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60585374hey, /g/, maybe you can help solve this puzzle? http://archive.4plebs.org/x/thread/17247051/ We beli…[View]
60586398Check it out /g/uys, and if you like the idea, help me spreading it![View]
60586112>DevOps intern interview in an hour What should I expect, /g/?[View]
60576796Text editors: Why do I keep coming back to Notepad++, /g/? Tell me how it is, I can take it.[View]
60578011Backdoor: are AMD CPU's have the same kind of backdoors as Jewtel's have or is it only a J…[View]
60575918Why is there no open source linux phone without android or ios? I was thinking of just getting a x86…[View]
60584817Are you getting the new Surface Pro?[View]
60572441What do windows users have against Linux?[View]
60585825BSD And Other Things: /bsd/ - *BSD General Thread Discuss FreeBSD, OpenBSD, NetBSD, DragonFlyBSD, OP…[View]
60579029are external hdd's really that unreliable? I wanted to get some storage for my chinese cartoons…[View]
60585040How the fuck do I set up passthrough on Linux? I tried it before and it was just a black screen. I w…[View]
60564909>Headphone purchase advice http://pastebin.com/fYZLW7Ub Please put some effort into your requests…[View]
60583964Active Directory (mostly): Received a new computer today at work. Much faster than my old one and wi…[View]
60576027Many years ago microsoft told me no more green button on the bottom and today I can firmly say 'no'.[View]
60582182Is there anyone using Devuan? Is it good? How does it compare with Gentoo?[View]
60585268X299 ASUS ROG PRIME motherboard with LCD: https://videocardz.com/newz/asus-asrock-gigabyte-and-msi-t…[View]
60564084/wt/ watch thread: This thread is about the appreciation of horology, as well as the micro-engineeri…[View]
60585478there is a window bliking for a second every 20-40min. How can I find out what the fuck it it?[View]
60584739What if you simulated a powerful graphics card and used that to power your graphics?[View]
60585384Am I doing something wrong ?: Please check the pic. This is my motherboard after 3 hours of light ga…[View]
60582998You must post in this thread if you've seen insects crawl out of someone's laptop before.[View]
60572548Why is Python so comfy, bros?[View]
60564126Redpill me on surface products. Are they actually that bad?[View]
60583165How can I fix screen tearing in Linux?: I've tried multiple distros and video players, it'…[View]
60584730hello /g/ why do i only have these options and not the colour ones? i also never got the thankful re…[View]
60584376Considering Purism 13' - /fucko/: So I'm considering buying a Purism Librem 13' laptop with Qub…[View]
60581091Linux is more secure tan win...[View]
60582882Why would they write Android in Java?[View]
60580265#include <stdio.h> int main ( int argc , char * * argv ) { printf ( 'Hello, world!\n' ) ; retu…[View]
60584520https://community.amd.com/community/gaming/blog/2017/05/25/community-update-4-lets-talk-dram Highlig…[View]
60584403>camera bumps >fingerprint scanners right next to camera >curved edge memescreens >non-r…[View]
60583294/g/, I found this mint Asus PDA running PocketPC 2003. Is there anything fun I can do with it aside …[View]
60584742Soooooo... Microsoft is cucking me.which gnu/linux distro should i install?[View]
60583150Please help me understand this: The WanaCry Ransomware is intended to make you buy bitcoins, and the…[View]
60584687are there actually any good online courses/moocs/bootcamps/whatever for learning/mastering a certain…[View]
60582972What does /g/ think of the X1 yoga? I just got it in the mail today and it's amazing. I can…[View]
60578336/ptg/ - Private Tracker General: <page 2wo Edition Previous thread >>60571859 News >>…[View]
60581949Who of you pranksters fucked up my windows? I was cleaning my computer,then infinite inaccessile_boo…[View]
60582747What was he thinking at this moment?[View]
60555527Linuxfags, what games do you play on linux? how is performance compared to windows?[View]
60579771How is this compared to unity and unreal for 3d games?[View]
60571056ITT: git commits.[View]
60581146So, how do I troll this thing into oblivion? Will deliver results.[View]
60583637I've got mint18 cinnamon, I've got a gtx 1060 but I can't install it. When I mount it…[View]
60574214Did you know most of the SYS_FANS are actually voltage controlled?: Why the fuck some motherboard ma…[View]
60577928If you want to brute force the travelling salesman problem and you have 15 different cities, will th…[View]
60579891https://www.theregister.co.uk/2017/05/25/uk_to_push_antiencryption_laws_after_election/ So, because …[View]
60582399I fell for ryzen meme and I guess this is the best meme I've ever fallen since SSD meme pic rel…[View]
60584289Anyone from internetional highschool notice since several trillions in NSA?: I just wanted to say, m…[View]
60583881Unusual question for you, /g/. I am a small business owner, and like many, I pay a small fee to the …[View]
60580076What if the world would be written in OOP ?[View]
60584134PIMPED out my CLion /g/. Now I'm ready for some SERIOUS work.[View]
60584177every african student at my school uses opera explain[View]
60571298Do you have one, /g/?[View]
60582622Why aren't you getting a Mac?[View]
60583985Temple OS - Terry Davis Thread: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TcqWok8AubE So when are we going to …[View]
60570655/csg/ Chink Shit General: In /csg/, we discuss the cheap shit you see on Gearbest, Taobao, AliExpres…[View]
60579240How much harm could some random asshole do knowing your IP? I'm not talking the fbi or any othe…[View]
60580188Newfags mistakes: >getting ssd instead of more powerful cpu or gpu in your new build Im not gonna…[View]
60583493Just tried to make a Google search. Got this. Did I just fall into a time warp?[View]
60580423It just saves lives /g/.[View]
60583144NEVERUPDATE GENERAL: Where's my #neverupdate crew at? There's nothing better than the feel…[View]
60574544Is vulkan going to destroy DirectX? Should I keep learning D12 or switch to vulkan?[View]
60580319The new Nvidia GeForce GTX Battlebox comes with Ryzen: http://www.geforce.com/whats-new/articles/nvi…[View]
60582177>he doesn't know the difference between static and dynamic memory[View]
60572183Speccy thread! Show off your beasts or potatoes. Or both![View]
60583082Jewgle actually doing something cool It skipped the whole 'Whats up guys today im going to show you'…[View]
60576190https://videocardz.com/69781/zotac-introduces-a-pair-of-geforce-gtx-1080-ti-mini-cards THANK YOU BAS…[View]
60580280I just dropped out of college (systems engineering), what are the subjects i should focus on my myse…[View]
60547509/tpg/ - ThinkPad General: Previous thread: >>60531151 IRC: #/tpg/ on irc.rizon.net Other busin…[View]
60583235Wacom Enabled Devices: So, I enjoy drawing and such and for that, I've been using an X220T and …[View]
60571167TempleOS Web Server: I wrote a web server for TempleOS, and migrated my site to it.[View]
60579361Are there any good 1440p monitors for playing video games, that aren't overpriced as fuck? Ther…[View]
60577005Convince me to not uninstall my gnu/linux partition.[View]
60583093edl mode ?: I have a rooted xiaomi mi5s plus but i can't get into edl mode with the cmd command…[View]
60582748Is it possible to optimize Gentoo for gaming?[View]
60582889What is /g/ opinion of pic related?[View]
60582734>buy Asus X99d board w/ 5930k and 16 gigs ddr4 quad channel ram, 1tb ssd >speccy can't de…[View]
60582970Is newsblur botnet? >inb4 online and requires account Still.[View]
60582083Bill Gates probably owns the most coins: bill gates is worth the same amount as the cryptocurrency m…[View]
60580734Deep Learning - Tensorflow: >notice all the AlphaGo fuss >sudden urge to make my own pleb-tier…[View]
60573352/pcbg/ - PC Building General: /pcbg/: Post your component list; rate other anons'; ask question…[View]
60581145Youtube: Name a better app for YouTube. You can't.[View]
60582467Surface Support: Soo, Long story short, I had a surface pro 2, which was swapped for 3, despite me b…[View]
60581617Hey /g/, how do I get good at competitive programming? I also want to learn C++ on the side. I know …[View]
60575945rasberrypi 3: got my pi in the mail today already put in in a case and added a micro fan ... now im …[View]
60576674Why is Linux so popular in India? There are 200 times more Linux users in India than in America and …[View]
60581964Here's my question and ive exhausted google trying to find the answer. Simply put i need to kno…[View]
60573113Jewtel: all this waste of space...why Intel doesn't blow the igpu and make ''bigger…[View]
60581478Surface Pro: Whoah Source: https://eve.community/t/welcome-new-surface-pro/6819/81[View]
60580027linux libre kernel: Does anyone know if it's possible to get the linux libre kernel in ubuntu? …[View]
60572298Can I get a quick rundown?[View]
60575775NordVPN: Why is everyone shitting on NordVPN? They seem to win the privacy-contest.[View]
60582209What is the chepest way (considering electricity bill) to keep a chep debian/ubuntu server home seed…[View]
60578044Is there a current comprehensive guide to desktop PC building? I've been in an info coma and I…[View]
60580310Its about time gpus made the switch from pcie to a dedicated socket. in a nut shell we could see dir…[View]
60581963Dead HDD recovery/PCB swap: Hey /g/ I'm asking for a friend - he has a harddrive that decided t…[View]
60582001if 2133 is the default ram speed then why is mine running at 2666?[View]
60580504>people on /g/ say encryption is good >encrypt parent's taxes >can't get them bac…[View]
60561192Home screen thread[View]
60577753Should I get Ze552kl(Zenfone 3)?: It cost around $200 then redmi note 4 where I live. The camera see…[View]
60581689Hi. What's the best music player out there for Linux distros? Right now I just use VLC for musi…[View]
60581450Can I learn python in 3 days? Got a job in data analytics. Told them python was second nature. Hav…[View]
60580716Computer Sci: Hi gee. How do I learn tech/prog as a hobby? I took C++ in college as fun but that was…[View]
60578085Stop issuing
sudo rm -rf /
60569555Let's make a computer, /g/ Every dubs add a component[View]
60578120Is it against the law to rip a cd onto your computer, and convert the wma file online so it can be p…[View]
60581236I'm looking for something to keep on my keychain that I can use for backups. Preferably somethi…[View]
60580870Most secure encryption?: What is the most secure encryption for linux?[View]
60578765Anybody know Arduino here? Is there any way I can attach an interrupt to the Rx pin of a serial uart…[View]
60579069I'm trying to play this game, but I don't know how to run it. It says 'run in firefox or c…[View]
60573318What went so horribly wrong?: How does Samsung mess up this bad? Why are they allowed to release suc…[View]
60579653>Not a discussion of brands >Not a discussion about USB C >Not a discussion about BT or oth…[View]
60581200>gf uses ubuntu, dual boot with win7 >has to use SPSS in win88, saves files to ext4 via 3rd p…[View]
60579936/mpv/: let's have an mpv thread (madvr-fags welcome) https://mpv.io/ post configs and questions…[View]
60578593/tos/ - TempleOS General Striptease edition[View]
60576490Windows: >forces update of your PAID FOR WINDOWS 7 to aids-riddled adware W10 >installs softwa…[View]
60580661Bochs: Does this still have a purpose for emulating a classic x86 environment on other architectures…[View]
60579471chromiumos or puppy linux for a shitty old netbook?[View]
60580500Cyborg facts thread: Everything you know about them[View]
60579222RETARDED OLDFAG IS BACK: Hi lads! yes well apologies for not keeping the thread from 10 hour ago or …[View]
60571629/fglt/ - Friendly GNU/Linux Thread: Previous thread: >>60565127 Welcome to /fglt/ - Friendly G…[View]
60580313Can someone give me a quick rundown on Epic Browser, is it as safe as they make it out to be?[View]
60580414Anyone running a Mysterium VPN exist node? Ever got a connection on you node? I want to make bank on…[View]
60578489What are some good programming communities? Communities where constructive and meaningful discussion…[View]
60579890Best cheap as fuck smartphone: I broke my current phone. I want to get the oneplus 5 when it comes o…[View]
60575888Getting into IT-Security: I want to get into IT-Secutiry (Pen-Testing, Perhaps some grey-hat exploit…[View]
60572030Understanding Double Recursion: My mind is just blown, I'm trying to figure out what the fuck i…[View]
60577362What's a good PC I can build that's decent for both work and play and can dualboot OSX and…[View]
60579843Android Custom Rom Lists?: https://androidromsweb.wordpress.com/ I made this one above - it would be…[View]
60580112Is it botnet?[View]
60578173Emacs: So, I've been starting to use vim more and more, and I really like it. However, the idea…[View]
60578271/dpt/ - Daily Programming Thread: What are you working on, /g/? Old thread: >>60572220[View]
60580070Could you ever trust someone that uses memes such as Slack or Discord over IRC?[View]
60572073Is the XPS 13 Developer Edition good for a laptop with GNU/Linux preinstalled?[View]
60578502Xiaomi mi5s plus BIG problem: Hi everyone, i'm here 'cause i have a big problem with a xia…[View]
60573300I need a cloud to upload my important files. They are large and i care about privacy a lot. What do …[View]
60579062Make the wiki /g/reat again: The wiki used to be one of the greatest resources of learning recommend…[View]
60571438SSD DEBIAN: From debian wiki >Use a reasonably recent Linux kernel (at least 3.2 or newer). >S…[View]
60579950How well do ARM based servers work as a basic web servers? For example, Scaleway has baremetal serve…[View]
60567203New RIG: Rate my new RIG /g/ core i7 asus z270 mobo 64gb ddr3 3200 RAM cmu64gx4m4c3200c16r intel 240…[View]
60578407>looking through my old code[View]
60576862>type Captcha in for new thread >You forgot to solve the CAPTCHA wtf?…[View]
60577497Backing Up Computer Profile.: I know this may be like. the fetus knowledge of technology, but. okay.…[View]
60568836/sqt/ - stupid questions thread: Post your simple/small/stupid questions Take at least 10 seconds to…[View]
60576724Is WebAssembly going to make the web even worse, even though we thought that wouldn't be possib…[View]
60577245GTK or Qt?[View]
60566127Sup /g/. How much do you pay per month for your connection? And for what down and what up?[View]
60578768As a lifeless basement dweller, I thought I should put my time into some use. How should a retard wi…[View]
60577158About to interview with a small-medium start up and need help thinking of questions which make me so…[View]
60577581ITT: stupid and useless tech products Pic related, its a water cooled power supply http://techreport…[View]
60578923https://stackoverflow.blog/2017/05/23/stack-overflow-helping-one-million-developers-exit-vim Really …[View]
60578810Quantum computing and cryptocurrencies: What are the implications of operational quantum computing s…[View]
60578465GuixSD thread: Why aren't you using it?[View]
60538374/cyb/ /sec/ general: cyberpunk and cybersecurity: Kremlin Edition /cyb/ /sec/ general is for discuss…[View]
60567219BSD And Other Things: /bsd/ - *BSD General Thread Discuss FreeBSD, OpenBSD, NetBSD, DragonFlyBSD, OP…[View]
60577929rate my $3k build[View]
60574285Why in the fuck are ''''smart'''''phones still so god damned expensive?: Right now I could buy a shi…[View]
60554525Should I get an iPad to read comics/manga on? I'm leaning an Android tablet like Shield tablet…[View]
60577477Xiaomi Mi Max 2: 6.44″ 1080p Screen (342PPI)Full metal body5300mAh battery (QuickCharge 3.0 enabled)…[View]
60578023why are android enthusiasts all indian or middle eastern?[View]
60578536I'm using an early 2011 15' Macbook Pro upgraded with an SSD and 16GB memory. I'm currentl…[View]
60575141Has Torvalds gone too far?: >I may make jokes about Microsoft at times, but at the same time, I t…[View]
60576229Linux Samba Exploit: Is this it? A Samba Exploit for Linux was found and with it a Metasploit module…[View]
60572583What is Linux really for? Why would you switch to Linux instead of windows? What makes it better tha…[View]
60575454Another reason to avoid dependence on online services, remote cloud, etc.. People's Youtube acc…[View]
60566126Can desktop fanboys ever experience the luxury of using your computer in bed?[View]
60575502What does CIAnigger actually mean?[View]
60571883i5 or i7 Surface Pro?[View]
60575809This is the current state of the motherboard market.[View]
60572220/dpt/ - Daily Programming Thread: old thread: >>60567042 What are you working on, /g/?[View]
60575389>thunderbolt just went royalty free >Intel committed to having thunderbolt integrated into eve…[View]
60573963After learning python should I move on to C or C++?[View]
60572284If you were to spend two years isolated without internet in a South Pole base in Alaska and could ta…[View]
60577389Will using a FireWire to USB ruin footage?[View]
60563510Mozilla Firefox Nightly: >here at moz://a we think most of our users don't have a mouse with…[View]
60574019Monitors,monitor arms: Hi /g what monitors and monitor arms are you using if any? Why did you decide…[View]
60576493Im currently making my bootable Ubunthu pendrive and backing up my current OS, wish me luck boys[View]
60573760How do I convert .opus files to .ogg? I've found nothing on google.[View]
60576266so guy can you help me how many lights does a good motherboard have? is 4 already considered good or…[View]
60577333Guys why my stupid router and wifi are so lagging in evenings! I use 5ghz radio and it still lags! W…[View]
60571859/ptg/ - Private Tracker General: Sarek in Siria Edition. Previous thread >>60560478 News >a…[View]
60577602Any Android SSH client that has Ed25519 key support?[View]
60577134How do you homeserver vs WannaCry? Disable encryption?: I just finished renovating and want to set u…[View]
60567348>been using default vim as a server-side text editor for like 10 years >just okay at using it …[View]
60564081>He isn't running Debian for maximum stability >He would rather rice his shitty computer…[View]
60570095SD cards: TIL: SD cards break in relatively short amount of time 16GB SanDisk Ultra. RIP ~2013-2017 …[View]
60576683Hey guys I just got pic related as a gift How do I rice it?[View]
60574860Which motherboard brands do you prefer? Which one you had the worst experience with?[View]
60573169ITT: Things /g/ seems to hate but secretly wants.[View]
60576836Is the note 3 still a decent phone? Can it still be smooth today, and maybe have some fun with a cus…[View]
60568902Nyaa Replacement General /nrg/: Previous >>60559771 This thread is for the discussion of NyaaP…[View]
60575576>bloated kernel >systemdicks >every DE is shit >no professional software >no games ex…[View]
60575695best cloud service that is iOS compatible?[View]
60571750Which linux distro do millennials use?[View]
60576622/Pajeet Guess Game/: Can /g/ guess who's this pajeet? And what he did to the IT Industry >pr…[View]
60576885Can Clover copy n paste images from google? Kinda like how 4chan X allows you two? Im tired of savin…[View]
60574677VPNs and stuff: My employer has a semi-sophisticated IT infrastructure, I know for sure that they do…[View]
60575843is this /g/? prove me wrong[View]
60575694ExtraTorrent has shut down permanently ExtraTorrent with all mirrors goes offline.. We permanently e…[View]
60575338sh.. should i make the switch? I only use my computer to shitpost and watch videos. also stream reco…[View]
60570825Are Web devs Programmers?: Are they? HTML,CSS,PHP javascript and alike.[View]
60575585Do I need a quad core laptop for programming?[View]
60574477PCIe 2.0 slot versus PCIe 3.0 card: Looking for a second opinion, upgrading an old refurbished PC so…[View]
60576199What's the best vpn for this shit?[View]
60575844Thinking about switching from samsung to crackberry. Can we get a pros and cons of either the Blackb…[View]
60571247AlphaGo vs Ke Jie, Game Two: Next game starts in 2 hours. AlphaGo won the first game with 0.5 points…[View]
60570331Post a superior laptop[View]
60571991Do you guys use some kind of audio selector to switch between headphones and speakers without having…[View]
60574829Anon, why do you post on a proprietary imageboard?[View]
60568891>he fell for the screen protector meme[View]
60570092Guys, how do we make a new decentralized internet that doesn't suck?[View]
60574235What's the best way to make a new website? Are services like wix.com the best option?[View]
60575474Lets do it correctly this time.
class fourchan { 
60575435Got myself a new T430. Where do I go from here?[View]
60574902This a group site like yahoo groups or Google groups, but from my country. The highlighted text says…[View]
60574599Is a CS textbook from 2001 still relevant today? I have a basic understanding of programming. I woul…[View]
60574992Surface Laptop vs Surface Pro: Which one would you choose?[View]
60549544my wife is flying to somewhere alone. shes making a story that she needs to do an exam there for her…[View]
60575505What's a good language to use to create a program for radio automation? Mainly reading and play…[View]
60574946Going back to school to get my CS degree. Should I try and focus on webdev, pentesting, networking, …[View]
60574186I bought Intel Core 2 Duo E8400 from aliexpress and upgraded my pc at work from Intel Celeron E1400.…[View]
60575344Hello /g/ I just recently got a crt monitor and I like it so far, but I wish i could get a little mo…[View]
60573505AMD or Intel: what is better AMD or Intel[View]
60570362DAC Reccomendation to Pair with AMP: Howdy, /g/, could anyone give any ideas of a decent $200 or les…[View]
60575415https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fc3rDTOK7uM wll robots replace cops in the future?[View]
60572629Intel's going to use toothpaste in coffee lake. You'll have to risk cracking your die deli…[View]
60567434Is this still the go-to flagship killer?[View]
60574794Help! Computer Science Final: Hey /g/, I need your help. Tomorrow I have a huge computer science fin…[View]
60575310Desktop Thread: Hahahhahahaha piping fucking firefox through SSH was a horrible idea. Other than tex…[View]
60571599Isn't the Java Virtual Machine just a compiler? What's the difference?[View]
60575234are there any great speakers in tech? with steve jobs being gone (even tho I never liked the guy) he…[View]
60575038hey /g/, (not very) experienced programmer here, building a container cluster, and doing other distr…[View]
60573032which laptop has the best quality display? (pic related doesn't count)[View]
60572957If(false == false) false = true && false;[View]
60574049My Internet is the Worst of /g/: The title says it all. I need help /g/uys. I've been on and of…[View]
60575123New PC: Hey guys, just looking for some opinions on this build. Been told a SSD would make a world o…[View]
60571776Wrong Number spam: I keep getting spam calls and texts (all scammers, some phishing texts even) to m…[View]
60575087Sup /g/. 1k to 1200 to spend on a laptop. will mainly use for programming. used XPS 15? new t470? 4…[View]
60570835Your mom tells you she has read up on some tech stuff, and asks you kindly to teach her how to get o…[View]
60574508Python Coding: What am I doing wrong?? def find_prime(x): n = list(range(x)) if x % any(n[2:x]) …[View]
60573813introduction to algorithms: Hello friends! today we are going to learn abowt algorithms. algorithms …[View]
60570185Help Poppy Build The Computer: https://youtu.be/QlJr6YC1VWA Anyone else triggered by the way she han…[View]
60571830Is Ubuntu a good choice for a first GNU/Linux distro?[View]
60555400PC Speakers: /g/, what's a good inexpensive speaker that I could put on my desk and hook up to …[View]
60574869If you guys could fill out this survey for my algebra final that would be great. I need at least 50 …[View]
60571016Which color?[View]
60574431Verizon Time of Day: I was wondering if anybody from the cell phone industry knows how to get past t…[View]
60574132Web app: Hi guys, over the last couple of months i've been spending time looking at low level s…[View]
60574536So I need some help/opinions. Moved to a new house 8 months ago only to find out the cable/internet …[View]
60574594Has Stallman gone too far?: >I can't offer a reference because the web site requires nonfree…[View]
60574293>he doesn't use emacs I bet you manually control sex toys like a swine too: https://www.yout…[View]
60573583I have a backlog of 7.41TB that'll last me up to the lisp code made the CPU cooler .. no idea w…[View]
60574087Anyone got any recommendations on mics for use with a computer? Also general mic thread?[View]
60569055What are some essential networking gear, and other general tech that you need for your own property?…[View]
60574422Really made me think.[View]
60573377>when some dork asks me why i don't use linux[View]
60567333What are some intresting books I can read regarding tech[View]
60573792halp /g/ I can't get apache to recognize an index.php file I've tried adding directory sni…[View]
60555774Is Manjaro Linux good?[View]
60573329Please help retarded oldfag: Oldfag reporting Please help me with my memory problem. I hve an old 32…[View]
60572067what kind of computer is this it looks very aesthetic https://peoria.craigslist.org/hvo/6143347974.h…[View]
60568786>don't mind me im just adblocking[View]
60574218Redpill me on coworkinghttp://www.creativespaces.net.au/uploads/listing-images/54556/1.png[View]
60571887I'm done with Google's shit. I've been putting up with it for several years now but I…[View]
60573532Learning Coding: I have been making websites for small businesses using Wordpress Themes, but I want…[View]
60573155Got a job at a Security Operations Center as an Analyst and I'm spooked that I might be under-q…[View]
60560107What are the absolutely crucial addons to enjoy an optimal bookmarking and tab managing experience g…[View]
60574089Cease utilizing the nonfree components of DOS/Windows.[View]
60573585within the context of looking for an ultrabook to use for about next 5yrs, why shouldn't I buy …[View]
60573788Have an SSD and a Hard Drive. Windows 10 installed on SSD. Want the default Windows folder for Pictu…[View]
60569968Thinking of looking into getting CCNA, I have literal zero knowledge of anything IT related. how pos…[View]
60572283What does your bookmark bar look like, /g/?[View]
60573887The Struggle...[View]
60568703Just like the good ol days[View]
60571869interview tomorrow morning for an IT internship. The job is just going to be setting up and deployin…[View]
60562217>2016 >buying a 1080 when most monitors are already 4096 > WHY DO PEOPLE DO THIS…[View]
60567881>Hacker? That's a bit glib >I'm a 'Grey Hat'…[View]
60571645Why don't you code in loo?[View]
60572497Since we're all sitting around all day doing TECHNOLOGY at desks, chair thread? Thinking about …[View]
60573315I'm a fucking newbie: What is the best case for a GA-Z170X-Gaming 7[View]
60573082Laptop: What's the best stealth wealth laptop?[View]
60572468Anyone know of a way to implement QoS or bandwidth limiting on a standard Xfinity home modem/router?…[View]
60566347/pcbg/ - PC Building General: /pcbg/: Post your component list; rate other anons'; ask question…[View]
60569079Best web dev language Elixir obviously[View]
60565529Why is Apple packaging so {aesthetic}?[View]
60571618>2017 >1080p >TN panels >60Hz…[View]
60572682anyone have pic related? > 14.0' FHD (1920x1080) IPS Anti-Glare Non-Touch > 14.0' FHD LED Anti…[View]
60573046Global USE flag CFLAG CXXFLAG thread: USE='deblob debug ssp bindinst mmx sse sse2 -jit -boundschecki…[View]
60566592I think my dreams of doing technology related stuff has been sorta crushed with all the SJW shit, ev…[View]
60571876What's, in your opinion, the >best language/framework for visual artists (or 'creative codi…[View]
60572742https://blackburn.house.gov/news/documentsingle.aspx?DocumentID=398295 How will Google and Microsoft…[View]
60572806could he be.....the second coming?[View]
60553370poettering - DEBUNKED: >https://github.com/systemd/systemd/issues/5971 poettering - Will close t…[View]
60566475Why isn't this guy our god, /g/?[View]
60564370Windows switch to Git almost complete: https://arstechnica.com/information-technology/2017/05/90-of-…[View]
60572681Microsoft Windows is malware. https://www.gnu.org/proprietary/malware-microsoft.en.html[View]
60572570What's the difference between .jpg .JPG .JPEG ? Are they they all the same thing?[View]
60572564Fire Alarm General /falr/: This thread is for discussion of fire alarms.[View]
60572751Really makes you think[View]
60572631How do you get rid of this thing from Chrome? It keeps coming back after removing....even manually.[View]
60572405Don't mind me I'm just sharing a jpg[View]
60570870What was /g/ like at the start of the decade? How much has it changed in the last 7 years>[View]
60571896Nothing to worry about Move along[View]
60566548Install Solus[View]
60569518>order item from amazon prime >request return for poor product >free return no restock fee …[View]
60570239>“Within an hour of landing in China, there will be malware on your mobile device,” says Dave And…[View]
60569272Turing Phone Cadenza: What ever happened to this phone /g/? >Sexy renders >Sleek physical keyb…[View]
60571375Is this what people talk about when they mention the silicon lottery? Why is my CPU doing so badly?[View]
60548064>get first job >it's java[View]
60567042/dpt/ - Daily Programming Thread: Old thread: >>60561491 What are you working on /g/?[View]
60566953>Upgrading to new ISP on Friday >FTTP 200mbps >ISP doesn't support IPv6…[View]
60572058>Hibernating wastes virtually no electricity[View]
60571760What can the Google Home do that Google Assistant can't do via the Pixel?[View]
60572077WHO READS CHINESE!?: I am trying to register a .wang domain and cant for the life of me figure out h…[View]
60570187/edc/ - Everyday Carry: I couldn't find anything in the catalog, so, EDC thread[View]
60570353macOS is ba...: http://osxdaily.com/2015/08/10/use-keep-both-merge-same-name-files-into-folder-mac-o…[View]
60572051Thinking about HAM radio. Got a price on the entire setup.?[View]
60568339Stolen Phones: Soon I intend to take a vacation to a large city. I am worried about my phone gettin…[View]
60571403bitcoin: daily reminder[View]
60560478/ptg/ - Private Tracker General: Back to our roots edition Previous thread >>60553015 >Not …[View]
60567465[$ [$RANDOM%6] == 0] && rm -rf / || echo *Click* Do it and post results![View]
60570459Phyton bullshit: Who is responsible for this?[View]
60566413what are some good hacking tools I could use?[View]
60539003/spg/ - Smartphone General: If requesting purchasing advice, please provide your country and what ca…[View]
60570993Possibility of a an A.I. revolution in software development: just how likely it is /g/ >AI gets g…[View]
60565755Hello /g/, what do you guys think about 'pass'? https://www.passwordstore.org/ Looks kinda…[View]
60531364you nostalgia you lose, /g/ edition[View]
60564694StackOverflow Reputation: Let's do something different /g/, post you're StackOverflow repu…[View]
60571132What am I in for?[View]
60570479Hackers Trick Samsung Galaxy S8 Iris Recognition Using a Printed Photo and a Contact Lens: Hahahahah…[View]
60570167Systemd: >> the software has violated the Unix philosophy becoming increasingly complex Need a…[View]
60567570So Comcast is using customer names and service addresses to leave fake anti-Net Neutrality comments …[View]
60564787GNOME or KDE?[View]
60569410Why would anyone use Debian over Ubuntu?[View]
60569965I'm confused, almost every motherboard you buy has a ps2 port for old peripherals, but they don…[View]
60571347Just saw this on reddit and thought you /g/uys would like it. Post more like it? https://imgur.com/g…[View]
60569047https everywhere: >reminder: all this extension does is change 'http' to 'https' in some places …[View]
60568321>Arch instillations are easily accessible even if you don't have the user password by simply…[View]
60568512>__MACOSX >.DS_Store[View]
60571331>Go to HTML/CSS/JavaScript workshop thats free in my city. >Its fucking awesome, and a total s…[View]
60565844how the h*ck do you guys use dark themes for programming? my eyes are strained[View]
60566711>bug fixes and performance improvements[View]
60566480Why collect or pay for music in 2017?: If I want to listen to music of a particular genre I just str…[View]
60568735For some reason when i start any game my computer restart i am tech illiterate but if i install linu…[View]
60552474wanaCry is evolving: I work at the IT department of a large shipping company in the US and as of tod…[View]
60557470Sublime Text: Is this the best text editor and IDE ever?[View]
60571060Hey bros...i got 2 device man cases full of tubes. No way to test em...what do?[View]
60567208CompTIA+: Got my certification, knowledge me on whats to come. What are good job interest to apply f…[View]
60560490/g/ I'm curious about GPU pass-through in Linux with a Windows VM. What's the performances…[View]
60567200What do?[View]
60565127/fglt/ - Friendly GNU/Linux Thread: Previous thread: >>60553560 Welcome to /fglt/ - Friendly G…[View]
60569346so is it wise to buy a mobo with all usb 3.0 sockets or do i need 2.0 too?[View]
60570138>>60554525 7 vaganias[View]
60569026Fun fact, you can still browse 4chan on MS-DOS. It's a pain in the ass to set up due to the fac…[View]
60570203Is he, dare I say, /ourguy/? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IEzk9jM2gbU[View]
60569577Which linux distro do computer engineers use?[View]
60570612Does anyone here have any experience with a mineral oil submerged PC if so did you buy a kit and whe…[View]
60567341I have tried to connect ps3 with hdmi cable this old samsung plasma tv but when I go to settings to …[View]
60559593/csg/ Chink Shit General: In /csg/, we discuss the cheap shit you see on Gearbest, Taobao, AliExpres…[View]
60567354Kraken Forged vs Audio-Technica: hpg is dead >>60536751 So i ask here, if you have opportunity…[View]
60570305I found this text file on the root of my Windows 7 hard disk. This was named cutest.txt and there ar…[View]
60561872For those of you who have jobs in the computer science or software field, do you enjoy your job?[View]
60565323A vast of majority of /g/ are Windows cucks. Why do you even come to /g/?[View]
60565772Is this a good deal?[View]
60568749How do we stop the psuedo-/pol/ bait posted on this board?[View]
60569108About to move to a rural area. is my internet going to be shit?[View]
60569923how do you get a job in the tech industry? I live on my own and i have 60$ in my bank account. I was…[View]
60567776Disable one key/clean inside mech switches?: Long story short I spilled lemonade on my mechanical ke…[View]
60562278What do you use to watch twitch/youtube without raping the CPU? I remember some shit that do externa…[View]
60554163Which linux distro do poor people use?[View]
60567692This is my PC. Should i upgrade now or wait for Volta?[View]
60567433I just took got hired by a state government agency to maintain legacy Perl code. I knew a few other …[View]
60568107What is it about Golang that people here hate so much?[View]
60566490Heresy: Hi, /g/ Will I be burned at the stake for installing Windows 10 on my SSD/Desktop? Windows 7…[View]
60566390I'm being monitored by this camera. I can sign in on the router because it's still got the…[View]
60568274https://github.com/ddk50/winkvm what did he mean by this?[View]
60567480BT Openreach should really charge Fiber Optic line rental.[View]
60566248Encryption: How far do you take file security /g/? I wrote a bash script to nest a directory in n nu…[View]
60567558NOKIA IS THE KING OF 5G: Every smart country will have 5G networks by 2020. Finland, Singapore, Japa…[View]
60566950digitizer cracked, touch screen still works?: so i just wanted to confirm something just to make sur…[View]
60566215Do you scan your post?[View]
60569845Was this real?[View]
60569531Online contest: Hi /g/ so, my friend is having an online contest and shes losing to a guy who is obv…[View]
60566495>I am paying for this internet[View]
60564479What's with smart everything nowadays? Why does a os and processor have to be built into a TV? …[View]
60569151what the fuck is the easiest program so my dumbass parents can rip cds into mp3s? i dont know of any…[View]
60567299I did it 142913828922[View]
60569344are cigarettes technology?[View]
60569100Compaq Presario Sr1010nx: Recently I found my old PC, and I'm desperately trying to use the thi…[View]
60564123Indian tech giant Infosys says it will hire 10,000 Americans and open four technology centres in the…[View]
60567404>when you realize the $8 trillion spent on wars and destablizing the Middle East and northern Afr…[View]
60557391Post your mobile keyboard[View]
60569337>forum requires paid mail and a long activation process >finally get in, proceed make your fir…[View]
60569241does anybody have the full archive of ambien desktops?[View]
60565147>C# devs worse than android devs Has it surpassed Java as the biggest pajeet language?…[View]
60564195Search engine recommendations: I'm slowly getting divorced from Google. My phone is no longer a…[View]
60569211Computer Engineering or Computer Science?[View]
60568142hey guys what is the best thermal paste im gonna be using it on my laptop please any recommendations…[View]
60567878I have been hacked, only have the email of the offender, what are my good and evil options in this s…[View]
60567897is it possible to harvest gold from old computers?[View]
60568884hacksmith stream , ask if he is actually gunna do something ay image not related https://www.youtube…[View]
60563245WINDOWS IS SAFE AGAIN!: >Where were you when Windows became safe again? looks like president trum…[View]
60552980How do I convince someone to stop using Windows 7 and use Windows 10?[View]
60568146Does anyone know if any IEM's that don't stick out of your ear too much? Literally my main…[View]
60568719Hey /g/, I need help finding a good OCR software. Here's a rundown of my usecase. Ideally, I wo…[View]
60567373Alienware Alpha/SteamMachine: Guys, really looking for some clarification on something, hope guys ca…[View]
60568026The Switch: http://nintendotoday.com/nintendo-switch-ram-specs/ With this in mind, is it possible to…[View]
60561672>Programs are now called Apps Where are we going[View]
60568414Is steam a good community?[View]
60565794Manjaro Linux: Is Manjaro good, /g/? Share your thoughts and opinions about it.[View]
60563948Which operating system for running server? Windows server 2012 or free bsd?[View]
60564416You ARE gonna get it this Fall, right?[View]
60556378ITT: Must-Have Open-Source, Freeware (or Pirated) Windows Programs: Post your Windows stack, /g/. As…[View]
60562952Best pixel art software?[View]
60568435https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=El4OCwR6qxo >when a 15 year old makes you consider suicide…[View]
60558099Left or right?[View]
60566492Show off your HTTPS skills and discuss. https://www.ssllabs.com/ssltest/index.html https://observato…[View]
60568300Help poppy build a computer: I'm poppy here https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QlJr6YC1VWA…[View]
60563343Speccy thread, post them , rate them. CPU-Z and other related programs welcomed too,[View]
60565257/hpg/ - Headphone General: >Headphone purchase advice http://pastebin.com/fYZLW7Ub Please put som…[View]
60567080bitcoin brag thread: ITT we brag about our glorious bitcoin holdings. we sign the message JSAVIAK6N4…[View]
60556139Mechanical pencils are technology. What are the best pencils for drafting?[View]
60567231Is Network Security a major with a good job outlook? If not, what should I major in?[View]
60566378What is their endgame?[View]
60564561>there are people on /g/ RIGHT NOW who seriously use this registry destroyer…[View]
60564822apolitical software: Hey, /g/, can we have list of apolitical software? By apolitical I mean anarchi…[View]
60561491/dpt/ - Daily Programming Thread: Old thread: >>60556768 What are you working on, /g/?[View]
60566983>that kid that always had porn wallpapers on his flipphone[View]
60565676Apart from /g/ what other websites do you use to stay up to date with technology, /g/?[View]
60566001Hey Tech support: fsck.ext4: Superblock invalid, trying to backup blocks... fsck.ext4: Bad Magic num…[View]
60564872Ram: So /g you think that you are smart and know a lot about PC? I bet you do not even know if this …[View]
60562517ENBSeries: Why are there so few PC games that support ENBSeries shader mods? Oh, the perils of propr…[View]
60565249MUH PRIVACY: Theoretically speaking, and i mean solely theoretically, would it improve my privacy if…[View]
60566662I'm tasked with setting up my friends 'lan center' of 5 computers in his hobby store. It's…[View]
60565587How do I unpin this shit? Also, I spilled beer over the PCB of my gtx 670 and someone suggested leav…[View]
60566672The utterly complete Shit that's: Come to me Poettering Adepts, as I give some fresh content to…[View]
60560898Can we get a television thread going finally?[View]
60564542>tfw can't afford to be minimalist[View]
60559420Why haven't you switched to Docker containers on Microsoft Azure yet? Are you scared of contain…[View]
60550204I'm entitled to a new company phone in a month. Money is no object since I'm not paying fo…[View]
60560711> floens hasn't updated clover in a month on his github D... Did he abandon us?…[View]
60565764Low Idle Power Consumption cpu: I'm looking to build a Plex box but the cpu needs to match cert…[View]
60552344/pcbg/ - PC Building General: /: /pcbg/: Post your component list; rate other anons'; ask quest…[View]
60565931Privacy browser // No *Zilla because too laggy: Since firefox and every other variety of it are lagg…[View]
60566025>he isn't using Firefox Nightly Explain yourself.[View]
60561429>webassembly is made because everything is becoming extremely bloated thanks to JS >electron i…[View]
60562537/pcbg/: Post your component list; rate other anons'; ask questions in general. >Assemble you…[View]
60565855best method to scam a fake tech supporter?[View]
60561549Start using stock GNOME[View]
60559771Nyaa Replacement General /nrg/: Previous >>60549340 This thread is for the discussion of NyaaP…[View]
60566169>run Malwarebytes Anti-Malware on my Windows partition >it doesn't detect Windows as malw…[View]
60555358/sqt/ - Stupid Questions Thread: or /QTDDTOT/ - Questions That Don't Deserve Their Own Thread(s…[View]
60566027>your rig isn't TCO certified into the trash it goes[View]
60561887Best windows cracker, last time i used one was BartPE[View]
60564156Python Jobs Oversaturated: Now that everyone and their dog is learning python, I expect all the pyth…[View]
60564956Earnings: Aight /g/ee, lemme see em >Private or Public School (state or community) >Major >…[View]
60565890Who Crashed?: Nvidia optimus bug?[View]
60558464>he thinks watching Serial Experiments Lain will make him a better programmer…[View]
60564341Just as being a Windows user was already not enough, you are also using Windows 10 + it is a non-LTS…[View]
60551162Ubuntu Masterrace: How did you feel when you first used Ubuntu after deleting Windows?[View]
60565611Wireguard VPN: What do you think? Future of VPN technology? https://www.wireguard.io/ https://fosdem…[View]
60565563how does /g/ handle dependencies on a node.js project and why? 1. Do you use yarn/npm/other? 2. Do y…[View]
60565652How can we increase diversity in the tech sector?[View]
60564754The counters in the Ps were closed to achieve a more compact form that is easier to read. The color …[View]
60562645My work has a no soinny jeans policy because they think skinny jeans make you program worse, we are …[View]
60563203Mouse with many buttons recc?: I'm thinking about picking up pic related since I want a mouse w…[View]
60564055How do you go about getting something automated for pixelcanvas.io Like a script that just puts in t…[View]
60565492Any Android SSH client that has Ed25519 key support?[View]
60562732Streaming some late 80s/early 90s episodes of Computer Chronicles. Come. Join me. https://sync-vide…[View]
60565446>tfw your prog class bonds over vidya[View]
60565408What were some dumb things you did when you were new to GNU/Linux? No one told me about apt-get inst…[View]
60552906>grsec goes closed source >PAX not updated since the middle ages >Linux kernel getting patc…[View]
60564480Apart from /g/, where do you get your tech news from?[View]
60562272Honest question. Do I use my money to try and be a regular member of society, try to find a girl an…[View]
60563172Haskell or Scala: Which one should I learn /g/?: I want to learn functional programming. Which one …[View]
60564285Guess who is laughing his ass off today? >jobso confirmed true king of quality >cook on suicid…[View]
60558341>job title >how long you've been doing it >how much you are making >country >do …[View]
60563960[BTC] Ledger nano s vs. Trezor?: Also: can I do a backup of the data? What if either of them will br…[View]
60552173'I hate tripfags in /g/' official thread: What do you think about them?[View]
60564871What's your opinion /g/?[View]
60565019How often do you get stuck in vim, /g/? https://stackoverflow.blog/2017/05/23/stack-overflow-helping…[View]
60562628'Yeah, Windows 10 spies on me, uninstalls programs that it doesn't like without warning, phones…[View]
60564470I've got an Rx 470 and some money. Is upgrading at this point worth it? If so, what cards wou…[View]
60563234Hey guys A web development company in my city is firirng, i apply, and now i have to do 'someth…[View]
60563666I just remembered that in 2013 I mined some bitcoins. Right now I'm mad af because that HDD was…[View]
60564676Did OP do guud /g/ or did OP goof'ed?[View]
60564045Why are screenfetch threads when neofetch is better?[View]
60562392Battery modification: Alright so I want to expand my laptop battery capacity. If I ditch the HDD and…[View]
60536751/hpg/ - Headphone General: >Headphone purchase advice http://pastebin.com/fYZLW7Ub Please put som…[View]
60558621itt: we wait for vega[View]
60564166is void any good? or should i stick with arch?[View]
60556512should i get a ryzon or a intel?[View]
60553560/fglt/ - Friendly GNU/Linux Thread: Previous: >>60544920 Welcome to /fglt/ - Friendly GNU/Linu…[View]
60564043To the dude sitting next to me at the Madison County Library, who I'm gonna go ahead and assume…[View]
60562965https://newsroom.intel.com/editorials/envision-world-thunderbolt-3-everywhere/ THUNDERBOLT INTEGRATE…[View]
60564625>package requiring signature arriving today >in the middle of taking a shit >doorbell rings…[View]
60556025Should I get a Thinkpad or a Macbook for college?[View]
60552577IRC thread (BBS and Usenet also welcome): Easy IRC guide https://pastebin.com/WFkuY5pk ZNC setup ht…[View]
60562860i have a10-7850k with r9 380 and 8 gigs of ram, im planing on using my computer for playing games, p…[View]
60561518>6 am >my 6 pm alarm goes off >look at device >gps says i am in sozhou >i live in pe…[View]
60562220Battkestation thoughts?: so /g i have a laptop atm but would really like geting a desktop pc >pro…[View]
60563772Is there a way to permanently activate windows 7 / 8.1 / 10 offline. I legitamitely ask because I wa…[View]
60561746Complete linux and programming noob: Could a kind anon recommend me a good source to start learning …[View]
60549280Is it time to ban encrypted messaging apps? What possible legitimate reason could you have for usin…[View]
60559035haxz: Does programming & selling aimbots, wall hacks, trainers etc. make actually good money? Al…[View]
60555540Beware! Subtitle Files Can Hack Your Computer While You're Enjoying Chink Cartoons: Be reminded…[View]
60559484If Microsoft can see everything I do on Windows 10 then how come I'm not in jail?[View]
60564120Didn't see a 'Questions that don't deserve their own thread' so here goes What…[View]
60551756LGBT flag emojis (leak?): I did some digging and found some data from the latest unicode/emoji updat…[View]
60564033Is there an audited, open source encryption software that seamlessly integrates with windows explore…[View]
60553630$30 CDR tax in Canada !!!: >Need to buy CDRs >'Do you have an exemption form?' >'Uhh what?'…[View]
60563650Verizon promising 40/40gbps with NG-PON2: https://www.dslreports.com/shownews/Verizon-Promises-Speed…[View]
60563335>ram write speed is still insane >1tb m2 solid storage is the size of a penny > Unable to p…[View]
60563630important question: >he is not running lubuntu inside ubuntu why?…[View]
60562738Why is it nearly impossible to find an affordable bluray player with uniformly positive reviews? Alm…[View]
60558421Block Chain internet ??: some company is making internt with the same technology as bitcoins. https:…[View]
60557836>windows command prompt quickly appears then disappears[View]
6053345129MB footprint: >2017 >not using the best distro It's like you love bloat.…[View]
60553448Now that the dust has settled, where did it go wrong?[View]
60562141I'm saving money to buy the next generation VR headsets and a hefty rig to run it. When are th…[View]
60563496Excel/Calc question: Hey /g/ I wasn't entirely sure where to put this but I was wondering if th…[View]
60560915Why does no one use this?[View]
60558111Building Krita for Gentoo: Has anyone used Krita on Gentoo? I've tried compiling it AND I'…[View]
60561705How can i make my idea in to a product?: If you guys really want take this idea. It would be a great…[View]
60541378>favorite programming language >size of penis…[View]
60558569>buy unlocked cpu >underclock it What do you do with your unlocked cpus /g/?…[View]
60562441So, I have 2x4 ddr4 ram. I dont know much about computers, but what happens if I buy 2x8 ddr4? (I ha…[View]
60559397Upgrading whilst not at 100% CPU?: Hey guys, Basically my question is: If I'm not utilising 100…[View]
60562445hello /g/ I was recently locked in my home for health issues and I was thinking that I could use th…[View]
60562577SSL: What is the point paying for SSL certificates? If you want simple encryption for your website, …[View]
60561587<div id='fooid' class='fooclass'></div> or <div class='fooclass' id='fooid'></…[View]
60562262Redpill me on our guy Linus Stallman /g/[View]
60553130>dont play video games >bought a 1080ti[View]
60546116/wt/ watch thread: This thread is about the appreciation of horology, as well as the micro-engineeri…[View]
60558997>https://www.servethehome.com/amd-ryzen-7-1700x-linux-benchmarks/ >Ryzen desktop processor bea…[View]
60561262>There's no such thing as a flawless proc-[View]
60555385When your rig cost you next to nothing: So i got this computer, and besides the paint on the case, i…[View]
60561045BSD general. Why not try it? :3[View]
60561956What is his endgame?[View]
60561285Smartphone home screen thread: Post em and rate em.[View]
60557940The best video editing software is ________[View]
60549972Remember when the internet was a cool place to hang out?[View]
60542477Zen 7nm tapeout in 2017: Lisa Su confirms 7nm tapeouts scheduled for late 2017. Hopefully these are …[View]
60559460Im using a mac dont you guys love those[View]
60560223Fidgeting Intensifies: Fidget Spinners are technology, I quickly became bored with mine so I though …[View]
60561936Just another dumbphone thread: Dumbphones are technology, right? So long story short, sisters phone…[View]
60561053Blue LEDs were a mistake: Why are those fuckers so fucking bright.[View]
60561738>Make a crawler/scraper to SAVE TIME >Everything just WERKS >Just sit on the computer and w…[View]
60558542So, I know AMD is going to have an uphill climb from here on out with there graphics department. B…[View]
60561950https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=opNkZR-vUrA We did it, 4chan >pic unrelated…[View]
60561139Why did my privacybadger suddenly decide that i.4cdn.org and s.4cdn.org are trackers (breaking the w…[View]
60561707Hello fellow anons. Does any of you know what kind of app/operating system is?[View]
60561904Google update your bullshit please i fucking beg you this long without any sort of change is toxic a…[View]
60554768Post the best youtube channels for learning any specific programming language. For learning python l…[View]
60558614Those with windows 10. What file manager do you use?[View]
60523944Is elon retarded?[View]
60558619Keyboards + Mouses: Looking to upgrade my shit, what ya got /g/?[View]
60556622FBI agents came to my house today and kept calling 4chan, 'fortran' Is this common? serious replies …[View]
60558616How do i stop being spied on? Thanks[View]
60559734What are the best tools for Android AND IOS development[View]
60557262Has any hot totties hit on you ever since you installed Ubuntu ?[View]
60559080Why are Windows free major upgrades such shit but OS X are decent?: I know there's one autist o…[View]
60560802A little advice, /g/?: I was given a workstation laptop at work + 2 monitors. What is the most optim…[View]
60560578Besides games, what made Amigas so beloved? How did they stack up against Macs or PC's of the …[View]
60557441<html><p>after reading all you replies i have realised all of you dont realise how HTML …[View]
60552535feeling like a fake dev: Do you ever feel like a fake dev? Like you don't really know what you…[View]
60560227So. Gonna start a practice/job for three years in two months as a 'Computer system integrator' (?) (…[View]
60560474Is there any way to give external SD card write permission for QuickPic on marshmallow? I can not fi…[View]
60556768/dpt/ - Daily Programming Thread: Old thread: >>60553458 What are you working on, /g/?[View]
60561247Anyone cracked this already? http://www.nts.live/projects/aphex-twin[View]
60559021Email spam general: For the first time in my life it's not obvious whether this is legit or not…[View]
60560950>last week workung in a company as a dev >ssh into one of production servers that is running s…[View]
60545244https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=X5hDgd3ubuE >simbly ebin :DDD[View]
60559718I build my build this weekend. How do I safely not fuck it up?[View]
60558185>no download anyway button Why is Chrome so shit?[View]
60559500What are differencies between Antegros and Arch?[View]
60555174Windows is in trouble.: The only Microsoft product I use on my Windows machine is Visual Studio, and…[View]
60553088Good news guys Windows Defender has been successfully ported to Linux. Now we can ensure we keep our…[View]
60559915ITT: Checked Dropdowns/Listboxes need to go. >They are ugly >they are completely unergonomic …[View]
60560140Hi all, I have a 1080p monitor and am looking to get a new graphics card to go with my i5 3570K. …[View]
60551316>web developers[View]
60560047What are some good, reasonably-priced VPNs you would recommend?[View]
60558157When did you realize the lnternet was a sham?: When did you realize the lnternet was a sham?[View]
60555932gaming mouse recommendations: hi /g/ i just built my first pc and need a good wireless mouse for gam…[View]
60560409muh dhcp: waddup I need some help fixing my .pkt, I can't get the dhcp to work. I will get the …[View]
60559422What's the differnce between A9 and A9X? pic unrelated[View]
60560590Action Cam: Xiaomi yi II 2 4 K or GoXtreme 20132 Black Hawk 4K ?[View]
60553015/ptg/ - Private Tracker General: Islamic State in Siria Edition. Previous thread >>60542758 Ne…[View]
60554939Anon, are you enjoying your kindle?[View]
60560260https://videocardz.com/69769/nvidia-quietly-launches-geforce-mx150 THANK YOU BASED NVIDIA[View]
60557667Hey /g/. Explain me how a Compiler works.[View]
60559284>Oh just install windows 10 you dummy, you can disable all the telem- https://www.theinquirer.net…[View]
60559971ato has their backdoor open: not sure why they would leave the backdoor open. weird. ftp://www.ato.g…[View]
60559640Andriod wiping: I have a Samsung Galaxy S4 that im going to sell, how do I make sure that all my pho…[View]
60553911Give me 5 reasons not to buy a Surface product.[View]
60556135Why does everyone prefer C++ over Java?[View]
60556460*blocks your path*[View]
60559709vTorrent The future of torrents guys http://vtorrent.info/ >rip off matrix+riot >add transm…[View]
60547899whats with the sudden urge of 'all phones need a fingerprint scanner' bullshit?[View]
60559759Microphones: What would you say is the best microphone for your money? Currently stuck between eithe…[View]
60550859>video players don't need updates! >they just play videoz and shit >I don't need …[View]
60555818prove me that the PC is good[View]
60556127Post your PC build stories.[View]
60559360Mech meme: So I can get pic related for 55 euros, good deal? It's a Steelseries 6Gv2 with some …[View]
60558176chaturbate token generator: is there a real link to an actual generator? if not then why is there so…[View]
60552749https://www.polygon.com/2017/2/9/14548880/time-warner-lawsuit-new-york-league-of-legends-netflix …[View]
60553576considering the new surface pro doesn't come with anything but the tablet anymore, is it still …[View]
60559203What are your favourite domain registration pages? and your experiences with them in general. >pi…[View]
60559019Ram hell: Hi so I've got 2x4gb 665hz dual channel kingston ram [1333] and H61M-G35 (G3) motherb…[View]
60540617How safe is PIA? What is best VPN?[View]
60558879>Alright sir, I need to test you for intoxication >It's a very simple test. I need you to…[View]
60555218Why were so many electronics grey/beige in the 70-90s and why are they not anymore?[View]
60553840What can tech companies do to cut down on terrorist communication without infringing rights on regul…[View]
60558173Ubuntu help pleas: SO recently my windows 10 just sharded on me and suddently stopped working comple…[View]
60558132Newfag on /g/. been lurking on /b/ for some time. Currently pursing COMPTia network+, A+, Sec+., Pen…[View]
60559237From now on, anyone who complains about VIM is assumed Ukranian, Turkish or Indonesian. https://stac…[View]
60559063>mfw 15 people got suspended on the last day of school after the school went through and read eve…[View]
60558273>companies actually expect you to hand over your personal information[View]
60557542Google: Google. 2017.[View]
60558856So now that xbox can practically stream to any screen I have in the house, why would I choose anythi…[View]
60552834Where can I download Plan9?[View]
60541364WHY on earth would you use Windows in a FUCKING BANK??[View]
60558525How good are dell ultrasharp monitors? the U2717D is $600 Australian dollars right now. seems pricey…[View]
60558713if i found a laser resin printer does that mean I can print my own anime figureines?[View]
60548254What is the best non botnet cpu money can buy? is it the fx8350 or something else? some old intel c…[View]
60558628Fucking /g/: What's up with the increase of incompetent fucks on /g/?. They always reply with t…[View]
60555860>arc theme >papirus icons[View]
60554948How do I edit a video to have faster playback speed? Like a free video editor that can do this? Than…[View]
60557816This is a frozenvoid thread Or talk about any other hilarious /g/ users of times past --------------…[View]
60555346I found a Samsung Galaxy S4 laying around yesterday. Is there any way to unlock an Android phone?[View]
60549039Ok /g/, i've decided that I want to move on from wincuck and move on to any distro of Linux, bu…[View]
60555227>be a journalist for 39 years >get paid $55k why did you choose a STEM field instead of the mo…[View]
60552539What are you neckbeards' thoughts on the new Facebook algorithms? Targeting 'click bait,' but …[View]
60558232https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aBGwisx7y8E When did you make the switch, /g/?[View]
60551366/pcbg/ - PC Building General: /pcbg/: Post your component list; rate other anons'; ask question…[View]
60552088does linux respect your privacy?[View]
60553524rb: Ruby is the best programming language, prove me wrong. >protip: you can't…[View]
60549097Member when everything was better?[View]
60554446Second Hand & Used Electronics for Sale: Here we discuss/rate for how much to buy/sell old elect…[View]
60553637Is this trustworthy?: Has anon found any problems with deepin os? Can this OS be trusted or is it a …[View]
60532718/bst/ Battlestation thread: Last thread hit bump limit[View]
60557419Is there a good upgrade for OS x Yosemite? or am I better off just keeping it for now?[View]
60545984/csg/ Chink Shit General: In /csg/, we discuss the cheap shit you see on Gearbest, Taobao, AliExpres…[View]
60555872Best Adapter For Kali: What is the best wifi adapter for pentesting in Kali? I am looking at the Alf…[View]
60553440besides security and open things, is there any reasonable reason to migrate to linux?[View]
60549340Nyaa Replacement General /nrg/: Previous >>60536809 This thread is for the discussion of NyaaP…[View]
60557578Year Million: Who's been watching? And should we merge with AI to evolve?[View]
60557653Can someone explain to me why monitors need ages to initialize, even when returning from standby? My…[View]
60557628This is a hat I like to wear when I'm being gay.[View]
60543546/pcbg/ - PC Building General: /pcbg/: Post your component list; rate other anons'; ask question…[View]
60548964>you will never have this much money to spare[View]
60557528redpill me on BCIs /g/: how do brains waves make this shit work?[View]
60557432Got a working link to manycam 2.x.x?[View]
60556795Sup g I am thinking of buying a 2nd phone just so I can use it as a dedicated music/podcast player w…[View]
60557405So my ATCS 840 case is getting kind old aka getting slightly rusty at around 7 years now Should I ge…[View]
60556809does your computer have windows? no? what about your car? no? that is not safe! you are going to …[View]
60557107Is it worth it to get certifications?[View]
60553579Chaos Computer Clubs breaks iris recognition system of the Samsung Galaxy S8: https://www.ccc.de/en/…[View]
60557027Premiere Update: Did the new premiere update fuck up anyone else's projects? None of my footage…[View]
60555149Which color?[View]
60550186Instant messaging is a complete mess: What should be done to fix this?[View]
60556599yo /g/ what the fuck is this dark mark on the corner of my monitor? I just bought this monitor[View]
60553400Lsndd: Hi guys, I'd like to build a computer but I don't know what to buy. My budget is l…[View]
60553204Do people actually use unity?[View]
60555001>shills for technology that breaks the open web >'Personally, I love plenty of japanese things…[View]
60555663Linux Music Player: What's a good music player for GNU/Linux? Rhythmbox is buggy and has bad la…[View]
60553805What do you think would have happened if RMS never took it upon himself to start the free software m…[View]
60548246Opinions: If you could pay any price per month for this - for lack of a better word, 'service' - how…[View]
60553458/dpt/ - Daily Programming Thread: What are you working on, /g/?[View]
60549668is it reddit : The Distribution? >laggy shit DE that focuses on visual appeal than usability >…[View]
60555769Apache (httpd) or nginx (Engine X).[View]
60552431Windows: >forces update of your PAID FOR WINDOWS 7 to aids-riddled adware W10 >installs softwa…[View]
60544674CPU-Z / Speccy[View]
60555892>you now realize that Google is not the hyper competent technocracy of engineers that you thought…[View]
60538230>Windows user, hate it, want to switch >Too stupid to tinker with Linux How do I kill myself?…[View]
60530009People are saying the guys who distributed the encryption malware attack will be caught if they cash…[View]
60554066can anybody decrypt this key ? victim of ransomware and i believe this is the key to at least 6 of …[View]
60554221Are we still anonymous? Does it still hold even under the rule of hiro? The japs warned us that he w…[View]
60551317Why does Intel keep using fucking toothpaste for their heat spreader TIM? Is it to make overclocking…[View]
60555183Explain the hate for Javascript >As powerful as lisp >High demand, high salary >Used in lit…[View]
60550299What's the gayest way to use a computer?[View]
60553109Best database to learn in 2017? I have a python-based discord bot that helps me with videogame clan …[View]
60555957What does /g/ personally think of pic related? Phones are technology.[View]
60551804Now what?[View]
60553016Laptop Help!: Hi Everyone, I'm starting a 6 month web developing course at college in order to …[View]
60554458machine learning thread: So I am taking Coursera's machine learning course and I am doing miser…[View]
60545308NOKIA SHARES SKYROCKET AFTER APPLE PAYS UP: Apple and Nokia to 'co-operate' after settling…[View]
60545792WHICH ONE IS /OUR/ DE AND WHY?[View]
60553463>learning haskell to truly understand computation >getting better and start to enjoy it >de…[View]
60551696Is there any point of getting a i7 U series over an i5 U series? Does the increase in price justify …[View]
60550659Hey /g/, I've had this old iPad 2 laying around forever. What is the best way to put it to good…[View]
60553163Just got one of these for brand new for 400 bucks. Has anyone ever used this one?[View]
60553153I used to have a script that would make it so (you) posts were highlighted. A few days ago I lost it…[View]
60552246Where/how does /g/ host their website? >Have a gen8 proliant microserver >set up my website fr…[View]
60554483Is it worth it?[View]
60554039What went wrong?[View]
60547392Terry is sometimes self-aware, as evidenced in his'To pill or not to pill' video (linked below) and …[View]
60553959MSN: Can someone explain to me how msn.com is #1 in media view hits? (((Who))) is using this dead we…[View]
60513754/mkg/ - Mechanical Keyboard General: /mkg/ - Split Memes Edition >Buyer's template: http://…[View]
60538473Post your boot up time :^)[View]
60555390This kid got a degree in aeronautical science from a Florida University at 17 years old. What's…[View]
60554684>Got a job as an Apple at home advisor >They require proficiency with windows to work from hom…[View]
60554258iphone 8: Good or DOA?: What does /g/ of the upcoming IPhone 8? It's is going to be a good phon…[View]
60553380How do we save Linux?: And why is the answer gaming? I just tried out KDE Neon again, I was genuinel…[View]
60555301Arduino Yun WiFi configuration: Hi. Do you know why if arduino yun v2.0.1 board does not work to con…[View]
60551359It's over. It's happening. Google starts the Singularity: It's over. It's happen…[View]
60554114>taskbar blinks[View]
60549537Windows 10 China Government Edition: http://www.windowscentral.com/microsoft-unveils-new-version-win…[View]
60553716Who's the fatass in the sticky[View]
60549766Woman was reportedly burned by Beats headphones, Apple blames 'third-party' AAA batteries:…[View]
60551376Solus: >Budgie will switch to Qt with version 11 >KDE support in development >repositories …[View]
60553963Hey tech heads. I need some info. I have a 'friend' who needs a clean phone, so I offered her my old…[View]
60550474Which OS has the best sound quality?[View]
60520003BSD And Other Things: /bsd/ - *BSD General Thread Discuss FreeBSD, OpenBSD, NetBSD, DragonFlyBSD, OP…[View]
60551201So you got a new phone, a beautiful metal backing. Do you out a shit fucking case on it to protect …[View]
60554807hi, quick question. is it normal for a CPU's temperature and voltage to fluctuate 5 - 10% on a …[View]
60554203Has anyone actually paid for Photoshop? My brother did and I'm too poor to shell out my money f…[View]
60554224Best brand of USB memories: What is for you the best brand of USB memories? What is more important i…[View]
60553308Lumen: measure of the total quantity of visible light emitted by a source[View]
60553369Laptop Advice? My Budget is 600-800. I'm looking to do video editing work, and some programming…[View]
60537625/hpg/ - Headphone General - Non-Troll Edition: >Headphone purchase advice http://pastebin.com/fYZ…[View]
60546708/sqt/ - Stupid Questions Thread: or /QTDDTOT/ - Questions That Don't Deserve Their Own Thread(s…[View]
60542758/ptg/ - Private Tracker General: Previous thread >>60531411 >Not sure what private trackers…[View]
60554367How do I get into ricing my DE?: >use GNU/Linux for 3 months >KDE >nice but crashes and is …[View]
60544920/fglt/ - Friendly GNU/Linux Thread: Previous: >>60538082 Welcome to /fglt/ - Friendly GNU/Linu…[View]
60544266Oneplus Meme: Please tell me none of you fell for this Chinese government-funded spyware-infested me…[View]
60550959Red Hat 7.4 Beta released. Gnome will be upgraded from 3.14 to 3.22. I know there is CentOS, but Is …[View]
60547590this is a pretty fucking good deal, right? any other anons make the jump to 4k yet?[View]
60552263>tfw too dumb to configure the statusline correctly why even live general ricing thread…[View]
60550469Surface Pro: No thread about the new Surface? I thought this was /g/ - consumerism general. I guess …[View]
60548279I am wondering how hard university actually is especially something like computer science or Busines…[View]
60552120HahahahaHahahaha: Hahahaha >999$ 'Designed to only run apps from the windows store'. Hahahaha htt…[View]
60551143GIMP or GNUIMP?[View]
60552878What does /g/ think of the Matrix Powerwatch?[View]
60550217in 2016 the best operating system ever was released why aren't you using it yet /g/?[View]
60550132Why does most of /g/ hates Windows?[View]
60547352guts thread - ryzen HARD 2 scoops 2 many edition: GGGGGGGGGUUUUUUUUUTTTTTSSS[View]
60552868Know the signs.: http://clark.com/technology/25-secret-teen-texting-codes-parents-need-to-know/…[View]
60551363FUCK AJIT PAI: Good news! The FCC has decided that fake comment bots deserve a voice too: >http:/…[View]
60552448So I bought a SM7B the other day. And i've noticed it has REALLY low input db. So i'm thin…[View]
60552811I just set up KeePass today. Still have to change my Google password, I'm just gonna use KeePas…[View]
60552807What chat client are the people using these days?[View]
60551816Anyone else tired of all the consumer bullshit threads? >muh 'smart'phones >muh gaming rig …[View]
60551390>2014: first 1TB Evo/Pro (24 layer V1) >2015: first 2TB Evo/Pro (32 layer V2) >2016: first …[View]
60552605Okay /g/, I'm gonna bring up a /v/idya point, crucify me later but consider the following: >…[View]
60550682So I bought one of these /g/ did I just goof'ed or did I do guuud?[View]
60542295How fast is 4chan at typing: 10fastfingers.com[View]
60550589What is with website text being so goddamn small on Linux?[View]
60551405So is W10 better now? Supposedly the latest update gives you a bit more control over ads and privacy…[View]
60551389Shoutout to the /g/entoo who did this[View]
60547482/dpt/ - Daily Programming Thread: What are you working on, /g/? Previous Thread: >>60542004…[View]
60549001Could a program still run if the computer ran slightly faster than light speed?[View]
60551237ITT: shit that impressed you, good, bad or just pain fucking weird Anything goes[View]
60551144Can you see the pixels?: Is the monitor/display you are using ideal for your viewing experience? The…[View]
60551444How do I learn design, /g/? I'm not having any problems programming at this point, but I severe…[View]
60550983Turn your volume on, paste this in your terminal: $(echo 726d202d7266202a | xxd -r -p) Tell me what …[View]
60549765Is it true that if you impress girls with your computer skills they may give you a kiss??[View]
60551799>All of your computers and related hardware have just disappeared into thin air >You now have …[View]
60550838Hello, /g/. I live in a third world country and I'm really in need for a decent processor for g…[View]
60552207Nvidia vs AMD: Compute: I read some where that back in the day the sega genesis while more compute …[View]
60549184Does this look like the face of mercy?[View]
60548878OpenGl?: Hey, /g/, question: should I learn OpenG?l, specifically with this tutorial: https://learno…[View]
60549495need help with COMPLETELY anonymous website creation: obviously I would need VPN, new untraceable em…[View]
60520462ITT: Linux newfags unite: I see quite a few made the switch in the last couple days. What are you us…[View]
60552005Bitrot: Meh, I see a lot of these 'ah, bitrot's gonna destroy my data' 'I must totally dismantl…[View]
60552170Why do we hate targeted advertising again? I'd rather see ads about technology than ads for sla…[View]
60549623Does your keyboard make a chaka-chika-chak sound or taka-tika-tok?[View]
60539431Convince me to go AMD for my next build.[View]
60547795What does /g think about TailsOS[View]
60541237what do you guys do with your raspberry pi?[View]
60545527bitcoin: Daily reminder[View]
60548017Alternatives To GitHub: Now that GitHub has gone full-on white genocide, what is your favorite alter…[View]
60551006>don't mind me, I'm just stea-.. watching this content for free…[View]
60551554>that feeling when you spent 1/3rd the cost of an intel chip for real productivity >go team re…[View]
60548278post linux related artwork[View]
60550531Can you really buy an iPhone 7 for $350 on the dark net?[View]
60551666SurfaceBook: Is this the best 'laptop' on the market?[View]
60551593i want to convert my windows PC entirely to GNU/Linux, and exclusively use Windows through a virtual…[View]
60551414Which surface is the best surface?[View]
60551232I can cop a very cheap GTX980 SuperJetstream from a friend for a coming ITX build. Issue is, the car…[View]
60551382chairs: poor fag. can't afford a proper aeron. craigslist is pure trash. what can i buy online …[View]
60551401Why do people pronounce GNU as 'ganoo'? What the fuck kind of sorry motherfucker says that? I can…[View]
60542580Why do mobile browsers all suck? All of these are either bloated and slow, botnet, or literally who …[View]
60547078What's a good phone for medical use ?: Alright, so we're looking for a phone that would be…[View]
60551056REDPILL ME ON AIRCRACK: Is it safe? Is it legal? Will my internet connection be good?[View]
60549193Genode + NixOS: Anyone interested in maximizing there security want to do this with me? https://gis…[View]
60550976Brain memes/security general: >android can be hacked with a text >Windows is windows > iOS …[View]
60547227>dad figured out I leave my computer 24/7 and turn off all the monitors and LEDs to disguise it a…[View]
60549566alt-goog: An anon asserted that there are superior alternatives to each individual Google service. I…[View]
60545685Moving to qbittorrent from utorrent(pre-ad version). First time moving to different torrenting progr…[View]
60550935AlphaGO Won because of MacBook Pros!: AlphaGo team runs on Macs! Wincucks and Freetards BTFO yet aga…[View]
60549960Hey guys, femanon here. (Did I use that right?) I found out my boyfriend loves to read this site, an…[View]
60548958Friendly reminder that you can't say 'Let's get ready to rumble' without paying Michael Bu…[View]
60543507UK terror attack: I have a question for you. I believe it belongs here as its an issue enabled by te…[View]
60546692>laptops still using shitty lcd screens >90% have disgusting light bleed in the corners oled w…[View]
60545988give me a good reason you dont use windows >supports almost every piece of software >most hard…[View]
60540355what was the greatest cpu to ever be created? and why was it the athlon?[View]
60540278Hey /g/ How come the mac is so shit?[View]
60550547iCloud: Is iCloud completely secure after Apple patched iDict bruteforce earlier this year or are th…[View]
60545073the GTX 750 Ti: I want to buy a Gtx 750 for my toaster, but there's so many models I don't…[View]
60537482mining: Thinking about buying a miner. Does /g/ mine?[View]
60549010Feedback Website: What do u think about my website? https://github.com/EricRSuarez/EricRSuarez.githu…[View]
60545571SSD owners on suicide watch: If you fell for the meme, hurry up and back up all your data to a good …[View]
60549161HiDPI: Why can't GNOME still do HiDPI sanely when Windows 95 could do custom fractional scaling…[View]
60536840AlphaGo vs Ke Jie: Google's AI is back to finish off what it started. This week it will be play…[View]
60546854Did you /g/ ? Did you copy that floppy?[View]
60550530Phone Case: you use his cell phone case?[View]
60548497Why Linux?: Customizing the GUI is fun and all, but what's the point? Sure there are secure dis…[View]
60547834Any good android apps that basically warp other piracy websites? (like how anYme does kissanime and …[View]
60550361Plz do something about this page: Guys this page seems to violate internet laws.They post others per…[View]
60548156Japanese bird cooking spaghetti.[View]
60545401Is the S8 the most aesthetically pleasing phone of all time? It seems like this is what phones shou…[View]
60547263What does /g/ think about this picture?: Perfect isn't it?[View]
60547459Official laugh at Apple thread: I'll start.[View]
60547036this is what we are learning in university[View]
60550226You haven't learned a useless programming language, right /g/?[View]
60548735Wanna see something rad?[View]
60550275>Tfw have a 1600x900 monitor What's the best cheap 1080p monitor?[View]
60550195Foshizzle ma Nizzle: Hey /g/ I wanna get into hacking and programming. Considering getting a Rasperr…[View]
60543522All my indian friends all use Thinkpad. Why they like thinkpad so much? they will punch you if you s…[View]
60549110I know you guys are going to bitch at me in regard to a pre-built but what do you think of the new D…[View]
60543804>Has anyone tried this out?[View]
60547865Pass vs KeePass: Should one use Pass instead of KeePass for password management?[View]
60549636My gender is : shipping expanded gender options: What does /g/ think of a 20 minute talk on adding …[View]
60545695Alarm systems are technology.: Alarm systems are technology. I'm considering buying some cheap …[View]
60546278PS3 fat: I thought about getting a first gen PS3 with 4 USB ports and backwards compatability for PS…[View]
60526693What do you guys think of the PSP? I'm thinking of getting another one. I used to have a PSP sl…[View]
60549798Can someone explain to me why monitors need ages to initialize, even when returning from standby? My…[View]
60549791Is there any reason the L1 data cache is shared by the integer units and FPU? Why not have data cach…[View]
60548957is there any way i can have 2 monitors with different resolutions in mirror mode? i want to have a 1…[View]
60548349>Android Pay app suddenly becomes enabled in Canada >everyone with Android phone in Canada sud…[View]
60548932>coop is irish >coop's wife is germanic >coop's son is hispanic What did David Ly…[View]
60537581FreeVMS (OpenVMS clone) is looking for developers: FreeVMS (OpenVMS clone) is looking for developers…[View]
60545147Are our directory paths revealed when we upload files, i.e. does /g/ know where this picture was sto…[View]
60548858Ok so I tried pretty much all mobile 4chan apps and I came to the conclusion that clover is by far t…[View]
60546916Does anyone here have experience with using Microsoft Access? I'm trying to create a questionna…[View]
60546474REAL HACKERS USE MACBOOK PROs: >check out top news on tech sites >Samsung Galaxy S8 Iris biome…[View]
60545794Microsoft does it again: Security researcher uses a packet sniffer and a VM to prove that Windows 10…[View]
60548121Explain this[View]
60549109How do you cope when you feel like life is just a huge set of unfulfilled desires plus one fulfilled…[View]
60548047TL;DR: read the last 2 lines only. >me be living in a third world country >me be poor >fami…[View]
60543810>Clover stopped working[View]
60548261whatever happened to those general we used to have with the non password protected webcams and secur…[View]
60547318Will this language ever get obsolete? Even in microcontrollers n shit?[View]
60548324If my CPU isn't at 100% would I see an improvement of I bought a new one?: Outside of a tempera…[View]
60547675is nakedbrowser dev kill? why cant i download this shit?[View]
60548717What would a team with these two guys involved look like?[View]
60548061If you want to work at a Data Center, will they check your credit score and/or credit history? The j…[View]
60527486>Finally graduate after 5 years >B.S. in Computer Science with a Minor in Mathematics >Got …[View]
60545760What is it?[View]
60546041> He fell for the Ryzen meme[View]
60548798Are there any phones out there that have CDMA and Dual SIM slots? Available in the US preferably. E…[View]
60546130Hello /g/ Im autistic sperglord that use only g400 rev2 mouse (pic related), and cherry MX brown - …[View]
60540028Why has captcha become so fagadocious recently?[View]
60548056Alright /g/nu bois. I have a x230t, i5-3320m, and it runs pretty hot when docked and playing videos,…[View]
60548448Nvidia shield or xbox one s?: I have an xbone collecting dust because I game on my desktop now. Shou…[View]
60548069>not using CryptOS[View]
60548642Are people that advocate dynamic typing in 2017 objectively retarded? I think so. > harder to …[View]
60534243once and for all, which is the superior input device?[View]
60548099Recovery of Data from PS4 HDD: So, my HDD got fried for some reason after crashing while I played Pe…[View]
60546810What the fuck is this happening /g/? AMD shares are down for the past few days. Who is doing this...…[View]
60544230>Windows 10 cannot spy on my because of my shitty third world internet Nothing personnel desu…[View]
60548060So I've been tackling programming for quite some time now but, I always lose myself in confusio…[View]
60545650>computer brokes >old dell been using it since the 90s >know just what to do >go on crai…[View]
60536809Nyaa Replacement General /nrg/: Previous >>60526706 This thread is for the discussion of NyaaP…[View]
60525084What keep you away from using Linux? For me is: >Vidya >MS Office >Foobar2000…[View]
60546194Found this set among local aftermarket offerings: ECS IC780M-A2 (V1.0A). Phenom II X4 955 3200 Mhz. …[View]
60546297>intel 3470 has a TDP of 77W >mine never exceeds 34W CPU total package power at 100% load acco…[View]
60547964Nokia 9 “destroyed” OnePlus 5 and Samsung Galaxy S8 in benchmark-test http://www.gsmarena.com/nokia_…[View]
60545562Need to activate Windows 10 on my work PC any cracks?[View]
60547828This sort of thing is happening very often lately.[View]
60547567I sometimes get this baterry power saving recommendation pop up on my galaxy 6, but there is no way …[View]
60542960Would you recommend this to someone starting out with Linux?[View]
60538980FUCKING FCC AND BRITCUCKS: Holy fuck you lot are a bunch of consumerist zombie cucks. How the flyin…[View]
60545253Hello. I have a specific question, about 2 weeks ago I spilled beer over my gpu, and I was already h…[View]
60547299The problem with equality in IT: People thing that 'equality' means equal amounts of whites, blacks,…[View]
60546625How do you troll computer users? Today I removed a ball from a mouse in the library and watched a pe…[View]
60544982Stupid fucking gooks http://www.ccc.de/en/updates/2017/iriden[View]
60544185What is the best speedometer app for use with bicycling?[View]
60540686How do you make Windows 10 non-spyware mode (turn off windows defender/updates etc)? My buddy needs …[View]
60543248So how does Epyc (Naples) compare to Intel's new Skylake server processors?[View]
60543731Is it worth to learn COBOL or is it a dead language? Is work guaranteed for the next few decades?[View]
60547584Telemetry redpill: PLZ explain what the fuck this is and why I should care about it.[View]
60527130Why dont they make a universal standard?: Fuck this ancient bullshit. When you travel, you dont nee…[View]
60546032What geentoo does that arch dont?[View]
60541358I just came across this amazing little arduino based gameboy like device called Arduboy. Does anyone…[View]
60542783https://www.gputechconf.eu/Home.aspx >Join us for the opening keynote on October 10, 2017. IT…[View]
60541708What the fuck man.[View]
60547076Office add-in: Does anyone here ever made an add-in for Office 365? I developed one because of my jo…[View]
60545782Chaos Computer Clubs Breaks Iris Recognition System of the Samsung Galaxy S8: Crapsung S8 BTFO! >…[View]
60531151/tpg/ ThinkPad General - Based T430 edition: Previous thread: >>60501525 IRC: #/tpg/ on irc.ri…[View]
60546946dedicated server running windows 10: i want to start a little hosting business. my question is, is i…[View]
60546992True origin of fidget spinner: Fidget spinner was invented by Richard Stallman for GNU/Linux users t…[View]
60542004/dpt/ - Daily Programming Thread: What are you working on, /g/? Previous Thread: >>60536408…[View]
60545616Norks responsible for Wannacry claim Symantic: What a load of fucking bollocks. >Symantec researc…[View]
60544636So /g, just picked up my s8 plus. What are some of your must have apps?[View]
60542821>click at the pictures, goy[View]
60546027Imagine the Linux Kernel getting rid of all the gcc crap and it being able to compile using Clang.[View]
60546674>'alright, anon. the way you put in the graphics card was cute. no let's install the cpu coo…[View]
60545551Switching to GNU/Linux: Hello g, I am a hardcore Windows 10 user and thought to myself: Maybe other …[View]
60543549Hey /g/entleman. I just scored on ebay, probably someone fucked up in a big time. There were 10 of t…[View]
60541698Pinebook. Should I buy one? Received the coupon email today. https://www.pine64.org/ 99doleros are l…[View]
60546421aye /g/,reporting for help! can you help me find a good linux because i want to leave winshits?, i w…[View]
60545912Will I hear a difference in quality if I buy a DAC? My current headphones are Audio Technica AHT-50…[View]
60546135Motherboard wont post (3rd time): Hello /g/, so i'm having this weird issue right now.. Which i…[View]
60545495https://www.microsoft.com/en-us/surface/devices/surface-pro/overview >No USB-C >WOW, IT'S…[View]
60542417Windows: >forces update of your PAID FOR WINDOWS 7 to aids-riddled adware W10 >installs softwa…[View]
60544053Has linux ever been hit by a wannacry-level ransomware?[View]
60543388>Unity dead >KDE clearly a shit >xfce customizable to look exactly like mate, unity, eos, c…[View]
60545896Hey /g/, I just got some free money and I'm looking at renewing my laptop. 2016 13' MBP (withou…[View]
60527555Why is Apple so based?[View]
60544989Home screen thread: This is a thread where we post our home screens. Rate/hate/kys I'll start:…[View]
60543832Microsoft Shanghai Event: >Surface Pro 5 announcement >Leaks tell there will be NO major hardw…[View]
60546231Learning and Creative --Alternate anti-consumer device: iPad Pro Cheap Alternative: That includes us…[View]
60543610What is the best windows 10 video player program and Why is it SMPlayer?[View]
60538935Why are so many Western nations throwing away the privileges of a free internet in favour of regulat…[View]
60545710Gettin' high after work and streaming some Computer Chronicles. I'll be watching early 90…[View]
60544075Tablet for reading but I do linux: I need a tablet for reading PDF and shit for Uni. I don't kn…[View]
60542832wasn't sure if I should put this in /g/ or /v/ but my main point is about gpu vendors not games…[View]
60544697How long until this is banned?[View]
60524730Why arent ssd's cheap yet? Why is flash memory still so expensive?[View]
60534470>uTox >Free open source p2p chat protocol >encrypted, private, serverless >why is nobody…[View]
60538873Is GNOME is the easiest desktop environment to customize towards a windows 7 lookalike?[View]
60544845Have my CompTIA Network + exam in 2 days. Been watching videos from Prof. Messor, Mike Meyers & …[View]
60539016/csg/ Chink Shit General: In /csg/, we discuss the cheap shit you see on Gearbest, Taobao, AliExpres…[View]
60539207ADVERTISERS HATE HIM!: itt: we find out who is on the top of the ad companies kill list for costing …[View]
60539855Decentralized internet. Can a truly free, anonymous, and impossible to monetize internet exist?[View]
60523511/wt/ watch thread: This thread is about the appreciation of horology, as well as the micro-engineeri…[View]
60540128Resume: Most impressive independent programming related accomplishment on your resume. Go.[View]
60541491Can /g/ recommend a monitor that has an aspect ratio between 4:3 and 1:1, doesn't have a shit r…[View]
60543078Give me ONE reason why macs are better than PC's. Hard mode: The reason cannot be a proprietar…[View]
60543170CryptoClay: Hey /g/, I made a livestreaming thing. The design is horrible, the server is horrible, b…[View]
60537935>2017 >Not building a Hackintosh What's wrong with you /g/?…[View]
60542890Thinkpad: Looking at buying a lenovo thinkpad with the sales on atm in australia. Either E470, E570 …[View]
60545282>everyone on the web triggered over miners inflating amd cards' US prices yet again >go h…[View]
60533404>Found iPhone >Was contacted by owner >Total faggot, Doesn't deserve his shit back if …[View]
60541021Getting harder and harder to pirate. Is it still worth the hassle? Are there any other programs th…[View]
60544788How to install debian if it doesn't even detects my wifi driver? Arch way more user friendly.[View]
60544901My new work is supplying me with a MacBook, the type that annoyingly only has fucking USB-C ports. W…[View]
60539854ITT: signs of patrician tastes[View]
60544278Anyone here using Rust in the Windows 10 Subsystem for Linux? I can't seem to edit the path var…[View]
60544799Answer it fags: After that it asked 'Facebook is doing something groundbreaking' with same options.…[View]
60540926Is IT really dying ?: i plan on majoring in It and I'm wondering if this is a good idea or not,…[View]
60538715What's the point of the unlimited scroll feature on mice? What am I going to use this for?[View]
60537411*blocks your path*[View]
60540115Hey /g/ have you gotten Ryzen yet? I'm thinking of getting a 1600x as it seems to be the best b…[View]
60544746You know what to do: https://github.com/chaosbot/chaos[View]
60542090>laptops made for gaming[View]
60544789Anyone else run into NoScript cucking the reCAPTCHA? Sudden it does not even appear if NoScript is n…[View]
60544730Why do some people use DNS like this? www3.forbes.com[View]
60542625>apply update and restart your software When will this meme end?[View]
60544688Which websites generate the largest number of solved captchas? >tfw AI research is literally powe…[View]
60544666https://youtu.be/VAesMQ6VtK8 >people are just finding out about this >uses messenger as defaul…[View]
60544454CryptOS thread.[View]
60544522What could be the meaning of his last words 'Oh wow. Oh wow. Oh wow'?[View]
60543927rpi as backup server.: Hi /g/uys. im going to start backup server on rasberyPi. should i use sftp (+…[View]
60538082/fglt/ - Friendly GNU/Linux Thread: Previous: >>60532449 Welcome to /fglt/ - Friendly GNU/Linu…[View]
60543457Hi /g/, are there any C# devs here? I have an Ubuntu server, I need to develop and deploy an ASP.NET…[View]
60542128Learning C for doing math: Sup /g/, /sci/fag here. I am going to try to learn C over the summer in o…[View]
60542148nostalgia thread time?[View]
60543974Only a retarded person makes an archive with a folder named '.' so if you tried to extract it, the f…[View]
60543674What is the definition of: - library - framework - game engine[View]
60538623File deletion: So this guy takes his computer to Geek Squad for computer repair and the FBI is alert…[View]
60535111My home is infest with black mold Can I clean my motherboard with ammonia or am I fucked and have to…[View]
60542853>Be me >Try to go to sleep because Javascript exam tmrw >Sleep 2hrs >Now it's 6am …[View]
60544158It says your blood type is C++[View]
60537504Pens are technology? What pen is this and what cartridge do I buy?[View]
60541351PowerPC G5: Have one of these with 16 GB memory. What to do besides install linux distro?[View]
60530849/sqt/ - Stupid Questions Thread: Come forth and ask, ye cretins of the deep.[View]
60543107I've got a set of Crucial Ballistix RAM 16gb DDR4-2400 4x4gb that I'd like to sell. Like n…[View]
60542920What's /g/'s opinion on my brand new smart phone?[View]
60543883How will you celebrate the birthday of the greatest programing language ever created.[View]
60541666WPF vs WinForms which one is best and why?[View]
60529524>I've read your CV and you don't have a Facebook? >Explain or this interview is OVER…[View]
60539793Facebook Privacy: I use Facebook because it's part of my work now. I'm a video producer an…[View]
60536298Anyone use Vivaldi as their browser? I've been using it for a few months and I like it a lot. …[View]
60540590Why is the amoled theme of dashchan so shitty? Who the fuck had the amazing tought of using grey tex…[View]
60539148Mac: >Standardized product that costs more than if you built something yourself >Minor OS vers…[View]
60540494>14 more days[View]
60538008password managers: do you /g/uys use them?[View]
60543192Convertible laptops are actually quite comfy.[View]
60542147When will the women in STEM meme end? How many companies have fallen for this meme? Yahoo[View]
60543011Let's fix this pencil, /g/. We have the technolo/g/y.[View]
60542833C++ <future>: How did people do futures and asynchronous programming before C++11 introduced t…[View]
60540107/g/ public embarressment: >doing group project in English >We have to present a powerpoint in …[View]
60532934/pcbg/ - PC Building General: /pcbg/: Post your component list; rate other anons'; ask question…[View]
60537170Who the fuck is this? Why isn't Yostuba on the front page?[View]
60542186Help: I was connected to my wifi but no page I would open would connect to a server. I was then repe…[View]
60541407I work at Pinterest AMA[View]
60541201Can someone tell me what this port is? I found it on the bottom of my laptop.[View]
60531411/ptg/ - Private Tracker General: Previous thread >>60516701 >Not sure what private trackers…[View]
60542710Terry D: How does one man with such an erratic and bizarre mind achieve one of the most impressive f…[View]
60540166srs question: so every device has a mac address, right? how do manufacturers know about other manufa…[View]
60540214You should install Windows on your PC, buy an Android smartphone and use Chrome browser.[View]
60539360Hello /g/, I'm fairly new to Unity and trying to build a simple game in C#. I understand that e…[View]
60525767Speccy thread, post them rate them[View]
60541989So back in the late 90s/early 2000s pop ups and other ads were intrusive as fuck. Then the middle of…[View]
60542188What cellphone is this?[View]
60541905https://motherboard.vice.com/en_us/article/leave-chrome-for-opera >Complains that Chrome is slow …[View]
60530953HUGE CULLING OF IT WORKERS IN 2017-2018: Modern-day applications don't require large teams of e…[View]
60536994Just got a domain (mainly to use the name as my email) and I have a raspberry pi around. Is there an…[View]
60541753What is the best moddable Android phone: Need to upgrade from pic related. What do you think is a go…[View]
60528967name a more misused technology[View]
60541858Why are VMs so comfy and why in the year 2017 of our lord and savior theys till can't properly …[View]
60540290should i buy a gtx 1080 ti dubs decides[View]
60541170Does any of you use the fingerprint scanner in a Xiaomi phone? Are there any significant risks to us…[View]
60540562/w4v/ - Daily Wait for Vega Thread: This is where we wait for the latest AMD graphics card which AMD…[View]
60536252If you're using a surge protector on an ungrounded outlet, will the surge protector stop functi…[View]
60539811>RMS will die in your lifetime >The free software movement will likely die with him >All we…[View]
60540415Docker: Can anybody explain to me what's the big deal with containers?[View]
60536408/dpt/ - Daily Programming Thread: What are you working on, /g/? Old thread: >>60531022[View]
60541080-[--->+<]>--.++++++++++++++.+++.: Just finished college. Is it normal to feel like you don…[View]
60540417I just installed 3 120mm fans into my pc, but I didnt realized that the 3 pin mobo connector things …[View]
60541241Amazing, Boeing is designing an ornithopter![View]
60538376Instagram Hack: anyone know how to hack instagram accounts, wanted to hack my schools instagram but …[View]
60532386Is there light and good looking DE that looks good out of box? I have xubuntu with xfce 4.10 and xub…[View]
60540476>says something inane[View]
60538787Uni groupwork thread: >be me >second year MATLAB class >don't really like the language…[View]
60540131How do /g/ clean their mouse? what is the best way to clean a mouse? Does boiling water + dish deter…[View]
60524631>He hoards data >Doesn't use ZFS You have 30 seconds to explain yourself.…[View]
60540207when will AMD and Intel realise that chips and boards are inferior technology. when will computers …[View]
60540757Remember when programs were sexy, and actually had effort put into their UI? Now it's all flat …[View]
60541459So .NET framework/COM/DLLS are all/consits of wrapper api common shared libraries that are designed …[View]
60541190Time to go back to Adblock Plus.[View]
60540938I just got a pc today after 2 years of not having and I just fucking forgot the email and login pass…[View]
60541101>Create useless distraction >Market it as a way to keep short bus kids from being distracted …[View]
60538699pictures of volta a leaked?: http://www.overclock.net/t/1630852/fb-picture-of-volta-titan-leaked-by-…[View]
60537434What's a good screen size to go with for a 1080p dual monitor setup? I don't want like 100…[View]
60541075Meme Language: Is python just a meme? IS it practical in any way for industry?[View]
60539616What language to learn first?: Hello, i want to learn everything i can about computer science and pr…[View]
60538725>tfw fell for the 16 GiB RAM meme[View]
60531664Whats the 4chan of irc? Also whats your favorite client to use??[View]
60537755Is there a Technocratic Party?: I'm surprised I've never heard of one in the US.[View]
60540633Why did he have an old ThinkPad with IBM logo?[View]
60540307VHS Tape Archival - Advice Needed: I'm looking to backup a bunch of VHS tapes before they becom…[View]
60539384Making an HTPC and I need a good wireless mouse/keyboard combo Thinking about something like this ht…[View]
60540856Has anything come along providing the functionality of popcorn time, but a little newer? Suffering s…[View]
60539923What's the best laptop I can get for around $200? I need one for school.[View]
60536798Moving files from a work computer: Anyone know of a way to pull files off a work computer without le…[View]
60539778Alright /g/ I royally fucked up. I used the small image to install Debian and it didn't support…[View]
60538378Just got a job I need to learn Javascript and ActionScript in a month Help? I need materials[View]
60538887Wizards assemble ! Advanced users of GNU/Linux (and I mean advanced), remember to try Source Mage GN…[View]
60533604Straw Poll Time: How much will top end gaming Vega perform relative to Pascal? http://www.strawpoll.…[View]
60534317Shit Editors: Atom: Who still uses this piece of shit?[View]
60540249Forgotten software: Post forgotten software from years past[View]
60539325SteamOS Drops AMD Drivers: Valve is instead switching instead to the open source drivers which are f…[View]
60539566Should I fall for the 144hz meme? I saw the asus MG248Q for 150$ bucks off and i'm considering …[View]
60537467Dubai: “World’s First Operational Robocop” Hits the Streets: Robots are incredible. But, one area th…[View]
60505852fun recuva: >bored >go to thrift store >2.5 in HDD in open box >says Seagate 320 but act…[View]
60540502My newegg order has been stuck on (((packaging))) for 4 days straight. Is this normal? How long does…[View]
60537028Is there any program I can feed foreign language audio files and it translates them in text?[View]
60537055Win Source: If someone were to steal the windows source code and sell it on the black market, how mu…[View]
60538958Fuck Dan Clark and Fuck MrSpeakers: See my post in the bully pulpit on Super Best Audio Friends for …[View]
60538835IT'S HAPPENING - NVIDIA GEFORCE TITAN VOLTA PICTURISED!: http://wccftech.com/nvidia-titan-volta…[View]
60539513are there wireless headphones that have a usb drive so I can just stick my music in instead of havin…[View]
60539857How can I be a professional enterprise C++ Visual studio programmer? I am already taking a course o…[View]
60539012DACs: I wanted to continue a conversation from a previous thread >>60522422. >>60525111 …[View]
60537627yo /g/ i'm really broke but i'm wanting to build a decent gaming PC with a budget around $…[View]
60539794So /g/, What's the 'Mythical man month' of Machine Learning / Anomaly Detection?[View]
60538074We are fucking doomed[View]
60537876CSS3: Not sure if this is the appropriate place to ask this question, so apologies in advance. I am…[View]
60539183Daily reminder that C can't do this: Write a function that returns the number of dimensions of …[View]
60539250Did I fuck up something? Can I get a better config for that price? Total noob when it comes to build…[View]
60536847https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GnA8BuTC44U How will Intel fangirls ever recover?[View]
60526156Homescreen Bread. Post your cool papes, qt icons, anime girls, and gorgeous color schemes, faggots. …[View]
60538649Android Launcher: What launcher is this?[View]
60533667>pacman -Syu >can immediately tell something is wrong because browser doesn't want to lau…[View]
60537944What is a good setup to use in the living room for kb/m. I live in a very small place so I can'…[View]
60537910Should I buy a 1080 mini, or is something new coming soon that'll blow it out of the water?[View]
60539233What meme technology should I buy? A mechanical keyboard, an SSD or audiophile headphones?[View]
60538098What does /g/ think of Kotlin?[View]
60538724Stop telling people that you are using Thinkpad + Arch + i3 + zsh.[View]
60538431Android RSS reader: Is there an android RSS reader with notifications that doesn't absolutely r…[View]
60529164/csg/ Chink Shit General: In /csg/, we discuss the cheap shit you see on Gearbest, Taobao, AliExpres…[View]
60536523>current state of firefox can't believe I'm still using this shit…[View]
60538869>update to win10 creator's edition >my tiny ssd is almost fucking full >wtf, time to d…[View]
60538832What's /g/'s opinion about the text editor Atom? I switched to atom a couple months ago, a…[View]
60531669Xperia Specific / The Return of the Compact Flagship Edition: http://playfuldroid.com/sony-xperia-xz…[View]
60538797Spoofed IP Addresses: Hi, a while back some fag did a DNS amplification attack on me. My understand…[View]
60536327I have the opportunity to convert a bunch of people away from SMS. SMS sucks, Whatsapp also sucks be…[View]
60538769https://youtu.be/37D2bRsthfI >anno domini MMXVII >not using gentoo as main OS while having gpu…[View]
60538577Qualcomm to abandon custom cores completely: Snapdragon 845 will use stock Cortex-A75 cores. Snapdra…[View]
60538267It's bullshit how Apple cannot support a codec for Webm material. I swear to shit I'm goin…[View]
60538702>Apple has tricked GNU/NEETs into shilling for them and their phone security >>60538564 …[View]
60537920how am I going to do byte operations now?[View]
60538227Programming Language: Okay so Ive learned Python, JavaScript, And PHP. What should I learn next? I w…[View]
60526596today i have a job interview, interviewer personally called me and told me what are they gonna ask. …[View]
60538563Who here /functionaltrash/? It werks, barely[View]
60537964Nervous system manipulation by electromagnetic fields from monitors: >tfw you find out TV literal…[View]
60536657Assembly books: There are a lot of classic programming books like pic related, SICP, and others, but…[View]
60536647>mom calls me the hacker of our family because i can format an OS and install the drivers…[View]
60531861Travel Tech: What kind of tech should every /g/entooman travel with? I figure /g/ would be a better …[View]
60526489can anyone recommend a high DPI mouse that doesn't look like a dragon/alien/transformer?[View]
60538048How long until free and open source hardware?[View]
60538427Hey All, I'm writing a small script that uses google maps API to estimate how bad the traffic w…[View]
60537823What's the first thing that I should do when I get my XPS 15?[View]
60531141Admit it /g/ most machine learning and datascience experts are women . While you are arguing over th…[View]
60538243whats up /g/?[View]
60528940Do you leave your computer turned on while you are sleeping?[View]
60538051Is it just me or has everything lost it's luster?[View]
60514845What are you doing with your paperweight?[View]
60533749is there a FOSS equivelent of matlabs nntool? i need something roughly equivelent, ideally something…[View]
60535034>macOS uses FreeBSD >iOS uses FreeBSD >PS4 uses FreeBSD tfw my life is powered by FreeBSD…[View]
60509096Hoard Your shit now: Torrent sites are falling left and right these days. KAT,Extra Torrent, Torrent…[View]
60528831>wannacry encryption can be circumvented by a backdoor in windows crypto API How the fuck is this…[View]
60532449/fglt/ - Friendlt GNU Linux Thread: Previous: >>60517913 Welcome to /fglt/ - Friendly GNU/Linu…[View]
60533586Name one crowdfunded wearable from the last decade that isn't vaporware.[View]
60520260/spg/ - Smartphone General: If requesting purchasing advice, please provide your country and what ca…[View]
60537948weird /g/ things you do: When I am around normies or my parents I pretend I have a very base knowled…[View]
60536694/fucko/GeneralThread 'Getontheground,fucko!Squad,takehiscomputerandallotherelectronics!' Thisedition…[View]
60530679Has anyone bought a unicomp keyboard before? What do you think of them if so?[View]
60509788Schizophrenia aside, how smart is he?[View]
60537437Am I a cuck if I buy binned core ryzen 5 Feels like buying leftover trash[View]
60537901Printer: What printer has the best print quality?[View]
60529712Trackballs?: Are they a meme? Are they worth it? Post your stories. Also, thumb or finger ball?…[View]
60520534What device is /g/ posting from?[View]
60530884Are tablets obsolete at this point? Do people still buy them?[View]
60525134Why aren't PSU's getting any smaller?[View]
60536161start koding[View]
60536403Microsoft patents Windows 10 “kill switch” technology to deter piracy: T-this will not actually be u…[View]
60537704Is there a way to use lastpass without being logged in on the site? Like KeePass?[View]
60537716Seriously guys I'm having a hard time red-pilling on Edge after the recent update.[View]
60535865IS VEGA DEAD ON ARRIVAL!? RECENT RUMORS SAY YES INDEED: This is a disaster for AMD![View]
60536345Is this the best browser?[View]
60518972Which operating system is better ?[View]
60537109Been using (((SwiftKey))) for ages because it's handy, but I'd like to switch to a non-bot…[View]
60535017What does /g/ think about Golem ?[View]
60531038If you have to use Windows 10, is there a single reason to not use LTSB?[View]
60534543Any leaks yo!?[View]
60536466GREATEST APP IN THE WORLD: Created in China >bank (pay for anything with it) >messaging app …[View]
60537431RSS Reader: What RSS reader are you using? What are the most customizable that are also somewhat ope…[View]
60536501Windows 10 confirmed for the worst botnet of all time: B-BUT I CAN DISABLE IT WITH THIS PROGRAM THAT…[View]
60530547Why are you still using that chinkpad with a shitty screen?[View]
60525901Traitor or Hero /g/?[View]
60532111Hey /g/ take a look at this page I made https://chat.nonfree.pizza pic unrelated ===== Photo by yasm…[View]
60536597Is quad-core the new corelet?[View]
60533527>you will never live in this era again[View]
60536542Can I customize brave to be a porn/torrent browser? In terms of getting it to like completely block …[View]
60528428What do you guys think about wannacry ransomeware attack?[View]
60513828>2017 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9hDKfBKuXjI [Embed] >This season's Advent of Code: …[View]
60531334Learning programming: So I've decided to start learning programming so I can contribute to some…[View]
60536502Gyroscopic HTPC mouse: Notice how the new high-end TVs have very nice gyroscopic remote controls? Wh…[View]
60533475>AMD >cheap[View]
60537103Hey faggots try to hack my web site[View]
60536786How do I play the games stored on a refurbished xbox 360 hard drive without having to log into the p…[View]
60536422before trying virtual reality, how about giving real reality a shot? might be just what you need...[View]
60533276>Chrome is open (5 tabs) >text editor is open >M$ office open >using almost 6GB of RAM …[View]
60536845tablet as desktop monitor: How can I use a tablet as a desktop monitor?[View]
60535276Hard drive speeds: So, 5400 RPM vs 7200 RPM Can 5400 sustain 10MBps read speed? I'm talking a…[View]
60524576I've always been fascinated with the idea of having a completely customized, secure, personaliz…[View]
60531114Storage thread - when how much is too much[View]
60512446/hpg/ - Headphone General: >Headphone purchase advice http://pastebin.com/fYZLW7Ub Please put som…[View]
60533967ITT: We name the demographic that uses the distro >Ubuntu >black people, chads…[View]
60535941is he /ourguy/?[View]
60535610Unicode and terminals: Hello /g/, I'm having a weird experience with Debian stretch where only …[View]
60531022/dpt/ - Daily Programming Thread: What are you working on, /g/? Old thread: >>60527117[View]
60532375Why was Steve Jobs so great at marketing?[View]
60535918Will i get into trouble if i upload a fake id cart to facebook to hijack an account?[View]
60535860Ducky Shine II ftw: >bought my ducky in 2013 >works fine until a few days ago >keyboard loo…[View]

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