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Displaying 41 expired threads from the past 3 days

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3444589just got these from a friend who was tired of his old ps2 games sitting around. i've always hea…[View]
3352075Mongol: How can I improve my RPG make game? I decided to continue working on my game after a two yea…[View]
3440939>Singlehandedly resurrects dungeon crawlers Say thank you Cleveland Mark Blakemore, say thank you…[View]
3447742Stalcraft thread: Which faction should I choose, Chernobylbros? Stalkers or Bandits? Tell me your st…[View]
3447483Stop NERFING MY MMORPG!: I will not stand for it any longer! This plague of nerfing must be stopped …[View]
3443034Has this ever happened to you?[View]
3440521ITT: 'villains' who did nothing wrong[View]
3441934SaGa Emerald Beyond gets a demo: Emerald Beyond is getting a short demo tomorrow, in spirit with Kaw…[View]
3442752Any open world rpg where you can hand to hand?: And not just as a gimmick or a cutscene. (Bonus poin…[View]
3442628OMNOMNOMNOM: >niggas be like Dead Money had the worst loot >my nigga you let go…[View]
3432215>has best portraits in entire RPGs history >game is barebones when it comes to story, its all …[View]
3441273Its on sale right now and I heard a lot of good things about it. What's this game like?[View]
3439161Mass effect 3 didn’t ruin the series, not even 2, it was a failed series with 1: Too many blame 3 en…[View]
3443121ITT only discuss and recommend games where (your) decisions can have a major impact on the story. Dr…[View]
3442565What is your favorite SMT (not Persona) game?[View]
3443797SMTV: Vengeance 2nd trailer: HAHAAHA this is fucking FANTASTIC the hype is real can't wait for …[View]
3442133Why is Xenosaga 2 so hated?[View]
3438331Will it be good?[View]
3443605Final Fantasy Tactics & Tactics Ogre: Why both games have rushed endings and why they just don…[View]
3436790If you could turn back time to replay a JRPG at launch for the very first time again, what game woul…[View]
3444082What are your favorite characters to play as in rpgs? I like to play as gamblers and luck-based char…[View]
3434612Why is criticism of this series so fucked? Any actual problems the games have get drowned out by fro…[View]
3440204>decided to play wizardry and ultima because they are the grandad rpgs or whatever >played wiz…[View]
3441577Can these games be enjoyable to non-fans of the movies?[View]
3421045is trails in the sky and the other trails games good? looking for something with a good story and th…[View]
3442779Dating Sim RPGs: Any good Dating Sim/RPG mixed game you know? And I don't mean stuff like Fire …[View]
3431272Tifa but an actual character[View]
3381730Lol: >can't tell house about Yes Man >rpg…[View]
3419440I thought this was supposed to be the best JRPG? It's pure shit[View]
3429605YIIK 2[View]
3438650Wasteland Thread?: I know to some it's just seen as Fallout but even jankier but what does /vrp…[View]
3441972Why was a good RPG using 4e ruleset never made? There are great games for every other edition of D…[View]
3442005Comfy rpgs: What rpg do you play to wind down anon? personally I enjoy the soundtrack and feel of ph…[View]
3438455OWB: New Vegas is a great game but this dlc was supposed to be a techno-horror, not a stupid comedy.…[View]
3442721You're a zoomer if you haven't beaten this.[View]
3437207This game is why I'm concerned for Etrian Odyssey 6.[View]
3438697>fans ask for a remake for 20+ years >it finally comes, but not actually, it's pseudo-seq…[View]
3440754Atelier: Gyaru Ryza is real[View]
3439091This might be my favourite level design in any game ever, Hands down my favourite ARPG. What do you …[View]
3441042>Philosophy major - have spent hundreds, possibly thousands, of hours reading philosophy >Have…[View]

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