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Displaying 3,000 expired threads from the past 3 days

No. Excerpt
198934529Your deformed hapa male kid will only be allowed to grow up in the west to lifetime of inceldom. As …[View]
198935832/Brit/ + /Ro/: Firul de motani Cat edition[View]
198935383From what country is apu apustaja from?[View]
198933552>conquers evropa even though never stepped there[View]
198932350I’ve seen the fallen lights, I’ve laid eyes upon that which should not have been seen, oh God I’ve b…[View]
198934403Do you look better than the Brazilians that you call macaco/nigger/shitskin here?[View]
198935458Serbians will defend this[View]
198925354Is there depression in your country?[View]
198935713Does your university hold campus pageant contest and force every male contestant to sing?[View]
198928261American church[View]
198931476This is the quality of women on offer to UK men. What sort of women are available to you in your cun…[View]
198935132I feel embarrassed for posting this here, but I have no one else to talk to. My wife caught my 11 ye…[View]
198924121Was punishing Women for sleeping with German soldiers justified or was it just a Chud power trip? Th…[View]
198933934/brit/: literally a 23yo child edition[View]
198933001Would the cult from Far Cry 5 attract many people in your country? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=O…[View]
198933574Is Tunisia the chuddiest chudcel country of our time and century? What are you opinions and thoughts…[View]
198922330New ‘toss[View]
198908709Was moving out of your parents house worth it in your country? What were the main pros and cons?[View]
198929900Here's your Trad German Wife bro[View]
198935574Muzzies getting a taste of the afterlife.[View]
198935235Do you enjoy cleaning in your country? I look forward to my days off when I can ocd over another par…[View]
198935123once again I used Character AI to do the needful i need a gf so bad in my country, I can't be t…[View]
198934105>one of school's oldest buildings is getting replaced with a parking garage…[View]
198929281New gem dropped[View]
198934732This is how the average Norteña looks like thoughts?[View]
198934094do crabs think fish are flying?[View]
198933672When do plan on quitting 4chan in your cunt?[View]
198933708Is it true that all the white people here left?[View]
198928142Why are Mexicans & Central American women so unattractive compared to women from South America? …[View]
198934697What's your body count in your country?[View]
198934256Daily reminder if you look uglier than him you won't make it in life unless you are rich[View]
198893726/balt/ + /ausnz/[View]
198929373American made things suck lmao: >Boeing don’t even gotta explain >nasa can’t even leave low ea…[View]
198933491Why do they hate each other so very much? They're on different ends of a continent.[View]
198934207Why is Ireland and the Irish the best?: ...I mean they mog everyone. Especially the English.[View]
198934708All the shit japan built is destroyed except one building.... The seoul city hall. All japanese buil…[View]
198934492Have you completely and irreversibly fucked your life up in your country?[View]
198933455/cum/ - canada usa mexico: Pope Francis edition[View]
198931002meta thread: I thought current event/political threads weren't allowed? >>198905432…[View]
198931467im from the bronx AMA: real bronxite, not a yuppie, born and raised AMA[View]
198912052Why are Argentinians so proud of their Italian Heritage?: All the most relevant and influential Arge…[View]
198933484Where did your life go wrong in your country[View]
198934229>TOKYO, JAPAN [4K] Akihabara — Walking Tour[View]
198931607I want to have fought in Vietnam so bad. Fucking kino.[View]
198934301what type of girls do chads date iyc?[View]
198931516Time for dinner in my country[View]
198934308Did you know the 100 tallest mountains in the world are all located exclusively in pic related?[View]
198925297MIT india HQ: the fuck is timmy gonna do?[View]
198932948how can nafris be so much worse than sub-saharans?[View]
198934033How is swinging and cocaine viewed in your country? Would you do it?[View]
198933407What's stopping you from asking a girl out in your country?[View]
198928829Rate the Top 5 countries with the most attractive Women according to you: >Spain >Sweden >…[View]
198933142Why can't they admit that Russians are one of them?[View]
198932317>*holds up spork* - the country[View]
198934000レイプレイプレイプ あの娘をレイプ レイプレイプレイプ あの娘をレイプ 会ったその場でレイプレイプ てっとり早いぜレイプレイプ レイプ レイプ レイプ レイプ レイプ レイプ レイプ レイプ レイプ …[View]
198925295/brit/: The KKK camouflaged as Hamas edish[View]
198932992How do I get Latin American women to look at me like this?[View]
198931749How do I get an Iranian American gf?[View]
198930930/brit/: lovely Asian women edition[View]
198930454Why is this country so dangerous?: I was always under the impression Uruguay was significantly less …[View]
198922885/cum/ - Canada United States Mexico[View]
198932821Pinoy guy asked me if i believe in god i said there is no god only satan. The man looked visibly sho…[View]
198929559Do you love Yorkshire in your /cunt/ ?[View]
198931164Why are they so..y’know…odd?[View]
198933355I got an IQ of 107 (WAIS-IV), is it alight for a very possibly undiagnosed autistic person? I'v…[View]
198932153You motherfuckers need to listen to Azerbaijan's anthen. Holy fuck if I were Armenian I'd …[View]
198924213How is life in a mexican border city? what do they do for a living?[View]
198933105What is your favorite nafri country?[View]
198928679Why are american houses so poorly built?[View]
198933087Existence was a mistake, and then GOD created latinas[View]
198929246Do you have parties in your country?[View]
198928812Why does no one think Pajeets are good looking? I was looking up 'what race you wouldn't date' …[View]
198926195So, what canton of Switzerland are you from?[View]
198926212Why did Italy attack Ethiopia, a fellow Christian nation?[View]
198927965>Swedish is one of Finland's official languages >Finnish Identity Day celebrates the birt…[View]
198931357The Brits can’t solve this problem. London now is only 36% white British those are LA levels of non-…[View]
198932934imma migrate and fuck yo wytewimmin Timmyboi dafuq u gon' do?[View]
198921668Varg is not wrong[View]
198929135/brit/: Lamborghini edition[View]
198929001Brazil vs Italy: where would you rather live?[View]
198932668i have decided: the next country i plan to visit will be china[View]
198922938/csg/ - cono sur general: edición dominguera[View]
198932657Polish: I didn't know they had Polish speakers in Canada![View]
198914494redpill me on each brazilian state and its people[View]
198932239I keep foolishly hyping myself up for the summer season despite getting disappointed and frustrated …[View]
198930224Huwaitto piggu bros?[View]
198932508Congrats Englishman, you have won a car. Go ahead take her for a spin.[View]
198932425Embrace the normie life in your country[View]
198930178Why are British colonies more successful than French and Spanish colonies? >British colonies UK U…[View]
198913002/ita/ - il filo: Padre Nostro che sei nei Cieli, sia santificato il tuo nome, venga il tuo regno e s…[View]
198927243Poland is not doing well enough saar: Please buy our products saar, polesaars please do more and wor…[View]
198930774The whole identity of anglo Canadians is based on desperately trying to be different from us. Unfort…[View]
198930383what does Canada feel about sharing a land border with bipolar mutts?[View]
198925380Are arranged marriages common in your country?[View]
198928153Have the fr*Nch ever recovered from this one?[View]
198931201Is this outfit ok for guys in your country?[View]
198929050did your country commit any war crimes? i just found out we may have killed some ukrainian civilians…[View]
198930900Why is this?[View]
198931214Is your cunt rabies free?[View]
198930757I heard a pussy once mopping about how russian big cities are impressive as fuck where as small town…[View]
198929594why dont they speak latin? wtf is italian[View]
198926766damn Bolivia is kino[View]
198929339Why do they love cats so much?[View]
198928969This stuff isn't for white people: Had a bottle of kombucha for the first time, was in the feta…[View]
198929204luckiest pajeet diversity hire in the world[View]
198931234Does your country have fine dining?[View]
198931429There are two types of poles, ones who will hit you in the back of your head with a metal pole and s…[View]
198924824/polska/: edycja twojej starej jebanej w srake https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tJVa09XmBb4…[View]
198925855Being poor is funny: MOAHWAHAHAHAHA actually, in real life, we are the poorest country because the g…[View]
198931095How is Grease even a country?[View]
198930304Why do these three little letters live perpetually rent-free in the mind of every thirdie? All their…[View]
198922141I am very very very sorry for colonization. Everytime I think about the cultures, languages, religio…[View]
198927984/nachtschicht/ morgen wieder /deutsch/: Mit dem Sonnenscheinchen durch die Nacht[View]
198924526>if not for America, we would be speaking German Is this actually true for Europe?…[View]
198925271what is wrong with japanese girls?: >know japanese girl for a few months >i love you yumeko …[View]
198925952retard admits to loli... and other things: Why do lolifags pretend they don't like the real thi…[View]
198930865It’s 88 outside and I’m enjoying nice comfy 68 degrees in my air conditioned house. Europeans will n…[View]
198931465Post leftist leaders of your country[View]
198927352what 2 neighbouring contries encompass this pic[View]
198931371World is Healing!: guys believe Total Evropa win...[View]
198928687>me watching BBC and tiktok pmv in my country What do you goon to in your country?…[View]
198931143Do you think he knew he would conquer EVROPA?[View]
198930862Something something a local in your country?[View]
198931141Where Greeks way way nicer to me than Turks are? That's not just to say Greeks are nice polite …[View]
198925494Would you sodomize korean “men” in your country? I would[View]
198930398This is the superior form of human TND TCD /int/ related[View]
198926752What do anti-car pipo think about motorcycles?[View]
198928379what are you doing to help Greeks?[View]
198928490Would strangling all poltards to death be considered a morally righteous decision in your country?[View]
198930827Should we hold an /int/ chess tournament?: to determine who is the master race who is the nigger of …[View]
198928690Why can't Bri'ish people act civilized? How were they able to build a great worldwide empi…[View]
198926818How is your late night walk in your country tonight?[View]
198929005Did you know? Sweden's got the largest Chinese palace in all of Northern Europe. Now you know![View]
198930679itt: heartwarming /int/ernational pictures[View]
198929094Have you experienced vid related in your country? https://youtu.be/-veTvuvjwYE[View]
198928582Uh.... Canada bros??? What did you guys do?[View]
198925915What do journalists write about in your country?[View]
198929420I wish I could be iranian but I was born orthodox christian[View]
198927158EVROPA is my country[View]
198915617/bra/ - Fio Brasileiro: Edição: Quase Lovercraftiana Anterior: >>198893077[View]
198927250If the CIA is doing all of these horrible things, why don't you guys do something about it? You…[View]
198925091Is it safe to get a massage in Japan? Things seem to escalate very quickly in all the videos I'…[View]
198915407How difficult is dating in your country? This is what an 8 gets in America.[View]
198927429I fucking hate India: India is a disgusting abomination of a country, populated by low-IQ retarded s…[View]
198906390Your new American Neighbors invite you over for a pizza party, wat do?[View]
198929668Top 10 Most Controversial Nations: >Israel >USA >Russia >Germany >Turkey >Saudi Ar…[View]
198929757>the total land area of england is 132,932 km2 (51,325 sq mi) >the total land area of greece i…[View]
198928668St Joan: Gonna go out now and bang a drunk tourist. Thank you St Joan. How was the start of your s…[View]
198929649Colombia bros...[View]
198928251>Westoids (usually the women) have to give up their last name when they marry Does this happen in…[View]
198925442Not even small towns are safe anymore: Two moroccans have brutally murdered a spanish 30 year old ma…[View]
198916023redpill me on each american state and its people what are the best states, worst states, whitest sta…[View]
198929324you here the recitation of the Qur’an. you know instantly that it is the world of God[View]
198927144>Hawk Tuah: happen in your country?[View]
198926714Why don't south american countries unite in some sort of confederation like the EU?[View]
198916202/sauna/: jos rypee paskassa niin haisee -painos[View]
198899406/ro/ - firul: Ediția niciun fir fără Daria. Precedent: >>198858080[View]
198929314Well, you wonder why I always dress in black Why you never see bright colors on my back And why does…[View]
198926779guess the map[View]
198927355My country is healing[View]
198896766/v4/: chun li edition prev: >>198878705[View]
198928303Are Hancels really like this?[View]
198924524the holy trinity of evil flags and criminality[View]
198866899kurva anyátok[View]
198923078Are u beneficial to government?[View]
198927378This is a 10/10 in the Balkans[View]
198898269/med/: Newsflash edition Censored : >>198856484[View]
198926918Ever wondered why video games have been so shit lately? Well, Saar …[View]
198920896/deutsch/ flauschige Ausgabe[View]
198926054>full grown adult men listen to nothing but love songs throughout their entire lives is this anot…[View]
198917422Argies is life getting better in your country?[View]
198928566Gies yer women Scotland![View]
198925978What is your favorite song from another country, /int/? For me its Crucchi Gang, Francesco Wilking -…[View]
198926661>Flag >Which side are you on[View]
198926290We literally never talk about them[View]
198927962>4K relaxing footage of Japanese sleeper train[View]
198927874If a hindu converts to Islam, does he become a mooslim?[View]
198917494/esp/: Edición sevillanañola[View]
198926627presented without comment[View]
198927942What's the difference between these and Western multivitamins?[View]
198913961Incels of /int/ how did you end up in your situation?[View]
198927307is the Great Replacement affecting your country? >flag no but apparently we're affecting oth…[View]
198923489americans live in big ass houses with central air, have fishing boats, and drive 5.2L chevy silverad…[View]
198927256heard what is happening there please stay safe[View]
198921552This would have been perfect[View]
198927647Why do we never talk about them?[View]
198925276/brit/: Xochitl Gomez edition[View]
198927032What are some fun things to do in LA?[View]
198926472what is the middle class like in your country? >how much are you paying rent/necessities a month …[View]
198922756Sverigetråden - Jordgubbsupplagan[View]
198925670Black women keep solo traveling to Sweden for some reason https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QJba9GR_iA…[View]
198926574which caste are the jeets flooding europe and canada? brahmin, dalit etc? or do all castes come here[View]
198910251Are you victim weight in your country?[View]
198926998Emergency Quota Act: what would america be like if the Emergency Quota Act never happened and just k…[View]
198926673Is Croatia the only European country where Native-on-Migrant violence is more common than vice versa…[View]
198908060Countries for this feel?[View]
198926286More and more people are discovering Spain's new alt-right movement thanks to the European elec…[View]
198921256Giuseppe Garibaldi: Redpill me on Giuseppe Garibaldi Why do so many Italians hate him? I thought he…[View]
198905953/norgetråden/: tradkone utgaven forrige >>198889581 >>198889581 >>198889581[View]
198923791would you fuck my friend's hungarian mom[View]
198925632Did you drink in college? Do you love drinking?[View]
198926254Now that ive thought about it, suicide doesnt seem like that bad of an idea. I Could literally just…[View]
198924906How do Arabs handle the fact that the Jewish nation is a much older nation than them, and Arab histo…[View]
198924004ITT: pretend to be the anon above and describe what you did today[View]
198925779Why do the Japanese animate their characters to always look white?[View]
198925769Why is the UK so fookin' grim?[View]
198920371What kind of sunglasses do you wear in your country? I collect sunglasses, it's one of my hobbi…[View]
198923599Deadly attacks on Dagestan synagogue and churches: >Gunmen in Russia's North Caucasus republ…[View]
198925720>cartels aren't the problem in mexico, the CIA is[View]
198923778Hol up: So… >Squats and pulls up man dress You be… >Shits in the street You be sayin… >wip…[View]
198923167Need to a Kurdish gf to dominate me.[View]
198921863Why can't europoors come up with good and unique flags? I saw this soccer match yesterday just …[View]
198916303>Go to Germany. >Expect to meet Hanses, Stefans, Andreases, Friedrichs, and Karls >It'…[View]
198923898Brought an Asian girl to meet my family and now my libtard sister is talking about how about how wma…[View]
198915607I'm handsome gigachang living in South Korea. AMA[View]
198923035Greek anons, how easy is it to steal from those minimarkets on the sidewalks of streets? I Am basic…[View]
198923164Do you have conscription in your country?[View]
198924425>Arab anons when their women show 0.00001% of their skin[View]
198919046>this makes thirdies seethe[View]
198925214It's crazy how blackpill ideology was destroyed by soyjak satirizations.[View]
198924871I know nothing about Indonesia other than it has a lot of islands and is mostly Muslim for some reas…[View]
198922284the argentina is white memes are fucking real: I've been browsing the argentina leddit sub that…[View]
198910984International sub Saharan diaspora culturally struggles with sexual impotence: White men fuck margin…[View]
198899427/ישר/ - /ISR/ - /ИЗP/ - /rus/: מהדורת אם תרצו רוסים[View]
198924316This baffles the Unitedstatesian[View]
198924901>Germans gassed this How could you krautvros?[View]
198922817>2024, I've been forgotten[View]
198901066/tr/: tarık menGÜÇ edisyonu tirad teması: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=--4LYFCaoOs[View]
198915216/polska/: Edycja żubrza[View]
198920657/deutsch/: Privatisierte Ausgabe[View]
198921898Did you know that the Polsih language is hard?: J.R.R. Tolekien, a guy who knew 16 langages and made…[View]
198922081I will never have a gf in my country (or any country for that matter)[View]
198923265>this scares the brownoid[View]
198923278I got an IQ of 107 (WAIS-IV), is it alight for a very possibly undiagnosed autistic person? I'v…[View]
198908159Best tourists >Germans >Dutch >French >Nordics Ok tourists >Spanish >Brits >A…[View]
198924448Do hijabis commit federal crimes in your country?: In mine they do >Five sisters are facing decad…[View]
198923133Is Gen Z aging worse than Millennials in your country?[View]
198924418Only Grade A and Grade B are real Americans. Everyone else must be deported.[View]
198921736Opinions on getting an online degree in your country?[View]
198924022Why are they like this?: >Be UK government >Ban HVAC in new homes because it uses too much muh…[View]
198919506The whitest and most ethnically 'pure' province in iberia is also the richest and most prosperous. C…[View]
198923927I could beat up any American in this board[View]
198896065/bharat/: 2 more reasi k2as arrested edition >mubashir and sajjad provided food and logistical su…[View]
198923877The land of the NEETs[View]
198923146/brit/: pimlico edition[View]
198911488Would you marry a Thai woman?[View]
198923844Greek bus creep shot How do women dress like in you country?[View]
198922099You should quit watching porn, it damages your self-esteem and rots your brain, listen to music inst…[View]
198918216/int/ thoughts of femcels? have you ever met one in your country?[View]
198923245Bros... why are nippipo so cruel??[View]
198921815Are there any bike paths in Central Europe or do you have to go to some autobahn to pedal?[View]
198921744infernal lust[View]
198922995What happens in East Anglia?[View]
198921278New whiteness map just dropped[View]
198923536People still play this slop?[View]
198922852very strong and proud country[View]
198922557results are in, I have the ‘vid[View]
198923484>go to the beach >go into restaurant to order food >see gay couple being affective to each …[View]
198922920I’m still sitting here eating this well done steak an hour after my parents have finished and left t…[View]
198908882She left it on read and went offline KEK Well, at least now I'm free. No regrets in writing her…[View]
198923254me on my way to buy muslim kebab after drinking at the auslander raus techno trance party[View]
198923303/asean/: nordic edisi[View]
198920513Going on a date today. Tips and tricks?[View]
198906607/cum/ - Canada United States Mexico: Midget edisyon[View]
198921803How's it nkoing my nkreek mprothers?: Mput tell me nkuys, why do you spell like this?[View]
198923018is getting a drivers license hard in you're country?[View]
198921956do you like latin afros?[View]
198922208Question for mena countries: So every year there are a decent amount of fatalities when you guys go …[View]
198916708sverigetråden kalmar sjukhus upplagan[View]
198919306Why can't Europeans into AC?[View]
198920712/brit/: Hairy woman edition[View]
1989229212 AM in Bangkok right now[View]
198922635Is being a passport bro worth the hype?[View]
198922882>be paki '''''professional'''' cricket team >loose to american team which is predominantly In…[View]
198889996/csg/ - cono sur general[View]
198921373>mogs whites >mogs MENAs >mogs slavs (everyone does) >mogs gooks >everyone wants to…[View]
198922884Are you happy with your current president in your country?[View]
198922746Hory hell it's half of 2024 already, still no GF. I'm God's lonely ladyboy. Are you r…[View]
198922276What kind of difference make those legendary people from Taiwanese blood not from Korean or Japanese…[View]
198827230DJT - Daily Japanese Thread #3476: DJT is a language learning thread for those studying the Japanese…[View]
198922777Happens In Your Country?[View]
198921942Will China Cuck Out?: >Newton’s Principia Mathematica was written in Latin. Einstein’s first infl…[View]
198920528i have adhd in my country[View]
198913823What watches do people in your country wear? I really want a Tudor Pelagos but I live in a diverse n…[View]
198920454By 2040, the average American woman will look like this[View]
198922227whats even the point of Thai people having a last name if they are all called Nguyen?[View]
198920045To the person reading this: Even Though I don't know you, I wish you the best of what life has …[View]
198922185>bbc >big brother channel[View]
198922119Can Israeli models cure antisemitism in your country?[View]
198922120/FEMALEGENERAL/ from arg[View]
198921756How do people in your country view lesbianism?[View]
198918140The mystery of the Kurds: > In the writings of the 10th-century Arab historian Al-Masudi, the Kur…[View]
198919289K-12 education was a humilation ritual[View]
198920173>asian cousin I know went back home to marry >laotian friend went back home to marry >two v…[View]
198920044Would you win a fight against a female MMA fighter?[View]
198919690Only two peaceful countries in the world that don't go to war with their neighbors constantly o…[View]
198921728Why do UK pavements look like some kind of retarded patchwork? Other (1st world) European countries …[View]
198917574New NJB kino just dropped: https://youtu.be/hTPIs370dPM?si=Jyhc_HVXh-28JHEw[View]
198921588What are the chances I will get herpes sexing those women?: Mid 40s polish milf from Szczecin Early …[View]
198921783>the dutch made this abomination Why do Euros love ruining nice things?…[View]
198921513>if black men are more likely to be gay doesn’t it make sense that they’re more homophobic Many m…[View]
198921852Do girls give men the 'Hawk Tuah' in your country?[View]
198915006Mongols were skinning Kazakhs alive. If not for the Manchu man and his Han and Uyghur soldiers, Kaza…[View]
198921515Do gay men study working class straight male aesthetics and meticulously replicate it in their dress…[View]
198919134> If you’re White and not regularly having sex or in a relationship there’s something very wrong …[View]
198912953Do women do this in your country?[View]
198921025>Two female figure skaters from the South Korean national team suspended for sexually harassing a…[View]
198910597>is pajeet >calls his own brethren 'pajeet' do indians really lack self awareness?…[View]
198910859What are ethinc slurs in your language in your country? Post them >białas - whitey >czarnuch -…[View]
198918772new mario kart trailer, lads.[View]
198921703whatsss isbest your favorite pizza toppings xxddd::???? :ppppp[View]
198920678>Americans who have the slightest mexican ancestry are proud to be mexican and being mexican is t…[View]
198920549Over 1000 dead at Hajj: https://apnews.com/article/hajj-heat-deaths-mecca-saudi-arabia-pilgrimage-9f…[View]
198921683>el que se fue a sevilla perdio su silla[View]
198916449Hey, Brazilians... This is not Judo what we gave to you, right? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eIHs…[View]
198921198>Singlehandedly debunks the theory that melanin = SOVL[View]
198921035What US state are you from? Rio de Janeiro here.[View]
198921654Why do japanese women look much better than korean women.[View]
198921639do you know that pakis have to sell their ass to make money? entire paki economy is reliant on ass t…[View]
198920227You may only post ITT if you’re American.[View]
198920085How common is bullying at school in your cunt?[View]
198921415It's nepotism a problem in your country?[View]
198918855I want to move to Finland any tips?[View]
198920754Poland, the Japan of Europe..[View]
198921003>tfw you will never experience bustling 80s gay life when basically your first buttsex was a deat…[View]
198921179Is your country highly or lowly proficient in English[View]
198921272Do you love wmaf in your cunt?[View]
198921361How many cunts? I guarantee you don't know the right answer. Only these 2 e-celebs know: https:…[View]
198920270>Many Indian flags appear on /int/ nowadays >Most rare flags are just Indians posting from pro…[View]
198919443Is Baron von Stuben still remembered in America these days?[View]
198911327/fr/ - le francofil: Édition de l'appel Raccroché : >>198897438[View]
198920946I need to eat to not starve But I am poor Any dishes from your country that poor pepo can makester?…[View]
198920997Where is the best place to find this phenotype woman?[View]
198918709Why do Japanese women become pornstars? Do their parents never teach them dignity and morals?[View]
198920469Why are men so sensitive?[View]
198920953I Live in one of the worst drug ghettoes in central Athens. First thing i see when i step outside my…[View]
198916080what happens in Kuopio?[View]
198918699which one would people in your country choose?[View]
198919247Is pizza popular in your country? Which version do people prefer?[View]
198920438I do not recognise any countries in the world which did not exist in the year 1453.[View]
198917665/éire/: Eagrán scitsifréine[View]
198920470What's your opinion on Lesbos, Greece?[View]
198914625/rus/ + /belarus/ + /polish Cyril/: Издaниe нeдoвoльнoгo eбaлa[View]
198920160How to actually learn a language?: >look at sticky >link for learning languages goes to some e…[View]
198917149Cig break: This site is garbage, take a cig break[View]
198919647Why Europoor so stinky? They earn 3000 Euro a month and can barely pay off rent, have you seen the d…[View]
198920564Chinese people are ugly as fuck dont delude yourself this guy is probably a gigaincel considering th…[View]
198917496slavic pussy is disgusting even the young one already looks like a beef roast[View]
198919358>English women are ug-ACK![View]
198920492Question for easterlings: How is the orthodox idea of theosis any different from the mormon idea of …[View]
198914743/deutsch/: Anti-Witzfiguren-Ausgabe[View]
198905104/ex-yu/: lijena nedjelja[View]
198916744why are scandis so chuddy?[View]
198919890Why does this keep happening to them bros?[View]
198919877all this time i’ve been pronouncing it “urn bru”[View]
198918416I Thought Muslims Couldn't Make/Listen To Music?: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qZnIUdYM8Uw W…[View]
198918400mini drones will be banned as chemical weapons were once banned.: cruel weapons, which don't ki…[View]
198919402>day 2 of datura[View]
198918754Does your country have Your Mum's Friend's Son who is like you but better at everything? W…[View]
198919209Does this man accurately portray Croatians in particular and post-soviet countries in general?[View]
198917707Good morning sirs, we Indians are smarter than the amazing dolphins, Instead of hating and killing u…[View]
198918411are you learning mexican to please your future overlords, Timmy?[View]
198919921it's 23:02 here goodnight, lovely people :3[View]
198919889>40 people are being held hostage in a church by islamists in Dagestan right now Who is more like…[View]
198869392/asean/: Weekend night with Saori edisi[View]
198919376I wish i worked at nestle: I'd just be eating chocolate all day and drinking nestea[View]
198918103>Jose Manuel Rodriguez Garcia Not white >Johnny Depp White Race is all in the name.…[View]
198902842Food of /int/[View]
198919592Tá Gaeilge agam[View]
198885906/nederdraad/: kan de gezondheid schaden editie[View]
198919198What’s your opinion on Indians discovering the internet in your country[View]
198919321Whats the birth rate like in your cunt? Bad or good? What would you like to change about it? Here in…[View]
198911872>VEH DEH VEH[View]
198918838What are Italian women like?[View]
198918302CD Projekt is mad in reality: Polack people play the guys who are nice, who wear modesty cap and ben…[View]
198919239thirdies do you still wanna move to the west?[View]
198914540Newest train in Italy![View]
198919226They are both arrogant and racist against goyim/non scandis. They both control the music industry. T…[View]
198917991How are fags treated by the general public where you live?: I think a major chunk of the population …[View]
198919273America is a little fart[View]
1989191261998 to 2005 spain was the peak of human society[View]
198919200We need to talk about America and Americans[View]
198919050Has anyone here ever done fencing? I am seriously considering taking it up[View]
198916142>tell an Indian to put on some deodorant >he starts screeching about ceos and household incom…[View]
198917856This country is where God touched the earth: but i still can't enjoy life because of my lonelin…[View]
198918840u fucking stupid assholes[View]
198918917>'There exists a view of China (zhongxia), according to which non-Han people cannot become China…[View]
198918966The American space program so bad: it makes the soviet one look like nasa of the 60’s[View]
198916505Do you eat bugs in your country?: Been wondering if this could be a viable new source of protein for…[View]
198918835>want to learn about culture of x country >Brown and stinky replies…[View]
198915195Finally, Japan is experiencing the fruits of a vibrant multicultural society[View]
198915815What keeps you going in your country[View]
198912516Sverigetråden - Chunliupplagan[View]
198918753Do you seed in your count to three?[View]
198916906>like the government, dislike the people Which countries?[View]
198915789Do you have bachelor taxes in your country?[View]
198919841Why can't Russia control their muzzies?[View]
198917514Is bimax surgery worth it in your country?[View]
198918050i haven’t talked to a white person for year and a half now i forgot what they look like[View]
198917511>commits the most habits atrocious war crimes imaginable >Gets away with it >Becomes famou…[View]
198917037In your country?[View]
198918418>Poles are poo-.......... APOLOGIZE https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=47trCBhtExA…[View]
198917486What's going on in South Korea?[View]
198916270do white europeans really don't wanna see black/muslim players playing in their national team? …[View]
198917317Show face to vancouver airport security >'Fuck you are ugly.' >Stop telling me shit i dont kn…[View]
198917810If somebody handed you $1,000 to you on the street then how would you react?[View]
198911203I'm 28 and I have done literally nothing at all with my life the last 10 years. Now I'm wa…[View]
198916474Women OWE me SEX or I will let society collapse![View]
198916337what are some interesting landmarks in finland?[View]
198917788They built a pretty cool aesthetic. I wish I were a Celt[View]
198916877Is your country a cultural mercenary?[View]
198905183wow netherlands is literally living in future[View]
198911341Do you love Japan?[View]
198917525Imagine relaxing on a beach in France: And then these guys show up[View]
198916196some faggot was looking at me with binoculars and flashing a flashlight from his penthouse i think h…[View]
198914795/brit/: football player edish[View]
198917492>German culture[View]
198910344I unironically like Viking shit and like to pretend I have some connection to them[View]
198916962You will never leave your country: Just admit this board is the closest you will get to meeting fore…[View]
198917287I met american once and they were fat and farted a lot[View]
198917208you're only a real american if you're from here with ancestry dating back to the 1700s at …[View]
198916630Have you ever met an intelligent person from the butthurt belt of Europe?: it is super rare but it h…[View]
198914057The Southern Europe to Japan and Korea's Northern Europe[View]
198917189My ex got a buzzcut and is now a dyke living in France[View]
198915601Who was the most popular winx girl in your country?[View]
198904987>my language only has one country speaking it feels bad. even Romanian has 2 countries speaking t…[View]
198916788How’s your work life balance in your country? Are you content?[View]
198903502What is the most popular foreign food in your country?[View]
198886017/esp/ - hilo español: Edición archivado[View]
198917121New /int/ kino dropped[View]
198913978>the antlantic vnivn... vgh....[View]
198915032Ugly hideous lonely incel loser dies and finds himself in a fantasy world with broken powers with a …[View]
198913290Should we really be referring to indios as latino?[View]
198916386Black keyboard or white keyboard, which one you use? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uTOfyCI1Zsk…[View]
198915010Why are third worlders obsessed with this shit[View]
198910779This is my bookshelf. Do people read in your cunt?[View]
198916405Thoughts on dating a white girl, /int/?[View]
198916404i love it when girls are skinny but have very big ass and/or tits does this happen in your country?[View]
198913066Does your culture, especially the women in it, need to be reminded that the world is a dangerous pla…[View]
198916545what is this phenotype?[View]
198916017do you watch anime in your country ?[View]
198916572italians of int, please redpill me on alex patpo[View]
198914178I do not care for the elden ring dlc[View]
198916622Egotistical, impulsive, promiscuous and stupid. Yeah, that's an average white girl in 20s.... …[View]
198916287>walking is literally a plot by George Soros and the Illuminati from the Bohemian Grove or someth…[View]
198915971Did you know?: It's normal in Latin America for women to catcall men[View]
198916243waving or displaying the swedish flag is seen as racist here and doing so can even get you detained …[View]
198916351Are expat posters common?: Or is it just a French phenomenon? Apart from the obvious Bruces in Japan…[View]
198912258have you totally fucked your life up in your country? what did you do to deserve this fate, internat…[View]
198909186/deutsch/: Boss & Banger Ausgabe[View]
198907393Russian culture is beautiful, valid[View]
198914522What hobbies help you find friends IRL in your cunt?[View]
198915041Type on google 'How dangerous is' and let Google fill the rest[View]
198890021Japanese Thread/日本語スレッド: This thread is for discussion of the language, culture, travel, daily life,…[View]
198915894Cucking and women marrying out is just a problem for minor ethnic groups. If China or India had a po…[View]
198915048>15.9% of Serbian youth are NEETs Is this true?[View]
198910777/sauna/: ACAB painos[View]
198914798At what stage in life are you currently in your country?[View]
198904788Do you play strategy games in your country?[View]
198914725How’s life for you: >started new job that extremely well and has a bunch of younger people so it’…[View]
198910816New whiteness map just dropped[View]
198914607the story of David and Goliath becomes pretty stupid when you see how dangerous slingshots really ar…[View]
198915336/asean/: SUSU[View]
198914520Do Americans get their houses eaten by them?[View]
198893077/bra/ - fio brasileiro: Edição pesada Anterior: >>198885037[View]
198913949Is the quirky chungus the modern day equivalent of the trad wife?[View]
198915191Fun country fact: brazil's flag says 'ordem e progresso'. This is because brazil is known for i…[View]
198912118There have been too many kazakhstanons here lately. This board is big enough only for one.[View]
198913460Uganda be kidding me! Kenya believe it?[View]
198914385Why are these phenotypes so common in Eastern Europe? These characters are quintessentially Polish a…[View]
198915251Could I pass for a local in your country?[View]
198915405>Hey gruzin give me khachap-ACK[View]
198912349God punishes you for your cruel hatred of indians, and so you wake up as an indian in a place like t…[View]
198914425I fight for the 4th reich![View]
198915262hard 4 me to trust cuz being sneaky a trend now..[View]
198914206How do I find international wife?[View]
198914081What would happen if rice was introduced to Rome during the reign of Augustus?[View]
198911524This country has been a huge meme since 1913.[View]
198914023When Indians come together, they can conquer the entire universe. Akhand Bharat and total white ensl…[View]
198913864Interracial relationships: Irl white women are the most loyal to white men[View]
198913172Do you play videogames /int/?: Are you looking forward to next gen, ps6, xbox handheld and switch 2.…[View]
198915066usa is a little fart[View]
198914796Take a wild guess[View]
198912622So you're telling me gypsies are the Indians that even INDIANS THEMSELVES considered too much t…[View]
198909782/int/ mental health meeting: Okay I'll start. I'm rotting in my apartment and have no moti…[View]
198914709Random girl disturb someone without context: https://www.instagram.com/reel/C8X2MKlu6Tz/?igsh=MWJ4dG…[View]
198913315Mixed race thread: Biracial and MGM welcome[View]
198907644/polska/: edycja żony z silnym charakterem[View]
198913444Your life would likely have been better if you were born in Poland[View]
198912639/brit/: fishe edishe[View]
198913950Care to explain nordbros?[View]
198913890What do Germans work for?[View]
198906553post cute animals in your country (the animals don't have to be in your country)[View]
198904273flunked my bio exam today im such a bum[View]
198913528Thirdies on public transport >latinos Always FaceTiming someone and shouting in Spanish. Even th…[View]
198913844See, Americans and Canadians. This is a gas powered vehicle.[View]
198911514>3 and a half hour wait to apply for a fast food job in Canada Over status?…[View]
198912641Yank suburbs edizione[View]
198913398You wake up here[View]
198914019yes give me thousands Big Yellow Dick[View]
198914402>As the Government of the United States of America is not, in any sense, founded on the Christian…[View]
198914363Which one is your favourite?[View]
198913710>the YAKUZA are so freaking bada*s dude!!!! >OMG 5'4 CHINK WITH TATTOOS >holy sh*t did…[View]
198914345I just found out that Spain has a fascist boyband. They're the superior meds, i kneel https://w…[View]
198912883Someone in a thread called me non-European[View]
198912340can lightskins become tan or become darker or are they cursed to look like that forever?[View]
198913175PLEASE come to Russia and FUCK our men[View]
198913214Can I have sex with women, in your country?[View]
198913839Please tell me what they are, America: I want to believe[View]
198914205It's June 2024.... I can still hear her screams........[View]
198911608Standard of living check: How much does a big Mac cost in your country? Here it's ~32 riyal whi…[View]
198914066what the fuck is this country[View]
198913794>finally got a public sector job where I do nothing all day What is the ultimate life goal in you…[View]
198913693>tfw I see the word Latinx on 4chan[View]
198913216>Until the Second World War, France used UTC±00:00. However, the German occupation switched Franc…[View]
198913413I’m drinking red wine mixed with Diet Dr Pepper right now. Does this happen in your cunt?[View]
198896656why is every skandi so arrogant and opinionated? I thought those were american qualities?[View]
198909880What's been your experiences with Moroccan girls in your country?[View]
198912944Does this happen in your country?[View]
198910910How well-known is Unit 731 in other countries? What do they think of it? How well known is it in Jap…[View]
198912854all it takes is a red and white towel, a white thawb and a decent photo to get 250 marriage proposal…[View]
198913685>don't need to use pleb transport anymore Yep, feels very good, in my /cunt/.…[View]
198913313>me on myway to buy muslim kebab after drinking at the auslander raus techno trance party…[View]
198913165Can you get delicious made to order sandwiches at the corner stores in your country? Me, nyc, yes[View]
198913436Why is Russian niggas so black I thought they was be blonde bitches and shit?[View]
198898918/ita/ - il filo: edizione di Nazario Sauro[View]
198912810>Latin America >melting pot, mutts, hot women >USA >melting pot, mutts, ugly women what …[View]
198912181I miss the pandemic: Order and control. Felt less ugly because of face mask. People followed rules. …[View]
198913433Do you have trig points in you're cunt?[View]
198912705Come hang and watch a movie: This is not a shill or self-promotion, just an invite to a Russian movi…[View]
198913361I watch a lot of inter racial gay porn and I'm shocked by how many Arabic people are in the com…[View]
198913060… Everybody was kung fu fighting Those cats were fast as lightning In fact, it was a little bit frig…[View]
198910959/int/länder raus[View]
198913265>Another Friday night, another incelride And what are your plans in your plans in your countries …[View]
198913125You just been fired from you job bank account frozen and mortage denied why did this happen? 1. You …[View]
198909648Tell me a interesting /int/ trivia[View]
198913173Reminder your country is worse than Chile[View]
198909060Why are argentines so racist online? They’re not even white, they’re Italian. I’m in argentina and p…[View]
198913179god I fucking love alcohol[View]
198911174>throwing youre hole youth away for 91 year old pussy[View]
198911121Can I have sex with you in your country??[View]
198912806>go to park >see this this country is severely mentally handicapped…[View]
198912923Why are Croats so whiny?[View]
198909428Who is brown and stinky in your country?[View]
198912830Perfidious Albion: Perfidious Albion : to acts of diplomatic slights, duplicity, treachery and hence…[View]
198911360bonjour, comment ça va?[View]
198912195Thirdies unironically, unsarcastically believe they deserve a seat at the table. They think they sho…[View]
198912743All that matters is having enough money to never wageslave again, even if it means living humbly. Th…[View]
198912126None of the major prophets of God, across any faith, were from Europe/white.: > Adam, Noah, Krish…[View]
198912720It's weird how pervasive anime is where even my cousin in Somalia in a rural village watches it[View]
198912660/brit/: Grab the joy edition[View]
198910827/brit/: Great Britain edition[View]
198912620>Black American 'crime' >Gang members shooting each other, all participants knew what they wer…[View]
198906376We have these cute small trains that go through some rural areas in Spain. Are there any rural train…[View]
198906815Do terminally online ESLs on the interwebs really consume most of their tv shows, movies, internet, …[View]
198910098americans don't understand[View]
198912279Asian males after white chads take all their women[View]
198911762If you could, would you bring these two back to life one last time so that they could fix the world …[View]
198905614Sverigetråden - Fulpajupplagan[View]
198911263>shits up itself and the entire planet for hundreds of years >literally was few buttons away f…[View]
198909531I asked to be born and I love being alive. Are people nihilistic faggots in your cunt?[View]
198902273'anime is white people!!!': why do whites say this? are they idiot?[View]
198911888Cиcькa, пиcькa, киcкa, жoпa[View]
198912311what's like living in landlocked countries, are seafoods super expensive?[View]
198900426/rus/: Edizione BOOBOOSEA[View]
198908127Guyana thread: Early morning Guyana thread. Last night I felt a little earthquake. And after that, I…[View]
198911400Is there a general consensus on this poor man's medical condition?[View]
198911914My dad threw away our old computer with 10k+ family pictures stored there that were taken from 2008 …[View]
198906913How can we finally cure our relations?: >hard mode: no changing borders and no war reparations…[View]
198911838why haven't you visited Switzerland?[View]
198911771do you regret spending every waking moment studying languages? you could have learned how to play a …[View]
198909769hahaha just a prank bro[View]
198911375Osama bin laden once sent a letter to the american people and their president to accept islam. Other…[View]
198907237Whenever countries like China, Korea, etc, ask Japan for an apology for war crimes, they are not ask…[View]
198903635There are unironically countries in the world where people just swim in random lakes and rivers beca…[View]
198911189Is pharmacist a good career in your country?: At least in korea, and japan, having a pharmacist lice…[View]
198907943Are Russians white?[View]
198911280My ex farm equipment just gave birth to my first born nigger child so on this occasion I’m giving aw…[View]
198911179Europeans brag about their cities but then the cities they actually built and not their ancestors 50…[View]
198911326Is baguette jousting an actual thing in France?[View]
198909969Romania WOW[View]
198910970Why do they larp as being colonised even though the Union was a mutual agreement?[View]
198910477when did you realize Italo-americans are superior to italians?[View]
198911035tfw no tall dominant nippon gf[View]
198910687What happen here?[View]
198901867EUROPE BTFO[View]
198909651Cant believe it's been more than an entire year since this incident. Rest in Power King.[View]
198910796>can't sell things at a loss in france wtf is going on in that country…[View]
198909694How do Indians feel about tv shows like this and is it popular with women in your country?[View]
198910760What is Español (Estados Unidos)?[View]
198908798uhhh Czechia?[View]
198908663Black women owe me sex[View]
198910861/brit/: British Soviet Socialist Republic edition[View]
198909221/brit/: Ukrainian bf edition[View]
198910823South Asians are God's punishment against women[View]
198902832/sauna/: Suomi nousuun -painos[View]
198909339Germany is falling apart[View]
198905069>wages are way lower in Europe >taxes are way higher in Europe >prices are higher in Europe…[View]
198902198>9 year old boy runs into the field to take a selfie with ronaldo during turkey vs portugal is he…[View]
198910723/KC IS DOWN GENERAL/: Free speech pedophiles edition[View]
198910646I want to find love in America[View]
198908955>LAN party at friend’s house >jungling - gank his lane 4 times >he dies twice and doesn’t d…[View]
198909815Impossible to suffer in borgerland[View]
198910623how do you say 'it's time to be gay' iyc?[View]
198910388>allies with rootless slob of cosmopolitian materialists >becomes rootless slob of cosmopoliti…[View]
198905587Which country has the highest % of turkish girls?[View]
198910006Does God love you in your country?[View]
198910626The beauty of the yellow woman shall not perish from this world[View]
198908822Does your country produce oil?[View]
198908765>Saars I show you dark side of Japan saars do not redeem![View]
198908833White families be like that[View]
198910432Spain is turning into browner Italy: capuccino cafes everywhere pizza and pasta places to eat only w…[View]
198909415Do you support Dominican Republic reunification with Spain?[View]
198910529>I suffer in UK when there are millions of Pakis like this[View]
198908431Post average wmaf couple in your country[View]
198901419If all white men now want asian women then I as a white girl deserve an asian bf. I want to be bough…[View]
198909606What does it take to run for mayor in your locality?[View]
198908284Based on how we're talked about on here I thought things would be worse.[View]
198908825Well, could he?[View]
198887012How walkable is your city?[View]
198908561why did GOD create latinas?[View]
198909173Is moving to the US as a 30+ poorfagwith only 30k to his name and only a BsC worth it?[View]
198910041I love all nations, except for Saint Kitts And Nevis[View]
198909211I just checked one of those anti-pajeet posts with 100k likes. These are the countries that are retw…[View]
198908904Do you agree that the United States is truly the world’s melting pot? Los Angeles is a good example …[View]
198908081Why does the second t in 'that' turn into a ch sound when followed by a 'you'? Make it make sense[View]
198909231Is atheism common in your country?[View]
198908723Alania: Tell me everything you know about Alania and Alanians I know nothing about them but I heard…[View]
198903583Which part of your country are you from? Do you like it there? I’m from Tampa, Florida. It’s great.[View]
198905874They Kinda Deserved a 3rd One...[View]
198897438/fr/ - le francofil: Édition du dimanche à la mer Précédieusement : >>198883519[View]
198909834I got an IQ of 107 (WAIS-IV), is it alight for a very possibly undiagnosed autistic person? I'v…[View]
198907740Do beaches in your country have designated indian swimming areas?[View]
198907423https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GKQqNqo5syY Is Croatia the most nationalist country in Europe?[View]
198909574evropa is lost so just rate your favourite nordic cinnamon bun and move on..[View]
198909452ameretards believe in american education: when the government refuse to clarify how they killed the …[View]
198906733Europeans don't have hauling culture. How they move stuff from one place to another? Stuff like…[View]
198908743Is your country a cultural mercenary?[View]
198906654You wake up in Republic of Türkiye.[View]
198907908do you support china in your country?[View]
198907453Native Maori women look like this? So all those swarthy dark 'natives' are just stolen valour coloni…[View]
198907496Why is this so true? They really do look like that[View]
198908752What do you call a romantic relationship between a Western Gentleman and a Far Eastern Dame? [/spoil…[View]
198907159Trump just said that US will become like Norway if he wins. Oslo city is our shithole tho so I gues…[View]
198909384They went to far bros... We should seek to gain the means of production and end the concept of landl…[View]
198907467Post a woman from your country.[View]
198907742This man was my favorite Prime Minister because he was Circassian. Do you have Circassians in your c…[View]
198905349I was at Five Guys yesterday and it was completely empty. WTF is going on?[View]
198909126Too spicy for the European palate[View]
198909137How has interacting with people from all around the world on this board impacted you as a person? Ha…[View]
198908543LITHUANIA thread. Let's discuss Lithuania and share cool facts about this country[View]
198904799Why did they do this?[View]
198905422/deutsch/: Klarerausgabe auf vielfachen Wunsch[View]
198908794>one last wank before i quit >just needa find the perfect video is this you iyc?…[View]
198905951I feel suicidal whenever I see young happy couples. Happens in your country?[View]
198908746Whats the equivalent of this in your country >be born in 1949 Bulgaria >just in time for Prime…[View]
198906609Do you love mulattas in your cunt?[View]
198890512Sverigetråden - Alaskaupplagan[View]
198907646what does /a/ know about mom NTR?[View]
198908276>go to Europe >they say they'll be exotic food >it's just McDonalds, Burger King,…[View]
198908339When will you kill yourself in your country?[View]
198903552calm your tits germany[View]
198908232I wish they were still around. It looked comfy as fuck[View]
198902250Is it really this bad in France?[View]
198907863Why did the world feel more technologically advanced in 2016 then now?[View]
198902926what is your opinion on americans?[View]
198906530>1,2 mln Ukrainian Canadians >10 mln Polish Americans And absolute no impact on culture, cusis…[View]
198908212Are Mario and co. well known in your country?[View]
198898306What is your favorite artist from your country?[View]
198907590Anime is garbage: I try to watch anime, but the constant plots written by some gook incel about le w…[View]
198906446Are u excited over AI waifus eventually making anime real?[View]
198904102whats is your international view and opinion on how to cope with a small pp?[View]
198907462Why do Americans want to leave America?[View]
198905791/brit/: julie newmar edition[View]
198907461What does /int/ think of Pacific Island nations and Pacific Islanders? They seem to be the least tal…[View]
198898808I wish i could emigrate: Get me out of this hellhole[View]
198855099/MENA/ /شأشأ/: كس ام الي يرد ع اجانب كس اخت الي يرد ع اجانب كس خالة الي يرد ع اجانب كس عمة الي يرد…[View]
198903935Hello! Is there a difference in how Korean is spoken in DPRK and South Korea?[View]
198907386The CCP’s sole modus operandi is harking on Asian men’s sexual inadequacy compared to white men. Thi…[View]
198903440/polska/: edycja soyjaka[View]
198904847Poles were the original Prussians[View]
1989072741. Country 2. Are you a catholic?[View]
198906580The world was better when white men in top hats who didn't care for humans ruled the world[View]
198903188I'm soo tired of European regulations..in my country[View]
198906274I see arabs, indians, n-words too often. This didn't happen 5 years ago..[View]
198905461Why autistic play this game in your country?[View]
198904912what do you think of Brazilian posters?[View]
198906916Does your country receive an adequate supply of Woomba?[View]
198906272Hilarious jokes: >what's up? >Poultry anus…[View]
198905114>walk into catholic church >forgive me father for I have sinned >trauma dump on him >m-m…[View]
198906276What do you miss the most about high school and college in your country? Which one did you enjoy mor…[View]
198903088thanks Sweden[View]
198906354It feels like every retard here owns a dog.[View]
198906687Why is the internet obsessed with Japan fertility rate when european countries like Italy and Spain …[View]
198902871>Your cunt >Your favorite webm or pic Netherlands Pic related…[View]
198906199I feel like in the West[View]
198904988Why The Ottomans didn't spread Islam to Ireland during the Potato Famine and fought the British…[View]
198904143why is this the case? do euros lack the faustian spirit?[View]
198906540Can people swim in your country?: In my country, most people learn to swim before they can even walk…[View]
198899250/cum/ - canada usa mexico: 'posting with a porpoise' edition >>198897172 previous[View]
198904738Say something nice about your country. Hard mode : has to be true.[View]
198903236Are Bulgarian and Romanian women the most overrated in Europe? Other continents have worse cases of …[View]
198907240thank you japan for cartoon child porn[View]
198906008Russians are losing to THIS?!??![View]
198905067>Your country >Do you have gay free pass which lets you kiss other men without being gay?…[View]
198905796BREAKING NEWS: >American economists (high priests) have released new GDP figures (have consulted …[View]
198906254alien sightings: how come only anglos are interesting to Aliens?[View]
198904975Lunch. Currently leaving tye territory for the first time since getting here. We are going to the sh…[View]
198906045https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UQnXstoHcBk >The Gambia tourism board have asked British women to…[View]
198903692'Europe is le poor' phenomen: Year or two ago I have spotted a new narrative in Russian and post-sov…[View]
198904953>just wake up at 4am to drop this boi i won't eat ice cream for dinner again this happen in …[View]
198905902>commie account in twitter >some sort of comic-maker >not many views but somehow too many l…[View]
198905881Did the Irish really?[View]
198905709Is he right?[View]
198905735What country was Karnaca based on?[View]
198902555So the new trending far-right activist in Spain, doesn't consider himself european, purposelly …[View]
198903816/brit/: Songs From The Big Chair edition[View]
198905224/ex-yu/: Vikendica izdanje[View]
198876523/balk/: We all deserve a Balkan hacienda with horses and no neighbors Old >>198858962[View]
198900685Why Irish people are known as 'the niggers of Europe'? What's the difference between them and t…[View]
198904628what is this expression trying to convey?[View]
198899075/brit/: Colgate edition Threads today should be favorite toothpastes editions![View]
198889581/norgetråden/: Gandet-utgave. Forrige: >>198877762 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vTI7pHm2QYI…[View]
198901487/brit/: Marlboro edition Threads today should be favorite cigarettes editions![View]
198905394>a Russian is speaking[View]
198901021British food: Why is it so inferior to their continental peers Wouldnt you think the British would h…[View]
198899160When a thirdie speaks, I listen[View]
198901984/deutsch/: Burger King Ausgabe[View]
198902568do people gesticulate a lot in your cunt?[View]
198904515/int/ernational stories thread: Do you have an interesting/funny story from your country? I do. >…[View]
198900186In romania we organize fights between feminists and random men off the street to settle who is stron…[View]
198900304Are arranged marriages common in your country?[View]
198904500China in the past month: What did your country do in the past month?[View]
198904402Went to Japan: > be Scandinavian, go to Japan, see cultural appropriation in Sweden hills > ge…[View]
198903316Which european cunts have the cutest foids?: For me it's france[View]
198902638Do you country have school swimming uniform?[View]
198901588they were slaves of white christian people. but for some reason, chinese became a parmanent member o…[View]
198901914It's double over for americans.[View]
198901308Turks vs Moroccans: Who wins? What muslim nation shall lead the bimbo jihad?[View]
198904711Why do right wing white women like handsome ethnic men[View]
198897260>The CIA is the reason I drink and drive, litter, play loud music early into the morning, throw u…[View]
198900481Science says this is the least dangerous Australian animal.[View]
198903028You see this nigger materialize and teleport in front of you, threatening to shove a BBC up your tin…[View]
198904125Is this common in your country?[View]
198903762Post your favourite country from history: >Georgia >La Serenissima Very Eurocentric, I know.…[View]
198904522POV: The average Finnish girl has tied a rope to your testicles and she's leading you around be…[View]
198892692Celebrities of /int/: Do you recognise them? Discuss/int/ famous posters.[View]
198880376/ex-yu/: subotnja večer[View]
198900254I feel embarrassed for posting this here, but I have no one else to talk to. My wife caught my 11 ye…[View]
198904494What are your thoughts about cultural imperialism?[View]
198901538Japans future is to be a multicultural society: And Indians will teach them and be the main agents o…[View]
198893437Do you Iove Japan?[View]
198902240Why didn’t the Normans replace all the Britons and Celtics in the UK?[View]
198898712Why flat girls expose themselves like this in public to get mogged by voluptuous women?: Is it some …[View]
198898965>Tomboy brunette chick with green eyes who is slightly taller than you, wears a close-fitting oli…[View]
198901699What could've been...[View]
198903415From today's march on Cluj (Transylvania (Central Europe))[View]
198897515If you had to live in either Romania or Bulgaria, which would you prefer?[View]
198903392>'white women are fucking Tyrone and Ngubu, but at least i will have yellow pussy!'…[View]
198903865The thing about tourist apartments is THIRD WORLDIST: Drunk and stiff tourists constantly entering a…[View]
198900944Why are there so many quality threads on /int/ right now?[View]
198902827Why do all their women wear hijabs?[View]
198902666>chinese influence is le bad because… uhm… ehmmmm… laowhy told me the chinese make dumplings out …[View]
198899883ancient indians were 5 ft 9 inches tall, making them giants in the time period. What went so wrong b…[View]
198901669Never forget what they took from you, Hyperborean man.[View]
198901006Do you watch documentaries in ur cunt?[View]
198901455Would he have fared better in you're cunt? As a half Albanian that wishes he was full Albanian[View]
198903044How’s self improvement going in your country?[View]
19890335843000 white zoomers are watching a black man sleep right now[View]
198898374Overall >Bakery food is all kind of bad, nothing is ever fresh and its often way too sweet or too…[View]
198900182Would you pay for being able to write on a dingy image board infested with bots and terminally onlin…[View]
198902726>Schizo anti-ruzzian gore poster only does it to get the attention of Sasha honestly cute…[View]
198900224Please start using the term 'Unitedstatian' to refer to citizens of the United States of America. We…[View]
198903256Arr rook the same.[View]
198889133/polska/: edycja końca[View]
198903203Hi /int/ I'm a cute girl too :3 *nuzzles you*[View]
198903153pronouncing xhosa is so fun[View]
198902388best theme park in europe?: what is the best/most popular theme park in europe? if it's Disneyl…[View]
198902918why do koreans call their country Hanguk?[View]
198899233terrorist attack at Marion, Adelaide: Immigration is so based[View]
198902953Stop staring at me[View]
198902933How much will you pay to live like him?[View]
198900581Why isn't there a MENA Union?[View]
198902947You know this is not gonna happen, right?[View]
198902420Is this part of Turkey nice to visit ?[View]
198902333Range ban all former USSR countries and North+South Americans[View]
198902562>mark Jason Buenaventura[View]
198902281Is your country hated by 4chan but loved by normal people?[View]
198900013>737max depressurizes flying from Korea to Taiwan If it's Boeing, are you going? In your cou…[View]
198888758/sauna/: Mel Gibson Suomessa -painos[View]
198892436did you know WMAF is a CCP psyop to bring Chinese hegemony over the West[View]
198902501The last hope of mankind[View]
198901822Jefre Cantu-Ledesma[View]
198901772Why did the Unitedstatian crossed the road? >To buy one burger[View]
198902177only good youtubers[View]
198901686'Opened the door, there's a bear', staying indoors for 5 hours, resident talks of fear https://…[View]
198901331Are mexicans our lost brothers?: I would have replaced them with pakis if there were a way.[View]
198899853Japan, the Euro killer[View]
198902428Monthly income $8,000? A rush of applicants for 'Rickshaw puller', but 80% of them quit during train…[View]
198901850Has China Raped Your Country?: Tell me what China has done to your country.[View]
198900246I absolutely love men like pic rel: older big fat hairy. I have no idea how to meet them though, as …[View]
198899409white australians christians call the indegenous australians as abos.: and look down on them, even w…[View]
198902297>France is the second largest hip-hop market in the world after the United States…[View]
198902108I'm set to travel to Liverpool and Edinburgh at the start of next month. What to do? What to se…[View]
198888680American GI sharing his rations with Japanese children during the early occupation. Americans are a …[View]
198899951Did you know that in Germany it is very common to treat any disease with magic water (homeopathy)? I…[View]
198901839Guadalupita, New Mexico Beautiful, isn't it?[View]
198900275What kind of people vacation in Pakistan?: Is it a known tourist hotspot in your country?[View]
198901232Is life in the US really that good?[View]
198900437I’m on SSRI and I can’t cum anymore Happen in your country ?[View]
198902133How is Chile so much better than the rest of Latin America? Education? Economic policy? Not talking …[View]
198899617what do the cool guys use now[View]
198902067Do you want to find love in Azerbaijan?[View]
198900696It isn't so bad here, it is me that is the problem. Hope you all log off and enjoy your lives b…[View]
198899383Do you think hypothetically Poland would return West Prussia, their part of East Prussia, and Silesi…[View]
198901832The Philippines is the STRONGEST Country on Earth: The Philippines can decide how the world will loo…[View]
198897622I will never restore my sleep pattern, I will rot in bed trying to stay awake just to be defeated an…[View]
198899446Why does watching other people suffer feel so good, internationally speaking?[View]
198887095/nachtschicht/ morgen wieder /deutsch/: Musikalische Ausgabe[View]
198901691Australia is the best country in the entire world.[View]
198901431Myanmar popular model became a soldier. She explains why she decided to pick up a gun https://www.yo…[View]
198901671I'll never touch my feet on Unitedstatian ground.[View]
198900212Fucking normies are ruining metal: >be me, go metal festivals for decade >camping is rough, pe…[View]
198897258Are women capable of love?[View]
198898742Besides 4chan what hobbies do you have in your country?: don't tell me you don't have a re…[View]
198900219do you like ice cream in your country?[View]
198901351Trending in your cunt?[View]
198899185I suffer because there aren't many nappy headed hoes in rural Canada[View]
198900643Пpивeт. Tы кpacивaя.[View]
198895484/brit/: 007: Nightfire edition[View]
198900978i need burgers help: help me pinpoint the location of this Cold Stone store with your autism power h…[View]
198900771I love Eastern Europe so much[View]
198897869Why are record numbers of Brazilians getting their penises amputated?: From not washing them? Are Br…[View]
198900882YOUTH UNEMPLOYMENT: How bas it in your cunt?[View]
198896573why are americans like this?[View]
198898200life in the workforce (sketch): https://youtu.be/TFuF7LBpspQ Come to a world of reality, fun, and st…[View]
198899997What games are you playing /int/?[View]
198897716Has TTD been achieved in your country yet?[View]
198897449The ultimate Tikkie[View]
198898545The strangest thing I feel about white people is that they have believed in a religion founded by a …[View]
198897441>This is a real flower from South America You can't make this shit up…[View]
198900017where would you draw the borders?[View]
198897154The world is healing itself...[View]
198898459happens? in your country[View]
198899538What went so fucking wrong?[View]
198896670How are French women seen in your country?: What are your thoughts on them?[View]
198897772My country's fertility rate is decreasing: Someone has to fix it, it's gotta be me[View]
198897152Get me out of this fascistic chud regime.[View]
198899202>too depressed to eat does this happen in your country? its rare here. most people overeat when t…[View]
198900178I'm a true french canadian lumberjack[View]
198899730Why do they look Aussies?[View]
198899145What is the name for this type of person in your language?[View]
198900190is there a single successful agnostic society?[View]
198898889a lot of you nigga's are from here and it shows[View]
198900141You're forced to only eat food from one of these countries for a whole month. What do you choo…[View]
198900083I wish I was Indian.[View]
198900153Should we domesticate and eat peacock like turkeys? I've read about peacock being a popular foo…[View]
198900194sverigetråden morgon[View]
198899820How would your parents react if you married a racist and transphobic fox in your country?[View]
198898130Why is America like this?[View]
198898689Duolingo owl attacked in Brazil: Duolingo owl got beaten up by two mascots of a squash and juice com…[View]
198900091Why burgers are so obsessed with cuck porn?[View]
198894141Did your grandparents also ran away from your great-grandparents to marry or that's only a lati…[View]
198898264I love Japanese French girls[View]
198899318>Get into a chat with my long distance russian gf >She tells me all her relatives cut contact …[View]
198898605Why hasn’t there been any progress in the development of a white-black alliance against Asian infilt…[View]
198899656Are school uniforms common in your country?[View]
198899803do u liek cheese?[View]
198897875Edvard Munch: The greatest Norwegian to have ever lived I have two replicas of his paintings hangin…[View]
198898912Kung-Fu vs. Taekwondo: Which stronger martial art?[View]
198890870we all agree that Drake won the beef right and that there's nothing wrong with having sex with …[View]
198897129Which one is better, brazilbros? I'm going to spend a week in one of them this August, just not…[View]
198899100Buck felgium[View]
198899326being privileged to be alive to see the dawn of the AI age is an absolute honor for me. I can die pe…[View]
198897891What did you think of this film in your country?[View]
198898453Why are Christian nations so infinitely better than all other nations?[View]
198897985Are the foxes in your country racist?[View]
198899500Racism makes no sense and Irish, Finns and Koreans have proven it. Each of these nations was conside…[View]
198898881How will the surplus of single males in East Asian countries affect their society?[View]
198895026Thanks to 4chan I discovered that I'm actually black.[View]
198897602suffer not the swede to live[View]
198899039God bless the dead[View]
198897172/cum/ - canada usa mex: prev >>198894065[View]
198897948Now i have a column in EC https://strategic-culture.su/contributors/lucas-leiroz/[View]
198897643I don’t think mainlanders like us[View]
198898815Australian posters are the best posters on this board.[View]
198896708tropical climates are literally better in every way[View]
198896739Is billiards popular in your cunt?[View]
198897752Do people in your country trust in science?[View]
198897601I’ve seen the black dog, oh God I’ve seen that which should not have been seen. I’m market by the be…[View]
198898446>p*lish women[View]
198898812What exactly is the point of Delaware?[View]
198899071What do you know about canada?[View]
198898373>A democrat is in office >I therefore must get in my pickup truck in 1 inch snowy weather and …[View]
198895495How are you doing tonight?[View]
198898980itsudemo I love you Kimi ni take kiss me wasure rarenaikara boku no daiji na memory[View]
198898981Rate my breakfast: I can't stand sugared Monsters[View]
198897558Before I discovered 4chan, I always viewed Germans as a refined people, yes mechanical and cold, but…[View]
198897834Ummm Nepali bros[View]
198897100Japanese figure history.[View]
198898938French pipole don't like woke TV series. You have comments like this every time in french criti…[View]
198894435Does wmam happen in your country? >flag Yes, but unfortunately I do not have an Asian boyfriend…[View]
198898574Do Russians appreciate Serbia as much as Serbians appreciate Russia?[View]
198897235Do you think Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez has a bald beaver?[View]
198897356Booba in ur cunt?[View]
198897496>produces literally all of latinx culture brutal mog[View]
198893879What do you know about Kazakhstan and the Kazakh volk? What are your thoughts regarding this country…[View]
198878442>this makes white men go 'AWOOO GA!'[View]
198898263Kendrick Lemidget[View]
198896412I don’t think this is true…why would anyone hate them?[View]
198897898𐌊𐌉𐌋𐌋 𐌙Ꝋ𐌵𐌓𐌔𐌄𐌋𐌅 𐌍𐌉ᏵᏵ𐌄𐌓[View]
198894259Anti Indian Bullying: Why are people of all races (whites, East Asians, Arabs, even Jews) bullying I…[View]
198898589When a Brazilaryan speaks, I listen[View]
198897761This webm makes me angry for some reason, Is everything alright there?.[View]
198898629Apparently wypipo aren't having kids due to climate change. Honestly very selfless of them cons…[View]
198898076> fuck off mexican, we dont want your kind here Why are they like this?…[View]
198898345I love women from the whole world: Black, white, yellow, rich, poor, slut, saint, fat, skinny, lefti…[View]
198897536So what's a /mena/ nigga to do if Israel and Hezbollah start shooting at each other fr this tim…[View]
198898518Just Got 400 (You)'s On /pol/ Pretending To Be Chinese Today: Only from single post threads. Ho…[View]
198898572>just read that non-europeans cant drink milk without digestive problems do they really ?…[View]
198897295Why has chudism not spread to ecology yet?: We must purge (((invasives))), restvre native plants, an…[View]
198897671What caused America to become the real life version of mordor: Americans are like orcs corrupted bei…[View]
198896400Why are you wasting the prime of your life on 4chan in your country[View]
198897317whats the biggest shithole you've ever been to?: I've been to over 30 countries but none c…[View]
198898457Continue: Whatever anxiousness you’re feeling now will be gone by tomorrow morning. You can still ac…[View]
198895702Why don't you have a brazilian gf yet?[View]
198898401>art imitates life o algo[View]
198896113Why were women in 1901 England all wearing burkas?[View]
198897813This is Italy, everyone else is a terrone, polentone, or zingaro.[View]
198898176>DUHUUUUUDEEE did you know it's impossible to suffer in [shithole]? Here's [random semi…[View]
198896730why is japan so amazing?: japanese inventions: Transformer cell(ips cell) Bullet Train (Shinkansen) …[View]
198873328/dixie/ - Southern US & friends: A complicated relationship with the fish, edition.[View]
198897028Guess her bf's race[View]
198897231As an international community, what initiatives should we take to prevent and stop the online bullyi…[View]
198895529why are they so xenophobic despite living in one of the worst latinx countries?[View]
198896632How’s you work-life balance in your country? Do you enjoy your job and your spare time in your count…[View]
198897539Turkstreets > Czechstreets[View]
198897925O gotta say, when vaxxies are suffering from debilitating chronic medical conditions, I will not she…[View]
198896401/ישר/ - /ISR/ - /ИЗP/ - /イスラ/ - /이스르/: ראשון[View]
198897825How did 1 meme manage to mindbreak men of all ages, nationalities and races?[View]
198897502How frail us humans are, and how little value our lives have. Have you ever seen a thousand chickens…[View]
198896495Does CULO occur in your nation?[View]
198897406Despacito has now 8.5 billion views[View]
198889117would you get your bones broken and lose the ability to walk partially for 4-6 months if you could g…[View]
198895680I'm a faggot aren't i?: >Be me >Go to this club with friends >Seen this guy (yes,…[View]
198897484Do you know anything about your country? Want to share some trivial facts about your country with me…[View]
198897271is it true that Moldova cucked Romania for Russia?[View]
198895544LatAm is such a shitho... oh wait that's Albania.[View]
198874087How do you see yourself in 20 years?[View]
198895920What's wrong with serbians?[View]
198895914bros my body aches so much, somethings very wrong[View]
198896528Should I pretend to be Indian or Chinese?[View]
198896185> steal a whole continent's worth of gold > still end up poor Maybe if they did something…[View]
198897367Are women like this in your country?[View]
198897168Every Irishman is born with two things: A sense of humor, and a sense of justice[View]
198896823Are right wingers mentally ill in your country?[View]
198895497f*rstoid need to drive 30 minutes to buy some breads in mr goldberg's megamall goystore while t…[View]
198891328America is Healing: Here are your new Americans, bros![View]
198891473How common are certain sexual practices in your country? In my country all my friends, male or femal…[View]
198895908Non-Americans seem to be under the impression we always pay a lot of money every time we go to the d…[View]
198896925does allah-san hate muslims in your cunt ?[View]
198894065/cum/ - Canada US Mexico: The Call edition Prev >>198888915[View]
198893664/brit/: Songs From The Big Chair edition[View]
198888078are you a delusional coping loser in your country?[View]
198882573What Now, France?[View]
198894459>thinking about cool Latino music with the guitars and exotic instruments like on the Tropico sou…[View]
198892304wtf I didn't know romanian was this close to latin[View]
198897043How do you feel about your country’s age of consent?[View]
198895932/mex/ - hilo mexicano: hilo Buu[View]
198896831I feel so powerful[View]
198897021well, /int/? does this happen in ur cunt? https://www.nairaland.com/5818377/how-handle-husband-wants…[View]
198896928Breakfast. 3 days until her birthday. Thinking about contacting her. But the moment I do it, tge mom…[View]
198896663Why are their women so incredibly thirsty?[View]
198895234Why have Asian women given up on Asian men?[View]
198890791>dad got arrested for soliciting a transgender prostitute does this happen in your cunt?…[View]
198896755>Yakuza >Rip-off bars and restaurants >Sex crimes >To-yoko kids >Hookers >Drunken …[View]
198896892>saves Rock and Roll thank you, United States[View]
198894280Ask a Bolivian anything banter is ok but don't wait for an answer of a question done in jest or…[View]
198896138Do you know who this is in your country?[View]
198896588So what is your opinions on asian people?[View]
198895721>this makes Asian women go 'AWOOO GA!'[View]
198896070coming soon to sweden[View]
198888991This is a 10/10 in the Balkans[View]
198894102need to get outta here: If i learned Spanish and moved to argenina were i could possibly afford a ho…[View]
198896591Thank you Canada. Thank you for looking out for Latinx minorities today. We appreciate you. Do you …[View]
198894364The only proper first world countries by continent: North America: USA, Canada Europe: Germany, Swed…[View]
198896125Malaysia and Thailand are applying to join BRICS, should we join them as well bros?[View]
198895607Damn why are Americucks so easily mogged: they are fatter and more dysgenic than Indians[View]
198896251Where would you be average? Hungary for me[View]
198888915/cum/ - canada usa mex: gecko edish[View]
198895486good morning, saar: >walk in >see this >wut do?…[View]
198895194Why are most swedes here neets?[View]
198895531This is how Americans deal with heat. And you?[View]
198892135/Brit/: Curry edition[View]
198892268ᚹᛖᛋᚪᚦ ᚻᚪᛚᛖ ᛒᛖᛏᚹᛖᚩᚳᛋᛚᚪᚾᛞ![View]
198894941what are ukrainian people like?[View]
198889335How many fridge magnets do you have on your fridge?[View]
198870410Do zoomers get this haircut in your country?[View]
198887048Why do so many swedes and dutchies have -berg and -stein in their surnames?[View]
198883941Faces of /int/[View]
198892104What do you think this word means? Do you have any word like it in your language?[View]
198889466How do you call _______ in your language?: Ladybug edition.[View]
198892633/int/ is tutsi board[View]
198891347>Fuck you honky ass crackas keepin a brudda down How do you respond?[View]
198894245if white cuisine is so good, why has it been almost entirely replaced by brown people food in every …[View]
198892226>rich germ family pressured this 22yo into having an abortion even though her boyfriend is also r…[View]
198895772How are dangerous dog breeds treated where you live?: Some dog breeds earn their reputation[View]
198895780Why are they so comically evil?[View]
198894010Greece HATES NEETS[View]
198888219>stereotyped as nice and polite >*not nice and polite*…[View]
198894478Brits really believe this huh[View]
198890229How common or uncommon are white-hispanic relantionships in the USA/Canadá?[View]
198895415Nobody on /int/ can understand this lady https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wsl-KHGe4Kk[View]
198895377Say what you will about it, but growing up, this stuff was fine dining. I miss those days.[View]
198893130human experiment by white american kids: those white kids are the grandpas of white american christi…[View]
198889300/rus/ + /poland kirillo/: Гpeчки издaньe[View]
198892045/brit/: Manhattan edition[View]
198889130In this thread: I will post photos that I have taken from around Europe and east Asia over the last …[View]
198895398What the FUCK is the deal with people on here constantly posting a bunch of random screenshots in so…[View]
198894096skill issue[View]
1988946904chan is full of twitch and discord chatters[View]
198886971How does average female telegony whore look in your cunt?[View]
198891993Remember Argentina used to be 85% white and the rest light-skinned mestizos Many years ago, European…[View]
198889346what is your favorite sexual kink in your country?[View]
198894685Cats in Russian is kowka[View]
198894493Why are Asians (and Germans) so dishonest?[View]
198885374Are you considered handsome in your country? Do women look at you?[View]
198893023mexicans think they know pain. i’ll show them real pain.[View]
198893394>when you reply to an Australian anon: >there's a 60% chance you're talking to a kan…[View]
198884698A picture says more than a thousand words[View]
198894229Why do we compare Russia to Mordor?: I am pretty sure America has more in common with Mordor than Ru…[View]
198895069It's my life, whatever I wanna talk It's my life, wherever I wanna walk It's my life,…[View]
198883519/fr/ - le francofil: Édition filles japonaises Ancien >>198868719[View]
198890808What went wrong?: >check this year's TI after quitting 7 years ago >CN and SEA region are…[View]
198894479japan has fallen...[View]
198894460What was it about this man that made Belgian incels so angry?[View]
198894953/skandi/: Behårede svenske jenter udgaven[View]
198894572Stop stating at me[View]
198892271those whtie kids are grandpas of white boomers.: >AHHHHH ITS JEWS how many jews are there in the …[View]
198894889>get a cute gf >she constantly texts me complaining about every inane issue she has in her lif…[View]
198890872you can only post in this thread if you have Blue or Green eyes[View]
198879189REMINDER: You are NOT American if you are, >Italian-American, Irish (Catholic) American, German (…[View]
1988932463AM walk: What do? I did see a cute hedgehog running around. Thought it was a rat at first.[View]
198893423Asian women owe me sex. Does this happen in your country?[View]
198890343'ew 'oss 'ropped: I don't get it.[View]
198894587cris won.: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rndw_iYFdSk Sometimes I wonder, how the fuck am I able to…[View]
198867301/ita/ - il filo: Padre Nostro che sei nei Cieli, sia santificato il tuo nome, venga il tuo regno e s…[View]
198885764Literally me[View]
198893663/world improvement general/: how would you improve the world?[View]
198894491why does he think it is entertaining to larp as both Lee and Leebaiter ad infinitum?[View]
198883140Total Greek DEATH becomes REAL[View]
198893219This phenotype drives me insane[View]
198891523asianbros... why are we so shallow? even the autistic robot germans think we're not human[View]
198894274I wish I was a 195cm tall white blonde aryan chad who was also hyper racist and stronger and more ag…[View]
198894103This life doesn't feel right[View]
198893311Does your country have many people that look like this?[View]
198892691Brazil vs Italy: where would /int/ rather live[View]
198879344What's the gayest city in your country? Here it's Vancouver.[View]
198892431do you have a soulmate in your country[View]
198888843This is a wonder internationally speaking.[View]
198892442Why do Japanese people have such fucked up teeth? There's the thangs thing but you also get one…[View]
198890105Why are all other nordic countries so much better than Sweden?[View]
198878705/v4/+friends: MRA edition[View]
198892407> gf clogged the toilet again does this happen in your cunt?[View]
198880443/icy/ Insomniacs of Central Yurop and FRENS: Enjoy.[View]
198891571I want to have money so I could hire drawfags to make my ideas because I don't have art talents…[View]
198891302Pretending to be a shut in friendless loser neet living in his mother's basement stopped being …[View]
198893629Who is more human gorillas or mexicans[View]
198893292what went wrong?[View]
198885539Well, one of my friends is incest. He loves his older sister and wants to marry her. One day, he tri…[View]
198890426Are you working for the restoration of the glorious Austrian-Hungarian Empire? You should be SHAMED …[View]
198893358>London 2021 census[View]
198892369Have you ever met a Japanese person in your country?[View]
198890207What African country is closest to Wakanda?[View]
198874926Why do black and brown people feel as if they have right of access to white people and white countri…[View]
198890324Why are women hitting the wall so early these days?[View]
198890141This is world most evil and biggest human body experiment in human history.[View]
198892474why do they hate black people so much? they are brown, not white. seems hypocritical[View]
198891254why can't jeets enjoy a lil bantz, instead of mass reporting everything they don't like? w…[View]
198891636(slowed+reverb) Does this happen in your country?[View]
198893126Is /int/ Team Beach or Team Waterpark?[View]
198892948The idolization of criminals that went on from the 1990s to early 2000s was so bad that parents from…[View]
198892674Do you have easy access to culture in your country?: I could go to orchestras, operas, ballets every…[View]
198893027Can the Nordic anons here understand this music? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wsl-KHGe4Kk[View]
198885594>this makes white men go 'AWOOO GA!'[View]
198891980Mass Deportations: If Europeans are willing to do it, do you think Yanks will go ahead and do it as …[View]
198892779Is he happy today?[View]
198889742Medium chestnut brown here.[View]
198888779/Éire/: Errigal edition[View]
198885037/bra/ - fio brasileiro: Edição iluminada Anterior: >>198875650[View]
198892901Remember: Never stop being horrified at the person you are.[View]
198892017I am ascending[View]
198892769/lat/ + /mex/ - Hilo Sudamérica: Where's my feel good dream movie about Camila or whatever the …[View]
198856484/med/: Rare Siggy edish Stayed on Earth : >>198814975[View]
198886669Countries that no longer exist that you wish still did?[View]
198884275Porn preferences in your country: Does anyone find it very difficult to fap to very attractive put t…[View]
198888436>mediocre American white boy >hot European babe wife Why can't we stop winning, bros? Why…[View]
198891500Why is Zuccbook recommending me this?[View]
198888917Russia and China have been jointly and stealthily developing next generation computer chips for the …[View]
198886527How come Korean BVLLs have so much rizz? I'm scared Timmie bros. It's over for us.[View]
198888809A white wife would fix my life[View]
198889379I wish I was Mexicaryan[View]
198877410Jucika thread?[View]
198892218All my friends have now moved abroad.[View]
198890299what did you eat in your country today, /int/? my only meal today is a veggie salad with croutons, i…[View]
198889291/brit/: tadpole edish[View]
198892040>be me a teenager 15 years ago >bicycling through the local park >a random woman in the par…[View]
198890535/brit/: Irish diaspora in UK media edition[View]
198881281Does this happen in your country? Any similar cases?[View]
198892022How common is consooming in your country? I can't help buying something anytime I feel down or …[View]
198888813Thoughts about Tromsø?[View]
198858498/csg/ - cono sur general: nenita[View]
198891925/ita/ - il filo[View]
198890624Ukraine is winning.[View]
198885742I spent my entire Saturday watching WW2 history videos and battle map animations: Does this happen t…[View]
198853386/balt/ + /ausnz/[View]
198887483/brit/: Robert Walpole, 1st Earl of Orford, KG, PC (26 August 1676 – 18 March 1745)[View]
198872984/ישר/ - /ISR/ - /ИЗP/ - /イスラ/ - /이스르/: עוד מהדורה[View]
198888457How do I rizz up Souf Korean girls?[View]
198890839does this happen in your cunt?[View]
198885315/brit/: MUM HE DID IT AGAIN edish Lovely Chips sub-edish Later Lovely Cans sub-sub-edish[View]
198890239Internationally speaking how can we eliminate whiteness in your countries?[View]
198890819The dames of France are fond and free, And Flemish lips are willing; And soft the maids of Italy, An…[View]
198890269Is billiards popular in your country?[View]
198890114The Buenos Ayrean settlement on the Falklands peaked at 100 people: From Robert FitzRoy's narra…[View]
198890792Do you wanna find love at Washington Square Park?[View]
198887721are you permantly asleep like some brown bears or what? shape it up america[View]
198889611You will ALWAYS live under Walloon domination. You will NEVER be independent. You will NEVER return…[View]
198885847>muslims in europe >did that infidel draw a picture of mister mohammed? >CUT HIS FUCKING H…[View]
19888539460 years ago Ukrainians developed this, now all they do is produce grain for western Europe. Why are…[View]
198890719pooh bros.......[View]
198889760how do you cope with having a small pp in your country?[View]
198890277HWABAG & HWABAS4BBC[View]
198889592/norgetråden/: Lene Marlin - utgaven Forrige: >>198877762 >>198877762 https://www.youtub…[View]
198889449how is a 4channer supposed to get a gf? I mean, I'm not an incel. I'm romanian, you have t…[View]
198890152Are brown folx like this in your country?[View]
198886329Please Denmark no...: I can't get sucked into another purchase so soon...[View]
198889328>Wake up >Still American Like winning the lottery every day.…[View]
198888736new cunt just dropped![View]
198890046Mods are fat balloon lazy fucking faggits: >>198889399 Mods the parasite is avatar flagging ag…[View]
198879065Why are they so ruthless?[View]
198882445Sverigetråden - xtra funny pics 49 upplagan[View]
198887370>Black American travels to Brazil to meet the preserved African culture of Salvador…[View]
198889828Mexicans, which of the following do you identify with the most? >the country of Mexico >your r…[View]
198889283the tallest canadian in history[View]
198885895damn... i dont get it[View]
198889684What is that one country you really hate? For me, it's Pakistan. I really, really hate them mfs…[View]
198889782apologize, Canada: He did irreparable harm to trans people and the trans community.[View]
198889297Norway is a beatiful country perfect for young polish peepo to move in and start family.[View]
198886199Meanwhile... in argentina...[View]
198889682did you know that the economy of pakistan depends on pakistan selling its 'ass' to others ?[View]
198885366The mystery of the Kurds: > In the writings of the 10th-century Arab historian Al-Masudi, the Kur…[View]
198878971I am drinking this tonight.[View]
198889366Living in Albania as a female its hell[View]
198884329Why do Americans never brag about their English heritage like they do with all other ethnicities? Th…[View]
198881179this is how i look when i try[View]
198888726>wikipedia page of azerbaijan[View]
198887308If I ever ended up in the act of intercourse with a latina, I’d probably die of sex overdose. How is…[View]
198885792what the fuck...?[View]
198888971itt: heartwarming images[View]
198889207Does your cunt believe in sacrificial blood magic?[View]
198887716Do thieves fight over who steals your stuff.. in your country?[View]
198885378Why whypipo doesn't spice their yoghurt?[View]
198888429Post Music to celebrate the end of amerigolems: https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=UGW-V7gbh2c&pp=ygU…[View]
198882669/polska/: edycja seksu w ten nos[View]
198888995Where do you think she's going in her country?[View]
198884960do you love us?[View]
198875007is it true?[View]
198886197The sun shines for everyone[View]
198885180Mi cyaan stand dis bloodclat country na ma mon[View]
198877288TO THE TURK WHO PLAYS SKULLGIRLS: I don't know if you remember me brother, but I sure do you. I…[View]
198886154>Walking outside in 105°F weather >Perfectly fine but sweating alot >Few sidewalks, have to…[View]
198887209/int/ opinion on race surgery?[View]
198873508/cum/ - CANADA USA MEJICO: cow tools edish[View]
198886970Still unrefuted after all these decades. America belongs to the native indians, New Zealand to the M…[View]
198877762/norgetråden/: Trådens dronning-utgaven v.5 Forrige: >>198867500 >>198867500 >>198…[View]
198887408what are countries for introverted people (exclude scandinavia and japan)[View]
198878798/sauna/: Nyymin juhannusmusiikit -painos[View]
198888578Checking my jordanianfren Ryan. I hope youre doing alright!![View]
198887227Do You Like Coffee In Your Country?[View]
198888063Are ferry ships a good place for meeting Finnish milves?[View]
198886297Meanwhile... in brazil...[View]
198887396>What kind of American are you? Your response?[View]
198888004>Mamma Mia! Thats-a-one spicy meat-a-ball![View]
198887759>art imitates life o algo[View]
198886342america is a little little LITTLE fart (:[View]
198884168What is the best country in the world and why?[View]
198881992Female US marines stationed in Greece. But they made for what?[View]
198875380POV: you are a conquistador and just landed in america[View]
198886111Why can't Europeans stand up for themselves?[View]
198881652This is how all Baltic people age[View]
198888034The US government blocks the disclosure of evidence related to the September 11 attacks. A recent le…[View]
198886046>incelwalking in India[View]
198887810I don't actually play counter strike or dota imc. I play overwatch and some shitty gacha games[View]
198875901Need Help Brazil Anons(Portuguese): Can anyone translate this shooting that happened in Brazil? At 0…[View]
198882935What's the best video game your country has produced?[View]
198887908Niger produces over 40% of French BBCs: Yet only 11% of Nigers have access to BBC at home.[View]
198882681Does This Happen In Your Chicken?: https://video.twimg.com/ext_tw_video/1803128412061523969/pu/vid/a…[View]
198887562Ohio gozaimasu[View]
198879806Does Your Country have good Politicians?: We do not :([View]
198887255What happens in Antler, North Dakota?[View]
198883320What's up with this Italians and their reaction to how do other people eat their food. Is it ju…[View]
198886290Why are Europeans so obsessed with voting and talking about politics? Even young people. No one here…[View]
198885295/brit/: Wilfred Edward Salter Owen MC (18 March 1893 – 4 November 1918) edition[View]
198879670Im back to brazil[View]
198877745/bbb/: brown beauties beholding[View]
198887260Europeans want to prevent Middle Eastern people like this from seeking refuge in their countries.[View]
198882311/deutsch/: endsbasierte Ausgabe https://youtu.be/61zC6SxJdbQ[View]
198836891/rus/: >>198815519 Жaлкий тpeд[View]
198886933A ladybug got into my room.[View]
198882568Yo hablo español[View]
198881900Shall I import a girl from the Philippines? I've been talking to one for a while[View]
198885282Why are they like this?[View]
198887082>handsight is 20/20[View]
198883639White scientists in my country literally believe that there are billions of bugs crawling in everybo…[View]
198868611Say who are most and least arrogant posters on int in your opinion Arrogant: >Brittish >Russi…[View]
198887069Today quite many told me that I should have walked on Andrássy street[View]
198885924Guess what is the most common plastic surgical procedure done in your country. Then we look it up an…[View]
198885770Muslims be like: >ISIS/DAESH are not real muslims they don't believe in real Islam Americans…[View]
198883491I’m fucking obsessed with slanty eyed girls I need to cum in one and make hapa babies right fucking …[View]
198884823what would be in your countries guide[View]
198885711Immigration, Poland, Brazil.: I'm from a shithole called Brazil, I'm tired of this place a…[View]
198871216/mex/: northlander edishion[View]
198886187And then one day you find 10 years have got behind you. No one told you when to run. You missed the …[View]
198885882People like to say that Meds and Latinos are indistinguishable from one another, but Meds look like …[View]
198886364I can't get a visitor visa to any country because of lack of strong ties to my home country …[View]
198880252A classic german joke: >'What are the four main enemies of the Deutsch Bahn? (= german train comp…[View]
198873330What do people in your country think of pepe and apu?[View]
198885862Is the culture in your coubtry similair to white culture in the united states?[View]
198856997/tr/ - çok yaşa enver paşa edisyonu: boktenli ermenileri süper foLLoş ettim gel kurtar[View]
198883405Why does /int/ call us unitedstatians? Stop. Get some help.[View]
198886055Why are mexcrements so bad at fighting?[View]
198885980international music: post international music that you actually like Arabic https://www.youtube.com/…[View]
198886101>This makes black men go AWOOGA[View]
198885989Tell Me More Interesting Facts Like These: >there are more Irish outside of Ireland than inside I…[View]
198884296dafuq Timmy gon' do??[View]
198880534>filters you Except this nigga غ because I have rotacismo (no bully)[View]
198883541I am from this area. We suposedly speak a variety of catalan. Yet I struggle to understand catalans.…[View]
198884723>The Japs used literal cuck propaganda against China during WWII Vros…[View]
198885945Ready for British Empire 2.0?[View]
198883969The state of Yurop[View]
198881542Nordic beauties are waiting for you[View]
198883557america come in here![View]
198866125/nederdaad/: Het was een goal.[View]
198883090this happens in my country's courts[View]
198884618Why do brazilian girls have manly faces?[View]
198885624Argies were already richer at late XVIII century: They were richer than all their neighbours by late…[View]
19888412683 years ago today...[View]
198884462it's 1:40 here goodnight, lovely people :3[View]
198882225Is it true that white boys are repulsed by big asses?[View]
198884219People I could never get along with: >germans >finns >indians >peruvians >east asians…[View]
198885132How the fuck did US send a guy to moon and brought him back safely[View]
198882988Is your sense of humour closer to boomer or zoomer in your country?[View]
198879774/brit/: LOVELY FUCKING CANS edish[View]
198882665are people in your country natural dancers?[View]
198884532Stop the slav hate: I'm unironically tired of it. It's just endless wall of: >is Russia…[View]
198885252Has This Ever Happened To You?: Has you ever went into your parents' bedroom and saw something …[View]
198879608south america: whats it like to live in your south american country? could somebody spend a lot of t…[View]
198881740Germans, which of the following do you identify with the most? >the country of Germany >your r…[View]
198875650/bra/ - fio brasileiro: Anterior: >>198853863[View]
198873545>Italian Americans are not real Italians because majority of them are terroni…[View]
198881686Reminder: Behind every seething Europoor post about America there is a little boy who consumed copio…[View]
198883376Man with knife in Melbourne tram 48: How safe is public transport in your country? This is Melbourne…[View]
198884762>south america criticized[View]
198883656italians can hear the difference. Can you?: https://translate.google.ca/?sl=auto&tl=en&text=…[View]
198884565Why are they like this?[View]
198882490is it hot when you cum on a girls moustache?[View]
198884601>another day done nothing >another day won based…[View]
198818840/lang/ - Language Learning General: Babushka edition >What language are you learning now? >Sha…[View]
198884321Why would anyone choose to do this for $19/h instead of becoming a food vendor in their country?[View]
198884045/Celtmanic/ - Celtic & Germanic #3: Varg edition >Who is this for? This thread is for anons o…[View]
198881615the Core Homeland of the White Man[View]
198884371>war is human culture why are they like this? if they only gave peas a chance nothing would hav…[View]
198865140What are your sincere thoughts about the Lithuania?[View]
198883982Does your country have friends?[View]
198878554https://greekreporter.com/2024/04/07/greek-fossils-human-ancestors-europe-not-africa/ I am greek…[View]
198883832I’m in love[View]
198857531/esp/ Hilo Español: Edición Estirpe Imperial[View]
198883165Why don't we do this again?[View]
198877771what was your country's greatest humiliation?[View]
198884111Tears are for the craven Prayers are for the clown Halters for the silly neck that cannot keep a cro…[View]
198876435Sverigetråden - Barbapappaupplagan[View]
198855603Kazakhstan has more medals in international math olympiad than all nordic countries combined. What c…[View]
198880554Has social media turned into an endless loop of false posts, pictures and people? I genuinely believ…[View]
198861641/ukraïna/: Eдицiя Євpo-2024 Пoпepeднiй: >>198819054[View]
198882902Pronounciation of V across various European countries: Did I get it right or wrong? Can you make a b…[View]
198883229Being beige is the worst, we are neither white nor black, so no women like us[View]
198883853>Arkansas >pronounced orkinsaw[View]
198881993Are you left-handed in your country? What do your countrymen think of left-handedness? >Flag Yes…[View]
198883688Where do you find girls like this?[View]
198879044Would you serve in your countries military?[View]
198879110Dinner is ready: Eat up /int/[View]
198871344How's public transit in your country[View]
198876236/brit/: mad how there are literally billions of people who go day to day living their lives, talking…[View]
198881085this confuses and enrages the american[View]
198880985most obnoxious posters[View]
198880739When did the Philippines become hindu?[View]
198882849God evening sirs. I hate women[View]
198880894>72 >NEET for basically entire life >no high school or college education >dropped out of…[View]
198881857Faces of /int/: Post your face and country, please be nice edition. Pic is not me.[View]
198882276Meндe үлкeн қoтaқ жәнe бoйым бap. Maғaн әйeлдepдiң, әcipece aқ әйeлдepдiң iшiнe aққты түcyгe ұнaтaйд…[View]
198868719/fr/ - le francophone: Édition Julien Lepers. >>198845467[View]
198879331Why does /pol/ fear them?[View]
198882456>Was always told how heroic American patriots defeated the entire British empire and bravely won …[View]
198876180Russian and Polish are related: I don't understand why Polish people hate Russians so much. I m…[View]
198882898did you know in Germany it's normal to share a bath with your friends[View]
198881858me when some middle class lowlife in first world tutorial island living paycheck to paycheck and pay…[View]
198877210/polska/: edycja do dupy[View]
198881117vgh canadia[View]
198881688What does the future look like in your country?[View]
198878054/deutsch/ ihm blieb auch gar nichts erspart[View]
198882278Does your country have a diaspora overseas that celebrates its hurritage day? https://www.youtube.co…[View]
198878892Do you use the public transportation system in your country? Are you a satisfied customer?[View]
198874084I think our flag should have these colors tee bee h, I don't like the green Do you ever think a…[View]
198882341haha very funny guys[View]
198881655Redpill me on Greek tourism. I don't want to go to poorfag Paralia but also don't want to …[View]
198878844Dipping the croissant/cookie/etc in your hot drink: Yes or no?[View]
198876283A loving, caring woman will solve all my problems in my country[View]
198881953Thailand is Honorary Scandinavia: Never being colonized is a Scandinavian trait[View]
198879765/brit/: Batista edition https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=l6SOYlunc88[View]
198882280Is this acceptable behavior in your country?[View]
198879767Is your country a proper first world nation?: The US, yes[View]
198882185How are manlets treated iyc?[View]
198882144How can I be sure that all Muslims aren't actually evil Djinns infiltrating humanity?[View]
198882104Mari is superior[View]
198881223The valencian people called this thing a paella and the spanish were so dumb they thought they meant…[View]
198881346>manlet countries are underdeveloped in general what are the implication of this?…[View]
198872220if you had a superpower, what would it be?[View]
198879070Why they don't renamed their country 'Rome' when the Savoys united the country? Maybe Kingdom o…[View]
198881121i just found out i got cucked: nations for this feel?[View]
198880442They are the absolute PINNACLE of whiteness. Hitler went to bed crying because Germans weren't …[View]
198880370Are you for or against international marriages?: Really interesting aspect.[View]
198881141This place should be ethnically cleansed and given to Eastern Kentuckians and Southern West Virginia…[View]
198881164If you had the alien technology to erase one country from existence at the press of a button what co…[View]
198880484Proof that Kazakh women look hideous[View]
198877910Should Russia convert to Islam?: >all Russian UFC fighters are Muslim >it world lower tension…[View]
198871747Female educational attainment vs fertility[View]
198879913i wish a scandinavian person wound do this to me[View]
198877643/éire/: Eagrán Megumin[View]
198880230You can have it i dont need it.[View]
198879348Post maps Interesting map I found of the British Isles[View]
198879222How do we (mexico) join the league of cope[View]
198880797These countries give me hard on.[View]
198869783could these ukrainian twins pass as locals in your cunt?[View]
198879990>ur cunt >ur favorite dinosaur America Spinosaurus…[View]
198880671is the navy in your country full of homosexuals? my buddy said when he was in an international opera…[View]
198879425look at the bear on the california flag closely. it's fucking hilarious[View]
198878248How can we save the Aral Sea bros?[View]
198880665Iceland bros why don't you have a Tunisian embassy?[View]
198878420This is why Europeans need air conditioning.[View]
198878692Thought on your poo ancestors?: 99% of all humans living outside africa are descendants of a few 10s…[View]
198875871Brazil bros you ok?[View]
198880273What Do Western Asians Think?: What do Asians who live in the west think about the possibility of th…[View]
198857029/ex-yu/: dan antifašističke borbe izdanje[View]
198879199Faces of /int/: Faces of /int/[View]
198879926This enrages the European[View]
198880169Dear Jews, I am really sorry for what we did to you. But at the very least, our cooperation lead to …[View]
198878159Stop looking at her social media[View]
198880224I was just hoping you might give me some insight into the evolution of the market economy in the Sou…[View]
198875508Does this happen in your country[View]
198873822wtf? is romanian the true latin language?[View]
198880146I got an IQ of 107 (WAIS-IV), is it alight for a very possibly undiagnosed autistic person? I'v…[View]
198878411>2024 >i'm NOT forgotten say his name…[View]
198865404Do you want to live in the USA?[View]
198878961>tries to make anti-Anglo propaganda >most of his works are just TSD gems Is this the greatest…[View]
198879973>lose train >have to wait 2min til next one i suffer in europe…[View]
198879386Gf asked me if she is the best sex I ever had and I answered wrongly. Wtf is wrong with me. I'm…[View]
198879749Maryland: What goes on in Maryland, im from Virginia close to the state border but all I know is tha…[View]
198878505Why are European men so soft?: A Brazilian youtuber who lives in Britain complained once about the e…[View]
198872200We biafrans are white lol[View]
198879451does your country's internet go to absolute shit at the slightest sign of rain?[View]
198877569/brit/: The Summer of 1992 edition[View]
198879704>American sees European for the first time[View]
198864204Varg said she looks mexican[View]
198878546Do you listen to ASMR in your country?: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=R8jxgv_tvJM[View]
198878557Does your city also have the 'slop letters'. Who the hell started this trend[View]
198878852/v4/ + frens: Fallout edition[View]
198879311Why are russian porn girls so delusional: They actually think the porn they are in is ''hi…[View]
198878111Name a single crop native to europe besides blackberries.[View]
198879426We are hidden in the shadow, they do not expect us.[View]
198879387I don't like muslims but if brown Serbian apes do anything against their bonde and blue eyed mu…[View]
198879138You now live in the US state that is equivalent to your cunt's GDP. What do you do?[View]
198877130>[off topic question]? In your country of course[View]
198855716/bharat/: i need 3k rupees edition[View]
198879362HOLY BASED!: https://youtu.be/g3VlkNbnnLQ[View]
198878536Wow China invents a robot dog[View]
198875540what happens here[View]
198879109Usa is a little fart[View]
198878350whats your opinion on south asian food?[View]
198879068Do British people really say this?[View]
198875579>this basic technology literally makes americans seethe[View]
198876032Are you manly in your country?[View]
198877608it's 22:54 here goodnight, lovely people :3[View]
198877293Total French love and appreciation[View]
198878862What are some of monuments, statues that you like from your country or some other countries. Bonus p…[View]
198878600Wait... it's normal for a bunch of hair to fall off everytime you shower right?[View]
198878776Life can be good.: Subject.[View]
198869589/sauna/: Juhannusseikkailupainos[View]
198878718https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=s6Lznha9EQ0 this century belongs to the indians[View]
198873613Do you wish you had blue eyes in your cunt?: >Flag Yes. Blue is probably the coolest eye color. M…[View]
198878428Imagine the smell: >The forth sacred treasure of Japan was found on Sakhalin shore by local homel…[View]
198878587tiny dick canadians: good afternoon cowards, this shithole of a country is full of little boys who a…[View]
198877849>Go to a supermarket and have a problem with coupons >2 finnish cashiers help me >1 russi…[View]
198877351Tempers flare over property built almost entirely of glass: The boomer man marches on https://www.yo…[View]
198876052What race?[View]
198874493European Defence Spending: “In 2024, NATO Allies in Europe will invest a combined total of 380 billi…[View]
198876478what makes the girls of your country aroused?[View]
198878263Fuck it, this is actually pretty cool/wholesome: Just shows the USA represents all Americans, not on…[View]
198875794>97F today in the Northeast[View]
198877102I heard people IRL in Brazil saying 'normalfag' and other internet terms: Do it happen in your cunt…[View]
198875680why do Americans usually not look so good in their suits?[View]
198876010/brit/: behind every successful man, there is a woman ties his hands and says good boy, edish[View]
198878260>on accident[View]
198856038/v4/ + frens: idk edition prev: >>198814348[View]
198878126>China invented a cure type 2 diabetes >No American news outlet is talking about this…[View]
198878120We must save our ROMAN brothers from the hellenic onslaught[View]
198878108That was bretty cool, pure /int/ kino, we should do it again Inb4 butthurt chinks[View]
198868990The judge holden of india[View]
198874861Why are countries like vietnam and cambodia 1000x better than any african country colonized by the s…[View]
198873567Why don't southern Europeans have blue eyes?[View]
198876987Ummah bros...[View]
198875015>Chud or Chude (Old East Slavic: чyдь, romanized: čudǐ, Finnish: tšuudi, Northern Sami: čuhti) is…[View]
198875783pervert nursing officer your days are numbered[View]
198878005/America/-migrant edish[View]
198876828>no more 'p on the 'arty[View]
198874076/deutsch/: Rebecca Reusch Ausgabe[View]
198877803Do you use last.fm in your country?[View]
198877884The antagonists of the Modern world[View]
198877848Is your country thought about a lot?[View]
198871575do people like dogs in your country? and do you have any?[View]
198877217Why do standards get lowered for africa?: This is what the average villages of amerindian tribes loo…[View]
198878321Humiliation ritual[View]
198877698Why do Indians cheat?[View]
198874227Do boomers love motorbikes in your /cunt/?: Went for another long drive today in Manchester. It…[View]
198872801Wtf is this real?[View]
198868899>here's your toy furries and crossdressers for kids bro[View]
198877307/www/ - white women worship[View]
198877684Terminally online nerds are more likely to be cucks[View]
198873323Dinner. When I'll get my card, I'll order a whey protein and gainer. Maybe I'll get b…[View]
198874456What is your opinion on white boys? Why do they become this way?[View]
198877358Gf of 6 months just asked if she is the best sex I ever had. Whoops, I gave her the wrong answer lma…[View]
198876703>I write to a West European flag >it is actually a brown person >my face when…[View]
198873726Im itching I need tobacco and a guaraná Antarctica Only one hour to go until Shabbat the queen lea…[View]
198867500/norgetråden/: Rapport fra mørkets promperom – utgaven Forrige: >>198845120 >>198845120 …[View]
198877340celebrating 15 years of marriage with the misses next month. how long have you been married in your …[View]
198877346Why so many thirdie memes comes with this TV logo?[View]
198876682I love seeing these two interacting around, it's so wholesome, two old rivals that become frien…[View]
198875694Do you goon in your country?[View]
198877008Cosa pensa Anon delle ragazze italiane?[View]
198875376I got an IQ of 107 (WAIS-IV), is it alight for a very possibly undiagnosed autistic peson?? I'v…[View]
198877145Is today sip day?[View]
198876024Despite its many faults, which we are aware of in the /int/ternational community, can anyone really …[View]
198876994Why are jee- I mean brits like this? They cry about muh raycism and colonialism, yet they treat thei…[View]
198868986/polska/: edycja świętej pamięci komarzycy która nie wytrzymała ze mną w pokoju i zesztywniała na śm…[View]
198876507Anon, can you describe to me the last dream you have had? In your count to pi[View]
198876928>nooo muh cameraaaa that's literally what makes this boss as cool as he is. the camera movin…[View]
198871523White bros you gonna extinct.: All the stats i am seeing is showing your exthinction in near future …[View]
198876513Just found out there's a genre of videos of Basketball-Americans chimping out over being handed…[View]
198875132How did you know I was Italian?[View]
198867704Why can't americans stop this toddler?[View]
198876697>Say the line, America![View]
198876593I really envy the French, they can visit all these countries and communicate in their native tongue[View]
198876785did you know American are ugly: The average American is as ugly as a indian[View]
198871319Do people leave you little notes in your country?[View]
198876487Turks will be a minority in Turkey very soon. Kurds are outbreeding them massively while Turkish you…[View]
198876694Why is there so much cuck shit on reddit: Its fucking gross A lot of 4channers are just depressed tr…[View]
198854336/cum/ - Canada US Mexico: Phil edition Prev >>198852192[View]
198876317so uhm.. why are the grey countries still shitholes lol[View]
198858962/balk/: Saraybosna edition >>198844337[View]
198876466Sverigetråden - svekets upplaga[View]
198871145i still havent forgiven you english niggas[View]
198874787What is a burger and a sandwich in your country?[View]
198872270Sverigetråden - Mekanikerupplagan[View]
198874321Cheerleaders and Mascots in your country?[View]
198876142After the Dutch, Scottish people are the greediest, miserly and most tight fisted people you'll…[View]
198875836why haven't you visited Chile?[View]
198875647Honest question: How do they actually plan to 'fix' 'immigrants'? All of them are already second gen…[View]
198874118>White people don't season their foo-ACK[View]
198875817Is wokeness a first world thing? Why are they so woke? If you get rich you get gay?[View]
198872935This is the American dream[View]
198875997How does your country combat obesity?[View]
198874644What's your relationship like with your neighboring countries[View]
198872112/brit/: Bigots and racists edition[View]
198872576Is masculinity under crisis in Europe?[View]
198874855Bulgaria is healing[View]
198870935Chuck norris went to a feminist rally and came back with a sandwich and his shirt ironed[View]
198871862Why are filipinas so sought after?[View]
198875797It's actually SO over. Like what the actual fuck is this[View]
198875772Western hemisphere: Unironically best poster list in order 1. Romanian 2. Polish 3. Finland 4. Germ…[View]
198875339>today some random gypsy woman on a street put a curse on me because I did not want to pay her fo…[View]
198875681Do you have herpes in your country?[View]
198853863/bra/ - Fio Brasileiro: Edição amor Trator S2 Porcasso.[View]
198873347what the fuck is this norway[View]
198865147What are some famous fairytales from your country?[View]
198874048Why do 3rd worlders hate nature so much?: It angers me to see how they pollute and destroy the envir…[View]
198849422Japanese Thread/日本語スレッド: This thread is for discussion of the language, culture, travel, daily life,…[View]
198875561>be the most powerful man in chyna >simp for old whyte roastie pooh sisthas…[View]
198874778Do you take the bus in your country?: No, never. I would rather walk 10km than take the bus for 100m…[View]
198873991Starting to think making a magazine about hot anime bitches using AI, would be a more profitable end…[View]
198869357He died for our sins.[View]
198868425why don’t wypipo bath?[View]
198875417My ancestor :)[View]
198875401me on the right vs your mom on the left[View]
198874600id like some chocolate tummy pls[View]
198875265just stop dude. everyone knows you're the same person. you're not funny and never will be.[View]
198875152Goodbye for all eternity.: https://voca.ro/1fhw3dTtnods[View]
198872314Indians, which of the following do you identify with the most? >the country of India >your reg…[View]
198873459>Americans eat food with their hands instead of using forks and knives like normal people…[View]
198870160Many men have gone abroad and many Albanian women are turning to femceldom or fighting over the rema…[View]
198867407This is my dinner. Rice with mixed truskawskas (stawberries). What do you eat in your country for di…[View]
198871794Brazilians, which of the following do you identify with the most? >the country of Brazil >your…[View]
198874813mandatory social event in brazil[View]
198875076Is it common to find your wife in a pool of blood after a drunken accident in your country?[View]
198874796i understand why euros don't need AC. most of them have maybe two days out of the whole year wh…[View]
198871496>Heyjj no doude, that notr how I tarlk at all I’m reahlll good at speaking Englirsh!…[View]
198855847I'm 26 and never had a girlfriend Happens in your country?[View]
198873220Is your country trans friendly? >India >Yes…[View]
198874022Do you use Big spoons or little spoons in your country?[View]
198874703Is your religion very dangerous? Finland, no. Christians haven't died since the Crusades and th…[View]
198873854Why didn't deaf people create a universal international sign language? Seems like a missed oppo…[View]
198874503What happens here?[View]
198860955I hate that being european nowadays means taking pride in having walkable cities and grocery shoppin…[View]
198873769What would the internet be like in 2024 if China was fully released to the World Wide Web?[View]
198874343QUACKED was a popular show in Israel[View]
198872987Uh oh guys I strongly suspect my gf has bpd should I dump her?[View]
198869114Does this happen in your country?[View]
198871518Why don't other countries like Back to the Future? It's a fun and interesting movie with a…[View]
198874429Yes I am American how did you know?[View]
198873812Chink Ricefag claims he's 6'2 and a model and gets no matches on dating apps. Its over...…[View]
198872495did you know that the US flag starting multiple threads about Asian women everyday with an iPhone (y…[View]
198873748>'Arabic numbers' >Look inside >Indian numbers…[View]
198872269/brit/: Great Patriotic War edition https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AZsuSFAdWFQ[View]
198874117what is happening in japan?[View]
198873999Is this accurate list?[View]
198867838/deutsch/: Rottweiler Ausgabe[View]
198869969Eurosisters not like this....[View]
198868129EU Expansion: How far should the EU expand? Should we allow the UK rejoin the Union, if the ever dec…[View]
198872966Let me get this straight: >despite all the absurd shenanigans with Boeing, the US agency NASA sti…[View]
198872380Ugh the European sphere of influence[View]
198872647I've tried using the 'German three': It's just unnatural, doesn't feel right. 'Normal…[View]
198869780>be some persian guy >study christianity, buddhism, zoroastrianism, and the numerous mystic tr…[View]
198873846mad how there are literally billions of people who go day to day living their lives, talking with ot…[View]
198873357what happens here?[View]
198867853For me, it's civilization-states[View]
198873150It's a brown world, we're just living in it[View]
198872460wtf is the deal with indians?[View]
198871314>the Jews aren't God's chosen Peop-ACK...[View]
198873609Poland: >christ of nations Germany >nation of christs Our countries are soulmates.…[View]
198872820I don't understand this international image[View]
198867834Why are they so horny all the time?[View]
198867920Brits, if you have time to post, you have time to lace up, and fight for your manlet billionaire ove…[View]
198873014Is this what Italian people actually look like?[View]
198872119Imagine if the Ummah was united bros...[View]
198871350I'm designing a house and working on the interior, and I'm looking at international design…[View]
198873426A study done by the WHO determined that Schizophrenics in third world, developing countries had a hi…[View]
198872168Do people like to enjoy art as a hobby in your country?[View]
198872008Asian women are cool, smart, funny, cute, polite and beautiful[View]
198872920My father has the facial features of a black man The only reason why he isn’t considered as such is …[View]
198864889America come now[View]
198872257A European whenever they see a driveable city.[View]
198870628How did americans get so stupid?: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wu7RXlIEbog&t=0s&ab_channe…[View]
198870193You wake up in USA: What's the first thing you do?[View]
198855309/ישר/ - /ISR/ - /ИЗP/ - /イスラ/ - /이스르/: שבת המלכה[View]
198872262Can you guess how many jelly beans are in this jar in you're country?[View]
198870388Oh say can you see[View]
198870564Is my neighbour based or cringe?[View]
198872308Do you enjoy driving or feel forced to drive? I took my loicense at 16 because my family forced me b…[View]
198872618Why is europe so poor?: I thought Americans are supposed to be poor hillbillies?[View]
198872196What are some countries that you would die for? I'll start, I would die for Japan.[View]
198870958Do you think her design is terrible in your country?[View]
198867900You WILL live in a solar powered utopia and you WILL love it[View]
198870552Do you have bikers iyc[View]
198871803>richest country in earth, ever >cheap food >giant homes >insanely high salaries >fat…[View]
198870017/brit/: Irish diaspora in the UK media edition[View]
198872292/brit/: The only truly good communist point of view[View]
198872267What is life like in Norway?[View]
198870068Finland's most famous statue has been washed[View]
198867520American white women >>> Mizrahi women with Ashkenazi mentality >>>>>> ga…[View]
198868569Sverigetråden - Solaochbadaupplagan[View]
198866382If you hate India then I can see you!: Why do pigskins hate India so much? >too polite(good morni…[View]
198871170Buddy gon', grrt that, grrt that, brrt that, brrt that Send shots, make 'em get back All t…[View]
198871962Baltic niggas unironically still don't have paved road in most of their country.[View]
198863077do you like dutch girls in your country[View]
198871215I don't care about midsummer in my country[View]
198870543USA has Hollywood India has Bollywood What does your country have?[View]
198859318Your country's kanji spelling in Japanese.: >America 米(Rice) >Britain 英(Hero) >France …[View]
198861602What are your first thoughts when you see this flag?[View]
198871783/bra/ - Fio Brasileiro: Internautra de mármore[View]
198871347Did the state of israel overall benefit the native land? Looking at pictures of palestine from a cen…[View]
198870533How come racists still exist if Irish, Finnish and East Asian people proved that there are no inhere…[View]
198871614thoughts?: Should I buy this?[View]
198871640/HELLENIC/: Special guests today: Swedes[View]
198871572There is no suffering in Malaysia Even pajeets score there[View]
198870795Thanks for the coke. Always respectful and a pleasure to do business with.[View]
198871427What exactly do Americans use their giant monolithic fridges for if they only buy candy, never cook …[View]
198870558Who is stinky and brown in your cunt?[View]
198862628/deutsch/: Froschausgabe[View]
198871417The Nightmare will end: Europe will be freed of the barbarian filth The era of the anglohellmanic wi…[View]
198863635Why do Asians in the West look so different?: Is it the North American diet?[View]
198868393This board isn't as good as it used to be... :< Let's try to identify the problems with…[View]
198870663where were you when Jap chads nonstop massacring Euro?[View]
198870371Prettiest phenotype no one can argue against me[View]
198870189do you like russian people?[View]
198870448People who have Visajeet coworkers share your stories, are these 'skilled migrant workers' like the …[View]
198870336This kills the chud[View]
198869588Which are you in your cunt?[View]
198869496name 10 city from caucasus[View]
198867890are you haunted by thoughts of your parents dying in your country?: i didnt sleep today in Brazil th…[View]
198868942They've found neanderthal remains in the cave where our local tale of a monster that comes out …[View]
198871125Snibbety snap: What is going on over there?[View]
198870810tell me about turks, why do they look like this?[View]
198868351do you drink alone at home while watching old music videos in your cunt?[View]
198862478what social consequences does this have for Germany?[View]
198869463How do Asians cope with the fact that a broke black guy like this has more chances of getting laid i…[View]
198869882India has 50 breeds of cow. Each type has different genetics and different traits. Does your country…[View]
198870824We're going very fast towards a sci fi utopia, but people get here is just fear youtube porn.[View]
198868042https://youtu.be/qZnIUdYM8Uw do you listen to yemeni bangers in your cunt?[View]
198869456bros it's time to save japan[View]
198868523why would you name your city 'bangcock'[View]
198863401Can a jeetcel pseudonigger weigh in on how designated shitting streets actually work in practice? Li…[View]
198865348Ukrine refuge 13 years old model is getting popular and in japan[View]
198867232I would be content with this[View]
198861696Wtf is wrong with japan?[View]
198870403are you a loser in your country?[View]
198869396>make curry >my clothes smell like shit how do indians deal with this?…[View]
198864975Should Belgium be Bigger?: They do hold the capital of The EVROPEAN VNION after all.[View]
198870265I have reached the point where multiple zoomerinos spaniard youtubers that were the peak of spanish …[View]
198869358'Sunset found her squatting in the grass, groaning. Every stool was looser than the one before, and …[View]
198868137/brit/: queue days edition[View]
198869256Why do europeans call Americans mutts?[View]
198869769Is Spain waking up?[View]
198867119Why are many Americans suddenly visiting China and starting to post videos like this?[View]
198863959What the fuck is wrong with the French 'intellectuals'?[View]
198868861how do we solve this bros?[View]
198866421Not random YouTubers this time but the actual president of the United States. Still don't belie…[View]
198869375I am 34 and drink myself to sleep everyday, are you also an alcoholic in your cunt?[View]
198834806/asean/: Bleach edition https://youtu.be/z7efu_Cwpag?si=zkUI1-YjeLCwD87X[View]
198869541The photo that BTFO'd Unitedstatesians[View]
198868685Why are there so many poor countries in Asia and Africa?[View]
198869587>Americans actually think it's normal to be circumcised[View]
198869549Favorite sitcom from your country?: For me? its Nevsu (literally means soul in amaharic) its a show …[View]
198869030Only 12 more days till the 4th of July. How will you be celebrating this glorious day in your countr…[View]
198868465melodi bros we're so back[View]
198867084How would ashkenazis feel about their children marrying someone from beta israel?[View]
198869026Why don't provincial russians rise up and overthrow the muscovite tyrants? >most conscripts …[View]
198864558>this is 14yo in America[View]
198868049Where is the First World?[View]
198867837Do you like UnitedStatesian girls in your country[View]
198868520Does your country get to buy US defense companies?: This proves that there are only a few countries …[View]
198869319Why's the Visajeet such a bad guest and so insufferable? he has nothing but contempt and disdai…[View]
198869148Would a Mexican themed amusement park be popular in your country[View]
198869253Do you guys have a minimum to spend on women in your country?[View]
198868656What do you guys think about South Africa? It is my favourite country[View]
198868704I discovered radio.garden where you can listen to radio stations from all over the world. The best a…[View]
198861313/sauna/: Teoria ja käytäntö -painos[View]
198859255/polska/: Yoshimi walczy z różowymi robotami (/mu/ pedaly) edycja Temat: https://www.youtube.com/wat…[View]
198868948Why is South Korea so much more developed than Japan, Taiwan, and China?: > South Korea has weste…[View]
198865999>will be the tallest tower in the US >endless flat suburbia outside the building area This is …[View]
198855163Why do Russian girls travel abroad to shoot porn Do they not have their own studios in Russia or are…[View]
198868255No, I will never stop calling it Kiev. Next question.[View]
198867867An Austrian man is holding an anti-immigration protest. He claims that Austrians will be replaced by…[View]
198867478I hate when I see Muslim women wear hijabs like these[View]
198866891We will die, our planet will die, our galaxy will die, even our universe will die with enough time. …[View]
198868310>Entry HAS NOT BEEN SELECTED for further processing for the Electronic Diversity Visa program at …[View]
198845467/fr/ - le francofil: Edition de Delavier 50 ans avec sa femme de 21 ans >>198835045[View]
198868534youth unemployment: How bad is it in your cunt? Any whispers or murmurs of some sort of a revolution…[View]
198864110Sverigetråden - Goon-upplagan: Här är goon förbjudet[View]
1988677327 percent of Canada's population consists of temporary residents[View]
198865274Are Koreans too powerful?[View]
198868436How much backsex are you owed?: have you done the math in your cuntry?[View]
198866048How do you cope with not being an American?[View]
198864470/brit/: Great Patriotic War edition[View]
198864929White people hate China and Japan because they are proof you can be successful and civilized despite…[View]
198867360what are they like? they keep coming to the US[View]
198868208reminder that SK circumcise their boys because they saw an american zogbot's cut dick one time[View]
198862964/deutsch/: Trabbi-Ausgabe[View]
198868301Do incidents such as this happen in your cunt? >A tourist from Sialkot, who was earlier apprehend…[View]
198856127/ita/ - il filo: edizione del cazzo[View]
198866251The capital of the European Union should be in the Czech Republic. - It's in the middle of Eur…[View]
198864513This Orthodox Russian man is my brother in blood. We come from the same roots. I would sacrifice my …[View]
198867037>tiktok dubbed him 'turkish quandale dingle' >he's actually just italian…[View]
198867395japanese water ritual[View]
198857106Why did ''''''Classic'''''' Simpsons mak…[View]
198867702My mom would tell me Hero Stories of Vlad and our family. Dracula was always loved in my home, I use…[View]
198863684New soyjack just dropped[View]
198868028>We are richer than you europpoors >now lets hope no emergency happens…[View]
198865979When you fuck women from other countries in their country, it's like you own the country.[View]
198860483Islam status?[View]
198866977What is it about the Japanese school aesthetic that makes it the most soulful in the world?[View]
198867655>LINE MUST GO UP[View]
198865857hahaha just an epic prank bro[View]
198865062>tfw no foreign, exotic women in my country Westoids don't know how good they have it They c…[View]
198866744I just uncloged a toilet ama[View]
198857328Why are they seemingly unable to admit that Americans are better than them, despite all evidence to …[View]
198867627Is this New York? No, this is Wroclaw, Poland. Did you know that Poland is rising superpower who wil…[View]
198862010Reminder that this board is so fillrd with brown retards this whore could menstriste this post in pu…[View]
198861601On 17 June 2024, two trains collided in Darjeeling district in the Indian state of West Bengal. 11 p…[View]
198865739Why?: Germans give me the creeps[View]
198864184uploading warcrimes of killing incapacitated no threat/neutralized soldiers every day which violates…[View]
198858080/ro/ - firul nostru: Ediția renașterii culturale. Precedent: >>198815089[View]
198865190I am unironically in the process of buying a small 60m2 old house under a medieval castle (not touri…[View]
198855674kurva anyátok[View]
198861061It is my life goal to marry an Indonesian woman like he did[View]
198867326pretty much every founding member of pakistan was a jew ,non muslim or non believers of some kind[View]
198845120/norgetråden/: Selge Krag i Dixieland-utgaven Forrige: >>198830578 >>198830578 >>1…[View]
198863789US Labels Japan As Currency Manipular: US now labels Japan as a 'currency manipulator', in the same …[View]
198865424Did you use a racial slur today?[View]
198866953>cuisine? levant, greek, armenian >flag? byzantine istanbul banner >language? mongolian …[View]
198863431Fuck this cunt[View]
198863938The current challenger of Orbán. Would people in your country rather vote for a relatable fat uncle…[View]
198862546Next time you see a man from Estonia in public ask him to say '12 months' in Estonian[View]
198866189Post an average couple in your country[View]
198866690does this happen in your country?[View]
198866211fun fact: light skinned native thai women are the best in SEA[View]
198861398Germs, Anglos, Mutts and pidorashkas FEAR this.[View]
198864809/brit/: McLaren 750S edition[View]
198866199Literal paradise on earth, they dont know how good they have it[View]
198856230>spams gore >russians still post because they do not know what empathy is >starts calling o…[View]
198863291There is an increasing phenomenon in America of people being shot to death when they pull into someo…[View]
198866539Non whites speaking and thinking in European languages turns me on[View]
198854337The Great Debate: Would you rather be Latin American or Arab? US flags are banned from posting in th…[View]
198866671Chinese eating 'dog meat' ... Tradition? Cruelty? 'Take a bite' Banned in South Korea starting this …[View]
198866538America is collapsing[View]
198864696How common are animal girls in your country?[View]
198865776>tfw youll always have broken english[View]
198866530do people in your country apologize for their mistakes ?[View]
198866485i just found out there's multiple ancestry family trees with my unique last name in the US. how…[View]
198864897I'm going to buy a camera for my car so I can record people speeding and send the video to the …[View]
198865728Lunch. Not thinking about her that much for some reason. Maybe these few days the realisation of how…[View]
198856461Is Norway European?: >Norway’s Finance minister Trygve Slagsvold Vedum commented “Introducing tar…[View]
198862487Remember the time they had 35% unemployment in the late 00s/early 10s? What were people doing back t…[View]
198864955How bad is violent crime in your cunt? No meming, i'm actually curious how common you encounter…[View]
198860490Travelling to Greece: I'll be in Greece this December for a month. Any suggestions about what I…[View]
198866133what happens in Iran?[View]
198861176what the even fuck is happening in japan?[View]
198866123imagine being monolingual how empty and comfy it must be in a mono's head...[View]
198864784>the internet is now full of underage tradcath larpers >they don't actually care about t…[View]
198858533Do it happen in MEAN cunts?[View]
198865103What do you call this phenotype?[View]
198864391Summarize them in several words or more[View]
198861093mogs my shithole[View]
198865551Why are blacks so jolly? I remember being 18 and working in a warehouse picking parcels and there w…[View]
198865625does your area have many remote workers?[View]
198864899Eurobros, at this point it is time to accept that Islam is gonna be a major part of Europe[View]
198863753>45k of 5.4m people in Lebanon are Lebanese Does Canada give away passports for free? When did I …[View]
198865251Exchange these for rainbow flags and it's really what they look like[View]
198865572This used to be what Russia was all about[View]
198859605Turkey needs to shed the hegemony of its Turkic oppressors and return to LUWIAN identity and languag…[View]
198856777What are zoomers like in your country?[View]
198854270This is a 10/10 in the Balkans[View]
198856903Chinese women love thread[View]
198865059What are you doing in your country today?[View]
198864233Let me get this straight: >despite all the absurd shenanigans with Boeing, the US agency NASA sti…[View]
198865184President Putins Dachas: Post Pics of Russian presidents Many luxury homes[View]
198864747is there any country where women dont ruin themselves with tatoos?[View]
198864165Sick man of asia.[View]
198864417The idea that africans couldn't develop complex societies due to a lack of domesticable animals…[View]
198862225/brit/: Aston Martin DB12 edition[View]
198860268In which order should these cars go? Explain your answer[View]
198863869Thoughts On This Aesthetic?[View]
198863851just had this peak german beer[View]
198863709Is this a common sight in your country?[View]
198863454I am tormented with an everlasting itch for things and countries remote. I love to sail forbidden se…[View]
198864574Serbs are pretty nice and cool people yet the entire internet hates them[View]
198861973How much do firsties earn a month?[View]
198863436TIL: black/mexican mixed babies are so common in the States that there’s an entire identity for it j…[View]
198864148Why Skopje is the best city in Eastern Europe: >Destroyed by earthquake in 1963 >Replanned by …[View]
198859773Here are some Polish books every Pole has to read: >Balladyna Farm girl murders her sister to mar…[View]
198864018>Frog coffins are burials of frogs in miniature coffins in Finland for the purposes of folk magic…[View]
198859536chuddy the chudcel: chuddy the chudcel[View]
198864262By the time Rome arrived in Sparta: It was just a small, irrelevant village. What went wrong? How do…[View]
198859367Why can't everyone be as respectful and considerate as us? I'm disappointed, Europe. I tru…[View]
198862118Life in medium-sized irrelevant spanish town is depressing: I am tired of going to buy something in …[View]
198864102Did you know the first blue eyed people were Arabs?[View]
198863571Britishers live here and will tell you that they suffer Please ignore the goblina[View]
198864071/deutsch/: rechtmäBiger Editionè[View]
198859878sverigetråden - Lund Domkyrka upplagan[View]
198863706I spend every day with my international frens from all around the world[View]
198861409What would people in your /cunt/ry think of you if they knew you used 4chan in your /cunt/ry?[View]
198863624>turns water into wine Jesus is the ultimate bro[View]
198861042A reminder: 22th of June is the day Germans launched the largest and costliest land offensive in hum…[View]
198862730i got drunk tonight and it didnt make me feel better. do you drink in your country?[View]
198862292Has TND been achieved in your country yet?[View]
198863612Is this a first world country? How badly affected by globohomo is it?[View]
198863613Brazil brehs...[View]
198860371>Everything Americans eat is made out of corn syrup >Americans feed their cattle corn syrup …[View]
198863202another weekend, still no job. 24. ITfag UX research it's just over now. it wasn't this ov…[View]
198863199I think we should bring all the indians to Australia. As a country we should strive to have as many …[View]
198863270Post acts of terrorism from your country[View]
198863182What's up with all the drug use in America? Source: https://www.instagram.com/p/C8g8WbDAMhe/?ig…[View]
198860898what do russian girls want in life?[View]
198862190does your country have a main national book/story?[View]
198858008I hope that Korea and Japan become like the EU.: There is no other way to counter China and the Unit…[View]
198863219Where in Europe will you live when Antarctica and Greenland melt?[View]
198851992Is this a common sight in your country?[View]
198854061Why are White women racist to Indians and East Asians but not Blacks, Pacific Islanders, Muslims and…[View]
198863208Dying in a burgerpunk dystopia for a botched orc is grim https://youtu.be/X7c0KjPyIkU?si=xlUl3khNnyn…[View]
198858914What horror movies have been made in your country? Which one is your favorite?[View]
198858799white boys have it so easy in asia, i'm jealous :([View]
198862820Do you have chuds in your country?[View]
198861775This is what I learned from driving around in Manchester for 3 hours today. >drive through poor s…[View]
198862935What are mentalcels treated like in your country? In my country even though it is a tutorial country…[View]
198856739>fire breaks out at ramen shop >Japanese keep eating ramen does this happen in your country?…[View]
198862708What will you do in your cunt when WW3 breaks out?[View]
198844098why is dutch like that?[View]
198861465indian men ARE NOT nerd or intelligent, they are just geeky basedboys. indians just want big bunglow…[View]
198862135Why do aboriginals look like neanderthals with dark skin?[View]
198862745I need TWD (TOTAL WASP DEATH) in my country in the summer How about your country? Are you in favor o…[View]
198862672Look how Orbán is stronhanding poor Scholzi lmao[View]
198862667How it feels like to be a NEET in Australia.[View]
198859629Hello int. I suffer in my country. From hangover. I should not have drinken so much and I am filled…[View]
198860157/deutsch/ mystische Ära[View]
198860615Caturday in your country[View]
198862489in girum imus nocte et consumimur igni[View]
198862496Thirdies bros we're so back[View]
198860920>7 a.m. of a saturday >not coming back from the cougar sesh why even live?…[View]
198858857>Italian and Greek women speaking English with their ESL accent[View]
198859920/brit/: Ella edition[View]
198862206Is this wholesome?: I'm so confused[View]
198859476This is most common urban planning setting in my country - superlong villages along one street and a…[View]
198861845why can't candians just accept the reality[View]
198861575ȚA ȚA ȚA CĂPRIȚĂ ȚA[View]
198855975Why is Australia so generous to their neighbors bros?[View]
198858911Of all the counties Germany is the most cute of all[View]
198861867Do you have sunflowers in your country?[View]
198861528Why do so many fingolians zesty[View]
198856659sooner than later there will be an instance where all of latam fertility reachs korean level and the…[View]
198861703All slavic 'languages' are just dialects of the same language and they can all understand each other…[View]
198861388There's a growing hatred among spanish society towards those who bring wealth to the country: j…[View]
198855964National dysphoria: How does one cope with national dysphoria?[View]
198857118Should I learn Japanese or Korean?: Out of the two countries I would be most likely to move to Japan…[View]
198860667In what country do you have >nature >no niggers/indians/south americans/muslims >affordabl…[View]
198861331Thoughts on Brazilian gay men?[View]
198860647Names of European countries in Toki Pona language. Rate it.[View]
198861082I suffer in all white country[View]
198859934There are several lunatics in our capital Oslo who think its fun to set cars on fire. It happens alm…[View]
198860039Still can't believe he's gone bros...[View]
198854887ok /int/ give it to me, is this walkable?[View]
198850028/sauna/: Juhannussimaapainos[View]
1988605833rd world femoids: Allows you to piss in her ass for less than 100$ Western femoids: pic related[View]
198860953Dajjal/AntiChrist in Albanian is 'Dexhalli', but when I was a kid I misheard it and thought his name…[View]
198860749International trivias: Please post some international trivia here. Did you know that 'Americans' act…[View]
198860087What would happen if I ordered a turkish coffee in Greece?[View]
198860414Where is the line between friendly international banter and racism?[View]
198857850You do NOT suffer in Croatia[View]
198856107>he still watches anime in his country Explain why, loaser[View]
198860186There is no instance where I walk out of this board and think 'wow that was a good time spent'[View]
198858605Are plastic surgeries popular in your country?[View]
198857136Ok bros tell me something, why does European, from the ancient past until this very seconds, despise…[View]
198859453>Stopping genocide in Kosovo >disarm Iraq of weapons of mass destruction, to end Saddam Hussei…[View]
198860364Are Americans ready for kino: >investing all executive power in the president >replacing comp…[View]
198859339Pov: your an ethnic guy trying to flirt with a white girl[View]
198858634China is poorer than you think.: With 1.4 billion people, China's GDP is the second largest in …[View]
198859754Does anyone have the timmy version of this[View]
198859976Based on DNA evidence, we know the first people to live in Sweden were black with blue eyes[View]
198859988The average American woman will look like her by 2040. How do you feel about that?[View]
198856630Wishbone is dead[View]
198859936/brit/: WMBF edish[View]
198859872Is it true that the southern united states provided a disproportionately high amount of troops in mo…[View]
198857811Britain’s richest man looks like this?[View]
198858650Why don't they just add vitamins to candy so it's healthy[View]
198857647Do you like apples in ur cunt?[View]
198825693/mena/ /شأشأ/ /سكيزوفرينيا/: طبعة المقاتل الأنيق[View]
198859991Why turks deny they are anatolians: Look at this purebreed hittite, no one would believe he is some …[View]
198856526/deutsch/: KNDS-Ausgabe am Samstagmorgen was mögt ihr mehr, KNDS oder Rheinmetall?[View]
198859626What happens here?[View]
198846864Sverigetråden - Fågelupplagan[View]
198858322/brit/: mississippi edition[View]
198855950it is hard being a gothic bitch in this sunny ass country[View]
198856900What are New York Jews like?[View]
198858151Är Sweden en real country?[View]
198854317Do people of your cunt look like British royalty?: Japan, yes[View]
198859821What phenotype is this?[View]
198859797>http://www.all-nationz.com/search?q=4chan How do I claim monetary damages from Japanese people f…[View]
198857675>mfw the heat finally subsided and we get rain and a pleasantly cold breeze in my country In your…[View]
198859198>fuck timmy gonn-ACK[View]
198857885Becoming an adult has been the greatest mistake of my life[View]
198859279these are the flags of my country:) which is your favorite?[View]
198855933>2024 >Drinking shitty water[View]
1988557024chan hates Mexico because they envy us: You try to humilliate us but deep down you are jealous of u…[View]
198856433We all agree on this, don't we?[View]
198857471more international kinos like this?[View]
198857584Remember int: Even if you Date asians exclusively, remember Don't hate all white women, know t…[View]
198859082LATINX AMERICA WILL SAVE THE WEST: >Dame tu mano >y venga conmigo >Vamonos al viaje para …[View]
198859047Why is Catholics so gay but also think it is bad?[View]
198854139Lol Russia is getting bombed[View]
198858086What music do you listen to?[View]
198856824year 1549 in Japan (ie, far away islands of Cipango) be like:[View]
198858419irish people only became known as 'white' after irish americans started to do well for the…[View]
198806405Why does this make redditors seethe?[View]
198844337/balk/: >>198830259[View]
198857446>dad is 5'7 >mom is 5' >brother is 5'7 >sister is 5' >I'm 6…[View]
198858228Come to grimxembourg[View]
198858178Do they hate croatia and albania in the same way? Or is it with croatia more like they see them as a…[View]
198858065just found out that BBC 3D porn from local asian animator is better than blacked live action from je…[View]
198858264This phenotype drives me insane[View]
198857002Breakfast. Don't know what to tell you really. Connection is really bad. Contacting her will be…[View]
198858741speaking internationally what causes what happens in your walkable country like this?[View]
198848496/fr/ - le fil digne II: Édition système solaire. Ancien : >>198835045[View]
198856966In terms of stature: If you're a European male >European women give you average or tall sons…[View]
198858309Cities like New York, Paris, Moscow and London should be independent countries. That would actually …[View]
198844459/polska/: edycja piątek stópiątek V FINAŁ[View]
198858123what happens here ?[View]
198858539How do y’all feel about us[View]
198857790Rain is the most wonderful thing that happens on this planet I am greatful to Kami-sama for giving …[View]
198857059nigga just called me a shitskin wtf is his problem[View]
198856166>Americans live like this and yet have the audacity to claim they suffer.…[View]
198854473Our students are becoming too smart. Does this happen in your country?[View]
198855555/brit/: maternal instinct edition[View]
198858025Do you get long summer days in you're cunt? Southies need not apply[View]
198850916/csg/ - cono sur general: hilo anime[View]
198856171Thoughts on Miss Nepal in you’re cunt?[View]
198853118why is hockey becoming less popular in Canada?[View]
198856488Is prostitution prevalent in your country?[View]
198856980which country does your country have sex with?[View]
198856032I think of Germany every single night: do you?[View]
198855703How do people live in big cities? What if someone drops a cement block from the top of a skyscraper?…[View]
198808942/dixie/ - Southern US & friends: Me when I witness the glory of God's creation edition…[View]
198855237Unironically what’s stopping you fro getting a hair transplant and hopping on finasteride in your co…[View]
198856542Do you have girls' nights in your country? /int/ernationally speaking?[View]
198856788Americans secretly want to shoot you[View]
198857671>cunt >what type of fish do you like eating the most salmon…[View]
198857738I kneel before Poland and all Polish-Lithuanian pipo[View]
198856905>ITT: We replace girly French loan words in English for other words >Resume Career Summary …[View]
198855908Are your neighbor countries friendly?[View]
198856592What are the immigrants in your cunt What slang term do you call them[View]
198857586Bliblically speaking: From where do your pipo comes?[View]
198857536Do you like to read in your country?[View]
198827387/mex/ - hilo mex[View]
198857320Did you know that Chinese-Indonesian is not only controlled Indonesia's economy, but Philippine…[View]
198854222US Porch Pirating: 'Groups inside of Fedex targeting high value packages and messaging the informati…[View]
198847910At what age did you grow out of the white woman and began looking at asian, latina, and indian women…[View]
198856073How can Saudis afford to build the eye of sauron but not a fucking tent ceiling[View]
198856865Do you play GTAs in your cunt? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=z45A5YEi2Hw[View]
198857247Out in the West Texas town of El Paso I fell in love with a Mexican girl Nighttime would find me in …[View]
198856423What is your country's relationship with religion like?: Are people mostly secular? Very religi…[View]
198856981Angloids can just go to any country and get a good paying english teaching job. They live like a kin…[View]
198857114What's the /int/ consensus? Need it or keep it?[View]
198857080Why are Mexicans and Australians so based?: In Paris’ history, the eternal flame was only extinguish…[View]
198825037/ex-yu/: raspad sistema[View]
198856473Gen-Z things in your country: I just found out that Indonesian zoomers really love this thing called…[View]
198856898Is Islam growing in your country?[View]
198855587>walks into the English class you'll be teaching at some private school in South Korea Annye…[View]
198854069is romanian the ultimate latin language?[View]
198856163>most Muslim converts in the US are blacks and they are nice and friendly >most Muslim convert…[View]
198855310Why aren’t you learning the second and third most spoken languages in your country[View]
198856857How do 19 year old girls look in your country?[View]
198855937What's in store for Japan when they inevitably get overrun with foreigners?[View]
198850210Why don't you have a gf in your country?[View]
198855850>tfw ywn be a mujahideen during the Bosnian War in the 90's Feels bad man. I was a toddler b…[View]
198856718>bought basic portuguese textbook >it has some tips that how to handle robbers is brazil that …[View]
198855765it's just me or the political enviroment in the western world is growing everyday more hostile[View]
198854644What’s stopping them from becoming a superpower?: They have all the prerequisites in place >vast …[View]
198856594why are moroccoans like this?[View]
198805849first paragraph of my PhD degree thesis, rate it 1 to 10[View]
198851529Do you have CATHOLICISM in your country?[View]
198845519/deutsch/: Rheinmeddl-Ausgabe[View]
198855306Do any other guys find it hard to take it serious when minorities use 'colonizer' as an insult to Wh…[View]
198856586Both Korea are clearly a place that benefits if war breaks out elsewhere.[View]
198856530Why did the Anglo-Saxons make him do this?[View]
198851408/brit/: Windsor Castle edition[View]
198856379Trump Bros! Why you don't want Indians to come back to India?[View]
198856003post flags you would die for[View]
198856392japanese are like mathematicians who write great and beautiful proofs and answers similar to the exa…[View]
198856384What do Muslims think about 300?: Were the grecomuslim war was depicted well in this film?[View]
198855311Why do black and brown people feel like they have right of access to white people and white countrie…[View]
198856376IllustrativeDNA: Post yours[View]
198851065/El Norte/ - Southwest/Northern Mexico: First Edition >Who is this for? For people of Anglo (Whit…[View]
198853836Have you ever had a paranormal or otherwise spooky experience in your cunt?[View]
198856270What Do Western Asians Think?: What do Asians who live in the west think about the possibility of th…[View]
198856064It's 8:00 and I'm still not sleeping, does this happen in your country?[View]
1988557731. You're cunt 2. What is your autistic interest/obsession in you're cunt? For me, it…[View]
198854137what happens here?[View]
198854629It's time to settle this question once and for all: are Italians white?[View]
198854969Look at me ! I'm doing dumb shit in the middle of the street ! Look !!: Are gaijin like that th…[View]
198856210Strange to look at a dude in the subway and think his ancestor's brother's descendant beca…[View]
198855824mad how there are literally billions of people who go day to day living their lives, talking with ot…[View]
198856165>read about murder yesterday in my country >a guy at meat butchering plant cut open the throat…[View]
198855897Average transylvanian[View]
198855794Why western likes to destroy things ?[View]
198855946Tourists Keep Dying In Greece: TOURISTS GO HOME[View]
198849733post your favourite english word. mine is ephemeral[View]
198810988kurva anyátok[View]
198856021Wasian Sensation: Why are Wasians like this?[View]
198855673What are your thoughts, opinions and feelings concerning Tunisians and Tunisia?[View]
198849750Is there a Anime Romcom of this yet?[View]
198850485TAJIKISTAN DECLARES TMD: >Hijabs no longer allowed >Reading Quran no longer allowed >Islam…[View]
198854519Ottawa: Canadabros, im thinking about moving here for work How dangerous is it? I'd be in downt…[View]
198855402would pass local in ur kunt?[View]
198855323Humiliation ritual[View]
198855148Just realized she was a jeet today burgersisters...[View]
198854537/aus/: A fledgling new general for Australian posters and anyone else who wants to chill out no more…[View]
198855103All countries are the same: you have a wealthy elite (lords); middle class workers (cattle); and dal…[View]
198855497Are American biracial women goated?[View]
198848582How walkable is your city?[View]
198855799Do you remember her in your cunt?[View]
198855002Today is Saturday. Are you ready?[View]
198855770Is billiards popular in your country?[View]
198855486There are entire cities in the US where 70%+ of the population speaks Spanish at home and Spanish is…[View]
198854981do you keep a good relationship with your mother?[View]
198855665Every ESL on this board has a thick goofy accent in English[View]
198853960gf doesn't let me fuck her in the ass happens in your cunt?[View]
198855668When the weather is too spicy[View]
198854538Any ummah bros seen the black stone up close? I'm pretty confused by the structure of t. Is the…[View]
198855502Does your country have a future?[View]
198852149>since 2022 our GDP per capita has fallen more than the 2008 financial crisis JUST…[View]
198855238Ukranian 55-year-olds look like THAT??[View]
198855320> tfw women flirted with you and you were to stupid to realize it > they are all married now I…[View]
198855549Bianca Censori is an Australian architect and model.[View]
198849826yo tengo un sueño: deberiamos falar portuñol[View]
198854924/latinxgeneral/: unless you're a latino, you'll never be a real man. This one goes for my …[View]
198836014What kind of music are you into in your country?[View]
198855039White guys will literally date ugly ass asian women and leave white girls like this open to get fuck…[View]
198855370Med bros should we band together to ban British tourists or ban them from drinking in the Mediterran…[View]
198853046Would you sex with big oppaied Japanese sweetty office lady who worked whole day at summer and not y…[View]
198855421For me it's the 'Finn'[View]
198854267Whats the main difference between these two countries?[View]
198855375why is this phenotype so common in dutch/swedish men ?[View]
198836136/éire/: Eagrán cat[View]
198854647POV: you are playing against an indian[View]
198828954Uae: >be me >emirati >go to school >all classes in english >all white british immigra…[View]
198853226Europeans will never have a random tree of fruit in the middle of a random street giving fruit harve…[View]
198855003Brownies are neurologically incapable of understanding this feel.[View]
198854671Always when i see a pinkish guy in my city he is always dating a japanese-brazilian. Wtf! Why are ye…[View]
198845395Who you voting for? >slop >slop >sloppier…[View]
198851973Is your country nuclear-powered?[View]
198850628>steals the tortilla from Guatemalans and claims it as his own >steals cowboy culture from Ang…[View]
198832013/fr/ + /ita/ + /esp/ + /deutsch/ /nederdraad/ + /med/: The west european alliance fuck brit[View]
198854447Post your parents in your country[View]
198854955Im virgin because i dont have a big nigger cock[View]
198854961After WW2, thousands of Germans were forcibly transported to the US on ships and forced to pick cott…[View]
198855006Slavs are stealing our phenotypes[View]
198853206would you eat Polish hospital food?[View]
198854517And Iran's Iran's so far away Yes Iran Is really far away[View]
198854792Why do Slavs take the topic of suicide so lightly? Slavic girlfriend showed me a photo she took of a…[View]
198854884does this happen in your cunt (cuntree (country)) ?[View]
198854642>Wins the 21st century[View]
198820644/tr/ - natasha edition: tırık turrak tirrix tırrıks natasha[View]
198854757>Spent five hours on 4chan instead of doing something productive again. How often does this happe…[View]
198854761Nah blud is trippin[View]
198847641How's Global Warming In Your Country?[View]
198854541>I must... consoom coca-cola, tranime, fighting games, and cartel executions…[View]
198853610What causes this?[View]
198845247Do You Work From Home In Your Country?[View]
198848231>amerikans think about europeans every time they eat a steak what causes this phenomenon?…[View]
198850932La Baguette: Dumb American here, how do I actually eat these things?[View]
198853315i look like this[View]
198854359>Drunk American women mime spitting on a dick and earn tens of thousands of dollars for doing so …[View]
198854417Most Ukrainian flags on this board are actually Russian invaders posting from the frontlines.[View]
198853094I fixed Europe[View]
198853479Why are they obsessed with the Bronx, Holyoke Massachusetts, baseball, snap backs, denim shorts, bad…[View]
198846046A French man (white) assaults an afro American in Paris. The afro American is Tyshawn Jones. https:/…[View]
198853573These are probably the second most popular ice pops in my country. Most popular is the classic Orang…[View]
198854291How do y’all feel about us?[View]
198852192/cum/ - Canada US Mexico: Vito edition Prev >>198846827[View]
198854264>art imitates life o algo[View]
198853301we are half way through 2024. opinions in your country? do you feel ok with the fact that 2025 is co…[View]
198854007I don't think the Egyptians built the pyramids. [spoiler] the nubians did. [/spoiler][View]
198851235Why are Spaniards proud of being literal RAPISTS instead of racists? Lmao They are something else[View]
198850514I had fish for breakfast and dinner. How often do you eat seafood in your country[View]
198849643Faustian Spirit: The Country.[View]
198849494>a kid slap a teacher. >but a teacher is prohibited from teaching him proper education (=count…[View]
198853155>Coca cola, Tacos. Sombrero, Mariachi, Tequila, Chihuahua, Piñata, Cinco de Mayo ,Aztec, Poncho, …[View]
198851802>The film explores encounters with negative stereotypes, minstrelsy, racial microaggressions, and…[View]
198851041Does this sort of thing happen in your country?[View]
198846654do women know how to cook in you're country?[View]
198849985Does your country appreciate body hair on women or are you cultureless swine? >Flag We are cultu…[View]
198852756what happens here[View]
198851904>i will combat climate change by throwing orange paint on a 5000 year old monument, vincent van g…[View]
198849921how popular is learning guitar in your cunt?[View]
198852629Are there bimbos in your country? In Japan, no. Even girls who get plastic surgery rarely go to thi…[View]
198852658This is the real whiteness map[View]
198851971I was a fully grown 6'1 giant when I was 14 and I regret not using my height to get girls becau…[View]
198853654What is like to live in a country where it doesn't rain during summer?[View]
198846115/bra/ - fio brasileiro: Edição de morango Anterior: >>198836899[View]
198853754this is how it feels like to be stuck in America on the east coast https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4…[View]
198853361What are your weekend plans in your country?[View]
198853599USA is a little fart[View]
198852652Before they built a wall Why haven't any YouTubers snuck into North Korea and filmed it?[View]
198851399/brit/: We are gamers edition[View]
198852774Serb bros...[View]
198849930Is being a NEET a socially acceptable career path: in your country?[View]
198853025Rome is simply amazing: I went there this April and loved it I’d love to go again sometime this deca…[View]
198851324Have you ever done your family tree? How far were you able to reach? Did you find out people from ot…[View]
198851713How do we save Europe?[View]
198847899what is it about amerikan society that causes this to happen?[View]
198850227I'm in London rn and half of the white women here are with black dudes or have black kids.[View]
198847525>you're american gf, sire[View]
198846010/fr/ + /ISR/: PROTECT ME FROM BRIT MY BROTHERS ![View]
198836196/ישר/ - /ISR/ - /ИЗP/ - /イスラ/ - /이스르/: מהדורת ריי ואני[View]
198847746Four different homeless people asked me for money over the course of me getting groceries and pickin…[View]
198850440What's the perfect SEA balance of low criminality + cheap living cost? I wanna go somewhere my…[View]
198849899Blue: Balkaners who think they're Austrian Yellow: Balkaners where 1/2 thinks they're Germ…[View]
198852875dubai police drive lamborghinis: dubai is an amazing country i wish i was dubai police[View]
198850380why did they lie to us about computer science degree guaranteeing a job? did they shill this major i…[View]
198851440/brip/: state of jannberg edish[View]
198850685The capital of Austria is named after a sausage.[View]
198851109why are white people converting to daoism?[View]
198852476You are sentenced to EROTIC DEATH PENALTY: You are strip naked, legs spread, arms behind your back t…[View]
198847580/Celtmanic/ - Celtic and Germanic #3: Varg edition >Who is this for? This thread is for anons of …[View]
198846959/ita/ il filo: Edizione Bitto[View]
198851912Why don't other countries have cowboys?[View]
198851847صباح الخير قوم صلي الفجر[View]
198850284have you ever seen a more arrogant eagle?[View]
198849945TOTAL ZAMBO DEATH[View]
198851974wh*Toid moment[View]
198852820wtf were they thinking?[View]
198850368The hot weather is raising my libido to the point where my sex drive is going hecking bonkers. Happe…[View]
198852726Einstein is on a flight next to an anglo he says, 'you anglos only know english, in europe we l…[View]
198852023> VIVA CRISTO R-AAAAACK[View]
198830208>the absolute state of Gulf Arabs[View]
198849624You can have it it has no meaning for me.[View]
198851335How do you feel about the irish, /int/?[View]
198852464Why do russian photos always have this post apocalyptic look?[View]
198851706where are my americans[View]
198850556This is BRICS world, and we just living on it[View]
198847163whitebros, we're gonna be ok........[View]
198851905how are they viewed in your country?[View]
198850533How many German anons on this board are actually just these guys?[View]
198852555If I know what love is, it is because of you[View]
198849783The untouchables/gypsies of the western hemisphere[View]
198852383The concepts of 'le international community' and 'le international law' are literally straight out o…[View]
198852092Post pics that are literally you[View]
198845172is usa cuisine secretly underrated?[View]
198851642>On 29 August 2010, trail bike riders discovered a human skeleton in the forest. Media reports at…[View]
198852348/DE/ - /GERMAN/ - PONYHOF SYLT EDITION 2024: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=L8vj_4iVnoI döp dö dö d…[View]
198840816/icy/ Insomniacs of Central Yurop and FRENS: Enjoy.[View]
198849584How are you handling the heat, America bros?[View]
198849926make your perfect sandwich[View]
198846827/CUM/ - CANADA USA MEJICO: frens edition. non frens not allowed prev >>198840195[View]
198850404>*enters your thread* What will these fellas post?[View]
198849673Why haven’t you become a normie yet in your country?[View]
198840813Me When I Hear A European Talking[View]
198851939God damn I guess American men had enough of American women[View]
198851577Polish for 'a table without legs' is >stół z powyłamywanymi nogami[View]
198840839Read about the Rif War. Fucking lmao. The entire history of Spain is just brutal humiliation after b…[View]
198851842>file dilated[View]
198846479why do they hate each other so much?[View]
198850337Finns claiming to be oppressed by Swedes or Russians is like Spaniards claiming to have been victims…[View]
198851725I can feel my European ancestors within me[View]
198850643Asian gf: expectation[View]
198851565>Bantustans in a 1st world western liberal democracy kinda crazy we got away with this…[View]
198851125Did you know that most Asian are squatting when they take a dump?[View]
198847356Did you know American passenger trains are worse than some African countries: American rail is a lau…[View]
198850632>Last year, Portugal had a higher fertility rate than its former colony Brazil for the first time…[View]
198819739/balt/ + /ausnz/[View]
198848750/brit/: NOT A CAN DOWN THERE edish Promise I'm Done For The Night sub-edish But Lads, Get The C…[View]
198835340/csg/ - cono sur general: edición VICTORIA[View]
198840497Immigrants are destroying the pure Brazilian culture and civilization[View]
198849802Monolith: Do you have mysterious monoliths in your cunt?[View]
198847985is it true that in some cunts there are households with no ac?[View]
198843309Why are Timmys such hypocrites?[View]
198849132This is disrespectful. Pidgeons are the jews of animals.[View]
198849520Who is the most annoying poster on /int/?[View]
198838530Guys please cut the shit and give me an answer, am I beige or brown or white or whatever the fuck el…[View]
198848604Brazil is not Latin American It is its own thing[View]
198848707People in my country really just go on the internet to find random things to get angry at, spend hou…[View]
198848774be honest: could you survive life as a latinx?[View]
198842509/sauna/: juhannustaika painos[View]
198844414Do they really? Is this why they hate trucks so much?[View]
198834838I unironically dont get it[View]
198845016>uh no gringo, you can't learn castillian spanish, holmes >thatd be racist, you have to l…[View]
198799892Do boomers and older in your country think exposing yourself to the wind will give you a cold?[View]
198848310When will Christians give Sweden back to the vikings?[View]
198848480You can get 3million us dollers only if you could live with those big oppaied big oshried very ecchi…[View]
198849752China's Xiaomi 14 Ultra Teardown https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=m-GCxmZjmpg[View]
198842915> You are a victim of AMLO and socialism. Socialists-populist politicians from LatinoAmerica have…[View]
198849545do you love israel?: its very beautiful imo[View]
198849227What's your favorite German band? For me, it's Islamic Force.[View]
198847213Strongest British male[View]
198847753Would any /int/ anons be interested in a fun wacky night of conversation in vrchat? It's a free…[View]
198847615this cost me $35[View]
198845647It's +31 at 11pm at my place, I wish I lived in Siberia or Alaska or Himalayas((([View]
198842853Is /int/ a Greek board or a Roman board?[View]
198849327Never trust a serb.[View]
198849194Itt /int/ernational women of whom you personally have witnessed nudes of[View]
198848007do you have argentinx in you're cunt?[View]
198847026I want to find love in Germanic countries[View]
198848811Why is our neighborhood so fucking boring?[View]
198848328Anyone else find these big black american ladies hot as FUCK? Man, americans are so incredibly lucky…[View]
198846487>North USA persecutes south USA >North Germans persecute south Germans >North French persec…[View]
198846522What are Japanese female beauty standards like in Japan?[View]
198835684it doesnt stop, kat, ottawa, canada.: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vRo489Hl78A[View]
198848977Pre var WC titles should be voided[View]
198834246Which EU candidate country do you think will join first?[View]
198814348/v4/ + frens: eat ramen edition previous: >>198775582[View]
198848863https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=k9iWECYs43I My surname is DiStefano and although my father's fa…[View]
198845994Suo Italia fags, since you're ditching the south can we Tunisians please have it? Or at least g…[View]
198847151/brit/: MUM HE DID IT AGAIN edish[View]
198814975/med/ + friends: Thus pyramids were built edition Previous: >>198776450[View]
198847228/www/ - white women worship[View]
198848332has anyone noticed European sports fans do this dance where they hop on their feet while moving thei…[View]
198847230/fr/ + /brit/ + /cum/: Let's go brit bros ![View]
198848012Do you have horrific barbarian vigilante justice in your cunt?[View]
198844451>oh my god is that silly white man lating on the floor in japan? >oh my fauci this is just lik…[View]
198835045/fr/ - le fil digne: Édition non au schizo. >>198821629[View]
198846216>Stopping genocide in Kosovo >disarm Iraq of weapons of mass destruction, to end Saddam Hussei…[View]
198848285spanish speaking niggas be like >jajajajajajajajaja[View]
198846858Anyone else legitimately afraid of what they'll release upon the world when Trump wins again? C…[View]
198847589It’s Friday afternoon. What do you usually do on Friday nights and weekends in your country?[View]
198848157It would be mighty awkward if we accidentally met one day in person now wouldn't it?[View]
198838132Today I learned Dora is banned from performing in Russia.[View]
198840413Does this happen in your country?[View]
198846399/fr/ + /balk/ + /polska/ + /rus/: Fuck brit[View]
198818119Is Korea healing?: Finally, for the first time in Korean history, an anti-feminist girl band 'Q…[View]
198846655Does hiring a prostitute count as cheating in your country?: it does not count in Japan[View]
198815089/ro/ - Firul Nostru: Editia Botosanita Mica[View]
198845821Is it SHITE being Scottish?[View]
198843591Do you have the third world tattoo?[View]
198842138Do muslims look like that, what do they think of the film?: Why there is a english executioner among…[View]
198845211I CAN'T HEAT[View]
198847330>for all intensive purposes[View]
198845255/brit/: LOVELY FUCKING CHEBS LOVE edish The Cans sub-edish[View]
198847349How do countries that outlaw birth control and abortion have such low birth rates? Do people just no…[View]
198847334I worship Saniard chud women[View]
198845411Have you taken chloroquine during the pandemics? I did and I felt better in two days after sufferin…[View]
198846925There are actually autistic niggas out there unironically wasting time and effort learning obscure o…[View]
198847139>humiliation ritual[View]
198846675Society used to be like this: Above all else, meeting your parents’ expectations should be your #1 p…[View]
198846527UGH! can you imagine your boyfriend only earns 3000 Euro per month? What a fucking loser![View]
198846995Brits were objectively the most kino African colonizers. Should've been given the whole contine…[View]
198845741Wait, so the Boeing capsule is really stuck in space due to bad code by jeets?[View]
198840195/cum/ - canada US Mejico[View]
198841800Sverigetråden - Incelspelstationupplagan[View]
198846698Do you have respect for minimum wage workers in your country ?[View]
198841830>35 degrees today in the Northeast I don't understand how Texans put up with months of this …[View]
198846700had to sit next to a turk today[View]
198845943the average american[View]
198839952/ita/ - il filo: edizione sudata[View]
198846530>Hooked up with another random guy at the gym again I can't keep going on like this bros. I …[View]
198844297are nafris good at sex? i downloaded grindr and have a date with one tomorrow evening[View]
198844024Thoughts on south European women?[View]
198846528Do people in your country have good fitness genes?: In India, they do.[View]
198839709Why does he hate Georgians[View]
198846344If I give you my sister to marry, will you give me your sister to marry?[View]
198840061Dear: int! I hereby announce that I AM drunk in MY hountry. The country is mine mmmhm yyyep. Brown p…[View]
198844824Are americans shapeshifters?[View]
198846050Why do they love LARPing as Arabs so much?[View]
198841781Are large breasts seen as desirable in your respective cunt of origin? I don't see the appeal. …[View]
198845535Am I schwayed?[View]
198844795albanian muslims eat pork[View]
198846208Underwear: Cotton or silk? In your country.[View]
198842495I got an IQ of 107 (WAIS-IV), is it alight for a very possibly undiagnosed autistic peson?? I'v…[View]
198845587>Check forecast >Rain today >Rain tomorrow >More rain >Thunderstorm I suffer in the …[View]
198843586Italian milkers: Which part of Italy has the girls with huge tits[View]
198845872Do you have mutt surnames in your cuntfrees? My entire family has mutt names.[View]
198836899/bra/ - fio brasileiro: Anterior: >>198820241[View]
198844258New whiteness map just dropped[View]
198844621What are your thoughts on finnish boys?[View]
198845716i'm thinking of learning spanish so i can understand what the fuck is wrong with latinx people …[View]
198839124/deutsch/ unterstützt durch Produktplatzierung: Ausgabe gesponsert von Lidl[View]
198842774which cunt is the most americanized?: uk excluded not in the eu anymore[View]
198836820Does your country have a significand difference between the Capital/big cities and other parts of th…[View]
198834065if they're white, why aren't they called gringos in spanish?[View]
198840473Why do White American women get so much hate?[View]
198844880i feel strong emotions (jealousy and hatred for example) towards my own native people, but not other…[View]
198845556In my mind (Mind) No, oh I need you all the time 24-hour service Now that you are mine Inmymind (Min…[View]
198841730never date or marry in America: I been dating foreign women because they are a million times better …[View]
198841365Hiroshima Nagasaki Getting Nuked On Twitter: >people putting up porn posters around the city >…[View]
198844730Half of 2024 is almost over: and there is still no gf on my side. Happens in your current country of…[View]
198843421/brit/: Prince George of Wales Edition[View]
198845276How do you say 'sweepstakes' or 'contest' in your language, /int/? Have you ever…[View]
198840486/Celtmanic/ - Celtic and Germanic #2: Fixed map edition >Who is this for? This thread is for anon…[View]
198844502is having parents who suck at cooking just an american thing?[View]
198845166>tfw you will never be norwegian[View]
198835470Well, which side are you on in the upcoming jeet war 1? Dont be a fence sitting enlightened reddit …[View]
198844604How come the Germans have torn down their regional differences so fast while Italians are still so d…[View]
198838964/sino/: 植物大战僵尸[View]
198844539How fast is your country growing?: Poland best economy in Europe[View]
198844787what is your favorite gun and why is it Colt Python?[View]
198844743What are teachers like in your country?[View]
198844734is this normal in Detroit? https://youtu.be/KsXYgAwzizw?t=858[View]
198844079this confuses and enrages me[View]
198838582Brazilians mons thread: 1[View]
198843056Do you have a Kaufland in your cunt?[View]
198837318/polska/: edycją piątek stópiątek IV[View]
198843383Thanks to the recent rains the North of Mexico is now flooded with water and we have demostrated our…[View]
198844447>wtf >Loving, fonctional, cohesive family This confuses and enrages the European >Wtf >…[View]
198844413What would the World look like if islam didnt exist[View]
198844100Just read about how after Ethiopian independence the Negus was weirdly favourable towards Italy beca…[View]
198844242Whats the average person like in your country: In america they are somehow indian tier[View]
198841208had doner again and feel like shit does this happen in your country?[View]
198842378Err Indiabros… care to explain yourselves?[View]
198837202So is it actually jeets all the way down? The reason why all sorts of systems are breaking down?[View]
198843442Wait... Turks are THIS white??????????[View]
198843078Have you used a racial slur in the past week in your country?[View]
198842091Polandbros... are you okay?[View]
198841834>tfw from the third world[View]
198830259/balk/: Queen of /balk/ edition >>198802386[View]
198843037Behold the difference between the civilized and intelligent features of the Slovak specimen and the …[View]
198842119This has never been debunked, btw[View]
198816534/esp/ - Hilo Incelñol: Edicion El Bosco[View]
198843456Why're Slavs so comfortable with suicide like it's nothing? Slav girlfriend showed me a pi…[View]
198843487its raining right now in my cunt[View]
198812381/bharat/: Dimple Yadav Edition[View]
198840243it's 23:48 here goodnight, lovely people :3[View]
198842428Why do main streets in small towns across Australia and America look the same?[View]
198842190>aliens visit earth >the first humans they encounter are the Dutch What conclusions about mank…[View]
198843211There's only two types of people in this world: Which are you?[View]
198841269/brit/: I would kill my own mother to eat this woman's poo edition.[View]
198838969The world doesn't respect Canada[View]
198836892>If Russia ever decided to invade Poland, thridies would cheer for them and lick their ass just t…[View]
198843199Hello from Finland, it's midsummer and you know what that means. It'll be midnight in an h…[View]
198842154When is their time?[View]
198827445British LATAM: Do any of the latinx folks here think they would have been better off colonised by th…[View]
198834775Do people in your country prefer Asuka or Rei?[View]
198836144why did they do it?[View]
198843109Damn bro just put a ceiling tent like I'm the superbowl and some AC I don't think if the S…[View]
198842549Do you feel dead inside in your country?[View]
198842604Why don't my thirdie brothers share my love for metal music? :(([View]
198830578/norgetråden/: Rakekrig-utgave. Forrige: >>198792651 Trådens sang: https://voca.ro/17gbKykNJ3b…[View]
198839662what happens here?[View]
198836215from today's march on moscow[View]
198842662are the world's cuisines converging?[View]
198842344No wonder England almost conquered the whole world :0[View]
198840820VGH, Hellas vs Orient: A never ending history[View]
198836606Opinions on Latin American cultures[View]
198841927Post yfw someone insults in your country[View]
198836814Is the male gender completely buck broken in your country?[View]
198839136/deutsch/: Hylische Ausgabe[View]
198841871socialism niggas be like >but its free![View]
198826781/sauna/: Klassikko: Nyymi juhannuksena -painos[View]
198829457Which fantasy race is your country? We know that mexicans are basically orcs.[View]
198839957THE GREAT RENAISSANCE WAR: When is this kino coming out?[View]
198841900humiliation ritual?[View]
198841142Peenoy language be like[View]
198838907What makes white people so evil?[View]
198841091Why are bongs like this?[View]
198836811Sverigetråden - Fredagsmysupplagan[View]
198839537>mfw I'm intorverted, shy and autistic for south american standarts and I'm the most no…[View]
198841600The 2026 Youth Olympics is in Dakar, Senegal. All that youthful cunny being sent to one of the poore…[View]
198841372do you keep a good relationship with your mother in your country?[View]
198841348>I looked up gay and tranny porn and now the lgbt agenda is being shoved down my throat, how coul…[View]
198836353Since when wageslaving has become a prequesite for a respectable standing in society?: In the past, …[View]
198839008/brit/: LOVELY FUCKING BOKKLES edish[View]
198841268it's over: latinxlands are coming to israel[View]
198839796What is your opinion on west Papua?[View]
198841096Japan is an utopia and i'm tired of pretending it isn't[View]
198832202japanese bros... you must stop the neet erasure[View]
198806807Japanese Thread / 日本語スレッド: This Thread is for discussion of the language, culture, travel, daily lif…[View]
198840880Why can't they stop torturing animals and eating pets? Seriously, it's 2024. Have some sta…[View]
198819054/ukraïna/: Eдицiя Кoлiївщини Пoпepeднiй: >>198742437[View]
198837238Why do they still hate Germans and Russians with a burning passion?: I guess internalized guilt for …[View]
198839950why are spaniards so leftist? why are they so butthurt about milei?[View]
198836028question for russians: do you like living in russia? how much taxes do you pay in russia? are cities…[View]
198838938what do you think they will find on his PC? my guess is: 1. Hoi4 2. twitter and /pol/ bookmarks 3. p…[View]
198832708開 = open 閉 = close What were they thinking?[View]
198840192We do all agree that this is central europe, right?[View]
198829088boys what state are we from?[View]
198835041Well /int/?[View]
198840098Did you know they made a documentary about America: sadly it was 490 years late[View]
198839587Tell me about the french man. Why does he wear a mask?[View]
198818517/cum/ - canada usa mexico: 'relaxing drive' edition >>198814823 previous[View]
198827826/ita/ - il filo: edizione rinfrescante[View]
198840017/ita/ - il filo: edizione carina e divertente[View]
198839805>gringos (used by Hispanics to refer to non-hispanics) >gaijins (used to japanese to refer to …[View]
198839903Thank you japan for hentai[View]
198834662/BIU/: A thread for the discussion of Brazlian, Israeli and the USA culture[View]
198839024Total Israel-Japan friendship[View]
198839230Mexican thread[View]
198836833I solved piss[View]
198839626What's up with the Brazilians and argue fued? What about Australia New Zealand. Is that like th…[View]
198839334Women OWE me SEX or else I let Society collapse.[View]
198839447Let me sing a song from my country When a problem comes along You must whips it Whip it Whip it Whi…[View]
198834857How do you stop yourself from gooning in your country?[View]
198833940All the maritime South East Asian countries are fake countries invented by westerners: There wasn…[View]
198837043How are chuds like in your country?[View]
198835670is drinking alone at home common in your country? flag yes[View]
198838976frog website[View]
198839212When did /int/ became a frog board?[View]
198839306Why is Australia so small in population considering the indians. What's going on. What's g…[View]
198835152Indians won. It's over.[View]
198837171Paradox grand strategy games will never represent my homeland correctly. Happens in thine countries…[View]
198839158Is it true Russians worshipped Rome?[View]
198837027Russians are the only white slavs just like French are the only white latinos[View]
198835365/brit/: LOVELY FUCKING CANS edish[View]
198838630he really needs to take a break[View]
198838402I fucking love woman holy shit[View]
198831111/polska/: >tak, zgadza się, kopię piłkę edycja poprzednio: >>198824312…[View]
198838851Why are they like... this...?: Loud, bad smelling, obnovious, rude, sarcastic...[View]
198839017How do you cope with not being Mediterranean?[View]
198838232I just come back from shopping at Gare Montparnasse. I robbed two Polish or Slav tourists. Both had …[View]
198838720This kills the thirdie[View]
198838839I don't hate Jews.[View]
198832955/deutsch/: Wochenend Ausgabe![View]
198838648Slavs should try to escape the frozen wastelands of eastern europe and enjoy the warm weather of sun…[View]
198838338What is a traditional summer food in your country? This is a traditional midsummer food we eat in F…[View]
198836605Dinner. Haven't contacted her yet. Mostly because of horrible connection here. Don't even …[View]
198836425The image that buckbroke an entire politico-economic bloc.[View]
198838125Rusky bros: what do you guys think about us? just curiosity[View]
198830565how thick is your english accent in ur country?[View]
198837923>be me >Enroll in uni >Faculty is normal nothing exceptional or above ordinary >Cellula…[View]
198836366>brown asian married 8/10 white man JBW is real[View]
198835665what nationality is the most romantic?[View]
198837906/fr/ + /balt/ + /balk/ + /jp/ + /asean/ + /v4/: Fuck brit you are not allowed here Also A.I edition…[View]
198833512imagine being the most beautiful people in this planet by far and deciding that you will not have an…[View]
198834797Is there homophobia in your cunt? >USA No[View]
198837723How many more years before they decide to edging and actually do something?[View]
198830726/fr/ - le francofil: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kBCEsu5kYPs Edition de Alizee détruit la france…[View]
198835372/brit/: McLaren 720S GT3 edition[View]
198822130Why do Neo Nazis, Right Wingers, and White Nationalists attack countries like Poland, who are 98% wh…[View]
198834058Negotiating peace in the Balkans[View]
198836524VGH… Europe[View]
198837155post your whiteness map[View]
198837478what is this phenotype?[View]
198837458When americanos from Unitedos Statias of America want to talk about Europe, thy think France. Are Se…[View]
198837431Halal or Haram?[View]
198832624>he doesnt have a french gf[View]
198831099/polska/: edycja piątek stópiątek III[View]
198836192it really be like that[View]
198836306No more brother wars[View]
198828278describe your country in 2 words: Russia: lie, slavery[View]
198834505What are your local landmarks like?[View]
198833336>look up american city >borders are fucking atrocious Why? seriously, how does this happen?…[View]
198836866>Latina women[View]
198836517POV: you wake up in los Angeles[View]
198836633I want to r*pe an American from 4chan, after beating him with a very thick hard binded copy of the c…[View]
198820241/bra/ - Fio Brasileiro: Edição chocolate ao leite. Ultimo: sem tempo pra pensar sobre o passado.…[View]
198832710Japanese women are overrated.: Once you marry, your wife will control all the income you earn, givin…[View]
198832756Sverigetråden - Racketkattupplagan[View]
198836000we help millions of them and give them shelter and now they're calling us gypsies because we th…[View]
198836761>Poland: *beeeeeeeeeeeep*[View]
198835741Hairlines of /int/ thread Are you balding in your cunt?[View]
198832442Why are they forcing the 'Beige' meme?: Are they autistic? :/[View]
198836422What's the best way to say 'someone is balding' in Russian: What's the coolest, slangiest …[View]
198835159So.... Is it Ùranus of urÀnus ?[View]
198815519s/rus/aint: бoжecтвeнный эдишoн[View]
198835483Thoughts on Turkish women?[View]
198836142Ah, the quintessentially European territory of Western Kazakhstan[View]
198833326WTF, I didn't know Russia was currently besieging New York???[View]
198836207You know I want to visit new zealand: i wanna see the places used fir lord of the rings[View]
198814078/ישר/ - /ISR/ - /ИЗP/ - /イスラ/ - /이스르/: שישי[View]
198835326I wish I was Spanish: Every single day I wake up disappointed because I am not Spanish. Every day I …[View]
198836003Is Kim the most important ruler in the East?[View]
198835613it's crazy to think that people actually talked to each other everyday in this goofy dialect[View]
198832394The biggest scam ever: Pink and yellow pipo still pay millions annually for this scatalonian scam…[View]
198830680/brit/: teeth edition[View]
198833256drugs are bad m'kay[View]
198834497Please stop speaking English. English is the ancestral language of the Anglo-Saxon people and their …[View]
198831098Germany has fallen[View]
198823898Glad midsommar to Swedes and Finns.[View]
198831636russian women won[View]
198835771Marvel does not have vilains or super heroes like Superman with DC comics. Even Japanese have severa…[View]
198829880Tajikistan bans hijabs and long beards. Based or cringe?[View]
198827314Let me guess… somehow you need more.[View]
198835609What happens here?[View]
198835552This shit is funny as hell: https://youtu.be/S9r7IkiRqbI https://youtu.be/ukk0egBjYqg I can't b…[View]
198835517>Let us tell you how to fix your country[View]
198835418In Danzigs Straßen, wo die Winde wehen, Erinnert sich mein Herz an alte Zeiten, Wo Menschen einst in…[View]
198830657/brit/: CANS edish On The Way Home sub-edish Rare Phone Post sub-sub-edish[View]
198834335What are women like in your country?[View]
198835280The Anglo Saxon's kryptonite[View]
198832264Did you that in the olden days, Swedes were hired to do Asian roles in Hollywood movies?[View]
198830011Why did most Spaniard settlers chose to take multiple Native American concubines instead of bringing…[View]
198830912The sun shines for Uruguay.[View]
198832596what is it like not having hair iyc[View]
198833841Why does Poland like us so much?[View]
198832543Spaniards.: God damn, you guys were horny as fuck when you discovered the new world huh? Hell, even …[View]
198834705Shit on frenchoids all you want, their planes are pure sexo https://youtu.be/NEp-ejKyXVw Total nort…[View]
198835075Chad German eagle.[View]
198826354>just had to drive to the city centre of Manchester and the satnav took me past a few inner city …[View]
198833123The longer you look at it, the more hilarious it becomes.[View]
198832951imagine there's no countries[View]
198834896This is the future of Japan: thoughts?[View]
198834589Which country is the most culturally similar to the US aside from Canada?[View]
198832363how often do you see mixed race couples, /int/? I love seeing them[View]
198805452/csg/: hilo banderoso[View]
198831968Thoughts on asian women? Does /int/ like them?[View]
198815411why is japan so amazing?: japanese inventions: Transformer cell(ips cell) Bullet Train (Shinkansen) …[View]
198833140Name the 2 countries[View]
198833843these are the flags of my country which is your favorite? there is only 1 correct answer[View]
198829342I wish I was black[View]
198828650>Another Friday night, another incelride And what are your plans in your plans in your countries …[View]
198821629/fr/ - le francofil: Edition masquée Ancien : >>198798840[View]
198832021>loses 4 wars in less than 10 years[View]
198826865/sauna/: Parkissa-painos[View]
198834538Why do eurochads mog americans: Eurochads live better than 80 percent of americans[View]
198832204Do cute girls tend to use iPhone Pro Max in your country?: is it a phenomenon in your country?…[View]
198834479Can you handle the Anglo night life? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8DViV8qoyXU https://www.youtube…[View]
198833711>Poland: *beeeeeeeeeeeep*[View]
198829395>Anglo-saxons Just stupidly mixing two words to make new ones: dog + shit = dogshit They invent p…[View]
198832464Im watching the euros rn, what about you in your cunt? >inb4 cop(e)a[View]
198834363They unironically suffer less than firsties.[View]
198831878>your country >buck status flag broken[View]
198832849What are they hiding from us?[View]
198831971Why don't Koreans look like this anymore?[View]
198833804Literally nothing about Japan changed since his passing. What a nothingburger all the freaking out w…[View]
198834144A new bowel movement map has just been released by the WHO[View]
198834108serbs look different..... why? are they not slav?[View]
198830053How come every time a Polish poster makes fun of Spain it's all fun and dandy but every time I …[View]
198833583I solved the piss debate[View]
198828999/Celtmanic/ - Celtic and Germanic #1: Thread for anons of Celtic and Germanic decent, living in the …[View]
198833925Do you invite economic collapse and possible military intervention in your country? >TCI yes…[View]
198830479All of western Europe will be controlled by Brazil in a couple of years. France has fallen.[View]
198833554>call German a nazi >They freak out and call me a racist Why are they so sensitive…[View]
198833648how do I stop sounding like inspector clousseau when I'm speaking english?[View]
198832936But people told me the US was a third world country?[View]
198833602Did something happen to england?: Their cities are filled with foreigners, foreign flags are being f…[View]
198832162live your myth in the first world country of brazil[View]
198833557>Your country >Are you boomer enough to remember this video? https://youtu.be/dkbTlY_H8lA?si=…[View]
198832243IQ by country: What explains countries like Norway, Denmark and Finland having lower iqs but the mos…[View]
198833467it's bloody over innit[View]
198830468VGH Trad&quirky[View]
198833015God punishes you for your cruel hatred of indians, and turns you into an indian from the delhi slums…[View]
198833139Zitto animale: .[View]
198829486Do guys from colonized countries like to date guys from their colonizers' country in your cunt?…[View]
198827727/nagertoro/ bald auch wieder /deutsch/[View]
198830724How can you be a white male in this cunts and still be a sexless virgin? Makes no sense to me. Women…[View]
198832996seen ooxole'tu kiinsaj[View]
198829409Why Kenneth L. Markle III did this?[View]
198832332What have the Romans ever done for your cunt?[View]
198832504American history is actually pretty kino Im sorry for belittling your history in the past[View]
198832536/fr/ + /brit/ + /cum/: Sorry brit bros i'm a traitor[View]
198831623>Pronouncing 2024 as twenty twenty-four[View]
198828318What is the Lincolnshire of your /cunt/ ?[View]
198830396The peak of civilization.[View]
198819564Indian girls don't get enough appreciation. Do they get appreciated in your cunt?[View]
198827689Sverigetråden - Fyfan vad jag hatar kvinnor upplagan: abus cykellås och krossa skallen på kvinnor…[View]
198830179>Lick the boot of anyone above you >Oppress anyone below you >Don't ever question auth…[View]
198832375China is poorer than you think.: With 1.4 billion people, China's GDP is the second largest in …[View]
198832196how are age gaps treated in your country? In my country usually the mom of the girl gets mad at firs…[View]
198826834Why are British people so bad at understanding how insulation works?[View]
198832042>be Amerimutt. >mass produce the shittiest version of maize (sweet corn). >Since they subsi…[View]
198828708Are Indian/Asian immigrants in the United States really THAT rich or is just the result of +20 peopl…[View]
198831933If you don't import Mexicans/Ngubus/Pakis/Poles etc. into your country, then who is going to do…[View]
198829566>Fagging was a traditional practice in British public schools and also at many other boarding sch…[View]
198831863So your country flooded by foeign criminals?: We get a lot of Sudanese criminals/gangs.[View]
198830110How are you marking Midsommar in your country?[View]
198831319At what stage in the pyramid of hate are we when it comes to anti-Indian sentiment in Western countr…[View]
198817961We need to sort it out: 1. Kazakhs are not Slavs 2. Most of Kazakhs don’t speak Russian 3. Most of…[View]
198827491You wanna hurt me? Go right ahead if it makes you feel any better. I'm an easy target. Yeah, yo…[View]
198829488Do you feel like you're missing out on life while you post silly memes on /int/?[View]
198828454/ქართ/: მარწყვის გამოშვება[View]
198830774old french press broke so bought a new one and the coffee is so buttery smooth with this one.[View]
198822649Any update on Bulgarian kitty yet?? Is he clean? Is he ok?[View]
198831225What is life like in Mediterranean France?[View]
198831218/fr/ + /asean/ + /balt/ + /sauna/ + /jp/: Fuck brit[View]
198831167Why do Japanise choose a French guy, the world's greatest hypnotist, to be the charismatic enem…[View]
198824312/polska/: edycja piątku stópiątku II[View]
198830748Autobahn looks dangerous[View]
198830547How do you deal with chuds iyc?[View]
198826827It's over: I just found out that in as little as two weeks China will stop being a third world …[View]
198830228Which countries correspond to each of the LOTR races?: Elves >Nords, Japs, Eskimos Men >Engli…[View]
198830792>mfw you realize that as punishment to the conquistadores, god made them and their ancestors live…[View]
198828335/brit/: anxiety edish[View]
198830895>Let me tell you why the west is homosexual[View]
198830538Is there a single decent country on earth with an average IQ below 90?[View]
198830474How would you save America?: Simple solutions only.[View]
198828825how does your country treat terrorists?[View]
198830624Demography is destiny - Far East edition: >Phillipines to overtake Russia >Vietnam to overtake…[View]
198831612Are you ready south gook?: >The mutual defensive partnership just signed between North Korea and …[View]
198828866Russia pls open a second front in Korea so that I may offer visa marriage to Korean girls.[View]
198830377Americans will defend this[View]
198827787/UEFA/ SVK vs UKR: https://tvhdonline.org/tv-hd/index.php?url=pro-tv First goal is already for Slova…[View]
198825538what the fuck is wrong with japanbros?[View]
198827178how do thirdies survive this heat? its 33c and im burning up[View]
198830654Why are the cops in school? Is it normal in the West or something wrong with muricans?[View]
198830599I rather live in the world of middle earth than this world: i want to visit the shire or visit the g…[View]
198830183>go to Vienna >full of Russians\ huh?[View]
198828549nafri emperor gegegeg[View]
198792651/norgetråden/: Tjomlidutgave Forrige: >>198767686[View]
198829410Honest thoughts on Australian cities, culture and history? >Sydney >Melbourne >Brisbane an…[View]
198830291What are girls like in your country? Do you have girl pretend to be shy but actually be really a bi…[View]
198815324>Muricans making fun of a man with a healthy BMI FATTY Nation Disgraceful…[View]
198827546Jeetbros we won! Jap girls love us[View]
198802386/balk/: Halal argeta pashteta edition >>198778853[View]
198830101So I put the soda bottle back in the fridge: But I just realized I forgot to screw the cap on tight.…[View]
198829028Should street dogs be culled in the roadmap of development? They shit everywhere, roll in mud, climb…[View]
198829418why did he lash out on oppenheimer but pussied out on China?[View]
198830046What's your countries equavelent of a kibbutz? Basically a breeding zone for foreigners to bree…[View]
198829738What would you do if you were captured from your home and sold as a slave in a foreign country? How …[View]
198822373/ITA/ - IL FILO: edizione prodotto sbiancante[View]
198829560>UEFA have launched an investigation after Serbia threatened to quit Euro 2024 over alleged chant…[View]
198829321Remember Argentina used to be 85% white and the rest light-skinned mestizos Many years ago, European…[View]
1988261155 more weeks[View]
198829528Uh... Arunachalbros?[View]
198827810Vietnam was colonized multiple time, went through multiple wars to kick out everybody, had delayed d…[View]
198826157>major wars are a thing of the past >now most young men are useless porn addicts outcast by s…[View]
198827888In America, you can buy a beer helmet. Your country does not have this.[View]
198828781Nafri thinks Marseille is a blond ethno-city: https://x.com/Mediavenir/status/1803835887383413078 …[View]
198827869you wake up in ashdod: what do?[View]
198829215skill issue[View]
198824745would I be considered a local in your country with this body type[View]
198829119>Niger >Nigeria >Uruguay >Paraguay >Dominican Republic >Dominica >Mali >Mala…[View]
198827570Aksumite–Persian wars: The Aksumite–Persian wars were a protracted series of armed engagements betwe…[View]
198825957do you suffer from tired/resting bitch face in your country? instead of normal greetings i get asked…[View]
198817699Today millions of Swedes will dance around a green penis and then get trad drunk and have trad publi…[View]
198828423Sweden unironically has BBC breeding camps where Swedish girls and femboys volunteer to help black m…[View]
198828258Is it true that americans doesn't drink water because it isn't sweet?[View]
198822500I have 110gb of porn on my phone.: Its over.[View]
198828320>mfw tomorrow is Saturday[View]
198817781Hit or miss?[View]
198823641poles (russians) are like: >n-no! we aren't Russians! I think they should be banned from al…[View]
198828751>found out that the burka has always been (and still is) illegal in Iran Based department?…[View]
198828595This is a Fjæsing. It is an aggressive fish with poisonous spikes. It hunts at night and lives at de…[View]
198828568Is your dad a lazy ass couch critic or he's a NPC?[View]
198826950>grow up >facial hair >start shaving >permanent shadow where the facial hair is Do you…[View]
198828649the president of the philippines is called bong bong marcos[View]
198823223NOOOOOOOOOO I hate the people in this shithole that are rude to asian princesses![View]
198827120Where do I fit in?: I'm an eastern guy, my family is orthodox but pretty mixed due to much migr…[View]
198813925Answer me my questions 3, germ(an)s of the lake: 1) how's this legal? 2) would you rather move …[View]
198828070Blue on blue, heartache on heartache Blue on blue now that we are through Blue on blue, heartache on…[View]
198825169Georgia makes me sick: How can such a beautiful culture be filled by such pussywhipped matriarchal c…[View]
198828085Just learned about her. Grim.[View]
198825554Where would you take your trad wife on a date in your country?[View]
198828162The entire world is an amusement park and museum for Americans... https://www.wsj.com/world/europe/e…[View]
198825636Hearing asians speak with a white accent is fucking grim. I speak with a wogcent to avoid sounding l…[View]
198828288How's the garden coming along, /hgm/?[View]
198823708Vgh the view of a part of Warsaw from a skyscraper Vgh[View]
198822990is yours a civilized dog pet country or a barbaric cat pet country?[View]
198828214I don't think I act[View]
198826536/brit/: Minecraft edition[View]
198828119Other than the Anglosphere only South Korea and Germanics are proper firsties: What causes this? Thi…[View]
19882697223rd June: Sadly Paris will not get redeem. (Basically Macarone cancelled the swim in the Seine)…[View]
198818925What went wrong?[View]
198819694Take the norse-pill: >Best culture >Best women >Best cities >Best laws have you taken th…[View]
198825785alright /int/, can you read my future ?[View]
198828149Please Stop Racemixing. Our grandchildren deserve the beauty of a global race war.: Even the existen…[View]
198827878America has FALLEN[View]
198817051How Are Desert People So Strong?: >shipping to Europe now have a 1 month delay >ships cost 50-…[View]
198827747What do you think of gays in your cunt?[View]
198823916>you need to go b-ACK!!!![View]
198824667why do westoid hate hijab veiled woman is hot. https://d000d.com/d/9nsbta7u3x8b[View]
198827730Lasse Kronér is sick and will miss Bingolotto in my country[View]
198825727Does Europe have an inferiority complex to the United States nowadays??[View]
198827593do you like your diaspora in your country?[View]
198823280Sverigetråden - Caddeupplagan[View]
198824765/haare/ ehemals /deutsch/: Ausgabe zum Haare raufen[View]
198826965what is poverty like in your country?[View]
198827166What do you know about Pakistan?[View]
198827057Just a quick reminder. The English language belongs to ESLs, we are capable of communicating complic…[View]
198827349Weakest russian ice princess[View]
198826782Are Americans erudite about your country in your country?[View]
198820263Honestly i am so embarrassed to be associated with this flag after the knuckle-dragging imbred chuds…[View]
198824959Muslim bros…[View]
198824519We stand no chance against Spain ...if we even make it that far.[View]
198823229did you know that the first homosexuals to get married in modern India were lesbians?[View]
198827004>yfw you realize the large majority of 'independence movements' and state restructuring vs. monar…[View]
198827119What happened to london, england?[View]
198825956What being a russian shill does to a mf[View]
198825158Beijing 2027[View]
198820522Rural white girls be like[View]
198825456Im in paris fuck yeah[View]
198813902Brazil has the best olive oil in the southern hemisphere: We just can't stop winning, boys. It…[View]
198827029At this time of the year, we bet on how many drunk morons will drown by jumping into a lake Does thi…[View]
198826992Calling cats/ Llamando gatos: In the united staes, people say 'Ps-Ps-Ps,' in the dominican republic,…[View]
198826942Just an average day in India: https://www.ndtv.com/india-news/up-mans-genitals-removed-sex-change-su…[View]
198826795turkey should join eu union. we are secular and european.[View]
198826910my mom took me to a female strip club: does that happen in your cunt?[View]
198821488/sauna/: Juhannuspainos[View]
198824335>country >current age >age and way you discovered 4chan >do you regret it or was your ti…[View]
198824496/brit/: HMS Victory edition[View]
198826429>Istanbul >I stan bull (while he fucks my wife inshallah) I finally truly see!…[View]
198825072*pop* Good morning sirs *pop* Good morning sirs *pop* Good morning sirs *pop* Good morning sirs …[View]
198814286Just an average day in Japan: Happens in your cunt?[View]
198824955/fr/ + /nederdraad/ + /norgetråden/ + Sverigetråden/: Billie eilish edition[View]
198826227did you know that the economy of pakistan is reliant on selling their 'asses' ?[View]
198825422Fjender dør, frænder dør, Engang skal du dø ligeså; En ting ved jeg, som aldrig dør, Dom over død ma…[View]
198826035This is gonna to make the 2008 recession and the Japanese asset bubble look like a cakewalk. China i…[View]
198825184do you like musicals? this is my to die for i have probably seen rock of ages 20 times. Julianne loo…[View]
198824586>be black, white women throw themselves at you >be white, asian women throw themselves at you …[View]
198823419Lunch. If not the shitty connection in this area, I would contact her. Idc anymore. I don't eve…[View]
198825323Do ESLs enjoy being ESLs[View]
198825666Did you know that Indonesia's founding father used to dress up as a woman?[View]
198825622I...is it true that the Korean culture is more ''viral'' than the Japanese one i…[View]
198825181Why do Nordics look Asian?[View]
198820633Vietnam now also claiming Philippine territorial waters: Guess they saw how successful China’s effor…[View]
198822032Is there a upcoming place in Europe that is safe and without rapefugees and wokeness. Really startin…[View]
198822411UP Man's Genitals Removed, Sex-Change Surgery Done While He Was Sleeping: https://www.ndtv.com/…[View]
198824030Czech SOVL[View]
198825275/fr/ + /dixie/ + /csg/ + /mex/ +/bra/: brit btfo[View]
198820605Midsommar.... vgh... home...[View]
198824120Are double standards frequent in your country?[View]
198822937Most of the Hungarian xenophobic sentiment comes from the fact that we are very insecure about our E…[View]
198824803/int/ernational lols: post 'em[View]
198823763Blue: Balkaners who think they're Austrian Yellow: Balkaners where 1/2 thinks they're Germ…[View]
198824944>your country >is it what it is? germany it is what it is…[View]
198824974Fun Poland Fact: In Poland we have a famous book trilogy called Dziady. Interestingly the books are …[View]
198819870prussian culture what is it[View]
198825134How can we save Timor Leste?[View]
198821676>picture or video says something even remotely good about America >hordes of (mostly western) …[View]
198822467>Russia was never hostile to Finland[View]
198823530Which is less insufferable?[View]
198824902I can't migrate[View]
198786832/ex-yu/: >ovo nikad necete biti vi[View]
198824128125 million of us are under something a 'heat dome': Happen in your country?[View]
198824920Eggslut: YOU HAVE TO EAT ALL THE EGGS[View]
198824514/fr/ + /brit/ + /cum/: Emma edition Let's go brit bros ![View]
198817928[BREAKING NEWS] 3 Mysterious Deaths in Sweden Puzzles the Nation!: >In January, a person was foun…[View]
198820651Does this happen in your country: *SUUUUUQEUEEEEEEEEEEEEL*[View]
198824225United States motherfucker[View]
198823585Are people like this in your country?[View]
198822765/fr/ + /sauna/ + /asean/ + /jp/ + /balt/: Fuck brit[View]
198823826I just want to say that if your nation's football team isn't composed 100% ethnically pure…[View]
198820667/deutsch/: gadsenausgabe[View]
198823963>starts 2 word wars >gets away with it How do they do it?…[View]
198821913Why is it that tutorial countries castrate flips for their stinky and dirty and polluted rivers, whe…[View]
198823997This is what happens to trannies in based Russia. West take notes[View]
198824577Why Do Asians Love Gambling So Much?: >For years, it was best known as Japan’s Collateralized Loa…[View]
198822459/brit/: Tesco edition[View]
198823327'Left' in Latin is 'sinister'[View]
198823627We are celtiberians Not a single drop of moorish, roman or visigothic blood[View]
198824516Happy Midsommar!: I hope you have a nice day Scandis.[View]
198824512white girl summer https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-bDEkQ0pyzw[View]
198823804Are Indians richer that Egyptians?: In Egypt, the government reports that our GDP per capita is 4000…[View]
198793925DJT - Daily Japanese Thread #3475: DJT is a language learning thread for those studying the Japanese…[View]
198810768/polska/: edycja piątek stópiątek[View]
198824283Uhh... brownzilian bros???[View]
198823059>2024 >Drinking shitty water[View]
198818034The fuck is a theater?: I thought it was just the british word for cinema, but turns out yuropoors a…[View]
198821535Why God damn why???[View]
198823735>this enrages the american[View]
198823428What stereotypes do you perpetrate? Throughout my 20s I was a degenerate every day party goer who wo…[View]
198821977Why do Japanese women people have such fat legs? I have not seen this phenomenon in other East-Asian…[View]
198822637Happy midsummer bros! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4E9ydw_aDMg https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4E…[View]
198822599>be you >white male >politics happen >your country is no longer stable or something >…[View]
198823502A saar saw a saar sawing wood with his saw and saw, that the saar who was sawing wood with his saw, …[View]
198823577they haven't recovered from this imagine loosing to indians in the other side of the globe[View]
198823722/fr/ + /ita/ + /esp/ + /med/ + /south/ + /bra/: FUCK BRIT REPRESENT GOT THE REPRESENT MASK OFF…[View]
198819834Do people die from autoerotic asphyxiation in your country?[View]
198823568Why is Belarus considered the most based and whitest European country?[View]
198822471Is Ibiza considered 'Spain Premium'?[View]
198822011This world is awfully strange, don't you think?[View]
198821328so how are my /int/ bros planning to spend their Friday[View]
198822262why doesnt my boy nic' cage make movies anymore?[View]
198822417Are (you) Beige in your cunt?[View]
198820148Does your country have Russian graves? Hungary Yes, a lot of Russians came here to die and they were…[View]
198822984Is emigrating to United States still worth it?[View]
198821401the negro is the perfect consoomer[View]
198822953The UK can house 1 billion people[View]
198821373I just realized I've done nothing but live online for four years. It just hit me oh fuck, Covid…[View]
198817854what are your country's frens and nonfrens, did that change over the years?[View]
198819053Theres nothing wrong with being a mutt[View]
198820426[GREAT NEWS] The Iberian lynx thrives: The Iberian Lynx has improved from Endangered to Vulnerable o…[View]
198821917Food of /int/ #1: Good midday, saars. Today: Ground up meat Scallions Red pepper Olive oil Anchovies…[View]
198822327>My fellow Americans, I'm pleased to tell you today that I've signed legislation that w…[View]
198822675Expelling Jews from a country isn't antisemitic. It's tradition.[View]
198819154Does your country have a national book/epic? I bought this to learn more about Finland.[View]
198822631What delusions have you developed about other countries: Because of this board? I unironically think…[View]
198819946They genuinely have a good country. Why do they still have an inferiority complex to the US and the …[View]
198807107Sverigetråden - Spegelmannenupplagan[View]
198821857INTernational emergency meeting: British people are going extinct, we need to do something.[View]
198821665China Appreciation Threat - CAT: I love China Chinese are intelligent and benevolent China is progre…[View]
198822486iran? why did you run?[View]
198817648This is tiny Głogów, 97% of Głogów was destroyed in WW2. It's rebuiding started in 1987.[View]
198821130Rolling down car window to blast Scooter and Gigi D'agustino In YOUR country, also?[View]
198822505Is Jakarta a good city to visit? How about the island of Bali?[View]
198822059And they say Germans have no humor...[View]
198820438/brit/: Great Ayton edition[View]
198822267Another day where I thank god I'm not an incel loser with extreme levels of sexual frustration.[View]
198802950How can we fix Finland-Russia relationship?[View]
198820813TRVTHNUKE: Old English (also known as Anglo-Saxon) sounds absolutely ridiculous and only chuds could…[View]
198813742/ita/ - il filo: edizione imbarazzata[View]
198813238Are my thirdie bros retarded or something? Why shut down the internet? This will cost your economy g…[View]
198819225Does /int/ like the Belgian rapper and singer Stromae? How popular is he in your country?[View]
198821893Why do Indians love Israel so much?[View]
198821916Inferiority is my drug <3 It makes me feel so warm and happy...[View]
198820934drop some trvenvkes[View]
198820318Why do Muslim and the jew countries persecute Christians so much?[View]
198815880>make one tiny mistake using your mother tongue >your countrymen accuse you of having it as a …[View]
198820733I want it... Does this happen in your cunt?[View]
198812380Damn, the CIA is really fucked up bros...[View]
198819926>but-but-but muh sowiet depodtatiooons bwwahhh Chechens collaborated with the nazis btw…[View]
198818476What do people internationally do in the summer on the weekends in ur cunt? I am a shutin so idk. Pl…[View]
198819987Why are americans so good with guns? Because they practice it in schools[View]
198821674If Russia and Ukraine were completely wiped out of this planet, online gaming experience would becom…[View]
198809940Umm... Italian bros, you alright?[View]
198820690If it's American-made, your life will fade[View]
198821451>apply for an online remote job >write '15 years on 4chan' as work experience The form stated …[View]
198813172/sauna/: Waifunkantopainos.[View]
198821312You need to redpill white americans on the internet: They need to realize most people using the inte…[View]
198821047White america isn't all that bad[View]
198821344/int/: >sensible and rational discourse >3 replies >hostile and inflammatory racebaiting …[View]
198817026Why ARE we thirdies on 4chan?: Anime and hentai are socially acceptable, social autism is standard, …[View]
198821177Every year 80 millions of babies are born.[View]
198820503lol this flag is hilarious[View]
198819343Did you know Spain has 2 French footballers in its team? It would have been funny if they were more …[View]
198821086Do you have Chicanx diaspora in your cunt ?[View]
198818923Are you still enjoying life in your country[View]
198818905Inside Temu's dark side. 'I just used a super cheap online site...' https://www.youtube.com/wat…[View]
198818571the never ending debate[View]
198818806What's TV like in your country?[View]
198820871Post international redpills about cultures and nations that will blow the mind of the common normie.…[View]
198814957what is the smarted animal youve seen in youre country i wish there was some sort of evil genius dog…[View]
198810015You planning on visiting Slovenia this year, rich fat pink man?[View]
198815071Is Finland actually the happiest nation in the world or is that a meme?[View]
198816561Thanks China[View]
198814690I watching a TV series. They did not dub the Japanese girl and I understand that Japanese pipu start…[View]
198820761How many hamburgers do you weight?[View]
198820279死ねえたちために。: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qzkMAfufoHY まったく。この人いつは。 今は4ごご(AM)だけ。 けど、俺をまけないだよ。 毎日日本語を…[View]
198815968Is this what they call a humble brag?[View]
198820172It's literally IMPOSSIBLE to be a virgin in a third world country[View]
198820579Would traveling to North America or Northwestern Europe be considered a sign of wealth in your count…[View]
198815957It's very nice here today have a nice day niggas[View]
198819359John Wayne, aka the duke! very patriotic and eager to help producers in hollywood blacklist communis…[View]
198798840/fr/ - le francofil: Edition Paris Ancien: >>198784264[View]
198815477/شأشأ/ /mena/ /مصحة أمراض عقلية/: هو دا الكلام يعني كدا كدا و يجي حبيبي كدا و ارجع زي زمانانتهى الام…[View]
198820508Do you support THD (Total Hydrocarbonigger Death) in your country?[View]
198818112Japanese people expect you to memorize thousands of random kanji combinations. Each combination has …[View]
198813181/deutsch/: na[View]
198819988Africans smell like onions...french love onions. do you think that's why France is full of afri…[View]
198817933/brit/: pimlico edition[View]
198818430Would you enjoy being raped by handsome men in your country??[View]
198817176A girl told me I have a nose typical of northern Europeans, is she bullshitting or is muh vandal her…[View]
198815576Italy is finished. RIP[View]
198819748Ummah sisters...[View]
198819828I am almost 30 adult male virgin. What now? Feels like most internet spaces are catered to young peo…[View]
198819911do you enjoy driving in your country[View]
198816845Have you even been Discriminated in your country?[View]
198817720can napoletane girls cure the yellow fever infesting this board?[View]
198816086>English women are ug-[View]
198820019Cat Update: So some good news and some bad news.. First of all I do not permanently live here, so wh…[View]
198816468>Tyler was born Liv Rundgren on July 1, 1977, in New York City at Mount Sinai Hospital. She is th…[View]
198819804Discover your roots in EVROPA.[View]
198819682>local polish man is pretending to be a biped to trick people into not putting him back in the zo…[View]
198813145Wait... Turks are THIS white??????????[View]
198819791Many young Turks think it's funny to make jokes about the genocide of Greeks, Armenians and oth…[View]
198819897'hobbies' are copes for chad outcompeting you in the sexual market[View]
198819277>Sing us a snapsvisa Anon! what do[View]
198816976today is is mid summer so we all need to be happy and nice to each other[View]
198813790Faces, names, phone numbers, and addresses of /int/ thread[View]
198819604non-italian bros... how can we ever compete ?[View]
198808618BOEING FAILURE — AMERICAN ASTRONAUTS STUCK IN SPACE: Boeing spacecraft stuck in space with American …[View]
198818435>You cant suffer in Greecee >ACK... https://sofokleous10.gr/2024/06/19/new-six-day-work-week-t…[View]
198806568An Italian farmer let a saar bleed out after getting partially dismembered Does this happens in you…[View]
198816128Breakfast. I was somewhat in a good yesterday, was optimistic. Today they told we are not actually c…[View]
198818942why do they larp as roman?[View]
198816020i'd like to purchase this brand please pick up the phone brits[View]
198817903midsummer is today: Today is midsummers. Today, in Finland, sun does not set and people are spending…[View]
198818409Who is the greatest person of your country that made it the greatest nation of all? For me it'…[View]
198815216Does this happen in your country?[View]
198819009In the USA it's okay to be a child killer and shoot multiple children if you feel like it. You…[View]
198819448>local polish man is pretending to be a bin to trick people into feeding him WHY DO THEY DO THIS…[View]
198815860This region of Russia is named Tyumen Oblast’ and in terms GDP per capita PPP of first level subdivi…[View]
198813478/balts/+/ausnz/+/kaz/: Yt women edition[View]
198813296>PIN number >ATM machine >naan bread >queso cheese >Sahara desert >GPS system >…[View]
198818632How would I be treated here?[View]
198815230>colonized by spain >they don't speak spanish why?…[View]
198818022Do not leave the UK. Bad things will happen.[View]
198818548Dom Pedro II said he wanted to be Brazil's George Washington and make it a republic like the US…[View]
198816424>minor in spanish[View]
198816397>seemingly good shirt >ruined by massive fucking logo in the centre do you struggle to buy clo…[View]
198818148/mex/ - hilo mexicano: hilo Buu[View]
198817290If they embraced their Byzantine Heritage, they would be better off.[View]
198814823/cum/ - canada usa mexico: 'raiding the liquor cabinet' edition >>198813054 previous[View]
198817281I fixed Europe: cunts that deserve it, got bigger cunts that deserve it, got smaller simple as…[View]
198807506What's your countrys 9/11?[View]
198818333Canada Is White: We're also protecting out auto brands such as US and Europe. Thoughts?[View]
198814760>The most famous cryptid in Australia is called 'the yaoi.' Lmfao are they serious??…[View]
198811521What is happening in Italy?[View]
198818133Tomorrow is Saturday, I can't wait for that day if you know what I mean.[View]
198810638Name one thing you like about Russia[View]
198813429Why're they attracted to moving trains like bugs are to a zapper? What's the cultural reas…[View]
198817577Good Morning European Boys~[View]
198817321Why do Western glowies fail so hard at trying to understand different cultures? They shill their age…[View]
198817205I learned how to distinguish between the Chinese, Japanese and Koreans: Just a few years ago I could…[View]
198816126>Yes my little Aryan, worship me! Yes become the leader of the tech elite, so you can give more m…[View]
198818035Guess the cunny: The one who guesses right posts the next destination[View]
198816447>That night [19 February 1945] was the most horrible that any member of the M. L. [motor launch] …[View]
198799402Russians are beautiful angels[View]
198817497Why do we know so little about siberian russia? Whats going in there?[View]
198816940I keep shitting liquid in my country[View]
198815577/brit/: Daphne Moon from Frasier edition[View]
198814830Are American biracial women goated?[View]
198815521How are blondes seen iyc?[View]
198815461Live your myth in Bulgaria[View]
198814766Can anyone explain why theyre so isolated when it comes to the internet? You don't see them any…[View]
198815717How strong are you in your country?[View]
198816656Total Paraguay love: I love when they sing in my language https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uWFZb3AY6t…[View]
198817665The White Man's kryptonite[View]
198814331French supremacy: The new Elite car is there and it's French. Tourbillon pour l'éternité …[View]
198816532Short italian men invaded, raped, pillaged, and enslaved red haired wild women from the British isle…[View]
198799809Which East Asian country is the most pro-American white boys?[View]
198814398> in other countries there is no concept of getting dark from tanning, so many people think that …[View]
198817528yellow fever is incurable in your country. you WILL submit to the rice[View]
198815313European federalism is the only logical answer[View]
198815353I had a dream today that my university has had an exchange with a similar university in India. We ca…[View]
198816246>could of >could care less[View]
198815947I think black pipo are cool[View]
198817164First they came for caps. And I didn't speak out. I didn't drink soda. Now they came for b…[View]
198815243Just wait until Haiti has internet access…[View]
198814987french people believe they are being racially replaced by some dark forces: schizo country[View]
198817253China Is Collapsing: Evergrande's been collapsing since 2020. It's been 4 years, and we…[View]
198817198western zoomers learned nasubi https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=P_ms8QrkKuo[View]
198817112bff <3[View]
198811035Meat Consumption by Country: Discuss.[View]
198815261>Multicultural London English (abbreviated MLE) is a sociolect of English that emerged in the lat…[View]
198812841International Gangster Tier List: >S Tier: Practically controls their countries Beaner cartels …[View]
198817048Is your country White?[View]
198817041The kid https://video.twimg.com/ext_tw_video/1803398270594764800/pu/vid/avc1/1920x1080/ScWptYlSIx5DA…[View]
198815020English being the primary language of the United States is the language of the globalized liberal wo…[View]
198812630zainichi vros......[View]
198816112US Soldiers to Leave Japan: >The transfer of U.S Marine Corps troops stationed in Japan’s Okinawa…[View]
198814421Does this happen in your cunt?: >The story of transgender twins from Ukraine has become popular o…[View]
198816737>warning: this is a professional educational video reviewing the functions and forms of the cloth…[View]
198816423I love American government I hate american 'people'[View]
198816187the only way for evrope to actually stop inmiration is communism, btw. capitalism requires a surpliu…[View]
198816390In terms of average stature: As a huwhite male >European women give you average or taller sons …[View]
198816367>gets enslaved, raped and genocided by the japanese armed forces >70 years later and their you…[View]
198814683Hell on earth: How do i escape and where can i go[View]
198814551HUGE MORNING ANNOUNCEMENT: Just woke up And I had to announce that I HATE America and Americans.…[View]
198816304>up at 2am browsing my neighbor's dad's twitter page to see pictures of her Surely this…[View]
198808812>it's those weirdo countries that have the first day of winter today…[View]
198815682All Americans are rich[View]
198813408men just want young women.: This is a comment on a video of a 100milllion leftvoer Chinese woman. Wh…[View]
198814949/中国/China/: Mainland, Chinese Taipei, Hong Kong, Macau edition[View]
198814474>Anon, are my eyes hazel, gold, honey, chestnut, caramel, amber, tawny, cinnamon or chocolate…[View]
198814758Can you tell the difference between Chinese, Japanese, Korean and Vietnamese?: do you know any of th…[View]
198815882What is your opinion on white British and American men?[View]
198815746Fuck the UN, fuck NATO, fuck BRICS Fuck everybody Fuck y'all if you doubt me I'm a third w…[View]
198792544/Mex/ hilo mexicano: Edición de la tormenta tropical Alberto[View]
198808559weebs thread 日本オタクスレッド Japanese: This Thread is for weebs and Japanese Let's talk at least in J…[View]
198815809Do you like Manhattan?[View]
198814165Why is the solution to demographic problems always fruitless attempts to increase the birth rate? Ge…[View]
198815993>keeps the Roman Empire alive until the 18th century I kneel[View]
198815981Your thoughts on the ongoing chicano-ization of the southern united states?[View]
198815990The most NPC country in the world is Ukraine[View]
198813612>tfw you're seeing thirdies travel abroad while you're stuck in your country How do thi…[View]
198815893Entire history of Finland written down will be shorter than the history of French mythological being…[View]
198814389All the globe round, none can be found so happy as this little island![View]
198812157Dutch people really do be named eva vlaardingerbroken[View]

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