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63810848QTDDTOT: QTDDTOT: featuring grandma tier issues. to start, why the fuck isnt my wifi working? it isn…[View]
63803090Now that the rust has settled is this the future of programming?[View]
63807077Lifted up my screen and this happend, tf[View]
63801940/gg/ - Gentoo General: /gg/ - Gentoo General https://gentoo.org Quick Install: https://wiki.gentoo.o…[View]
63809356can i use Cisco classes to eventually get a BS degree?[View]
63810157Privacy: Hi /g/ I'm still seeing targeted ads that seem to lag a day behind whatever I'm s…[View]
63810426GPU Passthrough on Linux?: For GPU Passthrough do you need a good GPU? I know you need two, but do y…[View]
63810016Home screen KLWP Only edition Let's see what you /g/entlemen got[View]
63808868According to KnowYourMeme, you guys only exaggerate the benefits of gentoo in order to trick newcome…[View]
63810288can ((we)) just create our own internet if net neutrality gets repealed[View]
63796657/pcbg/ - PC Building General: Ultimate Gaming Machine Edition. >Yoshi's Box: https://www.you…[View]
63795492IS THIS THING A MEME ?[View]
63809448I need help /g/. I'm looking for a 6-8 camera system for a farm shop that is 25 miles away from…[View]
63810217>sun goes down >monitor turns piss yellow…[View]
63810250Net Neutrality: https://pastebin.com/5921UFFQ here's a very serious userscript for all your net…[View]
63810211>you can now install screenfetch straight from Ubuntu's terminal command prompt window…[View]
63809591what's the best 500GB 2.5' SSD right now?[View]
63800443Laptop General: Alright /g/, that's it. I live in a tiny ass apartment and move around constant…[View]
63809314wondering if anyone here has insight - So.. here is something A test I ran today- I've ran …[View]
63808393Google change the game: Do you think this will create more female devs? https://www.youtube.com/watc…[View]
63809948New PC Build: https://pcpartpicker.com/list/FKsc3F I’m looking to build a new gaming computer, nothi…[View]
63809478still no sync? really?[View]
63809725One of my laptops recognizes my gentoo usb but another one doesn't. Any idea why that is?[View]
63809509What is the best way to archive a facebook page? Is screen grabbing and saving the page as an html t…[View]
63806125Is there still no tool to actually grab the audiofiles it's streaming?[View]
63803925Admit it, you would buy one if you could afford it[View]
63809361summer just started here so im going to vent my pc outside by drilling a hole in my wall and affixin…[View]
63808743Help with my shitty laptop: I have a Dell Studio 1555 and I can't install the drivers, the orig…[View]
63807541Has the Year of the Linux Desktop™ already passed?[View]
63809339>be me >be senior with no internships and nothing lined up for the summer >realize I'm…[View]
63806027>my computer is slow! >Time to upgrade i guess... >I'll get this processor with 91ghz …[View]
63809008I have a database application which I am hosting on a Raspberry Pi 2. I know that SD card is not go…[View]
63809278>2018 You're all a bunch of cock eating faggots.[View]
63809190Apps to make MLG montages?: So im thinking to quickly draft a small video. Can an android handle som…[View]
63809175If someone from France wanted to upload a bunch of leaked mails to a website, which is a crime, how …[View]
63808488ITT: Software from your childhood: Continued from >>63779370 Probably the first videogame I ev…[View]
63809222>I'll PM you the fix[View]
63803222HOW TO FIX WINDOWS 10: A guide for Power User folks who hate UWP/Modern apps, Cloud, Telemetry &…[View]
63808996What's the best technology for defeating the jews?[View]
63808716Which 'dead' platform do you think will stop getting support first, Blackberry 10 OS or Windows 10 M…[View]
63805824How can this be free to use? It exploded in popularity and yet they still don't seem very inter…[View]
63800820Radeon Software Adrenalin Edition 17.12.1: Radeon Software Adrenalin Edition 17.12.1 Release Notes h…[View]
63808937>using the same account across multiple websites results in being able to correlate data. This i…[View]
63806525Can I create a dynamic RSS feed for a website I don't have access to, and with no data feed to …[View]
63806706Is anyone using the Nokia Lumia 640?[View]
63807880Opinions on Microsoft Quantum? https://www.microsoft.com/en-us/quantum/development-kit https://www.y…[View]
63808233AI Can Identify 1.8 Billion People in Seconds: A Chinese tech firm has created an AI capable of scan…[View]
63803496Is this the first ever glorious AMD driver? I had so many bad ones 10 years ago, and the Adrenaline …[View]
63809040a program to recover deleted information does anyone help me?[View]
63809075>when people see you using a blackberry Feels bad man, how do we stop blackberry shaming?…[View]
63808349mummy is going to buy me a laptop, what should i tell her to get me?[View]
63808547Tech support for Pixel: Hi all, my phone goes to sleep automatically when placed on a flat horizont…[View]
63808495Does anyone still stream tv shows and stuff live? The one thing I miss about cable tv is being able …[View]
63808950Hey /g/ How can a dumb person get into machine learning? I tried watching some of Andrew Ng's l…[View]
63808931Languages: Just finished a python class. What language should I learn next[View]
63805487KDE: >try to fullscreen MPV >taskbar/panel completely shits out on other monitor and clock sho…[View]
63790962/g/ humor: /g/ humor thread? /g/ humor thread. Post ‘em.[View]
63802862The Bazaar is Bad and You Should Feel Bad: https://queue.acm.org/detail.cfm?id=2349257 You code monk…[View]
63802918Moshi Moshi~~ I need help with digital logic, I was doing exercises I found online and I got stuck o…[View]
63805591What /g/ thinks about TIS-100?[View]
63806800Cracked Games: what happens if i add a cracked dlc to an original games ? i mean, is possible? if y…[View]
63806279Why are people shilling Seasonic PSUs so much? They are almost an universal answer to any PSU proble…[View]
63807661>'Haha yeah Boss Anon. I made a whitebox solution for our DB needs. I have no backups, there are …[View]
63808487now that the iphone comes in black, is there a possibility of design in pic related returning?[View]
63808292How do I build a programming desktop computer with $1000[View]
63806340Can this baby be brought somewhere?[View]
63805647Best 17' Gaming laptop under 1600: Hey guys what are some of the best laptops for under 1600 th…[View]
63807243What the fuck is this shit ? Windows 10 LTSB shills explain this.[View]
63808376Red Hat: What are the daily uses for red hat? Is there anything interesting you could use it for?…[View]
63807435I hate systemd so fucking much. I just spent like an hour fighting with it. Who's fucking idea …[View]
63808278Here's a song for all you 'data scientists' https://youtu.be/ESCrVfQJLO8[View]
63806617>tfw you fell for the 16 GiB RAM meme[View]
63802073When did you realize you're not cut out to be a programmer?[View]
63792977>have to drop out of university because parents can no longer support me financially >was doin…[View]
63807034Is there anyway to encrypt your sms messages so I won't have to convince my friends to switch t…[View]
63799044I want the rundown on Net Neutrality. Is it going to go down? If so, will anything change? I'm …[View]
63805500OCaml instead of JavaScript: How would the world look today if Netscape had embedded OCaml into thei…[View]
63805416https://forum.beyond3d.com/posts/2014443/ >As an aside, this card is really energy efficient. In …[View]
63797340Reviving your shitty laptop?: Acer aspireOne A0751H >intel atom >now has linux mint cinnamon 1…[View]
63805727What the fuck is this program? Was this shit designed for retards?[View]
63807657>spectrum sends me a nice crisp letter on how I've been pirating shit >probably spying on…[View]
63807265IT Certifications Roadmap: What does /g/ think of this roadmap? I just got my A+ and am interested i…[View]
63807975Why is Linus so smart?[View]
63807868I need help with my Sony CRT monitor, it's great and the games look spectacular, but my problem…[View]
63806893I just ordered a MU6199 (MU6300 in the US), did I fuck up? Also /tv/ general[View]
63803391Distro Recommendation: What's a good binary Linux distribution that always has the latest softw…[View]
63807447My graphics card doesn't work. Is there something wrong with the pins?[View]
63803299Hi /g/, I'm looking to buy a Christmas present for my brother. He's a tech head and I know…[View]
63807496i want to format my computer but my license to this software can't be transferred. is there any…[View]
63806914Hey, guys, the python experts are here again? I'm trying to learn Python by myself and I'm…[View]
63807384CAD/CAM, machinists, fabricators: Guys, I know it's a stretch posting here, but I need help. …[View]
63806390Which pagers respect my freedom?[View]
63804273Is Haskell worth learning?: Please serious answers only[View]
63804710Hello you 4chan how? $ <------Top I use Clover OS, I code in Fortran, I love 4chan.......??? OK I…[View]
63803884What are your thoughts on Popcorn Time and the Butter Project? https://github.com/popcorn-official/p…[View]
63804302I'm not sure if this is the right board for this. but how do i get around facebook deleting my …[View]
63806497Net Neutrality isn't the issue.: Monopolies and areas with only one available ISP are the real …[View]
63805548How will the repeal of Net Neutrality affect my torrenting of gay, scat porn?[View]
63804229GNU coding standards: https://www.gnu.org/prep/standards/standards.html#Writing-C I mean, what in th…[View]
63806489Your tech career?: What is your career and do you consider yourself successful? I am trying to get a…[View]
63804802absolute madness the thread: >buy some mediocre earphones >plug them into beloved Nokia legacy…[View]
63807119Do /g/ anti-NN shitposters have any education about networking, OSI model etc ? I fail to see why th…[View]
63806994Graphical Keyboard Layout Editor GNU/LINUX: >201(3+4) >Tries to add his own keyboard layout on…[View]
63788458What software do you use for the biannual Windows-cleanup, /g/?[View]
63806458Bitcoin: Hey, guys! Bitcoin is quite up there. What is your take on the future of it?[View]
63804935Meanwhile in IT...: ITT Dealing With Tech Normies >Be me >In IT class on campus 'Anon, a PC fr…[View]
63800023>but but I'm entitled to free things![View]
63802811Best YouTube alternative?[View]
63799591>Sit down to take a shit >Package arrives…[View]
63806879Next TOP #10 Cryptocurrency - XBY?: hi what do you think about xtrabytes ?[View]
63806766Could one consider closed-source programs private property belonging to the person who's develo…[View]
63806217>he doesn't have a UPS It's like you enjoy losing precious data and thousands worth of …[View]
63803219Been thinking about saving up for this primarily as a portable emulation/scurvy machine. Anybody hav…[View]
63799815>faked my way to get my bachelor in CS >copied all my friends work, can barely program myself …[View]
63803685iMac Pro: who hype?[View]
63804268Opinions: Is the internet a right?[View]
63806521This Pirate-Enabling Bastard Is Doing A Good Thing: >Kim Dotcom decides to save the world. https:…[View]
63806078People think the iMac is expensive when this abomination exists: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bnp…[View]
63806597Powerspec G314: This is a powerspec g314 its probably one of the best prebuilt deals available it co…[View]
63806333BSD And Other Things: /baot/ - *BSD And Other Things Discuss FreeBSD, OpenBSD, NetBSD, DragonFly, Fr…[View]
63804653Microsoft Excel alternative for linux?: I need a linux compatible software that i could use to make …[View]
63804344its back and better than ever boys[View]
63806552>iMac Pro >non-upgradable (can't even upgrade the RAM) Why is Apple trying to destroy eve…[View]
63802764India strengthens its net neutrality rules as America gets rid of it: https://www.techdirt.com/artic…[View]
63806479Now that x86s days are numbered how long until intel goes bankrupt?[View]
63805650Allright so I'm a bumbling fucking idiot when it comes to this stuff, but I'm kinda desper…[View]
63806010amd poojeets btfod again When will you learn? amd loses AGIAN, but next year totally gonna be amds …[View]
63801903Learning central: I hate my job, so god help me, I will get out of normie service industry and into …[View]
63788621/fglt/ - Friendly GNU/Linux Thread: Old thread: >>63768092 /fglt/ - Friendly GNU/Linux thread …[View]
63806376Would it be worth it to fix my laptop?: The shop where I brought it for a check lost the RAM. HDD is…[View]
63779370ITT: Software from your childhood.[View]
63805831I'mm about to Re-seat my CPU and apply more thermal paste, but do I NEED alcohol to remove old …[View]
63805987linux new fag: well, i must say that im fucking stupid at start im trying to install kali linux on …[View]
63799300/dpt/ - Daily Programming Thread: Working on what you are? Previous >>63788573[View]
63802388Why don't we create a new cryptocurrency and chill the fuck out of it? Bitcoin is currently on…[View]
63806162Got an issue with HDMI out on my laptop Usually when id close the lid of the laptop the screen woul…[View]
63804093>still won't let you have a local file as the newtab page lol[View]
63804206class Hello { private String hello; public Hello(String hello) { this.hello = hello;…[View]
63805788have to start using pic related with regex at work on monday. Is it as bad as people say?[View]
63805706How long until everything is on the cloud, and everyone has a constant LTE connection nor mater wher…[View]
63805577Did anyone try me_cleaner? How do I uncuck myself from Intel? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iffTJ…[View]
63803514What's up /g/? Do you know any entretaining games to pass the time on the Linux console?[View]
63806060Did I do good?: I took my phone apart today, the second time already, after seeing after 2 weeks tha…[View]
63805334Windows 8.1 with Classic Shell is literally a better Windows 7. Why do people shit on it?[View]
63801355How do I get over the feeling that I have to read shitloads of boring old canon books before I read …[View]
63804634Surface Phone: Pajeet renders or legit?[View]
63802964Best case + Screen protector for Note 8 (infinity display phones): I want to get a case + screen pro…[View]
63805965android amulator ?: is someone using one , im looking for a very lightweight one ? any suggestions ,…[View]
63805882Why did my computer just fucking laugh at me? I was posting and lurking and suddenly the laugh of a …[View]
63801583/vst/ - Void Shill Thread: The Void Awaits >Learn More About Void https://www.voidlinux.eu/ >D…[View]
63805683Is there a way to get my Brave browser to stop doing this shit every fucking 10 minutes[View]
63790828What would a /g/ designed PC case look like?[View]
63803273Is Fallout style power armor plausible?: I'm really fascinated by this whole thing desu[View]
63804832ASUS ROG GT-3500 help!: Hey guys, im having issues with my ASUS GT-3500 (pic related). I've got…[View]
63805793http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/technology-42323696 >Brits forcing American companies to censor 'extrem…[View]
63802686>greasemonkey updates >4chanX is broken FLOOOEEENNNNS…[View]
63805356Hey /g/ I was wondering whether specs are good for games such as Skyrim,Spore, Primal Carnage and g…[View]
63804854>android optimization All I've been doing is browsing the internet and chatting with friends…[View]
63802781My friends ! It's happening ! I am giving up Windows for a while[View]
63805155How hard is RHCSA (EX200)? If I've been working with CentOS on a daily basis for nearly 2 years…[View]
63804911Hey /g/: Any of you got that depressing picture that showed the gradual transition of internet traff…[View]
63804142TV discussion thread: I'm strongly considering buying a new TV since my old 1080p Samsung TV (4…[View]
63805530>be 30 >can code in java okay >degree in electronic eng >little work history, quit jobs …[View]
63804556Post-NN America: What would happen once Net Neutrality gets repealed? Will people fight ISPs and/or …[View]
63803340What would be better for watching Full HD movies on a 50 inch TV? >external drive with USB cable …[View]
63804841Haskell job: I'm from Sri Lanka and just got a Haskell job in Chennai, India. My only Haskell b…[View]
63799873Router Thread 2: Electric Bugaloo: Here we go again, chaps. I want a router for <= £200 that can …[View]
63805229Metal 3D Graphics API: Did anyone ever use S3 MeTaL back in the day? How did the graphical quality c…[View]
63803173So is Kotlin worth learning or is it just another meme lang? Is it as bad as Java?[View]
63805200would i head phones break if maybe you stopd pulling the jack, bces thats what i did, shit still bre…[View]
63796794What is good battery life for a laptop?: I usually consider 4-6 hours of battery life good enough, b…[View]
63805045https://www.apple.com/imac-pro/ >Available 12.14 THANK YOU BASED APPLE[View]
63803220Is this book worth of buying? I mean the 5th edition.[View]
63804698My iPod Classic broke and I'm looking for a simple mp3 player with a good interface and 120GB+ …[View]
63760432/bst/ - Battlestation Thread: I'm opening up a new one because the current (now old) one is ab…[View]
63801488guise, what is a keyboard shortcut?[View]
63786614Are people seriously still using C in 2017? Java is faster (JIT), garbage collected, pure OO, and ha…[View]
63804573What's a good wifi security camera? Want one so I can check on my doggos during the day Needs t…[View]
63803840Why are you still using TCP when QUIC exists?[View]
63804099>w-we can't have net neutrality because.... The gubbumment will censor us! Big scary governm…[View]
63804606we did light drawing pictures in my comm tech class, (read backwards ;))[View]
63801088Is this the future of practical, affordable hologram?: https://youtu.be/wOLgtHd1HII[View]
63802914EE Brainlet: What is the fucking polarity on this faggot capacitor?How am I supposed to find the pos…[View]
63801660best soundcard for listening to flac, mp3s and games?[View]
63793660Who allowed these crab fucks a monopoly on sound chips?[View]
63804527https://developer.nvidia.com/cuda-downloads https://docs.nvidia.com/cuda/cuda-toolkit-release-notes/…[View]
63793488Lets talk about computer mice, but specifically gaming computer mice. For all you gamers out there, …[View]
63803175Why have you not installed Linux on your computer?[View]
63802809What are your christmas wishes?: I'm looking for inspiration for tech-related/nerdy christmas g…[View]
63803181Idiot needing to do retarded shit.: Is there any possible way I can take digital video from a laptop…[View]
63797582Well, /g/ ???: >x += 1; >x++;[View]
63803830>be me >use arch linux with kde >57.5 gb remaining out of 70 >be me >use windows 10 l…[View]
63801490Technological revelation bread: >Finally got a wireless mouse for the first time >no more push…[View]
63801418>Not using Sailfish OS Explain yourself anon.[View]
63801304So, what are YOU downloading before net neutrality disappears? Don't forget, only 2 more days l…[View]
63802602What technology would I need to learn to get a job in the FBI?[View]
63786943Is /g/ scared of this man? Why? Are you prepared for the loss of net neutrality?[View]
63802706eReader Thread: An anon yesterday wanted my review of the PDF capabilities of the Aura One I just bo…[View]
63804331I was going to get the Lenovo x250 but I hear the trackpads/keys are shit when compared to the older…[View]
63798132>90's >it industry is white people >superior os/2 experience >macs are awesome mach…[View]
63804136Heya boys did libgen remove the option to torrent files? They seem to have a new website layout now[View]
63798262/dbg/ - Dual Boot General: A thread for those of us who desperately want to switch to GNU/Linux, but…[View]
63800658What's /g/'s preferred way to read long pdf files (papers, entire books, ecc.)? Reading di…[View]
63800936fuck vivaldi: fuck vivaldi my browser just hung on me, so i closed it. now when i try to restore the…[View]
63804065Can't even get rid of Bonzi Buddy. https://youtu.be/27k2QHlYp8s[View]
63797438Are these any good for linux?[View]
63802831Galaxy S7 (U.S. models): >all Galaxy S7 and S7 edge sold in the United States (w/ Qualcomm Snapdr…[View]
63800937/g/ I come to you with a simple request. Recommend me a good android music player. In return, I giv…[View]
63799864Would changing my DNS server affect my security or prevent tracking? If so, are there good DNS serve…[View]
63790601/ptg/ - Public Tracker General: Not private edition Previous thread >>63777702 → >Not sure …[View]
63803388I have a Java 3 final in a couple hours. Skipped bassicly ever class this semester. I got a d on the…[View]
63798818Linuxerino Pasterino: I'm soon going to university to study Electronic Engineering, although th…[View]
63803489What's the most efficient light source during a power outage? Like something that can be used…[View]
63803617Is this the only good thing to come from the creator update?[View]
63802172Opinions on Justin Evans?[View]
63796189Brainlet here. I've got a thinkpad and decided to fuck around with it. I decided to try install…[View]
63801676What is the best language for AI and why is it Prolog?[View]
63803504> Ecosia uses over 80% of the profits from your web searches to plant trees where they are needed…[View]
63802886Type safety beyond programming: Think about it: Modern type safety can almost verify millions of lin…[View]
63802985LOL HAHAHA LINUX SUCKS WINDOWS4EVER get pwn'd noobs xD https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kHl3EVmP…[View]
63802589Why is modern software so goddamn bloated, both from a design and functionality point of view?[View]
63803315>news for nerds https://slashdot.org/story/334801[View]
63801349vpn: sup g Are you using a vpn when you pirate? or all the time? I'm in the market for a legit…[View]
63802638Hi /g/ wanted to learn hacking And no i dont mean Wanna learn how to hack fb haha Actuall hackinf sk…[View]
63802987Pajeets: Does /g/ also love India?[View]
63803287Why do you run away from the botnet? Embrace it.[View]
63802000>method 1 hahahaha[View]
63803224Hidden cameras: Any experience with portable/body hidden cameras? Thinking about buying the botton …[View]
63803195I liek this. It reminds me that I'm always being watched. I lost all hope of being anonymous in…[View]
63801332Is common lisp still relevent?: I am starting with machine learning and i thought common lisp would …[View]
63789940/csg/ Chink Shit General: Ready those near empty neet wallets once again! There's rumblings of …[View]
63798780what torrent client does /g/ use? I recently removed uTorrent/bitTorrent and installed WebTorrent, I…[View]
63801567Smartphone DACs: Are you satisfied with your phone's DAC, do you use an additional one to boost…[View]
63793128Pie + shit = Pai of shit: Fight for net neutrality[View]
63802567Is me sleeping with my laptop right next to my head the reason why I wake up every morning feeling l…[View]
63764751/wdg/ - Web Development General: One more dead thread for the archive - Edition >Previous Thread …[View]
63802818you guys are niggers[View]
63802828Certification test. Any resource to learn?[View]
63799131fuck this country. land of cpu and gpu throttling. Twice now my computer has crashed due to over hea…[View]
63793291how do I get into linux? just installed xubuntu and already seem to have problems (long boot time wi…[View]
63802742'Better.' It's a powerful word, and a powerful ideal. It makes us look at the world a…[View]
63800801Starting a server on Deep web: Could you provide me some good info, i must make some pages and avoid…[View]
63797504How accurate are these kill-a-watt things? i have two pc's and one monitor plugged in and it s…[View]
63802386Anyone running linux on a 2in1 laptop what is the touch screen support like and if it applies do the…[View]
63786961France is an example to us all: From the 2018 school year France is banning smartphones at primary s…[View]
63801473Why not use a libc written by muslims? if you still use gnu libc you're a normie and don't…[View]
63801963What would be the best way to connect a keypad to arduino? Shift register? IO expander like mcp23017…[View]
63798838What Router and Modem are you using? RT-AC68U + SB6120[View]
63797820http://browser.geekbench.com/v4/cpu/compare/5315634?baseline=5298765 >6W Gemini Lake dual-core mo…[View]
63800964Tripcodes: So I'm trying to make a quick and dirty tripcode implementation, that doesn't n…[View]
63802493any memewide users here on /g/? I've been thinking about buying one for movies and gayming, is …[View]
63801832>2017 He is not using a Iphone 5s without microphones and front camera[View]
63799679What the hell is an IT coordinator?: There's been some shuffling around my office, and a positi…[View]
63794101>god i wish my phone would struggle with the most basic of tasks[View]
63794105Glass phones fucking suck: FUCK glass phones. Wireless charging is not worth the trade off.[View]
63798919https://www.morehumanintelligence.com.au/ Is /g/ smart enough to hack the Australian Secret Intellig…[View]
63802305What /g/ thinks of Stellio?: >A lot of themes >Fast and smooth >Plugins for Dropbox and Vk …[View]
63800554>inb4 /r9k/: Why are we still hanging out in this depressing cesspool? What's your excuse /g…[View]
63795395amd ryzen+: Sooo what do you think about this? When it will be in available? When we will see benchm…[View]
63800297Install TempleOS !!!: Lern the HolyC !!! old: >>63683813 >>63691966 >>63652889…[View]
63796491Languages that strike fear into the hearts of brainlets[View]
63800813adrenalin (CODENAME: MAGIC) drivers released just tried them on my v64, performance is the same, non…[View]
63801022Best desktop for the buck: Any suggestions so far my best candidate pic related is a dell xps, https…[View]
63791160I've got to say (and this may be controversial) but I am not a huge fan of the 100% disk usage …[View]
63802162Wireless support pls: So, I have an all i one lenovo pc, when i try to connect to my wifi network it…[View]
63801451Desktops appreciation thread: >buy regular midi-ATX case >insert regular ATX board >stuff i…[View]
63777097Anyone here into Reverse Engineering?[View]
63790499dualshock 4 or xbox one controller?[View]
63801080Hey, don't you want to check your desktop's performance on your goy phone? Don't you …[View]
63768335Retro tech thread comfy edition: Post your comfy retro tech[View]
63798672Are there any good DE themes that are not Arc or Numix?[View]
63796819>Buy into Intel botnet >Intel botnet exploit leaks outside of Intel >Want to patch it out …[View]
63797729/g/ wiki Offline: Do you guys know when the /g/ wiki is going to be back up? I just recently got a s…[View]
63803244Help me survive on Windows without an antivirus. I have to use it -- I can't change to Linux.[View]
63801311How does /g/ protect itself against all these new fancy java website crypto miners? hard mode: no ja…[View]
63743681/gg/ - Gentoo General: /gg/ - Gentoo General https://gentoo.org Quick Install: https://wiki.gentoo.o…[View]
63800585Help fixing a broken laptop: Ok, so I was recently given this gaming laptop (its only last gen hardw…[View]
63801858Why is batch file not working on someone elses computer? What else can you use? I just want to compi…[View]
63800264Nvidia gets in on the mining action https://videocardz.com/press-release/inno3d-launches-p104-100-tw…[View]
63801579Been thinking getting a thinkpad because of memes But i cant literally think any reason why would i …[View]
63799528>his '''language''' doesn't support generic returns[View]
63801440Big deal or not?: I was looking for a new laptop to buy, since my old ASUS is not good at all with g…[View]
63797837You would put 4 Samsung 850 Evo M.2's in software RAID0 for games, right? Do you not know how t…[View]
63798445Can please someone dump this bundle here? https://www.humblebundle.com/books/network-security-certif…[View]
63801354HP fags BTFO: http://www.bbc.com/news/technology-42309371 >HP said more than 460 models of laptop…[View]
63786028This fucking faggot literally broke wacom support. Holy shit[View]
63788053Stupid Questions Thread /sqt/ Use a search engine before posting. Sometimes stupid questions get stu…[View]
63801237Any news on the miracle driver update that fixes this piece of shit architecture?[View]
63800385FF drops alsa: Which browser did you switch to after firefox no longer cared for alsa users? Is qute…[View]
63798160>costs $20 >fully comparable with $100 - $150 gaming mouses as someone who owned three high en…[View]
63787575/mkg/ - Mechanical Keyboard General: /mkg/ Leopold Shill Edition >Buyer's template: http://p…[View]
63798590https://downloadcenter.intel.com/download/27355/Graphics-Intel-Graphics-Driver-for-Windows-15-60- In…[View]
63801067>he uses a programming language >he uses a functional programing languages >he programmed a…[View]
63799983>it's GNU/Linux! >Linux is just a kernel!…[View]
63797161>he has his pc on the carpet enjoy your dust and pet hair[View]
63799038I wonder what it's like to not be able to add 1+2+3 on a smartphone...[View]
63801058fourchanspace: would it be possible to get something into orbit and communicate with it as a amateur…[View]
63801069What's a good tablet that won't break down in 3 years and you can fix yourself?[View]
63792821IPS vs TN Monitors: Do you think IPS is worth the extra price? I'm deciding between a 27' IPS a…[View]
63800966Qutebrowser: Hello, some people use qutebrowser here ?[View]
63799387Why don't AMD graphics cards have dies this big?[View]
63800928What is /g/'s favorite piece of technology?[View]
63799309i'll start imagus (hover image viewer) speed dial 2 tree style tab ublock origin[View]
63795132Why don't you use PS/2 anon?: PS/2 is the only way to interact with your computer >be beta u…[View]
63800712Sup guys, im having a job interview tomorrow for a job as a network administrator for a municipalit…[View]
63799633>Muh magic drivers[View]
63798842why aren't you using a wireless gaming mice? god.[View]
63799708Nest Secure / Smart home security: Anyone here have experience with the Nest Secure? was thinking of…[View]
63798694sup /g/, r9k here so my dad is a compulsive buyer idiot and ordered a iphone x from At&t on like…[View]
63799746Have you ever felt like you learned the wrong programming language?: pic unrelated[View]
63796766Is it called coding or programming?[View]
63795228T H E C U R R E N T S T A T E O F A P P L E U S E R S[View]
63797976OpenGL with C++: I have a final for a c++ class due in the next few days where I have to use OpenGl …[View]
63796569is it a MYTH that mixing RAM hampers performance? can i fill all my RAM slots with completely differ…[View]
63798102PDFs? On My Linux?: what's a good, lightweight, FOSS pdf viewer for linux? pic related is prett…[View]
63800629/ai/: >pic related >are we all contributing to it just like in Ex Machina, to our own demise ?…[View]
63797959The iPhone X has the best display every on a smartphone.: The iPhone X has the best display of any s…[View]
63799793EDC thread[View]
63799409>mobo model stops getting bios updates[View]
63797737I want to learn D! Help[View]
63799087>mom found the tor node again[View]
63799482Hi all, I'm looking to upgrade my current build and wanted some opinions. Bare with me, my curr…[View]
63799950Best web front end framework for both mobile and desktop at the same time?[View]
63796107Audiophiles of /g/: what is the highest quality headset $120 or less can buy? Yes, headset. I need a…[View]
63794024Now we can slap any face to a porn video and live the fantasy https://motherboard.vice.com/en_us/art…[View]
63800130Hey /g/ what do you think about George Hotz aka geohot, you know the guy who jailbroke the iphone an…[View]
63798742Motherboard needed!: Hi friends, I need some wisdom. My pc is pretty old, I know. That's why t…[View]
63800032pls halp: Anyone here ran into stability problems with B350 mobos and Ryzen under W10? For the love …[View]
63800003>buy an MCU dev board >it covers all the columns on a breadboard leaving no side pins exposed …[View]
63798335https://twitter.com/LinusTech/status/940336118276358144 THE ABSOLUTE MADMAN[View]
63799069new firefox has downsides too: new firefox is awesome but all my awesome extension are dead how are …[View]
63799837*runs out of cups*[View]
63799879https://pastebin.com/raw/YWp7XdDy >javascript devs[View]
63795354Is there such thing as a web development scripting language that doesn't suck? Literally I loat…[View]
63796216I'm running out of space, /g/. I know newegg is having a sale on HDD's, but what's a …[View]
63792485> Apple iOS 11.2 is arguably the most rushed release in iOS history. What did he mean by this?…[View]
63795187/hpg/ - Headphone General: How to request purchase advice: http://pastebin.com/fYZLW7Ub For sub-$50 …[View]
63799628why is lldb so bad why cant i use gdb without symbols being stripped[View]
63795903Did I fuck up?[View]
63798251What are your thoughts on Sailfish OS anon? I just flashed it on my phone last night and I am defini…[View]
63799212what am i doing: sooo i installed synaptic to 'manage my packages' but why do i need this? why is ev…[View]
63792846>god i wish my computer would struggle with its intended use[View]
63796495Update addiciton: Is anyone else addicted to update his systems ? How often do you update ? Do you a…[View]
63797791Speccy thread: Saw none on the catalogue also, just noticed after all these years that my 1600mhz RA…[View]
63798085AI?: Ok, so with the advent of AI, we've been prone to make them girls(?). Are them actually gi…[View]
63799273Cool Software Thread: >inb4 shill[View]
63799250LISP: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HM1Zb3xmvMc[View]
63799095Headphone issues Okay i bought the Hyper x cloud alphas because my logitech g430s broke, I can only …[View]
63798903Javascript: Just learnt all the basics of Javascript through some bs tutorials. Still don't kno…[View]
63798265https://www.tweaktown.com/news/60120/nvidia-titan-twice-fast-rx-vega-ethereum-mining/index.html >…[View]
63798824Location services > System services: What exactly does each individual setting do? I remember rea…[View]
63792985I'm planning on switching to Linux full time: Which distribution would you recommend for me? I …[View]
63790004So i finally fell for the i3 meme and have to say its quite comfy. who else /comfy/ here?[View]
63793127Media File Integrity for NAS: I'm looking for a tool to help me preserve the integrity of my me…[View]
63794604Google chrome to firefox: Ok, I'm going to make the switch. Is there anything I need to know be…[View]
63796356Let's have a handwriting thread, hand write a couple of lines of code in your favorite language…[View]
63796896Anybody have any cool ideas for one of these miniature cameras? There are the usual degenerate thing…[View]
63798309Man I'm going to sound retarded What the fuck is latex? I download something called tex live b…[View]
63794352This triggers the privacyfag[View]
63797148Where find more python 2 chan art?[View]
63790070Is it possible to have a life and use Gentoo?[View]
63797364Just bought one of these big fancy ereaders, I'm looking forward to using it. Although it seems…[View]
63798477Sure am glad I didn't fall for the webp or flif meme.[View]
63788573/dpt/ - Daily Programming Thread: What are you working on, /g/? Previous thread: >>63778916…[View]
63796602Google just launched three new photography apps: Google just announced three new photography applica…[View]
63762027Post your processor: ITT: post what processor you're using right now AMD Phenom II X6 1090T…[View]
63795504Why does Google Keep fucking do this[View]
63793704Why do indians have to fuck up everything that they touch in tech?[View]
63778074Literally the best Windows ever released. Why aren't you using it, anon?[View]
63796472prolog: what do you guys think of prolog i think its cancer[View]
63785310>Code artisan[View]
63796414Got this for gaming. Did i do good?[View]
63778987Debian is literally the best distro ever: Debian is severely underrated >Biggest repos ever 57,29…[View]
63794730Imagine working so hard, relentlessly, so hard against the botnet. Only to find out you were the bot…[View]
63798040Hey /g/ I need a new mouse. My clicks are starting to not register properly. I'm looking to get…[View]
63797694Is sata ssd enough for VM shit? im running atleast 3-4 vm at the same time. dev, db, web server, ap…[View]
63784227/aocg/ - Advent of Code 2017 General #13: Square peg in a hexagonal hole edition Previous thread …[View]
63778903Show me your dumb phone.: You're not a smart phone zombie are you anon?[View]
63791737Vaio P appreciation thread: Why has there not been a better looking piece of tech since? Refresh nev…[View]
63790413NSA and other authorities who snoop, what's the nigging point?: Is there even a point to having…[View]
63786013What computer/laptop have you got your parents using?[View]
63791878What Udemy courses did you pick up for winter break, anon? Got this one on progressive web apps.[View]
63794532>Use Linux, custom Firefox, tweaked addons, VPN, TOR for years >Get older >One day get tire…[View]
63797289What does /g/ think of the Swift programming language?[View]
63797695Former Facebook exec says social media is ripping apart society: Another former Facebook executive h…[View]
63797744my hand got stuck in :nipple mode' on my thinkpad x230: help !! this really hurts i dont know what t…[View]
63797002Feels so good in the hands... ladies, you know the procedures.: What does he mean by this?[View]
63797594Install TempleOS !!!: Lern the HolyC !!! old: >>63652889 >>63691966 >>63683813…[View]
63797271Reddit`s hypocrisy: Many of you have probably heard about it already, but I haven`t seen a single di…[View]
63796604in a couple decades, amazon is going to own the planet. why does no one give a shit?[View]
63776963>Music file bitrate is less than 130kbps[View]
63786785I hope you don't do this: >using a fingerprint sensor >using face identification >buyi…[View]
63794092Do you contribute to open source projects?[View]
63795943Hundreds of old CD-Roms need Backup to ISO Images. Is there a suitable Software to do that around? I…[View]
63796230can someone tell me what this is? i don't have any more information.[View]
63795341Wireless Headsets: i was wondering if you guys know what the best wireless headset is. my main conce…[View]
63794088GG /g/, 75% of you fell for it AND it got media attention[View]
63796636Oh Hai!: Is Apple the best technology company on the planet?[View]
63794057Do rubik's cubes count as technology? Rubiks Cube thread I guess. Any new purchases?[View]
63788737I've never used this aspect ratio For those who use/have used it, how is it? Is it that good, o…[View]
63790798Is jailbreaking dead /g/? Anyone else here holding out on 9.3.3? I've always yoyo'd betwee…[View]
63792519I'm trying to reverse engineer Netflix downloads, but I don't know where to start here is …[View]
63794320Looking for a laptop that is lightweight, has great keys and a long battery life. Price range:400-50…[View]
63795163Can we get on their level?[View]
63796445TightVNC: My school gave out laptops to rent for the school year and I got one. They had TightVNC on…[View]
63792673prove ur not a javatard what is the answer to this question? Process A sends to process B two messag…[View]
63796503How can I prove to normies that non-free software is compromised ? How can I show them we're sp…[View]
63788315How do you archive 4chan threads offline /g/ ?[View]
63796737Least favorite/worst 'tech' youtuber thread? This little shit keeps popping up in my recommendations…[View]
63780472I just installed Arch. Do I have to start watching anime now?[View]
63796441is it really gonna be another AMD DOA GPU? https://www.pcgamesn.com/amd/amd-rx-vega-64-review-benchm…[View]
63790267>live in hood >order laptop through fed ex >leave package at front door >mfw…[View]
63796305Free programming: Poor and retard fag here, I'm wondering what would be a good free way to lear…[View]
63795150Why do most tech YouTubers appear to be from C*nada?[View]
63796200Does anyone have an IBM SK-8835 or SK-8845, or an IBM SpaceSaver II? Thoughts on these keyboards?[View]
63793694>Steam stopped accepting bitcoin cause of its 25% loss in value cryptofags btfo…[View]
63796219I have 2 XR570s and a i5 7400 is a 600watt power supply enough[View]
63794939sec 401: comptia sec+ brain dumps Does anyone correct brain dumps for 401? I feel like some of the a…[View]
63795036hey /tech/, what's the easiest android phone to root made within the last 3 years ?[View]
63795909Any good vacuums?[View]
63794490Name a better computer scientist, /g/.[View]
63796137I'm an idiot and need to anonymously text someone: Halp plz? Pic probably unrelated.[View]
63781940how'd i do, /g/: just got pic-related for $60 from a guy off CL thinkpad x120e got 8gb of ram a…[View]
63793589Can we all agree non-piano hinges are a sign of a poor quality laptop? What modern laptops have pian…[View]
63794848Can someone help me with this please?[View]
63795827net neutrality: Are the lobbyist telecoms going to get their way this time? Im genuinely despondent …[View]
63789709MAC BTFO[View]
63795695Best TV under $400?: Mother in law is getting me this for Christmas, upgrading from a 720p rear-proj…[View]
63792881Gibe best browser which is not Godzilla or Goolag: Pic unrelated[View]
63793797NVidia's cards running their proprietary binary blob drivers beat AMD card running the free MES…[View]
637874437 reasons why serious companies avoid open source: If you ever wondered why companies use Windows, M…[View]
63786251/pcbg/ PC Building General: >How to delid your CPU: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bwg0HRw17lY […[View]
63795433Hey, guys, any Python expert here? I'm learning Python by myself and I was trying to do this on…[View]
63795097Phone Pattern: Still have access to my phone through fingerprint authentication, but since I never u…[View]
63794383how many of you niggers are actually majoring in something technology related , (electrical engineer…[View]
63789638/hpg/ - Headphone General: How to request purchase advice: http://pastebin.com/fYZLW7Ub For sub-$50 …[View]
63783817Two weeks. Perfection is coming.[View]
63794224What can I do with this Kobo mini, /g/? Are there community ROMs to increase the refresh speed?[View]
63779180The board needs to know http://www.strawpoll.me/14593832[View]
63791758Mech keyboard: Hello, what is best choice between 62 and 88 keyboard key ? I hesitate, i have 2 or 3…[View]
63794179Informational Interview: Hello, For one of the final assignments of my class I will need to perform …[View]
63795034Cringe Computer MaintenanceThread: Post the worst pictures online of terrible things being done to c…[View]
63780963Are you using the best distro yet?[View]
63794633I have a iphone 5s that I was given a few years ago and it's starting to get white lines and oc…[View]
63792240function boolean biggerThan(int x, int y) { if (x > y) { return true; } else { retu…[View]
63779682Tell me a good reason to NOT use Ubuntu.[View]
63794831Currently using Manjaro MATE. Is there any reason to move to Ubuntu MATE? Maybe when 18.04 comes out…[View]
63794765huh!: https://www.youtube.com/watch?time_continue=110&v=doNNClTTYwE[View]
63792872What's the best webhost?[View]
63793339Alright, so I'm trying to understand Ethereum. From my understanding, a programmer creates a p…[View]
63793576Yo /g/, I just found an old gen 1 Raspberry Pi along with a miniature camera that attaches to it. Gi…[View]
63782190/wt/ Watch Thread: This thread is about the appreciation of whorology, as well as the micro-engineer…[View]
63791807Huh, so this is the power of Firefox[View]
63794091xbox one: how can i use my xbox 360 usb controller on my xbox one without pc streaming?[View]
63794299Discord's one of the most popular chatservices with an unfortunately shitty privacy policy. As …[View]
Car car = new Car('car');
63792854Tethering Questions: Is anyone using Tethering as their main source of internet? I am stuck with re…[View]
63775781Poorfag here. Is there an alternative to Netflix?[View]
63783261>Contact MSI support for updating BIOS >BIOS gets stuck at 18% during update >MSI forum adm…[View]
63792255AI + Blockchain: Any AI devs have more info about this? https://www.forbes.com/sites/jessedamiani/20…[View]
63782828/mpv/ - the /g/reatest media player: Wiki: https://github.com/mpv-player/mpv/wiki Manual: Stable: ht…[View]
63793914https://haveibeenpwned.com/ Have you been pwned?[View]
63785562Routers: I can't take the shitbox that Virgin supplies any more. Router recommendations? <= …[View]
63789688Daily reminder that we are all cucks. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iffTJ1vPCSo[View]
63789791What do you /g/oys think of chink VR goggles? found a PIMAX 4K UHD at a decent price and i'd li…[View]
63792555you have ten seconds to explain why you aren't using a psu with rgb lighting[View]
63793882xbox 360/one controller: does someone here knows how to use a xbox 360 usb controller to play in a x…[View]
63793869linux documentation: huh, wow...so this is the power of 'freedom'[View]
63789552Hey guys you want to see a cool trick with clover? Reply to this thread with an image, go to your do…[View]
63792538Data hoarding.: Are there any other data hoarders here ? I have a big problem, like an addiction. I …[View]
63790296How come consumer Wi-Fi APs last only a year without issues, and Enterprise ones only around 4? Are …[View]
63781639Do people really use underscores just for the sole purpose of making foreigners happy? Ruby fags dis…[View]
63791782Post Comfy Desktops[View]
63787880Hacker group successfully attacking banks in the USA and Russia: In less than two years, this group …[View]
63787337When do you wish to update windows? :^)[View]
63790795How do I block these? I have a samsung s7 and I would like to block these by demanding fingertip ver…[View]
63790494Is there a better mouse than this for non-gaymen requirements? Had one of these for years on my home…[View]
63792599What is /g/'s recommended program/site to create emails in bulk?[View]
63793458Do rebuilt bitcoin mining rigs like for example anymore 7 automatically put bitcoin into a selected …[View]
63792280>the state of iOS[View]
63793401Adguard DNS: I mostly use opendns, but have tried adguard dns as it was in open alpha. It was terrib…[View]
63792875Reinstalling firefucks to try out Quantum What are the essential add-ons that I need? I want minimal…[View]
63777747Dell XPS 13 or Lenovo Thinkpad X1 Carbon. Which one is better?[View]
63793242Lenovo Legion Y520 for mostly internet, and little gaming? Or something other better? I worried that…[View]
63792507Chrome VS Firefox in a nutshell Chrome VS Firefox thread[View]
63792136Really gets those brain cells exchaning electricity: After a few hours, I'm finally understandi…[View]
63792815Who or what do you donate money to, /g/? You do share your wealth with those less fortunate, no?[View]
63793139SciCom vs Sci-hub: There is info from ru community that Alexandra Elbakyan, in addition to working f…[View]
63791950I wanna switch from windows 7 to linux and i need some opinions on the various derivates. I've …[View]
63791694It's 2017 and you're still not using the holiest operating system. Explain yourself[View]
63787442Who here /Hacker/?: >be me just started a new IT/data job fresh out of school >our lobby room …[View]
63778561Microsoft Edge vs. Firefox?: Which one of these is better to use today? Google Chrome is out of the …[View]
63790737Web programming: I'm writing a single page web application and I want to save the program'…[View]
63788871Who has worse marketing, AMD or Intel?[View]
63792816>lose important lead >search everywhere for it >don't find it >find a similar one n…[View]
63792160Anyone know how I can find a serial key for Rosetta Stone v3, German? Thanks in advance.[View]
63790847Hey /g/ I need your help. Can you guys recommend a good android phone/tablet app that: 1 - let'…[View]
63789528Open-Source: Hey /g/. I recently started a tech support company and I'm looking to find the bes…[View]
63778877wat do?[View]
63790615best way to get a vega 56? all these cryptofags clogging up our video cards, what's the best w…[View]
63791886Thoughts on IOTA, /g/? They claim to solve issues with the blockchain by implementing transaction ap…[View]
63790207Why is Google Chrome popular?: Why is this the most popular browser by a large margin again?? What d…[View]
63791874GNU/Linux minimalism thread: For suggestions on programs that aren't bloat refer to https://suc…[View]
63789599>be in store, look at mice >see a wireless one >it's alright, but $160 is way out of m…[View]
63789123>take over ancient code base of enterprise software maintained by a single guy for about a decade…[View]
63792232Hey /g/, I can't figure this out for the life of me so I hope one of you guys can help out. I…[View]
63790018Soup /g/, I need your advice. I want to create a live stream out of various video sources (pre-recor…[View]
63775256SPECCY THREAD NIGGERS: Speccy thread fags[View]
63790325Who here switched your parents computer to Windows 10? Since I did the 'Tech Family Support' meme is…[View]
63787844Apple Apparently Throttling Clock Speeds on Older Phones: I replaced the battery on my 6s and my pho…[View]
63791843DisplayHDR: VESA has announced their DisplayHDR specification to define HDR in various performance t…[View]
63788914FreeBSD developers argue in favor of keeping unencrypted HTTP access to their master repository. htt…[View]
63787714Debounce circuit: Using MAX6818 (pic slightly related), do i really need the 0.1uF cap as shown, and…[View]
63791441Is there any wallets in existence that have a section for USB drive/SD card?[View]
63791292new power supply: wtf is this and why isnt it a banana plug?[View]
63791846I can't believe Apple invented the song recognition apps. How can they keep innovating after al…[View]
63791031c class: what is a C class ip address ? what is the diffrence ?[View]
63791706Driver bullshit: Can anyone explain to me why windows always insists that I 'have the best drivers i…[View]
63790796>Mom installed a Kensington Lock[View]
63790442>trailing whitespace Why do people do this?[View]
63791691has anyone used a raspberry pi 3 and retropie with a kuman 3.5' tft lcd' ? I can't find the dri…[View]
63791655>2017 >still supporting illuminati rms https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pxHUevaC2Zk…[View]
63788880/g/ made security system: Have any of you all done a diy security using your own computer system, mo…[View]
63784924VoIP: Skype is a fucking shitshow. What do you set up for your normie relatives so that they might g…[View]
63788290>who would spend so much cash on a MACBOOK >heheh mactoddlers >GOOGLE IS THE BOTNET DUDE LM…[View]
63779184What are your tech bad habits?[View]
63785028Could a grandmaster like Magnus Carlsen beat a chess computer today if the computer was handicapped?…[View]
63789736Day of Reckoning Is Nigh: Pic related, first people to be sued in Canada for downloading a movie. Th…[View]
63784371What are the best headphones for 40-60 bucks[View]
63790998My ethernet wall jacks are set so they receive IPs from the switch but there's no wall jack ava…[View]
63787408Students Using Free Software: Interested in people that use free software in the STEM field. Share y…[View]
63788853What's /g/'s thoughts on a malicious DRM in the fangame Sonic Gather Battle? Real or fake?…[View]
63757522/hrt/ - Hardware Removal-of-botnet Thread: I have created cancer edition Last thread >>6374483…[View]
63790595Had a small spill, now I have to push the P key really hard for it to register. Everything else work…[View]
63788157>it's not dead it's just feature complete :^)[View]
63790210Hey guys i dont know, if this is the right board for this but I bought a new TV LG 55UJ635V and I am…[View]
63785447Sup /g/, do you use hackintosh?[View]
63789288Noscript Update: >just use noscript they said this is not hallal back to umatrix/ublock…[View]
63788842why wont companies talk with me? how am i supposed to get ajob[View]
63790293Newbie Debian: Hiya, /g/. I'm new to Linux in general, and I decided to try out Debian 9. I…[View]
63786789is it ok to let my laptop run for days?: I don't reboot ever, I just wake up and start using. i…[View]
63790500>his software license includes a poorly written manifesto in the header https://choosealicense.co…[View]
63764973AMD's new Ryzen 7 2800X teased: 12C/24T at up to 5.1GHz: Discuss[View]
63785925Why did they have to take out the SD card slot ;_;[View]
63786641>ok im doing it right now and i'll write the results thank you for the quick respond >1 y…[View]
63787524https://newsroom.intel.com/news/introducing-new-intel-pentium-silver-intel-celeron-processors/ THANK…[View]
63783884How to get users: Where's a good place to announce your programming project/software that'…[View]
63783944Im about ti pull the trigger on the 13 inch Macbook Pro 2017 base model 256gb ssd. I want honest tho…[View]
63786477Free energy generator: any legitimate theories on free energy generators?[View]
63786700Technology: AMD Ryzen 5 2500U Gaming Performance: Crushes Intel’s Newest Chips! Ryzen 5 2500 Gaming…[View]
63789175How do I stop being bored by technology and programming? I want to get into it but I just can't…[View]
63771505Install TempleOS !!!: Lern the HolyC !!! old: >>63691966 >>63683813 >>63652889…[View]
63786892Why is Apple so retarded?[View]
63777422/hpg/ - Headphone General: How to request purchase advice: http://pastebin.com/fYZLW7Ub For sub-$50 …[View]
63781356golang: Thoughts? Anyone use golang?[View]
63785518Is curved 1080/1440p monitors a meme or do they worth it? I want to buy an at least 24inch monitor …[View]
63790899Spied on at work: I work at an IT place mainly just assigning tickets, and today I heard some collea…[View]
63786846Color gamut: Who's wide color gamut here?[View]
63783561Edge underrated: Are you willing to give Microsoft Edge a chance? Internet Explorer was terrible. Ed…[View]
63789371*blocks your path*[View]
63789737Pleb Phone: /g/ Just returned my Wileyfox swift x2 because it was a fucking potato to use out the bo…[View]
63786070What OS do you think illuminati use ? (pic related Soros)[View]
63789044>2017 >not buying pre-built Lmao what's wrong with you? tfw had to replace the shitty cpu…[View]
63787718With the constant expansion of technology, will Moore's law render smartphone encryptions usele…[View]
63787929>Be a human sciences graduate student >My university is pushing this 'digital student' program…[View]
63786280Scripting vs Programming: >sit down at my computer and start programming >its not working …[View]
63779662Any good operating systems that aren't Windows/Mac/Linux based? ReactOS looks promising if it e…[View]
63776247/csg/ Chink Shit General: In /csg/, we discuss the cheap shit you see on Gearbest, Taobao, AliExpres…[View]
63789333HP install Keylogger by default: and I am postig from HP envy15 Q300 how ironic they call keylogger …[View]
63787949Should I purchase Intel or AMD for my next build?[View]
63789069What do you think about buying this television for Christmas? I want a Samsung model that was cheap …[View]
63786300ARE YOU A RAMLET?: >He still uses 8GB >He has a GTX 1060 3GB Gimpworks edition What are you po…[View]
63782051Is there any reason I shouldn't buy a used laptop for a home file-server? >cheap >small …[View]
63782034What is the less bloated edition of Windows ? I don't want Cortana neither Metro apps ![View]
63785665A-Are the janitors asleep? Share the goodies you you chew at the battlestation you know usually lit…[View]
63783413A couple years ago, if you asked about Python 2 vs Python 3, everybody would tell you to stick with …[View]
63786924I'm fucking retarded. My ethernet wall jacks are set so they receive IPs from the switch but th…[View]
63786256Has anyone here tried invading a tinyboard/vichan-based imageboard? What are the vulnerabilities the…[View]
63787493>it's GNU/Linux! >Linux is just a kernel!…[View]
63781709Speedtest thread: http://beta.speedtest.net what've you got g?[View]
63786368Vertical monitors - yay or nay?[View]
63768092/fglt/ - Friendly GNU/Linux Thread: Old thread: >>63749556 /fglt/ - Friendly GNU/Linux thread …[View]
63786233hey /g/ a few months back my pee cee started to not recognize my gpu and it will show nothing in the…[View]
63787205Headset: can anyone please recommend a good headset for music with mic please?[View]
63772691Which is the best ultralight Ultrabook and why is the Carbon X1? Other contenders: >Asus Zenbooks…[View]
63778916/dpt/ - Daily Programming Thread: Previous thread: >>63771698 What are you working on, /g/?…[View]
63774407So anon what do you think about future of C?[View]
63779956Le Potato: Why don't you have a Le Potato, /g/? Improvements over Raspberry Pi 3 Model B >50…[View]
63787269NEET NEST GENERAL: You think you've got what it takes to call yourself a NEET, li'l bitch?…[View]
63782136>Grandma spoofed my DHCP server[View]
63760325/tpg/ - ThinkPad General thread: Old Thread: >>63724676 If you're looking for purchase ad…[View]
63782814What do you think about tracing garbage collection?[View]
63787100Can someone tell me whats up with boomers and the constant use of the word 'Innovation'? Do they thi…[View]
63787922>On Error Resume Next[View]
63786572Lenovo X1 or XPS 13?[View]
63777702/ptg/ - Private Tracker General: They see your cookies edition Previous thread >>63768009 >…[View]
63786588I bought this shit like weeks ago on Amazon and it never has came back in stock. Where can I find th…[View]
63786660/VR/: Which VR set to get in the year of the Lord two thousand eighteen? >2 hour countdown to HTC…[View]
63785879Raven Ridge: Where the fuck are the R7 2700U laptops?[View]
63784611Can we have language-tans and os-tans thread?[View]
63783833https://www.reddit.com/r/nvidia/comments/7iywzu/titan_v_is_a_doubleprecision_monster/ THANK YOU BASE…[View]
63784581/middleclass/ tech: post some of the best tech you own/have found for under 400$. Laptops, TVs, anyt…[View]
63786777I've got an old PC with some core 2 duo, 2 GB of RAM, GTX 9800 and 150 GB of HDD. What do? Curr…[View]
63789274Should Silicon Valley monopolies be prohibited by law from censoring content that is legal in the US…[View]
63784100What's the best alternative to Sublime, /g/?[View]
63787066Forced innovation killed cars and is killing tech industry. Fuck this it's time to jump ship[View]
63767905/mkg/ - Mechanical Keyboards General: Ducky shill edition >Buyer's template: http://pastebin…[View]
63782815what the flying fuck happened to ram prices?[View]
63786886Okay so I have this ROG notebook that's like three years old at this point and I've been u…[View]
63784892Why don't motherboards just have a GPU socket and GDDR VRAM DIMMs?[View]
63784970Does /g/ have any particular opinion on APU2 platform system boards? They sell for $100-$140US, so …[View]
63784779https://wccftech.com/fake-amd-ryzen-2800x-12-core-5-1ghz-slide-sends-media-frenzy/ >THEY FELL FOR…[View]
63786577Why aren't you running a Mill yet?[View]
63779483/g/ memes: Is SICP a meme? I am working as Java Spring/Hibernate developer. Am I going to gain anyth…[View]
63784064toasting from CLI, what are you up to?[View]
63762451/spg/ - smartphone general: Previous thread: >>63743403 News: Redmi 5 released but confirmed j…[View]
63785287>everyone pushing for all-screen phones >front sensors and fingerprint readers have to go some…[View]
63784683https://www.reddit.com/r/nvidia/comments/7iq5tk/just_got_a_titan_v_this_morning_ask_me_to/dr1y7x1/ …[View]
63773365Apple slowing down phones after releases: So what do you think about this /g/?[View]
63784573TR4 Motherboards: What's the deal with TR4 motherboards, /g/? Every single one of them is RGB L…[View]
63785125Can I replace only the glass?: The Phone is Xiaomi Mi Max (lcd underneath is ok and touchscreen work…[View]
63786282Phone recommendation plz: any phone brand doest made by chinks or jews?[View]
63780766Why Mac is better than PC: (1/2) 1) The MacBook Air is much, much prettier and more portable than an…[View]
63786026>married a chinese woman >learned chinese/mandarin >joined tsinghua university >befriend…[View]
63777860So, moot said captcha was a temporal fix to solve the spam issue That was in 2008, 10 years ago, whe…[View]
637856444K 60 FPS on AMD with HDMI 1.4: I have a 4K TV and used a GT 530 for survival. I could not manage to…[View]
63786043Who was the Jannetty?[View]
63781763Chair Thread: What chair do you use to keep your back healthy and be comfortable while coding for ho…[View]
63784760Tech jobs: Would anyone be able to give some insight to a young retarded neet looking to get stuck i…[View]
63783355Things that really grind your gears: >right click website >Sorry, Our Website is Copyright Pro…[View]
63785385Why did Canonical kill Unity? I still don't understand it had its flaws, but I always liked the…[View]
63784528Why aren't ANDROID laptops popular?: Why aren't normals jumping on android laptops which o…[View]
637855894chan anons: is it true that 4chan captcha is developed by google? so what about our anonimity? bot…[View]
63776280Stupid Question Thread: /SQT/ - Stupid Question Thread Last Thread: >>63740672 New to machine…[View]
63782110/g/ humor: /g/ humor[View]
63769853Anyone else here do tech support? What's the stupidest call you've ever taken? Pic related…[View]
63768845Practically speaking, how bad is it to keep all your passwords to everything in a single jpg file on…[View]
63784728> Religious subgroups are just forks of open source scriptures by hipster faggots who think they …[View]
63775262Private property is a good thing, lad.[View]
63784608ESP32: What are the best ESP32 board that doesn't have upload problems?[View]
63783623Ios spyware: ios spyware thread? Could a usb containing a script similar to a bash bunny or rubber d…[View]
63775754>he uses an ISP that injects 400+ lines of JS into every response https://forums.xfinity.com/t5/C…[View]
63783024Let's get a good ricing thread going for Android. Suggest some themes or ask questions if you …[View]
63785178sorting the newfags: So all of us oldfags know that on april 1 2018 they will release the new lts of…[View]
63784366Anyone here have much experience with Vue? Is it only good for single page apps or is it fine for re…[View]
63785080Why can't we use two seperate programs, two mice and two keyboards on the same PC simultaneousl…[View]
63784844Imaging multiple windows computers at once: Hey /g/ents, what's some industry-standard software…[View]
63781866Best KDE Distro?: Looking to switch from Ubuntu for something that runs KDE for my laptop. Any sugge…[View]
63777973Pseudocode is so comfy[View]
63784448Whatever happened to 'cyberpunk' culture, /g/? It seems a lot different from modern 'tech' culture,…[View]
63782300Are these a meme? do they work? I have bad back paint from sitting in a chair all day at work, so I …[View]
63762074What podcasts does /g/ listen to? Decrypted is p fuckin good.[View]
63784218Why are you not using Microsoft Xamarin /g/?: >is cross-platform >tons of video lessons my Mi…[View]
63777644Radeon or Nvidia?[View]
63779654Decided to start learning more about C. What's a good IDE besides Visual Studio's 40gb of …[View]
63783106Anyone else find the old internet (pre 2001) kind of creepy / eerie? Especially web forums where you…[View]
63778271Straight talk now has unlimited data for 55 dollars a month, great deal in my book![View]
63781663Don't know if this is the board for this but is there anyway to delete something edited into an…[View]
63783201Intel me & boot order.: Is it possible to enter selective boot without having Intel me installed…[View]
63783381Monitors: hey /g/, I skipped buying this 27' Dell Gsync S2716DGR because I read online everywhere th…[View]
63784191Triple Monitor Discussion. So for Christmas, I plan to move from having two Asus MX279h monitors to …[View]
63784183Laptop replacement screens: So now that the year is 2017 and virtually every laptop has eDP, I'…[View]
63784170>andlets will defend this[View]
63765305That AMD slide isn't fake, I have some decent AMD connections and the beans have been spilled a…[View]
63783228'smart' assistants, discuss. Pic very related[View]
63748109what laptop does /g/ use?[View]
63779212What does /g/ think of Alienware laptops?[View]
63780927will a vpn on your mobile phone work on third party apps like twitter , kik, snapchat, facebook ? o…[View]
63778341nsa pls go: /g/ how much information do you think can the NSA and it's counterparts dig on a : …[View]
63783883Laptop Specs vs What I Need?: Hey guys! So I currently have a Lenovo Y50-70 with 860M 2GB graphics c…[View]
63776713/pcbg/ - PC Building General: Open Frame Chassis Edition. >How to delid your CPU: https://www.you…[View]
63774735>8 gigabytes: WTF is this shit? 8 GB for a fucking security update? This isn't even a PC. It…[View]
63780709Just fuck my deliveries up senpai[View]
63762660Why are Apple engineers such a joke?[View]
63773985/aocg/ - Advent of Code 2017 General #12: Wall of text for ants edition Previous thread >>6375…[View]
63782036>God I wish my phone would struggle with the most basic of tasks[View]
63759005So is net neutrality a bad or a good thing? The left keeps saying that no net neutrality is literall…[View]
63781818How do I know if I have a virus or keylogger or shit t. smart person[View]
63772079Pi Thread: I've had this raspberry pi 3 since last Christmas, haven't used it because I di…[View]
63775713>yfw Amazon puts their new HQ in a shitty, car-dependent, depressing, unwalkable normie city like…[View]
63780418I'm not gonna pretend I've ever been particularly smart, but it's so fucking disheart…[View]
63762835/wt/ Watch Thread: This thread is about the appreciation of whorology, as well as the micro-engineer…[View]
63781101/g/ternet: Not Dead Yet edition. Talk about: >finding friends to link with >linking meshes ove…[View]
63776164GNU/Linux minimalism thread: For suggestions on programs that aren't bloat refer to https://suc…[View]
63781507What's a good CLI browser to access 4chan? I already tried links and w3m but they are kinda bug…[View]
63782758LTE /mobile connection thread: I use LTE for my internet access now since there is only DSL 2000 ava…[View]
63777406can anyone help me understand Note 8 buyin: So on ebay there are some unlocked notes selling for $73…[View]
63780029Heat sink fused to CPU. What should I do?[View]
63779732Is it theoretically possible to write a program downloaded onto sim cards that interacts with all ce…[View]
63777088Steve Jobs thread: 'I'm not glad he's dead, but I'm glad he's gone' Why was Stal…[View]
63779270>the absolute state of firefox Why the fuck does this keep happening?[View]
63781377I'm trying to learn Linux but i dont understand what | , >> and > do?[View]
63775027ITT Nu-tech that instantly enrages you[View]
63782379Anyone here ever program a Java card? I've been thinking of doing some niche DIY with them.[View]
63780537>it's GNU/Linux! >Linux is just a kernel!…[View]
63782258Monitors general: Post anything related to monitors here. Does anyone here use a vertical-aligned mo…[View]
63779916How to macro?: Can I use any of my macro keys on my k95 to change as media controls for soundcloud o…[View]
63782035Are bulls getti[View]
63750931>God I wish my computer would struggle with the most basic of tasks >…[View]
63776000This newest Windows 10 creators update completely fucked me. I installed the update and when it boot…[View]
63777433what is /g/ getting for christmas[View]
63779259let me know anon...: why you still use a ddr2 memory.[View]
63781538invite me to #cutegang[View]
63776710Tape Drive: Is tape still the best option for long term archiving and do any anons use it for home u…[View]
63780390Are Microsoft Windows and GNU/Linux, dare I say it, finished and bankrupt? https://www.phoronix.com…[View]
63781779>Buy occasional thing in Walmart store. >Create Walmart account to order shelf. >Look at re…[View]
63779742Vim as an IDE: Is Vim as an IDE worth getting used to? This is coming from an Atom user Any guide to…[View]
63779296Nvidia TITAN V: >https://www.nvidia.com/en-us/data-center/volta-gpu-architecture/ ARE YOU READY F…[View]
63781567Help me figure this out: What is the computer security method which focuses on a users actions as a …[View]
63779241Anyone got this book? Care to share? 39 USD for a physical book is pretty steep, that much for just …[View]
63776975got my thinkpad x230 today, and it works great. but, vivaldi doesn't like my middle mouse butto…[View]
63778748Why do iPhones constantly overheat and thermal throttle so much? My sister just got her 8 plus from …[View]
63779439Redpill me on USB-C.[View]
63781556Are mCables a meme? Everbody is swearing by them, but years of 'gold plated hdmi' and 'ISF 1250HD' h…[View]
63774235How do I into Linux?[View]
63775823Why do people keep lying about Ryzen being bad for emulation?[View]
63780509The radeon 560 4k iCrap and the base 5k radeon 570 iCrap models are pretty much unbeatable in price …[View]
63780844I heard about the faked 'AMD Slide', interesting considering I work closely with some trusted tech j…[View]
63781505So /g/ Im gonna start looking into university/college. The field i want to get in to is either game …[View]
63779515Welcome to my house gentoo[View]
63778385Bing vs. Google: Do you guys shill your privacy out to Google Search or use the bad search of Bing?…[View]
63776489Should i wait until OLEDs get cheaper or buy an LCD now? Which one is best sub 1000 bucks?[View]
63767829What the fuck just happened?[View]
63780206Would it be possible to create a fake credit card with a chip that wasn't linked to any bank ac…[View]
63773027U JELLY?[View]
63780084Just bought this beauty what should I expect?[View]
63777194Just started working for an pretty shitty AV company and want to improve a few things there. We rent…[View]
63779001When being a female is not gender role but reproductive technology and traps deserve to die.[View]
63775115Git: Which one should I use for my close sourced solo project? and why[View]
63780435>*breaks all ur shit' finally allowed my windows to update tonight and my explorer seems to be br…[View]
63780536Hey /g/ if I where to get an ipad, what would be a good one to get? I don't know how iOS softwa…[View]
63780286What is the most balanced distro?[View]
63778153Windows user tries out Ubuntu: I just installed Ubuntu and the fonts in my browser and shit look muc…[View]
63758545For all of you Firefox fans/shills: First off, I'd like to open this by saying that this is NOT…[View]
63776506Snapdragon 845: Is this /our SoC/?[View]
63779744Can a hacker grab files from my computer through the internet?: Let's say I have an external ha…[View]
63779747Do you need to install antivirus on an oscilloscope?[View]
63779907Wiki is fucking down: Fix it motherfuckers or else...[View]
63780123WTF WHY IS THIS HAPPENING I have Ryzen 1700 with RX 580 8gb playing on very high i get low or very l…[View]
63778367>17 inch laptops: Why would ANYONE buy a laptop over 14 fucking inches when the goal is to be com…[View]
63773767Are you a job hopper /g/? Job hopping should be illegal.[View]
63777832Pelles C: Does /g/ use this?[View]
63780059>not owning an E-ink device Come on, it's almost 2018[View]
63756213/amg/ - Apple Mac General: Previous thread >>63720952. This thread is for the discussion of Ap…[View]
63762481CAPS LOCK: Was caps lock ever useful? Or has it always been a conspiracy to reserve one of the most …[View]
63770156What are some tech youtubers from /g/ ? I know Luke Smith but I'm sure there are others[View]
63777257Vim: What is your leadermap key ? I think use <Space>, better than ',' ?[View]
63774750Terminal Fonts Thread: What is everyone's favorite *nix terminal font? Currently using Anonymo…[View]
63774144So I just realized i had some change laying around, turns out its worth a few hundred dollars now so…[View]
63777151TRACKERS A SHIT: WHY DO THESE ALL SUCK? All I want to be able to do is ask Alexa to beep a tracker, …[View]
63776189is there any real advantage in using gnome wayland instead of gnome xorg?[View]
63775253Why does my laptop take 10 minutes to restart?: Why does my laptop take 10 minutes to restart? I…[View]
63779347Loosely typed languages are trash. But they're fun trash. The same way soapbox derby cars are f…[View]
63774821Should i give up on proprietary software forever?: I use GNU+Linux 90% of my time but for the remain…[View]
63771846No GPU installed, yesterday windows randomly switched to basic theme, while no demanding programs we…[View]
63779274Best laptop at 700 usd for soft & web developmend and photoshop design, please /g/.[View]
63778408>he doesn't have a dual gpu passthrough setup[View]
63776741mommy... is mr battery gonna be ok...[View]
63773667Why is 4chan X so buggy right now? It keeps failing to mark my posts and add them to the thread wat…[View]
63772129Post your custom Windows theme: Linuxfags welcome if they want to share, sorry for Mac users that ar…[View]
63774265Tor is apparently compromised. Safe alternative browsers?[View]
63775176I just got a job as a react/nodejs developer, been there a week. I'm trying to familiarize myse…[View]
63764034>get 1080 ti >still can't run games at a solid 60fps playing at 4k Is 4k a joke?…[View]
63779028I'm about to go from a 13' Asus Zenbook to a 14' Lenovo T470 (with the optional IPS display) I…[View]
63776812What's wrong with it?[View]
63778959PDFs and E-readers: Do you use E-readers for .pdf files too? What do you use?[View]
63776395Terry thread? Terry thread.[View]
63778530tfw you fell for the debian 9 meme: Hey guys, you know what's sick as fuck? Deprecating every u…[View]
63775995What's an decentralized, open source and 'free' way to sync/store your bookmarks just like Pock…[View]
63776845err, lads...: WTF is this? I have and use a WD portable hard drive, and kept the security software t…[View]
63762014This is a systray thread No cleaning, bois[View]
63770309Why are data caps allowed?[View]
63769877If you post one you must rate one[View]
63777531>God I wish my phone would struggle with the most basic of tasks >…[View]
63771698/dpt/ - Daily Programming Thread: What are you working on, /g/? Previous thread: >>63761687…[View]
63775845A couple friends of mine built a drone for a school project. Didn't exactly go flawless lmao ht…[View]
63777355video editing: Question: is it possible to isolate a picture-in-picture video and make a separate fu…[View]
63775276http://wiki.installgentoo.com/ is down right now. I actually used that shit frequently when buying n…[View]
63777037/mpv/ - the /g/reatest media player[View]
63766595What are some good sites to download Youtube videos from?: For both MP3 and MP4 Google search gives …[View]
63778086Installing new Motherboard/CPU/Ram: With windows 10, do I need to uninstall the chipset/mb drivers b…[View]
63774684Is the concept of internet itself is anti free market? If they can and want to implement control ove…[View]
63770318Intel ME Vulnerable: https://downloadcenter.intel.com/download/27150 'The detected version of the In…[View]
63774396I want top of the line ultraportable laptop with Thunderbolt 3 so I can hook a eGPU on it when I…[View]
63775539Ram: Whats your favorite ram? Which one should I get?[View]
63773376/g/ how would one go about erasing your digital life? I made mistakes and used social media, how can…[View]
63777027why isn't there a wojack neural network that makes every face wojack? how is this not /g/'…[View]
63777627>made some buck selling accounts on ebay 3 month ago >3 weeks ago paypal notifies me that one …[View]
63777688Anyone else get ShmooCon tickets this morning?[View]
63775813>brainlet >fifth time trying to install parabola GNU/Linux >'''included'' install.sh script…[View]
63776585Normie computer science class: They force me to do this kind of shit This is why you should avoid co…[View]
63768505/hpg/ - Headphone General: >How to request purchase advice: http://pastebin.com/fYZLW7Ub For sub-…[View]
63777473Should i learn machine learning ? It is overhyped?[View]
63771096>firefox SILENTLY updated and broke all my extensions and freetards dare complain about windows d…[View]
63777318Can anyone recommend a cheap USB wifi card known to work in Linux AP mode on AC?[View]
63770137So I got one of these fuckers as a gift from a buddy, works well as $30 light switch. Should I be co…[View]
637676792 weeks[View]
63774639Should I take an Entry-Level Job in Java or C#?: Hey folks, my question is as above. My concern is …[View]
63773775I havent been following the case, but ehy are people so mad about net neutrality? I mean, I wouldn…[View]
63775952ITT: ONLY THE BEST: Post the undisputed best application in its current category[View]
63774560Gimme project ideas /g/ >pic related This is the level I have stooped to…[View]
63773917APOLOGIZE: VR are company had female employees act as 'mommies' and clean up underwear and condoms i…[View]
63772700/hsg/ - home server general: /hsg/ home server general This is for hosting your own internet service…[View]
63772544My PSU fan is making very loud noise aprox. every 20-30 minutes. When i shake the case it goes away …[View]
63776154What's the most untraceable privacy coin?[View]
63777036PROGRAMMING IS FOR STUPID PEOPLE!!! Computers are not intelligent. None have ever passed the Turing …[View]
63774424Hey /g/ I recently purchased a cheap black brother from a yard sale, but it won't seem to conne…[View]
63777069will amd ever make a cpu with a higher IPC than shintels counterpart?[View]
63773865Engineering Student Project Question: New to programming, so I have no idea what I'm doing is f…[View]
63748598Mouse thread >What do you use right now? >How do you rate it? >What did you use? >How d…[View]
63769271Best Long-Term Music Platform: I'm getting sick of organising my music collection and looking t…[View]
63770753programming challenge - autistic fit edition: previous >>63746137 - load an image (source imag…[View]
63776910help help help help: so my moniter and pc are plugged to pic related, when i first got it, i would s…[View]
63775981MPI Homework question I can't understand: 'Process A sends to process B two messages, M1 and M2…[View]
63763136>DUDE, YOUR HARD DRIVE COULD DIE AT ANY SECOND. is poor hard drive fragility/longevity just a mem…[View]
63775603Finals: It's finals week /g/uys Why aren't you taking the time this weekend to catch up on…[View]
63699278/cyb/ + /sec/: Cyberpunk and Cybersecurity General: ▌ All resources from past threads (paste and com…[View]
63766883/pcbg/ - PC Building General: >How to delid your CPU: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bwg0HRw17lY…[View]
63774353why doesn't linux record audio? got ubuntu studio on my laptop and can't get anything but …[View]
63776017PC case to desk transfer: So, yes. I am transferring my pc components to my desk. this will partiall…[View]
63776597By pass linkdrop: Does anybody know how to bypass linkdrop.net and get the shortened link without so…[View]
63776583Which do you use?[View]
63765834Why don't you guys like Kubuntu? It runs so smoothly on my T420 and looks so beautiful.[View]
63774779The absolute state of g.[View]
63771150What are some cool Android apps?[View]
63775855DAE suck at babby-tier pseudo code?: >need to take just one more elective for literally any class…[View]
63775980dame ayudar: yo quiero ir a venezuela para trabajar con sukeban games![View]
63773435>i store everything on the desktop[View]
63774109Got an Android Nexus 6: Okay so I got a Nexus 6 to replace my old iPhone 5 Can someone explain to me…[View]
63775300Does anyone here have experience with external flashing? I need to obtain a dump of my BIOS to run m…[View]
63775369What's the deal with adnauseam??? How does it make Google loose money?[View]
63768225need a printer that prints documents well (black & white, no need for photo printing), relativel…[View]
63776052My philosophy on muh privacy: I feel like the best compromise in this day and age is this setup: -A …[View]
63765047>2017 >not using PornAOSP[View]
63775339>not saving your bitcoin/crypotocurrency on floppy disks Its like you want to be robbed/HACKED…[View]
63773218>running A10-6700 with CPU graphics >8gb DDR3 (1300?) RAM on 1 stick >ASUS prebuit, very cu…[View]
63775721There are people who buy new laptops because they think their old one is full since they filled up t…[View]
63775993I'm currently looking for internships, but the pickings are slim where I live. There's a m…[View]
63772880>you dont mind if i take this apart and add new thermal paste do you anon?…[View]
63774739Howdy g, anyone know of some nice keyboards for a pc? This isn't a mechanical keyboard thread …[View]
63756645/csg/ Chink Shit General: In /csg/, we discuss the cheap shit you see on Gearbest, Taobao, AliExpres…[View]
63769568Where's the love Post your rolly boys[View]
63772582D R O P P E D R O P P E D O P P E D P P E D P E D E D D[View]
63775693Need help: I'm pretty naive to most technologically. I need a new Laptop to use for music. It…[View]
63773959help: I accidentally got wax on my card help what do[View]
63756574What's the best podcast app?[View]
63775224>it's GNU/Linux! >Linux is just a kernel!…[View]
63772968>my thinkpad's GPU is only very slightly worse than the hailed AMD 280X kek…[View]
63774709>Epyc HPE servers breaking world records https://hexus.net/tech/news/cpu/112508-amd-epyc-processo…[View]
63772927Post your taskbar[View]
63775311What's the best brand/type of USB flash drive?[View]
63774643Since switching to Firefox Quantum, my tabs fuck up CONSTANTLY which makes the browser near-unusable…[View]
63774609My fucking modem: >tfw you wake up and your wifi is down >check modem's event log >wtf…[View]
63775142systemd vs OpenRC?[View]
63750571Calculator Thread: Calculator thread, /g/entlemen. I'm looking to buy a graphing calculator for…[View]
63774769I keep seeing this. What do? >shitpost less no[View]
63765692whats the best version of μTorrent /g/?[View]
63769576Find a flaw.[View]
63768009/ptg/ - Private Tracker General: Previous thread >>63764746 >Not sure what private trackers…[View]
63773246/g/ I got a 21:9 monitor for pretty cheap over the holidays and I'm looking for a single board …[View]
63773754KDE: People here always suggest kde but no matter what distro I use it's always a buggy mess. C…[View]
63774832This is how it works from CAD to 3D printer in under 5 minutes: Here is from CAD to 3D printer in un…[View]
63769015What does your home security and monitoring system look like /g/? Have any of you set something up u…[View]
63773443Why is the Z1 Compact the best phone ever?[View]
63768927Kubuntu or KDE Neon?[View]
63770424RSS: what's the best rss reader? especially for 4chan[View]
63771061Are Hackintosh a reliable choice nowadays? Do they break after software updates? Is it even legal?[View]
63773146TV uniformity: How do I fix my TVs uniformity? It’s completely dreadful when there’s brighter colors…[View]
63770232Did this low key fail miserably because I can't find any monitors that aren't super expens…[View]
63768832How the fuck would you back up DNA storage?[View]
63773772My computer keeps telling me to update/setup a new windows 10 thingy, it bombards me with these wind…[View]
63773925I'm heavily invested in both Google and Samsung apps with my current Samsung phone. Often times…[View]
63774349Looking into private group's posts: Does anyone know about page like stalkface, but only to loo…[View]
63774385The wiki is down.[View]
63769998Arch or Debian? Which one and why?[View]
63773616/g/ Give me some dark ASCII table wallpapers so I can always have it close to my sight.[View]
63771812I want something else I want a *BSD operating system or something different than GNOOUH/LINCUX I wan…[View]
63765717/g/ humor thread[View]
63766410IDE for C++ on Windows: Your best IDE for C ++ Programming on Windows? I am a Linux programmer now i…[View]
63772655Vim: What is the difference between tab and buffers in vim ? (tabnext/buffernext)[View]
63773964is the acer chromebook for work 14' i5 6200U a good replacement for the acer c720 i3 4005U? https:/…[View]
63773986What's the best online resource for learning how to use an abacus?[View]
63769917Is this idea even possible /g/ ?: If ISPs start throttling 4ch would this idea of streaming data fro…[View]
63764796/sqt/ - Stupid Questions Thread: Direct stupid questions here (or ask your own stupid questions here…[View]
63773832home audio/video setup: looking for advice/recs because I have zero experience with Bluetooth, Chrom…[View]
63765124GNU/Linux minimalism thread: For suggestions on programs that aren't bloat refer to https://suc…[View]
63765428Is there a worse comunnity in tech other than Linux users? Specially Arch users.[View]
63762290Ryzen 2 - March 2018 Higher core and memory clocks. https://wccftech.com/amd-ryzen-2-set-march-2018-…[View]
63771807>capitalism drives technological progress When will this meme finally die? The only thing capital…[View]
63757698/aocg/ - Advent of Code 2017 General #11: Exactly where your waifu belongs edition Previous thread …[View]
63755078Is the Surface a meme? Why do so many compsci students have one?[View]
63773393Have I been hacked?[View]
63770657Just got an iPhone 6s for free what should I do? Jailbreak ? install android?(how) or just sell it a…[View]
63773249What Mac Os Version Runs On A Pentium 4 ?[View]
63773391ITT: Post extreme close ups of videos games and other annon try to guess which character/what game i…[View]
63773250So I want to start a small business and found the PERFECT name. I wanted to create a website based o…[View]
63772073Hey /g/ serious question: I had bought an HDD off Amazon yesterday and holy shit, it reached here qu…[View]
63763349brb dropping $100 on 8 gigs of ram[View]
63772933How long did it take you guys to switch from membrane to mechanical? I recently (1-2 weeks) switched…[View]
63772725Covertible Laptop Selelction: So I wanna buy an affordable convertible laptop and I came to 2 choice…[View]
63771804Everyday Carry Thread: I go first >latitude running Qubes >rpi3 >wallet >books >earpo…[View]
63772498Apple doesn't make technology anymore; they make toys.[View]
63767203Is there a Linux solution for forwarding text messages and images to and from mobile devices? Frankl…[View]
63765760Serious question: Is ethernet more secure and faster than wifi?[View]
63771543>hey anon, I'm changing TV, do you want my old one? >sure, thanks! >it's a Haier…[View]
63770462Yes, chinkshit PSU, I know. Came out of my ASUS pre built. Yell at me all you want. Can someone find…[View]
63771954/g/ makes the worst website ever: >what's the worst website you've ever seen? >how c…[View]
63772824Will AMD ever be feasible for gaming?[View]
63770893Stop being used by proprietary software.[View]
63767240Anyone else get themselves an early Christmas present, or two? Poorfags need not apply.[View]
63772650Smartphone middle price: I'm buying a smartphone and I know it isn't necessary to spend a …[View]
63772876>it's GNU/Linux! >Linux is just a kernel!…[View]
63772219this systemd meme has gone on long enough. lets gather a team and march on over to poettering's…[View]
63760958Ham radio: So, /g/, I’ve been to my girlfriend’s parents’ house recently, and they have a ham radio …[View]
63772463Why isn't there a standard or format for super high quality 4,K to 8K game texture compression?…[View]
63772629Hi /g/, can anyone suggest me a good rom for Xperia L1? Phone, as it is, is a fucking piece of shit.…[View]
63768982Video Codecs: Which video player + codecs do you use?[View]
63772351Pre-Installed Keylogger Found On Over 460 HP Laptop Models: Holy shit https://thehackernews.com/2017…[View]
63770304windows embedded: So this pile of shit is now using almost 20gb of space and counting. Ive never see…[View]
63768452Hold the FUCK up. You're telling me I could technically store readable data from my computer on…[View]
63772645How can I rice my browser like this ?: Please ![View]
63772534Why is there no speech to text program that can allow us to shitpost on the internet? If there are, …[View]
63772524>Be me >Only browsed /g/ >/g/ shilled bitcoin >lmao there's no way this could be pr…[View]
63772353>mom added entries to my node.js todo app[View]
63770006Windows Apps: I bought Forza 7 on the Windows Store and I cannot access its folder at all? I am admi…[View]
63769748>get CPU with vt-d support >install arch, setup VM with gpu passthrough >it werks >reali…[View]
63769220Rate my keyboard: Silver Dell SK-8115 Cost me $3[View]
63738878/wm4/ - the /g/reatest mpv coder: Wiki: https://github.com/mpv-player/mpv/wiki Manual: Stable: https…[View]
63764160Serious question: why do people use make/cmake for small or small-ish medium projects? I understand …[View]
63766822R Language: Meme language or what? Will it help me in learning data science, and AI?[View]
63770511should I start downloading programs as apps (I've seen that for example VLC and Spotifyare ther…[View]
63772232I'd just like to interject for a moment. What you’re referring to as homosexuality, is in fact,…[View]
63771679Guys, where the hell can I purchase a black and turquois 2DS XL or a 3DS XL Samus in the UK? They ar…[View]
63759348Linux is the Christianity of operating systems. Think about it: >tons of similar but incompatible…[View]
63771194Hey /g/ is it technically possible to build a large battery that charges itself below 8A but can cha…[View]
63762322Why are printers so fucking shit? No seriously, every single printer is a pile of shit that can…[View]
63768385When i boot up my PC it spins then after like 5 mins it stop spinning. While gaming CPU (ryzen)tempe…[View]
63772014bumping up my production on my music just bought >audio technica m40 studio monitor headphones …[View]
63770345DriveDroid is the only reason why i root my phone. Its so fucking useful.[View]
63763023Macfag Vimmers BTFO[View]
63770902What's the point of a vm just compile for your configuration, and chroot if you are testing uns…[View]
63771405Making tts sound realistic: Hey /g/ Any ideas how to edit tts to sound more realistic?[View]
63769531Conkeror in 2017: Is this superior browser for white people actually dead right now or its living bu…[View]
63761214has anyone been tormented by a neighbor's sound system?[View]
63769483I fucked up tumbling bitcoin and now I need an extra .0002 to withdraw the rest. If I buy a normal a…[View]
63766808So this is what happens when you don't delete your browser history.[View]
63764627Is Tor enough to hide from my isp what sites i access ?[View]
63766907>X11 err: X11 tried to kill itself, so I hit him with a shovel. What did he mean by this?…[View]
63748372Speccy: >Speccy thread<[View]
63766182What is /g/'s favorite mp3 player?[View]
63763670What era was the best for computer/internet culture?[View]
63771227I've been developing a simple cloud storage app as a demo project to show that I can code, and …[View]
63762336qbittorrent: Why does /g/ keep recommending this software? I stated using it last year after falling…[View]
63771434What are some good relatively cheap scsi drives?[View]
63761687/dpt/ - Daily Programming Thread: Last Thread: >>63756785 What are you working on, /g/?[View]
63763288Poor Volta Is this Vega all over again? https://videocardz.com/74382/overclocked-nvidia-titan-v-benc…[View]
63769051Why are hard drives so cheap in America?[View]
63769792who's excited for the next moon landing?[View]
63770678I got the terminal window, font rendering, and color configurations down thanks to an anon posting h…[View]
63769315I just did a fresh install of windows 10 on my new rig, my free win10 upgrade cannot be transferred …[View]
63769364If I am concerned that I might have a bitcoin miner, keylogger or other resource-intensive malware i…[View]
63765657Is Bill Gates a saint?[View]
63763995How often do you clean your mobo? How do you clean it?: How often do you clean your mobo? How do you…[View]
63765864ESSENTIAL SOFTWARE: what's your essential software /g/?[View]
63762357Create a new 4chan: If you were going to start a new 4chan/*chan/Crimean scarf-making board today, w…[View]
63769663/g/, wouldn't it be fucking great if ps4 OS got open sourced? Like people can just install the …[View]
63770682What are some stuff I can upgrade in a laptop? I have an old Dell laptop I'd like to upgrade. O…[View]
63759941What do you guys think about chromeos or Chromebooks in general?[View]
63768250I am watching this show on CNN called The 90s: And the episode is about the 90s information age. Th…[View]
63764927>this is a real logo fucking freefags, when will they learn?[View]
63767624how do we stop pajeets from shitting up the tutorial results on youtube? https://www.youtube.com/wat…[View]
63769440Do rack mount printers exist?[View]
63770017I thought dell offered linux for their xps laptops? What happened to it?[View]
63770245>pay $500 + $10 a month for LTE smart watch >Can't use it as a hotspot LMAO mac cucks…[View]
63770209slideshow program w10: I don't want it to set my wallpaper or lock screen, I just want an app t…[View]
63768819>get k70 >good keyboard >shit software >make a new profile >all other profiles get je…[View]
63759294why is all hardware improving/advancing at a competent rate except for monitors? >terrible black …[View]
63766849Linux: I'm terribly sorry for interjecting another moment, but what I just told you is GNU/Linu…[View]
63769626windows pros, i need help i'm copying my C:\Users\UserName to another disk and it asks me for a…[View]
63769227What is the best usb stick you can buy on the market right now?[View]
63769179Is there currently any way to code for VR gloves? I know any shmuck can code for VR, like with unity…[View]
63767854Welcome to Mac OSX[View]
63768715>accidentally played my weird fetish porn on the Chromecast when my family was using it…[View]
63769252If I build a san and add a hba to my windows 10 machine, will it be able to be a fiber channel targe…[View]
63764258How fast would be a 815mm2 pure GPU for gaming?: If nvidia made a 812mm2 GPU and removed the FP64 an…[View]
63768130If your computer don't give a 750hz beep when you turn it on, it is just a mac with the wrong b…[View]
63761220WHAT GRINDS YOUR GEARS?: I hate the fact that I can charge my Macbook Pro and Galaxy S8 with the sam…[View]
63765065I brek phone wat do :((([View]
63767665my walmart has a wifi extender similar to the ones in the picture in stock for 40 or 50 bucks. my qu…[View]
63755709>There was a time /g/ shilled bitcoins >I didn't listen Now I browse /g/ every fucking d…[View]
63767016My Moto G xt1032 on Cyanogenmod is being retarded: I flashed my Moto G with one of those cyanogen n…[View]
63764914DevOps: So after 10ish years of web dev and getting worried of being a 30something yr old programmer…[View]
63768910Any overclockers out there? Is there anything I could possibly do to eek out a bit more performance?…[View]
63767660I've got one (1) shackle that's holding me from fully transitioning to Linux from Windows.…[View]
63764834Expanse: So i have a friend who watches the expanse, and there apparently is a stealth ship, from wh…[View]
63765511Let's have a chat about browsers, faggots. What you're on, why you're on it, how long…[View]
63760526I need to sell all the tech stuff I own someone help I need to get out[View]
63768495How long does he have? Don't sugarcoat it.[View]
63766186So i just put 2 gtx 760s in SLI, now what?[View]
63763666/hpg/ - Headphone General: >How to request purchase advice: http://pastebin.com/fYZLW7Ub For sub-…[View]

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