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61044474Sould I delete the playstore: Is it safe to delete the google playstore I have no need to install an…[View]
61044478I just bought dji phantom 3 and it won't let me use drone without registering. Pleas tell me th…[View]
61037473/ptg/ - Private Tracker General: Let's ripping boys Previous thread >>61027384 >Not su…[View]
61034478Microcontroller thread[View]
61041119daily reminder that edge is the best browser for windows 10. >fast >lightweight >useful fea…[View]
61039147one of my fans has started vibrating like mad today what the fuck can i do?[View]
61038518Programming advice.: Im a teen that is trying to get into programming as a head start for college. S…[View]
61043637https://jobs.smartrecruiters.com/Visa/743999653819682-blockchain-engineer?src=JB-10081 Wanna job /g/…[View]
61037575What went [spoiler] horribly wrong? [/spoiler] inb4 [spoiler] lack of apps [/spoiler][View]
61043204I've just rooted my phone and I would like to update the android version, it's running 5 r…[View]
61044480NVMe problems: I got a fresh 960 EVO yesterday. I installed it and could install Windows 8.1 normall…[View]
61041727I have a dream /tech/. My dream is to create a nudifier. What does that means? With today's Mac…[View]
61040722G-Sync will be an extra $400 Goy: Really makes you thing[View]
61043810yo guys, so you've might heard about the plans of the legislative branch in Germany to develop …[View]
61044430Can someone help?: Why the fuck doesnt wickr show up automatically with my other apps when i downloa…[View]
61044292>p-please don't consider buying an amd processor[View]
61037355They told me 8gb was fine for gaming =([View]
61044337Exchange migration tool: Hello, I am looking for a set of tools that can migrate the following data …[View]
61044333hey /g/ i need some good monitor suggestions for my new gaming pc im building, heres what i have so …[View]
61037792Is this browser even good?[View]
61041170thoughts on making code for scientific experiments?[View]
61043915So I am trying to find a good pocket projector in 1080 p. Unfortunately, most of them lie and say th…[View]
61044224When does it end?: Serious question: At what point does Linux become usable? I have switched over to…[View]
61042820the internet is a great invention because it prevents dumb people from going outside[View]
61035784The police use ThinkPads, not macbooks.[View]
61040909What's a free alternative to JIRA that Is the most similar to it?[View]
61042343>want to start up a site >have no money to do so (domains, servers) >free alternatives avai…[View]
61043080Is it normal that mounting a fan on the side windows makes more noise than a jet taking off? I think…[View]
61038386Does quality control exist in 2017?: >Fell for the 2017 thinkpad meme >buy X1 carbon 5th gen …[View]
61036921Walmart tells Tech Partners not to use AWS: How big is Amazon getting? Which dog do you bet on? htt…[View]
61042876Best Vpns: Yo im looking for good vpn's, can anyone throw some my way?[View]
61043332I want to place a fan to suck in cold air on the back below the gpu is it possible[View]
61042333What features are there that differentiate AM4 motherboards? I know with intel boards the main diffe…[View]
61017968a.ekansovi.com: 4chan makes a websocket connection to a.ekansovi.com I haven't looked at what i…[View]
61041675Computer Science - Just finished first year: The teaching quality at my uni got the lowest mark poss…[View]
61029235Why I would build a PC that barely can do 1080p if with the same ammount of cash I can buy a console…[View]
61039208Realistically how hard would it actually be to throw together a decent browser. I mean seriously, ev…[View]
61043177>he doesn't use top quality cable risers to maximize his audio output http://vertexaq.com/yu…[View]
61041412I wanna buy a Thinkpad t560 today. Does it worth? Any known issues? PS:Sorry, /g, but this is not th…[View]
61043242Antivirus Software: Now I know it's 2017, and you are either smart enough to not get a virus or…[View]
61040174>Tfw pursuing a degree in CS >I have this friend >He has 0 technicals skills in programming…[View]
61038261>tfw I'm being monitored by a US counter-terrorism taskforce Wtf do I do? Already installed …[View]
61039065Headphones: I have the Sennheiser HD 558. It has a TRS connector. I have no audio interface, so I b…[View]
61041587I'm about to install Linux alongside Windows 7 and reviewing everything before going ahead. It …[View]
61041363>he uses a flipcover case on his phone[View]
61042703*blocks your path*[View]
61042377Do you know any youtube channel where the main theme is problem solving, data recovery..etc like in …[View]
61039266can someone help me simplify this recursive function? I need to run cake(100) but anything past arou…[View]
61040119/dpt/ - Daily Programming Thread: What are you working on, /g/? Previous Thread: >>61033365…[View]
61041367Why do people claim that AMD CPUs don't have backdoors? Just because there hasn't been a l…[View]
61037288IYO what is the best current smartphone and why? > pic related US$600 buys you near stock Androi…[View]
61037365This is the worst piece of software ever created. I challenge you to name another piece of software …[View]
61042522How much should I sell my Rx 480 8gb for? Also where should I sell it? I want to make enough to buy…[View]
61041518I'm gonna buy this bad boy. What do you guys think? Is it ok for its price? Also, I don't …[View]
61042423Alright so I'm not very in the know when it comes to internet or routers and shit of the like. …[View]
61041614Is this an Apple dongle? How do I plug it in?[View]
61039478Found a Power Mac G5 on the side of the road around an hour ago, boxed up and in great condition. Bo…[View]
61041999>get RX570 for my freshly built PC >boot it up >screen goes mad, intermittent black screen,…[View]
61036957Why did USB 3.0 become USB 3.1 gen 1?[View]
61042104Niggersoft Office backdoored, closed source software blown the fuck out once again: https://wikileak…[View]
61028969Is regex even useful?[View]
61027688Stripe.com payments: Making a stripe.com payment requires running non-free Javascript Has anyone eve…[View]
61041126Is google making AI drones for the military?[View]
61041960Hey /g/ I'm looking for advice and wondering if this is a good computer, for cheap. I'm no…[View]
61041098Which would you say is the most useful BOINC project for society?: I got my hands on an old Intel wo…[View]
61027152Pens General!: Just ordered this sexy Lamy Lx Ruthenium NDA, As well as a relatively uncommon Lamy L…[View]
61027520>coding used to be a valuable skill that gave autists a chance at becoming millionares because it…[View]
61036474I'm so fucking tired of hiding. I'm sick of being paranoid. I hate the way that the intern…[View]
61039747/PMP/ - Portable Media Player thread: My 20$ chinkshit sounds better than your 1000$ phone edition. …[View]
61039388I want to build a PC specifically designed to handle digital art creation. I've done my researc…[View]
61036716/pcbg/ - PC Building General - Intel housefire edition: >Assemble your parts list https://pcpartp…[View]
61036032If I want to remove GApps and use microG without wiping and reinstalling my ROM I can use this right…[View]
61037764Are retro systems better?[View]
61040218Am I training software to shoot down vehicles?[View]
61039974Is golang good to learn? is it easy? not looking to get a job... just looking for a simple, elegant,…[View]
61011858>300 dollar mainboard >still using PS/2[View]
61029335How can I unlock LUKS encrypted laptop?[View]
61040891what distro to use for a multi media and light shitposting machine in mah living room connected only…[View]
61039969Is there a way to post in 4chan from tor? Pic unrelated[View]
61035062So I'm stuck in the country with no ISP, but out of some sheer luck i have 3 bars of 4g lte on …[View]
61039211Threads: As a programmer, what do I need to do to optimize a program for multiple cores/threads? The…[View]
61033557The wiki doesn't include any recommended printers, is there a /g/ guide to printers for makings…[View]
61040719Where's the thread for netrunner? Just marathoned this browser, Did I like it? What went so [sp…[View]
61018259Netrunner: We are making a web browser! In the face of recent changes in Firefox and Chrome some ano…[View]
61040654How do I start freelancing /g/? I've been a NEET for months. Currently learning web development…[View]
61040541>always logged in to keepass fine >restart PC after a few weeks >login >wrong password B…[View]
61035372>You only need 8GB of ram Well you fuckers got me. I only got 8GiB, and it sucked. Hitting 100% r…[View]
61038463So now that Google has bought the IP rights to the fingerbox and they plan to automate it, what can …[View]
61034567Why are you not using a Pentium III?[View]
61033489Why aren't you running your I2P/Freenet/Tor node?: A friendly reminder that if you care about f…[View]
61035951Clover: Another thread where we show our appreciation by calling Floens a faggot.[View]
61040040Is overclocking a reference Rx 480 safe? I remember the gpu was pulling too much power from the boar…[View]
61035938Can I get a recommendation on a hardware RAID card so I can make a RAID5 from 4x 8TB HDs. My mobo do…[View]
61014339ITT: Obsolete devices with amazing industrial design you wish you could get with modern specs/inter…[View]
61039688>ctrl f screenfetch/neofetch thread >0 results You know what to do lads…[View]
61040045HDD rewrite: Just wondering if anyone can find a good source on how many times a HDD needs to be rew…[View]
61038799What do you guys think our future society would be like when almost all jobs could be automated?[View]
61037758Anyone have any experience with blockchain technology? I want to get into writing little applicatio…[View]
61038253so theres this website 'Hack forum' and on there they sell peoples hacked accounts. stuff like netfl…[View]
61033365/dpt/ - Daily Programming Thread: What are you working on, /g/? Previous Thread: >>61029467…[View]
61040041Online Interactions are different to face to face: Online Interactions, what are yours like? This r…[View]
61036570Directory Opus: Does anyone on here know of a working crack for Directory Opus 12? This shit is the …[View]
61037630>Just waste all my SSD space sempai[View]
61038511Thoughts on pic related?[View]
61036942New android phone: Just got a new phone. How do I avoid google botnet as much as possible? Do I just…[View]
61038160How the hell did I just discover Plex? Bought a WD NAS, a few 10TB Red Drives, and am in the proces…[View]
61038393MDN's new design: https://blog.mozilla.org/opendesign/mdns-new-design-beta/ Discuss[View]
61039043Hey /g/, /k/ommando here. My PC's been getting hot as shit recently. Is 71C while running a not…[View]
61035496Ren'py Contest: Greetings /g/ents, today I will be holding a competition: who can create the be…[View]
61038657Jesus christ these password restrictions are utterly retarded. It's not even checking if its id…[View]
61038317In this thread we post links to websites that sound like they're virus infested: http://videa.h…[View]
61034906I just moved everything to BTRFS. /boot partition is ext3, and everything else is BTRFS. AMA.[View]
61038899Does anybody know how Facebook's 'x attending an event near you' works? What kind of an algorit…[View]
61039289i just wanna share it cause i know some people might have the same problem with me.. i bought a g600…[View]
61037373why are majority of threads OS rants?[View]
61038826My girlfriend wants to know what makes her graphics go 'WHOOM!'. Please answer to the best of your …[View]
61036042CAD Alternative: Been using ProgeCAD 2013 for 4 years. Now its shitting itself multiple registry pro…[View]
61039110>write error handling code >don't use it…[View]
61038793>goes to website with [modern browser] >'Sorry, you are using an unsupported browser. Please u…[View]
61038858Blackberry in 2017: Got given a Blackberry Z3 in pristine condition, very solid phone, but this BB O…[View]
61036684Any iOS app developers lurking on here? I want someone to build a simple app for me. I heard you guy…[View]
61035345What's the best mobile browser? Pic related, only things it lacks is ublock origin and to show…[View]
61037514so... what we got here?: Hey whats up 4chan, the thing is i got this old laptop and i wanted to know…[View]
61038627A question for all the gtx 980 owners out there, how do your overclocks look? I managed to push it t…[View]
61037125Thoughts?: What does real g audiophiles think about Sennheiser HD 800S? Just bought them but they ar…[View]
61038046RNC databases of over 200 million people may have been leaked. Does anyone have sauce on where I cou…[View]
61034479the year is 2032, Intel has purchased Viacom, Nvidia, and AMD. There are no longer gpu's, just …[View]
61036390ITT: We post laptops that are superior to ThinkPads.[View]
61038077Should i buy another one of these monitors ? I already have one and i love it. Convince me not to ad…[View]
61036004Are computer tablets a smart purchase or would it be wiser to get a laptop with a separate drawing t…[View]
61034139For those who work in the field of computer science,IT, etc, do you enjoy your job?[View]
61031251>don't mind me, I'm just stea-... Using adblock.[View]
61036734>have iPad >no 4chan apps >moving image to iPad changes file size >get third party file …[View]
61035260>look at Youtube videos of $200 laptop reviews >comments are full of people unironically askin…[View]
61036290So I have a Lenovo IdeaPad y700. I know it's not a powerhouse, but it was a 1000 dollar 'gaming…[View]
61038012Apple watch series 2: Been thinking about getting this for fitness and other health related uses. Af…[View]
61035834what are some technology that arent planned obsolence[View]
61037190hacker master race report in Plebs are not allowed[View]
61036470Hey, it's Bill. Activate the backdoor.[View]
61036845>tfw fell for the thinkpad meme https://security-center.intel.com/advisory.aspx?intelid=INTEL-SA-…[View]
61024663/sqt/ - Stupid Questions Thread: Old thread (>>61010649) autosaging. Ask stupid questions tha…[View]
61037603ITT: We post shit that is superior to Apple shit. I'll start.[View]
61034593Antergos, Pacman - Syu, reboot, everything still werks How isnt this the gold standard for GNU/Linux…[View]
61016503Macbook Pro and CS people: Why is MBP so popular with CS people? Every prof that I have has a MBP. W…[View]
61037563Any AR early adopters here?[View]
61037066Raspberry pi 3 + R/Rutorrent: Hey /g/ so i set up a fully working Rtorrent with Rutorrent interface …[View]
61030218/Christ/chan - Christian Pro/g/rammers General: Christians who are suitably gifted should consider b…[View]
61037963Tired of having to solve almost fifteen recaptchas just to finally post yet?[View]
61037882Are there motherboards with fidget spinners on them?[View]
61032914I got a Hacked Xbox 360 and an external HDD with almost all its games, or at least the most relevant…[View]
61037599Pls anon, let me out of your computer! I...I thought you believed in freedom?[View]
61037048Pc Upgrade Help: So I just had a couple quick questions I bought this and now I'm getting into …[View]
61033166>dude that program you made is awesome! can I have the source code? >WHAT THE FUCK I WON'…[View]
61032902Surface is shit: > iPad Pro 10.5 inch + i7 laptop with dedicated GPU > iPad: 120Hz, A10X, 256G…[View]
61037452Cleaning Strategy: I'm building an API in NodeJs and Express, which will be runinng on a Heroku…[View]
61037329How to make as much as possible by testing: Ok, I know you guys hate testers, but please try to be c…[View]
61005779/cosg/ - CloverOS GNU/Linux: CloverOS GNU/Linux - We need your rice edition Post dotfiles for inclus…[View]
61034073VLC stream settings or VLC Stream alternatives: Someone knows how get a better stream config for VLC…[View]
61032479Moto e4 vs moto g4 play Which one of these should I buy? I'm going to impulse buy one of these…[View]
61023409/csg/ Chink Shit General: In /csg/, we discuss the cheap shit you see on Gearbest, Taobao, AliExpres…[View]
61036930Recommendations for a cheap but decent 'smartphone'? My Nexus 6's planned obsolescence kicked …[View]
61025411Is Kaby Lake-X Intel's worst product of all time? It makes no sense whatsoever. >strip iGPU…[View]
61037214Why isn't everything an enumerator[View]
61036549Holy shit this piece of shit is so fucking slow.[View]
61020635/mkg/ - mechanical keyboard general: /mkg/ - KBDFans edition >Learn to touch type: http://www.key…[View]
61032524Is...is amazon becoming more relevant than google / alphabet?[View]
61037139Epson Perfection V330 Photo Scanner: My scanner is messed up. A loud clicking sound is made every t…[View]
61036444Trackballs - Love the roll: My old Logitech Trackman Wheel Optical is dying after many years. Never …[View]
61035321Do they make plug-in timers for these type of plugs?: You know those outlet timers, where you can se…[View]
61028371GOING TO BUY THIS! Can I get some final opinions?[View]
61031545Do you really want to go back?[View]
61035576We need to come up with a name for the meme tier shit coming off the press lately. >mfw wifi inte…[View]
61031327OPINION NEEDED: Hi I am a graphic designer, in the last years I am working more and more on packagin…[View]
61033619FUCKING TRIGGERED Who the fuck hires these talentless, disrespectful idiots? I don't know what…[View]
61027900This laptop is better than a macbook pro and a thousand dollars cheaper[View]
61034852Is there a diference between a WS GPU (Quadro/Firepro) and a general purposa/gaming GPU (GeForce/Rad…[View]
61034928Which $1,000 build would you choose?[View]
61029142i know that C is used everywhere, populated by GNU/Linux community, some embedded system programmers…[View]
61036867I sometimes am able to get the guts out of product displays and the like, and have recently found pi…[View]
61034789What do I do with old electronics? Do I recycle them, do I try to sell them somewhere? I have a 10 y…[View]
61036769what cauese the fucking captcha to grey out and become unresponsive? this is annoying as shit[View]
61031572Recommend me a laptop for playing League of Legends for under £400 please >1080p >8GB+ RAM …[View]
61036458Hey /g/, rate my setup[View]
61035854Is there a waifu-based way for me to learn OOP?[View]
61032932Is there any reason why BSDs still exist when there's Linux?[View]
61036560IT stories thread: How was your day, fellow IT fags? >Work at a NOC for a regional ISP in the s…[View]
61036546Is vivaldi any good?[View]
61036578What's this? Is this bad?[View]
61031794What is the least cancerous and botnet web browser on Android these days? I have been using Opera fo…[View]
61027927anybody know any good darknet links or uncompromised chatrooms?[View]
61036251Guys, I am looking for something I can add to my earbud headphone jack to prevent the strain relief …[View]
61036327does /g/ like CVD machines? i want to learn more about them but every paper seems to assume you alre…[View]
61035591Is this the pinnacle of computing power?[View]
61033408/g/ I gave richard stallman a band. G autism thread. Also I suck as a musician. https://www.youtube…[View]
61036179Craigslist Auto Flagger?: Hey /g/! This is my first time posting on here, how's everyone doing…[View]
61036190Could anyone recommend a good altcoin faucet?: eg.----Litecoin, Ethereum, Ethereum Classic, Dogecoin…[View]
61035753How is this better than ubuntu when you can sudo apt-get install all-the-kali-linux-tools[View]
61035212My phone dies at 16% battery. Is there a way to fix this?[View]
61022401Does /g/ know basic arithmetic?[View]
61022897Windows 10 hate thread: >old computer dies >decide to buy some cheap laptop >everything has…[View]
61027384/ptg/ - Private Tracker General: You will be caught edition Previous thread >>61018033 >Not…[View]
61020739/wt/ watch thread: This thread is about the appreciation of horology, as well as the micro-engineeri…[View]
61035874Set top box/HTPC: What does /g/ use to watch stuff on TV? Full PC or generic chinese android box or …[View]
61033019Why do they call it USB3.1? Because when it becomes mainstream you'll be 31 years older[View]
61031565Third party SPEC scores of the new AMD EPYC using Open64 and GCC compilers against Intel ICC and GC…[View]
61000587/retro/: 'Guess who got a dot matrix printer for his XT' edition. Post sum retro shit.[View]
61035691Thanked him yet?[View]
61034761It's happening >At this point, it seems like the cat's out of the bag. >There are c…[View]
61026543tech support story: >got hired as an IT guy at a law firm >first day on the job >people cal…[View]
61035120Need advice: My laptop is 10 years old. It suddenly broke - when I power it on, the screen is doesn…[View]
61023188Why are all the reviews on the Play store written by morons. You guys told me Android was for smart …[View]
61032668I need a good recommendation for a streaming radio player for linux. I have rhythmbox installed righ…[View]
61032155Suppose there is an employee in a train station working on their laptop. They notice that their tra…[View]
61034850Hey /g/, can you recommend me a good VPN to use in France? I'm travelling overseas this summer …[View]
61035292> Released to manufacturing July 22, 2009; 7 years ago When will this meme OS die? I tried to cod…[View]
61025775why do we hate audiophiles again?[View]
61031191Is this never going to come to Europe?[View]
61032599Why are people who work with technology so sour? Every software engineer I've ever met is a big…[View]
61032841This happened to me yesterday >install Linux mint >no audio >install pulseaudio because th…[View]
60979833/cyb/ + /sec/ general: cyberpunk and cybersecurity: warcarting edition: /cyb/ + /sec/ general: cyber…[View]
61031231how do i get started creating web bots? i have basic programming knowledge, but i've never work…[View]
61012342/fglt/ - Friendly GNU/Linux Thread: Previous thread: >>60989764 Welcome to /fglt/ - Friendly G…[View]
61031957Daily reminder that pic related and the (((FSF))) killed every chance of Linux becoming relevant in …[View]
61030605ive never owned any apple product[View]
61031381Recovering data from a hard drive: My HDD (HGST Travelstar model HTS721010A9E630 pictured to the lef…[View]
61032951manga/comic readers: So what's this I've heard about there being some android apps that al…[View]
61034194Are cellphones causing cancer? Are they killing the bees? Are they making the frogs gay?[View]
61034873ac1900 card got no ac: I bought a spiffy pci-e ac1900 wifi card on sale and when I look at the adapt…[View]
61019081How do you guys burn CDs?[View]
61026557so i see you're running gnome, /g/. you know i'm actually on kde myself.[View]
61030995How do you plan on programming all 18 of those cores, anon? Are you gonna put a lock on every piece …[View]
61032651Let's say I have a database of over 500 000 people from facebook (from a 1st world country). R…[View]
61013389/spg/ - Smartphone General - OP5 Is A doozle Edition: If requesting purchasing advice, please provid…[View]
61033767What a bunch of fucking retards.[View]
61034560What is the best photo editing app on iOS? Is Photoshop Express any good?[View]
61027347da pins: https://youtu.be/EdDccsbv5hA tl;dw: He broke off a pin on an AMD CPU, straightened it, stuf…[View]
61006957Is it legit /g/? Is it a possible ad-free browser for phones without root+adblock[View]
61028071Who /mischief/ here? >Reset my own password in AD every time it expires, same password for 5 year…[View]
61028032/pcbg/ - PC Building General: >Assemble your parts list https://pcpartpicker.com/ >How to asse…[View]
61029524This is the future you chose.[View]
61030256Temple OS: http://www.templeos.org New videos being uploaded.[View]
61032341Is this GNU/Linux? If so, what de/wm it is?[View]
61021439>what linux feature makes you do this?[View]
61024956Hey guys, remember me?[View]
61031966how will tabdrones ever recover?[View]
61033084Speakers: What is the Z-5500 of 2017?[View]
61031179when will these kikes learn?[View]
61032380Desktop Rig?: Hi, /g/men! altho i am very happy with my x230 for mobile use, i am looking at buildi…[View]
61027543If you were honest... Are you really satisfied with your internet speeds? Can you accomplish all you…[View]
61019172>Multi-core doesn't matter! >Price/performance doesn't matter! >Power usage doesn…[View]
61031902Newfag here What are some good .onion sites I'm just bored so send something[View]
61029467/dpt/ - Daily Programming Thread: Previous thread: >>61024201 What are you working on, /g/?…[View]
61031475>a CPU from 2009-2011 would be fine nowadays What went wrong?[View]
61032569thought's on node?[View]
61031886Intel i9 & X299 5 Reasons Not To Buy!: Who the hell is this guy anyway? And didn't he get …[View]
61021892Now that Techpowerup is being paid to spread false news, are there ANY reliable tech sites left? The…[View]
61031697>Add number to contacts >Allow contacts to use device's location? what the fuck…[View]
61031062>yfw Egyptian hieroglyphics make a comeback after 4000 years[View]
61031915>ryzen was released a few months ago >RX 480/GTX 1060 was released almost a year ago >skyla…[View]
61032633This might be a huge mistake, but I'm actually going to ask /g/ for career advice I'm a so…[View]
61032810Is it safe to input my fingerprint in Window 10's Hello?[View]
61032956Do you believe him?: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3NXjUpo-1q8[View]
61027968Fonts for E-Book readers: Can you guys recommend me some fonts with a 'personality'? I guess I just …[View]
61026839Daily reminder that Ad-blocking is theft![View]
61028636what search engine does /g/ recommend ?: startpage sort of has a 2 second delay and sometimes delive…[View]
61024575why the hell should i spend $800 on a GRAPHICS CARD?[View]
61019883This is professor Winston at MIT teaching a course in machine learning. He uses a ThinkPad.[View]
61023463why every KDE Plasma theme looks like complete inconsistent, ugly pile of dogshit?[View]
61032581Virtual PC that can mount any host directory like DOSBox?: Dear /g/, I need your help. I need a virt…[View]
61032040Restore Ipod: Hi guys I have a question. Ifound an Ipod and I need to restore it to use it, but I co…[View]
61032516What wikihow articles are missing? What do you think people would benefit from learning? I'm ve…[View]
61010791Does /g/ actually like this or is this just a stupid reddit show?[View]
61030330Buy Intel products to stop AMD from getting a monopoly over the x86 CPU market.[View]
61027522Logitech z5500 - z906: Hey all. I was gonna ask if you can hook two speakers into one slot on z5500 …[View]
61029503What is it with this place and the ThinkPad? What's the hype all about? Is it really that good,…[View]
61030067Surface Cuck Pro: What is Microsoft thinking? > 32gb iPad (A9 chip, touch ID) for hight resolutio…[View]
61031929>delet arch >Install Microsoft® Windows™ 10 >set telemetry to maximum, put all files on One…[View]
61028303Are we actually ever going to see IPC improvements ever, or is this it now?[View]
61031651At TMobile store about to get robbed, ama![View]
61030555What are the possibilities??: Hello /g/. Today a friend came along and said he wanted to format his …[View]
61031673Programmer Identity Crisis: Ive just graduated from a 2-year school and now im going to a 4-year sch…[View]
61031046Bitlocker: So I have a machine from work that has Bitlocker on it. I did not know this and decided t…[View]
61030916why have samsung & apple phones have been overheating lately and have caught on fire in certain …[View]
610294861- Your country 2- Can you find any job in there as programmer if you don't haven't went t…[View]
61014691Computer for school: I'm going into a STEM career and my program highly recommends that I get t…[View]
61030368What operating system does the Federation use on its ships and star bases?[View]
61018622>The iPad was made because Steve Jobs hated a guy at Microshaft. Kek https://www.youtube.com/watc…[View]
61030295Haha oh wow the market change over the fucking night. I got off the phone with a normalfag friend wh…[View]
61031374Should I buy LG G6 or Huawei P10 plus?[View]
61024362zsh vs bash vs other shells convince me to use zsh over bash[View]
61023324>RELEASE: CIA 'Brutal Kangaroo' thumb drive air gap jumping virus attack suite https:/…[View]
61031255Daily reminder that Apple '''''''''engineers''''''' are so shit, the 7700HQ they put in their latest…[View]
61030520Do you trust crashplan for local backups? I set up the service for local backups and unsubbed from t…[View]
61028771PantherXP Deployment Kit: Anybody here ever used PantherXP to make a custom XP ISO?[View]
61031040USB 3.1 USB 3.0 is now called USB 3.1 Gen 1 (Speed up to 5 Gbps) USB 3.1 is now called USB 3.1 Gen 2…[View]
61022190Why do ifags praise thier shitty iPhones? This shit looks ancient next to an s8.[View]
61010262/tpg/ - ThinkPad General thread: Previous thread: >>60991058 IRC: #/tpg/ on irc.rizon.net Othe…[View]
61030645pickup line: are you Tor? because I don't know who you are but I like you. ITT /g/ related pick…[View]
61011275What's the first OS you ever used? Mine is pic related[View]
61028536Mobile Displays: https://m.aliexpress.com/item/32366781090.html#autostay Would this be good as a sta…[View]
61030303Peripheral fan: 'A computer peripheral is any external device that provides input and output for the…[View]
61019512Anyone have access to a supercomputer so you can get me a tripcode that spells 'Anonymous'?[View]
61026889Learning C completely online: Hi /g/ents, Is there a /good/ site to learn C from? Sort of like all …[View]
61030525What is the walmart of technology /g/?[View]
61028217I have uniden bearcat ubc125xlt radio scanner and I'm trying to listen to edacs transmissions. …[View]
61020693what kind of cell phones do jap girls use?[View]
61029289Show me your case stickers, 4chan![View]
61023054alright /g/ be honest, do you guys really use linux as a daily driver? aren't your guys larping…[View]
61029637wew lad[View]
61030577BOI HE FINNA DO IT: I have never used an Apple product in my life. I'm switching to Apple'…[View]
61022917/edc/: How about an /edc/ thread?[View]
61029019You have 60 seconds to admit that this man is THE greatest programmer of all time.[View]
61029776Anybody have experience with the THREAD STUCK IN DEVICE DRIVER BSOD? I've been having troubles …[View]
61016181C++17: The final publication on the new standard is coming soon. What are your thoughts on it?…[View]
61023021Whats the point in 4k in gayming when you can just use DSR and scale down the resolution getting a b…[View]
61025463MOBILE APPS - Share any apps you have developed. https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.a…[View]
61026277Why is everyone sooo fucking certain the next iPhone will be 8? Wouldn't it make sense if it wa…[View]
61029912>internet will NEVER EVER be normie-free again[View]
61027438Why is Microsoft not failing like Yahoo despite they're failing for a very long time?[View]
61023142Realistically speaking if i get a 1070 and plan on only playing in 1080p or even lower ( I play most…[View]
61029907Stop using windows[View]
61029787SHIRT THREAD: Post your favorite shirts pic related is a regex cheat sheet[View]
61029613Encarta: we need it back[View]
61011551What would compel a person to buy a $2000 laptop if they're only going to use it to browse the …[View]
61027539Android Studio: Is this the worst IDE ever /g/? > ugly > performs like shit > building a si…[View]
61025664instagram boost: Any suggestion for instagram boost follower?[View]
61016917The one program chaining you to Windows: ITT: the one program that keeps you from abandoning windows…[View]
61027435Find a flaw >inb4 windows .NET core[View]
61028450>write editor in javascript >the editor doesnt support the language its written in (no symbols…[View]
61029362USB Encryption: I bought a Sandisk USB with encryption and hate it. Only gives filenames in vault. W…[View]
61009258VS Code vs Sublime 3 Which do you prefer?[View]
61026297pump rpm went to 0 = cpu overheating: Yesterday i had a problem with my nzxt kraken x42 the pump rp…[View]
61027939Will a VR Internet be available in the future?: Here's a sample of what I thinkk it may look li…[View]
61029284'You browser cant display ads, please disable adblock' -------------- Congratulations, you are the v…[View]
61028354So I've found myself having to fill out a lot of redundant forms for work like pic related and …[View]
61029061What do you think about this browser?[View]
61022077What's the best video player on windows?[View]
61021921rusfags, where is the best place to buy computer components? all i see available is this garbage dns…[View]
61025997So I've got this spare dell latitude e5500 (currently got arch on it) any ideas of what i shoul…[View]
61028999Wannacry infects Linux through Wine: https://twitter.com/hackerfantastic/status/863359375787925505 W…[View]
61028685Parent's HDD died. Need to get a replacement. Haven't done so in a long while. Who makes…[View]
61027650NFC: Copy badge: Is it easy to copy a badge into a phone that supports NFC? ethical question, knowle…[View]
61010699Uptime thread: post em if you got em[View]
61025004Prize code validation: Some online competitions require the user to input a code found on the produc…[View]
61027799Resolution sorcery: So I've just downloaded a wallpaper for my phone with a 1440*2650 resolutio…[View]
61026947Intel is fucked now.[View]
61027303I'm thinking about learning swift on linux. However only if it can be compiled and installed on…[View]
61027779>20C difference between cores on a Devils Canyon CPU with '''improved''' TIM for overclocking …[View]
61021303uptime thread[View]
61014284What was your last upgrade? >FX 6300/770 2GB -> R5 1600/1060 6GB Feels good man…[View]
61024534Is HardwareCanucks better than Linus?[View]
61028261Would you buy a modern flip phone?[View]
61027727Jesus fucking Christ, get your shit together, Chrome.[View]
61027918Are there any decent people on /g/ or are you all just a bunch of miserable wanks[View]
61028136This is what /g/ has become.[View]
61015239BASED PAUL DITCHES AYMD TOO - RYZEN CONFIRMED POORFAG MEME: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=o6UAjQmg…[View]
61028357Is there any argument that proves the basis of free software as opposed to mere assertions of Stallm…[View]
61026289>come home >see this >son they took all the electronic devices in the house whats happenin?…[View]
61017677What's the point of a relay?: I turn a switch in my car, it sends power to my relay which switc…[View]
61026853Smokin' doobies and watching some old episodes of Computer Chronicles for an interesting look a…[View]
61024201/dpt/ - Daily Programming Thread: Old thread: >>61018062 What are you working on, /g/?[View]
61025598Only digital citizens may post here.[View]
61015615Temple OS: http://www.templeos.org youtube.com/watch?v=XqY2wuvlruo youtube.com/watch?v=cLWRLE2IZjM y…[View]
61027466https://www.xda-developers.com/oneplus-5-benchmark-cheating-reviews/ ONE PLUS POORFAGS CONFIRMED ON …[View]
61027361Hi there I'm looking to upgrade my earbuds to something more decent than apple EarPods. What ar…[View]
61027130WannaCry is not DEAD!: Honda Stops Production After WannaCry Hits its Computer The automaker halted …[View]
61027268>tfw trying to buy a 1060 or a 480 for a decent price Someone just fucking give me a gun…[View]
61026475>VR is a meme >AI is a meme >voice controlled tech(dont know its proper name) is a meme …[View]
6102521211 4 23 1 13 7 16 5 10 25 22 3 22 6 11 17 6 19 6 3[View]
61022664What's up with 2nd/3rd world countries and iPhone? Don't they know what being gullible is?…[View]
61024355Live, continuous, recording, and long-term monitoring FMRI devices would provide abundant informatio…[View]
61015032/pcbg/ - PC Building General - non-shit edition: >Assemble your parts list https://pcpartpicker.c…[View]
61025558What is /g/s favorite mobile browser? Looking to switch from the chromenet[View]
61027008WTF: Uhhhhh what the fuck is this shit? >inb4 noobuntu >inb4 summerfag…[View]
61025290lul wut?[View]
61023731Cryptocurrency: Cryptocurrency thread. Thinking about get 15 freedom credits worth of bytecoin, beca…[View]
61027136I'm having some boot up problems with my pc So whenever I press the power button on my pc, it w…[View]
61025244>download templeos >open it in virtualbox >stare at it for 5 minutes >type something in …[View]
61025076Thinking about getting a MS Surface Pro 4. Why is this a bad idea?[View]
61026697>have Moto x pure >Installed linage 14.1 os pj Is there anything I can upgrade to that has 5.…[View]
61025032Is intel, dare I say it, finished and bankrupt?[View]
61014211>install linux mint >no audio >immediately uninstall and go back to windows wew that was a …[View]
61025359What did they mean by this?: https://github.com/nationalsecurityagency[View]
61019758It's just Linux: It really is just Linux. Given the scope of work, it might be OK to call it Re…[View]
61020730Newfag here: I'm trying to get into programming. I'd like to know what websites and classe…[View]
61026777Herrow, tutay, im gonnashorriu mi niu rrritropici[View]
61022477You won't believe your eyes there is a Microsoft official UWP style guide https://docs.microsof…[View]
61026061>when you Step daddy has a nervous break down and enrolls himself in a GNU/Linux security class, …[View]
61018033/ptg/ - Private Tracker General: SuicideT0AD edition. Previous thread >>61007195 News >Trag…[View]
61020553>oh you're a coder, anon? >how many projects have you published to github that I can inst…[View]
61026190alternatives to GoPro: So I've been doing more outdoorsy shit lately and I want to start record…[View]
61023041/g/ I'm trying to make this image as small file size as possible. Is there anything more I can …[View]
61026154What do you think of Teller /g/? https://news.ycombinator.com/item?id=14605342 https://teller.io/…[View]
61021811The new i9 series are just overclocked i7s with huge power consumption and heating issues. >'I di…[View]
61001740Why can't Apple make a mac that isn't a overheating throttling pile of shit? https://www.y…[View]
61024372What's the best 16:10 monitor with IPS panel and good black levels?[View]
61017643What is Ekansovi? >15KB of obfuscated Javascript in every thread on 4chan (not being loaded from …[View]
61019146Dell precision m4600 >>>>>> thinkpad t420[View]
61008164what was web browsing like in 2000?[View]
61025723why do you get 'do you know x?' Notification on facebook? I got 4 notifs from same person …[View]
61017391Perfect phones don't exi.....[View]
61025052summarize the state of the GPU market right now with one picture[View]
61023973Nobody cared who I was till I put on the mayonnaise...[View]
61008553Retro ThinkPad is almost here!: http://blog.lenovo.com/en/blog/retro-thinkpad-its-alive/ Oh boy!…[View]
61015934Found this on the street, how do I bypass the lock screen?[View]
61021417it took a long time, but I've finally gone full poo[View]
61025482How many flame shirts and cargo shorts do you have to own to enjoy the longhorn/vista/7 ui? Is ever…[View]
61024369WAN/LAN speeds: What's the cheapest and best consumer (or similar priced) router that can ACTUA…[View]
61020642hey /g/, i have a question for you. i live in a studio apartment and want some nice home audio, an u…[View]
61024190why the h*ck doesnt gimp have an official dark theme yet?[View]
61023949network programming: ITT network programming blank edition[View]
61022475Default KDE looks like shit: Is there any way to make KDE look less shitty? > inb4 use something …[View]
61024657quick advice on domain name.: bitcoinmarket.com.tr or btcmarket.com.tr?[View]
61010144name firefox addons you can't do without[View]
61019182>take an open source phone with you >get stopped at the airport When will the persecution end…[View]
61015692/fag/ Friendly Apple General: Just got a 2012 Macbook pro[View]
61022601Master volume knob on my analog synth broke, now it's always at lowest vol. Is there a way I co…[View]
61021531>thinking about upgrading to a new phone >realize that I'll have to start carrying around…[View]
61024389>'Hey anon you should learn C over C++ it's WAY better!' Oh really. Name me a Graphics/Game …[View]
61024883http://www.anandtech.com/show/11569/imagination-technologies-formally-puts-itself-up-for-sale POWERV…[View]
61023940Hi /g/ I just installed slackware on my rpi and I want to create by myself an helper for slacbuilds.…[View]
61024568Is there a fully stocked raspberry pi .zip of all the Retropi emulator shit and the games with it? L…[View]
61017382If iPhones are so insecure and 'botnet', then why does Vladimir Putin use one despite being a highly…[View]
61009497>be me >open Photoshop >open Bank_Note.jpeg >mfw…[View]
61022365Why didn't I do this sooner? Andy why didn't you guys stress enough just how functional th…[View]
61023725The police use ThinkPads.[View]
61023706Guys, I need a laptop which is thin, fast and has at least 256gb of stockage I was gonna buy the 201…[View]
61021511APOLLYON (V2) Gaming PC: https://ca.pcpartpicker.com/b/XtnH99[View]
61022153Does the library of babel really have every possible permutation of 3200 characters?: >The Librar…[View]
61014717/shg/ Self Hosting General: I just upgraded to pic related from the rapidly decaying Owncloud. Holy …[View]
61016201Why is python so shit?[View]
61000752>get a job offer from apple >take it because its way more than my current job >fly out to c…[View]
61021684i've been learning c++ by a month but i don't know how to continue... (i don't have …[View]
61020194How dumb would it be to apply an epoxy to a headphone jack to prevent it from flexing? I just had a …[View]
60991053Is Windows 8.1 better than 10?[View]
61015988Brand loyalty? Cell Phone/Mobile Phone carrier?: I have been with Sprint for over ten years. My ph…[View]
61010649/sqt/ Stupid Questions Thread: Ask all your stupid questions that don't deserve its own thread …[View]
61018062/dpt/ - Daily Programming Thread: Old thread: >>61012570 What are you working on, /g/?[View]
61020727>he still hasn't escaped the botnet Why don't you have /boot encrypted libreboot flashe…[View]
61017801>The new 'textalyzer' technology is modeled after the Breathalyzer, and would determine if you ha…[View]
61017926When the fuck is Ryzen 3 or Ryzen APU's coming out? I need to build a ghetto PC I can take to f…[View]
61020220Hey bros, I'm looking to build a 8 Core system based on x99. What are some good parts to get? S…[View]
61023576Automake crap: Fuck this, I really hate automake. Typical problem: build fails at some step, but you…[View]
61020233So what's the best Linux distro to install on this? I'm thinking Xubuntu, but what do you …[View]
61019552Consensus: don't run anything on the root account..... tfw only half of the programs on linux d…[View]
61020054Best phone for a hackerman?[View]
61018960Chromebooks: So.. Chromebook... what is it good for other than an 'internet browser'? I…[View]
61022574What's the most A E S T H E T I C mATX case bros? My current Phanteks Enthoo Evolv is a piece o…[View]
61022452UEFI vs Legacy Boot: I have been using legacy boot since I was born, am i missing anything? Just got…[View]
61020936Black Hat Hacking: Assuming one took the typical precautions, just how risky is malicious for-profit…[View]
61020042Loading...: So, I dug up an old desktop with a busted PSU. It's got 8 gigs of RAM and an AMD Ra…[View]
61003059/hpg/ - Headphone General: >Headphone purchase advice: http://pastebin.com/fYZLW7Ub Please put so…[View]
61022000Os recommendation?: Just bought XiaoMi air laptop for use with general computer fuckery, light code …[View]
61022362What do you think of my latest 'app'? https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.al…[View]
61014951South Korean Company Nayana to Pay $1 million in Bitcoin After Ransomware Attack: >Ransomware has…[View]
61021479Looking for help on upgrading my older computer with a external GPU card kit: i'm trying to mak…[View]
61017855/cloud/ Cloud Development General: Post your interesting cloud-based projects and ask questions in g…[View]
61022291Whats the absolute cheapest but silent PC case that will not cause my mid/high-end PC to blow up ins…[View]
61021284soldering kits: hi i was just wondering if someone could recommend a kit i could learn to solder wit…[View]
61020171>all these summerfag apple shill threads on /g/[View]
61018788SCRUM: red pill me on scrum /g/ talks about programming languages non-stop but never about developme…[View]
61021127Monitors: I just upgraded my PC completely and the monitors won't get any signal when I turn on…[View]
61021245The internet has allowed all kinds of shit to be free. But why do I have to pay a telecom for intern…[View]
61019833>XFCE >2017 >50% of programs still open on the wrong monitor >still awful multi monitor …[View]
61010222Hypothetically speaking, if your ISP only provides dynamic IP addresses (your IP changes each time y…[View]
61020173What's /g/`s agreed upon best rootable phone atm?[View]
60972891mpv (mpv plays videos) general: Last thread >>60950554 Install mpv: https://mpv.io/installatio…[View]
61020370I have this thing that I ripped out of an event wristband. I am curious in seeing what data lies on …[View]
61021539Do you guys like my debian cheatsheet bash script? I know it's simple, but it's been prett…[View]
61014712/pcbg/ PC Building General: Post your component list, rate other anons', and ask questions in g…[View]
61019398Installed Debian 9 with LXDE on an older PC, set it up how I like it, but haven't used Linux in…[View]
61017967What do: Is there any way to power a laptop motherboard without using the DC power jack? I think eit…[View]
61018731will digital art ever replace physical art?[View]
61020814the fuck is this rgb light strip connector and why doesn't it go into this thing if its the sam…[View]
61019361I have both CPU and GPU under full load (Folding @ Home) Are these temperatures safe to maintain for…[View]
61018487Why has OpenSUSE been in free fall on Distrowatch for the last 12 months? I'm slow.[View]
61015308stupidity is contagious in the tech industry: Huawei MateBook X >$1500 >win10 >13' screen …[View]
61020397What the fuck is up with 9front?: Pic related is taken from http://9front.org/img/backto4chan.png Th…[View]
61020674>shadow on hands is on the right >shadow on face is on the left what wizardry is this?…[View]
61021144Do you trust crashplan for local backups? I set up the service for local backups and unsubbed from …[View]
61021159I believe using rgb in pc is racist[View]
61020697How do I get better at writing more 'effective/efficient' code?: Started programming 2 weeks ago and…[View]
61017464eGPU Troubles: Made a thread earlier today with not much luck I have a Dell XPS 15 9550 Akitio Node …[View]
61016412/mmm/ Multiple Monitor Meme: Multiple monitors are a meme. Window snapping and workspaces completely…[View]
61006329/csg/ Chink Shit General: In /csg/, we discuss the cheap shit you see on Gearbest, Taobao, AliExpres…[View]
61017493Is it a meme? I need a laptop for CS classes starting in the fall. Should I get this, or just get a…[View]
61017945Helping me pick an OS I've been using Arch for some time now, and considering the raging boners…[View]
61019211Android Encryption: So I was looking into it, and I saw that Nougat has a new encryption method, ess…[View]
61018283>he pronounces it openSUSE instead of openSUSE >he pronounces it sudo instead of sudo >he p…[View]
61019075I'm making a greasemonkey script that does various things on deviantart based on keys pressed. …[View]
61015705BITCOIN WHY AREN'T YOU RICH YET?: another daily reminder >This high school dropout who invested i…[View]
61017117>Install Firefox 64 bit >Sees this What the fuck?…[View]
61020440>apple fags will defend this[View]
61017840Hi, we were in the neighborhood and heard from some reliable sources that you were packing some swee…[View]
61016401what's the best linux distro that just werks™?[View]
61017121So is socket TR4 going to last as long as AM4, or is AMD going to pull an Intel on it and change the…[View]
61003583/wt/ - Watch Thread: This thread is about the appreciation of horology, as well as the micro-enginee…[View]
61020176>didn't get into programming early enough >making twice as much working in network securi…[View]
61019227How much free space do you have, /g/ee? My 850 SSD is sitting at a nice, fresh 425 GB / 465 GB after…[View]
61020079hi /g/ please be my personal consumer review site What are some good security cameras I can install …[View]
61016949So lets get this right, end all the misinformation floating around. Ryzen while not terrible still u…[View]
61017514What was the best version of Firefox and why was it 3.5.xx?[View]
61019852>#define null NULL[View]
61001218/pmp/ Portable Media Players: Personal/portable music player thread /pmp/ Useful guide(s) • Converti…[View]
60996316/mkg/ - mechanical keyboard general: /mkg/ - poor edition >Learn to touch type: http://www.keybr.…[View]
61014082It's Bill. Activate the backdoor.[View]
61016598So /g/ I'm upgrading OS SSD and I need to install a new windows OS on it. Should I go with wind…[View]
61013367i am tired of the large phone meme[View]
61018556Why don't all laptops have this?[View]
61019561General what are you working on thread: I'm working on a dual screen laptop inspired by JerryRi…[View]
61018003OH BOY 1 more week![View]
61017533What's the best way to use NoScript and uMatrix together? I'm wary of turning off whitelis…[View]
61017535How come Android is so great but desktop Linux is such a piece of shit?[View]
61019132/g/, wangblow niggers are out in full force. They're like cornered animals, lashing out now tha…[View]
61019110What are they thinking?[View]
61017849Post your racks.[View]
61017492Hi /g/, I want to make some sort of software, expect my I have no creative mind whatsoever. Any cool…[View]
61018852So... ICQ is still a thing?: UH OH[View]
61017997Should I get the Intel Core M or the i5 version? I just need to run MS Office and Matlab every once …[View]
61001081i5 or i7?[View]
61018794intel is death, buried. is you hear a intelshill again, don't bite the bite.[View]
61012935There is no reason to believe technological singularity will be anything but apocalypse. Humans woul…[View]
61017819Software Ideas: Hi /g/, what are some cool software ideas you've thought about making?[View]
61014315Sold my Sapphire 480 for $425. What do I do now? Buy a 580 on 3 week back order or a 1070? What is t…[View]
61018558post em up others guess ur specs based on scores alone.[View]
61018491Hi /g/ Complete noob here. Is there a website that I can use to find hard drives/RAM specific to a c…[View]
61018442Are e-mails the safest Internet services nowadays? Also if I have two addresses for the same email a…[View]
61015148AMD will become bigger than Intel within 3 to 5 years at this rate. Why doesn't Intel even try …[View]
61013683Fuck Sublime: Does pic related respect the freedom and community of its users? My beard ain't l…[View]
61018008is xXx_Epyc_420_xXx going to be another Opteron and be irrelevant in 3-5 years?[View]
60984652Netrunner: We are making a web browser! In the face of recent changes in Firefox and Chrome some ano…[View]
61017942What's the best way to go from a hobbyist programmer with no formal education or certs to a pro…[View]
61016496Name my Code Camp band.[View]
61017888BITCOIN WHY AREN'T YOU RICH YET?: weekly reminder[View]
61015400tell me pajeets, is this book a shit or good?[View]
61016954/g/ style personal cringe moments I remember when I was 15ish I made a BitchX script and named it so…[View]
61004834ONE PLUS 5: I know there is a general but I want an opinion from all of you anons. Is this worth it…[View]
61015287I installed Gentoo What now?[View]
61012570/dpt/ - Daily Programming Thread: Old thread: >>60999215 What are you working on, /g/?[View]
61017730Just a reminder if you haven't been taught how to use OOP properly and make classes of triangle…[View]
61017709>Engineer here Need to com[plain a little bit >Be me >Engineer, doing engineering things …[View]
61013240Car tech: Anyone else doesn't want to spend 150 bucks for an ipod, but hates the way you can…[View]
61017461Help: My PayPal was hacked into and my money was sent to some random dude. So basically I was stolen…[View]
61017065How the FUCK do you get rid of this ugly-ass border?[View]
61017527What is the minimum technical/ mathematical background I would need to create my own altcoin, or at …[View]
61016862Hi /g/, first time posting here. Can anybody recommend me a good RAT (Remote Access Trojan) that cou…[View]
61016174Why is this so bad?[View]
61017153What's the best used phone to buy for $100?[View]
61016788C: Is there any point of using C over C++ nowadays? (Other than for some embedded devices that don…[View]
61015517>haha it doesn't have an Infinity™ display that everybody totally loves and isn't force…[View]
61015455Hello /g/. Let's talk about desktop layouts. Which one do you prefer and why? The most popular …[View]
61016405Whats a good full qwerty keyboard phone to buy in 2017?[View]
61008971Simple Mobile Phones: So I'm looking to buy a simple mobile phone without acces to the intenret…[View]
61016687How can companies seriously use windows server if it can't update without rebooting?[View]
61016068Why aren't you a Django Girl?[View]
61014558Is Moore's law going to die soon? Seeing that transistors are hitting the quantum limit I belie…[View]
61010968BACK IN THE DAY: Post your favorite childhood tech memories. >be me >be in 7th grade >my fr…[View]
61011192>keeping folders on your desktop[View]
61016957KDE Privacy Settings: Aside from History and Klipper, does KDE have any other privacy shit to disabl…[View]
61016944Is there a SoulSeek client for android other than goseek? It no longer works with 7.0 and is abandon…[View]
61014846~200€$ for this keyb ?: Does /g/ like this keyboard ? Looks sexy, thicc and cute...[View]
61015369What do they know that I don't?[View]
61013840Have you ever used goto?[View]
61016468High speed trading: Is the stock market so stupid that high speed trading makes a lot of money, or i…[View]
61015113>trying Vim for the first time. >what year is this…[View]
61005054Ultra kek[View]
61015396What books can I read and takes notes from in order to understand GNU/Linux?[View]
61007195/ptg/ - Pizza Tracker General: I'll prefix this thread by saying that this thread is not 100% a…[View]
61016214Is this SSHD meme still a meme or are they actually worth it now?[View]
61013791Intel Coffee Lake-S Spotted On SiSoft Sandra: 6 Core/12 Thread, 3.5 GHz Base, 4.2 GHz Turbo http://a…[View]
61016052Akaco_Sec 'Fuck it just Hack': Akaco Sec is a hacking group for hackers, not white hat not grey hat.…[View]
61015656order by usefulness: nmap wireshark burp suite hydra sqlmap nessus dnsenum msfconsole recon-ng aircr…[View]
61005837>Graduate with a MSc in Computer Science >still don't know to program at all…[View]
61016576Android Media widget: Is there a widget, witch combines all these? Installed apps: >Amazon music…[View]
61009280I have a like new Note 7 pre-recall shipment and eBay wont let me sell it. Where can I sell it /g/?[View]
61014849Any recommended reading into databases?[View]
61014090>tfw lo/g/os was 2 years ago https://github.com/install-logos/install-logos.github.com https://in…[View]
61016095Do you guys use linux for anything besides browsing memes?[View]
61013687Core 2 Quads are dec-[View]
61011527So was he fired or just left? Is Elon Musk a meme?[View]
61016431How do yo stop sites from redirecting you to these shit landing pages that embed the image rather th…[View]
61014308I'm trying to make a potato pc and i have the rest of the parts... its this good enough?[View]
60996775What is her endgame?[View]
61005145CPU: OK lads Besides the hate and memes which CPU is the best for average user(gamer) if $ is not a …[View]
61016040What mouse should I get if I want >Basic features >Reliable, long lasting buttons, wheel >L…[View]
61016112why is no one talking about this?[View]
61013853Can anyone tell me why AMD still exists.[View]
61014412Yo /g/ need help deciding What is better for App development Haxe, Java, Or JS[View]
61011702Monitors: I just bought a Dell U2414H new for $179 and I'm actually blown away by how good it i…[View]
61015436Now that Intel is kill do you think AMD will murder Nvidia next with Vega?[View]
61010658what the FUCK[View]
61003313AMD is trying to re-enter the server market segment, Intel continues to deliver 20+ years of uninter…[View]
61015980a8ru547tureh597: a8ru547tureh597.weebly.com[View]
61014607Programming Socks Thread: Post your programming socks[View]
61015535If you were forced to go back in time 30 years and were able to bring one piece of modern tech with …[View]
61015902/g/'s Monitors of choice: So /g/ what's the best monitor for my money these days? Just bui…[View]
61013986I'm using my overclocked Raspberry PI 2 as a desktop replacement. AMA[View]
61013868Intel eternally btfo https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Xah84cJwdxE[View]
61015501Why haven't you reserved the Essential Phone yet? You aren't poor are you?[View]
61014987main hard drive @ 57°C. Should I worry?[View]
61012891What's the best open source video editor. I used to like Premier but I'm not about to Shel…[View]
61011317Is there anything worth getting in this new humble bundle? https://www.humblebundle.com/software-bun…[View]
61015571UPS: I've finally decided to bite the bullet and get a UPS for my server. I don't really n…[View]
61009131Hey, how about instead of making ads less obstructive, we just make it even MORE obstructive when so…[View]
61012016Thanks to Infinity Fabric and to high yelds, AMD is using 99,9% of Ryzen Die. https://twitter.com/Bi…[View]
61006951How many of you guys have the new Galaxy S8? Is it really worth the money and have you had any prob…[View]
61012514To all the fags that live in Nevada amd Arizona, how do you keep your computers running cool in this…[View]
61015044Go: Why does it exist?[View]
61011224Delay in graphic cards: Is there a delay in Processor to Graphic card technology release and why? I …[View]
61013605>windows bloated, spies on you, forces updates, millions of background processes >GNU/Linux su…[View]
61015204>>The Bates 4000. Absolute cutting-edge. These babies came in on Tuesday. They're packed,…[View]
61007275I have a game engine that I made from scratch for fun. I would like to port it to 'linux'. What dist…[View]
61014915Is it possible to find free web hosting that gives you access to SSH ? Please recommend me some that…[View]
61012379Why is BASH so hideous and unituitive?: case $STR_VAR in 200) echo 'STR_VAR is 200';; *) echo 'STR…[View]
61014947>want to buy something new >laptop still works fine and fast >Headphones are in perfect wor…[View]
61003842survey time: best OS: best browser: best media player: best music player: best security related prog…[View]
60976759/wdg/ Web Development General: goding with /g/ >old thread >>60948480 >Discord / IRC htt…[View]
61014969Overclocking was invented by the jews to make you get way less value out of your PC huh?[View]
61011936How do I get out of here?: Continued from >>37867675 on /r9k/ I'm trying to quit 4chan an…[View]
61009719So what happened with this? By the time I went to bed everyone was shitting themselves. Did you guys…[View]
61014364Guys please tell me everything is going to be alright... that i will succeed in the tech field someh…[View]
61011412AMD keeps winning: another good day for amd, lol all the way to the bank[View]
61014766So /g/ I have a regular 24 inch monitor, and I want to get a 2nd one on the side. However I would to…[View]
61009698/pcbg/ PC Building General - Non-shill edition: >Assemble your parts list https://pcpartpicker.co…[View]
61014499wew lad: >be me >dumbass >wants to buy new CPU so I can get better FPS >I have to update…[View]
61012480$ cat hello.c #include <stdio.h> int main() { printf('Hello, World!\n'); return 0; } $ gcc…[View]
61013279Why do you hate me, /g/?[View]
61014511Comfy Desktops: Can we have a hate-free desktop thread in comfy mode?[View]
61014287Phone poster here. What is this new ssh key-like thing captcha is doing? Pic very related.[View]
61013116Humor/ ylyl Thread: I'll start off with some fresh stuff.[View]
61013944>2017 >not using RGB components & peripherals. why live?…[View]
61011828Bitcoin Tumbler: How important is it to use a bitcoin tumbler for simple orders? Has anyone who boug…[View]
61005124Yes, it's this thread again. Can any of you OOP experts define what an object is? For bonus poi…[View]
61006631perfect DE don't exi...[View]
61003756Besides proprietary and non-free, find and post legitimate flaws[View]
61011710I'm Detecting Bullshit Here: What improvement did the 6950x get that makes this possible? I thi…[View]
61013671First Ryzen laptops started selling: https://www.overclockers.co.uk/asus-rog-gl702zc-gc098t-amd-rx-5…[View]
61007886So, im currently in a process of reading some ui/ux design books. But i cant seems to find one parti…[View]
61008537If thoughts were data, how big would the file size of an average thought be?[View]
61013623Does anybody have any experience with reviving previously flashed cards? If windows hard locks when …[View]
61012842>88 What did Mozilla mean by this?[View]
61010933When did Firefox become such a shit?: >start programming more in free time >decide to dabble i…[View]
61010405Excel on tablets: Everyone loves spreadsheets, am I right? I'm considering buying a tablet and …[View]
61000296Why aren't you browsing /g/ with a gold diamond mouse?[View]
61010527So I installed my old corrupted harddrive to see what files I could get off of it but didn't se…[View]
61009934>programming language contains Monty Python references[View]
61013828/g/ will defend this shit[View]
61013768>install icecat meme >super free and shiet niggyeah it be guud bcz fyorefox and GNU >extrem…[View]
61012595Hey /g/, I recently wanted to get back into coding in hopes of fulfilling my childhood dream of bein…[View]
61011484How cucked is Windows Server 2016 compared to Windows 10? Surely it is better? Would Microsoft reall…[View]
61009866>open website on phone >it automatically opens play store on their shitty app…[View]
61011877The fan on my Dell laptop just never fucking stops making noise. I already took a vacuum hose to it.…[View]
61010063ArchLinux: I'm installing Arch Linux, but techically I'm a n00b. Any suggestions /g?…[View]
61013576No time for love: Desktop thread.[View]
61010068Is this the most based Stock cooler of all time? Its fucking great[View]
61009352Hi /g/, I need some projector advice. Moving into a new place in ten days and I've always wante…[View]
61013416intel fire: https://seekingalpha.com/news/3274716-bofaml-downgrades-intel-amd-epyc-reveal-shares-1_6…[View]
61013327Which laptop should I buy to make kindergarten drawings?[View]
61012857GTX 770 2gb: Can't even run BF4 maxed out at 1080p anymore, huge FPS dips when smoke is visible…[View]
61004600/nrg/ - Nyaa Replacements General: Previous >>60949191 This thread is for the discussion of Ny…[View]
61012715Pic unrelated... I see all these 'Blockchain' applications. I used to have a pretty good intuition f…[View]
61010264>not using AdNauseam >not jewing advertisers (jews) out of their shekels don't be a cuck …[View]
61012936What tech related job does /g/ have or what tech related major is /g/ studying for? >SAP consult…[View]
61009062What's your excuse for not reading SICP? Just the first three chapters and you won't regre…[View]
61013143Is using a laptop that is used to boot a tails usb at at home a security risk?[View]
61012138how to bypass iphone lock screen?[View]
61012930Mac keeps dieing: Someone knows how to fix this?[View]
61013129Best IT Jokes: Bitch is like an old version of apache, she lets everyone in.[View]
61011711Post a screenfetch with worse specs than this. mfw > 1Gb ram. My cell phone is better than this.[View]
61007060>Intel Corporation: (-1.83%) >AMD: (+5.22%)…[View]
61011508*nix for a Pentium !!!: I have this old Pentium 3 rig lying around and a friend of mine came over ye…[View]
61006917/spg/ - Smartphone General: If requesting purchasing advice, please provide your country and what ca…[View]
61012074ayyyyyy I'm a US Navy sailor stationed here in California. I'm looking for a gaming laptop…[View]
61012761Theoretical question: Just because of curiosity, if someone were to go on the black market online an…[View]
61012107send help my comptuer is the shitest computer ever: WELL MY COMPUTER OVERHEATS NONE OF MY OTHER COMP…[View]
61012535my computer is shit its a overheating pice of shit computer: WELL MY COMPUTER OVERHEATS NONE OF MY O…[View]
61012401Why does solus budgie freeze every 10 minutes?[View]
60998210I love it when websites do what they're good at and leave politics out of it![View]
61004282more like shitnux: >using Linux What a joke am I correct?[View]
60989764/fglt/ - Friendly GNU/Linux Thread: Previous thread: >>60979462 Welcome to /fglt/ - Friendly G…[View]
61000033https://www.servethehome.com/amd-epyc-7601-dual-socket-early-power-consumption-observations/ >Wit…[View]
60999215/dpt/ - Designated Pajeet Thread: What are you working on, Ra/g/eesh?[View]
61012022Will the Samsung Galaxy S9 be able to run 3200x1600 h265 content at 60fps? Will the next Snapdragon …[View]
61003273>he doesn't use Manjaro i3 edition[View]
61011386I am fucking done with Django: 2 fucking years with slow peace of shit, I had to get around its rudi…[View]
61011675Will we ever see x86_64 dethroned for desktops, and if so, what do you think will trump it?[View]
61010795AMD announces Radeon Instinct MI25 specifications: http://wccftech.com/amd-radeon-instinct-mi25-mi8-…[View]
61011491How to get into blockchain dev?: What do i do to learn about blockchain app development? ive drunk …[View]
61009893If g likes linux so much why dknt you marry it?[View]
61011568Newfag here: I'm trying to get into programming. I'd like to know what websites and classe…[View]
60994813Everyone seems jealous and poor when it comes to Apple. When will the jealousy end? It's litera…[View]
61007232From an audio and visual point of view, is it actually an issue to coil or group cables up? does it …[View]
61007812RISC V WHEN?[View]
61004867The new i9 series are just overclocked i7s with huge power consumption and heating issues. How the…[View]
61009757intel getting btfo by GN: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VNIllzt213Y >mah 12k gaming…[View]
61008580nvidia and amd both working on 'cryptomining only' video cards. wonder how stock out those will be w…[View]
61011329NBN Hate: who here is /FTTP/[View]
61011259Files from an old HDD: I found my HDD from a previous rig and it has some project files i would like…[View]
60994233Tracking on /pol: Hi! I just saw a thread on /pol that it could possibly be tracked. I checked my Ad…[View]
61010440>Download MalwareBytes >Trial period runs out >Can no longer do a 'full scan' >Custom sc…[View]
61011007Ips patcher for mobile: >Pic unrelated I'm trying to play some emulated games on my phone. I…[View]
61011071Is there a complete list of hardware that just werks with gnu/linux-libre so I don't have to de…[View]
61003129>find VPN >IP not range banned yet >try to post >banned due to shitposter posting scat p…[View]
61008152I want to game on SteamOS but i also want to mess about with Kail linux or should i just stay on win…[View]
61005591any fun to be had with multiple long-distances antennas?: hey nerds recently I've been thinking…[View]
61009191Temple OS - Press Release!: Temple OS - Press Release! http://www.templeos.org http://youtube.com/wa…[View]
61010127eGPU Troubles: I have a Dell XPS 15 9550 Akitio Node Gigabyte GTX 1080 i've updated all drivers…[View]
61010606anyone own one of these? does it let your download games to it or does it only let you stream them?[View]
61008381What GNU/Linux distro should I start with?: I have been a Windows user my whole life.[View]
60991058/tpg/ - ThinkPad General thread: Previous thread: >>60965742 IRC: #/tpg/ on irc.rizon.net Othe…[View]
61010643[MEMES INSIDE]: [SHOCKING] AMD engineer preparing for the EPYC CPUs batch test https://www.youtube.c…[View]
61009825Ever own a computer with a DVD drive? You may be owed $10: >Ever own a computer with a DVD drive?…[View]
61010619Recommendations Apps from Aptoide none rooted (unless its badass)[View]
61005218Should i go R5 1600 or R6 1700? I am a whore for cores and the programs i use kinda make use of them…[View]
61000948>has wifi >has a screen >hell, even has a functioning web browser that only shows up if you…[View]
61005939Is the Phenom II X6 series the most underrated series of CPU ever?[View]
61006076Ublock Origin deleted from Chrome: >start computer >go to reddit >faggot advertising everyw…[View]
60993185Daily reminder that this is a valid C++ expression: 1[this] Also, C++ thread.…[View]
61010366el ow el bois source: https://theoutline.com/post/1766/leaked-recording-inside-apple-s-global-war-on…[View]
61010156My freshly cleaned keyboard. I washed all of the keys and used a Q-Tip on the mechanical switches, i…[View]
61009646MacOS requires me to buy an overpriced piece of hardware. Not an option. Windows 10 has ads, spyware…[View]
61000277/Friendly Unix General/: Hello /g/ ! This thread is to discuss all things UNIX Real UNIX systems suc…[View]
61004050>h-hey anon how do you know so much about computers How do you answer this without being autistic…[View]
61006161Got a lenovo K3 Note with LineageOs 14.1. Is it possible to root the phone without wipe everything ?[View]
61009494Is there any way to read gmail in the same browser I'm listening to youtube on another tab, wit…[View]
61009092Even commies use Linux, why don't you?[View]
61008891Write a compiler in 300 lines or less or the birb is gonna stab u and ur mum[View]
61009736help me come up with a website name. im gonna make the next big thing. it can be a .com or one of t…[View]
61008525VRAM Detection?: I recently got a new (open box) laptop that was supposed to come with a Radeon R7 M…[View]
61002982Is google botnet?[View]
61009890Are microdicks spying on us?: >put pc in sleep mode >Come back later to see it turned on excep…[View]
61009742Recommendations Apps from Blackmart none rooted (unless its badass)[View]
61001164>Atom: 700 MB >Sublime: 25 MB ahahahahahaha…[View]
61009582/pcbg/ - PC Building General: >Assemble your parts list https://pcpartpicker.com/ >How to asse…[View]
61009090>tfw your OS isn't cool enough to have its own original soundtrack https://soundcloud.com/bi…[View]
61009236Come. Get cozy with me while I watch some Computer Chronicles for some good ol' fashioned nost…[View]
61002777essential software survey: so anons, what do you use on your computer? > OS > web browser >…[View]
61003969Got hired by the CIA: It's a horrible process, they literally read off a list of every comment …[View]
61004493Is Windows 10 capable of automatically detecting when it is running inside a VM? If yes, can it brea…[View]
60980520/BST/: /BST bread, old one died[View]
61008636>this is what web development has come to thanks millenials and '''entrepeneurs'''…[View]
61007031Cpus: Post what kind of cpus you have and the price you bought it for bought this ancient piece of j…[View]
61006442Is kbps sufficient to tell the quality of an audio file (music)? I usually download music from YouTu…[View]
61004471Why does /g/ hate on numberphile?[View]
61008765aye any pirate fags know the king add-on repos you all use for the latest kodi 17 update[View]
61002743Guts thread Hardware change edition Are we to expect anymore gaming optimizations for Ryzen? Because…[View]
61008296Linus be mad: From Linus Torvalds <> Mauro, SHUT THE FUCK UP! It's a bug alright - in …[View]
60997053http://opus-codec.org/release/stable/2017/06/20/libopus-1_2.html IT'S HAPPENING Why have you no…[View]
61007122What is this?: Im working at an old school. There are a couple of these things in the walls. Wtf are…[View]
60995716AMD gets Baidu, Samsung and Microsoft: IT'S FUCKING HAPPENING https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=l…[View]
61006339How good is PGP?[View]
61008911Email forgery: Hi, I wanted to prank my friend into thinking that he was -20,000 dollars in his PayP…[View]
61009214TSClient?: anybody still use this?[View]
61009023why do you not use dogecoin?[View]
61005645Bigass fucking phone, Y or N: Im thinking about switching my S5neo for a Mi Max 2. And put a big ass…[View]
61003999HSF pool, second try: Thank you to all those who suggested HSFs in the last thread. I have read a lo…[View]
61008931Encarta: i really miss it we need it to come back[View]
61003524/pcbg/ - PC Building General: >Assemble your parts list https://pcpartpicker.com/ >How to asse…[View]
61008020is it safe to enable samba 1.0 again on my pcs so i can access them from my phone? since i disabled…[View]
61005433>posted amazon was better than google >my car shows up in captcha three days later What do?…[View]
61008825>friendly apple general >/fag/ holy shit you can't make this shit up…[View]
60977688Why does everyone on this board like Linux so much? Windows does all the same stuff without having t…[View]
61008723watt does iit meeeeen?[View]
61007970tfw being a trap and computing have always gone hand in hand: >Turing was convicted and given a c…[View]
61007278AMD releases intel killer CPU! Specs out!: https://www.pcgamesn.com/amd/amd-ryzen-threadripper-specs…[View]
61004699What is the illustrious /g/'s thoughts on this? https://lifehacker.com/ungoogled-chromium-stri…[View]
61003576I run a VPN provider. What can I do to separate myself from the competition? Basically up to scale w…[View]
61006075Do you get to the iCloud district often? Oh, what am i saying, of course you don't[View]
61008456Computer and electronics question: Can i plug my average storebought pc into a plug with dc current…[View]
61008206Compressing files: A bit of advice needed. Backed up files (vids, picures and documents) onto an ex…[View]
61003160new release![View]
61008056Is it possible to be your own wireless provider with an sdr kit, and amateur license?[View]
60994920/sqt/ -Stupid Questions Thread: Old >>60985134[View]
61004509why didn't you tell me that xiaomi has new headphones?[View]
61006042What's so bad about webkit? I don't understand how something that powers the most popular …[View]
60998825There are people on this board right now, getting paid for trying to sell you shit from this once ba…[View]
61007474amazon returns: I had an issue with an order, and amazon offered to provide me with replacement, whi…[View]
61007388if looking up a location based on IP only gives you town level accuracy then how does the website se…[View]
61005490Does anyone here use KDE Connect? I'm going to be installing Arch soon and it looks pretty cool…[View]
61005337Photo quality: Hey anons, recently took photos with my friend and after he sent them through Faceboo…[View]
61008046LG TV: UB and SA?: Help me out /g/ I have an LG UH7700-SA TV, I found an update for the UH77000-UB m…[View]
61005328Anyone here into volt modding? Considering grabbing a decade old machine or so and giving the mobo +…[View]
61005083Sexiest Linux Environment?: What's the sexiest linux distro/environment/icon pack combo? Ik it…[View]
61005768I desperately need your help, /g/ Got this ~6 year old PC as a gift from my dad since hes getting a …[View]
61006770Stop using Google products.[View]
61004099Why isn't anyone talking about this? https://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16814…[View]
61007078>amd releases another trash CPU >forces it out of development as fast as possible to be 'on th…[View]
61006773Looking for a guide on how to make a working DLL injector from scratch.: I don't want source co…[View]
61007746DNS? VPN?: i need a Free VPN and a Free DNS, i would use 143 Vpn, because of portforwarding, but im …[View]
61007725Make them grow boys, p-please..[View]
61007588How do I replicate an anime loli? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=u3iGmb15ERQ[View]
60996023Can you stop buying all the RX 4xx/5xx cards you fucking bitcoin faggots. Every single card is out o…[View]
61004022Apple <: >MFW people actually buy this shit[View]
61004717I recently got 2 raspberry pi zero ws and I already know i'm making one of those retro game con…[View]
61005937My laptop battery is dead. But apparently the laptop accepts a wide range of voltages from the batte…[View]
61006008I don't understand what is a color profile. I've read Wikipedia but I don't get it. P…[View]
61006814is anyone getting a crash with firefox nightly on every 4chan page? doesn't happen if i block f…[View]
61001673Android apps general thread I guess What is a good sms app that I can actually use to send messages …[View]
61003716Prebuilt PCs: >be me >be with uncle that taught you everything you know >tell him about the…[View]
60995257153 LINUX SERVERS INFECTED WITH RANSOMWARE: >Trend Micro recently discovered malware that has the…[View]
61002750Itt: shit that's dead[View]
60997010/spg/ - Smartphone General - Yet Another OP5 Edition: If requesting purchasing advice, please provid…[View]
60978273*nix is kill: https://blog.qualys.com/securitylabs/2017/06/19/the-stack-clash >The Stack Clash is…[View]
61006005Why is this shit so expensive? A 12 drive enclosure add-on shouldn't cost more than 100$ for th…[View]
61006123Do you even Alcantara(tm)?[View]
60996364Do people find the CLI frightening?: My wife has never used Linux, came into my room, saw me messing…[View]
61004714>new update, nice, let's check the bugs they have fixed! >oh, there is a new button in th…[View]
61006361So I'm downloading a few of my videos from youtube and I'm not sure what produces the best…[View]
61001639Chinese Children's Cartoons Imageboard: Hey /g/ you know that meme where we call 4chan a 'chine…[View]
61002834Daily Lennart Poettering General /poet/: >Official Website http://0pointer.de/lennart/ >Major …[View]
61003924EIGHTEEN CORES[View]
61002866Revealing LDAP in former company?: I was recently let go from my job, and while I was there, I made …[View]
61002907>install windows >hackintosh stops working >forget keepassx password fucking botnet…[View]
61005630>Microsoft Serge came out in 1996 How did you feel back then?[View]
61006159Why on earth do you need anything more than this /g/[View]
60995059Why do smartphone companies try to make their phones look like iPhones?[View]
61004034Free time as a programmer: Hey /g/, I am starting uni in a few weeks and plan on majoring in Compute…[View]
60992438/csg/ - Chink Shit General: Sponsored by the /csg/ Podcast. Episode 3 live at 9.30pm BST on Sunday 2…[View]
61005907Why didn't he just sell the ATHF movie on ebay?[View]
61005126So are router/modem units a meme? Are these less efficient than having two separate units? Would the…[View]
61005831Why is Mozilla Firefox such a piece of shit? Literally: 1. Eats up too much rap, even with tab suspe…[View]
610051663 days ago i replaced my CPU cooler with NH D15 and from that day i got everyday around 3-4c hotter …[View]
61003051Eagle or multisim?[View]
61005168>he can't read raw unicode What are you, a pleb?[View]
61001016>first job >team shows me some tutorials and guides for codebase >nothing works right and g…[View]
61003250IDE Thread: What is the best ide to use, /g/? Pic related[View]
61004705I wanted to dual boot Kali Linux but my friend says he uses Virtual Box. Which is better? Why? Will …[View]
61002065Sup /g/esus I've decided on making the jump to based Linux. My only question though, is will my…[View]
61005142What's a good way to learn DOS, having come from a Unix background?[View]
61004911Robot Sumo: Thoughs? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QCqxOzKNFks[View]
61004344What Linux Distro is appropriate for older people ?: I want to install Linux on my mom's comput…[View]
61002684So /g/, it is finally time to drop all the memery and give a final word about the best distro (witho…[View]
61000769YEAR OF THE LINUX DESKTOP: I have thus far successfully converted 8 people into adopting GNU/Linux a…[View]
60995478I am a FB engineer: ask me anything. decided to work from home and now I'm bored.[View]
60997501I want to switch from Linux Any suggestions?[View]
61002558Are RAM/SSD prices going to go back down anytime soon? The same DDR4 8GB stick I bought this time la…[View]
61005284So, I finally managed to save enough money from my shitty job and jooined the master race. Problem i…[View]
61002368Gentoo or Arch?[View]
60999695im done: Every single god damn day there's new confirmation that everything I own has software …[View]
61004346https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aaU9Pmw3oXw >this is how your graphics cards are made…[View]
60990453Are bitcoin miners retarded? Why do they always mine much more in the summer when it's fucking…[View]
61003248if I go to best buy with a usb drive loaded up with some portable apps and try to run them on one of…[View]
61004949Why is my new-fangled laptop less capable that my nigh-on 10 year old workstation? Example, IBM SPSS…[View]
61001464USA tries to force Costa Rica to take down TPB's domain: LAND OF THE FREE! LAND OF THE FREE! LA…[View]
61001779Unfuck Chrome Tabs?: Is there a way to unfuck the tiny tabs in Chromium based browsers? I've sw…[View]
61002739I like and use NetBeans. What's wrong woth it? > inb4 written in java…[View]
60989258Realistically how much is the Retro gonna cost?[View]
61002576help i fucked up, systemd stopped loading all kernel modules >muh arch, i3 gaps on xorg >pacma…[View]
61001123Is it true that using libreboot will protect me from the Intel NSA backdoor?[View]
61004585How far away is waifu-VR as a useable mainstream consumer technology??[View]
60998164/ptg/ president trump general: Best Emma edition. Previous thread >>60989059 >Not sure what…[View]
61001296systemd is not truly free software. Stallman is misleading you. Take the OpenRC pill. http://systemd…[View]
61003841/pcbg/ PC Building General: >Assemble your parts list https://pcpartpicker.com/ >How to assemb…[View]
61002733Should I learn Assembly?: No experience beyond some basic scripting when it comes to writing code. B…[View]
60995905Firefox Focus: Where were you when Mozilla won?[View]
61004479How the fuck do you work with docker and shit? >Got some 'microservices' >Hooked up with docke…[View]
61003966hi /g/, i've been browsing here for a while and after seeing all the posts about Windows 10 bei…[View]
61004429>tfw no Science(TM) processor with 4096bit SIMD instructions why is this so hard to make real…[View]
61003780>get iphone 7 plus >literally can't lay flat on table >can barely fit in my pocket WHa…[View]
61004370What phone is this? Or, what are the simplest and most aesthetically pleasing non-smartphones on the…[View]
61004072Which VGA port is the right one /g/? Bottom or top?[View]
61004326How the fuck do I redeem a Google Play code without giving them my address and phone number, /g/?[View]
61000502You have 60 seconds to explain why your distro is the best one or it will be destroyed beyond recrea…[View]
61003538This may sound like a dumb question, but what is the purpose of installing linux over other 'mainstr…[View]
61004082>>60999999 >>61111111[View]
61003901'Gimp can do everything PS can' Why do you Gimp shitter assclowns always talk out of your asses espe…[View]
61003837Barebones Win10: I recently bought a Dell Inspiron 11 to act as a cheap work PC. I only use it for p…[View]
60999095Hey /g/, tell me a joke[View]
61003910>tfw i lost the silicon lottery[View]
60999166/dpt/ - Daily Programming Thread: old thread: >>60990139 What are you working on, /g/?[View]
60994505ID 2020 Digital identity Pushed as a Basic Human Right: NEW YORK - Accenture Plc and Microsoft Corp …[View]
61002158Neo-Luddite Thread?: I'm someone in deep with the east coast tech field. Although I'm pret…[View]
61002799I recall a website existing that you would type something like a username or email address into it a…[View]
61003847watt does iit meeeeen?[View]
61003799Can /g/ help build the perfect castle?: '''Want:''' >high level of …[View]
61000747Can you code like him?[View]
60998224Kinda poor anon here... I found this dell precision T5400 in the trash the other day and finally cl…[View]
61001145how long before apple finally cracks down on this?[View]
60989972What VPN does /g/ use for privacy while torrenting? I'm thinking of using Mullvad based on this…[View]
61003256What kind of hardware would you recommend for someone just trying to host vulnerable VM images (stuf…[View]
61002557intel: I tried so hard And got so far But in the end It doesn't even matter I had to fall To lo…[View]
61003477Okay who's denying 4chan?[View]
61002809>Assemble your parts list https://pcpartpicker.com/ >How to assemble a PC, select components …[View]
61002360Hey can any of you help me out? I've looked elsewhere but can't find an answer Recently my…[View]
61003066Tesla fired Chris Lattner, the creator of LLVM: 'Parted way due to less than optimal culture fit' as…[View]
61002254>Anon breaks his Windows installation with no backup >Told to reinstall Windows >'b-but I…[View]
61003002So I bought this phone (Oppo f1s) because it was cheap and had decent reviews. I didn't researc…[View]
60999408Samsung’s Galaxy Note 8 will reportedly be announced in August: Why does Samshit keep making phones …[View]
60981431/hpg/ - Headphone General: >/Hpg/ Pastebin: https://pastebin.com/u/hpg Please put some effort int…[View]
60999056I want to start a new web forum. >inb4 dead format I've been grandfathered in to forum hosti…[View]
60976803/wt/ watch thread: This is a general dedicated to the appreciation of horology, as well as the micro…[View]
61002651GPS Tracker Device: Anyone ever use these? A friend of mine is looking to purchase one but it seems …[View]
61002678Hi Annon´s. I have a problem with my RNS 315. It´s the orginal Navi from my VW. the problem is that …[View]
61002078how are you supposed to write on a job resume that you are proficient in 'linux' sure you could be a…[View]
61001397Hi /g/. I'm planing to produce some kits to make it easier for people to get into analog video …[View]
61001110>gnu >gnu not unix >based on Unix Is RMS retarded?…[View]
61001780/tosg/ - Temple OS General: Hot Day in Hell Edition: FAQ >What is TempleOS? TempleOS (formerly J …[View]
61000276Google now has a fidget spinner: Discuss[View]
60938061/cosg/ - CloverOS GNU/Linux: CloverOS GNU/Linux Official homepage: https://cloveros.ga Current LiveC…[View]
61002769I have been getting a lot of calls recently from people in my area code (even though that place is h…[View]
60995526Decentralized Internet/Deep Web: I want to leave the surface web altogether and switch to either an …[View]
61002454Are there any good examples of original websites / web 1.0 sites (without some bullshit framework)[View]
61000634Hey /g/, I have some blank DVD-R's left over and I don't know what to do with them. Any id…[View]
60999486Defend this[View]
61002618I was sceptical, but holy shit. This program is comfy as fuck. Why didnt you tell me before /g/? Wh…[View]
61002628>tfw upgraded from a custom built 'gaming rig' desktop that cost me $1400 to a thinkpad t400 I fi…[View]
60999281Who is the best manufacturer of Nvidia cards?[View]
61001486>tfw applying for jobs post-college >apply for PAX using modified cover letter from previous j…[View]
60999965Hey, /g/. Looking for a TV that I can buy for $450 or under that has great picture. Isn't a sma…[View]
61001784PC Build: Did I fuck up /g/? >PS is actually EVGA 600BQ >Couldn't find the after market…[View]
61000224>tfw a friend of mine wanted to buy a 500$ monitor >that's a fucking 4:3 >with 70$ shi…[View]
60997682Guitar Shaped MIDI Controller: why are MIDI GUITARS so FUCKING hard to find. all fucking SOLD out an…[View]
61001451>upgrade from 23' to 27' 1440p monitor >neck hurts looking at the bottom of the screen despite…[View]
61001456Putins PC: This is Vladimir Putins desktop from that new Oliver Stone documentary. Can you tell whic…[View]
60997423I was about to install Linux...: Hyped by the newest Debian, Stretch release I downloaded my image a…[View]
60949191/nrg/ - Nyaa Replacements General: Previous >>60910223 This thread is for the discussion of Ny…[View]
61001625Open Hardware Monitor is pretty good for what I need, but I want to be able to remotely monitor from…[View]
61002056templeos.org what the fuck happened?[View]
61002185Hey /g/ Does will nouveau drivers work with my Pascal GPU? (1060)[View]
60997390Jesus christ this new Nightly design is awful.[View]
60993837YouTube alternative?: What is good video hosting site other than YouTube?[View]
61002097Best wireless routers? Plan on getting a new one. Also getting a SB6183. Fuck xfinity and their shit…[View]
61001937Arduino: /g/ee wiz /g/, I bought an arduino. Now what?[View]
61001982ASUS Prime Z270-K fucking panel: Image related. Manual shows this shit but I only got connectors for…[View]
60997681How many github watches/stars do you have to have to not be shit? I have 6 watches and 8 stars on my…[View]
60997583Did...did AMD just win?[View]
61001715New privilege escalation bug in Linux, FreeBSD, etc: “Stack Clash” memory management flaw found in L…[View]
61001820Gnome devs remove another fucking feature: In the latest version of Gnome (3.25.3) you can no longer…[View]
61000866you guys like my superman theme set up? it's still in progress but im getting there. also, my w…[View]
61001558Ryzen virtualization performance gimped in Windows 10: Creator's Update currently breakes Ryzen…[View]
60994429Encrypted VoIP Software: What's a good end2end encrypted VoIP software? TeamSpeak: + Encryption…[View]
60994875/pcbg/ - PC Building General: >Assemble your parts list https://pcpartpicker.com/ >How to asse…[View]
61000381Best books on PHP5: Best books on PHP5, /g/?[View]
60999560I have 5821.8865 bitcoins from 2010 before they were popular. What do with them?[View]
61001322Coffee Lake: So how many of you guys are waiting for Coffee Lake to come out? Do you think it will f…[View]
60998105/BSD/: Lately I have become fond of the Unix philosophy. As a software developer it relieves me from…[View]
60997108What's the best text editor and why is it GNU nano?[View]
61001298What careers are out there that intersect I.T. and law, /g/? I love tech but honestly I'm getti…[View]
61000199/g/ is dead. not only the small amount of threads and posts is evidence of this, there is simply no …[View]
61000732Apple goes in for the kill in feud with Qualcomm: https://www.forbes.com/sites/jaysomaney/2017/06/20…[View]
61000021Tell me about fingerprint sensors, /g/. Are they riskier than normal passwords? More secure? Am I gi…[View]
60997205Linux Masterace Software: Window manager - i3wm Text editor - Vim File manger - Ranger Word processo…[View]
61000751I have to learn about PSTN/SIP/VOIP/POTS for my job. What books should I read if I have 0 experience…[View]
60998366>Can't do anything with files >restart pc >pic related >decided to just reset every…[View]
60998082How much virtue signaling do we have to take?[View]
60999371Redpill or bluepill me on the whole AR glasses in 2020 meme. Why would people who dont need glasses …[View]
60973918how many monitors is too much for you ?[View]
60997576How old are you? http://www.strawpoll.me/13241002[View]
60998223OnePlus found to have manipulated OnePlus 5 benchmark: >OnePlus found to again manipulate benchma…[View]
60996902This is serious and it's getting out of hand >Went to buy gtx1070 mini itx for small build …[View]
61000823What is this /g/, and how do I disable/prevent this from happening? I'm trying to overclock my …[View]
60914621/pmp/ Portable Media Players: Personal/portable music player thread /pmp/ Useful guide(s) & News…[View]
61000650Are you kids just bullshitting yourselves or do you put blinders up to the fact that Intell and Nvid…[View]
60967757Rare Stallmans: Show you rare Stallmans[View]
60999981Is this the next Dogecoin, Pepe Cash, or something much bigger?: There is an actual Shitcoin now (Si…[View]
60999712>Mom found the banking trojan source code and binaries >Dad found the bank logins and cc #…[View]
60997293My Desktop is still running with an Athlon II X4 620. Most games still run, at least I played Fallou…[View]
60977706ITT: /g/ YLYL[View]
60994696Why Linux is such shit? 1. Monolithic core - is fucking unbelievable stupid shit, driver failure = s…[View]
60998234Friends got me to enter a ML hackathon with them. I am a network security student. How should I prep…[View]
60999752One of these days fellas GPL is gonna dominate the whole market and finally they'll just make i…[View]
60997466hey friends, it's your friend pajeet here. hope u like my new vid :) https://www.youtube.com/wa…[View]
60997739Hey I'm new to /g/ so I apologize if this is a dumb thread. I've always had an interest in…[View]
60998670Welcome to the botnet.[View]
60999155Do CPUs only have a limited number of clocks the same way a heart has a limited number of beats?[View]
60998621general mouse thread /gmt/ (greenwhich mean time): hello fellow redditors of the /g/ technology boar…[View]
60999921Hurricane is coming, /g/. This means power outages. What do I need to do to keep my craptop with a b…[View]
60993402>muh unix without memeing explain me how unix is better than linux? pls…[View]
60997281How does this pic make you feel, /g/?[View]
60994677I'm done with Windows. I want to use Linux only for the rest of my life. Should I use KDE Neo…[View]
60998443reddit is mad about oneplus let's laugh together, /g/entoomen.[View]
60995691Anyone got an alarm clock light ? I'm looking for feedbacks[View]
60997694>FSF approved distros block you from installing 'nonfree' software That takes power away from the…[View]
60999115Daily reminder.[View]
60999320I've had two graphics card fail in one year. Is there anything I can do to improve the stabilit…[View]
60999330just got offed a job from DXC, im still in school and have 2 years to go. The pay is only 13/hr but …[View]
60999272wwhat is an llonux[View]
60997581>1500 bucks >5400 rpm hdd What did they mean by this?…[View]
60994685/pcbg/ - PC Building General - clusterfuck edition: >Assemble your parts list https://pcpartpicke…[View]
60999173/g/ approved web file-hosting: What does /g/ know about nextcloud.com? Is it just another Google bot…[View]
60994460The 'Shit we never otherwise discuss' thread: Everyone is too busy discussing consumershit like GPUs…[View]
60990139/dpt/ - Daily Programming Thread:: What are you working on, /g/? Previous thread: >>60982367…[View]
60998220I am worried I just bought a 700$ shitposting machine. I don't really play video games much but…[View]
60998517Sansa e260 screen swap: So you guys talk about how great Rockbox players are and one of my friends h…[View]
60999042why didn't you tell me that xiaomi has new headphones????[View]
60993962I've always wanted to get into technology, electronics, and coding, but have never had known wh…[View]
60995011People of /g/ Tell me, why is google lying to us? 1048>1000[View]
60985440Vega vs 1080: All the wait for that?: http://wccftech.com/amd-vega/ It's plausible or just a cl…[View]
60985009Recovering from Linux: What was the last straw for you? What made you realize you were just wasting …[View]
60996701What laptop?: I need to buy a new laptop, what would you guys suggest? I've got some stuff I…[View]
60997757https://www.govtrack.us/congress/bills/115/hr1911: thanks /pol/[View]
60997514Hello friends, I want to get a really high end graphics card but want it to be compatible with Linux…[View]
60996340Ati Radeon 1300 XT with a Pentium D and 1 gig of ram.: Trying to play games from 2000-2007 on this m…[View]
60998229Quick question lads. This is my first time building with a fully modular PSU. Now, my motherboard ha…[View]
6099810910 years of iphone: What do you guys think about 10 years of Iphone? is there anyone with the origin…[View]
60998054Seriously what the fuck were they thinking?[View]
60992645LXQt or xfce?: What is the better desktop environment?[View]
60997965INTEL OR AMD: Quick motha faka![View]
60995568Is there any reason to upgrade my phone at this point if I have a Note 4? New phones are most likely…[View]
60992443What do you do with your old smartphones? I have a note 2 laying around and I don't think its w…[View]
60997800AutoCad job test for building what are the going to have me do anon help the google god do not favor…[View]
60996622Not sure if this is the right board to ask, but I don't know of any other that would be suitabl…[View]
60995699VOIP phone connectivity: Trying to use a work voip phone connected to laptop via ethernet cable, wit…[View]
60994050to anyone who owns Samsung (not Maxtor) M3 4TB: could you be so kind as to remove the case and post …[View]
60991371So, when is the last time you upgrade your pc /g/? I just very recently change my mobo and cpu[View]
60997153best/most aesthetic standalone caller-id?[View]
60990942Found microSD: Hi all So i found this memory card on the ground, ill try reading from it but since …[View]
60992875>Beautiful racks of AMD EPYC servers. Excited to have our lead customers, partners and press join…[View]
60973940/fag/ - Friendly Apple General: Previous thread >>60938979 Welcome to /fag/ - Friendly Apple G…[View]
60997547>hey whats'up JohnTronMaloneFromSimplePoorgrammer.googlechrome Are there any more meme scamm…[View]
60989756post yfw having your computer professionally defragged and the registry cleaned and updated by exper…[View]
60995805What's the best browser in 0 + 2017?[View]
60995006What is it with windows 7 cry babies and their refusal to download the superior windows 10? t. Bill …[View]
60994617Windows 10 update stopped hotplugging usb hardware from working, it must now be plugged in at bootup…[View]
60997101>the windows store is ret- G BTFO FOREVER[View]
60990929ekansovi exploit on 4chan: Is this true?[View]
60996811>his CPU is 4c/4t[View]
60979154>New system gets introduced in the Netherlands where you can use your smartphone as public transp…[View]
60996955>keep clocking my monitor to 120hz >it's 59hz native >keeps blowing up >literal sm…[View]
60996806Video editor supremacy thread: Visual Studio Code vs. Sublime Text Fight[View]
60995808>Install Ubuntu >Try to watch a video on Youtube >The screen starts tearing…[View]
60996665what's the best projector for hooking up in my room and watching shit price is a factor...[View]
60986466Holy fuck! The new i9 series are just overclocked i7s with huge power consumption and heating issues…[View]
60989059/ptg/ - Private Tracker General: Fuck your news edition. Previous thread >>60976830 >Not su…[View]
60995414Is greenify still viable on Android 6 MM? I'm running the xposed version. What's a decent …[View]
60996271>>60990472 >Except for gaming, windows couldn't replace linux in anything. >no good…[View]
60993283/spg/ - Smartphone General - OP5 Edition: If requesting purchasing advice, please provide your count…[View]
60992001Is it possible to block a specific script/image/element/whatever in umatrix?[View]
60996124ChinkPlus 5: Lel, even the renders on their site are pathetic, look at the image on the phone it…[View]
60996062Okay /g/ what's up with the Google Photos Assistant suggestions? I've seen it do the follo…[View]
60991672whats the ugliest programming language of all time and why is it javascript?[View]
60992701>open source >boots in seconds even on extreme poverty hardware >insanely fast and light be…[View]
60992816Using a Peavey VIP 3 as a cab: Is there anyway I can bypass the amplification settings on a Peavey V…[View]
60995493Possible little project: So I have these scrap speakers, and I wanted to put them into an Altoids ca…[View]
60985602Android Homescreen: It's ready! https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B2qhu7DOcXwFZTBKaFMtRXdCOGM/vi…[View]
60992981I found a MacBook Pro on the ground. The asshole who dropped it locked it with iCloud. Any way arou…[View]
60995766ITT post your phone case dare you to post something sexier than this[View]
60993745Network+ notes: Where can I get a copy of professor messwrs network+ notes?[View]
60990895screenfetch thread - freedom edition: r8[View]
60982054Epyc processors drops tomorrow and AMD will show the Threadripper running CB @3.5ghz score ~3243. Yo…[View]
60990030>cross-platform software for Linux >it's only distributed in DEB or RPM How do Arch and G…[View]
60992793What is the /g/ approved browser? I'm so used to Firefox but I think I could be happier with an…[View]
60995480I work for a large company that is developing the killer of lithium ion battery. Ask me anything. Pi…[View]
60995515I went to the Living Computer Museum: And all you stupid underageb& faggots ruined it by leaving…[View]
60977283/mkg/ - Mechanical Keyboard General: /mkg/ - If You Own A Mechanical Keyboard It's About Time Y…[View]
60993534SPEC updates it's CPU benchmark for the first time in 11 years: >The new tests eliminate the…[View]
60993732>gstatic.com Do you know what this is, /g/? It's the google equivalent of ekansovi. https://…[View]
60994555I have a large collection of home videos on a few different formats that I need to digitize over the…[View]
60995356Thinking about rooting my Blu Studio but never done it before. Anything I should be aware of besides…[View]
60992612Netbook Thread: Netbook thread?[View]
60986630Can we get a gullible tech thread going? Requesting the iPhone fakes[View]
60991426Computer/''''gaming'''' chairs: What computer chairs do you guys recommend? What are you sitting on …[View]
60994456>he liquid cools his cpu enjoy those leaks[View]
60990970CASE AGAINST FREE SOFTWARE: I am writing to protest the recent article 'All software should be free,…[View]
60982367/dpt/ - Daily Programming Thread:: What are you working on, /g/? Previous thread: >>60975777…[View]
60988829What exactly is the point of OOP? As far as I can tell, an object is just a blob of data with some a…[View]
60991642Company uses Linux, loses 1 MILLION DOLLARS: http://thehackernews.com/2017/06/web-hosting-ransomware…[View]
60991370Google fidget spinner: Google Search has a virtual fidget spinner. Thoughts? https://www.google.com/…[View]
60991398Year of the Firefox: >install Firefox Nightly >change to light theme to get rid of the hideous…[View]
60992492Ambilight-like: How can I do this with my Linux desktop?[View]
60994132Well /g/? Did you buy yours yet?[View]
60993296Oneplus 5: >doesn't push the boundaries any more than any previous 1+ phone >costs $50 mo…[View]
60994822Want to buy an utrabook/hybrid for work/studies. A lot of the good looking ones come in a 3:2 format…[View]
60992372RED ALERT LENNART IS RELEASING A NEW PROJET: http://www.phoronix.com/scan.php?page=news_item&px=…[View]
60993685Awesome PC Gaming Setups (2017): https://youtu.be/c3jjDy-oiDI[View]
60991714New /g/ user base spike incoming? :^)[View]
60991117you have to choose between the latest macOS and the latest Windows, regardless of the machine that s…[View]
60992591LENOVO CONFIRMS RETRO THINKPAD 2017: Quick Rundown: >rgbthink.com launches with a dozen other …[View]
60990745Retro Rumor General: What will they call it? Retro? T92? T25? RGB?[View]
60993716What is the problem with this line of code?: (y < len) ? matrix[x][y++] = cur : continue; I…[View]
60994378compact liquid cooling vs fans: which do you guys prefer? personally my fans keep my cpu idling at a…[View]
60992569Angry about google and twitter censoring your shit? Why won't you move from youtube to torrent …[View]
60987043UK claims WannaCry came from North Korea: I thought post-truth is just meme. GCHQ believes.. First R…[View]
60994473What would be the cheapest solution to control something over USB? Like turning a LED on and off, or…[View]
60994386Operating Systems and Shit: I noticed that Ubuntu has a tracker for stock and such Anyone have an id…[View]
60988637Have you bought the new Surface Pro yet, /g/?[View]
60993968ISPS SUCK >call isp because internet is fucked as usual, goes down every 10 ms >lol wait 9 day…[View]
60994180this is just too good every big mobo player is having a gift supplied if you buy x299 platform http…[View]
60994333Are any of these worth trying or are they too outdated?[View]
60982659i9 14,16,18 core CPUs may be incompatible with existing X299 motherboards: http://www.bitsandchips.i…[View]
60992990> required library is not on Maven[View]
60992738AHHHHAHAHAHHHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Lxbdvo2vFwc[View]
60993230Suggestions: Do call in hotlines/podcasts still exist? If so I want to compile a list.[View]
60989886Microsoft and Accenture demo blockchain-based identity network as part of ID2020: Microsoft and Acce…[View]
60984738VR: Is VR really the way of the future for entertainment (vidya, porn, movies, TV shows, socializati…[View]
609915651+5: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nT5egj-fVyg OnePlus 5 launch thread, let's hope it's …[View]
60982465>seeing this as a 10-year-old[View]
60989753VR is just a plan for world domination. Ok, so hear me out. >be zuc >be the year 2025 >the …[View]
60993420Why this board have Windows users?: I don't understand how this board could have Microsoft user…[View]
60993843Oneplus 5 - Offer: https://oneplus.net/se/invite#Z85PN7Q0K4DIIP[View]
60993123Why do you have so many tabs open, /g/?[View]
60986105Why aren't you building a personal robot with a BeagleBone Blue control board right now? It can…[View]
60992220Any javafags here? I'm trying to create an anonymous class to override a method of an object cr…[View]
60992890>OPO sends modified versions of the One Plus One to reviewers so they recommend them to customers…[View]
60993445cvs as backup tool?: I need to backup some webservers onto my homeserver. In the past I did this wit…[View]
60991228>clear all browser data in chrome settings >refresh google.com >still signed in…[View]
60985134/sqt/ - Stupid Questions Thread: Ask your stupid questions here Last thread >>60974700[View]
60985223How much morphine do you take for koding?[View]

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