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/g/ - Technology

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66799968Do you still use your old machine, /g/? How long have you been using it? This is a slavstation/crap…[View]
66804776Let's have Hacker News simulator thread.[View]
66806493Why the fuck do people care about 'muh thinness' or 'muh lightness'? All that matters is that the ph…[View]
66804377Get your most frequently used commands by running this: history | awk '{CMD[$2]++;count++;}END …[View]
66806165Is it possible to completely remove Windows 10 from my Hard Drive and install TAILS instead without …[View]
66797222how do i begin to learn to code[View]
66805948What is the best paid Antivirus for WIndows 7? No meme responses, it's my parent's PC.[View]
66807049>This torrent has peers connected to it. Are you sure you want to delete it?…[View]
66807108The only porn people in tech jobs are not just allowed but encouraged to watch.[View]
66806701Do SD Cards hurt battery life?[View]
66805697How to stop giving so much data about yourself to the internet? I mean, I use GNU/Linux, Firefox and…[View]
66806933Was looking for a cheap laptop and ran into the CUK P955ER Slim. What do you guys think[View]
66806095Brainlet here. How do I enable full encryption my Samsung S8? Im running Android 7.x[View]
66804894I am going to run a cat6 cable from my router to another room across my house because wifi speed is …[View]
66802237STORY TIME: >Start new job >Company is full of /g/ tier faggots >All hate JS and praise C#,…[View]
66802785>be me >having some trouble with static routing >need to get it working asap >decide to …[View]
66805730>.jp instant easy way to figure out if a website's gonna look like it's from the 90s bu…[View]
66806479So I'm using these pieces of shit for audio from my PC. The problem is when I try to listen at …[View]
66805029https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_hYHwkIuEMo Is he /ourguy/?[View]
66806381>uses c++[View]
66800369So, anon why do you think we should choose you over Rajeesh who works for the fraction of your wage?[View]
66801827You have 30 seconds to name a better daily driver.: Pro tip: you can't.[View]
66800912Why is this allowed, i mean isn’t this discrimination? I have a college degree ffs[View]
66803050>Introduction to Alghorithms >1200 pages[View]
66793375/5G/: Finnish telecommunications company Elisa has become the first operator in the world to begin c…[View]
66806121Thoughts on Returning to School.: I am a 26 year old former Software Development student. I had 96 o…[View]
66805892Why aren't you dreaming in code yet?: Santi and I trying this new fad called uh, droding. I bel…[View]
66805848Catholic AI puts bikinis on nude women: https://www.researchgate.net/profile/Jonatas_Wehrmann/public…[View]
66805907DoD Port Scanning - HELP!: Freaking out...I just ran Netstat on my PC and a few of the IP addresses …[View]
66805980Maybe /g/ can take a page from this book. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_hYHwkIuEMo&[View]
66805924going to reinstall windows 10 and i wan to debot net it this time from the start. are there any good…[View]
66806167Got a pixel with a cracked screen for cheap Where can I get a quality screen replacement?[View]
66803881VMS thread: What was it like, /g/?[View]
66804919>terminal tells me I have new mail[View]
66805781>https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dlHAFHOsp9Q Watch this video through the end if you don't k…[View]
66804974Is it ok to copy nudes from a clients laptop during a repair?[View]
66803869Is freelancing as a webdev a joke in 2018?[View]
66804933>check my university admitted students >is easier to enter to study math than software enginee…[View]
66805291Ultrabook buying advice: Hi /g/, I'm looking to replace my laptop. I've been rocking a UX3…[View]
66802886How many truly productive programming hours do you do in a typical day?[View]
66800319A+ or nah: I want a IT career. Is it worth my time? >the attached image is crucial to the underst…[View]
66803758ZenBook Flip UX560 hinge repair: Fuck. How much is this gonna cost me?[View]
66803950Why this guy love ThinkPads so much?: And why only the older models?[View]
66799768Holographic WORM Drive: Would you be interested in a 4TB data storage device that is about a three i…[View]
66805723Verizon Outages?: Has anyone been experiencing disruptions or outages with Verizon phone or data ser…[View]
66800895What's the best editor for webdev /g/?[View]
66805680>amd's best graphics card >not any better than nvidia's old 1070 ti lmao…[View]
66805647im looking for the source code for a program called 'ghost-it' it makes windows transparent. its a v…[View]
66797416What did everyone do before the iphone hit mass consumption? even on old sitcoms they're all bo…[View]
66802501>Call creator a faggot in the comment section >comment is visable >make reasonable criticis…[View]
66791624Convince me not to buy a new MacBook Pro: >Have $3000 for a laptop >Can't use or save any…[View]
66800401/wt/ Watch Thread: This thread is about the appreciation of the technology of timekeeping. clocks ar…[View]
66801960So I'm thinking of get a titan V. I'm quite interested in graphics programming and have do…[View]
66803026you either suffer from narcissism or schizophrenia to care about privacy[View]
66803296if all i do is play vidya and edit video here and there which is better for me ryzen 2600x or i5 86…[View]
66805268>be me >have a problem with windows >update caused internet to no longer work >spent abo…[View]
66805246What's a decent simple network switch to connect a PC and some gayming consoles?[View]
66788701/hpg/ - Headphone General: How to request purchase advice: https://pastebin.com/fYZLW7Ub For sub-$50…[View]
66798156The iPhone X Index: This Chart Shows How Ridiculously Long You Have to Work to Get One: Here is the …[View]
66795679/cyb/ + /sec/ - Cyberpunk and Cybersecurity General: Cypherpunk Manifesto >https://www.activism.n…[View]
66803132so /g/, how many of these can you solve? Also, anybody got sauce on it?[View]
66800578Is there a bigger meme when it comes to PC components?[View]
66804774Why is my lxde raping my memory/cash so hard? I've played around with my swappiness and it does…[View]
66799943Any Anons in Germany know if the Hasso Plattner Institut is any good compared to other German univer…[View]
66804661Reminder: This individual is a cancer for the free software foundation[View]
66804841VESA Monitor desk mounts: What is a good one that is durable and can hold a ~25 lbs monitor securely…[View]
66800321yay or nay?: i dont play games, only for 4chan, youtube and music production use it everyday for at …[View]
66804718samshit: >work at samsung support centre in 2018 >the height in mobile technology >day cons…[View]
66803841Roses are red Violets are blue I have four words for you Go buy Windows new[View]
66803591Are universal remotes a meme? Is it really worth putting in (a) hundred(s) to get rid of two or thre…[View]
66804547Will I be able to sign in to Skype 7 after Sep 1? I know support will end that day but does that mea…[View]
66799903Any of you know when ReactOS is going to release a beta? >inb4 2136[View]
66803692Say something nice about him.[View]
66802605Second hand graphics: Where could I look for the graphic card deals? Europe especially, where could …[View]
66803605Diffie Hellman message encrypter: Anon wanted to me to send a message using DH but thread got archiv…[View]
66803221>That 19 year old boomer that still uses drives and doesn't store everything in ram with ups…[View]
66802792how do I connect my laptop/tablet to a monitor if they dont have hdmi port[View]
66804332GUI - GraphicalUserInterface programming: Hey Guys, I need help programmig a high quality gui. not o…[View]
66798798Google Just Fined $5 Billion for Abusing Android Dominance: https://www.tomsguide.com/us/google-eu-a…[View]
66804366How do I demodulate QPSK-modulated signals from a SDR[View]
66789263should I use C or C++ for my games?[View]
66801228is this /g/‘s phone?[View]
66790653Google must've been hit very hard by the new fines: Otherwise they wouldn't have to make t…[View]
66790872/fglt/ - Friendly GNU/Linux Thread: Welcome to /fglt/ - Friendly GNU/Linux Thread. Users of all leve…[View]
66804268Google Images: Fucking why[View]
66797642What ruins your hobby?[View]
66803914Im leaving soon in my wagecuck dev job, is there anything i could leave behind? like rpi hidden unde…[View]
66802527/g/, what should I do - should I a) join a cool startup that would let me work on cool project and g…[View]
66799429Dear G, I turn 30 in a few months and I'm a miserable Uber driver. Put me on the fast track to …[View]
66803970What are your thoughts on hack forums?[View]
66801355>work in IT >so how do you spend your day anon? >well, I answer some questions, but mostly …[View]
66804061Eclipse Che: >Log into browser app to edit code >Can access development environment from anywh…[View]
66796392Has there ever been a more successful tech CEO than Satya Nadella? Even Steve Jobs didn't achie…[View]
66801304Back in the old days, we used to call a GPU a 3D graphic accelerator![View]
66801692Is this a meme distro?[View]
66792904I'm stupid so stay with me here but I have a question. What exactly is stopping AMD from having…[View]
66801795Ipad mini doubt: Hi, can anybody say to me if this line is an software error or and hardware error?…[View]
66800269I need a small home server just to host some guy repos and a run a few basic php sites with nginx. I…[View]
66803135Give me one reason to use dd over dcfldd.[View]
66802706SpeedTest Thread: Post results and post what you pay[View]
66802793what kind of computers do they use?[View]
66803298Is there any Firefox extension similar to The Great Suspender on Chrome? I tried out Dormancy but it…[View]
66799721Best way to convert a regular .mp4 video into x265 on Windows?[View]
66803352used or new?: So i have a really hard time deside what should i do. I have to 150 to spend on cpu mb…[View]
66801361Tell us about your worst job-interview experience. I just had 1,5 hour ling interview, explained eve…[View]
66794894/dpt/ - Daily Programming Thread: Previously >>66787545[View]
66803237Sup /g/, i recently found myself in a pickle most of you'll know too well. I was making myself …[View]
66770725/g/'s favorite mouse? Got pic related when it was on sale a while back and liking it quite a bi…[View]
66801037Cell Plans: Looking for a good deal with a provider that offers solid coverage. Who's your prov…[View]
66800173Good Antivirus that is free as in free beer: So I used Avast for a few years after switching from Av…[View]
66799697Will libreboot be ported to any RISC-V boards?[View]
66801659hey trump hows the trade war working for ya? EU regulators charge Qualcomm with additional violation…[View]
66785633Based EU.[View]
66787535/spg/ - Smartphone General: Notch-kia X5 Edition If requesting purchasing advice, please provide you…[View]
66803017Is OpenGL kill?[View]
66801775Clover - FLLOOOEEENNNSSSS: why is 'save' not working anymore? (It's supposed to mark the post a…[View]
66795918/pcbg/ - PC Building General: >Assemble a part list https://pcpartpicker.com/ >Learn how to bu…[View]
66800850Rugged telephones, walkie-talkies, VHF/UHF radios: Thinking about buying some basic cheap chinkshit …[View]
66796217Eruptive technology related things that are going to make major changes in the near future.[View]
66797314Gamer laptop vs desktop for a drifer: >be a drifter >move every year or so >always had a la…[View]
66802526Should I study a math major or a computer science major?[View]
66801992>there are people on /g/ who unironically think C is always better than C++…[View]
66802089Has anyone read this book?: I just picked it up off amazon. I have no experience in machine learning…[View]
66802013Remember windows vista? Now that was an OS...[View]
66801128PAIN: I'm experiencing disgust beyond human comprehension i used to say 'i'm pretty sure a…[View]
66800515I need a new phone, everyone. I've come across 13 potential phones? Would someone be willing to…[View]
66764422Mechanical Keyboard Thread - /mkg/ - Thread for Keyboards and Accessories: Tolerance edition. >Bu…[View]
66798449Will 2019 be the year of the netbook?[View]
66789447MPV general newfag edition: mpv newfag here, I heard that in order to change the settings on mpv you…[View]
66801639>*dring dring*, *dring dring* >'Allo?' >'Sir! He's running Gentoo, LibreBoot. Our usua…[View]
66801986Diversity in IT: Are the mentally ill considered a demographic that must be included and catered for…[View]
66797349BEST PHONE FOR 400 DOLLARS: which is the best smartphone that I can around this prize?[View]
66801952adfly is cancerous: change my mind[View]
66796435ram bloat: Is there any reason why a home desktop would ever need more than 4GB of RAM?[View]
66799828Remember windows xp? Now that was an OS...[View]
66787426Smilies > Emojis: back when the internet was fresh[View]
66798261Which one? MacBook Pro or HP ZBook: Soon I will work at a Software Engineering Company. I have the o…[View]
66797530/g/uts: I find this board's lack of /g/uts thread disturbing. /g/uts thread? /g/uts thread.…[View]
66785147Rec me a soldering station /g/[View]
66801224GUI - GraphicalUserInterface programming: Guys, i really need your help to getting into gui programm…[View]
66788965What's the verdict these days? Is Windows 7 better than 8.1? Is 8.1 better than 7?[View]
66801071/mg/ - Software and Hardware Minimalism General: For discussing software and hardware minimalism. Wh…[View]
66799037>use chrome >write 4chan post >hit tab and enter to activate captchka >hit post >all …[View]
66801142How do I get a job in robotics?[View]
66801188Google is too big. It needs to be split off or removed entirely.[View]
66795097So Apple is claiming that its new macbook pro will be capable of CPU intensive workstation tasks, th…[View]
66786588/ag/ - Audio General: dead general more like deaf general >friend posts on snapchat his new crosl…[View]
66799707The absolute state of programmers: lmao they literally need nannies[View]
66801512>how to make your Android device feel fast and snappy again, postponing upgrade by anther 2 years…[View]
66797249I need help lads. 1050 ti 4GB or 1060 3GB What do I buy?[View]
66788758Game Dev: Redpill me on game deving as a beginner by myself. I'm a CS student and when on summe…[View]
66800371So, /g/? Which is it?[View]
66793585>Ryzen is so much 'better****' bro[View]
66794004Ok I already installed Eclipse. How can I be more productive?[View]
66799629What are some useful terminal commands?[View]
66798057Has anyone here bought a shop display model (a working model put on shop shelves for customers to to…[View]
66798472Do people really log in to their Google accounts all the time? Do people really use Google assistant…[View]
66800117Submission to tech corporations: Seeing so many Google and corporate in general apologists all over …[View]
66791638CLI 4chan: hello friends why is there no terminal based 4chan browser? even leddit has it.[View]
66801249https://www.macrumors.com/2018/07/19/apple-confirms-2018-mbp-keyboard-prevents-debris/ >Keyboard …[View]
66785497>shove that sub up your asshole >no u epic…[View]
66792791Why arec you using harmful software?[View]
66787272Steve Jobs is rolling in his grave.[View]
66797612Void Linux: Is it dead?[View]
66800769KEK https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Dx8J125s4cg[View]
66801049https://www.servethehome.com/expect-8-core-lga-1151-intel-xeon-e-server-skus-soon/ THANK YOU BASED I…[View]
66800992The End of Python: As predicted last week by /g/, Python is already falling apart: https://lwn.net/S…[View]
66799751Reverse shell access: Say there's a location I want to be able to SSH to, but it's behind …[View]
66798829y no work[View]
66799340Sup faggots What are some decent speakers that doesn't cost too much? Can spend 100 bucks max T…[View]
66800222must have chrome extension thread >ublock origin >lastpass >pushbullet >crxmouse >htt…[View]
66793174third worlder here. any cheap in-ears with decent sound? thanks![View]
66798247fetch thread: source compiled edition binary fags not welcome[View]
66796995As a 22 y.o. boomer and a foreigner in the computer sciences field, how do i become a good AI engine…[View]
66787630why did PDAs not take off?: they were smartphones before smart phones was a thing.[View]
66782405This week is Slackware's 25th birthday.: Say something nice about it.[View]
66793192alarm clocks are technology. what dedicated alarm clock do you use/recommend?[View]
66799645Now that RocketDock is ded, what shall i use to organize my desktop?[View]
66799948Is there a convenient way to stream vidoe HDMI from a Raspberry without installing a full-blown 'med…[View]
66800449Does Privateinternetaccess limit bandwidth?: specifically for japanese servers for example, looking…[View]
66790292Why is MATLAB so shit to use?[View]
66798841(((WhatsApp))) stores nudes on their servers: I was looking at some older messages my gf sent me and…[View]
66797914Is it possible for a new federated protocol to get anywhere near as popular as something like email …[View]
66800300Is it worth learning deeply /g/?[View]
66798131/g/: Does anyone know what the /g/ jabber conference is? I thought it was publicg@conference.privac…[View]
66798460I have an issue with my moto 5g. I like to take video of some of my sets in the gym. I find it irrit…[View]
66786860/ptg/ - Private Tracker General: What are private trackers? Google it. How do I get in? Google it. C…[View]
66797565What should I specialize in with my CS degree? I want to make a lot of money and have a life.[View]
66798931For the love of god somebody tell me how to setup https on an aws ec2 instance runnung a node.js exp…[View]
66799800Im not certain and ive used most of my googlefu Ive created a thinclient image with wes7. I need to…[View]
66796842Musk's Evacuated Tube system already exists, and has been in use since the 80's. It is a s…[View]
66794477What's the recommended laptops to buy?[View]
66796006Do you update your BIOS on a regular basis /g/? Updated my bios on my X370 motherboard in case I wan…[View]
66799734have zero trust in US tech companies: I have zero trust in US tech companies, I use protonmail, what…[View]
66799551>He runs a home server[View]
66798681>all high end specs >CAD$1574 (US$1189) what's the catch? China rootkit? QC or build qual…[View]
66799460Is mining a meme? Got a spare Vega 56 that's a bit slow for gaming at 2k resolution and rather …[View]
66792981I’m almost done laying off my phone. What’s the best phone on the market right now?[View]
66798730I figure its technically possible....but how long would it take to write? .... A program/bot that se…[View]
66798230He uses C for anything other than the linux kernel[View]
66795110contacting an anon: here's my question for /g/ let's imagine i got in a really great convo…[View]
66798114How do online adverts seem to know I’m bald, single, live with parents and depressed? I’m pretty sur…[View]
66793784Any streaming service with Blu-ray like quality?: The same way adiophiles hate mp3 and love CDs beca…[View]
66798269Why is Lisp community so unaccomplished yet uppity?[View]
66799070Can I siphon the power from a electric bike battery? Can you set it to not use any power during cycl…[View]
66796033he cucked?[View]
66796935What the fuck is up with /g/ crying bootloop on phones that aren't effected by it? 'Bootloop' i…[View]
66794059What does /g/ need more than 1 monitor for?[View]
66797710>firefox >youtube is slow as fuck and taking up 50% CPU + 30% GPU wtf is going on here? i kno…[View]
66796471How much money would you be willing to donate to the development of desktop Linux? I imagine there…[View]
66798585>be me >fell for the lonix meme >actually like it and try to make it work >make windows …[View]
66797025why thumbnails won't show on win10[View]
66796185I just lost a five year old 4TB Seagate Backup Plus Desktop drive. I've decided to replace it w…[View]
66798082>In the 1970s, AT&T needed a lot of specialized, custom-written computer software to run its…[View]
66780212>literally 10k laptop >i9 >can't process as fast as an i7 in a $700 Dell because throt…[View]
66796058what is /g/'s favorite browser, and what are your top 5 bookmarks, there are no wrong answers a…[View]
66793628Can someone post that meme where its a girl 'programming' but its actually a just a termi…[View]
66782424Any legitimate criticisms of the language other than the community?[View]
66795005>installing Ethernet drivers[View]
66793581Gnu/Linux has progressed so far but still we don't have an open source replacement for android?…[View]
66798025How you do to learn many programming languages at the same time?: I'm learning full-stack javas…[View]
66772234Now that the dust has settled, why did the LaserDisc fail?[View]
66782587Is Xubuntu the most based distro?: is it /g/oys?[View]
66796048>there hasn't been a iphone worth buying since the 6s >there hasn't been a macbook p…[View]
66778598Vertically mounted motherboard: I have picrel and the idea is amazing: not only does it have 'wind t…[View]
66797588Anyone know what happened to hooktube? I used that all the time for ripping shit from jewtube that I…[View]
66784526Meet the woman in charge of Google's emoji design: https://www.blog.google/she-word/emo-gee-s-c…[View]
66796575/g/ what distro do you use to get those beautiful rices?[View]
66796957This is technology right? I want to put my 'smartphone' in one of these. https://www.yout…[View]
66796868ITT: code that made you chuckle but not joke code, like serious code that just is ironic in some way…[View]
66780780Why aren't you using Telegram?[View]
66796137codin/g/ music: Hey /g/, what do you listen to when you code? It can be music, podcasts, audio books…[View]
667961242018 MacBook Pro: So I just bought a 2018 MacBook Pro 13 inch with 128gb SSD and 2.3ghz i5. > Goi…[View]
66795077Proclaim your allegiance to the mighty AI, one that knows all about you, before it's weaponized…[View]
66795122Any XPS 15 owners in here? Looking for advice. I'm thinking about getting a maxed out model (on…[View]
66791573Valve ex-employee rant: https://pastebin.com/AGAjD2Jf I hate people.[View]
66797225What does /g/ think of this? https://www.java.com/en/download/release_notice.jsp http://www.oracle.c…[View]
66797135On Debian sid Firefox ESR's plugin-container opens up and maxes out CPU utilization whenever I …[View]
66790103ITT: Botnet apps[View]
66795282I feel like 95%+ of the code I write is within some kind of 'if' or a try/catch block. Is …[View]
66794870I'm the guy in the office who only a few select people even know Is this bad[View]
66796097>one Homebrew Computer Club member recalled that 'The general reaction to [the letter] was to tea…[View]
66781470Anyone ever looked into building your own charging station, namely level 2? My dad is an electrician…[View]
66796833Fucc Zucc: >be me >be posting factual information about the Vatican >get Zucced for non-PC …[View]
66794403Will iDiots ever learn1!![View]
66791845What speakers should I get?: I just got a 1K bonus at work. I want to spend 300 on speakers. What sh…[View]
66796900Is this a good deal for the price? https://flash.newegg.com/product/9SIA2TY7N01233?nm_mc=AFC-C8Junc…[View]
66795460Do you like computers, /g/?[View]
66795740OOP books.: Are there any particularly good OOP books out there, preferably with programming exercis…[View]
66794011Wangblos >select a drive >format >just use Fagos >open disk manager >select disk >…[View]
66794761I would like to know if someone could hack and delete the tumblr website: I have a vendetta against …[View]
66796442RMA + Warranty exploiting: About 5 months ago I bought the Logitech G703 with the Powerpad that basi…[View]
66791788People who use Ubuntu?: if so what are your reasons behind using it?[View]
66796459i am looking for a extensible(preferably cross-platform) text editor notepad++ sucks ass when it com…[View]
66794817>his laptop screen is 16:9[View]
66795327Why is FOSS game development so shit?: >Go to look up FOSS MMO engines >Only ones haven't…[View]
66795320I just want my chip to have one core: I don't need 8 cores. I don't want to deal with your…[View]
66794794Redpill me on static vs dynamic linking /g/. Suckless people say dynamic linking is pointless but al…[View]
66793867macfags on suicidewatch[View]
66796263What the fuck? What is this shit[View]
66793401REAPER 5.93 Introduces Native Linux Version (including an ARMv7l build for Raspberry Pi): https://ph…[View]
66788007Take a screenshot of your screen: and post in this thread please[View]
66794839Hard drive format NTFS: Yes I'm an idiot. I've started getting into computers recently and…[View]
66793068Why Canadian Home Depot got VR paint selection booth, when we in US get color samples on paper? http…[View]
66792944Should I install testing or unstable?[View]
66795231saw this for sale on local craigslist, tempted. what can i do with an old-ish sun v240? https://www.…[View]
66795390Windows Command Line Scripting: Does anyone know a workaround for this? I want to script some folder…[View]
66794150Where do I find a job that doesn't hire pajeets, outsource, and isn't a startup??[View]
66794951Does being /g/ay make you a better programmer?[View]
66787270Android to iOS: The only iphone I've owned was a 4S for about a month, but I've owned an i…[View]
66794181notepad.pw: Checked their Twitter and posts made in the last 24 hours. Absolutely nothing reported. …[View]
66795599Tinc: Is Tinc any good? Apart from ease of setup, is it better or worse than openvpn? Is it secure?…[View]
66787885/pcbg/ - PC Building General: >Assemble a part list https://pcpartpicker.com/ >Learn how to bu…[View]
66769339/tpg/ - ThinkPad General: Previous thread: >>66754231 If you're looking for purchase advi…[View]
66794833College laptop recommendations: Going into Computer Information Systems. Will I need anything partic…[View]
66786138What does /g/ think of Nokia?[View]
66794616What went wrong?[View]
66793430>solder joint lifts[View]
66795408Does anybody know why exactly this happens? Go into your mega.nz account and check for the logon his…[View]
66783750Every single one of my download rules fucking inexplicably disappeared. Is there any possible way I …[View]
66795116Screenfetch Bread /g/ay retards: Lets see em.[View]
66794969cipher: Hey there, /g/. I made a cipher earlier, can anyone crack it?[View]
66792215He's right, you know[View]
66794690Can we have a tablet thread, /g/? Been looking for a small-ish (around 10') tablet that I can easily…[View]
66794984How to understand this?? GTK vs QT vs Making own library. Which is best for a 33 year old boomer?[View]
66794161/ftw/ - /free the world/: What have YOU been doing to ensure the liberty of computer users worldwide…[View]
66794130Software Expenses: I just paid $40 for a mail client. In what software did you recently spent money?…[View]
66793747Is there a way to update my project's files on a linux server through git? Up until now I manua…[View]
66778557Should I use php or node.js?[View]
66794819Just picked mine up Why havent you got one yet /g/?[View]
66794408>bunch of 0 and 1 will land you in jail[View]
66794129Why don't you use the Horstmann style, /g/? >braces are aligned >doesn't need an ext…[View]
66793917Are we REALLY being spied?: I mean, everyone here probably knows that the US government is spying on…[View]
66790372What is your favorite programming font /g/?[View]
66719460/cyb/ + /sec/ - Cybersecurity and Information Security General: Peaceful night edition Cypherpunk Ma…[View]
66791718Anyone using/used this bad boy? I can get one for very cheap and I want to use it as a temporary pho…[View]
66787749Want to become /lit/, but don't want to buy lots of books and wait for them and stuff, so I tho…[View]
66782538Best drugs, stimulants, sedatives or foods for tech: Studying for certification exams, programming, …[View]
66793066Recommend me an OS that would work smoothly on an acer laptop with 512mb ram and intel atom I alread…[View]
66765816Speccy Thread: Post em.[View]
66794641OP Hopes to Get Some Help: Hey, guys. /tg/-lurker here. I have an idea for a video series, and I kno…[View]
66794590Happy Birthday: H-happy 50th birthday, intel...[View]
66793947Which Win/Mac version or Linux distro have you used the longest?[View]
66792203so /g/, i need to put a password to my flash drive, what software should i use? is there a way to ma…[View]
66787545/dpt/ - Daily Programming Thread: What are you working on, /g/? Old thread: >>66779688[View]
66791405$1 shit you can get on ebay?: I got that facebook $10 off $10.01 ebay coupon yesterday (offer is alr…[View]
66794090Yo so I gots this evga 1050 ti ssc and a new 500 Watts power supply. I can boot off my on board grap…[View]
66791385things that trigger you >WinRar or Adobe Reader icon on desktop[View]
66791154ASP.NET with .NET CORE on Linux: Now that Linux is apparently supported as a target platform for ASP…[View]
66793442Share the last time you paid for software, either buying or donating games do not qualify oem does n…[View]
66790670http://www.htmlandcssbook.com/about/ Do you guys think that this is a good book for a beginner?[View]
66789811>'Bill. The target is on the run. He's on the highway right now.' >'Activate the vehicle …[View]
66791826Is Big Data just a meme?[View]
66788280Why is tor imperfect for security/anonymity?[View]
66787680The Discord Situation: An Explanation: For a while now there has been a lot of arguing over Discord …[View]
66792610It is time we go back Time for revolution Time for startup sounds Microsoft Windows 98[View]
66783551Post your old /g/ related photos: Just post any old picture you have with anything technology relate…[View]
66790071What are your thoughts on PulseAudio?[View]
66791794this cant be fucking possible. how come there is no single fucking note taking software that lets yo…[View]
66786135So /g, how fucked am I?: Lets get straight to the purpose. No-one has paid me to check you. You may …[View]
66792388Should I give up on using IDEs and start to use the command line, learn to do makefiles and use a ba…[View]
66793301post you're VMs[View]
66786398Google Daydream View - Worth it? ($100): Hey /g/, recently got myself an LG V30 as my first flagship…[View]
66793143I was told I need a minimum of 25 git commits to get a second interview.[View]
66792746>Debian '''stable''' If I try to connect to Facebook on my Firefox it stops connecting to any sit…[View]
66792291Humble software request: Discord: Seeing as to how all the discord fags are literally never gonna le…[View]
66791293Flash Player region lock: After the release of Flash Player 30, due to an exclusivity agreement sign…[View]
66782657Did we even get a mascot in the end[View]
66793328Probably a dumbass question but does any one know if using the creamAPI crack on Steam games I own t…[View]
66793008What is the theoretical best phone, /g/? >Fast >Stock android w/ updates as frequent as the Pi…[View]
66767170Civil Discussion about 'russian' hackers: Let's have a discussion about the DoJ released report…[View]
66793413How can I do proper outlines with GIMP? I'm trying but I just can't do properly. They look…[View]
66789960Let's make a pie chart showing what you think /g/'s demographics are. I'll start with…[View]
66790917operating system flags on /g/: thoughts? pic unrelated[View]
66770282You DID take advantage of Prime Day, didn't you?[View]
66793307https://www.blackmart.us/ i remember when this was the thing to have installed on android. What hap…[View]
66792653Wanna setup a cute little captive portal shareware box for my neighborhood. Would like an IRC-like c…[View]
66791446>Cost more >Performs less >Runs hotter Is this the worst CPU lineup of all time?…[View]
66791322*glitches* heh nothing personnel, kiddo[View]
66779806Microsoft: >Windows has been shit for a decade >Skype is dead >Xbox is dead >Edge is irr…[View]
66792975Best sources for Hackintosh info: Any sites that are up to date? All I keep seeing is this abysmal t…[View]
66792075Recommend me decent WiFi 5GHz router under $100 price. My xioami WiFi mini acts like shit. >eth0…[View]
66792828lel http://openboard.ch/index.en.html[View]
66791205/lpg/ Linux Psychology General: >will you take up arms against the anti-white european union and …[View]
66785197Lol what the fuck?[View]
66792049The Developer's Conference - SP /tdcsp/: How was your TDC today ? Mine was the best until now…[View]
66788923>OSCON >Isn't about operating systems How did this happen, /g/?…[View]
66789422Was this the peak of smartphone technology? What timeline could have been if Nokia wouldn't rus…[View]
66774670Post your bash aliases[View]
66787805Whats the best texting app for Android?[View]
66788160$150 Chromebook: https://www.walmart.com/ip/Acer-CB3-532-C47C-15-6-Chromebook-Chrome-OS-Intel-Celero…[View]
66792299Is there an app on Android that lets you limit your screen time say to like 1 hour a day and then yo…[View]
66781388/sqt/ - Stupid Questions Thread: Look it up first: https://www.startpage.com/ Just upgraded from Lin…[View]
66792138Go Figure: Qpv zosqh sozt ppsn h frm tsjjpf rmp ipu fmrd jjoe fms pprtaas tipu rq zosqr[View]
66790890Sum up /g/ in one image[View]
66792134Anything I should know about gas cylinders for chairs when buying a replacement? Are the $20 cylinde…[View]
66791115>The Debian project, which was at one time sponsored by the Free Software Foundation, switched to…[View]
66786057>can't pay for anything new >always looking for the best value and hours of reviews even …[View]
66791699I have an very shitty VPS and want to install desktop to run with vnc So, how can i do this with the…[View]
66788804Maths: Do i need to be good at math to be a competent programmer? if the answer is yes, how much? wh…[View]
66791628Metaprogramming test: Pick your favorite/mostly used statically, AOT compiled programming language a…[View]
66792065Vacuum Cleaners are Technology: So my vacuum died after like a year and a half. I realize it was onl…[View]
66791230Where do I find a nice, cushy office job?[View]
66790213can someone please explain this image to me?[View]
66791436Hello /g/, i am going to sell my video card and give the computer to my dad, my question is, you can…[View]
66790742Which one should I get ? 50% of my time is spent watching videos, 30% is spent playing vidya and 20%…[View]
66791417Let's have Hacker News simulator thread.[View]
66790050>sells premium high-end product (4K professional IPS monitor) and advertises HDMI 2.0 >it does…[View]
66788271OLED: Why are OLED TVs still so god damn expensive? The entire pitch of OLED was first around 'dude …[View]
66789820>linux just werk- *blocks ur path*[View]
66786201Why would anyone do this[View]
66788613I have an idea that will allow web browsing while walking. Where do I start? Can I start Indiegogo w…[View]
66791100Anyone know a good portable MKV player? I found this one on Amazon but it looks like cheap Chinese s…[View]
66772798/csg/ - Chink shit general: In /csg/, we discuss the cheap shit you see on Gearbest, Taobao, AliExpr…[View]
66790941ok i dont know shit about coding just came out of school and all i have is time lets say 5 months ho…[View]
66772644tfw no desktop thread: post GOOD desktops (preferably with fetches)[View]
66791510shit sites being smug: fuck this garbage.[View]
66791537> current year > still only ncurses exists: Why is there no other cross-platform library for t…[View]
66790860soup, /g/. I just started using mobile hotspotting on my smartphone, with the intention of using the…[View]
66791406Does /g/ like? https://www.bitchute.com/video/SgQFezHhNioo/[View]
66785302I'm in dire need of some advice. A man my father works with has offered me a job at an importan…[View]
66788251I miss VFDs bros[View]
66782031security nightmare: Intel ME, Meltdown, Spectre, TLBleed ... why are we paying our hard earned money…[View]
66789258/dht/ - Daily Haiku Thread: Welcome to the /dht/ - Daily Haiku Thread Earlier Thread: >>667757…[View]
66783162Is there a bigger blunder than Python 3?: 10 years later people still refuse to use it lmao.[View]
66789142raspberry pi: Just got the new model. What do you guys do with yours?[View]
66791143What userscripts do you have on your browsers /g/? Do you have anything interesting?[View]
66790233>the windows 10 'microsoft photo' updates itself >a new 'video editior' app appears >it…[View]
66790618wtf was his problem?[View]
66789178As I've got more into GNU/Linux and it's community, the question of what it takes to get n…[View]
66785884Why does /g/ hate manjina? >AUR access >Just werks…[View]
66785146>Big Data[View]
66788628Are computers getting more expensive?: What can you buy with $500 today look absolutely pitiful and …[View]
66786951Custom designs thread: This thread is for sharing userstyles. Please format like this: >Website s…[View]
66769654/fglt/ - Friendly GNU/Linux Thread: Welcome to /fglt/ - Friendly GNU/Linux Thread. Users of all leve…[View]
66783007What computer science field is the most autistic?[View]
66790565microsoft blocks google: https://www.windowslatest.com/2018/07/18/unofficial-google-web-apps-for-win…[View]
66762283which technology helps in weight loss?[View]
66787767newfriend to programming /g/ can someone give me some ideas of how to make a twitter bot?[View]
66756557What is a good monitor for anime?[View]
66790700Cyborg Technology: The Borg - How close are we? What did Star Trek get right and what did they get w…[View]
66783033/XMPP/ Genral XMPP Thread >What is XMPP? Extensible Messaging and Presence Protocol is a communic…[View]
66789988Boot sector virus?: Hi guise, So my problem is something that made my laptop nearly useless, that’s …[View]
66785954http://europa.eu/rapid/press-release_IP-18-4581_en.htm >Antitrust: Commission fines Google €4.34 …[View]
66747869>Hi anon! What's that phone you're using???[View]
66789068>Steps on vive controller. >FUCK! >Tests it. >Track pad button not working. >Opens it…[View]
6678926515-inch MacBook Pro with upgraded Core i9 CPU is severely throttled due to thermal issues:: >Appl…[View]
66783829You know what to do.[View]
66789507Can my employer see what I'm doing remotely on my personal computer at work? Today I was RDP us…[View]
66789842When did Firefox start reloading the page when you press the back button instead of just instantly l…[View]
66790265Daily reminder that you can hide and edit elements from your context menu in a browser.[View]
66789977What is the most comfy package manager and why is it portage?[View]
66782917>He doesn't use his OS in english language[View]
66784223Gentoo?: Unironically considering using Gentoo but I heard portage is shit, and also it's writt…[View]
66787812Startup: What is in your startup, /g/?[View]
66789316>interview going well >they roll in the whiteboard Got asked to implement the bubble sort sort…[View]
66788444Guts thread Red and black meme edition Rate or (more likely) Hate[View]
66788695Post quantum, what's the Firefox /g/uide?[View]
66785578If macOS were: • fully OSS • able to run on any suppported PC hardware (much like Windows) Would you…[View]
66789640Thanks: Guy with the water cooling and CPU issues is back. Good news, fixed it by getting a new CPU …[View]
66782069Pci-e wireless cards: I am in a situation where I will not be able to to wire my desktop anymore due…[View]
66789585go to [website].com >[website].com wants to know your location s/n? >[website].com use cookies…[View]
66781001Social media was a mistake. How do we go back?[View]
66789401>Water receptacles are technology What is the most advanced technology used in the storing and ca…[View]
66787194DISTRO THREAD: Which distro are you using and why? What distro would you recommend to someone who on…[View]
66771130What's the hackiest thing you've done?[View]
66782390NO RICHARD: I am so fucking sick of Stallman and his shit. Are there other Busybox-like or non-GNU d…[View]
66786929Camera or not ?: Henlo frens, Here is some device in Venice street, can you help me identifying its …[View]
66788663Choose your side /g/: Handsome engineer or sexy philosopher[View]
66785498when you guys clean fans you use contact cleaners with lubricants on them?[View]
66784291Computer Specs: Hello fellow master race. Is there a certain format we use when we type out our mach…[View]
66786545Bazel cancer build system..: I have to build the tensorflow C API libraries from source for work and…[View]
66788204>want to edit 4k VIDEOS in adobe after effects >my motherboard doesnt support more than 6 core…[View]
66786914startpage.com is not private: in the header of /g/ page they recommend using https://startpage.com/ …[View]
66786683You can't post with that subject.: >network and sysadmin general /g/ I have been lurking for…[View]
66784581Quick - 27in 1440p or 24in 1440p monitor?[View]
66786446Little did you know that purchasing a square monitor gets you one step closer to being a qt Anime gi…[View]
66785489>2018 >GeForce GTX 1070 still cost the same as a 1080…[View]
66788383Web 2.0: >Block scripts >Page is blank, not even pure text visible >See list of scripts to …[View]
66783340GNU Nano Thread: Does anyone use Nano? I am thinking of trying it out for University this coming sem…[View]
66787183>buy laptop >buy external monitor >buy bluetooth keyboard >buy bluetooth mouse >buy s…[View]
66787038>buy nordVPN to shitpost anonymously >try to post >mfw every single server is banned from…[View]
66787831Why is Reinforcement Learning bad and why do you hate it?[View]
66786825> his house has proprietary furniture[View]
66767183/hpg/ - Headphone General: AKG master race edition. Sennshills btfo. How to request purchase advice:…[View]
66782876>that boomer who still buy seperate computer parts instead of buying laptop or prebuilt Why do bo…[View]
66787959When did Google's Drive and related apps suddenly become bloatware if used on Windows?: On pret…[View]
66784620your first love: What was your first phone/computer?[View]
66783438As Brian slid his RAID dongle Inside™ her new socket (released in Q3, with wide availability Q4) he …[View]
66787602I've applied to this company. Does anybody know something about them? Should I work there?[View]
66783939Hi /g/ I recently made a thread on /pol/ taking the piss where I used 'nazi' as my flag. At the same…[View]
66781030Share your Chrome about:flags optimizations and what they do![View]
66781903Have you ordered your zozo suit yet? It might look strange, but it ensures that clothes ordered onli…[View]
66787424Lel i9 fireblazer from Apple™ throttlebook pro© https://youtu.be/Dx8J125s4cg?t=55s[View]
66784118Whats an open source comms app for ios and android THAT ACTUALLY WORKS 100% OF THE TIME?[View]
66787081I want to buy one of these cheap android TV boxes to use as desktop budget alternative. The question…[View]
66779688/dpt/ - Daily Programming Thread: Lets get productive edition. Previous thread: >>66773735 Wha…[View]
66786852>start using a journal >its comfy as fuck. I always now what to do >forget it somewhere …[View]
66785763I'm going to setup https for a aws EC2 instance. Wish me luck (or tell me how to do it).[View]
66786220How do I get a low-latency experience in the current day /g/? I'm kind of a retrofag and the no…[View]
66787029IPS: /g/entlemen, I've been looking to replace my 1080p TN panel. I'm not keen on TN anymo…[View]
66784636Why do google's anti-competitive policies only get challenged in Europe?: https://www.bbc.com/n…[View]
66774405/spg/ - Smart Phone General: BLACKEDberry edition If requesting purchasing advice, please provide yo…[View]
66781610You literally have no reason not to use these.: You literally have no reason to use any other distro…[View]
66786465Why don't they release their os separately? They would kill microshit[View]
66786321Why does it 'just work' so well out of the box compared winshit and loonix?[View]
66771258/ptg/ - Private Tracker General: Battle against the neons edition >Not sure what private trackers…[View]
66785619HELP /g/bros: I recently purchased an Amerimutt Nintendo Wii and I totally forgot about the 120v vs …[View]
66784349please, stop use systemd: Anti Leonard Poettering petition https://www.change.org/petitions/lennart-…[View]
66785519>Hey let's create a new standard instead of using thunderbolt >DOA https://www.globenewsw…[View]
66785902Did you create a startup, /g/? I want to create one but avoid the single founder syndrome. How do I…[View]
66784812Is Machine Learning resulting all the weid ElsaGate content?: The nightmare videos of childrens…[View]
66779129/pcbg/ - PC Building General: >Assemble a part list https://pcpartpicker.com/ >Learn how to bu…[View]
66784649I deleted everything: I don't know how I did it but i was installing Debian then I fucked up an…[View]
66783222So I'm looking at converting from apple to android what would be the closest to airpods you cou…[View]
66785879Ignore the faggotry going on right now. Some people from a rival board (not on 4chan) that I happen …[View]
66785991Why is software engineering such a cancer industry? There are tons of huge egos and everyone seems t…[View]
66785811computer science in fictive media: what are some good pieces of fiction with some grounded computer …[View]
66780528Can someone enlighten me as to why these things were $30k new? It was a UNIX workstation which mean…[View]
66781279What's the best linux distro for normal computer users who don't want to do much and don…[View]
66786235Sometimes I watch videos of wealthy Americans poking into smartphone batteries until they explode. I…[View]
66785236ITT: Attractive Linux users: Luke Smith[View]
66781597>syncs across all of your devices[View]
66757743Programmer red flag: I will start: He writes O(n) procedures.[View]
66781272Note 9 Leak >screen already cracked Another limp update from Samsung[View]
66785605Google fined $5b for EU anti-trust violations: https://techcrunch.com/2018/07/18/google-gets-slappe…[View]
66783619Why do Arch autists take so much pride in manually installing and configuring their shit the FUCKING…[View]
66770122>B-BUT YOU JUST NEED COMMON SENSE!!!!! just clicked a link to wikia and got this roll over, freet…[View]
66782806I got geforce 980, 6700k, 16gb ram. But i noticed its not fast enough for 4k video editing Logical …[View]
66764283What will be the next trend in laptop evolution?[View]
66760874Is liquid cooling a meme?[View]
66762911Anyone else steal equipment like ram, hard drives, computers, and even servers from their work as an…[View]
66785819What do you think of this guy?: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5m0L0k8ZtEs[View]
66782411Information security is a farce. Nothing is secure. So which world will we live in? A world without …[View]
66784415>'anon! is that linux on your laptop?' >'welcome to our foss buddies group…[View]
66785232how to archive happiness?[View]
66770811>sister asks me to check why her new laptop isn't working >it's working, it just has…[View]
66784903I haven't turned on my Arch box for over a year. How fucked am I after I update and restart?[View]
66784127>2018 >X11 still exists[View]
66774822Hello, never mind us. Just a bunch of characters you still can't use in a file name in 2018 bec…[View]
66783010AMD: we want the weeb audiences[View]
66783651How do you backup/archive your files? You don't use the (((cloud))) do you?[View]
66782535>Here's your RAM bro[View]
66784087So what's up with Canonical pushing Snap when there already is Flatpak? It seems obvious to me …[View]
66783362>Bought Amazon Fire botnet 7 tablet for $10 today using the amex discount codes >TEN FUCKING D…[View]
66784886i was wondering if there was any android app that manages app permissioms by giving them permissions…[View]
66787294/ptg/ - Private Tracker General: The Peculiar Colors of a Weeb Dream Edition >Not sure what priva…[View]
66778657What's the /g/ approved ebook reader?[View]
66784773Is submlime text good enough, do i need to use php storm?: Php storm is kind of annoying sure it has…[View]
66784913Flexibility of Space experiment: Back in somewhere like ~2015 (I am not sure), there was an experime…[View]
66782859Are you excited for AV1 codec?[View]
66784788Why is Apple software so useless? >turned on iCloud photos storage for my iphone cause wanted to …[View]
66786867/ptg/ - Private Tracker General: Siege of Neon Hill >Not sure what private trackers are all abou…[View]
66778207>C++ is a good low level langua-[View]
66782322Malware with misspelling: Finally, found some malware that misspells stuff. Notice how 'Available' i…[View]
66780532If chink languages have 1000s of characters how do chink phones fit them all on the screen for texti…[View]
66784081status icons are useless: when was the last time you actually needed to see the status of your mobil…[View]
66782472Is this this the Linux alternative to a MacBook? >Stunning bright 2560x1700 IPS display 600nits 3…[View]
66781992Do you guys think it's worth upgrading to the new iphone X plus from an iphone X?[View]
66781318I have $1000 to spend on a general-purpose desktop computer (Windows). What should I buy?[View]
66784753hi /g/ but i want to know wich service management do i use in my galliumOS But i find that i have fi…[View]
66782665Why aren't F16-F19 keys more common?[View]
66782690What do you use your ARM sbc for, /g/? What OS do you run on it?[View]
66783960Serious answers now. No time for your mockery. I have 2 monitors that are both hdmi but I only have …[View]
66781719Is react os dead or can I now use it?[View]
66781994>be me >working closing shift at shitty job selling shitty laptops and other shitty tech at lo…[View]
66780252What a fucking baby.[View]
66783317I have figured out the ultimate mpv config: priority=high dither-depth=no hwdec=d3d11va deband=no sc…[View]
66782814I'm convinced that there is no such thing as a female mini din to male rca cable, it seems to b…[View]
66773713USB drive flashing software: So uh basically >be me >browse ubuntu docs >find nice software…[View]
66771069Windows still has the simplest and most elegant font rendering.[View]
66783134I recently came in possession of a release Galaxy Note 7. Should i attempt to use this thing and be …[View]
66783544are eneloop batteries worthwhile or are they just a meme? I feel as though I should have a good set …[View]
66782269Clojure: Who uses Clojure?[View]
66783648Intel insider here. Just letting you know people are getting fired due to the 5GHz 28-core fiasco. …[View]
66782491Should i develop an idea even if it's pretty silly and there is already something similar in th…[View]
66783610I'm the guy who's server HDD died a few days ago. Looking for a new one, thoughts on the W…[View]
66783259Can WhatsApp be hacked to see someone’s chat history?[View]
66783440esoteric languages: i want recommendations on esoteric programming languages i've fiddled with …[View]
66777635HookTube Fix: HookTube now only serves YouTube embeds so I'm making a fix, again. It requests a…[View]
66781660What can I do with this? After learning python I'm thinking of jumping ship to functional progr…[View]
66783285cs book: Hey /g/ I bought pic related. Is it a good buy? also cs book general.[View]
66783403Search multiple forums WebApp: Hello /g/ I'm seeking advice on building a browser WebApp that w…[View]
66780200What is Go actually used for? Some cool guy on this board explained it to me once using the words …[View]
66773894What are some cool terminal commands?[View]
66781113Do we have the technology to upload someone brain? I don't mean creating a shitty copy, I mean …[View]
66783154Does /g/ know about Air Purifiers? I want a brand to keep from coughing in the middle of the night.…[View]
66782120>dude why did you get a prebuilt??! build your own it's so much cheaper! the absolute state …[View]
66776188RX 580 or vega 56?: I'm looking for little upgrade on my tad dated PC. Something to game at 144…[View]
66774086Draw Time: Draw anything related to technology.[View]
66781492>create a sync folder to upload files in BlueBox >delete files at the synce folder to gain mor…[View]
66781631what does /g/ think of this code? https://github.com/cms-sw/cmssw asking for a friend...[View]
66782196What OS do /g/ use?: What OS do /g/ use as daily driver? https://www.strawpoll.me/16099856 CIA-data-…[View]
66783001>Typical Apple review >List of a million things wrong with the device >Explain why they…[View]
66776668Which is worse?: picrelated[View]
66755567/ag/ - Audio General: Stop fucking dying jesus christ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=br3TR5OG5aw ht…[View]
66782825T-Mobile G1: did anyone ever own a G1 smartphone? That phone really really sucked. I loved how it l…[View]
66781957I have a samsung, and I wanna be able to send HD video's to my iPad but I don't know what …[View]
66779391You have to convince me that Rust has a place in this world. Swift is the answer. Garbage Collected …[View]
66772789/hsg/ - Home server general: /hsg/ - Home server general My last one caught me sleeping edition. --…[View]
66764756Anyone else fall for the Raspberry Pi meme? I wasted $30 on this thing that does nothing as well as …[View]
66782541What are some technologies that had a modern remake and sucked, but the designer called you a bigot …[View]
66782781Perfect timing for the Gtx 1100 series. We are all waiting to build mining rigs with the new GPUs. G…[View]
66777550/dht/ - Discord Hate Thread: The absolute state of Discord It recently had a 30 min outage, discuss…[View]
66782679Hey /g/ what the hell is this guy going on about? Did he just discover how the internet works? http…[View]
66782385How would a GTX 1060 pair with 8gb ram and an i5 processor?[View]
66782039why doesn't he write code anymore?[View]
66782465Best CDMA you guys can think of, ASUS zenfone 5 is always god.[View]
66782173Technology idiot here. I used to do Google searches without problems in the past but since like 2 we…[View]
66779137Notes: What does /g/ use for notes/productivity? If you use pen and paper anything specific?[View]
66774422quick post youre favorite version of windows[View]
66779070/wtg/ - Warfare Tech General: If you had to choose the best most compact laptop to date what would i…[View]
66780498>be me >home for summer, approching final year of college, have an internship i can work remot…[View]
66778978How much time do you spend researching your PC build?[View]
66780999Concurrency, Multithreading, Concurrency, etc. Q's: Hey guys, I wanted to know what you guys re…[View]
66780399Will there ever be another format war, or has streaming rendered competing formats obsolete.[View]
66780248Why do people consistently shit on AsRock? They literally have the best hardware on their motherboar…[View]
66775687>buy cheap Bluetooth receiver >doesn't work >buy more expensive one >realize Blueto…[View]
66780102Is there any way I can fuck with a router's hardware through firmware? I'm working on a vi…[View]
66781092Anyone have any recommendations for a laptop like pic related? I'm looking for something super …[View]
66781461Chinese computer parts, what are reliable sources to get these cheap parts? >alibaba >china bu…[View]
66781612Cheapest android smartphone?: like the title says, i want to get a cheap android smart phone, as che…[View]
66778048New WD Red 10Tb: Hey /g/, I just got a WD Red 10Tb 7.2k rpm from my friend for $145. What should I d…[View]
66780882Will Linux ever take over desktops?[View]
66781349Who's down dawg? Feel like recent job search and fuckering with React has been causing my REAL …[View]
66779057Should I buy a copy of Windows 7?[View]
66776867Hey /g/ My Xiaomi redmi died on me today. What is the best under £200 phone to get? That has a good…[View]
66776829Is it possible to do a sql injection via SSID? I just found this wifi network in a bus.[View]
66777947Reminder: This individual is cancer for the free/open software movement.[View]
66780443Repair or buy?: Hey I just wanted to ask the community if it is better to repair a PC or buy a new P…[View]
66781410Has the money gone to his head? I miss the old Linus, straight from the go Linus.[View]
66779960What do you think about the new skype? I like the windows integration but the sound sounds like a fa…[View]
66778024I've been out of the loop for some time, but I need new thermal paste since my tube is dried th…[View]
66780010Hey guys, small pickle here. My gf's family wants to sell an old laptop. They want me to wipe e…[View]
66780975Does anyone develop apps for Windows Phones? What's the point?[View]
66779997Ardunio medal detecting: Hi everyone! I am sure everyone is fed up with these school shootings, I k…[View]
66780444Do any major companies use this, or are they all Mayafags/proprietaryfags?[View]
66780737Clever hardware thread: What does /g/ think of this multi purpose keyboard?[View]
66780082GOLANG is the best language currently out. Why does /g/ pretend like it's shit?[View]
66779881time to bite the bullet desu[View]
66774856Best Web Browser of 2018: Alright, /g/. What is the best Web Browser of 2018?[View]
66779190Why didn't google show this in America and elsewhere in the West? https://www.google.com/doodle…[View]
66779147Thoughts on The New Screen Savers? Why do they always shill Apple products, meme tech gadgets and cl…[View]
66777703Is it BEN-Cue or Benkwuh[View]
66777339Million-dollar app ideas: Go![View]
66777861Should I upload my files in there?[View]
66780053I have a Thinkpad with a Windows 7 Professional license. I recently reinstalled Windows from a pirat…[View]
66751957>'there are no games for linux'[View]
66778552Hello anon, have you upgraded to Windows 10 yet?[View]
66779224Anyone here interested in a simple, opensource BBS(textboard)? JS not required (but it will allow fo…[View]
66780792What are some good resources for machine learning and blockchain?[View]
66779750Any good digital film cameras under 100 dollars? Preferably 80/90 dollars? They don't have to l…[View]
66779035>it's called nightly because it gets updates every night holy shit bros…[View]
66775615I am 21 CS student but during my school years I learnt very little maths. I have the maths level of…[View]
66780219So if I'm pic related, how do I protect the 'treasuretrove' of CIA/NSA secrets until I decide t…[View]
66773843Why do people mystify (and even fear) 'The Cloud', when it's just a new marketing term for some…[View]
66778185How the fuck do i get motivated to actually do anything? I'm super stressed. I should know so m…[View]
66765488Windows 7: So, how much is actually gonna happen when MS ends support for it in 2020? Some 12 year o…[View]
66776024Cheapest LEGAL Office 2016: There are listings on Amazong of Office 2016 retail for 20 burger/euro s…[View]
66739842What technology can we use to make this happen?: My idea is to transport water vapor from the coast …[View]
66778614Good night lads, quick question: I paid 50 bucks to a tech guy format my windows and he doesn't…[View]
66778120>It just works. Is it true?[View]
66770909dlang: Do you love D?[View]
66777353RIP Google Servers: Google Cloud servers just went down. Snapchat, Discord, Rocket League, Spotify, …[View]
66780500Why Do Computers Stop and What Can Be Done About It?: http://www.hpl.hp.com/techreports/tandem/TR-85…[View]
66780412What resolution do we need before we can match old techs like pen/paper or film?[View]
66777957Bluetooth headphones: Well guys, I finally did it. I gave into the bluetooth headphone/earbud meme a…[View]
66779727freenode: wtf is it?[View]
66780034They just want to help me, what's wrong with that?[View]
66779483I want to find a VPN but there are so many of them. What VPNs have the best speeds and offer the bes…[View]
66775122I'm new to this site and I don't know how to like a post. It wasn't in the FAQs. Some…[View]
66776360Hey /g/ I got a quick question. I'm on my first year of CS and I was wondering If I'm goin…[View]
66779840>fucks up git merge >git revert HEAD^ >LOL you can't undo a merge XD…[View]
66777311Why is this allowed?[View]
66779895Pitfalls - Let's save each other time...: ...or just whine about annoying behaviour by talking …[View]
66776674How do I become a hacker? I've installed Linux, what is the next step?[View]
66779845But that's a waste of space...: After 100 years, you would get a tower of old TVs[View]
66773699Why did phones become so expensive? Remember when flagship phones were just $300?[View]
66776202anyone else still name their files with all caps and underscores for the ultimate comfy IMAGE_ABC.JP…[View]
66776598best free dynamic dns provider?: i used to run no-ip, but what does /g/ recommend?[View]
66779480Why do people still use Windows 7? Most new application dont even work with it? For what purpose use…[View]
66775698I have a ssd with a windows user i cant access, is there any way to remove this user from the ssd bu…[View]
66769077Is the inside of black electrical tape conductive?[View]
66778715If i plug a CRT TV into my pc with this will it look like ass?[View]
66770495Nvidia 1180 releasing in late august Its going to be a 4k destroyer!!!! Also intel is releasing a c…[View]
66779668Information security: Is it worth it as a career? Are there any anons here that either work in this …[View]
66776206welp boys i got myself a new samsung galaxy j7 prime because iphones r gay and i heard you could mod…[View]
66774646Amazon Mturk: Anyone here tried Amazon Mechanical Turl (Mturk) ? Is it any good for some pocket mone…[View]
66773735/dpt/ - Daily Programming Thread: Previously >>66765951 Whatcha doin', nigggy?[View]
66773933What the fuck I left a cellphone on a desk for a couple of weeks and when i opened it it was filled …[View]
66777522>Object is a singleton >You can instantiate more than one of a specific Object >If functio…[View]
66777967Why is Python better than VB6?: And what happened to VB6? Genuine question, this is not bait. Last t…[View]
66775188A long time ago, I knew the model of a particular motherboard that I was looking for, but stopped lo…[View]
66772414>tfw code compiles on the first try[View]
66769756what's better than Nuendo 8? https://youtu.be/VgaoHgbKIBM[View]
66778195C++ on Mac/Input on Visual studio code: I'm using visual studio code on Mac to write programs i…[View]
66778883Virtual Rality for paint selection: Trying to create a helpful Virtual Reality application to help w…[View]
66776251>2019-1 >using bookmarks How do you organize your bookmarks these days? I have been using fav…[View]
66772660/pcbg/ PC Building General: >Assemble a part list https://pcpartpicker.com/ >Learn how to buil…[View]
66776271How did you learn to program?: Hi anons. What helped you start learning to program? I've tried …[View]
66779019I have a bunch of fonts, for the sake of this question, we will call them Main1, Main2, Main3, Main4…[View]
66775929Teddy K: What was his problem?[View]
66772989Use ReiserFS.[View]
66774879Which text editor is /g/ approved? what do you all think about Sublime text and Atom? i am asking be…[View]
66777504HAPPENING: ABSOLUTELY HAPPENING Google Cloud is DOWN >Spotify >Instagram >Pokémon Go >Di…[View]
66771324Best 'Microsoft' Android Phone: What is the best 'Microsoft' Android phone out there /g/? I am deep …[View]
66772558INTEL CUCKED: For e commerce sales, amazon has always been where intel outsells AMD (mostly dumb boo…[View]
66778517I'm bored at my new job. 2nd day today, tomorrow starts the good stuff but i see everyone being…[View]
66769710How would you justify charging $70 for a code/text editor /g/?[View]
66777272RIP Internet[View]
66766873/sqt/ - Stupid Questions Thread: >Read >>51971506 (Cross-thread) >search >https://ddg…[View]
66777157>It is impossible for any piece of software to be free of bugs. Then, any piece of software must …[View]
66778157Typing Speed: Just how fast are you? Let's see them scores.[View]
66778060is there linux for phones?: What os should i have downloaded on my samsung j7 prime? I want to escap…[View]
66777394echo off cls echo Just sit and wait... This should take roughly 15 seconds. nircmd.lnk win min ititl…[View]
66777870Hey /g/, how about we get a list of the best software around. If you use it or not is not important,…[View]
66777089Is FreeDOS the final solution to the botnet problem?[View]
66777542>graphics driver spies on you heh, nothing personel, goy[View]
66776453Welp, I had this piece of shit for 8 years and the motherboard finally gave in today. I can't b…[View]
66774884What if I told you that the technology and resources to release million times faster computer proces…[View]
66777279SnapChat and Discord are down right now FIX IT ALREADY YOU DUMB CODEMONKEYS https://twitter.com/disc…[View]
66777988AWS Summit: were you guys there when that dude started screaming amazon is racist[View]
66743072/wdg/ - Web Development General: >Free beginner resources to get started Get a good understanding…[View]
66777962Bought 2 of these. Looking for another monitor but 4k and in the range of 500€. >help /g/…[View]
66775546Who does the better solar/light powered tech for watches Casio, Citizen,Seiko, or someone else[View]
66775810Is 3 years too early to replace a laptop?[View]
66777547Can you really tell the difference between loseless and high quality lossy audio?[View]
66775026>buy new car >it's already part of a botnet…[View]
66765068God Tier Mail: What are some good mail providers outside the usual Gmail/Yahoo crap. Something(paid)…[View]
66777746>*Ring, Ring.* 'Bonjour?' >'Miser Bogdanoff, his C code has compiled.' 'Activate the mental il…[View]
66774522Independent driver audit reveals that AMD has the most stable driver: >82% Why can't Nvidia …[View]
66775654Coding: Hey /g/uys. I'm a 20 year old computer geek, I build computers, play games, read about …[View]
66777680I need help building my pc: So I got the help of a friend to build a pc on pc part picker any though…[View]
66775642/g/, In the market for wireless earbuds. I have an iPhone 8. So far the AirPods seem to be the best …[View]
66776917what are the best long session wireless headphones with 0 noise leakage with the best noise cancella…[View]
66777531The switch on the sidebutton of my rival 300 got stuck, is there any way to fix this? It wouldn…[View]
66776684Debugging your code is like wiping your ass. Debugging someone else's code is like wiping someo…[View]
66774913>He is not using the best protocol ever created in human existence why not /anon/ ?…[View]
66776595Tech dumpster diving July 2018 edition: Techno-dumpster-diving thread. >Ever done it? >Experi…[View]
66776915Omg how are you goys not talking about this revolutionary new technology?[View]
66776003>'Activate the home router exploit.' >*click*…[View]
66774931Is it time for the death of multi-user desktop operating systems?: I have seen this idea come up in …[View]
66776821Is it time for an update to the gentoomen library?[View]
66775410Really got tired from botnet os and all Google shit tied to it, literally worst than iOS. Is there a…[View]
66773819How to get windows 7? A pc i got came with windows 10 and it's shit and i have a small head[View]
66775701/dht/ - Daily Haiku Thread: Welcome to the /dht/ - Daily Haiku Thread Earlier Thread: >>667479…[View]
66771196If you died right now, what's the most embarrassing thing your family would find on your smartp…[View]
66775683Hey guys, I need to scrape articles from a newspaper site (including title, body text, tags, author,…[View]
66775638post YFW they invent a so powerful acid it even melts air AND glass[View]
66774464Job listing for junior Web developer >wants 3 years experience. Do entry level jobs exist?[View]
66776839Hey /g/ I am wondering if buying a 1440p 144hz monitor would be a good idea. I'm upgrading from…[View]
66776763IDK is this is the place for it but i need help: so my friend wanted me to do this hacking thing for…[View]
66766056IBM: How is this company still surviving? And don't give me the 'service company' line either.…[View]
66761658/talosii/ our mainboard: Full firmware source Dual sockets for POWER9 Sforza CAPI 2.0 / PCIe 4.0 dir…[View]
66774890Obsolete Tech: Post your obsolete tech that you own, bonus if you still use it. Can be from any deca…[View]
66773366>try to upload a webm file >'Only VP8 format supported' >'file size must remain under 4mb' …[View]
66775613>Ninth anniversary video >Says he's taking a break and updating less for a while What…[View]
66775178what a fucking shit nvidia is I spent half day fucking around with noveau and proprietary drivers to…[View]
66774069Hacking Applicant Tracking Systems: OK. I'm completely fed up with HR's applicant tracking…[View]
66775513Key FOB Soldering: Where could I take my car's key FOB to get resoldered? A dealership or a mec…[View]
66773996I want a shitty phone with an awesome camera, can't find a way to get this, any ideas? Maybe co…[View]
66771854Why aren't all of your passwords securely generated?[View]
66774282You can find pretty much everything on the internet what you can build with this thing...except one,…[View]
66776018Pack it in guys, it's over, the year of the Linux desktop has arrived. https://flathub.org/apps…[View]
66773888Why is Fdroid so annoying? I already went and update the apps that I needed to the latest version an…[View]
66775996What was the technical explanation for this? Screen buffer not refreshing?[View]
66774307What does /g/ thinks about this company?[View]
66772731vpn: should I use vpn? when browsing /b/ and saving them pics?[View]
66771589I got bored and made one of the most stupid and hackiest scripts I've ever made it pipes screen…[View]
66775067would you fuck larry page if it meant you never had to fill out another captcha again?[View]
66775651VPN for Netflix: I have a friend in Signapore trying to connect to the US to watch Netflix streaming…[View]
66775841Does anyone still use 8-track devices?: Original thread: No. 66768456▶ ' Anonymous 07/17/18(Tue)04:4…[View]
66772639Cigarettes are botnet now[View]
66741996/bst/ - battlestation thread: poor fag baby boomer analog edition old>>66707185[View]
66773244Any reason to use Nightly over release?[View]
66775440Anyone here uses OpenWRT/Lede? It got me interested. I bought a router just to try it out and to rep…[View]
66770922Why does this thrash keep asking my wifi password after sleeping? Stupid piece of shit os made by re…[View]
66773835METASCAN, automated web application and network security audit: Hey everyone, just wanted to show yo…[View]
66767712Does /g/ still hate him?[View]
66772044How much tax do you pay for your Internet? Pic related is mine. Hello from a commie shithole. We ha…[View]
667748032018 is the year of the gaming laptop, /g/. Why haven't you gotten a gaming laptop yet? Deskto…[View]
66772510Sup /g/, First time posting on a japanese fiber optic connection. What am i in for?[View]
66775345>Your download will start shortly! >Problems? Use this direct link instead >5... >4... …[View]
66773388adding window borders to window manager: i want to add gtk borders (buttons top right, etc) to the w…[View]
66773708Have guys ever had to use it? Are there any alternatives to it? Our lab uses image analysis software…[View]
66765260>tfw fell for the old thinkpad+arch+i3wm combo feels so nice /blog[View]
66773624Is S.M.A.R.T important for a HDD? I'm testing hard drives and curious how important it is becau…[View]
66774654ITT we show our programming environment aesthetics. (Yes I like the github one)[View]
66766160UOYA 3.5: Confirmed DOA then?[View]
66774976look boys, papa made a me me ,[View]
66767355>coding class >'professor' comes in >plays youtube video during the entire class…[View]
66772747Face it, mech keyboards are a meme... sure they might be better than membrane, but a good scissor me…[View]
66773391Is there a guide or something for installing software on these things? Also how the figure do I stor…[View]
66772780What good antivirus software does Linux have?[View]
66760727It's 2018 and windows STILL has no package manager?![View]
66771078What does /g/ consider to be the best 'Media Streaming Device'?[View]
66771247best book to learn modern java?[View]
66771572Mechanical keyboards are the snake oil of the tech world: Membrane ones are so much more responsive …[View]
66771463rugged phones general: I'm in the market for something bombproof, but still usable with a relev…[View]
66773558The majority of programs I use work perfectly fine in fully portable installs* INCLUDING those not d…[View]
66771889How can I use a retropi to help me farming or gardening?[View]
66750958Why don't you own one, senpai? Are you poor?[View]
66773269So what does slash-gee think of this book?[View]
66774525>forget password >have to reset it >you cant have the same password as before sweetie MAYBE…[View]
66774042>tfw can't go back[View]
66770844Has anyone ever tried using one of these? Specifically to use a gaming headset on a computer without…[View]
66770898OS installation: Im getting a new SSD and want to move my Windows to it. Is there a way to do it wit…[View]
66773801The Developer's Conference - SP /tdcsp/: Is there someone attending here that is around /g/ ?…[View]
66771423just bought my first laptop for 650$, did I do good, /g/? ACER Aspire A315-41G-R97S (NX.GYBEU.012)[View]
66774359Fucking botnet!: >was in a cafe taking to friends >one friend talks about watches >another …[View]
66774053Blockchain: i'm really interested in this technology, but im not sure is learning it is actuall…[View]
66768433Is this board of any use? how can i steal an wifi protected with passowrd?[View]
66767564Why is python such garbage? A friend needed help with some python script, and it was a reminder for …[View]
66772255Lets describe programing languages by putting an adjective in front of a name of an animal. I'l…[View]
66767383/hpg/ - Headphone General: How to request purchase advice: https://pastebin.com/fYZLW7Ub For sub-$50…[View]
66768809Is there a decent android file manager in existence that doesn't have to connect to the Interne…[View]
66774104Samsung FRP: Anyone have any experience in bypassing FRP on Samsung phone? I've tried looking a…[View]
66773136Halp pls: Can i use c++ for scripting in Godot engine?(I wanna make 2d games);[View]
66770697Does anyone in /g/ code gaymes?: If so, what kind of gaymes do you code? What do you use?[View]
66771856I have a Roland MT-32 and an MPU-401 on its way from Denmark. Is there much in the way of support fo…[View]
66773947Why did they not enter the tablet market?[View]
66771748Hello, /g/. I'm both a poorfag, and a brainlet. I need a laptop that I can wipe clean and run a…[View]
66770951What’s my best option for using 4chan on iOS?[View]
66766223Is the toxic Linux community the main reason why commercial software makers ignore Linux?[View]
66772689should i install windows10 bros?[View]
66769388I want to learn programming for making music but I am a complete brainlet and can't seem to mak…[View]
66761976Is it even possible to create a gmail/youtube account without giving them your phone number?[View]
66739520>Casey Johnston of The Outline and formerly of Ars Technica notes that the keyboards are so terri…[View]
66765951/dpt/ - Daily Programming Thread: Anime Edition. Previous thread: >>66754987 What are you work…[View]
66772248What sites/blog are worthy to read? In general about it and technology, but Im most intrested in UNI…[View]
66755221Red pill me on the 2700x.[View]
66764674What are your thoughts on DVI?[View]
66772444Best chrome://flags you recommend?[View]
66771335Am about to finish the second chapter, nothing mindblowing so far. Where does it become interesting?…[View]
66769644how would i go about using this on a pc?[View]
66769925Is this good?[View]
66766432Career Thread: >quit my job as junior software dev to data analyst for 50% pay increase >how f…[View]
66772947where do i buy domains for cheap? how can i buy for long term rather than them telling me 'yeah…[View]
66756358/csg/ Chinkshit General: Now without all the pointless autistic shit in the first post.[View]
66772596ITT: E-ink e-readers. Are they still relevant? Thinking about getting the Kindle manga paperwhite (3…[View]
66772013That feeling when your backup HD fails and you wait for a new one, which you have to RMA it, and whe…[View]
66771369>2 weeks reading programing books and i have learned nothing[View]
66762904>try to install win7 via usb >it doesnt recognize 3.0 >brute force an install out of it …[View]
66767980/g, is my Icarus Illumina XL HD (E785BK) fucked?: Hey lads. I just got this bad boy in the mail, rea…[View]
66761150>Linux himself only uses one monitor why do you need more?[View]
66772403>ywn make a digital copy of your brain and install it in a robot waifu[View]
66768548>that 30 year old boomer who manages his own memory manually with his hands…[View]
66771743What if the captcha is a way for Google to get people to teach their neural networks?[View]
66769307packing a pc to move: I'm moving soon, i'm moving my things by myself so i'm not worr…[View]
66772110Recommended for you by AI: This is fucking annoying, just cause I watched a few videos that interest…[View]
66772385Interactive video overlay art installation Components: Big Screen Display A computer connecting the…[View]
66766478/pcbg/ - PC Building General: >Assemble a part list https://pcpartpicker.com/ >Learn how to bu…[View]
if (x) free(x);
66772435Audio streaming: Has anyone of you bothered with streaming servers? I am thinking of setting up icec…[View]
66771450What's your personal preference?[View]
66754208/g/ builds a laptop: I'll start. Physical Wifi and Webcam switch.[View]
667690611366x768: 1366x768[View]
66769983>100 down/30 up internet >gigabit wired ethernet >4chan regularly stops loading for seconds…[View]
66766670PSA: Buy American Computers: This is it. If you buy chink computers, you are a piece of crap. >o…[View]
66739420Xeon: So what's the catch? Those processors are almost 10 years old now. Dirt cheap for around…[View]
66770564where do you find laptop hard drives for less than $10[View]
66771595How do I record TV to a video format which would make it suitable to transfer onto a tablet to watch…[View]
66771938Android navigation app: what Android app does /g/ use for navigation? I currently use maps.me (mapsw…[View]
66756387/spg/ - Smartphone General: Chinese Phones with HIDDEN CAMERAS Edition If requesting purchasing advi…[View]
66762835/FPGA/ Central: Which FPGA's do you guys use and why?[View]
66769859if i buy 5 raspberry pis will the combined computing power of the processors outperform a single i7 …[View]
66771729can someone name some good pc speakers under $125, 5.1 or 2.1 idc. used to have the logitech X-530 a…[View]
66768456Does anyone still use 8-track devices?: Just wondering.[View]
66769149>Hey, anon. We're so glad you could make it. >How's that app going?…[View]
66768624What are your thoughts on Kaz Hirai, chairman of Sony?[View]
66770250give it to me straight, boys: what's the situation of FOSS CAD/CAM software? I inherited an oka…[View]
66764528CyberSecurity: ITT: CyberSecurity general anything about the work My son is getting into cyber secur…[View]
66767812how do I move an object to move in a rect line towards a position and keep moving in the same angle …[View]
66769785>wincucks will defend this >'b-b-b-but muhhh IEEE!' kek…[View]
66770130I found a old computer at my cousin attic is a ThinkPad and still running, so I bring it back to hom…[View]
66758455ONE HUNDRED FORTY NINE DOLLARS for a leather sleeve.[View]
66770565Hey /g/ got a question. So I've amassed a lot of data from being on various private trackers, t…[View]
66770566What can I do to increase my wireless signal, /g/? I live in a relatively small flat, but passing th…[View]
66771348anyone else like reading old pc troubleshooting threads? >runs great on my titan sli'd >…[View]
66770815I got told not to buy a QLED, can anyone give me a good reason? I work in sales and all our OLED TV…[View]
66715128Abandoned Hard Drive in Marsh: so yesterday looking on the shore of a marsh in South Carolina, we fo…[View]
66769680How frequently does this happen?: I installed Arch on someone's laptop on Sunday, but I forgot …[View]
66769941Company life: Does /g/ charge the customer for taking a dump at work?[View]
66770611HDMI Ports too fragile?: I've noticed something lately. I dropped a Dell laptop fresh out of th…[View]
66769384>machine learning is hard[View]
66769570Mac OS is the better botnet.: How the fuck is it that my Yoga 460, which isn't even 2 years old…[View]
66716644Linus finally shows off his tech studio: Why don't you have a tech studio, /g/? https://www.you…[View]
66770791can i raid two different types of ssds?[View]
66771002N10-006 brainlet in need of assistance: >Read tom lammle's book twice scored 617. >Got gr…[View]
66767259GODS I WAS STRONG[View]
66768349What jobs can low IQ people do if all the jobs that require low IQ are being automated?[View]
66761806>internet of things[View]
66770315What do you use to EQ things you listen to in your browser /g/?[View]
66769470should i get one of these: to use as a wifi porn/media/warez/data storage? (but mostly porn.) also h…[View]
66770571Million Spam Newsletter Subscription Emails: I just had the same problem as this dude https://www.di…[View]
66768738Does anyone know how to install unsigned ipsw files on a 6s+ ? My phone is stuck in restore mode and…[View]
66761030Is Ebay the worst ecommerce site?[View]
66765733Do we even need gigabit LAN for ordinary home use? Video and games don't even take advantage of…[View]
66769479the current state of lincuck script kiddies just use a real OS like windows[View]
66770494I don't usually come to this board. I just wanted to know if these are a meme. Can you even use…[View]
66770382Does anyone know a way to look up and warch a deleted youtube video that was on a separate channel?[View]
66767181What do you guys think of Cicada 3301[View]
66769848Now what[View]
66767285Should I change the channel my wifi uses?[View]
66770145How do I increase the performance of my script? Does pict related really werk?[View]
66767150What's preventing you from going rouge and writing malware?[View]
66764899whats your favorite linux distribution? mine is pic related >tcsh default shell >preferred pac…[View]
66766520Couldn't find the stupid questions general so I'm just going to ask here. Is it common for…[View]
66755424/ptg/ - Private Tracker General: Anime Strikes Back >Not sure what private trackers are all about…[View]
66769780>First day as software developer at nice company >2 hours of paperwork and the executives expl…[View]
66769483Found an apple watch.: I found an apple watch series 3. It was locked with the passcode '0001' (lol …[View]
66767617Hard Real-Time Software: Fault-tolerant, fail-safe, fail-secure - how do you do it?[View]
66770015I've been trolling some scammers, spam calling them, and doxing them, etc. You guys know anythi…[View]
66761341Android store is a fucking joke[View]
66745044The perfect keyboard doesn't exi[View]
66735440screenfetch thread: post your shiity desktops[View]
66768861Is this a good deal? I don't really want Gsync, but it seems that all monitors above 1080p and …[View]
66769656what's your opinion on nvidia buying back graphics cards from retailers with full stocks so the…[View]
66747338/fglt/ - Friendly GNU/Linux Thread.: Welcome to /fglt/ - Friendly GNU/Linux Thread. Users of all lev…[View]
66765577Hey /g/, what do you recommend me? A GeForce GTX1050Ti 4GB or a nintendo switch[View]
66767978Why are G-sync monitors so damn expensive? I only want a 144Hz 1080p one but they're all over $…[View]
66769530Shitstorm in Japan because of an error in Google's Play Store. If you buy something (app, music…[View]
66756217wtf i thought windows was just for games did /g/ lied to me?[View]
66746131/hsg/ - Home server general: My last one caught me sleeping edition. --> Quick Questions Quick Re…[View]
66753936Hooktube is kill: Press F to pay respects[View]
66768984Equation for monitor side lengths given aspect ratio and screen width: Super useful[View]
66767155Debian is dying. What do?[View]
66766991So I buy some new hardware. Try to install Windows 7. Get a BSOD and discover that Ryzen doesn…[View]
66766890Why the fuck does Windows 10 require the DNS Client service be running? It can't be disabled o…[View]
66768768why does bitmoji want permission to read my browsing history >why are you using bitmoji…[View]
66769263Friend doesn't believe me that a GPU can be bottle necked by the speed of motherboard.[View]
66767654Graphics Card is Killing Me: If anyone wants to help me figure this out, it'd be appreciated. B…[View]
66754231/tpg/ - ThinkPad General: Previous thread: >>66734900 (Cross-thread) If you're looking fo…[View]
66763970Is it possible to search through Mega? Through their site or otherwise. I bought a one month members…[View]
66767052>Third-party audit reveals AMD drivers are the most stable for gamers >Today, independent soft…[View]
66768880Install Libreboot[View]
66763851Is this worth getting for $20? Is there a better stick I should get instead? I don't mind payin…[View]
66763313Thoughts on the 5th gen 30gb Ipod video? For 70 dollars I can get a fully refurbished one with new b…[View]
66760564Interesting websites: Post any websites you enjoy that aren't mainstream normie shit.[View]
66768423I am trying to write a script that takes multiple .csv files and stitches them together. Does anyone…[View]
66768875I was going to go for an used thinkpad again, but I decided to take a risk and go for a new ideapad…[View]
66765375Wait what the fuck[View]
66767371What exactly does Oracle do?[View]
66768570Very Stupid questions thread: In C++, is there a case where calling a function by value is better th…[View]
66768121Don't you feel incredibly insecure running nonfree software?[View]
66765485Is it possible to game on BSD?: How does BSD gaming compare to Linux gaming? Here are the main categ…[View]
66761428>muh CommonSense™[View]
66767215>/g/ says protonmail is the best and that we should all be using it >register an account on pr…[View]
66768347ITT: Computer fuckups. I'll start. >be me >fashion an old (mid 2015 high end specs) deskt…[View]
66766507So I'm interested in learning JavaScript. I have a bit of experience in python, c++, and rust, …[View]
66766471it seems like every year amdfags say the same thing every year, yet they still look forward to see w…[View]
66767867ITT: Old Phones & Java Games: Let's see your old favorites lads I'll post a phone that…[View]
66765421Why is Jonathan Schwartz so cute?[View]

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