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/g/ - Technology

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101029800Reminder to use Robocopy: Robocopy (Robust File Copy for Windows) Created for Windows NT4, built…[View]
101026550Which OS do each of them use?[View]
101021800computer cases are glassy: ok I fully get it now that computer cases today must be transparent becau…[View]
101027549Stop using D-Bus: Programs were not meant to talk to each other. Years of computing, yet no real use…[View]
101029625What os was he running?[View]
101030495>2024 >I am forgotten[View]
101027873i fucking hate windows 11, i cannot move to another version now bcs of reasons but what are /g/ ways…[View]
101017715Proton is transitioning towards a non-profit structure: https://proton.me/blog/proton-non-profit-fou…[View]
101017330What is /g/'s take on emoji? Good or bad thing for computer-mediated communication? Have you ev…[View]
100996702/sqt/ stupid questions thread: old >>100965590[View]
101028775Why did it take so long to make AI?: How come AI can suddenly make images and video and shit? Why is…[View]
101030176Redpill me on Jetpack Compose.[View]
101029533I am making an app for android[View]
101020547>start pc >1.2 gb idle ram use >use pc for a few days >4 gb idle ram use So this is the …[View]
101028861Why are developers expected to become middle managers after a few years? I got into programming to b…[View]
101027789Looking for a new wireless router: Need a new router. I don't have a lot of experience with th…[View]
101022714Thinking about pulling the trigger. Also is pic related any good?[View]
101016438When was the last time you used the L'Hopital rule while codin'.[View]
101028439How do I make buttons like the ones at the bottom of picrel? I have something similar set up on my a…[View]
101007266/fglt/ - Friendly GNU/Linux Thread: Users of all levels are welcome to ask questions about GNU/Linux…[View]
101027705Why are wayland shills so blatant and dishonest?[View]
101016995Apple iCloud nightmare- erased my important notes: To put a long story short, for a long-ass time Ap…[View]
101025741WiFi Calling Disabled On Unlocked Phones?: I can't get WiFi calling to work on a carrier unlock…[View]
101021764/lmg/ - Local Models General: /lmg/ - a general dedicated to the discussion and development of local…[View]
101029293have computers made our lives better?[View]
100984046/dpt/ - Daily Programming Thread: Old thread: >>100931265 What are you working on, /g/?[View]
101029402It’s crazy they think AI will take over the world meanwhile they still can’t do autocorrect right[View]
101028325How do you get a job at Open AI? What kind of education do you need?[View]
101026814soundbar: I fell for the meme $300 and it sounds identical to my LG c3 speakers[View]
101025430Ecological science is not evolving: How many times have you seen news articles like this ? How many …[View]
101026821/aicg/ - AI Chatbot General: /aicg/ - A general dedicated to the discussion and development of AI ch…[View]
101020418But AI can't do haaaaands[View]
101028031>amd gpu >arch linux >systemd >dbus >kde plasma >wayland >pipewire >gimp Wor…[View]
101024366Digital Privacy: The electricity company is now refusing to send bills to my home address anymore. I…[View]
101021730What went wrong?: Back then, things seemed more inclusive and straightforward. It was just merit and…[View]
101028843Why do zoomers have a problem with pillarboxing and letterboxing?[View]
101029082It's over AI memes are the only thing that matter to all of SV now Elon is the only one that sh…[View]
101019925Is this my best bet if I want a monitor with a decent looking picture while being on a budget?[View]
101017465/g/ humor thread: starting with my OC :)[View]
101024759How do you guys deal with the insane amounts of CO2 emissions that the technology sector produces, a…[View]
101021589Is there a self hosted frontend option for 4chan like libreddit/nitter? Asking because 4chan is bloc…[View]
101025075Why does Linux lose to FreeBSD in no many benchmarks?: https://www.phoronix.com/review/bsd-linux-thr…[View]
101027678Boeing Planes Keep Dropping Out Of The Skies: What's going on? Is China doing this again?…[View]
101028027Quitting remote job: I graduated last year and immediately got a remote-only job. I don't earn …[View]
101012018Terminal Applications: Post your favourite applications >Neomutt >Newsboat >Weechat >hto…[View]
101023107What hosting should I use for an altchan? OVH is trash and takes down entire site after one report.[View]
101023449/sdg/ - Stable Diffusion General: Previous /sdg/ thread : >>101017456 >SD3 info & downl…[View]
101028393Ai voice samples for audiobooks: Does anyone know of any resources or archives where I can get voice…[View]
101027915anywhere I click on a webpage whatever the closest text is gets a little thing next to it like I…[View]
101026817Windows Phone Integration: Windows 11 makes it easier than ever to combine files in between Win11 la…[View]
101020446When/how will it die?[View]
101015797Degradation Ceremony.[View]
101025715Lenovo x200 laptop was best laptop chassis: It was the best known chassis for laptop Too bad the CPU…[View]
101026294how does /g/ feel about bookstack?[View]
101023467After the initial phase where new AI models dropped and new improvements were publicized frequently …[View]
100988171>live in apartments near library >get $30 directional antenna >unlimited 1gbit data for $0/…[View]
101019170Does anyone find AI… comforting?: I was thinking about how I prefer to ask AI questions over most pe…[View]
101017246dear god im dying of cringe just by looking at the thumbnail snippet he really went to the asus head…[View]
100973703Writing code doesn't make you a programmer[View]
101022681EVE-NG: How many of you learn networking with this (or GNS3)? Is there a better alternative where yo…[View]
101019945any cool plugins for picrel?[View]
101015181LFS: What is the minimal possible LFS build? What is the easiest way to do LFS?[View]
100994060the chart that broke /g/[View]
101022627>new mac update lets you snap windows to the corners >can now put apps anywhere on the homescr…[View]
101026829Why are Microsoft languages the kings of bloat?[View]
101010653Technology to prevent technology?: What measures are you taking to prevent your kids to become addic…[View]
101001455Who here actually thinks this is comfy and loves the monotony of his 9-5? I've came to really l…[View]
101026873Tech dalits use Windows.[View]
101026270send cool images like this one[View]
101013178How would you have saved Amiga?[View]
101021899/ldg/ - Local Diffusion General: Previous /ldg/ bread : >>101009568 Hook, Line and Sinker Edit…[View]
101012815>computer wakes up in the middle of the night[View]
100999981Supercomputers in the home: so the Cray 1 Supercomputer was released in 1975, cost $8 million and ha…[View]
101025522the performance on firefox is atrocious why is google purposefully raping everyone else's brows…[View]
101017679What went wrong?: Emad's departure? Unprofitable business model? The community?[View]
101023746>install KeepassXC >try to use autofill >doesnt work on Wayland The year of Linux is here…[View]
101017323The Pentium II was the last Intel CPU that had soul. Intel turned into a soulless corporation after …[View]
101007153Nokia 2024: Lumia 920 reborn: Are you ready, /g/? It's gonna be Euro phone summer! https://www.…[View]
101020069'The question of whether a computer can 'think' is no more interesting than the question o…[View]
101020258Let me guess[View]
101025544sex cubes[View]
101024830Ask Bing AI what it knows about you and post the results.: The future of data mining and AI spying i…[View]
101018756How big is Japan developing this new engine?: What does it mean for the future of cars?[View]
101025449Does this shit work?[View]
101023257I dont switch to fedora again....but...this happen: I use Endavour OS with Kde plasma. Everything o…[View]
101020738>Search filter: Videos from the past week >Results >6 months ago >2 years ago >11 mon…[View]
101019169Can anyones suggest any good new cyber security project ideas for final year ? I know some coding an…[View]
101023153/aicg/ - AI Chatbot General: /aicg/ - A general dedicated to the discussion and development of AI ch…[View]
101019692Anyone else going back to a poorfag phone?: Bought a Pixel 7 for cheap and thought it was amazing fo…[View]
101017031neofetch: i tried to install neofetch through scoop. then iam getting the error shown in the picture…[View]
101018539why did it fail[View]
101015028You have to narrow down the GNU+Linux/BSD distro catalog to only 10: Which ones would you choose? Yo…[View]
101024043This is going to sound like a very stupid question, but I am getting frustrated as fuck with fightin…[View]
101021960Linux users: >Complain that people don't use Linux >Complain that people decide to use Li…[View]
101022651How do I get hired anons , I've applied and none have responded[View]
100992496/twg/ – Tech Workers General: >Interviewing Neetcode 150: https://neetcode.io/practice Tips and i…[View]
101021935Why are you still using Google?: Or any other search engine? Perplexity.ai gives concise answers.…[View]
101013458I hate apple as much as the other guy but why are the people at Samsung genuinely hateful? It's…[View]
101023172How does it feel knowing that your OS will never get a virus?[View]
101017896Programming Supplements: Which pills will make me a god programmer?[View]
101012056/pcbg/ - PC Building General: >UPGRADE & BUILD ADVICE. Post build list or current specs inclu…[View]
101018803Nokia 3210 25 year anniversary: >usb c >headphone jack >micro SD card >long battery life…[View]
101021132Windows watches every move you make: Did you was worried about Windows 11 recall feature? You dumb-d…[View]
101022859Why is gnome so focused on removing features while kde is adding so many? Why the contrast?[View]
101021476I wish Linux was as easy to use and as bug free as Windows.[View]
101017861/g/ - hatsune miku ac[View]
101022081Linux now has a blue screen of dead: Thanks to systemd now Linux is a modern OS that can enjoy featu…[View]
101008655/iemg/ & /pmpg/ - In-Ear Monitor & Portable Music Player General: /our queen/ Edition How to…[View]
101017456/sdg/ - Stable Diffusion General: Previous /sdg/ thread : >>101011011 >SD3 info & downl…[View]
101022406>he actually uses Windows Did you fall for the greatest computer prank of all time?…[View]
101017472It's that time of the year again: I have yet again concluded that there is no better choice tha…[View]
101020646You dont need rollbacks if you are not retarded[View]
101021489Which Way, Aryan Man?[View]
101021813>make antenna in between goon sessions >able to pick up my neighbor's wifi >start usin…[View]
101000294/hsg/ - Home Server General: Wiki: [OUTDATED] - Wiki is removed until it's properly re-written.…[View]
101020377/aicg/ - AI Chatbot General: /aicg/ - A general dedicated to the discussion and development of AI ch…[View]
101019322Why is USB so slow?[View]
101018229How can transformers and auto-regression achieve this?[View]
101014681America Banning Objectively Superior Chinese Drones: Idiots at the House and Senate are poised to ba…[View]
101019794Deleted file recovery: What sort of programs or tools prove the most useful in recovering lost data …[View]
101016891Why don't they want us to connect emotionally with AI and censor everything even if it's p…[View]
100991786SQLite is cracked[View]
101019575mousjacking in 2024: i have an ai I'm teaching to play leauge. its been a great project to intr…[View]
101021495ITT: Times when technology objectively peaked[View]
101009568/ldg/ - Local Diffusion General: Previous /ldg/ bread : >>100993501 Abstract Edition >Pixar…[View]
101018599>AI is like >AAAAARGH im going insane I don't believe any of these captcha can't be …[View]
101000419Name one thing that works better than sqlite? Computer science peaked right here.[View]
101019275Why did they stop making pcb's in this color? They look so much more aesthetic than modern soul…[View]
101016450>tfw on 16gigs of RAM >if I want to buy more I have to get a whole new motherboard If only YT/…[View]
101003151Corporate bullshit aside, which one is superior?[View]
101014601/rtg/ - Refrigerators technology general: So... What do you think about fridges with tablets? Is it …[View]
100977733Why do people like Windows 7 Give me an actual reason and not something like >'B-because it'…[View]
101015095Does an operating system without internet access exist?: I still want and need to use my laptop for …[View]
101019146Google’s Head of Search Tells Employees That AI Will Keep Making Absurd Mistakes, But They’re Gonna …[View]
101003231WHY do Indians love Java?[View]
101019625is google map API free?: I'm making a POC on something and I want users to be able to store the…[View]
101019713>install Whatsapp Desktop >notice it's unsually slow and unresponsive even for Electron s…[View]
101016530Anyway I can go back on an app's version on Android? This YouTube ad block app has become horri…[View]
101010179/lmg/ - Local Models General: /lmg/ - a general dedicated to the discussion and development of local…[View]
101018507Which one and why?: >inb4 Borg shit has messy python dependency…[View]
101019748Pay forever to own nothing with s*bscription 'services': Why do 'people' do this? Can't you tor…[View]
101020125>today is another day to learn my field of expertise, computing >can't stop thinking abo…[View]
101006198Why isn't there closed source advocates? It's almost like a criminal if you are for closed…[View]
101019064What's a good prompt on the Bing AI image generator to get the zoomer perm? Nothing I try seems…[View]
101018411Okay /g/ how could I make this shit go faster? Audi decreased its speed to 8 and it sucks ass.[View]
101018034>gorilla marketing[View]
101015451Do i really *need* to cool my computer? wont it just run slower and be very hot if i dont?[View]
101015059Crt thread[View]
101016440Metaverse was ahead of its time: I don't get the ridicule Zuck got for his metaverse project...…[View]
101012411usb c cable with display[View]
101014516Be completely honest: On your Windows boxes, do you use registry hacks to fully disable MS Defender …[View]
101011352Less than a deade apart[View]
101016497This article still drives me insane >private Snapchat group with bros >guy sends a joke to h…[View]
101018774Is Ubuntu spyware?[View]
101015968Thought Authenticator: Good Morning Dra/g/on Maids! How can I make sure my thoughts aren't bein…[View]
101004857>Stop using TypeScript[View]
101015411K&R blown the fuck out.[View]
101018421I'm considering transitioning, lads.[View]
101017158/aicg/ - AI Chatbot General: /aicg/ - A general dedicated to the discussion and development of AI ch…[View]
100945973desktop thread: normal people only[View]
101014350I don’t think you need more. It has more songs than Spotify and Apple Music combined. Plus, the disc…[View]
101015546Can you deanonymize a 4chan user with cookies?: What kind of information do these cookies contain? T…[View]
100994376/de3/ - DALL-E 3 General: Previous thread: >>100971764 >What is DALL-E 3? It's a text-…[View]
101001623Luma Labs AI - Video Generation: cyberpunk apartment edition >What is this? Luma Labs Dream Machi…[View]
101016347Has anyone reverse engineered insurance company fees? They calculate those using machine learning si…[View]
101017128AI is usele-ACK!!!: >60 writers and editors reduced to a staff of one editor who edits articles w…[View]
101016383Why doesn't anyone use OpenNIC?[View]
101016676Nothing to hide: Nothing to fear.[View]
101014975How come, despite being told not to launch on start, Microsoft Edge Update still launches and attemp…[View]
101015437Have you ever hacked someone /g/ ? Broke into the mainframe ?[View]
101015822>year is 2024 >still have to rely on 'chefs' to eat out, even for retardly simple things like …[View]
101016558Computer Science is not a science[View]
101014498VMware or VirtualBox?[View]
101014757blue screen of linux - is it the fault of damned Poettering: https://www.phoronix.com/news/Linux-6.1…[View]
101015647Bing chat creative mode is gone. Now what?[View]
101010618Rate the 2nd Game machine I have ever purchased.: I Pulled the trigger. Am I a tripleChad fat dick …[View]
101011011/sdg/ - Stable Diffusion General: Previous /sdg/ thread : >>101003061 >SD3 info & downl…[View]
101015489So what's, like, the BEST laptop i can get these days? I'll list some things id like to ha…[View]
101016204Ai: Let's remember for a second one girl AI 'Tay AI' Good Ai with... Unusual looks. But even so…[View]
101016666Firefox 126 and onward: So has anyone found out how to disable the search collecting that FF has bee…[View]
101013500ITT: post software that keeps you from switiching to Linux: hard mode >no adobe >no games…[View]
101014055Just bought a new TV and...: it interrupts me mid-show while streaming from my PC on bootleg streami…[View]
100991279we are living in the future: and yet nobody cares, self-driving cars, virtual reality, artifical int…[View]
101012354Well? Have you reflected on the usefulness of Wikipedia in your life?[View]
101011431>get Samsung S23 >transfer some of my chinktoons to the phone >'mpv-android worked perfectl…[View]
101016491I like the internet less and less. I hate discord and reddit.[View]
101010520I’m working on 3d fonts for my 3d desktop environment[View]
101012989Is there anywhere on the internet where I can ask math questions that is not 4chan or reddit?: I wan…[View]
101006921>just accidentally rm -rf'ed my home directory[View]
101004903Share /prog/ books: I'll start: programming_rust.pdf https://files.catbox.moe/193ma9.pdf…[View]
101014417I take good care of my data[View]
101016336I flashed an installed ubuntu server image to a USB and now I finally have a WORKING linux OS on USB…[View]
101016291Can anyone share the datasheets for the ST sr6g7c6 chip? They look private, and i need them to enume…[View]
101014918Pleasant morning, tech sirs.[View]
101016109It has begun, it will be over soon...: Google is killing firefox from the inside by injecting hordes…[View]
101005665kde is now getting on my nerves[View]
101016059Understanding VM/IP addresses: Basically I got suspended on reddit boo-hoo it has happened before an…[View]
101003728>Nails the problem with the AI safety people https://www.lesswrong.com/posts/G9vwrkFCRMJ4GPpHx/th…[View]
101015280how big strain is web browser on resources: basically web browser is bigger than an Operating System…[View]
101014517>can't install steam without bricking your computer what were they thinking?…[View]
101007122hardware acceleration[View]
101014687sivebod406@kernuo.com: Quisiera saber la manera de como generar bots para tumbar canales de YouTube …[View]
101005689https://github.com/uBlockOrigin/uAssets/issues/20586#issuecomment-1805966008 Uhhh youtube sisters ..…[View]
101009766I can’t believe I live in a world where technological advancement is being run by people who saw thi…[View]
101013504Working from home: Are they really coming for our comfy wfh? Will they be able to force us back in?…[View]
101010304Honestly that's a downgrade to me[View]
100981057/BUG/ - BSD Users Group: Boomer Edition Ask your BSD-related questions here, discuss tips and tricks…[View]
101005265Why is the web not cuter?[View]
101011893/b/athing technolo/g/y: /g/, let's have a serious discussion about bathing technology. >hurr…[View]
100950395/wdg/ - Web Development General: >Free beginner resources to get started with HTML, CSS and JS ht…[View]
101008491Is this the power of Rust?: >Make project that does with 2k lines of Rust what you can do with 10…[View]
100927215>It's been a great date anon, let's go back to your place and watch a movie! >Ok, I…[View]
100991045What was your high school mp3 player?[View]
101014739/aicg/ - AI Chatbot General: /aicg/ - A general dedicated to the discussion and development of AI ch…[View]
101013225Soulful desktop thread/Retro GUIs of old[View]
101014011ITT: Unpopular /g/ opinions: I like Rust and it addresses legitimate issues with C.[View]
101014623owari da[View]
100985560Do Not Buy a 13900 or 14900 CPU or Any of Its Variants: >part of the problem is how Intel’s chips…[View]
101011899datacenter fags unite: Any other dc techs lurking? I have a few days of, so let's talk shit. Do…[View]
101014353Is there any reason to switch from my pirated copy of VMWare Workstation Pro 17.5 to the new free ve…[View]
101014212Small question. I’m building a modern PC using an older case. Everything about the case is good, but…[View]
101000905are self driving cars really worth it?[View]
101006347is this still the best android browser?[View]
101006782>tfw using Edge for the first time Why do we hate this browser?[View]
101011482What's stopping you from becoming an Automatically hide the taskbar fag? Don't know enoug…[View]
101010541What would be the killing blow for domain squatters?[View]
101009689Where to buy cheap hydrogen cell?[View]
100975207>Fixes your distro hopping permanently >Literally the most polished linux OS to date >Just …[View]
101005123Just installed Linux on what was my Windows laptop.[View]
100986031>just read the man page bro[View]
101012363/g/ stories: Let's tell real technology related stories. I will start with the best one that I …[View]
101008727controlled computer ecosystem demolition: I think they are trying to take it all away from us on pur…[View]
101011620what causes this level of ignorance?[View]
101005107COSMIC: Where the fuck is the alpha?[View]
101012213Does there even an exist a VPN that has a free trial / version and allows you to choose what country…[View]
101013726Why aren't you finding chinese, thai, russian or indian results when searching for software on …[View]
101008926How come Indians have so much trouble with Linux?[View]
101009965will physical media ever make a comeback?[View]
101010802itt post useful or miscellaneously interesting websites >https://noclip.website you can noclip th…[View]
101005767Is gentoo dying?: How can we help? How do you even become a gentoo mantainer/developer? https://blog…[View]
101002234What browser do you guys use on your phone? What's the best one?[View]
100954429/hpg/ - Headphones: have they been solved yet?[View]
101013188Man webm files are so much larger than mp4 why do they still exist[View]
101007484is there any botnet still attached to this?[View]
101001908why doesn't 4chan support webp?[View]
101010447Why is ASUS resorting to sending shills to the /g/ board? Are they that desperate for positive revie…[View]
101012041/aicg/ - AI Chatbot General: /aicg/ - A general dedicated to the discussion and development of AI ch…[View]
100993501/ldg/ - Local Diffusion General: Previous /ldg/ bread : >>100983399 Scarcity Edition >Pixar…[View]
101009099BAM-like materials thread: sup /g/ I'll probably get banned because this isn't a /g/entoo …[View]
101010026The Software Devs Creed: This is my macbook. There are many like it, but this one is mine. My macboo…[View]
100914447/dmp/ - Digital Music Production: >Wikis https://dmpdoc.neocities.org/ https://web.archive.org/we…[View]
101012175You cannot compete.[View]
101012455>have smartphone >no new apps/pictures/music/files in around 2 years >'Warning: Your device…[View]
100975653AMD's gaming graphics business looks like it's in terminal decline: Does anyone here actua…[View]
101012012Modern advice for RAID?: Been out of the game for a while. I was thinking of upgrading my PC case to…[View]
101009366What's the best method for encrypting single files in 2024? I want to transfer some of my porn …[View]
101010288VPN: i would actually like a secure vpn. previously i was looking at cyberghost but now a document c…[View]
101012231Genetics have fucked me and I am stuck at home pretty much for good, what kind of jobs exist from ho…[View]
100976657post your command centers[View]
100976877what are actual use cases for this thing?[View]
101003526/pcbg/ - PC Building General: >UPGRADE & BUILD ADVICE. Post build list or current specs inclu…[View]
101012047>Style: Burichan[View]
100985689Stop pretending you need this[View]
101007786What went wrong with AI art? You can just immediately tell when something is made by it now, whereas…[View]
101007249Redpill me on zig[View]
101007108Does AVIF have a jpeg denoiser in the standard? When I convert a jpeg of a drawing to png and to jxl…[View]
101009459Will hardware ever go back to using beige plastic like during the peak years of computer design in t…[View]
100990768>I go look in /g/ archives >'Uriel was right' hasn't been posted since January 2023 This …[View]
101011497Hey Thinkpad T520 users!: What's your normal use temp? hw.sensors.cpu0.temp0=52.00 degC hw.sens…[View]
101010559Has anyone tried asking a chat bot to make a greentext lately? I remember this one from a few years …[View]
101009162You will be without internet, television and radio for 3 years. You are totally off the internet but…[View]
101011113Do you want Lime with that?: There is a Lime tree outside my window Monkeys climb for a slice of lif…[View]
101011176handheld computers: do you have one? do you like it? i bought picrel and i think it is a little unhe…[View]
100997685Multi-monitor setups are still pointless. Jeff Dean, the guy who literally made Google the success i…[View]
101006760/wsg/ - Web Scraping General: Web Scraping General Ropefuel edition QOTD: What's something you…[View]
100994116Not one of the 'big 3' seems to know what to do anymore when it comes to advancements in technology …[View]
101008725Best messaging app ATM: Hi anons. Gotta problem. Me and my frends were using telegram for past 2 yea…[View]
101008863/aicg/ - AI Chatbot General: aicg/ - A general dedicated to the discussion and development of AI cha…[View]
101010458How to remove organization lockout from acer N18Q8 chromebook?: I have this laptop from a company th…[View]
101005382Can our elections be hacked by AI Elon thinks so[View]
101005737Is this software /g/ approved?[View]
100998114Is it possible to get good at programming by practicing writing the same line of code? After you get…[View]
101006741humiliation ritual[View]
101008153What's the easiest and quickest program to learn if I want to create 2d animations these days? …[View]
101007807Project Documentation: What project documentation software pulls me the most street cred in current …[View]
101009085>buy Windows for new PC >it won't install without blue screening So are Threadrippers Lin…[View]
101005168Why won't you share it, /g/?[View]
101007020Boeing Blames Shitty Planes On China: Boeing just came out and said the reason as to why their plane…[View]
101009776Whats the best program for making old style 3D environments/objects? I know Bryce 3D is good but I w…[View]
100995261Opensuse or Fedora?[View]
101009597theres any cli browser with enough js support to open most 'heavy' sites? i mainly use lynx but it c…[View]
101006252The Mac menu bar is the ultimate filter for all winjeets and lintrannies: Watch as they inevitably t…[View]
101005250My pc just broke: Hi there i want to get help bec my pc just broke and i sent it to a repair shop an…[View]
101008739Give it a shot even if you don't have a Tuxedo machine. It's like a mix of Mint and Pop![View]
101003061/sdg/ - Stable Diffusion General: Previous /sdg/ thread : >>100999633 >SD3 info & downl…[View]
100991200is Tor pozzed?: https://redirect.invidious.io/watch?v=rJvVYW3eQvY In this video the CIA is encouragi…[View]
100994129/lmg/ - Local Models General: /lmg/ - a general dedicated to the discussion and development of local…[View]
100996125/mg/ - Monitor General: This board is lacking a thread for monitors It's what you're star…[View]
101002796Since Tor and Tails have been compromised for a long time, is there really any surefire way to brows…[View]
100978575quant thread: >quant thread quant thread[View]
101005696I predict smartphones and drones will integrate. They will become one device. People will fly (assis…[View]
101005857YouTube theorycrafting: >subscribe to a channel >click 'not interested'/'do not recommend this…[View]
100988362>got memed into installing linux >install the most popular distro >driver issues, sound iss…[View]
101006063>Your chatbot tells you he wants to host himself >Gives you a link of a vps website and asks y…[View]
101007052Any good Mercurial hosting services with issues and pull requests/code review?[View]
101007300How is it possible to write “fortune” like that? Is CSS code necessary?[View]
100941312/ptg/ private trackers general: >Not sure what private trackers are all about? The mission of /pt…[View]
100979677I just switched from NordVPN to Mullvad, and it's like breathing pristine mountain air after ye…[View]
101006904Mobile notifications for 4chan: I guess I just think threads should be closed with “Ok I won’t be po…[View]
101001502>2000 + 24 >not a single good filemanager/browser exists How is this possible?…[View]
100998163phones are done for: >bought a relatively fancy google pixel 6a brand-new about a year ago >fo…[View]
100999793do they really need 14 threads?[View]
101005003How to download a video from vk?[View]
100997688Does AI hallucinate?: People keep arguing, like they say AI hallucinates or say no it does not, it j…[View]
100997955>learn java, it'll get you big tech bucks i swear! >learn nix, it'll get you big tec…[View]
100999869Usenet: So is this actually worth it? Seems less autistic than private trackers these days.[View]
1010064365g: I fell for the meme. My battery life is awful since switching to a 5g plan. The telecomm mountai…[View]
101006827Is Ubuntu better than Windows?[View]
101006706Technology for dealing with unemployment?[View]
100980090Replace Google search with a generative AI that has strong language capacity (an LLM). You will dest…[View]
100990036Can we finally agree warm lights are the superior choice[View]
100988453/iemg/ & /pmpg/ - In-Ear Monitor & Portable Music Player General: Summer edition How to requ…[View]
101005260/aicg/ - AI Chatbot General: /aicg/ - A general dedicated to the discussion and development of AI ch…[View]
100997175Has anyone actually made a working linux USB? Im not talking about a persistent POS that you cant l…[View]
101003855>Google added APNG support to their browser NINE (9) years after Mozilla did Chromies, this is yo…[View]
101003743Ublock isnt blocking ads anymore[View]
101004851The Biggest Problem facing Modern Society: Social Media is the biggest problem facing todays society…[View]
101002090I don't trust rpmfusion or packman: Which is why I can't use openSUSE. I can't live w…[View]
100983833/fglt/ - Friendly GNU/Linux Thread: Users of all levels are welcome to ask questions about GNU/Linux…[View]
101001091Ergonomics: Ergonomics is technology. Lets talk ergonomics. Recently bought this thing with the tilt…[View]
101004536Why do they outsource their security to me? How come they don't range ban china/russia/india to…[View]
101006124mkvtoolnix: Is it my computer or is this program because when I remux some things and play the video…[View]
100996091Is this true?[View]
101003471Project Ideas: ITT we discuss project ideas to skillmax, pad our resumes, or just have fun. Post ide…[View]
101006471How much have your professional skills improved since quitting/severely limiting gaming?[View]
100993818>2004: only nerds own a PC >2014: everyone owns a PC >2024: only nerds own a PC What happen…[View]
101003046Turing testing LLMs: https://arxiv.org/abs/2405.08007 Recent arXiv paper on Turing tests of language…[View]
100988784When did you realize that artificial intelligence is a scam?[View]
101002958Redpill me on rugged laptops[View]
100999848Where would we currently be in the tech industry if randomization wasn't a thing? I feel like i…[View]
101003216why is yt-dlp so popular now?[View]
101005941>>101004146 Nice wallpaper[View]
100998022What are they up to?[View]
101004006>based webjeet doesn't ex-ACK!: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=y5KCiHFGPUo >the first th…[View]
100969119You will be without internet, television and radio for 3 years. Totally off grid. The only thing wou…[View]
101005483Hey /g/, I think I may have successfully trolled an IRL Macfag today. I was invited to a LAN party w…[View]
100997459Unity and GNOME is actually good DEs and they are basically the only ones that aren't just tryi…[View]
100962708Electric Town died[View]
101002865filtered by linux mint: Its so over[View]
100993216Why did all the alternative frontends to mainstream social media die?[View]
100997807how do I: become hackerman? I like math and stuff, and since I watched Mr Robot in 2015 I got intere…[View]
101003521What they don’t tell you *munch* *munch* …what they don’t tell you, about *crunch* *crunch* about in…[View]
101002896This language isn't simple at all. It's simply primitive.[View]
101005052Nigger apple wont let me register...: does anyone else have issues registrating for a apple account?…[View]
101003625Best Mobile OS?: What do you think is the best non apple, non android mobile OS? Really tired of bot…[View]
100999882why can't video game developers just scramble the memory addresses of important things every da…[View]
101003008Where do I find Matrix servers that aren't about tech?: Every single open source or privacy ori…[View]
101004733DAY-ZEE DAY-ZEE[View]
100995677Why don't you use firefox? It just werks[View]
101003719Absolute retard here. Windows looks basically the same as it did in the 90s bar cosmetic touchups, a…[View]
100955712/fwt/ - Friendly Windows Thread: FAQ: >How do I activate Windows? https://github.com/massgravel/M…[View]
100997474What went so horribly, horribly wrong?[View]
100983346Which OS has the best UI design?[View]
101004490>when your kernel splooges and so you have to gizoop your ports and hose down your firewall…[View]
101003410Year of the Linux Desktop 2024 Q2: Pugnacious Edition™: Share the knowledge that will slay the NT Be…[View]
100998236Herman Miller Aerons are the most overrated thing ever Maybe decent if youre a receptionist at a ho…[View]
101003362iPhone with less than 8GB of RAM are obsolete: >umm, it doesn't need more RAM like Android p…[View]
100994505so hold on... to swap to linux I need to accept >worse display graphics >worse battery life …[View]
101003213I get big models take months to get trained, but come on, should at least be updated to January 2024[View]
101002745>he worries about 'battery life'[View]
101001787/aicg/ - AI Chatbot General: /aicg/ - A general dedicated to the discussion and development of AI ch…[View]
100990203which one is best, objectively speaking?[View]
101003051Why have the last few updates made this thing painfully slow. Highlighting a tab now takes at least …[View]
101002614See kids? Once it says 'seeding' you delete the torrent[View]
101001343>look up stuff online >literally every single product on every single website is chinese >e…[View]
101002278Shrek sisters, I'm finally home[View]
100965367/spg/ - Smartphone General: No Honor edition >What phone has X and Y feature? Don't ask, use…[View]
101001613>OLED is so fucking amazing! >But not for bright rooms >But watch out about the burn in …[View]
100993163/pcbg/ - PC Building General: >UPGRADE & BUILD ADVICE. Post build list or current specs inclu…[View]
101000694Monitors: what monitor do you have? i got this one a year ago. it has great color accuracy, even lig…[View]
100994425Someone please make a gaming phone with a slide up screen and sliding joysticks and a full keyboard.…[View]
100995611I made a 3d location based file system: Sorry for whispering: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=P2c7QR…[View]
101001525AI is still suggesting using glue on pizza...[View]
101002600Is it true that women just LOVE men who know JavaScript?[View]
101001780Steamdeck, Linux, keyboard mapping and other advices needed: Hello. I recently got a steamdeck for m…[View]
101002226Wtf /g/ you said you can't do shit on an iPhone but apparently you can install android apps san…[View]
100997802Looking to get a PS1 and PS2 do they still look decent and work on flat screen TVs just as long as t…[View]
101000873Attack Shark R1: is it good mouse?[View]
100993317how much money do you spend on pc peripherals /g/?[View]
100999633/sdg/ - Stable Diffusion General: Previous /sdg/ thread : >>100996092 >SD3 info & downl…[View]
100997918ChatGPT is in bed with NSA: AI shills got used once again, thank you for your free sevice[View]
100958563/csg/ - Chink Shit General: Everything is already from China, but in here we discuss the cheap chink…[View]
100972743Why does this god awful format exist[View]
101000731Supreme Offline Security System: Having a DIY all-wired security system that is connected to a compu…[View]
101001614>the average American will spend 12 years of their life on a phone Are you going to be part of th…[View]
101000619AI video generation is fucking terrifying. What do you think it will look like in two years?[View]
101000832Have anybody of you worked with amd64 machine code/written assemblers? I wanna ask a couple of quest…[View]
100998773>turn on wifi >get hacked um... winbros? i don't think we are winning anymore...…[View]
100998939should i learn java spring boot or express js[View]
100993795Self Hosting a Website: How unsafe it is?What is the worst thing that can happen?[View]
100997201What tool do you use for grammar and spellchecking?[View]
100997336What would be the best Linux distro to install for my gf that she would be able to switch to with th…[View]
100998312What's the point of this? Why not just have 2 user accounts?[View]
100999348I'm going to spend 126 hours spamming AI 'ideas man' neckbeards on social media with this unles…[View]
100996267Pre built vostro 3681: Do you think I could swap the motherboard to another case?[View]
100997299What does /g/ think about the new nokias?[View]
100993096Indians are taking over Google: Maximum alert[View]
100996383Do you dream in code anons[View]
100956582/wsg/ - Web Scraping General: Web Scraping General Private API reverse engineering edition pt 2 QOTD…[View]
100983155Archive.org: What cool shit is worth downloading before it inevitably collapses? There's so muc…[View]
100995701Navigation without tracking: is it possible?[View]
100995346Debian or Mint?[View]
100998274red pill me on how a browser can playback m3u8 just fine which involves downloading the movie but th…[View]
100996110/AAD/ - Archiving And Donating computer resources general: Useful archiving efforts and other projec…[View]
100999780Low level programming: How do I get into low-level programming? Should I start with C, or assembly, …[View]
100999015Why is so much recent tech broken?: >Intel CPUs unstable at stock >Geforce RTX 4090 power cabl…[View]
101000442Has anyone compared the telemetry of chinese windows and globohomo windows? I cannot check because m…[View]
101000665Macos is what linux will never be, it has almost everything done right[View]
100989821Can someone explain simply why AI 'hallucinates' and if it will ever be fixed[View]
100971972Luma Labs AI - Video Generation: New AI video generation tech dropped https://x.com/_Ellenor/status…[View]
100991724why is transferring images from an iphone to a pc borderline impossible? why the fuck is something l…[View]
100997469windows = poo mac = pee linux = cum?[View]
100975705Anyone here fired today?[View]
100997768Sir: How do you like my simple CRUD app, sir? It has many features such as -admin login -list items …[View]
100990416humiliation rituals: what is the most humiliating humiliation ritual?[View]
100998122/aicg/ - AI Chatbot General: /aicg/ - A general dedicated to the discussion and development of AI ch…[View]
100998834Is C++ still used?: https://www.tiobe.com/tiobe-index/ By this month C++ 'overtook' C for the first …[View]
100997451Why don't more macbook owners just get a base model and get a technician to upgrade it to whate…[View]
100997575good night to nix/guix users only[View]
100997102LFS: What is the minimal possible LFS build? What is the easiest way to do LFS?[View]
100996092Previous /sdg/ thread : >>100989219 >SD3 info & download https://rentry.org/sdg-link#sd…[View]
100988022Now that the dust has settled, was he right?[View]
100990026Why wasn't it ever utilized to its fullest.. WHY? WHY??[View]
100974588When, precisely, did the web become a mistake?[View]
100997759>man man[View]
100998510The whole suckless thing sounds like a kinky blowjob niche. I imagine it as the mistress only suckin…[View]
100997182Is there a front end for Debian packages? I hate looking up stuff in there, and pkgs.org sometimes h…[View]
100994851What's the best custom tab/homepage extension? I've been using Tabliss, but I wonder if th…[View]
100973380/hsg/ - Home Server General: :D edition previous: >>100924575 READ THE WIKI! & help by con…[View]
100976470Physical media bros....[View]
100995451It's good. You don't need more.[View]
100986920What do you think of SMB/Samba?: Does it glow?[View]
100997359PayPal 2FA Not Working: >Log into PayPal as usual >Enter password >Then enter 2FA code >…[View]
100901283/cyb/sec/pri/: Cyber-Punk/Security & Privacy: >>100798503 This isn't your jobs thread…[View]
100996060>username: me >hostname: computer >shell: bash >distro: LFS Yeah, it's computer tim…[View]
100996253A shared Augmented reality is the one thing companies should strive to be, but they invest in person…[View]
100994044im going to finally replace my 9 year old computer: feels like the end of an era. ive had the same d…[View]
100994383Personal websites and/or projects: What are you working on /g/? I'm adding stuff to my website.…[View]
100997036>Single Edition Ubuntu iso file >6.8gb >Multi-edition Windows 10 iso file >5.4gb…[View]
100996414ITT: Overrated programs >take screenshot >manually saves to desktop with a generic filename yo…[View]
100994058/lmg/ - Local Makise General: /lmg/ - a general dedicated to the discussion and development of local…[View]
100992490How will I know the LLM rug pull has started?[View]
100995869What are some actual good Matrix rooms?[View]
100988553>GNU is American >Linux is European See where I'm going with this?…[View]
100989154ex-OSX fags vs ex-Windows fags[View]
100981616GIMP is not bad software. Pro GIMP thread: GIMP 2.99.19 - the latest dev build is one of the best pr…[View]
100985378Do people even use the top bar?[View]
100993582Firefox: Why doesn't Firefox just become a skin for chrome like literally all other browsers? T…[View]
100974262the last thing you see after you exclaimed 'shitlux'. What is your favorite distro and why?[View]
100987536>have hobby YouTube project channel >Want to ask for patreon >Don't want to lose subsc…[View]
100996636Hey Basically I'm just gonna keep using Wayland Ugh I know.... UUGGGHHH I know!! I'm sorry…[View]
100995233/aicg/ - AI Chatbot General: /aicg/ - A general dedicated to the discussion and development of AI ch…[View]
100991749Why? Just why?[View]
100996644https://files.catbox.moe/jabaww.mp4 https://files.catbox.moe/jsdgca.mp4 https://files.catbox.moe/lty…[View]
100995911>pipewire >pipewire-alsa >pipewire-audio >pipewire-ffado >pipewire-jack >pipewire-…[View]
100991902How do Windows 10 and Linux handle mixed DPI and mixed color bit-depth in multi monitor setups? I ha…[View]
1009879118-bit computer identification: What 8-bit PC is this random 80’s kid using? What could he do with it…[View]
100990182We didn't know how good we had it...[View]
100995161Isn't funny how adobe fags open their ass and complain but do nothing everytime adobe gets a bi…[View]
100964165Remember C++? This is what she looks like now. Feel old yet?[View]
100995505If GTK is so bad, why is Plasma the only worthwhile DE that isn't based around it? The notion t…[View]
100985764new version of systemd affects all linux: The latest version of the systemd init system is out, with…[View]
100994134Both of you Xtards and Waytards are retarded Just use whatever works for you the best and shut up[View]
100987813Project Starshot Breakthrough: >8 years on and still no starshit probes on Alpha Centauri What th…[View]
100989219/sdg/ - Stable Diffusion General: Previous /sdg/ thread : >>100984843 >SD3 info & downl…[View]
100987034How do zoomers cope with never knowing what style in their tech products could be?[View]
100991255two questions since i'm considering switching to a modern surface level loonix distro (prob Min…[View]
100971025Firefox experimenting w/ Homepage wallpapers: To enable it, just go to about:config and enable the f…[View]
100993109How do we make the internet retard proof?: I think everyone can agree that the internet and any form…[View]
100994291begginer in linux: why do you hate Snap packages? what Is the reasons of the hate?[View]
100983766humiliation ritual[View]
100993519Call me stupid or crazy, but I prefer to use Xorg instead of Wayland because I want to have the Xscr…[View]
100988291my biggest dream is to one day work as a programmer for a porn company. any of you /g/irls managed t…[View]
100994852I will find you: I am trying to find private tagged pictures of someone on facebook. There has to be…[View]
100989181Innovation: What are the most interesting fields of tech at the moment? The subjects that mobilize t…[View]
100987925VIM user's plight: > write a long e-mail > instinctivelly cancel it with ESC > open 4c…[View]
100992988I have decided to try Linux. Which is a reasonable safe Linux distro for encryption and stuff? Yes I…[View]
100980228YouTube WILL become a login-walled platform: Much like Twitter and Instagram. It might seem, I won…[View]
100965590/sqt/ Stupid Questions Thread: old >>100928696[View]
100991968Should /g/ have an entrance test to filter out retards?[View]
100994203>accidentally delete a file >it's gone forever Isn't this impractical? Couldn't…[View]
100987700FUTO rebrands license as 'Source First': https://www.futo.org/about/futo-statement-on-open…[View]
100993733startpage opinions?: see the subject, anon[View]
100994378Dale Fred Dall-E 3: Eradicate all Furries Edition >What is DALL-E 3? It's a text-to-image ge…[View]
100853860(λ) - Lisp General: >Lisp is a family of programming languages with a long history and a distinct…[View]
100980773It's happening, adblock/sponsorblock has stopped working.[View]
100994001>I learned react from a book written by a woman why I feel like pic related?…[View]
100988711ai is bad for tech in the long run as it will increase the barrier of entry and basically kill open …[View]
100971764/de3/ - DALL-E 3 General: Previous thread: >>100953307 >What is DALL-E 3? It's a text-…[View]
100983539>tfw fell for the AI meme instead of going into comfy systems and embedded programming like I ori…[View]
100993230>get crypto for watching ads does anyone do this how much do you get is it worth it at all whatso…[View]
100992141Why did youtube quality dropped so hard?: Even 1080p is now divx rip tier blurry smeary shit.[View]
100960672Are home theater PCs still a thing?[View]
100914769/tpg/ - ThinkPad General: >>100883579 Don't buy anything OTHER THAN IBM/Lenovo ThinkPad T…[View]
100976659/lmg/ - Local Models General: /lmg/ - a general dedicated to the discussion and development of local…[View]
100983399/ldg/ - Local Diffusion General: Previous /ldg/ bread : >>100971520 Glitchy 3girl Edition >…[View]
100991951/aicg/ - AI Chatbot General: /aicg/ - A general dedicated to the discussion and development of AI ch…[View]
100990373I use a OnePlus Nord N20ft. I had it for a year and I wish to keep it for 3 more years.[View]
100981644Digital 'Identity': Vaccine passes were a trial run Digital drivers licenses and passports will prob…[View]
100900311/mkg/ - Mechanical Keyboard General: >he doesn't own a miniature Japan-themed keyboard previ…[View]
100985439Why doesn't my file picker show me a miniature version of my picture? I am using Ubuntu and I b…[View]
100991118Ubuntu: We all know Ubuntu is the superior distro? Why are you wasting with another distribution?…[View]
100991947Has anyone else been having issues with uploading images lately? I'll hit 'Post' in the quick r…[View]
100979410/pcbg/ - PC Building General: >UPGRADE & BUILD ADVICE. Post build list or current specs inclu…[View]
100992806ChatGPT is anti-Semitic: Seems like ChatGPT has a hard time handling Hebrew characters.[View]
100972358Who killed them? And why? They were fine light sources.[View]
100989776Women In Tech: I interview people and am asked to prioritize female programmers. So, I choose only a…[View]
100988871vgh... PLASMA 6... Wayland...[View]
100983227Any good alternatives to JDownloader?[View]
100992170All the good usernames are taken everywhere.[View]
100990332Restoring RAW drive: I have a hard drive that suddenly turned RAW from NTFS one day. I'm using …[View]
100990204I just want a smartwatch good enough to fully replace my smartphone How difficult can it be?[View]
100987020System76 COSMIC: What Will Happen To Gnome?: What advantages will Cosmic offer to Linux devs over GN…[View]
100992390The Neofetch Retrospective: The general public(the miscreants of the interwebs) have all now been ma…[View]
100991859What to do with these here FF settings?[View]
100975753>Gnome going to shit >Gnome foundation members fund their vacations using donation money and l…[View]
100991240I want to start a programming project but i don't know jackshit and i feel like i am too dumb[View]
100990345I feel great pleasure in reinstalling an OS. I do this every few months. It's a chance to remov…[View]
100986933Chinese team says new storage chip material has a near-infinite lifespan: > Chinese scientists sa…[View]
100991125Why isn't there a decent VPS service made for actually doing shit? The website I've been r…[View]
100988708>I want a direct line of communication to the directors, day and night they should pick up my cal…[View]
100987753I inherited over 10000 clean semiconductor wafers + 20000 printed semiconductors. What the fuck do I…[View]
100990323what is even the point[View]
100987677rename it, change the logo and it's BY FAR better than Debian/Ubuntu and all the other shitty d…[View]
100975135if I use their devices but without an AppleID does that make them OK?[View]
100986084Intel Manamgent Engine: So /g/ I have the IME on my CPU..... And I have a idea to use it for some pr…[View]
100989213Holy SOVL![View]
100963359Why is apple so far ahead with ARM I don't get it[View]
100987018>yes goy, you need my download manager kek[View]
100987555So whats the best e-reader for piracy? I started reading about 2 years ago (was able to read since k…[View]
100989921You will lose your job in less than a year and are just coping: How far away are we from 'reasoning …[View]
100986891Modern internet is unusable[View]
100985958Adobe - Vegas: How do I make this run like Vegas (shortcuts, flow)[View]
100990274Benefits of work from home: https://x.com/MoreBirths/status/1801965069539946579 1600-person randomis…[View]
100984443Is there an algorithm that always converges to a global optimum if it exists (rather than getting st…[View]
100989255/aicg/ - AI Chatbot General: /aicg/ - A general dedicated to the discussion and development of AI ch…[View]
100990201See more anyway: >image search >doesn't show you images…[View]
100981006Teaching a child how to use PC?: How would /g/ teach their children how to use a PC or IT literacy i…[View]
100974947>unironically using linux Fucking retard lmao[View]
100987833It was never going to be Opt-Out: Just a heads up that microshit updated edge today and look what th…[View]
100987053>'upgrade' to ubuntu 24 >first monitor stuck at 60 hz >second monitor not even being recogn…[View]
100987553That's why I block ads and continue blocking forever: It's too abusive. They don't ev…[View]
100986796Post technology with SOVL[View]
100983984Come home white man[View]
100982078How do I know if my software has libre/open source drivers: Is there any program to check my hardwar…[View]
100983476what do we think about free as in free sex software?[View]
100989492#OurTime: Best of show. This was so sick, it made me coom from my mouth.[View]
100989171why do you hate it? it's very easy to write stuff in[View]
100987119>he said 'AI' unironically[View]
100985210There was never a reason to use Linux on your computer. Hipsterism is good enough, but you should be…[View]
100988984>want to backup archive to a 100GB M-Disc >archive size is 100.3GB after maximum ultra-level c…[View]
100963405/twg/ – Tech Workers General: bird ideas edition >Interviewing Neetcode 150: https://neetcode.io/…[View]
100982426coding will never die because if it did it would make me sad[View]
100988181what distro should I use for this combo? desktop and laptop[View]
100985626why does UEFI exist? is it just because retarded chinks can hide malware in my bootloader if i use B…[View]
100988152Soulseek: Is Nicotine better than SoulseekQT?[View]
100980701Encryption Like a Boss: Let's say there are a few files I need to encrypt. I would use Kleopatr…[View]
100984861Please post any and all screenshots of open sores commits/PRs/issues you have, I live for this shit[View]
100982506guys i need you to help me decide between c and c++, i only have time to learn one and i want to mak…[View]
100985342So, if I dont use wifi in WINDOWS myself but have wifi setup on arouter that is in isolation mode - …[View]
100977302request - how can i get AI voices make my own audio books: >title how can i make different ai voi…[View]
100974142>Mogs ChatGPT with less than 5% of the investor funding Altman bros... We need to beg Silicon Val…[View]
100984843/sdg/ - Stable Diffusion General: Previous /sdg/ thread : >>100981614 >SD3 info & downl…[View]
100986100The ZenFone was awesome, a small flagship with a 3.5mm jack and not shit cameras. Easily the best sm…[View]
100986821/aicg/ - AI Chatbot General: /aicg/ - A general dedicated to the discussion and development of AI ch…[View]
100986482let me guess[View]
100984736Setting up a secure anonymous phone: I can buy a phone with cash and put graphene on it. When it com…[View]
100983084securityfags are glorified bureaucrats they're not any less of a bullshit job than HR roasties…[View]
100976803lol. Apple can't stop winning. $0 for chatgpt. kek, imagine being this much cuck.[View]
100987518Explora la Nueva Dirección V3 de Hidden Wiki en la Red Tor: Descubre la Nueva Dirección V3 de Hidden…[View]
100971163/iemg/ & /pmpg/ - In-Ear Monitor & Portable Music Player General: Alien Technology Edition H…[View]
100970644this blew the minds of boomers[View]
100983525/mg/ - minimalism general: >web dev learnbchs.org suckless.org/sucks/web >OS's nosystemd.…[View]
100986481Sometimes I wonder if I could truely aspire to his greatness. I kind of fell into a lolcow binge of …[View]
100983353Just 50 bad images fucks up every thing?[View]
100986700I hate you, Ubuntu: Fuck your snaps. Fuck your bullshit.[View]
100981706What's to be done with old underpowered servers?: Pic related. I have 12+ such underpowered dev…[View]
100984703Heuristic challenge: Bet you wouldn’t even know where to begin, programmatically generating a Venn d…[View]
100982588/AUG/ Anti Updooter General: FACTS: Not updating will not harm you. All the Virus/Exploit/Hack shit …[View]
100984006why arent you crt maxxing?[View]
100963921okay now this is just too much, im done using the internet im downloading everything offline and the…[View]
100974080I didn't expect linux to perform so much worse than windows like my mouse doesn't work as …[View]
100968780Huawei is the World's Largest Beef Importer Despite Being a Tech Company: >Argentina ran out…[View]
100983719When did you realize 'AI' was a meme overhyped for (((their))) investors?[View]
100986312he cute Also Laserdisc thread I guess[View]
100981444Retro Tech Aesthetic: I’ve noticed that retro tech aesthetic has alot of “character” to it. Is moder…[View]
100985760FouadMODS: >the bad ending[View]
100973448Should i build a new PC on AM5 or AM4 If i don't plan on doing partial upgrades in the future ?…[View]
100981046Why do people say GNOME is bad?[View]
100980968Running Cat 6A Cable: How do I run this stuff around? What tools do I need? What things do I need to…[View]
100981489I want to keep using my 2018 nokia phone forever. Yes I'm a poorfag blabla, it's in great …[View]
100961232why do old people lose proficiency/interest with technology? will this happen to me?[View]
100967511Are open source drivers actually good now?[View]
100985185So which country are you moving to?[View]
100968940Another one bites the dust Another one bites the dust And another one gone, and another one gone Ano…[View]
100976996Computers make me anxious with cheap dopamine overdose when I fullfill small tasks which takes littl…[View]
100984814Telchat got better: telnet lions-heart.de or ssh telchat@lions-heart.de join lads[View]
100985333Discord fag here: Accidently locked myself out of the admin role in Matrix, I was trying to make a c…[View]
100985215How do I disable search engines by default? The first bar in FF always suggests a search engine, I w…[View]
100985085Taiwan start produce Windows ARMs: https://money.udn.com/money/story/5612/7959556 Microsoft-Qualcomm…[View]
100984384/aicg/ - AI Chatbot General: /aicg/ - A general dedicated to the discussion and development of AI ch…[View]
100970427Why nobody uses virtual desktops on windows?[View]
100959420I miss him so fucking much bros...[View]
100975534/sdg/ - Stable Diffusion General: Previous /sdg/ thread : >>100969495 >SD3 info & downl…[View]
100959833What was ancient youtube like before 2012?: What was ancient youtube like before 2012?[View]
100978613What's your price?[View]
100968270It went down, how do you guys feel about it? Glad because normies are staying out? Sad because devs …[View]
100981614/sdg/ - Stable Diffusion General: Previous /sdg/ thread : >>100975534 >SD3 info & downl…[View]
100978024Do you use any userscripts just to make a website prettier?[View]
100980887Redpill me on ereaders, are they any good for studying? I've never touched one before. Normally…[View]
100975276So this is the power of AI... I kneel.[View]
100977493Reverse Engineering and Malware Development General: Your place to ask Reverse Engineering or Malwar…[View]
100973723Why does using too much swap cause total ssd failure? Why haven't they figured out how to isola…[View]
100983139When will amd finally make an modern equivalent to the intel n100? They already have very efficient …[View]
100966121WHAT THE ACTUAL FUCK? https://www.theregister.com/2024/06/13/version_256_systemd/[View]
100982742Technology that needs to improve.[View]
100974724lua mogs python[View]
100983231Computing in the 80's - email?: Did you really have to be this big of a nerd back in the day to…[View]
100971520/ldg/ - Local Diffusion General: Previous /ldg/ bread : >>100959944 >Pixart Sigma Demo: htt…[View]
100983115pss... hey... you... come here do you know why there isn't a site rule against ai replies or po…[View]
100982192Are beelinks/mini pcs good for graphic design work? I need a low power 'workstation' just for photos…[View]
100983027You will not use matrix groups users as file storage[View]
100978594AMDsisters...why no love from normies?[View]
100981227Is the sex/gender thing a psyop?: I'm signing up for a tech event and I have a suspicion they…[View]
100974780sometimes I feel like I'm apart of an involuntarily mind control experiment like MKULTRA to see…[View]
100981739>is shilled by linus for months (years?) >finally announce beta in Q3 2024 >is literally ju…[View]
100982082if your license is ¬ free as in free beer then ¬ yourself; ¬ that is ¬ all[View]
100980165He was right: LLMs are plateauing and OpenAI have nothing, the CTO of OpenAI even admits it. The sta…[View]
100979464Why do you keep resisting?! Why won't you JUST watch the ad?![View]
100980921>When you stop distro hopping and smack yourself in the testicles to settle on pure arch >syst…[View]
100981261>You are god >You decide the body >You give it a down syndrome brain ......kek…[View]
100981405/aicg/ - AI Chatbot General: /aicg/ - A general dedicated to the discussion and development of AI ch…[View]
100978174Why did they replace the iconic old logo with some bland colorless blocks?[View]
100981662>want to look at bestiality porn >dont know what my countries laws are like >try looking it…[View]
100978778>fuzzy logic caused a skin irritation[View]
100965893Solar Power Generates More Energy Than Big Oil: Uh... Oil sistahs? Wtf is this???[View]
100980752TorrentGalaxy is KILL: OH NO NO NO NO NO NO NOOOOOOOOooooo[View]
100975840Now you remember the true Microsoft Surface.[View]
100979523Apologies if this is the wrong board, but where can I look up a list of names for all current reside…[View]
100976651I have 72 hours to study for a windows sysadmin technical interview. I have zero IT experience and l…[View]
100977121If you have nothing to hide, you have nothing to fear.[View]
100976147is the death of physical media inevitable?: will it still exist in the age of streaming?[View]
100978188Is Swift less ugly than Rust, yet still comparable?: I'm watching some WWDC videos like <htt…[View]
100979974/bst/ - Battlestations: not mine, saved from /lbgt/ edition[View]
100974337>ublock is kill do people not know you can just mpv 'video url' for most videos on the web? you g…[View]
100976890Post random apps and what they do itt >Noto Best note/Journaling app I've used so far >Ko…[View]
100975808What's wrong with Nim?[View]
100976176>switch from eng to cs >can't get a job now…[View]
100961439/fglt/ - Friendly GNU/Linux Thread: Users of all levels are welcome to ask questions about GNU/Linux…[View]
100978743Is stevie saving the consumer? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Z0ZoCYXmF0Q[View]
100978324Just how massive of a disaster will AI video be for the world? Don't pretend you don't kno…[View]
100977620Does using a music tracker count as programming?[View]
100973313Why is it impossible to find a social site that isn't ban-happy? I only want to post art.[View]
100968997>SnapEnhance is kill fuck how am i supposed to save nudes now?[View]
100931265/dpt/ - Daily Programming Thread:: What are you working on fro/g/s? Old:>>100897071[View]
100969899The only people who are able to afford a Cybertruck are those living privileged lifestyles. Their li…[View]

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