875216Post your surname popularity http://forebears.io/surnames[View]
79873427The Rome of 21st century.[View]
79875347Is living in Saudi Arabia as a middle-class male literally paradise on earth? >government gives y…[View]
79876512what do other nationalities think of American monster trucks?[View]
79868836is the average peruvian the most noble, innocent, humble and uninterested human creature to grace th…[View]
79877114>I'm not ready yet, 19yo is too young! >My daddy doeant think you are good enough for me …[View]
79876024>pedos will be normalised in your life time How this make you feel /int/?…[View]
79876885>Krautchan uses the American flag for English Disgusting[View]
79877059Which countries in Europe are likely to be Islamatized in a few decades?[View]
79872243Guess his ethnicity[View]
79876317>tfw no country has a beautiful flag of four equal rectangular sectors like this In my autistic f…[View]
79875733Who /pnw/ here? We have trees and rain and weed.[View]
79869654/deutsch/: Reichskristall-Nachtschicht[View]
79865415I want kill myself/Canada: Leaf posters, I'm moving to Canada (Toronto or some place in the GTA…[View]
79873563Would any leaf be willing to adopt me or get into a fake marriage w me? I am seriosuly getting sick …[View]
79876704/fug/ - The Big Three: Fuck Southern Europeans Edition[View]
79874148Romans were MENA tier. prove me wrong protip you cant[View]
79872383Am I the only one here that would prefer an Indian-led world rather than a Chinese-led world?[View]
79874477>be german >get blown up by abdullah and hamal…[View]
79863783Sverigetråden - Nattupplagan[View]
79875850Is there a more two-faced nation than Mexico? They act nice to your face but when they think you…[View]
79873105>Oh you're from Spain? What part of Mexico is that?[View]
79871886Why did they use one of ours? Is there a lack of good actors in Colombia?[View]
79873361>americans are stupi-[View]
79870873How come upper-middle class Spics like Americans but middle class and lower spics hate us and blame …[View]
79875862Good morning Finland.[View]
79873659Which country has the highest number of young cute virgin girls interested in marriage?[View]
79873922/brit/: the realities of human flight edition[View]
79876123me on right shitposting with australia[View]
79874553hilo de escorts: hilo latino[View]
79874467At least you don't live in Ontario....[View]
79876048Lets raid /pol/[View]
79875927Seearch for '[Your country] haircuts' Post results[View]
79876009>anon why do you hate english people so much[View]
79875982Goodmorning /int/[View]
79874288>mum found the dragon dildos[View]
79872466/cum/: the generation[View]
79873976Did you ever have any dreams/goals of going to another country? >be me, middle school >one day…[View]
79872495Germans will always be nazis. Even when they desperately try their hardest to not be nazis, they sti…[View]
798635671. You are a cunt. 2. Have you ever been in a fight? How did it go?[View]
79875541>white people are whit-[View]
79875693/slav/: Do you like the Slav? I like their woman's[View]
79871126Why do i see a lot of hate against the people of the north? asking as a norteño from the city which …[View]
79875552Handsome /int/ernational men: post handsome /int/ernational men Lebanon[View]
79869873/pepsi/ - 韓国語スレッド: This thread is for the discussion of the language, culture, travel, daily life, e…[View]
79873035>fucking white people come to Brazil because 'its beautiful durr' >we tell them they dont know…[View]
79875451Reminder that the samurai returns in the form of the ghazi mashallah[View]
79870732>be American >have no history >'''culture''' is created by the (((media))) >no ancestral…[View]
79873924Hello Polish brothers I took a DNA test and apparently I have a 6-8th great grandmother who was from…[View]
79873096Would you be more accepting of Arab refugees in your country if they were all cute Arab girls like p…[View]
79867162/int/ opinions thread: Use this template to rank countries based on your opinion of them.[View]
79875314SAXONY NO![View]
79874239You wake up in Haiti before the Earthquake[View]
79875286>among the least relevant states >gives us the Clinton family, Wal-Mart, and nothing else Jesu…[View]
79872936Why are Muslim girls so beautiful?[View]
79873245USA dick: >mexicans, colombians, peruvians and chileans would rather be a puppet to country that …[View]
79875363Good morning /int/![View]
79873181>millenial culture still exist >Purity of blood >ruled by the original people of the land …[View]
79875232Why are the globalists so blind? Why can't they see what we really want?[View]
79874289>the absolute state of my fucking life[View]
79867382Are you ready /int/?[View]
79875054post ugly shaped countries >pic related chile literally looks like a turd…[View]
79874161>when you realize you're wasting the best years of your life on 4chan reading shitty threads…[View]
79873611Do Italians fear the German?[View]
79874881Dusseldorf: Burger here, coming from any krauts, is dusseldorf a worth a visit? Muh ancestors came f…[View]
79874037Hey bros, i haven't cut my hair from 11 months. 4chan will decide if cut or not my hair.[View]
79873834How do you define White?[View]
79869917>your female reproductive gland >Your age >Do you live with your parents USA 19 Yes…[View]
79874649/mex/ terremoto N9!!!: edicion lo mismo[View]
79872584>immigrants can never integr-[View]
79866999Could I pass as a local in your cunt?[View]
798716631. Country 2. How is racemixing viewed in your country? 3. Is it okay with some groups but not other…[View]
79862061Switzerland appreciation thread: Switzerland appreciation thread. All Swiss people and Swiss lovers …[View]
79863731ITT post your country's coins. I'll start.[View]
79874446Hilo latino /lat/: VarCuck y las nenita llamadoras de atención[View]
79874081Fuck this shit 2bh[View]
79865061What is your country's equivalent of 'boypussy'? Here in Brazil we say 'cuseta,' a portmanteau …[View]
79874372Im drunk right noww[View]
79866830Hilo latino[View]
79873183THIS IS FRANCE!!![View]
79873532>Canadians capture Vimy Ridge and develop national identity >Australians and Zew Zealanders g…[View]
79873576>When you realize that all the time you wasted on /int/ reading retarded reposts could have much …[View]
79866705How is ancient Greece viewed in your country?[View]
79874067>Where is the man who can clamber to heaven? Only the gods live forever with glorious Shamash. Bu…[View]
79873838/pure nusantara/ - Edisi Durian: Dijemput: sesiapa yang meminati durian (Invited: those who like Dur…[View]
79864562Why do wh*Te people pretend to enjoy extremely cold temperatures and argue about who lives in the co…[View]
79873516Thank you based Russia for brashop.ru https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Zrs3M25yltc[View]
79873904why does wh*Te food taste so horrible?[View]
79870998/brit/: Who can say where the wind blows, where the day goes edition[View]
79872536Learn the difference: It could save your life[View]
79872110How do you cope on a daily basis with the fact that you will never have a gf that looks like this[View]
79873730Why are pissraelis literally the worst tourists?[View]
79870201WE SPACE NOW BOYSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS: http://www.abc.net.au/news/2017-09-25/government-to-establish-natio…[View]
79873698>Shit yeah it's a wh*te man's >Got a problem with that you piece of shit virgin?…[View]
79871529Do you love Albania?[View]
79873452Which country is the smuggest?[View]
79873431How are you preparing for the ASIAN century?[View]
79869578How did go from this...[View]
79861628You're going to have a portuguese child :3[View]
79869967So lets say my country Mexico says fuck it and adopts the dollar as currency your reaction? pros and…[View]
79873138What is happening in South Africa? Someone fill me in. I understand black governments are making lan…[View]
79870384Moving to Georgia: Actually really interested in this country for some reason, wondering if there ar…[View]
79872440What are school schedules like in your cunt? Don't have a pic but in Canada (at least Ontario)…[View]
79868103Why are Japanese people so fucking weird?[View]
79868468https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5co3GsQeQjs >Portuguese is so goddamn Slavic that a Russian can s…[View]
79869326Gosh anon you're such a loser[View]
79872746>you're having a few drinks after work and this man walks in with his party and declares a n…[View]
79872915Are Argentinians secretly detectives? I've never seen any posters spot Chicano posters faster t…[View]
79872831how will immigrants integrate into dutch society when they don't even have gills[View]
79855296jokes thread :DDDD Finnish jokes: Finns, Swedes and Norfolk went on to find out who is the longest i…[View]
79869391This song is Australias greatest cultural accomplishment. https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=HqL2KeHdRVI…[View]
79871498WTF Chile! Has /int/ lied to me?[View]
79838819/dixie/ - Western Turkey & Friends: And I wish I was in /turxie/ edition[View]
79872468bitch mother[View]
79871892Which cunt has the best ducktales intro? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DJIHaAMRFKo[View]
79868601Islam at 100% could really be performed by muslims but without any djihad, terror attacks or murders…[View]
79871823>9 months in the psychologist and psychiatrist >not diagnosted yet public healthcare and i thi…[View]
79866306/cum/: Latin American women edition[View]
79871169fucking toothpaste: KLM dropped part of airplane in the middle of Tokyo hit car. No injuries https:/…[View]
79872283What do you think you owe your parents? I don't owe them anything. I told them tonight by the t…[View]
79862964/balk/: Roll your nkriik edition Old>>79831874[View]
79870854ITT: cunts your vagina has lost a war to[View]
79871739>kaksteist kuud[View]
79869739ITT: We say nice things about the country above you[View]
79849521/ex-ussr/ general: хoзяин зeмли pyccкoй edition[View]
79869142Would a latin american union with a single currency work? yes no why?[View]
79868831Why do they hate each other so much?[View]
79870294Girls approaching their 30s (because when they are 20yo they are boring because they think they have…[View]
79870021What is it about Islam that causes people to put so much sugar in their tea?[View]
79867864Algerian anon asking for help: France why did you leave us ? we miss you, i know we fucked up big ti…[View]
79870020>He doesn't love Japan.[View]
79862214How come Europeans shun their civilizational bastard child? Why isn't there greater European/me…[View]
79871480So /int/, hypothetically speaking, if 10% of the population of all neighbouring countries (yes inclu…[View]
79869140/comfy/: post comfy, that is all[View]
79871540What legal powers does the EU actually have in member countries? Can it only define trade laws or d…[View]
79870458/luso/ - Fio Lusófono: Edição Brchan ;_; Fio anterior: >>79858012[View]
79868065Complex Numbers: Should we stop referring to the 'Complex Numbers' as 'Numbers'? For most people, 'n…[View]
79870700>The origin of cumbia music comes from the days of slavery in the late 17th century and is derive…[View]
79871468>split twice because they wanted to get rid of the Muslims >STILL has muslims in it India get …[View]
79868670Am I the only one who legitimately likes African Americans? At least as far as blacks go >Mostly …[View]
79868755Will your country accept North Korean refugees?[View]
79871680it's so cool how i can make friends with people from all over the world on /int/ :)[View]
79868282/Carib/: Severe weather edition: Where PR bro at?[View]
79871140>wake up >free speech still exists How is this problem dealt with i your country?…[View]
79864901Woah,, thats some powerful commentary ://[View]
79871464estonia is russian pic extremely unrelated[View]
79863121>german accent[View]
79866391>Whites are people too[View]
79865850>Brazilian ''''men'''' Translation: What I really want is to be a delinquent in Portugal so that …[View]
79871058How do we get rid of the /pol/ problem?[View]
79868960Could me and my mom pass as locals in you're country??[View]
79847031/éire/: Iropois abú edition.[View]
79869332EU - What went wrong?[View]
79868945/brit/: /brit/ edition[View]
79859822What is it like to be white in majorly black country? Either in Africa or in former American colony…[View]
79867849Are Europeans terrified of another big war?[View]
79870800/nusantara bebas pendatang haram/ - Edisi Pale Buto Bapak Kau: Cina, Yahudi dan nigger pulau dilaran…[View]
79870372What is your opinion about Brazil?[View]
798590991. Country 2. Are you a patriotic person? 1. Flag 2. Sometimes[View]
79863718when the FUCK are the snows coming boys?[View]
79853725Memes aside, how common are /int/'s stereotypical names in your country? For example, if you…[View]
79870007O que aconteceu com o 55, anões? Eu fiquei uma sem computador, estava viajando e quando fui dar uma …[View]
79870163Why do all Slavic countries hate each other?[View]
79870029Why do so many Latinos insult Puerto Rican posters whenever they post? Aren't they Latin brothe…[View]
79868003>tfw /int/ changed my viewpoint of the world I thought most people around the world were friendly…[View]
79866253Koreans only: No wh*tes or japs[View]
79858012/luso/: Edição Brasileiro raça homossexual: http://www.tvi24.iol.pt/sociedade/homem/maioria-dos-pros…[View]
79866042What the fuck is wrong with you Germany?[View]
79854895>HUEHUEHUEHUEHUE NOS FOI MARINEIROS E MERDA rate my portuguese[View]
79869824is it not clear as day to anyone else that whites evolved from chimps and blacks evolved from gorill…[View]
79867369Only countries with high HDI can post here[View]
79846879/mämmi/: Vuosi 2525 painos https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yesyhQkYrQM Tämä on se tulevaisuus jonka …[View]
79867344Hey fat fuck, stop deleting my threads[View]
79868434Why do argies want them so bad?: What do they gain from owning an archipelago full of fanatically lo…[View]
79864250Any thoughts on Madrid?[View]
79869524How do I get a qt /CHI/ gf?[View]
798690223(THREE) out of the top 29 posts are non-general. What were your reasons to start posting on /int/ g…[View]
79869428>parents dont wanna accept that i am balding when i ask them they say 'YOU ARE NOT BALDING, …[View]
79868424If there's an afterlife, why couldn't we think it'd be just as hard to thrive there a…[View]
79865844/mett/ ehemals /deutsch/: Nachtschicht[View]
79867709/brit/ + /éire/: All the lads ed.[View]
79868856controversial /int/ opinions: I think all general threads should be in /bant/.[View]
79868822You wake up in Haiti before the Earthquake[View]
79862042https://youtu.be/XFiccrmQpH8 Why do old years (1980's) japs seem to be better than modern japs …[View]
79868730>you wake up >Yoda is UN General Secretary…[View]
79868711This is Suebi Portuguese https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=584s6iAunzs[View]
79864625>one shot at the lottery of life >not born in America kill me…[View]
79861467Europeans will defend this.[View]
79849265How did Portugal survive next to Spain without being assimilated?[View]
79867907Is Pepe Viyuela famous n your country?: Spain Yes[View]
79867226>the year is 1675 >King Louis XIV of France is recieving reports from Joliet and Marquette…[View]
79863716whats the purpose of 'sins' if god forgive us? in the catholic religion of course, i dont …[View]
79867390Why do black women love white men?[View]
79860018/SEA/ multicultural thread: >Invited: Weeaboos,nibbers, Pewdiepie anime reviews, and sluts. >N…[View]
79867692>people think a country that was a superpower for all but two centuries of its history won't…[View]
79867131How can I move to Europe?: I am 19 year old white male with little to no skills whatsoever. I hear I…[View]
79867960SEND HELP FUCK[View]
79867954Why are the Irish so cute? :3[View]
79867682This is a by-product of portuguese-british sex https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tLRog6Pnwfg[View]
79857730r: Ask sad russian anything. Might also do some sfw requests.[View]
79866918How are you preparing for the Asian century?[View]
79867194Church Thread: This one is La Iglesia de Santa Librada. It is in Las Tablas de Los Santos at the Pen…[View]
79866224/brit/: potato famine edition[View]
79866833Left: >India during wh*Te rule Right: >India during BLACK rule BLACK people are better with mo…[View]
79865300Is Brazil still on Santa's good boys list?[View]
79867609> 2015 > does not burn the traps Are you a school-leased, mentally disabled, or both? > The…[View]
79867591/mämmi/: kev painos[View]
79866431>Tfw no Russian gf[View]
79867549What's the most normalfag country and why is it Argentina? Even their own anonymous forums reek…[View]
79867379Ameriboos of /int/, what's your favorite city or state in the U.S.? And we'll tell you wha…[View]
79866160I wish i was Argentine[View]
79865838>Americans buy small carpets to step on before you go inside their house so your shoes don't…[View]
79866954How expensive is housing in your city? The cheapest home I can find that's located in a good ne…[View]
798578591. Your country 2. What are you studying 3. Which uni/school 4. What is your uni's/school'…[View]
79865741What are you doing to prepare for the Hispanic Millennium?[View]
79867181Really make ya think. t. Zergling[View]
79866609Tell me about the Australian hat Why does it wear the corkscrews[View]
79843083/lat/- hilo latino: edicion no me puedo ir ni por dos dias porque ME ROBAN A MI NOVIA VENECA antes l…[View]
79856299/cum/: Queen Tay edition[View]
79866402Is it possible to be intelligent and like the united states.[View]
79861301HOLA! espero que disfruten su domingo, les mando mucho cariño.[View]
79866290Are you guys terrorists?: Are you guys terrorists?[View]
79855759bedroom/home/apartment thread 1/?[View]
79866446>tfw no gf[View]
79866069why did Mexican mans fire flames from the hole in the his ass? it ate too hot food chili : D[View]
79850655Do Slavic girls see Western European men as more desirable than Slavic men?[View]
79711667/flag/ /flags/ /extraflag/ /extraflags/: Caption this edition Previous thread: >>79699445 Welc…[View]
79862943Albanian woman[View]
79843891Why do they hate us?[View]
79864624/brit/: s'craic edition[View]
79866118was he right?[View]
79861433>be white american >go to school >get shot >be black american >dont go to school >…[View]
79865473Bolivia why can't you be our friends?[View]
79856765/ex-yu/: Slike s devojkom edicija[View]
79861575Are Romanians ancient Greeks?[View]
79866023Why were Baby Boomers and X Generation so self-loathed and wanted so much to be like americans basin…[View]
79860353If Sweden is so liberal, why do they still have a monarch? A true liberal would chop his head off.[View]
79863514What do tacos and trolls both have in common? They are both parts of swedish culture that norwegians…[View]
79854949/brit/: The future of Britain edition[View]
79864964why so many regions want to become independent ultimately?[View]
79863583/deutsch/: Mund auf Schwanz rein, Faschistenalman[View]
79861667>There are european ''''countries'''' where moose are rare or even nonexistant…[View]
79865023Which country is home to the greatest explorers in history and why is it Sweden?[View]
79860933>A Russian tv channel once made Russians vote for the greatest people in Russian history >Jose…[View]
79857074>non-nordics and non-slavs will positively NOT defend this[View]
79865637>tfw it's considered trashy and racist to fly the flag of England, even in England…[View]
79864050I wish the internet had never been invented. Now everything will homogenize.[View]
79865529Italians are white.[View]
79852765/Norgetråden/: germansk utgave forrige: >>79837885 >>79837885 >>79837885[View]
79865010Official /int/ Discord: Join the autism: https://discord.gg/ExXCG4[View]
79846746Rate my British meal[View]
79865054>Australians http://www.bbc.com/news/av/world-australia-41378190/man-clings-to-train-s-windscreen…[View]
79854314name one positive thing France has done for humanity[View]
79865157Brit Talk [Pic Unrelated]: Talk about Brit and Other...[View]
79864138>Wh*Te ''''lyrics''''''''''[View]
79865142Lets pretend that you could bring a person alive a 1000 years ago to the present day. How long would…[View]
79854861Does your country have an obesity problem? America, yes[View]
79860680So my mom told me the other day that I actually have a few Jewish cousins. Why are Italians and Jews…[View]
79845482kurva anyátok[View]
79864069FUCK THE EU: Patriots of Europe, stand up for your countries! We are being robbed and deluded, we li…[View]
79860841Family Names of your Country: What does your last names mean/signify? Do people sharing the same las…[View]
79863403/hell/ Hellas General Ελλάς: valame to dolomataki mas kai tora perimenoume ekdosis https://www.youtu…[View]
79861650>be American >go to school >get shot >go to movies >get shot >go to mall >get s…[View]
79862786/brit/: Sadboy hours https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=s0eKw2_n_d4[View]
79839805>tfw no italian gf I am mad[View]
79861895Iraq seems quite autistic https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OuKr7eiHQhY[View]
79852022Post fresh autumn photos fuckers[View]
79830729Can somebody explain me why are other latinos so extremely clueless about us? It always surprises me…[View]
79854912could I pass a local in your country?[View]
79849740>be Russian >work in cashier the last 3,5 years >move to Finland (finnish gf) >everythin…[View]
79860284>this brazilian city is larger than many european countries Makes me think.…[View]
79859171>brown people move in >country turns to shit Why does this keep happening?…[View]
79847090Wtf is wrong with poland: Turkish Erasmus student in Warsaw here, everyone here treats me like a rap…[View]
79859919ITT: /int/ in year 934[View]
79860802Post police precinct/bases from ur city/cunt.[View]
79849613The British Isles has such comfy and beautiful landscapes. Don't you agree /int/?[View]
79854109ITT your cunt at the 50s[View]
79862961>Come on anon let's make Esperanto the international lingua franca!…[View]
79862668how do i survive in a brown country as a white male? pd: rate my english[View]
79855467Guess height and ethnicity.[View]
79861962/AfD/ ehemals /deutsch/: Gauland-Ausgabe[View]
79845492Vlamingen en nederdraad: Zandstraal editie Welkom: 2jaar formeren Niet welkom: kritiek op wafelijzer…[View]
79863340Are Amerindians and Asians really related?[View]
79860965/brit/: rise and shine edition https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=A2nirOjpz70[View]
79862879can a Chinese speaker give an accurate translation of this: '今天我跟我房东,一前一后路过家附近的爱情旅馆,她在前我在后,我当然并不知道她是…[View]
79862095Just saw this slut on the subway. She couldn't stop looking at me and my bulge. Literally water…[View]
79862646my ancestors :)[View]
79853219>tfw broke my 10 day nofap streak today. That's alright. It was longer than previous one. I …[View]
79862423What's his endgame[View]
79858698Poor insomnia Jap here. Ask me anything about Japan while other japs sleeping zzz[View]
79840013What country is your country's bully, what country do your country bully?[View]
79861571How bad are 4chans ads in your country[View]
79862486Who Retiarius here? Don't mind me, just being the most underrated gladiator class.[View]
79850991>white >spiritulists/pagans/dinaric >europeans Why did stormfags ban thrn…[View]
79862371You wake up in the Sinai Peninsula[View]
79857195>start first year in Uni >my department is 80% female >most of them are 6/10 or lower Does…[View]
79862234Why do Anglos eat their skin? Is it to prolong their lfiespan?[View]
79862335Chile's shape pisses me off. It should just merge with Argentina for aesthetic reasons.[View]
79861942>your flag ? >do you hate your nationality ? >do you want to wake up one morning as somethi…[View]
79861598Why Chile looks like a shithole?[View]
79861049I thought British people virtually invented banter, why can't they take a little, hmm?[View]
79861023Are they white, /int/? Everyone is mad because they are saying they are black to get racial quotas i…[View]
79848746hamburgers should be illegal[View]
79860774Why does the whole world try to claim their history? Blacks: 'WE WUZ HEBREWS N SHIET' Whites: 'JEZUZ…[View]
79857239/deutsch/: Klassenkampf jetzt! - Ausgabe[View]
79859597Why is France so bad at colonization? Take America for example, we gave them - Louisiana, the poores…[View]
79851644Why do all Denmarkians look kind of weird, and why hasn't this been addressed in /int/ yet?[View]
79831874/balk/: Balkan thread BIG Bulgar boxer edition old: >>79793553[View]
79856499Sverigetråden - 2dupplagan[View]
79857851>mfw you realize that all enemies of the US are trying to break the USD world hegemony in favor o…[View]
79858753/brit/: big cats edition[View]
79860477Anyone else excited for when the bullets start flying in Catalonia and the separatist scum are put d…[View]
79860585What a stupid shape.[View]
79856660e: Is this pic accurate?[View]
79855176>The Sicilian Mafia adopted protection money from the Muslims who ruled over Sicily during the is…[View]
79856543is it really true that americans boil water in the microwave?[View]
79847202How's Germany right now?[View]
79852528Why is it called the Irish Sea? It could just as easily be the English sea.[View]
79857139>2017 >no burn cigarettes Are you school bullied, retarded or both? >b-but it to dies!!!! y…[View]
79858684/deutsch/: Mund auf Schwanz rein, Alman_innenX[View]
79859775I need Swiss friends: I need Swiss friends Pic not related[View]
79859622Post great speeches from your cunt https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tpH5L8zCtSk[View]
79859265Imagine being one of the most powerful countries of the world with the biggest population and larges…[View]
79844435/fr/ - le fil français: Édition Jeanne au secours[View]
79840637Why Ottoman empire is the least portrayed in WWI media and filmography when they were the ones that …[View]
79857150more like this pls[View]
79857099/fr/ - Le fil francophone: Edition des italiens[View]
79854957/brit/: ant and dec edition[View]
79859179Why do frogs worship Napoleon? He betrayed the revolution[View]
79858839What do Spaniards think about La Veneno?[View]
79837712/ita/ - il filo: edizione XRA[View]
79857398Who's really for super malaria?[View]
79858769/luso/: Edição Cutie[View]
79857201/deutsch/: Schulweg-Ausgabe[View]
79858284Grzegorz Brzęszczyszczykiewicz: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=t-fcrn1Edik 1. your cunt ray 2. do y…[View]
79857105The samurai returns in the form of the ghazi mashallah[View]
79837811/ex-yu/: dobrovoljni sluga izdanje[View]
79856693/CIA/ Central /int/ Agency: Daily /CIA/ thread, UPDATE: /luso/ has been raised to an orange threat l…[View]
79858486Some of you guys are alright. Don't go to France tomorrow.[View]
79858472>girls with social anxiety and boyfriend[View]
79857603/lat/- hilo latino: la revolucion chavista sera feminista o no sera[View]
79855171>sneeze next to chinese tourists >one of them claims I insulted his mum…[View]
79845650/polska/: tsukiko edycja[View]
79845771What are the good and bad parts of your city? I'm from NYC. Red = Good parts Brown = Shit[View]
79853693Nations United: >improve diplomacy you would[View]
79833405/cum/: JANNY'd edition[View]
79833927/luso/ - Fio Lusófono: Edição Fie[View]
79851622Whats the best country in Latin America? What's the worse?[View]
79857530TURKIC general: Invited: True brothers and sons of Tengri Not invited: Chankoro monkeys, kyrgyz roac…[View]
79855499What is a dish or snack from your country that you find absolutely fucking disgusting and cannot fat…[View]
79855113in Netherlands children have to take appointments to meet their parents[View]
79857333chin chong ping pong[View]
79851944Why do some Italians resemble gypsies?[View]
79847029How do Arabs and Blacks get along in France?[View]
79856260are you depressed?[View]
79848951overrated country[View]
79854584What kinds of produce do people from your cunt typically buy at the store?[View]
79855707/deutsch/: Elefantenrunde-Ausgabe[View]
79845945ITT: we help America get a culture[View]
79824625Your cunt How often do you order pizza delivery?[View]
79850187EUROPE IS NOT DEAD YET!!!!!!![View]
79844107What is the next holiday coming up in your country? I'll start: USA Columbus Day, it's a …[View]
79848493What activities do Europeans do on Sunday when all the shops are closed?[View]
79834119Why aren't you joining the spanish-speaking masterrace? Tienes miedo de unirte a los grandes?[View]
79852245How are twenty-something, single white males treated in your country?[View]
79856415>tfw no malay gf[View]
79812799Culture Pals /cp/ general thread: BLOCKED edition Welcome to Culture Pals! Message QTs around the wo…[View]
79848498You wake up in European Turkey[View]
79855659Have you every 'culturally enriched' a woman from another country? Tell us about your experience.[View]
79849334>tfw the Germans on /int/ are going mass mode crazy I-Is it 1933 again...?…[View]
79848515>t*rks are subhumans and not whit- whoa[View]
79853443Does your country have personified spurdo? Here is a French one.[View]
79843305This is our food[View]
79836563There's any country that literally hate Brazil for some reason? I mean, besides the internet bu…[View]
79854907>im neet and i just have two tracksuits and three t shirts feels bad[View]
79855028Can you translate this?: Or if possible, can you type the first character so I can copy it? The sour…[View]
79854346/deutsch/: Letze tägliche Erinnerung der Opa von Beatrix war Finanzminister im Dritten Reich, wurde …[View]
79855540What SEA country has best grilz?[View]
79854847>1. Your country Hungary >2. Do you have a youtube channel ? It's a channel about science…[View]
79854560>mom found the ironmarch account[View]
79813521/v4/ + kamaráti: no bully edition[View]
79855064How do German and other aryan qts respond to the BBC meme? I'm moving to Berlin at the end of …[View]
79847794How important is health and fitness in your country? Do skinnyfat and weak men have any place there?…[View]
79850748German people can't take luggage without being arrested.[View]
798522801. Your cunt 2. Are you ashamed to be from there? USA Yes[View]
79853621Which do you prefer?[View]
79853070/brit/: American slags edition[View]
79846174Why doesn't Britannia rule the waves anymore?[View]
79852925Could i pass as a local in your country...?[View]
79851690are women capable of free thought?[View]
79847132What's the appeal of American football?[View]
79853381At least you live in Europe...[View]
79850985Last Shitflinging thread was great so i'm remaking one: >Kyrgyzstan…[View]
79853728What did he mean by this...?[View]
79854529me like jokes about spen hehe are s fnny xd[View]
79852006>make fun of Mexican 'cuisine' >a Norwegian gets offended…[View]
79853928could I pass as a local in you're a country?[View]
79840736How do you traditionally meet Germans in your country?[View]
79852568/deutsch/: Völkerwanderungs-Ausgabe[View]
79854044>his country doesn't have deserts or palm trees[View]
79843060>wake up >muh heritage is still Anglo-Protestant >zero (0) Italian heritage >zero (0) G…[View]
79853557Why do African Americans literally bow down when the anthem plays? Are they so respectul to American…[View]
79851414Why are Korean and Japanese English teachers all white? Is it because of the BWC?[View]
79841551Mainland /asean/ + Flipland: Bunnygirl edition[View]
79834969Swedish landscape is so comfy and beautiful. Don't you all agree?[View]
79849255Hi German speakers, I have an assignment in German class in which I have to select a quote from a fa…[View]
79827033I really want to experience traditional Meso-American culture and way of life. It's such a sham…[View]
79850472>you cunt >your favorite manga Tunisia punpun and 20th century boys…[View]
79853626>There is no benefit to browsing this site. You are wasting your youth here. Leave and don't…[View]
79846784is your country gay friendly?: >Norway yes almost everyone here likes them…[View]
79853426This is deep[View]
79845844Is there a difference between malay and thai gril? From what I read so far(thai posters) thai girls …[View]
79846541Why don't they admit they are European?[View]
79840471why are americans so stupid?[View]
79853194>this is where all Latin Americans originate from really makes you think…[View]
79852751Women here watch Turkish soap operas all the time. It became serious cancer,ever since that series w…[View]
79849218whats the purpose of life if you are ugly? i feel bad for those ugly males working in mc donalds[View]
79844853Sverigetråden: Söndagkväll upplagan[View]
79850719/brit/: are year la edition[View]
79842438>he doesn't put a space before the question mark[View]
79843897what kinds of seafood are popular in Krautmany?[View]
79850511Comrades, I need you to help me identify this place. I'm pretty sure it's a well known POI…[View]
79852618We wuz kangz en shiet: Alright fags, raid time. Here's the plan. There is a website called movi…[View]
79851087/deutsch/: Mund auf Schwanz rein, Alman[View]
79843482Guess the name of the poster above you[View]
79852415>tfw no Russian gf[View]
79842379What are you actually supposed to do when you have a gf?[View]
79849154This guy would be the current king if we were still a monarchy.[View]
79845932cloning slavery: Next month Cina gonna open big factory for mass human cloning. And gonna sell clone…[View]
798506231. yer glistening gash 2. How does the thought of death and thought of not being make you feel[View]
79838604Tell me about albania /int/. Why is it considered europes shame on here?[View]
79851596How common are these stereotypical names in their countries?: >Ireland: Seamus, Patrick, Liam …[View]
79851519You mess with Canada, you mess with me[View]
79850635Why don't Italians look as cool as in video games? Why are captchas more and more horrible?[View]
79851481>ANOTHER finland commits suicide because of my bullying[View]
79850065/지옥불조선/: 타이완넘버원[View]
79851110why do the English say Irish people have African DNA[View]
79851314why is Ethiopia so strong?[View]
79845681Would Australia have been the perfect place for founding a Jewish state? >low population >larg…[View]
79844976Brazil in a nutshell[View]
79850003What went wrong?[View]
79851162Why are *aps so bad at making original anime ending? FUCK[View]
79849930/deutsch/: 88 SITZE EDITION[View]
79841387/tr/: vaxx benim ölü tiradım edisyonu[View]
79837885/norgetråden/: Klassisk norsk jv-utgaven Forrige: >>79819150 >>79819150 >>7981915…[View]
79847917>the capital of Romania is a better place to live than London[View]
79828578/balt/: european history is black history edition[View]
79848397/brit/: 学习雷锋好榜样, 忠于革命忠于党 edition[View]
79848179>I am William of Nassau >of German blood. >Loyal to the fatherland am I >I will remain u…[View]
79822428/nusantara/: pos sebelum autistik jesus flip buat thread edisi[View]
79850342Why don't Mexicans appreciate Amerindian culture like we do?[View]
79842822What happen here ?: How is quality of life in these countries ? I heard Estonia has some sort of fre…[View]
79849975>too lazy to buy anime >too lazy to wait until subtitle gets out >too lazy to understand w…[View]
79848885/deutsch/: Live vom Reichstag[View]
79840654I am 1/64th Cherokee Indian Please respect my heritage white pigs.[View]
79848569How's life in Hokkaido? Seems like a comfy Island.[View]
79843070'H-HEY STOP, you! Anon, stop!! This is Korean police, s-show me your hands!!' What do?[View]
79841944Your thoughts on this country?[View]
79827407/ex-ussr/ general: pycня cocaть eдишн (клaccичecкий)[View]
79849173What's it like to be gay (bear) in Japan?[View]
79849189>Go to the Netherlands >Get confused with Spanish >Post face >Some Euros say I look rath…[View]
79819597What's you altitude /int/ https://whataltitude.com/[View]
79851904Is it hate speech when I promote hatred to all people disregard of their ethnicity, religion, gender…[View]
79847910Stop talking shit about AMERICA. It is the seingle most free and awesome country in the world. Witho…[View]
79847932/deutsch/: 13%[View]
79848094>doesn't have his King's face in his country's coins >loser and cuck…[View]
79840733Is there a possibility the American government redraws their States according to the geography, cult…[View]
79843749/hell/ Hellas General Ελλάς: hell on earth 2017 ekdosis[View]
79847111What song sums up your country?: UK: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dvgZkm1xWPE[View]
79847179Pinoy needed: I need filipinos that would do anything for money[View]
79846394/brit/: another anime edition[View]
79828575Japanese Thread / 日本語スレッド: This thread is for the discussion of the language, culture, travel, daily…[View]
79848185>Not listening to Cover Español https://youtu.be/YBiMre_905Y plebs[View]
79846507PeruANO appreciation thread, they did their best: AJE sodas are cheap Good food Interesting amerindi…[View]
79846368Polish guy on vacation.[View]
79839872Your general thoughts about my country and its people[View]
79840422>Russians are Europea-[View]
79846796/deutsch/: Mund auf 4 Jahre Schwanz rein, Alman[View]
79845312Thank you USA[View]
79838575How are you preparing for the Asian century?[View]
79830049What is your favorite Turkish dish? For me, it's maklube.[View]
79844583Wtf is wrong with them? One of them is obsessed with russian men and their appearance, trying to hid…[View]
79847175/éire/: I don't like the other thread edition[View]
79844363How come the peoples of Germany are so aesthetic?[View]
79846433>wake up >Europe is now this What do?[View]
79843918A German man approaches you and asks to use your toilet. How do you respond?[View]
79844002Compared to its neighbours, Jordan seem more modern and in better shape. It has a decent economy wit…[View]
79846274>Cuscus is France's most popular dish >Kebab is Germany's most popular dish >Curr…[View]
79847027/belg/: This thread is for the discussion of the travel, language, and culture of Belgi-BWAHAHAHAAHA…[View]
79845713Pirate dowloads: Can I dowload content in Portugal for free or there some law that punish it with mo…[View]
79845470/deutsch/: Cringe[View]
79843592I've fucked a 10 dollar whore with no condom. Ask me anything.[View]
79829961/mämmi/: Sunnuntai[View]
79845173At least you live in Europe[View]
79843234Is there something wrong with wh*te 'people' in your country like here in America?[View]
79839049Why is it everything I see and hear from Eastern Europe shows me Hitler was right and Slavs aren…[View]
79845339What the fuck is wrong with China? How can anyone be literally so addict to this point? And don…[View]
79750292/sino/ - 中文: why does peru keep posting porn? edition The thread for posting in Chinese and discussi…[View]
79840454>black exchange student moves into dorm >ask where she's from >'France'…[View]
79844340/brit/: Anime edition[View]
79844453Fucking normies.... fucking normies1!!! >move to Canada at the age of 19 >No applicable qualif…[View]
79845446Falkland Islands: Why do argies want them so bad? What do they gain from owning an archipelago full …[View]
79844066stop bullying the germans and the americans[View]
79846194They are fucking panicking. The polls are saying anywhere from 12-17% depending on state. Lmao. High…[View]
79845858/deutsch/: 4-Jahre-Mehr-Ausgabe https://youtube.com/watch?v=xMmOwXCmdTk[View]
79844474>tfw no /int/ernational friends[View]
79794036/éire/: Kevin Lowery edition Ploughing sub-edition[View]
79845305What does 'Kaikki peliin' mean?[View]
79837313/polska/: Edycja pedofilska[View]
79747795Daily Japanese Thread - DJT #1909: Cornucopia of Resources / Guide Read the guide before asking ques…[View]
79844662Post pics with /int/ related filenames[View]
79845506>'Why yes, pure Aztec blood runs through my veins. I am a native Mexican and proud of it'…[View]
79831539kurva anyátok[View]
79841973/deutsch/: Mund auf Schwanz rein, Araber[View]
79845232This is the average thai girl[View]
79834927Would you marry a spanish black woman? They're pretty different from american blacks. Rarely fa…[View]
79845247SISTEM TE LAZE https://youtu.be/hkSzmPnzF-o[View]
79836493>Your cunt >What are some parts of your country's history that are skipped in public educ…[View]
79842624Unified Tyrol when?? Not welcome: it*lians and a*strians[View]
79844696>move to St. Petersburg >niggers everywhere…[View]
79844951sverigetråden - kranvattenupplagan: KOLLA IHÅG ATT DRICKA =) http://www.svensktvatten.se/ https://ww…[View]
79838847What is the most hated country in the world? It would have to be either pic related, china, or Japan…[View]
79844946>Russians are homophobic >also have some of the best traps on the planet does this mean that a…[View]
79837886>US not white >Europe not white >Canada not white >Australia officially no longer white …[View]
79843624Helu butifel[View]
79844814Minister van miem zaken editie Welkom: Legale miems Nietbwlekom: Gedoogde miems[View]
79840036is it true that pakistan men look like us? i see some of them that could pass as local here are they…[View]
79844197Flag How fucked is your country based on populationpyramid.net? Czech Republic is pretty fucked Also…[View]
79839932>go back to your own country you respond?[View]
79844259>one shot at life >white i just wanna be indian…[View]
79837674>russian men are ugly They look fine to me[View]
79842610/brit/: hullow edition[View]
79838051Korean think german is best car manufacturers.[View]
79838055Why do not Scottish, Walsh and Irish people have their own royal family like English people have?[View]
79802952Vocaroo thread. Bonus points if you sing a song. Even more bonus if you sing in not your native tong…[View]
79820224neder: neder Vrijdagavond disco editie[View]
79836746I personally like Poland. But why is Poland still poor? They boast considerable amounts of land and …[View]
79843898What happens here?[View]
79842688Could he pass as a local in your country?[View]
79842285is man with long hair acceptable in your country?[View]
79841151Why is northern european food so bland? Having excuse like they didn't have spices back in the …[View]
79839755Why did so many Germans, Italians and Irish immigrated to the Americas ? Were their countries so poo…[View]
79841956/deutsch/: 20% Ausgabe[View]
79826708/fr/ - le fil français: Édition apparemment y'a personne d'autre pour faire le fil[View]
79842831Germans look very kind.[View]
79843367ITT we see who has the most international harem >Peruvian male Have >japanese main >korean …[View]
79843314*walks towards you in german*[View]
79842516>NOAA CFS model system predicts a extremely cold winter in Northern Siberia, about 10º lower ON A…[View]
79842514fermented shark uma delícia[View]
79835142Do birds attack people in your country, or is it just another example of Australia being hell on Ear…[View]
79837006Help me: Im from New Zealand . Im currently in Vanuatu because of some charity shit . Barely any int…[View]
79839434ITT: creepy pictures[View]
79842612Why are slavs homophobic?[View]
79837060Where in Europe could Geralt pass as a local?[View]
79839988Could we pass as locals in your country?[View]
79833435Because of India pakistan, sri lanka, nepal and bangladesh have to deal with the memes[View]
79842680>Americans have no cult--[View]
79835750Russia is the most hated country: According to a 2016 poll, 73% of Serbs perceive Russia as Serbia…[View]
79836829HOW TO MEET A GERMAN MAN?????????????? INVENT A TIME MACHINE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!![View]
79842515>tfw 19yo >tfw no beard yet i need to cover my subhuman face, my dad has a beard, my uncles ha…[View]
79842065me kissing sweden[View]
79840779brit: brit[View]
798424601. yeure a country 2. how much does your social industry give you support money per month for doing …[View]
79836666>The speech made by the U.S. president in his maiden address on the U.N. arena in the prevailing …[View]
79842170Is bald man common in your cunt?[View]
79831976Am I close?[View]
79840437Why hello there, I'm from Finla-[View]
79842096I dreamed of living in Europe all my life, but pic related made me realize the dream is literally he…[View]
79838339/virgin/ - international virginity let's have a thread about us let's exchange our exper…[View]
79841843Beautiful girls[View]
79822437European rap is pretty good, post some rap from your country. France https://www.youtube.com/watch?v…[View]
79836847Why are they like this?[View]
79840307Why don't you support berbers, the native caucasian population of North Africa, against arab an…[View]
79839822So what exactly will come out of this?[View]
79835170Sverigetråden - söndagupplagan[View]
79837331Do you expect changes now that the AfD is in the bundestag?: If so, what changes?[View]
79839641/deutsch/: Mund auf Schwanz rein, Abdullah[View]
79840673>tfw this girl with a 4/10 face has a 9/10 voice Reeeeeeeeee why is this allowed?…[View]
798328661. your cunt 2. favourite kind of porn Australia JAV[View]
79841100Back in the day,2 guys made this video of them traveling by car from Croatia all the way to China. h…[View]
79832509P A N T I E S[View]
79838361let me vote for you right wing left wing central whatever you want just write it first dubs win[View]
79840048if girls are against abusive boyfriends... why do they date them?[View]
79829565ever been in a fight?[View]
79839695/Deutsch/ faben- Madison Ivy ausgaben[View]
79841225Cyka blyad, gimme some Germanic women to rape and things to steal.[View]
79839272ITT: ''countries'' that are so chucked they have another country's language on their own flag I…[View]
79839289/brit/: cuteboys edition[View]
79833171ITT: Country impossible to hate[View]
79798410Does your city have a subway/metro system?[View]
79832768What is your mothers name? My mum is Taina[View]
79832973What was your least favorite subject in school?[View]
79836869What is your favorite country and why is it Russia?[View]
79836021Dutch tourism: Why do so many Americans and so few French visit the Netherlands?[View]
79840110Why are German women so frigid and stone cold that they never show warmth to anyone or have sex; yet…[View]
79840262What's it like living in the roaring forties and furious fifties?[View]
79837290HOW TO FIND FRENCH MAN??????????????????????????????????????? LOOK UNDER TRUCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!![View]
79836345Everybody hates Anglos: I've come to realize that outside of our little circlejerks, nobody lik…[View]
79837415>beard stops growing after it reachs to 5 cm and it look like a face pube Life is painful…[View]
79831800ANGLO MAN getting that SLAVIC AMERICAN pussy![View]
79836313HOROR U HRVATSKOJ Mladić (19) ušao u kafić i izbo SEDMORO LJUDI tko od vas? jel osecankin kafic? zna…[View]
79834881>Germans won't defend this[View]
79837920Could i pass as a local in your country...?[View]
79838545Why do European Americans, African Americans, and Asian Americans have slightly different accent alt…[View]
79834019Post:: a. >your country b. >is pre-marital sex the norm or are women expected to stay virgins …[View]
79834725British internet culture: I don't want to paint with a broad brush and say that every british p…[View]
79837486>mom saying that i am balding because i dont go outside what the fuck[View]
79827485>visited Europe >I had believed Europe was clean >tfw realized Europe is far dirtier than e…[View]
79836290Does /int/ have a girl friend?[View]
79839142why do /int/ hate turkey people so much and why do turkish people hate white so much? it is actuall…[View]
79836580Did Yakub make Asians as well? Where did they come from?[View]
79837323brit: brit[View]
79838900Who wins and why is it the GSoEC (Glorious Sons of Europa Coalition)?[View]
79837058>see a Vietnamese man in public >he asks me if I want to fuck his daughter >I say 'yes' …[View]
79816897/ex-yu/: tek se otvara lokal izdanje[View]
79837827/ex-yu/: smrt novopederima edicija[View]
79837244Serious question, why do German people on average hate Russia so much? They tend to be a generally p…[View]
79833209>be me >french frog with some kraut blood from Luxembourg and western gGermany >love histo…[View]
79838345>11 years old what happened? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Uu3CctmoQy8…[View]
79831672>EU4 atm[View]
79833057Whom would your cunt support if they went to war?[View]
79801189/ita/ - il filo: Edizione: voi, i porci[View]
79832076>ITT: Describe one of your neighbor countries with a picture, other guess the country starting wi…[View]
79837872What does this map make you think? It seems like whites are going to be eradicated within the next 2…[View]
79837853STOP BULLYING SWEDEN!!!!!!!!!!![View]
79835733/hell/ Hellas General Ελλάς: Sunday noon ekdosis[View]
79830323>tfw no average looking Mexican gf[View]
79834324German anons that have voted. Who did you vote for?[View]
79835767what country do i go to if i want to go back in time and never come back[View]
79832595Sverigetråden - Sissy finska pojke vän edition: Hejssan![View]
79836995/Slav/ - The Earthly Wisdom: Izdanje ničega. Ovo je nit za sve slavenske narode, i sve one koji uče,…[View]
79836178/deutsch/: Wahltag ist Zahltag - Ausgabe[View]
79810433Post typical sidewalk from your city/town: This is what is required here to keep people from parking…[View]
798344971. your country 2. can girls love girls in your country Netherlands Yes[View]
79827742What is in the mind of todays spainiard?[View]
79826331America on suicide watch[View]
79835429Can anyone give me a non-biased explaination for Anarcho-capitalism?[View]
79836422Bravo Finland![View]
79835427/brit/: me and the gf edition[View]
79791666/mexiearthquake/ general 8.0[View]
79819150/norgetråden/: FÅVÆ-UTGAVEN Forrige: >>79810745[View]
79813931/polska/: edycja czasów gimnazjalnych[View]
79830356Cunt What's your name[View]
79836832'ellou strangah. Got some noice tings for you strangah. The chooice of an aavid gun collectah. …[View]
79833868British ''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''…[View]
79833395Australia or Europe, which is more exciting to travel to ? I'm planing to travel by car for abo…[View]
79836668>how to be 200% korean >eating kimchi >eating bulgogi >riding hyundai >listen kpop …[View]
79824311Please love Japan[View]
79829154Can we have one of these threads? Rate mine.[View]
79836598Comrades, I need you to help me identify this place. I'm pretty sure it's a well known POI…[View]
79834984why do i hate normies so much?[View]
79832183>mfw Germany and Russia become a Muslim majority and their native population will be replaced.…[View]
79833813>Watching tutorial to install a bridge on my guitar >Guy in the video tells me to set my route…[View]
79835884Oslo schools: How can multiculti Brazil and Canada even compete? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bnG…[View]
79834132WTF LOOK WHAT I FOUND! I FUCKING LOVE IRELAND NOW!! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tRyiCt4nOaY…[View]
79836033>your cunt >Can you openly tell that you're browsing /int/ or /pol/ to your family/co-wor…[View]
79832995Yakiniku is Korean cuisine[View]
79836105i cannot die because this is my universe[View]
79832751I wish I was a baby boomer I want to grow during the disco era my dream in life is to revitalise dis…[View]
79834520/deutsch/: Geht wählen Brudis[View]
79824248Do you have Japanese immigrants in your country? What are they like? Do you like them more than othe…[View]
79836035Any american racists here? I wanna beat you up.[View]
79836047Who is it? I know it's one of you. Show yourself. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6jaeSHfNTuQ…[View]
79834772americans are sleeping[View]
79832313Getting kind of tired of having no allies in the middle east. When the fuck will New Zealand conquer…[View]
798352961. How much is the avg price for one Dom Perignon there 2. Cunt[View]
79833018>be me >be young >bully all the kids who had mongoloid features >call them Chinese >p…[View]
79832259Guys I am really embarrassed about being a white nationalist these people are all crazy good for not…[View]
79834016the best posters pic related[View]
79832294Who would win? The entire UK Royal Family or The President of the United States?[View]
79831867>Want to learn Ukrainian because it's an ancient language >Realize not that many people g…[View]
79834533>be american >make a thread >be bullied…[View]
79833097WHITE BOIS PLS Contain youself[View]
79833791What is american version of the musical 'cats'? >fats[View]
79834087/brit/: white man in hammersmith palais edition[View]
79835332Name a cuter couple[View]
79831045Does anyone else feel like it's impossible to be racist irl? Even though I hold tons of racist …[View]
79829278imagine if france was called franke hahaha[View]
79835019Is there any nation now where people feel national pride, while at the same time seeing themselves a…[View]
79833602Ok... i'll tell it for the last time, we are white and our ancestry is %101 european, you got i…[View]
79823301hilo latino: Hilo anti-escualidos, revolucionario y sobre todo chavista[View]
79834245Hi, chinese Can you understand this fake chinese?[View]
79834808Uk: Guy from England[View]
79833128Some people don't live along the Ocean or Sea. I feel sad for you, inland morons.[View]
79834755Typical Swedish mother.[View]
79831849I wish I was German, Australians have no history or culture to be proud of. Germans have a rich hist…[View]
79834317I drew an American State[View]
79833608Who's the most favorite Japanese you like?[View]
79830748You wake up in Asian Russia[View]
79834407America is whit-[View]
79822972/deutsch/ Rapklusion-ausgabe[View]
79833821it's 4:03 here goodnight, lovely people :3[View]
79833293>the polish immigrant who gets paid less than a minimum wage because he is not lithuanian is beat…[View]
79832614>you will NEVER EVER be an european https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=w15oWDh02K4…[View]
79832826/brit/: MILF edition[View]
79827532Do you guys have any cool/funny/strange experiences with Americans visiting your country?[View]
79831859>over 3007 counties in the United States of America >0 of them are governed by a Count…[View]
79827715Why do Koreans hate Japan for their 'war crimes' and then manage to steal their culture?[View]
79827328What's the difference between this country and russia?[View]
79828034/cum/: Fulani edition[View]
79830319/deutsch/: Wählt-keine-Ronnies-Ausgabe[View]
79833137YAAAAAAAANKS https://www.atkearney.com/global-cities/full-report[View]
79828600He wants that cunny[View]
79824060barber fucked up my back AGAIN[View]
79831125My older brother is a fucking loser 27 and still lives at home he thinks he owns this house has his …[View]
79833224What is the worst movie that you've seen?[View]
79827664>British 'history'[View]
79829284Which Spic country is going to suffer the next major natural disaster?[View]
79833177>whats the matter anon? Dont you want to smell my farts?[View]
79830130Is anyone else disturbed with the trend of historical & or 'old' buildings being repla…[View]
79833144My neighbours are baking a cake and it smells really good but I can't ask for some because I do…[View]
79833095>listen star spangled banner for fun >pic happens THANKS AMERICA…[View]
79830373/dixie/ - Southern US & friends: Lee's surrender at Appomattox Courthouse edition[View]
79829857How do we stop italian women from having sex with sengalese men?[View]
79832631Operation reconquer Prussia. Prepare yourselves, Poleshits.[View]
79831336I want to tear out an anglos heart and eat it in front of him[View]
79831551>'what does your country think of [x]?' How the fuck are we suppose to know? Do you think we have…[View]
79831288Post maps will make you go to bed less stupid[View]
79830794/brit/: Comfy Sunday morning edition[View]
79829679This regularly happens in Korea. you have to obey to old people or you get slapped.[View]
79821661>sees a Antifa vs Nationalist video >Antifascist have a USSR flag >Antifascist >Socialis…[View]
79832596why do g*rmans LARP as nordics?[View]
79828324Post typical churches from your country[View]
79832618/oldfags/ thread: lets talk about marking individuals that we all had the pleasure to meet on /int/ …[View]
79832477Is it true that North Africans could pass as Spaniards and vice versa[View]
798294471.Country 2. Do you want to vacation in The Bahamas?[View]
79818550Sverigetråden - Skånska upplgan[View]
79825563Why do people join terrorist groups?[View]
79831871why did the French ruin this?[View]
79819982name the states: let's do it baby![View]
79824466Burger Traveling to Colombia: Im going to be traveling to Colombia in a month from now. As a true Am…[View]
79831992/FLIP/ GENERAL: No gay jokes edition: https://archive.is/NDZ8S Looks like >Diwa Rep. Emmeline Vil…[View]
79830341/cum/: the KRIS10 edition[View]
79830935You have no waifu![View]
79831032What age or when are you expected to move out of your parents home in your country? When you get mar…[View]
79830108What do people in your country think of Jordan Peterson?[View]
79832032when dd int get takn over by norms[View]
79827401/lat/: Hilo latino[View]
79831851>tfw you will never be a boytoy for a sugarmama[View]
79826903U dunno what u fuckin with...[View]
79831703Goodmorning /int/[View]
79827966/Somali/: HOA edition[View]
79830112>1:15 am[View]
79829162>was talking about the EU with friends at the pub >Frenchman over hears that I voted leave …[View]
79820058What kind of music /int/ listen?[View]
79831393>be swedish >be gay >be autistic >be overrun by muslims >be not vikings >be effemi…[View]
79806167>his language only has 1 (one) written language[View]
79823673I almost never see Muzzies in my state, that is unless I go to the airport? Then there's always…[View]
79831278What happens here?[View]
79824151Why are Americans so obsessive?[View]
79830763All 3 of them are now friends /int/[View]
79807173Hey everyone, what do you think about the situation of Catalonia fighting for the independence ?[View]
79830002>county sheriff and his deputies just put out a bounty for my capture dead or alive (preferably d…[View]
79829097>night time >turkroaches come out from under the fridge and start posting on 4chan…[View]
79817167What country or region started the culture of domesticating animals?[View]
79830939fuck Australia[View]
79830787/brit/: was too depressed to hit on a girl lol[View]
79824793Why did the Republic of Texas have a chimney?[View]
79823160/cum/: the Eli Erlick goddess edition[View]
79829059Would /int/ rather be a solider in the battle of Verdun or a civilian in ISIS controlled land?[View]
79827614/brit/: You're a wonderful person and I believe in you edition[View]
79828956Is goverment employee popular job in your cunt??[View]
79830624I would like to acquire digital photographs of the human female's breasts and genetalia[View]
79830324Tell me about bolivia /int/, seems like a nice place to visit[View]
79829530These are all of the Major Non-NATO allies of the U.S. This is a legal term in the U.S. that grants …[View]
79829896An ordinary weather in New Zealand: Post pictures from your county.[View]
79795847/luso/: trap edition[View]
79825147French village English village German village Which is the best to visit as a tourist? Pic is Jap…[View]
79830376/dixie/: /dixie/[View]
79830289Could I pass as a local in your cunt?[View]
79830360http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2015/01/10/bulletproof-coffee_n_6424258.html i thought butter in coffe…[View]
79830251/cuck/: This is the First Official KEK thread. It is for the Mods/Jannies only!!! This thread is for…[View]
79821670/dixie/ - Southern US & friends: Neka nestane Amerika edicija[View]
79825054Heritage Thread: What's your's?[View]
79826091/brit/: S I P I P[View]
79828127Hindi/Indian: What is she asking? Am I 'mordern'? If it helps we're on a fashion website.…[View]
79826379You wake up in an alternate universe where Germany wins WW1[View]
79829815Did any of you ever experianced being on one of these?[View]
79829791>I believe in borders[View]
79829772Can't unsee Africa looks like a face. Although I think it looks more like a kid's face[View]
79828703Is this how the average american stupid bitch speaks? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GOHNxxax13c…[View]
79829337>Dad is being racist again Starting to get tired of this wh***oid and his offensive behaviour.…[View]
79826882Sandniggers can't be americans[View]
79828530>tfw I know an USAF soldier who was stationed in Hong Kong >tfw we don't have a Air force…[View]
79829085People of Balkans:: Is this true?[View]
79829518>Active dev team[View]
79829462WHY IS BRITISH MAN CRYING???????????????????????????? BECAUSE ACID ATTACK[View]
79828413Is food only one thing what good in India?[View]
79828648What is your favorite place and why is it Taiwan?: I like you too, Japan, but you have to admit, Tai…[View]
79828905>be in queue at a cafe >American in front of me >'okay ma'am I'll get a grande ca…[View]
79826943ITT words in your langs sounds French 1: Japan 2: azabujuvan(town)[View]
79828730What is the most beautiful language and why is it farsi? General Iranian thread Really any language …[View]
79828978>I support nationalism for all countries >I don't think fascism is so bad…[View]
79827617>this is what Poles actually believe https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Q88AkN1hNYM…[View]
79824502faces of /int/[View]
79826104One day[View]
79826300Food Thread: If you could popularize a food from your country worldwide, which one would be? Ill sta…[View]
79827693Why are the Irish so swarthy?[View]
79827399christ.... it is so disgusting i wish all asians get vanished from this world and other good people …[View]
79827028>The truth does not fear investigation >Did six million truly die?…[View]
79801529/balt/ Anime:: Japanese dragon[View]
79827083Why are Australians so fucking retarded?[View]
79820697why haven't you found yourself a norwegian gf yet anon?[View]
79828444>There was nothing >Suddenly an explosion of nothing created everything >Americans actually…[View]
79828354A SAIA DA CAROLINA TEM UM LAGARTO PINTADO https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=k1A0vkhkkSU[View]
79822937Napoleon: How is this fag remembered in Europe? Is he thought of as a French Hitler?[View]
79814498Ask a black Dutch girl anything.[View]
79827971Could he pass as a local in your country?[View]
79825075Do you love Bahama Mamas?[View]
79828201Are foreigners welcome in Papua New Guinea? How is tourism there?[View]
79827563went hiking today. Do you guys hike in your cunt?[View]
79788562Japanese Thread / 日本語スレッド: This thread is for the discussion of the language, culture, travel, daily…[View]
79824792Any Spanish New Mexicans here?: so ethnically I'm Spanish new Mexican, Amerindian, and a mix of…[View]
79827261I live in Toronto and to be completely honest, it's scary how many women are into this Blacked …[View]
79817672/MOAN/ /MENA/: bajbouj edition[View]
79816294OFFICAL TURKIC PEOPLE RATING: 1. Uzbek 2. Turkish 3. Turkmen 4. Kazakh 5. Azeri 6. Kyrgyz 1. Uzbeks …[View]
79821596Don't mind me, I'll just leave this here.[View]
79827670>unironically being rude to one of your fellow countrymen on /int/[View]
79826390/CHI/: I HATE EVERYHITNG[View]
79824121>Best depiction of american cowboys is from Italy >Best depiction of american mobsters is from…[View]
79823356hilo latino /lat/: el hilo verdadero[View]
79822729>mfw every American posters on /int/ are actually fucking spics[View]
79827349How can you have a good life? Do you think you are giving your best at it? How much does learning la…[View]
79827286>i will never have a cute face feels bad, i just wanna be aesthetic[View]
79826154got a question for my fellow ebonic gentlemen in the US, or anywhere really Do you have it more diff…[View]
79826051>Please forward your resume with cover letter and your two favorite musicians/bands to heather[at…[View]
79823083What does /int/ think about argies?: And Argentina too[View]
79815114/PIGS/: PIGS thread >Invited: Portugal España Italia Ελλάδα >not allowed: G*rmany…[View]
79807157First World hypocrisy: >euros and americans often say about Brazilian murder rates >euros and …[View]
79823774EFL General - English as a Foreign Langague: Welcome to the EFL General. This website has many Angls…[View]
79826634>I am a nationalist[View]
79817862Is there a country you really love for no good reason? For me it's Sweden. Their Kings are god …[View]
79816699fill in the blank areas with regions of your country[View]
79822089Mexico x USA: Which one do you think got a more remarkable culture? Which one do you think will prev…[View]
79825733How common are pickpockets in your country? How often do they target locals?[View]
79821344How is school in Australia?[View]
79825047The grand happening - Germany elections: Afd will win majority votes because of huge turnouts and un…[View]
79818867Is it acceptable to date older women in your country? USA Sadly no[View]
79820460What could happen to the Sentinelese if they get in contact with the world?[View]
79822454How do we save South America from socialism?[View]
79816367Why do Mexicans love Dragon Ball Z[View]
79820910Ask an Icelander who just spent a week in London anything[View]
7982647524 million views catholic priest singer: >his country doesn't have an time all time platinum…[View]
79800988ITT we post obscure islands. Bonus points if they are inhabited by homo sapiens.[View]
79825586>be australian >get your head nipped off[View]
79813868/mämmi/: Juha Mieto syö 28 kiloa mämmiä -painos https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uqDW5xYwVqw…[View]
79819197Which would be your country's capital city if it wasn't the current one?[View]
79817605Denmark: Probably going to gf a danish-brazilian girl. What am I supposed to expect?[View]
79826202how much money do i need to dress like dylann roof? i like his style, i would like to buy a jacket i…[View]
79824119>make a thread >nobody replies[View]
79825230Reminder that this happened[View]
79818572ITT: Post Squares from your country[View]
79824423/brit/: Skinner and Badiel edition[View]
79825333I'm going to invade Canada. And there's nothing that can stop me[View]
79825957/CIA/: Hello agents, any threads looking like a commie security threat we need to liberate tonight?…[View]
79810716This is Sub-Saharan Africa. Say something nice about this region :3[View]
79823887>be Philippino >Language literally called tag along Gee, I wonder where we're going?…[View]
79820645the epitome of postmodernity fake city looks like a big casino even disneyland has more soul shitty …[View]
79822573Could I pass as a local in your country?[View]
79823908Are you willing to be brave for your country and let migrants in: Are you more willing to let Millio…[View]
79825560fuck the EU, fuck all leeches, I'm going to vote AfD tomorrow and will post it here[View]
79825507>be me >lived a mid-sized Korean city (1 mil pop) >moved to Seoul when I was 9 >culture …[View]
79823861My ancestor[View]
79824861When is the last time that you make love with a girl or boy ? France In july with a tourist girl[View]
79825061What's the best food your country invented? >portugal pastéis de nata…[View]
79814693white men and Asian women: I'm going to Singapore next week. Two weeks ago I set my Tinder loca…[View]
79825129>tfw I will never ever experience 1990's new york https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fT4lDU-QLU…[View]
79822229Ask for a brazilian racemixed who lives in the south anything[View]
79825126this is the average german poster 170cm and violent[View]
79824243I refuse to work, why should i get a job if i cant have a normal life because im a genetic disaster?[View]
79821209Why didn't white supremacists just invade all of Turkey? Did they fear the Black warrior?[View]
79823977>'I am a classical fascist, I hate neonazis for being dumb brutes'[View]
79824127Was it a good meme ?[View]
79822352>What we are looking for: >An ideal combination of education and experience. You have a Unive…[View]
79810393What is the American fascination with Vikings?: And why are Americans here are always telling Scandi…[View]
79822093/brit/: just be yourself edition[View]
79823117/brit/: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cN0IuqgC3N8[View]
79824484ur cunt Do you have a recognised claim on Antarctica? Norway Yes[View]
79823553Is it cool to be socialist in your cunt? It is in mine.[View]
79824263>I think homosexuals should be treated with urinotherapy, as documented by Dr. M. Tecak of the Ru…[View]
79823626Would I fit in as a local in your country?[View]
79820020I got drunk by myself again AMA[View]
79815699>exterior designed by a German >Interior designed by an American '''Korean''' cars…[View]
79824063Post maids[View]
79811525SPEN!!: let catalonia independent[View]
79819949Have you ever felt like you were from other country: Last night I felt quite American >order take…[View]
79813683ITT: Post the most Ukrainian photo you have.[View]
79822802>be texan and at a restaurant >waiter spits in my food as he sets it on the table >eat …[View]
79823803Do people in your country get there panties in a wad over a flag?[View]
79821084>go to europe >people correctly assume I'm not white >go to america >everyone consi…[View]
79822442Why is Krautchan so weird? The German posts here and there are nothing alike. Posts on this website …[View]
79818937If you live in one of the top 10 countries, where aren't you helping the bottom 10 at this very…[View]
79810348kurva anyátok[View]
798235311.Your country 2.Are orgies common there? 1.AmeriCucKKKa 2.YES NOW GET ME OUT OF HERE[View]
79814367This is literally the near future of the US http://www.imdb.com/title/tt5834204/[View]
79823452Jewish-Algerian friend of mine converted to Islam[View]
79819531/lat/ hilo latino: que seria de mi vida si robara el chino?[View]
79812408Why Protestant Europeans REFUSE to help their brethren (all the other Europeans) but help non-Europe…[View]
79814961/cum/: another edition made by me edition[View]
79823196funny things thread (no wh*Tes allowed): bazen annem (PBUH) 'benim' 'menim' gibi…[View]
79821691>got caught trying to smuggle a kangaroo out of Australia again[View]
79813143what the fuck ameriKKKa![View]
79816645Im a 20 year old college dropout NEET. Ask me anything.[View]
79822485What happens here?[View]
79784156Which country has the most sluts?[View]
79819224/deutsch/-/Nachtschicht/-/bayern/: Grüne Ausgabe gegen AfD-Faschismus[View]
79811236/fr/ - le fil francophone et belliqueux: Édition de la parade militaire[View]
79817983do you support Iraqi Kurdistan's independence in the upcoming referendum, /int/?[View]
79822340Daily reminder PSYCHOLOGY is a scam[View]
79818746Why did Papi Trump call Mexicans rapists? Are the Mexicans living in the US actually prone to rape?[View]
79810658Why don't you have a colombian gf?[View]
79816938Japs btfo[View]
79822144/brit/: all about dem gimmicks edition[View]
79789585/dixie/ - Southern US & friends: georgia has the best flags edition[View]
79819172American-Jews are overwhelmingly liberal yet most democratic parties are pro-palestine. Why don…[View]
79808182>he fell for 'le girls doesnt approach' meme they approach you if you are good looking…[View]
79820887/brit/: art edition[View]
79819574Europe status: fixed[View]
79821164I want children but I'm gay What are my options?[View]
79797145This is what the French who browse /int/ look like. They organized a meet up 5-6 years ago. What do …[View]
79821636How do i become an armchair geneticist?[View]
79821395>X country is almost on the verge of not being a completely poor, dirt-floored shithole filled wi…[View]
79819815Why do we not have any culture? Even niggers have culture.[View]
79808103which is your political and economic ideology?[View]
79821161City atop a hill- Pittsburgh: ...Anonymous (ID: uhTR8F6W) Pittsburgh for America 2017 09/23/17(Sat)…[View]
79793553/balk/: ITT we laugh at Americucks because niggers kneel to their anthem >>79743770[View]
79819536/brit/: christian art edition[View]
79821364'The handmaids tale' is the literal future of the United States within 20 years[View]
79813802*sits next to you*[View]
79820160WAKE UP: Unless there is a massive, violent and transformative uprising of the people immediately, t…[View]
79821096>The statistics show that unemployment is at record lows >BUT ACTUALLY UNEMPLOYMENT IS VERY HI…[View]
79819782>You're cleaning your government issued buttplug on the balcony of your commieblock apartmen…[View]
79817236I live in Toronto and to be completely honest, it's scary how many women are into this Blacked …[View]
79820997Número 51[View]
79820202>I believe in nationalism for all countries >Homosexuality is a mental disease >Jews are ba…[View]
79814071>Applied to at least 30 jobs this week >No interviews I wish I didn't fall for the 'you d…[View]
79811950I like Sweden and Swedish posters are my favourite.[View]
79819343>I am a nationalist[View]
79820254What does /int/ think of a Southern Cone union?[View]
79819102Post more of this[View]
79819772>The truth does not fear investigation >I am skeptical about 6 million dying in the holohoax…[View]
79819767I'm a GLOBAL citizen, EARTH is my country. But no you can't come to America.[View]
79818123Why isn't there a brazil mexico thread?[View]
79819836>Slavic name Bogdan and Iraqi capital Baghdad have the same etymology[View]
79798038/nederdraad/: 4x duurder editie Welkom: 4x duurder Niet welkom: Skere tattas[View]
79817484/brit/: Fine art edition[View]
79814850Hilo latino[View]
79819404Would you rather be Puerto Rican struck by hurricane or Venezuelan struck by communism?[View]
79818529I am in Oslo right now, what to do tonight? Only speak english and spanish.[View]
79819236>/int/ posters in irl[View]
79802277/isr/ , /ישר/: Virgin beta male edition What's a good way to kill myself? inb4 oven[View]
79819516Tyrolean country when?[View]
79814516Catalonia and the Basque Country: Where did it go wrong? >1800s >Catalonians and the Basque fi…[View]
79819427>the american seat is always available who even sits in these?[View]
79809232What is your father's name? Markku[View]
79813646Winnipeg: I live in Winnipeg, 'the Detroit of Canada.' AMA[View]
79818246There was a time when italy, france, spain, and portugal all spoke latin. Now they speak italian, fr…[View]
79812522Honest opinion on this country and its people?[View]
79817105/homonationalismus/ ehemals /deutsch/ und demnächst vielleicht /nachtschicht/: afdler RAUS REALE HOM…[View]
79813571Am I white?[View]
79811570Japanese vice prime minister: Japan is considering to kill all incoming North Korean refugees in cas…[View]
79816228>tfw broken english >tfw better english than 99% of the spaniards i could get a job as recepci…[View]
79810011This has been voted to be the funniest thing Finnish TV has created. How does it make you feel? http…[View]
79816344>Country >do you have a disability? US yes, dyslexia…[View]
79817961Why are some Europeans so autistic? Is it a cultural thing or is there a genetic component involved?[View]
79797884/mämmi/: sikapainos[View]
79816972it's 1:34 here goodnight, lovely people :3[View]
79810745/norgetråden/: Mamma-Listhaug utgaven Forrige: >>79800449 >>79800449 >>79800449 …[View]
79818486>anon replies to my post asking me a question >ignore him…[View]
79813537is it true that australians dont brush their teeth but instead eat this?[View]
79818243Valencia > Catalunya: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3uL_n9w8kqI[View]
79817975>be Latvian >join the Bolsheviks >be literally the first commander of the Red Army >be c…[View]
79790343/ex-ussr/ general: kurva anyátok[View]
79816130brit: brit[View]
79803398Mythology creatures and Gods from your country: Post folclore from your country Tomor is the main Go…[View]
79817636>Africans are dumb enough to think mummies can come alive[View]
79791161>wake up >your are now white How do you react?…[View]
79815016>Literally never asked out a girl in my life >Still a virgin Science cannot explain this.…[View]
79817155>it's an a bit overused meme here Is it correct way to say it?[View]
79797581Finnish nature is so comfy and beautiful. Don't you all agree?[View]
79812771I wish I was a baby boomer.[View]
79815564Jews are the fault I'm a failure in life they hold back the white man.[View]
79812376Which country has the most feminine men?: I'd say it's worst Korea[View]
79817196>mfw euros open up 4chan, an AMERICAN created website >Communicate with an AMERICAN language …[View]
79798555/MOAN/ /MENA/: crtl+f no /mean/ edtiton naniiii[View]
79810511The Swedes civilized us worthless cavemen and you ungrateful fucks won't even learn their langu…[View]
79817004>perfect alliances don't exi-[View]
79811638Is Brazil Western/part of the West? What are your thoughts?[View]
79807241/cs/ - Argentina - Chile - Uruguay: HILO DE UNIÓN DEL CONO SUR[View]
79817199>watching the Tagesschau >news casters talk in german way too fast…[View]
79817175>the virgin 'emperor' >THE CHAD CHANCELLOR…[View]
79814054Why do Americans always wear caps? I mean they wear them even when it is not sunny and rather cold.[View]
79816757Why do Islamic extremists hold their index finger threateningly up like this?[View]
79785882Germanic Superior Architecture thread: Welcome to all Germanic-boos. This is a gallery of Germanic b…[View]
79809336>ywn have a qt nordic gf Why even live?[View]
79810303Tell me about Suleiman. Why does he wear the onion?[View]
79816770https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SmSJXC6_qQ8 Yfw, when all american units are based on metric system?…[View]
79811098So what the fuck are they? Slavs? Turks? Mongols? Thracians?[View]
79803303/ex-yu/: Full Hindenburg edicija[View]
79816478>Don't go to the gym or do any form of strength training whatsoever >LO AND FUCKING BEHOL…[View]
79813356Being french in USA: How is it ?[View]
79811272/deutsch/ Bundestagswahl-Ausgabe: Eine Welle von 2 Millionen muslimischer 'Familiennachzügler' rollt…[View]
79816291So will Catalonia be part of EU? Will Russia invade Catalonia? Will NATO bomb Catalonia?[View]
79815486What country do you have affairs behind the back of your contry gf? Finland has affairs with sweden …[View]
79814696/brit/: Yorkshire edition[View]
79812509'Murrica: Just who is this lad and what has vexed him so? He is the embodiment of America to al…[View]
79814984ITT: your most hated part of your country Pic very related[View]
79815933miss Turkey[View]
79812512WTF BULGARIA APOLOGIZE, NOW!!! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=V4zQrop4RKw[View]
79814210Hi /deutsch/ im gonna to learn german and i want tips for improve it[View]
79811140Sverigetråden - Kvällsupplagan[View]
79814553>Don't do anything but post on 4chan for 14 hours a day >Strangely enough my life isn…[View]
79808826Haiti: What happens here? Say something nice about them![View]
79815027HEIL VICTORY[View]
79814698How do I become an English teacher?[View]
79807162/cum/: *makes a good dane edition*[View]
79814262my general is full of scandinavians and anglos[View]
79811788>british and australian accent[View]
79813043/brit/: Scran ed.[View]
79812049I think my housekeeper just poisoned me[View]
79812686https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yC-ZxQNFAQw >Ugly immigrant girl vs beautiful immigrant girl. I …[View]
79802168Why doesn't Europe have any natural disasters?[View]
79814598Colours to die for[View]
79806843>grow up surrounded by Anglo propaganda >german language sounds like a barking dog with chicke…[View]
79814438/hell/ Hellas General Ελλάς: badass sutarday edkusis[View]
79807954/DEUTSCH/: Angepisste Musel Ausgabe für extra viel Rektalschmerz[View]
79806013>wake up >Europe is now this What do?[View]
79812649would it be possible for me to have a gf from your country? pic related, it's me[View]
79809950*Blocks your path*: 1. Your country. 2. What do?[View]
79810946>why hello there, I'm finni-[View]
79812458>'lose' both world wars >still better standard of living than the so called 'winners' lmao @ u…[View]
79794323>Englishmen are ug-[View]
79811488The new black girl they hired is 5'10'[View]
79813936>decide to build your capital on the top of a quake-amplifier dried lake…[View]
79811422International translation request Can someone please translate this for me I think it's Russian…[View]
79806272BLACK (PBUH) man just BTFO'd Drumpf on twitter[View]
79811630/brit/: lamb of god edition[View]
79813336why do girls commit suicide? pic releated, a girl and her boyfriend or betabux commit suicide[View]
79809545Why do we have such a fucking gay ass language? how did this even made it to lingua franca?? Fuck th…[View]
79813422>be UK >*make best EDM* How do these Brits do it?…[View]
79805272/polska/ + /deutsch/: Edycja uber alles[View]
79809449Your country Do people say in your country 'oh my god' ? Anglos don't need to respond[View]
79812894America looks like a whale[View]
79813322>ARABS steal our women Fuck Sipilä. Fuck EU. Why did you let them come here…[View]
79813227Why is Asspain so afraid of them? Catalonia referendum: Madrid moves to take over local policing htt…[View]
79812400I love Asian women more then i like western women, am i a failure to my German ancestors?[View]
79812793Seeds: Why do so many middle easterners eat sunflower seends and nuts in general?[View]
79788869/v4/ + friends: Buenos Aires edition[View]
798130231. Your cunt. 2. Are you religious? Flag. Nope.[View]
79808562ტავი როგორ მოვიკლა?[View]
79810817Now that Catalonia will get its independence, do you support Occitania's secession?[View]
79812075How you react when reading broken English at /int/?[View]
79812616Why does Germany have the best flags?[View]
79792738>Flusspferd Germans think this is a horse.[View]
79802139Do you refuse to say your country name in English?: I only call my country Eesti even if it causes c…[View]
79765362Culture Pals /cp/ general thread: 'You are so beautiful :)' edition Welcome to Culture Pals! Message…[View]
79803674WHAT IS BEING CANADIAN MAN????????????????????????????? MY FRIEND!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!…[View]
79808652>Be Jewish >Never been into a church in my life >Visit a Catholic Cathedral in Washington D…[View]
79809819Why don't you have a Cambodian gf?[View]
79809163why do mexicans speak like this??: what is a 'chingado' and 'chingao'? i took 4 years of spanish cla…[View]
79799390Average girls or your countries: > Dark hair > Brown eyes > Tanned skin > Small archetyp…[View]
79810575>Canada makes an anime advertisement Canada, YES https://www.youtube.com/watch?time_continue=2…[View]
79809589/brit/: the /brit/ family ed.[View]
79810584https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4sPj8HhbwHs What the fuck is wrong with Sweden, FUUUUCKKKKK!!! Why t…[View]
79810333Do you know a lot of Japanese always care what you think and take your opinions about Japan just lik…[View]
79808120/brit/: I have this much to spend on something edition[View]
79808386I used to be the only guy of France who didn't put space before the '?' and I was constantly in…[View]
79801011chien crotte[View]
79793912Insects belong on pizza? Finland: YES!: http://www.iltalehti.fi/kotimaa/201709222200410920_u0.shtml …[View]
79810061could i pass as a local in your country[View]
79802562/fr/ - le fil francophone et fier: Édition on aurait dû choisir le rouge honnêtement c'est mieu…[View]
79807922/deutsch/: Mund auf Schwanz rein, Alman[View]
79808171/brit/: alt right mongs edition[View]
79801507Mexico WTF??!!!![View]
79809598Can you drink the tapwater where you live?: Serious question[View]
79811164Orthodox Jewish man spat on my daughter[View]
79799246are you happy about how your country is portrait in videogames?[View]
79809707You wake up in Sydney[View]
79810456Sverigetråden -: Biltemakörv edition[View]
79805249how does Poland taste?[View]
79807105How common is homebrewing/winemaking in your country?[View]
79808178Should there be laws forcing non-anglos to speak English when we visit them in their countries? Why …[View]
79809777Catalonian independence: Do you support freedom for Spanish-occupied Catalonia?[View]
79810884On what kind of channels are the popular anime broadcasted in japan? Are they broadcasted on childre…[View]
79802230French man with a Japanese woman. Notice anything?[View]
79810401This is the future of Ireland. And it's beautiful.[View]
79810388I want to learn a language by talking via webcam on italki, but I've never even used skype or a…[View]
79800449/norgetråden/: Pappa Lysglimt-Utgaven Forrige: >>79784105 >>79784105 >>79784105 …[View]
79810529What is the internationally most successful band your country has to offer? According to wikipedia, …[View]
79810473Bobs located[View]
79803634At what point is one too old to learn a new language?[View]
79810366I really enjoy indian desi porn.[View]
79801757This is Finnish pizza.[View]
79808554Nature is trying to tell us something...[View]
79809834When I die I want to be reborn as an Australian What do you want to be in your next life?[View]
79804207Heritage: Ancestry/Heritage thread[View]
79805042DEFEND THIS[View]
79809380Greetings good people, I must urge you to please send to me digital photographs of the female breast…[View]
79809668In my country suicide is perfectly accepted how about yours?[View]
798074261. You are cunt 2. How pervasive are English speakers where you live? 3. How commonly is it used? 4.…[View]
79808928Today a girl told me that she wants to go to Russia because it has no beta males, and for the blue e…[View]
79809551>Competitive salary[View]
79807344What happened to risk games on this board? I remember having a lot of fun with them but never see th…[View]
79808098describe your first day on /int/: >summer >decide to browse other board besides /v/ and /b/ …[View]
79805275>sunny >by the beach >lots of cafes >cheaper to live than where I am now >all the sho…[View]
79808479How does one get a qt pi white bf from Europe?[View]
79809243When will the Eternal Anglo pay for his crimes?[View]
79805330Where were you when you learned that our resident Russia-obsessed '''''Germ…[View]
79804997The lighter the color, the more economic wealth and comfort.[View]
79801361>tfw no Brazilian bf[View]
79802900Why is american folk music so good? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KS4WVAOeFZg[View]
79803574This is what the Russians who browse /int/ look like. They organized a meet up 1 year ago. Now you k…[View]
79805657What are your thoughts on Italia and Italiano people?[View]
79808463How much will the german media cry?[View]
79805980the pinnacle of german beer[View]
79792144kurva anyátok[View]
79804732>British Columbia >it's actually Chinese…[View]
79807444Do you support Catalonias right of self-determination? I do[View]
79808615German Elections: It's election time in Germany. Use this ballot to cast your vote.[View]
79798911Give me a good reason to learn Japanese: Is it even useful in today's society?[View]
79803536If South Korea and Japan went to war, then who would you root for?[View]
79802877Could we pass as locals in your cunt?[View]
79803436SVERIGETRÅDEN: Äta? Dricka? Spela? Kolla på? Lyssna på? Läsa?[View]
79801006Would you marry a native Siberian girl?: Pic related a Buryat grill[View]
79805932/Catalonia/: http://www.chicagotribune.com/news/nationworld/ct-catalonia-secession-vote-20170920-sto…[View]
79805035at least you live in Europe[View]
79787368/nusantara/: Selamat pagi. Kerana tiada orang lain yang membuat thread.[View]
79806225/brit/: christian edition[View]
79792956This island of the size of Greece has a bigger population than Russia.[View]
79805216/deutsch/: Ich ficke deine Bitch im Louis Vuitton Pyjama[View]
79807943This is what the T*rks who browse /int/ look like. They organized a meet up 1 year ago. Now you know…[View]
79802261How can Denmark be this based even though our neighbors are the two biggest european cuck countries?[View]
79807185Could i pass as a local in your country?[View]
79805271arab gril dating white american boy online. it's never gonna work but what we have is really ni…[View]
79807233/tr/: tirad nereye gitti yav :DDDDDD[View]
79805107>tfw about to recieve bobs[View]
79803838I'm convinced that every time brits say 'Long live the Queen', her lifespan does actually incre…[View]
79803318>Saturday morning yard sales with the gf. >Lost my card a few days ago waiting for replacement…[View]
79803511Serbia stupid: Hello we are stupid. We dumb kids who cant control our country. We shit in streets. W…[View]
79790927/cum/: GREMS edition[View]
79798072/kr/: Biz Türk kız arkadasımı vermek istiyoruz![View]
79806956If japan got army, how their' ranking go above??: They'll change their law in 2022, and i …[View]
79795611Could i pass as a local in your country?[View]
79805158Post army songs,which you love,that aren't from your country . https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=…[View]
79806262Is it just me, or are indonesians / phillipinos much uglier than Chinese?: I mean it seems like the …[View]
79806422>makes another thread btiching about normies We need to kidnap him ASAP…[View]
79800156QUICK! Post the best meme your nation has to offer![View]
79803652How do we stop black genocide?[View]
79799889A certain election?[View]
79804090What are you calling lads also NZ thread I guess[View]
79804426/brit/: pptppk edition[View]
79795280>Sexual education class in a spaniard school wtf spen[View]
79806024>go outside >normies, qt girls and couples month ruined…[View]
79804615>this triggers the independentists[View]
79804043Is abortion legal in your country?[View]
79800159Why koreans are the most smartest people on earth?[View]
79805345This is the mix of a person with Amerindian roots and a Germanic, what do you say?[View]
79804990Why do g*rmans LARP as Nordics? Do Nordics accept g*rmans as one of them?[View]
79798233What country is your country's bf?[View]
79805601Do you have mismatched eyes[View]
79802947Post waterfront area of your city[View]
79793994Am I white?[View]
79803803why is Ethiopia so strong?[View]
79803115Why do americans see peanut butter as the height of human invention?[View]
79802671/Anti AFD/ ehemals /deutsch/: Rechtspopulisten sofort raus.[View]
79797398/polska/: edycja potężnego czarodzieja[View]
79800972Why do Americans dress like obese niggers?[View]
79803502Italians are basically Spaniards but with self-esteem and respect for their nation Prove me wrong[View]
79796836/Schweiz/ ehemals /köterrasse/ ehemals /deutsch/: Die Schweiz ist das beste Land in der Welt![View]
79802118South brazilians, on average, have 87% of european DNA. A-are we white, guys?[View]
79804454/brit/: reading the Hope Not Hate documents about the Alt Right https://alternativeright.hopenothate…[View]
79804642no poorfags allowed: you may only post in this thread if your country has a gdp per capita equal or …[View]
79804709Korean are far uglier and weaker than us. Their econmy,life wellbeing, culture, history is all loser…[View]
79804616When will I become not fat?[View]
79772880/ita/ - il filo: edizione calle[View]
79803108underrated dutchies[View]
79802652>bully ANOTHER finn into suicide[View]
79792691>racism is bad! >e-except against gypsies that doesn't count!! Uh, Europe?…[View]
79802839/brit/: kekistan edition[View]
79802392¡Cogedlo! = Grab him! ¡Agárrenlo! = Hold him! ¡A por él! = Get to him! ¡No dejen que se escape! = Do…[View]
79803251Without lendlease of U.S. of A. soviet union definitely would have been lost to nazis[View]
79796019India is the new Japan.[View]
797991011. You're a country 2. How much of a normie are you? >eesti >Pic related…[View]
79797920>be living in the UAE >browsing Jewtube as usual >click on the trending tab to see whats up…[View]
79796808Koreans love their national flags very much. How about your country?[View]
79802051what do your countrymen think of this man?[View]
79801720Do you love dutchko?[View]
79802322how does it feel to know that this man will decide the next government nzposters[View]
79793459>all of my allies betrayed me in EU4[View]
79803333The French are the greatest innovators the world have ever seen anyone who disagrees is probably a c…[View]
79794287Why does this channel make a lot of views? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=D59v74k5flU[View]
79792593/ex-yu/: Ruby edicija[View]
79798798Why British '''men''' are so beta[View]
79802972Where is our finnish brother?: Hes happy body and soul is happy or not?[View]
79802969Australia, you are my greatest ally. T: parent with little kids[View]
79791249Hi /int/, What the hell does this shirt say? Thanks[View]
79799506I fixed germany[View]
79801357/brit/: eugenics edition[View]
79800009>be swedish >be gay[View]
79795383What are your thoughts on international love?[View]
79802659Any Catalonians here I won't let you leave if you even dare think about leaving Spain I'll…[View]
79797875It's interesting to understand: 1. Whom you do not consider to be a human beings. 2. And who of…[View]
79799892Did anybody else receive a text telling you to vote for gay marriage before it's too late?[View]
79802342DO YOU COME FROM[View]
79802427I'll move to Silesia and just speak German. What are you going to do about it, Poleshits? It…[View]
79800594>American starts talking about his heritage[View]
79781427I just had a conversation with an American girl that said she was Italian even though only her grand…[View]
79793861/fr/ - le fil français: Édition Putsch-chan Co-édition de l'élection en Allemagne[View]
79802152I have a Oregon latina cyber girlfriend who will house me once Bernie rules America[View]
79797928Sverigetråden: In i getingkupan[View]
79801095>Natives in the US are known for being lazy and drinking a lot. >Natives in Canada are known f…[View]
79799100>Population: 79.51 million (2016)[View]
79802071>Beginning with the 11th edition and following its acquisition by an American firm, the Britannic…[View]
79794693kek http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/2017/09/14/french-court-bans-parents-using-breton-n-baby-name-sa…[View]
79802033Operation reconquer Prussia.[View]
79801462>average new zealander[View]
79783001American police officers shoot disabled man to death: http://www.tulsaworld.com/news/usworld/ap/witn…[View]
79799671What is the most american thing you have done today? I just went to the supermarket with my car to g…[View]
79801240>Canadians use bagged milk as we do wtf i love the leaf now.[View]
79797116>tfw 20 y/o having dead penis >tfw not enjoying with girls >tfw my penis doesn't erect…[View]
79774656/balt/ Anime:: Gaymers[View]
79799403/brit/: This edition is for people who are %100 European, Edition[View]
79800162>tfw no cute blonde to get high with and watch a movie Why don't blondes in london look this…[View]
79801371Why are Americans so obsessed of idea of 'safe place'? Even their phone needs safe place …[View]
79798123How many Turks are actually Turkic (like in coming from Central Asia)? How many Turks are white?[View]
79799172Post your country's school shooters. Here's ours.[View]
79795568>wake up >you r now korean how do you react?…[View]
79782328How has the Italian disapora affected your country?: Well?[View]
79800944>tfw no swedish bf[View]
79791099Stalin is delivering a speech to the Party Congress. Suddenly someone sneezes. - Who's just sne…[View]
79799656>capital is berlin >thinks its called g*rmany No honey... It's Prussia :)…[View]
79800152Why were they allowed to develop a nuclear weapon?[View]
79800568/tr/: BOĞA edisyonu[View]
79796132Hey, Why you underestimate Japan?[View]
79799468what is their problem?[View]
79797237daily reminder psychology is a scam, and if u are a psychologist you are a dirty scammer, sad![View]
798005561. your cunt 2. Password or key pair >flag >password…[View]
79797623Do you like guns?[View]
79792342is this the blacked board?[View]
79799902AMERICAN ''''WOMEN'''''': >AMERICAN '''WOMEN''' https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GelgCz8PlWc…[View]
79800377why do commies make fun of virgin males?[View]
79796551WHAT IS DOING AMERICAN MAN?????????????????????????????????????????? TIPPING EVERYONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!…[View]
79795622>go to london >this guy blocks your path >'OI, lad' >'dae yeh want sum of this?'…[View]
797944545:30am: Yes, at this hour subhuman shitskins start blasting reggaeton.[View]
79795808Why are Japs so racist?[View]
79799688/non wh*Te/: 4000 borrow words in spanish today edition[View]
79800085/brit/: britain's official mascot edition[View]
79784105/norgetråden/: God, gammel utgave-utgaven Forrige tråd: >>79775493[View]
79779632I am mongolian and curious about how my native language does sound to foreigners. https://youtu.be/L…[View]
79799880Why do Anglos have an inferiority complex toward them?[View]
79799149my ancestors :)[View]
79799368>just drank 5th cup of coffee today[View]
79796828/deutsch/: Ausgabe für Grünenwähler*Innen[View]
79792447Librarians: 1. Your country 2. How is the job situation for librarians in your country? 1. Flag 2. I…[View]
79799446Give me other reason why im not good at language[View]
79799310Why can't aussies handle banter? >The episode received a mixed reception in Australia, with …[View]
79798811Champ, you nees to stop complaining so much. Just walk into the store, ask for the manager, look him…[View]
79796017>yuros don't thank the bus driver before getting off at their stop >Yuros don't than…[View]
79795941Post memes from your country Others will rate them Here's famous Polish meme called le funny ol…[View]
79798729Finland is the Belgium of Northern Europe[View]
79796946which one should i learn? i like those three (specially how portuguese and french sounds, but italia…[View]
79797063>pronouncing Lucia as loo-shuh[View]
79798018You daughter brings home a Sudaca as her new boyfriend. How do you react?[View]
79799051Post videos of people imitating other languages: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BPENNQvRTmY Starts …[View]
79798617Why are turks always angry?[View]
79795600>americans put their foreskin in their shoe which they put in a tip jar which they put in the mic…[View]
79798799why do i hate normies so much? i cant deal with them, i swear[View]
79796527>they dropped this for A FUCKING LEAF[View]
79794268ITT cunts whose language is derived from Sanskrit try to find words which are very similar.[View]
79794091>Britain left the EU so they can import more immigrants from Pakistan instead of EU approved coun…[View]
79798813I am leader of the free world[View]
79794544Whiter than Italy[View]
79797948stop bullying sweden itt[View]
79795360>american are stupi-[View]
79793303You wake up as a woman in saudi arabia[View]
79798482why are americans so racist?[View]
79772164/nederdraad/: 2D meisjes zijn het beste editie. Welcome: 2D Niet welcome: Oude jeugd liefdes.[View]
79796692Now you're born as an Indian: WWYD[View]
79797507Is there one place on earth where people still have a good sense of aesthetics and beauty? What happ…[View]
79796224why are east asians sooooooooooo smart?[View]
79794813why is this picture so funny hahahaha[View]
79794711>Competitive salary[View]
79792868Please tell me you said no[View]
79794786Why are Texans roads shit, they look like Europoor roads?[View]
79795456Do you love Japan?[View]
79794866/brit/: wade boggs edition also cute lads edition[View]
79794078>want to post with the lads on /int/ >banter is illegal in this country…[View]
79777838/mämmi/: jaakkopainos[View]
79794250I recently noticed that white girls on the internet are very cherry picked[View]
79797472>mfw ate home-made red borscht wtf i love ukraine now?[View]
79797280'Great' Britain WILL, without fail, defend this http://www.bbc.com/news/uk-41323363[View]
79796152Do generals in your cunt need to first serve some time in actual combat in order to be given the ran…[View]
79797081>this is not the international standard plug[View]
79796850/esp/ + /tuga/ = /ibe/: Ediçao patriota[View]
79785589>muh heritage[View]
79795223ITT: 10/10 in USA[View]
79784441Mexico-Irish (perhaps late?) Celebration: So Im quite a newfag to /int/ (barely here a week) but dec…[View]
79795980Why are there so few beach resorts on the Caspian Sea compared to the Black Sea? Caspian beaches are…[View]
79796204How can we stop people from getting fat? America needs your help.[View]
79787032Sverigetråden - Mysiga nattupplagan[View]
79792398How does one get a qt pi white bf from Europe?[View]
79796462Reminder nepal and mount everest™ is the sole property of mongols and brown people under the SAARC. …[View]
79795217Hey, uh, Austrians, I just wanted to say I'm sorry. Maybe we should have sided with you over th…[View]
79795963>world looks like this wat happens?[View]
79787554Fuck you INT for making me play this piece of shit game. I almost broke my monitor because of this. …[View]
79791058/deutsch/ am Samstag Morgen: Wochenende mit vielen Süßmädchen - Ausgabe[View]
79788330>There isn't a European country that is as strong as India is militarily L M F A O. post yfw…[View]
79795961Eurobros and Bongbros, how do you feel about the delay of brexit until 2021? I think it gets around …[View]
79792618Can Moroccan have a blonde hair and blue eyes??[View]
79792338Is it true Brazil is the easiest country to get laid in?[View]
79796301Explain this, japan: WTF, I thought you were good to the bone[View]
79780497Any Russians awake to clear this up for me?[View]
79796260Is methamphetamine ('meth,' 'shabu,' 'ice,' etc.) a problem in your area, /int/? The northwestern US…[View]
79794850/brit/: evolution of the runt edition[View]
79794054lingua franca[View]
79795734>no more empires >kingdoms that are left are gay where the monarch has no power >nobility h…[View]
79795902/pol/ told me we are going to die today should I got to a prostitute to lose my virginity?[View]
79794593>~7 hours left: So int?[View]
79773298Dividing The Internet: All in favor? (Yellow countries need not reply)[View]
79787192>visit brazil >get straightened[View]
79795394Why do Australians try so hard to be Europeans when they are culturally similar to the US and Canada…[View]
79777874*Blocks your Rapefugee*[View]
79792755We finnish people are too real human beans so stop bullying us.[View]
79793778>The truth does not fear investigation, why aren't we allowed to question the Holocaust?…[View]
79794434How do I learn Russian to a higher degree of proficiency[View]
79795531pajeets are shit tier at least when it comes about programming: thankfully IT companies dont move th…[View]
79770846/polska/: edycja piątek w domu oraz anime[View]
79795263Gigi D'Alessio Hate Thread: Thread in cui si discuterà di questa pezza di merda che ha rovinato…[View]
79793499Do you believe north korea has potential power to fucking kill USA?[View]
79788984Why Americans and Europeans like Naruto better than One Piece? it's the other way around here[View]
79792395/ex-yu/: /ex-yu/ vikedned edicija[View]
79793726Americans here? Im going to beat you off.[View]
79794416>this is how nigerians laugh[View]
79795027> your vagina > do you sometimes read books without morals or deep sense, like some detectives…[View]
79791377>tfw downed half a bottle of whiskey tonight alone who else here gets a little /crazy/ when it…[View]
79793297/brit/: me irl edition[View]
79794169portugal is my greatest ally[View]
79789804I'm curious about what kind of place people around the world sleeps his ass in, please post you…[View]
79792792You wake up in Wadiya[View]
79793739Step right back while I show you the most ultimate feel >tfw when no japanese gf…[View]
797925401. Google image search '*your country* woman' 2. Post your favorite result[View]
79794065>I am opposed to both capitalism and communism[View]
79793534I just want to live in vermont[View]
79794058help: I just have a question guys now I have to study in my native language at least 2-3 hours a day…[View]
79791743Why do Germans hate the name Kevin?[View]
79791214So what's /int opinion on a free Ireland?[View]
79793483Should West Papuasia be free from Jakarta? Pros - They are not Indonesians - Papu Papu in Crash Band…[View]
79793202tfw no mom[View]
79792954Korea is not 韓 but 高[View]
79791417>We will definitely call you back by the end of the weeks. Rest assured you will hear back from u…[View]
79793633Where did all the bracked threads go?[View]
79793154>I would describe myself as a nationalist[View]
79792066notice anything?[View]
79791545Wow, is this actually what Mexico is like? I never want to go there.[View]
79743770/balk/: Neo-Ottoman leadership edition old: >>79735869[View]
79792709Happy Birthday Prime Minister Shinzō Abe - on behalf of President Donald J. Trump & the American…[View]
79786767HD Video of Tokyo in 1992: >Daily Scenes in Tokyo in 1992 https://youtu.be/KJQsGpCDX54 What do yo…[View]

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