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Displaying 35 expired threads from the past 3 days

No. Excerpt
3542591Are their any good MMORPGs right now? WoW and FF14 are simply not 'it'[View]
3556646>Another game where Rean is the main character Have you thanked the savior of JRPGs today?…[View]
3552070DQIII: Did I screw up?[View]
3534406It's just... not good. Like at all. And the crazy thing is that I liked it when it came out.[View]
3526120Romancing SaGa 2 remake announced. Coming this year.[View]
3553238Omori: Any others in the omori Fandom here? NSFW NOT WELCOME[View]
3555446When all is said and done, was she a good friend and party member?[View]
3530849COMFY RPG Development Thread: Are you making your own RPG? Do you focus on story, art or combat? Wha…[View]
3347449Important Mass Effect Roleplaying Tip ITT: High IQ Mass Effect roleplayers immerse it up by coming u…[View]
3554730Encased: Such a wasted potential, i wish it would be completly finished so we could enjoy another de…[View]
3558032I do not see the appeal, when does it get good? I just got the oppai girl.[View]
3545884TOBY. GIVE US MORE SUSELLE CONTENT: I was in 7th grade when the first chapter of Deltarune came out …[View]
3554661I'm in the game bladurs gate 3 and I'm in the sun tower right before the wizards fight and…[View]
3551706Icewind Dale 2 > Planescape > Icewind Dale > Baldurs Gate 2 > Baldurs Gate[View]
3559143Kairi is a Disney princess: Kairi is a Disney princess[View]
3554888So I finally: It's worth playing. I just want to say, cause tons of the reviews on Steam are li…[View]
3534417Before 9 & 16 we had FF3 as the most fantasy like as the numbered ff.[View]
3554037What are the best diablo-like game right now that are not called Diablo 2?[View]
3554166Survival Mechanics: So do you /v/irgins prefer to play games with survival mechanics or remove certa…[View]
3553313Hate this cunt. She's been heavily leading on her best friend for 10+ years but refuses to date…[View]
3550717At what point is a Roguelike considered an RPG?[View]
3558631Is this game worth a play? Seems like a cool concept that is combination of RPG with conquering prov…[View]
3554403LE EVIL CHURCH: Why is than in RPGs the church and religion is always evil? Boomer developers have n…[View]
3557791>Wow, you're so mature for your age hehe >Wanna join our paladin order? We have free star…[View]
3555267I miss being a NEET so much bros...[View]
3558335So is 'Once Human' any good?[View]
3558265So, uhhh.. where's the dialogue choice about how I couldn't give less of a fuck about who …[View]
3556295>Sonic has an RPG >It fucking sucks choad…[View]
3556925Why did this end up being the best third person action RPG ever made by FromSoftware?[View]
3531557DRPG Thread:: Don't know about you, but I really like the sense of exploration that they give, …[View]
3552384Name me some good RPGs that came out this year RIGHT NOW[View]
3550946Xeno lore thread discuss world concepts autistically >Deus was built by Allen/Shion with the int…[View]
3557185Path of Exile new league trailer is airing now. twitch.tv/pathofexile[View]
3556414What im in for?[View]
3556945>Higher than Fallout 1 You fuckers need to fix this ASAP; the charts can't be accurate while…[View]

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