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/g/ - Technology

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68575396Is it a meme?[View]
68574057its happening ! ! !: the machines are rising up. googles pet project is not integrated into to much …[View]
68571939When we start to get 1440p 144hz ips monitors for 300€/$? They are still very expensive. What will b…[View]
68573302External SSD Storage: I'm a film-maker and I've been using one of pic-related units with 5…[View]
68573846>when pajeet designs your OS[View]
68573092World Toilet Day: November 19th is World Toilet Day. How can we use technology to fix the problem of…[View]
68573437why linux can't in tablets?: why is it so difficult for developers to write real normal softwar…[View]
68574206Thanks /g/[View]
68575169Was IRIX a good operating system? (Also general SiliconGraphics/XFS discussion thread)[View]
68573167what is /g/'s opinion on EVGA PSUs?[View]
68573390Is it possible?: Is it possible to unpixelate the url?[View]
68571310>'why would anyone use anything other than Windows? It just works, anything else is a waste of ti…[View]
68574992How do you record conversations on discord?[View]
68572809Great job Hiro: I understand that all the SFW boards are going to be under a new domains but can we …[View]
68563341Based or shit?[View]
68571354GUI BAD[View]
68574759I've spent 3 days reading documentation on polymer, I have learned nothing. Does anyone have an…[View]
68574710I'd like to create a game map not unlike $(pic_related), that runs in browser. However, given 2…[View]
68572791>change game settings from 'low settings' to 'medium settings' >graphics card fan goes into fu…[View]
68565714Why aren't you working at Google yet?[View]
68573955VPN: Somebody sell me on not buying 3 yrs of NordVPN as an American who just wants to do general pri…[View]
68573080Good tech gifts under $300?: Do you know any good tech gifts under $300 for Christmas?[View]
68574296/dpt/ - Daily Programming Thread: Previous thread: >>68568110 wAht ar yuo warken on, \g|?…[View]
68569901Now since my Note9 can run Ubuntu ARM, what's some good software to test it out?[View]
68571781>try to install an old version of windows onto new hardware >realize how people can want to co…[View]
68569066which will yuo be: i3 users >copied a 'dotfile' from unixporn >runs i3 in a DE because he can…[View]
68574038anyone able to access their streaming service on linux? Modifying the useragent to show as windows o…[View]
68574382>Install Gentoo[View]
68573977When will technology make luxury within reach of the little guys?[View]
68573303can technology be comfy?: >on break from wagecucking and grad school >have cold >put sheets…[View]
68568110/dpt/ - Daily Programming Thread: Previously, on /dpt/: >>68561702 What are you working on, /g…[View]
68573120Web Development: Any /g/ want to help me with some javascript homework? i'm stuck and don'…[View]
68573342Anyone know if there's a way around the iOS activation lock? Trying to get in to my old ipod[View]
68569085>take OOP class >everyone is afraid of NULL What gives?…[View]
68572852Review thread: ITT we ask questions on things we are considering to buy and if we can help another a…[View]
68571355What did I miss? Why is Hiro doing this?[View]
68573793>>68573245 I'm fucking tired of feeling like a literal brainlet /g/. I'm 3 years int…[View]
68568604>tfw all the qt girls own macbooks Is this really the only benefit of fixing crapple products? h…[View]
68568012What's the best Capture Card for vidya?[View]
68572832Explain to a wangblows fag what systemd is and why you /g/uys hate it so much.[View]
68568498cool tech: have heat pipes made water cooling obsolete?[View]
68569849Just bought a Sapphire NITRO+ RX 580 for $210 (w/ 2 free games). Did I fuck up? Wondering if I shoul…[View]
68572613Wtf is this? Is it safe? Where'd the pirate bay go?[View]
68573542Does a device like this exist?[View]
68573428Hey I forgot my password on my iPhone, how do I reset the icloud on it?[View]
68573798Gib good automation projects: Well /g/, I just finished coding up my second runescape bot written in…[View]
68564909superior Linux font rendering: How can windows even compete[View]
68573446I was going to start this as a reply in the Headphones General, but I thought I might as well just o…[View]
68568615What language to use?: Help /g/, can't decide on what language to use for a REST API. Torn betw…[View]
68573570/g/ what's the best OS to install on a PC build in 2018? Is it time to hop on the Linux bandwag…[View]
68567531Have you guys ever bought one of these Chinese SSDs? they are ridiculously cheap on Aliexpress.[View]
68571950Aether 2.0.0.dev.6 - New release: https://getaether.net/docs/changelog/[View]
68565236Is it worth learning C if I want to get started working with malware?[View]
68569775racytracing Opengl homework due tomorrow: Basically, I have an opengl assignment that is due tomorro…[View]
68567335Newegg hacked: >Got a letter in the mail today saying that newegg.com had a breach in september a…[View]
68571397>implying anybody gives a shit about raytracing[View]
68570119What's /g/'s opinion on the latest hot piece of hardware to appear on Linus' channel?…[View]
68573063>yfw floens finally updated clover to not cutoff background audio when playing silent webms…[View]
685709154chanx just suddenly stop working for anyone else? god damn it[View]
68569292How do you organize your home directory?[View]
68559922you do realize the government can straight up see everything in your computer remotely, right? and …[View]
68568689The day of cute girls on GPU boxes is over, now it is the day of cool robots on boxes[View]
68572788newegg hacked: newegg gets hacked in september faggots run up a bunch of charges over the weekend ne…[View]
68568418/pcbg/ - PC Building General: >Create a parts list https://pcpartpicker.com/ >Learn how to bui…[View]
68528118/mpv/ weekend thread: Downloads https://mpv.io/installation/ Manual https://mpv.io/manual/master/ Wi…[View]
68568737What is good a area to whip out a laptop to learn coding or just write code in general? Home is a no…[View]
68567312/spg/ - Smartphone General: Moto G7 Plus Edition If requesting purchasing advice, please provide you…[View]
68568651>you were born too late to buy any decent, let alone good, domain mains FUCK BOOMERS…[View]
68532539Linux 4.20 is 25% slower than 4.19. https://www.phoronix.com/scan.php?page=article&item=linux-42…[View]
68572142Are AWS Certified Solutions Architects/Sysops Administrator Associates in high enough demand that so…[View]
68562813What is your opinion on the ongoing jewish conspiracy to kill the headphone jack?[View]
68570279Good distributed-network use for always-on computer?: Have pic-related super-powered raspberry pi-li…[View]
68566950js to machine code compiler when?[View]
68570860What kind of phone and computer does the royal families use? Just curiosity, it doesn't mean th…[View]
68570992Ryzen with Windows 7 or 10?[View]
68572236>be me >install limux >has no games >uninstall wtf is the point of limux lmao, it doesnt…[View]
68572547hey /g/ is the ClaraHD botnet free? Is it just plugnplay? Can I load any pdf book from my loonix pc?…[View]
68567707>nvm fixed it :) >thread closed[View]
68571148Hi, everyone <3. I'm fucked up cuz I have a problem and I need to know when a screenshot was…[View]
68571113Transparent webm thread[View]
68572357Hello, scum of the Earth here please help this video get more views https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=…[View]
68570836The Java path: The case: I went to uni to study sys engineering because I used computers to make mus…[View]
68570562what's the best way to secure an Android phone? are these antivirus apps a meme being a linux-b…[View]
68572246Rats, I can’t hear you[View]
68571153Wraith Spire Cooler: Anyone else using this piece of spit? I can't get mine to link up with my …[View]
68539847Post the oldest desktop screenshot you still have saved.[View]
68571115Is there any benefit to owning your own domain registrar through opensrs? I want to guarantee my dom…[View]
68561557Anything worth buying on black friday this year?[View]
68571666Who else hyped for over the air 4K broadcast?[View]
68571886can you help: I need to find a windows 10 iso 64 bit download fast and cannot use the media creation…[View]
68571430Nvidia stock is in fucking freefall, what the fuck is going on?? $286.48/share on October 2, now $14…[View]
68567537Shell Scripting: I'm simultaneously amazed and disgusted with how much of a hack whole bash and…[View]
68571680>building PC in Acer case (Sleeper) >2 usb ports in small intent in case >indent way longer…[View]
68571454Anyone around these parts know how to set up face mocap using an iphone for either unreal or unity? …[View]
68571442Are cell phones really that badf for you[View]
68566907what does /g/ run for their router? my pfsense box is old and doesn't support AES so I'm …[View]
68567497Poorfag iOS development: I want to start developing iOS apps. Do I need to pay the annual $99 to eve…[View]
68566246Ah yes windows vista. The thinking mans windows 7.[View]
68570178Editors: I am tired of Sublime Text licence popups >We offer the unlimited eval for several reaso…[View]
68567691Tier I support: Those of you fags that have worked help desk before, it seems like it is brainlet ti…[View]
68569026>yahoo answers[View]
68570893We're fucking trapped in shit tech: /g/ can we please have a real discussion? We're trapp…[View]
68565329>You paid 65 dollars for the same GPU because it looked better?[View]
68567334What's the best IDE and why is it intellij[View]
68569825OH NO NO NO: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WacG-gFRlrU& Ngreedya: Here's you 'real-time' …[View]
68570738What's /g/'s favorite charting/datavis library for React? I'm looking for something …[View]
68568961nooooo, this can't be happening.[View]
68559685are you shitting me?[View]
68570912what went wrong?[View]
68570907The absolute state of USB-C: btfo by HDMI again[View]
68560452What do you use to host your websites /g/?[View]
68563071Why did Lisp fail?: ITT: Discuss one or more reasons why Lisp failed to stay mainstream.[View]
68567473PDF Reader: Which PDF (and other documents) reader for Android does /g/ prefer?[View]
68559603Quantum Computer Science degree: What the fuck does this entail? It sounds smart as fuck. I thought …[View]
68551596/mkg/ - Mechanical Keyboards General: /mkg/ - How big is too big >Buyer's template: http://p…[View]
68569069low level electronics / logic / minecraft: is this a NAND gate ? all it uses is NOT, how come nobody…[View]
68559201What is the perfect dream pc? Parts,mods etc.[View]
68560987- Where does /g/ go to get their torrents - What are reputable sources - Best thing you've torr…[View]
68570400I used this nest of raspberry pis, external hard drive, and network switches for years before just b…[View]
68568065Why are CS courses like this?: I just want to program. Why the hell am I having to learn this math s…[View]
68557272Are there any phones left with user-replaceable batteries?[View]
68569534Tryit Editor but offline: Does anyone know of something similar to the tryit editor of w3 that I can…[View]
68565725can you get a good vpn sub 40$ on black friday?[View]
68570153Why is the inventor of Windows now producing shitty consumer tech videos on youtube to make ends mea…[View]
68557268How can we improve console controls?: videogame console controls are falling way behind. im just usi…[View]
68554586Are programming socks a meme?[View]
68567248Is there any way of knowing what type of NFC are in my school access cards, they are not durable and…[View]
68569928How can I prevent everything under the <hr> tag on the bottom of the window to overlap with th…[View]
68569456I paid 50 thousand dollars tuition at the Cornell only to fail a fucking fizz buzz javascript proble…[View]
68568507Are these convertible 2-in-1 laptops easier to break than normal ones? Kinda look like they would be…[View]
68567002>'Program on Linux' they said >'It's so much easier' they said >'Everything feels like…[View]
68557171/hpg/ - Headphone General: How to request purchase advice: https://pastebin.com/fYZLW7Ub For sub-$50…[View]
68569004C++ Compile Time & Performance: I can never seem to find any articles on how exactly a heavily C…[View]
68563328Hi everyone what is best hackings command in CMD for be like Elliot the robot? Thanks![View]
68568754>deprecates vim[View]
68562954unless you are a gaymur or a NEET scum, you shouldn't have a desktop pc in your home. ideal set…[View]
68569490I hate this gigantic piece of shit. The perfect programming environment for someone who programs lik…[View]
68569471Is Anyone Still Using Yahoo?: Wondering if anyone still uses this botnet, whether it be search engin…[View]
68567672Is JVC any good?[View]
68566449Is this a meme? Why?[View]
68569293How are these new headphones I bought? WI-1000X paired with an LG V30[View]
68565612Hardware backdoors: How likely is it that the device I'm using has some sort of hardware level …[View]
68567631hello fags i am bored and want to get into 3d printing. what is the /g/ approved 3d printer. i live …[View]
68565846Sup /g/, just nabbed my first job as a .NET backend dev, get to choose a work laptop, what should I …[View]
68568780Hey /g/, I've decided to give into the quintessential millennial lack-of-direction despair and …[View]
68568673software implementation consultant: What is it like to be a software implementation consultant? (at …[View]
68565388Linux is becoming popular. Time to start being against it to keep my contrarian taste which I keep t…[View]
68568540Do I really have to turn the internet connection off in order to concentrate on learning programming…[View]
68565950Ok, so why does this pajeet piece of shit crash when I try to play something in the background?[View]
68568634I've heard that newer intel/amd processors don't officially support windows 7 If I buy som…[View]
68568941pray for brainlet II: i'm making a tool to eat table screepcaps from rulebooks and shit out car…[View]
68563542Where can I go and buy broken laptops/PCs? I want to start repairing shit and reselling. Any of you …[View]
68568322Best format to archive movies? What codec and resolution should I look for when downloading movies? …[View]
68568784So i bought a samsung 960 m2 ssd for 250 dollars, and now i see the same one in 970 variant for half…[View]
68568316Dual vs. Quad: I've heard that worrying about per-core performance when choosing a new laptop s…[View]
68561262text editor for windows: got me a new job and now I have a windows workstation because of ArcGIS… Bu…[View]
68568524XFS is better than ZFS for a seedbox: XFS has meta-data checksums, when using a raid6 array with md,…[View]
68567276Since crypto shat the bed, does that mean I can afford video cards again?[View]
68566996>not your private support 2 weeks ago I found old screen on dumpster and gave it new home by taki…[View]
68567035https://youtu.be/jaUP4LucmZM >rtx is barely any better than ssr AHAHHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHHA…[View]
68566305Should I exchange my 3 yr old redmi note 3 32 gb for an iPhone se 32 gb? Both are working perfectly.[View]
68568477So THIS is the power of Mac OS: https://www.hooktube.com/watch?v=zEnocW8HoYw&t=285s ( https://ww…[View]
68568462Do you have in mind any active hacking community?[View]
68565783Looking to get into 4K. My TV right now is a Samsung UN55F7100 55-Inch 1080p 240Hz 3D Ultra Slim Sm…[View]
68528788/mg/ - Monitor Purchasing General: >post your monitor >give feedback on pros and cons from you…[View]
68568098What books to read for as a beginner in java? B4 anyone complains about choice, I need it for univer…[View]
68562040/pcbg/ - PC Building General: >Create a parts list https://pcpartpicker.com/ >Learn how to bui…[View]
68568280Are pajeet freelance websites any good for getting first 'real job' experience?[View]
68564606Is there a window manager that runs on windows that resize windows automatically with a margin ?[View]
68566003Is it possible to route my internet connection through a vmware guest (Win 8) which is running a VPN…[View]
68560419Can you run Linux on the playstation 3?: What's it like?[View]
68568179crashing this network, with no survivors!: show me your mobile network usage[View]
68567552freetards: >code for free >cry about CoCs but work for free anyways >be poor jackass everyo…[View]
68567115Hey /g/uys just wondering if I could get some advice on which of these two monitors I ought to get. …[View]
68568061xclm -netfile `perl -e 'print '\x54\xf1\x26\x08'x1000'` `perl -e 'print '\xe8\xf1\x26…[View]
68563923Is there a tool that lets me disable most of windows 10 ''''functions''''just look at this shit, my …[View]
68567716Toilets are technology. How has /g/ celebrated World Toiley Day?[View]
68563532What's the best terminal for Linux?[View]
68566750>ITT: Hidden gem software[View]
68567357/g/: ''technology''[View]
68567387i love my dead gay laptop: >13 y/o t60 >c2d >4 gb >1400x1050 >librebutt >$20 whats…[View]
68566502W7 Upates: I'm tired of distro-hopping. I just want a comfy setup like back in the day when it …[View]
68565439Java?: Fair warning: I'm not familiar with Java one bit. However, Uni tasked me with designing …[View]
68565420What's the best NEW laptop under $500?: Title >inb4 old used thinkpad I have an X200 and I l…[View]
68567407NORMIES: ITT NORMIES with technology >talking to someone on the internet >normie normalson s…[View]
68565646Uh, guys??? am i kil?[View]
68567222What is a better position: >Mobile software developer >Product implementation consultant I wen…[View]
68565092I was checking some phones and I saw this. It's clearly a lie, but I got curious, how long will…[View]
68566062Hey /g/, I have a lot of software and files that are huge in size and I can't really back up pr…[View]
68559857Please tell me this is fake: Please tell me this is fake[View]
68557100The Future of x64: It's kind of amusing to watch Intel struggle to develop their 10nm process, …[View]
68567581>133.4% CPU How?[View]
68563512>it's another refresh: Enjoy spending $1999 plus tip for your Kaby Lake on the 14nm++++ proc…[View]
68556709Why is it so comfy, bros?[View]
68565698recaptcha: >slow captcha is wasting my time >no feedback option >privacy and terms links re…[View]
68557776good email provider?: anybody here know a good email client that's easy to sign up with and use…[View]
68554412Botnet-Free: Can you truly escape the botnet or is it not feasible? If so how? Is corebooting a meme…[View]
68561702/dpt/ - Daily Programming Thread: Old thread: >>68551053 What are you working on, /g/?[View]
68562817HELP: I'm 21 and in the 4th year of a CS major. Had an internship last semester that went well,…[View]
68565098Where are the cheap GPUs?: I want top of the line ones for $300 now that cypto is DEAD!!![View]
68542939Just got my first mac, and its great. Fuck you /g/[View]
68561614How many of you own a domain name? How did you come up with your domain name? Recommended places to …[View]
68567127why dont we switch from 4chan to usenet now that gook is fucking it up[View]
68566539Top cringe: Linux, not even once.[View]
68565587Does internet addiction affect you, anon?[View]
68566926What's to stop your VPN provider from selling your keylogs to Amazon/Google/etc. themselves?[View]
68566333What makes 'waterfall model' bad?[View]
68566699Help me restore a 7zip archive: Hello, crypto faggot here. I saved my private keys in a 7zip archive…[View]
68561214Have they given up trying to one up nvidia? this is embarrassing.[View]
68561769Current Node.JS is unironically decent.[View]
68565555Month into first SWE job and I have basically nothing to do all day. I want to blow my brains out. …[View]
68565209Nano: Hey guys, is Nano even worth figuring out? It seems simple enough but that might exactly be th…[View]
68555754/spg/ - Smartphone General: Choose Your Weapon Edition If requesting purchasing advice, please provi…[View]
68565843Redpill me on Krita?[View]
68566065Mobile chan browsers: Can you recommend something good? Here are my Problems with the ones I know: 1…[View]
68561330Had to backup 1200 photos from a family members iCloud today mfw there's no select all[View]
68566374It is the future's technology. Bet it.[View]
68561903How do I leak something onto 4chan without revealing my IP address? >inb4 VPN - they are all rang…[View]
68566514friendly reminder that the people who coded this turd are paid $900k USD while you're unemploye…[View]
68565778Things you fell for: Cant fucking type fast without making mistakes and the keyboard on my laptop f…[View]
68566503I'm sitting on an r9 390 and have been for years. When the fuck will the nvidia high end monopo…[View]
68565762What hard drive to you guys use for backups? I'm more concerned with reliability than speed. I …[View]
68563947Would you buy an eInk phone?[View]
68566213LESBIANSWHOTECH.ORG: You didn't give any money to LESBIANSWHOTECH.ORG, right, /g/? https://les…[View]
68563762Void vs. Solus vs. Manjaro vs. Antergos vs. Sabayon vs. Clear Linux: benchmarks https://www.phoronix…[View]
68565985nvidia was responsible for 30% of the vista crashes[View]
68562586>buy amd >'anon i thought you are good with tech? everyone knows intel is the best!'…[View]
68566024Can it still be used for every-day computing?[View]
68566132How do they get away with it lads[View]
68563975Damn.... Windows 10 be looking like THAT?[View]
68565996Deceptive security: /cyb/ersecurity trends: Does anybody else use deceptive security to catch the Zi…[View]
68564792You will never be as comfy as this[View]
68563965How would you design turn off chat history feature in any of the texting apps?[View]
68537957Decentralized chan proposal: Since the retard mods banned this let's try again. Continued from …[View]
68556161Is it still the king?[View]
68564535Save the Internet: As you probably know, the EU is creating a law that would hold Internet companies…[View]
68548221Should I go through with it? What should I expect?[View]
68554405Anyone else really disappointed about Google killing Inbox?[View]
68565569Cheap DDR4 soon?: Authorities in China have alleged “massive evidence” of antitrust violations by th…[View]
68562381DACs aren't a meme: why didn't anyone tell me? >be me >have shitty usb audio interfa…[View]
68555506If both these cpus cost marginally the same (around 300€ where I live) which one would you pick? I d…[View]
68545554What's your opinion on Sci-Hub?[View]
68565520ITT: incompetent IT people. Post your worst horror stories![View]
68565213Will Uber go bankrupt now their IPO plan is canceled by market conditions?[View]
68564443>100% application sound >95% os sound >adjust on physical volume knob…[View]
68563389Ryzen 5 2600 or a Freesync monitor? See my situation I have 2 options right now with my budget, buy …[View]
68555535worth 35$?[View]
68565314oh no no no no...[View]
68546911List pre-2003 software you still use[View]
68559821>install urxvt >urxvt: unable to calculate font width for... Why do people use this shit again…[View]
68549015If Pornhub can make money off smut/advertising why can't 4chan?[View]
68565119sup g How do I block 4chan with hosts file I have tried doing multiple times, but for some reason I…[View]
68565082so basically i have created a windows 10 live usb and when i boot it a white underscore appears blin…[View]
68564465Registring a Domain: where do you guys register your domains? which site has the best prices?…[View]
68533185When will freetards stop defending this literal garbage? It's so vastly inferior to every singl…[View]
68564765>practise extensively for coding test >test is a problem you've never seen before…[View]
68564664>sony stopped making compact phones[View]
68560594Even data entry wants 2 years of experience[View]
68564878Why are there still no 3D printers that print soft silicone objects?[View]
68564922Is userstyles.org fucked? I can't log in to their site with OpenID and their support replied to…[View]
68562157With uncle Google shilling this thing everywhere it will probably keep on growing in popularity, is …[View]
68563210uniregistry.com the domain stealer: So today i planning on making a personal blog, i checked a domai…[View]
68557893is it possible to get a good mic for 40 bucks? I've never bought one because I didn't need…[View]
68564853Killing Patents: I hear that /g/ hates patents. If you have great ideas and hate patents, why don…[View]
68564682NETGEAR router/modem pre-emptive buy: Is it possible to set a Netgear (c6900/c7000) modem/router two…[View]
68563667Things that don't matter: - your OS - your painting program - your desktop - your editor, IDE o…[View]
68562675Tizen vs webOS: What's the best OS for TVs between these two? I heard both are Open Source and …[View]
68559608Was he right about technology?[View]
68563875>think about trying Arch since people here cannot shut up about it >find out who maintains the…[View]
68562992Any good tips and tricks?: Im complete beginner at freebsd. I wanna install it on Acer Aspire E5 57…[View]
68559400When did everything become a black botnet rectangle made out of glass?[View]
685645272019 SSD predictions: So now that 96 layer v-nand chips are in full production, what can we expect f…[View]
68558127All jokes and memes aside, is Computer Science a meme degree? I'm starting to realize that I do…[View]
68562176What the fuck is this, /g/? Whenever i try to visit the url of my friend's blog, it redirects m…[View]
68559750>updates disabled >common sense installed >haven't had any virus or malware for years …[View]
68558207How many speakers are optimal?[View]
68563601hey guys I dun goofed and connected the HDMI output of two machines together, is it possible that I …[View]
68564258Tech Life Hacks: If you plug enough of these in you can have infinite outlets.[View]
68540747Who here is still faithful? 15 years and our marriage is still going strong.[View]
68560943The Great Debate: https://www.strawpoll.me/16862793[View]
68562701The end: Let's take a look at the (absolute) state of computer hardware. AMD's Radeon HD 7…[View]
68561255what PC is this?: what is a real life PC that looks like this?[View]
68562094RTX On/Off: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=n68s9I28AvY > Halves framerate > Makes texture det…[View]
68562636Is it worth owning a tablet in 2018?[View]
68556006Encryption: What is the best choice for full-disk encryption? LUKS pros: can be configured to use va…[View]
68559702How do savestates work in emulators / virtual machines? Do they just dump the emulated RAM / VRAM in…[View]
68561407Face it, they're unbeatable. They are so far ahead of the game it is unbelievable.[View]
68559849terry thread. never forget: It still feels kind of surreal. I talked with this guy in his irc, last …[View]
68563592Things that should be illegal: * Case windows. * Superfluous LEDs. * Packaging that's not a pla…[View]
68558031>T-Mobile is giving away the iPhone XR for free[View]
68562001So what companies do you expect will advertise on 4channel.org?[View]
68562982How can I remediate a Trickbot infection?: Long story short one of our locations has been infected. …[View]
68563531>the october update still isn't fixed for everyone YIKES[View]
685586114chanX, OneeChan, and other userscripts on new domain: Has anyone been able to modify the scripts to…[View]
68563437>saves the logs right on your own PC[View]
68562747>2018 >using a regular laptop instead of a convertible laptop Why do you still use a regular l…[View]
68561236NILFS: Have you used the superior Nipponese log-structured file system for Linux, /g/? It's bet…[View]
68560975>pic unrelated '4channel will kill phoneposting' WRONG! Sorry lads but phoneposting is about to g…[View]
685570672018 I am... forgotten[View]
68553512what VPN do you use and why? about to buy a year of tunnel bear.[View]
68561338What are some based programming related podcasts I can listen to while coding?[View]
68553922/g/ opinion on blockada? Seemingly it's the best option for ad blocking without root on Android…[View]
68559640Tech books thread?: Share some that you liked.[View]
68553424Emacs: Ok /g/ so I finally decided to give Emacs a shot. The only thing I'm not yet sure about …[View]
68563139>i only browse 4channel. It has a good technology board named /g/. Also there is no porn on this …[View]
68559327Who green lit having the logo upside down when the laptop is open?[View]
68553120/sm/ - Software Minimalism: For discussing software minimalism. >What is computing minimalism? ht…[View]
68561776Where am I supposed to put that code?[View]
68559211Report: Microsoft’s enterprise products covertly gather personal data on users: https://thenextweb.c…[View]
68562460Just realized that they're called desktops because you usually put them on your desk and laptop…[View]
68562670>Working in a point cloud in TBC >Scans are mostly fine except one >Someone didn't reg…[View]
68561412LaTeX: >2011+7 >not using LaTeX for the text on your Christmas cards…[View]
68561022Does /g/ know what it is and how its encryption works?[View]
68562244Programming is boring....[View]
68558144What is the best coding language to learn first? I assume html is necessary so that's what I…[View]
68562084what is the best and cheapest 7.1 soundcard out there pls ? >inb praising onboard soundcards , am…[View]
68562338>Cars >Buses >Traffic Lights >Crosswalks >Store Fronts >Fire Hydrants…[View]
68562324I want to thank the creator of the Gentoo.: Thanks for the best distro ever created, the other distr…[View]
68561451The terms 'graphics card' and 'GPU' both mean exactly the same thing, they describe the picture.[View]
68545666/ptg/ - private tracker general: what are recwars? edition >Not sure what private trackers are al…[View]
68547719/sqt/ - Stupid Questions Thread: Stupid question thread. Ask your stupid questions here. >Read …[View]
68558964>100,000 programmers created this[View]
68555462Linus actually making sense? Yikes! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xEileqxmags[View]
68541504/csg/ Chink Shit General: In /csg/, we discuss the cheap shit you see on Gearbest, Taobao, AliExpres…[View]
68557218/pcbg/ - PC Building General: >Create a parts list https://pcpartpicker.com/ >Learn how to bui…[View]
68557709How do I block all or at least the majority of porn sites on my windows 10 computer?[View]
68560881Just found this bluetooth earwig. How the fuck do i charge this thing? No usb port or battery lid?[View]
68550793Does Ublock Origin really only hide ads while still loading them in the background?[View]
68560769Dirt on Brave: So, is there a dirt on Brave? Is it a botnet? Why should I consider it over Firefox a…[View]
68547404Memes aside, the absolute state of community around it aside, is this shit actually worth your time …[View]
68559249runnable jar vs flash: tell this dummy what the difference between a runnable jar file and flash is.…[View]
68561403>having core i5 mobile processor on laptop purchased in 2012 >most of the recent consumer lapt…[View]
68552142Anyone know any websites you can go to where you get people to do your CS assignments and homework f…[View]
68559235tfw the tech boom of the early 2000's has lost steam through saturation and devaluation by chea…[View]
68559791ITT: Normie repellent tech[View]
68559441Just rescued a 2011 Macbook Pro from the trash at work. Literally. Someone threw this computer away.…[View]
68559695Ive fallen for Xubuntu, MPV, mechanical keyboards, Hackerman, trackball mouses, private trackers. Th…[View]
68561335Is there anything you can do with Windows that you can't do with Windows? I mean, Windows has p…[View]
68551053/dpt/ - Daily Programming Thread: What are you working on, /g/? Last thread: >>68542872[View]
68559371I've been using Linux for a while and I need to install and dual boot windows 10. I already ha…[View]
68560555>website requires you to log in to download something or access certain pages >logging in send…[View]
68556334How sad is it that we will die before the next golden age. Sometimes I forget about everything: pr…[View]
68558366Anti Discord Thread: I have now been invisible on Discord for two days not responding to anyone and …[View]
68546972Anyone else jumped ship off the IT meme? I feel that my life has been improved ever since I quit my …[View]
68554669GTX 680 and 780Ti buyers remorse thread. $400 290, not even the 290X, shitting on the $700 780Ti whi…[View]
68558651TV Local Dimming: i've gone to about 30 websites now to figure out whether local dimming betwee…[View]
68559726Dream pc thread. Towers Parts mods etc.[View]
68551103Underrated tech thread: ITT we post underrated tech >Aluratek Bluetooth transceiver When it want…[View]
68559472What did Microsoft do to Github? Why is last years November still there?[View]
68521618The absolute state of applefags: https://youtu.be/hUBsxCcJeUc HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH[View]
68560158How is youtube so good at knowing what kind of video I will click on? I never watched videos about …[View]
68554710>gf wants to learn php as her first language How do I talk her out of it?…[View]
68556855I got an offer for an IT position, Junior sysadmin for a local IT company with lots of important cli…[View]
68557620Why are you silly fucks still using screenfetch instead of neofetch?[View]
68559894Is getting a high end tv worth it? I'm looking into purchasing a tv but all these review sites …[View]
68553087foobar2000: Redpill me on foobar2000. I'm not up to date on music players but wasn't this …[View]
68550547/fglt/ - Friendly GNU/Linux Thread: This thread is for people who want to be big braned on GNU +Linu…[View]
68550917so which possibility you think it might come true anons?[View]
68553907When was the last time you used a multimeter and a solder iron?[View]
68558168any /g/ood redpill tech quotes? >It has become appallingly obvious that our technology has exceed…[View]
68558443sir... we're not going to ask you twice... hand over the VoLTE[View]
68560078Oh heck apps by google (chrome, play store, etc) on my phone say there isn't internet connectio…[View]
68552849What does /g/ think about George Hotz?[View]
68554115Give me any piece of technology, and I'll tell you it's a botnet.: Anything goes.[View]
68559396Film Student/Major Computers: Is there a good/even great computer for film students/editors? I know,…[View]
68558099Wire management: Is this wire management of the gods?[View]
68559606What are your thoughts on using a power9 pc at home, anon?[View]
68555393hard drive speedlet thread https://crystalmark.info/en/software/crystaldiskmark/[View]
68555792>2018 >decide to build a new pc >os is restricted to windows 10 only Defend this right fu…[View]
68558230phone app: does anyone know what app this is from?[View]
68558538Why haven't you stepped up to laser color printing yet?[View]
68557802*provides superior audio quality*[View]
68556815What is encrypting? Why is it important?[View]
68558171Agile development: is there anything more s o y?[View]
68558662Is there a way to start a game at high priority without using task manager?[View]
68559314Making money off parts?: I have a basjc computer, and it just broke down. I'm too cheap to just…[View]
68559289Scambaiting: Hey /g/uys I have a scambaiting discord that I co-own and it’s ran by a 160k sub youtub…[View]
68555756Do Stack Overflow points help my employability? Do recruiters target that shit, or is it just for si…[View]
68553615MusicBee vs Foobar2000: Which and why?[View]
68556607python tips: can some anon give some content to study some pyhon? my programming teacher sucks…[View]
68555811shuld i pirate or buy operating system[View]
68553913>needing a gpu defend yourself you manbaby, gpus only stifle productivity. >but muh gaymes gr…[View]
68557748computer thread???: thinking about buying https://www.ibuypower.com/Store/AMD-Hunter-EZB102?EasyBuil…[View]
68556955What e-reader do you use/recommend /g/? It's nice to have a lightweight, to the point, e-ink de…[View]
68557697cringe thread: post tech-related cringe[View]
68550973share ratio: Share your highest ratio, /g/.[View]
68555931Doxbin: anyone got the doxbin archive? It's been wiped from the internet[View]
68558454where can a fella download KMS without getting buttfucked by malware? I wanna get rid of the windows…[View]
68557683How do I remove all my information from the internet for free[View]
68557119Gentoo: You think you can get away with insulting Gentoo, the greatest distro ever created? Tell me …[View]
68558177Firefox ricing: How do you rice your firefox /g/? Pls share[View]
68557630>boot computer >uptime says 101 hours[View]
68558450Troubleshooting Mouse: Okay, so this mouse has 1)no software as far as I can tell, it's just pl…[View]
68557813What website do japanese weebs use? by that I mean ethnically born japanese that likes anime and tal…[View]
68554017Thoughts on Python? Is it overrated?[View]
68555785what a bitch. why does almost every critic of Linux have to act like such a twat with a superiority …[View]
68556566I'm a tech noob so help me out here. I have a Windows 10 laptop but I want to install Linux. Wh…[View]
68558394What is the perfect dream pc? Parts,mods etc.[View]
68558282can /g/ link me some nice web designs for webnovel/webcomic site?[View]
68552125Help me /g/. After all these years, I'm starting to feel bad about piracy. What's your opi…[View]
68557594Which searx.me engines do you use, /g/?[View]
68558131how do I get a japanese IP to post on futaba channel that is not banned?[View]
68558129What's it like trying to break into the tech industry if you're a White man vs trying to g…[View]
68558040pip install selenium pip install chatterbot test # -*- coding: utf-8 -*- from chatterbot import Cha…[View]
68541344Tablet Thread: Is it just me or are they coming back in fashion?[View]
68553737Is this alien maiden technology?: What do you think? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oGWrnzKZB5o…[View]
68550243debian or arch?[View]
68557923>TFW using a laptop with linux after years of just using a desktop with windows to browse the int…[View]
68555144YOUTUBE IS DOWN[View]
68553745What 'apps' do you use on your Android phone? I just received an Alcatel Verso and it's my only…[View]
68550133Where does your GPU currently shit?[View]
68556574I use Poo10 on my desktop but want to learn some other OS. What should I install on my laptop?[View]
68557602upload 720p video to google drive plays just fine 720p quality play in google drive android app the …[View]
68557544I want to be a hacker, but i had so many problems trying to code quicksort, should i just give up[View]
68544014Should we?[View]
68555104>I-It's not stealing, it's just borrowing >I-Its ok, I wasn't going to pay for …[View]
68557147got this as a gift from my uncle. which distro should i install on it>(it has windows XP) Im a l…[View]
68556668human technology (/g/numan?): At this point, it’s about providing our descendants with the faculties…[View]
68546559What IRC clients do you use, /g/? Yes I read the wiki. It looks out of date.[View]
68555762I've made a script that search a person on facebook by a profile picture, how come you don…[View]
68555162anybody else having this problem, or is it just me?[View]
68548415/hpg/ - Headphone General: How to request purchase advice: https://pastebin.com/fYZLW7Ub For sub-$50…[View]
68552575What will it take for Linux to become a useable desktop OS?[View]
68557083Does Android seriously not have one single explorer app that supports video thumbnails over network?…[View]
68556153>he fell for the M.2 meme[View]
68553822Will he really be locked up for 7 years?[View]
68556599Phone camera thread Post those pictures and what you took them with Galaxy S7[View]
68552865/pcbg/ - PC Building General: >Create a parts list https://pcpartpicker.com/ >Learn how to bui…[View]
68556508How is the Comma One, Eon, Neo, etc. going to change autonomous transport. Is open source the way to…[View]
68556923Windows 98 VM: I'm planning on setting up a Windows 98 SE virtual manchine, mostly to play olde…[View]
68555016>Discrete Graphics Card Required[View]
68550587Redpill time on keyboards and why we have been getting scammed for a decade.: The reason offices swi…[View]
68552997Why must you bully the sweet boy?[View]
68537389Happening: Node.js creator regrets creating Node.js: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=M3BM9TB-8yA…[View]
68551627Forensics: What is the very best forensics live CD? https://www.forensicswiki.org/wiki/Category:Live…[View]
68552766Are we 4chan or 4channel?[View]
68553141Is it true that most South Koreans still use Internet Exploder?[View]
68555526Whats up poorfags ? ;)) hehe you ok? Look what i just got ;)))) Yep i only do high end luxury gaming…[View]
68556512Redpill me on wix to make a website.[View]
68556450hey /g/ I'm trying to recover a .rar file I accidentally deleted from the recycling bin yesterd…[View]
68554095Debian Support Thread: Hello, welcome to the Debian Support Thread. Ask your questions about Debian.…[View]
68550815I found this in my house. The book is reviewed well but is now on its 3rd edition. This is the first…[View]
68554671I don't know whether to ask this here or on /qa/ Now that the site is being split, will the API…[View]
68554022Does an alternative like this exist that's not total dogshit?[View]
68552738Is it better than Gentoo?[View]
68554688>He posts 'loose' instead of' 'lose'. >He posts 'ration' in…[View]
68549422Switching from not working urxvt.: I lost fucking one week trying to make my program work, thinking …[View]
68519271Google now allows registering domains with .onions TLD. This is not a joke. https://www.registry.goo…[View]
68554156Is this truly the same in terms of quality. 1. Convert 4k raw video file with Sony Vegas to 1080p or…[View]
68554694>install arch >fonts are blurry >audio sounds like shit >internet is slow >screen tea…[View]
68554172Let's say, I want to write a program that inputs the email info plus body in thunderbird and cl…[View]
68555666How would I got about getting the password for a Shopify store?[View]
68555468Hey /g/, new hacker here. Wanting to hook into the mainnet. I'm looking for contacts[View]
68555496arch hate thread: hobby distro for shit-stained NEETards[View]
68555476Recently got Movie Studio 15 and after the video renders it looks like crap. Should I find a better …[View]
68554284How many packages does /g/ have?[View]
68547253/spg/ - Smartphone General: Galaxy S10 Edition If requesting purchasing advice, please provide your …[View]
68553204Samsung Galaxy Note9 128GB (Unlocked) - $799. Usually $999. Good deal or bad?[View]
68555236Luke Smith Videos in Limited State?: I wanted to watch the troff videos made by Luke Smith recently.…[View]
68555221rip youtube: tip[View]
68554772Can we get a hardware-porn thread?[View]
68554888Yikeserino! That's a 404 from me, senpai![View]
68554361I need a crack for ElbySoft's CloneDVD I'm aware it's quite old, but last ti…[View]
68551129My hard drive access light constantly flashes whenever I have Chrome open.: Looks like they've …[View]
68554365I used to be a pretty decent at Java and C++, but I haven't done anything with them in ages and…[View]
68554774>check community college email because I'm taking some online courses >3 obviously malici…[View]
68552126>He hasn't upgraded from F-Droid to G-Droid yet What's your excuse, anon? https://f-dro…[View]
68535260Certified Java professional here. Ask me anything[View]
68530623post quality software combinations: >OpenBSD >dwm >st >cmus >vim >patched surf and…[View]
68554239What do you mean you don't comment your code? How do you expect people to read it[View]
68554893What version of Windows 7 has minimal Microsoft botnet faggotry? I tried to 'fix' 10 but so much shi…[View]
68552067I really fucking miss him...: Jesus Christ man.. I really get teary eyed when I think of Terry. He …[View]
68550049>be me >be 23 and 10 months >NEET >want to teach myself programming Convince me why it w…[View]
68553229Are they the final boss of DRM? I can't remember another time when scene groups had so much tro…[View]
68549242>sudo apt remove *microcode*; reboot >system suddenly 2x as responsive and smooth That's …[View]
68553134I am 29. I went to grad school. I work at Google in Mountain View, in the original Googleplex. I kno…[View]
68554051Are Nest/Ring products a botnet? Are they worth investing in?[View]
68554631on what makes an os: 'The issue with calling both linux and android operating systems unto themselve…[View]
68554556Leaflet marker icon url compiled wrong while running ng build --prod: For some reason the Leaflet ma…[View]
68552278How do I read this book? It's so tedious and boring... :/ Do I really have to type all that cod…[View]
68552124What the FUCK happened?[View]
68552241Want a development system similar to the Dell XPS: >i7-8750H >16GB 2x8GB DDR4-2666MHz >M.2 …[View]
68546379How do we fix the captcha so NPCs wouldn't be able to pass it /g/?[View]
68542741Why does everyone hate PHP? I used to think it was useless because everyone said it was a shit langu…[View]
68528822new desktop thread: feel free to rate[View]
68554201Hey anons, what's a good battery, thin/light Ultrabook preferably with pen input that isn'…[View]
68551800Zuckberg fires Palmer Luckey: >The Wall Street Journal is reporting that sources close to Palmer …[View]
68554020laptop 2020: core2duo 2gb ram 10 usb 3.0 ports jack 3.5 sd card ssd 10gb ips screen weight less than…[View]
68553939The Social Network: Be honest /g/, this inspired you to get into technolo/g/y when you were growing …[View]
68553109Are optical drives obsolete? I haven't used a disc with my computer since I used an external DV…[View]
68552643How the fuck do I get a BS in computer science if i was a retard when i was 14 and got shitty grades…[View]
68546241Speccy thread[View]
685531855200MHz RAM: https://www.overclock3d.net/news/memory/sk_hynix_reveals_jedec_standard_ddr5_5200mhz_dr…[View]
68553058Noscript Captcha: Noscript Captcha is kill on 4chanX. Where can I find screaming-boiled-dog eater an…[View]
68544808Some of you guys download some weird shit.[View]
68552757I got addicted to the i3wm meme. Tilings are just so fucking comfy to use. t. recently reformed Xfce…[View]
68548658There are no modern smart phones with good aesthetics: title[View]
68553301Yikes, is that supposed to run that hot?[View]
68551099How hard would be to make a NN that takes some picture description of a scene and generates an anime…[View]
68550277>human genome is literally proprietary >brain is still renown as a proprietary black box 'Soft…[View]
68548675So Univ pajeet from India reporting in As you might know, colleges in India provide atrocious cs edu…[View]
68541204Plan 9 General: Plan 9 General, games/glendy edition >What is Plan 9? Plan 9 from Bell Labs is a …[View]
68547601what's your favorite programming language and why? Mine's python atm[View]
68553110Would you /g/eeks suggest me a good book to learn C Language? My first semester teacher is shit. The…[View]
68542892The Great Debate: https://www.strawpoll.me/16862793[View]
68553708Can anyone who knows how to read a virustotal tell me exactly what the payload of this trojan is? It…[View]
68553316Good low tier TV suggestion: Hi /g/ I'm in need of a new TV and since I know jack shit about to…[View]
68551302Dave Jones Design DVDplay DVD Syncronizer 3BN: Can anyone tell me if this is still worth anything? A…[View]
68548600Who /os9/ here?[View]
68548859Startpage has been re-designed in the spirit of onions. Gone is the old, problematic design, which h…[View]
68549952How hard is it to track down a mobile phone without preinstalled software, under the assumption that…[View]
68542473Why are monitors such shitty technology? You're always making a compromise no matter what. TN …[View]
68553076I’m working on a project since 3-4months, i now need someone with good skills in smart-contracts and…[View]
68547670I'm tryna upgrade from pic related to a legit NAS during Black Friday/Cyber Monday. Where shoul…[View]
68543628>not compatible with 200mm silent fans[View]
68551265warning: ____std::c++2z::std::basic::std::char::string<std::char, std::stream>::object__go_fuc…[View]
68547195I have choosen to finally learn for real programming so naturally i want to 'start'(not a complete n…[View]
68552107The Best CS / Programming Textbooks: Here is my list so far: 1) Computer Systems a Programmers Persp…[View]
68541558Who makes the best motherboards and why is it Gigabyte?[View]
68550386Decentralized storage: With SiaCoin, I can rent 10TB of storage for a year for $50, bandwidth costs …[View]
68552188>4 programmable buttons for $40-$50 ( with 2 being side buttons) what[View]
68552625Is this a scam? Stolen goods?: Some guy on eBay is selling these Envy x360 Ryzen 5 laptops at 89 qui…[View]
68546035If you need more than 4GB of RAM for standard daily driver tasks, you really need to reevaluate your…[View]
68551752Finally, the perfect tech for 4channelers[View]
68549197hey /g/ which laptop actually has 10 hours of battery life running loonix?[View]
68551434/qtt/ quantum tech thread. What do you do with your quantum tech? I do pic related, triforcing with …[View]
68551900Guys, what did i did wrong ?: >be me, tired of microshit >sees i use arch btw memes >decide…[View]
68541996Do you actually have a Github or Gitlab account with actual contributions either to other repos or y…[View]
68551765AMD Discloses Initial Zen 2 Details: https://fuse.wikichip.org/news/1815/amd-discloses-initial-zen-2…[View]
68548342hey there my new fellow 4 channelers![View]
68548842Linux casual here. What is really so bad about Gnome? I use it for 2 years on Antergos (inb4 'instal…[View]
68546253buyer's remorse thread[View]
68552427> Java -> Javascript -> asm.js / webassembly I don't get it what's the point, we …[View]
68545530Why do people like him again? I haven't heard so many misconceptions even in an LGR video. …[View]
68536577How many years did it take you to realize you hate programming?[View]
68551721Vega 56 vs GTX 1070 GPU: 56: HBM2 @ 409.6 GB/s, 10.6 FP32 TFLOP 1070: GDDR5 @ 256.3 GB/s, 6.5 FP32 T…[View]
68534328Post hardware that turns you on.[View]
68550996thoughts on proton mail?[View]
68549984I did it /g/. I finally pulled the trigger on a gaming pc. I7-8700k, gtx 1080, 16 gb ddr4, 500 gb ss…[View]
68546788/pcbg/ - PC Building General: >Create a parts list https://pcpartpicker.com/ >Learn how to bui…[View]
68550569Post hardware that turns you off.[View]
68542836what is the most secure email that doesnt spy on you?[View]
68542243The guy who usually makes these is asleep edition Previous thread: >>68494800 >COMPLETE BEG…[View]
68549948/sht/ - Systemd hate thread: >http://without-systemd.org Boycott distros that use systemd. Use a …[View]
68549766you know the guys at accessnow.org? do you know if they are legit? i'm so paranoid that everyth…[View]
68550357What laptop should I buy my mom? I'm a techlet and just use appleshit because it justwerks but …[View]
68551188Sapphire: More like 'On Fire'! Kek, not recommended. What's your opinion /g/oyos?[View]
68551438My old Samsung s8 is pretty beat up and has a cracked screen, fucked up digitizer and will also need…[View]
68546880Amp recomendation: I'm about to pull the trigger on a pair of Klipsch RP-160M's for a publ…[View]
68551342>client/server paradigm[View]
68548627Oregairu is written on Microsoft Office 2016 running on Windows 10 that is running on Surface Book(t…[View]
68543546I can see why you guys find him annoying. Jesus he's like an obnoxious nerd who thinks he'…[View]
68551305The /g/ Wiki is outdated and incomplete.: I bet nobody is updating that site since 2014. Maybe that…[View]
68548998VPN THREAD: What VPN do you guys use? Do you use VPN clients on your main OS or in a VM? I've b…[View]
68550363AGI: reality cannot be detected. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6Tp79rv2Keg [But I am a robot.]…[View]
68541723AMD Powered Handheld PC SMACH Z to Enter Mass Production in Early 2019: https://wccftech.com/smach-z…[View]
68547880Programming a Coinbase for Europe: Hey /g/. I thought htis would be exciting for any of you in Europ…[View]
68542023Break up the tech giants?: Facebook, Google, Twitter and Amazon get to lecture you on SJW values and…[View]
68539737AdBlocking on mobile: This is a little guide for those of you who wish to not see ads on mobile devi…[View]
68544312Do you prefer pre-2006 or post-2006 Internet /g/?[View]
68522894/mkg/ - Mechanical Keyboard General: /mkg/ - Illegal Switches Edition >Buyer's template: ht…[View]
68548874Worthless pile of shit fucked up and took all my porn with it.[View]
68543811Roughly how many web browser tabs do you have open at a given moment, on average? I typically have a…[View]
68547496used AMD GPUs in 2018: im flipping my 290x for a cheap upgrade because ive got game specific issues …[View]
68546469Red Hat Developers Working Towards A Vendor-Neutral Compute Stack To Take On NVIDIA's CUDA firs…[View]
68543507You have no reason to actually hate systemd unless you're a sysadmin. You only do because it…[View]
68545608I MADE BOTNETS LIST: is i forgot something?[View]
68549725Is this going to impact prices? I was going to buy a GPU, should I wait? https://www.fool.com/invest…[View]
68546122Are write operations buffered in C by default? For instance in go one has to use the buffio package …[View]
68550692What are some based tech (preferably webd or programming) podcasts I can listen to, while I am sitin…[View]
68548771Bitmap vs Outline: Is there any advantage to using bitmap fonts on your terminal instead of Outline …[View]
68547425in search of a laptop for uni and a tablet for manga: I am in the market to buy a tablet and a lapto…[View]
68547063what should I change so I can watch 4K films without any problems[View]
68548120want to learn networking: After switching to Linux, successfully sshing into my home devices, and se…[View]
68537972The Social Network: Be honest /g/, this movie inspired you to get into technolo/g/y when you were gr…[View]
68545957How can anyone use a software with such ugly icons?[View]
68539209Try doing this on a iPhone iFaggot: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.termux&hl=…[View]
68542356/fglt/ - Friendly GNU/Linux Thread: This thread is for people who want to be big braned on GNU +Linu…[View]
68548699>Things Intel had long before Poozen existed. Top lmao. Why Ryzen is so popular on /g/ anyway?…[View]
68550956Was I doxxed?: tl;dr look at pic related, was I doxxed? further info: I should start off this post b…[View]
68546798Is it literally impossible to torrent anonymously in 2018?[View]
68546732What's your experience with password managers and which one would you recommend?[View]
68547666What firefox extensions do you use?[View]
68531629this is a $300 plastic rubberdome keyboard with missing keys say something nice about it[View]
68542872/dpt/ - Daily Programming Thread: What are you working on, /g/? Last: >>68531821[View]
68545747how do I extract the source code of this game? https://golf-battle-yakuto.en.aptoide.com/ I need to …[View]
68543815ITT: botnets /g/ fell for 4chan x to start off[View]
68546905>not having Mojave installed on your non-Apple laptop right now[View]
68549887SMARTPHONE REPURPOSING: Any cool ideas for an old smartphone after getting a new one? I was looking …[View]
68549697Just got one of these for free with my phone, was installed at the provider store, and fell off my p…[View]
68547674wait, are you telling me that apple doesn't make processors? then why is every 'intel…[View]
68548933>use opensuse >install updates (including new kernel) >wonder why the hell my usb sticks wo…[View]
68549417Can i have some help finding the best pc possible for 1k canadian? Id like it to be 4k capable.[View]
68547594Best portable hi res audio player (general audio/pedophile thread): Im stuck between onkyo and pione…[View]
68538236Well /g? which of this growing behemoths in back-end webdev is better?[View]
68549721This meme is not over?: I want my sub $100 1060/470/480/570/580 :([View]
68548561So, my phone is having autistic meltdowns and keeps crashing. Currently have pic related with 128gb …[View]
68549699JavaScript - Automatic Create Static Objects For Functions By Pre-Editing Scripts!: JavaScript - Aut…[View]
68546448I am a scripting god: tremble beneath my power[View]
68540425Clover won't work for 4channel. Rip phone posters.[View]
68549528sir... we're not going to ask you twice... hand over the VOLTE[View]
68538452What music do you listen to while programming? >lofi hip hop Is very comfy…[View]
68526695/tpg/ - ThinkPad General: T400 edition. Who else is a T400 bro? Previous thread: >>68503115 Do…[View]
68547233/g/ opinion on Biostar?: Is this brand based and/or redpilled?[View]
68549435Will they really be a super power by 2020?[View]
68546804Privacy Paranoia: this just happened a few minutes ago >I use a Yahoo email because it's one…[View]
68548123What's going to happen to the future volumes when the author dies?[View]
68547566mfw when my iOS does not have viruses. enjoy your rootkits freecucks. dont even want to mention seet…[View]
68549255it's 2018 why don't we have offline internet yet?[View]
68542144Did you ever draw your own icons / mouse pointers?[View]
68543357Wtf could I do with 2 Wii’s?[View]
68546265i3 newfriend setup: so, i wanna try a i3 setup on my X220. i thought about using a minimal debian in…[View]
68535774Why does nobody talk about pirating anymore. From 1996-2010 it's all you ever fucking heard ab…[View]
68540934Programmers are overrated.[View]
68547728> 2018 > cannot do window tiling[View]
68548158Oi /G/uys I have a problem with my computer(yes I'm that stupid) and I need your help. Every…[View]
68532563/hpg/ - Headphone General: How to request purchase advice: https://pastebin.com/fYZLW7Ub For sub-$50…[View]
68547240post a more based tech reviewer >protip: you fucking can't[View]
68547019What are /g/'s thoughts on the switch?[View]
68547792I am getting worked up installing a Canon printer I just bought in muh Xubuntu lightweight OS all da…[View]
68547535chkdsk c: /f /r help: Alright i did chkdsk C: /F /R and it takes too long i wanna use my computer ag…[View]
68547402make it /g/[View]
68546856Bruhs, should I learn c# or java?[View]
68538894ramnode and dozen others are offering 128mb ram VPS for $15/year with public IPv4 I bet they dont k…[View]
68547604>Gen 8 will fix EVERYTHING including the intel cpu based exploits, >Gen 9 will add integrated …[View]
68545928>he still uses ssds on sata You must love your loading screens.[View]
68547840Hi, I moved my Drastic app to my new phone (galaxy s9+) frrom my older one, but now i get the messag…[View]
68538344Daily reminder that when a game is coded properly VEGA 64 is nearly as fast as a RTX 2080.[View]
68547174How can other VPNs even compete? https://www.bestvpn.com/privacy-news/expressvpn-cannot-hand-over-lo…[View]
68538897What is the very best utility boot CD?: What boot CD has every utility you could ever possibly need?…[View]
68546346Binary number switch IC: Is there integrated circuit that will trigger only when proper binary numbe…[View]
68541579/g/ jobs: Hey anons! I was wondering, what do you guys do for a living?[View]
68541284What did hero mean by this?[View]
68543611>wants to customize 4chan Is this achievable with the Custom CSS in the settings or do I need 4ch…[View]
68544761I'm trying to find the most controversial comments on reddit of all time. Do you know how to do…[View]
68545022Just a quick question /g/. Say I were to format an old Xbox 360 hard drive to store files on my PC. …[View]
68535589/sqt/ - Stupid Questions Thread: Stupid question thread. Ask your stupid questions here. >Read …[View]
68535763/spg/ - Smartphone General: Pixel 3 Lite Edition If requesting purchasing advice, please provide you…[View]
68540329What do you think of Mutahar from SomeOrdinaryGamers?[View]
6853757130% faster than Linux 4.20[View]
68545420Sad and shocking news here, guys: https://thenextweb.com/microsoft/2018/11/15/report-microsofts-ent…[View]
68544950Recommend me a good backpack for a 14' laptop, gentoomen[View]
68545578>Want to buy a large square display >It's 1000 dollars >Similar sized 16:9 displays ar…[View]
68541771/pcbg/ - PC Building General: >Create a parts list https://pcpartpicker.com/ >Learn how to bui…[View]
68546518Well anon, are you safe from hackers?[View]
68544682things you wish linux had[View]
68539260/fucko/: >DISCLAIMER this template might be outdated 'Get on the ground, fucko! Squad, take his c…[View]
68544167linux man: linux man[View]
68543577ok which one of you did this https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TznbtG7Ehxw[View]
68544945MOD-t: Just inherited a MOD-t. How do I make it work? I've seen some of the prints that it ha…[View]
68546417itt post /g/ kino[View]
68524762>Can't relocate individual files inside a torrent. Why are open source trackers so shit?…[View]
68545188fix it[View]
68542760>his window manager has useless nu-gaps[View]
68543182Friendly reminder to check if your monitor has bad (invisible) PWM flicker: Keep your eyes and brain…[View]
68546239what is he planning anons?[View]
68545894Is Gentoo really as good as the meme claims?[View]
68542763What does /g/ think about the current state of Linux?[View]
68540729linux on macbook pro: based or cringe?[View]
68545569I need help /g/: This script wont work and idk why? Any tips? supposedly the error is in line 4…[View]
68535638Apple steals: >end of 2015 >Microsoft Surface pro 4 has magnetic attachment for the pen >en…[View]
68542809Let's Talk About Servless: Abstractions build abstractions. Trending Frameworks: * Apache OpenW…[View]
68543974What's the best app on F-Droid for contributing to the OpenStreetMap database? Is there somethi…[View]
68544965You’re driving in a new town and relying entitrely on your gps to tell you where to turn. Can the sy…[View]
68541624Why is it pretty much only Microsoft and Apple that have realized that more square aspect ratios lik…[View]
68545626Scrapping Facebook with JavaScript: https://github.com/victorqribeiro/scrap Scrap.js - get people…[View]
68540263I've been offered an unpaid 2-3 days a week AngularJS position. I'm looking to be a mobile…[View]
68531610iPhone XR CONFIRMED FLOP: open phonearena.com What went wrong? >the iphone XR's design plann…[View]
68544548what OS would you choose for a vintage system? I was thinking windows 98 but wanna hear you guys…[View]
68545574>This position requires that the candidate selected be a U.S. citizen and must currently possess …[View]
68543583Jesus fucking christ I have to use Windows to for work and every application takes focus like 20 tim…[View]
68544841Will LineageOS save this phone?[View]
68538097there is nothing wrong with rubber dome you faggots got memed into spending $200 on a slab of shit[View]
68543850>AI will overtake the worl-[View]
68543244Monochrome Displays: Any other tech /g/oers out there still using green, amber, or any other colors …[View]
68522442/BST/: Post up your Battlestations anons. R8 em h8 em & b8 em[View]
68545303How are active speakers?[View]
68545335Sorry to bother you, /g/ What is the best libre VPN in the market? later[View]
68545004when you want some room but don't have a lot of money to spend[View]
68545089Why doesn't it use https on images?[View]
68538360*p++ // same as *(p++): increment pointer, and dereference unincremented address *++p // same as…[View]
68541333Should I use this retarded duck with a black cock in it mouth or gay Startpage built for and by frui…[View]
68543140cracking a password: i'm looking for help, i want to know if there is a way to brute force just…[View]
68543668Best way to learn Redhat?: My college professor is autistic and not helpful.[View]
68545023What's the best way to learn technical jargon?[View]
68543847Anyone else having problems right now with 3rd party DNS servers on this shitty ass ISP? Phoenix Met…[View]
68542303Would a Vega 56 age better than a 1080ti?[View]
68529904How do we fix C?: How do we fix C? Is there already a better alternative for low-level, mission crit…[View]
68544618Linux multiple monitor woes.: My dual monitor setup works if both monitors are under screen 0, but w…[View]
68541684Im retarded and haven't built a PC in 7 years. All new hardware looks like alien technology to …[View]
68535441how much of a meme are these colorimeter? got the pro version of pic related for 99€ from amazon fla…[View]
68532470Is there any point to learning LISP today other than for fun? Could you actually get a job doing it …[View]
68540597Which is better?: Technological education, but having artistic hobbies or Artistic education, but ha…[View]
68527567is it still worth it to install third party android roms if you want to get more functionality (and …[View]
68526437DXR runs better on the $400 Vega 64 than the $1000 2080ti: Oh no no no... For some reason, requires …[View]
68540003Job satisfaction: What is most important to look for in a job in software development?[View]
68534644>https://youtu.be/WeA7edXsU40 >1:18 >Using C and Python to shoot rockets to the Moon BASED…[View]
68543821Redpill me on Mei, /g/. How come kids love it? Will it change the way we talk to each other? Who am …[View]
68537146Friendly reminder to install adblockers when browsing the web. Especially when browsing the new 4cha…[View]
68537914Is this a meme?[View]
6854061226 years later and he is still butthurt Why can't he just admit that Linux is good?[View]
68542678Are there any VPNs left that allow posting to 4chan? Do I need to get one with dedicated IP addresse…[View]
68542859Is it true that if I leave a USB flash drive sitting unused for a very long time, the data can becom…[View]
68535775What should I do with all these iPhones? Can i make a server farm?[View]
68540101Did I choose the right thing, god?[View]
68543228Samsung A8 cell reception problem: >start thread in /g/ >all manner of suggestions >'buy a …[View]
68530085/ptg/ - private tracker general: Taking Security Seriously Edition >Not sure what private tracker…[View]
68538260Laptop. Which one?: So what are cheap but useful laptops, or which laptop would you recommend a stud…[View]
68539008Will the migration kill Clover since it's never updated?[View]
68543116>had a happy month of coding using {my language of choice} without visiting /g/ >open up /g/ …[View]
68543841Hello /g/ I need to find clear orientation on how to integraate zxing with an Android app. Guides I…[View]
68543513why do boomers always say use legacy instead of efi legacy just falls apart every time you want to d…[View]
68541197Is this a good price for a desktop? Initially the desktop is priced at $1595, but is able to be purc…[View]
68543748Okay, how the fuck do I get vsftpd to actually work on Slackware? I keep getting the '500 OOPS: coul…[View]
68534068>solve image verification >can't post anyway…[View]
68541673haha epic[View]
68541675https://github.com/ossu/computer-science Open Source Society University Path to a free self-taught e…[View]
68538448What do you want to see in version 2 of the ErgoDox? USB-C, Zip Diskette port, RGB? I'm workin…[View]
68532562What VPN does /g/ use?[View]
68540447So if systemd is bad, why does he approve it?[View]
68541271sup /g/ /fit/ here. I know you guys were super pissed last year that video card prices had gone up …[View]
68537391Why aren't you using vinagre to vnc tunnel your linux pc and control it's desktop /g/?[View]
68542395Hella hard drives: Hey lads, I've come into possession of like 7 80gb hard drives from old ass…[View]
68542761I use dark mode for everything and always have the lowest brightness settings because i haven't…[View]
68539774Is this the future of image detection?[View]
68541320Deter me from getting a second vega to crossfire[View]
68542175Security Concerns: Hi anons, can any of you please help me out with this dilemma? I'm needing a…[View]
68541440>Doesn't even have fucking VM supprt >in 20fucking18 WHAT THE FUCK DO WE HAVE TO DO TO GE…[View]
68534098home theatre PC cases: this is my ideal PC case, but i kinda wish it had USB-C on it. anyone here ro…[View]
68533574INTEL SURRENDER THREAD: What the fuck Intelbros AMD is going 7nm in Q1 2019 what are we going to do?…[View]
68540025fucking freetards: Would you trust GPLv3 piracy software that also explicitly states that it will se…[View]
68532844SK Hynix Develops First 16 Gb DDR5-5200 Memory Chip, Demos DDR5 RDIMM: https://www.anandtech.com/sho…[View]
68531821/dpt/ - Daily Programming Thread: Old thread: >>68522504 What are you working on, /g/?[View]
68525015/fglt/ - Friendly GNU/Linux Thread: This thread is for people who want to be big braned on GNU +Linu…[View]
68539702zomg linux is fucking amazing ! >fall for the GNU/Linux meme >install Arch both on my laptop a…[View]
68522451Speccy thread? Speccy thread. Mobile CPU edition. 1. Macfags are not allowed 2. Desktop mainstream C…[View]
68540113Not joking friendos,the days of free speech is internet is kill[View]
68539784Lads, why aren’t you building web applications using asp.net core?[View]
68539403RTX ON[View]
68539942Why do web developers still exist? Why isn't everyone using Wix or Squarespace?[View]
68541548Black Friday: Less than a week till sales. What are you buying? Is this in EU too or just muttland?…[View]
68541240>password managers I'm LMAO'ing @ your life[View]
68537858I switched from Inconsolata to IBM Plex, it's like stepping out of Plato's cave into the l…[View]
68541963Dirty Knuth: From chapter one of Donald Knuth's TEXBook. Things were really different in the 70…[View]
68540478This is year 2018, why the fuck are pop-ups and pop-unders still a thing? Why the fuck are websites …[View]
68541144>making videos about building computers for editing videos about building computers for editing v…[View]
68541763Is C++ good if I restrict myself to only be using the C++17 / C++20 methods of doing things and not …[View]
68535890>Change a few registry settings >Getting 20+ improvement on FPS Why is Windows 10 so fucking b…[View]
68530904Why aren't you using dwm yet? Are you happy being a lowly i3nigger with a copied 'dotfile'?[View]
68535653/pcbg/ - PC Building General: >Create a parts list https://pcpartpicker.com/ >Learn how to bui…[View]
68539641how do I reset my home IP if I have fiber? restarting the modem doesn't work[View]
68540840>Apple TN panels look better than Thinkpad IPS >16:10 master race >better keyboard than any…[View]
68535574When was the last time you used this key anon? Give your End key a push now and then, she's lon…[View]
68539574We've had this shit for almost 20 years: when did you realize that ''cloud storage'' services a…[View]
68532262pockets: Do you carry interesting tech related stuff in your pockets? or just weapons[View]
68539662low level screenshot program: this might sound stupid, but is the implementing xlib function call lo…[View]
68541430How to make a simple GUI: What's the easiest way to make a simple GUI for editing flowcharts an…[View]
68536815Press F https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ewiFtgfK0KY[View]
68513092oh no no no no...[View]
68537064Minix: Did you know that every computer with an intel cpu is running Minix? Look at the logo ... it …[View]
68537923Why are we still using mp3?[View]
68537404https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GQmd10zWC5w Rate the video I made for my software's front-end.…[View]
68537269All-Around Good Linux Distros: There are some trash distros out there, pic very related, but what ar…[View]
68538792Evil programming: Could you please share some more complicated algorithms to implement basic functio…[View]
68540522Why the fuck are there constant updates for apps on the App Store? I updated almost everything (ther…[View]
68494800/wdg/ - Web Development General: Threads need to stop dying while I'm asleep edition (not that …[View]
68523241/csg/ - chink shit general: In /csg/, we discuss the cheap shit you see on Gearbest, Taobao, AliExpr…[View]
68536785How much space are you consuming on your mobile device and how much free space do you have /g/?[View]
68537219How long will Clover be unfixably broken after the 4channel switch?[View]
68529469Advent of Code: What programming language(s) are you going to use this year, /g/?[View]
68540965Alteryx: Does anyone here use Alteryx?[View]
68533985Are Indians really good at tech?: What do you think whether Indians are good at tech or IT?[View]
68538282How much do you think I could get for my build?: Intel Core i5-3470 12Gigs of RAM No GFX card and 23…[View]
68539203JUST POO IN MY LOO UP[View]
68538596pre-e911 activation: The answer might be 'nothing', but I figured I'd ask. I have NiB audiovox …[View]
68524182https://support.microsoft.com/en-us/help/4464619/windows-10-update-history >Note: AMD no longer s…[View]
68536714ubuntu LTS will be extended to 10 years: what a great news hope debian will do the same[View]
68535012GPUZ + CPUZ thread postan em[View]
68531427/guts/: new guts thread. Specs: Intel Core i7-8700k 16gb Corsair Vengeance LPX Asus TUF-Z370 Pro 2x …[View]
68539168how do you pronounce geany[View]
68536619Rejoice, nerds.[View]
68535606Warning: Windows Update still broken: I clicked 'update and restart' on my Laptop today after not us…[View]
68539674>newfriend comes to /g/ >looks through the desktop threads >sees a bunch of qt desktops wit…[View]
685373464channel?: so will all of the SFW boards move to this new domain?[View]
68539807Has anyone here ever attended a tech school for a bachelors in something tech related? I just signed…[View]
68530482>Intel CPU >AMD GPU The true combination[View]
68533059How can a program delete itself?[View]
68539893Kodi - covenant: does anyone know how the back end of covenant works? is covenant p2p, basically jus…[View]
68538178parrot OS: Is parrot OS just a meme? help me anons i dont know if i should install it or kali[View]
68537084Show us your good ones /g[View]
68535950The Great Debate: https://www.strawpoll.me/16862793[View]
68534025>he doesn’t a Cuk Stratus[View]
68526586Intel + Nvidia BTFO https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VGkA1BXtxd8[View]
68539590Is it a meme?[View]
68539576So I'm waiting for OSX 10.X St. Helens. Thoughts?[View]
68539436Working from a live CD, and saving files/documents to an FTP server: How realistic is this? Is it mo…[View]
68535854What? What did you just said?: Yes sister, brother johnny will help your homework, but I got to find…[View]
68535680What's the /g/ approved cloud service[View]
68538456Elon Musk’s underground mass transport system sort of spooks me. Imagine being locked in your car as…[View]
68534051What is the best C and C++ IDE? NetBeans?[View]
68538754Best new cheap laptop for a kid?: My aunt's kids want a laptop for some reason, tablet is not e…[View]
68526762Which hardware purchases did you regret?[View]
68539100*notices ARM servers*: OwO whats this? https://system76.com/servers/starling https://www.asacomputer…[View]
68510532F-Droid circlejerk thread: ask for apps, recommend apps, discuss.[View]
68526458Do you own a 4k monitor and if so, what are your thoughts on it?[View]
68538749Black man reviews 500th object with a touch screen this week[View]
68531009Are there any tablets out there capable of running Linux?: i try to install ubuntu on x230 tablet an…[View]
68536603What is this called: We got this watch and this part just came off, ima fix it but I don’t know what…[View]
68535957is this a good laptop for 600€?: https://www.unieuro.it/online/Notebook/14-ce0988nl-pidHEW14CE0988NL…[View]
68535657Lost and Locked iPads: I work in an airport and we have a ton of old iPads from 2 to 5 years back th…[View]
68534235is /g/ content with a single pixel error on their monitor?[View]
68531714yay or nay to the new look[View]
68535427Is /g/'s recommended search engine really just a proxy of Google? They pay Google... That sound…[View]
68534087Hey, /g/. I've made a thing, enjoy. http://dmt.funmaker.moe/?url=https%3A%2F%2Fyoutu.be%2F8CXhY…[View]
68537902/hms/ - hackman stories: Times when you felt like hackman. I'll start. >be me, hs >on sch…[View]
68537862>tfw want to upgrade but don't want to spend the money and justify reasons not to…[View]
68538725FUCK YOU HIRO[View]
68537722how long until you log into the internet with your social security number?[View]
68537519Is it possible to train a neural network to determine the race of a music artist based on its name? …[View]
68537657What's his endgame?[View]
68537241>What if instead of programming in a language we program in parse trees Real genius move. Congrat…[View]
68524146Why is windows 10 horrible?[View]
68534350Penetration Testing: What's the best way to get into white hat hacking and bug bounty hunting? …[View]
68536990FLOENS: Fix this issue[View]
68537358Need 2 people for beans. https://snes.party/aofsuc[View]
68536538did somebody made this shit wet?: i wanted to make it but i dont have a workshop. But this is techno…[View]
68536199INTEL 10NM IS HERE!!!: haters BTFO[View]
68514924Rust shills next level: https://motherboard.vice.com/en_us/article/a3mgxb/the-internet-has-a-huge-cc…[View]
68532937what if /g/ worked together with /int/ to create the simplest language you can make? just dink about…[View]
68515491Gods of cs and software engineering are getting old, /g/. Post some of your heroes in the field[View]
68530616I made it in CS. Looking for a job? Come in here.: 4.5 years ago now I started a company that took m…[View]
68533269Google's new cloud chief has a culture clash ahead of him after 22 years at Oracle: https://www…[View]
68536869HALP: /g/uys, please advice. I need to install SOMETHING that can make video calls and autologin. Th…[View]
68536767Nvidia on suicide watch: Oof[View]
68518960>14 million rpi sold worldwide how can someone scammed 14 million people and got away with it?…[View]
6853704316 gigabytes per second[View]
68536704Who here uses TPMs and do you encrypt your drives? Tell me why YOU feel you need to encrypt your dri…[View]
68533514What's your opinion on trackballs? I keep getting my hand tired of using the mouse, it's s…[View]
68536254Holy shit. He predicted it. 9 years ago. He's the prophet.[View]
68530193I finally got the wireless working: Sent from my OpenBSD[View]
68536519Anyone else feel like tech is starting to get into a bubble again? So many websites in the last year…[View]
68536789>4chan is forking >this is for the A.I. >ads are just an excuse >CIA niggers are doing …[View]
68535872What did Hiro mean by this?[View]
68535431*flip_done timed out your Sandy Bridge*[View]
68533318Guys i need help, eversince like 2 weeks ago im experiencing a huge amount of screen tearing in my g…[View]
68535870The bigger screen, the better.: Who needs a small phone? Nobody![View]
68532020>he still uses a software solution for cloning hard drives[View]
68531379What are the odds of getting your crypto hacked if you have common sense, a solid antivirus, ublock …[View]
68520746/sqt/ - Stupid Questions Thread: Stupid question thread. Ask your stupid questions here. >Read …[View]
68533291DistroWatch Top 50: What do you think, /g/? Does it accurately reflect the quality of distros in 201…[View]
68535537Recreational Programming: The stuff I do at work is mind numbing and uses very little math. sometime…[View]
68535671Is the MS Surface RT (1st gen) still functional in 2018? Need one for school and theyre cheap. Is th…[View]
68535769how do you go from this...[View]
68535810I'm currently using Windows 10 1809 and everything just werks, is there much point of switching…[View]
68537256What is the technological reason for this? Are they going to sell ads to more mainstream advertisers…[View]
68533182Wow, this is actually broken I can't use arrow keys to navigate from image to image in the imag…[View]
68527966name better speakers for $200 than the G560, except you cant >inb4 its bad because its for gaming…[View]
68535560why can't I phonefag properly? Tapping someone's post number doesn't open up the text…[View]
68535137technology is a bless: fellow manlets of /g/ why don't you trust in technology to fix your heig…[View]
68535097daily reminder that if you aren't from any of the countries listed in the pic rel then your cha…[View]
68531061/pcbg/ - PC Building General: >Create a parts list https://pcpartpicker.com/ >Learn how to bui…[View]
685356472080 ti's are now spontaneously combusting: https://hardforum.com/threads/evga-2080-ti-xc-burst…[View]
68535291Firefox Users: i have the latest build and my startpage is google. when i open the browser for the f…[View]
68534274Best Gaymen Laptop Overall: post them /g/a/y/s[View]
68519332/spg/ - Smartphone General: OnePlus 6T Thunder Purple Edition If requesting purchasing advice, pleas…[View]
68532416>Finish a DIPLOMA in IT >Start looking for work >Wanna go freelance because reee no work …[View]
68535394What do you use to take notes on the computer?[View]
68529220When will the layoffs start?[View]
68529347I'm not going to buy pic related because it's $200 and, let's face it, it's made…[View]
68531742Hey /g/, I get to write a Master's thesis related to cybersecurity soon. I heard there was a co…[View]
68531774'Microsoft employees are stup-'[View]
68533970>iPhones literally crash when exposed to helium because of apple's cheap engineering…[View]
68535275Uhh what's going on bros? Are Nvidia housefires back?[View]
68527252Worst Optimized Website of all time?: yo /g/ was good? aight...aight... do me somethin right now, f…[View]
68534620anyone with a macbook notice huge performance hits after updating to OSX Mojave? I have an older MBP…[View]
68535277Fitness trackers are tech: What kind of fitness tracker is best e.g. heart rate, sleep, mood, oxygen…[View]
68529286So /g/, What do you guys normally defrag with and how do you go about it personally?[View]
68534959Will bluescreens play HairyPotter in the near future to comfort fragile souls?[View]
68534172or should i set up an ftp server & irc and tell the corporate underlings to use those things ins…[View]
68521733>Please try again. >No valid captcha. >Please try again. >No valid captcha. >Please t…[View]
68531818How do we escape the botnet of tomorrow? When the earth is covered by brain scanning satellites, whe…[View]
68532363>he is not working on his 24hstartup idea rn >he isn't streaming on twitch rn wtf are y…[View]
68534712thoughts about this boi?[View]
68534832>buy and install new Nvidia video card >game starts with AMD logo splash screen…[View]
68531876Since Linux is just a kernel and not an operating system, would it actually be possible to get Windo…[View]
68534431Now that desktops are dead and buried, why haven't you started mobile dev yet?[View]
68532936So I installed Windows 7 Ultimate (pirated) about 10 years ago and '''upgraded''' to Windows 10 and …[View]
68529567Are IPS tablets really that bad to read manga on? Non ips options are 400+ bucks and seems a retar…[View]
68534484What happened to netrunner /g/? You are still working on it r-right?[View]
68534551RTX 2080 Ti burst into flame: https://hardforum.com/threads/evga-2080-ti-xc-burst-into-flame.1971627…[View]
685357494channel?: So 4channel.org is a thing now. >>[View]
68533386How do you guys manage to work with people who have no technical skills, and their only skills are n…[View]
68523494How are Russians so good at hacking?[View]
68526923Pictures of old server rooms are strangely interesting[View]
68522534What does /g/ think about it?[View]
68534547https://repology.org/repositories/statistics/outdated 1.ubuntu (14034 metapackages outdated) 2. rasp…[View]
68534573PC Cooling General: AIO's are a meme edition[View]
68534540>release build after build of unstable bug filled Android os >Can't ever fix radio firmwa…[View]
68533849Is it safe to buy this ?[View]
68529426The Social Network: Be honest /g/, did this movie inspire you to get into technolo/g/y when you were…[View]
68531229Touch bar sharing thread[View]
68534015explain yourself, /g/[View]
68534024Intlel users, will you buy Intlel's fixed CPUs next year? Or stay with the broken old ones that…[View]
68525250Samsung: We're developing the first foldable tablet. Apple: Hold my beer. https://www.youtube.c…[View]
68532545Share Android apps that are crucial to your experience. Put out a request for apps you wish existed …[View]
68533243Clover: did Clover just shit the bed or should I just clear the catche or reinstall?[View]
68534292Can you tell the best TV + HiFi combo in the market right now? Sure your nerds can't[View]
68530613>male-to-male connector[View]
68532044Mongolian puzzle: >ITT we goof with mongolian translator https://translate.google.com/#mn/en/%D0%…[View]
68522504/dpt/ - Daily Programming Thread: What are you working on, /g/? Previous thread: >>68514754…[View]
68517210Is XML dead yet?[View]
68532063If: New to programming Then: Start with Python.: Other than high-end Vidya, you can pretty much do a…[View]
68533806How the hell do people develop cracks for software? I mean, they don't even have the source cod…[View]
68533523which one do I not install? I want to remove as much bloat as possible, whilst keeping the essential…[View]
68530697anyone else running Win10 and get this stupid fucking update KB4023057??? EVER SINCE THIS FUCKING SH…[View]
68532442Firefox is a mess: >redundant/obsolete/hidden preferences >constant webext regressions >uns…[View]
68528773What's the easiest way of making money on the internet? I live in a third world shithole I just…[View]
68531666Ok lets settle this down, is really gentoo best source based distro? I prefer sourcemage and LFS is …[View]
68533665Is security a meme? nobody cares about this topic: I use the 'admin / admin' passwords and haven’t e…[View]
68532444Applecucks willing to pay 2,000 dollars for a tablet that BENDS with no force involved[View]
68533477Lmao this is how phonearena mod looks like: Pic related is ((((((alan friedman)))))[View]
68527606Will tariffs have a large impact on computer part prices and the tech industry in general?[View]
68533774There. I fixed your shitty CoC. Can we stop having threads about this every 10 minutes?[View]
68533734what's the difference between defining a constant value using the preprocessor and using the co…[View]
68531641Hi /g/. I've been using a huge heatsink on the cpu in my pc for about 4 years and about a month…[View]
68533657Useful Data For Hackers: https://aeternusmalus.wordpress.com[View]
68533298You will soon be bowing to your AI overlord. Bowing with praise.[View]
68527729>Been autistically googling haskell terms all day >This comes up Guess this proves haskell is …[View]
68532496How i can understand programming if i have a very low IQ? Im tired of posting memes and reading news[View]
68533603Coreboot T430 Dev: Any anon's here rocking a T430? I'm currently running coreboot on mine …[View]
68531658FAGJARO HATE GENERAL: Manjaro has broken randomly more on me than any other distro. Manjaro once dec…[View]
68533222I'm a brainlet trying to build an AM loop antenna. I need a variable capacitor for that, so I o…[View]
68532584What's /g/'s opinion of Kivy?: Can decent apps be made with it as opposed to just going th…[View]
68528714vaporware: post vaporware i will start >budgie 11[View]
68529784/hpg/ - Headphone General - Shitthoot edition: How to request purchase advice: https://pastebin.com/…[View]
68524689/hpg/ - Headphone General: How to request purchase advice: https://pastebin.com/fYZLW7Ub For sub-$50…[View]

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