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65677059Are Amazon's Fire tablets any good? Do they have potential?[View]
65676812How would i go and find the gallery info and user of an imgur pic if i ONLY have the ID of the pictu…[View]
65675835I want to teach a scam account a lesson: >Be stupid college freshman >Get friend request from …[View]
65676743penis: If the file is 132997747 bytes why when i multiply the blocks allocated( 259784)by block size…[View]
65661354Net Neutrality (again): https://blog.mozilla.org/blog/2018/04/23/new-mozilla-poll-support-for-net-ne…[View]
65676693Shhhhhh just dropping this here: https://www.rtl-sdr.com/osmo-fl2k-a-tx-only-sdr-hacked-from-commodi…[View]
65665424/sqt/ - Stupid Questions Thread: What is the best free on-screen virtual keyboard for Windows?…[View]
65677291You have a online resume right anon?[View]
65677088Why does Google Search cut off results?: I type cats into google expecting to be able to search mill…[View]
65677311How do I go back to pages instead of infinite scrolling?[View]
65677397hey /g/friends, how much time am I gonna have to take to learn portage? i wannabe gentooo dexu daddy[View]
65656755>Linux is objectively better than Windows >Doesn't even have a central location to instal…[View]
65674787For all you that have no clue how to get a password manager up and running...here's some good o…[View]
65673662Disgraced Mt. Gox operator Mark Karpeles now CTO at PIA VPN: PIA is now definitely pozzed, right?…[View]
65656198Best linux image viewer is?[View]
65677230>mfw I have botnet-free devices on GNU/Linux and Replicant >mfw I have normie devices on Windo…[View]
65669483>tfw everyone says that Windows 2000 was the best Windows in terms of UI and stability yet I…[View]
65676427he takes his hand off the keyboard to browse the web[View]
65674548what's the point?: I know t his isn't the advice board but you guys are more honest, reall…[View]
65674603An actual good, casual video editor: Does it exist, /g ? An actual good, casual video editor should …[View]
65668253OSX/macOS is a meme: Ok so, let me get this off my chest real quick: I've come to the conclusio…[View]
65676856Why do you have javascript off, /g/?[View]
65668423/wt/ WATCH THREAD: This thread is about the appreciation of horology, as well as the micro-engineeri…[View]
65672831why do they have usb ports so close together like this? you can't fit flash drives in both of t…[View]
65673087>G7 ministers probe threats of ‘dark’ internet in wake of daylight van attack >Talks focused o…[View]
65675300What computer should i buy for music production?[View]
65676550How do I start a community site?: /g/uys, let's say I built a discord like chat site and I want…[View]
65666298Found >pic related Dell inspiron 4000 +charger in a dumpster, the case seems pretty nice(besides …[View]
65676108Got laid off from my comfy app dev job.. What do I do now /g/? Is your company hiring?[View]
65674860ITT: we make fun of people that got a CS degree instead of a math degree[View]
65675983Heard rumours about a new app which will replace everything.. Anyone know anything?: So I've b…[View]
65674708>be VirtualBox >have shitty graphics performance in TempleOS >blame it on traps…[View]
65674124How does one go about making a Linux distribution? What language would you use and where would you s…[View]
65675571>playing games destroys your pc what retard came up with this concept?[View]
65673593Speccy Thread: >ctrl + F >speccy >no results Speccy thread i got this PC and the 1440p moni…[View]
65675516So what happened to 4chan earlier today? Do we know what happened the last few times? There was a pr…[View]
65672911Systemd and OpenRC are almost the same size: The actual init system of systemd, located at, or linke…[View]
65674579Got gifted one of these LaCie Drives: Anyone use one of these? I've got a Mac and I typically j…[View]
65673538Someone from a blockchain startup sent this along with an email asking for investments/opportunities…[View]
65675263TO ALL VS CODE USERS!!! Hi, guy looking to deblob vs code here. Just hired a GOD-like dev(ex Microso…[View]
65675446Is he right? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MG0bAaK7p9s Also open for discussion on McAfee in gener…[View]
65673603Bricks being shat.: >go to http://myactivity.google.com/ >shit bricks…[View]
65670331>Multiple reliable sources claim that Nvidia's GPP is responsible for poor adoption of the I…[View]
65672681Is it possible to have a low-power 'distance tracker' attached to, powered from, a phone battery? I…[View]
65674546The wrong with the linux community: >come to us, bitnet cuck, we have the freedoms >mfw instal…[View]
65674100Hey /g/ I finished my Programming and Web Development Assoc. recently, and I've been looking fo…[View]
65675340so excuse me if i am in the wrong forum but i came here as a question to modding is that if i use gs…[View]
65674983Tech support worth it?: Anyone worked in help desk/tech support positions? Was it a good learning ex…[View]
65665760/pcbg/ - PC Building General: >Assemble a part list https://pcpartpicker.com/ >Example gaming …[View]
65673934How many money do I need for a gamedev 2018 pc? Can I buy one with 400 bucks?[View]
65672497Headphone Amp Advice: I'm in the market for a headphone amp. I'm looking for something lik…[View]
65675154Which book should I be reading? The Pragmatic Programmer: From Journeyman to Master Clean Code: A Ha…[View]
65674066>Your industry is stagnating >You are the undisputed leader, with everything to lose >Canno…[View]
65674069hi, i am about to go to a programming school, they recommended me to install ubuntu, but my installa…[View]
65671520What real-life computer are the terminals from Fallout based on?[View]
65669738Which build system do you use /g/?[View]
65674684S9: would u get a Samsung galaxy s9 yes or no?[View]
65674481What's a good music player for Android?[View]
65674955Driver needed: Where can i find drivers for the following card. ZOTAC NVIDIA P102 -100 5GB DDR5X 320…[View]
65674696>tfw still using appchan because 4chan x + oneechan doesn't feel as satisfying…[View]
65674920>Internet of Things[View]
65674323I'm taking my PC in tomorrow cause its overheating or something, maybe the video card or CPU is…[View]
65674828Mediatek: Why are this company and its products so awful?[View]
65674812Can I ask how you can make a scraptop as scrap-as possible yet still runnable? Pic related.[View]
65674472A little challenge for /g/: Okay boys so, I've bought an EasyCap software to play old games bet…[View]
65666276I'm not installing Gentoo: Hey /g/, newfag here, I've sort of fallen for the minimal meme …[View]
65622318/mpv/ - the end is near[View]
65674670Why I’m not backing the Purism Librem 5 phone: This shit will be a bigger disaster than OpenMoko. Ju…[View]
65674417Have we discovered or gotten close to figuring out what tech made richtig knives tick? I know CPM-S1…[View]
65671095>20 year old code >//temp hack will rework later…[View]
65674453Whats your excuse for not making Solaris your primary OS?[View]
65674144Semi-friendly reminder that writing dirty, obfuscated code to demonstrate what a 1337 hacker you are…[View]
65669924Just how delicate are they?: >see youtubers touch every side of the cpu with no issues >can cl…[View]
65673861Need to find someone to help make a site with eCommerce capabilities: So I am helping manage a websi…[View]
65673124>HDD starts to make loud whirring noises[View]
656562211920x1080 = stone age resolution: >tfw your tablet you bought nearly 6 years ago has a higher res…[View]
65674529What was the last microsoft office version before they became botnet? I'm fully aware that tryi…[View]
656691261050 vs 1050 Ti? Is it worth the 50 buck price difference?[View]
65624830Year of the OpenBSD desktop when?[View]
65670841Well, /g/?[View]
65668185terminals: what terminal does /g/ use? termite is comfy but its a bitch to build from source so i us…[View]
65674378I have an extremely important interview with a non-big-n company. (so, probably not a lot of algo qu…[View]
65673027You guys ever use those Popsocket things? I just bought one and I cant get used to it. Hard time put…[View]
65673698What would you change to play modern games on ultra?[View]
65674270https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zDm7LqbV5No Tell me why I shouldn't spend 500 bucks on getting …[View]
65672943is brave a botnet?: need explanations as to why, not just yes/no answers big thank[View]
65651837fuck: i got drunk last night and ordered 10 hedges on amazon i tried cancelling them this morning bu…[View]
65658438Why is it that people have such a difficult time with Linux? In my university, where a Unix course i…[View]
65672443So what's the best lightweight distro? >dsl >>50 megabytes >>runs in ram >…[View]
65672288Apple IOS 11.3.1: Should we have a new ad for apple ios, like what we have done before but we need h…[View]
65669866lol later floens[View]
65673522is iGlass AR video on YouTube an Apple product leak?: Just saw an iGlass AR video on YouTube, it cla…[View]
65673418Interpreted vs Compiled languages: Does anyone who has a degree or has been in programming for over …[View]
65666005>have been using Arch on my laptop for a year >also have an old toaster with debian >finall…[View]
65672835Web Hosting: What a good VPS / Web-Hosting for a Nextcloud ? (Netherland, Switzerland ?) Is this thi…[View]
65672558Does anybody have the picture that talks about logic gates on microprocessors where it references al…[View]
65671381Best laptop for $600: go go go[View]
65673541If someone were to crack the scrypt algorithm for Bitcoin could he just keep rewarding himself Bitco…[View]
65673730what's the job interview process like for someone with 3 years experience and a senior engineer…[View]
65673268Why is layer 5 called session and not connection?: Why does layer 5 use the term “session” instead o…[View]
65669673Who was in the wrong here?[View]
65658456I'm here to shill for microkernels!: Hello /g/entlemen, do you have a moment to discuss our Lor…[View]
65671624Basilisk v2018.04.24 released! >This is the first release on the re-forked and re-based UXP >U…[View]
65672371Hey /g/, I'm in my second year of uni and I still don't know shit about java, any way I ca…[View]
65671117Slow programmer: Why is it that I keep getting so caught up in thinking about theory everytime I att…[View]
65672206Just installed I3Wm as a total new user, so far I've installed polybar only. Mind giving me som…[View]
65672135Why is this garbage the only goddamn 4chins browser that plays webms on my ancient note 2?[View]
65671904Linus on the 2018 Thinkpad X1 Carbon: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yQt6Eqk5boE[View]
65673325The absolute state of APPLEL: >Apple Leaked Report Reveals iPhone X Is Dead >Campling states A…[View]
65671321louis rossman vs. applel: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AUaJ8pDlxi8 whether you are a fanboy or no…[View]
65660993When will this come out? Also do you think you can watch porn on this thing?[View]
65671640My phone smells weird: >I have a Xiaomi Redmi note 4x >I wanted to open SIM slot >Tried to …[View]
65672121What is the beefiest PCIe x1 GPU you can get?: Have to stuff that empty slot for CUDA computing good…[View]
65670136Won a $100 Amazon giftcard: Throw me some cool tech gadgets or devices or .. whatever to get. Audi…[View]
65666391VALVE INSIDER HERE: Steam for some time has been working with intelligence agencies to make psycholo…[View]
65672522>There are people in the world willing to drop $1,000+ on a toilet computer…[View]
65672675>Windows is cancer but needed if you want games >Linux still suck and it's not ready for …[View]
65670279Choose one: Intel or AMD. Go![View]
65671070Hey /g/, need your opinion on something >be me, 21 >working my first job as IT assistant/sysad…[View]
65670600How do I become a cyber vegan or a data pagan? If I wake up in system shock tomorrow what skills do …[View]
65670068A bunch of porn sites just started getting petrol unskippable ads through my adnauseum. Xhamster is …[View]
65664708/dpt/ - Daily Programming Thread: What are you working on? Previous: >>65655056[View]
65670300What is this thing actually supposed to be? It's called a DSM but is it just a hard drive with …[View]
65670219what the fuck is wrong with this shit, /g/? it installs a million packages and if you turn off recom…[View]
65671279ITT : Wearable Tech Whats the upper limit to ways I can mod my body?[View]
65672303My AP is almost directly underneath my receiver. Why does the vertical antenna give me better signal…[View]
65672575Hi /g/, looking to get my first tablet. I have my eye on the Lenovo 8 Tab 3 Plus, but I don't g…[View]
65671501When the @$&* will GPU prices go back to normal?: This cryptocurrency shit has gone on too far, …[View]
65656412/ptg/ - Private Tracker General: /ptg/ above cabal edition Previous Thread >>65646356 >Not …[View]
65671296>download flac album from rutracker and it has noticeable crackling sounds >download 320kbps m…[View]
65672033>microsoft releases the kinect >everyone calls out microsoft for trying to spy on consumers …[View]
65651281This is the best mouse you can buy.[View]
65669268As the title states, debate I guess.[View]
65669014What is the best GNU/Linux distro for desktops?: I currently use debian stretch on my laptop and hav…[View]
65671987Old keyboards built like tanks.: I'm looking into getting a Dell AT101W Black Alps keyboard (pi…[View]
65669702Has anyone here come across a single Pajeet who is good at what he does? The ones born in murrica do…[View]
65668734>being a filthy heathen and not using Ubuntu Christian Edition as your main OS…[View]
65667829carpal tunnel syndrome and tendinitis: How long till we get reliable and fast bionic hands, /g/? I r…[View]
65672165Have you ever bought a used laptop? I want to get a some kind of small laptop that I could use for e…[View]
65671688>yfw the potential for smartphones as a mobile computing platform was limitless, but it instead b…[View]
65672058>tried to make power management work correctly on my hackintosh until 3 am Why can't I cont…[View]
65671160>get neighbor spoofing spam calls all the time >just don't answer them >notice a repea…[View]
65662523Computer toothpaste: So how often do you guys swap your paste. I'm on year 5 on my overclocked …[View]
65670216is linux compromised?: https://igurublog.wordpress.com/2014/02/17/biography-of-a-cypherpunk-and-how-…[View]
65670314pen thread: Should I get a fountain pen? Which one? Pls not too expensive PS: I am lefthanded…[View]
65671934What has gen-x contributed to tech? Pic related[View]
65669423What are /g/ thoughts about Linux on smartphones? Is it viable today? Is it worth to have more effor…[View]
65671927I need a new phone /g/ Ive had an iphone for the last 6 years but it no longer charges, what is a go…[View]
65663351LxQt, Our Lord and Saviour: Why the heck does no-one here tell me about LxQt, a.k.a the best lite de…[View]
65667236Is there any way to speed up file transfer speed? I backup 4tb to my other 4tb drive it took me 7 ho…[View]
65669055What was the golden age of programming?[View]
65670969What happened to the hedge guy?[View]
65659137/spg/ - Smartphone General - Nokiabros Edition: If requesting purchasing advice, please provide your…[View]
65670339so with facebook thing catching everyone's attention most people are starting to look for alter…[View]
65669903Got a first gen Macbook Air for free > 1.6GHz Core 2 Duo > 2GB RAM > 80GB hard drive > W…[View]
65669245Google is shit.[View]
65671348Am I the only person in the world who noticed Windows 10 cuts off the am and pm in the action center…[View]
65671336How did Microsoft become so big so quickly?: Today I learned Bill Gates became the richest man in th…[View]
65666242What does /g/ use as a laptop?: I have always a custom desktop, until now. I need to buy a laptop, I…[View]
65671153Google has announced the accepted student projects for this year's Google Summer of Code. As us…[View]
65671414>ext4 uses 5% of your space for who knows what >fat32 can't transfer files over 4 GB to i…[View]
65671267If Ryzen is so good why doesn’t it have any proper mini itx motherboards[View]
65668948Do you back up your data?[View]
65669878is a 4K screen actually worth it(from 1080p), i found one for 245 eur, 28'' 4K Freesync at…[View]
65669487This browser's been making some noise recently, how does it perform compared to Firefox/Chromiu…[View]
65665450I'll leave this here. https://www.sonymobile.com/global-en/products/phones/xperia-xz2-premium/s…[View]
65669546Are there any SoCs or embedded systems that use SPARC or MIPS architectures? All I ever see is ARM, …[View]
65671025Browsers + Alsa: What browsers support Alsa for sound? I usually use Firefox but it wants me to inst…[View]
65667275Intel Kaby Lake vs Coffee Lake?: Hey guys I'm gonna be building my first PC. I'm gonna be …[View]
65668881My EVGA GTX 780 Ti won't display what the fuck do I do. Bought it used (of course) and yeah. It…[View]
65670669im a bitch: how do i break my phone screen enough to where i can get my free warrant for a new phone…[View]
65670885>4 cores[View]
65670775Have anyone here ever been interviewed online by a tech company? What do they ask you in the intervi…[View]
65667996Pizza hat, iran: This is a bootleg restaurant chain in Iran. It is named Pizza hat. What operating s…[View]
65663621Who here uses emacs on evil-mode? What are the pros and cons with vim? I'm willing to try it ou…[View]
65670693What happened? 4chin was down yesterday?[View]
65625067/ag/ & /am/: audio general & audiophile memes: Almost Weekend Edition[View]
65649392/csg/ Chink Shit General: In /csg/, we discuss the cheap shit you see on Gearbest, Taobao, AliExpres…[View]
65670213Programming Paradigms?: I'm trying to organize the shittons of pirated programming books in my …[View]
65668459Do you need a good PC for programming if you're just making PHP and Javascript shit?[View]
65667860M.2 Failed memed again: Look at me everybody. I paid extra for something I didn't need and it d…[View]
65665451How come there still aren't good package managers?: Chocolatey shit is out of date and so is ev…[View]
65668995Trojan: Anyone know how to deal witha trojan and keylogger (pic unrelated)[View]
65669968Satisfies all of my computing needs. Why do you idiots use so much botnet?[View]
65669440Haiku running on a Cyrix GXm 180MHz with 128 MB RAM: https://haiku-os.tumblr.com/post/173232469017/i…[View]
65657314Ryzen 2000: Does this seem right?[View]
65662611Is there a term to describe all Windows, Mac and Linux machines? 'PC' excludes Macs, 'desktop' exclu…[View]
65661068I am so fucking sick of these things. Over a course of only one year l already went through 4 of the…[View]
65664630Any news about Terry?[View]
65653914How useful was college in your programming career?: How useful was college in your programming caree…[View]
65669916>guys the next lineup might be coming out q3 2017 >rumor has it it's q4 guys get ready …[View]
65669757>But gaming and benchmarks dont matter THE ABSOLUTE STATE OF INTEL SHILLS…[View]
65651079Buy and xps13 they said >Build quality out of 10 Is there such thing as a windows laptop that isn…[View]
65657004What do you use Virtual Machines for Anon?[View]
65665455>Kent has an undergraduate degree in journalism from Louisiana State University. Prior to her app…[View]
65652807/hpg/ - Headphone General: How to request purchase advice: https://pastebin.com/YyH02Mgd For sub-$50…[View]
65665894PWN Phone building guide?: I recently purchased a nexus 6 32gb Shamu with software update 7.1.1 and …[View]
65668438I’m moving into a loft and the acoustics are superb. Should I buy sonos or Bose for music?[View]
65650101>he's a corelet >he's a ramlet >he's a gpulet >he's a bandwidthlet …[View]
65669721My OS can buy me drugs, what can yours do, you fucking nerd?[View]
65669758Did Zotac manage to put a jet engine on this thing? It sounds like a fucking car engine if I put the…[View]
65668721Hi /g/, I am looking for help on purchasing a new phone. I am going from a S5 to either an S8 or S9.…[View]
65667171/POOR/ GENERAL: For those of us that are broke as fuck Post systems that can be built for less than …[View]
65670336Lmao, who runs this website? It's down all the fucking time.[View]
65667619What VPN's /g/ ?: Currently using PIA which doesn't seem to let me post on 4chan or downlo…[View]
65663980why did Jobs age like shit compared to Gates? Was it literally the cancer?[View]
65650200/fglt/ - Friendly GNU/Linux Thread: Previous thread: >>65632604 Welcome to /fglt/ - Friendly G…[View]
65664112>Several ABP users claim that Google ads (Mostly on YouTube) are not getting blocked anymore Me i…[View]
65668396is btrfs still BTFOfs?[View]
65669329Make Arduino great again.[View]
65663627So the great Stallman suggested I contribute to 15 open source projects before starting my own. How …[View]
65668091Any web scraping pros here? I'm trying to get some info off a website that does not user-agent…[View]
65663936who the fuck is their target audience they think? do they believe of some untap market?[View]
65666688What's the most comfy setup for a battle station? I need some inspiration. Is using a recliner …[View]
65636523homescreen thread: let me see your riced-ass homescreens /g/entoomen[View]
65657113>start up pc >system32 cmd prompt opens and closes really fast >mfw…[View]
65665103What type of compression should I use, lads?[View]
65669072Restore phone data after factory reset: Hi iOS fag here. My foolish uncle reset his phone (pic relat…[View]
656702554CHANNNNN What's do you think happened?[View]
65669150>1999 >300 kb jpg loads in 10 seconds >2018 >300 kb jpg loads in 10 seconds on 4chan Did…[View]
65669148In lecture: > slow processors are shit /g/ should overclock their processors, if you don't y…[View]
65661880I just baught this mouse for 58 euro. Did I get jewed?[View]
65668909Aircrack: >Opening wordlist.txt >Unsupported file format (not a pcap or IVs file) Pls halp…[View]
65664434I have a friend who is going to buy a laptop for 4,000$ with a core I9 and a 1080 and a 1444hz displ…[View]
65668867Why haven't you installed ubuntu touch on your smartphone yet?[View]
65667361What are your thoughts on ARM Chromebooks? They seem to be your only option for 3:2 display right no…[View]
65660356camelCase vs snake_case: I heard one makes you a sexually confused mindless doll full of onions and …[View]
65664072I need to replace my desktop and am thinking about a whole set up.: Essentially I bought and built t…[View]
65666523I've never done this: Is there a way to get administrative access from a standard account I hav…[View]
65668039I got tired of this board's shit and return after 10 months or so and now it's nowhere nea…[View]
65668591Thoughts on All About Android: How do you guys feel about this podcast?[View]
65668819GNUStep+WindowMaker: Is it good. You think it does a good job of replicating the OPENSTEP experience…[View]
65661734Is /g Into computer networking? How many of you have cisco certifications or equivalent? Was it wor…[View]
65670249What happened: Wtf just happened to 4chan? Until a minute ago you couldn't post anywhere. /g/ i…[View]
65667580Help: I'm a former CompTIA A+ technician. I fell out of the practice post Win10's release …[View]
65668120Are tablets dead? Am I making a mistake by buying a tablet?[View]
65666231What the fuck is wrong with the audio jack on the Moto G5s Plus? I bought it recently and the earbud…[View]
65667050>have internet contract with max speed of 5mbps >pay extra to upgrade to max speed of 10mbps …[View]
65668461I'm trying to figure out how to play my flash games without the use of my browser. I never had …[View]
65648675how is this guy NOT an intel shill? every AMD video is shit on purpose[View]
65664817Does an app like this exist? An app that allows you to pay a person who is leaving to take their par…[View]
65665026Hi /g/I'm quite a noob when it comes to building a pc and I was just wondering how much pre bui…[View]
65662937I work for UPS, and some drunk fuck keeps calling my work phone yelling about how he wants to refuse…[View]
65668025Is there some sort of reliable database where you can run a quick background check on yourself for a…[View]
65664752>like has no g-.. Well, huh, how about that[View]
65661107>i'll download a deamcast ro-[View]
65662008Hey guys, can I get some advice?: >I've been saving up for these PC parts a good friend of m…[View]
65667137Can anyone tell me what programming language would have been used to make this?[View]
65662530/wt/ Watch Thread: This thread is about the appreciation of horology, as well as the micro-engineeri…[View]
65664105John Mcafe's website has a security flaw and a coding whoops: A friend recommended that I post …[View]
65659039/g/ents, how do we get people to start using Firefox and other FOSS software more?[View]
65662851Retro thread: >ywn live through the golden years of the BBS >ywn dial up a stranger's com…[View]
65666192flash drive ssd hdd sdcard which of these would last the longest[View]
65666781/useme/ Anon does your work!: Give me tasks to do for you. It should be IT related some examples: p…[View]
65667863Why do people hate internet explorer?: What is so bad about it? Also what do you guys prefer more Fi…[View]
65664062Spectrum analyzer of audio output: sup /gee/. I need to visualize the frequency spectrum of the soun…[View]
65667814Have an interview tomorrow for a temporary unity position with these skills required < 1 year exp…[View]
65662478>tfw know everything about bash scripting and regular expressions kneel before me brainlets…[View]
65658634Is this the final nail in SQL's coffin?: It's fully ACID-compliant and it's backed by…[View]
65667261Are ISP's overcharging idiots?[View]
65665887Stallman got it right. It should be added, though, that this is from 2003 and it is not clear whethe…[View]
65667518I fucked up /g/, I learned me some Python3 a while back but it's been about 4 months or so sinc…[View]
65662522I heard people browsing this forum are still using Windows 7 (AKA a more than a decade old app) Why …[View]
65664627I bought a used Thinkpad laptop (x131e) with Windows 10. Using Windows 10 for a week has become unbe…[View]
65665527hey /g/ what case is the most non bs case for ATX? I currently have a Define C. It's compact, v…[View]
65640382Should I do it, /g/?[View]
65666100Laptop: Got a sony vaio for free, its a pcg-f650, there is a small pop off panel on the bottom with …[View]
65666897What kind of jobs can you get with a general Information Systems degree? What are some skills I need…[View]
65666025This is a long shot. I have a project that i have to finish in 2 hours but i'm stuck on an pro…[View]
65664221https://support.amd.com/en-us/search/faq/147 >Is the warranty for my AMD Processor-in-a-Box (PIB)…[View]
65666392What is the point of triple A batteries?: Who usually keeps triple A around their house? Why doesn…[View]
65666569>coreboot in development >only requires one proprietary blob to run linux >can be hardmodde…[View]
65665786PureOS: Has anyone had any experience with this? Its a debian fork, claims to protect privacy and is…[View]
65666296>Be me >1 year left of uni >Attend coding/tech conference over the weekend >Shilling C#,…[View]
65665754hey /g/, I own a VR arcade that's in the process of opening, we primarily use Vives but my busi…[View]
65666275What this? Appears when using my mobile network?[View]
65659089how would you implement something like this in haskell?[View]
65643874/wdg/ Web Developer General: What are you doing to build the web /g/? What are you working on? I…[View]
65658812home server general - /hsg/: home server general - /hsg/ reddit BTF edition! net neutrality is RIP, …[View]
65661760What is this part of the mobo?: The heat sinks around the CPU socket are for the VRMs. What is the l…[View]
65666125HTC One M7 in 2018[View]
65666088People keep saying Comic sans is shit, what is a google font to use on Windows 7? I want to change i…[View]
65661171Fitness tracker: Are there any Fitness trackers/watches that look decent or actually look like a nic…[View]
65662811Went on a few flights this past week. Every time, after boarding, I heard something like the followi…[View]
65665631What is some good easy to pick up software that let's me create stuff, be it photo editor, vide…[View]
65664458Why do android developers drive on sidewalks?[View]
65665389>gpu fan revs up doing nothing at the desktop[View]
65656469/pcbg/ PC Building General: >Assemble a part list https://pcpartpicker.com/ >Example gaming bu…[View]
65664063I bought 3 used laptops for 50 bucks each (i3 - 4GB Vaio, i3 8 GB HP, i3 4GB Dell ). Neither of them…[View]
65657173Is there a /g/ recommended desk? I bought one of the oft recommended office chairs (Steelcase Leap V…[View]
65658661Tech you are surprised other countries don't use I recently read an article that said most Amer…[View]
65650626/g/ - what is this?: https://www.cjb.net/ https://www.cjb.net/n/northan.html http://belindanorthan.c…[View]
65662407Have you actually ever seen Juniper, HPE, Arista, or Huawei networking equipment being used in the r…[View]
65662584Where can I find best used thinkpads? I was thinking of companies ending leasing on this laptops but…[View]
65665476>write fake internship experience on resume >at job interviews, tell them I'm under an ND…[View]
65661965Good micorphone for youtube: What microphone is good for making youtube videos. I have to make a you…[View]
65665065Is there any point buying better than pic related if I only play old games[View]
65663740starting coding - errors: Hello i just started in coding, just trying helloworld stuff. i am using v…[View]
65665345do y'all know a good live broadcast host like Mixlr used to be before it went paid all of the '…[View]
65665333Monitor flickering / lines: Pic related. My monitor randomly began to flicker today. It creates the…[View]
65664570Anyone have a username/password for Copperhead OS Factory Images?[View]
65653117/sqt/ Stupid Questions Thread. ITT ask stupid questions that could have been answered if you weren…[View]
65639639/mkg/ - Mechanical Keyboard General: /mkg/ - Premium ABS Edition >Mech enthusiast starter edition…[View]
65664360What would the ideal desktop processor architecture look like if it was designed from the grounds up…[View]
65664860I know this is fucking retarded but: What's the lowest effort coding posture/position? I'v…[View]
65665031Are there any good driver updating programs /g/? Been having BSOD problems, I'd rather not chec…[View]
65654653What happened. Was Netrunner just another failed /g/ project? I'm actually serious, I've b…[View]
65659542Is there any way to have folder names appear above folder icons? Pic rel[View]
65662877Has anyone here re-built the battery for a ThinkPad T400? I love the laptop, but the Chinese batteri…[View]
65662861I want to se up an ip/security camera in my field to watch my cattle. How could I do this? There…[View]
65664307So yeah, let's use windows for our kiosk[View]
65651295grug like grub[View]
65662853Signal messenger: So I wanted to try Signal since Wire still has power consumption problems (60% in …[View]
65661533is there any way to easily turn a fuckton of these into .mp3 ? my brother gave me his laptop (Window…[View]
65660017>you will never be as smart as Richard Gnu Stallman why even live? ;_;[View]
65652094>no NVMe >no 2700x >only 2 sticks of ram Will the perfect laptop ever exist?…[View]
65663761Android box/smartbox: What's a /g/ go to for smartboxes? I never cared for TVs but I recently b…[View]
65660988New build has all these rgb lights >NZXT Cooler -> CAM >GSkill Trident Z RAM -> Gskill R…[View]
65661666I took my PC outside today and blew out all of the dust. I'm tired of how much dust gets sucked…[View]
65656102Tell me /g/, What is the best IDE for programming in C++ or progamming in general? pic unrelated[View]
65662428Hi /g/, What would you use if you wanted to host multiple personal projects, maybe running in differ…[View]
65664042C++ code help: So I need some help with c++ code. I'm working in visual studio and I am working…[View]
65664399>tfw not sure If I want to get a 1180 this year or a 1180ti next year I want to upgrade my PC so …[View]
65659527>shows you attractive people more often than unattractive people >when an attractive person di…[View]
65661292What's the best way to handle puzzles with matrices: I had an interview question today where I …[View]
65660011Alright /g/ Help me better understand IP addressing? I missed a question on my last exam and it is r…[View]
65664145Twitter Trance Thread: As you're scrolling through your Twitter TL, what are 'those tweets' in …[View]
65664046>pull out wallet to order laptop >sale has ended Who sells a laptop with 16GB of RAM for ~$650…[View]
65660069Laptop End Game: Girl, you know it's true.[View]
65663771What do you guys think about reverse engineering and these warez groups like: Razor 1911, SKIDROW, …[View]
65648252Collection: images of video cards[View]
65663908New W7 or GNU / Linux installation. What software do you install ?[View]
65663217What's up with this captcha, why are the images all grainy like this? They couldn't be pro…[View]
65658984Florida police try to unlock phone with dead mans finger during funeral: LARGO, Fla. -- Florida auth…[View]
65660322>iPhone XS[View]
65664006Has anyone migrated to cloud? Pros/cons? Thinking of Azure over AWS if we go.[View]
656573154K meme: >most TV stations haven't moved past 1080i >current consoles are too weak to del…[View]
65662001*WARNING: LIGHTNING STORM CREATED* How do you protect your devices, /g/?[View]
65642890OH NO NONONONO: >86% virgin Intlel CPU usage >45% chad Ryzen CPU usage…[View]
65662510LineageOS is nonfree botnet: /g/ claims that LineageOS is open source and de-googled. This is false …[View]
65647471>Be me 21 Uni Student >Picked a module, called the internet and society easy mode talking abo…[View]
65659091what text editor is this?[View]
65655056/dpt/ - Daily Programming Thread: >What are you working on? >Previous: >>65646184…[View]
65656452What challenges would you like tech to solve next?[View]
65662309why haven't you fallen for the fairphone meme /g/?[View]
65660760Why does it feel like my auto-correct and spellcheck has gotten worse? Really obvious misspellings a…[View]
65661350Apple store, What went wrong(ish): I’ve had several apps and games that went defunct. Developers jus…[View]
65651052screenfetch/neofetch thread: >Ctrl+F fetch No screenfetch/neofetch thread? Here we go…[View]
65662506>go to ATM the other day >ATM is running wangblows 7 WTF gives? I thought they ran that shit o…[View]
65639727ArcheryOS: Hey /g/, I just finished building my own distro, called ArcheryOS. Its an arch based dist…[View]
65660225I'm starting a C# dev job in 3 weeks. What am I in for?[View]
65663078Please, this is really driving me insane! I'm looking for this site that is like boingboing, bu…[View]
65657554What are some good home theater speakers? I fell for the sound bar meme and need to upgrade.[View]
65661184C++: C++ Master race. All other programming languages significantly inferior.[View]
65662842rip intel/amd shit. new era begin. http://www.electronicdesign.com/embedded-revolution/sifive-raises…[View]
65659042Tablets for under $100 other than Samsung?: Yes, I'm poor.[View]
65652106>update radically changes the interface[View]
65662740As you may have heard the Nintendo Switch joycon hack was released today, normally this would be som…[View]
65662535are there any worthwhile alternatives to cloudflare? just a reverse proxy like nginx is fine, the id…[View]
65662717I'm trying to use the binance API. I don't even want to make a bot, I just want to fetch m…[View]
65660979My company just moved into a new building and I just noticed this thing on the wall near the ceiling…[View]
65661310How the frick do you get rid of screen tearing on Debian stable? I don't want to install MATE/G…[View]
65661261Is the raspberry pi 3 b+ overpriced?[View]
65662519shitty video playback/internet machine: Sup /g/ for some years I'm sticking shitty chink ARM an…[View]
65659520GPUs an shiet: lets's talk graphics cards and overclocking, gee i have a 7950 and am considerin…[View]
65658728How do programmers deal with existentialism?[View]
65660998I hate technology now. Tinkered with custom roms for years and now I hate Android. Built a gaming PC…[View]
65661799> template<int n>[View]
65660645Which modern operating system 'goes easiest' on your main disk drive. [Does the fewest read / writes…[View]
65656232/wt/ Watch Thread, timelapses edition: This thread is about the appreciation of horology, as well as…[View]
65662282help me: Well, /g/, you tried to warn me. Lesson learned.[View]
65657359AT LAST I will finally be able to get rid of Facebook and WhatsApp.[View]
65657165/g/ I'm making a dating simulator What should I make it about?[View]
65655063what blockchain solutions has /g/ been working on lately?[View]
65659350Rate my battlestation.[View]
65657900HACKING BOOK: Hi guys, who know a great book for learn hacking? Thanks[View]
65639867>Tfw you realize we live in a Cyberpunk society only without the aesthetics…[View]
65662011>a new update has been released! >makes you download and re-install the entire program…[View]
65659281Should I buy a wifi pineapple?[View]
65661759So now that Windows 10 has Multi Desktop and Symbolic Links, why haven't you switched from Wind…[View]
65661792I need a better wireless mouse. Currently using logtech M 325, it's comfy but got bored with it…[View]
65659084I am rich, bored and want to waste my money on some good technology. Recommend me something[View]
65656877Is pic related that bad? is it a good choice to start learning game design?[View]
65654710AM4: 10C/12C RYZEN imminent: >The amount of “overkill” power delivery capabilities on high-end X4…[View]
65659512Which was the better Browser ?[View]
65660186Micro SD and Long Term Storage: Is it ill advised? I want to encrypt and put private keys on them s…[View]
65652334what do you guys think is the best 140mm AIO cpu watercooler that works with AM4?[View]
65657414First time on /g/ Curious what would happen if I unplugged my hard drive while using my pc? Not pla…[View]
65658973Has anyone put their computer case on its side so that it feels like a server rack?[View]
65659875Laptop stay alive: Anyone tried to benchmark a full minimalist install with just the shell with a te…[View]
65660566Seagate Data Encryption?: I'm looking at buying an 8tb Seagate Baracuda hard drive for my deskt…[View]
65661072But where is the any key? Do I need to get a new keyboard? Is this for mac?[View]
65661093Takes immutable Java framework: Should I learn it, /g/?[View]
65656938So, who here uses old hardware and don't really plan on upgrading? Currently running a 8320, r9…[View]
65659508What ever happened to regular email support? Seems like every technical or hosting service is switch…[View]
65638001why is having 6+ cores so comfy?[View]
65646441why do normies love apple products? all the normies in my uni have apple iphones, apple macbooks and…[View]
65659583Which subnet is IP address a member of, and what is the broadcast address for that sub…[View]
65657708the future is now[View]
65655476Here's your new design, bro https://9to5google.com/2018/04/22/google-chrome-canary-reveals-new-…[View]
65660204SMD ceramic cap: Did anybody stumble upon labeling system of surface mount ceramic caps like this? W…[View]
65643171What's /g/ opinion on e-readers? Pic related is probably the best thing I've ever bought[View]
65660042ITT: ways to protrct privacy what should I use to ensure my privacy? I already use linux on my compu…[View]
65655539The largest ISP (both fixed and cellular) in Japan, the NTT Group, announced that they are going to …[View]
65656323Portable analog radios: Do you like portable analog radios, /g/? These four are my favourites so far…[View]
65651020>Be Australian[View]
65660179Whats the future of coding of any kind as a career in the next 20+ years? With the AI still on the r…[View]
65638724>$150 >Snapdragon 820, 4GB RAM, QHD IPS screen >Removable battery >FM radio >IR blast…[View]
65651231>open Emacs >see this >close Emacs…[View]
65659536>4 cores >intel processors only now moving on to 6…[View]
65658889hey guys im learning for my operating systems exam can anyone help this massive faggot called OP and…[View]
65657281Your identity is mine, skidz.: https://www.vpnmentor.com/amp/blog/report-vpns-share-data-users-faceb…[View]
65637204Don't ever move to Japan.[View]
65658530DragonflyBSD: There's a lot of potential here, no? Dillon&CO /ourguys/[View]
65656509IDA layouts: Curious to see other people's work environments[View]
65658514Why can't freetards figure out how to merge tabs with the title bar?[View]
65654604Why the fuck hasn't this shit been standardized into one plug yet?[View]
65659506Is china cyberpunk?[View]
65654864Homelab people – what does your homelab actually do?[View]
65649346Do these actually work[View]
65658353>iOS >secure >no Touch ID/ Face ID lock on WhatsApp…[View]
65654681What are some good/active IRC channels?[View]
65659292Fixing Old Systems with Known Issues: https://dell.to/2vG7nG5 I'm not asking for back up, or t…[View]
65658305Is there anything speaking against Online LaTeX editors like ShareLaTeX? I guess if security is conc…[View]
65659399what are some /g/ approved usenet clients?[View]
65651441/g/aming general: ITT we talk about gaming tech. Anything from hardware to how games were programmed…[View]
65659259So I have an old ThinkPad I1200 and I was trying to upgrade it, on the Think Wiki it says 192Mb ram …[View]
65655599>amd is comfy[View]
65657846The Reddit Menace: >tl;dr: reddit is replacing freedom with ads, will they invade us? Reddit was …[View]
65658577Redpill me on Tor for Android[View]
65659124Help with software engineeering project: hey can anyone tell me where I can buy/steal a software eng…[View]
65656364>Watching some chibi anime on MPC-HC with Madvr >See GPU temp on 93 degrees max temp >Laggg…[View]
65658916Benchmark CIFAR10 on TensorFlow with ROCm on AMD GPUs vs CUDA9 and cuDNN7 on NVIDIA GPUs http://blog…[View]
65657239ITT: Post your most wannabe haxx0r desktops[View]
65651053Have you cleaned your keyboard recently /g/?[View]
65649929AMD: 12nm Nvidia: 12nm Intel: 14nm Samsung: 10nm Why is intel so shit and behind?[View]
65654576Object detection libraries: Brainlet here, I'm trying to build a program using YOLO object dete…[View]
65656022'Lenovo Group may lost its index status' https://www.bloomberg.com/news/articles/2018-04-23/world-s-…[View]
65658240I just found out that facebook can track you even if you don't have a facebook account. How the…[View]
65658372Why aren't there any Kodi boxes that let you run custom roms? I don't wan't boxes fro…[View]
65643863Let's be real here. Would you love a computer AI girlfriend if she were licensed under the GNU …[View]
65642056/spg/ - Smartphone General - Xiaomi Edition: If requesting purchasing advice, please provide your co…[View]
65647951>2018 >not using fiber internet I feel sorry for you anon…[View]
65658502https://www.fudzilla.com/news/graphics/46113-amd-looking-for-a-legal-fight-with-nvidia Sadly GPP wil…[View]
65657054>Python is running without tty and thus buffers its stdout What the fuck does this mean, /g/?…[View]
65657641How the FUCK did moot run 4chan on this setup?[View]
65658242Windows 10 Start Menu: This is the start menu in Windows 10. Which search engine does that look like…[View]
65658217So XFR2/PB2 supports offsets to overclock without being stuck at a set frequency on all cores.[View]
65655511daily reminder: You do not belong on /g/ if you don't use GNU/Linux.[View]
65650207I've been struggling with this book, I got about 500 pages in and its become so fucking boring.…[View]
65649401I need to pick a topic for a 8 minutes presentation. It needs to be tech related. Any suggestions?[View]
65657712Anybody know here how to reset iphone password? i tried everything from pluging and unplugging the b…[View]
65645948FIX MY MAC NOW[View]
65647350Eclipse Vs IntelliJ: Which is the better Java IDE?[View]
65657232Server Rack: I need some help /g/. I did some light research on the topic back in September, and now…[View]
65657236GPD Win 2: anyone have this? does this actually work? can you play videogames on it?[View]
65636180Why do American programmers make a SHITload more money than any other nation?[View]
65657748So... THIS is the power of blockchain![View]
65657502laptop parts: can you buy laptop parts (e.g. monitor,motherboard,touchpad)separately for a specific …[View]
65656392What is a computer science course like?: What is a intro to computer science course like? Do you nee…[View]
65652699Puppy Linux: What do you think of it guys?[View]
65657139thoughts on the technology behind segregated witness?[View]
65635684Considering all smarphones out there are almost the same look wise, is this the next viable step for…[View]
65655976> being a poorfag[View]
65643367Meltdown and Spectre immune CPUs: When will we get Meltdown and Spectre immune CPUs? Seriously when …[View]
65651179Is MPC+MadVR actually dead? MPV is just a fucking meme[View]
65655081Meme Programming Language What is a language I can use ironically? Bonus points if it works on Linux…[View]
65648056Hello, I'm looking to install Arch. But what desktop enviorment do you guys recommend?[View]
65656732>2018 >still no cheap, easily disposable/replaced flash drives in the terabytes range When wil…[View]
65654321Laptop with 2 SSDs?: Is there a such thing as a laptop with 2 SSDs? I want one OS on the first and a…[View]
65649600reverse engineering day. ◙ Cypherpunk Manifesto >>https://www.activism.net/cypherpunk/manifest…[View]
65651489C#: I will never thought I would say this about something made by M$ but, why it feels so nice to co…[View]
65646356/ptg/ - Private Tracker General: The last few threads were god tier old school ptg. What happened? C…[View]
65656930>using initscripts with systemd w h y[View]
65654112Which VPS host do you use and for what?[View]
65656737I know I know, no purchase advice but: I could buy a used Acer swift 3 for 120€ in the next 30min. H…[View]
65655184Press F to spit on Intel's grave[View]
65654531Nxb ninja voltage: Does anyone know how to hack shinobites?? I'm a f2p player, bandai doesn…[View]
65656542/ptg/ - Personal Transportation General: adult heelys edition[View]
65656705Do these spy apps work? also how much activity can be seen through your home wifi?: Somone I know is…[View]
65647710Average screen resoultion: Has anyone complied a survey to find the average /g/ users screen resolut…[View]
65646242>https://www.vsynctester.com/firefoxisbroken.html >Firefox is broken >Chrome is botnet >…[View]
65655172why is linux still this much of a joke in 2018?[View]
65652856Why do the strike pads on matchboxes (generally) have a hexagon pattern?[View]
65646564/pcbg/ - PC Building General: >Assemble a part list https://pcpartpicker.com/ >Example gaming …[View]
65655303Give me one good reason I shouldn't use cockli[View]
65655410Are you a sadPirate or a whiteKnightJusticeProprietaryWarriorShillingGNU? I don't understand ex…[View]
65648146/wt/ Watch Thread: This thread is about the appreciation of horology, as well as the micro-engineeri…[View]
65655332If you replaced all the 'minimalist' programs (e.g. vim, weechat, mutt, newsboat), with their emacs …[View]
65655621throughout the entirety of the year 2017, do you think there was a single point in time, a timestamp…[View]
65653928Learn COBOL.[View]
65649856found a iphone on the ground how to unlock???[View]
656558542400 Discussion Thread: I've been reading this ever since i was 11 years old, but I've nev…[View]
65639944/lit/ is making a videogame: >>>/lit/11033629 Is a fighting game with grug versions of phil…[View]
65646518Anyone else ever feel like they might be in the matrix?[View]
65644740Why is the install process for Debian so needlessly complicated? I want to use it, but the guide is …[View]
65635072How do you manage your addictions?[View]
65655727Is it the only one patrician programming language?[View]
65647466Where has this distro been all my life? - Rolling release or point release - Uses Snapper, an appli…[View]
65644634Windows 7 Master Race: Seriously though, I've tried several times to 'upgrade' to 10, and I jus…[View]
65647564ok I accept systemd sucks what's a good init system?[View]
65654080How would you redesign the Internet, /g/: Let's say you had to redesign the Internet from scrat…[View]
65652124I want to build a GUI application with python and qt5 but I can't think of anything to build th…[View]
65640435unix shell: what unix shell does /g/ use?[View]
65654493>TFW you remember Disciples 2, nostalgia takes over and here you are installing Windows XP on a 6…[View]
65655207> paying 800 for this shit > doesn't have social media or anything > rarely texting or…[View]
65649865>Bunch of major platforms like Steam, BattleNet and Paypal have their own authenticator app for 2…[View]
65644057Desktop thread? Minimal cleaning allowed edition.[View]
65654409Hello guys, I bought a small form factor PC in hopes of creating an all in one media center. Gaming,…[View]
65637815/tpg/ - ThinkPad General: Previous thread: >>65623395 If you're looking for purchase advi…[View]
65655221/rpig/ - Raspberry Pi General: Show off your projects[View]
65645880Should I learn Haskell? Why or why not?[View]
65654422Imagine being this bad at Java that you have to use a cheat language like kotlin[View]
65651446Why do people pay for linux?[View]
65649370Drone deliveries and cybersecurity.: Does anyone else think that these drone deliveries, which are p…[View]
65655105What is silicon valley?: I heard it's the place where programmers go to get rich.[View]
65654279visual studio code: If I change VIM for visual studio code + vim plugin do I am betraying vim?…[View]
65654439dead korean monitor?: so today my korean monitor didnt power on when i started up my rig. instead i …[View]
65654126'I must say the Linux community is a lot nicer than the Unix community. A negative comment on Unix w…[View]
65645928How do sites like rabb it tell when an image you're uploading is too lewd ahead of time? When p…[View]
65652630Name one (1) tech tribe that's dumber than cryptocultists (pro-tip: you literally can't)[View]
65646184/dpt/ - Daily Programming Thread: What are you working on? Previous: >>65635093[View]
65650274BACKUP: How often do you do a full backup of your OS and data? You do..backup your data, right?…[View]
65649374Vidlii is on a death spiral. This video hosting website was mentioned quite a few times on /g/. Even…[View]
65654870code a smartphone QR reading app: I've volunteered to help out a local non-profit manage their …[View]
65652906Whats the best way to access networks and sites inaccessible/not indexed by tor?[View]
65650408I'm thinking about jumping from iPhone to an Android phone, but at this point (and going forwar…[View]
65650029Rarbg.to has a dmca notice when you click torrents, does that mean the entire website is watched? Is…[View]
65654478Hi /g/, I am here because ive searched everywhere online and I cant find an answer. I get this shitt…[View]
65651432Motherfucking speccy thread: Post em boys CPU is actually at 4.5GHz 1.35v[View]
65641752Name one decent reason to have a desktop instead of a laptop other than gayming (Protip: you can…[View]
65654443Reminder that ATX PSUs are the reason standardized PC cases are so thick.[View]
65651767Why aren't you programming in your own language /g/?[View]
65654310What are blockchains? Sorry for the brainlet question[View]
65654206So how’s your custom build coming along?[View]
65653163Wifi signal can produce cancer? I am asking because I spend a lot time in my bedroom and my modem is…[View]
65649398New NVIDIA control panel?: My buddy who works for NVIDIA just sent me this. This could be great news…[View]
65646629>tfw fell for the tiling wm meme >tfw fell for the thinkpad meme >tfw they weren't mem…[View]
65648092whats the smallest possible case i can comfortably fit a 6700k and a gtx 980(or similar), a friend s…[View]
65649750Making a vertical stand for my alienware laptop cuz im such a giant nerdy rofl IT EVEN HAS A SLOT UN…[View]
65651842ShareX: What does /g/ think of sharex?[View]
65650525Does anyone have have expirence buying stuff like hdds on the deep web. Im probably gonna buy one, b…[View]
65648049Sujestions on what to do with old pc: I have a pc I have no idea what to do with. It has intergrated…[View]
65646692Which is the best tv series based on hacking and why is it Mr.Robot??[View]
65647251pic related vs opensuse for a cs student? i'm german if that matters[View]
65653013Where to get specific test answers?: hi there /g/ sorry for the annoying 'homework post'. My profess…[View]
65651308How are you preparing for when net neutrality is abolished at midnight tonight?[View]
65652839Xiaomi Mi A1 or Note 5 Pro: Which one of these two china phones do I want? Fucking decide for me, pl…[View]
65652230If I've acquired a large IPv4 network, what is the easiest way to convert that into Tor exit no…[View]
65635990How is King Terry doing? I haven't watched any of his videos in a few months. Just found this…[View]
65652893>when website/software/file manager doesn't have a dark mode. The blinding white backgrounds…[View]
65642850/sqt/ Stupid Questions Thread: Post your questions here Read >>51971506 >search https://ddg…[View]
65613302/guts/ 3rd round[View]
65652617>cutey notices my ssd install of Debian >'OMG anon, how is your computer so quick?' SSD gets y…[View]
65651516someone please tell me how to set wifi priority on an at&t bgw210 router I can't find the s…[View]
65644851what the hell?: Why are there so many ads on youtube?[View]
65651225Anyone here use AutoHotKey? If so, How do I make an autoclicker which starts when I press a key and …[View]
65645034>be 30 year old programmer >become frustrated with literal doofus of a manager >like 'why a…[View]
65632181/hpg/ - Headphone General: How to request purchase advice: https://pastebin.com/MY3ZvUHL For sub-$50…[View]
65642654Powershell! What are you using it for, lets share some examples![View]
65652013>not buying your operating system in a bag[View]
65645628Topre keys are a meme, am I wrong?[View]
65631645Which is ur favourite programming language anon & why?[View]
65643991Installing Gentoo: Day5: Welcome to my blog /g/, where I will share my progress on setting up /g/ent…[View]
65649327AMD's StoreMI tiered storage: >To get the best results with Optane you gonna need to use an …[View]
65643461Why is Microsoft so good when it comes to programming language development?[View]
65650251RGB PC Thread: I was shopping for new parts for my liquid cooled pc, and some of the stuff on offer …[View]
65649192Can be destroyed the internet?: Internet is technically the conection among several computers, right…[View]
65651709Do you know how to use a debugger or do you just use print statements? Does it make much difference?[View]
65634792C vs C++: C vs C++ Which is better and why?[View]
65648994<3: I want to be able to start Waterfox by typing 'waterfox' in the terminal. How do I do this? I…[View]
65648498EXPERT CODER HELP NEEDED: When I type in a website URL, say google.com, what kind of request am I ma…[View]
65648987what's the best desktop environment for language learning and why is it gnome?[View]
65647457Best loonix for old/low-end PCs?[View]
65646506beat this /g/tards >64 MB usage while idle >less than 900 packages >quad core >debian (g…[View]
65641854Why is Manjaro becoming so popular nowadays?[View]
65631216synology: Are synology Nas botnet? I do really like dsm and the boxes itself. Should I buy one or ge…[View]
65648923Neural Network Programming: Greetings /g/! I've been working on a Neural Network library for a …[View]
65651037How much longer must SSD prices stagnate? I thought the introduction of VNAND would bring massive pr…[View]
65637941wow, so this is the power of propietary software. wow[View]
65650519what are some good roms for the non-edge galaxy s7?[View]
65649262/bsd/ general: What did Bruce mean by this? Also, *BSD general.[View]
65650790So my 2500K and/or mobo fucking died, CPU LED keeps burning. Already was steadily resetting my bios …[View]
65647824what browser do you use?[View]
65649058how do you install linux im android?[View]
65645104I don't use it, because there's literally nothing happening in my life. Why don't you…[View]
65647113Why doesn't anyone talk about DSL?[View]
65632604/fglt/ - Friendly GNU/Linux Thread: Previous thread: >>65597741 Welcome to /fglt/ - Friendly G…[View]
65649696Unique laser graphic controller: Hi guys. I'm thinking of setting up laser and webcamera in ord…[View]
65647302>need to sideload an update on my Moto Z through computer (why I had to sideload it and not insta…[View]
65648057linux draw thread: i'll start[View]
65649977Is there a specific way for one to create artificial intelligence based on members of a chatroom tha…[View]
65646250>bought a mechanical keyoboard because /g/ told me to >now 2 keys don't click anymore …[View]
65643681S8 build quality: >'possibly the best build quality in the industry' >4 months of careful use …[View]
65645645Any regex fags here? I'm a brainlet and need to select text from the beginning and end of a st…[View]
65646508So I have a friend who's alienware just shit the bed 3 months after his 2 year warranty was up.…[View]
65643832Godot language: Best language for Godot? I'm planning on learning Godot now, because it looks r…[View]
65644954>mfw /g/ rather know how to write a Hello world app in 20+ languages than make something that ac…[View]
65649494hey /g I dont want to go in for the money but for the tech, I want to buy aprox 200$ ethereum and I …[View]
65648782>mfw when I went from PLP to LLL monitor setup P = Portrait L = Landscape…[View]
65635669I'm 31 years old, is to late to learn programing?[View]
65649484Gnome is shit >can't right click+create new folder for 4 years now https://bugs.launchpad.ne…[View]
65648907Higher Order Spectra Using python: Hey /g/uys so I've been working on this signal dataset(100,6…[View]
65649293Capture card: I need a budget capture card just one for basic recording post em[View]
65647222what are some snowflake browsers without botnet AND actually usable for windows? recently, pale moon…[View]
65638907How do i read this book?: What is the correct way to read this book?[View]
65641659brave, iridium or ungoogled-chromium: and why looking for the best chromium fork being up-to-date wi…[View]
65644613What is the most ergonomic chair I can get? Also post your chairs, chairs are technology.[View]
65641414Xiaomi: Why isn't your phone liquid cooled /g/?[View]
65642499>get hired at company >they use Google's DNS…[View]
65648743if the pc locks up and a hard reset is required and the led light of the hdd on the front stops blin…[View]
65647804Saw >65636884 yesterday, thought nothing of it just booted up my z400 workstation and got this wh…[View]
65633900why the fuck are laptops so sterile and boring looking now I miss dedicated media buttons, power but…[View]
65648725Screen Mirroring: Screen Mirroring on Linux what are you using and why[View]
65645466Kurwa! Where can I buy a 100% linux smartphone or Raspberry Pi screen + 3G modem that work fast? My …[View]
65644145USB Tetherin vs Wi-Fi Hotspot: I recently got a new phone and got unlimited internet via my carrier.…[View]
65638263ITT: Outdated shit that need to be removed[View]
65640820I need a way to visualise my life.: So /g/ I need a way to have a record of my life. In a dynamic wa…[View]
65648183Can somebody tell me what the point of an EGPU is if your display isn't capable of 4k rendering[View]
65646625so yesterday my boi 2700x came and i started doing some tests on it my previous 1700x at 4.0ghz1.39…[View]
65646951best mouse: do tape trick on it and overclock it to 8000hz via sweetlow driver and it out performs a…[View]
65642744/wt/ Watch Thread, vintage lcd edition: This thread is about the appreciation of horology, as well a…[View]
65646927Heh, nothing personnel, kid[View]
65642340>2018 >still using an antivirus[View]
65640368editing video on linux: >have to edit a video >kdenlive won't stop crashing every 2 minut…[View]
65647960Quantam Apotheosis - Idiot who brings misinformation about televisions: This idiot keeps bringing mi…[View]
65645855>have a pretty low end laptop for taking notes during lectures, acer cloudbook, 2gb ram, 1.6ghz c…[View]
65647737>interrupts your ground-faults hehe nothing personal kid[View]
65647705Are there any fast file hosts that don't try to block hotlinked downloads? Trying to stream mp4…[View]
65646735how to be stop 5g(carcenogenic communications) from becoming a reality?[View]
65598877Anyone have an iPhone X here? I have a Galaxy S9+ with a defective front camera, it has trouble focu…[View]
65629840This is what peak performance looks like.[View]
65647400botnet ?: are purism laptops a meme[View]
65637500Daily Reminder: Daily Reminder: You shouldn't be on /g/ if you don't use Linux.[View]
65646005calculator for i3: I had an idea for a calculator that opens on a window identical to that of whiche…[View]
65644155Adblockers are making the web worse: Don't be a fucktard. Stop telling people to use adblockers…[View]
65623353/csg/ Chink Shit General: In /csg/, we discuss the cheap shit you see on Gearbest, Taobao, AliExpres…[View]
65647183What's the best webcam under $30?[View]
65621720spoofed calls: about how many do you /g/uys get per week? I usually get at least 1 or 2 every week. …[View]
65646877Websites: Hey /g ! Which websites do you visit the most?[View]
65646437Japanese Technology General: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lZ4ZPfcHvOk https://www.reuters.com/art…[View]
65642642Is self-driving cars a botnet[View]
65642318Programming Music: What music does your brain consume when you perform the art of programming, anons…[View]
65644839Is it possible in our lifeline we will be able to have a low latency (under 50 or so) to anywhere in…[View]
65645844Why do losers only use nested if statements like the losers they are?[View]
65645266piratebay is kill[View]
65639389why is there no way to uninstall this damn thing? every time I do windows reinstalls it[View]
65644173He wants you to credit him for an incomplete operating system.[View]
65639483This is going to age poorly.[View]
65644742Android vs iOS device benchmarks: How come?[View]
65626703>use loonix >even keyboard tells you to use Windows…[View]
65642100Why are Sony phones so bad? Why did the Japanese give up on making good consumer electronics to the …[View]
65645113Question for professional devs here >learned Python, Bash and SQL during my first job >now in …[View]
65642713If there wasnt those pesky kids: Hey /g/ so kids were fucking around and broke the laptop all my wor…[View]
65645974recommend me a good video editing software[View]
65644790she isn't real but I will make her real[View]
65645022>gets free time before work >turns on computer >gets kernel panic >spends all free time…[View]
65645963What does /g/ do with this dialogue prompt? I always just hit the X and don't bother deselectin…[View]
65642936You may not like it but this is what peak performance looks like.[View]
65637297Whats the stupidest thing ever posted on this board?[View]
65644533when did GPU prices become insane? $600+ to run modern games at 60fps dafuk[View]
65643976Remote Desktop: I recently had an idea and don't know if it is viable or not. I have a 400mbit/…[View]
65645074This board is done. You cannot disprove this.: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eqr_5WtbNlI India has…[View]
65632451/ptg/ - Private Tracker General: Anime Website Edition Previous Thread >>65614692 >Not sure…[View]
65645817https://open.microsoft.com/2017/09/26/microsoft-joins-open-source-initiative Why?[View]
65638456Open Source Projects: Does anyone in /g/ contribute to open source projects? Which ones? Why? I’m cu…[View]
65644263What did he mean by this?[View]
65644800>be me >yesterday evening >a bit stoned and tired >decide to create a liveUSB to switch …[View]
65645105RBT down: $ curl http://archive.rebeccablacktech.com/ <!DOCTYPE HTML> <html lang='en'> …[View]
65645486I'm going back to windows 7, 10 too complicated ree!!: Pic related.[View]
65642186How the FUCK: do I make a torrent that works? I added the files and clicked 'create' and sent the .t…[View]
65639909>drive space is a few GB lower from when the last time you checked[View]
65642919I'm a fresh graduate and I just got a cobol job offer. I want to accept it because it seems to …[View]
65645355Is there a Loonix distribution that is not GuhNu/Loonix?[View]
65644335Laptop Coller: Hey /g/: Did you ever use one of these? How does it work? https://www.gearbest.com/c…[View]
65634473/pcbg/ - PC Building General: >Assemble a part list https://pcpartpicker.com/ >Example gaming …[View]
65644787/csg/ - How to taobao edition: So, since there was nothing like a 'language expertise general' I dec…[View]
65643006Commercialised Linux was a mistake: >Red Hat tech worker Thomas Cameron got reimbursed for his $1…[View]
65627004Screenfetch thread.: Post >Screenfetch >Neofetch >Ufetch >Whateverfetch And r8…[View]
65642070ITT Garbage soft: .[View]
65643057Thank you so much /g/ friends https://i.warosu.org/g/thread/S65335839 Your suggestions were apprecia…[View]
65608851/wdg/ - 420 edition: Previous thread: >>65582688 >Free beginner resources to get started G…[View]
65644426What program do you use to safe DVD movies as .avi or .mp4?: Last time I needed to turn a DVD movie …[View]
65644561Why is video playback so bad with the mobile browser? Didn't the Firefox man invent this?[View]
65644305Any freelance sites that don't suck?: >Looking for a little extra cash >Decide to see if…[View]
65639567Speccy thread Go![View]
65640674You have 10 seconds to prove youre not a company/brand fanboy (aka unpaid shill)[View]
65644219Which one is less Jewish?[View]
65644733Will Konami ever develop holograms for the Yu-Gi-Oh! series so I can see my beloved Dark Magician Gi…[View]
65642496What should I use for basic video editing on a pc? Source is from a canon 650d- 1920x1080, 45mb/s,…[View]
65644571>be me >stuck in 2 year contract >to far from box >told when it switches to nbn speed wi…[View]
65635093/dpt/ - Daily Programming Thread: What are you working on, /g/? Previous thread: >>65628674…[View]
65641754How different would the tech industry be if PC gaming never became a thing.[View]
65640180are VR goggles worth it if i just want to be able to suck my own dick while looking at porn?[View]
65644103I just got an old acer aspire laptop from 2010 (1.66ghz cpu with 1gb ram) and I tried to install xub…[View]
65642284Public FTP: Can you tell me some good public anonymous FTP server?[View]
65643355Netrunner: Last time I was here, /g/ was working on a web browser called netrunner https://github.co…[View]
65644274How do I become a cyber vegan or a data pagan? If I wake up in system shock tomorrow what skills do …[View]
65642635BTFO: >2018 >People are still focusing on minimalism and making their distribution as light as…[View]
65629252Has everyone switched their DNS to &[View]
65639482>wake up >watch porn >browse internet on phone >get up 2-3 hours later than i wanted …[View]
65641771how hard is it to learn emerge/portage? I love apt and pacman is pretty fun but portage just looks l…[View]
65642823Do you guys donate anyone?[View]
65644020ITT: divisions of shitty tech companies that are better than their parent company i love getting fre…[View]
65643489so there is a voltage switch behind my case and i switched it when the pc was running and a lot of s…[View]
65637276/wt/ Watch Thread, A farewell to shitposting edition: This thread is about the appreciation of horol…[View]
65642743So I just noticed my monitor has a weird burn, melted plastic mark on the back, probably because the…[View]
65641090Game youtubers: Are there any game streamers similar to what frankie used to be? As in similar games…[View]
65641909and this is why 4chan https doesn't matter https://github.com/nym-zone/block_cloudflare_mitm_fx…[View]
65642373Smallest case with 240 rad support: >Nano S Is this the smallest you can go without huge cooling …[View]
65637803How do you use regex to parse html?[View]
65631461AMD RX Vega 64/56 was a fail: >fury x came >almost match with gtx 980ti >vega came >matc…[View]
65642101Why does intel ME run an entire operating system? For what purpose?[View]
65643420Greetings! I would like to ask a question, as there seem to be a lot of conflicting info on the inte…[View]
65642123Why doesn't 4chan use HTTPS for all content yet?[View]
65638727Is computer science a meme degree?[View]
65638214SERIOUS QUESTION: Thinkpads have a biometric device that can read fingerprints which to me seems to …[View]
65638272How does Windows manage to be the best OS available?[View]
65636768>Buys a K Intel processor >Doesn't overclock Anyone else do this? I don't like noise…[View]
65641295>Gets thonkpad >Can finally use gnu/linux at institution >Opens vim and starts taking notes…[View]
65642212Do you trust cloudfare dns? If not, what dns should you use?[View]
65641619I bet 99.9% of /g/ can't explain the steps between the point when you click a shutdown button (…[View]
65641448Fuck Firefox, fuck Chrome: What the fuck is the motherfucking point of this fucking piece of shitty …[View]
65627777Is it better to encode anime in H264 10-bit or H265 10-bit? I have an 18 core CPU to encode them wit…[View]
65642216How can I develop my problem solving skills? School has only taught me how to retain information[View]
65643053I have a software problem to solve: My intuition is to solve it using a deterministic finite state m…[View]
65643208Which one is best?: Coursera vs Udacity vs Udemy vs Edx vs Pluralsight vs Lynda Why?[View]
65643175Which video editing software is the most optimal?: Just made this video in Sony Vegas Pro: https://w…[View]
65641573How to batch swap audio track?: I have an old series which came with two audio tracks. First is russ…[View]
65641093how does sandisk get away with this? wtf is that grey pie slice that is taking up 9 GB of my usb? no…[View]
65632582Phone battery just started randomly draining like fucking mad. Used to go to sleep with 50% battery …[View]
65639131Intel Israel created 300 drone show over Jerusalem: https://www.liveleak.com/view?t=aG7pL_1524362397…[View]
65639682PCPartPicker part list: https://pcpartpicker.com/list/v7xn7W CPU: Intel - Core i5-8400 2.8GHz 6-Core…[View]
65638702Ok I'm retarded. I bought pic related thinking it was the one that actually came with the liqui…[View]
65638498How do I into R4 with my 2DS? I'm too confused please spoonfeed me.[View]
65638885Windows 95: Anybody in here miss Windows 95?[View]
656418205G discussion thread: Is 5G the biggest leap in mobile tech for humankind? >Fiberoptic speeds on …[View]
65641554Anon needing help on a phone: So I went to Best Buy today and I wanted to order a Google pixel 2 XL …[View]
65639645What is the best way to program a GUI that is cross-platform? Should I go for python and pyqt5 or …[View]
65628003Does anyone have any idea what graphics card this is? I'd like at upgrade, and this is being so…[View]
65641360Incognito / Private Browsing Fingerprinting: It seems sites can determine you're using private …[View]
65641177Why are torrents so hard to find now? It's like all of the torrent websites are gone. I just ne…[View]
65639754How do I go about removing packages I don't need? Pic related, I already removed like 600 task …[View]
65635656>want newest version of software >not on the repositories for that distribution >JUST ADD T…[View]
65638500C#: Guys now I have no argument for not using c# and .NET :c >C# is as portable and robust as Jav…[View]
65642124Repair broken iPhone: Excuse me sirs, I have a iJoos five where the owner 'Erased all settings' when…[View]
65638818Now that the dust has settled Why did ryzen 2 flop?[View]

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