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16330275Was John of Patmos also John the Disciple?[View]
16329973Where do you draw the distinction between a thing's nature, inclination, and its 'free will'? I…[View]
16329832How or why would you act morally in a deterministic universe or under an hinduism worldview?[View]
16327341Either God made the universe, or the universe is eternal (universes generating each other is the sam…[View]
16326221Is Islam basically a 'no fun allowed' cult? You can find pretty much any topic under 'is _____ Haram…[View]
16330319If germs were unknown why did they catapult rotten corpses into sieged cities? it couldn´t be just f…[View]
16322394Why do American agencies insist torture doesn't work for interrogations?: Like what kind of per…[View]
16322788On this day, 30 years ago, a Zionist settler murdered 29 innocent people in Hebron.[View]
16330104How many civil war generals can you name off the top of your head? I got 32 thinking for about 5 min…[View]
16327864Why were Christians able to conquer (and hold) far more of Muslims territory...: ... than were the M…[View]
16327346Is cultural or secular Christianity a thing? I grew up Catholic, don't agree with the pope or c…[View]
16328605>Hates abortions >gives kids cancer anyway…[View]
16328487Male love for Rome: What is it about Rome that get’s men so passionate and nostalgic? I’m listening …[View]
16329960The comissariat of enlightenment: >'The inflation of commissariats', Krupskaya (Lenin's…[View]
16329916What are some books that really get into the nitty gritty reality of feudalism, away from all of the…[View]
16328736How brits conquered india lol[View]
16329646what caused the serial killer, alcoholism and wife beating epidemic back then in america?[View]
16328769So what did the scrolls found in Sakya monastery contain? can't find much info online >Sakya…[View]
16329488Just found out that China used to have Austronesian kingdoms before they got conquered and assimilat…[View]
16326326>England >Scotland >Ireland >Finland >Netherlands >Deutschland >Poland >…[View]
16324529Show me yer finest vessels, chapter III: Aye, that time again maties. Post yer' finest vessels.…[View]
16329555Does suffering bring awakening?[View]
16328911>When Pancho Villa and his minions attempt to invade the US but they didn't realize the Amer…[View]
16325755According to the bible, I'm from an evil race that was not chosen by god (white european people…[View]
16328701What went wrong? https://youtu.be/_U0wQPMwvVc?si=gVrCa_tdk1FA_0ks[View]
16329358Evolution of Religion: To what extent has religion in history been influenced by prevailing social m…[View]
16326165superheroe comics as ancient archtype?: Were the tirthankaras, boddhisatvas, avataras etc in ancient…[View]
16326163When did you realize that history is literally just Total German Victory?[View]
16328380What are some genocides that people don't talk too much about, like the Cambodian genocide for …[View]
16328902Pain is not meaningless. Pain is real.[View]
16330222Will the family unit break down completely in the future? It already has to some extent, with women …[View]
16330489Can UBI be justified?: The recent hoopla about AI displacing jobs had me thinking about potentially …[View]
16312221Argument against Materialism: All existing things are an effect of physics. There is no 'truer' phys…[View]
16328831What are the origins of the Alpine race? The small statured, round headed and snub nosed groups of e…[View]
16329341How come the Goths left no genetic impact in Spain? There's barely any R1b U106 in Spain[View]
16327024What happened to the former Brazilian royalty and nobility? What status do they have today? Did they…[View]
16325732Favorite Bible story?: Mine is Sodom and Gomorrah (Genesis 19). So much jam-packed into one story; t…[View]
16323874Was the killing of Caesar a morally just act?[View]
16326190Thoughts on NebuCHADnezzar II?[View]
16328356>bunch of brutes came and destroyed everything do I really need to study history when it's j…[View]
16329187The pomerium or pomoerium was a religious boundary around the city of Rome and cities controlled by …[View]
16328398>Dude, the great pyramid of Giza is tooootally a tomb >even though the sarcophagus was never f…[View]
16329178Amalek: Was Amalek ever a real nation or peoples? If so, who were/are they?[View]
16326860Why don't Russians like talking about their alliance with Hitler before 1941?[View]
16327214Remember we literally live in the timeline where the bad guys won[View]
16327133Did he destroy Christianity in the west?[View]
16326037How do Jews feel about non-Middle Eastern Christians appropriating their history and roots?[View]
16327765Why did he hates Buddhist so much?[View]
16327149What is historically most efficient form of non-violent protest?[View]
16322294Will philosophy have a comeback?[View]
16328139>it's all cool guys, he said he was sorry![View]
16325196>Pregnant Anne Frank[View]
16327181>both Himmler and Goering as early as 1939 were trying to have peace talks with the British behin…[View]
16328943I want materialists/physicalists fucking dead and their bodies fed to pigeons.[View]
16328851Will 4chan and the internet survive WW3? If we were on a terminal trajectory and it seemed like glob…[View]
16329999does the average russian genuinely believe kiev belongs to russia? since it was the birthplace of th…[View]
16327421So is colonalism good or not?[View]
16328667This map makes absolutely no sense. WTF was going on with the diversity of languages in the west coa…[View]
16327017Redpill me on this shit.: The wiki entry makes it look like 'there's nothing to see here' but m…[View]
16325722Have you ever had a religious experience that validated your faith?[View]
16321046Isn't a whole month kind of long? I feel like this could just be a week[View]
16328996Should I buy this massive AWOOGA of a history book?: 'The First World War: Volume I: To Arms' by Hew…[View]
16328078Did women entering the workplace kill single-income families? If not, what was the culprit?[View]
16321065This scares the Protestant[View]
16328938Why is Western European art so un-conservative?: Most art traditions of the world are pretty conserv…[View]
16328499Proof of the Divine: 'God' is in fact the pure essence of numbers, which allows for all quantifiable…[View]
16327955What are our thoughts on the demon that followed Socrates around and told him what to do?[View]
16327975Is there any evidence Brutus of Troy was real?: Been interested in this myth for a while. Guy called…[View]
16328848Canadian History: >Be Radisson >Canadian fur trader, have furtradebro named Groseilliers, life…[View]
16326808Japanese emperor Hirohito at Disneyland[View]
16326339Sociology/anthropology of Bolitas: Can we discuss the bizarre sexual practice of Filipino sailors in…[View]
16328761I figured out while high on a water bottle bong rip of aluminum fumes, dabs, tobacco, and marijuana …[View]
16329260Why is Spain hated by other European?: If you look at white nationalist they often advocate what the…[View]
16329333Why is Soviet Union always called 'Russia' considering it was ruled by jews, Georgians and Ukrainian…[View]
16326442I am a Libertarian Anarcho-Socialist: Convince me that the workers should not own the means of produ…[View]
16328715The Soviet Empire: The RSFSR was the core of Soviet imperialism. The Soviet Union was a facist state…[View]
16328686>millions died for this >the foundation of the modern world Just how boring was life in the re…[View]
16319677Why doesn't god regrow a devout amputee's limb during a live broadcast? That would solve t…[View]
16328711I think Orthodoxy does the best at bridging the gap between Old and New Testament[View]
16328601Biggest blunders of all time?[View]
16328569Hey hey people: Why weren’t the Americans who terror bombed civilians in Japan charged with war crim…[View]
16328664FACT: The good guys in any conflict are the ones who had better music. You may not like it but it…[View]
16328630Joe Slovo: >Waged war on the Nazis >Waged war on apartheid >Was critical of Zionism >W…[View]
16327867What does it mean for God to die?[View]
16327988>The vast majority of settlers were young (between 16 and 25 years old), male and single. In the …[View]
16328545What about this image terrifies a gelded failed male eurojanny high on estrogen?[View]
16326795Why would anyone want to support vanguardists for power? Even if, and that's a pretty big if, y…[View]
16328534why are muslims always trying to convert people I don’t get it, let me be an atheist in peace[View]
16328232Would it have ever been possible to have a Christian-friendly China?[View]
16319071why do people use the term right wing for pro monarchy, when every left wing revolution immediately …[View]
16328276Did they destroy Christianity in the East?[View]
16319192Is there free will in Heaven?[View]
16328372>Atheist sees his son crying because his ice cream fell on the ground. There's no reason for…[View]
16328369>I'll dutifully raise my wife's son for you, O' Lord YHVH What did Chr*stians mean…[View]
16326364We don’t have free will: The personality behind us, who makes “choices” is something formed out of a…[View]
16328159how do I into logic?? this shit looks like math[View]
16328305Why is subordinationism considered a heresy when it's explicitly stated in scripture? >for t…[View]
16326774Bare minimum education: Here's a thought experiment, /his/: This is Dick. He rules the country …[View]
16323964>paneerstan >halalstan >turkistan Who stanned these countries and why?…[View]
16328226Come home Aryan man[View]
16328236Was communism worse?: Pankaj Mishra questions Mao's direct responsibility for the Great Chinese…[View]
16325933Based: Will /his/ accept the truth?[View]
16309814redpill: European civilization essentially originated in Turkey, not Greece >western science and …[View]
16326463>some nomadic tribe from central asian/eurasian steppe appear out of nowhere, murder everyone, an…[View]
16326606>a little before the otoman rule was stablished there was a general , Alexios Philanthropenos , w…[View]
16323024He did nothing wrong. All of his foreign policy decisions that are today derided by half-read imbeci…[View]
16325367Is this a fruit salad? Your answer determines your philosophical stance on God and morality.[View]
16328075Forgotten History: https://youtu.be/ppE83h6THK4?feature=shared[View]
16328022Redpill me on the Ruhnama.[View]
16325769Imagine it an alternate 1939: >Germany HASN'T let Austria join Germany >Germany HASN…[View]
16327545Any counter-arguments to this thread? Seems pretty damning https://twitter.com/Antweegonus/status/16…[View]
16323669Who seethes the most about whom? Who seethes the least about the others?[View]
16326519ok so please tell me again why you worship the man who suffered the most, who become sin itself your…[View]
16326370How can I live like a modern homo? We get told that modern society ruins so many things about the hu…[View]
16325428What part of the story about Romulus and Remus is not widely discussed? What secrets does this legen…[View]
16327606Eireaboos will unironically defend this: >voluntarily covers his walls in shit and starves himsel…[View]
16326914Was Caesar luckier than Sulla?[View]
16325747Is modern mans susceptibility to becoming incredibly autistic about incredibly niche and childish th…[View]
16326597Which came first?: What would Plato say?[View]
16326934Why are Georgians trying to claim South Ossetia, when it's clear all the churches and fortresse…[View]
16323662Why did Britain care so much about Czech and Polish sovereignty so as to start a world war over it?[View]
16327244So why did the Roman Catholic Church lose so much power? The Eastern Orthodox Churches lost it becau…[View]
16325645Could Germany NOT have invaded?[View]
16320087why is humanity so obssesed with morality?: why do people think morality exist or we need it? In the…[View]
16326616Does he really deserve to be shat on so much? It seems like he's overhated. He certainly had hi…[View]
16326197Why did the change from mythos to logos happen in Greece and India?[View]
16327063Looking at his disciples, he said: “Blessed are you who are poor, for yours is the kingdom of God. …[View]
16327009What's the difference between Sweden and Teutonic Order? >Germanic crusader state >Cross…[View]
16325060Daily reminder that Mary sinned against God by cheating on Joseph with God by having Premarital sex …[View]
16327184Holy shit, did none of the european royalty ever stop and think 'hmm, maybe fucking our cousins isn…[View]
16327031>You have no power here[View]
16318685Why did no emperor after augustus seriously attempt to push border from rhine to shorter and more de…[View]
16326441How do we end the popular opinion of 'Arabs originate from Arabia'? This is Qahtanite erasure, and a…[View]
16326318Is Communism Separate From Liberalism?: Do liberalism and communism rely on the same fundamental pre…[View]
16322873The Hurtgen forest: What even was the point of this lol? Why was getting 8 divisions lost and shot t…[View]
16321939Has there ever been people(s) who have for ethical- religious- or philosophical reasons preferred to…[View]
16325719Umm... fellow christsisters? I cannot find any passage in the bible where angels are described as wi…[View]
16326260>190 000 - 290 000 years of homo sapiens existing without any real history >40 000 years of la…[View]
16326107Is it true that real Christianity didn't exist anywhere in the world between 96 AD and 1517 AD?…[View]
16326523The deal that would have saved Europe.[View]
16326503>oh herro srave peopre u buird pylamid nao this is what archaeologists actually believe…[View]
16326598why is everyone so obsessed over fascism? nobody seems to understand what fascism is, and americans …[View]
16326428were socialist arab leaders progressive? we’re talking about an eastern region so introducing suffer…[View]
16326246Which one are you, /his/? Metathread.[View]
16325240The 1916 presidential election took place with Europe engulfed in war. Despite German submarine warf…[View]
16320727What's wrong with gnosticism?: The more I read about world religions, the more I realise that g…[View]
16326335*Refutes Stoicism*[View]
16325591These are 'Muslim fanatics' according to /his/, Iranians, and non-Muslims.: Muslim fanatics who >…[View]
16325818The Formation of the Eastern Bloc was a mistake: Stalin missed his chance to seize the larger prize …[View]
16325835>uhm, israelis aren't jews, therefore the bible isn't jewish >also jews are fake jew…[View]
16324001Slaves from which region of the Roman Empire most often worked in mines and farms and were good for …[View]
16325832Can somebody explain me what the fuck is Finland and who are the Finnish peoples?[View]
16322377I’ll try this again /his/ What is the truth about narcissism?[View]
16326111I’m going to post this every day until you remember it[View]
16325026historical controversy: So..... Crete was matriarchal or not?! Today at college, my teacher was teac…[View]
16325961The Ottomans had the best claim to being the successors of Rome.[View]
16325874These are the rightful borders of the Independent Commonwealth of Virginia.[View]
16324305>https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jxZZVK97QYc The Catholic understanding of the Eucharist as real …[View]
16325878>Goths have left noticeable amount DNA pretty much everywhere in Europe EXCEPT in the one place t…[View]
16325689Why shouldn't individuals be selfish? Isn't that what drives evolution and progress?[View]
16322270I don’t think Christians fully understand the mindset of a secular person. Let’s say you have two gr…[View]
16323852Why lol: Which parent looks at their kids and thinks 'Oh golly, this one would look so much better w…[View]
16324454WELCOME BACK TAE >CHAAARRGEEE 99.7 >First bars of Scotland the Brave play on bagpipes REAL JAC…[View]
16326029Who was the biggest antisemite in history before the 20th century[View]
16325943>hollywood jews say ancient europeans were brown >liberals and communists say vikings were bla…[View]
16323236What's wrong with God just not being benevolent?[View]
16326084>Brought stability back to Rome after a period of civil war >Brilliant general, slaughtered ma…[View]
16321827what is this?[View]
16324278Lenin - smart Trotsky - retard Stalin - retard Khrushchev - retard Brezhnev - retard Andropov - smar…[View]
16326016I notice that people tend to neglect the fact that the source of moral actions is emotional attachme…[View]
16325271GIBS TO OSSETIANS?: Should Georgia secede South Ossetia as reparations for slavery? Georgian feudal …[View]
16325305During the summer of 1853, Grant and the 4th US Infantry sailed out of New York City en route to the…[View]
16322045So Yuri Bezmenov was a grifter right? Didnt he get laughed out of Washington?[View]
16323065>positions his country into the perfect position to jump into literal world domination >makes…[View]
16322842Is it true that many atheists get into a religion\ cult \ sect for material, egoistical wishes and b…[View]
16325802How can people take Wikipedia seriously when they let shit like this happen?[View]
16323228Nobody knows where Slavs come from.[View]
16325754How did you celebrate black history month so far, /his/? Did you read a lot of history books about a…[View]
16324475Why does Latvia exist?: Can somebody explain me what the fuck is Latvia and who are the Latvian peop…[View]
16315743If God is all good and all powerful why did he intentionally create a world filled with evil and unn…[View]
16325736If you were head of the secret police, what would you abuse it for? Imagine using it to steal rare b…[View]
16321405What made Christianity so appealing to the roman world over all the other cults and their native rel…[View]
16323937Is it even accurate to call Vajrayana 'Buddhism'? I'd say Jesus has a larger role in Islam then…[View]
16322941In Tsarist Russia >There was a huge homeless population >The people that weren't homeless…[View]
16321098Among the late XIX-XX century philosophers I often see the ones that sympathise with monarchy but ra…[View]
16325460So why are East Asian languages so different from one another despite their extremely close proximit…[View]
16325178>Never met Jesus, but had a vision of him and converted (like many others have). >Now all his …[View]
16325672Why did Hitler accept Wall Street funding? I thought he thought they were Jews?[View]
16324988Paul: As I’ve matured, I’ve become a bigger fan of Saint Paul… Whereas I used to just focus on Jesus…[View]
16325660>Always wanted to become a history professor >Realize that is what everyone else with a histor…[View]
16325634Exactly why did the holocaust happen?: In school they always taught us that the Nazis were these unh…[View]
16323447Someone explain why we should believe that some rabbi came back from the dead after being killed 200…[View]
16325583Heartland Theory: How do World-Islanders (eurasians) beat Outflyers (Americas and Oceania)?[View]
16323781Why do Protestants only take one written tradition of the Church as sole and infallible (the Bible),…[View]
16325083>One of our responsibilities, voluntarily assumed—not because it was ours but because there seeme…[View]
16325552The Martyrdom of St Lawrence: >As a deacon in Rome, Lawrence was responsible for the material goo…[View]
16321416How do commies cope with this?[View]
16323453Pol Pot was based and did nothing wrong: So a few months ago I got kicked out of Cambodia because I …[View]
16319756Supporting Palestine is like supporting the Spanish communists in 1936[View]
16318373>literally impossible to refute Theists and Atheists BTFO.[View]
16322881Historically speaking which country would've had the best shot of invading the continental Unit…[View]
16319558Women unironically fought for the '''right''' to be wageslaves[View]
16322911Do you think that historians tend to overrepresent the attitudes and culture of the elite class when…[View]
16322068W or L?[View]
16325197Would Italy have faired better in WW2 if it hadn't supported Spain and didn't have to send…[View]
16324821>Hutu and tutsi have been separate groups for centuries before germans/belgians arrived >Genoc…[View]
16325163Name one single time Britain did something wrong. I bet you can't.[View]
16323741origin of Semitic languages: where did it come from? and when was it? Is it associated with racialit…[View]
16325024She fucked 2 guys.: She cheated on Joseph.[View]
16325090Nixon should’ve been president in the late 50’s - early 60’s >no military enforced desegregation …[View]
16322776Did they use to call themselves and identify as Germans? If yes, when did they stop?[View]
16323877are there any websites or games for learning latin? give me a shit game and i'll dump 6000 hour…[View]
16324333Watched this kino last night. I wonder doe, is it an accurate portrayal of 14th century France? Were…[View]
16324796I would like some help finding an old news clip for my Grandma's Birthday.: My Grandma is getti…[View]
16324632Terra Australis: What sort of history would it have if it existed?[View]
16324141No wife or children...not even a girlfriend. What's up with that?[View]
16324540God used to be Ethno Nationalist but Stopped: Jesus chastised the Canaanite woman but then treated h…[View]
16323831Who is this: >wrong answers only[View]
16324866Regular religious attendance leads to longer lifespans so which is the best religion a country shoul…[View]
16324794The Buddha: Did Prince Siddhartha(i.e. The Buddha) live during the Vedic Period of India? Was he a V…[View]
16322725Now you know that: Richard Nixon wanted to be a rapper.[View]
16324763Why were intellectual societies such as the Ancient Greeks and pre-Meiji Japan ambivalent to domesti…[View]
16324684>don’t believe everything you read how then does one choose what to believe? if truth is relative…[View]
16324391why did people stop dressing up like this?[View]
16324384Did original sin get invented to justify christian policies or beliefs?: Jews don't believe in …[View]
16324095February 26 incident: What was this all about? If the coup was successful, what would've happe…[View]
16321487Muslims are the one religion not disturbed by hatred towards them: We see Christians and Jews (espec…[View]
16323623Did he do anything wrong?[View]
16324594Why did it take so long for them to accept Christ compassion and why were they so petulant about it?[View]
16324577Spoonfeeding problem: One of the biggest challenge societies have to face is to convince young men t…[View]
16318827Where do Jews come from?: What are the origins of Judaism? How did they go from nothing to become on…[View]
16320874>Till's mother decided to hold an open casket funeral so the world might see what had been d…[View]
16324549Peace: Friendly reminder that amidst all the history and factionalism, God is love[View]
16324517Did this guy actually exist or was he all a clever invention by the crafty Chinese at the time to ma…[View]
16320104Buddhism. Theravada is nice. Beautiful in fact. But is there something true in Mahayana too? What ab…[View]
16324291>Jocks are too retarded. Nerds are too gay. Only the Jock Nerd has the right to rule the city. W…[View]
16321311According to Dr. David Carrier from the University of Utah, the reason humans evolved beards was as …[View]
16324303Imagine being a Dutch sailor landing in New Holland for the first time and you see this.[View]
16324283Why did he do it?[View]
16319790Black Athena: Why was the book so controversial? What's wrong with acknowledging that Afroasiat…[View]
16322063How similar was Charles XII to Frederick the Great?: Charles XII seems to me like Frederick the Grea…[View]
16323989Got back from the bri'ish museum. How in fuck did ancient Mycenaeans make stuff this small and …[View]
16323033Why did she hate Jews and Protestants so much?[View]
16321915God exists, and he has a sense of humour.[View]
16322781>Visit a different Church >They're baptizing babies >Walk out of Church…[View]
16323569Howcome Germans all worshipped Hitler when he acted like a crazy sperg all the time?[View]
16323568Well lookie there, Jesus exists.[View]
16321783Why do muslims hate Paul ?[View]
16323050Is there any historical evidence for Blue Eisenhower November?: https://youtu.be/p-DEpiQMhZ8?feature…[View]
16322359How could Hannibal have won the battle of zama?: what tactics could he have used to counter the cava…[View]
16318069Myanmar: What went wrong? They went from being the largest empire in SEA to a wartorn state poorer t…[View]
16322225Let all that I am praise Yahweh; with my whole heart, I will praise his holy name. Let all that I a…[View]
16323376Is buying stolen goods bads: Using prostitution, getting benefit from something bad without doing it…[View]
16323248>Admits that orther races we're superior to the germanic race and race was not too much of a…[View]
16322629What makes Finnics so smart?[View]
16322459Is theater the origin of all western narrative art? I say narrative since pictures and music existed…[View]
16322599Which historical figure would you like the prolific historian Netflixius to cover next and why?[View]
16321460>The Indigenous languages of the Americas are not all related to each other, instead they are cla…[View]
16321636When did killing children become an unforgivable sin it is considered now?[View]
16319539It finally clicked: When Christianity clicks, it's like, of course it's true, how could it…[View]
16321441Who founded your religion ? >Me: Jesus.[View]
16322283>Yoga is supposed to unlock unlimited potential and provide its practictioners with supernatural …[View]
16323118Lookie there, He exists.[View]
16321223Uhhh why indians be like that compared to their neighbours?[View]
16318527This is the part that completely kills Christianity for me. >BUT THE SON IS NOT THE FATHER They…[View]
16322677Is it possible for a mafia guy to shake down a starbucks?: Or shakedown a corporate chain in-general…[View]
16321786And so there is a G-D who went to Texas to be with His chosen people.[View]
16322921>You don't understand! We HAD to blow up all those monuments and replace them with Roblox ch…[View]
16319428What if Christianity is taught wrong?: It is taught wrong.[View]
16322821>Magdalena Ventura with Her Husband and Son or The Bearded Lady is a 1631 oil on canvas painting …[View]
16317290why do people think there were extermination camps and wide spread gassing of jews within the border…[View]
16322854Did Jews poison Wells in medieval times? Pic related is a Jewish film about Jews trying to poison th…[View]
16321227Historically speaking, is short hair for men a form of buck breaking? Long hair seems more natural a…[View]
16321213If there is a caring and benevolent god then why don't I have a girlfriend like picrel?[View]
16321275>David Irving makes up a third of his sources Is it really so difficult to consult primary source…[View]
16322305In the Middle Ages, food was served all at once. However, entremets were a thing then, and they…[View]
16322463Are Romaboos mentally fucking retarded?: >Corrupt tyrannical dictatorship, deeply politically and…[View]
16320154>'uh no the spanish just lied and made up cool stories in their personal diaries for fun lol' …[View]
16321291Why did Beethoven become disillusioned with Napoleon when he declared himself emperor? What were Bee…[View]
16322696Why aren't arabs christian? How did they spread their religion so quickly?[View]
16317998Went to the Terracotta Army exhibition: These are actually yuge, taller than me and I'm a lanky…[View]
16320644How come every ancient civilization and culture was started by white people? high iq? Atlantis?[View]
16319825IS swearing bad?[View]
16321205If you don't worship the triune God, you are a heretic.[View]
16322343ITT: historic rape corrections[View]
16322365Should the Grand 20 meter Menhir be rebuilt?[View]
16322682Why did J1 cause a r1a-z93 r1b haplo war (J1 bin laden blowing up twin towers leading to the west in…[View]
16321508Islam is only tolerated because the postwar west institutionalized freedom of religion: Islam is a c…[View]
16319152If Most Christians are Heretics, God is Objectively Evil: Change my mind. If the Catholics and Ortho…[View]
16319555Eleusinian mysteries: So what did they do inside the temple?[View]
16322128'the problem of evil': >If God real why bad thing happen!!? I form the light, and create darkness…[View]
16318674How does Islam justify the fact that Muhammad had sexual slaves?[View]
16321976New influx of chuds: Why are there so many new chuds on here? What happened?[View]
16320015Should I stop using X?: The moors.... were like that?! Looks like EEF for me lol[View]
16319293Does God ever ask himself, 'Why do so many people hate me?' Maybe it's him that's the prob…[View]
16317263>Recent lidar-based archaeological research in an area of 84,516 km2 connecting the Olmec core zo…[View]
16321902How do you get over the fact Marcus Aurelius wife cheated on him with a gladiator?: I have been into…[View]
16321583Unlike women, men across all cultures communicate more effectively with fewer words and even fewer g…[View]
16319970What did humans do in their free time before TV and computers?[View]
16313227Why is there so much negativity towards Russians in the USA?[View]
16320254>Gautama Buddha figures it all out >realizes the root of all suffering is desire >graciousl…[View]
16320926confederate immigration: Hi Americans, I'm Brazilian and I have Confederate ancestry, my great-…[View]
16320423Why is the Talmud more important than the Torah? The former isn't a sacred work.[View]
16322254>After the murders of Elizabeth Stride and Catherine Eddowes in the early morning hours of 30 Sep…[View]
16322175Islam is an Advanced Technology: You’re stupid if you think islam is primitive. It is an advanced te…[View]
16322163What exactly do Jews believe about heaven and hell? The descriptions I see are always vague the best…[View]
16318447How would Americans feel if this was done to their country?[View]
16322086Boring vs non-boring methods of genocide: >genocide by hunger *yawn* >genocide by bullet, mach…[View]
16320858Purgatory: Protestants and atheists not welcome in this thread, btw. Could a soul, after death, theo…[View]
16322028Like it or not, Stalin and Putin defended USSR/Russia against Moloch[View]
16319814Why did so many emperors come from Serbia?[View]
16321480>Muhammad is in the Song of Solomon! Nope, it's literally just a word that kinda sounds like…[View]
16321751This board is filled with jewish propaganda[View]
16318958French, Portuguese, Romanians and Spanish are Latinx[View]
16319695Let's be honest for once. Only white people make good art and literature.[View]
16323072Can't we just try out marxism leninism again? fascism and capitalism don't work or produce…[View]
16321286Julius Caesar Was Asian: And the West is trying to hide it.[View]
16321104How to avoid this disgusting practice in church?[View]
16320444Suicide is a temporary solution to a permanent problem. You were forced into this from nothing, what…[View]
16319533I don't think Jesus was God: But his teachings are still good and worth keeping.[View]
16321678>55 million people killed during ww2 >85 million people died during ww2 >yet we must focus …[View]
16321594Why do Colombian cities mog Mexican cities aesthetically?[View]
16319776>claims to be interesting in history >doesn't even know ancient Greek and Latin Explain w…[View]
16321204>stopped yearly european wars >stopped asian mongoloids genocides >stopped europoidian valu…[View]
16316192Why didn't he surrender? It would have spared countless German lives.[View]
16321618FSSPX - Lefebvre: I don't like them. They're where all the unbearable tradchuds seek legit…[View]
16321592The Gentoo religion? There were freetards before computers even existed? Fucked up.[View]
16321337What if the Greeks of Syracuse had conquered Carthage? Would Rome still have went on to dominate or …[View]
16321288Why are we supposed to believe that the Dictatorship of the Proletariat will transition into a class…[View]
16321281historically speaking: why frogposting fell out of fashion everywhere on 4chan but not on /his/?…[View]
16321486>Brought stability back to Rome after a period of civil war >Brilliant general, slaughtered ma…[View]
16321482What are your thoughts on the uses of mescaline through history? Have you tried it?[View]
16319014Even IF Jesus Christ existed: He was just a man. Nothing more. A carpenter/magician living in a prim…[View]
16321014Who is the most disagreeable person that nobody will vouch for in history and why is it pol pot?[View]
16319400Why do Protestants and Orthodox see hardwired Christian leadership as a curse rather than a grace? F…[View]
16321369Has the US/UN ever apologized for implying the Vietnamese invasion of Cambodia in 1979 was a bad thi…[View]
16321343Are gunpowder wars always one of: >first round knockout, home by christmas >grueling multiple …[View]
16320936Whats wrong with gay sex? Men are much hotter than women anyway[View]
16321114How can I convince someone that personal anecdotes are just personal anecdotes?: A while back, I was…[View]
16321228'Bro I swear it's not idolatry bro'[View]
16316824the same group of shills who spent years posting antiwhite threads on this board are the same ones w…[View]
16316561it feels wrong to be seperated to them i dont know why[View]
16318506Why is North African and West African admixture downplayed when it comes to Iberians? A large chunk …[View]
16320743Faces of Canada[View]
16321034How exactly did WW2 French collaborators cope with France losing Alsace-Lorraine and being fully occ…[View]
16321138>gothic refugees fleeing from the hunnic humanitarian crisis cross the danube frontier circa 370…[View]
16320969>bro go to a Protestant church because of your ancestors: What the fuck is this neopagan-tier LAR…[View]
16318209>Lebensborn was an SS-initiated, state-supported, registered association in Nazi Germany with the…[View]
16319857Aleister Crowley: Curious what your thoughts are on Crowley. Do you think he actually believed in ma…[View]
16318760Japanese Expansion 1890 to 1936: I'm having an increasingly difficult time finding any kind of …[View]
16317601Bronze age and Byzantine age Anatolian y-dna[View]
16319607Did the Romans know about China[View]
16320917Trench Warfare: We need to apologize to WW1 generals. Mobile warfare was just a phase, and we must n…[View]
16319180What went wrong, weeb bros?[View]
16321567Human existence is a shit-test, we're supposed to kill everything: I had a dream, and in this d…[View]
16316379How did your people came to be?[View]
16320799Yamnaya: I was watching videos of the Celtiberians and YT recommended me this guy who makes some vid…[View]
16320009''Saladin was actually a good guy! Our vidya and movies say so!'': Was he though…[View]
16320999Is it unreasonable to follow a religion because you are personally convinced it's the right one…[View]
16321013What was the catholic counter reformation like?: To my knowledge, a few decades after Lutheranism st…[View]
16320572What is the historical explanation for Poles having East Slavic r1a predominantly?[View]
16320881If Mao was so le bad and evil why didn't he invade British Hong Kong? Its connected by land (so…[View]
16318676>“I was sent only to the lost sheep of the house of Israel.” >Matthew 15:24 so... why do so ma…[View]
16320947Christianity is centered around washing cocks: They have holidays for cock washing. They killed hund…[View]
16319454Is it true that America was 'built on immigrants'?[View]
16320039Would it be morally correct to let only one person die?[View]
16317053After his triumphant victory in 1904, Theodore Roosevelt rashly declared that he counted the three y…[View]
16317019I need your help: What's the best kind of collage or interesting study you have about history a…[View]
16320883he could have saved america[View]
16318268>desert wasteland in the middle of nowhere >little to eat >homeland of all white people …[View]
16320642William Taft was getting increasingly unpopular by the third year of his presidency due to a series …[View]
16319827Do Italians know we can easily invade them? Italy population: 59M Turkiye population: 90M Know your …[View]
16319286Is there even such a thing as 'high-culture'? It feels more like aristocratic LARP rather than being…[View]
16318947Historically speaking, why has there never been a large metropolis in this circled area? it seems li…[View]
16310815How successful will xi jiping's attempt to syncretize marxism and Confucianism be?[View]
16320156Did the CSA ruin the idea of confederation? We haven't seen another confederacy since.[View]
16319397What kind of a man was Nixon? I'm not American but I'm interested in who he was and weathe…[View]
16320133Meaning of the black sun: First off al the Black is NOT a Pagan Symbol.I think its simply represents…[View]
16319529Roman Empire falling was a good thing: la creatura de las romanas... Thank the germs for destroying …[View]
16318989Why do germanoc women expecially swedish have such massive tits[View]
16319277Muslim China with Han characteristics: Imagine how incredibly it would have been. VHG.[View]
16320695Did they do it?[View]
16319091How come India with their massive population and tons of resources never had a empire but Barren was…[View]
16320668Why are Communists so comically sinister?[View]
16320675Georgy Malenkov: What would the USSR have been like had he stayed in power after Stalin? What were h…[View]
16320536This right here is responsible for tens of millions of deaths and for the creation of the modern wor…[View]
16319669Was there any direct precursor to Marxism?[View]
16318988what were the peoples that existed before the indo-europeans immigrated to Europe? they didn't …[View]
16320315Serving as a high ranking Bolshevik after the russian revolution before getting killed in the great …[View]
16320603what will the world look like in 100, 200, and 300 years?[View]
16320201Redpill me on narcissism[View]
16319452>ywn be an explorer discovering a ribe of thicc shortstacks Why live?[View]
16320434Jean-Honore Fragonard survived better than Greuze the trials of success as his technique and sense o…[View]
16320459Protestant bros. Does the Lord still give believers healing hands or was that only for the apostles?[View]
16319886MonoDeism: This is a very interesting group, they don't believe in the Abrahamia books, idols, …[View]
16320380>forerunner of capitalism >forerunner of marxism >forerunner of keynesianism >forerunner…[View]
16319609Why did the term Frankish go out of style?: Why did the term Frankish go out of style? Seems a lot m…[View]
16319622Is western Poland the youngest culture and region in Europe? No one there can claim anything before …[View]
16320404Why did Iraqi Sunni Arabs settle in Kristianstad and Göteborg (Gothenburg) in Sweden?: Where are the…[View]
16318668Why didnt Greece reclaim Constantinople? Turkey is a joke now. A shell of its former self.[View]
16317011Reminder that the fallen angels were not evil monsters who hated God and wanted to rebel against him…[View]
16320255Whats god haplotype?: >Playing skyrim again >Character is dark elf spell sword vampire >Fus…[View]
16319594>read war memories of German POWs >Russians are savages but very brave, resilient warriors …[View]
16319078How can Islam be rid from SEA?[View]
16319513If you have sex with someone else's wife, but her husband has nothing against it, is this a sin…[View]
16313821>defeats soviets >causes its own collapse because it has nothing to unify itself did they play…[View]
16319414We are entering an era of techno-feudalism where uneducated wagie-masses will become serfs of corpo-…[View]
16319862>reading polybius >hannibalic war starts winding up >he breaks the narrative in the middle …[View]
16319616Was Spain really a paradise for Jews before the reconquista[View]
16319966>You have to be Protestant to join the Gideons.[View]
16320216new kino dropped: https://youtu.be/MHbKXVnKp5s?si=hNWqHkB8t3BTFDit[View]
16319137How did the Turkic man bounce back from this?[View]
16320060>oh my Marx, did you just say or imply that the heckin Soviet Union was flawed in any way whatsoe…[View]
16319679Spider History: How have spiders shaped history? What major events have had different outcomes due t…[View]
16320132Julius Evola And The Kabbalah: Did Big E ever talk about the Kabbalah and Judaism in general?[View]
16319911Why is the Anglo-Iraqi war relatively so unknown? In high school I learnt about Vichy French in the …[View]
16319389did freemasson did the french revolution 1789?[View]
16317603Anti god spam anti god spam anti god spam CAN FUCKING MDOS END THIS FUCKING CONSTANT DAILY SPAM KILL…[View]
16317971&humanities: Btw, What kind of woman is your type?[View]
16318431The fact that internet christians don't understand the problem of evil is an internal critique …[View]
16319404>Wake up babe, new Germany just dropped[View]
16317612The battle of Tours: Why do so many historians claim the battle of Tours wasn't very important …[View]
16319836Why did she do it?[View]
16319920A major railroad workers' strike erupted at the Pullman yards in Chicago in May 1894 due to the…[View]
16315979What will future history classes teach about our current time?[View]
16319851Why do ugly/fat women think they are entitled to simps? I ve been nice to everyone and the ugliest o…[View]
16319770>be God >Make niggers >Make their genes dominant…[View]
16315982Reaganomics: What did it accomplish in the short run? In the long run? Is it to blame for current ec…[View]
16306808Finland: >The finnish identity was exaggerated by russians after Sweden lost it to seperate them(…[View]
16319087What version of Euclid's Elements did Bertrand Russell see?[View]
16319608>historians try to make their field into empirical science >no one is able to explain anything…[View]
16316781Honesty test for atheists.: Do you know that the universe exists? Yes or No. No trannie answers allo…[View]
16316907American Paganism: Has the United States always been a pagan country? This is a serious question. Am…[View]
16318297Why is pre-modernism almost completely ignored in all political discourse? Instead it tends to be mo…[View]
16318713What is the nature of humans? Why do we do what we do? Well, why does a wolf still do wolf things i…[View]
16314334Were Red states always inferior to the Blue States? Hmmmmm[View]
16319544We know where Jesus' tomb is, where's the body?[View]
16319528>106 people die every minute >150,000 people die every day How does God keep track of all the…[View]
16316218We don’t have free will: Everything that influences and sculpts our behavior and who we are as peopl…[View]
16318916How can empiricists empirically prove empiricism?[View]
16319335I've realized that the national hero I knew is likely overvalued compared to actual historical …[View]
16318520Historically, why did people who cross this nation usually end up suffering terribly?[View]
16318870Is Atheism making a comeback?[View]
16319416>right hand platonism Interacting with people as universals to be reconciled: being kind, charism…[View]
16312929>The fallen Catholic Church will begin teaching heresy in two more weeks…[View]
16319351Would Pompey become dictator if he defeated Caesar?[View]
16318836Is being Anglo saxon good for you?[View]
16318829History of the language: How did 'queer' lost all its offensive connotation after the 80s but 'n*gge…[View]
16317552Why did Christian pilgrimage become less popular? Back then in medieval times it was an extremely co…[View]
16318127DO YOU AGREE?: >to believe in god means to believe that god is good, that goodness and godhead ar…[View]
16316474Why does 95% of Christianity agree about the Trinity? They disagree on just about everything else ex…[View]
16319215Why and when did the borders of Europe shift to the Caucasus and the Urals?[View]
16317174Arguments against Universalism? I'm beginning to think maybe universalism was the most common v…[View]

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