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62049946STOP USING FIREFUCKS: https://www.ghacks.net/2017/08/22/mozilla-plans-to-collect-anonymous-firefox-b…[View]
62053756Do you display your technology, /g/?[View]
62053746Horologue Synagogue of Kiddy Fiddlers [[[4.700 USD]]]: Horrorlogery is a form of autism for a niche …[View]
62045591The firefox that went right[View]
62048230>didn't know existence of torrent until 2011[View]
62050799Good ROM for old Sprint Galaxy S4: I'm currently using cyanogenmod, but now that they've k…[View]
62029023>pay $70/mo and only get 10mbps up Why is this allowed?[View]
62052983>999$: Why the fuck would ever waste so much money on a fucking phone. Shit is getting ridiculous…[View]
62051086Manjaro vs Antergos. Whats better /g/?[View]
62052961how does /g/ hide personal files? >have a folder in the game SCP: Containment Breach called 'Deca…[View]
62049395>fingerprint scanner right next to the camera lens, making it practically unusable >facial rec…[View]
62049688Flexible Web framework: Are there any light-weight web framework with built-in authentication and au…[View]
62037002/ptg/ - Private Tracker General: Previous: >>61811885 >Not sure what private trackers are a…[View]
62049336Best apps on Google Play?[View]
62052806Backup all your important stuff NOW! Not later, or tomorrow, do it now.[View]
62051271Low-tech no-internet computer: I want a computer that is basically just a word processor and spreads…[View]
62050079Is owncloud still a good all-in-one hosting solution for one's home? What are the alternatives?[View]
62050888Can you recommend me a good phone that I should buy? It should have a good camera, large storage, is…[View]
62050289>tfw no money for RAM upgrades[View]
62030266edc - everyday carry: >no EDC thread let's have one! Post yours.…[View]
62049799Why don't you have an Intel®Core™inside™?[View]
62046339Dell XPS 13: Is this a good laptop? Do you get bang for your buck? I like that you don't have t…[View]
62051761Best desktop environment?[View]
62052296Django for data processing: How can Django's ORM be used by a background task to process some d…[View]
62050292Ok, i got one ~interesting question. Lets say ww3 starts, conventional weapons(so,not Fallout scenar…[View]
620412754k: Does anyone of you have a 4k monitor? Is it really that worth it?[View]
62052232Haskell: Is Haskell actually worth learning or is it just a meme language /g/? Is it good as a first…[View]
62039080/hpg/ - Headphone General: >Headphone purchase advice: http://pastebin.com/fYZLW7Ub Please put so…[View]
62047937NVIDIA just got obliterated. http://www.anandtech.com/show/11749/hot-chips-google-tpu-performance-an…[View]
62048060Censortube back at it again.[View]
62049071Times /g/ memed you: >dont buy buttcoin >install gentoo…[View]
62052023WHERE'S FUCKING /PCBG/: W H E R E[View]
62048960I'm arguing with my coworker on the fact that USB 3.0 is also faster for keyboard and mouse. He…[View]
62047187What rss reader does /g/ use?[View]
62051836*reads yo last rites*[View]
62051828someone knows how to play .ts stream files on Vlc ??: I want to stream tv channels on my vlc , but i…[View]
62046984what's the quintessential firefox about:config?[View]
62050741Why is wifi-direct slow and will future versions of it make it faster? up to 250mbps my ass We'…[View]
62049108Adnauseam acting weird: >go to Huffington Post article to test Adnauseam >0 ads blocked >no…[View]
62049684Deadfox: https://reviewboard.mozilla.org/r/169170/diff/9#index_header > make downloads button non…[View]
62049437SV Faggotry: ITT: We /hackernews/ now >Disrupting air traffic control with clojure microservices…[View]
62047934Is this IdeaPad a meme?: https://staples.ca/en/Lenovo-IdeaPad-320-80XL02MRCF-15-6-Notebook-2-5-GHz-I…[View]
62034636/sqt/ - Stupid Questions Thread: Last thread >>62020654[View]
62050006Must have software: >you are forced to use windows 10 forever ABSOLUTELY Essential software for a…[View]
62046355AMD VEGA 64 THREAD: Finally amd has finally beaten the gtx 1080. Nvidiots now need two 1080 to beat …[View]
62048096ryzen 3 + rx 460 or g4560 + gtx 1060[View]
62046948Im tired of this shit wont update gnome: Yes i wont update to gnome 2.0 this fucking sucks, my music…[View]
62043893I plan to get a Raspberry Pi 3 soon and I feel I want to mod Toshiba Libretto 110CT by removing the …[View]
62043614>group project in intro to CS class >I've been programming as a hobby for years, know it…[View]
62050920another meme or legitimately good browser?[View]
62050201Can Earrape songs damage headphones?[View]
62046428is there any android file explorer that works when the server has smb 1.0 disabled? i disabled smb 1…[View]
62051024>Try installing a m.2 drive for first time >spend 1 min plugging in the chip >spend 10 mins…[View]
62047293So... what was all the fuss about a couple of days ago? Did they relese a new version or something?[View]
62049880Hey /g/entochan, I need to open certain combinations of udp and tcp ports on my router and close eve…[View]
62038597Who here Oreo[View]
62048297mcm amd costs is 59% that of a monolithic design... intel cant compete no matter how low they price …[View]
62047810Nuts: I'm supposed to get some new cage nuts for one of our racks. However, it doesn't tak…[View]
62048345What's your opinion on use of photogrammetry in VR? Will this be the future? Should I start shi…[View]
62049576I want to make my own personal, private cloud. And I am too dumb to know what to do. I am thinking b…[View]
62047389Proprietary software: My fucking users are revolting becouse they want some goddamn adobe reader ins…[View]
62050619Hey Guys, I'm beta testing the new galaxy note 8![View]
62050134>Wipe Free Space >Complex overwrite 35 passes Is this actually effective at destroying deleted…[View]
62050544/W4RR/ Dialy Wait For Raven Ridge Thread Mini PC edition. Can't wait for the new Gigabyte Brix …[View]
62048206Hi guys quick question. Is one bar of 4G preferential to having 3 bars of HSPA or as I heard it call…[View]
62047513the fuck is this shit?[View]
62038535Screwdrivers are technology What is the best screwdriver set on the market?[View]
62048989I'm currently a 4th year senior in college, and a friend of mine wants me to come in and look a…[View]
62046483Congratulations to Apple. iOS is the first operating system, licensed to the general public, that pa…[View]
62050183>tfw Mikwaukee still looks like shit on 4K SUHD[View]
62043885>have to pay to be able to learn this language How did they get away with this?…[View]
62050249Fuck Samsung: All I can think of when I see samsung is casey jewstat from jewtube shill this piece o…[View]
62042734/dpt/ - Daily Programming Thread: What are you working on, /g/? Previous Thread: >>62037763…[View]
62048051I repaired my friend's monitor by replacing and soldering new components on the power board cir…[View]
62037157Is FLAC a meme?: Pic Unrelated[View]
62049521> Pale Moon by Moochild Productions > Proprietary Moon by Manchild Productions YOU CAN'T …[View]
62048435>even open source software is much better on MacOS that on Loonix top zozzle…[View]
62049717Is there a good Picasa replacement? I can't figure out what Google product I'm supposed to…[View]
62049759Almost forgot about this shit,anyone already using this botnet?[View]
62048284Time for a new phone - LG G6 ?: Hello. After 5 years with my amazing LG G2 I think its time for an u…[View]
62046966Give me ONE (1) legitimate reason to stick with Android. That's not a challenge, I'm just …[View]
62049470What's the T420 of 2017?[View]
62049648What's the best external hard drive recovery method?[View]
62049264WAP appreciation thread. 'member WAP? >FREE RINGTONES![View]
62047816To antialias or not?: Whether to use an antialiased vector or an aliased bitmap font seems to be a p…[View]
62045059Have you prayed to Isidore of Seville today before logging in? Because apparently he is the Patron S…[View]
62031324/G/ BTFO[View]
62049006>can't use 144hz with a dual monitor setup on my monitor that supports it I fell for another…[View]
62040620What's the best MacBook Pro 15' Retina year? I currently own a mid 2012 that I only bought for …[View]
62045726I couldn't control myself guys.. I just found myself clicking the 'buy' button. As if…[View]
62048806Canary + Chromium are best browsers prove me wrong; protip, you cant[View]
62043186Is this guy legit to take advice from?[View]
62046443/raidlevel/ general: Hey, any of you IT-fags are working in a small business where they use USB Har…[View]
62047923If you were to spent a year in an international station in South Pole, Alaska and you could carry a …[View]
62042395Boost Asio C++: How do you use boost asio to build a website in C++ (I'm using c++ because I wa…[View]
62047212Where are the /g/ bingo?[View]
62048728Did I miss out or am I missing out on something by not using eMule? Used DC++ back in the day. Shar…[View]
62044371Chatted with nvidia support to report a bug. Nvidia tells me to do some bullshit to fix something t…[View]
62048375What's the easiest way to create a 'custom' debian/ubuntu 'distro' with included installer etc?…[View]
62033662Now that android has irrevocably cucked itself, and iOS has long been trash Is there a viable alter…[View]
62047831What's the best laptop i could get for 150eur? I want a comfy thin potato that i could browse t…[View]
62048074Is the new build of Firefox nightly finally faster than Chromium? I like the features in FFox and la…[View]
62047963Is there a /g/ IRC? pic unrelated[View]
62041919What is the least autistic desktop environment and why is it KDE?[View]
62039934/pcbg/ - PC Building General - qt Edition: Want help?: >Assemble part list pcpartpicker.com >S…[View]
62022897Is LISP worth learning in 2017?: just started reading pic related are there any uses for LISP other …[View]
62033463> battle station thread Last one reached bump limit[View]
62033202/cosg/ - CloverOS GNU/Linux: CloverOS GNU/Linux Official homepage: https://cloveros.ga Current ISO: …[View]
62040129what cpu id software do you use?[View]
62043443How long until Linus crashes? The video a day schedule is probably hell and I think it's starti…[View]
62046812Phone Losers of America: Why are the Phone Losers of America the greatest phreaking group of all tim…[View]
62025093I can't wait to play glorious Final Fantasy XV with my brand new AMD graphics ca-[View]
620454478 GiB of RAM is enou-[View]
62047714Errors: Have you ever gotten an error when compiling code? If so, what?[View]
62033465>killling net neutrality will be fine guys we swear it will be ok and not a problem at all hope …[View]
62047160How often do you get mad at yourself for not buying a few hundred of Bitcoin when it cost pennies?[View]
62037740Study hard, you underage b&-ers!: Just wanted to drop a 'red pill'.. I'm a 36yo truck drive…[View]
62044552>boot into Windows >open Fedora Media Writer >pic related suddenly installs itself and crea…[View]
62045959Sup /g How to make 'strong GitHub'?[View]
62043341Would you rather an s2 amoled or an iPad Pro?[View]
62045879Which IDE is best for a beginner python brainlet?[View]
62040248What would make Windows more usable?[View]
62043946Distros: Let's pretend there can only be one objectively good distro. Which one is it, /g/? (an…[View]
62038572Employee retention rate at top tech companies: http://www.businessinsider.com/employee-retention-rat…[View]
62042697I have extra cash and I want to buy something. I was thinking about getting a yoga book for grad sch…[View]
62045692Daily reminder that PHP is shit.[View]
62046771there will come a time when toilets become part of the botnet. what you eat, what drugs you take, w…[View]
62046768secure browser for iphone?: Anyone knows what scure browsers for iphone are there?[View]
62046973Amateur snakeoil: How much /g/ options do you value whilst probably you will never use them? I was g…[View]
62039867What phone does she use /g/? Is she iPhone or android? Please state your reasoning[View]
62044337>i3 4th generation gpu bundled >download 4K 6GB video >VLC don't even start >Mpv ch…[View]
62047306Surface Book: Anyone got a surface book thinking of either getting that or a surface pro 4 or 5. I n…[View]
62045895Why dual panel?: What's the functional advantage of the dual panel over a single panel DEs(like…[View]
62038524BREAKING: Google is secretly recording millions of Android users!!!: >How Google is secretly reco…[View]
62045925remove get add-ons button: Waterfox is shit. Only x64? I can't use 4chan-x. There is some exten…[View]
62046354>shitty open sores drivers gimping your hardware >limited choice of productivity software >…[View]
62044121Why don't you have an Intel®Core™inside™?[View]
62046960running external hdd: I have like 5 external HDD ranging from 1-2tb I have a USB 3 expansion on my c…[View]
62046868/g/'s advice: hey /g/entlemen, since im such a noble person i am planning to go around the city…[View]
62046022Case modding: any recommendations for customizing a PC case? its my first time. themes? I like black…[View]
62036700>2017 >using an antivirus[View]
62045394how do you make friends online? as in where do you talk to strangers besides 4chan or like omegle[View]
62041333Waterfox: Meme browser or redpilled?: Give it to me straight, /g/, is Waterfox a meme browser or is …[View]
62046125Ubuntu: I just installed Ubuntu. What should I do with it? Any apps I should know about?[View]
62041003Radio Thread: Post your radio. Anyone here have a shortwave radio? Is there anything to listen to a…[View]
62044764What to choose, anon? Mainly usage is watching youtube and browsing.[View]
62042689Cheap Backup NAS: Alright /g/entleman, here's my master plan. I desperately need a backup serve…[View]
62046672When did you realize that the NSA were /ourguys/?[View]
620466170. a guest left this gameboy color at my father's hotel many year ago. my friends on /g/ wha…[View]
62044999Is there a way to have copies of texts on another phone sent to my phone? All those spy app websites…[View]
62046640Fuck this shit[View]
62024423/spg/ - Smartphone General: 'Chink phone best phone' Edition If requesting purchasing advice, please…[View]
62038183Any Windows IT pros here? How do you make Windows 10 less botnet, perform better, more secure? What …[View]
62046488Recommended domain registrars that have WHOIS privacy, new gTLDs and aren't located in Fourteen…[View]
62043914What can i get for these?[View]
62046394Can you make an on board Intel HD GPU and same GPU coming from processor work together in similar fa…[View]
62044870Hey: Hey /gentoomen/, while I may be really (!) late to the college 'party' I just started a compute…[View]
62029015In /csg/, we discuss the cheap shit you see on Gearbest, Taobao, AliExpress, Banggood, eBay and simi…[View]
62046251Okay, So when will 4chan adopt >Material design >WebP >Non-google captcha when making threa…[View]
62041725So at these prices Vega64 is a better deal than RX580, right?[View]
62032100/fglt/ - Friendly GNU/Linux Thread: Previous thread: >>62007647 Welcome to /fglt/ - Friendly G…[View]
62043660What did everyone abandon it?[View]
62032408/sec/ - Cybersecurity General: We are demerging from /cyb/ because they are LARPers who don't d…[View]
62042117Is C and PHP the perfect couple of programming languages?[View]
62045857AMD4U: https://www.techpowerup.com/236373/amd-to-give-away-adobe-creative-cloud-subscriptions-and-ga…[View]
62039385Defend this. protip: can't[View]
62044686Anyone want to buy a SNES classic. Only 300$ :^)[View]
62044301Are you currently contributing to the construction of Roko's Basilisk? Roko's Basilisk is …[View]
62034098AMD RX Vega’s pricing was “not just for launch, but ongoing”: https://www.pcgamesn.com/amd/amd-rx-ve…[View]
62020519https://www.android.com/versions/oreo-8-0/ ITS HAPPENING THANK YOU BASED GOOGLE[View]
62045013Making your own switch: I have recently acquired pic related and I was wonder if this was possible …[View]
62040335How does one get into programming? I need a no bullshit answer, tired of being a NEET.[View]
62044990is anyone else having a issue with the Wi-Fi in windows 10 not working? I mean it detects their is …[View]
62045101I'm thinking about selling this and just using a cheaper one to run my OS. If I just format it …[View]
62044118Temple OS: http://www.templeos.org[View]
62044815Research Question: Need a mini research problem for my Phd Comp Sc degree. Can we get some brain st…[View]
62043515I disassembled an external hard drive to use internally. But I can't see my hard drive I opened…[View]
62045420Max Amperage: I have an external DVD drive that needs a replacement power adapter. The label says it…[View]
62021613Yes this is a Linux hate thread: > linux still doesnt work with two GCC compilers at the same tim…[View]
62043922Computer Help (BSOD): So I have been having this specific BSOD the last 12 months. I have changed ou…[View]
62044699Unnecessary upgrade: who here on 6700k / 7700k is upgrading to Kaby Lake?[View]
62043967Which programming language is the comfiest?[View]
62045546How come my 3gm ram phone is faster than my 6gb ram laptop?[View]
62043335>tfw I spent 4 hours and still can't optimize a binary search[View]
62040836Why learn Photoshop when GIMP exists? Why learn Illustrator when Inkscape exists? Why learn Word whe…[View]
62044403Why do normalfags like technology nowadays?[View]
62043463where are my amateur radio nibbas at? post: >radio >licence level >coolest shit you've…[View]
62044622Smart Home General: Anyone else here embrace the botnet yet? I've got phillips hue lights, a sm…[View]
62045054Which is the more valuable language between Python and Ruby? Which one suits brainlets better?[View]
62045043i bought jewtel instead of ryzen JUST[View]
62045008'What is that laptop' thread: First request /g/: what is that laptop brand and model ? Apple ?…[View]
62045041desktop thread, lets get ur best /g/[View]
620419175k vs. ultrawide: would /g/ rather use a 5k monitor or ultra-wide?[View]
62044685>tfw GNU+Chromium[View]
62043811Red thing: >he uses the red circular mouse mover Literally why? It's not any better than usi…[View]
62040307Google wifi: What is /g/'s opinion about the google WiFi router. It doesn't split the said…[View]
62043062IObit Freeware (Advanced SystemCare, Driver Booster, Smart Defrag, etc.) - Do you find the software …[View]
62043262Are imageboards dying out? Or growing? 7+1chan is at a slow halt while 4chan seems to be the same or…[View]
62044088does anyone here actually use windows 10 long term seduction branch? i ask because it seems to be ha…[View]
62042956How we fix the shiny key problem?[View]
62044457It is never going to end. There is no end. This is the new normal.[View]
62043692Which is the best mobo for a 1600 price:performance that only needs to run 1 card?[View]
62040709Program in forth: be shady as fuck.[View]
62027576How to reach tech nirvanah[View]
62043163>fell for the HTML5 game developer meme >missed the io trend which is now oversaturated >mi…[View]
62044285What's the best instant messenger/chat client with voice chat, video chat and groups that doesn…[View]
62041246lets start the real CRT debate does it cause eye cancer?[View]
62039490Is Octave a sufficient alternative to MATLAB? I heard more advanced programming with MATLAB can…[View]
62040519I can major in whatever I want anywhere I want. How do I make big money in tech?[View]
62033703Sonos: How the fuck is this legal? Whole fucking world and technology as a whole is turning to shit.…[View]
62043743>tablets built for netflix and chill is this reporter dumb or did she literally mean to say that?…[View]
62036082Intel UHD Graphics: What did Intel mean by this? Is Raven Ridge kill?[View]
62042670/h/ here >be 23 >born as a spic american >have 0 experience in programming >put in an ap…[View]
62042965/g/ told me that I had to enter my email to download geforce drivers. Went to nvidia's site, an…[View]
62042867SSD Advice: I'm thinking about buying an SSD just to install a few games on (I'm sick of 7…[View]
62037276If /g/ had to make a list of reasons why it hates Google, what things would be in that list?[View]
62034146'OK' causes Androids to record you, not 'OK Google': >Google says it only turns on and begins rec…[View]
62041737What should I do with an asus u36s with a broken screen?[View]
62041093Does Bitlocker work with dual boot, or will I have to use Veracrypt? Has someone here got something …[View]
62043204How do you host Vlan Gateways on pfSense and then have devices hanging off a cisco switch be able to…[View]
62036396What is your most hated software that you personally use? Stuff that you absolutely despise but use…[View]
62041232Ricing win 10: I have stock Windows 10. I want to rice it so when my friends come over to smoke they…[View]
62030177What are your favorite vim plugins?[View]
62038126FreeBSD: Yes/No and why[View]
62043288So im traveling, and at every stop or a hotel i use zanti to spy on people, accesed a router but onl…[View]
62042966>Another day wasted distro-hopping and tinkering with my OS Linux gives me too much freedom to do…[View]
62042911Pale Moon vs Waterfox: Hi /g/, former Chromium and current Nightly user here. If I am going to switc…[View]
62041797I remember being excited about multi desktops for Windows, but then ended up never actually using it…[View]
62040756mapt vs udemy vs pluralsight vs lynda vs youtube: what does /g/ approve[View]
62040987Is there a way I can completely disable network internet access in Windows? So when I dual boot into…[View]
62042062Halp: Just built this computer and it said reboot and select proper boot device. I looked it up and …[View]
62037763/dpt/ - Daily Programming Thread: What are you working on, /g/? Previous thread: >>62034793…[View]
62039580Now that Zuckerberg and Google proved to be spying, botnet-enabling, mind controlling freaks, I have…[View]
62031571Undervolting Vega: https://www.hardwareluxx.de/index.php/artikel/hardware/grafikkarten/44084-amd-rad…[View]
62042629Watercooler identification: Hey /g/ Recently I helped a friend build a new PC, swapping out all his…[View]
62039206Gpu not detected by mobo: So I am building a new pc and everything works except my GPU When I open …[View]
62040897One side of my headphones stopped working again.[View]
62041180Worth learning? I hear it will repace C and C++.[View]
62040965Alright /g/, what's the best desktop web browser overall? >inb4 Brave…[View]
62034459Specy thread.[View]
62040040ITT: people that bring cancer to our world or: People that profit from our rotten political system …[View]
62041855Is there any way to get LTE on a laptop without it being builtin? Something like a PCI/USB device th…[View]
62038687Airbus vs. Boeing Which one do you support? Why?[View]
62042396Braided cables: These things are fucking GENIUS holy shit. Plastic wire jacket makes me so mad becau…[View]
62042258so I've been awarded a grant from my county to get four IT certificates. I don't think the…[View]
62038106Linux or GNU/Linux?[View]
62041237Why don't companies care about privacy anymore? Last company I heard that implemented a real pr…[View]
62027164/tpg/: ThinkPad General: IRC: #/tpg/ on irc.rizon.net Other business laptops are also welcome in /tp…[View]
62042231is SMPLAYER the best front end for MPV?[View]
62040936Laptop Ideas: I need a new laptop for back to school, i have one (the one in the picture) But I…[View]
61997944/twmg/ - Tiling Window Manager General: Low on precious screen real estate, or busy massaging your c…[View]
62038749C is better than C++: All you C++ brainlets don't understand that C is better than C++ in every…[View]
62041857Can someone sanity check me on this that the function is O(n^2) static void f(int n) { for(i…[View]
62024418>perfect laptops don't exi-[View]
62021176Alternative from Google services: Now that Google is starting to ban people from using their product…[View]
62038586Will 3d printer ever be a thing every house hold has or will it always be a novelty for hobbyists?[View]
62041632Is Lumina the best DE? If not which one is the best? >it does not have screen tearing (XFCE) …[View]
62040159>Stable >Beta >Dev >Nightly(doge) which is best of these choices?…[View]
62038383Dial-Up over cellular: Me and a few other anons have come up with a 'fantastic' idea. Net zero still…[View]
62031694Why is JavaScript such a popular languahe, while having such poor syntax. I mean this: }); …[View]
62033156There hasn't been a groundbreaking new file format for a very long time. Why has innovation com…[View]
62041313Sup /g/entoomen I found an old imac. I've always wanted to mess around in ios9 which is almost …[View]
62038337Well /g/, what's your excuse for not using pale moon?[View]
62040651Where can I check if something has ever been pirated/cracked on the internet? Photography unrelated …[View]
62014954ahahahahahahahaha AMD fans BTFO[View]
62017444So who's getting a Vive now that the price dropped? The Rift sale is ending this week but HTC …[View]
62041397Need some advice.: Hey /g/, need some advice and I hope some peeps may be able to help. I do a lot o…[View]
62026605/wt/ - Watch Thread: This thread is about the appreciation of horology, as well as the micro-enginee…[View]
62040766Thoughts on Sleipnir?[View]
62041312So you can look like shit in most of your videos, with horrible lighting and even worse color correc…[View]
62037009whatsapp exploit: have you ever hacked whatsapp? and if the answer is yes, how did you do it?[View]
62035211fhd vs 4k tv: what is your opinion on 4k tv? Is it already worth it? There is nearly no 4k content y…[View]
62039512I just got a 1.8 inch SSD in the mail, when the guy was supposed to send me a MSATA SSD. is there a …[View]
62040253Accessing an accient hard drive: 17 years ago, I had a Pentium II, running Windows 95, I managed to …[View]
62040603>be me >own Google pixel >Also use Gmail >And search with Google >don't use chro…[View]
62035071I don't get it What is the history of the /sqt/ threads and the /dpt/ ones and all the other on…[View]
62038587Was this a good meme? What do you guys think?[View]
62036388What are your essential Chrome extensions?[View]
62037280lets just fucking stop with this overpriced AMD shit[View]
62036717Is this feature put in to kill F-Droid?[View]
62035499How do we get rid of the Chinese gov't shills trying to push the silly 'durr BSD is cuck licens…[View]
62034439Buyers remorse thread: What's the worst piece of shit you've ever spent a decent amount of…[View]
62040379Intel Atom: Question. how shitty are modern Atoms compared to older higher end CPUs, and are they be…[View]
62027983Is there a replacement?: to replace discord you need to have a program that >you can upload files…[View]
62040312Bypassing Captcha: I wanted to build a bot to help me buy supreme, but recently they implemented a c…[View]
62037768I'm sick of KDE. It seems okay in the big picture, but there are so many things bugging me; lit…[View]
62038088How can I boot from a USB.? My hard drive got fucked up? It's a 4gb btw couldn't find an…[View]
62037715On a scale from 0 to 10, how botnet is Windows 10?[View]
62036784When did everything go so wrong[View]
62036061You have 13.23434 seconds to explain why you aren't using windows 7.[View]
62039606why don't you use redshift or flux, /g/? Easily have a comfier computing experience![View]
62038199>my iPhone is '28.1% damaged' >install our app for free on google play Kek it's like they…[View]
62039659I've enabled iCloud and Location Services on every app, how fucked am I?[View]
62026924>try to format an external hard drive on windows >format hangs >freezes up >try again …[View]
62039507sites can detect ublock origin now: What do?[View]
62040060how do you sort your reaction images, /g/? filename? sub folders? not at all, and you just instincti…[View]
62035058How come so many people's don't understand what a VPN is? >>>/pol/138614795[View]
62033767/W4RR/ Dialy Wait For Raven Ridge Thread What are you guys hoping to get? We soon got some SKUs appe…[View]
62025450/hpg/ - Headphone General: >Headphone purchase advice: http://pastebin.com/fYZLW7Ub Please put so…[View]
62038532>workmates create a Facebook group >they ask me to create a FB account >don't want to …[View]
62039319What are your thoughts on QML, /g/? Is it worth learning or is it a meme? How does it perform? Or am…[View]
62039140Hey fa/g/s, What's a good path for programming as a career? Is Android development still a viab…[View]
62038753waddaya think of this guy?[View]
62037058ES6: wait. is javascript actually a good language now? i finally got around to looking at es6.…[View]
62037351Would it be a mistake to install Gentoo as a beginner? Is it really that intensive, or is it doable?[View]
62037088fa/g/gots: Ok, /g/ I recently bought an macbook pro 2012 for 300$, already upgraded the ram to 8GiB …[View]
62039242What if I told you that Python is a globalist degenerate language designed to make you complacent to…[View]
62038986So....Firefox just went full botnet? Sucks that you haven't been using the true red-pilled brow…[View]
62038762E-Mail Clients: Hey /g/, do you have any windows 10 email client recommendations? >inb4 why do y…[View]
62038982MP3 Players: I used to see threads about this all the time, but by the time I was actually looking f…[View]
62037246Firefox becomes a full botnet: https://www.ghacks.net/2017/08/22/mozilla-plans-to-collect-anonymous-…[View]
62038509How to update andriod on phone?: hellow, how i do this? i've a shitty hewai g600 or something w…[View]
62038631I'm thinking about getting a ham radio and just had a couple of questions. Does every operator …[View]
62039132Adwords for Nonprofits - USEFUL for me or NOT?: What kind of conversions can AdWords help a nonprofi…[View]
62029774There are too many Linux distros. Our community needs a purge.[View]
62031031What did Clover mean by this? I bought a 4chan pass so I could shitpost on the go without the stupid…[View]
62038073>New reader mode allows users to turn any page into black background with white text with the cli…[View]
62039027Been out of the loop for a bit. Any news on the next nvidia gpus? Nvidia still continuing their tita…[View]
62037541Hey /g/ Where can I learn to create a scalper bot?[View]
62038423Just fucking let the government track what you're doing at all times. Stop fucking resisting.[View]
62033840I come to you today with a question, I'm aiming to keep my build under $1000 and I have a choic…[View]
62038330You can't deny that sometimes overnight you think about the Xbox one X, and how it will be one …[View]
62030945/pcbg/ - PC Building General: Want help?: >Assemble part list pcpartpicker.com >State the budg…[View]
62032717Is my HDD fucked enough to be unreadable? Pulled off a load of green motherboard type looking on the…[View]
62034781Which one does /g/ think is better? Brave or Unjewgled Chromium Brave seems kinda chunky and laggy …[View]
62034719Should I use Yahoo Weather, Weather Underground, or OpenWeatherMap?[View]
62032388ITT: Literally perfect technology[View]
62038152Why haven't we killed the mobile jews yet? Smartphones should be free and we should all have f…[View]
62038098Are there any generic phones that could survive a trip through the washer and drier? I'm buying…[View]
62034990Why don't you have an Intel®Core™inside™?[View]
62036845I bought a molex to sata cable and I plugged it in to a back plate. Should I be worried and how to t…[View]
62037159Why is SICP so loved?: I keep seeing threads about this fucking book, every time I ask why its so es…[View]
62020654/sqt/ - Stupid Questions Thread: Last thread >>62008788[View]
62037801Best tools for tech support??[View]
62037749Has anyone used the Samsung Chromebook Pro? It seems nice, but I would want to put Linux on it and u…[View]
62034400I'm wondering if Apple fanboys will boycott Oreo after they're collaborating with Android[View]
62034793/dpt/ - Daily Programming Thread: What are you working on, /g/? Old thread: >>62025163[View]
62036932Why does the R3 1200 have a TDP of 65 watts when it only consumes a max of 40 watts? This thing is s…[View]
62037142PLEASE HELP AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA OK so my fan is making a rattling noise and I thought the bottom hit …[View]
62031670How long does /g/ take to commute to work and back? What techonology do you use to do so?[View]
62035517How do we solve the Intel/AMD duopoly problem?[View]
62033422Ransomware: The next global Ransomware attack is almost here. Are you ready? https://www.youtube.com…[View]
62037033https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-W6JfiC-QBk All you fags have been complaining about LTT and them bu…[View]
62037507ITT: Guess the product: Post your own pics[View]
62037401What does this mean? MCE probably caused by hal.dll?: Got a crash dump analyzer. I don't know…[View]
62036963Beyond 5 nm and mobo upgrades: So people were complaining about coffeelake requiring a new mobo and …[View]
62036985>P. Ajit will defend this[View]
62036719looking for guidance: hello /g/ young, ambitious and observant man here. i am working in the softwa…[View]
62035893>mom gets randsonware virus on her laptop >my laptop and desktop are encrypted the next day …[View]
62037087serious thread coming in im asking people with amd card to download aida64 extreme install it go to…[View]
62035958> I may make jokes about Microsoft at times, but at the same time, I think the Microsoft hatred i…[View]
62034575I need some advice,im getting a laptop for college these days. So this one laptop meets my budget,i…[View]
62036266>'You need to be logged in to download this file!'[View]
62035340Torrent speed probles: >new provider >from 12 mbps to 50 mbps > average download speed drop…[View]
62030227Alright /g/, I'm starting university this fall and I need a word processor. I've been usin…[View]
62032229How old is your rig and how well is it still running? Mine - LG Xnote SD550 I5 3230 Radeon 7650 DDR3…[View]
62034304Will I become a good programmer if I buy dragon dildos, programming socks, install gentoo and post A…[View]
62036969Suppose a person is technically minded, what is the comfiest way to make a living with /tech/ skills…[View]
62035931What's the best way to block Windows programs from accessing the internet/network? I used ZoneA…[View]
62033365https://twitter.com/bburke_nvidia/status/899995460684754945 Even AMD recommends Nvidia GeForce for y…[View]
62036821Resources to learn java not as a total beginner: looking for a book to read not so long, don't …[View]
62018301Ask a CS PhD student anything tech related: There are few interesting threads right now and I'm…[View]
62034152Firefox will soon know every site you visit by default as 'opt-out'. https://groups.google.com/forum…[View]
62036555Can't we just make a new one?[View]
62034567How come the British have no consumer rights when it comes to Internet? If I was paying 30 Britbux/m…[View]
62035751Konqi is easy to draw! Why don't you create something to show your appreciation for KDE? ===== …[View]
62035080Nix and Guix: Why haven't you made the switch yet /g/?[View]
62036305Ok I will jut bite and ask: what does this mean? A vpn running dnscrypt inside to mitigate mitm atta…[View]
62034924Can I get into programming if I fucking suck at maths and barely passed HS maths or should I just no…[View]
62027052>credit limit is 1000 >debit limit is 1500/day >cant buy a macbook with these limits wtf do…[View]
62035157Win10 Laptop Data Recovery: I need to get data off a laptop. It won't power on, but the HDD is…[View]
62034082Please help with icons!: I've never really had the courage to ask, but it is getting rather cri…[View]
62036635Build advice (CPU): could any of you guys help me with a build im currently running an a8 7600k with…[View]
62031307>amd QUALITY https://videocardz.com/72173/there-are-at-least-three-variants-of-vega-10-gpu-packag…[View]
62032981Boycott Nabisco: Where are the Android x Oreo promotions Nabisco?! Give me prizes and fun Android sh…[View]
62031623Skylake-X confirmed to be a literal joke, good going Intel, AMD will make good use of that revenue.[View]
62034489What's wrong with Kotlin?[View]
62013121/mpv/ - the /g/reatest media player: Install mpv: https://mpv.io/installation/ Wiki: https://github.…[View]
62026449>install google chrome >fast, stable but eats at on of ram >install firefox >literally a…[View]
62036489>at least we're open about it[View]
62036434Future of Programming[View]
62032444how can manchild ever recover? top kek: ASUS introduces $130 B250 Mining motherboard with support fo…[View]
62033737Who /hackerman/ here? >be me, college sophomore >excellent bandwidth at school >laptops a…[View]
62034657Who else here not good enough?: >Make a program that does what is needed and be happy >someone…[View]
62036209lads will this dvi-d work when i plug it into a gpu geforce gtx 1050 ? my friend said there arent en…[View]
62032750Anyone know how to create a malware?[View]
62034788How much time will it take me to learn and master FL studio?[View]
62030718>GTX 980ti - Used - 300€ >GTX 1070 - Used - 350€ >GTX 1070 - New - 440€ Which one should I …[View]
62012640>6 cores 12 threads THANK YOU BASED INTEL AYYMD IS FINISHED & BANKRUPT…[View]
62036000encrypted cloud services: Anyone actually using one of these services? As a normie who's aim is…[View]
62030233ITT: people that bring cancer to our world or: People that love the rotten system called moderndemo…[View]
62035860Homescreen bread /hs/ Ok ladies, post 'em. My first shitty try at a 80s synthwave vibe Homescr…[View]
62025970AMD FINISHED AND BANKRUPT: Intel just unveiled a 16-core CPU for $499. http://www.anandtech.com/show…[View]
62033506>everyone quits working >the free market kicks in >AI research and automation is accelerate…[View]
62022282You guys don't seriously use Linux, do you?[View]
62035453The Guardian view on censoring the internet: necessary, but not easy >censoring the internet >…[View]
62034076OpenRC vs Systemd[View]
62034930When will the world embrace BitChute video hosting platform? >based on torrents >decentralized…[View]
62035502US Copyright Office Wimps Out on Right to Tinker your own Computer: http://archive.is/EaoPg > alt…[View]
62031380Harvard Thinks It’s Found the Next Einstein — and She’s 23: Welp, /g/ BTFO once again. Harvard Think…[View]
62035548How do I get a job related to mathematics (optionally programming) that will keep me away from polit…[View]
62034355why gentoomen hate OOP so much? lets say you're writing a game and want to spawn many enemies. …[View]
62026917Temple OS: http://www.templeos.org Terry is back. http://www.templeos.org/Videos/IRA.mp4[View]
62030892Speakers are better than Headphones: You literally cant dispute this[View]
62035253What is this: So I've been trying to find a site for a refinery and I've come across this.…[View]
62034915/sc/ Spying cam general: What do you recommend?[View]
62000313Why do people still use CRT's?: >shitty screen size >4:3 in 2017 >Weights an absolute …[View]
62033481Flash Drive Thread: Post your gear One keychain: >Corsair Voyager 128GB >8GB Xubuntu Live …[View]
62035119I want to make these Bluetooth earbuds waterproof, or at least water resistant (something close to t…[View]
62019723/ptg/ - Private Tracker General: Old thread >>61987847 The mission of /ptg/ is to promote the …[View]
62034024Is this a meme cert at this point? I either here its good to have or its a complete scam.[View]
62032891DDR4 or RGB: What one is better for gaming? DDR4 has been around for so long and then RGB ram comes …[View]
62033489Ryzen or Threadripper CPU and an Nvidia GPU is the only thing that makes sense these days. Where the…[View]
62033698Bought a gaming laptop with; i7-7700hq and gtx 1060. Am I a huge faggot /g/?[View]
62034615Is I5 3570k worth €120?[View]
62029369Would a superintelligent AI be a 'racist'?[View]
62034950Ipod backup: Other than Itunes, what's the best means of backing up an ipod classic. I want to …[View]
62025163/dpt/ - Daily Programming Thread: What are you working on, /g/? Previous Thread: >>62020058…[View]
62034562meme? I literally don't see a difference between SDR/HDR content[View]
62033458If RAM is just temporary memory, why cant you use a hard drive as RAM to have more than 1TB RAM?[View]
62033912Daily reminder to wait until next year to buy a CPU Intel is releasing a new CPU every month and Ryz…[View]
62033822I started my computer and found all my shit zoomed out like this.. Someone pls halp[View]
62034381What programming language should I learn if I just want to do real basic stuff like automate repetit…[View]
62034278Machine Check Exception: My PC has been having a Machine Check Exception for about 3.5 weeks and it…[View]
62034476Am I the only one here who uses 4chin instead of leddit because 4chan is just easier to browse rathe…[View]
61976976Custom Homepage Thread: Post pics of your custom homepage, /g/.[View]
62033740MFW SJWFox WILL TRACK USERS BY DEFAULT. https://groups.google.com/forum/#!topic/mozilla.governance/8…[View]
62034268Reminder that GIF is pronounced /ˈdʒJf/ http://www.olsenhome.com/gif/ https://www.youtube.com/watch?…[View]
62033978What did linux mean by this?: Apart from it not being able to find something what does it not like?…[View]
62034017Best way to un-Botnet a google pixel? I used Nightly on it, location is off, orbot is on majority of…[View]
62031940Do you guys defrag your hard drives?[View]
62033820dumb question: Are these phones basically same?[View]
62032347I'm building a computer for my buddy, he has a budget of around a grand and I'm wondering …[View]
62034184Is this suface pro 4 deal any good? https://www.microsoft.com/en-us/store/d/Surface-Pro-4-i5-256GB-…[View]
62018579Should I try to buy the Vega56 for 399$/€?: Should I try to buy the Vega56 for 399$/€ or wait for a …[View]
62029248Beginner programmer: I've been wanting to get into programming for quite some time, so I'v…[View]
62030600>told mom to get me some bitcoins >she gave me american dollars instead what a bitch…[View]
62033357Good linux distro for work that I can still customize?: Does anyone know of a good Linux distro that…[View]
62033974Zuck mah dick My fizzbuzz #define FIZZ 1 #define BUZZ 2 struct { uint8_t flags; uint8_t …[View]
62023407>1.3 GB >1080p >A:10 V:10 How does he do it? Is it magic? Thanks, yify.…[View]
62031794Name Apple products then name something wrong with it and how Apple chose to address it. >iPhone…[View]
62031588I've never had a mobile phone because I'm a friendless loner and the rare times when I nee…[View]
62029275I want to use a Subwoofer for my system but it only has a port that looks like a RCA connector. Coul…[View]
62033718Do you guys know how to increase performance in Windows 7? I want some kind of program or some set o…[View]
62033772Is there a voice recognition solution that would reliably allow me to recognise single word commands…[View]
62031452Can someone help me pick some aesthetic parts for a new build that will go together? I'm lookin…[View]
62032147https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mpw_FB2QrjQ Can someone explain exactly what kind of AI this is? Do…[View]
62033319Google Censorship: This has been bugging me. There are many alternatives for google services, but th…[View]
62029765>40 dollars a month >verizon network >unlimited…[View]
62033524Basic Design Elements: Hey, /g/. I was wondering if any of you work in some kind of content creation…[View]
62032914Is it worth spending $60 more on RAM to get 3600MHz instead of 3000MHz?[View]
62028680>wake up >suicidal morning like any other >hear a loud click from my pc >whatever >30…[View]
62032828What's the best place for downloading old stock images? I don't want anything post-2000[View]
62029860Wangblows 10: https://support.microsoft.com/en-us/help/4034825/features-that-are-removed-or-deprecat…[View]
62033362>the city of amd vega Thats why we dont have AiB https://videocardz.com/72173/there-are-at-least-…[View]
62027830Tech conferences?: Have you ever gone to one of the tech conferences? I have a job (1st job out of c…[View]
62020340ITT people who had very little or nothing to do with advancement of technology, but public opinion c…[View]
62017588Why do ricefags exist? They are the most useless form of Linux user. All they do is make terminal co…[View]
62029545Programming languages: Not a computer scrub, just curious. >Why is there like a billion coding la…[View]
62030250>Why are there so many communist and anarchist hackers?[View]
62032305What the fuck is wrong with them? Why cant they build fucking more? pretty sure rx 400 series is a…[View]
62031973Name a more dishonest and disgusting language. Pro tip: you can't.[View]
62032541Help me.: A few days ago i downloaded a fake sonic mania game on the torrents. i download shit from …[View]
62032693>vega is shit they said >vega is DOA they said >vega is a year old they said https://www.h…[View]
62031305Installing Gentooooo: /g/uys, I am a frequent lurker in other 4chan boards, I have a limited underst…[View]
62030247Chairs are technology Are kneeling chairs a meme or are they actually good?[View]
62032521>corporations will do the right thing without government regulation (net neutrality) >average …[View]
62032984Hi /g/, I'm looking for some descently sized touch screen display for a DIY application in my s…[View]
62031954What's the most unbloated version of Windows 10 I can get for my laptop; or should I just use W…[View]
62022789how many of u have or plan getting a 144hz display for gaming[View]
62032536Programming question: 2nd year Software Developer here, I was wondering if any veterans could explai…[View]
62025782Your IDE doesn't matter. The language you use doesn't matter. The framework you use doesn…[View]
62032720Case size (low-key dick size thread): Ok people. So I have to move to a very secluded part of the wo…[View]
62030184Future of networking: New to the networking world, just getting my college degree atm, all i hear is…[View]
62032443Fiber Internet: Can anyone explain why ping varies so much on fiber?? Sometimes it's 2-3ping, s…[View]
62026952>own 64TB server >want to host images / memes for free >don't know enough about webd…[View]
62009319How do Japanese write on electronical devices? Is it a good-working system or os it shit? Wtf do the…[View]
62028476Microsoft Intellimouse: Why is the microsoft intellimouse (and to a lesser extent, the wheel mouse o…[View]
62032477Does /g/ use any remote administrative tools for 'malicious reasons' or 'business' Doesn't matt…[View]
62026381Do you feel social pressure to use any particular electronic devices?[View]
62028032what did they mean by this ?[View]
62031233Is Vim good for working with Common Lisp? I hate Emacs.[View]
62027232How do they program in countries that don't speak English? Do they still use English for their …[View]
62031208Can you work on a computer who freezes with TeamViewer?[View]
62031535Is there a free android video editor that fucking works? >need to cut one video >search on fdr…[View]
62030846Why aren't you using this yet, /g/? https://adnauseam.io/ It's basically ublock that doesn…[View]
62030882Let's talk PC TV tuners: Who here uses a TV tuner for their /tv/ needs? How many hoops did you …[View]
62032158Line Sensor: I bought a line sensor but I don't know how to make it do it's job. I've…[View]
62031774What's a good, affordable desktop processor with 8 or more cores in the current year? No (((Int…[View]
62025814Email providers: Why shouldn't I use pic related? >been running for 18 years >no ads >…[View]
62021390>mozilla is going to kill XUL on firefox >their userbase hates this >they don't care U…[View]
62026696Skype or Discord? >inb4 'shitpost'[View]
62030863ITT: Tech celebs/devs/entrepreneurs you hope suffer a career threatening and/or potentially life thr…[View]
62028781bought a PS4 controller at a garage sale. it was on its own no cords. how do I know if it works or …[View]
62026147Name a shittier piece of software. I'll wait.[View]
62029965What exactly is so bad about Python? Why do people on g say you learn 'bad habits'? Like fucking wha…[View]
62024871Name a better OS for developers. Pro tip: You can't[View]
62030255What was your first distro, /g/? Mine was Lubuntu 12.04, today I use Kubuntu 17.04.[View]
62015217>Requires Intel® 300 Series chipset-based motherboard Skylake and Kabylake owners start to questi…[View]
62030858Whats holding rust back from replacing c++[View]
62030756Is there any place that let's me build and host a quick and dirty web 2.0 type site?[View]
62007647/fglt/ - Friendly GNU/Linux Thread: Previous thread: >>61997777 Welcome to /fglt/ - Friendly G…[View]
62029021>Be WebDev >Can't understand what CNiggers saying >Was happy with it >Now I might …[View]
62031802/backpack/: Backpacks are technology. Which backpack does /g/ uses for their EDC shit? Also, is pic…[View]
62031338LAN name thread: no SS, but just changed my home network to >Press_F_to_pay_respects >Passwor…[View]
62028955Last of my lockdowns to do.: DuckDuckGo, explain. What was the dumb shit behind the founder that mak…[View]
62025788>google is insane comunist internet monopoly that sells your data to the goverment >mozilla is…[View]
62026086Do you have any habits/recipes to disconnect from time to time?[View]
62028022Why are so many programmers and computer scientists bad at Math? I'm so deep into Topology I ca…[View]
62008663What are the browsers that /g/ uses? 1. Your Windows/Mac/GNU+Linux browser 2. Android/iOS browser Bo…[View]
62031250?: Hello,I recently found some old computer science books and I wanted to know if it's fine to …[View]
62026779Can you get a job as a programmer without a computer science degree?[View]
62027716What is your browser /g/[View]
62026937Laptop/netbook alternative: Is this retarded? It seems like it but I can't pin down exactly how…[View]
61975951/bst/ Battlestation Thread: Old thread is full. Give feedback to the 5 bsts above yours. I'm in…[View]
62029444>how to spot a cuck[View]
62027743How does it feel being in last place, linuxfags?[View]
62028097Why not build a laptop yourself?[View]
61998513/cosg/ - CloverOS GNU/Linux: CloverOS GNU/Linux Official homepage: https://cloveros.ga Current ISO: …[View]
62030456Is it better to kys or continue making society/earth worse?[View]
62025995Need help choosing CPU: Both of these are 4 cores but this one have 4 threads 2.8 GHz https://www.cp…[View]
62030344You didn't forget about me, did you?[View]
62025702There is any AI that can really break re/Captcha? Why don't /g/ try to create one?[View]
62025451Why is 4:3 the only ratio completely simplified? >16:9 >16:10 >18:9[View]
62028336What does /g/ think of Dell?[View]
62030449>he doesn't use GNU Nano it's as if you hate yourself anon...…[View]
62023918Why are all tech companies enemies of free speech?[View]
62030354No amount of censorship from leftists will prevent people from knowing that Mozilla is just a botnet…[View]
62030462power profiles are active on the 17.8.1 drivers seems like also a nice boost on the perfomance since…[View]
62030084I need a new phone: Hey /g/, i'm looking for a new android phone. I had a Oneplus One, and was …[View]
62030078>proprietary freeware[View]
62030057Is working as an IT consultant a valid career?[View]
62029561Beanbags are the superior technology.[View]
62029672>OLED wont be viable for 5-10 years[View]
62024668/pcbg/ - PC Building General - Epyc Eclipse Edition: If you want help: >Assemble parts list https…[View]
62026697Sold all my Apple shit for this. Did I get memed?[View]
62028507Anyone here working at Toptal? Freelancers: what's your rate? Recruiters: are you incentivesed …[View]
62028823>tfw you fell for the thinkpad meme Why did I buy this shit when I have a perfectly good desktop …[View]
62028590NFC: Hey /g/, I need to write data to a web application when an nfc tags gets read. I have no experi…[View]
62026229>Intel said its new processors are going to deliver the biggest bump in performance that personal…[View]
62026831Is buying blank pc's to fill up and resell a viable business?: After all these years I can now …[View]
62028205Graphics cards: I need to find some cheap gaming cards (on sale wise), is there any website that sel…[View]
62026047Can your phone notify you if there's water damage? I spilled some soda on a coworkers phone but…[View]
62021421Nvidiot GPU Boost: >buy an nvidiot gpu >run a benchmark in windowed mode >bring up afterbur…[View]
62026868if you can't get at least 100 wpm you don't belong here[View]
62027604how do i unlock a iphone?[View]
62023601What and when will be the next life changing technology? I mean on the same level as the steam machi…[View]
62029056Welcome to the botnet.[View]
62025247So I have a 5' Sony PVM monitor on my desk that I don't have much use for. (I use a 14' Sony PV…[View]
62028738What can I do with an asus u36s that has a broken screen?[View]
62027090ITT: Esoteric programming language appreciation. I personally love Brainfuck. It is great for progra…[View]
62018355Speccy thread.[View]
62024064What do you think of Telegram? Is Durov working for the CIA or FSB?[View]
62025784SMART Self-test log structure revision number 1 Num Test_Description Status Rem…[View]
62026053My job is entirely unrelated to computers and the owners of my company are late adaptors. Finally I…[View]
62028717no wonder why it needs a new socket[View]
62028268I'm creating some software and I need to do a one-time 'humanity check' the first time the prog…[View]
62024817SpeedFan 4.52 is giving me an error saying that there is an error that it can't find a specifie…[View]
62021040/g/, why didn't you get your laptop for free? Did I do good?[View]
62008111/csg/ Chink Shit General: In /csg/, we discuss the cheap shit you see on Gearbest, Taobao, AliExpres…[View]
62027010Heh, nothing personal, kid.[View]
62028015i fuct up... i think.: Running windows 7. Out of fucking nowhere my 250gb+ movie and tv file up and …[View]
62027704How do I get rid of this shit from Firefox Nightly? I disabled all search suggestions. Do I need to …[View]
62026185I'm shit at web development. I need a website for personal business. Nothing too complex, just …[View]
62016174Why are iPhones superior?: Well, looks like I'm getting an iPhone > go to the motel with gf …[View]
62000011How many devices running linux do you have in your house?[View]
62019389New 8bitguy, what does /g/ think https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qZYbchvSUDY[View]
62023638>Data collection is bad meme You realize in a hundred years your name will be known in some onlin…[View]
62021878Speakers are better than Headphones[View]
62024775Kaspersky Antivirus Safe: So, /g/, after having read a little bit about the US Federal government st…[View]
62026575What's future tech gonna be like?: What is technology in the future going to be like? I don…[View]
62002199How the actual fuck did this thing right here become the most used browser?[View]
62018122I'm absolutely retarded. I just got a letter from my isp regarding this shit. I even went up on…[View]
62027007Why aren't you using powershell /g/? It is the most efficient command line after all.[View]
62025926hay /g/! /biz/ here, can I run pubg on high with this thing? https://www.amazon.com/HP-Spectre-Touch…[View]
62027686Retroshare: Lets get a retroshare thread >What is Retroshare A distributed, privacy oriented prog…[View]
62022612AI Progresses, fast. Advanced reinforcement learning with DQN >https://blog.openai.com/openai-bas…[View]
62027517Is there a plugin that stops websites from fucking with the scrolling smoothness?[View]
62025852Retrieve password from Windows 10 'Mail' app: How to retrieve password from Windows 10 'Mail' app? I…[View]
62026961I feel like I want to design something, but I am not sure what type of designing. What should I do?[View]
62027171Hey /g/, what do I need to hear the difference between 124kbps mp3 and wav?[View]
62024898I pulled the trigger /g/, vega was so disappointing[View]
62026139wtf I looked at the eclipse and now I'm blind?! thank god I can touch type[View]
62022078>get 16GB RAM >never end up using my swap file (which usually happened when I had 8GB) >don…[View]
62026261Opera 12.15 Source Code Discussion: Source Code: https://bitbucket.org/prestocore-fan/presto (Mirror…[View]
62023733https://www.reddit.com/r/Amd/comments/6v6985/hey_the_new_amd_drivers_include_bethesda_launcher/ TODD…[View]
62026639Voyager: What does /g/ think about the Voyager distro?[View]
62017488Eclipse thread, boardly reminder that space is still technology so get off your asses and stare dire…[View]
62025903Can someone explain me the deal with Android and its version numbers? Back in the days we had Eclair…[View]
61979656/wdg/ - Web Development General: >Getting started Get a good understanding of HTML, CSS and JavaS…[View]
61981808/cyb/ + /sec/: Cyberpunk and Cybersecurity General:: /Cyb/er/sec/urity general is for the discussion…[View]
62025570Need to switch out VLC for a another media player: Is anyone know the best Android alternative than …[View]
62026362>tfw just embraced the chinese and google botnet botnet slaves, pls share your feels…[View]
62025929Java EE just went full open source: https://blogs.oracle.com/theaquarium/opening-up-java-ee Also, Ec…[View]
62015501/hpg/ - Headphone General: >Headphone purchase advice: http://pastebin.com/fYZLW7Ub Please put so…[View]
62024206>2017 >Buying intelshit I thought this was supposed to be a a tech board?…[View]
62025880Making gui's: What GUI library do you recomend me use in collaboration with c++ to make a very …[View]
62026188Settings: Where did all the options go?[View]
62025466Dark Mail Alliance (DIME): Does anyone have a recent update on this project? I haven't seen any…[View]
62025018I just enrolled in a graduate course on high-power computing while being an undergraduate student Wh…[View]
62025700>Wow anon, you know all these?[View]
62024456THE CIRCLES ARE BACK: I posted a previous version here before, just wanting to one-up the guy doing …[View]
62021107Wasn't here when the news came out. How much damage control was there on /g/ when we found out …[View]
61999846Mechanical Keyboard General - /mkg/ - Thread For Posting Keyboards: Funday Edition >Buyer's …[View]
62013681/tpg/: ThinkPad General: IRC: #/tpg/ on irc.rizon.net Other business laptops are also welcome in /tp…[View]
62006493>walking to work >starts to rain >protect phone, make it to work >check the iPhone >s…[View]
61988890/wt/ - Watch Thread: This thread is about the appreciation of horology, as well as the micro-enginee…[View]
62024489Lets reveal coding secrets[View]
62025526Is it worth setting up SELinux or AppArmor on Debian Linux?[View]
62025134>tfw normies are unable to comprehend that someone can learn programming just by googling around …[View]
62024609Assume my computer is airgapped and has a faraday cage around it. Can the government spooks still g…[View]
62020353Why ever dual boot?[View]
62019875>1997 >mom says not to talk to strangers >2017 >prepubescent girls all across the world …[View]
62024733What internet provider do you think is pretty good and doesn't try to screw you up the ass a lo…[View]
62025226how can i stay motivated to learn despite already knowing the eclipse of our lifespan looms closer e…[View]
62024235openssl audit: what the shit is going on with the openssl audit? we were told 'one month ago' nearly…[View]
62020058/dpt/ - Daily Programming Thread: What are you working on, /g/? Old thread: >>62015577[View]
62023200Is it possible to buy a brand new CMOS battery and it actually be dead out of the pack? I have nothi…[View]
62019303>root >Resurrection Remix >Custom Kernel >Xposed >TWRP Can you believe there are peop…[View]
62011584OLED Display: Holy fucking shit[View]
62024888Do gaming laptops still take a giant shit when it comes to heat? I've heard anecdotally that t…[View]
62017579http://www.pcgamer.com/intel-box-art-confirms-coffee-lake-cpus-will-require-a-new-motherboard/ *Inha…[View]
62023205BING CHOSEN AS BEST SEARCH ENGINE BY POLL OF NERDS: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=K5mLV6TdKlI /G/ …[View]
62023497will there ever be AI that is nearly indistinguishable from a real person?[View]
62023727Virtual Richard M. Stallman: ITT we judge or appreciate other anons for using open or closed source …[View]
62020123Is TrueCrypt actually safe? I haven't used it in years. If it isn't, what should I use in …[View]
62024787I think my five year old Samsung 830 is on it's deathbed. Will this be a good/cheap replacement…[View]
62024450Hey /g/ Do you own an e-reader? I was wondering if it's worth it.[View]
62021050>i installed gentoo my usb inputs don't work because i didn't activate them in the kern…[View]
62022610wat do: tl;dr help me (stupid kid) figure out what i wanna do??? i wanna program backend without fuc…[View]
62022361how do i hack it? the scope of the questions seems to be infinite and I NEED to win an upcoming even…[View]
62016518Android O: Can it be named anything but Onii-chan? Find out at 2:40pm EST.[View]
62024763I am interested in data analytics. What are some important languages to learn? Been learning Pytho…[View]
62024528Hey /g/ can you help me? I'm getting blue swirl lines when I connect my Raspberry pi 3 to my tv…[View]
62022186What does /g/ think of le Freenet?[View]
62022478a total fucking loser here, 19 yo, no education, but tech savyy, know nothing about coding, if i lea…[View]
62015787What did he mean by this?[View]
62023139Do I buy American or Chinese?[View]
62017575/pcbg/ - PC Building General - Coffin Lake Edition: If you want help: >Assemble parts list https:…[View]
62022619>google thinks it's a good design[View]
62023824Hi /g/ In my professional life I work mainly with centos / redhat boxes. At home I have a windows 7 …[View]
62024546>tightened bolts on cpu cooler >10c decrease in temps >mfw…[View]
62022208what are your thoughts on this?[View]
62019300>buy 55 inch 4k screen >all websites are now made for small 5 inch screens Who else fell for t…[View]
62021435Work theread: Come on guys. Show me what technology puts food on your table. PS: If you don't w…[View]
62024276ITT: how not to design a laptop >mouse buttons are part of the touchpad so you unwittingly activa…[View]
62007532C vs C++: Why would you want to learn C over C++ when C is a subset of C++?[View]
62002855/a/ killing generals >>>/a/161301962 Would /g/ benefit?[View]
62014694Help me choose between those two, /g/.[View]
62023881HDMI creeping me out.: >Switch graphics card >DP/HDMI >plug in HDMI >turn on PC >GPU …[View]
62005514/spg/ - Smartphone General: 'Can't Wait For Note 8' Edition If requesting purchasing advice, pl…[View]
62023260is APKPure a botnet?[View]
62021509Lineage OS vs Paranoid Android: Which one is superior and why?[View]
62018773>tfw too brainlet for C[View]
62023891Pajeet tier codes: If you are using try catch at least once, you might as well book a flight to indi…[View]
62022061Oh, new updates are downloading! nvm, it's just the software center logo...[View]
62021824What are some /g/-approved books I should read if I'm a normalfag when it comes to tech?[View]
62023463What FOSS weather API and map app do you use on your phone?[View]
62021753Why does my c++ program not work?[View]
62021282Opera 12.15 Source Code Discussion: Source Code: https://bitbucket.org/prestocore-fan/presto (Mirror…[View]
62022363FileWave: Alright guys, (I'm a senior and got held back a year so don't go screeching 'UN…[View]
62016546Konqi is professional and stylish, just like KDE! ===== Art CC BY-SA Tyson Tan (https://creativecomm…[View]
62016377whats a good open source program for video chatting?[View]
62013777A lot of people on TOR cry about js based onion sites. Can anyone show solid proof that JS will expo…[View]
62019923LaTeX pronunciation: How do you pronounce LaTeX, /g/? >LAY-teks? >LAY-tek? >LAH-teх (with a…[View]
62016822>OpenNIC DNS server are shit and unreliable >every other DNS is botnet what the fuck do we do?…[View]
62023202VPS: Best vps hosting service /g/? Thanks.[View]
62022390External HDD enclosure (DAS with RAID): Looking into expanding my storage capabilities (music, movie…[View]
62022300ITT Feels only IT guys feel.: Im upgrading to windows 10 pro. I love windows 7 Ultimate but it just …[View]
62023274i want my $200 back.[View]
62021728Need help with RegExp: Here is what I have so far: ^https?:\/{2}(?:[^.]+\.)website\.com\/(?:public)?…[View]
62013752Cathedral vs Bazaar discuss[View]
62022950Forth is the most zen programming language.[View]
62016991Firefox Nightly is not faster: Brave: 103.9 Chrome: 78.6 Edge: 62.27 Firefox Nightly: 61.2 Even Edge…[View]
62021396SSL noob questions: I am trying to develop an sslchecker.com analog for testing purposes. I would li…[View]
62011701Which one is /Ourguy/?[View]
62019768What do I lose by using Windows?[View]
62023058>GNOME >rag-tag group of diversity hires and nu-males that wastes its their budget on roastie …[View]
62022016How much math do you need to major in CS?[View]
62021213What is the point of community repositories such as AUR? Can't I just download the software fro…[View]
62021258hey kids heading to college and wondering what laptop to get. i see you in /r/suggestalaptop desper…[View]
62014617Post homescreens. What apps does /g/ use regularly[View]
62022793lads is this cable broken? friend said its missing those spikes its a dvi-d d-sub[View]
62019839What did he mean by this https://www.reddit.com/user/m00t[View]
62021707file managers: best file manager and why?[View]
62018767>try to buy a laptop with good thermals that aren't $2000+ >they are all gaymen laptops …[View]
62009611So this is the power of Panjeet™[View]
62019800Is Deepin really a Chinese botnet like some say it is, or not, and it's just another /g/ meme? …[View]
62012537Is it time to retire my i5 2500k? I don't feel like it's bottle necking my performance, bu…[View]
62020090https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iZ7N4GLoiBA >THEY FELL FOR THE SHITSYNC MEME TOP KEK G-SYNC, IT J…[View]
62020481>gave an interview today >asked the candidate if they have experience with a free software we …[View]
62022481how the fuck do i solve this retarded captcha?[View]
62022021can anyone help me identify this plug and more importantly help me find a socket? attaching a lens t…[View]
62017531>'Working knowledge of [proprietary software]' >'Experience in [proprietary software]'…[View]
62022289Linux QEMU + Solidworks Stallman raging right now - as I've spent the last 2 days trying variou…[View]
62021873Why are you using an ad hider made by a pajeet instead of using the superior adblock plus? https://a…[View]
62021553is rocket.chat /g/ approved?[View]
62016203How many hours a day do you spend at a computer?[View]
62021660How do I finally make peace with technology?: How do I finally make peace with technology? /g/, how …[View]
62021904Singularity real?: Is the technological singularity a likely phenomena? I say it is. We should begin…[View]
62020235Was LTX a failure? It only attracted 13 year olds and was in the middle of nowhere[View]
62006458>there are people on this board right who aren't touch typists How does it feel to hunt and …[View]
62021346Retard question here. I have a watercooler radiator on the top of my case underneath two fans. Shoul…[View]
62019570Surveillance, SJW and Trump: Anybody knows if anything has changed since Trump is in office on how t…[View]
62021748scheme lisp: Hello guys! Im reading SICP, and im trying to make a X out of numbers. But i get an inf…[View]
62015387Hi, is your refrigerator running Tizen?[View]
62013146Have two HackRF's - What do? Also SDR general[View]
62008788/sqt/ - Stupid Questions Thread: Stupid Questions Thread. Use an internet search engine before posti…[View]
62016887Is there any current day digital audio player that even comes close to this? (size, sound quality, U…[View]
62020764Why is Firefox so slow?: ?[View]
62018989I'm incredibly bad at programming, despite my math background. I am trying to write a basic IRC…[View]
62019416I've noticed a lot of people have been wondering why Intel is so successful and AMD is consider…[View]
62020981Has anyone here read the books (pic related) I recently bought them and hardly understanding it[View]
62016633ignoring apple memes would you rather one of the new ipads (non-pro) or a samsung tab s2?[View]
62005823well, now that this has gone down the shitter, any alternatives?? looking for a good UI browser with…[View]
620209471200 to spend on a laptop to be my main machine.* What would you buy? *I'd love a desktop but m…[View]
62020419Why is everyone shitting on AMD? Higher Vega prices are due to miners, high demand = higher prices,…[View]
61999198/retro/: A place to share your nostalgia and love for old hardware and software.[View]
62019918Install gentoo: Been using Arch for 3 years and programming for 1 year. Still in college. The jump f…[View]
62014145what filesystem do you recommend /g/, will be running fde. is ext4 performance good on SSDs?[View]
62014897Old-timey, obscure & obsolete component thread[View]
62020013ITT code that makes you hard: Bonus points for java[View]
62017849The 2017 Solar Eclipse: What technology are you using to watch the solar eclipse? Glasses? Goggles?…[View]
62020177This shit will be in every laptop, and laptops are the most consumed PC in the world. https://www.te…[View]
62017861>2017 >Doesn't own a Dragonbox Are you bullied, mentally handicapped or both? >b-but i…[View]
62017727>use qBittorrent on Linux >easily handles +50 torrents simultaneously >download speed stays…[View]
62015861Raven Ridge Mobile Zen based APUs spotted; https://videocardz.com/newz/amd-radeon-vega-8-and-vega-10…[View]
62018633Samsung Galaxy s7 with android 7 notification: Hello guys. I seriously tried everything and I finall…[View]
62020248I have been ripping my fucking hair out for 2 days trying to fix this and this is my last chance to …[View]
62019650What tablet to buy to art: I just got a new laptop and need a drawing tablet Whichave are the best, …[View]
62020126annual reminder to clean your mousepads[View]
62017577Low Budget 'Network Attached Storage' Devices Looking for something as cheap as possible with good (…[View]
62014973What happened of the geek culture on /g/ ? For exemple, every Linux thread is about the out-of-the-b…[View]
62018479Does anyone unironically use this?: And has it actually helped you do something productive?[View]
62015577/dpt/ - Daily Programming Thread: What are you wroking on, /g/? Old thread: >>62011075[View]
62017039Why ever use Windows?[View]
62018914Any thought or advise on this PC configuration?[View]
62019889why do people find pointers so hard? is understanding them the first time a sign that you are natura…[View]
62019460Where do you get 'textured' low-profile TrackPoint caps? I can only find the 'soft dome' type (pic r…[View]
62015885State of Linux >purchase wireless headset >boot into windows directly detects new hardware …[View]
62019674We see Nvidia as people who look to the future of gaming. What I really love about them is that they…[View]
62019144I like Chrome, but I hate how it renders fonts, especially on 4chan. Random example here. Top is chr…[View]
62013806How to achieve tech zen[View]
62003742Find a valid flaw that isn't the same old recycled proprietary botnet dataminer bullshit excuse…[View]
62019397You fags will know: What are some ways to make money online? Im a student about be drowned in debt…[View]
62019489Oreo: I summon my Nexus 6 to compile Oreo pls kthxbye[View]
62018714Windows Embedded 8.1 Industry Pro: So, /g/, I hear this is free from bloat and telemetry. What do yo…[View]
62015888Is this possible in real life?[View]
62012234Does this work?[View]
62018895Antminer D3: Yo, I can get my hands on one of these Antminer D3's for 2000$. It seems ridiculou…[View]
62018439QR Tube: Anyone got a link or something to this? There were a few posts a while back on /g/ showing …[View]
62018982The new botnet is almost here https://www.android.com/eclipse/#live https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=…[View]
62017483Bought a Vega Liquid - thread #3 (last one closed): prev thread (closed) >>61944046 I got side…[View]
62018157How do I mine an alt coin that has no miner available?[View]
62018984*uploads and tags you on Facebook*[View]
62016904Email servers serve no one: Be me have a Rpi Email sever can send mail but not recieve. figure port …[View]
62000848You have less than 10 seconds to explain why you don't seed, idiot.[View]
62006671Program in F#.[View]
62018871Should I get a Kindle Fire 8 for textbook pdfs and other school things? I was thinking about install…[View]
62018782Remember when desktop was not mobile?[View]
62018627Recommended Tor sites? aside from the hidden wiki, popular ones I've been suggested include: Un…[View]
62017220WHY the FUCK would someone use C#?[View]
62010447Where did the computer go?[View]
62010341Has he said anything about Discord?[View]
62010984Why do you nerds still install and use linux if you can just install it on windows :) > botnet o…[View]
62009489>be me, have regular android >decide to install lineageOS because I like free software and wan…[View]
62013483Why does this board dislikes indians(pajeets) so much?[View]
62008118Opera 12.15 Source Code Discussion: Source Code: https://bitbucket.org/prestocore-fan/presto (Mirror…[View]
62009916>Poo company tries to outplay another company >Lies about price >Produces inferior product …[View]
62015793Stylus battery dies. >REEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE[View]
62018377I Just woke up. Is it ok ti Just letto some trusted botnet in?[View]
62012324>Elon Musk leads 116 experts calling for outright ban of killer robots >Open letter signed by …[View]
62013071Update: In the last update, many people complained about not having the R3 1200. I will not put the …[View]
62014856Why did I buy this and what the fuck can I use it for[View]
62003165YLYL /g/ edition: /g/ humour-humor bread 'this triggers the shill' edition[View]
61997730There is literally no reason to buy any of these highest end, $800+ smartphones other than 'look at …[View]
62017916>use Windows >get botnet'ed[View]
62013210Intel to release 10nm products this year: >The 8th Gen family will even include some of our first…[View]
62003512>run Windows on metal >get OK performance >run Windows in a VM on Linux host >get +20% b…[View]
62014851Worth the upgrade to 4K blu ray player?[View]
61998694Coffee Lake Price Leak?: https://videocardz.com/72147/intel-core-8th-gen-coffee-lake-cpus-listed-for…[View]
62017313Most optimal RAM speed is __________[View]
62017062PLC Crack: Anyone KNOWS a person that cracks this shit for a job. I searched, but it seems you got t…[View]
62017466Competition heating up as HTC drops their price to $600. All text is a WIP. >Setup guides, tips…[View]
62017378Why do phones seem to be missing storage? How do companies get away with this? For example, my OnePl…[View]
62017720Since you like free software so much why aren't you contributing to 4kev.org?[View]
62014104https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=h0o3fctwXw0 GLORIOUS PC GAMING MASTER RACE WINS AGAIN THANK YOU BASE…[View]
62017741Laptops: Tell me what laptop and system you are useing! And recommendations![View]
62016701I bought a 128gb ssd a while back, but now it says it's capacity is 223gb. Did I win, or is it …[View]
62014778Online EE study group!: IRC: #studygroup on irc.rizon.net Imagined as a study group for people who d…[View]
62016616>use aur to get newer packages than what is available in official repositories >become even mo…[View]
62016886VIVE Pricedrop: Okay, nice[View]
62014892How the fuck do you watch blu-rays on a PC? I bought OJ: Made in America blu-ray boxset and can…[View]
62003042/ptg/ - Public Tracker General: Previous: >>61987847 >Not sure what private trackers are al…[View]
62016320https://newsroom.intel.com/news/8th-generation-intel-core-processor-family-debuts-live-video/ IT…[View]
62012493Captcha: I once heard the concept of captcha described as: >'Forcing the user through an ordeal t…[View]
62016924Help, I don't know where to go. I can't reply to threads, only make posts. Otherwise I onl…[View]
62017187Is there a voice recognition solution that would reliably allow me to recognise single word commands…[View]
62016180Hello, I have 2 usb2 flash drives and I was thinking is it possible to merge them (raid0 style), to …[View]
62003727>someone refers to programming as 'coding'[View]
62010217Why is tempered glass meme so popular in the PeeSee case industry? Can't we have some good case…[View]
62011246What's the best KDE distro? STABILITY[View]
62016971Uninterruptable Power Supply, Battery Backups: Does anybody use one or have a mixed sort of DIY alte…[View]
62016928Not attempting to start a general, I just want to reflect on all the sites from 2001-2006 that eithe…[View]
62013906Why do motherboard manufacturers still put USB2.0 on their devices even with the latest and greatest…[View]
62014433This shit keeps getting shoved down my throat. So how is it? Is it good or is it botnet[View]
62004730[fails after a couple hundred uses][View]
62013200>Be System Administrator >My server fucked up, so I opened a ticket to call support >A paje…[View]
62011029Browser Add-Ons: What are some useful /g/ approved extensions for Web Browsers? I feel like I'm…[View]
62009994Redpill me on NFC/RFID hand implants. Who has either? Both? What are they useful for? How risky are …[View]
62016575There is a secure and open source search engine that it's not DuckDuckGo?[View]
62016107NASA uses VLC[View]
62016557/fwg/ - Your Place For Fighting for your beloved software/hardware/cooperation etc[View]
62014561How can I safely sell a $100 gift card on ebay? How would I avoid a scammer saying for example the c…[View]
62010857/pcbg/ - PC Building General - Vega Sux Edition: If you want help: >Assemble parts list https://p…[View]
62015535Whats the point in learning any HTML and shit related to being a web developer when websites like sq…[View]
62014443Drivers of /g/, do any of you guys use Dashcams? I want to get one just so I can be safe on the road…[View]
62005444Unless you guys give me a good, non-meme reason not to, I'm ditching my Android/LineageOS phone…[View]
62015383>be software developer >have indian boss >willing to shit on coworkers good work >gets o…[View]
62015715How much does unlimited bandwidth really cost? What hosters/hosting provides it? Is this what coloca…[View]
62015197Looking for a replacement for my X220: Hey /g/ I'm looking for a replacement for my X220 (Fell …[View]
62011919Delphi: Is it really that bad?: Redpill me on Delphi[View]
62016118Need some IPTV recommendations that focuses on US/UK content. Have FabIPTV currently & their ser…[View]
62005436Why does the iPhone 7 plus take so fucking long to charge? I returned mine because it would take 3-5…[View]
62013769vrobit: https://vrobit.com/en/computers/11-vr-computer.html >It is a new retro-computer inspired …[View]
62012748Hi /g/, poorfag from 3rd world shithole here. I finished high school a year ago and I want to learn …[View]
62012919>2017 >using a dock[View]
62010378My history teacher told my class that when he taught in Japan in the early 90s they used something t…[View]
62007509Video Downloader Detection: /g/ood afternoon ami/g/os. I'm taking an online course to get a cer…[View]
62012218Why can't Windows designers do anything right?[View]
62015170What is the cheapest, sturdiest phone that can run whatsapp and take photos? Need a cheap beater. P…[View]
62014713Why don't you have an Intel®Core™inside™?[View]
62011939ITT: Tech celebs/devs/entrepreneurs you hope suffer a career threatening and/or potentially life thr…[View]
62011075/dpt/ - Daily Programming Thread: Old thread: >>62004107 What are you working on, /g/?[View]
62013114xeon > all: >be me >looking for cpu upgrade (has an i3) >finds lovely 4 core xeon on eba…[View]
62009352anti systemd fags BTFO forever eternally.[View]
62002670/hpg/ - Headphone General: >Headphone purchase advice: http://pastebin.com/fYZLW7Ub Please put so…[View]
62012497New file manager for linux developed using Electron: http://www.omgubuntu.co.uk/2017/08/jumpfm-elect…[View]
62011661What's the minimum hardware requirement for a webserver that serves mostly static pages but als…[View]
62014805Something extremely weird happened to me the other day, I hope some experts on /g/ can shed some lig…[View]
62012436VMpill me on Qubes OS /g/, is it good?[View]
61986273Essential Phone thread: >samsung clueless >apple suicide watch >google life support how do …[View]
62008554Have you signed it already?[View]
62011191I need a monitor for trading cryptocurrencies. What do you recommend? My price range is anywhere fro…[View]
62014414After my intensive studies in IT I got a dilemma, while ye, I could develop a web-server in c or c++…[View]
62014441Does anyone remember bumptop Damn, the good old days of notepad youtube tutorials and linkin park S…[View]
62014828What does /g/ think of sandboxie? Does it really protect your computer? Is it safe to use when testi…[View]
62013818>he comes on this board without knowing a single programming language explain youself…[View]
62007264>amd fanboys actually find ways to defend this[View]
62012671Anyone managed to unpack the faceit 8mb binary yet?[View]
62014677Why is Samsung trying so hard to make edge screens happen. there is literally no real benefit to it.…[View]
62011980Can your FAGGOT browser do this? Didn't think so[View]
62014192Laptop or Desktop: /g/, I am going to buy a new computer to replace my old HP laptop. Should I stick…[View]
62003136Name a relevant project you completed using Haskell: Pro tip: you can't.[View]
62013199>still haven't got Android N[View]
62014213SE or S7 E: /g/ what would you choose? Have S7 Edge screen broke. Should I buy new screen for my S7 …[View]
62012101I have unlimited broadband internet for the first time in my life. What are some realms of the inter…[View]
62013432Anyway to bypass this without flashing gapps, fighting the botnet has never been this frustrating, n…[View]
62012767so is it Google that pays Nabisco to use the Oreo name or is it Nabisco that pays Google for the pub…[View]
62011325What does /g/ think about the IdealOS essay that is going around, detailing ideas for a modern deskt…[View]
62011385Why do normies like planned obsolescence?[View]
62013382Daily reminder that if Intel used solder instead of sperm paste, they would clearly beat AMD by a bi…[View]
62012011Random word generation: while :; do shuf -n2 /usr/share/dict/words | tr -d '\n'' | tr [:upper:]…[View]
62004273Thoughts on launchpads?[View]
61996279/tpg/: ThinkPad General: IRC: #/tpg/ on irc.rizon.net Other business laptops are also welcome in /tp…[View]
62007332CRT Television horizontal picture shake: Bad caps? Dry solder joints?[View]
62013073Are boot camps worth it? I've been learning web development for over a year and I am looking fo…[View]
62012619TECH APPAREL: How do you autists carry around all your apocalypse tech?[View]
62012973competitive programming: Hi /gee/. I've been learning Python but wondering if I should switch t…[View]
62011353Hey determinism fags, If the whole fucking universe if deterministic, then it's theoretically p…[View]
62013059The /g/ Wiki: http://wiki.installgentoo.com/ /g/ is for the discussion of technology and related top…[View]
62011804https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bAspPdbOseY >AYYMD IN CHARGE OF HARDWARE ACCELERATION TOP KEK…[View]
62012731Should we be Unix? That is, is it better to be a jack-of-all-trades, master of none or a specialist …[View]
619930982000 - 2006 How was it, /g/?[View]
62010959What are some good high performance laptops for programming and some Photoshop work that aren't…[View]
62010315>spend billions training billions of captchas >fail the current state of self driving AI meme …[View]
62010462Okay so I have to ask you guys um so I might have sent pics to some on on a email and didn't re…[View]
62011298Is Python really as bad as /g/ says? I actually kind of enjoy using it...[View]
62011787Gimmick, or....?[View]
62012405Dude what if remote processing?: I mean, instead of having your computer do the processing, do the c…[View]
62007046Best Mice: Wireless or wired. Which are the best for general gaming? I have the Logitech M305 and it…[View]
62009460>not using one email for one account only Stop embracing the botnet.[View]
61987574Storage Wars: Why are HDD prices plummeting like crazy lately?[View]
62012022Why don't people more aggressively fork software projects.[View]
62008955My wifi is fucking shit, lags like all hell.. Anyway, for online gaming on my Laptop should I get a …[View]
62012262New Poop: > last release was on July 16 Hahaha[View]
62012205Post things that run at more than 1.6GHz base clock. Intel's 8-series mobile chips are NOT elig…[View]
62002751hey /g/ I'm currently troubleshooting a wireless network for a resort, their network went down …[View]
62010844>first year uni >Intro to programming with python >5th week >Pajeet thinks I'm his …[View]
62008773>internet goes out >They're on to me >I'm going to jail >How will I tell my fa…[View]
62011599Alright /g/, I need your help. I recently built a new computer. I went with an MSI B350M Mortar Arct…[View]
62011217What's the most cyberpunk linux distro?[View]
62010989Blunder of the century[View]
62011705The current state of node.js development: 110,000 dependency files, 600mb disk space for a fucking …[View]
62010095What's the consensus on Smart TVs? I just bought one.[View]
61996420I'll be deciding what programmers get hired onto my team. Just for shits and giggles, what woul…[View]
62007942>Linus, it's Bill. The time has come. >Activate the Linux backdoor.…[View]
62009955Daily reminder that you're probably using malicious hardware. Your hardware is botnet if you…[View]
61971432What should I get on fdroid? Already have clover[View]
62008572>try to learn programming >literally get a syntax error on a simple hello world print Guess it…[View]
61998371Has /g/ made anything fun with any boards? I've a Pi lying about but every TV already has somet…[View]
62011647Now since Edge can synch your tabs to your phone would you switch?[View]
62011470Netbooks: Good evening /g/. What's a good budget netbook? I'm looking to use one alongside…[View]
62011321What is a good wifi extender, /g/? Preferably under $50, but I'd appreciate any recommendations[View]
62010318Holy shit, how come AMD is cheaper AND better? Also, Intel's waifus a shit[View]
62010606NoSQL: What does /g/ think about ArangoDB? Is it better than mongoDB or another meme?[View]
62006946Found this old portable analog tv in a box. It still works fine on the radio side but the tv portion…[View]
62010267Welcome to the botnet.[View]
62008136Why aren't you using Brave, /g/?[View]
62011248https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zEfRi5pBQr4 so with cmaa and light msaa vega 56 destroys both 1070 a…[View]
62009298Can the CIA or NSA circumvent an airgapped computer?[View]
62011257Free shit: Free pro subscription to video recording software Activation key: [0]-[screenpressopro]-[…[View]
62008574>can make phones with OLED >cant make that 20 times bigger and make a Monitor Why?…[View]
62010504which programming languages have more beautiful iterators than this (example casting a level 8 fireb…[View]
62003207If you pay ransomware the ransom, do they actually ever send you a key?[View]
61999800MP3 320kbps is enough. WAV, FLAC etc are placebo.[View]
62010991>tfw wake up to no internet because a rat chewed through the internet cable…[View]
62010338how can i search through 110 txt files with each being over 100 mb?[View]
62009180>Ajit Pai, chairman of FCC >Ajit P >Pajit >Pajeet we lost…[View]
62008777Why do code monkeys pretend that entering a work contract with a corporations means the same thing a…[View]
62005593>buys a MacBook Pro >only uses it for email, surfing the web and writing documents Why do so m…[View]
61991252Vivaldi > Brave: Come on /g/. You have to admit that Vivaldi is a better chromium fork than Brave…[View]
62005240>There are people on /g/ that unironically use VLC as their default video player, despite that MP…[View]
62008200Best linux for Mac?: I'm thinking of installing a linux OS on my MacBook. Which is the best li…[View]
62009547Redpill me on a new monitor, lads. I am having 10 years old 1080p LG Flatron, but I am tired of spen…[View]
62010572Are there any open source locally run ai assistant projects worth looking at?[View]
62010497Desktop thread: Finished my first go at setting up Arch I'm into it[View]
62009469Where do you stand, /g/?: If only using one utility class, do you import just that one, or do you im…[View]
62004520Game Dev Thread: Let's have a Game Development Thread Watcha working on /g/?[View]
62005913redpill me on windows 10 LTSB - it sounds like something that circumvents mostly everything people c…[View]
62009566Hi /g/! What drone would you recommend for under $150 with a real-time FPV HD camera?[View]
62010275ITT: Fun projects we've done on a Raspberry Pi. Here's a webserver I made: paintedfanblade…[View]
62005742Enigma: Would WW2's /g/ have been able to break Enigma?[View]
62010146Name me a good 'Protip *' thread. Protip: This board is dead on the inside.[View]
62009884my computer is riddled with viruses and doesn't let me restore to fac settings or run .exe file…[View]
62010038No, Vega Isn't Hitting 1980MHz: >Hahahaha poo-users think Vega can clock to 1980MHz when the…[View]
62009132https://mothereff.in/js-properties#%E2%9C%A1 https://mothereff.in/js-properties#%E5%8D%90 swastika i…[View]
62007842RAID 10 would only fail under extraordinary circumstances, right?[View]
62000984What DNS addresses should I use?[View]
62009847>GNU/linux will never have anything as good as foobar2k[View]
62004107/dpt/ - Daily Programming Thread: What are you working on, /g/? Previous Thread: >>62000152…[View]
62005905>Rx480 is 350$+ >Rx470 is 200$+ >1060 3GB is 230$+…[View]
61985231/nrg/ - Nyaa Replacement General: Previous thread: >>61872101 This thread is for the discussio…[View]
62006329I need to set up an alternative Whatsapp for work and generally people I don't trust. I install…[View]
62007634Transferring Windows to new PC?: I'm gonna build a new comp but I don't wanna pay for an O…[View]
62005472Intel is actually cheaper if you take the built in room heater into consideration.[View]
62004332I'm outside a Google office. What should I do?[View]
62009535>Have to get 2300 CDN Macbook Pro for my [spoiler] animation [/spoiler] program >Ask the profe…[View]
62008233i currently own a oneplus 2 since last summer, and its been having a little bit of lag every time to…[View]
62007492Ok gentopan, tell me how to test my DNSSEC setup. Someone here reccommend me to install DNSSEC on to…[View]
62007419Wow I'm dumb: >Power outage knocks out my external WD 4TB hard drive >It no longer shows …[View]
62008653I'm gonna make a data center with thousands of servers containing exabytes of data for the sole…[View]
62008417>Cats ruining Cables[View]
62008178Is it possible for me to install spyware on another computer to take files from that computer ? I…[View]
62006211Has anyone here built a laptop or upgraded their laptop's hardware before? Is it worth trying? …[View]
61999981/vrg/ - Virtual Reality General: What do you want to do in the metaverse? All text is a WIP. >Se…[View]
62006746So this is the power of AMD?: I can't load the amdgpu drivers because I get a segmentation faul…[View]
62007283LCD backlight: Does the order of these CCFL backlight lamp wires matter? I believe they are high-vol…[View]
62006900>guy at work has pictures on his phone >these pictures could get me fired how do i remove thes…[View]
62008526Post breaches you were pwned in: https://haveibeenpwned.com/[View]
62008127explain this bullshit[View]
62009304fuck regional broadband monopolies: so for a while ive been able to coast by on an unlimited 4G conn…[View]
62009299>upgrading from w10 to w7 as I type gotta say that I'm pretty excited to no longer have a do…[View]
62008475Wi Fi AP Troll Setup: I have an old wi fi router and laptop which I'd like to set up as an unse…[View]
62004013is the moto /g/ still recommended? if no, what's the new moto /g/? please responds[View]
62008277Why does this dip occur? copying from internal HDD to SD Card[View]
62001809Why does searching for '4chan' on Google return the /pol/ board and not the homepage in it…[View]
61998448What do you do with all your old 500GB / 1TB hard drives when you upgrade to a 10TB hard drive? Do y…[View]
62008804This is been going on long enough that I have to ask - why is it that programmers and web developers…[View]
62008413It´s a good browser?: I change to Windows 10, and come´s with Microsoft Edge. Before, I used Google …[View]
62006871hey /g/ what is the best way to watch a live TV stream without paying for some subscription service,…[View]
62008857>buy 2400MHz RAM >runs at 2666MHz stable with stock voltages and timings…[View]
62006172Is it better to game on a console for vidya, but be full freetard on your actual computers or dual b…[View]
62008732I need a bag for my shit. I need room for a 15' laptop (Dell XPS but I think Macbook 15 is about the…[View]
62001828/pcbg/ - PC Building General - Ryzen Worship Edition: If you want help: >Assemble parts list http…[View]
62006815*blocks Chrome's path*[View]
62008644So, when are new processors coming? My 3570k is still godlike but my mobo is half dead and you can…[View]
62005044Snapchat without Gapps: Is there anyway to use Snapchat without Gapps?[View]
62008638Tablet Laptop: Anyone own this and use it on a daily basis? Some people say they use it for school, …[View]
62003270/g/ the programmer: >VK_STRUCTURE_TYPE_PIPELINE_VERTEX_INPUT_STATE_CREATE_INFO If you were to des…[View]
62007793https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ueQDmaoAF2c Is this quality tech youtube content /g/?[View]
62008065Bill Gates is a mental midget: >be bill gates >be a multi gorillionaire >only know how to d…[View]
62007402My little brother through one of his heavy toys at my tablet. Nothing is going wrong yet, but will a…[View]
61996472/sqt/ - Stupid Questions Thread: Stupid Questions Thread. Use an internet search engine before posti…[View]
62008278Cloudflare: hey /g/ i am having trouble using a software that extract __cfduid, cf_clearance and Use…[View]
62006037>there are people in this board who are willing to spend more than 300 dollars on a fucking phone…[View]
62007955What type of monitor panel is least damaging to your eyesight? What kind is the worst? I don't …[View]
61991418Terminals only!: Screenfetch / Neofetch NO DESKTOPS. Terminals only. This is not the new 'desk…[View]
62006836TIL there is no machine that terminates HDMI cables. Each and every 19-pin connector is soldered MAN…[View]
62004769Mint: Is it really that bad?[View]
61990504/mpv/ - the /g/reatest media player: Install mpv: https://mpv.io/installation/ Wiki: https://github.…[View]
62008008Is it worth learning esoteric bash scripting for small automation tasks when python is available?[View]
62007754Why is Windows so fucking slow? A fully loaded Ubuntu with 15000 packages updates faster than a pla…[View]
61987134/csg/ Chink Shit General: In /csg/, we discuss the cheap shit you see on Gearbest, Taobao, AliExpres…[View]
62004976there hasn't been a single interesting technology product in the past 7 years or so besides ryz…[View]
62007951do the coolest thing now: what are the first steps for me to become a bad ass hacker who could creat…[View]
62005426>2017 >not using a GPU-accelerated terminal emulator https://github.com/jwilm/alacritty…[View]
62000558>QLED >Freesync 2 >1440p >144hz >27' So how will samsung fuck it up?…[View]
62002450Mozilla is cucked. Here's where we stand now: Firefox 54.0.2 (64-bit) (Current) Used to use thi…[View]
62007496can i hack mp3 so that it sounds cleaner?[View]
62007614easiest and safest way to clean a keyboard?[View]
62004016Compare your smartphone to a car, what will it be?: I have Xiaomi Mi4 and it's literaly like Da…[View]
61997777/fglt/ - Friendly GNU/Linux Thread: Previous thread: >>61986164 Welcome to /fglt/ - Friendly G…[View]
62006334SSDs In Servers: How long do you think it will be until making SSD servers are cost efficient enough…[View]
61999322Who is ready for 8? You can watch the solar eclipse and go blind, or watch Ryzen get put on life sup…[View]
61997884>YEAR 2017 > people still ripping music in mp3 Use at least vorbis you imbeciles…[View]
62005190Show me useful iptables. ///REPLACE AA:BB:CC etc with the mac address you gonna use to access the ro…[View]
61998277*steals your math* http://www.pap.pl/en/news/news,1037604,polands-oldest-university-denies-googles-r…[View]
62006994Could I pass videos on PHP and MYSQL?: Hello, I'm from Argentina and I do not understand anythi…[View]
62003417What's stopping you from using edge browser as your primary browser?[View]
62007132The Oldest Web Page that is still being Updated: https://en.softonic.com/articles/the-13-oldest-web-…[View]
62007093How much can some browser tabs actually spy on what's going on in other browser tabs? Non-techi…[View]
61989459https://www.reddit.com/r/Amd/comments/6ur78s/witcher_3_amd_rx_vega_64_vs_gtx_980_ti/ AYYMD IS FINISH…[View]
62001679Welcome to the botnet.[View]
61997799Why wasn't secondlife successful?[View]
62003336why the fuck does chrome open so many fucking processes then freeze when all i do is open one fuckin…[View]
62005839Fastest bootloader? LILO? Syslinux? Grub?[View]
62003372Why would anyone here need 17TB of storage? Maybe in 20 years when software has bloated another orde…[View]
62004380bootloop: i have a galaxy s4 stuck in a bootloop. i mistakenly removed the 'touchwiz' launcher after…[View]
62002094Imagine a smartphone that has no camera. It's a smartphone whose hardware specs rival or surpas…[View]
62006472FF: What are the essential web add-ons for the most recent version of Firefox, because most of the o…[View]
62006111>tfw fell for the APU meme Fuck you /g/[View]
619774052 days till coffee lake launch: Who here is geniune excited about intel new lauch? What we know abou…[View]
61996621Would /g/ support an AI - machine learning only board?[View]
62003227Is this best bloatware-free android on the market that's not the meme pixel? Or should I just l…[View]
61998878Is this the biggest snake oil in the 21st century of gaming?[View]
62004070Is it safe to leave my laptop charger plugged in to my laptop at all times, /g/? When at work, I hav…[View]
62006341Is /g/ sitting correctly while at the computer?[View]
61994400Stop blame AMD: Vega is shit only because the foundry is shit, TSMC is better than GlobalFoundries w…[View]
62004536Is musk /our guy/? http://archive.is/Qu1Gn[View]
620047751969: I reached the conclusion that (at least technology-wise), humanity reached its peak in 1969. C…[View]
61997547What's /g/'s consensus on SeaMonkey?[View]
62004466Powerline adapter general. What kind of network data transfer speeds do you get? My NAS will be acr…[View]
61985410Approved /g/ music players?[View]
62005306what is 'devops'?[View]
62002879Should i build a NAS or just buy one? And if yes, what OS should i run on it? >inb4 freenas zfs i…[View]
61997882GPD Pocket General: More /g/ related OP this time.[View]
62004189C: Is there a difference between C and Turbo C?[View]
62004978youtube: https://youtu.be/-Rto0ifEvgo[View]
62003579Congratulations! Now i'm a retrofag!: retro build in general[View]
62005586Retro cassette worth?: Found this stuff in my garage while my old man was trying to throw stuff out.…[View]
61993740Home Screenshot Thread: Show us the your home menu on either Android or IOS I'll start[View]
62003237>you'll never need more than 8gb of ram !!! lol @ ramlets when will they learn…[View]
61999279/vps/ VPS general: >hey recommend me good vps DigitalOcean Vultr Conoha Linode ITT : Discuss abou…[View]
62000476TFW all the smartest people use Macs: >functional programmers in pic related…[View]
62004212Should I sell my S8 for a One plus Five? Dash Charging and 8GB of ram really sell me.[View]
62005106I built my last computer eight years ago and aside from replacing my HDD with an SSD (only because t…[View]
61995643>Install Firefox Nightly >See this... What are they even trying?…[View]
62004516I'll bet you my chicken tendies you can't find a language better than forth.[View]
62004765Who here uses Slackware or its derivatives? I'm been playing around with Salix and it's qu…[View]
62004019Dear /biz/ Ive gotten into bitcoin trading on bitfinnex but the piece of shit wont track my position…[View]
62001364Speccy thread[View]
62005098graphics cards: Building a new pc, what should I buy a ASUS GeForce GTX1050 Ti or MSI GeForce GTX105…[View]
62004977>Coffee Lake will have the same prices as previous generation Thanks Intel! xDDDDD https://videoc…[View]
61999282Apple 'advances': Thanks to Apple for introducing the following 'features' to the tech world: >no…[View]
62004804How can i crack my neighbors wifi password? for research purposes of course.[View]
61999643So programs run worse using object based programming?[View]
61978126>Wait for Vega[View]
62003035Firefox is a shit. Chrome is a shit. Edge and IE is both a shit. Is Seamonkey any good? I'm …[View]
62004178anyone running linux on skylake/kabylake got hardware video acceleration working on VP9 youtube vide…[View]
62004606Help Setting Up Personal Wi-Fi: Whats up my /g/s Currently live in student accommodation and I can…[View]
61986689>Apple III flopped >Lisa flopped >Macintosh flopped >NeXT flopped >G4 Cube flopped Wh…[View]
61998045I have 6 of theese bad bois 1080 ti what to do with them?[View]
62004287Poorfag Gaming: Is 750/750 TI suitable for medium-heavy vidya? By the I mean I don't want/need …[View]
61997146ITT: Tech companies you actually geniunely like[View]

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