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16497521>I hereby declare this parliament dissolved >I will give this country back its self respect, w…[View]
16497098How does the term 'Judeo-Christian' even exist when Jews fundamentally do not believe in Christ the …[View]
16497324Roman Catholic Church: Around what point in history do most Protestants typically believe that the e…[View]
16497502Why is Confucianism considered a religion instead of political theory?[View]
16497443History is nigger sneed[View]
16497327What caused France to stagnate in population during the 19th century?: Eventually Britain and German…[View]
16497376Maréchal Philippe Pétain: Pétain did nothing wrong, in either world war. He was and remains a hero o…[View]
16495578>Turkicness is a matter of spirit Cope[View]
16496039Why did Portugal lose so many battles and campaigns in Africa?[View]
16494518Is humor at your expense or the expense of others sin? Will their be jokes in the resurrection?[View]
16497192Suppose Adolf Hitler had tried to keep Germany out of combat aggressions against other countries dur…[View]
16496300Some assert that middle easterners are inherently subhuman. But Greeks in 2024 are subhuman, and the…[View]
16494172Is being a psychic the worst suffering? A pneumatic doesn't suffer because he will achieve gnos…[View]
16494909Why do leftists claim that Christianity caused the fall of Rome?[View]
16496151Why are all arguments for God like this?: >God exists >proofs? >ooga booga gay sex liberali…[View]
16497049Timeline of Jesus's resurrection to Pentecost: On Easter Sunday Jesus first appears to Mary Mag…[View]
16497038>succeeds to your presidency[View]
16491567Germany lacked natural supplies of several key raw materials needed for economic and military operat…[View]
16493534Thoughts on Leibnizian Optimism?: Propositions: P1: God is omnipotent, omniscient and benevolent. P2…[View]
16496766Why didn't the Russians kill as many German prisoners of war as the Germans killed Russian pris…[View]
16492859>catholics need a flowchart to know when they're allowed to have sex with their wife So glad…[View]
16490955>The darkest area of Portugal is 0.04 distant from Swiss Germans and 0.05 from French Nords genet…[View]
16496863>destroys your religion in you're path[View]
16496853Why do American public schools harbor so many pedophiles?[View]
16494159Why do you men believe, without irony, that historically women did not work or were involved in prov…[View]
16493244What are the psychological reasons behind Russophobia? I'm not interested in approaching this f…[View]
16489482Is it true that they all used Persian as their official language[View]
16495884The Dutch: What is your opinion on Dutch history and its people?[View]
16492704>I would know, by what power am I called hither? He's got a point you've gotta admit. T…[View]
16494813Why are the French so reluctant to admit the Americans won WW2? US got treated like trash by the res…[View]
16493562Who did Jesus come to save?: Stupid question but I am confused by my reading of the bible where Jesu…[View]
16491538to which africans were the stem-Eurasians a sister-group, Congoids or Capoids?[View]
16496338Are vegans hindu?: there's only one religion in the world where people don't eat meat and …[View]
16496755Was Edison really wrong to try and stop others from making movies? The formation of Hollywood in the…[View]
16495052/his/ we have to defend Cemetery Hill from the Confederates, but how??[View]
16495277>atheism isn't the claim that god doesn't exist! It's just simply the lack of beli…[View]
16491980Is hounour culture holding back the third world?: Should they switch to dignity culture to improve t…[View]
16483231>be cigar-chomping tinpot dictator >be allied with a global superpower >wage imperialist wa…[View]
16496705Is it beneficial or harmful for a society to record absolutely everything?[View]
16494972It's over[View]
16495658Why did it collapsed?: Dan Davis says that an invasion was not the cause but he is implying that the…[View]
16492339Polytheism: I find things like Alexander the Great praying to Egyptian deities or Egyptian deities l…[View]
16496270What is the most famous trial ever?[View]
16496553I have a criticism of anarcho-syndicalism I've never really seen brought up or thrown at the cl…[View]
16496387We need to find this man’s brain: >party wins presidential election >angry because the presid…[View]
16495823If you had to live in one of these Cantons where would you live[View]
16495179What's a historical battle that involved a small number of troops, but also heavy consequences?[View]
16494441Why are they like this?[View]
16496347What were the long-term effects of the Vietnam War on American government, society, and military?[View]
16495727Redpill me about germanic race beauty[View]
16494941Crazy to think that 30 yrs later two men living few blocks away from each other would start one of m…[View]
16494022John Mearsheimer: I don’t get it. Mearsheimer says that all countries want to be hegemons because it…[View]
16496362Piast Dynasty: Any Poles out there want to talk about the Piast dynasty?[View]
16496329Why was Castro so friendly with European right wingers?[View]
16495817Why have Christians been having a meltdown for the past couple of days? Did something happen in the …[View]
16496074>take expensive loans to buy western technology >buy jeans with it instead >take more loans…[View]
16491455Is this true, /his/?[View]
16494761>the last christian died on the cross What a fucking retard. Nietzsche doesn't understand Ch…[View]
16496055>massively invest ussr’s economy in exporting gas >neglect all other fuels and the mining indu…[View]
16493353KJV Onlyists are strange. If they truly believe the KJV is inspired then they should belong to the C…[View]
16492254What would a communist revolution in the USA look like?: I study soviet history as a hobby but there…[View]
16494789Muslims have no moral standing from which to make a moral claim: Islam is the greatest criminal ente…[View]
16495047There's no such thing as morality, it's simply a chemical response in the brain to further…[View]
16495948White Religions: Its a shame that White people destroyed their own faiths in favor of a religion fro…[View]
16495864>pacifists >people of the book >luv the unity of God and His Primacy >luv the Quran >…[View]
16494741Muslim and Western definitions of 'moderate Muslim' and 'radical Muslim' are totally different.: For…[View]
16495793What's the point of nationlaity by soil?: In America native-born foreigners can become Presiden…[View]
16489009Why does South East Asia never get shit on like Africa does ?: You will never hear anyone talk about…[View]
16496018Men were the first groomers. Caring to improve about one’s physical appearance through fitness and f…[View]
16494556What is the historical reason why Indians are good at coding?[View]
16493674Why did these two civilizations develop so differently?: How did one become a poop-themed society an…[View]
16495542Why do you find both types in the same countries?[View]
16494636Communists being slaughtered is hilarious[View]
16494449Father,Son,Holy Spirit,Amen: Hell is eternal. Eternal doesn't mean a hundred, trillion, or even…[View]
16495899Calvinists are fence-hoppers. They think mental assent to a set of propositions and fruit saved them…[View]
16490792Crusaders: Started a CK2 campaign as this guy and I find his life to be real fascinating, who are so…[View]
16495894Welsh In The Empire: What were the Welsh people’s historical role during the time of the British Emp…[View]
16495069Did the Soviets really massively rape German women or was it just propaganda?[View]
16494534Who was the biggest Chad pussy slayer in history? Pic related is maybe the most famous one. He looke…[View]
16490781Kings of France: From Clovis I to Louis XVI, who is your favorite King of France?[View]
16477122Why are Vikings featured in millions of media while nobody knows about Hungarians?[View]
16485051What Christianity really teaches: Denounce and refuse to tolerate evil. Christianity is the religion…[View]
16495697why do anglos valorise criminals? -Robin Hood -Highwaymen -Pirates -Cowboys anglo cultural heroes ar…[View]
16491827Has there even been such a comparable radical allowance of migration from enemy areas as today in Eu…[View]
16486606Treaty of Versailles Revised.: I made a map that revised the treaty of Versailles. Discuss! (please)…[View]
16495473What if the great Polynesian continent existed?: What would it be like? What would the culture and c…[View]
16489520how can pagan larpers cope?[View]
16495436The idea of millions of atheists burning in hell for all eternity used to sadden me deeply. But then…[View]
16495520It sucks dick that SkyDaddy(tm) is not real: It really does. Am not one of those >muh dessert le…[View]
16493784How did people capture castles like this? Looks impossible to assault[View]
16492459When did you take the paganism pill?[View]
16494936is ancient Greece the greatest middle eastern civilization?[View]
16494851>massively invest cubas economy in exporting sugar >neglect all other crops and the mining ind…[View]
16494848Why is russia such a mongrape niggerland and still trying to appeal to alt right white men in white …[View]
16495233OH N-[View]
16494160Why did arabs need to dumb down islam so much and take it all out of context, low IQ and no civil so…[View]
16490709Did Confucianism hold back China for centuries?[View]
16495240Why is there much hatred for the Oral Torah?[View]
16494930They were right about Jesus: Sabbatai Zevi and the Rebbe were as much a Messiah as Jesus was, that i…[View]
16492752atheism is a belief based ontology because it denies the existence of something based on belief[View]
16495127Why are they so autistic about Taiwan? Who cares about an island in the middle of bumfuck nowhere? I…[View]
16491778the reason religious people won't talk to you anymore is you're evil stupid people acting …[View]
16491937Thoughts?: Haplogroups of ancient Hungarians[View]
16495294How did an IRANIAN CHAD manage to massacre half of the Chinese population?[View]
16493120Redpill me on the fair folk: Elves, Fey, Seelie, Tuatha de Danaan, Aos Sidhe, Tylwth Teg, Ljosalfar,…[View]
16494289It turns out that they were the good guys all along. How does history change from this point on?[View]
16491888Historically speaking how can a person escape the trap of not-work/work[View]
16494146How come some Poles (and for that matter also Russians) look like Northern Europeans, look essential…[View]
16494354Redpill me on Enver Hoxha. Is he a prime example of a based retard?[View]
16494967Japanese honor system: >I messed up the feng shui of my lord's zen garden >time to have …[View]
16491927Philosophy woo woo?: I have been an atheist and an absolute physicalist for all my life, but recentl…[View]
16494174>some historical cultures around the world find the exposed head of the penis to be indecent >…[View]
16493867Why’s he so insanely smug and uncharitable?[View]
16493198what the fuck i love superman now[View]
16494390Gone are the days when you would finally see that smoke plume coming towards your location from a di…[View]
16494700Zana of Abhkazia was apparently from Chad or broadly the eastern Sahara region. Are there any modern…[View]
16493062>Sunak What is the meaning of the red bracelet on the right hand? Apparently kabbalah requires th…[View]
16494399God will literally punish you for any and every sin while you are on this earth. Words cannot fully …[View]
16493220Kikes suck their own children's dicks and give them herpes.[View]
16494756'You shall not have premarital sex.' This is the greatest and first commandment. And the s…[View]
16494751why were pedophilia among adult women generally more tolerated unlike their male counterpart? is it …[View]
16494753Yahweh said to Moses, “Give the people of Israel these instructions, which apply both to native Isra…[View]
16494727The 'Reconquista' was actually a war of conquest: As some think. It was a war of conquest. It was es…[View]
16494223How did Romans in Italy view the gallo-Romans in late antiquity?[View]
16491796NATO Vs Pact 1989- no USA or USSR allowed: What subject says. Surprise attack by GDR, CSSR and Polan…[View]
16494535why is there social stigma behind smelling farts? it has an aroma similar to that of gasoline thats …[View]
16485696Who win ?[View]
16493741from whence does this phenotype originate?[View]
16494604>Mmm... I wonder how a visigothic king in the 5th century would look... >Oh I know, just like …[View]
16492935>You took a minor conflict over whether Buddhists could celebrate the birth of their religious fo…[View]
16493708God Is A Cope For death: Call him a Kike all you like, Baddiel is correct.[View]
16493576>Search online for an Islamic ruling or piece of knowledge >Get directed to a site with insane…[View]
16492302>historical people you have an irrational hatred for For me its John Brown, seen in his day ,almo…[View]
16492686>During the Battle of the Big Black there happened an odd incident. An officer rode up to Grant b…[View]
16491936Social Democracy: An Alternate History: https://red-autumn.itch.io/social-democracy Thought /his/ mi…[View]
16493899Why were the 1990s such a shitty decade? Los Angeles was a war zone, there was the 1993 World Trade …[View]
16490244In retrospect, was this a good idea?[View]
16494477Suppose no Chernobyl and no Soviet invasion of Afghanistan. When does the USSR collapse?[View]
16493670>O Maker of the material world, thou Holy One! If a man voluntarily emits his seed, what is the p…[View]
16493167If God made you and knows every single thing about your future. How are your actions your fault?[View]
16492279What is the religious significance of having one eye?: Odin is missing an eye. In Islam the 'antichr…[View]
16494031Why didn't the American Revolutionaries give up: The war went horribly for a long long time and…[View]
16494302Anticommunist, selfish, bourgeois, insurrectionist slimy little dogs of capital being liquidated is …[View]
16494009What if Ike died in 1955?: What if Ike died in 1955? Would the Federal Highway Act happen? Would Nix…[View]
16489390Considering most secret societies borrow (steal) heavily from Egyptian mythology (Freemasonry, O.T.O…[View]
16491555Scripture Canon and Apocrypha Tier List: Rank scriptural books in the Christosphere. https://tierma…[View]
16493968How the fuck was Germany allowed to rearm itself after 2 world wars, and not only that, but to also …[View]
16494016It's time to consider Aristotle and others could be FAKE: China dares to threaten the roots of …[View]
16491756Paul wrote so many verifiable lies about the old testament that it should be obvious to anyone that …[View]
1649184712 Races?: Is pic related accurate? How many races are there?[View]
16493414ITT: weird shit in history: >the white supremacist confederacy had better relations with the nati…[View]
16494091Was Gandhi a Russian agent: > In 1908, Tolstoy wrote A Letter to a Hindu outlining his belief in …[View]
16492432How did the chaotic 60s and 70s turn into the conservative and apolitical 80s and 90s. and can that …[View]
16491238For what historical reason did God do this?[View]
16492371The 90's was the last dying gasp of optimism before the doom and gloom and corporate overlords …[View]
16492731How old were you when you grew out of your atheist phase and accepted the truth of Christianity?[View]
16492970I found this. Can anyone tell me what it's from?[View]
16492537Why do Christians defile the Shabbat?[View]
16493763>the last shit years of his rule culminating with enshrining the retarded strategy against sparta…[View]
16490224>I love to coomptemplate. Yup, nothing is better, this is my reason for being alive. >Get a jo…[View]
16490397Why do people argue about religion and atheism on the history and humanities board?[View]
16492110/his/ meta question: Why is this board full of chudcels?[View]
16493457Not a troll scenario but how would samurai fare against typical US shaniquas: Scenario is 12 of the …[View]
16493552Why do Christians always talk about going to heaven? It's the new earth that they are supposed …[View]
16488930Christa Pike became the youngest woman ever sentenced to death in the modern era of capital punishme…[View]
16483990>urr durr conventional warfare is so rare these days it's boring af >conveniently forget…[View]
16492816What is the benefit of considering meds non-white? When most of the civilizations were built by peop…[View]
16491083He's right, you know.[View]
16492358Is history being a cycle just a meme?[View]
16489567Spring offensive: Welcome to the /his/'s F.C. poll for the Spring Babby Cup 2024 Poll link: htt…[View]
16488569Do atheists prefer heaven or hell?[View]
16468863How did the Portuguese missionaries react when they reached China and saw this?[View]
16493500> And God said, Let the earth bring forth grass, the herb yielding seed, and the fruit tree yield…[View]
16490791What are the coolest historical intelligence agencies/services?[View]
16493050Don’t you have people you love? Why wouldn’t you want to be with them in the afterlife? Your sadness…[View]
16493426People forbidding young women to have relations with older men significantly contribute to backwards…[View]
16493170>Atheism is the default position because............IT JUST IS OKAY STOP QUESTIONING ME…[View]
16490086Dear Cathodox idolaters: Not all of the apostles were saved: Arguing that something is apostolic and…[View]
16492860I used to browse /his/ a lot, but lately I've spent a lot more time looking at pictures of pres…[View]
16484212What historical figure had the worst youth? Who suffered most at least the first part of their life …[View]
16493277Why did he think everyone was white?[View]
16490002Moral Subjectivist here. Give me a reason to not punch your face RIGHT NOW.[View]
16492957Vikings where great at picking up foreign women.: In the chronicle written by John of Wallingford (C…[View]
16490268How prevalent were WMBF relationships during colonialism?[View]
16491819Why did pre-Axial age Paganism remain the dominant faith in India despite the longstanding presence …[View]
16490553There's no ubermensch. There's no master morality. Without God, what you claim is freedom …[View]
16492712boomers absolutely lost their shit at this comedic genius.[View]
16493045What if he became 17th President and not Johnson, what would've happened?[View]
16492509Ethics of Killing: When is it morally permissible to kill?[View]
16490774I don't know how to ask this without it turning into a /pol/ minefield but, if it's not Ro…[View]
16492745Are Current Events Prefigured by Biblical History?: Events like Brexit, COVID 19, Italian Populism, …[View]
16492308You cant be serious.: >Catholic church claims to be the one true church. >Their official bible…[View]
16491459How would you have made the continental blockade work?[View]
16492762Is the statement 'men are taller than women' suddenly false because you can find some tall women and…[View]
16491809What was in the water in upstate New York in the 1800s? 1820s: Joseph Smith 'finds' some encrypted t…[View]
16492007ITT: /his/ bait[View]
16491511Why don't mutt anglos have norf fc faces?[View]
16492618>Jesus' first miracle was saving a wedding that was about to be ruined because...they'd…[View]
16492720Biblical Prophecies: It is often argued as to the validity of the New Testament that the prophecies …[View]
16492561He's right. That is a little strange.[View]
16491858Was the Tiananmen Square Massacre real or fake?[View]
16492566What do you think the function of the state is nowadays, and as time moves forwards? In the past the…[View]
16490731Harold Godwinsson: What if he had managed to cast out the Normans like he did the Norwegians? Anglo…[View]
16492542Do people who believe in objective morality unironically think that saying 'you ought not kill me' g…[View]
16492207Nukes and semiconductor manufacturing(and now AI) should've made countries realise that the fut…[View]
16492361>take expensive loans to buy jeans could it have worked?[View]
16486791Who was the most useless nation in ww2? Italy or UK? Italy couldn't provide any help to Germany…[View]
16492314Prove the Bible is the Word of God and not a Jewish psyop imposed on Gentiles.[View]
16491228Europe is doomed: Issues that Zeihan highlights >2nd oldest population in the world and aging fas…[View]
16491777My Fascist strongman can have out of body experiences at will, levitate, and walk through walls. Can…[View]
16492247Was He really letting some failed wine-merchant bullshit him about how the bongs had no will to figh…[View]
16491692>Roads are made, streets are made, railway services are improved, electric light turns night into…[View]
16491677Atheism is a disease: This is the natural result of centuries of atheism, secularism, liberalism and…[View]
16490810Why did the King James Bible become 'The definitive' Bible and why did attempts to succeed it (New K…[View]
16492301Who is that Polish guy?[View]
16492196THE BIGGEST MYSTERY IN HISTORY: Either these are the biggest coincidences to ever occur, or a non-hu…[View]
16492284When The World Stopped Making Sense: What was it like when the western Roman empire collapsed?…[View]
16491369why does barely anybody mentions the fact that Jainism, a atheistic religion that has NO GOD, has ca…[View]
16490643Why is it that both Europeans and Americans are totally fine with the concept of “African-Americans”…[View]
16491186>gets kidnapped by pirates >seethes with jealousy at Alexander the Great >kills some muddy …[View]
16486656Why exactly is this dumb bitch so well known?: >shit academically, could barely speak 1 other lan…[View]
16490116>Gymbro roid junkie dead at 23 dismantles 1 century and a half of nihilism simply by existing Bru…[View]
16491620who could've possibly stopped them? could a group of natufian beat them since they were also se…[View]
16491988Any good books about the history/origins of alchemy? No new age astrology bullshit, just bare bones,…[View]
16489270>Anglotopia War Memorial >Solemn commemoration of the 192 lives lost during the bongo bongo ca…[View]
16490747Thoughts on this book?: Sparknote summary; >The Confederacy was mostly controlled by Democrats al…[View]
16491616where is it?[View]
16491772How come they had so many women enrolled in their group, even for a communist organization?[View]
16492061>Good heavens, what is this theory you're proposing?' >Zheng's fleet reached America…[View]
16492059Did Socrates actually refuse the advances of this aristocrat twink, or did he give in after dealing …[View]
16491916Why are Pentecostals both the most hardcore but also lax Christians? Some Pentecostal churches have …[View]
16491669>Mark my word, if and when these preachers get control of the Republican party, and they're …[View]
16490380How accurate is this map?[View]
16491774Why did he kill his own ppl?[View]
16478342China got to America first: Explain this map without saying 'China discovered America before Columbu…[View]
16491575Historically speaking, is the islamification of europe inevitable?[View]
16490717This gotta be the ultimate chud alliance[View]
16491727Why is /his/ so shiited on by other boards?[View]
16491714Post obscure figures from your cunt: Picrel is Midhat Frashëri. He was a co-founder of the Albanian…[View]
16491449uhhh bros why does she look so... white? I've seen french browner than this[View]
16491456Why did the 1800s produce scientists?[View]
16491674>Tsiolkovsky influenced later rocket scientists throughout Europe, like Wernher von Braun. Soviet…[View]
16488082Why was France trying to legalise pedophilia in the late 1970’s? Was this some academic consensus ty…[View]
16486418What is the God exactly?[View]
16489623unironically how do you read history and retain the information?: would somebody help me out here, i…[View]
16491094The Udmurt people have the most Proto-Indo-Iranian ancestry and they also have the highest incidence…[View]
16490186>Issei Sagawa, a Japanese man who traveled to France to study in 1981 >Got bored one day and m…[View]
16488555Political genius or lucky schizo?[View]
16490097>I’ve just read Katja Hoyer’s wonderful Beyond the Wall: East Germany 1949-1990, which I would re…[View]
16491437Working towards the Fuhrer: What does /his/ think of his 'working towards the Fuhrer' theory? Is it …[View]
16491587Ancient E-Gypt: How did their religion evolve? How did homeboys become so obsessed with death? Why d…[View]
16491524where is it?[View]
16488864Why are Widows so powerful? Seems like the cheat code for women is to marry someone powerful and old…[View]
16491436>roman empire collapsed because romans were too racist to invading germanic barbarians Is he righ…[View]
16490148where is it?[View]
16491519Is it just me or does this theological perspective seem kinda fucked up? This goes beyond debates ab…[View]
16484012The problems of evil: I identify no less than three distinct 'problems' of evil which are often erro…[View]
16491219What if the sample of Egyptian royalty isn't actually contaminated and the Pharaoh indeed looke…[View]
16489467Does Pascal's wager discourage radical religiousness since if afterlife doesn't exist then…[View]
16491207During the Napoleonic wars, Britain captured or destroyed 159 ships of the line from France, Spain, …[View]
16483270Wow, the Kingdom of Benin has some amazing bronze artwork they made before european contact. does an…[View]
16485617/his/ approved films and TV: i know of kenneth clark's incredible series, civilisation. https:/…[View]
16491397'JOOS RUN THE WORLD!': Wow. Really? What gave it away? Was it that Jesus, the most worshipped man in…[View]
16490963Aliens don’t exist. Life started exactly once in 4.5 billion years on earth. That heavily implies it…[View]
16490081where is it?[View]
16486422Joel Rifkin was quite possibly the worst serial killer in New York City during the 20th century. He …[View]
16482184Why did the British and French leave Africa? This is an interesting question to me, since it seems s…[View]
16490444Isn't it weird that the difference in behavior between a good christian and someone who doesn…[View]
16490986If you are afraid of being poisoned, disgusted by dirt or by sex, or hear voices then you are low IQ[View]
16490946This is how Jesus appeared to Saint Faustine. Jesus is white[View]
16491123Who put Bella in the Wych Elm?: Hello. Near where I live in England there is this mystery that has a…[View]
16489798Ancestor Worship: There’s no religion board so I’m hoping someone here can point me in a good direct…[View]
16490713>Why is there no 'historical criticism' of the Qur'an as there is of the Bible? >https://…[View]
16490198where is it?[View]
16490896JULIUS EVOLA THREAD: JULIUS EVOLA THREAD Send any link relating to Julius Evola for educational reas…[View]
16491168Why are normies like this?: >watching AO2 cutscenes >cutscene where a ruler stops drinking alc…[View]
16488336>harasses person >is surprised when person retaliates Do canadafags really?…[View]
16489822Is there any actual scientific basis behind those human phenotype's lists? I feel like Carleton…[View]
16489507/his/ humor thread: WW2 edish[View]
16491056My country couldn't compete with the rest of Europe because the Romans never reached and conque…[View]
16488751Christianity: Could it be said that Christianity is essentially the Greco-Roman pantheon with a fres…[View]
16490516How was Islamism able to defeat Communism?: In every case of the two political forces colliding, Isl…[View]
16490005/his/ humor thread: kill all tradcaths edition[View]
16491065Why do levantines have so much anatolian and greek admixtute? When did they get it? Did Jesus have i…[View]
16491072How did /his/ celebrate annual loser day?[View]
16491022How come subsaharan africa never managed to achieve post neolithic age?[View]
16489321If the Persian empire was so great and powerful why is it not found here?[View]
16490391eric harris: was he right? 43rd birthday today[View]
16490595>An actual fucking ape. >A sentient fucking monkey. >A macaque who achieved enlightenment. …[View]
16489447>Socialism has never worked Then why is the most successful system a socialist one?…[View]
16490733>You don’t have to convert to their religion, but you can live in whatever Country that they are …[View]
16490666Question on urbanisation and people's morality: Why did this retarded autist add 'anxiety' to t…[View]
16490620Was it really that big and what happened to it?[View]
16489313How did the Orthodox church view Martin Luither and the reformation?[View]
16490754Why do so many Christians claim that Jews cant have their Messiah come since the house of David is b…[View]
16480320>Soviet Union only prospered under his one decade reign How did he do it?…[View]
16490413Ancient technology?: How much of Egypt do we really know? What if the Greeks just copied the Egyptia…[View]
16486944Thoughts on Gnosticism?[View]
16490836Do you believe the theory that Luigi Luraschi worked for the CIA to specifically make American movie…[View]
16490821Has anyone read pic related? It basically puts out a theory that the reason the assassination that r…[View]
16488984Jesus > Thor: Out of all the ancient gods, why did we end up with the one who tortures himself an…[View]
16490808Scourge of God: Attila the Hun.. I used to confuse him and Genghis Khan as the same guy.[View]
16490748Yo /his/, r8 my lvl of mental retardation. Today I got asked to name a few famous role models, and h…[View]
16488271What was the state of the Japanese empires economy pre WW2? (And notably, pre invasion of China, and…[View]
16483552Any religion like Christianity, Buddhism, etc that requires you to constantly be in control of your …[View]
16490679Are theists really allowed to goon?[View]
16489091If Ancient Egypt wasn't Black...: then why is there such a significant bulge of African ancestr…[View]
16490585Edward the Second: Was King Edward the Second of England a homosexual?[View]
16490283Leptoprosop populations: Why is it mostly restricted to these areas? Is it genetics or was it sexual…[View]
16490384What does Christianiy about the White race amassing wealth, power and dominating the globe?: Because…[View]
16489983Historically speaking, America would be a lot cooler if states were merged into semi-autonomous repu…[View]
16489197Why do people still believe in shit like this while there's enough evidence to refute it?[View]
16485143Original Monotheism: >1. Tengri: In Turkic and Mongolic mythology, Tengri is the supreme sky deit…[View]
16489865What if instead of money, we accept taxes in the form of labor? Would that solve infrastructure prob…[View]
16490140Why are they like this?[View]
16484989Christianity teaches you to literally tolerate any evil directed at you, do nothing in response, do …[View]
16488997The Bamboo Network: How did the Chinese manage gain such a strong financial foothold in South East A…[View]
16485647Which of these ideologies did the most damage to the world?[View]
16490239Why did Cuba and Puerto Rico remain part of Spain for nearly a century longer than the rest of Latin…[View]
16490287Affirmative action: Is it fair compensation to black and native americans for centuries of brutal su…[View]
16490216Worst History Youtubers[View]
16490439if you had to type in a command to travel to other posts?: what would it be?[View]
16488108All religions are lies. What's the point of believing a lie and letting yourself be deceived?[View]
16490052President Johnson signs the Immigration and Naturalization Reform Act into law on October 2, 1965.[View]
16490067https://youtu.be/R3zz-GSlNFc?si=YHdyA_jGR2isq_j6 Where does the idea that if the West left Muslims a…[View]
16483598>John Pemberton was in a no-win situation. He was torn between Jefferson Davis's insistence …[View]
16490087Subjective and relativistic morality is useless because the parameters of the concept are essentiall…[View]
16490296where is it?[View]
16488366Was Brandenburg Prussia a Calvinist or Lutheran state? Moreover, the state is usually attributed as…[View]
16486749Homosexuality was well-known in the ancient world, long before and during Jesus Christ’s time. In al…[View]
16490123So, whatever happened to the mummy of Alexander?: Where could it be now?[View]
16490061If you're an Orthodox Christian but not slavic or hellenic, you're a LARPer. No exceptions…[View]
16489728Based Proto-Santa Strikes Cringe Heresy-Spreader, More At 11[View]
16490122where is it?[View]
16487998If dark skin is the result of generational exposure to more sunlight, would white skinned setteler c…[View]
16483653Based or cringe?[View]
16489995I didn't know China back in fucking 1950 kicked the Americans' ass with barely properly eq…[View]
16488330How was his government/regime viewed by Sunni Muslim populations?: I can't find any information…[View]
16485882>is described by most everyone who had something to say about his physique as short >everybody…[View]
16489783How do godfags cope with this?[View]
16489960You have one baptism. Don’t fuck it up.[View]
16488964Why would anyone willingly be atheist? How soulless must you be to reject the gift of an afterlife w…[View]
16489529Why didn't Africa develop complex and advanced civilizations like pre-Columbian America?[View]
16489356Regarding the rather emabrassing thread made by our Chinese friend claiming that Matteo Ricci's…[View]
16489232>Most sources contemporary with the rise of the fashion (mid-1500s) thought the lovelock was an i…[View]
16489830Why is English and Slovenian cuisine so similar? It's a weird duality.[View]
16487388What the fuck is this gay larp shit[View]
16487331religion is basically an egoistic process where you are interacting with your consciousness and you …[View]
16489597In what exact sense is the byzantine empire the Roman empire? What aspects did they inherit and what…[View]
16489733>“Don’t like Normans, simple a-ACK!!” >Greek chorus of “ooooo”s >a dog whimpers and covers …[View]
16489548Catholics killed them.[View]
16481553This is what 'huge' looked like in the Great Depression.[View]
16486155>>16486092 A lot of the great men in the old testament were men who fought against the worship…[View]
16489723Is there any controversy about the death by Indians of John Ratcliffe ?: The story seem suspect with…[View]
16486544Proof of God: Proof of a planet: >sensory perception of the entity/phenomenon, with/without tools…[View]
16488473Has there ever been nationstates that had multiculturalism to a significant extent that none of the …[View]
16489647German autism ruined beer. >To understand why hops replaced gruit it is important keep in mind t…[View]
16489640Medievalism: Books on the principles underlying medieval society in the vein of Panofsky's …[View]
16487064The god of the Bible is really an obnoxious busybody if you think about it. Always telling people do…[View]
16487767What does God need all those foreskins for anyway? Seems a bit cruel and unusual as a way to differe…[View]
16489546Thoughts on the historical significance of the Aegean Sea?[View]
16489128Historically speaking, why isn't the police considered part of the armed forces? >they are a…[View]
16488292theologists: who had the most based gods? why?[View]
16487076Why have aristocracies historically been drawn to occultism and secret societies?[View]
16489384Man for man, Luxembourg had the best soldiers of World War II. You cannot dispute this.[View]
16487046Did racism exist in the ancient world?[View]
16486428genuine question for Christians.: I was talking to a Christian thinker, and we were talking about Je…[View]
16486092Christianity was designed by the Jews to destroy Rome. Before Christianity, Jews were expelled from…[View]
16489131Implying Presup is Biblical: Show me one instance of a prophet, judge, king, apostle or anyone else …[View]
16488741Thoughts on Carl Jung?[View]
16489249>So like yeah bro, God expects you to reach moral and spiritual heights you're incapable of …[View]
16484645the first godjack was made in 200 AD: what could this mean?[View]
16487742How does some random belgian dude end up helping in a genocide in fucking Rwanda?[View]
16485436God is the universe. You are part of the universe. You are part of God.[View]
16488168How come the Japanese didn't nominate Pu Yi as the head of state for the wartime Chinese collab…[View]
16488650>Bible makes no commandment to not molest children (so long as its within acceptable sex slavery …[View]
16483160Why couldn't they prove their superiority in the air against the RAF?[View]
16487014Why does WW1 feel so different from WW2? WW1 feels no different than any other big war in Europe in …[View]
16488604Why does the human being have to be so proper and wear clothes all the time?[View]
16488793The threat of Christian Hell falls pretty flat on its face when you realize there are tons of other …[View]
16484562peter the great: Salam al laikum my friends. What are youre thought on peter the great? whats the be…[View]
16488270Thoughts on Natural theology?[View]
16488078Found this thing while metal detecting in a village thats over 500 years old. It was on an old path …[View]
16488247>Bro we can't legislate adultery and sodomy because that involves judging!!! But legislating…[View]
16488868Today is the day when Krishna was killed and when the Kali Yuga started. Jesus Christ was killed in …[View]
16486778Why is the Ascension and Pentecost such a marginal holiday in Christianity? Jesus says it is better …[View]
16481963Which Abrahamic (or Adamic) religion is better for Morality and Economic, and Governance?[View]
16481763Which Dharma religion is better for Morality and Economic, and Governance?[View]
16480256Which Far Eastern religion is better for Morality and Economic, and Governance?[View]
16486619what did he do? americans went as far as to make a movie about him[View]
16487123>Stop believing in God >Become insane What did he mean by this?…[View]
16481672why'd chechens get so into islam in the 90s?[View]
16487549To Akhenaten: Rib Hadda says to his lord, king of all countries, Great King: May the Lady of Gubla g…[View]
16487666Feels like I'm taking crazy pills: Read an article that stated Gdansk was conquered and purged …[View]
16481318virgin ww2 vs. chad ww1[View]
16482561Was he a cuck? Why fight for a country that wiped out and destroyed your people, customs, way of lif…[View]
16485395Dear /his/: What's your deity? My deity is Pakya (pic related). He created the world out of the…[View]
16482710Why does God send his creation to hell?[View]
16486782Are all embassies rigged?: The Turks had bugged the entire saudi embassy[View]
16482887>Look up the Noble families in the Russian Empire for my personal project >Poles, Germans, Fre…[View]
16486561It's all God's fault. He brought me into this world, he brought me into a shitty existence…[View]
16487869If I go to office hours to my local parish priest, and tell him that I believe in Valentinus' h…[View]
16488418>Lord, give me chastity and continence, but not yet! How can one man be this based?…[View]
16487802turn of the millennium medeast map: thoughts? how much of the world could've changed had it wor…[View]
16488361Question for Evangelicals/Baptists. If we're all sinners, all sins are equal, you're not a…[View]
16486826>'He is God from the essence of the Father, begotten before time; and he is human from the essenc…[View]
16487908refute him[View]
16480937African history bros, how accurate is this video on mali?[View]
16483918Antinatalism is irrefutable[View]
16486509>makes the 6000 year old walk-in-a-line meta of warfare obsolete What the fuck was his problem?…[View]
16485982Can I please have some good introductory economics books?: As the title said. I checked the /lit/ st…[View]
16483787Why was the Bill of Rights not initially included in the constitution?[View]
16487976what do secular humanist believe in exactly? humans commit very horrible atrocities against eachothe…[View]
16487911>frees the USA from the cross of gold why does the lefty media never acknowledge him for this?…[View]
16487879>materialistic determinism being true entails Theological determinism >materialistic determini…[View]
16488053Is it true that 'native Americans' used to refer to old stock Americans aka descendants fr…[View]
16486913Why do french have small eyes?: I've seen alot of french/portuguese boys/girls with small eyes.…[View]
16485666Why has Distributism never taken off?[View]
16486996Good for Good sake: Can someone show cases where Good for Good sake happens in human nature?.[View]
16486836Why did the Celts fail to resist both Latin, Hellenic, and Germanic aggression? Examples: Galatians …[View]
16487973>socratic method[View]
16485943'judeo-christian': what the fuck does that mean? If the point is to recall the jewish origins of chr…[View]
16487619This is What Sacred looked like: The Christians destroyed them and built churches to a foreign god o…[View]
16483821Le New Deal: What are our thoughts on the New Deal?[View]
16484122What a man thinks of Harry S Truman and Woodrow Wilson respectively tells you everything you need to…[View]
16487803do you think the Japanese pilots who were shot down by a nigga named Dick Bong get laughed at by the…[View]
16480777Is the Royal Society the best learned society that history has seen? Can any other collection of sc…[View]
16486761Why are books so fucking awesome? It's kinda insane how great they are.[View]
16484379Why did the 'God is evil / world is a prison' trope fail to appear outside of the Judeo-Christian sp…[View]
16486414nazi wages 25% lower than before nazis: why were Nazi wages 25% lower than before Hitler was elected…[View]
16485142Stoicism vs Epicureanism: Which is better?[View]
16485017Being in Hell for a mere five minutes would convince anyone to want to join the Godsquad. What need …[View]
16486345I’m tired of pretending that the 7 Years War was not the First World War[View]
16485578in your opinion, who was the best American general of all time?[View]
16487290Holocaust Uniqueness Debate: >'The assertion that the Holocaust was a unique event in human histo…[View]
16484418A 1/4 of South Koreans are Christians. Like I knew there were christians in SK and Korean diaspora …[View]
16485514Why did the Dutch language not spread like French, English, and Spanish despite the Netherlands bein…[View]
16485318the historical presence of matrilinealism.: first of all, I've never heard a really convincing …[View]
16483091>Asiatic Despotism >Bugman >Collectivist >Hivemind >Socialist Why do individualists (…[View]
16481601Name a historical figure who died a horrible death they did not deserve[View]
16485469this explain much of the behaviour of them.[View]
16487479Do you believe Jesus was right to defend the adulteress?[View]
16487037Nubia: Nubian civilization and culture were so unique, interesting and beautiful. What led the Arabs…[View]
16487345Is there any reason why William Forbes-Sempill continued to hand military secrets over to the Japane…[View]
16486828an american perspective???: i would define soulless as something lacking purpose meaning or roots an…[View]
16485828>I activate my trap card: criterion of embarrassment! how is this obviously fallacious cope taken…[View]
16486871We're there any philosophers who thought consciousness was impossible without free will or that…[View]
16486458Battle of the Eclipse: The more you know.[View]
16486507Well? It's been 2,000 years. Where is the promise of his coming? All things still continue as t…[View]
16486907I'm a carpenter: I see there's a lot of Christians on the history board so I had questions…[View]
16487010How could the Nazis have defended themselves against the Allied transformers?[View]
16486970What are your favorite historic punishments?: For me? It's the scold's bridle, for people …[View]
16485256Just saw 2 bettles of the shinny kind, dropping from flight because one was trying to rape the other…[View]
16486532Good thread incoming: Why do turko-mongol shamans wear feathers on their heads like native americans…[View]
16484330>Further, the great importance which is attached to small feet! This is because the size of the f…[View]
16486709What are the best books to read about the subject of the French revolution?[View]
16486682>Come to the realization that 90% complexities of politics, religion and ideology can just be boi…[View]
16485571if secret societies are all powerful and secret how come authorities couldn't do anything to pu…[View]

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