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59591035>Another day wasted on 4chan instead of learning programming[View]
59593069Really makes you think what nerds think of Gnoo/Linucks nowadays.[View]
59592045>I am skeptical of the claim that voluntarily pedophilia harms children. The arguments that it ca…[View]
59593295Have you ever done something like accidentally reinventing plucker coordinates using higher dimensio…[View]
59593441hey /g/uys whats the best current or upcoming Android phone? heres what i want: >at least 5.5' Sc…[View]
59594061How many /g/entoomen have made contributions to the linux kernel?, How did you get started and how s…[View]
59593370KDE but not KDE: So, I want to be able to easily remove titlebar and border of a window and just use…[View]
59594034samshills: Here you can observe a herd of android fanboys in their natural enviroment praising over …[View]
59594026Genuine question, so please answer it truthfully, /g/. Why are you still wasting your life away on /…[View]
59591578How much does does a CS BSc make in your country? Here it's $7000/mo on average for a uni grad…[View]
59587657Any machine learning enthusiasts here?: What have you trained in your spare time?[View]
59590872Alright /g/ I've been working on a side project, fitting and prototyping a ps2 slim inside the…[View]
59593878is there a way to use bluestacks 2 without a google account? it seems full retard to make an emulato…[View]
59592987What do you guys think of competitive programming? Would having gotten a medal in the IOI help me?[View]
59591517Lately I've seen overly long function names like initialiseGraphics(). Why not just use initGfx…[View]
59593683Most of my family members have had iPhones and switched to Samsung or whatnot because they have had …[View]
59593698loselose: on library mac loselose says its broken or some shit anyone know stuff of equal power or s…[View]
59591843Hello again, I'm Rodney Reynolds from 3DGameMan.com![View]
59593446getting into privte twitter: cunt teacher. need help getting into private twitter.[View]
59590344What is the name of that tech: Cables that seem to not contact at all - or almost at all- unless the…[View]
59593190Partitions -- /boot +? on SSD RAID -- rest on RAID 0: Booting from SSD (rest of OS etc on HDD); whic…[View]
59591012Can you still use XP as a daily shitposting machine in safe ways? Looks like even web browsers remov…[View]
59585894Touch Typing: Do you touch type /g/? Is it worth learning or just a meme?[View]
59587611>buy one of those gigantic noctua heatsinks >within 3 months the pull from the heatsink rips t…[View]
59574370What is the fucking point of 4K you fucking mongoloids if 99% of sources are 1080p?: And if you only…[View]
59583282/pcbg/ - PC Building General - 'Cores' Edition: Post your component list, rate other anons', an…[View]
59591141Is pic-related actually legit or just another shovelware?[View]
59592896LineageOS 14.1 or Resurrection Remix 5.8.2 for HTC One M8? I want to get some nice Nougat snappines…[View]
59593228Troubleshooting: Need help with google drive. Incomplete download wont resume/refresh. Dont want to…[View]
59593209Before I go the custom route I figure I'd ask here. I'm looking for a PC case with the fol…[View]
59592355is Firefox or some other program killing my SSD? what is the normal amount of data for a 2 year old …[View]
59593170What is the best technology to study that 'bruteforces' inteligence? Machine Learning? Genetic Algor…[View]
59590853Which one? And why? You have 10 seconds.[View]
59593137>he doesnt use perl what are you even doing /g/?[View]
59593035What's a practical, easy and good language and framework to make android apps that doesn't…[View]
59591102Hello G: Hello G. I am thinking of creating a bot that downloads all posts from 4chan. First I need …[View]
59593070Should there be some sort of test you have to take before being allowed to use the internet?: Nothin…[View]
59590460How many programming languages could somebody realistically know at once?[View]
59588674Why the fuck do startups only want Node.js developers?[View]
59591713Where does this piece go?[View]
59592826is it possible to install new firmware in your brain?[View]
59591245So now that the dust has settled, should I go with the 1700 or 7700k?[View]
59587352Why is Boolean logic considered important enough that George Boole is considered one of the founders…[View]
59588440Windows 10 latest updates == Explorer hang?: > use computer like normal > cannot alt-tab anymo…[View]
59591702Convert me to Rust: What are some legitimate reasons to learn Rust when C++ or even Go exists?…[View]
59588607daily reminder linus is officially on the amd website shilling their products[View]
59591972tfw fresh Windows 10 LTSB. No gay apps, it's basically like W7 but doesn't come with an im…[View]
59591945>buying from nvidia >buying botnet[View]
59592716Help me buy some nice shit.: Hello boyos. I live in a shitty third world country and soon I'm g…[View]
59590499>try to set up vstfpd server on raspberry Pi in have lying around >cannot upload files to USB …[View]
59591933>spatry is in rehab again well I guess we won't see any new linux distributions for another …[View]
59591489hey guys, whats the deal with the galaxy s8s cuved edge? tell me why it is a bad idea![View]
59592379RAM Rank: Educate me please. I'm getting 16 GB of RAM. Two 8 GB sticks. The sticks I have chos…[View]
59592161>All the languages /g/ hates are actually the highest paying Really makes you think...…[View]
59592492Oblivion Mod Error: I recently started playing Oblivion again and went ahead and installed quite a f…[View]
59590877What's the ultimate fix to monitor calibration being off with dual monitors? Is it to just get …[View]
59582818Is Windows Defender any good?[View]
59590816What are some good documentaries /g/ related[View]
59591167/dumb/ feature phone generino: lads, us is killing off most of their 2g networks this year does that…[View]
59574826Ryzen: Why is ryzen so good?[View]
59590969HHAAAAAALP ME: Can anyone decode this barcode? Is this a code16k or else? How can I read it?[View]
59592089speed interviews for junior dev position with 8 companies on wednesday. any advice?[View]
59585556Can we have one of these?[View]
59584140Name one must have program you have discovered this year. Pro tip, you can't.[View]
59590373Why are transfer speeds on my USB better in Linux than they are on windows? Is it just drivers? Or …[View]
59571274Whether you like Samsung or not, this thing looks beautiful.[View]
59591513if you have stickers on your laptop, how's 9th grade going?[View]
59590496>searching for a VPN for my phone >It needs permission to my identity, WiFi connection informa…[View]
59591101>Another day wasted on programming instead of learning how to shitpost on 4chan…[View]
59586527/dpt/ - Daily Programming Thread: What are you working on, /g/? Old thread: >>59580498[View]
59574750How would you treat your sexbot /g/?[View]
59588486Why is VSCode so fucking slow[View]
59589581What are your thoughts on this thing?[View]
59585541ok 4chin what came first the compiler or the language[View]
59591827is the difference between these 3 tiers in the logicalincrements page big? i want to build a pc wit…[View]
59554516/tosg/ - TempleOS General: Don't you forget about me edition: FAQ >What is TempleOS? --Templ…[View]
59591405>A buzzword is amongst the top paying jobs according to stack overfow[View]
59589294thoughts on Samsung galaxy s8.[View]
59591777'Don't mind us, just pirat- I mean sharing this movie' Don't you piratefags realize that S…[View]
59591153linux software: >changes compton removed, replaced by application launcher section added rofi add…[View]
59589920ITT Your fauvorite card and/or processor[View]
59583625/mkg/ - Mechanical Keyboard General: /mkg/ - Please make new thread - 500k JPY HHKB Edition >Buye…[View]
59591636what's the best algorithm[View]
59591467Just fixed the screen tearing on my fresh debian install. I've been using since I was 18 and Iv…[View]
59586612My friends literally treat me as if I'm hacking the Pentagon when I enter their BIOS to fix shi…[View]
59587005Image Viewing Programs: To the anon who suggested using nomacs: Fuck this program. At first it seems…[View]
59571677Tech nostalgia >back when things were wonderfully shitty[View]
59590515Lennart's SysyteM D Poettering: #5638 networkd ndisc: Bug can be used for a denial-of-service a…[View]
59588330>Spill water on keyboard >Use hairdryer to try to save keyboard >Melt keys >Keyboard sti…[View]
59581840>Another day wasted on 4chan instead of learning programming[View]
59587216Since college education is a scam, I'm going to self taugh me programming to make games. What t…[View]
59590724Alright /g/, blogging time. so subscribe already (it's free). I'm a neet. Yes you heard me…[View]
59582031post collections: mine is mostly game shit but I have some other stuff lying around[View]
59590305When will Google realize the historical chance for Android to be a successful desktop OS with some l…[View]
59586554Why aren't you paying for a 4chan Pass? I'd rather pay a small amount in support of this w…[View]
59590517>there are people on /g/ right now who use Windows 10 and haven't disabled forced restarts …[View]
59588427Why do there need to be so many different USB standards with a new one coming out every few years? W…[View]
59590849How well does a standard user-account protect a Windows system? I recently installed and set up a l…[View]
59579566What are your thoughts on antergos?[View]
59582815Must know languages for an embedded software developer?[View]
59590227Slimbook + Hackintosh? Will it blend?[View]
59583193wats the highest quality image format[View]
59580148>tfw I got meme'd by this If you're a cheapskate like me, and you like incurable stutte…[View]
59584379What would happen if I RAID-0 an SSD with an HDD?[View]
59590540I need a scanner/printer that can scan and print 11x17' paper at minimum. Right now I'm looking…[View]
59587954I'm thinking of buying ROG SWIFT PG279Q Is there any reason not to? E.g. a new technology is co…[View]
59581580eGPU For Video Editing: hi /g/ have any of you ever tried using an eGPU? i want to use one for vide…[View]
59586817Hey guys, I was given a couple junker laptops and an Athlon desktop. One laptop laughably has full s…[View]
59590187Why don't you use this, /g/?[View]
59581308Other than maintaining legacy banking system and US ballistic missile system, what are other practic…[View]
59590149Destroy PC: How to stop Windows system functionality without powering off the system Is there any wa…[View]
59582002>Made a dating site from scratch >2 months in advertising 160+ members >100% free making no…[View]
59588655systemd is the most advanced init systemd in existence apple's launchd can't even compete …[View]
59589133I fell for the Windows 10 LTSB meme. It's pretty good. What browser do I use, though? Chrome - …[View]
59577079ITT: we generalize posts as regular expressions: /God I (fucking)? (love|hate) [a-z]+fags./i[View]
59580793who here is /LGA775/ say what you must, but you cannot convince me that in 2017, the Q6600 is obsole…[View]
59588693root: I have a LG K8 4G and want root it,i have tried with all the programs that exist but none can …[View]
59576342/wt/ watch thread: This thread is about the appreciation of watches, as well as the micro-engineerin…[View]
59590120C++ programming arcade games: Hey /g/ I'm learning C++ by programming arcade-style games I…[View]
59584274>Just use linux bruh >It just werks bruh >Can't even use netflix in linux unless you d…[View]
59587790hey /g/ why isnt my pc working?[View]
59587733Is there a /g/ approved list of software that respects my privacy?[View]
59589738I need help anons :( So recently I wanted to build website for my brother and I wanted to have autom…[View]
59589919/ourguy/: Is he /ourguy/ /g/?[View]
59585285Palew Moon and it's (invitable) future?: https://github.com/MoonchildProductions/Pale-Moon/issu…[View]
59588585When did you realize OSX was the one true path?: /g/, what did it finally take?[View]
59588347Who has the worst consumers...: ...and why is it Apple?[View]
59589881>gets bootyblasted over phone posters[View]
59587913ITT: Phone apps you cannot live without[View]
59580873/fglt/ - Friendly GNU/Linux Thread: Previous thread: >>59569964 Welcome to /fglt/ - Friendly G…[View]
59589830>2017 >TN Panel[View]
59575002Programming: Are there any programming languages that /g/ doesn't hate?[View]
59583697Best laptop for shitposting?: Are chromebooks the ideal shit posting devices in terms of value for m…[View]
59587758https://www.techpowerup.com/231536/amd-ryzen-machine-crashes-to-a-sequence-of-fma3-instructions What…[View]
59589159Land of the '''''''''''''''''free'''''''''''''': https://act.eff.org/action/don-t-let-congress-under…[View]
59550574Technology is Cancer: Phone cameras killed Kodak and 145000 middle class jobs. Amazon killed 1200 Bo…[View]
59558238/comfy computers inc/: Sit down, relax, and have a cup of coffee: this is 1995, and you are about to…[View]
59583718Hey /g/. I have to teach a 61 year old relative how to use the computer. He at least has a few days …[View]
59586692Alright. I want a Logitech mouse M100, but there are many. Which one should I choose and why? >M1…[View]
59588306Are there any cables like this but with: >USB-C >Mini-USB >Micro-USB Bonus: >USB-A femal…[View]
59584665My friend told me that you can learn everything about html & css in less than 20 mins: is this t…[View]
59589317my cat Tinky, now dead, get's posted by OMGBuntu after creating thread here two years ago, lol.…[View]
59587148How do I get my desktop to look like this?[View]
59588635how hard is to make 100 bucks each month from a mobile ad? I do want to make an app to learn japanes…[View]
59586898>be me >Get chromebook from college >It is enrolled >Web filter and everything is enable…[View]
59584372Tech story threads: ITT Stories that made you want to revoke someone's technology card complet…[View]
59588341I want a Space Alien like the one Terry has. Wat do?[View]
59586780lol why do you have a password on your phone, anon[View]
59586605Technological obsession: Have any of you guys observed how you have been going onto /g/ much more th…[View]
59587769>buy second monitor >'oh man, i can never go back to only having one monitor' >get no work …[View]
59586325ULTRA VIRUS KILLER: Finally found the best AV /g/ BTFO >INB4 common sense >INB4 installe garba…[View]
59588042All these 'new' languages: And none of them provide anything actually new. I get bored to death when…[View]
59583596/ptg/ - Private Trackers General: The cum back kid, edition. Previous Thread >>59576535 >No…[View]
59584310Are you at college? Did you go to college? If so, what was your major and what computer did you use?…[View]
59586111>tfw can't successfully program in a team, because other team members are too dumb to unders…[View]
59585647what OS do atms use? if it's unix can we easily hack them? i was thinking about this yesterday,…[View]
59587885So I'm considering building another pc. I'm thinking about submerging it in mineral oil an…[View]
59588595>not enscribing your flac music in 0s and 1s onto rocks get on my level anons…[View]
59585074What does /g/ think of C#?[View]
59588628Steam Streaming Again: Alright yah fgts. I wasn't around when you guys started replying so here…[View]
59585890lol wtf is this shit indentation? I thought Haskell was supposed to be a good language[View]
59573619Youtube is dead: https://archive.fo/8MVPs >About a week ago, the Times of London published an inv…[View]
59581618>no guts thread Post guts[View]
59588115IT: Hey /g/, Im starting a new IT job soon. Everything I know is self tough, but I know what im tal…[View]
59587421>DST is still a thing Or rather, normal time is still a thing. Why can't we just stay in DST…[View]
59586350Hey /g/, I'm organizing a student hackathon. How do I make it good?[View]
59586326Lenovo 710: Just bought this bad boy, switching back to PC after mac. 256Go SSD 8go Ram Planning to …[View]
59583961Rate my setup: After lots of thinking I believe I do have figured out a fully anonymous (or let us s…[View]
59585127hiding tether usage: Hello /g/, I have a specific data plan which grants me unlimited data during th…[View]
59585154What's the most realistic sounding text to speech software at moment?[View]
59587357Should I bother encrypting my android 7.1.1 phone? Whats the benefits? Does it run slower?[View]
59586928I know that this might not be the place to ask such a question but, here we go How does one crack a …[View]
59586486How do I become the best software engineer ever?: First year CS student here. Been programming for a…[View]
59587302>/g/ told me compilers would be easy and fun Fuck you guys, it's not funny, I fell for this …[View]
59586985progrmnin funts: If you're using monofur then you're probably a furfag.[View]
59587000Someone gave me an HP laptop with a broken screen. Do you think I should sell the working parts sepa…[View]
59582917Real question for people with mechanical keyboards like the one in the picture. How well do they rea…[View]
59586931Need help /g/...: Some piece of shit posted this link on /biz/, and I clicked on it thinking it was …[View]
59587139a FOSS company on the stock exchange?[View]
59568495Mouse Thread: Is there an offbrand for the MX518/G400s/etc mouse shape? The Logitech G403 is the off…[View]
59580840Loonix old timer here I abandoned when unity, gnome shell and systemd started to fuck up my experien…[View]
59558799/spg/ - Smartphone General - Slow news day edition: If requesting purchasing advice, please provide …[View]
59586986>google captcha suddenly gets harder if you change your useragent it adds some level of security …[View]
59583943I want to build a pc but don't know what to get in 2017 , ideal budget $500-600 .[View]
59586623...they don't seriously think this thing is at a level where it could be considered 'self-servi…[View]
59585188What's the best programming chair, /g/? >If I'm going to sit on my ass all day, I had b…[View]
59586789What are the best email services?[View]
59584543Personal servers: So what does /g/ use their personal servers for? I'm thinking about picking u…[View]
59586336Do you /g/uys have this one rich friend that is actually pretty nice, i have one of those, he just s…[View]
59577008Why do you hate Go?[View]
59583547Will the pentium extreme edition 965 ever become obsolete?[View]
59582247So /g/ Are you certified?[View]
59580682Clover v1.2.11: apparently resident faggot Hiro changed the board codes and fucked the app https://g…[View]
59585896So, to get right to the point, I spilled some water on my floor and after cleaning it up I started h…[View]
59580498/dpt/ - Daily Programming Thread: old thread: >>59576713 What are you working on, /g/?[View]
59586377idk: Someone have any Google Play card/PayPal code?[View]
59582697Forging RSA Moduli for X.509 Certificates: https://www.win.tue.nl/~bdeweger/CollidingCertificates/Co…[View]
59583313Do I pull the trigger?[View]
59585839What are your thoughts on F#?[View]
59584521>type in 'how to solve the x problem' on google >first page is full of 'DOWNLOAD THIS ADWARE I…[View]
59584575>overhyperclockenated what did they mean by this?[View]
59582918Who is still running Pentium 4 and refuses to fall for the 64 bit meme?[View]
59586216TFW You've been saying Linux wrong your whole life.[View]
59573061If your CS degree didn't teach/have you >implement a compiler >implement a kernel >rea…[View]
59586165Node JS & Nginx: Hello /g what do you think about Node js is it good for web app and real time a…[View]
59585436Do free softwares smartphones exist /g/ ? Currently using an iPhone 4s and feeling opressed[View]
59580676>Running Non-free software on your wrist I surely hope you don't do this, Asteroid OS exists…[View]
59586066>be me >want to play battlefield 1 >heard about a good site for games on leddit >seems l…[View]
59583375So what's the deal with rockchip? I noticed that they're used in tablets and set top boxes…[View]
59584792How can I learn to program a qt ai gf?[View]
59584478> he unironically runs loonix without being able to run madVR and BlueskyFRC: https://forum.doom9…[View]
59579587linux-distro: Favorite linux distro and why?[View]
59581597I need a keyboard that doesn't ghost.[View]
59585633SSD?: I've got a 5 year old desktop with an wd black drive. I'm fucking tired of waiting 3…[View]
59579730Are Seagates really that terrible, meming aside?: I've been wondering if Seagates are really th…[View]
59580389Projects: What are some good but not too difficult programming projects to do and put on resume for …[View]
59585674Why would an Android tablet go completely out of sync with the correct time even when auto time and …[View]
59582365Have the issues with Ryzen been sorted out? How does it compare to Intel now?[View]
59567760YEAH DON'T FUCKING MIND ME JUST STE--I MEAN pirating this bottle of wine! Heh if I like it I…[View]
59541216AMD Confirms It: Ryzen CPUs Are Locking Up PCs: Advanced Micro Devices' Ryzen CPUs are freezing…[View]
59581303Speccy thread.[View]
59582274Why Riot is the most /g/ approved modern messaging service.: >open source version of Slack >wo…[View]
59585167Monitors: Oi /g/ I'm looking for some advice. Been needing a 27' monitor, nothing too fancy, ju…[View]
59584184ISP Cucked: Now my ISP can sell my data and continue to offer plans with ratios like these! Thanks!…[View]
59579682What were old screenless computers like the IBM 360 from Mad Men used for?[View]
59584978>add feature to open-source project >keep the feature to yourself oh hoh hoh im /devilish/ tod…[View]
59578313I want lose my all fucking life in Forums, live in Posts and Thread. help me, suggest New Forums to …[View]
59581584sticker thread[View]
59583053Is HyperThreading/SMT really working outside video editing? Is it helping when I am playing and watc…[View]
59584647Red Pill me on Projectors: Are they actually good technology for watching movies and tv shows?…[View]
59584408Is machine learning a meme, /g/?[View]
59583480Using fly gps on pokemon go after I broke my fucking hip and am stuck at home. Some days I can telep…[View]
59584495Welp: My Antergos Gnome 3 stopped booting after installing nvidia drivers. Now I want something actu…[View]
59584222Cloning 2 HDD's to new SSD: I just got a 250 GB ssd and would like to subtitute two 160GB HDD…[View]
59584096hi /g/ do you guys edit videos? if so, what software do you use? do you guys use jewtube to host yo…[View]
59572837Why does everyone suddenly learns how to program? I mean, there's obviously huge competition. J…[View]
59584570Best monitor brand: LG 29UB65-P I am sitting in direct sunlight right now, I see everything perfectl…[View]
59581933Why doesn't your language have an ebin folder /g/?[View]
59582690What the fuck is their problem dude? Wasn't ram like $60 for 16GB not too long ago? This shits…[View]
59584414Sup bro hope you like your driver updates every half week for no reason, plus the bloat and btw did …[View]
59582911Macbook with Windows for College?: >Going off to college, and want something simple and sleek …[View]
59581348Linux Desktop, Generally: Would like to format my drives and run GNU/Linux. The best experience I ha…[View]
59576535/ptg/ - Private Trackers General: Never forget, edition. Previous Thread >>59571202 >Not su…[View]
59578058What can be done about YouTube 'celebrities' and the morons who support them?[View]
59582698Why haven't we seen new technology arise from the IBM Truenorth? Such performance at such low p…[View]
59584295Has anybody else fallen for the stock cooler meme? Pic related, my FX-6350 with the stock AMD cooler…[View]
59583622hey /g/. I've been a windows guy since XP sp1 and have stuck with microsoft through thick and …[View]
59583875ur History sold to highest bidder: just came across that Video of h3h3, where he explains that isps …[View]
59581436Is this an acceptable gaymen laptop? I'm thinking of purchasing it. http://www.pcmag.com/review…[View]
59563943>the real reason most reviewers tested with 2133 and 2400 RAM on Ryzen[View]
59583491Single thread performance is weak they said[View]
59576156Decided to give a try to the Ow the Edge browser, and doesn't seem to be that bad. Is there a R…[View]
59582353how to make this really usable?[View]
59566819Using VPN's to avoid ISP disclosure of internet history: Hey /g/, Just found out from /pol/ tha…[View]
59583100help me /g/. What are the open pins circled in the image used for?[View]
59583163How do I become a better programmer /g/? I want my skill to go to the next level. I know C/C++, Java…[View]
59581827Why aren't you running the best Linux Distro ever /g/?[View]
59571978/csg/ Chink Shit General: In /csg/, we discuss the cheap shit you see on Gearbest, Taobao, AliExpres…[View]
59583579I saw that some people have received Ryzen 5's early. Have there been any legitimate or credibl…[View]
59583285I don't know where to go please help my sister is getting involved with the wrong people on the…[View]
59581778Stream steaming: I have a theory that I can use a virtual machine with GPU passthrough to stream win…[View]
59582966RYZEN: Just bought this. Think that cooler will be enough to keep my house from burning down?[View]
59583383Is there a music streaming service that is actually free open source and not DRM?[View]
59583020FOSS is shit: >trying Midori browser since my 10 year old laptop keeps hanging with heavier brows…[View]
59583461/eoag/ End of AMD General: How can AMD survive? Crossfire is already under ownership by IBM. Will th…[View]
59583085More RAM or processing?: So between these two, which of these is the stronger purchase?[View]
59579728DE: What is your favorite desktop environment and why?[View]
59581926Hello /g/, My friend and I wanted to start podcasting. We are unsure what microphones we should purc…[View]
59578854My moms laptop is stuck on this screen. She's never had a password on her computer, but it…[View]
59583165Can anyone tell me how to find a youtube account's previous comments?: Basically I want to be a…[View]
59581572Perl Programmer Master Race Thread: Guys, Perl is the best language. Look deep into your heart. You …[View]
59582748I am trying to make c++ pass an array into a function by referencing the first element of the arrays…[View]
59583009Which is more free: AMD or NVIDIA?[View]
59582782Can't pick a DNS: What DNS should I use?[View]
59581382Anyone know anything about this keyboard?[View]
59582444I have an issue /g/entlemen, today I was playing GTA V when suddenly my PC freezes up and emits a lo…[View]
59573313/sqt/: Stupid questions thread! If you're an idiot with a stupid question you should be in this…[View]
59582700So /g/: What the fuck do I do with this thing now?[View]
59582267what programming language would help me forget how much i want to kill myself[View]
59582772Anyone else enjoying embracing the botnet? T. Chromecaster[View]
59579382can someone send/tell me how to write/make one of these fantastic malware files[View]
59579943Step aside plebs[View]
59581904What is the best software (free and not free) that I can use to hide folders on an external hard dri…[View]
59582845Predictive programming in technology and old vidya.: Gingers have souls.[View]
59580628>* macOS doesn't have that problem[View]
59580556i just updated my mobo's bios via the internet but some autism linux distro protects me from th…[View]
59581351Fuck: Holy shit I just went to install windows 7 over my windows 10 installation cause I'm done…[View]
59566653/pcbg/ - PC Building General - 'It's just like LEGOs' edition: Post your component list, rate o…[View]
59582512How much would this laptop be worth to you? >Dual core hyper threaded i5 >4GB RAM >64Gb SSD…[View]
59580171Going to build a new PC. Rate my new build https://pcpartpicker.com/list/Gwr7gL[View]
59582386>Buy a pre-built Dell computer 10 years ago >Comes with the standard rubberdome keyboard >K…[View]
59580158How can a desktop environment be so retarded like gnome? Why do i need to press the menu button/ mov…[View]
59581856Listen here you stupid asses. Thinkpads are not for gaymen, you shouldn't be using windows as …[View]
59576674What do they even do nowadays?[View]
59560416Thinkpad is dead in enterprise: Why did big companies (enterprise customers) abandon ThinkPad? Befo…[View]
59580792what laptop should i buy /g/?[View]
59581557joel test: What is this hipster shit?[View]
59574825Give me one reason to become a programmer.[View]
59580345Scriptable VPN Clients: I'm looking for a VPN provider. I need a lot of IPs, ability to select …[View]
59579698Objectively the perfect OS: Prove me wrong.[View]
59581337which pocket do you put your phone in? Hint: [spoiler]there is 1 correct answer, don't out your…[View]
59581659What Android ROM do I get /g/?: Recently bought a Nexus 5 for cheap. I was going to use Copperhead O…[View]
59581640When will the text editor build on top of a web browser engine meme die? It's fucking bullshit …[View]
59577682>ask comp sci major to fix my computer >he gets mad But why tho?…[View]
59579952So /g/ Why don't you have an airgapped low power computer for encryption purposes?[View]
59581742Ryzen R5: Guy who bought one of the first R5 1600s, is having issues overclocking (3.9GHz crashes) a…[View]
59581833will future laptops just have 1 port?[View]
59579381Luna was a mistake. Watercolor is the best UI after Windows Classic.[View]
59578321>his uptime is below 60 days Uptime thread[View]
59581182I'm at my wit's end. I bought this tv to watch bluray rips. I have the hdmi lead hooked fr…[View]
59578085Why doesn't Aplel just add a mouse pointer and a trackpad when it's docked to the keyboard…[View]
59579199Stop using LastPass RIGHT NOW Yet another exploit found. Fourth one this week This piece of shit is …[View]
59567562/hpg/ - Headphone General: >Headphone purchase advice http://pastebin.com/fYZLW7Ub Please put som…[View]
59574542apple design thread: how does apple manage to consistently make such comfy products?[View]
59580989LaTeX alternative: Like last month I saw a story on Hacker News about somebody who made an alternati…[View]
59576530Does anyone here use Windows 10 LTSB on the desktop? I like Windows 10 generally, but hate the tiles…[View]
59578045>The lead developer (Ruben Rodriguez) of Trisquel is one of the accused FSF employees in their re…[View]
59579423I bought 2666mhz ram for my 1700 and now I kinda regret not buying faster ram. How far can I OC it? …[View]
59575829When did everything went so wrong? GNU/Linux has literally zero ads.[View]
59578680Elixir meme language: how can they justify this?[View]
59574781Code Indentation, TAB vs 3 spaces?: I always use TAB. If I want to undo indentation select stuff and…[View]
59581103How much have you paid to Ubuntu? If you haven't, you are not allowed to use it.[View]
59556531Tech brands you don't trust despite never owning any of their products. >Diablotek…[View]
59580803Linux dual boot: I'm trying to dual boot linux with windows 10, but the installation keeps fail…[View]
59581203The Petition for Internet Privacy: Hey guys, I just found something you may find interesting. It…[View]
59570910Do you guys think it'll be possible in the future to have your own ship? Possibly in a few hund…[View]
59560042Router Thread: show me what you've got and attempt to justify it[View]
59577668codefaggot: hey dudes. i start at Uni next spring. i wanna get a headstart on coding and web design.…[View]
59580175mPCIe? eGPU?: I've got an old Lenovo DAGC8EMB8D0 mobo that I'm going to bring back to life…[View]
59570634Should I study CS at university?: I'm going to university this fall and I like programming and …[View]
59569964base64 -d<<<H4sIAHGm0lgAA9NPS88p0VfQVXArykzNS8mpVHD3C9X3ycwrrVAIyShKTUzhAgC9Qtv5IwAAAA==|gz…[View]
59579211Broken Cursor on AMD Graphics Card: What is this shit on my RX480? My research shows that this is a…[View]
59579330Your connection to the server is not fast enough to stream this video :([View]
59578918>shitty drivers >no games >buggy as fuck >take longer to boot than Windows >autis…[View]
59579686Gameport support on Linux: I bought a Logitech Wingman Extreme Digital joystick at a thift store and…[View]
59577615There was a major court case in canada this week against Kodi Pirate TV box sellers. What does /g/ t…[View]
59579983Recommend me good book about MySQL, guys.[View]
59578206Can you make decent 2d games with python and pygame?[View]
59579528What the fuck happened to youtube comments: It used to be that you could view all comments in a page…[View]
59580470Is there honestly a laptop worth buying that isn't a macbook?[View]
59575079Why the Ryzen 1700X/1800X is Pointless AND Worthless: Hey /g/ I'm going to show you why the R7 …[View]
59576713/dpt/ - Daily Programming Thread: What are you working on, /g/? Old thread: >>59573335[View]
59579458*Robot parks Apple Car and stands behind you in lone at qwikie-mart. What Do?[View]
59575367AMD 5xx are pure rebrands: Why this is allowed in 2017? >inb4 nvidia did it with gtx680 => gtx…[View]
59579809webm is not as popular as I thought it would be. What happened?[View]
59578737My potato burned out recently due to excessive bluescreens and is in terminal stages. I need a repla…[View]
59578408I am so fucking tired of this shit, What the fuck is wrong with world. Like normally you only had to…[View]
59580307help pls: how do i get it so when i enter say 25% the oxygen line actually goes to the 25% point on …[View]
59580277Someone from my uni started a meme-website: Share link?[View]
59571290Do you practice digital minimalism?: In what way?[View]
59575221Linux has shit MIDI support. What's the excuse?[View]
59575775NEW MS OFFICE FAGS BTFO: https://twitter.com/GossiTheDog/status/845446263244050434 > Microsoft ha…[View]
59579386How should I organize my file system? My files have any been a mess. I've never found a good wa…[View]
59574332how to make xfce4 look good?[View]
59548335/bst/ - Battlestation Thread: Last one about to hit limit >tfw fell for the Ultrashort meme Its b…[View]
59578190aftermarket 1080 ti thread: Which aftermarket card are you guys waiting for? I'm thinking about…[View]
59578882Is there even a point to upgrading a computer that's only a few years old? CPUs haven't go…[View]
59574899When I create memes, should I save them .JPG or .PNG?: WTF is WebP?[View]
59579653Reeeeee how do i fix that?[View]
59578251Computer bots are more like humans than you might think, having fights lasting years: >Researcher…[View]
59579691Opinions on ETTERCAP: hi newfag here ,opinions on dos attack with ettercap. has anyone used it befor…[View]
59574463What is the point of the command line in 2017?[View]
59572943What happened to him?[View]
59579167What kind of videocard should I buy that is most compatible with Linux? The current old one I have h…[View]
59569660What image viewer do you use? I've been using IrfanView but it can't play GIFS for shit.[View]
59570460Is the Sansa Clip Plus with Rockbox still the greatest mp3 player of the decade?[View]
59576862Why does programming languages seems to use more hardware resources than let's say 20 years ago…[View]
59579396Please help a newfriend!: what are some good VPNs?[View]
59576433Samsung always wins[View]
59579230Hey /g/ I am the defination of fake it till you make it. I recently took a job overseas (I'm Am…[View]
59579200https://downloadcenter.intel.com/download/26669/Graphics-Intel-Graphics-Driver-for-Windows-15-45- In…[View]
59563034/mpv/ - madVR is still the best: >source: http://www.tahistory.org/wp-content/uploads/2014/07/Lis…[View]
59577497Bought a Laptop this week but the seller sent me a Laptop with better specs. Should I return it or k…[View]
59571990The state of Windows in 2017: >plug in a USB mouse >'Installing Driver Software' for 30 second…[View]
59578439Development as a programmer: I'm a junior frontend dev and I strive to become a senior/architec…[View]
59574134I work in IT help desk support at a University. I'm bored so ask me anything Pic is from Google[View]
59578382Cool tricks on Emacs: Hello /g/. The next week.I will have to speak about Emacs in my college so I w…[View]
59576005Why does everyone learn programming online all of a sudden? I mean, what could you do with it? Witho…[View]
59578733/g/ humour: Someone posted this on my university's CS page, thought you guys would appreciate…[View]
59575684HACKERS GUIDE THREAD: Hello /g/. Over time I have learnt a lot from this hacking board, so I feel it…[View]
59578775I spilled some beer on my keyboard, and i emidiately disassembled it Will it function afterwards? Th…[View]
59577254What was that site that had a list of free dial-up services in your area you can connect to? Most of…[View]
59578223SMTP server: Does anyone knows a gmail relay SMTP server? IP for telner please...[View]
59574314Why is this legal?: There is no fucking way someone sells something this damn cheap: http://www.ebay…[View]
59562912Speccy Thread? Speccy Thread![View]
59577708Lennart FTW: >networkd ndisc: Bug can be used for a denial-of-service attack issue ist Open Assig…[View]
59578392>/g/ tells me to use ungoogled-chromium >download it and run it >just opens a new window of…[View]
59570698What tech do you refuse to upgrade?[View]
59578012How to keep your personal information safe from third parties: Coming from a person who has been usi…[View]
59578332https://github.com/UASF/bitcoin/releases/tag/0.14%2FBIP148 Time to fuck miners up.[View]
59577662Are you autistic enough to buy exact length cables rather than rolling them up?[View]
59574201I/O table leak of the X390 and X399 Platform, used in AMD's upcoming 16 to apparently 12 core c…[View]
59574200Best Ereader for Manga/graphic novels?: I want to pick up an ereader specifically for manga but also…[View]
59578032I love hacker and cyberpunk movies and I'm searching for new stuff all the time wether it'…[View]
59575425I'm new to this Free as in Freedom thing. Just got my distros in the mail. Which one should I i…[View]
59573892Open hardware thread: What are some open hardware projects that /g/ like or supports? What is someth…[View]
59526479/mkg/: Where is /mkg/?[View]
59576701Windows is fucking garbage: Example #8726378153785. >Knowing how much free space you have gives W…[View]
59570881Shit like this makes me lose faith in Apple and forces me to hate everything. https://www.google.co.…[View]
59577740How do I connect a Nokia 7110 to my PC? I got the data cable, connected it, and ran Oxygen Phone Man…[View]
59576336Why did it have so many problems?[View]
59577458I have pic related and it was working fine for a few years until I accidentally got rid of the power…[View]
59577962Javascript running on Ethereum: https://blog.ethereum.org/2017/03/21/ethereum-js-ecosystem-updates/ …[View]
59573866I use leafpad.[View]
59570760Linux-like Windows WM?: After using Linux for years and years I finally have to use a Windows comput…[View]
59577608How can i get my internet to this???[View]
59577875Wifi trouble on samsung s6: Sup Got some troubles with my wifi. It will load apps like Facebook and …[View]
59569769ExpressJS vs Ruby on Rails: Hey /g/. Why is ExpressJS more popular than ROR? Coding a web applicatio…[View]
59567758Antivirus: What antivirus software do you use and which do you recommend?[View]
59575537What's your thoughs on Qwant /g/?: Is the search engine a better alternative to DuckDuckGo?…[View]
59577810Does anyone know of any good backend Javascript scaffolds now that I fould out loopback is run by sh…[View]
59576777hello /g/ I recently gave my friend my 720 television one manufactured by LG, and I am about to try …[View]
59576149Has anyone tried doing character modeling in free software that isn't blender? I'm wonderi…[View]
59575958HDMI switchers: want to get a switcher with optical audio out so i can swap between all my consoles …[View]
59575673Web-browsers: Which web-browser is overall the lightest these days?[View]
59576650Hey g just got a rasberry pi 2 give me some suggestions on what to do with it[View]
59572538>gnome finally implements a feature >the most basic adjustment possible is missing How could t…[View]
59573014Windows 10 window borders: Am I the only one who things that Windows 8 had better looking window bor…[View]
59576594Why is recaptcha such utter and complete shit. >Click all store fronts >Doesn't accept …[View]
59572778Now that Linux is a botnet Will you switch back to windows?[View]
59576652How do I install MPC on this piece of shit so I can watch my animu?[View]
59573335/dpt/ - Daily Programming Thread: prev: >>59566658 What are you working on?[View]
59571202/ptg/ - Private Trackers General: never pay2leech, edition Previous Thread >>59565153 >Not …[View]
59574791Prebuilt: Wtf I love prebuilts now www.cyberpowerpc.com/system/Syber_C_Elite_300[View]
59571897rpi3 cannot torrent without crashing every 10 seconds: Has anyone ever gotten the rpi 3 to be able t…[View]
59575601what's a fun way to improve my fundamentals of coding and algorithms /g/? >inb4 Codility…[View]
59570147Is Chrome really a botnet or is that just a meme? If it is, is there a way to protect yourself from …[View]
59574035Snapchat for android: Can we talk about the cancer that is snapchat on android? You have to go throu…[View]
59572816Does anyone know the name of that small, folding computer with the QWERTY keypad and the analog nubs…[View]
59574744>Shopping for a new laptop replacement 2017 >Tablets are forever gimped to be hackneyed aborti…[View]
59565345>tfw you are an audiophile[View]
59574562Want to install linux on this thinkpad a20m. what distro does /g/ recommend for a beginner. I'm…[View]
59572146/XMPP/ general: Bad news! Germoney wants to regular XMPP software: https://www.golem.de/news/meldepf…[View]
59576227May I take a look at your keglogging code? Preferably in python or JavaScript.[View]
59576236Tanzanians and Ruby: Why do our fellow Tanzanian friends love Ruby so much? Why do they just focus o…[View]
59572974In anticipation of debian stretch release in a few months. I'm shopping for a new DE. I've…[View]
59573865About Tor: Is there a reason of why it's default installation location is set to desktop?…[View]
59575390What kind of saftey precautions do I need to take to explore the deep web without contracting aids o…[View]
59575970>have a tumblr page where I reblog trap/shemale photos and videos >get a skype message today f…[View]
59576006What the fuck is this[View]
59574337US Customs and Border Patrol searched through my laptop and seized it because of pirated movies. HOW…[View]
59575543I'd love a keyboard like this, am I an idiot? I don't know much about them, any recommenda…[View]
59562538Repeal of Net Neutrality: https://www.congress.gov/bill/115th-congress/senate-joint-resolution/34/te…[View]
59573850External Mounting for WiFi antenna: I have a bit of an unhealthy obsession with routers and I'v…[View]
59574491I haven't used an antivirus program for 15 years, should I start now? I bet they are annoying a…[View]
59567937How do you determine if someone is good at technology? Maths ability?[View]
59563862XPS 15: Find a flaw.[View]
59569544Microsoft and Intel’s Decades-Long Alliance Has Started To Fray: Microsoft and Intel’s Decades-Long …[View]
59566243Why do you use Linux?[View]
59574278Should I play with my iphone in a bar or club?[View]
59571878I hava started capturing packets to check traffic in my Galaxy 4 phone but some data going to google…[View]
59573527Alright /g/ my parents bought some unsupported firmware 'Router' from 2015. I look at it and surpris…[View]
59567268Anyone got a good vim game? I was liking vim adventure then they asked for money[View]
59567043How do you feel about this list: https://addons.mozilla.org/en-us/firefox/collections/mozilla/privac…[View]
59572941Let's face it, /g/. Computing as we know it is dead. Now every level of it is monitored by gove…[View]
59574936I would appreciate it very much if one of you know how to fix this... What do I need to do in Thunar…[View]
59574428OMG: I think I'm being tracked on my network. My VLC won't work properly. It keeps picking…[View]
59572032I have a problem, not huge, but a problem. I have a 6 years old pc with a SSD drive (OS) and a 2x1TB…[View]
59566866Give me ONE reason not to learn Python.[View]
59570577>2017 >year of the linux desktop >can't even change your homepage without having to ed…[View]
59574434Nobody knows who actually owns Huawei: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Huawei#Ownership >company cl…[View]
59573718Most energy effcient PCs/laptops/netbooks?: I've been looking for something that uses the least…[View]
59573149Will this work out fine? Wage your Bets!: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_6LzjVnS8aY[View]
59571971This thing is tempting. >4:3 High DPI screen >MacBook quality design >100MB of free Verizon…[View]
59565997cryptolocker: anyone know how to remove ransomware from a pc to decrypt files without paying?[View]
59569748http://www.anandtech.com/show/11220/dells-32-inch-8k-up3218k-display-now-for-sale Why have you not j…[View]
59574283raspberry and embedded: No raspberry thread? Raspberry thread now! What are you working on? Embedded…[View]
59574507What wrist watch is agent 47 wearing ?[View]
59555322/wt/ - Watch Thread: Based Max Hetzel edition. >Required Viewing For Newbies: https://youtu.be/_2…[View]
59572126task manager thread htops and macfag tools welcome as well[View]
59573801>go to store to buy software >buy a box full of DVDs and manuals >you don't actually O…[View]
59574029is there literally ANY reason to use a scripting language other than rakudo perl?[View]
59573695Am on a budget and want to buy 16gb ram Should I go with HyperX Savage 16GB https://www.newegg.com/P…[View]
59574175Hey /g/, I can't decide between 2 laptops that I'm going to use for some lower end gaming.…[View]
59574394troll chat mod: xinshosting.com[View]
59573991Can a nigger post some god-tier configs for this garbage[View]
59573734So, are free private browser apps somehow fucking me behind the scenes? Selling my data and such?[View]
59562545>install arch >certain fonts are only displaying in weird unicode symbols >after 20 minutes…[View]
59568792Whats /g/'s opinion on ITIL? Learning for the Foundation Exam right now, and it seems pretty bl…[View]
59567497>Guy runs big botnet and drains bankaccounts >He only gets 3 years in prison Why is this fair?…[View]
59555579Why the hell are you not using the best version of windows?[View]
59570076Gigabyte Aero 14: All right, bunch of tech-hating tossers, tell me why I shouldn't be buying th…[View]
59559564>People complain about getting virus alerts from game hacks or cracked games >Users tell them …[View]
59564541Find something wrong with this. >Hint: You can't.[View]
59573867Noise isolation gaming headset: What are some good noise isolation headsets? I want to block out sou…[View]
59572950Job listing red flags: >helpdesk technician >4 year degree required >CCNA and MCSA required…[View]
59573818What's that anon? You're not using Clang instead of GCC? Why is that anon?[View]
59571004Fire HD 8: Is the Fire HD 8 tablet worth buying for the 90$ price tag? My Kindle broke and I am look…[View]
59569344Stock Android experience: > Nexus 5 phone broke > Need to get new phone fast Any Android phone…[View]
59571479Installing OpenCV[View]
59573372Sound Card Thread: Can we have a sound card thread? The last cards I had were ISA (Yamaha OPL3 SA an…[View]
59543928Guts thread: >ctrl + F >guts >no guts thread…[View]
59565153/ptg/ - Private Trackers General: Pacific Tool & Gauge edition Previous Thread >>59559797 …[View]
59562239qBittorrent is a meme: Why is qBittorrent so shitty? I was using Deluge and everything was working p…[View]
59569721>2017 >still no self-driving cars on the market could you actually contribute to society inste…[View]
59566658/dpt/ - Daily Programming Thread: prev: >>59561050 What are you working on, /g/?[View]
59565642Who are the geniuses of Computer Science?: I'm not talking meme-tier web dev programmers. Who a…[View]
59573221What if Microsoft started doing what Apple has been doing and begins manufacturing all Windows compu…[View]
59568930Help Desk: So I plan to work a Help Desk job in a few weeks while I continue towards my college deg…[View]
59559531Kaby Lake-X a joke, Intel BTFO cont.: 'XD' is the only proper reaction here: https://video…[View]
59563022We have come very far.[View]
59570517all memes aside, this is the best linux distro ever. why even use arch instead of manjaro? manjaro u…[View]
59559555WINDOWS COMPLETELY COMPROMISED https://github.com/Cybellum/DoubleAgent[View]
59566841As of 2015, the feds are still using Windows 97, why aren't you living in the age of Napster, K…[View]
59571026>Not owning a 2 in 1 in the current year.[View]
59572643>2017 >still using systems that need defragging…[View]
59572851Hey /g/ I'm looking for a really lightweight browser, I have a really bad pc so Chrome, for exa…[View]
5956804564GB Storage is engough: My Surface Pro 3 only has 64GB of storage and it's been enough for the…[View]
59565990Let's share some cool TUI/CLI programs. Pic related is a TUI interface to the transmission-daem…[View]
59572821StackOverflow thread: Do you use it? Do you contribute? Do you work for magical internet points and …[View]
59569426Help with SSD: Is my SSD faining? What S.M.A.R.T. values should I look at? It says, that I have bad …[View]
59572581Apple: Lets make a good tablet and a good laptop Microsoft: Lets make something thats both a shitty …[View]
59557406pooxel is shit: How is it that a phone from 2015 is still /best phone/ ? >loud front facing speak…[View]
59572604Hey, /g/, I come to you to ask for help or at least come knowledge. I'm not nearly someone expe…[View]
59566624>tfw you fell for the SSD meme >desktop still takes 30s to boot…[View]
59571900Slash vs backslash: Which is the superior one and why is it slash? https://strawpoll.com/f3g7wb3…[View]
59572463CompTIA Security+ sys-401: Getting ready to take this thing soon. Anyone taken it before? Any advice…[View]
59567768What os do you use?[View]
59558927Should I call for the 4k meme or go with 1440p?[View]
59571737What's this thing I found on top of a trash can?[View]
59554004An executive running Linux?[View]
59571161>Carl Sagan sued Apple Computer in 1995. Apple used 'Carl Sagan' as an internal code fo…[View]
59557027* was a mistake: What do you unironically think was a mistake when it comes to computers?[View]
59564857how can I get fire tv to play files from my portable HDD? it says it only supports FAT32 which is …[View]
59560917PC case thread: PC case thread I want to get a new case. Post your cases and case thread general…[View]
59560150/csg/ Chink Shit General: In /csg/, we discuss the cheap shit you see on Gearbest, Taobao, AliExpres…[View]
59570431Charge Cycles: How many charge cycles would it take before a lithium polymer battery to degrade?…[View]
59569935Win7 help: Hey /g/, I'm an Arch Linux user but for school purposes I had to install Windows. I …[View]
59569615Microsoft's Windows Server OS runs on ARM: Microsoft's Windows Server OS runs on ARM chips…[View]
59563521What's your excuse for not using the best web browser on the market?[View]
59570263I find indian tech support scammers voices really soothing. Every time I get a cold call I respond a…[View]
59561553>Thinking Linux is the best alternative os fucking normies[View]
59571589> he pretends sperging on his booboontoo console is more intelligent than being a power user on w…[View]
59560989/sqt/ - Stupid Questions Thread[View]
59564942/g/ memes: comedy/humor[View]
595665631800X hits 85C on 4.1 ghz: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=I71ov8iiDP8 OK, and people actually belie…[View]
59563186Why aren't you masturbating front of the webcam while thinking cia agents?[View]
59569617gnucucks will defend this[View]
59554246>USA just passed a resolution to allow ISPs to sell your data to other companies >you fucking …[View]
59567231TempleOS is actually a really good learning tool, not just a meme. The creator is crazy but he walks…[View]
59568050Is the botnet really that smart? YouTube knows I'm an American male, yet they keep showing me a…[View]
595689741060 or R9 Fury? http://hwbench.com/vgas/geforce-gtx-1060-vs-radeon-r9-fury Fury looks better, don…[View]
59570189I want a IR camera to my Android. Which one should I pursue and why? Which one has the best technolo…[View]
59563056What's the best alternative to YouTube? It's been shit since 2012.[View]
59570595TempleOS: Anyone know how to transfer files to/from templeOS? I want to look at the source for the O…[View]
59568390which MS office: which MS office is the best for just normal use? Is there even any difference betwe…[View]
59569494Explain this /g/.[View]
59566751please help me to reduce the number of for's http://pastebin.com/raw/ehnQ2Tzd[View]
59568412When did you realize that /g/ has a lack of OC because people here use GIMP and its impossible to ma…[View]
59569226Would you ?[View]
59569465AMD and Microsoft team up to advance open s: AMD and Microsoft team up to advance open source cloud …[View]
59569668Whats your excuse for not using the best browser? >webkit based >customizable adblocker >ht…[View]
59565806wtf: Internet bundle with tv & phone = $28.95(6 months promo) after $70.95 Internet alone = $54.…[View]
59552919This is new Firefox design /g/. Maybe it will change in time for 57 release.[View]
59568989Can anyone meme me into Linux? I feel like i'm getting more and more meme'd into installin…[View]
59569254Lenovo Thinkpad Replacement Battery Issue: Please help me. I bought a replacement battery for my T43…[View]
59568604Why the Ryzen 1700X/1800X is Pointless AND Worthless: Hey /g/ I'm going to show you why the R7 …[View]
59567629tfw making this post from trueOS. runs quite well desu.[View]
59567954What'd be the GOAT configuration for the new MacBook Pro 13-inch without Touch Bar?[View]
59556706/fglt/ - Friendly GNU/Linux Thread: Previous thread: >>59539156 Welcome to /fglt/ - Friendly G…[View]
59564627Terry is live streaming: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9wKnt0f5T-M[View]
59566655Some guy at work gave me this CD. Any use for it?[View]
59569790Is this normal?[View]
59565423Stop using nonfree software[View]
59563349Daily reminder that minimalism is the Unix philosophy[View]
59569676Ok /g/, lets settle this this age old question for the coming generations: Do you run Windows as you…[View]
59569313>'We need a software that fucks our system up and has no postitve effect at all' >'Say no more…[View]
59562785Developing OS For Anonymity: Hey, I have started to develop an OS for x86 CPUs based around anonymit…[View]
59569459hey /g/ i wanna get a chink phone, do you think the Samsung s8 is the right choice?[View]
59569249He nose too big for he gotdamn body. So I fucked up the scale for a shuttle glider I was printing, d…[View]
59567236I EDC an e-reader instead of a tablet/phone. My current device, a kobo touch, has a 6 inch screen (t…[View]
59568976What is the best scripting language and why is it Perl?[View]
59558035Is there any use for brainfuck?[View]
59561077Internet Shut Down: In one month the entire Internet is shut down. What do you download?[View]
59567638Hey /g/ thought I'd ask a quick question here, or a couple actually I have tens, if not hundred…[View]
59567720ITT: Times when AMD destroyed the competition: A feel good nostalgia thread for my fellow AMD friend…[View]
59567740How do you prevent spdif output from switching off every time a sound isn't being played in lin…[View]
59538119/tpg/ - ThinkPad General: Previous thread: >>59514724 IRC: #/tpg/ on irc.rizon.net Other busin…[View]
59566136How bad of an idea would it be to use one of these for a home server? Pros: -small -aluminum -A E S …[View]
59564930Comma vs Dot as decimal point.: Which one is better and should be the standard? This mess fucked up …[View]
59566593>2010+7 >not programming in ancient Greek letters…[View]
59568434>Rare Pepe Trading Cards To Fight Against a Dismal Economy Que?[View]
59566952>not having a 2 in 1 in the current year[View]
59565542/stg/ - Speed Test General: >'There's more to connection quality than speed' Edition >Con…[View]
59556856Does an mp3 player that has: -physical buttons (no touch screen) -expandable memory/sd card slot -dr…[View]
59566343Looking for a slim laptop to run Kali Linux on. Any you guys recommend?[View]
59566194Did i fuck up?[View]
59568188So I've finished Codeacademy's course on Javascript, and am just now making my way through…[View]
59566418Ordering a Dr.Pepper at Papa Johns: I called Papa and I asked them if I could get a thing of Dr.Pepp…[View]
59565665Tried to install linux, erased all my porn into oblivion: >really want to dual boot linux >las…[View]
59567798>firefox is the only browser of the top 3 that actually blocks popups >chrome allows everythin…[View]
59568011what are some vpn/vps ips not banned on 4chan?[View]
59564721Where are all of the good keyboard phones? Does no one make the anymore?[View]
59562205Spectre x360 15: Find a flaw. Long battery life 4k display Great color accuracy Active digtizer (sty…[View]
59566901/videochat/ General: I know most of you guys have crippling social anxiety and don't make eye c…[View]
59557867Who makes the best modular power supply?[View]
59561525/g/ Documentary & Movie Thread: - The Internet's Own Boy: The Story of Aaron Swartz - TPB A…[View]
59566468What does /g/ think of EVGA? I'm tossing up between EVGA and other brands for SSD and PSU (~650…[View]
59564272Will installing arch on a chromebook with only cli save battery compared to the native chrome os, or…[View]
59563793what technology will create the next dot-com bubble?[View]
59564581What are you tracking /g/?[View]
59565580pls halp me /g/ you are muh only hoep: /g/ I've had some unusual wifi activity lately and peopl…[View]
59561025Internet providers: with all this talk about net neutrality if someone was to make a ISP that didn…[View]
59565100>he paid more for his video card than he did for the rest of his build[View]
59555009/hpg/ - Headphone General: >Headphone purchase advice http://pastebin.com/fYZLW7Ub Please put som…[View]
59566725So is Plex Media Server legit or a good way for the RIAA to see whos using downloaded movies?[View]
59566211Does /g/ use a scanner?[View]
59566339Post little/simple things about/in technology that trigger you or easily trigger you.[View]
59565496When Artificial Intelligence produces code how will we understand it?: Entertain the idea that AI de…[View]
59566177Looking to get into IT networking. What certs/books should I start with? N+ Security+ then CCENT CC…[View]
59555626why is /g/ butthurt about golang? I thought /g/ liked minimalism, s.mh...[View]
59564431http://www.sarahmei.com/blog/2014/07/15/programming-is-not-math/ >programming >math…[View]
59566492>His laptop has an unnecessary quad core CPU draining battery life, and causing unneeded heat gen…[View]
59563304redpill me on swift, /g/[View]
59566405Has anyone ever had this problem with windows 10? The restart button goes missing from time to time.[View]
59561050/dpt/ - Daily Programming Thread: What are you working on, /g/? Old thread: >>59556199[View]
59566201>recently on my win10 install have had a bit of an issue >certain programs sometimes, when act…[View]
59559788Uhh, what's happening with Ubuntu? >#1 distro for years >Mint becomes more popular >th…[View]
59563835Is ubuntu the greatest distro ever?: NASA uses Ubuntu Google uses Ubuntu Now South Korean mech scien…[View]
59562729How was this hacked?: It's from 'The hacker wars'. It was hacked live. How did they do it? I…[View]
59549222fuck microsoft, how do I stop this?[View]
59566118DIY Laptop thread: Is anyone on here using a homemade laptop? I've been looking at some barebo…[View]
59565573Windows can't find my Wifi: Yesterday, my laptop stopped finding my Wifi. It is a bootleg copy …[View]
59565858Why isn't Ember popular?: I know Ember isn't the best choice for small projects, but I cou…[View]
59565673Explain why you still haven't joined the glorious functional programming master race[View]
59563241>faggot phone AIDS edition Apple sure knows how to cater to their customers…[View]
59563021>water cooled loop designed around right angles >shoe lace covered cables from china Pretty mu…[View]
59562181What's a good operating system to use ironically?[View]
59562646Gentoo + Funtoo GNU/linux: Hey guys. I was reading that Gentoo was in the process of migrating from …[View]
59541822Where did UI design go so wrong?[View]
59563392Redpill me on Macs /g/ Why does Google and silicon valley literally run on Apple hardware? Is Mac OS…[View]
59565692Is this safe for cleaning motherboards? I already know I'm supposed to hold any compressed air …[View]
59562693https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC4YaOt1yT-ZeyB0OmxHgolA/videos THANK YOU BASED JAPAN[View]
59564810How do I load APKs onto my Lumia 650? Alternatively, is there some sort of third party windows app s…[View]
59562786Can we have an emacs thread? I read the tutorial but I still don't get it.[View]
59564826How did Linux overtake FreeBSD?: Is it because eurofags rallied behind it?[View]
59564912Excuse me now?[View]
59565431Anybody else in /g/ have a hot Asian girl working at the office? Usually girls that work coding and …[View]
59557734Why aren't you using the best PDF viewer that exists /g/?[View]
59564436why don't they benchmark graphics cards based on how fast they can crack tripcodes and what gra…[View]
59562042>'Anon what's this 'TempleOs thingy you put on my laptop? How do I install Facebook on it?'…[View]
59559719model m keyboard user: >'this is a religious experience as a keyboard guy' >proceeds to sniff …[View]
59564478monitor: http://item2.gmarket.co.kr/item/detailview/Item.aspx?goodscode=919745905&pos_shop_cd=SH…[View]
59563996i3wm: How many of you are actually using i3 window manager? does it worth to use it over DEs?[View]
59560335Can someone explain the arch hard on to an arch user? I dont understand why some people treat it lik…[View]
59559797/ptg/ - Private Trackers General: eep ass nin edition Previous Thread >>59554083 >Not sure…[View]
59564023What does /g/ think the best server operating system is?[View]
59550390It's clearly better[View]
59558046>the city of Intel tears[View]
59559079Why aren't you running the best Linux distribution?[View]
59540199Post a screenshot of this thread if you're using a custom css for 4chan.[View]
59564482Just made a reddit account What are some good tech subreddits to subscribe to?[View]
59560901Serious question here. Can CIA, NSA, Intel, AMD, other evil american megacorps spy on people _outsid…[View]
59552889INTEL BTFO >https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0eEMlO3VUK8[View]
59558073because of this bullshit the senate passed, is there a way to set up some sort of bot that will fuck…[View]
59556612Explain to me why Androids are better than iPhones again?[View]
59564479how do you get 64 bit to work on virtual box if you have vt-x enabled but it still greys out the opt…[View]
59562975Screeps: Anyone on /g/ play this? Is your javascript good enough to even compete?[View]
59560190Would you buy a motherboard from Apple that let you build a Mac with your own parts?[View]
59559869Were Nvidia tards ever been BTFO'ed this hard? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WOaHpZjQ73M Nvid…[View]
59563462i have a bunch of raspberry pis i want to get some hash cracking distributed computing i cant seem t…[View]
59564279SAMSUNG LC27F591FDLXZX: Thoughts on pic related? Is it good for gaming?[View]
59559752Building a new PC, should I use W10 LTSB N, Pro, or what? I've been using W7 til now.[View]
59556707>browse GPLv3 project >steal code and use in my proprietary project…[View]
59559569There will be a day when we'll have no choice but install Windows 10 and join a worse botnet th…[View]
59562521Are you enough smart? #include<iostream> #include<cstring> #include<string.h> usin…[View]
59563857How is this a bad idea?[View]
59559199Why is Winshit so ugly? It's 2017 not 2003[View]
59560692Can anybody recommend a good soldering set to me? I want to learn electronics repair for personal us…[View]
59562026Why do people still buy physical media? Does /g/ horde physical media? I just watch movies and TV on…[View]
59563687What is Vega gonna be like? I've waited this long for zen and I don't want to buy a gimped…[View]
59562128Converting PDF to PNG: How do you convert each page of a .pdf to a .png? I've tried convert.tow…[View]
59557183Why does /g/ hate C? >But memory exploitation Learn to write safe code, or go use Rust. Stop shit…[View]
59560437What phone browser does /g/ use and why?[View]
59563607imsi: IMSI catchers stingray survellence man in the middle attacks shell commands rooting devices…[View]
59563140can i use part of my hard drive as ram? i want to use a program but it says i need 16gb ram but i on…[View]
59559315Systeme /d/: Poeterring is producing a very dangerous malicious software known today as the 'System …[View]
59562634Hey there /g/, I need some assistance on an assignment. I keep getting an String index out of range:…[View]
59562611>land phone interview with top tier tech company >it goes well... >spend the past 2 weeks g…[View]
59563257How long has firefox been broken?: There are so many sites that it doesn't work correctly with …[View]
59562355Lets just say...: What are the most common websites that also allow you to login via your facebook l…[View]
59562720is rakudo to perl 5 as c++ is to c?[View]
59546332/pcbg/ - PC Building General - Stay with the stock cooler for non-k CPUs edition: Post your componen…[View]
59562940Why aren't you learning network topologies from Schmel? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WlawZuD…[View]
59562655Convince me why this isn't the best web framework ever.[View]
59558722Things /g/ lies about >mac products are not good[View]
59561862Sometimes I feel like I'm the only one in the world that uses his left hand for the mouse. You …[View]
59557503Ryzen 5 was put on sale at various retailers around the world, anyone here manage to walk into their…[View]
59560594>xfce4 >arch linux >cant drag images from chromium to thunar What the fuck? Why do you fagg…[View]
59559933Prosumer Camcorders: What's the best camcorder for $300? $600? $900? I'm about to drop …[View]
59561444>actually being found guilty of a crime by generating certain combinations of pixels to display o…[View]
59553617ready your battlestations /g/ents[View]
59560891Twitter is dead: >100% of Twitter content are created by bots >Companies suspend Ads because …[View]
59562557Ok /g/, I have to pick two of the following elective courses: >Information Technology Infrastruct…[View]
59560378basic programing: Guys, few days back some anon posted an programming exercise that was like 'if a s…[View]
59559039Why do people worship this shithole,: with their stupid offices with espresso machine and free cerea…[View]
59561672*blocks your path*[View]
59562602Just bought this and im waiting for the items to come in like an hour. I also replaced the hdd with …[View]
59558823how can websites know about my cpu and OS?[View]
59560496Ryzen laptops when?: Who /laptop/ here? In light of the Vault 7 leaks I think Rykek is good for opse…[View]
59561425Ubuntu users: why not just Debian?[View]
59561593Year 2017[View]
59559657Need Powershell Help: Sup /g/, I need some help with a very basic powershell script. I need to trim …[View]
59562258BILD: Rate my BILD, do your worst[View]
59557310GNU/Linux is both the world’s best and worst operating system. If you’re running a server it’s the b…[View]
59562183>password >password strength: weak >pa$$w0rd >password strength: very strong…[View]
59562153Help me decide on a monitor, /g/. I have Philips BDM3275 right now I was very satisfied with - 32…[View]
59558382FOSS worth donating to: Here's what I'm planning so far: Tier 1 Libreoffice Arduino GIMP O…[View]
59557055So my family found out about that Senate vote and are starting to freak out. What are some good VPNs…[View]
59560771So, I'm buying a new laptop and I've been wondering why I should install W10 instead of XP…[View]
59561480>turn phone sideways >app needs to rerun it's startup cycle >have to use data persiste…[View]
59561962Why doesn't 4chan have a captcha to stop bot posting?[View]
59556770Who is the Loius Rossman of Computer Science? https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCl2mFZoRqjw_ELax4Yisf…[View]
59561362Qualcomm blocked Samsung from selling Exynos chips to other smartphone vendors: ... by threatening t…[View]
59559557what's a good live distro to use and what benefit do i have of trying it out other than learnin…[View]
59561668What does /g/ think about my magnetic Monopole.[View]
59548946Post legitimately good reasons why you're not running Manjaro as your primary distribution and …[View]
59556498What the fuck is wrong with Debian maintainers. They disabled installing extensions and blocked acce…[View]
59561619desktop thread[View]
59549152What are the essential addons and tweaks for Firefox?[View]
59560729Who /tech support/ here: >Stacy messages me, because she needs help with something computer relat…[View]
59559463Are there any: >good >modern >user-servicable >laptops >with small bezels ? just like…[View]
59559784I remember people were speculating motherboards were simply not ready for Ryzen, and they needed bio…[View]
59555392Which programming language has the absolute worst community?[View]
59560783Will installing arch on a chromebook with only cli save battery compared to the native chrome os, or…[View]
59557939Stop using Skype.[View]
59556837How do I get a computer without backdoors? Both AMD and Intel have backdoors. Is there any alternati…[View]
59556199/dpt/ - Daily Programming Thread: What are you working on, /g/? Old thread: >>59549111[View]
595507231080Ti overclocked beyond 3 GHz with LN2 with the stock PCB: http://wccftech.com/nvidia-geforce-gtx-…[View]
59557998Pleb-tier sales associate here. Ask me anything.[View]
59557097Is it worth the effort?[View]
59559522Raspberry Pi 3 help: I am going to purchase a Raspberry Pi 3 for programming and gaming. Is this a g…[View]
59551565Post Stallman's Face when he reads this: Post Stallman's face when he reads this.[View]
59560521>someone calls me a few minutes ago and leaves a voicemail message >'im from Sitelock calling …[View]
59550341Look what followed me home, /g/. Also, my very first laptop. How did I do? Any apps you recommend f…[View]
59559999What is /g/'s official video player?[View]
59559606Hidden cell phone Spy?: Without root and little time. What be done to be able to see activity on a p…[View]
59560434'Get It Right from a Genuine Site': Is there any reason to worry about this? https://www.sky.com/hel…[View]
59559109FedEx will give you $5 to reinstall Flash: https://www.theverge.com/2017/3/24/15052286/fedex-adobe-f…[View]
59558523Why does every one think Apple is so secure?: What's your opinion /g/ https://twitter.com/wikil…[View]
59559801Friendly reminder that satania poster is shitposting hotpocketeer[View]
59560300how do I make the left panel in a bootstrap grid go underneath when it collapses instead of the righ…[View]
59555810OpenBSD relicensing GCC: So just today I learned about how OpenBSD is actually relicensing the versi…[View]
59559330What went wrong?[View]
59550656/csg/ Chink Shit General: In /csg/, we discuss the cheap shit you see on Gearbest, Taobao, AliExpres…[View]
59558590Gamemax: Are Gamemax PSUs any good?[View]
59560132Hey /g/, Has anyone tried using monitors with different refresh rates in linux? Using a 144hz chink …[View]
59560097HOMESCREEN THREAD: Couldn't find one R8, h8, mastrub8 Concerning mine, it's not finished, …[View]
59559257How do you factory reset a win7 PC without the install CD or any restore points? Trying to get my pa…[View]
59533741a e s t h e t i c: post your most beautiful tech, from any era previous: >>>59503661 >…[View]
59555197Has IRC finally been replaced? Do you use Discord or do you still prefer multiplayer notepad?[View]
59487193/cyb/ - Cyberpunk General: Perpetually on page 10 edition These threads are for discussion of all th…[View]
59556487Best VPN: What would be the best VPN preferably free, and what do you guys use?[View]
59554143>Running non-free software on your wrist I surely hope you don't do this… Asteroid exists fo…[View]
59554831Captcha = Skynet training: Guys, are we training the AI that will eventually rule us?[View]
59554083/ptg/ - Private Trackers General: People Without Money Downloading Music For Free Harms The Music In…[View]
59559495>website taking more than 3 seconds to load >more than 20 javascripts running…[View]
59555790Inno3d: Is this 1070 any good /g/?[View]
59559203Have you ever worked at a helpdesk /g/? Share you stories, advice, experiences.[View]
59552180Ding dong[View]
59549620What went wrong, /g/?[View]
59558856Ryzen 5 available: so where are the benchmarks?[View]
59556689What is the most secure torrent client nowadays?[View]
59558402This was the last adware-free version of Daemon Tools. It was working fine before I reformatted. So …[View]
59556647If I memorize every line of every program in a given gentoo gnu/linux distribution and step through …[View]
59558527Hello /g/[View]
59556613>'supports' free software >hasn't made one ((1)) donation of any amount…[View]
59558350I really like Rust but /g/ is making me fearful of investing too much into it. I really like it much…[View]
59544561/spg/ - Smartphone General: If requesting purchasing advice, please provide your country and what ca…[View]
59557799Does anybody use R software here? Also obscure languages general.[View]
59553204Are you still going to buy Apple products?[View]
59557312Why does Nvidia make it so obvious they gimp their cards. As of right now the 1080 ti can play prett…[View]
59558637Its about time to try this thing Lazy-friendly software to disable/remove whatever can be disabled/r…[View]
59556352alright /g/ayads... I just bought picture related. Will be delivered tomorrow. Hopefully my mothe…[View]
59557859>tfw linux doesn't recognize my wifi card >tfw everytime I post a screenshot >huh duh …[View]
59556972How do you stop a Slow Loris attack? (DDOS)[View]
59558535>tfw the only chance you have to ever get a computer related job is feminist tier web 'developmen…[View]
59552639Name one good reason why anyone should upgrade to W10 Protip: you can't[View]
59554170https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UIIb5uZfukU >Rypoo loses in Premiere benchmarks AYYMDPOORFAGS BTF…[View]
59556835>OK >Next >Next >Next >Next >Install >I'm a sysadmin guys!…[View]
59557032How does one even make an account on these websites these days without using your phone number or pa…[View]
59558432So now that windows is the most secure os, will you switch back or stay on Linux, Apple?[View]
59557895>Magic Mirror: What wouldst thou know, my Queen? >Queen: Magic mirror on the wall, who is the …[View]
59558192How do (You) protect against fingerprinting, /g/? https://panopticlick.eff.org/ https://panopticlick…[View]
59539919Power9 IBM, Intel, AMD, finished, etcetc: POWER9 seems to look more like AMD's zen design than …[View]
59557985What did Intel mean by this?: If you install the Intel MediaSDK 2016 and have an E: drive then the i…[View]
59557006TFW Google Assistant is now my ai gf[View]
59555957windows redstone: project neon information: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TZjHlX3OtAk https://mspo…[View]
59555736>order something on Amazon >select 2 day shipping >estimated arrival date is 5 days from no…[View]
59554609Am I going to die?[View]
59530743phones: What kind of phone are you rocking right now?[View]
59555951Dumbfuck here Why do you people hate x86 and why do you consider powerpc betterm[View]
59553831is machine learning a waste of time? is it a fad?maybe it will have high paying salary later ? shou…[View]
59551610What image editing software do you guys use?[View]
5955717432-bit deprecation when?: So out of many software I've used (both on Linux and Windows, occassi…[View]
59554101/laravel/ - web framework for artisans: - https://github.com/laravel/laravel - https://twitter.com/t…[View]
59552734Intel Management Engine: /pol/ is right /g/ We can uncover the dark truths of Intel's Active Ma…[View]
59552577Is Libreboot the solution to this NSA UEFI botnet shit? https://libreboot.org/[View]
59555556>tfw life is too short to lean C++[View]
59557606PCB manufacturing advice: Hey /g/, I plan on opening a small to medium scale PCB manufacturing shop…[View]
59556789Stop using github: Stop using github! https://www.fsf.org/blogs/licensing/do-githubs-updated-terms-…[View]
59557554Bwat's the best search bengine and by is bit Bing? Bwooohh![View]
59557514Anyone ever make their own botnet? I'm thinking of the benefits of having a bunch of endpoints …[View]
59557286Give me 1 (one) valid reason to use systemd/linux >pic is unrelated[View]
59548420Go is a language for fags, triple niggers and googlebabies. Prove me wrong[View]
59547588/sqt/ - Stupid Questions Thread[View]
59557368There wasn't a decent unix-like kernel, you wrote one which ultimately became the most used. Th…[View]
59557251ITT: Things that made you question everything you know >be today >go visit my friend (2 hours…[View]
59556084Where can I learn C++: Hello /g/. I know nothing about coding and I want to become a fucking hacking…[View]
59554977What is a good distro for a shitty laptop? I tried Ubuntu but it somehow ran slower than Windows 7. …[View]
59556330>be me poorfag >want to build a gaming pc >buy used q6600 system for 60usd >buy gtx 1050…[View]
59554385How do compilers work?[View]
59556903Looking to build a new PC with Zen architecture, can't decide which chip to get. My two favorit…[View]
59556701>What do you do, anon? >I do network security and malware analysis. I've been getting int…[View]
59555149How exactly do i setup a VM with linux that I can SSH into and host a server on that's accessib…[View]
59556615>tfw work at nvidia >fucking plebs dont realize there is a backdoor/monitoring system to your …[View]
59556381How can proxyfags like PK get passed the captcha?[View]
59556297Has anybody ever donated because of this?: Help Uganda![View]
59553959>be human >use screen that's for goats…[View]
59539156tr '\!-~' 'P-~\!-O' <<< '^78=E^ \ uC:6?5=J v}&^{:?FI %9C625…[View]
59556410OMG X IS FINISHED AND BANKRUPT [link to youtube video that proves nothing] HOW WILL X EVER RECOVER !…[View]
59556688Pc build: Buying my first gaming desktop and no i cant build them ill probably fuck it up is this a …[View]
59549577Good luck finding a job with JS. C is the best langu-[View]
59551786I fell for the Arch meme, what is the best desktop environment to install?[View]
59556569Help me /g/: I have a AMD Radeon graphics card which may be not supported by Ubuntu 16.04. What shou…[View]
59556520instead of getting high speed internet as well as phone service/data for my phone when I have my own…[View]
59556407I actually lol'd[View]
59555185What are they up to now, /g/? http://www.apple.com/us/shop/goto/macbook_pro/select[View]
59547650With the latest news from Congress, it's official. I need a VPN, /g/. What's good out ther…[View]
5955452116GB iPhone: I temporarily switched to an old iPhone since my android phone broke and I'm reali…[View]
59552531hi /g/ what is the best poorfag smartphone?[View]
59553017hahahahah, americunts[View]
59555808>Go to download Notepad++ on a new computer >see this >lol out loud…[View]
59555661best era rankem[View]
59549111/dpt/ - Daily Programming Thread: What are you working on, /g/? Old thread: >>59543141[View]
59554536why install gentoo? how? what skills are required?[View]
59553229Let's see those sequential speeds /g/ >download A1 SD Bench >run test >post results + …[View]
59556099Just moved to a new place and the previous tenant clearly had a full Sky TV package which fed the si…[View]
59551376I've learned all the Python 3 syntax but I'm still having trouble when it actually comes t…[View]
59555698'Is like having sex with a 12 year old' Just amazing. https://youtu.be/Ozt2d8t8hIU[View]
59554970Twitter Premium: >In an email to selected users, the company described how the new tool would wor…[View]
59553540/XMPP/ - General v. 4: XMPP General thread. >arguments in favor of OMEMO https://conversations.im…[View]
59547995post RMS's face when[View]
59553857>adobe flash is still prolific in fucking 2017 /g/ will defend this[View]
59555112What is the best vpn?[View]
59555417what was THE most frustrating problem you never solved?[View]
59555800facial recognition software: http://www.theverge.com/2017/3/20/14986640/china-toilet-paper-theft-fac…[View]
59539333If python compiled to machine code like c/++ you would use it. Truth[View]
59551637How old were you when you realized that OOP is the simplest, most elegant and overall best paradigm?[View]
59552570Assembly lang hw help: My teacher gave us this small assignment to do and i just have no clue where …[View]
59549780>tfw you fell for the inkjet meme for 20 years of using computers before finding the superiority …[View]
59554984Mozilla brings back most likely square tabs... kind of Damage control to....: ... prevent people fro…[View]
59555485WTF: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ozt2d8t8hIU[View]
59555424Do they even check these?[View]
59545913AMERICANS BTFO: >Senate Votes 50-48 To Allow ISPs To Sell Your Data >be American >get botne…[View]
59536730Cemu Discussion: Does anyone know how this emulator was even made? I can't find any documentati…[View]
59553519Reasons for Intel ME to Exist: So, recently I was on /pol/ and saw a thread about Intel ME and its c…[View]
59551474what's a good monitor to where when I tilt my heard the screen won't go dark?[View]
59553298I'm planning on buying a new gpu in the 200 dollar range any recommendations for the long term?[View]
59555060Find a flaw.[View]
59553031Best wrist rest?[View]
59555331>tfw i fell for the power saving hard drive meme[View]
59555310I appologise for this noobish question, and sci is being a real bitchly by not answering, but is it …[View]
59553544What should I buy, /g/?[View]
59555017Out of the blue some of my laptop keys started working funny. Days later, more of them stopped worki…[View]
59552595Can someone help me find some info about this item? >hard-mode: u cant[View]
59554667>1 word essay due in 35 years >can't stop browsing /g/…[View]
59549567My UNI has chromebooks they let us use with no protection on them, how can I fuck with the, /g/?[View]
59553872/g/ cringe thread: >military components[View]
59550630YEAR OF THE LINUX DESKTOP: Linux finally has professional video editing software. DaVinci Resolve w…[View]
59554431Looking to do a triple monitor setup primarily for gaming. Currently I own this: http://www.lg.com/…[View]
59554258Can /g/ recommend me some kind of youtube/other video/something tech related stuff to watch while I …[View]
59554561Routers: Recommend me a good router, /g/. And no bullshit like extended routers which the shop worke…[View]
59550551Are you happy with your major /g/?[View]
59541767> his CPU is beaten by an i3 that costs 179 bucks: Explain yourself faggot.[View]
59553005SYMANTEC IS FINISHED BANKRUPT BTFO ON SUICIDE WATCH Cucked by Google https://arstechnica.com/securit…[View]
59516680FizzBuzz is pie, forget about it: Can /g/ solve simply problems like pic related in efficient manner…[View]
59552654RCA Video Recording?!: Hello /g/ I was wondering if anyone has ever tried to record RCA Video using …[View]
59552903>Spent 1 year developing dating site (2016) >No template Bs. All from scratch. >Mid way hir…[View]
59548845DVD Ripper: Anyone know of any good dvd rippers?[View]
59554277Why does Yandex offer free email hosting for your own domain? No one else does this.[View]
59549683What do you keep your notes in, anon? You do have notes, right?[View]
59551822>their are people on this board who '''upgraded''' to windows 10[View]
59530583/hpg/ - Headphone General: >Headphone purchase advice http://pastebin.com/fYZLW7Ub Please put som…[View]
59554429So i gave in to my autism and lurked for a CLI internet browser, the one i head the most was Lynx so…[View]
59554116You should be able to solve this[View]
59554274Why doesn't 4chan have a captcha to stop bot posting?[View]
59552791Could someone post a very simple UDP server in Haskell?[View]
59550328Why are websites identified by a domain? Why not a public key fingerprint? Wouldn't it be more …[View]
59554193WTF: What the hell happened to Edward Snowden over the past few days?? http://twittercounter.com/Sno…[View]
59546029Ubuntu is actually pretty nice once you find compatible hardware. >RX480 GPUPRO drivers are prein…[View]
59551001Anybody have the TPLINK Archer C7? Do you run DD-WRT/OpenWRT? If so, which one and why? I currently …[View]
59544746Is the Raspberry Pi 3B backdoored / botnetted / CIA niggered? I'd like to use it for as a hardw…[View]
59553934>Hey anon, my mother cannot open Word documents on her computer. Can you help her? >Sure *Inst…[View]
59552376Superior vaping device? inb4 OP is gay[View]
59552096>Best operating system >Best audio system >No backdoors >Autists install arch instead to…[View]
59537738/wt/ Watch Thread: This thread is about the appreciation of watches, as well as the micro-engineerin…[View]
59551322Are applels this fucking dumb? >what is 4G 4G ≠ Wi-Fi.[View]
59553928No, no, no, no: https://news.ycombinator.com/item?id=3955146[View]
59546694>managed to order pic related off newegg today >just noticed that it only supports ram speeds …[View]
59553818>buy 2 batteries >connect them with each other >battey 1 charges 2 and 2 charges 1 >infi…[View]
595449811 peter 1:23 edition Previous Thread >>59536671 >Not sure what private trackers are all abo…[View]
59553932Should i buy more RAM: During last summer i started getting random BSODs and my computer after a poi…[View]
59540826HAPPENING, NEW WIKILEAKS RELEASE VAULT 7: DARK MATTER https://twitter.com/wikileaks/status/844897244…[View]
59553205>'dude this generation fucking SUXXXX' >'internet is RUINED' >'it was so fucking good in ol…[View]
59548045Apple will begin manufacturing iPhones in India: Time to finally buy an iPhone[View]
59553454Anyone have any advise on getting the key for an SQL database. I got the databse from a game I play…[View]
59551939GREAT JOB OFFER: here's a fucken great job for 60k US in Australia....... what a joke Position…[View]
59551726Defend this: https://bugs.debian.org/cgi-bin/bugreport.cgi?bug=858521[View]
59553653so where is this AfterEgypt thing i've been hearing about /g/?[View]
59551397i can't be the only one who didn't want the case in >pic related back in the day also p…[View]
59553580Chukudo thread!: Post Chukudus. These contraptions get a hell of a lot less credit than they deserve…[View]
59553409kitten needs help: This kitten needs to know what version of Microsoft Visual Studio 2013 (I.E., Win…[View]
59551370can I get banned if I run diablo 3 reaper of souls through wine? is wine safe or can it be identifie…[View]
59552966lunyr.com Possible Wikipedia killer? 'Lunyr is an Ethereum-based decentralized crowdsourced encyclop…[View]
59553176>firefox is secure[View]
59552166are we the automation baddies?: lets get the elephant in the economy out of the way, will people in …[View]
59553064Uh, guys? GUYS??? https://www.reddit.com/r/conspiracy/comments/616ypb/mail1trumpemailcom_meet_tealea…[View]
59551634Rec me a cheap eatx case. Looking at roswell rise.[View]
59553279Heyo /g/ is there anyway to run pic related's license server in background mode? I tried using …[View]
59551098>not using your desktop from your bed Do you even comfy?[View]
59551480Going to grad school in the fall and needing a new laptop. Just going to be using it for simple docs…[View]
59551453Guys, help 4chanX+Oneechan just broke. What has Hiro been doing?[View]
59552796Is it possible to run a linux distro as VM in Windows but also being able to boot in to it directly?…[View]
59549527Linux Class: >Taking 'Alternative Server Operating Systems' class >halfway through the semeste…[View]
59553119Even the CIA loves Doctor Who. >Sonic Screwdriver >Sontaran >Dark Matter…[View]
59553090There is this things about the s7 edge that remains unclear to me. Is the 'gold' color alw…[View]
59550042do I need more thermal paste?[View]
59525495/bst/ Battlestation: 'That setup' Edition[View]
59552413>all those MB/s And yet iPhone still plugs into the pc with a usb 2.0 cable. What the fuck?…[View]
59552937Wtf guys, did somebody just feel that too? Chrome just became slower than Firefox. I dont know how b…[View]
59550923>open GIMP >click Windows >check Single-Window Mode pic related Post stuff about software o…[View]
59552831Why is this list so based, /g/?http://www.t3.com/features/best-smartphone[View]
59551975Just upgraded to Windows 10, what are the best settings to insure I have security and no botware? I …[View]
59552797What are some popular certifications that I can buy or follow coursework and then pay to test at a c…[View]
59547655You're running for president, what do you say to get the /g/ vote?[View]
59543100What port is that one on the left?[View]
59552715Yo, /g/ I'm trying to set up a tor hidden service and also run a relay from the same IP address…[View]
59549630Is there any reason to use Linux in a VM?[View]
59552676because amd rocks...: i want to give a shoutout to an asian guy with glasses for on putting amd wall…[View]
59549238Spectre x360 13: CPU: 2.7GHz Intel Core i7-7500U (dual core, 4MB cache, 3.5GHz with Turbo Boost) Gra…[View]
59550727Do LEDs effect hardware performance?[View]
59501345/wdg/ - Web Development General: Previous thread >>59461667 >Discord https://discord.gg/wdg…[View]
59548994post tech cringe https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=v7qTHbOEiDY[View]
59551862i hate programming, please help.......................... The Payroll Department keeps a list of emp…[View]
59552394>Install linux >Tyre pressure light comes on…[View]
59552202What's the most profitable cryptocoin to mine? You need specialized hardware to mine Bitcoin, b…[View]
59551960How the fuck do professors not lose their job with their near toddler level understanding of how to …[View]
59552305Is there an easy to get access to the contents of a phone nearby with a computer/phone? Maybe an app…[View]
59549907Hey /g/ I'm interested in buying a laser. The problem is there's so many of them, many var…[View]
59551124Why is systemd using all of my CPU and locking up my computer?[View]
59551935How's being a software engineer working out?[View]
59550434NY Times: Anyone have a fix for this? The page seems to load but then I get this anti-adblocer type …[View]
59551316Is anyone else getting malware popups from yahoo mail? I wanna download this to check it out but it …[View]
59533289Best open source apps on Android?[View]
59552042Why doesn't 4chan have a captcha to stop bot posting?[View]
59550971CS internship thread. Just got cleared to work at Booz Allen Hamilton this summer. >inb4 TRAITOR …[View]
59551990I need help.: I am looking to pay someone over paypal if they can write a Tampermonkey script that w…[View]
59546917how is this possible? https://torrentfreak.com/internet-backbone-cogent-blocks-cloudflares-new-pirat…[View]
59545066Best video recording program for Windows 10?[View]
59548317Is there any way to make Visual Studio work on Linux?: Since the whole vault 7 thing me, as well as …[View]
59551702tech savy: I've come to realize i do not understand my computer after being ddosed, and kinda w…[View]
5955165230€ Reward for help with Wine: If anyone can help me run Neverwinter on Wine on my laptop, I'm …[View]
59538963/csg/ Chink Shit General: In /csg/, we discuss the cheap shit you see on Gearbest, Taobao, AliExpres…[View]
59528841/tosg/ - TempleOS General: God's chosen edition: Previous thread: >>59509821 Shrine 5.03 …[View]
59549093Apple's selling points?: Hey I'm wondering what the appeal of Macs and iPhones are,I curre…[View]
59549996Say it with me: ThinkPhone[View]
59545844/g/, is internet privacy a thing?[View]
59550977Windows 10 after changing motherboards: Hey guys i was wondering if you guys could help with this. …[View]
59550284>>59522487 continued. Anon delivered nib p67 acquired. post /g/ood feels[View]
59551465Why is RS-232 used everywhere for industrial SCADA control systems?[View]
59539224I have i7-7700K. What should i buy: 1060 6gb or RX480 8gb?[View]
59551059I would like to buy gaming laptop. Can someone suggest good price/performance one?[View]
59550502>Wangblow just werks! >be me >try to install botnet 10 >required device driver is missin…[View]
59549635>TFW I wasted thousands of hours on 4chan instead of doing something productive >TFW didn…[View]
59551379Sentate to vote to let ISP's sell your Internet history: https://arstechnica.com/tech-policy/2…[View]
595510183:2 aspect ratio and cortex a72: >perfect laptop doesn't exi-…[View]
59551407holy shit is RMS actually making a difference in the world?[View]
59545048what is the best graphics API: I need to learn more about this, please tell me who these differ, esp…[View]
59549725Books Recommendations: I'm look for a reading list like this for computer science. I know that …[View]
59550022Just installed ZorinOS: Did I fuck up? Also, screenfetch/neofetch thread, I guess.[View]
59550991why is it shit now? what fucking browser to use? will I have to botnet myself?[View]
59551038Which laptop should I waste ~$1,300 on? http://www.bestbuy.com/site/hp-spectre-x360-2-in-1-13-3-touc…[View]
595497431. Android phone finally breaks 2. put my sim card into my old iPhone 5 that's been in a draw f…[View]
59551110help me out here /g/. i'm trying to be lazier at my job. i'm trying to make an spreadsheet…[View]
59544201Why use vim when atom exists? Atom editor and plugins are faster because v8.[View]
59548458/Xmpp/ - General: XMPP General thread. >have you seen that new client Dino? https://github.com/d…[View]
59546557how do powerline adapters work, and how can I troubleshoot a set of them?[View]
59550420Usages for Point&shoot camera: On my way home I found a pretty beaten up Coolpix S43000 with the…[View]
59546309Built a Fallout themed PC in the fallout 4 pip-boy edition box. Your thoughts? http://imgur.com/a/8V…[View]
59543814torrent: hey /g/ cant say im a regular here but im looking for a good torrent site for music and mov…[View]
59550690build me a budget computer: ive been out of the computer building thing for a long time. trying to l…[View]
59549328If the FCC ever forced them to share their last mile network (like what happens in Europe), what wou…[View]
59550988Tfw after learning haskell, literally to intelligent to program in anything else.[View]
59545341Spying: I have a dilemma... >friend sent me funny video >thumbnail is of two hot girls >pla…[View]
59548042Shit only you remember[View]
59543276Speccy thread?: Poor edition.[View]
59550243From my home network, is there any way I can boot a specific computer off the router? Basically, I n…[View]
59548606I've been given an old Dell PowerEdge 2900 and I'm not exactly sure what to do with it. Is…[View]
59550706Rate my internet connection[View]
59541731Name a better Operating System Protip: You can't[View]
59550666whats the easiest way to make a .tk website[View]
59548203What code I use for toys?: What code I use for toys? I'm talking toys like RC cars and other el…[View]
59544371Name one reason why you don't have a mid tower. >Best size >Generally the best built >…[View]
59550428RAM: Which is better, Single-Rank or Dual-Rank? Not channel. Rank.[View]
59550600Windows 10 PSA: Windows 10 public service announcement: If you are having slowdowns and see 90-100% …[View]
59548691Is DDR4 speed largely irreverent for z270 chipsets like it was for z170?[View]
59542737This isn’t just your browsing history or cookies. It’s geolocation data, financial info, passwords, …[View]
59546175Is 2017 the year of the GNU/Linux desktop?[View]
59549509This is still the best Android phone btw[View]
59549925Looking for a computer science lecture that starts out with them crossing out the words computer and…[View]
59549201I fucking hate iTunes I hate iPods I hate iPhones Apples insistence on using this backwards featurel…[View]
59543439Mac love thread[View]
59547592PET/Digivice toy simulator/computer interface: How many people would be interested in some electroni…[View]
59549939>want to buy second laptop to boot linux and something more portable than my 15 inch laptop what …[View]
59548386hi there smart people. i know im not bright for not knowing this but is there any way i can transpor…[View]
59530354Everyone—except tech workers—knows that tech workers are mostly white men: >A survey shows most S…[View]
59549563Help!: Alright, this may be a far fetched problem(s) but I need some help. First problem, my uncle …[View]
59548853Computer Networks: Hi guys, little question about Computer Networks regarding the Congestion Control…[View]
59549058>want to try out Debian by installing it >choose default software selection >Debian desktop…[View]
59547360Hey /g/ any chance of some tablet advice? I've been using a Galaxy Note 10.1 for quite a few ye…[View]
59546937romania has faster internet sped then america and romania is farely poor SUCK IT AMERICANS (sorry if…[View]
59528142Why aren't you using this /g/? >muh flac It supports lossless audio now. Are you just poor?…[View]
59548214Do people use GPUs for anything other than gaming?[View]
59549656While I realize that this is likely outside of the rules of this message board, please bare with me.…[View]
59549309What VPN does /g/ recommend? PIA? Nord? TorGuard? Or something else entirely? No logs, etc, obviousl…[View]
59530438Post your Keyboard: Post your Mechanical Keyboard[View]
59539635Underrated under appreciated language[View]
59545422Ryzen: Does it suck?[View]
59547093How well does WINE actually work? Could it run For Honor? Adobe Premiere? Thank.[View]
59547976Computer Science or Engineering?: What one is the best and why? I am a senior in HS and trying to de…[View]
59548513Hello vir/g/ins. I'm somewhat talented when it comes to computers and stuff, and recently i…[View]
59547088Show us your widgets, anon[View]
59547834Best Repositories for F-Droid[View]
59539644Why does anyone even need these overpriced turds? They're slow in most applications because of …[View]
59548299How can anyone use bloated shit like dreamviewer for web development? When I started getting into ht…[View]
59546126Senate Passes Bill Allowing ISPs to Sell Your Browsing History: https://arstechnica.com/tech-policy/…[View]
59544564Will windows ever be good again?[View]
59548346Even completely ignoring the LISP/ALGOL families, Fortran had user-defined functions in 1958. COBOL …[View]
59548196What's the /g/ approved movie editor?[View]
59547437If I put an m2 drive under the GPU will thermal throttling be an issue? I'd really like to get…[View]
59545580So, what exactly is the day-to-day purpose of a VPN? Hiding your torrenting, blocking your mom'…[View]
59543596More leaks and rumors have been coming out about X399. At CeBIT a few days ago, a hardware conferenc…[View]
59444172reCAPTCHA is shit: Is Google Captcha super broken for anyone else? I answer tens of these street sig…[View]
59546435Debian bug #858521 - diaspora-common: does 'rm -rf /' on purge: https://bugs.debian.org/cg…[View]
59543141/dpt/ - Daily Programming Thread: What are you working on, /g/? Old thread: >>59538415[View]
59547565So this is the power of Linux.[View]
59546663>he uses non-free software[View]
59542262getting hold of legit windows 7 isos: now digitalriver downloads are dead, where can you get legit w…[View]
59548983Windows Programming: Is all windows progamming done with C# these days? Does anyone use C with the W…[View]
59548547What's better intel or Amd?[View]
59545251What is the best way to learn assembly and which assembly language you I learn first? What assembly …[View]
59548543How can we encourage more women into STEM fields?[View]
59548724AOKP - Is it stable?: I have a Xiaomi RN3P. I've tried MIUI, Cyanogenmod, and AOSP Extended. Fr…[View]
59545919So you disgusting sweaty neckbeards memed me into buying a JizzPad, a T420 to be exact. During norma…[View]
59547908Windows Vista will no longer be supported in 3 days and this means ...VIRUSES!!!: As a final note: W…[View]
59542362Do you think Microsoft will go third-party software only in regards in mobile market and halt all de…[View]
59546555Audiobook / Podcast thread Is Audible worth it? Where do you get your audiobooks? Any decent tracke…[View]
59547677This is gold: So much for 'muh modern code editor' https://news.ycombinator.com/item?id=13940014…[View]
59547013General Gaming Laptop thread What you like about your laptop and what do you dislike about it?[View]
59547501Why is iOS so fucking pretty?: Why do you still endure Lagdroid?[View]
59545718do you guys do anything (hobbies, habbits, etc) despite the fact that it is made antiquated due to t…[View]
59545199Intel won, AMD finished & bankrupt Ryzen feels already like a meme and that is misplaced and pla…[View]
59547968How do i dodge a banlist: Hi guys! I play in this Warcraft III server (https://entgaming.net/) but t…[View]
59544137How many computers do you guys have? I currently have one machine but am thinking about getting two …[View]
59547497Any one here use diaspora? (Pic unrelated): Been looking for alternatives to facebook and came acros…[View]
59541278It's over Intel is finished!: https://www.overclock3d.net/news/cpu_mainboard/amd_s_rumoured_180…[View]
59545465> doing biology studies > third year > very good marks > second out of 200 student > …[View]
59546713There is literally no better way to watch video files on any operating system. You cannot prove me w…[View]
59547919You have 10 seconds to explain why anyone would waste $500 on a 1080 when he could get a PS4 Pro for…[View]
59545720Why don't you have a 2 in 1 laptop?[View]
59544711Been hearing about how the default config settings in FF are jacked, yet can't find anything sp…[View]
59547278scared: >Thinkpad dies >wont boot, wont charge, no power LEDs, nothing >replace power cable…[View]
59548119Anon, whats the point of using anything other than Ubuntu when there is no Ubuntu related problems?[View]
59548032>I watch 4k youtube videos on my 1366x768 thinkpad[View]
59546895>_MACOSX >.DS_Store[View]
59544990> know how to program/code > doesn't have idea what to code > tfw useless knowledge…[View]
59547895Avast game mode: So this thing completely disabled windows notifications that shit on the bottom rig…[View]
59547773Why doesn't 4chan have a captcha to stop bot posting?[View]
59546130Spoonfeed me on routers Should i get an linksys WRT54G v.7 and flash a DD-WRT on it?[View]
59536794Is DirectX dead yet? Why would any sane gamer even consider Windows anymore?[View]
59546576help a dumb ass out: Can the java gods of /g/ help a beginner out, I'm trying to use double for…[View]
59547421Google PREF cookie used by the NSA for spying: Have most of you guys known about this for a long tim…[View]
59545607Why are republicans mentally ill? https://www.privateinternetaccess.com/blog/2017/03/today-senators-…[View]
59542896>Howard University opens a new campus at the Googleplex >tfw you were not born black >tfw y…[View]
59544954Prodigy Thread: Let's take a moment to appreciate the children who make the future bright.…[View]
59547512Say I have a MS SQL database containing the names of all the various fruits in the world. I want to …[View]
59545137Spectre x360 15: Find a flaw.[View]
59547648Homescreen thread? Zte axon 7 + Nova + KLWP[View]
59545485what do you use your tablet for, senpai?[View]
59541969Wow, fuck Razer. I bought a 1060 from them back in January, with manufacturing screen errors, and th…[View]
59543385Lincucks BTFO: Xfeces bug literally destroying monitors. https://bugzilla.xfce.org/show_bug.cgi?id=1…[View]
59537224Which image viewer does /g/ use?[View]
59537900> the moment games or desktop applications use more than 8 cores: That's a fucking delusion.…[View]
59546960>he is too poor to afford apple products[View]
59547092Het there tech guys remember me? The moron with the Toshiba, well I finally managed to get it hooked…[View]
59544893ISPs and Telecoms can now sell internet history: https://www.privateinternetaccess.com/blog/2017/03/…[View]
59544761MachineLearning: is machine learning a waste of time? is it a fad? should I learn javascript and oth…[View]
59538382How can we end Samsung cancer?[View]
59543666Why isn't he quiting his job at Facebook? He is rich af, he could do whatever he feels like.[View]
59546811Upgrading from 5820k to Ryzen 1800X for video rendering and 3d modelling. Is it worth it?[View]
59542655This is a PSA for all actual /g/entoomen on this board: If you want FF to not be slow pile of shit, …[View]
59545813What programming language do you guys think will be the most in demand in the future? If you could s…[View]
59545436I'm trying to make Linux a daily runner, but I need a Music player that can access network shar…[View]
59544246What is a good windows distro to use?[View]
59546184Does every CPU and motherboard made after 2010 have CIA nigger backdoors?[View]

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