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62952937Dual screen smartphone: https://arstechnica.com/gadgets/2017/10/ztes-dual-screened-phone-looks-like-…[View]
62955750Why are Intel processors not present in mobile phones?[View]
62958415Is the botnet just a meme?[View]
62960293Creating a simple TUI music player in python: I know basic algorithm and read frequently on dev stuf…[View]
62957820/www/ - World Wide Web General: A general thread for discussion about the Internet.[View]
62942499Serious question, why would anyone buy a Ryzen 1800X when the i7 8700K is cheaper, has lower power c…[View]
62960397What do you guys think about the AFOX GeForce cards? The price seems to be nice but what about quali…[View]
62952792>Another attempt to push the VR meme: http://archive.is/E90wz Will more people fell for it now wi…[View]
62958161On FOSS software, mass adoption, normies, and customization: This is something I've been strugg…[View]
62955745>WPA2 >borderline unhackable What if I just use WEP or WPA? Would I be safe?…[View]
62960032Laptop fan issues: I have laptop in pic related (it was a gift), and im having issues with the fans.…[View]
62955516>Skype is down (yet again) >regularly shows ads which fuck up Skype and have weird security er…[View]
62957429Why do women prefer Alexa over Google Home?[View]
62960187Creating a simple TUI music player in python: I know basic algorithm and read frequently on dev stuf…[View]
62955551Best Laptop for Creative/Artistic Purposes?: Looking to get into music production and digital art, b…[View]
62955835/g/uys, what are you running on your home server?[View]
62955344Microsoft used personal data of Windows 10 users without consent – Dutch Govt: 'but Windows 10 is be…[View]
62959679Smartphone DS: We have a fucking Smartphone DS now. Which one of you jiggaboo arse niggers is going …[View]
62959972Who else is at GTC 2017 @ Israel?[View]
62959512I've been saving up to get this bundle (some accessories not shown) so that I have some nice st…[View]
62958478Just installed a cheap chinese fan: I am the fat lazy bitch from earlier today. My intel stock fan b…[View]
62956584where the hell are all the USB C accessories? i want to buy a new portable power pack and bluetooth …[View]
62955622Richard Stallman AUA: I'm in a room with RMS for the next hour. Any of you have questions for t…[View]
62940831There will never be a ThinkPad Phon...[View]
62958329Lol look at this Debian/Ubuntu/Mint users: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ian_Murdock “While a colleg…[View]
62954058There was this thread up earlier but I didn't want to read it because I'm depressed and so…[View]
62954500https://www.intel.com/content/dam/www/public/us/en/documents/roadmaps/public-roadmap-server.pdf >…[View]
62959549He doesnt even know Apache Camel[View]
62946228Why isn't my mouse working?[View]
62957764Do you literally shitpost?[View]
62955571annnndddd... uninstalled[View]
62957471this is /g/ related right? 2 fucking giant bots fighting each other usa vs japan[View]
62955490Just bought pic related. Did i fuck up?[View]
62954390Retarded Coworkers: >junior js developer is working on a webclient >see him treating promises …[View]
62957173Sup /g/ huge faggot here, I stole this phone from a dead man (pic related) new in box. But its netwo…[View]
62955070Hello, /g/ I am not a regular of this board but was wondering if I could get some input from those m…[View]
62955790Truths and.. Untruths?: I am looking for the truth /g/. Or at least the closest I can get. One parti…[View]
62956340Hey is my PC kill? So recently my old dell desktop pc started boot looping, it won't even get …[View]
62957916Bitcoin dates: First post on here. When was Bitcoin created, as I think I have a date before and I w…[View]
62957131Pls halp with iPhone: I know, iPhones are garbage. But my girl managed to shatter her screen and has…[View]
62949890Physical security keys are now mainstream FIDO U2F Security Key[View]
62958527>4k or 1440p >28' or 32' >brand I really want to buy a new monitor but all youtubers are sh…[View]
62933724HOLY FUCK. The OP from yesterday was telling the truth. https://www.theguardian.com/technology/2017…[View]
62938348How different would the world be if amiga would have succeeded?[View]
62957162I've got a busted screen on a Galaxy S8. What can I use it for? An emulator? File server? Any i…[View]
62954986Why did Vine fail?[View]
62958038>most critical update >bamboozled by an firefox update KEEEEK please help.…[View]
62941323Are there any better/new UMPCs coming out soon? Im thinking about picking up one of these. tiny lapt…[View]
62957508Will I be a cuck if I get iPhone X? If yes, what should I get?[View]
62957256>Lurk some threads and hear ublock origin several times >Go to download it and these permissi…[View]
62954960Cartoon Network does not mess around: I've never seen a take down notice sent that fast before.…[View]
62957962Speedtest thread: >tech board >no speedtest thread Get in here and compare, /g/…[View]
62953550/hpg/ - Headphone General: Requesting purchase advice: http://pastebin.com/fYZLW7Ub For sub-$50 head…[View]
62956244Multiboard autism: Greetings /g/, so let me explain >/b/ is being a bunch of tards (such a surpr…[View]
62941168Windows 10 fall creators update: Are you excited for the new stuff coming out today?[View]
62958163Is anyone on /g/ interested in sexbots just so they can see 2 robots fuck? It'd be pretty inter…[View]
62955368Damn, the Acer C720P-2600 Chromebook looks like THAT?[View]
62957557How the fuck is no one watching this?: >taken out in one punch dear lord my sides are on fire. H…[View]
62949120Mobile Ryzen: Raven Ridge confirmed for launching November 2.[View]
62954624>Vulkan AMD support[View]
62956704Font Rendering: Come on down to the font rendering thread and share your configs. I'm using Fed…[View]
62957734I pay the equivalent of 62USD a month for this internet, with a 1TB data cap. Why is this acceptable…[View]
62950792Hey guys. I've been working real hard on this website of mine and it would be amazing if you co…[View]
62957391Can you guys help me out finding a replacement for a cap? I dont know the value, but is for pic rela…[View]
62949276Daily reminder that pic related shits on Microsoft® DirectX™ 12©[View]
62948458/fglt/ - Friendly GNU/Linux Thread: Previous: >>62934123 Welcome to /fglt/ - Friendly GNU/Linu…[View]
62945933In /csg/, we discuss the cheap shit you see on Gearbest, Taobao, AliExpress, Banggood, eBay and simi…[View]
62949662Budgie 11 When?: You guys ready for that QT shit?![View]
62956940>Studing whatever4chancallsit related with programming. >Starting with pseudocode >The less…[View]
62956621>the absolute STATE of java[View]
62956497Antivirus: What's /g/'s preferred antivirus? I had Kaspersky but my license ran out and c…[View]
62955723DURGASOFT.COM: >he didn't study under Mr. Nagoor Babur himself fucking kill yourself you wor…[View]
62948901>1. can't get a job because no experience >2. can't get experience because no job …[View]
62957170Eagle Prime vs Kuratas: Who will win?[View]
62946938>win a national programming competition >receive a 2$ chocolate bar Wow thanks. Reminder that …[View]
62943755pirating videogames and other copyright theft helps degrade the GPL and other FOSS licences a small…[View]
62957027Just curious as to why don't more and more sites implement an ad-blocker message? Does it actua…[View]
629494761070ti pictured: https://videocardz.com/73408/gigabyte-geforce-gtx-1070-ti-gaming-pictured >and w…[View]
62956193I just lucked into an inheritance from my aunt and moved into a new apartment, along with every pc I…[View]
62942620How secure is your passwod /g/? >Mine here[View]
62953885>trying to find mystery bug >I had forgotten break in switch statement case…[View]
62956632Whats the most powerful pc you can build as a consumer?[View]
62947026I'm going insane on this: Signal vs. Wire Which one do I use? https://www.securemessagingapps.…[View]
62955967>clover sucks dick >dashchan won't let me change into meme flags on /pol/ Fucking pieces …[View]
62953041YLYL Speccy.[View]
62956297why isn't beaker browser more popular? dat is so much better than ipfs[View]
62955974/ntr/ - Netrunner official /g/ browser: We are making a web browser! PREVIOUSLY: >>62902418 In…[View]
62955102display: grid: Is it fake hype? I keep seeing articles and videos about how much of a game-changer …[View]
62954400Raspberry pi???: Hi, I'm a newfag to this, so please don't judge me i just got myself a r…[View]
62956341The Chan app for iOS: Is this the best way to browse on iPhone? I can’t even get images to load on …[View]
62918806Speccy thread.[View]
62952198>Update to Fall Creators Update >it replaces my AMD Radeon graphics card driver with a 10 mont…[View]
62956343i just read somewhere GCC is apparently terrible. are there any '/g/ Approved(tm)' C compilers out t…[View]
62949048Is Gentoo comfy? Should I use it? Post your experiences with using Gentoo as your daily driver.[View]
62949210I'm pretty new to programming, right now I know Lua and JavaScript and I'm looking to lear…[View]
62956140>get a new laptop from Acer >have to wait two days just to get the kit to install a real hard …[View]
62955362Whoo lads, grab a chair: I remember this time I was able to add various click events from Android ap…[View]
62952862I got a OLD ass pc with a Phenom x4 955, 8 GB ram, R7850 graphics card that I made in 2010.. I was g…[View]
62955462After Windows 7 is no longer supported by new programs, what OS should I migrate to? I don't wa…[View]
62952710Why does anyone still use this ancient piece of garbage. Explain yourself anon.[View]
62955928>TFW too poor for a VPN now all the hackers will see hentai[View]
62955524> looking for developer to make 'insert very popular app' clone, $10 fixed price other freelancer…[View]
62955652>buy iphone 10 >whip it out during class >attract attention from people >'wow anon has t…[View]
62951153How in the hell did a php developer become so rich and powerful? I don't get it.[View]
62955033Why are more and more sites requesting desktop notifications(the most recent being youtube)? This is…[View]
62955799serves them right, they didn't use Free Software!! when will you realize free software is a mem…[View]
62955434Laptop and phone now both patched against KRACK[View]
62954894chinese fans: noob here. I am replacing heatsinks for my uncle's celeron computers and he bough…[View]
62954254For those who use python, what IDE do you use? I'm just getting started learning and I want to …[View]
62954287Apologize right now[View]
62950661Just installed a fresh copy of windows 10 for gamin/3d/GPU-intensive stuff! What are some baseline …[View]
62948450Snappier Android: Changed the animations to 0.5X and everything feels so much smoother. I wonder why…[View]
62955574Nitrokey Shame Thread: DIscuss.[View]
62949757The new Ubuntu 17.10 is perfect, boys. 2017 could be the year of the Linux Desktop. There's sti…[View]
62952343Should i buy the OP5 or wait for the 6/5T? First dubs decide.[View]
62951568is Void {[(GANOO SLASH)] LOONIX} a meme? or is it worth distrohopping? I kind of want to jump out of…[View]
62953606Has Tor become a meme?[View]
62950958Redpill me on LineageOS /g/[View]
62950847Is the Acer Aspire E15 a good laptop?[View]
62951717blablalbalblablalbalblalbalblalbalblalblalb: https://pcpartpicker.com/user/TheRealCarb/saved/#view=q…[View]
62951483C: you smartass motherfuckers , who can help me make a scientific calculator with C ?[View]
62948879I for one welcome our Google overlords[View]
62953196Laptop Vega < GT 1030: http://wccftech.com/amd-ryzen-7-2700u-ryzen-5-2500u-apu-performance-leak/ …[View]
62953528Why is it usually the arabs and pajeets that are so thirsty over tech and are good at it?[View]
62952375How's your battery life /g/?[View]
62954834VR + stuff: VR + neuro science. VR + neuro science + stuff. VR + mind programming. VR + mind program…[View]
62954799I have a vector which holds the contents of a text file and I want to display the vector in a ncurse…[View]
62950428Why are american so backward when it comes to cashless payment? Everyone else around the globe alrea…[View]
62953462are you ready for Windows on ARM 2.0?: http://www.trustedreviews.com/news/4-things-learned-microsoft…[View]
62953197Is this, dare I say it, /ourmouse/?: Well /g/, what say you?[View]
62948153What terminal is /g/ approved nowadays?: Or even which do you like to use personally?[View]
62950144So I never actually used Windows. What exactly is Windows? Is that the thing that I always see poor…[View]
62954483mpv: https://mpv.io a free, open source, and cross-platform media player[View]
62947369Distrohopping inc: Hi /g/, what distro are you currently on and what are your findings? I'm cur…[View]
62951727iPod Classic vs modern smartphone: How does the iPod classic compare with modern smartphones like th…[View]
62940733/sqt/ - Stupid Questions Thread: Old thread reached bump limit: >>62928398 I've posted in…[View]
62950481How 'free' is /g/ ?: use vrms and post results and Operating system. >Ubuntu 17.04…[View]
62953977>install loonix next to windows >installation finished but u have to restart >restart >s…[View]
62953959https://devblogs.nvidia.com/parallelforall/inside-volta/ >The new Volta SM is 50% more energy eff…[View]
62953957newfag here, may somebody please explain me why are thinkpads worshipped on this board?[View]
62953057>Wayland >Vulkan >Qt quick 2 >systemd much better than it used to be 2018 could truly be…[View]
62950197>there are people on /g/ right now who run Linux as their primary and only OS Jesus, what the fuc…[View]
62947253do people really like and subscribe to your youtube channel if you tell them to at the end of your v…[View]
62947748Home Server OS: I decided to turn an old pc into a plex/ftp server, and I'm not sure what OS to…[View]
62949881Axon M: How do you feel about this, /g/? https://www.engadget.com/2017/10/17/zte-axon-m-hands-on/…[View]
62950771distros: so what is the difference really between two distros? doesn't desktop environment dete…[View]
62950815How is this possible that Apple displays look better despite having same or worse specs than competi…[View]
62953561Hi guys!, someone break mi gmail recently so i started to think more in improve my internet security…[View]
62953630My laptop has been charging faster since I've installed GNU/Linux. How can Windows or MacOS com…[View]
62953687Are these the go to software licences to use if you actually care about freedom?[View]
62949883Freelancing: >>62945024 how the fuck are you supposed to start freelancing? if you're a f…[View]
62941625/hpg/ - Headphone General: Requesting purchase advice: http://pastebin.com/fYZLW7Ub For sub-$50 head…[View]
62947595Will Linux ever be considered 'out of beta', a finished product, capable of replacing Windows entire…[View]
62952658Guys, I'm nearing the end of chapter 3 of sicp and it has just been a standard introductory boo…[View]
62948434Cant into logic: So guys, im studying CS , but i really suck at programming(PHP, Java) .Sometimes i …[View]
62948024Hey /g/ I think I dodged a huge bullet. So I have a new ASUS ZenBook Flip UX560UQ, and I made the du…[View]
62947623What is your hacker name /g/?[View]
62939250/pcbg/ - PC Building General: Coffee Lake has been released! Benchmarks / Reviews https://www.techpo…[View]
62947823Do people here really not like this just because it's easier to use than Arch?[View]
62952736stop making fun of python you fuggs[View]
62950448/faggot/ - Friendly Windows Thread: shit[View]
62953255what the fuck is this a honeypot?[View]
62947489IT'S FUCKING OVER: >The Pixel 2 XL display has a consistent 'dirty' grain to it, and you can…[View]
62952564Linux is an OS.: Why is RMS crying ? Busybox is all you need to make Linux kernel a whole OS http:/…[View]
62906105/cyb/+/sec/: Cyberpunk and Cybersecurity General: /cyb/ + /sec/: 2019 Detective Special Model CS Edi…[View]
62949810I have a laptop and I want to store my music/films/documents on a separate HDD at home. At home I wa…[View]
62952523Bots: Sup /g/, I have a question/request.At the moment I am setting up an important instagram accoun…[View]
62951992Dont mind me, just pirating some wine![View]
62951173What programs are these /g/. Identify?[View]
62946908Linux distros now available for one-click install from the Microsoft Store on Windows 10: New in the…[View]
62952642Neural networks: Have neural networks superseded statistical machine learning methods? I understand …[View]
62951745daily reminder that the average computer user accepts that this is completely normal behaviour for a…[View]
62950856do you use wireless keyboards if not why[View]
62952522Intel unveils new family of AI chips to take on Nvidia’s GPUs: https://www.theverge.com/circuitbreak…[View]
62952433Are PSU sleeved cables a meme?[View]
62951213Is there some actual proof that TOR and Systemd are compromised?[View]
62950400GNU/Linux gaming console: https://www.ataribox.com/ Will be running a full OS?[View]
62950855Installing /g/entoo. Help me. Wat do?[View]
62951487Why does Windows 10's installer still use Aero?[View]
62951849I really like this image. Linux is just a tiny and portable star that managed to host important thin…[View]
62952610>current state of windows 10 fresh install of latest 1709. honestly thought the broken search wa…[View]
62950168What's a good place to share code other than github (tracking, censorship, being closed source,…[View]
62950063I need some help with a power consumption questions. Background: I'm throwing a big Halloween p…[View]
62948325Cheap Type-C powered PC?: We've seen micro-USB powered TV boxes and USB-PD powered laptops. Are…[View]
62952193Is it worth buying DVD's anymore? I'm not talking about Piracy I'm wondering if DVD…[View]
62951368Is there any reliable webmail service around that just does its job without running sixty gorrilion …[View]
62949371Whats up poorfags ? you allright? hehe ;)) Look what i just bought Yep its the Omen X by HP 35inch u…[View]
62951021/fwg/ - Friendly Windows General: Discuss anything related with windows here![View]
62951269Does anyone have good sites they'd recommend with programming exercises in multiple languages? …[View]
62945567Which do you prefer?[View]
62920527Still the best case on the market: You may not like it, but this is what peak performance looks like…[View]
62950088why do you fags want linux to be the major desktop? Everyone liked micro$shit, but they got too big …[View]
62951125What should my first CompTia cert be?: I am currently looking for my first IT help desk job. I appli…[View]
62921894Firefox Powerusers come home!: If you dont use Vivaldi by now you're a late adopter IE a faggot…[View]
62923956>builds $10,000 rig >installs linux[View]
629498642000$ budget need a laptop that will: >play vidya >15+ inch screen bc 13 inch sucks the rest…[View]
62950241Having Lag trouble: Please help! I have been having alot of lag in many games, I need to know if I n…[View]
62947759Are gayman chairs worth it? they do look pretty comfy[View]
62951172I know it's going to sound terrible. Am i the only one here that would enjoy something like i3 …[View]
62951772Learning about Bitcoins in class. How fucked are you in 2140 when no more coins?[View]
62949998When will everyone realize that Apple's success is 100% due to their operating systems. No one …[View]
62951416Give me stuff to code: I know c++, but not well enough. Someone give me ideas to program (Hopefully …[View]
62949815muh programming get fucked: Rep. Barbara Lee: “Coding jobs will become the blue collar jobs of the f…[View]
62948833C++ is a horrible language. It's made more horrible by the fact that a lot of substandard prog…[View]
62945024/dpt/ - Daily Programming Thread: What are you working on, /g/? Old thread: >>62937250[View]
62951006Should I get this compact PC? It's $600. It has an SSD. It has an i7 and got a shitton of port…[View]
62936689/wt/ - Watch Thread: This thread is about the appreciation of horology, as well as the micro-enginee…[View]
62951031why do C and C++ programmers hate each other?[View]
62949735I need your help /g/: This last year, I followed all your advice, and it really paid off. I have an …[View]
62948376Gimp vs Photoshop: Gimp vs Photoshop Which do you use and why do you prefer it over the other? I per…[View]
62949400mdadm linux RAID: Someone said I should set up linux software RAID the other day so I am, on Ubuntu …[View]
62943959If Linux had Windows market share for desktop OS, it would be as shit as windows or ever worse[View]
62950178I have an interview for a level 1 noc engineer. Any advice?[View]
62946042>smartphone is a good invention[View]
62948535>Macbooks are overpriced >Ok, show me a similarly priced laptop with the same specs or better.…[View]
62942292Should I /can I learn Clojure as a first programming language Whats a good into for the language?[View]
62929537Which colors do you use in your terminal?[View]
62950009Windows fall creators update is now available to download and install. Discuss, butt blasted loonix …[View]
62950102>spend two hours getting log4net to work >finally notice I have a lower case letter in the app…[View]
62949517>You realize 95% of programming is plumbing data through CRUD applications >You realize you ma…[View]
62949993Will Plasma ever not look like utter shit?[View]
62950478How to get better reception: >be me >lives in a 3Rd world country >is a univ student at a …[View]
62949146Solus or Manjaro? Which one has the least hassle?[View]
62941353Why is it so comfy?[View]
62949150Which browser: Hey /g/ Linux newfag here. I just installed my first distro of Linux ever, Ubuntu, an…[View]
62949919Where were you when Microsoft won?: https://youtu.be/4ck5RbTQj28[View]
62947244HALP ME CHOOSE LAPTOP PLEASEEE ! I wanna get a latop that actually works rather than the old piece o…[View]
62950151SüdOstLink: Siegfried B.: 'Natürlich schadet die Stromtrasse weder den Weinbauern, noch den Touriste…[View]
62950142Hello /g/, just bought a 1440p monitor, but the top part of the monitor just started repeating at th…[View]
62950077So how much should you dedicate to self taught programming?: So some fag on here was complaining tha…[View]
62949698Is there such a thing as a 'powerful but cheap laptop'? I can easily get a 300$ smartphone similar o…[View]
62943869KRACK - Android: How can I patch the affected binaries on my android device? Vendor support was drop…[View]
62949533*blocks your path*[View]
62949845Intel BTFO[View]
62944107Let's switch all the GPL code to BSD.: Now that the dust has settled, let's switch all PGL…[View]
62948354https://www.razerzone.com/gaming-systems/razer-blade-stealth IT'S HAPPENING[View]
62949627I've watched a lot of programming related talks on youtube, and I'm watching one right now…[View]
62949731https://www.microsoft.com/en-us/software-download/windows10 >Windows 10 Fall Creators Update now …[View]
62946878Alternative to Clover: Hey /g/ what's your opinion on Clover? Is there any alternative you thin…[View]
62940168Coders BTFO: Rep. Barbara Lee: “Coding jobs will become the blue collar jobs of the future.” Code mo…[View]
62940954What is the dumbest shit going on in technology right now?: Post stupid fucking things that piss you…[View]
62945174Are there any laptops with a touch bar that are not made by Apple?[View]
62949507Is Jimmyageek the pinnacle of tech youtubers ?[View]
62948773Can we all agree that KDE has made the most contributions to GNU/Linux out of any DE? Even compared …[View]
62942125Two servers, one ip address: I have two servers behind a single ip address each running their own we…[View]
62921488/mpv/: site: https://mpv.io install: https://mpv.io/installation[View]
62947877anyone else know this good feeling?[View]
62946819>power goes out while updating the BIOS[View]
62940252AMD is beyond shit:: I just had to underclock my 3.5 gigahertz AMD FX-6300 to 3 gigahertz to try and…[View]
62947465What type system do you use? Brainlet-tiers not welcome![View]
62946471how do you find the strength to pack all your computer shit when moving, /g/? theres just so much ra…[View]
62940935God damn! Working with numpy arrays is such a pain in the ass! Why can't they address arrays l…[View]
62943965Firefox general: ITT post everything related to Firefox --- Using NoScript, how should I deal with j…[View]
62946700>replacement part costs more than a whole new machine[View]
62947791Why isnt there a black and white printer that just scorches the paper lightly with a laser, instead …[View]
62946809>http://www.tomshardware.de/amd-radeon-vega64-custom,news-258605.html >first custom vega comes…[View]
62948309When you guys flash a rom, how do you back up your photos?[View]
62938080What adblocker does /g/ use?[View]
62948702should I write down every thing I don't know I hear on /g/?[View]
62947150Aww yeah. I fucking love Winter[View]
62945998>2017 >not using a mono laser Brother printer Wow, it's like you WANT to get jewed by the…[View]
62948217>Fucking gaymers threads everyday STOP IT![View]
62944330Admit it, you would buy it if you could afford it[View]
62946680What is your hacking gun of choice? Do you like to wear sunglasses with your balaclava? Gloves or no…[View]
62946866Surface Book 2: >Fly me to the moon Is Microsoft dare I say it /ourcompany/? https://www.youtube.…[View]
62943590>haha pajeet poo in loo This guy called it years ago before it was discovered while /g/ was sitti…[View]
62930936>his mouse have only 3 buttons Is there any reason to not use a 5 button mouse?…[View]
62931569/ptg/ - Private Tracker General: Last thread >>62909150 >Have a question? FAQ https://paste…[View]
62947596What would you do when the technology apocalypce hit us?[View]
62939554I just bought 12 RX480s for coin mining. Would I get better yields with 3 4way crossfire boards or 4…[View]
62947217what is the most lightweight version of pic related, i just recieved this new awful '''creators' upd…[View]
62946698On a scale of 1 to 10 how jelly are you?[View]
62948215What is the best electronic device to use all day in bed? smartphone/tablet/laptop/desktop[View]
62947889where the fuck is my fall creators update micro$oft?[View]
62946719Is this a joke?[View]
62943431Ummm. So what's the catch[View]
62939516http://www.pcgamer.com/hp-is-readying-an-envy-x360-laptop-with-integrated-amd-vega-mobile-graphics/ …[View]
62948064Should I disable this or will it break my shit[View]
62947381Sup /g/, need help identifying whatever that red arrow pointing at is called: Long story short, I…[View]
62944843windows 11 when? day by day my win 7 becomes more unusable[View]
62944546Blade Runner 2049 tech: What is stopping companies from producing Joi like hologram assistants? Is t…[View]
62936203Why does /g/ hate internet trying to earn a living? more people use adblock --> the websites nee…[View]
62947766Let’s settle this[View]
62947903Gaming < $500: My laptop took a shit and I need a new one that can actually run some games. Lucki…[View]
62933236ITT LAPTOP BRANDS YOU HATE: Let's hear some stories boys[View]
62946112Except being technically property of intel/Illegal, what are the downsides to using a confidential c…[View]
62940337/sneak/ python general: Python general from collections import defaultdict bla = defaultdict(lambda:…[View]
62947431thoughts on egpus? bought this guy yesterday, i want to test it on my x230 the idea is to use it as …[View]
62934123/fglt/ - Friendly GNU/Linux Thread: Previous: >>62907835 Welcome to /fglt/ - Friendly GNU/Linu…[View]
62946500Samsung Tab A 2017 8 vs lenovo tab 4 10.1? I have the choice between these two tablets and I'm …[View]
62943013DSLRs are DEAD: Seriously, the only reason why you'll buy an DSLR is because you want a collect…[View]
62947629def kaprekar(n): assert 0 <= n <= 9999 curr, prev = n, -1 while curr != prev: …[View]
62946823how 2 get a job: i'm looking for a job as AR developer. I'm in the last semester of univer…[View]
62945884How the hell are you supposed to pick a specialization as a programmer? There's so much shit yo…[View]
62947082Debugging: How do you debug, /g/? I prefer dtrace, truss, sockstat, procstat and mdb. Do you have an…[View]
62944920What are some fun things i can put in a PCI slot? tv tuner? wlan? dual gigabit lan?[View]
62941283>He doesn't know any C >He uses Python >He thinks PHP is a good language…[View]
62941729Screen tearing in Linux: I've been exploring Linux as an alternative windows 10 and so far thin…[View]
62943792>laptop with num keypads can someone explain why?[View]
62945485Who would win?[View]
62945413Distros: >Try out like 6 or 7 different linux distros to make myself feel like a l33t hacker. Spe…[View]
62946354brokenSUSE Tumbleweed: >ncurses broken >appimages broken >stupid package manager >useles…[View]
62942676pa/g/eets of /g/, is java worth learning?: or is it shit?[View]
62939082What's the most enjoyable programming language to use? Forget about everything else like employ…[View]
62946449Gonna build a PC soon, waiting for a 1070TI, is it worth waiting for? Should I just go for a differe…[View]
62946060does anyone know why this thing died on me as soon as it did? i bought it with some gambling winning…[View]
62944887The State of /g/: Are the mods really happy with the state of /g/? The level of shitposting, the gen…[View]
62946857So I never actually used Windows. What exactly is Windows? Is that the thing that I always see poor …[View]
62944031What laptop do you use?[View]
62943689What are the 'shaved bays' of computers?[View]
62945181How much extra usable screen real estate do you actually get by running a 4k monitor instead of 1080…[View]
62946114Live webcams around the world: Why are there not more HD webcams watching the streets around the wor…[View]
62946346So what would be the ideal laptop for you? For.me it's: >Metal chassis of some sort >Mech…[View]
62945931Does anyone actually use this instead of middle mouse? Why isn't there an option to hide them?[View]
62943556are you ready for the last and most superb rape of intel? https://videocardz.com/newz/hp-envy-x360-s…[View]
62944897Why aren't there any affordable laptops with DECENT specs that aren't QC catastrophe gaymi…[View]
629412673rd remove vulnerability on openbsd: Since WPA2 affects almost all WIFI suites can we consider openb…[View]
62946485Ugliest titlebars IN THE WORLD: Who's bright idea was that?[View]
62944643codecademy is awful. What were they thinking with these hints? They're almost useless, what I n…[View]
62928253>ips >4ms response time >9ms input lag >1440p >23.8 inches this is litcherally the b…[View]
62946325adnauseam: >no adn thread What did you do lately to make the internet a better place?…[View]
62944946>tfw patched my router[View]
62941211>open youtube tutorial for programming >hear 'hello my friends' in indian accent…[View]
62944870Any good, recommended discord channels about technology? I don't care whether they're norm…[View]
62943831>set up I2P snark >13-24KBps[View]
62941649Cheapest Laptop: Whats the cheapest usable laptop one can get? It needs to be able to run windows an…[View]
62941845Why doesn't windows' built in mobile hotspot work for me? Can't connect my phone to i…[View]
62937236Can your PC compete with IGN's $2500 dream machine?[View]
62915759>'Lol @ people who upgrade their cpu, my 2500k is still competitive!'[View]
62944151Apps you wish existed: So i need to make an Android app this year for my CS course. Are there any ap…[View]
62943845Hey /g/uys I just thought of a very clever scam! You create a startup company that you hire develope…[View]
62944374Fuck Recaptcha: I can not stand recaptcha. Captcha in general is annoying but googles shitty skynet …[View]
62940225How long until we can put the owner of every website that does something to this effect on a medieva…[View]
62942605I'm like 10 years late, I know but.. HOLY FUCK do these fermi cards run HOT.[View]
62945525/g/ life: gonna buy a 2011 MBP and change the wheel on my bicycle what's on your bucket list? p…[View]
62943568I got a question that's been bugging me for a while. In a gradient descent algorithm. Why havin…[View]
62945689mining crypto currencies for dummies: i want to get into mining crypto currencies, i got the rough i…[View]
62944807How do I get this thing working?: I really, really need to figure out this. This is the only way to …[View]
62939663Your alien overlords take pity on you and deliver you a CPU, GPU and RAM that can run at over 999999…[View]
62935953Who the fuck thought that was a good idea?[View]
62944580>Fluent Design System Oh boy, what a joke! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pT-zok786Yc&…[View]
62938152it's over, the old internet is finally dead: Cell phone companies are now allowing companies th…[View]
62944318>put on my balaclava >put on my leather jacket >grab my p90 and strap it to my chest >pu…[View]
62929747/csg/ Chink Shit General: In /csg/, we discuss the cheap shit you see on Gearbest, Taobao, AliExpres…[View]
62944220Who wants a stylus? http://www.dailymail.co.uk/sciencetech/article-4985240/Apple-said-developing-sty…[View]
62943661Is there any reason for me not to have a basic-bitch Linux distro such as pic related installed dual…[View]
62942955Fedora GNU/Linux: Whatś wrong with it?[View]
62944336>2017 >not using the greatest keyboard ever produced Explain yourself.…[View]
62943436>wifi vulnerability is discovered >debian gnu/linux is patched and the problem fixed before it…[View]
62944012is Apple in a downward spiral?: On the left is a $270 phone vs the $700 fruit phone. The phone on le…[View]
62944514When your end of year project is due tomorrow and it just sits there for half an hour in a hung stat…[View]
62940916What apps do you have on your phone /g/?[View]
62942226What does /g/ think of Cortana?[View]
62937250/dpt/ - Daily Programming Thread: old thread: >>62931530 What are you working on, /g/?[View]
62926579Who here joining the /pixelxl2masterrace/ soon. Trading in my current Pixel XL for a Pixel XL 2 w/1…[View]
62936705What's the best mouse for a programmer? Pic related, a programmer.[View]
62940608>ywn have an IBM Space Saver II[View]
62939673ITT: Pretend we're on HackerNews[View]
62937899Thinkpad USB compact keyboard: Hey /g/, I just bought the non wireless Thinkpad Compact keyboard and…[View]
62941356If it were the same price as your T420, would you?[View]
62943459what vpn do i get for torrents help[View]
62942980I wan't to conect this display to my rasperry. The touch screen it's from a cheap tablet. …[View]
62943793>trusting the compiler[View]
62901048/wdg/ - Web Development General: >Previous thread >>62858732 >Free resources to get star…[View]
62941089>tfw forced to be a C only programmer because you cant fathom how to install and learn another la…[View]
62939292How big will 2019 be for /g/? >Finally optimized new Architecture Tigerlake >Volta 1180 ti …[View]
62944355What's the news on Perl6? Will we ever see adoption? I like it#)![View]
62943878Java - LWJGL: Anyone? is it worth learning?[View]
62942932Let's say I wanted to use a cloud because I was tired of Google photos and G drive and looking …[View]
62902418/ntr/ - Netrunner official /g/ browser: We are making a web browser! PREVIOUSLY: >>62891024 …[View]
62941245>I'll just Bing it[View]
62932148WPA2 Security Flaw: https://arstechnica.com/information-technology/2017/10/severe-flaw-in-wpa2-proto…[View]
62941215>tfw everyone at work is blocker by squid and only I am blocked by kerio control because i know t…[View]
62942013Where can I hear about hipster programming languages on the rise? Whats the best programming? Langua…[View]
62933559>itt: technology confessions[View]
62943131Don't mind me, I'm just porting these Linux kernel modules to OpenBSD.[View]
62941071Now that there is a free as in freedom CPU ISA how long until there is a GPU ISA?[View]
62943493What is the best 150$ over the ear headphones?: Is it the Sennheiser hd4.40 Bt?[View]
62942348>Muh free software[View]
62942654>2017 >not using Pale Moon explain, please.…[View]
62942746It is so painful to watch a community that does not use forth.[View]
62943018I'm a beginner in C++ programming and currently writing a text editor/-viewer, which works from…[View]
62922014/spg/ - Smartphone General: If requesting purchasing advice, please provide your country and what ca…[View]
62943016What is easier to adapt with ARDUINO. I'm fresh. NFC or RFID?[View]
62942953Idea for sum good software: Neural network that learns via the reCAPTCHA images you select and the w…[View]
62941495Why do you trust him, /g/?[View]
62940555You did disable your NumLock [spoiler]didn't you[/spoiler]?[View]
62934434>dude, open source software is JUST AS GOOD as proprietary softwa-[View]
62942311all is lost: >fucking with Vulkan drivers it didn't go well…[View]
62942548what's The best place to get proxy lists /g/?[View]
62926357why does this still exist?[View]
62940782confessions general >i dont want to try out fedora because it reminds me of the hat >i really …[View]
62939407Every website: <script async='' src='//www.google-analytics.com/analytics.js'></script>…[View]
62939824Daily reminder that Bitcoin is a fraud: >durr Buttcoin is legit tech I swear it's not just a…[View]
62941652So are Core 2 Duo laptops useless these days?[View]
62942103Question RE Airport dat file: hey /pol/fag here. Researching some dat files. Any tips/suggestions/kn…[View]
62940646Crank phone: i bought this crank phone for my bar but don't know anything about it, anybody kno…[View]
62942433So /g/ I am an avid plex user, and I have recently dug into the world of HEVC and like it. Turns out…[View]
62933208>flatpack >snap >every program bundles outdated copies of it's own libraries DUDE LET…[View]
62907305Vim vs Emacs: Which one and why?[View]
62938885>y-you only use 1080p because youre a poorfag show me a 22 inch 1440p or 4k monitor…[View]
62942184>Intel Core i9-7980XE >Nvidia Titan Xp >Dell ultrasharp 8k moniter >[spoiler] Installs …[View]
62941819The GNU/Linux Phone: >Coming 2019 AHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAH[View]
62937861Is this /g/ approved: Hey /g/ I’m seeking your approval. Did I don good?[View]
62942176eSIM: Would you use a phone with a permanent SIM? You shouldn't.[View]
62936593What the fuck windows?[View]
62942116Just got one of these. BASED apple[View]
62938049if a gtx 1070 is for 1440p and a gtx 1080 ti is for 4k/1440p144hz then whats a gtx 1080 for[View]
62939026H-hi niggers, where can I find a type-c adapter that turns into a usb port? When I google it all I f…[View]
62940868How is this cable called ? Where do I get it ? I need 16m of it[View]
62941852the switch to a light broke and the light was on, so I had to unscrew the lightbulb in order to get …[View]
62941815ok so i followed a youtube tutorial (learning how to hack) and installed linux but now i dont have a…[View]
62941835high end gaming console: this xbox has been through some rough times[View]
62935758Genode OS framework. Anybody here running this with sel4?[View]
62940287Because modern Thinkpad is a-shit thanks to being a chink owned product line, is it time for the nip…[View]
62941949<< >> ... Could someone please inform me as to whether or not SD card mounting technolog…[View]
62941254Mashable is a joke.[View]
62941126Old /g/ Related Advertisements Vol.2 PS: Whoever this was https://rbt.asia/g/thread/62583466/#626181…[View]
62940001What are some essential Chrome/chromium extensions?[View]
62939397Why is Windows such a garbage OS? Also why is it still the most popular OS in the mainstream for ove…[View]
62941821Why do they just sell video wall monitors to people who hate bezels?[View]
62941259Aside from the difference in licensing, is there any way in which Unix is objectively and fundamenta…[View]
62941742this is a backslash, you can tell because as you move the pencil from the top to the bottom, you are…[View]
62934973Massive Yubikey security vulnerability: Yubikey sale suspended, will require hardware replacement (n…[View]
62937216How soon is apple going to fix the iOS 11 lag problem? This shit is humiliating and is keeping me on…[View]
62939099>'Don't mind me, I'm just blocking the crypto miner on this website'…[View]
62940939Anybody here knows how to permanently remove the win7 build 7601 error? It's not there when I t…[View]
62941118Is it pronounced ( lOn-ix) ( Liy-nux) or (lin-ux)?[View]
62941446now that WPA is dead, what's next for Router encryption?[View]
62940788Is there any way to block a website to well on Windows 10 that it would take me 20 to 30 minutes to …[View]
62932018>writing O(n^2) algorithms where O(n log n) is a known solution I seriously hope you guys don…[View]
62941169PC Economics: Why for the price of only a CPU I can get a full machine of the same Geekbench score? …[View]
62932293/hpg/ - Headphone General: Requesting purchase advice: http://pastebin.com/fYZLW7Ub For sub-$50 head…[View]
62941383ITT: SQL Horror stories: Ah...You think SQL is your ally? You merely adopted the database. I was bor…[View]
62941305Are there any portable Bluetooth speakers that charge via USB-C? I really don't want to buy an…[View]
62934414I a- it is just li- i don't kn- ... I can't man[View]
62941144Hi /g/. I got a wax pen a few weeks ago. I used it yesterday and it worked fine, today the chamber w…[View]
62938130The new WPA2 exploit is no doubt an NSA backdoor that someone else finally discovered.[View]
62934492EVGA denied my rma, so I need a new gpu /g/uys. What should I buy? Bought an evga gtx10606gb refurb …[View]
62940834dynamic keyboards: Are these things just a meme? What's g's opinions on these things, wort…[View]
62940519Why the fuck are SSDs so expensive and can we expect to see them drop in price in the foreseeable fu…[View]
62940651Have we reached the pinnacle in smartphone innovation?: All the new smartphones nowadays don't …[View]
62936927Why don't these fuckers decide whether clicking over the video is supposed to pause/play or ena…[View]
62936210Microphone recs: any audiofags out there this is a long shot but I fell for the USB MICROPHONES ARE …[View]
62939546What's the best Bluetooth card to buy right now?[View]
62937489Will flip-phones ever make a comeback?[View]
62934379Arch: What is the best looking Arch Linux desktop environment and also how do I achieve that Arch Li…[View]
62940861Office of Information & Technology: Hey there, Ever wished there was a place where you can ask a…[View]
62934592Homebrew Computers: Interested in said topic, but going a step further and making it out of NPN tran…[View]
62940523How do you get rid of copious amounts of dust? I clean my apartment weekly, and there's always…[View]
62940356New Fedora fag here, used to be an Ubuntu dude but made the jump... al i can say is god damn. this d…[View]
62934932*compiles and flashes 8kb microcontroller in c++17[View]
62939547where you buy your PC parts?[View]
62939696Virtualbox: I want to be able to quickly try new settings and mess around my system safely without s…[View]
62935215Is macOS more secure than Windows?[View]
62937516Female coders.: Daily reminder that female programmers is a meme, the only reason why there were lot…[View]
62940291I know, I know. 'Who cares about voat lol'. But I thought it was interesting enough to share here. A…[View]
62940048Give me one (1) reason why ddr4 ram is better than ddr3 ram for gaymen and shitposting[View]
62936835When you run an installer for an operating system, how does the OS know how to install itself? That…[View]
62940235hacker idiot: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zqBIXIAw7ic[View]
62939453>Live in Ontario Canada >All the successful people study computer science at the University of…[View]
62937108Has anyone noticed that this new 'flat design' fad has started just about the same time this snowfla…[View]
62938448Why aren't you running Manjaro Budgie, the best distribution?[View]
62934478When the hell did Xbox take the console market?[View]
62935844Found a GTX 1070 for 50 bucks listed as not working, the owner says it starts up for a second then s…[View]
62936385>NVMe >NV Me >Envy Me…[View]
62937808Can the NSA and government really execute code remotely into your pc? Is so how is it done? Do they …[View]
62939915A-anon kun... don't yell at me ;_; https://www.youtube.com/watch?time_continue=40&v=tDacjrS…[View]
62939863Post your stories about normies (in tech way). >Be me >Use KDE on my T420 >Doing some prog…[View]
62914377official /g/ humor (humour) thread[View]
62939751>android completely lagging to hell >100% CPU >'Unfortunately, Google has stopped.' >but…[View]
62937715Every 'in demand' career article usually says something related to computing being sought after. Yet…[View]
62934486So, what's the deal with buying a used CPU?[View]
62938076Gentoo shit: >have some time to spare and finally want to download gentoo and install it the prop…[View]
62939474Raven Ridge is coming https://www.computerbase.de/2017-10/raven-ridge-hp-notebook-amd-ryzen-5-2500u/…[View]
62937834ok how do i use Umatrix? Noscript doesnt work anymore[View]
62939232>le lighter and thinner Why is this what literally every phone manufacturer is striving for? Like…[View]
62936214These are my current apps, am i doing something wrong here?[View]
62939197Why is there no open source soft core processor like the j2 based on this?[View]
62938225>buy IPS display >all the colors are fucking neon bright >people's skin literally glow…[View]
62936105>go to install program >'Error, an installation is already in progress'…[View]
62935615Why can't freetards define DRM?[View]
62934858Monospaced Fonts: Has anything been able to top this yet? Does anyone have Operator Mono, how do you…[View]
62937634How do you organize your media server, anon?[View]
62938651Hey /g/ Is it possible to install some kind of overlay on your existing monitors to make them touch …[View]
62933959There is literally no need for AIB, the reference model already has perfect PCB, just watercool your…[View]
62939217Intel on suicide watch. Customers are not falling for the Coffin lake meme.[View]
62934059Show your results of last weeks programming challenge! This is 1M iterations on a i3 using C++ with …[View]
62928398/sqt/ - Stupid Questions Thread[View]
62937156https://twitter.com/notebookitalia/status/919998292943097856 http://notebookitalia.it/primo-converti…[View]
62927161Intel employee here. Leaving next week. AMA.[View]
62934905what is the best smartphone on the market today?[View]
62931146/pcbg/ - PC building general: Coffee Lake has been released! Benchmarks / Reviews https://www.techpo…[View]
62936619660 ti replacement: My 660 ti just crapped so I was thinking of getting a 1050 ti to replace it. I …[View]
62937559AMD summed up in 1 image seriously, they aren't the best at anything, they target sperglords wh…[View]
62933197Who /mis/chievous here? >Rude user at work constantly gives the IT department shit >I regularl…[View]
62936118>he trusted the so-called 'optimizing' compiler[View]
62936196This is worse than every browser I saw even support is a fucking scam. Why does this exist /g/? Pic …[View]
62933068>never flashed my bios >getting a ryzen based pc soon so i have to flash it to be able to hit …[View]
62937161>firefox nightly why the waste of space next to the address bar?[View]
62935577Arch Linux hate thread: >he thinks he knows Linux because he copy and pasted commands from a wiki…[View]
62937721>browsing through github >see this How do people unironically think this is acceptable?…[View]
62936887Foss video converter?[View]
62938139Networking: For a small home with shitloads of devices, Linksys WRT1900ACS or Netgear R7800 Nighthaw…[View]
62936195Can Crysis be run at Max settings at a steady 60 fps nowadays? i haven't looked into computer s…[View]
62936615Blocking sites with router: Is there any way I can have a blacklist/whitelist rotation on my router?…[View]
62936634what was the name of the tracking sites/cookies/scripts that were used on 4ch earlier this year? /g/…[View]
62934935Is there any kind of technology that would help us to be better persons?[View]
62937227Office on Linux: Manjaro added Microsoft office on Linux. Are all other Linux distributions absolute…[View]
62935770>these big ugly bezels >for 1 8 9 9 LMFAO…[View]
62936495WHERE DID THE NEW TAB BUTTON GO?: I need to double-click on an empty space to open a new tab, instea…[View]
62893769/mkg/ - Mechanical Keyboard General: /mkg/ Hipster Edition >Buyer's template: http://pastebi…[View]
62929415Why is this meme being pushed so hard?[View]
62936631What do i need to learn to get a basic office job without experience?[View]
62936992What the fuck does Windows do while 'configuring the system' or rebooting?: As a Linux user I gave …[View]
62934735Even Microsoft fixed/mitigated the 'KRACK' WPA2 vulnerability already now. Still no patch from Goog…[View]
62937416Operating Systems: Right now I'm looking into Tails, it claims to be a privacy-respecting OS bu…[View]
62935675>flat/material design[View]
62937945Gonna have a business trip to our company's Service Desk Center in India. I've never seen …[View]
62919754Quantum Shit: Stop shiting about firefox, download quantum nightly you faggot. Its like new browser …[View]
62934741ok faggots let's see how smart you are[View]
62937596Anyone have any experience with SCART to HDMI? Does it upscale anything from a PS2? I'd like to…[View]
62935138Anti-Corporate Web Thread: Google is running a war on the spread of opinions from anonymous people o…[View]
62935290Sup /G/entoomen, how the fuck am i supposed to graduate with a CS degree and actually give a fuck ab…[View]
62937433Android Box: Best box around $100? >inb4 your moms[View]
62929322fact is that you should only buy a CPU in 2019 with DDR5 + Ryzen 2 + 3D XPoint tech fully mature and…[View]
62930715SHOW /G/ YOUR FIREFOX ADDONS AND WHETHER OR NOT 57 WILL FUCK YOUR ASS: >screenshot your Firefox a…[View]
62936741Is there any way to stream the screen of my Macbook to an Android phone? I made an app prototype tha…[View]
62936170Mozilla BTFO.: sudo apt-mark hold firefo*[View]
62931226What do you guys think about the 'krack' wpa2 breaker? > Key Reinstallation Attacks Seems to be q…[View]
62934842enjoying those fall temps?[View]
62931530/dpt/ - Daily Programming Thread: What are you working on, /g/? Previous thread: >>62923737…[View]
62935583should i be using xampp or is that a noob mistake?[View]
62935371Where can i find a chart of fliphones or eccomended fliphones i want a dumb flip phone im done guys …[View]
62935018I want to get a raspberry pi glasses that will connect to my pc via VNC. Where to I put a keyboard o…[View]
62935728The sorry state of software: >Want to do industry-level CAD? >You'll need a 50MHZ CPU for…[View]
62930716'Android and Linux-based devices are the worst affected by multiple vulnerabilities': HAHAHAHAHAHAHA…[View]
62936714So I am no longer a poor fucker after years and want to upgrade my computer that has the current spe…[View]
62935658what extensions does /g/ use? this is on portable firefox 56.0.1 64bit[View]
62934565What's the best audio solution for a cd player only car? Obviously I want to use a portable med…[View]
62935870Herman miller office chairs.: Is the Herman miller arron worth the price, /g/? I currently have a $1…[View]
62936465Is there any point in learning shell scripting nowadays when we have interpreted languages like Ruby…[View]
62935890Paying for phone more than $300 is just insane.[View]
62935357Can a expert tell me what type of vibration motor this is? Specifically it's the motor inside a…[View]
62936218Hosting Thread: Where from? What do you get? How much? What for? I'll start >NFOServers >…[View]
62928558DISCORD CONFIRMED SPYING BOTNET: OK well maybe not. Gotta get that attention though. Likely poor cod…[View]
62935563What the fuck is this?[View]
62935773Apple wins again! What's your excuse for not using apple magic keyboard? source: http://danluu.…[View]
62935930>he doesn't run Kingsway[View]
62935090I was visiting gay porn websites on my smartphone and now every time i type two first letters the we…[View]
62933687What do I do about windows 10 'unmountable boot volume' error?[View]
62933043What would be the best tools if I wanted to code a simple 2D plateformer ? I know C/C++ along with p…[View]
62924483>delid 'master race' You're taking the piss right?[View]
62929665>use CRT Monitor for 20 minutes >my eyes literally burn afterwards why do some of you like the…[View]
62934701Guys please help! When i connect my power supply there the power supply stops working what should i …[View]
62933275I wonder when will technology actually stop advancing? 100 years from now, are we all going to have …[View]
62931733Is your buddy's body Reggie for this? Mine was for months by now.: http://www.techpowerup.com/2…[View]
62924056>All python documentation links on google point to version 2 unless you specifically write python…[View]
62923280/hpg/ - Headphone General: Requesting purchase advice: http://pastebin.com/fYZLW7Ub For sub-$50 head…[View]
62929912Why can't they sell hardware in plain brown boxes, with a simple white label indicating what…[View]
62930404So this is the famous Linux, huh[View]
62916747/wt/ - Watch Thread: Poljot De Luxe and Poljot De Luxe homages edition This thread is about the appr…[View]
62931818You seem like a great fit for this position: Mind giving us your personal website link?[View]
62933857Why is there almost no online community or wiki related to Solus? I mean it's probably the comf…[View]
62934617Do you use dark or light color themes for coding? http://www.strawpoll.me/14163308[View]
62934949differences?: Any real advantage?[View]
62935453Eugenics and Cloning: Anyone knowledgeable could refer me to leads on the question ? Who are the pio…[View]
62932468Searx: Do you use this /g/? From what I read it's a search engine aggregator that you can host …[View]
62934210>Be Me >Start a Software Validation company with 99% outsourced labor >Eastern European lab…[View]
62929711>he still uses LibreOffice when there is a 100% MS Office compatible alternative which is free as…[View]
62935182Privacy: Does tampermonkey log your data?[View]
62926191this thread is kinda /g/ related, but anyway. What kind of time management, productivity software/me…[View]
62931175https://protonmail.com/blog/diversity-in-tech-why-it-matters/ Just in case you had any doubts about …[View]
62935146PHP hate thread: Hate it to oblivion /g/entleman[View]
62935136WIFI WAS A MISTAKE, SENPAI also new ddwrt build contains the fix on wpa2 feaeture. http://svn.dd-wrt…[View]
62930800There is any hope microsoft will release next windows what is just like windows 7 but with actual se…[View]
62933401>current state of apple apple shills on suicide watch[View]
62925677What keyboard app does /g/ use and why?[View]
62934481What are some tech buzzwords that you're tired of hearing, hate, or otherwise trigger your auti…[View]
62932915What software do you install to keep normalfags happy with linux? Me I like to install install debia…[View]
62933465So, does anyone have one of these? Is it worth the money?[View]
62924931How often do you reinstall your distro of choice? I just reinstalled Arch today and it's lightn…[View]
62934839The absolute state of the botnet: >why are you still using Goolag Botnet?…[View]
62934925>>62875233 so guys continuation on this thread, as said i'm no l33t haxxor, the CS course…[View]
62934855Is there anything better for casual browsing than an iPad Pro?[View]
62931258Why don't you own a ThinkCentre with ThinkVision display?[View]
62934262hey /g/, redpill me on Scientific Linux, will you? ta xx[View]
62931976ITT: you make me a snap: I tried and failed https://bugs.launchpad.net/snapcraft/+bug/1723965 Flatpa…[View]
62932596Just used a Windows computer. >'Update and Shutdown' Lol, poor winfags[View]
62931494Whats it gonna be, fellas?[View]
62926478Lga 775 era: i miss him :'( it was a good time.[View]
62926162Mozilla will remove all legacy addons from their website after ESR 52 EOL: https://blog.mozilla.org/…[View]
62933319I don't get it /g/. What's the difference between Huawei Mate 10 and Ubuntu Mate 17?[View]
62926342Suicidal Robots: Why are robots suicidal? https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=INVxODqDucw https://www.yout…[View]
62924929Unity: What is /g/ opinion on Unity?[View]
62930530Manjaro vs Arch: I'm not the Linux God, but I can use Google and know some most useful commands…[View]
62930635j-just w-wait, b-buying n-n-ow is s-stupid...[View]
62934224For those of you who have laptops and never leave their homes, explain yourselves[View]
62928146This is the power of VR.[View]
62918208Why can't other torrent clients compete with this?[View]
62934231>have 5 year old Netgear router (WNDR3700) that's long been out of production >worried I …[View]
62921518How fucken useful really is recursion?[View]
62918594ITT: 4chan's Favorite YouTube Channels: Hey, /g/ I’m going from board to board and asking membe…[View]
62934273I've used android and windows since 2010 and I've never even thought of getting an Apple p…[View]
62907835Friendly Gnu/Linux Thread: Previous: >>62889127 → Welcome to /fglt/ - Friendly GNU/Linux Threa…[View]
62934115Weird question for a friend is it possible it possible to find a deleted post on facebook?[View]
62933123I just got a 5k iMac and I'm super happy with it! The screen is amazing with the high resolutio…[View]
62931695The iPad pro is a gift from god![View]
62931974Accidentally fucked my 2TB hard drive up by trying to create an extended partition using gparted and…[View]
62932602About to pull the trigger on this, any opinions?[View]
62931110'attacks against Linux and Android 6.0 or greater devices may be 'particularly devastating,': accord…[View]
62928203What's the best http lib for C language[View]
62932928I need use a tool to my class of Informatic security and i don't know what tool use to make a B…[View]
62926730Wow look at this new Windows 10 feature called Fluent Design. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pT-zok…[View]
62925686BSD General: >Hate Windows because it's shit >Hate GNU bloat and don't care about GP…[View]
62910880/tpg/ - ThinkPad General: Previous thread: >>62897678 If you're looking for purchase advi…[View]
62932824>device have WiFi but not RJ45[View]
62915394Should I ditch Windows 7?: Is there any real reason for me to do so at this point in time? Windows 1…[View]
62932414So are we still pretending we don't like it?[View]
62933301Hot glue: Is there some sort of glue I can put on components/motherboard shit. My laptops ram seatin…[View]
62928827Probably a stupid question: So to put it simple Went to my mothers house, she asked if I wanted to t…[View]
62932984What did he do wrong?[View]
62928024this is about useless at least let me resize it[View]
62932173What kind of laptops does /g/ like?[View]
6293338910 cve's with just a simple bypass https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Oh4WURZoR98 almost nothing i…[View]
62931720First pc build: Please rate. Going to use for high end video editing.[View]
62928216Digitizing VHS tapes: What would be the most efficient (and least lossy) way to convert a boxful of …[View]
62844065/nrg/ - Nyaa Replacement General: This thread is for the discussion of NyaaPantsu (pantsu.cat), a fr…[View]
62929907Can you program a machine to turn itself off then turn itself back on? Was it ever really off if it …[View]
62932955What's your opinion on snap and flatpak?: I'm having trouble with them. https://askubuntu.…[View]
62930059The death of modern society started here[View]
62932855Even gamers are leaving Windows 10 and returning to 7. Even with Microsoft pandering extremely hard …[View]
62930244Alternative to this shit: What other app is there that is able to screen from my Nas? VLC often shit…[View]
62932473hello,g. sorry if i'm asking this in an inappropriate place, thus /g/ isn't for threads li…[View]
62928969>his website has a C# backend[View]
62926379No High Capacity Music Players: Why are there no music players over 1 TiB (internal + expandable) ye…[View]
62923558Trackballs: Has anybody used these, either as old 80's tech or modern optical versions? I vague…[View]
62931106Ahahahaha Windows 7 BTFO Ahahahaha: https://m.youtube.com/watch?feature=youtu.be&v=pT-zok786Yc…[View]
62930688Post rss feeds you follow. https://phys.org/rss-feed/technology-news/ https://phys.org/rss-feed/chem…[View]
62931121Best Wallet for Bitcoin? or the one you use (if fees are low, is a bonus)[View]
62927167nice paper launch you got there intel im in america btw, where these things should have been most in…[View]
62923771Why aren't you hiding shit in images you post?[View]
62929853>windows running sloe >open task manager >Microsoft telemetry uses 20% of cpu and 98% of hd…[View]
62932389https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ytS1wTZOUHQ Who made the right choice?[View]
62932021Is 4chan a botnet?[View]
62924321OpenBSD 6.2: It's out. Why not give it a try? https://www.openbsd.org/62.html https://www.open…[View]
62931528clock kid V2: >built actual clock(raspberryPI/ nixie tubes) >brings clock to school >not ar…[View]
62932116>go on hooktube >front page is all /pol/ tier videos defend this /g/…[View]
62932292Quick question out of curiosity: Could you make an LCD work in bright daylight by replacing the back…[View]
62909150/ptg/ - Private Tracker General: Old >>62893377 >Have a question? FAQ https://pastebin.com/…[View]
62931401RAID Storage, UEFI, BIOS, Motherboards: I'm trying to turn an older computer into a home media …[View]
62931962Best Website Builder: Is this not a huge ripoff? $144 a year and if anything, is WAY more difficult …[View]
62926681WINDOWS 10 RICING is it possible? I really dislike be windows but every time i try to switch i keep …[View]
62932104>Gentoo creator does not even install gentoo Where is your god now?[View]
62932002foo or Foo?[View]
62927802Forth is the best programming language.[View]
62930532Reminder that there is nothing stupid about deliding your processor, even it's brand new. It…[View]
62923436Is this /ourpc/ ? RIP chinkpads http://acmevideosystem.de/products/durapac/[View]
62930740Is this fucking normal?: Playing Forza Horizon 3. The game isn't even using multiple cores. Wha…[View]
62927243>'anons code was only 200 lines, i couldnt leave fast enough. Chad's code is over 2000 lines…[View]
62931300Is there a good way to use my laptop's internet on my phone? I've tried a few wifi hotspot…[View]
62931475will using a turbo/quick charger for a phone that supports it degrade the battery life compared to a…[View]
62930413How hard would it be to write a simple turbo code coder and decoder in C, C++ or Matlab? I'm su…[View]
62928741Looking for a very specific laptop to replace my desktop. Requirements: >Thunderbolt 3 port with …[View]
62928031Is this shit a meme? also if its not is emacs a meme?[View]
62931022I was having some problems with this alghoritm a few days ago, but I almost wrapped my mind around i…[View]
62929118Any of you raised VC bux before? Any tips?[View]
62925234*BREATHES IN*[View]
62929447Why should I use this when there is already youtube red?[View]
62931140Is TheShadowBrokers just some people from Kaspersky being stupid? > New leaks boi https://steemit…[View]
62923737/dpt/ - Daily Programming Thread: Old thread: >>62915957 What are you working on, nyaa?[View]
62927384Hey lads, /out/ here. I'm currently on a longer journey around the world, living as a backpack …[View]
62928795Tfw your university is so shit that they combine IT and CS into one bachelors degree[View]
62930963Burger generator: Does it work ? https://www.npmjs.com/package/bk-generator[View]
62923846what's your favourite mail client, /g/?[View]
62927275how can I run a CPU-intensive program on a work comptuer I'm not admin to?[View]
62930169>It's another C++ vs Rust episode: Honestly, C++ is treat to use. Easy and smooth once you g…[View]
62929975Name a better browser than SRWare Iron Pro tip, you CAN'T! >fast as fuck since it's chr…[View]
62912039post technology you bought because of /g/ shilling it[View]
62926307>his computer was made after 2012[View]
62920852So now when the dust has settled Hwat's the verdict, /g/?[View]
62929727>Japanese Horror film from the early-noughties about the internet making people lonely, ghostly s…[View]
62927768Best purchase I've made in years[View]
62930184>born too late for a pure and faithful wife >born too soon for Joi wife feels kinda INTERLINKE…[View]
62922140Now that the dust has settled, what does /g/ think about this Thinkpad?[View]
62928015>be me >finally making Twitter account because so much newsflow happens there, much to my dism…[View]
62930422>monitor says no signal >after fucking around with monitors and hdmi cables I figure out my GP…[View]
62926885Well, /g/?[View]
62930165wifi troubles: So I just moved into a new place and made a deal with the neighbour to share wifi, bu…[View]
62927185Tesla delayed Model 3 because it's making parts by hand: >https://jalopnik.com/tesla-model-3…[View]
62922874I know some of you work I'm the tech field. I'm curious, what do you do day to day at your…[View]
62927254Will AMD deliver with Pinnacle Ridge? Or will it be Vega 2.0 - Electric bonglo? Has anyone other tha…[View]
62909241Thinkpad T25: I just got one. They really made a big deal out of this, the box is beautiful[View]
62929803Is Google hyped?: Google services VS rest of the world !! Google rapidly taking over the internet-pl…[View]
62927602Home Safes: I'm moving into a new place in a few months. Its a basement apartment in a private …[View]
62917536How is this cable called ? Where do I get it ? I need 15m of it[View]
62929956Anyone got any op-ed's or articles similar to the classic 'Is your son a computer hacker'? I…[View]
62927536Why don't you own a thinkpad mouse?[View]
62926270Why are smartphones and laptops going to be good again? There's was a small window between 2010…[View]
62925072Oh shit! Now what?![View]
62926784>buy cheap $5 wired mouse >buy usb to ps/2 converter >use usb to ps/2 converter >my shit…[View]
62927825>Hardware Acceleration On pages don't render fast enough if I scroll fast >Hardware Accel…[View]
62929807Speakers: Lets talk about em[View]
62929806https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CZIVaGcax70 THANK YOU BASED INTEL[View]
62925567cell service providers caught selling personal information to any site you connect to: https://mediu…[View]
62926057since iPhone doesn't let you transfer files to a PC via a local wifi network, which cloud servi…[View]
62913388/csg/ Chink Shit General: In /csg/, we discuss the cheap shit you see on Gearbest, Taobao, AliExpres…[View]
62927020Introducing Windows 10 Storage Sense: http://rec0ded88.blogspot.com/2017/10/windows-10-storage-sense…[View]
62928996So DRAM price hike doesn't affect the PC market. Big 3 companies will not stop milking the cons…[View]
62925675Why is qualcomm so great at designing GPUs but so mediocre with CPUs?[View]
62925967>world's largest PC maker changes course and makes the /g/-laptop >/g/ insists macbook pr…[View]
62909879Guide update: With the Coffee Lake update and Intel's new i9's, I am thinking this is the …[View]
62925726Illiterate processor-wise here. Is it physically possible to underclock or overclock a locked, or ot…[View]
62926957PC Cleaning PSA: Hey /g/, Ive been having recurring problems with my computer shutting off at peak p…[View]
62928386Heads-up!! Accounts are being cloned. Your picture and your name are used to create a new face book …[View]
62928972Sound cloud is such a poorly designed website. They also have a android app that's even worse. …[View]
62922822not gonna make it lads: i dont think i can do it anymore, cant even get my feet off the ground. Lite…[View]
62915930Videophile Gore: >watch movie on tv >30% of time is just commercials >weirdly cropped so ch…[View]
62928028Learning Soliditity: Hello Friends, I have firmly decided to learn Solidity in and out because I am …[View]
62922399Ok, I'll take the bait. Why is 4:3 better than 16:9?[View]
62928330/g/ rate my pc. Intel Pentium CPU G630 2.70GHz 2.70GHz 8GB RAM GeForce9400GT[View]
62919396/rp/ - Recent Purchases: What have you recently bought /g/?[View]
62920749How easy is to pirate books? How well does this devices handles PDF? Kobo Glo HD or Kindle Paperwhit…[View]
62928067I have a choice to offer all who read this. What is killing us left and right: Is it nature? Is it …[View]
62922984/pcbg/ - PC Building General: >General Always consider an SSD if you can afford one and buy an HD…[View]
62928128anyone miss the tech show wendell and logan used to do? was pretty comfy[View]
62926758Whats the most aesthetic distro? Post pics too[View]
62910966/SQT/ - Stupid Question Thread: /SQT/ - Stupid Question Thread Alright, you know the drill: Last thr…[View]
62928197CALL US NOW! **(516) 308-2448**: Hey there, Ever wished there was a place where you can ask any ques…[View]
62915430Why is the activation stuff such a pain in the ass? I had a valid windows 7 install, dunno if it was…[View]
62926794I come before you as a failure in life. 28, unemployed, still living with parents, no one else cares…[View]
62927574MacBooks are alright: My HP Elitebook served me well, but its dual core processor started showing it…[View]
62924448Hello /g/ I am very much interested in programming. However I want to get a deep understanding the …[View]
62920483How accurate is this?[View]
62924760/wdg/ - Windows General: Woah Windows?! This is a general for all versions of Windows, Windows pcs,…[View]
62914231WPA2: The 50 day embargo expires tomorrow on a serious protocol flaw which is going to be published …[View]
62924988Have enough dumb normies transitioned to Linux yet or do they honestly think they're fooling th…[View]
62927826Has anyone tried out the SR9's, or are they more of AT's fashion shilling?[View]
62917648The fuck is this shit? I'm not touching the mouse in this clip.[View]
62927491How much longer do you think 1080p will be the norm for and what resolution will it be replaced with…[View]
62927801best cpu: >compilation of gentoo, lfs, source mage >gpu passthrough meme >AAA gaymen >re…[View]
62906898Why are zippo lighters, or lighters that look like this, are soo damn fascinating also, lighter thre…[View]
62925813What are some entry level IT jobs someone could get with basic certifications?[View]
62927363I want to get into IRC, but I don't know any good channels. Where do people get started on IRC?…[View]
62925660>C++ programming at a state college >already know it, just have to get the credits, should be …[View]
62927486My Mac keeps on resetting the default image viewer app to Paintbrush. Even within the same session.…[View]
62922079What is Assange telling us ?[View]
62926667How do I sell a computer on ebay without the buyer scamming me/fucking me over?[View]
62926829If you use VoIP across your landline, can you spoof your carrier? I'm getting a new work from h…[View]
62925851>enjoy tech support and hardware maintenance >don't enjoy networking, programming, softwa…[View]
62927035Is he, may I say it, /ourguy/?[View]
62927224>screenfetch >> ~/.bashrc[View]
62927215Is this the end for Intel? They STILL can't get their 10nm process off the ground, meanwhile Gl…[View]
62925536rage thread: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5Qj8p-PEwbI[View]
62926987Any Windows Phone app recommendations?[View]
62925472Career At Dell: I've always wanted to work here because it is the largest IT (technology based,…[View]
62926300What does /g/ manage their music with?: I come to you with nothing, /g/. I have no words. Years ago …[View]
62916624/pop/ - Planned Obsolescence Prevention Day 2: Planned obsolescence is a cancer killing every produc…[View]
62922488Why is Nvidia so much shit to use on Linux?: Open source Nvidia drivers are absolute fucking garbage…[View]
62926014RedStar Desktop Environment: Why is nobody using the RedStar DE on other distros?[View]
62926251Where do you get your tech news from /g/?[View]
62925018soup /g/, tech normie here. In this day and age, it seems like nothing is 'secure', which is probalb…[View]
62924527Where do you guys host your resumes and projects?[View]
62917932Personal Computers: How do we save PC /g/??[View]
62916846Why do you all use ugly dinosaur thinkpads? Just buy a damn mac already[View]
62923055antergos noob: i was wondering which desktop he uses and how i can get mine to look like this i have…[View]
62924310>buy $15 case fan >include expert installation for over 600% of the price of the case fan…[View]
62926095Hey /g/, /v/ here. I just bought a 7700k, booted up my favorite cpu bound game (planetside 2), and i…[View]
62926178Stop writing kernel in Java/Script.[View]
62924957Explain monads[View]
62924540Am I acting irrationally?: Since I was around 16 I have been preparing for the internet going out on…[View]
62925310C++/Python/Functional/etc. devs: >Hey, your code works but it would be better if you wrote it in …[View]
62924296Is there anything worse than audio jack next to the charge port on the bottom of a phone? Why is th…[View]
62926008Roast my setup. Specs of PC also: i5 2500K Intel dh67BL motherboard 12 gb DDR3 ram 1TB HDD EVGA GTX …[View]
62926006I made a post 2 days ago on /g/ Thread: >>62894827 There were a few complaints, so hopefully t…[View]
62920390GNU+Linux: How can I convince my friend to install Puppy Linux on his Macbook? Replace OSX with Pupp…[View]
62925668Let's talk about RAM. Looking to get some new RAM for my GIGABYTE Z77-DS3H and i7-3770k system.…[View]
62923744What GPU should i get for 1080p60fps that isn't synthetically overpriced? These miner fucks can…[View]
62925952>laptop battery stuck a 0% >decide to plug in charger >still stuck at 0% >I've been…[View]
62925375I thought the 8400 was advertised to only hit 3.8ghz on all clocks. Are reviewers just retarded and …[View]
62923181Ramelia quartz watch: Just wondering if anyone knows how much this watch is worth Says no.5451 on t…[View]
62925163>>62714215 >>62758677 >>62742190 >>62742330 >>62714215 >>6277579…[View]
62925619What are some websites that sell used electronics (like laptops, tablets, phones) online and accept …[View]
62924682As you guys probably know, Julian Assange tweeted this out a few hours ago: 4767 5774 6a7a 4d6c 6330…[View]
62900350What was the last time a piece of technology made you genuinly happy?: So much depressing tech. Lapt…[View]
62918143/fglt/ - Friendly GNU/Linux Thread: Previous: >>62898736 Welcome to /fglt/ - Friendly GNU/Linu…[View]
62925850w t f de lima peru[View]
62923446Help my phone was ip blocked: So a certain app has blocked my ip and using a static ip wont let me l…[View]
62919670They've done it...[View]
62925153any one know how to disable palm checking on windows 10 ? every time I type something the mouse turn…[View]
62914305I'm sorry, Xfce. It was a mistake to abandon you. All these time I've spent with KDE, GN…[View]
62912945/g/ sterotypes: >that kid that browses /g/ but doesnt know how to hack his neighbour's wifi …[View]
62925274Red Onion iOS app: honeypot, meme, or legit? https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/red-onion-tor-powered-w…[View]
62924482Laptop sticker thread.[View]
62924343Fluidity List: 1. WinOS 2. iOS 3. Tamagotchi 4. Tetris ... 731. Android Damn, I miss Win Phone alrea…[View]
62917293What's the most you've ever lost on a fuck up: Be that hardware death, entering a command …[View]
62925473I'm about to start a tech job that requires me to go from company to company with my laptop and…[View]
62925426what are some /g/ certified microphones[View]
62924660Technology Regret: What /g/-related purchase do you most regret making?[View]
62918348Laptop purchases thread: Is this a decent laptop? https://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N…[View]
62925155MUH UI: So how much do the design inconsistencies in Windows 10 bug the fuck out? I swear I feel aut…[View]
62925259Debian Social Contract: Have you familiarized yourself with the debian social contract?[View]
62925338>get up in the morning >spend the entire day arguing about which billion dollar graphics card …[View]
62924569Anons with composite experience, have you noticed a large difference in tensile/compressive strength…[View]
62925013Waifu Simulator 2058 release: After years of success and growth of Waifu market, SJWs finally infect…[View]
62922592Any server /g/uru's out there that can help me? Trying to set up a server with Server 2016 on i…[View]
62919707Reminder that piracy is theft.[View]
62924266>Playing at 1080p >At the end of 2017 I guess Intel shills really are poor after all.…[View]
62925068VirtualBox Help: I booted Windows XP in a VirtualBox and opened internet explorer. I tried to make a…[View]
62918678What's the best waifu simulator currently available?[View]
62923504>TFW using a 1440x900 monitor >TFW its enough >TFW didn't fall for high res meme…[View]
62921037What are some necessary programs to have with Windows 7?[View]
62918945What sepples IDE do you use?[View]
62924758playing MIDI in a C# application: All I want is to be able to start a track playing on loop and stop…[View]
62919373Remember these good old day's /g/ ? Back when music wasn't shit.[View]
62924900>select the street signs captcha >they're tombstones…[View]
62924792Who do you use as a webhost and why? Who was the worst webhost you had to deal with?[View]
62920863Whats the easiest software to design a PCB?[View]
62923248Why is e-reader technology so slow to improve? Anything better than the Paperwhite yet? pic related:…[View]
62924814>TFW smallest ips 1440p monitor is 24 inches >TFW people claim the only reason why I don'…[View]
62924646What's the Windows equivalent of pkill -9? Do unignorable signals even exist on Windows?…[View]
62915476Recommendations for babby's first custom ROM?[View]
62924434Whats with all of the 'hurr 1080p in 2017 is shit' threads? is it just some guy samefagging? 1080p i…[View]
62910207Considering the 8700K beats the entire Ryzen 3 5 and 7 lineup in both single and multicore performan…[View]
62915582https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9f5JQrnOwTE THANK YOU BASED INTEL[View]
62922920Must have Android apps? Or at least very good ones. I'll start: Clover Newpipe K-9 mail LibreTo…[View]
62916119What was the point of Ryzen?[View]
62913026RIP YOUTUBE: https://hooktube.com/watch?v=hhkd1OTzu-Q >Share YouTube videos without giving them v…[View]
62924114Wanna learn web development, any pointers /g/ ?[View]
62920986iPhone X innovations: >Revolutionary A11 bionic chip >Innovative Face-ID system with 1 in 100,…[View]
62923556>Firefox beta >Nightly >Palemoon >Waterfox >Icecat What do I choose /g/ ?? There are …[View]
62918696how do i stop adblock users from stealing from my web site?[View]
62921656What does it mean for something to be open-sourced?[View]
62921206>have a 'smart' TV >when it doesn't crash at launch, it runs an old ass version of androi…[View]
62923855Why do Ryzen shills keep trying to push the narrative that Coffee Lake is a paper launch?[View]
62923873How should I clean this?[View]
62924097securing web address and starting website?: I assume this is the best place to ask. I want to start …[View]
62923804What happened to this?[View]
62922524What does /g/ think of spacemacs?[View]
62923459Is it worth to learn in 2017 to make GUI programs?[View]
62919293The iPad Pro revolution is here. By far faster than the competition. Revolutionized by iOS 11 and th…[View]
62918821How do all those folks who were poo pooing Ryzen a few months back and purchased a 6700K/7700K etc f…[View]
62909255Which are you?[View]
62923409I sure do love how far the internet has come.[View]
62923746If Im using an android 5.1 pre-stagefright-patch device thats rooted, what is my security outlook? I…[View]
62915957/dpt/ - Daily Programming Thread: What are you working on, /g/? Old thread: >>62907869[View]
62922803General: >If your build isn't completely Poverty-tier, consider an SSD. Consider buying a la…[View]
62923113Am I a brainlet?: Wtf is supposed to print here? I cant get the right answer... why is C so shit bro…[View]
62923387Comprehensive Spreadsheet Techniques: Why the fuck did I take this class. Who the fuck actually enjo…[View]
62907392Is there any hope for Mozilla? I've stuck with Firefox mostly ouf of laziness and habit but it…[View]
62921579How do we save /g/?[View]
62912489/hpg/ - Headphone General: Requesting purchase advice: http://pastebin.com/fYZLW7Ub For sub-$50 head…[View]
62921928Operating System: if we have 1GB memory space and typical page size is 100KB what is the size of the…[View]
62919036why haven't you added 'screenfetch -t' to your ~/.bashrc, /g/?[View]
62921835VMware on Linux: Any of you guys run VMware on Linux? If yes, how does it run. Worse or better than …[View]
62921633I need to buy my brother a birthday present. I'm already a month late. He's permanently de…[View]
62924659is gray the best version ?[View]
62921135Does anyone have examples of bad end user policies?: Has anyone ever found a bad acceptable user pol…[View]
62920978THE PRIVATARD.: The privatard: He is someone who uses a mainstream VPN that is probably compromised …[View]
62922083/.Xresourses: share your /.Xresources code URxvt.font: xft:monospace:size=14 URxvt.scrollBar: false …[View]
62915136/pcbg/ - PC Building General: https://pcpartpicker.com/ >How to install Win7 on Ryzen https://pas…[View]
62922513How do I force my android phone to keep my fingerprints without using it for my lockscreen? I just w…[View]
62922346>use searx >no matter what I search for the image results always contain porn…[View]
62915790Rust on Windows: Is Rust ready for developing on and deploying to Windows?[View]
62922521Dynamic PPT content? How are you doing it?: I'm making a powerpoint presentation and need to ad…[View]
62916232So Skype seems to be blocking accounts created with a VPN now. Fucking Microsoft ruined this. It ask…[View]
62920555i'm high as fuck, but riddle me this, /g/: If computer parts doubled the size of all their cond…[View]
62921792>computer in a military tent >it's a Panasonic Toughbook…[View]
62922357What do /g/ think? Manjarano Spitfire: I've just found out that Manjarano is making their own h…[View]
62922361*retros your thinkpad*[View]
62920018The city state of INTEL https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wBHk7D8BVV8[View]
62890936/bst/ BATTLESTATIONS THREAD: POST YOUR BATTLESTATIONS GO GO GO!! Here's mine, been working my …[View]
62921196PLEASE HELP, BRAINLET HERE im trying to upload my site on nearlyfreespeech.net what ive done: >su…[View]
62920187ISS Spacewalk October 18th 2017: What frequency is best to listen to their comms, 145.80 MHz or 437.…[View]
62918404Do you guys use custom themes in your Windows? I want to use some but the ones I liked are from devi…[View]
62920387Why is Europe so technologically colonised by other countries? I feel cucked all the time[View]
62921983Ooh, baby, do you know what that's worth?[View]
62920300does anyone know how i can achieve pic related? I want to be able to ssh into a virtual machine usin…[View]
62919556>cpu load over 10 >htop doesn't show any processes taking up cpu I d-don't have a ro…[View]
62919476Apple Diversity Chief apologizes for saying white people can be diverse too: >The absolute State …[View]
62919231Building a PC: Recently I played a video game (Destiny 2) on a friend's xbox and now I am inter…[View]
62884642post a screenshot of your downloads/torrents folder RIGHT NOW![View]
62900235/mpv/ - the /g/reatest media player: Installation: https://mpv.io/installation/ Wiki: https://github…[View]
62916132>move in with new roommates >I offer to be in charged of gas/electric if one of them gets inte…[View]
62918528T25 General: T25 BATCH #2 RELEASED TOMORROW >'We had no idea people still wanted the old design. …[View]
62918508Would you buy an internet service that was cheaper, and available in most places, but one that requi…[View]
62920325I want to learn to solder (so I can fix stuff). What's the best (cheap) way to go about that? A…[View]
62920239can you guys help me figure out what i did wrong? i'm trying to make an nfo file, its missing t…[View]
62920183Does /g/ like him?[View]
62920709Anyone knows any good and 'simple' source on bus diagnostics? how it works, in details, so…[View]
62920963I'm a beginner in C++ programming and currently writing a text editor/-viewer, which works from…[View]
62920620Is 1440p144hz worth it or just a meme[View]
62919843Why is it so ahrd to find a DVI to DVI cable ? I just want one for cheap so i can hook up a monitor …[View]
62914826itt good Pajeet developed software[View]
62920435Who was in the wrong here?: The Facebook CEO’s cartoon avatar visited the hurricane-damaged island h…[View]
62898246what's your android keyboard of choice?[View]
62906626How does /g/ justify piracy?[View]
62905904This OS is shit. Literally no way to copy files to and from your phone. At least without a cloud bot…[View]
62920661WHY IS LINUX SO HARD[View]
62914876>the state of apple[View]
62919334Coffee Lake is pointless for gamers: Only around 17% of gamers would notice a performance uplift in …[View]
62915203Which linux distro is best for a beginner, i.e. someone who has never used linux before? >pic sem…[View]
62919324Do you dream in code, /g/?[View]
62920309I don't understand this graph /g/. It turns out it doesn't matter which CPU you use for ga…[View]
62920330I'm pretty sure I need new RAM, but I'm not 100% sure. Help me diagnose my autism. - progr…[View]
62917413what kind of panel (tn, ips, va, etc...) is the least damaging to your eyes?[View]
62900807/spg/ - Smartphone General: If requesting purchasing advice, please provide your country and what ca…[View]
62918792What do you do when you're too sleepy for writing code? Coffee is giving me less energy every d…[View]
62920029What settings can I change on my non-HDR TV to get at least a little close to the effect of HDR?[View]
62919381Another anon in /vg/ gave me a Python script he made to help me solve a conflict in my game, however…[View]
62917914So, you are forced to run a service on background 24/7 to do malwarebytes scans from time to time si…[View]
62919997Any ideas on how to fix this thinkpad lid piece? The magnesium alloy frame broke after the machine w…[View]
62919868>learn a lot in uni >know how to programm >have a good job as embedded dev >move out of …[View]
62918457Firefox replacement: Since Firefox became pile of crap, what can I switch to? I'm searching for…[View]
62919931Redpill me on lav mics /g/. I'm currently using a shitty best-buy-tier mic attachment that prod…[View]
62906885What programming language would Lain use? My guess is Ruby.[View]
62918446I need to run Linux in a vm / as a bootable live image to try and repair some other device, but I…[View]
62919733Why are hipster websites removing the dot from the lowercase I when it follows an F, yet they still …[View]
62918869What's a good distro for a thinkpad that's respects my privacies and freedoms?[View]
62919701>when your new computer build is making funny noises so you spend 1 hour troubleshooting and then…[View]
62919683$500 laptops: Ok, so i'm looking for a laptop for doing things away from home. i need it for as…[View]
62919527Should Apple return to the ‘square’ form factor (like the design on 4, 4S, 5, 5S, SE) for the next i…[View]
62895911/sqt/ - Small Questions Thread: 1. Use a search engine. 2. Remember that /g/ is your personal tech s…[View]
62919289>tfw linux user >new games come out >no linux version >pirate it, run it with wine. haha…[View]
62918044What is the best language for UI making?: I need to make a Loonix app and I need something that can …[View]
62919440I want a really dumb phone that can browse this channel! Help? I don't wanna be tracked ![View]
62919362Alright /g/ I need some help. Is there a way I can carrier unlock my phone without going through vir…[View]
62919099>be lastpass >doesn't update addon on firefox >people become desperate >people flo…[View]
62912692Guys, the entire shipping industry could be changed within the coming years. Imagine a future where …[View]
62917096How to connect a CRT to my computer? I'm trying to emulate games on it for that authentic feel.…[View]
62915767Opinions of this? Is it worth donating to the public school to help fund this?[View]
62918125So /g/, today my friend's phone was stolen. We were walking on the sidewalk, my friend was on t…[View]
62905553Why are you still using Windows? Do you like having all your activity constantly tracked and uploade…[View]
62906183How do we fix the Android problem?[View]
62912817>dev team says farewell >nightlies stopped 2 months ago https://mpc-hc.org/2017/07/16/1.7.13-r…[View]
62917847Which is the worst Linux Desktop Environment and why is it KDE?[View]
62915764Beta Thread?[View]
62918459Opera is badass: Why do people use google chrome it's a steaming pile of shit. and before you s…[View]
62912179Type >THE QUICK BROWN FOX JUMPS OVER THE LAZY DOG while holding down both shift keys! THE QUICK B…[View]
62917456I've blindly hated apple for years, but the iPad Pro (2017) has changed my mind.: I've use…[View]
62915845You have 10 seconds to explain why you don't use ps/2 >my mouse and keyboard have usb look a…[View]
62918258Malewarebytes: Fuck you. Tldr version of my anger >buy premium 3 years >1 year in now >Had …[View]
62913736This is hands down the best C guide I've every seen http://cs.yale.edu/homes/aspnes/classes/223…[View]
62912220>his computer has less than 4 cores >'yep beckey, he's a corelet! hahahahahaah'…[View]
62914838>don't worry about optimization, a good compiler will always beat hand-written assembly…[View]
62911866Why not use KDE Plasma 5.11?[View]
62918494When will be able to use GNU/Fuchsia?[View]
62910162>he sends his dns requests to[View]
62917128Is this a good all-round portable recording combo /g/ ?[View]
62917998If he uses Kali, why don't we see popular news websites telling people how to start learning pe…[View]
62912799Are the M50x the best headphones for the price range? If not, what are?[View]
62916357How do you stamp out the HR departments in tech industry? It's just cultural marxism running ra…[View]
62885489continuation of >>62823481 Write a program in your language of choice that does the following:…[View]
62915231Will I feel more japanese if I use LINE pls respond Is the app good ?[View]
62915577>when you're applying to a company and they say having a website is strongly recommended…[View]
62917779haha, you missed the drop. https://www.massdrop.com/buy/massdrop-sennheiser-hd6xx[View]
62916405Help me!: For the past year I been hearing voices out of my electronics like my microwave furnace an…[View]
62916635>currently lazy bastard living in Japan on Working Holiday >planning on undertaking CompTIA A+…[View]
62918003Typical brogrammer Chad, 2017[View]
62916312Why did Google think these mammoth bezels were a good idea?[View]
62885420/wt/ - Watch Thread: This thread is about the appreciation of horology, as well as the micro-enginee…[View]
62916154What would you recommend as a programming language for creating bots for website/games. Do I actuall…[View]
62898736/flt/ - Friendly Linux Thread: Previous: >>62877037 → Welcome to /flt/ - Friendly Linux Thread…[View]
62916605Twelve days. Perfection is coming. https://www.apple.com/shop/buy-iphone/iphone-x#[View]
62914504Windows 10 keys: So I am going to start off by saying I dont actually want to do this. I don't …[View]
62917721For people who hate the iPad Pro: go into an Apple store. You will be amazed at how great the displa…[View]
62916519Moore's Law: >bought a ThinkPad 600E (1998) back in 2004 >was already six years old and v…[View]
62914165is there a way to backup 6TB of data without just buying more hard drives? i was looking at tape cau…[View]
62917347Why is this allowed? It's still being sold when can't even work propertly.[View]
62917626Agile: Does anyone else fucking hate the Agile methodology for developing software? I recently joine…[View]
62910680Spotify, the largest music streaming service, still doesn't have any native app for the apple w…[View]
62905312>she doesnt use windows 10 ltsb >no cortana >no micros*ft bloat…[View]
62913127HOLY SHIT JAVA IS FUCKING RETARDED: >no multiple inheritance because we gotta defend pajeet from …[View]
62917566What was Apple's BEST iPhone at launch?[View]
62917332>want to upgrade to ryzen >don't want windows 10…[View]
62911107epu thread...: hey../g/... later i was thinking of selling my pc...and picking up a thinkpad x1 yog…[View]
62914435/Guts/ Thread: Let's see what /g/ has under the hood. >pic related…[View]
62916294What’s a seedbox and why would I use one?[View]
62916473Extra bandwidth: I have a lot of bandwidth to spare. Any ideas on what to do with it?[View]
62915996I'd like one serious argument against the opinion Pale Moon is the best browser currently[View]
62917278Since when did youtube become Netflix?[View]
62916509I want to get a piece of that Shadow of War action, but if I max out my connection I can't real…[View]
62906921RAID / FILE SYSTEMS (fs): Let's discus those RAID Arrays and file systems you got. >'Apple…[View]
62916102Scala on Windows: How well does Scala and Apache Spark/Kafka work on Windows?[View]
62916638Why is google shilling some crackpot anti-GMO site?[View]
62916723Why isn't MacOS and Apple products in general not easily fixable by the end user? Seems like th…[View]
62916460>Woah what version of Windows is that? This is actually Linux >Wow THAT's what Linux look…[View]
62914357>gtk didn't die yet[View]
62915819Are you proud of using Windows? Why?[View]
62914995Why does some RC debounce circuit uses 2 resistors and some uses 1? Why does some uses schmitt trigg…[View]
62910188TempleOS General Best autocomplete edition Live Stream: http://templeos.org/ Spooky Space Alien Tem…[View]
62915285/g/ career: Serious post. How do I become leader and stop programming / playing with Linux / being a…[View]
62913320VPN: Can we trust them?: https://flipboard.com/@flipboard/-purevpns-non-existent-logs-used-to-trac/f…[View]
62916484/pmp/: /pmp/ personal music player general - X3 edition This thread is for the discussion portable m…[View]
62902080Librem 5: GNU/Linux phone got funded.[View]
62914899So I finally manager to install gentoo, /g/. What should I do next?[View]
62910286Are sound cards a meme? If you spend the extra money on a good motherboard with on board sound ther…[View]
62914281> Now let’s give it a try. I’ll trigger the Dictation feature with the keyboard shortcut and ther…[View]
62916276>he trusts an ad company to protect his mobile privacy[View]
62915175don't talk to me or my son ever again[View]
62914036Are there any good Lua IDEs? Everyone keeps recommending ZeroBrane Studio but it's far from com…[View]
62903927Open-sores community is fucking cancer: No wonder that Stallman doesn't want any association wi…[View]
62916122Shipping: This'll probably be flagged as a dumbass question, but I want to know when i should o…[View]
62913106Thoughts on Wileyfox?: How are they so cheap? Their specs are similar or better than the oneplus yet…[View]
62913527Do you code better when you've had a smoke there /g/?[View]
62913862I bought some old thinkpad. I have no idea what DE to install. Try to convince me with pics please.[View]
62915260Embedded/Microcontroller/SBC Thread: Any other anons tinkering around with embedded systems? >pos…[View]
62915992Does there exist a full-size scissor-switch keyboard with NKRO?[View]
62914648using Arch as a productive system: >>be me >> 3rd semester CS >> took class in OS…[View]
62911274To Work: Which programming language you don't feel it like a pain in the ass but a pleasure to …[View]
62915894How do you deal with people whom promote non-free software? Personally, I knock them the fuck out[View]
62915844What the fug are these[View]
62907869/dpt/ - Daily Programming Thread: What are you working on, /g/? Old thread: >>62901069[View]
62914939>Want to buy a comfy computer chair >They're all $400+ unless they're literal garbag…[View]
62903041Font thread motherfuckers Show me how shit your fonts are.[View]
62913837What is best calendar app for android? Preferably open source.[View]
62913356What did pajeet mean by this? <script>var params = '/37107585503803/1508059473352903/Flas…[View]
62903316Is Budgie the closest we ever got to make Linux look good? And by 'look good' I don't mean >…[View]
62915699Botnet miner: What's stopping Windows 10 from mining god-knows-what anytime after it gets to kn…[View]
62912418Help me out bros. I got scammed for $160 in CSGO skins and the scam was so easy to pull off consider…[View]
62914484Stop using Microsoft Windows.[View]
62913631192.168.0.1 or which one is better?[View]
62915103I can't find decent tutorial for sql in PyQt5. All QT documentation is for C++. Should I start …[View]
62909115What extensions do you use to make Gnome not a flaming piece of shit?[View]
62905381Barney Starsoup has never shipped industrial strength software. He has never shipped ANY software th…[View]
62914132What's the point of curved monitors and why are manufacturers getting away with it when it…[View]
62913265My life depends on this: Right /g/ i really need your help here ok, My life might as well as depend …[View]
62911456hey guys need some help: with my dell OptiPlex 380 how do I make it faster ¯\_(ツ)_/¯[View]
62903371Why is java slow if it compiles straight to bytecode?[View]
62914716Jealous?: Post your speed test results, plebs[View]
62911372Recently I got a virus at my Android phone: everytime I use internet, I get spammed with pop up adve…[View]
62915274What do you think came first? the technique or the science? why?[View]
62913921Drawing tablet as only monitor: How bad of an idea is to use my Cintiq 27qhd (A drawing pen tablet m…[View]
62909000Why don't you own a VR headset yet /g/?[View]
62914968can computers keep getting faster? When will we it's end?[View]
62915025Real talk /g/, incoming wall of text. Buddy of mine thrashed his newish XPS 13 (or 15 can't re…[View]
62913448>iFags use the term 'jailbreak' >they literally admit that owning an apple device is like putt…[View]
62913710Why did he invent linux when we have windows and apple?[View]
62914534is assembly some final-boss-of-programming-tier shit or can someone learn it with relative ease?[View]
62914650How to...: ...use RPi B Rev 2 as SPI slave? HW SPI possible or SW?[View]
62904401ITT: Great Vim/Neovim plugins[View]
62908610Just installed Windows 98 SE and all the drivers. What vintage software should I install next?[View]
62911882I'm scared, /g/: >building a Virtual Machine for Windows 98 to run those awkward late 90s vi…[View]
62913586>two life sentences for making a website[View]
62914740Can someone explain how this thread got archived? >>62908582 It was archived right before >…[View]
62914286https://level1techs.com/article/psa-check-your-threadripper-pads AYYMD HOUSEFIRES 180W POORIPPER WAS…[View]
62914565What operating System do you use /G/?[View]
62914533SUSE new si=ong: Maybe if these fuckers spend more money on polishing their distros and not on makin…[View]
62914011Will a 1990s thinkpad make wifi slower to the normies?: All the different types are backward compati…[View]
62914406What is this used for, and why would I do so?[View]
62910604>people with stable programming jobs have more money than they know what to do with >students …[View]
62900537Is it better to have a computer room, or a computer in your room? (not my pic btw)[View]
62913920Still the only way to play 4k bluray discs on a PC?[View]
62907971>Windows 10 is bl-[View]
62913904post the stupid things related to computers you had to help your parents do which frustrated you whi…[View]
62910763*slaps your waifu's ass*[View]
62913067how do one into linux(e.g. gentoo)?[View]
62909744/g: Why isn't he the face of /g ?[View]
62913245>144hz 1080p monitor with freesync >$350 AUD at cheapest >144hz 1080p monitor with g-sync …[View]
62901096/pcbg/ - PC Building General: Coffee Lake has been released! Benchmarks / Reviews https://www.techpo…[View]
62913583Chromium and flash, please help youtube works, crunchyroll doesnt running Zorin os 12.2 (based on ub…[View]
629067641070Ti: Will this be worth it?[View]
62909085http://archive.fo/60t42 >b-b-b-b-BUT AUTISTS CAN'T CODE /g/ BTFO ONCE AGAIN…[View]
629094614chan app.: 4chan app. Very minimal feature set at the moment. How do you like the design so far? Pl…[View]
62904268Salary Thread: >How much you make >What city you live in >Education >Years of experience…[View]
62910730Can someone redpill me on fedora?[View]
62912800Given that it takes a long time to master a programming language, and that one can only hope to main…[View]
62913727Where can I get a quick rundown on hardware? I never really cared for it since I could never afford …[View]
62907368large motherfucking touchpad meme: why the fuck do manufactures think consumers need larger and larg…[View]
62903621sup bitches, it's Microsoft here. Just kicking your punk asses.: obviously this is not an offic…[View]
62913779How can I visit multiple sites I have in a list in row, with ~2 second pause between pageswitch? I…[View]
62912797so i just started using pale moon and really like it. what privacy addons does /g/ in pale moon use?[View]
62913723The current state of robotics: i've posted these robots for being the most marketable but you f…[View]
62913518I'm learning C# for work and open source project and need lightweight interpreter for a Turing …[View]
62903476WTF Windows[View]
62910291Looking for a usb: Hey /g/, Iooking to buy a flash drive. I want something durable and waterproof th…[View]
62909587X Prize: How do I set up something like X Prize for inventing an airborne disease that only kills th…[View]
62912047Is there any area of technology that is actually innovating and not stagnant? >phones arent offe…[View]
62909612JAVA BTFO: Does this mean Java will finally be relegated to objective-C tier language? Is this the d…[View]
62908893What's the best distribution if I want to play assfaggots on a shitty laptop?[View]
62908205So some dude at work upgraded to a 1080 and sold me his Zotac 980 ti Amp! Extreme for $300 bucks.. I…[View]
62893503Hey so how much longer until this thing isn't shit?[View]
62909631I have an interview with pic related. What should I be studying /g/ ?[View]
62913369>Palemoon fixed captcha in 4chan Tell me 1 reason why not to use pale moon…[View]
62901314/csg/ Chink Shit General: In /csg/, we discuss the cheap shit you see on Gearbest, Taobao, AliExpres…[View]
62911311Cleverbot: Is Cleverbot a real bot or is it just a one-on-one chat room with another human being onl…[View]
62906741how 2 do this[View]
62909375C++ SCIENTIFICALLY PROVED TO BE THE MOST BUG-PRONE LANGUAGE: sepplesfags on suicide watch[View]

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