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81969976post /int/ related pepes/apus[View]
81967618/nachtschicht/ ehemals /deutsch/: Buntes-Deutschland-Ausgabe.[View]
81966698Please come to Lebanon.[View]
81970107What's life like in America's deep south?[View]
81965276eu threatens with reigniting sectarian fights in Ireland: >“The situation is fragile, especially …[View]
81971677Australian animals are retarded: Stop being dicks and let chinese people in nobody cares about your …[View]
81970172What crimes has the Eternal Anglo committed against your people?[View]
81966141Daily reminder that Southern Europeans won't survive the coming great winter[View]
81954874Post ur cunt's air force.[View]
81971427If there are two people in a room what are the chances that they are 1 man and 1 woman? 1/2 chance b…[View]
81971376press S to spit[View]
81971320Why is California slowly losing the US center of innovation to Texas?[View]
81971265Who was in the wrong here?[View]
81970521*squat* *WHIIRR* *Oh no... Not again!!* *THUNK* *PLEASE! I NEED TO PLAY MARI-* *SCRRATTCCHH* *AAAHHH…[View]
81969657no culture[View]
81966271Who do you think is the most pathetic poster on this board? I vote for the underage canadian who cam…[View]
81970980is russia normie filled?[View]
81970717parents will pay a private psychiatrist for me 60 euros for 45 minutes of bullshit feels bad desu[View]
81968048Australians, defend this: Why the fuck was an Australian person telling me putting sprinkles on brea…[View]
81971051wew lad[View]
81968102/brit/: Thot on the right really turns me on, pls post similar thots edition[View]
81968796Tell me about this place. The general depiction in American media is a giant backwards thinking farm…[View]
81966557Please love England...[View]
81956729Is this the most irrelevant cultural region in the world?[View]
81970447This is my girlfriend. Post your girlfriend from your country.[View]
81968289oh!? don't mind me, i´m just looking for a submarine[View]
81963558Are there any countries more culturally opposed than these ? We may speak the same language but as a…[View]
81964727I have sent a team of terminators to investigate the signal coming from the Paris catacombs[View]
81966361>brown >manlet >weird religion >immigrate in large numbers >globally iconic headwear …[View]
81968257>writes cunt instead of country srly m8 kys[View]
81966768Why are the (((whites))) moving against him now?[View]
81969961I was born the same day as Steve Irwin and George Washington[View]
81968894I need the best ammo you got to shit on cocky Americans lads.[View]
81969224Do you know the battle in which TÜRKish horsemen just slaughtered retreating Greeks in Anatolia?[View]
81966349Is India the master race? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YR12Z8f1Dh8[View]
81969001this is how the average brazilian look like[View]
81968878Why do Jews spell God G*d? Do they hate Him? Is this why they got the Son crucified?[View]
81967469Why do Americans call eggs ''aigs''?[View]
81968095/brit/: fit black lads edition[View]
81947478WTF is this true? Santa doesn't bring presents to all those people? Who brings you presents in…[View]
81968267post pics of beautiful girls you've recently seen on tv shows (or movies)[View]
81966902>things you'll never hear a frenchman say[View]
81963205If every european country was a 4chan board, which country would be which board?[View]
81964496How different are Kurds, Armenians,and Persians in terms of language, food, and religion?[View]
81961005>TFW still live with my parents >TFW almost all of my income gets invested every month >TFW…[View]
81958270Russia: Strange looking and beautful place edition[View]
81961798Would you racemix with a poonisian girl[View]
81965485>palestine >country lmao fuck off[View]
81965379German bros why do use 4chan and the atmosphere of the internet instead of Krautchan and the germans…[View]
81969061Could i pass as a local in your country?[View]
81967871Do you like Greece?[View]
81968767>your state, prefecture, province etc. >describe it in one word Missouri boring…[View]
81969008Hello: can you come and say hello to my friends https://discord.gg/BQCeQ2 lots of feminists right he…[View]
81964505what do you think of Japan and Japanese culture?[View]
81963134get to know each other thread: >your cunt >are you racist ? >if so, to who ? 1-Algeria 2-ye…[View]
81966168/brit/: shoegaze edition[View]
81966825Ancestry.com or 23 and me Which test is superior when it comes to accuracy and Customer support.[View]
81968589All my morrocan friends are have Italian gfs[View]
81968449Who is this celebrity if you know ? Thanks[View]
81965326the noble BLACK man[View]
81968222>America doesn't have a nigger problem what do soyboys mean by this?…[View]
81940274/ex-ussr/ general: Клaccичecкий edition[View]
81968142/brit/: american toilets edition[View]
81966995Sultanate of Rum[View]
81963654Post things from your home that foreigners don't know what they are[View]
81966670admit it we are nice and you like us[View]
81967942so this is the power of the wh*Toid 'male'...[View]
81967830fucking poles get out my country you cunts[View]
81964371/deutsch/: Baselausgabe[View]
81967560Chaoui Berber nationalist AMA[View]
81967616i hate my life...[View]
81961593Eh? You've never seen a pair of breasts before? And you're HOW old?! J-Jeez! Ahahahah! W-W…[View]
81955746>ur cunt >do you have a middle name? USA Yes…[View]
81967566[meaningless guttural sounds intensify][View]
81965057>There are people on this board who unironically pretend to be black every single day >Some of…[View]
81966789>be polite and friendly to a european on the bus >he starts CRYING…[View]
81966951>hahaha is he your little brother? >hes so ugly! >are you virgin? -in a pitchy voice- >…[View]
81964070/brit/: helo i heat eirish edition[View]
81966601A string walks into a bar with a few friends and orders a beer. The bartender says, 'I'm sorry,…[View]
81961327england appreicate thread: karen is so cute it because she is english[View]
81954065Italians are white. From the southern tip of Sicily to the Tyrolean alps. I don't want it being…[View]
81966041>brits are ugl- urmmm...no sweaty try again :)[View]
81960447The United States of America through military and non-military means is responsible for the downfall…[View]
81965927You wake up in Agra, India[View]
81965387I'm a TÜRK nationalist, i believe in the unification of Africa.[View]
81965023Western civilization is dead.[View]
81937253kurva anyátok[View]
81955215/brit/: Based Ben Edition[View]
81962266Anyone here legitimately despise Europeans? Because i fucking you all[View]
81963877Miss World 2017 is a medical student from India[View]
81959586Are you ready for Thanksgiving, /int/? You do celebrate and give thanks to our Lord and Saviour Jesu…[View]
81965897I'm the wealthiest motherfucker on hilo latino.[View]
81949088/cum/: Not lain edition[View]
81964265>leaf agrees with me >instantly change my mind and disagree with my self…[View]
81961764if your country is pink you have no excuse.[View]
81962564Sverigetråden - 2dupplagan[View]
81962921why does the reddit board hate the truth?[View]
81960081Am I the only one who finds her to be rather ugly? It's not because she's black. She just …[View]
81965508Germany will probably have a snap election: https://www.npr.org/templates/transcript/transcript.php?…[View]
81962301/brit/: The English Muffin Edition[View]
81960249My Moroccan friend introduced me to his newest stock..[View]
81960936Is it common for people to unironically have absolutely no friends or social contact outside their f…[View]
81964434>Went to the gym >Everyone has a Hitler youth haircut How is this not considered a sign of ant…[View]
81963723>dude I never seen before says hi to me on the street >'h-hey' >can hear giggles >he was…[View]
81951717/ita/ - il filo: Edizione ragazzi carini[View]
81959759/brit/: The South will rise, lads.[View]
81961133I post on /int/ because it fills my need to socially interact with other people. What's your ex…[View]
81964988Western Civilization: Greece->Italy->UK->America->???[View]
81959577>Argentina buys a Soviet-era submarine >It sinks…[View]
81954569/polska/: Edycja kruszynek[View]
81958832I'm enjoying a higher quality of life than you are[View]
81956560Eyes of int[View]
81960216Imagine a world without whites[View]
81960608convince me why I should learn your language[View]
81964552>saying a pledge of allegiance to your country every day in school is a bad thing…[View]
81959810Amerindian Legacy.[View]
81964429Look at India :DDDDDDD[View]
81942461/ישר/: גרסת עברית בלבד אין כניסה ((((לזה))))[View]
81962582Real life pokemon thread: 1 yuo arr cunt 2 mythological creature of your people Germanie Pic relat…[View]
81961440>oui oui je want baguette et frog legs au fromage et really expensif wine ummmm très bien oui oui…[View]
81964118Have you ever seen a house like pic related outside of the US/Canada?[View]
81962758You do wipe your balls after you shit, right? I mean, you don't walk around with dried-up shit …[View]
81960465/deutsch/: Sag mir 2D>3D ins Gesicht und du fliegst[View]
81963455Did you know than many factories in north eastern US have optimized their chimneys heights so that h…[View]
81963417If I look like this but with light brown eyes am I white[View]
81960617What was the best and worst country in Warsaw Pact?[View]
81951571Leftists from your country would defend the woman or the black guy?[View]
81963850i want to get a job how to get one in my cunt???[View]
81955567at least you live in Europe[View]
81961743I just realized that I look like this guy.[View]
81963509Why was she so perfect lads[View]
81956015/mämmi/: Pohjan akka -painos[View]
81963708ITT: we summon an Ecuadorian: Somebody from Ecuador post here pls.[View]
81962269Post cunts' real national anthems, I'll start with g*rmoney https://www.youtube.com/watch?…[View]
81954460ITT: Post a MILD criticism about another country Americans are too loud[View]
81961283So, are they dead or alive, Argentina? Icebergs?[View]
81960832What happens here?[View]
81962116Post countries[View]
81962818Édition du mc chicken à 3 euros 80[View]
81959547>americans will defend this[View]
81944995/fr/ - le fil des banlieues françaises: édition des coins les plus mal senpaiés de France https://yo…[View]
81958494Say something nice about america[View]
81949389>she sees your Iberian grass snake do people in your country have impressive snakes?…[View]
81962707http://filteries.com/politics: Ah, the perfect government.[View]
81960660Americans eat this.[View]
81962574>try to start a thread that will contain me pronouncing sentences >vocaroo doesn't play a…[View]
81961462Are we Eastern Europe yet?[View]
81955031What happens in the north of Argentina? You always hear about BA and Patagonia, but the north seems …[View]
81961405Is this common behavior in your country?[View]
81959582okay /int/ellectual whad did you have learned on /int/?[View]
81961242So you're telling me that all of the world's greatest achievements belong to non-white mut…[View]
81960436I learned english with Duolingo, ask me anything[View]
81957666Does English have the most non intuitive tenses of all common language?[View]
81961436What would you prefer? Live in a Mansion in the third world, or a ghetto (commie block) in the first…[View]
81961765長い道のりをしてオナニーパーティ、ダチ 私の王は大物を言う、それは悪臭を放つ。 だから、やる![View]
81960996Noord-Brabanteditie. Welkom: Noord-Brabant. Niet welkom: Zuid-Brabant.[View]
81961546Okay. Let's end the jokes here once and for all. How do we ACTUALLY stop the Amerimutt posting …[View]
81959566How much costs a prostitute colombian ? in €[View]
81960147>my country is king of this earth hahaha. you mad because you bad.[View]
81959177Do Austrian schools actually teach that they're not German and they should never join Germany?[View]
81961156My little cousin know what he is doing[View]
81961330Jewish boys...mmmmmmm.[View]
81946377The ideal borders of Germany, including Prussia. Discuss.[View]
81960946>tfw no gf[View]
81956206Sverigetråden - EUupplagan[View]
81958493Why are western euros so heartless?[View]
81961105>bulimia has come back because I can't control my eating[View]
81959958Why does Nepal worship a little girl?[View]
81959837>be me >15 yrs old >a meteor fall in a house >the police come in >man with radiation …[View]
81955856How big is you're amerimutt folder?[View]
81959426Do they have souls?[View]
81960794>tfw no mari gf https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WvHoNFWRiVI[View]
81948153/norgetråden/: Nav-utgaven Forrige: >>81921063 >>81921063 >>81921063[View]
81957823Weekly reminder not to racemix with Amerimutt[View]
81960308>mfw americans call gritsy bitsy teeny weeny yellow anti-slip machinery a 'truck' http://metro.co…[View]
81958639puzzled: >Country generals are /pol/ tier >misc threads are r/politics tier What explains this…[View]
81960469itt financial education from your cunt (im a senior dont ban me)[View]
81957596/deutsch/: Lord Ausgabe.[View]
81957259Is bullying common in your country?[View]
81951048Could he pass as a local in your country[View]
81950297>tfw white and blond hair but brown eyes[View]
81954631qt boy is wonderful[View]
81959916An unsightly beast... A great terror looms! Ahh... John the Racemixed is coming. Have mercy... Have …[View]
81957319>wants to prove his country is good at wars >refers to battles that took place 1000 years ago…[View]
81945049/nederdraad/: /NEDERDRAAD/ Droge humor editie[View]
81958541Which country is the quintessence of a vibrant culture embellished by intriguing nuances?[View]
81959747>he imagines himself traveling to countries across the world and swooning the local women with hi…[View]
81958760Is this our greatest achievement?[View]
81959803>America is white! I'm 20% German![View]
81958456Are Chinese Not Able to Post Here: Is it illegal for them to visit 4chan? do they have to come here …[View]
81957969Palestinian girls are for _________.[View]
81957098>Italy >Poland >Netherlands >Greece >Hungary Why are they such racist shitbags?…[View]
81959457To the homophobic fucks who populate this board: Please, get out of here. There is a place for you a…[View]
81959599I am going to Mcdonald on Am 3:30 America ruin my life[View]
8195848097% face[View]
81959532every morning i get up dreading each moment i have to be awake...[View]
81959070>you will always be an amerishart[View]
81958606Is it me or this board does not make sense?[View]
81954415Studying in Warsaw: Hi /int/, I'm a medical student (first year) in the National Capodistrian U…[View]
81948801Can anyone from poland help me or basically anyone I bought this controller like an hour ago in Pola…[View]
81957547I am one of the last descendants of the last Roman Emperor. I will rebuild the Roman Empire (EU) and…[View]
81958996reminder if you see this flag on /int/ being abrasive and mean towards arabs or muslims, its not a g…[View]
81957982>AC/DC is an Australian band[View]
81958366We're coming for every single European.[View]
81958033Hello there, brothers. I'm Ogneyar Velimudr, a believer of the native faith. Shall we go to Kra…[View]
81958951Son las cinco en la mañana y yo no he dormido nada Pensando en tu belleza en loco voy a parar que mi…[View]
81958732Why do Slavs always hate their neighbours and fight them? Can there ever be peace among Slavs on ear…[View]
81957634is it true all the other boards (with the exception of /s4s/) absolutely hate us and hate our memes?[View]
81958727/asean/: Multilingual edition[View]
81957201What's it like being italian?[View]
81958630how true is this?[View]
81958048>Watching a youtube video by an Irish guy >He pronounces chasm as 'chaz-im' What the fuck, Ire…[View]
81956643Don't worry Argentina, we are coming to the rescue[View]
81956556In what order should I read these books: I would like to start with the book most susceptible to cha…[View]
81957980/fr/ - le file francophone: edizione communista[View]
81956236the noble BLACK man[View]
81949683If you like Italy, you are a simpleton that is easily conditioned by romantic movies and books[View]
81958315General reminder that any version of christianity that involves icons, or people such as patriarchs …[View]
81940781Give me ONE (1) good reason why the EU shouldn’t be abolished You literally can’t justify why it sh…[View]
81953668why dont we have any celebs browsing our board lads ;_;[View]
81954756I can't stand the pedophile invasion on Krautchan /int/. Is this a cozy alternative?[View]
81955934What do you think of my city?[View]
81955140/brit/: Ultimate Discontinuity edition[View]
81957496>WE NEED AN ETHNOSTATE >african country kicks out whites and makes an ethnostate >*WHITE TE…[View]
81957592What are you doing to prepare for the incoming collapse?[View]
81955909US Navy Crashes Again: THIS CAN'T BE HAPPENING NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO https://news.usni.org/2017/1…[View]
81952681Mexicans are proud members of the white race: >http://www.ocweekly.com/news/are-mexicans-white-64…[View]
81957086I recently spoke to a friend that spend two years in America for work before coming back to Canada. …[View]
81951242Americans were a mistake[View]
81948754>be Spaniard >get cucked by a bus Can't make this shit up…[View]
81957659Why do americans put their shoes in the fridge?[View]
81948732/fr/ - Le vrai fil de la France: Edition de l'exclusion des mineurs acnéiques et puceaux. Tous …[View]
81956430Do you drink in public >uk >YES![View]
81957517Are Sweden's ancestors smiling at them?[View]
81957269Do modern Greeks and Macedonians look like Socrates, Alexander, Helen of Sparta/Troy, Leonidas, etc.…[View]
81953496/deutsch/ Ausgabe des Staates Israel[View]
81948741Why are Japanese women so fat?: ?[View]
81957504Which is worse? >Honduras Murder capital of the world Drugs and gangs >Nicaragua Poorer (per c…[View]
81946516Where are you planning to travel next year?[View]
81957467Oh God, China, the Envy: You wouldn't believe the Envy. Have fun being number one.[View]
81957445take back your lombard rapebaby germans this is my last warning then we procede to supress them[View]
81956543What is wrong with Americans?[View]
81956069Why westerners hate buckwheat?[View]
81956168Which country is the equivalent of Fox News?[View]
81957159ITT post memes popular in your cunt (country) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=73T5NVNb7lE[View]
81955636wtf italians have argentines last names.: Someone shoot me in the face... are they our rapebabies? w…[View]
81955639>the 00's will never come back[View]
81952487Are you prepared for winter, /int/?[View]
81956109>Another day spent productively instead of being wasted on 4chan[View]
81951420Record number of pull-ups: 11-year old native Finnish girl named Aivika Küllas from Salo has made a …[View]
81944580/Africa/: >Nigeria will be represented in the Winter Olympics after the women’s bobsled team qual…[View]
81956694Traditional Chinese piss joke[View]
81953420Why isn't Alexander the Great nor the Persians in this mosaic dating to 100 BC have blonde hair…[View]
81955275sinGAYpore: What went wrong?[View]
81955553/brown/ + /yellow/: Comfy thread for yellow and brown posters.[View]
81899198Japanese Thread / 日本語スレッド: This thread is for the discussion of the language, culture, travel, daily…[View]
81955704Spics vs ISIS PUBG style Who wins?[View]
81953690A daily reminder that you will never be Finnish[View]
81956590Why do sandniggers and pajeets do this?? I swear everytime I want to look up some cool photos of his…[View]
81952386Why is it that the BLACK countries have way more achievements than the white countries? >USA: mil…[View]
81955379>1. ur cunt >2. ur age >3. do you still live with your parents >4. do you pay them to li…[View]
81956318Daily reminder: The biggest hero the world once had is Brazilian. Don't ever forget it. https:/…[View]
81949935My dad is spending the next couple of months traveling through Asia. He wants to know if he can send…[View]
81954676Can we have an uruguayan appreciation thread?: I mean... >educated people >they make good musi…[View]
81952876The eternal Amerimutt shouts abuse has he calls you not white.: Hello /int/ so apparently there can …[View]
819555231. You're country 2. What would you require from your ideal country? 3. How distant from your i…[View]
81953468Which language is easier between German and Russian when it comes to grammar?[View]
81953445/brit/: Fermi Paradox LMAO keep pointing your arecibo antennas Edition: gay posting[View]
81946338/mämmi/: paska lanka -painos[View]
81915032/luso/ - Fio Sem Weeabixas Homossexuais[View]
81954945Greece: Kurds clash with police over detained PKK leader: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Bnsm-ldUdt…[View]
81955784Are there any good audio book series for intermediate learning of a language? I want to pick up an a…[View]
81955546Do you think your country will still exist in 100 years time? >United Kingdom of Great Britain an…[View]
81893868/lang/ - Language Learning General: Language learning stuff[View]
819463754Chan guilty of Divide and Conquer: 300 years ago, a German scientist named Johann Friedrich Blumenb…[View]
81954648>you will never live in shitaly in the 80s >you will never turn on the radio and find based it…[View]
81953797At each revision, the demographic growth of Africa appears to be higher than the previous prevision.[View]
81949709This is how the average Turk dressed during the Ottoman era. Truly a beautiful outfit. This man in t…[View]
81955421Dreams: A big dream A dream for when I search 'Kallezonjat e Eres' something will pop I am doing eve…[View]
81952203My ancestors were building civilization in Egypt 2500 years ago. egypt was nothing but a barren dese…[View]
81939721>last bastion of free speech in Europe >great economy >one of the most prosperous countries…[View]
81953673I was bullied in /deutsch/ Do you get bullied in generals too[View]
81953399is America the gayest country on Earth?[View]
81954653>visited Wales a lot as a kid >literally thought Cymru was pronounced Cumrag >tfw I told pe…[View]
81951695/brit/: spy edition[View]
81953994>2 non-english speaking posters from the same country speak english to each other…[View]
81953974Guess ethnicity[View]
81954004Whats your cunt ? What undies do you wear ?[View]
81955053Quick, post music from your country. I'll start: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OroRE-s7j0s…[View]
81948736what do you think they were saying?[View]
81954950Cárcel de pueblos[View]
81952399>My country just sells some cheap mini chrorizos. >I will never buy real chorizos in my countr…[View]
81950401ITT: Great World Leaders[View]
81948164Red pill me on Portuguese food. How does it differ from the other Iberian food? Not talking about fa…[View]
81949927The absolute state of Russia: >Grand Duchy of Moscow manages unification under Tsardom because of…[View]
81943034/polska/: Edycja smocza[View]
81954332>it's another episode of JAPPY asking something motherfucking subhumans just YAHOO it with y…[View]
81950912“Which country is the leader of this planet?”[View]
81950321>Swedish nationals call for the help of Russian nationals because they cant beat finnish leftists…[View]
81948424Japanese: Hey people, I am studying japenese and have some difficulties. In the Genki text book I f…[View]
81954326why is this allowed to exist?[View]
81926166SO if Italians aren’t white, that means that the Renaissance was created by non-whites. That means E…[View]
81953887>“Heya son, what are you doing on such a fantastic Saturday night alone in your room on your comp…[View]
81953318Rate my BAZOOKAS[View]
81951865What do you browse /int/ on?[View]
81954076Whiter than you Muhammad[View]
819387491. Your race 2. Are you comfortable with how your physical appearance compares to what race you iden…[View]
81951948'Hahaha. It's weird how you know so many flags, Anon. Have you ever traveled to other countries…[View]
81950472*flicks the switch*[View]
81953237Mexicans are proud members of the white race: We are white, /int/, it is the Anglo-Saxons and the an…[View]
81944043A gift from the Soviet people >Poland wants to destroy this[View]
81952226If you don't like Italy, you are a simpleton that is easily conditioned by romantic movies and …[View]
81953487>sister chad bf is in my house AGAIN[View]
81939195How do we make more Swedish men alpha and nationalist like this guy?[View]
81941042Most beautiful girls you have seen. I will start.[View]
81938235>Europeons don't keep their non-whites segregated in containment cities >Europeons pay in…[View]
81944949/deutsch/: Es gibt Leute die unironisch in Deutschfaeden ohne /deutsch/ im Titel posten - Edition…[View]
81953280How are nutshots viewed in your country ? Ever been kicked in the nuts? what happened ?[View]
81948257>Tried to learn python for h4cking >Learn python at sololearn >Completed py3 course >Now…[View]
81953619Mexicans are proud members of the white race: How come pic related is what comes to gringos' mi…[View]
81950272What are your ideas to save Ukraine? Ukrainians are white and their women gorgeous, this country lac…[View]
81953094real time french kebab consumption https://www.planetoscope.com/restauration/1736-consommation-de-k…[View]
81948242I will never be a handsome blnde guy :(: your cunt how do you deal with this feeling(if you are not …[View]
81951009Why do Americans call eggs ''aigs''?[View]
81952910Should we bomb Madagascar?[View]
81950392Why does Germany keep trying to destroy Europe? >that time they destroyed Rome >that time they…[View]
81950567>ywn be an artist of a famous Black Metal band Why even live?[View]
81948141my ancestor :)[View]
81951413British peopuuu strange lel[View]
81950789How do they see eachother?[View]
81951819please love us ;__;[View]
81952788They are basically just Russians larping as Europeans right?[View]
81951899/int/ would u date a french girl?[View]
81950463why do europeans want to die when they sticks their fingers in the outlets?[View]
81952741How much should I offer to buy my first home?: https://www.homepath.com/listing/4452-meadow-pl-se-po…[View]
81948674Gävle Goat pre-game thread: Soon it's December and you all know what that means: it's goat…[View]
81939863why are they soooo perfidious?[View]
81950879>this is a 10/10 in mordor[View]
81948306/brit/: /aus/ edition[View]
81947506I make m*Doid threads but really I'm jealous that my country has such a shitty culture compared…[View]
81950761ITT: Post worst leaders of any given Cuntry. 1. USA 2. George Washington[View]
81951247Time magazine claims that Norway is the happiest country on earth. Is this the reason why?[View]
81951438>mfw tunisians are literally the descendants of roman and french rape babies…[View]
81950154/brit/: quebecois bf edition[View]
81947289Is this correct?[View]
81946590Who was i in wrong here?[View]
81951740Foreign news stories in your country? >40-year-old mother and teenage daughters cause havoc onlin…[View]
81949748Commercials from your cunt: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yApUZ3SHIIU[View]
81951643'Just be yourself my dude xD'[View]
81950619미쿡이 북폭할 의지가 없는 듯: 그럼 어떻게 될거야 반도 핵문제 트럼프 대통령이 다른 해결법을 찾아야되지 그 해결법이 뭐임???[View]
81920348/ita/ - il filo: Edizione spinosauro[View]
81951119>things you can say about your dog, but not India[View]
81951569प्रज्ञापारमिताहृदयसुत्रम् ॐ नमो भगवत्या आर्यप्रज्ञपारमितायै आर्यावलोकितेश्वरो बोधिसत्वो गम्भीरां प्र…[View]
81951530>'Yurop' >'Yuro' >'Yuropoor'…[View]
81950496Why is Wloclawek so unfriendly place for tourists? I just spent a two weeks holiday bought from Tjär…[View]
81950886Fictional characters you're in love with[View]
81951072>tfw you're one of the lucky americans who got out[View]
81907338/sino/ - 中文: Global colonization edition Thread to discuss & learning Chinese language, culture,…[View]
81950784How does your country feel about public displays of affection?: How about you personally?[View]
8194867943 days until new year. How have you fared with this year's resolutions? Sudan Achieved squat[View]
81946075How has italian diaspora affected your coutry?[View]
81947937Why are the best male porn stars from Hungary or Czech Republic?[View]
81942498Why are black people so loyal to Nazism?[View]
81950696>be american >get shot >too poor to afford medical treatment >panhandle online https://w…[View]
81945943You can only post ITT if certain opinions are illegal in your country.[View]
81943518What happened to Tatars?: Once great power in Russian lands and now mere minority and basically musl…[View]
81944576Lil Peep mourning in Russia?: I heard that most of Russia's youth is mourning Lil Peep and that…[View]
81943099If white people are superior, how come Chile is doing better than Argentina despite Argentina being …[View]
81950210Is there a bigger we wuz of a country?[View]
81921950Which is the most overrated city or country you have visited?[View]
81938011Japanese Thread / 日本語スレッド: This thread is for the discussion of the language, culture, travel, daily…[View]
81948841Jordan blessed us with filthy slut Audrey Royal so now we get to have more masterbating material. Sh…[View]
81950127>The Lombards descended from a small tribe called the Winnili, who dwelt in southern Scandinavia …[View]
81949894>be american >have an economy based around the jewish concept of usury…[View]
81948683I'm going to kick your ass Spain[View]
81949951Got my DNA results. I'm 100% Aryan. Whiter than you, Mohamed.[View]
81949867On a scale of 0 to Bajrang Dal , How much based are you ? https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bajrang_Da…[View]
81941055Is it possible to start investing apartments (to rent them) in sweden? I mean how it works there? I …[View]
81943072>be Pole >be in Asia >people think you are rich westerner >profit…[View]
81944848I wonder how difficult it is for native speakers.[View]
81945591>un deux trois quatre uh uh uh >zou bisou bisou.... >oui oui baguette et frog legs au froma…[View]
81948316/brit/: your a filthy nonce and you need a spanking edition[View]
81949388I've stopped coming here a few weeks and nothing have changed always the same cancerous general…[View]
81943630Are russians really this gay, or is it just one guy?[View]
81937895Is suicide a common thing in your country?[View]
81949233>make a few decent trades >make a few sort of bad trades >barely go in the positive as a re…[View]
81939662/cum/ canada usa mexico: lain[View]
81942670Who is the hottest president in the world and why it is the president of Croatia?[View]
81948394how do I get an Ayyrab Christian girlfriend who hates Jews and has a secret crush on Hitler?[View]
81948085Thirty centuries of history allow us to look with supreme pity on certain doctrines which are preach…[View]
81948900Humanity… All of my suffering on this world has been at the hands of humanity, particularly women. I…[View]
81943669Onkel adi ausgabe[View]
81945167The Yamato female. She is precious, she has soft white skin, and wide black eyes. She is very shy an…[View]
81945275>my ass this morning after eating Mexican food last night Deport them all…[View]
81946293/brit/: outrageously thicc edition[View]
81948029Welp....... Bye then[View]
819486991.Your country 2. Do you imagine a civil war going on in your country? 1.Flag 2.Yes[View]
81939253How are they different from each other?[View]
81947771>Mongolistan isn't shining center[View]
81948582Is this an accurate summary of the relationship between Australia and the US?[View]
81944259/ausnz/: ancient meme edition[View]
81948010>his '''country''' doesn't have dangerous wildlife: LOL! https://youtu.be/3lJ2GM17TmA?t=23…[View]
81946130Who is it?[View]
81947518>the suns up[View]
81945860>buying bread from a man in Brussels, he was six foot four and full of muscle >I said, 'do you…[View]
81945709What is it like to live in Alaska? It looks cold, dark, isolated and depressing just like Finland wh…[View]
81927908/balk/ - Balkan thread: german military edition OLD: >>81914918[View]
81943747>Padmavat is an epic poem written by Indian Sufi poet Malik Muhammad Jayasi in 1540 about Rani Pa…[View]
81921063/norgetråden/: Mil-utgaven forrige: >>81903860[View]
81945736Why don't you soviet? Filthy imperialism scum[View]
81946690If white people are superior, how come USA and China are the strongest countries in the world?[View]
81931290>Your country >How close are you and your dad? Black people are allowed to answer in measured …[View]
81947645What are you listening to ? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=y5xikVELf78[View]
81942285How is the shlomocaust remembered and commemorated in your cunt? Is it taught in schools?[View]
81945414>work reception at some touristic apartments >have to check-in americans >ask for their ide…[View]
81935547Destroying the remainders of the eu: How do we destroy what's left of the european union? the …[View]
81947281I’ve learned there are no lawyers in Estonia. Why?[View]
81942382in finland people say that drinking mountain dew causes your testicles to shrink... is this a thing …[View]
81941480Why does Belgium exist: I mean it's basically Dutch clay. There's no reason for Belgium to…[View]
81943730>you're cunt >you're NON-WH*TE race (no posting here for wh*tes) >what porn RACE …[View]
81938210Is there really any difference between being poor in America and poor in third-world countries?[View]
819447231.You're a cunt 2.Matcha or Chocolate mint?: 1.Japan(currently living in AUS) 2.Absolutely choc…[View]
81946354Is it true that most Americans only speak one language? I'm a filthy subhuman to most of them, …[View]
81947102Why anime lovers are sill alive plz die[View]
81946701Dear Westerners, you destroyed my country and made it an Islamic shithole. Therefore, I will be movi…[View]
81944463Do you want to be famous?[View]
819247281. Your cunt 2. Your opinion on the M*tts[View]
81944774Now that the dust has settled, was this or was this not a good movie?[View]
81938760how do I get a chinese gf similar to this one? http://www.miaopai.com/show/558rvWLOcm4643tt4wgyaxGAh…[View]
81946189What we need plz USA help us[View]
81944661/brit/: Come home white man edition[View]
81934128your cunt? what's your opinion of lil peep?[View]
81944351Anti-German Thread: Dump the Kraut[View]
81912338why do americans do this?[View]
81937771Do you have vans like this in the United States and Canada? In France, they are used by craftsmen.[View]
81933709tfw your country is just the side character to the main antagonist, America Who's the protagon…[View]
81933058/mämmi/: /mämmi/ Neekerikapina -painos[View]
81938354>Wow Amsterdam is an amazing city! try and travel from one side to the other >God I wish Hitle…[View]
81939554What is it about Danish men? They're the embodiment of physical perfection while at the same ti…[View]
81942804Bruh... LOOK AT THIS DUDE... ah hoo hoo... wait 'til you see the siz- OOH AHUHUH aha no no NO N…[View]
81938400Do American Whites hate minorites for their success?: Are the whites holding America back?[View]
81943411What is the most Autistic thing you'll admit to doing? I talk in an Australian accent around pe…[View]
81943899>Yes we are 100% ainu[View]
81945556WHY ALL THE AZIANS SHITCOINS DO MOONING?: 32.836 per $[View]
81945459I am drinking Danish beer right now[View]
81944868Rare American Specimen: RARE FOOTAGE of an Untermenschicus burgerericus being taken out of preservat…[View]
81944713>be swede >go to a restaurant in spain >waitor asks me if i'm icelandic >mfw Who th…[View]
81943009This is how my ideal husband looks like. Your thoughts?[View]
81942124Post hot Brit girls[View]
81938085>be 18 years old >live in sydney >median house price is 1 million AUD what's the poin…[View]
81942766>so, i translated japanese world history textbook(which i bought at bookstore when i went to japa…[View]
81936030why we are a black nationalist board?[View]
81944177Don Rosa is here and i will get his autograph and maybe a drawing in a few hours What do?[View]
81939078>*blocks yor path* Take this, Amerimutt posters![View]
81944103Why are the English so butthurt? Why didn't they see all this coming? Everyone told them Brexit…[View]
81938155Does your country have more than one major writing system? What is it like? In Pooinlooland we have …[View]
81941052Why do Americans dress like this?: What are they trying to emulate?[View]
81944271>be working at my shop >some american comes in >let me tell you about jesus >hands me a …[View]
81943356>I'm an irish-american![View]
81943542/brit/: Boer War was a bit of a stitch up but it really brought us all together edition[View]
81931066/fr/ - Le /fr/ancofil: Édition petit, mais vaillant. Fil précédent: >>81922626[View]
81930732Sverigetråden - Mysiga nattupplagan[View]
81944549Meet Nikon Tesk, the first American transgender in space.[View]
81942297Post chases from your country. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8B8CE18KWXk[View]
81921330/nederdraad/: 3kb editie welkom: iphone blackberry niet welkom: school en de rest die niet ,meetelt…[View]
81942420>Pidorashka >Talks about hohols all day despite his surname ends with 'nenko' and he has no cl…[View]
81942099>wake up >Japan still exists[View]
81940650how do you do of the calling this animal in you're country????[View]
81944170International Cam: Lest watcha cams from around the world insecam org slash en slash view slash 4446…[View]
81930394/ausnz/: Confusion Edition[View]
81937506meanwhile in usa: An argie girl and le %56 face on the right.[View]
81944085/hell/ Hellas General Ελλάς: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Up64RA0l1pc[View]
81884499/asean/: Cultural exchange with /lat/ edition[View]
81942641Teach me how to eat with chopsticks.[View]
81939540Name one (1) morally superior country than this[View]
81943323In what country can I find women who look like Harley Quinn?[View]
81943175>any Middle Eastern country has a coup >country destabilized for years or even decades >Zim…[View]
81942211brit: brit my OC gondola edition[View]
819422261. Your're'd've a cunt 2. How old are you 3. Are you a virgin? Canada 22 Yes At this…[View]
81941901The Master of the Italian freemasons presented himself to me..[View]
81942473have every heard the story about mike the trashy gaijin?[View]
81941853do you have a gf or a bf?[View]
81936132/deutsch/ Araber ausgabe[View]
819424441. your country 2. can you handle the banter? 1. Germany 2. no[View]
81941740I want to be happy[View]
81943118>protesting over Black Pete[View]
81942131Why are kara boga black bulls triggered by this beautiful norwegian wedding?[View]
81939616This is the definition of Europe[View]
81940302I'm unaccountably sad today, has anyone got some dark Korean or otherwise films that might let …[View]
81940743R8 our Summer Universiade opening: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YkoP-3mun-0 and post your favorit…[View]
81939384When the fuck is WW3 going to happen?? There's too many people in the fucking street! I think t…[View]
81925132/polska/: edycja inby u anona[View]
81941941What is the best city to be an expat for an English speaking programmer? Don't tell me anything…[View]
81940495I wish Harley Quinn was my gf.[View]
81940723/brit/: Tannhäuser Gate edition[View]
81939586What is this man's name and nationality?[View]
81942182>open /int/ >don't give a shit about the threads or what ever, just gaze at the flags and…[View]
81933849>start making love with a girl >insert your cock balls-deep in her >she turns around and sa…[View]
81937219If you're country isn't red on the map, you live in a cuckhold country.[View]
81939705I want to cuddle and kiss with Swedish boys... Is this normal?[View]
81941205Why is New Zealand so god damn perfect?[View]
81937107Your thought on Japanese girl[View]
81940360I hate being Bahamian.[View]
81936103Mugabe says 'I don't want to see a white face' to the white journalist: https://www.youtube.com…[View]
81941639How do peeps in your cunt feel about public displays of affection?: How do you feel about it?[View]
81941267Is this the ultimate WE WUZ compromise?[View]
81940111Are Americans truly the successor to Rome?[View]
819401001. ur cunt 2. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rIiEh9Y-PG0[View]
81939961Why do people enjoy discussing whether a country is white or not for hours on end?[View]
81940850What do you think of Japanese-Assyrian girls, /int/?[View]
81940194Me and Sweden (me on the left)[View]
81940937>the perfect country doesn't exi-[View]
81940324Is Filestin so unbelievably kawaii because it's fantasy and not real?[View]
81940926hey germans why don't you take your lombards back?[View]
81940878Ja, das ist eine Melodie Die mich so selig macht Wenn ich sie höre, hab ich immer an das Glück gedac…[View]
81940634/maps and charts/: /int/ is getting dumber. Quick. Post maps and charts.[View]
81939775/brit/: chiang kai shek edition[View]
81938591/brit/: son hows it going...[View]
81940777/brit/: em bwetish an het ayurlan edishan[View]
81935586/brit/: Just fixed the world (edition)[View]
81940200>last bastion of free speech in Europe >great economy >one of the most prosperous countries…[View]
81938278list price of woman in your country: US $100[View]
81940493What do you think? This is our secret weapon to destroy northern communists[View]
81939564Do your countrymen embrace american influence? Norway Yes[View]
81937461ITT: Perfect world leaders[View]
81933903/int/ BTFO[View]
81924766What does /int/ think of this skyscraper proposal for Portland, Oregon? It would be twin towers at 9…[View]
81937872Knight thread: >your cunt >your most famous knight Pierre Terrail, seigneur de Bayard As a sol…[View]
81939267Shut the fuck up le nigger[View]
81935866Were the Soviet people betrayed in 1991? That year, a referendum was held, with the question of 'Do …[View]
81938585/brit/: Business idea edition Business idea: go to another board/thread, find a stupid post and repo…[View]
81938698Ocean Man Take me by the hand[View]
81934319>38% of Australians voted against same sex marriage What the fuck is their problem?…[View]
81936754So Nigeria's women just made the country the first African country to qualify for the Olympics.[View]
81935956How do we achieve the /dream/, bros?[View]
81939751>Before /int/ >See whites on the street >Don't care >After /int/ >See whites on …[View]
81936853Draw the border between Negroid and Semitic populations.[View]
81924669Why do Western Europeans keep destroying their historical buildings and ruining the image of their c…[View]
81932766/cum/: China is the worst country on earth edition[View]
81939606How much has your English improved since you came to /int/? Me I've learned many words i wouldn…[View]
81938269Kara Boga! Fuck wh*Te (((people)))[View]
81937955What is Kara Boga?[View]
81923300I don't want to live in my country for too much longer. How small is your government?[View]
81937709Tell me about soaplands anon[View]
81939207Does /int/ like technology?[View]
81938180Annoyance thread: >2017 >No way to filter out Indian reviews fro apps. >No way to filter ou…[View]
81931196hilo: Hilo latino[View]
819382011) you are a cunt 2) have you tried to do no fap for at least a month 1) United States Of America 2)…[View]
81938874Germany here I come: I got a work visa for Germany, what should I expect /pol/?[View]
81939967russia=enemy: Reminder that russia is an enemy of the whole civilised and democratic world. Russia b…[View]
81920925Wow that's a big boy: https://www.reuters.com/article/us-argentina-submarine/argentine-submarin…[View]
8193689923andMe/Ancestry Thread: How white are you, /int/?[View]
81935015/hell/ かくいうぼくもギリシャ系です Edition[View]
81939109Does your country have people with African ancestry? What are they like?[View]
81931131Rank your favorite Latin American countries[View]
81938644Tell me why I shouldn't love Denmark?[View]
81938233Why does Finnish sound like a combination of Japanese, Spanish, Latvian and the language I made up a…[View]
81939047/int/ irredeemably btfo, how will /int/ ever recover?![View]
81938174Hello, /int/, I have a friend of a friend who decided to go backpacking through Thailand by himself.…[View]
81938100Do Americans have the biggest balls?: When was the last time your people did something this ballsy?…[View]
81938659*blocks your path*[View]
81936556What did he mean by this[View]
81938027this explains a lot[View]
81937367Opinions on Polish technology?[View]
81931717Your country isn't a real country if you can't recognize your flag under black and white f…[View]
81932812Spics vs ISIS PUBG style Who wins?[View]
81936624ITT: Countries that you are rooting for at the World Cup next year[View]
81937811Keep it in your pants, China: >China >2 trillion people God damn China, why you so horny? Leav…[View]
81933736>Who immigrate to your country? - Moroccans - Algerians - Tunisians - Lebanese (not anymore, they…[View]
81937385/brit/: viper edition[View]
81937232>mfw I realize God is real and He loves me unconditionally >mfw I realize that I hurt Him and …[View]
81938416The average French is blond at birth, brown at puberty, dark at adulthood, grey at death.[View]
81937992Pizza shop is refusing to deliver my pizza until I submit my name, address, penis size, favourite co…[View]
81936678How are you preparing for the Asian century?[View]
81937021I don't get why certain governments gotta be evil.[View]
81930699Pajeets. Enough said.[View]
81937078>russia >1928 >government decides to fight alcoholism >alcohol consumption drop and stat…[View]
81938172The polish face when we start talking about Germany.[View]
81910323>be American >have british gf >her sister and sister's husband recently bought a home …[View]
81937794>tfw no Italian powerful mom type gf[View]
81905904It's my dream to visit the US one day[View]
81937181KARA BOGA'D[View]
81936915Is American the most beautiful language in the world? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=J1zlCmSzlG8…[View]
81937448Do Europeans really listen to electronic music? Perhaps this is why they are so gay?[View]
81930734>just got my fucking ass kicked by a gang of abos at the bus stop[View]
81937981pyки-бaзyки edition[View]
81936938Why is New Zealand so god damn perfect?[View]
81937853when i was little i thought france was white now i understand it is just another wog islamic shithol…[View]
81937035>ywn have a qt submarine officer waifu why live?[View]
81937245If the Allies lost WWII...: and the Axis went on to conquer the rest of the world how do you think i…[View]
81937250Stop stealing our women.[View]
81937821गाय हमारी माता है। नम्बर देना आता है।[View]
81937001Australian women are THE most beautiful creatures the God himself ever put on this planet[View]
81937721Goodmorning /int/[View]
81931855Why are e*ropean '''women''' so fucking ugly? Every one in the Kardashian family is 5 times hotter??…[View]
81933455Do you have these types of streets in your country, /int/? They are sometimes called 'commercial str…[View]
81936161What are some good movies set or made in Czechia? >inb4 pornos[View]
81937394the nobble AFRICAN[View]
81935457Reminder that the Alawites aided Christians in the original Crusades[View]
81936729How Patriotic is your Cuntry?[View]
81935283would this ever happen in Europe? >be american white male playing tennis in public park >homel…[View]
819351221.) Your cuntry 2.) Which Star Wars character is your cuntry? >1.) Canada >2.) Taun taun…[View]
81934592Kaksoispiste De De De De De[View]
81937013screenshot from the French show zone interdite. Why the fuck are French teeth always backwards?[View]
81936418I haven't made a positive lifestyle change in well over two years[View]
81935174Spic niggers[View]
81934062Why does a lot of the infrastructure in Russia look like pic-related? How could they improve it?[View]
81934935>He's listening uruguayan rock again MY FUCKING FEELS, WHY I WAS SO STUPID, I MISS HER ANONS…[View]
81935378Why are American companies so greedy?[View]
81918858why arey you hate russia[View]
81934648So this is what our ancestors died for... woah[View]
81936208>American Schools[View]
81933986http://patrickrhamey.com/saturday-research/2017/8/15/2017-state-of-world-liberty-index Countries #1 …[View]
81936540Any Viets on here? I am a tourist in Vietnam. I wonder if it's possible to visit some of the ol…[View]
81936668>you will always be indian/paki Do you wish you could change your ethnicity? If i could, I'd…[View]
81905273What makes /int/ different from other boards? What's the distinctive feature of /int/?[View]
81928595>argentina >país de mierda >sus fuerzas armadas son un chiste >se pierde un submarino…[View]
81933162Can black be Japanese?[View]
81929757Do you love Japan?[View]
81931343So when do you start feeling like an adult? I just turned 22 and still feel like a teenager.[View]
81936476Do you fear balding???[View]
81932915i want to marry a japanese girl am i beta?[View]
81936351https://elpais.com/internacional/2017/11/18/argentina/1510976060_278451.html >La primera oficial …[View]
81933943Japan is perfect, post Japan stuff https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=51jzQiSb0NM[View]
81935656whatcha drinking tonight lads?[View]
81935567*Blocks your path* Mediterraneans are not Europeans.[View]
81932830>wake up >the world looks like this How fucked are you?…[View]
81936291r we gonna be best frenz now?[View]
81936289Two Soviet Russians are admiring a picture of Adam and Eve. One says 'They must be Russian' The othe…[View]
81929813>your country is now militarily aligned with all other states that begin with the same letter as …[View]
81931372You must choose one (1) US state to live in for the next two years. Which do you choose? You must ch…[View]
81930751Countries which are brother nations >living on land that doesn't belong to them >about to…[View]
81929862/deutsch/ nachtschicht[View]
81931407The land now known as Canada was once home to both tyrannosaurus and ankylosaurus. Epic dino battles…[View]
81934306/brit/: thicc ed[View]
81932625>swedes are good lookin- um try again sweaty[View]
81933912>tfw anyone questions the legitimacy of american institutions for literally any reason at all…[View]
81933212Do americans really do this?!?[View]
81934872*laughs at you in american*[View]
81936066TFW we won't get a global, country vs country mech combat league because these guys made their …[View]
81935345BUT IM A CREEP[View]
81935996>hfw her blind date turns out to be a wh*Toid '''''''''man'''''''''[View]
81933678What class do you belong to?[View]
81928332/dixie/ - Southern US & friends: Re: The pedofag edition[View]
81935741All I wanted in the end is a bit of love[View]
81935315The welsh anthem is pretty based desu https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AM4mIlYKG9s[View]
81934500Could i pass as a local in your country?[View]
81934919Will minorities punish me when I'm an old man? I don't want to be in a nursing home where …[View]
81925499Thoughts, /int/?[View]
81934695Jesus was Black. Why do neo-Nazis in USA and Poland still praise Jesus?[View]
81935449>this triggers the turk[View]
81931593This is how you know the terrorists haven't won. This. is. Freedom. Right here.[View]
81930600What happens in these islands?[View]
81932343I want to live in Italy.[View]
81931940Special snowflakes, the state[View]
81935142Why do Americans get chemical burns when water contacts their skin?[View]
81935133Struggles of the BLACKman: > tfw BLACKmen in classroom back in High School > Ever sit next to …[View]
81933657> Lingerie Football League Do americans watch it for the plot?[View]
81934772Who was in the wrong during this conflict?[View]
81927084/int/craft Historical RP Minecraft Server LAUNCHED TODAY: IP Address: https://discord.…[View]
81932683I want to live in Sweden[View]
81925980>meanwhile on bizarro /int/[View]
81929828>le minority in your own capital face?[View]
81930138/ex-yu/: edicija knez[View]
81933342tfw someone owes you €20000, €14500 of which you have to use to pay the year's taxes on your in…[View]
81934071If Mexicans aren't welcome in the USA, who will build their house, fix their pipes, fix their e…[View]
81932449Could I pass as local in your country[View]
81930836/éire/: Yuzuko edition.[View]
81897537Danmarktråden: Det er fredag[View]
81933039Niggeranon here. I'm about to go out and BLACK the shit out of some Swedish bitchasswhorefuckcu…[View]
81934270It's always a pleasure to browse other languages generals with google translate on and realize …[View]
81934148What is the most moderate sect of Islam? Is it Alawites and Alevis? Pic related is an Alevi RELIGIOU…[View]
81932028>your cunt >how hard is it to be vegan there?…[View]
81934457>want to have a world empire where you control trade and commerce throughout the whole world >…[View]
81932097/BLACK/: Poles prayed for KARA BOGA to come and he came[View]
81931937Was this the most aesthetic border in human history?[View]
81933838>just had 3 Oreo blizzards, 2 kit kat blizzards, and 1 snickers blizzard at Dairy Queen >insta…[View]
81932857/brit/: brekkie edition[View]
81927230>fall in love with a French Algerian girl >she moves to Finland with you >you live together…[View]
81931722Polandball Comics: Post your dankest polandballs.[View]
81930758>TFW shitskin >Will never have a pale skin, dark hair gf…[View]
81925732ITT: Angel singers from different countries Norway - Aurora https://youtu.be/d_HlPboLRL8[View]
81933318>tfw bullied when i was 3-5 years old because i had long hair >tfw they called me 'girl…[View]
81932734danzig belongs to ________[View]
81928608What did Spain/Chile mean when it named these islands?[View]
81930767/éire/: Tomoyo Edition[View]
81928628Can we have an interesting animal from your country thread? This is a Wheel Bug, they're native…[View]
81933923>wake up >go to work >come home >take opiates >read, watch movies, listen to music …[View]
81932406what ethnicity is big boss?[View]
81933790/hell/ Hellas General Ελλάς: pfhahahahahahaha edition[View]
81932994Hevosharrastajain /mämmi/[View]
819294291. Your country 2. What's her name[View]
81933649Why does anybody care about saving the white race? If you've lived in the south, or the midwest…[View]
81908514/southerns/ - south europe: invited:italy,greece,portugal,spain not invited:notherns[View]
81929088Based Nation of Islam Black man btfo'd and teaching an amerigoblin a lesson.[View]
81932539Can someone tell me how do i become a Chad in an unofficially war-torn shithole? I'm not kiddin…[View]
81933477Your cunt-tree Do girls in your country like big benis[View]
81922723>What is it? A '''not autistic''' Minecraft server with nations from World War 1 engaging in poli…[View]
81933468To all you anons with very young kids out there. Have you ever thought of grabbing your baby by the …[View]
81928711/brit/: homolove edition[View]
81933264>Your country >what makes your people very mad? Italy Broke a gentlemen's agreement, it m…[View]
81929871Why are latin americans so violent?[View]
81928946This is a general reminder that the US betrayed a french Republican revolution, in support of Monarc…[View]
81932272What did Ukraine mean by this?[View]
81933004>parents gave you a G*rman first name just fuck my shit up senpai[View]
81931748happy thai pongal faggots[View]
81932656How well can you get along in Brussels with German?[View]
81932434Daily reminder that French North Africans collaborated with the Nazis in suppressing the French resi…[View]
81927897/cum/ Canada United States Mexico: Kurwa fruit Edition[View]
81918076/mämmi/: Raiskauspainos[View]
81930832Is your country dominated by rural and suburban retards?[View]
81928067Che historia hai il Papa Luciani? Perche ha morto?[View]
81932421Do this for you're a cunt[View]
81931188Opinions on Polish technology?[View]
81928800There's nothing wrong with gay marriage: This is just something normal that everyone goes throu…[View]
81930639Rooms of /int/[View]
81931221hilo para mejorar la raza[View]
81925959Care to share a couple of words with us, Italy?[View]
81917415>an American says this to you What do?[View]
81931881Computer scientists PROVE that any country matching the following regex is SHIT: /[a-z ]+(ey|nd?|rk)…[View]
81876593/v4/ - /slovakia/ + /slovenia/: blyat lake edition[View]
81930095/brit/: edinburgh edition[View]
81931305Is Slavofuturism a thing?[View]
81930840Would you boycott an app like Snapchat if it talked shit about your country?[View]
81929654Where would you live? Bangui (Central African Republic) or N'djamena (Chad)[View]
81913523Norway + Portugal = true epic love We are the best friends, the siblings, the lovers. If you want to…[View]
81926628Am I black?[View]
81931568/lat/: edicion petrea[View]
81926155>this is what the jerry actually believes[View]
81931142at least we tried, right?[View]
81893844/dixie/ - Southern US & friends: Jim Webb edition[View]
81931085>Be me >From Pukë >See an american tourist come >He stops at the city sign >vomits …[View]
81930744>tfw 5'7 manlet without any social skill,friends and gf hey jorge can we be friends?…[View]
81931235/lat/: hilo latino el amargo y boton del jani me borro el anterior :'3[View]
81920150Your reason for not leaving your country?[View]
81931152how do I get a cute New Zealander gf?[View]
81927633russia=enemy: Reminder that russia is an enemy of the whole civilised and democratic world. Russia b…[View]
81928735Who is your favourite German person?[View]
81922626/fr/ - Le Fil Francophone[View]
81902517hilo latino[View]
81931006Hey per*Vians Francisco Pizarro[View]
81929002>a significant chunk of the Crusaders were French Ah, that explains everything..…[View]
81929712Fuck australia: shitty aussies.[View]
81930445/ausnz/: /balt/ is dead (for real now) edition[View]
81926174Im moving to Portugal. Where to move?[View]
81930468Called my uni teacher mom AGAIN[View]
81879074/éire/: I wanted to attach an image to my last post but now I have to make a new thread edition.…[View]
81930709Is Eastern European air that polluted?[View]
81927770This is President of Finland with her cousin. Discuss.[View]
81893998What Mexico would have looked like if Spain minded their own business[View]
81927251The brown pill: https://youtu.be/nRafaCcfrcI [Open] White woman >entitled as fuck >likely pol…[View]
81928065>one chance at life >born in a two party oligarchy-like state…[View]
81930139I want to move to Bangkok. What should I expect?[View]
81928455>Dad's German mistress is coming over. >She's 25, has a 41 inch round ass with a sma…[View]
81927614Which one of these electives is easiest for a /int/ user to get a good grade in >Economics >Po…[View]
81928676/brit/: the face of the alt-right edition[View]
81930209he is going to spend all night talking about god again... somebody please make him to stop[View]
81918379/CHI/: i'm exhausted[View]
81928846The face of a LEADER[View]
81887653Culture Pals - /cp/: NO BULLYING EDITION I'LL FUCK YOU UP REAL GOOD Welcome to Culture Pals! M…[View]
81921188/brit/: Snorting coke off a black woman's bum edition[View]
81925067/deutsch/: Baselausgabe[View]
81914292How far back can you trace your ancesty? Are you related to anyone famous? I can trace my great-gran…[View]
81927946>and after many moons had passed the parti libéral du québec unveiled the worst fucking cannabis …[View]
81928606AUSTRALIA: >it's okay to be a homo[View]
81929509>wake up >STILL white should I end it? if I get reborn there's a 1 in 5 chance I'll …[View]
81929360literally what the fuck happens here?[View]
81919087It's 1800 Do you side with Napoleon or Britain and her allies?[View]
81919216>when you see a Japanoid subhuman Say hi to Hirohito when you see him in Hell, degenerate…[View]
81921152With the exception of Slovenia and Czech Republic, I hate slavniggers..[View]
81928721>mfw a cr*atoid ustaza tries to talk to me[View]
81920862I unironically think this is comfy.[View]
81929105>Deputies in Oklahoma arrested a chemistry teacher Wednesday for sexually abusing an underage boy…[View]
81928645Send prayers: Be safe motherfuckers[View]
81927939why do western/northern europeans love muslims so much?[View]
81927606>tfw no qt broken gf to eat junk food and watch netflix 24/7[View]
81926338i wanna die lads[View]
81913327Why are there so many Fins in /int/?[View]
81928061What's your cunt's opinion on synthol injections.[View]
81918948Question for non white. How obvious is it when someone 'virtue' talk to you? Like when some hypocrit…[View]
81925569What am I /bant/?[View]
81928720>mfw a wh*Toid tries to communicate with me[View]
81924489/brit/: the supposed genetically inferior paddy edition[View]
81915569Russian 'playgrounds': Jesus....[View]
819232832009 was a bad year all around 2016 wasn't much to brag about either Hopefully 2017 and onward …[View]
81917053>a southern european enters the thread[View]
81928393Whenever I look up my country in Twitter there's always some certain neighbor countrymen talkin…[View]
81926029/brit/: mfw i see a british opressor edition fuck ulster scots fuck the english unified ireland now!…[View]
81928183Finland is the hardest country in the world Come at me bro[View]
81928310What room of your government building is used by the council of ministers 1. Netherlands 2. Trêveza…[View]
81923031>be american >mention church shootings in a church >get shot https://www.usatoday.com/story…[View]
81923180I have done things i regret today. Have you done so in your country.[View]
81919690/cum/: Smoking Chesterfield Edition[View]
81927031hi there. i'm fuckin russian from ural region, and i'm looking for an opportunity to study…[View]
81926211The Lithuanian singer got assassinated on route to the agency headquarters..[View]
819255014 chan is messing my mind up, I was not like this a few years ago, I was better[View]
81927455What's the coolest region to visit in Iran?[View]
81927592What does the word 'Machine' or 'Machina' mean in your language?: In a lot of languages, the word 'm…[View]
81921490Sverigetråden - Fredagsupplagan[View]
81914918/balk/: UCK edition >>81905803[View]
81927761>what did you say about white people, nigger?[View]
81921139currycel is the brown version of uncle ruckus[View]
81922607DAAAMN! I feel sick guys. My BAZOOOKAS hurt![View]
81927584So is God still punishing the People's Republic of California with a drought for all of the gay…[View]
81926606What is it like to go to high school in Russia?[View]
819272221.Your country 2.2. Which selection will you support in the world cup 1.Brazil 2.Brazil,If we are el…[View]
81921920You may not like it but this is what peak southern europeaness looks like[View]
81922906/brit/: terrarium edition[View]
81923936>be me >run some business >client is happy and ready to order >at the end he asks 'where…[View]
81923745>most successful terrorist organization in the world[View]
81927041I didn't know gauls could look like that[View]
81924476/brit/: Tiocfaidh ár lá Sing up the RA[View]
81925139What does a handwritten paragraph look like in your language: i guess i want to see how writing look…[View]
81926605A thought: Why do Europeans chimp out when an American mentions his heritage?[View]
81915974http://archive.is/r2mLC Also: http://sys.4chan.org/derefer?url=http%3A%2F%2Fwww.breitbart.com%2Flond…[View]
81925494there's something here but i just can't put my finger on it[View]
81922196>things you'll never hear an Italian say[View]
81925238/exyu/: Spavate li sisari?[View]
81899280/ex-ussr/ general: everyone welcome pycня дoлжнa cпpaшивaть paзpeшeния нa пocтинг[View]
81896604/kurva anyátok/[View]
819065041. your country 2. your favorite japanese person ever? USA Aoi Shirosaki[View]
81925824I can't believe I'm a Yuromutt. I want to be pure Yuropean not have percentages of differe…[View]
81920748/ex-yu/: Izdanje: Vojna Hunta[View]
81922408>American cuisine[View]
81925965Gimme a quick rundown on Georgia. I know they're orthodox, scrapping with russia, and kinda poo…[View]
81921446How will your country adapt to the future stregnth of Croatia?[View]
81923255Why do burgers fetishize Jewish girls?[View]
81920566Why Americans circumcise their babies? This is part of american culture that i cannot understand. Hy…[View]
81921727Outside North America, what do you guys think about the vast cultural difference between the US and …[View]
81924942>Be American >Diagnosed with routine illness >Cant afford treatment >Die…[View]
81914572What happens here?[View]
81920334Why don't you greater india/indosphere anons and your diaspora have a recurring general so you …[View]
81920865Whats your eyecolor /Int/ ? If you are are asian you can skip this[View]
81925623Dear yesterday's matcha Norge: What's your snack tonight...?[View]
81921533Name one thing the entire world can agree on[View]
81924458Uniforms and armor thread[View]
81923849>the currency of the united states is body fat[View]
81924380Is Slavofuturism a thing?[View]
81924994>when a sl*void approaches me[View]
81915806/polska/: edycja ładnych loszek[View]
81919459/deutsch/: pietsmiet.de/pietcast[View]
81923274Does this confuse and enrage the average Swede?[View]
81919942How do you say 'Mom I love fucking' in your language?[View]
81919862NWG - /non-white general/: I kindly invite my non-white brethren to join me in this thread for we sh…[View]
81924753Am I the only person who gets sad when I get on a bus?[View]
81924819नमो तस्स भगवतो अरहतो सम्मासम्बुद्धस्स นะโม ตัสสะ ภะคะวะโต อะระหะโต สัมมา สัมพุทธัสสะ ขอนอบน้อมแด่พ…[View]
81924403>'Haha, just go to London, bro! It's an awesome city, bro! You'll love it, bro! Haha!' …[View]
81916034>this qualifies for news in Britain[View]
81924475>be american >government agencies have more power than the actual government >get killed by…[View]
81919683Hola, estoy buscando a alguien de Argentina que se quiera suicidar y tenga un arma. Pegarme un tiro …[View]
81922926>you will never be Italian-American >you will never live in a comfy New York apartment above y…[View]
81923772The best city of your country?: Finland is link related: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wqk-XFPgRtk…[View]
81924389>tfw no qt Iranian gf[View]
81923107Californians!!!! ITT Time to kick Daylight Savings! https://leginfo.legislature.ca.gov/faces/billNav…[View]
81923836Which one is worse: >a loser supremacist >blame (((others))) for his failure >a loser self …[View]
81920854https://youtube.com/watch?v=nrupg0SCMB8 cCc Erdoğan is MY leader cCc Rutte? No thanks. Juncker? No t…[View]
81922782/brit/: George, lads.[View]
81922234>his 'country' doesn't speak a Romance language[View]
81921466This is what Russia would've look like if it wasn't for Am*ricans[View]
81922497To the moldovian anon in italy, please stop posting my pic[View]
81922701One of his students asked Buddha 'Are you the messiah?' 'No', answered Buddha. 'Then are you a heale…[View]
81923099Why is Oslo such a wonder of a city?! Only 25 years ago it was also the capital of Norway, and now O…[View]
81915941What is the worst thing your people has ever done? We decided to genocide all Germans in Estonia in …[View]
81919852/BLACK/ General: Desta vez, nós realmente discutimos BLACKNESS[View]
81919999Stop being rude: I come here; to discuss international culture.. And you insult me based on my nati…[View]
81914983My ancestors :)[View]
81919329Is your city a Deano hotspot, what even is your country's own equivalent to Deanos?[View]
81922457>be american >everything you eat is filled with toxins…[View]
81903505> people implying Russia is somehow anti-muslim > meanwhile, there are 9 million muslims in Ru…[View]
81907469/ita/ - il filo: Edizione White Pride[View]
81922197>mfw I learn the average credit score in america is 620 guess they don't know how to pay the…[View]
81922185please visit alicante: im so lonely[View]
81918304I think we can all agree on this.[View]
81907504What nationalities do you hate the most?: >Russia, Poland Clay stealers, degenerate alcoholics an…[View]
81921646ITT we share words which sound (phonetics) and write (orthographically) the same in 2 languages. I…[View]
81914311/fr/ - Le Fil Francophone[View]
81916087Latvia has evaded the banter for too long[View]
81919026>'Don't worry anon, things will get better once you leave for college. School just wasn…[View]
81922211>his country doesn't host a Formula 1 grand prix[View]
81918151>your cunt >do you have a doggo? >if yes, what breed is it? >is it common for people in…[View]
81920672you all laughed on 9/11: F.U.C.K. all of you I don't care if you're from Russia, or Sloven…[View]
81919801What's the slogan of your country?: Here it is 'Det er typisk norsk å være god!' (There is typi…[View]
81917513My ancesters :)[View]
81922028Зa нaми Poccия, Mocквa и Apбaт[View]
81920498We didn't lose any submarine: IT'S A TOP SECRET MISSION TO INVADE THE MALVINAS AGAIN MAWHW…[View]
81918975>Be Israeli >Guaranteed ((you)) for every post…[View]
81918179How popular is Kylie? Is she still as popular as she used to be?[View]
81920453>that canadian paki/indian guy that always post how his race is the worst…[View]
81921796Would you marry and have children with this man?: I definitely would.[View]
81919686/brit/: Out with the lads ed.[View]
81920906Pick your poison[View]
81911998What Taco kit shall i choose today?...[View]
819213891.You're country 2. Age 3. Job and salary 4. does this make your social status good or trash[View]
81920954Friendly reminder that America is a black nation. We are not white, nor do we care about perceived w…[View]
81921380i bet you to put how many regional threads /int/ has[View]
81912728Vocaroo thread: Vocaroo thread Post vocaroos Post shit you want people to say Keep the gay shit t…[View]
81920130*puts shoes in your fridge* what do?[View]
81915044Best EU year?[View]
81918062British girls are ug-: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1IymvRyhtdA[View]
81920680don't cry for me argentinaa[View]
81913123/ex-yu/: Jugoslavija edicija[View]
81916603Holy shit it's good to be white! Like seriously blacks can't even fathom how great it is. …[View]
81920121I love Japan. How to get Japanese bf?[View]
81896409/cum/: /ourgoose/ edition[View]
81920713>when i see a wh*toid[View]
81916594Americans will unironically defend this[View]
81912230Germany and Lithuania should unite and fight the eternal kurwa from two sides, do you agree?[View]
81920351I'mma die, so sweetie, I ain't never had a meanin' Just another fuckin' junkie, …[View]
81919513>when a wh*toid can attract your women without ease fuck the west[View]
81920311/int/pires 2.0: WW1 Boogaloo: >Crackshot+ >trains & planes >Towny You know the drill. M…[View]
81920192Why is Kosovo not considered a country? They have people nationality land as well as collect tax and…[View]
81910160West Slavs: What are their relations like? Do they consider themselves to be brothers, or are they b…[View]
81918995What’s the most popular porn category in your cunt, /int/?[View]
81910298Friendly reminder that we are actually making amerisharts leave the website due to excessive amerigo…[View]
81900274The glorious new face of America no puedes escapar[View]
81915687Before -> after Which one do you prefer?[View]
81905988How fast have you ever driven your car?: and when and where and why. For me, 140 km/h on local highw…[View]
81919142Useful Catalan phrases: Now that Catalonia will probably be it's own country soon, we should al…[View]
81916778NOTHING cuter than Russian grill dancing to bollywood music https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-BExkf1T…[View]
81915373Are they long lost brothers?[View]
81911754I can pay a cute Russian boy a 2500 euros if you spent chtistmas with me. I can also come get you fr…[View]
81919729Holy shit China is pure cancer. Wtf is that shit? https://earth.nullschool.net/#current/chem/surface…[View]
81916395/brit/: Love God and his Son Jesus of Nazareth HATE J*ws for killing him[View]
81910871Magyar love and tolerance thread: >ur cunt >magyars are awesome? y/n >colombia >SI…[View]
81919537>mfw europeans don't use high fructose corn syrup CANNOT BE FABRICATED…[View]
81913746Post famous Africans.[View]
81915731>calls police in USA >'help I am rob' >'we're OTM OTW ETA 22.53 MINUTES…[View]
81908061Why don’t you date with Black woman??[View]
81913418/deutsch/ ɐnɟ pǝɯ ʞodɟ sʇǝɥǝupǝ ɐnsƃɐqǝ[View]
81919283Imagine putting your penis is a vagina. Madness.[View]
81912764What happens if you mention 'the war' around Germans?[View]
81907540What is/was your major /int/? How does /int/ decide between computer engineering and energy engineer…[View]
81917854When you post here do you ever think: 'wow, i am conversing with someone from a whole different…[View]
81907907Do you have dialects of different language in your country? Can a german understand alsatian : http…[View]
81917558Mexicans are proud members of the white race: >http://www.ocweekly.com/news/are-mexicans-white-64…[View]
81913328What would India look like without Islam?: Would they be richer? Would the population be lower?…[View]
81918963How much percentage is this?[View]
81918848*blocks your flag's path*[View]
81918787>i can make any thread on /int/ as long as i include '1) ur cunt' in it somewhere…[View]
81917883/brit/: >why YES, I do enjoy a nice warm glass of CIDER edition[View]
81915535This enrages and terrifies the non-Anglo shitskin. http://www.telegraph.co.uk/science/2016/09/28/th-…[View]
81913930Moskau Tor zur Vergangenheit Spiegel der Zarenzeit Rot wie das Blut[View]
81918385I recently heard that in Germany religious offerings are deducted from your salary, just notify HR o…[View]
81903860/norgetråden/: vår evige gudinne-utgaven forrige: >>81885348[View]
81918026What are your thoughts on the working class of your country? I loathe British working-class '…[View]
81918493Why don't Americans celebrate Thanksgiving?[View]
81911914Sverigetråden - Nationalistiska upplagan[View]
81906326/nederdraad/vlaanderdraad/Groot-Nederlanddraad/: blanke tienermeisjes met platte billen editie https…[View]
81894077Why are east Asians so self loathing?[View]
81917020This squad rolls up to your house and says they are going to take down evil 4channers. How do you s…[View]
81917814Imagine if us Pajeets looked like this: Honestly just waiting for reincarnation so I can be born as …[View]
819178491-Do you are considered beautiful in your contry? 2-If your answer is no, in what country do you th…[View]
81907207>poland will become a russia-tier authoritarian corrupt shithole within your lifetime >you wil…[View]
81917955Which part of South America has the best looking natives?[View]
81906783Do you like Our pew-pew, Fin? I hope so[View]
81918005/hell/ Hellas General Ελλάς: Greatest nu Greeks ekdosis[View]
81908331/mämmi/: Vapauttaja-painos https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Pgt8I8z9eC8[View]
81916397/brit/: are jezza edition[View]
819149221. Your country. 2. How do you execute gays in your country.[View]
81917755You awake in the norman kingdom of Sicily[View]
81916679Things you can say about your country but not about your girlfriend.[View]
81917591How it possible to make Buddhism in north hell? Buddhist monk will drive car for get charity? It wil…[View]
81917605What is the Earth's equivalent of Erathia?[View]
81915179So this is how American assimilates Latinas....[View]
81916739go back to your own country[View]
81917074>tfw no amerimutt bf[View]
81904958Perfection doesn't exi...[View]
81913430Argies, we can help if you ask nicely: http://edition.cnn.com/2017/11/17/americas/argentina-submarin…[View]
81912938Your honest opinions on congolese people?[View]
81909034What happened?[View]
81911341A westernized Indian girl comes to you and asks to be your gf How do you respond?[View]
81909502Pictures you've taken: Specially those from where you live.[View]
81913371Why do Americans have such weird names? >Jose >Ledraytonmyanmar >George >Alejandro >H…[View]
81916353Why are Americans all addicted to prescription drugs when weed is much safer and cheaper?[View]
81893613>gosh anon we sure love your accent, say nice things about American women in it…[View]
81882688How racist is your family?[View]
81914171Daily reminder[View]
81914790/brit/: The tour of the finest in British cuisine continues ed.[View]
81916179>he's racist[View]
81915680>tfw being f*nn Why did this happen to me? Seems like a cruel joke.[View]
81912731Norway + Sweden = true epic love We are the best friends, the siblings, the lovers. If you want to h…[View]
81913975post another fucking amerimutt picture, i fucking dare you[View]
81916142>immigrants and diaspora >they only bitch about the place without even thinking about moving s…[View]
81907949My ancestors :)[View]
81895132If you were to emigrate where would you go to and why?[View]
81914793When will wh*Toids just give up?[View]
81913389Fact: Mexico is safer than Russia[View]
81915820Japanesse culture.: >>>/wsg/1945432 That sun shot like it burst out of his chest and she ap…[View]
81915457Now that a civil war has started in Brazil, will Brazilposters seek asylum in EU?[View]
81910617What is the best country someone like me could emigrate to work?: Hi, /int/. I'm 19 and about t…[View]
81915370What is the THIRD most beautiful language after German and Japanese?[View]
81913113Why do Vardarians insist on LARPing as Ancient Greeks?[View]
81915115OH NO NO NO NO NO *inhales*[View]
81909952/lgbint/: ITT: >your age and nationality >what ethnicity/race of boys you're most attract…[View]
81911109Yobai/夜這い: Is this still done in Japan, how can I get in on this?[View]
81906447I think japan need some of revolutionary spirit Kings and royalty in 21st century, It's so barb…[View]
81906768Are Germanics the superior people[View]
81908700/polska/: edycja wojennej twarzy bo zycie jest brutalne albo ty albo oni[View]
81914399Do you know this feel?: >waiting for bus >Police car stops next to me >Police officer asks…[View]
81914995/balk/ + /mämmi/: Friendship edition old >>81905803 >>81905803 >>81905803[View]
81914567is this common in ur cunt[View]
81905346Do you have a word for all foreigners, like 'goy' or 'gringo', in your country?[View]
81914510>when I see a g*rmanic tourist[View]
81913914muttgen: >/int/ >no amerimutt general So decree it be that today is the first day of the ameri…[View]
81905761/balk/: Reddit edition >>81897361 previous[View]
81905204Do they feel English?[View]
81914537>X country is white! >*post female model full of makeup and plastic surgery*…[View]
81912559/brit/: The finest of British cuisine ed.[View]
81914266Has Polish science gone too far?[View]
81907470Thanks Guatemala![View]
81911889Daily reminder that Australia rightfully belongs to Canada and they should be unified.[View]
81914293Anonymous: anglo saxon edition[View]
81912567/voc/ Vocaroo Thread: Friday night vocaroo let's get this shit going! Obligatory english: This …[View]
81914654Why is it that when an American is trying to attract a mate, he pinches both his nipples with his fi…[View]
81914566>He lives inland[View]
81912485la oscuridad...[View]
81913133What have you against the swarthy Bong?[View]
81914507>eat at a burger restaurant >two Chinese swines sit down next to you and start slurping and bu…[View]
81907402>wow, your little brother is so ugly and creppy >ALL: tehehehehehehe what do you do…[View]
81911725/int/ recommends me which one of the blue cunts i move to[View]
81907899Why can't you handle the banter?[View]
81905709MERCOSUR cucking the EU: >mfw we will cuck the whole EU of their meat and farm products feels exc…[View]
81914117>Your country France >What countries have higher living standards than yours? The countries in…[View]
81913412>tfw can't bring my bf home for Thanksgiving[View]
81914177>tfw 100% white and not a mutt Whoa.. /int/ utterly btfo! How will they ever recover?…[View]
81910558Post yours[View]
81912610BIGOTS BTFO[View]
81909441Want to end my virginity.: Can a muslim SE Asian like me marries a european women (balkans especiall…[View]
81910681If Norway had been invaded by aliens from outer space and they had brought the whole country with th…[View]
81905803/balk/: Macedonians are our albanophone bros now edition Old >>81897361[View]
81913268>I-in the butt? >O-only for you, Sven...[View]
81913737Sovereign Economies and US Metropolitan Areas: If your flag is featured on this map, how fucked you …[View]
81912852Could i pass as a local in your cunt?[View]
81911128If another Aussie flag responds to this I will post a times tamped picture of my dick[View]
81908974Are they European?[View]
81908839Which is the most A E S T H E T I C empire in history? I'd have to say it's a toss up betw…[View]
81910685/brit/: are millie edition[View]
81909565Is he British, /int/?[View]
81913420Argentina looks like THIS?[View]
81893028Japanese Thread / 日本語スレッド: This thread is for the discussion of the language, culture, travel, daily…[View]
81910967This should be one country[View]
81907635/deutsch/: Fuchsausgabe[View]
81912578Why are Americans shorter than Europeans?[View]
81910904What is the worst country youd consider 'first world'? what is the 2nd world country youd …[View]
81902895/ex-yu/: novi[View]
81912752Land of KANGZ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=I2rlG7N0jRI[View]
81907348Destroying the remainders of the eu: How do we destroy what's left of the european union? the …[View]
81912745you are now painfully aware that the failed /brit/ meetup was 3 billion years ago[View]
81909347Why haven't we range banned these subhumans from /int/ yet?[View]
81911067*meaningless guttural sounds*[View]
81911830Wow, I never thought I'd say this but I feel kind of bad for americans now. https://www.youtube…[View]
81911919Why didn't Einstein build a wall? He only had ein stein! Hahaha[View]
81908353Can you speak,listen,write,read English?: I DON'T UNDERSTAND ENGLISH! I tried to read the news …[View]
81911297>Americans are not beauti- Amerimutt posters on suicide watch[View]
81910760>sister planning a trip to Japan with her friends >ask if i can come too >she says no >t…[View]
81909387Tell me please about english swearing. Are screw, frick, heck irrelevant? Is 'to screw' rude? Is 'a …[View]
81902766/fr/ - le fil francophone: Édition 'Bonjour /fr/' Ancien fil : >>81884467[View]
81912041Because Japan is dangerous, please do not come.[View]
81904991/bharat/: Aajao bhaiyon yaha jama hojao. Kaisa chal raha hai aaj ka din?[View]
81911811Is he /ourguy/? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Sv_DLIzvm48&feature=youtu.be[View]
81904698Russia appreciation thread: Why are russian music clips so fucking based? https://www.youtube.com/wa…[View]
81859187/luso/ Fio Lusófono: Edição Nacional Bolchevique Por uma nação forte sob o comando do partido do pov…[View]
81898488How about an Israel thread?[View]
81909725Who is more evil, Trump or Putin?[View]
81910067America is brown, not white and there is nothing you can do to change that /int/. So stop calling us…[View]
81908789This is Baku. Baku is rich. It is filled with beautiful buildings copied from Europe that are newly …[View]
81911240>tfw I'll never be Dalofaelid why even live lads[View]
81910816>Albanians are wh*T- Umm try again[View]
81909946I don't need a cute foreign girl because She is Japanese[View]
81907332Do East Asian look down on SEAsian??[View]
81900989>typical German kek[View]
81911046>started posting here in 2010 >I've been here for almost a decade and don't plan to …[View]
81910786>it was a different time[View]
81900208wtf i want a portugese gf now[View]
81908685Love how the fashion industry doesn't hide its racism and always uses black models to express o…[View]
81902431Duribg Finnish independency day the Swedish neonatzis invited 6000 Russian neonatzis to fight agaisn…[View]
81894627British = Nigel German = Hans Swedish = Sven Finnish = Pekka Russian = Ivan Israeli = Shlomo Japane…[View]
81904822>Turkey has withdrawn 40 soldiers from a NATO military exercise in Norway, after the country…[View]
81910644Wider dan u Mohamed[View]
81909020/brit/: respect wales edition[View]
81910311>you will never have a gay blonde German aryan nazi bf who is ultra right wing nationalist and fa…[View]
81907670Why is it ok for countries like Canada and Australia to mass import chinks and poos but not ok when …[View]
81899715Nice one /pol/ Praise Kek fellow magapedes ![View]
81909200>Country >Year of birth >Favorite novel Canada 1993 The Magic Mountain by Thomas Mann (Pic…[View]
81907268Guys soon I'm visiting Goa and I wanna know if there are only foreign sluts or you can find des…[View]
81910293Bergay found praise my BLACK brother[View]
81910286>No Scot slag mommy gf[View]
81906138>when a German gets all upset and butthurt about America[View]
81907523Why aren't you planning to move to Japan?[View]
81907679Proud to be a member of the human race[View]
81885397/nederdraad/: pittig editie welkom: gij niet welkom: u[View]
81907619CHINA: Help me understanding China and Chinese people. I am much interested in many Asians country, …[View]
81909745>tfw day 3 of having no running water who else /thirdworld/ here?[View]
81909815>you will always be a manlet[View]
81909786/rus/: cижкa-тян эдишн[View]
81888130Aren't they vegans? I mean... They don't eat any from an animal? Right? If so... Why is th…[View]
81902033Finnish news had a story today: A Russian man was caught in Russian toll while trying to smuggle ch…[View]
81909376Are they white?[View]
819094331. Your country 2. Look at the picture 3. Continue reading this post 4. That’s a punch[View]
81908628why don't we just nuke europe?[View]
81903623Is your country ready for the upcoming era of ninja robots? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fRj34o4h…[View]
81906374>want a cute chinese gf who hates america and hates white people >be white american the eterna…[View]
81909223>appropriating sacred cultures Why is this still happening?[View]
81899664>eww....um, sorry anon, I don't date wh*Toids....I only date the virile BLACK MAN of the KON…[View]
81906713/brit/: Come home white man edition[View]
81908487>tfw no thanksgiving in australia[View]
81907985How does the anime look like in your country IRL? In Japan, at least from junior high school student…[View]
81908703>download degenerate 2d >this man catches you in the act what do you do?…[View]
81907372Repeat after me: It's okay when russia does it.[View]
81897204>Massarre of Native Americans >Massacre of Indigenous Australians >Mass killing diseases …[View]
81882837/ita/ il filo: Siete comfy?[View]
81907993>A failed 'Swedish flag' hoax shows the decline of the extremist 4chan message board …[View]
81908466Why are White women so make up babby??[View]
81906917what do you think of lebanon[View]
81905985>americans still exist[View]
81907915OH every trash on earth is in /int/ bt world wide web It's so cool[View]
81900059/mämmi/: Tietokoneen omistamis-painos[View]
81886930/polska/: Edycja snów[View]
81907823Filestin is the best non-country tbqhwyf.[View]
81908019>tfw too attractive for turkish men[View]
81897778You're cunt Post your female self[View]
81906230/EU/ STRONG: This thread is about appreciation of the EU and EU army. FUCK NATO[View]
81901485Why do americans put ananas on their pizza?[View]
81906128Are Muricans just final-form human beans?[View]
81885756You can ONLY post ITT if your country is going to the World Cup[View]
81906350>getting nuked twice for attacking a port[View]
81904796>be german game developer >make anti-nazi game >get arrested because it has hitler and swas…[View]
81903531/Hitler/ ehemals /deutsch/: 卐 Sieg Heil 卐[View]
81907466/ita/ - il filo: edizione ATLAS[View]
81902802One day, we will all grow old. One day, when we were laying on a comfy park bench. Suddenly, a bunch…[View]
81907187Every time I think this place can't be anymore 2.5th world than it is I discover it's wors…[View]
81907307Miss me?[View]
81906969Sunflower seeds are dope. Now I get why slavs love them so much.[View]
81907077What do black people or other non-white think about cuckposting on /int/ and on 4chan in general?[View]
81907263Actually it's called Karl-Marx-Stadt, not Chemnitz.[View]
81901646ITT: We figure out how we can become rich and successful, in the easiest, lowest-risk kind of way. K…[View]
81904237/brit/: ... need papists of business sunshine ... edition[View]
81907094Why is it that when an American feels that he is in danger, he violently expels his entire gastroint…[View]
81905157How many students were there in your average school classroom? When I was in elementary school, my …[View]
81901713As much as I despise you subhuman turkroaches, I must say, watching your horrible series I noticed q…[View]
819000611 Your flag 2 Have you ever seen one of these?[View]
81899099/skandi/: finnere som taler svensk og islændinge som taler dansk er inviteret.[View]
81905897Suck my dick !: Or die[View]
81905655/isr/: No shitposting allowed edition[View]
81899331/ausnz/: BOTHER ME TELL ME AWFUL THINGS YOU KNOW I LOVE IT WHEN YOU DO THAT rip lil peep rip /balt/…[View]
81905892How to move to Finland, and become Finnish?[View]
81868169/sino/ - 中文: Sino-Hellenic friendship edition Thread to discuss & learning Chinese language, cul…[View]
81906320>when i see a wh*toid[View]
81902864/brit/: The extreme rolling edition[View]
81906143Is it even possible to be intelligent if you are not short-/broad-skulled?[View]
81902472i'm so fucking lonely[View]
81905931Cracking open a cold one with the boys was an Aussie meme and you all appropriated it![View]
81906165How is Irish reunification coming along?[View]
81904546/int/ favourite card: Pic related for me I like its aesthetics[View]
81901225Am I white?[View]
81905929At what age did you move out of your parents house? I'm 21 and sick and tired of living with m…[View]
81886602faces of /int/: pic rel, me[View]
81902614>Europeans post goblin memes while arabs and africans are having sex (consensual mind you) with t…[View]
81903585Thanks Binaland for this glorious invention ::::DDD[View]
81904752This is emotional...[View]
81905838Americans will say she is talking out of her ass.[View]
81902491What's life like in good Europe[View]
81905825How does your country handle problems like toxic lad culture?[View]
81903011What does this map make you feel?[View]
81905802Why are wh*Tes more soy boys than Asians?[View]
81897361/balk/ - Balkan Thread: WTF I love albanians now Old >>81886584[View]
81899718/ausnz/: The real thread Karen edition[View]
81902694Everyone is so happy in this country.[View]
81898831Ask an American immigration (((consultant))) anything.[View]
81900360>the french aren't franks they are actually gauls >the english aren't anglo-saxons t…[View]
81904878How are big manly muscular hairy baras seen in your country?[View]
81898515Germany today if Shitler didn't invade Poland: What an idiot[View]
81899898the True Beauty in Asia: Today I'm here to show you what kinds of facial appearances of women t…[View]
81896276/BLACK/ thread[View]
81903907Gud frunds :)[View]
81903875The enemy agency tried to poison my French coffee in Berlin..[View]
81903905>the ideal world doesn't exi-[View]
81899828>Use tinder >Too ugly to actually get any matches >But swiping is the only time I feel like…[View]
81903255I just want to be fucking normal Why can't I just have that[View]
81897538>/pol/ and /int/ told me that Japan is xenophobic and ethnonationalist and doesn't allow for…[View]
81901576Iran's allies: >Russia,led by ex KGB&spetsnaz turned devout Christian bratva mafia >…[View]
81904761White people are jealous. They see that the black race in average have better bodies, higher muscle …[View]
81899186>am jewish >feel more strongly connected to christian values than jewish ones anyone else have…[View]
819032631. Your cunt 2. Do you come from a land down under? Where women glow and men plunder? Singapore Yes,…[View]
81903777What is the thing you love the most in the world?[View]
81904369>yfw you're undiciplined lazy and worthless >yfw when the army is a fucking joke full of…[View]
81902364The West is a pest, and we shall not rest until it has fallen at Allah's behest.[View]
81904282>ONE chance at life >Born a Wh*Toid subhuman Is there any chance the BLACK warrior will spare …[View]
81904249나는 한국 여자의 발이 어떻게 맛할까요[View]
81898964Do you ever wish you were a huge WHITE protestant male with the IQ of a blonde, 7'5 beard genet…[View]
81903468why do slavs and spics think they are better than arabs when they're clearly not and have never…[View]
81892803You'd be a muslim without this great french man.[View]
81895755ISIS is pretty much defeated in Iraq and Syria except for a patch of desert on their borders. Where …[View]
81901718Chinese people, how do feel about that putin is selling our country to you? Will you let us speak ru…[View]
81903522// ehemals //: Kein // im Titel Ausgabe[View]
81892478>brown >manlet >weird religion >immigrate in large numbers >globally iconic headwear …[View]
81903167>americans think that the 'u' in colour, arbour, etc. is silent holy shit imagine chang…[View]
81900605>Steal everything from Hindi with some minor additions from arabic an farsi >have a fucked up …[View]
81885348/norgetråden/: Snart jul-utgaven Forrige >>81866668[View]
81891811/ex-yu/: brm brm edicija[View]
81885784/cum/ canada usa mexico: rain[View]
81901480/brit/: Nekomimi mode edition https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=28jr-6-XDPM[View]
81898699the italian cosplayers are the better cosplayer and you can’t argue the contrary >a lot of them …[View]
81901913What happens here?[View]
81900090/megaCHAD/ aka /deutsch/: Metrickz ist der protochad und bester rapper nach Kontra K https://youtu.b…[View]
81899477Can I get some kranklis for my rare, international meme archive? Also, international meme exchange g…[View]
81901371Yesterday was the day of the icelandic language, say something nice about Iceland and its superiorit…[View]
81900889Together, we'll rule the galaxy.[View]
81902284http://www.goodhousekeeping.com/home/cleaning/news/a46873/finnish-dish-cleaning-method/ >amerifat…[View]
81901203how do you go outside everyday? i go outside once every two months and fuck, im exhausted[View]
81901645>AMERICAN football has sunk to a new low with officials investigating the prospect of hosting a “…[View]
81901026Low cut swimming trunks: Why do so many wear these kibd of low cut swimming trunks around Med counri…[View]
81901949Brazil anon why did people attack them? Who attacked them? http://revistacafeicultura.com.br/?mat=6…[View]
81898379Do people in your country pretend that fat women are not unattractive?[View]
81901945>Polish post >Shoes go missing[View]
81894679You wake up in the year 100 AD at your current location. What do?[View]
81900270Cheko-Slovakia-Poland: Why did this never happens?[View]
81899308>crushed by depression and social anxiety >life became a loop of work, eat, fap, sleep >hav…[View]
81901616Russian director Fyodor Bondarchuk beat his young colleague because of the failure of the film! link…[View]
81889639Sverigetråden - 2dupplagan[View]
81900613>you wake up on July of 1945 in Berlin what do? https://youtu.be/R5i9k7s9X_A…[View]
81893811Do Americans really eat this?[View]
81898902How popular are american cartoons in your country? Do males there sympathize with Dexter?[View]
81899289What will you do in your country when the snow comes out?[View]
81896476Destroying the remainders of the eu: How do we destroy what's left of the european union? the …[View]
81899372/brit/: Yank chebs edition[View]
81884467/fr/ - Le francofil: Edition des dataris qui feront pas l'affaire Rappel quotidien que les cré…[View]
81898903Location of this church?: If it's in Czech Republic, i wouldn't know, i'm a tourist. …[View]
81898212Do you ever wish you were a 7'5 WHITE protestant male with an IQ of 150, huge ass WHITE COCK, c…[View]
81899442>want to experience other cultures >go around the world >it’s all fetishized American cultu…[View]
81900959Name a more iconic duo.[View]
81900802https://youtu.be/eKBbUdfvwrU >American animations are sh-[View]
81898729kurva anyátok[View]
81898105>tfw Is he one of us?[View]
81897954/brit/: Epic memes edition[View]
81900186I am BAZOOKA[View]
81881916ITT: Post girls you find aesthetically pleasing.[View]
81898627Why are Japanese women so fat?: ?[View]
81900559Yes, Netherlands: Dutch kids are the worst in Europe when it come to internet safety. > Dutch kid…[View]
81900110Computer scientists PROVE that any country matching the following regex is SHIT: /[a-z ]+(land|ey|nd…[View]
81897065>you wake up tomorrow >this exists What do?…[View]
81899831>Americans unironically use the term Latinx[View]
81899475Big Scandinavian bf OwO[View]
81899509Allons enfants de la patrie ![View]
81899529why did countries let china rise up and start copying everything?[View]
81896530Somalianon: >Muh Democratic Somaliland Ha Nolato WADANILAND! The elections were rigged by Childre…[View]
81889493/deutsch/ lustiges miembild-ausgabe[View]
81899181Sorry Anon,I only date shy Russian boys.[View]
81900044/mämmi/: ebin :DDD[View]
81884904/mämmi/: Haiseva kala-painos https://vimeo.com/161923782[View]
81898596>playfully banter some eastern euro >he kills himself I feel so bad now that i've found o…[View]
81897240>tfw you realize everyone on /int/ except for Russians and South Americans is an Arab…[View]
81898447Every time I think this place can't be anymore 2.5th world than it is I discover it's wors…[View]
81899832Stop being Weeaboo. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=86xi7IiEOJw[View]
81899826Setting up a home: >East or West >Most Australians opt for either the East Coast or California…[View]
81895857We Japanese are very shy,rarely to venture outside of JAPAN.We fear, because of no English abiliti. …[View]
81889174/ausnz/: /balt/ is dead edition[View]
81899632Hi guys,Do u know this song?: lyrics are... Hea~d shot and knee and toe knee and toe[View]
81898250Post your reaction and soundtrack when the USA invades your country and Japan comes to the rescue. h…[View]
81896323https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sNS-iwjg6Gk Why did we let this happen? Same happened in Vietnam…[View]
81897806What Mexico would have looked like if Spain minded their own fucking business[View]
81893065why doesn't europe have any modern culture?[View]
81898853why are western people so cute[View]
81897109>you will always be a manlet[View]
81895838This is the best JRPG...: Any counterargument?[View]
81897835*strikes fear in the roaches heart*[View]
81884707A-am I white?[View]
818990611. ur cunt 2. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NjLS-EYD9ao[View]
81895307what is your opinion on the AMERICAN inventor of electricity Nick Telson?[View]
81890177please love Japan if you are not in love with Japan.[View]
81894351>hates muslims >loves Hezbollah[View]
81898676psychiatrist today lads i dont wanna go outside, it's cold and im tired fuck[View]
81898841> J'ai essayé faire du <rage> bande dessinée > mais je ne drôle pas FFFFFFUUUUUUUUU…[View]
81898708>australia was THIS close to becoming new holland the horror....the horror.....…[View]
81898299How come Asia managed to totally fuck off colonial influence but Africa didn't? I smell inferi…[View]
81897376>'It's arse not ass!' >*proceeds to not pronounce [r]s* Is there anything worse than r*ci…[View]
81889752>vais a flipar[View]
818964701. You fucking cunt 2. Whats your fav food[View]
81891874These are my ancestors /int/ what about yours?[View]
818984641. your cunt 2. your mum[View]
81894061What period in your history do you idealize?: For me it's the Heian period. It was the perfect …[View]
81889825Why does Iceland hate learning Danish in School?[View]
81897684Japan is AESTHETIC https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=S131_OyHkIg https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Sb0h…[View]
81897002/brit/: CIA Nigger edition[View]
81898155Do you guys know what I mean if I say I like the CP aesthetic? Ripped from VHS recorded in some post…[View]
81898098>you are cunt >Are you looking forward to living under a starwars CIS type government? The rob…[View]
81895537Rate my BAZOOKAS[View]
81897903How can one be so proud of their country yet don't speak the language of your oppressor?[View]
81892818ITT: Post men you find aesthetically pleasing.[View]
81897646Girlband reunites to produce more music after 10 years of not playing: A band of Helsinkian girls wh…[View]
81889706Why are canadians so nice ?[View]
81897442i love her...[View]
81896694How do people in your country confess their love? In America we punch our target in the face and the…[View]
81892424Are chicanos and chicanas treated like Americans when they go abroad?[View]
81896048>Spam this racist meme all you want, we could end your country's very existence overnight.…[View]
81897552Which nation's women like to have their pussies destroyed hardest? 'Rip my walls daddy make me …[View]
81890964Do you support independence for the Canadian prairies?[View]
81896972The pajeet on the left is Iranian and the guy on the right is Lebanese. >mfw Semites are whiter …[View]
81887701What do you think of Vietnam?[View]
81889913>Just be yourself bro, muscles dont matter lol just talk to girls like I do lol it works for me l…[View]
81896191How to impregnate a qt japanese girl?[View]
81896327/pol/ told me you were making fun of them. Can I join in?[View]
81896771I won't stop browsing /int/ until I see a Hungarian general with a picture that's not an a…[View]
81896922Are bogans like rednecks?[View]
81893567>tfw other youth my age are developing lasting relationships with peers and with multiple women, …[View]
81895005How is life for the average person in ameriKKKa?[View]
81893020>He imagine himself waking up in continental europe wanting to change his life, buying a bike and…[View]
81896706>mfw have to buy waters[View]
81895851What happens in Los Angeles, Chile, /int/? What is that part of Chile like?[View]
81896736Goodmorning /int/[View]
81894751/brit/: Rightful Spanish clay[View]
81893054>whiter than you achmed[View]
81896791I just want vrienden, friends, des amis[View]
81895972Wait So English can do same communication with much simpler grammar when compared to other European …[View]
81891673Turkish Pride Thread: >the center of the Islamic golden age >had three grand empires in it’s l…[View]
81892779>when you have thousands of years of history, yet every discussion about your country ultimately …[View]
81895589/Altay bros/: Unification when? :3[View]
81892610Longest recorded sniper kills: Why are Canadians such good snipers?[View]
81895512/lat/ hilo latino: alguien hizo enojar al jani :3[View]
81893547>Europeans don't use high fructose corn syrup WAKE ME UP[View]
81886528If you have any white dna in you we will hate you[View]
81892596ITT: give me a chinese word, sentence or paragraph, and i will read it in vorcaroo rule: depends on …[View]
81896199I met a Korean girl in Canada in July, I had to go back on the same month but we still keep in conta…[View]
81896157/cum/: /cum/ hall of fame posts edition[View]
81893107/cum/: kara bogan edition[View]
81894128Has anyone else neen getting the fucking urge to fight lately? Like the Battlefront 2 fiasco, I felt…[View]
81894420Anglo-Luso-Teutonic friendship thread Invited: Portugal, Prussia, UK ITT we discuss the most gloriou…[View]
81894819>this is a 'white' man in American What do you suppose the real number is? 30%? 21%?…[View]
81895150>Russians are so bad at driving they need a special warning sign for cars with studded tires beca…[View]
81892954Doesn't the average British family look some cute and comfy?[View]
81895255>Vladimir Pudding[View]
81895619Why worship g*rmans if England had their own nobles?[View]
818961594chan is boring as fuck tonight. There isn't a single entertaining thread on any meaningful boa…[View]
81895724Why do Americans have such a hard on for spartans?[View]
81891919How's the Indian diaspora in your country?[View]
81895745>“Recruiters must bear stronger punishment than a terrorist who starts a clockwork bomb or someon…[View]
81893591Why the FUCK Doesn't He Have A Beard?: Or any facial hair of any kind. Seriously, it bothers me…[View]
81895801Do you have these in your country?[View]
81893295Which was the oldest thread here on /int/ (like /brit/, /deutsch/, etc) ?[View]
81892877/int/craft Historical RP Minecraft Server LAUNCHES TOMORROW: https://discord.gg/ZXeSmjb Join the dis…[View]
81869927Iranian here. Someone save me from this shithole. I'm fucking dying. Pic related is me.[View]
81893661Have you notice that almost every Latin American country has a typical abnormal practice? Argentina …[View]
81895196Remember when braindead religious cunts like pic related were ruthlessly mocked on 4chan? Now that c…[View]
81892562Is it common to see people riding mobility scooters in your country?[View]
81888394Why public school literally became like jail?[View]
81877205/lat/+/luso/+/ita/: FILVM LATINVM Iberian edition Spanish subedition[View]
81894528How do I get a Brazilian girlfriend?[View]
81888618post your town city flag this is mine it has berries on it[View]
81870895USA hate thread: Thanks God for dead American soldiers[View]
81881243/CHI/: why did I have to suffer this faith[View]
81893621Are Tuvans and Mongols as similar as they appear? I know their languages are from two completely dif…[View]
81895123happy 1776th birthday USA dog bless![View]
81894983It all just comes down to atheism, or more specifically being opposed to God, in whatever way. If yo…[View]
81894715>Go to first world cunt >People aren't happy The fuck? Am I getting meme'd?…[View]
81889884How would you cheer her up?[View]
81894883what are your honest thoughts on the united states? SOME topics, but feel free to present your own: …[View]
81891237/brit/: Jesus Christ died at the hands of the JEWS for your sins edition[View]
81894829Why the FUCK! do Italian women keep stealing our anglo men[View]
81886798i want to learn Russian. Help, and thanks in advance.[View]
81888539OH SAY CAN YOU SEE[View]
81894660>no culture >religious >conservative >shitty food >white minority >ultra patriotis…[View]
81893431>Imagine having shit the same colour as your skin[View]
81893930why do people like taxi driver? it's a 5/10 movie[View]
81894225Why is Dutch so fucking horrendous to listen to?[View]
81890709When can we end this meme about making fun of white people? It's getting old and offensive now.[View]
81893210>your cunt >your cunts bff >did your cunt and your cunts bff ever btfo France so hard it be…[View]
81892346Why are Black women so adorable??[View]
81893678Reminder that the 'West' is merely the western most frontier of Middle Eastern Civilization[View]
81856473/dixie/ - Southern US & friends: Y*nks edition[View]
81893762Anon, what's the right way to say it?: >My fucking sides or >KEEEEEEEEK MY FOKIN SIDEES¡¡…[View]
81893742>mapa >end with a >but el mapa Español es difícil ;_;…[View]
81893011North and South Italy opinion thread: 1. Your cunt 2. Which do you like better. Northern Italians or…[View]
81891989>be france >try to stand between the holy Anglo-Portuguese friendship >get fucked…[View]
81893618this girl walks up to you and calls you a paki what do you do in this situation?[View]
81877678*blocks your path* Heh, what you're gonna do white boi?[View]
81893499someone shoot me in the face! is a fucking boat![View]
81886052Do americans really do that?[View]
81886484Any non-aussies here? I wanna kick your asses[View]
81893261>''Come with me anon, we need to take the ring to America and cast it into the fires of…[View]
81893436>Australian ute loses to a van How will Aussies ever recover?[View]
81890729Why do Poles like Hungary?[View]
81892630>tfw ~4% castillian spanish and 96% german is this what it feels like to be an amerimutt?…[View]
81873912The EU wishes to reduce the UK to Polish living standards by destroying their economy. What the Engl…[View]
81893163How are black people treated in europe? Umrelated pic[View]
81892520Where is this located?: If it's in Czech Republic, i wouldn't know, i'm a tourist…[View]
81890996Feed chicken[View]
81892822*blocks your gondola*[View]
81893034I REALLY dislike black people And when I say 'black people', I mean Americans[View]
81892904>German response to someone cancelling their BLACKED subscription[View]
81887521Are Slovenian QTs real, /int/?[View]
81893016>he isn't landlocked[View]
81888820Let's get a states rating thread going[View]
81891635*blocks your path* not so fast medshits.[View]
81892837>you will never date Aurora[View]
81891687>visit america on business trip and decide to buy some cheap electronics >tfw you are literall…[View]
81892590Why are Japanese so racist?[View]
81892079How to get a cute Polynesian gf?[View]
81892058Why is it fine to say you prefer to live in a country full of black people, but racist to say you wo…[View]
81892195Heels to the sky, he’s a Western spy Heels on the ground, a slav is found[View]
81879261How are guys kissing other guys on the cheek(in a brotherly way ofcourse) seen in your country?[View]
81888386tank u cum agen[View]
81891596>you're count >your greatest enemy Italy Austria-Hungary…[View]
81891967>a mick enters the thread[View]
81857477Japanese Thread / 日本語スレッド: This thread is for the discussion of the language, culture, travel, daily…[View]
81892049Send my boys to come see ya[View]
81892425you gonna be ok turkey?[View]
81892434>English signatures[View]
81892300> The distinctive Australianaccentis the result of a “drunken slur” caused by the heavy drinking …[View]
81892413why would anybody want to breed with a wh*toid?[View]
81892180>you will never remove kebabs like 969 movement[View]
81876939Here is the greatest African man.[View]
81891465>Your country >Do you use this? >Where do you put it after you use it?…[View]
81853434/lat/ hilo latino[View]
81887414What's the first thing that comes to mind when you see these[View]
81892132I sexually Identify as a white women.[View]
81891830White people are jealous. They see that the black race in average have better bodies, higher muscle …[View]
81891380Are americans really white?[View]
81886584/balk/: 'lalalala im not hearing you >tatar projection, >tatar delusions lalala' edition Old …[View]
81891620The Face of America.[View]
81882795Rate my multicultural snack. A chocolate and almond polvorón with a cup of matcha.[View]
81887808>wealthiest European countries are the equivalent of mediocre US states REALLY makes you think…[View]
81891388>tfw no gf(male) Why live?[View]
81886813/balt/: Studio deen[View]
81891949>tfw not born in ancestors' original country/geographic habitat >tfw penis skin is cut of…[View]
81886213What's the best country to live in 2020, if you're white, educated and quite wealthy? USA…[View]
81887490/ex-yu/: Crni mačori izdanje[View]
81891672I saw Mugabe in my dream last night. He promised me heaven and that i'll be a martyr in the rac…[View]
81889859name a more iconic duo...I'll wait[View]
81891463Anybody in Paris wants to hang out with me?: I came to Paris to visit my French friends but they are…[View]
81887450el fenómeno[View]
81880954kurva anyátok[View]
81888230Help me get into Finnish, I don't want to only talk Gaijin anymore.[View]
81889471*floods into your country*[View]
81889851>ur cunt >can you whistle flag no[View]
81870389Why are they so ashamed of their colonies on 4chan and real life? They are their creations. Spaniard…[View]
81890848how are you preparing for the CHICANO century?: i am preparing by outbreeding americans and having 5…[View]
81890538Compliment Japan[View]
81883830I imagine myself in America, leading my Platoon. Our mission is to stop wh*Te chicano dogs from adva…[View]
81874725ITT: countries only people with legit mental deficiencies like[View]
81886668>you wake up and this is now the Netherlands What do?[View]
81883149/brit/: Happy Birthday edition[View]
81890579>America >population: 320 million >56% white >over 150 million white people in USA alone…[View]
81891206Which Scandi language should I learn? Do I only need one since they’re mutually intelligible?[View]
81874928PPFFFFTTTTTTTT HHAHAHAHAHA Where was you when you realized that white women are the biggest whores o…[View]
81887789>your cunt >how expensive are houses/property? Canada 400k for an undeveloped plot of land 45 …[View]
81888988If Japan is lego then Korea is a brick[View]
81891025Why are americans so short-tempered?[View]
81890941>invaded us three times >stole our corn, cowboys, poinsettias, etc and called them their own …[View]
81891148>tfw you will never be an american[View]
81874345Why do you hate this. Explain[View]
818841591. your country 2. what gives you the strength to carry on[View]
81885870A daily reminder that you will never be Finnish[View]
81889997My favourite part about walking around London aimlessly is all of the random embassies you come acro…[View]
81889803this guy is 2 years older than Varg Vikernes who looks like he is going to die of old age soon[View]
81880681/BLACK/ General: MERKELOĞLU GO TO RUSSIA AND KILL WH*TOID EDITION.. in this thread we discuss /BLAC…[View]
81890553How do you say 'race mixing' in your language?[View]
81888078I am Brazilian and white deal with it[View]
81889053Post a national hero from your country https://pt.wikipedia.org/wiki/Humberto_de_Alencar_Castelo_Bra…[View]
81875291/MeNa/: kurdistan edition[View]
81886566What is the most comfy language?[View]
81890029>tfw everyday is one step closer to your death[View]
81888449/brit/: just thinking about the possibility off another famine edition[View]
81888542What did the latins mean by this?[View]
81887123/brit/: amren edition[View]
81882554wh*Te nationalists, neo nazis; Please don't be angry. Don't get mad at the truth. The trut…[View]
81890523Post aboriginal music from your cunt or former cunt in my case https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Pz56t…[View]
81890491How do the Balkans see this man today? How does the West feel about him?[View]
81889692What's it like to be a continental European?[View]
81880378Why do non-white countries do this to themselves?[View]
81868915>your country >at what age you lost your virginity >how slutty are in the women in your cou…[View]
81890247>your country >do you know this man[View]
81881261Is southern Europe third world?[View]
81884392Tell me something unique about your cunts capital city! >Berlin is the only capital in Europe tha…[View]
81885906My tits are pink therefore im white Feels good man[View]
81888105Thoughts?: FYROM MAKES ALBANIAN 2ND OFFICIAL LANGUAGE http://www.foxnews.com/world/2017/11/15/macedo…[View]
81889625Does /pol/ still ban the goblin threads?[View]
81883974>looks >money >girls >status >fucked with bella thorne and had a qt latina gf >…[View]
81888891What happens here?[View]
81886458Zo thread: HAHAHAHAHAHAHA >Zo is a new Microsoft AI, you know what to do! https://www.zo.ai/…[View]
81886689I hate Israel and hope they will get nuked.[View]
81888658>in gym locker room >all the white boys have small flaccid cocks >black stallions hanging d…[View]
81889059ok ok, we're mutts. Very funny ok ok, we have no culture, very funny so what is your solution? …[View]
81885297Norway is currently under attack by aliens from space. Bergen city is where the attack started, soon…[View]
81889107>europeans didn't know about vegetables until the american indians showed them…[View]
81886318/deutsch/: Meeres Ausgabe[View]
81889176Friendly reminder[View]
81886098>tfw no shota bf[View]
81888869Most of Europe isn't particularly cold Large parts of Asia and North America now inhabited by w…[View]
81888326Do you agree with the following statement:: From each according to his ability, to each according to…[View]
81889070We could've been great if it wasn't for mutturgal[View]
81888993>kr*ut post >'FUCK AMERICA' lol[View]
81883580>meltdown at south australian nuclear power plant happening right now fucking RIP…[View]
81882980How will n*Rdcucks ever recover?: Not a single n*Rdick country invited[View]
81888524My ancestors :^)[View]
81887889>post yfw the 56% meme is actually real[View]
81887821Why do White Americans get laid more frequently than their Yuropoor counterparts?[View]
81886182Has communism actually worked?[View]
81883227This guy blocks your path and tells you you aren't 'Eulopean' What do?[View]
81879744Damnnnnnnn. thats a fine norwegian girl (boy)[View]
81863998/skandi/: gå væk finnere udgave[View]
81885842Why do latinos get so excited about football? Like what makes you care so much? It's not really…[View]
81887091Why are Finns so autistic? Especially the ones here speaking English[View]
81883502Do french people really talk like that?!? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0Mz88TYuBn4[View]
81874755/ex-yu/: ja desno[View]
81884418*meaningless guttural sounds*[View]
81886949Women, not even once[View]
81887011This is an ATM in Turkey. Now you post something from your country that look like a penis or a vagin…[View]
81830372Welcome to Culture Pals! Message QTs around the world! Our guy edition WOULD YOU LIKE TO KNOW MORE??…[View]
81886028I work here in Japan, I'll give you 20 euros if you find what it is[View]
81879336https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nUccn2K0fjw wtf english is so retarded[View]
81874588/cum/ Canada USA Mexico: on vacation-edition[View]
81886482>Seperate from the English >Still use their language What did the Amerimutts mean by this?…[View]
81884975/brit/: https://youtu.be/zbbL4l359bo required watching for his birthday edition[View]
81879930I drew Europe from memory.[View]
81886464Could he pass as local in your country? Asking for a friend.[View]
81875740/rzeczpospolita polska/: edycja polek najpiekniejszych kobitek na planecie[View]
81875357Every time I think this place can't be anymore 2.5th world than it is I discover it's wors…[View]
81860424/balt/ + /ausnz/[View]
81884379Have to drink wine cause no beer or brandy.[View]
81856032Why is the so much mental illness in Japan?: I see crazy people talking to themself all the time. Wi…[View]
81886620>click on a video about the American Civil War >it's a European trying to say the South w…[View]
81882951Sverigetråden - Opinion Live upplagan[View]
81886666Why are wh*te men so vile?[View]
81876778/balk/ - Balkan thread: travel beard edition old: >>81856390[View]
81886431my ancestor :)[View]
81883600>see italian this morning before I headed to a funeral >we stare at each other >get a messa…[View]
81882442Are you afraid walking the streets at night in your country?: If so, why? Hungary Yes >gypsies…[View]
81883428/deutsch/: Danzig - Ausgabe[View]
81879749The West? More like the PEST. Tick-tock, Europe.[View]
81876561Born just in time to see this go from 56% to 16%.[View]
81881553>1. you're a cunt >2. is wild camping legal where you live? >3. how tolerated is wild …[View]
81882445Moped thief caught in London: White nigger tries to steal a moped in London. Is brought to justice b…[View]
81884550I want to make a '>tfw no gf' thread but Im scared that curry bastard would show up[View]
81883889Feels good to be southern european[View]
81884196This triggers the butthurt belt[View]
81884245>Ecuador lost 3 wars against birds[View]
81882099>be American >get lead[View]
81881106Would you rather live in >https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Virgin_Islands >https://en.wikipedia.o…[View]
81877697https://youtu.be/GXWgHnXWV4c >Blacks are ba-[View]
81886130New England Master Race: >southerners are retarded and make the whole union look bad. You litera…[View]
81867387what are the best regions/counties in your cunt?[View]
81882697What would your ideal Europe look like?[View]
81883312America is first wo-[View]
81885404Amerifat thread[View]
81885965What's life like in good Europe?[View]
81885823My half Norwegian son will rule over Europe[View]
81885848Cunt Is it O.K. to be gay in your cunt? Argentina No, catholic*sm is literally on our constitution[View]
81882410British Women: What are your females like, bongs?[View]
81878639Am I the only one that has difficulties perceiving Asians as humans? I have no problems feeling empa…[View]
81877729The Austrian doctor is performing some very excruciating experiments on the prisoners held by the Ag…[View]
81877038Who would win, /brit/ or /deustch/[View]
81883696Are you ready for the inevitable Australia-Canada unification? How will your cunt handle this?[View]
81874554I apologise for the acts of my fellow countrymen. Just kidding haha![View]
81885332I love you[View]
81883474Could some chink tell me the difference between 天 and 日?[View]
81877120>tfw friend speaks 4 languages >she can jump with ease from a sentence in Portuguese to one in…[View]
81884935/mämmi/ poniharrastuslanka[View]
81881071>wanting a gf literally brainlet tier[View]
81885367ŠTA JE BRRREEE??[View]
818820331. ur cunt 2. how to get a gf?[View]
81879855By the Grace of God, We Nicholas, Emperor and Autocrat of All the Russias, of Moscow, Kiev, Vladimir…[View]
81883127/brit/: Gaels edition[View]
81885069high metabolism for productivity: I'll fap three times a day and could still not pass as fully …[View]
81885188>mum tells me to shut down the family computer and go to sleep >tell her I just made a great t…[View]
81880155/ex-ussr/ general: Anime edition[View]
81882318Hello /int/ What's your sign?[View]
81884406Zimbabwe Situation: Can someone give me a quick rundown of what's going down in Africa?[View]
81819437Danmarktråden: Befolkningstal udgave[View]
81880766I like Brazil desu[View]
81884085A question for Euro-posters. How do you guys get the most f*cked immigrants? I mean if what happened…[View]
81879104>mfw mass migration of niggers Why live?[View]
81884325>tfw no gf[View]
81883356Did I just fix the world?[View]
81883484Will he be the next US President?[View]
81884670I hate Isreal more than any muslim or nigger.[View]
81884669>Cards after Generation 2 Why did they become so shit? They lost all the aesthetics…[View]
81884471Legendary Australian internet icon, Gary The Goat, dead at age 6 from a heart tumor. RIP mad cunt. F[View]
81874943>el franciANO senoras y senores jajajjajajajajaja[View]
81879310Japanese people, what is the correct way to eat sushi? Do you cut into pieces, spread soy sauce, dip…[View]
81883639>American ''''''music'''''''' genres >'Muh dik nigguh we wuz yo muh money nigga muh dik we b k…[View]
81877444/mämmi/: /mämmi/ :D :D[View]
81874037/nederdraad/ /vlaanderdraad/: School editie[View]
81884473lol Greece[View]
81880221Women that have faces similar to this one are psychos in 10 out of 10 cases in my vagene.[View]
81877492Post a sentence from your language and I will try to pronounce it. I have to be able to read it mind…[View]
81869688Let’s have a discussion about Russia. Post interesting, rarely known and fun things about the cultur…[View]
81866668/Norgetråden/: neurolinguistiskprogrammerings-utgaven: forrige: >>81845878 >>81845878 …[View]
81877564Why can't my country ever be good at anything? The only thing at which we are #1 is producing k…[View]
81881153Are first Jews descendants of Medians or Yemenites?[View]
81884141Le 80% Face[View]
81882534>when I see a **r*p**n[View]
81877259>new york city isn't the capital of new york WHAT THE FUCK[View]
81883257I just want to kill every last European scum on /int/[View]
81876505/poc/ - People of Color general This is a free and safe space for People of Color to discuss culture…[View]
81869342/ita/ - il filo: Edizione Spada http://www.ansa.it/lazio/notizie/2017/11/16/ostia-spada-trasferito-i…[View]
81876155should we rangeban brits from /int/? what an absolute dysentery these fags are[View]
81880912/deutsch/: Brüder - Ausgabe[View]
81881087/brit/: rorke edition[View]
81882781Vhat does conscript mean Russia in romanji?[View]
81873749/fr/ - Le fil francophone: Édition des tourtinettes Ancien fil : >>81863967[View]
81878651Apologies for starting le 56% meme[View]
81880277>be british >die from tetanus poisoning because you accidentally drank from the warm tap…[View]
81879579Latvia are you ok?[View]
81882119Le 0% face[View]
81881610English BR/AM/AU: Gimme a bit info about basic differences between Am. and Br. English in pronounce,…[View]
81873484Why wont these guys expel mudslimes, revive Phoenician (its close to biblical Hebrew, so restoring i…[View]
81881717>had a dream I was in Turkey last night and it was all fascinating and shit >wake up >too p…[View]
81878420Will the sun ever set on the French empire?[View]
81878503Logan paul is coming to pakistan[View]
81878276Why are karaboga black bulls triggered and enraged by this beautiful norwegian wedding?[View]
81862961Why is 'dating' in burgerstan so fucked up?: https://www.reddit.com/r/AskWomen/comments/7d4go7/whats…[View]
81880756it's 00:04 here goodnight, lovely people :3[View]
81869874/brit/: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=u3NJf9GtvCw edition[View]
81873576Help me restore my folder /int/[View]
81879743Efficient chick banging: BROS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! MY plan is to bang 50 women within the next two years, …[View]
81857065kurva anyátok[View]
81877990/deutsch/: Merkel Fan - Ausgabe[View]
81879436>Indian English Is it literally 'open bob and show vagene'?[View]
81877256I've figured out why that leaf has been posting such shit threads these past few weeks.: He…[View]
81875196AND SO IT BEGINS...: >The birth of the cyborg brain: Groundbreaking implant boosts human memory f…[View]
818738863 types of men: Which one would you... Fuck Kill Marry?[View]
81880153/ex-ussr/ thread Пpиглaшaютcя вce. Кpoмe pycни. Pycня дoлжнa пpocить paзpeшeния зaйти в тpeд[View]
81879200Are Balochis Poo?[View]
81855572/ex-ussr/: Mopдop poдимый издaниe: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=S_dfq9rFWAE[View]
81877368wtf is happening?[View]
81879709Anyone have a pic of currycel? I want to see the face of misery[View]
81867321/brit/: Machine operation edition[View]
81879337http://inteldinarchronicles.blogspot.com.co/2017/11/france-ran-out-of-money-so-will-rest-of.html …[View]
81878229>tfw poorest nordick[View]
81846130/éire/: Kitchen sink edition[View]
81867258la criatura de las tinieblas...[View]
81868607/brit/: lil peep edition[View]
81879146Why do Americans think we latin americans created the concept of America as one continent? Iberians …[View]
81878483DA JOOS: So let me get this straight. The Jews live in the US. The Jews want the US to be their ally…[View]
81876618Sverigetråden - Kvällsupplagan[View]
81878156What are the best regions to live in your respective countries? Pic very much related[View]
81874661noch /deutsch/, bald /mena/: Salam alaikum, brothers. ITT we pretend to be Germans[View]
81878203What is the most formal way possible to greet yourself to someone that is universal in all cultures?[View]
81869045So this....is the power of...nordic '''people'''...woah...[View]
81869322/mämmi/: mämmi :D[View]
81877484Can I get a gf?[View]
81871116/brit/: Build a bonfire edition.[View]
818698681-country 2-are you afraid of the dark? Portugal Yes[View]
81877436oi u foiking wot m8 dog sabe da queen lads[View]
81873417/brit/: FUCKING STUPID LETTER edition[View]
81874985Why don't we have any good wars anymore?: Pick a country to war with I pick Russia <3[View]
81871292Are you white /int/?[View]
81874892/brit/: The glamrock nonce edition[View]
81873835/brit/: The prison anal rape edition[View]
81877042>another week day early afternoon spent alone smoking weed and jacking off will people in far awa…[View]
81877285/brit/: state of the poonited sharts edition[View]
81876855another day waking up to the realization that women hate me because of my race[View]
81877267/brit/: Black edition[View]
81875956OH NO NO NO NO NO NO[View]
81876365Why are d*tch so racist?[View]
81873941>mfw a southern european knocks on my door[View]
81875182/rus/: Our ancestors and Rurik edition.[View]
81874874/brit/: Soyboy edition[View]
81876200/brit/: One true edition[View]
81876995world cup 2018 final: Peru 2 Germany 1 this is how it will all end[View]
81876719post russian tigers[View]
81874357>your country >would you let a cute boy kiss you…[View]
81876958Sverigetråden - Trygghetsupplagen[View]
81872002Why does it feel like there's the exact same threads posted every single day? It's uncanny…[View]
81876832Do you like my cat /int/?[View]
81875354Why does it feel like there's the exact same threads posted every single day? It's uncanny…[View]
81876642Prove me where I'm wrong: The woman of the future is a feminist dressed as a slut under the pro…[View]
81876585Best country in the world.: Is japan the best country in the world?[View]
81840274>no culture >religious >conservative >shitty food >white minority >ultra patriotis…[View]
81864358Based nordic hero Varg completely BTFO m*Doid subh-.... OH shit[View]
81874164/brit/: RALLY TO ME! edition Leftists not welcome[View]
81874390Why can’t Amerifats make good games?[View]
81873757Britain I understand, but Norway?[View]
818758961. Your' country 2. Do you love USA? 3. Do you accept the USA as ruler of the world?[View]
81875621Over half of Finns think sexual harassment could be 'just a misunderstanding'[View]
81876211/int/ - The absolute state all red areas are /country threads. this is the cancer /inth as become[View]
81864440Why are Turkic languages so guttural?: ?[View]
81874922>China joins the UN in it's 'End Global Virginity' Blue Helmets mission and started deployin…[View]
81873752/fr/ - le fil de la Francophonie.: Edition d'une autre vie. >>81863967[View]
81874947What the f*ck is their problem?[View]
81862995*expresses low intelligence in meaningless guttural sounds*[View]
81875671Why are black people never in a hurry? Is it because they don't work, so they have all their da…[View]
81871681What is /int/ eating? Pic related, traditional Brazilian food with homemade pepper.[View]
81873125>American ''''''music'''''''' genres >'Muh dik nigguh we wuz yo muh money nigga muh dik we b k…[View]
81839054Daily Japanese Thread - DJT: Japanese language learning thread. Read the Guide linked before asking …[View]
81856390/balk/ - Balkan Thread: Old >>81829569[View]
81875786/polska/: Edycja pedofilska[View]
81868732>tfw you will never live in rural Kansas what's the point?[View]
81872700Japs like us more. Deal with it.[View]
81867703Why do they allow so many Chinese in their countries?[View]
81872209Where me oak boats gone?: Will the oat boats rules us once again? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yH…[View]
81874937Tunisian weebs edition. me in the center left btw.[View]
81869288/polska/: Edycja tej kurwy żydowskiej Yukari[View]
81869198Sverigetråden - Eftermiddagsupplagan[View]
81869910*smashes your reich* pssh...nothin’ personal, fascist[View]
81867174/asean/: /lat/ posters welcome[View]
81871951This is real Brazilian food not that fucking sopa.[View]
81875056There are over 20 /brit/ threads on /int/ Just ban these faggots[View]
81872516So I've recently given 15 of my precious dollars to Tinder which gives you the option of choosi…[View]
81875382Thoughts on Indian cuisine?[View]
81874399European-American Project: An ambitious project that'll bring hundreds of thousands of European…[View]
81858748/Mena/ - مينا: Al quds girl edition[View]
81874030B-brazil can’t be this CUTE!!![View]
81874613The three ASIAN superpowers[View]
81873130I just want to wish you all a lovely day from Burgerland <3[View]
81873015How come swedish pagans were literate but finnish pagans were not?[View]
81873674>this is what the average brit looks like explain yourself, brits[View]
81874806*judges you by the way you dress*[View]
81874349Sorry Anon,I would only date shy Russian boys.[View]
81873258Hated for existing: Now i actually understand how jews must feel like[View]
81874122>have been sitting next to girls on trains, in parks, in class, etc. for the last couple of years…[View]
81874572This is what the average Chechen woman looks like. Thoughts?[View]
81872414>Frenchman when his BLACKED subscription runs out[View]
81857189You can ONLY post ITT if your country is going to the World Cup[View]
81872673>Why are there so many gray nations? What is their excuse?[View]
81856756/ex-yu/: srecna slava domacine[View]
81872559/brit/: grug mad edition[View]
81862728Are american men sexy?[View]
81871366Why do Americans do this?: >https://coachrickswimming.com/2014/11/01/can-short-swimmers-compete-a…[View]
81872014/CHAD/ ehemalig und nie wieder /deutsch/: KONTRA K >>>>>> K(N)OLLE >>>…[View]
81870100Which Frace or Italy was worse in 2nd world war? Everybody say France surrender quick but also say I…[View]
81870466Do you like cars so much you would stab your 3 year old daughter? Finland Yes![View]
81874253I drew Europe from memory.[View]
81873194Why gommunists make such a good music?[View]
81868317It truly is a utopia[View]
81873962This baffles and infuriates the american[View]
81854493/cum/ canada usa mexico: 玲音[View]
81867747World Leaders: How many can you name?[View]
81873860/fr/ - le francofil: édition Teste ceci est un test[View]
81871856France and I.[View]
81862245>flag >what do you think of France?[View]
81873767fuck d*nes tbqhlads[View]
818708751. Your country. 2. How many calories does your government recommend that the average young male con…[View]
81872484>Lake Titicaca[View]
818695221. You're a cunt 2. Is your government trying to kill net neutrality? >USA >Yes…[View]
81862459>one chance at life >born eastern european…[View]
81872013I honestly didn't expect a single American to have 100% European ancestry, but a buddy of mine …[View]
81872157Your cunt? Do kids play this game in your country? What is it called? America Yes Duck Duck Grey Duc…[View]
81873581나는 예쁜 한국 여자 발들 핥고 싶다![View]
81870685Australia is rightful canadian clay. Give back what you own faggots.[View]
81868745Why are White Americans significantly more successful than their Yuropoor counterparts? They also se…[View]
81861934If your country had to change its flag, what would you change it to? pic related is my choice[View]
81873135>tfw without America, the rest of the world wouldn't have chocolate and vanilla >the 'spi…[View]
81867506China is strong and America is weak welcome to the Chinese century[View]
81861899Nederdraad: Nederdraad ik-moet-naar-de-psycholoog-uitgave Welkom: mensen met gebrekkige persoonlijkh…[View]
81862998Is Poland the China of the EU?[View]
81868769Post your dinner: This is my dinner, a traditional Finnish Köyhäpaskamättö. An important part of our…[View]
81871324>tfw go to germany >expecting native german biodeutschers to all look like typical european ar…[View]
81873017>Frogs and Jerries start flaming each other[View]
81868936FILHOS DA PUTA[View]
81871513More international Pepes pls, even better if ww1 or ww2 Pepes.[View]
81867951how difficult is it to get a cute Azn girlfriend in japan as an average looking 5/10 white guy?[View]
81871717>mfw i see someone mocking or bullying uruguay[View]
81856688Discuss Italy: Why are you so beautiful...Firenze[View]
81870065Do NOT bully amerifriends![View]
81871972>tfw spent months getting my weight up >lost half of it already…[View]
81872518my ancestor...[View]
81872517>Germanboy is sitting right next to that hussy again. HOW DO YOU GET PEOPLE KICKED OUT OF COLLEGE…[View]
81862071/hell/ 'ΑΚΡΩΣ ΕΛΛΗΝΙΚΟΝ: Πολωνία edition[View]
81869799>warms your belly on a cold Thursday afternoon Depicted here are every Swede's Thursday sett…[View]
81870713i havent taken a shower in 10 days, i can smell my dick right now kek[View]
81856908/v4/ & fellows: spess edition[View]
81864944What's the difference between american and canadian?[View]
81867184/deutsch/: Franzl Lang Ausgabe https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JrT5nKpIul8[View]
81871338I hate blue/green eyes people. How do we get rid of them?[View]
81859077>europeans are creating a unified army again Every 50 years, like fucking clockwork.…[View]
81863967/fr/ le francofil - du jour (tiret): Édition Nationale-Libérale. Bientôt en écoute (et sur la chaîne…[View]
81867247Will learning japanese get me a japanese gf?[View]
81871805ewww Belgians are DISGUSTING! Can you believe they actually eat sopa de macaco?[View]
81870564Your thoughts on the Meiji restoration? honestly really sad the nation threw away it's sense o…[View]
81871047Are terrorist attacks common in your cuntry?[View]
81871615Destroying the remainders of the eu: the free world should impose sanctions and enforce an embargo o…[View]
81858562Why do Spaniards lack common sense?: pic related[View]
81868657I want a gf really bad I don't care about nationality or ethnicity.[View]
81868602Why Japanese fox have slanted eyes like Japanese themselfs?[View]
81870720This russian man singlehandly defeated nazi germany. USA is doomed. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=…[View]
81861314it sucks that we live in a time where war doesn't exist as it used to the world map in 100 year…[View]
81860997World Cup 2018: if your cunt isnt listed this, your cout is irrelevant.[View]
81850380Post a frog that you feel best sums up your emotions and feelings at this precise moment.[View]
81871033/BLACK/ general: Weak wh*Toids edition Blessed be the KARA BOĞA movement Discuss all things BLACK, w…[View]
81866663Why are slav women so attractive?[View]
81870981Big Shaq or Lil Pump, who's the worst current meme?[View]
81863765Why are the Dutch so superior at making music: I mean, no other country comes close. Well, perhaps S…[View]
818710191. Your cunt 2. Does your anthem sounds great in greek? Kyrgyzstan Yes[View]
81867549tell me about how many people want to join military? In south korea, many people want to join milit…[View]
81840307/flag/tism: Welcome to /flag/, a general thread to talk about things like: Flags//Vexillology//Autis…[View]
81867530my ancestor :)[View]
81870894>Someone says their father died >Get sudden urge to laugh…[View]
81865707Why are they so autistic?[View]
81869706Canada: How are you canada?[View]
81866597Wtf? I thought Australia and Switzerland were pretty much the only countries better than the Netherl…[View]
81870176Would you rather live in >Mosul, Iraq >Jeddah, Saudi Arabia…[View]
81868659Turkish people are bros.[View]
818595071. your cunt 2. your brother cunt 1. Germany 2. Portugal[View]
81866922>Dr. Oz >it's actually Dr. Mehmet Cengiz Öz Is this peak amerimutt? Having one as the mos…[View]
81858877Is he the ultimate amerimutt?[View]
81864999Are they european?[View]
81864692Why does life exist?[View]
81863579what would your parents think if you brought home a Chinese gf?[View]
81867421Indian girls are for:[View]
81866251Thou criticize my country; thus you are jealous.[View]
81864551Do you have any personal experiences with communism? Why do you abhor it so excessively?[View]
81867517Explain this shit ryssä scum.[View]
81869326If history is repeating itself, what is it repeating? Alina Li unrelated.[View]
81857844>be a Eurofag >travel to the country next door >can't even use the outlets what madnes…[View]
81861818/mämmi/: Me hiljaisuuden, numeroiden, hämärän, valon ja appelsiininmakuisten ja muiden yksinäisten a…[View]
81863218Indonesia was controlled by Netherlands. But it is full of Muslims and there is no single Dutch cult…[View]
81869024Why is there such a huge difference between Nordic countries?[View]
81867268>'Oh I'll start losing weight and getting fit next month' >September 2015 >'Oh I'…[View]
81865578What stop France from becoming an anime or cartoon superpower like US and Japan?[View]
81868992What do you think she is lightning to?[View]
81868302>average rap 'song': nigger nigger drugs nigga gangsta i am a big nigger >average pop 'song':u…[View]
81866020Tick-tock, Europe.[View]
81848243/polska/: Edycja nocnego artyzmu[View]
81866477>Vojvodina is more diverse than the rest of Serbia with more than 25 ethnic groups and six langua…[View]
81867620>Your cunt >Is it normal to hold the door open for people walking in directly behind you, even…[View]
81868753Any N*rd¨cs here? I'm going to kick your ASS[View]
81860760Does your country have a martial art? What is the strongest martial art?[View]
81865187Thanks Soviet for freeing us from Nazi.. God Bless Soviet Union US and UK no need to apply[View]
81867289/brit/: How One Country Managed to Lose the World's Largest Empire in Under 50 Years edition…[View]
81868665https://youtu.be/-hynbhwMSMw https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=57waq1HdllQ[View]
81868739Why is Germany so superior to the rest of Europe and especially France?[View]
81868387Irish obesity: Hello, I'm from eastern Europe and now I'm on vacation in Ireland. I'v…[View]
81868430>I want to visit Russia and travel across East Europe I don't know how to do this though and…[View]
81865113Stop watching porn /int/ or I'll kick your ass[View]
81863958Are your cunt's young people as bad as ours?[View]
81867419What are some things you are thankful to America for? I am thankful that we aren't all speakin…[View]
81861172What is the most white nation/country you know?[View]
81867135>chad genetic >cute gfs and fans >300.000 dollars in one month >'muh im depressed i…[View]
81842479Which country do your countrymates immigrate the most to?[View]
81856760>tfw death is eternal non-existence[View]
81861983any slovenians here?: Hey! So I've just acquired my drivers licence for motorbikes up to 42kW a…[View]
81865536>the sun set half an hour ago >it's 14:25 now…[View]
81867188// ehemals //: Kein // im Titel Ausgabe[View]
81865769/brit/: C I V I C edition[View]
81854283life is unfair if you are ugly and short, i would be happy af being a 6'4 chad, fucking girls a…[View]
81839722/ita/ - il filo: edizione ragazzi carini[View]
81803240/sino/ - 中文: 习近平思想 edition Thread to discuss & learning Chinese language, culture, life, travel,…[View]
81827270/asean/: Singers edition[View]
81867133it's 23:37 here goodnight, lovely people :3[View]
81866997>Your cunt >Countries you want to be the same team Korea Poland, Peru, Iceland, Korea…[View]
81866631New Zealand is BIG[View]
81866961I WILL NEVER BULLY AN AUSTRALIAN, YOU WANNA KNOW WHY??? because they ARE the best poster we got boy!…[View]
81865905At least I'm European[View]
81856435FRANCE!!!!!!!: explain this shit you devilish frogs![View]
81864958>Argentinians are whi-[View]
81865753What would the national response be in your country if the government authorized a program to pay Am…[View]
81863047/FUCKEN/ ehemals /deutsch/[View]
81858224I'm starting to hate this guy.[View]
81863133Hast du etwas Zeit für mich?[View]
81855923Canada = Nordic: >shares border with Denmark >social democracy >cold weather >people …[View]
81861819*HON HONs behind you* heh........nothin personal, mon ami.........................[View]
81863249Why are the Japanese very rich?[View]
81866473Apparently, the most beautiful girl in the world is this French girl. Thylane Blondeau. Explain your…[View]
81863833'Guten Morgen... möchten Sie die Kühe melken?': As a representative of your nation, how do you respo…[View]
81866581COME TO BRAZIL: >ur cunt >do you plan to /come to brazil/? if so why thread theme https://yout…[View]
81852350Sverigetråden - SD2D-upplagan[View]
81864263>Just workout bro and b urself you can do it it works for me![View]
81864034I love Southern Europe[View]
81864393Greater East Asia Co-Prosperity Sphere bros thread GEACS bros only[View]
81845878/Norgetråden/: samlingsutgave forrige: >>81830456 >>81830456 >>81830456[View]
81865476Complimentary thread: ITT: we poast a cunt flag, and say what that country is the best at IYO. I…[View]
81865493How is life in Moldova?[View]
81865267>one shot at life >5'6 ugly balding manlet…[View]
81864195/brit/: english edition[View]
81863236Did my part. Your turn. Spread the message.[View]
81863704America was controlled by England. But it is full of Hispanic and there is no single English culture…[View]
81864978>fat >stupid >stinky why?…[View]
81864932What happens here?[View]
81863818>be living in France >marry your wife >find out she lied to you about her virginity >can…[View]
81864342Why does that britcuck worship this girl for? Don't you feel ashamed of him UKfags on /int/? He…[View]
81856556US vs. EU: Discuss[View]
81865230What happens here[View]
81865255Why are Germans so good at music?[View]
81863315how much is in your country? Italy 5[View]
81854152at least you are not indian[View]
81865126if you become blindness: first i apologize for speaking this topic and for my English is too bad. if…[View]
81858851Iranian here. Someone save me from this shithole. I'm fucking dying. Pic related is me.[View]
81864694My french partner, Anthony Dubois, found a way to hijack other people's dreams..[View]
81856308>Your country >How you wish you looked if you weren't unfortunate and born male.…[View]
81862564/ibe/ = /esp/ + /tuga/ Hilo ibérico: Hilo Hispano/portugués Edición prestige[View]
81864730Eternal ARYANS[View]
81863999/fr/ - Le fil /fr/ancophone: Édition chocolatine, douche et café.[View]
81864613>English girls are ug-[View]
81863959I CARRIED AN M16![View]
81862340/brit/: England, the shining crown jewel of the British Isles edition[View]
81863840JUST back from my gym.[View]
81860005Are Finnish girls more redpilled than the other scandi women? Do they fall for degeneracy like the o…[View]
81862936Why are wh*Tes so stupid and ugly?[View]
81863753How the fuck do some threads get replies here every single time they're posted? Jorge threads a…[View]
81863525Always remember this, *rumpf supporters[View]
81856776American girls are such whores. In 3 years she had 6 boyfriends ,pic related Gregg Sulkin Tyler Pose…[View]
81863790If there are just few Brazilians compared with other Latin Americans? 371.000 to 1.100.000 (max) Br…[View]
81861338>bad mouth nigeria >a uk or canada flag defends it…[View]
81839749Rus: Russian thread Nikolai II edition[View]
81863547How does the anglo feel about us superior Québécois cucking it into having bilingual packaging?[View]
81863076>one chance at life >born Lebanese Nice…[View]
81852081Colombian girls are for:[View]
81863446Putin upon us - you under us: Russia is most interrested land with extremely rich culture and histor…[View]
81853426Is it true that arabs (such as pic related) hate black people?[View]
81861913NEDERDRAAD: NEDERDRAAD Sponsbob editie Welkom: Nostalgische gevoelens, mensen die kind bij hart zijn…[View]
81860585Its gonna be a rough century for westerners[View]
81860674/brit/: A Treatise on How to Utterly Ruin a Modern Empire and Arseblast Its Adherents for Centuries …[View]
81847714>I have to get blind drunk just to get through the day[View]
81860750what are the best free VPNs of proxies that allow you to change your flag on /int/?[View]
81861474>His country's military is a glorified private army whose only purpose is to do the bidding …[View]
81860934How does one acquire Greek gf?[View]
81858707Should I break up with my gf who cucked me several times? Asking for a friend[View]
81858957yo guys I'm in Milan why so many commieblocks in italy, socialism is ugly guys. Fuck you commie…[View]
81860251All I want for christmas ... is all americans to die ... Uuuuuh Baby[View]
81857864WTF. I didn't know cannibalism is legal in Brazil.[View]
81860640/bunt/ ehemals /deutsch/: Geburtenrate - Ausgabe[View]
81862432>tfw no Italian gf to eat pizza and pasta with[View]
81862929>one chance at life >born colored[View]
81861969Hey, My eyes are up here[View]
81859005hi I'm living in tokyo and often feel tired of city life there's no natue and full of peop…[View]
81848771/fr/ - Le francofil: Édition des jumeaux Bogdanoff[View]
818605901. Your cunt 2. Did your parents stayed at your bedside when you were sick ? 1. France 2. Not often …[View]
81860023Do you agree with them?[View]
81853383Why dont European countries have successful and fun universities like the United States does?[View]
81857364name them /int/[View]
81862302Do they get along well?[View]
81862386Stop with the anti Italian remarks. If your italophobic threads continue I will call the italian Ame…[View]
81862370Graham Knox.. the Irish bulldog..[View]
81860125>ayooooo teach *smacks lips* anawn be watchin' da russian gurl bands on da youtube again…[View]
81858506Sweden being gay again (and black): 30 second long Swedish fruit juice (why not fruit cake?) commerc…[View]
81858868My ancesters :)[View]
81860633Stop fucking gayposting and roleplaying you fucking faggots. You have an entire board for that. Go…[View]
81862166Ever since I became a communist my life has been easier. As long as I praise Mao, I will be happy. S…[View]
81859865proof that you are true /int/er: >tfw i use toad as my profile picture in school's discussio…[View]
81861915What degrees are the best to work in Japan?: Other than English teaching and programming? Could I ge…[View]
81861995me on the left[View]
81861835sez here dat spen is full of negguh basterds is dat troo spen?[View]
81861737>tfw USA did nothing for the crisis Saudi Arabia - Lebanon I feel like only France does something…[View]
81858001>his country was a part of the allies in WW2 >his country opposed Europe becoming a superpower…[View]
81856852I fixed europe[View]
81852987Why do Asians looks weird?[View]
81850564>Modern Egyptians have nothing to do with ancien-[View]
818610121. your country 2. your waifu Holland Altair[View]
81857921shoot me in the fucking face its a wagon wheel: A FUCKING WAGON WHEEL[View]
81860882>psy-ops complete Well, my work here is done.[View]
81860967Would you racemix with an American mongrel?[View]
81860857Do you ever wish you were a 7'4 WHITE protestant male with an IQ of 150, huge ass WHITE COCK, c…[View]
81856158Why do I not see that many flags outside of America and the Western world? Why don't we see man…[View]
81860631EU IDEA TO FORM AN ARMY: EU idea of spreading power is to create insititutions very slowly for peopl…[View]
81859226>one chance at life >wh*Te[View]
81859803>tfw no matter what fanciful American-mocking memes Europeans make, the reality is that their bir…[View]
81860455Seppo hate thread.[View]
81859143/brit/: some autist from /balt/ edition[View]
81851535/nachtschicht/ ehemals /deutsch/: Buntes-Deutschland Ausgabe.[View]
81847043EU leaves NATO: EU just signed PESCO agreement - an alternative to NATO. A first EU military pact. I…[View]
81824972/BLACK/ general: Here we discuss BLACK[View]
81859808Christian priest had sex with children!: Native Danish man named Dan Peschack, 45, has been fired fr…[View]
81853938Can we make talking bad about Japan against the rules? They're sensitive souls and don't d…[View]
81857045Post the best children's show from your country. I'll start: https://www.youtube.com/watch…[View]
81860381>oh oui oui oui hon hon je suis en retard Sounds about right, faggot frenchies…[View]
81859527How are southern europeans like myself treated in your country[View]
81859694>tfw you are my only friends, /int/[View]
81854777Destroying the remainders of the eu: the free world should impose sanctions and enforce an embargo o…[View]
81844379/nederdraad/ /vlaanderdraad/: Plank editie[View]
81858208Which pop song is the very best in all of Europe's history, and why is it A-ha - Take on me? ht…[View]
81856557Post your city downtown or simply your town. lest share some culture shall we?[View]
81859989Do you want to impregnate a Jewess?[View]
81859959What are the demographics of /int/? http://www.strawpoll.me/14412523[View]
81858870>Kamehameha is pronounced kamaymaya in English What the FUCK is wrong with this language? Disgust…[View]
81855156>E*rope Can someone please explain why we rebuilt Europe? They ended up being nothing but competi…[View]
81858939Who should I vote for on saturday?[View]
81859489Will spend all my allowance on Card games m80s[View]
81856375When you have to join jihad but forget to feed cats.[View]
81852861/balt/ + /ausnz/: /ausnz/ edition Fuck Peru sub-edition.[View]
81857243I want to move to northern Italy. Will my blonde hair and blue eyes be welcome there?[View]
81861047You subhuman baboon. You literal nigger. How dare you speak, you swarthy doon coon. How dare you ope…[View]
81859271It's up to you now[View]
81856737Why do Americans do this?[View]
81814677/lang/ - Language Learning General: >Share language learning experiences! >Help people who wan…[View]
81859151/brit/: Rorke (and friends) edition[View]
81859118I want to kiss with Estonian boys[View]
81858429What does /int/ think of electric installations of the big Russian stadium? https://twitter.com/jell…[View]
81859133>In this final battle for world domination, Hitler expected a defeated Britain to eventually supp…[View]
81854613Never should have come here![View]
81859031My ancestors[View]
81858845Do you wear eyeglasses??[View]
81857914How are Italians like myself treated in your country?[View]
81857573/brit/: the yank view[View]
81857681Why was there so much diversity in architecture among the Native American people? You've got ti…[View]
81858916Ada orang indonesia??[View]
81856160At each revision, the demographic growth of Africa appears to be higher than the previous prevision.[View]
81857991You're given control over the British Empire at 1763 What do you differently compared to this t…[View]
81858446Me and Sweden (me on the right)[View]
81858154>download blacked raw interaccial cuck porn torrent >check peers and seeders >all are ameri…[View]
81858560>his country has oil: You don't say??[View]
81858384Give an information on Caribbean woman: I don’t know much of them, What are they like?? Give me an a…[View]
81846508What's the first thing that comes to mind when you see this flag?[View]
81858291Goodnight, sweet prince. We will finish the war you started.[View]
81857299>states of the USA are just as different as countries in Europe[View]
81857702Average mexican food: Tacos de perro una delicia[View]
81855751Any Canberrafags (Australia) here?[View]
81856054I'm fucking hate seafood fuck you russia vietnam norway[View]
81855670hey whatre your reasons for living. im running low[View]
81857626What will easter posters do now?[View]
81858012hello where is disucsion about finlan[View]
81839245I'll describe my experience living in Paris as an foreigner. >Gypsies were all around Paris …[View]
81851605I hate canada.[View]
81857254Goodmorning /int/[View]
81857418Even with Mugabe's (PBUH) death, KARA BOGA will live on. Erdogan will carry his legacy. You can…[View]
81857538Why do Black stink??[View]
81857042>Peru backwards is Europe Coincidence? I don't think so...[View]
81857623>be Philippines >be named after a Spanish king >be native south american >be named after…[View]
81857481Im 5'3'' , 161cm tall man. I didn't choose to be like this. When you laugh at m…[View]
81854986/brit/: history's a whitewash edition[View]
81854055>delicious mexican raspberries[View]
81857393who else here /worker/[View]
81852801>tfw the rotten american hegemony is finally starting to collapse >tfw china and europe are a…[View]
81856788>*wakes you up at 4:00 AM*[View]
81851348India: How did you guys overcome your oppressors and nationalise without all out civil war during a …[View]
81856202>Distance from New Zealand to Australia 4,155 km >Distance from Newfoundland and Labrador to U…[View]
81854350Our big contribution to humanity[View]
81856931My ancestors invented this godly beverage :)[View]
81857226do you enjoy authentic american cuisine?: https://youtu.be/pYDKmDEmlC4?t=1m34s[View]
81856508》tfw no big KARABOGA cock 》how can I compete as a whitey soyboi?[View]
81856617>Be Greek >It rains a lil >DROWN…[View]
81857126ALERTE Serial Killer in Tampa, don't go outside if you live here[View]
81857044What an amazing architecture, where did brazil get it from?[View]
81853302WHY JAPAN MAN EYES SO SLITTY????????????????????????? BECAUSE LIGHTS TOO BRIGHT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!…[View]
81849322So uhhh.... what percentage is this face?[View]
81856053Is there a country more aesthetic then the Netherlands?[View]
81854273My ancestors :)[View]
81856414Yugoslavia Reunite: Can Yugoslavia please reunite? My map autism is essentially begging for it as yo…[View]
81854608Perú our greatest Ally has qualified for the World Cup to be played in Russia next year. We salute y…[View]
81850395Is there any reason to learn Spanish?[View]
81854819>the absolute state of AfD[View]
81821966Japanese Thread / 日本語スレッド: This thread is for the discussion of the language, culture, travel, daily…[View]
81854968Why did the French language make such a deeper inroads in Africa than English did, despite England c…[View]
81852835Do Asiana think white people are ugly? I'm curious what they think if us - anyone have any link…[View]
81848326Draw your flag in MS Paint[View]
81856395What is your country doing to lower is greenhouse emissions? Should we nuke China and America?[View]
81848145I'm educated white guy who wants to move away from darkness and into the light. How do Italians…[View]
81847735How would the Americas look like if it was still full of natives instead of Whites and Spics?[View]
81856451Cultural exchange thread: Replace one word in a hindi movie with 'nigger' NIGGER ZINDA HAI[View]
81852399Free Tibet: Fuck Imperialist Qinese[View]
81855139>be Arab >some wh*Toid aussie asks you if you're j*wish or shitalian…[View]
81833947/dixie/ - Southern US & friends: tunes edition[View]
81855894Is German engineering really well endowed? Or is it just a meme based on the 2nd reich?[View]
81849339Ireland: Why are they betraying the white race? I thought they were supposed to be the good guys?…[View]
81853627Is cosplay popular in your country?[View]
81856312British Columbia should be located here and not in Canada[View]
81853589why is /int/ so nasty to each other[View]
81849799damn these people fuck[View]
81854628I fixed the Balkans. Turns out you just have to remove one or two trouble makers from the game board…[View]
81855330Could this ever be a country? I'm think Hokkaido would secede first then purchuse the Russian n…[View]
81855026/brit/: Kool Herc edition[View]
81852024Why is this even a country?: Can a Eurofag explain this to me?[View]
81853958What are the cheapest US cities with decent public transit? >don't want to be a coward and r…[View]
81856023Brazil is impressed with so little: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZN3tdJCm0EI[View]
81844004Jewish problem.: What do we do with the jews, /int/? Do an ACTUAL holocaust? Dump them in the ocean?…[View]
81848176Why are whites so hypocritical? >'hurr durr mohamed you fuck goats' >*proceeds to fuck his do…[View]
81854848This is the Aravit script: It combines Hebrew and Arabic features so that both speakers can read int…[View]
81848942You have 10 seconds to do your best Irish impression. Hard mode: don't mention potato[View]
81855632>French-european aviation company What did he mean by this ?[View]
81854042Russian internet speed is F-A-S-T[View]
81847928Is new zealand a nice country to move too?[View]
81801203/mena/=/me/+/na/: Zionist editon[View]
81849891How do you feel about the inevitable Sinofication of your country?[View]
81855427>tfw you want to tour europe and have the money for it but can't because you're an ugly…[View]
81854586When a Saudi Prince meets a New York City Cop: >https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hM25of6Ftew…[View]
81850004/hell/ Hellas General Ελλάς: early morning lathropithikia infesting our city ekdosis[View]
81855536Which is the worse/better country, Ukraine or Russia?[View]
81855428what are normeis listening in your cunt?[View]
81796084/luso/ - Fio Feminista: As mulheres são superiores aos homens em todos os aspectos e não ha nada que…[View]
81854658Hmm? What's this? https://www.thrillist.com/news/nation/kinder-eggs-united-states[View]
81850494Why do Americans chimp out about race more than any other people?[View]
81853899/brit/: one million edition[View]
81831961A moment of silence for our fallen hero ;^([View]
81850273https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6fv7CqCjiJw Are Americans really that much mixed? Is the behaviour o…[View]
81849177Only country that could do rap outside America is France desu. https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=xX4Pxiw…[View]
81855163'Italian' garbage has cucked my local supermarker[View]
81854442I want a Thai GF[View]
8185434356% of USA is Wh*Te. >Wh*Te includes middle east and North Africans >also mixed people who pas…[View]
81853652How are your 2017 goals coming along? There's only one and a half shorts months left...[View]
81854923What is the point on living if you are a light skinned nigger?[View]
81854238>tfw command and conquer generals was right about the US collapsing under its own arrogance, euro…[View]
81851178i from now on, declare myself an acolyte of the cult of amerimutt.[View]
81853914Americans may take themselves too seriously: If post amerimutt memes, you will get banned.[View]
81852451Are Saudis the Brits of MENA?[View]
81854673Would I pass as a local in your country?[View]
81853421Why are White Americans so much more successful than their yuropoor counterparts?[View]
81854217Ik ben in de buurt, ik moet hosselen Politie wil me pakken, speel verstoppertje Bitches willen plakk…[View]
81853414>in gym locker room >all the white boys have small flaccid cocks >black stallions hanging d…[View]
81851941/cum/ canada usa mexico: レイン[View]
81854447I come from a family with very strong Irish roots. I have an interest in learning the native languag…[View]
81854272But.. I'm white.[View]
81853301/vocaroo/: Vocaroo thread Post stuff and r8 each other Portuguese: https://vocaroo.com/i/s1Us50On8gc…[View]
81854122>one nation under dog[View]
81852306>Make a thread asking for advice on any other board >They actually give real advice >Make a…[View]
81845130Girls with flags[View]
81853837don't they look happy ?[View]
81853432Redpill me on Haiti. How does it make sense that MINUSTAH was killing 'unknown heavily armed gangs …[View]
81852485Why are some Brits so swarthy? I mean Cheryl Cole could pass for an Indian[View]
81851975Is this the worst era in human history to be a beta?[View]
81847795Why don't Germans dress like this anymore?[View]
81853053planetlets, when will they ever learn[View]
81851084/brit/: clean and pure edition[View]
81850298What's the absolute worst part of your country? For us, obviously west Sydney[View]
81853743Aerospace thingy: Hello guys, Dont even know if i wam posting on the right board but here I go. be m…[View]
81853693> I thought Ireland was literally slavic tier > But in reality they were nordic tier Say somet…[View]
81853654The dog eaters from this fucking country are the worst people on earth.[View]
81853049My wife's bf brought me some Maple Syrup from Canada as a souvenir and it's fucking addict…[View]
81852492what's Cleveland Ohio like?[View]
81852809How fucking stupid do you have to be to be an american white supremacist?[View]
81853293What is the geopolitical future of your country? How do you think the world will change over the nex…[View]
81848345/ex-yu/: Cura sa slike se zove Marina Bog na nebu[View]
81853501>Be me, a Mexican guy Sweden. >start walking on the street >go to a restaurant >sit with…[View]
81852718tfw we are witnessing the collapse of western civilizantion[View]
81853484>And if thou gaze long into an Amerimutt, the Amerimutt will colorize thee.…[View]
81835648hilo latino[View]
81851779really wanna punch a jap[View]
81853139>Went to the gym >All the black and brown men are jacked and much stronger than the white boys…[View]
81853378Canada will rule the solar system.[View]
81853251Why are germans such cuckolds? Why do germans always want to destroy the rest of Europe? Why are ger…[View]
81848075I'm going to japan in a month. How do I hook up with a japanese girl before going there so that…[View]
81852919>Another day wasted whining on 4chan instead of doing something productive…[View]
81850148The anti white bigotry on this board is genuinely disgusting[View]
81849148sup guys lol /brit/ /ita/ /polska/ /v4/ /balk/ /deutsch/ hilo latino /cum/ /dixie/ /rus/ /luso/ /fla…[View]
81853185>turning 27 tomorrow >still a khv[View]
81851873Why are americans(and especially american /pol/edditors)on this site so fucking hypocritical? >sl…[View]
81853175?Can a dog go to Canada go to Canada go to Canada go to Canada go to Canada go to Canada go to Canad…[View]
81836612Please visit Denmark, we don't get many tourists so please give us a chance![View]
81849948>My mom is watching muslim series (Novelas) again. Why? why is our tv full of muslim series? My f…[View]
81852463ITT: we post our eyes[View]
81847360Anyone else ever think about world war 2 and think “holy shit, that actually happened” ?[View]
81850985/brit/ + /commonwealth/: ian smith edition[View]
81850917How come Amis don't have national collectiveguilt when what they did in the war was arguably wo…[View]
81852888How do I get a Brazilian gf?[View]
81851030How can anybody with a hint of common sense like these monstrosities.[View]
81851449Bravo France!: >adult men are fucking 11 years olds >hey Jean, what should we do? >je ne sa…[View]
81852686>girl walks by >smell her perfume[View]
81852666>Argentinians tax funded educational cartoons are about bolivians lmao, you can't be as cuck…[View]
81852670how did you end up on /int/ of all websites and boards?[View]
81852086Flag Gore Thread[View]
81849197>mfw Mexicans make fun of American for the 56% meme[View]
81849790Le 56% face is quite pleasant[View]
81849536>tfw nobody answering to my posts wtf, fuck you, what the fuck didd I ever do to you? Is this som…[View]
81852531My ancestor :)[View]
81848707Why middle eastern women completely shave eyebrows just to put fake ones?[View]
81848150ITT: post mountain(s) from your country[View]
81847099/cum/ canada usa mexico: lain[View]
81852054torment in argentina: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xf4HGmXUYXE[View]
81851846me :3[View]
81852067Why do Russians put pride above the lives of her citizens?[View]
81844349Why are Italians so swarthy if they are descended from Lombards (Nords)?[View]
81845470/deutsch/: Echte Gigaronny Stunden Ausgabe.[View]
81847273What's your favorite countryball moment? For me it's le polish cock X))))[View]
81851966imagine living in a world without Australians. would be pure heaven IMO[View]
81848696feel like pure shit just want her back[View]
81849244What is the least cynical country in the world? I'm looking to literally move away from cynicis…[View]
81849869>Pagpag is a Tagalog term for leftover food from restaurants (usually from fast-food restaurants)…[View]
81847365Why do so many conservatives hate western degeneracy and hate Islam? Shouldn't they convert?[View]
81848408>mfw american enters the thread[View]
81851686i want to be an attractive middle class white woman living in a first world country...[View]
81845543Post your favorite light machine gun[View]
81847663Auf der Heide blüht ein kleines Blümelein. Und das heißt: Erika.[View]
81850124>whiter than you, mohammed[View]
81829569/balk/ - Balkan thread: lmaoin @ beardlets edition OLD: >>81815588[View]
81845216How to live more like a European: What can I do daily to live like a European? The life there seems …[View]
81851127Did M*ds ever achieve anything in their existence? >Ancient Greeks were Nordic until the Turks …[View]
81850900im a 19yo 5'6 balding male and im pretty tired of life, i feel old as fuck, whats happening[View]
81845937What happens here?[View]
81851252*meaningless guttural sounds*[View]
81850315Bahrain thread: hello /int/[View]
81851054the expression getting the wrong end of the stick originates from romans sharing a rag on a stick to…[View]
81851079Germans are not wh*Te, we are proud BLACK turkic warriors Pic related my ancestors :)[View]
81836743/balt/: Baltic intellectuals (no fags allowed)[View]
81848676Can someone please translate this in to Chinese? “I laugh during sad times to hide the pain i feel i…[View]
81849352/brit/: lost me jaw edition[View]
81847052/southerns/ - south europe: invited:spain,italy,portugal,greece,blakan countries,turkey not invited:…[View]
81850947What do you think of Sydney's new ferry, ferry mcferryface?[View]
81843476Hey /int/, what is your favorite rage comic?[View]
81849946>America's biggest star is Kim Kardashian, who is a mutt baby of a rape baby. Kim also fucke…[View]
81843763kurva anyátok[View]

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