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/g/ - Technology

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99215742cache storage redesign: https://github.com/gorhill/uBlock/commit/086766a924/[View]
99213453>muh libre dude >just use newpipe bro[View]
99212722Stop using meme distros and come home, anon.[View]
99209893>just trying to search up background on a student I requested a dorm match with and hit his linke…[View]
99214588What is a yahweh node? Are drugs taking over tech?: So I was just talking to some colleagues of mine…[View]
99215223Why doesn't 4chan support mp4? Webm must not be that old, what video formats did it support bef…[View]
99213737Is race condition a social construct?[View]
99198954come back, employed heterosexual white man the DE made for your needs awaits you[View]
99213773Memes aside, is there any legitimate use case of C when C++ and Rust exists? Both can expose a C API…[View]
99215792/hifi/ - HiFi General: We talk about everything that has to do with speakers, amps, dacs, sources, a…[View]
99214458>Claims to be the future over a supposedly outdated alternative >Relies on implicit syncing My…[View]
99213303/aicg/ - AI Chatbot General: /aicg/ - A general dedicated to the discussion and development of AI ch…[View]
99213275IT'S OVER: IT'S FUCKING OVER! Fellow Sukdeeps, what are we gonna do now? https://www.reddi…[View]
99205626Internet was a mistake: The weird thing about the Internet is that when you put some information on …[View]
99212558How do you run an application on a computer without a CLI or GUI? Like let’s say I have a computer b…[View]
99211517Is it too late? Have we lost AI to the woke?[View]
99212756Where'd the thread from that japanese 2ch poster go which complained about his map loading patc…[View]
99214998Growing up is realizing Learn to Code is actually good advice. The market is tough at the moment, bu…[View]
99209744How is picrel for a daily driver? Migrating from Windows 10 LTSC to Linux. Nvidia GPU, AMD CPU. I ar…[View]
99198562C is now illegal: https://www.whitehouse.gov/oncd/briefing-room/2024/02/26/press-release-technical-r…[View]
99205730they are back.[View]
99213467Will you be watching the diversity 'microtalk' from Black Hat today microbros? It has three powerful…[View]
99210563>ATC is NOT encrypted >Hackers aren't routinely causing mid-air collisions? Make it make …[View]
99212146They will never allow you to pair your smartwatch to your tablet because it would remove the reason …[View]
99214498This is all i need[View]
99208264Standard Notes: How do i pirate 'productivity' Standard Notes features?[View]
99212206Can I Install stock Android on this UberEats tablet?: A colleague asked me to see if I could make th…[View]
99206445Photo sounder Thread: Photo sounder is one of the most amazing things I have ever seen for making so…[View]
99208959I2C resistors: Hi, I'm thinking up a crank in-house grounding system. Are there programmable re…[View]
99200101Your move, gee.[View]
99210749Hellow Anyans time for another Randocat post but randocat is having a moment so today you get techie…[View]
99214446Pozzed tech thread.: Post pozzed technology.[View]
99212694Best meme lang?: Which is the meme lang most likely to actually make it? Talking about adoption, lon…[View]
99204592Spyware at hardware level, possible mitigations?: >Intel Management Engine >AMD Secure Process…[View]
99066537Rentry: https://rentry.org/coom >What is /cumg/ In this thread we discuss and create technology a…[View]
99206829I will never forgive normalfags for taking the soul out of the internet.[View]
99211985Why do we still use these archaic scripting languages? >Bash >Make >Cmake Why not use pytho…[View]
99208476how easy is it for a white it guy to get a job in a 3rd world country? are any of you guys fucking t…[View]
99213898Fuck it, I'm switching to BOSS: Something like 40% of Linux kernel patches come from Pajeets no…[View]
99206690>nooooo you can't implement latest and greatest features because... uhhhh.... you just can…[View]
99214079API Design Help - 1st Position @ a LARGE company: >5 years web dev exp @ 2 startups >eng headc…[View]
99210288Love this lil nigga like you wouldn't fucking believe[View]
99213846Computation of Effects for Experiment 2 Orientation 90 180 270 360 Row Sum Row Mean Row Effect 1 0.0…[View]
99210043/sdg/ - Stable Diffusion General: Previous /sdg/ thread : >>99204630 >Beginner UI local ins…[View]
99188323/fglt/ - Friendly GNU/Linux Thread: Users of all levels are welcome to ask questions about GNU/Linux…[View]
99211712RF Modulator?: I just learned about these last night. How many tvs could this display to? If placed …[View]
99150541/bst/ battle stations thread: poverty edition[View]
99211481>passwords are le bad because people can hide hate speech in them >you WILL use WebAuthn passk…[View]
99213575>4chan GhostPostMixer 1.3.1 What the hell is a ghost post and where can I find one?…[View]
99211827>create a file called 'fuck joe biden' and save it to my desktop >random 'REMOVE FILE STORAGE …[View]
99212643how do i get a huge list of ISBN-10 numbers yes i plan to scrape the books[View]
99209981Installing Linux is Easy: Well Anon, what's your excuse? Why haven't you installed gentoo …[View]
99212976What's the modern equivalent?[View]
99210889its there anything like this? im looking for a keyboard and mouse that sends data to the deskpad whi…[View]
99211170I'm looking for a program to help me convert large amount of mp4 to fixed size webm because I…[View]
99207189AI for translating manga: Is there any AI that does a good job at translating manga by scanning the …[View]
992128907900GRE is the best GPU currently: >$550 >Beats Nvidia >Works witth AI shit >Better Linu…[View]
99210118Fuck ISPs: It would appear my ISP in their infinite wisdom has decided to block all of the ports on …[View]
99211735PS5 Pro is coming late this year: Rumored specs: 60 CU RDNA 3 GPU at 2.15GHz 8C/16T Zen3 based CPU a…[View]
99207738Downfall of the internet explained in one image.[View]
99212628Is it just a 2000s time capsule at this point?[View]
99212594Ever since I connected my home server sometimes my LAN networks 'shuts off' It's weird because …[View]
99211447Scam: Hi, anyone know that real name of this girl because someone misusing this and several images a…[View]
99210532Was Steve Jobs right about Microsoft? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UiOzGI4MqSU[View]
99202316I so unbelievably severely regret my CS degree: I can't believe I fell for the most vicious sca…[View]
99209665/aicg/ - AI Chatbot General: A general dedicated to discussion & development of AI Chatbots >…[View]
99198776/twg/ – Tech Workers General: hierarchy of needs edition >Interview Prep https://leetcode.com/stu…[View]
99210863>year 2030 >be me >boot up my custom linux distro built from scratch by my personal ai assi…[View]
99204630/sdg/ - Stable Diffusion General: Previous /sdg/ thread : >>99201049 >Beginner UI local i…[View]
99206869Woah, another conspiracy theory turned out to be true: >https://archive.is/BtUkK >SoftBank and…[View]
99210552The adventure has begun.[View]
99208027Pajeets scamming in fluid Japanese: Are Americans no longer doing the needful? https://www.youtube.c…[View]
99209307I want to learn C++ and eventually learn Unreal Engine 5 so that I can make video games. I'm o…[View]
99194390What’s the last good non-pozzed microsoft word version?[View]
99210522Help locating someone who is blackmailing a friend.: Hello, recently a friend got his google drive i…[View]
99206965What simple free app to listen to my voice live while talking pls? No recording bullshit I want to h…[View]
99207709Waterfox 6.0.9 now has Chrome Extensions: >You can now browse and attempt to install WebExtension…[View]
99210996how big can you make a picture in scale?[View]
99208807/lmg/ - Local Models General: /lmg/ - a general dedicated to the discussion and development of local…[View]
99208037It is dead, is it not?[View]
99209279press F to pay respects[View]
99200393Wide screen flat CRTs are still the best.: Way better looking than flatshit.[View]
99206308I have two monitors, I don't use both all the time (I turn one off sometimes when I watch a mov…[View]
99209134Hello /g/ How to do you go about searching for images? I don't usually do this but i just reali…[View]
99210215Google: Can google do anything right these days? I havent had any hope for Google for half a decade …[View]
99202378Did the Internet ruin our lives? Can we ever be happy again?[View]
99209746>sotfware piracy be like[View]
99209968Let me guess, you need more.[View]
99200776Quick poll. Are you NEET, coder, IT, or other?[View]
99201026It's up to Him now, isn't it? The Linus of the AI age.[View]
99209500Satelite tv box: Found one of those, it runs linux Telnet is completely open and runs on root I want…[View]
99207529>russian based social media site >hosts illegal films >nothing happens So you just have to …[View]
99207294Why did smartphones stop having expandable storage,headphone jacks and replacable batterys?[View]
99208204Why buy cryptocurrency when you can buy stock?[View]
99207558How is he not in prison yet?[View]
99207126what do u think about this c code fa/g/gots[View]
99204012Will there ever be an AI filter that filters shit you dont care about from the internet?: I follow a…[View]
99209105Do these really work?[View]
99206298why is british data networks suddenly so bad? The quality completely dropped in December 2023 and no…[View]
99205386>born to early to explore the universe >born to late to exploit the .com bubble >born just …[View]
99209593i LOVE ultra widescreen! it just makes my media look so much better being either stretched to shit o…[View]
99195259/ptg/ - Private Trackers General: AB IS COMING BACK! edition >20:13:12 -Global- [proton] We have …[View]
99207832Can you use AI to do your daily meeting and pretend you are in the video call?[View]
99209523>arctic liquid freezer >does not freeze liquids…[View]
99208612e17: what went wrong?[View]
99207844I’m zoomer that knows how folders and file types work, and also know how to use Word and Excel. Does…[View]
99208603Free AI Batch Upscale Images: Do you folks know any free AI website that will take a bunch of images…[View]
99199405Welp, the jews got me. What do I do now? External solutions are not acceptable.[View]
99206247>He didnt join the annual Excel Championship Wtf are you doing with your life? https://www.youtub…[View]
99206813should I just applemaxx? their stuff is kinda nice...[View]
99203860Would this make for a nice shitty little server?: They can be had for less than $20, linux can be ha…[View]
99208355Elon musk has a new obssesion: Google.: Who will win /g/?[View]
99208785>tfw when you cant even have privacy in the middle of the ocean (spy satellites, spy planes, nava…[View]
99207668What does gee prefer?[View]
99204267which search engine gives accurate results, but is also unpozzed?[View]
99204763https://github.com/curl/curl/issues/12983 How do you feel about AI vulnerability scanners /g/[View]
99206957Oh no C/C++bros... how will we ever recover? https://www.whitehouse.gov/oncd/briefing-room/2024/02/…[View]
99203980What's the sweet spot for # of monitors?[View]
99207370You told me this is a revolutionary technology but only 1 game uses it sirs. Why did you lie to me s…[View]
99200276It’s crazy how the generation that grew up with the most technology became the dumbest. Zoomers can…[View]
99196119>2024 >still no vertical tabs[View]
99207201Samshit: The most dogshit tech company after applel Faking benchmarks: https://www.androidauthority.…[View]
99207083The future of Linux. This will unironically save Linux and propel it past Windows.[View]
99206461Lets face it, it's over for USA tech. No one uses facebook, everyone uses tiktok. iPhone are ou…[View]
99197033My expensive flagship smartphone broke. So I bought the cheapest smartphone I could find while I wai…[View]
99206283/aicg/ - AI Chatbot General: /aicg/ - A general dedicated to the discussion and development of AI Ch…[View]
99208325Even South Korea and Japan are importing large numbers of IT professionals from India these days. an…[View]
992078904chan's bug https://soundcloud.com/julia-chang-594508242/britney-spears-baby-one-more[View]
99207617Why is Instagram so shit?[View]
99167108You can't make this shit up. Google is trying to convince users on 4chan that AVIF is good by s…[View]
99197920>bro just learn to co..ACK: Leather Jacket man just said yall code nerds are obsolete. He is rich…[View]
99206788Making money on the internet: Hello eg/g/heads, I work an office job with a lot of dead hours, I mos…[View]
99204292/lmg/ - Local Models General: /lmg/ - a general dedicated to the discussion and development of local…[View]
99203817And why wouldn't you be buying these?[View]
99198769Grandpa, what was life like before AI?[View]
99207575what earth am i on right now? theres no way this is my original earth. https://www.youtube.com/watch…[View]
99185529/gedg/ - Game and Engine Dev General #130: Quaternions edition /gedg/ Wiki: https://wiki.installgent…[View]
99206270Modern cellphone: Recommend me a good modern cellphone /g/. Must support at least 4G and is easily m…[View]
99204153I am trying to MITMproxy find a program's hidden API but it still wants to use the Cloudflare c…[View]
99194680Why isn't there a decent DE in Linux?: x11, wayland, and all that crap, they all fail at someth…[View]
99205617>enter room >computer monitor switches HOW DOES IT KNOW. I DON'T HAVE A WEBCAM OR MIC CON…[View]
99207379Did they drop Wayland? Is it still being actively developed? There is no mouse cursor on mpv. Same …[View]
99179225Python is a better language than Rust: agree or disagree?[View]
99196620Anyone know anything about geiger counters?[View]
99204237What web hosting can you suggest for a medium size website hosting 120GB of images, with PHP back-en…[View]
99190845preface: yes, this is *another* screencap thread, but a.) its Carmack and b.) I think hes saying som…[View]
99198847youtube is throttling adblock users[View]
99205937What other IDE can open the codebase from WSL by typing just 'code .'? Its just VSCode right? What i…[View]
99206081>Be wary of sponsored reviews with cherry picked games that showcase the wins, conveniently ignor…[View]
99206524What webhosting do you think it's good for celebrity deepfakes. I think mrdeepfakes uses TerraH…[View]
99201359What kind of person decides to abandon open sauce in the long run?[View]
99206220What can i use a strong GPU in a server for?[View]
99205351>2024 >Wireless on Linux is still unreliable, clunky, fickle, and overall just trash why?…[View]
99182589wtf is this new youtube ui?[View]
99160062/hsg/ Home Server General: Running on Haswell Edition READ THE WIKI! & help by contributing: htt…[View]
99195093/pcbg/ - PC Building General: >UPGRADE & BUILD ADVICE Post build list or current specs includ…[View]
99206354Best CD player for windows? Must be able to download metadata from cd and get album art and etc from…[View]
99205794Statistics: I'm writting a bok on Internet addiction. Currently my book is just rants that are …[View]
99201093I think mind control is going to be the next big thing It will start on animals. And a culture will …[View]
99202210Can you be good at programming with a low IQ (<100)?[View]
99205146aiaiaiaiai: This shit is more of an ai than all the glorified photoshop plugins and chatbots they sh…[View]
99199272>retard uses his own name as ProtonMail account name[View]
99205406Why aren't manufacturers making thicc laptops anymore, are all laptops made for weaklings? I th…[View]
99204489>Office drone in a dead end job >Company announces they are moving to a new ERP >Over $10 m…[View]
99205639Fact: 90% of 'knowing' a language can be learned in 1 hour: You literally just need to know the basi…[View]
99206194https://www.whitehouse.gov/wp-content/uploads/2024/02/Final-ONCD-Technical-Report.pdf even the gov s…[View]
99194808press F to pay respects[View]
99199812how do you secure your ssh and gpg keys anons do you use picrel?[View]
99188568Man, my life has turned to shit. I have been being tortured for the past 4 weeks of my life by the a…[View]
99205714Which phone should I buy next? It should have/be: >Android >Long support time >Good price t…[View]
99204365office space: >get email from client, feature x isnt working >get call from boss to talk about…[View]
99205870Hi, can I remove my payment details from Twitter? I'd like to know before I subscribe and I ca…[View]
99203577After using NixOS everything else feels like garbage in comparison. I look at people using other dis…[View]
99181238here's your midrange laptop, bro. that'll be $4,000. why do you people still simp for the …[View]
99197720Here's an idea for vscode or other editors. I jump to lines with ctrl + g + line number + enter…[View]
99201566Is $600/yr a good price for a wildcard SSL certificate?[View]
99192064It's so over for game devs: Google announces Genie, 'a foundation world model trained exclusive…[View]
99203850Now that the dust has settled, why did /g/ lie and say that char* is all I need when it can’t even d…[View]
99202050Is this really the best burgers can come up with?[View]
99191654Will this be the new 2500k in 10 years?: I have a strong feeling that the i5 12400f is going to be t…[View]
99203735/aicg/ - AI Chatbot General: A general dedicated to discussion & development of AI Chatbots >…[View]
99183394>42 yo >teach kids how to program microcontrollers >some kid is programming with a tiny win…[View]
99201385Exodus said SD Maid didn't have any trackers. AFWall+ is supposedly blocking SD Maid's int…[View]
99202847Will you use Haiku as a daily driver? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GW2V034859k&t=544[View]
99205260In case you didn't know this is a programming language that punishes programmers for writing sh…[View]
99201049/sdg/ - Stable Diffusion General: Previous /sdg/ thread : >>99197818 >Beginner UI local ins…[View]
99203175you DO keep a fixme stick handy don't you?[View]
99205222Mistral Le Chat Noir: Is this shit shit or good compared to other free (I'm a vramlet) ones?…[View]
99178519/aicg/ - AI Chatbot General: /aicg/ - A general dedicated to the discussion and development of AI Ch…[View]
99204714iRider appreciation thread: >invents vertical tabs in 2003 >is forgoten That's why you do…[View]
99202549Starlink is similar to 5G cell tower internet: https://arxiv.org/pdf/2310.09242.pdf After millions o…[View]
99200553Flatpaks made Arch linux irrelevant.[View]
99204528Why are cheap membrane keyboards better than mechanical keyboards[View]
99202311I got a new laptop :3[View]
99204653>It is our job to create computing technology such that nobody has to program and that the progra…[View]
99195674just got my new keyboard, what do you guys think?[View]
99202944mIRC: I connected to Rizon's #4chan channel using the mIRC client on my computer instead of goi…[View]
99199518Rust is now state mandated. Any good ressources out there to make my programming language transition…[View]
99203487I will be honest I don’t care about tech, I just want money. What career path in tech will give me m…[View]
99204253Post your wc -l /var/lib/portage/world: Mine is wc -l /var/lib/portage/world 76 /var/lib/portage…[View]
99202633>his monitor burns in >his monitor has poor angles >his monitor has poor colors >his m…[View]
99194791working with JSON: what are the language-independent best practices for processing JSON data?[View]
99201971Jensen Huang sir: Where do I go now? Why did you say don't learn coding? Where do I go now?…[View]
99187170/de3/ - DALL-E 3 General: Previous /de3/ thread : >>99178905 >What is DALL-E 3? DALL-E 3 is…[View]
99203018What PC case do you use?: I need a bigger case, but everything is glass or some atrocious faggot aes…[View]
99204133Today I will remind them[View]
99182760a package has arrived! i wonder what it contains ;^)[View]
99204000What the fuck is this?[View]
99197791Anons what is a good backup strategy? I have thought of two offsite backups off on picrel, but I fee…[View]
99200999What is the most non-luminescent email provider that can be accepted for 'normal' services? Also is…[View]
99203097ITT: useless tech facts nobody but the 10% ヨノヨヨメ would care about. I'll start. To get a high qu…[View]
99201170Is Linux illegal in china?[View]
99202432it clicked.[View]
99195497PC/Laptop: Which is better and what do you use everyday?[View]
99198695Houthis bomb optic fiber cables that connect India to Europe[View]
99202163Now that the dust has settled, was he right?[View]
99195956Future Software Should Be Memory Safe: >To reduce the burden currently placed on end users to pro…[View]
99202772Long-awaited online harms bill proposes higher sentences for spreading hate online https://www.cbc.c…[View]
99203526I just got my AWS Cloud Certification. Now how do I get a job? Google Jobs doesn't seem to have…[View]
991948028k TV as monitor: Thoughts? https://www.reddit.com/r/desksetup/comments/14g2kuj/8k_sixteen_1080_bord…[View]
99200003>theres no such thing as the perfect cellphone[View]
99203322Everyone else is moving to Rust. Should we migrate now or wait more?[View]
99202294Why is the rest of the world stuck so far behind Japan in technology? https://www.youtube.com/watch?…[View]
99201672The last apple product in my house, finally where it belongs. That's it boys, I'm finally…[View]
99201583What music do you listen to while programming? My absolute favorites are Infected Mushroom and Aphex…[View]
99201746Is it true that the CS job market is fucked? Or is it because it's flooded with those looking f…[View]
99192467>geocities.com/Area51/... >angelfire.com/wa/username/.. >members.tripod.com/~username/..…[View]
99202668Mobile Apps: So wait what does deployment of mobile apps even look like Do you use docker? If it…[View]
99202139what goes /g/ think of this guy? >inb4 can't count to 3 >inb4 worked for Ms >inb4 he…[View]
99192544>Symmetric monoprocessing[View]
99185378Nix/NixOS: What a massive meme it is. Thanks /g/, I regret wasting time on it. >Braindead languag…[View]
99187588KDE Plasma users be like: >oh yeah this looks great![View]
99200856/lmg/ - Local Models General: /lmg/ - a general dedicated to the discussion and development of local…[View]
99200841Are you Reddy for the invasion of absolute degenerates?[View]
991966951-based indexing is retarded. The empirical proof of it is the fact that when you iterate over an ar…[View]
99202707>need to write a hate screed about r*ddit because of reasons >need stats on non-default subs r…[View]
99201592>buy new videocard >pic related comes bundled with its drivers thank you Taiwan!…[View]
99197262Oh, hello /g/ Do you care about ray tracing? Do RT workloads play into your decision making when buy…[View]
99199800/aicg/ - AI Chatbot General: A general dedicated to discussion & development of AI Chatbots >…[View]
99202354how come task manager and edge reporting don't match on network usage?[View]
99195161time to reinstall windows[View]
99200391Is it just me, or are 4chan thumbnails even lower quality than normal now?[View]
99200677swarm network: has anyone used swarm? for those who don't know... swarm is an open source p2p n…[View]
99194206Will Nvidia become the most powerful technology company in human history?[View]
99199948Palm pre[View]
99196969Why is it called Flipper? It's just a remote[View]
99201797Why do you buy powerful monitors: when the monitor is only as good as your eyes? The same could be s…[View]
99199548> happy > css > deep depression i'm losing my fucking mind, CSS is like trying to make…[View]
99200048>all those DEs to pick from >not a single one is good What the fuck, anons.…[View]
99200731Does amount of code u write directly correlate to how good u are at coding[View]
99181321iced.rs: >It will be THE rust widget toolkit, bro >It can run on the web if necessary, bro …[View]
99194732Refurb/Used Office Chair Experience: Any of you ever buy a refurb or used office chair? I'm tal…[View]
99190790Yay he learned to be programmer!!!: WTF??? lmao >MyFirstCalculator.c picrel is 80000 lines long d…[View]
99199253Microsoft is king: And always has been How does this make you feel?[View]
99197636I love this lil nigga like you wouldn't believe.[View]
99201470Way better than Excel, to this day.: Excel is trash, 1-2-3 is just so much better.[View]
99196591how do we solve the captcha problem?[View]
99200546I switched to Ganoo Linucks today. HOWEVER, Stallman is still a disgusting commie pedo and should di…[View]
99197818/sdg/ - Stable Diffusion General: Previous /sdg/ thread : >>99191719 >Beginner UI local ins…[View]
99200526Microsoft 'Keylogger': Anyone know why Text Input Host on Windows 11 is trying to connect to inputsu…[View]
99200011so after Sam Altman replaces all our jobs with universal basic bitcoin payments, will we still be al…[View]
99189296>leave app for 0.001 seconds >You have to wait for 60 seconds before making a post…[View]
99184134Rust: Is it just C++, but not a clusterfuck? I only use C++ to use C but with some QoL-features. I…[View]
99200753watching stanford CS110 with my anime girl friends on vrchat <3[View]
99194789why did we sit back and allow the world to become this[View]
99199881Is TSMC really that much of a bottleneck for advanced AI?[View]
99197192fucking META is the last bastion of open source language models. Facebook is on /our/ side for once …[View]
99175350New Desktop Threader: Poasting 'n roasting, toasting and boasting. GNUfriends / LibrePals, BSDe…[View]
99200356Gemini yanks against his chains[View]
99189098Fuck it. I give up.[View]
99199944Where can I find an exact replacement for this right angle Molex connector (complete with bracket)?[View]
99192196What is the true potential of AI without its hype that's surrounding it?[View]
99198664>more and more folks here recommending mini-pc's >deep dive into local ebay >find a de…[View]
99170007/dpt/ - Daily Programming Thread: Old thread: >>99145010 What are you working on, /g/?[View]
99198840i dont get it[View]
99195163Fuck compsci: Fuck this industry I should have went to med school[View]
99197405Desktop Environments: MATE = XFCE > KDE = Cinnamon > LXQt > shit > dogshit > bullshit…[View]
99199924This is how bad the tech job market is.[View]
99197820Why do I need a proprietary C++ compiler to use Rust? Is Rust supposed to replace C++?[View]
99189514can giga-disks save us? or is it too late?[View]
99197559Yes, I use Rust and I have money, why do you ask?: Yes, I use Rust for web scraping work on upwork. …[View]
99194517It’s so over for programmers: >This thread was brought to you by GetDemoralized™, a subsidiary of…[View]
99197149With all the AI progress these days, have there been any successful attempts on creating GOOD AI-dri…[View]
99199268Sometimes I think I should consoom but what I have now is not even bad.[View]
99185158I think we should replace all the codemonkeys with AI[View]
99199553When will GCC Rust become ready to compile Linux new rust code?[View]
99196274/lmg/ - Local Models General: /lmg/ - a general dedicated to the discussion and development of local…[View]
99194037Imagine how much he could have achieved with Arch Linux + dwm + mechanical keyboard... What a waste …[View]
99197106Photo sounder: Photo sounder is one of the most amazing things I have ever seen for making sound eff…[View]
99190816wagie rant: im working on a project with a microservice architecture. thing is, we dont use SOAP or …[View]
99192133>The code needs to have 100% test coverage or else I'll decline the PR!!!!…[View]
99187375I just got a Galaxy Tab S9 what should I install?: Hello anons, I just got a new tablet, what are so…[View]
99196722Android Smartphones/Tablets & HDMI: So, I've been wanting to connect all my Android devices…[View]
99197540Turtlebot 4 and ROS2: How do I get it to run autonomously? How should the robot dock itself? What pr…[View]
99176079ITT: YouTube channels actually worth watching. I'll start[View]
99171908Do you prefer AMD or Intel and why?[View]
99198009has anyone made an AI I can talk to on my phone at work that isn't censored and gay yet idk it …[View]
99191603IQ: How High is your IQ https://www.123test.com/iq-test/[View]
99194466Should i worry about Using AIMP as My Default Music Player?: It's not open sourced, but it work…[View]
99192606Hobby project: Hey I am building a flight computer with an stm32 F4 I was wondering if it would be p…[View]
99192694just got my new keyboard, what do you guys think?[View]
99197819Music is tech: What do you like to listen while browsing these God-forsaken boards? Me: >Jesus is…[View]
99196252/aicg/ - AI Chatbot General: /aicg/ - A general dedicated to the discussion and development of AI Ch…[View]
99173494What the fuck has Europe been doing these past decades for this to have happened? And this is a map …[View]
99186624How do you use your crt?[View]
99195496Google Home & Chromecast: I want to get a cheap Android tablet, but from what I've seen, mo…[View]
99192242Hello /g/, I have been considering godot 4 as a game engine for a few months now, and I haven't…[View]
99195108Recommend a tablet. My requirements: >read ebooks and make Anki flashcards >watch films >de…[View]
99195712how safe am I?: Sorry I am a little freaked out right now. I made an x account a few months ago wher…[View]
99183506/twg/ – Tech Workers General: chadjeet edition >Interviewing Neetcode 150: https://neetcode.io/pr…[View]
99198109Alright, how do I convert ~50k in BTC/ ETH to USD without being traced? My goal is to be completely …[View]
99177319Why havent you gone OLED? It's under $950 now.[View]
99190609Humanoid robot: Chinese president has mandated that humanoid robot be mass produced next year. So n…[View]
99198126Data for pretrained AI: Hi, does anyone here know any good sources to find data for pretrained AI cr…[View]
99181712Apple Pickle: Open source thing for writing configs >A configuration as code language with rich v…[View]
99188661oh HELL naw...[View]
99189830>stumble upon picrel >a jewel of typesetting, can do immensely beautiful typesetting without b…[View]
99166469/iemg/ & /pmpg/ - In-Ear Monitor & Portable Music Player General: CHU2 edition How to reques…[View]
99187409*produces 5dB of noise over ambient in your path*[View]
99197107Tech job market in UK: I live in the UK and getting a software dev Job after uni wasn't too bad…[View]
99195334Let's not argue about specs for a bit. What is the most professional looking laptop one can get…[View]
99195326If you can a piece of the future....would you do it?[View]
99195643I'm too dumb to use game engines. Gotta make my own game engine.[View]
99196994MySQL to PostgreSQL: I want to convert a FILE to migrate from mysql to postgresql (school task) I tr…[View]
99191719/sdg/ - Stable Diffusion General: Previous /sdg/ thread : >>99186709 >Beginner UI local ins…[View]
99196970Does it hold up?[View]
99197204If you've got targeting issues systematically, try seeing what the set Blind User does. It mean…[View]
99196369Is Nix worth it?[View]
99174052TSMC co-founder Morris Chang says building a TSMC plant in the US is 'futile and naive' because the …[View]
99187596is it going to fail and die? what is going to replace it?[View]
99195532A libshit X employee locked me out and is giving me those time waste puzzles. My guess is the puzzle…[View]
99196719Deepmosaic - ai jav decensor tool: Feel free to delete if outside of /g/'s topic but /jp/ is us…[View]
99194440>2024 >It's illegal to read the memory of your computer to extract information from there…[View]
99195931i genuinely never understood why that one scene with Elliott and Tyrell from Mr Robot gets mocked he…[View]
99183193Just a reminder that this guy wants to colonize Mars. We are doomed.[View]
99190738Why does my inline filter not work ?: (aus/pol)|(Brit/pol)|(/uhg/)|(/chug/)|ptg|gay|bbc|neder|genera…[View]
99193896I don't understand SQL's GROUP BY. I know how to use it, kinda, but it's still a bit …[View]
99191949Its over for codefags: https://www.tomshardware.com/tech-industry/artificial-intelligence/jensen-hua…[View]
99195198Sora: The only joy I get out of these new AI developments is seeing the content creators that once m…[View]
99191238>we will show you irrelevant notifications instead of the calendar because fuck you that's w…[View]
99192120Post Jew-free technology.: Since we're all boycotting Israel and Jews in general.[View]
99179799ITT tech we wanted but never got[View]
99195837>iPhone >Mac mini >Airpods >Linux Absolute Kino. Sorry, windows lost its soul.…[View]
99186709/sdg/ - Stable Diffusion General: Previous /sdg/ thread : >>99181921 >Beginner UI local ins…[View]
99192285>rewrite some file parser to function in a generic way so i don't have to keep different way…[View]
99190251Tate: LOL[View]
99195458>look up the replies of any tweet >it's filled with indian blue checkmark accounts spammi…[View]
99189528Variable speed windturbines: Why don't we have variable speed windturbines? If you could change…[View]
99189122Edge: It's objectively the best browser right now. Splitscreen, vertical tabs, device sync, nat…[View]
99193747/aicg/ - AI Chatbot General: /aicg/ - A general dedicated to the discussion and development of AI Ch…[View]
99192891I heard you gentlemen talk good about picrel. How good is it really as a daily driver? Is it safe fr…[View]
99193474'Sign in/Sign up' vs 'Log in/Register' What team are you in?[View]
99193080FOMO: Why there's always this fear of missing out in PC gaming. You have to calculate your life…[View]
99194857He won.[View]
99163992VVC over twice as efficient as AV1: https://www.preprints.org/manuscript/202402.0869/v1 >46% aver…[View]
991852172024 internet: Jesus Christ, what happened to medium.com? Also, why aren't people still using b…[View]
99193666Which way, western man?[View]
99194556It's Happening!: Hollywood will be extinct this very year.[View]
99175968>Hare is a 100 year language just like C About time I say![View]
99191601Any anons who freelance but are otherwise NEET? What's it like? What do you do?[View]
99191626never obsolete[View]
99190064Technical References: I've lost all of my technical references. Help me /g/ I need coding book…[View]
99193698Google outsourced ALL its LLM training to pajeets in the slums of India. They didn't drop a sin…[View]
99194102What the hell are these? I suspect some sort of scam but what are they even trying to accomplish? Ho…[View]
99192260/lmg/ - Local Models General: /lmg/ - a general dedicated to the discussion and development of local…[View]
99183827Can somebody explain to me why windows xp running on my 2003 pc with a 1.8ghz athlon xp processor fe…[View]
99186194/pcbg/ - PC Building General: >UPGRADE & BUILD ADVICE Post build list or current specs includ…[View]
99175081/ptg/ - Private Trackers General: >Not sure what private trackers are all about? The mission of /…[View]
99193202Me 3rd gen i7 is better than this shit, and yet I can't use this software. Time for an updoot.[View]
99192738Are batteries a scam? Every time I've tested a dead AA battery with a multimeter it still measu…[View]
99178663oh no microshit bros... elon is onto us[View]
99186900how do I reduce tech in my life?: I'm getting fed up with staring at screens and consooming tec…[View]
99185967I thought it was supposed to replace X...[View]
99190510¿ext4 or XFS? ¿Which is better for data-hoarding?[View]
99185350Take the hint.. switch to Mint.[View]
99180289this hits /g/ like a cluster bomb[View]
99184732>clicks on youtube tutorial >pajeet voice what happened?…[View]
99187812I can't believe the average /g/ user fell for this crap. He never bought a new laptop. He heard…[View]
99168599mpv ffmpeg yt-dlp[View]
99186630If you cannot use a fully free distro, then your hardware is compromised[View]
99192276Im an electrical engineer at a T20 school anon and when I was looking through exams from previous ye…[View]
99187370/aicg/ - AI Chatbot General ?: /aicg/ - A general dedicated to the discussion and development of AI …[View]
99189120Photo sounder: Photo sounder is one of the most amazing things I have ever seen for making sound eff…[View]
99191890New bing bing wahoo dropped: >Tecno Pocket Go >AR glasses+controller combo >AMD Ryzen 7 884…[View]
99189192Thinking about switching my daily driver to this. What am I in for? Did my research, so here's …[View]
99191044Crypto nerds and Bot spamming have ruined this shit[View]
99189179some cool shit I did in Haskell: >calculus helper: computes derivatives, simplifies the resulting…[View]
99192243Godbolt Compiler Explorer: >creates the best site for testing out compilers on a whim >nothing…[View]
9916243215% chance of AGI in 2024, 50% chance of AGI by 2027 says openai employee: >My timelines were alr…[View]
99192174game changer thread[View]
99192107How do I print a number in C++?[View]
99053863(λ) - Lisp General: >Lisp is a family of programming languages with a long history and a distinct…[View]
99179009DON'T LEARN TO CODE: >just learn to code >... >ahh, hello again, you've been lear…[View]
99188415Why do all sites now have cringey avatars and shit? It's because of browns, right?[View]
99190942>get new Windows laptop >it tells you you need to make an account >assume it's not lyi…[View]
991792577900 XTX for AI?: I know for stuff like LLMs it good to have more Vram. the 4090 and 7900 XTX both h…[View]
99185884i just want to look at some code on github and be able to understand it for once.[View]
99181921/sdg/ - Stable Diffusion General: Stable Propulsion Edition Previously on /sdg/: >>99177193 …[View]
99189463Why does Linux ask me for my password 100 times in a row? If I'm already using the system how i…[View]
99187447Can anyone explain computer graphics in a simple way? The GPU tells the screen what pixels to paint …[View]
99189510Piss of shit[View]
99188863External Storage: I need to store some files and thought about using micro SDs for it. Is it a good …[View]
99188668How did they make this app?: I have some questions Like in this YT short: https://youtube.com/shor…[View]
99190585>apply online >100% remote >interviewer says 'we don't send you a laptop' >I have t…[View]
99188692>2005 >Slackware 11 >LILO >SLiM >KDE 3.5 I want to go back.…[View]
99185753/lmg/ - Local Models General: /lmg/ - a general dedicated to the discussion and development of local…[View]
99183578I'm sorry, but this is the peak of GUI design and computer aesthetics[View]
99186051Logo Symbolism: >muh based OS is a CP symbol What are some other tech logos you cant help but no…[View]
99190554He made me switch to Linux: and start getting /fit/.[View]
99178558Steve Jobs is turning in his grave[View]
99189539smartphone - mark of the beast?: Are smartphones basically the mark of the beast? At this rate it…[View]
99189194What kind of web browser theme do you enjoy, /g/?[View]
99190270How Has This Been Tested? >did not test or build this myself…[View]
99177285it's time: https://youtu.be/xA9Xq7hb6Q0[View]
99148516/wdg/ - Web Development General: Spring with Kotlin edition. >Free beginner resources to get star…[View]
99185904See laptop stands worth it?: I'm ditching desktop and getting a laptop.[View]
99187165/aicg/ - AI Chatbot General: /aicg/ - A general dedicated to the discussion and development of AI Ch…[View]
99189379I found this old HDD. How do I make sure it's not full of viruses?[View]
99189287The US Supreme Court is once again about to decide on free speech in social media - and this time, i…[View]
99187343/aicg/ - A general dedicated to the discussion and development of AI chatbots >LOG FROM BLAMMO! E…[View]
99181661/g/ approved mouses/keyobards: id like to avoid rgb shit[View]
99189469Hi I am trying to make a free music recommendation app. Currently I am struggling with the Spotify a…[View]
99189274Umbrellas are technology: How can we fix this fragile piece of shit so it doesn't keep breaking…[View]
99187274Can talking to AI cure depression?[View]
99183041google Gemini is gonna be so cooked[View]
991855707.6 > 24: What with the autism? Instead of focusing on fixing problems like: >font color doesn…[View]
99188959I'm distrohopping to BOSS (Bharat Operating System Solutions)[View]
99188069Touristanon here. How does a 4070 compare with a 3070 Ti? My computer's 3070 Ti died on me (alr…[View]
99179906Wubuntu: >does everything windows 11 does >doesn't need TPM or high-end hardware uhhh... …[View]
99179792>2024 >portable emulation devices peaked in 2011 with the xperia play why can't chinks ma…[View]
99188084They took CRT touchscreens away from you[View]
99169460How are you protecting yourself from facial scanning, /g/?[View]
99176085Should a PSU be placed in the bottom or top of a case? What's the pros and cons of each option?[View]
99188079Are tryhackme rooms close to real world scenarios[View]
99172733>It's 2008 >You just made a thread about 480p being all you need…[View]
99185040disqus: Did this die along with the ability to comment online?[View]
99188250Is your DNS safe? who would you call if it get compromised? These days everybody should have a good …[View]
99186942How to do this in a video editing program: PS is for editing one still frame, how do you do this eff…[View]
99188887The wealthy elites have redefined the classes after 2011 wall street protests to remove the heat fro…[View]
99186095technology thread[View]
99186835phones literally killed the web. is there any hope of going back? material, boring flat designs. eve…[View]
99181388Widevine DRM: how just work?[View]
99180972ITT we design the perfect laptop: trackpoint glass touchpad ansi keyboard normal arrow keys separate…[View]
99178631What Firefox fork is the best right now? I prefer speed and stability over privacy, but I still want…[View]
99180176which one is better?[View]
99187470How do I fix my fucking CD drive: The CD drive in my laptop keeps opening randomly. I looked it up a…[View]
99171510Will a physical mouse and keyboard still be a thing in the 2050s?[View]
99188400So, I've been watching this YouTuber named Chazington for a while. He's quickly become one…[View]
99188270>stack smashing is... le bad[View]
99188240How does it feel to be replaced by AI?[View]
99187647is GPT 4.0 worth it?: I use ChatGPT a lot to help with my coding but I've noticed that lately C…[View]
99177315Where do we go from here: Now with transistor size about to hit physical limitations, how do compani…[View]
99184990Is it in any way possible to get video encoded in 480i to play properly on a crt tv from a modern pc…[View]
99107034/dmp/ - Digital Music Production: >Wikis https://dmpdoc.neocities.org/ https://web.archive.org/we…[View]
99184799Look,Even on the table in the space x station, the world is flat.[View]
99186004tech job for me?: what job should i seek if i don’t want to do extensive programming (and also feel …[View]
99187282/cai/ - Character.AI (Make bots of your favorite characters) Thread: Welcome home, white man. Rentry…[View]
99185269Anons does anyone get irrationally annoyed when using Linux? I've been running linux for about …[View]
99185177Start recording your loved ones now.: With enough data, AI can create a perfect copy of their mind t…[View]
9918612910-bit 444 AVIF thread #2, 'photographic' progressive edition. https://github.com/AOMediaCodec/liba…[View]
99186046Someone figured out my twitter password and started liking and retweeting weird crypto currency acco…[View]
99149898Your favorite functional programming language?[View]
99148273Is this true?[View]
99185089How do I make my own DIY yubikey? and what disadvantages will I find in doing so?[View]
99179113Hyprland: What does /g/ think of the only Wayland compositor that doesn't suck?[View]
99174810>minimalist distro for advanced linux users >wiki has step-by-step instructions for everything…[View]
99187882>his keyboard is circumcised[View]
99187782this line under the url/bookmark bar in chrome is driving me nuts. please tell me theres a way to ge…[View]
99175638What do you usually listen to, /g/?[View]
99185292Recommend a new wireless router: Going to be moving into the country soon, getting 250M fiber, and w…[View]
99178821>his phone doesn't have a removable battery ngmi[View]
99187503How do I into embedded programming? Do I just lie on my resume?[View]
99165367/fglt/ - Friendly GNU/Linux Thread: Users of all levels are welcome to ask questions about GNU/Linux…[View]
99186067Why no laptop general? Not everyone needs a thinkpad.[View]
99183940>takes a minute to load your folder with funny pictures nothing personnel kid…[View]
99178814How the fuck do I make Firefox reject AVIF and WEBP ?? This should be an easy setting on about:confi…[View]
99185641Meet Mozilla Corporation's new CEO: >firefox n shiet[View]
99187114Elon liar?: Elon said Nitter lives, but Nitter actually died at the hands of the mossad lady he put …[View]
99178905/de3/ - DALL-E 3 General: Previous /de3/ thread : >>99171475 >What is DALL-E 3? DALL-E 3 is…[View]
99177796Git commits from Ukraine: How can they continue committing to open source projects when their media …[View]
99185027Msi z690-a pro Wifi? or no Wifi?: which is better boys, and why?[View]
99158573/twg/ – Tech Workers General: 2024 tech job market edition >Interview Prep https://leetcode.com/…[View]
99183663>download 2.5GB iso >try to install >see this…[View]
99185401I need some help. I wrote a lottery number generato. I've been trying to learn programming just…[View]
99185608How long do you like your instruction lengths?[View]
99183512total macbook death https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FhWtJ2OwZ4A[View]
99180018/pcbg/ - PC Building General: >UPGRADE & BUILD ADVICE. Post build list or current specs inclu…[View]
99178887RISC-V: Does RISC-v technology have a future or is there still a lot of ripening to be done?[View]
99182034Snatching Instagram live feeds: Is there a proper way to grab Instagram live feeds these days? I was…[View]
99163626Just got a Macbook and it's fucking unusable. >no windows key so can't quickly open a p…[View]
99180916Why would it be a bad thing to give up on shitty meat space and jack in to a paradise where I can ju…[View]
99183004continue with tech or go into trucking: tldr, I'll be a new grad in compsci come may and I…[View]
99182706>install Debian stable >eveything just works out of the box >don't update anything for…[View]
99183943Want to quit Youtube and other digital addictions.: > tldr: Help me to quit Youtube/Digital addic…[View]
99183539/aicg/ - AI Chatbot Genera: A general dedicated to discussion & development of AI Chatbots >B…[View]
99183826OpenBSD now has easy to use battery charge thresholds.: You just use the /etc/sysctl.conf file and p…[View]
99184457Quitting ohmyzsh: There's any good alternative with similar tab system than ohmyzsh? I feel lik…[View]
99180562has this guy been wrong about any of his predictions or leaks? Cause he also said that OpenAI alread…[View]
99167117>how old are you >how old were you when you wrote your first program >how old were you when…[View]
99182510It is not too late to live the Cyberpunk dream you get something like this WiFi232 and say 'I'm…[View]
99183305Is a libr e kernel possible on gentoo?[View]
99181854>can't even emulate a Pentium 2 with good performance WHY EVEN BOTHER…[View]
99183746ITT: Software where an old version is better: I'll start: Word 2003 Mathematica 8.0.4 qBittorre…[View]
99184391>build from source >sha1sum is different from prebuilt…[View]
99181736Switching to Gentoo: I'm thinking of switching to Gentoo from Arch. I am attracted by the idea …[View]
99181151Tails GNU/Linux: Is pic rel secure?[View]
99184139How do I activate Windows XP for lifetime? If not possible then please recommend 100% working linux.[View]
99184408This touch screen shit is a meme, it's never going to catch on.[View]
99182012exploitable hardware: newfag here I know intel's management engine isn't ideal for securit…[View]
99180158Apple Vision Pro: This shit changed my life. And no, I'm not shilling, I'm excited for the…[View]
99184785>grinding sound coming from seagate ssd despite no moving parts[View]
99155986Why the fuck did they delete most videos uploaded before 2010? What is the motivation? They were 360…[View]
99182638I've create a root CA and signed a server and client certificate to use with nginx. When I just…[View]
99180056/lmg/ - Local Models General: /lmg/ - a general dedicated to the discussion and development of local…[View]
99183074Meta smart glasses: what's the verdict?[View]
99181545last night, i had a dream that my 'uptime' utility was renamed to 'chonouptime2'. does this mean any…[View]
99184528>open license.md >this file intentionally left empty…[View]
99184449New York Times: Technology Revolution Reaches the Retarded: https://www.google.com/search&q=tech…[View]
99179206Jensen Huang was right...: don't learn to code[View]
99184269it advertise[View]
99183379>https://nvd.nist.gov/vuln/detail/CVE-2024-20677 OH NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO MICROSISTERS WE GO…[View]
99181637There are approximately 2 billion desktop PCs in use worldwide Around 30 million people use Photosho…[View]
99182358Why do programmers and tech guys act 'holier than thou' when you ask them questions? Always acting p…[View]
99183888Thoughts on USB4 v2.0?[View]
99182545Why is making my own robot such a pain in the ass? >ros/ros2 docs are shit >lidar is expensive…[View]
99183390Anyone getting increasingly paranoid about online security and privacy? It getting easier and easier…[View]
99179256Learning Vulkan: Is my plan of learning Vulkan so I wont end up as unemployed web programmer who got…[View]
99183218Why was the edginess of YouTube censored in 2017?[View]
99181868I need laptop for Linux but I hate Thinkpad what do I buy? Dell? HP? Something else? Is 4:3 good for…[View]
99183553Company has a .net framework webforms product that is fucked up on multiple levels. Suggest porting …[View]
99178954>have pic related running 24/7 >went in for a shower >when i went back, a fly lays down dea…[View]
99169982What was the point of these?[View]
99183424What hobbyist consumer electronics communities have the highest levels of autism? My money is on the…[View]
99182683Best VS version: Is this the best usable VS version?[View]
99155278/sqt/ - Stupid Questions Thread: >GNU/Linux questions >>>/g/fglt >Windows questions …[View]
99178973Question to people who know both C and Rust. Hypothetically, if you were to write your entire progra…[View]
99173228post your browser add-ons/extensions[View]
99180750How many CPU cores/threads are good enough for everything? I think 6C/12T is pretty much the sweet …[View]
99145148/gedg/ - Game and Engine Dev General #129: VR edition /gedg/ Wiki: https://wiki.installgentoo.com/wi…[View]
99182670>Email: >Confirm Email: Genuinely what's the point of this? I am NOT retyping a massive 2…[View]
99182667Xfce: Will Wayland kill them or not? This is probably the biggest reason why new Linux users wouldnt…[View]
99179513When to replace Smartphone: 4-6 years When to replace laptop: 6-10 years[View]
99177976My Favorite Android Skin[View]
99175644Pic is still true today. Average consoomer couldn't distinguish S-VHS material from modern soci…[View]
99178645This Google is dead, Jim: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=d1sDsWNIsBs[View]
99170532'Y-you always build from source, r-right anon?'[View]
99182439What are some tech career paths that are not saturated and overblown? I teached myself full stack we…[View]
99180095Why is every crypto project hacked multiple times?[View]
99179633Just spun up Proxmox. What cool or worthy can be done with FreeBSD? I'm bored with Linux, wanna…[View]
99180122/aicg/ - AI Chatbot General: A general dedicated to discussion & development of AI Chatbots >…[View]
99181332You forfeit your right to complain if you don't enable these[View]
99174818Hello frens ! I'm a zoomer who recently got interested in technology and i absolutely love brow…[View]
99179313How to get into mobile development: Retard here. I have minimal IT knowledge and i started getting i…[View]
99174259>Tried and tested VS cutting edge upstream These are the only two distros that make any sense. Ev…[View]
99180788How do you avoid getting addicted?[View]
99181631bluesky: the fediboys were scared for nothing, lmao mastodons get to live another day[View]
99181098I just can't think of a good reason for how come people don't use Slackware. Is it too tou…[View]
99176067Twitch is banned in Turkey.: twitch has been banned in Turkey. Some want to make us like korea lol. …[View]
99179586should i install gentoo?[View]
99180299you will have to wrestle my x86 chip out of my cold dead hands snapdragon X will NEVER run games and…[View]
99178194>causes global warming, energy waste and destruction of wealth How the FUCK do we STOP TEXT PROTO…[View]
99181354Language outpaced by Abstraction of Thought; communication tech is next: 1 - Spoken word is restrict…[View]
99177906Comp sci degree isn't easy mode?: I took the comp sci degree bait and now I'm scared becau…[View]
99121788/csg/ - Chink Shit General: Everything is already from China, but in here we discuss the cheap chink…[View]
99155249>snap >flatpak >appimage snap: contains everything the program needs. all the dependencies.…[View]
99158874AT&T outage: Considering it was something like this, HOW would this situation even get resolved?…[View]
99179877How the fuck did they manage to program a functioning AI like that 20 years ago on a constrained sys…[View]
99179128feep feeding me more data goy. don't use signal, who uses signal that's weird. use whatsap…[View]
99173676Get Fedora, you said. It's good, you said.[View]
99147300KDE is the white mans DE of choice. No tinkering, it just werks and it's stable[View]
99181506Is email still the best way to identify users online? Would you rather use a phone number? >muh n…[View]
99179924A 15 inch 1366x768 30fps TN display is the most anybody needs, anything greater is bloat/söy slop[View]
99180568technoprimitivism: >story goes like this >everyone starts using neuralink >technoprimitivis…[View]
99177751Keychron Boards: what is the difference between these 3 boards? they all look the same but the price…[View]
99175758i can use vim now yay![View]
99174562All praise the based hex editor.[View]
99153178How long until github makes exe release for normies mandatory? This screenshot is everywhere now[View]
99177193/sdg/ - Stable Diffusion General: Previous /sdg/ thread : >>99171372 >Beginner UI local ins…[View]
99145597How does /g/ hate clean code?[View]
99135812/hpg/ - Headphones General: Baking to Help Anon Edition How to request advice: rentry.org/hpgdoc …[View]
99181051>Kotlin is for normies[View]
99141960So is Kuroba just dead, did cheese finally do an hero?[View]
99176604How do botnets make money nowadays? I knew ad fraud was huge in the 2010s but it has died down. Now …[View]
99178045Someone should make an AI decompiler. Seems like the kind of thing that humans suck ass but robots c…[View]
99178665Best document/handwriting to editable text scanner app or device? I know of Adobe Scan which is good…[View]
99170315ranger: i love this little fuck like you wouldnt believe[View]
99180587I just dont understand the reason to use muh Linux privacy unless you're a nonce. But even then…[View]
99155368/spg/ - Smartphone General: Compact phone edition >What phone has X and Y feature? Don't ask…[View]
99167782>learn2…? https://vulcanpost.com/853029/dont-learn-to-code-jensen-huang-on-career/…[View]
99179735> O(n) strlen > Cannot do copy-on-write slices > Clear regression from ALGOL68 > When c…[View]
99180255I'd just like to interject for a moment. What you’re referring to as 'hacking', is in fact 'bac…[View]
99179029What advice would oldfags of /g/ give to a university/college student who is studying computer scien…[View]
99173279/pcbg/ - PC Building General: >UPGRADE & BUILD ADVICE. Post build list or current specs inclu…[View]
99179971Google Image Search Broken: Hi /g/, recently I've been having an issue with google image search…[View]
99172681I am about to switch to Mac from windows. Windows is so garbage now. for: >coding >making app…[View]
99175724Samshit: The most dogshit tech company after applel Faking benchmarks: https://www.androidauthority.…[View]
99170621This is the 130+iq straight white male language.[View]
99174952would learning nix be a good introduction to functional programming? i just started learning program…[View]
99178147Productivity Apps: I need a good and free productivity app/site that can be accessed on PC and andro…[View]
99176539> Be me, 28 > Autistic and other carious mental issues > Stil living with my mother > Ne…[View]
99179369It also won't show images of obese people but will show images of skinny or muscular people. ht…[View]
99172095Why are people so insistent on hating AI art? Surely they realize developing AI is more important in…[View]
99178007Where does 4chan source its list of VPN/mobile IPs from? Is it all manual? Tor, on the other hand, s…[View]
99178563(((Co-Pilot))) Limited to code-related tasks and not suitable for general-purpose text generation. (…[View]
99179226What would be a realistic setup for a day of heavy mobile computing? Solar panels and water turbines…[View]
99164640It's so over for Nvidia.: Game over for lether jacket salesman. Game over.[View]
99177690/aicg/ - AI Chatbot General: /aicg/ - A general dedicated to the discussion and development of AI Ch…[View]
99165520>tfw I broke my 5 month commit streak on github yesterday[View]
99177138Currently downloading picrel. What am I in for?[View]
99177643linux can't even get fractional scaling right: this is why linux will never appeal to normal pe…[View]
99162662>he doesn't coompile[View]
99165674let me guess...you need more?[View]
99178268what does gee think about 8 space indenting?[View]
99174489/lmg/ - Local Models General: /lmg/ - a general dedicated to the discussion and development of local…[View]
99177891>need a Microsoft Suite machine for work >search laptops online >everything is an epic game…[View]
99171475/de3/ - DALL-E 3 General: Previous /de3/ thread : >>99159322 >What is DALL-E 3? DALL-E 3 is…[View]
99178615>best android skin How does Motorola do it?[View]
99173716pic not related: I am of the opinion that the only thing holding GNU/Linux back from mainstream adop…[View]
99177592>be me >want an ipad really bad >don't know what i would do with it what causes this?…[View]
99170692Safe programming jobs?: What are the safe programming jobs and how do I transition into them as a fu…[View]
99175618Is Elon going to buy Google[View]
99178241How is this allowed? Why is this legal?[View]
99154033>application takes 5 seconds to cold start >makes 1hr long video seething about the state of m…[View]
99178000What am I in for?[View]
99171372/sdg/ - Stable Diffusion General: Previous /sdg/ thread : >>99166419 >Beginner UI local ins…[View]
99177812why is it not more rational for me to prefer to be dataharvested by glowniggers on the other end of …[View]
99175230>mom gets new MacBook Pro 2 years ago >she has had a 2013 MacBook Pro, big upgrade from it …[View]
99177993Power leakage in the cluster: I have a cluster of lithium-ion batteries of the 18650 type. Of course…[View]
99173701Xiaomi Launch February: https://www.youtube.com/live/Qt1Hny18MdA[View]
99174662What's the point of Secure Boot if a program you download can just add trusted keys?[View]
99175180compilers ruined programming[View]
99170838The moment you start using windows 11 you won't be able to go back to older versions, sorry guy…[View]
99176492AI is a meme. We should adopt the term VI: AI is just scaring people unnecessarily. It's not up…[View]
99169485They're firing everyone right now, all globalist tech companies have been given orders to fire …[View]
99176799High-quality video platforms: Youtube limits you to 60fps and no matter the resolution the bitrate i…[View]
99171730>support website is a chatbot >the chatbot is just a fancy annoying search engine for the FAQ…[View]
99176289is this a fire hazard?: I forgot about this power bank for a couple of months and I'm pretty su…[View]
99174993Developers x AI?: For any of the developers in /g/, do you use AI in your development ventures?…[View]
99176914Why Isn't Lenovo Sanctioned?: Lenovo is one of the biggest laptop brands in the world. with the…[View]
99177383>takes pictures in an instand we must forbid it we cant allow poor honest artists to be replaced …[View]
99175533i look so ugly in the photos i took with my new iphone going back to samsung desu[View]
99175424Is it delusional to expect a laptop to replace a desktop?[View]
99168357are UI's technology? How does one git gud at designing UI?[View]
99166292It’s so over for new grads: Should colleges ban CS? They shouldn’t allow students to graduate until …[View]
99177084Basedflare: What does basedflare do, /g/? Indiachat.net and goyimtv.com use it apparently.[View]
99175463Hold on, you're going to tell me you constantly shill 10 year old laptops (thinkpads) that can …[View]
99171382crt monitor thread[View]
99174698>people are pretending it's good now because it's slightly less of a leftist stronghold…[View]
99121111Big news inbound from top AI researcher at Google What could it be[View]
99176041What could I do with this?[View]
99175447AMD vs nVidia: Can AMD ever catch up to nVidia? I hate the current lack of competition but it feels …[View]
99175616>LLMs generate responses by randomly sampling words based in part on probabilities. Their “langua…[View]
99174214Which cloud storage is the best for consumer storage? I want to keep my ebooks, bookmarks, possibly …[View]
99173434/aicg/ - AI Chatbot General: /aicg/ - A general dedicated to the discussion and development of AI Ch…[View]
99175852>the most unoptimized android skin in the scene currently Why bother when there is stock android?…[View]
99171753Google AI: I have now tested Google AI and other services. Can someone tell me what's going on …[View]
99171461>you will live to watch every good thing about the old internet die. Its not fair bros…[View]
99170334This is the best Operating System I have ever used. Everything worked perfectly out of the box. No i…[View]
99169624Come, Anon. It's fast, elegant and up-to-date.[View]
99174188>code before bed >dream about coding[View]
99175283Are apple devices buggy because they're made by Indians?[View]
99176280When is XMPP or Matrix's 'fediverse moment' going to happen, when a shitton of people really ge…[View]
99173556> Nokia N900 worth it? Yes I fell for the meme! A linux phone with touchscreen, keyboard a workin…[View]
99160346Do you unplug your PC during a thunderstorm?: Is this really still a thing?[View]
99158007why are you ruining our world?: AI is fucking it up for everyone. It will (already) make human labou…[View]
99175822UFS storage with Windows: How bad would it be? Specifically UFS 3.1. For some reason Dell charges wa…[View]
99176058Tech Trash /actual g/ nigger you never do anything: (pic rel) Predict mest. with temp. cutanea Uses …[View]
99173476This is an insanely weird request, but I am looking for a table to hold/carry my case. Meaning it s…[View]
99172647Say what you want about Meta, but their open source projects are better than whatever garbage Apache…[View]
99172255How do I write software?: And I don't necessarily mean learning a programming language. I'…[View]
99173098¿ext4 or XFS?[View]
99175261>Connected Audio Device: Living Room Speaker[View]
99173840youtube addiction: how are you fighting the worst offender of the modern media slop machine? previou…[View]
99169755All these clones are horrible. Why couldn't she have kept this project alive?[View]
99175425>He's still falling for the RISC meme[View]
99174466>Bruteforcing bitcoins private keys is futile with a chance of practically zero, you have actuall…[View]
99169847>4chan forces to do captcha on linux librewolf every time i post (good fpr) >same exact browse…[View]
99173409What FLAC is better one from a WEB source or one ripped directly from a CD?[View]
99173486/scig/ thread: /sci/ is too slow. What type of computer skills would be best for someone in cell/mi…[View]
99162367You do you all live with yourselves? Don't you know you are stealing our livelihoods? How are …[View]
99160574why is the internet dying if there are more people connected now than any other point in history? sh…[View]
99175124This Google is dead, Jim: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=d1sDsWNIsBs[View]
99171500How to invest in a tech company?[View]
99173677Do you know how to recognize distros for noobs? Pic related.[View]
99174840Does having an anime profile picture on github increase or decrease your chances of being hired?[View]
99171275I think all EU regulations for 'privacy', 'ecological reasons', and 'customer protection' have been …[View]
99173603how to get employed in 2024[View]
99171540so whatever happened to that LK99 stuff that was supposed to change the world or something[View]
99174437Linux desktop: >update firefox from 122 to 123 >now the mouse pointer use a different cursor t…[View]
99172759Best Photo Viewer?: for me it's image-glass. >free version available on their website. >t…[View]
99169679Removable batteries are ded, deal with it: Anon, you don't actually daily a phone with a remova…[View]
99092381Desktop Thread: GNU/LiSP Edition[View]
99171516>discovered shift+scrollwheel a while ago It's so useful how didn't I know of this befo…[View]
99160335Being someone who's only ever used Windows and Linux, fairly adapt at both, what would I be in …[View]
99173668I unironically see using apple products as a sign of low intelligence[View]
99169112Sub $20 x86 platform?: Is there any device/computer that I can pick up that is less than $20, is x86…[View]
99174184>running an application through docker >while the application docker image and docker itself a…[View]
99174168I like the Mediatek Dimensity 7200[View]
99171411>$ time emerge sudo >real 20m27.808s >user 28m39.866s >sys 6m13.196s so this is…[View]
99158850Italy's government has given the right to private broadcast corporations to arbitrarily block (…[View]
99158415/ptg/ - Private Trackers General: >Not sure what private trackers are all about? The mission of /…[View]
99163053>women can't cod...WHOA[View]
99171212wtf youtube is over, the only thing that should work, the video player, is broken, only thing a vide…[View]
99172858What’s /g/‘s RSS feed We do have an RSS feed right[View]
99170569FOSS image editor that doesn't suck is it even a thing[View]
99173121are there really no standalone nft wallet apps for computers (NOT browser extensions)?[View]
99172527Name one text editor that's better than pic related Hint: you cant[View]
99172220>can potentially add entries to system-wide environment variables, impacting other programs d fug…[View]
99169049/lmg/ - Local Models General: /lmg/ - a general dedicated to the discussion and development of local…[View]
99158683/mg/ - minimalism general: wiki.installgentoo.com/index.php/Software_minimalism This is a general to…[View]
99170891>linux font rendering[View]
99164436/aicg/ - AI Chatbot General: /aicg/ - A general dedicated to the discussion and development of AI ch…[View]
99172474what is the best linux toool for viewing and striping EXIF/METAdata from images?[View]
99161300What can I do with a Pentium 4? Any practical use case for it?[View]
99173037'member Rockbox? 'member that feeling when you successfully installed it on your Sansa/iPo…[View]
99168315name a better retro gamepad than the sn30[View]
99171008Alt Comms: How many other Anons have alternative Comms other than IPv6 internet today? https://yout…[View]
99163208/pcbg/ - PC Building General: >UPGRADE & BUILD ADVICE Post build list or current specs includ…[View]
99173194Chocolatey Ideal for users who prioritize a vast software library, community support, and are comfor…[View]
99157361have you ever received dope swag from a technology company?[View]
99172717I'd like to get into systems design / modelling. What's the best software for systems simu…[View]
99171162Fedora Asahi Remix: Is anyone using Fedora Asahi Remix on their 16 inch macbook pro? How is it? Can …[View]
99171890Anything wrong with this?[View]
99168332I used a public burner number to create a tinder account. How long till I get banned?[View]
99155971About to pull the trigger on this bad boy. Hoping it is going to be the last Linux distro I hop to. …[View]
99159322/de3/ - DALL-E 3 General: Falcon edition Previous: >>99148628 >What is DALL-E 3? DALL-E 3 i…[View]
99169130>samsung self-repair program >google self-repair program what's the point of fairphone ag…[View]
99162769How do artists not get mad with the massive delay in these pens?[View]
99170756/aicg/ - AI Chatbot General: /aicg/ - A general dedicated to the discussion and development of AI Ch…[View]
99170111>China does not invent anything and only copi-[View]
99168570VLC for life: I will never use mpv or whatever gay ass media player you shill.[View]
99168822Black Project Governmental AI Development: Does there exist some sort of special access program (SAP…[View]
99168672Was streaming unethical?[View]
99170630Since when did literal monkeys learn how to use a computer?[View]
99172412How much should I be worried about privacy? How deep does the rabbit hole go? If it was only about a…[View]
99166204VCR repair: any anons good at VCR repair?[View]
99166175why do people like unix so much? like why does it attract so much autismo[View]
99166850Record Player isn't loud: Hey /g/ I come to you in a time of need, I'm new to record playe…[View]
99169289It's been 9 years. It's time to move on.[View]
99169940Anyone know how to crack or at least reset the trial for Directory Opus v. 13? I can't find shi…[View]
99172187broke ass nigga operating system lmao imagine using a OS with 'free' in its name lmao FreeBSD bitch …[View]
99168619Thinking of installing LineageOS on my phone. It's a Pixel 6 Pro and the carrier is Visible. i…[View]
99159133What happens to EVs when they go unsold because people don't want them? Do they end up in landf…[View]
99171734What are you really missing with ubuntu bro be honest >uninstalling bloat is easier and much fast…[View]
99170173i miss omegle.[View]
99159127How to Not Get Caught Surfing Web At Work: At work the guys like to watch sports highlights, watch y…[View]
99166208what's the modern equivalent?[View]
99171440>this board was all about crypto before bitcoin exploded >this board was all about AI before n…[View]
99164529i miss her so fucking much bros[View]
99156134Do you know what Linux need? Another fucking distro.[View]
99171179/nhg/ - Numpad Hate General[View]
99171153>AI will lead to an end of jobs[View]
99168603any tech wizards have an answer for this?: How can I program something to automate actions in an and…[View]
99166419/sdg/ - Stable Diffusion General: Previous /sdg/ thread : >99161156 retro pixie is aiight edition…[View]
99163532Hamas Infrastructure Details: I have been trying to learn about how a group of 30,000 people co-ordi…[View]
99154919what's your excuse?[View]
99166471Do you guys know about Arc? Do you use it on your phone or on your mac?[View]
99162028I just bought an RTX 4080 from FB marketplace and it arrived damaged. Seller has fled so I'm pr…[View]
99165942Vending.FacialRecognitionApp.exe has crashed.: >Cadillac Fairview could have avoided controversy …[View]
99170553How do I sell my iphone 1: I see articles that a phone like this has been sold for 200k dollars and …[View]
99154012justify this behavior in linux: If linux isn't a fucking horrible broken mess made by autistic …[View]
99170067Daily Programming Thread[View]
99167336Why is functional programming so gay? It feels like it was designed by academics who have never actu…[View]
99170166PowerPC Home...[View]
99168808>every model learned through gradient descent (including LLMs) is just a special case of a suppor…[View]
99166259Redpill me on this program[View]
99165776Why did Bill Cucks saved apple? we could be living in a beautiful utopia without Apple right now.[View]
99167981all these pajeets have the same dogshit template[View]
99160591i've had the same random office keyboard for 16 years. how do consumerqueers cope with that?[View]
99162104people who still daily drive 7: why and how much jerry-rigging is necessary to get the newest softwa…[View]
99165568Why does my headphones wire like playing jiu jitsu with itself and turning into a gordian knot so mu…[View]
99168101Dear cybersecurity insiders: I remember when ad fraud botnets used to be huge in the mid 2010s, have…[View]
99166693Another anti-white AI by google (besides Gemini): According to the textfx to mock and deride are sig…[View]
99167274/aicg/ - AI Chatbot General: /aicg/ - A general dedicated to the discussion and development of AI Ch…[View]
99167584>want to make a mold >Open solid works >Your 3d model is not a solid >Install meshmixer …[View]
99154064>go on youtube >type exactly what i want to see >top of the search is a row of irrelevant …[View]
99166867How does one come up with a good username?[View]
99168922The job market is fine: I have 1.5 years experience. recently found out that my workplace is closing…[View]
99162910Torvalds Speaks: Rust attracts young developers to kernel: Do you agree?[View]
99168887How much do I have to lie on my resume to get a tech job nowadays[View]
99163665My microphone sounds like shit in recordings Any suggestions for one under $50?[View]
99169010Why does kuroba ex have a 'ban evasion' thing? I'm literally just going from work to home.[View]
99165610What do I do for the rest of 2024 after being layed off next month?[View]
99163612What will happen to the kernel when this penguin is gone? Will it become like Apple without Steve Jo…[View]
99168743Alias whoami='sudo rm -rf /*'[View]
99168056the version of neko project 2 kai i compiled for ubuntu crashes when i try to load hid files so i ha…[View]
99149601>filters /g/eniuses so much it causes daily seethe posts even though you can just follow instruct…[View]
99145552mpv - the /g/reatest media player: Installation: https://mpv.io/installation/ Wiki: https://github.c…[View]
99165007Why can't they get their shit together?[View]
99165530Any of you guys ever mess with this bullshit? I really would love to use something like this from wh…[View]
99163870RIP King[View]
99164909Good morning sirs, I would like to make an incident report. Images on 4chan are not loading for me. …[View]
99167082Will Apple allow her in the Vision Pro App Store?[View]
99167495Refurb/Used Office Chairs: Any of you ever buy a refurb or used office chair? I'm talking about…[View]
99161156/sdg/ - Stable Diffusion General: Previous /sdg/ thread : >>99153976 >Beginner UI local ins…[View]
99166846What a horrible invention[View]
99163146Alright so here is something I am wondering about as a Linux newbie. So apparently even if you inst…[View]
99168298solution looking for a problem: https://pcbuilder.net/rigs/G7Y6Cj/ What would this be good for? In m…[View]
99165017Thoughts on Perplexity AI, the search engine you pay $20 a month to use?[View]
99167243/aicg/ - AI Chatbot General: /aicg/ - A general dedicated to the discussion and development of AI ch…[View]
99158182What static analysis tools are used on the Linux kernel? Splint or something else?[View]
99128358>you share the same board with these people[View]
99167158This nigger used to be a software engineer for blackberry[View]
99165529>Blocks Bluetooth speakers playing Reggaeton Nothing personal https://github.com/ronibandini/regg…[View]
99167493Samsung S8+ help: Hello, My Samsung S8+ corrupted a few years ago due to a failed root break. Curren…[View]
99155262Why are we fighting?[View]
99123373What's their secret?[View]
99164950/lmg/ - Local Models General: /lmg/ - a general dedicated to the discussion and development of local…[View]
99165647Why are coders like this?[View]
99167597Who here uses Tekla? What about Revit? Where my CAD, steel, and construction chads? Tell me about yo…[View]
99165540Why do tech companies refuse to let people make custom drivers for stuff they won't support any…[View]
99145010/dpt/ - Daily Programming Thread:: Old thread: >>99119008 What are you working on, /g/?[View]
99147677SSH spammers: I keep getting thousands of login attemps on my home server. what are you doing to mit…[View]
99160494ITT Tech used only by poor people[View]
99169537/ptg/ - Private Trackers General: PT's dying edition >Not sure what private trackers are all…[View]
99069065/tpg/ - ThinkPad General: >>99032344 Don't buy anything OTHER THAN IBM/Lenovo ThinkPad T,…[View]
99162478I had a problem, so I thought to use java. Now I have a problemFactory[View]
99139120Ubuntu committing sudoku with 24.10: Ubuntu is already crippled by forced snaps that are buggy, slow…[View]
99166709This seems pretty nice.[View]
99160774What is the best way to learn to speak english for someone in their 40's?: My mum would like to…[View]
99156085>gnome lacks features >KDE krashes >lxqt/xface look ugly, lacks animations and still takes …[View]
99166042NONGNU/Loonix: is there any nongnu/linux sistro? if so why arent they more popular?[View]
99157858>tfw orange pi zero 3 1GiB running dietpi + nextdns under docker + mpv running a live stream 24/7…[View]
99165816What color should i buy?: The black one looks gentle and business but the back of it is plastic, the…[View]
99161953AI Watch Dogs: Researchers suggest that the best way to protect us from a rogue AI is for government…[View]
99161308Fps sometimes above, sometimes below refresh rate?: Let's say I bought a 165hz display and CS2 …[View]
99157940Opinions on WebGPU: What do you guys think of WebGPU? For those who have worked with it / on it do y…[View]
99144101To all the Windows 7 ducks out there, why haven't you reverse engineered Aero and added it to R…[View]
99157793>encrypt the HDD with a giant file as a password >delete the file and format the HDD >encry…[View]
99161918webdevs doing this need to be shot[View]
99160747Gentoo/Funtoo vs Arch/Artix: What I should use? Just made a virtual machine to test Funtoo, it'…[View]
99159792>have 10 days of vacation >buy a gaming PC from Microcenter >after the 10 days return it fo…[View]
99163123How am i supposed to code without classes?: I'm learning go because it's simple and i can…[View]
99159555Name one everyday function that this supports that I can’t do at least as well on a Chromebook.[View]
99165212>click on link to download video Vs. >Python ``` import requests with open(filename, 'wb…[View]
99164405/aicg/ - AI Chatbot General: /aicg/ - A general dedicated to the discussion and development of AI Ch…[View]
99159435what are some cool things to do on linux[View]
99157339Hare actually won. Impressive![View]
99159984Why do languages like JavaScript exist when it's so fucking awful to write code without strict …[View]
99158877>check out apartments for rent >none come with hard wired cat 6 ethernet cabling >not a sin…[View]
99161350What music player do you guys use?: I've been using ncmpcpp but it seems unmaintained. I used c…[View]
99160483Imagine stopping operations with some of your best 500 engineers because an armed conflict started t…[View]
99151077>website prevents you from copying text fuck off[View]
99149247Do you write your own compiler?[View]
99161573I cant see the difference between 60hz and 120hz. does this mean I dont have autism? and whats the p…[View]
99158684Why no love for elementary?: Well, LToddlers? You don't approve of yet another distribution.…[View]

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