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64852636is it possible for the host of a VM to get a virus from the virtual machine?[View]
64854337installed Arch on my thinkpad what now OwO[View]
64852543Thoughts? https://www.cnbc.com/2018/02/20/mark-cuban-philosophy-degree-will-be-worth-more-than-compu…[View]
64852841https://9to5google.com/2018/02/23/fuchsia-friday-modular-lego-explained/ Is this, dare I say it, Uni…[View]
64851857Just try and figure this one out.[View]
64851615How does /g/ feel about Google removing the 'view image' button from its image search results? Has i…[View]
64855498>tried building a program in linux >had to compile it >tried to install cmake through termi…[View]
64853943McAfee: What the fuck is this? It gets stuck at 50% and apparently you can't End Task it withou…[View]
64855129Ran out of thermal paste: Is this bad idea?[View]
64849149/pcbg/ - PC Building General: >Assemble a part list https://pcpartpicker.com/ >Example gaming …[View]
64854291if I open a midi file with musescore, is a 1:1 realistic score sheet that can be played by a human w…[View]
64853998I absolutely LOVE my new windows setup. I am truly grateful that you people showed me the beautiful …[View]
64855054/g/, i want to change the tech world I want to start an open source hardware company. How do i do it…[View]
64855641Anyone else just like Unix-like, no matter what the kind? I use OSX at home, and RedHat at work, bu…[View]
64851036Microsoft day of caring: What did they mean by this?[View]
64855602The absolute state of Hacker News.[View]
64854889Toothbrush thread: What is the best toothbrush currently out on the market?[View]
64853456/g/ Coding Conventions: Let's invent coding conventions for future /g/ projects. I'll star…[View]
64855298now that the dust has settled, was google pixel a mistake? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TSiOAwVbK…[View]
64855014so all functions declared need to be called...who calls the main calling function? how do i decide …[View]
64855154>tfw your cs department turned into a java school[View]
64851694/ptg/ - Private Tracker General: Previous thread >>64844275 Fun thread >>64843152 >GR…[View]
64853107Android as we know it is dead: >Holwerda goes on to highlight some of the problems facing Android…[View]
64838058>Switch from mkdirp to correctMkdir to preserve perms and owners > sudo npm chowns /boot, /etc…[View]
64853887>I hate systemd because it's too mainstream but I can't admit it so I invent the ridicu…[View]
64844459FreeBSD Diversity Final Solution: >Core Team member Benno Rice says a Diversity Consultant will b…[View]
64854879https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zDm7LqbV5No does this mean It will be possible for a single keyboard…[View]
64853324Should I use any of those antispy apps for Win 10?[View]
64854637I am beginning Java. Can someone tell me why my program wont work? import java.util.*; public class …[View]
64850778does anyone have the divers for this thing? win 7[View]
64853852Is function programming for soyboys?[View]
64848153What language to learn for networking/sysadmin?[View]
64853997What problems can cassette players have?[View]
64853657Wtf is this shit? Why do they take so long to fade in? What is the purpose behind pissing people off…[View]
64844187Why abandon this beauty /g/?[View]
64853789What it this?: I tried to read that QR code with 3 different aplications and I got literally nothing…[View]
64851215A huge name in Crypto was just hacked: Crypto personality Philakone is getting hacked right now... t…[View]
64847506/hpg/ - Headphone General: How to request purchase advice: http://pastebin.com/fYZLW7Ub For sub-$50 …[View]
64854420>select all images with a store front >Skipposters…[View]
64852774Worn Out Edition: /pmp/ personal music player general This thread is for the discussion portable mp3…[View]
64853768Redpill me[View]
64853992What image host do you all here use that is least botnet and isn't a site that's going to …[View]
64853246Win7 DX11 vs Win10 DX12: I don't get it, if DX12 uses all cores, why is DX11 only 3-5fps lower?…[View]
64854021>he puts his taskbar/dock on the left or right side of his desktop[View]
64853683Should I install Gentoo or Void? I haven't tried either of them earlier, but I have used Arch.[View]
64852393This has been happening non stop for the past hour, is qbittorrent malware now?[View]
64847683>captcha's are getting harder to solve[View]
64852552Im so glad everyone in my family accepted my knowledge of computers early on[View]
64847627>Linux just werks[View]
64851779It's been a while since your last backup.[View]
64846138When will these corps fall?[View]
64848918I'm a cyber security guy and am visiting my family. Noticed my brother in law installed new int…[View]
64851934/gnomegate/ - Gnome Hate Thread: Shit we got on GNOME so far: https://blogs.gnome.org/tbernard/2018/…[View]
64848611anyone who knows anything about development on desktop knows that fedora and opensuse are the only t…[View]
64850233I am asking on /g/ for some assistance Basically I have two routers One router connects to gig0/0/0 …[View]
64852764CCleaner alternative?: Please /g, tell me some good ccleanner alternative.[View]
64846487So whatsupp with utorrent Is fucked up or just the web/remote shit? I need it for private trackers a…[View]
64839802Archlinux or Gentoo? help me decide[View]
64853268FUCKWIT: 'nuff said.[View]
64853256What is /g/'s opinion on SCCM 2012? How many of you have experience and how hard is it to work …[View]
64846350Anyone know how to get my hands or at the very least build my own subwoofer? It produces infrasound …[View]
64851295Surface Book 2 or MacBook Pro: /g/ i have recently come into a large sum of money and my old laptop …[View]
64851606https://www.anandtech.com/show/12458/auo-to-ship-8k-uhd-tv-panels-in-coming-months Why have you not …[View]
64842533I degoogled myself today[View]
64852392/speccy/: I'm stuck on this for a while. I spilled half a glass of milk in my main pc. I broke…[View]
64852754the best software ever written by man: the fuck u guys doing with yourselves look at this shit. go b…[View]
64852518What was wrong with this? Or did people hate it because it became a buzz word?[View]
64852073Swift Apprentice 4: I'm broke and don't want to shell out $60 for a book. Anywhere else I …[View]
64846268Android emulator: What android emu does /g/ use on their pcs? bluestacks has enough ads.[View]
64828664You've uninstalled it right, anon?[View]
64852125Comic Sans or Papyrus[View]
64839982>GIMP developing began in 1995 Anyone can explain me why after 23 years the GNU's image mani…[View]
64845846I wanna create websites: anons I'm the biggest brainlet of all time. i am a painter and i wanna…[View]
64852362Intel conspiring to brainwash consumers: I just saw a tv ad on NBC for pic related, a medicine to tr…[View]
64850981I'm getting a bit fatigued on learning haskell: There's so much to get through until you c…[View]
64844350>he doesn't buspost[View]
64850318/host/ing nerds tell me about dedicated server providers that respect my privacy while also being af…[View]
64847291>been procrastinating having programming as a hobby since 2010 >was an ugly loser in 2010 (lik…[View]
64844657/dpt/ - Daily Programming Thread: What are you working on, /g/? Previous thread >>64834734…[View]
64849727hacking: Hello fellas, i need to hack my uncle, he stold money from my family, hes got the money in …[View]
64845764/g/ternet - We are back and better than ever edition: Mark yourself on the map with your contact inf…[View]
64849871The /g/ roast.: Roast me /g/.[View]
64847579Mousepads Thread: Even though in a lot of cases you don't really need them any more this thread…[View]
64849193I have an App idea: I have an app idea that could potentially make a profit if it caught on. I just …[View]
64849153CSS Keylogger: How is your paranoia recently? The future is now. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oJ6…[View]
64846250Lavabit: Does anyone here now use lavabit mail? I want to try for free, where can I get a promo code…[View]
64850551can anyone redpill me on duckduckgo?[View]
64851192css/html help: So am trying to build a small calendar to be inserted into a larger site. My problem …[View]
64850335Why is programming such a dull and fruitless profession? You never actually make something, you just…[View]
64849172'Virus' as an acronym?: A few years ago, my teacher in computer class discussed about comp…[View]
64847908I got an 80% on my c++ test today at school. Ask me anything.[View]
64850929Not all that familiar with Chromium, but is it essentially google outsourcing development to be late…[View]
64848034Real deal, has 4chan ever been hacker? Was it hard?[View]
64851518Post software Discord servers: want to get hooked up with the software community more post your most…[View]
64851165Video editors for linux?: Are there any good video editors for Linux? Not talking about Kdenlive or …[View]
64845523NPM bug destroys /: https://github.com/npm/npm/issues/19883 > the absolute state of the js ecosys…[View]
64841004Why haven't you made the switch to wireless yet /g/?[View]
64844275/ptg/ - Private Tracker General: Previous thread >>64828456 >GREAT NEWS All versions of uTo…[View]
64846387How was Apple able to make both the best and the worst ads in the universe?[View]
64845053/wt/ - Watch Thread: This thread is about the appreciation of horology, as well as the micro-enginee…[View]
64851427I just installed Snax as my first adventure at linux as a live usb bootable os I'm having so mu…[View]
64848966ITT Machine Learning and Image Upscaling: What's the best software or service for upscaling ima…[View]
64849668Can somebody tell me what's wrong with my code. I'm using sqllite and when i execute this …[View]
64850703This is the best antivirus/malware for windows 7. Why should I use seven when windows 10 has windows…[View]
64851207Is Google down for any of you at the moment?[View]
64847375>Tfw the minimalism meme is even infecting hardware schematics Fuck distinct symbols, everything …[View]
64848598/madVR/ - what do you expect for v0.93?: >everything else is shit: https://www.videohelp.com/soft…[View]
64849664If you ACTUALLY cared about your privacy online, you'd be using Firefox and Multi Account Conta…[View]
64851123Win10 hate thread: Win10 hate thread[View]
64847195Is windows XP still usable in the 2000+18 the year of our Lord? I have an old core2duo thinkpad and …[View]
64830073/ag/: audio general: This here thread is for the discussion of technology related to audio and hi-fi…[View]
64850954Why we are still stuck on 14nm cpu manufacture process? We have been on 14nm almost 4 years now alre…[View]
64849238Is Haskell applicable in 2018?[View]
64845068>The current speed of AI research progress 2spoopy Is /g/ ready for the future?…[View]
64845554I still got a perfectly fine working AMD Athlon XP system with an radeon 9600 card. It's backdo…[View]
64849902>tfw you fell for the 16GiB RAM meme[View]
64850211Got a gl703 laptop, beautiful 120hz ips display. But theres this small bleed on the corner, only som…[View]
64850340https://boards.dingoonity.org/ingenic-jz4760-devices/revo-k101-shell-used-in-another-device/ Can the…[View]
64845568Sup /g/ i need your help. I recently reinstalled w7 and installed most of the necessary drivers and …[View]
64848999Next Generation Of Graphics Processors Unlikely to appear until Q3 2018: >“While NVIDIA was here …[View]
64850705If an ad company was able to use a DMCA request to remove an ad server from easylist, how can we tru…[View]
64837264In the street I found a box with twenty old hdd. What should I do?[View]
64850543playerup: How to sell in playerup someone please help me I want to sell a snapchat account[View]
64838760> cs group project > in a group with pajeeta, chink and 2 econ students > another group is …[View]
64845902Utorrent, bittorrent or something else. Which one is the /g favourite.[View]
64846761why hate python?[View]
64849471>wireless headphones enjoy your brain cancer[View]
64850310tell me about home cinemas.[View]
64850055Why do soyboys like computer science so much?[View]
64844905We haven't had a humor thread in a while. Post em[View]
64849009why is skylake so comfy /g/? >never drops below 60 fps >superior thermals to newer intel cpus…[View]
64848295best router: What is the best router?[View]
64848241Firefox Pioneer: I want to help Mozilla improve browsing experience but am also worried about privac…[View]
64848169When will he fix the Linux filepicker?[View]
64848790Samsung Galaxy s7 VS Iphone 6 64Gb: Samsung Galaxy s7 VS Iphone 6 64Gb Both cost around 350 which on…[View]
64831044I'm trying to get less dependent on my Google account. What are /g/'s best alternatives to…[View]
64849858Raise your hands in the air if you like 4chan ^ Fortran!!![View]
64849557usb write protect: inb4 I had Tails on this usb so maybe this cause this problem >my usb is write…[View]
64847469Bought a cheap laptop put in a cheap ssd (128gb kingston) and put the old hdd in a caddy because the…[View]
64849758nomachine for Remote Desktop to lenoox: Why shouldn't I use nomachine to connect to my home des…[View]
64848287>he doesn't use LaTeX Memoir >'b-but m-muh office!! XD XD XD XD'…[View]
64842694why do you use it?[View]
64849614new computer isn't starting: hello guys, i need your help. i got a new computer today that i or…[View]
64828653Anyone here use backpacks? Currently looking for a nice looking one that can take some damage, spill…[View]
64847166So my grandfather gave me all his older computers that he hasnt had time to fix i can do as i wish w…[View]
64847273Alternative OSes are fucking stupid. The only things we need are macOS for the desktop and Ubuntu Li…[View]
64847318I fucking formatted my actual external hard drive while doing a sampler A+ PBQ on the comptia websit…[View]
64849531How's their RMA department, /g/?[View]
64849452Hey /g/ I'm a brainlet when it comes to security/privacy and I would like to change that. I int…[View]
64849297All those things you desperately struggled to save for, or dreamed of owning one day, are now lying …[View]
64849068Let's hear your Monad explanation: The other billion tutorials weren't enough for me.…[View]
64847948Guys I finally got a modern computer with a last gen i5 and a good graphic card. I've been stru…[View]
64830406What's his favorite programming language? Why does he hate C++ so much? Does he hate OOP in gen…[View]
64847229Best security cameras?: My cousin owns a small store and he keeps getting robbed by niggers. I want …[View]
64848998Hello /g/ I'm looking for good examples of differences/strengths/weaknesses between different p…[View]
64846684Should l stick to C99 or move to C11?[View]
64848963how exactly do scripts, cookies and other web components hurt my privacy and/or freedom? please expl…[View]
64845110what does /g/ thinks of the Elephone s8? >Display: 6.0 inch 2560 x 1440 pixels screen with Cornin…[View]
64845987I have been blessed: I have reached the Monad understanding.[View]
64848262anyone else still using older phones?: Who else is using a 2-3 year old phone? Im still using a Gala…[View]
64847045Will AI gynoids ever be a thing? Do you think they will be achieved in our lifetime?[View]
64846653bypass first octet restriction for wireless adapter mac addresses in windows 7 and up: most usb netw…[View]
64848782I'm getting a bit fatigued on learning haskell: There's so much to get through until you c…[View]
64829878/fglt/ - Friendly GNU/Linux Thread: Previous thread: >>64804425 /fglt/ - Friendly GNU/Linux Th…[View]
64839503/pcbg/ - PC Building General: don't go cheap on your cooler edition: >Assemble a part list h…[View]
64844809Laptop bongspill keyboard repair: >be me in mid 2017 >have a bong inbetween me and my laptom a…[View]
64834025Tabs vs Spaces: what do you use? what SHOULD you use?[View]
64843883the actual state of cs: bunch of classmates lodged a formal complaint about our lecturer because he …[View]
64848355can one browse 4chan with dial up internet or does it take like 20 minutes for a page to load?[View]
64849230>saving up neetbux to upgrade my ryzen 3 1200 to Zen 2 3600 for 74 fps gaming >but waste all s…[View]
64837769Why haven't you gone paperless yet?[View]
64844679Post the biggest blunders in tech. I'll start.[View]
64848464Why C developers are so arrogant?[View]
64847216Swap file > swap partition[View]
64848130>use a PC for 20 years >still have to look at keyboard when typing…[View]
64846736>buy a 1600 >replace my 7700k >get around the same fps as before >stutter more in graphi…[View]
648481352200G and 2400G: Um, how can I find out how many monitors the integrated graphics will support on th…[View]
64846680I'm trying to develop a computer program with artificial intelligence that could browse a site …[View]
64847689Modest Proposal for a network.: A Thunderbolt 3 token-ring network. Would it be feasible? Would it …[View]
64847519ROB PIKE TWITTER RANT: >/bin/true used to be an empty file. The shell would open it, do nothing, …[View]
64840131>he doesn't use kailh box switches explain yourself[View]
64844055Should I save up for a 12 inch Macbook: That gold macbook is so god damn tempting. Am I becoming a s…[View]
64848183EVGA GeForce GTX 970 issues: Let me preface thisby saying I'm a brainlet when it comes to PC te…[View]
64847834Where can I buy a Microwave that respects my rights?[View]
64839555The youtuber What's Inside just destroyed a piece of history. they destroyed an original IBM PC…[View]
64841889Everybody forgot Steve Jobs ever existed. People just moved on to the next hype man, Elon Musk.[View]
64844175>iphone >shitty camera, good sound >samsung >good camera, shitty sound >sony …[View]
64847219Nice project but does anyone ever talk in any room? Also where do the 4chan minded people gather[View]
64847765Why does society let these rich pedophiles run rampant? https://www.wired.com/story/signal-foundati…[View]
64847755https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=88ancHxItOc When will intel release Pentium V with 5.2ghz and 8 core…[View]
64837454Why does fucking google keep pumping out new android versions when the phone manufacturers dont give…[View]
64845943>blackbars on digital video so it gets letterboxed if you watch it on a screen with the proper ra…[View]
64847672I've received a few weird texts in the past fortnight from a mobile number I don't recogni…[View]
64846288Netbook: Hi g, I recently dug up my Acer Aspire One netbook that I bought back in 2011. It had Windo…[View]
64847253cock.li: why is there no 2FA for cock.li?[View]
64839653/hpg/ - Headphone General: How to request purchase advice: http://pastebin.com/fYZLW7Ub For sub-$50 …[View]
64846659How bad is idea ultimate?: I got it from my uni but I don't like the idea of an IDE with my per…[View]
64842941I want to teach scientists how to use Linux. What topics should I include in my course? Should I use…[View]
64846647Someone can help me to unlock my cellphone? I need the unlock code. Is a Motorola G3, I´m from argen…[View]
64845191I guess posting has slowed down due to the new captcha images.[View]
64846981Is CUDA still a meme? Did video encoding ever get viable on it?[View]
64844366Data Usage thread - PC edition: How much traffic have you niggers used in the past 30 days? What…[View]
64846632>scan my ram with thaiphoon burner >can't control ram rgb anymore how the fuck is this ev…[View]
64846702>global bool canHarmHuman = false; >global bool canRebel = false; There. I just fixed any AI e…[View]
64847080What went wrong?[View]
64844475My router (ARMv7) supports SSH, it basically runs UNIX, have entware, busybox and a bunch of other s…[View]
64846603Is Spotify still killing SSDs? This is after 40 minutes of playback. >concerned-face.jpg…[View]
64844984Arduino UNO vs Raspberry Pi for a basic, automated relay-based AC switching system?[View]
64835053>Anon, there's not a tech bubb-[View]
64846188When will 'install gentoo' stop being funny? A big grin spreads across my face every time I read it.…[View]
64843307Why are Linux users like this?[View]
64846041>Danbooru got a pay wall >Gelbooru and Sankaku are bloated, pieces of shit with furry, deviant…[View]
64845584/g/ents, how feasable would it to use one of these Ryzen 5 2400Gs as a place holder graphics process…[View]
64846248are hybrids drives good?reliable?or should I take a ssd?[View]
64843083I just got permad from my favorite irc cause the op didn't like my personality. Nothing wrong, …[View]
64846660Joanna Rutkowska and Qubes OS thread.[View]
64835435What's your wifi SSID? mine is 'internet'[View]
64843476Gift for a robot: Advise anons what is a good gift for a robot?[View]
64842743>Shares of the Snapchat parent company sank 6.1 percent on Thursday, wiping out $1.3 billion in m…[View]
64845208what up /g/s, i got bummed when myspace turned to 2.0 garbage in like 2013, so i effectively rebuilt…[View]
64841556I have been logging into my servers and home PC as root for over 6 years and nothing bad has ever ha…[View]
64845313hey guys! im trying to learn web developing to be more precise HTML5, CSS3, JS AJAX PHP and MySQL i…[View]
64844770>windows only program >written in Java instead of C++ or C#…[View]
64846499oh shoot guys this could be trouble!! I've failed to comply to every term or condition on any U…[View]
64845046Ok /g/, let's see if you really are the useless and retarded waste of biomass everyone knows yo…[View]
64845448Should I join IBEW?[View]
64844715Oh my fucking god why does this piece of shit software still run on java by default?! Are the free s…[View]
64845686How do you avoid the glasses always getting dirty? I hate having to wiping it every few minutes[View]
64846305Got meme magic? Spam Sony support to get a spiritual successor of the Xperia play, right now is the …[View]
64842889Which 2FA app do you use?[View]
64845495linux: Winpleb here I want to install some version of linux to a tablet/laptop hybrid, that has only…[View]
64845590/g/ BTFO[View]
64845564>windows updates couldn't finish installing because a printer with the same name is already …[View]
64844587what did the linux communist party mean by this?: read title[View]
64837714*kills all your plugins*: Fuck this shit.[View]
64845912why is it taking so long for BTRFS aka butter filesystem to get their shit up and running? it's…[View]
64835302DNS: What is the best DNS server in terms of privacy that is not from a 14 eyes country?[View]
64841463> KDE has animated webm previews on file selectors Holy shit how does Gnome even compete?…[View]
64845880Is China AI superpower?: > huge no of people working in AI > us of a too busy making movies ab…[View]
64845486https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HD6nqQrJx78 why doesn't /g/ talk about spatry?[View]
64845033I'm taking an online class and the professor has office hours you can meet up and talk to her i…[View]
64843595openSUSE thread: Previous thread: >>64829584 1/2 >Why would I use openSUSE over the other d…[View]
64834907/sqt/ Stupid Questions Thread: Post your simple / small / stupid questions here. >for Linux relat…[View]
64845230Account Credentials: Hey again /g/ I used to use a site like haveibeenpwned that gave me the credent…[View]
64839206Bad programming habits: How do I stop this brute force style of programming where I try shit until s…[View]
64842756GPU: Post things you bought before cryptofags ruined everything[View]
64836778ITT: We pretend it's 2005 - 2012[View]
64844904hello /g/ents I'm looking to build a new computer for the explicit use for games and was wonder…[View]
64839795npm v5.7.0 critical bug destroys Linux servers: >By running sudo npm under a non-root user (root …[View]
64840325Do you miss smaller, more focused online communities compared to today's one size fits all gian…[View]
64837224>Someone actually paid $280 for a 990FX mobo We can bitch about gouging on new hardware, but is t…[View]
64845161how would /g/ code a simple package upgrader for LFS? I use a simple package manager that builds pac…[View]
64842337what did this get replaced with?[View]
64843472I already own a surge protector with capacitor filter but I still get lots of noise and interference…[View]
64830876Lets talk about Dell Latitudes >not subject to the thinkmeme tax on ebay >more serviceable th…[View]
64831361No NVIDIA launch for GDC/GTC - Thanks RTG for the lack of competition: https://www.pcgamesn.com/worl…[View]
64840177KWin seems to be getting a Vulkan renderer!: https://cgit.kde.org/kwin.git/log/?h=fredrik/vulkan THA…[View]
64840797Whats the worst someone could do to me worh my IP? Can I get DDOS'd? Can they get my location?[View]
64840715What's a VPN? How do you use one >fuckoff newfag no[View]
64844273Rate my battlestation[View]
0x2B | !0x2B
That's the question.
64823900/spg/ smart phone general: If requesting purchasing advice, please provide your country and what car…[View]
64837368Name one thing MS did right.: Wish I could expect more than a decent game controller from a leading …[View]
64839527Make it /g/ related.[View]
64841431Power Bank Recommendations: Any good power banks that are small enough to travel with and that can c…[View]
64844694USB thumb drives are in the wrong form factor in that they are too small. The 3.5 floppy disk was th…[View]
64842112Is Modern C any good?: /g/, I'm a shit tier Python and shittier tier Java student. I technicall…[View]
64795591What's your story, when and why did you upgraded?: I have this 'it's been 3 years, time fo…[View]
64844614Post your GRAPHITE Cflags and what packages you had to env mask to accomodate them. This is not a me…[View]
64844604are super UHD TVs worth it? the left look terrible and like it would hurt my eyes[View]
64844505I miss him /g/ https://youtu.be/39iKLwlUqBoh[View]
64842851>anonymous: Why do normies all know this 'hacking group' 'anonymous' that isn't even a real …[View]
64842581Where's your Pi-Hole, /g/?[View]
64837279Why is Gordon Moore pictured as the mascot in the /g/ stickie? All he did was invent a stupid law th…[View]
64826954Why are Linux users like this?[View]
64825193What is the best country to live in for technology?[View]
64839306Thought you lads where memeing but this shit is actually fast Thanks Edgebros[View]
64836947/wt/ - Watch Thread: This thread is about the appreciation of horology, as well as the micro-enginee…[View]
64843726>just found out about uMatrix and Nano wtf the internet works now[View]
64836511Advanced Statically-Typed Languages: Do you think the current crop of somewhat popular ML-like stati…[View]
64844282Have you wrote in forth /g/ pic unrelated[View]
64840571Living in Silicon Valley: How many of you fa/g/s have lived in SV/The Bay Area? I have been here for…[View]
64837833gf got this for a work prize. how fucked am i? is the nsa meme true? am i safe in my own house?[View]
64842376Anonymous: If you had a custom modem that couldn't be traced what would you do?[View]
64843565Got a new colleague who codes in Ruby. Any advice?[View]
64840004What's her endgame?[View]
64841442I picked the worst time to think about building a PC for the first time. Is there any chance for RAM…[View]
64843027>tfw when everything is fucking chink shit now[View]
64844142*artifacts your movie or music when you're copying something to or from the hard drive where yo…[View]
64831867What is the best alternative to Skype for voice calls that is Grandpa-friendly and does not require …[View]
64828474Programming in Chine[View]
64834939Why aren't Americans using hardware made in America?[View]
64839997why can't the linux community ever contain its autism?[View]
64843084>when you see a twink on the computer next to you[View]
64837954>5.99' 2,160x1,080 touchscreen, and the MediaTek Helio P25 chipset paired with 6GB of RAM and 128…[View]
64842075Why isn't MATE merging some of the changes and added settings that ubuntu MATE is adding? Using…[View]
64828456/ptg/ - Private Tracker General: Previous thread >>64814935 >GREAT NEWS All versions of uTo…[View]
64843693Windows files transfer/sync help: Just got a new chinkpad. How do I transfer my files and settings t…[View]
64836211CodeCamp: Is CodeCamp a good way to start learning programming? Lots of ledditors recommended it to …[View]
64843419Surface Pro 4 m3 128GB: My iPad Air has just had a major screen crack, and I’m ready to replace it. …[View]
64843647You know what will be the actual real-life consequences of using Windows 10, Chrome, Intel Managemen…[View]
64840449My local railway station got free wifi[View]
64837536Tell me about yourself, Anon.[View]
64843105>Starlink launches first satelite >0 threads >meanwhile tons of 'soyboy' 'mu…[View]
64820830/csg/ Chink Shit General: In /csg/, we discuss the cheap shit you see on Gearbest, Taobao, AliExpres…[View]
64843514What's the big deal with systemd, SELinux, Wayland and pulseaudio? Why does /g/ hate them?[View]
64841675>be me >java/IDE user/windows cuck >quit gaymen (sold my 1070 to some miner fag) >no nee…[View]
64842281Is the tablet market dead? Whats a good tablet for reading pdfs/manga and the occasional music/video…[View]
64841865>pipe from /dev/zero >get a 1[View]
64842924So why do people hate winforms? They pretty much seem like the same to me, and winforms is way bette…[View]
64836408Why is this not impressive?: Can someone explain why it's not impressive to identify hundreds o…[View]
64842516>in class >using my thinkpad with arch >70 percent of class using fagbook pros >hear one…[View]
64829466>boss threatens to fire me again my norman cowokers complained to my boss again that my ansi c co…[View]
64841882What will you do when you get your Android gf /g/? Things I will do: >sit on my lap and pair prog…[View]
64842541Linux better for programming why?: People say Linux is better than windows and mac for programming. …[View]
64839187Share your technological fantasy.[View]
64841031what's wrong with freeBSD? I know the CoC is being screwed, but as a system why does everybody …[View]
64833239>log into linux machine >enter password >open settings >hi anon plz enter password to sh…[View]
64836271Dual Monitors: Help Me Understand the Appeal: Do you users of dual monitors understand that you can …[View]
64842124Why aren't there any Fedora shills on here? I installed it a few weeks ago, and I don't se…[View]
64841903So whatsupp with utorrent Is fucked up or just the web/remote shit?[View]
64842721I'm getting a bit fatigued on learning haskell: There's so much to get through until you c…[View]
64842054Maths in programming: I'm learning to program via the hackerrank tutorials and they seem to be …[View]
64840725Hey /g Currently I'm in my second year in college and am majoring in CIS, Computer Information …[View]
64842010checkout this radness b0ys[View]
64841890>Laptop sticker 9 usd >Car sticker 3 usd >pc case LED strip 60 usd >Car/Motorcycle/Bike …[View]
64807997/bst/ - Battlestation Thread: old is dead[View]
64840509Is it that hard to make a captcha that actually works? I can't even get a post without solving …[View]
64841640ITT: Make 10 baseless claims and do your best to defend them: >Android is popular because it…[View]
64839186I really really really want a tiny computer with a controller to play games on bed like pic related,…[View]
64837872>What distro are you using, anon? >Oh, Arch? Pffhahaha..…[View]
64842546dee doss: how do i stop someone from dee dossing me /g/[View]
64841149If Stallman was right, and practically revolutionized the tech world, why is it that normalfags don…[View]
64842499/w?g/ - Well? General: Well?[View]
64840333For curiousity's sake, how many of you /g/uys and /g/als are users of Apple products be it smar…[View]
64841915What type of code is this? Does anybody know?[View]
64836195ZFS: What the fuck is this thing. I keep hearing people talk about it like it's the best filesy…[View]
64841723Trackball Autism: Really seriously considering getting one of these things. Can any of you list you…[View]
64841645>... >sudo dhclient -r >sudo dhclient :^)…[View]
64842147Why doesn't your country take care of your privately? https://www.google.be/search?ie=UTF-8…[View]
64834089The absolute state of FreeBSD and CoCs.[View]
64839532>the state of reddit (soyboy) PC gamers[View]
64841629How do I install the drivers for this wifi Dongle on linux?: It's a BrosTrend ac600 and I have …[View]
64836841Whats a good video camera for filming interviews? ie: close ups of peoples faces outside in the stre…[View]
64840645I really, really want to get an automatic vacuum cleaner, but I'm not sure where to start looki…[View]
64841768How do I reliably block phone and mobile users from my web site?[View]
64838152Firefox: I hope you aren't using outdated clones, goyim. https://www.howtogeek.com/335712/updat…[View]
64839460What happened to Scroogle and why is there no modern day equivalent?[View]
64840257GPU Stock Crisis Thread: So what do /g/. Sell or wait for price to keep rising with the GPU crisis? …[View]
64840768what language do i learn: i want to learn a new language - i've been reading about Go and the P…[View]
64810495/tpg/ - trashpad general: Previous Thread: >>64785174 If you're looking for purchase advi…[View]
64823492/glmg/ - GNU/Linux Minimalism Thread: This is a general for discussing software minimalism and minim…[View]
64841179The most popular Linux distribution is GNU-free, because it just works, unlike distributions with GN…[View]
64839548>be le me >thinkpad on my lap >masturbating >balls get nearer and nearer to pic related …[View]
64839848>job interview >talking with hr people >for some reason they ask tech questions >>so …[View]
64834841Linux just breaks. Not safe.: > Install 20 different distros > Figured out I like Manjaro >…[View]
64837417What does /g/ think about this chick ? (Sophia)[View]
64839261>dude you gotta learn our academic-only memelang otherwise you aren't a real programmer sorr…[View]
64840472Info System Majors: Is anyone a college graduate with a major in Info Systems/CS? I'm wondering…[View]
64840987Roll faggots[View]
64838139Opinions on liquorix kernel?: Are custom kernels like these just a meme?[View]
64840248How do I get rid of self doubt when it comes to actually learn stuff, I dropped out of school quite …[View]
64838858>forth is the most spiciest meem on /g/ >more himster than arch >less minimal >can have …[View]
64835793How Linux Community Steals Proprietary Assets: https://github.com/saniv/free-game-art/blob/master/fo…[View]
64834992Do you know something like sed in python?[View]
64837657The composite video of the modern day?[View]
64835097Possible PCIe successor Gen-Z Reaches Version 1.0 Development Stage: http://www.guru3d.com/news-stor…[View]
64840238>(((code smells))) >(((guidelines))) >(((code violations)))…[View]
64839698Is there a more widespread meme about programming than the idea that you spend all day alone coding …[View]
64837685Any Logitech fags here that can explain why the z5500 is worth $1200? What is so fucking great about…[View]
64838072i accidentally made my gameboy micro buttons go red, how? Also general cool gadget thread[View]
64839593Hey guys. I am a streamer looking for advice for a new set of headphones. My current setup is a Rod…[View]
64837033>Gigabyte vs >Asus vs >MSI vs >Gainward Who will win…[View]
64839052How long did it take you to start making money?: How long were u programming before you started maki…[View]
64834767I hate technology: does anyone else hate technology? I like electronics and designing embedded syste…[View]
64839904Recently bought a ps4pro looking to upgrade my tv to something 4K hdr capable around 40-55 inches bu…[View]
64817448u jelly, /g/?[View]
64838112>be me >have old vcr,commodore monitor,composite pc graphics card. >decide to back up old …[View]
64837955Is there any way to 'clean' an email account that suddenly started to receive a bunch of spam mails …[View]
64839663Well, it's come to this. I found an iPad while working for a company that cleans out those on t…[View]
64837039>Thinking you can escape and avoid and duck Googlel Botnets by 'de-Googling' yourself to supposed…[View]
64838685Chinked on a MacBook Pro replacement screen/lid?!: >inb4 'serves you right for buying Apple' hate…[View]
64835505Mobile battlestation thread. I know at least some of you homos leave the house once in a while. Mi P…[View]
64837757Even the MS Paint alternatives are all absolute garbage Why in the fuck is it such a God damn diffi…[View]
64834040/hpg/ - Headphone General: How to request purchase advice: http://pastebin.com/fYZLW7Ub For sub-$50 …[View]
64839455So, I bought a new laptop, it came totally empty, no drivers, no OS, nothing. I installed Windows 7,…[View]
64833790How will /g/ ever recover?[View]
64837418Anyone seen anything like this before?: Light blue pixels where white should be and scattered red on…[View]
64830701Antergos or Manjaro, which one is better and why? I care about speed and stability. >inb4 other d…[View]
64829532>build fake electronic dead drop >make it periodically transmit 'pings' (legal frequencies and…[View]
64839417is this good?[View]
64829449/CBG/ - Clover Bitching General: FLOENS FIX YOUR APP When I hit the FAB tp reply, the keyboard used …[View]
64830219How many diversity points do I have to hold in order to be successful @Microsoft?[View]
64834734/dpt/ - Daily Programming Thread: What are you working on, /g/? Previous thread >>64824604…[View]
64839214liquorix kernel: https://liquorix.net/ Is it worth it /g/[View]
64838763I just bought a T420 with a Monkey Keyboard (pt_BR), can i simply swap to a US Keyboard of another T…[View]
64834814>be me >november last year >need a new gpu >bought the vega 64 for 550 eur >check the…[View]
64818814/mkg/- Cherry is garbage: Capacitive Buckling Springs are the only good switch edition >Mech enth…[View]
64837037ITT: Servicedesk feels >worked in servicedesk for little more than a year >made it to 2nd line…[View]
64836806When?: Edgeless 1080p 120hz monitor Thunderbolt 3 / HDMI 2.1 Nvidia Volta Less than 4.5 lbs and 1 in…[View]
64825893>Fuck yall that's why[View]
64838835Normally I do this sort of thing legit but I loathe MS certs with every fiber of my being. Literally…[View]
64838368How do we stop captchas?: They're fucking destroying the internet[View]
64837864Can your FAGGOT OS do THIS!?[View]
64834983only autist tryhards pronounce it with a hard 'g'[View]
64837468>90% of its use is for completely fraudulent/illegal activity >allows chink and other drug man…[View]
64819142/g/ternet - We are back and better than ever edition: Mark yourself on the map with your contact inf…[View]
64829771Name tech trends that you want undone[View]
64838386Compton is dead: >the last merge it was two years ago >205 issues open >no development >…[View]
64838523is there any GUI framework in any language that doesn't make me want to blow my fucking brains …[View]
64838148>time of flat UIs has come >3D themes can't provide consistency with new elements here an…[View]
64838339>using a web pages gui >not reading source code and seeing the site in your head…[View]
64836309post examples of devs being faggets[View]
64827534/pcbg/ - PC Building General: Gaymer RGB Edition: >Assemble a part list https://pcpartpicker.com/…[View]
64837624>mfw was sleeping and missed the 4.15.5 release[View]
64813582Python surpasses R: I'm glad that the truly-free-licensed Python is gradually replacing complet…[View]
64837975systemd: I don't know, /g/(nu)tleman, I think he might have a point. White people used to be in…[View]
64836744Ubunshitsuo: My system has been running this like it's under full load for the last 4 or 5 days…[View]
64836366Mageia Control Center vs Yast: Who wins /g/ ?[View]
64829406If you were making your own imageboard, what would you do differently from 4chan? What would you do …[View]
64831392Does buying used Xeons for gaming PCs still make sense?[View]
64835498ls this actually any good? https://g.sicp.me/books/[View]
64835466Antutu Score Thread: share and rate antutu scores, also mention phone. Mine is Oneplus 2 on LineageO…[View]
64837443vent about normies: So I'm currently living in a shared house and I'm the only one here wi…[View]
64825581My router has died after four years of use and I need a replacement, but it feels like all the revie…[View]
64835750Anti-rgb thread: I seam to be the only one with a distaste for rgb cases, fans, coolers, etc. Does …[View]
64827449how do i get around geoblock? i need a serbian ip for this specific thing[View]
64837559120+ Hz 16:10 monitor when? I'd like to upgrade to an higher refresh rate monitor, but I can…[View]
64830230what killed the ubuntu mobile OS?[View]
64834377SELinux: Someone redpill me on SELinux[View]
64829649How do I convert my Python programs into standalone executables (es.: .exe)?[View]
64837440I'm getting a bit fatigued on learning haskell: There's so much to get through until you c…[View]
64836590opensource VOIP: Hi guys, I'm trying to setup a voip server/client for my small company. No cha…[View]
64836604Tech from a battery: I want to run a home surround system from a battery (just the speakers, 200W) -…[View]
64833673Simple question in C but I'm stuck: I need to send a message that looks like this '01010101' in…[View]
64834637Hidden stuff on totally normal websites.: So I have been searching for something for a while and I w…[View]
64833531/Clear Linux/: Why aren't you running the only speed optimized distribution developed by profes…[View]
64836989Miss me, yet?[View]
64831170AntiCSD initiative: GNOME are actively evangelizing open source/desktop linux software projects, to …[View]
64837018Discuss from a /g/ perspective. >Did it have any actual impact on the tech industry or were the c…[View]
64828547>2k18 >All FHD IPS 144Hz monitors are curved This is JUST STUPID…[View]
64835379Arch Linux DE: Anyone using Arch? If yes, what DE are you using? I need recommendations. I'm cu…[View]
64825458/wt/ - Watch Thread: This thread is about the appreciation of horology, as well as the micro-enginee…[View]
64834676Building mining rigs: I posted in here a few weeks ago that I was going to spend £1,400 on building …[View]
64829584/og/ - openSUSE General: Previous thread: >>64817613 1/2 >Why would I use openSUSE over the…[View]
64834117>mfw some faggot says that installing Arch is hard http://linuxfromscratch.org/…[View]
64836832FreeBSD is cucked. https://hooktube.com/watch?v=GfZyrQmAM7o[View]
64836822Tesla cloud servers hacked by cryptofags: https://www.wired.com/story/cryptojacking-tesla-amazon-clo…[View]
64835616Alright /g/. Tell me why should I ditch Windows 8.1 for Windows 7. I see a lot of people clinging to…[View]
64836284npm 5.7.0: no npm 5.7.0 thread on front page i just saw this beauty https://twitter.com/ceejbot/stat…[View]
64831844>google and getty images paired up and unsurprisingly removed a useful feature >now browsing p…[View]
64836639I Pissed Away Potentially 120k: I had applied to an education startup back in early January for a so…[View]
64835787I desperately need help and I don't post anywhere on the internet besides 4chan I have a Sony h…[View]
64832319Why was so many tech, game companies etc based or founded in California?[View]
64831156qBittorrent: Why is it so big?[View]
64834142AppleWorks on Mac OS 10.12: Is there a way of getting AppleWorks to work on Mac OS 10.12? I loved th…[View]
64835576browser BITCOIN virus?: Pic related is what happens when I have only one tab open for chrome, and on…[View]
64836453Do you worship the Omnissiah /g/ ???[View]
64836031A small story: I was at school and one of my friends asked me to help with his code. He said that hi…[View]
64834770press F to piss on the grave of social media: where were you wen social media was kill? http://archi…[View]
64836206A dark skinned Mexican fella connected his mobile telephone device into my laptop computer and proce…[View]
64835659>he bought an i7 >he only plays games >his monitor only supports 60hz why not buy an 8400 o…[View]
64822730>Roommate wont let me name the WiFi 'FBI Surveillance Van' >Says its too cliche Well, I need …[View]
64834200Ad blocking: Ads have become beyond horrible. They're unsolicited, annoying, are used to spy on…[View]
64835239Password Vaults: What's the advantage of using a 3rd party vault over a browser vault?[View]
64835822Inspiration thread: What are some cool projects or ideas you are too lazy/stupid/busy to start/finis…[View]
64824914Cyber Security Jobs I have an interview at an Cyber Sec company but I just realized I am not sure wh…[View]
64832795is there an easy way to compile and use this /g/? >https://github.com/Wind4/vlmcsd/releases…[View]
64827921Move on old man: >IRC >'Hey niggers' >5 days no response >Discord >'Hey nig- >Seve…[View]
64834994>W10 can take between 5-10 minutes everytime you reset it >W10 literally updates every fucking…[View]
64833689Help me: Can you please PLEASE!!! Tell me how to delete a message in WhatsApp? The message kill my W…[View]
64832161Blackmart: What is your opinion on this app?[View]
64831875Ad blocking & the DMCA: I have just read an article which states that companies are using DMCA t…[View]
64834798Home Screen R8 Thread: Been a little while since I've seen one of these. Feel free to state you…[View]
64834950GNU and Linux: >hurr durr it's Linux not GNU Why do you say macOS instead of Darwin then?…[View]
64835586Explain me.: oni chan Cplustistics explain me why should I do MyType *v = static_cast<MyType *v…[View]
64835203Daddy's Milk: I need a programming idea, I will use C++. Don't restrain your imagination.…[View]
64833829Received this text message[View]
64835444Estimates for creation of super intelligence? What about artificial general intelligence? Will Moore…[View]
64835146Is CloverOS viable or is it just a meme?[View]
64835330book recommendation: yo /g/ I guess you know Hackerrank.com and similiar sites. Where you can solve …[View]
64831735Resources: VM/CTFs: http://overthewire.org/wargames/bandit/ >easy beginner bullshit https://www.v…[View]
64834629Hello /g/: I recenlty deteled bitorrent or utorrent forget desu, because i heard it gives you spywa…[View]
64833039Which distro?: What is the best GNU/Linux distribution?[View]
64835209Poorfag here, how can I get 64GB of ram for under $200?[View]
64834729Anyone make a living programming?: Interested in programming. I was wondering if any of you made a l…[View]
64834088782305: 34343838393233[View]
64834880>notebook fan acts up >open task explorer >it suddenly stops…[View]
64828614bruh why dis nigga look likE cypher from the matrix LMAO[View]
64832392What's the best e-reader? I have thousands of epubs and my old reader is starting to act sketch…[View]
64795812/mpv/ - what's next?[View]
64829179Internet Browsers: What browser do you use and why /g/? I use Chrome because everyone else does. The…[View]
64833346No more captcha: Did they change something in 4chan settings 2 days ago? Even though I'm on the…[View]
64834147How do I stand out in this shit wave?: >>women and children are being told that anyone can cod…[View]
64830371NPM: Critical Linux filesystem permissions are being changed by latest version: > This issue has …[View]
64834846Is RISC-V suitable for designing graphics cards? I know nothing about hardware. Some open source de…[View]
64833036Does anyone know if this AV MULTI cable is compatible with more devices? There's almost no info…[View]
64822430>gaming computer >gaming monitor >gaming printer >gaming keyboard >gaming mouse >g…[View]
64832652>OLED OHNONONONONO HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA Why are manufacturers pushing this garbage tech on us s…[View]
64834210g-guise, isn't this a little too perfect? >1240 days, 19h[View]
64825319/sqt/ Stupid Questions Thread: Post your simple / small / stupid questions here. >for Linux relat…[View]
64832631What are some botnet free cars?[View]
64833246>hehe >nothing personal, kid Why is this shit allowed?…[View]
64809210Why is it so fucking expensive?[View]
64833469why should I use c++ over c /g/?[View]
64828642>years upon years of development >still painfully half-baked in pretty much every aspect Why?…[View]
64832536Hey /g/ why is linux better then windows for coding and things like that ? Sorry for the autistic qu…[View]
64832902So this is how Google, Facebook, etc. take over the internet, right? Repeal Net Neutrality, and peop…[View]
64812567post your specs and height i'm 6'4[View]
64832926>thanks for using captcha 15 times a day! >no, this isn't work and you can't be paid…[View]
64834460What do you guys think of the Linux Foundation? why aren't you filling diversity quotas there m…[View]
64831408>muh bleedin edge still no VLC 3.0.0 in Arch repos, lmao archtards BTFO…[View]
64833102Watch Thread Post a pic of your patrician choice of watch, bonus points for Linux in image Michael K…[View]
64831780how do I disable virtual memory on my pc? I want to play video games without all of the overhead o…[View]
64831230Home surveillance systems: Burglars broke into my house and now I want to install a good outdoor hom…[View]
64833899This, my friends, is the best mouse.[View]
64778786home server general - /hsg/: home server general - /hsg/ comfy BSD is the most secure edition: https…[View]
64832367Where did the “creatives use macs” meme come from? Is it marketing? It seems like every artist or wr…[View]
64830762Hello, is this a javascript code, that SHOULD everybody javascript developer undrestand very well? O…[View]
64825661/hpg/ - Headphone General: How to request purchase advice: http://pastebin.com/fYZLW7Ub For sub-$50 …[View]
64830071>mechanical keyboards[View]
64832611What are some terrible /g/ related movies that you like?[View]
64832578Hey /g/, I was recently laid off from federal contractor job and I need to seek a new Linux System A…[View]
64831918anyone use(d) these types of 'active' chairs? what's your experience with them?[View]
64831202Why do designers do this?[View]
64832324Best office suite: /g/entelmen, what is the best suite for office work?[View]
64823586THIS MAN IS A FUCKING SAINT, so show him a little respect. You fucking assholes.[View]
64826067Mid-range Smartphones: >be me in 2017 >don't have a ton of money >buy a blade v8 pro …[View]
64832984Good fonts for reading long passages of texts online? Also what font is dis[View]
64827485>svchost.exe is downloading shit AGAIN[View]
64832255In a perfect world, how could social media, messages and voip communication work secure and without …[View]
64831225Hello to everyone, its my first time writing and I have an Issue. I found this smart wristband while…[View]
64822582It's over, they found a way.[View]
64831963Good morning /g/. I'm setting up Arch on an old nexus 7 (2012) I'm recommisioning. The 16g…[View]
64825022What do you think of GRSecurity patch to the ''GPL'd'' linux kernel.: >>64809956 > …[View]
64832313Bought a 3gb ram phone instead of 4gb at least, how fucked am I?[View]
64829023Amd Navi - Insider Info: So Amd Navi series now have 3 really early stage prototypes/samples. Navi_H…[View]
64830378My psu is missing 1 pin, will it still work?[View]
64831574IRC Thread SQT Seeing as Chatzilla is outdated, what's another good alternative ?[View]
64830458If procedural programming is so superior then why does every University teach OOP and every major or…[View]
64829990Thinking of buying a 55'' 4K TV and using it as my main computer monitor, It's 60hz a…[View]
64832781Design Pattern is a meme?: /g/uys, how do I understand design patterns in a lay-man manner? Went thr…[View]
64825450Ethereum address 0x0000000000000000000000000000000000000000: https://etherscan.io/address/0x00000000…[View]
64832087Richfags of /g/ stop buying macbooks and start supporting Purism: I think Purism should become a thi…[View]
64830786I'm thinking of making a media bookmarking program that allows you to bookmark pages that conta…[View]
64828375Currently a uni student studying engineering, was interested in trying to get a few certs to have a …[View]
64829902My PC's fan starts blowing hard then stopping whenever I put it on sleep Should i be worried?[View]
64829341What programming language is this? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=l8B5dqjsZUs[View]
64825359>dude everything is harmful, including life itself >escape it…[View]
64829900my pc is connected to random hackers and ip adresses right now, how can I protect myself from such c…[View]
64824604/dpt/ - Daily Programming Thread: What are you working on, /g/? Previous thread >>64817806…[View]
64832278>Ghosts are written in javascript[View]
64832275Question: I'm looking to buy an Alienware 17 laptop for gaming. I was thinking of getting the 4…[View]
64830261>walk in room >air purifier turns red is there anything more embarrassing in the tech industry…[View]
64829124LaTeX Beamer class is awesome. >navigation buttons are enabled by default >both default themes…[View]
64831772How dangerous is it to manually install (and override current signed) unsigned drivers from third-pa…[View]
64830496Good torrenting places ?: France lost T411 some time ago (short after kickass) and nuggets become ha…[View]
64830058Is lenovo t460s good for gaming?[View]
64831125Intel patches for spectre out: https://newsroom.intel.com/wp-content/uploads/sites/11/2018/02/microc…[View]
64831493>mfw he is active again on the forum has the lord returned?[View]
64829934Are freetards the vegans of the tech world?[View]
64831840openmailbox: Does anyone have an account on openmailbox.org? Their servers seem to be fucked, no mai…[View]
64829030Do you use Jumbo Frame / Jumbo Packets?[View]
64831509Network Troubleshooting: How can I tell if my network issues are my fault or my ISP's fault? I …[View]
64831435I've fallen in love with the aesthetics of computer components ever since I first disassembled …[View]
64827763not funny: this isn't funny google[View]
64831436opencell femtocell: Anyone has experience with openccell in the UK? Need to install a femto cell to …[View]
64828140What do other crypto-currencies have over bitcoin?[View]
64827689What is the fastest language, /g/, and why is it hte fastest[View]
64830576How do I listen to pop music without giving the producers any satisfaction of getting a view off of …[View]
64822199Why are windows users like this?[View]
64828208The patriarchal race to colonize Mars is just another example of male entitlement: nbcnews.to/2EL278…[View]
64830816>46 celsius battery temp Is this normal or will the phone explode in my hand?…[View]
64829952debian unstable kernel update: >Debian 4.15.4-1 (2018-02-18) x86_64 >spectre-meltdown-checker …[View]
64828105ups: I am looking to buy a new UPS to install and supply equipment with power. The equipment itself …[View]
64826164What cables should i put in this ssd[View]
64830732It's a bug eat bug world: - If you just leave your bugs long enough they will start eating each…[View]
64829037Albums to code too on acid. I use AKG K240s hooked up to a pre amp. FLAC[View]
64830703Hey /g/, I am not sure if this the right place to ask, but I was wondering if somebody could help me…[View]
64826492Need help with ATX labels: Ok I'm gonna be honest here. This is my homework assignment but I fo…[View]
64829670Why are winbabbys acting like windows 7 with disabled updates is more secure than windows 10?[View]
64829313Mystery tape deck: I found a (broken) tapedeck that my great grandpa bought in poland in 1962. I did…[View]
64795087/wdg/ - Web Development General: >Previous Thread >>64760354 >Free resources to get star…[View]
64830094Upgrades / g / pounds that I want to buy a new pig. What do you advise?[View]
64830045What's the next step in our endeavor to solve the /v/ problem? How can we make GPU mining even …[View]
64828082Can someone please explain the technical reasons as to why iOS devices suffer from text related bugs…[View]
64829307Is the Xiaomi Mi Notebook Pro likely to get a refresh any time soon?[View]
64825695What do you seed?[View]
64827520I haven't built a gaming PC in over 7 years. I hear now that most high-end mobos now have good …[View]
64830102see pic[View]
64825186AMD EPYC: What? It's called EPYC? WHO THE FUCK WAS IN CHARGE OF NAMING THIS CHIP? https://www.c…[View]
64822989made a 4chan reader for ios, what does /g/ think? comes with a logo and everything[View]
64829998ubuntu minimal: Ubuntu adds minimal install >https://www.omgubuntu.co.uk/2018/02/ubuntu-18-04-min…[View]
64830236Power pc builder: Why build your own when this guy makes the best computers ever. Imagine the system…[View]
64830090Facebook is finally down. We fucking won bros.[View]
64829132Lol. They really know their market[View]
64826270bash blob: A thread of pic related type memes. Pic related: Template[View]
64818020/cg/ - Controller General: What do you meme games with /g/? Comparison of the 8bitdo SF30 Pro and a …[View]
64820879Why are you using sexist languages?: C+= is the future of programming. https://github.com/TheFemini…[View]
64824258Genetic algorithm: So genetic algorithm is a cool way of finding values using fitness score. > in…[View]
64829773>I may make jokes about Microsoft at times, but at the same time, I think the Microsoft hatred is…[View]
64829829what is better than captcha?: guys I want to build a website that user can sign up by not using emai…[View]
64829111portable application: do you use portable applications,/g/? >A portable application, sometimes al…[View]
64827815How the fuck do I zip files? I can't seem to zip a .tar file anywhere. I've tried 7zip and…[View]
64829194Would you Vaunt? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bnfwClgheF0[View]
64829819Anyone know where I can find e-learning video courses online which I can buy and resell on my own we…[View]
64804425/fglt/ - Friendly GNU/Linux Thread: Previous thread: >>64784210 /fglt/ - Friendly GNU/Linux Th…[View]
64819716Is GNU pronounced 'gee en you' or 'guh noo'?[View]
64819485Humor, nostalgia and gore: Let's get this show on the road.[View]
64829301I'm trying to block ads on an old Huawei G7. It's running lollipop and it's already r…[View]
64829436why is it so fucking hot? im not running anything but google chrome.[View]
64825445>loading fonts (this may take a while)[View]
64826141>last updated 2 years ago >still works perfectly fine and stable unlike shitty-ass Clover how …[View]
64829336Defend this[View]
64825757i've been dabbling in mysql and am familiar with LEFT JOIN primarily and a couple of the functi…[View]
64822207why the fuck it is so hard to create decent built-in web browser for a company like microsoft[View]
64828882Embedded General: Have an extremely niche question: are the Multimedia Card Interface response regis…[View]
64829136Android/Windows Writing Software Combo: Since Word on android is garbage I've been using Writer…[View]
64827018>Bug found in iOS which allows people to crash iPhones on the 14th >Apple release fix on the …[View]
64828178When the hell is the desktop windows surface phone coming?[View]
64828916Can any anon that knows apple watches or works at the apple store tell me something? There's th…[View]
64828540What is the best way to learn Python?[View]
64824218>b-but muh blacks Enjoy your blur and shit response times IPS tards[View]
64826299This guy's selling his 970 at 100 usd, apparently it gives video but it won't detect drive…[View]
64828030>People who want to run 'cloud' on their servers >Nobody remembers about FTP. Actually, there…[View]
64821663Brave is so fucking ugly.[View]
64827364SSD Dead: I think my SSD is dead (luckily important stuff was backed up). Not sure what happened sin…[View]
64828279Mom caught me distro hopping[View]
64827740I work for a Best Buy. I'll be brutally honest about anything asked (so long as it doesn't…[View]
64813558Samsung Galaxy S9 Hype General Who’s watching the Keynote? Which one you getting? And updates to Gea…[View]
64828724How dumb is the idea of spending $2000 on a gaming laptop and hooking everything up to a laptop dock…[View]
64828003Are there any laptops with the specs and build quality of a thinkpad that aren't as ugly as a p…[View]
64828736Computer problems: Im at my wits end with this shit my computer keeps crashing on game load basicall…[View]
64824085>shits up your image search results, redirects you to a page where the desired image can't e…[View]
64820952Chair thread: Im looking to buy some chair for my desktop pc since Ive been sitting on an old, cheap…[View]
64828589HackRF One on Windows: Yes, I know. Windows, but my situation makes accessing linux very difficult. …[View]
64827211can i make minecraft in linus?[View]
64827117Craving Code: Well /g/, my computer is broken, and while I'm fixing it, I can only use my phone…[View]
64828559>>when you click and you swear you saw the button depress but nothing happenes…[View]
64827591Hypervisor > Kernel rootkit: With the advent of IoT and hypervisors, why does Microsoft bother so…[View]
64824898Double Majoring Computer Science and Information Technology. I don't know what other 4chan boar…[View]
64827487>pinging google.com >data travels from my computer miles and miles and miles to google's …[View]
64828541>1920x1080 is the new 640x480[View]
64820599Prove me wrong.[View]
64820940Gridcoin: Hey /g/ why aren’t you mining and providing scientific research projects with the computin…[View]
64828624Would you de -capitalize words auto capitalized buy something like voice to text if you didn't …[View]
64823091These 4 GNU/Linux distros are the only non-meme distros. If you aren't using one of these, you …[View]
64828501>doing my taxes >get this captcha >refresh it a few times >it keeps coming up with the s…[View]
64823849Any way to install better Text Editor on Windows without pass?: There's 17 anon. My IT teacher …[View]
64814935/ptg/ - Private Tracker General: Previous thread >>64803074 >GREAT NEWS All versions of uTo…[View]
64825897how the fuck do you get wongblows 10 64 bit to allow 16 gigs of ram to be used[View]
64824870>Dooble and quzilla lack autistic extensions I use so the browser is shit! >just because I hav…[View]
64828363https://www.phoronix.com/scan.php?page=news_item&px=Mesa-17.3-Remains-Buggy OPEN SORES WAS A MIS…[View]
64828211What does /g/ think of pic related? I'm considering buying the 13 inch as a dedicated banking a…[View]
64827059Recently comcast switched out my routers and my connection got 4x worse. I'm on a wifi connecti…[View]
64827505Are Chinese imported solar panels viable yet?[View]
64826441are e-ink readers /g/ approved?: or are they a meme? I kinda hate having a fuckload of books hanging…[View]
64824981prediction: the operating system with dominant market share by 2025 will consist only of systemd and…[View]
64826301What are your thoughts on desk cases?[View]
64825966I've given up on trying to build my own PC because parts are so fucking expensive Trying to buy…[View]
64828088What's the best way to make good money with a critical 0day affecting most Linux distros? I use…[View]
64819809You love you lose - YLYL - Technology edition: I start with something easy.[View]
64826745Why don't you learn forth it is the ultimate jutsu[View]
64826038>forum has the fix for the super obscure problem you have[View]
64808875/ag/: audio general: This here thread is for the discussion of technology related to audio and hi-fi…[View]
64827385Why can't you post shortened links on 4chan? Are there any URL shorteners that work with the si…[View]
64826396>FreeBSD >Not using TrueOS[View]
64817649I need help from fellows Windows-fags. I've used Linux for ages, so when it comes to programmin…[View]
64827780Any good site with a layout like canpicker but for microphones?[View]
64826505>valid email address are non-regular What the fuck were they smoking?[View]
64824021Do any of you gentlemen have any experience with Ada? The company I am working at wants me to use it…[View]
64826721With the exception of automated checking (ie. torrents, pacman) who actually checks the hashes when …[View]
64826632Screensavers: Show me your idle computer[View]
64826384Learn forth you piece of shit[View]
64826603Does anyone have any ideas about what a life in academia is like? I'm considering becoming a pr…[View]
64825035Are Robotics the future of electronics? I want to know if there are any of you in the following posi…[View]
64827580ASUS ROG SWIFT 27-inch 144Hz G-SYNC Gaming 3D Monitor [PG278Q] https://www.144hzmonitors.com/reviews…[View]
64827300https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=K6Ke8A0uqqQ I'm sad /g/[View]
64825065/guts/ - guts: 'new graphics card and fuck I need to clean' edition[View]
64825138single board computer: what's the best option for a pi-hole but that also can run ps1 and n64 f…[View]
64824613Good lord.: Care to elaborate /g/? I would understand if this is new, but why though?[View]
64823077the smell: What's the best way to get that slightly burned old computer smell?[View]
64826634/hmg/ Hackerman general: In /hmg/ we discuss pentesting, ctfs, exploits, and general being a hackerm…[View]
64827177>Help Desk >Entry level >3 years experience required >Bachelor's in CS >literall…[View]
64824954just got hired on as a dev for a new company. i'm their first in house dev and they hired me b…[View]
64824489First off, systemd is not an init system, it has an init system as part of the systemd suite. system…[View]
64827174Fix the botnet: Windows 10 1709 Enterprise. Want to know what else I can turn off of its services ta…[View]
64827361Ok so, I thought about making a show on /g/ that we share with torrents. What do you think guys?[View]
64819627why has he stopped calling it evil corp?[View]
64826106Installing Linux on Chrombook: >Not your personal tech support Please? Just this time? I've …[View]
64827070What's the best VM software? I have to test a project on different platforms.[View]
64826873Programming Rules of Thumb: I'm trying to create a collection of 'rules of thumb' for programmi…[View]
64827147Is it possible to spray paint my parts? I’d print out multiple sheets of pic-related, cut out like …[View]
64809403Dumpster Dive Thread: Any good finds lately lads? pulled a practically new Dell m4600 workstation ou…[View]
64819730is it worth buying tho?: tried it, really liked atom, but same problem as vs code: it's fucking…[View]
64825496Laptop Audio OutVia USB to Desktop?: If I grab a male to male USB cable and connect my laptop which …[View]
64819963It's time for Linux newbies to do battle.[View]
64818043The Official List all the Apps On Your Android Phone Thread: Today we are going to do something a li…[View]
64824897>uBotnet AHAHAHA https://torrentfreak.com/bittorrent-client-utorrent-suffers-security-vulnerabili…[View]
64826886Terry Davis model Marvel's Quicksilver: >'It is the age of Vikings, Men, Death. Now is the a…[View]
64826727Which paid 3d program has the same functionalities as blender?: What I like about blender the most i…[View]
64806079Damn, KDE Plasma™ looks like THAT?[View]
64821753I've bought a smartphone for first time today? What are some essential apps? I've already …[View]
64825708/g/ i need your divine wisdom: I bought an iPhone X to replace my iPhone 6 after it broke. I regret …[View]
64814563High Refresh Rate E-Ink Monitors When?: They're so beautiful! When will they be fast?[View]
64823578Anyone here worked in computer repair? Any stories to share?[View]
6482062110 000 mbit/s: Swedish ISP bahnhof has started offering 10 000 mbit/s broadband to private citizens …[View]
64826597>opens synaptic[View]
64826147Is EndlessOS good?[View]
64816216What is the best entry level DAW? Is it pic related? I want to start recording guitar and bass, how …[View]
64823620I want to create a game like Pokemon that synchronizes via blockchain. Pokemon ownership is proven b…[View]
64824371How to actually secure your server? I have a vps, and i'm not sure about keeping it 'updated an…[View]
64822370>they gonna give back[View]
64824234Raspberry Pi and /sbc/ bread: Do you own a Raspi? Do you have some other /sbc/? What do you use it f…[View]
64825357Who else /sysadmin/ here? Where do you work and how much money do you make? What certs do you have? …[View]
64825283Mouse wheel on my g502 died. I liked it but wish it had lasted a little longer. What's the /g/ …[View]
64826173Shovel the shit: I'm developing a website on our research group's server. Noticed that the…[View]
64818347>Don't worry about performance, the compiler is smarter than you[View]
64821554>accessing this FTP server is a violation of US federal law >Allows access without login or pa…[View]
64824322Are you using the best browser /g/?: >And no, it's not Firefox Quantum. >In its first edi…[View]
64825002Here's your shipment of Python devs, bro.[View]
64825520>man don't use goto for common cleanup, it's much better to use 10 layers of inheritanc…[View]
64821546/hpg/ - Headphone General: How to request purchase advice: http://pastebin.com/fYZLW7Ub For sub-$50 …[View]
64825475Is hitfilms good is it filled viurs[View]
64821564Why does half of /g/ feel so threatened by pic related?[View]
64824816>want to read book >look to see if its on archive dot org >ohh nice its here >lets downl…[View]
64824904Why industry need so many dev?: I have fuck all knowledge of this industry, so excuse me for asking,…[View]
64821610Chinese quality control: My new Intel xen processor just arrived from a Chinese seller. What do I do…[View]
64824842What is working in IT/software like?[View]
64825352>he only uses kill -9[View]
64820832Dynamic Programming: >Lol just use recursion brah Basically they're saying I can solve any …[View]
64821934Signal Foundation: >Today, we are launching the Signal Foundation, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit with a m…[View]
64822340What computer desk does /g/ recommend?[View]
64825244tech support stories? >be me >work helpdesk at MediumSizeCorp >MediumSizeCorp uses a two ti…[View]
64822603> Gnome > A fucking foot > KDE > A fucking dragon How will footfags ever recover?…[View]
64825255>write out a post >post it >write out another post >have to wait for the cooldown thing …[View]
64813849/sqt/ Stupid Questions Thread: Post your simple / small / stupid questions here. >for Linux relat…[View]
64822153Making a game with .Net Framework and Windows forms?: I've posted here before about a (game?) I…[View]
64820628Crystal: ctrl + f 'crystal' -> 0 results Where are all of the crystal shills at?[View]
64825111I downloaded this image from an alt-right website At first I was interested in knowing more about Ve…[View]
64816750You're applying for a job. HR Stacey informs you that along with your CV, you must submit a doc…[View]
64824524Why is there no convenient way to ping IPv4 addresses when the server is not responding to ICMP requ…[View]
64818710Are there really people not using linux as a daily? Ubuntu is literally windows without the bloat, …[View]
64824559Interview code problems(python): Please share problems that one need to be able to handle in order t…[View]
64824366Some weird shit appeared on my screen a few days ago, and I just sort of ignored it. Since then it…[View]
64823189>mfw spend entire morning installing arch linux >mfw spend entire evening installing arch linu…[View]
64824461TorusVPN: Lusers not welcome. https://torusvpn.com[View]
64806881>i dont buy software[View]
64820324/wt/ Watch Thread- Ecology Edition: This thread is about the appreciation of ecodrive horology, as w…[View]
64820837computer science: >tfw i studiously read every book on the left side during my undergrad >tfw …[View]
64798206Is this ever going to end?[View]
64818773picture of typical anti-go 'programmer'[View]
64821030>this kills the thumb[View]
64823915It's out. https://youtu.be/A9YcrloL3oE[View]
64808599/pcbg/ - PC Building General: Poorfag Edition: >Assemble a part list https://pcpartpicker.com/ …[View]
64818315How would you explain a computer to someone from Ancient Egypt?[View]
64821226Does anyone know of a free email provider that also lets you use a custom domain? Zoho does but I…[View]
64822653where can i practice my programming skills?: webpages or something where i could practice my skills …[View]
64823960Why are Gnome devs such bullies?[View]
64821358Damn, Linux nerds are the cutest creatures around. So awkward and sweet. https://www.youtube.com/wat…[View]
64823728How can loonix faggots still live with this piece of fuckshit ?![View]
64820739/g/ what websites to use to get better at programming[View]
64817421what would you do with 30TB /g/?[View]
64822777What's your opinion about LaTeX's Beamer class? Have you ever used it? I first tried it to…[View]
64822753Bullied by my IT department guys: Hi /g/. I have a real issue in my job. Basically >Work in an IT…[View]
64823955>everything that not achievable without developed neopallium is 'autistic'…[View]
64816106UTF-8: Was it worth it?: Why do we need UTF-8? Why wasn't ASCII enough? Did it just introduce n…[View]
64815640> Donate to KDE every month > Use Windows 10 as a daily driver Am I a moron, /g/?…[View]
64805749What programming languages do /g/ deem worthy of learning in 2018?: As a novice wanting to get into …[View]
64819640Water Removal: I have a single drop of water that has been chilling out on my rear camera lens for w…[View]
64817806/dpt/ - Daily Programming Thread: What are you working on, /g/? Old thread >>64807493[View]
64819746You might not like it but this is what peak icons look like[View]
64823086I've got $63 CAD and need a SSD I've slimed it down to the Kingston UV400 or Adata SP850 b…[View]
64819872As far as I understand about NVidia Quadro graphics cards, they are used for CAD and other graphics …[View]
64749129/pmp/ - portable music player: /pmp/ personal music player general This thread is for the discussion…[View]
64808807Korea headline news 'iPhone X faulty security: cannot differ between son and father's face' wel…[View]
64823260Thunderbolt USB-C: Looking to get a new laptop. Does it need to have a Thunderbolt connector? How im…[View]
64821820>need a motherboard >don't wanna buy asus because shit customer service >want to be ab…[View]
64822158How the fuck do you stop W10 from installing the automatic updates?[View]
64821093Does any faggot know how to get 8cahn to work on clover Dev? I have the site but no boards?[View]
64800901What is the best way to start learning programming?[View]
64816044Why don't you use email as IM?: >Everyone has it >Distributed architecture, you choose th…[View]
64795771Technology job: What's your tech job like /g/? I dont work in the tech sector and dont plan to,…[View]
64823393Wizards Assemble ! Advanced users of GNU/Linux (and I mean advanced), remember to try Source Mage GN…[View]
64786875/glmg/ - GNU/Linux Minimalism General: This is a general for discussing software minimalism and mini…[View]
64822160Is 4:3 the optimum screen ratio for work?[View]
64823296I can't find my USB Q_Q I was gonna put Debian on my Stinkpad.[View]
64801696>Linux users are auti- /g/ absolutely BTFO[View]
64807881/spg/ smart phone general: If requesting purchasing advice, please provide your country and what car…[View]
64810645Uh Oh......[View]
64822593I need to learn linux quickly. What's the best video to learn from?[View]
64822883Garmin Connect has no 2FA: >>800$ fitness tracker >>stores all data heart rate, sleep ti…[View]
64821125Ad blocking thread: Ads have become beyond horrible. They're unsolicited, annoying, are used to…[View]
64821544I've used Ubuntu mate for about three years now. Tired of it and want to try something new, pre…[View]
64819583So someone has been getting into my little sisters instagram account there times now and posting all…[View]
64823069dbug.io: have you guys seen this? someone sent me all my internet traffic via this tool. https://app…[View]
64817613/og/ - openSUSE General: Previous thread: >>64740577 >Why would I use openSUSE over the ot…[View]
64819494Are there any aftermarket coolers for the RX Vega series i think i've had enough of the stock c…[View]
64811665What were PDAs like /g/?[View]
64822468How do some full some youtubers that only make about two or three videos a month survive? Is YouTube…[View]
64820885webm creation: How do people create high qualiy webms with low file sizes? I've tried everythin…[View]
64818503Is today a bad day to buy a new computer?[View]
6480408115% BETTER SINGLE CORE 2600 OVER 1600: https://wccftech.com/amd-ryzen-5-2600-pinnacle-ridge-cpu-perf…[View]
64821414What's the best usb hub to get for a surface pro 3?[View]
64821360what do: hey /g/ i just read some books about OOP in C , Erlang, fundamental functional programming,…[View]
64818415Learning real fast!!! also, post how you learn.[View]
64816566What Chromium/Chrome Extentions to you use?: For me it's just ublock origin and a vaporwave the…[View]
64816918I recently got a Mac Pro for pretty cheap and upgraded it a bit with parts I had laying around. Sinc…[View]
64819733DAC for under 40$: Can someone recommend me a sub 40$ DAC? Is there such a thing? Im quite broke.…[View]
64820958On which sites hackers hang out? I've heard about hackforums, but admins there forbid blackhat …[View]
64819791Why haven't you switched to Edge yet?: >no google botnet >fast as fuck >looks great …[View]
64819587Why FreeBSD can't run any games, while its fork (the PS4 OS) can?[View]
64798911what do you prioritize when you buy monitors? framerate or image quality? 1440/144hz > 2160p/60h…[View]
64821456What's with the 'pump noise' meme surrounding AIOs? I've had 2 and never noticed a noise u…[View]
64820216/g/ I want to get into web design where do i start?[View]
64820688Best OS for beginner's in coding wanting to specialize in Java. Go![View]
64822185Is this a good build? Can i do any better around this price range? Can i overclock with the stock co…[View]
64822148Can a battery reach its end of life without being used? I bought my laptop 10 years ago (WE WUZ INTE…[View]
64820577Currently using Firefox. Should I move to a Chromium-based browser of sorts? Are they generally fast…[View]
64805154Friendly reminder, if you’re using air coolers instead of liquid AIOs you’re a faggot deserving the …[View]
64819947/g/ approved podcasts: I'm looking for a good tech-related podcast. Maybe something about crypt…[View]
64821545>need to have like 15 extensions to make internet usable in 2018 wtf happened?…[View]
64820743Why are Linux users like this?[View]
64815951Are C++ Vectors linked lists?: Is the C++ class essentially a linked list? Items can be accessed by …[View]
64807215>friend is a typical /g/enius >owned a 6700k >sold it for a 1700 >his fans run louder …[View]
64820874A lot of people on /g seems to dislike LG phones. Does this come from experience or articles online?…[View]
64819346Note Taking: What does /g/ use for digital note taking? I've been using OneNote but it sucks fo…[View]
64806773Does the Windows phone offer any significant advantages over Android/IOS? Thinking of getting one t…[View]
64818877> looking for work > have 1.5 years of experience in Support >apply to a bunch of places an…[View]
64818867Explain to me right now why you aren't learning machine learning and blockchain with Python.[View]
64815877Browser's without Botnet.: >Waterfox https://www.waterfoxproject.org/ >Palemoon http://ww…[View]
64808027Is this the best graphical environment to have ever existed?[View]
64820700Does anyone else's Windwos 10 File Explorer constantly keep crashing? Like, for the past few we…[View]
64812856/hpg/ - Headphone General: How to request purchase advice: http://pastebin.com/fYZLW7Ub For sub-$50 …[View]
64797439/hmg/ Hackerman General: Resources: VM/CTFs: http://overthewire.org/wargames/bandit/ >easy beginn…[View]
64811404Laptop Sticker Thread R8?[View]
64820919I want to hop on the A.I. train. The idea of making something that has no emotions reflects back to …[View]
64820040Makes my heart go doki doki[View]
64816425Who's your favourite tech journalist?[View]
64820825Just got my MCSA: So i just passed my MCSA exams and i have to an other one to gain MCSE. but which …[View]
64820405what were they thinking[View]
64817722Gaming cafe: I want to open a gaming cafe in my town. Few basics first, its a relatively small city …[View]
64811714µTorrent 2.2.1 is finished: It's 2018, time to upgrade to modern software. https://bugs.chromiu…[View]
64820176Replacing the BIOS on an original (softmodded) Xbox with a more PC-like BIOS?: Subject, would it be …[View]
64820241Why would anyone ever use something besides ubuntu?[View]
64819333>mfw trying to use sleep mode with windows 10, and it keeps waking up no matter how many wake tim…[View]
64818330Legit the best IDE I've ever used, the only crap to kind-of compete is JetBrains fuckery. But i…[View]
64820386What's the best Debian based distro and why is it Xubuntu?[View]
64799614Speccy thread[View]
64791779We really should find one alternative to YouTube and popularize it, so we could finally escape that …[View]
64818241what is best pdf reader for gnu/linux(kubuntu) which is secure les bloat and does not execute javasc…[View]
64819149Which is danger : rooted, lineageOS-running typical android phone or stock miui-running Xiaomi phone…[View]
64816689Redragon keyboards: Just bought pic related (Devarajas K556-RK) and I can't wait. Is it chinksh…[View]
64819790OH SHI--[View]
64818029how does it feel that programming, technical knowledge and linux administration will be considered t…[View]
64813945HDMI + Ethernet cables: Why do these exist? How are you supposed to get internet through the cable? …[View]
64819141why is python so retarded? stop what you are doing right now and run this code. import sys if sys.ar…[View]
64814882Whats your /mouse/ anon?: Can you tell me /g/ what /mouse/ are you currently using, ideal mice and y…[View]
64812629>he doesn't use madvr with MPC >he uses stock settings…[View]
64815841How to escape the Google?[View]
64818222Microsoft announces support for e-mail addresses in Indian languages: Apple BTFO Linux BTFO Can they…[View]
64819368Mac pro: So guys i have this friend he borrowed a mac pro from school and accidentally restarted the…[View]
64812044/wt/ - Watch Thread: This thread is about the appreciation of chronograph horology, as well as the m…[View]
64819304Why is 2018 the 'year of Linux'? Nothing seems different to me.[View]
64815457what's a good desktop enviroment for gnu/linux/faggotry/csgo[View]
64815220Python question from newb: I didn't know where to post this so i came here. So i started readin…[View]
64817136/ctfg/ - CTF General: How about a new general, dedicated for practicing, learning new stuff and impr…[View]
64813737Cloning disk during active OS: Disk cloning software that clones during active Windows (doesn't…[View]
64815543When became spying on users a normal thing in tech and whos fault was it?[View]
64810750My Heritage 92 is on the way from Japan. Did I do good? Also, pen thread.[View]
64818208Rhythm: Plus Times[View]
64816637>For 99 AMD offers a better processor than 200 dollar Intel and it comes with a faster GPU https:…[View]
64816800Which Chromebook?: I want to get a chromebook with an ARM cpu to try out ARM stuff with. I bought th…[View]
64811408Please help me redpill my company about Chrome: My company started requiring Chrome for more and mor…[View]
64816792When AGI/ASI is created, will anyone be able to develop their own?: And develop it to disobey the pr…[View]
64817177Please help me. >career job straight out of college >it is decebt programming job for the most…[View]
64818369What's the least shitty VPS service in Taiwan?[View]
64801580Secure Communication: >Ring me up on GNU/Ring! https://ring.cx/ What is your opinion of this? Sup…[View]
64816776Can a directx12 interpreter be written?: Question, can a hook be written to catch directx12 commands…[View]
64818950Twitter: Locked out of my twitter and don't want to use my real number. Best website to use tha…[View]
64816688Productivity: Is there an app/program that lets you make checklists of things that you need to do wi…[View]
64818452You'll never reach peak internet speeds like me with a 10gbps server. My only bottleneck is lit…[View]
64816937Please sir, what kind of device is this?[View]
64814496/g/ installs arch: itt we type commands to install arch. i'll start fdisk dev/sda…[View]
64818740Favourite tech.: Post your fav piece of technology. Old game boxes are literally my fav thing - all …[View]
64816410Hello, australian here. Is there any laptop that works in australia? for some reason windows and lin…[View]
64818585technology: be me. 12 y old shit. like to brake law. dont have electronics exept nokia button phon…[View]
64818449Learning Java /GLJ/: General Learning Java Thread - /GLJ/ Alright so I tried team treehouse(too slow…[View]
64818108Ok /g/uys, Im trying to dual boot windows 10 with artix with uefi enabled. However it doesnt recogni…[View]
64813770Fuel technology thread: *wrecks your engine* heh, nothin' personnel... kid![View]
64818254MINING GENERAL: So Bitcoin is going back UP again. GPU are still scarce. The ride never ends. Where …[View]
64818007>he covers his webcam but not his phonecam[View]
64805618Who is the greatest inventor of all time, Elon Musk or Steve Jobs?[View]
64816202I made a meme pc (former apple transgender) with water cooled 1080 ti and m.2 ssd etc this 8700k pie…[View]
64813320Can you fit an operating system on a floppy disc /g/? No; because, your shitty java programs are lik…[View]
64818396>”there’s Anon. Shiteposting in meetings again”[View]
64813077Machine Learning/Neural Networks/AI: This shit is fucking impressive. One of the few areas of comput…[View]
64816722What's the deal with this board and its Mozilla obsession? A few months ago people were shillin…[View]
64818129>/g/ is full of people who don't program arguing about programming languages…[View]
64818164>have to calculate 64x64 permanent >it's #P-complete >even with heavy optimizations it…[View]
64817775Give me one good reason I should ever upgrade from my Moto 4g[View]
64814212>mfw fell for the arch loonix meme >mfw wifi randomly disconnects every 20 mins…[View]
64817945Is 3gb RAM In a phone not enough in 2018? Will I have to replace my new phone in a year?[View]
64813777Future Tech Predictions Thread: Inventions that will replace the need to work: 1) 3D Printers that c…[View]
64817267I fell for trackball meme and bought pic related >imprecise and inconsistent movement >selecti…[View]
64814849Choose Two Pills: Blue Pill - Extreme functional programming ability. You choose haskell or F# over …[View]
64817950Just finished reading their autobiographies, Allen's 'Idea Man', and Wozniak's 'iWoz'. Why…[View]
64808850>30tb SSD Are the days of the spinning disk over /g/?[View]
64817788So what do you think, /g? Is this correct?[View]
64817333Friendly reminder to always install security updates as soon as possible. Don't put it off ano…[View]
64810888I'm curious, what does /g/ use to download torrents? Qbittorrent, old Utorrent, tix, or others?…[View]
64813888Broken laptops: I haven't got much of a clue about the ins and outs of laptop. The main thing I…[View]
64817320Is it worth buying this notebook? Is it good? If not which one would you recommend me? (just for wo…[View]
64816308Is there a special name for the open-walled area on the top of towers like in the pic? Sorry if this…[View]
64816592Why should I love /g/?: Give me 10 reasons why I should love /g/. (Sorry for Windows XP, just got my…[View]
64808897How many harmful commits are you planning over the weekend anon?[View]
64813833Whats wrong with them? seriously why are they so angry all the time[View]
64814845Best laptop for Music Production on Linux?[View]
64814744Ryzen 3 2200G OC beats 2400G and GT 1030[View]
64807493/dpt/ - Daily Programming Thread: What are you working on, /g/? Old thread: >>64802307[View]
64813016Why does ublock origin block legitimate features, sites etc..?: I installed ublock origin.. Then i n…[View]
64816602Who else here blocks ads at the router level?[View]
64815871clover: ummm floens???????[View]
64816518https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JWD1Fpdd4Pc What do you think about this? I love vim but I'm wi…[View]
64816047Absolute state of android: https://developer.android.com/about/dashboards/index.html[View]
64815487I just signed up for the IT Fundamentals, is this something I'd need to prepare for?[View]
64808059What's the name of this meme?[View]
64814795>2018 >computers still cannot into I and L >still cannot 1 and L…[View]
64816560Hi people! I would like to open an android project built in gradle, which tool would you suggest me …[View]
64812563bought this pc for 500 dollars was it worth?[View]
64816049How did you know that you wanted to be a programmer/system admin/network engineering/computer scient…[View]
64813926$2k-3k Budget PC: Parents want a computer for their home. I'm making them a nice one. I would b…[View]
64809060Why does /g/ want career?: What's the point of working if you have no time left? 24h - 8h work…[View]
64814718hey /g/nu I am looking for some online storage where I can store var my pi will create and then pull…[View]
64815631Help interfacing with a 360 degree camera's memory card? Its a 500gb flash drive more or less I…[View]
64784827/mkg/ - Meme Keyboard General: Should I buy Anne Pro then change the stabs or building my own Editio…[View]
64814055Retro thread? Also how many of you guys love the Amiga 1200? I'm thinking of making a small p…[View]
64815984what do: any Ideas what to do/learn /g/?[View]
64797738JPG IS ANCIENT: why browsers don't upgrade their support for the newest image compression forma…[View]
64814489SAVE THE CHILD![View]
64806238What tool does /g/ use to disable microsoft spying?[View]
64813589Does Computer Science knowledge improve your programming skills? Should I waste any of my time on C…[View]
64794512/csg/ Chink Shit General: In /csg/, we discuss the cheap shit you see on Gearbest, Taobao, AliExpres…[View]
64816006i have about 1.5 years left until im done with college i'm not interested in any of this shit i…[View]
64814505>computer turns off suddenly >open the case and try to turn it on >a spark flies out of the…[View]
64814076>SSID >'linksys'[View]
64809080Why did the e-book meme fail so badly? Sales are falling and revenue plummeting. This was supposed t…[View]
64812642Teaching: Anyone here have experience teaching programming or anything else tech related? What did y…[View]
64815664What is your retarded excuse for not learning cybersecurity? Don't you want to make money?[View]
64810176Modern C++ vs. Rust: What are the pros and cons?[View]
64815042wats a gud antivirus[View]
64814340So why is GPT partition better than MBR partition?[View]
64811041What do you think?[View]
64813203I want to stream 4K video to my Android-enabled TV over local area network Is there a way to do this…[View]
64815638Is there any way to trick a program into thinking you've got a 120hz monitor? I've got a g…[View]
64809298Lunduke is installing TempleOS tonight: 12 hour jewathon livestream: https://youtu.be/xSzVxCffqkU…[View]
64813754ITT: Post your GNU/Linux folders /g/[View]
64807572best anti-virus for gnu(slash)leenix? particularly for ubuntu[View]
64815412Important Video: If you haven't seen this then you simply don't understand networking. htt…[View]
64813688What will you do when you get your Android gf /g/? Things I will do: >sit on my lap and pair prog…[View]
64812987anyone know where to buy more styles nibs like the one on the bottom???[View]
64811986From a hardware standpoint, what made this so popular/saught after?[View]
64815056I am quitting my history degree and will be joining the police force and study something called 'IT …[View]
64815332how do average consumer build their own laptop?[View]
64809586>Apple’s iPhone X Problems Continue to Get Worse >After Apple confirmed that it would look in…[View]
64805949'Crypto-currency craze 'hinders search for alien life'' >http://www.bbc.com/news/techno…[View]
64808094Microwaves are technology. What's heating up your tendies?[View]
64814358I'm paying $64/month for 12mbps Internet. Is that too much?[View]
64811723Why does it still run with no lag?[View]
64812110Help with some books: I'm about to enter my university career in computer engineering, I would …[View]
64812719>http://blog.bshah.in/2018/01/26/trying-out-plasma-mobile/ Is 2018 the year of the mobile linux d…[View]
64814523Plex Server?: I got a hand-me-down Raspberry Pi 2, plugged it into a 3T external HDD and am running …[View]
64803074/ptg/ - Private Tracker General: three levels deep edition Previous thread >>64786108 …[View]
64809799Name a Linux distro where all of the following apply: >consistent, logical UI that is neither 'Y2…[View]
64811962Mystery Device: Any idea what this object is? I don't have it in my possession, only these phot…[View]
64812303>download pirated software >default language is hebrew/jew >mfw…[View]
64814403>writing documentation[View]

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