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Displaying 44 expired threads from the past 3 days

No. Excerpt
3394642>She was there from the very beginning It's just like my favorite RPG Maker Game.…[View]
3398917Maps: RPG games maps.[View]
3397314It's impressive how stupid the megaten fandom is. I've played this one because it's l…[View]
3394377Should I play the Steam HD version or the Untold versions for the 3DS? I never played dungeon crawle…[View]
3395583Rtwp faggots fucking lost! Turn based and action chads stay winning. Rtwp was a pathetic bastardizat…[View]
3400129I like her.[View]
3398870Most rpg protagonists are sort of straightforward blank slate hero characters that you're meant…[View]
3400180Why did they make a new BG3 when there already was a Baldur's Gate 3?[View]
3398745Can you help me guys find this videogame's name?: i was watching a video from rocketsloth about…[View]
3373508The Dungeon Of Naheulbeuk: It's actually... really good? Humor is hit or miss. Not as cringey a…[View]
3391677Ys: No Dicks: New Ys slop coming later this year, boasting impressive PS2 visuals https://store.stea…[View]
3400342Owlcat DLCs: >DLCs integrated to the main story and expand the mythic path chosen by the player? …[View]
3391386Yoshitaka Murayama (the creator of Suikoden and Eiyuden Chronicle) has passed away. https://rabbitan…[View]
3399697So the third part is going to be released in 2027? They're gonna wait for the 30th anniversary …[View]
3387713Which Dragon Quest is the best?[View]
3396220Can you guys explain to someone who has never felt any fun playing JRPGs what exactly is so good abo…[View]
3399610Re-Do: If you could choose any 4th or 5th gen RPG to have a prolonged action RPG RE-DO like FF7 Rema…[View]
3400477>Water + Wind= Ice Why is that?[View]
3399436Upcoming WRPGs: Any upcoming WRPG you look forward to? Grim looking future for the genre. No new pr…[View]
3399407This game isn't even out yet and I'm already wondering what ended up happening to it. Heck…[View]
3399732Future of true RPG gaming and story in vidya are unofficial russian MODs What went wrong[View]
3397091Fellow RPGBros, do you think...? Do you think we will ever actually see this game? Personally I thin…[View]
3400060What rpgs provide you with the largest amount of viable builds?[View]
3378118Medabots thread: Lets ROBATTLE Who played the english medabots games? How has the Pokemon and earthb…[View]
3399839KOTOR is pretty boring as shit most of the time but the DS ending where you join Bastila is worth it…[View]
3393467What is the ultimate RPG for the wizard power fantasy?[View]
3350830Caves of Qud hate thread: >create the best possible engine for giant, procedurally generated RPG …[View]
3393479Improvised Weapons: What is the point of these weapons? Fallout 2 had the pipegun which was the only…[View]
3397318Name ONE good RPG from the last 5 years[View]
3389573How is Dwarf Fortress's Adventure Mode as an RPG?[View]
3397019State of the Union: Mother of all omelets edition. >what's new Persona 3 remake has Denuvo, …[View]
3390429Elder Scrolls VI: It's High Rock, isn't it?[View]
3393988>there will never, ever be another ZA/UM game Why did such a promising studio have to instantly f…[View]
3393838Does this ever get good?: I just beat Lamashtu but then it was the girl and then the Saint did somet…[View]
3397516What is the best way to start making my own rpg on RPGM MV?[View]
3395398How do I enjoy this game? A few hours after leaving Balmora I always just feel like I'm on MMO-…[View]
3388450If you haven't played Archolos, you owe it to yourself to do so. This 'mod' beats out the vast …[View]
3397613Bestiario: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cddmTt1d5Jg This RPG based on mythology, folklore, tales …[View]
3388567>single-handedly revives and makes turn based rpgs popular apologize.[View]
3383542>“Storytelling” games are not RPGs. Neither are “diceless” games. >An RPG creates a story, doe…[View]
3391251It's easy to break up the rpg holy trinity, you just have to expand the win conditions rather t…[View]
3389400Last Epoch: Any early access niggas that can fill us in on this game? Is it cap or mid? I can't…[View]
3392930>it's me, the king of fake gameplay[View]

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