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16754009Were the founding fathers rascists?[View]
16745912Why do you insist on fighting Christianity so fervently, atheists? >promotes good values, selfle…[View]
16757344I special summon Hitler face-up in the attack position. I end my turn[View]
16753482Why do Spaniards think they are morally superior to Anglos for raping instead of killing? Bunch of s…[View]
16755729What do we know about how war medics operated in ancient times? How did they remove arrows and patch…[View]
16754063St. John Christians: What's up with these niggas[View]
16752184>This ain't nothing but a Sumer jam >Bronze Age and cinnamon trade, woahoah >This ain…[View]
16756226>Guy who looks like an alien becomes Pharoah >Completely upends over a thousand years of estab…[View]
16756319They saved you from Nazism, from a fate worse than death. Why have you stopped respecting the Russia…[View]
16756887What the fuck 'Humanities' even mean?: Sounds like some gay shit.[View]
16750850Did he do it? Or is this a case of if it don't fit you must acquit?[View]
16757025Is there any truth to this common historical claim >The Kaiser is not truly to blame for the onse…[View]
16755357Just exactly how loaded was Matthew, supposedly tax collectors for the Roman Provinces made bank. Wa…[View]
16755376Why was it a common pattern for tribal societies to give women more rights than large civilizations?…[View]
16756321Tom Barry: IRA Commander: In this thread I will tell you about Tom Barry, one of the most famous IRA…[View]
16752215'Natural Borders' of France: Is this the biggest historical cope there is? None of these lands inclu…[View]
16756719The Cult of Sol Invictus: Do we have any primary sources on the practices of this cult? The ways the…[View]
16756223Does anyone else find it cringe when Anglicans or Catholics display what are clearly Byzantine-style…[View]
16756577Hobbes was right. Rousseau is a bitch.[View]
16750785Minoan Structure Found: https://www.smithsonianmag.com/smart-news/discovery-of-4000-year-old-structu…[View]
16756004>tell Turkey you want bases in the strait and land in their east for further neutrality >they…[View]
16755519>Revolutionizes industrial research and sets the standard for technological advancement Why do mi…[View]
16755720How can anyone morally justify not being a vegan?: If you think that harming animals unnecessarily i…[View]
16755948>one larps as Arabs >the other larp as the successor to a centuries-dead Hindu Kingdom How did…[View]
16756209doing some reading about yugoslavia, tito, and the resistence in WW2, feel like of all the stories a…[View]
16754555I think Islam took off because the people of the desert and steppes always took monotheism more seri…[View]
16755634A man used to be dangerous.[View]
16753206Was punishing Women for sleeping with German soldiers justified or was it just a Chud power trip? Th…[View]
16755921Everyone seems to be sure 'Fourth turning' is around the corner where existing institutions get dest…[View]
16753920Would Christianity survive if the contents of Toledot Yeshu became widely known?[View]
16755932Could Poland Single-Handedly Take Over All of Russia?: With rapid militarization and the potential f…[View]
16753895I just watched a Thomas Aquinas video. When you draw a triangle, it is not perfect. But if you imagi…[View]
16756011According to maps and map videos, around thre time of the Third Battle of Kharkov, the Soviets lanch…[View]
16755914What does 'private' mean?: Is a corporation privste because it has a CEO? What about a ship and its …[View]
16753205>To those who dare to attack and blaspheme the venerable images and call them idols, ANATHEMA! …[View]
16755003Does Jesus wants us to remain celibate and love God instead of a wife?[View]
16754292How did Argentina's conquest of the south compare to America's conquest of the west?[View]
16752576How come there's not one single pre-Nicene Christian writer that agrees with sola fide/sola scr…[View]
16755727>be patient and tough. one day this pain will be useful to you What was he trying to convey here…[View]
16754339Christian men have no authority: You can walk into a church right now and kick a random guy in the n…[View]
16754404If God is real why did he create mosquitoes?[View]
16754345Dark Ages full of obscurantism and ignorance: UGH, the age of Jus Primae Noctis, fanaticism, grey an…[View]
16749158When was Genesis written?: It's messes with my perception of time to think that if genesis was …[View]
16754676Is there much truth to this?: While reading an article about Konrad Adenauer, I found this interesti…[View]
16752786lmao incel freak[View]
16754971Soviet-Japanese War: Could the Japanese really not take on the Soviets or did Hitler just tell the J…[View]
16753131Do zoomzooms even know who he was?[View]
16754043>Sola Scriptura[View]
16753972Why did Stalin reject the German Border Revision?[View]
16754397AUSLANDER RAUS: political songs similar throughout history?: https://youtu.be/zy10_W7JF7k What sprin…[View]
16754201Why is it not taught that the HOLOCAUST was only planned and executed DURING THE WAR?: Everyone talk…[View]
16753914Why do Marxists constantly re-write history?: Marxists and Stalinists seem to ignore or flat out den…[View]
16753341Your /his/-pilled college horror stories: When you were in undergrad did you ever write an essay abo…[View]
16754630Tell me about the Hindu gods. What does each do? I only know that Ganesha protects your house if you…[View]
16752091what is the highest of all high art? the single greatest piece of work ever created. something deepe…[View]
16749393What the fuck is their fucking problem???[View]
16753007Vodou: I will be honest I do not know much about this topic. Thoughever, I do wonder whether it act…[View]
16754400I summon napoleon faceup in the attack position. I end my turn[View]
16753383Why is nobility drawn in 17th and 18th centuries as deformed fat abominations while peasant farmers …[View]
16754425France vs England is the greatest rivalry in history: Most rivalries are either genocidal barbarism …[View]
16754552>Spain: World’s most GAY friendly country Is this what being like 56% Roman does to a country? ¿E…[View]
16752764Is sexuality inherently rapey?: Does anyone else think 2nd wave radfems had a point about how sex is…[View]
16750756Requirements for joining the first Waffen-SS: >be at least 6'2 >have white teeth, no dent…[View]
16753793Judges 11: Does Jephthah giving his daughter as a burnt offering count as human sacrifice?[View]
16753348How much ANE did Iran Neolithic Farmers have?: How much Ancient North Eurasian ancestry did Iranian …[View]
16754138Was muhomot real or did abubakr invent him?[View]
16753980so what did they do[View]
16754357Christianity: How did Europeans go from conquering the world beneath their feet to celebrating when …[View]
16749475Your thoughts on William Blakes All religions are one.[View]
16754197Canadian History: leafs, it is time to reclaim our heritage. to begin: who is your favourite PM (can…[View]
16747986David Irving may have a different interpretation of history than most, but on what grounds should he…[View]
16752253I freely dedicate my soul to the dark lord satan. 666 please take my soul straight to the depths of …[View]
16753958Fuck Spain Fuck Rome Fuck Christians. Fuck Indo-Europeanists. Fuck AmeriKKKa. Jesus was a black Musl…[View]
16754245If the Nazis didn’t do anything bad like the holocaust why did they all kill themselves immediately …[View]
16754147WW2 was primarily a German attempt to exterminate the Slavic race and all other crimes and atrocitie…[View]
16753634>Surrounded and running out of food and ammunition, the French army in Sedan surrendered on the m…[View]
16754465Why did Catholics left cultural and artistic wonders wherever they went while protestants left nothi…[View]
16754092After Pearl Harbor, US should have demanded to the USRR to set up bombers in Vladivostok and the res…[View]
16753774>there is a multiverse where every possibility exists in some universe Okay, then this proves Go…[View]
16750445Operation Barbarossa: No other war comes even close to this one. This is some manga shit. Unbelievab…[View]
16753497You ARE aware that absolutely everything is impermanent and that there is no intrinsic and eternal s…[View]
16751299A third of British men in India had Indian wives or mistresses.: > Intermixing and cross-cultural…[View]
16753891columbus was literally aiming for japan (cipangu). modernity was inaugurated by a weeaboo[View]
16753504God exists! Here is the ultimate proof. Imagine that you don’t believe in God. The ultimate conseque…[View]
16753992King Baldwin IV: I am[View]
16750613Why Do People Pretend Like this is “Debunked”??: And when they link to sources that supposedly “””de…[View]
16753586what was poland's endgame here?[View]
16750276>Islam >one God >one final revelation >available to anyone, all that is required is a si…[View]
16753837did moses exist?[View]
16753323Does “brother” mean you look black in the south?: Just curious. Predominantly white dude here and I’…[View]
16750666/his/ and /pol/ will seethe but this is how ancient Romans looked. Picrel is a Catalan from the area…[View]
16753780The greatest mistake in world history was the destruction of the Library of Alexandria. We lost so m…[View]
16750677What are your thoughts about Nudism in cultures and art?[View]
16753019Is it easier to reach enlightenment as you grow older, given that everyone grows humbler and less lu…[View]
16752173>Germans arrive >Local chief welcomes them and takes their support because he was in awe of t…[View]
16753733What if Atlanta, Georgia is the real Atlantis and the settlers found the ruins and changed a couple …[View]
16753171>hates Jews >Removes books from the bible to be like the Jewish one ???????…[View]
16753644Why were the French destroyed so completely at the Battle of Trafalgar?[View]
16748752The Nanking Massacre/The Rape of Nanking: >a wartime atrocity with brutality levels comparable to…[View]
16752490Why did Germany and Japan keep fighting even after all hope of victory or even truce had vanished?[View]
16753367Why is the military Leather Coat always so fucking aesthetic?: Why aren't modern day Militaries…[View]
16752536Did you ever hear about the Astaru folk assembly? It's a cult group in the USA which primarily …[View]
16740335>moral relativist >nooo you can’t engage in incest, bestiality, rape, murder, and force your b…[View]
16751599What's the best religion for getting a gf?[View]
16752858Florida Florian: What do we think of this /his/ TikToker/activist?[View]
16750286What does the Lactose Tolerance gene actually do?: If you ask this question you always hear that lac…[View]
16753555Give me proof about timur: When did he kill civillians in baghdad[View]
16753543The war on terror... what ever happened there?[View]
16753426Metaphysics of Capitalism: Would you say that the world of big business is one of masculine energy o…[View]
16753538But why did the Knights of St. John build the Hougoumont?[View]
16752540what the fuck?: >'''''''''realistic'''''''' medieval combat >blocking with a shield freezes yo…[View]
16750096Islam is Rejection of Mosaic Law?: In Judaism, Moses receives the 10 Commandments from Mount Sinai. …[View]
16753372IF YOURE ILLEGITIMATE CAN YOU BE KING?: https://discover.familytreedna.com/y-dna/Q-FTC46111/tree So,…[View]
16750709Is this the first time in history that large populations have rejected all notions of spirituality a…[View]
16751796Jeans: Why are communists so autistic about this?[View]
16753173What's the low down on gayness in Islamic countries? Obviously it's not allowed, but I get…[View]
16750147The whole predestination and omniscience of God/Jesus confuses me on things Why do people act like J…[View]
16751120The Defeat of the Arabs at the hands of Ghana: Sometime after the Umayyad conquests of North Africa,…[View]
16751988Are there any records about how soldiers from Christian vassals under Ottomans thought about fightin…[View]
16752028What would India look like today if Subhas Chandra Bose got his way instead of Gandhi?[View]
16752808>Spanish painters:Velazquez, Murillo, Zurbaran, Ribera, Goya >Portuguese painters: ??? Whats t…[View]
16747809Human wave tactics real or just propaganda?: >They came out of the hills near Unsan, North Korea,…[View]
16753280/his/ bros assemble[View]
16752304What is it about the Catholic church they makes American Protestant schizos lose their minds?[View]
16752145When Poland became a state in the 1918-1920, were there any significant differences in culture betwe…[View]
16751735>someone was bored enough to some how find a way to leash and make a circus out of fleas Is bored…[View]
16751193If sola fide is true…: If sola fide is true and justification is a one-time event, then why does Jes…[View]
16748556Martial Arts vs. Warfare: Are fighting manuals and martial techniques even practical when it came to…[View]
16753194>Martin who? >huh? >Never heard of the guy.…[View]
16751811Why is there this pattern throughout history where some random nomadic tribes just decide to suddenl…[View]
16751102Do you think God has a sense of humor?[View]
16752322why do neonazis love to call japs honorary aryans?: when the truth is, the japanese were probably th…[View]
16749144So how exactly do national IQs work? Why are IQs of Serbia, Croatia and Bosnia so different from ea…[View]
16753099Let's say reproductive human cloning becomes legal and reliable. Someone is cloned in a US labo…[View]
16749981Was Yugoslavia the least bad socialist state to live in?[View]
16752947Do you believe that Nero burned Rome?[View]
16749137Why did the Persians defeat the Huns several times? while the Europeans couldn't?[View]
16750815Why are Orientals more accomplished than Africans?: Neither Africans nor Orientals had anything to d…[View]
16752388I consider the Nuremberg trials to be predominantly show trials and a humiliation ritual against a d…[View]
16752703Did the French Revolution cause this?: Or were low birthrates already a problem in France? >picr…[View]
16751353Did Tsar Jr. ever consider entering the war on the side of the Entente, so that he may ultimately ge…[View]
16742275What was your experience as a Muslim?: Did you convert to Islam or birthed into it? Did you practice…[View]
16751126>watch Hitler and Goebbels speeches from 1943 onwards in English >It's all nonstop cope a…[View]
16752161I found out that Abrahamic religions aren't inspired. They may be inspired by a little energy t…[View]
16752980/quote/: share your favorite historical and /pol/itical quotes[View]
16752954Boney went to Waterloo Away ay-yah And there he got his overthrow Jean-François Boney, he was sent a…[View]
16752478Blacks outperformed Iberians.: What the Iberian from Spain who posts obvious bait threads about Afri…[View]
16752878*interrupts the execution of a penal process* *allows an adulterous woman to keep on living unpunish…[View]
16752428How do demiurge believers contort the message of Christ? His suffering IS the suffering of mankind a…[View]
16752866What would you do under shariah?[View]
16752875was he retarded?: >'I want to establish a world for true aryans' >alienates all of Europe, Uni…[View]
16752867> Also murdered that night were members of the imperial entourage who had accompanied them: court…[View]
16752857Did Europeans actually try to bring Africans to their level or did they keep then undereducated on p…[View]
16750866Why didn't we just gun them down when they surrendered?: They were the enemy. They killed and r…[View]
16751517Do happogrous debunk the Norman theory of Rus state? Sweden is mostly IN which is found is laughingl…[View]
16751016Why do protes-taints get divorced and pray on the toilet: Don't they know that's a sin? I …[View]
16752271Could I consider myself to be spanish?: >Portuguese mom >Romanian dad >Born and raised in S…[View]
16750640How was life in the USSR?: I'm not a communist. And I believe that Lenin and Stalin were evil a…[View]
16752699Can white people fix Islam?: As Islam grows and white people are forced to convert, will they inevit…[View]
16750768/his/ thoughts on Deism: Based or cringe?[View]
16752634Who is correct? Natural Theology: Jews, Christians, and Muslims (generally speaking) see God as the …[View]
16752661a pimp named Trudeau[View]
16747602most overrated country: >culture pretty much just a off shot from chinese culture >Isolated a…[View]
16751776Remember that time when Devil walked as a man?[View]
16751918do different human races emote differently: dogs and cats are natural enemies because they use the s…[View]
16752248>Jesus Lived a perfect life free of sin >Muhammed Raped kids It's really that simple…[View]
16744216Historically speaking, why did Europeans set out to exploit and destroy the world while Americans on…[View]
16750118>no pearl harbor >no nanking >finds oil in manchuria >assassinates Chiang and Mao …[View]
16748631Which Dao religion is superior to help a mortal human being to ascend into godhood not through the d…[View]
16748183What civilization had the best drip? Imo the Islamic ones win, it's so colorful and comfy.[View]
16751655There has never been a successful peasant/slave revolt in history. Every succesfull revolution, civi…[View]
16752374With all our modern knowledge about variations in the psyche and how chemotherapy might be used to t…[View]
16752228Source of St John Bosco's quote?[View]
16738235Was he based or cringe?[View]
16751357Which “Truth” will grant me paradise, so that I can be the Human that God always wanted me to be?[View]
16752054He prophesied that America would become world hegemon. It is amazing how extremely high IQ he was.[View]
16752015I know the dust hasn't fully settled just yet, but who do you reckon was in the right here?[View]
16752078Eid Mubarek[View]
16749521They aren't telling us the full story about what happened to the Picts[View]
16750878Are anime girls the ultimate humiliation ritual?: Are anime girls the ultimate humiliation ritual? I…[View]
16744745Are south germans Celtic?[View]
16750026>control all of this >split it up for no reason What was his problem?…[View]
16750969>Decide to read the Histories >First story is about a cuck What did he mean by this?…[View]
16749478>X is just a social construct This is a non-sequitor argument, right? I mean why should it matte…[View]
16748361Lexington and Concord: >trained occupation force v peasants >takes double casualties of the oc…[View]
16748679How come their artificial gender categories are the same as ours despite being isolated for 60,000 y…[View]
16750887Why would you worship a god that doesn't put your race first? Say what you want about Jews but …[View]
16750560ITT: Post historical chuds[View]
16751078>Be me >Have dream >Get blindfolded >Get told I have to grope 4 body parts and agree on …[View]
16751636When I was in college history class I said Himmler was probably worse than Hitler and everyone inclu…[View]
16750963Technically: The Soviet Union's final borders comprise dof the nation of Kazakhstan[View]
16751507Why does saying you don't believe the universe was created by an omnipotent immaterial mind mak…[View]
16751830John Brown and Queen Victoria: Did they really?[View]
16751196God doesn't exist because non-whites exist. No loving merciful God would allow billions of brow…[View]
16749581>raison d'être >raison d'état >fait accompli >ancien régime >au courant …[View]
16751726When did so-called democracy go from being a bad word in ancient Greece and just one of the possible…[View]
16740255Is the multi millenial hatred France had towards Spain to this very day a consequence of their blood…[View]
16751641Is idealism a philosophically justifiable position?[View]
16744552What the fuck was his problem[View]
16751275>jews were associated with sorcery, magic, and evil in the middle ages and all wore these pointy …[View]
16751534>Henry Cyril Paget, 5th Marquess of Anglesey (16 June 1875 – 14 March 1905), styled Lord Paget un…[View]
16749971How good or bad was the quality of life for Black people during Apartheid? Compared with that of the…[View]
16751513>Guderian being transported to the Eastern Front, 1943 What is he thinking about?…[View]
16743776Celtic languages: It's probably based on my experience with the fantasy genre, but I can't…[View]
16751101Cisalpine Gauls have been tested: Cisalpine Gauls of the Cenomani tribe have been tested Unsurprisin…[View]
16746930Why are polls constantly despised and hated for being losers when they won most of their wars? They …[View]
16744518How did Turks go from THIS to what they are now?[View]
16751235Tell me about Ancient Aramaic and Aramaeans: I just read that Arabic didn't exist until 700 AD …[View]
16750398>Spend most of their history infighting >Athenian, Spartan and Theban hegemony only last for a…[View]
1675142014th amendment questions: >No State shall make or enforce any law which shall abridge the privile…[View]
16751405>Purpose of life is to live morally and go to heaven >die >go to heaven Ok now what? Do we …[View]
16751387Humanities question: If a person takes a voodoo doll and puts a curse on it in the attempt of killin…[View]
16748516Countries aren't allowed to be based on ethnicity. Because that's racist. They're not…[View]
16751049alright, Muslims of /his/, it's time to answer the big question Assuming you have full permissi…[View]
16746483Which Dharmic religion is superior for one to escape Samsara?[View]
16746055What caused the USSR to collapse?[View]
16750476Atheists / socialists are cowards.: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UcZrKTiXqsk[View]
16745517Do Iranians or Southern Euros have more ANE admixture?: Based on the graphs I've seen, Iranians…[View]
16748770I know there were no term limits at the time and he could have been president until he died, but let…[View]
16748824Marx himself was pretty racist. So, when did communism become all about 'anti-imperialism' and the l…[View]
16750670Why did europeans think killing a dragon was a big deal? Your typical asian tiger or american grizzl…[View]
16750502Why do we only recognize bad deeds?: Why is it that a single bad deed is enough to make one a bad pe…[View]
16750354>Ricky Gervais A.I. art >Holocaust did/didn't happen / bait thread #65638 >Pregnant An…[View]
16751121Theologically speaking, what are the implications of modern Jews not actually being the descendants …[View]
16747660>be some persian guy >study christianity, buddhism, zoroastrianism, and the numerous mystic tr…[View]
16750559>man kills and rapes your baby >murderapedophile gets free food, exercise, and housing in a co…[View]
16751843guys, it's happening invest in crypto before it's too late[View]
16752031What's wrong with native black people left to their own devices? pseudo-intellectual African Am…[View]
16752410Humanities.: Why is capitalism associated with conservatism and socialism associated with liberalism…[View]
16751106King Nicolas the second of china next to tsar Chulalongkorn of Mexico in their vacation to Switzerla…[View]
16751071How does /his/ feel about history getting scrapped? Pic related, the SS United States is being evict…[View]
16745407Islam has Luciferian/Satanic origins?: >Hanif in the Quran means the followers of the religion of…[View]
16749123>Cup from 100 B.C. bearing the words 'Christ the Magician' found in Alexandria? Implications of p…[View]
16749561Name another historical figure who suffered more than here. >Protip You can't.…[View]
16747621How do Catholics cope with with Jesus said in Luke?: >Luke 11:27-28 >27 As Jesus was saying th…[View]
16749149Why did Hitler require democratic means to take power, when his idol Mussolini simply marched on the…[View]
1675093150 years ago. What went wrong?[View]
16749415Has there ever been an example of an authoritarian, but compotent government that faced very little …[View]
16750936>OLD ROME VGH.... >WE MUST RETURN TO BEING YEOMAN FARMERS >lives a comfortable life on his …[View]
16750859Did you know that there were dozens of Islamic military orders and they still exist today? Guess tem…[View]
16750889Who was in the wrong here?[View]
16750876How the hell did Wellington win this? Before you resort to racism, keep in mind that his army was 8 …[View]
16745042If Hitler stopped here he would basically become the Bismarck of the 20th century[View]
16747123Why did America join WW2?[View]
16750142I just found out how Bayesian dating works.: How the fuck do you all just accept this?[View]
16750244Do you think there's any merit to the ideology/philosophical lens of afropessimism? Basically t…[View]
16750316>The wounded men took a sardonic pleasure in taunting reinforcement troops moving through Frederi…[View]
16749790Which founding father had the biggest dick?[View]
16750536Why wouldn't you want your executioners to be bloodthirsty?: > But the law must require it, …[View]
16747005/his/ theses: What did you write your thesis on, /his/? >Italian military organization in North A…[View]
16750718Why is the Norman Conquest of England not considered to be the French conquest of England? Where Nor…[View]
16748486Why did warrior monks fall out of fashion?[View]
16748536Historically speaking, is this accurate?[View]
16750013Orthodox, Conservative, or Reform? Catholic, Orthodox, or Protestant? Sunni or Shia?[View]
16750501>https://youtu.be/LMu8LFGiTLc so let me understand this curectly a serbian king was the father in…[View]
16728563What exactly is the history of homosexuality? Like who is the earliest known homosexual?[View]
16750526Main Character Syndrome, The ''Philosophy''[View]
16750349Every now and then this needs to be posted to show that Bismarck was an idiot and that germoids are …[View]
16745752Why don't we admire women for their intelligence and men for their physical beauty instead?[View]
16747127Generalplan ost: Myths and realities: I am an expert on the subject, if you have any questions ask…[View]
16748453Would a Macedonian Phalanx have been more or less effective if the first two ranks were made up of t…[View]
16750485Why are Mandeans so cool looking? They look like... ancient. It's like transporting back to anc…[View]
16747274What has caused this phenomenon?[View]
16750229Thrones thread: Posting cool or interesting looking historical thrones[View]
16750298Why is the African continent so poor and downtrodden? Oppression? Incompetent governments? Exploitat…[View]
16748447Who is king retard, historically speaking? The GROAT?[View]
16748902Is civilization the natural state of the anatomically modern human?[View]
16750473Good Pirates: >APn 21/04/98 13:24 >By BART JONES >CARACAS, Venezuela (AP) -- In the lore of…[View]
16750106>Natural rights How did people fall for this meme?[View]
16749765How does the Pope respond without sounding mad?[View]
16743555I’m going to post this every day until you remember it[View]
16750152I just learned that Marie Antoinette was Maria Theresa's daughter. Fuck France. Austria did not…[View]
16745225>the villain joins your team but he sucks[View]
16746911How accurate is this statement?[View]
16749314Aboriginals: Did they really burn down Australia's forest of was it always an arid area?[View]
16747244Imagine living in the Anglosphere and not being Anglican[View]
16750394Demographic shifts: What are the socio-cultural implications of the boom in Afro-Chinese as Chinese …[View]
16744175Catholics: If we are all in heaven with our resurrected bodies and witnessing the beafic vision, and…[View]
16748777>Zionism is founded on idea that Jews will never have any peace in Europe so they need to emigrat…[View]
16750312>the first openly gay politician was a Fascist This feels like a joke[View]
16750331What relevance do these ritual states as found in the Torah have on Christian theology?[View]
16743738Which shia sect is the legitimate one?[View]
16748256>You MUST pee sitting down, so that no drop of filthy urine touches your body >Camel urine? SI…[View]
16750247What did they mean by this: > In the writings of the 10th-century Arab historian Al-Masudi, the K…[View]
16742754Yasuke wasn't a samurai: We wasn't? https://archive.org/details/theycametojapan0000coop/pa…[View]
16750280Is Vodou a Mercurian/Hermetic religion?: The three main gods of Haitian Vodou are Papa Legba, a tric…[View]
16744243Worship God not icons ok?[View]
16750269What are the reasons behind the historical underrepresentation of women in media?[View]
16734333Why didn't pan-latinism take off?: It's even more obscure than pan-Slavism.[View]
16749635Your favorite century to study, and short summary of your fursona?[View]
16750138Thoughts on Giovanni Gentile? TLDR: he came up with the facist doctrine with Mussolini[View]
16750185Why Operation Barbarossa a failure for Nazi Germany?[View]
16749953Holy trinity of pederasty: What caused them and Afghans to become so specialized at boyfucking?…[View]
16749742What Christian denomination right one?: Its all very confusing sometimes like eastern orthodox and R…[View]
16743592She was nothing more than a glorified cheerleader that the Catholic Church put on a pedestal because…[View]
16749120Why didn't he order the mass arrest of all criminals, agitators and revolutionaries and put occ…[View]
16749899>'For their grubby contemporaries in the West, stumbling around in their codpieces, the silk-clad…[View]
16750090I have just finished Adrian Goldsworthy's biography of Caesar. Is it worth reading Caesar'…[View]
16738800''Loser'' gods: Why would people worship god, which lost bad in myth? why not sw…[View]
16745395I genuinely can't comprehend why there was any sort of resistance to the Vietnamese occupation …[View]
16748444https://www.sefaria.org/Yevamot.63a.5: The Talmud says that Adam had sex with every animal in the Ga…[View]
16749907What actual evidence is there of gas chambers in concentration camps? Been listening to David Irving…[View]
16748344Why not?: picrel[View]
16749910Can machines be sentient?: Artificial intelligence is all algorithms, but what exactly is sentience?…[View]
16746445>formed a militia force of radical abolitionist >moved to Kansas where he ordered the brutal e…[View]
16747454>been ere 200,00 years >Invented a stick[View]
16749933slaughtering Chinese is an exiting sport commonly seen throughout the world. Spaniards (with Filipin…[View]
16749751Do you like my meme?: And if not, why not?[View]
16749955Is humanity progressively becoming more mature? No one wants to be 'grown up' anymore.[View]
16749837if the polish had conquered all of the eurasian plains and basically took russia's geopolitical…[View]
16746477>You think Marxism-Leninism is bad? So what was your (great-)grandfather doing in the 1930s and 4…[View]
16747585What would China be like today if Chiang Kai-Shek won?[View]
16746527Catalonian identity: Ameritard here. Can anyone explain to me what exactly distinguishes Catalonian …[View]
16747806Why was almost every invention and scientific discovery made by people of European descent?[View]
16749378Koceks: Anyone have any source material on how the Turks kept femboy dancers?[View]
16749552Why did he hate Serbs so much?[View]
16748742How did women go from looking stunningly beautiful in big Victorian dresses to looking like frumpy s…[View]
16743615Why are black people so ashamed of their tribal ancestors? They seem to glorify Muhammadan traitors …[View]
16748806What causes this: > Jesus can't be God because he was a human but random niggas can be God b…[View]
16748171Иcтopия: Пoчeмy CШA пoмoгaли Юж. Кopee в Кopeйcкoй вoйнe? He yжe ли тaк вaжнo былo имeть в Aзии coюз…[View]
16742769Obscure terrible people you think deserve more infamy: Try to include an explanation if you can. I…[View]
16747555Oh nooooooooooooooo Glantz bros NOT LIKE THIS[View]
16749627I don't browse as much as i used to, so i don't know if this is still a thing or not But i…[View]
16749108Imagine there are two countries following two religions, religion A and religion B, with their respe…[View]
16749064I'm obsessed with remote bases/territories being defended in ww1 like Dutch East Indies, Philli…[View]
16748290Why do Americans all look so schizo in in old timey photos?[View]
16742753okay, but what other unquestionable truths am I supposed to be able to build based on the fact that …[View]
16749061Why do so many Leftists historically and today support imperialism so long as the imperialists are n…[View]
16748140bros wtf[View]
16749272If I was born imperfect and prone to sin, why am I deserving of eternal Hell?[View]
16748238During the civil war, why did normal, mostly poor worker Americans in the south feel the need to fig…[View]
16749218Has bucharin been vindicated now that the two most successful communist state (Vietnam and China) ar…[View]
16749988I promise I'm being genuine with this question but why do homos seem to flock to the Disney cor…[View]
16749276iS ahmadeya not Muslim or is Ahmed from Pakistan wrong?[View]
16748976Without knowing the answer, where would you say they're from?: Picture from the early 40's…[View]
16747702Why is this?[View]
16748200Why do aboriginals look like more primitive hominids? They look like neanderthals with dark skin[View]
16747146Jehovah's Witnesses are not the 144,000: I'm reading Revelation for the first time in over…[View]
16748887'What about the hadiths? You ever sat down and read these things? Technically we're not allowed…[View]
16747362What’s the /his/ consensus on Judas? On one hand he betrayed Jesus. On the other hand getting caught…[View]
16748757Nazi Germany as an anti communist bulwark: >stop appeasement short of pissing off the Brits >d…[View]
16748847As a southerner, General Lee was always a mythical figure to me. Behind that, there is all sorts of …[View]
16748845R-O-C, get gunned and clapped quick[View]
16748226What is the official explaination for this?[View]
16744375Why would God actually care if humans worship the 'correct' version of him or not? Wouldn't it …[View]
16747572Ashikaga Takauji: >makes japs seethe so hard to this very day over him BTFOing the emperor >hi…[View]
16748253>if you don't believe in right and wrong, the things you don't like are right! Why is t…[View]
16748220Altar of Burnt Offering has 4 horns, Altar of Incense has 4 horns, Moses' Corpse has 2 horns. H…[View]
16748346What are your absolutely favorite history books that you've read? The most entertaining or inte…[View]
16745652:|: so it turns out god has god-grandpa and god-grandma in the judo-christian mythology.[View]
16748551Thoughts on Reconstructionist Judaism?[View]
16744165>'The rapes by Moorish mercenaries will continue until morale improves' based or cringe?…[View]
16748180Was Stirner real?[View]
16745098Unit 731: Why were the japanese so evil? >The Togo Unit employed gruesome tactics to secure speci…[View]
16747891American History: 4 years of trying to achieve something but all you achieved was being a loser…[View]
16743378Adolf Hitler: How does /his/ think people will see him 70 years from now? 200 years from now? 1500 y…[View]
16748412How extensive were ties between South Arabia and ancient Mesopotamia?[View]
16733840>Canada is… Le Colonial Projecte >Mike Pearson is… Le War Criminale >Canadian establishment…[View]
16747995How do we even dare to regard ourselves better than the people of antiquity, antiquity men were brav…[View]
16748119>First successful slave revolt >Is an utter shithole for all of it's history What gives…[View]
16747309There's not a single hard fact known about Jesus.: There's not a single hard fact about Je…[View]
16748084Is the Chinese Jade Emperor comparable to the Abrahamic God?[View]
16748087name a bigger group of jobbers in /his/tory[View]
16748142Chad Bachmann: > Be Erwin Bachmann > Go alone on scouting in a French town > See a several …[View]
16746680I will attempt to provide a secular definition of evil: Anything that causes undue bodily or mental …[View]
16745735Why are christians so unwilling to fight for their faith?: Islam has: >daesh >hamas >hezbol…[View]
16746897In Heaven, are you allowed to torture 'fake' versions of your real life enemies forever?[View]
16746867>destroys European civilization heh heh nothing personal, goyim[View]
16747223Do substances exist or are things just a bundle of properties? What precedes what?[View]
16746342Economy of Tokugawa Japan: I have read an article on economy of Japan in 16th-19th centuries. Here i…[View]
16747827How is it even possible that romans were so close genetically to africanized whites in the first pla…[View]
16747857When did France stop being Celtic?[View]
16747933What is the best, most in-depth history book on the Mongol Empire?[View]
16747991I’m wondering why in popular culture it was the Germans who became a kind of embodiment of the idea …[View]
16747862Guys, could anyone give me some 'light'? I'll try to be practical so it doesn't end up bei…[View]
16747485Evidence of the Holocaust: Many anti-Semitic neo-Nazis and other Holocaust deniers like to say that …[View]
16747241What are the historical implications of the Torah originally being written in ancient Greek?[View]
16747569What was the most famous tavern brawl in history?[View]
16743560Beja tribes photos: Posting fuzzy wuzzys[View]
16742267WTF: Is this true /r/history???[View]
16747875Did the Romans collectively refer to Germanic peoples as 'German' or 'Germanic'? And did those peopl…[View]
16745383Greek butthurt: I don't get why greeks get so butthurt about Turks. Mainland Greece had been ir…[View]
16744062>History of Humanities is a double-blind peer-reviewed academic journal devoted to the history of…[View]
16742030New ancient DNA preprint from the Caucasus.: The Genetic History of the South Caucasus from the Bron…[View]
16747543Deer domestication: This is a history thread. Have any cultures domesticated the deer? Were the japa…[View]
16747175The canon itself is a tradition and is extra biblical. The commission however is biblical. How do p…[View]
16747047Why do leftists use the word fascism to refer to any sort of right wing authoritarianism?: It’s incr…[View]
16746566There was a general shift in public opinion in the United States away from capital punishment during…[View]
16745925Is Western Civilization inherently subversive against itself?[View]
16746275Many eons ago, back when the world was new, the planet Earth was down on its luck, and everywhere gi…[View]
16741922Why are Northern Han chuddies like this?[View]
16747457Why are Spanish people so ashamed of their Muhammadean ancestors? They seem to glorify Catholic trai…[View]
16747418The WW1 East African Campaign: I feel somewhat stupid for never really knowing that there was a lot …[View]
16747478Who the fuck is making all these threads it’s always filled with same post about who is and isn’t Ar…[View]
16747420Fuck the Torah, what a disgusting book[View]
16745687I was posting on /his/, late one night When my eyes beheld an eerie sight For the haplofag from his …[View]
16747048What are some times in history when the government instituted a draft and people successfully rebell…[View]
16746886good books for early dynastic mesopotamia?: ive been interested interested in this period lately, ot…[View]
16747322>cameras get invented >G-d: aite niggas, I’m out…[View]
16748639Why do Americans love Russia now? https://www.youtube.com/shorts/ktPf1Kvj9FU He says that Moscow loo…[View]
16747371Why do Latinos have such a low crime rate compared to black in the US ?: You hear from liberals crim…[View]
16746795Post historical figures whom you found to be very ugly[View]
16745816/his/ sisters these men carry the J1 ydna explain yourselves[View]
16746616African Jewelry and such thread: treasure of Ahmadu[View]
16746272real life insect people, literally nobody on earth likes them[View]
16747345Did you know that the Demiurge was represented before a serpent-headed pig?: >Shai (also spelt Sa…[View]
16745471Why does the all knowing and all powerful God of the universe demand I have faith in the hearsay of …[View]
16745784Based and trad Christcuck “ethics”: >LeBrown DeQuasahun runs up on you in a parking lot >AYO N…[View]
16746824How do Christians handle trying to live a good life and be a good man when most people they encounte…[View]
16746409The average philosophy major has an IQ of almost 130. That's the average, so you could easily f…[View]
16746466Is it true that the medieval HRE spent most of the time simping for Rome and the Pope and would cons…[View]
16747155Just say no to communism[View]
16746711Cultural Respect and Betrayal: Why is it that the West deeply revered India in the 70s, but now its …[View]
16746292Graham Hancock sees this and be like: >12500 years ago this lined up due east with the constellat…[View]
16741884>SOLA SCRIPTURA! 'A woman should learn in quietness and full submission. I do not permit a woman …[View]
16745487How can I fulfill my destiny as a metaphysically elite priest-king when all the initiatory paths hav…[View]
16743562Why was Fascist Italy so unsuccessful in war?[View]
16747114Why did an incel scribe edit these lines into the bible?[View]
16740846Scots are Northumbrianized Cumbrians and have nothing to do with Gaels.[View]
16747099How would the Middle East look if Israel was never established?[View]
16746961What conclusive evidence is there for America to fit the criteria for Mystery Babylon in Revelations…[View]
16740166How did the Japanese go from being so psychopathic and evil to being really lovable, good natured an…[View]
16744999Does part of you know this?: Inside, /his/, I bet everyone knows resurrection is true. And I mean th…[View]
16746165Harilal Gandhi (1888-1948) Harilal, the eldest son, had a troubled life and a strained relationship …[View]
16741651I am looking for the name of a 19th century unit comprised of Arabs and Europeans (I think mostly Fr…[View]
16744520Prehistorically speaking, how did an ape that wasn't particularly tough, fast or equipped with …[View]
16746951Ancient European Art: we had a lot of topics (spam?) about African art and Mesoamerican art. Let…[View]
16746936What was life actually like in colonial Africa and how much did it vary depending on the coloniser? …[View]
16737319Let's get to the bottom of this once and for all: - There is one ball - It is a red ball, a gre…[View]
16743979This East Scandinavian genetic cluster is first seen 800 years after the arrival of the Corded Ware …[View]
16745282Southern and eastern Europeans are a burden on the superior germanic race. Why do we germanic uberme…[View]
16746842The Lord says, “If you treat the Sabbath as sacred and do not pursue your own interests on that day;…[View]
16740755If Jews really do run everything, does that not make them the master race after all? Nobody seems to…[View]
16746528Why shouldn't an Asteroid just end it all right now[View]
16745449What's your favourite civil war, aside from the War Between The States?[View]
16743520Nigeria art thread: Various types of art from historical Nigeria pic is an ivory carving of a Yoruba…[View]
16746584the leftoid lie >The west fell to the dark ages where nothing ever happened after Roman collapse …[View]
16743072African Gambesons: And maybe some other armor if I want to Nupe Parade armor[View]
16746414How did gommunism not succeed in Thailand? It worked in most of Indochina. They had a pro-American c…[View]
16740167>japan considered merchants to be the lowest trade of all Now this based…[View]
16745362Western religion is marked by mental retardation, intellectual dishonesty, struggle, guilt, dogmatis…[View]
16746114Is there a greater purpose in life than breeding a beautiful white wife?[View]
16743039Honorable death: Unironically why didn't he just kill himself in battle, like do a solo suicide…[View]

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