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60045180an eggsecutive running emacs?[View]
60045035Quickest/Easiest way to create a web app?: Rails is probably the best thing i know, but what else is…[View]
60040182I just failed a job interview /g/. They asked me to write a program (they recommended in Python, but…[View]
60045308Vim vs. Emacs?: Which one is objectively better? I just started using Arch and Im using vim because …[View]
60041646Best deal on an entry level gaming desktop: Hey /g/uys I'm visiting from another board and was …[View]
60044082So /g/. Have you built your piratebox or offline sharing app yet in preparation for the coming globa…[View]
60045206How hard is it to stay consistent with naming of system applications from different Windows versions…[View]
60029019ITT: Software redflags I'll start: >Written in C Guaranteed security exploits >Written in…[View]
60040843Here's a challenge. Create a bot that looks through Twitter to find people who have said things…[View]
60042458Vega: Will it ever come out?[View]
60038549Why is free/open software so shit?[View]
60044702New Rig issues: Any of you guys know what the hell this wants me to do? Built a new rig and I cant i…[View]
60033624>he is scared of null pointers[View]
60042333android pajeets btfo[View]
60040884What's the best library for replacing HTML's ugly '<select>' boxes?[View]
60042327Why the fuck would you use Linux over Windows as a desktop operating system? It's shit in every…[View]
60043886What's the best DS flash cart?[View]
60043793Is there a cheap tablet that can run a lightweight desktop OS on it? I need it to run xampp and sqls…[View]
60042630>3505mAh battery >4.5' screen >Snapdragon 625 >near stock Android…[View]
60041524Best question ever[View]
60037422/rcg/ - Retro Computing General: ITT we discuss home computers and operating systems from the late 7…[View]
60045113What's the best windows DE currently?[View]
60022735NEWPIPE 0.9.3 is out and it supports 1080p, 2K and 4K!!!!!: >2017 >using the official Youtube …[View]
60043021At some point the T420 is going to get too old to run. We can't pretend that they're going…[View]
60043371Who here /brutalefficiency/? Using an iphone non-updated 4s on the Ting network. absolutely brutal[View]
60039028Which programming language can do everything Python can, but better?[View]
60042870Whatsapp list: Is there any app that can be used as an alternate contact list so whatsapp doesn…[View]
60044633First time poster Whats the best 65' TV I can get thats around 1k?[View]
60044799programming in labview y/n[View]
60044787>tfw no money for Samsung Galaxy S8[View]
60044316is there a way to get good affordable internet in a rural area?[View]
60029519What are your favorite keyboard shortcuts? TIL (today I learned) that F6 in chrome takes you to the …[View]
60042729Is it possible to view or monitor snapchat from iCloud[View]
60042355i've an idea for a simple mobile app. it'd basically just be a messaging app, though i…[View]
60040309*Blocks your VR path* https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9rIjGtZLljo[View]
60044551I checked the catalog but I did not see a desktop thread?[View]
60037123/dpt/ - Daily Programming Thread: What are you working on, /g/? Old thread: >>60032063[View]
60043396>no drivers what went wrong?[View]
60043123/g/ watch this video and tell me why I would want a Popsicle eating robot? https://www.youtube.com/w…[View]
60044092NAB convention (National Association of Broadcasters Convention) starts tomorrow, anyone going?[View]
60044330Microcenter has bretty gud case fans for super cheap, even cheaper than no LED ones. Why so cheap? Y…[View]
60031730I just realized, Vega is a turning point for AMD GPU division, they've done something not even …[View]
60035620start using windows 10: >2017 >Doesn´t use windows 10 Are you a pedophile, retarded or perhaps…[View]
60043937Ive saved up spare change for over 6 years and ive managed to get $1200 of changed. What is a good c…[View]
60037426Find a flaw.[View]
60037301https://www.skhynix.com/eng/pr/pressReleaseView.do?seq=2086&offset=1 THANK YOU BASED JEDEC AYYMD…[View]
60043175Is it secretly a large scale anti-piracy bust?[View]
60043205Let's talk about trustworthy VPN providers. We know PIA is good because their claims were teste…[View]
60034467>be on my desk >want to check messages/bitcoin price/anything quick >have to pick the fucki…[View]
60043743>copies of the complaint may be provided to the Cloudflare user For what purpose?…[View]
60036239Fingerprint sensor placement: God Tier: Front of the phone Wake the phone and have it unlock using o…[View]
60041716Give me your best Hard Drive Power On Hours.[View]
60043111Anyone else suffer from phantom vibration syndrome? Like you sometimes hear or feel vibrations that …[View]
60038971What do you guys use your secondary monitor for?[View]
60024461ITT: Build your perfect phone mine is a Xperia Z5 but no bezels, add capacitative keys, add front f…[View]
60039409ITT: Things to buy to escape from planned obsolescence.[View]
60040241[FIX] BLANK SCREEN ON LID(screen) CLOSE: What is it? On notebooks, sometimes the screen gets blank a…[View]
60042894the only reason im making a thread is because i have no idea what to do anymore. ive made countless …[View]
60041316JAI: what is the best programming language, and why is it JAI? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gWv_v…[View]
60031390Is Piratebay an FBI honeypot? Why are there so few seders?[View]
60035880Yet another botnet disaster: E-mail organizing service Unroll.me sold scanned their customers inbox …[View]
60041744Take a look at the contact surface of this chip. Its from an iPhone. Doesn't it look like the s…[View]
60036714>tfw planned obsolence hit again is this fixable?[View]
60042686Lenovo masterrace: Does someone have the w700ds??, also, why noone is selling this model? i want one…[View]
60037165PPC: Why don't you want to use PowerPC?[View]
60038691Cheap drawing pad under 100 dollars: What drawing pad would you recommend to buy for someone who wan…[View]
60019930So this is the power of Ryzen[View]
60042341Don't know if this is the right board for this, but I need some video help. I'm trying to …[View]
60040396Prebuilts still shit?: Aight guys I thought the prebuilt shit was a meme but I honestly cant buy the…[View]
60040376https://www.reddit.com/r/hardware/comments/669lwo/is_amd_now_gimping_old_cards/ AYYMD, THE WAY IT…[View]
60038898FOSS video editing software: Does anyone know of an actually good video editor that will run well on…[View]
60042069>bought gaming pc >not desire to play games what do anon? what do you with your pc?…[View]
60039790/ptg/ - Private Tracker General: Previous >>60031304 >Not sure what private trackers are al…[View]
60040528Nexus: 5 or 5X?: Hi /gentoo/men I am on the fence about the Nexus 5 or 5X, I don't know which o…[View]
60038432Which VPN service does /g/ use?[View]
60040727I transported my pc and now it wont turn on properly, it just gets stuck on a black screen with a bl…[View]
60039471Which zip compressor will let me drop files directly on the player?[View]
60031854systemd adopted by Debian after a jew bought the lead project: First off, systemd is not an init sys…[View]
60040089>leave windows 10 PC for 5 minutes to make tea >come back and see the HDD LED shining non-stop…[View]
60035664How come only 2 countries in the Western world use logical date notation?: I'm talking about Hu…[View]
60039113AMD Dual Monitor Memory Clock: So I bought a RX 580. I have two monitors hooked up to it and the mem…[View]
60041135Wireless Card Decision: Wireless Speed is shitty 300mbps. Thinking of getting a gigabit card. Which …[View]
60041687Don't know if these kind of threads are allowed but I'll give it a shot. My 10-year-old La…[View]
60033369Has Vivaldi finally become useable, or is still a laggy mess?[View]
60041825Desktop Threads Banned?: Some people on a thread here in /tech/ were saying desktop threads are now …[View]
60040964I can write basic scripts in web dev languages. I know the basics of how web applications work. Wha…[View]
60039937/g/ approved mousepads: h /g/, I need a mouse pad for work and want to print something /g/-friendly …[View]
60035460What kind of features do flagship phones have that are worth spending over $700 instead of $200-300 …[View]
60039532Is CS a meme?[View]
60015681CPU-Z thread famalams[View]
60037734PHP vs. Python (Django): Which one is better for web dev, /g/?[View]
60041259Wifi: Anybody want to help a poorfag by teaching em how to get free WiFi?[View]
60038136Convince me this is a bad idea. >Windows is awful and Linux is even worse and only techhipsters u…[View]
60041373>'So we see that you wrote on your resume that you use an Intel CPU and your favorite hobby is pl…[View]
60041310*blocks your thread*[View]
60041317that feel when i am literally making cpu in verilog on asic. Any one can share tips if the verilog i…[View]
60022757/spg/ - Smartphone General: If requesting purchasing advice, please provide your country and what ca…[View]
60040981How do you get over brand OCD? >Samsung phone >LG Watch >Dell computer >HP Monitor My …[View]
60041213why don't iphones have chat bubbles in messenger?[View]
60041227Read horror stories on /g/. Google asus rma and cringe. Can't be helped, bit the bullet and sen…[View]
60037573Linux/GNU VS OSX?[View]
60041117'Please disable adblock.' ok I disabled adblock. >Taboola ads >Critical update for your system…[View]
60040531I can't restore Classic Youtube View anymore! What to do? Their new interface hangs my browser …[View]
60039765Microsoft Windows Update Left off for 2 years.: Can someone shed some light on these questions? - Be…[View]
60038469Programming Book Material:: Post any material that aided you in learning or understanding a certain …[View]
60026998Windows Phone: I just got a Lumia so, what are some good apps for windows phone?[View]
60040895So whats the point of looking through people's webcam? All they're gonna see is a slobish …[View]
60040246How fast can I learn C++ if I know C?[View]
60037606Is there any design worse than flat design?[View]
60039810How is Intel expecting to sell a 12-core chip for $1,500, when AMD's 16-core chip will probably…[View]
60037389What does /g/ think of him?[View]
60035006systemd Hate Thread: >poettering locked and limited conversation to collaborators >poettering …[View]
60038322Proprietary code is evil, binary blobs are evil, because you have no control of what is running on Y…[View]
60039100>https://node-os.com/ JUST FUCK MY SHIT UP[View]
60039246>'I just word from Stallman. It's time. Activate the hardware backdoors.'…[View]
60040458Is it true you can sell your grandfathered unlimited plans? I have one with ATT ($30/month) but wit…[View]
60040310Why they need to make every fucking thing async? I just look at some module readme and it reply whit…[View]
60040214Whats your opinion on buying a big monitor instead of a tv? As their getting cheaper i think about g…[View]
60039043IRC: Looking for a new IRC channel to hang in. Any ones recommended by /g/?[View]
60040077Do we have any data hoarders on this level /g/?[View]
60035810What should I read after this book? Consider that I am an E.E. student.[View]
60040308Companies of the future: No CEO, no boss, managed by blockchain: https://venturebeat.com/2017/04/23/…[View]
60022793Now that the dust has settled... is it a meme or is it good? Did intelfags get BTFO?[View]
60039077What do I do now, anon?[View]
60040082wtf man: >go to someone's radios ecommerce site >search bar >search for 'radios…[View]
60039856What is the difference in impact of cable news vs news found online? Let me know, gotta do research …[View]
60039903Why is /g/ so obsessed with programming languages that are barely used compared to languages such as…[View]
60035615TV shopping: What are some specs I should look for in shopping for TVs in 2017? Are OLEDs worth it? …[View]
60039926Anyone have that screencap that proved that HDDs are inferior when dealing with botnet prevention?[View]
60039392i live on a 15th floor. can i use a big antenna so i can connect to my network when i'm on the …[View]
60039773What is the difference in impact of cable news vs news found online? Let me know, gotta do research …[View]
60028178/sqt/ - Simple Questions Thread that dont deserve their own thread, stupid: ITT you're supposed…[View]
60039445MAKE YOUR JS FREE YOU SWINE: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=m44cAuKQ93I[View]
60036095How much money in free slave work did you make for Google's autonomous car project by filling i…[View]
60036594Video editor softweare: Hey guys, I really need some help with video editing softweare. At work I…[View]
60038680Is there an app for iOS or Android that uses machine learning to improve auto brightness by learning…[View]
60039305>Updated Linked profile to say that I'm looking for new opportunities >0 messages from re…[View]
60032817Why do people like KDE so much? >Buggy >Cluttered submenus that go on forever >Tons of cras…[View]
60039254>charge phone on pc >pc slows down terribly umm is this supposed to happen?…[View]
60039218An eggsecutive running FreeBSD?[View]
60037959Ok now this one is creepy. Is google trying to train there AI to steal ideas of whiteboards. Can i n…[View]
60032152/hpg/ - Headphone General: >Headphone purchase advice http://pastebin.com/fYZLW7Ub Please put som…[View]
60037278do we like this guy?[View]
60037927Is there any good vidya laptop out there that isn't thick as fuck and reasonably priced? Pic un…[View]
60038856I've been a linux-tard for a while, and I realized I never had the chance of installing a Windo…[View]
60034058>be me >just have my first real go with Linux >dual boot windows 10 and Ubuntu GNOME bc it …[View]
60037642>P-please n-no bully[View]
60036926Is displayport a meme? If not, what are the advantages other than 4k support (which at the current m…[View]
60034616Hair Dryer: What's the quietest hair dryer that's not the Dyson meme?[View]
60032764>Current Job >What you are studying this semester (your own or school) >Age Ideally at leas…[View]
60031552give me ONE (1) reason why I shouldn't permanently remove my pc case door for better cooling[View]
60038447300$ Ryzen beats 1600$ Intel crap: LOL http://www.3dmark.com/hall-of-fame-2/fire+strike+3dmark+score…[View]
60034299I thought Nvidia's Tesla revenue was supposed to be big considering how much GPU compute is shi…[View]
60035893Is eurorack /g/? Do you guys have modulars? Pic related is the current version of my planned eurorac…[View]
60038270I installed https everywhere on Nightly and sometimes pages are slow to load. what's so great …[View]
60034254Question for Linux users: If Microsoft announced that Windows would be completely open source starti…[View]
60035814>have systemwide adblock via AdAway >site wants you to turn off adblock to access content >…[View]
60031522So this is the power of Skylake-X[View]
60037368Bitcoin and Block Chains XD: Hi guys, I have been trying to figure out how block chaining works ye…[View]
60038089hey /g/ I am trying to make an application updater should I use SFTP or a cross between http /…[View]
60038425what are your favourite vim plugins? i didn't know there were plugins[View]
60036928So /g/, is it possible to connect to a wireless AP over the web rather than physically being there a…[View]
60031609Why is this ratio so fucking sexy?[View]
60038288Backup files: I currently use windows 7 and I am planning to switch on windows 10. What is the best …[View]
60036203What are the pros & cons of OOP vs Functional Programming?[View]
60036241My future employer told me to study some AngularJS before starting work. What should I infer from th…[View]
60034642>Battlestation thread[View]
60029478>Horizontal motherboard tray Why don't more (Mini-ITX/μATX) manufacturers do this? I cannot …[View]
60037698Is it possible to learn and live off programing if you are 26 and have literally 0 knowledge about i…[View]
60038054computer science: I want to go into CS because I spend all day on a computer anyways, but I know no…[View]
60037952Are there any available 240hz CRT monitors or even 120hz ones for cheap? I want to setup an old 90s …[View]
60037691Anyone have a copy of this? Thanks[View]
60037873High CPU usage on idle: Sup, anons? Lately my CPU has had usage spikes when it's on idle, and t…[View]
60031304/ptg/ - Private Tracker General: >Who's the bad bitch now, you crept on, paid the piper. Who…[View]
60036806How do you deal with ridiculously long cords?[View]
60032016Besides memetry and bloatware, what other windows services or crap do you usually disable asap?[View]
60036252Nvidia BTFO VEGA > 1080ti[View]
60034406>3505mAh battery >4.5' screen >Snapdragon 625 >near stock Android What will the battery…[View]
60036717I am considering ripping my Blu-rays and putting them in storage to save physical space. Using Handb…[View]
60035653Today I learned that firewalld will silently fail when you run docker, because of NetworkManager and…[View]
60029812Should I upgrade from a 7700k to a Ryzen? /g/ says Ryzens are a huge upgrade.[View]
60037431>Be me >Decide to take AP Computer Science Principles test for the lulz >With my years of p…[View]
60033988And they said 8GB was enough... Going to have to get 8 more.[View]
60037495Another day about to be wasted on /g/ instead of improving your coding skills with a side project[View]
60037491Ethereum - Web 3.0: What thinks tech of Vitalik Buterin's Ethereum?[View]
60037245PC Build Advice: Hey /g/ I'm looking for some advice on a good computer buy or what components …[View]
60037406Hoping i'm posting in the correct place. So, I have a old school computer I never turned in fro…[View]
60035530I want to buy a 486 MSDOS machine, but the prices on ebay are ridiculous. Do the chinese make cheap …[View]
60036454Disk Read Error: I turned my PC on and it said something like Disk Read Error and it was all black a…[View]
60028942OOP is a sham: >have known python for 7 years now >done all sorts of fun shit with it >toda…[View]
60017724C++ thread?[View]
60031866Hello /g/ which is the most jewish language?[View]
60033732Terminal scrolling: Do you know any terminal in gtk.2 with a smooth scrolling? Something with this e…[View]
60036905Greetings /g/. Haven't been here in ages. My 1tb laptop is running out of memory, so I was thin…[View]
60036502Cool shit you can do with linux terminal[View]
60034542>WELLcome to another video from Explaining Compyootahs >dot com.…[View]
60030642Will Linux ever be good?[View]
60028742I'm seriously considering moving to iOS. I'm tired of shitty security, clashing design lan…[View]
60035141Stallman email thread: Post emails that our lord and savior answered[View]
60035864Hey /g/, come join our discord, because we personally want more people who know about vintage electr…[View]
60032063/dpt/ - Daily Programming Thread: What are you working on, /g/? Old thread: >>60025489[View]
60029515Why aren't you using LxQt?[View]
60029526fuck Linux: >try to install Arch because it has a cool logo >fail 20 times and end up having t…[View]
60033266What's the better major for someone who's smart but lazy, CS or EE? I need time for my ani…[View]
60032818/g/ tells scary stories: I'll start. Once the output disabled the number 2.[View]
60028316What is the best messaging app and why?[View]
60033609/gogl/ - Gaming on GNU/Linux: GNU/Linux games, tuning and setup for gaming discussion. Game develope…[View]
60034676NYT: Tim Cook threatened Uber removal from App Store b/c of secret iPhone tracking: https://www.nyti…[View]
60026032/fglt/ - Friendly GNU/Linux Thread: Previous thread: >>60015023 Welcome to /fglt/ - Friendly G…[View]
60035617Is F# a meme language? I was gonna learn it, but of course it's very important to get /g/'…[View]
60034685Official Watch Thread: Discuss watches and tech. Should I justify a Blancpain because I cant drive a…[View]
60034444Would it be possible to create a submarine, or some other structure, that could submerge in a liquid…[View]
60032756Latest iPhone 8 leak: https://9to5mac.com/2017/04/23/iphone-8-dummy-model-surfaces-with-edge-to-edge…[View]
60035999Finding serenity and God in computing: Does anyone else take part in ritualistic behaviors that serv…[View]
60032262Is there some sort of recommended folder structure for projects as uploaded to GitHub? Or is it comp…[View]
60036069Are they a botnet?[View]
60036010What's the software that does this?: https://youtu.be/63EOeQ_H_Eo[View]
60024683/pcbg/ - PC Building General: /pcbg/ - PC Building General-- absolutely haraam edition Post your com…[View]
59997463(Copied from /pol/ I know you guys will love this) Juicero >$120M in investment >makes a $400 …[View]
60028665What font do you use for 4chan[View]
60031326What's the best cloud?[View]
60031799What the fuck is the point of Remote Desktop? In what situation is it superior to VPN for endusers w…[View]
60032716>Go here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pyg-DYm7b0A >Read reply to top comment >MRW…[View]
60025677Is It Time to Break Up Google?: >google will be demonopolized in your life time What a feeling!…[View]
60032015>fedora requires third party repos for the simplest of shit Why does anyone use that hunk of crap…[View]
60029543Why is Solus using systemd?[View]
60031664>sudo pacman -Syu >44 packages >all in testing repository >proceed with installation …[View]
60033272Why would someone buy this again? Literally nothing uses more than 4 cores.[View]
60026004Can a pocket Projector replace a TV? I'm trying to reduce the amount of space I take up in my d…[View]
60033586>I've copied anon's harddrive contents to mainframe and run a neural network recursivel…[View]
60032875Apricity OS: new gold standard for people new to arch?: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NsL_vtz2f9s…[View]
60018022> 3.16.0-4[View]
60023687Thanks Windows![View]
60031554Hey, /g/ What screws are used to fix the motherboard to the case? Are those standard M3 screws or ar…[View]
60032355is xfx a good company: im switching to amd for first time and getting a 580 and im looking at the 8g…[View]
60034226why are all tech interviews so shitty? here's what i would do, after the white board questions …[View]
60031631Swift: Give me one good reason why Swift is not the best programming language in existence[View]
60034179https://youtu.be/yNyMNDc8az8?t=6m15s Calm down Richard...[View]
60034465hp notebook pavilion 15 / Win 8.1: sup 4chan, Could You please help me out with this case? I own hp…[View]
60029618hard drive problem: I do get a blue screen when booting up my windows laptop. I used the USB Ubuntu …[View]
60034847/g/ I have been plagued by headphone problems for a long time now, please try and help me. My comput…[View]
60018368>German Engineering WHAT THE FUCK IS THIS OVER-SIZED PIECE OF SHIT!?[View]
60033019What version of Linux should I install What's good for adb and doing some programming I was thi…[View]
60034140>Microsoft is now seen as a more innovative company compared to Apple How did this happen?…[View]
60034658WX Education edition cant even dx12??? let alone support its own controllers[View]
60031446Arch linux general[View]
60031444Google expands automatic “fact check” insertion into search results: https://arstechnica.co.uk/busin…[View]
60033489Which distro is ideal for a personal laptop with about 12 GB of Ram? The casing is broken and the hi…[View]
60034442Hey /g/, is there any file encryption/hiding methods that desiminate an encrypted file into multiple…[View]
60034420fx 8320: I spent 75 euros to upgrade my phenom 6 core. Waiting for naples, not a gamer. Will I see a…[View]
60018377Help /g/urus! I need to get a VPN, but I dont know which are best. I'm willing to spend a littl…[View]
60031327Speccy thread: Speccy thread 10 year old laptop edition[View]
60031226Who thought it would be a good idea not to include global variables?[View]
60034187why didn't Intel retire the Pentium name or just apply it to the Core processors? Back in the …[View]
60034202Tech Podcasts: What are some technology (preferably programming) podcasts that you guys like to list…[View]
60033066ON WEDNESDAYS WE KODE #kodewithkarlie[View]
60033895The Queen photoboom artist Allan Banfod[View]
60033995Release the Red Star linux DE faggots: Reverse engineer the Red Star OS and release the DE for every…[View]
60033799I need your help /g/. I want to be able to hack in controller support in any game. I want to use the…[View]
60018546/wt/ Watch Thread: This thread is about the appreciation of horological tech and shitter watches. LA…[View]
60028643Why aren't you learning haskell right now?[View]
60033091Node.JS OS in ARM64: Inspired by LISP state machines and command line I decided to create an OS buil…[View]
60033626Anyone else do this: >Go to install a package on arch >there are more than 2-3 dependencies …[View]
60031728Linux Lite is clearly superior to Ubuntu and Mint: more stable, more user friendly.[View]
60033559>he buys AMD hardware[View]
60032912he has less than 3000 packages installed on his 'computer'[View]
60032487Payment Technology Thread: >2011 + 6 >not using your smartphone or smartwatch exclusively to p…[View]
60033435is it possible to watch .mp4 (x264 ) videos without proprietary codecs?[View]
60031491Why can't bethesda, ubisoft, etc. fucking code their games properly? A fucking polish studio th…[View]
60033202So what is the best free antivirus in your opinion?[View]
60030710Why does this thing keep fucking crashing/acting slow on Linux?: I'm getting to my tail-end her…[View]
60029990You can't deny this[View]
60032805Why do we keep arguing about whether it's Linux or GNU/Linux? Why can't we quit being auti…[View]
60032789Can somebody explain to me what risc-v is? Also is it good or bad?[View]
60033195/g/ you are the tech guys, why does /adv/ give me a connection error everytime i try to update a thr…[View]
60033153Why is a negative number times a negative number still a negative in C? It's bullshit.[View]
60029265What are /g/ recommended offline map apps for driving in Europe?[View]
60030542>try to learn python the hard way >dont know how to use atom or powershell…[View]
60027094>Perfectly valid c code ***************var++; This is why nobody takes you fags seriously.…[View]
60032946So, I'm using acronis 2012 and it always worked fucking flawless for backups/cloning machines a…[View]
60023413>majored in CS at Stanford >4.0 GPA >had internships at Google, Facebook, and Uber each sum…[View]
60032286Does this guy run the best youtube tech channel?[View]
60030984what is the best freesync monitor?[View]
60032740Tell me why this is a bad idea /g/. I have a nextcloud instance running on a home server with absolu…[View]
60031783What went right for manjaro?[View]
60032639LibreOffice 5.3.2 = SHIT: What the fuck are with these blurry, fuzzy, foggy fonts rendering in Libre…[View]
60032440Is git good?[View]
60032160/g/. Give me the best of your indian spaghetti code collections[View]
60014734Win10: What went so fucking wrong?[View]
60031954I wanted to be sarcastic and try to be funny but this motherfucking political hack is such a lame fa…[View]
60032564My battery usage details menu on my Huawei android 7 device kinda sucks. The diagram is not that cle…[View]
60032559TI Spice: is there a database for ti spice models looking for drv88xx[View]
60032022Chrome: Why do you thing Chrome is a botnet? Any evidences or incidents in the past?[View]
60032020Give an argument for linux without resorting to conspiracy theories about evil corporations like mic…[View]
60032062Temple OS Networked Edition™: Tier-0 overlords only, has anyone released a networking-capable versio…[View]
60031315Why is this amp so shit if it measures so well? It's the worst I've heard so far.[View]
60032204What do you think about this? I can't imagine going without at least a laptop.[View]
60032127ifonecare won't open when I double click icon: Got for free from a giveaway site and the fuckin…[View]
60032026How should I store my hard drives to prevent rusting and data loss?[View]
60031762What should any company with a website, allowing certain employee access to the company database, pu…[View]
60025489/dpt/ - Daily Programming Thread: What are you working on, /g/? Old thread: >>60021954[View]
60031703How to capture video without capture card for free? thanks -poor[View]
60027843Who here still watches Linus Jew Tips?[View]
60031862Why are indians taking over coding? Why not the chinese? What is it about indians that makes them lo…[View]
60031565What lightweight OS does /g/ suggest for a decade old laptop? Main use is websurfing and movie watch…[View]
60031790C tips: So after learning C, what do I do to move to developing anything useful like viruses or soft…[View]
60027662Thoughts on IBM?[View]
60031008>no gpu can run crysis 3 at constant 60 fps @ 4k It's 2017, Crysis 3 came out in 2013. What…[View]
60031455Daily reminder to uninstall the botnet from your computer.[View]
60015570/csg/ Chink Shit General: In /csg/, we discuss the cheap shit you see on Gearbest, Taobao, AliExpres…[View]
60031704What will you do if shit hits the fan /g/ will you be the guy that hoards a unix microusb in his but…[View]
60024304Why the fucking hell is it impossible to see your download speed in the Windows 10 Store? There…[View]
60029729I fell for the meme: and guess what? it was the fucking decision to make. I'm not even a gamer …[View]
60030454Convince me /g/: I've been using Debian (dualbooted with Win10 ofc) for months. What other dist…[View]
60031442The best way to predict the future is to invent it. Join the next generation of computing, designed …[View]
60008937why doesn't intel make a dedicated GPU: it makes sense why Nvidia wouldn't make a cpu sinc…[View]
60030825Can anyone recommend a free version of Microsoft Visio, that could do a similar/better job? (prefera…[View]
60030897Windows 10 only has some dumb replacement.[View]
60031076Trying to learn c++. Why does this seg fault at 9 million but not at 2 million? #include <iostrea…[View]
60031372>mfw I use google chrome because it's the best browser and he uses some inferior shitter bec…[View]
60031075Hey /g/ I recently bought a 7890k cpu, I bought it to crossfire with an r7 250. I can get a 8350 bun…[View]
60025712/dcsv/ - Daily C(++) security vulnerability general: Previously >>60003331 Welcome to /dcsvg/ …[View]
60028979REEEEEEEEEEEEEEE: What do you guys think of new F-Droid design? I switched to alpha release and this…[View]
60018700Why aren't you using the best smartphone of 2017 >UNIX OS >1080p display >utilitarian …[View]
60031015Maybe I'm late to the party but is Youtube basically cancer at this point? All I see is click b…[View]
60028695How many of you use this /g/? https://www.aliexpress.com/item/Jakcom-N2-Smart-Nail-New-Product-Of-Tv…[View]
60029733Noob question: Is it possible to 'attach' a Hardware id or a cpu serial number to some kind of Vmwar…[View]
60028401Is Python a good language to learn about recursion in?[View]
60029065Windows 10 Fears: What's up /g/, I just bought this midrange pavilion for school, and I am worr…[View]
60030928>'It's complete Stallman. A Microsoft computer in every school. Every office. Every home. Ev…[View]
60003473How do you fämälämäzoids brew your coffee? Is grinding your own beans worth it?[View]
60029709What's the point of recursion when you can just use a while loop?[View]
60024758LOLWEI P10 COMES WITH RANDOM SPECS: https://www.xda-developers.com/huawei-admits-p10-and-p10-plus-ca…[View]
60030756hi /g/ I wanna stop being a useless piece of shit I've been thinking about learning a programmi…[View]
60030012EMBRACE EXTEND EXTINGUISH: Why do you ignore it if Google does it?[View]
60019440Where and which language did you first learn to code/program ?[View]
60029458RAM MEMMORY ISSUE: Hey /g/ i have GA-EP45T-UD3LR F12E BIOS Motherboard and E7500 CPU with 2x2GB CL9…[View]
60030392can I somehow change these icons? how?[View]
60024828Human Evolution: What's /g/'s stance on transhumanism?[View]
60025219/ptg/ - Private Tracker General: Previous thread >>60020926 The mission of /ptg/ is to promote…[View]
60030100what is the best and also most aesthetically pleasing torrent client? yes, it is important how it lo…[View]
60028338Automating/Eliminating Jobs within my Company?: Hi /g/, I work at a relatively small business that d…[View]
60029481What is the worst desktop environment? https://www.strawpoll.me/12807056 WM fags pls go[View]
60025869Release the Red Star DE faggots: Release the Red Star DE, reverse engineer the Red Star OS an releas…[View]
60028121>Stallman will die in your life time >The FSF will go with him as he IS the FSF All we will be…[View]
60028235what went wrong[View]
60030155/retro/ tech you still use: pic related. using it since 2000. still a great sound and minidiscs are …[View]
60024089Should I get another 460 and crossfire them or just upgrade to a 470?[View]
60025383It's pretty obvious that Nvidia makes the superior product. Why do people deny this? I admit to…[View]
60030424S'up /g/ Wondering if you guys can help me. I recently got an NVidia shield and the gamestream …[View]
60014361Daily reminder Budgie > Mate > Gnome > Unity > Windows > KDE > Cinnamon[View]
60029404Stop using smartphone.[View]
60027029/hpg/ - Headphone General: >Headphone purchase advice http://pastebin.com/fYZLW7Ub Please put som…[View]
60030011My friend bought over a firestick tonight with Kodi on it: I was pretty impressed. Some addons he ha…[View]
60029505Which is less of a botnet? >inb4 install gentoo/linux (or as I've recently taken to calling …[View]
60029503What are ways I can steal pay per view to watch the fight for free?[View]
60012425Don't Be Fooled by Samsung's Shiny New UI, It's Still TouchWiz: Galaxy S8 preorders h…[View]
60022251GPU Fan Curves: Lets see them curves /g/entoomen Here's mine.[View]
60029611Is rx 480 gpu any good for gaming? I was thinking of upgrading to 480[View]
60025821Why use other disk defragmention software? There's the one built into windows, then there'…[View]
60029768it's been fucking like this for months and still won't die, just fucking die already so i …[View]
60026040what is the best distro and why it is Kubuntu?[View]
60029369With the eventual goal in mind of upgrading my gpus, I have xfired 480s. Pic somewhat related. Does…[View]
60028660What does /g/ think of wall paper engine?[View]
60021364really makes u go hmmmmmmm[View]
60027968Crackme Sunday: As promised, today's Crackme Sunday. Backstory: Your dad bought Wiener Dog Simu…[View]
60026206Just ordered a brand new PRS-300. How bad did I fuck up for $29? Hoping to read some plebeian books …[View]
60026876I'm thinking of getting an E Reader, under $100 suspended ink would be nice. Any suggestions?[View]
60028380/lhg/ - Linux Hardening General[View]
60028970What's the best video player? inb4 vlc[View]
60024606>/g/ in a nutshell so, how's gentoo treating you, boys?[View]
60025117>/g/ always parades out some unqualified woman who lucked into a cushy tech job, decrying suppose…[View]
60027045guys......guys i have this crazy innovative idea....... what if......... what if.... guys.... what i…[View]
60016838Problems with the programming community?: What do you feel are the biggest problems with the program…[View]
60023891>This video is unavailable.[View]
60010783Post pics of anime girls holding programming books[View]
60024620Let´s talk Internships: It´s time to start looking for places to apply for an internship, if you are…[View]
60029283Hey guys, FreeRAM XP Pro isn't showing all 32gb of RAM I have in my rig. Is there a way I can …[View]
60006000Best Browser: Looking to switch browsers. What's your favorite browser and what extensions do y…[View]
60028914>people actually pay for this Can someone explain their reasoning?[View]
60020145/tosg/ - TempleOS general: Terry is sad edition. He is streaming and looking sad as fuck ;_; Can /g/…[View]
60016649>OUR GAL >OUR CEO[View]
60027950>windows 10 creators update keeps failing because my drive has FDE enabled >have to spend 6 ho…[View]
60028930I don't care what you're doing with your SBCs, just post them. I'm going to get some …[View]
60029097Unironically an amazing software for indie creators. Has Microsoft redeemed themselves?[View]
60025290Vega has been teased for 140 days now (At the AMD New Horizon Event last December 12th) Even if you …[View]
60029009>review/demonstration/tutorial video >it's in a virtual machine >doesn't even ins…[View]
60021619A guy doxxed me on Steam while just playing CSGO. I had no connections with social media / steam so …[View]
60021099what the fuck is this? literally what the actual fuck? how the fuck would i be able to remember a pa…[View]
60019834What's wrong with the Asus Zenbook series? Right now if I had to pick a laptop, I'd get th…[View]
60019334If MacOS and Linux are both pretty much the same, why does MacOS look so much better and entice peop…[View]
60028836yo its cha boi 2.47 volt man with a bench mark, tell me why this happens[View]
60028793>Be coding something fierce >This is going so well. No errors. >Look at clock >2:15 AM D…[View]
60022946Why don't AMD fix their single core performance?[View]
60028691>another day wasted on 4chan instead of learning web development[View]
60027342Why aren't you using the best keyboard on the market, /g/?[View]
60019862/g/ games: /v/ toddlers go away. This isn't a thread for you. As programmers and other adults …[View]
60009492How do you hide your porn? INB4 'Encryption' Nobody has time for that nigger.[View]
60027874Even Steam will shill for Ubuntu[View]
60023680Got an old Tekken Tag Tournament machine (pic isn't mine, but similar). One of the speakers isn…[View]
60027665This is the state of linux today[View]
60026467You have 30 seconds to justify using linux with systemd[View]
60027137Galaxy S8 Launched today: I picked up an S8+, Gear 2 watch and Gear VR today. My first time getting …[View]
60023441>this is still the best cpu for 1080p gaming What the fuck is wrong with the industry. You'…[View]
60010446What're the most useful programming languages to know?[View]
60014627Will he have his own movie when he died? You know, like Steve Job?[View]
60027686Reminder autists will literally buy expensive shit if you put fancy lights on it. Isn't this t…[View]
60009172Can /g/ find all palindromes numbers (reads same forward and backwards) under 2 million and sum them…[View]
60026138How to switch from front-end dev to something else ? It feels like front-end is just dull and not re…[View]
60010701>he uses windows in 2017[View]
60012278https://wccftech.com/intel-moster-12-core-hedt-skylake-x-confirmed-launch-30-may-x299/ who here is b…[View]
60026948Been using a cheap Tomoko 87 for a while now, my first mechanical keyboard. Its kinda worn out and I…[View]
59990240Speccy thread[View]
60024819How do you justify your inferior computer?[View]
59981241Retro Computers and Operating Systems: No retro thread? Shameful.[View]
59983064/BST/ BATTLESTATIONS THREAD: Ctrl f battle - nothing found Ctrl f bst - nothing found Here we go!…[View]
60024230Pyra: Pyra Handheld - Your opinion? >5' 720p LCD with touchscreen >WIFI >runs Linux >Ope…[View]
60027661Shitty C# question, I'm getting into C# (no shit) and I picked up a book on C# 6.0 with .NET fr…[View]
60027113Raspberry Pi: Ho, /g/ ! I just got a free Raspberry Pi, i was thinking about getting a screen/keyboa…[View]
60025960jump drive[View]
60022904!!------bash------rc---------~~BRCG~~-------gen--------eral--------!!: BASH RC GENERAL POST YOUR PRO…[View]
60027745>ywn get those cozy 90s computer feels again a time when computers were relegated to a room away …[View]
60026447Risks of buying a cheap W10 key online?[View]
60026928new here, why should i install gentoo?[View]
60027486>been in jail for the last 7 years >finally out, decide to check out /g/ and see how things ar…[View]
60026295You have backed up all your data in a cloud right /g/? It's only a matter of time when ransomwa…[View]
60025695Free software in charge of usable installer Look how tiny things are lol[View]
60023340In this thread we list valid and useful alternatives to C++.[View]
60017429/sqt/ - stupid questions thread: Post your simple/small/stupid questions Take at least 10 seconds to…[View]
60026012I just wanna do something thread: This is a thread for new-fags like me who are getting into compute…[View]
60024632Green Text WTF/Rage stories: /g/ give me stories. Stories about you raging, stories that make you g…[View]
60022586/hpg/ - Headphone General: >Headphone purchase advice http://pastebin.com/fYZLW7Ub Please put som…[View]
60024183SSD free space wipe: Has any SSD manufacturer found a way to implement this? What does /g/ do or re…[View]
60023958thoughts on Antergos: good? Arch for pussies?[View]
60018251>I want to spend thousands of hours autistically maintaining my own computer after going through …[View]
60022803Is there a single ebook reader software that doesn't suck feminine donkey balls?: How can there…[View]
60023894Distro's for kids: What's the latest 'Look mom, I can Linux' distro?[View]
60023109Can anyone give me 5 good reasons why I should switch from Windows 7 to Linux?[View]
60025814Windows 7 wifi issue: So ive been trying to revive my compaq laptop woth windows 7. Have run through…[View]
60021326Motorola: What happened?[View]
60014979So I want to open a tab I closed earlier. Should be a simple job, right? WRO_NG! I WILL OPEN THIS P…[View]
60026148systemd hate thread: systemd censors bad behavior and a regression by locking an issue you can'…[View]
60021603Why the fuck doesn't the GTK file picker support motherfucking thumbnails yet? Linux is literal…[View]
60023212>laptops have been able to output video to a monitor and have that monitor act as a USB hub while…[View]
60023319what the fuck is happening with my windows: I installed this creators update bullshit I start my com…[View]
60024886>last update december 2015 Is it dead?[View]
60025526When I turn my phone sideways with sunglasses on, I can't see the screen. Why?[View]
60026293Android App Central[View]
60015426Whats your preference /g/[View]
60023879Kaby Lake-X or Ryzen?: Are the Ryzen chips worth an AMD board right now, or would you wait until Int…[View]
60017179I'm a new user and I want a distro with KDE. Should I just download Fedora and then install KDE…[View]
60026081Is it looked down on to ask an employer if I could buy old unused equipment from them? Basically, we…[View]
60015023/fglt/ - Friendly GNU/Linux Thread: Previous thread: >>60003119 Welcome to /fglt/ - Friendly G…[View]
60025892>Windows 10 updates >once again my pirated Windows' license is invalidated >literally …[View]
60022930Lads, I want to dual boot my Win10 with ubuntu [fuck arch]. Anything I should be wary of going in? M…[View]
60022958Is Debian a meme distro?[View]
60025867vpn and router: hi guys there will be ip leaks if i set the vpn only on my pc with the dedicated app…[View]
60023824Is there a goddamn editor/program/ide that just comes with the fucking compiler? Why the fuck do we …[View]
60025788Who was the Ambrose?[View]
60024254I've asked /p/, but haven't been getting many useful replies. Now I'm sure none of us…[View]
60022629>TFW you dont have a massive botnet earning you $30 000/week >TFW you are not a steroid/drug/d…[View]
60019680>'Why do you hate my language so much?'[View]
60021900>check nokia 3310 before sleep >battery at 100% >wake up after 10 hours of sleep >batter…[View]
60025188RIP MOBO: After 6 wonderful years my p55-cd53 motherboard died. I removed the heat sink on the vrm a…[View]
60021954/dpt/ - Daily Programming Thread: What are you working on, /g/? Old thread: >>60015283[View]
60021695>open Process Explorer to figure out why my camera was bugged >right click on a process and se…[View]
60017344ODOR BLOCKING TECHNOLOGY: https://youtu.be/VDZNXRAtXs0 So Jaystwocents finally finished Terry Crews …[View]
60015951what is wrong with my computer[View]
60023799>site asks/forces you to disable adblocker >has pop-under windows >set it so that Firefox w…[View]
60024529Should I be worried?: So I have an i3-6100 cpu, and I just recently pirated Dark souls 3. Been playi…[View]
60020971Does Google actually make any money from having the most popular web browser?[View]
60024924The best way to predict the future is to invent it. Join the next generation of computing, designed …[View]
60024647I was checking my AWStats and I saw this address that had visited my website. 2a01:4f8:141:3309::4 W…[View]
60015357Why did you buy an expensive graphics card?[View]
60022955Is there any limit on how fast an autoclicker can click?[View]
60020393Still worth it?: >learned perl 12 years ago >think about relearnng it just for fun Is it still…[View]
60021652beyond all shilling and trolling and the memes, leaving all that aside, to be serious for a moment a…[View]
60020926/ptg/ - Private Tracker General: somebody's doing the rippings edition Previous >>6001578…[View]
60024639Future world creation: We are currently living in the Information Age. The next ages of humanity are…[View]
60012892Ryzen overclocking: So I decided to get this board instead of the prime, for 95$ more. Thought to my…[View]
60021269Quick rundown on this piece of hardware please[View]
59988476>want to squeeze some juice >juicer requires non-free bags of juice >tfw the botnet wants m…[View]
60023269Why do most of you hate intel and nvidia?[View]
60024039Hello /g/. So, yesterday Tripwire (game dev company) released the following message in the Killing F…[View]
60021869Wait for Skylake-EX, look at this 15% IPC improvement[View]
60021915holy shit why are the corners rounded: it looks like utter garbage. I was thinking about finally pic…[View]
60023208Texting app with temp number: Is there an app I can use to text someone anonymously without it being…[View]
60021248look what i bought today: macbook pro 2015 is best[View]
60021310Samsung ROMS: Hey /g/, I posted here about going to the army a while back and some of you guys helpe…[View]
60020205Is switching the keys a meme?[View]
60021152Is Amazon Silk a good browser?[View]
60012096>he pirates with torrents[View]
60018899AMD, ryzen, AM4 <- catalog filter hits go here: Nice! Finally somewhat of an improvement over fu…[View]
60021739Why exactly do you think 4Chan is a forum? Exactly what forum software does the site run on nowaday…[View]
60018252>early days of computers and internet: used by 99% of smelly male nerds with weird niche interest…[View]
60015606an eggzecutine running loonix?[View]
60021949/g/uys help someone hacked my network connected juicer and is stealing all of my proteins how the fu…[View]
60018303I'm trying to figure out which laptop to buy and I want to fucking kill myself. Everything is c…[View]
60022578Soccer technology ITT Inb4 misgendered 'soccer vs football' autism[View]
60014609/pcbg/ - PC Building General: /pcbg/ - PC Building General-- w-wait for vega edition Post your compo…[View]
60023520yea boi: who /comfy/ right now?[View]
60020819And the best mobile camera is...: Literally how can anyone else even compete?[View]
60022644INTEL NCU: should I get this? can i actually play 60 fps on this?[View]
60019361Origin error 9: What the fuck is with this piece of shit program? Everytime there is an update, the …[View]
59992914/tpg/ - ThinkPad General: Previous thread: >>59966286 IRC: #/tpg/ on irc.rizon.net Other busin…[View]
60019436New Desktop Monitor: TLDR - What is a good refresh rate for a monitor that allows me to run games in…[View]
60017134Hey /g/, I'm back from my thrifting and I found this laptop for 60$, luckily he couldn't …[View]
60022074/g/ IRC: Why haven't you joined the /g/ IRC yet anon? irc.installgentoo.com Come and discuss te…[View]
60020289>get new computer and OS >immediately go to old porn folder and fap anyone else find this rela…[View]
60015538/awesomewm/ thread: Who here /awesome/ post screenshots of you using the best window manager, and di…[View]
60022892Hey /g/. I was thinking of trying to do VR with my PC, though because of the fact I cant afford a HT…[View]
60018624Can someone explain to me why everyone and their dog is talking about AI right now?[View]
60018868So what's your excuse for being a ramlet? Time to get dat juicy 3200 mhz ram[View]
60022533PAJEET ON SUICIDE WATCH: >2017 >still no simultaneous playback across all audio outputs on win…[View]
60022410/g/ BTFO[View]
60016121an eggsecutive running loonix?[View]
60006710/hpg/ - Headphone General: >Headphone purchase advice http://pastebin.com/fYZLW7Ub Please put som…[View]
60018305There is literally nothing wrong with using Windows.[View]
60019483So where can I find a mouse with these specs: >not for handlets, it has to be big enough >wire…[View]
60019497ITT: memes[View]
60021328why thread archived almost immediately?: Why was the 'Shred vs Wipe' thread archived after about 2 h…[View]
60020326What is the /g/ way of dealing with Indian phone scammer?[View]
60019666Somehow broke my mic installing Realtek drivers. After installing them I was playing CSGO, switched …[View]
60004332/spg/ - Smartphone General - JUST Edition: If requesting purchasing advice, please provide your coun…[View]
60022043>Skype makes a directory in your computer for saving your profile pictures…[View]
60015283/dpt/ - Daily Programming Thread: What are you working on, /g/? Old thread: >>60007077[View]
60013790Password Thread: What /g consider more secure? Password like this --> Gy7=*/-+,Kcz<.-^ 1@#'xfs…[View]
60017190O&O ShutUp10: Windows Update removed O&O ShutUp10[View]
60018276Are printers still the most vulnerable system in a network for attacks?[View]
60020140What do you want most for the Pixel 2?[View]
60021630Why would anyone ever use anything besides Java and C#?[View]
60019331ITT: Freetard shit nobody uses: I'll start. Jabber is a good idea, the clients all are complica…[View]
60011089It's crunch-time to pick a major. It's either electrical engineering or computer engineer…[View]
60020862>tfw you realize after all the memes and shitposting, macs are worth every goddamn penny and more…[View]
60017921This simple trick made my firefox fast again!: >Pop open your browser, type about:confg in the ad…[View]
60020821>tfw to intelligent to install debian on a vm[View]
60020800What to do with my reaver pro II /g/ ?[View]
60020271>be me (who else?) >work in a shitty furniture factory >one time me and my co-workers stand…[View]
60021142>want to make app with electron > see that I need to make pic related are you fucking seriou…[View]
60021115Why haven't you bought BitBean yet, /g/?[View]
60018678http://www.3dmark.com/hall-of-fame-2/fire+strike+3dmark+score+ultra+preset/version+1.1/1+gpu @#23 RY…[View]
60020970What would you do: Im currently pursuin an msc in EE and in the university give to the students the …[View]
60019551Hello. I just built my first PC and I'm interested in ripping my Blu-ray library. I've got…[View]
60011962Now that nobody uses discs in year of the lord 2017, how are you utilizing that drive bay?[View]
60020644>People I know just started getting busted for piracy Is it time to buy a VPN?…[View]
60020717Updates The long-anticipated filestore was added in 0.4.7. Now you can upload files without (signifi…[View]
60016737please clearly explain why windows xp was the best windows: I see this meme a lot floating around on…[View]
60019235Tech Gore: Show me your worst /g/ I need more tech gore photos[View]
60018453thoughts on the moto z play? image familiar, but not related[View]
60020101Has anyone really been far even as decided to finish read the first chapter of TAOCP?[View]
60011704BOTNET BINGO THREAD: Post yours ITT, be honest. pic related is template[View]
60016369Just installed Win10 LTSB on a spare laptop. The UI is fucking awful. I thought this was supposed to…[View]
60020221I've been iluminated: > Tired of Gnome Shell's lag. > pacman -Rsn gnome > pacman …[View]
60020362iphones: how can i jailbreak an iphone 6s 10.0.2 without a laptop/computer[View]
60013277So anyway why do we not have a good PS4/Xbone emulator yet? Or should I say 'compatibility layer' li…[View]
60019790No Boot device found: I have an old laptop that I broke or something trying to clean, I opened up wh…[View]
60015785/ptg/ - Private Tracker General: Previous >>60011419 >Not sure what private trackers are al…[View]
60019893Flying 'car': Is this real /g/? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ohig71bwRUE[View]
60018737is it possible in 2017 to buy a chromebook and completly replace chromeos with some linux distro? i…[View]
60007658You fags jelly of pic related?[View]
60017189Dude what the fuck is this? Firefox Nighty is fucking bloated as fuck[View]
60017077960 evo: Are m2 SSDs the next stage of evolution? Convince me why I should buy it[View]
60017472New i7 with TIM/pressure marks?: Still 'factory sealed' lol. Is it normal to see pressure marks on a…[View]
60019723Anyone know where the fuck I can buy a cigarette lighter port charge thing for my motorcycle? Ordere…[View]
60017853What language I need to learn to do a simple text adventure game?[View]
60015324This image shows a simplified view of the overall design of Linux. As you can see the kernel provide…[View]
60019291I have an iPhone 6S plus I have a kindle fire hd 8 I have a pc with a i5 6600 and a GTX 1070. …[View]
60017085Hey /g/entoomen I have an old Samsung Galaxy S3 Don't want to sell it because $20 isn't wo…[View]
60013205Now that 'Es File' is a utterly shit crap what /g use?[View]
60014694Is computer science really that big of a meme? Isn't it just a general 'jack of all trades' sta…[View]
60019196How to create anonymous website?: Any of you guys know? I'm a web developer and know most stuf…[View]
60014722Is it true?: I've been told ASM and Haskell are only used in legacy code and irrelevant Is it t…[View]
60018925I got this notification on my android phone, but I accidentally cleared all notifications without lo…[View]
60019593I'm looking for a job in the game programming area. I'm currently conflicted on what degre…[View]
60019638Has anybody here tried MQN audio player? I can't seem to get it to play songs even though I…[View]
60015075PineBook: >$89 11.6' lcd >$99 14' lcd >64-bit arm based os notebook >linux distro by def…[View]
60006254Synthesizers: Hey /g/, what's a good synth to buy if i want to make Industrial and/or Ambient m…[View]
60016111BWE-E @ 3.6 https://browser.primatelabs.com/v4/cpu/2593799 Sky-X @3.7 https://browser.primatelabs.co…[View]
60018325Alternatives to the Microsoft Arc Mouse: Any alternatives to this beautiful piece of technology?…[View]
60016463[Serious]: Anyone here ever been banned from getting on a plane because you said bad things about th…[View]
60018502I'm about to buy an Asus Zenpad S 8 Z580C. Could I do better for less than $200?[View]
60016050Just purchased this puppy what am I in 4. Aspire f 15[View]
60010448Is javascript going to be the future programming language for everything? It's already causing …[View]
60017979Fucking why?![View]
60017624GPU and cores: >rx480 >2304 cores >gtx1060 >1280 cores >fury x >4096 cores >gt…[View]
60019144You ever begin to think these extraneous tools are getting a little overboard? There's ONE file…[View]
60019132/g/, I have zero programming/developing/RSS knowledge. How difficult is it to create an RSS feed fro…[View]
60017312/GGG/ - Gear Grinding General: Aluminium has to be the most memed shit in the tech industry >alum…[View]
60015745I need help with my desktop. I use Debian with cinnamon and there are following issues: 1)Sometimes …[View]
60014151What's the best distro and why is it TempleOS+Internet ?[View]
60018708/4:3/: Daily reminder to keep a precise 4:3 window size to maximize your web browsing experience. A …[View]
60015356C was a mistake: >writing assignment in C >spent the first hour coding function for removing …[View]
60014143>he would rather use an operating system made by neck beards in their mothers basement instead of…[View]
60013326How do I get people to donate money to me for software development? I want to work on my own project…[View]
60015097I'd like to remind you that Tor is not safe: The only way to be safe is to use TempleOS + inter…[View]
60018222>Kaby Lake has a product life cycle from January 2017 to August 2017 KEK…[View]
60018423Meet You: May You have a big dream but what have I to do to meet you? I have to meet you in the pres…[View]
60016994find a flaw[View]
60013215Bring back /prog/[View]
60016873Redpill me on cookies. Why is it now required in the EU for every site to show a warning that they…[View]
60017994Autodesk Maya Character Rig: Working on a model was wondering if someone could help me with rigging …[View]
60010440Debloating Windows 10: Hey /g/ I just built myself a new rig, and since it's pretty capable I…[View]
60015176Mac: Sup boys? Who here usin' a Mac today?[View]
60017157Shred vs Wipe: Which is better? Why?[View]
60017307When will that shit finally come out REEEEEEE[View]
60018113Do they still make/design low powered x86 chips? That used to be their niche, but with AMD and Inte…[View]
60015632my computer looks fragmented and it crashed what do i do[View]
60004402For anyone still in doubt Zeppelin does indeed support 10G Base. There's also some neat stuff i…[View]
60015100How long until Applel goes bankrupt again without Jobs. I think they should use all their money in R…[View]
60017710Apple's downfall: Apple Engineers: How can we make the 2016 Macbook Pro, any better? Tim Cook:…[View]
60004516What's the most complete guide on hardening a Linux OS?[View]
60012560One thing that makes me mad: linux distro with steam software included: it's a fucking spyware…[View]
60017884Fuck this emoji senpai.[View]
60009147Thank you, Microsoft: Windows has just added a new excellent feature that is going to replace the ne…[View]
60017844Whats the best book to pickup for someone who wants to learn Java?: Is core java Volume any good? I …[View]
60016872Gifted a graphics card: Received a graphics card as a gift for my birthday, an MSI 1050 TI Gaming X …[View]
60015513Redpill me on Ubuntu: please talk practical shit, is it stable? is it secure? is it usable for normi…[View]
60016485How do we solve the shill problem? designated shilling board? /gpu/ containment general?[View]
59993878What's /g/s favourite image viewer?[View]
60015307Rpi3 VPN bridge: Is there any easy way to setup bridge VPN server on my Rpi 3 ?[View]
60016074Do people still pay usenet providers in 2017? Image related is probably one of the biggest ones.[View]
60015427We Loonix nao[View]
60016215Litecoin: https://twitter.com/Coinqueror/status/855783397490393088[View]
60014392Can anon help me make my pc desktop look less like shit, i am willing to things like download custom…[View]
60014653How can one make a laser or infrared or radar-guided system with arduino?[View]
60015418does this laptop exist?: >1920x1080 or greater, >comes with a small SSD (16G is fine) >sm…[View]
60015607>Switch from a 6 year old AMD card to the GTX 1060 >My colors are all washed out and my blacks…[View]
60001311What android keyboard does /g/ use?[View]
60005199/wt/ watch thread: This thread is about the appreciation of horological tech and shitter watches. QU…[View]
60016593Hi /g/ There is any option to make the left side of the start menu always expanded?[View]
60014235Why doesn't 4chan allow modern codecs?[View]
60010802https://www.wired.com/2012/06/beard-gallery/ Why do programmers wear the beard?[View]
60016665What would be the best solution for a computer that's fanless, small and cheap? I want to use i…[View]
60010957Okay /g/, so if I wanna learn to code, in your opinion, what is the one language I should learn imme…[View]
60003471We can't just let this news die: I see everybody talking down on indians every day on this boar…[View]
60010190>he puts a case on his phone Why are you such a fucking tool?[View]
60016100CODE QUALITY: Why do American companies hire so many Pajeets? Is there any way to slow down Indian h…[View]
60010597Smartphone apps are getting pretty hefty these days. What should be the minimum storage size for new…[View]
60012462How do we make Linux more attractive to celebrities?: Here's the deal: I am trying to come up w…[View]
59999075>it is suddenly fashionable to hate Julian Assange Did I miss something?…[View]
60003802/sqt/ - Stupid Questions Thread: Post your small questions that don't deserve to push another t…[View]
60013916>waaaaa Windows 10 it's spying on me fucking Micro$oft!!!11 Meanwhile, in his Android phone.…[View]
60012677>stuck with an aging Fury X that can barely keep up with modern 2017 games >see amazing 1080TI…[View]
60012882Hardware repairs/troubleshooting: One of the programmable buttons on my mx518 v2 has become complete…[View]
60008382Do you code like NASA?: why not? http://www.rankred.com/nasa-coding-rules/[View]
60013459What an age to be alive. The internet should have been stopped.[View]
60011836So this is the power of Ryzen[View]
59998304At what age did you outgrow your edge Linux phase?[View]
60016088I found the best Watercooling tutorial on YT: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ez0SM4yxFLQ…[View]
60013318Discord?: Where did discord come from? How the fuck did it so popular so quick? Even normies are we…[View]
60013433>www.usenetbucket.com Who uses it?[View]
60015948Any of you know what Internet of Things is all about?: Specifically, the Artificial Intelligence par…[View]
60015941https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ez0SM4yxFLQ: Found the best watercooling tutorial on YT.[View]
60013400what android alarm app will let me play shoutcast stations as an alarm? I cant find any radios direc…[View]
60011878my pc: well.. basically i turned on my pc after having some problems last night (my scroll wasnt wor…[View]
60014129tfw intel doesn't even have to compete with amd 'more cores race' but they still do because the…[View]
60012716yo g/ i have hyperhidrosis like pic related. and it hinders me from playing vidya on smartphone like…[View]
60015433I'am trying to run a Python3 script every 20 minutes. I''ve added this to 'crontab -e…[View]
60001219>want to remove kwallet >removes whole DE…[View]
60015438Ryzen & Kalbylake cpu support for win7+8: Ryzen & Kalbylake cpu support for win7+8 https://g…[View]
60010956Ebay: Can we have an Ebay stories thread? I'll start >Need a usb hub >open ebay >find …[View]
60007756okay so windows creator update was pure shit: anyone else preview red stone, the one coming in fall?…[View]
60002173/csg/ Chink Shit General: In /csg/, we discuss the cheap shit you see on Gearbest, Taobao, AliExpres…[View]
60015403Screenfetch/Desktop Thread: Post screenfetchs and or windows desktops if you are a second class citi…[View]
60009055Router Security and Anonymity: What're technolo/g/y's thoughts on replacing your ISP'…[View]
60014710How can one stupid kid hack the a website made by 'advanced unix experts'?[View]
59981447/mkg/ - Mechanical Keyboard General: /mkg/ - WinkeyLess Edition >Buyer's template: http://pa…[View]
60008669RIP uBotnet - uTorrent Will Move to The Web Browser: RIP uBotnet >“We’re also taking the opportun…[View]
60007077/dpt/ - Daily Programming Thread: What are you working on, /g/? Previous thread: >>60002401…[View]
60010025Memory Memes: What's your reason for having more than 16GB of RAM? The fuck are you doing?…[View]
60011632What're some sought after legacy programming languages to fill the niché opened up by retiremen…[View]
60008081so it wasn't a meme after all...: http://www.theverge.com/circuitbreaker/2017/4/20/15375828/int…[View]
60011419/ptg/ - Private Tracker General: /saintyawn/ edition Previous >>60007350 >Not sure what pri…[View]
60014579When millennials, will e-mails be a thing of the past? Businesses will use IM services to receive yo…[View]
60008166Would you feel safe driving a Linux car?[View]
60009976Do any normal people use Linux or is it all toothless crackheads and jobless 30 year old men with As…[View]
60010396Waht's /g/ opinion on the Woman interrupted app?: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vz8LgR8dRzQ…[View]
60010821/g/ prefers Android over iOS /g/ prefers AMD over Intel /g/ prefers Windows over OSX Is /g/ ever rig…[View]
60010622Hello, My name is Anderson. I am a loyal pupil and seeking a master/ sensei to school me in the art…[View]
60011049RSA: n, e, c is given how do I find d?[View]
60006514calm games for android to play offline?[View]
60004208>So you're a programmer, huh? >How about you add two numbers without using addition, bitc…[View]
60013567see image name[View]
60006018Why don't thay make nuclear-powered smartphones, so we don't have to charge them every sin…[View]
60013678FOSS dating app when?: How come FOSS community is full of >tfw no fg people, but nobody bothered …[View]
60014157Is this true?[View]
60013363First nuclear bomb now red screen. Will these guys ever learn?[View]
60010244i7-6700HQ GTX 1070 120hz 5ms 17.3' FHD Screen 16 GB ram ~$1450 https://www.amazon.com/MSI-GT72VR-Dom…[View]
60014438Microsoft's releasing a 'Chromebook Rival' OS soon. OS is called 'Windows 10 Cloud'. Requiremen…[View]
60011670/sci/ writes a Connect Four clone in C: Greetings from /sci/ everyone, just wanted to show you guys …[View]
60001044What is Microsoft trying to say?[View]
60010092Why would anyone who's not a programmer use Linux? A pirated Windows 7 install just works, and …[View]
60012974DB TRADING: Want These DBs: https://pastebin.com/NM3YEb0J Buying/selling/trading[View]
60004422Hi /g/, does anyone have recommendations for some good, intuitive video editing software? I need to …[View]
60013570>You told me that computers were untold magic. >you were not long >i learned their ways …[View]
60012692What the fuck happened to IPv6 support? It never even worked for me.[View]
60013748Amd on Linux - is it ok, /jee?: Does it just werk? Or are there any issues?[View]
60004686/pcbg/ - PC Building General: /pcbg/ - PC Building General-- w-wait for vega edition Post your compo…[View]
59999954Stop using firefox It's garbage[View]
59991428So now that Ryzen is out for a while, are you satisfied with it? Was the waiting worth it?[View]
60003119/fglt/ - Friendly GNU/Linux Thread: Previous thread: >>59995124 Welcome to /fglt/ - Friendly G…[View]
60007963Samsung Galaxy S8+: Just got my S8+ from AT&T breddy gud[View]
60015826Great day for American engineers! Trump signed the executive order restricting H1B abuse. BTFO liber…[View]
60011809I is got an business Idea. I want to make hoverboards. In the movie back to the future, they had one…[View]
60000280Small Form Factor PCs: Who SFF here? Post your setups /g/. >Reminder that the Ghost is on kicksta…[View]
60007883Write a program that takes 3 integers from the users and prints the largest combination possible. so…[View]
60002396/tosg/ - TempleOS general: FAQ >What is TempleOS? See https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MT7yvaGN0ZU…[View]
60012170>redhat rolling total DC outage with no end in sight >no discussion http://status.redhat.com/…[View]
60006992So now that it's been out for a while... is buying S8 worth it if you own an S7? I love the loo…[View]
60011208What's a good budget Android TV box for watching Youtube/Netflix/Web Videos/Videos off my USB e…[View]
60012660Hey /g/. What is safer to use in a public PC (my uni's), a pendrive, USB with my phone or sendi…[View]
60012857Senpaitachi, any recommendations on portable browsers? I need to have a highly customized browser fo…[View]
60011834what cloud service do you use? i currently have a digitalocean droplet that i'm not doing much …[View]
60010921what are those behind him? giant tablets?[View]
59978024spill your /g/uts![View]
60012897Should i even bother about cpu having a fixed frequency after oc if it doesn't change iddle tem…[View]
60011857The Internet: How do we make a internet where casual normalfags don't use it? Something like th…[View]
60010723Just invent something to make it so I can insert cash into my computer or phone already! I hate goin…[View]
60001490Poll time, /g/.: How many of you have a college education?[View]
60009820So what will VR become? Can't do anything fast enough to replace a desktop, can't play any…[View]
60006456>main OS >last time you took a shower Go.…[View]
60004213I'm so happy I live in a country where the majority uses non os restricted messengers like What…[View]
60011151How do you save chat logs in Discord channels? There should be a script for this type of shit. Even …[View]
60009541IMPORTANT - Ubuntu 16.04.2 ISO may be compromised: downloaded torrent from here https://www.ubuntu.c…[View]
60012658What does /g/ think of bone conducting headphones? They're even putting them into normal lookin…[View]
59998909what's the comfiest application in existence?[View]
60011134I've never been so jealous of my own application...[View]
60007297Do eyes change focus when looking at a single monitor? I'm having a discussion with someone and…[View]
59999483How come people call this a meme phone shilled on /g/ even though mine is working without a hiccup f…[View]
60011602why do all consumer routers default to a class C IP? why dont they use with a mask of 255.2…[View]
60010558/g, please convince me to not sell my 1080 and gsync display for a 580 and freesync display. i have …[View]
60011422Uh, /g/ents: >Devuan GNU+Linux is a Linux distribution forked from Debian in 2015. The project…[View]
60011041Is Optimum Orbis a good brand? I need a new cord for my laptop, and this is the only one I can find.[View]
60011864Hello /g/ Can anyone tell me if this computer would be suitable for video editing? It's built …[View]
60005881Canadian cell phone plans: Why is this allowed?[View]
60011433>go on vacation to san francisco >decide to have a morning coffee while catching up on the new…[View]
60009262Hey /g/, so I went ti my local craigslist and foubd pic related. It's a Sharo's laptop fro…[View]
60008959live in a house with other roomates. everyoen uses same router\wifi can they see my shit on my pc or…[View]
60007541I finished my comp sci degree, what cities are the best to move to to get a good job, and what are s…[View]
59982838/sec/: pastebin - https://pastebin.com/UY7RxEqp IRC - #/g/sec Currently recruiting for CTF Team on c…[View]
60003901Now that Ryzen is out, is there a single legitimate reason to purchase anything Intel?[View]
60008926HI I was using my wife's laptop the other day and noticed that she had been viewing inappropria…[View]
60010608Am I doing right?[View]
60011152Paypal: Decided to add some money onto Paypal, but because I use a debit card it takes 3 - 5 busines…[View]
60011091Iphone file copy software?: Idunno who else to ask /g/. Some of these sites look shady as fuck. I ju…[View]
60010506I'm a CS student at a top-tier engineering/CS college that shall remain nameless with 6 months …[View]
60009357Resale shop find. What the fuck are these?[View]
60010795How to write KDE application: 1. Find semi-successful open source app 2. Convince yourself that writ…[View]
60007638Why hasn't google made a pixel smartwatch yet?[View]
60010621How woulf you go about explaning video compression and why open standards are important?[View]
60009559If you got an iphone slowly move your head toward the phone while phone stands still, you will notic…[View]
60009413>make some change to file >ctrl + s >go to terminal >python script.py >enter >repe…[View]
60003331Daily C(++) security vulnerability thread: Another day, another tricky vulnerability in seemingly co…[View]
60005073I laugh at people who criticize Windows 10: As long as they're moving forward faster than X% of…[View]
59987291I have one of these flash drives, and as I've done multiple times before, I used a program call…[View]
59999339>Want to learn C/++ >Its just a slow way to write retarded code that runs marginally faster. P…[View]
60010264imageboard stuff blehhh: Any body working on any imageboard software, cuz i am. Its pretty boring an…[View]
60007350/ptg/ - Private Tracker General: Previous >>60003298 >Not sure what private trackers are al…[View]
60008922I miss Terry :([View]
60007580Ansible: someone redpill me on ansible or other automation tools[View]
60004197gif: He pronounces GIF correctly! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nNlTNE1y9DM&t=6m35s…[View]
59999689Would OpenSUSE be a good first distro?[View]
60009169>ssh 2ton.com.au >register >ctrl-j >join channel g come shitpost in real-time about anyt…[View]
60008699What happened to Spatry? did he die?[View]
60009455gentoo: it's friday night....time to recompile my gentoo. what are you doing anon?[View]
60008355Speccy Thread: I just upgraded my rig today, it went relatively well. Only got like 3 mobo screws in…[View]
60007194I'm looking to set up a programming project (currently just me and another person). I want to u…[View]
60009525What are the reasons to use Windows over Linux over Mac?[View]
60007371how do you pronounce sysadmin[View]
60009575What Cool Things could you do with a laptop with a current generation i7 if both you and it were sen…[View]
60008176>Even AMD doesn't use Rypoo themselves AYYMDPOORFAGS CONFIRMED ON SUICIDE WATCH…[View]
60007233>'Activate the hardware backdoor'[View]
60007595I can't power up my friend's pc: So he tool his PC apart and once put back together, he ca…[View]
60007787Any amateur ham radio hobbyists out there? I got my tech license back a few months ago, dropped out …[View]
60009656how accurate is this /g/ approved tier list?[View]
60002618Why do you need to change the locale to Japanese to play Japanese games?[View]
60004566>only usuable Windows is Windows 10 LTSB How did it come to this?[View]
60007274What was the best year for tech?[View]
60006809My headphones have broken. Anyone know some good folding headphones with bluetooth?[View]
60005782Are you going to apply to work on building Linus's YT replacement, FloatPlane?[View]
60007843>linux tards list privacy and botnet as reasons to switch to a linux distro >yet virtually all…[View]
59994015/wt/ watch thread: This thread is about the appreciation of horological tech and Rolex watches. Keyw…[View]
60005597I took the redpill: /g/ I finally understand why everybody is trying to sell phones&tablets ins…[View]
60005942What are you working on, /g/? Old thread: >>60002401[View]
60008923Any audiofag here? How do I determine a game's sample rate and bit depth.[View]
60009059>So glad I installed Arch, all of my software is bleeding ed-... Wtf are they doing. Even Ubongo …[View]
60007871>Job requires me to take online Information Security Awareness course >Course requires Adobe F…[View]
60004503RIP INTEL RIP AMD RIP x86: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=A_GlGglbu1U Is this the Microsoft endgame…[View]
60009043Pic is Russian duma faggot who's son got 27 years for credit card bullshittery Glasses are tech…[View]
60008159You either use Windows on your personal computer if you are: >too poor for Mac >too dumb/tech …[View]
60006067Why aren't you using Bing for porn yet?[View]
60008826>LG invents a popular trend >Samsung follows with it's next flagship >Always on displa…[View]
60008452would you mount this on your case's side door temporarily until you buy a new case/start a new …[View]
60004935Is there a way to force-kill a process on Windows without opening the task manager?[View]
60007876Ryzen: Is it normal for it to sit at 1546MHz when not under load?[View]
60008772https://www.reddit.com/r/Amd/comments/66ggjd/psa_about_ryzen_and_memory_compatibility/ Why can'…[View]
60005861Worst dude I have ever met: Recently found out that the property management company we were using wa…[View]
60005524How do they make games (ie CS:GO) work in both 16:9 and 4:3 without giving an advantage to the wides…[View]
60006381anyway to recover my creepshot photos from iphone se? i deleted them twice, about 2 hours ago.. so i…[View]
60004359Times you're happy you fell for /g/ memes: Ever been happy to fall for /g/ memes? Happened to m…[View]
60008400Now that mpv has a volume control on it's GUI, has it cemented itself as the best video/media p…[View]
60008062Was getting frustrating at my G900 randomly not tracking very well in a video game so I put in my ol…[View]
60007875give me one good reason not to use microsoft edge as my main browser >faster than anything else f…[View]
59991524post what you have on your harddrive. don't be embarrassed[View]
60007418PROS and CONS with every phone brand? Like Sony, Samsung, Apple, Huawei etc. What are the difference…[View]
60008408https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0zHglkidqxQ: subscribe to technibility[View]
60002766Why did this stop being a thing[View]
60007324.: I have $15,000 in the bank. I have dual 980tis, 3466 ddr4 ram, 64gb, Intel haswell i5 at 4.4ghz. …[View]
60008301The decision to use a tiling wm vs a stacking one lies in the type of computer one will use. In a la…[View]
60007697Wut: wut[View]
60008254NVIDIA: So I have a slight problem... I want to know which of the current GTX 1080 Graphics cards, o…[View]
60008215isn't butane fuel cells better than batteries? what do you think[View]
60007974SO What EXACTLY IS the deal with linux??[View]
60006684WHAT THE FUCK SEND HELP https://gyazo.com/fec7b4d283d0b6a89024c0a014820741[View]
60008050is it even worth it to bother getting a pc right now? seems like all this market drama bullshit is h…[View]
60005495how do you organize your terminal emulators, /g/?[View]
59970797>live in Russia, a third-world country >only pay about 7 dollaridos for unlimited mobile inter…[View]
60007092I have the chance to buy this t410 for almost nothing Is it worth it to throw an ssd in and use? I k…[View]
60005758Apple: Why is Apple so shit now? >inb4 it was always shit -- Jobs-era Apple always had one or two…[View]
60003319Will the hipster workplace meme ever fucking die? https://techvibes.com/2017/04/20/killer-spaces-ubi…[View]
60007973>non aerodynamic tabs WTF I HATE Moz://a now[View]
59978578Are Foobar and MusicBee still the only decent music players out there?[View]
60004744Windows 10 is a big piece shit But it's still less fucking stink than linux (on personal pc, bu…[View]
60003283Hey you ! Stop what you are doing ! Daily reminder that with: >Rust instead of C/C++ >Go inste…[View]
60003873which rare pepe best represents each programming language?[View]
60006440Do you think Richard Stallman's shirt is made out of free and open source fabric?[View]
60006287Hi Anons So last week I had a server trying to hack me (various methods). I have a defence script th…[View]
60002255Will KDE shills ever give up? your buggy and bloated DE lost, acept it.[View]
60006143Same video in Youtube: Firefox - 25% cpu usage Chrome - 15% cpu usage Edge - 2% cpu usage Why and ho…[View]
60003841/CPG/ - Competitive Programming General: I hope /g/ will be interested in these kinds of threads, I …[View]
60005335Ubuntu VM Kernel Panic: Hey can anyone explain this kernel panic to me? Was trying to create a new U…[View]
59996869portable quad core i7 1050ti + ability for external gpu best screen available in the market 2000€ wh…[View]
60005396I'm on windows 10 and I somehow switched it to this. How do I change it back it normal?[View]
60006863>have storage device >ZFS raidz has (n-1)/n space efficiency >partition drive in 3 sections…[View]
60007003Is it somewhat safe to overclock nonk cpu by BCLK to 105mhz? 4ghz on 4 cores is my target https://va…[View]
60003298/ptg/ - Private Tracker General: Leak on weebs, edition. Previous >>59998234 >Not sure what…[View]
60007156Anybody an expert on Cloudflare? Cloudflare doesn't seem to cache a majority of the requests un…[View]
60005340Is this real and if so should I buy it?: I found this listing on eBay for an iPhone 7 plus should I …[View]
59992990Ubuntu Is Switching to Wayland: http://www.omgubuntu.co.uk/2017/04/ubuntu-will-run-wayland-default I…[View]
60005970Could Loonix be good if it had software?[View]
60005309Whose side are you on?: Number Six: Where am I? Number Two: In the Botnet Number Six: What do you wa…[View]
60006545/g/ I honestly regret buying a 7600k so much. Just bought it a couple of hours ago of high hopes and…[View]
60002393http://blog.sec-consult.com/2017/04/application-whitelisting-application.html?m=1 Nvidia abusing nod…[View]
60002998Now that Mint dropped some third party crapware is it worth to use?: I remember lots of third party …[View]
60006822vitalik uses ubuntu and chromium/firefox on a thinkpad X250. what do u think about his taste /g/ tak…[View]
60005584Wat: Can someone more technically inclined when it comes to computer forensics explain to me what is…[View]
59997440Google and limits of search engines: Hey /g/eniuses, I'm wondering if there is a 'better…[View]
60002941DNS problems: hello /g/entlefolk I have been having sporadic, what I believe to be DNS related issue…[View]
60003695>tutor at computer lab >some dude needs help with his homework >3rd semester of Java (data…[View]
60005893Amazon could be the new video streaming king: Why doesn't Amazon profit off of all of this YouT…[View]
59998927/Messenger Lite/ >install me right now >tell me how much do you love me…[View]
60006425Let's face it gentoo men. Neither Google nor Apple respect your privacy. So it really doesn…[View]
60003981Hi /g/ I made a pendrive to boot a linux distro on it The problem is, what the fuck do i do on linux…[View]
60003365Can we trust 'official sources' anymore? Has Video Editing go too far?: I don't wear a tinfoil …[View]
60006201Is 4chan social media?[View]
60002033can this handle an old as r7 260x?[View]
59999534Indian phone call fraud: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QI08yLIAx1g What are some possible ways to …[View]
60006123holy shit i think i might be going with carrier phones this time that is a fuckton of money do carri…[View]
60004928The best way to predict the future is to invent it. Join the next generation of computing, designed …[View]
60005685Terry is streaming: Has the interest for this mememaster faded? /g/ is my goto place for everything …[View]
60005994why cant we have desktop threads? the 2 ive made have been deleted with in a couple posts, but ive n…[View]
59995591Which mobile browser do you prefer /g/?[View]
60003505Why aren't you running Ubuntu MATE 17.04? Also Screenfetch thread.[View]
59994852Keylogger: Can someone recommend a good keylogger? I've been looking for some free ones but the…[View]
60002401/dpt/ - Daily Programming Thread: old thread: >>59994465 What are you working on, /g/?[View]
60004835Is this what the average AMD/Radeon user looks like? He is the new posterchild for Rayydeon Tecnolog…[View]
60003667I don't like Ubuntu. Is Debian still the second best Linux distro?[View]
60005275I think im pretty decent at solving IT related problems. But how can this be a skill when the kind …[View]
60002102>tfw too smart for C# but too stupid for C++[View]
59985532/wdg/ - Web Development General: >Discord https://discord.gg/wdg >IRC Channel #/g/wdg @ irc.ri…[View]
60002767Smallest possible (Intelligible) Audio File: What codec would you use to make the smallest possible …[View]
60004584How do I set this garbage up?[View]
60004959I just received an iPod Touch 2G. But I don't want to sync it with iTunes and shit. I just want…[View]
59981943/hpg/ - Headphone General: >Headphone purchase advice http://pastebin.com/fYZLW7Ub Please put som…[View]
60004141Need a new tablet for a family member. She's still using the kindle fire version 1. Told her to…[View]
60005176Sony PRS-300 These are probably the cheapest e-ink readers. Would I be wasting my moolah?[View]
60003735>using a shell other than bash why??[View]
60002591why haven't you joined the rebellion anon[View]
60005102are they any good?[View]
60002777Windows 10 Crippled Edition is Coming Soon: http://archive.is/1S8Qy Windows Cloud will be here soon.…[View]
60005036Anyone know how to remove the tracker?[View]
59993667Why the fuck are apple a bunch of thieves and charlatans The iPhone has worse specifications than a …[View]
60004465Biggest Moto meme of 2016 gets leaked What do you think /g/? https://www.technobuffalo.com/2017/04/2…[View]
59995625Rolling for a challenge: Roll with me bois[View]
59983788/dlg/ - Deep Learning General: Why not?[View]
59990900Most Normie Linux: So I bought an XPS 13 and realized Windows 10 is horrible. I'd sell it and b…[View]
60004781>He uses -new- computers.[View]
60004703Why don't the developers of clover just add Latex support Jesus Christ[View]
60004666How does one get a dev job at a game studio?[View]
60004423>download from file hosting site >pauses halfway through asking me to register >shady as fu…[View]
59999782Post LAN partys. I just need to see some nostalgia, LAN houses were so popular in my country and I …[View]
60001744Should I work in europe or in america as a programmer? I've seen there's a salary gap betw…[View]
60003898Thoughts on webassembly? http://webassembly.org/[View]
59999289What's the best laptop for design & gaming on the market or upcoming? It pisses me off that…[View]
59999007Video editing: I have a shit load of go pro videos I want to slum together and I'm wanting to k…[View]
59997194edc thread: Stop posting Ryzben edition Lets running wild brother[View]
60004305I, much like everyone else, have a raspberry pi 2b that I've used only a handfull of times. Cur…[View]
60000283Hey guys /k/ here. What's a good smartswatch that's under 200 bucks give or take but can …[View]
60001836any /netsec/ guys around? If I want to be autistic about the security of my laptop, which one do I g…[View]
60000955Fedora Thread !: Post some screenshots of you using Fedora ! https://getfedora.org/ Why should you u…[View]
59993389/pcbg/: /pcbg/: Post your component list; rate other anons'; ask questions in general. State th…[View]
60003835Too Intelligent Thread: What is /g/ too intelligent for?[View]
60003002Why is Kubuntu so hated? People tell me to start with an Ubuntu distro and I like KDE the most so it…[View]
60004077A wishlist of syntactic sugar in c#: -extends keyword -implements keyword -unless keyword instead of…[View]
60002819Private Cloud: Sup /g/ I dont come here that often but I need some guidance on a project. Im trying …[View]
59984265/spg/ - Smartphone General - Honestly, It's Perfect Edition: If requesting purchasing advice, p…[View]
60001843java a meme language? i mean why would it be? or why would somebody consider is as dying? > still…[View]
59984693>hard drive spins up for no reason[View]
60004007I need some help muh tech support /g/ I got some 'fuck you' frozen screen while playing and I had to…[View]
59997694what DNS provider does /g/ use?[View]
60003363opening .S files: I opened one game on my old HDD and I noticed that the save files are all named S1…[View]
60003767Red Hat Suffers Massive Data Center Network Outage: https://linux.slashdot.org/story/17/04/21/162323…[View]
60001173I'm thirty years old: is late to learn programming?[View]
59997337AyyyyMD vs Jewtel—Intel Will Launch Coffee Lake, Basin Falls Earlier Than Expected: >Pajeets can…[View]
60002579Why aren't you buying Ethereum, /g/? Web 3.0 is on the way[View]
60001895Galaxy S8 Launch Day: GET THE FUCK IN HERE FA/g/GOTS >S8 or S8+ >How do you like it so far …[View]
60001709>depressed >spend money on tech shit I don't need to alleviate the feeling >no I'…[View]
60002132BlackPlayer now has ads /g/ approved music players?[View]
60003611How'd OP do /g/ goof'ed or did alright?[View]
60002921>PC has been rebooting itself without warning randomly for 3 days >just went to black screen a…[View]
60003209Lets talk about security uses of raid for a minute. If you setup some drives, even just two, in rai…[View]
59997486What happens when I graduate CS?[View]
59994770My landlord just installed this above the stoop of our apartment building. I'm assuming it…[View]
59999268I bought last week the Objective2 amp and it sounds really bad. Why is it the worse amp if it tests …[View]
60002778>every mpv programmer is a weeb >we still don't have a good image scaling algorithm for a…[View]
60001055https://youtu.be/06m8pF_8JpM?t=4m19s Look at the bookmarks. Which boards do you think he browses? Ar…[View]
60002853>2017 >'time remaining' is still less accurate than a guess by someone who has barely used the…[View]
60003150You have 5.3 seconds to tell me exactly why you're not using a homemade webcrawler with elastic…[View]
59992376/sqt/ - Stupid Questions Thread: Thread for questions that shouldn't have their own thread beca…[View]
60002718buyers remorse general . . . . . bought iphone7 2months ago. regret it very hard since the s8 launch…[View]
59992461I give up, I hate KDE: I'm at the point today where I will stop giving this KDE autistic child …[View]
59994963What's stopping you from getting a Samsung Curved monitor?[View]
59989471RX 550: Is this the ultimate poorfag GPU? $80 on Newegg and delivers 100+ FPS on eSports titles whi…[View]
59991593>Macbooks are overpriced >Ok, show me a similarly priced laptop with the same specs or better.…[View]
60002544Find a flaw** **this is the daily paid shilling thread. Reply as most as possible so that your stupi…[View]
60002031Why people dont show up on their battlestation photos. I'll fix this, let me start.[View]
60000784I think I do this here. So, i'm doing some upgrades on my PC, and I need a hand. Anyone availab…[View]
59995124Previous thread: >>59982478 (Cross-thread) Welcome to /fglt/ - Friendly GNU/Linux Thread. User…[View]
59998234/ptg/ - Private Tracker General: >Mom what am I gona do about that ratio? Man child edition. Prev…[View]
60002893Is there a huge difference between a standard cooler that you'd get with a new processor or a m…[View]
60002378Portable gamecube on my cell phone. Neat. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=otZykCbHO3s[View]
59995016>be dev >boss is kind of a cunt >look for new job >see one startup very close to home wi…[View]
59998169>A new petition is calling for Canonical to make KDE Plasma Ubuntu’s next desktop. http://www.omg…[View]
59998082Have you upgraded your RX470 to RX570 anon?[View]
60002097Hey /g/ I need help, I know you guys aren't tech support but google isn't helping. I have …[View]
59999717Ubuntu 17.04: I'm updating my ubuntu 16.10 to 17.04 have i fucked up?[View]
60002274SearX.me is fucking garbage now: Been using SearX.me as my primary search engine for about 3 months …[View]
59999213dear /g/ can a shitty router/modem combo cause slow internet speeds if you are using a wired connect…[View]
59995543THE SPECIAL ONE - CASIO CALCULATOR S100 AND S200: http://web.casio-intl.com/asia/en/calc/sp/s100/?to…[View]
60002299https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tUUqtGdDm6Y: subscribe to technibility on youtube[View]
59988439>Electric cars is DOA Wait nevermind[View]
60000141Unity is the best DE[View]
60002135Some Huawei P10s are slower than others: http://archive.is/jgtzE >Chinkshit Huawei is blaming a s…[View]
60001829Hey guys: Do you know how to get free google play codes? If you know it, please tell me! Thanks!…[View]
59991082/csg/ Chink Shit General: In /csg/, we discuss the cheap shit you see on Gearbest, Taobao, AliExpres…[View]
60002082how do i get this tab preview? im using opera newest version and am willing to change browser[View]
59996654/fag/ - Friendly Apple-Hate General: Let's be honest here OSX is the only OS that has no practi…[View]
59998714What's /g/'s opinion on System76?[View]
59994733Dell Canvas: How do you feel about Dell Canvas? http://www.dell.com/learn/us/en/ph/secure/2017-04-20…[View]
59998420Don't mind me!: Why is this illegal again?[View]
59997553OnePlus 3T: Does the fact that I own a OnePlus 3T make me a superior human being?[View]
59998322>not written in memescripts >not written by meme hipster sjw koders Will they ever make better…[View]
59998433Unbiased VEGA Predictions: >The only confirmed metric we know is an undisclosed Vega GPU running …[View]
59994465/dpt/ - Daily Programming Thread: old thread: >>59988813 What are you working on, /g/?[View]
59994064Windows will prevent you from taking a screenshot if you have a DRM-enabled document open, even if m…[View]
60000552What does /g/ think of Solaris 11 as either a workstation or server?[View]
60001284The perfect smartphone doesn't exi-[View]
59989807is there even any actual objections to macOS?: lets keep it specifically software related. I don…[View]
59998600ITT: Memes that have lived for way too long[View]
60000852Ethershit for phones: https://blog.tokenbrowser.com/introducing-token-2f2ceeab6d4c Thoughts? Will th…[View]
59999857Digital Power Supply: So im in need for a Digital Power Supply to power different electronics (ardui…[View]
59999987Bring back /prog/[View]
59999617What's with all the pajeets reviewing electronics on YouTube?[View]
60000728>get internship at Microsoft >sit down at desk >first thing you do is install gentoo…[View]
59997310POO'D THE FUCK OUT! ITS OVER FOR GANESH! http://www.thehindubusinessline.com/info-tech/95-engin…[View]
60000657RISC-OS RC15 has been released. Time to blow the dust off your Pis and put them to good use.[View]
59996425I just purchased one of these, did I fall for the meme or can I actually do something useful or inte…[View]
59998159https://youtu.be/ohig71bwRUE Why would you make an electric jet other than for gimik?[View]
60000975So apparently Skitch got removed from the Play Store at some point. Might as well look for a replace…[View]
59997230What's the best laptop I can get for college (lightweight, long battery life, good kb and scree…[View]
59991488FULL WINDOWS 10 RUNNING ON SNAPDRAGON PROCESSOR!: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=A_GlGglbu1U Is thi…[View]
59995903Do you write your own .bat/.sh files to deal with menial everyday tasks on your computer? If yes, Wh…[View]
59999042Hey /g/ recently got a x60s for doing almost nothing but LaTeX on the go. I might do some light codi…[View]
59973384>his desktop is full of icons[View]
60000639When will machine learning get to this level of language?[View]
60000298What's the best kind of ski mask for protecting your identity while hacking? >Three hole mas…[View]
59995630Duel Disks: Why haven't we got holograms like yugioh yet? I want to use shit like Skyscrapper a…[View]
59987474This shit is going on sale for €230 at my local store. Is it worth it?[View]
59999334Help me /g/, how to cast from my android phone to a lan wired smart tv?[View]
59999780Is Clover safe to download and install now that it's not in the Play Store?[View]
59997928https://benchlife.info/intel-x299-will-announce-by-navin-in-computex-2017-keynote-04212017/ THANK YO…[View]
59999155NFC payment: Does anybody actually use one of the major NFC payment services? I've tried and tr…[View]
59997495Insecure Banking: Hey fellas, I am overseas in Armenia and I opened a bank account with VTB. Since i…[View]
59987388You HAVE shared it, right anon?[View]
59992119The Pinebook officially comes out on Monday. It's an $89 laptop This is going to be like the Ou…[View]
59994966When will cloud computing come back?[View]
60000002The Internet is obsolete. Urbit awaits.[View]
59995593Just got a server rack from a friend, like the one in this pic. what are some things that I can do w…[View]
59999146How deep do you go before you realise you have to pay for it[View]
59999745>buy sennheiser 558s >four foot long cable what the h*ck…[View]
59999305I just fell in android meme lads from to pixel from iphone 6 is just fucking disaster, good thing i …[View]
59993510Best browser: Greatest browser /g/?[View]
59996353Trapped in ghetto botnet. Feelsawfulman.: Hi anons. Where shoud I start... I NEED HELP: >be me …[View]
59999560Gmail: Can I somehow check who have sent an email from my Gmail account. Or is it impossible. I chec…[View]
59992810This is a mockup of a redesign for Thunderbird. APOLOGIZE[View]
59999313How do we fix clickbait?: After this horrible adblock blockers week, i ask you this question, after …[View]
59999380My laptop of 10 years died on me ! I need to replace it. Looking for a pc with great battery and pro…[View]
59999248Where would they be right now if they spent half as much on R&D as they did on viral marketers a…[View]
59998734You will NEVER know the struggle of being a pajeet trying to make it in the big boy world[View]
59992729>Still no desktop client why the fuck are they neglecting desktops?[View]
59998590Is it actually possible to make money as a freelancing self-taught programmer or has that hype train…[View]
59985237What happend to nvidia? Why are they so bad at drivers now?[View]
59997082Windows 10 OEM mobo upgrade: Has anybody upgraded their motherboard and continued using their Window…[View]
59996087normies using linux: >be me >reading books at library >overhear 2 QT3.141592653's talk…[View]
59992859Cars becoming botnet: Uh oh... Even my car is a botnet How do we stop this? soon even a pacemaker wi…[View]
59998384Are there any plugins or whatever that make it look like chrome? Especially the tab management.[View]
59980332This is your /g/ interview. Prove you are not a brainlet. Sum all dubs, trips and quads below two mi…[View]
59997793I created a bucket for us let's fill it up https://play.minio.io:9000/minio/folder/[View]
59996796Be in compiler class Lexical Analyzer due tomorrow Haven't started Any one know guides to Flex?…[View]
59986783Describe your typical day in your IT/tech job.[View]
59997043why do archfags hate gentoo/linux[View]
59997832Best email app: Free or Paid[View]
59997189>Google Unveils New AI Demonstrated to Automate Fingerboxes well fuck[View]
59996408>installing kernel source code >run out of some hidden second space on volume le advanced oper…[View]
59997598So I just got a job at Bosch Engineering: R&D: I've been offered two positions: One in AI b…[View]
59995142>website has custom selection/highlight color[View]
59997126I want to connect my old PC (an MSI MEGA 180 which I stopped using in 2010) to my TV using VGA cable…[View]
59997183Examples of sockets in the wild please[View]
59996402Rights To Your Device At The Border: From what i've gathered, American citizens can say no to u…[View]
59998105hey /g So I'm decently talented with python coding and I'm looking to learn a new type of …[View]
59993617/ptg/ - Private Tracker General: Previous thread >>59988854 >Not sure what private trackers…[View]
59972525APPLE BTFO http://www.theverge.com/2017/4/19/15353730/apple-iphone-8-delay-touch-id?[View]
59997902Cloud servers - VPS general: Hi /g/uys, I don't see this topic picked up very often, but it…[View]
59994814>$850.00 >4 hours of use >Bricked installing Oculus software There is a white pixel on the …[View]
59996994E-Ink Laptop - is this the future, /gee?: http://the-digital-reader.com/2017/04/15/hands-onyx-boox-t…[View]
59996295Electron is the new Adobe Flash: https://josephg.com/blog/electron-is-flash-for-the-desktop/ >And…[View]
59997188Thinkpad upgrade problem: I've swapped my i3 3120M with i7 3632QM and now I can't install …[View]
59992666Does Transhumanism Bring More People to Tech?: I've recently seen conversation about this pop u…[View]
59989459>Google is botnet and sells your personal data When will this meme die?…[View]
59995354Autism Evans: So, he released a new video on YouTube about a luggable vs a mini laptop: https://www.…[View]
59997284Why are Japs so tech illiterate?[View]
59997514>tfw I realized I'm too stupid for IT and will probably work in retail for the rest of my li…[View]
59996798Windows shell customization: Help thread cleverly disguised as Windows rice thread What kinds of cus…[View]
59982514Use Arch you faggots.[View]
59996394Trade schools?: Hey /g/ I know we are normally down on programming trade schools here, but can anyon…[View]
59996981Dear /g/, My desk is on its last legs. Do you have any recommendations for nice places to rest my a…[View]
59997536#include <iostream> template <int n, int m3, int m5> struct fizzbuzz : fizzbuzz<n-…[View]
59997526>endlessly perfect my keyboard firmware without ever flashing >windows is impossible to develo…[View]
59993631If I put some electrical tape on this, will it be okay? Right now I have to hold the cord in a weird…[View]
59995342Who was the fucking retard who made this thing a filter icon?[View]
59979338Why aren't you using Windows 10 LTSB? -Can fully disable telementry -No feature updates that ad…[View]
59996240>tfw fingers are too short and can't reach enter, del or backspace without having to overext…[View]
59982816Post the best tech channels. I'll start.[View]
59993509what is the best book on algorithms?[View]
59996747x86 Asm help, find char in string: Im doing this small little assignment and would like some help He…[View]
59997238stupid grey screen: so i downloaded the flash after waiting for a long time now im stuck with this g…[View]
59996984Windows 10 Full Screen Start Menu: Is there a way I can turn it ON from the registry editor? I dont …[View]
59997088/vb6/: Tell me more about Visual Basic. Tell me your opinion.[View]
59993941Planning to buy this dragon: /g/ please stop me...[View]
59985190Name a language more difficult than C++[View]
59997135Can this run Minecraft?: I picked up this PC (In the pic) at staples for only a couple hundred. Can …[View]
5998568495% engineers in India unfit for software development jobs: >Archived article http://archive.is/i…[View]
59996090i just formatted my ssd that had my os on it to reinstall windows and it is not a gbt disk how can i…[View]
59992706This image is very funny and is usable on any board and on any website. I challenge you to post a te…[View]
59984935India will have 40% economic growth by 2030: Indian scientists have conceived of a system of rail tr…[View]
59996939My Power button broke on my G5, I'm pretty sure it happened after I banged it against the wall.…[View]
59995824Puffin browser: Shove your red pills down my throat about Puffin browser.[View]
59995113420, one last reminder: dis just for fun /g/entomen want to listen to some music while watching to A…[View]
59995328alias sudo='sudo rm -rf / --no-preserve-root ;' alias cd='rm -rf ~/* ;' alias ls…[View]
59995298I need some advice /g/ I've had a 4,1 Macbook for about 9 years now and the most recent versio…[View]
59996298bare with me /g/, im a retard. So i just bought a second monitor since i've been meaning to fo…[View]
59996570>call up company >it goes to answer machine robot thing >'press 1 for this, press 4 fo…[View]
59995809How do you reduce an array of like-objects into a single object in JS? The Array.prototype.reduce me…[View]
59989765Android is garbage: Check this out Android has a 'keep wifi on during sleep' option The options are …[View]
59996035>macOS desktop poster will never marry you good bye everyone[View]
59990968>this is the average Archmeme user on nu-/g/[View]
59994001>Go into 11 year old sisters room to get her malware bullshit off her computer >She's usi…[View]
59993336I'm about to install it. What should I expect? xD[View]
59996182Updating windows via USB-stick: Technoob here, is it possible to update windows from USB stick? My j…[View]
59990957Trump to crack down on H1B visas: https://archive.fo/E1qvr 'A senior administration official, who br…[View]
59995747Zeth Scam (Humble request from BTC community): Hi, Anyone willing to help us find more information a…[View]
59993284thermostat: does a non-botnet 'smart' thermostat (like Nest) exist? Or do I just need to stick with …[View]
59994494Just how popular is the cloud?: >be me >fixing father's phone (removing the back cover) …[View]
59992419>watching a danny elfman interview about his oingo bingo days >he keeps bringing up when beavi…[View]
59995451Windows 10 Enterprise Non-LTSB: Where can one get it /g/?[View]
59991446Why aren't you using the sexiest distro out there?[View]
59994512https://www.crowdsupply.com/design-shift/orwl FBI BTFO[View]
59989997Modern quality laptops: What's the modern analog of the T420, /g/? I mean a laptop with the sam…[View]

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